The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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12 v. : ; 25-35 cm.


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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Law -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Montserrat ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- British Virgin Islands ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
legislation ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )
periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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University of Florida
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4 2~',i ~iAND
J1111:!ic 'Y r / citority.
Vo~ L H. TiN SAY (i.1'7 o. 1 2.
A, oti S.Jt is hereby ilotitil tot -eiieral No. 3.1
T ~inforiatioti that the ( i ;ii Air
- ~~~Na Vigation Ordi't. 1 955. I i ( tt The following hi Ii which is to lbe
iis 1,!,e I eral Eilngdoi 1has heiininoi hi' thle introduced into the Lexgislative Counin format. in tl,;it Il1K IOC th Colonial A ir Na vitatioln (A mendl- cil of Antigua is circulatedwithi this
(hivrini~s ~-z~e'\ h i-s~ii o nn t) )nri. 1915, .~ i bn t 11r Gazette and firoti piart thereof: -thle Hooltlralile hMacdonald, 1,1,i n(oire n h2iiI a
C..t e his 4 Tl. Hviist rai it oft United King'it ji~fl I ii i Joiar% I 1957. arld Wad before
Dept y cfi rin tit perld (i is Par Ii a n' i oil thi 0t dtt ~sav of doin I-atents Ac ,a.XImndment) OrdiExcel]W'rI t rhconi viit to january, 197. Th'is~ a lin e i d ine en t nance, 1957."
Mvon tsekrrat fril Hi n (ht the, 15th )
March., 1957. care into force in1 1 i 1tI957.
2.Tiotrdein"nd provisions No .
oft l1 Oofl oal A ir Navigation O rder,
Li/,19,55, dealing with siik!,ill air- T he followiin.v litpeviit Legilto
7/4 erc. -craft, withI iii'' canine (it' p'ersiis oil & Statutory ltules & Ordlers are eirCuith March. Ila rtH (il airtci tit or at'U ta le W, meS thlere- lated, wNith this (ir'Zfette and formi part
Ref. ooLtti f anil within the aorc dromtes to he, t ii reoftisei by li ass'ieii'r1.1vimg :Jritcrft.
'Iblis ordsil 1ilei-, otf tile 1inlunt I M PF RI-Al. LIADI SLA"IO N, it Is fh t., 1ittified for generall height at a\llii th iii ti t Hi Il:, over 57No. 9, -The Colonial Air information tha.t 11-iEc-1lencei the a arigst at of :k ctiVI fown or v.iin ~iuiat)0ide
Govern nor has i-,Nuedti a 'iniisioni to settlement, andi colal T. i lwk pI ovi- 195;)7.' 4 l ), mi e, 6 ci -nts the Ifolioltralle P. a Macdonald, sions apfpli('ttl t;, iti'otr- it C.MA.. wp otntin-g hut' tot lie his In akL' proxi'. ofr :*ititeacC ill tli'Ailt,ii. Delnut- dli in t' i'i imi if is raugt. of Vii Ii> ': a:ii i2 .nlc t fon] _Ni. 533 (if 1 956. '- Th'le 13(iwahs
Exeiluue sfi '01whein ice1 to thle cbi- IC~I' in. cOlldiri-I Exto'iisoii Sehetnt'.'
ItrtiliVigi lJatilfrtol~--19th withl Visuai IS i alt 1l S -i for 7PI). l'r 10 0 N
to I he 24thi Mac. 1957, more widesprePad Wiing- of (ighmt p llans.
it amends th(e rumtr> ari1al)1d !,, the Ni. (d ofI 1957, -h 'Fi Ii I Chief i~cii'/(til/ j'1Venen t of, ai'riplaii- an vm hicles V1 $ 2.40i and $4.80 Stampls (1Invaid
f it fII or) tilt, Ii taioei Ivring ;i-as (if laudt lit iou) (Ordier. 191W ."
Il// Mu ch. 957aoiriiopies: anid, subject. to ertaini 2 11 iit4 rpnt.
Ftf No1i(0i !1 conditiii-i it 1wirits aircraft tliit N f)i 95, TC ln lt
at iight to sho1w lights disigti i to facilitate the detection ofI ai rertift at tei.t ion (A mn itent) RItgnlm lt is, It is it : i ieit for genoral i f' rnin- Conhuidel'ablQ ( ist i~~ 197, 2sp.rie4te i
tionl that Mrsl. Anna Thelnta Hennis of 3. A cop of this Orier mnay lieVItil/ad.
theQmnrtor.At gi di, ns eisteed~-- iif iiesir-eli ;it thet Offices ol' the N o. 9 of 1957, -Proclamnation dated oil the' 5th da~ of Manlit, 19.57,' a (i-FSeicretni v oir of a i" V if the' Fiehru;i r 27. 19,5,apitigi t citizen of' tine lTitited Kingdom iin d iiiitaoso h ewn 111 ti' ap nigaSS
Colonies under the British NationaliY iy hrds Tlhe Order will ili due course tilieaie onclo
Act, 194$. ~~~forim part of the bound volitine of Cln 2~Pie4cns
Chief Screlary'8 Ofie Laws of tile Leeward Islands for
j1eeitard si/ h f,5 7. The attention of Electricity Con~ ~ ~ ~;7~os.1/ ~cii/aru/,suuners is hiireby directed to the
5/ MThe,197 Scrti I provisionse of' S-ection 23 of the
51h .Wij~na.Government Electricity, lce and Cold
U.S.0. NI P. 55;O 3 7th Jllarch, 1957. Storage Ordinance No. 36 of 1956
MI,-. No. 71100052 It. Which reads as fol.)lows:NATURALIZATION. N o. 310, Stealing Electricity.
*Every person wvho maliciously
A Cirtifcare of Naturalisation The (Governtor has this day been or fraud ulently abstracts, causes to
No. 2 of* 1957 dated the 25th .January, pleasedl to assent to the under- bi wasted or (diverted, consumes 1957, tia la-eri granted to Mr. Peter mentioned Ordinance:- or utses tiny eletricity generated
Williams Creighton known as Peter by the undertaking shall be guilty
Aleiander Williams oif St. Mary's St reet. 11fontserrat. of an offence against this Ordinance
St. John's. Anti-iie, tunder the British N o. 6 o f 195137, -ThIte Supplenien- iilstlleliale on summautry Nationality. Act, 1948. tary A lpuropriatLion (1 954) Ordinance, cnvliu oafn o xedn
Chie19f ".rlr's0ie 4111 March, 1957 one hundred dollars or to a terma
Chie &'re/ury s Ofceof imjirisinnient not exceeding six Ieity~ard Island#5, The &-c-e/a'riat. months "
A vI it (i. A n tigt t .
27/ bthrua'y,197.7th .4arc/i, 1957, ftlec/ricity, fee & Cold Storage Dept1.
Ref. No. F,5100029, Re-f. No,. 17/t00002. Aniiuft.

60 TBl I& At Nt QGlu I v H& A( N .RH~AT IN I) 'I INA ISLA N1)8 G AZ!11K [40 11 1 9=
It is not idA fo gieneral iii Arna- In the Supremie Court of the On thn~ VWs measuring 350
tion Mint a Hls t ouw 'iiiea INVVA -lS \ind ward tf~ands and feeti[ by, janj 'ofi Charles Georges;
whie'1 hl c Ha t ho!")A.t 0"'i Lcc'ward Islands.
ftr T-) tlax s as, in iiccoidance Nvith 0a th(inle Fad, oesni'iiit 2~20 rest.
seeti'li 38 (2) of the Lpeward Islands VIR~GIN ISLANDS- by lI;d 1 of Sarah Thomas;
S. El. & 0. No. 34 or 195 1, been pub- AD. or105Tv''otewseil~ Sm a
lINsld on the Noti(e Boarid on h O C sleet, ilei thalieb or u h tte' e ohrie ded, k nw ay
outside of I h- (4.oral P.-cz Offie inttII shrb ivl m n b bienbudI nwd
TIhamnes Qt et. 1umsian of kitloy titade by the titg itshd or ibsei hd.
t'11hief Jwi ice tr e Stection 16i of the
Un less Ma te parcels are cleared Wind wail I-'atis and Leeward Is- (h) All that pi ce or- parel of' land
within ti-it days of the dOtte of thY latids (Coui-Is) Onl'er i onne 1939, bingit a paim Qt the lands of the inltic, t lto wHi Ya returned without a n "I3 i aI'(nt Hs therein 11- of: tihe (slt- Of lw- hto Edmund Milton fur ther' iiitxi to tie senders ait tWeir Kjie(1 to thle ht>h lay of WOWe Thomas sit'' K .. I:.t Iit in die
ex)ls.A. D. 1941. he 11loitnoie thle Coilonyi'O' i(- th X itt lehuii atnd.
W. L Maguire, Puiisni- tuib'-s l4'ei l''ili Sitting Citoilg tilhilnt i 'xtit-l lfi] tietis
Coloni al 1'o.5tun'itt'1, of the (Co irt i I tilte- i~t I slands and bound ed as kiiloaw sGenral P~ost Qflice, ha appoinitd th lday oif tilie month Olil- o ytn "
Ailti~l1(t ~ ~- ott whichl the ensuingi Couirt shll sit Ont'Ni lyt' e;
Sth AM&ch 19(57. ast folliiwA, that is to say:___ Onl ti- No"1 i II"st Iy h Iinds of
RtA6W.'['he v irgin iitis n c- ourit n wed-i tile afo resaidi ciSte of the late,
lief. Sf17. iinestay the 3'i Mty a Alitil, 1957, Edmund Milton Thomas;
------- at 1(0 o'cock il tilie forenoon~il~. O'il the Souith, by lanstd of tile
REGISTRY OF THE SUPREME COURT, Dated die, 20th day u'Of brtary, aforefsaid estate of tie late FEdmzat
ANTIGUA. is.Milton Thomas;
Mach 97.H. A. Bessol, O1) thle West, by lands of Sarah
12th 1March, 1957. Thomas;
NOTICE 1S HIEREBY GIVEN Onl thle Ka>st, by lands (if Mabel
that there will lie a sitting of tile VIRGIN ISLANDS. Wagner;
WVest lIndiani Cutrt of App~eal helid at, TeLn custo c,14
the Court 11ouse ini te City of Saint TeLnAcustoAt194 or hoxwsoev- r ot h--wise lie &ame
Joihn inl thle Ciolony Of A otigna onl (No. I 1 of 1!944) mmy he abutto ithodd,t known TIhursdlay lt, 28th day oif Marchi, -distinguisheid Or itescribhod. 1957, at 1i0 i,'elick ii tble forenoon DECLARATION.
whet 1hle nd(Otto -no i i d Apjpeal D~eclaration dated 26th Jan1 i uaryv '. Ti'ruut 'i
*S I11 be bieard:__ 1.)57. inaite uii'Ir 5Ieliii .3 o f the16 (t!/&rkl of the Aj'xedte (Jouficit.
Ltito Aeqnii on A-Lt 19M4 (No. 11 Itef Ni. Q010i3- TV. I) fona i i ~ ~i~( li t ito 19 14) ftr do, ;iiiistjii Of' (a-tain
I. Vere Cornwall Bird land in to I hilony of thle Virgin f
lsIltiid' 1t0ililitd for pinlic ipo)SIPS It is ilei by notified fritifornia2. Edmund Hawkins Lake tiol if' fte(- ial public that th"IT IS HERiEBY D ECL.ARIED that City Raltes iarable for the year 1957
3.Novelle Richards the (1 vi-nor ii Con nil Wit the have ben i xedt .s follow:aitprovai ii ol the ICilti o nncil of Oiloso']l( uera sesd
4. Ernest Williams th Coiloniy t' tin V irgini Is~lmd co- (ilostladndraasssi
5. Bradley Carrott sitteis that, the, laiiii; iliset-ila i in tile atnnital r mental ltof(i $48.00 10%
Seiliedil- heit", b-m r 'itins1 of O~n liot, oflIinil ii an assessed 6 on rln lie ;ails of the estate, of the late ~ ali~ ri' t rl n ot $8. i00 or
t;. John IrelandEdmund Milton Thomas siti ut iii Bieef -.
7. -levi Jo-z2h Inti ill iiw 'ai' CliJny, a1thld h-e
airkuih tiWtni Public p1'll". atnely I U-oO ii i;-' ii Ilwho nmay he paid 8. Joseph Samuel for the cou1>1 I ictiiill of tuo airfielid ini i r ''sI o( iot :o t na stutted
P. Lionel Hurst ths ii l~ii nor't' it f Ili, 'A~iiV a cl joins
., A l Of the -,i maduay Betnctt all- Erysou Strees onttheir
I 'I nuti~.-i- tt'soeOffie. Raid Town lietx\'een thli h ouirsi ~ ( ii hnots of laiid under a nt (Ii'll cf 10:0) an ii 1:00 p.mi. on'i any aisesseh allivitl reial valloi of
Joseph Reynold O'Neal and Gertrude tiny ('e1it Huinilsv (T liihlic HT $Iw 50/
O'Neal. days...
SCI-IEDTJLE (2) Oii lilts of lanii o-f ias'-ii
AH Ismssmy iedam rqu~tedannul rdai dueof 48 00 ior
Al P'~mn Cli redtie 'ej~std (a) All that Id'-- or Im M or id OvetI uiuti~r iia 7'ln if to given thetinseiv- -w~i being a Isivaio dii the humos if- 1''
Attetioti is I.o it-iwi ti thle tilt,-slate iif ilnlte [dnind Milton 'Ti> tiinws thu thle rates payaihle error i" tie lnliiitiniin I~ In isu Thomas j5Itiv ini Betf IWOlt ini tie -1 l'.r i-lt -iit' Alf'red Peters
of this (jq',-/te Into III it' h Alirch, (' y oit the virgin jliOw nd] t to d1 e, xtrinwi ni hi-ti enid 19.67. ofa ,t do ti'ii titi: tihe sail C-'itiiiiigli t'lilmiti-ti,'i iilox- of: Bryson, Bennett atndi Athill 8 r os appeal. wljer'y lv K i )hi'Aiit- it~lty 5) lieis al ohiiili as hult ie' ii ittiliahcii ft'. ii 5%~ to l0n1 Appelmn s Vere Cornwall Bird and flllow": an to n i 7.i, I I, o tepiin tg Oi
oteswore shiown as sonet the ti55''55' aitinuial t'(ittnl values.
and tile l4taisI-lHasponil-its, Jo3eph fee, tile tat-iifthe i ''ail e1tat Tielt st iti-lni1'i 1), en' nad ti in Reynold O'Nea1I ii I Gertrude O'Neal, %V th aNwN idd APn-sMito tates prvided o in e Nwere shown as Apipellat s.oftvlwLiudMlo hwi;pwio itl a,.
Onl the itl. m-:i-ti eig 760 Offie iqf f's'itro Tha if fi(lmI/, CHCt L 0. V tR)N', fe~et. ly hIn i ofthoae f rl'saii e-state M'i rA' t N-re, of tHie Wae Edmund !eillon Thomas; 201 -~h~,o1957.

Mach1 ,19.5 T I I E k TIG ('T M TS ll A A IV GN 18AN _DS A/ CK'
it' ti oai~tta- uaitiations: Ap~pli(::'m; co: aiitiig full pal l
to tlt, pos of~ OTt i of ('lilt iIi.i l lftii i411i 1'; alttlopaoiod 1,,
A'Cll arte 8l, fllov't-. Priiso m it g :0 t A~!ood~I to ilie I Citi >, c a Winl-!v~iri
led gt of afi I. cm-ao t z lolia i '!l0 Uw.> holll reach'
Appointmnt '- erq an 11 LithOrk :0 Mrh
'Iels hed rm i P' 1 0 bt it iian
Till.~U/f ofit) 1 )7
Loti isi ati Itllut ti~ t uo ;i lIs oll 'And. w":
equivaient, -,Gtt> wit Olte Wind- sons, andl will I-eli 1 211
~Va r~ I lan tia. I t'l i~uch other d ut ift. as :t it laid d own in
sulIject to the ('eici' U [ea ulations, the St, Villcent J.rison Runltos (5, [1. & 0. TRAFFIC NOTICE. local Genleral O)rder t. o fa ras they o 9n 94~o 95 are! applicable. N.3of94)f1,5.The Antigua Vehicles, & Road
Passages: Traffic Ordinance, 1946Salary.. reo lji-t eltos; Ills gele wii be]
a~. in h~ Provided I or the officer. his wife anld By virtue of the powers conferred I~t children, not exeeedillg 5 liersons in onti e ill Iictioti 2 of the An tigua
~t'le$288x1(m3,00&tannumi, Hl: children co be nue IS y(avs of Vehicles and Rjoad Traiffic Ordinance,
2l0% of pesiable An o iYi moy of age, un married andi tleptndtiit on the No. 5 of 1946, 1 hereby fix the period
20%ofsaarx A olicr aybe officer, hereunder for the lighting of vehicles,
appointed at ant point in this scalo
depending oi1 Il, q-ie 410115 'Slad Leave and Leave Passages: (intil further notice, the lighting
experience, period of vehicles shall be from
Trhe officer will be eligible for 6.30 p.m. to 6 a.mi. vacation leave at the rate of 45 (lays
Allowanceii. for each comipleted period of 10 D)ated this 7thl day of March, 1957.
The Officer will be paid a uniform months resident scerviee. Suich. leaveE.MV.J E,
aldlowance at the rate of $130 Per may he accumulated to a maximumE.MV.J ES
annum. Tranisport and subsistence of 180 days. Leave p~assnges are Traffic 0 ommissioner.
allowances are aLiot payable in accord- granted in) accordance -withi local e.N.3ioo8 ance with local Regulations. Regulations. Rt o 6008
Medical Attention: LPK A I NFALL FIGURE -'
Qurer.Free medical attendance and medi- Ce~a Expeimc.Stio
Unfurnished quarters are provided cnsaeotpoid.Month 1953. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957.
on the Prison Compound for which Taxation: January 1.93 3.04 2.1 C 5. 15 U 3.6
the officer will be, required to pay Feb. 1.02 2.45 68 1. 23 2.29
rental at the rate of 10% of his salary. All Government officers aro liable To Mar. 9 .65 .08 .39 .18 J15 The officer will be reqnired to reside to taxation imposed by local enact- 3.60 5.57 3.23 6.56 5-5.0
in the Prison quarters. ments.

4;2 T1 lE A.NT[+ 7 fl-)-NTTSEilk'A' A-NDI V I HGIN ISLAN I)S G AZETTEV.[M ch1,1 7
COPY of the Medical Register published in accordance with the provisions of Section 20(l) of ihe Medical Act, 1937 as
amended by the Medical (Amendment) Act, 1948 and as adapted to the Colony of Antiguza by S. R. & 0. No. 22 of 1956.
Dae of N a~n i or oft
IN ine AddrsDescrijption and D)ate Certilicate )a~t, Rtemarks.
Nan.Adrso Q1al iticatienls. ofRg8 azotte&
Arm~our. Reginald P~ortsmouth, M. '.S.. 'Saskatchewaii 1 75 See. I1I
Fi ke~ror D ominica 19518
Bailey, Clarencee Eric Antigua C.I1. h. B., I'>in. 1931 21 March,
stainley DTT.M &I., Edin. 1932 1938
D .1.11 1 939 30 A ug.
I 198
Bo\,!, Philip Irving ..Trinidad M. B.C. S., 1.10( P. 8 oct.. 112
I ~'''~** .S. 1,37193
Brovwn.1 Carioline iMatilda .. Trinidad 1 .D... 19372 ul, 10 7 uy
I.& (l. 193 ,9 19993
Browii, Holand Edinund ... I Montserrat M.R.C.,., Etig., 11933 7 -March, 154 15 MXar.,
M. B.('.1., Lond., 11)33 1951 1951
'barbts, Ltwrewce .Jnstin ...' M.B., (I. R., Edin. 1938 7 Oct., 104 1.2 Oct.
D.'IXM, Lpool 193:-l 1 1939 1939
U.T.H. ],'pool13
Charles', Rennie Martin Dominica L.R.C .P. Elmn. 1939 2:1 Dec., 109 28 Dec.,1
Francis L.R1 ..., Edin., 1939 1939 I .1939
L. 1LF. P. & S. (4Ias. 1 939 1
Edwardt. A rchibald Illarbados, M. 11., Ch. B., !,Ain. 1927 12 1 Marh
Carl e I)D TMN. Li v. 1.):34 arc,:8
C ill' ft, Aunbry 8co;ett ... Domninica V.0 14', ~in. 119 1938rh
M.B.(J'.S. Enga., 1911
Gerrard, Edward Brown ... Roseau, M.R.C.S., Enig., 1909 5 April, 30
Dominica L.R.C.P., Lond., 190 19:38
Gritlin. (Charles Normian ... M 'TD., C'.,N., McGill 1922 22 April, 44
NI.P.l1 Johins Hopkins 19.,8 I
f Ut~~iv. U>.A,14
Griffithn, Mansei'uliSr Kit ts LJL.CT1., 1, dhl. 19:19 31 Marchl, 114 9 Apr.,
Fro !rick Hlan ies L.. 1.8. Edin. 1939 1942 1942
Georwzes, Reginald IBritis1i Guiana 1L'.CP 1 iC' 1940 1 1\hnrch, 125
H, rI~crt 1-1.VA.S.. Eiin. 19.40 14
I LII V.P.S., Glint.
Blarney, Jean Lknore ... St4. Kitts L.. L.. ond. 114 Doe., 174
Henry, R. J. J. ..Nevis 1M.B., B.S. Durli., 195 3 14 1 )-e. 179
Jacison. .John Hannicar S.C., Enrt.v 13 Mhy 12
L.R1 (I. P., Lo'. 1946
I ).Ti. A1 & H., Lo i i.
Jones, Wilfred BRnsil I lontserrat MR('8,1927 5 'AWT il. 29
Ral ph L. l?. C' P., 19 27Johnson, \Villinin ... i.... .Loi. 1926 21 Vb.. 166 26 Feb.,
1 953 1953
Jose*plb, Wifliain T1honias ... A ntigua \L.B., B.Ch., 1}.A .0. Bld., J5 Oct.. 169
1946 1 9.)53
P.l'.M. & 11. Liv. 1916
I)JL. .... Erig., 19;52
Jacobs, Ensdale Ooesitns ... Nevis 5l J. 1a8. (Ln)I n., 1731
Kotlsith. IEn rev Earle St. Kitts M. h 11 ~ 0. 1 9
7 7-1

March 14, 19,57] T H E A NTI W -A, 11O NTSEi T \t iC NTL M ;ZTE
COPY of the Medical Register (Conti'd.
Datt, of ANiuin tier of~
Name. Iilre'. i tiol ail Dat e I('ertific;At Date ~ ar~
ofoo Addmfss.~iii Liettistra- (4aemarkd
of' -'ai~
tiolli. tration.
K'-evill. Arth in Jamtes ...!'_. VAl. 5U F I b. i~, 165 2 6 Feb.,
1). I.Al. 1953I I953
LotdA 1. ~l.I922
MB ., (,lib. Bru
I cxvii. Leonl F'lrdilal ("rand liKiy LV. .. Lond.. I ;34 22 April. 4 6
Earl i Doinicia 1RCS.l5~.I9.33 1938
Lake, Arthur Wilf reil Qt it ti. A.S..!i(l (' .13 3 f~ I N
La wson M.D1., C.XAl.. 'McGill 1937 1928
Lam bert, Melxii ll Arnold ..~Anti&'la M.., .. k .~ Allduwiz- 5 ATcrh. 11.')
1 ,ckor, ( harlet; Raymoiid ... A i tigi A L 13., Ch. It., Bt 1. 1950S' 21 Fiel .. 167 26 Feb.,
I ) ..M & I f. ,i V. 19 1 19,53 15
Mar7tun Noel ,Jamnes Aiitta1lxi M.C. P.S., On t.. 11)2?! 7 A pil, 31 Spc. 1
'it iuigtoii E I, C I.tW I92 1 938
.. DC. A, Cd. I 935
McLoatt, Geo. D. ... Sandty Poinit. V.R C.S.. Ew Oct.. 9(1 l
St. Kittsi L.itC.P., Lol.. 19311 1938
D.T.A. & 11., Lond. 19371
McDoiiald, Alfred P. ...l A ntil-na L.1?.C.P., Edin., 1931 8 Oct.,3
L.B.C.8. .,1939 L.R. F. P.S. .
NIilihtrn. Lesli', ...Iassetrr, IM.1I.C.S.. Elg.. 1900 12 June. 1011
St. Kitts L.R.C.P., Luid., 19(0 1939
D.P.H., 1903
Moore. lieginald fli Abutsorrut M.O. Howard Mel., Coll. 28 jani., 120 Feb.,
1932 1944 1944
I )'Garro, Margaret Mary Aknriigua M.B., 1B.S., Lomd.. 19.54 11 Jan., 180)
Rosamtund 196
Ogilvie, Dunican Mol1orJ M.R1.0.S., Enr,,.. 191.5 7 A prilI, .2
Co~lnt~tn, .( M~ltn~et~itLI.RP., L-nid193 1L.M. S. SA.,
O'1-eillv. (4weneth 1,nnise A]). Ani gnla \LB.. Ch.B., D.O. I?.('. ).G.. 28 D~ec., i7l
Bel. 1953 1953
),Itoruie. Williamt Q. M ProiN. D., Bost.. I Dill. Not., 20 Feb., 181
Board, of Med. Exaiws. I1956 TT.S.A., 1953
Pilsack. Brvinon .. Autigiia M.D)., (W.( LW.) 1936 17 Nov.. 184
Rosanelli, Irniraud ... I M.D. Graz. 1941 28 June, I161'
Rosanelli, ,Jobanttes Djavid ..'M.D. Graz. 1941 28 julle. 161
Ross, Bertram I1 St. Kitts M.B., 138BJ u. 1 c. 7
M.R.C.S. Euci.. 19,55
Simon. Keith Myric Benoit Roseau, AM., T1oronito, 19 13 28 March, 19
Dominica M.D., ,,1938
M.C.P. & S., Ont. 19.14
L.M.C., 0CAn., 1913
Di.P.ll., llig.. 1919
M.D., Hatiti. 1929
Stevens, Conlrad Evart St. Kitts MA13. Belfatst, 1930 6 Mlay, 58
Elwin B.Ch., ,,I1938'
B.A.O. ,, 5DcSee. 14
F.R.C.S. Edin., 1947 1947
SlcW ...St. Kitts I M.B.,_Ch.B.,_Edir).. 1919 i8 Oct.. 1938 89 Sec. I11

'a THE xNnFIG j M )NT!-, ll RAT AN 1) V IU4 N I '141A IN~ XZE 1VT [Marchi 14, 195a7
COPY o"' the Medical Register --(0Uw'd).
o at f Nt nber of
N ame. Addi(ss Deexili un and D, e-i Vt Certificate Dt Ramiarks.
of QiI0~ ai. e~Itd of 1tegi'3- (4Iazo 'tedl
b l. tration.II
,-,isiveor, Eldg~tw Vjc~or .. M.1" (15 av 3 -Ii
1.i'HY. P. &. G(i's. 1938
0O1molila, Piiwkl Vim-ent Hifli&l L. Vd11Iijo.. 19,34 13 'N.... I 1(W 16 Nov.,
.11 nph I.CS. 9913
L.IX.V T. vS. Wasi. 1 934
T1h onlm'soli, JanleNa Whtiie .. BassetoIMr MB, h. B (-I a 1904 V5 Moe 70 Sec. I1I
St. Kits ID.T.NM. & 1I. 1 93~
Torniinmiol, Haroldl Arithur St. Johti' Mi '. New Yolk Fi A1. 3 ~:i11e01, 153 15 MlarA~~eAntiua 049 1951 19-51
T Id r-Herert R.9l8~tstrrfl\ M.I)., l~oo17 1),- Ia. D5 ec.,
s-,t. Kits D.T.M. &, 11. Hamiji- 1951 1951
V ttlex Keniwth ... A ntigua M. D., C'anmb.. 1 934 28 A ii, 18$3
M. u. S.,195C;
L. I. C. P., Lond..' 135
NWaleziik, Z. 1'. ... Miintsie'rratf, Cb.B., Ealiii. 1942 16 Sept.. 147
NWailling, Donald Perc-v ... Britisil (Guiana M.1R.(.S., 1927 6 Akio5N
L. R. C.P.., 193s
*aaaT1oicr Bule Regiaail ... St. .John's Dr. Nfed. & Sarg. 22 Junia- 81
Antirgna JDalhousit-, 192,5 1938
1. .,Nova Scotia. 1'925,
O\u8t., 1925
%Vilkelhiaker. Lion ... ~ M.D., Warsaw. 1924 15 Deo-.. 138 Dec.,
1947 1947
kWaosngrr ,oltoali ....J011,1 M.DI., Vienna11, U433 12 S'ep.., 116 8 Oct.,
Antigna IM.D., Genoa. 19 34 19421942
D).D1.S., Bolo gna, 1936 14
Yotiiglao, Leiw-rad Im~ol R.. oseau, A B ., C'h. I ., B1.A. 0., 22 April, 45
1)omitiicat Ireland. 19"38 1938 I
l).T.M. & H-., 193.5
ttod. [David E~. Waa. ... Basskterre, D. D. S. Tonitia1 )e 5 Se. 11
St. Kitts15
t liri'itimn, Repinald Syil ry DI ). DS. lHioxat 3 30 MNa y. 1 591.
Christian, Donalad Le-Alie ... Antigua D. D. 8. How&rd 19,52 19Ag.. 168
11arilie. Johi Blair (Capt) ... Br. Mil. l1d. Qrts.I L.D. S., Ejig., 193 8 30 July, 1,18 5 AIug.,
L. Ts. St. Kitts RC..Enrrlaiid 1938 1943 1943
Kirtori. Leonard S. ... Doininics (late Licence bv Aadm. 1)/ca. 16 .Jan, ()7 Apptd. by
of LeNoule Dare-d 15) Dec.. 1918 11939 Medicat
Guadelouipe) Board
Losada, N. Mon e .. lasseterre, Doctor of 1 )et~lI Soirgery, 30 Nov., 94 See. I1I
St. Kitts Dalb orsie, 1925 1938
'Aabsooli. Wilmiot S. ..Basseterre. D.D.S., Howard 1944 27 De., *130 Jan.
St. Kitts 1938 I1947
Stevenq, (Thcil ... St. Kitts D.D.S., f1owarl, !9r3 I 8 Dec., 172

March 14, 19571 THES ANTI AA M\UN !' SEL kAT AND Vll i1:-X ISLANDS G~AZETTE fl)5 COPY of the 'Medical eitr'
N' Number of
I b.cirianard Date Certili ate, Date
Name. Aldr FU i..h~g~v- of Riixii (I tt Remarks.
Wilkin. Arthur Edmund ... I ~isseterrv. I LiCeiom' to practice 19 A pri 1, 41 -c.1
>-I. 1\-itts '-'I 3 Oct., 1916 1918
Wisrrgr, 8 Ien... A iigua 1). 1). S.(ii~o)19:"G i A I u. 14 6
1)eFreit~tis, lT~rt.J lln BKicleli of Op[)}Irretry 19 h.lV 163
Teodor'iii, 4 ~rur.New York C-ity D~r. of, Optonetrical I7 Sept. 81 9..5 pi1 X3.3.
(no>1 w) Sine Di-lia from
ii rgtla ( pt cni try dfated 31 Dec..I
A lexarnder, Tyrell .rat d Bav, I it-riie lv ( ivr. dated 22 April, 5 1 Sec. I I
I)( rliiica 6 March. 1931 193
Alleyne. Arthurr lDrightori (ttiicate I "ltos 28 )lan-. 26 July. 13.5 31.7.47
Ambrose, Jasper HloratiO . Ros8(al, Licience ho: GNvr- oJ litd G) MAT v, "
Dl~oniriica 12 A pril1, 192041.3
Anudrew, 1-iiworth Kiriston Marirzot, Cert. of competency 4 Oct., 103 1 c.
Dorrriirica dat ,d 4.9.3:9 193
Athill, Newton lo ,arrM1 \ ti-1ra Ucccii' byI (ir..' dated I f 112
Hezekiah 18.1.15 1
Blrt, precleri -k .. Ilitc-terre, j C-rt. of competency 1; Oct., 164
S t. Kitts 3. 10. -52 1.)52
Bart. Sydrri-y Irvinig ..Co--r- Nrt. of, (Inpetericy 6 .Jilre, 115 25 JnneI
Si1. K i tti dat -d 8'0.3.42 E942 1942
Bertrand. Tv ri Michael .. 'otzrnouth, Licer ic- by (lvi., dated A May1 ,
D oriiiiica 8 Oct., 19 19 19
Challenger. D~onald liarl'ula Lie-rice by (lovr., dated 22 Milarch, C6
Alexander 20 Dec., 1937 19q38
Callendar. Huntley Fitzroy Plymouth, Lioiedtl2 .37 \~, 3
Morntserrat I~3
Charles, Clifford A rthrr Antigna Cent, of C-ompetency 16 April, 131 April,
dated 1 April, 1947 194 7 1947
Charles, Patrick< Aid row .. Pieati, Licence dated 11 .)1 ie, 76
D ominnica i1938
Christmas, Car Iinral WV. .Brrw 1r' Ci. (of (9' III tency 24 N ov., 127 29, Nov.,
St. Kitts daitedi 7 Nov., 1.4,5 1 945 1945
Claxton, Hugh F. ..Nvs)ert. of Ccornpi tency 2 N ovN. 170
dated 5.10.53 11
Davis, Montagule Lestrod 'S'. John's, (>-rt. of Cmnip-t-icy -2 .lr III 149 15,June,.
Alfonrso Antiguat dated 1 June, 19506 19Sf)5 1950
El rues, Claudle MeWilliain .. I 1 sqpital, Licence7 liv Cry i-, dated 5 Ap i il1 25 S.Kitts 340 -Junri, 1953 1 93s

COPY of the M(.dical Re~oister-(-iw ) C2IF1EiT AN!)1(h'-4ot
I~rn ~o~D'scripdi! 0 .01 1 I of Niin1lt0 of! Date
olQu l'a in. I2isn. rtifitetf (iazettedj i iark,
, % Registrution
lliE a,4d l I;urne11 Wi~cliff i'vi io,1 t lin 1h, 31 M-arclii, 7 A!ill, 3 5 v t io rI
MnSk r'la
Edwyavr Robert D~allas .. R~oseau li-cy 14wr., te1 s i 64
Do,301O 1J ily, 19 2. i.;3S
E(Iwane~tw Hero l o 1,-, GIvr (I A ,. 6'
-!)c( F~tr, Vlro A;Z. ... t 1 1 'ok 7
1te~ ~,Lne lllarx ... Ito''0 JJC zi-o -vA.(~~.Io
IEdwariis, Vric (CotrwoK ... I -re 6y ii f, r- 1:, It e,i SI. ;
s. 1\t~~ 27 2 .:;
iEvelyti. \rthlr L. ... llxtt01 N tA.. t I.elI(A t l, 151 12 Oct..
N Vitl l 116 Allgln:4t 19,50 .01950
Fakis aslaSt, Jo)11nz (t (if C~oltwti'lev 17 N A'.. 107 30 N ov.,
Fergumon, Da~ illb M. ... IBassetot rt' Cert. I of col-t 1L0Y 24 -Nov., 1 2, '29 Nov..
St. Kitt t la'ed 7.11.4,5 91 19.15
artni-f. R-obort Samuel ... I-'arllin 1!etificall 4 Colo0 t'~ncy 1 24 A pr., I In
A iil'u10 d&ttO 1-2.4.40 1'40
Gi~gfin, Oteorgtu ... St. NK tti Cei-t. oli (oipetotIjy 15 Sept.. 1 76 By Exam-.
7 1951) 195 r ination
GI ~. Louis Oliver ... Roske boIloe.IV Govr.. kiated 22A pr..5-e.1
Domnic la 30 A 1ri 1, 19 53193
G~reen. Vivian Angelo .;Roseau. Licence by (4ovr.. dated 6 May, 6
"Doininica 21 -Trine, 1937 1938
Gun at. Marion Willbelinitia H:Lsset terre Licence by Govr. datedI 3 A ug., 8 2
St. Kitts 16 .Jail- 1928 1938
Ilarriganr, S'tailey ... Sr. Kitts~ Cert. of Competency J Oct., 143 By Hxaer
dlated 30 Sept., 1948 1948 ination
Uardtman. Hasil ... Ba.*i-terre .Cert. of Coinpetencvy 16 Aug.. I -iI)Sec. I1I
St. Kitts 5 August 1955 195
Howt 11. Annier Ilugenlie ...~ (Jharl(estown Liceoice dlatedI 28 Mlarch, 2I
Nevis 24 Dee-. 1919 1938
flowi-l. Charlotte Alberta ... Charlestown Licence by GOVI.. dat-I 28 Mlarch, 22 Nvs20 Nov., 1931 11938
Hill. Eric R{. F. ... Antigna Cert of Competency 7 May, 113 15 May, By Examdated 6 Oct., 1939 1941 1941 ination
Jamairicacri Cert. of Competency 23 oct., i 124 NOT.,
(now Mrs. Wynter) dated 21 Oct., 1944 1944 1944
*Jarvis, Walter ... St. Jclhn's Licence by Govir., datedi 21 March. 1
An'tigua 12 Nov., 1934 1938
Jobu, Leonardo ...I Antigua 1Cert. of Conpeiitency 4 A p)ril, 182 By Exam15 Angnst, 1955 1956 1ination
.Joseph, ,Jamnes Irving C. .L A. i Licence by Acting Govr., j 5 Airil, 26 See. 11I
Sebastian Antigua dated 18 Oct. 1917 1 1938
.Joseph, Marie F. ... Charlestown, Licence by Govr., dated 8 April, 27
Nevis 28 May. 1920 1938
Joseph, William S. ... Cliarlestown Livence by Oovr., dated 15 A pril, 28
Nevis 25 May. 1923 19!38

Manlj 14, 1957.1 TRE A.N FIGUA, ISLANOS (--'AZETTE', ftCOPY of the Merlical 1"?,cg.ister (conl'd) CHEMIST AND
Owe of Nunater ofl Date
Certificate I
N a ul e Address d [Zemarks
'd, Qll'd;fioutimj OF Regis Gxazette
t mi ion.
3 ifers, I I P;it ri k .1 (1 iiiiek, 'llown, Licenct, 1) V (-Aovi..' dah ll 4 A p T-i 1, 3 6 Section 11 'kT.,w, 1938
htfors. W ill"aill PlYmouth U rellce !)\, (4oN I. (La 'd 7 A 1) ri 1, 3 7
Montserrat 5 L)ec., 0:t I
j" DwIlilliva 10 1 19 3 i
John, Falmv I rlwilla ... Lie llc(- hN. dwoil 6 Mav, 69
:- t. Kitts 22 Dcc- 191,5 1938
JWW S. Cljl ; topllvl- Cert, oi Com1wi(-ney Me(l. 14 Jime, 78 18.8-39 Pd. Ve(-s by
I )olllillica Powd Dominica (lited 1 ')38
's juiit" 1938
Lauront, -h":f-ph ('el". of ( olljjwtency 1)"o., 144
N,,,- 11147 P IS
L-wi -' Vllp-rt dated 21 1
Aiiligua 19 19,32 1938
Lk'ekhart' f6'4's k Seml' Licenco hy Acting Govr. 22 Ayril. 5o
Dolllilliea datt-d -) April, 1914 ]93s
Alielmel. Ar0mr bN' (10VI'., llate(l march, I
10 A u-.' q-)q 1938
Alilleo. 1)"Imis ('11ml('swol-01 A litil"lla Cerl. 4 '('111100t'llry 1 -1 Ma-, 133 21.5.47 i I April. 1'.1-17 194 1
Malone, Litwoln \d('ipll LiC(-11(-" (1;0 -l ' May, 1935 20 Dvc- 108
Montserrat 1939
Olivacce. C,)mit-1 J-s-ph Allvililla Diploma Roswau Hospital 10 J n I y 1 7 10.4 7
O'Neal, Ju"' -plh 11old Fortol;l, Lict-lict, by ("ovr Alated -'16 Al-al-ell, 0
r! 2 11 1 s la n d s 27 Oct. 1937 1938
clmrle' lillhen ... Liooll(- I't- (wvr.. IAM 0 Pri 1, 24
a 28 Fell., 938
Philip, G -(wge Edward PlYll;wIll), L;(tow- I)v Govr- 'Lited 7 A prill 38
Mot tstrraf 31 Alltreli, )26 1938
lbilip, Ilem-Y Isaiah Licene". b\ Govr., dated 1 10 1) 13t*
A n! i- oa 30 7 1.) 17
-Payne, Arnold A. ... Sandy Point, Liu"-Tle"' i) V G()vr" dated 8 Oct 87
St. 'Kitts 24 hn., 19' 16: ii
Richards. Luther Fardlev St. 'John's Licence by Govr. dated 21 Xhrch, U
Adolphus A litigua 90 Oct., 192,t 1938 1
Richards, Simon Al -xaitdler B Aans, Antinia Licerwo by Govr., datod 19 April, 43
29 Oct., 1937 938
Rock, A. W. Howell ; 'I. Jolill's jj( (-tw 1) V Govr- dated 5 'Nlarob'
Romeo, Aithur Robert Ottos, Aiitigua Ct-rtificat.t of Compp.tency I (; N o v- I 19 Nov., fly Examd:itod 25 Sept., 1943 i 1943 i i md on.
Certific;ite of
Samnel, George Albert 1: 1 v, 122 NI;ky' Section 11,
St. Kitts i datt-d 10 Mav. 1944 P44 1944
Sbfill, Matthew Dowdy i lohn's i Licence by Govr.l dated I "W.treh, 14
Bern bain J-Zla 17 jtl]N, 1930
samucl, \1;1111-ls llol)ert I Liconce hy (,;)\ r., datf'(i wil, 48
AlHxat, I )nlnillica 25 Sept., 19 16)

COPY of the Medical Rel -ister -Aronrfr
(JiIEN118'17 ANI) DPjT('(,IST-(cont'd.)
- --- -----D ite of Nuniher of!
Di,-,eription and Dati, curtiffi ,atol Date
Name i Ad d I v;ir) R-vi 4tnt- Hemarke
of QaRflfleations of Rf gis- Gazettdl
Se-vt_,irin, Bernard Alexunder Port nw 01.4, Lict-nc hv Acting Govr, 22 vil, 49 i Sec. 11
&Ae,! 2 Nov., 1921 19:1
Stowe, Cvril Sanford Heury I 'o r t., n Licenct, by dated 2 2 p-11, 52
11 Auln, 1927
'-waten, William Arnold BitssMI,,--, Lic,,tw- I,Y I'covv_ dated
S, t. V 2.1 pv ,L 1. 3,5
Slv rritt. John Hugh ... Ti 72
Skerritt, Arthur Viotor Rl ,, i Li"i-11c, hv Govl%, &wd "o 73
St. R! tti 6 1 I.s 1:
8kerritt, fl( tn;,k 0 J 2 A pri 1,
126 19 Apr., I
81ce-vi;t, J Isi ph Arthur k: W! i 10 'AI;Iv
6 Nb)v, L47 1947 132 22 MayI
samldpr Petel, Lic-oc- I)v 6o r- lat-6 14 NT;iv
Hii"pOAI 2,5 Amil, 1 1,15 80 i
S Kict",
Itpphens, Moses Walter I-V 4 ,, Grt, of 'M Ai% ..
A 1, Aug". 19,50 1 0 1 1,150
Strvet)s, James Ifenry Cil;t i-, ,own, Licf-let, h" Govr.. datp(l 8 Oct.' "II
27 hoi- IA9S
8ebastian. Joseph Matthew N of C ,1111), Ipocy 5 'Inly, I I I J uly. By Examdated 29 April, 1940 1 '9 4 0
i liatiolm
S e h, 0,11A. of CoIII!)(,-tPTI(tV
astian, Cntlibert 22 Alarch, 1 "17 25 Mar.,
Mvntraville St. IcItt", 16 Alarch. 19 iil 194.1 1 9C.o
Simnion,4, Albert C". Cert. of 20 A ug_ 155 L_, Sep..
St. T ittz dated 9.5 1
Edululul Rose w, Licence by Govr., dated, G May, G I
M cDoTI;d d 1), IIIiniv;t 24) April, 1938
,ravior. Alfri d Sylvester ... Geri. of I J u L 195"? 1
Thoryws, Edwin Leopold ... Hw4piW, cert. (if Colliputolicy 10 Nov., 105 1 1.6 Nov.,
A, i t i nw, d ,I t 0 d 10 NLT o v., 19 3s I 1939
Vzt]Ii(-!'. John George Alt ntserrat, LiCC11CO by (;ovv., dateii 14 123
William Ang.. 1920 1944
Walker, CPcil Michael Gray's Hill I Cert. of' Conipeteiiev 3 Fe b. 1.21 'eb.,
Rolston Anti' LIJ datod I Feh., 194-1 1944 1944
Wattv, Allan Robert ... i Port,; trionth, Licence by Govr., datfid 14 J tine, 79
Doiniuiv.a 3 Mav, 1934 19 IQ
Williams, George ... A ntigmt Cert, of Cowp-tenDv 15 's-pt., 177 to
15 Ang, 1955 19 "r .5
Williams, Milut ... Montsorrat, Liconce by Govr., dated 8 Ort., 88
9 Feb., 1927 1 i3A
wii8on. .101111 1-1. ... Basseterre, Cert. of Competency 27 Nov.. 137 Dec.,
St. Kitts N Nov., 1947 1947 1947
Priu" at the uovi tonent Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islauds, to), E M. B(oAcKMAII. 'Al. BE* Government Print(,r.---H.v Aidhority.
19-5 7
(Price 40 cAmW

No. of 1957. Registration of United Kingdom ANTIGUA.
Patents Act (Amendment).
No. of 1957.
An Ordinance to amend further the Registration
of United Kingdom Patents Act.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Regis- Shonrt title. tration of United Kingdom Patents Act (Amend. ment) Ordinance, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Registration of United Kingdom Patents Cap. 148. Act, as amended, hereinafter referred to as the /134. Principal Act.
2. For the second paragraph of section 8 of Amendment the Principal Act which commences with the words of thein Such grounds ", the following two paragraphs Principal Act, shall be substituted:" Such grounds shall be deemed to include the manufacture, use or sale of the invention in the Colony before the priority

ANTIGUA. 2 Registration o f Uited Kingdom No. of 1957.
Patents Act (Amendment)
date applicable to the patent in the United Kingdom, but not to include the manufacture, use or sale of the invention inii the Colony by some person or persons after the priority date applicable to the patent in the United Kingdom and before the date of the issue of the certificate of registration under section 5
For the purposes of this section the
expression priority date in its application to a patent in the United Kingdomn has the
12,13 4 meaning assigned to it in section 5 of the 12, 13 & 14 Geo. VI c. 87. Patents Act, 1949 (Imperial) "
Repial of Act 3. The Patents granted in the United KingNo, 4 of 1934.
No 4 of 194. dom (Amendment) Act, 1934, is hereby repealed.
Passed the Legislative Council this day
of 1957.
Clerk of the Council.

No. of 1957. Rgistration of LCited Ki'ngdomz ANTJGV1A, Patents Act (Amendm ent),
The object of this Bill is to remove a hiatus in the law in force in the Colony consequent upon the coming into force of the United Kingdom Patents Act, 1949.
2. TUnder the United Kingdom Patents Acts 1907. 1946, all patents based on non-convention applications were dated as at the date of the application in the United King. dom. Section 8 of the Registration of United Kingdom Patents Act (Cap. 147) provides that the manufacture or sale of the patent in the Colony of some person in the Colony after the date of the patent in the United Kingdom and prior to the date of the certificate of registration issued in the Colony shall not be a ground for challenging the validity of the certificate.
3. Under the United Kingdom Patents Act, 1919,
however, patents are dated as at the date of filing the complete specification and some considerable time may elapse between the provisional application and the date of filing the complete specification. It is therefore necessary to amend section 8 of the United Kingdom Patents Act (Cap. 117) to bring it in line with the Unitedct Kingdom Patents Act, 1919.
Acting Attorney General.
15th .,anuary, 1957.
Printi at the G rovernmefit Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.
1 957.
A 47,77- -3.57. [Prie cents.]

1957 No. 99
The Colonial Air Navigation (Amendment) Order, 1957
Made 24th January, 1957
Lauld before Parliament 30th January, 1957 Coming into Operation lst March, 1957
At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 24th d(lay of January, 1957
The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council
Whereas it is expedient to amend the Colonial Air Navigation Order, 1955(a) (hereinafter referred to as the principal Order"), in the manner hereinafter appearing:
Now, therefore, Her Majesty, in pursuance of the powers conferred upon Her by the Civil Aviation Act, 1949(b), and the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act) Order, 1952(c), and of all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to order, anrd it is hereby ordered, as follows:
1. (1) This Order may be cited as the Colonial Air Navigation Citations, (Amendment) Order, 1957, and shall be construed as one with the construeColonial Air Navlgation Orders, 1955 and 1956(d). tior and
eommence(2) The Colonial Air Navigation Orders, 1955 and 1956, and this nient Order may he cited together as the Coionial Air Navigation Orders, 1955 to 1957.
(3) This Order shall come into operation on the 1st day of March, 1957.
2. The principal Order is hereby amended in accordance with Amend. the following provisions:- i ment of
(a) in Article 42, for paragraph (2) there is hereby substituted Airticles
the following paragraph-- 42, 45 and
" (2) The operator of any aircraft so registered ahall 5 lend
(2) S.hednleo
cause to be exhibited in the aircraft notices indicating II of the that smoking is prohibited in accordance with any condi- principal
tions with regard to smoking which are imposed by the Ordr.
certificate of airworthiness relating to the aircraft.":
(b) after paragraph (2) of Article 42 there is hereby inserted
the following paragraph" (3) A person shall not smoke in any compartment
of an aircraft so registered at a time when smoking is prohibited in that compartment by a notice exhibited in accordance with the preceding paragraph of this Article.";
(a) S.I. 195615/711 (1955 1, p. 351). (b) 12, 13 & 14 Geo. 6 c. 67,
(c) 8., 1952/868 (1952 I, p. 565)'
(d) SI, 1955/711 (1955 1, p. 351)j19561615.

(c) in proviso (b) to paragraph (1) of Article 45 there is hereby
inserted after the word thereto the words where this is
necessary for the purpose of saving life, or ";
(d) in Article 55(i) the proviso to paragraph (I ) is hereby amended by the insertion after the words )rovided that of the words "subject to paragraph (2) o)f this Article ":
(ii) after paragraph (1) there is hereby inserted the following paragraph" (2) The Governor may by regulations direct that proviso (ii) or proviso (iii) to paragragh (1) of this Article. or both those provisos, shall not apply to aircraft, or to classes of aircraft, in the Colonty, or in some parts of the Colony. and suchl regulations shall hale effect accordingly."; (iii) the paragraph nw)\ numbered (2) is hereby renumbered (3) ";
(e) Schedule II is hereby amended in accordance with the
provisions set ot in the Schedule to, this Order.
V. G. Agnew.
Amendments of Schedule II to the Principal Order 1, For Rule 15 there is hereby substituted the following Rule:" Low FlyinU{
15.---(1) Subject to the provisiokns of paragraphs (2) and ,(3) of this Rule:(a) An aircraft other than a helicopter shall not fly over any
congested area of a city, t(,wn or Settlecent below-..
(i) such height as would enable the aircraft to alight clear of
the area and without danger to persons or property on the surface, in the event of failure of a power init, or
(ii) a height of 1,5)00 feet above the highest fixed object
object within 2,000 feet of the aircraft,
whichever is the higher.
(b) A helicopter shall not fly bel4,w sich heigliht as would enable
it to alight without danger to persons or property on the surface,
in the event of failure of a pow er unit.
(c) Except with the permission in -writing of the (Governor and
in accordance with ai y conditions or limitations therein specified
a helicopter shall not fly(i) over a congested orea of. a city, town or settlement below
a height of 1,500 feet above the highest fixed object
wVithin 2,000 feet of the helicopter;
(ii) over an area prescribed for the pnrpl)oses of this paragraph
below such height as would enable it to alight clear of
the area in the event of failure of a power nnit.
(d) An aircraft shall not fly over, or within 1,000 yards of. any
assembly in the open air of more than 1,00(0 Iersonis assembled for the purpose of witnessing or participating in any organised event, except with the permission in -writing of the (Governor and in accordance with any cooditions or Jimitati ns thierein sp)ecifi( d and the consent in writing of the organizers of the event nor, even with such consent, below sutich height us would enable it to alight clear
of the assembly in the event of failure of a power mudit;

Provided that where a person is charged with an offence under
this Order by reason of a contravention of this paragraph, it shall be a good defence to prove that the flight of the aircraft over, or within 1,000 yards of, the assembly was made at a reasonable height and for a reason not connected with the assembly ,r with
the event which was the occasion for the assembly.
(e) An aircraft shall not fly closer than 500 feet to any person,
vessel, vehicle or structure,
(2) (a) Paragraphs (1) (d) and (e) of this Rule shall not apply to an aircraft in the service of the police force for any area of the Colony.
(b) Paragraphs (1) (d) and (e) of this Rule shall nit apply t the flight of an aircraft over or within 1,00(0 yards of an assembly, of pIersons gathered for the purpose of witnessing an event which consists wholly or principally of an aircraft race or contest or exhibition of tilying, if the aircraft is taking part in such race, contest or exhibition or is engagedl in a flight arranged by, or made with the consent in writing of, the organisers of the event.
(c) Paragraph (1) (1) of this hule shall not apply to:
(i) any aircraft while it is engaged in sowing any send or in
dusting or spraying the surface of the land or water nr
anything growing there n:
(ii) any aircraft while it is landing or taking off in accordance
with normal aviation practice.
(3) Nothing in this Rule shall prohibit anyV aircraft from(:t) taking off, landing or practisinig approaches to landing, or
(b1) flying for the imrpose of checking navigational aids or procedures in accordance with normal aviation practice at a Governmentor licensed ael rOroi in the (Colony or at alln aerodrimine itn any other State, or
(-) flying in such a mianoer a, may he necessary for the [irpo(se (t saving life:
Provided that iin the case of practising approaches to landing as aforesaid such practising is confined to the airspace custonlar'ily used by aircraft when landing or taking off in accordance with normal aviation practice at the aeri o/rorme concerned."
2. In Riule 29 a colon is hereby substituted for the full stop at the end thereof, aid after such colou the following proviso) is hereby added
" Pr(vidled finther that where the Governor has notified illncreases in all ,r any of the distances mentioned in paragraph (a) or in tl e first irviso to this Rule then such increased distances shall be deemed to ie substituted for the distances mentioned in this
Ruile for so long as the notification concerned is in force."
3. In paragraph (1) of Rule 34 the words or in other circumtances prescribed for this purpose are hereby inserted after the words control zone".
4. In Rule 48(a) for paragraph (3) there is hereby substituted the following
paragraph:(3) Si subject to the provisions of paragraph (2) of .this Rule,
in case of danger of collision between two aeroplanes(a) when the two aeroplanes are approaching head-on
or approximately so. each shall alter its course to the
(b) when the two aeroplanes are on converging courses,
the one which has the other on it right shall give way to

the other and shall avoid crossing ahead of the other
unless passing well clear of it:
(c) an aeroplane which is being overtaken shall have
the right of way, ati the overtaldking aeroplane shall keep out of the wziy of the other aeroplane by altering its course to the left until it is past and clear, notwithstanding any change in the relative positions of the two aeroplanes.''
(b) for paragraph (4) there is hereby substituted the following paragraph(4) Subject to tihe provisions of paragraph (2) of this Rule, a
vehicle shall--.
(a) when overtaking another vehicle overtake so that the
other vehicle is on the left side of the overtaking vehicle;
(b) keep to the left when passing another vehicle which is
approaching head-on or approximately so."
5. In paragraph (I) of Rule 70. for sub-paragraph (d) there is hereby substituted the following sub-paragraph:
" (d) prevent the use of lamps fitted to t he exterior of the aircraft for the purpose of(i) enabling the operating crew to inspect the exterior
during flight, or
(ii) enabling the aircraft to be more readily detected at considerable distances by other aircraft at night.
being in either case lamps so designed, fitted and operated that the lights shown thereby cannot be mistaken for, and do not obscure or otherwise impair the visibility of any light required to be shown
by the aircraft pursuant to this Section."
(This Note is not part of the Order, but is intendedl to indicate its general purport.)
This Order amends provisions of the Colonial Air Navigation Order, 1955, dealing with smoking in aircraft (Article 42), with the carriage of persons on parts of aircraft or attachments thereto (Article 45) and with the aerodromes to be used by passenger-carrying aircraft (Article 55). The Order increases the minimum height at which aircraft may fly over a congested area of a city, town or settlement, and contains new provisions applicable to helicopters (Rule 15 of Schedule II); it makes provision for increases in the range of visibility and distance from cloud necessary for flight complying with Visual Flight Rules (Rule 29 of Schedule II) and for more widespread filing of flight plans (Rule 34 of Schedule II); it amends the rules applicable to the movement of aeroplanes and v ehicles on the manloeuvring areas of land aerodroms (Rule 48 of Schedule II); and, subject to certain conditions, it permits aircraft flying at night to show lights designed to facilitate the detection of aircraft at considerable distances (Rule 70 of Schedule II).
The references quoted are to provisions of the Colonial Air Navigation Order 1955,
Printed at the Government Printing Offioe, Antigua, Ledward Islands,
-450-3.57. Price 6 cents,

1956, No. 53.
PLANNING ORDINANCE, 1948 (No. 4 oF 1948).
1. Designation of Scheme. The Scheme set out
hereunder shall be designated the Bendals Extension Scheme.
2. Area of Scheme. The provision of the scheme
shall apply to all that area of land comprising of 13.240 acres delineated and defined oil a map or plan prepared by E. A. Govia, Licensed Surveyor, on the 17th June, 1955, which said lands were formerly part of Belvidere Estate and is bounded as follows that is to say on the East by Public Road, North by Public Road, West by the Public Road and on the
South by lands of Belvidere.
3. Object of Scheme. To provide plots to relieve
congestion of villages.
4. Development of Land. Save as may be
permitted by the terms of an order made under the provisions of section 22 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance 1948 (No. 4 of 1948) the development of land (within the meaning of the said Ordinance) shall be restricted to the area shown on the aforesaid umip or plan and be carried out in
accordance with the provisionss of this scheme.
5. Size of Building Plots. There are 111 plots
of various sizes, as shown on the plan.
6. Prohibited Purposes. (a) No land shall be
bought, sold, leased, mortgaged, exchanged or sublet without
the consent in writing of the Central Authority.
(b) The consent of the Central Authority shall not
be unreasonably withheld, provided that consent shall not

be granted unless the prospective purchaser, lessee, exchange or sub-lessee or his agent make a statutory declaration that the land is required and intended for his
own use or the personal use of his principal.
(c) In cases where consent has been withheld to an
application for permission to sell, lease or exchange, the Central Authority may, with the agreement of the prospective vendor, leasof or exchanger repurchase the land at a reasonable sum. In the event of failure to arrive at a reasonable sum by agreement the matter shall be referred
to arbitration.
(d) No dry goods store, shop, parlour or other place
where food is sold shall be established or connected without the:approval in writing of the Central Authority.
7. Subdividing. No plot as laid out on the said map
or plan shall be subdivided.
8. Maintenance of Land and House in Good Condition. It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser of each plot to maintain both land and house in good condition to the satisfaction of the Central Authority.
9. Building Line. In order to preserve the uniformity of the frontage the purchaser of each plot shall observe the building line which is a distance of at least 10 ft. from the road boundary, curb of the road or access path, and in no case shall the front of any dwelling house or any building be made to extend nearer to or further from the said road or street than such position on the said land as is indicated by the said building line.
10. Size of Houses and height of Dwelling Houses above ground. Every new building intended ns a dwelling house to be erected on any of the lots shall ha-,e a minimum habitable floor spnce of not less than 120 sq. ft. and shall have the lowest floor raised from the ground at least eighteen inches and supported on masonry with proper and sufficient ventilation beneath the floor; provided that if the frontage of the building abuts on any public place the said building shall be on a continuous dwarf wall or concrete pillars.
11. Appt'oval of Plans. No dwelling-house, shop, hotel or other building shall be erected upon any of the plots otherwise thar, in accordance with plans and elevations and of

materials previously approved by or on behalf of othe Central Authority and no building shall be commenced upon any plot until the Central Authority or its agents shall have given a 3ertificiate in writing of such approval.
12. One Building or Private House with Out-Buildings on each Plot. Not more than one building or dwelling-house shall be erected on each plot except the necessary and usual out-buildings, stables, garage with living rooms over to be used in connection' with any house erected on the same plot or any house now standing or hereafter to be erected on any adjoining land and such dwelling-house shall not be of less value than 20 exclusive of stabling and outbuildings, and no building shall be erected until the site and elevation thereof and the site of any offices and stabling thereto shall have been approved by or on behalf of the Central Authority, and every such building shall be of such character and description and build according to such plans, designs and elevations as shall have been similarly approved in writing before the same is commenced, and no such builing shall after erection be altered without the like previous consent in writing before the same is commenced.
18. Coverage of Plot. No dwelling-house, including out-houses of whatever character on a building plot shall cover more than I of the surface of the plot.
14. Excavations. No sand or gravel shall be dug out of any plot except in the course of excavating for foundations.
15. Kitchens. The floor of every kitchen shall be made of non-inflammable materials and the chimney of every such building- shall be carried to such a height above continuous height as may be specified by The Central Authority.
16. Garage. Every garage shall be made of concrete, stone, iron or some non-inaimmable material as far as practicable.
17. Latrine Accommodation. Every building
intended for use as a dwelling or as a shop, or as a factory, or as a place of business shall be provided with proper latrine accommodation e.g. a pit latrine of a type to be approved by the Health Authorities.
18. Drainage. Each plot shall have drains properly laid to a suitable outfall for the efficient drainage of any rain or surface water from the site, and the subsoil of the site shall be effectually drained, whenever the possibilityof dampness of the site renders such a precaution necessary.

19 Projections beyond Building Line or over Public Place. No portion of the front wall of any messuage or dwelling-house to bc erected on any part of the plot shall project beyond the building line indicated upon the said plan, and no portion of or attachment to any building shall permanently project on or over any public place in such a manner that in the opinion of the Central Authority or other competent authority it would cause an obstruction or danger.
20. Temporary Structures. There shall not at any time be erected or placed or suffered to be or remain on any of the plots any temporary building or structure except sheds, workshops or office rooms to be used for the purpose of and in connection with the building of permanent buildings in course of construction upon such plot.
21. Air space in front of Dwelling-House. Every dwelling-house shall have an open space of at least twenty-four feet in front thereof. The space shall be measured to the boundary of any land or building immediately opposite to the dwelling-house or to the opposite site of any public place on which the dwelling-house immediately abuts and the space shall extend throughout the whole frontage of such dwelling-house.
22. Air space around Dwelling-House. No dwelling-house shall be placed nearer than a distance of sixteen feet to its site boundary at the rear or nearer than a distance of six feet from the eaves or any projecting part to its site boundary on either side. Provided that out-buildings approved by the vendor or other competent authority may be erected at the rear of a dwelling house.
28. Encroachment. No person shall erect any new building without previously removing every step or other encroachment which may be in or on the public place in front of the site where such building is to be erected.
24. Notice of intention to Build. (a) Every person intending to erect, remove or alter a building shall give notice of such intention to the Central Authority.
(b) The notice shall be in duplicate upon the form
prescribed by the Central Authority and shall be accompanied by plans in duplicate sufficient to show that the proposed building comply with the requirements of
t~he Central Authority.

25. Approval by the Central Authority. The Central Authority shall within six weeks of the delivery of such notice, signify in writing its approval or disapproval thereof. In the case of disapproval the Authority shall give reasons for its disapproval or specify what alterations are required.
26. Notification of' work. Any owner or his agent who intends to execute or executes work to which this scheme applies,
(a) shall notify the Central Authority in writing the
date on which work will begin;
(b) shall notify the Central Authority in writing of
the completion of any work within fourteen days after
(c) may notify the Central Authority in writing of
the completion of part of any work to a value not less than five hundred dollars within fourteen days of the completion
of work.
27. Period of Construction. (a) Building
construction shall commence within six months of approval, failing which the approval shall be deemed to have lapsed.
Construction shall be completed within one year of the date of commencement.
The Central Authority may in its discretion grant an extension of the abovementioned period.
(b) In the case of default the Central Authority may
re-purchase the lot at a price for which it was sold by the Central Authority and may purchase for a reasonable sum that part of the building which hd been erected up to the
time of the expiry of the agreed period.
In the event of failure to arrive at a reasonable sum by agreement the matter shall be referred to arbitration.
28. Inspection. (a) The Central Authority shall within twenty-one days after receipt of a notice of completion as provided for in clause 26 sections (b) and (c), inspect the work covered by such notice.
(b) the Central Authority or any daly authorised
officer reserves the righf to enter any part of the scheme whether sold, leased, rented or exchanged for purpose of

(c) every person who executes work in any part or
section of the scheme shall afford members of the Central Authority or its duly authorised employees free access to the work for the purpose of inspection at all reasonable
times during the execution of the work.
29. Default. (a) The owner or his agent who executes work to which this scheme applies and who receives from the Central Authority notice in writing during the progress of the work of withiin six weeks after receipt by the Central Authority of a notice of completion as provided for in clause 26 sections (b) and (r) specifying any matters in respect of which the erection or execution may be in contravention of the scheme and requiring such peson, within a time specified, to cause anything done contrary to the provisions of the scheme to be amended, or to do anything which by any such provision may be required to be done but which has been omitted to be done, shall within the time specified, comply with the several requirements and shall deliver to the Authority a notice in writing of the completion of such work within fourteen days of the completion.
(b) In any case of non-compliance with the requirements of the aforesaid notice, it shall be lawful for the Authority in accordance with the provisions of section 20 of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1948 to execute the works required and recover the cost from
the owner as a civil debt.
30. Any person aggrieved by the agreement or refusal of the Authority to signify its approval under clause 25 to grant its consent under clause 6 shall have a right of appeal in terms "mutatis mutandis of section 14 of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1948.
Made by the Central Housing and Planning Authority this 14th day of May, 1956.
Secretary c" -Executive Officer.
Central Authority.
Chairman, Central Housiniq if Planning Authority.

Approved by the Governor in Council this 11th day of September, 1956.
F. A. CLARKE, Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Governmnet Printing Office, Antigua. Leeward Islands, by E. M. BLACKMAN, M.B.E., Government Printer.-By Authority.
A 38181-500-3.57, [Prioe 10 cents.

1957. No. 9.
1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the King George VI $2.40 and $4.80 Stamps (Invalidation) Order, 1957.
2. Invalidation of Stamps. The stamps originally authorised for use in the Colony by and under the Stamps Order, 1948 (General Government S. R. & 0. 1948, No. 6) and further described in the Schedule to this Order, the continued use whereof was authorised by the proviso to paragraph 7 of the Stamps (Antigua) Order, 1953 (General Government S. R. & 0. 1953, No. 23) shall, as from the 31st day of March, 1957, no longer be valid for the payment of postage or stamp duties:
Provided that any person who is in possession of any such stamps may, at any time between the 31st day of March, 1957, anid the 30th day of June, 1957, apply to any Post Office in the Colony to have such stamps exchanged for and replaced by a valid stamp or valid stamps of equal value autborised for use in the Colony.
Made by the Governor in Council this 5th day of March, 1957.
Clerk o/ dic Council.

The stamp of the value of two dollars and forty cents consisting of a view of Nelson's J2 Dockyard with a profile portrait of His Late Majesty King George VI placed centrally at the top and the name of the Colony at the base; the colour being rose.
The stamp of the value of four dollars and eighty cents consisting of a view of Fort James with a profile portrait of His Late Majesty King George VI in the left top corner and the name of the Colony at the top; the colour being grey-blue.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.
A. ~2118-500-3.57. EPrice 4 cents.]

1957, No. 10.
The Plant Protection (Amendment) Regulations, 1957,
made by the Governor in Council under sections 15 and 17 of the Plant Protection Ordinance, 1941 (No.
14 of 1941).
i. Short Title, These Riegulations may be cited as
the Plant Protection (Amendment) Regulations, 1957, and shall be read as one with the Plant Protection Regulations, 1956, (S. R,. & O. 1956, No. 68) hereinafter called the
Principal Regulations.
2. Amendment of First Schedule. Item (c)
of the First Schedule to the Principal Regulations is hereby amended by deleting the words "the State of Florida and the words and brackets (excluding the State of Florida)"
occurring in the second column.
3. Amendment of Second Schedule. (1) Item
(i) of the Second Schedule to the Principal Regulations is
hereby amended as follows:(a) by deleting all the words in the second column
appearing after the letter b in brackets and substituting therefor the following:-in the case of fruit imported from the United States of Amenrica, that such fruit (lid not originate in the State of Florida and, when such fruit has been moved through the State of Florida or shipped from a port in that State, that the fruit was so moved through or shipped in sealed containers; that the point of origin of such fruit is clearly indicated on the said sealed containers, that the identity of such fruit, has been mairntain;: and that the fruit has, whilst in the State of Florida, been safe-4< guarded against all infestation"; and
AO, ,@ + F ':+

(b) by deleting the words "except the State of
Florida" occurring in the third column.
(2) Item (j) of the Second Schedule to the Principal Regulations is hereby amended as follows:(a) by substituting the words such vegetables
for the words such fruit where the latter first occur
in the second column:
(b) by deleting all the words in the second column
appearing after the letter b in brackets and substituting therefor the following:" in the case of vEgetables imported from the
United States of America, that such vegetables did not originate in the State of Florida and, when such vegetables have been moved through the State of Florida or shipped from a port in that State, that the vegetables were so moved through or shipped in sealed containers; that the point of origin of such vegetables is clearly indicated on the said sealed containers; that the identity of such veg,.etables has been maintained; and that the vegetables have, whilst in the State of Florida, been safeguarded
against all infestation ": and
() by deleting the words "except the State of
Florida occurring in the third column.
Made by the Governor in Council this oth day of March, 1957.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Othfie. Antigua, Leeward Islands,
T.P. 40/83-510-3.57. Pri'e 4 cmn t..

1957, No. 9.
WHEIIEAS pursuant to the provisions of subsection (1)
of section 25 of the Virgin Islands Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1954, as amended, the Governor by Proclamation dated the 1-1th February, 1957, prorogued the Legislative Council of the Colony of the Virgin Islands until such further date may be appointed, by Proclamation of the Administrator under the provisions of section 18 of the said Ordinance, for the
first sitting of the next session of the said Council:
AND WHEREAS it is provided by section 18 of the
Virgin Islands Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1954, as amended, that the sessions of the Legislative Council shall be held at such times and places as the Administrator shall from
time to time by Proclamation appoint:
AND WHEREAS it is expedient that a session of the
said Council should now be held:
NOW, THEREFORE, I do by this my proclamation
hereby appoint that a session of the said Couneil of the Colony of the Virgin Islands shall be held and that the first meeting shall commence with a sitting on the 13th day of March, 1957, at 11 o'clock in the forcnon and that the sitting of the said Council should be held in St. George's Hall in the town of
Road Town, Tortola in the Colony aforesaid. \/

AND the Members of the said Council and all other Her Majesty's officers and loving subjects in the said Colony and all those whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to give their ready obedience accordingly.
GIVEN at the Administrator's Office, in Tortola, in
the Virgin Islands, this 27th day of February, 1957, and in the sixth year of Her Majesty's
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands
by E. M. BLACK.IAN, Government Printer.-By Authority.
18/00054-500-3.57. [ Price 4 cen f.. 1