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!-- Mid ocean ( Newspaper ) --
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mods:note dates or sequential designation Began in 1899.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 35 (Sept. 18, 1899).
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mods:dateCreated August 10, 1929
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Volume 18
Issue 144
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Mid ocean
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Mid-ocean (Hamilton, Bermuda)
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The Mid-ocean
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 Material Information
Title: The Mid-ocean
Uniform Title: Mid-ocean (Hamilton, Bermuda)
Portion of title: Mid ocean
Physical Description: v. : ; 39 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Creation Date: August 10, 1929
Frequency: semiweekly
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1899.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 35 (Sept. 18, 1899).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 19568876
lccn - sn 89049267
System ID: UF00076592:00005

Full Text
eP 9





- Price 4d. or 8 Cents






America Leads in

Wightrnan Cupn

Series. 2 to I

Neu'Y. \',rk CA"'i. Aug I"--TI,- Am.t-
]- 1 -ll t a lll .]i l i i I I i. 'i 1 i
[ t -0 V --t:, h I a. l \I -l i,-1 Tt i l

Enr:rili-i i-aia i'e- -,-ti>-'i.,
Tht Enr lilh ir n il. .- il i -,
d-..ubles liiatih. MIr-p. Pt -it \ia -.i
ri l, Mla- L R tIlir,: i-I tria'.iili it '-
..v,:-r .1M i- I- H.tien W ill :..l 1 -. E.lih
' se. -, t.. 4 i 1 r. I ri r i .. .A ll -tr i l
- .*ea ll t:,io k rt\\ f thi -it ,- n-. h! r.i. !i.
(' M i-= H la n W !"it .- t i.,t-.i 1 Mr-.
[ lih el.-.-- \ -l t -..n. ,I. t I a; t.i .i..s
lli;lel Jat:e:lh- iieetlr .-i i i- ,-rt-.- ;N t-
O nll. 70. ,S t. .
Enforcing-the Health Act

A n iitl,- -r i.- lie ,-itmr l i. _,i-i. i r l i t. :i'e
[fH"i.a tn ie e t'L lld .I t i I .Il 1 r.i lit
lias ju ,r Ij:.,-n ,:l .ilt -.. n ii i. F lh.:
Drl.von hlhire L"..;i E o,.,d o, H. ..Ilhl
A \ lie-m il l l li .. ii li l j i 1,i '.l r t.
enit i ne all rid.-r lhi.- i i l.lt :i la -llt lln oi'
tlt- i L-p t,-:ior. I.Inlt i t I -, .! r ..[ the
Mlla..-e .tu hld not r : t ut p andil i t.re
tihe nitliance Th!i- reI-.iult i- i lit; fa p-
Pea raI n(e. it c i.:.ia t i r ol le:> Is ;
chiaree laid ea-sain-r .-iiL., a:iid thi
ina ri-t nit- coi:ti\ i.:tail ihe re ffr-idel r
after Iir-iirant: thi. e viel-nr.-.. How-
ev' IS. fs' t le l 1irt-i atid it- -ireri' liiald
iings Lhad in the nwit time Ieen [l.i'r-
oughlil ':-aleid itll and plila.E :l in a
condition -fa.tor'y to t e htair-
Tiiail of the Board, jild.'lern e nrasie nu.,-
The general public" ill be intetr-
eated in Ithi case, ahtd pi-r owner'

The Be ini ida Atille-ti- A-..:,- iatiii
c-ored a ti'intirilh .iet;t it- inr,:iCrii ,ar,-
(chial rival, the Setile-ntiin- Re- .-iea--i
Club, in lth-ir St rii.,r LiqeLu- :crick.-t,
inah h last Thrtr-.inay --aftr-int.tr. ,t nthi
B A. A. Fi-i,]. but it ae-i iy .1 v-i
ita 'iat rmargein andiI vi .:\ ',a riadR-
pos ibille :)ilt I.e til r :e t ,r:.ri -n l i ttiitili.
taken b.\ C("ril V llii, thl S-r'lj inrtiaa
captain, an- l 1te ei itil- R.ILre- j i-ai
Starting at 2-i l,.rn in t .. a' ti.: a
lialf h.tir- rhe Seip. ran i up a -,..re ..f
127 for the It -.- .f z -.sght wvi ket-r.
Skipper Vallia dit ie d I.:,. i\ i,.:.tir
Itams an even ihiac:- at v1i.tory, and]
the two poiu- t in thr li i.1,u -tI ta lin;-.
whilch tr- Ith with it, rather thi.i play
safte for a draw and divid,, th- points.
RHis team (-ndoried thi.- viwp...int. anu.
took no' advantage ,if uijptrtunite,-I to
waste tinie while in the fi-el.. Thli
Association went ir, to bar at 4 3in p.m.
oirl had crossed the Ranger-.' -r..i-
slhortly after the -eventh wicket lihad
A i:rowd of about 21"1 p~ r-sjna, :t ...n
blhe club verandah or the Field seats to
welch the match. It was about the
largest crowd which has attended an
ordinary league match in Bermuda
thibis season, and their presence seemed

RETURNS $1,000;

N-.v l l: i .'I i A. I 1 --Pitilt
htl. e. L I- -_ P : i t ( ill. i.

i' -l i. t F ,i rll t .i d -I'r-, --it .
ll' i ,i. I hI ,." i n- i i i _i i ,-- hl : I .- h ,:,

hli I ti i! tjI i "1. : I t-
SIi, a .. u r I.i :k t : i l (i l- i' ml

I I. -. ti'i (it. l l iii h l
\\~-.1i 1 _,u1 ;l aill h,,ll,: -r e .

i i lll. rhai.,l; t'......d da. "

West, News Executive,
Here for Brief Holiday

Ne- a 't- 1: li-.ai. i :i rtei ..r[ I jl .. i -jl
'.i i,- h- .- ,- ri .h te- e e .i r1i' it.Iai i-.1-

, ,,; i_',-: ,' I-- h. ,,i, ,. i rl. .

.. t i -el .1 t1 lie. -z-.i.t t'| i e- al i1
... i l.. t t..' '.. .il ] N' tl hi.. I '. i 'i. l -'
LI,, 'S- i. e [ l' i l ,It e!i l T ,
i, r r ttlte H .a iiiei, l HI _. l ..i et-
a. e- t,'.et .ulii ire'-ki:nIad.
l ri iI o.\ Xir \\'- t :r r. e ma- kin- l ie
,.- t,- l l l -: i a _, i, a rit n,- P l.
! i t- -iii ii.t--r. ii ,',-liin f'r...ir N .--;
\.eric t Mi: -nti .i I.- ra.il. l .inI M .nIi.
r ..-.i t1 i -ti,, 10 'lu i i i1 th 3 C na- li 1 i1 N .i-
tie- .Il I. -tl, -i -tilit,- l "Ltily" t hira ,e ae d
l'..in E-i ,ih ti.l l.a k [t.. Nea Ye.,l: I,'
Ib- F'urli--- n BE-El1trii- i Lii--- v-.-elIs.
Mi'. W\et i-t ie.e lihtinln; eatiIne- virh
'!c1j il1',: iIy tli-,:i :lin '2 [,j[ n t.',' ilI -
. l,..pi -'- .erm'nii .lia titu ter l uletbi Ity
Ud it- i -- ,-i'v .- .;[ih J S ;.-.tt ClIm-
'lii2 ri.. .L -itti %-, Th.- Sil-.

of pigstie- \vill d ;' to vill th tt '... "_ ._ .'*r-i
._-clJ r.-p"-e-e-ojttfe.. -. e'- 'aruhat tt.,1 U -ia-e'-:at Sc rvh,-.. \l'
nraihtaiiaed to rh.e sa i-rti- '-. ti o f i i- ne. t e t
8 11its ri-' tio nir .\I i muri r 010er 2 tle L rs >i
s nitary i-pe,:t '. ,l rea- ble ,r a, i 1 We.r at dintiler aUi later
orders., ba.k d iay the Sli.,iort of ,., i,|, Te" nia.e RoF,,,: Tihutl'. v .tven.
their hahlirmen., *i not ai:,e diaesiLard- tied.

B. V. R. C. Band at
Elbow Beach Hotel

The MNil m.ay Band of the- B-iEinl-
da Velitater' Rir- (,orp a 1i by kind
pernli--ion of Major R. C. Earl,
V D.. and ofl'i .--rs i will it e in a land
coniec-rt at Elbow Pt-ati.l Het,-- i ,on
Nirid evo niii- At. li t 1 ti. 1i 2"i.
TI-le follow int2 I tpr'l- iitie : iia-
he-ei -ele'ttmd:--
Miar-h--"Old Comiil-.,".... (. Tik-.
IItt'-rmiezz.-"Th-T. Dr-lin of the
Ball" ... .. J. Ord H 1 nti -
Euphlionimll Siolo--'The soni. ofat
Soloist. Sgr. A. Booth
the Cl ..k" .............. .. Cha J. O tih
Sel-.i tiotn--C"( a mipu. MiAliuri-"'i
Corii-t Sol.I-"Tit, Bells of 'St.
Mary's" ... arr F. \V. Wood,
BM. S-_ot,- Grt ..
Soloi-t L C(il. Olitrrbril-,e
-hz .-

Yachtsman Drowned

L,..-i.1.n. En?-liine Aiz. 1i.- IOlaf
}" e. -aletii ni-tter ,.if ti.:- An-i itanr
i~. ht K il .: i..i. v ii ... n ir .. la--'t
iie tr t .-li -ti li- ne n -i- li s f..-etiia i.nli
Iir : ,-' h; a;, U itiii- b,,ail li illr lhip
.ii a l in. i .r itff l R ,-te l .i V it le S i.| ,1.
1 I tI !' L t i It CP-w-i.I.[

-".' luiha .-:.: '-h: ,'J-- "La Palorna"
Ya rdier
A i li i F.iiI nt-j,-i.- **(.'i-est t-,t"'
Ni L. Lake
X',.. .pl. .- .:. ol,- The Impa '
Ric ket t.
S.,i..r-. IBmitd Sc'- :'t. F. J illy
i .i:.iit.,. MarI.:hI- "l'o].on-Il BoP ."s
Al ford
!n-ite-irn tal Alaiih--"l'rm Ninrly
itv,:" ... .. .. ........ ..... .. E u -la nd
Til- Str.c 1, aiifl d B:ii-ne i
D E THE rr SKoun

I. -tniilnl,.- taie Id-3si-r -f lt ,) othla t-arnis
, riI.. It t -ff, irt-,.. II -a. rten airkeil
ihlt til-r,-- i.- a fi. ut i-re iva-i of the
-, -,t i. -,-.i-ir,,t ihtn ,e--t iln alera u.- rii k.t
,- aen.I tlie- i:,i, i a,.,n .- r e-x| ,-r .e-d t rhd t,
I.,..I-i I;. iat t)iial] td.l [nr ..Idl- nie i n-
-. r .eilt e b-s re-ste re .-i

('ri-.oin Star of IHatchi

Fir'hik Cri--i.n ai the ilivitijjiual
-I. ir .,ft t-h- di. i.aptlIi in -.ix Serp.
v, i: k-fr- f,-, 4J rutu- in P .0 :i-:rs fto1 a
' % Liu -inot-,i:o-7- ,:f 7.1 a6 anId plavilig a
- i.alt t.r a ntotial tf .331 rina. ith
: oit hiient rciori. fo:r thei B.A.A
m'httlii" .S|.UI'rlIj w hol is hi i [tly t,:,
it i ,lullua., ,MIn'-rrienimorer-ld lii- fin-
Aai p.i.eiramit.- in loe.all league .iikel:t
I., :- rl_. ing a t.,tal o.f i;1 riin-, tc rupris
ir, itw, .',' and the rest "'s and I';.
C irlhout one iiuid.aar]ay., a nor,.ew*.! Irity
-xhIii-ai-itiin. Crel'er.n and Spurling,. bat-
rmii-, in partrinr-_iip. cerrie.l the score
i. ,i 24 tj li.i befji'jere they war. xepar-
i-te H-rlh-rt Cri.'.ion, w Iith Is, \at
tlhe only their A igoelatio'n batsmen to




Eckener Reports Pleasal

Fair Weather an


Flight Over Berlin Rejected
Overhauling Before S

L,..ii .i. Ei- itind. Au1J It l- Tihe
'ia i Z'- pri-lin. La_ i.ill itG -i' iL ti e >..ietlilel r-
11 dlei i i ,- i ii-tll p. L.ter l.i-t Itillti
S e.- i'.-,,,ir-d I .-- i na-l ir ..- e't thIe Stilly
I-l!ainl :. h,.lr i it ilt-- n.-iiir Land'-
ia-i. -i- r...i iri r.. F ri lriit i, l.-lat'e-u. i 1-'.-
ti-. ,; I-...' fir-t .-ilj ,.tivt- it a fli'-llhr
.' .i: a w ill take- l rt- ar.:.l',r l IIIi. i:.rli .
Thi hir-llip iea -i- i lrted 1.5 pr.i
,*:iliL- r e-t t =.J. ..I rat- of ip'tdl, aver-
i 1ing e- ihli.nt i. i m ile alln hoiiur. vit i
fair v-.-thei alnd v r-i little wind.
i,..,-.-.:- from the -hip toi Beirlin.
Lotion. and \l'-ashinlitn lka-i tthe
itorld iif.trliird of tie Graf ZepLpe-
Iin-u' lrogres- through thI --kit-. rad
told of her pilea-ant voy.age.
Haeiing followed a di-- eas-t (ouir-e
tinle leaving Neaw York City, tlie
ai liner tii'ned northward yesterday
ft'.rtii0oon ~so as to pass over the
e;oati of Eniiland. If she is able to'
-, t iii h ,3 id hir '-i3'pyn
t"? sihotild lie in / Fried ri.:lishafenI

'ontetinme t hi aterunoon.
LiDr. Hua.) E-kener, commander of
the- Graf Zeppelin. in a wire-es, me&,-
sa-'e to the Gerniau Ministry of Com-
mnnincatiotus. said he aould be un-
abl- to fly over Berlin oni Sniday.
Gernimahy' "'Constitution Day." Dr.
E,:'keuner explained that this wa. due
,j thie ov-rhlailinie whilih would per-
ap li he neces.-ar-y for thlie air-lhip af-
rer lhr fl-.it ar 'oss the Atlantic
0,.ean for wlhti-h lie ha. allowed him-
s.elf a Ionager period of time. with ar-
rnial over Berlin on Sunday.
Thire autlioritie-- at the Friedrii.li-
liaf-ti Aerodroite hop,= to have the
IiE -;lrip really to depart for Tokio,
rite s,.-ond port onl hir round-the-
world flight, within three days after
litr arrival.

Social and Personal

A ia.,i tIre p.l's l enrg-rs leavine fe:,r
Ni-w Y-'-rk thii, moiiriine r.n board lthe
Ftrres-,.B-I Berniida Line S. Fuiet t'1"-
I 1%0'l u ,',: uLi:,rld :
.lMr. CEil Ci advallader. i Mr. Srta, ul t.
C -n y;e-l. li,- Fauini- C,.ope-r. fMr'.
'>i;,' S C"ri--., M.laster Harri-,. Fl.-,Id.
a-tt-ar Victor FkI.il,-. Mr .Th inlai-! (..
uet. Mi-i- J.ine Grier. Mr. C. A. I-.aa:'-
Hehry. M _r',- lai-a l aniiel. Mi-. M.
Bian:lhe Maniiel. Mis Dorii. A. Man-
en-t.Pr-fe.- ,:,- Ediard Pairk.Mr. W'sley
te-ll.i. Mrs J. Cardle bAos-e. 1li!- Daisy
C MI:.-,-'. .Mi. Ernest Petty, Nla-ter
Ernt-- Petty,. Jr.. lr. and iir'-. Jairuus
C Swavn. Mr. J..-eeplh S. Vallil..
Tho-e arrivingg front N-w- York yes-
t-.rddy on ljoard the Fuirnits-Birutnttda
Lineri' included:
Mr. ainl Mri F. L. Brewer andil Mr.
H. Br-ener. Mr. Owen Darrell, Mr. S.
P Eve, Mr. aunI MNri. H. Gibboa and
Mii- F. Gihhb.)u. NMr'. L. E. Green.
-lade, NMr. R. S. GreSuslade. Mrs. F.
Hathaiway. IlMi. S. Talbot.
e *
Mr. 0 C. Wjinwrighit \a- among
the passengers retiring from King-
-.rao and Naau-.i la 't Thursday morn-
inp oin board Ithe Canadian National S.
S. Lady Rodney.
Alnona the ipaisengers leaving for
MoImtreal la-,t Thursday afternoon
Mir. Cl.rics \V. K-empe. Mr. M R
MN-errow,. Mr. A. Smith. Mrs. Gilbert
Smith. NMles Ruth Smith, iIrs. W. E
Srniirling. Miss E. Spurling. NMiss P
Spurling. MiNs Winifred Talbot, Miss

.'1 1 S L 1 L"Ie lI L 11 v t Lf. I'I ri -. 1 .1 1
tnn a v-it r.t. hier attlut ndiii n.-le. MIr.
aitid Mr.-. W illiam Gobl-. ...f Cliff-ile-
Park, New Jelbey I'Mr. GC.hle i, wcell-
klnowVn in Bernmltla. hlavin_ been a
re-ideut liere some years ago..
I *

rn-ar-h double figures. P. Ttem. Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Gilbert, who
D. Card waos the bhih hat ,f the have been visiting parents aud friends
cipre and second highest of the match AMr. T. F. Fall, M.C.P., was among It, Bermuda, returned to New York
the passengers leaving for Kingston, City last, Tuesday on the Furness-Ber
Continued on page 2. Jamaica, on board the Canadian Na- muda Line M.S. Bermuda.

S i: lel.ec., iat a me et Lli i i l lthe tiDI-
i. natih: Coinmissin assumined a posi-
t;..n alrim.t-i as deterniined a- that Itak-
-: I..- Philip Snowdec. lhe British1
C(hantelle.r of i te Exchequer. in the
LEconomic Con.missionn. henu li- dctlar-
. ,I the Reikh Governument cannot ac-
cept auy new form of a control com-
imission following the evacuation dof
tile Rhineland by Allied troops, other
than the control provided for by the
League of Nations and the Treatles of

O 9$5,000,000 SUIT Defendants Get

D U E H O M E w-r : .-i-r --.,. s.Fi dd. Prison Sentences
A- it 1 h.--Mr- Betl iai Croker.- | ame

Tal i i iii\, T iL.t.,, iY *"'i,.,e ". lo.-t a L:.,- I:r l;t. i til l,,e It.r it t meui bers
,--' h -ir !it i k --1 hi'R .i itt i ,,f tile defia.,.t Iankinl firm of Clarke
1 .:1, r v ,11r y Idl.vr1.I -. i t3r%- r I, i I',l pr.'i'I n sentenced
nt Voyage, with il., .. .it ,r.-d ,, to j D. t,- ,.,-,, ...m one ,.t., ei .ht years tor
D[.i ld tJhi Paitlm Bl-a:.-h --Itate, E..ving ar-tii. lear-il ii Ilie events
d Little Wind Over Ocean i -iiihij.,i, .1 ,.,,i .,1,-t l t., ,,ort I.,, u ti ..ir..-f .tha, instii .
'...-in t rn, t propert-i ry owVitd by i 11,,i i All ha a ittrrd their guilt.
AlMr-. r'rol:.:r and v.dued at 7.- J.almi- R.,.. Clat lie. nl I., had attempt-
I IN CELEBRATION i .. -. at al .l,iin I.,i.ie of ,'t -" stulpe the entire burden of
j,1 i.*ii i 2111It. i-r e-rnt r... ii F-l-r.iIl Peniten-
I r fiV t Atlanta. Geo.irp- l for eight
to Allow Time for Plan to Enlarge and i*..-. while Philip C (rke. Hudson
.it i-. antk,. id Jiohn RB-lke'r. all nhtlnberq
Start of Round-World Flight Improve Girls High School :,.f .f firm, wene sentenced to the
I -. .i penrial t i itit ll t- f.:.r- a year and
Th,-. ahtiiialla v ail,.lra-irn nlin-
-. __ I"- *'' ali|!'' r:itoi- ror the fiiniiii-sion ---i' --*--
t,- ^ i r' lll- toi til.? B 'niii a HI igh i s"
PCLICEMEN KILL I .t- r (rlt'i- Ih. t lo ti-, di- Packers Win Close
DRUNKEN CHIEF i e ,;,, r,, it,,,i ,,t ,,il,,,clir ,, i ,ol Match from Growers
-, .l l iiid to t Inalr .- L ahhd iit eirovi-
iLh...i.... Ill ..Ai tI r I ,,|,l i ir b ildiL Plal and iii :i.ir-I T !i,: ihp i Lir aiii na l ricket mnat-h be-o
lhir.-t 1t. P ,li. *, Tl.-o,.:.r.-- S. iutt,?. ,a ,..r, t i- :ldditil alll t rl ie- I '-eei t..-:arn, r i-pr'r-- rating Hie Berm uda
,f Elmnwo,.,d Pi .ki.. i :. .-.iiill, tini v nl, Wo k ha%, ? been drawn uip la-ti r Lilu Pa.:kl-r tnd Gr.wer.' of
I:ti',. o, a.o. bTh- e l:.t hn1, l ki vr,1 Iy i,. L. -ur,- r l H. 1i i'rt. o th l il ii \ -,:a H-r L,. iy a.ll L _e. New Yc.rk lm-
louriti lii,_hi.'ay 1,,,li. t lle .1-t- T ri.olth .n :.ii d t it i lrr alr', .hiiti t. ahid .,lt-" ind h ll.,le-.Iale fl ririts. was
alled to,) l[.r-,= ,.lil-nirlj.il..i. aL r.ir.l.-l. h;it.- i ,n talk-ild 1or trlit iii lh il.iv-l I .,-r Thur-day dt li, Str. Dav-
,. rio.ldiioutr e \h lier-ie %.luilti-e la l i. ,: ,,- ii .. la ff. d.t.. r ,ie of he_ i.'"- (Cricket Club Field. St. David's
le n ir.'!o- r ,i-_ .i.l- i.l-r t hl' inrtlt-ni:r o ,i l. |ii,, ,al ,tirotira,.-ror, ftor tendering. ,..3a i.. anti restilte- d in another vic-
ilt: Thti te' ddi a fill, r the Pa,:ketl -, althoug-li by the
Tia. nitt-ta ddrtioni vill iltl--ide a
--- Ito-sti.-y -laii.'-as.e all ronrectiunng itta'rw ln1'inl i-f niue runs in the
UTnconscious Cyclist on Hill ti l i mfldinig w iitlh a three-.storev iTheud inning- l.
*Wins Misplaced Sympathy ,-.ieo wivi. to .re ere-,.ted atr ,he Tre rplay was c-lose and exciting,and
1,.rl'thi end ,of thie existing prenmie. kl-pt a latr h trowd on the Qutl 1 1 e .
The- np w,it atnit ill be 74 feet long in iu hunt tbe two -ftuaf`ugs.'.
Durii i h. ,-t i .. a' hoilt i oS h. and 34 fel wide. The. ground it. tr, l t 1 in" s e't
tii ,liiii-tttrtewa,-d-it ottt-d trav--ll-1- .rr..-te' hr

',ki. -i "e .-- ..d and neir, t 1 toi- .f c hea n i va )I haly I tagt? aid dressing- tl., fiu ... ",
.i. "-lroo s. The Third floor wle irateinug v"itup, 'l. ain hgs (C- -
whidlI has l e.:-tue , t. noriou for fal, id Into three thag lanlirlooms a e -r f:i' a to.tial 9t'>fIl"Ar '. 'Wade e'ap-
aind -u r-at.,a bit.-yl' a--idei t. sa a laslO a l i sil eeh v wickets and, allowed only
and itir ol for drawing and three rooms
the body rot a man crumitled up ili tor nmuic. is uns in the 12 overs he howled.
the road and a l ti, le on it .A.l.e A lt The Packers tarted ro)wly. but the
eei -rAlterations to the old building will middleof the Tatting order proved'un-
nearb' provide e for o larger ntimbr of class- xptiltedly fhe rmidablf and, led by S.n-
R en, i- t ora i. Io with Spe( al accommodations ,Tzo with '7. (Ui klyd overtook the
thi driver, thrilled to thL. thou lit f r tl. r e a ,,nrIhroom a ibraryv lv -, a eto Io
tliar her.- wva another vl-li.it to sve-ll I ,,ri i iniprovn m i Grolewlr' sc.re anId went on to com-
at r l ttal. nd lie hat ld llro I e rile a ttal ..f 14i6 to lead by 40 runs
flid (i.n ttlou,.-I older awake, toa I- i- It plane to begin co,)ntrtt lti ,-t n the first innina. The Growers
id i in rendlriu l he t aid otld a. -il a, lhe i"ntrat or contracts w(nt outt for their s5on Inuing s with

Ii: _iVn11 t t hI e i-t iloriil' itaL e c y.ilist. leierrnination to pile tip runs for vic-
He -topped .it I%) hou boilon-siliic tile f try', hut things looked dark iundedd .
North Shiore Road. and in on- en- Foimer Pastor to Preach l'en fI first two wickets fell forwi
litr-tl an as.-itant an:l il tlhe rthi-r From Old Pulpit Sunday -.Co(e. Tle-y quickly recovered, bow-
liad ot ilttlit.atoln estaIllli-hed with -- ever. and O'Ciunoir's 22. .1. Brangman's
Polke Heaidquarteir- in Hanilt.,: I TI, Revere-nd Norlman ll. Ouy, 21. MI. Fox's IR. and L. Brangman's 21
aid lh nir-matr rei'po!ted. M.A.. of the faculty of Mount Alli- helped to pull tp the -c-ore. The Grow-
Thik nit.rning, in thle Hamilton '' .-n iiivr-ii-ity, Snakville. Nova ers de.:-lared their second Innings at
Police Coourt. Robert Sailmuel Rih-b- L,t-oia. aind ouetimre pastor of the lir3 for eight wi.ket.?, their aggregate
ardson. the luckle,-s tys list. plea.led lM'e-li Mlethodist Church. Hamilton. Ileine 20B.
guilty to a charge of bein drunk "ill h the lre-aher at the evening R. Walker's 9 and S.. Miug's 15,
aud Incapable. and the Wor'ehi-f.il -ter ve: i in tliar cthirll tomorrow. :r:.lniltined nith a few low scores, prov-
H Villier- Sniith. J P.. Central Di[-t- NMi Guly will leave oni Tuesday for ], eni..-Ich t,. give the victory to the
triet Mllaui-tri.. released hbin wvil New Yrik, eln 'lte to Canibridge, Packers. who soretl 72 runs for the
a cautirlon a,. a ilrt offelind lr. Rii. l -,a--lahlstts to resiinme his re- ,e, -f frae wicket. tileir aggregate .
..'d& -lr ri'Huenib.red [Lothiiig o)f hi~ "'-arlih work at Harvard Univeer'ity, bring 21S.
utoveimient, of thel night before i front i efo-lre oiL to Sarkville for the new 'F-ll..-wing the conclusion of play,
tlie tiniml hei. ft the bar of th, a- Ca. :cll- -e year whi,-h opens next mniouth. i h W.'.,hipful W. J. Boyle. Mayor of.
nadian H.,utie. Reid Striet Eat. rto o -- G ,,- -S --.. Pr'-;ented the Henry and
L, to hi hIlnire in Baileys Bay. arid Peto Wins Albany Handicap Lee Cup to tilh willing, team and va-
rlions prize-- -i their ltt]-1:\' wittners.
could not explain why Lie had (lIhotit ri it r s ,' I thi r
that spot of grute-nine ntioitorie.s oil .S 1100-. Spr.tne,. Ne-w Y,:. k. Au'. He remarked that the Packers having
G,'vernmeit Hill foj his al fres.o Ill--Petio. tart i 1g the colours of the %,:,n 1.he etrrphy twice. Ihe would have
nap. I t Stall, c ltied the Alhi liked t a, hav- ie-n the G rmwers take It
The iii nia who had ali i p. wrt 5.25. e paid 6 to i a r. l he ied he Growers
Th :io m who hd t 1 avenue the Packers' triple victory
taaused excitelneut and anxiety to so 1 f--r straight tts. Plyauils finistl- met ain -ext sumner.
nrinn. Good Samaritans ,on the North d e -:o id and Car uo) was 4hird. w thr te.y we the guests at lunch,
Shore wa.,z thu. found to be not dead o0 e,,nt and tea of MIe-ars. Henry and Lee,
buit tnerily dead drunik! Lenore Ulric Wed U,,,, wvte r-presented by T. 0. Red-
Nk Cm-..n.1. a Ideiid-dly l:,ucy hot, assisted
Ni-a Y,., tk City-. Aug. 1.t-Lenrre 1,. I-lanini,-,id Fox as 3aterer and D.
British Engineers Invie nt t.-e. ti.ii Ilom .r'. last Sight Foggo, Ira Lamnbl), Mrs. Jed Lamb. Mrs.
Own "Talkie" Mechanism ,n..,n,.-l her marrlae to Sidney Ja, .,,-. Mrs. Ira Lamb, and
t- rti, is ,kirt- ii -. lrs.dIraLLourh, and
-- F.iac.krin-i lir Ie -adin man. Mi-s other Erie Hi-gg and J. W. M. b-
London. England. Atlg. lit).-British LU i'-t.ie-t to -late Iwhere- or when
,l.- riti. al I -ngine'r-i hal- e ev.,iel l I i d-y hail been nurried. Continued on page 8.
il.w s..i'und rtel ,.rdiiun' and ri-prolduileig

t-It ^ liiiCeal "iti-tlen -..ts iOnly '-ahou tahte-rirtit u

ti.nal S.S. Lady Sotier-. yestertii.y. T!he Hanlie. Holland. Aug. lI.-Herr I .-aru,'. ,.
r Wirr-h.th tie German Miuister of Octti- In vaiu did Artstide Briand, French '


ti-' 't pn tiL-nvt i-.t-K 1o persuadou te -t
HReich dleeati tf France'- go t'ri-. Tlie German repreetiltative
ma.ade It plain that his government ,
c.al. Not ,-urtiv \ ac-c-ptance of the
Allied Commission's control over the
Rhineland area ounce the AUlieid troops
were withdrawn from occupation.'
Herr Wirth's decision caused the
E';*peusiou of the Comumisslob's active
itift pending outside settlement,

,,C- -,.,,D+[




Vol'. 18. No. I -I'.

z I



'iiE Mlill-OCEAN, SA'rLRki)Aii, AUGUST 10th, 1929.

STATEMENT FOR THE MONTH OF tiou of thile following iiariel of laud,
JU'LY, 1929. vIz --

Ra. Colonial Treasury. JOHN VESEY SMITH
Sth August. 1929. .1 Citizen of the United State% of

The Honoi ra be A merica.
IThe .Whtiztg r C,,loniI S,:'rea r,.
I have the h lnour to sunbnIil f ALL TAT ceran lot or P of
thle information o*f His E .ellnc 1 11nd -.tl ate in Devonshr!re Parish
GOVERNMENT tihe Goenor thie t[1o.in, ...m.,ni ,.vo T ....i,.dwo r .a,,,l
meant ho\vLng the PIblic Re nut fir ...i.,- iI le' ,lul -. l,,,,n,1

NOTICES. and Exprenditur. (.I thl nlc,,,th tf ,RTHERLY I.lO ]nf ,, th
July. l2')., and thi- Balane in it' l n he dRTHERv L L, Eldln i I
Treasury at the ndll of that month:--
Ve). de,,a-ed. EASTERLY b, land
Genmcal Revenue i'lnd E\pendituie now ,l late ,.f H. St. GL .,rke Blittpr
SThe Balance ill tile 6t-idl. -'.ItTHERLY 1.:, ril,- war-r, ,
STATEMENT FOR THE MONTH TIIpir at the eld r i- A'l, n. OA-..l. a il WVESTERLY
OF r 'INE, 1920. of Jiti. 1-921. a L1-y lind ot Tirinia., A Jonil OF
shown by my latI HOWEVER OTHERWISE the aid.
n monthly statemeneit lt1 'u li pri:[ of land may be lboundl
,. r4 4 ':'.s. i u il4 1S i ed Ii n' I aii.,- r r or Lht011 t. b ie (

Colonial Treasury,
5th August, 1929.

The Honourable
The Acting Colonial Secretary.

I have the honour to submit for
the Information of His Excellency
the Governor the following state-
ment. showing the Public Revenue
and Expeudlture for the month of
June, 1929, and the Balance in the
Treasury at the end of that mionth:--

General Revenue and Evpenditure.

The Balance in the
Treasury at the end
of May, 1929, aA
shown by my last
monthly statement
was ...................... .. ... .......50.654 11
at Ham-
ilton dur- ". r
Ing the
month V'
of June .
ed to 23,350 17 1
And at ,
St. Geor-
ge's 987 19 6

Total Re-
SoeWts 21,338 16 7

. .. ..


ed to 3.0,5868 8 3
'And at -
St. Geor- "'
S': get's ..... 86 4 0

Total Pay-
,ments 30,654 12 3

Thus showing a debit
balance on the trans-
actions of the month
of June of ....................... 6,315 15 S

And a Balance in the
Treasury at the end
of the month of June
of .......... 44.338 19 0

Compared with the returns for the
corresponding month last year the
Revenue shows an increase of 2.-
338.3.6 and the Expenditure an in-
crease of 2,603.17.11( and the Bal-
ance in the Treasury an increase of

Marsh Reclamation Account to 30th

June. 1929.

Balance on 31st May.
1929 NIL.
Payments during
June, 1929 ...... .............. 1,111 0 7

NOTE:-The payments on this Ac-
count are included in General Ac-

The Total payments
made In Bermuda on
Marsh Reclamation
Account to 30th June, \
1929, amounted to ...63,331 9 1
And In England to
31st March, 1929 ...... 26,579 10 5

89,910 19 6

The Balance In the
Treasury at the end
of June, 1929, was
made up as follows:-
Balauce on General
Account 44,338 19
Balance on Marsh Rq-
clamation Account ... NIL.

I )

44,338 19 0

l. :.. 1

: : H. TUCKER,
Receiver General.

1'6819-180-a 10 Aug V 59
.-. ..l- .'

Ji1"., .t ,1 ',

at Hamn-
month of
a mounted
to ... 19.SS' 9
And at
St. Geor-
ge's ..... 1.484 3 4

Total Re-
,:elpts 21.372 13 1

Thle Pay-
ments at
Ham ilton
to ... .31.6S2 3 S
and at
Str. Geor-
ge's .. 43 16) 6

nients 31.726 i 2

TlIus showing a Debit
Balance on thle traun-
action- of the month
of July of ... ....................10.353 7 1

And a Balance in the
Treasury at the end
of the month of July

Compared with the returns for the
corresponding month last year the
Revenue shows an increase of 2-
048.3.5, and the Expenditure an in-
crease of 9.616.5.6, and the Bal-
ance In tie, Trea.fury an increase of

NOTE:-The increa e in Receipts is
due to increased Surtax.

The Increase in Payments i, prin-
cipally due to 5.36"' Dredger Re-
pairs. 940 Repairs of Marsh Reela-
mation Dredger. 1.330 Superan-
nuatlon Deductions for remittau,:e.
and 1,725 'War Expenditure. The
amounts for Superannuation aud
War Expenditure for 192S were not
paid until later in that year.

Marsh Reclamnation Account to 31st
July. 1929.

Balance on 30th
June, 1929 .........
Paymenrts during
July. 1929 ..... .............

NOTE.-The Payment
count are included i

The total Paymeniq
made in Bermuda on
Marsh Reclamation
Account to 31st July.
1929, amounted to ...I
And In England to
31st March, 1929 ....

The Balance in the
Treasury at the end of
July, 1929. wa, made
up as follows:-
Balance on General
Balance on Marsh Re-
clamnation Account ...

*I1820-171-9 10 Aug


Notice is hereby g
undermentioned app
been received for the s
Covernor-in-Council to

-'. il,.l' TOGETHER WITH tIt- dw-l
Ilng lllu t h l-l'.ul tile. ted a1nd ,al
appur[-,lal!eP, [hl-remih o he ali i!. g.


"Tariff A Two-Edged Sword"

A very interesting article entitled. "Tariff-A Two-Edged
'Sword", recently appeared in The New York Saturday Evening
Post. and it was considered by Senator David L. Walsh of Massa-
chusetts to be sufficiently important to warrant reference to it
on the. floor of the Senate, and for it to be reprinted in the Con-
'gressional Record.

Bermuda, especially agriculturists, will be interested in the

partyrapil Wilicil made FOference to these ISIRildS.-

- ;
- \

- I

B v (C'onmniaI nd.

Aitintg Coloiuial Sectretta ry

Colonial Seci'tat'r Offi,:e.
'nlh AIgil)t A '192V.5

*1I' 1-0. 3-s 10 All V 59

B. A. A. Win By
Three Wickets

Continued from page 1)

with 1a wevll-playedl 4; unot oirt. iin lud-
inrc thrt-e bh inlary 4's. on- .. r. .in.] ri
i l 2' an.d tn11' The tF-rE. JBliiinn y
Smith tad a fielul day at the B.A.A.'S
e-pen-e. -c.,ring 22 ruits bef.i're he
a ci.u-hr .-.ut lio lDald" Spurlril off
FilanIk Cri'is i, l.'t ling and1 b.. linrg
13 ov:erls t calirure? OIe wirket f[ir 27
"uunr. J Christetiiei readied d.'ubhle
ftireiur-s. "Kenny" Aliderley playe'l hi-s
i:,tal sterlIng gamne bihlnil ii- wick.
els. watchingg R Spurllng rand G. Bel.
Sin and allowingi no byes and only .:ue
lc bye.
Thit-re vwas little at stake in the
Iiatch :other than the usual rivalry
between the two clubs, as the Pnm-
b:;,k- Athletic Club hias a b)ulll.:,0 grip
on first ilace in the league standing.
.liti itq upounent iu the Tiy,.s wil,
lih:.st certalitly he either t1 Natio-:
al Cricket Club on the SandAs Reirea.
tin Club.
The complete scores follhaw:

Serpentine R. C.

P. H. Adtderley, c & b. F. Cris.:in.. 7
H Kemp. c. & b. F. Criieon, ....... 4
D. Card. :u t out. ........... .. 46
J Christensen., :. York, b. H Cris-
so n. . .... ... . 15
K. L Adderley, h. S. Spurlinig. ... 6
t Kcemp, b. F. Cri-n.......... 7
C \'llii. b. F Cris-on........... 3
G. Flood. 1). F. Crison . .... S
J. nmith. c. S. Spurling, b. F. Cris-
s ,n1 .... ............. ...... 22
R B. Flood, not out. ............ 0
H FI.:id. ldidi n-t iat.
Extras ..................... 9

T,,tal t'..r eight wi'kets,
M ,!- lar-. ....... .. ........ 127

Bowling Anal.sis

O. NM. R. WV Arge.
F C(risson ... 19 6 43 6 7.16
NIL.G. Belvin .... 1., 2 17 ,i ... .
S S. Splitintg ...11 3 19 1 19.00
SH. Cri.sin ... 1 n 15 1 15.00-
R. lChristensen 2 e 9 1 ....
I R. Spurling ... 2 i1 9 n1 ..
ts on this Ae- E York ...... 1 0 t 6 0 ...
in Genieml A:- B.. A.

R Chriit ene b. Kenip..... .... 1
J Frith. l.b.w. h. Kemp. ... .... .
H S. Atwoud. b G FI.:.:l... .. 4
R Spurlinti. -. KR. L. Addeirrley
w .k. 1, b. Vallik ........... 61
F66.133 5 9 F. Crimson. ,:. Card. 1>. Smith . 33
H (Crisson. run oiutr ....... .... 1
26,57: 10 5 G. Belvin. r. K. L. Adderlevy iwk.),
92.712 1. a llis ...................... 0
;&2.712 1E "2 E. C,,per. not out. ............. 4
S. Spurring. not out, .. ......... 3
E. Yu1rk,
P. Be-iln. did not bat.
E xi as .................... 1

T,,tal. for seven wicket", match
C33,985 11 11 won ....................... 129,

NIL. Bowlin, Analysis
0. M. R. WV. Avge.
33.9 5 11 11 C V lli. ...... 14 3 41 2 20.50
IH. Kemp ..... 7 t 27 2 13.50
O Flood ..... 4 1 9 1 9.00
KER. ,I. Smith ...... 13 2 27 1 27 1.1"
-eiver General. P H. Adderley 2 10 5 0 ,
V 59 D Cardl ..... 3 l 9 0 .
J. Christenen 2 0 S .
RiRuns at the Pall of Each Wicket:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 10
T, 1920 Serrpetirne R. C.
11 11 40 54 69 75 85 127
riven that the B A. A.
pleation has 2 7 24 101 109 108 125

action of the
D the acqulsl-

Umpires: C. Flood and J. Kemp
B. A. A. won by three wickets,

'(One of tlie netet nhliions is the noel toitrine that
certain robu-,t donte,,ic indus.trie,- require protection froin
iuliuitesinial import-. Friends of the fariier, nit h (lie be-t
ou intentions, bhae been urging a higher taritl on Bermiuda-
groitn celery. Our iluplm t lt Beinliuda celer.3 are oily three
one-hundredth, of one per cent. of our home production,
uith not more than O) or 7o acre on the i-land devoted to
celery growing. The enirei island doeni'tt produce as nauth
celery a-, a sigle ccler.t plauation in Florida. Thlie oil area
of Bermuda i-, strictly limited. Our celery import, lite a
inere trickle. This ei-' . (dOp trine of intfnit--in straight to eilembaruloef. It l.E needle niiaoe protection agaiinlt
n111 import of lhree one-luntin redlt (ith of one per cent., iltlt i-
renall a-kedl fot i not protetlion, buit c hts-ion."

Alfred Pearce Dennis. vice-chairman of the Tariff Commis-
sion, was thile writer of the article, and Bermuda is indebted to
Senator Wal.sh for tlie straightforward manner in which hlie acted
in the matter, whether it was effective or ineffective.

There is a far-reaching and almost certain result of tile tariff
Wall which our friends and neighbors across the CGulf Stream
are raising. Other countries, great nations of the world. contend
that with restricted sales of their goods in the markets of the
United States, there will be less money. to their credit in that
country wherewith to buy goods for thle producers of the United
States to export: and these other countries, ill order to mainitainll
their production standards,. will have to seek liew markets, one
with the other, bLuying where they sell.

Bermuda. an infiliitesimally small producer, on the other
hand is a very substantial consumer-and imports practically
everything its people conlsunle.

Hitherto. despite urgings that we buy more extensively from
our neighbuoiurs of the Empire of which we are a unit, and that
to encourage such buying we should give a stuzstantial Empire
preference in our cuittoms tariff, tile fact remains that tlie pre-
ference has been very slight indeed-only two and one-half per
cent. on the cost of the goods.

Setting aside all camoutiflage, it is generally recognized that
the principal reason why so slight an Empire preference has been
given by our Legislature is the fact that it was felt that a .-trong
preference might result ill increased tariffs on agricultural pro-
ducts specially exported by Bermuda.

Now, with the lead taken against us by the United States,
-d with the possibility,-nay, almost strong probability-that
e anada will gire to our exports qxceptionaMiy acldvaindtiaes-eol-
sideration, it would seem to be inevitable that, in return. Bermuda
will very materially increase the Empire Preference in revising'
the tariff for 1930.

As Senator Walsh and Mr. Dennis have so ably put it, the
tariff is a two-edged sword. It is not that Bermuda has any idea
of retaliation; that would be childish. It will be but fair and
square, if Canada extends special preferences to the products of
Bermuda and the West Indies, that Bermuda (and the southern
islands, also) in appreciation of that consideration will give
specially favourable consideration to Canada's products.

On the other hand, we must not forget the fact that our
southern brethren are being encouraged by Canada to grow iden-
tically the same vegetables and other products as are grown in

Dangerous Business

Carelessne's in the use of explosives for blasting purposes
in the vicinity of the public highway is an offence for which no
excuLse can be offered. Not very long ago. the careless manner
in which a private contractor, when blasting, prepared and ex-
ploded a quantity, of, dynamite resulted in the scattering of a
large quantity of debris over one of the city streets and in the
hurling in the air of a large piece of rock that fell upon and
crushed some of the roof-slates of a neighboring building.

similar case was the one that was tried yesterday morning
before the Police Magistrate for the Central District-a report of
which is published in another colum.: of this issu,?. In this case
the person using the explosive was one of a party of labourers
in the emplAy of the Corporation of Hamilton. Presumably.
blasting operations in connection with Corporation work are car-
ried on tinder the supervision of a competent foreman, and yet.
apparently, there was an absence of close supervision in the case
referred to.

The Police Magistrate imposed 'a fine of 2 on the defendant,
but, contrary to his usual practice in cases where public safety is
involved, His Worship refrained from comment.

The law pr6-ides severe penalties for failure to adopt proper
precautions against danger to life and property from thile use of
explosives for blasting purposes; fortunately. the cases in which
it becomes necessary to enforce such penalties are compl)aratively
rare, but their rarity only makes thehi the more impressive when
they happen.

Church Notes C.N.S. Lady Somers Brings
_._ 86 Passsengers to Bermuda

At St. Andrew's Pre.hyterian The C.-Inat.di Na i..nal SS La.1y
C('huri:h. Hanilton. the ntorning ser- Snmiet'. arriving here last Thursday
vice at 11 tomorrow will be conduct- m.rrnir.- fitr..- Miilrirtal, had on b..ard
ed by Mr. Edgar Gibson, of Port 86 passetlg-rs forr Berruida.-a large
Royal. The minister, Rev. W I J. Hunih-br f.:or a Canadilan -hip at this
Htlrl)ow. v.ill prea li in the evening unie .f. thiE ;,ar-I.iiuti many i.f these
at 7.31I. passenger. ,did NiOt -trla nl.:.re than a
There will be morning worship fi. ihurm-, embarking .:n the S.S. Lady
only att Warwick Presbyti-rian R.:.dnely. iwhi:h left at 2-0) p.m. f-,r
Church tomorrow. The service at MNlitreal, this o:tnpleting a round
Chliri-t Churh at 11 will be condiiLct trip 3iii a f:frtnictht', holiday at sea.
ed by Rev W. J. Hurlow fof Hatuil. .ve- al part'I-,! :.f paas.ngers stroll-
tOi. Ei al.iut town and imad-e solue purchase.
At Warwkick Methodist Church a es. and a few had luuche-jn at the
song service will be held on Sunday Hamilton or New Windsor Hotels be-
evening, Aug. 18. frre embarking on the northward-
bound steamer.


S. S. TODDINGS, B. A., Editor.

Business office telephone-625.

Hamilton, August 10th, 1929


flkan TIwot.


I ......

Would Send

Farmers to Study

Canadian Markets

Outcome of Spurling's Visit
Believed Helpful


A.-.ociated Shipper, Active in Ef-
'ort. to Develop Northern
Ma rket s

The Hon. S. S. Sparling. C.M.G.,
O.B.E iel--gate specially l sent hy
ColonilI Parlialneutt to tuidy condi-
tion- in Caiaada in .ouninetioni with
thil dei-llopmrne'-nt of Bermuda's export
biu.[ii-- to.i the Donminion. undoubt-
edly diil rtiuch good work during his
vi- it to hat ,.1utllt y.
A 'i_- ir .1i-al o:f -lade. work already
lid been i-doie by The Associated
Slliipli-,r; of,. Bermuda. and by ship-
niint-a made during the season just
-irnded. The quality of the vegetables
iI L eii-ral a- good,.a. an1d thle factor
of cr-ear-r iniportance in the sale of
anyt tll hi:-- -oin umer interest-has
hee-.n arrou-ed. Undoubtedly much re-
mains to lie done at this end. includ-
ini b.-tr er pa.:kiung. inuch more eh'ec-
tire '- p-l.tiont., backed by field in-
atruhtion iviin to farruer-3 by3 compe-
tent aind efficient representatives of
tlie [( pairtiilent of Aerlic ltdiire.
It is nortic-eable by its Bulletins
t har t ie Depart tn-ut stresse-e tihe
value of a:oi-operative effort on the
part of farmler,-. Maybe a far more
valuable !ervlice to the entire com-
uillity w-iuld be to endeavour to
o-,ld inate tlhe irnterrEst. and activi-
riLe. of' everyone interested in the
farnminE: busin-.sc-importers of far-
ntera' iipplies. th(e farriers and their
help. the -,hippers of fBermuuda's pro-
d.oit- aieo. as a t'le. to a large degree
are rlie tinanciers of tile farmer, the
transportation agencies, aud the deal-
,ers at the selling end of the line in
1'anadna or th e UIuited States. Too
often co-operative ,h.tetliods ine'refr
consist in the working together of
one group in opposition' to other
groups. whereas by co-ordination the
effort- and a,:ti\ities of all groups
are br.:uh_-t into that harmonious re-
latii1-lhip aud united action which
ent-ure the maximum possible bene-
Cit to all parties concerned.
Tie Mi.,ireal Gazette published a
very ititerestLug report on the visit
.:,f Mr. Spurling and of Mr. McCallau,
Bertnuda's Director of Agriculture,
and I-eaders of The Mid-Ocean
aariouing t wihoin are almost all per-
ouni aq,-ociatte-d %%ith this Colony's
farliiner ijnllcutry i are now able to
read it themselves. as follows:--
A thorough survey of market con-
lirionsr in Bermuida, of the possibili-
t1,-- of d-veloping a vegetable trade
t oh Curiuda. and of some of the
Iririullan- that had to be faced in
the inatter. waqs given by Hoe. S. S.
SpArlriar. a,:tiug chairman of the
B.ia rd of Agri.-ulture. and E. A. Mc-
Caillot. Di-ir tor of Agriculture for
Bernmiida. at a meeting held by The
Eastern Canada Fruit and Vegetable
Jobl.,i'r,' A-sou:iation at the Fruit
AiLttion. RMuintain Street, yesterday
3 afttr 'i.oII.
Thel Berniuda authorities, who
ha-e bei-n making a tour of Eastern
Canada with a view to meeting ve-
reitable impiilrtr.s and discussing
Sitii tht r h ilie relquirements for tilhe
'dAevi-lopnie-t uf the Bermuda vege-
table i'rade with Canada, have al-
i cu.y vitired Toronto and Ottawa.
an1d wer'- able to report distinct synm-
pat hy anil ilter." I as shown by Ca-
nadian dealer.:- and a Peling that
Intra-Empir, trade in thit- direction
coull be d-veloped to thlie advantage
of lio,,h countries.
Montreal jobbers seented to be in
3', old withi thiti sentiment, front the
dii,?ui-],ion held yesterday. and the
general feeling expressed was that
rran-portation and packing dift'ficul-
ties would d be overcome and a fine
ruarkrt e.-tablished for Bermuda ve-
getable, in Eastetn Canada.
In speaking of the position of Ber-
ntlltla on the itlestti)n. Hon. S. S.
Spiurling remarked on the fact that
thie new United States tariff threat-
'ened their trade within New York very
seetiou-ly. On the other hand the
establishment of the Canadian Na-
tional Steanmships service opened a
new and obvious connection with
Cauada. Marketing in the Dominion
had been attemptejl last winter, and
the possibilities were shown to be

(Continued on page three)


THE MID-OCEAN,. SALi'IDA ,. AtUGLS'I' 10th, 1929.

I If Going Abroad


If Remaining at Home
* -ili a l '. r .t liv t ill- .i. ,l'
* i-'.ti re, ii ]i i ,


'' 1 6TSu.-2 -.' 11 Ana 4
.. ... A..+. .--,..!- l .-. .. .- 5 +l+ -I lil+ +

P a r a d o x e s in A n g lo "- 'V i ...- --- t- ",, 'I -' .,II: dIl,
I -- ^ : ... D ~ l t-; .. ..- .=]'

American Reiations

\Willinott Lewis in The New York
Surnd .ay W\\'l I1i

Ne bI,.ie 'r iLu rl', i i f ..I! h1 .1- ,. -t
n I= Al l in l i i tO l er 1 t in i d ,. .- n ,
A ligi,.-A mllI r' b.. -lh Iet..I'llh Ihal n tr h4
.t r .f' i lhe E n e li-li ,t, ,v h ,, i,. .
gan il;l L.p'r :., r ,ith. "PF':ra l.:..'i>:- l
as it Il.13 .--.i 10 Ti h':. 0) L Lo i."
The attitn.ite oI nel 10 III ',n'the'-r of thll
Engli-ih .li- akini people- i- till' r.-iT
lp a r a d o x o f ( ,l i t i ,: n Lh 9 1 it l l t ," : ,I n "
tradition o il[ whalit wolv il iIhtihrll,
have been believed.
Thliqi may be n iindt-ert.in' l,lle for
other than lii-it.ori-.l r :i->:.n-. Thei
effect oin AunIlo-Aieri, -ni fie l-hi
of a certain type i..f Briti-li !i -:lirel
and a certain type of Ainlir'nn tolil'.
ist I unhi l ,Yiii el'-ii',nIi It.: hI l;," I' il-
grimis turn in their trn. k- and El-
li-I speaking unioK di-int,;'r:,t.1.

Thi l- t f.iw we k--. ruIo in p tili-
cular tlhe last tet di:; hl .rir, .
ised ho-rter thilin- -. It it i- ill-rn.
ber-d li t tli i-. u>.uly a i.rii!,-e i ill.
not yet a pelrt'oIrmlnI,:e t lii -'e --..illI
I.e riea on Ito) hop PL'eil r.e t Ho..V,
a.rid the Br'itilh Plinie- Nliniite liow-
ever. nill-t fadaljrt Sr P ill to th.-ir
prIe-enllt neeils. Tiheiy .shoid kn.w
that tihoughl tlh-y -pi-ak Vwith til e
tonguei-, of' rln andl of .ni'2g-l:. -nii..
have not parity. thliy. are Iaieoin'- a.
ouiindinig bra;s and a tinklinE 3yni-
Soumething mole w ill be t'e-ilili'ed
than nav-il partly, in anlly :a=e. I
think it is Prof Zinmmern who .ay.,
that itf the EnEli-zlnian would more
readily adnit ier-lialilv u O tie so-ielil
plane to the Anilri'i:ni. and thl.- Arc_-
Jric-an could Iir'ie easily lie broiibt
to concede equality on the niloral
plane to the Engli.linian. a great
many rough 1 la>t:i-s would lie
smoothed out. I dare .avy thi; is siu.
It implies that, a-., rnatters Ptaud, one
sI a gentleman arid tihe orh.ri f i linr.
allUt only in tilhe worlit sene of the
word, whichli is somuetilti-!S lniuonml-
fortably true.
Not only 111i1l. belt Sine thlie war
each ha, turiied .-n th-e l it.i-r thli
fixed stare that is so emlnbarri-sin:
each lhas lived in an eil.-eriledi aill
jealouii awlrenll,- oft thi- ther thlat
never fail-. an1,i hla- not ft'ile,] in tllii
Instance. to be unhiealtllhy. Wahlin-
ton looks at and li-rreill to L..-ndil n
with an a\ fti l intien'irt.. Lolildoi
is all ears andf eye, tofr \Wa,linlr:ion
There never t\as a :cotiuitry rilor a
Governnienri that (could hIear It:I
dreadful sirtltiny, .ilil -ltrliill.'J ai
tention. After a yeir or -.,. rl lib -t
of tlihem look tely it' i :,i ilo,:,k ai
them hard enoilih.
4* '- *
And then there i-I thl- llhlj ion oif
toniprehen:sion t1he i] ijllni..ii -1 .e--. II
evoke-.-. The lanIi1.iae Aimerican.-
and Eng hli.nlien ftiiiliarl. I-1e i-
made up of word, tihe t an e i-n d-tiio-
tation on both side (tof the Arianti.-.
but that tend to dif'er v iiJeily in
connotation. The reutilt i- that thre
two people-, calIl Id .er-t i ll whliar
is said across tiie \vh ter, hilt iiot tI.
way what i. nil.ant. Slitw. iloilirt-
le-s., iad this iOhIlIf.ion in ruindL
when lie said lie ulrtiiate t-.t of
Anglo-Anmeric:an tfriedii ability to forgive i-a i other'-, inl ilits..
W ith th e ble--itg of Pr[lovi-.le .:e
and tlie hlilp of Hoover arnd Ma.?-
Donald, hlotever. tli*-e Laihl other
dlifiy ilitie-s are to dist:i..ipear. the
crooked will I.e niad. -rt'i'--lit. I[1-
credible a- it tway ein. a ida;y iany
dawn when thie yolinIe IenD of the
State Depanrtmient \\ill \-ear witire
qpats without hearihiL: hie blood (of
a large inuliberi of their i:,onipatri-.ts
to the boiling point. Thii arti,-le of
dre-,s, when white, i. r onle rea-
son. looked on a-, Enili-h to the
point of provolatioin. and "Outi. ouIt.
damned spat!" is rapidly becoming
a battle cry of the hlindrei l percenter.
Any change for the better in
Anglo-American relations will be
royally welcr.ome. There are gloomy
people who have said for somn- years
that almost any change talist be for
the better. But I would bet, as they
used to say in England, all Lombard
Street to a China orange that nothing
will occur that can alter the curiois-
position of the British Ambassador
to Washington. He stands diplomati-
cally in a class by himself, ia the

T Irt i' -1, i tu Li'e r .- ,' 'L, P-i :4 -
, ,', h l ii l l d i -. i -ll l r l t* t '.

, ii i ii- '*. It l I t, lh I.ui .ii .i I.1l

l i-ni .li- Iu i' L i n .l -
I. If. r le .-- -0 .1 ,-1 ,. 1 i. i h, ; ,

i fI ,- i l il i [- 1. i it r': 11-I l i o n
it.. L .-" of lie E Il'li- l i. f i ndi 11
S li t.-Il '. ltl : .on -iut'l h 'io l -- i l
il-'.- l ii t fa ll .n Ii' li I l Ti-c'.
Iili i v11.1 n 1) ta l k ill Ihe I-l. '- p ..
th- o- hli ie.:V ll.
T hi imaj lr rI.,i r =r. i; -_. i ie ir r nil-t
li. j, i, l rP l -l., .,t I !n I'. r-
i.,l l- i i- thi l.ri. e t1 l I .- t ii. r. ,
1 : ; l.:. i l 1 1 '2 i ll t.:.r ,: .- i r ; i i I
e. ,i- t- l i ri e ,i'-rliil f- tlile C ivt il
\t. i t r. P i- I-t i 1 .i li t. .i n P i lie r M lit ie 'l
,St. t I t l l l. i lit Oo i It? I '

., Or ,lii l I L- t--- \\'" I ll---r ,.

i n .,- .-- ,- -: II L ,.,hI,-,l' "w hlere
ih" I .,F, -.e]i- t.h : P"i.. ,ie- t ., t rhe
_fi t !1,-, S t .-i I

.i -r S.1" li i if. ii .i r ii t.l: i]\-:
o r I...: it lil ...- in I l i hIl. it
- r I l. r..d 1 1 t 11 l iIfl n. .-
r i S -Liy,.N eInd hiiti. i i 'IJ ,tI l !,1 ll ap-
'li, t i -I l i .i- .1 iln- 'iS lil t -|i tt .| aft
h i S vearill'ah ivtl M ole iaytr u.
I f he ib tr, rI,-r i lt Lie *: i'llt',le- l .i.E
of hi-i roihtryntelt at hlole. he nitistl
I.r, ..i, e An,.e i i;a A i lhi I \Vn hiin ton,
.ie .r-'ii+n .1 1 [ iLi i-olu rIoll.-il uil.to
,ne. i.,. -' 'i wit ll th Ie vo tice of Pat-i
i i.k Heil .
D[in rite late Iin ,nt.,-di ("eorlde
HaI- \v e r. re,-over wha1 t lie lo-r
"l- ,,u lie pairt on a p[, ir .-,Lt hilk
- lee.,le6 to wear ;t court.'

Steamiship Movements

S S. F.rt V i.:t:,i a- rrii l y' sterri.lay
t'i.-- New Yo'rk ani l..eft t-lhi m-i Or niug
**,i the retill vo:yage.

SS LSidy Nelttn arti Led thisi lu.I
i .ii f lin St. Kit '-, nriid left tiBs after-a
n ... f,*r St. J.,hn n, ,l I-[ lif.ix.

il S. Berimuida i duie MlInland.iy f ,or

ii it J ll ('1rileu- lln.

S--. Yt I Ik i.1 nl i- h lie il, to to ev
.in: h, !l..iT,- iiii; ir. i .n t [) rl .t'rni v..f.B -

Ii .': Lt i.i-. [,r.t ie t . ,.lii a n.il y B rltis
i-:,il a a'. 1iini *i ibiel .I '. r.- le.lor ? about
I li..\ tii; .:iy f,:,r Kigt's. Nevt -, An-
i ,'- ...!,Li .1rh E.t DLulinii St. Lm.
,.*. 1 EB r ,...<. S t. V ilK l-nt. t.;l,: 1.1l1,..
''' miiiiiji, all.i [l uieuerara.

S S. Spi,:.ir lI,-: T iue..ay l tom Hali-.
S li .,1 i -. l It dI I l I, ]. -ave the t .:.e-
.," 11 -,' i w i'...r srt mtK "., Aul iik a. 'St.
L i..l.i. E ar .,..ii., 1. \-ii .enl. (;' ;re i;i.tli
Fl inisi l l. 11,i D ellll" a j.
:4 t l l.,ilS III... "i :.' In l.t I l I
L r .--i.... I. t FieIch. i andi S:pi I i
i e'l hJ I- -.,lid lll.-d ti lea\-, thl
:,'lo ., l.i:,' [,', T alpr, : .-,.. I l n eltr. [ M ill S,.,lnt i A i.ierm t .l
,.'crt .
Ios.w .
S S F,.r. \'. t,','i. 1 ,itiit F riday
iR., New .tYrk Rial d : :, ,:h-dlulefd to
!e ;i ri n t'h:ll.e i r 3y ,.,JI the return

i S. g t",ih'.,e sI't L-.uii,,ni yesterday
i1l. l :,q :,-. 'f B lnihJ. t i Bahamas
Dl .J.Jn .an : nirl i, iNe hliere on or
3 *.it Au@ &-2't. 4[]i. O wneir, Royal
S'i, St:, uw P,:!-ker C,-Aii.nat-y. Agents,
l-i rnett ji .li P.i h.i rIl _ln.

S. (',.,I ti .l i,- -,:l- ,,,,iit.i to leave
l-ria11-.i Thili i, ', \\ ithi cargo' for Ber-
hin I. ll. thie \\'.-t [niie and. British
Gi L'iiia. 'Iind i ,'i l .re ,:,on or about
A_ r-lt ')rhi. !Ow) --., C ianadlian Na-.
I. Alii Srtoti llipl. Agents. John S.
LDalrcell and Company.

Lighting Up Time

T.:.lAy. thle I.muipi :,on all i .-iriag.es,.
l,'' y,:le-, aud othere r v,-li,:le.-= using the
t ul.,H ru,.1, rnuit .hie li;'Ihtel at or be-
L',re 7:.*ii p.nl.. a0.I nluu t I,,- kept light-
e,:l while the veli,-le- aie .:n lthe public
r, adn until 4:.5, a.ni. the following
dL.y. TmLorrow, the ctatu tory h,)uri,
..ill be from 7"19 p i. until 4:51 a.m.
tl'e f.:.llowiL. day: and on M,-,nd.y.
tr,.,m 7.15 pI.m. until 4:52 a.m. the fA-
I,. wing day.
Rule of the Road: Keep left; pse.
left i in opposite directions) ; overtake
right, (in the same direction): slgnal

sense that more than any other mem- all right hand turns.

PNge iiat

.......... Iin......... unl. ..i ... ..in. .r .....a ....a ..............u ................,,h.,lll,...llll,'.llII,..,llullIIII..IIIil.,iIIUII.,.ESI.I........ UiI.II........... .....hlui.HII..iI....III|h i r | ] | llm i| | lMm fillHr| |||| ICIII|II|ur3IIIm |ll I n3iii

.S.1 h'Rto l.. The Pain Baniher
The, Hindloon ah I a l oI ,il i [ ..,; the thinl tto h\,Ie ie al4.-.. 1 -,f In Black and Brown

-Sale Price 1/9 13/6 15/- 22/6 '

.1ol ag4nt for Ber.nnda
"It,47' i-' i f) 6 Ja v e t 1t79 i -th a, i -t l "
..,.s....v,,,-I.u.. ..... ... ,, ,...... ,,,,,,,,, ., ............ ... ....,...n ....... ...,.,................... ...... II..- ..II.............[ | i | lhu llhi ld l ll ll l n n n ,mIm m .

........................... -..... . ..nmlB

Ladies' Summer Dresses ................ 6 Each
* Latest Styles and Colours g
* Children's Dresses ...................... 5.- Up E
; Assorted Colours and Sizes I
Ladies' Corselettes .................... 5,6 Up
Men's Pyjamas ..................... 7 6 and 8.'6
Men's Union Suits. without sleeves ............ 3'-1
Men's Working Shirts 3. -
I e s W working Shirts ....................... 3. 1


; DEEB SAAD Hamilton I

l l:7'. di- 4 In Ali

Star of The East Choir
L. O. of A. S. Stop

ON THURSDAY at the Lz, Ius
A.iu.,t i-ih. 1929) red sign and 7
refresh yourself!

Wit and Humor

"T. .i I. ',- i Thi!-

*i' i i i er. l11 ii i It It ..i I...I i .

I [i 1. -[1. [..i lu a h m i 't
I- .I 'L I i l i I i L I t k I.-1' l'i I1i' 'll- tA

Sii Il I -ph l iu-'. .: N i .t ,I l i i.-. .'
I. -rai'e lt-. T h[ L t i 7 l l Ie I 've a l-
S it d.

.1 Po-e-

A\ \ i. I !i "it- 1 r h' i lIt, i l C *iC i l 11
ii .i iei -I l'...'t ii.it elli-i,, HI II,- out r;-
. t li y i ..iuill.l li t i l il.
1 1n 1 pI.' :ti'. I ..l i -inuer. hi e -'1 i ,

- f. :- i t.. l I.
. h. h l 1 l ...1 ,l 1 t 1- 11 .1 1 ..' ll

T li- I i4. [ t 'lit ll"i.ti| l ,Ik r i '. t l
i... 1 I. Il [ t lilt I .i k i t- -i l.Iil.
'M.ii;-''iu h:y Lun egg.'

An.d II Holled.

,A .lln ; u. l1 i .lli [i r- lll e h...uL I iri,

-lj 'i0i to t heI-.i lii (li. i ] 't-I il "It-
, t 111.tli- r1 ,, 2,li *'t1 l *U'. h1 l i .- l
t i.
r *eiB i| ( lite IItt ii ote ll. Hi.U'I .*
S i.. l .1.1 .iiil ul--is blue ....e-i ii. r..ll

h l l i.. hi n.d 1 I l .,I ,ld \'. t llc,.Ii. :
"Oli. R i-. l ift, it ir, l', ..k-i, t vt ':'il
.i' fLIti yo iu ar it i~dl in- it.'

ie client (One Better

-CohI-ni ali. Is.Iat:is, IlerI I ltCA tU tV.ere
niial-. Driinsg Health W'.aeek C..,h1 n
til li nt d1i l il'Lited If lis ri, il in 'iliv .
I _-iii. Etiarly n l Moud y ml, I i1 ."1 l i -.
* i,: l yi3t i '-14 i.:-t i hin tli .L'ail in
S I lition: -
i ,eL "ra S tal in Cl ur''-e Sa'te -A
i-tia m3 lliithiil in a L healthy dy" ,i .
B it i d ii p n t l u-,tim ,i,:> I lav. "
F.. il i .- 1- li.ilia three L in-1 I tl ? f'lui

11..rniu too.;.

Toldi in ld e Di' Ince 'oi 'rt

S W- i e j ne Si otti-li ;t vi ::- e .1
ie iiiIre li reLi e t liv rIe- t .i-e i

TIhe plh iniitiff ci..uli pllii eil tiat tli'-r
li -,l.tIAl a SI 'itt i-Il iand t0l.a t i .I
i 'I.il.I iih l lie II'it II er .i i t i e ii t e vaCI- %I'-
SI .i -i :r tor fe11 ir it w .ll W-ear titl
tiie I ii l e i i tlild -et Ni-is t i'Ii
.I. k. thu: I itia. iken hueft.-ir it raiir-.
i;liitin jL it ...fti tI -1LVa th e -paiin2. H .i
vl liter, :. i .ill ta k i- tile I lt1' k p 1.t I. I-
i- i -i'i ,' I llo. lii-'tair-. thinu aviing
:ii exptn l f ft, a -Iuild clock.
On Tlhin tk-.iz in- DII 3.iy. ILe il: i-
l oii.i I tLlit ...n. h lie ilrl n..it [ Ily i ,irt
I;Ii...- rnk-. Sjilt celebratudl rt e I.-lay I,,
-' i! .:.' II rI [lie itri v ,'e.. .I1 i=ttin U

Grateful Elephant

Passing through a jungle, a traveller
came upon a baby elephant that was
limping. Picking up his foot, the tray-
i-11ti. |i1ll-I' out the offending thorn
and passed on his way.
Thirty years after the traveller was
watching a circus p-t.:.rmanie. when
the same elephant (now In England)
came in thle ling i.i perform. At ilu.C.
he recognized the man, and calt.ily
walking over to him, hoisted him from
tli. s. 3d. seats into the 5s. 9d. ones.

A Conioopolitnin

"I say, Bill," said a bricklayer to
his mate, "what's a c-mu.iioiiiitn:tn
"\Wll.' was the careful reply, "ijf
there was a Russian Jew living in
Scotland with an Italian wife smok-
ing Tunrki-i cigarettes at a French
window in a room with a Persian car-
pet and a Qerman band was playing
"The dear little cliaurni k after a
-inpper of Dutch cheese made winte
Welsh rarebit-you'd be quite -afe-
in saying that chap was a cosmno-
politan.'' t

e Wlhat He Didn't Tell

The barrister had returned homne
after an important case In which o e
tad defended a man charged with mur

.I ,.. re nr tl n i In -th hi t.,i il.

Sl i- I i n ..--i :. lta i ie 1
h I.', u-l, t [I\. ,e. l l- It | lll,:il ;i
1' I l I -m .. Ii' 'I I!il- I It'
1 -1 I. I 'P .

'.i t, h1 lu r b' .1 I, ht
.--.." t lh : 1.. -. r -. li
., .:r..' i Li ul l [ .. ii.., U ,-+ ,] t,, in
I.,[ t .hat a, t."

St. Paul's Lyceumi

Rhi' DI) iilI Sinilh ti e .e, .nk .i-r
hl.' .lAngi.ul( Monthly se-ionl




L.i-t Tu,.-,Iv. rie St. P:aii'- A. M.
E. L -' I: t h-d it t i- ,llar t iil.i%
Iii .- t Ii i,.,i ( il- iit ,..i il A l.i h li.hii i _
it,, i, ,.'i' e t 'llt h.., [.*--! M ah t,
Iih ita -,i.i.-. I ltii!rly l.arI i e and
S iit l .-i.J i ile i ... a.. i.re -- iut.
Mir I. I H T .,i II ,l = i Ihe ,: ,: ;i -

Sis-- O R i ,t l ih i '- -t. ,l ,i11
l.. i liti i i i. I.I tI I.I i' "T I l.,le it h

A'l li. -i i 1! i d ti -1l: l i
I i-, ii t i i ...l ..' i- il t ii .-. L i u i [.-

A I t ut I -r .I, 1- r I-e M i-- L- .I[l
if -,h.1 .n C. i led I1 1:1 to f'.n iO
,i '., l 1.1 I .r ..In [ i .. J.,. l:-o n
I .,I hoi l.- i.i i i4.er i t. i .:.ll 1 (-..
t' l I her. -hi ti. i- I .ii .i ndv.

L.v. i.,- Fld t h Li- t. i ,ir h. lil

"'.I ihii i ,,t \',l-ni> -." l,\ i'r. H Dill
i l i i- hr lii -' ,- ll r ii rni tii l i ,, Ith
Mr-. ff. Dill r tihe- pln.i o.
The < lii rmnan theftu inti l.:dihe, d
,-.r. Djmiii l Snu ii tit -a pei3ker of
-i.- 0 i1veni 1in.
i ev r \l i s it i nde took a. h li- tsu)-
.ieft. Our Ti .k Tii-. lie I .. edi

vIcuoii o Heiijge"; second,
"'Iiip ...\,en t:l- of our T ,letti .'"
P Id.-r th:. fli-t .b aiiiiing lie

1. The -riengrh tli hat goe- i with a
l g-"e g1i'riu ftIiu t u rd edl hti aidiiiii e
to stiivI.' to t dowin th4e ijeith.' rnrl
I 5- Tiv ii' t heir hi- ii. >.hadhlJ] li b tter-o
are. *
2. L.-..- f-,,r ihe hioil d made an ag-
i i: l lt i iieIJle. ai d A1 gri ilt i I re il
tnhl: l -,I llaO-lOil- of an Iy ricolltry.
A pirtcb.al kuowledte i of the-
tl'J,. i:h -e t arpentury.. nl oury,.
'he.n:makin_-. ( "te lolhll not b e
rithi, ru a sidle to take up lighter
work wh i;. 1 l rin.i- mo.ni ey mn r'e ie-;-
ily. Vo t do:.- i'S llill to iva il- tlhi. ul.
itl.- ion f.f olt'ur ta lent.
1. Proilirt. holding anaId lhoere-
erld -hioild m e landel down froiln
mlie sonews rit n to a f r.t ie '.
5. Tit- o :Luir:fea thatr had been o
fl r il.31 .,. it ill tleir Linln l eliil: ml i.-t
be well suppaorteoI.
R:. PiMneer.s iu then risepl of the.):l-
in_-, tor in-tan i.e. [r. J. C. Swan,.
_iildl tl-1 of the tl re t -tridle-s edii :-
riou 1, hs male during ifite -pt fifty
yea r-n -t iltloiulh it i. till in a io-i t
ur.o ti-fa., [.ry .-state.
7. Eiluiality before the British
law is a pillar of defence to wIhi..It
"we .-ivY ever turn.
8. The presence of the mand blisi-
ness establishments and of the pro-
fessional men and women in oiir
midst shows the, standard ,II. to
wiIhi our forefathers, have brou3Lit
iI. and it is for us not only to con-
serve this heritage, but also to do all
we can to add to it.
c Rev. Mr. Smith then spoke ot the.
training of youth, aby means( of br-
1,=r home-life, more effuiiecit hcoool,,
and the inculcating into the yonf i
the spirit of group help and r group
A vote of thanks, moved by Mir.
Charles Willianm and seconde-l I Y
YMr. Livirboirnte, was heartily ac:-
corded the speaker.
By special request, Miss Leolie
Jackson rendered *Val.-.e", Op. 1;4
No. 2, by Chopin, and this was as
. well received as had been her for-
mer s-lesriou.
, This -rollilt to an end a pro
i 'inrnin- of an unusually bright qua.
Slity. After the singing of thei Na-
tional Anthemn the audience diti-


You give water to .your locomo

ties, why not give water to your

- horses?

I. II I....- h J l..y tr ie a h. i '-a h i in-.i
i.,i r ;il tin

Bermuda Sports Arena
Gilte open-l r1o1 11 I o'clock 1.1. to
12 o'clock pt.mi.

ATTiACTINS: _'iinbin'hn the
:ie:.- 1 Po.le. Pillih n the [oll --
ke 's Tail. Coi o't lt Shy. (: ''
P..-r, t < .i:e. Rel>-,.,.a ait tihe W ell.
T'or: liii'lit [,rill- et..

On thi-. o':?. .io, the

ti1it i-, on e':hlibitiuli at the -tore of
lrl- Albert L-d i inoit,. will be 'raffledl.
-l hily a ti.ki-t. Viui nmay wini..
Refre-.hiii Il.i of vaIiot iis lkind.-s will
be on sale
The Olyn li,: Amateur Baud from St.
G.il-or:e's will lie in attetLdai uce.

Ghkir41, 64 -


l16554-S1-.13 .2,) -27 Jly. s3 slO)At

Bermuda War Veterans'

Moonlight Excursion
O i1
Wednesday, 14th August,
S S. "Cor,.,n-a" .ill leave the
Trh -Ii ...,lrti t it u 'I W harf at S.15 p.m.,
..-illiI a.t Darr'ell', W liarf, rf, mangrove
BP y aniId Irel;nnIl I-land.
I.-. rio n lin d Iight refre-.h uent l
i'f r -ile oii board.
May be ortaiuned at ithe B. W. V. A.
Heidiuiarters. Reid Street,
-'ll;U .-2.-i- .J, 1'i Alug

St. George's Local Students'
Aid to Offer a Scholarship

TlIe Lo. .I Stud. ent.' Aid ol St.
i .;>., '- li-ll |e :: I l mn-etilig o,n
T'tie.-.lJy, Auii-.t Itlh. at the Eat Endl
Sch.,,Il T .lir ... if'ty. ven nimenm-

Tlie A--i..-r. i, lln 1e -, liolar. ip uto etialle a boy or girl
h~lrnh ii- tii St Ie-lr'e'-s to attend
-on. ,i:-.:o!iut.liry S.:hool inl Beriuida.
Tie ex.1 ii.idt onll folr thlo-e om- i-
ltrin: t,,ir thle olula -Iip will be
-et by Mr Sl irhii. li ad tea.li-er of
rie- Ea-t Enii Si-n.oal. aud rwill Ie-
iheld -( ,- to et.-1 le thle tl:,e;-flil
:onl|)e iti.,r -to take tup hii or 1' herl-
-ttu.lie- ii hlen the chool-, re-open in
Seit ii lber I
Iti I- to e hoped that: a lare iu-liln
ler of (hilJldre will take advantage
of tllh i liaanlr:. The one w ho v iii'-
the -i.hiolar-hip will I.e looked tip.ln
witlli niti .: re-pieci and pride by the
,:,nitinuiity. t.,r thil a -, lhe fi. r t
-:l olarl hip that liha. been offered in
St. (Geie's.
Tweilv; Bo S i.iut frniii Alask.a the
Yuk..n. Briti- h C.-Tumbia. and Manito-
lii are nu their way t-o Ottawa on the
- Canadian National Railways to train
tor the International Boy S:cout Jam.
boree to take place at Birkenhead, Eng

SJLtsIJ keep right oa
S the way Vyu're
going and soon a
red sign will show
I 7 you where to stop
Y ~'' -and refr'esh

l., 7 million a day


Bottled by-

*16135-40Wt- 4 June, "e I t p

io 9. ATCH

YES, every reader of this paper
can secure one of these beautiful and
serviceable watches absolutely free
in a few minutes of your spare time
by introducing Dr. Ordway Plasters
among your friends and neighbors.
In use since 1S81 for muscular and
rheumatic pains, chest colds, sore
and stiff joints, etc.
Nothing like it ever before offered
and the easiest way to earn such a
high grade watch. Don't neglect
this opportunity as it may never ap-
pear again.
All you have to do to get this watch
Free, is to sell among your friends
and neighbors 20 Dr. Ordway Plasters
at 26 cts. each. When you have col-
lected the $5.00 send us the money
and the watch will be sent to you
absolutely free.
Send no money. We trust you.
Merely mail name and address for
plasters and illustrated catalogue.

Portsmouth Prepares to
Welcome H.M.S. Capetown

P,',rr-iiouith, New Hampshire, Aug.
:-Elabh..rate preparations are being
hia.Ie t'..r tlhi eutertiDnment of the of-
Ciei- andl :rew of the British cruiser,
H.IM S C.pei.-iwn, of the America and
\\e-t Inli-s iEighth Cruiser) Squad-
r. n. vlii hli expected to come here
AIju-lt 134i1 froui Bar Harbour. Maine.
The tentative plans, as announced by
i..\.hr F. W\. Hartford, will include a
big military parade and review from
- -taiil outside the Hotel Rockingham.
It i- expected that 'he entire 197t ,
Rlrinuint. New Hampshire National
(tuardl. whiclhi \will be in camp at Rye
E:;.-' I. v'will be in the line of march, to..
.etliher wilt s rin- tr..-nim the Portsmni.uth Naval Base :-_.
it rihe liitEd1 States Navy. Oovernor '-
T:hley i\ ill attend the dinner to be
held at one of ithe near-by hotels In -
h:oinur o.f the officers of; the ship.. '
The Capetowu, which will be the .':-
tir-t British man-of-war, to come here ;
in many years, will remain puntH g- .
ust 20th,- :-

'4 0 -4


- ,:i


~-C- '-'- -


An Entrance Examination

Apprentices in H. M.
will be held on
lQth and] 2oth AUGUST, 1921!
Intending Candidates should apply
o0 Secretary to (Captfin-in-C'a.t -ge
for further particulars.
iSignedi R. V. HOLT,

416737-27-3 3, t 6. s It' Aug



Formerly 20 -

Now 10/-

*16461-18-t 2 July t p

OU" slory.!p

Rid Yourself of

Uric Acid I
If your kidneys are weak, uric
acid and other poisonous impurities
S- upset the entire system. That is
r why it is dangerous to neglect
Swxariings such as backache, urinary
disodei-r, bladder irregularities,
rheumatic twinges, stiff, swollen
joints, gravel or sediment in the
' ne, sciatica and lumbago pains,
,,i ing. noises min the ears, head-
ich gktiness and nervousness.
V : Yo V obvious 'course is to-
"". -trngthen and tone thW' kidneys
,: ... AW e _'tS tatt
S. arpotbe'day! Use Dboans ac-
P ey]msthespecialkidney

"' fut lVing rheumatism and
'-',. o serious results of kidney weak-
,.Thousands of grateful men
:f-'.mwonen vouch for Doan's Pills.
As* yotir neighbour.
AlldtlerssellDoan's,2/9 perbottle.
SSol Pr9prator: FosiUMcCUe7au Co.,Lononi,W.r

Bermuda Tide Table



~rt1-.- -

-ii C


V -

High Phase of Moon
Water and
Date A.M. P.M. State of Tide

1 4.11 4.46
2 5.21 5.53
t 6.24 6.52
4 7.19 -7.44
5 8.09 S.33 New Moon
6 8.56 9.13 Springs
7 9.4u 10.ul
8 10.23 10.45
9 11.07 11.29
Uo 11.51 -
11 12-15 12.41
.12 1.07 1.37 First Qr.
13 2.06 2.37 Neaps.
14 3.07 3.37
15, 4.07 4.37
16 5.06 5.32
IT. 5.57 6.22
18 6.42 7.04
19 7.22 7.41
20 8.00 8.19 Full Moon
21 8.37 8.55 Springs.
23 9.12 9.3iu
23 9.48 10.07
24 10.27 10.47
25 11.09 11.32
26 11.57 -
.27 12..24 12.55
128 1.28 2.06 Last Qr.
29 2.15 3.23 Neaps.
30 4.03 4.40
Al1 5.15 5.47

Mea.a High Water Spring
,.Tides .... 4ft. 91ns.
ke-an High Water Neap
..Tides' 3ft. 4ins.
ieAn Tide Level .............. 2fi. 31ns.
-'B,.&.- :All heights are given abovtt
udindrnga on charts.
S11. W i'. & C. 7 hours. 59 min-'
''.ilk Af ot Tide assumed to

S e are LQcal Mean Times.

uJI fIE V1-VUCIAA1, iATLR'nA' iA, A Utius'r10th, 1929.

LIDorothy Dix
of Morlale i
Woumai Copyrigh bt yu Publlc Ledger

"The World Is a More Cheerful Place to Live
In Since %V omen Have Quit Using the Tear
Jug and Nailed on the Smile That
Won't Come Oft," Rejoices Dorothy Dix

T him r'- i. n' :ltl i a r '.in loll l .lo .li1 t i.*l ul"l' wJ h ,rbt er i! e.-
v o r ld L s m 6 1' v l b- c. 1 L..-tl -r I..I b l is l 11-- i Y .v fl tr is io d. '
pU i g tha, it i t l' 1. -- .1 1 t .-i I I-C l" ti l t. 1 il l ld ie l
; oi L 'l it r ir ii jhn ti l'y ill" i LO Ie.
U.l 'O tlll r.. ,?'i1y OI Li lu lI E t l k."-"
\-,I .) la.iin t I r thli- ,_:,1 old day-. Ih t i I[ e'
.noilhlh't li,., uI) .: K on ia b-I tif s ; ,', ilJ.
"" L. l l. t ha.t.;e- thaL m .-..1i n i nvniiIns t-i\ ntAidt
ilh u,; :l liviii- e ri-ZI. I al nd [lii.t 1iEr]_l th.I it
i .. i x ,?l' v.' .,* 'I..e ,;, T l ,:" T .- la b ,_lre r. G ullih e v\e n

lil l. i !t ul, ,' 1h t l- 1 11 O ; cll ,,I- hlrd r11 "
1,!,- l n h t.,' I l. a I k:111[,i t
i Sr. "til 't.in. l r:.t V ...r ih C aoldl MA -her

I'" t d ) I hdlz ?....l I ti,'I... '.i h Ihi,.'h lie '.I tl k'
f ', .% U*I ci'.'-l',ua Oi"- 'i 'n d Liriz.-f bluls. u, thl hii,
I l ,. t lhiei'd at itv- back do.. aind a

.. _. nln~II'i -. 01 w'ii,"ih ti-e nu.illio laire 0 I a couple
o~' _c !.-raiioh- a.o never even dreame,: d.

To i uidei ihtlopllugh the liti-ii palace- ot Eliirope i.ith
their cold stone rioa.r- and aui nll- and di1aft) iindoiws anil d lor-,
%with their utter lack of etC'r heating and lighting Iacilirty nilid
abh-ente Iot etei tlomfinrt, s lto be filled wiith li .it for the poor-
Kings anl )iteien- ivho hti.l to live in then and who didn't have
een iia bed to h-elnpl ii that i-nu't i hard a ii oi'f11 ii1' nor tilir
to sit in lhaint i.nt ai back-br'eker. Whi,%, iwe pojiviel.% couldn't
stand to endure such lardtlip-.!
And milludern ni. h try ia, t. i- l (it h lnr l': off orl' \lV nuilk
boes L. ilnrnllig i ;ll n ei-.tl. 'iI. h and th.e oily diff-e.en-t- l.etC enu
plow in.- I.o'rn a d t,,l: ..- -. j.:, ride i., that one i- I,roita.i le id ith- othL er
i-fl'. 'Moth.-r tiln'li. i -, a iV e lie starts to ge-t brei akfa-t Im-tead
.0,l hjvrtI t O & Oli. n (Ith- i..O i. ', -plit k indinl to ii.H t a rfir -hII..
puincie-l a blu ton ui ll tli. vt.i.:i.n i -.1-iiier and lth el-.lIri.: wi ts[i.er .a e
her havin.t tou i. id i., I-' lh. t.t......>! th.l l j il.o.iid. Fa:to i.--. iii-
.teal ot tired wonienl, ihi'- thz ..,i- of the -hirt and the ovir.ll uiti.i tiie
b ,alie o ., l' u .pe _. 1 i- d i.onz lh i -,.." n .ll'o has t tn lt e pla,: of the
,i-ellar with it di enri- of jar of jaIitf and preselves..
Women nonai 1- d 0ion%'l Vulolkw iulrthing aboul labor comipieil
nii Ihteir gralli-nliindiotlhers, hli.o had co do all o1f Iheir on in lioust-
.oirk anil kilkie al of ihe famitilv tlotie-,. heflole there were
gas inte-2cs or .-inag uiachline. or labor-savilig device-. No)
wonder the old cemetery ies iare fulll ofIl I1 ionulnmelits to devoted
Ht ire, and mothers who peri-hed of' cbxhausition in lheir early l30s.
But it is not -o it lllI o( the increateA itl the comIinfort of iivin-'
that I wish to speak a' 'f ..ur in .roved i murale. iinforitinately. titere
i, just as much tragedy lin the world usi terC.. -e-r v.as. No ltninain in-
gennity can do iwayia. with ihat Dmatli still desolates every Lhou,-ehuld.
Sickness lays its blLgthting hand upon tis. All of us kuowv di-appointment
aud disillusiou aud anxiety mind the fru-tratUon of our heart's desire's.-
Qut, soniebowt, we have got a -iaer viwpoint on our mi tilort llne"., more
--er Yl-r-trrr.-m-.-ourr so--irow-,s.. iore philositphy with wlhis It to ie.et the l
irp? and downs of life.
In lily childhood I iell reunteitber a guoup ol spectral figures,
ditiped ii crepe f'roin liiad io foot and(l vith pallid faces. tiho
would come periodtiallh. to vi-it myn mother and hold a lodge
of sorro% over mr isourtuiine, lint Ihal happened fori %ears be-
fore. They never smiled. They ever uttered a cheerful word.
The3 were literally skeletons at every feast they attended. Tliey
took a morbid pride in never lihaing "g-ot over" tihatever gri-ef
befell them in their youth and they %ere accorded a .ort of re-
spect iun hle comruiilit3 for maniintaining this attitude of perpetlu-
al woe. People seeiied to think it showedI extriot'rinary. de-
votion ,or faithlifulness or -trenigth of character or something.
Thi' weeping i ,sitcrliool i- a-- extilit i now s the f.i bled Nii.,e.
Women who lo-t the hliu.i)anid- tlti,, adore-d and the children tiiey wor-
shlped till have their liearts broke. God pito y thiem. hut they don't make
a c-ult of their grief and they don't go around .saIting the world down
In the brine of their t.ar. Tlihy blry their torrots in ilheir own liheart-
and they deliberately -etl aboitr salv a iig all thlie ha lppine-s they potiibly
calln out of their \wieeked lives.
Many women are leIaving ofif .jariiig mourning. whi.lih keep-; their
own sorrow ever before theiah and niakes nieemories of their own iot.s
stab every passerby. and in thi3 we tee no disretspe:t to the dead. only
a brave act-eptaLie Cof thie ineI.'irable arad all effort nort to dirke-n ainy
one's suniihine with their own shadows.
It wa., an older generation that wrote that "imen nmlu
work and ttomein imu-t wveep. so run-, tlie world away." Womeni
have wiied Itheir e,\es. The3 ale no loIouger cr'y-babies and teli
few lachrymnose sister, that are left don't get niiuch syiilollhy.l
nor have many shoulders offered fi'or then to weep upoil. In-
stead we call them whiner, oind quitters auind give them a wide
Another figure of rl-f \'. ho ii-,d to l.- c-orilmoii. uilt that vwe
seldoni meet nowadays is the old naid wlio ihad illeii jilted in her youti
and who had spent her lifetim- pilliig tor her faithless lover. Rmitaintit.
ulte used to be cousid.-red. Flain tiol, '.t e would i 'all bet now. And there-
vias her ist(r. thle d e--rt-ad wile. tho,- husband had lef't lier for oiiie
vounge.' and faJier woman, or ft'ir no ri-aoni ex':.ept that lie I.ia jiI-r los-t
his taste for her. ALid -ihi- alo .p. lit thle ri-maind-r of I h r life.. \ee% ing
and waiting for her eicreant 0pojii-j to riet Uri. vwliila we all di-'ol-id in
sympathy whenever we thought of hlir iisad plight.
But there are might fettw modern women ilho wear tie
willow for thirty or forty years fI'or worthless u muen wtho hate
played them false. The) realize thl.it iiheni tlhe gave their heart'
to men who were niot worthy. of theti, hile.y ade a bad invest-
mnent and tlie, simplel cliaia-e the affair ioff to profit and loss
and get bu-s ttiith something elke in.teal of -oing into total
bankrnptc,\. All. of us know plen3n of tl women who have had to
divorce their husbands. wtho have simply pin their old lives
behind them and built new sl.tructure.s of Iippiiiness onli the ruin.
of the old.
Women used to make a profession of invadili;m and thlir con-u
versation was an exchange of syniml.,Ion aind a re-utimtte of operation ii, hut
now they are ashamed of being si..kl" anid only Ithe old-fasitionrd and
he morons mur-nition thi ir ilmi- t lit w. i n iiA ,In iei. I ,I. -

Dawes Rass IT. S. Consular
Service in Great Britain I

A riti. i-iii u( tlt l.i nit -d State- o
:',-!i iil. r H;,. t" in t reat BI Mi in. ,
-ai,.d !_ i!->- =li n delivered by Gen- i
er:l l'hI- l- .;. D w,-~. tUnited .Stat,_- i
_Anb,.j --Sii. to thlie Court of St.
.aJ.i e H-'-. rL. nen- iiers of lii ow'ii Con-
in.L ..r., H i n London, i. .luzzlill .
. N At, i l .[ nleu it'i11 i ff.n i.Iios o the
lirti- .ji iii;.l. ai-cordin: to ri.cent
ad vi.- -
AI,.,ill I,, \-.k;, after thlie Am -
I,.- ,ir airriv-d at his. post itt Lon-
I.i.n ith- -tirt for the Consilar ftorc':
i,. ],.,-.mt hii i thlie Enmba--y so that.
Ih- ..ild timake-' their ana i inilta n |-
si\ ii. rn, lI i. headed by Cons.ulGn-
tr.il .All..-ri Hal-tead. waited on the |
,', .-I.rI. .- ho. aftir tlih y had ra ll I:, ,- I-
i r.indu cl io lhim. deliver-d one of I
hi n riir.rri- [i. t altaih on Trofes- t
*i.. :it ,.lillriuin tl, and icas-. men", ,
a I tli t mienibc-r of" the Aii ri- i
,. "i1 ..rEI e'rv;ie are called. Am-i
,.-.v .Il l -s h r -', fr i- i-.41eritlv (-nlit I
Aii",1 hi i- (oltv -..i'alnoi wirli .-t ai r.t
i ,-,.: e Ar i lt ii t,:, Eni gl.aiiin .
Alie oti her thinti it i ,; ith t |
(< uisl -!:, D aI, r,-,l t,-m rinl t 1 i e li
\a- 1in. t hi li i [)r. .iI'- :l i itlh M t
hi- .], i,,t' .tn ,-tii 1n fnli ni'mi i dlrins '
it cl. r a; \\-:Il r- t l r the e a .i i
nihh ', lla-it l.oltfti n t'" a id flrt :-int ing
Ult. ; llld t hat e l l 1['-' 1- l thinl'- '1"..*% n I

The -i irp i-:itn th-I ni aloit. tiit ii
w ,in'. affJir i= nhli r It. ,: ; (-'*id l.n -

,''. hStarwho LzLitnr L) hn ill-ch
T o ni- is o li SI M .i 5.i. E -t I-

It.. iBna- l nr a o rif Hamr an |
rh i _,n- u i. Gr. -r. i .-ril. ihu lii l I.:

m ,.f i ii ] i|..,rfa'rt v .rk t hi-r, -

lilo -il "li 11t,' th N .- n ll'1 1, ii- hti i

tIn tit. i 1- l i ll t ie u i Ai n i.,it i

i l. ... .-a it az a li a it ..
j r ill', 'O >il to tt ic Eti-t w i |
th. ii -h ini l -ie l.i t ceof Am-
ofi .aSr e. s or- lRi.. vi.. Itoria
A.Wk. B no.1Qhripp In Bm II:,It The
oui t i- iniii t n-i. ti n- (A.ti ico ni I
ii lr vi- i -..k ii.ii .nnim ri'ia Il t lu r-b
iiv i tl, r i Io it E- 1 i .'.If- .* V -
ill i-. ie i ,.exten, lio -. o f th AmericA-
l n i j i. -.al r ttachE' li- -ioff- e i-irn
Tiilt ',-n:; r~iii l.i" i t tla ri .i ic

t'Ie L i ndint [tiLL-i. hoftlin( "liiiw-.i'.-

Hoolii r', re-il'in at the Depart h elnt
of aCrnii r ie. .
M. S. Britannic, White
Star Liner, Launched

Thei na-wh Wllti star M.. S. Briln-
il.- was. laitn tMe l ea-1,- Tirue- any from
ih-le Belfa-t yardi of Harland anidI
HW-olf with tlie double distiin tion of
Thin thl- lai te1t British' built motor-
llip ,n thl lart.:-, v es- to ho ni-.
floy,-dl it tht Ni e.- Yoi k-Lie-riool
tra .1_-.
Lume-- I'; ', a. v,' In n lidatti-.h.r al-'
|ro \ided f'l'r 1 .1 pa, erL .'l %. w ho
11ill ie di id-.d among caW bii toul i-t
S la .hiir l .i iin a., n- n tll )l...l[.,i.. _O n-
of thel inrt reo-in t'featur,-- in :'Jniti'-
lion with tli,-. e- v liner i. tihlt. ext n-I-
-iiie u r inside ,-f el>.:Lr",ity. the? con-
iine:ted load of curr-l it [.inu' >li-ual
t, 0 l!iat II ae '. r'y f ir s.ip li;r>nc a I
town of *ii 'i. l
The" BritJanni whli;h ik thle third
\lhi'fe Star linler to hear tile nalmt.

,?,1131" and [la s a; })-inv co f 2 t':.a .
and i- of '27. iiih pro-s ton--. r[h,
i~ exi,(te. to ihter : rvi,-i? in the
spri'hie of l:i:;n.
--- ---
Bozo Wins Fourth Race
of Series for R.B.Y.C. Cup

A. F. Broderi,:k'- Bozo I'u h1 hi ]
fou llh Sound Intf. h lh Cl.10 rac,:-.
!'or tlhe Royail Be'nulsda Yarlit Club's
-'nr,. held at th I ld.in Harho-,r
Y1 l. ht (Iiib, I nat (;r .;:nwii|h. C';,uih i
tI'!:.ii. an d (G.I, l.-,i, P.Raymtn.,i r D U m
iliie. l:, h>.? tihg ('O heor eliu Shil. ,' 1
A ilei anid Rob, rt ;,.-,,ll,:.r'5 B,:,l-
bill. jiilniped info thle I,-., in t'I
.r-l'i," i, t ,andi [' for thl, tro lhiy. [
d,.,'.. ili lr" 1: o ,dvi,.,i- from Green-

TlI- -kiplipri of t1o-.iye lt'*ac who
iiood to lthwe c-st\ard fou.Ind ile- Thi.-t
ihd aund linidied in thl tli it divi.-
i,)n. M_ any of ltie v\teran-l. amn g n
th,n (m'orneliuis Shichli Bob Goclle r .
andl Lhiron FRii'L_-. thonLibt. how-,-\ r.
liher they\ vould tind b.et-r Eol, by
.thor:-. and matny time-. thlii- paroe-
dure, with a flood tide and a wind
,'lin.rtel itn," fr m lthe i .h i thl ].h':e t, la.
turned OIK (o oe th':- bl- t On th-
s,,.l_.a-ion, however, it did not prove
.9o, \ ith the r Iilllt th All

til. L1u T'Un ru e IU t ioutJ tpIr ai l ent anl omnli I ;I to np iwtter A.in-
pany because they were envious and coveitous of the wineries rich 'wonieu Ibed -m-vehth" Taiir..Jt. v il i a-
bad. Now they hustle out and get what they want for themelve-. and t e
boast of their po-sessions. al] pait by Loi'na W littelse. (:. rae
in eighth, and Bobbill finished tentlh.
Women make most of the happiness of the world and that --
is why I say it is a more cheerful place to live in because tFey
You give water to your locomo-
have quit using the tear Jug and nailed on Ihe smile that won't i y not give water to your
come off.tive. why not give water to your


(Eastern Group Demerara)
.1 Modern Fleet of Enthirely New Sl'ips.
.Specially Built and Equipped lor Tropical Travel j
FurtnigLitly Freight, Pa- .-usg-r & Mail Service between Halifax,
N.S. SLt.. Johu, N.B., & Deluerara, callIug each way at Bermuda, St.
Kitts, Ne.is, Aurigua, Mill tt-errat, IDommiu a, St. Lucia, Barbados
St. Viuitrt, Gruna-a, Trinidad.
S12.140u tous displacement.
Leave Leave fr. & Dep.
Steamer Halifax Arrive Bermuda Bda. for S.
N. S. Beruda for W. 1. John N.B. |

Lady Hawkins June 11 June 17 June 1S July 13 I
Lady Drake June 28 July 1 July 2 July 27
L.dy Nelson July 12 July 15 July 16 ,u. 1,,
Lady Hawkins Jnuly 26 July 29 July 3, Aug. 24
Lady Drake Sel.t. 6 Ang. 12 Aug. 13 Sept. 7
Lady Neison Aug 23 Aug. 21; Aug. 27 Sept. 21 i
Lady Hawkina Aug. 9 Sept. t 9 Sept. 10 Oct. 5
Lady Drake Sept. 20 Sept. 2:; Sept. 24 Oct. 19
Lady Nelson Oct. 4 Oct. 7 Or. S Nov. 2

(Western Group Service.)
Foilinighitly Freight, Passenger and Mail Service between MONTREAL
(in Summer) HALIFAX (in Winrer), calling at HAMILTON, NASSAU
anmid KINGSTON, connemeting for BELIZE at JALUICA.
Ber'uinlda to Nas-au $50,00 and Up
Bermuda to Montreal and Return 80.00 and up

Leave Ar. & Dep.
Steame'-r Leave Arrive Bda. for Bda. for
Mul.treaI Bermtuda Nassau Mointreal
Laily Rodu ey Junie 22 June 2; June 2S July 11
Lady Souimeis July 3 July 11 July 12 July 25
Lady Roidney July 2<. July 25 July 26 Aug. 8
SLady S'mers Aus. 3 Aiir. S Aug. 9 Aug. 22
| Lady Rol.iney Aug. 17 Aug. 22 .Anu. 23 Sept. 5
Lily Sotu.rs, I., AA,,' :11 Sept. 5 Sept. G Sept. 19
L_ .l:, Rod.ii-y Sept. i1 .etpr. 1I S.-pr. 21 O.:t. 3
L,,d. Sitpers Si.,. 2,i O, t. 3 O.-t. 4 Oct. 17

S Steamners Sail from Halifax and Arriv(e at Saint John, N.B.
SFor ili pna. ei -r aurd Freight rates apply to:
Si-ii jc-.t to change w' itthout notice. 42 Front St., Hamilton.
- *15346 144 s9 estp

. ... . . . .. .




Blue or Brown

for 10

FROM AUGUST 7th to 14th ONLY

Suits must he brought to and taken away from

the Clarence Ave. factory[
U _

Suits will be dyed and pressed by modern

sanitary methods

Clarence Avenue


[ "**16772-144-t 0, s l'.i .ili



PRICE 1s.9d. .





hr ..

i- N-*.


tH iUnder Contrart wi'bh Bermuda (Govertmient) i

g Royal and United States Mail Steamers a!
Fastest Steamers on the New York-Bermuda KRo,[
Li. N.Y. .irr. Bida. LI. Bda.. Air. _.. .
, FORT VICTORIA ...Aug. 7 Aug. 9 ALug. li Aug. 12
BERMUDA ............Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 1I'
N FORT VICIORIA Aug. 14- Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Aug. 191
BERMIUDA ..............Aug. 17 Aug. 19 Aug. 20) Aug. 22.
FORT VICTORIA Aug. 21 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 26:
m BERMUDA ..............A..ug. 24 Aug. 26 Aug. 27 Aug. 29.
FORT VICTORIA .... Aug. 2S Aug. L I Aug. 31 Sept. 2
BERMUDA ... ........Aug. 31 Sept. 2 Sept. 3 Sept. 5 g
FORT VICTORIA ....Sept. -1 Sept. 6 S-tt. 7 Sept. 9la
BERMUDA .................ept. 7 Sept. 9 Sept. 10i Sept. 121
FORT VICTORIA ...... 11 St. I3 Ipt. 14 Sept. 16:
BERMUDA .................Sept. 14 Sept. 16 Sept. 17 Sept. 19 g
SFORT VICTORIA ......Sept t.. 21 Sept. 21 Sept. 23
BERMUDA ............. ,lt. 21 Sept. 2:3 Seplt. 24 Sept. 26!r
FORT VICTORIA ...Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Sept. 28 S'pt. 311
BERMUDA .............Sept. 28 Sept. 311 Oct. 1 Oct. 3
FORT VICTORIA ...Oct. 2 Oct. 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 7
m BERMUDA .............Oct. 5 Oct. 7 O(ct. 8 Oct. 1 i
* FORT VICTORIA ...Oct. 9 Oct. 11 Oct. 12 Oct. 14i

(Subject to change without notice if circumstances g
*1479 01)( tu.i e.i t.p. Oct. E
--- ---------------------------------------------------------

Canada-Bermuda-West Indies-Demerara Service

A STEAMER" -Ail t'fr...n Monrtr.al Aiuri.. r 1,;

Fortnightly thereafter from Montreal via Halifax

R. M1. BROWNE. Agent
Front Street MILTON i
Telephone 828.
*16119-3';-s 1 Juini, e z t 1. 6 i ,l
PIit fM- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -.- .-- -- m- -- I

Ed Cooke, Paradox

fliurri t~li- '
The l ..i i'- .v f E.i I (C,,:.k'-. C I- ,tio. n

i I r h -p't i-r il I-
t.h ..,i, i.il, i i ,I ftiiftle u thi e t,,Wlla
A l :15. E dI -',., e -,'.- ull ,i,,,ii i.11,p.,-
tair fIs-iili ti-. 1,ii v -l tliht i-i -

t-. a' -'l' ,ri 1 i i\,\,l,:iileid ii.. -t.o to,
Sli;i n pt li ti..i oi kini fellow,\. ai-
i; tiit I- hr .ir -,t i li r lie t plpir. reil o I,) h .
Il -.it p e f, lii aiti.1:k .-Itf l Ib u ray
luh'. hi. ten,.ii -kIy liul an]rl, kIo -hiul
anr flWiii l tie-. el ik i li_, r ',llin,
n a-I ni i Zill y iirl i uoni i e1ll -i.- e. t li
a- -ia elifiiade inillionSa:. A-in the
r- tian x Ar 3i'5 ifaiit thi'- t :r rnri.T lgt i "--
ril.11,:i. u la...ne id.l\'4l el n,,ther t ld
i,.,pt a iotl-Iu h .iie a il C htl ':e S e u cer'
.. i nt-i-I.irty i rultter .. hie own --fl-
S I h lm i,:,t hi. r W 'a et a5 ln iell:t l in-eil'
-t lt- i t l ih of wIi.) i-rinkit. 1 I lie ihad leu

Thy. t,.wn ir,,.k.il on and rolli:kel,
%i IlI i.aiihter. Ed (',:,...ke A ind iiil
n .oilt i. ii.ji .'. ii di.in l a fine f ri i'oo
Hite in thli i111ll :it.1 's ij.-t bte-l. A.
Ia nrl.ti r I t. fai:t. E i. "oke \a a t i-r
'*:-it .i'artDer in ,lip r.%\ii- r. ]ihip ,of this
i.,*,t:I A a matter ...f firthler ta. E.1i
i-t.. .,k- i 'a- tlie ni .(iIi-tiii e -ileit iud
'lipe '-nii, -i inim r!'!,.idalt pla rt ir i I
.itity e i ..t'-ly ev-ry uirerpri- il t a.t
ut. a) ll ( .o., ih11 ...il I.lin iliilty.
Hr-n hail hi- fi ngew i r plIa..ia;ll
< ~' Ii'. i;j :,idi | pi.- i tll ihe ,li-:tlih:t, IW-!
I.'i-i.1i ot of two baiik ., on the hl:,ard
,I ,ir ,. ri:,. A ,, i eveIy lt ..rl']ih .:.f thi e l lue. ,:,w .,e.d r'e;]I fat,
i r h:.,1 l f ll ]'o il ihl v ati ,i 1,,i l1 a (: ,iL,
I,1 i, .t ho.i u.1 rfo .1 .-.elli ag pr[,rbe of"
hatl Ti ne I' ,r e- c h,,l itr I tut. v i the
lii ir .i-, if t.lit.uiri i l va i the -
I :.r'e-i iar bo li,. leI in tlie city's tewe-it
-'.-",:'dl,,.-r anl ninited outright tlhe
1 h. I .i i',:l.- it Bi.. ti.n-piritul e theatei'r- in
the E.ta le.
H-ie ,, l,..:a 'l fig-ile. He \'a.i-
I-iL itlihan tliat. New Yiork i k.ii-
'i lea i-,iit l wis l' hl oi- iratil o,
EtI C,,..kie. AuiJ he was iiore ttIhan
tlih i. Thle la r1'e.at ini.ituti foi r the
1.,IL i in thl Mie id le Tr'- '. L the ri
iilt ..f iii- dirt' :t end llt lit A t .gi.
:i. ai hii p,,rl- ant pfihilaurth -r pi- r.
, ll ail tihalt his n lot, h ri directed
i. t i -l'. i-i. ih a fpey :t g of I i. atu.ti itie .
T ai tru. r-. I lt -. i diI lie direct

i mery lieaflir e i ny tobher oIsp 1>t.
\\'iitre. El i ." ie Ir, to It '
ii..i[ a.th era..day oo high finance or
ti h.-. li riss. h e a .aii ju-r ny' tnine.all
i,,, ; 1 M r-,. C .,..%-,. w I., 1t 6. I,.ok -d
I1k, 1arge, loan. i:al..il tin ea'_-zl e,
I ,_, e l_ i ;lith r fr ee, I ol-d h tn Eid.

ihI, tor ,, hini,.r." "E>I. yii'Cre to t if e
, If t -, Ihli oine,, iE jnI u ll h T ." 'B iul
hit lih-I r. I HIa\ e a dhe t,(' jielil ? ."p
* Thlie dle'-rtr'. nioiir a_ t hill kee-p.
\'%, are I ,, risg to the mo ie;-.-' I
An.l z,, tHil rni'L. ie, thl v dIid g'.'.
Thi.re ,:ert.idnly was n.) exa_--"eratiin
,o thie ol al irnt.rpretation ,of Ed atil
hi-- mOther. He \ .-i a henl peke

k"Mthi '. tiy I go H it to the ; cun-
try ilu.lb thii Sunday with soirte oi the
bog. s for g-olf?"
N.". I Ipromisd thI old ladies
at my deaf institution to bring you ouu
'Mother, how would you likl to
take a trip to Hawaii wittt me? I need

















ll.Rllll .qll .l...d.. ... .. ..l. ln... lnn. nnl. l .nh.. nnn.... I h ... ... n




:Second Hand Bicycles

i .-:

Opposite tlio? Tuwer a
Phone 440

16713-27-t .3Ju July tp

At Moderate Cash Price'

Four Lots of Land in

Lying between North niid Ul.nion
Streets. adjoining E-tatl of R. Eve.
with a Nine-room Stone Buildint-"
erected on one of the lots..

Rennie & Vaucrosson
Burnaby Street
**167,)5-27-s 27 July, s t p



it., in nearly ol cases. due [o e%.ess
stomach acid You can preo ent it in-
stantly by taking a little rlurared'
Magnesia. Thi, not only neurrahli- the
harmful ncid but it ajlo sootl:.., ind
eicals the inflamed .tom.i:h liriin thus
repairimn dania,;e already. dJine and pro-
motin; I health. normal diset.o3n. \\ hen
buying always see the oval *Bi-mag'
sign on the wrapoer'



bn Statement
OFArtounding Cun
Facts sworn on oath before Mr ,
Davies, the Pontypridd -olichror r.r e'
the astounding cure of Mr. J. Si-dJ ....
of 115.Bonvileon Road, Pornlpri d1i
"Constant sitting at my v.orl bi.r.l
i. on piles," Mr. Seldon explnamed "1
was first troubled 37 years ag- N,.Ir. a..i i&y
I felt I would go crary wlih the hurrr, L1,1,-%
and Irrniation Owing to the constant tale-1rni
I somplimes nearly
Collapsed Through Weakness
"I had toisay in bed f.,r. ays I irir-3 .ii ;',r-
ofapplications and 1 must li,'e tri r:.-%ri* ...r.is
away. A drdcror said an .ei-rar, a n.. .rOy
umaedyi'. Twenly years 'uirireibdi lhai irot to1
for I was wom o ai skeleton and har pracriiclly
ivsn up hope of a cure.
"One day I was advised to Irv Zam Bjk trir,
k hborgbht a box of the balm. I had rn er e.-i .
Sensed anything like the cooling tni CG,'h.rle
relief tam.Bukbrought. 'A2 I cr.r,in,e. i.iib
the treatment the bleeding ceased. sweriir, .' rt
down. and the piles hid completely bn..ied
v, n- ever had a aain of the pil-s sinie'
F, til. eirai, bead legrl ree, poisoned wounds,
Zan@ .'k l_ 14
m, scap L-. eo le rBhe. ea.,



Gosling brothers


S9561 9n T.' Feb tp

. --I....

[.1 I l'-. W, 11iii- L

......................i ,.i...... nl. n............................ ....n..................I ...... I

C_'= .- I'
ii -r-I

P-...i., .- ii. t hi t E lI i'-.l,,k lait n -. ter
i.. -Ii ,r-. i onI !i- iiPiat, iL i ir. 're .. Tti-y
. r. I r. .l I I, j. Ih I I hr I... A .: -- 'r.
t I .. 1 I 'i .' ri.. i l I h E. I l4 i

I II ![ r.-ii,.li .i i- il i n .i.i i -- li -
i il. l h- A ii e, il-_tlil h ii ,, i.,i'O., i -i.- I
I i l. iT :l til *,i Sli i n ll ,.

i I! r I iiii rr;ii'l r, llil.t 'Ei- kiL e t

Ell 1':lil a 1 a u-litX', n )'i.t (-. II I-
I ,.,i ni i. i hi El l -i. t i ii ,i ti ,- 1ii

.7.lTI h1 er E..l 1 i-i, ini, r'' .lnl h to

i lit. it_- li.rt ni litl .i.-r in ',ur i ,ini;.
iliC .i, fate. NMr. C-.-i.. wti%--I
il.irliry at i: iti Wais ,inua-ing. :ii l.ld 111 )
.1 p ,C, II- I a il-l ir flt ti[e. ..lill-
i1? room.
.J.aoud' .rs..tlv'f Ed J.ntd .ean-tia -
,i-il Ithi. ,-t[-ak in Ill uitn h i-.r. Her'
iE,.iii .i- i-\|le .-i'.iT hir .h T i- 4n.r -
' l v.-i th hi l ite m..-ti lihin. i it a p. ;.gi

1 .ii- eii-l E. I. l ,I E i .. i. by.l a ryii tii?
P.1 n -Ihe r. i ..I:,i' 1- I' oI lke I]Vn _

r..:l ii- til I.h tI ig d -- ing .l toiil.l
I. t. l-t iha.t'. di n i ie '-.ur i. ,m
w 'iri at- ii. las li l :ift lli. i ,it-..li r i- itf
i.: I t'i- .-io at i- ie -t'o r iini. tlie h-l-
- -C En C- I i:k>. uTici:.li-i i.ii-l- *:ptf
.ti ll', trig i. r.12 .-'ari .Ei.t I dh A u.i 34-.
IrC l.: s nitli .n ii[rr-fitlrl.s ss te l -i;.
. ii 1i 1 t 1. i.l Xeaklt in hi- iable t orrti. et .
,i,.-,.n l ..i -, .aiul ,.,h o' lih r o nr f lt e

l'..-ill. inIae ,i -,e him li ith eritpa ..
oIiut i oi- ti arf a f.Ir tile.
Ai.il tlit-l. l'oth. le.t k h-t e a ti rl of ll.
li'-i E lI not et even I'Lu. h b is for-
i. tit yex ir. li f--t, n rl gei. perTi a -nialll
ir. i-,, ni, .i. \,t i iud .r the i lioht

tilt r, thii err i .tral in a i e .l f hI er;
W11ith eVeI'. in l t a d(l -w ha t lL'rbtc nlc of"

,r l l., iinati- rii e t. .lo, hii, li e will th-
In i.,i El i C ,*ll:.T l u-ll' ireail-lio y i."
Eil t(rio- ei -t t 'J I. hini. Hi i t.iti
I,,: --. with n itiu eily lo su eap. Tlie .
ui-1i .l f a pii a aiii the ol-ri s oth ther

Hr Iri.kk nii a itirlanQ'lirli.i. Tie tiere
v-litr i-i Iii' ni; iiti-;r should ii-iduce a
-, tiii 4r thait l -,, itu li-ie. r garden ]
I uTi th acutely ,teriops. Edf Cooeall.
li E nt et n in hiad ray.

it1. yeir, ili li. l,.,t iat -li, eren dn ia lly
- ijdif I lit alitiL. t.. i'i'ior thisn nl ili'
li.i t'. l..; eol oit..f lictr W e nin Mr-.
i .i;i rfelil e. i,. rlit l ayin Iiillill n

'. ki,. ll of tlibini-,; ion. S ,:l.i v _.-

It va. nn lting f-r liter to i r>'icuth out-
it].- tli i-.c.e.el -r.irtlt reii li- h-r li-n
unI ut tigiet anl 'ehat i e t(hll icall
,ii until hil ti h a e-o l i lI'r ewi- drag -erl
E:r an.ay I.y f.- W t. i ihe. Hik rekto put-
i: -lir- anrte-i li.. ll, lit tiy iti Sa The ok
l itint it" a h itt t-rith l in i.f ohis
It I i i-;.-or 'lie of hLi. 'ki-r'lilef spread
l her1 lap. e toSe ni.k int teanrhlina
ivieilL liiv rli-t'ere for tl'his ali] that,
ttari hi liii h.ji-r:ts wlii Ii might eive
ii I.k -I.ne.a en vent:hlring. The mer
reuuz. to pry oripen lixk- that she
iithr o hi-rose further.
One dt acutely fund theriournal abECookut
i- lil t lie lhamlermald had tattled.
nd for hours r he sat with i open ol

ty tears to shed, moaning into her
hands and beating in a curious stricl-

brl l i -.-a.r.
A.. I t- I [i.li r li !- a 7-,t )n i i lr
i ,':i..,, tli' h l~iv i.l iat ;au 111m n -.,- of
- h ,l ii- \fi ',,,n:,k-- r'. .iy tii Nh.: e
I, utr i,. h r -' Ylh L rti-. 1le
ti-i i i i i lit .iii -- i.:.I i-
-I ,, i i,-- ii ,., ji_- 'l j a ll. P lj I r i ,
',- III,,,,i Itl l l;" I I l 1 11 1 l ;ill .

h -i 1. k- St l Ii t:
S'i i .t I.. I 'ii [ i h y holr .; it.h i,-
... i in, l i., o. Sir ,ifr ,-.l i h'- -nr S.in
r l'l, ,i 'r -'-i- .. t hir -' iath.i.- l- I -
Sr1. *-. i ,I -h l. \ i i -t.I 1.,1 i .
ii h..-, i i, ,i i I, I l'. i I..,ih, r h

i t- r ,i I i ai i. i it e. t iI .- i i
i .1 ii in ._ ti-:n- li -i r fiin likf way. Elih,
I .i ;,i : i. I s r li:. I.'I iht : i. ; n .:
i, I',, ,i P | | | [ i, r h r
-, l-: tili t lliii.
Th.1'i .ini w i-i\ ar. ar iI ei .r ti
k in, i,. i,.r ni.. ili' o. Ell ( .:

0i.- -,alit i n -l,.h i a ,h i I.
I, :, wh -,." i:, ,k l \ ihi kl h i -- tim-,
tIi -i I lr- I1,' -.i i. .ii ta le ,: i[ae leljiv.
ir li." ..i 11 ht nw i...ts ii lre dl athe lr [ril
-,- hiini \\ iiLi..It [,r' .,~l' i le,- w hat i- tl ii,
S h n. m i' ,11ir -it .i .. i i W 1 al ti ,l kl.=. B i-
I I Iihllld', -ir-."
- 1 .- 'i--\ Z.lS i -t- I, ebp Had -.tlr k t -i- ri
lin:.- .al i .aii ~ ic:ket ffa .e. Itf ha. a. if
r!e liall,,r that \\%" <. ;i lL :(,i y s here had
i c-c-L .-t iu ,.,d a till nm ie ,d \hv..-rtthi
rid -,f li ll,,i', itik l" a if, has iinv
hi: L thb:r'-: Wit d-I, lii- v ery hart
,: Eli C'o-lke ir.1 tli'n il hI tle ruave
*i lii-, bo.ldy.
Au. l thlit aut i irat :.iily tlli ,i: k
Inu il. hi'r I ..., L. t-ilit!iyF, id y nlth iiih 1 u -.,r
l i ,-ij i b ain tiL- fi'V. rnrula .:,f r p .- li.l..;gy
! r iaJ ,1*, oft-tin em pltl'i;rerl before. "'I
.i. U 'r a rti i u. ', f',r BeLtty. Si nluI.ii ,"
.Ir [:aid. the li, tflitt-ring fi inu hi lips
!ik -t:' ii t)w an tila.] l \vie,. "'I iin vi-r
.,rjrt t.. -ee hier agaiu."
A li.i ti'ire 1r, lI et,-deI ht the fillure of
liit iav.-th r i:f' ElI C......ke str.ii ti .
tinl out :UIIe lir dtli'miniuating v-Iic.
.1 [ i rt -,t i tjW lai riy [jt'," ile ,aid.
Shi ii the ouily ii I hnve es-er kni.ivu
V. iriiil I i tanL y,. tt l im.iarry. ThAt
I, that."
Att- r ai iniiIlihile half ltilIr with
hii: it...f li- [il' r yitlg t L hi C tali.e a hle
liiil %ie r Ilay -i it Iet'fore, Ed Coke
(ip|lar.:.l r.-liit. tautly :, .i.:quie :i- t,.
ltLt demnii ds o:,f his parent.
Th:.i t 4a th- beiginliiue f hi i cin-
- h Lut i l. .l >i.1.ill]-te ir:.nvale.?scen]:e.
Ti'e unan'iage of Ed Cooke and
ii ry Sim n..,ns, i- in t, tiltlh y, .i f -,t
fil i flr ittion.
P.:;oI- ajy. ,:,f' c i- rse., that the m,.th-
C ..f End Cluke umanagwd his marriage.

Normans to Keep Alive
Memory of Hastings, 1066

N.-i.iri'in hin i le:tiit l.itIahl- if Nor i

t-i- .r l ieni-ztil l i ty :i t L'o 4iiinee -
Wi' \ ili.ini thl l ',,Ull'.e.,'y," lec,. tly a
fi in tled ihi iie t,,".n -fC F lii-e.. Frut Ce.
! hiii rite pill .-i of I"K r,-pine aligiht
11 .- z; i reil r Ifi.r I that a- lit it l'iti6
':ii th- hi.ittii'-fr.l ii ,t H i-.i.i l-. in orle
I p -rpetu r~ip ,ai n-'i'- ti-lir Ilt-cendniii t i
adi.ii getieite ani-,n tile yihii er gen- r
Iratin.'tii tlhe talr'il of tlie Norm.n ,n
1.:l:,d.'" E ,iilahil \\sI w n ia byW \' liiam *.-.
th.. (.'.n-lii-lor at. that battle.
T hle f' .irio ..f N or1 iaul y l lo -. nio t i:i ,,
liltlU e a -.m1.lnl. pl irii:al ,.hironi.:hI.
ay til:n 'e li,., are i.ri'ginating thil '
rii.:' letir,. for ll I l, i teai tiful pr-ovince
i' linkel t., all Frerin ih atid Eriglil l
---'9akir r-,unlrifre hy reas-n ,f Wil.
iam the ('onitqueror's gallaut career.
Thie (rnimitts-.- trte-iil. within a year
,-. e'rett a hironze taiblet itl.sile the rci--
t wlihere the Conqulieroir n a. born, and
it J. desired that the tablet .all bi-ar
an honor roll of the nam.?; ,:f all the
nen who accompanied him in his cnn.



Pads, Bag



It Pays to Use 1

SCampbell Electric
If any of your friends use one th
invaluable it i

One Oven Model ,@a ....
Two Oven Model @, ....
Three Oven Model ( ...

All supplied complete witLh

Do .not neglect to PHONE 394.
is ready to call and give you fu

For Power and

THE B. E. L. P. &

And at our City Age
S 1677 1-!'U-S 11.1 Aug

*' Illll llllI I lll illl il Illllll ll ]llllClllllllll llllllIlI I ]IIIIllll1 3ll llIIIIIIIIIIIIl]III I ti 31111111llll llBilll]I nllHi lliHi l Ml I


The Bermuda Electric Light, Power &

Traction Company, Limited

The Annual General Meeting of the Sharehold-
ers of this Company will be held at 3 p.m. on Mon- I
day, 12th August, 1929, in the City Hall, Hamilton,
in accordance with the Act of Incorporation and the i

Annual Report and Balance Sheet.
Election of Board of Directors.

By order of the Board of Directors,

- J. S. S ,
- Secretary.
187,. s r e.. at 5. 9 in Aug
gualmiulillini nin GH IIIIIICIIIIIIRIIIIGIllillulmulilllllltillnHIMIllilllullinligMilluRittilDilHRHillitSillWil111113111111111

... ... .


-13 s
Ca w)21B11112

- I


2L .,. ,-
t -:' 'f-p
', '? '

-. '\: .-= ^:--',. :"^-:5.

),, :":7.::: .-

,, ,
.- -:ii


"The Best Wall Paint for Bermuda Walls"

Once You Try It You Will Always Use It


*15603-36-Thurs Apr 4 E I T P
i,,,r,,i i 'l i i i .i. .ili'III I Illlll. 111111...i.I i I I i ii lli lIin1 i i i i i llln llllll l llllUIni imi llln lllllllllll lllllllllmll .lll lllllllll lll.lmll l i i llIHUllll.Ullll ,ui

For Sale




l .3 ..3-3 2-[t J25 uvie e i t p


Each Boat Arriving from New Y



Front Street
Phones 718 493
*16766-3G-t 6, th 8, s 10 A g
I 111IIIII i l n I I Iiiii u mmi muIIiI unI I n hali iIuIIIIIIIIIIIIII III umI uII IIInmii i u HIAIMIMII Il uIII III

*millmlllUHIUEll .f ',




,TE .. ...
i.l....p. .. *'- -- ..
-D "-A t-'* "' .' _

--+* i--,.
.. .,... i l.HI.W._

- from l7/6


from 12/6



S4-72-- 1'. Aug
illllinl i nilli1!1111 u nillll l nntiIuIII iilllullinumi llllliumulllu iIIIIIII I III lIIII Iilulu1nllluuiia ibi l ll iailiuHA illi


Our New Stoc :

is WE


-.* .





iey will tell you how m

... 4 10 Od
.. 6 0 Od
.. 8 0 Od


Our representative I
rather information. |

Service -


cents, I

L.1.I.........I..1.11IlJlIIIlI Il

.. ................ ........................... .................. ........ ................... ...................... ........... .. ..... .... ... ...........................

. -. !

Naoe Six

7 -.-

_________ U -.~ ______ a__



Babe. you burn in I up-no kid!
You knotk me for a: goul:
It's nobody's abu'iine-s.
And. kid. I iouldi fool-

Thoie eyes come .t r..aht from
Those lIps-boy, are they hot?
What it takeake' to make ni.- fall
You certainly have got!

W1haBtare I if it takes ji k
To drag you round about '
When we step a number.
Kid, I'm all broken out!
The way you jazz a uke
Just drives Cliff Edwards mad;
And when you lip a sax.
It's simply just too haid!

When you are near to me,
The heat is just intense;
Let's go find a pastor
And end this darned suspense'

We'll step to the altar
(And won't that be a wow!
Then. babe, I'll advertise
That you're my weakness now!

"FOR SALE.-One set Golf Cltull.
with Bag. 4.10.ii or nearest offer'"
-Advertisement in our revered c:on-
temporary, The Royal Gazellte. etc..
etc.. August 7th.
Another illusion dispelled'

.Brickbats and bouquet in about
equal proportions have been oceca-
stoned by The Mid-Ocean's report of
the second day's play in the recent
Cup Match, and even our revered
contemporary, The Royal Gazette.
ett., etc., juips nlto the fray with a
few comments in "They Say". infer-
rtwflhhet--*-MMd-tdOteaonm4as- "urnc
ideas of cricket" a-nd declaring that
;te.i is at perfect liberty to play
fot a. 'daw when victory is impos-
We agree with that statement in
Its elitlrety, but what about playing
for a draw when victory i' possible"'
Let us examine the case in point. lu
the first innings, Somers-t batted
from 2.30 to 6.00 p.m.. three and a
half hour', and scored 21'2 runs.
even with three men being dismi-ssed
fort no run- In thlie second innings.
when St. George's declared at 3.10
p.m.. Somerset needed 191 runs to
w th ie match, aud had three hotiur
and five minutes in which to get
them. At the very beginning 9f their
ininngs .the West End bat;mIen
started playing for a-draw. making
no attempt to compile win niug Int _
Even at that, they scored' 122, com-
Ing within 71 of the necessary total:
and it is reasonable to believe that.
batting with a definite purpose of
win ninnng, they could (ulite easily hare-
crossed the St. George', score with-
in the time allowed. Yet they
tossed away an honourahle and sat-
isfying vl,:tory to play safe and keep
tith Cup by vii-tue of a -cnide and uII-
sirrtsmanljke draw. Their only ob-
jett was t6 keep the Cup by w'hat-
ever means presented, and they re-
fused to make a sporting try at win-
ning it.
There can be Iittle satisfaction to
th sportmen of Somerset in having
kept the Cup by such method- Canl
it be that the financial difference to
the local business community of next
year's match being played at Somer-
set or at St. George's had any effect
upon their strategy? That is quit-e
definitely not a statement: it Is a
question, but a pertinent question.
i* *
S 'Durirrg. the curse of his ser-
mndn "-Local Jottings in The
Royal Gazette and Coloni-t Daily.
Au"gust 7th.
We've sometimes felt tlihat way
about sermons, ourself.
Hot as the weather has been. life
does haye its compensations. The
other day, we had occasion to cross
over to the Inverurie by ferry. As
we climbed aboard, a blasting breath
from the Eighth Circle of the Infer-
now engulfed us. We looked in an
open doorway and down into the
steamy vitals of. the S. S. Laconia,
wlihere a.' hegrful man was labour-
lan as nursemaid to a roaring and
*--', .,'*otaclous fire and a throbbing en-


Settlement is requested of

All Outstanding Accounts

previous to May 31st, 1929.


**16764-18-s 3 s 10 s 17 s 24 Aug

Eye-igfilt anl Sn-cltacle
Bermudiana Buildings,
Queen Street lnamiltion.
8.30 to 5.30 daily

Somerset Bridge,
By Appointment.
Phones: 716-J, Ham.;. 43-4, Som.
*13800 18 tu29 Jan. eitp





Emporium" Bldg.
Front St.

*165,)3-1S-3 6 July s t p

Onions and Lilies.
J Clcott Cummings

which Thomas Alva Edison chose the
scientific student he would train to
succeed him-possibly!-as the new
Wizard of Menlo Park, was submit-
r -. iy The New York Herald Tribune
to various experts .to be answered.
The technical questions betray no
m ;-~I inli ingenuity, but the gener-
al questions are tricky. How would
you like to answer this one: "Oil-
side of the field of r.I' i.i what
three men not living do you think
particularly deserve your respect and
The Herald Tribune's contribu-

Lil ',.ii. W, 11':1r... WI u..
miri. Ge-.r : h ke-lea-l'e Tols-
toy. Pur i.i:Il.
Nlr-' Aim- Ciatherine M larkliam:
Pliat Einme-'-r n. S.Ivak! -pi..- r
Both Mir Get and NMr- MA.rkham
I.oiir-n the-ni-.slve- t- the arts, to
nilen 'of tiotilt., niit a ctiion. And.

electorate voted.

How to Dispose of
Empty Tin Cans

A local housewife uses this in-
genious miili.:.l for disposing of
empty tin cans:
To open the cans use the kind -of
opener that grips the edges and
cuts the top .out clean. Aft-i the
can's contents have been turned out,
invert the.'can and remove the op-
posite end so that you have two
rounds of tin and an opened cylin-
der. Then flatten the'( linder. which
i- quite pliable, with ihi- hands, in-
-,rt the two disks and stamp it quite
flat with the foot. You then have a
simple flat piece of. metal which
takes up very little space in a waste
can, and holds no water ro, atrtar-
flies or r] -'irni.:i. -.

raidre froum the ftar rhat hict,,iy tnha Plans Round Trip Coast
not yet rendered its verdict iu the to Coast Refueling Flight
case ,..f Woodrow Wil'-.,n. Mr. ULtr. r-
neis.er's three .lhoi,. -. in the ta,:e of Tent. e 1,11 f making efiuel-
the v.ide -range iof the ".'i.i.-oi. in ,:,.lr,.t- at ti',u.-U9 Ilaes in the
,vild. lie- farcical if it oa;, not .. ;n,.,,l Star-- v'iil, he f ie-f f.nm tha
pitifull. W e'll va11 r thile or-t -f Far. ifi, C..-a t ,, the, Ailartt Ca.t
thle boys takliug the examination did and return in an a ntre-mt to establish a
better than these three adults. ,iw word f-,r n-rdlturance flying have
el___ Ie annuir.ii .l i-y N. B. Maru-r, a n
i;: t.:.r ..i' -f ~C.,-k.ii-. W, a'Ihiu atlii.

Work Progressing on MI Mari r e'.i.e.:r,, to tat-e ,iif nuxt
London Bridge s:,In'v-.. AXii,:irt 11 i1. He oI.in' to
Sly fr-.:mi Spi.ka ne O inSan aFiF.inis.-.)
aid theline i-., Ne-w Yorki;. return il tu o
It i. now po-ihhle to ain re :,,:,kne f,:,r |the finish of the fIliht.
idl.a r the eff.-lr th. riew L.imb thi T.,'5-.- ,l.li h a ,ew re,-r. lie mt i-r i'-.
Brildvl whihli i. to replace the 6id i ; t ill t :, li. e tha 12,' .
.iei.r.- i-ioii hirlizd e. il11 have on the urn- p,'5n-i t mark.
ri er v ,' t ., fini.hed. The tenil)0',.1i'y" Ti. h ,-nii ., .,fr' il" ., li-,hurl-
_-irti, tiiri h 1 I.eniri iTmpleterd. aii.d i l- ,, .- i it ,t l ip. at San
now "ir'rtyiI c-a ---iref- while thi F airln,:;i:,:,. heyuh... ('levelIan dl. New
v..rk ..f de.lnoli'hii thie oldl br-id-' Yr k (livy. St P.ul. nii.l Sp-.Lane The
ha [.tarred [ i,-t l t'iieiiin .2 ...I!t tI,5 rieril'ln 1 p w ,'ilil
The inew l.'i.I .:Ain...I hle (.:,ni- I. it C'l .-|,il, i.lt -,.,-,1 :,i St Patil.
n l,. n,. d ultil thlie -ld on.- is ldell :l- a ,l the tlhir.l al, n-l, ,l en lt ,..ihtA.ts
i-he-'l. nid an iiihp...rtant cond tion ,or ,i1 Sp.. tl.ie.
ilh wnnrk is that there should be noi
iIt'-rfer -nie with river traffii ----f--i
trl',-tilhit the ,con-siri'tion. Thi. Mail Notices
i 3 Ji.init with whih he tor-. D,-rman. Loni & Co. ri'e
thjr-,ii.i lly franiliar, i. r itr will hueb loF WV'ee:k Endling thill 17th
reni-nil-ered that a .similar provi-io Augut. 1929.
sa. i in fuorc ini thle uLie of the Tve I .
e a r .,~ N %i Mail- n-er k S. La-i. i- dria tI'or tlie
Bridge at Neiw,';tle., tt .ii asi ,
opiell.- d I. the Kihr- I,.r y- ar. It i ,l -e rt t t e i l P-, t lofi. i
tak.-- a'.oiit ftio r iuinh tlhs to 'e iole \T, lr i, 1i An i-. 152-i.
Ped a. Mind v ih ll 12tlh A11;-a-r. 14'*1.
the old bride. and it i- anticipated I .
(_-)niha ry ii .i. l ;i t I i r
that tlii- Iuildinir if lthe new one will
R ',gi.t-l ed mh il ainl pr.:r.i p[, t,
be <..iiipleted and thie -tre., tre ready
for u-,' within t ,:o y enr- from thenli
The granite pier. will crandil ,i S.
r- ril. [t.-r tM .S. Herinln.:, t,.r &r;ie.Ht
r Bi atjin. C.nii.d;, and the L'nilte
[civer b,'l. Alofit i .'!,1111 toh of te-l '
ill .. u ed i e bri e t e n- e- f An ,ria ill Lo-, at the
,%illb i., -d ill [lip hrile., (t e ,he I- e i.-er.al P -.itI offM on Ttlesdlda the
tr-e sI-1i ..f whiuei will rnea.ure 11;5 i i
feet. witl feet. and apl.r,:,a.,hI .pah., -of 125 fe,r. -ri-- I aI
Thle demolition of the oild bhi ;.L- a NIiid ay l si
-- "at 5 p ii. MIhiday. the 1I.thl Aiug.t.
i' reini-lered nimore diffi lilt a' i ir i of 192a.
tilh -ij-penion typ-e and. there.:.rie. Sl l n ,' p -i
pa ririular -care Ihm to ile -exelr-ril .
e, tI 7 a.m. TuePdaV.. the 13th
to removee the sramlle amount of ma- A\rii t -,.
trial s-imuIltareously from each or f .,

the thlre-e e.li-,ii-.ln in order to -elitrini
are a n1 dlrlaier of distortion.

Mistotok the Signs

:i -itinerant i(. sector t "o .,1.1 ii..tu
**-- ti incline his- bL'iJ'iw a!)iug d ,-",''
Errow road. Behliud him waj a ~, *-ie
what elderly mot.ir car, the impa-
i i-nt driver iof tvhiih w ans li..tiGh niii.I
tooting iu his anxiety to pass tlie
, I-ironu harrow.
The oril'-iron merchant likoil round
.L the car, and theu address-:d ilie
-'Orl right, guv nor. I'll call fkr that

Mail-. per S. S. Fort Victoria for
Gr.ea Britain. Canada and thie Uiii-
,'1 Statl of Arnmlrica will c-lse at the
Gente'ral Po-t tO'i.:e on Sal.urday the
I 7Tli Aimiu t. 192'9.
Ordinary niail iar a.nm.
RH-akitered mail aind parcel i'pot it
SI) ni. Friday tl- e I lh Arugn-ts.
S lpplemenritary mail idouljle post-
acei at 7 a.m. Saturda.v,.(he 17th
AiiUv ut.

Mail- Due on Monday from-England.
Mails per S. S. Mauretania, due to
arrive in New- York on 9th, should
connect with M. S. Bermula, sailing
from New York, 1lnh August, 1929.



III Union Street, near Angle Street,
in the City of Hamilton
A Well-Built, Stone Cottage L A W
,.,ns. thing six room. --s
With Shop
on the ground floor, fIlted with show-
windows, counters, etc. I
Burnaby Street, Hamilton

**16780-18-t 6, th 8 s 1i Aug

Royal Artillery Association GOD

Statement of Branch Accounts
?**5-s 4_-+ 1i 1

At the request of the Hon. Sec-
retary, the following statement of
a.:,_,,-irt- of the Bermuda Branch,
R.A.A., from 1st June, 1927 to 31st
December, 19'28, is published for
information. It is an extract from
the "Statement ,of Branch Ac-
counts" issued as a supplement to
the July number, of "The Gunner"-
the official organ of the Association.
Bermuda Branch, General Fund
I Receipts
Balance cash in hand,
1-6-27 28 5 11
337 ,iinal subscriptions
at 2/6 42 2 6
Interest on 4 Life Mem-
bers' subscriptions at
1/6 from H.Q., Lon-
don, (2 years) ............... 12 0
Sale of Badges ..................... 9 6
Donations and Sundry
Receipts 30 14 7

102 4 6

,To H.Q., 25% jiembers'
-,,I ., 'ilrir i,:,. (71 '2 d
To H.Q., Members' Bad-
Grants for Sick Relief...
Expenses i'irinting. sta-
S iij.r;: i etc.) ...................
Sundry charges. ....................
Balance cash credit,


Ball Bearing

,-,-' 'Sr
1$-?~ Sc



"No wall covering like a Water Paint;
no water paint like HALL'S DISTEMPER
-the OIL-BOUND Water Paint."
4-lbs. coer 180 square feet: 2-lbs. 315 square feet.

9 15 8

3 15 0
45 14 3

1 9 11
16 15 6

31 12--' 24 14 2-

102 4 6

Not,- -- .at]rnry V Charp-v-" hil.:1iiu;-
losn ...'" i1 t th>(e Right Section lon
..-I2 f.i the pu ircilia e ...f :1 pian., t.,
i.. kept in the Garri':,n Re-.'rtdi.i.n
;conm. St. (G-eori e's, andl n..e1 t'.:r
.lu.-' i ,- Trl Jian n 1a-' ret r'e-ii
: '."-T2 and ik iu lnild-ili anions Re-
-'" i:;. D.ri: ftf i;.flish ;r S'un.lr'--
rL ..e p['."" ibolv'.
The G--neral Fund kl it mei for: re-
ii '' iir, -- ...uly. Becliles this funI'
t! t .- ore the Rihlit. C'eitr e a,1 L-it
Se.-.iin.n FIt ulhi.ii nilm y I.: e- -pndl-
-.! ." ril. neral p irp,.. .' ,tiee .
1 1 .,u ( i ,, it n', .d
On .ii.i. i 2'i tlie balance sheet of tile
lile.- Si t ,,l FuL ii h,:li..wed aS t'..-

Rghit in A. Seitii,-Balan'e
I_ e dit 2. ., 6
'" t-i e i B.'.R (;.A I S ,-v l.iiu) B.l -
1. r1 t i fn 1 t f -ln,-. liihe [).-
I ., t i r ...f (-'. i : l .ari f S t. ;i ,:,r z 's
l :. .' .ii ).
L-'r i 1 A. aind T' i t..ri,il i S -
I [..n- B, !.Lrn C're lit t66. 17. ii. f in.
,:lu.l D[ .:eb r uure ., t ,,rl,,.,r.-,ti,:,ii ,,i*
*' i- ,,' '. f,.r 5ii i.
B '.. l: i ti,: a l e. tle Ie i' th.,
R A. \Wir P.I-rnorial Fund. in wi>h .h
ani redlir t5i6. i I i ti i. i Jin D.e-
S St .h.i -, I:..-I- l ',r t I{ A \V,.l M ,-1
i ,'l I i3i t"' hli .t',:', +il hin $ 1 ] (:; .'.i nL '1 *
i u n,,il.a. OIn 1.--29 ",ht a. ti.,l I a .i
la." n ee r', I II thlI futI( wI .

I' il pr id niit i.f but clo'ely con-
Ol" I:'i] n i !th tile B.-- rI'n1 li B I'," hi ,: '.,
F, A.A N Hi,- T-errit..i al Re-re-i-
,,..li C-',il., ill the M ilitary Line.,. St.
.i '' I t'ij l fu ~ SIriedi a lralan.-e
:'5 *r',,ui :.ii.-6;. ,:r i2, ;. 15. 1. T h;.
li.i: iei- vall' Of hbiliard lablej and
11:1 nit ii e.
\ li v.,e v.:.ri.,i[ 'o,;'qt:.'.- tII I a kI k [t
the H...:i. Se,:i,lt;ry. Lie-ur. P. L
L,ehtl..o iin. jai ar'e aldited itdiartierly
i. i, Sr. -',-,.rge's Garrison Qi.aritrly
.iridit B-..arI. tof' \hih the 0. C. No. 1
r* :ii _St. :(; :'1e.: io' the pres
.1. nt.

Mnils. DIh-pn(ched.
NMil leaving Bermuda uon Tue-day
il-e 1.ith, shouldd connect with S. S
MariretaiAa. ,ailing from New York
tor Southampton on the IJith Au-
i.t, 1 *2"..

Moald, leaving Bermuda on Satur.
day the 17th should connei-t with
S. S. Aquitania. sailign from New
York for Soutairuprou oli the 21st
A ug1-t. 11 -I 9.

Caspe -AIl1tulo is now being shipped
Cresh to England and Germany, ac-
..ordine I.:. the Natural Resources De-
L.artlnrt of the Canadian National
Railway-;. Frozen by a new brine so
luitkn, the fish, when deprocessed, are
a. fresh as when taken from the wa-

"-,11IZ U.L S I EVEN-TENTHS of the day's work is
S+, done before noon. Therefore, doctors,
educators, employers urge the neces-
sitv of a nourishing first meal.
Quaker Oats possesses an ideal balance of nature's essential
nutrients. 65% is energy-producing carbohydrate; 16% is.
muscle-making protein. In addition there are eighthealth-build-
ing minerals, an abundance of vitamins as well as the rough-
age so essential to proper digestion.
Try serving Quaker Oats daily for the first meal. This deli-
cious, perfectly balanced nulient.sustains the child in school,
the business mnT'The actor or--fr, the hofisewife-- al
whose tasks fall heavily during the hours of the morning.

SLa.'iL Aor the full
na'ne Qujl..:r Oats and th:flmiliji Quakerfi riure.

I- -~,


Qviaker Oats'

---- ------- --- a ..................... .........


Competent young man to act in capacity
of time clerk and to attend to office
routine. Location near St. George's.

Apply by letter to Box 275, The Mid-Ocean.

I Il.7 1; -- I t : Aug
l l l lll.............. l ,. ll......lilll............. ll.immmmmm

1/- and 2/- SALE

Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 13th and 14

4 r'ctonne- ... .... ...... I Yd. Ten Plante .................. 2 for

(.i nghai .. ..... 1 Yl. White Cotton'- I .i Yds. tfor
Mailap lani ....... ...... I Yd. Brown Cotton-, 1 '.i Yd*. for

\\1iith Cotton- .. .. 1 Yd. W writing PaG ; ................ 2 for
TM -in' W bnite Li"en Hats I E Tinware ........ ................. 2 for

Gillelte or Durhamii Duplex iilk Hat Sira', regular 4/6, .
amzor- ............ ......... I Ea. special ........................... 2,- Bundl
MIei-.- .Material I and 2 Yd. Ctip and Saucerl .................. aIt'- En

W all Paper ... .. ...... 2 Roll Men's W ak .h Ties .................. 1 E&


*l "7 -7"*-'.- 1I1 A U_




C^^7HtE 719 ^BIDW .

* 16799-6I-s I1,

- '5 -. -

-- r ,-
S'-I w~
- - -' r4-.5A,...'a ~'

'THE MI11)-0CEAN, SAT'ORDA AUGUST 10th, 1929.




1 1
1 /




t -' "


a. .I
-- l '5 '!
*e ""-_' t ;.

a.III ;,":-

-I .". -

I ,. .+.. '2 :.

_" . .


I.................. .

ginh. \V- -t.r.e.[J,. ,t..[r.u- our i.b'.ow Labourite Overwhelms
and felt positively cool after that. Communist Opponent
OQur unofficial welcoming commit- .The first election in British lii...ry'
1t- i- not fully alive to its privileges 1-- i -i a L-i...Iri- and Communist
and .]pti,-r,nitiie. Last week, the candidate ended in an overwhelming
ir,.--i yachting party, whose (-.l--': victory for the Labourite in tl.- i+.-1
tive millions number several times Southeast bye-election, In *' h.-l Major
ihoi,- of the Massee yachting party, James Milner, .,il..-i.. received 11,
were here for several days, and they 804 votes as against 512 votes for W.
didl,'t even rate a modest paragraph T, R. Brain, Communist,
in S. P. T Diary. At the General i..Ir on in M,.i. Sir
Henry Slesser, K.C., Lh:..iliii. who
It is one of those little paradoxes later was made L..d Jr,.- of Ap-
that make humanity what it is that peals, defeated his Conservative op-
most of the women who' have gone ponent by 15,018 votes. At the bye-
in for the bare-legged, fad are the election, however, the Labour Party
very ones whose'legs most require candidate's victory- was ,-,- r.l-. as
the charitable covering of -tr.-kilc such a foregone conclusion that the
Conservatives did not even submit a
The questionnaire, by means of candidate, and only 23 per cent. of the







TiHE- ID-UClEAN, S IA-Ii RD)A Y,. A iUGU ST I10th, i929.

-t -



I only

Men's White Canvas Shoes

Leather Soles

I 15-

| Gibbons Co.


* 11%2-1 e~-s10 A~l
1111111]11 111111131111111 1111111 1111111 111111M IIII I I ]II I:,jIIIIIIIIIIID IIIIIIIIII


SGr'e.-Tl of all ('1t.1oor0 1 'Ul or

I ,
Also the Finalt EpOdf ,or Oneur "on ocrfulit h piaal

Soors Open S. n o ei S how %S..3
I MARTIN MOVING PICTURE CO., L. Stovell, Ae-. Maunger

8620-"Get Up Off Your Knees." Vocal with Pianoa
*and Trumpet.
"West End Blues." Both by iHazel Smith.

8242-"Things Seem So Blue To Ale." Fox Trot a
"18th Street Strut." Fox Trot.

8679-"Nobody Knows What the Good Deacon

"Roll and Tumble Blues." Both by HamboneO

S 8629-"Have Yot( Ever Felt That Way?" Fox Trot. I
g "Walk that Broad." Both by Clarence Willi-
I ams' Wash Board Five.

8623- The Mooche." Fox Trot. O
I "Hot and Bothered." Both by Duke Elling- I
ton and his orchestra.

B 41180-"Save It, Pretty Mamma." Fox Trot.
I- "St. James Infirmary." Both by Louis Arm-
2 strong's Savoy Ball Room Five. Fo


ltsSr7-0eS-r 110 AUE

m li nuill unllllll nnullltll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ini nllllll nlllllllllrllt lll ll l llllll Illlllllllllllllllll[llll l llllllllllllllllllllulllll|||l|EIIIIIIIII


Petalchene ................ 4 3 Yd. Cretonne .................... 1. 3 Yd.
Figured Silk ............. 1,6 Yd. Voile .......................... 1 3 Yd.
Poplin ........................ 1 3 Yd.

Parliament St., Hamilton

Opp. Post Office

*16807-45-s 10 Aug

* Would Send Farmers to
Study Canadian Markets

t ;. .; t,:.i
".^ _',1- lj I5IJt tI'l Ild l .- I: lu1 (,t 1l-

,: ,-u .l' i r. ." i ,.l- [,., si l.,, .. ir t .i

5I n ,-n ". It i l .5 I lt ls -c I t l l I,' t i[ ':
_, -. t :,' II-I.-.
S* .I h r. i: t i_ d t. r -
hoII I

-[-h ;J lii l ll--* s.:'-.ll['- ,le ,l| t I,,h,-
I. .i l 1r i l ;,i,
1 N;-r


h'IleEdlic,- for pu.blicaution iu i[
oliu1nillai 1mt ienir ntheigiiatmurei 4)r
,he ltuivier,, notk mmi_4ariI) tfor 'pubO.-
.-ar imu. Tihe eclitor ijoes iuot under-
take (1)pubitli allleteer's received:
1101 (oe'- Iii- new.ltiaper nece-s~artily
' gree livit the 01 uJimi3 pre~wuted in I
(he published lett rei.'
Iiji IiI.-sij. EBILittlsl..


I j V I.t1 1 1 Iil s i11

i .5 1 5[it I ls-10 1 s' it h- iL w 1

w i I It 1-11 ii il-f I Is, Ist T

I t*t* st it t. i it I n tj I ii a I :I

Is -,s I i C s11) 1 1 'j I I..I 5t "o

I- %li- si.-i Iii -P .i'4 sisU itiiiiYitsjl'

N is JD. t u .1 l -it Hill`l int- .10

1. ht j ., .k- t. -lii Il isIt tsi e ir- -

h-il .sistl .11 tilt .~ fLitt 1.5 llt..f

..t \.. sE ~ ii'. h l. f tsli.-11'a V~e 1. 31'

i UIi..ulI tlits-:i lst' i.4 1 v.) it.

1-7- t' II tI l t I 5 ? Ii -plltl

It I Iit' a.[...s l" ss'rItI ennI i
setkt J hIit. f- tl'li~-.. 1'st

w. r w it I t i.h '. I

b'~s '.' fills ICl-s11.'srItiosII of HamiTIlton V,1\s-su ivii~~i
ins Fs.-sPs.nIa---.s- .-.n s, dvin..issrmt( .s-..-s.s-.-.nUy.

[0i-l. A.s,1 Tlit-. s It' \%-s- v.:.l'kiii- ill hi-- O
*ds V,.,.. h:,,..3,, nl expit,.:i,, ..ini Passenger Traffic
. w -evera' l l[ r'_-', p .:, .:,- t:. i e? fly-
n. thrisl.h ,hi ir. S,,me t .f rthe TTh, F .Blrnl, a L e S .
fell -,,l,,,ae d, l eF.ir hVni.. a l ,, i F.i 'rE vi-l i tl l mzt I'd i ',sf-n
1.,si m t. The r 'ti -in .. IIte ex t hi. s
sl s 1: Itt li sL v i ii i s l lt i -1 r i .- n n '.'- ,- ,i
in itit P i- tIrn In22t;l '. i ht In 22 n
N Bea.ri p..inltts. d t tlls it if u ,i s sI i. I n2 1
rhlin hIl l t ItrIck Arlamn in the hea] It The ('ia-,s oN't ,,oIsl I S ;. Lads
w ,rl, ha%,e I ldled im iId ,a Th rsday
,, I ,it k,. i',,, s '1"1 l T hin-Jl fr.,,
H-i w,,r-hip iu J- d tfin- ort l.l. .,l Ivngs t.r.IA- v i t-
and ,,rde.' s J,:a,:hin to make payment N .. .l. ,,,,ilht in s i p,.- n, an.
ii' 24 hr,'ur. ,.r 1 r;e, I -,\..v .\ r,.'s n-i', .. wirh 12
0o i,-..-,-'h_ l'', ill t'ran ilt.
Thi- C(.naiiun Natiouili S.S Ladyl-
Sandys and Cavendish r il-...,h ..',, iit-,. lar Tiur-di.: fr..niii
Play at B.A.A. Today N.-.Ii .,1,,i i.iiii? i nie lly fo,-.r
M c;.:,llrle',l. Ink',ii-'hl t hin : p'nt-eill ', :' nil
I, jrri- .iway 74 paf.i rtl'_-. witli 21
Thi aft' ru.:t.:,ni. Ihet-iniling at 1:31) rt's-.e,- ,.l- in traI' it.
'sclo.-k. .1 SeiurB r L-.i-2tu- (rick.t mathh Tlih Fiirness-B.ri'nltLii Lile I M..S.
i h l,; _.ii- play il Iis-t lt he. ie Sa- ndys Bs-r l'rtnil arriviug la.-t Mo, a f'r.:iii
-'-..re-iti.n Clubl .nd th" ('av-udl-.i Nsw Y ".rk al'tl I v.\iu 2 the l 's.ll,:svihg
Cri: ket C'_i il. at the B. A. A. Field. As 11 ,lI i Eh- r l urn v.\- -e. hr.:,.i' ht in
t6- W 'ef EliI t am is tieidl i li the 5'l ljT,,j -'ieii -'r .itI,] rarrie'-.I awai y i31 I
N.sti is 1 l Cr'i k'et Cluib for C-eent l ptla e p,:.te -r] ri.
;n [lie league standlin -- and the right W ith t,:,t .fl- S.f "151 arrive l and1,] t7Q
t-. play the Ps.mlr.,k- Alh]kii.- ('lnub in ril,:|isrtIii-e. there i- a favur.a'ble u1)31-
lie tinale-thi e % it,,i-- alre expect d to :',.e .t'f 2:72 t'for the week.
mal:,s a strirns bid for vitry.
The ('avenites have practically n,-sth-
inc at take in the league standing You give water to your locomo-
but the Paige. Patricians take well-
br-d deliieht In upsetting the apple Hlive-, why not give water to your
cart for s:,me other team, so that a horses?
1een and interesting match is in pros- i -

- '-s-v- .- -
.- 's-- sIt .-t~t ~
.. hit. ~ S
---S. ts-. s-5~
S *. .1.

5 ~s-*-*ss.
?age Seveii




Union Suits 4/-"
Dress Shirts, good quality 6/-
Dress Shirts, without collars 7.6
Blue Working Shirts 4.'6
Balbriggan Suits 4.'-
Working Pants 6 6 to 8, 6
Blue Overalls -7/6

*16s,-03-54 a ltu Aug



Saturday and Monday Only

Aluminum Percolators -
Only 3/10 Each

*16801-36-s 10 Aug

.f ,.

.. :. '.. .,. M- . .,





-' *H.A.&E.SMITH




Cretonnes. Scrims. Muslins
and Curtain Madras-Plain
colours and fancy patterns.
1 to 5 6 yard

NOW 9d to 4/2 Yard

II*I1lllllllll l m mi..llllll IIIIUlHunl[ ntil
l1, A ill,


Linen Crash Suits L

Made from Pure Irish Linen of the

best quality; tailored by experts to

insure shape retention after washing,

a most valuable asset.

Our Guarantee is Your Protection

Trimingham Brothers

S .S .S ..; 1 .K .
,-_U |*******************
[],U. [
U 6U.2;, ltA~ l

SIp .


ii YlorIk Iiimpoilt,

h,-'-tl '-si i -tI t, New ,, V ] .: .dh I ,l.a
it hi I ii h ,- I' slit i t.slir i ,,t ,i i t, I i ,- i

Illd *,i.- hi i l 1 1 ilh. '- h l t rI -It i .-
1,1 I ,L d i :, I i. I, dl v [l .,
" l h,_ h, ,_ >:.) I Anaoditi.+; would e1)
a -i ll. h l l .1:, t. ,, i l i ,. ,:,
,-P rl,, 1 ,i l I.-.. I ,- I, I I ; ;--.. I- f I,._.r h ,II

M ,-,nt r,;~I < ni] r.. r

l t--Ir I. ,-. l ,-i I' I ;, it _i ;i ,1 1 ,
I I ts i .5 Itt ill I,
1.;, .l i iilrl tic l sir st ,s ri, sl Il, r -
shlfs. l.i tii '. ii i|Y ;ii r l i"t Fll.- n it l 'I t

I .I- .lls -.i h. o L I In M r 'I Iiu rls -. L i.
Ihi hi l i h tI ,_in IL!'-. i t ll, B, irit .[,hJa

V, r.h.-Ii ,n l y ,,:.r r.- irh,,--, .

Tl 1t- n A.- s r li is'. ills- r,.s s -r,,'
T he l ] -iro- '. t f I h ,| r ,[, t ,| -

1,. : b. r .. ,-,.l,? ri y I, +.T -?. l,V thl e I t ari
rinh,* t ( 5, N,., i li, ,P ,,ltu. ,its thIis ll:'
C, t -72 I .- :. i It i..i 111 l I I-
MN '. SpS irlii_: -,i|d t at B; l lnl,.la i-,V
I[do ih l i h t -o L l A i01 f' Li IL-r" ith
th li- ~~:e l.,l- il In II- t 1 vn t inv .
t-r i li i" 1 T61 .' t..? r this y ifi. li -i, iti.,-t
-" -iidi i.-'is at ir t ha.nld.
J. A. A. 'Brid -en ii>-idi I li v.-n of'
lie Frit t. Illl.orrr, Lr.l.. P ..... dl
the (I lair Pri- it alr i Pwr: 7. 1..
'purri'- .- 1ei:l *j I r Is ,-, h, EfIi- F. .-1,
C 'nad .- Fruit BaI d \iL :,etaile : Ji o!,ili-rs
X- otiti ol 81 tiatl rsi -I rE-iv r. ivIi :Ir
t I- (' :l lie.?Ir LI illt thI -
MOn'ItrF1il P.i.rd of Trodr-. the.: D .-|i r-
rnert ..t' A ri. iullr Ll'e. thI- n,\\',
Bo ,!k. th C (. N. R aI. rl, I n- n C 1n in 11
Na iohII Stream ni'II .

I Bet'ore the 'tWo4hiptfInl H. V. Smith,
Central Di-1rir- 'Ma.'Ai,-trat p
Hna Nairow- EwcnIe
in I)ineuaron, lln't

I ',l.h.-oaii, .. -n
la 11.: i "in .11 1 !i ] nIl t?1 N p. .

n:.: i ri t t' ., :ri;,:,n 2 .-. T h; E xpl....
-,.,n- A. r. l :. ,.,I Julh 27th ,r 7: 1.'.
n. in Ea-t Dr1.1d\v3v 1, P.i,,:. :',u-ii
-t.t l-1 FrF l,-& i, k I. (. J--li ,,,m I-
rl:i.n- -fr R,, R,,lIt H,:nryv A dan .
.TI,, [lh nl |.! I, i,l .2llilHt .
Thhe ,vi|% ini,.: -h ... I> tht diritn _
ilj thin .,p -r;ti.r. i.Y lI ,la-.U 'el, UC -.

-*~i-*- a
~-7'l. ~ -- a

IF *~-


Page Eight.

.-...l........ ..E.......U..UUUEE .,, m u.l. , nm.u.uuu. rr r -y-

I Only One Factory Makes Victrolas

I and that one is the VICTOR CO.

- The woid N'VICTROLA" is a registered

m trade-mark of (Ie Victor Talking Machine Co.

i *16792-5- tlip Aug "O

iil m i|lllll nlllll llh l llllllalllll nihnll ullllllnlnlllll nllm ltllllI lllllllllltlll"ll nll utlllahl II Illlll
B. 1. A. BIG RAFFLE DRAW Connued fro page.

For Trips to New York and Montreal and 50 Other g= ,. a, ,i, Ies.
Z i .,ll ihi.- L the f..llI,wing (able
Prizes ,,a .. re.e-i\ed aid read to the a-sen.-

Distribution of Prizes for Children's Exhibition g ELIMONLr sTr :OR_.;ES WITH.
Tuesday, August 13th, at 8.30 p.m. -f 1 AILL HOWEVER OUTERBRI[DGE
Pe' t es'hments on '0 T- i.rize lit- f.Il...- :
S .t S1 ll 3.'- I I i E ,. r.e- tt,:,l by T. 0. Rel ioni for

tAhb e -d Ja - R ip h ard,
!d I-i litlehst partnerlilp core: O. Wil-1
A N D R E M N A N T S A L E ii C.I -1 the i-h"t ctim pciy
t.--t mat hi S Smith.

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 13th and 14th Only b .i. e.et. d hy Hamilton House,
(-iugham.- .,+ecks and plaid -tiedng: S Brangnan.
<;i.2 Yel-. -,n. 1 1|. .. pire-it.-.,= Iy H. M. B ,-e ,h f,:-.r
Plisee Crepe, pink. lite. d- f" I,= ,t hit" Walker.
Lavender, peach and el- W hite .onttn, and a l, jal i ,, it' | J s R--char"
lo w ...... ......................... ...... 1. Y d l -- or 5 1 )a. ] t wlin H" .. W a. le.
Odd Dresses and Blouses 1/- Ea. Voile-. Ra.oni. _'pe e e The ,,,nlete ,ore follow:
| Stockings, black: whitee nnd Chenes, Etc., nil .... 1 '- un de .... ..... ........ I Pair leimiantit aI Dre-s Leniiths FIRS' INNINGS
SBab.-s' Rubber IPant. 1. Pair Half l'.ie I. B ran ntn. l.th.w.. b Wad,. ....
38 S-Hools o J. P. Coates Hat-. bargain ..... ...... 1 Ea. 3 W Pitchert'. Tiker.i b. Wade. .. 2
White Thread for .............. I ', Towel-. Pillow Case-., FlIo .r- 1 O'Conn-ir. c Beau. b Wade... 16
F Briangi.in. m Lighthli-iurn. b.
I Also Seon Building, North Shore wade. ............ .....I..
| Br-Itannau. b. Wai.le........... 6
S*lJ i 54-s 1. U Aug t, Wde S

l i lII u i I IIuH l l l l ll l l l "m lllmi i I ll l ulll nll i i ni[] l lli l lntl t Iiiii i



Young Lady at Point of
Despair, Rescued by
Friend's Information

'Lucy: "Goodnes, Dori.. not ready
yet-just combing your hair?!"
"All but ready, dearie," replied
DQrls, as she insisted to adjust her
Lucy: "By the, way, dearle. your
hair seems to improve wonderfully;
Its much longer, and I venture to
say, it would even impress the most
"And all that dandruff is gone."
added Doris confidently.
-Lucy: "And what preparation did
you use to get your hair and sical ,
la such a de-irable (ouditiou?"
-"It's ICY-KOL. pure and simple,"
replied Doris proudly. "That's what
I got the best results from, and as
long as I have power to discrimin-
ate I shall always use it." insisted
."ICY-KOL also holds great attrac-
tlons for men, as I notice my old dad
and brothers deprive me of plenty."
conu:ltded Doris.
"And where can I obtain supple.
of tlti envied preparation?" iuter-
rogated Lucy, anxiously.
Doris: "You can obtain sulplie5
at all drug stores, and Mr. H. G.
Attride-Stirling, of the Metropole
Stores. Reid St.. Hamilton, ia sole
agent for Bermuda.'"
Lucy: "-Thank you, Doris: right
up to time now; let's go.'"
**16S10-63-s 10. Aug


Something Hot
Thernt will be a CRICKET MATCH
between the married and single girls
at the
And a Hot Concert that night at the
Talbots Schoolroom, with a real hot
programme. Mrus-le in attendance
Concert Admission 1/6
Children Half IPrice
Doors open 8 p.m. Show 8.30 p.m.
In aid of the Cleveland County C. C.

A. TALBOT, Stage Conductor.
*16800-27-s 10 Aug


All persons to whom E. C.

Wilkinson is indebted will

please forward their ac-

cour0 for settlement before

the 25th inst.
*fl6802-18-Js 10, t 13, th 15 Aug

mrmAI^mm cm- - -


One utidi i'l1ed in,--ty. of and in
ALL THAT certain ipar.el o.f land
itLated in S.itrt tDavid'. [-I-land in
the Islatid ot Berr i.iiidl. knowii as.
the "Cove Hill'" property., ertnated
to contain Five acres, three roods.
twenty .sE en peri lies and ( ieven-l
eights of a perch, Numb-ired -
iThree and oloured Pink otn a plan
annexed to anu Indenture dated the
Sixteenth day of June. One thotinand
eight hundred and forty-eight and
bounded NORTHERLY partly by th(e
lot Numbered -2" iTwoc on the ,said
plan and part by laud now or late-
ly of Ruth Fox, EASTERLY by lot
Numbered "'4' IFour on th.~ said
plan, SOUTHERLY by thi.- ,e.e- or
ocedii. WESTERLY in part h, tile
-aid lot Niumbered "2'" ITwoin, and
in part by the property known as
Mount Hill property TOGETHER
W ITH the dviellin,'-i.hotsie i-ereoit
erlecterI aid ire apporter alcei., anlh.1
o-tlaiiaiiiitg thlie one and oni fire.li
w:,ter spring in Bermuda.

Tenders to chl.ce Sept. 1t. ;1929

Not hoiiid to a -ept tli- hl ltert
ur ally ortil teu de-r.
For further pai ti.-ii:airs. ,
AIlipl\ to


17. 24. 31 Aug


Somerset Community

Brotherhood Picnic
will I).- held at

St. David's Island
Fn I

Thursday, August 15.
Steamner 1aive- Hamillin S.4 5
a.m.. Darr-ll'-, Wharf, j a imi : Evan-.
Bay. 9.15 a m Soriner---t Bridge.
9 i'm a.m : Ferty Wharf, 9 45 a.mn.:
Cut Wharf. Iin a m..
Le-a ves St. David's 5.."- p in.

Tickets: Adults 4 '-
Children under 12 %ears half price

Ticket can be obtained fromrn the
following: Mr W. W. ('ooper's store.
The Ar(ade-. Mr Cleveland Jores.
Southampton: Mr. Lumley Philpott.
Sonierset Bridge; Miss Maud Swan,
Somerset, and the Committee, Mes-
rs. Chase Ratteray, Chas. Deante,
Leonard C Sininious. Those. Harney
A game of cric-ket will be played
between the Willow cilt Club and
the St. David's Cricket Club.

Music in attendance
116793-54-th 8, s 10 Aug

ii Wilkin-,on. c Lihtbo) irn. b.
W ade . . . . ... .
i Ptcher. i Lilhitb utirn. b. Tuzo, 1
I I Fox. ) Ttlz ............... S
C. H Ha. war. Ih Tuzo, ........ 1
J Bra ngnian., no out, .. ...... I)
E xtra', .......... .. ....... 17

To t. I ...................... 106
Lil, Packers XI.
P Lightbourn. b. Wilkineon. .... 17
H. Ming. c'. Smith, b. S. Br.inguin 1
R. Butler,. O'Caun,-r. b. S Brang-
na n ..................... 0
S. Tuzo. c.'& h. Fox ............. 7"
H. Wade..,. & b. Wilkinson. ...... 0)
S Nling. c. S Brangman, b. Pitcher,

A Walker. c. S Brangman. b. Smith
.. Tuc.ker. c. Hlayward, b. Smith,. 24
N. Bean. not oaut............... 2
M. Jeunings. c. & b. Smith. ...... 4
A. Minors, Ib. Snith ........... 0
E xtras .................... 3

Total ... ................. 146
Lily Growers XI.
S Braugman.t. C. Ming. h. S. Ming
O W ilkinson. h S. Ming ........ .
-" O'Ctitur. h W ade ........... 22
.1 Bratu,'-man. : & b. Wade. ....... 21
Mi. Fox. :- & 1). Wade ........... 16
L. Brangman, b. Tuzo, ......... 21
H I layward. h. Wade ........... 0
G Pit.hler. not out. ............ 5
SS. Sm itli. not out ............ 5
WA. Pitther.
F Bra.n-mta. didl not bat.
Extras .................. 13

Total. for eight wickets.
.le. lared. .................... 103
A-gregate for two innings .... 209
Lily Packers XI.
R Butler. b Smith ............. 0
",I Je uini igs Wllkinson, ....... 1
I,. Walker, c. L. Brangman. I. S.
B ra t n a ..... ........... .... ............ 39
i W .ie. li.h.w b. W11-hiis)ii, 5
S. Ming. I.b.w., h. S Brangmau, 15
CI' Mini.. n:-t .,ut. ............... 5
A Turker, tn.-I .ut. .......... 2
P. Li t'l'i)tiourn
N. Bean.
A Ninors. did not bat.
Ext ra ... ........ ... .. 5
T,-tal. for five wickets, stuimp
Iraw n ....... ............. 72

Act-re-ate for Ivtw, inning .... 21
Runs at Fall of Each Wicket
Lils Griowers XI.
1 2 3 4 5
12 14 2' :0 3 3
t; 7 S 9 10
49i iim 96 105 1(v6
Lily Packers XI.
1 2 3 4 5
1 12 43 49 S5
6 7 S 9 10
125 135 135 135 146 j
Second Innings
Lily Growers X\I.
1 2 3 4 5
.1 .1 40i) 56 8s
6 7 S 9 10
ss s9 99 I\
Lily Packers XI.
1 2 3 4 5
ii 1 22 60 60
6 7 b 9 10
LIly Packers XI. won by 9 rune.



\.>,(te-. under this heading will
ir* in-.i-,rel in Saturday afternoon's
r'-ltiq.n .ii thie Mid-Ocean, if they are
,1 I'n.. ':;.,.'- otf the editor not later
Sin ", I ni.. Thursday.

I fi, Sm-.a-." Af'ter Trinit
-1:;.,A lugu.st 11th. 19'i9

n ? m H:t. (tCoirnnliou.
11 ,, in Matin- and Sermoni.
.1 riEv-u'-i:' n and Serniun

.Sr PE '. Sr. GEORGE'S.
-a i. H,,ly Eu hlarist.
11 ii, a il. Matins.
7..11 -p in. Evensong.

Si D.AilD's
ll,)i am Matins and H.oly Eti-har-
i. .
Sr. JAmer's ClURIca (Sandys)-
i I. Holy Commniunion. I'
11 a.m. \latius.
7.30 p.m. Evensong and Sermon.
Pret.ihitir. Rev. A. E. Horner.

Mla.ms .'t 9 am.n and 11 a.m.
De-vortions. irn-tri :tiot u taiil Bili-ne-
di.tioni o'. the M .-tI Ble---il Sacia-
Iie lit at 7.:.11 i).1n .

Nia.,- at ..:i am.
13r. ArNDriw's
Il i1on a.ui... .-inday S school.
11.illi a Mir-.ning W worship.
; !.l I'p. i. Evening W" 'r.hip
C[n.isrr Cncmn. War.i.icr
S1.iin a.tn.. Nui inin \W .i-lrip
No evuiiig se'i iice.
WrE~rE CErUmi,'H (Hamilton i:
S. nday S: hli'- l. 9 45 a.m.
Pi'eac iiii Se-r- i',-?s at 11. i1 a.11.
.iiil 7 '), p it.
The new [id.tor. Rev. H unry Ir-
vinei w ill h.ive h large of litht er-
vii eq.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at
S o't.lo-k p nm.
Hart'; Bay at 11 o'clock a m.
Rev. J.,hni U. Bell.
Mir-Aden at :1; 'clock p.m.
ilev. J.:hu U. Bell.
7..11 p.mi. Mr. Elmer Smith.
Shelly Bay at 7.30 p.m.
Rev. J,.Ain U. Bell.
7.31i p.m.. service. Pastor.

3.ut.i p )m.. service. Pastor.
11.i(. a t.m., service. Mr. NM. Smith.
7 n p ni.. m Fervice. Pastor.
1Il.'31 a.m. Sunday Schioil.
i3 p mu. Afternt.r n Service.
;.I:i p.il. Evening Worship.
Rev C. A. Miinro. Pastor.
In ;t a.rn. Paradle.
".45 p ni Suinlay S.:h iol
7.11ii p.m Evening Worship.
Rev. C. A. Munro, Pato-:r.
A. M. E.
Sr. JuiN' s, B.Ir.Eys BiY.
11 a.rm., Public Worlip.
.1 p.m.. Sunday Sihool.
4 p it) Sam reidN- C-oert ly IW. M.
M. S.
7.45 p.m.. Ptibli Worslhip.
Rev. R. H. Tbitt. Pa-tor.

Film of the "Mounties"
at Alexandrina Tuesday

Tli. M.lrtin MNIving Pi'ture Com-
pny. :of whicli L. Stovell is asnistant
mn:tii; .e%. ill r,t re-ent at thte Alexan:
driina Thlttre. Couurt Strei-t. next
Tuesday _vei na.-'. Tnom Mre in thei
F.BO. piture .,f thein Royal Canadian
MnI.iiunted Police, *The Yellhw-Ba.ck"
t'r. nt ill- thrilli g story 1)r Jl e. r-s Oli-
\-i .urvj.:,d. whi, ]ia-* teli i,:a.lIt- the
g .ate-t ,' all writers i.f outd,-,ir fic-

Thine .upp:,rrilt- pr:gl'r.inmne will in-
i hl.-. tit- fitial i-Fl,-dod-e of the areat
W' I r-n" ..-rial. "He-roCes of thli
WildJ". slarrint Jack H:ixie. Door r
t ill eii opened at S mi.. ,' .l, k. and tihe
imf.,'riancie will -nmmence at S:30.

WV. C. T. U. Moonlight

This entertainment is announced
for next Friday evening. Aueust 16.
and will take place under the au-
ipices of the Young People's Branch
of the W. C T. U. The S. S. Co
rona has been chartered for the ev-
eni :l'"and will make the trip a-'ross
he Great Sound and among the is-

and.. therein. Refreshments will be
on -ale on board, and the Band of
the B. V. R. C. will provide the
ni usic.
The attractive price" at which
tickets for the excursion are offered
ought to ensure a large attendance.

Moonlight Excursion
Leaving Traiu-L:rtation Wharf at
S.3u o'clock
TRIP 2. 6
Ice Cream anid .Cold Drinks for Sale
B. V. R. C. Band in attendance
Prou'i-.-ds in aid of Yonug People's
Branch, W. C. T. Li.

1 S'4-l1S-i l1i Aug


A Go-v4:i nent Mealurep
Hamnilton. Bernmirlda.
.9th Aaugust. 1929.
iT. lh Edlito The Miid O..iean.

A Iew e'.pe ple hire persi- t in agitat-
_. 1 .a inst thI a.lleedJ "tpuhlti ntit'-
ni e oci ..ie- i i.y rlie souiiil signal
lti-n iI y I _,a ilii '.-, :iri\ ilti n t anid 1ipa -
1, tlie li-it ...' Hamilton--. -n "tile pi e-
. \t t. ht thth i-- .ianrals tli-tilh ei early
.'.I rir-- 1. le pi e 'r .
X\V". l it it.. l he ,-Il if-:r th[i, e ie.ple
I. "-ti. -inthter thai t t.eh i- a'nal' i ,iinpl.aiii
.:., ,:-f h vec be.tl .t.r.Jetsi. Ih. til- iltu-
.ii iti.il G'verinLient in the interest of
luhin 'afely?
Sirelv. steanpa- iin m--mn ni,, training
i,-' arly Ihe.tn.enii B rn uila anild the
,:.iii ie .,,rid jl' Lie; 1. ), .1e e pe:-ie(t d
t aria'aiiie th it, ierdlt 'i,s of thlieir
Lip.i to a ommi:ilat.-- a few lazy pe-o-
tic:. Lii. ar, iiitu illiug t., have their
-:i-ip dlisturiEd-m bef-ie eight o'clock in
thi- ii '.rnitan' nu..-r is it riea-.ialtile to
a pi.t thle M lu i..ili a thority to re.-
nitil a regiilaricin which in their co'n-
i",)r-i judgiien.t is necessary fuor the
.afo-ty of the public.

"Jolly \Bovs" Win Walker
Cup by Narrow Margin

The annual match for the F. W.
'.:iker Cup between "The Jolly Boys"
and "ThI Happy Eleven" was played
lact Thur-day at the White Hill Field.
ti- J.ly B-oy:'- ililiig liy a iiartrw
ni,' ;iin aindt the remarkable thr...w.iu of
F De Mloura. cutting down G. L-,,we in
li att;inrr t.. -*Ire-tch a single run int
1... a 1.:,ilile aid rttiriu.: ith- Happy
Ete -it ii iati thy- w L're r it lin .Six
ii' i -f Viitotry.
A Burrow-,. iof tile Jolly B.:-, was
lih kiat ...f th- lday, c.ormibininug eight
i..tundtliry 4'% with hi 2'.s and l's to
'-. ruin, T..ny v Madi'-...- nas sie.
.,l f...r tth- th t .ii itl. For the
;' "- *. tlhlrl e 1bar.;ineii pa-,,.d ;lie :11i
mark E. \Varde. :16. E. Simon--. 35:
.tn-i E Li we. :2-while G L.ct hadi
It.,,.h-?d .I1 wlin LDe i -,iii d- li-as-
II..1i i thLr.w iii w eIekek I the HIappy
Eliveen' happine-',.
lMr. W .ialkr. di.ulor if the iup. en-
ti.itinedi bith team .at luncli:ou and
il e e.-ireil tlie tri.pihy ,fr.-r the match.
Mr. W :-ll:,r. ,h ii r.oi, ".r of the
VWihite Hill Cricket Clui'. haI ahiimounc-
i-it li i a n t l' l a ae till a n dates
ftor the fi'l,.. ti--e u'-e ..f whtih! i.s free
to ii -..,gnized l--cal clubs and hai s urg-
-il; -c:l e relari- -, lesitring the field
to iiiinnii l: it. wih hii n j ai ,oii s3
Tp '- sble.
The scored fellow:

A. lal-.itos. b E. Pitt. .. ..... M36
A Bluirov. & ii Warder 51
I: Bjpti-te. : W'. Burrow- b. .
Low e. ................... 4
NI M lad.ir.o .. & b. E. L..we. .... 0
E P--ii.imini. c W. Burrows, i). E.
Pitt. ...... .............. 0
T. Nlaura. c. J Pitt. b Warder, .. I10
A. ,M.-ild iros, b. E. Pitt, .......... 7
.) Mail-iros, 1.1) w b. Warder..... 2
J-.,s,-rl M adeir,. not out. . 21
Extra ... ..... .......... 13

Total ............. ....... 175

E. Pitt. run out ............ ... 5
J Pitt. e- F. De Moiura. b. Robinson. 8
M. Smith. h. Robiuson .......... 2
C. Simron, b. M. Madeiros. ...... 5
R R.nit 'ior. ,:. Baptist-e. b. Robitt.mnn, 11
E. WIat.er. 1. J. J. adeires- ...... 36
E Sili:lns,- .& h. A. Burrows, .. 35
E Lwe. run out. ............... 32
J Bean. h. J. Mad;.iro. ........ .13
G Lowe. run out, ............. 21
WV. Burrows, not out, ............ 5
Extras ..................... 9

Total .................... 170



erhs you are using good'tea We timiE I
"Red Rose" extra good. Won't you twit?


TEA"is good tea!

urday. July 20th. 19i29, at
Mother A. NM. E. Zion Church, in
Nevw York City, by the Rev. J. W.
Brov n. D.D.. Miik. Edith Lois Spar-
rock, of Hamilton, Bermuda. to Mr.
H,.'-ard Joi.ieih Bradley. of New
York City.
Ils22.-142w.s tli Aug


King Ed\waid Hospital. August
1-t la ia nz iorr' inwling tiother, fa-
ther. kii-ters. brothlier and many other
relativ-e and friend.m to mourn their

Bl,.-.-.d are t. ie dead [that die In
Lit- Lord.
lS0;i)5-34w- Iti Aug

B ANGMAN At bbi residence,
No.nh Villa_, on aJuly lst, 1929,
F'iede.itk Ev.ly. Brangnian, age 13
rnonl t i-. 1-Iaitiu a sorrowiug mother
ind fathelir. 5 -tiiters. 1 brother and
Cthe>r relatives and friends to mourn
their loss.

Fdr troni -orrov,. far from sin,
Pa;- beyond all grief and pain,
D-ath for thee is truest gain;
For otir los? we nmust not weol).
N-,r our loved oIe long to keep
Fronil ti, honi.e of rest and peace.
16SI15-72w-s l0 Aug


mR. AND MRS. MATTHEW desir!e., '.
to thauk the kind friends wh'o ;,..
assisted them during their daughter'.-.
illness. Also those whb sent, floral-
triibulte on the day of the funeral. ''
lISuDi-29' -. 1j Aug '' A

AND FAMILY desire to thank
th- rn any kind friends who assisted
th:,tu during he .short illness of their
"on, antd also thos-- who sent letters
:if (ondolence and floral tributes on
tll- ay i of the funeral.
1tl'16-42"-is liO Aug


"ith Gold Knife attached, on
A u i:t l.t. 1929, at Somerset.
Findri- return to Belmont Manor.
Re, ar.l a iven.
,7:11."2. rlith s. In Aug


"i it verandah. Nice location on
Somth Shore, Devonshire. Henry
~l' 4.l-9.s 1.i Aug

St. Barnabas' Guild

Annual Picnic

Miniature Yacht Race,
Thursday, August 15th
Boat leaves Hamilton at 9.11 a.m.
and 2.1.1n) p.m.

('allint at Lower Ferry, Hodsdon
Ferry and Darrell'. Wharf
each trip.. ..
TICT-ETS 2,'- "

16;S-'.i'27-" ID Allg

No. u.Inb
!Olson.No. 30Ca
Ctf L CiER M e.3 C M,
If i. IJa.hr No. require.
opr FELEE b~maopil

You give wati

tives, wby notI


pis. 2 on,.Sod ,
iamsokd V,.S London
iddo not hesitate to writ0 e in V"
wn atosuitability.

ter tO ou.lom

give; Wai~ to yu

~ ~ all .i~

A' I ~?
-. ~ -~ a

-. -. : .,
-.'i '' .- **-' ^
.- "- "''-^.. ''?
,.....,c... .
... -' ', , .. ..,

-1 *. .










V iir-



l 6S1;513-s in.,