The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette

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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
British Virgin Islands
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[St. John's? Antigua]
Govt. Printer.
completely irregular
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Law -- Periodicals -- Antigua and Barbuda ( lcsh )
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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1_ J ~ T~j Ju is Yfubc by t:A torify.
~ VO L. 1. T t'Ai)YSuN V lHE,1956. No. 2 1.
~0ic MInvalidation of Leeward Islands Stamps. It is hiereby notified for general
intoriatiton that. consequent upont
-- the defederation o[ the Colony of' the
Witht th" oti- (ht-d Leewalrd Islands as frill the 1st jiuly. It is he-reby nit i fed toi gen ral in- th 22n l 9 1956, the Air Navigation, (Licensing
formattion thant His lixc-ellencv the (l-ell "srb ~t i ~ of ir S. prices) JRegu latiin s, 1949)
Govrn aacolo~ uiIbytin' isslie of the Lev -( I Gnrl oenet S. R. & ( ). No.
L3LACKttUtNE, ion lit-r Lad Gr t1th-sm dtar.eoj 4 3/1',149) have i ;oliptdtIe
ad the in validation of -all 1',local issties ()'Cln 01 ~eLewr sad ea Miss ASHWIN, Will depart f rom Leeward iplaild stanips as from the itleLeadsansspAntigua. for the U7nited Kingdom 1st hj ily, 1956. it is hereby notified ratelv and it has become necessary,
on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r th 5hrvrlr 96 lerefore, 'or the Air Tranffsport
on te 1th overi o, 156.for 1 1. "1 1 a foiaijiIll: 1 ensing Authority for- the U eward
accorda~ice with thle piom isiions ol' nI Im sasawoet he reoe
2. Conisequnut upon the departure Coronation (Leeward Isla lids) 8 lalli p qad sawoet o eoe
of the Go(vernor, and until the as- (ivldtm res 96(rtgm atd for :. Licensing Authorit *y to he
sumll ion of duty of the (Goverrnor (' allto) res ~b(n pip11)1oted for each Colony of the
designate. Mr. A. T. WILIAMS, 1 ,4a- 'sar lnds.
C. '\I. (T.. M. B. E., Mr. P. D.Miit MAtCDONA LD, Ch.(.. ief 'SeeretaeIY lttS. RA. & 0,. No. 3U I 9,56 mid
of the Leewardi IslandIb, will 1)e Vi rein Islands S. &. 0 No. 2.The Governor has accordIingly Officet Administeriing the Govern- 38/1956), the special issue of the revolkedl the present appoiintmnts of nient. 'Mr. C. S. RO.Ut"Ts, Eomi 1, owardl T.1sids stainp1 ul' tie- xalie 1/of the i(m-ebes of the Leeward Islands
andFinncil Avisr. conmic 3 ( its cnll'lti thie (Jl'oiioa- Air Transport Licensing Ainthority
the duties of Chief -Secretary con- timl l, Her Majs ty Qilwn ELIZ ABETYH andl, by %rirtne o~f the power confer rod jointly with the d ties ()i: lis ow 1I. '>rilci no! l aflthoris(d for bY onl liiin Ily Regulation 5 (2) of the post. aid ltii de r' the.( I~oniltioii "ti11111 Air Na ( gallon (Licensing - f Air
(r rI t, r, 19.53 (Gioneral (4overninent, Services) Regulations, 1949. as now ChiffS~fxretary's IS. R1. & 0. Nil )/,i i. te Co)lt iiiiid applied, hias appointed the follo-wing
Anutigna. lise whereof Nv-is anthorisid by tho persons as Chairman and Members of
i3rd Nolenflhei. I (t orollation Stamps (Revoc-atioI and1( the Air Trurnsport Licensing A uthor('lii uimiance of Use) 0 d, of e 1953 ity of each of the Colonies oIf Antigna. Ref. N,). Th. 21 I e nii r a 1 Govern went S. U1. &. 0. St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. Montserrat
N'o. 30/1953), will no longer be used and the Virgin Islandq:-- ---- for the payment of postage or stanip
(littes after 30th October, 1956.
It is thereby notified for general The Attorney General, Leeward
information that the- Secretary of 2. Provision has. liowtv.-r, b~een Islandis (Chaitiman)
State for the Colonies has seleted made in the above mentioned Invali- ConilEger.niia Mr P. D. MACDONALD, C.M.G.. Chief dation Ord~ers for a period of ,rac-. of Airport Sup.-rvisor. Antigua.
Secretary, Leeward Island~s, filr ap- three mon01ths1 thereafter, that i-i, on or pointment on promotion as Colonial before the 31st .Januairy, 1957. within Secretary of Fiji. which holdter-i of Lvewairo Island's Chief secretary's office,
Coronation stamps invalidated by the Anttqua.
2. It is not known when Mr. Orders may en'eet their exchange at 5th November, 1956.
MACDONALD will leave the Leeward an -y Post Ollie in the Colonies of N..7000 Islands to take uip his new appoint- Antigua, St. K. i t t s-Nevis-Anguilla, ment hut it is unlikely to be until Mnitserrat ant, the British Virgin Issome time early in 1957. lands for it stamp fir StanIps). of equoal
Admnisratr'8Offcevalue auithorised for use in those It is herebv notified for general
A nigtra.o' fie oois information that His Excellency the
1st November, 1956. 3~. The specil issties of time Coro- Governor has appointed the follo-wing
nation stamp oftv au f2cnsto be officers in the Antigua Defence Ret.Foce wit. senirit 2ro. tof th1stuf2 et
Re.N) ..2.anthorised fowr lise in the Colonies of Jurie, wih enoit fo te e
Antigua, St. K i t ts-Nevis-Anguilla,Jui,15:
____-___ ____ Moiitserrat aiid the British Virgin (i) Mr. L. E. (41ORE, to be Captain;
Islands will, however, continue to bpan
It is notified for goiieral information valid for use fo~r the payment of postthat Mr. A. F. Dawkins has been up- age or stamp dirties unless and until (ii) Alessrs. J. L. 11oniN-.'ox, and pointed Administrator, Montserrat, otherwise, ord eredl. D. C. GARDINER t~o be First
with effect from the 19th October, Lietenarnts.
195. hijef Scretrr's 0/lce.
Chief Secretary's Office, Antigua. Administrator' Office.
S t. Jo hn's Leeward Islan, Antigua.
Antigua. Sill Yoenio inb, 1956. 5th November, 1956.
PE, 668. Ref. No. 62/00J.JT. Ref. No. A. 5313.

F Fil j ,V,;T I GUA, A10Y I EN';"'A I' A\ 1 ) AN 1)" GAZET'IFE. [Xo_)\-inhwr S. 1956
No. 4 L Clwendolyn 11unte, of NVi[lo(."!,,
char:es Ar ,:- iY7 Lesie Sa i Pearl Th'. Spc)-,J;x of for the
11ol, 1w ill of Pt. 1W i, 1 1" 1' E "'T j Z E VT
0. F. Uod'llc.
i iq N E, V I S ST i ET,
1" IN I I ; o 1-.
C E',-, of
c Tio0ol:ks WI-foll, H, irs of Eiiz L BellVt14"'toph") Nevis ot id At qailla. V_ 1
Samue! TANN1,'!-' i'l V Ulf'.
s; 1) rdie ad e. Estat e ot F. 0" 1 al n).
't, Joh 's Street.
T'i -ison SM-TI 1"T.
Pi Cecefia Qhri flan, (12), Estate of X
(Am-ndluz-1,t) 0 -dill:lncp. Rebecca Chzisfiai, Alicia Hunte, Ivy Estate id' John Clwhiwrs, Tryphiiia
loqeph, Fi ,;, n ,(, o-werhy.
Dench, George llloiiroe, Heirs of Fliza Stevens, Adelaide Eunlin, EsIatie of T E-,[ V, i_ F 1 V 1?E EIT.
No. 42. Charles Isaac, Mary Crant, Mary Simon,
Th, Alice Adams. Have1v Hei-tici HarI Aahithwy Rules aii(I Bi bon--Ite Street.
Orth-cs al- cl .culateit with this parttlwr( of:count, Thon,: :- Louzoa Thpmas, 1111F;Z 11-I LANK
Estate of Mzn- -,, Grcen, Sydney Benjamin, Est tt, ei It. lbwsford. 'Xvcliffo
"roclarliatioll Peter 1"errick, Louisa Seipper. Broodie. Hich irkis, Rantiolph
L M icl),oA.
datod N-v, ml), r 7, hringinu Cecil 0. Byron,
into op"'I'ali. it tile Distriblition of' 1 n1)\ iluglits, 0. St. A. Dtike.
I pp. PI -ice 3 '1":. 1, Rt 0 V 0 ST OFFICE, OTTO' E.
ANT D 1) A. David It,. Josepb, Georgt- Farley,
8ri, N,)vember, 19,56. Elvinit Edinund (2).
L''p"islaiive N,1)!JWo is h-cuby given that there __' 'EISOX I;TIZEET.
Cotawii (Elections) Regillations, will 1) sol(I oil the various preniisei
1 pp. Ptice 3 it, tiw city of Saint folin Itf-roafter _Xlbortha Pm-her, Cox Coatt's.
liamod oil T)mrsdav tile f4h, da-v of Dwoonther, 1956 at 12 o'ob cl noon, NIYP(11IELL MICHAEL AVE.
(I)p J;Allds ;,,lol t-1willelit" bil-bolging to PTOVOST IMARSH 41,'S OFFICE, the p lr:,,on wtti,, (, mmips an, set oiit Go(o-gi,ma T,)eFreitas.
ANITI CUA. prelllis!, 4 CEVIL 0. kYRON,
251h Octo er, 1156. hcei; fo Ile City 1"-w.-ost JIF(It%,hal.
N1TIC1", is Iere
wito m CA IN
All iud ward If-1a. ds ar., cl I.,eeward Slll-1 01. Et flk, ()f John 1_ Aan(-is Co,,-,rt of
1w Jostphine
i-il.s xk-"rge Potter,
pre,. havi .7, 't-en iev d -inon to Mcl(jih!er Pllr- willt to Section 11 ")),,f tl)e
satitq tle City _I'ate due i0r the of the Willdward lslond.,;;trid
NOUTH STREET. Leeward lslaids Court of Appeal
year 1'356: Mary Saillutd, 11 4s of, S. Daniel, made nndi r Section 16 t)f tii Order
Ferdin.tild M irtin, G[vieo Ann Pelle, in council l il'itcd 20th Deceinher, lle Qcf Street. 1 lfre(l Hume, Ernist Gilead, R-1ate 19" I
, 39, His Loid,,hip the (1iif Justice of Thomas Fopv, Alice Horsford, fios arranged foi- o Zittir,- of the
Natlizaiel 3i :* 01i HazkWood, folin b istian, Titus Sinion. Court of jqwol for the Wind-ward
Alpionso (1-,;car GVead, Ishands and LeeNvard lshnds to be
Kenneth Herry, iris THE POINT.
Iteld ill the Colonv of Anti"Im. on A':i,'.! Strec Wa!ter Eilc ll C. :tml G. XIonday the 10th day (1 De(-eniher,
RfI vnoid,,, Mrs. 1'. Derrick, Reh's of 19,5G, at 10 o'clock in the forcrtoon. 'Mathuria, Sarath IM a n n, Samuel, .),)soph __Nlathurio. Alico
Christiana Olive'V. Tilpl.13_13 He"y- Al. XJilg, Fl, nrietta Graham, Peter Edmund joh!).
Dei-t-iek, Nhnw; t G. Asim, Abraham All persons concerned hereby
Chrisiopher Street. iwtifled t -mk rn themselves accord-'
Albert Benjamin, Es6er Christian, -MAIHNERS LANE.
Edmund Dublin, Sarah Anthony. Isalhie Perj-Y, Ebenezor Christo- 1;\r Order,
Bryson Street. pher. Trene Walker, -Martha Finch. Cecil 0. Byron,
Nathaniel White, Pearl 1-lutchm;0n, WILKINSON STREET. Registrar.
Eve!yn George, Charlotle Toblit, Hen.-y Morris Destin, Alicc Jarvis, Neville Office,
Edwards, Reginald Plussin-ton Susannah Tlrid-e ,, Andi ,-Nv Ealallucl, Geo. W. St. Jollil*,", Baptiste. B. Bryson & Co. Ltd. 8th November, 1956.

Post of Superintendent of Telephones and (a) !Ale otlzmal filpipection, tk- 4 TPAFFIC NOTICE.
11 r e -1
Electrical Inspector, Dominica. and ( er iiioaLioii of the e4oetric;d h VehicloF & -faciad raffle
iti3t dlations in public Imildings Ordinance, 1946,
zxpplic o iin.s ilivito:,d froul Suitably (lit
alified candidates for appohit- ill accor kmee Mth the appropriate By virtue of (lie powers conferred
ment to 011 Post of therein (,in me ill Section 2 of the Veliiclet,4
of 17wepl-Iouies and Electrical lni-pec- f b) inspection. test and certi- and Roa(i Traffic Ordinance 1,916
tor, Public Works Dep:xrtinent, fiction o tlio eleAricai installa- (No. 5 of 1946). 1 ijereby fix the
Dornimo;t. tions iii all buildiiiggs whether period berounder for Ill(- lighting of
publio- or private made after the vehicles.
The post iR Oil the perrmo ent and pagsin- of diese RuIeF it) accord- Until further notice tiw ligliting
PeDSiou',Lblo establishment and carries
allee with appropriate period of v;-hik-lr.s sb dl b(, from 6.00
a salary of $3,792 per an n uni in the gained til0l',flu; p.lo. to 5_50 a.m.
scale $3,792x96-$4,272, plus 20"" tile ilisp"'etion, test and cf rribased oil recent revision of -sAaries. I leatioll of' tile inst,4111atioll in ;mV Dated ifiis 2 oti) &iy of Oetob--r,
The initial salary will he detiarmined building, at, Tlit, request lt I jj e 1956.
it) the li j jlt of the successhd (-andi- sliperill erident of Polick. or it n Y A M E S.
date ,4 professional qualificatifms and insurance company connemed or Own missioner.
, 3xperieile,,- tile occupier (or towner thereof, ill Ref. No. 3i)i;00oo7
Qualifications and Experieace. accordance witli the appropriate
(a) University degrt o or -qwva- Relrulation,, uarned Town and Country Planning
diploln't ill electrical ellgirwer- ((j) thp sit per vi Stoll of all instlil- Ordip.ance, 1948.
ing or (b) -niduate lot, t: )i ponate lationst to 1) carried out in Govo.rii- ION.
lu,)Ilt 11[-Jldline ,sand kd tho re-wiring
melilbersllip of tile Ill'oitotioll of n \1"itll Bli, YF RIE tllVKO t llai t lie. Central
Electrical EnginkA'I's or thi sa I llit ; Authority ulidt- ")ectioil 5(10) of tile
ili, titutiou wiLli oleotrical engineering ( xpcrioi:o-, (,/') of ',iie :(iug Town and Country Planning Ordinance,
aild 01
, ). .1 k 1948), hereby decide
(b) employment it) re,,pollsible takel""; mai:i'l to collsillilors, lll ,ters to 111-11 ire sellewes in n'spo'ct of
position for a millinillin oi, 3 years Nvith Oil- appropriate p0rlii-ul Of I Hlo in lh( 11alf Moon
witli \vo ll (,stablishfd onvi ieoriiig imnwo! lhereiu; Bav aro-a i.p. 2' ortli of tit(, public road
providing wid all such (,tll,-r duties as and tli;), it 1), rest rNtd a. an Open
fxl'ervence t (,)III oi, implikAll in Ifiese Space a'
ild oil tilt,- Sl)"ItIl (or II)p road
in elt-( triall alld tS froln iit!!- to ti'lle I)e for General Recreational Purposes, in
ass T I -ior. k I a.
Quarters. imied to Iiini by the Gov,"rj tile C ojojq ( )f Ilti,, I
Quarters are 114)t pr-\idi-d, but Passages. Dated the (Sill dav of Octol)or, 1956.
wlwr Goorern ment (jiiar;,rs ure availontal is alo Ow rate 0 Frot on filst iiPp'-'i lit inent
r Wili 1)0 0Y0N;do_,,I for tl-ie officer, his CI,,IoREXCM SIMON,
of s;olc rv or 5" (If the assessed
T81tio (,if th,, ymrtors. whichever is wift, alid c1lildroll not ( x(-;(-iil1,, five J, Yr(xidti-p Oflicar.
,less. persons in it!!. C. 11. A. 1'. A.
Allowances. Leave. St. John's.
Travolling and subsistolice allow- Vacatioll \Vill be Irallh'd at 1,504 October' 1"156.
ances ar(A payal)le in accni-danct-. with the. ratt, of -15 days for oaeb period of local regulations ill resp -ot Ad approv- Lwelve consecutive montlis rf ,,ident .A IN Fil L 1, F1 ,', U T,, 3-8)
ed travel on ditty. No of living service. IOaVe PaSSIJgo S are provided Central Exjjeriznf nt Station
allowance iS pa.yable. in accordance Nvith liwal rqoilaA:(,)ns. I I r j- e 1 Ia.
Applicatioxis should state role appliDuties. cart's age, qualifications. present and -Ni"t1l, iti.-, 2. iJ53. 195 1. 1 : I;.
Jan, 2, 1, 1 1,5
I'lie duties of flie will lie past employment.; wid detail., of Feb. 1 1.23
thc) Ac assigned to 11in-1 1) 1,
D i rector WY -010111ol 1)e ;KT0111- Man 1.1; 1.
1.75 ;i :3
ot \Vorks to wl)otjj ht- It lv directIv panned !)Y 1:Wo recent j ill i)1lial, ,(nd April 3. 1 1 2,q! i
responsible. His doitie, ;is- -leWltoll hould 1) addr-, isod t ) dw Estal4i'll-
Superintendent hwiiiiii- s ipt_,rvision ment (oJ f!(-(-r' G,, ,erwnont 0 1H." 3.3 1 1. 72
ill V 47 1.1:; i_29
M tn noi, ;i""I. s t 1 7
and manag-aic ut kif,* 0.
System in ace()rdllnc w it 1,11" PrOVi- t It; t I,, i, [I Is t D,- n il) I -, I 'j 5 1;. "S'-, 1, S ,, it t 9, i -1, i 2. 1 o i sions of the relevant ordinaw- and ving (11fieprs sliould sninnit th ,ir October 5 11) X l 4,62 5 0) 6, 0 8
reiTulations. His duties :IS 11' Iectrit!al aj)pl;-Itt oli through t1w proper T(i 3rd Nov- j 2 1", .12 .6 1 M0
Inspector will include the follow- 45.15 22 )T 38.2t; 3i.9l :3s.45
ing:- flut" No. A.C.
Prmted It Aie ('4,v, rmiwnl P.-ilfliTIff Offlwe, Ant;Lmi. 11e,-w;,rd 1,1ands, toy EARL Pmwrr, Aiithority.
[Prtcvp .11 epnits.)

Proclamation dated November 7, 19 5 6, bringing into operation the Distribution of German Enemy Property
Ordinance, 19 5 6 (No. 2 3119 5 6)
WHEREAS by section 9 of the Distribution of German Enemy Property Ordinance, 1956 (No. 23/1956) it is provided that the said Ordinance shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by the Governor by proclamation published in the Gazette.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALEC LOVELACE, a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do by this my proclamation declare that the said Ordinance shall come into operation on the 1st day of December, 1956.
AND all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the Colony of Antigua and all others whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to give their ready obedience accordingly.
GIVEN at the Administrator's Office, Antigua, this
7th day of November, 1956, in the fifth year of
Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Goyernment Printer.-By Authority.
-480-1156. Price 3 ents.

1956, No. 38.
The Legislative Council (Elections) Regulations, 1956, dated
October 26, 1956, made by the Governor in Council under Section 108 of the Montserrat Constitution and
Elections Ordinance, 1952 (No. 1 of 1952)
1 Short Title. These Regulations may be cited as the Legislative Council (Elections) Regulations, 1956.
2. Rates of Pay. The, following amounts shall be paid to the officers hereinafter mentioned for their services in connection with the by-election held in the year 1956:(a) To the Supervisor of Elections .... forty dollars;
(b) To the returning officer ... forty dollars;
(c) To each presiding officer ... fifteen dollars;
(d) To each poll clerk .... t en dol lrs;
(e) To each poll clerk and each
witness tl] lyingat the
count of (he votes .... four dollars;
(t) To each messenger appointed
to collect a ballot box
and election documents .... one dollar;
8. Travelling. For travelling in connection with the election, officers shall be paid at the rate prescribed for public officers by any Travelling Allowance Regulations in force.
Made by the Governor in Council this 26th day of October, 1956.
Clerk of the Council.
Printed at the Government Printing Oticeo Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTTt Acting Governmont Printi r.-By Authority.
1800028-500-11.56. Price 3 cents