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Title: Univrsity Gallery information materials
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Title: Univrsity Gallery information materials
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mark the spaces off after you visit the art

Alaichua County, [he City of G,ino sville
and the Universily oi Floi ida ac; h have
in individual public art piograin.

cur combined community of county,

city and university is greatly enhanced

by the display of its public art.

Shv works ot art in each oilec ion ire
acquired through standardized sets of
jo ceases according to national norms.
This ihrclhui contaiins i brief overview
of each collect i on.

personalize your passport
Use any space to take notes or respond to the work.

... A . ..: : : . .. .:. : : .. *.. ....

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The Art in Public Places Trust is an Alachua
County and City of Gainosville five memeber
appointed citizen conmititee. It was established
to manage their respective art in public places
trust funds and to oversee pur chases of public
art. The mission of both the City and County
public art program is to improve the quality
of the visual envirotient of Gainesvi le and
Alachua County, both natural and constructed.
In doing so, the committees raise the level
of citizen awareness for the need to

experience aesthetic delight in everyday life.

Both public gove nrrnents have adopted
percent for art ordinances. They appropriate
Additional information may be found at one percent of the original construction or

major renovation costs of local government
www.gvcu Ituralaffai rsorg buildings providing public access to be used
for the acquisition of art.


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Tl~eArtin Pbli Plaes rustis n Alchu

The University of Florida's Public Art
is a component of Florida's Art in State Buildings
initative, established in 1979 by the Florida
Legislature. One half of one percent of the total
state appropriation for the construction of new
state buildings, up to $100,000, is utilized for
the acquisition of art for that facility.

The mission of the program is to create

a collection of artwork that is of excellent

quality, both dynamic and current.

Artwork is carefully selected by specific
committees appointed for each project.
These selections enhance the built
environment of the University of Florida.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page." > St.
W "k

The University of Florida's collection includes
over 9)o artworks that were acquired through
this program. The educational mission of the
University is enhanced by the

many nationally and internationally recognized

artists included in the collection.

Please visit our website


to learn more about the University of Florida's
Art in State I '. program and collection.

"Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." > Benjamin Disrach

Moses. 1998
Bru8 rz. at-ee and 7ponit .( lipt rce

Department of Physics

Sculptor iohn T Young has a long
history of creating public art. This
piece demonstrates the "magic"
of physics and its ability to make
a stone appear to fly It incorporates
some of the basic elements of physics
such as forces, vectors, balance,
tension, compression and gravity.


has bee invol 1 wh pic r

for over twenty years in the United
i i

States and abroad Biplane is built
with lightweight elements that
undulate with the slightest air
cur ents aind reflect night it oieats

UF WelcBookstore and Welcome Center
States and abroad. Biplarm is built
with lightweight elements that

undulate with the slightest air
currents and reflect light It floats
in midair In the entry lobby of the
UF Welcome Center.


_i -~


Synapse. 2000
Lamiunated gianA, .tePel tubing and cabic

McKnight Brain Institute

Synapse was created by artist Ray
King as a sculpture that mirrors the
nature of the eye. It contains light
refractive glass elements that change
colors when viewed from many
directions during varying times
of day. The cabled structure is set
into a large window on the facade
of the building.

Double Scroll, 2003
Forged iteei and iron

Gerson Hall. Accounting

The Double Scroll, by artist Lynn
Newcomb, is based on a design
created in the civilizations of
ancient Greece and Egypt who
ttr ibuted it to divine or mystical
properties. Since that time it has
been used in the design of buildings
and monuments by renaissance,
gothic and modern architects.
This work is a double scroll super-
imposed on a golden rectangle.

Tf A

i- --

l l


Computer Science and Engineering
Sculptor John Henry designed this
piecet to express the exube ance of
Alachua County's multi- ace~ed
cultural personality. Although the
artwork was shocking to ome
viewers when first commissioned,
it has become a symbol of the
University of Fiorida campus
and is now affectionately known
as "Ihe French Fries"

tUtitled, 2003
Siaiiwd glaun

Southwest Recreation Center

The glass in this untitled piece by
artist Carl Powell at the Southwest
Recreation Center forms prismatic
optical illusions that dance" with
movement as the viewer passes by
'he work is fabricated into separate,
colorful panels installed in the east
entryway windows.

Harp of Color, 2004
Cold cut cl.ani cmnd orc raft
support cable
Constans Theatre

This wave of color and light by
artist Sheng Shan Shan is made
with cold cut glass and suspended
with aircraft cables. The artist
rendered the piece to create a
peaceful sense of energy, uphtting
the spirit. The kaleidoscope of
colored panels is an abstract
representation of music, theatre
and dance.

Cloud #3, 1994
Mi'xd iidca on c ptlper
Collection of the Samuel P. Harn
Museum of Art

Artist Bob Mueller, UF Associate
Professor of Art, researched clouds
and was fascinated by their
ethereal qualities. The artist refers
to lyris from a Bob Dylni song.
people don't live or dic, people just
float The artist foufd a connection
between a loss in his personal life
and the temporary qualities of this
form in nature.

>> >>>>>>>> > >.>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>campus/Sw>>>>> >>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i>> >>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

Alachua. 1988
Pauited nichmtnuci M i;tp




NW AvNE 3941 Ave

NE 23,d Ave

NW 16th Ave

7811 Av, NL 8thi Ave

W. LJniorty Avt


,4- Ave

The Scales of Hammurabi, 2002

Alachua County Criminal Courthouse
220 S. Main Street
Gainesville, FL

This glass mural installation by
lack Archibald is intended to pay
homage to one of civilization's
most epic milestones. A lyrical
representation of the first written
codification of laws, the work
explores the hieroglyphics of
ancient legal codification.
This piece is the first public art
acquisition since Alachua County
adopted its ordinance.

A Gainesville Family Portrait, 1999
Digitol printA, piauma rut steel.
interactive textbook

City Hall, Entrance Lobby
2oo E Unversity Avenue
Gainesvilie. FL

Richard Heipp, UF Professor
of Art. created this mixed media
installation in which he presents an
unofficial history of the people of
Gainesville. Twelve light boxes house
group portraits of local people, circa
1900oo-194 Each box is layered with
a "hobo symbol." The intent is to pay
homage to the working people,
and the disenfranchised of our
community. It is a reminder that
government exists to serve all people.

s>> >> >> >>>> >>>>>> >>>>> >>>> d tw e> > >> >> >

S' 22002
Conruretl, recycld yA9/>, brick, glaAA,
inarbles, Ationr and r41ef text
NW 8th Avenue
between NW 34th Street
and NW 22nd Stieet

In a cooperative project with the
Alachu. Astronomy club, artist
Elizabeth indianos created
monument to representing the
planets of our solar system. Each
of the ten, eight foot tall concrete
monoliths is covered with tactile
and visual information including:
scientific facts, symbols and poetry
The linear path of monoliths
stretches along 8th Avenue, spaced
in ratios of the actual distances
between the planets on a scile
of 4 billion to i.

J ---

NE 8th Ave

W Univesi Ave 26

/4 ~ 1-

~ ll'7>

NF 39fh811 Ave

:1 Eln
E [

Gainesville Athletes. 2002
i namtl, paint, cermtnl blo k

Martin Luther King Jr.
Multipurpose Center
1028 NE 14 Street, Gamesville, FL
This mural depicts several
Gainesville athletes who have
achieved excellence in certain sports.
Artist Suzanne Marie Raveling
captures the potential that exists in
our youth beginning with high school
spot ts through Olympic achievement.
As children play in the gymnasium,
they are surrounded by images
depicting endless possibilities.

Alachua County

Board of County Comnimissioners
- Facilities Management



S City of Gainesville

Department of Cultural Affairs



vo Vu- --

University of Florida
University Gallery
College of Fine Arts
School of Art + Art History
352.392.0201 ext.244

Florida Arts Council
Florida Departmient of State
Office of Cultural and Historical I ,

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