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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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l1 5
T H 10
Jublished by authority.
ET ON# VOL. II. "TH$) n MAY, 1957. No. 21.

Regulation, governing. the 1 S10o Service Med.
1. Short Title. '1These Regulatio n- may be cited as the Colonial Prison Service Medal Regulatinis. 1957.
2. Service Required. The Colo ial Prison Service Medal will he granted as a reward for long service and g ,d conduct t, all staffI in the Prison S(rvice of Montserrat, below the rank of Assistant Siuperintenlden t or a comparable rak, \\h,, n 4or alter the 28th day of Ot her, 1955 shall have completed eighteen years' continuous service as hereinafter declined.
A Clasp will also be granted to a recipient of the Medal on his coml)leting twenty-five years' qualifying service, and a further Clasp on completing tliirLy years' qualifying service. For each Clasp -so awarded a small silver rose may he added to the rihbon when wvorn alone.
3. Continuity of Service. Qualifying service in the Prison Service o)f other Colonies or Territories nder Her Majesty's Protection or Administration may be allowed to reckon towards the required period 4of qualifying service., if the total period of such service anq)cnts to not less than ei hteen years: p)rovided, however, that where services has been rendered in more than one such territory as aforesaid an interval not exceeding twelve months between any two periods of service shall not be regarded as breakiiing the continuity of such service: provided also that a b)reaik in service n t exceeding six calendar months in any one such territory shall not he regardd a;s brIeaking the continuity of such service.
4, Exemplary Character. For the purpose of these Regulations service shall only be reckoned as qualifying service if it is certified that the character and conduct of the person recommended for the grant of the Medal or Clasp has been exemplary.
An officer as aforesaid shall not be deemed to be in possession of an exemplary character unless ihe has had no entry on his conduct sheet during the'last sixteen years of such service in respect of--(a) conviction of a criminal offence by any court: or
(b) reduction in rank or grade (except for ineffciency): or
(c) drunkenness or incapacity for duty due to drunkenness; or
(d) deprivation of money, that is to say, where prior to the cominencement of these regulations, an
officer has been fined in respect of offences committed in any one year a total sum exceeding live dollars, or where upon the commencement of these regulations, an officer has been fined in respect of any one
offence a sun equivalent to three days' pay or more; (r
(e) sleeping on duty; or
( f) wearing any decorations or medals to which he is not entitled: or
(g) trafficking with prisoners in any form whatsoever.
5. Recommending Authority. Recommendations for the award of the Medal or Clasp shall be submnitted by the Officer in charge of a Prison Service to the Governor. The medal will be awarded on the authority of the Governor and a notification of such award shall be published in the Gazette.
6. Forfeiture and Restoration. (a) A recipient of the Medal or Clasp who is convicted of a criminal offienee or is dismissed or removed from the Prison Service for misconduct shall forfeit the Medal and Clasp unless the Governor shall otherwise direct.
(b) A Medal or Clasp so forfeited may be restored to the recipient by the Governor at his discretion.
(c) A notice of forfeiture or restoration shall in every case he published in the Gazettle.
Made by the Governor utinder the authority of the Royal Warrant dated 28th October, 1955, this 5th day of April, 1957.

Notices. The Administrator of Antigua has TEND)ER NOTICE.
appointed the iindermen tioned Mar--__________riage Officer f o r the Colonuy of Tenders itre invited for the p)ur-Antigua: chase of the u udterinnti on.ed buildIt is notified for general informia- ReeedRbr .Hge. ings situated on hinds forming part of
tian that Hfis Excellency has issued ReeedRbr .Hge. Macaulay's Bath anid the old Corna Commiission appointing theo Hon. Admninis'trator's Office, mneal F'actory in Wapping Stit et, St.
E A. Thompson to be Adimiistrator's Antigua, onDepuity, with effect from the 9th1 8th ]Nla, 1957.
Maty, 19.57, during the absence of the 1. Building~ f 1)riclk, floor' oeasaureAdministrator on a visit to the United Wtf No 1-1 In-nt '18 10'' x 31' 61'. wail of
St-fts of America. brickworkl 18" thick iio 11 I' 4fr
---- ---- --hi gh. TIimbiler c doors and w vinChief tSecret~ir's 0/lice, titi we, roof of timber coveredi with
Afltiguet. No. 6 (,oiriwP~tled p'dvanize. Balcony
loy, 1_957. ofit an area0 of 5010 sq. ft.
Ratf No 13,06 fAppointumnt trnsfer, etc, in, vNh wiseel eelun m105 id I tiiiu.
-------------------~---- thp pubic service, with effect from hi,-,t 2"' x A" !LPP.
It is hereby r'itied for general the dates stated, are published for 2. Pni t of ci 3aiize \ith floor infornatimi W i during the period general in formation:- toi wi of T~ 14 ; Tl n,-"d ied and
Jl 95i7 A, It crTifier 19,58 a \votrlp- ro0 of corruaiaed galvanize.
-wil( stdyofgohyica penoneia LL. Commander A. G. Leathern, R.N., HIT frI 1101i or to top of' ])late
i d to l ca r id out y a ll pher i o n I Prv t Se rear & A -i -vCamp i isto to w knownt all Iner-o t JTS TBXc.lllcy thek Governor. 3. n f" nortn oirt
r~atna o l~knon isthe1 tier-Feb. 17 vuh I = arvliea of 744 sq. ft.
niationl Iii',lr:cllar. Wnef.t No Par:th 'n i Invin a2I floor
0lin a to Lo e ic nites resources ofl kn- of it -i-j ft. anii lean-to roof
the lhi Cano'biwanMeero'cp Steven, C. P AF. Junior Clerk. Chief lwili ir, 4'
'nerv-ice in~t I Iitirtiilclt will he tailg HNTA" re c' ()fie. A pr. I L Ga vmw Awdt i of i area 98 my ft.,
UIXa .oii I dirt iii tht e iali he;:nii ro) i'div'-red with corruactix idn -X Me Is ituriatioi, itGen- WeNo. 1'.-' 671 gti- n1 i li
ih> ii a siilistaniai pii a. hu' 3 ~ iiilei lor
gino) t of q; logicol obier vahton 5'Kx16 "Hie m
find ha, been1- p1 inne by M "W n l i ox iol-id xvii corv'xri-ilie *oiios l undpr a en ordit I i tiil forp general iiif'rxna- i'it',r Wvhize S 11 ides ini x 41,-g i ii;, io' .ioli iii i 11i ; Irship the 1)iipH!Upsi 11m )'
1 titi it iz- Ii I iio that the criminall
(~l ie-no'c1 ,) ,: ssitii iith Cii~ em ilPl)Court fir thie 6, I-q in(Th eauring 2'2
iir "g it i- '"vepeitod il bie th VA madvvard aind Leeward islroinds in N, 1,3 61' co sinii. Nith corrugated launcingii' by i-I loon or other inea015 the~ \ntioa Chren~it fixed to coin- ']xcn cd innun Fo u wao s ingrvor cc oni t Me 14th MAy, 1957. x01il be yvaize
in moo w I/in tmtuntg nietswroloi adi n ned o'n that date to iAlinday 7. Boa htius- inieauri 3'' x cal rwni-titi' -i'd, other da a S~uch tho 20the _.ay. 1957. 23'V 2'' sides. and roof of corruinstni'' nts in;p hopid and be found g a L 'L c gal vail- timberlaniitd
inl e(,nios i outside thle country [yOrer witidowejd oom.
of liihmn g and Ant genrl public reEach of the aWove buildings will be
are i-ew-ite'itd that in thle event of ally CECIL 0. ByntoN, sold s.eparatidy vaind tile tender mnust
such ii-l n1 -1<'irs loitig found it lly liksji,'trar. .iHat th -uls price that ht.
part tf Me Co lony of 1'o ti bein ililcit-r the iti-rhbuldng
sim-- Alond hI taken to andi 'ieiix-in l-1istrar' OffiCe en0tXrlfnec ii'ig
ed to the nearest Police 1tatioii or St. Johns, On accepltanice oit tender thle purnotiiy such Police Stationi of sncb Antitigual. chase Inlt-ini mu0 ibe pai( I~t- eoe efitidii. 2n ay 97.ACln\; l ah~il iailiivi purchased
Toe public aire asked to give their teie\vhn
ready co -ope rati on in the collection three iiiiitlis if ciitopletioni of sale.
of these instrunients anid thus ensure Inspiection oif Mob premises may be
the successful operation of these RAIN1FALL FIGURES. maci by' appoitiueilt with t1le understtud vs. sig-ned olny ivceek tiny between. thle
Aditinistrator's Office, Agricultural Department, houts if9 n. andl 4 p.m.
St. JohMi's, Antgua. T endeis intist, lie Kubtuite iii sea]Ant Quna. ed envxelopes marked "Tend(ers for
1st May, 1957 Bnilding,,s adlressed to the Mlinister,
-- Public X its and (1'nimuninations,
Ref. No A. GN/14 Adtministr ator's Office, St. .John's, and
,Vot 1! 1- -5____- 3itt f. 1 95-t. 1 95.,-. 1 95Cn. 1957. shociuld rtrielt that (office not liter thlan
The AdtninistmWci of Axtfigna has ......r) 1.14 3.0-1 2.16 5.15 3.16 4 py. n I'lidiay 31st Mlay, 1957.
appolintedI the undermentioned Mtar- oenwtdsntbilislfa
riage Officer for t bi e Colony o f Feb. 1.02 2.45 .68 1.23 2,29 Gaccenn iet or ny bitselfr
A n er Eale C. Ro ers Mar. 5.640 Il0S .83 1.4i0 40 11 N iy J. ELW IN,
EdrEreCRoet.April 2.0)6 .49 1.75 3.83 2.541 ,-sAdntuiistrative S ecrelarjAdmiii,4wlo)8 ofireto tho _1in is/er, Public 11York.& Anuiiti'ctois /fee To 11th aliy .914 2.36 1..58 5! .6 1 an~d (I'onmwnicaions.
3W Vy197.3rd May, 19.57. 11.5 1 9.42 7.00 12,20)9.00 Admii .traii c's Office,
oR. No, S1t I----- St. John's.

Applications are invited from suit- Appointment: General:
ably qualified candidates preferably The post is non-pensionable, and The officer will be subject to the bachelors, for al)pointment, to the the appointment will be on a con- Colonial Regulations, local General post of Supernumerary Veterinary tractual basis, or on secondment, for Orders, and Financial and Store Officer for ( renada, St. Lucia, and a period of 21 yeors in the first Rules and Subsidiary Legislation in St. Vincent, particulars of which are instance. The pension rights of any force for the time being. as follows:- pensionable seconded officer will be Applications giving full particulars
Appointment: preserved, of applicant, and accompanied by two
The post is at present nonll-pension- Duties: testimonials, should be addressed to
ablie. The oflicr will be subject to The duties i ihe flice will be the Chict Secretary, Windward Isthe (Coloniial Regulatins, local Gen- those assigned to him ,by the Superin- lands, Grenada, and should reach him eral Orders, Financial and Store tendentii of Ariunitur,- to whom hlie uii lat r then tle :i',st MA 1957. Ruls and all such regulations, as will hb e dir-ectly v re-sponsible. The Admimatratr's O(e', may from time to time be in force. dutic will in 'iuh, th- generaladrnin- St. ,ohn's
Salary: istrat ii of tlhe 100 acre Camden Park Antigua.
The salary is in the scale $3,840 x Exp( ebuent Station with the direction 171h April, 1957. 120-- $4,800 (,800 x 25--V-1000) per and slpervisioii of subordinate stafif. ltRef. No Al. 13 89- IlL annum, plus a pay addition of 20 of Inv e national work with all aspects salary. of clti ation and testing of a wide A.iilicationsareinito- from suitAllowances: rang,. of cash cr.qj- and food crops al alifid ida or appointTravelling and Subsistence allow- and tii comrpilini g of the necessary qali to the p at of i.oainter, ances will be peal, in accordaince statistics. Supervision of the nanatge- i t t ps a h ate DoiiaGral)mlar School. particu1with local regulations in respect of ment i Livestock, comprising breed- arfic ar solw
lars of which are as follows:
approved travel on duty. ing stok ot cattle, pigs, goats, sheep 1. Appointment:
Quarters: and pdultry uon the Station. 'Ih post is o t pernaint and
Quarters are not provided, but in Qualifications: pensionable establishment and the
the eve t of G(ov-rnment qurters Tli min umrn qualifcation re- pni e ihita t
being available the officerr will be quiredi is the( lDiplan: of the Imperial appointmeni carries with it liability to transfer to any post of equivalenDt
required' to pay rental not exceeding Collet-e Troiical Agriculture or an to trasfer th ay Otward Islands. t 10, oft his salary. equixaeint degree, wi:h experience in aar
Leave and Leave Passages: Tropic al Agriculture. Generaladmin- Tb salar is i the sale of $3,840
Vacation heave will be granted at istration (experience and knowledge
the rat- of 45 days for each completed of apiied research and extension x $120-$4,560 per annutmn, plus a pensionable pay addition of 2. ofsolay
period of 12 months resident service, work would be advantageous. Toino ty ito 2 ali
accun: l able ul) to 180 days. Salary: The point of intry into the scale will
be determined according to the canLeave passages will be granted in The salary is in the scale $3,360x
accordance witl local regulations. 120-$4,320, plus at pay addition of didt's qIualiication and exprience.
Passages: 201% of salary. 3. Qualifications required:
agesy 1)ere i a reco-nised Unive-rsity.
Free passage, to the Windward Is- Allowances: I)egre Duties
lands will be provided for the officer Travelling and Subsistence Allow- 4. Duties:
arid, if married, his wife and children ance are payable in accordance with Officer appointed will be required not exceeding 5 prsons in all; child- local regulations, -i respect of to sulpervise a school ot 26n 0 boys; ren to be under 18 years of age, approved travel on duty, knowledge o Games i all other
married nd dependent on the Quarters: extra-curricular activities associated
umairied amil dependent on the Quarters: w~i a. odr coo;h ilb
officer. Quarters are provided at the Station with a SecoIlai y School; ne will be
Duties: for which rental will be charged at required to takcl part in out of school
Thlie oilicer will have his headqua- the rate of 10% of salary or 5% of the activities; he will also be required to ters in Grenaiada but will be required assessed value of the quarters, which perform any other duties which may for duty in any of the three Islands. ever is less. be assigned to him from time to time.
lie will be responsible to the Chief Passages: 5. Quarters:
Secretary but will be under the con- Free passages to St. Vincent will Quarters are not provided. trol of the Superintendent orf Agri- provided on first appointment for the 6. Leave:
cultur of the Colony in whichii he is officer, his wife ind chilren, not The officer Will be eligible for vacafor the time being serving. exceeding five persons in all: children tion leave at the rate of 45 days for
Medical Attendance: to be under 18 years of age, unmarried each completed period of 12 months
Free medical attendance and medi- and dependent on the officer. In the resident service, accumulating up to cines are not provided, case of a contract appointment, free a maximum of 180 days.
Taxation: passages will be provided on the 7. Leave Passages:
All Government officers are liable satisfactory termination of the con- Leave passages will be provided in to taxation imposed by local legisla- tract. accordance with local General Orders.
tion. Leave and Leave Passages: 8. General Information:
Applications giving full details of Vacation leave oii full slary will The officer will be subject to the qualifications and experience of candi- be granted in accordaiince with local Colonial Regulations, the Windward date, and accompanied by two testi- leave regulations. In the case of a Islands Financial andr, Store Rules, monials. should be addressed to the contract appointment, vacation leave the local Genral Ordrs & subsidiary Chief Secretary, Windward Islands, will be granted at the rate of one legislation in force from time to time. and should reach him not later than week for each completed period of Government officials are, liable to the 30th June, 1957. three months resident service. Such taxation imposed by local enactments.
Administrator's Office. leave to be take-n on the satisfactory Applications containing full partiSt. John's, termination of the contract. culars, including qualifications and
Antigua. Leave passages are provided in experience of applicant, should be
29th April, 1957. accordance with the Windward Is- forwarded to the Chief Secretary,
Ref. No. A.C. 13/89 te. ..... lands Leave Passage Regulations. Windward Islands. Grenada, to reach
Medical Attention: him not later than the 30th May,
Applications are invited from suit- Free medical attention and medi- 1957.
ably (,Ilified candidates for appoint- cines are not provided. Adiit
menus to the post of Agricultural Administrator's Office,
Oflicer (R1search) Camiden Park Taxation: St. John's,
Experimental Station, Department of All Goverinent officials are liable Antigua, Agriculture, St. Vincent, particulars to taxation imposed by local enact- 9th May, 1957. of which are as follows:- ments. Ref. No. A.C.13/89--III

In the Supreme Court of the Windward Islands and Leeward Islands
On Appeal from the Magistrate, District "A".
Appeal No. 111957.
Bctizeen:LLLWE'LLYN SWIFT Appellant
ADRIAN A. M. HILL Respondent
(Niq)erinlendene of Polwe)
L H. LOCKHART for Appellant
J. :HAN.NAYq ASSistallt) for Respondent.
Bdba: Lmwm, J.
7th Jay, 19,57.
The ,,eppellant was cmvKWd on Ow 4d"kq of Davinbor, 195G of Hie otrenoe (if reeeiviug tht-c-'N-von tyres valued $90.00 the propm-ty of Nown & Co. knowing the sanie to lmve !) ,eii stolen and was sentenced W live months inaprisonniont with hard labour.
Oii- t): tu- witnesses who gave evidence for tho lwosecuthiti Ott person nanied Theodore Mattliew who had, earlier on the Awny day pleaded guilty to larceny of the W ty"s but lmd not beat F3entnced when he gave evidence against the :qilwHaut.
Tho awpoIbmt has appalled aptinst this conviction on the followitiggrounds:
That t1to doclion is erroneous in point (of law in that
(,t) The le:trned Nlagistrito Usthrectod 10mW in not directing his mind to the dang-r of extividing on the uncorroboraNd evEhmeo of the armiuldice.
(b) While the accomplice hW1 plover guihy to tho charge of larceny It(, had not b -en seiitejic4 ,d at llv lime he was c fll(41 on to -Jve evidence nn 1 ids eAdmee all My naire neetWd to be (-orroborwod.
P) The defaidant'o explanation of the fact f his possession of articks chimed to have Wen swun is cWtKikent; with iunoc nc an(.] t.l)-- prosecution has not thm"Gii-e musidned the Nuden of proAng the guill of the ac---u ,ed 1) -yond a ro t sonah c ioubt.
(d) 'There was Em absence of corroborathm of trip avidenep ol'an accomplice on whose Whnmy alone the I)Wndmt Nvas an"% A. TO uow i( i ij therefort- -ts unn qisonalde and cannot be supported having regard to the ovid, ,nce.
(Q Thin evidence of the twcomplica shows no Novdinp by hhu but na&r a giving of unauthorled cmd-it to Hie defendant and thewfm-e a conv&Oon od ree6ving winnA fict snst:xined. IL mms argued for tin-, apppllant that the evidence of die Khress Theu0nm Matthew who was an acemnplice shaNd K tv- Wit mi"ohnAnd a"d that the ]NIagistrat" had imt dh"Mod his inind to tho dan, .er of convicting on tim unywrobwMed evulpyr, 4 thin "Itn"s" In this connexio'l 1ho ati-enlion of the (, ,utrt \v:i ih-awn to paragraph 4 of the Nfagistrate's rf-asons for deciriiotl v'rhioll 1' -ads as follo-,vs:
" I did, at tini tri,4. w-u-n inyoff of the danger ()fa(!(-(jGngan of ;my vAne the evDience of Theotlore NhUhew, but at, the jire ,ent ittite -,J-writing my reasons for Decision. I tun of oldni"n, that I dAl nk warn mysx1f suMoinwitly wtd timt: I should li:tve disre-tirded 4(o-edier tho e\,i(iuucu ofthis wittiest who earlier at tho satue Rtgiob &A 4svion on the 4th of Dec-ndwr 1051 h"I inaim an unymbded Qa of Colty on a charge of st, ahng Ac said tynn, but wk) A the TOM (d the LARMutt hyl givon a complewly
dilerent otavinent & ovideneel'
an(t I was invited to say t&d the Xigfktrat-, not only realkpd to an imwv=nVd extonit on the vvhNnce of the vshutogs Thi-todore Matthew but in Awt u4A his Pvhkmve as a bask Air convicOng the appelhunt.
It is difficult to exnetly %vilat file N1:1"J'41'ate infant to convey by paragraph four of his rxisms N)r
decisionbut it sections to nup D) 6 an admissk"i duit he molifed Ow evilonce or Thodore Nl:adww and convicted the app, lltnt thereon but submquenily reaHsed Wil Wis wifness's evidence should lmv,. bten altogether disregarded.
The wRuess Theodore N[Athew gave two confliking accounts of Um immn" in which tR pellaut"ame into possessimi of the ty"z Th, apptllaid, when inkTvbwod by We judice add that he had botight the tyms at Brown & Co. front the wUness Aleodore Alarthow who at one qbigp agreed that this %vas R4 bw what he gave evidence al; His aNwUmAl thil he told ati -iolrely different story.
It inust be rewenihere i ditit when Thewlewe INUliew give e0knce a:t tho apydhmt! Kul he had not beat sentenced and thtsefore he im! ni imm"t in in-enlig the ai"t-Homi's eonviNun. It k also not uiirl-asonabj( to amount Lhat he hoped the Nkgkcrap inighn as a r"uK of his evidence. We been inUrneed in htifuMng a Hotter sentence.
The appalhIAWSooms4 arowd Viat Hie Alaginnore onvht to have ignmyd the evidon(,e -if Th k odore ATattlipw entirely as the witness wns clearly nritruthful and nnr( fiabl-. I and it appears that, the Magistrate himself reaHmed tlds as W evidenced by the remarks emkined in the Welt pamgraph of Be raises Aw his dedMwi.
If the evidence of the w-itioss Theodore AlAthew is disregarded, as itshould haw, 1 een, t1wre remains no evidence whatever (in which Hie appAbou tnohL 1w emnkt-ed of the Marge of rooeiving. as the evic4.-lice of the other wiKesws Murphy. AlKi, Anthony, and Bnaks is certainly not unfaourddt to the :tpl)ellant.
The luts not sought to suppas the convinkm and I fhiut It(- is clearly right it) this respect.
The Npp id in ww"Mudy okoww% th- emiAdinti tlinwhNI and the ortl(-r ofthe *klavistrwe s aside. The respondent, must pay dn" tupp'llant four gained*; costs.
Painne Adga.

On appeal from the Magistrate, District "A" iB'i ueen:
MAISIE WATT Respondent
0, [tos*s for rtpiwlanl
11, fl TAWCKI-ART for rospomdent
Before: ,EIVIS, J.
71 lay11?, 1957.
'lin A ppe Hant wva eeonvicted !by tho A ciiiq Adiditionali Magistrate of District A ou the 3rd dlay of
Novembr. 1 9I, of l thet rz's poid ent and waz; fianed $'_1.40 and ordered to pay $1 0.72 costs.
Theqv appell 1,,1- Il. lnstemagistrate!s d' cisien on the ground that it is unreasonableP ori- no be
It, ii A w il re ole hd Court of Appeal1 will not interfere within a decision of a subordinate- court on a dju,.sIion of fact nzo to d lsio is ulanife.Atly unreasoniable. -f thjor is ovidencc to support the conviction the appeal will b- disimsis- A1' u. 8i'cel Cv ( '.pp. 4'. 1"is).
Counsel for the~aply~i [ailt vovjewelO at some leigth tie whokt of the evidence before the Magistrate andl stiiW Mittod that tho emlc1 Osiol)Q which the Mtgistrate drew fronl the evidence xvero so unreasonable thiat tho appdIknt conv'iction shon Id not be diewed to rstand.
The Malgistrt itdo the advant,%ge of seeing and hearing the witnesses produced by booth parties and after hearing their evil 'nee h- cane to th- conclusion that the appellant was guilty of the charge. It is true that the
-vidlenkce was conflictfug hot it was for tfie Mlagistrate to assess the weight of the evidence and to decide which party ini his Opinlion breffn' ile truth. ic ckose to believe the story of the respondent rather than thiat of the appellant, and he was perfoctly entitled to do this.
Thire_ vas 41 nod it ividetoje to siipport the agist r_[o&. conclusions and I canl tiud no ground~ for iliirfer:~gwithi his decision. Tho appeal is accordlinlgly dismissed and the appellant is ordered to pay three guineas costs.
P. Cecil Lewis,
Puisine .judge.
!'rintue at t ,,Govornrent F'rintinur Ofrlop, Antirini Leewird Ilunds, by H. X. BLACKiMAN, Govornet Printcr.-By Authority.
[Price 7 oont48