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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
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Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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.. .. ... .W- ... ... ."

,D diec by The oGverniieL1t TInformation Se p

G': -b' '(d W

No '... ..: -.!. to th Feor 'y. 19J65

pei we the Minister of' ntehal Affairs and Justice the
Hon. Lindberg Rogers, Shell representatives and the. .contractor.,
Mr<. Jeffery O'Brien^

Government has builtP roas% the Premier went on, most,. recent being the roali ovwithToledo.
These roads spur growing de iIands on transportation, light and
power. There...had been a great increase in the number of vehicles
enterigUt-e1 *rl I' ind" there was a big demand for fuel This
meant a demand for ,more gas, stations;, particularly in^iBelize City.
The o 'ehon.i l.the 'ew station Bel he.ysaid.t .would fill paes rt -eoir.thhe:t

"An-d soWe canbe prou. o.f this modern station Jandu its
construction ,.'' trbte to Mr:, Swan the S1lell Company and,
the workme' Who reclaimed; the 'suie from swompland, ithe Premier
said as he declared .he station' open
Hon, Lindbeg Rogers ts e She ll Represenatative in d this. country
fthikL^ed MiPrt ice foL taLg; luart in the opening of a new:Shell
station 0.B ..
nribut,. h.b: ..krs 1.1'.h ... ,.

Mrr Geddes praised the spirit of co-operation among those
who contributed to the buitding.ce of. the i station oadcontractors, the
architect, electricianss nd artists their PID and the Electricity
Board ;I 'g de- for Juel. T h

The building was blessed by the Revi Milous.'night a d- tFrd
Donavan, Pastor of St, Joseph s Parish-

L-elb Tem..(o r Chne Farmers
GoVrnhine t is guaranoteeing a loan of $600,000 from the banks
in this country .to the C:ane.- Frmeres Association,

S"' release. ff the ministryy of financee says the, purpose of
the loa: is_ to .asist, .',cb n armers. and potential. .cane far.iers-
with .-financ.e. 8o.'that they can participate.. fully .in
thd" c"x sion oi 'the i"gar. industry
"( x"fry,8-n.,s'-.CA

,@1 .,. .

One Brown 7 -. and to Bro..- Swiss. P if ers have
diec d at Central Farm an 1 orown Swiss Dull at Yo-. Creek.
This follows .:the :, ;. f .; he. ;,Q C 0 /v..,-a tle y b.a
Government .oi i- e in -imrovme.nt of the national cattle herd.

Before entering the country, the .ani als were all carefully
.inspOec.ed by, t. e h .t<... .jA:y. Officer.. :uintana-. Foo and *.. ag ain -
by the Livestock (.Officer here', Mr, orlando Orio. The animals
said a report from.. t' h ID-pat. et of Agriculture last week,
were Tound to be fvree from disease and parasites

0Following the death of the animals an examination showed
that then .ils died. :of. eTick Fever X ..t -ai.LsTitted byi:.ticks
pickd- cUp 1a"strsT i...n S .U"this cou.tryo. i.

.. .. '. -eo e 0 t

U greet city ;a:e2s ;eit demandP

Tl'he, Ministr;n: of rlntK3?nai^Affaimrs and Justice, the Hoa%
.Li.db rg RogCiJrs officially opened the new sub-station of the
Fire BJrigade on th1C so1 side of Belize City

rll Frelnfo5,1:1' n'rcga of .hnur for the occasion and
the 's 1feresent x ing)of clioeas. :from .th
soth side. on hand to witness the .cer.e.o :0y, .... '. :

Fir e-ptain Pilip. Hall woloig the.I. .nistor expressed.
eep ar LreciaticinI fo .the inte e st he has shown ':Br. ig.d o

Br ". ..e. s stre.g. .. h : .
ie bhopoed Lhi Kbefclu lonr^ the city ^would be dottd a. 1w
siiub sDtationsi This should. make citizens feel more secure a

The Fire Chief asked for more hydrants in .order, to improve.
fire-fighting facilities and spoke of the imortant training e
'facil.ciesthe Lew sub-sat-pn would: provide for the ri~a'.r des

When he addressed the gather ing the Minister declared
that althoughb. theo build ing ay. be; small people n .th south
sice andp ipaticul ar.,y those in Jhe .rea would have a. greater...
feeli-ng. 'of secu-ity .A .gro fi _i ciby makes de...nds- ,c' he" '.
bbserved7 arid wcnr.t bn 1,a new .subt station. is the oswer to One
of those dclemands...

/Mr,, Rogers ..

Mr. Rogers praised meSmbers of.the brigade for their
c courage and valour. throughout the years They hliad earned the
respect and gratitude of all he said,
The net sub st tionr wi i be manned rdund the cldck: It
was built Csbyf, the ..ib-,0 forks BDpartment at a cost of.sonme

nto Ac tion ... ,

Less than 24 hours after the now sub-station for the
lBeize City Fire Brigad.o -as officially declared open' (:he
unit' stationed there swung into action to put out a' fire in.
the -Yar borough area .

Fir.e,.man Terrence Usher .on duty at the time saw the
smokeand i.mmedi-tely raised the. alarm Later other engines
from the Central Fire Station arrived on, the scene' .

Although a smalltimber house was completely destroyed,
the. Birigde wa.s able to prevent the .fire from spreading in
.a Very congested area,. ", :.. '

IWoman Police ConstableAudrey Re id proceeding to the
fire .was knocked down by one of the :appliances : '


The Feten ion Depairtmentof Stj Johrns College .is to
start issuing Equivalancy. igh School Certificate's to those,
students who are able to qualify for, them with .effect from
,this-year ) ., .. ... : .

This was revealed by -the Director. of' the Extension
Department` Frc, Joi0n Stochl ,of. the Society of Jesuso
SF St'ochl said the-. aim of the St. Johnis. College- Extension
Department has"always been two-foldo to enable students to
achieve that general .level of education'required of the in-
telligent Chris ian dciizen and.-to provide 'secondary GCE and
pxractical'courses 'that "will help, students advance economically '
and socially in a competitive worlds
Who Attends Evening Classes
.,Speaking about the type"bIf student who attends classes
at the extension department Fr, Stochl said many of them are
Spersons *who had not had the opportunity of attending high
school and who were striving to cover .that ground, .

The department, he said, had long been desirous of granting
some sort of certificate to, people who, through their studies
at- iight. classes., :had' achieved the equivalent of a high school
education A ,

Certificates. will be granted to students, after a number
of years of attendance or 0 c the .successful complete ion of four
separate courses


Some 1,539 tons of: .sufgrr were manufactured by the Corozal
Sugar Factory drig 't first t s of this years

/grinding ..

grinding- : .

This was announced last week by tthe Secretary of the Sugar
Board, Mro Severo Pinto

it tbak 16,800 tons of cane ground by the 30th of January,
to produce the 1539 tons of sugar This compares favourably
with last years .figur of 1460 tons of su r froI.. 800
tons of cane,. ...

Prod~uction.. TamF't.

The production goal set by the Gorozal Sugar Factor, for
the resent crop is some 39,000 tons, using an etimat 320,500
tons of cane, Last year 33,500 tons of sugar. were produced
from 272-, 000. tons of can,

The factory began receiving cane on the 15thcof 0January,
Three days later deliveries hacd risen to 1500 tons ada( 0
from both: tbhe cane fuacr rs oand Planr.tions Limited

Mh 1 Pinto 5fsaid mechanical difficulties at the factory, not
50 per-cent for a few days By the 23rd, of the .Acth however
deliveries were bac to ormal

Its believed that within a fw weeks, the factory will
start accepting thes reor. figure of 2, 000 tons of cane a day

Two di. rectors of the C ozal Sugar Factory, Mr .
Hugill, Mar. aging Directr and Mr. tA Coupland, bo th .of London
were se byth F ie -on Thurs y.. ..

taken over by i-Tate n& Ly, it was' revealed that at. present some
1,700 were employed directly by the company This 5, 700 more
than were originally employed by the opast owners.

The Premier was told tChat within two years tbs con0any
may invest in the ca:ttlc, industry as they consider the pasture
lands of this country to be very gooda


Logging operations of the Belize Estate and Produce Company,
held up by unfavourable .'bather conditions during the past few
weeks' are to be mtioensifi" d providing increased job. opportuni"
ties just as soon is conditions will permit ..

This point was stressed by Mr<. Rjo Groves, a director of
the of companies after.he had been received by
the. Premier on Friday1 morning, ..

Mr, Groves was accompanied by Mr. A.,M. Hore, Cuanager of
the Belize Estate a:d Produce Company here which is owned by
the Gliksten. gro.up-.,
..i-t Groves was here on ca routine t-hree week "viit During,

S/this time .


this time he visited Field Operations including work sites at
Gallon Jug and Independencer

1 LGroves .said he had Ciscussed .various aspects of the
comp any sy opOeratio:ns with the Premier and given an indication of
what the gen-ral programme for the coming year is likely to be,

*'A HFariners ?Day" is to be held in the Stann Creek District
on.the 13th 0f March,

This was decided on at a meeting of the Regional Develop-
ment Committl for- that Dist--icts held last Thursday .at the
Supreme -CourtBuilding in Stan Creek Tow '

A committee undor -the chairmanshipof- the Distrc
Commissioner. was appointed to make all necessary arrangements,

: T:e.. meeting was chaired by the. coord.inators, the 'Hon
D.L. acI-yv and the Dis)trict Co0mi;:sioner Pr iol'b rt Avila'
Ocers present included r representatives. of the Village
Councils *government extension officers in. the districts th: '
Hon.,. Alan Arthurs Mr RBo Cottrell of the ministry of Finance
and Developinent and Mr.. R Bennett, Social Development' Officer-

and,) An 6 article appearing -,in a recent edition of the o Glikstcon .:.
Journal dcsc1ibes how cmahoga:y 'frch this country is being used
in motor car design .

Most people do not realized says the articleS the important
part played by the'M ib ri-ade i .ina th'epb oducvti n and delivery of
their cars, and it mentions particularly mahogany from this.

The Ford Motor Company of Britain used our mahogany for tChe
type meel of their -Corsair- some 30 of which are owned by.

When drawings for the new car were received models of
wings bonnett rooftop and other p-rts, were .made individually,,
then set up on a fram e and'screwed togetheh-' ;The models wereo
then treated and became the master .form from which plastic
moulds 1"' Ie taken -
SA spokesman for the Ford company has said' that Belie
mahogany"has '-the required stability to' make it "the most uitiablei
wood for this type of work,, ""


The 9th Food Handlers Seminar sponsored jointly .y. the
Extra Mural 'PE Department 'and the "Medical De airtmitt was' officially
declared-open on ,Tuesday ,night by Dr. Bernie Hulse Chest
Physici-an, a national of this couhtry,. .... "' 't
In iher talk, the Dc0iir stressed 'the need' for 'proper
sanitation in eating est.,ablishmts, This could be an 'attr:sction

/to visitors o .

o. ii,.or,..r.: t-urisd who are ,oi,-g herhe ein ever increasein

Gov "'""P t ..S 1 oP t ....o

nt su l .l .(. os
no,.T-,r--, r V -/ .o s udt s:' d ,raw rroi '" t .. *r.rke.t s salo o s

Goohv .t, : ,r .eg 2o,( f i .. he
io.g ope ed last d.y night at the Baron .Bis.s ns& itte. .to

Ia packedd audd encr e L
o t .. nd n the; 1r. .e '1sho i g r3 H s Exc.e.l en .::th 0 ..)
Governor Sir Petes r S.trl. rd ...and the Miister tofi"tural
ResourcesO, the Hon A,,. hunterr and rs e hunter, rnd the MLican

OThe showL started off stage with an oldtimer telling theur,
story, p3;f the: Bos.;.:.n{ 0a 1 t jurist boy i Gtheo ;Gto:; yb cirvelo ed

4i-c sl io11 of ..;br.o..-t afor wardr bdh nr-tsoPercy IGilf let,. Lof
assisted by a princess to find his fortune in a f aroff -land; --

who. pl^^Ldo tho mother of the ypung boy George who.. pr tr aed

Belisle-, ." ...;. -'.

Mr 'Arthur 'Balder amros Dean of the Bar in this country
has died at 2Cm

r, d- r -a os, ,:-apari. t :fr c. his .caree. s- a- .bar .ist e....
served on the then Belize Town Board and in the Legislative
Co un cil ,

a a :w'gs: ealilod top tL>e :bar in' .pril of0.123 fter.1re&adingg
fdcr his deg ,e" a.e .Lij c:.Il .. ol,.l in th .o niited :Ki. gdoNi;. ::I.:'. :.:

On ihe da of the 'funer al the Supreme Court Cadcourned. for
five minutes as a n iar.- of respect for it.he late barrister, and
the Attorney GeneIr al,'oved a vote ,o.. sy npathyv which .was. supported
by. ;r .,SrA e. H cassock; Th:e Chif ;.ustice- 1 Sir Clifford :DelisIc;
Inniss5also associated himself with ther1 ar '
Id.. Shw)a:e zt s c< w Ph a l.,m r t ].i g %.
B e' or ,- th o -' .,- l ly._- :. a % o r st s e f y _<- ,::
.. ... ... ... ..... .. ..... ..... "<:-
i % O : ,. :,c .. ... -Y O o .. -: o s : .. .

.... 9.( ..,IC l .:1.e ,. the .,.e: .,lth S.ervices, *Mrs. Emily.
hckno; :Pub.lic *Heal th R r. s .. r. .'-,{n u (-uG1:3.lar ..Public..: .
Health Insp;ctor, have been sucoessfuy in tneo final examOination
of the 1963/64 Public Heal1th Course for nurses and Inspectors ,
They have. there.for, h.:-e: 'warded the .Diploma .f hthL Roy al Society
of He : -

/The Su ccot.z .Z


TL STUCCOTZS. VILLAGE COUNCIL has by resolution5 sought
a change in ithe name of their villge to San Jose, Succotoz
The Minister of Local Government has agreed to the proposal
which now becomes official.

FR. C-HALES WOODS of the Society of Jesus5 a national
pronounced his last vows in the priesthood during a mass
celebrated at Holy Redeemer Cathedral, in Belize City on

His ordination ceremony took place five years ago at
Holy Redeemer Cathedral.

CALISTUS CAYETAO. a youung Belisean, has entered the
Seminario T Mayor in the Reoublic of Honduras to study for the

Calistus j born in the Toledo District taught for many
years in the village of Oto:::ha in the Toledo District following
his graduation from St. Johns College1

He will be joining five other Belizeans at the sem--ina..ry

MRo T Rf0AMOS Assistant Agricultural Officer has left
to undergo a short instructional course on modern methods of
banana production at the United Fruit Company)s research
station at La Lima, Republic of Honduras,

On his return from La Lima he will be posted to Monkey
River Town to assist grc)wers in the development of the banana
industry there,

AMBROSE ALEXIUS QUITN has been apQpointed as Chief
Engineer, Public Works Department in succession to hr. AcT

The appointment was made by the Minister of Overseas

.J .', ~1 ,1. .1. .1. .), .1. .L.

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