The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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12 v. : ; 25-35 cm.


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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
legislation ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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T0zihhvzd by, auth ~iy.
'iVO L 11. Y). '5 L~D .2~M M~K:i5.> 0.
N> ~Jarvis, G. W., Ser-si ant of 1Poli1 r to Ill hImartaut Noice to Electricity Consumers.
jAN i e f Sl.- 1lsj Ctor '11f Polic, L eeward
Islands Podikce Fo r,- e23- 0 7 l- LECTR[CYiTY C0 ,'ONS U E 1i It is lierelw notified f(or ienerl ~ 0'-nled ii sil A--illtij or hONo9 "' itttI ll receipt o- 4 laimls for conlpcu ~ationi for of Iill 0) -t or, 1 are nitlled tl:it iihC\\ ith
Victims of NaiA osi~ has beenl ()C"'ii SJ' 21 (1) (1)) of
further exe~e.A p,'4t O.rdiniance 34 of 13 -i; nateratjon51,
to elicrioal illslOtiltiu lflaViy tw be
2. T'ri,: fimil hate- for tie recei pt oI Aska, D., Pett.: O1ler Cliaes Ii I. A ldit mado e v. i tio 0t thle pior a approval of claims lias loeell ex tetn ded to I it April, 1 ep artmiint, resignedl apiwiitmlit the lji ertor of. I (Ce 1b-nt city. Ice 19,58. INOX. 11; an (Cold tp'1-c et
Francis. Miss C., Suiff -Nurse, I ollerAdfliliic~~o~I-'( ,; .toil Hospital pointed Ward Sister. 2. lli .'li X re ;C~illI liitlOlloiseII
A -i 11U 0.I1bielrtoii Hospitall. Nv alter -w ti anl h;,tl:U 1(11 is imade,
12t -)I the coiii i i ni 1-1 1('" 1iiln i elC 1, ial -le to
'Rf ,NI AI. li 112.1 Coodwin, G. A., .1 mliot' (Clerk, Laboulr have Iis, 'CIj I V ol electrical ellergy
Department A PP1outed School discontilliteAttenIdzmc 0 Officer, Education
INVITATION TO BIDS TO TENDER. [)epartuo'n-t. NIXV. .~ Eletcii/e, 11'r J: Cold Yloratje DJept.
12th Novembor, 1957.
The GOX I (ii~ t olt Antigmi inv'~itesi Matthew, Miss N.- unor (Clerk, (>15contracors to bi fh ~ir. tile voii,-i'iietioll totUS. ExcXise. Port tI'Ilfefrredl as of thn ueXX Ai ruot o i inat iii ilBild- J i 11)11 Clerk. Post Oflice. Nov., TR.AFFIC NOTICE.
ing (oligeFbII.A 0t~illl.Meade, A. R. C., Principal, Legil I De- The A otigua Veh'oles and H oad
Iiltiliaitio(!5 of illtellti(ol to bid patrtmtleit, seconddh as Air T'ratlie Traffic Ordinance should~ 1) frwar~dedi inl sealed envel- Control Officer, Coolidge Air Base, No. 5) oto 1,J46.
opes to the CoIloial Engineer, Public N ov. 16 By virtue of the flower conferred
Works Department, and marked Samuel, Miss E., Junior Clerk, Public upon mie by Section 2 of the Antigua itimiatioll of Intentioln to Bidl- NWorks D~epartmnt transferred as Vehlicles will RoadiI T-rich Ordinlane, Airporit Terihilllll Budli' Junior Clerk, Customns. Excise. TNo. 5 o~f 1946, 1 hereby announce that
Port, Nov. 3 until further notice, the lightinlg-up
They list bll received not later time for vehicles shall be from
than 6th December, 19.57, and shold.t 5.-45 p.m.1 to 5.3(t 1.iti.
be accom panlied by a deposit of Dated thlis 8th day (If N \ovemiber.
$5() MWI. -whlich is, returnale upon 1957.
tile receipt (If a bonal fide tenider and GONFIRMATION Or, ORDINANCES H. G. Seward,
the return of the, doculuents. 7#lcCoo 1207I(,a.
All relevant doctinients will be for- No. 1),7. irocosl MI'nshal'a office,
warded to acceptedi tenderers about Tile Secretary (If State for the Antiilua,
intil i tid lt Xof Deil e Oi ith proe Colonies has informed tile Governor 11tha Novie-nIr, 1957.
itenmiddl O o k Decmbe ith poete a oPoe of disal Iowvanee will -NI )T1CEI IS HERIEBY GIVEN
willcolilltlli! eirl il 1958.not bIe -xercised inl respect of the taHeewl osl i ~ aiu
The (overninc ilit o Antigua tilfderintiont~d Ordinance:- prell-ises ill the (,'t x-If Saint John
11(1 tAQ tel Iarli'I oi li Thrsday, 12t1
-reserves the right to refuse any or all Dcmp,1-7a 2Wlc on
bids.A it ig itcit.the lands! and tenemients beloning to Adrninist~iodorb, 0.,/ic-, No. 8 of 1957, "Pensionls (Inerease) thle piersons wvlose names are set olit
Anla ti, Odinace,195.''hereunder, the said premnises having
2011t Yo1'mnler' 1.9-7, Nov. 7 been ucidtpton to ,oitlsfy the City
Rate (hie thereon for the Year 1957.
Ref, No. PW('. 6614. 45N.18D1KN-0-UA T1
____ Johnil Lucais, Matildai Jse5ph,
No. 136. The following Bills which aIre to he Etilinis C hi'istiail, Alii.9A Ius 91. 1)tavis
introduced into the Legislative Courl- (2), !knillnethl 'Murdolch (2). Appoi~niridl tI i7.(t. cii of' An tigua are circulated with this
the lpubliC C tC Xi ll effect froT' Gazette and form) part th(ireof:-- S'T* G FORGE'S STI?17! tile dlk c-ied tetpublishied for A-, dr 'll, lu~ fC~re
genoliliiulillll~oll;-- at.uo.I.Davis, Edna G. i it ;1, l)ster
'Tonge, E.T_, Al-til iw -'q ctor o~f Police "The Plantinig oif Suglar Cal les (Pr )- 1'. JOFTIN'S S'i'REE't'
confirmed as In-,pelt r of Pollee hibitioi ) ordinlauce, 11 7.' -to 4d Ienrifetta k ~l Aln
ill tI~ C 1IeXw;lP{ linds Pollie MAlrtiii, ( iurlles r~- Ulit .Johni,
F ree 10. 57. "The MVidwifery Ordilnce, 19-57." Ch 11f ihilrln.

258 Tlil ANrIGUAMONTSEIIRA'I'AiNI)VII GINISLANI)SGAZI, "I"1'10 [Noveuiber2l,1957
BISHOPGATli, STF,EET Bennett Street South Street
George 11. Joseph (2), Selina 1 ,statf- of Chm-los Este, Ursula Mat- Joseph 1-1. Martin, Florence SowerBillinglint-st, Henrietta John, William thew, Iris Mtissingtoii. by.
H. John, Heirs of Albert Barnard. Temple Street
Ath-11! Street Constance flill.
NORTH STREET Sarall Mason.
Heirs of Daniel Peters, Honry Church Lane
Ed-xards. Pigott Street E-4ak- of IU6,1 florsford, WyI ris Mll sillt,tull. cliff flandolph Michael, Hre.
'N EVy-,(r ATE, STI? E E I' of Rotian.
A. J(lsi.,Jill, X. A. I'ull ;tIld Bell Street
1'. ilitellie. lanes Ivtiii Harris, Ray- Cross Street
rnond A. Duke.
11pnry E Alfred Peters Street
Chr !ovlwl. F; tilcis (3), 'John E-;J(- T. 1-., likir!
'JAI-i,NEjUS LANE Brown, 1,111\ 1 iis Desilvia, Irelle
Robor!,-. Ottos Land
P1 31 N 11, 1 AN! I Dicke, Swl'bay Street
Florellwt- 8 ha tiotl, S:unvi ,l Lavis- Ottos Lane
Er!i-st Sclwnii;th Knight, Ehen z r Crump, IlAv na E(Innind
count, L wte, 11-njainin I t
Lowell, Sillioll, N ,vflle Bridges, 1 ()63- (2).
line Alorgwi, lIckford Vvinter (2). v
tonney Street
III -ITTO 1 1( ATIII AiAl"illy A mi ha Jo It it.
'I'lloulas St. George's Street I
Nelson Street
NN illtk-r (2), Nfitry Wells, Bw"toll.
Dovis Allc n, Ed, ;tcd Uovd, Isabella
P( I D S! [Ufl,71' Ditvj ,, l"dward'I"I'ry, Alict-M.Srnith. BYRON,
Adol ]),1 1 P,%v I I o
St. 3ohn's Street
EE;tato oi S wai! Jaaws. P 1. al Winter (2),
INVALIDATION Ch IUMCIUA STAMPS. histmi kolwrt, A. Carly,
11001) STRPET loin Afiwdore ,m, Jidlii, Williain
It is hei4d)v for oelleral
Brunella Benjamin, JoshuaTlionias, Punter, Edwl Victotiajallles
illforlllti ll timt. nol witil"I"ll(Ulig tile
Ja;ne i 11. King. provisions of tiie Vtt(,n
'e sllfllilw and olle poull(I Stamps
FOR il C
Jauvs 1 4,
ArCim, Robeits, N-ville. \Veston, James M Ipp, Jan (111 vt lidaliou) Ovdev, 1954 (8,R.&O.
I es 19,57Nn. 9) tlw Aiii;11 ,,wt tmntls of Gw ndolyn George, Basil Situnders, 13. Hart, Ulor"Iwo Rall)s;vv, John tllt viklm's of te l 'Aiiiiii-S alld olle
Cecil Nelluall, chal"t's Brown, 111)(1da Dowe, Jan Awi VVilsrm, Dufce Vann. Saruw-i, Vert im) 8a it 11 1, ilm-O)el potluki wltilori soki ior use In '111tigua
by th(I Stairips Order. 1948, (S. R. & 0
willialits. North Street 1918 6) lil"v. bY vil"lle of tile
Fordinand Martiii, Nlorv H. Joseph, Kil"I" Goort", V I to;) Alillin"s llild oile CHURCH LANE Ernem Gilo id. lie.,, ; Lo;'sford, Jolin v-Mid "'tatups (iml till '!;ol ce of Use)
Heirs of Edvja
-d King. Seba-,-,'Liall. Titus 'o. 2t
Order, 19 7, ( R. I l,57 N
OTTOS LAN11, The Point colitiullf, tfy 1) 11 0(1 f Q- the paylilent
s t, st;ltllp dutic:4 1,11) to and
LaN% ronce JWuh an, I A!onioa Eileen (1. & (4. Ueyllvilds, Heirs of ot 1-1 1
Joseph, Elvina Ednnind. Josoph Mathullill illelluding t1w 314 (Itly of Alarch,
Henri ,tta Gnivirini, Edmore C. AAca, 19,581 after -wilich dat tll(, v Alall ]to NELSON STRI;11- ,T A-br;khaui Brydore Benjainin. longer Iw vfllid for t1lo sai(I purpos! -s.
Rael)"It'l Jatn( H. Proviion liiis, liov(-,%-,:,r, betzxri nitdo
Mariners Lane ill r1w ;thwo Co-linuallce of Use
CECIL 0. BYRON, 1,1)-nezer C;ivisifphir, frene Wal- Orfk-rfor a pi iiod of u-v e of three.
Provo.,4 ker, -'Jutti)a nlontll, ; lh !i 'S 011 017
bertq e fh day of Jhllle, 19.58,
Wilkenson Street withinn v,-Iiicli !,()Id,,r;i of the tanips
AMAR11.)HIAL111) OFFIOL Norris Destin, No-ville Bridges, oj*,tl)e :kbovt.,nientioned denominaAN'VDUA, 4ti-i Novernber. 1957. Andrew Emaimel, Goo. W. 13. Bryson timis inav (--ffect t1wir exclintige at the
& Co., Ltd. General 'P )st, 01ice, '4. Join's, AntiNo ice is hereby givon diat there
-11"l, for s(nillp or Atullps of equal
will !) ) "'old oil tile VAVIOUS prelnlsH Newgale Lane
,ill tli City of Saint Jolin hereafter vaht Ai,--e ill the Colony
nain-d on Thtirsiklly rtli Dilcenil)er, Heirs of NY i 11 o k! k. of lLiltM111:t.
I'M7 at 1.2 o'cli-wk -noort, flie lands Long Street
and toyi ,uieutti' 1-iekmging to tile per- Antoineth, U-1id. V. C. Golues, soils whose Ilaines ar- F4et ollt liere- Goorgo Mc-Na(irow, Nlaria Queely. ')Is/ 8o))t'('anhrr, under, the said li tving been
lovied upon to F,,alisfy tlio City Rate Redcliffe Street TRAIPFIC XOTICE.
due thereon for 0,,,- year 1957. Antigwt Lod ;,-A. F.
Tho 'llbllc N 1:1forined that,
Hamiitons Land No. 2 Nevis Street wher, as llow 1, pi",11"ad Stl-,-et fil St.
Morrison Clfluaeho, Elina Potter, l,hn's is a Mtio), Poarl in solne of its
David Anthony, Alphonso Hainil- Est. of Tliornas Rvam, I-Irs. of Eliza sfvetch,, R11,
I a Road in others
ton (7) Bennett, Bertlia &ickley. arol wtierews now some roads which
Hamiltons Land No. 3 cros,-, it. are Minor Roads and others
fanner Street are Major Roads, Nvith offset froDi
Alplionso Hamilton (3) Estate of Uth November, 19,57 Popcshead
Charles 1 ,sto. Heirs of Hart)ri. Street ,Vill be declared a Uijor Road

throughout, the whole of its length (iv) Government shall also have TENDER.
and all roads crogsing it will be the right to terminate the
declareo lMinor Roads. That is to say, contract on giving one week's 'reniders are invited for the making
traffic moving along Popesheati Street no tice, in writing if the set'- of uniforms for Petty Officers for the
wHi have right of way ove rtraffic vice is generally unreliable year 1958 as follows:entering it from no matter which through ref1;rated unpuiictuseet. The presuit "Stop signs al defectivye cars Or other In khaki drill for Petty Officerswill boe adjusted accordingly. cause. (a) tunic and trousers
7. Thy T'']ender should state the (b) khaki shirts with short
Ths uasure is intended to in- number~ of em to he acQ( andsoa sevsmd pocket on each breast
prv 1 te lw o rtf n to disposalent with flap to button
decrer t risk of at'c: )1) t lTV S. A! 1 to ci' es Wmhol he a dressed (t)hkirosr Puhldm is ro 1uestwi thr r to c r- the Achiniidtatuo in ai sealed ) khaki sors
oper with it. tono vkw te112P ide fhror ( Hlcid (4) khaki sovrats
Tr 'ii; in I the 8 A it '' aI o ot Ofin Ii)10o .~t In blue serge and cot ton duck for
Tra'11, ,~l .v~~f( tO Alinni:I ato's tlio lntlater boatmen -2nd No vent 'o 957. than I p.m. on liriday 1,11 h Deeein86IO00W8 her, 1957. (a) bldue serge jumpeor & trousers
Byx Order, (b) bilne serge trousers only
I'E N E F'.(c) cotton duck Juraper and
l~N~l~P.Iin;AY .. IAV3WN, trousers
Wndets re her.y i :v ite' lo 0lt h4iest~tv
transport, by hie ( ce: of' 1olic) A! t.Y. Quotations sdiotl d also be made
Officers travel-lilng oi uty r the Ad)insiaci'.fryear endin_ 91st D oeeinoth 12 i j,; Antigua. (a) blue dc-nirm overalls
SSuoli roilders &i'.oIld 11t 1/Ao v' t) 11ie, i -,I115 7. (bI blue denlimiil txt116r
resppet of siliql )11'111'' A=o the Wte. No. A. 78/l ii 7._ We dneii Was
Place w nor or pun/ic diice! en i0I'5
the oarto tho ic a'twW h- lea ves it in homb niotified M fr general ( ov(- inleli. will sop/ti the necesit (A ie oc imil- r t hi single iinfttiont om tht t h' Colinil Mr sars' dril serge' or dick, also badges journey) and charge' f mwao2 if Navi 'ati on Orden I it, of' til Vuid and ofiloial butons ior tonics. All any, should be stated.1 Provided thot IC uigloi n ecn amnended i y the other wo erials ;ire 1' b, suapplied, by Whare, the officer enter ;cr5 iU tin' ( ti'd Al ir N~o.ig;e,0oi (A itund- thle contract or. lPrict's w- to include car on tsids the City n5s a nargo mn t ) (10 2 ) It de. 19/57, maide by thie cont of inig lhadges toi tunics may be made fo:, thH tI'I~en ber MIaj-st' ill 'loniicil onl thle ~t or junipers.
that 1);! and St4 oh i ix of 195 ,.. i7, and laid heoroe
A. Roxorlinsit willI n- W, IW mi n~ on whe 1th. Byv of Oco- 2. 1 odors sitotti Qe iW &ald
eluded from hiing swr for tIWO W, 197 ':, loinelinit Will ejiveloi t id,*,: it t1 lliHi llnu=
otiitearF in ph N w, ': vehick v i to o c, on It F". brnaiv [(,)58. the !.'tdaihnisfai I :1i marked
which would othorwisi- lip procovliflg L s Gibe d allildRte Colonial TEN D)ER FOR ItU N f F 0 It Al B."
to the officer's destinav iin wh rr this Air Navxxigation Order, 1951. by includ- Teneders should roach this office by wHi nornlt in an twuy e4g. for ino in that Onler new proviiis for noon onl Saturday, 7th December,
customs foismp~qt Chydidge p1 e. in1g excessive LA otit' on the 1957.
Airfield ( on a Ii n 4: ow roil or panr Ac opn atng cemw Ux,. pilots, A. iveriiiitiO idons not bind itused by tho A inline Ag"&1. Ali, ingint ro; Might ni sitatis andl self to :iwepft i hk' lowest ie irnS' tender.
4. Governiio'nt res, .x the right flight radio operators) of aircrAt 4. If the (delivery of untiformsi is to hirei or u1se carn, or mats in con', regist ered in the Coloi l. Thee c )10 delayed for a period exceeding four, other than the c'ontt'V r' cai :, for visions are Wi out iii cniiitdei able weeks after the late of receipt of the p-ablic officers prooee 1*g im (1 ith detail in Articles ',-!A, to 341-1, while material or uniforms are mnsatisfaccollllctel \Wth the Wmitonti or A rticle 341enales the 19vermw to torily ltailol'O Gfover' nenit reserIves revenue, modify or- re.LC.:anur tv l of' them the right to cian cclih con tract on
&. GoveranmenCt do-.!0 nt 1iil it- should they appeitar'~ 11 !qrocqiite for giving one wvelts- notice in writing. self to accept the lowxvst or any application inl respect Of aircraft tender. re.gistet'ed in the 1In .I also By Order.1
6. Thei' CJontractor will he expected ixtad the ille_- of the Akir ailArurc ulae
to pro':id- j ifpt iatd w ilichilt sn i'- 'U'ml.' orol. Tl' i'iitdir thuls per'- Brmc G J,,,oi/alr.
vice aid cc 'i o' tOr into lilts a gi ter xxlm~ il Ioaog to Ily l, AmtiIro.
with ai cotimmto will be so tiect to closer than TWtO No~ to any liersill, diiitr or'fOi, the fohbowinv conditions,:-- veswTl vehici" or t rmtet i an' d it aso W/ QJh n's,
(i) The, C ontractor shiall when shmtiututesfoi' thie xtiling Rule of 4//qua.
ever rojuiled fmnhl a c"x. th I daicig wit A ihite 12"i xoiitmnhsr 1957.
(ii If due notice of ii o wquirc- titfic zames oft ci ironi. -; a ness' ].title Ref. N''. 40/32.--
n~of a tcar has Iwine given which siihstaniiii Ily re-citacts the
aild failing any -'clVory pi'Os lit icquiren "0 bitt iincludtes
oxptlaia'tion th'J:..: i new Irrovisiiils pr~ohibit M tightt Agricultural Department,
car atrixes moret Wh UP w within sch mlmatis etin pt, frnyieed i :;
noti m" after tin, Y- i irtvl pur p'cs suieh ats I "it'ng or take otitil1', lt?
101'' .,x'''ntn'itl 'tao, iolres pernnisstn of the ;qTPropriee Melitl I OW. MY 19Mt.NO "M7
t'( t to douc 3 n p odtx *tnttnmjx has We Wan Jazinotry i.9i 31)1 2.1615 3 s :.16
im~to 'IW iig $219 fe n' onan 3. A,. op of this Orderi nmay lbe Qb 510 .43 .Is 1.) 229A
of he"rm de nd"wg sin if ilsir M~ the, 0/lieS Of the April 2. 101 .40 1,73 1.3 2.54
to ii t'on tricto'. Chief laocielary or of anv of the (lay 1I' W .83 2.81 2.58 Wt
(iii) in it., ovi thi Cion 01trac!- Adniniqtrottors of the Leewail'l Jun" 1.2t1 3.32 1.4 7 6.72 2 86
hi n0 "Jr II r itn ilC olly 3.'en 3.17 2.1:3 4.21) 1.50)
to* bin nir t. 15 1 slau o.tfi T Onrb wilinu ors 11 W1Ar 115 j3 8.15 .67 0.48
inhnodes Watetfer tie r I nired form part of' the bound voluine of epmer 2,101 9t.91 F,.569 2.10 5.45
tine 1:ivertmtnt ml~i ane 1w Laws of the Leeward Islandls for 1957. 00ohr A55 4X2 14t 6.58 4.84 t'he cotr'tat 011 giin the 8&.,i,elariat(, To 16th Nov. 14l1 '76 1"'o1 2.74 3"7!0
Coil' 2) tor (11)0 WeekS, itce .11 l/oPff. 21.13 :18.90 32.77 41.29 37.50
115 \t~<* 19. dsht lettber, 1957.

260 THE AiN FLGU U, M0S I SERRiAT AND VIR IlN ISLANDS GAZET,,'['E. [N-ovemnber 211, l957ANTIGUTA SAVINGS BA NK. Account of Deposits,, and Withdrawals for quarter ended 30th September, 1967.
DEPOSXPii i{1)HRAWALS. To balance a V cri'eit of 1-1)) balance at. credit of Depositors
De~&a~ sat I St as at 30th Sept..rnbcr, 1 957 2 2. 20
W ~ ithidrawvals 6 t.~ 1..14
To Ii noh'rceived 72
~Iltest credited to S
IDeposikors 24.80
971t7, 9 971.'- 6.l19
Statement of Assets and L abilities as at 30th Septemrber, 1057.
To balane atr cre ir, of Dep~iir 11, 1,1I"IB ItnvestRnents 17( )0I!04.84
WS At 30th Septem he(r. 1 957 8 6 31 'iI 2 CaaOh In Ttie.simi 6 2, )3 8. 2)9
Interest e&irnedi S22,009.02 il-erv.e 12 0M70-08
Leeis Interest, pai d 419. 38) 22,V89.6
To Sale of Pass liooks1. :
882,813.21 82, 13.2 1
Accountant. -iq. ("ieif Accountan-t..
1st Novemnber, 1957 1st Noveeinber., 196'
Pria"c U~ iko Government Prin~ting Offloe, Antigua, Lec-ward Izlswidi, by E. AL BLAo~twIw, Government Printer.-By Authority.
[Price 6 cents.)

No, of 1957. Planting of Sugar Canes ANTIGUA.
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to make provisions relative to the
planting of sugar canes in or within one hundred feet of cities, towns and villages.
Enacted by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short tifl.
Planting of Sugar Canes (Prohibition) Ordinance, 1957.
2. Any person who, except with the per- Sugar cane Planting of in
minission of the Governor in Council, plants or causes or within on to be planted sugar canes in or within one hundred hundred feet feet of any city, town or village in the Colony shall be eo d liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceed- villages. ing two hundred and forty dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

ANTIGUTA. I Plang of 5Sfyar calles No. of 1957:
Coamendl-ce- 3. This Ordinance shall come into operation
ment, on at date to be appointed b3, the Governor by
Procbtumdu i pblished iii the (Gazette.
Passed the Legislative (Council. this
day (f ,* 17.
Clerkc ofthe (,on ii.
1Proision was nioile i section 1-5 of the Small
Charges Act, (Co p. 67) whereby any' person who plan ted or caused to- be plated sugar caiecs mn or wvithinf one Imui ed feet of any city, town or village in the Cooywtout pl-rmlssion was liable to afine not exceedling $240. This provision wits repealed by section :of the Small Char~ges (Amendmont) Act 1955 (No. .14 of 11955) ini order to etiable the various (uloniies of the Lctwaird Islanjds to legislate on the subject In the light of' local
2. This Bill seeks to prov ide the necessary
legislation for the Colony and to enale the Gos'ernor inI Couinci to give or)I withhold hC1'lflssll to
plant sugar canes within) the JprescribcI ljuit.
3. The Bill Is based ulmnf thle platiiti of
Sugar Cane, (JProbibition)) OrdinanMce, 1955 (No. 9 of 1955) of the Colony of Saint Christopher Nevis
and Anguilla.
Attorney (General.
Attorney G,,eneral's Chambers,
St. john's,
Sth August, 1957.
Prinited at the (}rwernmcnt Pri 1iing- Offioc Nntigua, Lomi slnd
by E. -M. BLACKMAN, 14ormont Printer.- By Aiitt'orni .
A 47/227-330-11.57 Irioe 4 cents,

No, of 1957. AMidwifery. ANTIGUA.
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to provide for the registration of
mi(idwives and for the regulation of the
practice of midwifery.
[BY PROCLAMATION] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Midwifery Ordinance, 1957.
2. In this Ordinance unless the context Interpretaotherwise requires- tion.
"the Board" means the Midwives' Board
constituted under this Ordinance;
" registered means registered under this
Ordinance and "registered midwife"
shall be construed accordingly;
" the register" means the register of midwives
directed to be kept under this Ordinance;
"the Secretary means the person for the
time being appointed as Secretary to the Board under ,ection 5 of this Ordinance.

A TIGUA. 2 Midwitery. No. of 1957.
Constitntion 3. (1) For the purposes of this-Ordinance of.Midwives'
Board. there shall be established a Board to be known as
the Midwives' Board which shall consist of(a) the senior medical officer who shall be chairman of the Board;
(b) the nursing sister performing the duties of matron of the Holberton Hospital;
(c) the nursing sister, if any, performing the duties of midwifery tutor sister at the
Holberton Hospital;
(d) two other members appointed by the Governor who shall hold office for such period
as the Governor may determine.
(2) The Governor may from time to time
remove any member appointed to the Board and appoint another member in his place and may fill any vacancy which may arise by reason of the illness, death or absence from the Colony of any
member, or for any other cause.
(3) Each person so appointed shall be either
a medical practitioner registered under the Medical 31/193 7 Act, 1937, or the holder of the certificate of the
Central Midwives' Board of England, or b6 engaged
in educational or social welfare work.
(4) Any person appointed to be a member
of the Board, other than a person in the service of Government, may resign his appointment by letter
addressed to the Governor.
(5) The appointment, removal or resignation
of any member of the Board shAll be published in
the Gazette.
Meeting of 4. (1) The Board shall assemble whenever
the Board.
required by the Governor or convened by its chairman or at such time as the Board may fix by rules
made under this Ordinance.
(2) In the absence of the chairman at tany
meeting the members present shall elect a presiding
chairman for that meeting.

No of 1957. Midwifery. 3 ANTIGUA.
(3) Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. Subject thereto the Board may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its number.
(4) Decisions of the Board may be taken at meetings or, in cases in which the chairman shall so direct, by the recording of the opinions of the members on papers circulated among them:
Provided that where papers are circulated(a) the chairman may direct that the
papers shall not be circulated to any member who through illness, interest, absence from the Colony or otherwise is, in the opinion of the Chairman, incapacitated from voting on
such papers; and
(b) a decision shall not be acted upon
unless it is unanimous.
(5) The decisions of the Board at a meeting shall be by the majority of votes:
Provided that, in the event of an equal division of the votes on any question before a meeting of the Board, the chairman presiding at that meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his original vote.
5. The Governor may appoint some fit and secretary to proper person to be Secretary of the Board who Bthe oard. shall perform such duties as the Board inmay direct.
6. (1) The Board shall keep a register of Midwives' midwives which shall be subject to and in accord- register, ance with the provisions of this Ordinance.
(2) The register shall contain the names of all midwives registered under this Ordinance.
(3) The Secretary shall be charged with the custody of the register.
(4) Every entry on the register shall indicate the qualifications by virt e of whicl registration was gr ted in addiion to the name and address of the person registered.

ANTIGUA. 4 Midifery. No. of 1957.
(5) The names and addresses of all persons
included in the register shall be published in the months of January and July in each year in the Gazette and, in not less than two newspapers
published in the Colony.
(6) In any proceedings a copy )f the Gazetlte
containing the most recent list of names in the register shi)all be prima facie evidence, and a certificate under the hand of the chairman of the Board shall be conclusive evidence that the persons named in the list or certificate are, or are not, registered
under this Ordinance.
Prescribed 7. (1) No applicant shall be admitted to-the
training, register unless she shall have uindergone the
prescribed trainintg.
(2) The training of mid wives shall be carried
out in an institution approved by the Board.
Qualification 8. (1) The following persons shall be for registraregistiona- entitled to be registered under this Ordinance upon
making application to the Board in the prescribed manner, and upon)(m satisfying the Board as to their identity and good character and upon 1)ayment of
the fee for registration under this Ordinance:(a) any woman who holds a certificate issued by the Board under this Ordinance;
(b) any woman who has passed the first examination of the Central Mid wives' Boar(d of England under the rules of that Bloard; or
(c) any woman who produces a certificate of proficiency in midwifery issued by an institution in the Colony recognised by the Board as competent to carry out the prescribed
training and to issue such certificate; or
(d) any woman who produces satisfactory evidence that she has been certified or registered as a midwife in any country outside the Colony in which there is for the time being any law in force for the certification or reo-istration of midwives and the Board is satisfied that the standard of training and examination required in that cotmintry is not lower than the standard of training and
examination required under this Ordinance;

No. of 1957. JMidwifery. ANstitA.
Provided that when the Board is not so
satisfied, such woman shall be required to pass
such examination as the Board may direct.
(2) The Board may require any applicant for registration under this Ordinance to undergo a medical examination and to furnish a medical certificate of health.
9. (1) Any woman desiring to be registered Application as a midwife under this Ordinance shall lodge an for reg~i.traapplication in writing wig h the Secretary containing full particulars of her qualification and the Secretary shall forthwith submit such application to the Board.
(2) The Board shall, within fourteen days after the receipt of an application by the Secretary, consider the same and nmaty either grant or refuse the application without assigning any reason for its refusal.
10. (1) On any application being granted Certificate of and upon the applicant paying to the Secretary the riration Iatd fees.
sum of fifty cents, the name of the applicant -hall be entered on the register and the Board shall grant a certificate of registration in the form set out in the First Schedule to this Ordinance. First
(2) There shall be paid to the Secretary of the Board in respect of every application to be registered under this Ordinance and in respect of the retention in any year of the name of any person on the register, a fee of fifty cents.
(3) Should any person whose name is on the register fail, on or before the fiirsit day of any year, to pay the annual fee chargeable for the rentention of her name upon thie register, the Board shall
-delete her name romn the register.
(t) Any nhme which has been deleted from the register under subsection (3) of this section shall be replaced on the register upon payment to the Board by the person whose name has been deleted of a fee of one dollar: provided that before such name is replaced n the reister the Bord may demand that the s:id person shall ap ply fr registration under the provisions of section 8 of this Ordinance.

ANTIGUA. 6 Midwifery. No. of 1957.
(5) The Board may charge for any certificate
or other document issued by them, or in respect of any services performed by them, such fees as may
be prescribed.
Registration 11. Registration under this Ordinance shall
not to confer
rights of not confer upon any woman any right to assume qualified any name, title or designation that she is by law medical I
practitioner. authorised to practice medicine or surgery or to
grant any medical certificate or any certificate of death or still birth or to undertake any case of abnormality or disease in connection with childbirth.
Notice of 12. (1) Every inidlwife shall, before cornintention to
practise. mencing to practise or holding herself out to
practise, give notice of her intention to do so to the Secretary, and in such notice shall indicate the
district in which she intends to practise.
(2) Any midwife who fails to comply with
the provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance. Service of 18. (1) It shall be the duty of the husband,
medical practitioner and where a mnan and woman wlh) are unmarried or registered are living together in The saimc house or room as midwife to be
obtained at husband and wife it shall be the duty of such man, confinement, to secure the attendance of a duly qualified medical
practitioner or a registered midwife at the confinement of his wife or such woman, as the case may be, and the failure on the part of such husband or man to secure such attendance shall be an offence
under this Ordinance.
(2) It shall be the duty of an unmarried
woman, except where such woman and imain are living together it the same house or room as
husband and wife, to secure the attendance of a duly qualified medical practitioner or a registered midwife at her confinement, and the failure on the pairt of such wonm to secure such attendance snall
be an offenice under this Ordinance.
(3) It shall be a defence to any charge under
this section (the burden o(f proof of which defence shall be on the person charged) to show that the person charged made every reasonable effort to secu re the att ndance of a daily qualified medical practitioner
or a registered midwife at the confinement.

No. of 1957. Midwifery. 7 ANTIGUA.
14. (1) It shall he lawful for the Board to -emoval from order to be remrnoved from the register thie name of the register, any person registered as a midwife who(a) has shown herself to be incompetent
or negligent; or
(b) has at any time failed to satisfy any
person or persons appointed by the Board to examine her that she is capable of discharging
the duties of a midwife; or
(c) has been convicted of any felony,
misdemeanour or other serious offence; or
(d) is of bad character; or
(e) is by reason of age or infirmity or
any other cause unfit to discharge the duties
of midwife.
(2) It shall be the duty of every district medical officer and every medical practitioner as soon as he becomes aware that any registered
midwife is unfit to discharge the duties of a midwife to give notice thereof to the Board.
(3) For the purpose of paragraph (h) of subsection (1) of this section, it shall be lawful for the Board to appoint any person or persons to examine any registered midwife as to her ability or fitness to discharge the duties of a midwife, and if in the opinion of the Board the result (of any such examination justifies the removal of her name from the register, the Board shall order her name to be so removed.
(4) The Board shall, upon the application in writing of any midwife registered under this Ordinance or on the death of any midwife so registered, remove the name of such midwife from the register.
15. Any midwife who considers herself Appeal
aggrieved by the removal of her name from the against removal from
register may, within such time as may be prescribed, the register. appeal against such removal to a Judge in Chambers, whose decision shall be final.

ATIGUA. X0idifry. No. of 1951.
Surrender of 16. Any midwife whose name has been
certificate on
removal from ordered to be removed from the register under the the register provisions of this Ordinance shall within fourteen
days of the making of such order surrender to the Secretary the certificate of registration issued to her by the Board, and failure to do so shall be an
offence under this Ordinance.
Prohibition 17. (1) When the Board has decided to re.
practice of move from the register the name of any midwife, it my form of may in addition prohibit her from attending women midwifery
on removal in childbirth in any other capacity, but such decision from the shall be subject to the like appeal as the decision to register, remove her name from the register.
(2) Any person who contravenes any prohibition as aforesaid shall be guilty of an offence under
this Ordinance.
midwives' 18., (1) The Governor in Council may by
districts. proclamation divide the Colony into midwives' dis,tricts, and such proclamation shall define the limits
of every such district.
(2) Until otherwise provided by the Governor
in Council the midwives' districts shall be those Second shown in the Second Schedule to this Ordinance.
(3) The Governor may appoint such number
of registered midwives as shall be deemed fit to each such district, and they shall receive salary as may be provided out of the general revenue of the Colony.
(4) Every midwife so appointed shall reside
within the limits of her district and shall not attend a case beyond the limits of her district without the
permission of a Supervisory Authority.
Supervision 19. It shall be lawful for the Board to
of midwives, appoint any fit and proper person to be a Supervisory Authority over any registered midwife, or class of registered midwives, and it shall be the duty of
every person so appointed(a) to exercise supervision in accordance with any rules made under this Ordinance;
(b) to investigate charges of malpractice or negligence, and, should a prima fitcie case be established, to make a report to the Board;

No. of 1957. Midwifery. 9 ANTIGUA.
(c) to suspend from practice any registered midwife if such suspension appears necessary in order to )prevent the spread of infection, and to report immediately such
suspension to the Board;
(d) to report at once to the Board the
name of any registered midwife convicted of
any offence; and
(e) as soon as she becomes aware that any
registered midwife is unfit to discharge the duties of a midwife, to give notice thereof to
the Board.
20. The duties of every midwife who is Duties of employed in the Government service shall be:-- midwives employed in
the Govern(a) to attend all cases of labour or mentservice.
threatened miscarriage or abortion within her district who have sent for her assistance;
(b) to report immediately to the medical
officer of the district all cases within her
district which require his assistance;
(c) to act as sick nurse in all cases,
when required by the district medical officer
to do so;
(d) to attend the medical officer of the
district on his periodical visits to her district and to report to him all cases which she has
attended since his last visit;
(e') to keep a general supervision over
the child ren within her district and to report to the district medical officer all cases of
illness occurring among them; and
(f) to keep at her residence all such
medicines and appliances as the senior medical officer may deein necessary to supply
her with.
21. A midwife shall not in any case refuse Payment of assistance in default of prepayment, but shall be midwives. entitled subsequently to demand and recover from the person to whom her services have been rendered compensation in accordance with the scale of fees for the time being in force.

ANTIGUA. 10 Midwifery. No. of 1957.
Unlawful 22. Every person whoass imption of
title of registered midwife. (a) not being a midwife registered under
this Ordinance, uses the title of midwife either alone or in combination with other words or' letters, or uses any name, title, addition, description, uniform or badge implying that she is registered under this Ordinance or is recognised by law as a registered midwife or uses any title, uniform or badge prescribed for the use of midwives registered under this Ordinance; or
(b) with intent to deceive makes use of any certificate of registration issued under this Ordinance to her or to any other person,
shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance.
Practising as 23. (1) No person shall habitually or for a midwife
without gain attend women in childbirth unless such person
registration. is either(a) a duly qualified medical practitioner; or
(b) registered as a midwife under this Ordinance.
(2) Any person contravening these provisions
shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months
Provided that nothing in subsection (1) of this
section shall apply to a person rendering assistance in a case where the services of a duly qualified medical practitioner or registered midwife are not
readily availabe.
offences 24. Any person whoconnected
with certifica- (a) procures or attempts to procure registion, ()poue ratmt opouergs
tration or a certificate of registration by making, producing or causing to be made or produced any false or fraudulent declaration, in writing
or otherwise; or

No. of 1957. Midrifery. 11 ANTIGUA.
(b) wilfully makes or causes to be made
any falsification in any matter relative to the
shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.
5. All fees received by the Secretary shall registration be forthwith paid into the general revenue of the pe to Colony. revenue.
26. Every offence under this Ordinance for Penalty. which no penalty is specifically provided by this Ordinance shall be punishable on summary conviction by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months.
27. (1) Subject to the provisions of this rower to Ordinance, the. Board shall have power to make m kOe rules. rules with respect to(a) regulating its own proceedings;
(b) the formation, maintenance and publication of the register;
(c) prescribing the course of training and
regulating the conduct of examinations for midwives, and any matters ancillary to or connected with any such examinations including
the examiners;
(d) the issue and prescribing of the form
of certificates to midwives and with respect to the titles which may be ued and the uniforms or badges which may be worn by registered
(e) regulating the practice of midwifery
and the fees payable to registered midwives;
(f) defining the conditions under which
registered midwives may be suspended from
(g) anything which is considers necessary
for the purpose of carrying this Ordinance into
effect: and
(h) anything which under this Ordinance
is to be prescribed.
(2) All such rules shall be signed by the chairman and submitted to the Governor in Council for approval, and if so approved shall be published

ANTIGUA. 12 Midwifery. No of 1957.
in 'the Gazette and thereupon shall have the force
and effect of law.
Rules of 28. Provision may be made by rules of court
court for
regulating for regulating appeals to a Judge under this Ordiappeals. nance, and such rules shall provide for(a) limiting the time within which an appeal may be brought and the determination
of any appeal under this Ordinance;
(b) requiring notice of any such appeal to be given to the Board; and
(c) the manner in which the Board may appear and be heard on any appeal.
Repeal of 29. Sections 27 to 33 inclusive of the
27 to 33 of Medical and Poor Relief Ordinance, 1899 're Ordinance hereby repealed: No. 13/t899.
Provided that, notwithstanding the provisions
of section 6 of this Ordinance any midwife who has been licensed under the provisions of the Medical and Poor Relief Ordinance, 1899, and whose licence thereunder has not been cancelled at the date of the commencement of this OrdUinance, shall be entitled to be registered under this Ordinance if she satisfies the Board that she is (comnpetent and produces a medical certificate of health dated within one month of the date of her application for registration, and her certificate or licence shall be deemed to have been granted under the provisions of thi Ordinance:
Provided also that any midwife who has been
licensed under the pcovisions of the Medical and Poor Relief Ordinance, 1899, and whose registration or licence thereunder has not been cancelled at the date of conmmencemnent of this Ordinance, may con-itinue to practise until the date of publication of the register of mi(dwives provided for under section 6
of this Ordinance.
Commence- 80. This Ordinance shall come into operation
ment. on a date to he appointed by the Governor by proclamation published in the Gazette.
Passed the Legislative Council this
day of 1957.
Clerk of the Council.

'o. of 1957. Midwifery. 13 ANTIGtA.
(Section 10 (1))
Antigua, British West Indies.
T h is is to C e r tify th a t ................................................................................ ......... ..............
o f .................................. ... ......... ... ............ .............. .....- --........... h a v in g sa tisfied th e
Board that she is duly qualified has been admitted to the register of midwives pursuant to the Midwifery Ordinance, 1957, and is authorised to practise as a midwife within the Colony.
By Order of the Board.
(Section 18 (2))
District Localities
I. Jennings, Cedar Hall, Green Hill, Ebenezer.
2. Bolans, Roses, Hermitage, Blubber Valley, Orange Valley, Dark
Valley, Fry's Estate.
3. Sawcolts, Folly's Hill, John Hughes, Wallings.
4. Seaview Farm, Simon's Village.
5. Swetes, Buckleys, Matthews, Tyrells.
6. Bethesda, Christian Hill, DeLapps, Morris Looby's, Little Duers,
7. Newfild, Lavington, Long Lane, Frys, Collins, Lyono, Gaynor's.
8. .ollwol's Point, Urlings, Crabbe Hill.
9. Old Road, G, een Hill, Grace Bay Hill, Fairfield.
10. All Saints.
11. Li berta.
12. English Harbour, Falmnouth, Cobbs Cross.
13. Cedar Grove.
14. Blizzards, Barnes Hill, Powells, Cassada Garden.
15. Grays Farm, Golden Grove, Creek Side, Nut Grove, Ottos
16. Pigtts, Paynter's, Fitchts Creek, Weires, Blackman's, Donavans.
17. St. J, hn's (i) Newgate Street and area north to Villa area.
18. St. John's (ii) High Street and area south to Ottos.
19. Green Bay, Five Islands, Cooke's Hill, Grays Hill, Grays,
Kentish Village.
20. Willikies, Rooms, Syne Estate, Comfort Hall.
21. Seatons, Elliotts, Carr's Estate.
22. Parham Village, Parham New Works, Gilbert's, Cottons,

ANTTGUA. 14 Midfq'ery. No. of 1957.
District Localities
23. Pares Village, Betty's Hope, Diamonds.
24. Freetown, Montpelier.
25. Potters Village, Jeffrey's Village, Factory Road, Tomlinsons
Estate Road.
26. St. Jbhnston's Village, Clare Hall, Parham Road.
27. Freeman's Village, Willis Freeman's, Belieview, Jonas.
28. Barbuda.
29 Bendals, Belvedere, Hamriltons, Brecknocks, Body Ponds, Green
The object of this Bill is to revise the law of the Colony relating to the registration of midwives and the practice of midwifery.
2. The Bill is based upon the Midwifery Ordinance, 1951 (No. 7 of 1951) of Montserrat.
Attorney General.
Attorney General's Chambers,
St. John's,
27th March, 1957.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. I. BLACKMAN, Government Printer-By Authority.
A 47/103-330-11.57. [fPrice 20 cents]