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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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THE /...-Till'89
Published by duthority.
VOL. III. THURSDAY, 10rn APRIL, 1958. No. 17.
The Governor's Deputy has been LIST of Gazettes and Legal Supplepleased to assent to the undermen- ments received for sale at the Govtioned Ordinance:- ernment Printing Office, Antigua, are
Federal Elections Notice. appended below:Montserrat.
The Spplemn- (a) Gazette N(os. I to 8-Vol. I, No. 10 of 1958 The Supplemen- 1958. Price 18 cents.
Puontserrat Constituection 78and Electionsf the tary Appropriation (1955) Ordinance,
M~ontserrat Constitution and Elections 1957." LEGAL SUPPLEMENTS.
Ordinance, 1952 as modified by the 1957. 13th March, 1958LEGAl SUPPLEENTS.
Adaptation of Laws (Elections to The 13th March, 1958. (b) No. 1 of 1958, "The AppointHouse of Representatives of the West OhiefSecretary's Qffice, ments in the Public Service (DelegaIndies) Regulations (S. R. & O. 1957, Antigua. tion) Regulation, 1958, and
No. 30; S. R. & O. 1958, No. 11) it is 8th April, 1958.
hereby notified for public information Ref. No. 47/00002. No. 2 of 1958, Proclamation bringthat in pursuance of the writ issued ing certain provisions of the Constitufor the Federal Elections held on tion into force." Price 8 cents.
25th March, 1958 the following can- No. 44.
didates have been elected to serve in The following Ordinances & Statu- (r) British Caribbean Federation the House of Representatives of the tory Rules and Orders are circulated Act, 1956, with The West Indies West Indies: with this Gazette and form part (Federation) Order in Council, 1957,
and the Constitution of the West
thereof :-- ,
Member Indies." Price 80 cents.
BRAMBLE, WILLIAM HENRY Montserrat. Regulations, 1958." Price 60 cents.
Alternate Member No. 4 of 1958, "The Animals (o) Part II-" Statutory InstruEDWARDS, JAMS NATHANIEL (Control of Experiments) Ordinance, ment No. 3 of 1958 and
1957." "Statutory Instrument No. 4 of
Dated this 26th dlay of1 March, 1958. No. 5 of 1958, The Law Reformin 1958." Price 9 cents
C. STRAUGHN HUSBANDS, (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (f) Part II-" Statutory InstruSupervisor of Elections. 1957." ments No. 5 of 1958." Price 6 cts.
Ref. No. C. 18100066 No. 6 of 1958. "The Title by (q) Part I-Acts of the Federal
Registration Act (Amniendment) Ordi- Legislature (including regulation.nance, 1957." made under section 2 of the West
It is notified for general informa- Indies (Federation) Order in Council,
tion that, on the results of the Higher No. 10 of 1958, The Supplemen- 1957." Price 32 (Is.
School Certificate examination which tary Appropriation (1955) Ordinance,
was held in December, 1957, the 1957. 2 pp Price 4 cts. (h) Part lI-Statutory InstruGovernor's Deputy has approved of mentsthe award of the Leeward Islands No. 11 of 1958, The Cadet Corps
Scholarship for 1957 to Mr. Lee L Ordinance, 1957." (i) No. 6 of 1958, The Federal
Moore of the St Kitts-Nevis Grammar o. 15 of 1958, "The Prison Supreme Court (Appeal) Rules,
School. No. 15 of 1958, -h Prsn 1958."1
School (Amendment) Ordinance 1958." (ii) No. 7 of 1958, The Federal
Chief Secretary's Qfice, 1 pp. Prie 3 s. Supreme Court (Evidence) Rules,
Antigua. STATUTORY RULES & ORDERS. 1958." Prce 98 !ts.
9th April, 1958.
9th April, 1958. Montserrat. No. 8 of 1958, "The Federal LegRef. No.O C. 28100003. islature (Membership Controvervies}
No. 6 of 1958, Proclamation dated Rules. 1958." Price 27 c/s. March 11, appointing the 8th tkay of
The Administrator of Antigua has May, 1958, as the date for a general It is hereby notified for general inappointed the undermentioned Election 1 pp. Price cts. It is hereby notified for general inMarriage Officer for the :Colony of 1 pp. Price 3 cs. formation that special stamps of the
Antigua: No. 13 of 1958, "The Cadet Corps values of 3 cents, 6 cents, and 12 cents
Reverend Father Rene Van den Regulations, 1958." 2 pp. Price 4 cts. will be issued in the Colony from Reverend Father Rene Van den Tuesday 22nd April. 1958 to comBerghe. Virgin Islands. memorate the Federation of the West
Administrator's Ofice, No. 1 of 1958, The Colonial Air
Antigua. Navigation (Use of Government The design of the stamps features
March, 1958. Aerodrome) Notification, 1958. a map of the West Indies and a reproRef. No. A. 8J4--III. 2 pp. Price 4 ct. duction of a portrait of Her Majesty
3gPg.P ;7; -,97

the Queen. The namine of the Colony CITY RATE FOR 1958. Applications a'e invited for the post
and "The West Indies Federation of Marketiig Oticer, St. Vincent.
1958" are also inscribed thereon. Notice is hereby given that the
City Rate Assessment List for 1958 Salary:
The stamps will be on sale for a has been posted on the outer door of
period of twelve months or until the Treasury and at the Office of the The salary of the post, which is nonstocks are exhausted whichever is the Central Board of Health, Market pensionable is in the scale $4,080 x earlier. Street. 120-4,800 per annum. The appointSYDNEY WALLING. ment will be on a contractual basis
A. Colonial Po'lIaster. The rate fixed on properties north for a period of two years in the first of the Street which joins Bennett and instance. General P/ost Office, Bryson Streets under an assessed
Antigua, annual rental value of $48.00 is 5% Duties:
27th March, 1958. and of $48.00 and over 71%. The
rate on all other property under an The duties of the post are: assc sed annual rental value of $48.00 (i) to perform all duties in connecIn the Supreme Court of the is 10% and of $48.00 and over 15. tion with the purchasing, grading,
Wind-ward Islands and
Leeward Islands. Any person who objects to any storage packing, shipmentand sale
assessment in the said list must lodge of a wide range of agricrltural
- his objection in writing with the commodities;
ANTIGUA CIRCUIT. Secretary, Central Board of Health (ii) to supervise the accounting,
ANTIGUA CIRCUIT. within fourteen days after the date clerical and fld staff which will be
A.D. 1958. of this notice, employed in the Marketing OrganiR. BLANCHARD. sation;
(iii) to carry out such other duties
NOTICE is hereby given that in Secretary, which may b1)e assigned to him from
pursuance of Rules made by the Central Board of Health, time totime.
Chief Justice under section 16 of the
Windward Islands and Leeward Is- Qualifications:
lands (Courts) Order in Council, 1939, Central Board of Health, and duly approved as therein pro- The applicant must have a good
vided on the 16th day of October Anttgua. general education and should possess
A.D. 1941, the Honourable the Puisne one or combination of the following
Judgo selected for the sitting of the 3rd Anril, 1958. qualifications:Court in the Antigua Circuit has Ref. No. A. 50/14-II. appointed Tuesday the 20th May, (a) General business experience.
1958. at 10.00 o'clock in the forenoon
as the day of the month on which the The following particulars rlate to (b) Accounting experience. next sitting of the Antigua Circuit the vcant posts of Staff Nurse, 1-Holshall commence. herton Hospital, for which applica- (c) Experience or training in the
tions are invited:- Marketing of Agricultural produce
Dated the 5th day of April, 1958. with particular emphasis on ground
Qualifications: provisions.
Ag. Registrar of the Supreme Candidates should possess the local A good general knowledge of agriCourt. certificates in General Nursing and culture will be advantageous.
Further particulars regarding the
TRADE MARKS OFFICE, Salary: appointment may be obtained from
PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT. te Chief Secretary, Windward
18th March, 1958. The salary scale of the post cf Staff the Chiefslands, Grenada, to whom applica-indward Nurse is $1296 57.60-$ 1411.20 72- Islands, Grenada, to whom applieacations should be addressed to reach
THE PIN-UP COLD PERM- $1627.20 per annum. The point of him not later than the 15th April, WAVE, LIMITED, of 449, London entry into the scale will depend on 1958.
Road, lsleworth, Middlesex, England, the candidate's experience. have applied for Registration of One No. A. C. 13290.
Trade Mark consisting of the follow- Duties:
ing:- The duties, which are whole time, TRAFFIC NOTICE.
RAYVE are those normally performed by a
RAYVE Staff Nurse. The Antigua Vehicles and Road.
in Class 48.
in Class 48. Hours: Traffic Ordinance
The Applicants claim that the said From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily with No. 5 oF 1946.
goods are not in use in Montserrat three hours off. Alternate week ends in respect of the said Trade Mark off. A half day off weekly. Public By virtue of the power conferred before the (late of their said
before the ate of their said holidays off or other days in lieu upon me by Section 2 of the Antigua Application, thereof. Vehicles and Road Traffic Ordinance
No. 5 of 1946, I hereby announce
moAny person may wit hin three 2. Applications should be address- that until further notice the lightingmonths from the date of the first ed, in the first instance, to the Acting up time for vehicles shdall be from appearance of this Advertisement in Matron, Holberton Hospital, from 6.30 p.m. to 5.30 a.m. the Antigqua, Mlontserrat and Virgin whom further particulars may be Islands Gazelle, give notice in dupli- obtained. Dated this 25th day of February,
cate at the Trade Marks Office, 1958.
Montserrat, of opposition to registra- Administrator's Ofice, tion of the sdd Trade Mark. Antigua. H. G. SEWARD,
C.STRAUGHN HUSBANDS. 27th March, 1958. Traffic Commissioner.
Registrar of Trade Marks. Ref. A. 13/73-IV. Ref No. 36100008.

Applications are invited for the post will be (lirectly responsible. Such Islands, Grenada, to whom applicaof Agricultural Officer (Extension), dutis will include the direction of tions should be addressed to reach him Department of Agriculture, St. Agricultural Extension and Soil Con- not later than the 30th April, 1958. Vincent. servation programmes, as well as
Salary: general work of an administrative Ref. No. A. C. 131290.
The salary of the post, which is
pensionable, is in the scale $3,360 x Qualifications: RAINFALL FIGURES.
120-$4,320, plus a pay addition of
20% of salary. The appointment will The minimum qualification re- Agrioultural Department,
be on a contractual basis or on second- quired is the Diploma of the Imperial ment, for a period of 2 years in the College of Tropical Agriculture or an Antigua.
first instance. The pension rights of equivalent degree, with experience any pensionable seconded officer will in Tropical Agriculture. General adbe preserved. ministrative experience and know- Month 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957. 1958.
ledge of extension work would be january 3.04 2.16 1.40 3.16 .92
Duties: advantageous. Feb. 2.45 .68 1.23 2.29 .66
March 1.08 "83 1.40 .40 1.22
The duties of the officer will he Further particulars regarding the To5thApril '16 "00 "34 30 '43
those assigned to him by the Supeirin- appointment may be obtained from 6.73 3.67 4.37 6.15 3.23.
Xendentof Agriculture to whom he the Chief Secretary, Windward
Ptiru~l at the Government Printing Offioe, Antigum, seewrrd Iiand4 by EARL PIGOT, Government Printer.-By Authority.
[Prioe 45 oenta.]

No. 4 of 1958. Animals MoA0rsEuRA
(Control of Experiments)
A. T. WILLIAM Governor. A,
6th March, 98. /
No. 4 of 1958.
An Ordinance to regulate and control the performance of experiments on animals.
[ 6th March, 1958 ] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony
of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Ani- Short Titlei
mals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance, 1957.
2. In this Ordinance- Interpretation.
"animal" means a living vertebrate animal; "experiment" means any experiment performed on an animal and calculated to
give pain;
"licensee" means a person licensed under
section 7 of this Ordinance.
3. (1) No person except a licensee shall per- Experiments
form any experiment, only to be
performed by
licensed per(2) No licensee shali perform any experiment sons.
except in accordance with the terms of his licence and subject to the restrictions imposed by this Ordinance.
. -7

MONTSERRAT 2 Animals No. 4 of 1958.
(Control of Experiments)
Experiments 4. No licensee shall perform any experiment
not to be performed for for the purpose of attaining manual skill, purposes of
manual skill.
Prohibition 5. No licensee shall perform any experiment
of perform- for the purpose of illustrating any lecture at any iceG of expe-.
riments for il- academic institution unless he is the holder of a lustration of
lectures sub- teaching permit under this Ordinance, and unless ject to certain the experiment is of a class specified in such permit conditions and is performed in accordance with the terms of
such permit.
Restrictions 6. (1) Except as otherwise provided in secupon performances of tionI 5 of this Ordinance, no licensee shall perform experiments any experiment except:by licence.
(a) for the purpose of the advancement by new discovery of physiological knowledge, or of any knowledge which will be useful for saving or prolonging life, or alleviating suffering, or for combating any disease whether
of human beings, animals or plants;
S (b) for the purpose of testing any former discovery alleged to have been made for the advancement of the types of knowledge referred to in paragraph (a) of this subsection;
(c) by the order in writing of any Judge of the Supreme Court in any case where such Judge is satisfied that it is essential for the purpose of justice in a criminal case to make such
(2) Except as otherwise provided in subsection
(3) of this section, no licensee shall perform any
experiment unless(a) throughout the whole of the experiment the animal is under the influence of some anaesthetic of sufficient power to prevent the
animal feeling pain; and
(b) if the pain is likely to continue after the effect of the naesthtcic has ceased, or if any seriots injury has been inflicted on the ani-

No. 4 of 1958. Animals 3 MONTSERRAT
(Control of Experiments)
mal, the animal is killed before it recovers from the influence of the anaesthetic which
has been adminiistered.
(3) The provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall not apply to any licensee who is the holder of a special perinit granted under section 9 of this Ordinance in relation to any experiment specified in such special permit.
7. (1) The Governor in Council may grant a li- Grant of licence to any person to perform any experiment for cence. any purpose specified in such license during such period and subject to such conditions in addition to the conditions specified in this Ordinance as he may think fit.
(2) It shall be a condition of any licence granted under subsection (1) of this section, that any experiment performed pursuant to such licence shall be performed at such place as may be specified in such licence.
8. (1) Where the Administrator is satisfied Permits. that it is absolutely necessary for the due instruction of persons attending any course of lectures for the purpose of acquiring physiological knowledge or any knowledge which will be used for saving or prolonging life, or alleviating suffering, or for combating any disease whether of human beings, animals or plants, for any such lecture to be illustrated by the performance of any experiment, the Administrator may grant to a licensee under this Ordinance a teaching permit to perform any experiment specified in such licence for the purpose of illustrating such lectu re.
(2) Every teaching permit under this section shall be s.ibject to such conditions in addition to any conditions specified in this Ordinance as may be specified in such permit, and such permit shall remain in force for twelve months from the date on which it is granted.
). (1) Where the Administrator is satisfied
that the object of any experimet)nt permitted to be ilt., performed by a licetee under this Ordinance would necessarily be frustrated-

4ONTSERRAT 4 Animals No. 4 of 1958.
(Control of Experiments)
(a) by the peTrfornlu e I( su h experiment Uinder any anaesthetic: or
(b) by killing thie aniIIImal onll which such experillimenlt is perfornled before it recovers from
the influence of any anaesthetic,
he may grant a special pm it authorising the licensee to perform such experiment without adininistering any anaesthetic to tile animal or without killing the animal before it recovers fromI the influence of such anaesthetic as the case may be.
(2) Any special permit nder tli,, section
shall specify the period for which it shall remain in
Records and 10. (1) Every licensee u1der this Ordinance
inspections, shall keep, in such form as may be p)rescril)ed, records of all painful experiments performed )by him.
(2) Every licensee under this Ordinance shall
permit any person authorised in writing by the Administrator to inspect any records kept by him at any time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on aIny day other than
a Sunday or public holiday.
(3) Every'licensee under this Ordinance shall
permit any person authorised in writing as aforesaid to enter and inspect, for the purpose of securing compliance with the provisions of th;s Ordinance. any place specified in such licensee's licence for the performance of experiments.
Returns. 11. Every liccensee shall render to the Administrator in such form and at such time as may be prescribed( such returns as may be required in relation to any experiments performed by hhin.
Regulations. 12. (1) 'The G(overnor in ()amncil may make
regulations generally for the better carrying out of
the provisions of this Ordinance.
(2) Regulations made under this section may
without prejudice to the generality of the power conferred by subsection (1) of this section provide for the keeping of records of all experiments performed

No. 4 of 1958. Animals iONTSERAT
(Control of Experiments)
by any licensee under this Ordinanice and for the rendering of returns in relation to any experiments performed under this Ordinance.
13. It shall be a condition of every licence or Revocatioti of licence or perpermit granted under this Ordinance that such licence mit. or permit may be revoked at any time by the person granting it on his being satisfied that such licence or permit ought to be revoked.
14. Every person who acts in contravention Penalty of any of the provisions of this Ordinance or of any condition of any licence or permit granted under this Ordinance shall be guilty of an offence against this Ordinance and upon conviction before a Magistrate shall be liable to a fine of fifty pounds or to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
15. A prosecution under this Ordinance against Restriction
on prtosecu licensee shall not be instituted except by or with tiol of licenthe consent of the Crown Attorney. see.
President t.
Passed the Legislative Council this 20th day of IDecemlber, 1957.
GEORGE R. E. CABEY, Clerk of the Council.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No. 5 of 1958. Law Reform AWNTSEll RAT
(Miscellaneous Provisions)
26th February, 1958.
No. 5 of 1958.
An Ordinance to amend the common law in certain respects and to enact certain provisions
affecting civil remedies.
[26th February, 1958] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Law
Reform (Miscellaneous' Provisions) Ordinance, Short title. 1957.
2. (1) In this section Apportion"court" means, in relation to any claim, liabilities in
the court or arbitrator by or before case of conwhom the claim falls to be deter- negliece.
"damage" includes loss of life and personal injury;
"fault" means negligence, breach of
statutory duty or other act or omission which gives rise to a

XONTUERRAT 2 Law Reform No. 5 of 1958.
(Miscellaneous Provisions),
liability in tort or would, apart from this Ordinance, give rise to the de.fence of contributory negligence.
(2) Where any person suffers damage as the result partly of his own f ault and partly of the f ault of any other person, a claim in respect of that damage shall not be defeated by reason of the f ault of the person suffering the damage, but the damages recoverable in respect thereof shall be reduced to such extent as the court thinks just and equitable having regard to the claimant's share in the responsibility for the
Provided that
(a) this subsection shall not operate to defeat any defences arising under a contract;
(b) where any contract or enactment providing for the limitation of liability is applicable to the claim, the amount of damages recoverable by the claimant by virtue of this subsection shall not exceed the maximum limit so applicable.
(3) Where damages are recoverable by any person by virtue of the foregoing subsection subject to any reduction as is therein mentioned, the Court shall find and record the total damages which would have been recoverable if the claimant
had not been at fault.
(4) Where any person dies as the result partly of his own f ault and partly of the f ault of any other person or. persons, and accordingly, if an action were brought f or the benefit of the estate under section 2 of the Causes of Action
8/1051(Survival) Act, 1951, the damages recoverable
would be reduced under subsection (2) of this section, any damages recoverable in an action brought f or the benefit of the wife, husband, parent or child of the deceased person under the cap. 8. Fatal Accidents Act shall be reduced to a proportionate extent.

No. 5 of 1958. Law Reform 3 AlINTS EIRAT
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
(5) Where, in any case to which subsection (2) of this section applies, one of the persons at fault avoids liability to any other such person or his personal representative by pleading any enactment limiting the time within which proceedings may be taken, he shall not be entitled to recover any damages or contributions from that other person or representative by virtue of the said subsection.
(6) Where any case to which subsection
(2) of this section applies is tried with a jury, the jury shall determine the total damages which would have been recoverable if the claimant had not been at f ault and the extent to which those damages are to be reduced.
(7) Article 21 of the Convention con- 22 & 23 Goo tamned in the First Schedule to the Carriage by v c. 36. Air Act, 1932, (which empowers a Court to exonerate wholly or partly a carrier who proves that the damage was caused by or contributed to by the negligence of the injured person) shall have effect subject to the provisions of this section.
3. Section 2 of this Ordinance shall not Savings for apply -Conventions Act, 1911,
(a) to any claim to which section one "'d Past
of the Maritime Conventions Act, I& 2 1911, applies, and that Act shall c. 57.
have effect as if this Ordinance had
not been passed; or
(b) to any case where the acts or
omissions giving rise to the claim occurred before the passing of this
4. (1) The doctrine of common employment Abolition of at common law is hereby abolished, and it shall doctrine fs not be a defence to an action against a defendant common for damages in respect of personal injuries caus- employment. ed by the wrongful act, neglect or default of a person employed by the defendant, that that person was at the time of the occurrence which caused the injuries in common employment with the plaintiff.
(2) Every provision in a contract of service or apprenticeship, or in an agreement collateral thereto (including a contract or agree-

MONTSERRAT 4 Law Reform No. 5 of 1958.
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
ment entered into before the commencement of this Ordinance) is void in o far as it had the effect of excluding or limiting any liability of the employer in respect of personal injuries caused to the person employed or apprenticed by the wrongful act, neglect or default of any person in
employment with him.
(3) In this section, "personal injuries" includes any disease and any impairment of a
person's physical or mental condition.
(4) This section binds the Crown.
Liability of 5. (1) In this section owner of "poultry" means domestic fowls, turkeys,
dog fr ines,-uk ndgieafws
jury to gee uk n unafws
poultry ond salsok en avs efrsep
small stock, salsok en avs efrsep
goats and swine.
(2) The owner of a dog shall be liable in damages for injury done to any person, poultry or small stock by that dog; and it shall not be necessary for the person seeking such damages to show a previous mischievous propensity in the dog, or the owner's knowledge of such previous propensity, or to show that the injury was attributable to neglect on the part of
the owner.
(3) Where any such injury has been done by a dog, the occupier of any house or premises where the dog was kept or permitted to live or remain at the time of the inj ury shall be presumed to be the owner of the dog, and shall be liable for the injury unless he proves that he was
not the owner of the dog at that time:
P r o v i d e d that where there are
more occupiers than one in any house or premises let in separate apartments, or lodgings, or otherwise, the occupier of that particular part of the house or premises in which the dog has been kept or permitted to live or remain at the time of the injury shall be presumed to be
the owner of the dog.
Passed the Legislative Council this 20th
day of December, 1957.
GEORGE R. E. CABEY, Clerkc of the Council,

No. 5 of 1958. Law Reform 5 M()NTEIRAT
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
The Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions)
Ordinance, 1957.
1. Short title
2. The Law Reform (Contributory Negligence) Act, 1945 ( 8 & 9 Geo. 6 c. 28), Sections 1 and 4 Adapted
3. The same Section 3 Adapted
4. The Law Reform (Personal Injuries) Act,
1948 (11 & 12 Geo. 6 c. 41), Sections 1, 3 and 4. Adapted
5. The Dogs Act, 1906 (6 Edw. 7 c. 32),
Section 1 Adapted.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No. 6 of 1958. Title by Registration Act MO TSERRAT
5th March, 1958.
I No. 6 of 1958
An Ordinance to amend further the Title by
Registration Act.
[5th March, 1958] mn.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Title Short title. by Registration Act (Amendment) Ordinance, Cap. 99; 1957, and shall be read as one with the Title by Act. 7/1928 Registration Act, as amended, hereinafter called 51n935 'the Principal Act. 15/1937
and Ordin
S.R. & 0
1956 No. 1

MONTSEuRAT 2 Title by Registration Act No. 6 of 1958.
Setio the 2. Section 12 of the Principal Act is hereby
Principal repealed and replaced as follows:Act repealed
and replaced.
'Right to 12. (1) Land not registered under
ficae d. this Act may be so registered
fined and application
therefor. (a) if the applicant can show
a good documentary title thereto in himself and his predecessors in ownership for at least thirty years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act;
(b) if notwithstanding that such documentary title thereto cannot be shown, the Court is satisfied from the deeds or other documents accompanying the request that the applicant has the right to claim the land as owner and that he himself has been in undisturbed possession of the same continuously during the period of twelve years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act;
(c) if the applicant has, by descent or by will or deed, acquired a title to the land f rom a person who would have been entitled himself to have the land registered in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subsection;
(d) if the land has been in the sole and undisturbed possession of the applicant alone in his own right or as executor, administrator or trustee, or partly in the sole and undisturbed possession of the applicant in any such right and partly in the sole and undisturbed possession of any other person through whom he claims, continuously for a period of thirty years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act.
(2) The application to bring land under this Part of this Act shall be made by the owner who shall present a request

No. 6 of 1958. Title oy Registration Act 3 'NIONTS~tRAT (Amendment),
to the Registrar of Titles for the issue to him of a first certificate in respect of the land described in the request.
(3) Where the owners of the land are joint tenants, tenants in common or coparceners, the request shall be made in the names of, and shall be signed by, all of them.
(4) The request shall be in Form 1 in the Second Schedule and shall be accompanied at the time of presentation by all the titles, deeds or other documents under which the applicant claims to be the owner of the land.
(5) Forthwith upon the presentation of the request, the Registrar of Titles shall thereupon proceed to give public information of such application by exhibiting on the door of the Court House a copy of the schedule of applications in Form 3 in the Second Schedule, and the person presenting the request shall give further notice of such application by causing that part of the said schedule of applications which relates to his application to be advertised in two issues of at least one newspaper published in the Colony, and no such certificate shall be issued until the expiration of four weeks from the date of exhibiting the schedule or from the date of the first appearance thereof in the said newspaper.
(6) The applicant shall also within seven days after the presentation of the request cause notice of the application to be served personally upon all owners or occupiers of land adjoining the land for which a first certificate is applied for, and no certificate shall be issued until proof has been given by the applicant that such notice has been given and that four weeks have expired since the giving of that notice.
(7) A Judge may, upon or without any application, order such special notification to individuals or generally, or may direct such public advertisement

Al.ONTSEMHAT .4 Title by Registration Act No. 6of 1958.
of the application for ,the first certificate in newspapers outside the Colony as may to him appear just and reasonalbe.
(8) Every request for the issue of a first certificate shall be accompanied by a plan made by a licensed surveyor, and the Registrar of Titles shall reject any plan which he considers insufficient subject to an appeal to a Judge in Chambers.
(9) Where the application for a first certificate is in any respect based on possession of the land, the request shall be accompanied by affidavits of the applicant and of two other persons at least, and such affidavits shall set out in detail the facts establishing that the applicant has been in sole and undisturbed possession of the land continuously for the period of time required by this section as well as the acts of ownership exercised over the land and shall prove that the rents, fruits and profits accruing out of the land have been taken and appropriated by the applicant as owner during such period."
Section 14
of the Prin- 3. Section 14 of the Principal Act is hereby repealed repealed and replaced as follows: and replaed "~Possession 14. (1) Possession for the purpose
sioneas of section 12 of this Act shall be possesowner. sion as owner by a person, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns and not as an encumbrancer holding a life interest or interest f or a term of years or other less estate.
(2) A certificate of title issued under section 13 of this Act to an executor, administrator or trustee shall be expressed as having been issued to the applicant as such executor, administrator or trustee."~
Amendment 4. Section 19 of the Principal Act is hereby
of section
19 of the amended Prinipal
Act. (i) by substituting the words and figures
"Crown Proceedings Ordinance, 1954" f or the words "Crown Suits Act or any Ordinance aVmending, repealing.

No. 6 of 1958. Title by Registration Act 5 MONTSERAT
or substituted for the same" in subsubsection (2) of the section; and "19/1954" for "3 of 8/23" in the
marginal note thereto; and
(ii) by substituting the words "into the
general revenue of the Colony" for the words "into the said fund" in
section (2) of the section.
5. Subsection (2) of section 34A of the Prin- Amendment cipal Act is hereby amended by substituting 34A oc the
"Subsections (5), (6), (7) and (8) of section 12 as Principal well as section 13" for "Sections 12 and 13" Act,
occurring therein,
6. The Principal Act is hereby amended by Insertion of
inserting therein immediately after section 34A i, the
the following sections numbered 34B, 34C. 34D, Principal
34E and 34F:- Act.
34B. Where a certificate of title has ,,se o!
new ctrt,.
been issued without a plan attached it ficat of
shall be lawful for the Registrar of Titles te wth at the request of the registered pro- -Wjched
prietor to issue to such registered proprietor a new certificate of title with plan attached.
34C. Notwithstanding anything to questt for
first cort.the contrary contained in this Act, from tk,
and after the coming into operation of t etc. Ic
e accom'
this section every request for the issue of panied by a first certificate of title and, when there pln is no plan attached to the certificate of title, every application made under sections 34B and 144 of this Act for the issue of a new certificate of title and every transfer and every request- for transmission of land registered under
this Act and every request for the
issue of a new certificate of title under the provisions of sections 34E and 34F of this Act shall be accompanied by three plans of the land to be described in the certificate of title, two of which shall be attached to the original and duplicate certificates of title when issued.
34D. Subsections (5), (6), (7) and Section
(8) of section 12 as well as section 13 of 12 (S) (6) (7) and
this Act shall have effect, mutatis soo 13
to apply
mutandis, on every request made under to apiq..
sections 34B and 34C of this Act. md .4?ioans 34B
and 34C.

M0orSERxr' 6 Title by Registration Act No. 6 of 1958.
Partition, 34E. Where an Order for the partition of land registered under this Act is made by the Court the Writ of Partition directed to the Provost Marshal shall be sufficient to authorise the Provost Marshal to transfer to the several parties amongst whom the land has been
partitioned their respective portions, and subject to the production of the required plans by the respective parties concerned the Registrar of Titles shall at the request of the Provost Marshal issue certificates of title to the said parties for their respective portions at their expense.
Rectifica- 34F. If it is proved to the satisfaction of
plans,. tion of the Court or a Judge that any error or discrepancy appears on a plan registered under this Act he may direct such inquiry as he may think fit to be made into the circumstances of the" case and upon proof of such error or discrepancy order that the plan be corrected or rectified or that a new plan be made and substituted for the former: Provided that on every such inquiry four weeks notice shall be given to the owners or occupiers of lands adjacent to the portion of land comprised in the plan to be corrected or rectified and likely to be affected by such correction or rectification and provided further that when a new plan is ordered section 34D of this Act shall also apply to this section."
Amendment 7. Section 136 of the Principal Act is hereby
of section
136 of the amended
Principa l
(a) by inserting a common after the word "clerks"; and
(b) by inserting the words "or by means of a rubber stamp" between the said comma
and the words "if such".
Amendmitr 8. Section 146 of the Principal Act is hereby
if section
146 of the amended by substituting the word "appears" for
Principal the word "bears".
Amendment 9. Section 164 of the Principal Act is hereby
a section
164 of the amended by substituting the word "Crown" for
Prncipal the words "assurance fund".

No. 6 of 1958. Title by Registration Act 7 MONTSERRAI
10. Section 165 of the Principal Act is here- Amendment by amended by substituting the words "Supreme 0 Of the
Court" for the words "Circuit Court". Principal
1L Section 170 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by inserting the words "or otherwise Amendment
contrary to the provisions of section 19 of the of section 170 of the
Supreme Court Act, 1939" between the words "for Principal
or in expectation of any fee, gain or reward" and Act. the words "and a further affidavit"; and substituting "20/1939" for "Cap. 22" in the marginal note to the section.
Passed the Legislative Council this
20th day of December, 1957.
GEORGE R. E. CABEY, Clerk of the Council.
Antigua Printery Lta.

No. 10 of 1958. Supplementary Appropriation Mo~mnA?.
(1956). .pito OT31]T
Governor's Deputy.
13th March, 1958.
No. 10 of 1958.
An Ordinance to sanction certain further payments from the Public Treasury in excess of the sums placed on the Estimates for the year ended on the thirty-first day of December,
[13th March, 1958]
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Sup- Short title. elementary Appropriation (1955) Ordinance, 1957.
2. The various sums of money set forth in Legalization the Schedule to this Ordinance amounting in all to of expendiFifty thousand, four hundred and sixty-two dollars and thirty-six cents, and drawn from the Public Treasury for the service of the year ended 31st December, 1955, under the warrant of the Governor, but not provided for in the Estimates for the said year, are hereby declared to have been lawfully expended for the services mentioned in the said Schedule.
A. F. DAwxxNs,
Passed the Legislative Council this 20th day of December, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.

MOOwTSErA 2 Supnpementary Appropriation No. 10 of 1958 (1956).
Head. Service. Amount.
I. Charges on Public Debt ... 111482
II. Pensions and Gratuities ... 221107
VIII. Water ... 31318
IX. Legal ... 134665
XXII. Miscellaneous ... 1589261
XXV. Public Works Recurrent ... 2783588
XXIX. Storm Damage ... 174815
Total ... 5046236
I hereby certify that the amounts in the
Schedule to the Supplementary Appropriation (1955) Ordinance 1957 making a total of $5042636 (which total has been referred to Section 2 of the Ordinance) have been verified by me as being expended during) the year 1955 in excess of the
Estimates for 1955.
Dated the 12th day of December, 1957.
Printed at the Governmen, Printing Office. Leeward Lhuds.
ty E.Al L PtOT Government Printer.--By Authority.
470000158- 500-.4.58
47100002- 500-4.58 [Price 4:cents.1

No. 11 of 1958. The Cadet Corps MOr1TSERRAT
Ordinance, 1957
ALEC LOVELACE, Governor's Deputy, 19th March, 1958.
No. 11 of 1958.
An Ordinance to authorise the Establisnhment of
School Cadet Corps.
Commenee[19th March, 1958] ment eENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Cadet Short Title. Corps Ordinance, 1957.
2. In this Ordinance the expression "local Interpretation.
forces" means any locally established Regular or Volunteer Force, including the Leeward Islands Police Force.
3. (a) The Governor may authorise the estab- Establishment and
lishment of school cadet corps and may membership
authorise such corps or any portion of Cadet
thereof to be attached to any established Corps.
local forces for the purpose of any special training.

MOrTEnRAT. 2 The Cadet Corps No. 1 of 1958
Ordinance, 1957
(b) All boys over the age of twelve years who are attending school shall be eligible to be members of school cadet corps. Appointment 4. The Governor shall appoint the officers of
of Officers. cadet corps with such rank as he shall think
Regulations. 5. The Governor in Council may make regulations governing the formation, organization and
administration of school cadet corps.
A. F. I)AWKINS, President.
Passed the Legislative Council this 2(0th day
of December, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No 15 of 1958 Prison (Amendment). MONTSERRAT.
ALEC LOVELACE, Governor's Deputy.
24th March, 1958.
No. 15 of 1958.
An Ordinance to amend the Prison Ordinance,
[24th March, 1958.] Commencemellt.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
L1 This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Prison (Amendment) Ordinance, 1958, and shall be read as one with the Prison Ordinance, 1955, as tois5 amended, hereinafter called the Principal Ordi- 9196 nance.
2. For subsection (1) of section 7 of the substitution
c of ubsection
Principal Ordinance the following subsection is () of eotion hereby substituted:- 7 of the Principal Ordi" (1) The Governor shall ,appoint an na
officer in charge of prison discipline who shall supervise and manage the discipline of the
prison in the Colony. "
A. F. DAWKINS, President.
Passed the Legislative Council this 28th day of February, 1958.
GEORGE R. E. CABEY, Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Office. Antigua, Leeward IsIaMs,
by EARL PIGoTT, Government Printer-By Authority.
47/00323.-520-4.58 LPrice 3 cents]

1958, No. 6.
WHEREAS by section 25 of the Montserrat Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1952 (No. 1 of 1952) it is provided that
(1) The Governor may at any time, by proclamation, summon, prorogue or dissolve the Council; and
(2) The Governor shall dissolve the Council at the expiration of three years from the date of the return of the first writ at the last preceding general election, if it shall not have been sooner dissolved:
AND WHEREAS by section 26 of the said Ordinance, it is further provided that there shall be a general election at such time, within two months after every dissolution of the Council, as the Administrator shall by proclamation appoint:
AND WH EREAS by Proclamation of the Governor dated the 5th day of March, 1958, the said Council was dissolved as from the 10th day of March, 1958.
NOW THEREFORE, 1, ARTiR FRANCIS DAWKINS, Administrator of the Colony of Mon tserrat do by this my proclamation appoint that there shill be a general election on the 8th day of May, 1958.
AND all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the said Colony and all others whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and give their ready obedience accordingly.
GIVEN at the Administ'rator'8 Oflice, Montserrat, the
11th day of March, 1958, in the seventh year of Her
Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leewau1 Islands,
by EARL PruOTT, Govornmont Printer.-By Authority.
-4.58 Price 3 tentR.

1958, No. 13.
1. SHORT TITLE. These Regulations may be cited as the Cadet Corps Regulations, 1958.
The headmaster of a school desiring to obtain the authority of the Governor for the formation of boys into a school cadet corps must make an application in writing.
3.' Such application will contain information as to the following points:(a) the title which the Cadet Corps wishes to adopt; (b) whether the Cadet Corps wishes to be affiliated
to the Local Forces;
(c) any point which might bear upon the question of
granting authority for the formation of the Cadet Corps.
the Governor is satisfied that an efficient Cadet Corps will be organized at the school he may authorize the formation thereof. Notice of the authorization shall be published in the Gazette.
(ii) Such authorization may be withdrawn by the
Governor at any time.
FORCES. Cadet officers and non-commissioned officers shall have no powers of command over non-commissioned officers and men of the Regular or Local Forces.
6. DRESS The dress of all cadet non-commissioned
officers and privates shall be, as follows:Khaki shirts, khaki shorts, khaki hoses, khaki short
puttees, black ankle boots, khaki felt hats.
This shall be subject 'to change as may from time to time be deemed fit.

7. UPKEEP OF UNIFORMS AN)D INSTRUMENTS. A sum of money may be voted annually by the Government for the purchase and upkeep of uniforms and band instrnments. Such uniforms and instruments are the property of the Government and must be returned to the Officr Conmmanding the Corps on cessation of membership.
8. TRAINING. The following syllabus of training will be carried out annually:(a) All cadets must attend ev ery parade and
training period. except when incapacitated through illness, when a Medical Certificate shall be produced.
(b) These parades and training periods will be
held once a week in every term and shall consist of:-Squad drill with and without trms
Section and platoon drill
Physical Training
Miniature rifle practice
(c) There shall be a camp held annually for a period
of not more than one week during the Midsummer
9. INSPECTION. The Cadet Corps will be inspected twice in each year by an Officer detailed by His Excellency the Governor. On the result of such inspection it will be decided whether a unit fulfils the conditions necessary for continuation of official recognition.
i0. RESPONSIBILiTY OF COMMANDING OFFICER. The Officer Commanding the Cadet Corps will be responsible to the Governor fo)r:-(a) the compliance by the Corps with the conditions
laid down in these Reg nations;
(b) keeping a roll showing the strength of the unit,
the age of each cadet, and a record of each cadet's attendances at instructional parades.
Made by the Governor in Council this 13th day of March, 1958.
Clerk of the Comtncil.
Printed at tho Governmnwt Printinig Office, Antigua, Loeward Ilands,
by EARL PiOTr, Goverment Printer By-Anthority.
53/00052-500X-4.58. Price 4 cents

1958, No. 1.
1. This notification may be cited as the Colonial Air Navigation (Use of Government Aerodrome) Notification, 1958.
2. In this notification"maxium permissible weight" means the maximum
permissible weight authorised by an aircraft's
certificate of airworthiness.
3. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 54, 55 and 60'of the Colonial Air Navigation Order, 1955 (Imperial), His Excellencv the Governor has been pleased to notify that the Government Aei'odrome known as Beef Island Airfield at Beef Island has been designated as the Customs Airport for the Colony of the Virgin Islands and is available for use as a place for landing or departure of civil, private or commercial aircraft on payment of the fees set out in the Regulations in the First Schedule hereto and subject to the conditions contained in the Second Schedule hereto.
4. The facilities at present available at the said
aerodrome are designed to accommodate aircraft of maximum permissible weight not exceeding 15,000 lbs.
1. (1) The fees to be charged for the landing of an aircraft at Beef IslandA irfield shall be assessed at the rate of 86c. (US $. 50c.) for each 1,000 lbs, or part thereof, of its maximum permissible weight.
(2) No parking fee will be charged for the day on which the aircraft lands. Thereafter parking fees will be charged at the following ratesFor each 24 hours or part threof:Maximum permissible weightUp to 10,000 lbs .. $1.71 (US $1)
Over 10,000 lbs -. $3.43 (US $2)

(3) In lieu of a fee for each landing or parking as provided in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this regulation, the Governor may, from time to time, fix a commuted fee to be paid by any person in respect of an aircraft owned or operated by him and landing or parking at the aerodrome during such period as the Governor may determine.
2. (1) Fees chargeable under Regulation 1 bereof shall be paid by the owner, operator or agent of the aircraft.
(2) All such fees shall be paid into the Treasury in aid of the general revenue of the Colony.
3. The Governor may, in his discretion, exempt any person from the payment, either partially or wholly, of any of the fees set out in Regulation 1 in any case in which it is expedient to do so or in which the payment of such fees would cause undue hardship.
1. Every aircraft entering the Colony shall be required to land at Beef Island Airfield before proceeding to any other destination.
2. Every aircraft leaving the Colony shall be required to depart therefrom from Beef Island Airfield.
3. Beef Island Airfield will be opened to traffic on request as and when required during the hours of daylight of each day of the week.
4. Beef Island Airfield is mad" availabb for use by civil aircraft on the express condition that such use is entirely at the risk of tihe registered owner of the aircraft concerned and that the Government shall not be responsible for loss or damage resulting from the use of the said aerodrome or its accessory facilities through act of Go,, war, civil commotion, riot, looting, explosion, faiitri of machinery or plant, negligence, fire or any other cause whatsoever.
Dated the 27th day of March, 1958.
By His Excellency's Command,
Chiet Secretary
Printed at the Government Printing Ofte, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIcoTr, Government Printer.-By Authority.
520-4.58 [Price 4 cents