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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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Oublished by cut i


It is hereby intiiied (or f elieral information that kitring the period July 1957 t)o D)ec-nIllw 1958, a Nworldwide study of g'l.ll-physicl phI:l lienomena is to he, carried ulit I all ImaIjorl nations to be kiiwnx asi i te I terlnationl Geophysicl Year,

()wiig to tle limited rli sollrces of the British C aribbi-an MIeteorological Servi. ihat f edelpartill t will b-e taking oniy a very sinall ptirt in tile special activities- of the Ilnternational (GeoIlhysical Year, but a substantial program of nloeteorological observiaionl and ro-selar(ch has been planned by various coulntries undler aI co-ordinating :olmnittee of the World Meteorological Or.anisati(ml.

One aspect, of leteorological studies dining the t,cabove 1priod will be the launching, y l1) .lloon or other nleaniS. of inlstlrullellts for inwallring, recording e.nd/or transmitting Inetorolrolgical radiation and other data. Such instruments my l and and be found inll countrion, well oulitside the country of hiithing and the general public are r i1nested that in the -venit of any such inlstrnielts b)int fond in any lpart of tlii C'lony of Antigna, the atn meshould be taken to and delivered to the nearest Police Station or notify such Police Station of such finding.

The public are asked to give their ready co-operation in the collection. of these instruments and thus ensure the successful operation of these studies.

Administrator's Office,
St. .John's,
1st May, 1957

Ref. No A. 68/1 l

It is notified for general information that Mrs. Juan Rosa Cassel of Wilkenson Cross. St. John's, Antigua, was registered on the 24th April, 1957, as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies under the British Nationality Act. 1948.

(hif ,r'ci'elarys )lice,
Lwr. .' d Islanids
a/ Al ntiyf/l.
24th April. 1957.
nef. No. 55/oo(032.


It is notified for general informnation that advice has been receiveil from the Secretary of State for the Colonieizs that places Ihave been reserved for Sergeants S. H. BROOKES and J. M. LEWIS of' the Leeward Islands Police Force. on the Iendon D)etecLive 'T'lRainli. onsetest and on the Fingerprint and Plhot(raplhy Courses at W :ik fiel,.

2. ursois ll il;nlet a' duil to leave Antini, for thle unitedd Kingdom oni or about th. 25h May, 1957.

Chief Sretucltry's Q ice,
Leward Islands,
at Antoiga.

8th Mayt, 1957.
Ref. No. (;60/I00099

It is notified for general information that His Lordship the Puisne Judge has directed that the Criminal Sessions of the Supreme (C:lrt for the Windward and Leeward Islands in the Antigua Circuit fixed to commence on the 14th May, 1957, \Vill be adjourned on that (ate to Monday the 20th May. 1957.
By Order,

CEciL 0. BYRON, ceg istrr, '.

Registrar's Offieeo
St. John's,

2nd May, 1957.

NOTICE IS IIEREBY GIVEN that in pursuance of Section 17 (2) of the Marriage Ordinance, 1921 (Montserrat, No. 6 of 1921), the Church of God of Christ Jesus (" Apostolic" Inc.) at St. John's, Montsrrat, has been duly registered as a placo of Christian worship whe rein banns or announcements of marriage may be published.

F. O. C. HARRI8s,
Registrar General.

Registrar General's Office,
Plymouth, Montserrat, 29th April, 1957.

SLAY, 0. 20.

I ib notified o, genohn infornation that by agreement t-al id bietwe-n the Post Office IDepartment of C(rtnada andil tlii4ox rniinit of Antigua, the Collvtiolln conilrlcerniDig the exchange of Money (Ordeis between the )Dominion of Canad : and the Cdoleny of Antigua silgn d :it Ottawa on 2lst June, 156, and at ft. John's, Anigna, oil 1 th JIr, 195; and published in (Gaziete No. 6 of 3rd August, 1956, has been amended by the insertion therein of the following " Preamlblo" inmmeditely after r the first paragraph-" WHEREAS the foregoing (Convintio is to be. executed by the, Administrator of Anitigu on behalf of the Government of A ntigua with the atll)rity and cons.llt if Her Maijsty's Govermnment im thIe Unittid Klingdo NOW TIIFRE1ORE "

Adlministralor's Office,
St. .Joh's,
24th April, 1957.

Ref. No. A. 31125i.


The Secretary of State for the Colonies has informed the Governor that thi power of disallowance will not be exercised in respect of the undermentioned Ordinances:Antigua.

No. 39 of 1956, "The Snummary Jurisdiction Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 1956". May 7
Ref. No. 47100479.
Moni serrat.
No. 21I of 1956, " The Forestry Ordinance, 1956 ". May 7
Ref. No. 470044.
Virgin Islands.

No. 16 of 195;, " The Pontd (Aniendmient) Ordinance, 1956 ".
May 9
Ref. No. 47,00442.

No. 2u of 1956. " The (Crimninal Procedure Act (Amendment) O)rdinance, 1956 ". May 7
Rlef. No. 47/00439
Chief Secretary's Office, Antigua.

J? 7.2,


A-~ zg,


[M a, 9 19]57.

No. 54.


The following Bill which is to be introduced into the Legislative Council of Antigna is circulated with thing Gazette and forms part therof:" The Matrimonial C'auses Act (Amendment) Ordinanco 1957."

No. :55.

The following Ordinances and Statutory Rtles and Orders are circnlated with this Gazette antd form part thereif:


No. 2 of 1957. " The Public health (Amendmiiint) O)rdiiance, 1957."
2 pp. Price 4 cents

No. 3 of 1957, " The Distribuntion of GCrmin Etonmy Property Ordinance, 1957." 8 pp. Prico 10 cents



N,. 12 of 1957, "Proclamation dated April 20. 19!57, made under sectiIn 12 of tihe Maintenance Orders (Faciliti-s for lEnforcement) Act (Cap. 12), ais amen -nl. extending the pirovisimIn of the sai Act to the Colonies of Sint (hlistphellr Novis :nl Angui a, MoN tsc.errat and the Virgin slandls. 2 pp. Price 4 cents

Vitgin Islands.

No. 10 of 1957, " The Pioneer Industri's (Processing and Cnring of Fish and the NManufacture of Fish Prodnects) Orde r, 1957."
1 pp. PricA 3 cents

City Rate for 19R7

Nati've is hereby given that the City Iate Assessmentt List for 1957 has beli posted ol the oitr door of the Treasury anid at the Offlice of The Central Board of Health, Market Street.
Thie rate fixed on properties n rth of the Street which joins Bennett and Brys(n Streets under an assessed annual rental value of $ 48.00 is 5 and of $48.00 and over 7 "%. The rate on all other property ndier an assessed annual rental value of $48.00( is 1) . and of $48.00 and over 15;.
Any person who objects to a'ny assessment in the said list must lotge his objection in writing with the Secretary, (Central Board of tHealth within fourteen days after the date of this notice.
A. R. Meade,
('entlal Board of Heallh.

Central Board of TIealth, Antigua,
18tb April, 1957.
tef. No. 8.S. 50/14-II

Tendirs ; invited for the pulrchase of th,, llermentiodll buihlings situated on iands forming part of Ma',tlav's Bath andi the old (Cornmeal F:ctory i WVapping Stiret, St. J ohn :-

1. Bnildii of brick, floor ineasureant 38 ItW1 x 39' 6. Wall of hritkwork 18" thick and 11' 4"
high. Tlimlter doors andi wi dolvs, roof of timber cov ire(d with corrigal:ted galvanize. Italeon insiio of ial ;:i of 500 sq. ft.
with steel colunins and beans.
.bist 2" x 4" IL.P.P.
2. PuiliiK of alavanize wnih floor
a:'ea of 744 sq. ft. Gable lnd andl rof of co'irunated galvanize.
Eight frimi flor to to of plate
9' 1
3. oihlin of timber and concrete
with floor area of 744 sq. ft.
Collceeitt portion having a floor area of ), s-tq. ft. and lean-to roof
measuring 9' x 8' 4".
4. (;alvaize shed of area 59 . ft.,
leani-to rioof (overed with ( cl'riux:ted galvanize.
5. Larue wooden building measuring
54' ' x 126' 2" timber fior, gabl ,,lI roof covered with corroigatel alvanize. Sides in 2 x 4 anid I x (6 1 S. lleigit froni
sill tW plate I' 9".

6. Lean-ti si ed l niasuring 12' 2"
x 13' 6" covered with corrugated

7. Boat house measuring 10' 3" x
93' 2" sides and roof of c(' rrug a t e d galvanize, timberland

Each of the above buildings will be sold separately and the tender must indicate the iurchaise price that is being offered fw each buiblintg.

On acceptance if tender the purchase price must be paid hefort. reremnoval Each builing purchased must hle irimoved fl'onI the site within three month s of conlpletiion of sale.

Inspection (if the prelii'es may be made by appointintt wii thl iundersigned on any week da;y between the ours Of 9 a.m n. anl 4 p.m.

''enders iilnst be snlnmitted in sealed envelopes marked '" t'cnders for
Buildings" addressed to the Minister, Public Works and Communications, Admninistrator's O1lice, St.ldn's, and shloll reach that office not lat-er than
4 p.m. on i iday 31sL May. 1957.

Govrinlltullt dls no,t hinl itself to accept the highest or aniy tender.

.slst. Adminsr'alfive secretaryy to the Mliister, Public W;ork's
and Communications.
3rd May, 1951.
Administrator's Office,

Statement of Currency Note
Circulation in the British Caribbean Territories (Eastern Group) on Ist April,
Average circulation during F itrua.ry.
betr 1957:
Br. (Caribbtl Cur- S
rency Notes )9.0'2.737.00
Deomo netized Gov't.
Not-s outstanding 1,15 ,248.00(

Br. (Caribbean l Currec Notes in
circulation on 1st April, 1957:
Trinidad &T 'bag, . 27,721,882.00 Harbados . .918,625.00
British Guiana . 16,102,641.( Grenada . 2,;7,100.00
St. Vinent . 509,4(0.00
St. Lucia . .034,)000.00
)Dominica . 1,465,400.00
Antigua . .5.300.00
St. Kitts . 1,589,500.00
Montserrat . 33155.00

Total Br. Carii;tean
Culrenley Notes . 60),32,356.00

Demonetized 'I'rinidad
and Tohbao (lovt.
Notes outstanding .-. 763,540.00 Demonetized Hr.
Guiana Gov't.
Nots o(uistanding . 280,758.0(Demonetized Harhbados
Covt. Notes
outstanding . 72,438.00

Total demonetized
Government Notes
outstanding . 1,116,7316.00

Total circullatim on
Ist Apr. 1957 . 61,649,092.00


lritish Carihan CuI'reiI(ncy ,,ard.

British Cwarih,(tn Cutrrency B(ard,
Tre'asury Chambers,
I'or/ of SIJain.
Trinidad . It. Il. RItef. No. 2(i087.


Agricultural Department,

A ntigua.


January L 93 3.04 2.1( 5.15 3.10

Feb. Mar. April

12 2.45 .68 1.23 2.29

s.;0 1.0S . 1.40 .41

2.06 .49 1.75 3.S3 2.54

To 4th May .17

.14 .47

16 .(01

.7 7.20 5.89 177 8.39

ma3. 1954. 1955. 195(1. 0957.


Applications are invited from suitably qualified candlidats preferably bachelors, for appointment, to the post of Supernumerary Veterinary Offic er for (Grenada, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent, particiilars of which are as follows:Appointment:
The post is at prese, nlon-pensionable. IThe olicer wil l- subject to the Colonial Regulation>s, local (leneral Orders, Finainial and Store Rules and all such regulations, as may from time to timn- be in force.

The salary is in ihe scale $3,840 x 120- $4,800 (�800 x 25- 1000) per annumi, plus a pay addition of 20 of salary.
Taxlling and Subisitence tilowances will be payable in accordance witi: local regulations in respect of approved travel on duy.

Quarters are not provided, but inl the event of Govct- nient quarters being available the oltlver will he required to pay rental not exceeding 10% of his salary.

Leave and Leave Passages:
Vacation leave will he granted at the rat- of 45 days for ,-ach completed period of 12 months resident service,. accumulable up to 180 days.
Leav passages will be granted ill acclordan with local regulations.

Free passage to tlhe Windward Islands will I)e provided for the officer and, if married. his wife and children not exceeding 5 p)ersons in all: children to be under IS years of age, IunmIarrild unid deplnd -nt on the officer.
The officer will have his headquaters in Grenada lit will be required for duty in any of tlhe three Islands. He will he responsible to the Chief Secretary but will be under the control of the Superintendent of Agriculture of the Colony inl which he is for the time being serving.

Medical Attendance:
Free medical attendance and medicines are not pro vilde d.
All Government officers are liable to taxation imposed by local legislatioln.
Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience of candidate, and accompanied by two testimonials, should be address-ed to the Chief ' Secretary. Windward Islands, and should reach him not later than the 30th Jnie. 1957.

Admiii/'ator', Ofice.

Antiu o. : .
29/h April, 1957.

Ref. No. A. 131/891) Its,

Applications are invited from suitably qualified c ntdlidates for appointments to the post ot' Agricultural Officer (Research) Camden Park Experimental Station. Department of Agriculture, St. Vincent, particulars of which are as foilows:Appointment:
The p ost is non-pensionable, and tihe appointment will be on a contractulli basis, or oni secondnrent, for a period of *2 yeors in the firtl instan-e. The pension rights of any pensioniable seconded officer will be preselrved.
The duties of tie office will be those assigned to hitm Iy the Superintt'ndlnt of Ag.ric:lture to whom he will bi- diirl-l>y rt-sp1onsible. Th duti"- will icod the generaladministrati, n of ilic 100 acre Camden Park I1xprininenti tation with the direction and sup-Trvision if siublordinate staff. Inv~ titatinl work with all aspects olF cl:ivation andt testing of a wide rtng - if Cash crops and food crops and th, compiling ,f the necessary statistics. Su i-r vision of the management ,f Liv,-t,-ck. comprising breeding stock of cattl-, pigs. goats, sheep ntil poultry on thae Station.

The minimum qualification required is the Diplomna of the Imp-rial College of Tropical Agriculture or an equivalent degree, with experience in Tropical Agriculture. General administration experience and knowledge of applied research and extension work would be advantageous.


The salary is in the scale $3.360x 120-$4,320, plus a pay addition of 20% of salary.


Travelling and Subsistence Allowance are payable in accordanc with local regulations, in respect of approved travel on duty,

Quarters are pro ided at the Station for which rental will be charged at the rate of 10% of salary or 5% of the assessed value of the quarters, which ever is less.


Free passages to St. Vincent will provided on first appointment for the
officer, his wife and children, not exceeding five persons in all; children to be under 18 years of age, unmarriedl and dependent on th officer. In the case of a contract appointment, free passages will be provided on the satisfactory termination of the contract.

Leave and Leave Passages:
Vacation leave on full salary will be granted in accordance with local leave regulations. In the case of a contract appointment. vacation leave will b-i granted at the rate of one week for each oonmpleted period of three months resident s.-rvice. Such le-v- it, be taken on th- satisfactory termination of the coutracit.

Leave passage ;, -re provided in ,.cordhnce, with ike Vndward Islaods Leave Passage Recil, tions.

Medical Attention:
Free medical attetioi anid mnedicinet are not pIoviied.

All Governiment. otlicials are liable t( taxation imlposiiied iY Iocal enactillelt ts,

The officer will be subject to the Colonial Regulations, local General Orders. and Financial and Store Rules and iSubsidiary Legislation in force for the time being.

Applications giving full particulars of applicant, and iccormpanied by two testimoni:ils, should be addressed to the Chief Secretary, Winlward Islands, Grenada, and should reach him not later than the 31st Maxy, 1957.

Administratlr's O{fioc.
St. Joh,'s,
171h April, 1957.
Itef. No. A.C. 1389 --Ill.

Statement showing British Caribbean Coin
Circulation in the British Caribbean Territories (Eastern Group) on Isl
April, 1957.

Average circulation during
February, 1957 $2,984,097.00
Trinidad & Tobago $1,321,750.00 Barbados 479,025.00
British Guiana 594,225.00
Gronada 134.800.00
St. Vine. nt 90.5(00.00
St. Lucia 115,150.00
Dominica 94,050.00
Anticura 114,000.00
St. Kitts 104,000.00
Montserrit 21,650.00
" Proof Sets " 1,870.00


Executive (Com missioner,
Br. Caribbhean (Currency Board.

British Caribbean Currency Board,
Treasury Ch(almbers,
Port of Spain,
Ref. No. 24/00079.

Ly 9, 1957]



EXPI'ENI)ITURE. To Interest on closed
Accounts 1
Interest capitalised at
31/12/56 1,71

8.66 1.32

Payment to the Treasury for services rendered

ie,serve Fuind




451 .S 2,251.,4


Interest on Investients with the Crown A 'ents 2,227.57
Interest on Deposit with the Virgin Islands National Bank of St. St ThomIas 23.60
Interest over-credited in 195 1, & 1955 .35
Dii'tevence due to daily conl ve rsiol .32 2.251.i4

2.25 t.84



To Bal)nee to the credit of
l)eposit, rs at 1/1/56 68,12.62

Deposits received in Interest, credited to )Depositors A ccount

99,546.10 1,729.98



By -Witlldrawals
Interest over-credited
i n 19,7 I & 1955
D)ii'retlnce diue to daily
conl etlsion between
I .S & I.W.I. dollars

Balance at 31/12/56



.32 73,316.21

96089.49 169.405.70


Nett Depreciation on in vestments



Balance carried to Reserve Fund


To lBalance at 1/1/56
IUnvesti(ment Adjnstmen

2,735.52 5,025.66


By Reveine & Expeindi'i re Account i
Ialantce at 31/12/56


LIABILITIES. I)epositors' Azcount



By Virgin Islands
Treasutiry 17,169.29
Virgin Islands National
Bank of St. Thomas 1,197.75 Investment Account 73,148.65 Deficit 4,573.80

NOTE: There is a contingent liability amounting to $10,390.82 in respect of aggregate amounts paid from Colonial Revenue to meet deficit on Revenue and Expenditure Account in past years.

T. E. A. PERKINS, As.;t an Tr 1asurer.
2tth lMarch. 1957.

;orernmetI Savtinms Bank. 20th March, 1957.


,151.86 4,573.80 ,5J ) 2,5J1G


[May 9, 1




S)riginalValu. Value. F e al .

NMean Market Mean Market

Value as at 31/12/55

Vanlu, as at Rate. 31/12/5;

� s. d. � 8. d. s. d s. d. � . d. � s. d

Australia 3; 1963/65 . British Elctri et 1968/73 Ceyion 3; 195/64 E.A.H.C. 3 % 1966/68 Huddersfield 3% 1956/58 Nigeria 31% 1964/66 Northern Rhodesia
3% 1963/65
3% Savings Bolnd 1955/65 Sheffield 3% 1956/58 Trinidad 4d% 1973/76 . Uganda 3 1 i6/69 .
3% War Loans 1 95559) . British Guiana 5% 1980/85 40/ Conversion Stock
4 Conv-4rsion ,tock

1,048 t; 620 19 1,000 0
3,000 0 423 17 2,i000 0

;80 13 44 2,000 0 0 590 3 11 1,830 17 9* 3.400 18 3 1,000 0 0 3,000 0 0
5,000 0 0

3,00u, 0 0

1,000 0 726 16 1,107 15 3,096 15 428 3 2,022 15

705 6 9 2,087 8 2, 600 0 0,
1,835 3 5
3,821. 5 0 1,015 11 11 3.110 6 5
5,024 18 2

3.044 11 5

28,596 6 2 29,626 19 9 16

845 0 585 1
936 1 2,678 14 402 9 1,769 18

596 0 1,847 7 570 0 1,605 15
3,305 7 959 14

) 7"5 ) ()0 7 548 14 9
858 1( 8 ! 2,461 18 8 2 408 17 8
1,689 0 ( )

567 15 11
1,826 9 8 ) 5S8 0 0 S1,514 0 4 :3,037 17 10'
977 10 3
'2877 0 11 4,974 13 2

- 2,999 ) 0 6

.101 9 9 26,124 10 4:

50 0 0 36 6 10 77 10 11 216 15 6

80 18 2

) 8 6

28 4 3 20 17 6:
-- 18 0 0
91 15 2 267 9 8
- 17 15 6
122 19 1 25 6 10

19 6

1,019 3 5 42 4 0

In accordance with section 11 of Ordinance No. 2 of 1937, the accounts of the Saving Bank for the year ended 31st D)eceinber. 1956 have been examined under my direction. I have. obtained all the information and explanations I have required and I certify, as a result of this audit, that in my opinion thlie Balance Sheet and other statements attached hereto are correct, subject to the observations contained in the report dated 4th April, 1957 made below.

1rin:ip)al Auditor.
4th April, 1957. Leeward Islands.

Auditor's ReI)ort

Mentioned in the certificate (lated 4th April, 1957.


1. Entries in the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31st December, 1956 are made in
-terms of United States Currency and not in terms of British West Indian Currency.


2. The total of the list of individual depositors' Accounts at 31st December, 1956 was in. agreement with the balance of the Depositors Account.

Irml:':pal Auditor,
4th April, 1957. Leeward Islands.

Printed at the fGovernrnent Printing O0ice. Antigua. Leeward, by E. M. PLACIKMAN, Govermnent Printer.-- y Authority.
ic 28 7
[Picq 28 centil




No. of 1957. Matrimonial Cawues Act (Amendment).



of 1957.


An Ordinance to
Causes Act,

amend further the 1948.


ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the
Matrimonial Causes Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1918, as amended, hereinafter called the Principal Ordinance.

2. Section 29 of the Principal Ordinance is hereby amended as follows:(a) by renumbering subsections (1) and
(2) of the section as subsections (3) and (4);



Short title.

1/1948. S. R, k 0. 1956 No. 22,

Amendment of section 29 of the Principal Ordinance,

ANTIGUA. 2 Matrimonial Causes Act No. of 1957.
(b) by inserting the following as subsections (1) and (2) of the section" (1) Notwithstanding any rule of of law, the evidence of a husband or wife shall be admissible in any proceedings to prove that marital intercourse did or did not take place between them during any period.
(2) Notwithstanding anything in this section or any rule of law, a husband or wife shall not be compellable in any proceedings to give evidence of the matters aforesaid."

Passed the Legislative Council this day
of 1957.

Clerk of the Council.

Under the rule in the case of Russell v.
Russell, (1921) Appeal Cases at page 687, neither husband nor wife may, in a matrimonial cause or proceeding, give evidence that during a certain period of time there was no marital intercourse if such evidence would tend to bastardise a child born
in wedlock.
2. This Bill seeks to make provisions whereby the rule in the above case will be completely abolished and thereby to bring the Matrimonial Causes Act of this Colony into line with section 32 of the United Kingdom Matrimonial Causes Act,
1950 (c. 25).
W. E. JAcons,
Attorney General.
Attorney General's Chambers, Antigua.
9th March, 1957.
Printed at the Gove rmont Printing OmRos Afnigua, Le ,ward, IaAnd
by E. M. BLAcKMAN, M.B.E., Government Printer.- By Authork) 1957,

A. 471217- -5.57.

Price 4 cents,

No. 2 of 1957. Public Health (Amendment).


Acting Governor.
12th Eebruar)


No. 2 of 195 5'
> 11 JUN 15
An Ordinance to amend the Public Ilth Ordinance, 1875.
12th February, 1957.J
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Public Health (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Public Health Ordinance, 1875, hereinafter called the lPrincipal Ordinance.
2. The following new section 12C shall be added immediately after section 12B of the Principal Ordinance:"12C. For the purpose of destroying or
preventing the breeding of, mosquitoes the Board may make regulations relating to any
or all of the following matters:(a) the protection from mosquitoes
of receptacles for storing water by wire
gauze or other efficient means;
(b) the keeping of premises free
from stagnant water liable to breed mosquitoes, and from articles, appliances, trees or plants which may retain stagnant
water liable to breed mosquitoes;
(c) the spraying of premises with
any insecticide approved by the Medical
Officer of Health;
(d) the disinfecting and oiling of
cesspits and the cleaning out of catchpitb;

Short title. 3i1875.

Insertion of new section in the Principal Ordinance.
Regulations for prevention of mnosquitoes.


Pubhic Health (An nndment). No. 2 of 1957

(e) the keeping in repair and free of obstruction of caves, gutters and
down pipes;

(f) the cutting down of bush or undergrowth liable to harbour mosque.
(g) the entry upon any premises by force, if necessary, of persons authorised by. the Board in order to spray such premises, or to inspect such premises for otv purpose connected with the destruction, or prevention of breeding of, mos- quitoes, or to enforce any of the rules
made under this section.
(2) The Board may declare by resolution
published in the Gazeltte that an adequate supply of potable water exists in any area or district and thereafter make regulations to prohibit the storing of water in barrels, tubs, tins or similar vessels in
such area or district.

(3) It shall be lawful for the Board to impose
for any offence against any regulation made hereunder a penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months and a fine not exceeding ninety-six dollars and in the case of a coninning offence to a further fine not exceeding ten dollars
for each day during with the offence continues.

(4) Regulations made by the Board under
this section shall not take effect nltil they have been confirmed by the Governor in Council ant
published in the Gazette."
Passed the Legislative C(ounwii this 11 th an:yv
of January, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.

Printed at ite Government Printing Office. Antigua. L.ewld Islands.
by E. M. BLACKMAN, 1Government Printer.--By At thority.

MosmhTV-A* 2


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No. 3 of 1957. Distributwon of German MONT6'nemny Property. SERIfAT.

P. 1). MACDONALD, Acting Governor.
12th February, 1957,


No. 3 of 1957.
An Ordinance to provide for the vesting of German
Enemy Property in the Colony in an Administrator and for the distribution thereof.
[By Proclamation] Commencement,
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Montserrat as follows:1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
Distribution of German Enemy Property Ordinance, 1957.
2. (1) In this Ordinance the following Definitiom4. expressions have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them that is to say:"the appointed day" means the date of the
commencement of this Ordinance;
"British person " means in relation to any
(a) any British subject, citizen of the
Republic of Ireland or British protected person resilient or cfrryilg on business on that
date in the Colony;

MONT- 2 1istribuda of Germnan No. 3 of 1957
SERRAT. Enemy Property

(b) any body of persons (whether corpo. rate or untincorporate) which on that date was a body incorporated or constituted under the
laws in force in the Colony;
"claimant " in relation to any German enemy debt means the person who under section 6 of this Ordinance makes a claim in respect of that debt;
"the Custodian " means the Custodian of Enemy Property appointed under regulation 8 of the Defence (trading with the Enemy) Regulations, 1939; " German person " means, in relation to any date,
(a) the German State;
(b) any individual who on that date was a German national resident in Germany;
(c) any body of persons (whether corporate or unincorporate) who on that d(late was a body incorporated constituted in or under the
laws of Germany;
" German enemy debt" means any such sum due at the passing of this Ordinance in respect of an obligation incurred before the third day of September, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine, which on that day was an obligation of any German person to any British person except that where any British person (not being the Government of the Colony) carried on business on the said dav both in and outside the Colony, any sum attributable to business carried on outside the Colony shall be excluded;
" German enemy property" means property which, on the appointed day is under the control of the Custodian, being property which on or at any time after the third day of September, nineteen hundred and thirty-n1ine, belonged to, or was held or managed on behalf of(a) the German State;

No. 3 of 1957. Distribution ,' Ger'man 3 MONTEnemy P'rolerty. SERRAT.
(,) any individual who, on the said third
day of Septemher, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine, or at any time thereafter, was a German national resident in Germany or in any territory under the sovereignty of a State which on or at any time after the said day was
at war with Her Majesty.

(c) any individual who was a German
national on or at any time after the said day

(i) was included among the persons specified in any order made under sub-regulation 3 of regulation 3 of the Defence (Trading with the Enemy) Regulations, 1939 ; or

(ii) was a person whose property became subject to control under regulation 8 of the said Regulations at a time when he was not an enemy within the meaning of the said Regulations;

(d) any body of persons (whether corporate or unincorporated) which on or at any time after the said day was a body incorporated or constituted in, or under the laws of Germany;

(c) any body of persons (whether corporate or unincorporated) which on or at any time after the said day was controlled by any such individual or body as is mc!ioi m-d in paragraph (b), paragraph (c) or paragraph (d)

"German national " does nrot include any
pierson who acquired German nationality by reason of the inclusion in the German State after the first day of March, ninzeteen hundred and thirty-eight, of any territory not comprised therein on that

MONT- 4 Iistrbution ol German No. 3 of 4957
SERRAT. Enemy Property.

"Germany " Means territory comprised in the German State on the first day of March, nineteen hundred and thirty-eight;

"propert *y "~ means real or personal property, tind includes any estate or interest in real or personal property, any money, any negotiable instrument, debt, or other chose in action, and ainy other right or interest whether in possession or not;

relevantt time" means the appointed day; "trade debt " means any sumi due in respect of

(i) goods supplied in the course of trade;
(ii) services incidental to the goods so supplied; or

(iii) shipping freight, rebates or fares.

(2) For the purposes of this Ordinance, at
person who at ainy time was resident in Germany shall be deemed to have been a German national at that time unless it is proved to the satisfaction of the Administrator of Enemy Property, within six months of the appointed day, in such manner as he may prescribe, that hie was not a German national
at that time.

(3) For the purposes 'of this Ordinance, roperty which, or the right to transfer which, is vested in the Custodian Linder regulation 8 of the 'Defence (Trading with the Enemy) Regulations, 1939), and property which, by virtue of tiny order made under the said regulation 8, cannot be dealt with without the consent of the Governor, shall be deemed to be subject to control under the said
regulation 8.

(4) Any reference in this Ordinance to the
Defence (Trading with the Enemy) Regulations, 1939, shall be construed as a reference to these
Regulations as amended from time to time.

No. 3 of 1957. Distribution of German 5 MoN)
Enemy Property. SERRAT.

3. The Governor shall appoint, for the pur- Appointment
of Admisposes of the distribution of German Enemy property tractor. in pursuance of this Ordinance on such terms as he may specify to persons who establish claims in respect of German enemy debts, on Administrator of German Enemy Property (hereinafter in this Ordinance referred to as "the Administrator ").

4. (1) All German enemy property on the Property to
, � vest in
appointed day in the hands of the Custodian shall Adinistrator vest in the Administrator.
(2) The Governor may by order vest in the Administrator any other German enemy property situate in the Colony or the right to transfer the same. Any order so made shall be sufficient as regards property of any description to vest in the Administrator any property or the right to transfer any property as provided by the vesting order without the necessity of any further conveyance assurance or document.
(3) A vesting order made in accordance with the preceding subsection may be varied or revoked by the Governor.

5. This Ordinance shall not apply- Exclud d
(a) to any claim in respect of a German
enemy debt unless (in addition to the conditions prescribed in subsection (1) of section 2 of this Ordinance) at the relevant time that debt was
due to a British person;

(b) to any claim in respect of a German
enemy debt due at the relevant time to a company incorporated in the Colony whose activities in the Colony on the third day of September, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine were confined to complying with the requirements of the Companies Act and to distributing
profits earned abroad;
(r) to any claim in respect of a balance at cap. 140
a bank expressed in a unit of German currency;

MONT- 6 Distribation of Germnan No. 3 of 1957.
SERRAT. Enemy Properly.

(d) to any claim in respect 6f a bank note expressed in a unit of German currency or any other note so expressed which has at
any time been legal tender in Germany;
(e) to any other claim in respect of a German enemy debt expressed in a unit of
German currency except(i) claims in respect of trade debts;
(ii) claims in respect of loans made to German persons by persons who at the date of the loan were British persons;
(iii) claims in respect of rent due on the third d(lay of September, nineteen hundred and thirtynine;
(iv) claims in respect or dividends on shares or stock declared before the third day of September, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine; and
(f) to any claim by an insurer or on insurance broker in respect of a contract of insurance or re-insurance with a German
Making of 6. (1) Claims for payment under this
Claims. Ordinance may be made only by the person to
whom the sum claimed was due at the relevant time or by an insurer who ut the relevant time was entitled by subrogation to enforce payment of the
sum claimed:
Provided that in the event of the death,
bankruptcy winding up, mental incapacity, or absence from the Colony of any such person or insurer as aforesaid the claim may be made by any person authorised by him in that behalf or by any
person entitled to deal with his property.
(2) Claims for any payment under this
Ordinance shall be made to the Administrator within three months from the appointed day or

No,. 3 of 1957. Distribution of Gerow7 MONTEnemy Property. ;EJWAT.

such further time as the Governor may by Order, made either generally or in relation to any specified class of claim, direct.
(3) Claims ,hall be made in the appropriate form prescribed by the Administrator and shall contain the information required on the form and shall be accompanied by such documents as may be so required.
(4) The Administrator may by notice in
writing require the claimant to furnish with, in such time as may be specified in the notice, such further information and documents in the claimant's possession or control as the Administrator may require for the verification of the claim.
7. (1') The Administrator shall determine Determinawhether any claim is established for the purposes payment of .of this Ordinance and the amount for which it may claims. be admitted for payment, and shall serve written notice of the determination on the claimant.
(2) The determination of the Administrator in relation to any claim shall be final:
Provided that the claimant, if dissatisfied
with the determination as being erroneous in point of law, may by notice in writing given within six weeks after being served with notice of determination as aforesaid and setting out the question or questions of law in respect of which it is alleged that the determination of the Administrator was erroneous require the Administrator to state and sign a case for the opinion thereon of the Supreme Court and the decision of the Supreme Court shall be
(3) The Administrator shall be entitled to appear at the hearing of any case stated by him under this section.
8. (1) Where any motey, being German Disposal of enemy property is received by the Custodian and is interest ant placed by him in his name on deposit or current account tt a bank, the interest accruing therefrom shall belong to the Ctown and be paid into the general revenue of the Colony.

8 Distribution o/ German
Enemy Property.

No. 3 of 1957.

(2) The proceeds of German enemy property
collected by the Administrator shall, in so far as they are not distributed in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, be paid into a special account at the Treasury of the Colony and be used
for such purposes as the Governor may direct.
commeneo- 9. This Ordinance shall come into force
mont. on a date to be appointed by the Governor by
Proclamation published in the Gazette.
Passed the Legislative Council this 11th day
of January, 1957.
Clerk of the Council,

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antiua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.



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1957, No. 12.

Proclamation dated April 20, 1957, made Under section
12 of the Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act (Cap. 12), as amended, extending the provisions of the said Act to the Colonies of Saint Christopher Nevis and Anguilla, lMontserrat and the
Virgin Islands.




WHEREA\S by the Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act (Cap. 12), as amended, provision has been made for the enforcement in the Colony of Maintenauce Orders made by a Court in Engand or Ireland:
AND WIIEREAS by section 12 of the said Act it is provided' that where the Governor is satisfied that reciprocal provisions have been made by the Legislature of any British possession or any territory under Her Majesty's protection for the enforcement within such possession or territory, of Maintenance Orders made by Courts in the Colony, the Governor may by proclamation extend the said Act to such possession or territory, and the said Act shall thereupon apply in respect of such possession or territory as though the references to England or Ireland were references to such possession or territory and the references to the Secretary of State were references to the Governor of such possession or territory:
ANT) WHEREAS the Governor is satisfied that the Lemislatures of the Colonies of Saint Christopher Nevis and Anguilla, Montserrat atid the Virgin Islands have made reciprocal provision for the enforcement within the said

Colonies of Maintenance Orders made by Courts within the Colony of Antigua.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Governor by virtue and in exercise of the powers in him vested by the above recited Act, is pleased to proclaim and doth hereby proclaim that the Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act, as amended, is hereby extended to the Colonies of Saint Christopher Nevis and Anguilla, Montserrat and the Virgin Islands.

GIVEN under my hand .at the Adnministrator's
Offiee, Antigua, this 20th day of April, 1957, and in the sixth year of Her Majesty's reign.


Printed at the Government Printing Office. Antigua, L,oeward Island
by E. M. BLAKMAN, (Governmnent Printer-By Authority.
A. 47/16-II-500--5.57 [Price 4 cenrl.]



1967, No. 10.

Pioneer Industries (Processing and Curing of Fish and
Manufacture of Fish Products) Order, 1957, dated 26th March, 1957, made by the Governor in Council under Section 3 (1) of the Encouragement of Industries Ordinance, 1953 (No. 10 of 1953).


1. Citation. This Order may be cited as the Pioneer Industries (Processing arid Curivg of Fish and the Manufacture of Fish Products) Order, 1957.
2. Processing and Curing of Fish and the Manufacture of Fish Products declared a Pioneer Industry. The processing and curing of fish is
heret)y declared to be a Pioneer Industry for the purposes of the Encouragement of Industries Ordinance, 1953, and processed or cured fish and fish products are hereby declared to be Pioneer Products for the said purposes.

Made by the Governor in Council this 26th day of March, 1957.

Acting Clerk of the Council.

Printed at the Oovernment Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,


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