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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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24 J
V I _0
c))ubfi h ed r
'I' T 1 t 11 3,
Sw-rvic Coll,!WSSIOYI In ol M r. (Aln;-11(tinel 1) Ordil-wil,
F. J. C&. Oct i,
R is llei tdj llo ii!'_'d( f"Or
information that il;e CollmJ ,-ti Air Navigation Order, 1,;-5. ofiLe I ii;tcA
Kili(,(Joni has
11 Eel% A C.
Colonial Air Navigi ti( n da-, Act (Aini'l.d1w,110 C':.dil noe,
meni)(No.,'?)Order, bY _-__ __ __ __ ____ ___ I 1_ 11
Her Yaj -sty in Cwiijo"J. on Ql(,,8th N, 12 9. 19"1 Oct 1i.
day of Ooioi ei-. 1957, and 'I;-, d b tfo)- A
pai'lian.'en" on the 14dh & V o Ool- 19 of
ber. 19,57. Thii :i-ii_-,ii(1,1l,. -1t, 1.v i I I wi'll effect ft Yrl )n J'itl, (Aj.,end,taled, ar( itiib1i;,1;ed f 11
come i"an I -c oil Ist Ordilti tco, 19,' 7.- Oct 24.
2. Tfii, 47JOJ 1,56.
Air _Navi ,wion !' 55, lo- ine!jIlj_ Abbeft, Miss; B., Ji!nitir Cicrk, A01111ji No. 131.
ing ill tilA Order Ilow pr(,\isions Jfoc is!iutioil. viri_,ill cmlfirn ed
preventing on fl,.e ill ;!ppointifi,.111. 1, The follov.Ing Ordinance is circupart of the operating crew pjlwt 4,
flight Hif4hi Abbouj tils -s E.. hil,ior Adniiii- hliti,( witill illis Gtzette llld forllj ,, part
is ther, of:flight rikdif rt;) 0"
regi, 'e r e (I i i i tlh( Cldony, Thc,- pr,Visions .:xo sf4 oilt in
det,,61 iij Artie],- to 31P, whilc Brathwaite, S., Juniur Tl1?0s11?1Y. No. 17 of' 1957. 1, TI)e Tii;,, by
Article 3-41 ei:1J,;us tfie Governor to
ITICIdif- ol. re71,,ce ally or '111 ol th -nl _\ov. Aci (AineAnient, Oidiiiance, 1957." 7 pp. fir i( v V ets,
shoi!]d 11111-q)iopitiate for
t of itire lw, li itutl
applie4t;olk in respect, Miff Harris, F. 0. C., C U(-vile ,
_A(110s f"rrat it) "wt os
registered it) the Colony. It also I l INVALIDATrON OF ANTRGUA STAMPS.
_! I (It" be Lcowar(, 11
aniends 'lik, P:ile- of tbe Air wid Ali- i i Nm 6.
,r na ffi c ( ) it! (, i f r i), k ; r i i, t ,-, i ,,- It is lic ,Cby ilotiLi J for K( llenll
mits. a ,Iile: when hill rhi-, to fly inftiniation two, notwith itttilding tho
clo' f I, t1un) 500 fect t wit, por,"It llrovi ,iolls kp [ !, il-Iii11" VL (t:11
Husbands, C. S..
ve"scl ve l:(,!(, or strict llro aild it ,4 0 w3d )fuill
to act as Cro-wii Atlorn(,Y land
the 1-lk l f, (1!1 v: lidt !;olj O rd I I!, io i S 11. &', 0 .
\ir with f1ii"Ilt witlll T I 1, No. 9) il,," stanips
(.1, tell aw l 0110
lAonard, Miss D., J uniov Clerk,
wltlicii ed ior ll;"e in Antig
wllicll I the Adniiiiistralion, Vi rgi 11 Lilawk, I '"' i tia
Pft'Sellt l'QljLliVellA'ilt:3 11 111 i11011-1deS confirmed ill appointli.tent. h.v t 1! i, ti i p Or, 1 t i 1948, R. & 0 !N"). t hy -,irtllo Of th(t
D e w 1.) 1,,,-) v i i i,, prohil)itilw flight Sep, 1, 1956 it j
-witl1ill slwl! zl)]]( oxc pf f,)r,-4pPcified 'lerh. Treasury, Mili? Or or-e V1. f-o and olle
pllrpose. sroli ls or fak off Penn, W. R., Junior ("I p:l1ii'l of Use)
VirL)in Jand -onfirmed ill
g Is -,
ulll ,-s of 111f, alq'ropriate appointment. N 1, 19 1 7. i'S. R,. & 0. 1 l,5 7 No. 2
anthol-itv l1as beeit obtained. contillli,7 to fj used fol, Hie, payment
Piper, E., J unior Dlsjjei ser. Labova- Of or sti!lnp !Ww's 111) to aild
3. A copy of thir3 Order may be torv Technician, 'Medical & Health flie 318t, day of Marcl),
Seen if dElbir0d at ill(, Offices of the De'partment, Virgin Islands. con- 1958, after -,NIii(,h date they shall, no
Chief ', ecrelar or of' tiny of the tract expired. Dee.31,1956 loi.ger be valid for 0 e said purposes.
Administrators of the Lee l;N tird
Islands. Th Order Nvill ill due course Provigion has, howevt r, bt-2it inade
form piirt of tl)(- bound volmne of CONFIRMATION OF ORDINANCES in the above Coi-[.inuaneo of Use
Laws of the Leeward IslandE for 1957. No. 130. Orderfor it period of gnice of three
months thereafter, that is ,ii or
8ecretariaf" The Secrefitry of State for the bi Jore Ulf, 3001 dii v of Julle 1958,
Anliglm. colonies has informed the Governor within which holdki-s of tho Ftamps
31st Octobtor, 1957. that the power of dirRIlowance of 010 abovf-'llieritioned delwminawill tiow may effect thoir oxchao ,e A the not bo exercised in respect of the Grelif-ral Post Office, 'St. john's, AntiIt is notified for general infornia- linderivientioned Ordinances:- gni, for it stanip or stamps of equal
tioll thitt 1111der the provisions of Ankgwt. value antliorised for use in the Colony
Regulation 3 of th Antigua Public of Antigua.
Service Conimission Regiflations, No. I of 1957, The Mental
1956, S. R. & 0. No. 4 of 1956, His Treatment Ordinance, 1956." Adrnbisivator's Office,
Excellency the Governor has been Oct. 22 Antigua.
pleased to appoint Mr. A. Wilson to bO 471004R,-, 21st Septenibe?,, 10,57.
Ay !q /*
gA '(0//Op a ?42,

ANT[Guii, 4th November, 1957. Heirs of Willock.
athaniel Whyte, Pmrl HutchinNotice is lv roby f0vem tbattliore Long Street son, Evelyn G-my? Smammh
*WI be sold on the vuions pmmis(,s Antoinette R i l, V. C. Gomm Bapliste, Clarence Joseph.
in the Uty of Snint John hereaRer George McAmPow. Mark S. Queely.
name(I on Thursilay 5fli Deccimher, AAFREI) MINER'S SInTEET.1957 at 1 ,'clocl, noon t1w lan(Is Redcliffe Street
anil teneja, ,nH ivdmging to Me pen Antigua Udge WF. Iouisa Gw ,mlolya Hunte,
sons whost- are set out here- c1larle'i 'Uthony. Evxls 11onlilton,
insider, tht i sail li; viup,- beon NeAs Sweet Vinof--nt 4iniorj Hllh llin on.
Adel upon to yqhfy the Chty Rate MwHson Gunadn, Elma Poller,
imp theroni for UW par 105A EA. of Thomas Hyam, W of HHza W KWNSONBAY STREET:
liatniitonx Land No. 2 Bennet(. B(artha Buckloy. Arfhurfmnc s, Bertie 01i ,er, Est.
Davi(l Az)thon -, ]!Jhuzit;o Hanfil- -nner Street of il, gar C-Iann, George VVilliams.
(7) Heirs of Bm"M. ( E()RGEs STRE11,T:
Hamitons Land No. 3 Soul, Swea Est,. I 1);uie;3 Davi- E ii. (if Steven
Alphonso -11anjilto;, (3) 11'qtatq of Joy h IL WwHn, Morence Sower- MAW, (2 "NEary ('hapuian, Victoria chaoes ish'. bo I aw ". Snuuel Julia
Bennett Street Temple Street MaNin.
Consulme Tull.
W in of Chmh Em thwda Maw ST. JOHYS STUZEET:
Mew, iris Church Lane
Est;i,[ of L)avil liorsford, NVy- Cecelia Christian, Est. of' Rf-becca A641 Sweet eliff Broo(ho, P n-lolph Michael, Firs. Uiri 4ian, Alicii ky Pericb,
Samh Alwal. of Rmam. Eliza Mlary (4rant, Mary
Pigott Street CrGns 'Street Sinnon, A4,m ,.
Its 11"oWnw. Ruby lingbes, Su 0, A. DnQ. IMSHOPGATE STREET:
Bell Street
,lames Lynoli, Ivan Harris, Ray- Simpleton Lane. sy(lney Pwnjalilin, Loui,' aThomas,
inumd Ismo. Woe of 1% F. Mwn"w& Ullin Margaret Blaney.
AM Peters Snea 01WS Land CECIL Q BYRON,
10firisfopher (3), John G.Wge Fm1W. jhuwhal.
III-own, Pbyllig Irene,
Robas. Oitos Lane
Ehenozer Cl;omp, Eiviria Echnitud
Dickensonbay Slaect (2)- TRAFFIC - IiOTICE.
Ernest jalIPs, N, heiuiah Knigjit, The Antigua Vehicles 8z; Road
EA wal'(1 i ,ialoo, N Viib, 1 ri(igos, llosa- Rodney Street
-fle OrClinaiioe, 1946.
1hip Morgan, Ickhwl 07inter (2). Agatha J"hn.
Nw 5 OF 1016.
St. (kagA Meet Nalmn Sweet
Ickfonl Wimpr (Vt Alary AW!" Enumuel Barka. By virlue OF, pl Wl-r c nferre(l
Doris Allen, Etf w:! i L,: bella upon 1w, hy S-utiwl '2 d 1,11 'Utigna
-Davi8, likx M-Smith. cj",cll, 0. 13YRoN, Whiclesan,1 l'o:vt Traffic Oriiinance,
Provtml Jlar,410. No. 5 of 1916, 1 horoby anllollne ,
St. john' ; Street that until I'mili-r notice, t1o, hghfingGht(lys K Wiw ; 4.,al Nvinler (9), lip tillio fo;, voniclt s s iall he from
G. Ora, "oli joh"Tn; 11,1)", hal's Qqirr, p.n). to
Puntor, i Oo-l r1nm7-, 241 Wob"% 1957. J)MtA this lilh thiy of Ot,-tobcr,
Bish, pgme S;reet NOTIC11; ) HEREBY (-,IV]iN IL th SOWARD,
Ja"Ps 11 lhxn Wwrins King, that thpro xvHi & Y&I (ni An iTrious
jamp, AlapIq WKWa Shrion, James pri-inises in the- City of Sain(.John.
ly HL Fh,.nt, ,;ztjjjsay, john, liereaft ,r name(l on Th ursilay, 21st e!/' Police.
1),)we. Jant, Ann Wilsou, Duke Vann. Novorn1w, 157 at 12 nlook noun, the lan'Isall(I felle enis 5)
Nonh 3,1r- --t the persolls WIIW4 II'Milt-s are s- t out
Alary 11. Jowph, hurem"K, Mq all jw"dws having Agriaudtunl Depart"ment,
Gile;t,]. Iic llorsfor(l, John Avie(l up'll ") siaisry the City Palo (in(! th, rt n f-1- thp, year
7he Point STREIIT:
,. il- : Heirs of 1 0. Dow,,, i\lpbonso Hamilton, Month t. 19;) f:. 195 7.
4 W ;& Afamm! Jaini wy [ 2. 11; r,. 15 3. 1 f;
l llriott t Gni 11:1111. k Iuon- ('. Asl l 0saw (AhwL Mwnelh Henry. POD. 02 '.5 .(;s 1.23 2,29
Mtir. 1,0, J1,3 I 0 10
W15ndmul Sim wl, Bry1we Benjaniin. ATHHA, STREET: April US .19 115 ANT 2.51
M ty 0 :1 2.81 2. 1.19
Npriners Lane Sirali 'Afason. Willhim A. Richards, june l :;,32 IA7 5.72 2 q4i
JWV 300 A j 2A3 EN 1 50
Eb-nezer OaishphT, Irene NVal- (1hAsthma (Liver. Gerphl Sinlon A u R n s, r, ;i, I 5.193 k. 25 :,. (; 7 6.48
ker, Ma'ha Finch. Pric-, ji'(11numi John. Kept,-mljt r 2,lo 9.91 ,. F9 2 10 8,44
Oct-nbir .,,, --) .62 5 0 6.5,1 1.84
Whemon treet (A[RuvroPill?), STIZ E4 E T: To 2nd Nov. 'oo 12
Norii, 1) i 1 h- llo
AnAmw Eman"l, I,'.,o. W. 11 Fryson Albert Bnijoi in, EAW ChrlstWn, 22.72 38.2, : 1 91 :iS 55 33,71
& Co., I""'L 1qTa SmAl.

Average circulation duringzAugyust. 19,57
Dritish Caribbean Currency6e.v90<1,7
D ewLonetized (-cv t., n otteF. outs tainding1.. )
636261t0 3,241M
British Caribbeain Notes and Coins in
circulation on 1st October, 19.57.
Trinidad aii T(,, ago 29,21 8,]73 1,396,9 75
Barbados 7,16 0, (;25 496,025
British (+us iV" 16,24.1,633 6611,250
Grenada 2,670,100 140,475
St. Vinceint 5 (19) 4 0 0 00
St. Lucli 1,0134,000 I2.0
Domclin 1,7115,400 99,900
Antignat 2,38m51 3 00 113,500
St. Kitts,59,0 118.575
Montserrat 31'9,105 i, '150
"Proof Sets C, 'ins 1,870
Total ,i'ctilatioL oi British C.arib~bean $- __Notes id (%ins ist 1 r rober, 1957' 62,883,23(6 3, 26s 820
Demonetized G Lv:. es outstan~din~g on
1st October 1957:Trinidad and Tobago 74 ;),155
British Gn:laria 0,5 9 2
Barbados 70,-_:1109
'otja1 jcryo,,,t*-o(, T Go 1nelnt 11otes ,
o uitm i m 1 o Octobt'r, 1957 1,080,8.56
Total curreiile circulation on I st October, 1957 $63,964,092 13, 26 8.S2 0
British Caribbeati arreiw Boar d,L.SiN,
Treasury (1 1/n.~ric~tic oni i
P c04 iI Triniidad. Br. Ciaribbean (.5irre,w hu ad
25th 0c/o~wr, 1 957.
Ref. No. 21090087.
:I ,tu Pj1 -'xl~.-h~tP ting, Offlie, .l .o 1 1.iIIs,
tvV ;1,A,',{\IN, Govornmeont P1ro., .rn

No, 17 of 1957. Title by Registration ANTIGUA,
Act (Amendment).
A. T. WILLIAMS, Governor.
26th October, 1957.
No. 17 of 19 iT..
An Ordinance to amend further e-y
Registration Act.
[26th October, 1957] Commence.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Title Short title. by Registration Act (Amendment) Ordinance, Cap. 99; Acts
7 1928
1957, and shall be read as one with the Title by 21/1932 Registration Act, as amended, hereinafter called the 51936 Principal Act. 1/1937
9/1954; and
S. R. & 0.
1956 No. 22.
2. Section 12 of the Principal Act is hereby Section 12 ot repealed and replaced as follows:- Act repealed
and replaced.
"12. (1) Land not registered under Right to first
this Act may be so registered- certificnae de(a) if the applicant can show a good application
documentary title thereto in himself and therefore.

ANTIGUA. 2 Title by Registration No. 17 of 1957.
Act (Amendment).
his predecessors in ownership for at least thirty years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act;
(b) if, notwithstanding that such documentary title thereto cannot be shown, the Court is satisfied from the deeds or other documents accompanying the request that the applicant has the right to claim the land as owner and that he himself has been in undisturbed possession of the same continuously during the period of twelve years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act;
(c) if the applicant has, by descent or by will or deed, acquired a title to the land from a person who would have been entitled himself to have the land registered in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subsection;
(d) if the land has been in the sole and undisturbed possession of the applicant alone in his own right or as executor, administrator or trustee, or partly in the sole and undisturbed possession of the applicant in any such right annd partly in the sole and undisturbed possession of any other person through whom. he claims, continuously for a period of thirty years next before the date of the presentation of the request under this Act.
(2) The application to bring land under this Part of this Act shall be made by the owner who shall present a request to the Registrar of Titles for the issue to him of a first certificate in respect of the land described in the request.
(3) Where the qwners of the land are joint tenants, tenants in common or coparceners, the request shall be made in the names of, and shall be signed by, all of them.

No. 17 of 1957. Title b6 Registration 3 ANTIGUA.
Act (Amendment).
(4) The request shall be in Form 1
in the Second Schedule and shall be ac(0ompanied at the time of presentation by all the titles, deeds or other documents under which the applicant claims to be the
owner of the land.
(5) Forthwith upon tl e presentation of the request, the Registrar of Titles shall thereupon proceed to give public information of such application by exhibiting on the door of the Court House a copy of the Schedule of applications in Form 3 in the Second Schedule, and the person presenting the request shall give further notice of such application by causingr that part of the said schedule of applications which relates to his application to be advertised in two issues of at least one newspaper published in the Colony, and no such certificate shall be issued until the expiration of four weeks from the date of exhibiting the schedule or from the date of the first appearance
thereof in the said newspaper.
(6) The applicant, shall also within
seven days after the presentation of the request cause notice of the application to be served personally upon all owners or occupiers of land adjoining the land for wIich a first certificate is applied for, and no certificate shall be issued until proof hs been given by the applicant that such notice has been given and that four weeks have expired since the giving of that
(7) A Judge may, upon or without
any application, order such special notification to individuals or generally, or may direct such public advertisement of the application for the first certificate in newspapers outside the Colony as may to
him appear just and reasonable.

ANTIGUA. 4 Title by Registration No. 17 of 1957.
Act (Amendment).
(8) Every request for the issue of a first certificate shall be accompanied by a plan made by a licensed surveyor, and the Registrar of Titles shall reject any plan which he considers insufficient, subject to an appeal to a Judge in Chambers.
(9) Where the application for a first certificate is in any respect based on possession of the land, the request shall be accompanied by affidavits of the applicant and of two other persons at least, and such affidavits shall set out in detail the facts establishing that the applicant has been in sole and undisturbed possession of the land continuously for the period of time required by this section as well as the acts of ownership exercised over the land and shall prove that the rents, fruits and profits accruing out of the land have been taken and appropriated by the applicant as owner during such period."
Section 14 of 3. Section 14 of the Principal Act is hereby the Principal repealed and replaced as follows:Act repealed
and replaced.
"Possessionto 14. (1) Possession for the purpose
be possession
as owner. of section 12 of this Act shall be possession
as owner by a person, his heirs, executors administrators or assigns and not as an
encumbrancer holding a life interest or interest
for a term of years or other less estate.
(2) A certificate of title issued under section 13 of this Act to an executor, administrator or trustee shall be expressed as having been issued to the applicant as such executor,
administrator or trustee. "
Amendment 4. Section.19 of the Principal Act is hereby
of seotion 19 amendedof the Prinoipal Act. (i) by substituting the words and figures
"Crown Proceedings ()rdinance, 1954" for the words "Crown Suits Act 'or any Ordinance amending,

No. 17 of 1957. Title by Registration 5 ANTiGUA.
Act (Amendment).
repealing or substituted for the same" in subsection (1) of the section; and 19/1954 for 3 of 8/23 in the marginal note thereto;
(ii) by substituting the words "into the
general revenue of the Colony for the words "into the said fund in
subsection (2) of the section.
5. Subsection (2) of section 34A of the Amendment
Principal Act is hereby amended by substituting of section 34A zDof the princi"Subsections (5), (6), (7) and (8) of section 12 as V1Aect.rni well as section 13 for Sections 12 and 13 occurring therein.
6. The Principal Act is hereby amended by Insertion of inserting therein immediately after section 34A the newsectiofs
followinin the Princifollowing sections numbered 34B, 34C, 34D, 34E p.i Act.
and 34 F:" 34B. Where a certificate of title has uIsueof new
been issued without a plan attached it shall certiflcate.of title with plan
be lawful for the Registrar of Titles at the attached.
request of the registered proprietor to issue to such registered proprietor a new
certificate of title with plan attached.
340. Notwithstanding anything to Request for
the contrary contained in this Act, from firstcortificate of title etc. to
and after the coming into operation of be accompathis section every request for the issue of nied by plan.
a first certificate of title and, when there is no plan attached to the certificate of title, every application made under sections 34B and 144 of this Act for the issue of a new certificate of title and every transfer and every request for transmnission of land registered under this Act and every request for the issue of a new certificate of title under the provisions of sections 34E and 34F of this Act shall be accompanied by three pins of the land to be described in the certificate of title, two of which shall be attached to the original and duplicate certificates of title when

ANTIGUA. 6 Title by Registration No. 17 of 1957
Act (Amendment).
Section 12 (5) 34D. Subsections (5), (6), (7)
(6) (7) (8) and
sotio (1 a tod and (8) of section 12 as well as section apply to re- 13 of this Act shall have effect, nomutatis
quest under
sections34 mutandis, on every request made under
and 340. sections 34B and 34C of this Act.
Partition. 34E. Where an Order for the partition of land registered under this Act is made by the Court ihe Writ of Partition directed to the Provost Marshal shall be sufficient to authorize the Provost Marshal to transfer to the several parties amongst whom the land has been partitioned their respective portions, and subject to the production of the required plans by the respective parties concerned the Riegistrar of Titles shall at the request of the Provost Marshal issue certificates of title to the said parties for their respective portions at their expense.
Rectiafiction 34F. If it is proved to the satisfacof plans. tion of the Court or a J judge that any
error or discrepancy appears on a plan registered under this Act he may direct such inquiry as he may think fit to be made into the circumstances of the case and upon proof of such error or discrepancy order that the plan be corrected or rectified or that a new plan be made and substituted for the former: Provided that on every such inquiry four weeks notice shall be given to the owners or occupiers of lands adjacent to the portion of land comprised in the plhan to be corrected or rectified and likely to be affected by such correction or rectification and provided further that when a new plan is ordered section 34D1) of this Act shall also apply to this section."
Amendment 7. Section 136 of the Principal Act is hereby
of section 136 amendedof the Prinipal Act. (a) by inserting a comma after the
word "clerks "; and

No. 17 of 1957. Title by Registration 7 ANTIGUA.
Act (Amendment).
(b) by inserting the words "or by
means of a rubber stamp" between the
said comma and the words "if such".
8. Section 146 of the Principal Act is hereby Amendment amended by substituting the word "appears for of section 146 of the Princithe word "bears" pal Act.
9. Section 164 of the Principal Act is hereby Amendment amended by substituting the word "Crown for ofoon i of the Princithe words "assurance fund pal Act.
10. Section 165 of the Principal Act is Amendment hereby amended by substituting the words of section 165 of the Princi.
"Supreme Court" for the words "Circuit Court ". pal Act.
11. Section 170 of the Principal Act is hereby Amondeont r J of seobion 170
amended by inserting the words "or otherwise con- of the Prinoitrary to the provisions of section 19 of the Supreme V Aot. Court Act, 1939 between the words for or in expectation of any fee, gain or reward and the words and a further affidavit "; and substituting 20/1939 for Cap.22 in the marginal note to the section.
Passed the Legislative Council this 30th day of September, 1957.
Acting Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Governmnt Printing Offlce, Antigua, Leoward Islands,
by E. M BLACIMAN, Government Printer,-By Authority.
A 47/180-520-11.57. [Price 10 cents.1