The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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12 v. : ; 25-35 cm.


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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
legislation ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
General Note:
Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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A-XTl U X2 ON TSF i2,
_ ISLAXPS GC24,Z ti2'j.
Jub fished by a~irify.
VOL. IT. THURI SDAY, 3m~ NE'L1,% ,7 ~ 3 8.
o-,No. 9,!. -lo' Animals ( 'on trn of .Ex periIf IAppbointmnts, transfers. 1 c., in a ots) Oldinance, 1957.''
the public service. with efluct trom ThFle Cadet Corps Ordinance, It is hlerebhy no(tilo for general in- the dc s tal ed, are p)ished for 19 7. formation tld hIv b\virmie of tho powers general iliot 01 ttion:vested inl 1);m olr Sction 1S of the A ,MMaoAtn ol-N .12
Rural Di- rl- t (, tOriwmu e, 1915? il .A .,Mji cig r- N.12 (No .n oi5 i e '1i1(statr f of Poiee to reve-t to His Excelltency tlie Gokv~lnvi has
* eA Sti iit oto ~ sustaintivxe post of SnpIeri tudent this, lax bce itsdl assett h MolS-i, r~l llic I,- (1 I1 toappOit OfI P.Ie. Anit 25 -i~etejn Onlwa;e s:-ttoth
Mr. .Jameas H. Carrott a Plural IDis- py. 5 ,dln-strict Ofijceri. SwrH "o fnter
Admn Poi~ ~Sear, I!. Su rins pwted Cnt of No. 9 of 1057. "The Uegistration
Pol'I, Aalritn> A (U) el (hll of Un itt Kxingdomu Pietents Act 27th A 51~~~:7. flhljs~l) u r of Pole, Lewald (A}Ihi:t)Cdn((',97
I~bIB Is Ang.2 ~3,~I u~(t 19 57.
Re f. N o. Ai 1. [ I"
Southwell, W. S., Acting- Siiperinteudent of Police, Antigua, to revert to 471/019 1his soihstative post of Assistant -N". 11 of 19157. "I'hle MNollts'un~at 'The Rurp! District Boards Ordinance, Sutperintendent of Poli'ce andi re- (')t))-it')tio): :5l lel(tiown. ( It is li no~' til -d fi -rd inl- Oh 1sfNSPcrea'1s, 0 29h Au niI 957
forInatenl f'01! undter thie provisit)ns of 1 iflua. the li rd Dii-trjet Boardl ordinaneet 300h Augusmt, 1957.A!i~a 1952 (N 5of' 19,5'2). tht Windxvard Rtef. No) P-.11'. irgi sh Rural Di-4 jiet floard hias leeii estab- No. 7 of' 19,57, '11w( lP11 Sic Holidays
lished in) the Colony of Montserrat. Southwell, W. S., Assistant 6tperin ten- Ac x edot riac.15 denlt of Police to act as suiperinteni- 29(1hi)Oriae 1_957
2. T!; ninh ersliip ofl I h- Board (lent of Polie,. Antignla. Sep. I 9hAe o: 97
15 asloll ~v':Chief Secretary's ofie -ef No.-----~
O'CARRB), Joseph (Eleoted Meirber) ilntiqua. No. 103.
WEBBE,. Pastor James (Electted Mem ber) 30th Augusmt, 1957. MARKHAM, Ann (El ected Member) __-The following O~rdinances are cirWHITEY Daniel (E 11td ember) CONFIRM~ATION OF ORDINANCES culated within this (3avi-tto and form
CLEMEN11, Revd. Fr. hef:
(Noain; ted Mtember1 A~ 100.partthir(I:GILKES, Wilfred (Ncuninatf i lldeniber) 'Flle S-ecrettit' of Stilte for the No. 9 ol 1957, "The Polico Act
The P-vd. Fr. James Clement has Colonies has notified thle governorr (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957." lbce]) w jlt L- of th that the power (of disallowatnce will N) 0o
Boar 1l ot 41, e Xorci5'd ill leklet oithe 5 pp. If iep 10 cia
inderna iioned Oj4iniance:- Cans-s Act (Anwndomei t) Ordirance.
Admto?~trSti~o~c iigo.19157. ''2 pp.Pri- 4,!.
Jfo t.ier-rat. No f15,"TeConPo No. 1t ol' 1957, Thlt Nurst-q
270)Aj~,I95.N.2o 1957, Th rw r- Regi.tration (Amendment) Ordinance,
Re.M /Cceedings (Amendmnent) Ordinance, 1q.57 2 1l ) icie -1 ct.-t
Ref,____ ____ 1957 August, 1957. ----. ....
Ref. No. 47/00305.
The Administrator of Antigna purThe Administrator if Montserrat has NO. 6 Of 1957, Thle Stamip Act suant to the powers vested in th(natte the following appointment (Aiendmnent) Ordinance. 19.57 "'. Governor nlider section. 3 (1f the,
iindr sctin 3of liei~lariagAiigust, 1957. Vehieh I(s and Road Traffic Ortinace.
urine, 19ti 1, (Montserrat-riog Ref. 'No. 47100508. 1946, is wriendedl, lias boe pleased to
of 19211: a. -- point Messrs Rouse Melvin Spencer
No. 101. and E. Dalmer Dew as members of the.
Elder Austin Esdaile to be a Marriage Antigua Transport Board to fill the
Officer wxithi effect froin the 27th The following Bills which are to be vac*-c iss caused by the resignation of A ugust, 1957. introduced into the Legislative Coun- Mr. R. Cadman anld Major H. J. Medhuizst.
cil of Montserrat are circulated with
A. F. DAWICINs, this Gazette and form part thereof:- Administrator's 0//lie.
4dmili.4rtor. The Law Reform (Miscellaneous St. .John's,
omse rat. Provisions) Ordinance, 1957." 4th Septemli'r, 1957.

TRAD:' i A I ZE 8 0 Ff I C E, go u (I ", for 53 ye lvs Iwfor- thi- 41 tte of woj'j v )e jjq
thoiv &kid Applicution anu the said of tho Colonial Eji1,jn,,,(- IVI i, ks
TN, F 1, 1 Tnolf, INTv], No. 4 in respect, of the I)i lie
I arsbe.ovetfic date
15th Aug-list. 19,57. said (,oods foi- 41,' yo, 1,
of thtir said Appliciaion. 'Fe i,! ,rsslhould lhf, ad(lressed t the
BRIT -01-AW'1'R10AN TOBACCO io sealed o-iNet-lopest
CO A PA N Y, LTMFPED of West- A n v penon may vvithin three I I. -,- t"OR N.0111,11
minster 11,wqo. 7, Millhunk, London, montfis fli-om tli-,, th" fi ,st ap- I'!) 1 1:7
S.W ., Lavt, oil )plii7-a for pearailce 14 this Advertisuillout ill th(l, tjj;, L ti!;m I jl.ul.on
ReJs tati-1 of f0tir Trade Nfarks con- -4 jf()/ j -i -vilt Fji(1:ov 6, 1
in dllpli:io, tho "t'r;i(le Ottico, Mont- "I( f 1mA 4 k-lf' W
Of to ve-gistraLioli of thelowe,-t o', mly Tolidur.
the s!tid Alark, ,.
F. 0. C. Harris, !F,
q11' Tmde Marks.
j.5th August, 1.957. )tT11. Z RA T.
L-0( 40NTSF
1.51th Au iist, 1957,
ALPIN & B.WRETT LBITTED Ot Newton Roa(l, Yeovil, :)inerset, SPEN,"i,, K CO.,
England, have ltpplied for Rt !,Tjstrao- 1A ITI,:1), of Seultioll of mle Trad, Alark consisting of CO J-, Lille, H tillhlmh tl ( Yo k
the fot1oNvi1j,-____ Sqtmrf Lw!(Ion,
C., EA-k-of, ti)rfliod for
o e T r! ut 'Jar'k ConW
in Clas 2, tliikt, i to s:i v: V,,t rinary prepava!ii)iis :m(! in Class 3, that 1:S to say. -(lik-itril and 1,fiarmacoitti(-al
(3) J t
Any jwrs m iwzY within three, ii Uh_- :, I tin": i to s ilv: -- p- i i i ts. varN1
from th, d b- of Oil- f I r'4, t ::i; 11
appeanow- of' this Advert em w ill ei', ,iji 1 kill lu I i I t I I of Ill i i I I the AOIpvt, AJont.swv,(d.& Vi j eolollv,4. distem1wrs, japalls,
181amds Gavetlr, give notice in dupli- hwwi, rs, ya" it and v;lrnilsh (j ri ers, ade Imit -vRtives \voool st,611,4 :it iticato at tht, Tv Alarks Office, A ww'! presel s Vrat, of opposition to rejstra ioi) of oovrosi vo amt inAi-foliling composithe ;;6(l Trado an(l mflli- orrosive oil-,
F. 0. C. Harris, 'I'lie upplicouits claim fliat tll(.v have
flf,' Jisbwr (if T'twde _11arks. iised the -,,aid Tmle Nfark in respect of the said gfw4kf,)r 4 years hf, 'ore the date of ibeir -.ti'l Applicati(m.
TENDER NOTICE. Ally 1 lay -witlhiill Hiree
front the date of the first
Tender" :tre illvited for tile Con- j-)f t1lis Adv(-rti ;enwnt in
&i, aC2)
destruction of a N ew Reiidorced tile, A, G-lite-ete Bridgo at Donavaiis known give iiotice in (111plias North Soitud Bridge, Antigua, to- AL; rks Office,
in Class 45, that is to suy:- Tobacco gather Nvith the formatioii of an Moiitserrat. or opposition lo rk, _,is.trawhetber manufactured or unmarinfac- earthen enibaulmient for the now tion of the iid Trade Mav ,
tured. approach road.
The Applicants claim that they 1. 0. C. Harris,
have ued the said Tra(le Marks Drawings and SpTilieatio.os aiid Tfwde
N o. 1, 2 and 3 in respect of the said Geij ral Condition of Conti-act for thiq

N 1) V_ 1,61' ISLA.N
i: -_ 01"i 1'1W )E M UJ\-S OFF-W!" 111,14 A", yi A 11c-,,, 0; F ICE.
A:,,1.11L( %, (Uk "1141"ust, 1957. ANTIGUT A. 9 5 7. TmTOLA,
yAl"11)"'EY k (10M PA _Ny i'l "I [T- IiflilTifiH VIRMN ISLANDS,
A:' 0 TRANPoIT Au-us D55-1.
INC. (d Afnssuchu_ Lolidl)n N', lilit!
set!,; A,- Cit v 4 Tndivlmpoli ', Lon& n, W., liov ;%ppli4A THE, AN-I ATYERS
havo :.jppli -l kt.6s[r;Iiiwl 14 o;li, Tradt AT -1: TO 13A-CCO "d PA NY. o I' 6 )0 Fifth
of one Triid- Mark coil)- v: Avvn w, Nev,- Ywl,,.
Sistio6 of the follo-wilig:_ aopii d for ri, _, i'"jlitm or w rrado
of th(;
fo "I, I
ill 2 S,
Class'22: ti uclk 4, I I Id WITH
Class 3.): 6 w is h) ;;4-. k i 11 t.,
of Ill toilet
for til- l", ill b kir.:Ind l'i-i'fulned -la- 4 s-!
in I: i L (o
pau 'r. oilod p).
i wh 411er
-att-d wrappin- :111d
ill- paper, "VI'lid('11 11- 0je sJ, ill
ing crktesard hox ill -knii"lla 11,13 td til i TJ
I i MaN, 1957.
b fo I dif, diite of thoir s tjd apidi- Anv oiv ,n ij v, widliii three Tbf, Applicants cl::illl t 110 Y cation. ill 011"I I s 1 1, p pearIlav(-. 1-ist-ij tile said 1'mili- Nfark in Ali,,, person mov ivth:n respect of the s;lid .oods, for 29 allcil of tlji ill tile
lllollt l, h-oll, t1le date 'if die first AW qua aw.' Vi'Pqi7l
years before tbf date ()I,' tlipir s;eiid apparel cp of l1lis Advertis(ini'la ill Island"; 'iv ?I: (4;e in :11phApplication. the A litirlim. J1w1/,",rv(o eind Fi qfin cate al HwTl 1, 1 c A c I o 1: 1,
181((wis Uel.eltle" ,iv,,, notice ilt dupliAny persciii m;iv within l1:ree. Bri tish N T*,, m i 1: 1 1, si t io r)
m colitis the Ite (A 0- I Z-' Cilt( :J th T;;idO 0111N', Anti- to rcgoi fr;lli. 7 11 'V!; .11TI!rk.
: t ition o vc-litstirmion of
appeanilic-i (A this A(Ivertisinwnt Ill gim, )f opp; ,
the, Ao,'ifpm, Montsel-ral tlvd _FvPui,, the Tr lde Marl,-. H. Alex. Reuan,
ISI(Intis G(lZetb,,
cato at the Tradle Kirkli W14."', "ad" jr(tri""t.
Antigu,,i, of opposition to reLisUnttion
of the s dii Trade Mark. TRADE MA! .K, OFFICE, I ) P.T 0 i, A
P'iUON. AINTWUA. 2001 A 1957. PIUTJ Ji island,,,
ftr r;"t1jwr of T) aw, '11w, 4 S, 00 N I P, 1, -N Y of 630 FiRli Avenne, THE, LIGIGETT & ),1YlliRS TONov,- York, U.S.A. liave applied for BACCO COMPANY, iiF 630 Fifth
Registration of oil(,, Tradf- Mark Avewlr-, Yl):k. i_-.A. have
TP;WE MARK8 OFFICE, consist i ,, of the following, apIl1j(,(i for d onp Trado ,
Towr4 t i,.,, marl T" i
pin'VIS11 Vil'iANX LiLA,DS. 7 77,
THE JOS111111, ANCH 003FTTIANY, if 350 Vd !i A% w;e, ew
Yorl, U.S.A, liav,, :tpp i-i f-r P- _,istrat lon (,;' (one '; rzt, A" ISTIlIg
of the foilowill".j
in cluss. 4;",, 0at, is to sav: ft-raiented
liquors and spirit. ill (Aass 4,5 that is to iy: 0wirettes. ill Cla, ,q 4"', th ,Al, a Toi)acco
TIw Applicanis c1aim tli it they whetlifr iwaili! iefuril] or mi nmimfac,
The Aplplicants ciain, that they havka t1w slliii Viad- Mark tured.
t1w tiltit ill"', Ilaw ,
,have used this mark sinvf. April, 19,57. ill "t"ti-t of tho gilods Since
Fpbl-iuirv, 19 5'j 0)e dat of used I I is M irk Fi I c;iaryAny person ma\ vvithin t1iree tlioiv,. aid Application. 195 3.
moiltils of the (late of, III(, tirst appeal Anly person nny witldn t1iree. An.y jso rsmi r -!v tlhrefKDCe of this Adwrti ;, lijt nt ill the montlis fr(iin t1w (f;ite of the first 111011thS Offl-iiI!!' (0 tll;. first appiewAntirlim, Awtifspri-0, tv id Virgin appearance of this Advortisem int in anep of this Advertislieilt ill tlj
11 0 t Vir( (Ilitj Firgill
_[Slands G(irdle, ;J% iiot:ce ill dtipli- tho, A a'flim, J1 )Itse I P gin _zV
cato ,.t tiv- Trade Al:irks OPice. Tortola bdawb Gazettt,, givo llotice ill (,Itjpji_ lslallfb British Vir,,iii ll daii(k 01 opposition CAte A th TradO Morks Offi(.e, cate it the Trodo ALwl,;: Offico, Torto registration of t1w ,:,i(I Trade Antigim, of opposition to registration tola, 131-itish Vil-Will t I opposiMark. of tbu sai(l Trade Afavk. tion to rel,,istratjon ()I' ill,, s lid Trad
marl ,
Registrar Qf rrade Marks. Registrar ofTi-ade Marks. Regi.,lti-ar oj'Trade Mairk,, .

ls TEE' -'m.1N'F11"-,U7A, MONTSERI'La AND V11-k"GIN 1,-,'.LAiDS GAZEITTF 1957
In the Zldp7o-,'Y-D, 3 Gouxt of the TRADE 11ARKS OFFICE. '1'11L IDE JAI KS ()VI'l N,
b 't, 19.5 1,20th i i 7.
Wir-d',,vard -.Jands and ANTIGUA,20thAu-us W.
L1,, ward IgJa-nd.,s.
ANTIGU CIRrUIT. lNewton. Road, Yeovil, Somerset, of 3,510 lliftli AV Inue, Ne"V York,
En-land. have;ipplied for Reg-Istration U.S- nvo appli d for IWgis ratio A.D. 1957. Of one Trade -Kark cons;stim, (of the of oni, Traile cmi -,i.stiiqg ()f tile
following:- following:Notice is hereby given that in pur'siianc- id Rules ,niide by tlie Chief D
J ust;("O 1111der Seeti( n 16 of the Wind- F
%k,;u'd 1s]:mds and 'Lemvard Islands J -AD
Order in ""lonywil, 1939, and ill o-Tu,- es 2 & 3 1hat is to say ill Class (Ili] \1 pproved a-, therein provided oil 2, Vetoriuary preparations and in tile P di ilay id Oetol)or A. 1), 19-11. CTiss 3, Mvdicinal an(l pliarinaceuti- 43 is to
tile 0-to Jndge cal prepanItions.
solecl':"i for the Sitting of tim, Co"-'rt ill h- Iiat they
Tin, Applioqmts claim fliat tl)ey Trade "Tark in
t1w Atitivita Circuit lius ippoiiited Tiw! &ty t1he Ist &y of Oetol, cr. 1,157, have not used t1fle sald Trade Mark in tlli s:lid Si.,jee 1601
at.] 1.00 oVock in the forenooll js the respect Of tile said goods in Antigua Apt il- 6, fore tl),, i tte of their dav ()f tlic month oil 111"hi,11 tile 11,,t before the date of' their said Applica- S;licl Aj),')H atolll:
of the Antigua shall tiO"sitii i g -' t' I i I I
A Illay \'I tllre e
An y p-rson may within three 1110110'rs fi'(qu tht. (1 :tte W Qit-. first luontlis from the (late of tile first of tlii,
vppear--ane- of Uiis Adv(-rtisemont in aild Viqlin
die.30th day If Ali,, it4t' 195 1. tj" Ant qua. -1fontseriwt & Virgin i- ill dupliIslands Gazello, -ive notice ill dupli- Tj-, de llrtrks Oflice,
cate at the Trade Marks Office AlIti"'11:1. 01 to r(-.."istratiort
Cmm 0. BYRON, I
ofthe epprewu? Court. Antigrua, of opposition to registration of the said Trade Alark.
("EClli 0. PYRON,
(",ENL 0. BYRON, (it T/ eale -Varks.
H'vi"411'ar of Trad" Jlftl 1-8.
TH- DE TAINRK'S OFFICE, ANTICUA, 20 h Au-itst, l't,57.
0 -I'I'l CE,
20ib At-, ust, 1957.
INWV-N TOR.'WCO COMP ilk N I'l i 11'1 "D ()'L Cilanws TPXDF 11,, PKS OFFPIF,
!'Loi4 11, Trini- A--xT!W-1A, 20111 Vmyust, 1957.
100,d PANY of 6.30 Fifth Avenue, New Yorl,, U.S.A. have npplied for tion of one Vrad;' TV -h
Istill!" Of BLUNDELL, SPENCE & CI 0. Registritioll '-'f one Trale TATark
tfie following:- LIMITED of lWilcside Works, Scul- collsl" till- OC t 11' 4lowi I 1g:
coates Lane. Hull and York House, 37 Square, fondon, W.C. have f,)r Regi,- ration of 4,n Trada
urk con,
D) sistin- of tile
is P:1 );tillts' W ITH
'ish's (t th"r tillm insulating
w tolro of' i i
J-lmms, Im-cilters. paint and varnish dl lt-rs' wood prkttif-rvativ -S. wood in Clasti 45 that is to say, Manufac- staiiis, anti-corrosive and anti-foultured tobaeo. ing compositions, mid anti-corrosive in Class 45 Ih It i,, to n CigaroAtues.
Tl), Applicants claim that th(ly The Applieants claim Hiat they
have not usi d the, said Trade Mark in The Applicants claina that tliey have used tlik, s;tid Trade Jark in respect of tile sKid goods in Anti-tia liaNti used flie said Tradi,) Mark respect of the said goo4s since Ist before tile date of their sail-I q)pli- ill r, .spect of the said -oods for May, 1957 h-fore tile date of tbeir cation. 4 -,,cars before the date of t lieir said said Applic dtimql.
Any person may within three Any person imiy within thr( e
months from tho (late of the first Any person may witliin three Illontlis front t1w iate of tile first appearance of this A(lvertisement in 111011th,; from tho (late of the first appearanoeof ibis AdverListinent it, the Antigua, 31ontmerrat & Vvrgin appearance of this Advorlist-inentin the Antirlaa, Jfotil., c;-ruland Firgin lWands Gazelle, give DOtiCe in (Jupli- tile 4titigim, -11ontserr(dand Vir lin Ldands Ga, &-,te, ive notice in duplicate .it the Trade Marks Office, 131114VIS (1aze-U0, give YlOtice ill dupli- cate at tlie Trade M;11,1,s Office, Antiviia, of Opposition to registration cate at the Trade Marks Office, Anti-lia, ol oppo4tion to reaistratiou of the s aid Tr;.do 'Mark. Awitma, of opposition to registration of t ie said Tr;idi --Nlark.
If the said Trade Alark.
CFCIL 0. ByrtoN, Cecil 0. Byron, CECIL 0. BYRON,
Registrar of Trade Marks. R ,gi,,drar of 1-5-ade -11arks. Re'listral. Of Trettle -1farl-&

September 5. 19'77 TIIlE VNTG[ETA, M: NT J A N) D' V! WON IS! YK A &A ZETTE. 18!A.,YFJiaUA, 30th August, 1957. BRITISH -A ME111CAN TOBACCO COMPANY Li M TI&) of Weotminster House, 7 Millhank Lmnuon S. W. have applied for Registration of Five ArMd M arks conisitii ig of the folowing:
(1) (2)
~ ~7
-* -F
W~ D. & H. ).I'l-L'S
U, R I TC L U ; D V
(3) (Ii)
L "AW! P>~F ER r'O z
in Clatss 4,5 thatt is to ray': Tobacco whether mnufactured or linmanu factured.
The Applicantsz claim that they have us Ad the said Tride Marks 1, 2.. 3, 4 &5 in respect of the said goods for 37, 30, 2 1, 4 0! 37 years respectively before the date o4 their said A pplicaton.
Anyv person may within three months from the date of the first apleanawe of tHis Advertisemnent in the "Antiguz, Mtowiserrat and Virgin Islands G~azette, "' give notice in. duplicate at the Trade Marks Ofice, Antigua, of opposition to registration of the said Trmde Mark.
CECIL 0. ByitoN.
1?eistrar o / iladr 31airks.

190 THE AN 'i (: '1A, MO TIR.TA )V11k(AN NOLA2S (L. ZETTE [S ;mtmor 5,1957
Statement of Currericy Notes and British CariiAeean Coin Circulation ;a t!,, ii~ C. ibbean Terariorkl; Tste;c- Group on LPt June, 1957.
A verai Irc ktion durng April. 1957:
lBritOi' .i tia Currency Notves 6 0, 0. 7:)-, 05t 147 82
Detciii I ( ,Ovt. Notes olitstandhlzg1. 'Si1
I'otaIlIi8;o:i to: 7.
Th'iisb( anNotes and Coinus in uito
011 11 19,717.
1 !i~ Gzkii; no. 16 4 -i o0t .2 A'
91. ,o 5)8 08.0 117, 188
lloC 8.S'(? of Coinas I .870.01
Totali ilid It a blijan Notes and Coins in
eireuni,,hi )n ht Jane 1957. G;Q,872x8)u0 3,123,1415.00
Deinietiz-l ovt_. Nolos oatstIanding on~ 1st ,June, 1937: Ii; ;and Tfobag o 754.199.00 British ( hiaia 280,1 57.00
Barb is72,438.00
Total (oi. Hatwe 00 ~tataildiMI~ OD
1st .In11 195 7. 1,1 06;,7~1A.00
Total circulatio o n I tJune, 1957. $60, 9 79. 0i2. 00 $3.1 '_13, 14:0 0
British Cariljbt-an ('orrene Ba 8L
Treasur~ lttiy u Executive C'urmi.-sioner,
Port of Sm;,Br. Caribean Curr':;ev Board.
Rtf. No. 24!11)O7
Statement of Curreix,-e Pwotcs and British Caribbean Coin Circulation in the British Caribbean Territories (Emmsiern Group) on 1st July, 1957.
Av-rape eciculation during May. 1957.
11r~tilI ;iri~ohean Currency N~otes 62,5t95,839.00 3tOS8
ti OR(S'ovt. noeo olutstandling 1.1 12,1193.00
FPotals 63,708,832.00 30 198,T 5; 01
lBri rish i (anNotes and Coins in oi, culation hdJuy, 19f57.
I1aul05 7,15.528,2500 4;,) '43A
1ir tish Gn iaua 16,43 12,' 300 638;00
2,(17i).100.00 140,150.00
\u~ei. ~19.1 0.029,150.90 lo~n n' I.422,40(1.00 94,151,00
t i~ a 2,38,).:t00.00 114,00000
Kitts 1.589..10.00 117, 65 0. 0(0
AM ot i fs (,,r tt .67,~ 05.00 21,650.00
I 'roo VSets of (ills I
Tot;O Hr Ii'i Caribean Notes and Coins in
cinrotlatiwi on 1st hily, 1957 62,812.437.00 3,18 3.09,5.0 0
Deinwt iz lx-I Govt. note,, outstanding on I1st July, 1957.
T-iridad anid Toba-o 753,114.00 II-: Th Giana267,133.00
Total (liv-1 notes outstantling~ on
1st Julv, 19,57. 1.091,655.00
Total oil t; if;ttion on 1st fitly, 1957. $63,90 t112.00 $3,183,095.00
British Can ihbean Currency Board, L. SPENCE.
Treasury BuMilding, Executive Commissioner,
Port of Spain, Br. Caribbean Currency Board.
Tr'inid ad.
Ref. INo, 24,10t(087.

Septemlhc.-l N~ ;>~ i0 'SEJRtAIi' 1-:'DL V! L iN SLA 19KT! L
(CARIBBEAN rERR1TO1,J1,, (EASTEitN GnzouiP) oN~ 1At AUGUST, 195T
A verage circula tion during J une, I 9,i)
British Carlbbefw Currency 6:30 01 T T. 1 0- 1 E5'63.00
Demnonetizedi (4m.t notes outstil"ndino'lt 4,5 1
64,1 00,958.0(),
!3rt~" 2rj 01an Voes and Coims in
1Trinilli."". and Tobago ~,i 7~3.
1B)aviados 7,15 59 G 5 0 0 2 ~3l
Brii~.'~ -nina15, 5 1.1, 0 (hren:1mida 2, T11 0 0 0' -V 1 1.00
St. Vincent 5 0 9, 4 0 9(, 0 0.0 0
St. Lucli 1 .0...0 )~oo
Domninica 1 "565 '1. 0 0 199,9)00.00
Anrtigua 2,3 8,7 100. (0 11 i'0 0)0 0
St. Kitts 1 89.0L0I .70(
Montserrat 3;7 o~ 5. ) I.bi0(
Proof S-ets "Coins I, 0)
Total Biritish (-':,ribbean Notes and Coins
in eircifl.!tfon (1 1st August, 1957. S2,334 2.00) ".2 ,0 00
Demyo-n,'tLe' G~ovt. Notes outstanding on
1st Auyust, 1157.
TVrinidad anld fobag"o 751,955.00 ,-~LIa1a266,986.00
I~~ 1~ ,: 7109.00
Total G'ovemiment notes outstanding
on I ;'L August. 19,57. ] 492 )0.60~
Total CinilAion on 1st August, 1957. $63, 524,092.00 $3, 2 22. 02 0.0
Britizh Cariii br-al (Sirrency Board, L. 'PNC.'.
Tretvom'iw (hanm rs, Exeuaice ("01101 881 isne7*,
L'O't Na i Br. Caribbean Cutrrency Boar&.
TI rin idad.
20th Ao'jolist, 1957.
Ref. -No. 2-1007.

PLYM. W; A10ot-iUUA PMo''t~ixi-LY.UOU11Li AI tNT'SRA'i.
8th Ataust. 105t7. 12th A ngiit. 19,57. The Antiguna Vehicles & IR.oad
LI(,CrGETT & MYERS TOBACCO raffle Ordinance, 19 46.
IIGGEIT & 1YE,'f TIOIBCCO CO;MPAN Y of 6a) FVt h BxvrteofIo wuua(I -r,
COMP~AN Y of TMA H Rh t A v" n e. New NIew X oNt Soo of NP w York, Unitu. Ryndueo h px'
York Wtae 4 New York UAWt~o Sttt State of Arner i-ak hpva appl~i-d fur 01);" Ii S,'(tilt 2 of the Anotgna of .Amct( t e ajIitd fo'r %-th nt- Registtiott rd onte 'fruto IV.rk mcn VN 1946. 1 i R oh TAii!h Ordnode tion of ouo 'it oh k onowl ~ ttsig of st M Kw55wN o f1411hrh xtepro
the fol\\leretuidehr for the ligitig o4 veltioios / f iit furt her notice, the ligh11ing
ei0 shall be thorn 6.30 p.U. to
'I. this 22nd day of A n_,st,
in Cassllo ,,: i,, toAg-ricultural Department,
rThe A ppno clin t lt the dOte int M'ass 45 tdta t to :tt~i
of Hort wte of sho siK 'F 0 lTO Applicans chn W Kw 1 date
Mark t.i e iri tho Xie-i of ftrst is<- of tile sali Tik' Ic Mat-k is
Application a 4 1P" Wtny. 105 Riven in th Thte Wae AIl htt A.I 3. 5; at9
ti-,n as May 1st, 1957.15-19.5 97
Any pmeo may xrlktit Arco Any' fwollt may Wit ini three 1.9 3.0 2. rj 1 21
months fromt t ho I tt of hi to t mn thls ro in the date of thte lirst Fd. t. 6 X8 L=~ 219~
appearance of ti I- Adv-rt:is-mt-it i n alao n ce of t1 is A 'hartisenent f in r 5.(0 tO .83 1 40 .40 the A nliq, tt.'Jo A / ti-A i',Aoi/aatd ,j AMri 2K1 A9 1.7 A.3 2AA
.q aNfy t""( 3.'S:i 2.8t 2.58 1.19
Islands ga''e ivf- nl':i-~ t in t11li- Lola is (A-""de gil- notic int dii ol- )"t,t33 .t757 8
cate at the Tmsde Mark-, I)ti ,oa MWN lot al atWie Tradeu Marks O~je', July 3.2. HA.7 2.TM 419 t,50 verrat, Of '' ost t-it to "-L tSlt iOn Of lftserrt' tt of oppositionto ( registta- To A1 t AV To. 5.t .3 Sn2 n.17 4 the stid Tt a AWL. tilO nf the said 'Trade Mal?.
F". 0. (A. MATntIS K- 0. A "H RBS. t9.7 T 2:15 2 5 97 20.42
ANTTGUA, 20th. Atgnust, 1957.
A ER0 AIA-'LOVEk I '1TRA NSl' I T -j TY, '.. Of 808oascluet Av enue, City of Intt'ianajittl,
lnniiata t. S.A have ripli,-dl for [t-.. t: 010 of one Trade Marki consisting of the following:in ('basso-s 22 &
Class 22 tAt is to say: trucks, vans, trailers, cars> and tractor,.
Class 39 that is to say: pac~king' eos. boxes anid catloijs Of cartlioard, corugadcd paper, -waterproof packing paper, ill palier, corruatted wraltijilg tand packing paper, -wooden packing crates andi l.oxf-5
Tlhe A pplicants claint that they- have used the said Tr-ade- Mark in respect (if the said goods for 18 years beforet the date of their said Application.
An y person may within three rnontks from the date of the tirst appearance- of titis Advertisement in the
AAga, ontsiirat J- V'irgin Islandsl Gazette, give notice in duplicate att the Tratde Mlarks Office. Antigua, of opp)ositio0n to registrations of the said Iradi- Mark.
Cecil 0. Byron,
-Regi~strar of Trade Marks.
Prin *d at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Le(-iard Islnhuid, by EI. M. BLAc!KMA.N, Government Printer-By Authority.
[Price 28 cents.]

No. of 1957. Law Reform MUNTsERRAT
(Miscellaneous Provisions)
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to amend the common law in certain respects and to enact certain provisions
affecting civil remedies.
[ ]
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony ment,
of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Law
Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, Short itle. 1957.
2. (1) In this section Apportion"court" means, in relation to any claim, abilities in
the court or arbitrator by or before ca. of con,Fib utory
whom the claim falls to be deter- iqe..
"damage" includes loss of life and personal injury;
"fault" means negligence, breach of
statutory duty or other act or omission which gives rise to a

14ONTSEIRAT 2 Law Reform No. of 1957.
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
liability in tort or would, apart from this Ordinance, give rise to the defence of contributory negligence.
* (2) Where any person suffers damage as
the result partly of his own fault and partly of the fault of any other person, a claim in respect of that damage shall not be defeated by reason of the fault of the person suffering the damage, but the damages recoverable in respect thereof shall be reduced to such extent as the court thinks just and equitable having regard to the claimant's share in the responsibility for the
Provided that
(a) this subsection shall not operate to defeat any defences arising under a contract;
(b) where any contract or, enactment providing for the limitation of liability is applicable 'to the claim, the amount of damages recoverable by the claimant by virtue of thiis subsection shall not exceed the maximum limit so applicable.
(3) Where damages are recoverable byT any person by virtue of the foregoing subsection subject to any reduction as is therein mentioned, the Court shall find and record the total damages which would have been recoverable if the claimant
had not been at fault.
(4) Where any person dies as the result
p artly of his own fault and partly of the fault of ~ny other person or persons, and accordingly, if an action were brought for the benefit of the estate under section 2 of the Causes of Action 8/1951 (Survival) Act, 1951, the damages recoverable
would be reduced under subsection (2) of this section, any clamages recoverable in an action brought for the benefit of the wife, husband, parent or child of the deceased person under the
7ap 3, Fatal Accidents Act shall be 'reduced to a proportioniate extent,

No. of 1957 Law Reform 3 MOTSeItRAT
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
(5) Where, in any case to which subsection (2) of this section applies, one of the persons at fault avoids liability to any other such person or his personal representative by pleading any enactment limiting the time within which proceedings may be taken, he shall not be entitled to recover any damages or contributions from that other person or representative by virtue of the gaid subsection.
(6) Where any case to which subsection
(2) of this section applies is tried with a jury, the jury shall determine the total damages which would have been recoverable if the claimant had not been at fault and the extent to which those damages are to be reduced.
(7) Ar'ticle 21 of the Convention con- 22 & 23 Geo. tained in the First Schedule of the Carriage by v c. a36. Air Act, 1932, (which empowers a Court to exonerate wholly or partly a carrier who proves, that the damage was caused by or contributed to by the negligence of the injured person) shall have effect subject to the provisions of this section.
3. Section 2 of this Ordina.nee shall not vn fo
apply a
Act, 1911,
(a) to any claim to which section one n~ at
of the Maritime Conventions Act, 1 1911. applies, and that Act shall 7.
have effect as if this Ordinance had
not been passed; or
(b) to any case where the acts or
omissions giving rise to the claim occurred before the passing of this
4. (1) The doctrine of common employment boln of
at common law is hereby abolished, and it shall doctrine not be a defence to an action against a defendant conmon for damages in respect of personal injuries caus- employment ed by the wrongful act, neglect or default of a person employed by the defendant. that that person was at the time of the occurrence which caused the injuries in common employment with the plaintiff.
(2) Every provision in a contract of service or apprenticeship, or in an agreement colIatera! thereto (i.wludii a ontract.A or agre-

A\il V+A-r 4 Law Reform No. of 1957.
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
ment entered into before the commencement of this Ordinance) is void in so far as it had the effect of excluding or limiting any liability of the employer in respect of personal injuries caused to the person employed or apprenticed by the wrongful act, neglect or default of any person in
employment with him.
(3) In this section, "personal injuries" includes any disease and any impairment of a
person's physical or mental condition.
(4) This section binds the Crown.
LiLlfl- ui 5. (1) In this section
Z,, .o, "poultry" means domestic fowls, turkeys,
jury to geese, ducks and guinea fowls;
poultry juid
.. ~~stok small stock" means, calves, heifers, sheep,
goats and swine.
(2) The owner of a dog shall be liable in damages for injury done to any person, poultry or small stock by that dog; and it shall not be necessary for the person seeking such damages to show a previous mischievous propensity, or the owner's knowledge of such previous propensity, or to show that the injury was attributable to neglect on the part of the owner.
(3) Where any such injury has been
done by a dog, the occupier of any house or premises where the dog was kept shall be presumed to be the owner of the dog, and shall be liable for the injury unless he proves that he was
not the owner of the dog at that time:
P r o v i d e d that where there are
more occupiers than one in any house or
orernises let in separate appartments, or lodgins, or otherwise, the occupier of the particular pa.-t of the house. or premises in which the dog has been kept or permitted to live or remain at the time of the injury shall be presumed to be
the owner of the dog.
Passed the Legislative Council this
da l' ,1957.
Clerk of the Council.

No. of /'1957. Law Reform 5 MONTSERR~AT
(Miscellaneous Provisions).
The object of this Bill is to revise the law of the Colony by bringing it into line with- that in force in England with respect to contributory negligence and the abolition of the doctrine of common employment.
2. The Bill also seeks to make provisions governing the liability of the owners of dogs f or injury to persons, poultry and small stock; these provisions are also based upon United Kingdom legislation bu-t have been modified to meet local requirements.
3. A Comparative Table is attached.
Crown Attorney.
The Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions)
Ordinance, 1957.
1. Short title
2. The Law Reform (Contributory Negligence) Act, 1945 ( 8 & 9 Geo. 6 c. 28),
Sections 1 and 4 Adapted
3. The same Section 3 Adapted
4. The Law Reform (PersonaLInjuries) Act,
1948 (11 & 12 Geo. 6 c. 41), Sections 1, 3
and 4. Adapted
5. The Dogs Act, 1908 (6 Edw. 7 c. 32),
Section 1 Adapted.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No. of 1957. Animals MONTSERRAT
(Control of Experiments)
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to regulate and control'the performance of experiments on animals.
[ ] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Ani- Short Title. mals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance, 1957.
2. In this Ordinance- Interpretation.
"animal" means a living vertebrate animal; "experiment" means any experiment performed on an animal and calculated to
give pain;
"licensee" means a person licensed under
section 7 of this Ordinance.
3. (1) No peN'son except a licensee shall per- Experimeihts form anDy experiment, only to be
performed by
licensed per(2) No licensee shall perform any experinent sons. except in accordance with the terms otf his licence and subject to the restrictions imposed b1 this O)rdiDance.

MONTSERRAT 2 Animals No. of 19517.
(Control of Experiments)
Experiments 4. No licensee shall perform any experiment
not to be performed for for the purpose of attaining manual skill. purposes of
manual skill.
Prohibition 5. No licensee shall perform any experiment
ofeperform fexpe- for the purpose of illustrating any lecture at any riments for il- academic institution unless he is the holder of a lustration of
lectures sub- teaching permit under this Ordinance, and unless ject to certain the experiment is of a class specified in such permit conditions and is performed in accordance with the terms of
such permit.
Restrictions G. (1) Except as otherwise provided in secupon performances of tion 5 of this Ordinance, no licensee shall perform experiments any experiment except: by licence.
(a) for the purpose of the advancement by new discovery of physiological knowledge, or of any knowledge which will be useful for saving or prolonging life, or alleviating suffering, or for combating an'my disease whether
of human beings, animals or plants;
(b) for the purpose of testing any former discovery alleged to have been made for the advancement of the types of knowledge referred to in paragraph (a) of this subsection;
(c) by the order in writing of any Judge of the Supreme Court in any case where such J u(lge is satisfied that it is essential for the purpose of justice in a criminal case to make such
(2) Except as otherwise provided in subsection
(3) of this section, no licensee shall perform any
experiment unless(a) throughout the whole of the experiment the animal is under the influence of some anaesthetic of sufficient power to prevent the
animal feeling pain; and
(b) if the pain is likely to continue after the effect of the anaesthetic has ceased, or if any serious injury has been inflicted on the ani-

No. of 1057 Animals AlONTS'FRRAT
(Control of Experimonts)
Ow allim"I'l is illed before it recovel-A
from the influence of the 'Illac"thetic wllioh
hils beell 'IdIlmlistcred.
11 1V )I IS Of LI I ( 2) of d I 11tioll Ilt)l 'Ipply to :111y licensee NNho isthe h(Afler
Ofa special jocrillit -y-wltv([ maler -'ectiol I ') of this Ordinallue III IvIntl0l) 1-() all). exPel,1111011t, specifi"I ill such Special pel-Illit.
7. (11) Thc Governor itj C(miwil maN, -rant it li- Grant of fiCVYIC( I() J)Vl ()Il Wj\'to j)(Tf()FIII!t1QV CNIATillh ',It, ceuce. any JAII-IMSC SjWCif-iV(I Ill SUCII li(VIJ."C SLICh 1wriod and slil)ject to slich coll(liti(lus ill addition to the collditloll,' pvclfied it's this Ordinance :1 11C III-Ity think ti t.
(2) It :shill be ,I conditi(m of my liklellco, CrIltilit('(I under sithwetioll (1) of' this section, thataiiN experillwilt perforilled pursuallt losuch licence shallbe perfornwd at "llcll plave n, Illay be specilied ill suell liC(.
Ill, Is stti, jie(l Pormit3.
th'It it Is ahsolittelY Ilece"'.'Iry for the dile 111strm-tion of persons attel](1,1112, 111\* of leetllrv for tbe purpose of' ae(jim-mg, physiotoical ktjowledv 01, 1MY kI1MVh1(l-,,-e willell will be Ilse(l. for saving Or proloijoim, life, cw alleviating sllffvring or for Colnbatin,, any disease w1lether of beings, allimals or plallfi- for :111y '11ch lectilre t() 1w ilhistrated by the perforlitallce of 1111\- exp(Timent, Ahe Admill[strator may gnw)t to a llcells:ee till ( let. th], ( h.,111111,1101 a teachill, permit to per-form ally experinlelit s'pecified in "Ilch licence for the purpose of, illmstratillStIch lectul.c.
(2')' Every teadmig. permit lender thill wcject to "Ilch coll(htioll, *it additioll Shalt I)e ,Ilb
tioll to all v condltion-; specified ill this Ordifillfflc( as Illay I-)e specified Ill ; Ilch permit. and "mch permit shall I-enwill III force for lll()Iltl)s from the
d"Ito, on \0111-11 it is -rallted.
I (1) Where the AdIllillistrator i" s atisfied Special perth'It t'lle (d ally c\11erlillent permitted to ho- mits.
performed hy licelice flutter this Ordinance IVOIIW ncces,, arjly frustrated-

M I )NT I ;ERHA-v 4 Animals N 0. of 1951,
(Control of Expei-iments)
(a) hly the of' Stich eNp( ri11](Int mider aiiy vitestlictic: ()I(1)) 1 y kij* Ig. 11w al)[111,11 oil which such experillicilt Is performed befor(l, it recovers frolljt the 111filicilec of atly all'u-stlictic.
lie, May gnillt a qw6al p-11-111it authorlsitig thelliccusecto Perform smch ("'Xperlilletit vrithoaltdiiiiiji'sterilig ally almesdictic t,(,) the oi- without
g the '111*111"ll lwfore it rccovvrs from the 1<111ill I I 111fill
elice of slich ,111,1e,01aw tl, ill(, case imly he.
(2) N it y special permit Ifildc). this sectioll sh,(III Specify thc period for which it Shall remaill III
Ai Qmrds aud 10. (1) EVVV IIC(1IIsCc U11del' thiS Ordiuance
inspections. shall keep, ii-I ucll form 1 may he prcs -,ribedl record,,, of all ]),611fl-11 VNP(TiMOtts j)(Tf41'MVd 1)y him,
(2) -EVO)' H11dG'I' thiS 01"dill'illWo
pei mit aiiy vwn oii ,mtb0Fi"cd if) writivig hy die Admitilstrator toh)s1A1Ct,[j1V N'(1OF(Iskert 1b)-111111 '112"my ti If) v hetwevi I (s 11, 111. a I I, I G P.M. oT1 1111V I I 8 Ot 110 1- f I m I I
zi of' public holiday.
Every ficellso. mIdvi. this ( )rdilmlice S11,11t perillit persoll mlthori,-wd ill wrl( Jllg as aforestlid
to elltvralld ill"pect. fol. ill(, 1mi-I)ose of *vcm-iiig complialice with the provi' ioil ofth's ( )"(111wice, am- place ",pecifiedill juc-11 licellsoe's licellre for tho performance
of exPerillivi'Its.
. 11. Eveo- llcewswc shall reii-ler to the Admini strutor in [wh form "I'll(t it smdl 6111yas 11)'(1y 1)(' preSC1,H)cd slich n-M1,11" a, 11my he reclilived M refiati(.)I-l to ally cxperimvllt 'pprforme hY him.
Regub I io]18, L2. (1) T]w 6meriior iii Colificli maY 111,11w
reg111atims -'reller:111y f")I. thc hotter out of
the provijolls of I his (,h-dmaiw(,,,
2) Re.,4ulki0ii-s jim(4, mider da section Iluly A6111('11t jrc.j!jdKv o (I)c
f411TOd 1-1),v (L) of t'11,- proved( for
the keepiti, of rucord,,i of all experitymits purforined

No. of 1957. Animals 5 MON'ISERRAT
(Control of Experiments)
by any licensee under this Ordinance and for the rendering of returns in relation to any experiments performed under this Ordinance.
13. It shall be a condition of every licence or Revocatio: of licence or perpermit granted under this O)rdinance that such licence penit. or permit may be revoked at any time by the person granting it on his being satisfied that such licence or permit ought to be revoked.
14. Every person who acts in contravention Penalty. of any of the provisions of this Ordinance or of any condition of any licence or permit granted under this Ordinance shall be guilty an offence against this Ordinance and upon conviction before a Magistrate shall be liable to a fine of fifty pounds or to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
15. A prosecution under this Ordinance against Restrictioc on prosecu licensee shall not be instituted except by or with tion of licenthe consent of the Crown Attorney. see.
Passed the Legislative Council this day of
Clerk of the C'ouncil.
The object of this bill is to regulate and control the performance of experiments on living animals.
The Bill is based on the Jamaica Law No. 52 of 1949 (the Animals (Control of Experiments) Law.)
(Sgd.) F. 0. C. HARRIS, Crown Attorney.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No, of 1957. Cadet Corps, MONTSERRAT,
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to authorise the Establishment of
School Cadet Corps.
][ Comimence[ merit
ENACTED by the Legislature of the C('olony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Cadet Short Title. Corps Ordinance, 1957.
2. In this Ordinance the expression "local Interpretation.
forces" means any locally established Regular or Volunteer Force, including the Leeward Islands Police Force.
3. (a) The Governor may authorise the estab- Est ablishment and|
lislhment of school cadet corps and may memberhip
authorise such corps or any portion of Cadet
thereof to be attached to any established Corps.
local forces for the purpose of any special training.

MoNTsmRATm. 2 Cadet Corps. No. of 1957.
(b) All boys over the age of twelve years who are attending school shall be eligible to be members of school cadet corps. Appoint meant 4. The Governor shall appoint the officers of of Officers. cadet corps with such rank as he shall think
Regulations. 5. The Governor in Council may make regulations governing the formation, organization and
administration of school cadet corps.
Passed the Legislative Council this day
of 1957.
Clerk of the Council.
OBJECTS AND REASONS The object of this Bill is to provide legal
authority for the formation by the Governor of
local school cadet corps.
2. This bill is based on the Cadet Corps
Ordinance 1952 of the Colony of Dominica.
(No. 5 of 1952.)
(Sgd.) F. O. C. HARRIS, Crown Attorney.
Antigua Printery Ltd.

No. 9 of 1957. Polie Act (AmendmCnt) ANTIGUA.
A. T. WILLIAMS, Governor.
29th July, 1957.
No. 9 of 1957.
An Ordinance to amend further the Police Act,
u mnent..
ENACTED by the Legislature of the
Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Police Act (Amendmnent) Ordinance, 1957, and
shall be read as one with the Police Act, 1951, L. Is. Acts.
as amended, hereinafter called the Principal Act. 1i19,1.
13 1956.
S.R. & O. 1956
No. 22.
2. Paragraph (c) of subsection (2) of Repeal of n ection28(2)
section 28 of the Principal Act is hereby () of the(2)
repealed. Principal Act.
3. Sections 29 and 31 of the Principal Repeal of sections 29
Act are hereby repealed. and 31 of the
. Principal Act,
14 110k

ANTIGU. 2 Police Act (Amendment). No. 9 of 1957.
Amendment 4. Section 33 of the Principal Act is
of section .3
of the Prii hereby amended as follows:pal Act.
(a) by the substitution of a colon for the full-stop at the end of subsection (1) and the addition thereto of the following
proviso"Provided that(a) no such charge or complaint against an Inspector shall be heard by any Gazetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner and no Inspector or subordinate police officer shall be liable to the punishment of confinement to barracks;
(b) where a charge or complaint is made against a subordinate police officer holding the rank of sergeant or above and such charge or complaint is heard and determined by a Gazetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner, the Gazetted Police Officer shall not impose any of the aforesaid sentences but shall(i) where such subordinate police officer pleads guilty to the charge or complaint, send the record of the proceedings to the Commissioner who shall impose any of the aforesaid sentences;
(ii) where such subordinate police officer pleads not guilty and is found guilty of the charge or coreplaint, send the record of the proceedings to the Commissioner who shall deal with the same in the manner provided in paragraph
(b) of subsection (1) of section 34 of this Act.";

No. 9 of 1957. Police Act (Amendment). 3 ANTIGUA.
(b) by the deletion of subsection (2);
. and
(c) by re-numbering subsections (3)
and (4) as subsections (2) and (3) respectively.
5. Section 34 of the Principal Act is here- Amendment by amended by deleting and replacing subsection of section 84 ~of the Prin(1) as follows:- cipal Act.
" 34. (1) Where- Appeals.
(a) an Inspector, subordinate
police officer or constable is dissatisfied with a decision given(i) by the Commissioner or by a Magistrate under section 33 of this Act; or
(ii) by the Commissioner in exercise of the powers conferred on him by subparagraph (h) of the proviso to subsection (1) of section 33 of this Act; or
(iii) by the Commissioner in exercise of the powers conferred on him by paragraph
(b) of subsection (1) of this section,
he may within seven days after any such decision has been communicated to him, appeal therefrom to the Governor, of the Leeward Islands;
(b) a subordinate police officer of
or above the rank of sergeant is found guilty of a charge or complaint which is heard by a Gazetted Police officer r other than the Commissioner and the record of the proceedings has been forwarded to the Commissioner as required by sub-paragraph (ii) of paragraph (b) of the proviso to sub.

ANTIGUA. 4 Police Act (Amenddment), o. 9 of 19.
section (1) of section 33 of this Act, such subordinate police officer may, within seven days after the finding has been communicated to him, appeal to the Cornmissioner who may exercise any or all of the following powers, that is to say:
(i) return the proceedings for the taking of further evidence;
(ii) whether further evidence is taken or not, quash the proceedings and re-hear the charge or complaint himself de novo or order the charge or complaint to be re-heard de novo by a Gazetted Police Officer other than the Gazetted Police Officer who heard the same in the first instance:
(iii) reverse or vary the finding;
(iv) impose any sentence which he might, have imposed under section 32 of this Act if he had heard the charge or complaint himself, coupled (if he thinks fit) with a recommendation for dismissal from the Force;
(c) a subordinate police officer below the rank of sergeant, or any constable, is dissatisfied with the decision of a Gazetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner, he may within seven days after the Gazetted Police Officer's decision has been communicated to him appeal to the Commissioner and if he is dissatisfied with the Commissioner's decision he may appeal therefrom to the Governor of the Leeward Islands
within seven days after the Commissioner's decision has been communioated to him,"

No. 9 of 1957. Police Act (Amendment). 5 ANToGUA.
6. Section 35 of the Principal Act is Amendment hereby amended- of the Principal Act.
(a) by the deletion of the words an
Inspector or "; and
(b) by the insertion of the words
below the rank of sergeant," between the
words officer" and or"
7. Section 36 of the Principal Act is Amendment hereby amended by the deletion of the words of ection 3d
., ofthe Prinsubsection (2) of" and the substitution there- eipal Act. for of the words subsection (1) of "
8. The Principal Act is hereby amended Insertion of nOw section
by inserting therein immediately after section to the 85 the following new section numbered 85A:- Prneipal
" 85A. Wherever in sections 5, 7, 9, Contrniction
13, 32, 34, 44, 44A, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, of e Lee-rnor
52, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 63, 63A, 64, 66 and ward Islands"
67 of this Act reference is made to "the tooernr of Governor of the Leeward Isla\ds such the Leeward
I slands, actreference shall be conustrued to mean the lan in his t(Governor of the Leeward Islands, acting discretion.
in his discretion."
9. This Ordinance shall come into opera- (Comme-cetion on a date to be appointed by the Governor en by Proclamation published in the Gazette.
I evidentt.
Passed the Legislative Council this 28th day of May, 1957.
(Clerk of te ,Council.
Printed at the Government Printang Office. Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN. Government Printer.-By Authority.
A. 47/59-530-8.57. Prwe 10 cent&.

No. 10 of 1957. Matrimonial Causes Act ANTIGTTA.
A. T. WILLIAMS, Governor.
10th August, 1957,
No. 10 of 1957.
An Ordinance to amendt further the Matrimonial
Causes Act, 1948.
[10th August, 19571 CommeneENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Matrimonial Causes Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1918, as amended, hereinafter called 1/1948. the Principal Ordinance. S1 R. 2 0.
1956 No. 22,
2. Section 29 of the Principal Ordinance is Amendment hereby amended as follows:- of the Principal Ordinance,
(a) by renumbering subsections (1) and
(2) of the section as subsections (3) and (4);

AXTIGtA. 2 Matrimnonial causess Act No. 10 of 1057.
(b) by inserting the following as subsec, tions (1) and (2) of the section"(1) Notwithstanding any rule of of law, the evidence of a husband or wife shall be admissible in any proceedings to prove that marital intercourse did or did not take place between them during any period.
(2) Notwithstanding anything in this section or any rule of law, a husband or wife shall not be compellable in any proceedings to give evidence of the matters aforesaid."
Passed the Legislative Council this 17th day
of July, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Island,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, MB.E., Government Printer.-By Authority.
A.47/217-530-9.57. Price 4 cents.

No. 11 of 1957. Nurses Registration A-NTIGVA.
10th August, 1957.
No. 11 of 1957.
An Ordinance to amend further the Nurses
Registration Ordinance, 1954.
[10th August, 1957] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Nurses Short title. Registration (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Nurses Registration Ordinance, 1954, as amended, hereinafter called the -/ij54, Principal Ordinance. 5W1956
2. The Schedule to the Principal Ordinance Amendmnt is hereby amended as follows:-- of Schedule
to the Princi(a) by substituting the words "the palOrdinance.
Medical Board of Antigua" for the words "the Medical Board established in the Medical Registration District of which the Presidency -f Antigua forms a part wherever the latter
vords occur in tle said Schedule; and

ANTIGUA. 2 Nurses Reqistration No. 11 of 1957.
(b) by substituting the words "not exceeding four years" for the words "not exceeding two years" in paragraph 3 of the
said Schedule.
Passed the Legislative Council this 17th day
of July, 1957.
Clerk of the Council,
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands.
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Priuter:-By Authority.
A 4714-530--9,57, f Price 4 cents .