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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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uliea' by a uthoritu.

V)L. I.

No. 14.
The S cretary nf Stat for the Colonies nas i orI'med the Governor that the powie" of disallowance will not be exercised in espet o. the undermentioned Onlti'Innces:-No.3 of I 9, "' An a l (Diseases and impirtatioi a) (Amedmllent) Ordinance, 19."
No. 4 of 956 .ssengers (Unseaw rt! Y Slips) (AnI-wnent) OrdiNo. 15.
The fandwin. Sautory Rulesanyl Orders ar circuin d wit this Gazitte and f(rm par thelef:
No. of 1956, Tie Efficiency Decoratio and Efficien coy Medal (Amen nont) regulations, 1956."
2 i). rI c 4 ,1;ts
No. 22 of I%.o, "T'i Plnt Protretion Reg, lti., 19 c
I pp. /i e cents(.
MediLzrranealn F2uit Fly.
Owing to the reported occurrence in Florida of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the (overnor-in-Couneil on the 13th July. 1956). mawde the Plant Protection Regulations, 1956, prohibiting the importation in the Colony of Montserrat of all fruit an(] vegetables and any parts thereof except(i) canned fruit and vegetables
(ii) fruit and vegetables which
have been dried, candied.
preserved or otherwise processed.
Notice is hereby given accordingly that no lieences will be issued for the importation into the Colony of fruit and vegetables from the United States of America except as exempted above until the outbreak of the pest has been checked.
Administrator's Oice,
Ply mouth, _11ontserra t,
17th July, 1956.
Ref. M. 47/12

Notice Ue Stained Cotton Li t.
Hids are lereby invite(l for the plureba;se ( ,x-ware~h slids shouht state clearly the prhce per lb. it x-worehous') which is being offered for the entie qmllaitity of stied lint now available.
Th sue~e ifIl bi 1der must be propa!'d to taIk1 delivery of the lint illllediately ifter he lhas been notified f the ameltan e of his Bid, or as s o; e z .odlod upro It 0 d Q)y tyhe lPea.:I'.t J! ,x lhl l, nt Offiltel.
Th Psaut D)evelopmntl (Officer does not bind! himself to accept the LighP.'st o.r any BNid.
Bids slouhi bl I, idressedo to the Peappant lDeelopment Officer. Antiti', od i ust la hin oil nll' blr doe te 30ti Auwust. I114.
a ppoi Develn't xe bt Ovi ico 18/h J. ly 1 ;.
Ap libationss are invited iron suitatly quaiiled p1rsols for tle post of Road Enginer, St. Vincent, particulars of which re slr folhws:x '
Appointment and Salary.
The post is non-pensionable and the appoibitment will be on contract for three (3) years. The salary is in thle scale of 1,000 - 1,200 per anlnui, arnd the salary of the successful candidate will depend on hit; qualifications and experience. The Officer will be subject to thle Colonial Regulations and local General Orders for the time being in force in so far as they are applicable. A Travelling Allowance of 100 per annum will be paid provided the officer maintains
a motor vehicle for the performance of his official duties.
Quarters are not provided.

The duties if the post are to direct aind slpervise work in connection with the Islamdl's Ro)d Programme. Tle mlliu works involve the design, layout and 'onstruction of new seetions ().' roadl, and thie colos surfacing of exnising gravel roa(ts.
Candidates should be graduate Civil Engineers or should possess the A.M.LC.E. qualifications or comparable experience and qualifications.
iFree passages ()n first appointment and on satisfactory completion of the period o f engagement will he provided for the Olihier. his wife and children nlot exceeding five persons in all; children should be under 18 years of ,e, Unnlltlrriled 1 'anddeipneInt 1on the On'icer.
Vacation leave will be granted on the satisfactory termination of the contract at the rate of 1 wee'-k for each complet.Ud period olI 3 mn211ths co( see itive sercx ,e.
All Goverinme1 't Oieers a'e liable to taxationl imposed by loeald legislatiiw.
Applications giving full particulars, qualifications and experience of the a!ppli. ant and accompanied by two testionlli.5, sihil11d he addressed to tihe Chief Secretary, Windward Islands, Grenada, and must reach him not later thal 15th August, 1956. Ier. No. A.C, 13/89 11
Central Experiment Station,

Month. Jail. Feb. Mar. April May J une Jilly J ixly

19 2. 1 l5 1951, 2.1 1.U3 3.04

1955. 1956. 2.16 5.15

1.60 1.02 2.15 .68 1.28 1.62 5.60 10S .83 1.40 3.14 2.06 .19 1.75 3.83 3.07 1.50 3.83 2.81 2.58 5.74 1.31 3.32 1.47 5.72 8.38 3.20 3.47 2.13 4.29

To 4th Aug. .25 .03 1.29
26.24 16.65 18.97

14 .65 13.27 24.85

Order made by the Competent Authority for the Colony of Antigua under Regulation 50 of the
Defence Regulations, 1989, as having effect by virtue of the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) Act, 1945, the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) (Colonies etc.) Order in Council, 1946, (Imp.) the Supplies and Services (Transitional
Powers) Order, 1946, and the Supplies and Services Continuance Order, 1952.
No. 1 of 1956.
1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the Control Prices (Amendment No. 1) Order, 1956, and shall be read together with the Control of Prices Order. 19] I4 (No. 9 of 1944), as amended, hereinafter referred to as the Principal Order.
2. Amendment. List A of Part I of the Schedule to the Pincipal Order is hereby amended by the deletion of item 6 and the substitution therefor of the item bearing a similar number as as set out in the Schedule hereto.
P r' I
List "A "-Foodstuffs, etc. Item. Article. Wholesale Price. Retail Prio'.
6. Milk (fresh) 10 cents per quart bottle of 26 fluid ounces.
Provided that: (a) an additional 2 cents per quart bottle may be charged when delivery is made by the seller at the purchaser's premises: and (b) a further additional 3 cents per quart bottle may be charged in respect of milk produced in and purchased from the undermentioned dairies(i) Smiths' Dairy operated by Lyda Hall.
(ii) St. Clare Dairy operated by A. L.
(iii) Paynters Dairy operated by Antigua Syndicate Estates Ltd.
Dated the 31st day of July, 1956.
Competent Authority.


Hflurricane Precautions, 14956.
1. At the beginning of the Hurricaniie Season tlhe public are advised to take precautions to safegu'.ard their homes and other property in the event of a storm. Dring a hurricane the central electricity supply will be turned off. and every household should therefore be provided with a hurricane J 01w or a flash light (or preferably withi both) which should be checked regularly
and kept in working order th oughout, the hurricane season.
2. (O)wners of barometlers should take readings diily at 10 a.m., I p.m. and 10 Any change lower than the usual diurnal one of 0-10 inch should be regarded with suspicion.
3. The masters or agen s of vessels if' in doubt sliould coimuni.icate with the Harbour Master for information.
4. When barring up a house, on indication of bhl wv ,ther, begin with the side facing the direction of te prevailing wind, which varies from North West to North East. Should the centre of a storm pass over the island there will be a short period of cal during which the Northern side of the building could be opened up and tihe Southern and Westerly sides closed. Very often there is no calm, and under such circumstances it is wise to have everything securely fastened.
5. The United States Weather Bureau at San Juin, 'uerto Ric, issues regular weather reports for the Eastern Caribean which are broadcast in Spanish and English daily throughout the hurricane season hy several radio ,tatioDs in Puerto ico. Owners of rad:lios should make a habit of listening to these broadcasts which may be heard over thle following stations at the times and on the frequencies and wavelength shown:
Station. Frequency Dai U 'i ther ,',cial hurricanile wa(rnll'11s.
(ea rength /). re(pOrts.
WI IPR 940 hes v'55 .m. n.6.30 a.m.
(31 9. 14 mn) 55 .m. 12.30 p.m.
WAPA 680 kos 7.45 a.m.*
(441.18 min) !2.15 .
except n Sat urd;y and Sunday
WKAQ 580 kcs 6.30 p.m.
(517.24 min) 12.30 a.m.
Windward Islnlds 3395 kes 7.10 p.m.
(88.4 m) 10.10 p.m.
Except Satur(days
Stations WSTA in St. Thomas and WIVI in St. Croix also broadcast the Weather Bureau's special hurricane warnings and advisories.
Stori Warning Siwnals. AT I)AY.
The following signals displayed at the Harbour Maste,'s Office, ;o,,t Hill, Ottos lill,
Police Headquarters and other 'Police statilons denote the alproach of disturbed
wea, ilr:
A. A Red Flag with black square in centre means Tropical disturbance reported;
likely to affect island of Antigua-CAU TION ADVISED.
B. TWO red flags, with black squares in centre-Hl URR[CANE SIGNALDANGI ER EXPECT ED.
Two DlT ()NATING ROCKETS will be Fired from the Hlarl)our Master's Office to
warn shipping
A IR.ED li.,( GIT will be displayed at Police Sr:tious The Police will go through St.
Johlin's and vihgs o unding their whis les.
Telephone Exchian-es will infoirm subscribers. After a hurricane warning has been
received the ne vs will be broadcast by Radio Antigua (3.255 megacycles; 92.16 metres) at regular intervals:-9 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and more often if necessary.
Administrator's Office,
St. John's, Antigua.
10th July, 1956.
A. 52/6-II.

August 9. 1956]

28 THE ANTIGUN, MONTEi AT AND VIGIN ISLANDS Declaration dated June 26, 1956, made under Section 3 of the Land Acquii ion Act, 1944,
(No. 11/1944) for the Acquisition of certain Land in the Colony of Antigua required for
Public purposes.
IT IS iH EREBY I)ECLARED that the GOvernor in CWuncil Aith the approval of thei Lgislltin' (unil of the (olony of Antigo considers that the lands sitate at Liberta in the Parisb of Sinht Paul in the Island of Andtigt and more particularly described in the Schedule hereto, should b; i aqpired for public purposes, namwily to ept thereon a Scho(d, lIealt Cen(tre, Norses Quarters and amenities
ALL the pieces or pareils of land containing in the Iwhol S.I I cres sit uated in the Villaa of Alibert i the Parish of Saint Pail in the Colony of Atitijgua owned by the allowing
tephen R. Me ndes, Jarnes Frederick, Berkly Ja rmvis. Robert Joseph, Antimua Trles and I aor
Uniio, Georne Ferrance and (Ih rles Titus a;n

bounded as follows:On the North in part by a stream anld in part y the Public Ro,.
Oi the South byh a road separ'ti'g the aid latds fr n Patttersoii Estato
On the East in part by tle Putli [Road atd in part by a road. a
oin the West by laid of Janm Frederi k al Ellis Ferrnne .
Made by the Giovernor in C(ounci' this 0th dy of Jin, 19Y

C/rA of /h 'oinil

Vacancy for two Announcer/
A pplicatim tare invited frot suitably iqualifie candidates for two appoirntmnnts to the post of Announcer/Operator in the Windward Islands Broadcasting Service, St. Gog's Gronada. particulars of whiich are ;si
I 11jK cs --2. The salary of the post is $ I80 O per aumllil, with annual ineremeits of $48 to $1,920 per annum.
3. The appointment is non-pensionable. and will b- on probation for six months. Subject to satisfactor completion of the probation ary p ri(,. appointmltnt will bk on contract Ifr two years in the first insttlnce'. TI officer will be subj-ct to the C o-lonil Regulations and local General Orders for the time being in force, in so far as they are applicabpu .
Th se'l' c officers will b
required to carry out Annou v s dlties and control ithe prograrnue outputs from the stndiots. A suitable micro hone voice and ability to tbiuk quickly :td deal effectively with an emerenecy ate essential qu:dificatiins. The oifieers will aso be expected to develop some aptitude for Irogram e compiLtion under thp supervision of the Programme Director and his
5. FrWe passages will he tpovi dd for th, select-d officers on 'qpointmernt. (including wife and children, Y, exceeding 5 person- in all) and

on satisfWctory termit'ation of the con tract.
. Vacation leave on full salary will be granted at the rate ef one week fo' each completed period of there" months resideI-t service. such leavr to be taken on the satisfactory cttmptletion of the period (' engagelmen t.
7. Applicttitons should be addrove-d to the (Chi A Seicr'trry, WX;itlwardl Islands. Grenada. B.W.I.. and 1e posted so that they reach him not later tnli the IOth August, 1956. itef. No. 113/it:32
Windward Islands Broadoasting; Service.
A plicatiotns ar initd f' t' suitably qualified candidates for three apptintmntts to the post of Proan mme Asmistant in the Windward IslAnds Broa d'casting Servic St. ( emy (t' Grenada. particultir of which are as follows:2. The salary of the post is at the
-ate of $2,880 per annum.
3. The appointment is non-pensiondAle, and will be on probation for six months. Subject to satisfactory completion of the probationary period, appointment will be on contract for two years in the first insta'ee. The Office,' will be subject to tb (Colonial Regulations and local (en mal Orde's for the time being in force, i so for as th-,y are applicable.

4. Essentid qualifications inciude some experience of newspaper work. an inrCest in current affairs and a knowledge of the Windward Islands, and an ability to produce and record prograrines of a varied nature.
5. A Programme Assistant will be station i. each of the three islands St. Vincent. St. Luecit and Dominica. lewill be quired to w'ork tue r direction of the Prograllme Directorl and supply the main station in
Grenada with news and rectrdings of talks. discussion. music. etc. lHe will act as a representative of the Windwiard Islands B'adcasting Service. Th- successful candidate-s will le required to undergo a p,,riod of t'tinitg with the main station in Grenada.
6. Free passages will be povided for the echted officer's on appointment, includingg wife and children not exceeding five persons in all), and on satisfactory territition of the contract.
7. Vacation leave on full salary xill be granted at the rate of oi week for each completed period of three months resident service; such leave to be taken on the satisfactory completion of the period of contract.
8. Applications should be addressedi to the (Chief Secretary, Windward Island '. Government House, Grenada, antid be posted so that they reach him not later than tihe 10th August, 1956.
Rel. No. 13/00332

Pr inted at the Government PriAting Ofice. A ntigua, Leewurl Islands,
Acting Government Printer.--By Authority.

by EAnt, PIOTT,

[Price 13 cents]

1956, No. 833.
NOVEMBER 17, 1952.
1. Short Title. These Regulations may be cited as
the Efficiency Decoration and Efficiency Medal (Amendment) Regulations, 1956. and shall be read as one with the Leeward Islands EfEficiency Decoration and Efficiency Medal Regulations, 1937, as amended from time to time, hereinafter
referred to as the Principal Regulations.
2. Amendment. Part I and Part II of the Principal Regulations are hereby respectively amended as follows:(a) In paragraph (ii) of regulation 6 under caption
"D. CONTINUITY OF SERVICE Of Part I, a colon shall be substituted for the semi-colon appearing therein and immediately thereafter the following proviso shall be
inserted" Provided that the period 1st August, 1952 to 30th
June, 1956 shall not be deemed to constitute a break in the service of any member of the Antigua Defence Force who was serving in that Force immediately before its disbandminent on the first-mentioned date and enlisted therein
on its re-establisihment on the last-mentioned date.":
(b) In subparagraph (iii) of paragraph (a) of regulation 16 under caption "I. Continuity of service-" of Part [II, a colon shall be substituted for the full stop appearing therein and immediately thereafter the following
proviso shall be inserted" Provided that the period 1st August, 1952 to 30th
June, 1956 shall not be deemed to constitute a break in the service of any member of the Antigua Defence Force
S who was serving in that Force immediately before its
A 42

disbandment on the first-mentioned date and enlisted therein on its re-establishment on the last-mentioned date."
ISSUED by the Governor, with the approval of Her
Majesty signified through the Right Honourable ALAN LRNNOX BOYD, one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the 25th day of
July, 1956.
Chief Secretary.
Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands
by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printer,-By Authority.


[ Price 4 cents.

1956, No. 22.
The Plant Protection Regulations, 1956, dated July 13,
1956, and made by the Governor in Council under Sections 15 and 17 of the Plant Protection Ordinance,
1941, (No. 11 of 1941).
1. Short Title. These Regulations may be cited as
the Plant Protection Regulations, 1956.
2. Amendment. The First Schedule to the Plant
Protection Regulations, 1951 (No. 2 of 1951) is hereby
amended as follows:(i) by adding at the end of the first column of the said Schedule the following item; (q) All fruit and vegetables and any parts thereof except
(i) canned fruit and vegetables;
(ii) fruit and vegetables which have been dried, candied, preserved or otherwise processed."
(ii) by adding at the end of the second column of the said Schedule opposite the said item the words The United States of America."
Made by the Governor in Council this 13th day of July,
Clerk of the Council.
Prihted at the Gove(rnment Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EAnLn Pl orr, Acting Government Printer.--ByAuthority.
/V -500-8.56. [Price 3 cents.]
a aj