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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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THE\ o
Published by authority.
VOL. II. THURtSDAY, 31sTi JANUARY, 1957. No. 6.
Notices. Token Imports Schenie. No. 73 of 1956, "The Training
* School (Amendment) Regulations,
___ ___- 1956."
His Excellency v the Acting Gover- pp.Pice cents.
nor has issued a Commission to His The Governments of Canada, the ice 4 cents.
Honour ALEC LOVELACE, M.B.E., United States of America and the M.C appointing him to be his Deputy British Teriitories in the C(aribbean Building Authority. for the period of His Excellency's have agreed to the continuation of the visit to St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla from 'Token Imiort Scheme unchanged for It is herelby notified for general the 29th January, 1957, to the 5th 1957. information that His Honour the
February, 1957. Administrator ihas been pleased to
Admin istralor' O/ie, re-appoint thie following persons to
Chief Secretary's (,fhic- Antitua. the Buiilding Authority for one year
Antigua. 23rd January, 1957. with effect from 15th Jimanuary, 1957:
25th January, 1957. TP S. 40/89.
Ref. No. 13/o035. Mr. E. L. SMITH Chairman.
His Excellency the Acting Gover- O O AN Member.
nor has signed an Instrument ap- No. 11. Adiinistrator's Ofice,
pointing His Honour Lieutenant- Vrrginl Islands,
Colonel the Hononrable HENRY The Secretary of State for the Ref No. 38/12.
ANTHONY CAMILLO HOWARD to be Colonies has informed the Acting
Administrator of the Colony of St. Governor that the power of dis-
Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla with effect from allowance will not 1be exercised in It is hereby notified for general the 3rd January, 1957. respect of the undermoutioned Ordi- information that Receipt No. 7942
nance:- together with its counterfoil is missCifSecre/aryj's Of L
ChiefS erefary's Oice, ing from the )ook numbered 7901Antigua. Antigua. 8000 which was previously issued to
26th January, 1957. No. 24 of 1956 "The Workmen's John Crump of Seatons, a collector of
RIef. No. P.F. 472. Compensation Ordinance, 1956." rents and loans repa ments for the
Under the provisions of section 10 ChiefSecretary's Ofice. Labour Welfare Office.
of the Public Health Ordinance, 1956, Antigua. 2. The receipt is invalid and anythe Administrator of Antigua has 25th Januatry, 1957. one in possesion of it should report
been pleased to appoint the Assistant Ref. No. 47/00358. same to the Chief Accountant, TreasAdministrative Secretary (Medical) to No. 12. ury, immediately.
be Secretary of the Central Board of
Health, Antigna. with effect from The following Ordinances and W. S. Abbott,
1st January, 1957. Statutory Rules and Orders are circe- ar Ind ecutl e Seore re
Administiwos Ofice, lated with this Gazette and form part S I FuSt Lautr Weljr
Adr i" "si traO/, thro: atFtd.
Antigua. thereof:- '
6th ,ano 1957. ORDINANCES. Labour Wel/are Office.
Ref. No. .S. 9/39. Antigua. YTemple Street,
- -- -- No. 39 of 1956, The Summary St. John's,
*1t is herOby notified for general Jurisdiction Act (Amendment) Ordi- 8th January. 1957. information that the time has been nance, 1956." 3 pp. _Price 5 ents. Ref. No. A. 6,5/7 V. extended for the receipt of claims for Virgin Ilands.
compensation for victims of Nazi No. 12 of 1956, "The Supplemen- ACQUISITION OF LAND.
aggression. tary Appropriation (1954) (Amendo. The final date for the receipt ment) Ordinance, 1956." Notice required under section 4 of the
of claims has been extended to 1st 2 pp Price 4 cents. Land Acquisition Act, 1944
October, 1957. No. 22 of 1956, "The Title by (No. 11/1944).
Administrator's Office, Registration Act (Amendment) Ordi- Notice is hreby iven that it
St. John's, nance, 1956. 2 pp. Price 4 ce ts. es he Gven i
appears to the Governor in Council
Antigua. STATUTORY RULES & ORDERS. that the lands describedd in the
24/h January, 1957. Schedule hereto and situate at
Ref. No. A. 31/291. Antigua. Partqjuita Bay in the Island of
No. 49 of 1956, The Five Islands Tortnl are likely to be needed for a RAINFALL FIGURES. Village Extension Scheme." purpose which in the opinion of the
7 pp. Price 10 cents. Governor in Council is a l)ublic purOentral Experiment Station, No. 72 of 1956, "The Income Tax pose, namely to erect and establish a
Antig-ua. (Double Taxation Relief) (Denmark) Stock Farm AND that it is necessary
Month 1953. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957. (Amendment) Order, 1956." to make a preliminary survey of the
To26thJtn. 1,86 2'93 2.16 5.00 2.31 1 pp. Price 3 cent,,. said L.and.
32 77 7

Schedule Any person, Tnay within three less Ltd. This is expected to take
A piece or parc,,! of !mol cojimin- linontlis from th ,x dmo of tli, first place inept inhtr, 1957.
iiig approxinilikal N- 1: ',3) ;wr,.s 1 nown appearance of rhkAdvertisew -nt in Qualif Ications & Experience:
as tile Paraquita Bty iLitate anJ the Anhqua, Jlwil8errai and Vii-gin siiiiale at Parliquita Riv ill ,It(, i ditnd Islands 6r'azelt, -ive. notice in dupti- (i ) Univ,-rsity tlegtee or equivaat ks hnt diploina ill elecLiical
of Prortolit oWned b', )LLFRVD D. cate the Alai 0 t1i ce,
WATTS. Antigua, of opp, silion to i%,gistration origiiweiing, ol- graduate. or
of the said Tnode Marl s. corponde n-tembership of tit(Da f e d 21,0 day of JanuarY, 1957. Institute of Eloctrical Eni4inM. 'l.'TTLTPY, Cxctt, 0. MnoN, eers or equiNalent institution,
lie.ilistwr fit Trwle .11(irks. with appi-eciable electrical
Clerk of the Coincil. eogiijeoring experience.
(i i) eniploynient ill a responsible
Administrator's Qtflce, TIILZVDIPI 24.MH S OFFICE, 1 (,sitjon for it inillilouill of
T0,401a, AN!rj( (TA, 22nJ Jm)mt!y, 19,57. ihre(-'(3) y,,iirs with wk4l stabI dwd co icern
Ref. No. 79/00062. LTBBY, & LIBBY of pl.o idilit
h;lve ;kpplied g Wide experience in
-ic:11 ellgineerilig, pnictice.
TRAFFIC NOTICE. oz- R( gyist ratio i-, of 0 w Traiie Alark
consistilIg of 1;je
The Vehicles & Road J.'raffic The sAary or the w1i:uh itii
Ordinance, 1946. L I B B S pensionable is ill the ,oale of $43'20
I-isiliq bY annual ot ,,,, 120
By virtue of th- POW 111R 0011ferled ill 12, d);,T i- to .::t : Sihs!auces to It I'MIXMIMI) Of alinuin,
s I
on uif ill Seetion 2 of the Vehicles foo(i ol ils liont"', ill food. plus a ponsionahle p iy widition of
and Rosd Traffic O,,dinance, 1946 Tile Applio:,Illis 116111 that, they 20% of sai;irv drawli ill iniv bine.
(No. 5 of l!'46), 1 her-by fix the have usod tho :6(1 Trade Alark in APPOilltult'jit, :it' a fil"llre ahove ilia
period hi-r(,tjndei: or the lio.htin( of respect '01 the ;kid _,o ,,ls ;,wo 'iS(,)4 ininininin of tit,, seat(- may he inade vellieles. heor the (Ltt ti c s-lid Apjjjici_ accordilig ti tilo qwLlifieatiou6 and
Until furtlwr nolic ,. the li.Miting Hill. expoHenee. ol' th,-. candidate selectt-,d.
period of' velii(flo-i shall be) ft-oin Any 1wrs,,ii ma within three
montit's tVI)III tiio ith, of, Cie first Allowance:
6.00 p.1n. to 6.10 'a.In. appearau( ,, of this Advertisonietit in The oilicor %%iil he roquir,-A to
Dated this l21b dity of January, th- A Wiltrit", .11oalsew, (tt and 'irfjil'l p and ittitimain a tmilable inotor
1957. I'Slands U(1-141e, "iVe liotice ill tlll,)Ii_ car 6o, 1!i- 1.) r!',;rni:Li)cc of his thities.
K 'M. Y. JAMES. cate tt tile, Trtd,, Marl s Offico A :k(k mo;,, rpl);tylible oNer a
TP(tffic of' oj)jm 16011 Lo re ,IiStXatioll peri(ld o fi\- (5) y -iir,4, will lj ,, niude
Ref. No. 3t;/00o08. if tile said _[,r)d to hilli, it r( ki iin d, to 1) -rlllit hillt to
purchase tit(- car. Transport ;kilowBynoN. anc(t is p1tyable at prescribed ratesTIRM)ll', OFFICE, 7)wde Jt'lrks.
ANTIGUA, 22nd Lnimrv, 11957. Quarters:
tml provide(lbutshould.
T. H. ESTABROOKS CO. LIMIT- 'VACANT POST Govt roniet t (juarten4 [) corneavailable
ED of 6201, Parli Avelino, -Montreal, Post of Ciiief Engineer, Electricity rental will Ir- payable :it the i ato of
Canada, fiave apoli d for R."gistrat-lon Department, Grenada. 103/, of sal;tl-N.
of Two 'orade Alhrks consisting of the 11,11111lit'lil-e, inchi(ling a stove, tip to a
followin", Applications are invit; d for the vaint, of $2,000 t-nn be provided by
post of Chief Engineer, Electricity Govorninent, if required, at it rental
Departi-nent, Grenada, on the follow- of 10% pi r annimi of the value. ing toxins and conditions:Z Passages:
Appointment: FrIe first chss pit,"ages are provided
The po---t is peiisionitble and the oil ti 'st appointment for the (dlicer, offictw will he silhiect [o tile Coloniat his viifo and cllildrl n not oxcue(jin r R0,golations and lntW Gtnei-al Or ie I'S five (5) pet-sons in all. For these ill so far as llle ',pplic- ble. Irl, childrt-ii ninst, bt under 1,
appointuient cai-Hes with it the liabil- -d and depenyears of iire, unniarri(
il .Y to ti-ialsfer to any post of equiva- dent oil tjje officol p lent status -within ilip Windward
"T-7 Islands. Leave and Leave Passages:
Vac,ation 1,qtve is ; arned at (lie rate
'Fit- offlo ,r vvill h required to of- 4-5 dn -S fol' ,oeh Y ,ar of set-vice, al Outic and it-liav
perform all tile nsit, -s pertain ho aconintilated 111) to it
iilg to the post of Chief li,ngineer and lilaxilnum of L 0 d;tys. Leave passimv other wlliell 0overnni(,nt ','Pros at- provide, ( in accor(lance with,
jilay cAl upon lifin to p 4rfortn. the regith Thi-4e duties include '411pprvkion of
thr. plitilt, of the Power sultioll includ- '11e fipolicant will be,
ill',' Hio icolllal hl(_' phint l,114 tilf- requirt-d to ;z 4solw- 11111i'-s os Soot) ;Is deaftertli ;28th 1 'ehrirwv, 1957.
ill Class 4-; ffi 0 i to 8 tO)stal ices ufdollvs "I' ctr'c Liqllt systrln, and po sil Uged zis food or as ingi-edients in food. tile Carr i:lg mit, of "Illy extension of Appliciiti(,ns sliould be addresse(I
electricitY its mAy be decided on from
to the Clii(d, Windward
The Applicant,,, clizin) that they iiine to tinie. The officer will also
havo used ill(, said Trado ,Lirks in be required to supervise the Existing -1 irl'(11Mkin; and should reach
respect. of the said goo(Is for 57 3-ars Tele hiln oll oi- ht-fon, the 16th Felbniary,
before the dato of t l I I ieir plioue, 'Service until such titm, as .195 7.
,said Applica- the new -_ 'ystein coin -s into operation tion. under th- control of Cable & Wire- Ref. No. A. C. 13189 ---- JJT.
Prijitc,' at 'h-- (3iovemalent Prizitin!z Omee, Antitnia, Loeward 1,,lands, by E. AT. BIAWKMAX, Government Printer.-BY Aiithority.
195 7.
[Pric6 35 cents.]

No. 39 of 1956. Summary Jurisdiction Act ArTIGUA,
P. D1). MACDONALD, Acting Governor. .
31st Decembgr 1956
No. 39 of 1956.
An Ordinance to amend the Summary Jurisdiction
[1st January, 1957] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony
of Antigua.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Sum. Short title.
mary Jurisdiction Act (Amendment) Ordinance,
1956, and shall be read as one with the Summary Cap. 21.
Jurisdiction Act, as amended, hereinafter called the / 93 /1932 Principal Act. 19/1934, /1943
3/1948. 2/1955,
S.R. & O.
2. Section 15 of the Principal Act is- hereby section 15 of
repealed and in place thereof the following shall Ao Principal have effect:- and replaced.
'Deneral s it- 15. The Court shall hold sittings tingsof the in Antigua at the Court House in Court. the, City of Saint John on the first
day of every month of the year:
Provided that in case any of such days should fall on a Sunday or on any public holiday the sitting of the Court shall be held upon the next following day which is not a Sunday p y i ,7 or public holiday."

!VNTIGUA. Samrnarly Ju,'isdiction Aet No. 39 of 1956.
Sections 20 & 8. Sections 20 and 21 of the Principal Act 21 of tho Principfl Atbt Pre- are hereby repealed and in place thereof the followpealed and ing shall have effect:replaced.
"Institution of 20. All suits under this Act shall
suits, be numbered consecutively in each year,
and shall be commenced by a writ of summons in the form contained in the Schedule hereto, or as near thereto as circumstances permit, and the said writ shall be filled up with the particulars in the said form prescribed, and shall be served within the Colony, at least six days before the (lay on which the defendant is required to appear and, in default of such service within the time specified, the suit shall not abate, but such service shall be good for the next sitting of the Court.
Serviceof 21. The service of writs, orders,
process and other documents shall be effected by
the Bailiff, or other proper officer in the Colony, by delivering a copy of the documents to be served to the defendant, or other person to be served, or to his attorney on record, or by leaving the same, ,at the usual or last known place of abode or business of the defendant, or other party to be served, with a proper person for the delivery thereof to suoh party. In cases where service cannot be effected in manner as aforesaid, and in cases where the service is to be effect d in any place without the Colony the Clerk may direct such service to be effected in such manner as to him shall seem meet. The original writ, order or other document shall, when the service thereof has been effected within the Colony, be returned forthwith into Court, but when effected without the Colony, then the document shall be returned at any such time as the Clerk may specially direct, with an indorsement thereon, in all cases, of the place, time and mode of service,"

No. 39 of 1956. Summary Jurisdiction Act 3 ANTIGtA.
4. This Ordinance shall come into operation Commenceon the first day of January, 1957. ment.
Passed the Legislative Council this 21st day of December, 1956.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Officem, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, M.B.E., Government Ptinter.-By Authority.
A. 471209-510-1.57. EPric 5 oents.

No. 12 of 19586. Suphmntary pprJp)rliation VIRnTN (1954) (Amenuduna). ISLANDS.
P. D. MACDONALD, Acting Governor.
91st December, 1956.
No. l of 1956.
An Ordinance to amend the Supplementary Appropriation (1954) Ordinance, 1955.
[31st December, 1955.] Commence.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of'the Virgin Islands.
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title. Supplementary Appropriation (1954) (Amendment) Ordinance, 1956.
The Supplementary Appropriation (1954) 14/195.. Ordinance, 1955, is hereinafter called the Principal Ordinance.
2. The Schedule to th Principal Ordinance Amendmeit is hereby amended:- o Shedule
to Principal
(a) by the substitution of the number
" XI" for the number X in the first
column thereof; and

VlRGIt 2 8upplementary Appropriation No. 12 of 1956.
ISLANDS. (1954) (Amendment).
(b) by the substitution of the words "Public Works" for the words "Post Office"
in the second column thereof.
Commencement. 3. This Ordinance shall be deemed to have
had effect as from the 31st day of December, 1955.
Passed the Legislative Council the 20th day
of November, 1956.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Itsland,
by E. M. BLACIMTAN M. BE., Government Printer,-By Authority 1957.
4700140-520-1.57, [Price 4 cents.]

No. 22 of 1956. Title by Re//stration Act VIatRG
(Amendment). ISLANDS.
P. D. MACDONALD, Acting Governor. 15th December, 1956.
No. 22 of 1956.
An Ordinance to amend further the Title by
Registration Act.
[15th December, 1956.] Commencement.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of the Virgin Islands.
1. This Ordinance may be cited the Title by Short title. Registration Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 1956, and shall be read as one with the Title by Registration Act, as amended, hereinafter called the cap 99. Principal Act. 7/198.
S. R. & O.
1956 No. 22,

VInOIN 2 Title by Registration Act No. 22 of 1956.
ISLArrS. (Amendment).
Amendment 2. The Fifth Schedule to the Principal Act
of Fifto is hereby amended by the deletion of the whole schedule to
Principal number "I1" in the fifth line of the third paraOrdinance. graph thereof.
G. P. ALLSEBROOK, President.
Passed the Legislative Council the 20th day
of November, 1956.
Clerk of the Council,
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. M. BLACKMAN, IM.B.E., Government Printer.-By Authority.
47/00272-520-1.57. [Price 4 Conts.]

1956, No. 49.
1. Designation of Scheme. The Scheme set out hereunder shall be designated the Five Ishmids Village Extension Scheme.
2. Area of Scheme. The provision of the scheme shall apply to all that area of land comprising of (A) .076 acres and (B) 3.751 acres delineated and defined on a map or plan prepared by E. A. Govia, Licensed burveyor, on (A) 12th May, 1950, and (B) 9th February, 1955; *hich said land was formerly part of Sutherland Estates. Bounded as follows:
(A) that is to say on the North by Public Road, on the East by Public Road, on the South by old Village on the West by Crown Land. (B) that is to say on the North by Crown Land, on the East and South by the Public Road and on the West by Church lands.
3. Object of Scheme. To provide plots to relieve congestion of villages.
4. Development of Land. Save as may be
permitted by the terms of an order made under the provisions of section 22 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance 1948 (No. 4 of 1948) the development of land (within the meaning of the said Ordinance) shall be restricted to the area shown on the aforesaid matp or plan and be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this scheme.
5. Size of Building Plots. There are (A) 26 plots and (B) 33 plots of various sizes as shown on the plan.
6. Prohibited Purposes. (a) No land shall be bought, sold, leased, mortgaged, exchanged or sublet without the consent in writing of the Central Authority.
7 2 724

(b) The consent of the Central Authority shall not
be unreasonably withheld, provided that consent shall not be granted unless the prospective purchaser, lessee, exchange or sub-lessee or his agent make a statutory declaration that the land is required and intended for his
own use or the personal use of his principal.
(c) In cases where consent has been withheld to an
application for permission to sell, lease or exchange, the Central Authority may, with the agreement of the prospective vendor, leasor or exchanger repurchase the land at a reasonable sum. In the~-event of failure to arrive at a reasonable sum by agreement the matter shall be referred
to arbitration.
(d) No dry goods store, shop, parlour or other place
,where food is sold shall be established or connected without the approval in writing of the Central Authority.
7. Subdividing. No plot as laid out on the said map or plan shall be subdivided.
8. Maintenance of Land and House in Good Condition. It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser of each plot to maintain both land and house in good condition to the satisfaction of the Central Authority.
9. Building Line. In order to preserve the uniformity of the frontage the purchaser of each plot shall observe the building line which is a distance of at least 10 ft. from the road boundary, curb of the road or access path, and in no case shall the front of any dwelling house or any building be made to extend nearer to or further from the said road or street than such position on the said land as is indicated by the said building line.
10. Size of Houses and height of Dwelling Houses above ground, Every new building intended
as a dwelling house to be erected on any of the lots shall have a minimum habitable floor space of not less than 120 sq. ft. and shall have the lowest floor raised from the ground at least eighteen inches and supported on masonry with proper and sufficient ventilation beneath the floor; provided that if the frontage of the building abuts on any public place the said building shall be on a continuous dwarf wall or concrete pillars.
11. Approval of Plans. No dwelling-house, shop, hotel or other building shall be erected upon any of the plots otherwise than in accordance svith plans and elevations and of

materials previously approved by or on behalf of the Central Authority and no building shall be commenced upon any plot until the Central Authority or its agents shall have given a certificate in writing of such approval.
12. One Building or Private House with
Out-Buildings on each Plot. Not more than one building or dwelling-house shall be erected on each plot except the necessary and usual out-buildings, stables, garage with living rooms over to be used in connection with any house erected on the same plot or any house now standing or hereafter to be erected on any adjoining land and such dwelling-house shall not be of less value than 20 exclusive of stabling and out-buildings, and no building shall be erected until the site and elevation thereof and the site of any offices and stabling thereto shall have been approved by or on behalf of the Central Authority, and every such building shall be of' such character and description and build according to such plans, designs and elevations as shall have been similarly approved in writing before the same is commenced, and no such building shall after erection be altered without the like previous consent in writing before the same is commenced.
18. Coverage of Plot. No dwelling-house, including out-houses of whatever character on a building plot shall cover more than A of the surface of the plot.
14. Excavations. No sand or gravel shall be dug out of any plot except in the course of'excavating for foundations.
15. Kitchens. The floor of every kitchen shall be made of non-inflammable materials and the chimney of every such building shall be carried to such a height above continuous height as may be specified by the Central Authority.
16. Garage. Every garage shall be made of concrete, stone', iron or some non-inflammable material as far as practicable.
17. Latrine Accommodation. Every building
intended for use as a dwelling or as a shop, or as a factory, or as a place of business shall be provided with proper latrine accommodation e.g. a pit latrine of a type to be approved by the Health Authorities.
18. Drainage. Each plot shall have drains properrly laid to a suitable outfall for the efficient drainage of any rain or surface water from the site, and the subsoil of the site shall be effectually drained, whenever the possibility of dampness of the site renders such a precaution necessary,

19 Projections beyond Building Line or over Public Place. No portion of the front-wall of any messuage or dwelling-house to be erected on any part of the plot shall project beyond the building line indicated upon the said plan,
-and no portion of or attachment to any building ,hall permanently project on or over any public place in such a manner that in the opinion of the Central Authority or other competent authority it would cause an obstruction or danger.
20. Temporary Structures. There shall not at any time be erected or placed or suffered to be or remain on any of the plots any temp rary building or structure except sheds, workshops or office rooms to be used for the purpose of and in connection with the building of permanent buildings in course of construction upon such plot.
21. Air space in front of Dwelling-House.
Every d(Iwelling-house shall have an open space of at least twenty-four feet in front thereof. The space shall be measured to the boundary of any land or building immediately opposite to the dwelling-house or to the opposite site of any public place on which the dwelliing-house immediately abuts and the space shall extend throughout the whole frontage of such dwelling-house.
22. Air space around Dwelling-House. No dwelling-house shall be placed nearer than a distance of sixteen feet to its site boundary at the rear or nearer than a distance of six feet from the eave-s or any projecting part to its site boundary on either side. Provided that out-buildings approved by the vendor or other competent authority may be erected at the rear of a dwelling house.
23. Encroachment. No person shall erect any new building without preiouslyv removing every step or other encroachment which may be in or on the public place in front of the site where such building is to be erected.
24. Notice of intention to Build. (a) Every person intending to erect, remove or alter a building shall give notice of such intention to the Central Authority.
(b) The notice shall be in duplicate upon the form
prescribed by the Central Authority and shall be accompanied by plans in duplicate sufficient to show that the proposed building complies with the requirements of
Lhe Central Authority.

25. Approval by the Central Authority. The Central Authority shall within six weeks of the delivery of such notice, signify in writing its approval or disapproval thereof. In the case of disapproval the Authority shall give reasons for its disapproval or specify what alterations are required.
26. Notification of work. Any owner or his
agent who intends to execute or executes work to which this scheme applies,
(a) shall notify the Central Authority in writing the
date on which work will begin;
(b) shall notify the Central Authority in writing of
the completion of any work within fourteen days after
(c) may notify the Central A uthority in writing of
the completion of part of any work to a valti not less than five hundred dollars within fourteen days of the completion
of work.
27. Period of Construction. (a) Building
construction shall commence within six months of approval, failing which the approval shall be deemed to have lapsed.
Construction shall be completed within one year of the date of commencement.
The Central Authority may in its discretion grant an extension of the abovemientioned period.
(b) In the case of default the Central Authority may
re-purchase the lot at a price for which it was sold by the Central Authority and may purchase for a reasonable sum th,9t part of the building which had been erected up to the
time of the expiry of the agreed period.
In the event of failure to arrive at a reasonable sum by agreement the matter shall be referred to arbitration.
28. Inspection. (a) The Central Authority shall within twenty-one days after receipt of a notice of completion as provided for in clause 26 sections (b) and (c), inspect the work covered by such notice.
(b) the Central Authority or any duly authorised
officer reserves the" right to enter any part of the scheme whether sold, leased, rented or exchanged for purpose of

(c) every person who executes work in any part or
section of the scirein, shall afford members of the Central Authority or its duly authorised employees free access to the work for the purpose of inspection at all reasonable
times during the execution of the work.
29. Default. (a) The owner or his agent who executes work to which tis scheme applies and who receives from the Central Authority notice in writing during the progress of the work of within six weeks after receipt by the Central Authority of it notice of completion as provided for in clause 26 sections (b) and (c) specifying any matters in respect of which the erection or execution may be in contravention of the scheme and requiring such peson, within a time specified, to cause anything done contrary to the provisions of the scheme to be amended, or to do anything which by any such provision may be required to be done but which has been omitted to be done, shall within the time specified, comply with the several requirements and shall deliver to the Authority a notice in writing of the completion of such work within fourteen days of the completion.
(b) In any case of non-compliance with the requirements of the aforesaid notice, it shall be lawful for the Authority in accordance with the provisions of section 20 of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1948
to execute the works required and recover the cost from
the owner as a civil debt.
30. Any person aggrieved by the agreement or refusal of the Authority to signify its approval under clause 25 to grant its consent under clause 6 shall have a right of appeal in terms "mutatis mutandis of section 14 of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1948.
Made by the Central Housing and Planning Authority this 14th day of May, 1956.
Secretary 4, Executive Officer.
Central 'Authority.
Chairman, (Jentral Housing t Planning Authority,

Approved by the Governor in Council this 4th day of September, 1956.
F. A. CLARKE, Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Governmnet Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands.
by E. M. BLACKMAN, AI.B.E., Government Printer.-By Authority.
A, 38/94-500-1,.57, [Prioe 10 cents,

1956, No. 72.
1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the
Income Tax (Double Taxation Relief) (Denmark) (Amendminent) Order, 1956, and shall be read as one with the Income Tax (Double Taxation Relief) (Denmark) (Amendment) Order, 1956 (S.R. & 0. 1956 No. 11) hereinafter called
the Principal Order.
2. Amendment. The Second Schedule to the Principal Order is hereby amended by the substitution of the figures "1954" for the figures 1955" in subparagraph (b) of
paragraph 1 thereof.
Made by the Governor in Council this 18th day of
December, 1956.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward'Islands, by E. M. BLACKMAN, M.B.E,, GOVERNMENT PRINTED .-By Authority.
X AC 31/39-I11-500-1.57. Price 3conts.
3 2-e 74 1

1956, No. 73
1. SHORT TITLE. These Regulations may be cited as the Training School (Amendment) Regulations, 1956, and shall be read as one 'with the Rules and Regulations for the regulation of the Training School published in the Leeward Islands Gazette of the 29th June, 1905, as amended, hereinafter called the Principal Regulations.
2. AMENDMENT. The Principal Regulations are hereby amended by the substitution of the following Schedule for Schedule C to the Principal liegulations:DAILY DIETARY SCALE
Description of Quantity issued Number of days
Articles per (lay per year
Oats 3 ozs. 365
Sugar 4j ,, 365
Meal 6 ,, 52
Pork 2 ,, 208
Bread 53 ,, 52
Meat 6 ,, 104
Vegetables 2 ,, 52
Salt Fish 2 ,, 104
Potatoes 12 ,, 52
8 ,, 104
4 ,, 52
Rice 5 ,, 156
3 ,, 52
Peas 4 ,, 104
Sweet Oil oz. 104
Milk, fresh 1 pts. 365
Butter I oz. 365
Cocoa or tea 4 ,, 365

Description of Quantity issued Number of days
Articles per day per year
Fresh Fish 8 ozs. 52
Pumpkins 4 ,, 52
Yams 8 ,, 104
Eggs 1 156
Oranges or Guava 1 156
Fruits 365
Carrots 2 ozs. 52
Onions 1 oz. 52
Tomatoes 4 ozs. 52
Made by the Governor in Council this 18th day of December, 1956.
Clerk of the Council.
Piated at the Government Printina Office. Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by E. NI. BLACKMAN, M.B E., Government Printr.-By Authority.
A. 51/85.-500-1.57. [Price 4 cents.]