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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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T I i

W L ; K L Y

B i i. L I Z r


Published by the Gocvernmient info-rmation Ser:h- Ls

Belize Cityr

MAR 23 Ip I.


..... ~". .Up To 7th 1March 1965.


Governicnrit returnedd .With Big iMa"jolity

P. U.P 15,271
K-P 10,406
i1ND. 176
Rejected 586



57,2; of
'-0 11
Sy s l./
Io "
c- ? O/ o,

It bec ame clear early. Tuesdaymo inning that the P JP. w
':ver th:e top and on the way to a substantial victory in the first.
gene-ral election held in Belize country under the self .governmiLent
constitution .
c ti U i. .Lt i i' ,

SWihth the final returns in, the Supervis-or of elections, Mr,
Stanley Hulse announced .'that 'the P.UP wo.n 16 seats, theI N.I oP 2
and the 2 independents 'were shut out of the race, one losing his deposit c

The following is a summary of the results"


No .tOf

No. of
Votes s

No. of
bVf m-d.-.,

Per centage
Re ce ived
by each

PRICE, George C,
RiTJDON Tharine G .
STAI~ES, J.aime M.
H.I.'TER, Ale xander
TfJESBY, Fred Do
.GOLDSON, Phillip
FLOWERS, Idwlard
ROGERS, Carl L.B.<
YOUNG, Colville
PITTS, Elwyn ,
DRBINA, Elito 00.
PECH, Guadalupe
LEIVA, E rlindo
BLAiL CO, Juan
RICALDE, Feli..e
MARTIE.Z, GZualbe rto
I IARI Florencio
CAS Tr EDA, Isid.oT
SILVA, Hector D.
OCHOA, Thea docio
PERDOMO, Santiago
I-'i.lA, Pedro Guerra


N 0 10 o
P. U.oP ,
P U0P.
N o I o P
P. U. P

N oL UPo


NoI P.o
12 I P

I 0P D

P. UP '
N 0T op
p o UOP o,
1i)o 0 P1 6 p














1980 1190.
1494 10213
1271 690
2556 1129
2670 1822
2400 1252
1024 694
1731 969
680 100
123 867
036 864
1036. 120

1343 831
12 9 754
S 4509

No0 10


60, l/

44s 21
48 76>
28 2
83 64
36 4~
59. 88s
36 .4620


C-~*~C~UY9t*ZC91RILCWI~- I-rYIW ~i~Clms~--CC_~rpC~Ri--rr. I --~r ,-pr~zr~3~mra~aj~R~adjllFsr~PUsPrr~r~~W

V'Registered Votes votes received
..- 7 3 3-,C r, oV
V otes Cast 'e ccd. ach
... ... ..... ... .. . .. .. .. .. . .

ARTHURS, Allan. P P 991 .. 50-
....U .G o .
A.ZU, Albert P 2 18., 483
MCKOY Dayvid Lj .P {d 6 972 63.2$
IU......5'i U"L" 537 "1.953
VERIION Samuel Jr.L P .. Uo 231 41. 250
IOREIY EiZCi, Ja1 e sl. N 79 5606 "

WLSTBY, Lhaol210 s LL N I- 4/32 47 "
SYLVESTRE, Lo11s S, .U.P 541 70.26'
SGI LLET, P.hillip N i, -] 9 / 207 26 .88"

Balloting as 2sk in allicv'is ions and' the day ended
Without i nc'ide

:.On ue sdrpy.. night .the Preie r aa.h the'?o 0 .P_ c a datee s ere
Sgive :at ltous ovationn in1f >ont of the Lational aof
C)*..1 .. . L a c d
the Piple Is it ar ai win -tGI

.. .In.,a,; prpared: statement. the Premier said Belize ans h av-de
ve .the People s Pay a str mandateto lead the untry
to "independence ithin .the' Goncealth and to build 11i a prospierousivd

S.. L,, c ry ai he Pic. ier P is goin g through difficult
economitimes tht put to severe test the courage of baveneh and
large joity perh the largest jort here in .the Weste

Deioratic world 7 o

And te.!^. pretrier ....;;:ressed.- gratitude ,to the Belizeah people
for th' confidence they have plac e dLin t: candidate s of the Y.Peo1er s
United Party pledging to ue-dedicate themselves to serve the *
B idieLL De:p "e 1 'ta.. ... P.3 ..- .:... t ... c .
WiC, n h ,i .n v V- K IiJC .:; of ,r.Li 1 ,1 LoIt pci .hc

1 0 .r ia .l. C ri IC 9 /( nt 9 0 I t v
D c x< o c.t : L .. ..

(30 L4 i
.... :
l I- l-~ ,-lr CICI~ ,. .. l ~ .. .. .

-1 Mssa;ge s f congra&.tulations anJ:d -od' Wishes I)egann to com
in soon1 after ctIhce '0re51su1t x:s were made known. i "

A telegram from the Secretary of State for the
the Gove r G I Sir L ter taller .c : .d:

** Cong tulations. on the (colmple tio n of this fur there step in1
inpIe mting the c onst itut 1nal advance &.. at the 1963 conference .
When gDveCnment is formed.' pleas give y b st3 Dwiishes >to Prem ier'1' and
say I'look forward to meeti..:g him and. his c:l1agues .9en opportunity

arrives 4

On Wednesday morning, the Goveino invited M,. George Pice,
leader, of the PUil-P to i:form a government He-was swoxn i as Preer
at Goverim-ent House .

Am-ong messages, to arrive at t.he iPremicr's office
from the Private Secretary to the Goverxnor of Yucatan: Lice Pedro
Solis Aznarz, which said "'Knowing your devotion for progress and
welfare of our sister country of Belize I congratulate you cordially
for the success of yor Pa rty in the election which is a recognition
of your- great human qualiLties" ,

The Honorary Consul of the Lebanon, Mr. Sarkis Abou-ichra/
wrote: "In the name of ,my government an d on behalf of the Leba:nse
community residing in this country,: I congratulate you Don your Party.s
most .successful election, I take this DIopportunity to pledge .to you
and your government my support .and full co-operat1ion "

"To In:dependence In .Ha- ony.and
Peace. "

The SSouthexrn Christian Union in their letter declared "We
join in true sit of.unit'y .love and co- operation in extending to
you our appreciation for the outstanding way in which you ,have woiz-ked
so har.d and tirelessly in the interest of the people and governmental
We are confij.dent that the Pr-emier and his. government. with God's help,
will lead our country to iindpe: ence successfully in complete
harmony and peace "

Stability y and T Prog ress ..

F Frx. William1 Wells RectoDr at All Saints in CinFl"rella .T.Tow
wr-ote "I- am' writing to express my pleasure and extend my congratula-
J- .
tions to you you and yDur goveximent on your return to office., The- .
re-suits show that the country has confidence in you and your govern-
ment for continuiLng to create anr a.tcsphere of stability and '
pr ogress "

The villagers of Santana said; "Wa congratulations fo-P
the victory your party has wTon at the polls and we wish you success
for' the five years to come .

"We congratu ate you. ur Piemier C and the Cabinet on the
success of the recent general election," this was the.message from
Rockstone Po-nd.

M*,other H:ary .Tharsillsa C.M.P. of, the Pall.otine. Nuns
.. declared~. "On behalf. of the Pallotine Si sters, I wish. to express our
heart iest congratulations on the succeG s of the elections and your
re-appointment as Premierx, May God bless and assist you always0"

Other oiessages came. fro the .Public Relations Office of the
City of iMiamii, from Sro. Francisco Reyes, an eminent writer of El
Salvador and other Belizeans abroad and, at ome .h,


Sr Gonz alo Bueno, Director of the United Nations InfoLrma
tion Centre in San Salvador said


I ;. personally gra tifLed to.-i.ow of L- .ur election as
Vj. 0 1 -KIM
Prei:. I ish- .to e:p ;ess to .you and the ers of your gj oveCrnm~ent
my best wishes f suce S, an the Bis~ hop of BeliZe, the 'Mos ev
Rober L app f t society o Jesus ote "ease ccpt cong2' :2atulations So ;*the o)rderl.y elections anc. th.e success of
your p7art y I pray 2 hat te -worthy asp irat ions x-p re se d in the
meni t r T. n y D a y A

in hi s ni. sage t,1" 3lere I- Seve nth Day Apdventist
Mission Mrc ,. ,, t.tetz, wished 1the Preoier and his pa rty ".uIch
Success and G(od' s_ .richesI t ..blessings as you lead this country forward
to progress o rnd eventual ina nden "C

There Yas also an assurance of co-operation assistance in
anyway possible ancd corItin22d pra4y2x-s for GCod's 1suidance anidleacder-
s.hi)p in the .e lf areo hhis cc : 1 untry.

I,8 A. Conl

For the Unitea d States of America Mr. Harrison Burgess,
co-. ope rative. as soiati. with you .vd you Cabinet. that i be en

Smyprivilege to enj y for the past 8 onths, and, I asr e you that-
the consulate ail be happy io gender 'any assistance that i?2y beIl'

the flowingg gree tings "On behalf of the Christian Democratic
.h U. ,t D. ..... .. :

B e l i z e s ,- : "
Selection of the Cabine cm.' after tIwo days oJlf consult

S.,0ion between Prehie r s2 rge rice and Ministers of his 1t061-65
SCabi ne, l top D, Iparty of iials othr advisrs-
The Premie the Eon George C. P aice is Ministe.r of
i1" '-,.. 17)C 0....

Finance cd.Econoic Develprt, te on. Caitv se Minister of

Lycal Governmet 1and Develo Ient theHon. AA Huter

Minister of Internal A'f air and He alti the Hon, o L. DL c MKey Minister

t ion and ;Hous in
12, i. 0reusl.... D si "..... t, t -io ",,-

SThe Hon, G Lizaraga, ts becam w I the first BeliDean

o- toU hcod a poast ofU ca" inet rank in the history 'of Belie- country
T he swearng- tk e at ovt Ho on Friday
r 5 r g I inu
.......n ... Is (,. ra s i
IDn~i C';e1.C .

S o d .1 A n d Tr .S -u. i : ,

PN eit. the- Hg iIable Ge o:: P ice wec .

Mr. Veinon Ha.rison Co.rtenay, Mrn Jesus Ker.- Mr James
Nathaniel Meighan, Mc.E.. iss '-J1sa VasQue" and Mr.o &au.,,l Benjamin

Ve.rnon., J .P.

!'hj a GoveLrnor alsor appointed the following two Senators 'on
he avice of the Leader of the Opposition, the on. Philip Goldson,

-.-, Regina ld Bios and Mr. Sim-on A.. gapito HIassock-.L....

The eighth Senator will e appointed by Sir Peter when he
has completed his consultation ...

The NatiOnal Assembly, made:-p of the House of R presenta-
tives and. the Seate, will meet on Friday, 12th March to elect the
Speaker pan the Deputy Speaker of the lower house ,ndi the President
and Vice President of the upper house. .

At a ceremonial iuetin on Friday, 19th i.arch, is
Exceilency the GovernA will deliver -a Speechf-rom the Throne

.. .. .. .. s v. 'st

,olin icdkads' a c:-!' Oetatto, on "'Ca-'uibrbean A.. fpoi "-he
tionCl. hnes or-ecast independence _fo Beli_ ze cnuriy posssiblyl eunto.-
1970. cwiteh a godo. chance_ fop success

Incras.e. eveVM R. ev
0Cotrnve ting on last weet-ks genl.czI airecttions in the B..C
GeneC-ral Oveseas Service recently; Mr. R:ckards observed th WT.... I
nenc noin o t, the bogeyy -. as he put. ite of tihe
Guatemalan claem u now scis o be fadinL into the bac'gxound

Surveying eloc politics he o...ind hat i or, st _1r-eecs"' is littlsf caxnne u ot .. thee Pcop e nis Unied Patety and the
oi ional Indpeence Paxty, and thc in a bitats inof Bep n zetouetr
ushe declare ae norenly in favoux of independe fIcw0 ..m.
c ,i On the econtomye hen noted that industries are booming in a.
small buit satLsfpactoy wayc with po-i;r.y et showng a ste-dy
indcease every yea e n

tr i C.ntrl i !ic, t .Jra C -is .
.r o .I I -n. .,he J ustio o ind eLpenn-den"ce and ITe
(juater.aJan territorial cloaim M.l oicrds_ .. calling -attentior. c'0 t-he
.ni.steial good wil] tour of Centxa A.-rica .last yeau said A-te
P remie r has gained the support of these cuni for he o
>f at separate state wrhen .. _lise count.r. becomes inoe penldent..-

Our sovere -gnty and independence 3 he aoffirmd, will moot
certainly be guaranteedu and under-w i tte a-y the .Organization of..
,.Amican Staes, and the PxUieie. sensibly sees the need for -ntxv,
to Central A"erican_ trade c. u .....nciise

N-kRevolutional P .Jlticsj

I The- seems to be little feal, he went on, that our peoplee
with their vastly different heritage, culture and ethnic male-up w-31 devolve into the kind of revolutionary politics indulged in by
som of our neighbours. "

Belize country hasuthe necessary economic potential to become
really strong and vibrant in the uture And although poor at the

/ i n:C lt


mo,.1t z Sealie see.;s seasonal> y a ssuCred of b 1 fighter days to come.

Ito John s C le-ge held its annual Elocution andd Oratorical
Contest .'. .Fr idy night :.t t e S i S Aud i t ori u in B i ze C ty

S. the l-t F1rm (11division.J Theodo-re rCastillo wcon the prize-
Lwithhis pio em "The Noble By ,Thet second Form winner was Francisco
Cer vanteS who, recite; d L:(id U..lin'K s Daughter' t'he third.P Form winner
wasc: Orlando Taylor who -e ci except fro Sh p: ) spe. are .s .Ma.bIcth o

Special mention was iade of Glenn God frey i interpr-,t Uion:r

In the Orat)rical cont.Ust C 'top prizeX 3 Wnel ot Anthony
Labr iel in the *fer th form w1 ;it hisUspe e ch, on "Re spo nsibilit y of
Belizea.i Paints' "'
Pe, c 1, G qj

....m01:&. Y t" r' Y,}l. IE. BK>i,.. resident Tutor. ofD the Extr(a Mural'. : 1
Departiexnt of. the W.., in this Vountry left .for JLmica *on 6th
1March to att.ind the' conference ( of t sident Tutors of-the 1Extra Mural

DCX 3"1'" ut. E 1 C< 1 OOD120.,LFoVr.e;: C 'irid. JPr inter. anU yR. M 'Fo LEWIS
Bookbinder both of the Gvernent Pinter left t dergo training

in Jam ..a e.; ) T)p i.dl R"e spect e o i 911
1B F z a.((1'P i!' t ........

JOHN M1 MILLER. who .has en Brl it ismh GCounc il .Re ~r 'e-st -'2 ivc e l
in this country since laUJe 1960, is shortly to proceed on leave and
transfertU a Br 'tish. Council. pasting in Europe.

CJ .1.. J.JOH020N f o9 9 De.pu3 y Ee .is tra Ge i. ral has been
appointed M gistrate Belize City.

uras awardede sd a scholarshipL under the Proe: ssinal and
Techni cal Schp1larship Scheme in 1962 to undeKrt ake a c course inLaw in
the Unite d'Kingdom t 'He pa9 .e d his Bar l KainLat ions in .964 and was
called to the Bar in February this ceaI
fc Ej,
ofto ..v

:i::i' :I: -I: ::: -~ ~-~ ::: :I: ::: ;: :I:r ::: 1~ :1: ~:4: -'): :~: :I: ::: -:: :i: -~::;r. ~:: :;:

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