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The Antigua, Montserrat and Virgin Islands gazette
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v. 1-12, no. 18; July 5, 1956-Mar. 30, 1967.
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Includes supplements consisting of bills, ordinances, statutory rules & orders, etc.

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C01l v1e1tio1
Between the Post )lice l)patr~ents of Canada and Antigua concerning the exchang of Mhoney Orders, to take th- place of the Convention between Canada and the Leewar I slands, which w-as signed at Otttwa, Canada, onl the 23rd day of Jtly 1 901, am a St. Joht's, Antigua, on the 21t d ay of .Jtnnary 1E 5.
F' th iurpeof o'f establishig a system of exchange of Mny O orders betw en (tad adid Antigua, the
11und1)f ig e., the P tmast C ,i ral Of .'ainada and His Ho A D)viLACE txv e .nd by vitu of authority ve;tedK in tho'n, hae agreed to the following articles.
Article 1.
Th. r shall i)e a r gla exchange of Money Orders between C'anada and the (Coloniy of Antigna.
Article 2.
ThE lnu'ximum of each Money Ordier shall be one hunre- dollars (ti00.()0) an no Money Order shall include a fractional p of a crnt. Every Money Order shall b d fawn on the- authorized Forn m only (Specimen A).
Article 3.
TheI rates of commission to be charged on Money Orders drawn in Canada upon Antigua, or vicae versa, shall be the same as the inland rat-s for Money Orders issued for payment within the respective jurisdictions.
Article 4.
(1) Each country shall keep the commission charged on all Money Orders issued within its own jurisdiction for payment in the other and no charge will be made by either Administration for any services performed for the other in connection with the exchange of Money Orders.
(2) Each Administration shall communicate to the other the tariff or schedule of the fees to be established by it under the provisions of this Article and also any subsequent change therein.
Article 5.
Money Orders shall be drawn only on authorised Money Order offices of the respective countries and each postal Administration shall furnish to the other a list of such offices, and from time to time notify any addition to, or change in such lists.
Article 6.
Every Money Order shall contain the name of the office and of the country of destination and if relating to a Money Order payable in Canada, the name of the Province in which such office is situated.
Article 7.
Money Orders shall be issued only on the applicant furnishing the given name, surname and address of the person to whom the amount is to be paid, and his own name
3-24 72.9 7
A& 2-9j


d IR

No. 6.

and adrless, exc'. in t cas o }biness firms whose usually dt(esignlatin will esficiet. >uch Money Orders are to be hande(l tr the rnirs fk t'ansmissiot to the payees.
Articlie 8.
(1) M[oney GJ)'ers draw, in Calda on Anlltigu, shall b- expressed in Sti ie i in (C' adi.: dollars
and cents. Money Orderts hawn in Anti~gna on Canada shall be expressed in Canadia.l dollars ;nd cents anti in 1trling money.
(2) Each of the cntrting Aministrations shall haVe the p)oweo to fix%, fn time to tinW., the rat' of conwv.rion ,ppliable t, ,, o t Orlet i1s isu d by it.
Article 9.
On thve first tday of each mon i or on tile stiucce'ding day if such ty falls on ultat, ach Adinistration shall prepare iln duplicate a certified list oi ail Money Orders issued )- the other Administration which have been paid by and received front its inhl i ollice and uni ned up o and iluding the last day of th' pr-c-din,, month.
(o) The [oney Od .es slIll be listed in numric-vial se(net- of serial numbers ai the, li sts will show the serial u-nber of each Ord ,t- anl its amllont it Canadian dollar and cents and in SterVlg money. The sumni total of each sheet of paid Orders shall be stated in a summary attached to the list.
(b) The lists shall be numbered consecutively throughout the calendar year, beginning with number 1 for the list of Orters paid and/or examined during the month of January and ending with the list for the month of December.
(c) One copy of each of the lists shall be transmitted on the part of Antigua to the Director of Financial services, Post Office Department, Ottawa 4, CanadaAttention, Money Order Division, and in like manner on the part of Canada to the Post Office Department at St. John's, Antigua.
(d) Every paid Order shall accompany the list in which it is entered and the package containing the list and paid Orders shall be forwarded under registered cover.
(e) Each Administration shall promptly acknowledge to the other the receipt of every list and shall as soon as possible after receipt give notice of any errors which may be discovered therein.
(/) If at any time the package containing the paid Orders- transminitted by one Administration to the other be lost while in transit by mail, it is agreed that a certified copy of the list shall within a reasonable length of time be accepted by the other Administration as a satisfactory voucher and evidence of payment of the Orders described therein which have been lost or destroyed.
Article 10.
The Orders drawn by each country upon the other shall be payable upon presentation subject to the regulations which govern the payment of Money Orders in the country on which they are drawn.

Published by clfuthority.
FRJI i D A Y, 3....


Article 11.
(1) () Money Orders alleged to have hben lost or
destroyed vill be replaced with duplicates
to be issued by the Administration of the
country of origin.
(b) Applic"tions for dupllicates may be Taccepted
only from, the purchasers or the holders of the purchasers' receipts or fron tihe payees or endorsees if they are responsible concerns w-hich customarily extiend credit for 4'oney Orders : Iegyed to have been roiled to hm. Ecept in the latter eases, the responsibility of obtaining the dtuplicates will (devolve upm the payes who should
communicate with the purchasers.
(2) (a) Duplicates issited in favour of the payees of
lMoney Orders will be sent to the Post Oflice
Department of the country otf payment.
(b) Duplicates reqisttd in favon of the remitters
of Mo!ey Orders will not be issued until certificates first have be, o(btahled from the country of payment certifying that the original M'oney Orders have not
heen paid.
Article 12.
The Money Orders issued in pursua!)ee of this C(onventin shall be valid until the expiration of twelve months from the last day of the miontlh in which issued.
Article 13.
Original Money Orders may be repaid by the country of original without reference to the other Administration,. in accorhmee with the ilterinal regulations of the country of issue.
Article 14.
Should it appear that Money Orders are used by mercantile men in Canada or Antigua for the transmission of large sums of money, or in the ease of a great advance in the rate of Exchange, or other circumstances creating abuses or acting injuriously to the postal revenue, either country shall be at liberty to increase the commission or suspend the issue of Money Orders for a time.

the total anonlt paid in Sterling money in respect to lo'Ney Orders of Canadm issne.
Bhth copie ( tf H acult shall be firwarded to (Calctda with the relative monthly list
aid pi Li Oney Ordes.
(b) The Post Otee Department of Camn;da shall
returnI an Icep'lted copy of thle icctlout and shall remnit to the Post Ofice Department of Antigua a draft on Lottlon, England, expressed in Sterling miney in faimri of the Postmllaste' of Antign,. for the amount due
ti Antigua.
(2) (a) The Post IOfice iDepartment of Cn'c:i thall
plepare no account in duplicate showing theI total antount paid in Canadliani D)ollars in respect to Moley Orders ori-ginting in Antigua. Both copies of the accou,,t shall k forwarded to Antigua with the relative
nionthly list 'ind paid Money Orders.
(,) 'Ph Pst Olh Department of Antig.a shall
riturtL an ae( ptcd copy of tile aill onit and shall r'emit to the Pst Office lDepairtment 'ada a 'raft on Ottawa, (C;a. a, exIr 5sed in C(anmlian D)ollars in favour of the lReceiver Cenle;al of Caallda for th, amount
due to CaMada.
(3) Pending the setntlement of an account, either
Administration may make a provisional payment on the amount owing the other Department.
(4) The expense attending the settlement of accounts
shall be borne by the debtor country.
Article 16.
The present Convention shall take effect on. the 1st day of November, one thousand nine hundred and fiftysix and shall remain in force to iil the expiration of a period of one year after the d(late upon which one of the two contracting Administrations shall have notified the other of its intention to terminate it.
D)ONE in duplicate, and signed at Ottawa, Canada,
onl the 21st day of June in the year 1956, and at St. John's. Antigua on the 10th day ot
July in the year 1956.

Article 15.

The accounts shall le prepared monthly on the basis of individual indebted iness, each country preparing the account in respect to tihe amount due to its Administration.
(1) (a) The Post Office Department of Antigua shall
prepare at account in duplicate showing

Postmoi.teIr (encral qft Canada11.
Adini str vator of A ntiga.


N notices.

Virgin Islands Education
Ordinance, 1955.
It is notified for general information tot in aecordane' with th, provisions of section 3 (c) ,of the Educatim Ordiance, 1955 ie Actin i Adiniistrator has aplliointed Mr. N. E. A. HARRIGAN (Assistant Aduini,traiv- Secrotary. Adlillistrator's Office) to be P1lucation Oicor.
2. The Edneatimon Ofnicer will biresponsible for -the inaldi ntation lot policy decisions and such other matters a may be1 pr ,scriled by the Ednition Ordinnce and Ritaion. mad tiwrelind 'r. Ref. No 28/0228
It is notifid for general inforrnation that the following persons have been appointed as mem-iers of the Antigua Whitley ( ncilI fir the period lst April 1956 to 31st March. 1957:
Oill, Sid:.
Hon. F'inaneial Secretary(C(hainnan) )
The Superintendent of Telephones The Assistant Administrative
Secretary (P.W. & C.) The Asistanit Adilinistrative
Secret y (Medical)
S7.G etil ilc
Mr. W. L MiAUIi: Mr. E. 0. (OM. HEIDGE Mr. J. A. O'MARD Mr. W. B UNT'IN
2. 51r. F. A (LARKE hls be, i riiappointil Sc ,ary of the (ouncil for the sm1 rid(I.
Admiii.tri.lor'.s Offc,
A4 tiquu.
31st July, 104.
Ref. No" A 13t/136
No. 13.
T'he f twi,, S'tattory Rules and Orders ae circulate, with tills (haz ,tl a:ti] tfi t thereof:No '5 t' f t156, Proeantiti litl Meyi 2 )5A dmei,-irt), 'Hintsdn the 2nd lai of n \iisst. I9W6. 1 PtiMi fIMl in i thle (nly OF
1 pp. Prce 2 7ent
N". 26 of 195. Proclamation
dated J.3uly 27, 19,6, ingaring inThurs-o prdayti the d ,y o1 August. 1956, arine Public Holiday in the Colony of Montser'rat.
1 pp'. / /ice 3 ce.nt.s
No,. 26(: of 1956;, Polmain dated July 27, 1956, bringing into operation the Ol Metal and Marine Stores Ordinance, 1956."
1 pp. Price 3 certs

GenerI (Open) Import Ticence.
No. 2 of 1956.
Genmal (Open) Import Licencee No. I of 1954 dat the Ist ,day of April, 195I4, as amended, is hereby furthner :unruded as follows:--() Uy W stitntion of a cOlmn
fr ti fullst fter t1e war t huiylrtod at the Pu M / su ~a pl iii) of the provise) a at the addition of the
f',,lowin [!arther proviso ....
"ProvidedI that nothing
in this lictne m 'all b)e constrned Is uth'orising the implrtation of tioods the entry of which is p ;hibited or retsrictd undolr ay other lQglative e nmctment at present in forcee.
(2) by the Aidition to the Sch dule
to the Licence of the following
new items after itm (20)"f21) Leif tdabeo:; (2'2) Fresh apples;
23 (Chemici fertilisers;
(24) Ca.lium carbide.".
Datil tho 12th dty of July., 1956.
By Order f th-e (Governor.
.1 A. A. 1CDIONnALD,
tlerrjo' of ('us/on /11d Supplqy
Offi,,-') .
( Ou~stmx d di ye ,iidy 0 re,
General (Open) Import Licence.
No. 3 of 1956.
(Genral (,Open) inmport Licence No. 2 of 15. ,s amended. is hereby further amended as follows:-by the addition of the "words
" al chemnical fertilisers after the worls Fertilisers xluding s l phate of aimmonia ", and by the delet,i of the words and unminifactured after the words T0Co, m'nTu11factur-ed including cigarettes ". in the Schedule to the Licence.
Dated the 12th (lay of July, 1956.
By Order of the Governor.
(olector of O,,stoms anld ,S'nply
Customs and Supply O(fice,

Statement of Currency Note Circulation in the British Caribbean Territories (Eastern Group) on 1st July, 1956.

Average circulation
Br. CariTbean Currency Notes
Demonetized Gov't.
Ntes ontstanding

during May,
1,190,731.00 58,743,28600

'i-. C (arib)ean Currency Notes in circulatioin on 1st July, 1956:
Tiia$ & Tobago ... 2774,2.() TiiIld~ / Tobauuo .. 27,746,258.00)

HBarbados British Gumna (Grenada St. Vincent St. Lucia
Dominica Antigua St. Kitts Montserrat

... 5,831,625.00 .. 15,495,364.00 ... 2,695,100.00 504,400.00 ... 934,000.00 .. 1,258,400.001 ... 2,025,300.00 ... 1,519,500.00 ... 326,405.00

Total Br. Cari bbean Currency Notes

Demonetized Trinidad
and Tobago Gov't.
Not-s outstanding .. 811,290.00
Demonetized Br.
(niaa Gov't.
Notes outstanding ... 295,541.00
Demon-tized Barbados
Gov't. Notes
outstanding .. 75,909.00
Total demonetized
Governrient Notes
outstanding 1,182,740.00)
Total circulation
n 1 st July, 1956 59,519,092.00
Executive Commissioner,,
British Caribbean
Currency Board.
British Caribbean Curirency Board,
Treasury Chanmbers,
Port of Spain,
Trinidad, B. W.L
No. 24/00044


Statement showing British Caribbean Coin
Circulation in the British Caribbean Territories (Eastern Group) on 1st
July, 1956.
Average circulation during
May, 1956 $1,826,732.00

Trinidad & T()ago Barbados British Guiana Gr.nada St. Vinc nt St. Lucia Dominica Antig ia St. Kitts Molitserirat Proof sets

411,225.00 461,050.00 90,875,00 73,025.00
108,500.00 82.950.00 86,775.00 84,15).00 10,800.00

Execu t iC commissioner ,
Br. (%aribi),,n Currency Board.
British Crihban CurrencN Board,
Treasury Chanlmbers,
Port of Spain,
Ref. No. 24/00079.
Notice required under section 4
of the Land Acquisition Act,
1944 (No. 11/1944).
that it appears to the Governor in Council that the lands described in the Shedule hereto qand situate at Monteros Estate in the Parish of Saint MAry in the Island of Antigua are likely v to be needed for purposes which iln tihe opinion of the Governor in Council are public purposes, namely to erect thereon a School, AND]) that it is ne'es sary to make a preliminary survey of the said land.
A piece or parcel of land containing approximately 3 acres of Monteros Estate in the Parish of Saint Mary in the lslanid of Antigua owned by Coleridig' .James and bounded as tol]Iows:
On the West by the Public Eoad On the East and North by Rigsby
Estte and
On the South by a footpath
seintrating it from the remainder of Monteros Estate.
Dated the 26th day of June, i956.
Olerk of the Council.
A dmnisra(tor' O /ice,
St. ./hn's. iuintigra. Ref. No. A. 46;164.

Notice required under section 4
of the Land Acquisition Act,
1944 (No. 11/1944)
that it appears to the Governor in Council that the lands described in tlhe Schedule herto and situate at Nut Grove in the Parish of St. John in the Idl:md of Antigua are likely to be n eel d for purposes which in the opiioni c of the Goverinor in Council are public purposes, iunely to erect thereon a Shool, ANDI that it is eeo, v ta I1)]k i preliminary survey of the said larid.
A piece or parel of htland containing approximately 3.56 acres of hand at Nut (Gove in the Parish of St. John in the island of Antigua owned by Alvan Camacho and bounded as follows:Oi tie North and East by the
Valley Main IRoad
On the South by land of Alvan
(uarmaicho and lInd formerly of
Reid antd
On tihe West by a road.
Dated the 26th day of June, 1956.
Clerc oj/te Council.
Am in istrttor's )/fie' e,
St. John's, Antigua.
Rf. A. 46/64.
A pplications are invited from suitahbly qualified persons for the post of Road Engineer, St. Vincent, particulars of which are asfollows:Appointment and Salary.
The post is non-pensionable and the appo Iiaitment will be on contract for t ree () years. The salary is in the scale of 1,000--1,200 per annum, and the salary of the successful candidate will depend on his qualifications and experience. The Omecer will be subject to the Colonial Regulations and local General Orders for the time being in force in so far as they are applicable. A Travelling Allowance of 100 per annum will be paid provided the officer maintains a motor vehicle for the performance of his official duties.

The duties of the post are to direct and supervise work in connection with the Island's Road Programme. The main works involve the design, layout and construction of new seetions of road, and the colas surfacing of existing gravel roads.
Candidates should be graduate Civil Engineers or should possess the A.MI.0 E. qualifications or comparabtle experience andi qualifications.
Free passages oin first appointment amil on satisfactory completion of the period of engagement will be provided for the Officer, his wife and children not exceeding five persons in all; children should be under 18 years of age, unmarried and dependenlt onil tihe Offleer.
Vacation leave will be granted on the satisfactory termination of the contract at the rate of 1 week for each completed period of 3 months consecutive service.
All Government Officers are liable to taxation imposed by local legislation.
Applications giving full particulars,
qualifications and experience of the applicant and accompanied by two testimonials, should be addressed to the Chief Secretary, Windward Islands, Grenada, and must reach him not later than 15th August, 1956.
Ref. No. A.C. 13/89 11.
Oontral Experiment Station
A ntlgua.


Jan. 2.41 1.93 3.04 2.16 5.15
Feb. 1.60 1.02 2.45 .68 1.23

April May

1.62 5.60 1.08 .83 1.40 3.14 2.)06 .49 1.75 3.83 3.07 1.50 3.83 2.81 2.58 5.74 1.31 3.32 1.47 5.72

To 28thJuly 8.38 3.08

3.30 2.13 4.29

25.96 16.50 17.51 11.83 24.20

Quarters are not provided.

1952. 1953. M9t. 155. 1956.


H urricane Precntion,, 1956.
1. t t, iWnnm ing of the Hurricane Season th- plub)lie are advised to tfake tprecautiOLS ito safe2'ntard h:ir lh nws and other property in Ithe event of a itorin. During a hurricanes the c~frti elee r l y s, d i ) be t urned olff, and every houseiold shOuld therefore e C provided wlnit a hurri c o liont' or fldah light (or preferably with both) which should be checked rpgualy nd :epf in making O r throughout the hurricane season.
2. n toinletors should take readings dailv at 10() a.m., 4 L p.m. anid 1 pn..
Any chiaine ltower i n I the usual diurnal one of 010 i0chl should the regarded with suspicion.
3. The mast s or av'nts of vessels if in doubt slukil communicate with the larli'our Master for i r i
4. Vhen armrilg up a house, on indicatiintol' 1md weather, be gin with tie side facing" th direct thn of the prevailing wid, which varies frjin North West to North East. 1 Od the centre of a, son amss over the island there W1ill be a short period of calm. during whi tei Northern side of ithl iin hi could be opened up aind the SouIthiern and Wesurlyv sides closed. Very often ; Ih'e is i) o ihn, ind unIder such circumstances it is wise )to itve everythig' "ecrely fastened.
5, The ik St ates Wentaher Bureau at Sun Juqn, Nuerto Rit, issues regular weather reiports for dithe astern Ca 'ribbean which are broadcast in S pnistl a ll english daily throughout the hurricane season by several radio status in Pue' o ico. (wners of ridios shoi inke i habit of listening to these bir.k casis which mtay bo heard oir the following sta tih, at t a imes and mon the freq uencie, and wavelikng th shown:
,hta io,'. Frequency Dait (ather S

(waz'eength). report.
WI PR 940 kes '55 a.m. 6.30 a.m.
(319.14 mi) L55 p.m. I .. 30 p.m.
VWAPI 80 k s 7.45 .. i"
4 1. 18 min) 12.15 p.m.'
<'xct]pt ifl Satirdaty i and Sunday
WK AQ 508 ks .30 p.m.
(517.24 mn) 12.30 ni. Wiruwa1 is:3:; 5'3cs T10 7t p.m.
KM,04 h i) 10.10 rm.
Except Saturdays
Station: ,, ,A i; St. Thoia and WIVI in St. Croix also broadcast the Weather Bnrean's special hurricane warniings and auk' Aw
;',0IN111 IFRPllll 12'HRI.
The follo ving signils diQ'payved at the lHarbour Mktast r's twicee (Goat Hill, Ottos Hill,
"o flice Head uarl'ters nd other Police st nations denote the apiprmach of disturbed
weather:A. A R ed Fl]?a. with black square in centre means Tropcal disturbance reported;
ii kely to affect island of AntiQua--GAU )N ADV I) SD.
B. TW\\( red flags, with black s(qua 's ;n centre-HU ICANE, SIGN1 XALD)ANG(ER EN', EXPECT E.
To D)ETONATING IR)CKEITS will be Fired from the Harbour Master's Office to
warn shipping
A It G y will be isplayed at Police Stationsi. i he Police will go through St.
John's and villages Pounding their whistles.
T'lethon Excianiges will infhm Witbscribers After a hurricane warning has been
received tp ievs Vwill be broadcvso by R ilAo Antigua (3.255 megacycles; 92.16 metres) at regular intervals:-9 an.m., 1 pin.m 5 p.m. and more often if necessary.
Altminislrat/fis O(/icc.
Sbt.,John 's. Autliquar.
In t July, 1956.
. 52/6 -II.

.August 3, 1950]


V cancy for two Announcer/
Applications are invite.i from uit ably qualified candidates for two appointments to tile post of Announc.r/(Operator in the Windward Islands Broadcat in 1 Service, St. George 's. Grenadr, particulars of which re A follows:-2. Tihe salary of the post is $1680 pfer anmnro, with annual increment i of $48 to $1,920 per annum.
3. The appointment is non-pensionabl, and will be on probation for six months. Subject to satisfactry completion of the probationary perioci appointment will be on contract for twX years in tf first instance. The olI c-r will be Slbject to tie Colonial Regulations atid local General Orders for the time being in force, in so far as tihey are appliceablo.
4. The selected officers will be required to carry out Announcersb' duties and control the programumr outputs from the studios. A suitable microphone voice and ability to think quickly and deal effectively with an emergency are essential qualifications. The officers will also be expected to develop sonm aptitude for programme compilation under the supervision of the Programme Director and his Assistant.
5. Free passages will be provided for the selected officers on appointment. (including wife and children, not exceeding 5 persons in all) and

on satisfactory termination of the contract.
io Vacaioni leave on foill salary will I) ra: ed at th. rate of one week for each compl e period of thIe- montits- rt id-nt strvie such leave to be taken on the satisfactory completion of the period of engageielit.
7. ApilJic:tins shionl o nddhresed to the Chief Secr -11,r Windward Islalds. Grenal, B.W.L. andI ble posted so that they reach hIim ot ltr than the 10th August. 1056. Ref. No. 13/003:.2
Windward Islands Broadcasting Service.
A pplications arc invited from uit. aibl qualified candidat-s for three appointments to the post iof Pr(,ramme Assistant in the Wirdward Islands Broadcastin Service. St. George's, Grenad particrilrs of which are as follows:2. The salary of the post is at the rate of $2,880 per annum.
3. The appointilent is non-pensionable, anid will be on )probatrion for six months. Subject to satisfactory completion of the probationary period, appointment will be on contract for two years in thb first instance. The Officer will be subject to the Colonial Regulations and local General Orders for the time being in force, in so for as they are applicable.

4. Essential qualifications include sonm experience of newspaper work, an interest in current affairs and a knowledge of the Windward [Ian, and an ability to produce ar, record programmes of a varied inituret
5. A Programme Assistant will be stawtied in each of the three islands
. Vncent, St. Lucia and Dominica. l\i i] be required to work i ander dir ct(iont of the Progratilllle Director ad "tupply tihe main station in
Sre Ina : with news and recordings of talks. discussion. music, etc. lie will act as a representative of the Windw:rd Islands Broadcasting Service. The successful candidates will be req red to undergo a period of training with the main station in Grenadh,.
6. Free passages will be provided for tih selected officers on appointminlt. (including wife and children not, (-eeeding five persons in all), and io satisfactory termination of the
7 cation leave on full salary will a granted at tihe rate of one' wfk for e'ach completed period of thr e- months resident servicesuch leave to be taken on the satisfactory completion of the period of contract.
8. Applications should be addressed to the Chief Secretary, Windward [slandi Government House, Grenada, and be posted so that they reach
him not later than the 10th August, 1956.
Ref. No. 13/003:32

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islanda, by EARLnn PDooTT,
Acting Government Printer.-By Anthority.

[Price 17 cents'

1956, No. 24.
The Montserrat Postal Service (Amendment) Rules and
Regulations, 1956, dated July 23, 1956, made by the Governor in Council under the Post Office Act (Cap.
1. Short Title. These Rules and Regulations may be cited as the Montserrat Postal Service (Amendment) Rules and Regulations, 1956, and shall be read as one with the Montserrat Postal Service Rules and Regulations, 1954 ( Leeward Islands General Government Statutory Rules and rders 1954, No. 41), hereinafter called the Principal Rules.
2. Amendment. Schedule A to the Principal Rules and Regulations is hereby amended by the addition immediately below the word Harris of the words St. Patrick's".
Made by the Governor in Council this 23rd day of July, 1956.

Clerk ot the Council.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua, Leewnrd Islands,
by EARL PIGOTT, Acting Government Printer.--ByAuthority.


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1956, No. 25.
I, considering that is desirable that Thursday the 2nd day of August, 1956, should be observed as a Public Holiday in the Colony of Montserrat. and in pursuance of the provisions of the Public Holidays Act, 1954, do hereby, by and with the advice of the Executive Council of the said Colony, and in exercise of the powers conferred by the Act aforesaid, appoint Thursday the 2nd day of August, 1956, as a special day to be reserved as a Public Holiday in the said Colony, under and in accordance with the said Act, and I do by this mny Proclamation command the said day to be so reserved and kept, and all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the said Colony to order themselves accordingly.
GI V 12IN at tihle (Gov0eriinet HIuts 1we, Mo Ln6serrat,
this 27th d(lay of July, 1956, in the fifth year
of Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Government Printinig Offioe Antigua, Leeward Ishands,
by EA L PGOTT, Acting Governmuent Printer,-By Authority.


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1956, No. 26.
Proclamation dated July 27, 1956, bringing into operation the Old Metal and Marine Stores Ordinance, 1956.
Acting Administrator.
WHEREAS by section 13 of the Old Metal and
Marine Stores Ordinance, 1956 (No. 14 of 1956) it is provided that the said Ordinance shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by the Governor by proclamation published in the Gazette:
NOW THEREFORE, I, OSCAR ETHELBERT HENRY, acting Administrator of the colony of Montserrat, do by this my proclamation declare that the said Ordinance shall come into operation on the 11th day of August, 1956.
AND, all Her Majesty's loving subjects in the colony of Montserrat and all others whom it may concern are hereby required to take due notice hereof and to give their ready obedience accordingly.
GIVEN at the Administrator's Office, Mfontserrat,
this 27th day of July, 1956, in the fifth year of
Her Majesty's reign.
Printed at the Governmnet Printing Office, Antigua, Leeward Islands,
by EART, PioOT'rT, Acting Government Printer.-By Authority, 1956.
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