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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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Oublished by cauthorif /I
CONVENTION for the Exchange of Postal for payment in the United States shall express
Money Orders between the Postal Adminis- the amount in words as well as in figures in trations of the United States and the British dollars and cents. The amount in Sterling
Colony of Antigua, West Indies.n
nioney deposited by remitters may also be entered in the Orders issued in Antigua.
The Post Office Department of the United ARTICLE II
States of America and the Postal Administration
of Antigua, the latter acting with the authority and TRANSMITTAL O D ORDERS AS A BASIS OF
consent of her Majesty's Government in the United
Kingdom, being desirous of establishing a system SETTLEMENT
Of exchange of money orders between the two
countries, to take the place of the Convention Sec. 1. The monthly lists of paid orders,
between the United States of America and the quarterly accounts and remittances hereinafter Leeward Islands which wts signed at Washington provided for, shall be exchanged directly between on the fifth day of August 1921, and at St. John's, the Postal Administration of the United States Antigua on the 29th day of September 1921, the on the one hand, and the Colonial Postmaster of
undersigned, duly authorised for that purpose, the Colony of Antigua on the other.
have agreed upon the following articles. Sec. 2. on the 1st of each month (or the
ARTICLE I next succeding doy if such date falls on Sunday),
ISSUE each Administration shall prepare in duplicate
a list of all Money Orders, which have been paid
The transfer of sums of money may be made at, and received from its Post Offices.
by means of Postal Money Orders from Antigua
to the United States and its possessions and from Sec. 3. These lists must exhibit in detail the United States and its possessions, excepting the and in alphabetical order by States, Territories Canal Zone (Isthmus of Panama) to Antigua. Possessions or Provinces, as the case may be, the names of the issuing offices, the serial numARTICLE II bers printed on the orders, and the amount of
each order.- The sum total of each sheet of paid FoRm, MAXIMUM, etc. orders must be stated in the summary attached
Sec. 1. The Money Orders issued in the United to the list, in dollars and cents.
States and its possessions for payment in Antigua
shall conform, as nearly as practicable, to model ec. t. the fis al be bered -with.
"A" hereto annexed, and the Money Orders issued utively throughout the fiscal year, beginning with
in Antigua for payment in the United States ad No. 1 on the first of July of each year.
its possessions shall in like manner conform to Sec. 5. On the part of the United States, model "B also hereto annexed. one certified copy of a list embracing the paid
Sec. 2. Each order shall be delivered to the orders originating in Antigua shall be sent to the
remitter, to be forwarded to the payee, by and at Colonial Postmaster of Antigua and on the part the expense of the remitter. of Antigua, one certified copy of a list embracing
all orders originating in the United states and Sec. 3. In filling up the Money Order paid in Antigua shall be sent by the Colonial
and receipt of payments, the writing must be in Post Master to such office of the United States the English Language, and in Roman letters Post Office Department as the Postmaster
and Arabic Numerals without erasure, altera- General of the United States shall designate.
tion or obliteration, and no order shall contain Sec. 6. Each list shall he accompanied by
aecfractionis ofll e accent. b
fraction of a cent. all paid Orders entered therein, and shall be
Sec. 4. the maximun amount of each forwarded by registered mail.
money order is fixed at one hundred dollars. Sec. 7. Each Administration shall promptSec. 5. The Money Orders issued in the ly acknowledge to the other the receipt of each
United States for payment in Antigua shall be list, and shall as soon after receipt as possible, drawn in United States currency (dollars and give notice of any errors which may have been
cents), and the Money Orders issued in Antigua discovered therein.
7 77

Sec. 8. In case paid Money Orders Country which may be atithorised to issue and returned to the Administrator which issued the pay money orders under the provisions of this Orders, be lost or destroyed in transmit by mail, Convention. it is agreed that a certificated copy of the Sec. 2. Each of the two Departments
corresponding list, presented by the Adminis- ses 2. righ o the twe Dertments tration which made the transmittal, shall within reserves the right to authorise the transfer, witha reasonable time be accepted as a satisfactory in its territory, by means of endorsement, of the voucher and evidence of payment of the orders ownership of Orders originating in the territory described therein, of the other.
Sec. 1. The amounts of orders passing in Sec. 1. The Orders drawn in pursuance
both directions shall be expressed in United of this Convention shall be subject, as regards States currency (Article 2) and in consideration payment, to the regulations that govern the of the fluctuations of the rate of exchange payment of domestic monoy orders in the country between the two countries it is agreed that the of payment. Each Administration shall be Postal Admi.istration of Antigua shall from responsible for the payments made within its time to time, in accordance with circumstances, territory. establish and announce the rate of conversion Sec. 2. All correspondence concerning of its own money into that of the United States, Money Order business shall be conducted through as well as the rate for conversion of the amounts the Post Office Department of the United States of United States orders in the money of the pay- on the one hand and the Colonial Postmaster ing country. of Antigua on the other.
Sec. 2. The United States Post Office
Department will be duly advised of every change AR'ICLE VilI
in the rate for the conversion of the amounts of INVALID ORDERS
its own issued orders into the money of the paying country as well as of changes in the rates for Sec. 1. The Money Orders issued in conversion of orders issued in Antigua for pursuance of the Convention shal be valid until paynient in the United States. the expiration of twelve months from the last day
AR1TICLE V of the month in which issued.
See. 2. Payment of the amount of an invaFEES lid Order may be made by means of a duplicate,
Sec. 1. A fee, to be fixed by the country to be issued by the Administration of the Country of origin, shall be collected from tile remitter of origin, and sent to the country of payment. upon each sum of money transmitted under this AIRTICLE IX
Sec. 2. Each Post Office Department shall DUPLICATE
communicate to the other the tariff or schedule See. 1. Orders, lost or destroyed, will te of the fees to be established by it under the ec. 1. d es to desoed wl be
provisions of this article, and also replaced with duplicates to e issued y the
prohinsg thi. rAdministration of the Coutitry of origin, and sent change therein. to the country of paynent.
8ec. 3. The person entitled to payment, of a
Money Order issued in pursuance of this Conven- Sec. 2. An application for i duplicate of tion shall not be subjected, under any pretex a Money Order alleged to have been lost or what ever to any commission or tax on account destroyed may be accepted only from the of the payment of such order. purchaser or the holder of the purchaser's receipt
Sec. 4. There shall be but one scale of fees and the responsibility of obtaining the duplicate for the issue in the United States of Orders will devolve upon the payee who should commupayable in Antigua, as well as for the issue in nicate with the purchaser.
Antigua of Orders payable in the United States. ARTICLE X
See. 5. Each of the contracting offices
shall keep the fees which it receives for Money REPAYMENTS
Orders issued within its jurisdiction, and no A Money Order or a duplicate thereof may c.)mmission or charge will be made by either Admiistrtion for hanyevibes peed einr be paid to the purchaser, payee or endorsee upon Administration for any services performed in presentation. connection with the exchange of Money Orders. ATICLE X
Sec. 1. Within six weeks after the close of
Sec. 1. Each IPost fflce Department reser- each fiscal quarter, two copies of an Account yes the right to designate the Post Offices of its similar to Model "C" hereto annexed, shall be

prepared and transmitted to such Office of the may be of a nature to warrant the measure, to United States Post Office Department as the suspend temporarily the Moiiey Order service Postniaster General of the United States shall between the two countries, provided, however, designate by the Colonial Postmaster of Antigua, that notice of such suspension be given to the exhibiting the balance due on the exchange of other Administration immediately and, if necesMoney Orders during the quarter, one copy of sary, by means of the telegraph. which after proper verification, and acknowledgment shall be returned to the Colonial Postmaster. ARTICLE XV
(a) If this verified account shows a balance IN EFFECT
in favour of Antigua, the lost Office Department This Convention when duly signed, shall take of the United States will transmit therewith a effect on the first day of December, 1957, and check drawn on the Treasurer of the United shall he in force until one year after one of the States in favour of the Colonial Postmaster for contracting Administrations shall have notified the amount of said balance due. the other of its intention to terminate it.
(b) If on the other hand, said Account after During such year the Convention shall continue verification and acknowledgment, as aforesaid to be executed fully and entirely without prejuand ~ Z acnweget frsI dice to the adjustment and payment of the
shows a balance in favour of the Post Office Department of the United States, then the accounts after the expiration of the term in Colonial Postmaster will, upon receipt of the question. certified copy of the same, transmit to the Post DONE in duplicate, and signed at Antigua, Office Department of the United States, a bill of British West Indies on the 5th day of December, exchange for the amount thereof, payable in New 1956, and at Washington, D.C., on the 22nd day York in dollars. of March, 1957.
See. 2. If pending the settlement of an
account, one of the Postal Administrations shall FOR THE POSTAL ADMINISTRATION OF ANTIGUA, ascertain that it owes the other a balance exceed- WEST INDIES:
ing one thousand dollars, the indebted Administration shall promptly remit the approximate ALEC LOVELACE,
amount of such balance to the credit of the other. Administrator.
Sec. 3. The expenses attending the remit- FOR THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED tance of bills of exchange shall invariably be STATES OF AMERICA: borne by the office by which payment is to be made. MAURICE H. STAYS
ARTICLE XII Deputy Postmaster General. [L.S.]
USE oF VOUCHERS The foregoing Convention for the exchange
of Postal Money Orders between the Postal Each Administration agrees to place temporarily Administration of the United States of America at the disposal of the other any paid Order the and the Postal Administration of Antigua, West
return of which shall have been requested. Indies, has been negotiated and concluded with
ARTICLE XIII my advice and consent and is hereby approved
and ratified.
MODIFICATION OF DETAILS. In Testimony Whereof I have caused the
The Contracting Administrations are author- Seal of the United States of America to be hereised to make such modifications in matters of unto affixed. detail connected with the execution of the ,provisions of this Convention as may be deemed DWIGHT EISENHOWER
expedient, and mutually agreed upon, in order to [L.S.1
provide for greater security against fraud, or for the better working of the system.
ARTICLE XlV By the President:
Secretary of State.
Each of the two Administrations is enpowered, under extraordinary circumstances which Washington, August, 7, 1957.

-Notices. No. 3. All employers (including Heads of
Government Departments, Building
The following Imperial Legislation Contractors, Merchants, Estate ProThe following telegrams exchanged and Statutory Rules and Orders are prietors, Steamship Agents Stevedores
in connection with the arrival in circulated with this Gazette and form are hereby required to furnish the Trinidad of His Excellency Lord part thereof:- Income Tax Commissioner with lists
HAILES, Governor-General of the showing name, address arid total
West Indies ar- published for general IMPERIAL LEGISLATION remuneration of (a) their office staff,
information:- "The West Indies (Federation) (b) all other employees (including
From Governor, Leeward Islands. (Commencement) Order in Council labourers, drivers of Motor Vehicles,
Fom Governor, nraTrIidad. 1957.) 'r suppliers of transport services and
To GovernorGneral, Trinidad. 1957." sub-contractors) whose total remuner" On behalf of the Governments ation for the year 1957 exceeds Five
and peoples of the Leeward Islands I STATUTORY RULES & ORDERS. hundred and forty Dollars. Heads of send to Your Excellency warm good Government De-partments are not
wishes for a happy and successful Antigua. required to furnishlists of employees
term of office as first Governor-General 1958, No. 1. Proclamation dated who are on the pensionable establishof the West Indies." January 6, 1958, proroguing the Legis- ment of the Civil Services.
lative Council of the Col.ny." (Section 50 (2) a & b).
From Governor-General. I pp. Price 3 cents.
To Governor, Leeward Islands. No. 3 of 1958, Proclamation dated General
January 9, 1958, appointing a Session
"I am most greatful for the good for the Legislative Council of the Any person may be considered to be
wishes which you sent me on behalf Colony." 1 pp. Price 3 vents. liable to pay income tax" if his inof the Governments and peoples of the come from all sources exceeds Five
Leeward Islands. We are looking NOTE-In substitution of Notice hundred and forty Dollars.
forward to thanking them in person published in Gazette No. 2 of the r2nd All claims for deduction from before very long." January, 1958, re Publications circu- income tax must be substantiated by
lated with Gazette, the following the production of receipts or other Ohief Secretary's Office, should be substituted: bona fide evidence.
8th January, 1958. IMPERIAL LEGISLATION Penalties
1957 No. 2167 "The Leeward Is- Any person liable to pay income
No. 2. lands and Windward Islands (Courts) tax who fails to make or deliver a
(Amendment) Order in Council, return within the prescribed period
Appointments, transfers, etc., in 1957." 2 pp. Price 4 cents, sh;ll be guilty of an offence against
the public service, with effect from this Ordinance and shall be liable on
the dates stated, are published for INCOME TAX NOTICE. conviction to a penalty not exceeding
general information:- Five hundred dollars, and in default
The Income Tax Ordinance of payment to imprisonment with or
Antigua. No. 13 of 1957. without hard labour for a term not
BYRON, C. 0. Registrar and Provost Public Officers and Pensioners exceeding six months.
Marshal, Antigua, resigned appoint- Any person who makes or delivers
ment. March 29. Any public officer or pensioner lia- a false return or keeps or prepares any
ble to pay income tax whose income false accounts or particulars concernCARROT, J. H., Administrative Secre- including that of his wife consists inq any income on which tax is paytary, Montserrat seconded to the solely of his and/or her emoluments able shall be guilty of an offence and post of Administrative Secretary, as a public officer or pensioner or shall be liable on conviction to a fine Administration, Antigua. other allowance from public funds not exceeding Two thousand five hunDec. 21, 1957. shall deliver a true and correct return dried Dollars, or to imprisonment with of his whole income to the Commis- or without hard labour for a term not IRISH, Miss M., appointed Ward sioner not later than the 31st day of exceeding six months.
Maid II, Holberton Hospital, January 1958. (Section 74).
Aug. 26, 1957. (Section 81 and S. R. & 0., 1946,
(hn substitution for Gazette No. 13). H. A Murdoch,
Notice of 5th December, 1957) Other Persons for the Commissioner.
4th .January 1958.
THOMAS, Miss R., Uncertificated Every person (including a com- __________1958.
Teacher, appointed Elementary pany) liable to pay income tax shall
School Assistant Grade II, Eduea- deliver a true and correct return of his IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ELECTRICITY
tion Department. Dec. 1, 1957 whole income not later than the 31st CONSUMERS.
WILSON, Miss I. M., appointed day of March, 1958. The attention of Electricity ConsuJunior(Section 81 and S. R. and 1946, mers is again directed to the provisions
Oct. 1, 1957. of Section 21 (b) of Ordinance No. 36
Montserrat. Agents, Trustees, Etc. of 1956 which states that no alteration
may be made to a consumer's instalaPROSPER, J. W. Inspector of Police, Any person having, the direction, tion without the prior authority of
otserr to a.nspctras Assistant control or management of any prop- the Director of the Electricity, Ice & Superintendent of Police, Montser- erty or concern, or being in receipt of Cold Storage Department. In effect Srntendet o P M income, on behalf of any person, this means that no additional connecrat. Dec. 21, 1957. whether resident or non-resident, as tions, viz. electric lighting points,
(Issued in substitution for Gazette attorney, factor, agent, trustee, curator air-conditioning plant, domestic reNotice No. 147 of the 19th Decem- or committee should make and deliver firigerators, deep-freeze cabinets, water bpr, 1957.) to the Commissioner a return in heaters, cookers, hotplates, irotns, ketrespect of such property, concern or ties, radio sets, etc., may be made to a Chief Sweretary's Office, income not later than the 31st day of consumer's installation which is supAntsgua. March, 1958. plied from the public electricity
2nd January, 1958. (Sections 29 and 30). system without the prior authority of

the Director of the Electricity, Ice & (3) INVALIDATION OF ANTIGUA STAMPS.
,Cold Storage Department. In cases
where un-authorised additional connections are made a consumer renders
himself liable to have the supply of
electrical energy to his premises dis- in Class 47. that is to say: Gasoline It is hereby notified for general
-continued. additive for improving the perform- information that, notwithstanding the
provisions of the King George VI ten
Consumers are also informed that ance characteristics of internal com- shions oftheand one poundge SVItampsen the demand on the public supply bustion engines. (Invalidation) Order, 1957 (S. R. & O.
system has already reached the safe 4) 1957 No. 9) the Antigua stamps of
working capacity of the generating the values of ten shillings and one
plant at present available at the pound authorised for use in Antigua
Coolidge Power Stations and, there- TXl by the Stamps Order, 1948, (S. R. & O
fore, in order that the supply to 1948 No. 6) may, by virtue of the
existing consumers may not be preju- King George VI ten shillings and one
diced no additional connectionsto the in Class 47, that is to say: gasoline, pound Stamps (Continuance of Use) supply system can be permitted until kerosene. and motor and industrial Order, 1957, (S. R. & 0. 1957 No. 29) further notice. lubricating oil and grease. continue to be used for the payment
lubricating Ice & Cold Sof postage or stamp duties up to and Electrioity Ice & Cold Sitoage Dept. (5) including the 31st (lay of March,
St. Johns. 1958, after which date they shall no
6th, January 1958. TAA I longer be valid for the said purposes.
Provost Marshat's Qffice, T EX A M A TIC Provision has, however, been made
Antigua, in the above Continuance of Use
6th Janu ary, 1958. Order for a period of grace of three
in Class 47, that is to say: Lubrica- months thereafter, that is on or Notice is hereby given that there ting and hydraulic oils intended for before the 30th day of June, 1958, will be sold on the premises in the use in hydraulic transmissions of within which holders of the stamps City of St. John hereinafter named on automotive vehicles, of the abovementioned denominaThursday the 6th day of February, tions may effect their exchange at the
1958 at 12 o'clock noon, the lands and (6) General Post Office, St. John's, Antitenements belonging to the person gua, for a stamp or stamps of equal
whose name is set out hereunder, the THUBAN value authorised for use in the Colony
said premises having being levied upon of Antigua.
to satisfy the City Rate due for the in Class 47, that is to say: Lubricating year 1957. grease.
Administrator's Ofice,
Miriam Davis Antigua.
EVAN CREQUE, 21st September, 1957.
for Provost Marshal.
PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT. Agricultural Department,
23rd November, 1957 in Class 47, that is to say: Gasline. Antigua.
THE TEXAS COMPANY of 135 The Applicants claim that they
East 42nd Street, Newv York, State of have used the said Trcle Mark in New York, United States of America respect of the said goods for 25, 53, Month 1!53. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957. have applied for Registration of sevn 3, 30, 10, 44, & 24, years respectively January 1.93 3.04 2.16 5.15 3.16 Feb. 1.02 2.45 .68 1.23 2.29
Trade Marks consisting of the follow- before the date of their said Appli- Mar. 5.0 1.0S .83 140 .40 ing:- cation. April 2.06 .49 1.75 3.83 2.54
(1) May 1.50 3.83 2.81 2.58 1.19
( Any person may within three June 1.31 3.32 1.47 5.72 286
go EFAny person may within three 2
July 3.20 3.47 2.13 4.29 150
Lrik months from the date of the first Auust 3.15 5.93 8.25 5.67 6.48
appearance of this Advertisement in September 2.10 9.91 5.59 2.10 8.45 in Class 47, that is to say; Gasoline. the Antigua, lontserrat and Vir- Ocrober .85 4.62 5.60 6.58 4.84 gin Islands Gaz,tle give notice in November 524 1.54 2.19 3,34 4.36
(2) duplicate at the Trade Marks Office, December 3.41 3.08 2.43 1.94 7.62
H E Montserrat of opposition to registra- 31.37 42.76 35.89 43.83 45.68
II wO L N tion of the said Trade Mark.
Month 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957. 1958.
in Class 47, that is to say: Motor C. STRAUGHN HUSBANDS,
ubricaing oil Ag. Registrar of Trade Marks. To 4th Jan. .34 1.86 3.39 .91 .l

17th December, 1957.
ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY of 15 West, 51st Street, U.S.A., have applied for Registration of two.. Trade Marks consisting of the following:
in Class 13 that is to say: Metal goods not included in other classes in particular sprayers, squirt guns and atomizers.
IlI liii III I 111lll I ~ III 1 l~l I I~lIIIlIIIIIIIIII
in Class 2 that is to say: Chemical substances, used for agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and sanitary purposes.
The Applicants claim that they have used the said Trade Marks of the said goods for 6 years before the dateof their said Application.
Any person may within three months from the d te of the first appearance of this advertisement in the: Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands Gazette give notice in duplicate at the Trade Mark's Office, Plymouth, IMontserrat, of opposition to registration of the said Trade Marhs.
C. STRAUGHN HUSBANDS, Ag. Registrar of Trade Mark&.
Prigkted at the Government Printing Office, Antigia, Leeward Islands, by EARL PIGOIT, Acting Government Printcr.-By Authority.
[Price 17 ent.1i

The 13th day of December, 1957 Present.
Her Majesty, in pursuance of subsection (2) of section 1
of the West Indies (Federation) Order in Council, 1957 (a), is pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to order,
and it is hereby ordered, as follows:1. The provisions of the Constitution of the West Indies
that are referred to in subsection (2) of section 1 of the West Indies (Federation) Order in Council, 1957(a), shall come
into force on the 3rd day of January, 1958.
2. This Order may be cited as the West Indies (Federa-.
tion) (Commencement) Order in Council, 1957.
(a) S.I. 1957/1364.
Repriuted at the Government Printing Office, intigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT, Aoting Government Printer.-By Authority
500-1.58. Price 3 onts.
,,'o Y7
11 ,

1958, No. 1.
WHER EAS the Legislative Council of the Colony of
Antigua has been duly constituted under the provisions of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951
(No. 10/1951.):
AND WHEREAS it is provided, inter alia, by subsection (1) of section 25 of the said Ordinance that the Governor may at any time, by proclamation, prorogue the
said Legislative Council:
AND WHEREAS it appears expedient to prorogue the
said Council:
NOW, THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers in me
vested as hereinbefore recited I do hereby prorogue the Legislative Council of the Colony of Antigua until such further date as may be appointed, by proclamation of the Administrator under the provisions of section 18 of the said Ordinance, for the first sitting in the next session of the
said Council.
AND the members of the said Council and all other
Her Majesty's officers andti loving subjects in the said Colony and all those whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to govern themselves
GIVEN at the Govternment [louse, Antiqua, this
6th day of January, 1958, aind in the sixth year
of Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOT'T, Acting Government Printer.-By Authority 1958.
500-1.58. Price 3 cents.
1/ o

1958, No. 3.
WHEREAS pursuant to the provisions of section 25 (1)
of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, the Governor by proclamation dated the 6th day of January, 1958, prorogued the Legislative Council of the Colony of Antigua until such further date as may be appointed by proclamation of the Administrator under the provisions of.
section 18 of the said Ordinance, for the first sitting in the
next session of the said Council:
AND WHEREAS it is provided by section 18 of the said
Ordin:ince that the sessions of the said Council shall be held at such times and places as the Administrator shall from time to
time by proclamation appoint:
AND WHEl{EAS it is expedient that a session of thee
said Council should now be held.
NOW, THEREFORE, I do by this my proclamation,
hereby appoint that a session of the Legislative Council of the Colony should now be held and that the first meeting thereof shall commence with a sirtiig of the Council at the Council Chamber in the City of Saint John at 9.15 o'clock in the forenoon on Wednesday the 15th day of January, 1958, for the
despatch of public business.
AND the Members of the said Council and all other Her
Majesty's Officers, Ministers, and loving subjects in the said Colony and all those whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to give their ready obedience
GIVEN at the Administrator's Office, Antigua, this 9th day of January, 1958, in the sixth year of Her Majesty's reign.
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL. PTOO'rT, Acting Governmont Printer,--By Authority.
/ 500-1.5,. Price 3 cents.

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