The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
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legislation ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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ANI ,7 'S E -? RA
VL TH1. TfBl'PS-DAY. 1L A(),lSx NO.1.
FORTM1 No. ii. /S etion 54 (2).
Notification of Electi .
TA, Ji V- N,?OTICE thau a poll will be takeni for thie election Ktwo members for the ColonN to serve in the .1 louse of' representativess of the We~st f nidies.
'Plie poll will be op)ened oil the 25th day of Mfarch., 1 tY9 a(, theo hour of seven o'clock in the forenoon and~ kept openi till the hour of si in thie afternoon! 'M the folloxvung poliM!,,- stations established in the Colony, that is to say: Polling Stations:
1. For the polling, division of St. John's City Nrh
(i) The G'lover~inmert Elementaryi School, the Poli t.
(ii) 'The St. Jolm's Infant School. Elliot's 1,ane, S t. -John. (iii) The Court IHouse, 1Long S treet, St. Jo!,i.
2. For the polling- division of St. Johmi>s City (Sonthi)-(i) Tho Convent High Schiool, High Street, St. john.
(ii) The -Handicraft Workshop, Redclilfe Street, S t. John. (iii) The Governmient Elementary Sciio ii, Oito.,
3. For the polling division of Saint f olm (Rutral) \Ye.,,t
(i) Thie iliding ;it thie West Bus Station.
(ii) The ( ,overn ment Eleinentar-Y Schotol, Five k lAnd-s. (iii) The Government ElementarY Schiool, enha.
4. F~or the polling division of Saint John (H urall) So' tl(i) The Government Elementairy Schiool, Pot t frs,
(ii) B~uilding at Ottos owned hrv Mr. Jolm 1. Aliavtin. (iii) Time Government Elementary School, Bemds. (i v) TIhe Cli ristian Mission Church, 13 tck eys.
(v) The Government ElementarY School, Sea View Farm.
(vi) The ('overnment Elemnentary SchioolI, All Saints.
5. For the polling division of Saint G(Worge and Saimit-John (Itural) North(i) Thie Princoss Aikmr--aret Schiool, Dickiensim Street. (ii1) Thie Governinent Elementary School, New Wintliorpes. (iii) Thie Anfflica- Scho(Olroom, 14t. Jofinstons Villa ge.
(iv) 'I hI(- Saint AMirk's Govern imem.1f 1-Lhemenitelry School, Pigotts.
(v) The St. james' 6overummmemt Elemmentary Sci oh, Cedar Grove.
;J': 77

60 THE ANTIGUA, MONTSETE R, T kND V f 1 1( J JX ISTIANDS (111A ZE117E. Plarch 19586. For the polling division ol'Saint Alary(i) The ('Ove".111)) clit I'lonlentm-Y 4chool, Cedar Hall.
(h) The (;ove.11111011t 1"lementory Sebool, Bolans. (HO The Governnwnt 10nneuk, School, Johnsons' Point.
(iv) The Govermnent hifnnt School, Lh-lings. Q) The Government Ebmentary Selmol, Old Itoad.
(Vi) "I'lle ( ;,)v e I'll Inol it Elelnen(ar chool, SaNveolts.
7. For the pu&uig div,., ion of Saint Paui:(i) The 6overlm.ont Elenlellfary School, SNI-etes.
(ii) 81wrtsman's Angle, Liherta.
(jH) The Gommmuent Elemenkry SchmA, Bedms&t.
(W) The (Ionvermnent, V elementary School, ('obbs CrossS. For tO ImIlk; dinK)n of aint Philip md Saint, Peter(0 The Trule, L;nkn Hall, Frevinims Villam.
(H) The 1 im crimient Lciementary Sch( oli, Parham. (HO Thu [AwWs Dispemarn Carty 11M. (i v) 'I'lio Govemnwnt 101muentary Schml, M"M ies. Q) 1W howmunwnt 11mumMy Schmj Newfield.
(vi) 'I'lio (4worunwnt Elmnentary Schoo J rcctorvn.
9. For the QNng MY% of RuhnOtThe Junior sello''11 Codrington Village,
The Ond4bles ror dw aid clection- are as foito vs:Candidates:Bradley Theadzire Carrolt,
John Rowan Hmry,
NovOle Hamiftgn Richard&
The nundwr of votes given to the seven candblatm, will 1w counte(I (ma MLO 25th day of March, 19A at 7 pollock in Cho eming at th- Collowing places:--1. 1, 1) e C.ourt i1ouse, f'ong St evf.
2. The Qnvcj!L lfligh ",ebool, Sti-ool3. 11P (W rEnmot Idem(Wary Ashod, GromMy. 4. Tho governmentt Momentaxy All Saints.
5. The llbims Mugant ScbmC DkIenumlay Street. 6, The Mwernnwnt Ehmontnq Sdwx Mans. 7. The (Wmrn mvnt School, smtos.
8, 110 (We"ril-mont Schocll Parham.
9. The f hwvrnmvnt JunW, 8clmol Co(lrinyfon ViRage Barbuda. oF which all persons are hereby required to NO Wmand zovern Dated this 3rd (by of J-arch,
H. L. 'X -I f,1,T,% -m S
Ant qiia.
-Ith Jfarch, 1958.
:',f, No. A, 18/io.

11, 1 'T (,i A AN"; VIRGIN 1, l A IJS G A T TTIEi cc I I 1 :3, 11) 5 1 !,: A s k, 'N -1, , f I
]Notices. wi ll ri'l (runce to) thi- 110it e -ppearin it; t Io, (;(1zw//o o I 11! 11 11:11W ,
is fi(- I it 1,1 I-:t ) ill t 4)"- -A N 'i I.H. (AC., i n
Wj h refe rence t o I It,. I wtlliiolulim, inatioll 01A in :lc( Ilrd"illeo \0 11 t h o hl' 111 i)I ''l i( t.,
f. c! i ,?I ol t Nvo Ill( 111bi'l m", ill fit' S-eti"11 6 4 t1w t 1) t L %r pi!)lished for
t)w lows" of Ropres 'llt llko- ol, The mid Act. Xi). i'l n
W i:st 11! of i ('s T lie ;Oten iw i i t P 4_ M li. 1011,,FHI PlIklic i 4 dinj, oi 1" 1 o
)otir r, A I I I I I it h 11 t ( I f rolli
jmovkiolls (.1, m-ctioll t) (I lh( tile 6ti,
p ia Co lis t i t t ; o I I i I I d IQ ie i, n,; 0 r" I i
lli'51 zt f-i. tl sai'l
leh ctiol, to dl', !W : 3t Nw it- A iil"f I oll!)-illspict'), o'
ings called lor th,,, Glh 'IFi ctor -f Pol;ce
of tlieil L k nds. Jan. 1.
k lli4,1. 0-cO si ( iioll it is w) ofl',
fol, ;W y llen'ols IvAvv(.oll t1w : 0!11 4hiY !tW ilied f')V V111 A!! :, 11. f 1) e c t 4 r w,
J;Anlriry. i;fd tht 26th tl I;; tion that, coons(,(juent upon tht, to of
A I i I of Iavc to Air. 1". R. A ,.,jo, O.P.E. Le, Istalidti. Jau. -1
(a) not ill 'a di orlf- 1 !m til- r Chairman of the Ai)til,,nia Public
lv tll illtrtt to I rk \i ill tll (nolsitc- vice Commission, the Collovoring acting
tioll of tll hlisill, - od puldic appointnwnts have been inado:nw0int" lw tl Of
Ali,. G G IL Jilili;"I, (1 1.1c, 3 i
daii, !is o nwnlh r 14) ,iTVO Itl 11;P Cb:drinalt Dti\,
lFotisli of lltj!ives o: ']'ii" T,
Mr. 11. D. C. INTooitv- Actiug tl 1111
(h) illcol" ot. Murnlipl, (ill placo of 2111% G. G.
ATT(!i! I _N LECK).
it lh w hi.),;, tO Wi iii a dis.); d, l"'Y J
ilh. int W j)r,'vt-!1 flhi 9 T i I (-sl, 't 1) poi I I t in '11 ts vi, i! I
Of It!(- fir ii d
li'octl\t k1:,;)1- (lit, ii --rii'd
Public nioetili- C;tllcot for thii 1111- 1.11h to I I it, 6 11 Afav. 19,58.
pos,', of' pl-Onjotlll the ('10(ifi0ij W a
vandidnto as a inenilwr to serti-, in 11- A_ Auliklo, Cio! P r;, i t i i.
4 ii I i qnt.
71/ -2 1 ', 5 7
Pv f. Nu. A. C. 1: 2
off'-litle'r j ;,di;-4(j1ri1divd LAME, F.
for period of' fi k NPIrs Flom dmp 4 i
of ciinio ;vtioll fr(ol) i ( i1w. I't Election Notice, d api i I ta i t t- r (or N ot i i i,,, i; t 13 1 y I lection. Feb. 16
of, Vnti-lla has Y". A.
ill Ol,,, o" ;ill (111'cilcf lil'Ah- (b)
% / beell pi( :i.-,( d llilder of'
fll)(i% hich is tri;lhlo ot] indiel I I -11 t. tile, Antigiia Giii,, titntion -and F'Iectfi olfrd-1. on cwl\iction is F;11;'jo ti) tions Ord inmwo. 1 1,57, :is tidtipt c d all(-!
for Ovo ,-i ar.- is 1110difled h r tll,_ purpose", of election.",
to th, llolls( ol Rt)prosentittives of E ,:-f the Govornor
Henry J. Elwin, tile Wei t J i i (i i es. to appoii t tile 11! if lot ':Issellt. to the lilldi rol P"!P1 lio ,,; undormintitowil persons as, di-put y returning officerss toi, ill(- re, ,pectiv.
pollill- diiiisil)i!s her('1111der :111 Coll-lit t'it i1q, nectioll with thl 'lectioll 14 two
mern1wrs of the to ,ervo in I i i -in; t I
No 1. 4 o f 195k
the said House:- of loixporit) wW
19 .5 7 1958
I. Earle Pestaina St. Join's City I 1, 17.
It is h(-reliv iwtifitid for general N ortb)
illf'ornitilit"n that Ilis ExcOleilev tile No. 6 o0' ] Uo8, Toe Tifle L\
GOV111111011 has issu -d a Coulluissi(iii to 2. Clarence Edwards St. John's Citv I (ikill A c (A inendiment)
(Sout ) (),'
Ali% (). E. KELSICK, D.F.C., aj)lioillt- 19_,57" 5, 1958
ittig, hini to he his Deput for tile, f. -No. 17,, t 7 i.
period (4 His Excellency's visit to 3. Hubert Henry St. John (Ruiral)
We8t, No% 12 of 19-58, Tho Ticket Ditty
Gril-naila front the 10th to the 13th Ordinaneo. 1957 Mar. 5,
Alarch, N)")8- 4. Clarence Simon St. John (Rural) It,!f. No. 4VOM09.
.4 11 t'qj 1, t a. Virgin Islands.
101h 31(irrh, 19-58. 5. Rawdon Edwards lt. Paul
Ref. No. isloo3ra No. I of 19,58, -The Cruikshank
---- --- 6. Oscar M. Bird St. MaryI Gratuity Ordiwince, 1958."
It is iiotifie(l for geiwral informa- 7. James H. Carrot St. Philip & Mat% f), l9i5,'
ition thot -%vitfi (11*t-,ct from the 20th Rof. No. 4T/()',.
St. Peter
Febrnarv, 1958 all restrictions are NTo. 2 of Virgin blai.ds
Xe1l1OVoJi 4 ,1A tile inljtOl't Of kerling 8. C. M. O"Mard '-t. Geor -(, & ConstiEntion tiid Eloct;oiis (Amendnotes into t1w tniti:-d Kill-doill- St. John (Rura-1) Nor(h
I Illent) Ordinance, 19.58
Exporc of notfs froin tile United 9. Joshua H. Joseph Barbuda. Ref. No. 47100314. )far. .5, 119,58
Kingdoin is still restricted to ; 10.
Adininistiator's Of/;,,, No. 8 d, 1 %58. 'i'lle 1,lin;wv aill'i
Tl-:ttll;(i)A Ordinal ("', 1'1.5s.
41h 211a)-ch, 1.958. 5th Alarle, 11).58. Alar. 7, P1'58
Re f. A. C. 2 1A 113. Ref. No. A. llib;O. Ref. No. 4 jio I 19.

6 v; IrIM ANTRIUA4 A1())1P8ERB.AJ1' -kNl-) VIIDGIN 18l-,AX1)S [Alarch 1.1z, I Iu ,
Too. M. b) tl!e of translwrting by sea Any J)Prsoll JwLy within three,
a le:l Ouabio aniount, of p ,ronal ll, )wos from the daty of! tile first IMP thrilowAg Atatutory Rulks and aud hoiKehill vMyis (nor ex- alrin-onna, of thk AdvmAsmnent in
we 'cil-cul:tted Nvitli thi, (,Taz-ttj -20 ) cubic fet) to h- J,,, ew'ird Is""In"Is (;e0ze,11" ,_ ive and form part Iaereof:- lud. hack to Mo irri- noi j,, in jllpii( atn at tile Tt-aile
Antigua. t )iy' fr ou \Vhich Z-t'ruilod Offli,(_ Anti,.ua, of* opp(- ifioa
Ti )d-r tile condirious ii (ef) o r gkAwbun (d Hw W Tm?, Mm*. No. 15 of M -Proclanmt iou J) "e would he III-t fro:n Fodjob,! Wick 8. 195, honghy; into end hulds; EVAN CaMQUE.
th( 11,'; ctories Ordliu tneo, li ejqistiwy ol Trade 31(irk&
I pp. e :1 ve A: 'Me i--,)S( of ,, or"port ing .ar hy
,oa to Trini ad ;mi Io tile
rri(ory I 1,;lll "N hicil reoruiteit "HADE MARKS' OFFMM, W, 12 of 195S, 10m Onmion ""an, we erm,155"is in (a) roRTOLA,
aknp mimid & ma fmm Nd- IWITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS
into opembon the Workni-n's Cmu- eral funds hut IPA thy Olst of 20th F(-hruary, 195, .
pynsation Ordiraunp, 1957 (No. VvUring ot sp"hd ;xlrog- vhmWes NN-J_,I) COLD J'ERM-XV1VW.
Pn on unhwhn-": LI IITND, (if 449, London Road,
(d) ,uarfer,,4 would be pro&ded (m islewonh, MAhUesex, EnWand, Nis WLST INDIES GAZETTE intyineut of iTntal of W lwr for 01' ()l- I'r3d4
cout. or salary; if basic, heavy Nl: irk consistinL, of the following:LIST Q (Aniks and Tama Supple- furnihire A provided, a rental
nwns r", Wd Wr adv at Aw (W" 'd, live per cent. p 'r an"111111 of R AN AV E
erunlew P intiln. 01E(a', aro the value would b, charged for
appendt d Ielliv,:- this; in Cl:lss 48, 1't rfuniery (including
toil.-t articles, preparations for the
' w. J t" 1, ,aoation li-avo zo th,_ i,o of 45 L- th and hriii, au(
1958, 1VJW 18 M"A. Tqs a yom; Tllv, Applicant,, cl:tim Hai h- 4,lid
Troli, Alark in r-olwet of th- smiot
LEC 1,L -('11PLEMENTA leave 1xissapy up to On cost of Pads has IP't heell in us" I;) tht
three adult return lossages Virgin Waids before the dov of A) No. 1 0 1958, -Thp \p!"Ank fro" W IWI imo tim, Wited thar said A jqdkut ion,
201"s W to! INhhe Sorwe" ( KilyNni winhi W provided
Hw,-Iflutioll, 19581 and nfr" cium"Irng a madmum Any pmnm nmy v&hhi thme,
tmw (4 I= I"S thrul four years; nyultlr frolu tlw date of t1w tust, uF 19,58, I)roclaiuation 1,rnig- ;!,;Waranco of this Advevti lnt iit ill
i'l,". vor ltill provi ,hjy of A- Walk U- fn tuldhal Otenthm W pro- th- AnYtm, Wmimowat "nd Moynt,
;on into foree." JI ,i, (, S Ni'led but, t1w of ally gi\o. notic, ill duphul)prati%-t tr a(rliellt, ,m e at th." Tra !('
X-ray ('xaruina[iou- or km-,,iorio- T(,r6)ui, Britidi of
An 1050 ON TO WA Wks bTical s -r\ic -s Nwuld 1w inut qNPAbon A) reMarwimi of the sAd
I deradon) 0;-(,I:,r in Counuil, 1-.).-)7,
,,it from Federal funds for the 'Frcult- Mark.
W"I the Coustittiumi of Me TOM ollicer himself only; IL ALXX BESSON,
1)rice 80 vvnts. (h) the, appoilltni'llt Would Ito on ii"eyistrar oi Trr,de
(d) Part I- The fntwrpr, trttion socolId"wnt in to- first instance
RegWationn 11,-i(-! O o .tds.
an't poll8ion ri dors would TO attention nr the vnrral public.
!'art 11 -- Pn uAwy Wow nd gal rded hy lh p lymort of i 4 asq, b) the B nch 144owthrn On I i3 of 19,58 wnt pt-lision 1:pon t1t.1 naiw:, 7 of 19,57 partioil irl y to,
enactinent of Federal Nnsions paragraph 4 (1) witch Waps It simil fn i.nla-nu No. 4 of legislat4m, oflimrs MIT he trans- f )r an
c'.W 8 fervcd to 1 p'-w-,ionahle post ill y 1),,,,. un to:
the Wdral (101 So; NO. Q) di,!, tal c or carryaway, or aiii
1W Z, -ist i n d ig-LJng, taki tigr or c;n'ryLike# vacancies for Junior Administra- Adinit ish-eitor'8 ; Way for iudiait)Lr or constrtu,,five Staff in the Federal EdAHAment Amhg= n pnrp'' : or for 11u, lufrpo' g- Pf
ApplivItionst are inviWd foraplm milt- 101h Jbtrrh. 1958. i-uo kihog b;J a-a for awtRnent, to posts of AsAistant Seoretary Ref. No. A C. 1:02G6, !SaIRry scale $6,480<24(b$7,440 per beach or e:ishoru i tha
anUU a) W"I Adininhandive Agsistant
Salary -n;e S4,05424041520 p" TRADE TUARKS WNICK nwve 1w IWAn.,
ANTiWIA, Fehrll iL'Y, 195&
mnu 7n) tn the Fsderol Eatahlishnient o", ools1ruction purpo,' (.s or for the
whicli Wkely to biconie availablee of providing ballast for t-osfriun or &W Al"in 058. PITAUP C ALD PEOnOWAVE sinwh sand, stone, shinoo
TJNHTE1& of 4W Owdrin Road, on wr:" l mong any Imbue r=4 rx2. The PoWitious(dappoiOnant IsInworth, MiTHeyn, Eughud, lave 0-14 Ancivrand in ackordanen Nvuh a
apart from That of salary ghmn ahwe apiMed for tto,. ,Jstratiois_ of o,. 'Fradv perillit, front th- Cloloniat arP a,4 fobows:- Mark consiking it the Ad1Wwimg:-- 10winvor or ui ruahorisod olliver
(,I) fi-- pa-sages 1).y the ( he ij)est ori solbi-ct to such tf ,rms und
tnoqt direct ront., To Trini- c!itiolas a arp dwrein stipulated."
dtvi and, if not subsequently 2. By virtize, of fit,, powers conp -rimuaintly transferred to the errd -n In,- un(ku's-etion 3 of th,,,
Federal Civil Service. haek to in Class 48 in respect of L -,u goo(ls, I herohy, iqpoint th< ,
the territory froni which re- incinded hi this clam. il' P-r i't)r 111 ilno w_-ingf in
"NI:tod for hinlqelf, hi 4 \vifo of ev( ry police (other
Y& his chihWen who w4 unch, The AppOws ell" Tko oil than W N60i "f WA W n) in L&
0- age of L8 yews aii i \vln, are goods an wo In two in AnQwt in 01my. W W au nuthwOn! MHmr in deVnTnnt uproi hirn, up to a respect (4 ow unid Tr: n ' r lolow w, ct oF rho WvYWI W which th
of Jve persons in all; th, date of t oir ApA Aw. 14W Kasai 4 nano Aq4hy Put-

Alanh 137 i 99q Ti 1 A WK UA, AWNTS rU KAT A X 1) V 11,(i I N I SLA NDS G, ZETTI]. 63
poso ofissuing perii;itL, hit tn r(-nioval 1)ufics: fh, will itko ho it (juired to underof s;tIld stone, w 2,rl vel (Vooln t do- at.h other (111tie., its Inay frola
atly h-ach in the district 'I'llo dittio-A Aw pixt tinp- to Oine he imposol on hhu fly
PtTiiiks in respect of th N&A of I i I ) onall the laws of the (I'dolly or by directioll
SaillT Jdin ot'11 be hy Ine at fArlyalluSurs; of the Offiecr A, I ini nistering the (,'rovOw Pnblii Ww 1 s Doparlineilt, Saint ernawlit.
John. (i i) to be responsible for Fillance Qualifkakils:
3. Ally per. -n I-ql1h ing i alld etc :uld Fi :cal Policy, Customs 'Fhe offloter ninst 1w ;wive (notovor
No" any Owdi other than in the mid Oxoth"I: middle "'Jililn to he closely
Pari'd) lot Saili Jfo! Il 11iilld apply to o() ',I ri'iwal ;illh, \\i ll lolcZ11 Ildelits and
s 4) s" FH&W y wMAnt I" the my and W
Op, Pol i,_ Sl;! ioli I h (, (i ist riet f or a (Toriq W O T A Cilm ms and fishiinT to h,- enthitsiastio ovcr spendpernih. :% (ti, : Cliri-lic'y Offict, r, in,, dity, at ma in it sni:d] (40 ft.) boat
Na ,il l"oportin", Offlcor, g
4. t7ntil fwJ r notic, he follow- 111k;o1w, Tax wid) th- students.
ing beaches aw oWc I nn- i he rquoval (Nom"Worrs: Olvirnimi,
,if ally 'stwl- oll. gravel:- Salary:
A, riciiilural Th,. sahiry ,, ilik, jmst is at the late
Fort J:llnos, to 'SI'lld ll iven (iN) to ally ahor duty 01 .- 1.400 p.a. ( j6, 720.00 B. W. 1. enr"Ind II f \ ('11 to Cori)i 11-;4)ll Point ant i-nder any furtlitr Inay 1,(,
, diee_ Allowances:
Ballast Bay tod. The holder of Me post T,,tvt-llin, oiid subsistence allowJ ;an ttx- il;cio Nfelliber of
1111COS al'k- pa Jhlt' it] WCOrdal)Oe with
Side FIT11 Wy th" Ev"Ildve (komwu and hical reg"hitions in mspect of
and a approved travel ,it dilly.
POWs fly (Drad Sawls) Ai, Inhor of the
South ll,:i.- terii half Quarters:
at it rental
Oklahfications: coplal to t4 !h- ollic(-r's ,4,dary or
to 51 (d awse"A vah,4 whichever is lesm.
long Bay. suhkct to a n,,"imuni or 1150
till-niture Call bo
provide(I by ( "velalo-llt if required
""'Ilgim"er. cittl coalrol ov -r dl ot'Gov- at ;( rf, ntal (j 10- "hi. valu'..
Pre:'k-r(, nce will 6t, giv-n to it candiTIFUFFIC 'NOTICE, date who him sAmnl s vernl ymum in a Passage:
8 so pwr hiih- POW SHOcil, PVe- Wy Rmr dws powO4 am pi-l"Well
The A nUgun Veholes and Rmad fuNdh in a A twid ontlway. it first appoi'11'o r tl ofl cor' Ili,
WAN Codhmnee wife an't cllfldr, n not excteding .5
Further particulars regarding the InTsonsinAl: NOWn to be i"vOr 18 s uninarriod and, dependc-lit
appointment iwty he obtained fron, ye:"-"fa- e,
the Chi-r S (T"tary, Wiltdward Is- ')It tllt officer. y virtao 4 th'. conferi-ed Iatid, Urt-nada. to -horn applications
npon in,, by 2 d !he Antigna. Leave:
should le, a(hin--A No Poch Ilim not vacntiwi hnw- wHI he gmnudat
veliielk s alild :"oad TrOlio' Or(iinatlce janT t han i W A 1 A Aluorch, 155& Nn. 5 of 1946, 1 hy-A, announce Mon we of orw week for each conathat witil fnrdivv n(dr- the lighting- CONDITION CYIP SERVICE. pkt d pel&ld of Kmv nmnMs mkiderit
tip time for vehicles tdi dl bo froin. sers low.
6.,',0 p.m. to 5.:'0 -,.in. Post of Principal, Fisheries Training School Ceneral Inform3fion:
DaWd this 21h My or Febrnmy, St. US, BAW W"t Indies. Official.", are table to
1958. If. 01. ',EXN'A11D, taxatimi by locA enactlilent.
Treoo fic Cowinissiolowl.. Appointment: Aplflicotiwl _-iv-nlg fi'll particular,4
Ra Nox 300W oof iopplicant, i lld accojwpanio-(i hy Lw(i,
The post is iold. tc,, thllwliak, hollld ht- addl-f-;s, d to
wi I I ho for a petriii i of 2, )(MaSi"Cin- tho Chief YOUTtary, %HdWank Applic:lti )11" a!- invil"i forth post sive of th- p"OA of the voyag'(- ,to Islands, (;It ilada, allot should reach of Financial 's-'eretary, Donlinic l. and froin -4. ijwia, and (it, earned b.ini liot hkt(-l th .Il Ole '31hst loiareh, lfilie. It w ill Ile subject, to tlt(- 1 9'58 Salary: ColoniA oills and to th loc"all R,4. No, A- 1'. 1: ; 290.
TV, &Owy (9 thin 1-4, wh&h is s ia 11'reot. for the tilne
p, ,n.sionalde, is in the selln 51020X Wing, in so f tr i thcy aro. applivithle. RAINFA-LL FIG TRES A-riculttiral Dej)artment,
_J20-(,'35,'280 per inilimn, pbi,, ;1 20" Duties-, Antllgw
pay Wition, Idns $240 p.a. as TAruum. WNnne Tax C mnnW ners, TO Kiirlingof Wil Wer- Nimmi ly n lylaw lot xuw,
-, 360 p.a. a s C i r ren cy o, a it 111 11 i. a I 2,1 G 1, W 3, 1 ol 9
-172.SO 1). it. "is Naval l"r'j)()t'jin ()Ilk H Vt M & I M W 0 n n n o on d M't % i C i I n 1, 2 9 n1s", To Ab Mar 61 W A W
IhUhy to transfer A, any of pniotical inorwhol, and coimn rcial -53 3.13 ",1)9 E.AO 1'1 ,R
eqdvakut suihm in Whid voual 1 Ainds Win, aw Q m-1 rn gmr vw.

P 01li ce _N ti .e.
1. Vj (K'tfromi 06.00 hours oni 2n1)'il th o K l ol~n rie-way traffic veh In'
itrod need in th li Y oStJhn's, Anitgna.
2. O n the I )llowiii.g, roadsand within the himitsspecified vehicles shall be driven only a r: ne A. In a northerly direction only-1.Kett1h \Villaite road bet1 ieeii Jose~his IL~ n Ni o. I New Sr- e ,.
2. Alarket Street between No. 1 NewN Si leet ainl Netwgate Stre.t.
1. Coiinii.slonier's A hey bet ,veen Red eliffe S;reet atn I Saint, Mary's ,ireet,
-4. Hug1hes Alley bet ween St arv 's Street. and li igh I Stret.
B. In a southerly direction onlyii Corn Alley betiveeit NewLgnre Street intl No, 1 New 'Street.
2.Tune,s St rt e s t r(-tre an d Redel i le Street.
Oi'tto, RoA between No. 1. iXew irIeet anid Joseph's Lane.
C. In a westerly direction only No. 1 New Street between Corni A 11ev ininl Market Street.
3. No vehicles shall be parked on any (J the following, roads:a Kenttish Village road between the entrance to the King( George Memorial Station an i" o. 1,
New Street..
1) Mark~et Street between No. 1 New Street and Newgate Street.
c No. 1. New Street between Corn Alley and Market Street.
d Coinmissionear's Alley.
HuBighes; Alley.
/Corn Alley
y Thnames Street.
h Ottos Road between No. 1 New Street and Rodney Street.
4. These regulations are made under Section 78 (1) of the Vehicles and Road Traflic Orinan:0cer No. 5 of 194(3.
5. The Scheme is being introduced with the object of improving circulation in St. John's for the public a, a whole. The co-operation of all sections of the Community is requested.
7th Mrch, 958. Traffic Commissioner.
Ref. No. 36/00008.
PfintfAd at the Government Printing Office, Antigua. Lecwqrd Wiands, by EAR~L PIOTT, Acting Government Printer..-y Authority.

ST. '[F() I kY I LE 1 .S AN I t0A 1) I: S.
19 58, No. 13. 24 APP 1959
I H CLAM Al (N 1DATED x1W~ iNARC1 B1,W ~-N--r1
TriuN TH' ]",ACTRuiII ( )RItii NfE. 1 9 5.
WH-EREAS iv set-cIion 44 (1 4f the Factri-s orditin tn 19T)7 (No. 12 of 19.57) it is ;provithd that th.-said Orlinanc,, sha ll tine into Openition on a ditte to hr- appotinted ibv the Govprnor b)Y l't'tlxtO~tfil published in the 0(4214/I'.
NOW, THIEREFO)RE, f, ALE() LOV ELACE, a Member 4f flit Nt~ Excellent Ordor of the Bitish 11,mpire. Admninistrato'r of tie Colin f Anutigua, do by this my Proclamationi declare, that ti satid Ordin it-nin shall come into op- ration on the 1 7th (ilay of Marc. 19 157.
ANDI all tier Majesty's loving 4ubjt-cts ini the Io of Aiiti--tin and all others whomn it may c 'neern art lierol iv ret jti id to take du o notice hereof andi to qi vi their r- Ai y oh--dience accordiinglyv.
GI VEN at tie A din iai iuor,'; flie, A~d nlIna, this Sim day of M1arch, 1 958. in t lie, s--vett \ear of 11 in Majesty's reign.
Printed at C (I Goverrinmenlt Prinutimv "Mice. A ilig ix 1. LI rad IFI awfFi
by EARL PI1GOTij. Actiniz Government Printtr. Biv \thrtv

1 7
,,TA'1TT()RX NI'LFS .\M) S.
1958, No. 12. 24 A,"), 1959
PROCLAMATION i) ik'r i : j) F j,imu; i y
19,5 7 ( N o, 5 1119,5 7
WHEREAS liv -oclion 53 of the Com I Ilsat ioll Usdj71alice, 19.57 (No. )JII)57) it is provided Omt ilif, ;;iid Ordiomlc(- sll',ol conit- into oppratitm o1i a (kiv to 1w hY tho Govel-11'.1. bY
proclantution pilhilIm'd ill the (laz'We-,
.,ow, rHFw,mm, 1. APTHun FBANCPS I)A\VKIN.I-,. Adnlilii -trator of the Gdony ,f \tonrserrilt, do hy this my proclalwitimi d'-ciarl.
that HIP snid Ordiwflle- Shall I)(- '1'-( Iliod I') IlikN'- oolile ilito -fl"-Vt oli lilf
JHt day of'JulY, 1957.
AND ill h-r Offiopr' alld lolili-" ,ul) -uts ill the C., !1
of Montserrat :old ml o. htTs who'll it may Nre herehy lliqp' I
to take dile ilotivt im-1 give their ob diellce aceordi: g0v.
GIVEN at tht, Admmietralor',4 Office, Alwil, irrol, ilm, 25th day of Fohniar v, 19,58, in dif sovt-nth P-ltl "f Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the government Printing Offloe kutij ua. Ltcwird lsl mk,
by E.\-,i, PGoTT AAiiig Gov rnui jit Printer. bY Authority.
%i 47/00360-11- 500--3,58. Price rc 'Is'