The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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12 v. : ; 25-35 cm.


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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
legislation ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )
serial ( sobekcm )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
General Note:
Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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I" -Ij
IA ."n ow 1
Ar 1 it G I T' 1 S L 1XI-N E-A! -z F
.Pub[lsherg' by
7:= ---- .
11 jA horwhy notillyd for gemwl BRYSON STREET:
tow infor.11;ci;o'll that HiH Eollour the
appointed Aliss E. Nathaniel Wliyt,,, Pearl lfutcuinA 10POTT W 5- to thP Pnbj& son Evwpi GWWW4 snamnMI'l
mvk, t"mmWon of the Milj Baptiste, C11hirene, Josepill.
INVAUDARON OF AUDGUA 19AMPS. WX 18hy"N NOth ulf' ct from Ist
It is b(Tvby noHNNI for generW f "' ( ffice"' Louisa Alaunix, Gv(ndlolyll h mtv'
Tt)0o1(,,, firiti, h hibind, Chnrle,; Anthony, Rv;inm liantilton, iliformatiOn lhiit" nowhk 1 1dwg din 11th Orloh, 190. vinc nt Pearl Rutchin 'Tl.
provitnions of the Pug VI tM Wt. NU jNMM;8
!ulj o'- n S71REET:
o ) tho --,u GJIPS 0, Arthurfoiw, s, Oliver, Est.
the vaio", U! W sl nad ("M DONFIMATION OF ORDMANCE9,
pound anHawbod !-, us- in AnHqua
by the -ii:s Or!, !'- () ST. GEORGES STREKT:
1948 No% IQ may, by Oruw nf do hAn 101 EHt. of Chark-s D lvi,-, Est-4 -!even
King C, 1, -, V! loo 'Alilli"I "s wis", Ipound oils (Cow ill Ilance ot, Us; ) t' of SLate for the Melvin, (2), Chapinen, I'i,-Ioria Order. 105- (S. 11 & Q 1957 No. 29) KlmW ims Wkwmed On Governor M PT Sanni':1 Edwards, Jillia
contiml' 1), il 'd f 'r 0!" 1 -nlent lhat th- jow"'r of d;"tallnwanote will Martin.
of h,,, Iwo, Q to ,I not ", oxerbeed in rempeor of th,! ST. JOL'IN'S STREET:
includiw'-, Oil, 311!'( 6"'y of March, I'll dorn'el I tion vd Ordinwlco:1958, after wh ,( Ii datt the Oiall no Ceceliacllri "Iiall. E!zl. rn
loug( r 1'f- '-did fow Ile A nhq w;. Chrirtian, Alici t Hnutf !\y
]_'ru'Cjr i jjj s 11"WeV'T, 10ell 111"do No. 7 (d 195T -11e RewAt PrAec- Eliza Stevens, Mary Giant, Aary
ill the iolitive Coijtinllal,"- b of tioll Orttill tl'we' E)57-" 0("1. 8 Sinion, 'It ct! Adalli's.
Ordur f ,r a li r 4 iod )t: graco of thr"'4 WSHOPUATE STREET:
nlont!"-' ion or
befor ,' thr, '3001 (lay OF 3=4 i0s,
Within 1101(ik he lath (51oho% 1957. Sydney Benjainin, Louisa Thomas,
_a1ups ZAlin McGhlh-ry, Margaret lllaney.
Of Oe WW"ni"ntion","I dl nonnlla- 4 71004', 16
tolls nla'v (.0'ect, illf ir exellan 4o at the CECTL (,I. BYRON.
Gwh"i i; offic- Jollo'sl "01ii- --
gjj l, f 0 ; 4tanlj) (IF Of (- If I la 1
-willi- w0l f'w U-i" owcoinny Q0i'v"
or knignN. Antyrt",
21st October. 1957.
Anty"a. NOTICE Is. HEREBY GIVIE14 general information thataafrorn the
21st kiptemby% INK. that there MU bo sold on the vari"s SO day of October, 1957, aU goods
prendses in the My of Saint John hrooaia or aw to the Antigua Electhhereafor named on Thursoliq, 2ht I
CHY, we and C,',ohI Stio-age I epartinent
TIRAIP1j"IC', INOTIC141 Ntiv.,nihom lW at 12 (Wwk nomi. jor (41d Sbviog" idU oi A y be accvpted the lands and tenenients belonging to on condition that the depilrtment We Antigua Vehicles & Hoadl the persons whose nines are set out MR be under no liability in respIact
11afRe Cudinancs 1946. hereundu-, tht said preinises having of all), loss, deterioration, darnage or
been levit-d upon to satisfy the City ]aiin of NvIiatt-ver nature ocofv,;ionP(1 Hata dne thereon for the year 1951 by or "Awng diredly or indirectly No. 5 oi,' 1 1.46. BENIVNETT STREET: from any denTt of whWever Wnre
in Hie "40WOONg JIM and nioms
B virtue, oi, pow' I: entered K. 0. Dowe, Alphonse, Hatnilton, of 01 -, ; Parlllleut"on mv by Seethun 2 of tho Antigua Oscar Mlead, Kenneth Henry.
Vehicles aw; fl") tfi 'I'loffir ordinake, The above condititru mhudl be iniNo. 5 of 1946, 1 hereby announce ATHILL STREET: pHdt on the prmetoation and wyeptthat until furilitr notice. tho fighting- ance of any such goods for Cold
mp Me for vehicles shall he from Sarah Mason. Williana A. Richards, Stor,,4gp,
6 PML to 500 RMI. Christiana 01ii,-r. Gerald Simon
Prie-, Edillund John.
Mted this Iltb day tit October, R, T. RTMVUN,,,
1957. STREET: Aq. Director,
11. G. SHWARD, Electricity + Tel-j)hancs.
("wilmi"Sonw, & Wert Bt-njainin, Esther ChriMian, ChmmusiowT qf 1Wks Lydia SmMl. 7th October, 1957.
3 4P- ..41 7

241 TH I,' A X-1 1 0 ) 10 \ -rSERRAT A N 1) v I ite
-, T [() .'tober24,1957.'
Appho- ti )ns ai i invited for tho TRADE AILURK"s I FICE claint that tlwy have
post of S mior Assistant Master, St. TO ft'r I i L A ed tho said Tiade Mark in respect
Vincent Grammar School. BilITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. Of tile sald goods for iii tie yew-s before
SA-LARY: 24th Septewlw!r, 1957. the (late of tl eir aid Applic:ition.
The salary of tile post, Which is
pensionablo is in the scale $2,980 x.- 13ROWN AN D W1 LLJ A MSON Any penon ni ty \vithin three
120- $3,!",00 per anvini. phis a jwnsioi)- TOPACCO CORPORATION (EK- of di fivmi, apptarai)ce of this
able pay a(t,11ition )f 20%' of Aarv. PORT) LIMITED, of W-siminster Ad-erfisemkiit in the Antigua, JllontDTTriFs: Hotwe, 7, Millbaiik, ", W-, servwl (old Virgin Islands Gazette,
T110 offic-1. w il 1w r'(111ire'l to Englandbave appli6l fnr ie-istration gii,,, licticoin kill o'2',W'Jf, at the Ti-ade t acil 01 ti r lo lijcs )I, jj;stoj-y, of one Tradt.- Aark Cojjs Stjf) Of tjjt AJljj L, ()ffiCe. of
Catub"-idgo lfigh, J- followil)g:0, h opp-0,- ition of t ,iid Tr; do Mark.
Sellool aul l to
uaderhoke the t(,,:whing ol g mtiral U. Alu &sson,
subjects il, thC', illi't '!o itl.dlor lower Jla ,I;S.
L-chool at-,,
Ho will rojlli; a to i witt-1
iloti vi 1- i,,,s it i occ. s ,n
arise3, aild ,u it.,. iii, i n t!If'
of or w jrlt: ill tile pl-incil)M I Agricuiltural D(:lwartment,
subjecttwiglit I)\ lihn. Amkl, 1Ta(-,WAL-tFICATIONS:
The office si)ould 1w ,i gra(iu,ito Mouth I l!)--W, 1957.
of a reewfi i i iversit A certflfi- 1 2. 1 G -,.15 :11.16
F(.k 1 ( 2 1.23 2.29
cate or Dil lw w, 11 Edlw )tinzl w ,Itld :,. e; ) T.'' !o .40
be an ai sot, April :4,54
'M Ry 1. 0
Furtlo- tho i 1. 1'7 7? 2 86
appoilitilwilt Iwo he ol)tidllid f"'0111 Jilly :i,21) v;,: 2 i:; 4.2') 1 54)
the M:t,4 ret "i -I. wirld w:nA Auvust "":2,T; 5.67 6,48
Islands, (Irenadit, to whom ;ippli- Sq-A -inhcr 2 P 2,16 8. 15
Cations fll( IILI 1w ad0r"-,-;,s0(l to roach ro I 9th Oct. .:it; 2. 11 ].3S :!, 14
him not 1:ittcr ih;tn dio :' lst ()ctij)jq i n clasl; 4,5, tLit is to 1957. whotiier mantifitc, urct! 22.-3 :M 35 3 1.01
Ref. AC. 13/, 9---IV
AN T!!-, )J' IS
Oil' "Q.
Average eireitltt, ion (luring Julv. 19,57
l6iIr MT11-TV 6 2 5 .3. (1
(, ()Vv- 110w,i outst'Incling 1A)0 1'1')0-11.00
V) 0, T, 11. T3 7. 0 0
Britisli V, es and Coh;s
1 11011 1 In
circlilmif-o- on Scp ,,inlher, 1,).-)7.
'I' . ,
2 9,2 0 1 Z) 3). ill 0
1 arkoqlos 771 -59,625M() 2) .5. 0 0
Br,6 h GuIA1111, 15 1 9. 0 0 6 ",ooo.oo
Gr !iN 0a 2 670 100 00 4 7 00
S 5(.)9,400.0() 0 0, 00
St. 1,11i'l"t 1 0 3 0 0, 0 0 11
1': ,615,400.00 IJ
2 385,,:',00.00
St. 1%Aacs 5. 0
Montserrat 367 105.00
" Pro()f Sets" Coins 1 70.00
TOW British ()irli)bean Noter and Coins
in Circulation on Ist September, 19,57 6 2, 8 4 2. 0 0
Dolllom !Azed Govt. Notes, outstancinis4 on "ber, -195 1'.
'(1a, and Tobago -151
1.111ril A 1 9 5 15. 0 0
Britl Ji Gul'an"t 266,986.00
Total Government notes outstanding
oil Ist September, 19,57 110907250.60
Total Circulation on Ist September, 1957 $63)47-1 092.00 2 6 3.19 2 0. 0 0
Brili, h Caribbean Currency Bourd, L. SPYNCE,
Treasto-y C'haml)ers, -Executice Conznds, ioner,
Porl ain Trinidad. Br. ( aribbean (7urrency Board.
I Oth 1957.
Ref. No. 24/00)67.

October 24,1 19,571 'I"HE A";TIGT'A 'NI0NTSER'Ri\T AND TSIt -,\TDS GAZETTE 245
PLYNIOVTIJ MWNTSERRAT, 2ml (WhIm 1967. Mu'risii-.k.JERICANI 'TOB.A-CCO COMMA mymD 4 MmUnhotur House, 7 Millbank, London. SAV. England have aplAied for Repostration of Pim Qaclu 0:irks of the
Tr A
W. D. & 101%
r i, Scn ,
hi Ch"s 45 that is to sm: Tobacco whether manufactured or uninanufacture(l.
Tlw ppli .;ui IS' claill-I that they have use(i the said Trade If arks, 1. 2, 3, 4 & 5 in mspect of the sail goods for 37, V), I & :17 pars respectively before the (MU, or t!"Ir wthi AlIdicatirm.
A3 1 7 IlItIV whidn Wree tuouths from the dw 4 ike Of IlliS Adwrtisement in the AnQu", Milano q ViQn Mum Gazette. giv-, in a, Alarks
04mce, Mont: orratl of to regi 4tration of the -aid Tnwc M:w.k.,,.
F. (). C. Hpomisl Rcqistra, of Trade, Alarks.

24th September, 11957,
BROWN ANTD \VI1iAA_'Ic -,,fN TOB3ACCO CORP1ORATION (EXPORT) LIMITED, or Westnmiltilter. Homoe, 7, M iiihank, Lond) Si~~. W', V glaom, have applied for registratio-n of one Trade _Mark ;. i ii~ Api)cN t-i chtiii hlrr ("10'Y c hv mi rh' PI rn Ni. W k j~i- 3 f l said g ofis fr twontyeight yo'ArH 11i t tE 41'tb ('J t'houi !dJ App~ite ti o.
-,l irw a 'v wi 13 hr>- niw he of the fire t ai!d~V~eOf LhiJS .'it- t ill the Anticqua, Montserrat i i'i lslrfods (clzeif ive- no tice ill dhiiio 11t The Traide air k Office, 1_ritish 17irgin Isiaild, of oppositiO! 4t ,cid Ia h JNk 14. ALEX BEsSON,
Reg istrar of T rade Ma rk&q
TRADE MARKS OFFIC E, 1'LY11OUTH., MONTSERRAT, 011(1 October, 19.57.
11RO \V N & WILIOB N'101A(C()0 CORhPORlATIION I T* \ P A),T) LI~[TE-1 of
Wtestij. ter [louSe, 7 Mililt nk, Lon Ion,,S. XX' have applied for- P egistrat iM of Two Tn-ide Marks.
(LI (2)
in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cis 5ta-'t a:-Tinc)whte auatrdo nauatrd
The Aplcat chmi hyhvIsdtl adTaeMr r 2I epc ftesi
Mon ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Reita tofiat ofad opoiio ir5g ainoftesadTad ak
Print-il .,t the Government Printing Office, Antigua. Leett'ard Talmi, by E. Y. BL AcKNAN, G4overnmnent Printer.-By Authority.
[Price 6 center.]