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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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No. 31 **************-******* Up to 2nd J.u:ust, 1965.


At its monthly meting the Belize City Council had as its
main business the approval on the recommendation of its Finance Committee
to accept the request from the Water Board for the Council to undertake
the laying down of a water line in the Lake Independence Area of Belize
The approximate cost of the project, is estimated at seven
thousand two hundred and fifty dollars to be met from national funds.

Speaking about the Project Councilor Lindbergh Rogers, who is
also the Minister of Health, said thai the Water 3oard is a Temporary
Body which would formally come into being sometime in the near future.
"In the meanwhile," Councilor Rogers went on? "it will make an
appointment for an Executive Officer who will be a qualified Water
Engineer A water Foreman, will also be appointed to carry out its pro-
jects of the Water Board.".

Councilor hogors also said that because of the experience of
the Belize City Council carrying out water supply projects and the
installation of water pipe lines, the Water Board has asked the City
Council to carry out the installation of the Water line in the Lake
Independence Area of Belize City.
The Water line for the Lake Independence Area envisages future
development, that is the lines being set down have larger diameter pipes
which will be able to carry out the final objectives of a house to house
system when the system reaches that area of Belize City.

In the meanwhile, Mr. Ro ers continued, investigations to set
the water capacity and to tell whether it can supply 3elize City now and
in the future are goin; on at the water reservation site at mile eleven
on the lNorthern Highway.
Instruments are on the spot, Mr. Rogers went on, and a team
under the supervision of the Sanitary Engineer, Mr. Dennis Gonguez, who
has expressed optimism of the extent of the supply.
Water meters are already. on order and are expected to be here
in time for the completion o'f the investigation of ,and the beginning of
the house to house connections,

/.......... Booster

3/ U"*ICA


BDDstcI pumps are already installed to boost the pLessu1e of
the water mains in Belize City and this pressure will also be extended to
the stand pipes, thereby increasing their present pressure.


A irlcase from the Ministry of Education states that GDven-
ment has been steadily pursuing its plans to strengthen and improve the
country's educational system at all levels.

Central to those plans, the iuloase continued, is an expanded
teacher training program aimed at turning out specialist and reneial
teachers in su ficient numbers to :dan the country's schools.

Such a program wuld be :nxc efficiently, rapidly and
econDoically carried out in a single teacher training institution of
adequate size to replace the separate establishments presently iun by
Government and tile Roman Catholic Church.

This was stated by the iiLCCO Educational Planning Mission
which visited the country at Goveir ment invitation in June last year.

The MissiDn reco mnnnded that in inttrcst of the
utilization of the trained staff, .building and equipment in the interest
moreover of national unity, and so as to obtAin the educational
advantages inseparable from the presence of a large student body in a
single institution the three existing Teacher Training establishments
should be amalgamate d

The mission envisaged that if amalgamation was bought about
the long existing problem of untrained teachers in the schools could soon
be overcome.

Accordingly on the advise of the Prinary Education Board and
the Advisory Council for Seconary and Further -ducation, and with the
consent of the Cabinet and of His Lordship the Bishop of Belize the Very
Reverend R.L. HDdapp, S.J., D.D. plans have now been completed for the
amnalgamation of St. John's Teachers' College and the St. George's Train-
ing College in a single new teacher training institution to be known as
the Bclize Teachers' College. The amalgamation will take effect from the
fist week of September, the start of the 1965/66 academic year.

The 'Intelrmdiat Teacher Training Centre will continue as a
separate unit f D the tira being but will be absorbed later on wh-n the new
Teachers' College has been well established.

Dirccting the affairs of the new institution will be a Board
of GDvcrnors appointed by the Minister on which the denominations main-
taining schools in this cDuntly, the Government and the Genoral public
will be represented,
The membership of the first Board will be as follows: Mr. R.
McIurdo Chief Education Ofiicer Chairman* The Very Rev. Leo F". Weber,
S.J. Roctor of St. John's College; The ev. F.J. Ring, S.J. General
Manager R.C. School; The Rev. C.W. Cousins General Manager Methodist
Schools, The Rev. E.A. Sylvester General Iln :~:cr Anglican Schools;

/The ............o

- 3

The Rev, Edward Grecn Reprcsentiin the smaller denominations; Mis.
Jane Ushsr, J.P.~ Mrs. Ethel Da y; Mr. L.P. YDrke, M.D.E. Principal
of the Blizc Technical College and Miss Signa YDlke, Principal of
BeicLe Teachers' Collc.o0

At its naxi:,un., ti C_ .- hcvc an I't If
some 170 students, including a number training as specialist ceacneis of
woodwork, home economics and some Dthie subjects.

An intensive Dnc ycar cour.-e for oldei t-eachlrs will also be
run at ti-e Collcge. Details of the training pr o.amrme for 1965/66, re-
prisenting the first stage in a gladual buil--up to the size indicated,
are naow being wDlked out.



Hundirds of Belizeans on August 1st conveirged on Central.
Fazm, the GDoveirmcnt Abricultural Eixperiment Station in the Cayo
District foi the Open Day organized by the Department of Airiculture.

Visitors included ,.the Ministci of liatural Resources the Hon.
A.A. Hunter came firnD various parts of the country, they wecre taken on
conducted. tours around the Station and on hand to explain the various
projects were trained members of the staff of the Depaitment who also
answered questions.

Among the various sections visited were the apiary shed, the
plant propagation shed in which were numrIus Donaiental plants some of
which were sold on the spot, the piggely, the diary, the cattle-graze
plots, the cron and rice trails plots and a model farm.

The purpose of the O,pcn Day was tD afford Belizcans an oppDr-
tunity t: gain sonD insi ht into the activities carried out at Central
Farm and of the many ways in which the Department of Agriculture can help
themselves. ,

Other visitors to the Ccntral Faim included the Minister of
Public Utilities, the Hon. Hector Silva, the Minister of Labour, the HDon
David McK.oy, Senator and Mrs.. Vcrnon Courtenay and othcr ditnitarics.

-- --f---*---


A big drive is now in progress in Stann Creek to hold on
September 25th., the first ever' Day and Agricultural. Show foi
that district.

Touring the Stann Creek rural area over the past few days, the
Minister of Labour, the Hon. D.L. McKoy also the irprcrntative for
this constituency took advantage of the opportunity of encouraging the
widely scattered coDanunities, to support the effort.

Mr. McKay's visit to Stann Creek followed high-level
discussions held earlier with the Mi.-ister respDnsible for Agriculture,
the HDn. A.A. Hunter, during which Mr. Hunter prnoised his Ministry's

/Iull ............


full support fLo Stann CIe.ek's initiative. The project has evoked keen
interest and support from the farming communities. The Organizilng
Co-initte have emphasized that their's will be very much a DISTIICT show,
with emphasis on ground provisions, the vegetables and the fruits in
addition to the handicraft and preserves produced by small rImers.
A spoke, san for the committee revealed that import:Is and
retailers of agricultural tools, pesticides and fertilizcr, have been in-
vited to display their merchandise. The mercantile co-lunity, too, and
the Chamber of Commerce, have ben invited to thr wthi vxmi ht behind this
spirited effort to strengthen agriculture the dominant sectDr of the eco-
nDmy, in the south.


"Management is the key to success in eveCy developing. country
and propcr attention must bL Live-n to its importance. No matter how good
the market prospects, how sound the financial structure oi how outstand-
ing the engineering, any project or undertaking is bound to fail if it
does not have proper management."

This was what the Minister for Local Government, Social
Development, and CDoopratives, the Hon. A.E. Cattouse told B1lizean Youths
at the National Youth ConfLernce held at Progresso in the CDrozal District
this week.
Mr. Ca ttuse told the youths that he wished to awaken in their
minds a dire to own sDmithing, to be prepared to be masters of their own
destiny, and to manage their own affairs.

The Hon. Ministci reminded the young nationals that on their
shoulders will rest the task of perpetuating the independence of Belize
foi which our present government is working with all its might and main
to achieve in as short a time as possible.
The Minister stressed the need to train youths in ways of
management if the plan is to Lc successfully carried cut.

Your Govtrnment, continued Mr. Cattouse, has accepted the fact
and has taken steps to assist young nationals of this county to take carl
of their own affairs by providing opportunities for those who are keen and
'show r.nomise of acquiring knowledge on a higher plane to fulfill their
desires according to the needs of the country on a national and inter-
national level.

Mr. Cattouse explained that this National Youth Confecrnce wa.s
yet another of Government'ss-promise to prepare nationals to take ovea the
reins when this country becomes independent.

The Minister also stressed the need for !men and w..omn who are
prepared to organize, train, direct, and inspire other natiDnals for the
adLvancment and realization of the aspiration of this young emerging
nati onD.


A crlease from the Ministry of Public Utilities and Communica-
tions issued last Wcdr-sdaystates that both Mr. Just Castillo, Principal

5 -

Secretairy at tne Ministry of Public Utilities and Co~,urunicatins and MI.
Le pold (3 Baldarlamos, Chief Civil Aviation Officer, left the country to
make official visits tD the Republics of -Honudras and Guatem:ala in
connection with maLters affecting this country in relation to a new VHF
Tiadio network which is bein- installed in Central America, chiefly to im-
or ve telecDmmunicatiDns facilities for airlines in the region.

The iclease went on to say that durinL Mr. CastillD and Mr.
Baldaiarmas's visit, they will be having talks in Tegucigalpa with Mr.
Lisandro RDsales Abella, General Manager of the Central Ancrican CoopDra-
tion of Air Navigation and in Gi.atemala City with Mr. Harold E. Robinson
of the Regional Ofiice for Central America and Panama and the Agency for
Internati onal Developme nt.


A release firm St, John's College announced a new scholarship
pixgramim effective with the opening of school in September of this year.

-.The-release states that in addition to the fifty r moPre
:;.': nt-ina-aidschola ships awarded by the CDllege through the Alumni
Association Scholarship Fund, the college will now offer each year a one-
year scholarship to the top student in each year, who is not already a
holder of another scholarship, and whose work merits recognition.

This proLramme. continues the rele .se, is designed to reward
outstanding scholarship., andc to sieve as an incentive for capable
students to put forth their best efforts.

:' Winners of these rc:'. scholarships for the year 1965-1966 as
announced by St John s College i.-.t Friday are as follows:- Second
Year A'caademic Lee Andeison; Second Year Industrial Arts Kent Brooks;
Third Yeal Academic Reymundo Aguilar. Third Year Industrial Arts -
Kenneth Batty; Fo .'th Year Acdemic Alexander Scott.


"Forty cases of malaria in nine different villages in the
Toledo District, all occuring within the last three weeks," have been
apo- edtcd,, This was i.evealed in a ladiD talk by the Health Education
Of. cc. Mr EC. Davis-

Mrc Davis said that t.'so spray teams have been rushed to the
Toledo D.strict and.w ork will continue until the whole district is
c overd,0

This flare up which is really a re-introduction of the disease
into the district has been taken seriously and much wider measures than
treating the sick has to be put into operation.

The Health Education Officer said that it is imperative that
-ery house in the Toledo District must be sprayed with residual insecti-
cide at this time, as to break the transmissiDn cycle of malaria and
-rLe ent the occu-ance of new cases,

/ ........ Speaking

- 6

Speaking about the :cmass Litf-tment being caziied out in the
CDIDzal District., Mr1 Davis said that the Malaria Eradication Teamn is
continuing the treatment in which everyone in the area takes a dose of
rnti-malalia drug fortnightly tD prevent malaria infection.

The Health Education Officer declared that the eradication of
malariaa is of utmost importance to Dur country. "Indeed, it is an
-ntegral part of Duri movement to economic viability and political
independence ."

He pointed out that ur- gDvernmhent has realistically set oui
course to independence by way of an agricultural based economy.

This, Mr Davis said means that our farmers must explit to
the full the productive capabilities Df the land. TD do this, they need
first and foremost tD be in good health"


The Minister of HFialth, the Hon. Lindbergh Rogers was presented
with 144 tins of Sheltox insectide and 24 spray cans by Mr. Col.nGeddes,
Manager of Shell Limited in this country.

Mr G-ddes was accompanied by Mr. Carlos Miller, Manager of

In receiving the gifts on behalf of the people of this
country Mr. Rogers said that ti ..garr d the Lifts as a gesture of the
keen interest of the company in the welfare and..good health of Belizeans.

The Minister said he was sure that the people would be mast
grateful for the gift:.' He welcomed firms, business and private
individuals to voluntarily help GDvernment to wage war on

He regardled the gift from Shell as exemplary and hoped that
Others who are in a position tD do so would help in the field of health
which transcends any other of Government work

In reply, Mir Geddes said that his company was very concerned
inen the news :f the outbreak of malaria in the Toledo District was
a D'.unce do

He warmly cDngratulated the Government for the speedy action
taken to stop the disease by rushing spray teams to the affected areas.

Shell was aware of the difficulties some people may ex-
perience in fDllo3'~'ing the prl~gamme set by Government tD eradicate the
disease since they could not afford to carry out the full measures.

Whereas Government was providing free Df charge the spraying
Df houses, the villagers could offer something by using insecticides in
their homes after the ,-'esidual spraying is done.

The splaying cans are for distribution among the people in the
area who may not be able L a'if'rd to buy one.



Some twenty business executives started a training course in
"Marketing and Accounting" at the Bliss Institute in Belize City.

The three-week seninal is being sponsored jointly by the
Chamber of Conrnerce, the Association for the Improvement of Management,
(the AIM) and the Labour Department.

Warm tributes were paid to the Governm.ent of this country for
its foresight in providing funds for the instruction of management and
labour thereby enlightening nationals.

Speaking about. the many benefits that could be derived from
training in business techniques, Mro Liborio Ayuso, Chamber of Commerce
Treasurer, said that the business world needspeople of wisdom, judgement
and true education in its wider sense and in this respect, he congratula-
ted St. John's College for its decision to include Business Management in
its curricula of its Junior College.

In closing, Mi. Ayuso stated,"If our country is to prosper or
even survive, it's economic life must be efficiently run by a body of
trained technicians on whose services the commLunity may call. Let us
hope that these seminars will prepare us to answer that call."

Professor Shashi Gadgil, of the Inter-American University of
Puerto Rico was then introduced and he gave a resume of the course, which
he will deliver to the participants in the ensuing weeks.

The second and third week of the seminar will be cor:ducted by
Professor William Knowles, Chairman of the Business Administraon Depart-
ment of the University of Puerto Rico.


A release from Bishop Thorpe ast Thursday states that two umor
appointments to the Belize Mission of the Anglican Church have been made.
They are the Reverend F.D. C. PowelLto be dean of Belize and
Rector :f St. John's Cathedral and the Reverend John R. Lev as Rector of
3t. Mary the Virgin in Belize City.
Both Priests were educated and trained in England anr after
serving for somc years in England were attached to the Diocese of Mamasi
in Tanzania in East Africa.
The two men are expected .t arrive in Belize on November 2nd
this ye i-.


Premier George Price welcomed back two more Belizean students
who have returned home following studies in Universitics abroad.

/ *..... .. 11

- 8

Mr. Mansel Turton L i. whoD is a BachelDo of Arts (Span'ish) at
the University of the West Indies taught at St. John's College for six
years before going to Jamaica to take up further studies.

The other student, Mr. Owen Morrison, qualified as a Bachelor
of Science Zoology and Botany at the University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, in Canada. He will teach at the Belize Technical College.

Premier Price welcomed back the students and told them of
Government's policies and its aspirations for independence. He urged
them to work hard i:n their fields to build the new nation.


Arriving in Belize City over the weekend vas the football team
*of the Centro Universidad Montej3, in Merida Yucatan. The teoci played
two games against Belizean teans at MCC Park over the weekend.

They played Landivar, and won one nil. They drew with the
national champions B., .C. one-one.

Furx of the members of the tean were introduced to Plemier
George Price by MI. Alfred Campbell, Mr. Peter Staines and Mr. Hubert
Bradley. They included the captian of the team Elias Garcia, Alejandro
Sanzores, Patricio Millett and Julian Solis.

P-imi&i Price in welcomin; the visitors told them that he
hoped that they would enjoy tL'eit stay in Delize. He pointed out that he
was naturally hoping t-,e Belizean team would win the matches. Mr. Price
presented the fnotballers with an autographed portrait of himself, which
has the Belizean flag in the background.

The centre Universidad Montcjo has an enirolmnt of 1,2,"
students. It is run by the Marist BIotheis, a faunous fRman CatUolic
order which has schools and colleges throughout Central America.

Most of the members of the team have completed their bachelors
degrees and are entering professional fields at the University this year.

The average age of the members of the team is 19. It has won
the triple title in Yucatan: The State Championship, the Cup Champion-
ship and the Knockout Championship.


Six Belizean Girl Guides, rangers and Cadet Oflicer-s are
attending the Golden Jubilee of Guiding in Jamaica, being held at the
Kintyre Scout Camp 0n Sulday ist Au;ust.

The purpose of the Camp. is threefold: first a site seeing in
the Kingston Camp; secondly, a Mountain Camp in the Blue Mountains in
Jamaica which has an altitude of about three thousand five hundred feet;
and thirdly a sea-side project for the area.

The girl guides attending the Golden Jubilee in Jamaica and

/ xcpxcseritin~ . ...


iepirsenting this country are: MajDIie Macmillan, Melicia DBa~ ow, Enid
Russell:, Lola Simon, Geraldine Marshall, and Enid aSimn uwh is lading
tho gr oup.

The cost of the venture is being met by a contribution from
the Government of this cDuntry, the Girl Guides Association here, and
private contribution.


The official National Day Celebrations fDI 1965 started last
Friday with the selection Df three young Belizean beauties to represent
the Belize Times Press, the United Youth CGr-up and the United Men's Gioup,

At a dance held at Riverside Hall in belize City, a panel of
jue selected Mis. Goraldine S:ith ca Miss Malize Times, Miss
Julia L.fiez as Miss UnitIed Youth and Miss Janet .riling as Miss United

These three young ladies together with Dthers to be selected
will contest the title of Miss Belize as the celebration activities con-
tinue .


Mooled at the Customs Wharf is the -.agnificent Mot-r Yacht
owned by Skippel Robert Baungartner who is said t3 own lands in this
co unt ry

The release states that the TrenDra which means "Witch of the
Waves" is a 91 foot vessel which arrived here a few days ago frlm FDrt
Laude rdale, Flor ida.

Many Belizeans, says the report, have stopped by to adnire the
vessel which is manned by a crew of three undex Mr. BaunLartner.

The yacht is equipped with tio 220 Ho-se power engines, a fuel
tank having a capacity of two thousand Lallons, automatic pilot, radar,
depth finder, rain fi Winder wind gauge, and stabilizers.

The vessel is capable of carrying ten passengers and has an
evaporatDr with a capacity of six hun-red gallons. This is the TrenDra's
first visit to Belize though her skipper has been here before.

* l~~$ ~ S~* ******** ****

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