The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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~ Jiubished by authority.
VOL. 11. rHU1,SDAY, _23aw -MAY, 1957. No. 22.
Noi e .No. -5. 1. Building 4~i brick, floos r mneasureTlIc followin'' Satutory Rule and ent 38' 10'' x 3W' V' Wall of
brickwork 18' thick and 11' 4"f
______ -Order is cirt ltEd '.wi' I this Gatzette high. Timber doors and winIt. is notified fl), iforina- an1d itirils pw t th, -C: -- dlows, roof of timber covered with
'tioli 0-it the foll-iiniiL personsI have cru
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Q I'iIitda itoItr f h ) / u9. ortgaited galvanize. B:alt(oti
Aen gpiae ashtl iotioci fr the itisislo of an ma ea 500 sq. ft.
Auig~iWhllN Co.i for th Ti 1257 Q'c 14cltation with 4"el columnt"l and betoms.
pviod ilst April, 1 90)7 n, 1]it SArwch, dated \f ny I N57 In;Al under see- Joist 2" x 4" E.P. P. 19/iS: tbon !2o tslQ M'intenaiite Orders 2. Ruling of galvanize with floor
/va SW (1 ac~ ii fir 1 tore' nett) Acit. (Cap. areca of T414 s. fR. Gal)&i end and
TheHo.1'iiatcit ~' Or toy- 12), an am f d v ii' ing M liti- r~Iool ot coriumare tyalvanize.
Th ln.FmnOdbw ainaa stoni ot tMe s~lt Act to th e Colonies H~eight ftrom tloot to tot) of plate
Th St ein oi et t 'ehons of Anitigna, St. Wts Nodts and W V oftmeradcoirt
The 'itoinisi itit ei-te'retti Angiiil a, aol Mtintscrrat. 3. BUlding o ib dm~t
TheW &iiis A SN70 2 pp. J44ce 4 rest/ with floor area of 744 sq. ft.
The~(PW &sitn A tiC.ia) ~_____ Concrete portion having a floor
Th _____i Ahhiti~ area of 118 sq ft. anom lcan-to roof
Secetary (Meilicait TRA~DE~ MA\RK'S OFFICE, measuring 9' x 8' 4'.,
~ fTORfT0Lk, 4. Galvanize shed of area 98 sq. ft.,
I3ItTIH VIRGIN ISLANDS, K amm- roof coveresI Wth cotrruMi. V. K MagirL e 3rd May, 19,57. _rpatej gitl ',':ize".
Mr. F. (, (i'M. It'ri nhQ 5. Large wooden idingl 1.2 itfslrintg
Mr A ~adTHE BOR DEN COMPANY of 54 W'' x 126' 2'' tint her floor.
Mr.. .0 Mtl 350, Madivion A e nit>. Nc xv Yorik, gab end is si cli'vored wvith ciiiM r.iiState of 'gew J(rsoV. 1.5 A.. has rugateti galvanm ize. Sides in 2 x 4
2. Mr. F. A. CtLAUtIle has1 been re- applied for registraton of (mie Trade muil 1 x 6 1? & S. Height W' in appointed Sper"tary itt the Council Markconsisting Of 1 lie It I-I Ig:sill to plate I1 I/!" for tlia' sante period. 6. L~ean-to shed nicasnring- 12' 2"
~idmt~toiN 7I/O x1i' 13' 6" etivorel with corrugated
14/I ~i,1 '~ 23' 2" sides and roof of corruRet. N~y 19/57.I g a ted galvaniz, Aminber/and
INENw Q16 1xT indo(ws/oi.
Each of the above buildings will lie
it is hxeeby nostifiedl for general inCas4. "t st -ay s tnees sold sefiarately mtid the te-nder must
inforniatimt hiat Mr. P. Hodge has used us fod or w ingretlP nts in food. inlice th rniimse price thet is being' oil -e'' fii cacti builingii.
bee-n nij poinited9 to oct, as Plati Protec- The Applicman W imn ia th ey Onacpac odtepr tioit Ol~r an ,isi eni~owcied ts take have, used th(- sa L TradeI Mark iii chasr- pric( must bie paid before reacioiinier Nth Cof 19P6rodte respect of Whe sntd gwitl for 35 years removal. Each building purchased Forestt",e cTi 6o 93)o M before the Elate si t heir sad appli- must be remiveti from the Wie within
FrayOr dinanc (N.. 10 of 1941). cto.thrtee mniithis of esioletion 'it sale.
Admiii,,1, ft ov% Qjf/ice. Any pt m ii i within three Inspection of the premises mayv be
S~t. J11hn's months froml the dwie of the Wirt. nad. y apj'ontoreitt with t he tinderAnfigurt. appearance of the Al vertsment in signed on ally week 'tv between the lG// MouI he A ,ci~ 'xi lit atd Viqin hours of 9 a.mi. atif 4
Re61ho Ak y 1 6lis thend G a169 t/e _f o i -r n i rup in T enders m ust be sib ilitted in sealRef, ~ ~ ~ ~ af at. the Tr0.I. s d ade Mark' Ofice, n dpli ed envelopes tnarkfttl "Teinders for
ofea h Tae3 k OlnTr Building~s '' ao resseil to the Minister,
CONIRMTIO OFORDNANES tola. o opposition to registration of Public Not-ks and Cotmna~ications,
COFRAINO RIACS the said Trade Mark. Adn iatoi-'s Ofticc St. Jon's and
Io. 57. H. ALun BESSON, should reachb that office not later than
'[li Sict'ealvof tatefortheRegistiro ot Trade Jfarks. 4 00i IfilaIy 31st Tla, N957.
TheSocettryofStae or heGovernmtient o Cii' it hintd itselfI to Colonies has isfs~rinew the Governor --.--_________--accept the highest or any tender. that the power itf disallowance will TENDER NOTICE.HER *J.EWN
not hie exert ised in respect of the HNYTEMN
undermntione Ordinnce:~Asst. A dginii ist/vatieSecrelary undrron I oti e I ui ndue.Tenders are invited for the pur- to the ARi/aer Public RWs
An/ojna. chase of the iintlrmentioned build- andi (7omonunications.
Ni. 8 of P.J56, -The Development ings situated on lands, forming part of 3rd May, 1957. (Telephone) La n (Amendment) Mdacastlay's Bath an' the old CornOrdlinanice. 1956 "meal Factory in Wappintg Street, St. Administra tor's Office,
RTft No. 4&10025. John:-- St. John's.
,4 ;2

Applications are hereLy invited Salary:
from su-itably qia] ii d ii-.rsons for Thi salary is in thle scale $2,880 x. Applications nre invited f rion suitappointatent ini tie pt At of Port 1 20-$3,480l pe-r atititn phis a pay nittY 'pitIte vaitiii~t tOr :tPtOitt Officer. St. Ati.nt, loahtimas of adtlitiiri od 20%~ of salary. itteit to tile pos t. lloeu I itit r,
whi ch ame as nlloxIt -- Allowances: Domittet (.ratnimar Schotl. parfi'tetThte lilowbg aliowati('es ate pay- Io of whiich ame is foilotxs: Appointment: able:- 1. App,,intment:
(a) Uni form Alloxwance- $120 The post ison the petin t md 'nt
Tbf pust, is at pre set n on -pension- pe annum pension able establishnmont it the
abl'W hat steps am' lheng taken to (h) Personal Fees niot exceeding appoidnt me arries wit Ri IN tiy
diiate if prisiontable. The offiver $720 pe annun. to transfer to ;toy 1est of' t ~'i
'wilt to, subject to the Culorial Pegu- (c) Ssistence Allowanco in stat-rs in thy. Nintxx itrd sdan&.
lati ife. local (1eral 0 'd is and acco,'danct' within local regunlationts. 2. Salary:
Fit ncil atnd Store Rulies, and to al Quarters: T&hx salary 6. in the scald- of $3AS40
Oroimntce Nud IsolnoIiry leislation Qoiart'''s are iot provided. x $1 21$406i0 per rn pius a penii r~ 1A t h a ppiiti.Passages: sinat'PYtti t to ~ i;ty
Th.' appotintmnent cart ios with it the Free iit't class passages to Ht. Vin- The nont of Ciiiy ino) H lIe sule will iallit'. ito transfer to any posttt of cent for Mite oflier. his wife and he ICdet trimn in aceoruiiu ito i t- carteqpul at stais within thte NWind- hilolmn wHil n prodded: children didati'sq nno ,jariimti intltp'ii'iO. wart W andis. shoutd be tinds 18 years of age, 3. Qualifications required:
unimar: ed, and dI- }t-iitleit oin the I hue-re of' I rtosesi Ui -isitx'.
udifications: officer. 4. Duties:
Leave and Leave Pastages. 0th' tIppotlt'' xvii wie loo phIi) -4
C~w~v mst ossssinint- acadon leax' Mviil be grwit'd at to sip''t A-- a stoo 4 21 boys:
m'nist lof CS a ii oxeitit the rate of 4,5 iaxs for cacti completed kn-owblILa, of t-1-ni s ml other
in. zh, hiti s f i'irt (O)fficer. Pie(.f-r petitol of 12 inittls r'w-idertt service: PXtt:'CUti'TNI'ttK' rativiti s0"1101411-' sucht leave is a e amulabi up t o wth fit S-ca lary SeW It I: he- xx ill be ee' nit 1"' to thk- holder of a (lays, required to t.IL, part it out 4t chtol
A es ir teeH Certificate. Leave passag( s wvill be granted in activities; he xvii An~ Ite reotjit"~i to
accordance with local regulations, perfom any other (Ititbes xvhicli may
Duties: Medical Attention: be assigned to im froiti time to time.
ieo ii heal :Jtoitiori and medi- 5. Quarters:
Titt: tiei l bxile r-qirird :-- cities are tot priovide~d. Quarters are nilt 1Im~i~ti-'i.
6. Leave:
ia) To itn charge of the Taxation: Thie oilicer xvil b e lipie fir vicau.' ment ain N >avigation of Ul (loveritin- it offlicers are liable tioti teax'- att the i ate of 45 a x's foir
iiivu to; i te" oliset'vanct of tI taxattonti nliosci by local etiact eacli ciompleti l ptied of 12 mi onths
Cw't il'-''iiti'os. mvints. resident seeide. acuninatiiii' up to
a iiv muim o I M- l"Ys.
( ;,o -' ii ttt f d i ti- andtit Applicatie its giv tg full particular 7. Leave Passages:
"n'.- th O 1 i-is of a Port Officer, of applicants qiililications and expe- Leaxe passages xIi be piiovied in
and to be subject to the responsi- rienice, and ace ''mpatid (my twio accordiance with local General Oirdersi.
hi ties of tit' post under the Quar- testiin'iiis. sutoulit b~e addressed to 8. General Iniormation:
antne Ordinance. the Chief Seer-fe, Windward I1- The oflicar wviil be subject to tho
i- )To visit all ships anchoring landsc, (4r nadli, arnd should reach Coloniial Ilegn latiotis, the \Yirdward in ort frin ny ort orItlce im ot or anthe 30th J1une, lstltrid Finaticial andt Stire Rules, oti*i the colony. 19 5 7. the local Gen'rai Orders & subsidiary
Admiistatr'sOffcelegislation in foirce from time tot time. 1 )To ie( At is estIr of st Adntuhrao'sOlie Goovernierit officials aro liable to
frtnigetSt. Jc'hnf'ii taxtiott n~t bi y local kenattinments,.
for tiittectiC.2Ntl Max'. 19,57
(e) To examine boats etc. for sea- Ref. No. A.C. t :5se -Ti A pplications containinrg full parti
xv rthiirt-ss and issue of passeitger cubre, inoit; tualiticatios amid
1' 0 o!N .L FiGORES. K exlt tipe of' atpplicanit, shetild be
.-ue.Agricultural Department, forwatrded iti n- CJhief Seet"'tary,
(t) Ta perforiti the tities of a s~nti ua. Windwd xit' laitis. Greinada, to reach
Niercamtile Marine Office-r. and to int not Na-.r th t tli, 30th Mayj,
I e Chairman of the Board of Exam- Month lt53t. 1954. 195A. 195. 1957. 1957.
iiis o teisu o a ts January 1.93 :3.04 2.16 5.15 3.16 iosfrteiseofMses Fekb IM 2.45 XS L 2.29
Certifcates of Captaincy. Mar. 5.60 1.0"1 .83 1 40 .4 Admuittstratctrs Office,
April 2.06 .491 1.75 383 2.54 St. .John',
(g) To be Supervio of Cried To i81h May 1.40 3. 15 1.88 8 7 Antigua,
Pilots, of Wharves and of Naviga- 1.11273 .4 932 9tih May, 1957.
i in Lights. -~Ref. No. A.C.13/89-11J
Prbated itt the G-ti':'m t rintnittt (tttjm'-. Lerr. ward Ishls, b3 y t T .Cii Goverriaitit Piit'-_By Airthority.
[llice 8 anrtsl

"t 3 JUL
1957, No. 12.
Proclamation dated May 2, 1957, made under section 12 of the Maintenance Orders (Facilitiis for Enforcement) Act (Cap. 12), as amended, extending the provisions of the said Act to the Colonies of Antigua,
St. Kitts Nevis and Anguilla, and Montserrat.
WHEREAS by the Maintenance Orders facilitiess for Enforcement) Act (Cap. 12), as amended, provision has been made for the enforcement in the Colony of Mlaintenance Orders made by a Court in England or 1reland:
AND WHEREAS by section 12 of the said Act, as amended, it is provided that where the Governor is satisfied that reciprocal provisions have been made by the Legislature of any British possession or any territory under Her Majesty's protection for the enforcement within such possession or territory, of Maintenance Orders made by Courts in the Colony, the G(overnor may by Proclamation extend the said Acet to such possession or territory, and the said Act shall thereupon apply in respect of such possession or territory as though the references to England or Ireland were references to such possession or territory and the references to the Secretary of State were references to the Governor of such possession or territory:
AND WHEREAS the Governor is satisfied that the Legislatures of the Colonies of Antigua, St. Kitts Nevis and Anguilla, and Montserrat have made reciprocal provision for the enforcement within the said Coloies of aintenn In ~ idClne fManeac

Orders made by Courts within the Colony of the Virgin Islands.
NOW, THEREFORE, I GEOFFREY POLE ALLSEBROOK, the officer for the time being administering the Government of the Colony of the Virgin Islands, by virtue and in exercise of the powers in me vested, do hereby proclaim that the Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act, as amended, is hereby extended to the Colonies of Antigua, St. Kitts Nevis and Anguilla, and Montserrat.
GIVEN at the Admninistrator'. (fi(ce in Tortola in
the Virgin Islands, this 2nd day of May, 1957, and in the sixth year of Her Majesty's
Printed at the Governinment Printing Ofiici, Antigua, Letward Iintle
by E. M. BLAONAN G overniienit Printer--By iutho'rity.
43/000639P-520-5.57 -Fice 4 ceI