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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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T E 1 _T I, E

Pub lishedby the Gove rnnt I f ~ation Servioces

.Beli City.
'p '- 1. -

-1 17 1 -r Up T 1 6

FT L L .L.. 0F .l- h SSh ,LY

The Lebislative InsseeGbly Iet on PvidUq 'o7 n ic fo2 thee last
bti.efIe s Orimal Iio o sr o CCt>O s to

Gbe lCad o"n rch lt.
L ,'., .' I- \" 7

Sdo jDstice to e I and hve s d the ory
v. C d y

116. ... a .a ...
e ld ,a c ., .E r f I... ., h a -

oppotnty toif -r s fom y -' death n Sunday

cn ,. .. ; . ._

of so great a world figure is an almost impossible task, the Speaker
s i d. .. . . ,*... .:- *-

io one jsho lived tduing the dark aend perilous a .ys of the
.second world .war he -wet ni could ever forget the inspiration of'
his great leadership which led to the success of the. free world over
6the forces' o evil a.nd yrannyo.
1 .- ,

Following the Speaker the Premierwas .the i .address
the House .. ,

e. asked that the House express its deep sense .loss .at
the death of oi. ,i"ston h- ^ heu recalledar in .the dark day.s of */the
second world war 'hket alight Li tooch of fre edom and stv d .the .free
peoples.of the world fr tyranny and essn Sir nstn he
Lobserd wasne of ethe greatest Parl entarians of all ti me

The Premier informed the House that a message .of condolence

:: hasalready.been sent by, His .;Excellency the Govern.or on behalf of all
Beise.ans. He Iead the text-of t -e messr-ge into the record

ri ui own P1arli:-'ent, support the motion andr endorse -the 'Uessage of
symathy nd elso u deep atide a sense o debt to the
late Sir Winstdh Churchill for his *leadership indomitable tenacity
and, courage. during, the dark and perilous days of the last world waree

'-. aroused thoseiquialitie s not only in his own people but
in freedom loving peoples ove-r- the irlde t .


qcu SLZow

. -,,

One law was passe, It was an .:endment to the Voluntever
uard, ord.ina.nce pr. vidig or -an increase in the quarterly bounty
paid to the Imiebers )- the force ,
The rei -nde r- .. .i- o -ting -.a. -d-.; td to sp eche s on
the motion for the. adjourent in which Ministers and, legislators
reported on pro0icts a .r; ed out i their "cdnstituences

Member s paid warm tribute t t ho e Speake r for his guidance,
tolerance and skill in carrying out his duties.

S.... "lt. 1 y. i ,L.Q l. ) IJ :i "e 'c;at ihe" iers fTo 1 e sense
of responsibility ai:d maturity developed over the past four years
There been .he said re-m:kable achievements in all fields

9 IMlb V1Ni I

...... ..... I 12]. .W[ivi

M'raorial '] ; .: ce T:,.o':,: ir--.W i"st on-- we .e he'ld in church a s
throughout Belize Countryo :
At. .t. John. -i L_ li *CaI.the d.ral ^ a R uc ierr aT: 3 f-sI
celebrated by Fr L. ArnI.d Hb.rt It was att,,ded by'His-Excetlletcy
the Governor Sir Peter allard accompanied by a vi sit ing United
Kingdom offici-al S iG:Gevoffrey 'lys the Premier, tthe Hono George
Price the M:in:iter of Local Gove r.ent e the Hon Albert .C Httouse
and the -ci-iiuter bf Inter:al Affai rs rthe Hon.oh Lindberg Rogerso

Also pesent for the service was the HoniDEvadnek Hulse
the Consul for the United State of :-i, :riica Mr.i Ha'rrison -urgess
-.'eads of goveIn:-C it depr,.-, n tsy- I.-.'e:,c, al ffiTi -nd other" d citizens

In a short euogy2 Fro Bastion praised Sir 1Winst-o 'for the
tre-endous part he played ,,, keeping the torch of freedom burning for
t Lhe libe rty of :.i.Kindi 1
v :. ... ",_." Th 'service-C 't John s -CIat.hedral. has broadc-a-st live
and di direct by Radi o Belize ,

At Holy Redeer-ePr Cathe.dral His Lordsh.ipD t; ;' BishO' .f
Belize, te Most Rev Robert Hodapp, celebrated, at a Pontifical
:..Requie-m Mi-ss s Goave:i.-,ut'- was reprcsent-ed by .t.he iMinister of Natural
Resouurces the Hon.i Alexander Hunter ......
S.....' Razskowski "-f -the societyy of Jesus-spoke of the
le ade ship of Sir inst ing th a yes eha ing his
Scu ag' his genius afd '

... RW .evicing Si ins'- on0 s life? Father hazskowskF: ointed out
that the great .warrior always .reaiembered to ask for God's help>

" -of ..i ". Fr.- :azl:owski -went on, hK., cross ,on our
churches is stili t[he- straight cross of Christ and nt .the brokenn
cross of perverted liazi' paganism He. would not allow it ob
S.Fathei Ras .-.: .../nd c. -. "Iw ..aE Sir Winstono s duty to win
Sthe- war* it is our' cty'now -to use ,lb peace -,which he ha.; bequeathed
to us to maintainn and strensthen the- Christain civil nation for which
he fought -

Si .. he srice a- e-sley-CLIuroh was atte-iLnded. by :-thodistsa

Presbyterians vand Salvat tionists- Repre senting govc r.nment was the
Minijste r of Labour ... ... .... .. .

In a short- eulog. Reverend Carty traced the life of Sir
Wnst on, observing that. his was full life:.with up ps andedowns ..He
saved humanity its freedoi,'.Reve Cathy said. Lin death. his. mCeT.ry
will always: be h .onou.ed-- in -,evy nation that .s free ... .


190 furthe-r appliatirnohs f- -Hrousi'n grant-s a nd loans were
approvedat .last Tuesday s meeting -oft the Board of. the Reconstrxuction
and Deve lopment Corporationo

The meeting was c1h.aired by the PremierI the Honourable
George Price.

The funds thus approved amounted to 107,480o Of thflis
$499200 was in grants and. $58280 in loans

This brings the total of applications appoved thus ..far to
4,391 at a cost of 2,6o 3,456 .

Lsong the application approved last week were 2. from.
Hatchet Caye and 1 from Southern Rendezvous Cayeo

-At the same time- -the Chief Executive Of ficer, M o agnus
Halcrow, reported that there are still some 1,300 applications awaiting
attention .The B.pard agreed: that every endeavour should, be made to
speed-. up ,the work and. t-o help silo applicants to make up their minds
by the end. o the year : ...

The Board heard .th approval that wor. on the Stann Creek
Town. Water Supp1ly is going. f 'rward according to plan- despite diffi-,
culties: causeedy by .excesive rain Final drawings hGaye been received
fr om :the .Publ c. Works. Department ` r t.:the. powere Tc plants for .the. S "tan .n
Cree.,- ,,Town e ,lectricit .scheme.. S itejiJvest.igati.ons fo.P the fobund1-
tion of the building are being carried out
BLrv t, -:* fa n?_afrw, W 1" .m W. ... '1 "1. : 4"'. .

,. T e hasbe-en an r.ncrease Qf ,'l .in.the. of tourists
and vi'storseoming to :this country annually since 19C1:
This was disclosed last wrek by the Tourist Board and the
Government Information. Services,

In 19619 there were 35,490 visitors. In 1924 the number'
was. 57,640 I..n: i;.. :last y.. .,545 a overland byway of
Santa ELaen&. In .De cember ....the anuiber 'i7 7. 6 ...

One of the main factors behind the increase, as pointed 'by
the Gove.rnment. Inforimstion Service, is government's .policy of
promoting friendly relations .wit~u ou U.ican and Central American,
neighbours The opening of the new bridge at Sa a Elena hats also
contributed to the inc eased traffic ................ ..........
In B ie 1 .. .-.C ..i.w. ._ on, w ek-end vis it have purchased
large quant it ie )s"" i if ;.'e-_i _1 1 c 't1iO thing

/mate rial

:-ate .ial. hiarndlc _-Lft Iadl 'e~lizean fruits and ve ge-tables SoL-
hoteliers c have spoken of c apac.ty wCeekind cooking

SMeathili ai Bret Winsonarcthe Police

i downtown belize" City i,. has een. necessary t designate the *

thousands of Mexican n visitors to Belize City.

S., Th. ste r o Labour, the Hc C L. l."Koy" Lci.panied "by
"th Labou Coi iSsionf. re1u:n7 d from a 3 day wx king tour of the
Stann Creek District on .onda ., .

The Minister visited. ?Oionai where he inspect. Citxus
Company. Factorytu and. eld.di scuss lns with the Marage MA hl: Fran!k-: -
S h a r.p. ; o n n e a l l u .... ,*b* *' s i: s _
tHe also called at t he LB I.. Ffuit C0o p2i3n' Liii.L- (Salada
odsC) h L a 3*Cdiscss ioi waso held with :the ''Manage X 1--_ Faymond ,
and. a visiting representative from .anada. Here the Chief Agri-
cultural "Officer joined in a .discussion on preet day lprbles of.
the citrus indu st.y ] ... .: .. .

On Saturday 1] 2 0 .. e* i s ,p:..irt'y e n1.
Independ^ nee where they Get t Tra:e Union. officials 1an2. uoxrkers 1 -

"Other-calls wer .V afr atu the H; Lroules planI t 14CreC%
the. villa ? Cof.G rc.Agetown eia the Greene and Ate k ins cbanaa ilantra-
tions and Cow Pn

S..0n th- return "ouney ll nst r. n the a tiiuo.Ko,."l LLZC u
ConiVssiner vsit(i the. ...bird C.. velol .L F:n c :.any isv tblis-
Iae ntc atC- ave stBI 1. i ndl s inns .(E_ ,4t.ol and thel ,
Lfam1ie l Afte.rI .isi.t"g ... th. -Qua"te rs p aoi-e -ii tb. 9iies thei-
c 'uinistejlG f. SC tco:SLel., b tioh. it, av ie w L:-iprov ik; the ir housing
aOc on, nodat i on e

.p : -' while oi.. an O ffictCil;. isii to DCalli .-GCrli Monday, the
1MiniLster If PubIC lJixfk the -L ilI Hector Silva slippedC doun a steep
Embankment and suotni.c.d. an "injury ...n,:r rit '1le a.
.Mr. Silva. who was inspecting the oad sin the are.a was
rushed to thue capX).tal ar 1 was :ii.te Cto .0. Beie ..ity H-ospu tl...

'.W hospital 1spok 'a- &Ai?- 1 heC 12i75terLI od.diascated aid
fractured his right .anl A.h pe ration was .erfo.nd to reduce the
.' .ac
f ra c tu r.'e .... ... i l ... .,;:. 9.- i. '.O:." C ": i .......i .. i. ..

The operatic -.a Kosnelta tu Mi te was
able .to atti,,oild .-.'r yo2 .ti, .g of ;th l- Iss.n K5(.' .

The F.tisoner C .ek area of Belie City has been renamed

'I.. ..I-f- .dnC .-tdC. Ii C

iT 1j. 02Tf Kk dc- &c Q *i d.1,( U: ILo 23 c o nIi e i 0a
LDoli WG LS .OG DLcu ~ Ju

( 'G. a 1)-1ilSh 43.d Ofi i a u -I J200.UJ-GTJ.3. It1Thr 10CXY KU Y -u1. and.
QY)OX~ljd b~y loj>''__1<

L I. soiu f hioO0 L;oel~<_ 0L.1 n
r{n 4je ( 0 14 0 r2 111 1 t~ C. J J Va I'llil (3tjEll

I"001' Y,. 0 *9i C JO 5.(
t' C''

CI~ e-1' r15 1 z v'K IK ~J .1(

u cI Cti~( off I z-V~c

0CoDoC- sO~O crdc ( 2((1 C o'u be g< ,-nwv ripiY :
iJ~Ldl~. O~iLtI .L 1ICL 1 ~~Y C i U0J >< LP"K EiL eiJ

jVc(01 11, / 't 7,( Y 2he i
'~ luLICt O'E3, 201. a (2c&D I 01 Cf r433

left~ .p fVh h/~ ~ u- 'vo ici b~scKVice
of he CahoicTn ~ ri ~C' r (Yu f T1~>*>1 ~hJ1((Y
2) 21 -0.uLi' 541S5 L~' 3? OCI tO L 2 Iv.

4V ILk 1,i iD OCCl 1-0 92)3:0122 0J_52 2(0 172 I111 *.I .S-~
~n rm an an"Dcs nth.Iu 2o PplV Lidot is toKv.
the eacingoooos<~n ut i oher PI~dSos4dl1

90110131(7IjlO on I 5C0 1 '. C.~ CU Cohli

o ologe sa U3IVIKSjJIC2 II ile L~iu 2.1<27(0 03 tCCIL 2(2011 UC-1(
12 nex (72O1he, a iVIt10U Ohr 0 (IjdiO o o we1(

~ Ly& str~ f 7}c. lCI~ ecos~~yes

6 j-l3in~l.~tlt 110C 3

eas at"iG- I r'-I tern ati nl Ai2pS V.idpythe
Resident Tutor of tohe Extra., Mu il Department. of the UW TI ri,.
Vernon Leslie, and Fr. Robert. zaszow-ski SJ Chiir? n 0of the
Guild of Graduate d:a.y shis cUouLItry

10 so;o s 'Iin .engagement was to.C address tl.3h
Annual Fo nation Lecture of the Extra Mual. D-epartment at the L.13aoL
Bilss InstituteC last -Uednesday.
.The :Ezta iMuai' leKartet' of h JUnivexrsitypt .sWest
Indies was esta'ijlished in 1his couP,:yJin 1949. Sice the a special
Foundation Day Lectu:a bias beeVn held to coemmroxate the occasion

rilfoie leaving; last Stiurday! Profeiss@x Golding. 5eCte-dQ as.
special Consultant at the Beli Cityy Hospital.

The governor of the state of Msichoacan -nic. Lie _Augtsti9.
Arriaga Rivea0 acc.o)-Ranied, by Li e Fernando Ochoa. Mayor o:.M(relia,
and two.. iothr high _exica officials paid. a. oe-day vi.LB]. t t l e
City l t. ..
Thi visit osLJ who; lew in OUyi p1 l t,-U icL;Lxoafti ; c&lied:on
thc Prei mice IShey fCTCre accompanied oy the iMe.icanrC. M11 hCres x Lic
V3 .n alRR Caide rnc Fi anoo. .

Governor: .Aarriaga e xpressedc piIasure at be iag in 1Elize City
and pledged winolcte support .ort he aspira tciont of Belizeans for .....
indtpe ndeio He si hex .-. hope d rhat the d ay would so on. ome. who
Belize could take its place *oas nation of the world" He alco
expressed admiration for the pxrogramme government is carryit t...og
foCward to build the new nation.

Premie r Pt e-r-,: i_- d o0 guishe-d vI.s. ito r s .
thanked the..Goyvrn o f A1i L Iand pr.ediGted that independence
will b .ch i. e i t"i e t.e G t t o ... .o..t .. :" .
S'.e t,. r hg' rhaI .:o .build up ou4r eNono-my a he. old the
Mexican officials- .? coul ge independence right, now if we want it
but my Gosve nroentst -poliy is. thac thecount ry should able to py.
its way t. t so .thit itu ah bc e t'euly independent .

The visitors were entertairnccl. o dinner by -the Ministers of
Local' Goverimnt 'I al. Affaitffind Labo ahd h E.oh.Mr. we.ndolyn
L izaSrag L a
"- ibc ,/ L ... i' .'. ...", ..'. !}: :'... -,... .. L ,'
.. .. ..... .... ..~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~L d.. : ., ..:,, ,. ]...
.. "' : ::m'% v Ls %i6~ ho"":] .f -Kb ur~:::'v< J i c } :'~"'--c Dl@; w .' .:....... :" ...: ......


include the Prmier as Honourary Pri side'hIt o CE Gille tt 'Chair
man, EL Esquive2 Secretary ,and I,' R. FullerI Treasurer.....

"" .. "h c ." : v
THTIE 1J96 .AT-....L T V L OF "-R vis be pb esen ted. at

- 7

the Baron Bliss Institute from May..ird-to tay. 10th this year.

h:e et'Ival it fe-atur'e c.ass s in .sic, Dri.i' Dance
and Folklore1

SCompti.ionpries amounting to ,450 are being offered

Education ics writing athis -otitled5 ,omparative Study. of
English and Spanish.t"

The Premier told him the country needs many qualified men
and he hoped that he would remain iau the country to worsi and impart
is knowledge to others.

CHARLES WOODS, Senior Labour Inspector has left for Lima
Peru5 where he will be attending the Latin American Regional
Conference on Manpower Administration in relation to Economic and
Social Development which is organized by the International Labour

CharlesE duties will make hi d responsible fo:r the direct
supervision and guidance of future personnel engaged in national
manpower work and his attendance at the Regional Conference will
therefore, be particularly useful

ground for children in the Cinderella Plaza areaand

The pro ject was decided upon following consultations with
the Ministry of Local Government

THE ANGLICAN BISHOPi the Rt. Rev. Gerald Brooks, attending
the Synod in Sto Vincent, sustained a fractured arm and a possible
fracture to his right ankle in a traffic accident.

Bishop Brooks was admitted to hospital A spokesman for
the church.he re said his return home would be d-layed

of Central and South America and the Caribbean gave a concert at the

deien Cinemao

The band. is making the tour under the auspices of the State
Department of the United States -of America.

PoR. LIZARRAGA, Fa,.. Demonst;raor Grade 1 has been appointed
Farm Planning Officer0

The prom otion ets effect from r 12th J...U.ry .S'5,I

SIR GEOFFREY NYE K.C .M.V OJ ) E L .u Agricultural Acvsor to
the Ministry of Ove.rseas De ve.lopment arriLved on 24th January -Jor a
1 week t our

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