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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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I APR 5 1965 THE B E L I Z E /
-* 'K /--APR 1 5,95.5J

Published by the Government Information Services

Belize City

No. 12 *** ******* Up To 21st Maroh, 1965


Target For Progress
The formal opening of the. National Assembly took place in
Belize City last Friday morning.

Hundreds of Belizeans gathered in front of the Assembly
building and cheered the elected representatives and Senators as they
arrived. A detachment from the Police Force under Assistant
Superintendent Eric Jones provided a Guard of Honour.

After inspecting the Guard of Honour, Sir Peter entered the
House of Representatives and was escorted to the throne by the
Speaker. The Senate was then invited to attend the proceedings and
the Premier, the Hon. George Price, handed his government's policy
speech to the Governor who then read it to the National Assembly.

The Speech from the Throne, as it is called, outlined the
major objectives of government's policy for the next five years.

Tax Reform
It was confirmed that government intends to press on with
the implementation of its seven year economic development plan. This
plan will lay the foundation required to sustain our national
independence and to raise the economic and social standards of all
Government also proposes to modernize and overhaul the
tax structure so as to make it a more fitting and efficient fiscal
instrument to fulfill successfully its development plan, and to .
. bring about a more adequate distribution of income. .

At the same time, steps are being taken to increase the
efficiency of government operations and to control expenditure more
effectively in order to keep the level of expenditure as low as
possible and ensure that full value for money is received.

Investment Capital

Government will assist the newly formed Development Finance
Corporation to attract capital from abroad in an effort to enable that
body to play its intended role in the development of the economy of
the country. Investment capital from at home and overseas will be
we l.omed .

High priority will continue to be given to the problem of

/ Unde r-E mplp.ymeIat
., A jUjTS i
^y^, sL~z.s- --:70


under-employment and employment, to raising the living standards of
workers and their families and to promote legislation designed to
strengthen the position of trade unions.. As;soPon as funds permit,
government will xrvis -th@ saialaTiUs--and Wa"e b'f-its employees.
Recognizing the vital role of the Civil Service, govern-
ment the principle- that .he Civil, Service, should enjoy
complete fre dbcmfrom political interference. 'But this right, it
declares? imposes on its members the -duty to refrain, individually)
from political activities. The training programme for public officers
will continue ....-*, %" I... a V&

On commercial broadcasting the policy statement said this has
...een.a finanQial success. Govyernat ,will ccontinue commercialibroad-
"cast-ig ahnd"expandh it as the need arises. More use will be made of
Radio Belize for educational purposes .':,'.>.
Agriculture, .Forestry and Fishing
In the field of. agricultLure1, Government. recognizes the all-
iportant role 'of farimef and i.n he .development Qi th.I.
country. Every encouragement will be given to farmers. Agricultural
investments will. be -encouraged :pn.the h asis pf equal participation by
SBel-, a3 fa r s S' 1; :. ."., .... ..'.......
SThe sop the. Forest Dpatm-t., n. the othier.hand, is
being curtailed in keeping' with the '. decreasing role this industry now
has in the economy, .. .
; The'fishing industry "wi4.. .be further dgye, ped and, the ..
iterets fBe ilnfishermenwl epromoted tmrpQigh, the establish-
ment of a Fisheriess Division and' the temporary employee of a marine
Land 'is one f the very impo tant national assets. Gvern-
ment' every effot to bring idle lands into optimum use.
Tourism will continue to be encouraged.
Education & Health : .
S St press ix:the importance government, attaches to education
the speeoh.w ent dn to :say that the system1.will be geared ,to the-neseos
of the country. "Medical services will continue to be improved as.
the population increases; continued co-operation will be given to
international bodies .dedicated to the eradication. of disease.
Throughout the country water supRpyiy .i s be improved and
a start is being made this year on a:direc.t .house connection,
providing a metred water supply for householders in Belize City,.
Government will work towards provid~ig suitable seweaage'1:
systems for the^ 'urban and iural,,: Although fths "will be-; a .: ;
complicated task for Belize City, funds;- sought. for thi,:;;.:..

S!,.ng, condition-s will continue. to be improved ,and cp-:.
' opXeraties ahd -edit unions, encouraged. immunity;. development aod;':
social education .is tobe prm oted. and the drive to.,;ink upvillages
and agricultuZal areas with potential markets, using an efficie'nt:.-'
road system will continue. Bridges will be built at strategic points
to facilitate ,this expansion. ., :
/Te lephone

STelephone communications with all districts will be
improved and more air transport attracted by the improvement of the
Belize International Airport.

--A country-wid.d' electricity-authority has been established
and through this -organization, a better overall standard will be
maintained. Government will'co-operate with the Belize City Council
in reclaiming more space for city expansion and improvement.

The Guard

There are plans for a well-trained, well-equipped Volunteer
Guard and a special mobile unit of the Police Force. Improved and
modern fire-fighting units will be provided for district capitals
and other areas and, in the field of culture, the work of Belizean
artists will continue to be encouraged. A National Archives will be
established in the Public Library. The policy of co-operating with
recognized institutions in the excavation of Maya sites is to


Government seeks the independence of Belize and the fr-iend-
.ship with all nations. It will continue to uphold the country's
sovereignty and to strive for international peace and prosperity and
due respect for the rights of all.
Steps will be taken to establish an Appeal Court to provide
Belizeans with the means of appealing against decisions of the
Supreme Court at less cost and more expeditiously.

To Confirm Symbols

As we move forward towards independence, the creation of an
identity of our own is of the greatest importance, the statement
said. This identity demands a name, flag and an anthem symbols of
,'.tthe-countryt"s independence. Government will take steps to confirm
the1 acceptance of a Belizean flag, the name of Belize for the country
and:'a Belizean anthem.

THE HON. EWART W. FRANCIS, President of the Senate, paid a courtesy
call on the Premier last Monday.
Mr. Price congratulated Mr. Francis on his election as
President of the Senate and wished him all success for the future.


The P.U.P. Victory "A Stepping
Stone To Early Independence"
There were indications last week that village councils
throughout the country were seeing the results of the 1st March
general election as a stepping stone to early independence for the
country of Belize.

The theme was clearly borne out in the latest batch of


congratulatory letters sent the Premier on the election victory of the
ruling Peoplets United Party.

The Maskall Village Council wote the Preiier* "We are
proud, to have you as our leader because you have already demonstrated
your ability to lead us on to that glorious day whenhall Belizeans.
will rejoice'in" the achievement'of independence within the .British
Commonwealth of nations. .

Miss Amybelle Thompson, on behalf of several citizens o.f'
Mulling River New Village wrotezs I am proud of youth vicT'--o~fatrse
it shows that the majority of Belizeans are in favour of,. are
supporting -and will continue tp support the movement .of independence
under your esteemed leadership"
Other letters in the same vein came from Robert Flores, on
behalf of the workers of Central Farm.; John Watler, Mayor of :Monkey
River Town; Miguel Vidal aid 'Ciro Pinelo of the Cala Creek Council
and the Secretary of the United Women's Group of Belize City,
"As Sure As The Sun Rises......."

Claudio Zuniga,, Jeffrey Lope. and C.elestino Valorio, all
"officers of the Seine "Bight Village Council referred "in their letter
.to the "Premier's "indomitable steadfastness in the marchh to nation-

"As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,"
the letter'said, We- are determined to see the. Belizean flag flying
over us, and to hear the Belizeai..anthem sound throughout. the land
in our march to independence."
Another of the letters of congratulation has omefrD6m'Mr.
Pat O'.Malley, a teacher at Muffles College, Orange Walk Town.

Meanwhile, from Kingston, 'Jamaica, Mr. Hecfor Gibson,
.Chairman of the Jamaica Social Welf'are Cbmmissioin wrote;:, 'I.sincerely
hope that your Ministers and floor members will continue. to do the
' good job you have already started." "The victory," he added, "should
be regarded as a vote of confidence."
Throughoutthe e outhe kclubibs, dchierZial houses and
workers' organizations continued toalign themselves with village
councils in offering pledges of support and congratulations to the
new .government. :
We Shall Overcome

For the United Girls 'Movement 'of the Pepple.s United Party,
Miss Jean Stanford wrote; "We support you fully in the task of
building the new nation. of Belize, and we ask God's blessings. that .
you overcome every obstacle in carrying the country forward to
independence ." ..:.. ..

Cipiano Arana, writing from San Miguel in the Toledo
District .declared "The Economic, social constitutional and educa-
tional advance achieved under your government is a clear indication
of approaching independence." .
Other letters wexe received from 'the' Chairmani pf' the Lemonal
Village Council,' M Rodrick Anthony and Stanley Majb Sepretary of
the Hattieville Farmers' Co-operative.
'-Managing Director Alan Debks' of Maestre's Industries said*



- 5-

"As representative of a United--States of:-Ame-rica- investment group -I
must say I was impressed by the calmness of purpose which pervaded
the elections. -

-Firm Hands ... Steady Minds

It behoves well to see that firm hands and steady minds have
again been selected to guide this country towards independence."

For the Union of Teachers, Ralph B. Williams wrote- "I here-
by respectfully congratulate you and your party for being success-
fully re-elected to office as our government in the recent general
elections." .

The letter continued, "The Union of Teachers will always...
show their respect, and give their co-operation, and also support you
and your government in all that is sound, noble and progressive in
the building of a nation on the Central American mainland."

All week 15ng, the flood of congratulatory messages continued.

"We are assured that the affairs of the country rest in the
hands of responsible administrators whose efficiency continues to
"grow as the country achieves new stages of advancement."
So wrote Mr. Edward Tillet, Secretary of the Crooked Tree
` Village Council.

*-A Guiding Light For Others

He continued: "We the people this village look towards the
future with new hope,- zealand aspiratipn, zealous that our country
,will take the lead.'and become the guiding light for others to admire
our high standard of -democracy."' .

"Internationally, our aspirations are well known. Though
we are determined to be friendly to all, other countries are becoming
convinced that we are firm where the' ownership -of our country is
.conce-hned -and that our nationals are competent to handle the affairs
of government." .

Mr. S.J. Thompson, for the Black Man Eddy Village Council
wrote -,-"We have nothing to fear. You are sincere and kind to. your
people ..-You fulfill your promisess" -
Other letters came from village authorities at Santa Familia,
signed by Carlos Sierra and Eulalia Obando; from -Macaw Bank-, sighed by
Leopold Simpson and Eloy Waight; from Grace Bank, signed, by Claude
Martin and from -Lawrence Brown, for the Church Yard Village Associa-
t i on -. .
Meanwhile, more civic and educational institutions at home
and .abroad sent greetings. From the University of the West Indies

, .-*at Mona, Jamaica, Mr. Hector Wynter, Registrar wrote: "Congratula-
ti Oitio.s on your -splendid victory and on your appointment as Premier.

mi' ." 'We all send you our- very best wishes and I look forward
myself to paying my respects to you in person.-"..

And Mr. DoG. Wakelin, Secretary of the Belize Rotary-Club-
said; "We wish to pledge our support for the government duly elected
.by -:the--.peOple.- We -will continue to:. work towards a better community
aridx for- the .any~ ideals.- we- have in ..common." '-"- -


Congratulations z Northj .Central-. South. ....

Greetings in similar terms came in from North., Central and
South America and from Europe. From Chetumal, in the Mexican Province
of Quintana Roo came many messages, one of which said;. "Most cordial
felicitations on your return to the offi-e."f6r emieso ..that yu o an
continue working for the wellbeing of your hard-working people."
"There will be much to do for our country and our people.
S.But we kn4ow that by the Guidance of God and His Almighty Blessing,
this task will be fulfilled."
Thus wrote Captain John Methven of the Salvation Army.
Continuity Preserved ..
Ma thew Spain.and Arthur Tillet.t. for the Georgeville Village
Council spoke about the ease with which continuity in carrying forward
plans for the country's development had been preserved. Sarita Hulse,
for the Tea Kettle Council, declared: "Your re-election has been a
source of great delight and pleasure to all my people. We are very
proud' of you."
From the Ladyville Council came an assurance of continued co-
operation, Eustace Gillette and the officers of the Burrell Boom
Council wrote, '"We know that you and your cabinet will do everything
possible to carry on the good work for us, and for the entire country."
"For Our Children .-.AdThe ir .Children
To Come"
SIn her message of congratulations, Mrs. Doris Leslie of
'Placencia said: "We can see that what your- government .are doing..will
be good for all of us, for our children and their children to come."
..,. Graciela Vargaselias, .a doctor of Philosophy in the Republic
of .fSa.vador referred to. the ,widespread. publicity the .press in her
country .has been giving about the progress of Belize. country. And
from the neighboring Republic of Honduras, Haveloek Lewis, called
-attention to the coverage and commentaries published. in the CRONISTA
Meanwhile, the Librarian and Secretary' of the Library .Board,
Mr. Leo Bradley joined other civic and cultural organizations in
wishing the new government success. The letter affirmed:
'Hard Work And Co rati on ... :,.:.
"We trust thatI G.pod will give you and. your government guidance
and help to carry forward with success the noble plans you have, for
the progress of the country, and that you may have success in the
difficult tasks ahead as we move towards independence."

S"We assure you that both the Board and ,the Library, Staff will
su-pport'the country'"s progress and the aims of .your government through
the valuable contribution a good public library service can engender,
and that you and- your government can depend at. all times on our hard
work and co-operation.." ..
And More ..
The Sweet Geranium Lodge, number' 382 -ofthe. Br.itish Order of
Ancient Free Gardeners' in their message expressed 'full confidence'



in the...Premier's government to lead this.. cau.try .iint.t---f1 itindependenoe
within the, British Commonwealth of nations .
And the Starr -of .Bethel eLodge ,. hum'ber 107, gave an assurance
of the~"full co-operation in'all matters conducive to the welfare
and.inte Irest 'of:. ou-beloved cbountiy, : .: :

A cable from the.Cane Fatm-ers Association pledged support to
the party, 'towards..,complete independence for Belize.
Field and Factcry Workersat'Alta Vista and the San Antonio,
(Cayo Distric-t.)Small- Farmers Group also sent greetings.
.Before the end 'of1 the week messages were also received from
the following Village' Councils San Antonio, (Cayo District),
'Scotland Half Moon, Gale s Point and& Bomba-and, from the Caribefa
PRoducers Co-operative Society' of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,'the
Hattieville Aided' Seif-Hilp Group. P .U.P-." district branches in
Corozal Town, San Ignacio, Stann Creek Town and United Women Groups
of Corozal Town and Santa Elena.


The Minister of Education, the Hon. Mrs. Gwendolyn Lizarraga,
hande-d out prizes on Sunday to. winners in Belize Technical College
Sports .Day held earlier this month.

More and more, she declared, women are coming to the froht'
rank in national affairs. This was good, she said.

The remark was prompted'by the fact that in the Sports Day,
two young ladies scored the highest and second highest scores, Both
received. prizes- for 'outstanding performances.

* .. --The Guild of Graduates held a special general meeting on "
Friday night at the Bliss Institute in Belize City. '
.Attending as, the guest 6f honour was the Premier, the Hon.
George Price"who- is Honourary President of the Guild. --

Welcoming members, the chairman, Mr. Clive Gillett,"B'."Set,
Vice Principal of the Belize Technical College, said the Guild is a
branch of a much larger body-thr.oughout the-Caribbean and whose
parent is the Executive the University of the West
.. Indies.. .
- T Search Of A Role,.: -tt v e s i t h te.ri.rie
The Guild exists to co-ordinate activities in the territories

supporting the university. The objects of the Guild hete. the chair-
man stated areq: To assist in the development of the country; to
promote the welfare 'of its members; to further the purpose, for which
-the* iUnfversity has been established and to work' in association with
similar bodies' in the country ..

"Believing that the Guild can contribute much through its
objectives to our society, we are all prepared to make this contribu-
tion," said Mr. Gillett, "and we are seeking ways in which we can


make this contribution."

Turning to the Premier" the Cha-irman, remarked.. "Our new :-
constitution of the Guild, the new life of the Guild, has the great
frit -o. eb-ihcide With victory at the: ..p Is and you-r return
t he' hehims of g "tern-nt- :While we congratulate -You Therti on
this splendid victory, we express -the desire' tb bia-!.thfe. .-dVance'
.guard in the match to independence.11

Addressing the .giadia-ts ..the-Premier observed meet:
the problems of living successfully and happily, the knowledge is
not .-enough -Something else -is needed, said Mr, Price.

There was a difference between knowledge and wisdom, and here,
he 'drew>-an-exam0ple from the life of the wisest man in history, King
Solomon, who three -thousand. ye as ag .khew so much. .about .life : w
knew the truth about life and about the :which he lived.
"Thisthe is the t -de finition of. knowledge. the Premier declared.

.-Charge" To TKEo

Knowledge has always been prized highly, and it is in tune
with real life when those who are privileged to wield the-power-of it
do so for good: to serve their fellow men and to spread the frontiers
of freedom, truth, : .us.tie ,,. .po.speri.ty .and.happiness.
.i i,,YOu. iUs-'e l:11the knowledge of science when you diminish the
daik..areasofignixorahce in the- world about us, when you'.repelithe.
attacks of disease and when you reduce the poverfty-that surrounds
us .:
^.:-..: '.. -".:May Your Warks':Be .-Acceptable BY
Se vice"

.2 i .2

Y/:ou att e.youi': knowledge to real your.,
fellow citizens, and, in''e-ving 'them, you, too, are. saved;from t-he;.
wrath of injustice, hatred and violence."

The Premier ended with this hope: "May the works of our
Belizean graduates be .s.e..rij.e to their fellow men; by
what they give. to this emerging nation of Belize; by their dedication
and-devoti.h';t6 duWty and, to"chax ity,.)." -' ;- .* .-.

The vote of thanks was moved by Senator Vernon Leslie, B.A.,
Resident Tutor of fthe Exktra Mural Depa `tmient of the U-,W i


The Hercules s Subsidiary announced on Friday that it .will. 'be
closing down its naval stores plant and its wood harvesting .affiliate,
Pine Harvesters Limited, at Independence.

All production will be terminated sometime after the middle
P of the ea-.

,,Making the announcement, Mr. Robert W. Edwards Manager of
The',two.firms, said, -It: is with great 'regret that we find.. that we
mus~ close down the operations, and the decision to do so.was:..a diffi-
cult one to make."

S /The

' .

opQ C P

-9 -

The Reasons Why ..
S'' Mr dwads advanced as reasons f0or the shutdown- :(1) The
"changes which have occurred in the world rosin supply, resulting in
4a reduction in rosin prices, making this venture an unprofitable ones
(2) Unforseen difficulties in harvesting 'stumps resulting in
excessively high costs; and (3) a recent wood survey which is
supposed to have revealed that'the quantity of stumps remaining in
this country is very limited..
Mr. Warrien F. Beasley, Vice-Chairman of Hercules B.H. and
Pine Harvesters, said "During the past year we have conducted
intensive cabst studies, trying, without success, to -keep this
operation going. ..
"We have also studied the possibility of importing stumps from
nearby countries and transporting them to the plant for processing.
This does not appear practical."

Excellent Government -C-operation: -. .:.- ..
S "n addtion- we have looked for ways of converting the plant
to other operations based on rosin and its derivatives. Unfortunately,
we have not been able to discover any means of continuing the opera-
tions here."

Continuing, Mr. Beasley added, "I would like to point .ou.t";
that 'the' decision to-close the operation was a painful one to. make.
During the almost two and a half years we have been in operation we
have enjoyed excellent co-operation from government; the people we
have employed have-worked'faithfully and diligently. We have
experienced a fine- relationship with all' Belizeans associated with
the project."

The operation, which started production in 1962, employed
about 375 .workers. -'"-liberal severance pay schedule has reportedly
been established .for'the employees.

The woods equipment will be offered first to buyers here, and
the remainder will be sold elsewhere. The plant will be dismantled,
and most of the equipment, shipped back to the U.S.A. fo.r:sale.
S' No decision has been reached as to the disposition of the
company-owned houses at Independence :

..... The Passing out Parade of the fourth batch of recruits from
the Police Training School was held last Thursday morning.

Dressed in ceremonial uniforms, the twenty nine Belizeans
heard an address from the Governor about the importance of a smart
appearance while on duty.

Sir Peter said t'iere are many quadities which make up a
good police constable. One of the most important is good appearance.
Earlier, the Governor offered congratulations to the young
recruits and their instructors on their success in the training


10 -
The Awards

,The ,Baton of Honour and Prize for the. Best All-Bound Recruit
weiit to' Police Constable Eddie Castro. First Prize for .the highest
average in the written examinations went to P.C.. Adolfo Lucas, both
rm'from the Toledo District.

The prize for the second highest average in written examina-
tions went to Police Constable Welton Franklin.
Among the many distinguished guests were the President of the
Senate 'and Ms. Francis, the. Minister of ITnternal Affairs and Health,
the 0Hon9 CL.B. Rogers, the Minister of Local Governm~t 6 and Social
Developnieit, the Hon. Albert Cattouse, His Worship:; the Lord Mayor,
Mr. Fred Westby, Heads of Government Departments, th' Garrison
Commander, :and senior officials of the Police Force.


Described as a generous gift from a voluntary organization to
the medical services of this country, an orthoaedic "bedCwas handed
or: o:to 'government last Fiday night.

The bed will be invaluable in the treatment of severe and-
multiple.. fractures or :of seriously paralyzed patients. It was
received for government by the Minister of Health, the Hon. C.L.B.

Making the presentation was the Hospital Auxiliary and the
Minister, in his acceptance speech said the gesture was a practical
example of what could be done when people freely get together to
help others who fall victim to injury or disease. *
He noted that ~t is the dduty of 'government, to d o whatever
"it can to improve the lot of its people ..However, he .SaDid, pe-ople
are starting to realize that government no matter which government,
in what part, of ,the world cannot do everything alone.
Another Donantini Pr omised .

The occasion for the formal handing over of the bed was the
premiere of the documentary film on the late President Kennedy,
"Years of Lightning Day of Drums which was being shown t.o' raise
funds for the Auxiliary.
The President of the Auxiliary, Mrs. W. Harrison Courtenay,

wife of the Speaker-of.-the-House ofRepresentatives,.:anounced as she
made the presentation that the Hospital Auxiliary would be donating
aan electrically heated food trolly to the -medical services shortly.

..**,,.^" "" *,**4 *..*


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