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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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TI' URSI)AY,'. 1 IT I )('T()I R. 195' .

NO. l ;.

P. i). MA'DoNAIL).
Governork Deputy.
WVIEREAS the Lecislative Counicil of tlw Colony of Antigua has been uly constituted under the provisions of the Antigua Constitutioii a nd Elections Ordinance, 1951 (No. 10 of 1951):
AND WHEREAS it is provided l, v subsection (1) of section 25 of the said Ordinance, that the G(overnor iilay at any time, by prolamation, sllnuon., prorogue or dissolve the Legislative (Comleil of the (Colony:
AND W IEREAS it is further pro id(:d by suhsection (2) of the said section 25 of the said Ordinance as amended y section 3 of the Anitigna Constitution and Elections (Arl ndmnl,.it) ()rdimance. 1955 No. 16 of 11955) that the Governor shall dissolve the said Council at the expiration of five years fromi the date of the return of the first w' rit it the last precedliiil-g genei I election if it shall not ive I eh il sootelr dissol ved:
AN ) WIHEREAS the date of the retiurni of the first writ at the last preceding geniieral election was the 12th day of DPcembier. 1951.
NOW, TIHEREFOR E, I do by this my proclamation dissolve the said C('ouncil as' friiom the 1 lth day of Otoher, 1956.
ANIT the iinember- of the said CIneil anmd aill other Her Majesty's Ofli'oers, inisters itua lovillg siljects ir) the s.Id Cdony a alld A those whlm it imay colerll are herelby required to taket- due notic hereof :nId to give their ready obedience accordingly.
GIVEN at the (;ovrlinmeti Ho,e. Antligua.
tis 5th day of 0(ctoler. 1956, in the fifth
year o, Her Majesty's reign.
A dminitraor.
WHEREAS by section 26 of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, (No. 10 of 1951) it is provided, inter (alia, that there shall be a general election within, two months after every dissolution of the Legislative (Council of the Colony as the Administrator shall by proclamation appoint:
AND WHEREAS pursuant to the provisions of
section 25 of the said Ordinance, as amended by the Antigt} Constitution and Elections (Amendment) Ordi. 7 2 7

nace, 1,, (N 11; ofl 195} the over or I) prichaInatiol lated the 5th dlay of ()Octoer. 1956. dissolve d the said Legislative ( nil is from the 11 th day of O)t hr. 1951.
NOW ITHElkEFORE 1, ALEC 1/W, EOA Admlinistrator of the Coloti of Antii do Ih y this my proclamation app ,int that there shall be a general electionl on the 1st day of November, 1956.
AND all Her Majesty's loviiig subjects in the said Colny alnd all others whom it ni concern are ]hereby required to take (ife notice hereof and to give their ready obedience aceordi)gly.
GI(HVEN at the .A1 dmin istrao'.. 0/fic, An if/ua,
the 5th (lay of October, 1956 in the fifth
year of Her Majesty's reign.

[LS.] To:

of Gol, of tile 1U united King lii of Great Britain and Northeii liehmd,id If Ifler other ealms and Territories, Queen, lHead of the Commounwealth, Defender
of the Fith.

Mc. Welling Todman, Esquire, the Returning Officer of
the Electoral District of Saint John's City (North).
WHEREAS )'Y sihsection (1) of section 50 of the Antigu (Constitution aud Elections Ordiimance, 1951. it is provided that for the purpose' of every general election If members of the CoLiicil, and for the purpose of the election of itembhers to supply vacancies cased Iby death. resignatimi or otherwise. tih Administrator shall issue writs of election under the Phuilie Seal of the Colony. addresseI to the Returning Officers of the respeetive lcitora' l districts for' which members are to b returned:
ANI) \VHEUk -REAS I think it expdient that a writ shmld he issued for the lection oif a lIembller to serve in the (Counlcil.
NOW. TI'HEEFI E, I. ALE(' LOVELACE, a member of the Mlost Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigna, do hereby require that you proceed to the nomination of candidates on 'I'Thursday the 25th day of October, 1956 at the Administrator's Office. High Street in the City of Saint John and thereafter, if necessary, yon do ion the 1st day of Noveniher, 1956 between the hours of seven o'clock in the morning and six o'clo k in the afternoon, cause election to lbe made according to law of a member to serve in the Legislative C(oncil of the Colony for the said electoral district and that vou do cause the ianie of such meimbher when so elected to be certified to nw not later thanii the 5th d(lay of November, 1956.
GIVEN under my hand and the Public Seal of
the Colony this 21// day of October, 1956, and in the fifth year of Her Majtsty's reign.

'oL. I.


Section 51 (1)



The Adminiistrator having issued his Writ of Election for the election of a member of the Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. John (City) North the returning officer for tile said district will on the 25th d(ay of October, 1956 now next ensuing between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Administrator's Office proceed to the nomination of a member for the Electoral District of St. John (City) North.
Dated this 2nd day of October. 1956.
Returning Ofticer for the Alectral /bs/r t Of 1;t. John (City) North.

of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and (of Hter other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of
the Faith.

Clarence C. Edwards, Esq., Returning Officer of the
Electoral District of Saint John's City (South) and Barbuda.
WHEREAS 1)y subsection (1) of section 50 of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of the Council, and for the purpose of tle election of members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the Administrator shall issue writs of election under the Public Seal of the Colony, addressed to the Returning Officers of the respective electoral districts for which members are to be returned:
AND WHEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should be issued for the election of a member to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALEC LOVELACE, a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do hereby require that you proceed to tile nomination of candidates o(n TImrsday lthe 25th day of O-tober, 1956 at the Education Office, High Street, in the City of Saint John and thereafter, if necessary, you d(o on the 1st day of November, 1956 between the hours of seven o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in thle afternoon, cause election to be made according to law (of a menier to serve in tilhe Legislative Council of the Colony for the said electoral district and that you do cause the name of such member when so elected to be certified to me not later than the 5th day of November, 1956.
GIVEN under my hand and the Public Seal of
the Colony this 2nd day of October, 1956 and in thile fifth year of Her Majesty's reign.

iEL ZA\iEIl '11 iS iEUCOND, by tIc race
of (God. of the United Kingdm e (oGreat Britain and Northryn Ireland, ai d of lHer other Hleah]ms :! nd Territories, Queen, Haid of thie (',ommc n iwwealth, e der of
th' Faithi.
Joseph Leo Robinson, Esq., Returning Officer of the
Electoral District of Saint John's (Rural) South.

WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50) of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of very general election of members of the Council, and for the purpose of the election of minemblers to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the Administrator shall issue writs of election under the Public Seal of the Colony, addressed to the Returning Officers of the respective electoral districts for which members :r' to he retl'id:
AND) WITHERIEAS I think it (expedient that : writ should be issued for thI electiii o(f a number to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, 1, ALEC LOVELACE, a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do hereby require that you proceeds to the nomination of candidates on Thursday the 25th day of October, 1956 a-t the Infant School, All Saints, and thereafter, if necessary, you do on the 1st (lay of November, 1956 het\veen the hours of seven o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the afternoon, cause election to he made according to law of a Imelmber to serve in the Legislative Council of thie (Cohny for tile said electoral district and that you do canse the name of such member when so elected to be certified to ime not later than the 5th (lay of Novembler, 1956.
(lIVEN under my hand :';nd th' Public Seal of
the Colony this 2ndl (ay of October, 1956 and in the fifth year tf Her Majesty's reign.
-d7 in istr (tor.


The Admuinistrator having isud his- WriLt of Electi(on for the election of a member f thl Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. John (Rural) South the returning officer for the said district will on the 25th day of October, 1956 now next ensuing between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and ome o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at tihe Infant School, All Saints proceed to the nomination of a memiler for the Electoral District of St. John (Rural) South.
Dated this 2nd day of October, 1956.
Retu rning (flicer fir the Electoral District qf St. John (Rural) &Sruth.


Section 51(1)

The Administrator having issued his Writ of Election for the election of a member of the Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. John (City) South and Barbuda the returning officer for tie said district will on the 25th day of October, 1956 now next ensuing between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Education Office, St. John proceed to the nomination of a member for the Electoral District of St. John (City) South and Barbuda.
Dated this 2nd day of October, 1956.
Returning O/ice rfr the 'leitoral District
o 'St. Johln Ct1 S'outh and larbuda.

[L.S.] To:

of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N'rthiern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head (f the (Cornmmonwealth, Defender of
tIle Faith.

Christopher Mannasseh O'Mard, Esquire, the Returning
Officer of the Electoral District of Saint George
and Saint John (Rural) North.
WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50 of thle Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of tile Council, and for the purpose of the election of members to supply vacancies caused by death,

FORM "10. 6.

[ L.S.

[October 11, 1956.

S action 51(1)


resignation or otherwise, the Adinnistrator shall issue writs of election under the Puldic Seal of the Colony, addressed to the Returning Officers of the respective electoral districts for which members are to be returned:
ANI) \VWHEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should Ic issued for the election of a miemllicr to serve in the' Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, A LEC LOVEbACE, a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do hereby y require that you proceed to the nomination of candidates on Thursday the 25thl day of October, 1956 at the Prin. ess Margatret School, in the City of Saint John and therafter, if necessary, you do on the 1st day of NovemI)er. 1956 between the hours of seven o'clock in the morning atd six o'clock in the afternoon, cause election to be made at(rdiltg to law of a member to serve in the Legislative Council of the Colony for the said electoral district and that you do cause the name of such member when so elected to be certified to mtne not later than tihe 5th day of November, 1956,
GIVEN under my hand and the Public Seal of
the Colony this 2nd day of October. 1956, and in the fifth year of Her Majesty's reign.
FORM NO. 8. Section 51(1)
The Administrator having issued his Writ of Election for the election of a member of the Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North the returning officer for the said district will on the 25th day of October, 1956 niow next ensuing between the hours o(f ten o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Princess \argaret School, St. John, proceed to the nomination of a member for the Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.
Dated this 3rd day of October, 1956.
(C. M. O'MARD,
Returning Officer for the Electoral District
of SI. George and St. ,Jothn (Rural) Aorth.


of God, of the United Kingdomn of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realmns .nd Territories, Queen, lid o(f the Commonwealth. Defender of
the Faith.

Hubert Henry, Esquire, the Returning Officer of the
Electoral District of Saint John (Rural) West.
WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50 of the Antigua Constitution and Electioi s Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of the Council, and for the purpose of the election of members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, th(, Administrator shall issue writs of election under the Public Seal of the Colony, addressed to th- Returning Officers of the respective electoral districts for which members are to be returned:
AND WHEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should be issued for the election of a member to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALEC LOVELACE. a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do hereby require that you proceed to the nomination of candidates

on Thursday the 25th (day of October, 1956 at Greenbay School and thereafter, if necessary. Non do )on the 1st day of November, 1956 beItween the hours o, s'vn o'clock in tile morniling and six o'clock in the afternoon, cause election to be made according to law of a member to serve in the Legislative (Council of the Colony for the sad electoral district and that -ou do cause the name of such nmetmber when so elected to be c rtified to in. not later than the 5thI day of November, 1956.
GIVEN under my hand iand the Public Seal
of the Colonye this 2nd day of Octot)r, 1956;. and in the fifth ye;ar of Her Majesty's
A dmnist rator.
FORM No. S Section 51(1)
The Administrator having issued his Writ of Election for the election of a memnler of, tile ]Le istative Council for the Electoral D)istrict of St. .JTohin (Rural) West the returning ollicer for the said district will onl the 25th day of October, 1956 now next ensuing between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Greenbay School proceed to the nomination of a member for the Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West.
Dated this 2nd day of October. 1956.
hReturtoing Ofice.r for the Electo al District of St. John (Rural) Wst.


of God, of the United Kingldom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realmns and T rritories Queen, Head of the (Commnonwealth, Defender
of the Faith.

Earl Pestania, Esq., Returning Officer of the Electoral
District of Saint Paul.
WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50 of tihe Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance. 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of the Coluncil, and for the purpose of the election of members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the Administrator shall issue writs of election under the Public Seal of the Colony, addressed to the Returning Officers of the respective electoral districts for which members are to be returned:
AND WHEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should be issued for the election of a member to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALEC LOVELACE, a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antigua, do hereby require that you proceed to the nomination of candidates on Thursday the 25th day of October, 1956 at Liberta Police Station, and thereafter, if necessary, you do on the 1st day of November, 1956 between the hours of seven o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the afternoon, cause election to be made according to law ot a member to serve in the Legislative Council of the Colony for the said electoral district and that you do cause the name of such member when so elected to be certified to me not later than the 5th day of November, 1956.
GIVEN under my hand and the Public Seal
of the Colony this 2nd day of October, 1956 and in the fifth year of Her Majesty's


l'FOi-M NO. I Section 51(1)
The Aiministrator having issued his Writ of Election for the election of a member of the Legislative Council for the Electoral District of St. Pauml the returning officer for the said district will on the 25th day of October. 1956 now next ensuing betwe-n the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Liberta Police Station proceed to the nomination of a member for the Elketoral District of St. Paul.
Dated this 2nd day of O()ctober, 1956.
'eturninq Oficer for the Elctoral l)is) ict of St. Paul.

[L.S.] To:

o od. of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realns anld Territories, Queen.
Head of the (Commonwealth, Defender
of the Faith.

Alfred Ernest Leopold Williams, Esq., Returning Officer
of the Electoral District of Saint Philip and Saint Peter.
WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50 of the Antigua (Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of the Council, and for the purpose of the election of members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the Administrator shall issue writs of ,'lection under tihe Public Seal of the (Coloniy, addressed to the returning Officers of the respective electoral district; for which members are to be returned:
AND WHEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should be issned for the election of a member to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORER. 1, ALEC LOVELACE, a Momher of (lie Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Adtministrator of the Colony of Aniitigunau. do hereby require lihat yot proeoed to tl'he omiiaution of candid:ntes on Thursday t 25thli day of Octob r. 1956 Att Parharn Police Station, and thereafter, if necessary, youn do oni the 1st day of Novemb'r, 1956 hetw-(n th. hours of seven o'clock in the morning and six o'ch eck in thle afteornoon. cause election to be nimadie according to law of a member to serve in the Lgislatixve Cou cil of the Colotny for the said electoral district and that )ou do cause the name of suceh member when so eltetd to bie certified to me not later than the oth day of November, 1956.
GI V EN under my hand and the Public Seal of
the Colony this 2nd day of October, 1956 and in the fifth year of Her Majesty's reign.
A dministraor.
FORM No. 8 Section 51(1)
The Administrator having issued his Writ of Election for the Action of a memnbr of he Legislative Council for th Electoral Il)istriet (,f St. Philip and St. Peter thl(e returning olicer ft r the said district will on the 25th day )f October, 1956 now n-xt ensuting between the hours of t ni o'clock in the forn-non and o e o'clock in the afternoon and betwe,-en the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoons at Parham, Police Police Station proceed to the nomination of a member for the Electoral District of St. Philip and St. Peter.
Dated this 2nd day of Octob-r, 1956.
Rleturl ing Oficirfor the Fl'cloral District of St. Philip anild St. Peter.


S(led, of th- Ulnited Kingdom of Great Britain ci N rthrn Irt: land, an of lir
th Realms and T.rritorie., Qtueen,
l,;, of: the (Connonweaith, Df- der
f th, Faith.

Oscar Milburn Bird, Esq., Returning Officer of the
Electoral District of Saint Mary.
WHEREAS by subsection (1) of section 50 of the Antigua Constitution and Elections Ordinance, 1951, it is provided that for the purpose of every general election of members of the (Council, and for the purpose of the election of members to supply vacancies caused by d(ath, resignation or otherwise, the Addinistrator shall issue writs of elec(tim under tih, P',llie Senl of the Colony, addressed to the Retur niii) Officers of the Vepective electoral districts for which members are to be returned:
AND WHIEREAS I think it expedient that a writ should be issued for the election of a in-mlr to serve in the Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALEC LoVE LA(-E, a Meinmber of the Most Excellent Order of the Iritish Empire, Administrator of the Colony of Antina.o do hereby require that you proceed to the nomination of canliiates on Thursday the 25th day of October, 1956 at HEolans Police Station, and thereafter, if necessary. y ou d(o oni the let day of Novenimber, 1956 between the ho-urs of seven o'cclc in the morning and six o'clock in th- ai'tern)on, cause election to be m:,de accordiiig to law of a -n mib.r to serve in the Legislative Council of the Cdollv fr tihe said electoral district and that you d(o causc thie nimi, of such imembler when so elected to t- certiified to me not later tIhan the- 5th dayiv of Novembir-, 1j56.
GIVEN under my hand and the Public Seal of
the Colonmy this 2ml day of October, 1956 and in tie tifth year of Her Majesty 's reign.
A thini"trttor


Section 51 (1)

The Administra.tor having issueI his Writ of Election for the election of a mninler (of the L gislative 'ouncil for the Electoral District of St. Mary the returnitg i office for the said district will on tlhe 25th day of (Octobir, 1956 now next ensuing between the hours of ten ,'clock in the forenoon anid ione o'clock in th- afternoon and between the hours of two o'clock and four o'clock in the afternoon at the Bolans Police Station proc,-ed to the nomination of a memb-r for the Electoral District of St. Mary.
Dated this 2nd day of October. 1956.
O. BTrD,
Retu-rbning 0Officer jbr the
Iech /oral Disrict o/ St. M1ry.
It is hereby n otified ftw g -neral information that His Excelled icv the governor has issued a Commission to P. D. Macdonald Esq., C. M. G., appointing himn to be Governor's I)eputy dluriing his absence from Antigua on the 12th October, 1956, whilst visiting Montserrat. and from the 16th to the 23rd October., 1956, whilst visiting St. Kitts and Nevis.
C hl'of secretary's Oftice,
Ai toea,
81h Ochterl, 1956



No. 34.

In pursuance of(it the powers vested ill nt- by paragraph 3 (1) of the Airport lReulations, 1952 (S. R. & () t952 No. 21) tie followitig orders andl instructions are hereby promuilgat-'d with respect to public service ami private drive n motor
vehicles operating at I('oolid,,ie Airport:1. Public service veliclos will be Iparked on the
western side of Pan Ame rican )rive iand north of the sign marked "" JUBlIC SERVICE
2. Driversof publieservice vehicles will remain
at their respective vehicle 1 u111il called by
police, customs or airport otlicials.
3. Unless a particular vehicle is stipnlated by a
passenger, public service vehicle's will he called in the ord-r in whi ch1 tlwiy are park( d.
The No. I position being nearest the sign 1n a r k ed PtLIC IfVICE VEHICLES
4. Upon being called, drivers will bring their
vehicles to the north western entrance of the Customs buildingand receive the passenger(s) for whorn the vehicle was called.
5. Vehicles will not be allowed to remain at
such entrance honeer than is necessaly to collect the passengr(is) for whom the
vehicle was called.
6. Private vehicles will he parked in the plmblic
parking lot situated west of the airline
7. Should space in the public parking lot prove
inadequate at any time, private vehicles may be parked along the eastern side of Pan
American Drive.
8. All vehicles at thie airport shall be parked as
near as possible to (eclh other to (nsiure that that the imaxinmum amount of vehicles may
be accommodated.
9. Any person who violates any of the above
instructions and orders shall be dealt with in the mariner provided in paragraph 33 of
the above Regulations.
Dated this 5th day of October. 1956.
Controlling Officer
COTTON--Extensiocn of Planting Season
The late closing of the sugar crop and the usually Sdry conditions which prevailed in the north and east of Antigua during September, made it impossible to complete the planting of cotton by 30th September. It ha, therefore been decided to extend the planting season to 15th October, 1956.
Administrator's (lice.
St. John's, Antigua.
5th October, 195t.
Ref. No. T. P. 1/30--IV.
No. 33.
The following Bill which is to be in'rodnced in the Legislative Concil of Antigua, is circulated with this Gazette and form part thereof:"The Development (Cornmeal industry) Local Loan Ordinance, 1956."

The Si Hrty a State for thie Colonies has informed the Governmwr thai t re power of disallowancre will not be exerciseId i. re ,ct of thie ulnderminentioned Ordinanees:St. Kitts- Nevi,-A ngu illa.

No. 21 ol 1955 "' The Workmen's Ordinanmo. 1955 "

Mloi t..err'at.
No. 2 of 1956 "The Development (Ice and Cold Storage) Loan, Ordi-ance, 1956.
No. 35.
The following Lists of Voters and Siatutory lules and Orders are circulated with this Gazette and form part thereof:LIST OF VOTERS.
(a) Electoral District of Saint George and :,i John.
PLural Norlth 22 pp Price 44 en.
(b) Electoral District of Saint John's (City (Northi).
17 pp. Price 4 ce:ts.
(c) Electorial District of Saint John's City (South) and
Barbuda 18 pp. Price 37 ,ents.
(d) Electoral District of St. John Rural (West)
27 pp. Price 5 cnts.
(e) Eletoral District of St. John Rural (South)
16 pp. Price 32 cets.
(f) Electoral District of St. Mary.
12 pp. Price 24 cents.
(g) Electoral District of St. Paul.
14 pp. Price 28 rents.
(h) Electoral District of St. Philip and St. loter.
13 pp. Price 2_6 cents. STATUTORiY 1RUTLE & ORDEI.

No. 36 of 1956, The Adaptation of Laws (Amendment) Regulations, 1956." 2 pp. Prio 4 cents.
The Vehicles and Road Traffic Ordinance, 1946.
By virtue of the powers conferred on me in Section 2 of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Ordinance 1946 (No. 5 of 1946), I hereby fix the period hereunder for the lighting of vehicles.
Until further notice, the lighting period of vehicles shall be from 6.15 p.m. to 5.45 a.m.
Dated this 28th d(lay of September, 1956.
Tratic Commi sioneri




Declaration dated October 1. 1.5 6, mad, under
section -3 of the Land Acquisition Act, .944, (No. 11/1944) for the acquisition of certain land in the Colony of Antigua for public
IT IS [ERERY D1ECLAkIED that tLh Govrn,,r in Council with the approval of tbe Legislative C(ouililcil ,f the Colon of Antigua considf's that the 'nssituate at Nut Grove in the Parish of St. ,John in the Island of Antigna and more particularly described in the Schedule hereto, should be acquired for public purposes, namely to erect thereon a School.
A piece or parcel of land (containin g 3.812 aeres of land at Nut Grove in the Parish of Saint John it the Island of Antigua owned b ,\ ALVAN CAMACHo) llld bounded a4 follows:-On the North by land of Alvm F. Camnacho.,
On the South by land of Alvan F. Canacho and
land of Jarvis.
On the West by a public road and
On the East by a public road.

Control of Imports and 1Exports.
N'OTICE NO. 1 )F 1956.
lm ports arie hreby notifi d that MEATS, fresh, pickled or otlhrwise cured, not packed in Hermetically Sealed Containers, miay only be imported from Great Britain, Norii rn Ilrdand, thel' Reputiblic of Ireland. (Canada, New Za'aid. Australia, the United States of America and British ('a'ibbean Territories.
2. In accordance with the Animals (Importation) Control Regulations, 1956, No. 23, such meats must be imported within the te'rms of a permit granted by the Veterinary Officer. Importers are therefore required to lodte applications for liceices to impor such melts with hue Supply Otlicer at least four days before the licences are r'( eiquird (s, that they may be passed to the Veterinary Oflic u' for his approval.

Dated the 1st d(ay of October, 1956.

F. A. (L:ARKE, Clerk of the Council.

17th September. 1956. Roef. No. (' 77/00003 IIl.

'upply Officer.

ANI'TMItA, 5TH October, 1956.
J. R. REYNOLDS TOBACCO (0MPANY of Main & 'lFoulrth Streets. Winston-Salenm State of North
Oarolina, United States of America have applied for Rne>istrati of n Trad(, Mark consisting of tihe tollowing:-

'AC. AA~I~ *ACA VV~t'l~'J
CArlA 'IUflulfliIDIfl. '~"'

in Class 45, that is to say:-Tobacco pirodi,,s inctciuding cigareues.
The Applicants claim that they have used the said Trade Mark in respect of the said goods for 5 month% before the date of their said Application.
Any person may within three months from the date of the first appearance of this Advertisement in the Antigua, Monteerrat & Virgin Island.s Gazette, give notice in duplicate at the Trade Marks Office, Antigna, of opposition to registration of the said Trade Mark.
Registrar of Trade Marks.
Printed at the Goverminti Primti Office, Antigua. Leewavm is'la,. by EAR, PIGOTT, AiPi Government Printer.-LBy Au thorIt3.
[ Pru $2.83 including List of Voters.]

A 46/64

_ October 11, 1956

No. of 1956. Development (Cornmeal Industry) Loval Loan.


-Of 1956.

An Ordinance to authorise the raising of a loan for an amount
of ninety-six thousand dallars for the purpose of establishing a cornmeal industry in the Colony:
WHEREAS it is expedient to raise a loan of ninety-six thousand dollars for; the purpose of establishing a cornmeal industry in the Colony.
ENACTED by the Legislature of the Colony of Antigua:1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Development Short title. (Cornmeal Industry) Local Loan Ordinance, 1956.

2. The Governor is hereby authorised to issue debentures in the colony of Antigua under the provisions of the General Local Loan Ordinance, 1951, to an amount sufficient to produce as nearly as may be the sum of ninety-six thousand dollars.

Antbority to G~overnlor to borrow by sale of debentures. 9' 195 1.

3. The money borrowed under this Ordinance shall be A~pplication appropriated and appjied to the purpose of establishing a corn- of loan. meal industry in the colony.

4. The first half -yearly contributions to the sinking fund, as contemplated by the provisions of subsection (2) of section 13 of the General Local Loan Ordinance, 1951, shall be taken in respect of any debenture issued under this Ordinance not

Commencement of Sinking Fund contributions. 9/11951'


2 Development (Oornineat Industry) NO.
Local Loan.

of 1956.

later than one year after the date on which the first half-yearly
payment of interest on such debenture falls due.

Passed the Legislative Council this 1956.

day of

Clerk of the Couneil.
The object of this Bill is to authorise the raising of a loan
locally to provide the amount required for the establishment of
the cornmeal industry in the Colony.
DESMOND A. MCNAMARA; Acting Attorney General.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua Leeward Islands,
by EARL Pi4OTT, Acting Government Printer.--By Authority; 1956.


[ Price 4 cent,.]


List of Voters (Antigua,

Electoral District of St. George

and St. John (Rural) North.

10 11 12

Aaron, Beatrice, Villa Abbott, Bertie, Cedar Grove Abbott, Cecil, Pigotts Abbott, Eha, Coolidge Field Abbott, Ena, Coolidge Field Abbott, Helen, The Wood Estate Abbott, Iris, Pigotts Abbott, Louisa, Low Glanville, Abbott, Malcolm, Coolidge Field Abbott, William S.. Pigotts Abbott, Victor, Cedar Grove Abel, Henrietta, Clare Hall

S 13 Accum, Ellenomr, St. Jlohnston's V

Domestic Servant
Truck Driver
Labourer Domestic Servant
Housewife Bank Clerk Housewife
Home D)omestic
Clerk Driver
Labourer illage Housewife

14 Adams. Ann, Barnes Hill L'rer
15 Adams, Beatrice, Pigotts do.
16 Adams, Ella, Alfred Peters Street Home l)omestic 17 Adams. Hezikiah, Bl3izzards Farmer
18 Adams, Hubert, Pigotts Labourer
19 Adams, James, Barnes Hill do.
20 Adams, Margaret, New Winthorpes Dorm. Servant
21 Adams. Pearl, New Wiuthorpes Farmer
22 Adams, Rupery, New Wintlhorpes Labour'-r
23 Adams, William, Cedar (Grove do.
24 Alexander, (hbarity, 'igotts Labourer
25 Alexander, Chliristina, Oshournes Village, Farmer 26 Al xander, D)oris, New Winthorpes Seamstress
27 Alexander, Viola, St. Johnston's Village Washer 28 Alexander, Wilfred, St..Johnston's Village Catpenter 29 Allaway, John, )ickenston Bay Street (Cook
30 Allen, Christiana, Villa Honsewife
31 Allen. Ge-orgi, Barn's Hill Labourer
32 Allen, Gwendolyn, ()sborne Village do.
33 Allen, John, Alfred Peters St. Tailor
34 Allen, Mary, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
35 Allen, Mary Rose, New Winthorpes Dom. S'vant
36 Allen, Nehemiah, Parham lRoad Labourer
37 Allen, Peter, Villa Cle rk
38 Allen, Samul, Cedar Crc.o Labourer
39 Allen, Sarah, (1) Fort Road Domestic Servant
40 Allen, Sarah, (2) Fort Road D)omestic Helper
41 Allen, Sarah, (3) St. Johnston's Village Domestic 42 Allen, William, Clare Hall Labourer
43 Alton. Laura L. Gre ystones Hodges Bay Housewife 44 Alton, Robert Lyln, Greystones Hodges Bay Retired 45 Ambrose. Alfred, Cedar Grove Painter
46 Ambrose, Amelia, Cedar Grove Seamstress
47 Ambrose. Caroline, Cedar (Grove Domestic Servant 48 Ambrose. Cecil, Cassada Garden Labourer
49 Ambrose, Christiana, Pigotts do.
50 Ambrose, Dmona,. Cedar Grove do.
51 Ambrose, Dorothy. St. Johnston's Village Housewife 52 Ambrose, Edith, Coolidge Field Clerk
53 Ambrose, Edith, Pigotts Labourer
54 Ambrose, Elma, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
55 Ambrose, Idhona, Cedar irove do.
56 Ambrose, James, do. do. Labourer
57 Ambrose, Jasper, St. Johnston's Village R/Dispenser 58 Ambrose,Joseph, Cedar Grove L'rer
59 Ambrose, Joshua, do. do. Tailor
60 Ambrose, JoshuaW., Coolidge Base Carpenter
61 Ambbrose. Octavia, Cedar Grove Labonrer
62 Ambrose, Olive, St. Johnston's Village H/Domestic 63 Ambrose, Percival, Cedar Grove Painter
64 Ambrose, Samuel, do. do. Carpenter
65 Ambrose, Stafford, St ,Johnston's Village Civil S'vant 66 Ambrose, Sybil, Cedar Grove Seamstress
67 Ambrose, Sydney, Cedar Grove Joiner
68 Ambrose, Sydney, do. do. Joiner
69 Anirew, Enid, Pigotts Home Domestic
70 Andrew, Frances, Clare Hall Housewife
71 Andrew, Gwendolyn, Carlisle Estate Dom. Servant 72 Andrew, Gwendolyn. Carlisle Home Domestic
73 Andrew, Jane Ann, Barnes Hill Labourer
74 Andrew, Oliver, Carlisle Estate Labourer
75 Andrew, Prince. St. Johnston's Village F/Worker 76 Andrew, Wilfred,Pigotts Labourer
77 Andr w, William,Pigotts Engine Driver
.2 724 7

79 80 81
82 83 84 85 8 f
87 88 89 90
91 92
93 94 95 96
97 98 I9 o
101 102 103
104 105
106 107 10 8
109 110 111 112 113
114 115 116
117 118
119 120 121 122 123 124 125
126 127 128 129
131 132 133 134 135 136
137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152

Andrews, Anna Clare Hall Housewife
Andrews, Reginald, Clare Hall Farmer
Anjo, Beryl, Helmsdale Hodges Bay Housewife
Anjo, Francis Rodriges, Helmsdale Hodges Bay Proprietor
Anthony, Arthur, Base Area Labourer
Anthony, D)avid, Christopher Street Fisherman Anthony, Enid, Villa Housewife
Anthony, Ernest, (Cedar Grove Diesel Op-rator Anthony, Ethel, Alfred Peters St. Fisherman
Anthony, Nathaniel. Bennett Street Fisherman Anthony, Simon, Alfred Peters St. do.
Anthony, Thomas, B,-nnett Street Fisherman
Anthlimy, Vernella, St. Johnston's Village Housewife Anthonyson, Alfred Peters St. Porter
Anthonyson, Kirton, Alfred Peter's Street Porter Anthonysmon, Una, Alfred Peter's Street Housewife Appleton, Aminelia, Barnes Hill Appleton, Eileen, St. Johnston's Village Domestic Appl leton, Eugenie, Pigotts Shopkeeper
Archiibald, Alvin, Cedar Grove
Archibald, Alpha, Barnes Hill Labourer
Archibald Anderson, New Winthorpes Teacher
Archi bald, Aguilla, New Winthorpes Don]. Servant Archibal, Christophine, Cedar Grove do.
Archib al d. Christobel, do. do. do.
Archibald. Foss, New Winthiropes Carpenter
Archibald, Iris, Cedar (Grove Labourer
A rchibald, James. Btas Area Labourer
Archibald, Judson, New Winthorpes Shoemaker
Arehibald, Jutson, New do, Labourer
Archibald, Keturah, New Winthorpes Housewife A rehil)ald, Ketuvahi, New Winthorpes Farmer A'c hibabi,. Mathbilda, New Winthorpes Dom. Serve: ant Ar'chibald, Mande, Barnes Hill Labourer
Archibald, Rhoda. New Winthorpes Farmer
Archival, Theod ore, do. Shopke,-per
Archibald, Victor. do. Factory Worker
Archibald., Wousley, Pigotts Engine Driver
Armstrong, Beatrice, Villa Housewife
Ashe. Arnold, Villa Prison Warder
Aska. Ermina, Alfred Peter's Street Housewife Aska, Ernest. Alfred Peter's Street Labourer Aska, Margaret, Parham Road do.
Aska, Samuel., Alfred Peters St. Fisherman
Athill, Estella, Alfred Peter's Street Honsewife Athill, Ethlyn, Fort Road Housewife
Athill, Granville, Alfred Peter's Street Labourer Athill, Novelle. Alfred Peter's Street (10do. Athill, Wendell. St. Johnston's Village Spray painter Athill, Wentworth I.. Fort Road Clerk
Aymenr. John. Alfred Plter's Street Ex-Corporal Bailey, Edris, Pigotts Clerk
Bailey, James, Hodges Bay Civil Servant
Baltimore, Edith. Cedar Grove Vii. Domn. Servant Baptiste, Anestazie, Osborn e Village Agrieulturer Baptiste, Celestina, Osborne Village Labourer Baptiste, Herman, Barnes Hill do.
Baptiste, King, Villa do.
Baptiste, Roy, Beach Hotel do.
Baptiste, Salomy, New Winthorpes Farmer
Barkley. Milford, Clare Hall Labourer
Barr, Alberta. New Winthorpes Labourer
Barnard, (Clarence, St. Johnstons Vil. Civil Servant Barnes, Al fred, Base Labourer
Barnes, Arnold, Cedar Grove Clerk
Barnes, Correl ho. Seamstress
Barnes, Dorothy. Cedar Grove Vil. Home Domestic Barnes, Zelyn, Barnes Hill Home Domestic
Barnes, Edmund, (i) Barnes Hill Carpenter
Barnes, Edmnnd, (i) Cedar Grove Motor Mechanie Barnes, Edris, do. Labourer
Barnes, Eustace. do. do.
Barnes, Fernella, Fort Road Home Domestic
Barnes, Gladys, Cedar Grove Seamstress
Barnes, Irvin, Cedar Gove .a'-urer

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 16S
169 170 171 172 173
174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191
192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230

Barnes, Irving Edward A., Cedar Grove Builder Barnes, Joseph, Cedar Grove Labourer
Barnes, Kenneth, Barnes Hill Mechanic
Barnes, Leonard, Barnes Hill Carpenter
Barnes, Leopold, Cedar Grove do.
Barnes, Melville O'Jarvis, Barnes Hill Store Keeper Barnes, Rupert, Barnes Hill Tailor
Barnes, Theodore, Base Area Labourer
Barnes, Winifred, Barnes Hill Domestic Servant Bart, James Emanuel, Coolidge Police Stn. Police Bartley. Ann, Alfred Peters St. Domestic Servant Bartley, Arthur, Army Base Labourer
Bartley, Josephine, Dickenson Bay St. Clerk
Bartley, Veronica, do. Dor. Servant
Barzey, Clariatina, Hand Street Domestic Servant Barzey, Frances, Base Area Domestic Servant
Bascus, June, Alfred Peter's Street Clerk
Bascus, Laurel, Villa Dom. Worker
Basil, Clarina. St. Johnston's Village Housewife Batson, Aileen, Coolidge Field Housewife
Batson, Michael St. Clair Coolidge Field Surveyor-Engineer
Batson, Yvonne Dfana, Gunthorpes Housewife
Bayne, George, Piggotts Carpenter
Bell, Austin P., Gunthorpes Overseer
Bell, Evans, Cedar Grove Mechanic
Bell, Miriam, Gunthorpes Seamstress
Bell, Pearl, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
Benjamin, Albert, Clare Hall Labourer
Benjamin, Ann, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Audrey, Fort Road Teacher
Benjamin, Charles, (i) Alfred Peters St. Baker Benjamin, Charles (i) Dickenson Bay St. Porter Benjamin, Cyril. Clare Hall Labourer
Benjamin, David, Cedar Grove Labourer
Benjamin, Doris, Piggotts Domestic Servant
Benjamin, Edith, New Winthorpes Farmer
Benjamin, Edna, St. Johnston's Village Housewife Benjamin, Elizabeth, New Winthorpes Labourer
Benjamin, Ernella, Piggotts Cashier
Benjamin, Ernest, Villa Fisherman
Benjamin, Eunice, New Winthorpes Dom. Servant Benjamin, Florence, do. Housewife
Benjamin, Florence, Villa do.
Benjamin, Fredericka, Clare Hall Labourer
Benjamin. Gorge, Villa Butcher
Benijamin, George, St. Johnston's Village Driver Benjamin, George, St. Johnston's Village Mason Benjamin, Hilarene, St. Johnston's Village Teacher Benjamin, Ina, St. Johnston's Village Dorn. Servant Benjamin, Irene. St. Johnston's Village Housewife Benjamin, James, Fort Road Labourer
Benjamin, Jean, New Winthorpes do.
tenjamin, ,John. do. do.
Benjamin, Joseph, do. do.
iBenjamin, Marie, St. Johnston's Village, Seamstress Benjamin, Martha, Fort Read Domestic Servant
Benjamin, Mary, (i) Base Area Labourer
Benjamin, Mary, (ii) Pigotts do.
Benjamin, Primrose, Pigotts H/wife
Benjamin, Rosetta (i) Alfred Peters St. Dom. Servant Benjamin, Rosetta, (ii) Dickenson Bay St. do. Benjamin, Thomas, New Winthorpes Mechanic
Benjamin, Violet, Dickenson Bay Street D. S'vant Benjamin, Violet Alfred Peters St. Dom. Servant Benjamin, William, Fort Road Clerk
Benn, Elfreda, Cedar Grove Dom Servant
Benn, James, Cedar Grove Labourer
Bennett, Beryl, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant
Bennett, Jemes, Cedar Grove Carpenter
Bennett, Keturah, Skerritts Housewife
Bennett, Mable, Skerritts Teacher
Bennett, Mary, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant
Bennett, Nellie, Cedar Grove Seamstress
Bennett, Victor, Skerritts 'Tailor
Bento. Ashton, Cassada Garden Labourer
Billinhurst, Olive, Dickenson Bay St. Housewife Bird, Alice Maud, Base Area Dom. Servant
Bird, Arthur, St. Johnston's Village Clerk

231 Blackett, John Edward A., D)ickenson Bay St. Manager
232 Blackett, Lilian, Dickenson Bay Street Housewife 233 Bladen, Maud, Villa Huckster
234 Bladen, Maydie, St. Johnstons Village Clerk
235 Bladen, Patience, St. Johnston's Village Teacher 236 Blake, Violet, Alfred Peter's Street Dom. Serv.ant 237 Blanchette, Peter, Fort Road Civil Servant
238 Blenny. James, Army Base Labourer
239 Bloodman, Frances, Cedar Grove do
240 Bloodman, Harold, D)/Bay St. Motor Mechanic
241 Bioodman. James, Barnes Hill Labourer
242 Boan, Arthur, Alfred Peter's Street Waterman 243 Bobb, Violet, Dickenson Bay Street Don. Servant 244 Boreham, Mark William, Gunthorpes Overseer
245 Boreham, Sarah Gertrude, (Gunthorpes Housewife 246 Bolton, Oscar, New Winthorpes Cartnman
247 Boulton. Rebecca, New Winthorpes Farmer
248 Bowers, Alberta, A. G. School Labourer
249 Bowers, Florence, Barne, Hill Dom. Servant
250 Bowers, Jeannetta, Army Base Labourer
251 Bowers, Percival, Cedar Grove Ranger
252 Brade, Mary, Fort Road Domestic Servant
253 Bradshaw, William, New Winthropes Carpenter
254 Braithwaite, Edgar, New Winthropes Clerk
255 Braithwaite. W.. St. Johnston's Village Worker 256 Bramble, Lucille, St. Johnston's Village Housewife 257 Bramble, Miriam, Fort Road Dom. Servant
258 Bramble, Nellie, Villa Housewife
259 Bramble, Phillip, Fort Road Carpenter
260 Bram'ble, William, Villa Area do
261 Branch, John Reginald Arthur, Stonymount
Hodges Bay Retired Civil Servant
262 Branch, Marjorie Darrell, Stonymount Hodges Bay Houso,'wife
263 Branch, Michael, St. Georges Street Dom. Servant 264 Brand, Alberta, Osborne Village Labourer
265 Brand, Claud, Clare Hall do
266 Brazier, Maisie, Barnes Hill Clerk
267 Brazier, Majorie, Stony Mount Housewife
268 Breton, Basil Ogilvie, Hodges Bay 269 Breton, Nest Clement, Hodges Bay Housewife
270 Breton Maisie, Skerritts Clerk
271 Bridges, Basil, Hodges Bay Secretary
272 Bright, Uriel, Friars Hill Labourer
273 Brookes, Beatrice, Parham Road Domestic
274 Brookes, Elfreida, Villa Area Teacher
275 Brookes, Samuel, Fort Road Officer
276 Brown, Alice, Beach Hotel Laundress
277 Brown, Alice, Osborne Village Home Domestic 278 Brown, Cyril, Cassada Garden Labourer
279 Brown, Irene, Pigotts Housewife
280 Brown, Mildred Cassada Garden Labourer
281 Brown, Olga, Osborne Village Home )omestic
282 Brown, Olive, Clare Hall House Maid
283 Browne, Alfred, St. Johnston's Village Mechanic 284 Browne, Amelia, Christopher Street Home Domestic 285 Browne, Amelia, Villa Area Dom. Servant
286 Browne, Arthur, St. Johnston's Village Worker 287 Browne, Arthur, St. Johnston's Village Piperfitter 288 Browne, Arthur, New Winthorpes Labourer
289 Browne, Benson, Clare Hall do
290 Browne, Benson, St. Johnston's Village Labourer 291 Browne, Clarence, St. Johnston's Village Housewife 292 Browne, Cyril, Parham Road Latbourer
293 Browne, Cyril, Pigotts Engine Driving
294 Browne, Daisy, Alfred Peters St.
295 Browne, Edward A., Alfred Peters St.
Officer H. M. Prison
296 Browne, Elenora, St. Johnston's Village Housewife 297 Browne, Frederick, St. Johnston's Village Painter 298 Browne, Hal, Factory Road P. W. Worker
299 Browne, Iola, Villa Area Domestic Servant
300 Browne, John, Clare Hall Labourer
301 Browne, John, St. Johnston's Village Labourer 302 Browne, Joseph, Bennett Street Mason
303 Browne, Joshua, Factory Road Distillery Worker 304 Browne, Laura, Barnes Hiil Domestic Servant
305 Browne, Mildred, Parham Road Housewife

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North. 3

306 307 378 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316
317 318 319 320 S321
323 324 325 326 327.
328 329 330 331 332 333
334 335 33(
337 338 339
340 341 342 343 -344
345 346
347 348
349 350 351
353 354
355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376
377 378 379 380 381 382

Browne, Pearl, Bennett Street Heusewife
Browne, Runa, Villa Area Shopkeeper
Browne, Theresa, Parham Road Housewife
Browne, Virginia, St. Johnston's Village Shopkeeper Browne, Virginia, St. Johnstons Vil. Dom. Servant Bruce, Alice, Villa Area Gardener
Brumant, Bruno, Athill Street IP'rinter
Brusch, Edwin, A/Sugar Factory Sugar Boiler
IBryan, Charles, St. JohnstonS Civil Servant
Bryan, Eunice, Christopher Street Home Domestic Bryan, Ferdinal. Alfred Pet4ers Street Labourer Bryan, lola, Alfred Peters St. Housewife
Bryan, James, Dickenson Bay St. General Worker Bryan, Maude, St. Johnston's Village Dom. Servant Bryan, Sarah, Alfred Peters St. Bryan, Susanna. Alfred Peter's Street Dom. Servant Bryson, Thomas, Albercromby Petrie Hay
Helms Dale, Hodges Bay, Merchant Buckley, Edgar, Hodges Bay Butler
Buckley, Ethel, Dickenson Bay St. General Worker Buckley, Leonne, Villa Area Seamstress
Buckley, Margaret, Fort Road Dom. Worker
Burke, Abigail, Dickenson Bay St. Housewife
Berke, Irene, Clare Hall Labourer
Buntin, Beatrice, Fort Road Lahourer
Burleigh, Celestina, Pigotts do
Biurleigh, Mathilda, C(edar Grove Gardener
HBurleigh, Naomi, Alfreid Peters Street Seamstress lnrnett, Monica, Dickenson Bay St. Dom. Servant Burton, Eric, Hodges Bay R.A.F. Officer retired Burton, Ernest, Villa Agriculturer
Burton, Iris, Gambals Terrace Housewvife
Burton, Joseph, Army Base Electrician
Burton, Rhida. Villa Area Seller
Byamn, Frances, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant
Byam, Maisie, Wilkinson Cross Housewife
Byam, St:anley, A. G. School Labourer
Byam, Susanna, Cedar Grove Domestic
Byers, Dorothy, Pigotts Labourer
Byers, Hezekiah, Cassada Garden do
Cabey, Mary, Villa Area Labourer
Cabey, Thomas, Villa Area do
Cadman, Betty Lilian, Fort Area Housewifeo
Cadman, Ronald, Fort Road Company Director
Caleb, Newton, Clare Hall Tailor
machoh, Alexander. Hodges Bay Proprietor
Canacho, Aubrey J., Sand Haven" Merchant
Camacho, Cyril, Fort Road Retired Govt. Servant Camacho. Daisy, Fort Road Housewife
Camacho, Eva Josephine, Hodges Bay Housewife Camacho, Gwendolyn, Hodges Bay Housewife
Camacho, Keithley, Cedar Grove Carpenter
Camacho, Thelma, Sand Haven" Merchant
Cann, Frances, Fort Road Housewife
Carine, Army Base Labourer
Carr, Agatha, Base Area Agriculturer
Carr, Clifford, New Winthorpes Carpenter
C rr, Malcolm, Fort Road Labourer
Carr, Samuel, Cedar Grove Fishing
Carr, Sarah, Barnes Hill Labourer
Carr, Tryphinia, St. Johnstons Village Peddler Carlisle, Ella, New Winthorpes Labourer
Carter, George, St. Johustons Village Butcher Carter, Genderson, St. Johnston's Village Housewife Carter, Gwendolyn, (I) St. Johnston's Village H/wife Carter, Gwendolyn, (II) St. Johnstons Village D/S'nt Carter, Percival, Clare Hall Farmer
Carty, Anna, Villa Area Home Domestic
Cephas, Fabiah, Alfred Peters St. Labourer
Challenger, Eilet, Alfred Peters Street Housewife Challenger, Daisy, Codrington Barbuda Housewife Challenger, Emanuel, Pigotts Bulldozer Operator Challenger, Fred, Villa Area Mechanic
Challenger, Mable, do Housewife
Challenger, Maud, Alfred Peters St. Dom. Worker Challenger, Vincent, Pigotts Labourer
Challenger, Walter, Alfred Peters Street Tailor Chandler, Aicelia, Fort Road Housewife

383 384 385 386 387 388
389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401
402 403 404 405 406
407 408 409 410 4i11 412
413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422
423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 45.1
452 453
454 455 456, 457 458 459 460

Charles, Samuel. Cedar Grove Charles, Sarah, Cedar (Irove Charles, Theophilitus. Bryson Street Charles, 'T'heidore. St. .lohns Street Charles, Thomas, Par ham Road Charles, Vilma, (Cedar Grove Chittiek, D)avid, Barnes Hill G
Chittick, Mizpab, Barnes Hill Chittick, Muriel, Beach Hotel Christian, Adelaide, Cedar Grove, Christion, Albert, Pigotts S
Christian, Alexander Villa Area

Hand Farm
Lighterman Housewife Seamstress eneral Operator
Printer Domr, Servant Labourer weeper A. S F.
Porter and

Christian, Alphonsmo, Pigotts Village Fitter
Christian, Amelia, New Winthorpes Labourer
Christian; Bernadine, Bennett Street Housewife Christijan, Catherine, (Clare Hall Nursing
Christian, Celtstina, Osborne's Village Housewife Christian, Charles, Pigotts Locomotive Driver Christian, Clarice, Cassada Garden Labourer
Christian, Cyril Bryson's Street Police
Christian, Donald, Fort Road Builder
Christian, Doris, Army Base Labourer
Christian, Dreweilla, Army Base do
Christian, Franco, Osborne's Village Housewife Christian, Hillina, Fitches Creek Est. Labourer ChristiaT-, Iris, Dickenson Bay Street Teacher Christian, James, Villa Area Porter & Water Man Christian, Joseph Fort Rood Cartman
Christian, Louisa, Cedar Grove Labourer
Christian, Madeline, Osborne Village do
Christian, Mary, Cassada Garden do
Christian, Mortley, Dickenson Bay St. Carpenter Christian, Patience, Carlisle Estate Labourer Christian, Robert, Villa Area Carpenter
Christian, Rueben, Cedar Grove Labourer
Christian, Ruth, St. Johnstons Village Housewife Christian, Theresa, Skerrets Land Domestic Worker Christian, Theresa, Barnes Hill do
Christian, Vincent, Clare Hall Baker
Christian, Walton, Dickenson Bay St. Carpenter Christian, William (1), Pigotts Fishing
Christian, William (2), Cedar Grove Labourer
Christopher, Elenora, Villa Area Housewife
Christopher, Fernella, St. Johnstons Village H/wife Christopher, George. Cedar Grove Carpenter
Christopher, Lodisa, New Winthorpes Agriculturer Christopher, Olive, Cedar Grove Home Domestic Christopher, Thomas. Cedar Grove Labourer
Clarke, Alicia. Piggotts Domestic Servant
Clarke, Iris, Pigotts Huckster

Chandler, Bertie, St. Johnston's Village Gardener Chandler, Clare, Gunthorpes Dom. Servant
Chandler, B., St. Johnstons Village Housewife Chapman, George, Army Base Agriculturer
Charles, Adina, New Winthorpes Seamstress
Charles. Adina, do Home Domestic
Charles, Alexander. St. Johnstons Village Labourer Charles, Amelia, Cedar Grove Domestic
Charles, Auchland, New Winthorpes 'Chauffeur
Charles, Eric, Osborne Village Lorry Man
Charles, Eugenie, Alfred Peters St. Dom. Servant Cha les, Florietta, Cedar Grove Ho.usewife
Charles, George, Dickenson Bay St. Skill Worker Charles, George. Villa Area General Worker
Charles, Grennma, Parham Road Housewife
Charles, Hilton, Pigotts Village Labourer
Charles, Hudson, Cedar Grove Tractor Driver
Charles, Hudson, Cedar Grove Tailor
Charles, Iota, Ctedar Gr,' Seamstress
Charles, Irene, Barnes Hill Domestic Help
Charles, Iris, Piggotts Labourer
Charles Jessie. Cedar Grove Housewife
Chartles, Joseph. Parham Labourer
Charles, Lilian, Pigotts Dom. Servant
Charles, Maxwell, Barnes Hill Shoemaker
Charles, Priscilla, Clare Hall Village Dom. Servant Charles. Rosalie, Barnes Hill Home Domestic
Charles. Ruth, Beninett Street Housewife

4 Electoral District of St. George and St..John (Rural) North.


461 Clarke, Viola, Piggotts Labourer
462 Clements, Louisa, New Winthropes Agriculturer 463 Clemons, Louisa New Winthropes Farmer
464 Clinton, George, St. Johnstons Village D'llery W'ker 465 Coates, Bonieface, Pigotts Foreman, A. S. F. 466 Coates, Florence Pigotts Nursing
467 Coates, Fredrica, Pigotts L'rer
468 Coates, Jessica, New Winthorpes Labourer
469 Cockburn, Agnes, Gunthorpes Housewife
470 Cockburn, John, Gunthorpes Engineer
471 Colbourne, Iris, Pigotts Village Home Domestic 472 Colbourne, Maisy, Parham Road l.'rer
473 Colbourne, William, Pigotts Village lForeman 474 Cole, Donald, Alfred Peters St. Carpenter 475 Connell, Maggie, C/Hall Vill. B/Dom.
476 Connell, Sanmuel.ClareHall Village, Dispensing Chemist
477 Connor, Melville, St. Johnstons Village M. At'dant 478 Constant, Roy, St. Johnstons Village Barber 479 Constant, Ruth, (1) St. Johnstons Village Housewife 480 Constant Ruth, (II) St. Johustons Shopkeeper 481 Cools-Lartigue, Agnes, St. John's, H/Wife 482 Cools-Lartigue, Hlugh, St. John's Accountant
483 Cornelius, Alberta, Villa Area, Field Labourer
484 Cornelius, Christiana,C]lare Hall Labourer 485 Cornelius, Muriel,- D/son Bay St. Teaching 486 Cornelius, RIeginald, D/son Bay St. Worker 487 Cornelius, Zelinda, D/son Bay St. D/Worker 488 Cort, Leon, Gunthorpes Bench Chemist
489 Cort, Patric, Gunthorpes Sugar Boiler
490 Coull, Margaret, Villa Area Washer
491 Cove, Alice, Central Cotton Station Housewife 492 Cranston, Tryphenia, C/Hall Vill. Labourer 493 Crawford, Arthur, S/Factory Sugar Boiler 494 Crawford, Samuel, C/Hall Vill. Farmer
495 Crrwford, Triphina, C/Hall Vill. Labourer 496 Creque, Evan, Dry Hill Civil Servant
497 Creque, Wilhelmina, Dry Hill Clerk
498 Crump, Adassa, D/Bay St. H/H ife
499 Crump, Franklin, Athill Street Shop Clerk
50() Cramp, Leona, Clare Hall Domestic Servant 501 Cramp, Noel, Athill Street Time Keeper
502 Cumings, Oliver, Osborne Vill. Electrician
503 Dabrio, Amanda, N/Winthorpes Laboure.a 504 Dabrio, Emanuel, N/Winthorpes Fishermin 505 Daley, Betty, St. Johnston's V. H'wife 506 Daley, Jesse, do T'tor Driver
507 Daley, Millicent, Alfred Peters St. H/Wife 508 Daley, Robert, Parham R'd. Painter
509 D',ndrade, Imelda, Gunthorpes H'wife
510 Daniel, Elisah, Osborne Village Labourer 511 Daniel, Elizabeth, St. Johnston's Vil. H'wife 512 Daniel Elmer, Piggotts, Mechanic
513 Daniel, Georgiana, -)ickenson Bay St., Housewife
514 Dani.l, Henrietta, Pigotts, Messenger
515 Daniel, Henrietta, Osborne V. Servant
516 Daniel, lone, D/son Bay St. Messenger
517 Daniel, Maisie, St. Johnston's V. S'vant 518P, Daniel, Maria, Piggotts H/wife
519 Daniel, Phoebe Ann, Barnes Hill S/stess
520 Daniel, Thelbert, Barnes Hill C/net Maker 521 David, Hubert, Bennett St. Porter
522 Davis, Amelia, Pigots Home Dom.
523 Davis, Archibald, Fitches Creek Est. L/rer 524 Davis, Arthur S., St. Johnston's V. Clerk

Davis, Benjamin, Augustin Dickenson Bay St. Tailor
Davis, Claudina, Cl. Hall Vil. HomeDom. Davis, Enid, Friars Hill, H. Keeper
Davis, Eve, Barnes Hill L/rer
Davis. Felicia, Cedar Grove do
Davis, Henry, Cedar Grove C'penter
Davis, Hyacinth (1) St. Johnston's Vil.

532 Davis, Hyacinth (I) Pigott St. Clerk 533 Davis,, Isabella, WXeirs Est. L'rer
534 Davis, Lily May, Villa Area H/wife
535 Davis, Miriam, Fitches Creek Dom, S/vant 536 l)avis, Ronald, Pigott St., Cleok
537 Davis, Rosina, Piggotts L/rer
538 Davis, Salome, St. Joinston V. H/D)om 539 Davis, Samuel, Cedar (rove L'rer
540 Davis, Silver C.,, 1St. J stons Vil. D/Worker 541 Davis, Victoria, Cedar Grove Li/rer
512 DeAndrade, John Ornelius, Gunthorpes Sugar Boiler
51.3 DeFreitas. Edmund, Cedar Grove, G'ner 54.4 Derrick, Albertha, N, Winthorpes H'wife 545 Derrick, Charles Theodore Alfred Peter's St., Engineer
546 Derrick, Leslie, New Winthropes Agric.
547 DeSilvia, Agatha, Cedar Grove Dom.
548 DeSilvla, Albert, Cedar Grove L'rer
559 DeSilvia, Eliz Abeth, do S'tress
550 DeSilvia, Henry, Cedar Grove Joiner
551 Destin, Amelia, Barnes Hill Dom. S'vant 552 Destin, Christopher, Clare Hall F'man 553 Destin, Gladys, Barnes Hill L'rer
554 D)estin, Josephine, Carlisle Est. do 555 Destin, Malcolm, Army Base Agriculturer 556 Destin, Violet, do L'rer
557 Destin, Viola, Barnes H. L'brer
558 Destin, Violet, New Winthorpes do
559 Dew, Catherine, Hodges Bay, H'wife
560 Dew, Ernest, do Co. Director
561 Dew, Millicent M., Hodges B. H'wife
562 Dias, Guilhermina, Villa Dias, Hodges Bay Rd. H/wife
563 Dias, John, Villa Dias, Hodges Bay lid.
Motor Mechanic
564 Donaldson, Adelyn, Clare Hall H'wife 565 Donaldson, Edward, Fitches C'k Est L'rer 566 Donaldson, Howell, Cedar Grove Painter 567 Donaldson, Joshua, Clare Hall L'rer
568 Donaldson, Lariston, Clare H. L'brer
569 Donaldson, Oscar, Villa Area do
570 Donaldson, Sophia, Clare Hall H'wife 571 Dover, George, Clare Hall L'rer
572 Dover, Egbert, do do
573 Dover, Kieithley, Villa Area Mechanic 574 Dowdie Edward, Pigott St. Oil Refiner 575 Dowdie, Irene (I), do Dom.
576 Dowdie, Irene (II), St. Johnston V. H/W 577 Dowdye, Henrietta, Villa Area H/wife 578 Dowe, Ebenezer, Pigotts L'rer
579 Downes, Charity, Clare H. Nurse
580 Downes, Fitzgerald, do Mch.
581 Drew, Annie, Cedar Grove L'rer
582 Dublin, Caroline, St. Johnston V. H/M'd 583 Dublin, Charles, Cedar Grove L'rer

526 527 528 529 530 531

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

584 Dublin, Iris, Cedar G rove

Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, D)ublin, Dublin, Duncn, Duncan,

Iris, do
Joseph do
Michael do
Simon, Barnes Hill Susanna, Clare Hall Victor, Cedar Grove Doris A., Gunthorp Moses S. do


585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593
594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601
f602 603
(504 (505 4606 l;07 608 609 610 411
t312 613 414
616 617
618 419 (620 621 t122 623
,624 625 626
628 629 (430 631
633 634 635 ,(336
4337 4;39 4540 641 642 643
644 645 646 447

H/Domnestic (do
Welder I/wife
L/rer s H'wife
Seamstress Civil 8ervant
L'rer Dom. Servant
D/Servant iousewife Dom. Servant

Edwards, Adriana, l)'bay St, D. Servant Edwards, Amelia, St. Johnston's V. H'wvife Edwards, Ann, A lf[ ed P. St-, 1)/Worker Edwards Annie, Fort- l'd. H'wife
Edwards, Benson, Christopher St. L'brer Edwards, David, Brvson St. do
Edwards, l)esmrnond, N. Winthorpes do Edwards, Elaine, St. Johnston's V. S'streAs Edwards, Eva, ViiLa Area huckster
Edwards, Frances. i)shorne Village I'rer Edwards, Gwendolyn, r illa Area t'wife Edwards, ienrietta. St. J'ston's V. H'wife Edwards, James do M'ch
Edwards, Herman, Pigotts Shopkeeper
Edwards, Hubert, Clare Hall L'rer
Edwards, Innocent, Army Base H'wife
Edwards, Irma, Alfred Peters St. do Edwards, Joseph, Clare Hall L'brer
Edwards, Lilian, Cedar Grove DjServant Edwards, Mary, Villa Area H'wife
Edwards, Mildred, Bennett St. D/Servant Edwards, Mildred, Villa Area Housewife Edwards, Netta, Osborne Vil do
Edwards, Nezley, Fort Rioad Painter
Edwards, Rose, St. Johnston V. H/Don Edwards, Scarvel, do C/Ser
Edwards, Sarah, Cedar Grove Washer
Edwards, Susanna, X'pher St. H/Doin
Edwards, Sylvester, C'dge Field Police Edwards, Vernon, Fort R,'d do
Edwards, Walter, Barnes Hill Labourer Elvin, Edgar, Barnes Hill Elvin, /erlyn, Alfred Peters St. Teacher Emanuel, Gertrude, Barnes Hill Labourer Emanuel, Joel, St. J'ston's V. T'tor D. Emanuel, Murphy, do C/Servant
Eudelle, Beryl, Villa Area Cook
Erskine, Rormig, L. Gambles C'penter
Esdell, Wilmouth, Cedar Grove L'rer
Este, Aome, Parham R'd Sailor
Etinoff Ann, Athill St. D/Worker
Etinoff, Ann Zelica, Wapping Lane Nurse & Midwife
Etinoff, Walter, Wapping Lane Teacher Evanson, George, Villa Area Carpenter Evanson, Johanna, Fort Road Housewife Evanson, Susan, Clare Hall do

Dyer, Ann, Alfred Peter's St. Dyer, Ilizabeth, do Dyer, A ubrey, Villa Area Dyer, Billy, Villa Area Dyer, Edith, Army Base Dyer, Irene. )/son St. Dyer, Ivy, Bell St. Dyer, Ivy, Villa Area Dyer, Mary, do

648 649 650
651 652 653
61;5 3
654 i55
656 657 658
663 664 665
666 667 68 669 670 671
672 673 (i71 675
677 678 679
681 682 (;S 3
684 685 686 687 688
689 690
692 693 694 695 696

697 Francis, Claude, Clare Hall Barrister at Law
698 Francis, Edward, Clare Hall Fac. Worker 699 Francis, Ernie, Fort R 'd Iom. Servant. 700 Francis, Eugene, Cedar Grove Fisherman 701 Francis, George, Barnes Hill Mechanic 702 Francis, Henrietta, Clare Hall Housewife 703 Francis, Herbert, Pigotts Labourer
701, Francis, Hubert, Pigotts L'brer
705 Francis, Islyn, Villa Area Dorm Servant 706 Francis, Joan, Osborne Vil Dom Servant 707 Francis, Jacob, Dickenson Bay St Lineman 708 Francis, James, Clare Hall Builder
709 Francis, Knella, Clare Hall Clerk
710 Francis, Lauretta, Bennett St. D/Servant 711 Francis, Leonard, N/Winthorpes L'brer

Fane, Percival, Villa Est Est. Manager Kara"a, A.\nes, Factory R'd. H'wife
Farts, Carmen,. do Typist
Farara, Eileen, Hodges Bay ll'wife
Farara, Emanuel, Factory R'd. Merchant Farara, Jay Vie, Hodges Bay do
Farara, Quinn, Factory v R'd do
Farara, Jayme, Hodges Bay B/Manager
Farley, Louisa, Tilla Area Dom. Servant iFarrel, Agatha, New Winthorpes do Farrel, Anne, Pigotts Labourer
Farrell, Charles, St. J'ston's V. F'mner
Farrell, Samuel, do do
Farrel, (eorge, Cedar Grove L'rer
Farrel, Theodore, Cedar Grove do
Ferris, Adelaide, Pigotis L'rer
Ferris, Caroline, Villa Area VWasher
Ferris, Cordelin, St. J'ston's V. Ht'wife Ferris, Charity, New Winthorpes L/brer Ferris, Daisy, Pigotts do
Ferris, Florence, New WVinthorpes do Ferris, Frances New Winthorpes do
Ferris, Frederick, Pigotts do
Ferris, Hlenry, Cassada Garden do
Ferris, H11 ubert, New Winthorpes do Ferris, Irene (1), New Winthorpes H/wife Ferris, Irene (2), do Labourer
Ferris, lulia, New Winthlorpes D/Servant Ferris. Wilfred, N/Winthorpes Fisherman Flx, Glanville, ( 'bles Terrace ( /Ser Flax, Kathleen, do Teebjer
Flemming, Theodora, N/Winthorpes L/brer Ford, Victoria, Hand St L'brer
Ford, Frederick, Cedar Grove Pipe Fitter Ford, Millicent, (1do Dom Servant
Forn, Lauchland, do Mechanic
Foote, Dorothy, Fort R'd 1)D/Ser
Foote, John, Hodges Bay Sch. Master
Francis, Adriana, Osborne V. Agri/turer Francis, Alice, Barnes Hlll Dom Servant Francis, Amelia, Cedar Grove do
Francis, Alister, Alfred P. St. Teacher Francis, Amelia, Cedar Grove H/Dom
Francis, Ann, (I) St. J'ston's V. do Francis, Ann, (II) (1do D/Ser
Francis, Angelus, Blarnes Hill, do
Francis, Benjamin, Army Base Labourer Francis, Cbristobel; Osborne Vil D/Servant Francis, Christopher, Alfred Peters St.

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

712 Francis, Lennard, Army Base Solicitor's Clerk
713 Francis, Mabel, Fort R'd. H/Dom
714 Francis, Mary Olga, Clare Hall Clerk
715 Francis, Mary, Fitches Creek Housewife 716 Francis, Maude (1), Cedar Grove 1)/Svnt 717 Francis, Maude (2), do Housewife
718 Francis, Millicent, Alfred Peters St. do 719 Francis, Neville, Clare Hall Custom's Clerk 720 Francis, Ophelia, Alfred Peters St. D/Svnt 721 Francis, Rebecca, Cedar Grove Labourer 722 Francis, Reginald, Friar's Hill Farm Foreman
72:; Francis, Selvyn, Coolidge Police Station Policeman
724, Francis. Sybil. Cedar G(rove Labouret 725 Francis, Fasel, Osborne Village do 726 Francis Violet. Barnes Hill Dressmaker

Francis, \Vinifred, Cedar Grove Fravids, Wrenford, Bennett St. Franklin, Alester, Fort R'd Franklin, Elaine, do Frazer, Gwendolyn, Villa Area Freeland, Arthur, Pigotts Freeland, Ruby, Pigotts Freeman, Francis, Parham R'd Frederick, A., St. J'ston's V. Fridav, Clyde, do S
Friday, Nellie, do
Frith, Cyrian, do
Frith, John do C. M
Friday, William, Pigotts Furlong, Thomas, Athill St. Furlouge, Iohn, Villa Area Furlonge, Sylvia, Alfred Peters Furlonge, Thomas, Villa Area

L'brer C/Ser
11'wife Housewife Tailor Housewife D/Servant M'ch. hop Keeper
H'wife Domu/worker ental.Home
L'brer SPorter St. D/S'vant

745 Galloway, Florence, Pigott St. Farmer 74( Gallaway, Gweneta, Barnes Hill Seamstress 717 Gallaway, William, ,, ,, Carpenter 748 Galloway, Henrietta, St. J'ston's V H/Domr 749 Gay, Sarnh, Pigotts Housewife
750 G(eorge, Agatha, Cedar Grove Labourer 751 G(eorge, Alphonso, St, Jstons Vii. F/Worker 752 George, Alexander, Alfred Peters St.
753 George, Ambrose, Barnes Hill L'brer
754 George, Arthur, New Winthorpes Carpenter 755 George, Charles, Carlisle Estate ,, 756 George, Charles, Carlisle Est. C'penter 757 George, Christiana, St. J'ston's V. H/Dorm 758 George, Clarence 'illa Area Stevedore
759 George, Denzil, Cedar Grove Farmer
760 George, Diana, ,, Domestic Servant
761 George, Doris, Clare Hall ,, ,,
762 George, Edith, (1) Clare Hall Housewife 763 George, Edith, (ii) New Winthorpes Nurse 764 George, Edith, (iii) Cedar Grove Labourer 765 George, Eliza, Alfred Peters St. Housewife 766 Georg, Emanuel, Cedar Grove Labourer
767 George, Ernie ,, ,, Housewife
768 George, Evangeline, Alfred P1'. St. Typist 769 George, Fredericka, New Winthorpes Factory Worker
770 George, Gilbert, Judges Hill Policeman 771 George, Gilford, Fitches Creek Labourer

772 George, Hanzel, Cedar Grove L'rer
773 George, Henrietta, ,, do
774 George, Henry, ,, Driver
775 George, Hervey, Cedar G. T/Driver
776 George, Henrietta, do H/Dom
777 George, Irene, Pigotts Labourer
778 George, Irose, (i) Cedar Grove do
779 George, [rose, (ii) ,, D/Servant
780 George, Ismay, Cedar Grove Labourer
781 George Isa, Base Area Seamrstress
782 George, Judy, Parhamrn R'd H/Dom.
783 George, Kenric, Upper Fort R'd Teacher 784 George, Luther, do Contractor
785 George, Lena, Cedar Grove Housewife
786 George, Leslie, ,, Carpenter
787 George, Longford, Pigotts do
788 -George, Lucy Ann, Pigotts D/Servant
789 George, Martha, St. J'ston's V. L'brer 790 George, Mary, Clare Hall Labourer
791 George, Mary Ann, Cedar Grove D/Servant 792 G(eorge, Melrose, Alfred Peters St. 793 George Miren, Cedar Grove Labourer
794 George, Muriel, Up. Fort R'd Teacher 795 George, Natlhaniel, St. J'ston's V. L'brer 796 George, Rosalind, do H'wife
797 George, Susata, do do
798 George, Vietoria, do H I/Dma
799 George, Viola, do 1H/wife
800 George, lI tb Villa Area Housewife
801 George, Sunnel, (i) Army Base Labourer 802 GCeorIWe, Samuel, (ii) Clare Hall Porter 803 George. Sophia, Cedar Grove Labourer 804 George, William, larnes H. L'brer
805 George, W\illiam, (i) Cedar Grove Carpenter 806 George, William, (ii) ,, ,, ,,
807 Gerald, Charles, Diekenson Bay St. ,, 808 Gibbons, Edward, Athill bt. Mason
809 Gibbons, Elijah, St. J'ston's V. L'brer 810 Gibbons, Josephine, do l'wife
811 (Gilead, Ashtn, Fort R'd Builder
812 (Gilead, Sarah, do H1'wife
813 (Gloade, Amos, Pigotts Carpenter
814 Gloade, A mos, Pigott,. St. Carpenter
815 Gloade, Ethiel, Pigotts Labourer
816 Gloade, Jerimiah Clare Hall ,,
817 Gloade, Hugh, Pigotts V. Fishermarn
818 (loather, William, St. .'ston's V. C/Ser 819 Gomes, Alphonso, New Winthorpes Fisherman
8 0 Gomes, Belford, N/Winthorpes T/Driver 821 Gomes, Charles, Pigotts Baker
822 Gomes, Doris, Barnes Hill Labourer
823 Gomes, Evelyn, Villa A. Seamstress
824 Gomes, Henrietta, New Winthorpes H/wife 825 Gomes, Philomena, Blackmans Estate ,, 826 Gomes, Falerius, ,, ,,
Proprietor & Manager
827 Gomnies, I'iolet, Barnes Hill D/Servant 828 Gonsalves, Asthor, Hodges B. B/Directbr 829 Gonsalves, Benthamn, Dickensonbay St.
830 Gonsalves, Eileen, (i) Alfred Peters St.
831 Gonsalves, Eileen, (ii) Fort Road H/wife 832 (onsalves, Lawrence, ,, Liquor Dealer
833 Gonsalves, Venetia, St. J'ston's V H'wife

727 72
729 730 731 732 733 734 735
736 i0i
738 739
740 741 74t2 713

Electoral District of St. George and St. John Ruaral) North.

834 Gonsalves, Veronica, Alfred Peters St.
Seamsi ess
835 Goodwin, Nina, Hodges Bay Road 836 Goodwin, Florence, Hodges B H'wife
837 Gordon, Agnita, Bennett St. D/Servant 838 Gordon, Annette, Bryson St. HD/1)omnesic 839 Gordon, Averil], Fort Road Housewife 8,10 Gordon, Edie, Diekensonbay St. ,,
841 Gordon, Evelyn, Friars Hill t'wife
842 Gordon, George, Friars Hill Overseer
843 Gordon, Madeline, St. J'ston's V H11/wife 844 Gordon, Stuart, do HIS/D)ealer
845 Gordon, Pervy A. W. Fort l'o),d Inspector of schools
846 Gordon, Sylvester, Fort R'd Teacher
847 Gore, Clytie, Fort Road Solicitor's Clerk 8418 Gore, Hubert, St. J'ston's \, L'brer
849 Gore, Leonard, Fort Road (C/Servant
850 Gabriel, John, Cassada Garden Labourer 851 Govia, Fransica, Osborne V, Mason
852 Graham, Edmund, I'igotts L'rer
853 Grant, Srine, St. J'ston's V, D/Worker 854 Grayham, Eleimna, do H/wife
855 Grayham, Joshua, Potters Gate Keeper 856 Grant, Malcolm, Pigotts Diesel Operator 857 Grant, Mary, Base Area Labourer
858 Grant, Rebecca. Cedar Grove .
859 Graham, Ruthlyn, St. J'ston's V. H'wife 860 Greene, Alphonso, ,, C'penter
861 Green, Clifton, Bryson St. do
862 Greene, Samuel, St. J'ston's V. Watchman 863 Green, Christiana, Pigotts Labourer
864 Green, Viola, Alfred Peter's St, R/wife 865 Greathead, Lauriel, Villa Area Mechanic 866 Greathead, Lemuel, Villa Area Tin Smith

& Plumber
867 Greaves, Prince, Beach Hotel Labourer
868 Grenage, Emily, Osborne V. Farmer
869 Greenidge, Edna, Clare Hall Labourer
870 Gregory, Charles, Pigotts do
871 Gregory, Ettelyn, Pigotts V, H'wife
872 Griam, Adelaide, Cassada Garden L'rer
873 Griffith, Aska, Pigott St. Chauffeur
874 Grigg, Joshua, Cedar Grove L'brer
'875 Gulston, Linora, Villa Area Shopkeeper 876 Gumes, Christophine, Dickensonbay St..
877 Hall, Lyda, Friars Hill Housewife
878 Hall, Robert, ,, Civil Servant
879 Hamilton, Alphonso, Alfred Peters St Building Contractor
880 Hamilton, Alice, Villa Area Housewife 881 Hamilton, Agusta, Osborne Village Labourer
$82 Hamilton, Eunice, Alfred Peters St Housewife
883 Hampson, Beatrice, N/Winthorpes T'cher 884 H1ampson, Christiana, do S'tress
885 Hampson, Hilda, do H/Dom
886 Hampson, Mary, do Teacher
887 Hampson, Coleride, New Winthorpes Mechanic
$88 Hampson, Eugenie, New Winthorpes Housewife
S89 Hampson, George, do Machinist

890 Hampson., Lucille, New \Winthorpes Dom. Servant
891 Htampson, Walter, do. Machiist
892 lIampson, Wycliffe, do.
89 H[Larrigan, Clarissa. Alfred Peters Str.
891 Harrigan, William. Pigotts Labourer
895 Harris, Anthonv, Pigotts C/Ser
896 Hfarris, Ivan, Bell St. Stevedore
897 Harris, Olive, do Seamstress
898 Harris, Michael, Villa Area Labourer
899 Harris, William B., St. Tston's V M/Att'd 900 Harris, Winifred W., do H/I),om
901 Hart, Elorence, Clare Hall D/Sersvant
~902 Harney, Harold L., Hlarneal Villa Barrister-at-Law
903 Harney, Leona M. H'neal Villa IH'wife
904 Harvey, Eulalie,. Villa Area 1) Servant
905 Hastings, Arthur, Osborne Village Road Repairer
906 castingss, Zelikia, St. J'ston's V. (C/Ser 907 HIlatch-Syrett Alfred E., St. George's Ree.
Clerk-in-Holy Orders
908 Hatch-Syrett, Antoinette E., St. George's Hi/ Wife
909 Havercombe, Hezikiah, St. J'ston's V. D)'ver 911 ( w,,lri I ey Bennett St Clerk

911 Hawkins. Mary, Dickensonbay St.

912 Hawkins, Vione, Villa Area Clerk
913 Hawley, Catherine J., White Sands Hotel H'wife
914 IHawley, Stanley J., White Sands Hotel Planter & Hotel Proprietor 915 Haywood, Arthur, Cedar G. Agriculturer 91 6 Hay wood, Dennis, Cedar Grove
917 Haywood, Huntly, ,, Labourer
918 Haywood, Maudlyn, do H/Dom
919 Haywood, Virginia, do. L'rer
920 Hazlewood, Agnes, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
921 11azlewood, Cyril. O()sborne Labourer 922 Hazlewood, Elgin, New Winthorpes Ex Factory Worker
923 Hazlewood, Florence, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
924 Hazlewood, lilda, Osborne Village Housewife
925 Hazlewood, Joseph, do. Labourer
926 Hazlewood, Mary, Pigotts Domestic Servant 927 Hazlewood, Maurice, Osborne IL'brer
928 Hazlewood, Vera, Osborne Seamstress
929 Headly, Pearl, St. J'ston's V. S'tress 930 HLstor, George, do Carpeiter
931 Hector, Eliza, Pigotts Labourer
932 Hector, Florence, Base Area do
933 Hector, Henrietta, Barnes Hill do 934 IHector, John, Base Area do
935 Hector, Rosina, do do.
936 Hector, Ruth, do Domestic Servant
937 Hector, Samuel, do Labourer
938 Hector, Walter, do do
939 Hector, Wilfred, Cedar Grove do
940 Hector, Norman, Barnes H. L'brer
941 Hector, Sylvester, New Winthorpes do 942 Hector, Walter, Barnes H. do

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

943 Henry, Aaron, Army Base L'rer
9441 Henry. Adelaide, Alfred Peters St. Clerk 945 Henry, Adina, Pigotts Seamstress
946 Henry, Adina, St. J'ston's V. H'wife
947 Henry, Alice, do do
948 Henry, Alice, Cedar (rove Labourer
949 Henry, Agatha, (1), New Winthorpes Farmer
950 Henry, Agatha, (ii), Blizzards Housewife 951 Henry, Almeria, Fort Road Clerk
952 Henry, Amelia, (i), Fitehes Creek Labourer
953 Henry, Amelia, (ii), Barnes Hill Farmer 954 Henry, Basil, New Witatborpes Carpenter 955 Henry. Beatrice, (i), New Winthorpes Laborer
956 Henry, Beatrice, (ii), do do
957 Henry, (Cecilia, Alfred Peters St. H'wife 958 Henry, Charles L., Bennett St. Teacher 959 Henry, Charles, Pigotts Fisherman
960 Henry, Caroline, Alfred Peters St.
961 Henry, Dennis, Dickensonbay St.
Asst. Traffic Manager
962 Henry, l)avid, Pigotts Factory Worker
(963 Henrv l)aisv. Hand St. H'wife

964 9:5

Henry, Henry,

Eiditi. St. J'ston's V Ednmund. Clare H.


966 Henry. Gertrudle, New Winthorpes Farmer
967 Henry, Edna, Pligotts Domestic Servant 968 Heniy, Edgar. Beach lotel 969 Henry, Eileen, (i), Pilla Area Domestic Servant
970 Henry. li'leen, (ii), Fitches Creek

97 I 972 97 ; 974
977 978
982 983
984 985 986


L abou


Henry, Eileen, Bryson's St. D/Servant
Henry, Eldeen, Bennett St. Teacher
Henry, Eliza, Carlisle Estate L'rer
Henry, Ellen, Dickensonbavy St.
Henry, Eric. Alfred Peters St. Baker
Henry. Elsworth, St. .'ston's V. Clerk Henry, Eel, N/Winthorpes L'brer
Henry, Eulalie. St. J'ston's V. H'wife Henry, Estella, New Winthorpes Farmer
Henry, Ethel, Osborne Village Labourer Henry, Eustace, Villa Area Store Asst. Henry, Eva, Cedar Grove Labourer
Henry, (ieorge, (i), Pigotts Fisherman Henry, G(eorge, (ii), do Blacksmith
Henry. Genevieve, Pigotts L'brer
Henry, Gertrude, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
Henry, (race, Villa Area H ousewife
Henry, Hollis, Clare Hall C'penter

989 Henry, Iola, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
990 Henry, Iris. St. J'ston's V. D/Servant 991 Henry, lonie, BIeach Hotel Labourer
9 2 Henry, Irene, Osborne Village I)omestie Servant
993 Henry, Irvin, Alfred Peters St. Dom/Servant 994 Henry, Inez, Clare Hail Domestic Servant 995 Henry, Jane, Clare Hall H'wife

1043 1.044 1045 1016 1047 1048
1050 1051] [052
1054 1055 1056

996 997 998 999 1000 1001
1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010
1-012 1013 1014. 1015 101 (; 1017 1018
1.020 1021 1022
A 0 2 13
1023 1021
1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1(1032 1()33 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 1039 1040 1 -11

Henrie, Samuel, Bell St. Officer in the M'ket Henry, Saralh, (1) (Clare H11all Dom/Servant Henry. Sarah. (2) N. Winthorpes Labouirer Henry, Sydney, Base A rea Farmer
Hemr-y, Sylvester, Cedar Grove Mechanic lenry. Terra ne, (1) Clare Hall Masmon
IHenrY, Terrenec, (2) ,, Mason
H eiry, TI homas, Clare H1, L'brer
Henry, Uriah, Base Area Fatrmer
Henry, Victor. N/Winthropes M'ch.
Henry, Rev. Wilfred, St.Johnston's Village Clergyman,
Henry, Wilfred El; Clare Hall Carpenter Ilienry, William, do Mason
Henry, Walter, Osborne, Labourer
Henry, Wilfred, Clare Hall Carpenter
Henry, William, (1) Pigotts Overseer
Henry, William, (2) N. Winthorpes ]D/Ser. Henry William, Villa Area Baker
Henry, Winifred, Cedar Grove Dom/Servant [lerbert, (hri stian, Pigotts D/Servant Herbert, James, do Plumber
Herbert, George, Pigotts Labourer
Hestrick, Iua, Pigotts do.
Hewlett, Basil, Clare Hall Theatre Asst. Hiewlett, Ednie, Cedar Valley Planter
Hicks, Louisa, Pigatts Dom/Servant
Hfiggins, Grilita, Christopher St.
Home D)omestio
Hill, Alice, Alfred Peters St. D)/Servant

1059 Hill, Agatha, Villa Area

Henry, John A. WV., Alfred P. St. Postman Henry, John, (1) D/sonby St. Farmer
Henry, John, (2) ,, Labourer
Henry, Joseph, ,, do.
Henry, Kennetb, Villa Area Tailor
Henry, Kenneth M., Bennett St, Tailor
Henry, Lilian, Hand St. H'wife
lienry Lidia, Cedar Grove Labonrer
Henry, Lily May, Pigotts .,
Henry, Linda, (1) Base Area Farmer
Henry, Linda, (2) Base Area Labourer
Henry, Louisa, WVinthropes Dom/Servant Henry, Mable, (1) Fort Road Housewife Henry, Mable (2) Villa Area Labourer
Henry, Mary, H'ds & Pigotts St. H'wife Henry, Mary E., Villa Area Teacher
Henry, Mignonette, do do
He ry, Margaret, (1) Cedar Grove Labourer Henry, Margaret (2) C/sda Garden do. Henry, Martha, Cassda Garden do.
Henry, M: r Ain, Clare Hall Housewife Henry, Maiude, (1) New Winthorpes Baker Henry, Maude, (2) Army Base Labourer
Henry, N,~nomi, Figotts D/Servant
Henry, Neville, (1) Dsoniay St. (Carpea ter lenry, Neville (2) Fort James Civil Servant lHn'ry, Norris, Fort Road Clerk
Henry (Olivia. Alfred P. St. Seamstress HenrY, 'iacehael, Cedar Grove D)om/Servant IIiry, R uth, Barnes 11Hill, Labourer i enr,; Rol, N/Winthropes L'brer
Ilenr'. H lfus, St.. stone'ss V. do Henryv. Sheila, d, H'wife
llenry, Salome, O)Jbornev Housewife
Henry, Samuel, Villa Area Clerk

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

1061 1062 10 ,)
1064 1065
1069 107(10 1071
1072 1 1073 1074
1075 173o
1076 1077
1078 1079 1080 1081
1084 1085 1086
1087 1088 1089

Hynam, Charles, Marble Hill Hynam, Ruby, Marble Hill
7 2 7

Agric. Supt. Housewife

Hill, Alphonso, Villa Area Water-man
Hill, Cleofoster, do do
Hill, Edward son, Fort Road Teacher
H1ill, Eugenic Die/sonbsy St. Dom/Servant Hill, Nathaniel, Cedar Grove Labourer
Hill, Salom v, Villa Area Shop Asst.
Hill, Samuel Fort Road Teacher
lill, Walter, Villa Area Waterman
iHobson, Corn, lHelmsdale Housewife
Hobson, Cyril. Heinisdale Retired
Hodge, Idona, Barnes Hill Housewife
Hodge, Norris. St. Johnston's Village Sanitary Inspector
Hodge, Rosetta, Alfred Peters St. D/Servant Hodge, Rossetta, Villa Area I/D)onestic Holden, Leonard, (Osborne Vil Lal urer
H older, Joseph, Barnes Hill Labourer
Holder, Maude, Barnes Hill Housewife
Holloran, Sarah, Villa Area H/D)omiestic IHo d, Wilnout h, Coolidge Plee/Sn. Police H-opkins, Mary A., Djsonbay St. Housewife I [orsford, Emanuel, Pigotts Labourer
Hosier, James, l la Area Fishierman
Howard. D)esmond (George. Gunthorpes Mechanical Engineer
Howard, Willimena, St. Johnston's Village Home Domestic
Hughes, Augusta, Osborne Labourer
Hughes, Batson, Gunthorpes Sugar Boiler Hughes, Benjamin, Clare Hall Factory W/ker Hughes, Cornwell, Villa Area Labourer
Hughes, Cyril, do Electrician
Hughies, Daphne, St. Johnston's Village Seamstress
Hughes, Eliza, Barnes Hill Farmer
Hughes, Florence, Barnes Hill Labourer
Hughes, Joseph. St. Johnston's Village Bank Messenger
Hughes, Joseph, Pigotts Engine Driver
Hughes, Laban, Clare Hall Police
Hughes, Lauretta, Bennett St. Hloumsewife Hughes, Loiiisa, (1) Cedar Grove Labourer HIughes, Louisa, (2) O()sborne IH ousewife H ughes, Mabel, Clare Hall Seamstress
Hughes, Raymond, ()sborne Engine )Driver Hughes, Salomy, Carlisle Est. Seamstress Hughes, William, Barnes Hill Lal)ourer
Hull, Laurentine. St. Johnston's Village Civil Servant
1lunte, Eunice, Villa Area Housewife
Hunte, Gwendolyn, Alfred P/trs St. Washer Hunte, Iola, Villa Area Dom/Servant
Hunte, Norris, D'bay St. Civil Servant
Hunte, Olive, D'bav St. HIousewife
Hurdle, Irene, Clare Hall Dom. Servant Hurdle, Malcolmhn, Alfred Peters St. Printer Hurst, AuXgnes, Alfred Peters St. Seamstress Hurst, Anna, (Ulare Hall Housewife
Hurst, Cyril, St. Johnston's Vil Labourer Hurst, Denfield, Clare Hall Clerk
Hurst, Edna, Alfred Peters St. Clerk
Hurst, Lionel, Alfred Peters St. Clerk
Hurst, Elsie, Chez Moi Housewife
Hutson, Leonard, Htodges Bay Chief Vet.

i1120 1121 1122
1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129
1130 1131 1132
1133 1134
1135 1136

1137 Isaac, Gwendolyn Iris, Gambles Terrace Matron T.T.C.
1138 Isaac, Irene, Fitehes Creek Est. Lahb(,urer 1139 Isaac, James, Pigotts Labourer
1140 Isaac, Kenriek, Alfrad Peters St. Mason 1141 Isaac, Lena, St. Johnston's Vil Housewife 1142 Isaac. Lorna Barnes Hill Home DIomestic 1143 Isaac, Louisa, Osborne Village Labourer 1144 Isaac, Rachael M. Base Area do.
1115 Isaac, Sarah, Osborne Village do.
1146 Isaac, Stanley, N, Clare Hall Farmer
114,7 Isaac, Sylvia, New W\inthorpes Labourer 1148 Isaac, Peter, St. Johnston's Vil Labourer 1149 Isaac, Stedman, PIigotts Store-keeper
1150 Isaac, William (1) Barnes Hill Automobile Mechanic
1151 Isaac, William (2), Parham Road Carpenter & Builder
1152 Isaacs, E. Myra, Parham Road Seamstress 1153 Isles, Florence, Christopher St. D/Servant 1154 Isles, Miriam, Villa Area do
1155 Jackson, Calvin, Clare Hall Mason
1156 Jackson, lEthelyne, St. Johnston's Village Housewife
1157 Jackson, Viola, Clare Hall do
1158 Jackson Joseph. Cedar Grove Labourer

1162 1163
1164 1165 1166 1167
1170 1171 1172 1173 1174 1175
1176 1177 1178

Jacobs, Emma, Cedar Grove Retired Teacher Jacobs, Ephraim, St. Johnston's Village Retired Civil Servant
Jacobs, Esinic, St. ,lohnston's Village House wife
Jacobs, Ida, Filla Area Housewife
'Jacobs, Jane, Villa Area Huckster
Jacobs, L. Mary, St. Johnston's Vil Servant Jacobs, Phobeann. do H/wife
Jacobs, Laurie, Clare Hall Dom/Servant Jacobs, Maude, Pigotts Labourer
Jacobs, Ruth Villa Area Housewife
Jacobs, Samuel, (1) Barnes Hill Labourer Jacobs, Samuel (2) Barnes Hill Labourer Jacobs, Theodore, Villa Area Mechanic
Jacobs, Zelica, St. Johnston's Vil Housewife James, Abraham, Pigotts Painter
James, Aldin, Army Base Labourer
James, A lfred Carpenter
James, Amelia, Bell St, Dom. Servant
James, Amelia, Carlisle Est. Labourer James, A. E. E., St. Johnston's Vil Clerk

Ireland, Christabel, Barnes Hill Housewife Ireland, G orge, Barnes Hill Labourer
Ireland, Joseph, Clare Hlall 1do:0
Irish, Isalyn, Athill St. Washer
Isaac, Alston, Barnes Hill Carpen try
Isaac, Auidrey, Clare Hall I)omni. Health
Isaac, Casper, Barnes Hill, Motorist
I saac, Catherine, A. S. F. Dom/Servant I saac, Cecil, Gambles Terrace Book-Keeper Isaac, Claxton, S. Jominston's Vil Carpenter Isaac, IDorris, Army Blase Labourer
Isaac, Dorris, New Winthorpes Vil L/brer Isaac, Eniuid (1), Barnes Hill Doin. Servant I saac, Enid (2), Christopher St. H/l)omestic Isaac, Evelina, do D/Servant
Isaac, Evilina A. D/ksonbav St. I)(n/WYorker Isaac, F ederick, St. Johnston's Village

1093 1094 1095 109C) 1097 1098
1099 1100
1101 1102
1103 1101 1105 1106 1107
1108 1109 1110 111 1
1112 1113 1114
1115 1116 1117
1118 1119

10 Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

1179 1180 1181 11S2 1183
1184 1185 1186
1187 1188 1189
1190 1191
1192 1193
1194 1195
1196 1197 1198 1199
1200 1201 1202 1203 1204 1205 1206 1207 1208 1209

1210 James, Joseph, Osborne Vii. Labourer
1211 James, Joshua, Pigotts Labourer
121.2 James. Lucilla, St. Johnston's Vil S/Teacher 121.3 James, Maudiana, do
1214 James, Madiana, Clare Hall Housewife
1215. James, Mary Ann, Pigotts IDom/Servant 1216 James, Meril, Pigotts Labourer
1217 James, Priscilla, Bell St. Housewife
1218 James, Raymond, New Winthorpes Labourer 1219 James, Richards, New Winthorpes Labourer 1220 James, lolston, St. Johnston's Vil do 1221 James, Samuel, Bell St. do
1222 James, Samuel T., Pigotts Chauffeur
1223 James, Sarah, Osborne Village Seamstress 1224 James, Sylvester, E. Clare Hall Civil Sevant
1225 James, Uriel, Pigotts Clerk
1226 James, Winifred, Gunthorpes Factory Housewife
1,227 James, Walton, Pigotts Labourer
1228 James, William, Villa Area Fisherman
1229 James, Wilmoth;, Pigotts Labourer
1230 James, Winifred, St. J.ohnston's Vil 1231 Jarvis, Adele, St. Johnston's Vil Teacher 1232 Jarvis, Arthm, Osborne Village Labourer 1233 Jarvis, Allanmore, St. Johnston's Vii Teacher 1234 Jarvis, Avis, New Winthorpes Housewife 1235 Jarvis, Charles, New Winthorpes Minister of Religion
1236 Jarvis, Evelyne, Alfred Peters St Housewife 1237 Jarvis, Fernella, St. Johnston's Vil do 1238 Jarvis, Francis, do do
1239 Jarvis, Irene, do H, Domestic
1240*Jarvis, Margaret, Pigotts Labourer

1241 1212 1243
1.244 1245 1246

Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis,
Jarvis, Jarvis, ,Jarvis,

Ruth, Osborne Village Dom/Servant Susannaw, Alfred Peters St. Baker Sylvanus, Alfred Peters St.
Civil Servant
Thomas OsLorne Village Labourer Victor, Osborne Vil. Labourer
Walter, St. Johnston's Village l)ispenser

James, Annie (1) Villa Area Housewife James, Annie (2) Villa Area DomfServant James, Audrey Villa Area D)omServant
James, Bernice, New Winthorpes Labourer James, Catherine, do do
James, Carol Clare Hall Carpenter
James, Catherine, Armyv Base Labourer
James, Charles, Cedar Grove Carpenter
James, Curtis, New Winthorpes Labourer James. Delores, New Winthorpes Labourer James, D)onald, Christopher St.
Carpenter and Joiner
James, Ducie, Cedaur (Grove Domestic James, Elfreda, A rmv Base Labourer
J amies, Elfreda, New Winthorpes Labourer James, Enid, Villa Area Housewife
James, Evelyn, Pigotts labourer
James, Eugenia, St. Johnston's, Vii H/wife James, Geneva, Christopher St. Seamstress James, George (1), Cedar Grove Labourer James, George (2), Clare Hall Carpenter James, Gertrude, Villa Area Housewife
James, Gladys, Pigotts Housewife
James, Henrietta, Pigotts Vil. Dom/Servant James, Hilda, Army Base Labourer
James, Herman, Fort Road Labourer
James, Hilda, New Winthorpes do
James, Kenneth, Fort Road do
James, Inez, Barnes Hill Labourer
James, Iris, Army Base Labourer
James, Jacob N., Clare Hall Watchman
James, Joshua, A. Gunthorpes Factory Electrician

1247 Jeffers, George, Villa Area L'rer
1248 Jeffins, Lucille, Bryson St. Housewife 1249 Jeffrey, Cl arence, Cedar Grove Vil. Mechanic 1250 Jeffrey, Edwin, Villa Area Mechanic
1251 Jeffrey, Eliza, Alfred Peters St. Shopkeeper 1252 Jeffrey, Emilc, Cedar (Grove D)om /Srvant 1253 Jeffery, Ernest, Army BIse Labourer
1254 Jeffery, Frances, do. o.
1255 Jeffery, Gladstone, Alfred Peters St.
1256 Jenkins, Bradford, Cedar Grove Pillage Gardener
1257 Jenkins, Caiphas, do. d o.
1258 Jenkins, Percis, Cedar Grove Vi. Gardner 1259 Jestine, Gwendolyn, St. Johnston's Vii Housewife
1260 Jestine, Leontine, St. Johnston's Village House-keeper
1261 Jeremiah, Daisy, Cedar Grove Vill. (1irh ener 1262 Jeremy, Nevill,, Weirs Estate Labourer 1263 John, Ann, I'illia Area l)omestie Servant 1264 Jcohn, Cyril, C.edar Grovec LAbourer 1265 John, Edmnund, A. J., I'illa Area M/P'mber 1266( John. Edward, Athill St. Mechanic
1267 John, Gracean, Cedar Grove Gardener
1268 John, Irene, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant 1269 John, James, Fort Road Porter
1270 John, Lestie Cedar Grove Labourer
1271 John, Murphy, St. Johnston's Vil Printer 1272 John, Ruby, Cedar Grove Labourer
1273 Johnson, Geraldine, Fort Road Housewife 1274 Johnson, James, Dickensonbay St., Porter 1275 Johnson, Marie, Dickensonbay St., H/wife 1276 Johnson, Mary, Alfred Peters St., C/Clothes 1277 Johnston, Edward Scott, H/Bay Merchant 1278 Johnston, Lillian Scott Hodges Bay 1279 Jonas, Adina, Osborne Village )/Servant 1280- Jonas, Ivy, Hyrnan's Village Housewife 1281 Jonas, Mildred, Cedar Grove Gardener
1282 Jonas, Nathaniel, Osborne Vill. Shopkeeper 1283 Jonas, Ruby, H. Osborne, Village H/keeper 1284 Jonas, William, Jonas Village Truck-Driver 1285 Jones, Alice, Osborne Village Labourer 1286 Jones, Archibald, New Winthorpes Mason 1287 Jones, Charles, New Winthorpes Labourer 1288 Jones, Emerald, Villa Area Dom. Servant 1289 Jones, Euriel, Villa Area Lighterman 1290 Jones, Matilda, Pitches Creek Estate L'b'urer 1291 Jordon, Susannah, St. Johnston's Village Housewife
1292 Joseph, Ada, Cedar Grove Village D/Servant 1293 Joseph, Adina, Alfred Peters St., Seamstress 1291 Joseph, Adelaide, Pigotts Huckster
1295 Joseph, Adrian, Cedar Grove Vill. Labourer 1296 Joseph, Albert, Dickensonbay St. do. 1297 Joseph, Alfred, Clare Hall Labourer
1298 Joseph, Almina, Alfred Peter St., D/Servant 1299 Joseph, Arthur, Pigotts iRanger

Electoral.District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

1300 Joseph, Avis, Hodges Bay Rload D/ervant 1301 Joseph, Albert, Barnes Hill Carpenter
1302 Joseph, Alexander, Clare Hall Labourer 1303 Joseph, Alice, Clare Hall Home Loomestic 1304 Joseph, Arthur, St. Johnston's Village Civil Servant
1305 J3oseph, Beryl, (i) Cassada Garden Labotirer 1306 Joseph, Beryl, (ii) Clare Hall D/Servant 1307 Joseph, Bertie, Pigatts Labourer
1308 Joseph, Catherine, (i) Fort Road D/Servant 1309 Joseph, Catherine, (ii) New Winthorpes Seamstress
13 0 Joseph, Celestina, Osborne Village D/Servant 1311 Joseph, Charles, (i) New Winthorpe, Seamstress
1312 Joseph, Charles. (ii) C(lare uall Labourer 1313 Joseph, Charles, (iii) New Winthorpes Farmer
S1314 Joseph, Charles, Barnes Hill Labourer
1315 Joseph, Charlotte, Cedar Grove Labourer 1316 Joseph, Clarence, Cedar Grove Pilot
1317 Joseph, Cleveland, Base Area Labourer
1318 Joseph, Coleridge, Cedar Grove Village Carpenter
1319 Joseph, Cyril, Cedar GrovI' Village Labourer
1320 Joseph, Colridlge, Cedar Grove Carpenter 1321 .Joseph, D:phne, St. Johnston's Village Hliousewife
1322 Joseph, D)elvin, Christopher St. Labourer 1323 Joseph, Darias, Hand St. Labourer
1324 Joseph, Doreas, Antigua Grammar School Domestic Servant
1325 Joseph, David, (i) Cedar Grove Village I Cooper
1326 Joseph, David, (ii) Pigotts Labourer
1327 Joseph, Dennvill Dickensonbay St.
1328 Joseph IDianr, Osborne Village D/Servant 1329 Joseph, Doreen, Villa Area Dom. Servant 1350 Joseph, Dorothy, (i) Alfred Peters St., Housewife
1331 Joseph, lDorothy, (ii) Pigotts Fancy Worker 1332 Joseph, Edgar, (ii) Army Base Labourer 1333 Joseph, Edmond, Fort Road Mason
1334 Joseph, Elinie, Army Base Labourer
1335 Joseph, Enid, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant 1336 Joseph, Enid, St. Johnston's Village
Domestic Servant
1337 "Joseph, Evelyn (1), Cedar Grove Servant 1338 Joseph, Evelyn (2), St. Johnston's Village Seamstress
1339 Joseph, Frances, (i) Clare Hall DjServant 1340 Joseph, Frances, (ii) Osborne Vill. Labourer
1341 Joseph, Francis, Cedar Grove do.
1342 Joseph, Frederica, Barnes Hill D/Servant 1343 Joseph, Frederick, Fort Road Labourer 1344 Joseph, Geraldine, Barnes Hill Teacher 1345 Joseph, Garfield, Barnes Hill Carpenter 1346 Joseph, Gwen, New Winthorpes D/Servant S1347 Joseph, Ufezekiah, Cassada Garden Labourer 1348 Joseph, Hflezekiah. Christopher St.
1349 Joseph, Hilda, Cedar Grove Housewife
1350 Joseph, Hubert, Alfred Peters St., Mason 1351 Joseph, Hugh, Cedar Grove Carpenter

13 52
1353 1354 1355
1356 1357 1358
1359 1360 1361 13 62 1363

Joseph, Josepih, Josep)h, Joseph, Joseph, Josep h Joseph,
Joseph, Joseph,
J1 o-eph, Joseph, Joseph,.

1364 Joseph,

1365 Joseph. 1366 Joseph, 1367 Joseph,
1368 Joseph,. 1369 Joseph, 1370 Joseph, 1371 Joseph, 1372 Joseph, 1373 Joseph, 1.374 Joseph, 1375 Joseph, 1376 Joseph, 1377 Joseph, [378 Jioseph, 137; Joseph, 1380 Joseph, 1381 Joseph
1382 Joseph

1383 1384 1385 1386 1387
1388 13,89
1390 1391

Joseph Joseph Joseph. Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph Joseph. Joseph,

1,392 Joseph. 1393 Joseph

Iola, New Winthorpes Dorn. Servwant Ionic, D)ickensonbay St., Seamstress Iren.e, Biarnes Hill Frmner
James, Skerritts Civil Servant
Jennie, Clare Hall Hlousewife
James Base Area General Worker Jamnies, (ii) D)ickensonbay St.,
1 isherman
Joyee, Pigol s Domestic Serv ant Kathleen, New Winthorpes do. Louisa, (1) Pigott_- do.
Louisa (2), Clare Hall Labourer Lauriston. St. Johnston's Village Factory Worker
Lilymay, Alfred Peter's S.
Hlomne Domestic
L n, St. Jolhnston's Vil Housemaid Mary (1), Villa Area Hlousewife Mary (2), St. Johnston's Village Housewife
Matilda, Clare Hall Dom. Servant Matzeal. Skerrtetts Housewife
Mariah. New WVinthorpes do
Mary,' (1). Cedar Grove D/Servant Mary (2). do do
Mary (3), do do
Minnie. do Labourer
Montique, do Fisherman
Norris, Cassada Garden Labourer Pearl, St. Johnston's Vil H'wite Ioloert, do0 Carpentmer
Rueben, do Clerk
l'achael, Cedar Grove D/Servant Raymond. Blizzard Village
Tinsmith & Plumber Rebecca (1), Alfrcd Peters St Housewilde
Rebecca (2), Cedar Grove L/brer lReginald, New Winthorpes do Robert, PI'igotts do
Rosalie, Barnes Hill do
Sarah, Alfred Peters St.
Domestic Servant Sophia, Cedar Grove do
Ssanmna, edar Grove Labourer Sheila, Pigotts Labourer
Stanley, Antigua Grammar School Tradesman
Steadman, Cedar Grove Mason
, Victor, Barnes Hilll Seamstress

1394 Joseph, Walter (1), Pigotts Labourer
1395 Joseph, Walter (2), N/Winthorpes do 13961 Joseph, William, Barnes Hill do
1397 Josepih, William, St. Johnrston's -Vil L/brer 1398 Joseph, Winifred, Factory Road Dom. Help 1399 J.oseph, Wycliffe M., St. Johnston's Village Sugar Curer
1400 Josiah, Agatha, Alfred Peters St:, Huckster 1401 Josiah, Ionic, St. Johnston's Village Home Domestic
1402 Joshua, Arnold, Dickensonbay St., Labourer 1403 Joshua, Estella, Dickensonbav St., H/wife 1404 Josiah, Samuel, St. Johnston's Village Labourer
1405 Joshua, Viola, Clare Hall Domestic
1406 Joyce, Fancy, Osborne Village Housewife

2 Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

1407 Joyce, Isaac, New Winthorpes 1408 Joyce, John, Osborne Village

Fisherman Labourer

1409 Kelsic, Amelia, Cedar Grove "Dom. Servant 1410 Kelsic, Mary, Cedar Grove do
1411 Kelsick, Cussie, Cedar Grove Labourer 1412 Kelsick, Dudley, do Bdtler
1413 Kelsick, Edith, do Dom Servant
1414 Kelsick, Henrietta, Villa Area Housewife 1415 Kelsick, James, Cedar Grove Butcher
1416 Kelsick, Margaret, Cedar (Grove D/Servant 1417 Kelsick, Mary, Cedar Grove do
1418 Kelsick, Neaville, Villa Area Goldsmith 1419 Kelsick, Viola, Cedar Grove Dom Servant 140 Kentish, Algernon, Pigotts
1 locomotive Fireman
1421 Kentish, Beatrice, Pigotts Dom Servant 1422 Kentish, Samuel, Pigotts Mechanic
1423 Kentish, Wilson, Pigotts Mason
1424 Kendal, Bradford, Osborne Village Bulldozer Operator

1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1430 1431 1432 1433 1434 1435
1436 14 137
1438 1439 1440 1441 1442 1443 1444 1445 1446
1447 14-8 14419 1450 1451 1452 1453
1454 1455
1457 1458 1459 1460 1461 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466

King, Alexander, Clare Hall Labourer King, Diana do do
King, Estella, New Winthorpes do
King, Eugenic, Barnes Hill do
King, Fernella Bennett St. Doin. Servant King, Irene, St. Johnston's Vil Housewife King, Mary, Clare Hall Servant
King, Mavis. do do
King, Thomas, (10o Labourer
King, Caroline, Weirs Estate Labourer King, Charles (1), Barnes Hill (10do
King, Charles (2), Base Area do
King, Charlotte, Villa Area Huckster King, Diana, Weirs Estate Labourer
King, Henrietta, Barnes Hill do
King, James, Barnes Hill (1do0
King, Samuel, do Mason
King, Thaddaues, Blizzards Machinist King, Thomas, Weirs Estate Labourer
Kirby, Escott, New Winthorpes Fisherman Kirby, Helen, Villa Area Housewife
Kirby, -uth, New Winthorpes Seamstress Kirwan, Clayton, Pigotts B/dozer Operator Kirwan, Joseph, Pigotts Labourer
Knight, Alberta, Pigotts do
Knight, Anthanyel, Army Base Labourer Knight, Arthur, Fort Road, Groom
Knight, Edris, Athill St. Housewife
Knight, Rennie, Alfred Peter's St.
Picture Framer
Knight, RIupert, Fort Road L'rer
Knight, Theodore, Bennett St. Civil Servant Knowles, Audrey, Dickenson Bay St.
Dom Servant
Knowles, Donis, New Winthorpes H/wife Knowles, Violet, Brvson St. Dom. Servant Knowles, Winifred, Cedar Grove Labourer Knowles, Charles, Clare Hall Labourer Knowles, Clive, N/Winthorpes Carpenter Knowles, Doris, do Farmer
Knowles, Edward, do Factory worker
Knowles, Leonard, Cedar Grove Fisherman Knowles, Winifred do Labourer
Knowles, Florence, Cassada Garden Domestic Servant

11,67 Knowles, Henrietta, N/Winthorpes Domestic Servant
1468 Knowles. Joshua, N/WVinthorpes )/S.ervant

1470 1471
1472 1473 1174 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480
1481 1482 1483 1484 1485) 1486 1487
14188 1489 1490 1491
1492 1493 1494 1495
1496 1497 1498 1499 1500 1501 1502 1503 1504
1505 1506 1507
1510 1511 1512 1513
1514 1515 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521 1522 1523 1524 1525 1.526
1527 1528

LaBarrie, George, Barrymore Civil Svnt. LaBarrie, Nellie, do do
Ladoo, ()riel, Villa Area (Clerk
Ladoo, Georgiana, Fort Road Housewife Ladoo, G(eorgiana, Fort Road 1)/Help
Lake, Agatha, Cedar Grove Labourer
Lake, Arthur., Gunthorpes Lab. Assistant Lake, Charles, Cassada Gardens Planter Lake, Cloris, V\'illa Area Teacher
Lake, Randolph do. Carpenter
Lake, Erna, Cedar Grove Labourer
Lake, Ernest, Cedar Grove Shoemaker
Lake, Estella (1), (do Dom Servant
Lake, Estella (2), do Labourer
Lake, Frances, do Domr Servant
Lake, Hilda, D)iekensonbay St. Baker Lake, Joseph S., Sugar Factory Overseer Lake, Monica L., do Housewife
Lake, Olda, Cedar Grove do
Lake, Raymond, Cedar Grove Carpenter
Lake, Stewart, Fort load Tailor
Lake, Susannah, Cedar Grove D/Servant Lares, Ruhy, Parham Road Seamstress
Lawrence, Christiana, Parhamn Rd. IH/wife Lawrence. loscp)h, Clare Hall Mechanic Lawrence. Radford, Barnes Hill Openrator Laviscount, I ris, New Winthorpes H/wife LeBlane, Lilian, St. Johnston's Vil. do.

LeBlanc, Winifred do.
Lee, Gladys, Cedar Grove Lee, Henry, Barnes Hill Lee, Margaret, Weirs Estate Lee, Mary, Bennett Street Lee, Victor, Cedar Grove Lee, Vivian, Cedar Grove Leevy, Doreen, St. Johnston Lewis, Alfred, Villa Area Lewis, Agatha, Villa Area

Clerk Dom. Servant Baker
Labourer Dom. Servant Carpenter Labourer Vil. D/Servant

Lewis, Charles (i), Cedar Grove, Labourer Lewis, Charles (ii), New Winthorpes Blacksmith
Lewis, Christopher, Alfred P St. Labourer Lewis, Cynthia, Jonas Village Housewife Lewis, Daisy, Christopher St. do
Lewis, Donald, Clare Hall, Agric'l Instructor Lewis, Egbert, Army Base Labourer
Lewis, Ermiina, St. Johnston Vii H'wife Lewis, Florence, New Winthorpes Farmer Lewis, Gladys, Alfred Peters St., G/Worker Lewis, Isa, St J'ston's Vii. H'wife
Lewis, Jacob, Hand Street Chauffeur
Lew is, John, Army Base Labourer
Lewis, Joycelyn, Clare Hall Housewife
Lewis, Louisa, Pigotts ,,
Lewis, Mary, New Winthorpes, D/Servant
Lewis, Mary Ann (i), N. Winthorpes ,, Lewis, Mary Ann (ii) ,, Labourer
Lewis, Mildred, Cedar Grove Farmer
Lewis, Millicent, Cedar Grove D/Servant Lewis, Nancy, Bennett St. Dom. Servant Lewis, Naomi, St. Johnston Vil.
Shop Assistant

Electoral District of St. George and St. Johrn (Rurail North

1511 Lockhart, Algernon, Coolidge Clerk
1542 Lockhart. Gladys, do. Housewife
1543 Lockhart, lIandall, do. Law Officer 1544 Lockhart, Felton, Pigotts Stone Crusher Operator
1545 Lockhart, Maude, Pigotts Labourer
1546 London, Dennis, St. Johnston's Vil.
Civil Servant
1517 Longford, Egbert, Carlisle Estate Overseer 1548 Longford, Eileen, do. Housewife
1549 Lord, Hugh, Fort ioad Tailor
1550 Lord, lone, Fort Road Housewife
1551 Lovell, Eugenie, Barnes Hill Farmer 1552 Luke, George, Clare Hill Labourer
1553 Luke, Aaron, Pigotts Cartman
1554 Luke, Albertha, Pigotts Labourer
1555 Luke, Amanda, Pigotts ,,
1556 Luke, Doris, Caisada Gardens ,,
1557 Luke, Ellenora, Pigotts ,,
1558 Luke, Laviteen, Cedar Grove ,,
1559 Luke, Willinners, Cassada Gardens ,, 1560 Luke, William, Cassada Gardens Ranger 1561 Lyall, Thelma, White Sands Stenographer 1562 Lyder, Errol, Parham Road Bank Official 1563 Lynch, Agusta, Ced.r Grove D/Servant 15641 Lynch, Daphne, Cedar Grove ,,
1565 Lynch, Dewton, Cedar Grove Mechanic
1566 Lynch, l)orothy, Pigotts Labourer
1567 Lynch, Lilian, Cedar Grove Dorm. Servant 1568 Lynch, Myrtie, Barnes Hill Labourer
1569 Lynch, Raymond, Cedar Grove Plumber
1570 Lynch, Stanley, Cedar Crove Mechanic

1571 1572 1573
1574 1575
1576 1577
1579 1580 1581 1582 1583
1584 1585 1586 1587

Mack, Fitzroy, Fort Road Carpenter
Mack, Helen, St. Johnston's Vil. Housewife Mack, Joseph, St. Johnston's Vii., Presser & Cleaner
Mack, Maude. St. Johnston's Vil. H/Wife Mack, Samuel, do. Cook
Mack, James, Barnes Hill Tractor Driver Maginley, Arnnie, Half Bay Housewife
Maguire Leonard Walter, Skerrit's House Colonial Post Master
Maloney, Mary, Alfred Peters St., D/Servant Mannix, Cyril, Fort Road Clerk
Mannix James, Clare Hall Labourer
Mannix, Harold, Alfred Peters St.,Waterman Manning, Nifia, Alfred Peters St., Housewife Mapp, Arthur, Alfred Peters St., Waterman Mark, Alice, Pigotts Labourer
Mark, Charles, Army Base ,,
Mark, Jane, Fort Road ,,

15 88
1 589 159 I 1591 t 1592 1593 159,4

Mark, Alary (i), Pitatts L'rer
Mark, Iary (ii), Al re(i Petrs St.. D ) at Martin, Am,lia. New W inthotrpes I rr
Martin, Bradfor(d, Villa Area PU xter
Martin, C(larris., (Cedar (Grove Labourer MNartin, Edithli, Dickensonbay St., D/Servant MAartin, Egbert A-, Coolidge Police Sta.
Police .an

1529 Lewis, Percival, Factorv ioacd Utfiier
1530 lewis, Reynold, Ce(lar irove Fishetrau 1 :31 Lewjs, Rosalind, St. Johnston Vii. H/wife 1532 Lewis, Sailnul, Pigotts Labourer
1533 Lewis, Sirah, Cedar Grove Seamstress
1534 Lewis, Sylvester, Alfred Peters St., Tailor 1535 Lewis, Victoria, lBarnes Hill Dom. Servant 1536 Lindsay, Winifred, Clare Hall Fisherman 1537 Lloyd, William, do. Shop Assistant
1538 Lloyd, Maria, Villa Area Housewife
1539 Lochrie, Idn Malud, (Central Cotton Station Housewife
1540 Lochrie, James, Central (Cotton Station Cotton Officer

1595 Martin, Evelyn. Alfred Peters St., D/Servant 1596 Martin, Genevieve, Viila Area D/Servant 1597 Martin. Hezekiah. Pigotts Lablmrer
1598 Martin, Hubert, Pig, tts ,,
1599 Martin, Isabella, New \Vinthorpes ,, 160(0 Martin, Isaiah, Clare Hall 1601 Martin, James (i), N/Winthorpes, Fisheriman 1602 Martin, James (ii), Cedar Grove, Labourer 1603 Martin, James (iii), Cedar Grove Ranger 1604 Martin, Olive Gwendolyn, Fort Road Domestic Servant
1605 Martin, Rosina, Barnes Hill Housewife 1606 Martin, Samuel, Fort load
1607 Martin, Nel, Villa Area: Shopkeeper
1608 Martin, Warneford, Barnes Hill Labourer 1609 Martin, Alford, Pigott Street Tailor
1610 Martin, Cathlyni, Fort Road Home Dom. 1611 Martin, Dennis, St. Jl'ston's Vil. Mecbanie 1612 Martin, Enid. Fort Road. civill Servant 1613 Martin, Eunice, Gambles Terrace Clerk 1614 Martin, Eugenie, Villa Area Seamstress 1615 Martin, Evelyn (i), B1ennett St. D/Servant 1616 Martin, Evelyn (ii), Villa Area Housewi fe 1617 Martin, Geraldine, Bell St. Home D)omestic 1618 Martin, Hilda, Alfred Peters ST. HIvife 1619 Martin, James, Pigott's Village Labourer 1620 Martin, Joseph (i), Christopher St., Fisherman
1621 Martin, Joseph (ii), St. Johnston's Vil.
1622 Martin, Joseph (iii), Dickensonbay St., Mason
1623 Martin. Newton, Bryson St. Fisherman 1624 Marshall, Elizabeth, St. Johnston's Vil.
1625 Marshall, Wilson, St. Johnston Vil. L'brer 1626 Marshall, Wilson, Pigotts Labourer
1.627 Marrain, John, Fort Road Labourer
1628 Maseull, Victor, Cedar Grove Labourer 1629 Mascull, Edith, Cedar Grove Dom. Servant 16;0 Mascull. Elmina, Cedar Grove Labourer 1631 Mascull, Florence, Cedar Grove ,, 1632 Mascull, Percy, Cedar Grove Carpenter 1633 Masmian, Rebecca, Villa Area Labourer 163-1 Mason. Caroline. Clare Hall Clerk
1,635 Mason, Charles, Clare Hall Carpenter
1636 Mason, Eliza, Cl(1are Hall Housewife 1637 Mason, Ruby, Clare Hall Dom. Servant 1638 Mason, Avis (i), Athill Street Housewife 1639 Mason, Avis (ii), Athill Street Labourer 1640 Massiah, Albertha. Pigotts Seamstress 1641 Massiahl, William, Pigotts Carpenter
1642 Mathurin, Ethel, Fort Road Compositor 1643 Matthe,*. Adelaide, Villa Area Housewife 1614 Matthew, Alexander (i), Villa Area Tailor 1645 Matthew, Alexander (ii), N. Winthorpes Labourer
1646 Matthew, Charles, Cedar Grove Fishermar

Electoral District of St. George and

1847 Matthew, D)oreen, Alfred Peters St,
1648 Matthew, Enroy. Barnies Hill Housewife
16,9 Matthew, Fernelia, Base Area ,,
1650 Matthew, Geo rge (i). Alfred Peters St.
Dental 'T elnician
1651 Matthew, George (ii), Barnes Hill
1652 Matthew, (Griflith A., Gunthorpes
1653 M'atthew, lHarold, Cedar Grove Labourer 1651 Matthew, J ohn., Cedar Grove Carpenter 1655 Matthew, Joshua, Fitches Creek Estate Mechanic
165C Matthew, Mary (i). Army Base Labourer
1657 Matthew, Mary (ii), Fitches Creek Est Labourer
1658 Matthew, Ml ary (iii), Cedar Grove ,, 1659 iMatthew, Maltihtia, Cedar Grove ,, 16;0 Matthew, Priscilla, Cassada Gardens ,, 1661 Matthew, Radcliffe, Barnes Hill Carpenter 1662 Matthew, Sarah, Cedar Grove Labourer
16;3 Matthew, Ursula; Villa Ar(a Housewife 1664 Matthew, William, Alfred Peters St.
Police Constable
1665 Matthew, William Isaac, Alfred Peters St., Peasant Prop. 1666 Matthew, Aaron, Clare Hall Carpenter
1667 Matthew, Agatha, Alf. Peters St. H/Dom. 1668 Matthew, D)orcen, Villa Area Dom. Servant 1669 Matthew, lFernella, St. Johnston's Vil.
Home Domestic
1670 Matthew, Joshua, Cedar Grove Labourer 1671 Matthew, Morean, Alfred Peter's St.
1672 Matth(w, Wilfred, Pigotts Sugar Curer 1678 Matrthews, Avril L., Gunthorpes Labourer 1 1 Matthias, Agatha, Pigotts Housewife
L075 Matthias, Alice, Osborne Village, Labourer 1076 Matthias, Charles (i), Osbornevil. Electrician 1677 Matthias, Charles (ii), Cedar Grove, Labourer 1678 M atthias, Edmund, Cedar G(rove, Fisherman 1679 Matthis, Ethel, (Cedar (Grove Seamstress 1680 Matthias. Francis, Cedar Grove 1)/Servant 1681 M1atthias, Gtore, Cedar Grove Fisherman 6102 l lt bias, IIni.tta, (O borne vil. Labourer 1883 Matthias. 1ita, Clare Hall Housewife 1684 Mtthias. .Josoph (i), Clare Hall, Tradesman 1685 Matlthias, Joselph (ii), Cedar Grove, Labourer 1686 Matthias, Mary, Barnes Hill Housewife
1687 Matthias, Victoria, Barnes Hill Labourer 1688 Miatthias. Viola, Clare Hall Dom. Servant 1689 Matthias, (wenet, (Os)borne's Vil.
Home D)omestic
1690 Matthias, Marian, Alfred Peter's St.
1691 Matthins. MAildred. St. Johrnston V11.
1692 Matthias, Sarah. Parham Road Hf/l)omestice 1693 Matthias, Viola, Clare Hall Housewife
1694 Mavers, D)ennis, Villa Area Labourer
1695 Maynes, Bennett L.. Beach Hotel Foremnian 1096 Maynard, Edmnond, St. Johnston Village Shoemaker
1697 Maynard, A. 1. Patricia, Fort Road. Nurse 1698 Maynard, Bernard E., Fort Road Clerk
1699 Maynard, Ernestine H., Fort Rd., Housewife

1700 Maynard, George E., Fort Road, Accountant 1701 Maynard, Hlilda, Alfred Peters St, Housewife 1 702 Maynard, Lawrence L., Fort Road Clerk 1703 MclDonald, Clyde Campbell, High Pt. 1704 McDl)onald, Francis Angelina ,, (Clerk 1705 McDonald, Miles, Villa Airport Clerk
1706 McD)onald, Oswald Foster, Villa Airp., Clerk 1707 ticl)onald, Sybil, Villa Airport Housewife 1708 McD)onald, Phyllis, Fort Road, Telegraph Operator
1709 M.cCastille. Gwendolyn, Pigotts Seamstress 1710) MeFarlane, Gw)neth, Fair View Fort Road, Clerk
1711 McKenzie, Olive, Fort Road Labourer
1712 McKinnon, Ethelyn, Iilla Area D/Servant 1713 McKinnon, Joseph J. N., N. Winthorpes Shopkeeper
1714 MeNKinnon, John, Clare Hall Clerk
1715 McMichael, Effield Maude, Gunthorpes Housewife
1716 Meade, Charles Ncel, Coolidge Air Base Civil Servant
1717 Meade, Irene, Coolidge Air Base, Housewife 1718 Mearick, Florence, Cedar Grove Labourer 1719 \endes, Arnold, Base Ar(.a, Ceramic Potter 1-720 Mercer, Aldith, Christ.pher St. Housewife 1721 [erehant, Alice, Skerrits, Parhnam Rd.
Domestic Work
1722 derchan"it, Alexander, Villa Area 1723 Merchant. Pearl, Fort Road Samnstress
1724 Merchant, Thomas, Skerrits Parliarn Rd.
Agricultural Worker
1725 Merrick, (G wend(.vn, Osborne's Vil.
Home l)omestic
1726 Michael, Charles, Barnes Hill Seamistress

1727 1728
1729 1730 1731
1733 17314 1735 1736 1.737
1738 1739 1740
1741 1742 1743
1744 1715 1746 1747 148 1749 1750 1751
1752 1753

Michael, George, Barnes Hill ,,
Michael, Granville, Villa Area ClIerk
Michael, Jack, ('edar Grove Mason
Michael, JIames, St. J'ston's Vil. Machinist MAielael, Melville Samuel, Thibous Est.
Mgr. & Attorney
Mike, Amelia, Bennett Strreet Housewife \like, Beatrice, B.nes Hill Dom. Serv"ant Mike, Carmen. Alfred Peters, St. Se stress Mike, Cornelius, Alfred Peters St. Housewife Mike. D)aisy,. Villa area H/Wife
Mike, Edgar. Villa Area Carpenter
'ikc, John, Barncs Hill Labourer
Mike, Lorna, Alfred Peters St., Seamstress Mike, Manvis, Villa Area Clerk
Mike, Morlee n do. Seamstresa
Mike, Shirley, Alfred Peters St. do Mills, Eileen, Villa Area Housewife
M1 illwood, A ngela Adella, Blizzards D/Servant Millwood, Orlean, New Winthorpes, Labourer Millwood, P-ter, ,, 1)/Servant
Mitchell. Irene, [)ickensonbay St., Seamstress Mitchell, Stella, Sugar Factory Housewife Moitt, Pearle, Clare Hall Home Domestic Molyneux, Ethelyn, Alfred Peters St H/wife Molyneaux, James, Alfred Peters St.
A ccountant
Moore, Dorothy, Claro Hall Labourer
Moore. Elfrieda, New Winthropes Farmer Moore, Ena E., Lower Gambles MArchant
Moore, Henry Duncan Carlton,
Lower Gambles, Civil Servant

St. John (Rural) North.

Electoral District of St. George and St John (Rurl) North

1756 Moore, Norris, New Winthmropes Cartn 1757 Morrissev, Vilma, St. Johnston's Vil. Nurse 3158 Muel, Ros, Bell Street Labourer
1,759 Mulcare, Joseph, Fort Road, Merch't Clerk 1760 Murdoch, Kenneth, Dickensonbay St.
1761 Murray. A\lxandrina,. Alfred Peter's St.
1762 Murray, hi'rles, Ce-jar Grove Labourer 1763 M array, Doreas, Cedar Grove., Dom. Servant 1764 Murray. Eliza, Cedar rove Labourer
1765 Murray, Maude, Cedar Grove ,,
1766 Murray, Wilfred, Cedar Gro Vlisher n
1767 Mussmngton, Elma, Alfred Peters St., I)omnestie Servant
1768 Mussington, Victoria. Villa Area Housewife 1769 Myers, Evelyn, Alfred Peters SL., iHousewife 1770 M\ yers.' S ybil, Cedar Grove IDoNm. Servant
1771 Nanton, Dennis A., Coolidge Airfield, Clerk 1772 Nanton, Gladys E., Coulidge ,, H/Wife 1773 Nathan, Job, Cedar Grove Labourer
1774 Nathan, Jean, Cedar Grove Vi]L. D/Servant 1775 Nathan, Patrick A.. VTilla Area Clerk
1776 Nedd, John Villa Area Labourer
177 Nelson, Rachel, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
1778 Nelson, Samuel. New Winthorpes, Laboumer 1779 Nelson, Viola, Bennett St. Dom. Servant 1780 Nibbs, Annie, Clre Hall Labourer
1781 Nibbs, Reginald, Christopher St. Carpenter 1782 Nibbs, Winifred, DikIensonbay St., Domestic Servant
1783 Nicholas, Audrey, New Winthorpes, Farmer 1784 Nicholas, Donahld, ,, ,, Chauffeur
1785 Nicholas, George, Cedar Grove Vii., Labourer 1786 Nicholas, Gladys, Clare Hall Washer
1787 Nicholas, Godfrey, Clare Hall Carpenter 1788 Nicholas Idona, Cedar Grove -Labourer
1789 Nicholas, Irene, do. Gardener
1790 Nicholas, J.oseph, New \Xi athropes, Labonrer 1791 Nicholas, Mary, Cedlar (Grove Labourer 1792 Nicholas, Mary, St. ,Johnston's Vil. H/Wife 1793 Nicholas, Salome, Institution Nurse
1794 Nicodemus, Charles Warren, Gunthorpes
Sugar Overseer
1795 Nicademus, Cynthia, St. J'ston's Vil. Typist 1796 Nisbitt, Albertine, Clare Hall 1)/Servant 1797 Nisbitt, Joshua, St. Johnston Vil., Labourer 1798 Nisbitt, Margaret, St. Johnston's Vii. 1799 Home Domestic
Norman, May, Fort Road Store Clerk
1800 Nolan, Lilian, Alfred Peters St. H/)omestic 1801 Nugent, Rebecca, Base Area Labourer
1802 Nurse, Foster, Cedar Grove Vii., Tractor Driver
1803 Nurse, Violet, Cedar Grove Vil, H/Dom.

1804 1805 18060 1807

Odlum, Luna, Dickensonbay St., Milkman Ogarra, Benjamin, Clare Hall Labourer Oliver, Charles, Cedar Grove do
Oliver, Christopher, St. Johnston's Vii.
Civil Servant
Oliver, Ernest, St. Johnston's Vil. Mason Oliver, F., St. Johnston's Vil. Mason Oliver, Felicia, Villa Area Messenger Oliver, Susanna, Cedar Grove D/Servant

1812 1813
1814 1815
181 (

181 7 181.8 181 1)

Oliver, (Gstin Nas e Oliver, lyrium, St.Jmhnton's Vil. lTeraier O'Neal, air !Clre m ufl Laorr
Osborne, Merle, 1)ick -nonbay St.
Domestic S- erant
Osbo imrne )avid do. Mas,n

Page. Arthur, (Ced ir Grove Paris, Arthumr, Pigorts Parris, Linley Mlostvi Frnch.

1820 Park, Malcolm, (Coolidge Field LDirector of
1821 Parker, Celestine, l'arham lRd 1822 Parker, Einil, Bell St. 18 3 Parker, George, )rv Hill 1824 Parker, John, VilNi Area
1825 Parker. Mary. Villa Area 1826 Parker, Princess, Athill St. 1827 Paul, Caroline, Cassada Gardens 1828 Paul, Hezekiah, Cedar Grove 1829 Paul, James, Hand St. 1830 Paul, Uriah, Parhami R'd 1831 Paul, riah. Cassada Gardens 1832 Paul, Winifred, Bennett St.

1833 1834 18.35 1836 1837 1838
1839 1840 1841 1812
1843 1844
1846 1847 1848
1849 1850 1851 1852
1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860
1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866
1867 1868 1869
1872 1873

Payne. Pa ne, lPayne.
Paynhe, Payne,
Payne. Pavne, Payne, Pa vne, Pail e.

Fisher, aa Laborer Fort Rd. Civil Serantt
A gricu lture H/IDomestic
luth }er
Stevedore H ousewi fe
D/Servant Labourer
Porter L'brer

Amelia, Barnes Hill )-hn. Serv:at Aratbella. Barns Hill eanlm r -s Beryl, Osborin Village Labourer
Carolyne. New Vimthorpes. Fairnwer Donald. Base Area Labozurer
(George. Barnes Hill Ma i st
Inez. Base Area Labourer
Imi, Pigotts ocester
Margaret, Pigotts Labourer
Monte, Pigott Pi inter

Pa ne, Rlebecca. New inthorpes Farmer Pa yne, Theodore, Barnes Hill System Engineer
Payne, Thomas. New Winthorpes, Labourer Pelle, Alice, Villa Area Domr. Servant
Pelle, Henry, Villa Area, Porter & Waterman Pella, Sylvia, Cedar G(rove Domr Servant Pennyfeather, Bertrick, Fort Rd, Eleetriean Pereau, Susanta, Cedar G(rove Labourer
Pereira, Cecil, St. Johnston's V. L'brer IPereira, Jestine, do -. /Servant
Perry, Ashley, Fort Poad Tin Smith
Peters, Adelaide, Parham R'd. H/Doinestie Peters, Alberine, Bennett St. H'wife
Peters, Alista, Villa Area Stevedore
Peters, Ashley, (edar Grove Carpenter
Peters. Cecil, Gunthorpes Mechanic
Peters, Charles, Villa Area Labourer
Peters, Christophine, Clare Hall H/wife Peters, Donald, Fort Road d,
Peters, Doreen, do Clerk
Peters, Dorris, Sto J'ston's V. Servant Peters, Edith, Alfred P. St. H'wife
Peters, Elfreida, Cedar Grove Shopke eper Peters, Eunice, Fort Roa(d Clerk
Peters, Frederick, Clare Hall H'wife
Peters, Helen, Avon Dassett do
Peters, Henrietta, St. J'ston's V. do
Peters, Irene, Cedar Grove Washer
Peters, James, Cedar Grove Fisherman
Peters, Lena, Cedar Grove Labourer
Peters Marie Brvson's St. Housewife

. . . t

181, 7


1 Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

1874 Peters, Mary, Dickensonbay St., Housewife

1875 187 6 1877
1878 1879
1881 1882 1883
1884 1885
18s86( 18,7

Peters,. Peters, Peters,. Peters, Peters, Philip, Philip, Philip,
Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip,

1888 Philip,

Melrose, Villa A. Newton, Fort Road Samuel. Clare Hall Stanley, Cedar Grove Theophilus, Dicken'bay Virginia, Villa Area Ada, Cedar (rove Carmen, Osborne Vii.

Joiner Tailor
Labourer Mechanic St Labourer
H'wife Seamstress D/Servant

Doris, Pigotts Dom. Servant
Enid, Clare Hall Housewife
George, (i) Pigotts L'man
George, (ii) Barnes Hill I 'brer
(Georgiana (i), Alfred Peters St.
Georgiana (ii), Cedar Grove Labourer

1889 Philip, Gertrude, St.. J'ston's V. D/Servant 1890 Philip, Helen. do H/wife
1891 Philip, Joseplih, Pigotts Labourer
1892 Philip, Kingsley, Pigotts ,,
1893 Philip, Kingsley, Pigotts, 1894 Philip, Mary, )icken'bay St, Bread Carrier 1895 Philip, Minnie, Cedar Grove Labourer
1896 Philip, Myrtilla, Clare Hall Clerk
1897 Philip, Rachael, Pigotts Huckster
1898 Philip, lRebecca, Cedar (rove D/Servant 1899 Philip, Rosetta, Alfred P. St. H'wife 1900 Philip, Samuel, do Carpenter
1901 Philip, Sophia, Cedar Grove Labourer
1902 Philip, William, ,, ,, 1903 Philip, Uriah, Osborne Vii. Butler
1904 Phipps, Gislette, New Winthropes L'brer 1905 Phipps, James, do do
190)6 Philpott, Darnley, Clare Hall Clerk
19o7 Pigott, Anudrey, Hyman's Village ,,
1908 Pigott, Cy+nthia, ,, ,, ,,
1900 Pigott, (Coralita, Villa Area Teacher 191o Pigott, Earl, Fort Road Printer
1911 Pigott, Inez, do H'wife
1912 Pigott, Jean, Hyman's Village Teacher 1913 Pigott, Keith, ,, ,, Labourer
1914 Pond, Mary, Alfred Peters Str. H/Domestic 1915 Prince, Cutberth, Pigotts Teacher
19.1 (; Prince, Christiana, St. J/son's Vii. D/Servant 1917 Prince, Sybil, Wilkinson Cross Gen. W\V/ker 1918 Prince, James, New Winthorpes, Labourer 1919 Prince, Louisa, \Alfred St., Dom. Servant 19120 Providence, Condon. St. J'ston's V. D/H(lper 1921 Providence, Hilde, do Sbopkeeper
1922 Providence, London, do Seamstress
1923 Pryce, Adolpihuis, Fort Road Engineer
1924 Pryce, Cyril, Clare Hall Labourer
1925 P'ryce, Randolph, (Cedar Grove Chauffeur 1926 Pryce, Rita, Fort R'oad Housewife
1927 Punter, Alise,. Ford Rad Home Domestic 1928 Punter, Arab (l, Bennet St. Housewif%
1929 Punter, Christiana, Alfred P. St., H/wife 1930 Punter, Cyril, Alfred Peters St. Tinsmith 1931 Punter, Ethelyn, ,, ,, )/Servant
1932 Punter, George, St. Johnson's Village Civil Servant
1933 Punter, Jane, Villa Area Housewife
1934 Punter, Raymond, Alfred Peters St.
1935 Punter, Wykham, Villa Area Carpenter

1936 Quallis, Mary, Clare Hal Doi/Servant 1937 Quallice, Susanna, Fitches Creek Est.
1938 Queely, Violet, Alfred Pet rs St. Housewife 1939 Quinland, Agnes, Osborne Village ,, 1940 Quinland, Emily, Sugar Factory, D/Servant 1941 Quinland, Emily, St. Jpsons Vil. Domestic Helper
1942 Quinland, Ernest, Clare Hall Labourer 1943 Q inland, James, Osborne Village ,, 1944 Quinland, Joseph, Barnes Hill ,,
1945 Quinland, Mary, Clare Hall Housewife
1946 Racon, Winnifred, N. Winthorpes H/wife 1947 Rae, Helen, Hodges Bav Housewife
1948 Ralph, Agatha, Villa Area ,,
1919 linph, Amy, Beitnet St. Housewife
1950 Ramsay, Agatna, N. Winthorpes ,,
1951 Ramsay, Alfred, Barnes Hill Chauffeur 1952 1anmsay, Anthony, New Winthorpes Electrical 01Oerator
1953 Ramsay, Beatrice,- Ciare Hall Housewife 1954 Ramsay, Christiana, Beach Hotel Lab'rer 1955 Hamnsay, Christiana, St. Johnsons Vii.
H ousewife
1956 Ramsay, Joseph Kent, Clare Hall Tailor 1957 lanisay, Linianie, N. Winthorpes H/Wife 1958 liannie, Lilian, Villa Area Labourer 1959 iayn ve, Alfred, St. J/nsons Vil. Shoemrnaker 1960 Rayne, I)orris. ,, ,, Housewife 1961 Reid. Catherine, Barnes Hill D/Servant 1962 Reid, Iciord, Fort Road Electrician
1963 Reid, Joseph 1. MJ., Barnes Hill Labourer '1964 Rey, Elsie, Dickensonbay St., Seamstress 1965 Reynolds, Lucille, Clare Hall Housewife 1966 Reynolds, Mabel, Villa Area Housewife 1967 Revynolds, Robert S., Villa Area, Electrician 1968 Richards, Albert Maxwell, Fort Road (Clk. 1969 Richards, Alfr(d, Bartes Hill, Trac. Driver 1970 Richards. Alphonso, Pigotts Labourer
1971 Richards, A ustin, Cedr Grove do. 1972 Richards, Berkley A., Coolidge Field Mercantile Clerk
1973 Richards, Christopher, N. Winthorpes Fitter
1974 Richard(, Carmien, Clare Hall Clerk
1975 Richards,, Christabel, Alfr d Peters St. H/wife 1976 Richards, Dalton, Fort Road Cook
1977 Richards, Edgar, Osborne Village Farmer 1978 Richards, Edris, Bell St. Home Domestic 1979 Richards, IFernella, Bennett St. Home Dom. 1980 Richards, Franklyn, Alfred P/trs St. L/borer 1981 Richards, George, N/Winthorpes, Carpenter 1982 Richards, Gertrude, Alfred Peters St.
1983 Richards, (,race. New Winthorpes Labourer 1984 Richards, G(race, Army Base Labourer 1985 Richards, lone (i), Villa Area D/Servant 1986 Richards, lone (ii), Alfred Peters St.
' Domestic Servant
1987 Richards, Inez, Alfred Peters St G/Worker 1988 RIichards, Irene, N/Winthropes D/Servant 1989 Richards, Jacob Alexander, 1990 New Winthropes T'ailor
Richards, Jane Ann, N/Winthropes H/wife 1991 Richards, Juliette Maud, Fort Rd. Clerk

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North. 1


1992 Richards, Joseph, (1) St. J.nsons Vil.
Richards, Joseph, (2) New Winthorpes
1993 Mechanic
1994 Richards, Kenneth, Clare Hall Carpenter 1995 Richards, Leslie, Clare Hall Chauffeur 1996 Richards, Martha, N. Winthorpes, Farmer 1997 Richards, Mary, Pigotts Labourer
1998 Richards, Mary, N/Winthorpes Seamstress 1999 Richards, Matilda, N. Winthorpes Domestic Servant
2000 Richards, Maude, Clare Hill Housewife 2001 Richards, May, St. Johnstons Vil. do. 2002 Richards, Millicent, Alfred Peters St.
Home Domestic
2003 Richards, Montague, Alfred Peters St.
2004 Richards, Raney, Army Base Labourer
2005 Rlichards, Rannie, New W/thorpes D/Ser. 2006 Richards, Rebecca, ,, ,, D/Servant 2007 Richards, Rosina, Coolidge Field Housewife 2008 Richards, Stanley, Alfred P/trs St. C'penter 2009 Richards, Selastina, Clare Hall Labourer 2010 Richards, Salome, Osborne Village do. 2011 Richards, Stanley, Villa Area Baker
2012 Richards, Thomas, New WVinthorpes L/brer 2013 Richards, Verne, St. J's.tons Vil. Sh/kper 2014 Richards, William, Xtopher St. Mechanic 2015 Richards, Williams, Alfred Peters St. Mason 2016 Richards, William Alexander,
Alfred Peters St. Carpenter 2017 Richardson, Agatha, Villa Area Baker 2018 Richardson, Arthur, do. Painter
2019 Richardson, Dorothy, St. Johnston's Vil.
2020 Richardson, Hubert, St. Johnstons Vii.
2021 Richardson, Margaret, Cassada Garden Labourer
2022 Riley, Mary, Friars Hill Domestic Servant 2023 Riley, Winifred, VillaArea Housewife 2024 Roache, Ernest, Cedar Grove Labourer 2025 toach, Gladys, New Winthliorpes Farmer 2026 Roach, Solomy, Alfred Peters St. S/stress 2027 Roberts, Alexander, Alfred.Peters St.
2028 Roberts, Arthur, Fort Road Technician 2029 Roberts, Audrey, Cedar Grove D/Servant 2030 Roberts, Celestina, Cassada Garden Labourer 2031 Robeits, Estella, Barnes Hill Housewife 2032 Roberts, Ethel n, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
2033 Roberts, Genita, Alfred Peters St. do. .2034 Roberts, Gladys, Pigotts Labourer
2035 Roberts, Irene, Fort Road Clerk
2036 Roberts, Samuel, Barnes Hill Labourer 2037 Roberts, William, Cassada Gardens Herdsman
2038 Robinson, Arthur, New Winthorpes Watchman
2039 Robinson, Christiana;, New Winthorpes Farmer
2040 Robinson, Christiana, Pigotts Housewife 2041 Robinson, Harold, Villa Area Labourer 2042 Robinson, Joseph, New Winthorpes do 2043 Robinson, Keturah, (1do. do

2089 2090
2092 2093 2094 '2095 2096
2097 2098 2099 ,2100 2101

Samuel, Keturah, Pigotts Labourer
Samuel, Louisa, Cedar Grove Housewife Samuel, Louisa, Pigotts Labo irer
Samuel. Marjorie, Alfred Peters St.
Samuel, Monroe, (1) Cedar Grove Carpenter Samuel, Monroe, (2) do. do.
Samuel, M. Pha. St Johnston's Vil. Mason Samuel. Nancy, Alfred Peters St. D/Servant Samuel. Roma, Cedar Grove Seamstress
Samuel, Rachael, Cedar Grove Housewife Samuel, Rebecca, Base Area Farmer
Samuel, Sarah, Cedar Grove Labourer
Samuel, Thomas, do. Minister
Samuel, Una, do. -


2014 Robinson, Miriamain. Bennett St. D/Servant 2015 Robinson, William, Pigotts Clerk
2046 Robbins, Winifred, Alfred Peters St.
2047 Rock, Arnold, Fort {oad Chiropractor 2048 Rod, Joseph, St. Johnston's Vil. Factory Worker
2i49 Rodney, James, Alfred Peters St. Labourer 205) Rodney, James, Alfred Peters St. Porter 2051 Rodney, Polly, do. Housewife
2052 Romeo, Gerfrude, Villa Area do.
2053 Ross, Charlesworth, Hodges Bay Barrister-at- Law
2054 Ross, Maude, Hodges Bay Housewife
2055 Ross, Wrenson, Pigotts Labourer
2056 Roseau, John, Cedar Grove Shopkeeper 2057 Roseau, Liscella, Cedir Grove Housewife 20(58 Ruassel, Azariah, Pigotts Joiner
2059 Russell, Ethel, Fort Road Housewife 2060 Ryan, Ann, St. Johnston's Vil. Dom/Helper 2061 Ryan, Charles, Alfred Peters St. (Carpenter 2062 Ryain, James, \'illa Area Painter
2063 Ryan, James, )ickensonm Bay St. Painter 206I, Ryan, Sarah, do. Housewife
2065 Ryner, Mar.y, Villa Area 'o.
2166 lyan, Mary, P'igotts Village Labourer 2067 Ryi n, Sarah, Villa Area Home Dl)omestic
2068 Samuel, Aaron, Cedar Grove Labourer 2009 Samuel, Albertha, Alfred Peters St.
2070 Samuel, Alexander, Cedar Grove Labourer 2071 Samuel, Amelia. Pigotts Village Labourer 2072 Samuel, Basil, New Winthorpes Carpenter 2073 Samuel, Carlton, Dickenson Bay St.
2074 Samuel, Clarice, Osborne Village Farmer 2075 Samuel, Darius, do. Clerk
2076 Samuel, Dahlima. Barnes Hill Pipe Fitter 2077 Samuel, IDouglas, Cedar Grove Labourer 2078 Samuel, Edna, New Winthorpes Housewife 2079 Samuel, Eiward, Fort Road Mechanic 2080 Samuel, Elizabeth, Cedar Grove Seamstress 2081 Samuel, Ep raim, Barnes Hill Labourer 2082 Samuel, Gertrude, New Winthorpes Farmer 2083 Samuel, Hermina, Pigotts Labourer
2084 Samuel, Hubert, Villa Area Fisherman 2085 Samuel, Iris, New Winthorpes Labourer 2086 Samuel, Johu, Aruy Base --(
2087 Samuel, Joseph, St. Johnston's Village

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

2102 Samuel, Veneta, Cedar Grove Seamstress 2103 Samuel, Viola, Villa Area Housewife 2104 Samuel, Vernon, Bennett St. Clerk
2105 Saunders, Basil, Fort Road Undertaker 2106 Saunders, Iris, Clare Hall Seamstress 2107 Savoury, Eunice, Clare Hall Housewife 2 08 Savoury, Frank, do. Local Manager 2109 Schafler, Elizabeth, WeatherillsEst. H/wife 2110 Scholar, Emily, Fort Road do.
2111 Scholar, Enid, New Winthorpes Seamstress 2112 Scholar, Harold, Fort Road Carpenter 2113 Scholar, Walter, New Winthorpes Shoemaker
2114 Scotland, A ustin, St. Johnston's Village Chauffeur
2115 Scotland, Edith, Upper Fort Road Seamstress
2116 Scotland, Glentist, St. Jston's Vil.
2117 Scotland, Leonard, Bryson Street Mechanic 2118 Scotland, Leonard. Alfred Peters St.
2119 Scotland, Viola, St. Jston's Vil. H/wife 2120 Scott, Carlton, ,, ,, Chauffeur
2121 Scott, James, Fitches Creek Estate Labourer 2122 Scottil, Cyril, Villa Area Labourer 2123 Seaman, Lunder, Fort Road Tailor
212L Seamn, Olive, ,, Seamnstress
2125 Seaton, Francis, Pigotts Labourer
2126 Sebastian, Fernella, Cedar Grove do. 2127 Semper, Evan, Villa Area Carpenter
2128 Semple, David, Gunthorpes Engineer
2129 Semple, Isabel, do. Housewife
2130 Semper, John, New Winthorpes Mason
2131 Seminper, William, Barnes lill Labourer 2132 Shadrach, Angelina, Fitches Creek Estate Labourer
2133 Shadrach, George, Pigotts do.
2131 Shadrach, Joshua, Fitches Creek Estate Labourer
2135 Sharpe, Ashley, Fort Road Stevedore
2136 Sharpe, Charles, do General Worker 2137 Shaw, Christian, Osborne Village Carpenter 2138 Shaw, (Charles, St. J'ston's Vil. Clerk 2139 Shaw, Dorris, ,, ,, Seamstress
2140 Shaw, Gwendolyn, ,, Clerk
2141 Shaw, Joyce, Pigotts Domestic Servant 2142 Shaw, Oliver, New Winthorpes Labourer 2143 Shaw, Selina, Villa Area Domestic Servant 2144 Shaw, Thomas, St. J'ston's Vil. Carpenter 2145 Shaw, Viola, Alfred Peters St. D/Servant 2146 Sheppard, Celetina, Osborne Vil. Labourer 2147 Shervington. Alva. Villa Area Stevedore 2148 Shervington, Margaret, Clare Hall Farmer 2149 Shoul, Anthony, Coolidge Field Merchant 2150 Shoul, lan ,, ,, Clerk
2151 Sh, ul, Themene ,, ,, ,,
2152 Shoul, Themene, Coolidge Base Housewife 2153 Silcott, Byron, Pigott Street Steel Bender 2154 Simon, Ada, Cedar Grove Labourer
2155 Simon, Aldeth, St. J'ston's Vil, H/wife 2156 Simon, Albert, New Winthorpes 2157 Simon, Alice, do Labourer
2158 Simon, Christobel, New Winthorpes Domestic Servant
2159 Simon, Clarence, Fort Itoad Civil Servant 2160 Simon, Edmund, Villa Area Chauffeur

2161 2162 2163 2164 2165
2166 2167( 7 2168
2169 2170 2171
2172 21 7, 2174 2175 2176
2177 2178 2179
2180 2181 2182 2183 2181 2185 2186 2187 2188 2189
2190 2191 2192 2193 2191 2195 2196 2197 2198 2199 2200 2201 2202 2203 2204 2205 2206 2207 2208 2209 2210 2211 2212 2213 2214 2215 2216
2217 2218 2219 2220 2221 2222 2223

Simon, Irene, Cedar Grove Simon, Irene A. Fort Road

Labourer Dom. Servant

Simon, Irene, Cedar Grove H/Domestic Simon, Joshua, Army Base Labourer
Simon, Kate, Bell St. D)/Servant
Simon, Myrtle, New WVinthorpes Labourer Simon, Priscilla, Army Base do
Simon, Pricilla, New Winthorpes Labourer Simon, Rthlyn Pigotts Simon, Roy, ,, Baker
Simon, Richards, Alfred Peters St.
Simon, Samuel (i) Pigotts Labourer
Simon, Samuel (ii) St. J'ston's Vii Mechanic Simon, Salome, Pigotts Labourer
Simon, Samuel, Cassada Gardens do Simon, Thomas, New \Vinthorpes Factory Worker
Simon, Walter, Army Base Labourer
Simon, Walter, New Winthorpes Labouirer Simmonds, Nathaniel, Cassada Gardens Labourer
Simmons, Hannah, St. J'ston's Vil. H/wife Simpson, Alberteen, Gunthorpes ,,
Simpson, Edward, Athill St Labourer
Simpson, Ivan, New Winthorpes do
Simpson, Margaret, Pigott St. ,,
Simpson, William, Weirs Estate do Sinner, Samuel, New Winthorpes Carpenter Skerrit, James. Fort Road Police
Skepple, Allot, St. Johnson's Vill. Labourer Skilling, Allan 1)., Coolidge Field Power Plant Operator
Skilling, Maisie, Coolidge Field Seamstress Slack, Laban, Osborne Village Labourer Small, Ernest, St Johnston's Village Clerk Small. Henry, New Winthorpes Shoenmaker Small, Mary, do Farmer
Smith, Aukland, Pigotts Labourer
Smith, Agusta, Cassada Garnens do Smith, Alberta, St Johnston's V Shopkeeper Smith, Archibald, ,, ,, Mechanic
Smith, Charles, Pigotts Labourer
Smith, Emmnna, Cedar Grove do
Smith, Fitzroy, St. Johnsons Vill. Mason Smith, Iola, Pigotts Domestic Servant Smith, Iris, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant Smith, James, Villa Area Labourer
Smith, James, Friars Hill Labourer
Smiith, Kathleen, St. J/stons Vil. D'Servant Smith, Mary, Beach Hotel Housewife
Smith, Maude, Pigotts Labourer
Smith, Robert, Beach Hflotel, Hotel M'ger Smith, Robert, St Johnston's Vil Mechanic Smith, Samuel, Pigotts Carpenter
Smith, Theodore, St. Johnston's Vil. Clerk Smith, Violet, Alfred Peters St. D'tic S'vnt

Solomon, Solomon, Solomon, Solomon, Solomon, Solomon. Solomon, Solomon, solornmoi, Solomon,

Agnes, New Winthorpes, L'rer Beryl, Barnes lill, Labourer Doreen, Cedar Grove D/Servant Hilton, Cedar Grove Labourer Hiram (1) Blizzards, Carpenter IHiram (2) New Winthorpes ,, Irene
Louisa, New Winthorpes Farmer Naaman, Barnes Hill, Labourer Philip, Cedar Grove ,,

Electoral District of St George and St. John (Rural) North


Solomon, Ina, Parham ioad House Domestic

2225 Solomon, Roy, Barnes Hill Labourer
2226 Solomon, Rachael, Cedar Grove H/wife
2227 Solomon, Winifred, Cedar Grove H/Dlomestic
2228 Solomon. WVinifred, Cedar Grove Labourer 2229 Sotithwell, Agnes, New WiWmthorpes D/Servant
2230 Southwell, Amelia, St. J'ston's Vil. H/wife 2231 Soutihwell, Amelia, ,, ,, Servant
2232 Southwell, Gwendolyn,
Dickensonbay St. Domestic Servant 2233:1 Spencer, Ethelyn, Clare Hall, Teacher 22341 Spencer, Iola, St. Johnston's Village Seamstress
2235 Spencer, Irene, Parliham Road Housewife 2236 Spencer, Kurletha, Pararnam R ad Teacher 2237 Spencer, Monroe, St. ,Iohnston's Village Mechanic
2238 Spencer, Richard, St 'ston's Vil. Tailor 2239 Spencer, Huse, .. ,, iecanic
2240 Spencer, Raymond, P'arham Road Labourer 2241 Stamers, Victoria, Villa Area Housewife 2242 Stamers, William, Alfred Peters St.
Mech anic
2243 Steele, Maude, Fitches (reek Estate Labourer
2244 Sterling, Mary Ann, Cedar Grove l)omestic Servant
2245 St. Luce, Joseph, Alfred Peters St.
General Worker
2246 Stevens, Alexandriwa, Villa Area Housewife 2247 Stevens, Benjamin, Alfred Peters, St., L'rer 2248 Stevens, Clarence, D)ickensonbav St. L'brer 2249 Stevens, Daniel Alfred Peters St. Labourer 2250 Stevens, David, Dickensonbay St.
2251 Stevens, Elsie, New Winthorpes Labourer 2252 Stevens, Etta, Cedar Grove, Seamstress 2253 Stevens, George, Pigotts Fisherman
2254 Stevens, Irene (1) Army Base Labourer 2255 Stevens, Irene, (2) Army Base ,,
2256 Stevens, Lucille, Pigotts, Housewife 2257 Stevens, Raymond, Cedar Grove.
Chemist and Druggist 2258 Stevens, Ronald, Base Area Labourer
2259 Stevens, William, New Winthorpes, L'rer 2260 Stevenson, Gertrude, Villa Area Midwife 2261 Stevenson, Walter, Villa Area Police
2262 Straker, Vivian, Villa Area Housewife 2263 Streater, Hannah, Hodges Blay 2264 Sturge, Louisa, Alfred Peters St.
2265 Sweeney, Elizabeth, St. J'ston's Village Housewife
2266 Sweney, James, Cedar Grove Labourer
2267 Swift, Dorothy, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
2268 Swift, Jacob, H. M. Prison, St. John Prison Superintendent
2269 Tavenier, Doreen, D)ickensonbay, St.
2270 Taylor, Agatha, St. Johnston's Iill. H/wife 2271 Taylor, Eileen, Fort Road Housewife

2272 Taylor, Ira, Fort Fioad Minister oi Religion 2273 Teague, Evangeline, St. Johnston's Fillage
2274 Teague, Josephi, Coolidge Police Station P, liceman
2275 Thibou, Grenfell A.. Coolidge Field Civil Servant
2276 Thibou, Icson Cox. Fort Road Assistant Manager
2277 Thibou, Judith Ismella Patricia. Fort Road Housewife
2278 Thihou, Louisa, Clare Hall Labourer
2279 Thihou, Sarah, Alfred Peters St, Domestic Servant
2280 Thomas, Lilian, Cedar Grove )D/fervant 2281 Thomas, Louisa Villa Area do
2282 Thomas, Lushington, Fort Road, Labourer 2283 Thomas, Lydia. Pigotts Housewife
2284 Thomas, Mary, Barnes Hill Farmer
2285 Thomas, Monroe, Cedar Grove Carpenter 2286 Thomas, Neville, Llla Area Labourer
2287 Thomas, Norman., Cedar Grove do
2288 Thomas, Norris, Dickenson Bay St.
2289 Thomas. Robert, Alfred Peters St. Baker 2290 Thomas, Ruby Agatha, Alfred Pete rs St.
2291 Thomas, Sarah, Army Base Labourer
2292 Thomas, Vernon. 1illa Area Mechlanic
2293 Thomas, Vincent, Cedar Grove Carpenter 2294, Thomas, Viola, P'igotts Hou sewife
2295 Thomas, Wilhelmina, Barnes Hill Labourer 2296 Thomas. Witson. Cedar Grove Carpenter 2297 Thomrnas, Carlton, St. Johnston's Fili'!ige Factory Worker
2298 Thomas, Eafelle, St. Johnston's Village Carpenter
2299 Thomas, Edith, Clare Hall, Home l)omestic 2300 Thomas, Elizabeth, New Winthorpes Labourer
2301 Thomas, Elwood, Bennett Street (arpenter 2302 Thomas, Fiizroy, Clare Hall Luabourer
2303 Thomas, Georginin, St. Johnston's Village I housewife
2341 Thomas, Hanman, St. J, hnston's Village 1lo sewife
2305 Thomas, Ivan, Bennett Street Ltbourer 2306 Thomas, Leslie, St. Johnston's Vil. do. 2307 Thomas, Morlel, Pigotts Village Operator 2308 Thomas, Neville, Villa Area Labourer
2309 Thomas, Phebean, New Winthorpes do.
2310 Tihomas, Reuben, St. Johnston's Village Civil Servant
2311 Thomas, R~hoda, Christopher Street Home Domestic
2312 Thomas, Sarah, Villa Area Housewife
2313 Thomas, St. Clair Alfred Peters Street Labourer
3214 Thomas, Veronica, Pigotts Village H/Helper 2315 Thomas, Victor, Clare Hall Mechanic
2316 Thomas, William, Factory RIoad Labourer

2317 Thomas, Agatha, Fort Road Housewife 2318 Thomas, Albertha, ,Cassada Gardens Labourer
2319 Thomas, Albertha, (2) do do


20 Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) 2orth.

2320 Thomas, Alma, Cedar Grove Domestic Servant
2321 Thomas. Ann, Cedar Grove do
2322 Thomas. Arthur Emanuel, Alfred Peters St. Lightermnian
2323 Thdmas. Beatrice, Dickensonbay St, Domestic Servant
2324 Thomas, Beatrice. Pigotts Labourer
2325 Thomas. Campbell, Alfred Peters St.
2326 Thomas, Cellice., Osborne Village Labourer
2327 Thomas, Christiana. Cedar Grove Seamstress
2328 Thomas, Donald, Cedar Grove Tailor
2329 Thomas, Doris. Villa Area Domestic Servant
2330 Thomas. Edgar, Army Base Labourer
2331 Thomas, Edith, Clare Hall Washer
2332 Thomas, Elizabeth. (1) Army Base Labourer
2333 Thomas, Elizabeth, (2) do do
2334 Thomas, Elvira, Pigotts do
2335 Thomas, Eudel, Cassada Gardens do 23136 Thomas, Eva, Pigotts do
2337 Thomas, Geor-e, Cedar Grove Fisherman 2338 Thomas, (George, (2) Villa Area Waterman
2339 Thomas, Georgina, Alfred Peters St, Baker
2340, Thonma, Gerald Edgar, Parham Road Bank Officer
2341 Thomas, Hilda, Cedar Grove Washer
2312 Thomas, Holmond, do Labourer
23t3 Thomas, lone. Fort Road Domestic Servant
2344 Thomas, James, Cedar Grove Carpenter 23 ,5 Thomas, John, Pigotts do
2: 46 Thomas, John, Cedar Grove Plumber



234', Thomas,

Kathleen, Parham Road Housewife
Kenrietta, Cedar Grove

A agriculture
2349 Timniothy, Arthur. Alfred Peters St. Butler 2350 Tittle, Agatha. Barnes Hll Labourer
2351 Tittle, Edward. do do
2352 Tittle, Robert, Alfred lPeters St. Mason 2353 Tonge, Alphonso, Pl'igotts Village Labourer 2:154 Tonge, Cecilia, Pigotts D)omestic Servant 2355 Tonge, Estelle, Dickenson Bay St. S/stress 2356 Tonge, G(eor,, e, Armivy Base Labourer 2357 Tonge, Sydney, Pigotts do
2358 Tonge, Velma, Army Base l)om. Servant
2359 Tonge, Velma, New Winthorpes D)/Servant 2360 Tobit, Charlotte, Bennett Street Housewife 2361 Toinlinson, Gersham, Parham Road Police Sergeant Major
2362 Tonmlinson, Gloria, Carlisle Housewife 2363 Tomlinson, Harold, Carlisle M/Practitoner 2364 Tonmlinson, Marie, Carlisle Housewife 2365 Townsend, Florence, St. Johnston's Village Cook
2366 Tousend, Edward, Dickenson Bay St.
2367 Tousend, Lola, Alfred Peters St.
Domestic Servant
2368 Tuitt, Ethel, Villa Area Domestic Worker

2369 Turner, Arthur Francis A., Hodges Company
2370 Turner, Kathleen A., Hodges Bay 2371 Turner Phillip, Cedar Grove 2372 Twates, Christiana, N/Winthorpes

2373 23741 2375 2376
2377 2378 2379 238() 2381 2382


Vanderpool, Georgina Villa Area. Vouzan, Eileen, Osborne Village Vouzan, Samuel do Truck
Vidal, Evelyn, St. Johnston's Vill

)ireetor H /wife Tailor H/wife
H/wi ie do
Driver H/wife

Wade, Eustace, Cedar Grove Labourer
Wade, Madame, Cedar Grove D)om Servant Wade, Manasseh, Cedar Grove Labourer Walker, Alma, Factory Road Clerk
Walker, Charles, Factory Rd. Photographer W\allace. George \, Coolidge Police Station Policeman

2383 Walsh, Clarence, Villa Area Agricultural Inst.
2381, WYalters, Dorris, Parlmni Road Housewife 2385 Warner, Alberta. Cedar Grove Lablourer 2386 Warner, Alice, Clare Hall to~usewife
2387 Warner, Alice, New Winthorpes Farmer 2388 Warner, A lice, do. Housewife
2389 Warner, Alphonso, Base Area Labourer 2390 Warner, Alvin, Pigotts do
2391 Wartner, Catherin, Bennett St. Dom/S'vant 2:192 \Waner, l)elacy, Brys.n St. ,, 2393 Warner, 'Ieanora. Barnes Hll Labourer 2394 Warner. E e, Barnes Iill Housewvife
2395 \Warner. Florrence A. Fort Road do 2396 Warner, Gladys, New Winthorpes Farmer 2397 Warner, enrietta, Pigotts Housewife 2398 Warner, Herman R., Coolidge Field Police 2399 Warner, Irn, Villa Area Painter
2400 Warner. James A., Fort Road Mechanie 2401 W\arner, John, Barnes Hill Labourer 2402 War ner, Montique, Pigotts Cartmuan
2 103 Warner, Princess, Villa Area Nurse
2404 Warner, Robert, Clare Hall Labourer
2405 Warner. iichard. Alfred Peters St.
2406 Warner, Aosina. Cedar Grove Gardener 2407 Warner, Saimuel, Cedar Grove Cooper
2408 Wrner, Selina, Villa Area Housewife
2409 Warner, Thomas. Cedar Grove Labourer 2410 Warner, Ulrica, IFort Load Solicitor's Clerk 2411 Warner, Una, Alfred Peters St D/Servant 2412 Warner, Virginia, Pigotts Labourer
2413 Warner, Walter Coolidge Field Foreman (Shell)
2414 Warner, William, Carlisle Estate Labourer 2415 Warner, William, Alfred Peters St. do
2 4 16 Warren, George Thomas, Gunthorpes Sugar Technologist
2417 Warren, Lilian F., Gunthorpes Housewife 2418 Watt, Charles, Fort Road Businessman 2419 Watt, Masie, Fort Road Merchant
2420 Watkins, Alberta, Fitches Creek Labourer 2421 Watkins, Robert, Clare Hall Labourer 2422 Watkins, William Clare Hall do
21,23 Weatheral, Hubert, New Winthorpes Carpenter
2424 Weatherill, Joshua, Parham Road Sadler 2425 Webson, George, Dickenson Bay St Prison Officer

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

2426 Webson, Elaine, D)/son Bay St Seamstress 2427 Webster, Keturah E, Coolidge Air Base Housewife
2428 Weekes, Benjamin E, Alfred Peters St Labourer
2429 Weekes, Gla(adys, Cedar Grove Housewife 2430 Wescott, Charles, Croshi-s Estate Planter

2431 2132
2433 2434
2435 2436
21 2-6 2437 2438 2439 2440 24 A1
2442 2443 2444 2445 2446 2447 2448 2449 2450 2451 2452 2453 2454

Wescott, Christina, do Housewife
Weston, Cyril. Villa Area Tailor
Weston, Elizabeth, Army Base Agricu Iturer WestoVn, James, Villa Area Sign Painter Western, Maudie, do Housewife
Weston, Mavis, Bennett St. Dom/Servant n, Mlaudie, Bennett Street D)om/'vant West ., Oriel, Bryson St. Printer
\Vetherill, Javeson Pigotts Carpenter
Wetherill, Netha Pigotts Housewife
Wetherill, Raymondm, Barnes Hill Labourer Wli, E nice, Fort- Road Housewife
White, ilHenry, do Comipany S~ereta'-y \W ite, Joan, Sugar Pactory Housewife White, .Joln, Villa: Area Painter
White, I Aloy d, do Clerk
White. Myrtill do Housewife
White. Hiriani, Bryson St. Housewife
White, iIuby, Pigotts Labourer
Whyte, Beatrice, Alfred Peters St. D)/Servant \Whvte, avid, sugarr Facrory Engineer
Why e, Violi, Blizzards D/Servant
Wilkinson, Hubert, Clare H[Tall Labourer Wilkins, Mary, Cedar Grove Labourer

2455 Vilkis. Maurice, New Winthorpes Carpenter & Joiner
2456 Wilkins, Montague, Fitches Creek, Labourer 2457 Wilkinson, Hubert, Pigotts do
2458 Williams, Adassa, St. J/nston's Vil. Teacher 2:459 Williams, Alexan er, ,, ,, Labourer 2460 Williams, Alexanmder, Villa Area Mason 24!1 Williams, Albert, Vill Area Watchmian 2462 W\Villiamnis, Alb)ert, Cassada Garden, Labourer 2463 Williams, Angilina, Pigotts Huckster
2464 Williams, Arthur, Barnes Hill Mechanic 2465 William, Bertha, Alfred Peters St. H/wife 2466 Williams, Charles, Barnes Hill Carpenter 2467 Williams. Charles, St. Johnston's Village Chauffeur

2469 2470 2471 2472
2474 2475 2476 2477 2478 2479
2480 2481 2482

Williams, Donald, Barnes Hill
Williams, Dorris, (i) Pigotts Labourer
Williams, Dorris, (ii) Pigotts Agriculturer Williams, EAlward, Itort Road Labourer
Williams, Edwiner, St. Johnston's Village Housewife
Williams Elfreda. Bryson's Street Housewife Williams, Estelle, Pigotts Labourer
Williamns, Estelle, Barnes Hill do
Williams, Fernella, do Housewife
Williams, Fingal, Gunthorpes, Sugar Boiler Williams, Frederick, Cassada Garden L/brer Williams, Frank, St Johnston's Village Labourer
Williams Ganner, Bell Street do
Williams, George (i) Gambles Area Druggist Williams, George, (2) Alfred Peters St.
Civil Servant

2483 Williams, Georg., Barnes Hill, Agriculturer 2484 Williams, George, North St. Carpenter
2485 Williams, ; Ilndstone, Barnes Hill, Labourer 2486 Williams, Gladys, C(edar Grove, Housewife 2487 Williams, G wendolyn, Villa Area D/Servant 2 188 Williams, G wenidolyn, D1/Bay St. D/Servant
2 4 9 WVilli:nms, Gwendol yn, Alfred Peters St.
21,90 Williamsi, Iandel, St. Johnston's Village Engeering Draughtsman
2191 Williams, Helena, Alfred Peters Street Domestic Servant
2192 Williamns, Henrietta, Pigotts Labourer 2193 Williams, Henry, Cassada Garden do
2494 t Wlliamn:, Hewlet, Fort Road Driver
2195 Williams, lola, Coolidge Field Seamstress 2196 William,. Iris, ew Winthorpes, Housewife 2497 \Villiins, Isaiah, Clare Hall Labourer
2 4198 Williams, James, Alfred Peters Street Driver
2499 Williams, James k\, Barnes Hill Tailor
2500 W lliams. J I hanna, do Farmer
25 01 Williams, Jestina, Barnes Hill 2502 Williams, Leontine, St. Johniston's Village Washer
"503 Williams. Mararet, Cassada Garden, Lab'r 2501, Williams, Mtrtha, Fitches Creek do 2505 Willins, Mary, Villa Area Housewife
2506 Williams, Mary, do do
2507 Williamin, Matia, Cassada Garden do 259t8 Willi ams, Matilda, Clare Hall Housewife 509 William, MIade, Barnes Hill Labourer
2510 Villi ns. Naomi, Cedar Grove D/Servant 2511 Williams, Prince, Osborne's Village Agriculturer
2512 Williams, Rachael, Base Area ID)om Servant 2513 Williams, Rachael, Beach Hotel Laundress 251 4 11 Williams, Rnehael, Osborne's Village Domestic Servant
2515 Williams. Raymioni, Alfred Peters St, Stevedore
2516 ( Williams, 'Samuel, Beach Hotel D'Servant 25 i 7 Williams, Scravel, New Winthorpes

2519 2520
2521 2522 2523 2524 2525

Willians., W\illiams, Williams,
Williams, Williams, WVilliams, Willia ms, Williams, Williams,

2527 Willock, 2528 Wood, H 2529 Wood. M 2530 Wright. A

Selvin, Fitches C(reek Labourer Sobina, Carlisle Estate do Theophilus, Fitches Creek Est, Labourer
Vera, Alfred Peters St, D/Serv't Victoria, Osborne Village, L'brer Viola Fort Road D'Servant
Viola, Osborne Village Labourer Viola, Osborne's Village H/wife Walter, St. Johnston's Village Labourer
Mary, Villa Area Housewife
ugh, Villa Area Labourer
alvina do Housewife
rthur Pigotts do.

2531 Wright, Llewellyn, Cecil, Gunthorpes, Traffic Manager
2532 Wright, Lorenzo, Barnes Hill Electrician 2583 Wright, Molly Gwendolyn, Gunthorpes, Housewife

Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North.

2534 2535 2536 2537
2538 2539 2540 2541 2542 2543 2544

Wynter, Wynter, Wynter, Wyntter, Wynter, Wynter, Vynter, Wynter, ~Wynter, W' nter, Wynter,

2545 Wynter, Gwendolyn, Barnes Hill D/Servant 2546 Wynter, Leslie, Christopher St., Chauffeur

2547 Wynter, Wilmoth, Cedar Grove Agric'turer 254,8 Wyre, Salome, Barnes Hill Domestic Servant

2549 Xavin, Monica, D'Bay Street,


Arnold, Cedar Grove Labourer
Augustus, Cedar Grove, Fisherman Dennis, do Carpenter
Dorcas, do Housewife
Elenora, do Labourer
Eunice, do Agriculturer
Francis do Labour r
Inez Violet, Fort Road, Seamstress Leslie, Villa Area, Stevedore
Thomas, Army Base Agriculturer Vionie Elderfield, Fort Rood, Seamstress

2555 Young, Juliet, Pigotts


I, GEORGE JESSEL COURTENAY HANNAYS, Revising Officer for the Electoral District of St. George and St. John (Rural) North hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the finally revised list of voters for the said Electoral District.
Dated this 25th day of September, 1956.
Ag. Magistrate, Dists. "A & B", Revising Officer.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Island by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printer,-By Authority.
[Prie 44 oents]

2550 Yearw od, Henry Norman Keithley, SGunthorpes, Overseer 2551 Yerbury, Ivol Milson, Judges Hill, Priest 2552 Yerbury, Lidian Grace, do Housewife z553 Young, Catherine, Barnes Hill Labourer 2551. Young, Indiana, New Winthorpes, Agriculturer

List of Voters (Antigua)
Electoral Distriot of St. John's City (North)

1 Aaron. Anna, Bishopgae Street Housewgf
2 Aaron, Elvina, North ,. Huckster
3 Abbott, Agusta, St. John'. ., Gen. W11orker 4 A bboltl, Fabian, North ,, llri Proprietor
5 Abbott, Fratk, St. John's ,. Fisherman
6 Abbott, Leotard Oscar, Church ,, (Clerk
7 Abott, Theodore, North ,, Labourer
8 Abbuot, Hilliamt, Oltos Lane Mechanirc
9 A4bbott, Normian R., B/yale Street (ivil 'S'ervan/ 10() Abbott, iuberl, North ,, Clerk
'11 Abbott, Nora, Chu rch ,, Clerk
12 Abraham, Theresa Nora, North ,, Teacher
13 Adtms. Beatrice, St. John's ., Huckster
14 Adams, ('Cecil, at Civil Servant
15 Aldams, Louisa, lB/gate ,, Dot. Seriant
16 Adams, 1uth, St. John's ., do
17 Adams, Setlin, ,, George, ,, Teacher
18 Adan, W ilma, do Seanstress
19 Aide, Francis, Iaopping Lane Cross Labourer
20 Airall, Harold Newton, Police H.Q. Policeman
21 A lbert, eRachel E., St. Georges Street 22 Aler.ander, lola, Popeshead ,, Shopkeeper
23 Alceander, Rathwiell, Wlapping Laone Ciross (Crier 24 A libar, M1arie, Popeshead Street Seandress 25 Allen, Adelaidh, Newgate .. Housew'fe
26 Allen, Chrisiana R., do Huekslter
27 Allen, Mary, St. Georges Street Labourer
28 Allent, J:ioes, ,, John's .. do
29 Ambrose, Joames ,, Johni's ,, Blacksmii/ih 30 Amibrose, James Naathan/iel, St. Georges S/reet General Wlorker
31 Amtbrose, Salinta,. Bishopcgate Street Labourer 32 Ambrose, Olive, St. Georges ,, do
33 An/thony, Doris, North ,, Huckster
34 Arnithony, Jeannie, W ipping Lane Dom. Servatl 35 Aithony, James, do Stevedore
36 Antonio, Norris,,,, Popeshead Street M3otor lechanic 37 Antonio, Pearl, do Housewife
38 Anthony, Percival Jeremiah, B/gate St. MAessenger 39 Archilbald, Allen, St. Georges Street Carpenter 40 A r"/hibald, Arthur, do Tailor
41 Archi'bald, Harold, Bishopgate ,, Carpenter
42 A rchibald, Montague H., St Georges ,. Mason
43 Archibald, Olica, do Dom. S'errant
44 Archibald, Maawrice, North ,, Waterman
45 Arm.strong, Alphenis, Bishopgate ,, Clerk
46 Armostong, Charles, The Point Tradesman
47 Arm.isrotg, Delores, North St. Domestic Serant 48 A,,ostrong, Dorothy Theresa, Bl/gate St. do 49 Aka, Altfred, St. John'.s St. Porter WaiValermian 50 Aska, Arnold, Wilkinson Stred Labourer
51 Aska, Christobell, Bishopgate ,, Dom. Servant 52 Asa. Corolie, St. Georges ,, do
53 Aska, Dazl 11'esterjield, Newgate St. ailtor
54 Aska, Eileeo, 11ilkitson Street Dow. Si'r ,atO
55 Askat, Jeremiah, St. G( ,, Clerk
56" Ask-a, James, ,, Porter
57 Askia, Joht, St. Johitn's ,, Labourer
58 Aska, John A., St. George.s ,, Porter d' W/man 59 Aska, Leonard, Wfilkinson ,, Clerk
60 Aska, Maria, St. Georges ,, Housewife
61 Aska, MJaude, St. John's ,, Dom. Servatt 62 Aska, Mlaurice, do Carpenter
63 AsIka, Ruby, St. Georges ,, Domi. Servant
64 Aska, Ruby, Wilkinson ,, do
65 Aska, Arnold, St. John's, ,, Prison Q.icer 66 Aska, Clayton, Wilkinson, ,, Fishermai
67 Aska, Irene, St. Georges ,, House'ift
68 Aska, Doyle. Negate ,, Butcher
69 Aska, Milton, St. Georges ,, Labourer
70 Athill, Avis Louise, Newgate ,, Retired Teacher 71 Athill, Estella, Bishapgate ,, Housekeeper
72- Athtill, Neville, St. John's ,, Labourer
73 Athill, Christine V., do Teacher
74 A ldersley, Ethel, Spring Gardens Home Duties 75 Aldersley, Cyril Francis, Spring Gardens Minister of Religion
76 Alfr d, Angelina, North St. Store Clerk
7 .9- 7

77 78 79
80 81 82 83 841:
85 86 87 88 89 90
91 92
94 95
96 97 98 99
100 101
102 103 104
105 106 107 108 109 110 111
112 113
114 115 116 117 118 119
120 121 122 123
124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133
135 136 137
139 139 140
141 142
143 144 145
146 147 148 149 150

Anatole, Maarie,. North Street Attley. Lilian, St. John's St. Andrew, Susannah, Church Lane

Huackster Home Dome.stic

Bailey, Elvie North Street Housewife
Bailey, Iilda Delsie, S/. Georges ,, YDor. Servant lBailey, Louis St. Anidrew, North ,, Jewieller
Bailey, loney, Bishopgate ,, Doo. Worker
Baker, G. Staniey, The Deanery Dean of A ntigua Balson, Beltine, St. ,John' Street Dom. Worker Baptiste, Washington, North ,, Labourer
Balpdiste, Winifred, Wapping Lanie Seaamistress Barnabas., Geraldine, Vapping Lane Clerk
Bartiwabas, Jothn, St. Georges St. Shipwright Barnabas, IWalter A., Vapping Lane Tailor
Barnard, Eileen, St. John's Street Seamitress
Barnard, Ernest do CldI Servant
Barntard, Foster ,J., do Teacher
Barnard, Loti sa, do lHouset ife
Barnes, Basil, The Point Waterman
Barnes, Charles', St. Georges Street Labourer Barnes.. Heron, ,, John's ,, Carpenter
Barnes, Iris Church Lane Domestic Servant Barnes, ,Johi George do Carpenter
Barnes, Lucy, St. Georges Street Housewvife
Barnes, Mona, Chuirch Lane Dom. Servant
Barnies, Theodor,, do do
Barnes, A tdusti, Mlariners Lane Porter
Barn es, Evelyl, C(hurch Lane Teacher
Barnes, Henson, ('Church Street Teacher
Barretto. John, Long ,, Merchiant
Baurretto, larie, do Housekeeper
Barrow, Iris, Popeshead ,, Clerk
Barton, Sarah, DIBay ,, Dom. Servant
Barze, Lucy, St. Georges ,, do
Batens, Calrist, Blgate ,, do
Beazer, Delis, St. Georges ,,. do
Beazer, -Francis, ,, tHuckster
Bearer, Edith, ,, Dom. Servant
Beazer, Nellie, North ,, do
Beazer, Rebecca, St. Georges ,, do
Bearer, Sabina, lilkintson ,, do
Bearer, Amoelia, St. Georges ., Seamstress
Beazer, Elrwu, do Boatmian
Beazer, Alphons.o, do do
Bedminster, Drina, North Street Olerk
Bellot, Helem, Hamiilton, Church ,, Civil Servant Benjramini, A Ifred, 1)/Bay ,, Labourer
Beantmini., Coinswola, B/gfate ,, Dom. Servant Betnjamin, Daiisybelle, do do
Benjitamtin, Enid, North ,, S/amstress
Be'narmiin. Erilest Lewis, Marine's Lane Clerk Benjramoiin, Eulalie. B/gate Street Clerk
Beiinjain, George, St. John's ,, Tractor Driver Benjamin, George Henry, St. Georges AS. Driver Benamit, Gwendlolytn, North St. Dom. Servant Benjamitt, Harold, do do
Betjriamin, Helen, Ch'urch LanIe Washer
Be amintt, Ickford, B/gate Street Carpenter and Jointier
Ben Iamini, Irene, Long ,, Housewife
Benjam in, Ivy Maria, Mariners Lane Clerk
Benr ijamin, James Emmanel, St. John's Street Printer
Benicanin, Joan, Newgate Lane Dom. Servant
Benjamini, Lewis Albert E., Long St. Merchant Ben.anmin, Leonard, M.D Newgate Lane Tailor
Benjiamtin, Leslie, St. John's St.. Labourer Benjamwtii, Lilian Matilda, St. Georges St. Benjamini, Matilda, St. John's St. Domr. Servant Benriiamin, Norris, do Labourer
Bei miitn, Raymond, North Street Agricultural Iorker
Benjamiitn, Vera, New'gate Lane Nurse
Betijamrin, Viola DIBay St. Doat. Servaat
Benjamin, Viola, North ,, do
Beijamii, William, St. John's St. Carpenter Benjaint, Eric, St. Georges ,, Mason

2 Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

151 Benjamin, Irene, D/bay St. Homej]Dom.
152 Benjamin, Eileen, do do
153 Benjamin, Viola C., N/gate St. H'wife
154 Benjamin, Walter WV., do P'lce Oficer
155 Benjamin, Condace, C.M.L. Long St. C/Ser
156 Benjamin, Measeth, D/bay St. HlDom.
157 Benjamin, Helen, do do
168 Benjamin, Arnald, B3gate C/Ser.
159 Benjamin, Percy, do Waterman
160 Benjamin, Dotve, do D/Servant
161 Benjamin, Ruth, St. John's St. do
162 Benjamin, Ada, North St. H'wife
163 Berridge, Christophine, St. John's St. D/ser 164 Billinghurst, Keethley, WV,, B/gate St. Clerk 165 Billinghurst. Rebecca, St. Georges St. Huckster 166 Billinghurst. Rose, B'gate St. do
167 Billinghurst, Selina, do H'wife
168 Bride, Gladys, St. John's St. D/Ser
169 Bride, Josephine, N/gate St. Cake i1aker
170 Bride, Molly, B'gate St. Labourer
171 Birkett. Edwin Frederick, CGross ,, Bank M'ger 172 Blackman, Doris Josephine, NIgate ,, H'wi/e
173 Blackman, Edward Murel., do /ClServant
174 Blackman, Emmabel, North St. D/Ser
175 Blackman, Herman Dudley, B/gate,, Clerk
176 Bloodman, Walter, do L'brer
177 Bloodman, Harold M., D/bay ,, C/Ser
178 Bloodman, Walter, St. John's St. Messenger
179 Boatswain, Thomas, St. Georges,, L'brer
180 Bodlin, Louisa, North St. D/Ser
181 Boutrne. Keith, do Printer
182 Bovil, Theophilus, D/bay ,, Agriculturer
183 Bradshaw, Christiana, B'gate ,, L'brer
184 Bradshaw, Susannah, St. John'. St. do
186 Bradshaw, Isabella, B'gate St. Teacher
186 Braithwaithe, Harold Alex. D'bay ,, Fisherman 187 Braithwaithe, Maude, St. Georges ,, L'brer
188 Braithwaithe, Virgina, The Point D/ser
189 Bramble, Dorothy, Church Street S'tress
190 Bramble, John, St. (Geo., ,, Fisherman
191 Bramble, Michael do do
192 Branch, Jessie Elizabeth, Long St.
193 Branch, Madge, Cross ,, Church W'ker
194 Branch, Mary Francesca A., Cross St. S/Teacher 195 Bran,"h, Iola, Church Lane Domr. Servant
196 Bridges, Delores, St. Georges St. do
197 Bridges, Dennis E., Church ,, Baker
198 Biidges, Dennis L., St. Georges ,, Ex. Joiner 199 Bridges, Inez, do S'tress
200 Bridges, Ma'rice Ed:, North ,, Barber
201 Bridges, Neville, St. Georges ,, Shopkeeper
202 Bridges, Rupert, B'gate St. O'penter
203 Bridges, Seabert, St. John's ., Baker
204 Bridges, Valentine, B'gate ,, Barber
205 Bridges, Rapheal, St. John's St.
Waterfront Worker
206 Bright, John, The Point Watchman
207 Brookes, Dallie, Bishopgate St. Housekeeper
208 Brookes, Dollie, do Dom. Ser.
209 Brookes, Norris, St. John's ,, P'terlWaterman 210 Brookes, Robert, ,, Georgqes ,, Shoemaker
21 l Brookes, Maude, do H/Dom.
212 Brookes, Miary, ,, John's ,, D'Worker
213 Brown, Samuel, St. Georges St. Agri.
214 Brown, Agatha, St. John's ,, DIser.
215 Brown, Arnold Ernest, N'gate ,, Clerk
216 Brown, Bdllie, Mariner's L. Waterman
217 Brown, Beatrice, Wap. Lane D/Ser
218 Brown, Clarence, ~St. Georges St. Porker
219 Brown, George, Wilkinson ,, Waterman
220 Brown, Georgiana, B'gate ,,
221 Brown, Iekford, do Carpenter
222 Brown, Ineta Eulalie, St. John's St. Teacher 223 Brouwn, Jestina, St. Georges St. DSer
224 Brown, Leonard, Nelson Alley Labourer
225 Brown, Lourenston, North St. 226 Brown, Reynold, B'gate St. Chauffeur
227 Brown, Allister, Alfred Peters ,, Mch.
228 Browne, Clarence, North St. Waterman
229 Browne, Coralita, St. John's St. D/Ser
230 Browne, Earl, do Plumber

Browne, Euton, St. John's St. L'brer.
Browne, Evelyn, do DSpr
Browne, George, do T/Drvier
Browne, John, do Foreman Pan Floor
Browne, Robert, North St. Overseer
Browne, Rupert, St. John's ,, WVaterman
Browne, Salome, B/gate S't. D/Ser
Browne, Violet, St. John's ,, do
Browne, Eghert, ,, Gorges ,, Browne, Ivan, St. John's ,, Whaterman
Browne, [smay, do Domestio
Browne, Keturah. North ,, T'wife
Browne, Catherine, do Cloterk
Browne, Agnes, do do
Browne, Perpetua, Not th St. Teacher
Browne, Samuel T., B/Gate Salesman
Browne, Hyacinth, St. John's St. R/Domestic Browne, Clarence. Uhurch bSt. Baker
Browne, Lionel, St. John's ,, L'brer
Brown, Earl. do do
Browne, 'era, N'gate ,'t. HIDom
Brumant, Bruno M., DI Bay St. Printer
Bryan, Lilian, 11Wilkinson ,, D/Ser
Bryan, Olive, Newgate St. do
Buckley, Edgar Eugene, B/Gate St. Butler
Buffong, Beryl Agatha, St. John's St. D/Servant Butfbng, Nan Eliz., D/Bay St. L'brer
Burke, Beatrice, The Point do
Burke, IVilliamn, Wilkinson ,, Engtieer
Burnette, Hiram, North ,, rinter
Burnett, Baby Eliz., B/Gate ,, D]Ser
Burnett, Estella Erlina, do do
Burnett, 14illiam, do Barber
Burnette, Cecelia, do General Worker
Barton, Agatho, St. Georges ,, L'ber
Burton, Stepher, Popeshead ,, Stevedore
Bur'on, Irma, do Cross Shop Asst.
Byam, Annie, St. John's St. DjSer
Byam, Claude, Wilkinson St. Porter
B yam, Donald, St. Georges ,, L'ber
Byam, Dorothy, ,, John's ,, D/Ser
Byam, Edris, North St. do
Byam, Gertrnde, St. John's ,, do
Byam, Ruby, Newgate St. Tailoress
Byam. Dennis, St. John's ,, C'penter
Byos, Etbenezer, ,, Georges ,, L'brer
Byer, Sarah, MUariner's Lane S'tress
Byees, Cecelia, North St.' D/Ser
Bachelor, Mary, Church Lane H'wife
Bachelor, Solomon, do Waiter
Blackmore, Marie, St. John's St. B/Domestic
Bowen, Alexander, Alfred Peter's St. Shoemaker Burnes, Veronica, Spring Gardens Teacher
Brade, Elizabeth, North St. D/Servant
Bowry, Arthur James. St. Georges St.
Chief Preventive Officer
Bridgewater, Bolton, B/Gate St. Cooper
Burleigh, Edith, St. John's ,, L'brer
Boyles, Cyril, B/Gate St. W/front Worker
Boyles. Nellie, do Housewife
Blake, Matthew, North St. L'brer
Blake, Agatha, do H'wife
Bladen, Cliflord T., St. John's St. Tailor
Cable, John, Police H.Q. Police Constable
Cable, Naomi Alice, St. John's St. S'tress
Camacho, Beryl, B/Gate St. D/Servant
Camacho, Estella, St. John's ,, do
Camacho, Mary T., Long St. Independent
Gamrnacho, Ralph, B/Gate C,, Cer.
Camacho, Wilfred, do Clerk
Camacho, Ernest, St. John's ,, Shoemaker
Canon. Evey, Cross St. Housewife
Gann, James, do Painter
Cann, Pearlina, St. John's St. L'brer
Carbon, Maurice E., St. Geo. ,, Upholsterer
Carlisle, Mary, The Point D/Ser
OCarlisle, Mildred, Church Lane do
Carlisle. Hyacinth, Newgate St. D/ Worker
Carmichael, Dorothy Hilda, St. G/ges St. Clerk Carmichael, Majorie Evelyn, do C/Ser

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

810 Varmichael, Miriam Jstina, St. G/ge t. H/wfit 11 ( Carmiohael, Ruby Gwe nyth, do. ('letrk
12 Carimichael, S'idney Ctleridgq, do. Print er
13 'arm ichac/, Vet /, line, do. Civil Sera nt 314 C 'rmichael, Victor (Voer', (1o. Lab. Assi tant
15 Carr, Benjamin, Jt)piijng Lane CarJpeit Ier 31( Carr, Georgia, St. Johns Stred Hit / I,
317 (arr, tilliat Montgonr,'ry. do. Crpe r
318 Carr, A lie!', do. lct, 0,
a819 'a a yariah. do. Home ,)oitt i
820 'arrit'r, Adriatn, J/Vnt illaru,, ''lu.-e: /'iPe 32/ tr/er, en'ritt, Aor/:th Str/ Ltlour~ar
322 Crtr, Prcy, W/! ir n on Lan' Mchaic
3283 arter, G(eorge Nathaniel, Newiyate St. Police 324 'cartl, Emalit,, Wilkinson ,, Houax.w1ifi 32- 'arty. William Hedwrto, 1Vappinga Cross Drivoer 326 C('pha.s, M(tde, BI(/Gt' St. Seatmslres
827 Chtalleno'r, Charle, St. ,Ioes St. B/akor 828 'hallen lor, (eorfte, /,"ikio, ,, mIVa c',Ian 329 ',alletge ler, Levi, Assl. Sutviyor
830 Challeinger. Sarah, Wilki/insou ,, Donll,. Se'trvant 831 C/a/llenger, Daphite. \etite ,, Setonstress 832 Charnber,, Leslie, N tlh ,, Porter
3,33 Chamttberts, Johnt, St. John t' ,, Labourer 334 Cha/berio 's, Fred, Nrth ,. l'Fishermnan
335 Chaptn~ittt, Iallace, ., Labotrer
8836 Chapmartn. Nerille, ,, ,. Waterman

Charlte,, C'harles, Charles. Charles, Chaorles.,
Ctarle,, Charles., Charles, Charl's,
Char/les, Charles, Charles. Charles, Charles.,

AdidAll:s, St..!tt," .. A lice, No'rlb Housewie
Amelta,, St. John's Clerk
Beryl, Chiarch! Lane Washer
Eliqabeth, St. Johln's, St. Doa. Sereant D)avid, (1do. Labourer
Fe'licia, North ,, do.
;eraldioe. St. John's ,, Clerk
Genna Hen rietta, St. Georges St. IHlwife KAtthtle St. John's Street Te'acher
Leotte, B/Gate St, Dr.ess MaJker
Leoiie. Domestic Servant
Theresa, North St Laborert
Theresa Melvina, Newtgate St. D/Servant Thomas, St. Georges St. Stevedore
Thomas, North ,, Waterminan
Ver'nie, St. John's ,, Domestic Servant Stedroyt, ,, Fishernan
.ol, North St. Cair'petter

Christian, Claadina, St. Georges St. Hack ster Christian, Sybil Idot, St Johns ,, Labourer Christian. Cyril Wilfbrd M. North St. C/.J oine Christian, Frederick, North St. Labourer
Christian, Eileen. St. Jolhn's ,, Donmestic Servant ChristiaI, Jamets Nathaniel. B/Gate St. Cooper Christian, Johi, St. Georges St. Laborer
Christian, Mae, Newgate ,, Solicitor's Secretly Christian, Mledora Eugentie, St Tohn's St. Teacher Christian, Nora, Neugate ,, Hotsewi'fie
Christian, l/o!!, Popeshead ,, Laboa rer
Christian, ialiville, Arthar, Newgate St. l[Oticer Christian, Rtuby Viola Es/'ella, North ,, DIServant Christian, Sidney T.. Newgate St. Bar/at/Lawt Christian,, Thooias. St. Georges ,, Stevedore
Christian, Esther. North ,, Home Dotuestic
Christian Susatnnah, ,, Don. Servant
Christian, Rose, Wilkinson ,, ,, ,,
Christian, Mary, DIBay ,, ffuckster
Christian, Olive, M ts. do. Housewife
Christian, Ealynis, North ,, Seamstress
Christian, 3ae, DIBay ,, Pedler
Christian, Ethelytn, St. John's ,, Bomne Domwstiw Christopher, Edith, B/Gate St. Domestic Servant Christopher, Ellen, ,, ,, Labourer
Chri.stoplther. Ellenora t, ,, Christopher, Ethtel, D/lBay St. Domestic Servant Christopher, Ethel, Chtrch Lane /Christopher, Made. St. John's St., ,
('hris/ophr, Mirian, BIGate Ch istopher, Nancey Maria, D)/Bay St, Labotrer Chris/topheir, Theodore, BI/Gale St. JJr & Carpoenter Christopher, Virginia. Negate St. DIServant
Clarke, Caonpbell, BIGate St. Clerk
Clarke, Cam,, bell C., Church Lane Messenger

392 393 3914
398 3, 1 5
397 398 30i9
400 401 402 403
404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411
412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419
420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428

Clarke, Ruby, North Street Generaln Worker Clarke, Charles, St JIohn's St. Labourer Codrington, Veronica, Church St. Seamstress Collins, David, D/Bay St. Porter & W'man Collins, Evelyn, Mariner's Lane D/Ser-,ant Colbourne, Ivy, B/gate St. do
Colbourne, Reginald do La bourer
Colbourne, Maurice, North St. Stevedore Colbourne, Claxton Agusta, St. John's St.
Colbourne, Ickford B/gate Street P'ainter Cummings, Victoria, St. John's ,, Huckster Connell, Adriana, B/gate ,, Seamstress
Connell, Hihda, do Painter
Constant, Ida North ,, Labourer
Cooke, Audrey St. John's ,, Seamstress
Cooke, Victoria, D/Bay ,, D/Servant Cooke, Verlin, B/ga te ,, do
Cooper, G(wendolyn, Wilkinson ,, Seamstress Cooper, James, do T'ailor
Corbette, North ,, D/Servant
Cornelius, Beryl Elfreda, Popeshead St.
Cornelius, Ina Mae, St. John's St D/Servant Cornelius, Louraine N., Long ,, Clerk Cornelius, Alice, St. John's ,, D/Servant Coull, Dorsett, B/gate ,, (1do
Crawford, Strickland, St. Johns,, Shoemaker Crawford, Ida, do D/Servant
Creighton, Elizabeth, B/gate ,, do
Creighton, Mary, North ,, do
Creighton, Mary, St. John's ,, do Crump, George, St. Georges ,, Mechanic Crump, Robert, North ,, Labourer
Crump, William, Wapping Lane doCrump, Elizabeth, B/gate St H/Domestic Crump, Carlton, do Gen. Worker
Crump, Adassa, St Georges ,, Libourer Conn, Frances, Newgate Alley Senmstress Caines, Nicodemus, Wilkinson Cross.

429 Chalmers, Catherine, Newgate 430 Comick, Lucille, St John's

W aterman
St lHousewife SFish Seller

431 Dabon, Unella, St Georges St Labourer 432 Daley, Henry, ,, John's ,, Shoemaker 433 Daley, Michael William, do Carpenter
434 Daley, Thomas, do Labourer
435 Daley, William, do Joiner
436 Daley, James, North ,, Electrician
437 Daley, Thomas, B/gate ,, Labourer
438 Daley, Frank Nicholas, Police H.Q.
Police Constable
439 Daniel, Alberta, St John's St Dom Servant 440 Daniel, Charles Bertram, Police H.Q.

441 442 443 444 445 446 44 7
448 449 450

Daniel, Edith, St John's St Daniel, Elfreda, Church ,, Daniel, Enid, St John's ,,
Daniel, Eustace Wendell, do Daniel, Maude, do
Daniel, Phoebe Francis, B/gate,, Daniel, Thomas, St John's ,, Daniel, M iah, do
Daniel, Veronica, St Georges ,, Daniel, Alexander, do ,, Daniel, Grace, John's ,,

Clerk D/Servant Mechanic Clerk Housewife Pensioner Watchman D/Servant

Electoral District of St. John's City (North).

452 Dassent, Winston Ogilivie, Cross Street Bank Clerk
453 David, Rubert, St. John's St. Jatlerman 454 David, Iris, do D/Servnnt
455 David, Margaret, D/Bay ,, ,,
456 David, Sarah Rebecca 0., Church Street Teacher
457 David, Victor Emanuel, Police L.Q., Policeman
458 David, A. Nora V., Church Street 'eacher 459 David, Eileen, B/Gate ,, Seamstress
460 Davidson, Joh,7 P., Spring Garden i Minister .461 Davis, Allan, North Street Civil Servant 462 Danis, Avis, Newgate Lane 14asher
463 Davis, Cecil Basil, Police II.Q. Policeman 464 Davs, Charles TVW., Popeshead Street [louse Steward

Davis, Emanuel, St. John's St. Labourer Davis, Ia, Popeshead ,, D/Servant
Davis, Irene, B/Gale ,, ,,
Davis, Isabella, D/Bay ,, Printer
Davis, Joycelin, Long ,, Labourer
Davis, Lauchlaud Miah, Rodney St, Carp'ter Davis, Maisie, Long ,, DIServant
Davis, Mildred, D)/Bay ,, ,
Davis, Rosetta, St. Georges ,, Housewife Davis, Ruth Hermina, Wappini St. ,, Davis, Samuel, St. John's St, Labourer Davis, Samuel, ,, ,, ,, Waterman
Davis, Viola, lVorth Street Seamstress
Davis, Walter O'million, WVapping St.
Bu ilder Con tractor
Davis, Muriel, North Street D/Servant
Davis, Salome, St. Georges St. tBuckster Davis, Eliza, Wilkinson Street ,,
Davis, Leonard, WTilkinson Cross, Waterman Davis, lola, Long Street, D/ Worker
Davis, Sarah, ,, ,, ,,
l)aDvis, Ethel ,, ,, ,,
Davis, Lawrence, St. John's St. Labourer Davy, Dow, B/Gate Street Driver
Davy, Margaret, North Street Seamstress Darzle, Verlin, St. Georges St. D/Servant Darzle, Hilda, D/Bay Street Huckster
Decambra, Aurara, St. John's St., D/Servant DeCastro, ,laurice R., ,, Policeman
DeCastro, Ian, Bishopgate St. Painter
DeFreitas, Lilian, Long Street Painter
Delsql, Samuel Peter, H. Q. Policeman
DeNully, John A. Miller, St. Georges St. Clerk DeNully, HIilarine ,, H1ousewife
Derrick, Edith, St. John's St. D/Servant Derrick, Rebecca, ,, ,, ,,
DeSilver, Anita, ,, ,, ,, ,,
DeSilvia, Dorothy, B/Gate ,, ,,
DeSilvia, Rose, St. Georges ,, ,,
.DI)eSilvia, Rosina, ,, ,, ,,
DeSilvia, William, B/gate ,, ,,
Destin, Daiy, The Point ,, D/Servant Destin, Earl, St. Georges St. Porter
Destin, Lucy, North ,, Housewife

508 Destin, Norris, WVilkinson
509 Destin, Samuel, North St. 510 Destin, lonie, B/i;ate ,, 511 Destin, Evelyn, St. John's ,, 512 DeSuza, George, ,, ,,

Street Cabinet Maker
Shop Keeper
Housewife I)/Servant

513 DeSuza, Mary. B/gate Street Washer
514 I)eSuza, Jeremiah E., North St.
Retired Worker
515 D)eSuza, Emanuel, North Street Clerk
516 DeSuza, Agusta, Wilkinson Cross D/Servant
517 D)ew, Hugh, St. G(eorges St. Porter 518 )ickenson, Edmund, Rat Island, Civ. S'vunt 519 D)ickenson, Joseph, ,, ,, ,, ,, 520 Dickenson, Peter, ,, ., Steredore
521 Dickson, ('har/es Wiliam, Long St, Bank Clerk
522 D)ickson, Iris Blanche, Long Street Telephone Operator
523 Dixon, Ruby, Newgate St. D/Servant
524 Donoghue. Beryl, 1)/gate St. Clerk
525 Donogh e, Jane Ann, Newgate St D/Servant 526 Donogqhue, Stella, B/Gate ,, Clerk
527 Dover, Estella, St. Georges ,, D/Servant 528 Dover, William, St. Georges St.
Porter and Waterman


467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478
479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 4A 7 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504
505 506 507

Dow, Bessie, B/Gate St. (lerk
Dow, Charlesworth, ,, ,,
D)ow, Gladys, ,, ,,
Dow, TGuy, ,, ,,
Dow, Kitchener ,, ,,
Dow, Roderique, ,, ,,
Dowe, Eulalie, North Street _I/Domestic D)owe, Billington, Police IR.Q. P/Conslable D)owe, May, B/gate St. D/,'ervant
I)owdye, Ann Yvonne ,, Stenogirapher
Dowdye, henry, Labourer
Dubery, Sarah Ann ,, ,,
Dubery, Elizabeth, ,, D/Servant
Dublin, Arnold, Chuarch St. Painter
Dublin, Dennis Earl, ,St. G/qes St., Labourer Dunning, Norman, St. John's St. Waterman Dyer, Abel, St. Georges Street Porter & Waterman
Dyer, Abraham Bruthers, B/gate St., Labourer Dyer, William, North Street ,,
Dyer, Peter R., St. John's ,, ,,
Dyer, Irene, ,, ,, Seamstress
Dyer, Lewis, The Point Prison Officer
Dazeth, Mary, St. John's St. B/Domestic Dc. Irish, Lorna, ,, ,, Gen. FFr orker Duncan, Jane Ann, North ,, HDomestic
Eaward, Allada, f ilkinson Cross Edwards, Albertine, ,, St. [H'wuife Edwards, Arnold, St. Georges ,, Clerk
Edwards, Benson ,, John's ,, L'rer
'Edwards, Charles, do Tradesman
Edwards, Christiana, do Seamstress
Edwards, Daisy Gwen. do Teacher
Edwards, Estella, St. Georges St. D/Servant Edwards, Eunice, B/gate ,, Housewife
Edwards, Helen, Church Lane Teacher
Edwards, Ivan, North St. Clerk
Edwards, Joseph, St. Georges St. Labourer Eduards, Laurine, B/gate ,, D/Servant
Edwards, Leonard, St. Georges St. Labourer Edwards, Maurice, ,, John's ,, Mechanic Edwards, Milton, B/gate ,, Labourer
Edwards, Minnie, do do
Edwards, Ophelia, do do
Edwards, Oscar, St. Georges St. Carpenter

465 466

530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545
546 547 548 549 550
551 552
554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571 572

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

573 Edwards, Princess, B'gate St Labourer
574 Edwards, Randolph, do (arpenter
575 Edwards, Rawdon, Church Lane teacher
576 Edwards, Sytester L., B'gate St Policeman 577 Edwards, Walter, St Georges ,, tfiherman 578 Edwards, ('Coralita, do D/Servant
579 Edwards, 1lphonso, Wapping Lane ("'penter 580 E/ridge, Beatrice, Church St Housewile 581 Elias, Vollet, B'gate ,, Shopkeeper
582 E/vin, Enoch Aliphonos, St John's St Contractor
583 El/vin, Geraldine, St. John's St Htousewzet 584 Elvin, Leon, do
Joiner Carpnl ( ter
585 Emanuel, Alva, The Point Taterman 586 Emanuel, Aubrey, North St do
.587 Enan uel, Burnett, B'qate ,, Labourer 588 Emanuel, (Christian, Jilkinson Street Taxi Cab Driver
589 Emanuel, Franklin, North St Waterman 590 Emanuel, Ida, I ilkinson ,, D/Servant 591 Emanuel, Louise, B/gate ,, C/ ,, 592 Emanuel, Ruth, St. Georyes ,, DJ ,, 593 ]manuel, William, do Wa terman
594 Emanuel, William, The Point do
595 Emanuel, William, St. Ueorges St Fisherman 596 Emanuel, Gladys, North ,, lfousewif/e
597 Erskine, Coralie, )'bay ,, (erk
598 Erskine, Joseph R. Church ,, R/Merchant 599 E1rskine, ausannah, Popeshead ,, l)/surant 600 Este, Clarence, Church ,, JTailor
601 Este, Ernest, St John's ,, Labourer
602 Este, Henrietta, do DJ/servant
603 Este, Norris, do Driver
604 Este, Ruth, do D/servant
605 Eudelle, Beyrl Una, St Georges St do 606 Evans, Henrietta Agatha, D'bay ,, do 6307 Evans, Joseph, 7he Point Driver
608 Evans, Louisa, St. John's St Fish Seller 609 Evanson, John Allan, B'gate ,, Clerk
610 Ephraihn, Aleatha, St John's ,, Seamstress 611 Ephraim, Christobell do HlI Domestis
612 Fadelle, Miriam Rose A., St Georges Street Domestic Servant
613 Faide, Pearle B'gate Street Labourer 614 Farley, Gertrude, Wilkinson Street ,, 615 Farley, Ronald Alex., St Georges Street Printer
616 Farley, Maisie, )'bay? St. Domestic Worker 617 Farley, Robert, Wilkinson Street fisherman 618 Farrel, Georgqiana ,, ,, Barber
619 Farrel, Joseph, North ,, Stevedore
620 Farrel, Miaryanna, Wilkinson Street Baker 621 Farrel, Richard, St John's St Waterman 622 Farrel, Cameleta, Newqate ,, Seller
623 Farrel, William, D'bay ,, Labourer 624 Frederick, Isa, The Point Domestic Servant 625 Frederick, Viola, ,, ,, ,,
626 Fenton, Joseph, St. John's Street Porter &- Waterman
627 Ferqus, Francis, Church Lane DIServant 628 Fergus, James R1obert, Police H. Q.
Police Constable
629 Ferrance, Alexander, St. John's St Clerk 630 Ferranee, Beatrice, Newgate ,, H11wife 631 Ferris, Alfred Alex., St Georqes ,, Driver

668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680 681 682 683
684 685
686 687 688
689 690 691 692

632 Ferris, Carolhne A., ,St G'ges St D/servant 633 Ferris, ('larrcetena, do do
634, lubert Alfonsos, ao 635 Ffloyqd, Doris, North St Domestic Servant 636 Filoyd. Gertrude, St John's St Nurse 637 lT/o.yd, Lilian, North St. Domestic Servant 638 Ffloyd, Edna, D'bay ,, do
639 Ffloyd, James, St Georges St Stevedore 640 Pipps, Marion. st. John's St Huckster 641 Flemming, James, North ,, Labourer
642 Fletcher, Clarence B.. Hl man's Road Retired Bank Manager
643 Fletcher, Freda Ellen, lyman's Rood House wile
644 Fortune, Keturah Agusta, Church St Domestic Servant
645 foster, Thelma Eulalhe, B'gate St I/wije 646 Foster, Theodore F. B., VN/Alley tPrinter 647 Francis, Clyde, St John's St R. E. Agent 648 Francis, Ann L., St. Georges St. DIServant 649 Francis, Beatrice, St. John's ,, Labourer 650 Francis, Beyrl, North St. Domestic Servant 651 Francis, Charles N., Church St R/Police 652 Francis, ('larence, B' gate St. Labourer 653 Francis, ('oralita, St John'. ,, I/ Keeper 654 Francis, Edna, D'bay ,. Nurse
655 Francis, Erma, Newgate St Schrol Te,cher 656 Francis, Ethel, Church Lane Dj/Servant
657 Francis, Francis Alexis. W/Lane Merchant 658 rancis, Georgiana. St Jlohn's St
Domestic Servant
659 Francis, Georgina, do Labourer
660 Francis, Geraldine, do Dom. Se rant
661 Francis, Gertrude, B'gate St do
662 Francis, Helena, N'ate ,, School Teacher 663 Francis, Hubert, Djbay ,, Butler
664 Francis, Irene E., ,, ,, Labourer
665 Francis, James Emanuel, St. John's St.
666 Francis, Joseph, Djbay Porter Waterman 667 Francis, Keith, St John's Street

Asst. Electrician
Francis, Loretta, B'qate St Housekeeper Francis, Maude, St Georyes St Labourer firancis, Maurice, St John's ,, Waterman Francis, Ruby, B'gate ,, D/Servant
Francis, Ruby, Alfred Peter's,, do
Francis, Sarah, Bishopgate ,, H/Keeper Francis, Fiola, St Georqes ,, D/Servant Francis, Ruby, North ,, do
Francis, Raymond, St Georges ,, Labourer Francis, Cassilla, 61 Newgate ,, Nurse
Francis, Hal, Spring Gardens Teacher
Francis, Ellsanah, North St Labourer
Fran,;is, Albertine, d) Seamstress
Frank, Alberta, St John's St Iluckster
Frank i, Ifilbourne, do Teacher
Iraser, Andriana, St Georges St D/servant Fraser, Virginia do do
Fraser, Wilhemina, P., St John's St do Frazer, Ronald, do Asst. Serviceman
Trazer, Lorina, do Home Domestic
Frederick. Adelaide, North St D/Servant frederick, A my, do
Furlonge, Marie, St John's St D/servant Furlon ge, Mary, do Labourer
Furlonge, Annelln, Mariner's Lane /seller

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

693 Furlonge, Susannah, St John's St 694 Frith, James, The Point 695 Forge, William, Wapping St,


696 Gallawvay, Alice, St. George's St. Laborer 697 Gallaway, Cecil, do do
6,98 Gallaway, Clarence A., Newgate St Cleaner & Presser
699 Gallaway, Estella, St. George's St Seamstress 700 Gallaway, Gladys, Violet do Labourer
701 Gallaway, Gwendolyn, do. do.
702 Gallaway, Gwendolyn, B'gate St D/Servant 703 Galhway, W\illiam, do Labourer
704 Gardner, Christiana, Wilkinson St S'minstress 705 (Gardner, Irma, Genevieve, St. John's St Clerk
706 Gardiner, Maurice, Newgate St Mechanic 707 Gardiner, Alexandria, ,, Lane Clerk
70S Gardiner, Ruby, Newgate St Seamstress 709 George, Alexandrina, St. John's St Washer 710 George, Alice, do D/Servant
'711 George, Ann, North St Seamstress
712 George, Beatrice, Church ,, D/servant
713 George, Bessie Lincon, North St R. Teacher 714 George, Diana, do D/servant
715 George, Doreen, B'gate St Washer
716 George, Elisha, St George's Mechanic 717 George, Evelyn G., Alfred P. St Seaman 718 Gorge, Luther, Emanuel, North St
, 7Haulage Contractor 719 George, Margaret Viola, St. John's St Seamstress
720 George, Mc Chesney, B'gate St C/servant 721 George, Pearlina, Alfred P. ,, D/Servant 722 George, P. Montgomery, Police H.Q.
723 George, Raymond, B'gate St P/Waterman 724 George, Samuel, North ,, Baker
725 George, Violet, B'gate ,, Housewife
726 George, Victor, St John' s;, Labourer 727 George, Doreen, St George's,, Housewife 728 George, Teddy, St John's ,, Labourer
729 (George, Violet. do ,, /servant
730 George, Clifford, do ,, do
731 George, Maurice, do ,, Fisherman 7'82 (G eor-es, Norris, do ., Civil Servant 733 Gerald, Sarah, B'gate ,, Huckster 734 Gilbert, Milnia. do ,, D/servant
735 Gilead, Claxton, 1)bay ,, Shopkeeper 736 Gipson, Matilda, North ,, D/servant 737 Giraud, Charles, do ,, Stevedore
738 Glanville, Elenora R., St John's St

740 741 742 743 744
745 746 747 748
749 750 751

Godfrey, Nathaniel, Newgate St Linesman Gomes, Adele B., Long St Gomes, Agatha, St George's St D/Servant Gounes, Anne, B'gate ,, Labourer
Gomes, Countess, St George's,, Bread Seller Gomes, Thomas A., Thames & Newgate St Shopkeeper
Gomes, Violet, N rth St Seamstress
Gomez, Kenneth A. R., East ,, B/Manager Gomez, Murriel.E., do ,, Housewife
Gumbs, Muriel, St John's ,, Seaman
Gumbs, Olivet, D'bay ,, Clerk
Gonsalves, Mary, St George's St Labourer Gonsalves, Ruth, St John's St Stenographer

752 Gonsalves, Reginald, Church St Clerk 753 Gonsalves, Enid, do Seamstress
754 Gonsalves, Elroy, D'bay St Chauffeur
755 Goodwin, Joseph Warneford, Church Lane Accountant
756 Goodwin, Helen Maude, Church Lane Housewife
757 Gordon, Hubert, B'gate St Baker
758 Gordon, Joseph, St George's ,, Fisherman 759 Gordon, Solomon, B'gate ,, Shopkeeper 760 Gore, Ernestine Geraldimn, Church St Clerk 761 Gore, Helen A., Corn Alley Housewife 762 Gore, Marie Elizabeth, do Bookkeeper
763 Gore, Kenneth, North St Stevedore
764 Gould, Catherine Ann, B'gate ,, Housewife 765 Gould, Cyril Victor ,, Clerk
766 Gould, Donald Victor, ,, ,, Merchant 767 Govia, Gertrude V., Popeshead St S'stres 768 Gunthrope, Azariah, The Point Labourer 769 Gunthrope, Charles, Popeshead Cross do 770 Gunthrope, Cyril, North St Clerk
771 Gunthrope, Samuel, St George's St Sho'maker 772 Gunthrope, Stanley, ,, Baker
773 Gunthrope, Dorothy, St. John's Lane Home Domestic774 G(Junthrope, Sonie, St John's Lane Con. Secretary
775 Gunthrope, Almenia do Huckster
776 Graham, Elberta, B'gate St Labourer 777 Graham, Elizabeth, do DIservant 778 Gr.aham, Emelda, St John's St Labourer 779 Graham, George, B'gate ,, do
780 Graham, Mary Estedla, D'bay St do
781 Graham, Samuel, St. John's St. Cartman 782 Graham, William, North St. Labourer
783 Graham, Muriel, St. John's St. do.
784 Graham, Marjorie, Church Lane H/Domestic 785 Grant, Beatrice, Long St. Domestic Servant 786 Grant, Eileen. Wilkinson St. do 787 Grant, Alexander, St. Georges St. Labourer 788, Grant, Eunice, Popeshead St. Dom. Servant 789 Grant, John Alexander, St. Georges St.
790 Grant, Keithley, St. Georges St. do. 791 Greaves, Ann, St. John's St. Dom. Servant 792 Greaves, Lawrence E., HIlyman's Road Retired B. Official
793 Greaves, Charles, North St. Labourer
794 Green, Clifton, St. John's St. Carpenter 795 Green, Leonard, North St. Labourer
796 Green, Zetise, B/Gate ,, Housewife
797 Greenaway, Robert, Newgate St. Labourer 798 Greenaway, Rose, N/gate ,, H'wife
799 Greenaway, William A., N/gate St. C'penter 800 Greenaway, John, D)/Bay St. Waterman 801 Greenaway, Henrietta, N'gate St H'wife 802 Greenidge Grace, St. George's St. L'brer 803 Greenidge, Laurie, St. Mary's St. B/Clerk 804 Griffin, Rupert A., St. John's St. L'brer 805 Griffin, Zachaeus, North St. do
806 Griffith, John A., Corn Alley Stud. Engineer 807 Grifflth, L. Llewellyn, Mariner's Lane Porter & Waterman
808 Gubi, -Peter M., St John's St. Clergyman 809 Gumbs, Maurice, do H/Leper/Matron
810 Gray, Geranium, do HI/Domestic
811 Gray, John T., do C/Servant

Electoral District of St. John's City (North).

812 Haddock, Francis A., Long St. Clerk
813 Halloran, Mary, North St. H'wife
814 Hallpike, Adell, B/gate St. do
815 Hallpike, Beatrice M., St. Georges St. D/Ier 816 tlalpike, Charles A.. Church Lane Clerk 817 Hallpike, H. (hristo, N/gate St. Baker 818 Hallpike, James M., B/gate St. C/Ser
819 Hallpike, Lilian A., do H'wife
820 Hailpike, M uridel, Nelson St. Clerk 821 Hallpike, Eudalone, B/Gate St. do 822 Halstead, Mildred, St. Georges St. D/Ser 823 Halstead, Samuel, do Mechanic
824 Halstead, Reginald, North St. L'br,.r
825 Halstead, Constantine, do Chauffetur
826 Hamblin, George, B/Gate St. C'penter
827 Hamilton, Garnet, Long St. P'ter & W'man 828 Hamilton, Mellie, D/Bay St. ,do 829 Harley, Henry, St. John's St. Shoemaker 830 Harmon, Mary, St. Georges St. L'brer
831 'Harmon, Uriah, do P'ter & w'man
832 Harmon, Adelaide, do H'wife
833 Harney, Edgar, B/(ate St. Fisherman
834 Harney, Gladys, do D/Servant
835 Harrington, Helen, Hyman V. H1'wife
836 Harrigan, Rebecca, Popeshead St. D/Ser 837 Harrigan, Clarissa, North St. H/Dom 838 Harvey, Christiana, St. John's St. D/Ser 839 Harvey, Henrietta, ST Georges ST D)/Ser 840 Harvey, Riuth, B/(ate St. D/Servant 841 Harris, Adolphus, ST. Georges ST C'penter 842 Harris, Audrey A., do D/Ser
843 Harris, Charles, ST. John's sT. r'ter & w'man

846 847
848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855
856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863
864 865 866 867
868 869 870 871 ,872 873
874 875 876

Harris, Delores, North ST- D/SER.
Harris, Eula, ST. John's ST. L'brer
Harris, Ernest, do P'ter & w'man
Harris, Horatio, North sT. Waterman
Harris, James, The Point L'brer
Harris, Samuel, B/gate ST do
Harris, Nellie, Wilkinson ST D)/Ser
Harris, Neville, ST John's ST. L'brer
Harris, Oscar, do P'ter & WX 'man
Harris, Peter N., I)/Bay sT L'brier
Harris, Egbert A., Wilkinson ST (C/Ser
Harris, Reuben, ST. John's ST. Teacher
Harris, Whitfield, do do
Hart, Edith, (10do D/Ser
Hart, Edris, do do
Hart, Percival C., Long ST Shoemaker
Hart, William, B/Gate ST C'penter
Haywood, Adelaide, ST. John's ST. D/Ser Hlaywood, Egbert E., D/Bay St. L'brer
Haywood, Sybil, ST. Georges sT. D/Ser
Hay wood, Edris, B/Gate ST L'brer
Hazel, Edwin, North ST Electrician
Hazelwood, Avis, North ST H'wife
Hazelwood, Geraldine R., ST. Georges ST.
Dom. Servant
Hazelwood, Hilda, B/Gate St. Washer
Hazelwood, Inez, ST. John's ST. D/Ser
Hazelwood, Joseph, Newgate ST. Pilot
Hazelwood, Mary, do 11'wife
Hazelwood, Mary, ST. Georges ST. D/Ser
Hazelwood, Lucille, sT. john's ST. Fish Alley Hazelwood, Earl, I/Bay ST Waterman
Heath, Ivan IR., Long ST Tally Clerk
Heath, William K., Newgate ST Clerk and Auctioneer

877 878 879 880 881 882
883 884
885 886 887 888
8s9 890
891 892 893
894 895
896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 90
905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 91 9 920
921 922 923 921925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936
937 938 939 940 941 942 943

Hector, Lennette E., Newyate St. Clerk Hector, Mabel M., ,, S'tress
Hector, Rupert W., ,, Shopkeepvr
Hector, IRuth E., ,, Clerk
Hector, Delores, B/Gate sTr D/Ser
Hector, Gwendolyn, N'gate ST Clerk
Ilenry, Adolphus, 1,Hgate ST Porter
Henry, Albert, ST. G orges sT P'ter-& w'man Henry, Alberta, ST John's ST L'brer
Henry, Alphonso, B/gate ST do
Henry, Alphonso, s'r J,hn's ST P'TER & w'man Henry, Alvin, North sT L'brer
Hniry, Arthur, ST John's s'r L'brer
Henry, Arthur R., B'gate ST Writing Ck. Henry, Beryl, North ST L'brer
Henry, Cecil, Popeshead ST do
Henry, Charles, The 'OlNT Stevedore
Henry, Constan ce, I., D/Bay ST
Henry, Edith M., Corn Alley Clerk
Henry, Edward, Mariner's Lane Plumber Henry, Eric, ST John's ST C'penter
Henry, Eulalie, Point Wharf D/Ser
Henry, Evangeline, B/gate ST do
Henry, Harold, Church L. C'penter
Henry, Hubert, ST john's ST Fisherman Henry, Irene, B/gate ST D/sER
Henry, Ivy, Popeshead ST Washer
Henry, Kenrick, ST John's Waterman
lHenry, Leonard, B/gate sr Shoemaker
Henry, Lorene D., sT john'R ST IISEa
Henry, Margaret F., Church ST C/sER
Henry, Margaret T., Point Wharf D/SER
Henry, Martha, ST John's sT L'brer
Henry, Maunde, do do
Henry, Oscar E., Church St C/sEn
Henry, Philip, sT John's ST Peasant F'mer Henry, Robert, D/Bay ST L'brer
Henry, Samuel, ST Georges ST Painter
Henry, Samuel H., North ST C'penter
Henry, Victor HI., Popeshead ST C/SER
Henry, Vincent, ST John's ST P'ter & W'man Henry, Walter, ST Georges ST Shoemaker Henry, Wilfred, sT John's ST r'ter & w'man Henry, William, North s'T Butcher
Henry, W cveliff 0., B/gate ST Mechanic Her:.ry, Percival E., North ST P'lce Con. Henry, Viola, ST Johnl's ST D/SER
Henry, Casper, Wapping Lane Waterman Henry, Florence, Church ,, H'wife
Henry, Alphonso, sT Georges ST Joiner
Henry, Alphonso, B/gate ST- Fisherman Henry,' Louisa, ST john's ST Fish Seller Henry, Roma E., B/gate ST H/Dom
Henry, Maudiana, do H'wife
Henry, Hildred, ST. John's ST do
Henry, Reginald G., do L'brer
Henry, Reginald, do Porter
Henry, Leonard, North ST W/Front Wkr. Henry, Ida E., do Teacher
Henry, Leslie A., Mariner's L. Plumber /Henry, Charles, B/gate ST Waterman
Henry, \ Violet E., North ST Nurse
Henry, Eustace, sT john's sT L'brer
Henry, Gertrude, North ST S'tress
Henry, Cecil, Popeshead ST Asst. bhopk. Herbert, George W., ST John's ST C'penter Herbert, Venus, do L'brer

8 Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

944 Herbert, Elizabeth, ST George's ST H'wife 945 Hewlett, John A, B/gate ST Clerk
946 Hickson, ,ohn, N'gate ST Blacksmith
947 Hilaire, Avis I, ST John's sTr H'wife 948 IHilaire, Francis A, do Dental Tch.
949 Hill, Ber yl, )/Bay sT H'wife
95(0 Hill, Edie E, ST john's sT C/sEn
951 Hill, Keith W. A., St. John's St. Teacher 952 Hill, Ruby, Corn Alley Domestic Servant 953 Hill, Ivor S., 25 North St. Civil Servant 954, Hill, Leslie E, N., North St. Clerk
955 Hill, Samuel E. A., North St. Teacher 956 Hill. Edwardson, ,, ,, ,,.
957 Hill, Hilda, ,, ,, Housewife
958 Hill. Oslen Thomason, North St. C/Servant 959 Hodge, Vanier, North St. ,, ,,
960 Holder, Mary Jane, Bishopgate St. 961 Hollender. Elsa. Cross St. Clerk
962 Hollaran, Sarah, Bishopgate St. D/Servant 963 Hopkins, Elizabeth, Bishopgate St. Labourer 964 Hopkins, Ian, ,, ,, Shoemaker
965 Horsford, Amy, North St. Seamstress
966 Horsford, Foster ,, ,, Carpenter
967 Horsford, D)avid S.,,, ,, Mason
968 Horsford, Alice ,, ,, Housewife
969 Howard, Leslie, St. Georges-St.
Cleaner & Presser
970 Howell, Beryl G., Long St., Civil Servant 971 Howell, Francis E. G., Hyman's Rd.
972 Howell, William M., Hyman's Rd.
Ret'd B. Manager
983 Huggins, Cynthia, N/Gate St., Civil Servant 974 Hughes, Caiaphas A., Church Lane Clerk 975 Hughes, D)aniel Nath., W/Cross St.
1, Carpenter
976 Hughes, Doreen, St. John St. Housewife 977 Hughes, Elfreda, ,, ,, D/Servant 978 Hughes, Ernest, ,, ,, Musician
979 Hughes, Jamnes Walker, North St.
Saloon Keeper
980 Hughes, Jerome, St. John's St. Clerk
981 HIughes. Violet, B/Gate 1/Servant
982 Hughes, Ursula,. Avon Dassett D/Servant 9S:3 Huigihes, Dorothy, Avon l)assett Clerk 984 Hull, Alfred G. E., St. Georges St. Clerk 985 IlIumphrv, Marxwell, B/gate St. Merchant 986 '1 tiumphrys, Stanley. New St. Clerk
987 Hunt, Alfred, Northi Street Plummer 9-8 Hunt, Beatrice, Church Lane Washer
989 Hunt, Dennis, St. George's St. Driver 990 Hunt, Rudolph T., Corn Alley
991 Hunte, Charles, B/Gate St. Labourer
99t. Hunte, Elizabeth, ,, ,, D/Servant 993 Hunte, Tulip Fernella, Corn Alley Teacher 994 Hunte, Josephine, St. Georges St. D/Servant 995 Hunte, INorris. St. George's St. Civil Servant 996 Hunte, Ellen, North St. Home Domestic 997 Hunte, Winifred, St. John's St. D/Servant 998 Hunte, Arthur, Newgate St. Carpenter
999 Hurst, Dalma, North Street Clerk
1000 Hurst, Keithley D., B/Gate Street C/Servant 1001 Hurdle, Winifred, ,, ',, I)/Servant
1002 Halliday, Coleridge E. W., Long Street Ret'd Civil Servint
1003 Irish, James, St. John's Street Fisherman 1004 Irish, Mavis, St. George's St Seamstress

1005 1006 1007 1008
1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021
1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 3028
1029 1030 1031 1082
1033 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042 1043 1044 1045 1046 1047 104l
1049 1050 1051 1052 1053 1054
1055 1056 1057 1058
1059) 1060 1061 1062 1063 1064

Isaac, Agusta, St. George's St. D/Servant Isaac, Blanche, ,, Housewife
Isaac, Cecil Leonard, North Street Clerk Isaac, Celistina, St. John's St. Labourer Isaac, Earl, St. George's St. Shoemaker Isaac, Edith E., North Street, Dom. Servant Isaac, Edris F., St. George's St. ,, Isaac, Emil, St. John's Street Carpenter Isaac, Hugh N., D/Bay Street Mechanic
Isaac, Irene, Newgate St Dom. Servant
Isaac, Iris Gwen, North St. Nurse
Isaac, Louisa, St. John's St. Dom. Servant Isaac, Louise, North Street ,, ,,
Isaac, Lucy, Wilkinson St Labourer
Isanac, Reginald, D/Bay Street. Stevedore Isac, Thelma, St. George's St. Seamstress Isaac, Yvonne Ruby, St. George's St.
School Teacher
Isaac, Earl, Church Lane Gov't Printer
Isbell, Francis, Church Lane D/Servant
Isles, Olive, St. John's Street Labourer Jack, Edith Viola, St. George's St. do Jack, Theodore M., St. John's St. Stevedore Jackson, George, Mariner's Lane Clerk
Jackson, Stanley H., Gambles Villa, College Principal
Jacob, Agatha, St. John's Street D/Servant Jacob, Dora, ,, ,,
Jacob, Irene, St. John's Street Huckster Jarobs, Wilhelmnina, North St ,,
Jacobs, Alfred E. ,, ,, Labourer
Jacobs, Harrison Uriah, Cross St. Steward Jacobs, Percy, Corn Alley Tailor
Jacobs, feata, Wilkinson St. Dom. Servant Jacobs, Samuel, B/Gate Street Carpenter Jacobs, Theodore, ,, ,, Mechanie
Jacobs, Muriel T., ,, ,, Housewife
Jacobs, Ronald, ,, ,, M/Mechanie
Jacobs, Margaret, North Street D/Servant Jacobs, John, B/Gate Street M/Mechanic James, Arthur, Popehead St. Huckster
James, Daisybelle RI., D/Bay St. D)/Servant James, Deloris, B/Gate St. ,,
James, Donald, North St. Waterman
James, Edgar, Bishopgate St. Fisherman James, A. Drucilla, St. George's St.
Dom. Servant
James, Estella, B/Gate Street Housewife James, Eunice, Church Lane Washer
James, Eva, D1/Bay Street Dom. Servant James, Fanny Lorena, Wapping Cross ,
James, Fitzroy, North Street Printer
James, Frank, St. George's Street Porter/Waterman
James, George, St. George's St. Mechanic James, E., B/Gate St. Mason
James, Helen Alex., D/Bay St. D/Servant James, Irene Agatha, St. John's St.
James, Irenie, North Street ,,
James, Kenneth, D/Bay St., ,,
James, Martha, St. George's St. ,,
,James, Meldrick, St. John's St. C/Servant James, Pricilla, St. John's St. Housewife James, Reginald DeM., St. John's St.
James, Samuel, St. John's St. Labourer

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

1066 James, Samuel Theodore, -r. George's St.
1067 James, Winifred, North St. Dorm. Servant 1068 James, Maurice, ,, ,, Blockmaker 1069 James, Fitzroy, St. John's St. Carpenter

1070 James, John, ,
1071 James, Rebecca, B/Gate Street D/Worker
1072 James, Rosetta, North Street Seamstress
1073 Jones, Ina, B/Gate Street Dom. Servant
1071 Jarvis, Alfred Milton, Police H.Q. Policeman 1075 Ja.rvis, Anthony, St. (elorges St. Mechanic 1076 Jarvis, Avis. B/gate D,, /Servant
1077 Jarvis, Fernella, St. Georges ,, Seanistress 1078 Jarvi, George Edward. ,, John's ,, Civil Servant 1079 Jarvis, James Emnianuel, 13B/gate ,, Driver 1080 Jarvis, Keathly, St. John's ,, Labourer
1081 Jarvis, Raywond E., do Labour F/nun
1082 Jarvi Sylvannus, North ., Clerk
1083 Jarvis,. Oliver Walter Alex. St. (G/ges ,, Druggist 1084 Jarvis, Edith T. E., Popeshead ,,R/Sch Teacher 1085 Jarvis, Susannah, North ,, Baker
1086 ,sJes,. Clara, St. John's ,, D/Servant
1087 Jeft'er', Janmes, Wapping Lane Painter
1088 Jeffers, James C., Newgate St. do
1089 Jeff'rey, John L. E. Church ,, Merchant
1090 Jeffrey, Charles. St. John's ,, P'ter & W'nim 1091 Jeffriy, Gladston, D)/Bay ,, do

Jeffrey, Ilenrie Jeffrey, lulert Jeffrey, IsmIay, Jeffr'ey, Walter Je ffry, Williau
Jeffrey, HarolI Jeffrey, Octavia Jeffrey. Margar Jemott, Lilima


Newgate Alley Ice Crear V'dor

, North St.
)/Bayv ,,
S St. John's ,, i, ,, Georges ,,
h,, n's ,, ., Ch(urlch ,,
etta. Newgate ,,
y, B/gate ,,

1101 Jenlkins, Claris Beatrice, Dl/Bay 1102 John, Agatha, St. John's
1103 John. Alberta, The Point 1104 John, Dennis, St. -John's St
1105 John, Ellen Murner, do
1106 John, George L., ., Georges ,,
1107 John,. James, do
1108 John, Josiah, North
1109 John, Octavia, Newgate ,
1110 John. Queen Ann, B/gate ,,
1111 John, Ruby, St. John's
1112 Johnson, Clarence, Mariuner's Lane 1113 Jihnson, Lawrence Eustace., St. John's 1114 Joslion,. Marie. North St.
1115 ,it-. Edna, B/gate
1116 J(onas. Evelyn Beryl, St. G(eorges 1117 Jonas, Mlary, Church ,,
1118 Jonaos, Gerald, St. Georges ,,
1119 Jones, Annella, do)
1120 Jones, Doris, Wilkinson ..
1121 Jones, Edwin, B/lgate ,,
1122 Jones, Enid, North ,,
1123 Jones, Hellen, tdo
1124 Jones. May, Wilkinson ,,
1125 Jones, Samuel, St. John's ,,
1126 Jones, Violet, B/gate ,,

Jordan, Will rt Hend Joseph, Adelaide, Joseph, Adeline,. Joseph, Adina. Joseph, Alice Maude, Joseph. Alexis, Joseph, Beatrice,. Joseph, Carlton, Joseph, Caroline Ellen Joseph, Charles Joseph, Charles Alex. Joseph, Clive, Joseph, Clevehill. Joseph, Dennis, Joseph, Dennis, Joseph, Edward A., Joseph, Eliza,

rick. North ,,
B/gate ,, St. Georges ,, Wilkinson ,, St. John's ,,
Long ,,
B/gate ,,

, St. Georges
,, John's
North St. John's do
St. Georges
St. Georges Wilkinson

D/Scrv at P terW'man
\Exporter Labourer 111/)omestic do
do d~o (do
DI/Servant Ste edoe P'ter/W'n (tl
Huckster Labou rer
Stevedore St. Clerk
D)/Servant Itousekeeper
Labourer D1iSerant
do d()
Labhonurer D/Servant
do do
Fisherman D/Servant
D/Servant Huckster D/Servant
Labourer D/Servant
Labourer Carpenter
Bartender 8/Contractor
Stevedore D/Servant

Joseph, Elizabeth, North St. do
Joseph, Ellen Louisa, D/Bay ,, do
Joseph, Enid Susannah, St. G/ges ,, Joseph. Eri .] Mariner's Lane Civil Servant
Joseph, Ernest Alexander, St. G/ges St. Labourer Joseph, Ernest Theo. B/gate ,, Fisherman
Joseph, Ernestine F., Popeshead ,. Teacher Jo'seph, Estella. The Point D/Servant

11141 1145 8 46 11416 IJ47
1149 1150 1151
1152 1153 1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 11 59' 9 1160 1161 1162 11 63 I 161t 1165 116 1167 1168 1 1691
1170 1171 1172 1173 11741
1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 118
1IM" I 182
1183 1184 1185 1186 1187 1188 1189
1190 1191
1192 1193 1194 1195 1196 1197 1198 1199
1200 1201 1202 1203 1204 1205 1206 1207
1208 1209
1210 1211 1212 1213 1214 1215 1216 1217 121.8
1220 1221 1222 1223

Joseph, Leopol Joseph, Lilian. Josepp, May, Joseph, Mary I Joseph, IMande Joseph, Natmi Joseph, Oliva, Joseph, Oliva I Joseph, Oscar, Joseph, Raymio Joseph, Ruth,. Joseph, Samue

d George,
e Louise, Beatrice,

uid 1,.

Joseph, Strickland Joseph, Theresa (1 Joseph. Theresa (2 Joseph, Veda, Joseph, Victor, Joseph, Vie, Joseph, Charles, Joseph, Wel don, Joseph, Petrie, Joseph, Leon. Joseph, Stanley L, Joseph, lonie, Joseph, George E. Joseph, Marculle, Joseph, Louise, Joseph, Lawrence,. Joseph, Ervin, Joseph, Rachel, Joseph, Wilfred, Joseph, Verna, loseph, James, Joseph, Adina Joseph, George, Joshilua, Catherine Josiah, Avis, Josiah, Helenora, Josiah, Margaret, Josiah, Rachel, Josiah, Almeda, Josiah, Millicent, Josiah, Bernard, Josiah. William B Jude, Elizabeth,
Kelsick, Edna Vic Kelsick, Inez, Kendel, Carl, Kendell, Rosetta,

St. G'eorges ,, ,, Jon's ,,
Wilkinson ,,
North St. Georges ,, John's ,, B/gate ,,

The Point L., Police H11.Q.
St. John's
, North t), d{
), St. Georg
B/gate North
Long North
St. John'
, North
, do
Mariner's La S St. John's
B/gate D/Bay
St. Georges Mariner's Lane St. John's
B/gate D/Bay
North Wapping Lane St. John's
., do
Newgate St.

Newgate St Wilkinson Cross Fort Road
North St.

Joseph. Ethelyn, Church St.
Joseph, Eva Pearl, 13/gate
Joseph, Freddy, St. John's ,,
J eliph., Florence', D )/Bh y J seph, lF'rances, 1/gate Alleyy
J.s ph, George Manoah, D/Hay St Josph, Gohline A., St. John's Jose)ph, Grace. B/gate ,.
Joseph. (Gunis, dt
Joseph, Harold, St.L John's ,,
Joseph, Oeskett do
Joseph, Irene, Green Bay Joseph. Islyin. Popeshal St.
Joseph, Jamnes (1) St. John's ,,
Jos th, James (2) doo
Joseph, Jamnes tHercules, Popeshead Joseph, Jefrey, St. Georges ,,
Joseph, Jenita, B/gate Alley
Joseph, John I., iB/gate St.
Joseph, Larel, North ,,
. Jose h, Lawrence Wilson. St. John's Joseph, Learnitte, Newgale ,,
Joseph, Lena, do

Police Con:4able St. D/Servant
,, Lalbourer
es ,, Huclkster
,, H/keeper ,, Mechanic
,, Carpenter ,, Fisherman
s ,, Labourer
,, Carpenter
,, Seamstress
Carpenter ne H/1Domnestic St. Lalourer
, do
,, D/Servant Bus D)iver
, Civil Servant
,, Fisherman ,, D/Servant Laborer St. Seamstress ,, Housekeeper ,, D/Servant
,, Labourer H/Domestic St. Housewife
Civil Servant Dorm. Servant

Tanner Fishmonger

1092 1093
1094 1095
1096 1097 1098 1099 1100

1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 1133
1134 1135 1136
1137 1138 1139
1140 1141. 1142 1143

Seamstress Phiu nter i )/Se'r it D/Rervant
Laundress Fire Fighter
Teacher Housekeeper
Carpenter P'ter/W'ian
Labou ) Irer
Clerk P'ter/Wmian
Clerk Fisher roman D/Servant Pensioner
Cj/S erant D)/Servant
d o
M ason
Teaher Hol-sewife D/Ser"antil P'ter/W'mVan


10 Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

1224 1225 1226 1227
1228 1229 1230
1232 1233 1234 1235
123i 12:"7
1238 1239 12 i
1243 1241 1245
1246 1247 1248
1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1255
1256 1257 1258 12591
1260 1261
1263 1264
1266 1267 1268 1269 1270
1271 1272 1273 1274 1275 12 7' 1277 1278 1279 1280
1282 1283
12841 1285 1286
1287 1288 1289 1290
1291 1292 1293 1294 1295 1296 1297 1298 1299
1300 1301 1302

Kentisl King, King, King,
KEirby, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby,
Kirwau Knight Knigbt
Knight Knight Knight .hiliglit Knight KI ight Knight Knight Knight Knight Knight Knight Knight Knight Knight

Ladoo, Eunmice, B/gate St. Clerk
Ladoo, Gracia H., do Housewife
Lake, Agatha, Church Lane Seamstress
Lake, Edmund Hawkinis, Wapping Lane Clerk
Lake, Elene, B/gate St Labourer
Lake, George, Church Lane Carpenter
Lake, Rnpert, D])/Bay St. Printer
Lake, Rupert (Campbell, St. Georges St. Clerk
Lake, Virginia, North St. Washer
Lake, Artlhur F., B/Gate Street Civil Servant
Lake, Louise Marie R., S/apleton Lane, Householder Lake, Lorna, Hilkison (b ross Hloaseewife
Lake, Rupert E, F., B/Gate Street Civil Servant Lambert, Dais.ybelle, Widkinson Street D/Servant Lambert, Alary, St. John's Street ,,
Lambert, Rolston, St. George's Street Porter/ Vaterman
Lambert, Samuel, St. John's Street Fisherman Lashley, Mrnest ,, .. ,, Carpenter
Lashley, Helena, North ,, Dor. Servant
Lashley, Viola. BIGatle Street, Labourer
Lalouche, Millicent E., Newgate Street, Cakciaaker Laviscount, Beryl, Newgate Street, Do m. Servant Laviscount, Hen ri/ry, St. John's St. Stevedore Laviscount, Janie, D/Bay Streel Huckser ,
Lariseount, John, WJhaping Lane -echanic
Lawurence, A deleatt, North Street Hekster
Lawwrence, D)orothy, Mariner's Lane WVasher
Lawrence, Fratcisca, Nelson Alley DIServant Lawrence, Thomas E., St. George's St. fisherman Lawrence, Judge, ,, ,, ,, Waterman
Layne, Eunice Alberta ,, ,, Shopkeeper
Layne, Joseph Nath. ,, ,, Mlason
Lecointe. Marie, B/Gate Street Dom. Servant
Ledeatt, Earl, .. ,, Labourer
Lee, Ellen, ,, Domn. Servant
Lee, Gertrude (i), Alfred Peters St. ,, Lee, Gertrude (ii), St8. George's St. Labourer Lee, Henry (i) Alfred Peters St., Por/Waterman Lee, John, St. George's St. Stevedore
Lee, Malilda B/gate ,, Labourer
Lee, Richard. St. John's ,, Clerk
Lee, Charles, St. George's ,, Waterman
Lee, Henry (ii), St. George's Street Leslie, Lilian, B/Gate Street, Dom.Servant
Lewis, Cecilia, ,, ,, Labourer
Lewis, Christobelle F., St. John's St. Seamstress Lewis, Diana (i), B/Gate Street Dom. Servant
Lewis, Diana (ii), St. Georges St. Labourer
Lewis, Edris Beryl, St. John's St. Dorn. Servant Lewis, Gwendolyn Mlat., B/Gate Street D/Servant Lewis, Jacob, Wapping Lane Motor Driver
Lewis, James, B/Gate Street Porter
Lewis, Joseph, St. John's Street Boatswain

h, Josephine C. Newgate St. Charles, St. John's ,,
Nehemiah, B/gate ,,
Ada, Wappinig Lane
Ruby, B/gate St.
Clarice., St. Georges ,
Evan, ,, John's ,,
Solomon, North ,,
Laurel, d o
i, Tiheoiphilus, St. Georges ,, Beatrice, ,, Joiu's ,,
, C. Wilson, North ,,
SCharles. The Point SEdaris, Church St.
SEthnie, North ,,
I iudson M., St. Jolm's ,, Matilda, do
I Nrris, do
, Oaklmd, North ,
SRa monld., St. G(eorges ,, Vera, North ,,
, Stella, St. John's ,, SWilliam, B/gate ,,
, Delores, St. Georges ,, Joseph, do
, Mildred, do H

Lewis, Martha, I ene B/Gate, Labourer
Lewis, Monrose Daniel B., Church S. Clerl
Lewis. Moses, B/Gate Ntreet Electrician
Lewis, Pretronia, St. John's Street Labourer
Lewis, Randolph, St. George's St. Porter/ T waterman Lewis, Rey, DIBay Street EIectricion
Lewvis, Sarah (i), t8 John's Street Dom. Servant

Carpenter Stone Mason Clerk
1)/Servant Carpenter Labourer
Teacher P'ter/W'ma Painter
D/Servaint La)Olurer
Stevedore P'ter/W'man D/Serva int Fish Seller
Labourer ome )omestic

130.5 1306
1806 1307
1309 1310
1311 1.-31 r 1313
1317 7

La bourer
Dom. Areant Hlonwe Dom -estic
L'abou rer
Fisherman Ho7u -wife

1318 Lewis, S'rah,
1319 Lindsay, Lm' 'o E. '/. John's St. (Clerk
1320 Lindsa, Robert. Poposiw'1d street rinter 132! Liverpool, Liman ei, Poic'I H.Q. Police Constable I1-' ...2 Lloyd. JAir oriaena,. A St. Do,,. 7,ervant 1323 Lioyd, Rosabi, North et. eM.,ntess,
1.24 Lockhart. I eslFy, St. Ioh'is S/eet se evore 1325 Long/brd. R1ub 2hames St/reel (Di'il ervant 1326 Lookl. Jlorrell, Nor/th Sree tarpenter
12'7 Looby, teli'a, Church ,, arse
1,28 Lopes, Olire, B/Ga S/ret Labourer
1229 Louis., Georgiana, St. Joh's ,, 130 Lowen, Necille, Popeshead Street Hood Career 1331 Lake, Arnoid, St. John's ,, Shipwright
1 -8 LIke, D)iu.,a. St. Georyge's ,, Do. Set attl 14 33 Luke, Richard K., BI/Gate Street Clerk
1344 Luke, Edmutod, Aorth St'rel IIatermioan
1,95 Lu/,. Elfred-', B. (ate ,, Houseaife
1336 Ly ich, Hildk A ,/taha, 1B/Gae Street D/,irvant 1487 Lucas, Nor(, D Bay Street Vrse
1338 Lucas, 'T'homas, ., )/Bay 'rIeet ilechanic 1339 L cell, Delores, 'h ur-(h Sre" t Housewife 1340 London. SFrederIk, St. Johni's Street Watd,tman 1441 Lord, Hugh B., Popeshead Street Tailor
1342 La Ronde, Gertrade, Aeu-gate Street
-Sales Manager
1342 Macas/in, Melbourne, North St. Por/Waterman 1344 MacDonal d, Delia lulth, Hyman's Road, Houseiife 13-45 Mac-onald, Patrick Donald ,,i Servan't 1346 c Donald, A.led A A-, Avoi Dassse/t Physician 1347 McLk, Sriarah, St. John's Nt. D)om. 'Se.rvant 1348 Midckzie, Ch iristopher ,, Messenger
1349 lagwick, Pearl, ,. ,, Seanm'stress
1350 MAlone. Pmeggy, WVapping Lane Doan. Servant 1351 Manderson, Frances, St. John's St. 1352 Mannix,. Adelaide G. R., Popeshead St. Teacher 1353 Alaun ix, Agatha, St. John's St. Don. Servant 1354 Mannix, Edward, 1B. B., P/head St., Civil Servant 1355 Man ni-, Rose, North Nlreet Dom. N,rant 1356 Manwiarrini, Viola. St. John's St. 1357 1anwarren, W0ilfred, Popeshead St. (Chauteiur 1358 Mlapp, Bernard, St. John's Street 1359 Mlapp, Elmo Adina, B/Gate St. Dom. Servant 1360 Malp, James, St. John's Street Porter/Vaterman 1361 Markham, Margaret Ann I., North St. Clerk
1362 3Dlrtin, Allan, St. J ohn,'s St. Labourer 1363 Martin, Audrey, ,, ,. Teacher
136 Mariin, Charles L., St. George's St., Store Manager 1365 Ma-r-in, Desmond, Newgate Street Clerk
1366 Mar/in, Edgar, St. John's Porter lWaterman 1367 Martii, Enid Viola, Wapping Lane D/Servant
1368 lartin, Eunice, St. George's St. Housewife 1369 JiMrtin, Eunice Eli:zabeth, B/Gate St. D/Serrant 1370 Mar/in, Evelyn, St. George's Street 1371 Martin, Florizella, Newgate St. lou.e. cife
1372 Martin, Harold, St. John's St. Mechanic & Stevedore 1373 Martin, Hilda, Newgate ,, Ice Crem Vendor 1374 MAvrtin. Hubert, Bishopgate St. Civil Servant 1375 Martin, Jonathan, Popeshead Street Clerk
1376 Martin, Joseph, Wapping Lave Por/ Waterman 1377 martin, Joseph Zachariah, St. George's St. Mason 1378 Martin, Marjorie, Bi.shopgate St. Dom. Servant 1379 Martin, Merle, ,, ,, Teacher
1380 Martin, Oscar Emanuel, Wapping Lane SPorter & Waterman
1381 Martlin, Priscilla Perry, B/Gate St., Dorm. Servant

Lewais, Lewis,
Lewis, Lewis, /,e men-,

HWilliam. North /reet Daniel, St. John's Street Vernee. North Street Alberta, D)/Bay Street A nni. St. Johni'; treiet Georgia -1,1 )omud, North8 Streit

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

Martin, Samruel .J.. St. George', St. Martin, Sydney, Martin, Viola, St. rJohn's St. Marti, il./red, Newgate Street jlMartit, 1'illia. St: George's St. Martin, Victoria, North street Martin, Randolph, fKtgate St. Martin, E.c/e ., .
IM.scol, Chare., Bishopg ,d Mo,'ol, JosephN, Vno-th ,, Mason. Alexander, St. John's St.

Carpenter 1460 Stlevedore 1461 Dorn. Semvainl 1462 Carpenter 1463 Fisherman 1464 onme Domwe i 1465
Upholsterer 1466 Dom. Stj'ant

1382 1383
1384 1385
1386 1387 1388 1389
1390 1391
1392 1393 13/5 1396 1397
1399 1400 1401

ourter//i ( '
/a0/t /a C/ "t1I t 'I 1//l/f f/Ill I' /(MA

MIee Hous
om/). ";e:

Michael, Ireno, t. George's Street D/Sevant MAlichael, Ja E., St. G"orne's Stet Hl ous'WIfe Aicfael. Ja/nes A othani/, S/. Geo'ge', Mchinist Mits., Williamj Hrnry, Police H'qar/ers, Policemrlan Mingo, Avis, St. John's St. Dom. Servant
Mingo, Susannah Beatrice, D/Bay St., D/Mervant Ming/o, Wl/ifred, Elex., St. Georg0's St., Port-r/W /l arterfr'n
a ingo, )eii' C. North Sirea/ ) ispenser
Mio, Mona, Hyouewife
Aioil AEsthr, Bishopg.ate /r Pcnsio'r a or', ChnI jt Hte/, Nar/h Plaf"'ar
Moor, Doris, W yp/ping Lan' C'o'ss Labourer Mnore, Hlto JAis', Church La/ ne Stork';/r
ooa', John I T., Nawqati St'reel Shople, per Morgnn, John, St. G(eorge's Strit/ La/bonrir Morg '/, O/t'r, .. John1s .. iMoron, Gaa tuda Nor'h / S'teet So an/ ,ss UMoses. T/u/'i, /i/kinso. ,, Por/erlwat/irt Mcr:re, oeoseph Josiah, B/path Si. Mer'til' Perk: !lpy/ D i Di/a e soy ., (50;i r '//nt Mrrait, iz/'bl bth, St. Geores ,, La/utrer Murrin. Nexand r, Z)haU ,, Baker
Alurrain, losvph, St..'ndore
Jluerin, Andrevy, Fis sller
Mravwine, Shinf, ,, ,, luk.ter
ay LHn, S.ohn D/serrant
Jilt r/aff /~/ a / f. Li/a'aclafat, l MIcr/ayi, Sia/(/an/hu, Negalt ,. La/bo"rer Mluss I/ton, A/I', I/' Paint Plrter/a teiran jlsinghm, Ch/rle//'//.. AtrhaniAl/ St Geore.s "t

11(tSO/. Alason,. Mae-son,
Maona/t 'Mfao, Tasoancjc

Arnold Fitzroy Church Lane Cecil Rich /id, B/(atle Street Clarence, St. Johv's Street Ernest, Church Lane Elizabtlh .. H/ynane's Road Emerald. Clur LWne Daiel, orth tro/e/ Port"er & Donald, Bshl /t/e -t'r /'y. St. (eor rt' D/


1467 1468
1469 1470 1471 1472 1473 1474 1475 1470 1477 !47N
1479 1480 1481 1482 14
148.5 14865
1487 1488
1491) / i/ l
14RV .149,'; 1/9 199, 149
1497 1498 1499 1500 1501 1502
1504 1505
1506 7507
1508 1509 1510
1512 1513
!514 'I S]//;
1418 149 '
151 9
150/ 152 0
1154,21 1522
1/595 153026 1531
1583 landI 1 a/i.1 1,5 14

Shipr /Ihtf Fi'iher an t renterr
,, Washe.r
,, i'cj l eo, 'Cr ,, (S;andvf/
,,Hone D'tw F,, isha'rman ,, Labourer
,. PdhIler

1402 Maxon. ,aes ,. Lbourefr
1403 Masoi, Joseph. BiAahopgate t. Prilde r
1404 Ma'on, Milflicnt, St. Jol/in' t. Labourn'r 1405 Masonr, Samuel, lWilkiison /"tre't B aker
1406 Masmon, Villiam J. E., (urhch Lane ahiper"/igit 1407 M,,ason, Charvl,/. Mariar's Lane Factory Wor/tr 1408 Maon Es/ella, Bishopgat St. Housewife
1409 MaoNjS. HSamuel/. IWillk. nsc ,. O ersecr
1110 Mason. Jt u iana, North S'eet D)oaustic 1411 a ison. D )eidr. Bshopata' A/le: C/let
1412 Massiahri. Clarence (;re'orge, St. Jou' St., Memenng-r 1413 Mass ailh, Leongrd C.., S/. (eorgr's St.
Solicitor's Clerk
1414 Mtt/he., Daid, Wilki.soo Stret Labourer 1415 Ml athe', Poren, Lishopqate 1416 .fatthei', Fernella, ,, D)orn. er'aiat 1417 M1th,. Hild, (i). St. John's t. Libowi 1418 MIlJ/Athn., Maraia, Bli.shopgat' ,, Seamst rsa 1419 Matl/t', 'ophi/a, Bishopgat Street Labomurer 1420 Mo/the'., ;taIby, Polica Headquarters, Polieem 1421 Mathea', F'ranci st. John's Street Labourv 1122 Matthew', Edrice. D/bay Strert Store Attendant 14123 Aa/ther, Hilda (ii), St. Georgc's St..,, 1424 Maltthi, Yvonne, North Street Saumnstress
1425 Mattlher,' Daisy May. (Corm Alley Nurse
1426 Malthei' Jean, St. G=eorge's Sh/reet Nurse 1427 Matthias, James Enr Witkinson Gross O'penter 1428 Mathurin, Albert Edward, St. John St. Printer 1429 Ma/hurin, Milb /mn, .., .. fHousewici
1430 Mayrs'm. Beryl Rhby .... ,'camstress
1431 lay/nard. Fred, Newgate S/ent/ Mchanic
1432 aynard/,. Frdrw,k .,, St. John's st. 1433 MAiya'd, Lonuard Maria' Lan, ,
1434 iMaxwell, Lrna E.. (Corn All/ Mqr. Ste/Shop 1435 MAlcDonald. Eil'e', (Thnurch treat St'mstrss 1436 AlMField, lPear/, North Strei W/fshpr 1437 Meade, Donald, St. John's Strt,/ Tally Clerk 1.438 Alecdc, Flor'nce,. NAwlate Domr. Serevanit
1439 Meade, Aubrey R., St. Jo/n's t. (ivi /ervant 1440 AMe'lde, Angela, ,, ,. Housewife
1441 Melett BeatrieA, Bishopgat Stret, Labou er 1412 Me/lason, Clarenc, St. John's St. Engineer 1448 MAlrlanson, lIsa/', ,, Seamstress1
1444 Melvin, Christian. St. Geiorge's St., Domn. Seraant 1445 Whtein, Winifred, Bishoater ,, t
1446 Mendes, Danid C(., St. (eorgc' ,, l/port Op'erator 1447 M Idesr. )aplin, Louise, St. (Teorgles St. Housewife
1448 Aerchant. Bealrie'. North St. Teacher
1449 Merchant, Desd(in/u, North Street 1)Drmn.'Srvant 1450 Merchant, Richard Henry, St. Geo's St. Labourer 1451 Mercier, Avis. Vappingr Lane Housewfe
1452 Mercier, Edris Latrice. Wrapping Lan'e Tracher 1453 Aiercier, Sa el A Edward. 1Wappi'ng Lane Pro. Boxer
1454 iircier, Alice Maud, North Street Ciri'/erant 1455 AlMssiah, Eqbrt, St. John's Strel Laboure'r 1456 Meyers Devnis,,, 1457 Michael, Art/hur Wl'/sley, Mariner's lane Civil Servant
1458 Michael, Edwiin, St. John's St. Porter/Waterman 1459 Michael, Eileen Eunicc, St. John's St. DiServant

M/using/ow, Edrm, 67 Georg:es ,St 11c'csi tuo i, ,S/ (,c ,e S hit /.lq///, a#),/ia, l/~ Musl'abug(/OItac Reinald, D)/bay ,, Mus ing/aitn, R icard, '. .JohnIs St hmas. /ton, Nathatel, t (orga Mullin, Iil/dr, St. John's"
lihe, Carme Bihtaopgate
Medhturs, io/ard Jans', Newgate Majloni, frilS t.., n's
Morris, Joseph ..,,t Morris, Millitent S ,,
Morris, A/hil, Morson. Geore, St. Geolrgek McIexn/e, Gladys, St John' McKinuou, Joseph J. N., Long

Ninton, Donald Reginald, WV. North St (Cark
A (nton, fihlda, Newtgate St Setml,ress
Narinton,. I abel Barden i, North ,, Hoinsewi Na'nton. obar''t Holberton B., North St
Naiton, 'oi'. ANer' at'ra Street Welder
Nanton. Mary. St. G(re's St. Domi. Servant
Aanton, Estace St. Georg/e, NeIgate St.
Radio Operator
Nanton, Gene, Newgate Street House,5tfe
Nicholas, Charles, North ,, Waterman
NihAola, Hildred, St. Georye's St. Chr/
Aibbs, Annie, St. John's Stret 1)omestio
Nibb.s Winfred, Dicke ,nsonbay, St. Home Dometic NVa/han, Ismlay, Bishopate St Dom. ,Servant Nathau, alitry, St G(eorge:s ,,..
NAta'niel, Hildar, W/apping Lane Nvathanlial, hby, Dickensonbay St Vedd, (/1:lhrd Leafostr, St. Georges ,, Porterl 'ateruc/mt
NVedd, Cyrili W. St Georges St ,/Jicr
NA'dd, Catherinoe, t. n' ,, i)oa.". /vunt
Ntdwe/ll, Iris/. .. .,.
ANelson, Clment Ishia/l, Witkinson St (Carpenter Nisaett, (eory, (1) Bishop/ate S/ Labourer Nishet/, Victor, S/t ,oljI ,, Shopheeper
ANishe//, Wil/liam, Bishipgate ,, Iorter
ANicolas, d a/ha, ])'bay ,, [isherwoman
Nichola,. (Celilia Naorth ,, Done. servant
Nicholas, Eelyn, St Geor/es ,, Seamstress ANichola', Mildred, Baker
Nicholas. John (harles E., B'gate Alley aShopkeepcr Nishitt, George, (2) Bishopy /te t P'terlV'man Nishitt. Ronald ., ,, Labourer

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

1608 Pestaina, Daisy, Popeshead St. Teacher
1609 Peters, Beatrice Ada, Church Lane Civil Servant

1535 Nugent, Eliza, St. John's 'St. Doam. Servant
1536 Odium, Geo rge, ,. ., Labourer
1537 OdIuma, loma Mlarietta, Neowate ,, Clerk
158 Ofarro, Joanna, St. John'.l ,, Labourer 1539 O'KeiM, Harnley R B, ,, .. Draughtsman
1540 O'Keffe, Elsa H. ., ,, Nurse iidwife
1541 Oliver, Charlesworth A, NXewyate St. Carpen ter 1542 Oliver, John F A S Bislhopgate ,, Sol'tor Clerk 154,3 Oliver, Lanchland C, St. G('eorge's ,, Civil Servant 1544 Oliver, Sarah, Wilkinson ,, Shopkeeper
1545 O'Neal, Florence Gertrude, Lo'y ,, Bus. 1Wom(an 1546 O'Neil, Albertha The Point Domestic Servant 1547 O'Reilly, Catherine Edith, Market St Housewcif 1548 O'Reilly, Walter Michael, ,, ,, Bus. Mlgr
1549 O''eilly, Walter Timothy, ,, ( 'r 155 .uCrr, ('lare, 1i/bay ,, Dor s'rt
15,1 Orr. Jamo.s Leopold, ,, ,, Laboutrer
15,52 Orr, Una, ,, Alley Washer
1553 Os.borne, Benjamin, N.wgate St Clerk
1554 Osborne, Ernest, St (Georges ,, Labourer
1555 Owen, C(arles H (Ohurch ,, Planter
156 Owen, Charlotte B, ,, ,, Housewife
1557 Owen, Gertrude, ,, ,, Clerk:
1558 Otto, Joseph A, Police 11 Q Police
1,559 Otto, Rhonie Newgyate St Seamstre8.9
1560 Page, Beatrice, North ,, Labourer
1561 Page, Brucilla, The Point ,,
1562 Page, Elizabeth, ,
1563 Paye, Gladys, ,,
1564 Page, Joseph, ,, Port'er aI a terman/
1565 Paige, Ma nedy, S An ,;h St Labon rer
1566 tarkcer, Geoge, St (ieorys ,, Butcher
1567, Alexaader, North ,, Porter
1568 Parker, John Philip, St John's ,, Shoemaker ] ,569 Parker, Rupert, ,, ,, Mesmenger
1570 Paris, George, Ne'wgate ,, Bui'ilder'
1571 Paul, James, St John's ,, Porter
1572 Payne, Brucilla Bishopgate ,, Dom. servant
1573 Payne, John, North ,,
1574 Payne, Eric L, The Deanery Asst. Curate
1575 Payne, Loughton, North St PorterITV'man
1576 'ay(ne, Martha, WVappinf Lane Dom. servant 1577 1 uyne, Studley, Blgate St Labourer
1578 Pelt, HTonrietla. Bgale ,, Baker
1579 Pell, Ja;nes, North ,, Storekeeper
1580) Pell, Octavia, ,, ., Civil servant
1581 Pembletaon, Olive ,, ,, Labouarer
1582 Penn, Melvin Renard, Dl/bay ,, Seawman
158; Pepeipa, Pepel. St. (eorge's Do a.. serat 1581 Pepeipa, tylester Laborer
158 Pereira. (Gladwyn, St John's .,, Clerk
1586 sPrk'ins. Thomas Ed A ,, ,, Civil servant 1587 Pero, Sydney/ V. N, D'hay Olerk
1588 Perry, Alvan, B/gate ,, Shoemaker
1589 Perry, Arnold F. Mariner's Lane Tally Clerk 1590 Perry, Ashley, North St Mechanic
1591 Perry,, B3ernice Elvice, B'gate ,, Clerk
1592 Perry, Ch'risophene, Mariner's Lane Teacher 1593 P-erryl, glvin (1) North St Mechanic
1594 Perr/, George, B'gate ,, (C'lerk
1595 Perry, llagdaline, Popeshead ,, ,,
1596 Perr, ifary, MAlariner's Lane [ousewibe
1597 P erry, Percival, P'peshead St Clerk
1598 Ierry, Randolph, St George's ,,
I lant Su)t. A E B
1599 Perry, Rosetta, St George's St Housewife 1600 Perrq, Elvin, (2) North ,, Tallq Clerk
1601 Pestaina, Barrie, Popeshead ,, C/servant
1602 Pestaina, Eva Maudlin, ,, Hlousewi/'e
1603 Pestaina, Hyacinth E N Popeshead St
Telephone Operator
1604 Pestaina, Norman, Popeshead St Merchant 1605 Pestaina, Raymond, ,, Clerk
1606 Pestaina, Ivy M ,, Teacher
1607 Pestaina, Franklyn, ,, Clerk

1610 1611 1612 1613
1614 1615 1616
1617 1618 1619 1620 1621 1622 1623

1624 Peters,

1625 1626 1627 1628 1629 1630 1631 1632 1633 ]634 1635 1636 1637

Peters, /'eters,
Peters, Peters, Peters,
P'hilip, Pilip, PIh ilip, Ph, ihis,,

Lucille Alice, Nemra te St louseweite Alirtitla, 'Chorch ,, ,S'a;stress Samuel, BJIgate ,, Fi:sh erman
Samuel R, St ,,hn's ,, I center
Audry, ,, /lo tse
Helen Marguerite, Avon D)assrett House wife
.1ton, B/(ate St La'bourer
Iris, (2) ,, ,, Home Diomestic
Victoria, St .Join's ,, Housewi/e fHezekiah, St Georges St Labourer Basil A, North ,, Civil s'vnt
Alphonas, St Georges ,, winterr ('atherine, B/qate ,, Houserife Denis, St John's ,, Musician
Ellenora, ,, ,, Dom s'vnt
Geraldine, B'1ale ,, Hlousewife
Hezekiah, St John's ,, Labourer James, North
Leonard, St John's ,, Porter

1638 Philip, Lucene Maurice. St Georges St Clerk
1639 Philip, M .fichael, D'bay St Labourer
1640 Philip, Pearl, B'gate ,, Cashier
1641 Philip, Peter, Wapjping ,, San Inspector 1642 Philip, Samuel, (1) 7The Point Waterman 1643 Philp), Samuel (2) Willkinson St Car D)river 1644 Phili),' Zachariah, St Georges ,, Labourer 1645 PIhilip, Aqatha, D'bay ,, Huckster
1646 PhiLip, Cecil, St .lohn's ,, Plumber
16417 Philip, Samul, (3) ,, Fi terman 1648 Philip, Doris, B'gate ,, Clerk
1649 Philips, Marjrie, Newgate ,, Teacher
1650 Philips, Uriah, B'ate ,, D/servant 1651 Ihillit, .James, North ,, Painter
1652 Phi ps, Sophia, New'gate ,, D/servant 1653 Pigott, Catherine Annie, (Cross St Merchant 1654 Piqgtt, Charles, Newgate ,, Clerk
16155 Pqotl. James Albert, (ross ,, 3Alerchant 1656 Pigiqt, Kate, St eorges ,, Di/sercant
1657 Pigott, Marq, Newyate ,, Retired
1658 Pi'lott, Richard Ludon, Church Lane (lerk 1659 PIqott, Stephanie Edna, Newgate St
1660 Pilgrim, Dorothea, N/gate St School Teacher 1661 Pinda, Angelina, 13B/gate ,, Huckster 1662 ]inda, George, B/gale ,, Tinsmith
1663 Piper, Frederica, St. George's St.
Domestic Servant
1664 Piper, Joseph A., North Street Teacher
1665 Piper, Leopold, ,, ,, Plumber

Peters, Peters, Peters, Peters, Peters

Peters, Carrie, Church St Seamstress
Peters, D)avid, St George's,, Labourer
Peters, DI)onald, St John's ,, ,,
Peters, florence, Church ,, Dom s'vnt Peters, (ceorye Leslie N, Newigate St Clerk Peters, Iris, (1) St Georqes St lDom servant Peters, James Alexander, St George.s St.
Peters, Jane Ann, D/bay t ,,
eters Lesli' / ae

Electoral District of St. John's City (North) 13

1666 Pratt, Hugh O.,B/Gate Street Clerk
1667 Prince, Arnold, St. John's St. Artist
1668 Prince, Baden. Sebastian, St. John's St.
1669 Prince, DorothY Mathurinie. St. John's St.
1670 Prince, Gerald Simon, St. John's St.
Retired Policeman
1671 rince, i'ercival, St. John',,s Street Porter/ Waterman
16(;72 Prince, Ralph Eugene, St. John's St., (Clerk 1673 RPince, "arah R., Popeshed St. D1)/Servant 1674 Prince, S'ydne U., St. John's S.
Student Engineer
1675 tPince, Elison, Iolice HIeadpquarteri.
Il!ijce ( Constable
1676 Prosper, Joseph Wrench, North St.
1077 gce, Charles, St. John's St. Porter
1678 Price, Harold, Wilkinson St. Waterman
1679 Pryce, Shirley, Bishlpgate St. ( 'lerk
1680 Punter, Alice, St. Jodhn's ,, D/Servant
1681 Punter, Arthuxr (i), St. John's St., Boatswain 1682 Punter, Arthur (ii) ..... ,, Labourer
1683 Punter, Delores, Bishop/ate St., [)/jServamt 1684 Punter, H11yacinth, St. John's St. ,, 1685 Punter, Percival, ,, ,, ,, Del', (/erk
1686 Phisie, Marie Ann, >. George's St. Laboorer 1687 Pogson, Karen, B}ishopgate St. l D/Serant
1688 Quash, C(atherine, St. George's St. 1689 Quallis, Adolphu,s,, ,, ,, Labourer
1690 Rabess, Eva, Dickcensonbay St. D/Servant
1691 Ralph, G(eorgqe S. IM., Police IIH.Q. Constable 1692 Ralph, Theresa, Church Street )I/Serrant
1693 Ralph, Albadore, St. John's St.
1694 Ralph, George, St. George's St. Labourer
1695 Rannie, Ambronne, St.,]ohn's St. Seamstress 1696 Rannie, Jean Alarie, Newgate ,, HousekeTeper 1697 Rawlins., Mary, St. Georle's t. D)/Servant 1698 hRawtlins, Matilda, St. John's St., )Servant 1699 ItReid, Icibrd, St. GeOrge's St. Electrician 1700 Reid, Irewe Louisa. Norh St. D)/Servant
1701 Reid, Jane Ann, )'Bay Street Fisherman
1702 Reyiolds, Ernest, St. John's St. ,,
1703 Reynolds, Christopher, St. George's St.
Mechan ic
1704 Reynolds, John J., Police quarters Police Sqt.
1705 Richards, Agatha, 'Gate Street Labourer
1706 Bichards, Alexander, St. Georges St.
Porter waterman
1707 Richards, Oatherine, Ch wrch Lane D/Servant 1708 Richards, Charles, L!/6ate Sireet Labourer 1709 Richards, Daisybelle, Church Lane 'Washer 1710 Richards, Douglas, 1)/Bay St. .lechanic
1711 Richards, Edris, St. John's ,, Seamstress 1712 Richards, Eileen, Newgate ,, Clerk
1713 Richards, Estella, North Street Hairdressr 1714 Richards, Evelyn. D)/ Bay ,, Labourer
1715 Richards, Josephine, Bjgate ,, Teacher
1716 Richards, Leonard, St. John's St. Shoemaker 1717 Richards, Leslie, Corn Alley Carpenter
1718 Richards, Maude, St. George's St. Labourer 1719 Richards, Maxilender, BEIate St. DIServant 1720 Richards, Samuel, St. George's ,, Stevedore 1721 Richards, Sarah (i), Church St. D/Servant

1722 Richards, Susannah, ,, DIServant 1723 lichards, Ucila, Newgate St. 1724 Hichards, Viola (i), St. George's St.
1725 Richards, Fiola (ii), St. George's St.
.Dom. Servant
1726 Richards, Viola (iii), St. George's St.
Dom. Servant
17927 Rwiehards, Walter Theodore, B/Gate Tailor 1'28 Richards, William, St John St. kEngineer 1729 Richards,, Dorothy (i), N/gale St. C/Servant 7 730 Richards, Mildred, North St T'cher
17'31 Richards, Rosalind, 1B'Yate St D/ Eorker 173,2 Rlichards, Berkeley A, A'gate Ac./(lerk 173,3 Richards, Standley, St G(eores,, Mch 1 '34 Richards, Sarah, Bishop gate ,, DI W ork r 1735 Richards, (arrrel, North St II/ )om
17 6 Richards, Edith, Long St i'chant
1737 Richards, Ernest, do do
1738 Richardson, Annie, St Georges St D/Ser 1739 Richardson Arnold. St John's ,, 1ninter

1741 1742 1743 1744 1745 1746( 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752
1754 1755
1 756 1757 1758
1759 1760 1761
1762 1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769
' 9"' 0
i 78
1774 1 775O
1776 1779
'779 11780 1781 1789 1783 1784 1785

Richardson, Richardson, Rtichardsoin, Richardson, Hichardson,,
R/ichardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson,

(C'harles, PVapping L Rol/Driv. C'harles B, D/Ba y St F'mnan Cyril, P/ H'quarters P/(onstah Et/ilyn, D)/bay St 7Teacher
Gwendtlyn, Wk'son t D/Ser Mary, St John's St IWasher
May, D)/bay St II'wie
1Irances, do do
Milton E, do Ex P /Sgt
Rudolph, do Lynotypist
Alban, The Point P W'Tman

Rirere, Aymea, N'gate St D)/'Ser
Roacher, William, Mariners L S'maker
Roacher, Ethel, North St D/Ser
Roberts, Agatha, St John's St S'stress
Roberts, Arnold, North St B'cher's Ast.
Roberts, Arthur M, St ,John's St Clerk
Roberts, Daniel, N'gate St Porter
LRoberts, Douglas, North ., (Clerk
Roberts, Enid, B'gate ,, L'brer
Roberts, Etnice A, AN'g"yate St 5'tress
Roberts, Mathias, do Poli ceman
Roberts, Ick/ord, St John's St L'obrer
Rober/s, Janames, N'gate St 'ter
Roberts, John O, ('hu'ich L Field Opicer
toberts, Marjorie, B'gate St Clerk
.Robefrts, Millicent, North ,, )/Ser
R/oberts, Rby. B0gate do
Roberts, Ruth1, Vilk'son L'hrer
Zoberl'ts, Winifred, St John's ,, Teacher ioberts, Bernice, Bishopgate ,, H'wife
Roberts, ,. Millicent, St Georges,, do
Rober s Eric, St Johns ,, C/( Ser
lRoberts. Rub!, do L'brer
Roberts, Donfield, do Electrician
Roberts, Elfreda, do 1H''ife
,Robinson, Gert/rude, N'gate ,, Ca whier
lobinson. ,lJames 1, do B'ness Mgr
1obinson, ()liet, St John's ,, 'Dom
Rod ey, Phillis, B'gate ,,D/S e Rocque, Wilsena, ('hurch St Huckster
'ogers, Arnold, St John's ,, P'ter IV'man Rose, Jams, do L'brer
1/ose, John R, D'sonbay ,, do
Rou'lins, la'il da, St John's ,, Huckster Russe/1, Violet, Newgate ,, D'naker
Russell, Sarah, North St I/Dorm

1 Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

178 7 1788 17 89

Ryan, Edna, North Street I)/Ser
Plyan, Samuel, D'ba ,, P'ter W'nma Ryan, Claudius, St John's ,, (C'/servant RJyan, Daniel, do L'brer

1 791 Sampsun, Icilma, St. Gco yes St B/k eeper
1792 Sampson, Sarah A., Church ,, Bank Clrk'
1793 Sampson, Veda, B'gate St Dl,,er
1794 Samuel, Augusta, North ., Huck/ster
1795 S(amuel, Alvan, St. John's Mechanic
1796 Satmuel, Augutsa 1, do L'b rer
1797 Samtuel, Augusta 11, North ,, D)Ser
1 798 Samuel, Beatrice, B'gate ,, do
1799 Sa tel, Beryl, 4appw)ig Lane Clerk
1800 Sa'muel, Clive, St. John' St Ga'rp e/er
1801 Samuel, Doris. i'gat ,. 1)/D')
180:2 Sa;nnel, Ethlypn. St Joh'so ,, Tea'her
1803 Saliuel, Eualy, b'gate DSr, v
1804 Samnie, Eunisie. St. Georqes ,, do
1805 Saamuel, Fernella D., A'iyte ,, S'tress
1806 Samuelw Florence North Nt Dier
1807 62aoel, Genevieve, St John's ,, Clerk
1808' S wmul, George, N/gate t fMch.
1809 enam'u, Hezekiah, The Point P'toerl W'ma,
1810 S'eamuwl, Iola, Booby Alley lbker
1811 S'(mtl, Isabel T, St Geoges ,, D/S'e
1812 ",amuel, Johanna. ., John's ,, H'keeper
1818 A~Smuel, Joseph, 1 ,, Georges ,, L'bver
1814 Samuel. Joseph, II Tilkenson ,, Mason
1815 Sam el, Leonard A. North ,, Reporter
1816 S',mmuel, Llewellyn, Church ,, C'penter
1817 Samueli, Malcolm, North St P'ter/lTW'mian
1818 ,Sam At, Ma well G., St. Georges St. C/Joiner 1819 Samuel, 1fillicent. ,, John's ,, D/Ser
1820 ,'amuel. Miolliy. I do Teacher
1821 Somnuel, Molly, II North St. S'/ress
1822 Sartoiel, Rebecca, St Georges St D!Ser
1823 Saimuel, Ruth, B/gate St. ,io
1824 Samuel, Sarah, St. Geor1s ,, do
1825 Sfmuel, St'ilford. ,, John's ,, L'brer
1826 S amuael, lWa neford, St. Georges St. C/Ser 1827 Samuel, Airora, do Clerk
1828 Samuel, Mildred, St. John's St. D/Ser
1829 Sainm ul, Witield, do Waterman
1880 Samn uel, Kirien E., B'gatejW1k. Gross Bloperator 1831 Samuel, Viola, St. Georges St. H/Dom
1832' Samuel, ,James, N'gate St. Messenger
1833 Samuel, Bradley E. Wilkenson St. Sales Clerk
1834 Satoel, Ernestine, do HD1)omn
1835 Saomuel, Girett(. St. John's ,, do
186 Samel, Dougla, Newgaqte ,, Watch R'prer
S1837 Samuel, George V., St John's,, Tailor
1888 Samuel. Fernella, NewgPate .. Olerk
1839 aouel. Louise, SI. john'ss ,, Washer
1840 'Smuls. 1)enfield T., Popeshoad St. C/Ser
1847 Sat/hfie, Dagmar, St.1 Jn's ,, 'acher
1842 N,,otland, Ele),'or. do D/5'er
1843 aioland, Eliza R.. N'gate ,, Nurse
1844 Scotland. EIhlyn N., St. John's ,,
1845 Scotland, Hug1h B.. (Church ,, L'brer
1846 Scotland. MT1rtle. Norh SY. do
1847 Srot/and. Neslie, St. Jhl's ,, (Clerk
1848 notlabnd, Sarah, ,, G'orges ,, L'br'er
1849 A'Scotland, Wrinifred. North ,, Baker
1850 ,Seafus, Maude. B'gat ,, L'brer
185/ Seales. Viola, Church ,, H'wife
1852 Sei'e. Violfta H., do do 10
185'3 S"aphu, Cpecelia. B'Pa/, .. do
1854 Sebastian, Agatha, St. John's ,, DSer
1655"ebastian. (armn. P'head ,, do
1856 Sebastianr, Copolin, St. (ho. ,, do
1857 Sebastino. (craldine, eB'qale ,, S'tress
1868 Se1bastian, Kathleen, St. Geo. ,, D/Ser
1859 Sebastian. Vi ,let. St. John's ,, di
1860 Sebastian, Catherine. St. Geoorges St, H'wife 1861 Selwood, Herman. Thames St. C'penter
1862 Sermper, Charle, Newgate ., do
1863 Semper, Peter. IVapping ,, Clerk
1804 Semper, John, Vewgate ,, Tailor
1865 Shaw, Anesta B., St. John's St. Huckster

1867 1868 1869 1870
1872 1873
1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 188,9
I 85 188"! 1885
1887 1888 1889
1891 1892 1893
1894 1895
1896 1897
1898 1899 1900
1902 1903 190I
1905 1906 1907 1908 1909
1910 1911
1912 1913 1914 1915
1916 1917 191R 1919 1920
1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926
1927 1928 1929 1930 1931
1932 1933
1934 1935 1936 1 987 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942
1943 1944 1945 1946

Shawtv, Beryl, Wlk'son. St. Shaw, Delore', North Shaw, Llewvellyn, St. John's St. Shaw, Percy, 11Wlk'son. St. Shaic, Una, St. John's St. Shaw, Charles, Church ,, Shaw, Ann, do
Shaw, Leonard. N'gate St. Shaw, Seldon. North St. Shaw, Neiton, do
Shaa, Egbert, St. John's St. Shepherd, Ada M., 1 opeshead St. Sh'ridan, (eo ge A., P'lce/Hdq. Shervington, Arthur, North St. Shervington, Beatrice, D1bay Shervington, Charles, lB/gate,, h eSvington Richards, St. John's S She rington, huth. B/gate St. Sher, 'ngft.n, Ur '.Ia, St. John's St Shiell, Ienjamin ,., "P'lce/Hdq. Sherry, Ge rtrude, Now lh St. Shore, Lennard. do Shout. John 1F., N'gate St. Simor. Alexander, .St. John's St. Simon, Alfred, do
Simon,. Alice, L St. eorges St. Simon. Alice, II. North Simonw, Arthur C.. St. John's, Sinmon, Audrey, do

Sinion, i, n'1, Si? t n Sio,. Simon.

C(amelida, ',rth ,,
Clarice, /ope eh/ad ,, Den wo,, St. (eorges ,, 'liza, ,, John' ,,
Evan1uel, Alfred P. ,, /milu, orth St. IK/ id, do
,tell P1'.. do

Simon). Girli I. sT. G(o/es ,, siu., (w'edlyn, D'/Ia// ST. Smon, Jane, Norlh wT. Sim5o, J,"'iah J. ST'. (Geo;ryes ST. Simon, Leo A., North B'T. Simon, Louisa, B/gate sT imo, Iarfjorie. ,, Simon. May, INorth ST. Simon, Mon/tague, do Si,mo. Onesimnus, ST. John's ST. Sinmon. Rosaline. North ST Sim(m Ruithlod,. B/gate sTl Simwn. Susanna, Nor/h ,, Simon. Victoria(i, Bl/pe I, Si'ven. 'inc ent: Noth t i/mon, Virginia. W'son sT. Simon Wilson, The Point Simon. Ale:randrina, Nmorth ST. Simon. Gwendolyn do()
Simon. Els.ina, V'k en6on Cros Simon, Thomas L., North ST. ,ir(o/. Denis. ,.
Simon. Doris,
Si'non. Calvin, ST. JOHN'S ST. Simon, 1 salindl Nor th, s'rT. Siioni, Irene, ST. JOHN'S ,, Simo/, Iris do
Skerrett, John A., do Sk ,'ritt, Arinmita, D)bay ST Skerritt. Chairs ST. JOHN's ST. Skerriitt. Emerald. (1do0 SkIrri'tt ,Jame s ,J., D/boay ST. Skerrilt, Ottlqe, B//ahe Sk rrit, Robert. ST. (Georges ST. Skrritt, Rosetta, Bga1le ST. ,mith. Doris, ST. JOTN'S ST. Smith, ,John, North ST.. Smith, Maisie. ST. JOnN'S Smith. Marshall, 36 Long ST. Smith, Ethel do
Smith, Darnel, B/gale sT. Smith, Susannah, Nor th ST. Soanes, Dora, do
Solomon, Alexand6r, ST. JOHN'S S~

Shopk eeper
do (11A
H[Dom O'penter
Te acher
P'lce/ Constable
fM'ch. ,t. P/lWaerman D/Ser
Te ae her
Me merchant
L'ln er
dio (1 0 do
la i/or
C/ ,,
Dj/ ,,
F wife
D/soervant Shopkeeper
Huckster C'pe, ter
Policeman D/servtant
do do
Shipwright P/ W/Man
Lbrer D/ser
Shipiwrig ht D/Ser vant
Pf Waterman
s' keeper
Gen. 11W'ker
D/sis Nurse C/SER
F/ W'man
H'wife L'brer
Butler S'stres
C/Sun D/san Sl/Ainy Offlcer

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

1947 1948 1949
1950 1951 1952 1953
1954 1955
1956 1957 1958
1959 1960 1961
1962 196!3 19d;4 1964
1966 1967
19658 1969
1970 1971 19712
1973 1974 19765 197"6 1977
19758 19 79 1980 19!1 198"-' 198c
1984 195' 1985 19,( 6

Solomon, Joseph, Dbay sT. Solomon, Iola, ST George T' Southwell, Allan E., do Sowerby, Drucillht, Long ,, Spencer, Edwin, Church ,, Spenrcer, Frederick A. Njgat/c ST Spencer, Frederick Alex, fpin bTq T Spentcer, [toy., Ngale ST Spencer, JlaudV, Wap. Lane pencer, osEdardl, dba ST pencer. ChJarle, L)/ba9 'i Sr'inge;', Ions A., Ch,rch .t' E squash, Mary, lt. Joha's St. Slwamers, I'loreawe, New'gate St

Stamers, Mary, do Teachler
Sterling, Fernella, St. John's ,, do S(evens Christinna 'olgte St. R'wife Sfeas, David. Lo;co St. }"/Pr
SIervns, Elsie, St. (eorges ,, ln ter StMes, 10sa A., N ,/lo St. leach r
Steens, M3uriel, S.. Joh,'.s St. )/Ser Stevens, W1illianm, do L'br. r
Stevers, Ffrinston, I !gffa /. ('er
Stevens, Winifred, IVopping L. D/S)o
Stevens, Priscilla,, Norlh St. L'brer
St. Lue, Josephine, head St. Dress/mkr S'ween/ey, Irene, North St. ]D er
Sweeney, J/a,: L.. B/gale Alley do
Swift, Jacob, St. iohn's St. (C'/Ser
Swi6t, Lucy, B/ga e St. H'wif
Sim,ionts, Gloria L., Popesehead ,, do Sim lons Cleveland,, do Photographer Simmnons, Ashlon, ltariner's L. Porter Should, Jarie L., N/gate St. Il'
Scott, Violet, St. John's Domestic
Steele, Eileen, do H'wife
Seikridge, Oliver, B/gale ,, (/Set
Scholar, Victor tC., St. Geo/St, C'penuter Smithen, 1vel,', Dl/bay St. I/Dom

198'7 Taernir, George, North ,, Tradesman 1988 Teague, 4/bert, St. John's St. f-/ 'man 1989 'cheria, Ethlyn, St. Geo. St. D/se:r 1990 T,,cheira, Kenneth, ,, John's ,, Com/lD)ir. 1991 Tehei,a. Mary, do 11 wife
1992 Terry, Edward A., ,, (eo. ,, (C'peiter 199 Terry, Enestine, 1)/Se
1994 'errq., James I., ,, Tailor
1995 Terry, Aellie, B/gate St. D/Ser
1996 Terry, Reginald .1, St. G/St. 'Teaicher 1997 Thibou, Alma ., LonU St. do
1998 Thibou, Cyril IF, do Ret'd ('/Ser
1999 Thibou, Samuel P.7 Thames St. Clerk
2000 Thibou, lini'fred, P'head ,, brer
2001 Thibou, Anderson, do (Clrk
2002 Thomas, Agatha, (ross St. D/Ser
2003 Thomas, Anderson, St John's Printer
2004 Thomas, Audrey E, D/bay St S'tress
2005 Thomas, Beatrice, (1) B/gate St. DI)/Ser 2006 Thomas, Beatrice, (2) St. Geo. ,, do 2007 Thomas, Bernice, Church Street Domr. Servant 2008 Thomas, Celestina, D/bay ,. .
2009 Thomas, Christiana, Bjigte ,. .
2010 Thomas, Elwood, North ,, Carpenter
2011 Thomas, Ephraim, St. John's,, 2012 Thomas, Ezekiel, Bfvote ,, Shopkeeper
2013 Thomas, Frances S., St. John's St. School Teacher 2014 Thonmas, haiah, Bigate ,, Labourer
2015 Thomas, Mary, St. Georyes ,, Dorm. Servant 2016 Thomas, Mendis. ,, ,, Huckster

AVKrse Iedlar Tailor
s4hoeakAer Sea mstres$s
P~edlar Bus Drvier ng. D/na1) i
,LNrv e

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2080 Usher, Mary, North St. 2081 Usher, Cyril, ,, ,
2082 Urling, Wilfred, The Point

Vanderpool, Joseph Josiah, Police H. Q. Versailles, Ella M., D/bay St. Versailles, Ruby, B'gate Vigille, Leona, North St. Wallace, Albertha, St. John's St. Wallace, Alfred, St. Georges ,, Wallace, Donald, Dibay Wallace, Fred, St. Georges ,, Wallace, Ethlyn, D bay Walker, Cecil Rolston, Popeshead St. Walker, Charles, St. John' St. Walker, Chares Frederick, B/gate St. Walker, Clement, Mariner's Lane Walker, Elizabeth, St. John's Street Walker, irene, Mariner's Lane Weiling, Garfield, St. John's St. Walling, (Jadys, D/bay ,,
Walling, Rober,, Mariner's Lane WallingA, Isabella, St. John's St. Waiters, Margaret, ,, ,, ,, Walters, Rolston E., North ,, Ward, Elda, Warneford, Mildred, Church ,, Warner, Claude, D/bay ,,
Warner, Irosa, St. John's ,, Warner, James,,, ,, ,,
Warner, Olive,
Warner, William, St. Georges Warner, James, Newgate ,,
Warner, Iris, ,, ,,
Warner, Herman Z.,.. ,,

77Twion,, Naonii HitIh St. Gges St. Thor.ais, NVathant, St. John's Thomas, Norris, Bf(ate ,,
Thomas, Richard Staffie, SI. John's ,, Thomas, Ruby D. Newgate ,,
Thomas, Ruby, D/bay
Thomas, Sarah A., Wapping Cross Thomas, Sybil, St. John's Street Thomas, Sydney, D/bay ,,
Thomas, Veronica, B'!gate ,,
Thomas, Virginia, St. Georges Thomas, Wilhelmina, Wapping Lane Thaomaas, Flosestine, St. Georges St. Thomas, Carmen, D.bay ,,
Thomas, Haydea, Newgate St. Thomas, Keithley, St. John's St. Thomas, Wilhelmina, Newgate St. Thomas, Agusta, B/gate ,,
T)omas, Menelis, St. Georges St. Thomas, Genevieve_.. ... Thomas, Fernella, Thomas, George, Church Lane Thomas, Virginia, St. Georges St. Tomlinson, Auchland ,, ,,,, Tomlinson, Louis E., ...., Tomlinson, Ruth,,.... Tomlinson, Verrna B. I., Corn Alley Tomlinson, Dorothea, J.,,... Thompson, Doreen, B'gate St. Thompson, Lilymay Church St. Thompson, Lucien K., Wilkinson St. Thompson, Lilymay, Church Lane Thousand, Ruby, St. Georges St. Tibbits, Mlaude E. Cross Tibbits, Ernest A., Long Tittle, Elizabeth D/bay Tittle, Lilian ,
Title, Robert, ,,
Tobias, Henrietta, B gate ,, Tobitt, Robert ., Tobitt, Doris, ,, ,,
Tonge, Alexander, (1) St. Georges St. Tonge, Dora, ,,
Tonge, Hermina, North Steet Tinge, Manassah, St. Georges St. Tonge, Priscifla, ,, ,, Tonge, Robert, North Street Tonga, Susannah, Newgate Street Tonge, Charles, "
Tonge, James, D bay "
Tonge, Alexander, St. Georges St. Townsend, Kenneth, North Street Tuitt, Daniel, Church Street Tuitt, Lilian, St John's Street Tully, Kendrick, Church Street Tully, Walter Djhay ,, Turnbull, Gloria, St. John's,, Turnbull, Inez, ,, ,, ,, Tomkins, Peter H., Balgowne Guest House
Taylor, Olive, BIgate Taylor, Allan M.,. .
Tanner, Hilder E., St. John's St. Toussamit, Philip, D/bay St.

Donm. 'Servant
Dom. Servant
Dom. Servant
Home Domestic
Domn. Worker Civil Servant
Home Domestic
Home Dmestic
Domestic Phumoer
Telephone Opeator
Dom. Servant
Dam. Servant
Audit Clerk
Dom. Servant
Porter/Wman Housekeeper
Labourer Housewife Fisherman Labourer
Dom. Servant
Dom. Servant
Shipwright Housewife Fisherman Shipwright
Labourer Carpenter
Store Porter Dom. Servant
Commercial Artist
Bank Clerk Housewife
Civil Servant
Schoeoi Teacher
Dom. Servant
Dom. Servant
S1hep Assisanct
Donm. Servant
Home Domestic
Dispenser Labourer
Police Constable
PorterjW/man Stud. TeacEer
Mechanic Seamstress
Carpenter Shop-seller Fisherman

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

2114 Warner, Mary J. Newgate St. Housewife
2115 Warner, Eugenie, B/gate ,, Home Domestic
2116 Watkins, Cecil, St. John's ,, Civil Servant
2117 Watkins, Christiana, Church Lane Seamstress 2118 Watkins, Louisa A., St. John's St. Laborer 2119 Watkins, Maude, Church Lane Shopkeeper
2120 Watkins, Virginia, St. Georges St. Dom. Servant 2121 Watkins, Lilian, Church St. Housewife
2122 Watson, Archibald B. St. Georges St. Pedlar 2123 Watt, Edgar Lionel A., Newgate St. Clerk
2124 Watt, Mary Elizabeth, Merchant
2125 Webber, Agatha, North St. Domestic Servant 21-26 Webber, Amnabel, Wapping St. Housewife 2127 \Webher, Llewellyn, St. John's St.
Porter W/fman
2128 Webber, Welling, St. John's St. Stevedore 21:9 Webson, Enoc, Church Lane Porter W/minan 2130 Vebson, Pearlina. do Labourer
2131 Wehner, VWinifred, Wilkinson Cross Domestic Servant
2132 Weekes, Matthew, North St. Stevedore
2133 VWelsh, Betty Ann, N/gate ,, Domr. Servant 21311 Weston, Agatha, North St. do
2135 We'ston, Arthur, St. John's St.
Porter W/man
2136 Weston, Edris, St. John's St. Seamstress 2 137 Weston, Estella, North ,,Dom. Servant 2138 Weston, Eugenie, St. John's St. Seamstress 2139 Weston, George, do Porter W/man
2140 Weston, John, do Carpenter
2111 \Veston, Juanita, North St. Baker
2142 Weston, \lavis, D/bay St. Dom. Servant
2143 Weston, Reinald, (1) North St. Machinist 2144 Weston, Ieginald, (2) doFactory Worker 2145 Weston, Ruby, St. John's St. D/Servant
211( \Weston, Ruby Merle, The Point Wharf Housewife
2147 Weston, Ureal Arch., The Point Wharf W/man C'taker
21 1,8 Weston, Winifred, N/Gate St. 1)/Servant 2149 Wetherall, Carlton, D/Bay St. Carpenter
2150 Wharton, Edward, B/Gate St. Painter
2151 Wheatland, Mildred, St. John's St.
Domestic Servant
2152 Wheatland, Wilfred, Wilkinson St.
213 White, Anthony, D/Bvay St. Messenger
2151 White, Beatrice, St. Geo. St. Housewife 2155 White, Conrov, P/Iead St. Tav/Keeper
2156 White, Frances, Mariner's Lane Housewife 2157 White, Hilda Tryphina, St. George St.
2158 White, Joseph, St. (,eo. St. Gatekeeper
2159 White, Ruby A., do Typist
2160 White William H. The Point Carpenter
21 White, Gwendolyn, St. John's St. D)W\Vorker 2162 White, lnez, The Point do
2163 \' t hite, Sylvia, Newgate St. Clerk
2164 White, Ickford. North ,, Waterman
2165 Whyte, Anthony, D/Bay St. Civil Servant 2166 Whyte, Cecil, St. Geo. St. Porter W/man 2167 Whyte, Charles, Mariner's Lane Boatman
2168 Whyte, Ickford, St. Geo. St. Porter W/man 21.09 Whyte, Ernest, (1) North ,, Lighterman 2170 Whyte, Mitchell, do Waterman
2171 Whyte, Mavis, Mariner's Lane Teacher
2172 Whyte, Ernest, (2) St. John's St. Lig'rerman 2173 Wilson, Ethel C., St. Geo. St. Dom. Servant 2174 Wilson, George, St. John's St. Tally Clerk 2175 Wilson, Harold Tobias, Church St. Journalist 2176 Williams, Albertha, St. Geo. St. D/Servant

2177 2178 2179
2180 2181 2182 2183 2184 2185 2186 2187
2188 2189 2190 2191 2192 2193
219 2195 2196 2197 2198S
2199 22 () 22o1 2202 2203 2204 2205 2206
2201 2208
2209 2210 2211 2212 2213 22 14 2215 2216 2217 221 ',
2219 2220 2221 2222 2223 2224 2225

Williams, Alfreda, St. John's St. Labourer Williams, Alvin, Leroy, do Printer
Williams, Ann, B/Gate St. Labourer
W*illiams, Anna, do Housewife
Williams, Annie, St. John's St. )D/Servant Williams, Austin Alexander, D/Bay St. Williams, Avandale, B/Gate St. Tailor
Williams, Celestina, D/Bay ,, D/Servant Williams, Charles, Wapping Lane Baker
Williams, (Cla1rence, St. John's St. Mechanic Williams, Donald, do Carpenter
Williams, 1),uglas, do do
Williams, Edith, D/Bay St. Dom. Servant Williams, Edmunds, St. Geo. St. Ste edoreWilliams, Ellenore, St. John's St. D/Servant Williams, Ethel, St. Geo. St. do
Willia ms, Fred, St. John's ,, Porter/W/man Willirams, Foster, B/Gate ,, Labourer Wilhams, (Georgiana, North St. D/Servant Willams, G1ladvs, B/Gate ,, Labourer Williams, Joseph, St. John's ,, P'ter/W/man Williams, Lauehlland, do Coxswain
Williams, Lo uisa, B/Gate St. l)/Scrvant Williams, M:ar Wapping Lane Labourer Williams. Millicent, D/Bay St. D/Servant Williams, Peter Alex.. Newmate St. Clerk Wilhiams. Ribehard A., St. John's ,. Cont'tor Will iams, Sarah. B/Gate St. Labourer \Wili liiomas Alex, do C('arpenter
Wilin s. \'i.tor. Wilkinson St. Shopkeeper VWi inus, \irgiin, Newgate ,, Seamstress Viliiums. Ethel, St. Geo. ,, Labourer WV il ia!ns. Hubert. i)/Bay ,, Waterman AWill is, .'ris Viola. 13/Gate St. D/Worker WVilliams, Clandinm, North St. H/Domestic Williams, Hlezekiah, Newgate St. Cane Cutter Williams, Oscar I., St. John's St. D/Clerk \Williams, May, North St. Home Domestic Williams, Alice, St. John's St. Fish Seller Williamus, Jeremiah, do Waterman
Williams, W:ndell, 1/Gate St. do
Williams, Christiana V., St. John's St.
WVilliamis, Christianua, B/Gate St. D/Servant Williams, George, North St. Waterman Williams, Lurvev, St. John's St. Tradesman Williams, )Daphne, Newgate Lane Teacher Williams, Chirles. Wapping Lane Labourer Williams, Jamnes E., B/Gate St. Civil Servant Willock, Basil Wilberforce, N/gate St.

2226 Willock, Herbert Alvin, N/gate St.
Civil Servant
2227 Willock, Ursula N., N/gate St. Housewife 2228 Willock, Neil Peter, do Clerk
2229 Wilson, Agatha, do Dom. Servant
2230) Winston, Eunice. Nelson's Alley do 2231 Winter, Clarence, St. Geo. St. Clerk
2232 Winter, Davis, (do Clerk
2233 Winter, Elizabeth, B/Gate St. Labourer 2234 Winter, Frederick A., St. Geo. St. C/Servant 2235 Winter, George, St. John's St. Clerk
2236 Winter, Ickford H., (1) D/Bay St.
Carpenter Fisherman
2237 Winter, Igal, North St. Stevedore
2238 Winter, Jacqueline, Popeshead Seh. Teacher 2239 Winter, Mavis, St. Geo. St. Lab. Assistant

Electoral District of St. John's City (North)

2240 Wynter, Eugenie, St. John's St. H/Domestic 2241 Wynter, Ickford H., (2) D/Bay St. Co'tractor 2242 Wynter, Gladys do Seamstress
243 Wynter, Naomi Veronica, St. John's St.
Domestic Worker
2241 Winter, John Herbert, Popeshead St.
Rtd. Planter
2245 Winter, Margaret, B/Gate St. Housewife 2246 Wise, Audrey, Church ,, Clerk
2247 Wright, Ann Beatrice, N/gate St. Labourer 2248 Wright, Charles, North St. Porter/Woman 2249 Wynter, Ellen, St. John's St. Huckster 2250 Wynter, Leonard, B/Gate Labourer
2251 Wynter, Thomas, St. John's St. do.
2252 Wvre, Henrietta, Wilkinson ,, D/Servant 2253 Walker, Maise, North St. laborer
2254 Weston, Dorothy, N/Gate St. Handicraft 2255 Weston, Lazman Sylvanie, Church Lane Tractor Driver

2256 Webson, Estella, St. John's St. Seamstress 2257 Wade, Rose, North St. Labourer
2258 Wade, Margaret, St. John's St. H/Domestic 2259 Walters, Charles Reynold, Church Lane Civil Servant
2260 Watt, James David, St. Geo. St. M/Operator 2261 Wisinger, Vera May, Court Lodge Housewife
2262 Wisinger, Zolton, Court Lodge M/Officer 2263 Willet, Wilfred M., Police Hd. Qrs.

2264 2265
2266 2267

Yorke, William A., Church St. Young g, Elizabeth, B/Gate St. Younge, Lucill, St. John's St. Young, Walter, Wapping Cross

Importer Huckster D/Servant Plumber

2268 Zachariah, Charles, B/Gate St. Lighterman

I, GEORGE JESSEL COURTENAY HANNAYS, Revising Officer for the Electoral District of St. John's City (North) hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the finally revised list of voters for the said Electoral District.
Dated this 24th day of September, 1956.
G. J. C. HANNAYS, Ag. Magistrate, Dists. A" & B".
Revising Officer.
Printed at the Govornment Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands, by BARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printer.-ByAnthority.
[Price 34 cents.]

List of Voters (Antigua)

1. Abbott, Jennie L., Holberton Hospital
2. Abbott, Maisie, Redcliffe Street Seamstress
3. Abbott, Nora, Temple Street Clerk
4. Abbott, Norman Richard, Redcliffe Street Clerk 5. Abbott, Norris, Redcliffe Street Overseer
6. Abbott, Samuel Harman, Holberton Hospital
Agricultural Superintendent
7. Abbott, Vida Ivy, High Street lerk
8. Abbott, William, Nelson Street, Water Front Worker 9. Abrams, Donald Warneford, Ottos Farmer
10. Adams, Elvira, Temple & High Streets Midwife & Nurse
11. Adams, Eugene, Corn Alley Baker
12. Adams, Florence, Hawkins Street Home Domestic 13. Adams, Geraldine, Temple & High Streets Nurse 14. Adams, Lorna, Fibrey Housewife
15. Adams, Perry, Fibrey Painter
16. Airall, Sarah, Ottos Housewife
17. Alexander, Ada May, Hawkins St., Dom. Servant 18. Alexander, Beatrice, Hawkins Street do. 19. Alexander, Catherine R., Hawkins St., Huckster 20. Alexander, Josephine Victoria. Hawkins Street Seamstress
21. Alexander, Theodore. Tanner Street Porter
22. Alloway, Augusta, Market Street Housewife
23. Alloway, Jeremiah, Market Street Factory Worker 24. Alloway, Marjorie Louise, Market St., Seamstress 25. Alloway, Richard Ravenna, Market St., Merchant 26. Alloway, Stuart Abraham, Nevis Street, Shopkeeper 27. Allen, Agatha, New Street Domestic Servant
28. Allen, Arthur O., Ottos Road Carpenter
29. Allen, Henry James C., Ottos Road Retired Civil Servant
30. Allen, James T., Market Street, Sal. Army Cadet 31. Allen, James, Ottos, New Extension Gen. Worker 32. Allen, Neville, Nelson Street Truck Driver
33. Allen, Ruth, Hawkins Street Domestic Servant
34. Allen, Samuel Nathaniel, Market Street, Carpenter 35. Allen, Wilhelmina, Tanner Street Dom. Servant 36. Ambrore, Albertha, Ottos, New Extension Housewife
37. Ambrose, Angela, Ottos New Extension, D/Servant 38. Ambrose, Casper, Ottos, New Extension Stevedore 39. Ambrose, Catherine Agatha, Ovals Dom. Servant 40. Ambrosa, Charlotte, Tanner Street do.
41. Ambrose, Dalton, Tanner Street do.
42. Ambrose, Edith Alberta, Nevis Street do. 43. Ambrose, George, New Street Labourer
44. Ambrose, Gladys, New Street Ward Maid
45. Ambrose, Grace, Drake Street Domestic Servant
46. Ambrose, Lipton, Tanner Street Carpenter
47. Ambrose, Malcolm, Ovals Porter
48. Ambrose, Peter, Ottos, New Extension, Truck Driver 49. Ambrose, Victor, Drake & Cross Sts.. Porter
50. Amey, Victoria, New Street Labourer
51. Andrea, Winifred, Cross Street Housewife
52. Andrew, Beatrice, Camacho Avenue Seamstress
S53. Andrew, Florence, Hawkins Street Housewife
54. Andrew, Mary, Fibrey Domestic Servant
55. Andrew, Sarah, New Street Home Domestic
56. Andrews, Sheila May, Ottos New Exten., Housewife 57. Anjo, Lawrence R., Nevis Street Clerk
58. Anselm, Henry A., Nevis Street Merchant
59. Anthony, Amelia, Ottos New Extension, D/Servant 60. Anthony, Clara, Camacho Avenue do.
61. Anthony, Elizabeth, South Street do.
62. Anthony, Evelyn, Nevis Street Dom. Servant
63. Anthony, Ida, Temple Street Labourer
64. Anthony, Iris, South Street Domestic Servant
65. Anthony, Jestina, South Street Domestic Servant 66. Anthony, Peter, New Street Labourer
67. Anthony, Samroy, Fibrey Tailor
68. Anthonyson, Hubert, Nevis Street Clerk
69. Antonio, Catherine, Nelson Street Housewife
70. Antonio, Eustace, Rodney Street Clerk
71. Antonio, Nadio, Ottos New Extension Housewife 72. Antonio, Clement, Nevis Street Clerk
~2J 7V97
1~27 a

74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79.
82. 83. 84. 85.
86. 87. 88. 89. 90.
91. 92. 93. 94.
95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113.
114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144.

Aechibald, Carlton, Hawkins Street Labourer
Archibald, Eliza, New Street Housewife
Archibald, Miriam L., t)ttos Road Teacher
Amstrong, Alicia, South Street Huckster
Armstrong, Iris, (1do. Domestic Servant
Armstrong, Joseph, Nevis Street Civil Servant Armstrong, Wilfred, Tanner Street Tailor
Arrindell, Henry Adolphus (i), Temple St.
Civil Servant
Arrindell, Henry Adolphus (ii), Temple St.
Civil Servant
Arrindell, Irene, Temple Street Housewife
Arrindell, Thelma, Cross Street Clerk
Ash, Lawson Alexander, Hood St. Civil Servant
Ash, Naomi Manvel, South Street, Dom. Servant Ash, Viola, Ottos New Extension Dom. Servant Ashe. Reichet Alpheus, Hood Street, Civil Servant Aska, Denfield, South Street Clerk
Aska, Iris, East Street Dor. Servant
Athill, Newton E. H., Temple & Hawkins Sts.
Athill, Theodore, Ottos New Extension Carpenter Auchinleck, Alice, St. Mary's Street Augustine, Annie, Ottos Road Seamstress
Augustine, Philip Vernon, Nelson Street Painter
Bailey, Hilda C., New Street Dom. Servant
Bailey, Norris, Nevis Street Labourer
Baptiste, Dennis, South St., Telephone Linesminan Baptiste, James, Hawkins Street Tailor
Baptiste, Randolph Simeon, Drake Street Painter Baptiste, Rose Alexandrina, Fibrey D/Servrant Baptiste, King. New Street, Laundry & Cleaner Baptiste. Wilma, Hawkins Street Clerk
Barnabus, Walter, Ottos New Extension Tailor
Barnard, Eric, Drake Street Plumber
Barnard, Gloria, Mrrket Street Dom. Servant
Barnard, Lilith, Drake Street Housewife
Barr, Olive, Ottos New Extension Seamstress
Barrette, Manuel, High Street Clerk
Barrow, Courtney C. M., Tanner St. Clerk
Barthley, Evangeline, Temple Street Seamstress Barton, Florence, Hooo Street Dom. Servant
Baynes, Donald Edwin, Hood Street Mechanic
Baynes, Foster, Leopold, Redeliffe St., School Teacher.
Baynes, Helen, Hood Street Housewife
Baynes, Leah, Hospital Nurse
Baynes, Raphael, Market Street Shoemaker
Beazer, David, New Street Seaman
Bell. Annie, Nevis Street Bank Clerk
Bell, Austin, Nelson Street, Traffic Overseer A.S.F. Bell, Camillia, New Street Dom. Servant
Bell, Hester Alice, East Street Civil Servant Bell, Martha Louisa, High Street Housewife
Bell, Miriam, Nelson Street Housewife
Bell, William Godfrey, High Street Civil Servant Benjaniin, Ann, Tanner Street Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Ann Maalga, Fibrey Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Arthur A., Hood Street Teacher
Benjamin. Avis, Ovals Seamstress
Benjamin, Beatrice (i), South Street Pedler
Benjamin, Beatrice (ii), Fibrey Dom. Servant Benjamin, Beatrice Ruth, New Street Labourer Benjamin, Brunella, Hood Street Dom. Servant Benjamin, Doreen, Nevis Street Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Doris, New Street Labourer
Benjamin, Edgar Alexander, Factory Rd. Merchant Benjamin, Eileen Estella, New Street D/Servant Benjamin, Elkanah, South Street Pedlar
Benjamin. Engford, South Street Shoemaker
Benjamin, Ethel Louisa, Friendly Alley, Seamstress Benjamin, Genevieve, Ottos Home Domestic
Benjamin, George, New Street Baker
Benjamin, Gertrude, Redcliffe Street D/Servan Benjamin, lone, Tanner Street Seamstress
Benjamin, James Theodore, Nelson St., Printer


145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169.
170. 171.
173. 174. 175. 176.
177. 178.
179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191.
192. 193. 194. 195.
197. 198,
199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204.
206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211.
212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219.

Benjamin, Lauchland U., South Street Labourer Benjamin, Madge, Hood Street do.
Benjamin, Matilda, New Street Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Meryl E. O., Nevis Street L. I. Police Benjamin, Peter Ronaldson, blood St. Plumber Benjamin, Rebecca, Nelson Street Dom. Servant Benjamin, Ruby, Factory Road Merchant
Benjamin, Rupert ., Nevis Street Attendan t
B1enjomin, Ruth, Ottos New Extension, D/Servant Benjamin, Sarah, New Street Labourer
Benjamin, Uriah I),. New Street do.
Benjamin. Victoria 11., New Street do.
Benjamin, Veronic, 'Temrple Street Teacher Benjamin, Viola, South Street Dom. Servant
Benjamin, Viola Beatrice, Nevis St. do. Benjamin, Viola. Market Street do.
Benjamin. Wilfred. Hood Street Civil Servant Bennett, Maude, S ath Street Dom. Servant
Benta, Ashley, Ottos Road Shop-keeper
Benta, Evelyn, Ottos Road do.
Bento, Alvaro, Corn Alley & Long Sts. Merchant Bento, Fabian Herbert, Market Street Merchant Bento. Marie Stella, Market Street Typist
Berne, Joseph E., Market Street Shoemaker
Berridge, Edgar G. O., Redcliffe St., Chief Accountant
Berridge, Ernest, New Street Cooper
Berridge, Lynette K., Camacho Ave., State Registered Nurse
Berthen. Ione. Ottos New Extension D/Servant Bethell, Florence E., Cross Street Telephonist Bethell, MIyrna F. H., (Cross Street Bank Clerk Bird, Arthur Ernest, Nevis Street Manager
Bird, Inez, Ottos New Extension Dom. Servant Bird, Irene Agatha, Nvis Street Clerk
Pird, Oscar Milburn, Redcliffe Street, Social Welfare Officer
Bird, Phoebe Ann, Nevis Street Dom. Servant Bird, Vere Cornwall, Tanner St., Importer
Black, Laban N., Rodney Street Carpenter
Blaize, Edmond Joseph, Ottos L. I. Police
Blake, George, New Street General Worker
Blancheard, Edward Iill, High St. Civil Servant Blanchard, Gertrude, Camacho Ave. Housewife Blanchliard, Maurice Vivian, Camacho Ave. Clerk Blanchard, Moris S., Redcliffe Street Clerk Blanehard, Roland Hillt. Civil servant, Long Street Blanchard, Victor Clarence, High St. do. Bowland, Aliport, New Street Lbtourer
Bowry, Ena Geneta, Ottos Housewife
Bowry, Eric Ersdale. Ottos Clerk
Bowers, William, Soul th Street Labourier
Boyse, Ronald, Long Street Labourer
Boyd, Algernon Ivor, Nevis Street Medical Practitioner
Bradshaw, Joseph, Nevis St., Telephone Operator Bradshaw, Martha, Nevis St., Dressmaker
Bramble, Christobelle I., Cross St., Teacher Bramble, Edward, South Street Carpenter
Bramble, Irene, N-w Street Domn. Servant
Bramble, Jane, New Stret do.
Branch, Ina, Temple Street Housewife
Branch, Majorie, Tenple Street Civil Servant
Branch, Martin L., New Stret Capenter
Brand, Mary, Tanner Streeet Seamstress
Brann, James, Rodney Street Tailor
Brathwaite, Alice, Tanner Street Dom. Servant Brathwaite. Beatrice G., New Street Seamstress Bridges, Chrys, High Street Solicitor's Clerk
Bridges, Candon, Long Street Clerk
Bridgewater, Charles, Fire Brigade Station Police Constable
Bridgewater, Yolander, New Street Seamstress Broodie, Adelaide V., Rodney Street Housewife Broodie, Arnold Richardson, Rodney St., Labourer Brodie. Oscar A., Eastt Street do.
Brookes, Elvan Joseph, Cross St. Cabinet Maker Brotherson, William. Nelson St. Labourer
Brown, Ada, New Street Dom. Servant
Brown, Beatrice, Tanner Street do.

Brown, Brown., Br4-own. Brown, Brown, Brown,
Brown., Brown, Ecoqwn,

Betty, 'Tanner Street C. H., Ottos Extension Cyril, Rodney Str-e't Edrnond, Sonuttih Street Ellen, lRedcliffe Str eet Eugenie, New St. Francilla. Ottos Frederick. Nevis St. Ida-Elizabeth. akt St.

Dom. Servant
Labourer Don. Servant

220. 221 222.
223. 224. 225. 226. 227.
228. 229.
231. 232. 233.
234. 235.
236;. 237. 238.
239. 240. 24t. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 2686. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284.
285. 286. 287. 288.
290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295.

BI rown, James Adulphus Nibbs (Jnr.), 'Jarket St.
Brown. James Adolphus >i)bs (Snr.), Market Street
Brown, Lenard, Rodney St. I'rown, Matilda, Rodn-y St. Brown, Mavis Miarguerie Ilarney,
St. Mary St, Nurs

Browi Brown,. Brown.

Nellie, Hfood St. Ralph, MIarket St. Ruby, Temnple St.

eamstr('ss Labouirer Housewife
Merchant Labourer
ing Sister

Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant

Browne, Alexader, Nevis St. Messenger
Browne, Cecil, Nevis St. Cabinet Maker
Browne, Charlesworth, Thames St. Bench Chemist Browne, David Alex., Ottos Garage Proprietor Browne, Edna, Nevis St. Labourer
Browne, Emerald. South St. Domestic Servant
Browne, Emille, Ottos New Road Butler
Browne, Engenies, Corn Alley Pedler
Browne, Gertrude Helena, South St. Nurse
Browne, Hubert, New St. Labourer
Browne, Louise, Nevis St. Dom. Servant
Browne, Phoebean, South Street Domestic Servant Browne, Samuel, New Street Barber
Browne, Stevenson Alfred. Rodney St. Civil Servant Browne, Vera. Crn Alley Housewife
Brumant, Bernice., Redcliffe Street Clerk
lrumant. Mark. South Streelt Labou -r
Bry an, Arthur, Redcliffe Street Porter
Bryan, Charles Uriah, Redeliffe Street Civil Servant Bryan, Edith, Camacho Avenue Seamstress
Bryan, Henry, Ottos Extension Labourer
Bryan, Mlaude, Camacho A venue Housewife
Bryant, Gerald, Ottos Crane Operator
thryant, Mary, Ottos Housewife
Bryant, Montique, Tanner Street Shop-keeper iuekley. (Clariee, Michad Village Clerk
Buckley, Edward, South Street Mechanic
Buckley. Lindbergh, Ottos Lane Tailor
Bnuckley, Percy, South Street Tailor
tBuckly, Rachel Augusta Redcliffe Street Housewife Bunch, Elma, Orttos New Extension Housewife Burke, Ada Elizabeth, New Street Housewife
Burke, Emanuel, New Street Baker
Burke, Enid, New Street Domestic Servant
Burke, lonie Eugenie, New St. Domestic Servant Burke, Mildred, New Street Domestic Servant
Burke, Olive Natalie, New Street Seamstrss
Burke, Rachel, Ottos Road Housewife
Burke. Stanley N. Tannar Street Mechanic
Burnett, Olive, Tanner Street Seamstress
Burnett, Vera Ugenie, Redcliffe Street Dom. Servant Burnett, William, Tanne-r Street Labourer
Barton, Daisy, South Street Labourer
Burton, lone, Corn Alley Labourer
Burton, Irene, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Byam, Charles. New Street Labourer
Byam, Ethel, Nevis Street Washer
Bryan, Maude C, New Street Domestic Servant
Byers. Walter, South Street Chauffeur
Byron, Cecil Oliver, Long Street Barrister-at-Law Byron, Joseph E., Redcliffe St. Inspector of Police Byron, Roland S., Long Street Civil Servant
Byron, Winifred, Redcliffe Street Housewife
Caines, Stella, Cross Street Domestic Servant Caines, Timothy, Ottos New Development Labourer Caleb, Henrietta, South Street Pedlar
Caleb, Ruth, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Camacho, Alex. A., Redeliffe Street Mechanic Camacho, Carlton The4dore, Ottos Civil Servant



296. 297. 298. 21.99 300. 301. 302. 303.
304. 305. 306. 307.
308. 309. 310. 311,
312. 313.
314: 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320.
321. 322. 323.
324. 325. 326. 327. 328.
329. 330. 331. 332. 333.
334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339.
340. 341. 342.
343. 344.
345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360, 361. 362. 363.
364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373.

Camacho, Ester Miaureen, Ott.s loi us wi.e
Camacho, Genevi 3 J., ei dlif. St'-t C(r n Camacho, Ines N., High Sitret Clerk
(Cmonacho, John, St. Mary's Sreet Merchant Camacho, Keithley H.. Michael Vii. MIotor Mechauic C;arneron, En, ii rake Street Carpentier
Carlisle, David, .ibrey arpentr
Carlisle. Eulali, Fibrey D)omestic S :rvant
Carlisle, Pcarl, Fibrey Domestic Servalt
Carlisle, Victor, Re ,clifi'e Street Mechanice Carlos, Irene, Filrey Domestic Servan l
Carr, Beulah, Ovals Clerk
Carr, Cynthia, Ottos Clerk
Carr, Irene, Otto Seamstress
Carr, LeoMrd, Tain;nr Street Labouer
C,'r, Murl Beatric,. NewStreet Domestic Srvant Carr, Neville, N'w Street Labourer
Carr, William, Octos MA[eclhanic
Carter, Percy. Mitael Viilage Mechanie
(rthy, George- Edwai rd, O. os W ard'
(arthy, Lyra Ottos Htousewife
Carty, James, Market Street Labourer
Carty, King, Market Street Painter
Caxton. Elizabhth, MichatI Vil. Domestic Servaint Chaia, Adella Inelda. Nevis & Market St.
Mercantile Managing Clerk Chaia, John Tannons K., High Street Meirchant Chaia, hiJulia, Nevis & Market Sts. Housewif, Chaia, Toufik, Tannons K., Market Street Merehant Chaia, Victoria, M. Nevis & Market Sts Merchant Challenger, Auibrey Rolston, Hood) Street Clerk Chall.-nger, Beatrice, New Street Labourer Challenger, Charles, Ottos Sexton
Challenger, Edgar Viscount, Temple Street Clerk Challenger, Eric G. K., Hood Street Civil Servant Challenger, Evelena, Ottos Housewife
Challenger, Henley, Hood Street Clerk
Challenger, lonie, Hood Street Domestic Servant Challenger, Rolston M., Fibrey Shipwrigtt
Challenger, Un)a, Nelson Str-e4t Clerk
Challenger, Zaciariah. 11tawkins Street Fisherman Chalmers, (Catherine. lRedcliffe Street Housewife Chambers, Diana, Ottos Nw Extension Seamstress Chambers. G ertrude. Nevis Street Housewife Chambers. Theresa. Oitios New Extension O/Servant CharlEs, Alberthia, Otros New Extension HDomiestic Charles. Bertrice, N lson Street Dorn. Se 'vallt ('harles. (Chi'sti'n G. New Street Libourer Charles, Delores, Nevis Stre,,et Domestic Servant Charles, Estella, Temple Street Seamstress
('h:inles, Etl'1. (Oto New Extension Housewife Charles. Enugenie Maide, Nevis Street (Clrk Charles, Fauntlery DeS., New St. Prison Woirder Charles, Frederick, Market Street Watchman Charles, Georgians. Nevis Street Housewife
Charles, Lemuel Ottos New Extension Driver
Charles, Theresa, Ottos Ni-w Extension D/Servant Charles, Iola. Nevis Street Domestic Servant Charls, Junie, Market St reet Domestic Servant Charles, Oscar, Market Street Shoemaker
Charles, Rachel Elizabetn, Nevis St. Dorn. Servant Cbarles, Rozena. Hood Street Domestic Servant Charles, Sarah Elenora, Nevis Street Housewife Charles, V. N. Gwendolyn. Ottos Extension H/wife Chatham. Ivy, Ottos New Extension Housewife Christian, Albert A., Nevis Street Welder
Christian, Amanda, Market Street Dorm. Servant Christian, Aminta, South Street Painter
Christian, Annimay, New Street Dorn. Servant Christian, Donald, South Street Electrician
Christian, Doris, Tanner Street Housewife
Christian, Eliza, Michael Village Housewife Christian, Enid (i), Market Street Dorm. Servant Christian, Enid(ii), Ottos New Extension D/Servant Christian, Eric. Corn Alley Carpenter
Christian, Estella. Ottos New Extension D/Servant Christian, Ethel Agatha, New Street Dorn. Servant Christian, Etheline, Thames Street Clerk
Christian, Geraldine Viola, New St. Dom. Servant Christian, Hilda, South Street Huckster

37'. 377. 378. 37).
380. 381.
382. 383. 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. 39.2.
393. 394. 395.
396. 397. 398.
399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413.
414. 415. 416.
417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422.
423. 424. 425.
426. 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441.
442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452.

Christia;, James,. Taineir Street Tin Smith Christiali,.i An Ann. Ne!,son Street Domt. Servant Christin, Jane, South Stree Domestic Servant Christiain, John, Market Street Barber
Christian., Joseph, East Street Shoemnaker
Ciristian, Lucite, 'Tnempie Street Doam. Servant Christittn, Mary Fibrey Iabourer
Christian, Maurice L. XW. Thames Street i.abourer Chiristian, Millicet, T'lanner Street Labourer Christian, Reginald S.. RU' iclitfe St. I)ental Surgeon Christian, oiald, I l Sou th Street Labo rr Ch istia, Ri?-ton, Long, Street Labonrer
Chistiaan, Ruth, South Street Domestic Servant Christian, Vera Ellen, Redclitffe Street Housewife Christian, Viola (i). Soutnh Street Seamstress Christian, Viola (ii), New Street Labourer
Christian, Wilstrn, New. Street Labourer
Christian, Winston, 'Tann(, r Street Plumber Christopher, Cecil, Hawkins Street Tailor
Christopher, Christiana, New Street Labourer Christopher, Clement Agtstine, New Street Painter Christopher, )Dora, Corn Alley Domestic Servant (Christopher, Eairl, New Street Painter
Christopher, G(adys, South Street Doi. Servant Christopher, Jan-, Market Street l)omestic Servant Clarke, Arthur. Cross Street Planter
Clarke, Clarence J. Cross Street Barber
Clarke, Elenora, Cross Street Lat)oi'urer
Cl irke, Elenora. Ott's Extension Housewife Clarke, Frederick Hioy W.. Long Street Clarke, Malvira, Cross Street Washer
Clarke, Olive. Loug Street Domestic Servant
Clarke, Stanley\, Ottos New Extension Libourer Clarke, Viola, New Streel Labourer
Clarke, Viola, Temple Street Domestic Serv ant Clemens, Doris, Hood Street Domestic Servant Cotes. Cox Emanuel Nevis Street Carpente.r
Coates, Millicent, New Street Domestic Servant Cobbins. Viola, Hood Street Domestic Servent Codrinugton, iBeatrice, South Street Dorm. S-,rvant Codrington, B3t-ryl, Tanner Street Dom. Servant Codrington, Elgin, South Street Labourer
Colbourne. Hilda;, South Street Labourer
Connell, Adriamta, N'vis Street Seamstress
Connell, Georgiana, Market Street Huckster
Constant, Geranium,. Camacho Ave. Clerk
Constant, Gwendolyn, South St. Dorm. Servant Cook, Gladys Millicent, Redcliffe St.eet Methodist Deaconess
Cooper, Albertha Soufh St. Domestic Servant
Conwall, Morris, South St. Baker
Cornelius, Ina May, Hood St. Dom. Servant
Cornelius, Murle, Ottos New Extension D/Servant Corrier, Beryl Olive. Corn Alley Dom. Servant Cotton, George, Market Street Porter
Crick, Beresford C Drake Street Mechanic
Creighton, Joseph A,. Rodney Street Civil Servant Creighton, Rose, Rodney Street Housewife
Crogman, Laurene Mande, Fibrey Dorm. Servant Crump, Ena, Market St. Seamstress
Crump, Franklin, Nevis St. Clerk
Crump, Geraldine, Tanner St. D/Servant
Crnmp, Jane, Rodney St. Seamstress
Crnmp, John, Rodney St. C/Servant
Crump, Onie, do Home Domestic
Crump, Wilfred, Market St. Laborer
Crump, Wilfred (2), Tanner St. Clerk
Crutimp, Wolesley George, Market St. do
Daley, Ada, New St. D/Servant
Daley, Charles, Michael Village L. I. Police
Daley, Daisy, Tanner St. Domestic Servant
Daley, Eleanor, Cross St. do
Daley, Milicent, Michael Village Housewife
Dailey, Sarah, Ottos Domestic Servant
Daniel, Agatha. Hood St. do
Daniel, Alberta Henrietta, South St do
Daniel, Alfred Richard. Ottos, do
Daniel, Alphonso, New St. Tailor
Daniel, David E. Hawkins St. C/Servant


453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518.
519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524.
526. 527. 528. 529.

Daniel, Edith M. Daniel, Eunice, South St. Daniel, Ethelyn, St. Mary's St. Daniel, Irene, New St. Daniel, Leonard, Ottos Daniel, Malcolm, New St. Daniel, Hesketh, High St. Daniel, Ruby, ,,
Daniel, Mary, Hood St. Daniel, John, Redcliffe St. Daniel, Phidela, St. George St. Darow, Garfield, Ottos New Est. David, John, Redcliffe St. David, Felcita Alexandra, High David, Victor Emanuel, Ottos R Davidson, James, Methodist Miss

Davis, Alexander, Cross St. Painter
Davis, Alford, Nelson St. Blacksmith
Davis, Cecil, Nevis St. C/Servant
Davis, Cecil F., Ottos Home Domestic
Davis, Dolton, Tanner St. Labourer
Davis, Elizabeth, ,, D/Servant
Davis, Emmanuel, Nevis St. Agriculturer
Davis, Ethel Adriana, New St. Labourer
Davis, Evelyn G. G. Tanner St. Teacher
Davis, George Alex., South St. Shoemaker
Davis, Gladys, South St. D/Servant
Davis, Hilda Agatha, Tanner St. Teacher
Davis, Joseph Augustus, Rodney St. Undertaker Davis, Joseph A. A., Rodney St. Carpenter
Davis, Joseph Oliver F. Tan'er St. B/Manager Davis, Mary Margaret, Redcliffe St. H/wife
Davis, Mildred, Tanner St. Home Domestic
Davis, Ophelia, Rodney St. Labourer
Davis, Percival, Ottos Waterman
Davis, Robert E. ,, Joiner
Davis, Ruby, Tanner St. Tailoress
Davis, Ruth, Nevis St. Teacher
Davis, Sydney Samuel, Hood St. Labourer
Davis, Winifred Agatha, New St. D/Servant
Dayson, Walter, Rodney St. Labourer
Dear, William Herbert, Ottos Bookbinder
Deazle, John, New St, Fisherman
Deazle, Viola, ,, Housewife
DeFreitas, Allan, Tanner St. Electrician
De Freitas, Eugenie, Collens Lane Clerk
DeFreitas, Hewlett F., Ottos Teacher
DeFreitas, Leonard M., ,, do
DeFreitas, Rachel ,, H/wife
Delsol, Emma, New St. Shopkeeper
Delsol, Stephen, ,, Carpenter
Derrick, George W., Camacho Ave. Wire. Op'tor. Derrick, Maybelle P., ,, Nurse
DeSilvia, Dorothy, Nevis St. H/wife
DeSilvia, Pearl Beatrice, Nevis St. do
DeSilvia, Ronald Leonard, ., Jeweller
Destin, Basil Emanuel, New St. L'bour
De Suza, Conrad, New St. do
DeSuza, Lacy Louisa, High St. Housekeeper
Dias, John B., Michael Ave. Engineer
Dias, Manuel, Long & Market St. Business
Dickenson, Ernest L., New St. Labourer
Dickenson, Mary Jane, Nevis St. H'wife
Dickenson, Moses Mallalieu, Corn Al'y Clerk
Doran, Donally Reginald, Ottos ,,
Donaldson, Wilfred T. M., Ottos New Extension Agriculturer
Douglas, Sylvester A., Corn Alley Sh'keeper
Douglas, Sylvester, Ottos New Extension L/brer Dover, Corletar, Ottos Home Domestic
Dover, Emilia, Ottos Domestic Servant
Dow, Alberta, Ottos New Extension (do Dow, Edmund Charlesworth, Friendly Alley Clerk
Dow, V. Yolande Charlesworth, Friendley Alley Clerk
Dowe, Sybil, Tanner St. Dom, Servant
Dowdye, Henrietta, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant
Dowdye, lonie Christiana, Fibrey D/Servant
Downes, Charity, Ottos Housewife

Seamstrees Seamstress
Civil Servant
D/Servant Labourer Carpenter Merchant
H/wife Domestic Servant
Huckster Labourer
Porter St. Student
oad L. I. Po'ce
ion M/Minister

530. 531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536.
538. 539. 540. 541. 542.
543. 544. 545. 546. 547.
548. 549. 550.
551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564.
565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. 572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581.
582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587.
588. 589. 590. 591.
592. 593. 594. 595. 596. 597. 598.
599. 600. 601. 602. 603.

Dyett, James, Rodney St. Dyett, Norman Elliot, Rod'y St. Dubique, Louisa, Holberton Hospital

Carpenter Labourer

Edgecombe, Cecelia, Hla'ins St. H'wife
Edmund, Estella, C. Alley D/Ser'nt
Edmund, Elvina, New St. Baker
Edmund, Lucille, Corn Alley Dom. Servant
Edmund, Ruth R. R'ney St. Baker
Edmund, Viola, New St. D/Ser'nt
Edwards, Agatha M., Nevis St. Housewife
Edwards, Agatha, Fibrey Home Domestic
Edwards, Alberta, Nevis St. do
Edwards, Alvan B. I)., S'th St. Carpenter
Edwards, Annie L. St. Mary's St. H'wife
Edwards, Arthur, South St. Chauffeur
Edwards, Charles, (1) T'ple St. Shopkeeper
Edwards, Charles (2), Ottos New Extension Trade Manager
Edwards, Charle~worth, Hawkins St. Civil Svnt. Edwards, Clarence C., Nevis St. Civil Servant Edwards, Clarence, Temple St. Teacher
Edwards, Cynthia, Nevis St. Clerk
Edwards, Dalma, Rodney St. do
Edwards, Dennis, S'th St. Aircraft Rflu.'
Edwards, Desmond, Fibrey Bank Messenger
Edwards, Edith, Market St. Laundress
Edwards. Emerald, Hood St. Seamstress
Edwards, Ermyn, St. Mary's St. Clerk
Edwards, Gladys, Nevis St. S'stress
Edwards, Gwendoline M., St. M'ys St. C/Ser'
Edwards, Harry. Nevis St. Edwards, Hubert, T'ple St. Mech'ic
Edwards, Hyacinth, Ottos Domestic Servant
Edwards, Ida Mae, Ottos New Extension do Edwards, Innocent lone, Michaels Village Mercantile Clerk
Edwards, Ivan, Fibrey, Chauffeur
Edwards, James Emanuel, F'rey Mech'ie
Edwards, James, M'ket St. B'ket maker
Edwards, Jocelyn, Temple St. Clerk
Edwards, Keith, Rodney St. Shopkeeper
Edwards, Lester C., High St. L'bour Com'er
Edwards, Louisa, M'ket St. D/Ser'nt
Edwards, Mary, (1) ,, do
Edwards, Mary (2). Fibrey Housewife
Edwards, Noehena, Ottos New Extension Shopkeeper
Edwards, Norman E., New St. Counter Clerk
Edwards, Percilyn, Temple St. Home Domestic Edwards, Ramona, Market St. S'stress
Edwards, Rebecca Love, F'rey D/Servant
Edwards, Roy R. A., Temple & Hood St. Clerk
Edwards, Seldon, Ottos New Extension Mason
Edwards, Telma, F'rey H'keep'
Edwards, Thomas, M'ket St. Chauffeur
Edwards, Vernon, St. Mary's St. L. I. Police
Edwards, Victoria, Rodney St. S'keeper
Edwards, Viola, Ottos New Extension D/Servant Edwards, Walter A., Ottos Mech'ic

Downes, Fitzgerald, Ottos Mechanio
Drew, David Alexander, Nelson St. Carpenter Drew, Ivy, South St. D/Servant
Drew, Matilda, New St. D/Servant
Dublin, Bertha Clarissa, Rodney St. H'wife Dublin, Gwendolyn, New St. D/Servant
Dublin, Thomas Adolphus, Rodney St. Agr'turist Dunbar, Enid Gertrude, South St. Supervisor of Handicraft
Donnah, Petronella, Tanner St. Housewife
Dunning, Mignon, Ottos New Extension H/wife Dunning, Stanford, Ottos New Extension L/brer Dunning, Wilmna, South St. Domestic Servant Dyer, Catherine, M'ket St. do
Dyer, Francis, A. N'son St. do
Dyer, Samuel, R'cliffe St. Carpenter
Dyer, sylvester, M'ket St. do
Dyer, William, Nevis St. do
Dyett, Edwardina Farley, St. Mary's St.


404. C;05.
606. 607. 608. 609. I)10.
611. 612. 613. 4614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619. 620. 621. 622. 623. 624.
625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. 36. 637. 638. 639. 640. 641. 642. 643. 644. 645. 646. 647. 648. 649. 650. 651.
652. 653. 654. 4;55.
657. 658. 659. 660. f661. 662. 663.
664. 665.
666. ,667.
68. 669. 670. 671. 672. 4;73.
674. 675. 676. 677. 678. 679. 1680.
681. 4382.

Edwards, Walter George, 'Michaels Vil. Engineer Edwards, Wilfred, Tan'r St. L'bourer
Eldridge, Florence Emily, High St. Housewife Eli, Carmen, Hood St. D/Ser.
Elliott, Bernard St. Mary's St. Clerk
Ellis, Eleanora, S'th St. Br'd Car'ier
Elmes, George, '"er St. Carpenter
Elmnes, James D., O-ts New Extension Sales Clerk Etwin, Henry Joseph, R'cliffe St. C/Ser.
Eilwin. Louise, ,, I'wife
Emmanuel. Andrew. S'th. St. Baker
Emmanuel, Deloris M. M'ket St. D/Ser.
Emmanuel, Irene, Rodney St. Domestic Servant Ephrairn, Constance. Market St. S'keeper
Ephraim, Daisy Belle, Drake St. l)Str.
Ephraim, David, M'ket Street Sh'keeper
Ephraim, Eliza, Ottos Pedlar
Ephraim, James, Drake St. ("C'penter
Erskine, Delis, Ottos New Development Labourer Etinoff, Anna, New St. D/Ser.
Evanson, Marina, Cross St. ('Clerk
Fahie, Nancy Ida, R'cliffe St. 1)/Ser.
Fane, Dennis, Rodney St. Handicraft Worker
Faracho, Raymond P.. Nevis St. C'ffeur.
Farley, George, M'ket St. Sho'ker
Farley, Hubert, ,, Clerk
Farley, Olive, Ottos Road Housewife
Farley, Violet, Ottos Road S'keeper
Farquhar, Agnita, New St. D/Ser.
Farrell, Christopher, Drake St. Mason
Farrell, Eugenie, New St. D/Ser.
Farrell, Gertrude, Hawkins St. Housewife
Farrell, Isa Sylvia, H'kins St. H'ster.
Farrell, John William, M'ket St. Mason
Farrell, Joseph. ,, L'brer.
Farrell. Katie Catherine, ,, D/Ser.
Fayne, Lorna, Rd'ny St. H'wife
Felix, Jerome, T'ner St. Tailor
Fenton, Aaron, Ottos New Extension Agriculture Fenton, Sarah, Ottos New Extension Housewife Feracho, Cleveland, Branch Ave. Factory Worker Fernandez, Crystal R., Cross St. C/Ser.
Fernandez, Edna M., Tan'. & Tern'. Sts. Mil'nr Fernandez, Ethelino M., Drake St. H'wife
Fernandez, John S., M'ket St. M'chant
Fernandez, Joseph H., D'ke St. Cinema Mgr.
Ferrance, Beatrice, Nevis St. H'wife
Ferrance, Clifton. Ottos P'ter
Flax, Sylvia H., Ottos Road Civil Servant
Ffloyd, Eliza, T'ner St. D/Ser.
Floyd, James, Ottos New Extention Mason
Flemming, Philip, Ottos C/Ser.
Flemmining, Sweeda, Ottos H'wife
Foey, Laurel, H'kins St. D'maker
Foote, Emily Mabel, High St. H'wife
Ford, Allan, Ovals C'ffeur
Fox, Robert, Branch Ave. Carpenter
Francis, Arnold Sylvester, Ottos Extension L/brer Francis, Beatrice, (1) Hood St. D/Ser.
Francis, Beatrice (2) M'ket St. do
Francis, Cayton, South St. L'brer
Francis, Charles A. Fibrey P'ter
Francis, Claude Earl, Long St. Solicitor
Francis, Coraleta, New St. Francis, Deloris, Ottos Extension Labourer
Francis, Donald, Fibrey Butler
Francis, Eliza, T'ner St. D/Ser
Francis, Ellie Noel E. St. Mary's St. C/Ser
Francis, Ethel, Michael Domestic Servant
Francis. Fitzroy, Hood St. L'brer
Francis, Garner, Nevis St. Artist
Francis, Helen, E., St. Mary's St. Sten/pher
Francis, Hubert, Fibrey L'brer
Francis, Ionie, ., S'stress
Francis, lonie, C'cho Ave. Clerk
Francis, Irene C. New St. D/Ser
Francis, Iris, C'cho. Ave. do
Francis, Isaiah, Nelson & Cross Sts. Carpenter Francis, John, New St. S'man

683. 684. 685. 686. 687. 688. 689. 690. 691. 692. 693.
694. 695. 696. 697. 698. 699. 700.
701. 702. 703. 704. 705.
706. 707. 708. 709.
710. 711. 712.
713. 714. 715.
716. 717. 718. 719. 720. 521. 722. 723.
724. 725. 726. 727. 728. 729. 730. 731. 732. 733. 534. 735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. 741. 742. 743. 744. 745. 746. 747. 748.
749. 750. 751. 752. 753.
754. 755. 756. 757. 758.

Francis, Joseph, M'ket St. Carp'ter
Francis, Leadora., Cross St. H'wife
Francis, Louisa, M'ket St. Francis, Maizie, High St. Housekeeper
Francis, Margaret, S'th St. D/Ser
Francis, Marie, Tanner St. Pedla'
Francis, Marine, Long St. Hairdresser
Francis, Ramond, R'cliffe St. L'brer
Francis, Rateliffe, M'ket St. Painter
Francis, Rita B., New St. Home Domestic
Francis, Sarah Elmira, H'wife Market St.
Francis, Sydney, South St. C'ffeur
Francis, Theodore, Ottos Extension Chauffeur
Francis, Virginia, New St. D/Ser
Francis, Widcliff, Fibrey L'brer
Francis, Wilma, Temple St. Home Domestic
Frank, Isaline, S'th. St. D/Ser
Franklin, Alister C., High St. C/Ser
Frazuir, Theodore, M'ket St. Baker
Frederick, Beryl, T'ple St. S'stress
Frederick, Christiana, T'ner St. D/Ser
Frederick, David W, R'cliffe St. C'penter
Frederick, Donald, Ottos New Extention General Worker
Frederick, Eileen, Ottos New Extension H/wife Frederick, Fernella, T'ner St. D/Ser
Frederick, Georgette D., M'ket St. (do
Frederick, Madiana, Ottos New Extension Home Domestio
Frederick, Thomas N., T'ple St. Fis'man
Frederick, Victoria, New St. Handicraft Worker Freeland, James A., H'kins St. L'orer
Friday, Daisy, Ottos C/Ser
Furlong, Ellen, T'ple St. Pedlar
Furlong, Mary, N(-w St. D/Ser
Galloway, Stedmon, Ottos New Extension Gardiner, Bazil, C. Alley T'lor
Gardiner, Charles R., Ottos C/Ser
Gaynes, Alberta, Ovals D/Ser
Gaynes, Ernest. R'ney St. C/Ser
Geene, Alice Maud, Nevis St. DISer
George, Agatha (1) Rodney St. H'wife
George, Agatha (2) Ovals S'stress
George, Alfred, S'th St. L'brer
George, Annesta, New St. D/Ser
George, David (1), S'th St. Tailo'
George, David, (2) M'ket St. L'brer
George, Doris, T'ner St. D/Ser
George, Earl, T'ple St. L'brer
George, Eunice, Tanner St. Domestic Servant
George, Geraldine, Drake St. D/Ser
George, Grace, Drake St. do
George, Helen E. Fibrey, do
George, Hubert 0., Hood St. Cle'k
George, lonie, Fibrey Domestic Servant
George, James, Cross St. L'brer
George, John, Ottos New Extension General worker George, Julia, M'ket St. H'ster
George, Ruby I., S'th St. D/Ser
George, Samuel, ,, Mec'nico
George, Theophilus, R'ney St. Baker
George, Thersa, S'th Ste. D/Ser
Georges, Edmie, S'th St. C/Ser
Georges, Norris, M'ket St. do
Gerald, Ann, Ottos Domestic Servant
Gerald, Eliza, Ottos Road Home Domestio
Gerald, Josephine, R'ney St. D/Ser
Gibson, Alfred, M'ket St. Labourer
Gibson, Georgiana, ,, D/Ser
Gihon, Iris, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Gilkes, Lionel, East St. C/Ser
Gilead, Ethel S'th St. D/Ser
Gilead, Gwendolyn, Ottos New Extension Domestic Servant
Gilbert, Vilna, Ottos New Extension H/Domestic Gladstone, Reis T., Nevis St. Cl'ner & Pros'
Gloade, George, S'th St. C'penter
Gomes, Clarabelle M'ket St. S/stress
Gomes, Doris, Corn Al'y L'brer


759. 760,
761, 762.
7 6
766. 767 768
769770771 772773. 774775776' 777. 778779. 780' 781782. 783
785. 786787. 788.
791. 792. 793. 794795. 796.
797. 798. 799. 800. 801 802.
80:3. 804. 805. 806. 807.
808. 809. 810. 811.
812. 813. 814. 81..
816. 817. 818.
819. 820. 821. 822. 823.
824. 825.
826. 827.
828. 829. 830. 831. 832. 833.
834. 835. 836.

837. Harney, Clarence Addison, Tanner St.

Gomes, Gertrude, High St. M'chant
Gomnes, Helenora, S'th St. D/Ser
Gomes, Isabelle, T'ner St. Dijr
Gomes, Lilian C., Long St. H1/wife
Gomnes, Marie, R'cliffe St. (1
Gomes, Stephen, Corn Alley Tractor Driver
Gimes, Wilfredl A., RedcliffeSt. Accountant Gotmes. Stephen Alex., R'cliffe St. Engie'r Gonsalves. Arnold, Rodney St. Salesman
Gonsalves, Enid C., Hood St. S' tress
Gonsialves, Fabian M. S'th St. Clerk
Gonsalves, Hu bert (',, New St. do
Gonsalves, Johaninah, High St. Hjwife
Gonsalves, Martin A., M'ket St. M'chant
Gonsalves. Mauric, S'th St. M'chant
Gonsalves, Roginald J.1. H., Hood St. Store kpr. Goodwin, Caradoe, R'eliffe St. Clerk
Goodwin, Carmen, ., do
Goodwin, Ercill, M'ket St. Print r
Goodwin, George A. E., T'ple St. C/Ser
Goodwin, Hielen G. K., High St. T'cher
Goodwin, Ilva Vera, T'ple htL do
(Goodwin, Marion, C'cho Ave. H'wife
Gordon, Gertrude, S'th St. D/Ser
Gordon, Irving J., Ottos, S/keeper
Gtre, James, S'th St. Blacksmith
Gor. Marjorie, .. 1)/maker
Gor. Sybil, Ottos New Extension Housewife
would Lydia, Drake St. H1/witfe
Govia, Arthur, M'ket St. Merch.
Govia, Ernest A., S'th. St. Surve yor
Govia, Joseph. M'ket St., Tin'. & Plum.
G(raham, Henrietta, Nevis St. Stress
Graham, John, T'ner St. L'brer
Grntw, Alexander, St. Mary's St. Com. Traveller Grant, Alex, St. Mary's St. Commission Agent Grant, Eva. New St. It'wife
Grant, Edward, Hid St. Porter
Grant, Francis. Hod St. D/Ser
Grant, Gwendolyn, Hood St. Domestic Servant
GraSt, Mary, T'ner St. do
Grant, Mary (i1ely, East St. Steno-typist
Grant. MI rde E., Mf'ket t. D/Ser
Grant. Ronald. East St. Tel'graphist
Grant. Ruby '.. T'ner St H'wife
Grteen, Amelia, Hood St D/Ser
Greenaway, harles, [igh St. Civil Servant Greenaway, Edwi., New St. L'brer
Grei...nawavy, Genevieve Ianthy, No. 2 New St.
Greeiaway, George, Hood St. T'lor
Greenway,. Joseph, New St. Butcher
Greenaway, Mary. Ottos Road Domestic Servant Gre-aiway, Octavia, Ilood St. D/Ser
Gre-enaway, William, ,Nevis St. Meclinic
G(eenidge, Laurie. St. Mary's St. Bank Cl-rk Greer. Ivan. Hood St. Plinmber
Grgor, Tryphe na, New St. Dom, Sei-vant
Griffith, Fr'ancis Vere, Long St. Retired
Griffith, Isaline, T'ner St. D/Ser
Griffith, Mildred, Ottos New Extention Seamnstress Hackett Christiana, Nevis St. Huckster
Hall, Courtney. St. Mary's St., Hotel Man-gress Hall. William E. Hood St. L. I. Police
Halliday, Allan, Long St. Joiner & O'penter
Halliday, Ernest W., T'ner St. Binder
Halliday, Mande A., M'ket St. D/Ser
Hallpike, Charles A. Shand, Long Street Clerk & Private Surv,yor Hlallpike, Clyde, N'son St. T'cher
Hallpike. Emily, Nevis St. D/Ser
Hallpike, Endalene, N'son St. Clerk
Hallpike, Evangeline, ,, H'wife
Hallpike, Maisie M., S'th St. Clerk
Hallpike, Meta, Nelson St. T'cher
Hamilton, Ethel, S'th St. D/Ser
Hamilton, Gertrude, S'th St. do
Hamilton, Mildred, T'ner St. S'stress
Harney, Anne L., St. Mary's St. Merchant
Harney, Clara, R'ney St. H'wife

839. 8 3.).
840. 841.
842. 843 844. 845. 846.
847. 848.
649. 850. 851. 852. 853.
857. 858. 859.
862. 86"3. 864. 865. 866. 867. 868.
869. 870. 871.
"73. 872. 874. 875. 876.
877. 878. 879.
880. 881.
883. 884. 885.
887. 888. 889. 890. 891.
892. 893. 894. 895. 896. 897. 898. 899. 900. 901.
902. 903.
905. 906. 907. 908.
909. 910. 911.
913. 914. 915. 916.

Henry. Edward T.. St. Mary's St. Henry, Eliza, New St. H'nry, Ella L., St. Mary's St. Henry. Ethel, Long St. H-nry. Florence G., St. Mary's St Henry, Florence Naomi, Nevis St Henry, Giorge, N'son S-. Henry. Gl;ld)s, Ottos New Extens Henry, Harold. M'klct St. Henry, Jasper B., T'ple St.

C/Ser L'brer
11/wife Clerk H'wife C'ffeur ion Honsewife
S S'mrnaker

Henry, John R., East St., Barrister-at-Law
Henry, Kathleen, Ottos, H'wife
Henry, Keithle Mail rice. Drake St. Clerk
Henry, Lilian, S'th St. Housewife
Henry, Lilian C., Newv St. D/Ser
Henry, Louise, Ottos L. do
Henry, Mary, )Drake St. H'wife
Henry, Madge, Tanner St. Home Domestic
Henry, Maud A. M'ket St. Housewife
Henrt, May, Cross St. Clerk
Henry, Millicent. Ottos R. D/Ser
Henry, Muriel; Nevis St. do
Henry, Otho S., Nevis St. C'penter
Henry, Rhoda R., Rt'ney St. D/Ser
Henry, Roland E., St. Mary's St. Retired C/Ser Henry, Rupert G., S'th St. Shoem.
Henry, Theophilus, New St. Cl./Presser
Henry. Thomas, S'th, St. L'brer
Henry, Walter Clement, Drake St. Draftsman
Henry, Wilbert, South Street Labourer
Hensley, Marie. H'kins St. S'stress
Herbert, Amelia A., New St. H'wife
Herbert, Beryl, New St. D/Ser
Herbert, Charles M. South St. Baker
Herbert, Edward. T'ner St. Mason
Herbert, Eilekn I., Ottos New Extension Domiestic

Harniey, Mabe-l iEna, Tann er St. Housewife
Hrper,. Alfreda. Cross St. ClTrk
Harper, Elizabeth S., Long St. 1[xwife
Harpetr, John. R'ecliffe St. P'ter
Larper, Viola F., D)rake St. DI)/Ser
Harris, Florence, O1ts New Extension H/Doinestie iHarris, Lionel A., Ottos R'd., C/Ser
H:arris, Lydia. F'brey D/Ser
Hanrris, Mary, H-1'kins St. do(
Harris, Sarah, TYner S.. iH'wife
Harris. Winifred, Ne wx St. D/Sei
Harvey, Inez, Branch Ave. Hon.exewif
larvex, Norris, M'ket St. L'brer
Havercombe, George, Nevis Str. Tally Clerk
Havercombe, Vera, S'th St. D/Ser
Hawkins, Elbing, Ottos Salesman
Hawkins, Frances, S,'lh St. H/wife
Hlaynes, Bertie, M'ket St. Phrm'er
Haynes, Olive, Nevis St. Clerk
Haynes, Haynes, South St. Mechanic
Haywood; Eilbenu E., Ottors H'wife,
Haywood, Ilew llyn E.' ()OtLos, C/Ser
Hazell', Georg. E.. F"rey Mason
lHaz.l, Helnii Drci-eilh, New St. Dom. Serant Hazelwoodi. Ermina. New St. HIwif ,
Hazlewood, Ethelyni Viola, New St. Seamstress HaIzelwooid, Lenrard, ,, L'lhr-r
Hazlewood, Audrey. New St. Home Domestic
H-Iector, Dalmar A., Fibrey Carpenter
H otor, Oct(avia, Ottos Compositor
H-etior, Margaret, Corn Alley. Seamnstress
H.eo r, Rhoda. New St. Agrfist
Hector. Rupert,. Corn Alley Grocer
Hiry, Ali-: E., T'ner St. L.'bror
HIeiry, Alice Mtu,'e, R'clffe St. 11. Wi1e
Henry, Amn, Ottos T'lo r
Henry, Bery1. T'jil- t. S'stress
HIenry (Char les E., M'ket St. Mason
Henry-, Charl,s G., H'kis St. Clerk
Henry, Daisy, T'ple., do
H-nry, l)oreen, Tanner St. Domestic Servant
Henry, ldward, Tempi St. centerter


917. 918. 919. 920. 921.
922. 923. 924. 925.
926. 927. 928. 929. 930. 931 932. 933. 934. 935.
937. 938.
939. 940. 941.
942. 943.
945. 946. 947. 948. 949. 950. 951.
952. 953.
954. 955. 956. 957.
958. 959. 960. 961.
962. 963.
964. 965. 966. 967. 968.
969. 970. 971.
972. 973.
974. 975. 976.
978. 979. 980. 981.
982. 98:3. 984. 985. 986.
989. 990. 991. 992.
993. 994.

Hopkins, Catherine, Cr',ss Street, Hopkins, Ian, Corn Al.ley HTopkins Jane Arnn, South St. Hopkins. Lankland., South Street Hopkins, Violet A*ga in, South St. Horsford, Arabella. Southli Street Horsford, (Christolhine, Tanner St.


Hiorsford, Frances, South St. Hon Horsford, Ivan S., 'Ta inner St. Sec.Horsford. John. Ottos New Extension H1orsford, Ranna. New Street Howell, Beryl Geraldinei, Lonig St. C Howell, Cynthia, St. Mary's Street C Howell, Gladys, Hligh St. Howell, Lanchiland, Soutb St. hughes, Ann Millisa, South Street D Hughes, Beryl, Rodney Street Hughes, Kenneth Bramwell, Nelson St. Hu.hes, Leroy, Fibrey Polio
Hughes, Margaret, Market Street H ughes, Ruby, Cross Street Hughes, Thomas, Tanner Street Humphrey s, Alice, St. Mary's Street Humphreys, Ena, New Street Dome
Humphreys, lonTe, Taiine-r Street Dome Huimphreys, Miriam, Tatter St. Sw Humphreys, Stanley, No. 2 New St. Hunt, Doris Maude,, Camacho Ave., Hunt, Florence, Long Street Hunt, Henrietta Priscilla New Street Hunt Hilda, Market Street Hunt, Joshua, New Street Hunte, Colmnore, Market St. Hunte, Earl Bertrand, Camacho Ave. Hunte, Genevieve Loinse, Hawkins St. Hunte, Roy Theodore, Tanner Street Hunte, Selina, Michaels Ave. Hurst, lotha, Branch Ave.

995. Ireland, George, Market Street

Herbert, Enid, New St. Herbert, Enid B., Herbert, Harold Anth y, St'h St. Herbert, lone, M'ket St. Herbert, John, New St. Herbert, Maisie, 'iinr St. Hrbert, Selvyn J., New St. Higgins, Arabella, Ottos Lane Dome Higgins, Borthe A., 't. Mary'si St. Higgins. Daisy, R'ney t. Higgins, Edna I., T''ner St. Higgins, Elsie E., D'ak., St. Higgins, Joseph, T'ner S.L. Higg ins, Mary, Higgins, Peter, I'kiils St. Higgins, Stella, New St. Higgins, Victoria, Hawkins St. Hill, Alice. Nevis St. Hill, Denzii Conrad, Ottos Hill, Edward Alexamter, South Si'reet Hill, Estella, South Street Dome Hill, Eric, Market St. Hill, [Helen Myrl, Lone St. Hill, Llewelyn, New St. Fact
Hill, Laurel, South St. Hill, Mandlyn, Redcliffe St. Hill, Victor, New Street Hilaire, Francis, High St. Dental Hixon, Alice Elizabeth, Nevis Street Hixon, Frances Ann Marlket Street Ho, Godfroy, Ottos C
Hodge, George T., Nevis Street Hedge, Jacob, New Str",et Hodge, Mary, Fibrey Dome
Hodge, Olive, New Street Hogan, David, Dttos New Developmen Hogan, Evelyn, Ottos New Developme Hlolbhrton, Egbert Byron, Tanner St., Holder, Helen, Ottos New Developmen

Ser 996. Ifreland, S'amun-l, South Siret Shomaker
HL'wit e 997. Isace. Agatha, Newv Str,- Hckster
JB' her 918. Isaac, Arthor, South Stret Gene'ra' Worker D/Ser 99. Isaa, earic, Recliff St. II us wife
L'brer 1000. Islac. Clarce, Tanner Street Domestic Servant S'stress 1001. Isaao, Frances, [, od Street Domestic Servant
Baker 1002. Isaace, Tvy, South Stretet Domestic Servant stick ,ervan t 100,,. Isakac, Jane, Ottos New E1tension General \WVrker
Teacher 1004. saac, iaymondin Enmuel, Nelson Street Carpenter Warder 10105. Isaac, Wilfred [shmawie M'iarket Street Labourer
D/Ser 1006. Isaac, William Nelson Str-et Painter
S'stress 1007. Ishiriael, Lucy Victoria, Fibrey Domestic Servant
L'brer 1008. ,Jackson, Leone, Temple Street Housewife
D/Ser 100(9. Jackson, May, Market Street Housewife
Pipe Fit' 1010. Jackson, Ruth, Fibrey HIousewite
I) her lt 1 1. J1acobs, Alice Matui, Tanner Street Housewife Housewife 1012. Jacobs, Cecelia, South Street Domestic Servint do 1013. Jacobs, Christiana, Sothi Street Samstress
Clerk 1014. Jacobs, Inez (I), South Street Domestic Sexvant
Merchant 1015. Jacobs, Inez (II), flood Street Baker
stick Servant 1016. Jacobs, Leonard, Ottos Lane Factory VWo ker
Drggist 1017. Jacobs, Matthias Branstaff, Rodney St. Civil Sr'valt Teacher 1018. Jacobs, Pearlina, South Street I)omestic Servant ory Worker 1019. Jacobs, Rosine, Michaels Ave Domestic Servant Housewife 1020. Jacobs. Selvin, South Street (arpenter
Housewife 1021. Jacobs, Winifred, South Street Pedlar
Mechanic 1022. Jacobs, Winston, Redeliffe Street Shoemnaker Technician 1023. James, Adamson (I), New Street Clerk
D/Servant 1024. Jam-es, Adamson (ll), New Street Laboiurr
Labourer 1025. Jam, s, Amelia Victoria, Fibrey Domestic Srvant ivil Servant 1026. Jlames, Beatrice, South Street Housewife
Clerk 1027. Jarmes, Bervyl, Ottos Road Housewife
Painter 1028. James, Bruce, Drake Street Tailor
stic Servant 1029. .lames, Cecil M., Corn Alley Tailor
Labourer 1030. Jamnes, Charlotte Auusta, South Street D/-ervant t Labourer 1031. ,James, Delores, Ottos New Extension )/S-rvant nt Hl/wife 1032. Jam1ies. Donald, New Str-et Pressman Aten dant Shoemaker 1033. James, Edward Alexander, Ottos Labourer
t Labourer 1034. James, Elenora, Newv Street Domestic Servant om. Servant 1035. James, Emily. New Stret Housewife
Shoemaker 1036. James, Ernestine, Fibrey D)omestic Servant
Housewife 1037. James, Eileen. South St. do
Baker 1038. .lJames, Jane Ann, Hawkins St. do
oln. Worker 1039. James, Joshua, MNichael Village Missionary
Laborer 1040. ,Jlames, Irene, Market Street Domestic Ser-vant
hClrk 10(41. James. Lapington C., Ottos Carpenter
ne Dorestic 1042. James, Lna, Drake Street Domestic Srvant Accountant 1043. James, Louisa, New Street Huckster
Labourer 1044. James. Marilyn, Market Street Domestic Servant Heusewife 1045. James, Norris. Ottos New Extension Baker
ivil Sevant 1 tt046. J.ame s, OliV', Ottos Housewife
ivil Servant 1017. Jamnes, Oscar, South Street Painter
Merchant 1048. James. Samuel, Ottos Police
Labou rer 1049. James. Sarah, South Stret Labourer
0m. Servant 1050. I.ames, Viola Laurena, Nevis Street Teacher
Cle-rk 1051. James, William, Ottos Extension Clerk
Mechanic 1052. Jam.-s, Wyro, Ottos Extejision Domestic Servant e Constable 1053. Jardin, John, Long Street Director
Pedlar 1054. J rdimn, Olive Claire, Longa Street Housewife Seamstres 1055. Jardine, Eugene, Thames Street Merclhant
Shoemaker 1056. Jardine, Maurice, Thamnes Street Baker's .Clerk Housewife 1057. Jarvis, Ada, New Street Domestic Servant
stic Servant 1058. Jarvis, Archibalt,. Ottos Road Labourer
stic Serva;nt 1059. Jarvis. Audrey, Temple St. Domestic Servant eet Vendor 1060. Jarvis, Claxton, Ottos New Extension Labourer
Clerk 1061. Jarvis, Delouris. South Street Domestic Servant Housewife 1062. Jarvis, Ernest, South Street do.
Labourer 1063. Jarvis, George E. V., Redcliffe St. Civil Servant Labourer 1064. Jarvis, Grace, Market Street Labourer
Huckster 1065. Jarvis, Mack, South Street do.
Tinsmith 1066. Jarvis, Raymond, Victoria Park Caretaker and
Porter Foreman
Carpenter 1067. Jasica, Gladys, Ottos New Extension D/Worker Seamstress 1068. Jeaviere, Morris, Market Street Shopkeeper
Mechanic 1069. Jeffers. Irene R., South Street Housewife
Clerk 1070. Jeffers, Joseph, South Street Labourer
Seamstress 1071. Jeffers, Samuel Bertrame, R/cliffe St. Fisherman 1072. Jeffers, Samuel Hermon, South Street Carpenter Shopkeeper 1073. Jeffery, Chamberlain, Temple Street Labourer


1074. 1075. 1076. 1077. 1078. 1079. 1080. 1081. 1082. 1083. 1084. 1085. 1086. 1087. 1088. 1089. 1090. 1091. 1092. 1093. 1094. 1095. 1096. 1097.
_1098. 1099. 1100. 1101. 1102. 1103. 1104. 1105. 1106. 1107. 1108. 1109. 1110. 1111. 1112. 1113. 1114. 1115. 1116. 1117. 1118. 1119. 1120. 1121. 1122. 1123. 1124. 1125. 1126. 1127. 1128. 1129. 1130. 1131. 1132. 1133.
1134. 1135. 1136. 1137. 1138. 1139. 1140. 1141. 1142. 1143. 1144. 1145. 1146. 1147. 1148. 1149. 1150. 1151. 1152.

Jeffrey, Margaret. Soith Stireet Domestic Servant Jeffrey, Sarah Louis Ottos Nurse
Jeffrey, William, New Sreet Painte
Jeremiah, Millicen)t, Market St., Domestic Servant Jessiah, Estella Jestina, New St., Domestic Servant Joaquin, Calistus F., Market St., Tiaetre Prop
John, Agatha Michael's Village @/stress
John, Ahneana George, Market Street H/wive
John, Enid C(., Temple Stret Domestic Serviii
John, Ephrain)mA. M., Tanner St., Civil Servant
Johr. George Elisha Gee.. Market St., Merchant
John, Grace Ann. Nevis St. Home Domestic
John, Edward, Ottos L. 1. Police
John, Lucille, Camacho Ave. Domestic Servant
John, Marjorie Elizabeth, Temple Street Seamstress John, Maude, Market Street Domestic Servant
John, Richard, Rodney-Temple Street Civil Servant
John, Sylvia Amelia, Market Street Labourer
John, Viola, sNew Street Domestic Servant
Jonas, Victoria, New Street Domestic Servant
Jones, Alice, Fibrey, Baker
Jones, Cicily, Ottos-New Development Seamstress
Jones, Dorris Christobelle, South St. Domestic Servant Jones, Fabian, Tanner Street Carpenter
Jones, Mary, New Street Washer
Jones, Sylvannus, Market Street Machinist
Jones, Winifred, Tanner Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Adassa, South Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Agnes, New Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Alexander, Rodney Street Civil Servant
Joseph, Amabelle, Redcliffe Street Housewife
Joseph, Ann, South Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Charles, (I) South Street Carpenter
Joseph, Charles, (II) New Street Labourer
Joseph, Charles M., Rodney Street Carpenter
Joseph, Charlesworth H., Market Street Teacher
Joseph, Clarissa, Fiennes Institute Housewife
Joseph, Claria, Nevis Street Pedlar
Joseph, Coralie, Cross Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Delores, Fibrey, Home Domestic
Joseph, Edith, Market Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Elaine, Drake Street Housewife
Joseph, Elsie Enid, St. Marys Street Housewife
Joseph, Emanuuel, (D Rodney Street Carpenter
Joseph, Emanuuel, (II) Nleon Street Painter
Joseph, Enid, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Joseph, Estella, Otos-New Extension Domestic Servant Joseph, Eva, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Joseph, Evelyn Augusta, New Street Midwife
Joseph, Fitzroy, Ottos-New Extension Labourer
Joseph, Felicia, Ottos-New Extension Domestic Servant Joseph, Florence C., Fibrey Domestic Servant
Joseph, Geraldine, Market Street Domestic Servant Joseph, Gladys New Street Huckster
Joseph, Grace Ann, Temple Street Domestic Servant Joseph, Gwendolyn, (I Cross Street Domestic Servant Joseph, Gwendolyn, (II) Ottos-New Extension D/Servant Joseph, Henrietta, South Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Hyacinth, South Street Home Domestic
Joseph, lola, Nevis Street Home Domestic
Joseph, Ina Malvira, Fibrey Housewife
Joseph, James Henry, Redcliffe Street Tailor
Joseph, James, Ottos-New Development Mason
Joseph, Jane Jelica, New Street Labourer
Joseph, Jinks, Redcliffe Street Tailor
Joseph, John, (I) Cross Street Labourer
Joseph, John, (II) Camacho Ave Electrian
Joseph, John, (III) Rodney Street Carpenter
Joseph, John Alex, Ottos-New Development Labourer Joseph, Joshua H., Fiennes Institute Civil Servant Joseph, Lawrence, Ottos-New Devel. Civil Servant
Joseph, Levi, Ottos Carpenter
Joseph, Lillian, Fribrey Domestic Servant
Joseph, Maizie, Hood Street Domestic Servant
Joseph, Matilda, Corn Alley Labourer
Joseph, Margiana, Ottos Housewife
Joseph, Maria F., St. Mary's Street Housewife
Joseph, Monica, Fibrey Domestic Servant
Joseph, Norris, South Street Labourer

1183. 1184. 1185. 1186. 1187.
1188. 1189. 1190.
1191. 1192. 1193. 1194. 1195. 1196. 1197. 1198. 1199. 1200. 1201. 1202. 1203.
1204. 1205. 1206. 1207. 1208. 1209. 1210. 1211. 1212. 1213. 1214. 1215. 1216. 1217. 1218. 1219. 1220. 1221. 1222. 1223. 1224. 1225. 1226. 1227. 1228. 1229. 1230.

Karam, Maurice, Market Street Merchant
Karam, Rose, Market Street Housewife
Keene, Ivan C., Michael Village Civil Servant
Kelsick, Ada L.. Redcliffe Street Clerk
Kelsich, Arthur A., St. Mary's Street Clerk
Kelsick, Cyril Dudley, St. Mary's Street Clerk
Kelsick, Cyril George, St. Mary's Street Civil Servant. Kelsick, Donald, Corn Alley Clerical
Kelsick, Edmund, Ovals Butcher
Kelsick, Ernest Desmond, St. Mary's Street Civil Servant Kelsick, Jean, High Street Housewife
Kelsick, Majorie Eloise, St. iMary's Street Clerk Kelsick, Percy Cranston, St. Mary's Street Clerk Kelsick, Ruby, Camacho Ave. Seamstress
Kelsick, Ruby Althea, St. Mary s Street Housewife Kelsick, Ruth A., St. Mary's Street Receptionist
Kent, Doris, New Street Housewife
Kent, Miriam, Ottos-New Settlement Water-carrier Khoury, Elisha, Redcliffe Street Merchant
Khoury, John, Redcliffe Street Merchant
Khoury, Mitchell, Redcliffe Street Merchant
Khoury, Shamna, Redcliffe Housewife
King, Aubrey, Redcliffe Tailor
King, Audrey, Corn Alley Home Domestic
King, Charles, Corn Alley Labourer
King, Desmond, New Street Carpenter
King, Edith, South Street Domestic Servant
King, Ireta, South Street Housewife
King, Mary Juane'a, Nevis Street Shopkeeper
King, Resetta, Fibrey Huckster
King, Una Camacho Ave. Housewife
Kirby, David Alexander, New Street Labourer
Kirby, Ernestine, Fibrey Home Domestic
Kirby, Louisa, Temple Street Domestic Servant
Kirby, Samuel, Corn Alley Carpenter
Kirwan, Ashley J, Tanner Street Tinsmith
Kirwan. Beatrice, South Street Housewife
Kirwan, Clothilda Olive Hawkins Street Seamstress Kirwan, Edna, Ottos New Extension Home Domestic Kirwan, Emanuel, Hawkins Street Porter
Kirwan, Eudally Elaine, Tanner Street Civil Servant Kirwan, Irene, Hawkins Street Housewife
Kirwan, William, Ovals Shopkeeper
Kirnon, John, A. Musgrave, Nevis Street Civil Servant Kirnon, Knox Aggrey, Nevis Street Civil Servant
Kirnon, Sarah, Nevis Street Housewife
Kirnon, Violet, Nevis Street Civil Servant
Knight, Arnold Emanuel, Market Street Mechanie

1153. Joseph, Phebe Ann, New Street Domestic Servant
1154. Joseph, Rose, South Street Domestic Servant
1155. Joseph, Rupert, South Street Labourer
1156. Joseph, Ruth, Michml Vil. Home Domestic
1157. Joseph, Samuel, Nevis Street Carpenter
1158. Joseph, Sarah Ann M., Fibrey Domestic Servant
1159. Joseph, Shena, Fibrey Domestic Servant
1160. Joseph, Thomas G. 1, St. Mary's Street Accountant 1161. Joseph, Tryphena, South Street Seamstrest
1162. Joseph, Venita, Tanner Street Domestic Servant
1163. Joseph, Verginia, Ottos-New Extension Domestic Servant 1164. Joseph, Vernon, Camacho Ave. Seamstress
1165. Joseph, Viola, Ottos-New Development Domestic Servant 1166. Joseph, Viola Iris, Temple Street Housewife
1167. Joseph, Viviane U., St. Mary's Street Clinical Clerk 1168. Joseph, William J., St. Mary Street Medical Practictioner 1169. Joseph, Zepheniah, New Street Ranger
1170. Joshua, Amy, Michael Ave. Housewife
1171. Joshua, Beatrice, Nevi, Street Clerk
1172. Joshua, George Winston, Ottos Clerk
1173. Joshua, Irene Georgie, East Street Teacher
1174. Josihua, Lionel D., Nevis Street. Technician
1175. Joshua, Olive Agatha, New Street Domestic Servant 1176. Jude, Francisco Alexander, Hood Street Mechanic 1177. Jude, Herbert Llewellyn, New Street Butcher
1178. Jude, Percival Sylvester, Ottos Butcher
1179. Julian, Gersham, New Street Carpenter
1180. Julian, Lilian, Hawkins Street Housewife
1181. Julian, Walter Percival, Rodney Street Carpenter 1182. Julien, Malvina Indiana, New Street Housewife


1231. 12t 2.
9)3 1233.
1,234. 1235., 1236.
1237. 1238.
1239. 1240. 1241. 1242. 1243.
1245. 1246. 1247. 1248.
1249. 1250. 1251.
1253. 1254. 1255. 1256. 1257. 1258.
12601261. 1262. 1263. 1264. 1265. 1266. 1267. 1268. 1269. 1370.
1271. 1272. 127:3.
1274. 1275. 1276. 1277.
1278. 1279. 1280.
1281. 1282. 1283. 1284. 1285, 1286. 1287. 1288. 1289. 1290. 1291. 1292. 1293.
1295. 1296. 1296. 1297. 1298. 1299. 1300.
1301. 1302. 1303. 1304. 1305. 1306. 1307.

Labadie, Philip E., Fire Brigade Station Station Sgt. of L I. P.
Ladoo, Agatha, New Street Housewife
Ladoo, Georgiana, New Street Domestic Servant
Ladoo, Mignam, Deloris, South Street Merchant
Lake. Edward James, Temple Street Merchant
Lake, Ena D., Nevis Street Housewife
Lake, Henry Emanuel, Rodney Street Civil Servant
Lake, Josephine Hawkins Street Handicraft Organiser Lake, Louise, Marie Rey, Nevis Street Housewife
Lake, Mabel, Hawkins Street Clerk
Lake, Mary, Fibrey Housewife
Lake, Nancy, Ottos New Extension Domestic Servant Lake, Petronella, Ottos Road Domestic Servant
Lake, Rosalind Rodney Street Seamstress
Lake, Selina, Hood Street Domestic Servant
Lake, Wilfred, Tanner Street Mechanic
Lambert, Marie, Long Street Domestic Servant
Lambert, Slyvia L., St. Marys Street Civil Servant Lambert, Viola, Ottos New Extension Domestic Servant Langford, Beatrice, Nevis Street Housewife
Langford, Delvin Simon, Nevis Street Retired Civil Servant Langford, Daisy, Nevis Street Clerk
Langley, Amy Shefferd, Redcliffe St. Retired Civil Servani Lashley, Raverly, Ottos Extension Mason
Laurent, Joseph, Hood Street Chemist & Druggist
Laurent, Sylvia, Hood Street Housewife
Laviscount, Doris, Cross Street Housewife
Laurence, Francisco, Fibrey Domestic Servant
LeBlanc, John, Nelson Street Labourer
LeBlanc, Peter Drake Street Carpenter
LeBlanc, Fredericka, Drake Street Housewife
Ledeatt, Dennis South Street Shopkeeper
Ledeatt, Theophilus, New Street Driver
Lee, Beatrice Sylvia, New Street Shopkeeper
Lee, Charles, Ottos New Extension Mechanic
Lee, John New Street Shopkeeper
Lee, Priscilla, South Street Housewife
Lee, Sarah Elvira, Fibrey Housewife
Lee, Thomas, New Street Agriculturist
Lee, William Henry. Market Street Gardiner
Lett, Arthur Donald, St. Mary's St. Wireless Operator Lett, George, A. Market & St. Mary's Street Radio Technician
Lett, May Arline, St. Mary's & Market Street Housewife Lett, James Cecil, St. Mary's & Market Street -Lett. Rita, do. Bank Clerk
Lewis, Albert B., Hawkins Street Civil Servant
Lewis, Doris Helen, Hawkins Street Housewife
Lewis, Eugenie, New Street Domestic Servant
Lewis, Griffith, Nelson Street Labourer
Lewis, Henry, Nevis Street Carpenter
Lewis, James, South Street Carpenter
Lewis John, (1) New Street Labourer
Lewis, John, (2) South Street Carpanter
Lewis, Joseph, Market Street Boatswain
Lewis, Lucilla, New Street Domestic Servant
Lewis, Rupert Emanuel, High Street Chemist & Druggist

Knight, Beatrice, No. 2 New Street Knight, Bertie Tanner Sireet Knight, Bessie, Tanner Street Knight, Clarine, Ottos Knight, Deloris, New Street Knight, Ellie C. Tanner Street Knight, Eugenie, Market Street Knight, Hutson M., Ottos New Extension Knight, James, Market Street Knight, Lagan Fabian, Nevis Sireet Knight, Pearl Albert Nevis Street Knight, Reginald, Nevis Street Knight, Rennie C., Cross Street Knowles, Ann Elizabeth, New Street Knowles, Cecil Joseph, Market Street Knowles, Mabel Agatha,Market Street Knowles, Gwendolyn, Drake Street Knowles, James H., Ottos Extension Knowles, Pearl Ottos Extension [
Knowles, Thomas, Fibrey Labadie. Edie M.. Long Street

Clerk Pedlar
Carpenter Housewife Chauffeur Picture Framer Labourer
Housewife Housewife
Teacher }omestic Servant
Butcher Teacher

1-308. 1309.
1310. 1311. 1312. 1313.
1314. 1315. 1316.
1317. 1318. 1319. 1320. 1321. 1322.
1323. 1324. 1325. 1326. 13274.
1329. 1330. 1331. 1332. 1333. 1334. 1:335. 1336. 1337. 1338.
1339. 1340.
134113421343 1344. 1445.
1446. 1347. 1348. 1349. 1350. 1351.
1352. 1353. 1354. 1355. 1356. 1357. 1358. 1359. 1360. 1361. 1362. 1363. 1364.
1365. 1366. 1367. 1368. 1369. 1370.
1371. 1372. 1373. 1374. 1375. 1376. 1377. 1378. 1379. 1380. 1381. 1382. 13g3. 1384.

Macandrew, Katherine E., Long Street Macandrew, Florence Dorothea, Long St. Office Clerk Mack, Wilelmina Irene Market Street Housewife
Mack, Philese Isidore, Redcliffe Street Cabinet Maker Macdonald, Patrick Donald, Victoria Park Chief Secretary Leeward Islands Maginley, Ernest G., St. Mary's Street Hotel Proprietor Maginley, Thomas Henry, St. Mary's Street Retired Maginley, Yvonne Maud, Nevis Street Teacher
Magloir, David G., Market Street Carpenter
Magloir, Phlomen Market Street Seamstrees
Malone, Bentley. Ottos New Extension Malone, Gritley Agatha, Cross Street Seamstress
Malone, Granes Louisa, Cross Street Seamstress
Mannix, Cyril Athelston, Mariner's Lane Police Constable Manwarren, Wilfred, Ottos Extension Chauffeur
Mapp, Alma, Market Street Housewife
Mapp, Hellen, Market Street Domestic Servant
Martin, Alice, South Street Labourer
Martin, Alice Victoria, Redcliffe St. Domestic Servant Martin, Arnold Ernest, Cross Street Clerk
Martin, Arthur, (1) South Street Pipe Fitter
Martin, Arthur, (2 Temple Street Plumber
Martin, Arthur Rothwell, Nelson Street Clerk
Martin, Cassandra, Market Street Domestic Servant Martin, Clifford, Hood Street Carpenter
Martin, Constance, Market Street Domestic Servant Martin, Christobelle, Hood Street Domestic Servant Martin, Dennis Sydney, Corn Alley Painter
Martin, Dora Celina, New Street Domestic Servant
Martin, Earl, New St. Labourer
Martin, Edgar, South St. Carpenter
Martin Florence Corn Alley Domestic Servant
Martin, Frederick, Tanner St. Mechanic
Martin, George, Tanner St. Shipwright
Martin, George, Isaiah, Fibrey Fisherman
Martin, Herman, Ottos Lane, Mechanic
Martin, Hezekiah, Drake St. Labourer
Martin, Irene (1) Drake St. Seamstress
Martin, Irene, (2) Long St. Housewife
Martin, Iris, New St. Agriculturist
Martin, James, Ottos New Extension Labourer
Martin, John, Market St. Shoemaker
Martin, John J., Market St. Paintre
Martin, John Theophilus, New St. Labourer

Lewis, Samuel, New Street Lewis, Veronica, High Street Lightfoot, Arthur R. Redcliffe Street Livingstone, lola, Ottos New Extension Livingstone, Rawdon, Nevis Street Llewellyn, Edith, Hawkins Street Lloyd, Agatha, Tanner Street Lloyd, Arthur Alexander, South Street Lloyd, Clifton, New Street Lloyd, Edward, Temple Street Lloyd, Lorna, New Street Lloyd, Rebecca, New Street Lloyd, Stanley, Temple Street [
Lloyd, Theophilus, Fibrey Lockhart, Alexa Edwina, Corn Alley Lockhart, Louis Hippolyte' Drake St. Lockhart, Shenneth Jeritza, Drake Street Lockhart, William, St. Mary's Street London Princess, Ottos New Extension Looby, Hildred Myrle, Nelson Street Looby, Irene, Michael Village Looby, Myrle, Ovals Looby. Samuel, Redcliffe Street Looby, Stedman, South Street Lopes, Amy, South Street Lopes, Lorna, New Street Lord, Keturah, Long Street Lovell, Delores, Nelson Street Lovell, Harold Earl E., Nelson Street Loving, Ina, High Street Lynch, Edmid B., Fire Brigade Station Lynch, Olga, Ottos Lane D
Lyne, Josephine, Ottos Lane

Civil Servant Home Domestic
Chauff uer
Shoemaker Housewife Labourer
,abour Foreman
Clerk barrister at Law
Housewife Chauffeur
Home Domestic
Clerk Clerk Porter
Labourer Housewife Home Domestic
Seamstress Housewife
Com. Ageni
Police Constable domestic Servant


1385. Martin, Joseph Claude E., Hawkins Street Mechanic 1386. Martin, Leslie, Market Steet Labourer
1387. Martin, Lileana, Ottos Road Huckster
1388. Martin, Margaret, South St. Housewife
1389. Martin, Mary, Fibrey Housewife
1390. Martin, Muriel, Fibrey Dom. Servant
1391. Martin, Patricia Elaine, Tanner Street Housswife 1392. Martin, Rachael, Market Street Housewife
1393. Martin, Randolph, Redeliffc Street Upholsterer 1394. Martin, Ronald, New Street Plumber
13J5. Martin, Ruby, Hood Street Seamstress
1396. Martin, Rupert, Corn Alley Clerk
1397. Martin, Ruth, Ottos/N/Extension General Worker 1398. Martin, Samuel A.. Market St. L'brer
1399. Martin, Sarah (I), South St. do
1400. Martin, Sarah (II), New St. do
1401. Mascull, Olive, do D/Servant
1402. Mason, Ina, Ottos, H'wife
1403. Mason, Jane Ann, New St. L'brer
1404. Mason, John, do Painter
1405. Mason, Keithley S. do Clerk
1406. Mason, Leonard, Ottos Road Foreman
1407. Mason, Mabel, C'cho Ave Clerk
1408. Mason, Melita,, New St. D/Servant
1409. Mason, Oscar, South St. Barber
1410. Massiah, Chales, Tanner St. L'brer
1411. Massiah, Ruby, do Housewife
1412. Messiah, Naomie, Ottos Extension do
1413. Matthew, Allan, Hood St. Clerk
1414. Matthew, Alice, Hawkins St. H'wife
1415. Matthew, Catherine, Corn Alley L'brer
1416. Matthew, Christine, Fibrey D/Servant
1417. Matthew, Emelie, New St. do
1418. Matthew, Eustace C., Tanner St. Tally Clerk 1419. Matthew, Geraldine L., New St. H'wife
1420. Matthew, Hilton, do Chauffeur
1421. Matthew, Irene, Tanner St. D/Servant
1422. Matthew, Rebecca, New St. S'tress
1423. Matthew, Ruby, Ottos, H'wife
1424. Matthias, Beatrice C., Ottos Road S'stress
1425. Matthias, Virginia, South St. D/Servant
1426. Maxwell, Campbell D., South St Plumber
1427. Maynard, Edward G., Nevis St. Co. Secretary
1428. Maynard, Kate M, High St., H/Keeper
1429. Maynard, Kenny, Ottos Mechanic
1430. Maynes, Mildred, New St. D/Servant
1431. Maynes, Sullie, South St. do
1432. McCoy, Edith, Camacho Ave S'tress
1433. McCoy, Limbert, do Printer
1434. McDonald, Alfred, Nevis St. M'cal Practitioner 1435. McDonald, Annie L., R'cliffe St. Clerk
1436. McDonald, Dora, High St. Retired
1437. McDonald, Ella, R'cliff St. Bank Clerk
1438. McDonald, Frank O., R'ney St. Watch Repairer 1439. McDonald, Harold E., R'cliffe St. C/Servant 1440. McDonald, Ivy A., do Housewife
1441. McDonald, John R. A., St. Mary's St. C/Servant 1442. McDonald, Maggie S., High St. Retired
1443. McDonald, Marjorie E., St. Mary's St. H'wife 1444. McKay, Bernice, A., M'ket St. S'stress
1445. McKay, Marie O., do H'wife
1446. McMillon, Ethel M., do D/Servant
1447. Meade, Angela, Long St. H'wife
1448. Meade, Florence, M'ket St. D/Servant
1449. Meade, Jane, R'cliffe St. do
1450. Meade, John W., Nevis St. C]Servant
1451. Meade, Rachael, do H/wife
1452. Meade, Susanna, Temple St. L'brer
1453. Melvin, Georgiana, South St. D/Servant
1454. Mendes, Norris F. J., R'cliffe St Firm Director 1455. Mendes, Lorene, South St. H/Domestic
14S6. Mercer, Alice A. L., Cross St. Managing Direc. 1457. Mercer, Alice E., do Company S'tary
1458. Merchant, Beatrice I., South St* School Teacher 1459. Merchant, Charles B., Ottos Lane Chauffeur
1460. Merchant, Ivy, Hood St. D/Servant
1461. Merchant, Joseph E., Ottos Fisherman
1462. Merchant, Maud, Temple St. H'wife
1463. Merchant. Miriam L., Drake St. D/Servant

1464. 1465. 1466. 1467. 1468. 1469. 1470. 1471. 1472. 1473. 1474. 1475. 1476. 1477. 1478. 1479. 1480. 1481. 1482.
1483. 1484. 1485. 1486. 1487. 1488. 1489. 1490. 1491. 1492. 1493. 1494. 1495. 1496. 1497. 1498. 1499. 1500. 1501. 1502. 1503. 1503. 1504. 1505. 1506. 1507. 1508. 1509. 1510. 1511. 1512. 1513. 1514.
1515. 1516. 1517. 1518. 1519. 1520. 1521. 1522. 1523. 1524. 1525. 1526. 1527. 1528. 1529. 1530. 1531. 1532. 1533. 1534. 1535. 1536. 1537. 1538. 1539. 1540.

Merchant, Rhoda, R'ney St. Merchant, Rose A., Drake St. Mercier, Edith A. J., T'ner St. Merrill, Emelda, New St. Michael, Assot A., M'ket St. Michael, Cecil M., T'ner St. Michael, Daulton I., South St. Michael, Eileen, M'ket St. Michael, Elmelda, Nevis St. Michael, Gladys V., St. Mary's St, Michael, Helen, T'ple St. Michael, Hyacinth E., Tanner St. Michael, Gisele M. A., Market St. Michael, Glanville, Long St. Michael, Jannette, Nevis St. Michael, Joseph S., M'ket St. Michael, Louise, St. Mary's St. Michael, Margaret 0., do St
Michael, Marie, Market St. Michael, Maurice, R'cliffe St. Michael, Melville A. C., St. Mary's St. Michael, Mitchel A., do
Michael, Ronala, do
Michael, St. George, do
Miller, Mae, Long St. Millet, Alberta, Nevis St. Millet, Margaret, New St. Millwood, Peter E., M'ket St. Mingo, Mildred, Hood St. Molyneau, Aaron G., M'ket St. Molyneau, Charles A., do Mondesire, Andr6, Ottos L. Mondesire, J uanita, do Moore, Charles I., Fibrey Moore, Theresa, New St. Monroe, Winefred, South St. Morgan, Elaine, H'kins St. Morgan, Fitzroy, Ottos/N/Extension Morris, Fitzroy, R'ney St. Morrisey, Allington, Fibrey Murdoch, Hilson Archibald, High St. Murphy, Agnes, Cross St. Murphy, Arthur F. W., Ovals Murphy, Henry O., T'ner & Cross St. Murphy, Elaine, Nevis St. Murphy, Noel, do
Murrain, Edna, Hood St. Murrain, Eleanor, Temple St. Murrain, Mildred, do Murray, Edna, Temple St. Murrell, Rafael, High St. MVussington, Victorine, New St.
Nanton, Helen J., Nevis St. Nanton, Herbert, Ottos/N/Extension Nanton, Leah M., East St. Nanton, Mary, South St. Nanton, Millicent A., H'kins St. Nanton, Robert H. B., East St. Nanton, Richard A., Ottos/N/D'opment Nanton, Winifred, Ottos/New/Exten. Nascimento, Lilian, T'ner St. Nathan, Olive, New St. Nathaniel, Albertine, O/N/Extension D Nathaniel, Alex, T'ple St. Nathaniel, Christobelle C. S'th St. Nathaniel, Ella, Fibrey Nathaniel, James, Nevis St. 'Nedd, Cyril, New St. Nedd, Florence, Ottos D(
Newton, Mary, M'ket St. Nelson, Rachel, Michael Ave. Nicodemus, Louisa, Nelson St. Nicholas, Abraham, Michael Ave. Nicholas, Ada, Ottos/N/Exten. Do
Nicholas, Albertha, do Nicholas, Clarence H., Ottos St. Nicholas, Evans, F/Brigade Nicholas, Maria, South St. Dc

L'brer D/Servant Clerk
do P
Porter Clerk
D/Servant T'cher
Clerk H/Domestic
H'wife enographer
Grocer C/Servant
Teacher H'wife D/Servant L'brer
Carpenter D/Servant Painter
H'wife Chauffeur Huckster A/Domestic
S'stress Gym Chief Carpenter do
M'chant H'wife
C'penter D/Servant do
L'brer DIServant L'brer D/Servant
Typist D/Servant L'brer
Clerk Carpenter Labourer
Labourer om.Servant
do do do
Driver om. Servant
H/Domestio Dom. Ser. Pipe-fitter m. Servant
Mechanic Police Con. om. Servant


1541. 1542. 1543. 1544. 1545. 1546. 1547. 1548. 1549. 1550. 1551. 1552.
1553. 1554.
1555. 1556. 1557. 1558. 1559. 1560.
1561. 1562. 1563. 1564. 1565.
1566. 1567. 1568. 1569. 1570, 1571. 1572. 1573.
1574. 1575. 1576. 1577. 1578. 1579. 1580. 1581.
1582. 1583. 1584.
1585. 1586. 1587. 1588. 1589. 1590. 1591. 1592. 1593.
1594. 1595. 1596. 1597.
1598. 1599. 1600. 1601.
1603. 1604. 1605. 1606. 1607. 1608.
1609. 1610. 1611.
1612. 1613. 1614. 1615. 1616. 1617.
1618. 1619.

Nicholas, John S., Michael Village Labourer Nixon, Nedd, N.w St. Plumber
Odlum, Eileen, H'kins St. Dom. Servant
Odium, George, 0/N/Development Labou'rer
O'Donoghue. Selwyn H., Temple St. C/Servant O'Mard, Elisha E., Ottos Rd. Carpenter & Joiner O'Mard, John A., do C/Servant
O'Mard, Sarah, do Housewife
O'Marde, James E., H'kins St. C/Servant
O'Neill, Albertine, Nevis St. Housewife
O'Neal, Gertrude, East St. Business w'man
O'Neal, Linda, do Clerk
O'Reilly, Gweneth L., H'ton H'pital Med. Pract. Osborne, Gertrude, Ottos/N/Extension H/Domestic Otto, George do Shoemaker
Otto, Gertrudo, do H/Domestic
Otto, Eva, Ottos H/wife
Otto, Leonard. Market St. C'penter
Orr, Clarence Melvin H., St. Mary's St. Printer Owen, Myrthe C., M'ket St. Typist

1621. 1622. 1623. 1624. 1625. 1626. 1627. 1628. 1629. 1630. 1631. 1632.
1633. 1634. 1635. 1636.
1637. 1638. 1639. 1640. 1641. 1642. 1643. 1644. 1645. 1646. 1647. 1648. 1649. 1650. 1651. 1652.
1654. 1655. 1656. 1657. 1658.
1659. 1660. 1661. 1662. 1663. 1664. 1665. 1666. 1667. 1668. 1669. 1670. 1671.
1672. 1673. 1674. 1675. 1676. 1677.

Palmer, Alexandrina, S'th St. D/Servant
Parker, Beatrice, New St. Pedlar
Parker, Iris, Fibrey D/Servant
Parker, Margaret, New St. do
Parker, Mary, do Huckster
Parker, Peter, T'uer St. Teacher
Parker, Petnla K., New St. Clerk
Parker, Randolph, Temple St. Operator
Parker, Victor, Tanner St. Sh'maker
Parker, Walter J., High St. Merchant
Parkes, Eunice, M'ket St. D/Servant
Pane, Dennis, R'ney St. H'craft Worker
Paul, Ann P., Ottos H'wife
Paul, Christiana, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Paul, Keren, Ottos/N/Exten. H'Wife
Paul, Oscar, S'th St. L'brer
Paul, Wellington, A., Ottos Pensioner
Payne, Charles A., (1do H'craft W'ker
Payne, Irene do H'wife
Payne, Edward, do Clerk
Payne, Essiemena, T'ner St. Pedlar
Payne, Estella, M'ket St. D/Servant
Payne, George (I), Corn All'y Chauffeur
Payne, George (II), New St. L'brer
Payne, Iris Delores, Ottos H'wife
Payne, Margaret. New St. do
Payne, Marie, Fibrey D/Servant
Payne, Maud, Ottos/N/Extension (do
Pelle, Lauch'and, R'dney St. Tailor
Pelle, Octavia, Filbrey Dom. Servant
Pelle, Rupert E.. Redelffe St. C/Servant
Pemberton, Ethel. Fibrey Dom. Servant
Pemberton, George, New St. Labourer
Pencheon, Nora, St. Mary's St, Tel. Operatrix
Pereira, Carl M., New St. Carpenter
Pereira, Eileen, do Housewife
Pereira, Leonard, Nevis St. Watchmaker
Pereira, Lucille, Ottos H/wife
Pereira, Maurice, New St. Mechanic
Pereira, Norris, R'cliffe St. Clerk
Pereira, Rudolph, New St. Water-front Worker Pereira, Sylvester, do Postman
Pereira, Victor G. R'cliffe St. Retired C/Servant Perkins, Henrietta E., M'ket St. D. Store M'ger Pero, Florence, New St. Dom. Servant
Pero, Francis, do Labourer
Pero, Naomie, New St. do
Pero, Samuel, do do
Perry, Edmund, Market St. Fisherman
Pestaina, Earl O. A., St. Mary's St. C/Servant Pestaina, K. Audrey, St. Mary's St. Jeweller
Peters, Alice M., S'th St. Labourer
Peters, Amanda, do do
Peters, Beatrice, T'ner,St. Dom. Servant
Peters, Basil Fitzroy, Tanner St. Driver
Peters, Eleazer, Ottos, Extension Agriculturer Peters, Enid', Ottos Extension Home Domestic Peters, Ernest, Fibrey Labourer
Peters, Fabian A., New St. Carpenter

1678. Quanta, Joan, Long St.

1679. 1680.
1681. 1682. 1683.
1684. 1685. 1686. 1687. 1688. 1689.
1690. 1691. 1692. 1693.
1694. 1695.

Bank Clerk Blacksmith
Tailor Pedlar tic Servant e Domestic sion Agent
Porter Housewife tic Servant
Porter Labourer
Chauffeur tic Servant

Bank Clerk

Rae, Milicent, Ottos Domestic Servat
Rae, Percival, South St. Agriculturer
Ralph, Peggy, Camacho Ave. Housewife
Ramsay, Charles T., St. Mary's St. Clerk
Ramsay, Emily I. V., St. Mary's St. Clerk
Raye, Ruby, South St. Domestic Servant
Reed, Lilian, New St. Washer
Reid, Lucien McKinley, South St. Clerk
Reid, Nancy, South St. Domestic Servant
Reynolds, Carlton, Nevis St. Carpenter
Reynolds, Charles, Redcliffe St. Civil Servant Reynolds, Elizabeth, do. Housewife
Riad, Ethel, Market St. Porter
Richards, Alfred, South St. Porter
Richards, Beatrice, Market St. Housewife
Richards, Burton, South St. Mechanic
Richards, Carlton, Nevis St. Shoemaker

Peters, Florence A., New St. Huckster
Peters, Florence M., Ottos Lane Seanistrt ss
Peters, Gersham, New St. Labourer
Peters, Hilda, Ottos Extension Housewife
Peters, Ilean Henrietta, New St. Dom. Servant Peters, Irene, Tanner St.
Peters, Jane, South St. Pedlar
Peters, Juliana, New St. Domestic Servant
Peters, Maude Idonia, New St. Peters, Mary, Ottos-New Extension ,. Peters, Reginald, Tanner St. Carpenter
Peters, Ursil Eric, Ottos Lane Binder
Peters, Videt, Corn Alley Domebtic Servant
Philip, Alberta, New St. ,,
Philip, Alice Maude, New St. Labourer
Philip, Atwell Fitzroy, South St. Carpenter
Philip, Christopher, Fibrey Labourer
Philip, Delores, Fibrey Housewife
Philip, Darian, Tanner St. Steel binder
Philip, Edwin Archibald, Fibrey Chauffeur
Philip, Gershom, Ottos Extension Labourer
Philip, George, New St. Fainter
Philip, Harold, do. Labourer
Philip, Hilton do. Chauffeur
Philip, Mary A., New St. Housewife
Philip, Winifred, do. do.
Phillip, Charles. St. Mary's St. Chemist"& Druggist Philip, Edris, Ottos New Extension Domestic Phillip, Helen, Redcliffe St. Housewife
Phillip, Louisa, Market St. Baker
Phillip, Marjorie (1), St. Mary's St. Clerk
Phillip, Marjorie (2), Nevis St. School Teacher Phillip, Randolph, Ottos New Extension Shop Assistance
Phillip, Thomas Noel, Ottos, L.I.P.
Phillip, Ursula, ,, Housewife
Phillip, William, Market St. Painter
Phipps, Rose, Ottos New Extension Dom. Servant Phqenix, lantha Susana, Cross St. do.
Phoenix, James, Ottos New Extension Factory Worker
Pilgrim. Eubert C.. East & Redcliffe St. Painter

Pimento, Cyril, Nevis St. I
Pompey, Bretton, Ottos Pond, George, South St. Potter, Elma, Nevis St. Potter, Maude, Fibrey Domes
Potter, Petronella, Nevis St. Hom Powell, Alfred, Corn Alley Commis Pratt, Ethel, Market St. Prior, Gretta I., St. Mary's St. Prince, Jane Ann, Nevis St. Domes Prince, Mary, ,,
Proctor, Ann, Temple St. Pryce, Agnes Agatha, Rodney St. Pryce, Charles Alexander, New St. Pryce, John, Market St.
Pryce, John T., Nevis St. Punter, Emily, Hood St. Domes
Punter, Geneta, Redliffe St.


1696. Richards, 1697. Richards, 1698. Richards, 1699. Riehairds, 1700. lih ards, 1701. Riehards, 1702. Richards, 1703. Rich ards, 1704. Richards, 1705. Richards, 1706. Richards, 1707. Richards,. 1708. Richards, 1709. Richards, 17-10. Richards..

1711. 1712. 1713. 1714. 1715.

Richards, Richards, Richards, Richards, Richards, Richards,

1721. Richards, 1722. Richards,

1723. 1717. 1718.
1719. 1720. 1724. 1725. 1726.
1727. 1728. 1729. 1730. 1731. 1732. 1733. 1734. 1735. 1736. 1737. 1738. 1739. 1740. 1741. 1742. 1743. 1744. 1745. 1746;. 1747. 1748. 1749. 1750. 1751. 1752. 1753. 1754. 1755. 1756. 1757.
1758. 1759. 1760.
1761. 1762. 1763. 1764. 1765. 1766. 1767. 1768. 1769. 1770. 1771.


Charles, New St. Labourer
Drusilla, South St. Housewife
Esmie, New St. do.
Flornce, Tanner St. do.
Frederick, Redcliffe St. Carpenrer
George H., Rodiney St. S]Jopkeeper
Gertrulde, 'lhe Ovals Shop-Keeper Gladys S., NeXvis St. HIsewif o
Grathiel .John, Drake St. Housewife Herminia, New St. Housewife
Hilda, do. do.
lonie Elfreda, Nelson St. Domn. Servant James Harulolph, Nevis St. Carpenter Laurence C. T., Tanner St. Teacher
Luther E. A., St. Mary's St. Civil Servant
Malcolm A., Drake St. Prison Officer Margaret S., New St. Dom. Servant
Matthew A., Nevis St. Carpenter
Monica. do. Seamstress
Muriel, Rodney St. Housewife
Percival, Ottos New Development Roller Driver
Reginald, New St. Painter
Reuben, Ottos New Extension General Worker
Sarah Hilda, New St. Labourer

Richards, Thomas D., Nevis St. Messenger
Richards, Veronica, Ottos New Development Domestic Servant

Richards, Viola, South St. Richards, Wilhelnina. Ottos Richardson, Fitzroy, Redcliffe St. Richter, Bedrich, High St. Riley, Alfred, Fibrey,. Riley, Catherine Camella, Market Riley, John Joseph. do.
Riley, Gladys. Hood St. Riley, Valentine M., Hood St. Roach, Patrick, Market St. Roberts, Alexon A., St. Mary's St.

Porter Store Manager Labourer St. Housewife
Civil Servant
Labourer Police Constable

Roberts, Ann, Hood St. Domestic Servant
Roberts, Charles, Ottos Mechanic
Roberts, Charles Jacob, Ottos Civil Servant
Roberts, Carlton, Nevis Street Teacher
Roberts, Clive, Ottos-New Extension Agriculturist
Roberts, Sama, Market Street Housewife
Roberts, Edith, South Street Housewife
Roberts, Elfreda C., Rodney Street Seamstress
Roberts, Ethel, Ottos Seamstress
Roberts, George, Fibrey Mason
Roberts, Henry, Hood Street Mason
Roberts, Hilda Britell, Market Street Domestic Servant Roberts, Inez, New Street Domestic Servant
Roberts, Marnor, Drake Street Domestic Servant
Roberts, Marjorie, Nevis Street Clerk
Roberts, Maude, Ottos-New Road Housewife
Roberts, Rebecca, Hawkins Street Shopkeeper
Roberts, Virginia, Hood Street Housewife
Roberts, Wilfred, South Street Labourer
Robinson, Gershom, Ottos-New Extension do.
Robinson, Henrietta, Market Street do.
Robinson, Miriam, Redcliffe do.
Robinson, Nellie, High Street Retired Teacher
Robins, Mahalmash, Ottos-New Extension Mason
Robinson, Dulcie, Redcliffe Street Housewife
Robinson, Joseph L., Redcliffe Street Civil Servant Rock, A. W. Howell, Temple Street Dispensing Chemist Rodgers, Mae, Tanner Street Seamstress
Romeo, Audrey Alexandrina, Michel's Village Housewife Romeo, Alton Irwing, Michal's Village Clerk
Ronans, Clarence, New Street Fisherman
Ronans, Elvira, New Street Housewife
Rosemin, Pearl, Redcliffe Street Clerk
Ross, Douglas Foster, East Street Retired
Ross, May Johnson, East Street Housewife
Royer, Bernard, Corn Alley Clerk
Royer, Ermancia, Hood Street Housewife
Royer, Garfield, Hood Street Teacher
Russell, Lassington, Tanner Street L. I. Police

1772. Russell, Lillian, Tanner Street Housewife
1773. Ryan, Irene, Ottos Housewife
1774. Ryan, James, New Street Mason
1775. Ryding, Charles, Temple Street Labourer
1776. Ryner, Eleanor, Market Street Domestic Servant
1777. Salmon, Charles, South Street Tailor
1778. Salmon, Edith, Hood Street Domestic Servant
1779. Salmhnon, Edna, South Street Teacher
1780. Salmon, Thomas F., Rodney Clerk
1781. Sampzon, Charles, Ottos Teacher
178 2. Sampson, Dennis Alfred, Fibrey Mason
1783. Sampson, Henrietta J., Fibrey Housewife
1784. Samrpson, Lucille, Ottos Housewife
1785. Sampson, Hubert, Ottos Lane Barber
1786. Samuel, Albertha, Long Street Domestic Servant
1787. Samuel, Aifred, New Street Labourer
1788. Samuel, Ann, Redcliffe Street do.
1789. Samuel, Arthur, New Street do.
1790. Samuel, Clara, Cross Street Nurse
1791. Samuel, Clem C., Market Street Messenger
1 792. Samuel, Daniel, New Street Asst. Surveyor
1793. Samuel, Denzil G., Rodney Street Carpenter
1794. Samuel, Elizabeth, Ottos-New Development Labourer 1795. Samuel, Fernella Agatha, Nevis Street Seamstress 1796. Samuel, Ferdinand, Ottos Labourer
1797. Samuel, Florence, Fibrey Housewife
1798. Samuel, Frank, New Street Cook
1799. Samuel, George, Fibrey Carpenter
1800. Samuel, George A., Ottos Clerk
1801. Samuel, Gertrude, (1) Redcliffe Street Housewife 1802. Samuel, Gertrude, (11) Nelson Street Labourer
1803. Samuel, Guy, Branch Ave Housewife
1804. Samuel, Hezekiah, New Street 'Welder
1805. Samuel, Joseph, Market Street Mason
1806. Samuel, Joshua Eric, Redcliffe Street Technician 1807. Samuel, Josiah, South Street Refreshment Keeper 1808. Samuel, Nadine, Rodney Stteet Domestic Servant
1809. Samuel, Reginald Wilfred, Redcliffe Street Teacher 1810. Samuel, Reginald, Michael Village Civil Servant
1811. Samuel, Rosina, Eew Street Housewife
1812. Samuel, Ruth, Ottos New Road Housewife
1813. Samuel, Sarah, Tanner Street Huckster
1814. Samuel, Sylvia South Street Domestic Servant
1815. Samuel, Sylvia C., New Street Housewife
1816. Samuel, Victoria, Market Street Honusewife
1817. Samuel, Vincent, (Ii South Street Printer
1818. Samuel, Vincent, (II) Fibrey Labourer
1819. Samuel, Violet Henrietta, South Street Housewife 1820. Samuel, Wycliffe, Market Street Tailor
1821. Scholar, Elma, Hawkins Street Housewife
1822. Scholar, Walter, New Town Sirnmaker
1823. Scotland, Clifford, South Street Tractor Driver 1824. Scotland, Clyde S., Ottos Carpenter
1825. Scotland, Hubert, Long Street Labourer
1826. Scotland, Leonard, Temple Ssreet Carpenter
1827. Scotland, Millicent, St. Mary's Street Buisiness 1828. Scotland, Naomi, South Street Labourer
1829. Scotland, Spence, Ottos-New Extension Agriculturer 1830. Scotland, Urbane, Ottos-New Development Labourer 1831. Scott, Doris, Ottos Domestic Servant
1832. Sealey, Alberta Susana, Fibrey Domestic Servant 1833. Sealey, Alice, South Street Domestic Servant
1834. Sealey, Joseph Harold, Fibrey Labourer
1835. Sealey, Frances, Fibrey Home Domestic
1836. Sealey, Solomon Davias, Fibrey Technician
1837. Sealey, Viola, Fibrey Domestic Servant
1838. Semper, Genevieve, Hawkins Street Teacher
1839. Semper, Gwendolyn, South Street Seamstress
1840. Semper, Joseph Gifford, Ottos Clerk
1841. Semper, Michael Edward, New Street Labourer
1842. Semper, Petronella, Camacho Ave. Seamstress
1843. Senhouse, Agatha, Hood Street Clerk
1844. Senhouse, Andrew O'Reilly Hood Street Printer
1845. Severin, John Reuben, Long Street Police Constable 1846. Shawe, Edward Alexander, New Street Baker
1817. Shawe, Franklin, Drake Street Block-maker
1848. Shawe, Cyril, Gray's Farm Painter
1849. Shawe, Samuel Nathaniel New Street Carpenter
1850. Shadrach, Hilton, Market Street Stevedore
1851. Shadrach, Iris, South Street Housewife


1852. 1853.
1854. 1855. 1856. 1857. 1858. 1859. 1860. 1861. 1862., 1863. 1864. 1865. 1866. 1867. 1868. 1869. 1870. 1871. 1872. 1873. 1874. 1875. 1876. 1877. 1878. 1879. 18S0. 1881. 1882. 1883. 1884. 1885. 1886.
1887. 1888. 1889. 1890. 1891. 1892. 1893.
1894. 1895. 1896. 1837. 1898.

Shadrach, Theresa, New Street Dressmaker
Shadrach, Vera, New Street Domestic Servant
Sharpe, Gwendolyn, Ottos Seamstress
Sharpe, Grace, Ottos-Extension Gardener
Sheppard, Carlisle, South Street Tailor
Sheriff, James, South Street Clerk
Shervington, Earl V., Tanner Street Upholsteror
Shervington, Helen R., St. Mary's Street Stenographer Shervington, Inez G., St. Mary's Street Stenographer
Shervington, Kenneth A., St. Mary's Street Agent Snervington, Mandine B.. St. Mary's St. Housewife Shervington, Thomas L. G., St. Mary's St, C/Servant Shiell, Sarah, Hawkins Street Huckster
Shoy, Ella Matilda. South Street Labourer
Shoul, Lilian, Redcliffe Street Clerk
Silcott, Anthony, Redcliffe Street Shoemaker
Silston, Helen, New Street Labourer
Silston, John M., South Street do.
Silston, Victoria Iris, South Street Dom. Servant Simmons, Cleveland, Ottos Civil Servant
Simmons, George, Ottos Shopkeeper
Simon, Adella, Ottos-Extension Housewife
Simon, Adilaid, South Street Labourer
Simon, Alice, East Street Domestic Servant
Simon, Arnold, Long Street Clerk
Simon, Caroline, Temple Street Pedlar
Simon, Charles, Market Street Shipwright
Simon, ChristiAna, Market Street Shopkeeper
Simon, Denzil, New Street Labourer
Simon, Elizabeth, South Street Housewife
Simon, Eulie Violet, South Street Domestic Servant Simon, Felicia, South Street Domestic Servant
Simon, Francis, New Street Painter
Simon, Joseph, New Streel Porter
Simon, Josephine, New Street Housewife
Simon, Mary, Nelson, Street Home Domestic
Simon, Nellie E., Tanner Street Civil Servant
Simon, Octavia, Rodney Street Huckster
Simon, Percival, South Street Mason
Simon, Racha3l, Ottos-Extension Seller
Simon, Rosetta, Temple St. Dom. Servant
Simon, Theresa, Redcliffe St. do
Simon, Titus. Market St. Driver
Simon, Victor, Ottos Lane Clerk
Simnion, Victoria, Temple St. Labourer
Skepple, Adolphus D., Redcliffe St. Teacher
Skilling, Allan L., Ottos Road Power Plant

1899. Skilling, Maisie, Ottos Road Housewife
1900. Skerrett, Adolphu, Ottos Mechanic
1901. Skerrett, Beatrice, New St. Housewife
1902. Skerrett, Ickford, South St. Labourer
1903. Skerrett, Mabel S, South St. Dom. Servant 1904. Skerrett, John F., New St. Civil Servant
1905. Skerrett, Matilda, South St. Labourer
1906. Skerrett, William, South St. Baker
1907. Smith, Doris Fernella, Hood St. Clerk
1908. Smith, Elsina, Ottos New Development Home Domestic
1909. Smith, Francis N., Hood St. Caretaker
1910. Smith, George, New St. Labourer
1911. Smith, Henrietta. Fibrey Domestic Servaint
1912. Smith, Henry, Corn Alley Tailor
1913. Smith, Virginia, Hood St. Housewife
1914. Soanes, Alexander, Octos New Extension Labourer 1915. Soanes, Keturab.h, South St. do
1916. Soanes, Leonard, Radcliffe St. Tailor
1917. Soanes, Maude, Fibrey Labourer
1918. Solomon, Alertha, New St. Domestic Servant 1919. Solomon, Clarys, Cross St. do
1920. Solomon, Icilma, Ottos New Extension D/Servant 1921. Solomon, Iris, South St. Clerk
1922. Solomon, Edith, Ottos New Extension D/Servant 1923. Solomon, Neville, Fibrey Carpenter
1924. Solomon, Roland, South St. Painter
1925. Solomon, Sheila, Market St. Dom. Worke-r
1926. Southwell, Simon, Temple St. Labourer
1927. Spence, Henry, Ottos New Extension Fisherman 1928. Spence, John Robert, High St. Civil Servant

1930. 1931. 1932.
1933. 1934. 1935.
1936. 1937.
1938. 1939.
1940. 1941. 1942. 1943. 1944.
1945. 1946. 1947. 1948. 1949. 1950. 1951. 1952.
1953. 1954. 1955. 1956.
1957. 1958. 1959. 1960.
1961. 1962. 1963.
1964. 1965. 1966.
1967. 1968.
1969. 1970. 1971. 1972. 1973. 1974. 1975. 1976. 1977. 1978. 1979. 1980. 1981t. 1982. 1983.
1984. 1985. 1986. 1987. 1988. 1989. 1990.
1991. 1992. 1993.
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Spence, Rachael. Ottos Extension Housewife
Spencer, Ed ward Hughes, Redcliffe St, Shoemaker Spencer, Eunice, Ottos Extension Home Domestio Spencer, Ivy, Long St. Managress of Blind School Spencer, Nathaniel, Ottos Extension Mason
Spencer, Pamella, Fibrey Clerk
Spencer, Victoria, Ovals Home Domestic
Stamers, Catherine, Redcliffe St. Teacher
Stevenson, Irene A., Corn Alley Civil Servant Stevens, Coralie, Cross St. Clerk
Stevens, David, Fibrey Sexton
Stevens, Florence, Tanner St. Dom. Servant
Stevens, Frances Susana, Nelson St. do Stevens, Harold, South St. Labourer
Stevens, Isaiah, Friendly Alley Mason
Stevens, Joshua Alexander, Ottos New Extension Watchman
Stevens, Joseph Alexander, Cross St. Labourer Stevens, Leslie, New St. do.
Stevens, Llewellyn, Market St. Machinist
Stevens, Rachael, Fibrey Washer
Stevens, Rebecca, New St. Labourer
Stevens, Samuel Reynolds, Ottos Shopkeeper
St. Luce, Cecil Eugene, St. Mary's St. Civil Svnt Strachan, Catherine, Cross St. Housewife
St. Rose, Charlotte, Market St. do
Stralton, Veronica, Ottos New Extension Domestic Sweeney, Charlotte, Hawkins St. Seamstress
Sweeney, Dorothy, New St. Housewife
Sweeney, Ethel Florence, New St. Dom. Servant Sweeney, Henrietta, Temple St. (1do
Sweeney, John, New St. Clerk
Swift, Isalyn, Tanner St. Dom. Servant
Swift, Kirton Llewellyn, Tanner St. Shoemaker Swift, Victor, Redcliffe St. Clerk
Swift, Yvonne, R-dcliffe St. Clerk
Symister, Kate, Nelson St. Dom. Servant
Symes, Rosemarie, High St. Clerk
Symmons, Owen, Cross St. Plumber
Tabor, Albert Nathaniel, New St. Mechanic
Tabor, Augusta Matilda, do Housewife
Tabor, Ruth, do do
Tabor, Walton, do Labourer
Tanner, Eunice Viola, South St. Clerk
Tanner, Max, South St. Labourer
Taylor, Keturah, New St. Housewife
Taylor, Rueben, do Mason
Teague, Adella, Hood St. Baker
Teague, Beryl, High St. Housewife
Teague, Edgar, do Civil Servant
Teague, Lemel, Long St. Labourea
Techeira, Clothilda, High St. Clerk
Techeira, Fabian, Drake St. Carpenter
Techeira, Irene do Seamstress
Techeira, Karl. Hood St. Clerk
Techeira, KennetLi A. V., Nevis St. Company Sec. Techeira, May, Nevis St. Typist
Techeira, Mowbrey, Drake St. Mechanic
Terry, Doris, New St. Housewife
Terry, Grace, Tanner St. Teacher
Theodore. Josephine, Ottos Dom. Servant
Thibou, Frances, Ovals Housewife
Thibon, Samuel A., Ovals Upholsterer
Thibon, Sarah, Temple St. J)om. Servant

T'homas, Agnita, I. W., St. Mary's St. Civil Svnt Thomas, Albertina, South St. Housewife
Thomas, Albadore Ottos New Extension Shopkeeper
Thomas, Alfred (1), South St. Plumber
Thomas, Alfred (2), Fibrey Carpenter
Thomas, Angela, New St. Seamstress
Thomas, Beatrice. Hood St. Donm. Servant
Thomas, C., Ottos New Extension Labourer
Thomas, Caroline, South St. Dom. Servant
Thomas, Charles, Tanner St. Tailor
Thomas, David, Ottos New Extension Agriculturist Thomas, l)orinise Maria, Market St. Huckster Thomas, Doris, New St. Dom. Servant



2005, Thomas, Edith, Market St. Housewife
2006. Thomas, Edris, Friendly Alley do
2007. Thomas, Egbert, Nevis St. Caretaker
2008. Thomas, Edgar, Hood St. 2009. Thomas, Elma E., Cross St. Domestic Servant 2010. Thomas, Emile, Hood St. Clerk
2011. Thomas, Ethel, Ottos Extension Housewife
2012. Thomas, Fernella Eugenie, Hood St. Dom. Worker 2013. Thomas, Florence A., Market St. Clerk
2014. Thomas, Gwendolyn, Ottos Nurse
2015. Thomas, Gertrude, Fibrey Domestic Servant
2016. Thomas, Harry G. M., Temple St. Civil Servant 2016. Thomas. Henrietta E., Redcliffe St, Seamstress 2017. Thomas, James Alexander, Nelson St. Clerk
2018. Thomas, James E., Friendly Alley Carpenter 2019. Thomas, John L. St. Mary's St. Bank Clerk
2020. Thomas, John, Ottos Fisherman
2021. Thomas, Joshua, Hood St. Labourer
2022. Thomas, Leslie, New St. do.
2023. Thomas, Lionel, Hood St. Shoemaker
2024. Thomas, Maida, Fibrey, Domestic Servant
2025. Thomas, Marie, Ottos New Extension Dom, Servant 2026. Thomas, Mary, Ottos Road Home Domestic
2027. Thomas, Nora, St. Mary's St. Civil Servant
2028. Thomas, Olive, Ottos New Extension Dom. Servant 2029. Thomas, Ophilia, Temple St. do.
2030. Thomas, Priscilla, New St. Labourer
2031. Thomas, Rhodina Albertha, Nelson St. Housewife 2032. Thomas, Sylvestina H., Redcliffe St. Dom. Servant 2033. Thomas, Wilhelmina, Hawkins St, do.
2034. Thomas, Winifred, (1) South St. do.
2035. Thomas, Winifred, (11) South St. do.
2036. Thompson, Edwin A. St. Mary's St. Civil Servant 2037. Thompson, Leslie A., Market St. Merchant
2038. Thompson, Vera D. St. Mary's St. Housewife 2039. Tomlinson, Iola, Evelyn, South St. Seamstress 2040. Tomlinson, Arnold, Ottos Clerk
2041. Tittle, Reginald Charles, Nevis St. Civil Servant 2042. Tobitt, Miriam, Nevis St. Domestic Servant
2043. Tonge, Arthur, Ottos Mechanic
2044. Tonge, Elvima, New St. Domestic Servant
2045. Tonge, Felena, Eugenia, Hood St. Housewife 2046. Tonge, Ionie, Nevis St. Domestic Servant
2017, Tonge, Joseph, Fibrey Fisherman
2048. Tonge, Josephine, Fibrey Domestic Servant
2049. Tonge, Laucklin. Ottos Civil Servant
2050. Tonge, Leon, Rodney St. Carpenter
2051. Tonge, Maggie, Fibrey Domestic Servant
2052. Tonge, Murl. Fibrey Domestic Servant
2053. Tonge, Arthur, Ottos Labourer
2054. Tonge, N40mi, Ottos Housewife
2055. Tonge, Theodore, Temple St. Tailor
2056. Tonge, Wilhelmina, Ottos Housewife
2057. Trotman, Gwendolyn E., High St. Housewife 2058. Trotman, Lionel Adolphus., High St. Engineer 2059. Tucker, Arthur, Nevis St. Chauffeur
2060. Tucker, Maurice, Rodney St. Tailor
2061. Tuitt, Isaac, Market St. Labourer
2062. 'Pull, Alice, Temple St. Teacher
2063. Tully, Florence Violet, New St. Domestic Servant 2064. Turner, Cassandra, Market St. Clerk
2065. Valentine, Maude, Fibrey Domestic Servant

Vanlow, Herbert A., Market St. Versailles, Fernella, High St. Versailles, Mildred High St. Vieira, Edith, Market St. Vieira, John Antonio, Market St. Vieira, Margaret H., High St.
Wade, George W., Collens Lane Wade, John Cox, New St. Wade, Christobelle R., Collins Lane Wade. William S., Ottos Wallace, Frederick A., R'cliffe St. Wallace, Ineta, Holberton Hospital Wallace, Yvonne, R'cliffe St. Walter, Archibald G., do Walter, Arthur D., Ottos R.

H'wife Electrician Bus/Mgr. S'dent Nurse

2081. Walter, Clifford, T'ner St. Clerk
2082. Walter, David, Nevis St. do
2083. Walter, George H., T'ner St. Farmer
2084. Walter, Hyacinth E., Cross St Teacher
2065. Walter, Lena, New St. D/Ser
2086. Walter, Marietta L., T'ner St. Merchant
2087. Walter, Pearl, Nevis St. do
2088. Walters, Sarah, Michael V. D/Setr
2089. Walter, Stanley R., Nevis St. Merchant
2090. Walters, Charles, South St. Baker
2091. Warde, Arthur A., Fibrey Labourer
2092. Warin, Benjamin, O/N/Exten. do
2093. Warren, Charles H., Nevis St. Clerk
2094. Warren. Marion, do H'wife
2095. Warren, Roland, Ottos R. M'anic
2096. Watkins, Adona, T'ner St. D/Servant
2097. Watkins, Coralita, O/N/Exten. do
2098. Watkins, Edith, New St. do
2099. Watkins, Elda, Nelson St. H'wife
2100. Watkins, George, M'ket St. Salesman
2101. Watkins, Labon C., Fire Sta. P'lce Constable 3102. Watkins, Ladis, O/N/Exten. Labourer
3103. Watkins, Lissue, Nelson St. Sug. Cane Invest Mgr. 2104. Walker, Susannah, Branch Ave. H/wife
2105. Walling, Sydn y, Cross St. C/Ser
2106. Watson, Joseph, Fibrey L'brer
2107. Weathered, Edith, T'ple St. H'wife
2108. Weathered, Edith M., do Clerk
2109. Weathered, George, Friendly Alley W'front W'kr 2110. Weathered, Ivy, Fibrey H/Dom
2111. Weathered, Robert A., Drake St. Ac/tant
2112. Weathered, William V., T'ple St. Clerk
2113. Weathered, Wylie, R'cliffe St. H'wife
2114. Wehson, Pearla A., St. Mary's St. (do
2115. Weeks, Lelian, Friendly A. do
2116. Weekes, Thomas, do Merchant
2117. WXeeks, Enid, O/N/Extension H/Wife
2118. Wehner, Christine do H'Domestic
2119. Wehner, May, Nevis St. Dom. Servant
2120. Wehner, Winifred, Nelson's Alley H/Domestic2121. West, Elvira, Michael V. do
2122. White, Arthur L., Bridge Lane Merchant
2123. White, Caroline, Nevis St. Dom. Servant
2124. White, Conroy A., Ottos Merchant
2125. White Eileen I., R'cliffe St. Dom. Servant 2126. White, Thomas B., M'ket St. Mason
2127. Whyte, Amos, South St. C/Servant
2128. Whyte, Charles W., Fibrey Shoemaker
2129. Whyte, George, Tanner St. Labourer
2130. Whyte, Lucy, O/N/Exten. D/Servant
2131. Wilkins, Muria, Fibrey Labourer
2132. Williams, Alfred E., High St. C/Servant
2133. Williams, Augusta, Rodney St. Labourer
2134. Williams, Asinta, Nevis St. Domestic Servant 2135. Williams, Beatrice, South St. Huckster
21.36. Williams, Catherine S., Ottos Lane Dom. Servant 2137. Williams, Celestina C., South St. Pedlar
2138. Williams, Charles, Ottos New Extension Chauffeur
2139. Williams, Charles, Michael's Village Prison Officer 2140. Williams, Charles, Ottos New Extension General Worker
2141. Williams, Cassilla, Ottos New Extension Home Domestie
2142. Williams, Clarice, South St. Housewife
2143. Williams, Cutie C., New St. Home Domestice 2144. Williams, David E., Rodney St. Civil Servant 2145. Williams, Edith, Tanner St. Housewife
2146. Williams, Elfrieda E., Rodney St. do
2147. Williams, Edmund, Michael Village Labourer 2148. Williams, Estella, South St. Housewife
2149. Williams, Evelyn, Market St. Dom. Servant
2150. Williams, Enid Ottos New Extension H/Domestio 2151. Williams, George A., Rodney St. Stud. Dispenser 2152. Williams, Frances, Ottos New Extension D/Servant 2153. Williams, Gladys D., St. Mary's St. Civil Servant 2154. Williams, Hilda, Ottos New Extension D/Servant 2155. Williams, Irene E., Rodney St. Seamstress
2156. Williams, Jane Ann, South St. Labourer
2157. Williams, Jenita Ottos New Extension DjServant

2066. 2067. 2068. 2069. 2070. 2071.
2073. 2074. 2075. 2076. 2077. 2078. 2079. 2080.


Williams, Jeremiah, Market St. Fitter & Blacksmith Williams, John, New St. Labourer
Williams, Lauchland, South St. do
Williams, Louisa, New St. Domestic Servant
Williams, Malvira E., High St. Housewife
Williams, Norris, New St. Labourer
Williiams, Pearl, New St. Domestic Servant
Williams, Peter A., St. Mary's St. Clerk
Williams, Sarah, Ottos New Extension Housewife

2158. 2159. 2160. 2161. 2162. 2163. 2164. 2165. 2166. 2167. 2168. 2169. 2170. 2171. 2172. 2173. 2174. 2175. 2176. 2177. 2178.

Civil Servant
Labourer Domrn. Servant

2179. 2180. 2181. 2182. 2183. 2184. 2185. 2186, 2187. 2188.
2189. 2190. 2191. 2192. 2193. 2194.

do 2196.
do 2197.

Winter, Leslie, Tanner & Cross St.
Winter, Louise E., Drake St. Clerk
Winthrope, Inez M., Temple St. Housekeeper
Winthrope, Olive, Temple St. Housewife
Wright, James, Nevis St. Carpenter
Wynter, Avril, New St. Clerk
Wynter, Luther R., High St. Physician
Wyre, Frederica, Tanner St. Domestic Servant Wyre, Josephus, Cross St. Carpenter
Wyre, Mary, Cross St. Domestic Servant
Xavier, Harold J., New St. Clerk
Yankee, Edmund K., South St. Labourer
Yankee, Irene, Ottos New Extension D/Servant Yankee, Rachel, Market St. Labourer
Yankee, Ruth, South St. Domestic Servant
Younis, Antoine, Redcliffe St. Merchant

Zachariah, Alfred, High St. Zachariah, Oakland, High St. Zachariah, Una, High St.

Shopkeeper Sales Clerk Housewife

I, GEORGE JESSEL COURTENAY HANNAYS, Revising Officer for the Electoral District of St. John's City (South) and Barbuda hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the finally revised list of voters for the said Electoral District.
Dated this 24th day of September, 1956.
Ag. Magistrate, Dists." A" & "B ", Revising Officer.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands, by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printor.-By Authority.
Price 30 cents.

Williams, Susanna, New St. Williams. Sydney, Ottos Lane Williams, Vera, Ottos Lane Williams, Verge, South St. Williams, Vivian, New St. Wilkinson, Catherine, Tanner St. Willet, Mary, Nelson St. Williamson, Christophine, New St. Williamson, Winifred, New St. Willock, Ann, Nevis St. Winter, Alice, St. Mary's St. Winter, Hyacinth, Rodney St.

List of Voters (Barbuda)

10. 11. 12. 18. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
24. 25. 26. 27. 28.
29. 30. 31.
32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38.
39. 40. 41. 42. 43.
44. 45. 46. 47.
48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54.
56. 57. 58. 59. 60.
61. 62. 63.
64. 65. 66.
67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72.

Bailey, Beatrice Bailey, Kenneth Bailey, Lauchland Bailey, Murphy Beazer, Alanzo B3eazer, Beril Beazer, Burnstell Beazer, Conwall Beazer, Daniel Beazer, David Beazer, Edith Beazer, Ella Beazer, Enid Beazer. I I oward Beazer, Jane Beazer, Johnnio Beazer, Lilian Beazer, Mabel Beazer, Mascall Beazer, Maybert Beazer, Millicent Beazer, Oswald E. Beazer, Ruth Beazer, Samuel Beazer, Terril B3eazer, Thomas Beazer, Violet Beazer, Walter Beazer, Wilhilmnena Bryant, George Buntin, Benjamin Buntin. James Buntin, Nancy Buntin, Priscilla Burton, Eric Burton, Christiana Burton, Gladys Burton, Josephine Burton, Lynma Byam. Deloris Bvam, Ephasenate Bvron, Mlary, Byron, Spencer,

Caleb. Delorme Caleb, John W. M., Cephubas. 'avilla Cephas, Edna C(ephas. Ellie Cephas, Geraldine Cephas, Idina (ephas, M reusns Cephas, Merle Cephas, Sarah Chadlenger, Donald A.
Charles, lenry Uharles, John (Charles, 1,dia Charles, Millicent Charles, Samuel Charles, Warneford Christian, Daisy Christian, Emanuel Christian, Idanna Christian. Iris Christian, Joseph Christian, Margaret Christiar-, Rita Christian, Rose Connell, Ambrozine Connell, Annie Connell, Egbert Connell, Estelle

Barbuda Barbuda
do, do.
do, do.
do, do.
do do.
do. Barbuda

Domestic Labourer Labourer
Civil Servant
Laboure Labourer
Labourer Labourer
Civil Servant
Domestic Domestic
Civil Servant
Housewife Labourer
d t.
Labourer Civil Servant
Seamstress Seamstress
Caripenter Labourer
Housewife Domestic Servant,
Laborer Carpenter Labourer

93. Fraser, Deloney 94. Francis, Dona 95. Francis, Murie 96. Frank, Chester 97. Frank, Edward 98. Frank, Kenford 99. Frank, Isaline 100. Frank, Ivy 101. Frank, Maraval 102. Frank, Ogilvie 103. Frank, Theophilus 104. Prank, Walter 105. Friday, Clement 106. Friday, Lillian
107. George, Annie 108. George, Cecil 109. George, Daniel 110. George, Eunice 111. George, Henrietta 112. George, Petrova 113. George, Violet 114. Gerald, Charles 115. Gore, Estherlyn 116. Gore, Samuel 117. Gore, Selma 118. Griffin, Henry
119. Harper, Carlton 120. Harper, Erskine 121. Harper, Manzie 122. Harper, Vera 123. Harris, Allenby 124. Harris, Annie 125. Harris, Bvam 126. Harris, Ohbalda 127. Harris, (Cohress 128. Harris. Delta 129. Harris, Dennis 130. Harris, 1)Donald 131. Harris, Donald 132. Harris, Dulucie 133. Harris, Edward 134. Harris, Evelena 135. Harris, Francilla 136. Harris, Freddie 137. Harris, Hartford 138. Harris, Henry

do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. (10do. (10o.
do. do. do. do. do.
do. do. do, do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. (10.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.
do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.

La bourer Labou rer

73. Connell. Milford Barbuda 74. Connell, Rudolph do.
75. Davis, Cecil B. do.
76 Deazle, Clarice do. 77. Deazle Estherlyn do. 78. Deazle, Idina do.
79. Deazle, ola do.
80. Deazle, Ivy (10do.
81. Deazle, Josiah do.
82. Deazle, Norris do.
83. DeSuza, Florence do. 84. DeSuza, Marion do.
85. DeSuza, Ruby do.
86. Dover, Cyril do.
87. Dowdy, Agneta do.
88. Dovwd Albert do.
89. Drinkwater, George do. 90. Drinkwater, Judith do. 91. l)Drinkwalter, Ralston do.
92. Edivards, Rose (1do.

Labourer Domestic L abourer Labourer
Civil Servant
Domestic Labourer Domestic Servant
Labourer Labourer Labourer
Carpenter Domestic Labourer
Sailor (Captain)
Labourer Labourer Labourer Labourer Labourer
Labiourer Domestic Labomurer
Domestic Labourer Domestic
Sailor (Captain)

Monumental Mason


139 Harris, Hendry 140 Harris, Iona 141 Harris, Isaac 142 Harris, John 143' Harris, Loida 144' Harris, Louisa 145' Harris, Marilyn 146 Harris, Mary 147 Harris McAndrew 148 Harris, Michael 149 Harris, Margaret 150 Harris, Primrose 151 Harris, Reginald 152 Harris, Rupert 153 Il arris, Rubina. 154. Harris, Ruth 155 Harris, Thessie 156. Harris, Whitfield 157. Henry, Agnes 158. Henry, Edgar 159. Henry, Harris 160. Henry, Lina 161. Hill, Keithly W. A. 162. IlHopkins, Rawl
163. Isaac, Rose
164. Jack, Baldwin 165. Jack, Eunicee 166. Jack, Lurina 167. Jacob, Wallace 168. James, Carmen 169. James, Daisv 170. Jmes, Edmond 17 1. James, Eulah 172. James, Georgiana 173. James, Helena 174. James, Irene 175. Jams, Italas 176. Jamnes; Keturah 177. lames. Monroe 178. James, Philinore 179. James, Pickford 180. James, Roselin 181. James, Samuel 182. James, Willia"m 18. Jeffery. Emily 184. Jeffrey, Lenhart 185. Jeffrey, Marvin 186. Jeffrey, McPherson 187- Jeffery, Roy 188- Jeffery, Thomas 189- John, Adella 190- John, Almneda 191' John, Bessie 192- John, Duncan 193' John, Emanuel 194' John, Eunice 195' John, Francis 196- John, Goodwin 197- John, Leeford 198' John, Thomas 199. Joseph. Kathleen 200 Joseph, George 201. Joseph, Howard 202. Joseph, Leodie 203. Joseph, Manthrop 204. Joseph, Rupert 205. Joseph, Theophilus 206. Joseph, Wendell 207. Joseph, William 208. Julion, Milton

Barbuda do. do. do. do. do. dd.
do. do. do do.
do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.

do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.
do. do. d(10.
do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.

Labourer Labourer Lab)ourer
Domestic Labourer Domestic Domestic Labourer
Domestic Domestic Servant
Domestic Labourer Labourer Labourer
Labourer School Teacher Labourer

Shopkeeper Domestic Servant
Housewife Labourer
Labourer Carpenter Labourer
d o
Sailor ((aptain) Labourer
Labourer Labourer Domestic Servant
Peasant Domestic Servant
Domestic Labourer Labourer Labourer Domestic
Teacher Labourer Labourer

209. 210.
211. 212. 213.
214. 215' 216. 217.
219. 220.
221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226

228. 229. 230. 2"1. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238.
239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244.
245. 246. 247. 248.
249. 250. 251. 252
253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261.
262. 263' 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276*

King, Ernest King, Helen King, Joseph Knight, Daisybelle Knight, Wilfred
Lewis, Bradley Lewis, Emanuel Lewis, Geraldine Lewis, Louisa
Mapp, George Mapp, Helen Mapp, James Mapp, Noble Martin, Audrey Martin, Cyril Martin, Francis Martin, Wyona Meado, Edward L. I
Nedd, Agatha Nedd, Alpheaus Nedd, Catherine Nedd, Cordella Nedd, Daisy Nedd, Edward Nedd, Eliza Nedd, Eudalvn Nedd, Eva Nedd, George Nedd, Hercules Nedd. Lucilla Nedd, Lucille Nedd, Maize Nedd, Morris Nedd. Myrtilla Nedd, Renetta Nedd, Robert Nedd, Roselyn Nedd, Stanford Nedd, Standford Nedd, Tyndale W., Newton, Edwin Nibbs, Errol Nibbs, Muriel Nibbs, John
Parker, Celestine Parker, George Parker, Mildred Parker, Milton Pereira, Ivan Perei'ra, Muriel Punter, Beatrice Punter, Earl Punter, Estella Punter, George Punter, George Punter, (Godfrey Punter, Godfrey Punter, Henry Punter, Harold Punter, Henry Punter, Ionie Punter, John Punter, Maude Punter, Maybelle Punter, Meredith Punter, Mildred Punter, Oriel Punter, Slyvia


do. do.
(do. do.
do. do. do. ., do.

Labourer Teacher Labourer
Labourer I hbourer Labourer
Lab ouror
al aourer
n)onestic Civil Servant
) nlestic Labourer
Domestic Labhourer La bourer l i h 41 rer
Domestic Labourer
do, do
Lahlourer Domestic
Lahou rer
Labourer Labourer Domestic
Douestie Carpenter Domestic Labourer Civil Servant
Labourer Labourer
l abourer
Labourer Domestic Labourer


277- Punter, Viola 278. Punter, Waltimore 279. Punter, William
280. Quash, Avis 281. Quash, Henry 282. Quash, Linnie
283. Richards, Alice 284. Richards, Hanzel 285. Richards, John 286. Richard-, William
287. .Sainual, Marilyn 288. Samuel, Norris 289. Samuel, Princess 290. Samuel, Whitfield 291. Shaw, Anita 292. Shaw, Basil 293. Shaw, Bertie 294. Shaw, Edith 295. Shaw, Elwood 296. Shaw, Gladstone 297. Shaw, James 298. Shaw, Margaret 299. Shaw, Newton 300. Shaw, Pearline 301. Shaw, Obadiah 302. Shaw, Steadman 303. Shawe, Daisybelle 304. Steel, Irene

do. do.

Domesti Domesti(


Domestic 329. Labourer 330.
Mason 331.
Labourer 333. Labourer 334. housewife 335.
Labourer 337338.
Mason 39"
Labourer 340'
34P1 142"
c Servant 34
Mason 34' housewife 34
Mason 346 c Servant 347 Labourer 348
Sailor 349 Labourer 3
Tailor .
Domestic 355.
c S nt 359. c Servant

Thomas. John Barbuda
Thomas, Jeneta do.
Thomas, Kathleen do. Thomas, Kenneth do. Thomas, Magdalene do. Thomas, Mahala do.
Thomas, May do.
Thomas, Maynard do. Thomas, Mellanson do. Thomas, Monroe do.
Thomas, Moody do.
Thomas, Noel do.
Thomas, Rudolph (i) do. Thomas, Rudolph (ii) do. Thomas, Samuel do. Thomas, Stanley do. Thomas, Shillingford, Barbuda Thomas, Walter do.
Thomas, Whittield do. Thomas, Wilkins do. Thomas, William do. Thomas, William (i), Barbuda Thomas, William (ii), Barbuda Teague, Aloma do.
Teague, Alphonso do. Teague, Celestine do. Teague, John (i) do. Teague, John (ii) do. eangue, Katherine do. Teague, Letitia do. Teague, Urina do.

360. Veira, St. Clair

Labourer, Domestic Labourer
o ,
Labourer Labourer
Labourer Labourer Labourer
Lalbourer Labourer
Labourer Labourer
* Shopkeeper
Housewife Shopk eeper
Poli oemlan

305. Teague, Agatha do.
306. Teague, Celestine, Barbuda 307. Teague, Lemuel do.
308. Teague, Nellie do.
309. Thomas, Agatha do.
310. Thomas, Amy do.
311. Thomas, Beatrice do. 312. Thomas, Beatrice (ii) do. 313- Thomas, Bilford do.
314- Thomas, Burnhart do. 315" Thomas, Coleridge do. 316" Thomas, Delice do.
317" Thomas, Eleanor do.
318' Thomas, Ellen do.
319" Thomas, Elton do.
320' Thomas, Eunice (i) do. 321' Thomas,'Eunice (ii) do. 322' Thomas, Francilla do. 323 Thomas, George do.
324 Thomas, Gretel do.
325 Thomas, Gwendolyn do. 326. Thomas, Irene do.
327. Thomas, Izamay do.
328. Thomas, James do.

Housewife Labourer
Domestic ,,
Domestic Carpenter Labourer Sailor Labourer
T eacher Labourer
Domestic Mason Labourer Labourer

361. 362. 3:163.
365. 3166. 367. 368.
370. 371.
372. 373.
374. 375. 376.
378. 379.
380. 381. 382. 333. 384. 385. 386. 387.

Walbrook, Elvina, Barbuda Wa1brook, Kenneth do. Walbrook, Ransford, Barbuda Walbrook, Vivian d(o. Walbrook, Wilfred, Barbuda Walker, Christalyn, Barbuda Walker, lIebeeea, Barbuda Warner, Florence do. Warner, George do.
Walker, John do.
Warner, Leonard do.
Watkins, Alfred do.
Webber, Charles do.
Webber, Eudalvn do.
Webber, George do.
Webber, (41ford do.
\Vebber, Joseph do.
Webber, Louise do.
Webber, Mildred do.
Webber, Othella do.
Webber, Richard do.
Webber, Rose do.
Webber, Ruth do.
Webber, Samuel do.
Webber, Thomas do.
Webber, Waltimore do. Wynter, Aubrey do.

Printed at the Goverment Printing Ofce, Antigua, Leeward Island~, by EARL PIGoTT,
Acting Government Printer.-By Authority, 1956

[Price 7 cents]

Labiourer Labourer
Housewife Labourer
Labourer Laborer
Housewife Dora estic Labourer Fisherman Labourer Domestic Labourer Tinsmiith Labourer Carpenter

List of Voters (Autigua.
Electoral District of Saint John (Rural) West.

10 11
12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Aaron, Amelia, Greenbay Labourer
Aaron, Foster, do Shop-keeper
Aaron, Rebecca G., Ottos Lane D/Servant Aaron, Robert, Greenbay Tailor
Aaron, Sarah, do Domestic Servant
A\ bbhott, Ann, do Labourer
Abbott, Bernadette, Kentish Village Tvypist Abbott, John, (Gray's Farm Labourer
Abbott, Joseph, Ottos Lane do
Abbott, Octavia, G(reenbay Domestic Servant Abbott, Percy, do Labourer
Abbott, Rlebeca, do Washer
Abbott, Viola, G(ray's Farm, Domestic Servant Abel, Joshua, Greenbay Labourer
Aberdeen, Gladys do do
Acham, Esther, Cook's Hill Driver
Adams, Alexander, Gray's Labourer
Adams, Alfred, Greenbay Porter
Adams, Alice, Gray's Farm, Domestic Servant Adams, Amelia, Green bay Housewife
Adams, Charles, do Labourer
Adams, Christobelle, Gray's Farm do
Adams, George, (1) Gray's Hill do
Adams, George, (2) Gray's Farm do
Adams, Helena, do Domestic Servant
Adams, lonie, do do
Adams, Mizpah, do do
Adams, Naomi do Seamstress
Adams, Neville, do Barber
Adams, Rebecca, Ottos Lane Labourer
Adams, Ruth, Gray's Farm Domestic Servant Adams, Stephanie, Greenbay do
Adams, Victor, Gray's Farm Labourer

67 68 69 70
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81
82 83
84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
100 101
102 103 104 105 106 107 108
109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123
125 126 127 128 129
130 131

Andrew, Caroline, Greenbay Labourer
Andrew, Celestiana, Ottos Lane D/Servant Andrew, IDaisy, do do
Andrew, James, Greenbay Labourer
Anthony, Amelia, Gray's Farm D/Servant Anthony, Eileen, do do
Anthony, Evelyn, Ottos Lane do
Anthony, Gwendolyn, do Libourer
Anthony, Isabella, do D)/Servant
Anthony, Joseph, Gray's Farm Labourer
Anthony, Julia, Kentish Village D/Servant Anthony, Lorine, Gray's Hill H/Domestic Anthony, Olive, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Anthony, Victoria, Gray's Farm Labourer Anthony, William, do do
Anthony, Zachariah, Ottos Lane do
Anthonyson, Ethel, Greenbay D/Servant
Archibald, Francis, (1) do do
Archibald, Francis. (2) do do
Armstrong, Alma, Gray's Farm do
Armstrong, Ami, do do
Armstrong, Edith, do d(,
Armstrong, Elaine, do do
Armstrong, William, Greenbay Labourer Aska, Alice, Ottos Lane Seamstress
Aska, Laurena, Gray's Farm Housewife
Aska, Margaret, Kentish Village Labourer Aska, Pet, Gray's Farm do
Athley, Miriam, do Seamstress
Atwood, Eileen, Ottos Lane Dor. Servant Atwood, Enn, Gray's Farm do
Atwood, James. Ottos Lane Labourer
Aymer, IDaniel, Gray's Farm do
Bachelor, David, Five Islands Labourer Bachelor, Edmund, Kentish Viii. C'penter Bachelor, Edward, Gray's Hill Labourer Bachelor, Elvie, Ottos Lane Domestic
Bachelor, Eugenie, Kentish Villlage do Bachelor, Ivie, do D/Servant
Bachelor, Miriam, Five Islands do
Bailey, Araminta Ottos Lane Housewife Bailey, Avis, Greenbay do
Bailey, Carl, Ottos Lane Clerk
Bailey, Joseph, do Labourer
Banks, Margretta, Gray's Farm do
Baptiste, Beatrice, do Dom. Servant Baptiste, Doris, Gray's Hill Shopkeeper Baptiste, Edris, Greenbay Labourer
Baptiste, Ephridge, Kentish Vill. Painter Baptiste, Evelina, Ottos Lane D/Servant Baptiste, Maisy, Gray's Farm do
Baptiste, Rosaline, do Labourer
Baptiste, Samuel, Kentish Vill. do
Baptiste, Esme, Gray's Farm Seamstress Baptiste, William, Greenbay Labourer
Barker, Susannah, do H/Domestic
Barnabas, Earl, Five Islands Labourer Barnabas, Edna, do D/Servant
Barnabas, John, do Fisherman
Barnabas, Maurice do Carpenter
Barnard, Claxton, Ottos Lane Labourer
Barnard, Millicent, Gray's Farm D/Servant Barnes, Albertha, do Housewife
Barnes, Arundell, do Labourer
Barnes, Charlotte, Gray's Hill D/Servant

34 Akers, William, do Blacksmith
35 Akins, Jane Ann. Ottos Lane Housewife
36 Akins, Jonathan, do Carpenter
37 Akins, William, do Labourer
38 Albert, Olivia, do Domestic Servant
39 Allen, Agnitt, Gray's Hill Home Domestic 40 Allen, Alfre 1. Kentish Village Clerk
41 Allen, Archibald., Gray's Farm Labourer 42 Allen, Beryl, do Baker
43 Allen, Ellen, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant 44 Allen, Joseph, Gray's Hill Labourer
45 Allen, Margaret, Kentish Village D/Servant 46 Allen, Michael, do Labourer
47 Allen, Rebecca, Greenbay '18 Allen, Sarah, do Domestic
49 Allen, Stedman, Gray's Farm Carpenter
50 Allen, Susanna, Cook's Hill Domestic Servant 51 Allen, Samuel, Ottos Lane Labourer
52 Allen, Frank, Greenbay Agriculturer
53 Allen, Henrietta, Gray's Farm D/Worker 54 Allen, Winifred, do Shopkeeper
55 Allen, William, do Mason
56 Alexander, Ruth, Ottos Lane D/Servant
57 Ambrose, Alberta, Kentish Village do 58 Ambrose, Fernella, Gray's Farm Labourer 59 Ambrose, Donald, do Postman
60 Ambrose, Joseph, do Labourer
61 Ambrose, Martha, do do
62 Ambrose, Marie, do do
63. Ambrose, May, do do
64 Ambrose, Mary, do Agriculturer
65 Ambrose, Peter H., Kentish Village Chauffeur 66 Ambrose, William, Gray's Hill Labourer

2 Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

134 135 136
137 138 139
140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168
169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176' 177 178 179 180
181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198

Barnes, Enid, Greenbay H/Domestic
Barnes, Jeremiah, (1) Gray's Hill Lab'rer Barnes, Jeremiah, (2) Nut Grove do Barnes, Juliana, Gray Farm Housewife Barnes, Mary, Cook's Hill Labourer
Barnes, Richard, Gray's Farm do
Barnes, Rupert, Ottos Lane do
Barnes, Viola, Gray's Road Steno-typist Barton, Elizabeth, Gray's Farm D/Servant Bartley, Josephine, Greenbay D/Servant Barzey, Ellanor, Gray's Hill do
Barzey, Joshua, Gray's Farm Labourer Barzey, Lucilla, do do
Barzey, Sarah, Kentish Village D/Servant Barzey, Witliam, Gray's Hill Labourer Bascus, Earl, Gray's Farm Tailor
Baxter, Enid, Gray's Hill Dom. Servant Bazil, Clarina, Cook's Hill do Beazer, Lorna, Gray's do
Bell, Derille, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Bell, McKenzie, Gray's Hill R'voir Keeper Bell, Martha, do Dom. Servant
Beltou, Joseph, Ottos Lane H/Domestic Belton, Violet, do do
Benjamin, Agneta, (1) Gray's Farm S'tress Benjamin, Albertha, Gray's Hill Labourer Benjamin, Alfred, (1) Greenbay do Benjamin, Alfred, (2) do Mason
Benjamin, Alice, Nut Grove D/Servant Benjamin, Alton, Gray's Farm G/W orker Benjamin, Amelia do D/Servant
Benjamin, Arnold, do Labourer
Benjamin, Augusta, do Hawker
Benjamin, Charles, do Labourer
Benjamin, Christobelle, Greenbay do Benjamin, Coleridge, do do
Benjamin, Cyril Alex, do do
Benjamin, D)aniel, Ottos Lane Porter Benjamin, Delores, Gray's Farm H/wife Benjamin, Denzil, Cook's Hill Petty Officer Benjamin, Elenora, Ottos Lane D/Servant Benjamin, Elmy, Gray's Labourer
Benjamin, Elroy, Gray's Farm do
Benjamin, Ernest, Ottos Lane Fisherman Benjamin, Florence, do Benjamin, George, Gray's Hill Labourer Benjamin, Gwendolyn, Kentish Vill. S'tress Benjamin, Henrietta, Greenhay Benjamin, Henry, Gray's Farm Labourer Benjamin, Hilda, do D/Servant
Benjamin, Irene M., Five Islands do Benjamin, Ivy, Greenbay do
Benjamin, James, Gray's Farm Labourer Benjamin, Joseph, Ottos Lane Carpenter Benjamin, Mabel, Gray's Farm D/Servant Benjamin, Maud, Gray's Farm D/Servant Benjamin, Murphy, Kentish Vill. Labourer Benjamin, Narcissa, Ottos Lane Benjamin, Olive, do D/Servant
Benjamin, Sarah, Kentish Vill. Labourer Benjamin, Sister, Gray's Farm Farmer Benjamin, Solomon, do Labourer
Benjamin, Titus (1) Kentish Vill. Baker Benjamin, Titus, (2) Ottos Lane Labourer Benjamin, Victoria, Nut Grove do
Benjamin, Wendell, Golden,, Tr'tor Driver Benjamin, William, (1) Greenbay Labourer

200 201 202 203 201
205 206
207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216
217 218 219
220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230
231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241
242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250
251 252 253 254
255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264

Benjamin, William, (2) Gray's Farm L'rer Benjamin, William, (3) Greenbay Clerk Bernard, Cynthia, Gray's Farm do
Bernet, Henrietta, do Labourer
Betts, Nancy, do D/Servant
Bird, Gerda J., Greefibay do
Bird, Oscar, do Fisherman
Bird, Robert, do Farmer
Bird, Vere Cornwall, Ottos Merchant
Black, Sarah, Gray's Housewife
Bladen, Winifred, (1) Greenbay D/Servant Bladen, Winifred, (2) do Labourer
Blaire, Peter, Gray's Farm do
Blake, Henrietta, do D/Servant
Blake, Violet, Ottos Lane do
Bledman, Ruby, Gray's Farm do
Blenie, John, Ottos Lane Farmer
Blenie, Olive, do Dom. Servant
Boatswain, Benjamin, Gray's Farm Lab'rer Boatswain, Mary Ann, Greenbay H/Dom. Bobb, Johlin, Ottos Lane Mason
Bobb, Joseph, Gray,s Farm Labourer
Bobb, Violet, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Bolton, Clarice, do do
Bolton, Henry, Gray's Farm Labourer
Bolton, Hilda, Ottos Lane do
Bowen, Clarice, Gray's Farm D/Servant Bowers, Dennis, do Carpenter
Bowers, Gladstone, Ottos Lane Labourer Bowers, Henrietta, do D/Servant
Bowery, Walter, do Fisherman
Brade, Ada, Cook's Hill D/Servant
Brade, Sarah, Gray's Hill Dom. Servant Brade, Thomas, Gray's Farm Labourer
Bradford, Samuel E. E., do Carpenter
Bradshaw, Genevieve, do D/Servant
Braide, James, Greenbay, Farmer
Braithwaite, Bernice, Ottos Lane D/Servant Braithwaite, Ellen, Gray's Hill Housewife Braithwaite, Eunice, do Dom. Servant Braithwaite, Jean, Kentish Vill. H/Dom. Braithwaite, Percival, Gray's Hill C'penter Braithwaite, Wilma, Kentish Vill. Farmer Bramble, Ellen, Gray's Farm D/Servant Branch, Yvonne, do do
Bridges, Chrys, Kentish Vill. S'tor's Clerk Bridges, Maud, Five Islands H/Domestic Bridgewater, John, Greenbay Shopkeeper Brien, Edward, Kentish Vill. Labourer Bright, Eileen, Gray's Hill D/Servant Bright, Estella, Gray's Farm Labourer Bright, Jane Ann, Golden Grove do
Bright, Maria, Five Islands Labourer Bright, Mary, Ottos Lane Housewife
Bright, Euriel do Fisherman
Brooks, Beatrice, Kentish Village Seametress
Brooks, Dulcena, Greenbav D/servant
Brooks, Jarvis, Gray's Hfill Labourer Brooks, John, Gray's Farm ,,
Brown, Allan, Golden Grove F'erman
Brown, Arthwell, Cook's Hill Carpenter Brown, Augusta, Greenbay Shopkeeper Brown, Beatrice, Five Islands D/servant Brown, Charles, Ottos Lane Farmer
Brown, Clarence Will, Gray's Farm Groer Brown, Earl, Ottos Lane Baker

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

265 266 267 268
2(69 270
271 272 273 274 275
* 27(
k 78
280 281 282
283 284 285
286 287
288 289 290 291
292 293 294 295 296 297
299 300
301 302 303
304 305 30'6
308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316
317 318 319
320 321
322 323 324 325
326 327 328 329 30

Brown, Millicent, Brown, Miriam, Brown, Samuel, Brown, Sophia, Brown, Thomas, Brown, William,

Gray's Farm
Five Islands Gray's Hill Five Islands

,, I
Nur~e Tailor D/servant C/servant Fisherman

Browne, Abraham, Greenbay Orderly
Browne, Agnes, Ottos Lane Seaminstre;s
Browne, Alexander, Gray's Hill Fisherman Browne, Beresford, Ottos Lane Printer
Browne, Bettye, Gray's Farm D/Servant Browne, Catherine, (1do H/Domestic Browne, Clarice, Kentish Village D/svnt Browne, Dorah, Ottos Lane D/servant
Browne, Elaine, Kentish Village do Browne, Eileen, Ottos Lane Domestic Browne, Elfreda, Gray's.Farm Housewife Browne, Ethel, Ottos Lane Labourer
Browne, Eugene, do
Expeller Operator
Browne, George, (1) Gray's Farm Stevedore Browne, George, (2) Kentish Village Porter Browne, Glads(n, Cook's Hill Labourer
Browne, Glady.s, Greenbay Housewife
Browne, Harold, do Labourer
Browne, Henrietta, Gray's Hill do
Browne, Herman, do do
Browne, Hildred, Kentish Village D/svnt Browne, Ina, do do
Browne, Iola, Ottos Lane Domestic
Browne, Ivy, Cook's Hill D/servant
Browne, James, Gray's Farm Mason
Browne, John, (1) do Labourer
Browne, John, (2) Greenbay do
Browne, Joseph E., Gray's Farm do
Browne, Joseph, Golden Grove do
Browne, Josephine, Gray's Hill Seamstress Browne, Laurine, Gray's Farm D/servant Browne, Linda, do Nurse
Browne, Margaret, Greenbay Labourer
Browne, Mary, Gray's Farm D/servant
Browne, Maudiana, Greenbay Housewife
Browne, Mignonette, do First Aider
Browne, Mildred, (1) do Housewife
Browne, Mildred, (2) Gray's Farm S/stress Browne, Norman, Ottos Lane Labourer
Browne, Norris, do Baker

Brown, Eliza Janet, Ottos lane 1)D/servant Brown, Elizabeth, Kentish Village Baker Brown, Ernest, (1) Greenbay Plumber
Br)wn, Ernest, (2) do Fisherman
Brown, Frederica, Grayvs's Farm Housewife Brown, Hencliffe, Ottos Lane Clerk
Brown, Hubert, Gray's Hill Carpenter
Brown, IeilnIa, Gray's Farm H/wife
Brown, Iola, (do Labourer
Brown, Iris, Ottos Lane D/servant
Brown, Jacob, do Labourer
Brown, James A., Greenbay Shopkeeper
Brown, James, (1) do Labourer
Brown, James, (2) Gray's Farm ,,
Brown, James, (3) (do10 Mason
Brown, Jane, Greenbay D/servant
Brown, Joseph, Five Islands Fisherman
Brown, Remm, Ottos Lane Labourer
Brown, Margaret, Greenb ay D/servant
Brown. Mary, do Labourer

363 364 365 366
367 368
369 370 371
372 373 374
375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387

Byers, Frank,

389 Byers, Rachael 390 Byers, Sydney, 391 Bynoe, Percival

Porter & Waterman Cook's Hill D/servant Gray's Farm Printer


331] 332
334 335 336 337 338 339
340 341 342 343
344 34.5
346 347
348 319
350 351
352 353 354 355 356 357
358 359 360

Browne, Octavia, Greenbay D)/servant
Browne, Stanley, do Petty Officer
Browne, Sy bil. do 1 )/servant
Browne, Victor, Kentish Village (C/Servant Browie, Vincent, Ottos Lane Browne, William, !reenbay Office Boy
Bruce, Margaret, do H/domestic
Bryan, Beatrice, do Housewife
Bryan, Christian, Five Islands Lahourer Biyan, Millicent, Gray's Htill D/servant Bryan, Samuel, Ottos Lane Baker
Buckley, Francilla, Gray's Farm D)/servant Buckley, William, (1) Kentish Village Mechanic
Buckley, William, (2) Ottos Lane Plumber Bunch, Elna, Gray's Farm D/servant
Buntin, Henrietta, Kentish Village do Buntin, John, Gray's Hill Labourer
Buntin, Lucy Greenbay do
Buntin, Maisie Gray's Farm D/servant Buntin, Marie, do do
Buntin, Arnold, Greenbay Policeman
Burke, Emmanuel, Grayv's Farm Labourer Burke, Matilda, (1) Nut Grove do
Burke, Matilda, (2) Greenbay 1)/Dservant Burke, Sylvia, Ottos Lane H/Domestic
Burkett, V iola, Greenbav Orderly
Burleigh, Alexandrina, Gray's Farm Baker Burleigh, Viola Gray's Farm D/servant Burley, Edith, do Labourer
Burnett, Agnes, Kentish VillageHome Domestic
Burnett, Austin, Bishopgate St Carpenter Burnett, Louisa, Kentish Village Home I)omestic
Burnett, Maud, Ottos Lane D/servant Burns, David, Greenbay Labourer
Burns, Mildred, do Housewife
Burton, Beatrice, Gray's Farm Domestic Servant
Burton, Frederick, Gray's Hill Mason
Burton, Isabelle, do D/servant
Burton, James, do Labourer
Burton, Selassie do do
Burton, Susannah Greenhay H/domestic Butler, Jerusia, do D/servant
Butler, Llewellyn, do Printer
Brooks, Alma, do Labourer
Byam, Audrey, do Washer
Byam, Charles, Gray's Hill Labourer
Byam, Cynthia, Greenbay Housewife
Byam, Edna, Gray's Hfill D/servant
Byam, Elizabeth, do do
Byam, Ethel, Ottos Lane Huckster
Byam, Helenita, Greenbay School T'cher Byam, Hubert, do Carpenter
Bvamn, Louisa, Gray's Farm D/servant Byam, Pearlina, Five Islands do Byam, Walter, Gray's Farm Labourer
Byers, Rlavrelly, Greenbay do
Byers, Simon, Cook's Hill Porter

4 Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

Byrde, Amelia, Byrde, Inez, Byrde, Rhoda, Byrde, Robert,

Kentish Village S/stress Greenbay Housewife
Ottos Lane D/servant Greenbay Labourer

Challenger, Alexander, Gray's Farm Clerk Challenger, Charles, Greenbay Fisherman Challenger, Emmie, Gray's Farm Housewife Challenger, Fred, Kentish Village Mechanic Challenger, Mable, (1do H/domestic
Challenger, Victor, Greenbay

394 395

396 Cabey, Ellen, Ottos Lane Domestic
397 Cabey, James, Donovan's Shoemaker
398 Cabey, Nellie, Ottos Lane Labourer 399 Cabey, Thomas, Gray's Hill do
400 Caines, Edwin A., Greenbay Clerk
401 Caleb, Alpha, Ottos Lane Labourer
402 Caleb, Beatrice, Kentish Village Hawker 403 Caleb, Christophine, do Housewife 404 Caleb, Rupert, do Carpenter
405 Caleb, Winston, do Labourer
406 Camacho, Ernie, Gray's Farm H/wife
407 Camnacho, Kasper, do Clerk
408 Ca'macho, Vincent J., Union Estate Manager 409 Cameron, HIelen, Ottos Lane Housewife 410 Cann, Henrietta, Greenbay Djservant
411 Cann, Mary, Ottos Lane Housewife
412 Carr, Charles, (1) Gray's Farm Labourer 413 Carr, Charles, (2) Five Islands do 414 Carr, Berkeley, Ottos Lane do
415 Carr, Egbert, Gray's Farm
Engine Driver
416 Carr, Gertrude, Ottos Lane Housewife 417 Carr, Henrietta, Gray's Farm D/servant 418 Carr, Hildred, do do
419 Carr, Rameto, Greenbay Engineer
420 Carr, Sarah, Ottos, Lane Housewife
421 Uarbott, Diana, Greenbay Labourer
422 Carrington, Iris, Gray's Farm Seamstress 423 Carrott, Bradley T., Greenbay Carpenter & Joiner
424 Carrott, Millicent, Greenbay Housewife 425 Carlos, Carlton, Gray's Mechanic
426 Carlos, Gloria, Kentish Village Clerk 427 Carlton, Milutine, Gray's Home Domestic 428 Carter, Helen, Kentish Village f)/svnt 429 Carty, Alfred, Ottos iLane Gardener 430 Carty, Alice, do Housewife
431 Carty, Ann, (1) (1do H/Domestic
432 Carty, Ann, (2) Kentish Village Laundress 433 Carty, Arthur, Greenbav G'ral Worker 434 Carty, Audry, do Housewife
435 Carty, Elvira, Ottos Lane D/servant 436 Carty, Eric, Greenbay Carpenter
437 Carty, Isaline, Kentish Village D/svnt 438 Carty, James, Ottos Lane Labourer
439 Carty, Joseph, Greenbay do
440 Corty, Matilda, Kentish Village S/stress 441 Carty, Ruth, do Housewife
442 Casey, Beryl, Gray's Hill Housewife
443 Cassin, Marie T., Gray's Farm (do 444 Cassin, Seimor, do Labourer
445 Caynes, Timothy, Ottos Lane do
446 Cephas, Jane Ann, do Laundress
447 Cephas, Iola, Gray's Farm do
448 Cephas, Ivy, Ottos Lane Housewife
449 Cephas, Maude, Ottos D/servant

456 457 458
459 460
461 462 463
466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473
474 475 476 477
479 480 481 482 483 484 485
486 487
489 490 491
493 494
495 496 497
498 499
500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507
508 509 510 511 512 513
515 516
517 518

Charles, Herman, Charles, Irene, Charles, Joel, Charles, Leroy, Charles, Lilian
Charles, Lorna, Charles, Marjorie, Charles, Mary, Charles, Montague, Charles, Olive, Charles, Oscar, Charles, Samuel, Charles, Victoria, Chiddick, Albertha, Christian, Abraham, Christian, Agatha, Christian, Allan, Christian, Ann, Christian, Belford, ( Christian, Belford, ( Christian, Beryl, Christian, Charles, Christian, Clarence C Christian, Donald Christian, Eunice, Christian, Helen, Christian, Hudson, Christian, Herman, Chritian, Helena, Christian, Frank,

Nut Grove Ottos Lane
do do
Gray's Farm Golden Grove Gray's Farm Greenbay
Gray's Farm Ottos Lane Gray's Farm

Chandler, Selwyn J., Greenbay, Chapman, Amelia, Gray's Farm Charles, Adella, Ottos Lane Charles, Alexander do
Charles, Alwilda, do
Charles, Amielia, do
Charles, Anesta, Greenbay Charles, Beatrice, Gray's Farm I ,Charles, Clarissa, Gray's Hill Charles, Clifford A., Ottos Lane Chemist &
Charles, D)ennis, Gray's Farm Charles, )oreen, Ottos Lane Charles, Elijah, Gray's Farm Charles, Enoch Z. N., Ottos Lane Charles, Francis, Greenbay Charles, Garniiett} Ottos Lane Charles Harold. Golden Grove

Labourer Washer Carpenter Labourer
S/stress Housewife Labourer Huckster Carpenter Labourer Housewife D/servant Labourer

Greenbay Washer
do Waterman
Gray's Farm Housewife 1) do Labourer
2) Greenbay Bakei
Greenbay Housewife
Grav's Farm Labourer ., Side Hill Cab. Maker Gray's Farm Clerk
do D/servant.
Greenbay House Wife Gray's Hill Carpenter Grays Labourer
Greenbay Huckster
Sdo Labourer

Christian, Henrietta, Gray's Farm D/servant Christian, James, Kentish Village Labourer Christian, Jeremiah, Greenbay do
Christian, John, Ottos Baker
Christian, Joseph (1) Gray's Farm L'brer Christian, Joseph (2) do do
Christian, Joseph (3) do Painter
Christian, Marie do Dom. Servant
Christian, Maziantia do Labourer
Christian, Moland do do
Christian, Neville, Nut Grove Clerk
Christian, Pamela, Grays Home Domestic Christian, Pearl, Ottos Lane Labourer
Christian, Rita, Gray's Hill Clerk
Christian, Ruth, (1) Greenbay Housewife Christian, Ruth, (2) Gray's Farm Dom. Ser.

Labourer Houacwife
Teacher Painter Typist D/servant Housewife /domestic Housewife
Labourer Seanmstres s Labourer Mechanic Labourer Porter Labourer

450 451 452
453 454 455

Charles, Hilton
Herman, Ottos Lane

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West.

520 Christian, Samuel, (1) (Gray's Farm Porter 521 Christian, Samuel, (2) Greenb ay do
522 Christian, Eunice, Gray's Farm Houisewife 523 Christian, Sybil, Grays Domestic Servant 524 Christian, Sydney, Gray's Farm Labourer 525 Christian, Sylvia, do I)om. Worker 526 Christian, Vincent, Gray' Hill Mechanic 527 Christopher, Adriana, GrcnL'ay D/Ser 528 Christopher, Albertha. Gra 's Farm L'brer 529 Christopher, Beatrice (1) Five Islands Housewife
530) Christopher, Beatrice (2), (Gray's Farm IaboUlrer
531 Christopher. Carlton, (O)ttos Lane L'brer 532 Christopher, Daniel, (Gray' s Farm L'brer 533 Christopher, Earl, Ottos Lane Painter
534 Christopher, Elizabeth, Gray's Farm L'brer 535 Christopher, Ethel, do Huckster
536 Christopher, George, Nut (Grove L'brer 537 Christopher, Gladys, Five Islands H'wife 538 Christopher, G(wendolyn, Ottos Lane H'wife 539 Christopher, Jamnes, G(ray's Farm L'brer .54.0 Christopher, James C., Ottos Lane

541 542 543 5441
545 546 547 548
550 551 552 553
554 555 556 557 558 559 51;0 561 562 563
564 565 566
567 568 569 570
571 572 573
574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583

Chistopher, Joseph, Greenbay Fisherman Christopher, Joseph B,., Gray's Farm L'brer Christopher, Louisa, do Housewife
Christopher, Marcus, Kentish Village Clerk Christopher, Margaret, Five Islands H'wife Chiristopher, Maria, Kentish Village L'brer Christopher, Mary (1), Golden Grove H'wife Christopher, Mary (2), Grays Farm L'brer Christopher, Mary (3), do do
Christopher, May, do Housewife
Christopher, Phlillip, Five Islands Fisherman Christopher, Ruth. Kentish Village H'wife Christopher, Sarah, Gray's Farm Labourer Christopher, Stephen, do Carpenter
Christopher, Thomas (1), do Labourer
Christopher, Thomas (2), (reenbay L'brer Christopher, Uriah, Kentish Village Barber Christopher,; Walter, Golden Grove Mechanice Christopher, William, Greenbay Plumber Clark, Bleryvl, G(reenbay -Clark, Clara, Ottos Lane Housewife
Clark, Campbell, Gray's Hill Surveyor
Clark, Dora (1), Gray's Farm Labourer
Clark, Dorn (2), Ottos Lane Housewife Clark, Francis, Gray's Farm Labourer
Clark, Gertrude E., Ottos Lane Housewife Clark, Iola, do Hairdresser
Clark, Samuel, (1), Gray's Farm L'brer Clark, bamuel (2), Gray's Hill do
Clark, Sarah, Ottos Lane Home Domestic 'Clark, Susanna, Greenbay Hill Housewife Clark, Violet, Nut Grove Domestic Servant Clemens, Florence, Gray's Farm L'brer
Clemens, Maude, do Housewife
Clemens, Olive, do Labourer
Clemens, Oscar, do do
Clemens, Samuel, do do
Coates, Eileen, Kentish Village Seamstress Cobbins, Viola, Gray's Farm Domr. Servant Colbourne, Arthur, Greenbay Labourer
Colbourne, Basil, do Shopkeeper
Colbourne, Leah, do Home Domestic
Colbourne, Naomi, do Housewife

58i 585 586 587
588 589 590 591 592 593 5941 595 596 597
598 599 600
602 603 604 605 606
607 608 609
611 612 (13 614
615 616 617
618 619
620 621622
6(23 624(,25
626 627 628 629 630 631
632 633 634 635 636 637 638
639 640 611 642 643
645 646 647 (48

Colbourne, lhomas, G-ray's Farm Baker
Connor, Joseph, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Connor, Mary. Kenti h Village Doa. Ser\vait Constant, Agatha, (1do do
Constant, G wendol yn, do do
(Coper, Florence, ( Gray's Farm do Cooper, Ililda, do do
Cooper, Mary, do do
Corbett, George, Ortos Lane Mason
Corbett, Patrick, do Labourer
Corbin, Elen(jmra, Gray's Farm Dom. Servant Cornelius, Alexander, Gray's Village L'brer Cornelius, Eddie, Ottos Lane do
C(ornelius, Edward, Kentish Village do Cornelius, Elijah, Greenbay Hill do
Cornelius, Malcolmn(1 ), Gray's Farm S/keeper Cornelius, Malcolmn, (2), Ottos Lane Tractor D)river
Cornelius, Nethalina, Gray's Farm H'wife Cornelius, Raymond, do Labourer
Cornelius, Susanna, Greenbay Dom. Servant Cornelius, Winifred, do Labourer
Cornelius, Melvin, Ottos Lane barber
Cornelius, Wycliffe, do Labourer
Coulbourne, Arthur, Greenbay do
Crawford, Arthur, Ottos Lane Carpenter Crawford, Ethel, do -Rlouewife
Creighton, Carlton, G reenbay Labourer Creighton, Frances do do
Creighton. (, e)rge, do Tiine-keeper
Critichlowe, Ellen, Gray's Hill Lal ,ourer Croper, .James, Kentish Village Tailor
Cummings, Arthur, Greenbay (Clerk
Cummings, Julia, Grav's Hill Labourer
Cummings, Martha, do do
Daige, Florence, do do
Dailey, Mary (1), Gray's Farm Dom. Servant l)Dailey, Ctherine, Cook's Hill Housewife Dailey largaret, Golden Grove DIServant Dailey, Mary (2), Kentish Village H/wife Dailey, Matthew, do Electrician
Dailey, Samuel. Greenbavy Labourer
Dailey, William, G(ray s Farm do
Daniel, Alfred, Greenbay Civil Servant
Daniel, Ann, Grav's Farm Labourer
Daniel, Augusta, Ottos Lane D/Servant
D)aniel, Elva, Cook's Hill Housewife
Daniel, Ernest, Nut Grove Agriculturer
Daniel, Harold, Gray's Farm Baker
D)aniel, lonie, Ottos Lane Seamstress
Daniel, Jeremiah, Gray's Farm Carpenter Daniel, Leonard, Gray's Hill Labourer
Daniel, Majorie, Ottos Lane Seamstress
Daniel, Mary, do Housewife
Daniel, Preston, Gray's Farm Labourer
Daniel, Rozele, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Daniel, Ruth, Greenbay Huckster
Daniel, Samuel, Gray's Farm Shopkeeper Daniel, Sarah, do Labourer
Daniel, Victoria (1), do do
D)aniel, Victoria (2), Gray's Hill D/Servant Daniel, Viola (1), Greenbay do
Daniel, Viola (2), do Agricul. L'brer Daro, Garfield, Gray's Farm Mason
Davey, Ruth, Kentish Village Clerk
David, Catherine, Five Islands L'brer

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

649 David, Ohristiana, Golden Grove

650 651 6 52 653 654 655
656 657
658 659 660 661
662 663 664 665 666

David, David, David, David, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, l)avis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,

Ethel, Gray's Farm Jestina, Cook's Hill Miatilda, Gray's Farm. Victor, Ottos Adolphus, Ottos Albertha, Greenbay Arnold, Kentish Village Arthur, Greenbay Benjamin, Gray's Hill Cecil, do
Celes, Ottos Lane Charles, Cook's Hill Clara, Greenbay Clarissa, Gray's Farm

La Suga
La Hou
La Dom.

Deloris, do Home Do
Doris, Ottos Lane Domestic S Edna, Ottos Lane

L'brer 711 usewife 712 bourer 713 isewife 714 Clerk 715 bourer 716 usewife 717 S'vant 718 bourer 719 r-curer 720 lbourer 721 ,sewife 722 Porter 723 bourer 724 S/vant 725 nestic 726 ervant 727 Pedlar 728

667 Davis, Edward, Market Street Shop-keeper 668 Davis, Enid, G(reenbay Pedlar
669 Davis, Euriel, Gray's Farm Tailor
670 Davis, George, Greenbay Labourer
671 Davis, Georgianm, Kentish Vil. do 672 Davis, Gertrude, Greenbay Huckster
673 Davis, Gwendolyn, Ottos Lane Butler
674 Davis, Henrietta, Grays Farm H/wife
675 Davis, Hubert, do Carpenter
676 Davis, Irene, Cook's Hill Dom. Servant 677 Davis, Joseph, Greenbay Sailor
678 Davis, Lillian, (1), Ottos Lane D/Servant 679 Davis, Lillian, (2), do Home Domestic 680 Davis, Marian, Gray's Hill do
681 Davis, M-arjorie, Greenbay Dom. Servant 682 Davis, Mary, do do
683 Davis, Rachael, Gray's Farm H/wife
684 Davis, William, Ottos Lane Shoe-naker 685 Davis, Wilsener, Greenbay Dom. Servant 686 Dayson, Alfred, Gray's Hill Carpenter 687 Decambra, Joseph A., Nut Grove Tradesman
688 Defoe, David (I), Ottos Lane Labourer 689 Defoe, David, (2), do do
690 Defoe, Josephine, Gray's Farm H/wife 691 Defoe, Skeffington, Ottos Lane L'brer 692 Defoe, William A., do Carpenter
693 DeFreitas, Daphne, do Clerk
694 DeFreitas, May, Gray's Farm Huckster 695 Delfish, Dorothy E., Ottos Lane Seamstress 696 Delfish, George A., do Sanitary Inspector
697 Derrick, Arthur, do Watch-repairer
698 DeSilver, Charles, Gray's Farm Fisherman 699 Destine, John, do Shoe-maker
700 DeSuza, Charles (1), Five Islands Fisherman
701 DeSuza, Charles (2), do Carpenter
702 DeSuza, ladys Ottos Lane H'wife
703 DeSuza, Naomi, Ottos Extension Clerk 704 DeSuza, Priscilla, Ottos Lane H'wife 705 DeSuza, Lero, do Labourer
706 Dickenson, Doris, do do
707 Dickenson, Franklin, Kentish Viflage Baker
708 Dolphin, Arabella, Ottos Lane H'wife 709 Dolphin, Joseph, do Carpenter
710 Donaldson, Christina, Grays's Farm Housewife

729 730
731 732
735 736 737
738 739
740 741
742 743 744
745 746 747 748
749 750 751 752
754 755 756 757 758 759
761 762 763 764


Donaldson, Deloris, Ottos Lane Hluckster Donaldson, lonie, do Housewife
Dorsett, Estella, Grav's Hill do Dorsett, Lucien K., Ottos Lane Clerk Dover, Christophine, Greenbay D/Servant Dover, Elizabeth, Gray's Farm L'brer Dover, Grace, Greenbay Dom. Servant Dover, Jane, Ottos Lane (1do
Dowe, William, Kentish Electrician
)Duberry Abraham, Gray's Farm L'brer Duberry, Margaret do do
Duberry, Samuel, Kentish Village Mason Duberry. Thomas, do Labourer
Dublin, Dennis, Greenbay Dom. Servant Dublin, Eugenie, do do
Dublin, Georgiana do Housewife
Dublin, Ivy, Ottos Lane do
Dublin, James, Gray's Fairmn Carpenter Dublin, Joseph, Greenbay Labourer
Dublin, Maurice, do Tailor
Dupigney, Iris, Ottos Lane Domestie Dyer, Elsie, Gray's Home Domestic
Dyer, George, Gray's Farm Watchman Dyer, Henry, Kentish Village L'brer
Dyer, Margaret, Ottos Lane Housewife Dyer, Peter, Gray's"Fa rm Carpenter Dyer, Rose, Gray's Hill Labourer
Dyer, Sarah, Gray's Farm do
Dyer, Thomas,. Gray's Hill Mason

Eaton, Catherine, Golden Grove


Edmund, Isaac, Gray's Hill Mechanic
Edwards, Ada, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Edwards, Alice, Greenbay do
Edwards, Amanda, Kentish Village Dom. Servant
Edwards, Ann, Gray's Hill do
Edwards, Annie, Gray's Farm do
Edwards, Arthur, Ottos Lane L'brer
Edwards, Beatrice, do Dom. Servant Edwards, Charles (1), Gray's Farm L'brer Edwards, Charles (2), do do
Edwards, Charles (3). do Carpenter
Edwards, Christobelle, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
Edwards, Coleridge, Ottos Lane Tailor Edwards, David, Gray's Shoe-maker
Edwards, DI)ennis, Ottos Lane L'hrer
Edwards, Edgar, Golden Grove Mechanic Edwards, Edgar H., Gray's Hill C/Servant Edwards, Edith (1), do Dom. Servant Edwards, Edith (2), Gray's Farm Home Domestio
Edwards, Edna, Gray's Hill C/Servant Edwards, Eliza, Gray's Farm D/Servant Edwards, Elver, do Labourer
Edwards, Ernest, Ottos Lane Chauffeur Edwards, Florence, Gray's Farm Huckster
Fdwards, Frederick, Greenbay Barber

766 Edwards, George (1), Gray's Farm Civil Servant
767 Edwards, George, (2), do Carpenter 768 Edwards, George (3), Greenbay L/brer 769 Edwards, George (4), Kentish Village Painter
770 Edwards, Gertrude, Ottos Lane D/Servant

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) We't

771 772
773 774 775 776
778 779 780O 781 782
783 781 785 786 787 788 789 790 791 792 793
794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803
804 805 806
807 808 809 810 811
812 813
814 815 816
817 818 819 820 821 822 823
824 825 $26 827
828 829 830 831 832 833
834 835 836

Fabie, Ray, Gray's Farm Farley, Christiana, Cook's Hill Farley, Doris, Ottos Lane Farrell, Charles, Gray's Farm Farrell, John, ,, ,,
Farrell, Margaret, ,, ,, Farrell, Matthew, ,, ,,
Farrell, Michael, ,, ,, Fayriss, Leonard, ,, ,,

Housewife Housewife Labourer
Housewife Labourer Shoe-maker Electrician

Edwards, Iris, Kentish Road H/Domestic Edwards, Isaiah, Kentish Village Shoe-maker Edwards, Joseph (i), Grays Farm Carpenter Edwards, Joseph (ii), Ottos Lane ,, Edwards, Leonard, (Gry s Labourer
Edwards, Louise (i), Kentish Vil Samstress Edwards, Louise (ii), Ottos Lanme D'/Servant Edwards, Louise (iii), Ken'h Vii. Housewife Edwards., Margaret, (i) Ottos Lane l)D/bervant Edwards, Margaret, (ii) Kentish Vii. H/Dom. Edwards, Mary (i), Greenbav Shot-LKeeper Edlwards, Mary (ii), Gray's Hill Laboure l Edwards, Maurice, Ottos Lane ,,
Edwards, Norman, Gray's Hill Clerk
Edwards, Percy, ,, ,, Porter
Edwards, Rebecca, Cook's Hill Washer
Edwards, RItobert, Gray's Farm Porter
Edwards, Ruby. ,, ,, Huckster
Edwards, Rufus- M., Greenbay Labourer
Edwards, Ruth, Ottos Lane, D/Servant
Edwards, Samuel (i), Ottos Lane Labourer Edwards, Samuel (ii), ,, ,, ,,
Edwards, Sarah (i), Grays Farm Housewife Edwards, Sarah (ii), Gray's Farm D/Servant Edwards, Sybil, ,, ,, ,,
Edwards, Vera, ,, ,, Seamstress
Edwards, Vincent, ,, ,, Civil Servant Edwards, Viola, ,, ,, H/Domestic
Edwards, Wilfred, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Edwards, William, Kentish Vil. Labourer Edwards, Winifred, Greenbay Housewife
Eli, Irene, Ottos Lane ,,
Ellick, Florence, Greenhay Labourer
Elliot, Richards, Gray's Farm ,,
Elmes, Rona, Greenbay Domestic Servant
Elow, Ellen, Gray's Labourer
Emmanuel, Aa:tha, Gray's Hill Clerk
Emmanuel, Ashley, Cook' Hill Labourer
Emmanuel, Brenette, Ottos Lane D/Servant Emmanuel, Leslie, Greenbay Labourer
Emmanuel, Mavis, ,, D)om. Servant
Ephraim, Alberta, Ottos Lane Housewife
Ephraim, Aleatha, Kenish Vil. Ephraim, Arthur, ,, ,, Mason
Ephraim, Charles, Ottos Lane ,,
Ephraim, Ethel, Gray's Farm Labourer
Erekine, Florence, Cook's Hill H/Domestic Este, Clarence, Greenbay Tailor
Este, Henry, Gray's Farm Shop-Keeper
Este, Neville, ,, ,, Labourer
Este, Ruth ,, ,, Housewife
Eudelle, Hilda, ,, ,, ,,
Eudelle, Percy, ,, ,, Porter
Evans, Arthur, Greenbay Labourer
Evans, Countis, ,, Domestic Servant
Evans, Deloris, ,, Labourer
Evans, Hilda, ,, Housewife

837 838 839 840 811
843 844 845 846 847
8 LS 849
850 851
855 856 857 858
859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871
872 873 874 875 876 877
8 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891
892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900
901 902 903

Felix, Marie, Ottos Lane Labourer
Fenton, Alfred ,, ,, Stevedore
Fenton, Alice, Golden (rove Labourer
Fenton, Joseph, Greenbay ,,
Fenton, Maurice, Ottos Lane Foreman
Fenton, Sarah, Gray's Farm House-wife
lFenton, Thomas (i), Gray's Farm Labourer Fenton, Thomas (ii), ,, ,, Carlpenter Feracho, Edgar, ,, Fisherman
Ferach:, Gillis, ,, Carpenter
Feracho, Liidroy, Ottos Lane Time-Keeper Fergus, Gertrude, ,, ,, D/Servant
Fergus, Henry, Gray's Farm labourer
Fergus, Lilian, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Ferrance, Evelyn ,, ,, IF/Domestic
Ferrance, George, ,, ,, Clerk
Ferrance, Norris ,, ,, Mechanic
Ferrance, Theresa, Ottos Lane Housewife Ferris, Arthur A., Gray's Farm Carpenter Ferris, Catherine, ,, ,, Housewife Ferris, Ena, ,, ,, ,,
Ferris, George, Kentish Village Labourer Ferris, John, Gray's Farm Civil Scrvant Ferris, Joseph, Nut Grove, Labourer
Ferris, Margaret, Ottos Lane Housewife Ferris, Samunel, Gray's Farm (Carpenter Ferris, Silvia A. ,, ,, Housewife
Ferris, Wilma ,, ,, Finch, Pauline, Yepton's Estate ,, Finch, Theodore, Yepton's Estate Manager Flax, Granville, Civil Servant
Flax, Sylvia, Ottos Lane ,, ,,
Fleck, Mildred, Gray's Farm Housewife Fleck, Muriel, ,, ,, Dom. Servant Floyd, Agatha, Five Islands Labourer
Floyd, Christiana ,, ,, ,,
Floyd, Emile, Greenbay ,,
Floyd, Gladys, Gray's Hill ,,
Floy, Ivy, Greenbay
Floyd, Joseph (i), Five Islands Fisherman Floyd, Joseph (ii) ,, ,, Stevedore
Floyd, Melmeda, Gray's Hill D/Servant
Floyd, Tryphina ,, ,, H/Domestie Forde, Beatrice ,, ,, Housewife
Forde, 'lama, Kentish Village Seamstress Forde, Victoria, Gray's Farm Labourer Forde, Walter, Kentish Village Mechanic Foster, Maisie E., Ottos Lane Housewife Foster, Neville, ,, ,, Labourer
Fortune, Irose ,, ,. Shop-Keeper
Francis, Adassa (i), Greenbay D'Servant Francis, Adassa (ii), ,, Housewife
Francis, Adelaide, Ottos Lane D/Servant Francis, Agnes, Gray's Farm H/Domestic Francis, Alberta, Ottos Lane Labourer
Francis, Alice, Gray's Farm Washer
Francis, Amelia, Greenbay Housewife
Francis. Bathsheba, ,, H ckster
Francis, Beatrice, Gray's Farm Housewife Francis, Casilla, Golden Grove ,,
Francis, Charles, Ottos Lane Shop-keeper Francis, Christiara, Gray's Farm H/Dom. Francis, Cyril, ,. ,, Labourer
Francis, Deloris, Kentish Vil. Teacher Francis, Delos, Gray's Hill Carpenter
Francis, D)iana, Ottos Lane Domestic
Francis, Earl (i), Gray's Hill Labourer

s Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

905 906 907 908
909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919
921 922 923 924
925 926 927 928S 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936
937 938 939 940 941
942 943 944 94 946 947 948 949 950
951 952 953 954 955 956
957 958 959
960 961 962

Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis,

Eulalie, ,, ,,
Fernella, Gray's Farm Foster L. (i) ,, ,, Foster L. (ii) ,, ,, George, Ottos Lane Glady, Gray's Hill Grace, Gray's Farm Gwendolyn, Ottos Lane Hellen, ,, ,,
Hertha, Gray's Farm Iola M.. Ottos Lane Irene, Gray's Farm Iris, ,, ,,
Isaac E., Ottos Lane Jacob, Greenbayv James, Kentish Village John (i), Greenbay John (ii). ,, Joseph, Ottos Lane Kate, Grav's Hill Lucilla, Cook's Hill Margaret (i), Greenbay Margaret (ii), Ottos Lane

ClerK Labourer Baker Labourer
Domestic Labourer
S'keeper D/Servant Housewife D/Servant Plumber Labourer
Baker D/Servant ID )omestic

Francis, Mary (i), Greenibay L
Francis, Mary (ii), Octos Lane H/D Francis, arv (iii), (Greenbay L Francis, Mary J., Kentish Village D)/ Francis, Matilda, Five Ilands L
Francil, Narvel, Ottos Lane Francis, Nathaniel, Kentish Vil. Francis, Neville, Gray's Farm, Eraneis, Olive, Gray's Hill, Francis, Peter, Gray's T
Francis, Salome, Five Is. Francis, Sarah (1), Greenbay, Francis, Sarah (2), Ottos Lane, Francis, Sarah (3), Gray's Hill, D Francis, Stephanie, Gray's Farm Francis, Veronica, Ottos Lane D
Francis, Viola (1), do Francis, Viola (2), Gray's Hill Francis, Viola (3), Ottos Lane Francis, Virginia, Gray's Hill Francis, Viviana, Kentish Nil. Francis, Walter, do
Francis, William, Five Islands, Francis, Zephaniah (1), Greenbay Francis, Zephaniah (2), Gray's Farm

963 Fraser, Beryl, 964 Frederick, Alvan R.


Frederick, Ann (1), Greenbay Frederick, Ann (2), Greenbay Frederick, Christian, Gray's Farm Frederick, Daniel, do
Frederick, Georgiana, Gray's Farm


abourer omestic abourer Servant
do do
insmith H'wife do do
S'tress 'Servant do.
L'rer H'wife
L'rer Plumber
do do
H'wife nister Religion
L'rer H'wife arpenter
L'rer D'Ser.

Francis, Earl (ii), Gray's Farm Porter
Francis, Edith, Gray's Hill D'Servant
Francis, Edward (i), Five Is. Fisherman
Francis, Edward (ii), Gray's Farm Tr'd'man Francis, Elfreda, Gray's Hill H'Donestic Francis, Elisha, ,, ,, Mason
Francis, Eliza, Gre(enbay Labourer
Francis, Elizabeth, Five Islands Housewife Francis, Elvira, Gray's Farm Francis, Emmanuel (i), Gray's Hill Labourer Francis, Emmanuel (ii), Ottos Lane ,,

970 971
972 973 974 975
977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 9871 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996
997 998 999 1000 1001
1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 100i9 1010 1011
1015 1016 1017 1018
1020( 1021 1022
1023 1024 1025 lOz(6 1027 102 102 103 103 103 103 103 103

(:briel, Eunice, do Dom. Servant
Gabriel. Matilda, Kentish Vii. H'wife
Galloway, Bessie, Ottos Lane do
Galloway, Charles, Gray's Farm Plumber G alloway, Diana, Ottos Lane, H'wife
Galloway, Gl ,adys, do L'rer
Galloway, Mildred, Gray's Farm S'tress
Gardener, Mona, do Dist. Midwife
Garroway. Gerda C., Greenbay Shopkeeper Generlette, Edith, Grays Teacher
Generlette, Theodore, Gray's Carpenter
George, Augusta, Gray's Farm H'wife
George, Chalinmas, Grav's Hill L'rer
George, Christina, do D'Servant
Georg-, Clarence, G ray's Farm L'rer
George, Denzil, Kentish Village Carpenter George, Doris, Ottos Lane, Dom. Servant George, Flora, Five Islands, H'wife
George, Elenora, Greenbay do
George, Ida, Gray's Hill S'tress
George, Isaiah, Gray's Farm L'rer
George, Ismay (1), Greenbay H'wife
George, Ismay (2), do L'rer
George, Irma, Ottos Lane, H'wife
George, James, do w'rer
George, Jane, do do
George, Malcolm, (1), Greenbay do
George, Malcolm (2), do Carpenter
George, Margaret, do HI'wife
G(orge, Maria (1), do L'rer
George, Maria (2), do D'Servant
George, Maria (3), Five Islands L'rer
George, Martha, Kentish Vil. D'Servant
George, Mary (1), do do
George, Mary (2), Gray's Hill L'rer
George, Nell, Gray's Farm H'wife
George, Percival (1), Gray's Farm Mechanic George, Percival (2), Ottos Lane, Police George, Rupert, Gray's Farm Carpenter


965 966 967 968 969

Frederick, Gertrude, Kentish Vil. Frederick, Henrietta, Greenbay Frederick, tonic, Greenbay Frederick, Gfeorge, Ottos, Frederick, Grace, Greenbay Frederick, irene, do Frederick, Isaac, do Frederick, Jamnes M., Greenbay Frederick, Madiana, Kentish Vii. Frederick, Marjorie, Gray's Farm Frederick, Mary Ann, Gray's Hill Frederick, Olive, Ottos Lane Freeland, Dorothy, Gray's Farm Freeland, Enra, do
Freeland, Harold, do
Freelantd, Pamela, do Freeland, I Thomas, do Freeland, V actor, do
Freeland, V iol do
Freita, Annie, Kentish Village Fritts, Samuel, Nut Grove Furlong, Daniel, do Furlong, Hubert, Ottos Lane Furlong, Oscar (1), Gray's Farm Furlong, Oscar (2), do Furlong, Samuel, do
Fortune, Arthur, Ottos Lane

D'Ser H'wife
do do
do do
L'rer H'I)om. Farmer
Baker L rer

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

10.6 1037 1038 1039
1040 1041
1043 1044
1050 1051
1052 1053 1054
1055 1056
1057 1058
1061. 1062 1063 1064 1065 1066
1067 1068
1069 1070
1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076
1078 1079 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088
1089 1090 1091 1092 1093
1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100

George, Stanford, Kentish Village SAilor George, Victoria, Ottos Lane Housewife (Ieorge, Whitfield, Greenbay Labourer George, William, Gray's Farm Care-taker Gerald, Will, Ottos Lane Plumber
Gilead, Oscar, Greenbay Carpenter
Gilkes, Joseph, Coolidge Field Power Plant Supt.
Gillion, Theresa, Greenribay Labourer Gillion, James, Ottos Lane do
Gillion, Erma, ,, Dom. Servant
Gillion, Eugenie, Gray's Farm do Gillion, George, do Steelman
Gillion, Jane, Greenbay H'wife
Gillion, Virginia, Ottos Lane do
Gillon, Winifred, Grav's Farm L'rer
Gilpin, Arthur, Gray's Farm Shopkeeper Gilpin, Eric, Five Islands Fisherman Gilpin, Louisa, do H'wife
Gilpin, Margaret, Gray's Farm do.
Gilpin, William, do Electrician
Gilpin, Yvonne, Five Islands Seamstress Giraud, Mildred, Gray's Farm H1'wife
(Glanville, Oscar, Greenbay Mechanic Gloade, John, Gray's Farm L'rer
Glover, V1ola, Ottos Lane Dom. Serv nmt Goddard, Charles, Kentish Vii. Tinsminith Goddard, Edith, do do
Goddard, Hilda, do H/wife
Goddard, Mildred, do Tinsmith
Gombs, Adolphus, (i) Gray's Farm L'rer Gombs, Adolphus (ii) Ottos Lane ,,
Gombs, Anne, do H'wife
Gombs, Annie, Gray's Farm L'rer
Gomes, Edith, Gray's Hill H'Domestic Gomes, Hudson, Gray's Farm L'rer
Gomes, lonie, Ottos Lane, Dom. Servant Gomes, Maurice, do L'rer
Gomnes, Samuel, Gray's Farm do
Goines, S-lvina, Ottos Lane Dom. S'vant Gomes, Stephen, Greenbay Tailor
Gonsalvt s, Arthur, Gray's Farm Shop-k'per Gonsalves, Delores, do Hill H'Dom. Gonsalves, Edmund, do (do L'rer
Gonsalves, Marjorie, do. do Teacher
Gonsalves, Mary, Gray's Farm D/Servant Goodridge, Eugenie, Kentish Vil. do Goodridge, Laurina, Ottos Lane, S/tress Goodridge, Thomas, do Plumber
Gordon, Amy, Gray's Farm, Shop-keeper Gordon, Caroline, Ottos Lane D/Servant Gordon, Consuela, Greenbay Confectioner Gordon, Cyril, Gray's Farm Baker
Gordon, Eunice, Greenbay Huckster
Gordon, George, Five Islands, Fisherman Gordon, Geraldine, Ottos Lane, D/Servant Gordon, Irving, Gray's Farm, Chpuffeur Gordon, James, do Baker
Gordon, Jane Ann, do D/Servant
Gordon, Maud, do H/Domestic
Gordon, Mary, Five Islands D/Servant Gordon, Reginald, Gray's Farm Baker
Gordon, Rose, Ottos Lane Domestic
Gordon, Ruby, Gray's Farm Baker
Gordon, Stanley, do Shop-keeper
Gordon, Viola, Ottos Lane Housewife
Gordon, Wilmouth, Gray's Farm Labourer

1102 1103
1104 1105 1106
1108 1109
1110 1111 I
1112 1113
1115 1116
1117 1118 1119
1122 1123
1124 1125 1126
1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132
1134 1135 1136 1137 1138 1139 1140 1141 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146

1147 Griffith, Mildred, Greenbay S 1148 Gunthrope, Margaret, ,,
1149 Hackett, Ethel Irene, Ottos Lane

1150 1151 1152 1153 1154
1155 1156

1158 1159

Hackett, Eunice, Greenbay Hackett, Viola, Gray's Farm Hallpike, Lanis, Gray's Hill Hallpike, Rueben, ,,
Hamilton, Albert Chester, Ottos


Carpenter eamstress Labourer
Painter eamstress )/Servant

Hamilton, Beryl, Ottos Lane D/Servant Hamilton, Matilda, Kentish Village H/Domestic
Harley, Amy, Gray's Farm D/Servant
Harney, Audrey, ,, Housewife
Harney, Matilda, Ottos Lane Laundress Harrigan, Beatrice, Cook's Hill Seamstress

Gore, Matilda, Greenbay Housewife
Gould, Jane, Kentish Village ,,
Gould, William, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Graham, Albertha, (i) Gray's Farm lH/wife Graham, Albertha, (ii) Gray's Hill Domestic
Graham, Charles, Ottos Lane Mason
Graham, George, ,, Porter.
Graham, Maude, (Greenbay Labourer
Grant, Daisy, Kentish Village D/Servant Grant, Deloris, Ottos Seamstress
Grant, Edith E., Gray's Farm Housewife Grant, Ivy, Kentish Village D/Servant Grant, Jestina, Gray's Hill Labourer
Grant ,Joseph, Kentish Village Carpenter Grant, Mary, Gray's Farm Seamstress
Grant, Murphent, ,, Mechanic
Grant, Nathaniel, ,, ,,
Grant, Ruth, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Grant, Samuel daCosta, Gray's Farm Tailor
Grant, William, Gray's Labourer
Grant, Winifred, E. Gray's Farm S/tress Gray, John, J. ,, Clerk
Greaves, William, ,, Labourer
Greenaway, Ann, E. Ottos Lane Domestic Greenaway, Arthur, ,, Labourer
Greenaway, Carmen, Ottos Teacher
Greenaway, David, Gray's Farm Labourer Greenaway, Helen, Ottos Lane H/Domestic Greenaway, James, Greenbay Porter
Greenaway, John, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Greenaway, Kathleen, I,, H/Domestic Greenaway, Margaret, Gray's Hill D/Servant
Greenaway, Mary A., Ottos Lane S/tress
Greenaway, Mary Helen ,, D/Servant Greene, Alexandrina, Cook's Hill Labourer Greene, Beatrice, Gray's Farm ,,
Greene, Mary, ,, D/Servant
Greene, Samuel, Ottos Labourer
Greyer, Amelia, Cook's Hill ,,
Greenidge, Adolphus, Greenbay Porter
Greenidge, Dora, Gray's Farm Labourer Greenidge, Hezeriah, Gray's ,,
Greenidge, Louisa, Gray's Farm ,,
Greer, Matthew, Cook's Hill ,,
Gregory, Alphonso, Gray's Farm

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

1161 Harrigan, Christophene, KentishVill.
n /Domestic

1162 1163 1164 1165 11 66
1167 1168
1169 1170 1171 1172 1173 1174 1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185
1186 1187 1188 1189 1190 1191
1192 1193 1194 1195 1196 1197 1198
1199 1200 1201 1202
1203 1204 1205 1206
1207 1208 1209 1210 1211

Harvey, Eliza, (i) ,, ,,
Harvey, George, ,, ,,
Harvey, Eliza, (ii) Kentish Vil. Harvey, James, N. ,, ,,
Hastings, Arthur, Greenhay Havercombe, Gerda, Kentish Vii.

eani H/ Car Lat Lal

1223 1224 1225 1226 1227 1228 1229 1230 1231 1232

Henry, Edward, Greenbay Labourer
Henry, Ellenora, Gray's Farm ,,
Henry, Enid, Gray's Home Domestio
Henry, Esther, Gray's Farm D)/Servant Henry, Ethel, Greenbay, Teacher
Henry, Ethelyn, Ottos Lane H/Domestic Henry, Fernella, (i) ,, Housewife Henry, Fernella, (ii) P/,, Servant
Henry, Flora, Gray's Hill Housewife Henry, George, (i) Kentish Vil.

Harrigan, C yril Five Islands Fisherman Harrigan, Eton, ,, Labourer
Harrigan, Ernest, Cook s Hill ,,
Harrigan, Eunice, Gray's Farm D/Servant
Z, Labourer
Harrigan, Francis ,, Labourer
Harrigan, Hubert, Five Islands ,,
Harrigan, Ida, ,, Housewife
Harrigan, Iris, Green Bay D/Servant
Harrigan, Ivy, Kentish/Vill. H/Domestic Harrigan, Jane, Five Islands Labourer Hlarrigan, Kate, ,, Housewife
Harrigan, Maude ,, ,,
Harrigan, Samiel, ,, Labourer
Harrigan, Susanna, ,, ,,
Harrigan, Theophilus ,, ,,
Harris, Alfred Gray's Farm ,,
Harris, Beatrice, Gray's Hill ,
Harris, Edith, Nut Grove Housewife
Harris, George A., Gray's Farm Labourer Harris, Leah, ,, ,, H/Domestic
Harris, Peter, Kentish Vil. Civil Servant Harris, Susanna, Gray's Home Domestic Hart, Alice, Gray's Farm ,, ,,
Harvey, Ada Mae, Gray's Farm

1242 1243 1244

stress 1245 Dom. 1246 center. 1247 Hlwife 1248 b)ourer 1249
,, 1250

Havercombe, Hezekiah, ,, ,,Chauffeur
Hawkins, Celestina, Gray's Farm H/Dom. leath, Wilfred, Kentish Vil. Carpenter ltHector, Amandale, Cook's Hill L/brer Hector, Amanda, Gray's Farm ,,
Hector, William, Golden Grove Carpenter Hendrickson, Iris, Ottos Lane H/wife
Henry, Agatha, Gray's Farm Labourer
Henry, Alberta, Ottos Lane Agriculturer Henry, Alfonso, Gray's Farm Labourer
Henry, Alice, Kentish Road Teacher
Henry, Ann, Kentish Vii. Seamstress
Henry, Annie, Gray's Farm ,,
Henry, Arthur, (i) ,, Labourer
Henry, Arthur, (ii) Grays Accountant Henry, Audrey, Gray's Hill Housewife Henry, Beatrice, ,, ,,
Henry, Carmen, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Henry, Caroline, (i) Greenbay Labourer Henry, Caroline, (ii) Ottos Lane

1212 Henry, Charles, (i) Five Islands L/brer 1213 Henry, Charles, (ii) Nut Grove Mechanic
1214 Henry, Clarence, Gray's Farm L/brer 1215 Henry, Clemmie, ,, ;, Housewife 1216 Henry, Clifford, ,, ,, Shopkeeper 1217 Henry, Daisy, ,, ,, Seamstress
1218 Henry, David, ,, ,, 'Carpenter
1219 Henry. Doris .. .. Labourer

Henry. Earl, (i) Greenbay ,,
Henry, Earl, (ii) Kentish Vil. Mason
Henry, Earl, (iii) Ottos General Worker

1252 1253 1254 1255

1256 1257 1258
1259 1260 1261 1262
1263 1264 1265 1266 1267
1269 1270 1271 1272 1273
1274 1275 1276
1277 1278 1279
1280 1281 1282

Chaffeur 11oad
Mechanic ane

1235 1236 1237 138
1239 1240


1233 Henry, George, (ii) Kentish 1234 Henry, George, (iii) Ottos L

1221 1222

Henry, Gladys ,, ,, 1H/wvife
Henry, Grace, Gray's Farm Agriculturer Henry, G wendolyn, Gray's H/Domestic Henry, Helen, Gray's Farm H/wife
Henry, Henrietta, (i) ,, Labourer
Henry, Henrietta, (ii) ,, Henry, Henrietta Agatha, Gray's Htill Housewife
Henry, Hildred, Ottos Lane Seamstress Henry, Hubert G, Greenhay S/Teacher Henry, Ina, Five Islands Labourer
Henry, Iola, Gray's Farm Housewife Henry, lonie, (i) Greenibay Henry, lonia, (ii) G(ray's Farm Washer Henry, Irene, Greenbay Hill Housewife Henry, James, Gray's Farm Labourer
Henry, Jane, ,, ,, ,,
Henry, John, Ottos Lane ,,
Henry, Joseph, (i) Five Islands F'man Henry, Joseph, (ii) Golden Grove L/brer Henry, Joseph, (iii) Gray's Farm ,, Henry, Lillian Iola, Greenbay Hill housewifo
Henry, Mary, (i) Ottos Lane Labourer Henry, Mary, (ii) Ottos H/Domestic Henry, Mary Ann, Kentish Vii. Nurse Henry, Matilda, ,, ,, H/wife
Henry, Maude, Gray's Farm Seamstress Henry, Montague ,, ,, Labourer
Henry, Naomi, Five Islands H/Domiesic Henry, Navel, Gray's Farm Labourer
Henry, Olive, ,, .,, Cake Maker Henry, Philip, Greenbay Labourer
Henry, Rebecca, Gray's Hill ,,
Henry, Roland Edward, Gray's Hill Retired Civil Servant Henry, Rolond T., Gray's Farm Labourer Henry, Rosina, Five Islands ,,
Henry, Rufus, Gray's Hill Clerk
Henry, Ruth, Gray's Farm Housewife Henry, Rupert ,, ,, Carpenter
Henry, Sarah, (i) ,, Labourer
Henry, Sarah, (ii) Kentish Vil. Huckster Henry, Sybil, Gray Hill H/Domestic Henry, Sarah Rinorah, Ottos Lane 11/wife Henry, Thomas, Greenbay Labourer
Henry, Veda, ,, Clerk
Henry, Vera, Ottos Lane Housewife
Henry, Viola, (i) Greenbay Labourer Henry, Viola, (ii) ,, D/Servant
Henry, William Arch., Gray's Farm


Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West.

1283 Henry, Winter Anthoun,, Gray's Farm Labourer

12.4 195
1296 1297 1298 1299 1300 1301 1302
1303 13(0
1305 1306 1307 1308 1309 1310 1311 13] 2 1313 1314 1315 1316 1317
1318 1319 1320 13"21 1322 1323 1324 1325 1326
1327 1328 1329 1330 1331 1332 1333.
1337 1338
1339 1340 1341 1342 1343 1344 1345 1346

Herbert, Eleanor. (Ottos Lane ,,
HIer)ert, Enid, (Iray's Farm D/Servant Herbert, Estelle, Ottos Lane H/wife
Il erbert, Selvin, Gray's Farm Linesman Heskey, Neonmie, Ottos D/Servant
Iliekster, WVilston, Gray's Farm L/brer Higgin s Arabella. ()titos Lane H/wife Higg'ins, EIhert, Golden G rove C penter Higgins, Helena, Ottos Lane Hl/wife
Higgins, James Alex., Cook's Hill Civil Servant
Hliggins, Mary, IKentish Vil. Time Clerk Hlig'ins, Sytbil, (i ray's Farmn Labourer Hill, Kathleen, )tos Lane Labourer
Hixon, Jomhn Alfred. ravy's Farm ,, Hill, Lennird Ottos Line Clerk
Hobson, Austin, ,, ,, gardenerr
Hodge, Alice, ,, ,, Huckster
Lodge, B1ervl, Kentish YillSge Seamstress Bodge, Gladys, Gray's Farm Doin Servant Hodge, Hazel, Kentish Village Housewife Hodge, Hilda, Greenbay ,,
Hodge, Iris, Cook's Hill ,,
Hodge, Norris A., Gray's Hill Labourer Hodge Philhert, Kentish Village C/Servant Hodge, Rosa lyn, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Hogan, Catherine, Gray's Hill Labourer Holder, Albert E., (ray's Farm Carpenter Holder, Iachaiel, ,, ,, Civil Servant
Holder, lubv, ,, ,, Pedlar
1Hopkins, Ma thew, Greenbay Butcher
lHopkins, Millicent, Ottos Lane H/Domnestic Hobson, Austin, ,, ,, Carpenter
Hlorseford, David E., Gray's Farm Labourer Horseford, John, Gray's Hill,, lIorseford, Samuel, (i) ("reenbay ,, H orseford, Samuel,. (ii) Gray's Farm Horsford, Joseph, G/bay General Worker Hogan, D)aid, Gray's Farm aubourer
Honoer, Arthur. Greenbav ,,
ilo taen, (Clarice, Gray's Farm Shop-keeper Howell, (Cltrence, ,, ,, Mechanic
Hughes, Agatha Ottos Lane Teacher
Hughes, Albertha, ,, ,, Dom. Servant Hughes, Beatrice, (i) Gray's Hill H/wife I ughes, Beatrice, (ii) Greenbay Labourer Hughes, Casper, (i) Ottos Lane Clerk
lughes, Casper, (ii) ,, ,, Carpenter Hughes, Charles Greenhay Pipe-Fitter Hughes, Frederick. Gray's Farm Painter tughes George, Greenbay Labourer
Hughes, Idonia, Greenbay Hill Clerk
Hughes, Ionie, (i) Kentish Vil. Housewife Htughes, lonie, (ii) Greenbay Painter
Hughes, Ivor, Greenhay Hill Labourer
Hughes, James, (i) ,, ,, Carpenter
Hughes, Jamies (ii) ,, ,, Labourer
Hughes, James (iii) ,, ,, Fisherman I ughes, Jerome, Ottos Lane Welder
Hughes, Joseph, ,, ,, Civil Servant Hughes, Leroy, ,, ,, Barber
Hughes, Leslie, ,, ,, Labourer
Hughes, Laurina, Gray's Hill H/Domestic Hughes, Lorene, Kentish Vil. Dorm. Servant

1352 1353 13854 1355
1360 1361 1362 1363 1:364
1.3(;5 105
1366 1367 1368 1369 1370
1371 1372 1373 1374 1375
1376 1377
1378 1379 1380
1381 1382 1383 1374
1385 1386 1387 1388 1 3S9
1390 1391 1392
1393 1394 1395 1396 1397 1398 1399 1400 1401
1402 1403 1404 1405 1406 1407 1408 1409

Hiughes, Lyn_,tit, Greenbay Housewife iHughes, Myra, Nut Grove Home Domestic Hlughe,, Samuel, (Ottos iane Labourer
11 ughes, Sylvester, Gray's Farm Pliumer Iughes, Viola, ,, ,, Housewife
Itumphreys, Raphael, ,, ,, Book-binder
Hunt, Dorothy, Gray's HI ill Home Domestic 11 unt, E~bert, Gray's Frin Tinsmith
Hunt, Montaque Greenbay Labourer
Hnlt, Sylvfster, Geany's Farm Over Looker lIurdle, Irene, ,, ,, )on. Serve ant H11 urst, Delores, Kentish Village ,, ,
Ireland, Samuek Ottos Lane Labourer
frish, Elizabeth, Gr.'enbay Irish James Ottos Lane Shoe-maker
frishl Matilda ,, ,, l)omestic Servant Irish, Melvina, Gray's Farm fHousewife 1 rish, Sarah, Greenbay Labourer
frish, Westnore, Gray's Farm Mason
Irish, William, Kentish Village Porter
Isaac, Albert, Gra, 's Farm Labourer
Isaac, Alphonso, ,, ,, CIerk
Isaac, Amabelle. Greenbay ,,
Isaac, Furgus, Gray's Farm Labourer
Isaac, Gladys, Greeln bay ,,
Isaac, Johanna, Ottos Lane Seamstrf'es
Isaac, Kenirick, Kentish Village Mason Isaac, Olive, Grav's Farm Housewife
Isaac, Seldrina, Ottos Lane Isaac, Viola, Greenbay ,,
Isaiah, Nyola, ,, General Worker
Jackson, Enid, Kentish Village Seamstress Jacobs, Albertine, Gray's Farm D/Servant Jacobs, Alice, Cook's Hill Labourer
Jacobs, Charles, Gray's Farm Fisherman Jacobs, Clenim. Kentish Village Carpenter Jacobs, Edward, ,,
Jacobs, Helen, Greenbay Housewife
Jacobs, Ineta, Cook's Hill Teacher
Jacobs, James U., Gray's Farm Porter
Jacobs, Henrietta, Cook's Hill Labourer Jacobs, Lorna, Greenhay Home Domestic Jocobs, Naomi, Gray's Hill ,,
Jacobs, Nathaniel, Cook's Hill Labourer Jacobs, Olive, Greenbay D)omestic Servant Jacobs, Rachel, Gray's Farm Nurse
Jacobs, Wilfred, ,, ,, Porter
Jackson, Estella, Ottos Lane Domestics Jackson, Mary, Kentish Vil. Home Domestic James, Alexander, Gray's Farm Labouror James, Alfred, ,, ,, ,,
James, Amelia, (i) Greenbay Housewife
James, Amelia, (ii) ,, Civil Servant James, Arthur, (i) Kentish Village Baker James, Arthur, (ii) Kentish Road Mason & Carpenter
James, Arthur, (iii) Ottos Lane Butcher James, Beatrice, Gray'sFarm Home Dom. James, Catherine, ,, Hill Dom. Servant James, Chila, Gray's Farm Labourer
James, ClyN~, Kentish Vil. Don. Servant James, Dalphus Ottos Lane Porter
James, Dennis, Gray's Farm Shoe-maker
James, Dorothy Kentish Vil. Housewife

12 Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

1410 1411 1412 1413 1414 1415 1416 1417 1418
1419 1420 1421 1422 1423 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1430 1431 1432 1433. 1434 1435 1436 1437 1438 1439 1440 141
1442 1443 1444 1t45
1416 1447 1448 1449 1450 1451t 1452 1453
1455 1456 1457 1458 1459 1460 1461 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466 1467 1468 1469 1470 1471 1472 1473

James, Edith, Ottos Lane H'wife
James, Editha, Gray's Farm Home Domestic James, Eileen, ,, ,, ,, ,,
James, Ephraim, Kentish Village Trader James, Ernest, Gray's Hill Labourer
James, Evelyn, (i) Gray's Farm Housewife James, Evelyn, (ii) ,, ,, ,,
James, Florence, Kentish Road Seamstress James,,George L. C., Golden Grove Contractor
James, George E., Greenbay Hill Mason
James, Henrietta, ,, ,, Housewife
James, Jane Ann, Kentish Village ,,
James, Jeremiah, Greenbay Labourer
James, John, (i) Ottos Lane ,,
James, John, (ii) Golden Grove ,,
James, John, (iii) ,, ,, Chauffeur
James, Joseph, Greenbay Carpenter
James, Lionel, Gray's Farm Cabinet Maker James, Louisa, (i) Greenbay Housewife
James, Louisa, (ii) Ottos Lane ,,
James, Mabel, Cook's Hill Dom. Servant James, Mary, (i) Gray's Hill Housewife James, Mary (ii) Gray's Farm ,,
James, Maude, Kentish Village ,,
James, Mavis, Gray's Farm Dom. Worker James, Neville ,, ,, Labourer
James, Norris, ,, ,, Baker
James, Rufer, Greenbay Carpenter
James, Ruth, Nut Grove Seamstress
James, Salome, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant James, Sylvester, Greenbay Carpenter
James, Victoria, Gray's Farm Dom. Worker James, Walty Moore, Greenbay Carpenter
James, Westerby, Ottos Lane Mechanic
James, Wilfred, ,, ,, Labourer
Jamines, Winifred, Gray's Hill, Dom. Servant Jnrvis, Abigail, Kentish Village Housewife Jarvis, Anthony, Greenbay Agriculturer
Jarvis, Audrey, Gray's Farm Home Domestic Jarvis, Avis Agatha,, ,, Housewife
Jarvis, Beatrice, ,, ,, Laibourer
Jarvis, Benjamin, Gray's Hill Civil Servant Jarvis, Catherine, Gray's Farm Pedlar
Jarvis, Charles, ,, ,,
Minister of Religion
Jarvis, Dianna, Gray's Farm Labourer
Jarvis, Donald, Greenbay- Carpenter
Jarvis, Edna, ,, Housewife
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Gray's Farm Labourer Jarvis, Ermina, ,, ,, Seamstress
Jarvis, George, ,, ,, Labourer
Jarvis, Helen, Gray's Hill Housewife
Jarvis, Horatio, Gray's Farm Labourer
Jarvi-, Hubert, ,, ,, ,,
Jarvis, Isabella, ,, Hill ,,
Jarvis James, Kentish Village ,,
Jasvis, James C., Greenbay Carpenter
Jarvis, James E. ,, Fisherman
Jarvis, John, Kentish Village Shoemaker Jarvis, Joseph, ,, ,, ,,
Jarvis, Joshua, ,, ,, Labourer
Jarvis, Leticia, Greenbay Huckster
Jarvis, Louisa, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Jarvis, Mabel ,, ,, Labourer
Jarvis, Mary, Gray's Farm

1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 1482 1483 1484 1485 1486 1487 1488 1489
1490 1491 1492 1493 1494 1495 1496 1497 1498 1499 1500 1501 1502 1503 1504 1505 1506 1507 1508 1509 1510 1511
1512 1513 1514 1515 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521
1522 1523 1524 1525 1526 1527 1528 1529 1530 1531 1532 1533 1534 1535 1536 1537 1538

Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jaruis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis,

Jarvis, Veronica, (i) Kentish Vii. H/Domestic Jarvis, Veronica, (ii) Gray's Farm Housewife Jarvis, Victor, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Jarvis, Virginia, Greenbay Housewife
Jarvis, Viviana, Ottos Lane Nurse
Jarvis, Walter, Gray's.Farm Pedlar
Jeffers, James, Ottos Lane Labourer
Jeffers, John, Gray's Mason
Jeffers, Winifred, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Jeffrey, Alfred, Gray's H ill Business Manager Jeffrey, Arah, ,, ,, Clerk
Jeffrey, Charles, Greenhay Labourer
Jeffrey, Deloris, (i) Ottos Lane ,,
Jeffrey, Deloris, (ii) Greenhay Seamstress Jeffrey, George, Ottos Lane Labourer
Jeffrey, Hilton, Gray's Farm Painter
Jeffrey, Maude, Gray's Farm Labourer
Jeffrey, Nelba, Ottos Lane Housewife
Jeffrey, Priscilla, Greenbay ,,
Jeffrey, Wilhema, Gray's Farm Dom. Servant Jeffrey, William, Ottos Lane Handicraft Jeffrey, Winifred, Gray's Hill Housewife Jenkins, Adora, Ottos Lane ,,
Jennings, Amelia, Gray's Farm ,,
Jennings, Plessie, ,, ,, ,,
Jenkins, Samuel, ,,
Mechanical Operator
Jeremiah, Ruth, (i) Ottos Lane DIServant Jeremiah, Ruth, (ii) Nut Grove Seamstress John, Enid ,, Dom. Servant
John, Gladys, Gray's Hill Housewife
John, lonie, Nut Grove ,,
John, James E., Gray's Farm Labourer
John, Sarah Irene, ,, ,, Dom. Servant John, Thomas, Uriah, Gray's Hill Labourer Johnson, Agnes, Kentish Vil. Dom. Servant Johnson, Alberta, Ottos ,, ,,
Johnston, Josephine, Gray's Hill Pedlar Jonas, Elfreda, Greenbay Home Domestio Jonas, Ernestine ,, Housewife
Jonas, George Theophi., Greenbay Clerk
Jones, Archibald, Ottos Lane Mason
Jones, Centelia, Gray's Farm Labourer
Jones, Daphne, Ottos Lane Nurse
Jones, Eugenic, Gray's Hill Dom. Servant Jones Ida, ,, Farm Huckster
Jones, Helen, Gray's Domestic
Jones, Mary, ,, Domestic Servant
Jones, Nellie, Greenbay Housewife
Jones, Norman, Ottos Lane Labourer
Jones, Samuel, Greenbay Fisherman
Jones, Sydney, Gray's Farm Labourer
Joseph, Ada, Five Islands ,,
Joseph, Adelaide, Gray's Farm Cook

Maud, Greenhav Hou
Maudrey, Gray's Hill Naomi, Cook's Hill Neville, Gray's Farm Rebecca, Golden Grove Ruth Ann, Greenbay Sarah Ann, Gray's Farm Sonny, Ottos Lane Theodore, Gray's Farm Thomas J., Greenbay Titus, Gray's Hill Valentine, Gray's Farm

e Domestic Housewife Labourer Clerk Nurse Housewife
Labourer ,,
Mason Labourer

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

1540 1541
1542 1543 1544
1545 1546 1547 1548 1549
1550 1551 1552 1553
1554 1555 1556 1557 1558 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563
1564 1565 1566 1567
1568 1569 1570 1571 1572 1573
1574 1575 1576
1577 1578
1579 1580 1581 1582 1583
1584 1585 1586 1587 1588
1589 1590 1591 1592 1593
1594 1595 1596 1597 1598 1599 1600 1601

Charlesworth, Ottos Lane Teacher Christobelle, ,, ,, Housewife Christophine, (i) Gray's Farm ,, Christophine, (ii) Cook's Hill
Domestic Servant
Clara, Gray's Farm Labourer
Clarence, Ottos Lane Carpenter Clarice, Greenhay Domestic
Claude, do Gen. Worker
Coraletha, Gray's Farm D/Servant Clyde MIannah, Kentish Vill.

Joseph, Daulton, Ottos Lane Agriculturer Joseph, David, (1) Ottos Tractor D iver Joseph, David (2) Gray's Farm Labourer Joseph, I)eloris, Ottos Lane D/Servant Joseph, Didie, (ray's Farm do
Joseph, Dora, Nut Grove Labourer
Joseph, Doris, (1) Five Islands Housewife Joseph, Doris, (2) Greenbay Washer
Joseph, Dorris, (1) Ottos Lane Housewife Joseph, Dorris, (2) Gray's Farm Labourer Joseph, Dorothy, (1) Greenbay H/Domestic Joseph, Dorothy, (2) do Seamstress
Josedh, Eathiel, Gray's Hill Labourer Joseph, Edith, (1) Gray's Farm H/Dom. Joseph, Edith, (2) Greenbay D/Servant Joseph, Edwin, Nut Grove Labourer
Joseph, Eileen, Gray's Farm D/Servant Joseph, Eleanora, Greenbay llousewife Joseph, Eliza, (1) do Labourer
Joseph, Eliza, (2) do Huckster
Joseph, Emanuel, do Joseph, Emma, Gray's Hill Housewife Joseph, Eric, Greenbay Foreman

Joseph, Ernie, (1) Gray's Farm Joseph, Ernie, (2) Greenbay Hill Joseph, Etel, Kentish Village Joseph, Ethel, Ottos Lane H
Joseph, Ethel Rosetta, Gray's Fa Clerk or

H/Dom. Baker Labourer ousewife rm

Joseph, Adella, Kentish Vii. Dom. Servant Joseph, Aileen, ,, ,, Agricuhlturer Joseph, Albert, Gray's Farm Labourer
Joseph, Allan, ,, Hill Joseph, Alexander. Kentish Villag ,,
Joseph, Alfred Evan son' (any's Farm Barber Joseph, Allan, Nut G nIe ILb lou rer
Joseph, Alpha Joseph, (Greenibay ,,
J oseph, Amelia, Gray's Farmin Husewife Josdph, Anna, Kentish Village Labourer
Joseph, Arabella, ,, ,, ,,
Joseph, Beatrice, (i) ray's Farm ,,
Joseph, Beatrice, (ii) Ottos Ll)ne Houew ife Joseph, Beatrice, (iii) Five Islands ,, Joseph, Beatrice, (iv) Kentish Vil. Seamstress Joseph, Beatrice, (v) Greenbuy Baker
Joseph, Beatrice, (vi) Grays Village Labourer Joseph, Benjamin, (i) Orttos Lane Joseph, Benjamin, (ii) Gray's Farm Mechanic Joseph, Beryl, Five Islands Labourer
Joseph, Blanch, Ott.s Lane Housewife
Joseph, Bolton, (Cook's Hill Office B y Joseph, Celestina, (ray's Farm Housewife Joseph, Centelia, Greenlb.v Nurse
Joseph, Charles Emmain. Gr'av's Farm

1602 Joseph, Elthivn, Greenhay lHousewife 1603 Joseph, Eithliel: do Mechanic
1604 Jo-cph, IEunice, (1) Green lay 1 ill iDomestic Servant
1605 Josephi, Eunice, (2) (reenbay do S1( )6 Jloseph, Evelyn, Gray's Farm i abourer 1607 Josepih, Ferlyn, do H / domesticc
1608 Joseph, Florence, Ottos Lane iHousewife 1609 Joseph, Francis, Five Islands Labourer 1610 Joseph, Fred, Ottos Lane do
1611 Joseph. Genevieve. do Shopkeeper
1012 Joseph, George, Ken ish V\ilage Labourer I (;13 Joseph, Gerda C., Gray's Farm )D/Serantt 1614 Joseph, Gertrude, (reenhav 1) 1wor ker 1615 Joseph, Gladys, Gray's Farm l)i/Servant 1616 I Joseph, Grace Ann, do Labourer
1617 Joseph, Gwendolyn, Gray's Hill housewife 1618 Joseph, Hall, Kentish Road Butcher 1619 Joseph, Fabian, Gray's Farm Agriculturer L(620 Joseph, Harold, (1) Cook's Hill Labourer 1621 Joseph, Harold, (2) Gray's Farm do 1622 Joseph, Harold C., Kentish Vill. C/Servant 16(;23 Joseph, Hector. Greenbay 1624 Josegh, Henrietta, Gray's Farm Watchman 1625 .1 oseph, l1illie, Nut Grove Labourer 162(; Jos)ph, ubert, Gray's Farm do 1627 Joseph, lola, Keitish Village H ousev ife 1628 Joseph, Ionic, Ottos Lane D)om. Servant 1629 Joseph, Irene, (1) do Housewife
16830 Joseph, Irene, (2) Gray's Farm Labourer 1631 'Joseph, Irene, (3) Kentish Village 1)omestic Servant
1632 Joseph, Iris, Ottos Lane Housewife 1633 Joseph, Isa, (1) Kentish Village 1634 Joseph, Isa, (2) Greenbay Home Domestic 1635 Joseph, James, (1) Nut Grove Labourer 1636 Joseph, James, (2) Gray's Farm C/Servant 1(137 Joseph, James, (3) Nut Grove Labourer 1638 Joseph, James, (4) Gray's Farm do 1639 Joseph, James N., (1) Kentish Vill. Masont 160to Joseph, James N., (2) Greenbay Fisherman 1641 Joseph, Jeremiah, Gray's Farm Lab)ourer 1642 Joseph, John, (1) Kentish Vill. Shoemaker 1643 Joseph, John, (2) Nut Grove Mechanic 1641 Joseph, John, (3) do Shoemaker
1615 Joseph, Keturah, Ottos Lane Housewife 1646 Joseph, Lauchland, Greenbay G/Worker 1647 Joseph, Laurel, Kentish Vill. Housewife 1648 Joseph, Lilian, (1) Gray's Farm Labourer 1649 Joseph, Lilian, (2) Nut Grove Housewife 1650 Joseph, Llewellyn, Golden Grove Road Mercantile
1651 Joseph, Louisa, (1) Gray's Farm D/Servant 1652 Joseph, Louisa, (2) do Housewife
1653 Joseph, Lucilla, Greenbav do
1(654 Joseph, Maideana, Ottos Lane do 1655 Joseph, Marie, Gray's Farm D)om. Servant 1656 Joseph, Marryan, Greenbay Hill Housewife 1657 Joseph, Matilda, Kentish Vill. D/Servant 1658 Joseph, Matthew, Five Islands Labourer 1659 Joseph, Maude, (1) Nut Grove Housewife 1660 Joseph, Maude, (2) Kentish Vill. Sea'tress 1661 Joseph, Millicent, Gray's Farm Housewife 1662 Joseph, Milton, do Agriculture
1663 Joseph, Nehemiah, Greenbay Hill Baker 1661 Joseph, Oscar, (1) Gray's Hill Labourer 1665 Joseph, Oscar, (2) Gray's Farm Father

Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph,
Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph,

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

1666 1667
1670 1671. 1672 1673
1674 1675 1676 1677
1678 1679 1680 1681
1683 1684 1685
16.86(; 1687 1688 168S
1690 1691 1692 1693 169t 1695 1696
1697 1698 1699.
1701 17020 1703 170 1705 ;
1707 t1708
171( 1711

Josiah, J osiah, J osiah, Josiah, Josiah, Josiah, Josiah, Josiah, osiallh,

Amabeile, Gray's Far Centella, GO eenhay (Clemnient, Ottos Lane Elenora, Kentish Vill Eugenic, Ottos Lane Iola, (do
Jane, do
Louisa, (1) G(reenhavy Louisa (2) G4ray's Fa

olosiah. I argare., Greelha Joseph, Mary, (I)ttos Lane Jude, Hubert, Gray's Farm Jude, Rosetta, Greenbay J1 ude, Susannah, Ottos Lane Jude, Una, do
Julian, Alexandrina, do Julian, Henrietta, do

m do
Seamstress DServant
Il/Domestic Dom. Servant
do (tdo
rn Lahourer Don. Servant
Shop-keeper Labourer
Housewife Seamstress Housewife Labourer

1719 Kelsick, Amelia, Kentish Vill. D/Servant 1 720 Kendall, Christobelle, Gray's Farm Se'tress 172.1 Kendall, Joseph, do Electrician
17 2 Kent, Miriam, Greenbay Dom. Servant
1723 Kentish, Amelia, Gray's Farm Housewife 1724 Kentish, Catherine, (1) Gray's Hill do 1725 Kentish, Catherine, (2) Kentish Village Home )omestic
1726 Kentish, Francis, Kentish Vill. Labourer 1727 Kentish, Irene, do Dom. Servant

Joseph. Oscar. (3) Kentish Vill. Machinist J.)oseph, Ovilda, Ottos Lane Don. Servant Joseph. Rebecca, (1) Greenhay Se'mstress Joseph, IRobeea. (2) Kentish Vill. Ix'wife Joseph, iebecca, (3) (reenbay H11 domestic Joseph, Robertine, do do
Joseph, lupert, 0ray'S Farm Labourer oseph, Ruth, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Joseph, Samuel, Kentish Village Mason Joseph, Sarah, Nut Grove Housewife
Joseph, Selma, Ottos Lane Teacher
Joseph, Stephanie, Gray's Farm Housewife Joseph, Susalna, Greenhay D)om. Servant Joseph, Sybil, Kentish Village H/Dl)omnestic Joseph, Sylvia, Greenbay Seamstress J oseph, Theophilus, Kentishli Village Mason Joseph, Theresa, (1) (Jray's Farm Domestic Servant
Joseph, Theresa, (2) G(reenbay Labourer Joseph, Tyrell, O)ttos Lane Loader
Joseph, Veda, do H/D)omestic
Joseph, Vincent, Five Islands Fisherman JIoseph, Viola, Greenbay Housewife
Joseph, Violet, do Domestic SeVant
Joseph, Vivianna, Cook's Hill Labqurer Joseph, Walter, Five Islands Fisheiman Joseph, Wheldon, Gray's Farm do Joseph, W\illiam, Gray's Hill Butcher Josepn, Wycliff, Nut Grove Labourer Joseph, ZelIna, Ottos Lane Teacher
Joseph, Zena, Kentish Village H/Domestic Joshua, Arnold J., Kentish Village Mason Joshua, Emetis, do Housewife
SJoshua, Jeremiah, Greenbay Labourer .Joshua, Neville, ray's Farm do
Joshua, Sarah, Greenbay Housewife
Joshua, Susannah, G olden Grove Domestic Servant

1752 1753 1754
1755 1756 1757 1758
1759 1760 1761 1762
1763 1764

1767 1768
1769 17 7()
1771 1772
1773 1774 1775
1776 1777 1778
1779 1780 1781 1782 1783
1784 1785 1781
1787 1788 1789

1728 1729 17:30
1783 1732 1733 1734 1735 1730 1737 1738 1739 17415 1741 1742
17 43 1741
1745 1746 1747" 1748
17 19 1750

Ladoo, G(eorge, (1) Otios Lane Labourer Ladoo, George, (2) Greenbay do
Ltadoo. G(ilfo d, Ottos Lane do
Ladoo, Irene, Kentish Vill. Dom. Servant Ladoo, Mabel, Ottos Lane do
Laduoo, Ruth, Greenhav Housewife
Lake, Agatha, do Labourer
Lake, Alfred, Gray's Farm Prison Warder I Lake, Beatrice, Greenbay Home Domestio Lake, Charlotte, Gray's Labourer
Lake, Christobelle, Gray's Farm D/Servant Lake, Clarence, do Carpenter
Lake, Cleaver, do Tinsmith
Lake, Edna, Greenbay Home Domestie Lake, Fitzroy, Gray's Farm Engineer
Lake, Helen, (1) Kentish Vill. DjServant Lake, Helen, (2) Greenbay Clerk
Lake, Hyacinth, Ottos Lane Labourer
Lake, Leonard, Greenhay Fisherman
Lake, Nancy S., Gray's Farm D/Servant Lake, Olga, Greenbay Merchant
Lake, Samuel, Gray's Farm Clerk
Lake, Sarah, (reenbay Dom. Servant Lake, Susanna, Gray's Hill do
Lake, Thomas, Golden Grove Fisherman Lake, Vere, Ottos Lane Chauffeur

King, Alexander, Gra's Farm Porter King, Amelia, do Housewife:
iKinI, Auhrey, (1) do Blacksmith
Ki ing, Aubrey, (2) d(o Tailor
King, ( Cvril, do Carpenter
King, lugenie, Ottos Lanc Housewife King, Janues, (1) Grecbav Baker
King, James, (2) Gray>s Farm Porter King, Joseph, Ottos Lane Lahourer
King, I Thomas, Gray's Farm Plumber Ki ngston, Maude, (Greenbay Labo(urer Kirby, Delores, Ottos Lane Housewife Kirby, Naomi, Gray's Farm Labourer
Kirby, Samuel, do do
Kirby, Susannkh, Gray's Hill D/Servant Kirwan, Edna, O)ttos Lane Housewife Kirwvan, Hlezekiah, (10do ason
Kirwan, Moses, Greenbay Labourer
Kirwan, William, Gray.'s Hill do Knight, Alice, )ttos Lane Housewife Knight, Chliristopher, Nut Grove Labourer Knight, Cyril Theo., Grav's Farm Baker Knight, D)ruscilla, (1) Kentish Village Domestic Servant
Knight. Druscilla, (2) Kentish Village House ife
Knight, Henrietta, (Ottos Lane do Knight, Jane, Kentish Village D/Servant Knight, Jane Ann. Ottos Lane Seamstress Kni ht, Josepli, eav's Farm Healer Knight, Louisa, do iLabourer
knight, NMary, Ottos Lane Housewife Knight, Matilda, G(raY's Farm Washer Kni,,hlt, Richard, Ottos Lane Labourer K night, Rose, do D)omestio
Knight, Samuel, G(ray's Farm Labourer Knowles, Eric, do Clerk
Knou les, Sydney, do Blacksmith
Knowles, WVarwick, Greenbay Shop-A s'tant

1712 1713 1714 1715 1716 1717 1718

Electoral Di trlct of St. John (Rural) West

1791 1792 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797 1798 1799 1800 1801 1802
1803 1804 185 1806
1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1812 1813 181 1 1815 1816
1818 1819

1820 Lee, Joseph, Ottos Lane 1821 Lee, Margaret, do 1822 Lee, Molly, Greenbay 1823 Lee, Nathaniel, Cook's Hill 1824 Lee, Peter, Greenbay 1825 Lee, Simon, Kentish Village 1826 Lee, William, (1) Gray's Hill 1827 Lee, William. (2) Kentish Vill. 1828 Lestrade, Sybil, Gray's Farm 1829 Lewis, Agatha, do
1830 Lewis, Albert do
1831 Lewis, Alfred, (1) Greenbay 1832 Lewis, Alfred A.. (2)' Gray's C 1833 Lewis, Arnold. Gray's Farm 1831 Lewis. Aubrey. Kentish Villa

1835 Lewis, Aubrey, 1836 Lewis, Beatrice,

Lewis, Beatrice,

Clarribell Cynthia, Cyril E., Doris, Dorothy, Edgar, Ellen, Elvie,

Labourer Housewife
Labourer Electrician D/Servant Labourer
Labourer ivil Servant
Printer ge

Home Domestic
Kentish Village Clerk
(1) Gray's Farm Huckster
(2) Five Islands Labourer Gray's Farm do do Housewife
do Labourer
Greenbay HIousewife Ottos Lane do
do Labourer
Gray's do
Kentish Village
Domestic Servant

Frank, Kentish Village Gabriel, Gray's Farm George, (1) Ottos Lane George, (2) do Henrietta, Greenhay Iris, Ottos Lane
Jacob, Gray's Farm James, Kentish Village John, (1) Greenhay

Carpenter Mechanic Labourer Carpenter
Farmer D1)/servant Laboutrer Carpenter

1 85 Lewvis, Joln, (2) tentiisi V\illage

Lake, Viola, Gray's Farm Baker
Lake. Winifred, do La,bourer
Lambert, Ann, Nut Grove lHousewife
Larmblert, Christiana, do labourer
Lambert, Joseph, do do
Lambert, Michael, (Gray's Hlill Mechanic Lomniothe, Flazeline, G reenbay Shop\keeper Lominothe, Hugh do do
Lmanglais, Ferris, )ttos Lane Labourer Lanis, Ismiay, Greenlbay 1)omestic Serv ~nt Lapps, Arthur, do Ship wright
Lapps, Eliz1abeth, Kentish Vill. Compositor Lapps, Frank, G(reenbY Civil S-ervant Lapps, John, Kentish Village Carpenter Lavaciere, Matilda, Ottos Lane D/Servant Lawrence, G(eorgiana, (Gray's Farm li/wife Lawrence, James, Uttos Lane Labourer Layne, Martin, G(ray's Hill Mason
Layne, Ralph, do (do
Laviscount, John, Grav's Farmin Porter Lediette, Irene, Ottos l ane Dom Servant Lee, Alfred, Gray's Farmn Labourer
Lee, Anna, Ottos Lane Home Dominestic Lee, Annie Gray's F'armin Housewife
Lee, Avis, do do
Lee, Cash Ann, (Iray's Labourer
Lee, Edith, Gray's [lill Domestic Servant Lee, Iris, Greenhay Shop-keeper
Lee, Joanna, do Domestic Servant

18,6 1857
1858 1859
1 (864 1 865
1866 1867 1868 1869
1870 1871

[,exviS Lewis,, Lewis, L' e v I Lewis,
Lewis, Lewis. Lewis,
Le w is, Lewis, Lewis,
Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, L e % isI
Limeri Limeri

Domestic Servant
1873 Limerick, Elizabeth, Ottos Lane i/wife 187, Limerick, Mary, Kentish Village Domestic s,,rvant
1875 Lindsay, Charles, Gray's Fainrm Labourer 187(6 Lindsay, Esther, Gray's 111ill D) servant 1877 Lindsay, John, Gray's Labourer
1878 Lindsay, Lauretta, do home l)omestic 1879 Lindsay, Robert, Geenbay. Mechanic 1880 Lindsay, Violet, (1do Clerk
1881 Livingstone, John, Gray's Hill do 1882 Livingstone,

Norman, (1) 1883 Livingstone,
Noiman, (2) 1884 Livingstone,
1885 Lloyd, Calmelita 1886 Lloyd, Charles, 1887 Lloyd, Grace, 1888 Lloyd, Henry, 1889 Lloyd, Maude, 1890 Lloyd, Raymond, 1891 London, Noel,

1892 1893 1894 1895 1896
1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913

Gray's Farm Labourer
do Carpenter
do Civil Servant Greenbay Housewife
do Shop-keeper
do D/servant
do Teacher
do Labourer
Gray's Farm do
do do

London, Princess, Ottos Lane D/servant Longford, Egbert, Hoes District Clerk Looby, Edna, Gray's Farm D/servant Looby, Elisha R., Kentish Village do Looby, Evelyn, Gray's Farm Labourer Looby, Mariah, Nut Grove do
Looby, Mary, Gray's Farm Housewife Looby, Maude, Ottos Lane Labourer Lopes, Irose, Gray's Farm Housewife Lowe, Deloris Ottos Lane do
Luke, Alice, Gray's Farm do Luke, Gwendolyn, do Seamstress
Luke, Joseph, do Labourer
Lynch, David, Gray's Hilll do Lynch, Edith, Greenbay D/servant Lynch, Eileen, Kentish Village Hl/wife Lynclih, Fernella, Greenbay Labourer Lynch, James, Ottos Lane Mason
Lynch, Lena, Grav's Hill Labourer Lynch, Lucille, do Housewife
Lynch, Maria, do do

Jones, Kentish Village Carpeniter J iliette, G ra's Flarm Housiwife Mdabel, do 1)/srvant
Manasseh, lKentish V illage l'isherman
Marion, Greenhc v Labourer Rainonid Ottos Lane do
lHuth, Gray's Iill 11/domestic Sarah, Ottos Lane lHousewife Siinons, do Labourer
Susanna, Kentish V'illage
)oi'stic Servant Thomas, Cook's Hill Porter
Victor, E., Ottos Lane ( C/servant Victoria, Greenbay D)iservant.
William, Gray's Farm Teacher
Winifred, Ottos Lane D/servant ck, Amelia V., do Seamstress
ek, Ann, Kentish Village

1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 1842 1843
1844 1845
1816 181-7 1848
1849 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854

Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis,
Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis,

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

1914 Lynch, Mary, Gray's Hill, 1915 Lynch, William, do

H'wife Labl)ourer

1916 Mack, Alfred, Kentish Village Plumber 1917 Mack, Anna, Gray's Farm H/D)onestic 1918 Mack, Beatrice, Green bay Labourer 1919 Mack, Charles, Kentish Village do 1920 Mack, Enoch A., Gray's Farm Tailor
1921 Mack, Eustace, do Porter
1922 Mack, Frederick Greenbay Labourer 1923 Mack, Gwendolyn, do Housewife
1924 Mack, Iris, Gray's Farm S/stress
1925 Mack, James, do Labourer
1926 Mack, James E., do Mason
1927 Mack, Jashua, do Tailor
1928 Mack, Julia, Ottos Lane D/servant
1929 Mack, Madaline, Gray's Farm H/wife 1930 Mack, Manoah, Z. do Labourer
1931 Mack, Matilda, Ottos Lane Labourer 1936 1932 Mack, Nathaniel, Gray's Farm Labourer 1933 Mack, Priscilla, Gray's Hill H/domestic 1931 Mack, Sylvia, Ottos Lane do
1935 Mack, Theophilus, Gray's Farm Tailor 1936 McCarty, Charles, do Porter
1937 McCarty, Edgar, Gray's Labourer
1938 McCarty, Eugenie A., Ottos Lane il/wife 1939 McCarty, Jane Ann,-Gray's Farm do 1940 McCarty, Samuel, Gray's do
1941 McCoy, Arthur, Five Islands Fisherman 1942 McKoy, Centilia, Gray's Hill H/domestic 1913 McCoy, Augusta, Five Islands do 1914 McCoy, Beatrice, do do
1945 McCoy, Charles M., do Tailor
1946 McCoy, Dennis, do Fisherman
1947 McCoy, Inez, do D/servant
1948 McCoy, Irving, Gray's Farm Carpenter 1949 McCoy, Kenneth, do Fisherman
1950 McCoy, Leremiah, Five Islands Labourer 1951. McCoy, Norris, do do
1952 McCoy, Pearl, do Housewife
1953 McCoy, Viola, do do
1954 McCoy, Maragaret, Gray's Farm do 1955 McGillbury, Agatha, do D/servant 1956 McKenzil, Olive, Greenbay Huckster 1957 McMillan, Krmina, Gray's Farm D/servant 1958 McMurdock,
Clarice, Kentish Village Tinsmith 1959 Mactius, Ruby, G(ray's Farm Labourer 196(0 Maddock, Cleave, Ottos Road Mechanic 1961 Madgwich, Vilma, Gray's Farm Clerk 1962 Male, Mary, Gray's Labourer
1963 Maile, Mary, Ottos Lane D/servant
1964 Malone, Austin, Gray's Hill Journalist 1965 Malone, Charles, Gray's Farm Tailor 1966 Malone, Clarkston, Nut Grove Labourer 1967 Malone, Doreen, Gray's Hill Seamstress 1968 Malone, Rachael, Gray's Farm D/servant 1969 Manderson, Sarah, do Labourer
1970 Mandrew, Isaac, Fife Islands Fisherman 1971 Mandrew, Roosevelt, do Clerk
1972 Manning, Hamilton, Gray's Carpenter 1973 Mannix, Agnes, Kentisl Village Domestic Servant
1974 Mannix, Mellie, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
1975 Mark, Gwendolyn, Gray's Hill D/servant 1976 Markham, Olivia, do do

1977 1978 1979
1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 19P94
1996 1997 1998 1999 20(00 2001
2003 2001, 2005 2006
2008 2009 2010 2011
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
2018 201.9
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
2027 2028 2029
2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040

Marshall, John, Nut Grove Pipe FitterMarshall, Ruth, Ottos Lane D/servant Marin, Agatha, do Housewife
Martin, A\gnes, do do
Martin, Alexander, Five Islands Labourer Martin, Alfred J., Ottos Lane do
Martin, Ann Eliza, Gray's Hill Housewife Martin, Arthur, Greenbay Fire Fighter Martin, Christobel, Gray's Farm D/servant Martin, Eileen, do Clerk.
Martin, Elizabeth, Greenbay Labourer Martin, Ena, Ottos Baker
Martin, Ernest, Gray,s Farm Butcher Martin, Celestina, do D/servant
Martin, Charles, do Labourer
Martin, Edwin, do Carpenter
Martin, Eliza, do Labourer
Martin, Ermina, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
Martin, Ernest, Ottos Line Carpenter Martin, Estella, Gray's Farm Shopkeeper Martin, Evelyn, Gray's Hill D)/servant Martin, Florence, Ottos Lane H/domnestic Martin, Frances, Gray's Farm Seamstress Martin, Frederick, Otos Lane Mechanic Martin, G(wendolynii, Five Islands H/wifeMartin, Herman, Ottos Lane Tractor Driver
Martin, Iola, Gray's Farmin D/servant
Martin, rose, Greenbay General Worker Martin, lnz. Gray's Farm D/Worker
Martin, Henrietta, (1) Kentish Village Domestic Servant
Martin, Henrietta, (2) Ottos Lane Labourer Martin, Irene, Nut Grove Housewife Martin, John, Cook's Hill Labourer Martin, Joseph, Gray's Farm Painter Martin, Joyce, Greenbay HousewifeMartin,. Margaret, Gray's Farm do Martin, Marrie, Greenbay Labourer
Martin, Mary, (1) do Baker
Martin, Mary, (2) do D/servant
Martin, Mary, (3) do do
Martin, Mary, (4) Gray's H/domesticMartin, Mildred, do Labourer
Martin, Maud, Gray's Farm Huckster
Martin, Nathaniel, do Labourer
Martin, Neville, do Butcher
Martin, Norris, Greenbay Labourer
Martin, Olive, (1) Gray's Farm D/servant Martin, Olive, (2) do Agriculturer Martin, Oscar, Greenbay Tradesman
Martin, Princess, Ottos Lane Labourer Martin, Reynold, Gray's Farm Carpenter Martin, Salome, do Labourer
Martin, Samuel, do do
Martin, Stanley, Gray's do
Martin, Stphen, Gray's Farm Teacher Martin, Therene, do H/Domestic
Martin, Vera, Kentish Village L'brer Martin, Victoria, Ottos Lane D/servant Martin, Vida, Gray's Hill Teacher
Martin, Virginia, Golden Grove Labourer Martin, Walter, Kentish Village Mason Martin, William, Ottos Lane 7
Martin, Wilstan, Kentish Village Porter Martin, Sybil R., Ottos Lane Djservant

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2041 Martin, Thomas R, Greeniay Labourer 2042 Mascull, Oscar, Nut Grov do(
2043 Mason, Beatrice, Gray's Farm H/dometice 2044 Mason, Elfrieda, Ottos Lane H/wife
2045 Mason, Elizabeth, Gray's Hill D/servant 2046 Mason, Hubert, do Labourer
2047 Mason, Maude, Ottos Lane D/servant 20418 MAason, Leonard, Gray's Farm Sutar-boiler 209 l, Massiah, G(eorge, ()ttos Lane Teacher 2050 Massiah, Ruby, (ray's [ill Labourer 2051 Mlatthew,, Allan, Grav's Farm Porter 2052 Matthew, Daisy, Greenbay D/servant
2053 Matthew, Donald, rave's s Farm Chauffeur 2054" Matthiew, Eliza, Ottos Lane Housewife 2055 Matthew, Geor'e, G(ray's Farm Carpenter 2'056 Matthew, (Ieraldine do D/servant
2057 Matthew, Gladys, Greeni)ay Housewife 2058 Miatthew, Joshua, do Labourer
2059 M'atthew, Lilian, d(o )D/servant
2060 Matthew, Matilda, do do
2061 MA; tthew, Morthly, Gray's Farm Tailor 2062 Matthew, Rleginald, Greenbav Porter
20(13 Matthew, Rose, Kentish Village Donmetic Servant
2064 Matthew, Stedman, G(ray's Farm Baker 2065 Matthew, William, (1) Five Islands Fisherman
2066 Matthew, William, (2) Nut Grove Tailor 2067 Matthews,
Daisy Mae. Nut Grove Supt. of Midwives 2068 Matthews, Edris, Gray's Farm H/wife 2069 Matthews, Sybil, do Housewife
2070 Matthias, Ann, do Labourer
2071 Matthias, Artwell, Greenbay Agriculture 2072 Matrhias, Claris, Grav's Home Domestic 2073 Matthias, Joseph, G(reenbay Labourer 2074 Matthias, Rosina, Grays Hill D/servant 2075 Manrage, Wilfred, Golden Grove Labourer 2076 Mavers Alfred, G(4reenlbay do
2077 A11avers Ellen, Gray's Farm do 2078 Mayvrs, Fernella, G-eenbav Water-Carrier 2079 l ayers, lichard, do Labourer
208) Maynard, Gladys, Ottos Lane Housewife 2081 Mavnard, Maisie, Kentish Road D/servant 2082 Maynard, Nellie, Greenbay Labourer
2083 Maynard, Samuel, G(ray's do
2084 Mleade, Catherine, Cook's Hill do 2085 Meade, Francis, Kentish Village do 2086 Meade, Frank J., G(reenbay do
2087 Meade, Daniel, do do
2088 Meade, Mary, Gray's Farm D/servant
2089 Meed, Helen, Greenbay do
2090 Meed, Margaret, do do
2091 Meed, Marryan, Gray's Farm do
2092 Melvin, Georgiana, Ottos Lane do 2093 Melvin, Susannah, Greenbay Agriculturer 2091 Mendes, Jocelyn H., Side Hill Housewife 2095 Mendes, Norris, do Merchant
2096 Mendes, Stephen R., Sea-Crest 2u97 Mendes, Virginia, Sea Crest (H. Side) H/wife 2098 Merchant, Alma, Nnt Grove ,,
2099 Merchant, Beatrice, (i) Gre nbay Labourer 2100 Merchant, Beatrice, (ii) Ot's Lane D/Servant 2101 Merchant, Caroline, Gray's Farm Labourer 2102 Merchant, Edgar, (i) Union's Estate 2103 Merchant, Edgar, (ii) Greenbay Agriculturer 2104 Merchant, Eliza, Nut Grove Housewife

2105 2106
2107 2108
2109 2110
2111 2112 2113 2114 2115 2116 2117 2118 2119 2120 2121 2122 2123 2121 2125 2126 2127 2128 2129 2130
2131 2132 21 1oi4)
2134 2135 2136 2137 2138 2139
2140 2141 2142 2143 2144 2145 2146 2147 2148 2149 2150
2151 2152 2153 2154 2155 2156

Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant, Merchant,

Enid, Ottos Lane H'wife
I ermina, Union Estate ,,
Frederick, Ottos Lane Labourer Job A., ,, ,, Painter
Mary, ,, ,, Housewife
Maude, ,, ,, Seamstress
Prince, Nut Grove Labourer
Rosetta, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Rupert, ,, ,, Labourer
Thomas, Greenbay ,,
William, Union Estate Overseer Frederick, Ottos Lane Driver

Merrick, Isa, ,, ,, Housewife
Merrick, Kenrick Grav's Farm Bus Conductor Merrick, Wilfred, Ottos Lane Mason
Michael, Ada, Kentish Village Dom. Servant Michael, Casper, Gray's Farm I abourer
Michael. Edgar, ,, ,, Pipe-fitter
Michael, Enid, Cook's Hill Housewife
Mlichael, Evelyn, Ottos Lane Seamstress Michael, Fernella, ,, ,, ,,
Michael, George, ,, ,,
Michael, Gertrude, Gray's Farm D/Servant Mills, Joseph, ,, ,, Labourer
Mingo, Beatrice, Kentish Village ,,
Mingo, Winifrcd, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant Moitt, Charles C. E, Gray's Farm Painter Molyneaux, Rebecca, Ottos Lane Housewife Monroe, Thomas, Kentish Village Painter
Moore, Ashley, Gray's Farm Labourer
Moore, Carlton, (i) ,, ,, Plumber
Moore, Charles, Golden Grove Labourer
Moore, Carlton, (ii) Nut Grove ,,
Moore, Eubdlie, Gray's Hill Housewife
Moore, Florence, ,, ,, Dom. Servant Moore, Gwendolyn, Kentish Vil. Labourer Moore, Leonard A,, Gray's Farm ,,
Moore, Charles, ,, ,, ,,
Morgan, Beatrice, Kentish Vil. Dom. Servant Morgan, Elfreida, Gray's Farm ,, ,,
Morgan, Lucy, Ottos Lane ,, ,,
Morris, Charles, ,, ,, Baker
Morris, HIannah, Nut Grove Labourer
Morris, Leopold, Gray's ,,
Morris, Oscar, Greenbay ,,
Morris, Wycliffe, ,, ,,
Morson, Lucretia, ,, Housewife
Morson, William, ,, Labourer
Moses, Iris, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant Moses, Eleanora, Greenhay ,, ,,
Moses, Victoria, Gray's Farm ,, ,,
Mulcare, Catherine, Kentish Vil. ,, ,,

2157 Murphy, Aileen L., Greenbay Housewife
2158 Marphy, Doreen, Ottos Lane Dom. Worker 2159 Murrain, Adrana, ,, ,, Dom. Servant 2160 Murrain, Alice, Gray's Farm Housewife
2161 Murrain, Mary, ,, ,, Labourer
2162 Murrain, Sarah, Greenbay Housewife
2163 Murray, Albertha, Kentish Village Labourer 2164 Murray, Lilian, Gray's Farm ,,
2165 Muloure, James, Gray's Hill ,,
2166 Murphy, Ralph A., Greenbay Messenger
2167 Mussington, Elma, Gray's Farm Laundress 2168 Mussington, Norris G., ,, ,, Baker
2169 Mussington, Iola, ,, ,, Dom. Servant 2170 Murray, Caroline, Greenbay ,, ,

18 Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2171 Nanton, Beatrice, Gray's Farm Huckster 2172 Nanton, Delcora, Kentish Village Clerk
2173 Nanton, Flora, Gray's Hill Housewife
2174 Nanton, Geraldine, Gray's Farmn Housekeeper 2175 Nanton, Henry, Greenbay Plumber
2176 Nanton, Viola, Gray's Farm Dom. Servant 2177 Natal, Rosalind, Gray's Hill Home l)omestic 2178 Nathan, Mary, Ottos Lane Housewife
2179 Nathaniel, Clayton, Gray's Farm Painter 2180 Nathaniel, George, Kentish Vil. Mechanic 218t Nathaniel, Isadore, Ottos Lane Seamstress 2182 Nathaniel, Kernick, ,, ,, Mason
2183 Nathaniel, John, Greenbay Chauffeur
2184 Nathaniel, Rosaline, Gray's Farm Housewife 2185 Neale. Catherine, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant 2186 Nedd, Theophilus, Cook's Hill Porter
2187 Nedds, Iris, Greenbay Domestic Servant
2188 Nedwel, Fred, Gray's Farm Labourer
2189 Nelson, Ivy, ,, ,, l)omestic
2190 Nibbs, Olive, ,, ,, Seamstress
2191 Nicholas, Ashley, ,, ,, Labourer
2192 Nicholas, Clemmie, Greenbay ,,
2193 Nicholas, Marry Ann, ,, Housewife
219-, Nicholas, Minelva, Ottos Lane Dom. Worker 2195 Nicholas, Neville, ,, Clerk
2196 Nicholas, Raymond, ,, ,, Labourer
2197 Nicholas, Ruby, Kentish Vil. Dom. Servant 2198 Nicholas, Viola, Gray's Farm Housewife 2199 Nicodemus, Charles, Five Islands Ltbourer 2200 Nicodemup, .Julia, Ottos Lane Domestic
2201 Nicodemus, Mary, G(ray's Farm Labourer 2202 Nicodemus, Sydney, Five Islands Fisherman 2203 Nicodemus, Winifred, ,, ,, Housewife
220 Nisbett, Frederick, Gray's Mason
2205 Norford, Maude, Ottos Lane Housewife
2206 Norris, Christobel, Gray's Farm Dom. Worker 2207 Norris, Harris M., ,, ,, Book-binder 2208 Norris, Nehemniah, Ottos Lane Ldbourer 2209 O'Brien, Babh, G(ray's Domestic Servant
2210 O'Brien, Edmund, Greenbay Lab irer
2211 O'Garro, Ellen, Gray's Home Domestic
2212 O'Garro, Mary (i) Ottos Lane Dom. Servant 2213 O'Garro, Mary, (ii) Gray's Farm ,, ,, 2214 (O)'Garro, Richard, ,, ,, Labourer 2215 Oliver, Catherine, Kentish Village Home Domestic

2216 Oliver, Mary, Gray's Farm 2217 Oliver, Pearl, Ottos Lane 2218 O'Marde, Olive, Gray's Farm 2219 Orre Alton, Greenbay 2220 Orre, Edna, A, Gray's Farm 2221 Orre, Henry, Goat Hill 2222 Orre, Montague, Gray's Farm 2223 Osborne, (Grace, Ottos Lane 222t Osborne, Lucy, ,,
2225 ()sbo)urlne, Thomas, ,, ,, 2226 Osbourmne, William, Greenbay 2227 Osborne, Curlita, Ottos Lane 2228 Osborne, D)iana, Gray's Farm 2229 Otto, (Gertrude, Kentish Vil. 223)0 Otto, Jasmine, Gray's Farm 2231 O)ablair, 'James, Ottos Lane 2232 ()wen, William, Groenbayv
2233 Paige, Diana, Gravy's Farm 2231 Paige, Laureston, ,, ,

Dom. Servant
Seamstress Signahnan Linesman Housewife Dom. Servant
Dom. Servant
Labourer Dom. Servant
Bartender Agriculturer

2236 2237 2238 2239 2240 2241 2242 4243 2244 2245 2246 2247
2248 2249 2230 2251 2252 2253 22514 2255
2256 2257 2258 2259 2260 2261 2262 2263
22(; 2265 2266 2267 2268 2269 2270 2271
2272 2273 2274 2275 2276 2277 2278 2279 2280 2281 2282 2283
2284 22 85 2286 2287 2288 2289 2290 2291 2292
2293 2294 2295 2396 2297 2298 2299 2300

Palmer, Sybil, Cook's Hill Seamstress
Paris, Anne, Gray's Hill Home Domestic Parker, Arthur, Grry's Farm Shop-keeper Parker, Beryl, ,, ,, Seamstress
Parker, Catherine, Ottos Lane Housewife Parker, Charles A, ,, ,, Carpenter Parker, Charles, Cook's Hill Labourer
Parker, David, ,, ,, ,,
Parker, Eliza, Gray's ,, ,,
Parker, Elvina, Kentish Village Housewife Parker, Ena, ,, ,, ,,
Parker, Ernest, Gray's Farm Labourer
Parker, James, Cook's lHill ,,
Parker, Keturah, ,, ,, Home Domestic
Parker, Lena, Ottos Lane Labourer
Parker, Leola, Kentish Vil. Home Doimestic Parker, Lucilla, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant Parker, Matilda, Greenbay ,, ,,
Parker, Nora, Ottos Lane Home Domestic Parker, Ralph, Kentish Village Labourer
Parker, Sarah, (i) Cook's Hill Parker, Sarah, (ii) (Gray's Farm ,,
Parker, Viola, Cook's Hill Housewife
Parkes Adelaide GCray's ,, ,,
Parkes, Trephina, Ottos Lane ,,
Parson, Gerald Kentish Village Shoe-maker

Paiul, Agatha, ,Gray's Farm Paul, Elizabeth, ,, ,, P'aul, Fitzroy, Ottos Lane Paul, Madassa, ,, ,, Paul, Marda A., Gra'.. Farm Paul, Oscar, ,, ,
Paul, Pinnard, G(ray's Hill Paul Princess It. ,, Farm Paul, Susanna, Greenbayv Paul, 'Theophilus, Nut Grove Paul, Zachariah, Gray's Hill

i 'ay ne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Payne Pelle, Pelle, Pelle, Pelle, Pelle, Pelle, Pelle,

Dom. Servant


Augusta, ,, Farm Seamstress
Catherinie, Ottos Lane Domestic
Drucilla, ,, ,, Home Domestic Eletha Gray's Hill Housewife
Genevieve, ,, ,, Seamstress
George, Golden (Grove lMechanic
Wilfred, ,, ,, Labourer
Winifred, Gray's Farm Seamstress

Alfred, ,,
Beatrice, Christina E., ,, Claudius, ,,
Ela, ,,
Ethel, ,,
Gwen, Ottos Lane

,, Labourer ,, H uckster Seamstress 7, Carpenter
,, H uckster
,, I abourer
Domestic Servant

Pelle, J aries, (i) Gray's Farm Pell, James, (ii) ,, ,, Pell, ohanna, ,, ,,D Pelle, Josephine, Ottos Lane Pelle, Lucy, Grayv's Farm Pelle, Raymond, G(reenbAy Pelle, Thomas, Gray's Farm Pemberton, Cyril, G reenbay Perkins, Mary, Kentish Vil. D Pero, Gwenie, ,, ,, Hon
Pero, Laiuehland, ,, ,, Perry, C(lemenceau, Gray's Farm Perry, Inez, Ottos Lane Perry, Leopold A., Ottos Lane D Peters, Alfred, Five Islands

Carpenter Shopkeeper om. Servant
,, ,,
IH ousewife Mechanic Carpenter ,,
om. Servant me Domestic
Labourer Mechanic Housewife ental Meclih.


Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2302 2303
2304 2305
23 0230', 2309 2310 ) 2311
2312 23 t3 2314 231 2318
2317 2318 2319 2320 2321 2322
29' 29
2324 2325 2326 2327
2328 2329')
2332 2233 2334
2335 2336 2337
2338 2339 23-1,
2341 2342
23-46 2347 234,8
2349 2350 2351
2353 2354 2355 2356 2357 2358 2359 23 C 2361 2362 2363
2364 2365

Philip, Albertha (2), Gray's Hill Philip, Aldona, Ottos Lane Philip, Allan, do
Philip, Caroline, do Philip, Cecil, Greenbay Philip, Charles, Gray's Farm Philip, Clare Foster, Greenbay Philip, Daisy. do
Philip, Edwin, Gray's Hill Philip, Eileen, Greenbay Philip, Elizabeth, Gray's Farm Philip, Ester, Five Islands Philip, Eugenie, Gray's Farm

Labourer Barber Domestic Labourer Herbalist Carpenter Housewife Carpenter Labourer do do

Peters, Amy, Gra\'s Hone Domes'tic
lPeters, Arthur O)ttos Lan, ChIiffeur
Peters, Augusta, ,, Housewife
Peters, Bas F. ,, ,, aon
Peters, Caroline, Cook's Hill Dom. Servant Peters, Catherine, Five Islands Tachlier Pet'rs, Earl, Grtay's 1111il Labourer
Peters, Fdith, ()ttes Laie Housewife
Peters, Elfreda, (xreenbav Labourer
Peters, Eliza, (Gray-'s Farm ,,
Pters, E llo n,. ,, Hill ,,
Peters, Eminmaline, Ottos Lanie Nurse
Peters, Ethel, (Gray's Farm Shopkeeper
Peters, Fernella, Kentishli Village Seamstress Peters, Fratlk, Ottos Lane Mason
Peters, Gerald, Gray's Hill Labourer
Peters, Harold, ,
Peters, H ilda, Gray,s Farm ,,
Peters, Ionic, ,, Hill Housewife
Peters, Irene, Greenbay ,,
Peters, James, (i) Grayv's Lab!urer
Peters, Jarnes, (ii) Ottos Lane ,,
Peters, Jeremiah, ,, ,, Mason
Peters, Jodn, (i) Five Islands Labourer Peters, John, (ii) N ut Grove ,,
Peters, Llewellyn, Gray's Farm Mason
Peters, Mary, Five Islands Housewife
Peters, Mary Ann, Gray's ,,
Peters, Milton, Gray's Farm Labourer
Peters, Myrtle (i) ,, ,, ,,
Peters, Myrtle, (ii) ()ttos Lane Teacher Peters, Oscar, Gray's Farm Labourer
Peters, Percival, O)ttos Line ,,
Peters, Rueben, Cook's Hill ,,
Peters, Robert, Golden Grove ,,
Peters, lutOh, Five Islands Housewife
Peters, Samuel, Gray 's Farm L'brer
TPe ers, Semonai, Five Islands do
Peters. Sybil, Ortos Lane H/Domestic
Peters, S\lvester, Gray's Hill Labourer
Peters, Ursil, Nut Grove Binder
Peters, Victoria, Ottos ILane Housewife
Peters, Virginia A., Gray's Farm Domestic Servant
Peters, Walter, Gray's Farm Labourer
Peters, William E., do do
Peterson, Beatrice, Ottos Lane H/wife
Peterson, Raunie, do Agriculturer
Phoenix, Sybil, Cook's Hill Dom. Servant Phoenix, Turner, Greenhay Labourer
Philip, Adina, Gray's Farm Housewife
Philip, Albertha, (1). Ottos Lane Domestic Servant

Philit, Evans, Gray's Farm Phlipi, (hladys,, Greenhav I) Philip, Ishmael, Ottos ,Lne Philip, James (1), Gray's Farm Philip, Jamnes (2), Ottos Lane Philip, John (1), do
P11lip, John (2), Gray's Hill

23 6
236 7
231-8 2 36 9 2370 2371
2373 2374 2 .75 2376 2377 2378
2379 2380
2382 2383 2384
2387 2388

om. Svrvant
Labourer (ChAuffeur Labourer
L, abou rer

J oseph, do do
liawrence, (Gray's Farmn Shoe-maker Leonard (1), do tabomurer
Leonard (2), Nut Grove l/wife
Lilian, Greenbav Housewife
Margaret, Gray's Farm )/Servant Martha, Kentish Village lbrer Myrtle, Gray's Farm do
Nathaniel, Greenbay do
Norris, do Police
Rtupert, (Gray's Farm Tailor
Samuel Mc. I)., Greenbay Carpenter Samuel, (do Labourer
Theophilus, Ottos Lane Electrician William, do Labourer
Emil Milo, Gray's Hill Barber
Eugenie, do Farm
Domestic Servant

2390 Pigott, John (1), Gray's Farin Fisherman 2391 Pigott, John (2), do do Mechanic 2 392 Pigott, Mary, do Hill Housewife
2393 Pigott, Olivet, Kentish Village D/Servant 2394 Pilgrim, Estella, Grav's Farni ILabourer 2395 Pilgrim, Iola, do do
2396 Piper. Catherine do Dom. Servant 2397 Piper, Fred, Joseph's Lane Labourer
2398 Piper, Frederica, Gray's Farm H/wife 2399 Piper, Rose. O(ttos Lane Dom. Servant 2400 Pogson, Bernadine, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
2401 Pogson, Lother, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
2402 Pogson, Louisa (1), Ottos Lane D/Servant 2403 Pogson, Louisa (2), do Domestic
24041 Pompey, A manda, do Shopkeeper
2405 Pompey, Matilda, Kentish Village H/wife 2406 Poponne, Marie, Greenbay Housemaid
2407 Potter, M,,rgaret, Ottos Lane Seamstress 2408 Potter, Trephina, Gray's Farm D/Servant 2409 Potter, Verna, (do0 do
2410 Potter, Violet do do
24! 1 Potter, William, do
2412 Powell, Beatrice, Kentish Village Domestic Servant
2413 Powell, Clem, Greenbay Blacksmith
2414 Powell, Dora, do Domestic Servant
241-5 Powell, Freda, Gray's Farm Pensioner 2416 Powell, Helena, Ottos Gane Dom. Servant 2417 Powell, Phobean, Cook's Hill Labourer 2418 Powell, Susannah, Gray's Farm Seamstress 2419 Prince, Ann Sister, Gray's Hill H/wife 24201) Prince, Beatrice, Greenbay Dom. Servant 2421 Prince, Mary Jane, Gray's Farm do 2422 Prince, O'neal, Nut Grove Carpenter
2423 Pringle, Lilian, Kentish Village D/Servant 2424 Procous, Jouisa, Grav's Farm Labourer 2425 Proctor, Alice, Gray's Hill Housewife 2426 Proctor, Ethlin, Greenbay Home Domestic 2427 Proctor, Johnie, do Butcher

Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip,
Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip, Pigott, Pigott,

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2428 Proctor, Joseph, Kentish Village Porter 2429 Proctor, Louisa, Greenbay Housewife

2430 2431 2432 2433 2434 .2435 2436 2437 2438 2439
2410 2412 212 2442 2443 2444 2445 2446
2447 2448 2449

2451 Quallis, Raymond, Gray's Farm

Quarry, Eleanora, do
Quash, Salome, Ottos Lane Housewife
Quin, Joseph N., do Teacher
Quinn, Sylvia, do Domestic Worker
Quinlan, Mary, Gray's Hill H/l)omestic
Ralph, Agatha, Nut Grove Labourer
Ralph, Alice M., Gray's Farm Labourer Ralph, Victoria, do do
Ramchandani, K. R., Greenbay M1erchant Raynes, Maurice, May Field Civil Servant Reid, Emma, Greenbay Housewife
Reid, Joseph (1), Greenbay Plumber
Reid, Joseph (2), do San. Inspector Reid, Joseph B. (3), do Fisherman
Reid, Moline, do Dom. Servant
Richards, Alfred, Gray's Farm L/brer
Richards, Aminta, Gray's Domr. Servant Richards, Ann, Greenbay Labourer
Richards, Audrey, Gray's Farm D/Servant Richards, Beresford, Gray's Hill. L/brer Richards, Burton, Kentish Village Mechanic
Richards Charles Gray's Porter

2474 Richards, Cluadina, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant
2175 Richards, Dulcie, Kentish Village Clerk 2476 Richards, Edwin, Gray's Farm Mason
2477 Richards, Elachar, Greenbay Labourer 2478 Richards, Eleanore, Gray's Farm Domestic Servant
2479 Richards, Ernest, Nut Grove Labourer 2480 1tichards, Francis, Ottos Lane do
2481 Richards, George, Greenbay do
2482 Richards, Grace Ann, Gray's Farm Home Domestio
2483 Richards, Gwendolyn, Kentish Village Housewife
2484 Richards, haac, Nut Grove Labourer
2485 Richards, Ivy, Greenbay Dom. Servant

Proctor, Montague, do Labourer
Proctor, Percival, do Carpenter
Proctor, Priscilla do Labourer
Proctor, Sydney, do do
Prophet, Augusta, do Home D)omestic Prophet, Carlton do Labourer
Prophet, Edmond, Five Islands do
Prophet, James, do Fisherman
Prophet, DeSilva, do Housewife
Prophet, Matilda, (do HjI)omestic
Prophet, Myrtilla, do Housewife
Prophet, Trephina, do H/Domestic
Pryce, Agatha, Greenbay Labourer
Pryce, Audrey, Gray's Hill D/Servant Pryce, Eileen, do do
Pryce, Nerdeina, Gray's H/Domestic
Pryce, Sarah, Gray's Hill Housewife
Punter, Ethelyn, Greenbay Labourer
Punter, Geneta, do Home Domestic
Punter, Hilton, do Baker
Pyke, William, Ottos Lane Shoe-maker

2505 2506
2507 2508 2509 2510
2511 2512
2513 2514 2515 2516 2517
2518 2519 2520
2521 2522 2523
2525 2526 2527 2528

2486 Richards, Jai 2487 RIichards, Ja 2488 Richards, Ja 2489 Iichards, Ja 2490 Richards, Ja 2491 Richards, Jo 2492 Hichmds. Jo 2493 LRichards, Jo 2494 Rlichards, Lo 2495 Richards, M 2497 Richards, M 2497 Richards, Ma 2498 Richards, Al 21499 Richards, M\ 2500 Richards, M 2501 Richards, L 2502 Richards, L 2503 Richards, N 2504 Richards, N

egetta, Gray's Farm eville, Kentish Road


Richards, Pearl, (i) Nut Grove H/wife Richards, Pearl, (ii) ,, ,, L/hrer
Richards, Percy, Greenbay Mechanic
Richards, Randolph Electrician
Richards, Reuben, Gray's Farm L/brer Richards, Salome, ,, ,, H/Dom. Richards, Samuel, (i) Gray's Hill L/brer Richards, Samuel, (ii) Greenbay Fisherman
Richards, Samuel, (iii) ,, Labourer Richards, Sullie, Kentish Vii. D/Servant Richards, Susanna, (i) ,, ,,
Richards, Susanna, (ii) G('reenbay /wife Richards, Waldron R, Gray's Farmni Baker
Richards, Wilhel, ,, ,, Servant
Richards, William, (i) ,, ,, Mason Richards, William, (ii) Greenhay Truck Loader
Richards, Zennie, Gray's Farm H/wife Richardson, Alford, Greenbay Tailor
Richardson, Christine, Kentish Vii.
Richardson, Christopher Gray's Farm Baker

Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson,

2529 Richardson, 2530 R ichardson,

Edna G., Greenbay Eileen H., ,, Housewife Elfreda, Five Islands ,, Ennette Greenbay
Seamstress Florence, Gray's Farm Baker
Gwendoline, Kentish Vil.

2531 Richardson, Inez, Gray's Farm D/Servant
2532 Richardson; Edric, Ottos Lane T/Driver 2533 Richardson, lone, Five Islands H/wife 2534 Richardson, James A., ,, Tailor
2535 Richardson, John ,, ,, Labourer 2536 Richardson, Kenneth, Gray's Hill Electrician
2537 Richardson, Margaret, Greenbay Hill Huckster
2538 Richardson, Mary ,, Washer
2539 Richardson, Michael ,, Tailor

res, Gray's Farm L'brer
mes R., Greenbay Carpenter ne, Cooks Hill Labourer
ne Ann (,ray's Farm do sper, Greenbnv do
b Robert. )ttos Lanme do irn. Five Islands do
seph, G( ray's Farm o
rMiane, (ray's Dom. Servant dcolmn, Ottos Lane Driver
argaret, (Greenbay J/Domnestic ary Ann, Five Is. H/wife
ary K. Ottos Lane H/wife
atilda, Gray Hill Labourer yrl, Greenl)ay, Seamstress orine, Gray's Farm L/brer
ouisa, Ottos Lane D/jservant

2452 2453 2454 2455 2456
2457 2458
2459 2460 2461
2462 2463 2464 2465 2466 2467 2468 2469
2470 2471 2472

Electoral District of St. John rural ) W~st

2540 Richardson, Peter ,,
2541 Richardson, Samuel, Five Island
2542 Richardson, Sarah, ,, 2543 Richardson, Thomas, Gray's Far
2544 Richardson, William, Greenhlay
2545 Riley, Abraham, Uitos Lane P 25,6 Riley, Charlotte 0., Kentish Vil.

2547 2518 2549 2550 2551 2552
2554 2555 2556 2557 2558
2559 2560 0 2561 2562
2563 2564 2565
2566 2567 2568 2569
2570 1,571 2572 2573
2574 257 i ) 2576
2577 2578 2579 2580 2581


S/Se rvant
Riley, Mlichael, Grav's Farm Labourer Riley, Nicholas, ,, Mason
Riley, Rosina, Gray's Housewife
Roach, Christiana, Greenhay Labourer Roach, Elizabeth, ,, ,,
Roach, Joann, Gray's HIome Domest ic Roach, Nellie, ,, Hill Housewife
Roach, William, Farm Labourer
Roberts, Carlton, C'ooks Hill Carpenter Roberts, Charlotte, Five Islands L/hrer Roberts, Christiana, (Grav's Farm H/wife Roberts, Clarence Five Islands Fisherman
Roberts, Clarice, (i) G(ray's Farm L. brer R oberts, Clarice (ii) Gray's H/Domestic Roberts, Clarinda ,, Domestic
Roberts, Doston, Gray's F:iarmn Carpenter Roberts, Elfreda, Greenbay Labourer
Roberts, Elizabeth, Gray's Dom. Worker Roberts, Evilina, Gray's Farm L/brer
Roberts, George, ,, ,, Fisherman
Roberts, Gertrude, ,, ,, Seamstress Roberts, Irene, ,, ,, Housewife Roberts, James, (i) Five Islands Fisherman
Roberts, James, (ii) ,, ,, Labourer Roberts, Jane Ann, Ottos Lane Roberts, John P. M., Gray's Hill Engineer Roberts, Lena, Gray's Farm Labourer
Roberts, Louisa, Ottos Lane Housewife Roberts, Mable, Gray's Farm D/Servant Roberts, Ma-is, Ottos Lane Housewife Roberts, Margaret, Gray's Vil. ,, Roberts, Maud, (reenbay Labourer
Roberts, Milton, Five Islands ,,
Roberts, Naomi, (i) ,, Housewife
Roberts, Naomi, (ii) Gray's Farm Seamstress

2582 Roberts, Rachael, Ottos Lane ,, 2583 Roberts, Romig, Five Islands Industrial Worker
2584 Roberts, Samuel, Gray's Farm Labourer 2585 Roberts, Thomas, ,, ,, ,,
2586 Roberts, Victor A., ,, ,, Mason
2587 Roberts, Walter, Ottos Lane Labourer 2588 Roberts, Wilhelmina, Five Islands H/wife 2589 Robins, Narford, Gray's Farm Baker
2590 Robins, Silvester, Greenbay Painter 2591 Robinson, Christobell, Gray's Farm D/Servant
2592 Robinson, Emanuel, ,, ,,

Robinson, Hlienry, (i) Gray's Hill Barber Robinson, Henry, (ii) ,, 2,, L/hrer Rodney, Phylis, Ottos Lane Domestic

2596 2597 2598 2599 2600 2601
20032 2 6; 0 2
2604 2(?05 2606 2007
2608 20089 2609 2610 0611 8612 2613 2614
2615 2616 2617 2618 2619 2620 2621 2622 2623
2621 2025
2620 2627 2628 2629 2630
2632 2633 2634 2635 263 0
2637 2638 2639 2640 2641 2642 2643 2644 2645 264t6
2647 2648 2649 2650 2651 2652 2653 2654 2655 28 65 2(; 57 2058

Ronieo, Alton, Ottas CIbrk
IRom eo, Arthur, ,, ,, Du is
Lojeo,. Ernie, Clerk
Ronmeo, Tmide, ,, H wi
Romneo, Neville)O., Lerk
omineo. \Vihnouth .. ()tto, s Lane Tailor
Roimney, Alexandrina, G(6renbay ,ibrr Rormney. .Julia. Grax's Fam I Servant Rose, Geogin,.'
Roaudette, Cir,)]jne, Ottos Lane I I uckster Russel, Henrietta, (i) ,, ,, Hjwife Russel, Henietta, (ii) ,, H/t)ymlnstic ljyan, Adi-a, Greenbay Dorm. Servant Ryan, Agnes, ()ttos Lane tms-Nwife
Ryan, Cox, Greenbay Porter
Ryan, David, Ottos Lame P'iumber
Ryan, Eileen, (i) Gray's Farm D)/Servant Ryan, Eileen, (ii) Ottos Lane H/D)onstic Ryan, Frank, Gray's Farm Labourer
Ryan, James, Ottos Lane ,,
Ryan. ,John, Kentish Village P.ainter
Ryavn. Margaret A., Gray's Farm Ryvan, Mary, Greenbay Ryan,:i Nellie, Ottos Lane Ilonsewaife Rvan, Samuel, Greenbay Labourer
Ry'an, Tlhomas, Gray,s Farm ,,
Ryan, William, ,, ,, C(arpenter
Ryner, Sarah, ,, ,, Housewife
Salmon, Alfred, G(reenbay Fisherman
Salmon, Alphonso, ,, Engoineer
Salmon, George, Ottos Lane Shoemaker Salmon, Hubert W., Greenbay Shopkeeper Sahnon, Salome, Ottos Lane Seamstress Sampson, Charlotte, (ray's Farm Clerk Sampson, Icilma, ,, ,,
Sampson, Lemuel (Gray's Hill Labourer Sampson, Phebev, ,, Farm H/Dmo.
Sampson, Prudence, ,, Hill f1/wife Samuel, Abraham, Greenbay Civil Servant Samuel, Adrina, ()ttos Lane H/lD)omestic Samuel, Agnes, ,, ,, D/Servant
Samuel, Agusta, Gray's Farm ,,
Samuel, Albertha, Gray's H/Domestic
Samuel, Alfred, G(olden Grove Labourer Samuel, Alice, (i) Ottos Lane Housewife Samuel, Alice, (ii) Villa Labourer
Samuel, Ann, Gray's Farm H/Domestic
Samuel, Arnold, L., Ottos Lane Carpenter Samuel, Audrey, Gray's H/Domestic
Samuel, Beatrice, (i) Ottos Lane D/Servant Samuel, Beatrice, (ii) Kentiah Pil. Samuel, Cecil, Gray's Farm Labourer
Samuel, Christobel Kentish ViL Tinsmith Samuel, David, (Greenbay Labourer
Samuel, Denzil, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Samuel, Doldon, Gray's Farm Labourer Samuel, Edward, Ottos Lane Carpenter
Samuel, Eileen, ,, ,, Housewife
Samuel, Elizabeth, ,, ,, Labourer
Samuel, Elmore, ,, ,, ,,
Samuel, Elvira, ,, ,, Housewife
Samuel, Enstace, ,, ,, Carpenter
Samue], Fancelian, Gray's Hill Housweife

2594 2595

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2 660
2661 2662 2663 2664 2665
2366 2 0166 2667 2668 2669
267 2672 2673
267 2675 26076 2677 2678
2679 2680 2681 2682
2683 2681, 26;85

2686 Samuel, Raymond, (ii) ,, Labourer
2687 Samuel, Rhioda T. ,, H huckster
2688 Samuel, Richard, ,, Carpenter
2689 Samuel, Ruhby, Ottos Lane Dom. Servant 260 Samuel, Sarah, Kentish Vil. Huckster 26)1 Sanimuel, Sy dne y. ,, ,, Plumber
2692 Samuiel, Vaessa Gray>'s Farm Seamstress (;6693 Sanmul, Zachrin. (i) Nut (rove L/brer 264 Samuel, Zachariah, (ii) do ,,
2 95 Samuel, Z pl, G.ireenma.y Painter
2696 Saunders, A graham, Ottos Lane L/brer 2697 Searborough, Gertrude, Kentish Vil.
Dom. Servant
2698 Scarvile, Constance ,
2699 Scholar. Eric, Greenbay Labo;rer
2700 Scotland. Charles. Gray's Hill Labourer 27 I Scotland, CanegaMa. Ottos Lane Carpenter

Scotland, )ennis A., G ray's Farm Civil Servant
Scotland, Edna, Ottos Lane H/wife
Scotland, George, Gray's Hill Labourer Scotland, Isalyn, Gray's Farm Housewife Scotland, Susanna, Ken. Vill. I)/Servant Scotland, 'Thbomas, Greenbay Carpenter Scotland, Veronica, Ottos Lane I)omestic Scotland, Wallace, Gray's FarmI Labourer Scotland, Wilmouth, do do
Sealey, Eleanora, Gray's H/Domestic Sealey, Reginald, Gray's Farm Labourer Seamar, Michael, Greenbay Mechanic Sebastian, Naomi, Ken. Vill. D/Servant Sebastian, Ruth, do Home D)omestic Sebastian, Samuel, Gray's Farm laker Secton, Amanda. Gray's Hill Labourer Semper, Mary, Kentish Vill. do
Semper, Mary E., Gray's Farm D)/Worker Semper, Nathaniel, Ken. Vill. Labourer Semper, Ophelia, Gray,s Farm D/Servant

Samuel, Florence, Gray 's Frm Labourer Sainmuel Foster i)., Ottos Lane Carpenter Sam el, eorge U., (i) do ,,
Samuel, George, (ii) do Labourer
Samuel, George. (iii) Nut Grove Carpenter Samuel, George, (iv) Gray's Farm Porter Samuel, (erard, Union Estate Carpe.iter Samuel, (Gertrude, Greenbay D/Servant Samnuel, GCweneth, ,, .Clerk
Samuel, Henrietta, (i),, l)/Servaint
Samuel, Henrietta, (ii) ,, Housewife Samuel, Hezekiabh, ,, Labourer
Samuel, Herrnina, Kentish Vil. HIJ)omiestic Samu el, Isabella, Golden Grove LaboIrer Samuel, 1 sac, (reenbay Fisherman
Samuel, Ivor, G ray's Hill Tinsmith
Samuel, James, ,, Farm Labourer
Samuel, James II., do Mechanic
Samuel, Jane Ann, Ottos Lane Labourer Samuel, John, (i) Greenbay Chauffeur
Samuel, John, (ii) Ottos Lane Labourer Samuel, Lanis Greenbay Housemaid
Samuel, Leontine, ,, Home Domestic
Samuel, Lorna, ,, Labourer
Samuel, Mary, G ray's Farm ,,
Samuel, Pearl, ,, ,, ,,
Sammel, Rymmonrd, (i) Greenbay

2722 2723 2724 27 25 2726
2730 27312732 2733
2731 2735
2736 2737
2738 27390 2740
2711 2712 7143 2744
2745 2746 2747 2718
2751 2752 2753
2755 2756
2758 2759 2760
2761 2762 2763
2766 2767 27( S
2769 2770
2771 2772 2773
2774 2775 27760 2777
2778 2779 2780 2781
2785 2786

Charles, (1) do Charles, (2) Gre Christopher, Gr

Sy's Hill eenbhay

Sett, Alberta, (ray's Hill Sett, Sarah, do
Settuce, Rose, Greenhay aewer, Philip, Gray's Farm S adrack, Alhert, Green hay Shadrack, Ahert V,, do Sharpe, Beatrice, Gray's Shiarpe, Louisa, Greenhay

Laolu rer

Florence, do D/Servant
Gladys, Gray's Farm do
Hermina, do housewile
Joseph, (1)Greenhay Carpenter Joseph, (2) Ottos Lane Contractor Leanord, do Carpenter
Letitia, do Housewife
Matilda, do do
Richard, do Labourer
Sibly, Gray's Farmi do
Sibyl Greenhay Painter
Suisanna, Gray's Farmi Victoria, Cook's lill Dom. Servant XWiltred Gray's Farm C'ivil Servant

Shephard, Cecil, Sb e pha rd, Eulalie, Shephard, Evelyn,
Shepherd, Rupert, Sho. Florence. Ott Shoy, Margaret, (2 Shoy, M11artearet, (2 Shov, Mary, Shoy, Rosina, Shoy, Sarah, Kent

do Labourer
G reen hay Seamstress Gray's Farm
Home I)omestie
do Labourer
os Lano 1/Donmestic ) 1ray's Farm Labwarer ) do Dom. Servant
do Housewife
do Huckster
ish Vill. Labour, r

Silcoit, Agatha, Graiy' Farm do
Silcott, Anthinmy, do(10 Shoemaker Sileott, Chasrine, (o'ok's Hill Labourer Silcott. John, Market Street do
Silcott, Louisa, Ottos Lane Housewife Silcott, Mary, do Home )Domestio
Silcott, Princess, (ray's Farm D/Worker Silcctt, Rllose. O)ttos Lane Housew.ife Silcott, Sarah, Gray's Farm Housewife Silcott, Frances, do do
Simmnons, A\ gusta, do Dom. Servant Simmons, Coney, do do
Simon, Adela, Ottos Lane do
Simon, Adolphus, do Labourer
Simon, A\lfred, Gray's Hill do
Simon, Ann. Gray's Farm Dom. Servant Simon, Annie, Gray's Hill Housewife
Simon, Athill, Five Islands Labourer Simon, Charles, (1) Gray's Farm Tailor Simon, Charles, (2) do Labourer
Simon, Christobell, do do
Simon, Edith, (1) Ottos L.ane D/Servant Simon, Edith, (2) Kentish Vill. do Simon, Ellen, Ottos Lane Housewife
Simon, Alberta, do Home Domestic
Sinmon, (Christophine, do do
Simon, Edward, Cook's Hill Waterfront worker
Simon, Elfrida, Nut Grove Dom. Servant Simon, Elvira, Ottos Lane Labourer
Simon, Enid Louise, Kentish Vill. Se'tress

H ousewife,
Domr. Servant
Stevedore Labourer

27)3 2704 2705 2706' 27 T7
2708 2709
2710 2711 2712 2713 27 14 271.5
2716 2717
2718 2719 2720 2721

Shaw, Slmaw, Simaw,
Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw,
Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw,. Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Shiaw.

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) WVest

2787 2788 2789 2790 2791 2792
2794 2795 2796 2797 2798 2799 2800 2801 2802
2804 2805 2806 2807 2808 2809 2810 2811
2812 2813 2814 281;)
2616 2c17
2818 28109 2820 2821
2822 2823 282 1 2825 2826 2827 2828
2829 2830 2831 2832
283.1 2834 2835 2836 2837 .2838 2839 2810
2841 2842
2 843
2844 2845
2846 2847 2848 S849 2850
2851 2852

Simon, Evelyn, Greenbay H
Simon, 'Fred, do Civi
Simon, George, (1) Gray's Hill Simon, George, (2) Ottos Lane Simon, Harrison, Gray's F'arm Simon, Hilda, Kentish \ill. Simon, Hildred, Ottos Lane I Simon, Hubert, (1) (Greenhay Simon, James, Gray's Farmr Simon, Hubert, (2) do Simon, John Theodore, Gray's Hi Simon, King, Golden Grve

Simon, Lionel, G(reenhay Barber
Simon, Lena, Five Islands Honme Domestic Simon, Lessie, ( ray's Farm P'orter
Simon, Mae, Greenbav housewife
Simon. Malvina, Ottos Lane do
Simon, Mary, (1) Gray's Hill do( Simon, Mary, (2) ()ttos Lane )D/Servant Simon, Mertilla, Greenlay al)abourer
Simon, Morton, ttos Lane Enigineer Simon, Lathaniel, Creekside Welder
Simon, Neville, ()tos lane Carpenter Simon, Norma. rav' il lk
Simon. Oscar. C Gree Labourr
Simon, Rachael Chlr.. 1)ttos Lane lHo'w 'ife Simon, Rachael, do I)omrn. Servant
Simon,. Robert, (1) Greenbay Labourer Simon, Robert, (2) Gray's Farm do Simon, Rob Roy, to do
Simon, Rosemary, do Dom. Servant
Simon, Sadie Grav's do
Simon, Salomnie, GraV's Farm do Simon, FlTheicodora, Ottos Lane IH/Domestic Simon, T'homnas Nathaniel, Kentish Vill.
Civil Servant
Simon, \Walter, (1) Gray's Farm Plumber Simon, Walter, (2) (1do Lab urer
Simon, William H., Gray's Hill Mechanic Simon, William (1do Foreman
Simpson, Christine, (1) Ottos Lane Clerk mimpson, Christine, (2) do Shop-keeper Skerrit, Carmen, do Clerk
Skerrit, Isabella, Gray's Farm D/Sevvant Skerritt, Jane, (O)ttos Lane Home Domestic Skeritt, Joseph, (1) do Baker
Skerritt, Joseph (2) do Skerritt. Margaret, do Slaven, Edith "ook's Hill Housewife Slaven, Luther, Ottos Lane Labourer Slaven, Maude A., do H/Domestice
Slaven, Victoria, do Housewife
Slaven, Walter, Nut Grove Labourer
Smith, Alfred (i1) Ottos Lane Mechanic Smith, Alfred, (2) Gray's Farm Labourer Smith, A rthiur, Greenlbay Carpenter Smith, Daniel, (1) Ottos Lane do Smith, Daniel, (2) do Smith, Edward, do Labourer
nmith. Eillen, Gray's Farm Clerk

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smnih, Smith,

Eliinora, do Home Domestic
Elizabeth, Kentish Village Seamstress Emelia, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant E'nela, do (1do0
Gladys, Gray's Hill Lalmourer
lHenry, Kentish Vill. Chauffeur
Id, Ottos Lane Housewife

ousewife Il Servant Labourer
Porter Baker D/Servant Carpenter Mechanic Carpenter ill l'ailor Labourer

2853 2854 2855 2856
2857 2858 285 2860 2861 2862 2863 2864 2Q;65 286; 28607
28;8 2869 2870 2871 2872 2873 2874
2875 2876
2877 2878
2880 2881 2882
2 S, 7 1
2885 2886
2887 2888
2'-- Sl
2889 2890 2891
28S92 2893
2894 2895
2896 2897
2898 2899 29000 2901
2904 2'05 2906 2907
2908 2909 2910 29011
2911 291(

Spencer, Robert, Gray's Hill Spencer, Robert Vanness, Cook's Hill Spencer, Sarah Ann, Greenbay Labourer
Squash, I3eatrice, Gray's Housewife
Stevens, Auigusta, Ottos Lane Dorm. Servant Stevens, Cecil, Ottos Clerk
Stevens. ( lement. Gray's Farm Porter

Stevens, EditIh, Ottos Lane Housewife Stevens, Enid Gray.s Farm do
Stevens, Ethel, Gray's Hill Dom. Servant Stevens, Frances, Gray's do
Stevens, Henry, Gray's Hill Labeurer
Stevens, lubert, Greenbay Stevens, lona, do Shopkeeper
Stevens, James, Ottos Lane Porter
Stevens, Jestina, Greenbay H/Domestic Stevens, Leonard (1), Gray's Farm L'brer Stevens, Leonard .2), Kentish Vtillage Unskilled Worker
Stevens, Louinel, Ottos Civil Servant
Stevens, Maria, Greenlbay Dor. Servant Stevens, Naomi, Kentish Village do Stevens, Rupert, Greenbay Labourer
Straker, Gwendolynr, Grav's Farm D/Servant Straker, Hubert, Kentih Village L'brer Straker, Viola, Gray's Hill Dom. Servant Stuart, Alfred, Gray's Farm Labourer
St. Luce, Frederick A., Gray's lill Seamstress
Sullivan, lri Roslyn do D/Servant S Ilivan, Joseph, Ottos Lane Labourer Sullivarm, Marx, do Dom. Servant
Sutherl and, (George, Five Islands Planter Sweeney, Henrietta, Greenbay D1/8ervant

Smith, Jamenws, do Labourer
Smith, Louisa, Greenhav do
Smith, Malria, Otos iDomestic Servant
Smith, Nilson, Ottos Liane Porter
Smith, Rosa, Kentish Vill. Domestic Servant Smith, Viola, do Housewife
Soanes, Daisy, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant Salmon, Alfred, Grav's Hill Labourer
Salmon, Ruby, Ottos Lane Domestic Servant Southwell, Agnes V., Gray's Farm do. Southwell, Allan, G61ray's lHill Baker Southwell, Beryl, do D mestie Servant Southwell, Elfreda. Grav's F:rm (do Southwell, ivy, (1) Nut Grove Itbourer Southwell. Ivy, (2) Ottos Lane )/Servx:mant Southwell, Leslie, G(ra y's Farm (Clerk Southwell, Paul, do Labourer
Southwell, Ravely A., do do
S ikwerby, Christiana, Otts Lane lous, ife Sowerby, Frederick O. N., do San. Ispetitor Sowerby, Frederick, Ottos do
Spencer, Daniel, Grav's Hill Labor'er Spencer, Edith Venesa, do Domestic s'er,-ant Sptwienr, Edward. Ottos Lane La i),rer Spencer, FratUces, Gray's Farm Spencer, Gerda, Greenbay Ti uswie
Spencer, I lenry (Gladlstoie, Kentishl Vi ii Labourer
Spence.r, James B., ()ttos Lane Alason Spencer, Joseph Odlumn. reenbay i -erser
Spencer, Leonard, do Labo urer
Spencer, Ramadolph, do Mechanic
S ,encer. Rebecca Ottos Lane Dorn. Servant

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

2917 2918 2919 2920
2921 2922 2923 2924 2925 2926 2927 2928
2929 2930
2931 2932 2933 2934 2935 2936 2937 2938 2939 2940

Sweeney, Irene, Kentish Villag, Clerk
Sweeney)', Rebeecca, do Dom. Servant Sweeney, Rose, do Housewife
Sweeney, William S., do Jeweller & Clock I epai rer
Swift, Austin, Grays' Farm Fisherman Swift, George, do Labourer
Swift, Icilma F., do Housewife
Swift, Islice, do Home Domestic
Swift, Kingsford, Ottos Lane H/Steward Swift, Kirton O. L., do Mechanic
Swift, Louisa (1), Nut Grove D/Servant Swift, Louisa (2), do Labourer
Sylston, Rufus, GreenbNav. do(
Symister, Edna, Grays' Farm do
T",uner, Claudina A., do Housewife
'T[anner, Linora, Kentish Village do Teague, Edna C., Grays' Farm D/Servant Tcague, Jane Ann, Kentish Village do Techeira, Ernestine do H/wife
rTecheira, Godfrey, do Fisherman
Terry, Amy, Nut Grove Home Domestic
Terry, Amy J., Ottos Lane Seamstress
Terry, Fitzroy A., Kentish Village Clerk Thibou, Alice, Gray's Hill Labourer
Thomas, Abraham, Gray's Farm Carpenter Thomas, Ada, Ottos Lane Huckster
Thomas, Agatha (1), Kentish Village Labourer
Thomas, Agatha (2), Grays' Farm S/stress Thomas, Alfred, do Labourer
Thomas, Alice, Greenbay Housewife
Thomas, Amelia, Grays' Farm Shop-keeper Tho,,mas, Arthur, Nut Grove Agriculturer Thomas, Ascelita, Greenbay H/Domestic Thomas, Bernadine, Grays' Farm H/wife Thomas, Caroline, Kentish Village Nurse Thomas, Clarabelle, Grays' Farm H/wife 'Thomts, I)aisy, Grays' Hill do
Thomas, l)Delice A., Greenbay Domr. Servant Thomas, D)ennis, Grays' Farm Labourer
Thomas, I)rucilla, Kentish Village HI/wife Thomas, Eleana, Grays' Farm Porter
Thomas, Elkerna, do Labourer
Thomas, Elwood, do do
Thomas, Erne tine, ()ttos Lane Il/wife Thomas, Estella, do do
Thomas, Ethel, Grays' Farm Dom. Servant Thomas, Eva, Ottos Lane
Thomas, Evelyn (1), Cooks' Hill H/wife Thomas, Evelyn (2), do do.
Thomas, Frances, Ottos Lane D/Servant
Thomas, Gertrude, do Housewife
Thomas, Henry, Kentish Village Chauffeur Thomas, Hermena, Greenbay Housewife
Thomas, Hezekiah, Kentish Village L'brer ,Thomas, lone, do D/Servant
Thomas, Irene, Cooks' Hill Housewife
Thomas, Iris (1), Five Islands Seamstress Thomas, Iris (2), Greenbay Dom. Servant Thomas, James, Ottos Lane Labourer
Thomas, James A. E., Grays' Farm Clerk Thomas, Jane Ann, Ottos Lane H/wife
Thomas, John (1), Grays' Farm L/brer
Thomas, John (2), do Salesman

3014 3015
3016 3017 301S 3019 3020 3021 3022
3023 3024 3025 3026 3027 3028 3029 3030 3031

Thomas, Winifred (2), Grays' Farm D/Wkr. Thomas, Winifred (3), Greenbay Washer Thompson, Avis, G(ras' Farm
Thompson, Ernest, do Labourer
Thompson, Francis H., Ottos Lane do Thompson, Henry, do Fitter
Titre, Helen, Nut Grove Dom. Servant

Tittle, Edith, Golden Grove Tittle, Ena, Grays' Tittle, George, Grays' Farm Tittle, Gracia, Grays' Tittle, Greta G., Grays' Tittle, loney, Kentish Village Tittle, Jacob, Grays' Farm Tittle, James H., Cooks' Hill Tittle, Joseph, Grays' Farm Tobias, Joseph, Kentish Village Tomlinson, Christel, Grays' Farm

3032 Tonge, 3033 Tonge, 3034 Tonge, 3035 Tonge, 3036 Tonge, 3017 Tonge, 3038 Tonge, 3039 Tonge, 3040 Tonge,

Anni, Grays' Farm Daisy, Ottos Lane Genevia, Greenbay George (1), do George (2), Ottos Lane Hermina, Grays' Farm Iona, Greenbav Iris, Ottos Lane Jerusha, Grays' Farm

do do Labourer Housewife
do do

estie Servant Dom. Servant
Baker Book-binder
Housewife D/Servant

2980 Thomas, John M., Kentish Village Carpenter
2981 Thomas, John, P., Grays' Farm Salesman 2982 Thomas, Joseph, Kentish Village Clerk 2983 Thomas, Joseph T., Nut Grove do
2984 Thomas, Joseph E., Grays' Hilll Blacksmith 2985 Thomas, Langford (1), Grays' Farm Tailor 2986 Thomas, Langford (2), do LForeman
2987 'lhomas, Lauchland W., Five Islands Labourer
2988 Thomas, Leonora B., Grays Farm Clerk
2989 Thomas, Louisa (1), Kentish Village Housewife
2990 Thomas, Louisa (2), Grays' Hill L/brer 2991 Thomas, Mariah, Five Islands H/wife
2992 Thomas, Mary (1), Kentish Village do 2993 Thomas, Mary (2), Grays' Hill do
2994 Thomas, Mary (3) Cooks' Hill Labourer 2995 Thomnas, Mary E., Ottos Lane do
2996 Thomas, Mary Jane do Civil Servant
2997 Thomas, Mertilla, Grays' Labourer
2998 Thomas, Oscar, Kentishi Village do 2999 Thomas, Pearl, Grays' Farm Housewife 3000 Thomas, Percival d Baker
300 1 Thomas, Reuben, Greenbay Carpenter
3002 Thomas, Robert to Driver
3003 Thomas, Rteyna, Ottos Lane H/Domestic 3004 Thomas, Ruby (1), Grays Farm Seamstress 3005 Thomnas, lloby (2), Ottos Lane Teacher 3006 Thomas, Sanmuiel, do Carpenter
3007 Thomas, T'heophilus do Labourcr
3008 Thomas, Una, do Dom. Servant
3009 Thomas, Veda, ()ttos Clerk
3010 Thomas, Victor, do Labourer
3011 Thomas, Victoria, Grays' Lane do
3012 Thomas, Walter, Ottos Lane Painter
3013 Thomas, Winifred (1), Kentish Village Housewife

2944 2945 2943 2947 29 48
2950 2951 2952 2953 2954 2955 395;6
2957 2958 2959 2 60 2961 2962 2963 2964 2965 2966 2967 2968 2969 2970 2971 2972 2973 2974 2975 2976 2977 2778 2779

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West.

3041 Tonge, Millicent, Greenbay H/wife
3012 Tonge, Meryl, Grays' Farm DIom. Servant 3013 Tonge, Nellie, do do
3041 Tonge, Samuel, (do Mason
3045 Tonge, Susanna, Kentish Village D/Servant 3046 Tounsend, Charles C., Greenbay Carpenter 3047 Tuitt, Frances R., Ottos Lanie [Housewife 3048 Tuitt, John, d(, Carpenter
3049 Tuitt, Joseph M. (1), do Mason
3050 Tuitt, Joseph M. (2), Kentish Village ("'ter 3051 Tuitt, Margaret A.. Grays' Farm L/brer 3052 Tuitt, Minnie, Kentish \'illage HiDoniestic 3053 Tuitt, Sarah, Grays' Hlill Housewife
3054 Tuitt, Thomas, Grays' Farm Labourer
3)55 Turner, Beatrice, do Dorn. Servant
3056 Valmont, Ivy, do do
3057 Valentitie, Christophene, G(reenbay (do 3058 Viera, Edith, Grays' Farm Dom. Servant 3059 Vigilant, Irose do Housewife
3060 Wade, William, Grays.' Hill Labourer
83061 Waldron, William .J., Ottos Lane 3062 XVales, John, Greenihay Fisherman
3063 Walker, Aelane, Grayv' Hill Domr. Servant 3064 Walker, Charlotte Gray-' Farm Labourer 3065 Walker, Christalyn, Kentish Village Seamstress
3(066 Walker, D)orris, Grays' Farm Labourer 3067 Walker, Florence, Grays' Hill Housewife 30(18 Walker, Frank, Grays' Farm Labourer
3069 Walker, Genevieve, Greenbay Housewife 3070 Walker, George L., do Machinist
3'071 Walker, John, Grays' Farm Carpenter
3072 Walker, Maud do Sanitary Officer
3073 Walker, Rupert, Grays' Hill Civil Servant 3074 Walker, Theophilus Ottos Labourer
3075 Walters, Alfred, Grays' Farm do
8076 Walters, Catherine. do Dom. Servant 3077 Walters, Charles, Ottos Lane Baker
3078 Walters, Ellen (1), do Dom. Servant 3079 Walters, Ellen (2), Grays' do
3080 Walters, George, Greenbay Labourer
3081 Walters, Gwendolyn, Grays Hill H/wife 3082 Walters, Helen, do Dom. Servant
3083 Walters, Keith, do Plumber
3084 Walters, Salome, Grays' Farm D/Servant 3085 Walters, Sarah A., Ottos Lane do
3086 Walters, Sarah, Grays' Farm do
3087 Ward, Hubert, Greenbay Porter
3088 Ward, Iris (1), Ottos Lane Dom. Servant 3089 Warde, Iris (2), Grays' Farm L'brer
3090 Warner, Addelaire do do
3091 Warner, Alphonso, Grays' do
3092 Warner, Ann, Grays' Farm Dom. Servant 3093 Warner, Anita, do do
3094 Warner, Beryl (1), Kentish Village Dom. Servant
3095 Warner, Beryl (2), Ottos Lane do
3096 Warner, Clarence, Grays' Farm Carpenter 3097 Warner, Claxton, Grays' Hill do
3098 Warner, Elfreda, Grays' Farm D/Servant 3099 Warner, Irving P., do Labourer
3100 Warner, Frederick V., Kentish Village Police
3101 Warner, Gladys, (1) Greenbay D/servant 3102 Warner, Gladys, (2) do Seamstress
3103 Warner, Johnr, Orttos Lane Carpenter 3104 Warner, Leonard, do Shoemaker

3105 3106
3107 3108 3109 3110

Warner. Lindberg, 6ray's Hill Labourer Warner, Margarer, Greenlbay Shopkeeper Wmarner, Perc y, Gr(ia's li Labou rer Warner. Selvin, Gray's Farm Tinsmith Warner, Ursula, G-r:a,'s Hill D1)/servant WVarneford, Francis H. S., Yeptons

3111 Watkins, Alim, (iGray's Farm Labourer 3112 Watkins, Charles, G(reenbay (do10
3113 Watkins, Doreas, Ottos Lane D/servant 3114 Wa:tkins, (Ge rgiana, (ray's F.rm do 3115 Watkins, Hezekiah, (ha Labourer
3116 W\\atkins, Irene A., Greenbvy )/servant 3117 Watkins, Joshua, Gray's F:irmn Baker 3118 Watkins, Leonard, Greenilav Mechanic 3119 Watkins, Eose, Gray's Farm )D/servant 3 20 Watkins, Sarah, (1do H/wife
3121 Watkins, Victor, d(o (Clerk
3122 Watkins, Viola, Ottos Lane D/servant :3123 Watts, Emily, do Seamstress
3124 Watts, William, do Civil Servant
3125 Wattley, (Clarence
Paul, (1do0 Labourcr
3126 Webson, Alexandrina, Kentish Village Ilo.ewife
3127 Weekes, John, Ottos Lane Mason
3128 Weekes, Lawrence, do do

3129 3130 3131 3132 3133 3134 3135 3136 3137 3138

Weekes, Mary, Weekes, Thomas, Welsh, Rupert, Welsh, Samuel, West. Caroline, West, Evelina, West, Helen West, Sarah, Weston, Amy, Weston, Dennis,

Gray's Hill D/servant Gray's Farm Shoemaker Greenhay Mason
Gray's Hill Labourer Gray's Farm do
Ottos Lane H/domestic
do do
Gray's Farm Housewife Greenbay do
Ottos Lane Labourer

3139 Weston, Earnestina, Greenbay General Worker
31410 Weston, Eleanora, (1) Gray's Farm Labourer
3141 Weston, Ellen, Gray's Farm do
3142 Weston, Elenora, (2) Gray's H/domestic 3143 Weston, Norris, Greenhay Labourer
3144 Weston, Sarah, Cooks' Hill do
3145 Weston, \Villiam, Gray's Farm Shoemaker 3146 Wetheral, Joseph, Greenbay do
3147 Wetheral, Mary, do D/servant
3148 Wetherill, Rhoda, do H/wife
3149 Wey, Sydney, Gray's Hill Sugar-Curer
3150 White, Abraham E., Gray's Farm Mason 3151 White, Albadore, do Nurse
3152 White, Alexander, Greenbay Joiner
3153 White, Alice M., do 3154 White, Arnold, Kentish Village L'urer 3155 White, Charlotte do Clerk
3156 White, Dorothy, Ottos Lane Housewife 3157 White, Grace A., Greenbay Huckster
3158 White, Gwendolyn (1) Kentish Village Housewife
3159 White, Gwendolyn, (2) Nut Grove Home Domestic
3160 White, Irene, Gray's Farm D/servant 3161 White, Laurel, Greenbay 1/domestie 3162 White, Mary, Grays do
3163 White, Olive, Grays Farm do
3164 Whyte, Caroline, Gray's do

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

3165 3166)
3167 3168 31(69 3170 3171 3172 3173 3174 3175
3176 3177 3178 3179 3180 3181
3182 3183 3184
3185 3186 3187 3188 3189 3190 3191 3192 3193 3190 3195 3196 3197 319S 3199 :3 0)0
320 )

Whvte, Edenia, I Whyte, Iris, \VWhyte, Lucy, \Vhyte, Marie L.. Whyte, NMatilda, Whyte, Naomni, Whyte, Norris. Whyte, Peter, Whyte, Reginald. Whyte, Richard, Whyte, Ruby, Whyte, Solomon, Whyte, Sylvia, Whyte, Tennell, Whyte, Violet, Whyte, William, Whyte, William, n Whittaker. Cvril

Gray's Farm Greenbay S
Gray's Farm Gray's Hill Ottos Lane Gray's Farm
(1) do
(2) Cook's Hill B. rav's Farm

Labourer eamstress Labourer
Clerk Diservant S/stress Labourer

\W hitrtaker. Mary, do Housewife
Whittaker, William, Greenbay Painter
Wilkinson, Estella, Gray's Hill Housewife Wilkinson. Isabella, Gray's Farm Teacher Williams, Abraham, Ottos Lane Labourer Williams, Adassa, Gray's Hill D/servant Williams, Agnes, do Labourer
Williams, Augustine, Greenbay do
Williams, Alberta, (1) Gray,s Farm H/wife' Williams. Alberta (2) do Labourer
Willia ms, Astor, Kentish Road Carpenter Williams, Avis, Greenbay Housewife
Williams, Beatrice, Cook's Hill Labourer Williams. Beryl, Ottos Lane Housewife Williams, Catherine, do do
Williams, (Celestina (1) Greenbay D/svnt Williams, Celestina (2) (1do do
Williams, Cecil. Grays Tractor Driver Williams, Charles, (1) Ottos Lane

3202 Williams, Charles (2) do Labourer
3203 Williams, Charles, (3) Greenbay do 3204 Williams, Cluster, do Shopkeeper
3205 Williams, Cyril, Gray's Farm Blacksmith 3206 Williams, Daisy, do Labourer
3207 Williams, Dalis 0., Ottos Lane Seamstress 3208 WVilliams, Doris, Gray's Hill D/servant 3209 Williams, Dorothy, do do
3210 Williamns, Edgar T., Kentish Village S h emaker
3211 Williams, Eleanora, Ottos Lane Housewife 3212 Williams, Elfreda, (1) Gray's Farm do 3213 Williams, Elfreida, (2) Ottos Lane Domestic Servant
3214 Williams, Elfreida, (3) Gray's Farm Domestic Servant
3215 Williams, Elizabeth, Greenbay Labourer 3216 Williams, Evelina, Gray's Farm D/servant 3217 Williams, Fitzroy, Nut Grove Carpenter 3218 Williams, Florence, Ottos Lane Housewife 3219 Williams, Frances, do do
3220 Williams, George, Kentish Village Labourer
3221 Williams, Georgiana, Ottos Lane I/wife 3222 \Williams, Glaston J., Gray's Farm Labourer
3223 Williams, Glenis, Ottos Lane H/domestic 3224 Williams, Hadassa, Gray's Hill D/servant

Kentish Vil. H/Dom.
Grav's Farm Hou.,ewife Ottos Lane do
, d(o D/servant
Ottos Lane Housewife Kontish Village S/stress
- Labourer Ottos Lane do
, Grays Ex-Foreman

3225 ,
3226 3227
3228 3229
3230 3231 3232 3233 3234 3235 3236

3237 Williams, Jane Ann, Nut Grove H/wife, 3238 Williams, John, (1) Kentish Village Chauffeur
3239 Williams, John, (2) Gray's Farm Labourer 3240 Williams, John E., do Linesman
3241 Williams, Joseph, Greenbay Agriculturer 3242 Williams, Kathleen, Ottos Lane H/domestic 3243 Williams, Keturah, Gray's Labourer
3244 Williams, Margaret, (1) Gray's Farmu.
3245 Williams, Margaret, (2) Grays H/domestic 3246 Williams, Mariah, Gray's Farm Labourer 3247 Williams, Marie, Gray's H ill Housewife 3248 Williams, Mary, Gray's Farm Labourer 3249 Williams, Mavis, Factory Road D/servant 3250 W\ illiams, Maizie, Kentish Village H/wife 3251 Williams. Mildred, Gray's Farm D/serva t 3252 Williams, Na haniel, do Labourer
3253 Williams, Patrick, do do
3254 Williams, Paul, Cook's Hill do
3255 Williams, Percy, Kentish Village do 3256 Williams, Prince, Greenbay do
3257 Williams, lIebecca, Gray's Faam do 3258 Willimns, Reuben, Kentish Village S/stress 3259 Williams, Rose, Greenbav D/servant 3260 Williams, Salome, Gray's Farm H/wife 3261 Williams, Sarah, (1) Gray's Farm Labourer 3262 Williams, Sarah, (2) do do
3263 Williams, Stanley, do do
3264 Williams, Susanna, do do
3265 Williams, Venita, Ottos Lane H/domnestic 3266 Williams, Vera, do Housewife
3267 Williams, Verge, Ottos Home Domestic 3268 Williams, Victoria, Gray's Farm )/servant 3269 Williamson, Pamela, Ottos Lane do 32'.0 Willock, James, do Labourer
3271 Willock, John, Greenbay Carpenter
3272 Willock, Joseph, do Labourer
3273 Willock, Mary, do Housewife
3274 Willock, Rebecca, Gray's Farm Labourer 3275 Willock, Roy, Nut Grove Fisherman 3276 Wilson, Dillie, Kentish Village D/svnt 3277 Wilson, Josephine, Ottos Lane do
3278 Winspeare, Helen, do do
3279 Winspeare, James, Cook's Hill Labourer 3280 Winter, Ann, Greenbay Washer
3281 Winter, Catherine E., Greenbay H/wife 3282 Winter, Clarence L., Gray's Hill Business Manager
3283 Winter, Dennis, Gray's Farm Labourer 3284 Winter, Helen, do Housewife
3285 Winter, Willarn, Greenbay Labourer 3286 Withy, Ida, Ottos Lane Shopkeeper
3287 Withy, William, do do

Williams, Iarold (1) Ottos Lane Labourer Wi liamns, larohlI (2) Nut Grove do Williams, Helena, Greenbay Housewife
Williams, Hlermina, Gray's Farm Labourer Williams, Hutson, Gray's Hill Carpenter Williams, Ida, Gray's Farm Housewife Williams, Inez, Greenbvay Labourer
Williams, Iola, Ottos Lane Housewife Williams, lone, Greenbay Huckster
Williams, Irene Greenbay Housewife
Williams, James, (1) Gray's Farm -Williams, James, (2) Kentish Village Carpenter

Electoral District of St. John (Rural) West

Wright, Arthur A., Ottos Lane F'oreman Wright, Isa, Gray's Farm D)/servant
Wright, Pearl, Ottos Lane H/wife
Wright, Solomon, Gray's Farm Labourer Wynter, Stanley, Golden Grove Welder Wynter, Upheine, Gray's Farm H/domestic

3294 Wyre, Arnold, Kentish Village Mechanic 3295 Xavier, Monica, Gray's Farm H/domestic 3296 Yankie, Virginia, Ottos Lane Labourer 3297 Younge, Johanna, Kentish Village Domestic Servant

I, SAMUEL LAUCHLAND ATHILL, Revising Officer for the Electoral District of Saint John (Rural) West hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the finally revised list of voters for the said Electoral District.
Dated this 26th day of September, 1956.

Revising Officer.

Printed at the Government Printing OMoe, Antiguia, Leeward Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printer.-By Authority.

3288 3289 3290 8291 3292 3293

[Price 54 cents.J


1. Aaron, Elizabeth, Bendals Labourer
2. Aaron, James, Potters Labourer
3. Accum, Zephora, All Saints Labourer
4. Achamr, Margaret, Potters Labourer
5. Adams, Christobelle, Ottos Housewife
6. Adams, Denis, Ottos Carpenter
7. Adams, Foster Hamilton Village Labourer 8. Adams, George, Potters Carpenter
9. Adams, Hubert, All Saints Labourer
10. Adams, Jeremiah, All Saints Labourer
11. Adams, Leonard, Bath Lodge Labourer
12. Adams, Leo, Bath Lodge Labourer
13. Adams, Maude, (1) Sea View Farm, L'brer 14. Adams, Maud, (2) All Saints Farmer
15. Adams, Naomi, Bath Lodge Domestic Servant 16. Adams, Samuel, (1) Hamilton Vil'ge Labourer 17. Adams, Samuel, (2) All Saints Labourer
18. Adams, Sarah, All Saints Farmer
19. Adams, St. Clair, Hamilton Labourer
20. Adams, Sydney, Bath Lodge do.
21. Alexander, Charles, Bendals Carpenter
22. Alexander, Llewellyn, All Saints Labourer 23. Alexander, Rebecca, All Saints Labourer 24. Alexander, Viola, Jeffrey's Village, Labourer 25. Alcendo, Blandina, Ottos Clerk
26. Allen, Alvin, All Saints Labourer
27. Allen, Archibald, Belvedere do.
28. Allen, Cornelia, Golden Grove Clerk
29. Allen, George, Belvedere Labourer
30. Allen, Hillie, Potters Domestic Servant 31. Allen, St. Clair, Golden Grove Clerk
32. Alleyne, Deloris, All Saints Domestic Servant 33. Ambrose-Lake, A. Edith, Ottos Clerk
34. Ambrose, W. Joshua, Ottos Operator
35. Andrew, Clifford, Sea View Farm, Labourer 36. Andrew, Raymond, Potters Labourer
37. Anno, Ester, Golden Grove Domestic Servant 38. Anthony Alfred, Emanuel Vil., Truck Driver 39. Anthony, Elizabeth, Potters Labourer
40. Anthony, Henry, M., All Saints Baker
41. Anthony, Meryl, All Saints Labourer
42. Anthony, Mary, Green Castle do.
43. Antonio, Francis Earl, Belmont Estate Man/gr 44. Archibald, Carlton, Belvedere do.
45- Archibald, Miriam, Ottos Teacher
46. Armond, Feibe, Buckleys Village Labourer 47. Ash, Iris, All Saints Domestic Servant
48. Ash, Thomas, All Saints Labourer
49. Ashby, Ruby, All Saints Labourer
50. Athill, Ada, Seaview Farm, Home Domestic 51. Atwood, Alexdrina, Buckleys Vil. Labourer 52. Atwood, James, Buckleys Vil. Labourer
53. Atwood, Roberts, Buckleys Vii. l hbourer 54. Auchland, Octavia, Sea View Farm, Pottery
55. Bailey, Beatrice, All Saints Labourer
56. Bailey, Sarah, All Saints Domestic Servant 57. Baltimore, Alfred, All Saints Labourer
58. Baptiste, Alexander, Green Castle do. 59. Baptiste, William, Golden Grove Labourer 60. Barnes, Amelia, Sea View Farm, Home Dom. 61. Barnes, Casey, Potters Dom. Servant
62. Barnes, Elizabeth, Potters House Wife
32', / 7

63. 64.
65. 66.
67. 68.
69. 70. 71.
72. 73. 74. 75.
76. 77. 78.
79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87.
88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95.
96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106.
107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117.
118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125.

Barnes, Hermia, Sea View Farm Pottery
Barnes, John, Potters Mechanic
Barnes, Matilda, Jeffreys Labourer
Barnes, Naomi, (1) Potters House Wife Barnes, Naomi, (2) Potters Domestic Ser. Barnes, Norris, Potters Labourer
Barnes, Rebecca, Sea View Farms Labourer Barnes, Sussanah, Potters Domestic Servant Barton, Hilda, All Saints Labourer
Barton, Mary, All Saints Labourer
Barton,-Selvin, Buckleys Village Mechanic Barton, Wilfred, All Saints Labourer
Batson, Aaron, Sea View Farm Tailor
Beau, Joseph, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Abraham, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Ann, Martin Village Home Dom. Benjamin, Ariminta, All Saints do. Benjamin, Daniel, Bendals Barber
Benjamin, Drucilla, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Edward, Sea View Farm Labourer Benjamin, Edmund, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Emiline, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Esmy, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Elvana, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Estella, All Saints Dom. Servant Benjamin, Frederick, 0., Potters Merchant Benjamin, George, Bendals Mechanic
Benjamin, Gretel, Sea View Farm, Housewife Benjamin, Herbert, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Hilirine, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Hull, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Kirton, Sea View Farm F/Worker SBenjamin, Louisa, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Mary Ann, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Marie, All Saints Labourer
Benjamin, Mizpah, Buckleys Seamstress
Benjamin, Mondiana, S. V. Farm, H/Dom Benjamin, Reynold, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Sarah, (I) All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Sarah, (11) Potters Dom. Servant Benjamin, Solomon, All Saints Labourer Benjamin, Sianford, All Saints Shoemaker Benjamin, Theodore, Sea View Farm, Clerk Benjamin, Wendell, Jonas Village Tractor Driver

Bennett, James, Jeffreys Village Benta, Ashley, Potters Benta, Charles, Potters Benta, Felicia, Potters S
Benta, Isadera, Jeffreys Village Benta, Jacob, Potters S
Benta, Maxwell, Potters Benta, Peter, Potters

Mason Mason hopkeeper Labourer hopkeeper Carpenter Labourer

BenLa, Rosetta, otters Benta, Stanley, Potters Engine Driver
Betrand, Shiela, Peter's Ville, Ottos, Domestic Servant
Bird, Joshua, Bendals\ Labourer
Blair, Ernestine, Pottirs Seamstress
Blair, Gwendolyn, Sea View Farm, H/wife Blair, Hezekiah, Sea View Farm, Carpenter Blair, Sylvester, All Saints Labourer
Bloodman, Fernella, Bendals Labourer
Bobb, Ann, Jeffrey do.
Bobb, Joseph, Golden Grove do.


127. 128. 129. 130.
131. 132. 133.
13;4. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139.
140. 141. 142. 143.
144. 145.
146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153.
154. 155. 156. 157. 158.
159. 160. 161. 1(; 163., 161. 165. 166. 167. 168. 1619.
170. 171. 172.
176. 177. 178. 179. 180.
181. 182. 183.
184. 185. 186.
188. 189. 190. 191. 192.

Bowers, David, Sea View Farm, (10do.
Bradshaw, Louis, Sea View Farm Tailor
Brathwaite, Georgina, All Saints Labourer Brathwaite, Aminabel, All Saints H/Domestic Brathwaite, Donald, All Saints Labourer Bondages, Denfield, Martin Village, Clerk Brand, William, Ottos Sugar Curer
Brann, Ebenezer, All Saints Labourer
Brann, Ruby, All Saints Domestic Servant Brann, Susanna, All Saints, Labourer
Brann, Victor E., All Saints Labourer
Bridgewater, Cyril, All Saints Clerk
Brodie, Sarah, All Saints Domestic Servant Brooks, Doris, Sea View Farm Housekeeper Brooks, Ernest, Ottos Mechanic
Brookes, Mazie, Ottos Housekeeper
Brookes, Samuel, Sea View Farm, Carpenter Brooks, Mary, Ottos House wife
Brooks, William, Sea View Farm, Labourer Brown, Allan, All Saints do.
Brown, Alvin J., All Saints Operator
Brown, Ashley, Sea View Farm Labourer
Brown, Ann, Buckleys Village Labourer
Brown, Aubrey, All Saints Carpenter
Brown, Carmen, All Saints Domestic Servant Brown, Christiana Bendals Labourer
Brown, David, Sea Viewv Farm do.
Brown, Edward, Sea View Farm, F/Worker Brown, Edwin, All Saints Labourer
Brown, Eleanora, Buckleys Labourer
Brown, Elisha, Green Castle Labourer
Brown, Enoch J., P'otters Carpea ter
Brown, Ermelin, All Saints Dom. Servant Brown, Estella E., Buckleys Seamstress Brown, Frances, Golden Grove Dorn. Servant Brown, Gershamin, Buckleys Labourer
Brown, Hal A., Jonas Village Mason
Brown, Herman, Bath Lodge Labourer
Brown, Hlermina, All Saints Labourer
Brown, Herzley, Potters do.
Browne, Hilaria, Jeffreys Home Domestic Browne, Joseph, (1) S/V/Farm F/Worker Brown, Joseph, (2) Golden Grove L'brer
Brown, Lucilla, Golden Grove Dorn. Servant Bowne, Mildred, All Saints House Wife Browne, Milicent, Martin's Area, Ottos IjW. Brown, Miriam, Emanuel Village Labourer Brown, Nellie E. Potters Dom. Servant Brown, Olive, Bendals Domestic Servant Brown, Raymond A., St. Clare Est. Manager Browne, Roy, Potters Engine Driver
Brown, Sarah, Buckleys House Worker
Brown, Steadman, Potters Sugar Curer
Brown, William, All Saints Labourer
Brown, Winifred, Buckleys Labourer
Brown, Olga, Golden Grove Labourer
Brown, Samuel, Bendals Labourer
Brown, Zelnuda, S. V. Farm H/Domestic Bryan, Alice, Ottos House Wife
Bryan, Genevieve, Jeffery Village D/Servant Buntin, Denis, Bendals Labourer
Buntin, Leonie, All Saints Labourer
Buntin, Miriam, (1) Potters Dom. Servant Buntin, Miriam, (2) Ottos House Wife
Buntin, William J., Ottos Civil Servant Burke, Christobel, All Saints Seamstres Burke, Mildred, All Saints Seamstress

194. 195. 196.
197. 198.
199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205.
207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218.
219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227.
228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236.
237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245.
246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 521. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258.

Burleigh, Geraldine, All Saints Labourer Burnes, Wilfred, All Saints Labourer
Burnette, Enid, Jeffrey's Labourer
Burnett, Earl, All Saints Labourer
Burnett, Irvin, All Saints Labourer
Burnette, James, Jeffrey's do.
Burnette, Veda, All Sairits do.
Burnett, Veronica,, All Saints, Home D)om. Burton, Ephraim, All Saints Labourer
Burton, Elenora, Bendals Labourer
Burton, Iachel. All Saints Dom. Servant Burton. Walter, All Saints Labourer
Byam, James, Jefferys do.
Byamni, John B., Fiennes Institute
Caleb, Enid, Sea View Farm House Servant Caleb, Elfreda, Bendals House Servant
Caleb, Geraldine, Sea View Farm H/Domestic Caleb, Samuel, Sea View Farm Labourer
Cameron, Edith S, M., Potters D/Servant Campbelle, A udrie, Creek Side Labourer Campbelle, Margaret, Bath Lodge D/Servant Carbon, Ernestine, Martin Village H/wife Carr, Adamay, All Saints Domestic
Carr, Alexander, All Saints Labourer
Carrt, Edgar, All Saints Labourer
Carr, Ena; Potters D)omestic Servant
Carr, Gladys, Potters Labourer
Carr, Henry L., Potters Driver
Carr, James. All Saints Labourer
Carr, Margaret, All Saints Labourer
Carr, Mary, All Saints, Labourer
Carr, Viviana, All Saints Labourer
Carr, William, All Saints Labourer
Carr, Winifred All Saints Labourer
Coates, Campbelle, Sea View Farm Driver Carrott, Charles, Sea View, Farm D)river Carty, Alice R. F., Bendals D/Servant
Cart, George t., Bendals Mechanic
Carty. May, Potters Labourer
(Carty, Beatnes, Potters Labourer
Casey, Beatrice, Sea View Farm Labourer Casey, Charles, All Saints, Labourer
Challenger, Emanuel, All Saints Labourer Challenger, Evelena, Ottes Housewife
Chambers, Arnold P., All Saints Merchant Chambers, Phyllis, All Saints Teacher
Chambers, Winifred, All Saints D/Servant Chapman, Jane Ann, All Saints Labourer Charity, Lauchland, Buckleys Mason
Charles, Allan, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Augusta, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Christobel, All Saints Dom. Servant Charles, Dorah, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Edgar, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Edward, Potters Mechanic
Charles, Elridge, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Enoch, Buckleys Carpenter
Charles, Gertrude, Potters Dom. Servant Charles, Gwendolyn, Green Castle S/keeper Charles, Harold, Golden Grove Labourer Charles, Hezekiah, All Saints Labourer Charles, Ivan, Potters Mechanic
Charles, Isaiah, All Saints, Labourer
Charles, Joseph, Buckleys Village Labourer Charles, Kenneth, (1) All Saints Labourer Charles, Kenneth, (2) All Saints Labourer


259. 260.
2(11. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266.
268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275.
276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 2824.
284. 285. 286.
287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292.
293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311.
312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 31 8. 319.
320. 321. 322.
323. 324. 325.

Charles, Laurel, Potters Seamstress
Charles, Mar, Golden ('rovk Dorn. Servant Charles, Mary A\nn, All Saints loiom. Servant Charles, Maud, (1) All Saints Labourer Charles, Maud, (11) AlI Saints Dom Servant Charles, Mand V., All Saints, S'tress
Charles, PeXrcy, Jffrevs Vil. Tractor D)river Charles, Sonie, !11 Saints Labourer
Charles, Violet, All Saints Dorn. ServaIt (Charles, Walter, All Saints Labour(r Charles, William, Green Castle Labourer Charles, Zephaniah, Creekside Labourer Christian, Christophine, Bendals Seamstress Christian, Clz-in t A., Emanuel Vii. L/ber Christian, Eileen. Bath Lodge Domr. Servant Christian, l ienrietta, Cr.eekside Labourer Christian, Hutson, Bath Lodge Labourer Christian, Willi am, A.ll Saints La:bourer Christian, Uriel, Sea Viexw Farmn Mechanic Christop her, Alfred, All Saints Labourer Christopher, Aifrida, Golden Grove D/Serv. Christopher, James, (1) Golden Gr. L'brer Christopher, aines, (2) All Saints L'brer Christopher, John, Bendals Labourer
Christopher, Louisa. All Saints Labourer Christopher, Muriel, All Saints Labourer Cirby, Margiana, Sea View Farm Labourer Clarke, Franklyn A., Ottos Civil Servant Clarke, Mary, All Saints House Domestic Clarke., Munroe, All Saints Labourer
Clement, Edith. Bucklevs Village Labourer Cochrane, Wailland, All Saints Labourer Colbourne, Allan, kll Saints Labourer Cole, Chlarles, All Saints Porter
Cole, Fernella, All Saints Domestic Servant Cole, Mary, All Saints Domestic Servant Cole, William S., All Saints Lobourer Cochrane, Adviauia, Sea View Farm Labourer Codrington, Earl, Sea View Farm Labourer Codrington, lothan, Sea Siew Farm Tailor Codrington, Sarah, Sea View Farm H/wife Codrington, Uriel, Sen View Farm H/Dom. Colbourne, Joseph, Sea View Farm Mechanic Clbourne, Raymond, Bendals Tailor
Colbourne, William, Potters Vil. Carpenter Constant, Enis, All Saints Labourer
Constant, Ephraim, Potters Village L/hrer Constant, Joseph, (I) All Saints Labourer Constant, Joseph, (II) All Saints Labourer Constant, Norman, All Saints Labourer Cornelius, Arthur E., All Saints Labourer Cornelius. Beatrice, (1) S/VjFarm Labourer Cornelius, Beatrice, (2) All Saints Labourer Cornelius, Isaac. Sea View Farm H/Domestic Cornelius, Kate, All Saints House Domestic Cornwall. Alfred, All Saints Labourer Cornwall, Edward, All Saints Labourer Cornwall, Euriel, All Saints Labourer Cornwall, Eustell, All Saints Labourer Cornwall, James, All Saints Labourer
Cornwall, Joseph, All Saints Labourer Cornwall, Matilda, All Saints D/Servant Cornwall, Novelle, All Saints Labourer Cornwall. Sarah, All Saints Labourer
Cornwall, Victor, All Saints D/Servant Cort, Mary, Bendals Height House wife Cort, Sampson, Bendals Ht. R'td./S/Boiler

328. 329. 30.
331. 332.
333. 334. 335.
336. 337; 338.
339. 340.
341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348.
350. 351. 352.
353. 354. 355. 356.
357. 358.
359. 360.
361. 362.
364. 365. 366.
367. 368.
369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376.
,) / .. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 38(6.
387. 388. 389. 390.

Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel David, David, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,
Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, )Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,
Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, D)avis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,
Davis. Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, )avis,

Baley, Sea View Farm Labourer
, Dorcas, Sea View Farm Labourer Robert, All Saints Labourer
Rose, Jeffreys Vil. Dom. Servant Susana, Sea View Farm Labourer l)orothy, Potters Village Shopkeeper Janeann, Ottos Housewife
Alberta, Bendals Village Seamstress Carmen, Bendals Village D/Serv ant Catherine, Jeffreys Vil. )D/Servant Centina, All Saints Labourer
Charles, Potters Village Labourer Claris, Sea View Farm H/Domestic Clifford, Sea View Farm Factory Worker
D)ullan, Sea View Farm Tailor
Earl, Sea View Farm Welder
Ella, Sea View Farm H/Domestic
Emil, All Saints Labourer
Felicia, Bendals Village D/Servant Fernando, Bath Lodge Carpenter
Gladys, Sea View Farm Labourer
Henrietta, All Saints Labourer
Isaiah, Bath Lodge Dorm. Servant Iris, Sea View Farm Labourer
John, Hamilton Village Labourer Joshua, Potters- Labourer
Lauriston, Sea View Farm Carpenter Mary, Hamilton Village Labourer Mathias, Potters Village Labourer Michael, Potters Village Labourer Neville, Potters Village Mechanic Owen, (1) Potters Village Mechanic Owen, (2) Potters Pipe-Fitter
Rhoda, Bath Lodge Dom. Servant
Roberts, Potters Cane Cutter
S'sal, All Saints Labourer
Samuel, All Saints, Labourer
Wilsena Potters Seller
Made, Sea View Farm Barber
Norris. Sea V iew Farm Labourer Uriah, Potters Village Mechanic Victor, Creekside Labourer
Victoria, Bath Lodge D/Servant
Wilsena, Potters Village Seller

Crawford, Iri;. Ottos House wife
Creighton, Edward, Buckleys Vil. Lab)ourer Creighton, Trephena, All Saints Labourer Creighton, Melrose, Buckley Chauffeur
Crump, Ernest, Potters Village Clerk
Crump, Jeremiah, Bendals Village Labourer Crump, Joseph, Potters Village Messenger
Daley, Daniel, Bath Lodge Labourer
I)aley, Margaret, Golden Grove ILabourer I)aley, Rebecca, Bath Lodge Dom. Servant Daley, Sarah, Belvedere Labourer
Daniel, Alexander, All Saints Labourer Daniel, Allister" All Saints Labourer
Daniel, Bradford, All Saints Labourer
Daniel, Christina, All Saints Labourer Daniel, Estella, All Saints Domestic Servant
-I)aniel. Eugene, All Saints Home Domestic Daniel, Marziel, All Saints Servant
Daniel, Margaret, All Saints Dorm. Servant Daniel. Nora, Green Castle Servant
Daniel, Lucilla, Ottos House Servant


391. 392. 393. 394.
395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401. 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409. 410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426.
427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439. 440.
441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449.
450. 451. 452. 453. 454.

Dazel, John, Ottos Fisherman
Dazel, Viola, Ottos Housewife
DeCambra, Gwendoline, All Saints Labourer de Freitas, Hewlett, Martins Village, Ottos School Teacher
DeFreitas, Irving, All Saints Clerk
DeSuza, Charles, Potters Village uabourer Dew, Daisy, Bendals Dom. Servant
Dew, Leon,, Bendals Labourer
Destin, Marigold, Potters Village l)D/Servant Donawa, Nella, Potters Village D/Servant Donawa, Rufus, All Saints Labourer
Dorset, Albertha, Golden Grove Labourer Dorsett, Margaret, Potters Village Labourer Dorsett, Millicent, Potters Vii. D/Servant Dorsette, John, Potters El. School Teacher Dorsette, Stedman, Potters Labourer
Dorsett, William, Potters Village Labourer Dover, Mary, Potters Village Labourer
Dowdye, Hanna, All Saints Dom. Servant Dowe, Leona, Sea View Farm Dom. Servant Drew, Clifford, All Saints Tailor
Drew, Esther, All Saints Labourer
Drew, Joseph, All Saints Labourer
Dublin, Ivie, Ottos House wife
Dublin, Mary, Bendals House wife
Dublin, Malcolm, Potters Village Carpenter Dublin, Octavia, All Saints Labourer
Duncan, Edward All Saints Labourer
Duncan, Frances, All Saints Labourer
Dunning, Hubert, All Saints Labourer
Duning, Margarette, All Saints D/Servant Dyer, Arthur, All Saints Labourer
Dyer, Henry, All Saints Labourer
Dyer, John, All Saints Labourer
Dyer, Maurice, Potters Village Labourer Dyer, Oscar, All Saints Labourer
Edwards, Agatha, Bendals Village Labourer Edwards, Alice, Potters Village Labourer Edwards, Cyril, Bendals Village Labourer Edwards, David, Bendals Village Labourer Edwards, Dunstan, Bendals Vil. Labourer Edwards, Edmund, All Saints Shopkeeper Edwards, George, (1) Potters Village L,brer Edwards, George, (2) All Saints Labourer Edwards, Idona, Bendals Vil. lom. Servant Edwards, Isaiah, Jeffrey's Village do Edwards, Iva, All Saints Labourer
Edwards, John, Jeffreys Village Labourer Edwards, Kenneth, All Saints Labou rer
Edwards, McKenzie, B. Belvedere Settlement, Agric. Asst. IV Edwards, Melvin, Potters Labourer
Edwards, Oscar, Bendals Village Labourer Edwards, Oswald, Bendals Village Labourer Edwards, Raphael, All Saints Chauffeur
Edwards, Sarah, Jeffreys Village Labourer Edwards, Virginia, Bel'dere S'stress
Elleck, Eleanora, All Saints Labourer
Elliott, Edward, (i) Bendals Vil. Blacksmith Elliott, Edward, (ii) Bendals Village L'brer Elliott, Edward, Bendals Village Blacksmith Elliot, Victoria, Bendals Domestic
Elvin, Gladys, Sea View Farm Labourer
Emma, Christiana, Creekside do
Emanuel, Albertha, Jeff. Village do

467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 4R8. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505.
506. 507.
508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518.

Farley, Desmond, Jeffreys Village Carpenter Farley, Maisie, Jeffreys Village D/Servant Farell, Alphonso, All Saints Labourer
Farrell, Buckley, All Saints Labourer
Farrell, Charles, (1) Bendals Village L'brer Farrell, Charles, (2) All Saints Labourer Farrell, Eleanora, All Saints Dom. Servant Farrell, Margaret, All Saints Labourer
Farrell, Ruby, All Saints Dom. Servant Fenton, Jestina, Bath Lodge Dom. Servant Fenton, James, Buckleys L'brer
Fenton, Morris, Bath Lodge Labourer
Fenton, Rolston, All Saints Chauffeur
Feracho, Gillis, Potters C'penter
Fernance, Hilda, S. V. Farm D/Ser
Fernandez, Beryl, Buckleys Vii. D/Servant Fernandez, Celestina, Buckleys V. do
Fernandez, Issac, Buckleys Vil. Labourer Fernandez, Virginia, Buckleys Vil. Labourer Ferrance, Avis, All Saints H11/wife
Ferrance, Carlton, ,, Electrician
Ferrance, Rebecca, Buckleys Vii. Labourer Ferris, Henry, Jeffrey's V. L'brer
Fortune, Rebecca, Bendals Vil. D/Servant Francis, Ada May, Potters Village Labourer Francis, Adolphus, Potters Village Porter Francis, Albertha, All Saints Labourer Francis, Amelia, Potters Village Labourer Francis, Cassila, Ottos H'wife
Francis, Celestrina, All Saints Labourer Francis, Eleanora, All Saints Labourer
Francis, Estella, Potters Village Labourer Francis, Eulalie, ,, Clerk
Francis, Garnet, All Saints Blacksmith
Francis, Govance, All Saints Labourer
Francis, Isent, Jeff. Village L'brer
Francis, Florence, ,, Home Dom.
Francis, Joseph, (1) Ottos Mechanic
Francis, Joseph, (2) Buckleys Vii. Mechanic Francis, Joseph, (3) Potters Village Lb'rer Francis, Rosetta, (1) Buckleys Vii. L'brer Francis, Inez, Potters Village D/Servant Francis Irene, Bendals Village Labourer Francis, Oel, Golden Grove Labourer
Francis, Rosetta, (2) Buckleys
Francis, Sydney, S. V. Farm L'brer
Francis, Samuel, All Saints Labourer
Francis, Nathan, Jeffrey's V. C/Ser.
Francis, Viola, All Saints Labourer
Frederick, Agusta, Golden Grove D/Servant Frederick, Altima, S. V. Farm H'se K'per Frederick, Anna, S. V. Farm L'brer

455. Emamuel, Ashley, Potters Village Labourer 456. Emanuel, Christian, Martins Area,
Ottos Motor Mechanic
457. Emanuel, Ida, Martins Area, Ottos H/wife
458. Emanuel, William E, Potters Vil. Labourer 459. Ephraim, Clarris, All Saints D/Servan 460. Ephrame, George, S. V. Farm L'brer
461. Ephraim, Horatio, All Saints Labourer
462. Ephraim, Jacob, All Saints Labourer
463. Erskine, Geraldine, Potters Vill. do 464. Erskine, Louisa, Potters Village Labourer 465. Evanson, Ann, All saints Labourer
466. Evanson, George, S. V. Farm do


519. Frederick, Austin, Creekside Labourer
520. Frederick, Beatrice, S. V. Farm L'brer
521. Frederick, Charles, Golden Grove Driver 522. Frederick, Clarence, All Saints Labourer 523. Frederick, Donald, All Saints Labourer
524. Frederick, Denfield, ,, do
525. Frederick, Eunice, All Saints Labourer
526. Frederick, Ilene, All Saints Dom. Servant 527. Frederick, Irving, Bendals Village Labourer 528. Frederick, James, All Saints Labourer
529. Frederick, Leroy, ,, do
530. Frederick, Vernessa, ,, do
531. Freeland, Adolphus E., Potters, Asst.
532. Freeland, Albertha, Potters Vil. Seamstress 533. Freeland, Catherine, Jeffreys Vil. D/Servant 534. Freeland, Christiana, Potters Vil. S/stress 535. Freeland, Edgar, ,, L'brer
536. Freeland, Frederick A., Potters Vil. Librer. 537. Freeland, Gertrude, Potters Vil. D/Servant 538. Freeland, George, ,, do
539. Freeland, Josephine, (1) Potters H/Wife 540. Freeland, Josephine, (2) Potters Vii. D/Ser. 541. Freeland, Mary, Potters Village Seamstress 542. Freeland, Mildred A., Potters Vil D/Ser. 543. Freeland, William, Potters Vil. Mechanic 544. Ereeman, Nell, Potters Home Domestic
545. Friday, Amy, All Saints Labourer
516. Friday, Arthur, Sea View Farm Saddler
547. Friday, Dennis M., Factory Road Retired Civil Servant
518. Friday, Gritley, Sea View Farm Home Domestic

549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555. 556. 557. 558. 559.
560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565.
566. 567., 568. 569. 570. 571.
572. 573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578.

Gabriel, John, Potters Labourer
Gage, Elton, All Saints Tailor
Gage, Emanuel, Jeffreys Village Labourer Gage, lonie, All Saints Domestic Servant Gage, James, All Saints Labourer
Gage, Joseph, All Saints Labourer
Gage, Marvel, All Saints Dom. Servant Gage, Sylvanie, All Saints House Wife Gardner, Cecil, All Saints Mason
Gardner, Lerina, All Saints Dom. Servant George, Amoziah, All Saints Labourer
George, Clara, Potter's Village Labourer George, Denzil, Buckleys do.
George, Dorothy, Jeffreys Vil. D/Servant George, Hermina, All Saints Labourer
George, Jane, Green Castle do.
George, Mary, Sea View Farm Home Domestic
George, Margaret, All Saints Labourer George, Neville, (1) Buckleys Vil. L'brer George, Neville, (2) Buckeys Labourer George, Victor, Bendals Village Labourer George, Victoria, Creekside Labourer
George, Viola, (1) Sea View Farm Home Domestic
George, Viola, (2) Sea View Farm L'brer George, Raphael, Buckleys Tailor
Gerald, Joseph, Sea View Farm Labourer Gihons, George, Potters do.
Gillan, Ruby, All Saints do.
Gillan, Joseph, All Saints Butcher
Gittens, Hickford, Potters Tractor Driver

579. 580. 581.
582. 583. 58 585. 586. 587.
588. 589.
590. 591. 592. 593. 594. 595. 596.
597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604. 605. 606.
607. 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. 619.
620. 621. 622. 623. 624.
625. 626.
628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635.
636. 637.
638. 639. 6140.
641. 642. 643.

Glover, Oscar, Buckleys Village Labourer Gomnes, Arthur, Potters Mercantile Clerk Gomes, Cyril, Sea View Farm Labourer
Gomes, Joseph, (1) Hamilton Vii. L'brer Gomes, Joseph, (2) Bendals Village L'brer Gomes, Selwyn, All Saints Mechanic
Goodwin, Agnes A., All Saints Seamstress Goodwin, Harry L., All Saints Barber
Goodwin, Hilda, All Saints, House Keeper Goodwin, James, All Saints Shop Keeper Goodwin, Maurice G., All Saints S/Inspector Gore, Albert, Ottos Blacksmith
Gore, Esmie, Sea View Farm Hi/Domestic Gore, Evelyn, Sea View Farm do.
Gore, Irene, Sea View Farm House Wife Gore, Salome, Ottos do.
Gore, Stafford, S/View Farm Skill W'ker Gore, Violet, Sea View Farm Home Domestic
Gordon, Edward, All Saints, Labourer
Gordon, Mary, All Saints Labourer
Graham, Hilton, Bendals Village Labourer Graham, Hartfield, Potters Labourer
Graham, Keturah, Bendals Vil. Labourer Graham, Laurina, Belvedere do.
Graham, Lenard, Belvedere (10do.
Graham, Naomi, Belvedere, House Domestic Graham, Sarah, Golden Grove Labourer
Graham, Viola, Belvedere Labourer
Grant, Irene, All Saints l)om. Servant Grant, William Sea View Farm Labourer Grayman, Elitia, Potters Village Labourer Green, Antn, Sea View Farm do.
Green, Hercules, Sea View Farm Carpenter Green, Olive, All -aints Dom. Servant Green, Revely, Sea View Farm Labourer Greenaway, Arnold, Potters Vil. Labourer Greenaway, Carlton, Sea View Farm do. Greenaway, Charles, Bendals Estate la'ger Greenaway, Gabriel, Ottos Labourer
Greenaway, Jane Ann, Sea Vi'w F'rm do. Greenaway, Vera, Potters Vil. D/Servant Greenidge, Jeremiah, All Saints Labourer Gregory, Beatrice, All Saints Labourer Gregory, David, Buckleys Village Labourer Gregory, Mary, Buckleys Vii. D/Servant Gregory, Morris, All Saints Carpenter Gregory, Winifred, All Saints, H/wife Gregory, Wycliffe, All Saints Labourer Grigg, Marian, All Saints Labourer
Hackett, Christiana, Buckleys Vil. D/Servant Hackett, Marvella, All Saints D/Servant Haizle, Sarah, Golden Grove D/Servant Harley, Deltha, Potters Village Labourer Harley, Fred, Potters Village Labourer Harley, Frederick, Potters Vii. Labourer Harley, Henry, Potters Vil. Labourer Hanley, Hubert, All Saints Shopkeeper Harley, Joseph, Potters Vil. Labourer Harley, Louisa, Potters Vii. D/Servant Harney, Angelique, Scotts Hill Housewife larney, E. E., Scotts Hill Barrister-at-Law Harrigan, Ella, Bendals Village Labourer Harrigan, Thomas, Bendals Labourer
Harris, Beatrice, All Saints Labourer Harris, Henrietta, All Saints D/Servant