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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
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Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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T 'blishid by .the Government Information Svices, .
Be lize City. .

.- -.. / ,

^...; ************* Up To 3rd January, 196-!.


:....Facing up to. hard, inconvenient
facts. ------The Premier.

,- budget speech presented in the Assembly last Tuesday by
the l~iln ter of Finance: Premier George Price, forecasts recurrent
expenditure- ~f $9.3 million. The Capital Budget amounts to over':
S$6.-, 500-,ooa

Mare money will be spent on education, roads, training,
medial aid health services communications and agriculture, as well as
.on ele~t ,ity, surveys and the extension of the airport.

Pimenting the budget, the Premier declared: "In a pooPr
country-s uch as ours, one must face up to the hard, inconvenient and
uncomfortable f.acts. And in making the choice for expenditure, govern-
ment has h.osen to provide at this time, the greatest benefits to the
greatest nxu ber of our Belizean people."
...The Premier expressed confidence that the budget for 1965
-will pPovidea a breathing space for all to continue with greater
dedicat,xa .and hard work for the progress of our country.

Deficit- Down By $200,000

The: greatness and prosperity and happiness of every nation,
Mr:. Price continued, had been attained only by the united, dedicated
hard :work of its people. For Belize and Belizeans, there was no
exception to this international pattern, however much we may wish to
inds..h.t.cut to economic development.

The deficit in 'the budget has been cut this year by $200,000,
:.adm iow.,stands at $500-,000.
,, /

Rounding5off his speech, the Finance Minister said' that 'far
from becoming disheartened in the face of frightening problems of
progre.s.h-'wjich .rise up at every step of the way to nationhood, if we
do not flinch before the mighty task, but instead unite and combine our
strength anj.i.our will, we shall soon emerge from the difficult period
of tra ~io-onand reach a plateau of plenty, of wealth and .of happiness.
...A Better approaching

"T this," he said, "we dedicate our political and civic
ende.,avaurss, knowing fully well-that the dawn of a better life for all
SBelizea:s.a-" approaching."


Earlier, Mr. Price spoke of the increase in production dur
the year 1964. Sugar had reached $5,500,000 Belizean dollars, by a
production increase of 5,600 tons,

Citrus had increased from 'l,2 million boxes to 1.5 million
boxes. Production of rice had more than doubled with good signs of
meeting our total requirements by 1967

Lobster exports were um by 30*0,00 pounds. 85% of the tot
lobster quota was now in the o-m of national co-operatives.

.- .* *' / '^ '- .: .. .
e ned the symbols of a flag, an anthem and a name for o
country around. which wc can rally, and so show the world that this i
our country That it belongs to us and no one else. We need them t
project our Belizean identit; and personality on the international
scene .' *
: t Wi.t.. t.r.,; wrdcs oPemier George Price officially'opened th,
SAnnual Teach3rs'. Cnv 'tion at St eSrge, sT..raining .Cole ge on Mond,
Senorhingi. : ..6ace .a.
; Speaking informa~e-ly to sorme 60 teachers from all over
country, the Premier said Bejlie is moving forward; it cannot remain
stationary. Sopmr eoo le were puzzled .when they -.heard that there was
progress in the dountry-, :e s-aid, all they. could see wa;problE.m-s.

This, in itslf, :a. w a sign of progress, he declared. It
.because we a:re go ing J forward thtl we .v have -the. problem,=-9 f a nation.

P ro re ss P -. .

s the conty ..Vjlops, more problems would: confront us.
There are places .h:ich a Ie:w years ago could not be reached by road,
today they were acce s:il'e ... But this means that gov.ranm.ent now has
more-roads to. maainrtai, ad the increase of vehicle s,;n the
country the beating io.e roads take : tojaggravate :th,:.p roblem..

Government has to be finding morer:a di .more -T. c.ntinual
With the increase of agric.-lture, more land-w! ..itue -dng ceat 3T' i This
has caused the. wate:. line it fl and dee-p. wells have .tp: be dug.
.* Mr' Price said that these ,were. realities we inust face and
there was ohlyV one answer to the situation hard work- o:Our: .:arlelrs
were being asked to produce more. and everyone .is asked to. buy Belize4
products to keep cur dollars it hcmei were they can do the .most good

Our Youth

Children of today he went on have; better opportunities
than their parents had. There were good prospects f or furthering ..

their education. W. 'need professional men in many fie -ds In, the
Survey Department for e:amprle, 5 0 surveyors are needed to-tackle the.
: land problem. We only ihav:3 5.
"Our boys -and-gir ls'v hen they go away, must come back to
help us build the nation.
In his recent tour of the country Mr. Price .said he had t
the people that any c::: could become Premier in this country. Everyor



- 3 -

has the opportunity to lend a hand in building his country.
S-: On independence, the Premier said we cannot have independence
without our national symbols of a flag, an anthem and a name for our
country:. And he went-on to explain to..the. teachers the.. background to
the symbols which have been.chosen by the people, ;..

Another school of thought he said, believe that-we should
wait- for independence to decide thaese- things. But..we believe we must
have: them now to rally around, so that:the people can unite.i.: .

In this way we would show the world that -this country belongs
to us and to nobody else There was also the need to project :our.'.i
Belizean personality on the international, scene.

Get ting To Knrow Our Country ..- -. .

Urging the teachers to bring to the attention o.f theiri'
pupils more and more about --their own -country, he said:,::there. must be
a deliberate move to let the children understand their own country.
We must teach them about our lands, fo-rests and' r';4:..'
.. ..
The Task Of Our Teachers

The bird.-life, fish, flowers and animals of our country must
b-come part of- their knowledge so-that they- c:an grow to. love their
country, we must: help: them to live in* the small: world of Be'lize',
Teachers .were responsible for our -youth and because -of ..this: .:they had
a lot to contribute -- ..
-- here were changes going on in this country.. .Teachers must
be ready to change with the times. They should change their ideas in
accordance with the t-ruth.' '* -

Youth must be instilled with the concept of ,authority and
loyalty not to a far away country, but here at home. They must be
made to realize that more author-ity is being:" transferred'to Belizeans.
:They should be taught "to appreciate the dignity-of work 'and tol respect
'our farmers, workers and fi-shermen., who are .the -salt'of the -Beli.zean
earth.' These -are the people mostly responsible folr: the incomee, govern-
ment earns to run the country and we should take pride in their work.

The opening session was 'chaired- by the Chief"Education.
Officer, Mr. Robert McMurdo, who expressed regret that the Minister of
Education was absent due to illness.


In his New Year' s me-ssage Premier George Price -said .the old
year,. 1964., was the year of self-government for Belize. It was a year
of.progress and problems for, Belizeans--' a year. .in, which our neighbours
tgot'- tS know us better, *and :to *understand -our will to be a free and'
sovereign nation in Central America. *

The new year, he said, would be another of forwmar-d- ma-rch-
towards independence. Problems would be solved by hard-work and loyal,
steadfast dedication- to. duty. ....."Through..u..toil."..t.-ihe. Premier said,
."we shall have a better country and a more precious way of life."

4 -

A statement from the Ministry of Local Government on
Wednesday said an article, captioned "Cattouse Listens with Deaf Ea3 Banque Viejo del Carmen Town Board complains" which appeared in
the Belize Billboard of Wednesday's date, gave a distorted version
an. inte-rview the Minister granted.members of the Benque Viejp del
Carmen Town Board recently.
The release went ont ."Since the light-plant operator in
Question was re-engaged by the Town Board, the, relationship between
and the Board had. not. been the best. The Board, on the one hand, I
complained about his services, while the Cayo Labour Union on the oi
:: had complained about the Board's treatment of this employee."
The Ministry, as result, wrote the Town Board on the 25th
of November last, drawing attention to the unsatisfactory situation
and requested the. Board to decide clearly what the proposed duties c
both the Light Plant operator and his assistaht should be,." "He "aso
requested that.a proper hand-over be made.

The Board's attitude to this request was stated in their
letter of the,8th of December, when the Chairman wrote. the Minister
saying he saw no reason for an explanation as to the proposed dutie,
and functions of the operators. ..... .... .

: .Despite a further warning by the Minister that duties sho-
be fully clarified to avoid misunderstandings, he received no furht
communication from the Board until their visit when they. alleged th
They were having further difficulties with the operator,

The statement went on to reveal that the Minister had sen
his instructions to the Board two weeks earlier than the date -
December 8th.- cited in the Billboard article.
The release continued:

S'The Billboard article seems to be.a further attempt to
create discontent in Benque Viejo del Carmen. The Minister, in his
'discussion with the Board, made it quite plain he did not intend at
any time, to defend'or protect an inefficient or insubordinate empl
"All the Board needed do was follow accepted procedures a
see that a proper case was made."


A Board of Inquiry had been set up to inquire into the
causes and circumstances which caused workers employed by Pine
Harvesters Ltd. to"go on strike for 7 days last month at Independer.

The company refused to take the dispute to arbitration ar
S 'the me n- went back, The company, however, has not re-instat
six of the men... .


Former.President of the United States of Mexico, Sr. Adol
Lopez Mateos, paid a short visit to Corozal Town last Monday.
/Acc wording

V 4, I I *

According to reports from the North he received one of the
warmest welcomes Belizeans in the Corozal District have ever given a
visiting dignitary.

Sr. Lopez Mateos flew from Cozumel where he is on vacation,
to have a look at the new International Bridge across the Rio Hondo,
linking Mexico witK Belize

As' President of Mexico, Sr. Lopez Mateos was instrumental
in getting the bridge built.

Although no formal welcome was planned, thi people of
Corozal Town, led by Mayor Santiago Ricalde, greeted the ex-president
very warmly. A delegation led by Mr. Ricalde met him at Santa Elena
and a motorcade made up of Mexicans and Belizeans escorted him on a brisk
tour of Corozal Town.
This was followed by a reception at the District Commissioner's
quarters, where Mayor Ricalde thanked Sr. Mateos on behalf of government'
for his visit and for the benefits he had brought Belizeans as a whole.


A new long range visual Airport Location .Beacon has been
installed at the Belize International Airport.

Consisting of an optical system mounted at the common focus
of four prismatic lenses to produce four light beams spaced 90 degrees
apart in azimuth, the beacon head will rotate to produce the effect of
a flashing light

The air-ort location beacon is intended to signal the position
of an airport to pilots of aircraftsc


Mr. Carlos Nolberto has been re-elected Mayor of Stann Creek
Town, Mr.o ':ancis Castillo is the Deputy Mayor,

This was reported from Stann Creek Town following a meeting
of the Town. Board held on Wednesday0

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