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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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1 9
7'Published by ItFriq
ON S 0 157>
VOL. II. THURSDAY, 20rH \ E, 1)57. No. 27.
NO under section 3 (1) of tlh said Ordi- of 'ru 57 id have filed at
O nance. Any person who obljecis to the i rar. ce at the Court
- the miakin, of such Ord-r shall give House, o n's, Antigue, a cormNo. 67. notic in writing of his objecionii and plete copy of of the specifications and
The Governor has ths day been of the grounds on which ho relies in the Certificate of the Comptroller pleased to assent tise uda en- support thereof to the Cl-rk to the General of the United Kingdlom toned Ordinances:-- Executive Council on or before the Patent Offlice giving full particulars
toned Ordinances:-- 30th day of .June. 1957. of this patent which will be open to
A1tq?iua. Public inspection at. the said office at
No. 7 of 1957, Tho Beach Protee- F. A. CLARKE. any time between the hours of 9.00
io Ordinance, 1957 ". June 18 Clerk, Erecttive council a.m. and 3.30 p.m. on working days
tion Ordinance, 1957 ". June 1.8ay 4710011 except Saturdays when the hours
Order made by the Governor in Council will be from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. No. 8 of 1957. "The Pensions under section 3 (1) of the Aid to
(Increase,) Orianac c', 1957 ". Pioneer Industries Ordinance, 1950 Any person may within two
June 18 (No. 9 of 1950). months from the date of this adver4rlo044f .tisement give notice to the Registrar
. This Order may be cited as the of opposition to the issue of a CertifiNo. 68. Ai I to Piwer l dustries (Manufac- cate of Registration upon any of the
ture of Confection.-ry) Order. 1957. grounds prescribed in Section 10 of The following Bill which is to be 2. The manufacture of confec- the Patents Act, 1906, fcr opposition introduced into the Legislative Coun- tionery is hereby d-clar.d to be a to the rant of Letters Patent. cil of Montserrat is circulated with pioneer in ustry for the purposes this Gazette and forms partthereof:- of the Aid to Pioneer Inidustries Dated the 28th day of May, 1957.
Ordinance. 1950 (No. 9 of 1950) and
" The Stamp Act (Amendment) hard boiled sweets and choeolates are CECIL 0. BYRON,
Ordinance, 1957." hereby declared to be pioneer products Registrar.
No. 69. for the said purposeRs.
Registrar's Otice
The following Statutory Rules and Made by the Governor in Council Court House,
Orders are circulated with this this day of 1957. St. John's, Antigna.
Gazette and form part thereof:- Clerk oJ the Council.
No. 9 of 1957, lHesolntion of the Notice is hereby given that a copy PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT,
Legislative Council of Montserrat of the list of the original assessments 27th May, 1957.
dated May 28, 1957, made under of the City Rate for 1957 to which
section 15 of the Customs Duties objections have been taken and alter- THE SOCOMY MOBIL OIL COMOrdinance, 1928 (No. 7/1928). ations made thereto by the Central PANY, INC. of 150 East 42nd Street,
1 pp. Price 3 cents Board of Health has this day been New York, State of New York. U.S.A.
No. 10 of 1957, "Resolution of the posted up on the outer door of the has applied for registration of one Legislative Council of Montserrat, Treasury and may be seen at the Trade Mark consisting of the followdated 28th May, 1957, made under Central Board of Health Office. nlug:section 15 of the Customs Duties Notice is also hereby given that all
Ordinance, 1928 (No. 7/1928). the amounts for City Rate for the
2 pp. Price 4 ,ents year 1957 must be paid into the
No. 12 of 1957, Proclamation Treasury by 31st August, 1957.
dated June 14, 1957, declaring the M o b i
Windward D)istrict to be a Rural A. R. MEADE,
District. 2 pp. Price 4 cents Secretary, Central Board of Health.
Virgin Islands. Central Board of Health Office,
No. 11 of 1957, "The Reciprocal Antigua. in Class 47, that is to say: Petroleum
Enforcement of Judgments (Federa- 20th M31ay, 1957. and products of petroleum, with or
tion of Nigeria) Order, 1957." without admixtures of other materials
2 pp. Price 4 cents for illuminating, heating, power, burnANTIGUA. ing, lubricating, cutting, greasing,
The Registration of United Kingdom tempering, quenching, slushing and Aid to Pioneer Industries Patents Act, 1925. flushing, and all the other goods in
the class.
In pursuance of the requirements NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
of section 3 (2) (a) of the Aid to that CHELTON (POPPITS) LIMIT- The Applicants claim that they
Pioneer Industries Ordinance, 1950 ED of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, have not used the said trade mark in (No. 9 of 1950) it is hereby notified England have applied for registration respect of the said goods before the for general information that the in Antigua of United Kingdom Patent date of this statement but it is their Governor in Council proposes to No. 750,737 dated the 19th day of intention to commence such use in
make the undermentioned Order April, 1955 and issued on the 5th (lay the near future.

Any person may within three Vegetables. tenders should provide to exempt
months from the date of the first Government from the usual proviappearauce of the Advertisement in Sweet Potatoes sions ofthe Antigua, JfMonrdsrrat and Virgin Yams
Islands Gazette,. give notice in dupli- Eddoes and Tannias (a) the average clause which
cate at the Trade Mark's Office, MIont- Carrots provides that claims will be enterserrat of opposition to registration of Green Vegetables tained only to the extent of the
the said Trade Mark. relation which the same bears to
Vegetables Iported. the total value of the property inF. O. C. HARRIS, sured; and
Registrar of Trade Marks. Onions sured; and
- Potatoes
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Potatoes (b) the excess clause which pro Necsrevides that a deduction of l% of The lspector of Weights and Mea- Laundry Necessaries.the amount insured (or 25 hichstres shall attend for the purpose of ever is less) shall be without
examining, weighing and stamping Soap ever is less) shall be without
0 Blue
weights and measures, and weighing Washing Soda the payment of an additional preinstruments at the following times mium.
and places:- Others.
1. At the Police Station Parham, Bread 3. The contract of insurance
from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Eggs and Poultry should provide for the deletion thereMonday 17th June. Fish-fresh from during its continuance of in2. At the Police Station Willikies, Fruits-fresh sured buildings which have been
from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Meat-fresh demolished or disposed of' by GovernTuesday 18th June. Milk-fresh ment, and the addition of any build3. At the Police Station All Saints ing and for the adjustment of the
from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 on Wed- Administrator's Ofioe, appropriate premium in such cases.
nesday 19th Junp. Anttgua.
4. At the Police Station Bolans 17th June, 1957. 4. The schedule of the properties
from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Ref. No. A. 41/36-II to be insured and their respective
Thursday 20th June. insurable values may be inspected at
5. At the Police Station St. John's the office of the Colonial Engineer,
from 10.00 am to 4.00 p.m. on Mon- Insurance of Government Public Works Department, St. John's,
day 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday Motor Vehicles. during the normal office hours.
26th. Thursday 27th, and Friday
28th. Thsdy 27th, and FridayJune. Tenders are invited for compre- 5. Tenders should be in sealed
28t h June. hensive insurance coverage of all envelopes marked Tender for Insur6. At the Police Station Barbuda Government owned vehicles. There ance of Government Buildings" and :front 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd July. are approximately such vehicles to be should he addressed to the AdminisProvided that any of the days pre- insured. trator's Office to reach the office not
Provied that any of the days pre- later than 4.00 p.m. on Monday the
scril.ed above be a Bank Holiday, 2, The contract of insurance 15th of July, 1957.
Inspection of Weights and measures should provide that where coverage "will be carried out the following (lay. is given during the currency of the 6. Government (ldoes not bind itS. B. Hull, Policy such coverage will expire on self to accept the lowest or any Inspector of Weights & Measures. the termination of the Policy and in tender. Police Headquarters, every such case for an adjustment of
Antigua. the appropriate premium. Administrator's Office,
31st May, 1957. Antigua.
Ref. No. A. 82/1. 3. A list of the motor vehicles 14th June. 1957.
with necessary information will be
Tenders are invited for the supply supplied to insurance agents on re- Ref. A. 66/13 -II of the undermentioned items to quest.
Government Institutions in Antigua
for the period ending 31st December, 4. Tenders should be in sealed TRAFFIC NOTICE.
1957. envelopes marked "Tender for In2. All tenders must be addressed surance of Vehicles" and should be
to the Administrator of Antigua in addrssed to the Administrator to Attention is drawn to Rule 19(18.
sealed envelopes marked "Tenders reach the Administrator's Office not of Statutory Rules and Orders 1946) for the supply of Groceries, etc." aid later than 4 p.m. on Friday 28th June, No. 22, which reads as follows:delivered at'the Administrator's Offce 1957. not later than noon on 27th June, "PASSAGE OF FIRE BRIGADE
1957. 5. Government does not bind it3. 'lenders should state quality self to accept the lowest or any "He shall, on the approach of any
and/or brand of commodities, tender. engine or other apparatus of a Fire
4. Government does not bind it- Brigade proceeding to or from a fire
self to accept the lowest or any Administrator's O fTce. or suspected fire, draw up close to the
tender. 1 Antigua. left-hand side of the toad and stop,
Groceries. 15th June, 1957. leaving the centre of the road clear
Rice Ref. No. P.W,(Q. 78t!5-11I
Rice for the passage of such engine or
Flour other apparatus, and no two motor
Meal Insurance of Goverament vehicles shall stand abreast."
Butter (5 lb. and 1 lb. tins) fvieis.
Cheese (5 lb. and 12 oz. tins) 2. Drivers of motor vehicles failFish-salted, pickled, tinned Tenders are invited for omuprehen- ing to comply with the above will be
Milk-tinned sive insurance coverage, i.e. Fire, prosecuted.
Sugar Hurricane andfor Earthquake on
Edible Oil Government Buildings in Antigua A.A.M. HILL,
Fruqits-tinued and Barbuda. Traffic Commissioner.
Meat-salted, pickled, tinned,
smoked and cured 2. In view of the large number of 3rd June, 1957.
Kerosene Oil buildings which are to be insured all Ref. No. a600008

Applications are invited from suit- Application giving full particulars Quarters:
ably qualified candidates for appoint- of applicants' qualifications and Quarters are not provided. Should ment to the post of Senior Draughts- experience, and accompanied by two Government quarters become availman, Windward Islands, particulars testimonials, should be addressed to abie at any time rental would be of which are as follows:- the Chif Secretary, Windward charged at the rate of 10% of salary
Islands, Grenada, and should reach or 5% of the assessed value of the Appointment: him not later than the 31st July, 1957. quarters, which ever is less.
The post if non-pensionable, and Administrator's Ofce, Passages:
appointment will be on a temporary St. John's, Free passages to Dominica will be
contractual basis for a period of 18 Antigua. provided on first appointment for the
months in the first instance. The 5th June, 1957. officer, his wife and children, not
officer will be subject to the Colonial Ref. No. A. C. 13/89-III. exceeding five persons in all. ChilRegulations and the local General dren to be under 18 years of age,
Orders for the time being in force, unmarried and dependent on the
so far as they are applicable. The Applications are invited from suit- nmarrie I and dependen contrt
officer will be a mem)be(r of the staff ably qualified candidates for appoint- appofficer. In th free returse of a contractssages will of the Executive Architect. Windward ment to the post of Director of e appointment free satisfactory com-ur passages will Islands. and will be stationed in Works, Dominica, particulars of bletion of the on the satisfactory cornSt. Lucia. which are as follows: etion of the contract.
Qualifications: Appointment: Leave & Leave Passages.
Vacation Leave will be granted at
Applicants should have had at least The post is on the permanent and the rate of 45 days for each completed 5 years experience of work usually pensionable establishment and the period of 12 months resident service undertaken by an Architect's Office appointment carrivs with it the liabil- and may be accumulated up to a and be thoroughly conversant with ity to transfer to any post of equiva- maximum of 180 days. li the case
the preparation of working drawings lent status within the Windward Is- of a contract appointment vacation and specifications, lands. An appointment may, how- leave will be gra cited at the rate of
ever, be made on a temporary I week for each completed period of Salary: non-pensionable contractual basis for 3 months resident service; such leave
a period of 3 years in the first to be taken on the satisfactory comThe Salary will be at the rate of stance. pletion of the period of engagement.
$3,360 (C7)00) per annum in the scale L-ave pas;iages re p)rovided in accord3,360 x 120 $3,600 (700 x 25- Salary: ance with the Windward Islands
_750) per annum, plus a pay ,addition Leave Passage Regulations.
zof 20% of salary. The salary is in the scale of 1300
x25-1500 per annum. General Information:
Quarters: The oticer will be liable to all
Quarters are not provided. Allowances: taxation imposed by local enactments.
He will also )be subject to the Colonial
TPassages: ransport ;and subsistence allow- Regulations, local General Orders,
ances ar, payable in accordance with and Financial and Store Rules and Free passages to St. Lucia will be local regunlations in respect of ap- subsidiary legislation in force for the provided for the officer his wife and proved travel on duty. time being.
children, not exceeding 5 persons in Duties: Applications giving full particulars
all; children to be under 18 years of The officer will be responsible for of candidtes and accompanied by
age, unmarried, and dependent on the the nfdninistration of th. Public two testimonials andshoul be addressed y officer. Free return passages will also two testimonials should be addressed
be provided on the satisfactory termi- Works )-partment and for the plan- to the Chief Secretary, Windward nation of the period of engagement. ning :and execution of Public Works Islands, Grenada and should reach development schemes as well as the himn nou later than the 31st July, Leave: general supervision of all aspects of 1957.
the d( apartment's work. By virtue Ref.No.A.C. 13/89-III Vacation leave on full salary will of his office the officer is a member be granted at the rate of one week of various Boirds and Committees. for each completed p e r i o d of He will also be required to perfoim RAINFAILL FIGURES.
3 months resident service. Such such other duties as may from time Agricultural Department,
leave to be taken on the satisfactory to time be assigned to him by the Antigua.
termination of the officer's con tract. Administrator.
Month 153. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957.
January 1.93 3.04 2.16 5.15 3.16i
Medical Attention: Qualifications: nuFeb. 1.0 2 2.45 .68 1.23 2.29
Free medical attention and medi- The officer must be a Corporate Mar. 5.60 1.0Los .83 1 40 .40
,cines are not provided. Member of the Institute of Civil April 2.06 .49 1.75 3.83 2.5.1
Engineers, or hold some qualification May 1.50 3.83 2.81 2.58 1.19
Taxation: of equivalent status and should have To 15th June .85 1.92 .58 :1.27 1.72
All Government officers are liable to good administrative experience and 12.96 12.81 .81 17.46 11.3
axation imposed by local leg-'slation. ability.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua. Leeward Islands, by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.
TPrice 20 cents]

No. of 1957. Stamp Act (Amendment). MONTSERRAT.
No. Of 1957.
F An Ordiance to amuend further tile Stamnp Act.
ENACTrED by the Legislature of the Colony
of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be citedi as the short, tite.
Starnp Act (Amnendment) ()rdiniknco, 1957, and CP 3.
shall be rea,: as one with the Siarnp Act, as
atrnerided, hereinafter called the Pricipal Act.,
2. The Schedule to the Principal Act is Amendment of Schedule
hereby arneiided by deleting the WI lowing:- to the
Passport .. I. U. A IncA
lItnewal of' passport .. 4.U.
3. 'Fhis Ordirianee sloiaI comie into operation coutm111-nceN
oH a doite to be appointed by tr Gi governorr bymnt
Proclamnatioii puiblishedI in the 6Gazettle.
Passed the Legislauive Council fii day of'
day of ,1957.
Clerk of the council.

MONT- 2 Stamp Act (Amendment). No. of 1957.
The object of this Bill is to amend the Stamp
Act (Cap. 135) by deleting the item relating to passports. It is proposed to insert the fees payable for passports in the Immigration and Passport
Regulations, 1947.
F. 0. C. HARRIS,
(Crown Attorney.
Printed at the Oovernment Printing Office. Antignua. Leeward Islazlds
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Goverinm.nt Printer.-By Authority.
-310-6.57. [Price 4 cents.]

195 N 9.
WHEREAS by Section 15 of the Customs Duties
Ordinance, 1928, it is provided that the Legislative Council may from time to time by resolution increase, reduce, abolish or otherwise alter the Customs duty leviable on any goods imported in the Colony:
AND WHEREAS the Leeward Islands Air Transport Services Limited of the Colony of Montserrat in the month of November one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six imported into the Colony a quantity of wireless apparatus for use in communication between their aircraft and a station ashore in the Colony:
AND WHEREAS it is expedient to remit the Customs duty leviable on the said merchandise;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED) that the Customs duty leviable on the merchandise, namely, wireless apparatus for use in communication between the aircraft of the Leeward Islands Air Transport Services Limited and a station ashore in the Colony imported by the said Company into the Colony in the month of November one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six be remitted.
Passed the Legislative Councoil this 28th day of May, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Govertnent Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands, by E. M. BLACK lAN M RE., Government Printer.---By Authority.
25/00001-500-6.57. Price 3 cents.

1957, No. 10,
CUSTOMS i)UTIEs ORDINANCE, 1928, (No. 7/1928).
WHEREAS by section 15 of the Customs Duties
Ordinance, 1928, it is provided that the Legislative Council may from time to time by resolution increase, reduce, abolish or otherwise alter the Customs duty leviable on any goods
imported into the Colony:
AND WHEREAS it is expedient to abolish the Custonms
duty on aircraft of airlines designated by the Governor and part and supplies therefor and wireless apparatus for use in
connection therewith:
BE. IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that(i) the Customs duty on aircraft, spare parts and regular aircraft equipment of airlines designated by the Governor shall be abolished;
(ii) the Customs duty on wireless apparatus for use in communication between aircraft and a station ashore and all articles imported for use in connection with such apparatus shall be abolished;
(iii) when any of the goods specified in the Schedule hereto are imported, or taken on board aircraft v for incorporation in, or for consumption or use
/ in or on, aircraft of an airline designated by the
/ Governor, the Customs duty leviable on such
,o goods shall be abolished.
The Resolution passed by the Legislative Council on the
28th day of July, 1950 (S. & 1950 No. 5) is hereby

Fuel for internal combustion engines.
Lubricating Oil.
Motor Spirit.
Aircraft Stores.
Passed the Legislative Council the 28th day of May,
GEORGE CABEY, (irA of the council.
Printed a t Iit 0(,vornmietif Irintirg Oftice, Antigna, Looward Islands,
1)3 E. Nt, IBLAORK ANt (3 OV0 -1111I t Printer, Byv Au it i. i
5200001-500-6 57, Price 4 oew is.

STAT ~ ju IT()Y U S\ N I) oRDE I s.
19 57, No. 12,
WHER EAS by section 3(a) of the R-ural District Boards Ordinance, 1952 (NKo, 5 of 1952), as amnended, it is provided that the governorr in C'ouncil may Iv Proclamiation published in the Gazette declare any portioni of the (Clony not' within the limits of the town of P1 s mouth to h)e a rural dist:icet and such Proclamation shall specify the boundaries of such rural district:
NOW. THEREFOREtl] in pursuance of the powers vested in the Governor in GTCm by h the saidl Ordinance and of all other powers thereunto eliablino' I. 1 AwRUR FRANCIS DAWvKINS, 11sqire. Ad ministrator of thn- ('ol nY of' Montserrat, by and with the advice of' the Executive C'ouniil of the said Colony, (1o hereby declare that portion of the Colony described in the Sceil eeot eaL-d district to be called the INWindw'nrd Rural D~istrict and the, boundaries set forth in the said Schedule are hereby specified to he,, the boundaries of the said rural V district.
AND the satne is herebly proclaimed to be declared accordingly and al lHer Maljestyls lovii subjects in the said (X donv and all others NVhom it TMay concern are hereby, reiqjred to rake due roioe hereof and to ufovern themillseves accord-

All that portion of the Colony of Montserrat bounded on the North by an iniginarN' line from Trants Bay to the northern end o--f Windy 1-1il1 ridge; on the South by Gut Miaframey along its entire length to the Sea; on the East iw the Sea and on the W~est by an iiag-inary line runningr from the origin of G ut Maframney to Farrell's Mouintain and continuDig to the northern end of Windy Hill ridge and to include Windy Hill.
GIVEN at the ldnhinitrator's Optc, M~ontserrat,
this 14th dlay of June, 1957, and in the sixth
year of Her Majesty's reign.
Prinit-Niai the ( government Prifjii T Offiv'o. Aw 'ittga, Lo !warfi ilmi&r,
by E. ATL.i A CKIMA N Governrnut Printiur-fy A uthori ty.
1 907
50100006-500-6.57. Price 4 cents,

1957, No. 11.
ACT (CAP 19).
NNHEJkA S by the Rteiproca l Enforcem-rent of J udgnients
Act (Cip. 19)) it is providedI that where the_ Governor is satisfied thiat reciprocal provl5LIons have been made by the Legislature of afl\ part of Her MATjestv's Doininion.s outside the Uinited k~iigdom for tile enforcement. within that part of Her Dominiotis of Judgments obtained in' the Supremte Court of this Colony the governor uny by Order in Council declare that the sai(f Act shall extend Ito'J udgments obtained III it Superior Court in that part of' Her Maj es try's Domninions in the like mariner as it extends to J udgments obtained in a Superior Court in the U nited Nirigdoiri arnd on any suich Order being
made the said Act shall extend accordingly:
AND WHJEREA S the Governor is sa 4tisfied that such
reciprocal provisions have been muade by the Legislature of that
part of Hier Majesty's Doininions hereinafter nienltioned,
NOWV, THEREFOR0-iE, tile Governor in Council doth
order and it is hereby ordered as foilows:-11. Short Title. This Order may be cited ats the
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments (Federation of Nigera
Order, 1957.Inera
2. Extension of' &et to Pederation of' Nigeria, The~ Reciprociil Eniforemrent of I udgimen ts Act (Car).
19) shall e-.itend to 4tudginenft obt. im (I in the Highi Courts or
the FederiaWon of NIiaeria set out MU the S schedule hereto.
i3. Revocation. Tihe Order iadc bY IIhe Gover~nor in
14 council (111 thre 23rd d-I 4 Is 0,;r, 19~2t, extendin)g tbe
I keeiprocal Eliforeiua iiJ Jud" ici t Act, 19)22, to the Colonv
prid Protectorate of Niger ia is liereby rev'oked.
2 X ;;7

The Federal Supreme Couirt of Nigeria.
The High Court of the Western Region of Nigeria.
The Highi Court of the Northern Region of Nigeria.
The High Couirt of the Enisterrn Regi of Nigeria.
The High Court of tile Southern Carneroons.
The High Court of Lagos.
Made by the Governor iin Counicil this 18th day of A pril, 1957.
Acting Clerk ot the C'0ocil.
Printed at the Government 1' rinting, Olee. AntiLitmt. Leeward Islands.
by E. 'NI BLACKMAN, Governrnfwnt Printer, By .\tibority, 1957.
43100055-500-6.57. prict 4 cents.