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t"S7 THE


Published by authority.
VOL. II. THURSDAY, 1()ri JANUARY, 19!57. No. 3.

Budget Address by the Financial Secretary.

Mr. President and Honourable Member. T' ( Council:-
Under the new Ministerial System it is considered more appropriate that the Financial Secretary
should present the. Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 1957. In doing so I would like to say
that the three ministers have been closely associated with the preparation of the estimates before you
which have been scrutinized by the Finance Committee of this Council.
As a result of consultation with the Administrator and the Minister of Trade and Production
in the latter part of November, the Secretary of State has fixed the block grant in aid of revenue at
$1,311,577 reserving items totalling $1 14,776 for further explanation ail information. Members will
note with some degree of satisfaction the improved financial prospects for 1957. The estimated local
revenue for 1957 is $7,047,214 that is $1,354,244 more than the estimated local revenue for 1956.
The estimated local expenditure for 1957 is $8,473,567 that is $1,9x5.178 more than the estimated
local expenditure in 1956.
The estimated increase in Revenue is due in large measure to the vastly improved prospects
for the sugar crop and to the revenue to be derived from Agricultural products generally, especially the
export of cotton. It is also proposed to increase slightly the income tax payable by companies and it is
hoped that at least an additional $50,000 will be collected from this source.
As far as the estimated expenditure is concerned, the increase follows the normal modern
tendency and occurs in the Social Services, Health and Education, accounting for an increase of over
$295,000 as compared with 1956. Under Head I-Provision of $24,350 has also been made for the
payment of interest to the Crown Agents pending the raising of loans. A general overall increase under
Personal Emoluments of some $206,000 over the provision in 1956 is also shown under the several heads
of expenditure due to the 20% increase of salary granted to Civil Servants as from 1st January, 1956.
On previous occasions, the Administrator has referred to the constant efforts of Government to
find additional sources of revenue. It is proposed in 1957 to revise the fees under the Stamp Duty Act
and the Title by Registration Act in an endeavour to find additional revenue. It is also proposed as
already indicated to increase the income tax on companies and it is further proposed in the not too
distant future to introduce the Pay as you Earn system of income Tax. This latter proposal will, due
to the complexities of the system, require expert advice which it is hoped will be obtained during 1957.
I propose to now deal with the estimates under three main heads-Trade and Production, Social Services
and Public Works and Communications.
The Ministry of Trade and Production states that the place of tourism in the economy of this
Colony continues to be a subject of popular interest and often of sharp controversy. It is the view of
the Government that,iproperly planned and directed, tourism could make a significant contribution to the
national income of Antigua and provide additional employment for our increasing population; but tourist
development must be planned with the view of preserving our traditional way of life and maintaining the
stability of our other vital economic activities. The basis of the economic policy of the Government is
the development of our total resources, and in this context the Minister of Trade and Production is
prepared to give every support to an industry which seeks to exploit Antigua's wonderful climate and
superb beaches. During the first nine months of 1956 no less than 6,565 tourists visited the Colony and
spent an estimated $719,000. This compares favourably with 6,897 visitors for the whole of 1955 and
6,333 in 1954. The greatest need of the industry is increased hotel accommodation, and the Government
has decided that the construction of hotels must be given priority and that until the accommodation
position has improved all Government sites with tourist potential should be reserved for hotels named
and registered as such under the Licensing and Hotels Aid Ordinances. It is realized that the practical
problem to be solved in this connexion is that of raising the capital necessary for hotel development, and
the Minister of Trade and Production proposes presently to give consideration to ways and means of
mobilizing the necessary capital, both local and external, for investment in a tourist hotel

s 8'. 79?7
24 a..


For the first time in many years we are looking forward with confidence to a sugar crop in
1957 which is likely to reach our quota under the Commonwealth Sugar Agreement. Unfortunately, the
weather conditions and the prolonged reaping of the 1956 sugar crop have contrived to make the outlook
for cotton in 1957 slightly less favourable than in 1956. The indications are, however, that our income
from the export of agricultural produce is likely to be greater in 1957 than in 1956.
Crop trials which the Department of Agriculture has been conducting with castor and tobacco
have already yielded much valuable information, and these experiments will be continued until conclusive
results are obtained. During the forthcoming year the Department also intends to undertake investiga-
tions into the cultivation of gnar and to examine the possibilities of growing carob or locust bean on a
commercial scale. In just a few days we will be having a visit from an expert who is coming to advise
the Department of Agriculture on the possibilities of growing coffee.
Probably the most important economic development in this Colony during 1956 was the
opening of the Industrial Development Board's edible oil and stock meal mill at Cassada Gardens.
Aftrl initial difficulties the factory finally got into stride about the middle of May and has been able to
supply about one half of the island's total requirements of edible oil. A ready market has been found
in the United Kingdom for the entire output of cotton seed meal. The new Central Cotton Ginnery at
Cajssada Gardens is nearing completion and will be ready for the next crop. At Tremontania the
arrowroot factory is complete and will be ready to go into production early in 1957. More land is now
being planted in arrowroot and it is estimated that by the 1958/59 season the factory should be receiving
large supplies of arrowroot. This factory has been financed entirely from the resources of the Industrial
Development Board and is a monument to the economic and financial soundness of the Board and the
determination of the Board to fufil the promise made to the people of the Valley urea that Government
woud replace their primitive mills with a modern and efficient plant. The Government is confident that
this factory could make a tremendous impact for good on the economic life of the villages on the southern
coast of the island.
On the occasion of the last budget speech the Administrator informed the House that investiga-
tions in conjunction with the Imperial Institute into the possibility of establishing a local cornmeal factory
were well advanced. The Ministry now reports that those investigations established the fact that
cornmeal could be produced locally which would be competitive with imported meal as regards quality
and price. As a result, the Secretary of State has ;greed to a local loan issue of $96,000 to raise funds
for financing this project. An order has been placed for the mill, and the loan prospectus was issued on
December, 15th, 1956.
The land settlement programme was extended in 1956 by the purchase of Belmont, Patterson's
and Bodkins estates, and there has been a continued expansion of the area under cultivation and a steady
rise in levels of production and standards of efficiency in peasant agriculture. It is gratifying to note
that, whereas the peasants in 1953 accounted for one third of the canes produced, today they are supply-
ing one-half of the island's cane crop. The soundness of our peasant development policy has been
attested to by Mr. F. A. Brown, one time Manager of the Sudan Gezira Scheme, who, after a survey of
peasant agriculture and land settlement on the British Caribbean, has reported that land settlement in
Antigua is in marked contrast to that seen in most other islands, and that the scheme is the best attempt
at Laid settlement seen in the West Indies to date and deserves every support.
We were able in 1956 to make a start with organising the marketing of fish. Filnncial assistance
was provided for the installation of refrigeration facilities for retailing fish at the St. John's Fish Market,
and similar equipment on a more modest scale has been installed in country districts. In 1957 it is
proposed to extend these facilities to other areas, and the refrigerated fish van, purchased with a "olonial
Development and Welfare grant, will then be able to transport an even larger proportion of the catch
from outlying fishing villages to St. John's and other large centres of population. The provision
in the Estimates for loans and advances to fishermen has been increased from $55,000 to $100,000,
and it should in future be possible for every bona fide fisherman to obtain without difficulty Govern-
met financial assistance for the purchase or improvement of boats and fishing gear. he policy of
the Government is aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in supplies of fish, and this will require
doubling the present output of the industry. The Minister of Trade and Production therefore
proposes to continue the programme of flying fish and other investigations, and a new research
boat for the Fishery Division is at present being constructed with funds made available under a
C. D. & W. grant.
So successful has been the livestock grazing area at Green Castle, that it has been decided
to implement a programme of establishing grazing areas in the villages, and later in the proceedings
the House will be asked to authorise the expenditure of $3,600 for a start on this work in 1957.
It is a matter of some concern that in the development of this Colony the island of
Barbuda-no doubt for understandable reasons-has lagged behind. The Government is anxious
that the economic and social progress that has come to Antigua should find a counterpart in
Barbuda, and it is proposed to appoint a committee of experts in the near future to investigate the
development possibilities of that island and to make recommendations.


The Ministry of Social Services still has under review the revival of local government.
It has rot been possible so far to get beyond the preliminary draft of a simple form of legislation to
replace the somewhat complicated procedure prescribed under the Village Councils Ordinance
4/194.5, but the provision of $9,000 has been inserted again in the 1957 draft Estimates to meet the
expenses of Village Councils when elected and functioning. It will be of interest to honourable
Members to know that a regional conference will shortly be held at the U. C. W. I. in Jamaica to
consider this question of the development of local government in the British Caribbean territories.
The substantial increase from $1,900 to 86,000 uIner item 3 of Head XV(2) St. John's
Training School has been necessitated by an increase of the number of boys in the School and the
adoption of an improved dietary recommended by the medical authorities and prepared in detail by
Miss E. Haglund, F.A.O. Home Economist working in this area under the auspices of the Caribbean
A word may be said in regard to the new subsection under Head XV of the Estimates,
viz. XV(3) Girls Reformatory. From investigations made by the Ministry of Social Services it has
been ascertained that approximately 15 complaints are filed each year against female juveniles.
Some of these girls are recidivists but the Juvenile Court has been handicapped by the absence of
a place where they could be sent for corrective training.
The sum of 8,500 ($40,400) has therefore been inserted under Public Works Extraordinary
for the provision of suitable premises to house a Girls Reformatory and the provision of $4,419 shown
under Head XV(3) is to meet recurrent operating costs of the institution for the latter half of 1957.
Two years ago Council passed the Central Board of Health (Constitution and Temporary
Powers) Ordinance--15/1954 creating one central authority to administer the health and medical
services of the Colony. A comprehensive Public Health Ordinance w;s passed by this Council a few
days ago.
The present budget reflects further steps taken in the reorganisation of the Medical
The provision for the new post of Medical Superintendent of the Holberton Hospital is
intended to relieve the Surgeon Specialist of all administrative duties connected with the running of
the hospital. This arrangement has become even more necessary with the enlargement of the
institution. With the new (Blackburne) Ward now under construction, the new pathology laboratory
almost finished, the projected new nurses hostel and preliminary training school, and the procurement
of further equipment which this expansion entails, it has been realized that the post of Medical
Superintendent is a full-time job calling for an experienced hospital officer. He will assume immediate
responsibility for the efficient administration of the Institution and responsibility for general clinical
running of the Institution with special reference to non-surgical units.
As a result of the latest revision of the Colony's Development Plan following the visit to
London of the Administrator and the Minister of Trade and Production, an application has gone
forward for C. D. & W. funds for the establishment of an Out-patients Iepartment in St. John's which
will do much to solve the unsatisfactory arrangements under which medical attention is now made
available. It is expected that the construction of the Out-patients Department will be completed in
the latter part of 1957 and therefore in the Estimates before.honourable Members provision of $2436
has been made for recurrent Pxpenditure on the service.

The sum of $29,000 for drugs under item 12 of Head XVI (1) represents a considerable
increase on the former drug votes (viz. Drug store and Dispensary $4,000. Drugs and drug allowances
$9052) totalling $13,052. The new vote is intended to provide for the needs of the Out-patients
Department and the Public Health Centre and to increase the drug allowance to District Medical
Officers. It is proposed that as an emergency measure, until the Out-patients Department is in
operation, each of the country District Medical Officers will be supplied with drugs to the value of
$2,000 and $3,600 has been provided under item 21 of Head XVI(1) to cover the cost of the payment
of two dispensers for medical officers in the country districts.
Occasionally needy causes arise who require specialist treatment for which this Colony is not
equipped. This treatment can usually be supplied in Jamaica or Trinidad, and it is not considered
economically justified for us to maintain such a service which would involve the provision of a specialist
and essential equipment. The Ministry of Social Services has therefore taken a modest step towards
bringing up-to-date medical facilities within the reach of needy patients by providing a sum of $2,000
under item 20 of Head XVI(1) to assist in paying the cost of passages etc. for needy patients to
Colonies where the required treatment is available. Such assistance will only be given if the Senior
Medical Officer is satisfied that there is no suitable alternative treatment available in Antigua.
Council will recall the passage of a new Education Ordinance early in the year. This will
become operative as from 1st January, 1957.

Since the appointment of an Education Policy Committee some ten \ears ago following
a resolution passed by the then Legislative Council there has been a steady development in the Colony's
Education Services-a development which has recently been accelerated. Not only has there been
a re-organisation of the Primary Schools; there has also been increasing participation by Government
in the improvement of Secondary education. This is reflected in the substantial increase of the
provision for grants-in-aid to Secondary schools in the Estimates before honourable Members, and the
addition of the post of Headmaster, Antigua Grammar School, to the Secondary Schools' staff carried
on the pensionable establishment. The Ministry of Social Services has been giving a good deal of
consideration to the question of the future of the Spring Gardens Teachers Training College. An
increase of 50% on this Colony's grant-in-aid to the College has been provided against the possibility
of a rise in the College's expenditure.
It has become necessary to consider the organi-ation of the Education Department staff in
the light of these developments and hon. Members will observe that budgetary provision has been
m:id for the new post of Education Officer.
In addition to the expenditure provided for in the coming year's draft Estimates,
application has been submitted for the Secretary of State's approval of grants totalling 83,000
under the Colony's Development Plan, 1955-60, to finance the construction of six new schools.
This programme is designed to ensure that there are suitable school buildings in the villages which
will also be available for community purposes and will thus facilitate the social development which
has been steadily taking place in the Colony over the past years.
The Ministry of Public Works and Communications draws the attention of honourable
Members to a sum of $110,000 which has been provided in the budget under a new Head-
" Deferred Maintenance" to take care of of the programme of road reconstruction in 1957 as
detailed in Appendix XIV of the Estimates. A further sum of $259,000 has been earmarked
for maintenance of roads and city streets. It will be seen that the amount to be expended on
roads in 1957 will exceed the 1956 provisions by $149,000 but this increase was inevitable if
Government is to maintain its policy of providing adequate means of communications, a factor so
essential to the Island's economy.
In addition to the roads listed in Appendix XIV the rehabilitation of the Willikies Road,
which is in a deplorable condition and which provides access to so many villages, settlements and
estates, is to be undertaken. The estimated cost is $80,520. Half of this sum ($40,272) is being
financed by a C. D. & W. grant while the Secretary of State has approved of the balance of
$40,218 being met from the 1954 surplus allowed for deferred maintenance purposes.
Further sums totalling $72,000 have been approved from C. D. & W. funds to provide
access roads which are so needed in new development housing areas at Swetes, Potters and Sea
View Farm where houses have been constructed on the hire-purchase system for the labouring
classes; and also to improve and. complete roads in seven villages where village extension has been
carried out.
Turning to the question of water supply the sum of $275,750 has been included in the
budget for this essential service. It will be noted that $217,500 is to he voted for maintenance
and improvement of the supply and the replacement of mains. This amount represents an
increase of $89,500 on the 1956 provisions but the expenditure incurred and the requirements for
this service to the end of 1956 have disclosed that the 1956 provisions were underestimated to the
extent of S.,,n0.
It must be admitted that the maintenance of this essential service is ever on the increase
and that the revenue derived falls short of the expenditure, but this is attributable to the fact that
in Ihe country areas most of the water is drawn off public stand pipes and village tanks which are
not rateable.
It is proposed to further augment the water supply by the erection of a steel tank
reservoir of about 122,000 gallons capacity at Scotts Hill. Water borne through new mains will
be pumped to this tank by two centrifugal pumps to be installed at Grays Hill and this will
increase the pressure and supply to the Holberton Hospital and certain other areas including the
Poposhead area if necessary. Because of the elevation of the tank additional pressure will be
obtained for firefighting in the City of St. John.
The cost of this project is estimated at $102,000 and provision for half of the cost
($51,000) is included in the budget, the other half being met from (. 1). & W. funds.
The 3 inch main which runs through Swetes from Wallings is being replaced by a (i inch
line the laying of which has reached within half a mile of All Saints. The completion of this
work is estimated to cost $15,000 and a half of this amount is provided for in the budget, the
remaining half being met from C. D. & W. funds. On completion the residents of the new housing
development at All Saints will for the first time be supplied with water and the delivery to the
villages now served from the present line will improve substantially because of the size of the
new main.
Another major project to be undertaken is the construction of a new bridge to replace
the North Sound Bridge, which is in a dangerous condition. The estimated cost of this work is
$20,000 and provision for this has accordingly been made under Head XXXI-Deferred Maintenance.
In conclusion and while commending the Estimates for 1957, for yourapproval, may I wish
you Mr. President and all the Members of Council a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New
Year and may I express the hope that Antigua be selected as the Capital site.


Between the Post Office Departments of Canada and the Colony of the Virgin Islands concern-
ing the exchange of Money Orders, to take the place of the Convention between Canada and the Leeward
Islands, which was signed at Ottawa, Canada, on the 23rd day of July, 1904, and at St. John's Antigua,
on the 21st day of January, 1905.
For the purpose of establishing a system of exchange of Money Orders between Canada and
the Virgin Islands, the undersigned, the Postmaster General of Canada and his Honour the Administrator
of the Virgin Islands, by virtue of authority vested in them, have agreed to the following articles.
There shall be a regular exchange of Money Orders between Canada and the Colony of the
Virgin Islands.
(1) The maximum of each Canadian Money Order shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) and
no Money Order shall include a fractional part of a cent. Every Money Order shall be drawn on the
authorized Form only (Specimen A).
(2) The maximum of each Virgin Island Money Order shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00)
and no Money Order shall include a fractional part of a cent. Every Money Order shall be drawn on
the authorized Form only (Specimen B).
The rates of commission to be charged on Money Orders drawn in Canada upon the Virgin
Islands, or vice versa, shall be the same as the inland rates for Money Orders issued for payment within
the respective jurisdictions.
(1) Each country shall keep the commission charged on all Money Orders issued within its
own jurisdiction for payment in the other and no charge will be made by either Administration for any
services performed for the other in connection with the exchange of Money Orders.
(2) Each Administration shall communicate to the other the tariff or schedule of the fees to be
,established by it under the provisions of this Article and also any subsequent change therein.
Money Orders shall be drawn only on authorized Money Order Offices of the respective
-countries and each Postal Administration shall furnish to the other a list of such offices, and from time
to time notify any addition to, or change in such lists.
Every Money Order shall contain the name of the office and of the country of destination and
if relating to a Money Order payable in Canada, the name of the Province in which such office is situated.
Money Orders shall be issued only on the applicant furnishing the given name, surname and
:address of the person to whom the amount is to be paid, and his own name and address, except in the
-case of business firms whose usual designation will be sufficient. Such Money Orders are to be handed
to the remitters for transmission to the payees.
(1) Money Orders drawn in Canada on the Virgin Islands shall be expressed in Sterling
money, and in Canadian dollars and cents. Money Orders drawn in the Virgin Islands on Canada shall
be expressed in Canadian dollars and cents and in Sterling money.
(2) Each of the contracting Administrations shall have the power to fix, from time to time,
the rate of conversion applicable to Money Orders issued by it.
On the first day of each month or as soon as possible thereafter, each Administration shall
prepare in duplicate a certified list of all Money Orders issued by the other Administration which have
been paid by and received from its inland offices and examined up to and including the last day of the
preceding month.
(a) The Money Orders shall be listed in numerical sequence of serial numbers and the
lists will show the serial number of each Order and its amount in Canadian dollars and cents
and in Sterling money. The sum total of each sheet of paid Orders shall be stated in a
summary attached to the list.
(b) The lists shall be numbered consecutively throughout the calendar year, beginning
with number 1 for the list of Orders paid and/or examined during the month of January
and ending with the list for the month of December.
(c) One c py of each of the lists shall be transmitted on the part of the Virgin Islands to
the Director of Financial Services, Post Office Department, Ottawa 4, Canada-Attention,
Money Order I)ivision and in like manner on the part of Canada to the Postmaster General,
Road Town, Trtola.
(d) Every paid Order shall acoompany the list in which it is entered and the package
containing the list and paid Orders shall be forwarded under the registered cover.
(e) Each Administration shall as soon as possible after receipt of a list give notice of any
errors which may be discovered therein.

(f) If at any time the package containing the paid Orders transmitted by one Adminis-
tration to the other be lost while in transit by mail, it is agreed that a certified cop) of the list
shall within a reasonable length of time be accepted by the other Administration as a.
satisfactory voucher and evidence of payment of the Orders described therein which have
been lost or destroyed.
The Orders drawn by each country upon the other shall be payable upon presentation subject
to the regulations which govern the payment of Money Orders in the country on which they are drawn.
(1) (a) Money Orders alleged to have been lost or destroyed will be replaced with duplicates;
to be issued by the Administration of the country of origin.
(b) Applications for duplicates may be accepted only from the purchasers or the holders;
of the purchasers' receipts or from the payees or endorsees if they are responsible concerns
which customarily extend credit for Money Orders alleged to have been mailed to them.
Except in the latter cases, the responsibility of obtaining the duplicates will devolve upon the
payees who should communicate with the purchasers.
(2) (a) Duplicates issued in favour of the payees of Money Orders will be sent to the Post
Office Department of the country of payment.
(b) Duplicates requested in favour of the remitters of Money Orders will not be issued
until certificates shall first have been obtained from the country of payment certifying that the.
original Money Orders have not been paid.
The Money Orders issued in pursuance of this Convention shall be valid until the expiration
of twelve months from the last day of the month in which issued.
Original Money Orders may be repaid by the country of origin without reference to the other
Administration, in accordance with the internal regulations of the country of issue.
Should it appear that Money Orders are used by mercantile men in Canada or the Virgia
Islands for the transmission of large sums of money, or in the nc;se of a great advance in the rate o[
Exchange, or other circumstances creating abuses or acting injuriously to the postal revenue, either-
country shall he at liberty to increase the commission or suspend the issue of Money Orders for a time.
The accounts shall be prepared monthly on the basis of individual indebtedness, each country
preparing the account in respect to the amount due to its Administration.
(1) (a) The Post Office Department of the Virgin Islands shill prepare an account in
duplicate showing the total amount paid in Sterling money in respi, ct to Money Orders of
Canadian issue. Both copies of the account shall be forwarded to Canada with the relative
monthly list and paid Money Orders.
(b) The Post Office Department of Canada shall return an accepted copy of the,
account and shall remit to the Post Office Department of the Virgin Islands a draft on
London, England, expressed in Sterling money in favour of the Postmaster General, the
Virgin Islands, for the amount due to the Virgin Islands.
(2) (a) The Post Office Department of Canada shall prepare an account in duplicate
showing the total amount paid in Canadian Dollars in respect to Money Orders originating in
the Virgin Islands. Both copies of the account shall be forwarded to the Virgin Islands with.
the relative monthly list and paid Money Orders.
(b) The Post Office Department of the Virgin Islands shall return an accepted copy
of the account and shall remit to the Post Office Department of Canada a draft on Ottawa,,
Canada, expressed in Canadian Dollars in favour of the Receiver General of Canada for
the amount due to Canada.
(3) Pending the settlement of an account, either Administration may make a provisional
payment on the amount owing to the other Department.
(4) The expense attending the settlement of accounts shall be borne by the debtor
The present Convention shall take effect on the 1st day of November one thousand nine
hundred and fifty-six and shall remain in force until the expiration of a period of one year after the date-
upon which one of the two contracting Administrations shall have notified the other of its intention to-
terminate it.
Done in duplicate, and signed at Ottawa, Canada, on the 13th day of November in the year
1956, and at Road Town, Tortola, on the 22nd day of November in the year 1956.
Postmaster General of Canada.
Administrator of the Colony of
the Virgin Islands.



British Nationality Regulations, 1948.
Under Regulation 6 (b) of the
1British Nationality Regulations, 1948,
His Excellency the Acting Governor
has been pleased to direct that, where
ian application for the registration of
a person as a citizen of the United
Kingdom and Colonies in accordance
with the provisions of the British
Nationality Regulations, 1948, is
made to the Governor, such registra-
tion shall, if the application is granted,
be effected in the Leeward Islands at
the Office of the Chief Secretary, in
,the City of Saint John's in the
Island of Antigua.

2. Under Regulation 9(3)(b) of the
British Nationality Regulations, 1948,
His Excellency the Acting Governor
-has also been pleased to direct that,
where a certificate of naturalization is
granted by the Governor, the oath of
allegiance require(l by Section 10(1)
of the British Nationality Act, 1948,
to be taken shall be registered in the
Leeward Islands at the Office of the
Chief Secretary, in the City of Saint
John's in the Island of Antigua.

3. This notice supersedes the
notice on this subject which was
published in the Leeward Islands
Gazette of the 29th June, 1950.

Dated the 24th day of December,

By His Excellency's Command,

C. S. Roberts,
Acting Chitf SecrrPtary.

'Office of the (hiqef Secretary,
Leeward Islands,
At Antigua,
24th December, 1956.
Ref. No. 47/00067-1I.

A Certificate of Naturalisation
No. 2 of 1956 dated the 24th Novem-
ber, 1956. has been granted to Mr.
Street, St. John's, Antigua, under the
British Nationality Act, 1948.

Chief Secretary's Office.
Leeward Islands,
At Antigua.
24th December, 1956.
Ref. No. 55/00026.

United Kingdom Sugar Act.
On January 1st, 1957, when the
provisions of the Sugar Act, 1956,
come into effect, trade in sugar
reverts from Government to private
account. The Board of Trade an-
nounces that from that date imports
into the United Kingdom of raw and
refined sugar from countries partici-
pating in the International Sugar
Agreement will be permitted under
open individual licence valid for 1
Sear without restriction on quantities.

Imports of raw and refined sugar
from countries which are not mem-
bers of the International Sugar Agree-
ment will be permitted under a quota
fixed in accordance with that Agree-

Imports of certain sugar-containing
goods from the sterling area (the
scheduled territories, Muscat and
Oman) will be permitted under open
general licence.

Details of new import arrange-
ments are given in 2 notices to
importers Nos. 805 and 806 dated
December 12th, 1956, issued by the
import licensing branch of the Board
of Trade.

Administrator's Office,
3rd January, 1957.
Ref. S.A. 77/8--III.


The Income Th.r Ordinance No. 7
of 1945 (as amended).

Public Officers and Pensioners.
Any public officer or pensioner
liable to pay income tax whose in-
come including that of his wife
consists solely of his and/or her
emoluments as a public officer or
pensioner or other allowance from
public funds, shall deliver a true and
correct return of his whole income to
the Commissioners not later than the
31st day of January, 1957. (Section
67 and S. R. & 0. 1946, No. 13).

Other Persons.

Every person (including a com-
pany) liable to pay income tax shall
deliver a true andl correct return of
his whole income not later than the
31st day of March, 1957 (Section 67
and S. R. & 0. 1946, No. 13).

Agents, Trustees, Etc.
Any person having the direction,
control or management of any prop-
erty or concern, or being in receipt
of income; on behalf of any person,
whether resident or non-resident, as
attorney, factor, agent, trustee, cura-
tor or committee should make and
deliver to the Commissioners a return
in respect of such property, concern
or income not later than the 31st day
of March, 1957. (Sections 28 and


Any person may be considered to
be "liable to pay income tax if his
income from all sources exceeds one
hundred and twelve pounds ($537.60).
All claims for deduction from in-
come tax must be substantiated by
the production of receipts or other
bond fide evidence.

Any person liable to pay income
tax who fails to make or deliver a
return within the prescribed period
shall be guilty of an offence against
this Ordinance and shall be liable on
conviction to a penalty not exceeding
one hundred pounds, and in default
of payment to imprisonment with or
without harni labour for a term not
exceeding six months.

Any person who makes or delivers
;a flse return or keeps or prepares
any false accounts or particulars con-
cerning any income (on which tax is
payable shall be guilt\ o( an offence
and shall 1)e liable on conviction io a
fine not exceeding five hundred
pounds, or to imprisonment with or
without hard labour for a term not
exceeding six months. (Section 64).

A. A. Caines,
for the Coniriissioners.

4th January, 1957.

general information that as from 1st
January, 1957, the Antigua Electricity
Board and its undertaking became a
Government Department under the
control of the Director of Electricity
and Telephones. The undertaking is
now called the Electricity, Ice and
Cold Storage Department.

All persons, indebted to the now
defunct Board are requested to settle
their indebtedness to the Board with
the above Department. All cheques
should be made payable to the Office
Manager of the Department, Mr.
ERIC CHALLENGER, and all com-
munications should be addressed to
the Office of the Department at St.
Mary's Street, St. John's.

Administrator's Office,

St. John's,


7th January, 1957.

general information that until further
notice the Office of the Electricity, Ice
and Cold Storage Department in St.
Mary's Street, St. John's, will be
open to the public on the following
days and during the hours stated

Mondays to Fridays-9 a.m. to 12
noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturdays-9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

Administrator's Office,

St. John's,

7th January, 1957.
Ref. No. PWO 2913-11.


It is hereby notified for general
information that his Honour the
Administrator has appointed Station
Sergeant S. B. HULL, to be Inspector
of Weights and Measures for the
Colony of Antigua as from 1st Janu-
ary, 1957. vice Station Sergeant J. J.
REYNOLDS, who has been transferred
to the All Saints Police Station.

Administitor's Office,
8th January, 1957.
Ref. No. A.82/1.

No. 4.

Appointments and transfers etc.,
in the public service, with effect from
the dates stated, are published for
general information:-

HALLPIKE, Miss G. B., Junior Clerk,
Chief Secretary's Office.
19th November, 1956

TERRY, A. J., Junior Clerk, Chief
SSecretary's Office.
1st June, 1956

Ref. No. P.F. 680/P.F. 65(i.


No. 5.

The Secretary of State for the
Colonies has informed the Acting
Governor that the power of dis-
allowance will not be exercised in
respect of the undermentioned Ordi-


No. 17 of 1956, "The Antigua
Constitution and Elections (Amend-
ment No. 2) Ordinance, 1956."
Ref. No. 47/00159--II.

No. 22 of 1956, The Interpreta-
tion and General Clauses Act (Amend-
ment) Ordinance, 1956 "

Ref. No. 47100215.

, No. 25 of 1956, "The Bush Fires
(Amendment) Ordinance, 1956 ",
Ref. No. 47/00462.

No. 27 of 1956, "The Publication
of the First Lists of Voters (Exten-
sion of Time) Ordinance, 1956 "

Rf. No. 47/00459.

No. 30 of 1956, The Supplemen-
tary Appropriation (1954) Ordinance,
1956 ".

-Ref. No. 47/00156.


No. 15 of 1956. "The Interpreta-
tion and General Clauses Act (Amend-
ment) Ordinance, 1956 "

Ref. No. 47/00183.

Virgin Jlands.

No. 4 of 1956, "The Publication
of Official Matters Ordinance, 1956 "
Ref. No. 47/00415.

No. 5 of 1956, "The Laws and
Public Offices (Change of Terms)
Ordinance, 1956 ".

Ref. No. 47/00410.

Chief Secretary',/ Office,
Leeward Islands,
5th January, 1957.
No- 6.

The following Ordinance is cir-
culated with this Gazette and forms
part thereof:-

An tinlt(a.

No. 35 of 1956, The Appropria-
tion (1957) Ordinance, 1956."
3pp Price 5c.

The following tenders have been
accepted for the supply of Petrol,
Diesel and Kerosene Oil to Govern-
ment Departments for the period 1st
January, 1957 to 31st December.


Ltd., to supply the Public Works
Department with 500 gallons per
month at the current wholesale price
at the time of delivery less duty.

The requirements of all other Gov-
ernment Departments as well as the
balance of the Public Works require-
ments to be supplied by Messrs.
JOSEPH DEW & Son Ltd., at the
current wholesale price at the time
of delivery less duty.

Diesel Oil.

Ltd., to supply all the requirements
of the Public Works Department at
the current wholesale price at the
time of delivery less duty.

Messrs. JOSEPH DEW & Son Ltd.,
to supply the requirements of all
other Government Departments at
the current wholesale price at the
time of delivery less duty.

Kerosene Oil
S. Ri. MENDE: Ltd., to supply all
departments at the current wholesale-
price at the time of delivery less duty.

No awavri in respect of Lubricating
Oil has been made. This iten should
be purchased in the open market.

Adn in istrator's Office.
St. John's,
4th January, 1957.

Ref. PWC 41/30.


The Vehicles & Road Traffil
Ordinance, 1946-

By virtue of the powers conferred'
on me in Section 2 of the Vehicles
and Ikad Traffic Ordinance 194&
(No. 5 of 1946) I hereby fix the
period lhreunder for the lighting of
Until further notice, the lighting
period of vehicles shall be from
5.45 p.m. to 6.10 a.m.
Dated this 31st day of December,.

Traffic Commissioner.
12th December, 1956.
Ref. No. 36/(0 1107.


Central Experiment Station,



19,,-2. 1953. 151,.

2.41 1.93 3.04 2.16 5.15
1.00 1.02 2.15 .68 1.23
1.(;2 5.60 1.08 .83 1.40
3.1-1 2.06 .49 1.75 3.83
3.07 1.50 3.83 2.81 2.58
5.74 1.31 3.32 1.47 5.72
8.38 3.20 3.47 2.13 4.29

August 8.43 3.15 5.93 8.25 5.57
Sept. 5.55 2.10 9.91 5.59 2.10
October 5.19 .85 4.62 5.60 6.58
November 5.19 5.24 1.54 .2.19 3.34
December 2.03 3.41 3.08 2.43 1.94
52.35 31.37 42.76 35.89 43.73

Month 1953. 1954. 1955. 1956. 1957.
To5thJan. '53 "34 1.86 3.54 .91

Printed at the Government Priitinr Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands, by E. M. BLACKMAN, M.B.E,
Government Printer.-By Authority.
[Price 15 oents.1

1955. 1956,

No, 35 of 1956.

Acting Governor.
31st December, 1956,


No. 35 of 1956.

An Ordinance to provide for the services of the
Colony of Antigua for the year ending on
the 31st day of December, 1957.
[1st January, 1957]
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony
of Antigua.


1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short tite.
Appropriation (1957) Ordinance, 1956.

2. There shall be and there is hereby grant-
ed to Her Majesty the Queen for the service of the
Colony of Antigua for the year ending on the
thirty-first day of December, 1957, the sum of
nine million, one hundred and twenty-two thous-
and, seven hundred and ninety-eight dollars over
and above the sums granted and provided under
the Acts and Ordinances in force in the Colony
to be applied and expended in the manner and for
the services set forth in the Schedule hereto.





8. The said sum of nine million, one
hundred and twenty-two thousand, seven hundred
and ninety-eight dollars shall be and the same is
hereby declared to be charged upon and made pay-
able from and out of the General Revenue and
other funds of the said Colony.

raymenth 4. The Chief Accountant of the said Colony
howmad is hereby authorized and required from time
to time upon the order of the Governor to pay the
annual sums appropriated by and in the said
Schedule to the several services therein mentioned,
as the said order or warrant shalldirect out of the
General Revenue and other funds of the said
Colony without further order or formality.

com iienua 5. This Ordinance shall come into operation
mient, on the 1st day of January, 1957.


Passed the Legislative Council the 21st day
of December, 1956.

Clerk of the Council.

SumA charged
on General


No. 35 of 1956.

No. 35 of 1956.




1. Charges on Account of Public Debt
2. Pensions and Gratuities

4. Governor
5. Administration
6. Audit
7. Barbuda
8. Customs Excise Port & Supply
9. Agriculture
10. Judicial
11. Registrar & Provost Marshal
12. Legal
13. l-l il st at..- .
14. Police and Fire Brigade
15. Prison and Training School and
16. Medical outpatients and Central
Board of Health
17. Hospital & Charitable Institutions
18. Education
19. Government Undertakings (Central
Housing Authority) & Electricity
20. 1 .A..-II.; & Income Tax & Supervisor
21. Labour
22. Public Library
23. Military
24. Printing
25. M ise:lljr--it,
26. Coolidge Air Base
27. Post Office & Telephones
28. Public Works Department
29. Public Works Recurrent
30. Public Works Extraordinary
31. Deferred Maintenance
32. Colonial Development Schemes



... 132962

... 186349
... 26905
... 54642
... 83835
... 3754896
... 7972
... 15625
... 25030
... 359432

... 88663

... 474061
... 499838

... 355102
... 25236
... 41762
... 277970
... 23692
... 151076
... 140030
... 698000
... 170450
... 649231

.. 9122798

Printed at the Government Pfiliniig Offict Antii. a Leeward Tllancgi
by E.,M BLACiMAN, M.B.E., Government Printer.-By Authority.

[Price 5 ments.]

A. 47/83-500-1.57.