The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
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Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
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federal government publication ( marcgt )
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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p/ \,,
ONP VOL. III. T _1 SDAY. 24Tii AI1 N'! 9S N. 9
No. 49. (ii) No. 7 f 19.58, The(, Feoiera
N oticef 'i;prelne 'foua' ( Lvi tence) Rules,
TIhe following Staitutory Rules and 19,58."1 Pmir 98 ets.
Orders are citelt Nvith Lh isGazette -No. 8 of 19358, '' The) 1'ederal LegTh Ainnihwr asnoniatdand formn I.)irt thorvof:- ishito o (M., inkership I c1oitroversies)
the Admloiitia or has nominated
the ollwio persons, as Mlemibers of A ittquna. I .193. ib27(.
the Central Housing and Planning No. 17 of I 958, Procianjat ni
Authority lindtir Sectionl 4 of tho bluni dated l~th April, 9,,5,1 d daillI a, Writ of Election.
Cleai-nco and Housing Ordinance. C lose Season for ( Cotoo.
194S, (NiD. 3 of 1948) for a period of 1, 2 (1. ILIjZAxip B Ji ~ND yt
Pvo years, with eff-ot froin 9th April. Grove (H God of the linite6
1958: Virg'in Islailds. Ki :gdoio of Greatt Britaiin
No. 2 of 19,58, "TiheF m Posos [LS. nd, Norern lrelui ll 01 o
lHon. D. M. Sheppard (Chairman) (Amiendiment) Regulations. 111. ir othcr Reahnus aid 'lerriM. Daniel, Esq. I pp. Price 2 ia tories, Q(] e(-i, Read( of thl(
E. 04h'er, lI,,q. No. 3 oif 1958, The Road Towni Commion wo Ith, flefeni er ot
R. G. Armytage, Esq. Water Supply Area Oldter, 195S." t1e Faith.
J. M. ilalipike, Es1j. I pp. Price 3 4',s. To thde 1i),/ itrn 11/ ()fieer oft/u' elec.
J. S. Ireland, Req. --- oo i/i tVu ay
T. CbristopberWEST INDIES GAZETTE wrEE$ 11,isciei()o
Admninistrator's Ofice, sITo aetsau edSi~ e cto 501 0 td ofhe AnILi'!ua Contitrution
Antigua. anu, EL-linsl 011 e' 91.i
18th April. 1 938. ~ments received for sale at the Gov- proviie.d tia o ~prleo vr
18t Ari. 9,8.erment Printing Office, Andugna. ,ire gnr i t fl~ or (li 10011l110 o ethO
.Act. No. 1- 1:3/12-11 appended hulow :- Coee-l and iii. of lpilh; posef thle
- ~(a) Gazette Nos. I to &2\ToI. 1, lcin' ll b- 3151 pvvcn
No. 47. 1958. Price 18 cents. cies caused b-y 5ell, i'~glt~ior
otherwise, the Administrzitor shall]
A11 l11110icot-. tlollsfers, t(., in LEGAL SU PLCEEN T S. 15500e Nvrl s of ul(-etliol un~der thle Pubthe pilio stx .\i with effect fromr lie Seal Of the( Colony, adltressedl to
thed~I ta-S o pubhhlihd for (5 o f13."11 pilt- tile retl rnlingu officers of the rsetv
geller'l] ill 1f01-117164,1:- irleits in the Public Service (Delt-a- electoral districts f or which lllernblonrS
tion) Regulation, 1958, anld ar to) lie. returned:
~Titley, Miss M., Senlior Clefr!, Virin No. 2 of 19,58, "' Pioclainiation lhriirg- AN I) %VlERYA ,S tll o01(f th(
lslalols. appointed Principi, Chief ing certain provisions 01 the Coulsutll- elected lllelnl)-l' fo i 1 h electoral disSeer' t :VV's0 e', Antigua. tion into force." Price 8 cents. trict of Saint AMary has ;iconofl vactll
Aug. 1, 1957. il I n nseq enco of his rt-sigllatioli ;is
(e) "British Caribhean Federation fromi tlic 14th dlay of Ap~ril. 19358. Chief Secretary'8 O$fic, Act, 1956, with The West Indit-s
Anigua. (Federation) Order in Council, 1957, NOW. THEREFORE, 1, Alec
21st Apil, 1958. and tile Constitution of tile West Lovelace, M.13.S., m.. Acriiuisiratorol
Re. . 16Indies." Price 80 cents, tile Colony of Aniipia do hereby re(d ) Part I- "The Interpretationl qiuire that N u pri Ic (01 to tile norniflaRegulations, 1958." Pr-ice 80 oents. tion of candidates onl th 1,50h day of No. 48. May, 1958, at tho P'olice Station at,
(e) Part IT- Statutory Instru- Bolans, and thereafter, if niecessarY, CONFIRMATION OF ORDINANCES ment No. 3 of 1958 aind you (10on Oill hih of !Afav. 1958,
Trhe Secretary (of State for the "Statutory InstruTnellt No. 4 of forteoont lours 61 o 'clock in the tr
Colonies has informed thle Governor 1958." Price 9 ronts noon, cause election to bei made
tat bhe exerisedhi speloictof thel V) Part 11- Statutorv Instrui- according to law of a meliil)e- to str ye not e eercsedill espct f te1i t h- Ledislati vo (201 neil of tile
undermentioned Ordinance:- ensN.5f198"1,c IColony foilt' s idt electoral district
Mon tserrat. (g) Part I-Acts of the Federal and that you dlo cause tile 11i0111e Of
Legislature (including regulations such member when so elected to he No. 2 of 1958, Tho Matrimonial made under section 2 of tile West certified to me( not later than the 7th
Causes Act (Am~endmient) Ordinance, Indies (Federation) Order in Council, day Of Junle 1958.
1957." 1tApi,95. 1957." Price 32 cts. GIVEN uinderin myv hanl andi tho,
10h pil 95. (h) Part IL-Statutory Instru- Public Seal of the Colony this
Chief Secreta ry 's Of/ ice, merts- 14th day of April, .i958, andi in
the se ven th year of Hier lMaje,,y',
Antigua. (i) No. 6 of 1958, The Federal reign.
23rd April, 1958. Supreme Court (Appeal) Rules, ALEic LoVELACE,
Ref, No. 47/00615. 1958."1 Adiniin istra tor.
3244 7

Wzcit of 1 "eotion. Ernest A. L. Williams for the electo- MONTSERRiAT
EMsZABLETI "TIll. <'EC0'7 I 41% tie al district of St. .J olin (Rural) South. Form N o s ection 5 1 1I)
iract! of ('(il i-' ci Adiniviiet rator's 0/fice,
Kiug~dolnl of (Is- t Britain Antigua. ANotice of Nomination.
I".S wnd .4'orthero. 1 K;.'.A :oIld ol 1th Ajril, 19.58.
lit-r- otti1 Tol~he ~~ rri- Rof. No. A. 19163.
ea o the ____- ~ ____ --~- 'to Adaiiilistxtntlvaving issued
S10 y-Election Antigua Legisla- lis vi filciafrie0 'Ol
ti-ye Council. tWO~ 12 11<: (i S IL-gi.< a i Ve %loncll for ie Southern elctoral district
TO Ii fas ltirl" ;uq Olf ''ey (4, 'Ia Ch FoRA NO. 8 teKoo OiorlPtesi
;oral list net ojn Na /14t~ to .14tif (said)(t~ic ol
diatrict will on t b t- 2 9 11h ay of pi
1958 lo-W 11'xt 10lqing between the
WIIE14]11S 0,7 sublk 4 04J (1) of NOTICIE OF NO MINATION h1ours o" t"n'l ic ')k in th for, 0on
and on- o'cllok in theA aternlooni and
Section 30 (the Afitiglon C0(40 i between th holtrs of' t wo o'clock anid
and ilol s 4)osliiaiwci11, iI i f o iir o'lck o ic i 4 nr teini on at Court
provi(I fl 44iO, t!he pusji'o of~ evory l Allministrator having issued He 'yio poedt h
general ekic41(,n of iniers-- of twhei4; Wit oF El!ecJ(i forii tho election flo1Vtni na< o of 4 I nicmlers for~ tile Council, 01141 f~or the purl'1405o thiC oif a mleniher of tile LEgislative Coin S ((Ib rn vi Cotoi al distri't. election of men- nhbrp to sii9)11> vaa cii fOr 11hPe (dictorat district of St. Dated, this 291th d-ty of March 1958. cies Cals-i hy dleath, rei5i40ti~il r Mary tnko returning officer for the said otherwise, tho Administrator s11:111 distri ct will onl tile 13th day of May,MAlHRr ,
issue writs of election under thIS Pub- 1958, now next ensuing between the fAnRTN
lic Seal of tile CJolony, addr->ssiod to hours of tell o'clock in the forenoon I Wuril 4 g jee
the returning officers of thle respective and one o'clock in tim afternoon and for (/a' 'ithorno lectoral district. electoral districts for -which mneirbers between the hour,. of two o'clock and --~- __ar t b rtune:four o'clock in the afternoon at the Forim So. s Setion 5t 41)
lBolans Police Station proceed to the
AND WH1EREAS the seat, of theo nomination of a member for the elec- lootice of Nomination. elected Inenlb'- r fr 110 ol (trldis- toral 'Iistrict of St. Mary. trict of Satint *h(41n (Rurial) South has
become va-calnt in consequence oh: his Doted this 1111h dlay of April, 1958, 'rue .k'irinist sator having, i,, ned
Aril.ti as- f0. thI1thdao his writ of Election for the election of
April 191. 0. IRDa inenier of the Legislative Con ucil
() W. TlIK10,1NORE, ~Returning Officer for the for tle WAe ~ coaldsrc find ward electoral dihtrictNovep c,7.ET.l ,T.C.,hE A iitao Ale slctral diARict. tile Returningf Olliier for the said 'listlee C; l.olly C. dmnstao of Si'-m MARY he yr-tit will on tile 29th dlay of A prit 1 958
qun hat t -11po o if 0111 fnina- 110Witrlo' OgiWe, now40 litwoen tile 1iiln-s
quili 01 1io~i'd e Aoi n it ruor' Ojceof ten o'clock in ihe forenloon andli one tion of candiiAt s on thle l-tli (laly of Antiga M,\ay, 19.58, af-til1e Piilico Station at 14th April, 1958. ocoki the f twro ooc and fetour
All Satints, andi th 4501-i ttei, if nfccessarY, No. A. 18/63thhorofwo'ccka(!ou
yo oo h 9~ a fMay, 1558, _________________________ o'clock in the afternoon at Harris'
betaven the, hoiurs of 7 o'Clock in tile Police Station proceed, to the nonrinaforenoon noid 6 ii'clock inl the aifter- By-Election Antigua Legisla- tion of a mnnier for ttile Windward 11001, caused election to lie miaim tive Council electoral district.
according to 11ax (if o1 Iln'liO to serve Fonmt No. 8 Dated this 291th (lay of March 0.58.
(i the Omne : x' t'ilieil of Ilife
(Colony' fir the siid i'1 -'(4145 ilistrict E_______ E, GREFNANWAY.
an Id tilat you do0 callbi tille utltne ifhitrtu fer
-ich i(lelilber -when so elpeted to be NOIE0/N MNTIN fr(i lilaudeeowti dffic'e.
certified to me( niot later than the 7th fo-___ll______lcord 1"srit
day of Jun-l(, 1958. The Admninistrator having issuedGIVE undr n-v had an til hisWrit of Elecoion for tile election Fr o
GIVEN ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~o une myhad ndth ) i er of lie Le itv Conn-1 om i.S 4ton1 1
Publlic Seal of thi (Jiilony thisci n'teCitildititIfS. :oc fNo naon
I1ith day of April, 19,58. ;tnod In John (Rural) South thle returning Ntc fNmnto,
tho seventh year of Her Majesty's ofcrfrtl addsrc ilo _ALE 1,) (1.AEI the I 5th dlay of May. 19,58, now ensuA L OiMs\C,r iug between the hours of te'n o'clock in The Ad 110 mstr:itor h~av~ing isslied
A 0411i.4t).tO. tile forenloon and one- o'clock ii the his writ of Election for thtA election of afternoon and between thre hours of A nieinbor of the 1,L i slati vo council Election Notice. two o'clock and four o'clock in, the for tile Central electoral district the
afternoon at tile All Satints 'Police Refturning Offio'r for the said district TheAdmnitraor f ntina as Station proc-ed to tile notnillation of will on the 29th (lay ,f April 195R iinier thle provisions of section 39 of a inember for tile electoral distiiet of no0w next ensuing li-twVeen the holirs the Antieiua ( OM~ti'litill 101( E'(c(- St Ih Rrl outh. of t(-) o'clock ill thle forenooin and onoe
tions Ordinance 1951, boull pleased to o'cloclc in the afternoon all betweell
ippoin t t!:( 0 uli'nlo'tl~ioled pells(11 Dated this 16111 day of Akpril, 1958. thfe i1(155 of two ((cli oh and f'mr as,~ouhu.IIficr o h electoral o'el, oh ini tile aflono Ct(0iiA aln
(1i,tricts li'S-i'41otli, for tile pitrpost-s A. E. L. \VILLYAMS,, Pol ice Station 1.roc'00( to theo notnilaof a -o loction to fill t1he vacancies Returning Officer for the tioniiof a m11embler for the Celltrtd
in tlio A utigna Lo-,islative Council electoral district (If oele-tiral district.
n-! isd 'I ly tile resigytlitions of Bradley sfr. JOHN (RURAL) SOUJTH. Tlheadore Carrott and Novelle Hamilton Dae-d this 29th dlay of March 1 958
iiiciz ds. Admnis/rator's 0/ice,
A ntigua. JiOHN R. DANIEL,
/oxrM. Bird for thie el,4 ctol'ai dis- 14/h -,tpril, Rel8u1(1r.n.iflg Of/imo,
.114 ISt May.Ref. No. A. I 40 /, the6 0(ienhr(1i ehctww)il rdiotrt-ii

S, et ion 5 1 ( I Application for naturalization RAINFALL FIGIMES,
Notice of Nomination. as a British SAject. Agricultural Dopartmeut,
The Administrator having
Ilia writ of Election for the eVoliwi 'Notice is herl-bY jgivt'n that Jostph Antigua.
of A wernlr r of the Legi'Aittive C Anthony Eid of I I '-,,rge '-4r,2,.at, Ply--il for th- To-thern el 2ctoral di,' t et
71101101, Nlontsery-at. ici applying to tho Cho "'?(-tt7truing OfficAr for tite swio,tii- ininistrator, c, for natutrict will on the 29t1a day of April 1958 rali,,tioll, wl JOrs"MI Who
now next ensuing betvieen the hourr; knowm any i, mralizatiun 19,55. 956. .1957. 1958.
of tc-n o'clock in the forenoon andowt should not we shouldd setiJ a
o'clock in the afternoon anI )) w,-!en written and sigueI sa iternfmt of the all(iNry 3M 2.16 !A0 MA .92
the hoitni of two o'clock( anit ton" facts to the A(Iministrator, Monts -rrat, Feb 2.45 68 1.23 2.29 .60
a lock in tho afternoon ;A St. John s
,-;whool proceed to the nomination of a March 1.0-9 18.4 1.40 .40 1.22
memberer for the North,,,rn electorA Admitaixtrat0r'8 017iOP, To I!Ali Apr, '28 1'01, 3-19 Z'21
Dated this 29th day of March 19, iS. Plymoath, Montserrat,
G. F. 110W ;ON, 8th April, 1958. 6,85, 4,72 7,22 j,06 3.77
Retul-ni,-?g Officer
f; Y I I 'Ref, N a, M 5'5412
rthrrn eleclopv"l district,
Pri at t1w Gowti i;went Printini Office, Anti,,ruv, LFi:ivNrd Wands, ,Y 1,-,,izr, 1,movr, Governmert Printtx.-By Authority.
Lppj,, o 14 epjits]

1958, No. 17.
Proclamation dated 18th April, 15, ing a 01
Season for Cotton.
WHEREAS under section 3 of the Cotton Protection
Ordinance, 1922 (No. 7 of 1922), as amended by thile Cotton Protection Amendment Ordinance, 1926 (No. 5 of 1926), it is provided that the Governor in Council may from time to time by Proclamation published in the Gazette declare any period of each year to be a close season for cotton and for such other plants as may be specified in any such Proclamation either for the whole Colony or for such area or areas thereof as
may be specified in such Proclanmation:
of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do bv this my Proclamation declare that the period from the first day of May, 1.58 to the fifteenth day of August, 1958, both days inclusive, shall be a close season within the meaning of the said O'dinance for the whole of the Colony of Antigua, excepting thart area of land situate at Friars Hill under the control of the Central Cotton
AND I do hereby order all occupiers of land, in pursuance
of the said Ordinance, completely to uproot and burn all cotton and okra plants and all or any portion of the same growing or .r emainig on any such land occupied by them before the first
day of the said close season.
AND I do further declare that any person who sows or
plants or causes to be sown or planted any cotton or okra in any part of the said Colony during the said close season shall
be guilty of an offence under the said Ordinance.
GIVEN at the Administrator's Office, Antiqua. this
18th day of April, 1958, in the seventh year of
Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Government Printing Office. Antigna, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT,. Government Printer.-By Authority.
4.58 Price 3 cents.
3;jk_ 7

1958, No. 2. '
(No. 12/1947).
1. SHORT TITLE. These Regulations may be cited
as the Pensions (Amendment) Regulations, 1958, and shall be read as one with the Pensions Regulations, 1947, contained in the First Schedule to the Pensions Act, 1947, hereinafter referred to as the Principal Regulations.
2. AMENDMENT. The First Schedule to the Principal Regulations is hereby amended by the insertion therein of the name Ghana immediately below the name Gambia".
Made by the Govern'r in Council this 21st day of February, 1958.
Acting Clerk of the Council.
Laid before the Legislative Council this 25th day of
March, 1958.
Acting Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Governmeont Printing Office. Antina, Le ward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT OoverTnmnt Printer-Uy Authority.
59J00032-500-4.58. [Price 3 cents]

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