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Abortion Rights in Danger

Art Show is Success

Judith Kendall
Guest Writer

Abortion rights in this country
are in grave danger, according to
Bette Chambers, a marine biolo-
and president of the American Hu-
manist Association. (AHA). Cham-
bers made several appearances in
Gainesville March 6-8, during which
she discussed the abortion issue and
other women's rights supported by
the AHA:.
According to Chambers, the
AHA was the first national group
to support a woman's right to
obtain an abortion. "That was' ln
-the sixities," Chambers said, "be-
S fore the movement really began."
--The AHA recognizes abortion
:as "a necessity," while it affirms
S .the importance of medical birth

control measures, Chambers said.
She feels very strongly that "never
again should a woman be consid-
ered a criminal before the law" for
obtaining an abortion.
But she-is worried about the
future of abortion rights. She feels
that there is "a probability that the
whole thing will be turned around
and we will lose the rights we've
A member of the national
board of the National Abortion
Rights League and the Religious
Coalition for Abortion Rights,
*Chambers ays these groups also
fear that abortion "is one victory
that women are likely to lose in the
next year or so."
The reason.for the threat,
according to Chambers, is the

very well organized- and well
funded minority in opposition to
abortion. "They hire the very best
lobbyists," she said.
Affirmation of abortion rights is
just part of the Humanist affirma-
tion that "we. own our own
bodies," Chambers added. The
Humanist. Manifesto II, the docu-
ment which states a consensus of
Humanist beliefs, affirms the indiv,
idual's right to abortion, euthan-
asia, and suicide. It also condemns
chauvenism, both male and fe-
-male, and stresses equal rights for
both women and men.
Chambers once described her-
self as a "happy but uncontented"
feminist. When she talks about
(Continued on Page 3)

Senate Kills ERA: 19-21

For the fifth straight year, the
SFlorida State Senate has refused
Sto ratiiy the Equal Right
Amendment to the U.S.
In a 19 21 vote, theSenatekilled
the amendment on Wednesday in
spite of last minute efforts by
former First Lady Betty Ford,
President Carter and Vice-
SPresident Mondale.
Speaking during the Senate
debate, ERA sponsor Sen. Lori- '
Wilson told the senators that the .
ERA was going to pass and this : \
time it should be "because of the
SSouth and not in spite of it." .
Wilson apparently was referring
to the fact that no Deep South
state has ratified the ERA and that
it wasn't until the late "60's-that
Florida ratified-the 14th
Amendment. giving women the
right to vote.
-A representative 'of the ERA-.
AMERICA called the rejection, an
example of "good ole boy politics,
not a rejection of the merits of the
SThe vote in the Senate climaxed
S" a month long battle ol vote
switching, back room politics and (R-St. Petersburg) both
pro- and anti&ERA lobbying efforts. announced that they had changed
: Sen. Alan Trask -D-Ft. their vote. Both former,
Meade) and Sen. Henry Sayler proponents, Trask cited the fear of

Cowels is Named

WomaNews Editor
Ellyn Cowels, Staff Writer, has
been named WomaNews Editor
effective April 1. Cowels replaces
j < Kayanna Pace who has resigned
and will become WomaNews
Cowels, writer and special
issues editor for the Religion and
Celibacy issues, will take over with
Sthe May issue.'
"We don't forsee any drastic
--- changes in WomaNews," said
Cowels. "We are pretty much a
.-,,staff rua paper anyway."

homosexual marriages while
Sayler said he feared excessive
interference by the federal
According to ERA stratigists,
the Trask switch was not

Photo by Abby Walters
unexpected. The Sayler switch,
however, was.
But for a while, it didn't look like
there might be a chance for the full
Senate to vote on the amendment
as back room politicking in the

A photographic "Celebration of
Womanhood" kicked off the
Second Anniversary Celebration
of Women Unlimited on March 19
and 20.
Fie women photographers,
three local and two from out of
state, displayed their art in the
back yard of the Center.
"I guess I shouldn't have been
surprised by the quality," said
Celebration Coordinator Kayanna
Pace, "But I was pleasantly. We
had excellent quality from women
like Abby Walters who has only
been into photography for a year
to women like Eva Cohen who are
Women displaying their art
were: Vicki Jarvis, Abby Walters,
M. Allison Costello, Tricia Sample
and Eve Cohen.

Our next issue will be the
Second Annual Special
Literary Issue. three
pages or more of literary
works, art (black and white
reporductions) and photog-
The June issue will be
devoted to the Black
Woman. Deadline for
submission is May 18th.

Rules Committee threaten to kill it
before it got out of committee.
The vote stood 7-5 against
voting it out of committee when
Sen. Tom Gallen, Rules
Committee Chairman, announced
the debate in committee for
Monday, April 8 with the full
Senate voting on Wednesday.
According to Gallen, if
opponents thought they couldn't
kill it on the floor of the Senate, it
would probably be killed in
At the same time ERA-sponsor
Lori Wilson charged that Gallen
and Lew Brantley of Jacksonville
had lied to her by not notifying her
of the scheduled Rules Committee
debate as agreed.
While all that was happening
indoors in Tallahassee, anti-ERA
forces imported Phyliss Schlafly,
national head of the Stop-ERA
movement, for a rally on the
capitol steps.
In Gainesville, pro- and anti-
ERA forces both staged rallies.
Polls were released, one done by
(Continued on Page 5)

We apologize for the delay.
Technical problems pushed us
far into the month close to the
ERA vote in the Senate. Rather
than come out one day before
with no news of the vote, we
decided to wait and give you
the bad news.

Leadership Seminars Start

A series of three seminars
dealing with issues of leadership in
the Women's Movement will be
offered at Women Unlimited on
the Wednesday evenings of April
27, May 4, and May 11 from 8-10
Conducting these teaching
discussion sessions will be Linda
Bassham, Judith Brown, Bonnie
Coats, Gerry Green and Rosalee
Miller, with input from several

other women on specific evenings.
Topics to be discussed will
include a herstory of leadership in
the movement, the issues of power
and economics, risk-taking and
the accusation of "elitism,"
structure and motivation in
feminist context and others.
It is from the group of
participants in these seminars that
the Women Unlimited nominating
committee will select a slate for

election of leadership to take place
at the membership meeting in
May. But all interested feminists in
the community are welcome to
attend whether or not they
consider themselves "leaders."
Attendance at all three sessions
is recommended, as different
topics will be covered each
For further information, call
377-0234 weekdays between 10-6
or stop by WomanStore.



Celibacy Has Potential

m Dl~1 I


Admittedly, the subject of celi-
bacy has not been well research-
ed, journalistically. Daring to ex-
plore this aspect of human sexuali-
ty has been an experience for the
WomaNews staff and hopefully
will be for our readers.
The premise here is that the
concept of celibacy deserves
inquiry. In seeking to point out
some of its variables, we are aware
we have touched only the surface
of the subject.
Thirty years ago very few
questioned an assumed hetero-
sexual stance as basic and fulfilling
for everyone. The past 10 or 15
years has changed those attitudes
with more acceptance of homo-
sexual standards.
However, culturally and histori-
cally, the question of celibacy has
not been asked. If that reflects an
overt preoccupation with the
expression of our sexual energies,
or it indicates that we are not yet
evolved to so lofty a position
cannot here be determined. We
are only raising the issue to a point
of inquiry.
Several interesting points were
initially made while trying to seek
our direction. Differing views gave
a broader difinative base to our
research. Perhaps our readers will
discover questions we have not.

For instance, is celibacy only
abstinence of sexual practice? Is
self-gratification a necessary ele-
ment? Must time limits be applied?
Are some motives more valid than
others in making our choices?
They aren't eacy questions. Old
standards are not necessarily still
valid. Responsibility is implicit in all
questions of personal sexual
choice. Therefore, in these dyna-
mic times in which we live, there
can be few static answers.
There are instances where
celibacy must be dealt with as a
force factor. Illness or self or
partner gives psychological as well
as physical pressure. Incarcera-
tion takes personal sexual choices
away, replacing them, many times,
with other sexual pressures.
In cases where religion vows
require celibacy, sexuality be-
comes secondary to other mo-
A viable statement is being
made. Celibacy is an honest,
healthy alternative.at or for a given
time, with or without variables,
that any individual may make.
It has-potential to creatively re-
form persons; therefore, it could
alter all institutions.


A Ripening of a Dream

Thank the Goddess, I didn't know!
But I was ripe for picking and Janis Mara knew it. She could sense
that I needed involvement, growth, friendship and all those other
things we all come to the movement with.
So with a lot of dreams and a proportionate amount of naivete, I
accepted the editorship of WomaNews in April of 1975.
Suprisingly then, but not now, most of those and subsequent
dreams have come true including the latest one to turn
WomaNews over to another woman with its foundation intact.
I have been reflecting a lot lately over the past two years of my life
and one of the things, among many others, that I often times didn't
have or take the time to do was say thanks.
To express my gratitude for their impact on WomaNews and my
life and to give credit to those who many times only got self-
satisfaction, I say thank You:

*To Jan Hahn, WomaNews Chairperson, who taught me many
things, the least'of which is how to turn your dreams into reality:
*To the staff of WomaNews, Abby, Diana, Ellyn, Sue, Sylvia,
Michelle, Marcia, Fran and all those who came before them, whose
only reward for endless hours of sweating over a single word, an
advertiser or an idea was a byline and then not always;
*To our publishers, the Steering Committee of Women Unlimited,
for allowing us to take the necessary risks;
*To our subscribers for caring enough to write out a check, and
especially to those early subscribers who knew us when most ofwhat
you got for your buck fifty was a lot of hopes and dreams;
*To our advertisers for investing in out future, especially those
early advertisers who took those first risks with us;
*To my mother, who helped me to become the woman I am and
who kept alive a journalistic legacy to nuture me.
*And finally although not lastlyto myself, for not only making it
through it but for growing with it.

There are those who I have left out, I'm sure, whose names and
faces have been obscured by time. So many left their mark on me and
WomaNews in so many ways.
I am not leaving, I'm just tired. Ellyn Cowels will take over and
hopefully will not become so tired. With your help and mine,
WomaNews and all of us will continue to grow to magnitudes we
never dreamed about.
It is impossible to separate the woman from WomaNews.
Purposely it is an integral part. As WomaNews grows, so do the
women involved the editor, the staff and the readers. It is not our
most important by-product, it is our goal.
Kayanna Pace

Lost Yours?
For some reason, we keep paying postage for papers that
never arrive at your home.
We apologize, but we feel like the secretary who said to the
irate caller, "I can only ring them, I can't answer for them."
If you don't get your copy, call 377-0234 and leave your name
and address including correct -zip- code aGld ,we will, mail ..
another one to you. ',

By Sallie Ann Harrison

"Oh beggar or prince, no
more, no more!
"Be off and away with your strut
and show.
"The sweeter the apple, the
blacker the core -
"Scratch a lover and find a foe!"
When Dorothy Parker wrote
the above lines, "Ballad of a Great
Weariness," she unwittingly put
up perhaps the best argument for
celibacy. Now, almost ten years
after Ms. Parker's demise (no
doubt she is resting peacefully and
sleeping alone at last) we are finally
beginning to understand the
connection between Bed and
And it hasn't been easy to have
gotten this far. The whole world
revolves around the couple trip,
which commercially is the all-time
best seller. In the name of love the
media tells us to take a douche and
smoke a Camel. Now, what kind of
logic is that?
Well-meaning friends who are
usually as messed up as we are, tell
us to get into a relationship to take
our minds off. ourselves. As
women, we have traditionally put
all our energy into love
relationships, and society has
reinforced us for "sacrificing" -
they don't call it the "altar" for
nothing. Upon Society's altar, we
sacrifice the needs, dreams,

aspirations of the Blushing Bride
- who quickly turns anemic.
For women, relationships are
like childbirth; they take a lot out
of us. This author maintains that
after each, we must engage
ourselves in healing, nurturing and
replenishing. This philosophy
might be called Planned
Personhood and the willingness to
establish unlimited intervals
between relationships is essential.
Obscenities will be outlawed, and
remarks like "I can't live without a
man," or "I've got to have
somebody," won't be tolerated.
Take yourself for better or for
One of the most highly
developed skills of the Fairer Sex
is the art and skill of making people
happy. We know how to say, "I
love you," in an infinite number of
ways, and we know how to clearly
express our affection and support
with a number of non-verbal
If you deem yourself worthy of
marrying, make a list of things you
like to do and reinforce yourself
with them, often and lavishly.
Think of yourself by name, not
"just you," when you want to do
something for yourself. Starting
with me, I might plan a special
evening like this: "I'm going to take
Sallie Ann Harrison out for a

lobster tonight, and then, picket
Nichol's Alley."
Leave notes for yourself. Write
yourself letters. What are your
favorite flowers? Go to a florist,
pick them out, have them
arranged exactly the way you want
them, and have them sent to you
at work. And when your co-
workers ooh and aah and ask you
if they're from the janitor down the
hall, explain sweetly that they're
from this wonderful person who
loves you, knows you and trusts
you completely. After all these
years, that special person who had
supported you through all your
tribulations, didn't even live next
door, but in your own house. And,
while you had lived with people
who had been pretty nice,
ultimately, you decided that this
was the person you wanted to
spend the rest of your life with, to
love and to cherish till death do
you part.
If you have a diamond, wear it.
And if you only have a cigar ring,
then tell your co-workers that
there's enough love there to get
you by.
You've done your part, You've
loved your friends, you've loved
your neighbors. And now the time
has come to love yourself. Forever
and ever!

Woman Urges Citrus Boycott

The following is a letter reprinted
from the Monthly Pause, the news-
letter of the Jacksonville Women's

Mr. W. Arthur Darling
Director of Publicity
Florida Citrus Commission
P.O. Box 148
Lakeland, Florida 33802

I have noted with interest the
continuing story of Anita Bryant
vs. the civil rights of homosexuals
in. the Miami/Dade County area,
and I can no longer in good
conscience sit passively and listen
to Miss Bryant subvert the princi-
ples on which the United States
was founded liberty and equali-
ty for all.
As the heterosexual mother of a
young son, I deeply resent Miss
Bryant's apparent conviction that
homosexuals are such a danger to
her children and the children of
other Miami residents that she
must instigate the formation of
similarly bigoted individuals into
"Save Our Children, Inc.' Miss
Bryant's efforts would be far more
effective, and her children much
safer, if she organized a society de-
dicated to removing male parents
from the homes of small children:
approximately 97% of all sexual
assaults on children are commit-
ted by male heterosexuals on
female children, and the majority
of those assailants are family or
friends of the victims.
It seems apparent that Miss
Bryant's attitude toward homo-
sexuality mirror the same myths
. and. misinfor.matioo .helddear by...
many others who are willing to

sacrifice individual liberties for
their personal religious con-
victions and expect the rest of
society to acquiesce. I find it
particularly repugnant that Miss
Bryant believes that a person's
worth can be judged by his or her
sexual preferences.
It is interesting to note that Bob
Green, Miss Bryant's manager
and husband, is quoted as saying,
"If you take her off the air, she's
out of a job. I don't know in this
country what protection a person
has to come out and take a stand."
This would seem to be the crux 6f
the entire issue the right of an
individual to take a stand and

ional preference different than that
of the majority and not be in
danger of losing a job, losing
friends, and being persecuted by
the courts. Perhaps is Mr. Green
and Miss Bryant could shake off
their irrational fears they would
see more clearly that civil free-
doms belong to everyone not
just those who believe "God is on
our side."
I count among my friends sever-
al homosexuals and bi-sexual
individuals, including my son's
godfather. I would not trade their
company for that of Miss Bryant in
any situation, and I would trust Mr.

acknowledge a sexual or affect-

womaNll W

Kayanna Pace

Michelle Conte
News Editor



Ellyn Cowels.
Special Issue Editor

Abby Walters & SueOlesen
Sallie Ann Harnson
& Diana Ormond
Fran Towk, Michelle Conte
Marcia Belcher, Sharon Bauer, Jan Hahn,
Ellyn Cowels, Sylvia Lehnan, Janis Mara

WomaNews is a publication of Women Unlimited, Inc.. 12 N.W. 8th
Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601.

Opinions expressed in WomaNews are solely of the author and not
necessarily those of the Steering Committee of Women Unlimited or
the Staff of WomaNews.
'''66 b66rit1ailare1 $3.60 per year- .... .





'Roving Reporter' Stops Laughing About Celibacy

Marcia Belcher
WomaNews Staff Writer
I didn't know what to say about
celibacy. I laughed and made jokes
every time it was brought up at
staff meetings. Perhaps that was
the reason I was given the
assignment to play roving reporter
and obtain "woman-in-the-street"
responses to the issue of celibacy.
With fear and trembling, I, along
with photographer Sue Olesen,
set out to accost total strangers to
ask questions on the subject of
sex, or rather lack of it. We didn't
know what kind of response to
expect laughter, hostility,
disdain, or serious consideration.
Because of this, I chose to begin
my study in friendly territory -
the University of Florida.
I had prepared a semi-
structured interview schedule to
insure some kind of uniform
response set. After introducing
myself and Sue, I planned to ask
the following questions:
1) How would you define
2) Would your definition include
or exclude use of masturba-
3) Have you ever known someone
who consciously and actively
chose celibacy as a sexual life-
style? If so, for what reasons?
4) Do you believe celibacy is a
valid sexual choice?
5) A lot of people laugh or make
jokes when the topic of celibacy
is brought up. Why do you
think this happens?

We decided to choose women
who looked like they weren't going
anywhere so they couldn't run
away. I very apologetically
approached the first one at the bus
stop. She agreed to cooperate(!)
though it was obvious she thought
that we were somewhat strange to
be involved in such an endeavor.
The second woman was a devout
Catholic and had initial hesitations
about answering our questions.
The third was suspicious but also
talked to us. The fourth, fifth, and
sixth interviews were easier to
approach and conduct. This was
getting to be fun. Women were
talking to us, and they weren't
It was then that disaster struck.
We decided to play back what we
had to make sure everything was
alright with the tape recorder. I
discovered that I had failed to push
,two of the three necessary buttons
and that we had recorded nothing.
I was crushed; my nerve was gone.
Thus ended the interviews.
Though I can't give any quotes,
for the record, from a sample of six
University of Florida women, all of
them defined celibacy as
abstinence from sex. Four of the
six thought that masturbation
could be included in celibacy. Only
one knew anyone, a priest, who
practiced celibacy. All except one
thought that celibacy was a valid
sexual lifestyle, the other believing
that celibacy was a denial of one's
The responses to the question
on why people laughed when

celibacy was discussed were more
varied. One thought it was
because the topic and the practice
were uncommon. Another woman
said that people usually laughed at
things with which they were
uncomfortable. A third pointed
out that the University students
are so sexually oriented that most
simply cannot conceive of
The next step, I decided, was to
organize a group discussion on
celibacy. Unfortunately, I chose to
do it at a party and partied so
heartily that I forgot all about
interviewing on celibacy. Freud, of
course, would say there was
nothing accidental about it.
Desperate by this time
regarding my ignorance about
celibacy and others' views on it, I

(Continued from Page 1)

herself, the contradiction dis-
"I've been married to the same
man for over 25 years," she said,
"and we've had an entirely demo-
cratic marriage. We've been equal
in careers and equal at home." A
Senior Counsellor of the Human-
ist Association, Chambers has
performed more Humanist wed-
dings, including her daughter's,
than anyone.
Her discontent shows when she
talks about occasionally being
ignored by Board members in the

Glad You Are Taking It So Well

Kat Powell
WomaNews Staff Writer
They are on her bed. He is
kissing her.
Somehow she manages to
.politely take her mouth away.
"Don't you want to kiss me?" he
"Let's talk."
He rolls off her, looks at the
ceiling, sighs, and in an impatient
tone, "what do you want to talk
."Things are getting on my
nerves, like when we walk
together .. .", she stands to act it
out, "you put your hand on the
small of my back to guide and push
me around corners and through
do orways."

She faces him. "Sometimes you
squeeze me too tight, maybe
on purpose."
He looks on, stunned.
"You never give me enough
room, even here in my apartment,
my bed! When you sleep here, I
wake up and I'm on the edge, you
leg and arm over me. I look at all
the room on your side ." Her
bitterness shocks her.
He watches as her shoulders
slump a bit. Her eyes aren't
burning as strongly. He becomes
reassured. "If you don't like me
around, then maybe I should
They were both surprised when
she did not burst into tears, did not
beg him to stay, to hold her, to not

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be mad with her. Instead she said
"goodbye". And smiled.
"You'll see how funny it is," he
threatened. She listened to the
marching steps across the living
room floor, to the slam of the
apartment door, to the slam of his
car door, and the VAR-
ROOMMMM ... varroommmmm
of his sports car. Silence.
"Glad you're taking it so well,"
she said.

sat down with a friend who
recently chose celibacy as a
temporary sexual lifestyle. She
pointed out that it is the mental
state which may or may not
accompany the physical state of
being celibate that is important. To
her, celibacy could be looked upon
as a conscious choice freely made
or it could be seen as a state
imposed upon a person by various
external forces. The first should
lead to peace and self-reliance; the
second may lead to' a feeling of
emptiness and frustration.
When asked if she thought
celibacy was a valid sexual
lifestyle, she replied, "Sure, I think
there are times when' you
shouldn't feel forced to be sexual
with anyone. It is just as much of a

organization that elected her its
president, the AHA. "It's very easy
to say you believe all these things.
about equal rights," she said, with
a sweeping gesture toward the
Humanist Manifesto II. "But they
are going to have to get their own
home in order first."
Chambers stresses that the
Humanist Manifesto II is not a set
of beliefs to which all Humanistp
adhere. She feels that the only
things about which all Humanists
would agree are separation of
church an.d state and the responsi-
bility of the individual.


tyranny saying you can't have sex
as being told you should have it."
She noted that "society is pretty
hypocritical. On the one hand,
they tell you to be celibate, but if
you are, they say there must be
something wrong because she
can't find somebody." Relation-
ships can be strange, she said,
because you are having the
relationship when you truly want.
the other person there, not
because you feel like you have to
have someone.
I've learned something this
month. I've learned that I had
swallowed the line that intimacy is
always a good thing. I've started to
question. I don't know yet what all
the answers will be, but I'll tell you
one thing... I've stopped laughing.

"We have no doctrines, we have
no dogmas," she said; "we have
merely the affirmation of the
human being." After reflecting a
moment, she added, "Human
beings can shape their own desti-
nies, and they can make this a
better place to live."

Note: More information about the
AHA and the Humanist Society of
Gainesville, one chapter of the
AHA, may be obtained by writing
to P.O. Box 13734, Gainesville.


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The Latest Fad: Everybody's Not Doing it!

Janis Mara
WomaNews Staff Writer
Suffering Saltpeter! The latest
wave (or hot flash) in Sexual
Politics has just splattered on the
shore of feminist consciousness.
Sexual Abstinence is becoming
the latest fad "Everybody's not
doing it, not doing it, not doing it

Actually, this is one craze that I
anticipated by several years. Yes, I
was a pioneer in the Sexual
Counterrevolution. Forging
passionlessly forward, I led the
battle for sexual repression in the
lust-maddened Sixties.
My sympathies always lay er,
stood with the Platonic ideal of a
"meeting of the minds." In my
opinion, the body should be left
behind at the door on a convenient
coat-rack. You would then pick it
up as you left.
If you feel you must do
something with your body, take it
to Martial Arts class. It will learn
something practical and will feel
much better afterwards. That's
more than you can say for most
sexual contact!
As for possible damage, such as
torn cartilage or sprained ankles
which is worse, a dislocated
knee or a $200 abortion? The
answer is nakedly I mean,
suitably obvious.
Despite the obvious hazards,
commingling is regarded as the
desirable norm. Some people even
feel rejected and miserable when
blessed with the absence of a
sexual partner!
To these deluded souls, I say:
It's purely a social disease, like flu.
You come into contact with
people who have it (a sex drive)
and before you know it, you're flat
on your back.
Admittedly, one can begin to
feel blue watching one's best friend
cavorting with her new-found
lover. My advice: Wait a week.
Disaster is just around the corner.
It's hard enough to work out the
problems that come up in a
"friend" type relationship. Add the
left-over attachments to fear of
rejection, expectations of the
loved one, etc. that we all still have
and it's rocky ground indeed.
I think there is a "male-
attraction" and a "female


The regular April membership
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All members and interested
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Women Unlimited's (WU)
Steering Committee is now
meeting at its regular time of
Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at
Women Unlimited.
Steering Committee meetings
had been changed to Monday
during the winter quarter.
Interested women are welcome
to attend.

WomaNews Staff meetings
have been changed to Wednesday
nights at 7 p.m. at Women
Unlimited, announced Ellyn
Meetings will begin promptly at
7:30 p.m. All women interested in
working on the staff are urged to
attend. There are several positions
on the staff unfilled; ...

attraction" trip. "Male-attraction"
is what I learned in high school -
often, this feeling arises when
someone else shows an interest in
me. I instantly return that interest
and begin to feel nervous around
the person; I feel worried about
what they think of me, how I look,
etc. I give them star billing in my
sexual fantasies, which only
increases the tension when I see
them in real life.
"Female-attraction" is different.
Usually I become aware of how
much I like the person as we're
sitting and laughing hysterically,
gasping for breath and making one
pun or obscene joke on top
of another. I get so loosened up I
find myself confiding things I was
previously too bummed out about
to even admit to myself.
After the hysteria subsides, it's
almost impossible to avoid being
honest and open; you're too
exhausted to put up the usual
defenses. Somehow, a lot of
nervous tension gets burned up,
and you feel freer to listen to what
the other person has to say,
without imposing your own value
structure on their feelings.
As a result, in the calm after the
storm of giggles, both people listen
and really emphathize with each
other. This is an incredible
exchange of energy a release
from tension through laughing,
and then mutual support as we
pour out the details of whatever
patriarchial bummer set off "the
pig in the head," that day.

This kind of exchange is what-
keeps me going. Because of the
high energy and strong support, I
seek the person out again.
Gradually, we spend more time
together and start to go through
good times and bad times
Sharing feelings about these.
experiences is the fine-tuning of
our already intimate understand-
ing of each other. The first talks
you have are like meeting a
country-person after many years
in a foreign country. It's so exciting
to find someone who speaks your
language, has experiences in
common, feels as you do!
Later, as you go through things
together, the tune-in becomes
even more sensitive; it's possible
to figure out the dynamics of a
situation you're in together twice
as fast.
This excitement, this high
energy, this bonding, are what I
call "female-attraction." I feel
drawn by the high energy, the
good feelings I have when I'm
around .the person. When she.
walks in, I feel flooded with joy,
eager to share whatever bad trip
or new discovery I've had, eager to
hear what she has to say.
With "male-attraction," I'm
nervous every minute, putting on
my "best face," feeling an
exhilaration more of fear than
"Female-attraction," is what I
value. This is my highest priority
- my relationships with other

Celibacy Called

ever-present "new-growth-
Had anyone suggested a few experience" as basis.
years ago that I might consciously Besides a new power which
choose to be celibate for my evolved, it became an experience
personal growth process, there of new deminsions, metaphysi-
would have been a swift, succinct cally. There was a strong self-
reply. Being well aware of my determination of wholeness; my
natural sexuality, it would have ego, personality, emotions,
been, without pun, inconceivable, intellect, the inner essence of Self,
When the consideration was all became more sharply in focus.
made, it was in fact, a pregnant There was no chance to blame
thought! other or deny self from within
There is no pre-determined passions which sometimes after
gestation period to celibacy so I perspectives. I was totally without
decided to let the process be the reflection of another sexuality
determinate of time limits. Since altering my image.
the decision was based on intuitive Many trips have been laid upon
criteria, and because at that point us. "Don't use it, lose it!" "You'll
my feelings were shared with none no longer be attractive to men."
other than my inner-Self, the "You must be going mad."
determination was affirmed Not true.
tentatively, initially. Re-affirmation Forget the lose it bit. You only
happened again and again as the 'lose' what you, by yourself, want
concepts grew. For the effort I to. Some people think they have
become more fully me, aborning! 'it' and never do because they take
T.1The choice 'to move in that on someone-elses ideas.. '-
direction had several motivators. I About the loss of attractiveness.
am consciously, .in all aspects of I did not deny my sexuality, only
my life, taking a path toward a self- put it in a different dimension,
actualization position. The consciously. My unattractiveness
dimensions integrated in the was not a factor, by anymeans. In
process are tremendous forces in fact, my newly increased power
and of my being. Celibacy was as base and the self-confidence it
valid a step as any I've ever taken, gave me, made me more appealing
Although I have no wish to say to put-together people.
that mine is the only way, it was The deep, dark wish? To
successful for me, in my own time. discover a fuller, more wholesome
Too often, there is an implicit sexuality, yes. I trusted my
expectation that a statement of full personal motives and did not try to
personhood demands sexual escape the shadow when it
response to another person. confronted me. It integrated.
When I first examined the worn Mad? No. A little wild
out "should" and "oughts" of old sometimes when sublimation did
"tapes and structures, I ignored the not come easier, but it was for me,
directives of my sexuality. "Want" by me and of me; who could I
and "will" were motivators, not blame? That was an interesting
unhealthily. The examinations spectre, also. I found some
were not to be ignored, however. I amusement directed at that inner
moved toward a-. decision o ,:self which .was healthy,.. When .1,
cetibaey as anOK

women. I seek the people who
"turn me on" in the sense of
turning on my laughter, my
strength, my intellect. With
"female-attraction," there's no
worry about rejection I have
found this type of energy
exchange is always mutual.
This kind of mutual-admiration-
society trip happens very seldom
with males. Even the "good guys,"
the men I enjoy, seldom let go and
howl with laughter, or are capable
of more than one or two shared
confidences before they begin to
pull back into their shells.
I can't see putting a lot of time
and energy into encouraging the
sporadic communication that
occasionally crops up with men.
It's nice when it happens but you
can't count on it consistently.
Often, after a heart-to-heart
session with a man, he retreats
back into his shell, frightened and
confused by the implications of

Diana Ormond
WomaNews Staff Writer
Did somebody say celibacy?
The last time I was what I would
call celibate was when I didn't
know what I was missing. I've
thought about-it since then but
always as a solution to the mess I
was in. When the topic came up
for this ronth's special issue I
began to think seriously about it. I
provoked a lot of questions with
very few answers. Rather than try
to make sense out of loosely
connected thoughts I decided to
share them in their raw form.
My first question is: what is
celibacy? What does it mean to be
celibate? Does celibacy exclude
masturbation or does it only
exclude sexual expression with
One of the first blocks I
experienced in thinking about
celibacy was the feeling that it
would have adverse psychological
consequences. It was denying
one's sexuality. But then, this
brought me to my next question
which is: what is sexuality?
Somehow it seemed that celibacy
hit very hard at this question.
Where does sexual energy come
from? What happens to that
energy during celibacy? What-
determines if that energy is used
constructively or destructively? I
began accepting that celibacy
could be one way of expressing

energetic appetite and that it could
no longer direct me, I truly was
There were side benefits in
relationships. Because I wasn't
looking for sexuality and/or
physical responses, there was new
awareness of aspects of others
which was shared more fully. It
was as if I were somehow more
finely honed. I not only projected
more clearly, I perceived with
clarity. There were stronger
interpersonal family relationships,
especially with small children and
th elderly.
:Without question, I grew.
There came a time when the
conscious choice was made to no
longer be celibate, with rich
rewards. Now, I can choose to
share my sexuality because I want
oto, no t.ayse, f.etpe. nations of
,theyor;:8 T.y owns lcan be ahobl

Rather than bother with all this
nonsense, I seek intimacy from the
people who consistently return it
- other women.
With both sexes, I avoid the
nerve-wracking, sexually-oriented
"male-attraction" trip. Right now,
this means celibacy. And I'm very
happy with this option.
I hope that celibacy will give us
all the chance to relate on a more
intimate level. Without the
stereotypic expectations of the
sexual relating, women can get
closer to men, and to other
women. With the exorcism of the'
"lover" trip, we all may learn
something about loving each
For those of you who ask "Will
you ever give up celibacy?" I say,
"It depends on how far we all
See you after the Counter-

one's sexuality an affirmation of
that sexuality. Celibacy could be
an inner exploration or journey
into the meaning of sexuality. The
idea was beginning to grab hold of
me, the questions coming faster.
Only now they were directed at
the issue of sexuality and how
celibacy' might help to find
How does one's sexuality
influence one's relationship with
other people? Is it possible 'to
separate the physical from the
spiritual and emotional plane? Is
kissing and hugging sexual, and if
so, is this excluded during
celibacy? Is celibacy a closing off
from other people or an opening
up to them in other dimensions?
The questions don't stop. They
keep tumbling out and stumbling
into one another. I haven't finished
asking one when the next one is
formed. For me it all comes down
to the basic issue'of sexuality. I see
celibacy as a means to defining and
clarifying the nature of sexuality
for oneself. In that sense, the
whole concept of celibacy is very
powerful and fascinating. It makes
me feel very strong to know that I
have that choice. It gives me a
great feeling of self-identity to
know that celibacy is an
alternative. It also provokes a
great curiosity.

want to be and how I want to be.
There is yes or no from a much
more secure base.
And, it is OK.
So much has been expected in
heterosexual relationships, that all
of us have been warped. In the
past few years, homosexual
relationships have been more
openly explored as a different
option. But we, as a species or
even a culture have not accepted
chosen abstinence as a healthy
option, except for religious orders.
I maintain it is not only healthy
and viable, it can be a growing
experience without comparison.
Some say it could be a counter-
revolution. Perhaps, It, at least, is:
power involved. The strength of
my argument lies in another-
direction. I call it an inner-:
, evolution,.a trip, well, worth the
S-s an~inthe taking .

Celibacy Provokes

Alot of Questions


I flow with my moods
And self stands by and smiles
The me in me throws temper-tantrums
And self stands by and smiles
The me in me tells me, "Thou shalt not..."
And self does not accept, only smiles.
People tell me, "You are this and you are that..."
And self tolerates, she knows no one can tell her how she is."
They don't have too, because she already knows.



Where would I be without you?
I depend on you.
You come to me in my despair and comfort me.
And what a comfort you are!
And yet I forsake you constantly,
Ignore you, forget your existence.
Because I do this, I become confused, and withdrawn.
I go from person to person then,
Always forgetting your presence.

And when I have hit bottom and no words of encouragement will lift me,
I sit quietly and you appear.
And I wonder at the fact that you, of all voices I have not drawn upon.
But you're there, the one blithe spirit
I have often been accused of hating.

Where have you been?
I've been waiting for you. Not too patiently either.
Oh, never mind you're here now and it's about time.
I've missed you.
People have been abusing me and saying all kinds of things bad about me.
You weren't here to defend me.
It is necessary that you defend. me, you know.

Why are you laughing?
What's so damn funny?
Do you find me and mine that amusing?
I must say I feel rather foolish when you laugh like that.
But then the foolishness is going and I become once more
Incorporated in you and things are all right again.


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the Democratic ) National
Committee, showed that voters in
Florida overwhelminglysupported
the ERA by 62% with the heaviest
concentration of support in the
south and the least in the

This was the last chance for the
Florida Legislature to vote on the
controversial measure before the
date of ratification.
Three more states are needed
before the ERA becomes apart of
the U.S. Constitution.

qs r.P '9T' 1- 22" Ji-r49 wr6 1 04h(' ,K

By Nancy Byrd


* b~i?~"~~J~

Natural Food Store
604 N.W 13th St. 378-5224
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Health Weekend:

Irresistable Alternative

On the first weekend in April 130 women convgered on
BiCamp Lake Crystal for a Women's Health Weekend
j organized by the Gainesville Women's Health Center. They.
came from Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, St. Petersburg
'and from outside of Florida.
-1 Although the emphasis of the weekend was on health, the
structure was loose enough to allow for leisure indulgence.
The hot Florida sun, the lake and the pleasant environment
made the latter an irresitable alternative to many.
This was not a gathering for political discussion but an
3 opportunity to relax and commune with oneself, nature and
other women. It was a chance to explore new ways of
expressing oneself through the use of the body. It was also a
chance to unite spiritually with other women. There were
workshops in yoga, massage, feminist dance, belly dancing,
spirituality, martial arts, body-sex and jogging and exercise.
S i.:' There was also a workshop on the preparation of health .
foods with Linda Wilson who was responsible for feeding .; .
everyone over the weekend.
l Music was provided by Kay Gardener and Medusa Muzic. A
slide show by Eve Cohen and films by Arian were shown. -
For the majority of the women who enjoyed themselves
without incidence, leaving on Sunday was difficult. Going back
to the same old routine after such a relaxing two days was a let
Being isolated somewhat from the rest of the world with the
warmth of the sun and other women was just a little too
comfortable and pleasant to want to leave on Sunday.
4,!'* .. ,_* -_ ,



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OPEN 8-6.7 AYS WK.. .. ,682
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bedroom apartment, second floor,
central location, parking. $225 per
month. Call 377-0234 weekdays
between 10-6 p.m.
FOR RENT: 1972 Mobile Home 12
x 65, 2 bedroom 1 /2 bath
completely furnished, A/C,
carpeted. $125 per month, first and
last required, no deposit. Call 377-
4070 after 6 p.m.


FOR RENT: Commercial office
space over WomanStore. 900
square feet, carpeted, painted,
separate entrance. Space for 2 or 3
offices plus reception area, kitchen
and bath: Call 377-0234 weekdays
between 10-6 p.m.


Pap Smears
Sexuality Abortions
Massage Classes
0 Yoga Vaginal Infectio
"4 ^ Body Sex Birth Control
Menstruation r
\", Pregnancy T~ls
S. H EA_ C()siu;.

.,, ,5 Avenue 377-5055






Garden fresh fruits
and vegetables

202 S.W. 2nd AVE.

Pa~rj3~0 QPRP~

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w P


Martial Arts is the Pursuit of the Spirit

By Sylvia Scudder

A growing number of
Gainesville people are practicing
one or more of the martial arts.
Their reasons are as varied as their
practice. Not surprisingly, among
women, self-defense and exercise
are most often cited as the initial
attraction of the arts, but among
those who continue, something
more subtle begins to substitute
for those early reasons, something
more wonderingly philosophical:
the progressive unification of mind
and body, the pursuit ofthe spirit.
What has brought about this
renaissance of the martial arts?
What has brought women to
them? To appreciate the finer
points of what the martial arts offer
in terms of spiritual and physical
development, and the special
problems women have getting
involved in the martial arts, one -
must have an idea of their origin.
In 525 A.D., Bodhidharma, an
Indian monk, carried with him out
of India and across the Chinese
frontier the unconscious
beginnings of today's martial arts.
Discouraged by the decline of
Buddhism outside the borders of
India, this self-proclaimed
missionary traveled to Honan
Province and the Shaolin Temple :A
to instruct the monks there in his .
unique approach to the teachings'
of Buddha. Arriving at the
monastery, he found the monks so
emaciated that they lacked the
stamina even to sit and listen to his
expositions. Realizing that in order
to train their spirits and minds he
would first have td. train.their ._ ..
bodies, Bodhidharma introduced
a system of exercises and physical
hygiene into their daily lives known
as "shih pa lo han sho" or Eighteen
Hands for the Lo-Han". co
Bodhidharma's "Lo-Han" was ha.
not developed as a fighting form, em
though it was taken from Indian tra
bare-hand fighting. It was simply me
practiced as a means of on
strengthening the physical body Th
and developing stamina and self- pea
discipline, thereby allowing the "c
practitioner to proceed more fist
easily toward spiritual enlighten-

But China in the fifth century
was extremely militaristic.
Soldiers as well as highwaymen
lived wantonly off the labors of the

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Green much less were he to be left
alone in the company of my child.
Statistically and realistically Mr.
Green poses more of a threat to
the welfare of any child than does a
male homosexual.

I note that the counterprotest
has thus far not called for a
boycott of citrus products I
have no such compunction and
will not purchase another orange
or container of concentrate or
juice until the Florida Citrus
Commission disassociates itself
from Anita Bryant and her bigotry.
She is as closely associated with
Florida citrus products as is
Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney
World, and if you continue to align
yourselves with her narrow philos-
ophies and religious views, it shall
be without my support, and
hopefully without the support of
many Floridians.
,. -. Janis C9omptonCarr



mmon people, whose weapons
d been denied them by various
iperors. Buddhist monks,
lining in secret, developed
measures of self defense using
ly hands and feet as weapons.
iese techniques, given to the
asants, evolved into chinese
huan fa" the "law" or "way of the

From India to China came this
stem of empty-handed fighting
ara-te, empty-hand). By the
venth century, chuan fa had
en introduced into Okinawa by
iddhist missionaries. There it
is practiced quietly until 1609,
hen the Satsuma Clan over-ran
e island and proclaimed a ban on
weapons. From that time on,
)kinawa te", or simply te (hand),
is practiced in utmost secrecy,
oviding the islanders their only
If defense.

In the early 1900's, karate
moved from Okinawa to Japan.
Already in Japan for centuries was
"budo", or "the warrior's way", a
Zen-based code of moral ethics
practiced by the samurai class.
Perpetrated by the ever-present
threat of violent death, budo gave
the samurai warrior a meditative
outlook that freed him from the
fear of entering whole-hartedly
into battle.

The intense concentration and
self-discipline demanded by te
suggested to the Japanese
another direct method of training
toward enlightenment. And the
emphasis on the identification and
use of internal or intrinsic energy
formed an immediate bond
between these inwardseeking
people and the secret art first
formalized in Bodhidharma's Lo-

So to the United States from
Japan came karate in the 1800's,
arriving on the west coast via
Hawaii with Asians in search of a
new life in California. In the 1950's
karate was taught in various
military curricula, and in 1954 the
first commercial school of karate
opened in the U.S. "Karatemania"
began: commercial "buy your
belt" schools sprang up around
the country, tournaments
emphasizing full-contact sparring
and "knock-out" bouts attracted
the attentions of spectators
uniformed of the delicate body-
spirit thread that binds art and
artist. But, ironically, the empty-
hand way had to suffer this
degradation from its spiritual
beginnings in order to become
available to a new and respectful
class of students: women.
In the Orient women have
traditionally practiced the
naginata (a long-handled knife)
and kyudo (archery). But empty-
hand fighting was denied them
until very recently. Now, a few
practice judo in Japan and Viet
Nam, although some scorn from
male counterparts usually
accompanies this practice. In the
U.S., women are practicing nearly
all the martial arts and their
attraction to the arts is natural and
many-fold: "Self-defense is an
over-riding reason for many
women to initiate training. Some
systems of martial arts readily lend
themselves to self-defense
programs for people of small
stature and a traditionally poorly
defined sense of physical power.
Japanese karate, emphasizing
hard blocks and straight, focused
attacks with hands and feet,
probably results in the most rapid
gains to a woman's growing
capability to protect her physical
and psychological space.
On a purely physical basis,
martial arts offer an excellent,
long-range fitness program.
Because arms and legs are equally
emphasized, a balanced
conditioning is maintained.
Flexibility is demanded, and with
increased range of movement,
coordination and balance.
Health. Self-defense. Surely
there are more agreeable ways of
providing these things than going

to a dojo (training hall) three.or five
or seven days a week, putting on a
traditional gi, bowing onto the the
training floor, and then for an hour
or two stretching, punching,
kicking, falling, spinning, leaping,
sparring, missing blocks, pushing
up, repeating the same movement
until the body is too tired to plead
and the mind is a single point.
Why do we practice? Why do
we stay? The aim is to unify the
physical, mental, and spiritual
strivings of the individual toward
personal enlightenment. Through
the physical training of the martial
arts, one gains a growing
awareness of the power of mind
and above that the power of heart
or expanding will. With exhaustion
comes body-less calm, a physical
"disappearance" in which the
being as mind-body arrives at a
single point-clearly perceived,
clearly perceiving.
In the 1970's women have begun
to organize, formally and
informally, to deal with their
unique problems ini. the
traditionally male-oriented arts.
Problems of acceptance into
training programs, initial problems
with the rigors of a curriculum
designed for historically athletic
and physically confident men,
problems of sloughing off old
nonassertive images and hang-ups
about sparring. Working in
unknown territory where every
step has to be invented because
there are so few (as yet) successful
role-models to study.
In January 1975, Women in
Martial Arts (WIMA), a new
organization based in Southern
California, published in its first
newsletter the following three-fold
purpose: to support women
already in the martial arts, to
encourage more women to
consider martial arts as a potential
medium for their growth, (and) to
promote professionalism and
friendly competition for the
enrichment of all who participate
in martial arts. This organization,
composed of women 'in all
branches of martial arts, is one of a
growing number of coalitions
formed to encourage and promote
the natural blossoming of women's
talents in this overwhelmingly
beautiful way of Self-attainment.


Carolyn Benson

PBreakthrough, Inc.offers group, family,
child, alternative lifestyle and
relationship therapy.

We offer a chance to relate to someone
who is objective and can serve as a
catalyst in helping you clarify your
situation. An opportunity to change
your self concept from negative to
positive, and allow you to do more with
your life.

Fees are decided on a sliding-scale and are negotiable.

,, Fr,ipfqrm action phone 376-3456. After 6 pm, 372-0745.

1 I~Rr



Lady Gators Win

Gym Championship

Women's Softball Schedule

An injury-riddled but "gutsy"
Lady Gators gymnastics team
won the 1977 AIAW Regional
Gymnastics Championship on
March 12 by more than 10 points
over the co-favored Jacksonville
State University women who
placed second.
At the same lime, four of the five
Florida women team members
placed in the top ten of the all-
around individual finals. And one
woman, Bonnie Harris, qualified in
the AIAW individuals competition
to take place soon in Mt. Pleasant,
Mi., with her 8.5 event average.
Florida's 127.50 points took the
eight-team meet. Auburn and
Georgia College followed in third
and fourth positions with scores of
115.60 and 114.50, respectively.
However, the Lady Gators
needed 134 points in the general
meet in order to qualify for the Mt.
Pleasant Nationals.
But Florida coach Sandy Phillips
said she is proud of her Gators and
called the 134 point requirement
"an excellent rule."
Phillips explained, "Gymnastics
in our area is just developing and
we didn't deserve to go The
AIAW must have a way to sort
teams in a national caliber meet."
It was the second consecutive
year that the Lady Gators have


come close to qualifying for the
Top scorers for Florida were:
Michele Love, second in all-
around competition, second in
vaulting, sixth (with Paula
Northius trying) in uneven parallel
bar competition; Tima Kelley,
third in all-around competition,
ninth in uneven parallel bar
competition, fourth in the balance
beam meet and seventh in the
floor exercise; Paula Northius,
sixth in all-around competition,
sixth in uneven parallel bar
competition, fifth in the floor
exercise; Dawn Saurey, seventh in
all around competition, eighth in
Uneven parallel bar competition;
Andrea Polites, fifth in uneven
parallel bar competition.
Bonnie Harris claimed the only
scores to break the nine-point
barrier in the meet with two nine-
plus scores. Northius, Love,
Saurey and Kelley made the top
ten of uneven parallel bar
Michelle Love's recent sprained
neck, Tima Kelley's badly sprained
ankle and Andrea Polites's recent
recovery from major knee surgery
did not keep the Lady Gators from
turning in their highest scores ever
in gymnastics competition.


Election of officers of Women
Unlimited will be held at the
regular membership meeting

MAY 16

The following officers will
be voted on:


All eligible voting members
are urged to attend.

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