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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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Jublished by authority.
% .4
t~L. II. THURISDAY, 21s'T MAUCH, 1957. No. 13.
NOIuJs. TRINIDAD TRADE TEAM. The attention of Electricity Consurners is h:reby directed to the
- The Governmnent of Trinidad has provisions of Section 23 of the
It is notified for general informa- announced that it has appointe-d a Government Electricity, Ice and Cold tion that the us- of the style trade mission to tour the British ter- Storage Ordinatce No. 36 of 1956
"honourable has been extended to ritories of the Eastern Caribbean. which reads as olhws:-all members of the Antigua Legisla- The team of six persons is scheduled tive Council. to arrive in Antigua on 20th March, Stealing Electricity.
Adni.strator's 0ce 1957, and to leave again for Montser- Every person who maliciously
Admistrator's Ofce rat on March 23rd. or fraudulently abstracts, causes to
St. John's, be wasted or diverted, consumes
Antigua. The mission is headed by the Hon. or uses any electricity generated
13th March, 1957. JOHN O'HALLORAN, Minister of by the undertaking shall be guilty
Ref. No. A. 18/48 Industry, Trade and Tourism in the of an offence against this Ordinance
Government of Trinidad, and includes and shull be liable on summary
-- --... the following other persons:- conviction to a fine not exceeding
It is hereby notified for general Mr. FRANK BAIN Agronomist one hundred dollars or to a term
information that the Association of Mr. R AN Arn tof imprisonment not exceeding six
West Indimn Trans-Atlantic Steam- Mr. ARTHUR HALE. Chairman of months".
the Incorporated Chamber of
ship Lins has announced an overall Commerce of the British West Electricity, Ice & Cold Storage Dept.
increase of 120o in freight rates on Indies. Antigua.
all types of cargo shipped from the Mr. DOUGAS HARVEY, Economist. United Kingdom and Continental Mr. LLOYD PAILEY, a trade unionist REGISTRY OF THE SUPREME COURT, ports to the Caribbean area as from Mr. MAX B. IFILL, Secretary. ANTIGUA.
1st May, 1957. 'This increase is due 12th March, 1957.
to higher operating costs.
Administrator's Office, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
Administrator's Office, St. John's, that there will be a sitting of the
Antigua. Antigua. West India Cort l of AppeA hold at
16th Marchi, 1957. 14th March, 1957. the Court Hous io the City of Saint
the Court Homs in the City of Sain t
Itef. No. T.P. 77/68. John in the Colony of Antigna on
It is hereby notified for general Thursday the 28th day of March,
information tt t Administrator 1957, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
inf rmation thserrat by virtue of Administrator he powerCONFIRMATION OF ORDINANCES when the undermentioned Appeal of Montserrat by virtue of the powers
vested in him unde-r section 3 (1) of will be heard:-the Aimals (Diseases and Importa- No. 33. Def,ndanis-Appelllts.
tion) Ordinance, 1954, (No. 15 of 1. Vere Cornwall Bird
1954) has appointed Mr. C. A. TAYLOR The Secretary of State of the 2. Edmund Hawkins Lake
(Livestock Officer) to be an inspector Colonies has in ford the Governor 3. Novelle Richards for purposes of the said Ordinance. that the power of disallowance will 4. Ernest Williams not ho exercised in respect of the 5. Bradley Carrott By Order, undermentioned Ordinances:- 6. John Ireland
7. Levi Joseph
Js. H. CARROTT, Montserrat. 8. i Joseph Samuel
Chief Clerk. No. 12 of 1956, "The Leprosy 9. Lionel Hurst
Administto' ic, Ordinance, 1956 ". VS.
A d ininstra tr s O office P lainiff :-li.espo dent.
Montserrat. Virgin Islands. Plain if- esndent9.
8th March, 1957. No. 10 of 1956, "The Leprosy Joseph Reynold O'Neal and Gertrude
. (8--IIl. ~Ordinance, 1956 ". O'Neal.
--- Chief Secretary's Office, All persons concerned are requested
It is notified for general informa- Leeward Islainds, to govern themselves accordingly.
tion that Mrs. Anna Thelma Hennis of Antigu(t, Attention is also drawn to the
the Quarter, Anguilla, was registered 20th M3arch, 1957. error in the publication in the issue
on the 5th day of March, 1957, as a Ref. No. 47/00416. of this Gazette dated the 7th March,
citizen of the United Kingdom and 1957, of a Notice concerning the said
Colonies s under the British Nationality No. 34. appeal, whereby the Defendants-.
Act, 1948. Appellants Vere Cornwall Bird and
The following Bill which is to be others were shown as Respondents Chief Secretary's Office, introduced into the Legislative Coun- and the Plaintiffs-Respondents, Joseph
Leeward Islands, cil of Antigua is circulatedwith this Reynold O'Neal and Gertrude O'Neal,
at Antigua. Gazette and forms part thereof:- were shown as Appellants.
5th March, 1957. "The Police Act (Amendment) CECIL 0. BYRON,
C.S.O. MP 5/00031. Ordinance, 1957." Registrar.
?( 2/

In the Supreime Court of the This means that the rates payable Passages:
Windward Islands and on properties north of Alfred Peters
Leeward Islands. Street to the extreme northern end Free first class passages will be
of Bryson, Bennett and Athill Streets provided for the officer, his wife and VIRGIN ISLANDS- have been increased from 5,' to 10% children, not exceeding 5 persons in
A.D. 1957. and from 79)% to 150 depending on all; children to be under 18 years of
NOTICE is hereby given that in the assessed annual rental values. age, unmarried and dependent on the pursuance of Rules made by the These increases have been made in officer.
Chief Justice under Section 16 of the view of the improved city amenities Leave and Leave Passages:
Windward Islands and Leeward Is- provided in the area. lands (Courts) Order in Council, 1939, Office of Central Board f Health, The officer will be eligible for and duly approved as therein pro- Maret tr alhet, vacation leave at the rate of 45 days
vided on the 16th day of October, February 1957. for each completed period of 10
A.D. 1941, the Honourable the months resident service. Snuch leave
Puisne Judge selected for the Sitting ---- may be accumulated to a inmximum
of the Court in the Virgin Islands Applications are invited from suita- of 180 days. Leave passages are
has appoint,-d the day of the month bly qualified persons for appointment granted in accordance with local on which the ensuing Court shall sit to the post of Superintendent of Regulations. as follows, that is to say:- Prisons, St. Vincent. particulars of
The Virgin Islands Court on Wed- which are as follows:- Medical Attention:
nesdlay the 3rd day of April, 1957, Appointment: Free medical attendance and mediat 10 o'clock in the forenoon. cines are not provided.
The post is pensionable and
Dated the- 20th day of February, appointment carries with it the lia- Taxation:
1957. ability to transfer to any pst of
H. A. Besson, equivalen t status within tfe Wind- All Government officers are liable
Reita, equivalent status within the Wind- t aainipsdb oAeat
gstrar" wardl Islands. The Officer will be to taxation imposed by locd enact.. .... subject to the Colonial Regulations, m ents.
It is notified for general informa- local General Orders etc. so far as they Applications conaining fall partition that a list of unclaimed parcels are applicable. culars of the applicant's qu alifications
which have been in the Post Office and experience, and accompanied by
for 75 days ias, in :ccorda&ce with Salary: two testimonials, should be addressed
section 38 (2) of the Leeward Islands The Salary of the post is in the to the Chief Secretary, Windward S. R. & O. No. 34 of 1951 been pub- scale $2,880x120-3,600 per annum, Islands. Grenada, and should reach listed on the Notice Boatrd on the plus a pensionable pay addition of him not later than the 31st March, outside of the General Post Offic iin 20% of salary. An officer may be 1957. Thames Street. appointed attt any point in this scale Adnis tor's fie,
depedin on111 quaifiatins nelAdministrator's O~fice, U 'le.s these parcels are cekared Alependin o h s qualifications and gua.
withii teii dys of the date of this experence. lth Aarch. 1957.
notice, the) will be returned without Allowances: Ref. AC 13/S9 II
further notice to the sewners at their
exp nse. The Officer will be paid a uniform
W. L. Maguire, allowance at the rate of $130 per TRAFFIC NOTICE
Colonial Pos master, annum. Transport and subsistence The Antigua Vehicles & Road
General Post Ofice, allowances are also payable in accord- Traffic Ordinance, 1946.
Antigua, ?.ITV.I. ance with local Regulations.
Fly virtue of the powers conferred
8th March, 1957. Quarters: on ie iln Se~~tion 2 of the Antigua
Ref. A. 65/7. Unftiroished qlpiters are provided Vehicles and Road I Triffic Ordinance,
. .. on the Ppi (lo nd for Which No. 5 of 1946, I hereby fix the period
- -- onthePrison Compound for which
hereune(r for the lighting of vehicles.
It is hereby notified for informa- the officer will b- require, I to pay
tion of the gemel public ithat thie rental at th r:ite of 10% of his salary. Until fourth r notice, the lighting City R I:ts payablh for the y-:r 1957 'The officer will 1be required to reside period of vehicle s shall be from have been fixod as follows:- in the Prison quarters. 6.30 p.m. to (; a.m.
On lots of land under an assessed Qualifications: Dated this 7th day of March, 1957.
annual rental value of $48.00 10% Candidates should have an intimate 1 M JAMES
On lots of land of an ,tssessed k,. _N. V. JAMES,
anial rtif 1vIue ofu or s knowledge of ill matters relating to Traoffic Conunissioner.
ann).Ad rental value of 48.00 or Trfi Comisonr
ovdr th.t500 Prison Adminiitation; a good know- Ref. No. 36100008.
v '5% ledge of' after care and rehabilitation
Proidd tatthere mari Le paid ledge
iProvided that there may hu e paid work in respect of discharged prisonin rstet of lots of Lnd situated ers, and also of probatioi work. AI I N FA IL FIGU I VS
north of the street woih ins
Bennett anl Bryson Streets on their Duties: Central Experintfnl Station
northern ends the folIwing rates:- .IUg .
(1) On lots of late under an The officer will have the gen-ral Month 1053. 1954. 1955. 195011. 1957.
assessed animal rental ve eof contr ol and m agemni t of the Pri- January 1.93 3.04 2.10 ,.15 3.16 $48.00 ... 5% sons, and will lbe required to perform Feb. 1.02 '2.45 .t8 1.23 2.29
(2) On lots of land of in assessed such other dIuties as are laid down in To Mar. 10 .o 28 .71 1.18 .05
annual rental value of $48 00 or the St. Vincei t Prison Rules (S.R. & O. 3,- 5.77 3.55 7.5(, 5.50
over ... 71% No. 39 of 1945) of 1945.
Printed at the Gioverniment Printing, Office, Antigia. Leeward Islalds, by E. M. 1BLACKMAN, M.B.E, Government Printer.-H3y Authority.
[Price 4 cents.T

No. of 19 )57'. Police Act (Amendment). ANTIGUA.
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to amend further the Police Act,
[BY PROCLAMATION] Comencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the
Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title. Police Act (Amendmnent) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Police Act, 1951, L. Is. Acts. as amended, hereinafter called the Principal Act. I/"".
S.R.& O. 156
No. 22.
2. Paragraph (c) of subsection (2) of Repeal or section 28 of the Principal Act is hereby (e tio t) repealed. Principal Aet.
8. Sections 29 and 31 of the Principal Repeal of Act are hereby repealed. ections 29
Piand 31 of tlAct
Principa l Act,

ANTIovA. 2 Police Act (Aminendment). No. of 1957.
Amendment 4. Section 33 of the Principal Act is
of seaio l hereby amended as follows:of the Principal Act.
(a) by the substitution of a colon for the full-stop at the end of subsection (1) and the addition thereto of the following
proviso"Provided that(a) no such charge or complaint against an Inspector shall be heard by any Gazetted Police Oficer other than the Commissioner and no Inspector or subordinate police officer shall be liable to the punishment of confinement to barracks;
(b) where a charge or complaint is made against a subordinate police officer holding the rank of sergeant or above and such charge or cornmplaint is heard and determined by a Gazetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner, the Gazetted Police Officer shall not impose any of the aforesaid sentences but shall(i) where such subordinate police officer pleads guilty to the charge or complaint, send the record of the proceedings to the Commissioner who shall impose any of the aforesaid sentences;
(ii) where such subordinate police officer pleads not guilty and is found guilty of the charge or complaint, send the record of the proceedings to the Conmmissioner who shall deal with the same in the nianner provided in paragraph
(b) of subsection (I) of section 34 of this Act.";

of, 1957 P ifcMt! I/ I/fl( t).* 3 ANTIGU A.
(h) by the deietbr, iof sulbsection (2);
(c) by re-nil inering sub1sectionls (3)
and (4 t)s siibsecions (2) and (3) respecti vely.
5. Section. 34 of the, Principal Act is here- Amendment by zanwnd-ei dyde lcg and i-eplacing sublsection- of section 3~4 hx illetinof the Prin(1) as follows:- cipal Act.
- 1 ()Wee Appeals.
(a) an itIspector, suhordinate
poli ce ofiev 01, coiistale is (tissatisfied with ,, deciio oji any char'-e or
oi' coMplainat which is heard(ivI the Comisioner or by a il a ist rate u ider section 33 of this Act ; or
(ii) hv the.Conmissioner 111 xereise of the powers colilerred or, him by subparagra ph (1)) o f t h o proviso to subls'ctionl (1) of section 33 of this Act; or
(iii) by the Comimissioner in exercise of the powers conferred1 on him by paragraph
(1) of subsection (1) of this sectionl,
he univ within sw'ea days after anv Such de'cisioln has bll,~i COflifullicafe1 to IFY qal ppc[he refroin to the Governor of the Leeward Islands;
(I') asubI ordinate pol ie offi cer of
or above the rcwk of s r-eant is found 1 tuLi I.L of a lOwrvge or coul plaint %11101 ; i h Ieard I v a (4azet tor Police Offic'iie tAIOPIn fii Comm(0011issioner and( the rcCOw(l of 11-be proc'ediig-S has been forwardIed to the ommissioner as1 rV(,11iIred 1nsu-argrp (ii) of paragraph (b) of thle Proviso to Sub.

ANTIGUtA. 4 Police Act (Amendment). No. of 1957.
section (1) of section 33 of this Act, such subordinate police officer may, within seven days after the finding has been communicated to him, appeal to the Commissioner who may exercise any or all of the following powers, that is to say:-(i) return the proceedings for-the taking of further evidence;
(ii) whether further evidence is taken or not, quash the proceedings and re-hear the charge or complaint himself de novo or order the charge or complaint to be re-heard de novo by a Gazetted Police O ffi c e r other than the Gazetted Police Officer who heard the same in the first instance;
(iii) reverse or vary the finding;
(iv) impose any sentence which he might have imposed under section 33 of this Act if he had heard the charge or complaint himself, coupled (if he thinks fit) with a recommendation for dismissal from the Force;
(c) a subordinate police officer below the rank of sergeant, or any constable, is dissatistied with the decision of a ( azetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner, he may within seven days after the Gazetted Police Officer's decision has been comm unicated to him appeal to the Commissioner and if' he is dissatisfled with the Commissioner's decision he may appeal therefrom to the
Governor of the Leeward Islands within seven d:ays after tihe Commissioner's decision has been communi. qated to him."

No. of 1957. Police Act (Amnendment). 5 ANTIGUA.
6. Section 35 of the Principal Act is Amendmont hereby amended- of ste Prin-35
cipal Act.
(a) by the deletion of the words "an
Inspector or "; and
(b) by the insertion of the words
"below the rank of sergeant," between the
words officer and or ".
7. Section 36 of the Principal Act is Amendment herel)by amended by the deletion of the words ofi tion3i of the Prin"subsection (2) of" and the substitution there- cipal Act. for of the words subsection (1) of ".
8. Wherever in sections 5, 7, 9, 13, 32, Construction 34, 44, 44A, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, of "o'no 57, 59, 60, 63, 63A, 64, 66 and 67 of the Princi- ward Islands" pal Act reference is made to "the Governor of ton of Governor of
the Leeward Islands" such reference shall be the Leeward construed to mean the Governor of the Leeward Ilns ac.ting in his
Islands, acting in his discretion. discretion.
9. This Ordinance shall come into opera- commencetion on a date to be appointed by the Go-vernor nient. by Proclamation published in the Gazette.
Passed the Legislative Council this day of ,1957.
Clerk of the Council.
The purpose of repealing sections 28 (2) (), 29 and 31 of the Principal Act is to enable provision to be made in the Police Regulations for the hearing and punishment of the offences created by these sections, as it was considered inappropriate that such offe'nces should be ihe subject of inquiry by a court. (Clauses 2 and 3).

ANTIGUA. 6 Police Act (Amendment). No. of '957.
2. Insofar as section 31 relates to the falsification of public documents, this offence will he dealt with by the usual process of the criminal law. (Clause 3).
3. Hitherto a charge or complaint against a subordinate police officer of or above the rank of sergeant could not be heard by a Gazetted Police Officer other tha" the Commissioner and no sergeant could be confined to barracks. It is now proposed that any Gazetted Police Officer may hear a charge against a police officer of the rank of sergeant or above, but in a case where the hearing is before a Gazetted Police Officer other than the Commissioner, the record of the proceedings must be sent to the Commissioner who will deal with the matter in the manner laid down in section 34 (1) (b). It is also provided that the exemption from the punishment of confinement to barracks, originally confined to sergeants and police officers above that rank, should be extended to aJl subordinate police officers. (Clause 4).
4. In the case of Inspectors, it is proposed that charges against them should continue to be heard by the Commissioner only, where such hearing is before a Gazetted Police Officer. (Clause 4).
5. The amendments to section 35 and 36 are conse. quential on the amendment to section 33.
6. In furtherance of the decision to retain the Police Force on a Leeward Islands basis, the expression Governor of the Leeward Islands has been substituted for the expression Governor by amendments to the Principal Act affected by the Adaptation of Laws Regulations of the several Colonies. In view, however, of the recent constitutional changes, a further aimendmnent is necessary to provide that such references to the Governor of the Leeward Islands shall be construed to mean the governorr of the Leeward Islands, acting in his discretion. Clause S seeks to effect this amendment.
Acting Attorney General.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.--By Authority.
. 47169-.-330-3.57. Price 8 cents,