Group Title: New era, or, Home journal.
Title: The New era, or, Home journal
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Title: The New era, or, Home journal
Alternate Title: Home journal
Physical Description: v. : ; 55 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: A.L. Spedon
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Frequency: weekly
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda -- Hamilton
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).
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Volume ID: VID00024
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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-A. Weekly Newspaper, Specially Devoted to the General Interests of the Inhmbitants of Bermuda.

Our Colony-a United people with iundivided interests..

No. 25-VOL. II.] HAMILTON, BERMUDA, TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1883. [12s. or $3.00 Per Ann.

7r New gEvi
Every Tuesday,

51 pap). rrs comrpris, the alnmo l lse
one week being" reser'tved for tie lpriontr-rs
during the Christaas Holidays.
P,'E--123 Shillin.''s' per annumi-paid
senmi-yearly in \ advance.)
inches of Column, in depth : 1st inser-
ti.n. 1 shilling each : 2n.1 ditto, 6d.
each additional insertion, -31. per inch.
Editor and Proprietor.

T i m e C a le n d a.
NI'T' W T F S S T NN '' F 8 5 M5
1 2 3 4 1 2

PAIS 6 7 8 9HU OF P5 6 7 BROKE 8

12 13 14 15 1. .11, 4. p. m.-ale-3 14 1
2S027u., 8 29301 2. M. a25 2~. 30, P.

Church Servie-11, A. and 4 IL. TON.-

1or of Service-
'l.] ,it.rl Er.'r.iig.
,1I1 ol.y.'I, .r.. pi r l. p. to.

0 .EE...

S.ray 1 .tiy g--lT 'sday. i 7.3 0, P. M.

WESLEY CHURO, Church Street..
Pastor,lRev'. A. W. NICOLSON.
Church. Servie-11, A. M, and 4, P. at.

S AlN-tillaH.rdL7 N.1
SPril.oy 0.1,I.-T.;.i.y, a. 2.30, P. M.
Pastor, Rev. J MBCKNErE.

f ,,r ing .e'vi.c 1-- l .u .
Eveir. g i litto 7. P. -M.
S a.ibath S hlr,.I --2 :1 M.

Prayer Meeting- Thur.,y, 7.30, P. .
WSY C Chch Street.URCI.

Ptor, ev. A. W., NcHoVoG.
Scoring Service at 8.30, A. M. and 10, A.M,
ilteri ate ol 1. '. o.

Presler lMa Detiotionsr--7 o clock, P. M.
N Pore.-Sehs pro\iedev. J. H. ,N. for
Straigers in all of the above-men-
tioned Cht Cs. I.

Rates of Postage.
To the United Kii.glom.... 4d. per } oz.
.. Douinion irf Canada. 3,1. "
.. .. 6 Itlit S,! States ....... 2',/.
"i WesrtIJid I.4,ads.. "
British I udia .......... 5d. .
Countries of the Postal
U roion ri lthre et.'rirerrt
of Euirope, Frarire,G .r-
S all Ay,i &Ci.............4,1 ,
Austialia aadNe\ Zealand i h/. "

1I. for eachi-not exceeding 4 orncees.
Newspapers ai d I eriodirals lrrinte,! anrl
1ubliohred in Bermula ray boo e ae't ir Postr
to any part of tlie Iriand- Iree of charge.

Circulars and Prices currentt, Books.
Pamphlets, Prints, Drawings, Oe., to any
part ft Bermudla-
ld. per 4 oz. ea. packet.
Limit of weight-3 :r.
Bok Paket of rk t-hr above descriptions.
to Foreign Conutries. rI/. per 2 oz. each
Packet. No such irpakiet may exceed 24
inches in length, or 12 inches in width or
depth, or 2 lbs. in weight.

Inland Post Crrdls are i.-sned at ,1. each,
aud may be sent to any ,pa t of Ihe Islandil.
Foreignr Post C.itrls are itsnrrl 'al l 1/.
eci for ,trai'eis'.sio n to the United King-
dom, Uiited States, and other Portal Corn-

tries. -
Letters may be Registered by paying
a fee of 2rd. iu addition to the ordinary



Chapter II.
The carriauoe being in readiness at the
door, Mr. Moitreville and son bade the
doctor and his family good-bye, and
thence departed for home, driven by the
doctor's hostler, whom he sent to bring
back the horse.
As they drove up to the door of their
old mansion, out came Mrs. Montreville
with smiling countenance, laughing eyes,
and outstretched arms, ready to em-
brace her son, and give him a hearty
welcome home.
0, but I am so happy, my dear son,
to see you home at last! A thousand
welcomes to you my beloved Adolphus,"
she exclaimed, stretching forth her af-
fectionate arms to embrace him.
With an exulting heart she then con-
ducted him into the best room in the
house, where the tea was in readiness
awaiting their return. Cakes, pies, and
dainties of various kinds were there al-
so, made expressly to grace the table,
) and savor the appetite e aect uetion-
ate son, who was henceforth to be dis-
tir tguished and knowr ri rlo bl thy e lrz-
fessinroal title of Dr. Mo'trev'illc. A few
minties afterwards thlie father entire,
carr' inr'' tlie trunk b ieloning to his son.
Mrs B.'M,,tr:'rille, in her excitement,
hadi not nrl-tic:-.d lie strange horse until
thie hostler \a. riding ohf'.
", o'hy, Narcisse what has happened
to the black hori,e '" she exclaimed, gaz-
ing through the o idlro., at thle bIo'y gal-
loping lbak:! towards tl e
"Nothing ,of auy irportaicre," lie re-
"There must be surelyy sorrretiui."
wheI tre dh:r,,-t,"r's boy and horse had to
bring you home," said she, what has
become of the horse, Narcisse ?"
"I left him under tlie do, tlr'. o-ire."
"Is the horse hurt or sick ?" she in-
Neither, that I know of."
"Have you sold him, then ?" she in-
No, not exactly."
Have you swopt him for another ?"
she tlen asked.
I have not."
Ilave you loaned him to any one,
then ?" said she.
"No, nor thit either, you'll have to
gues,' a.gaini."
SWelhl thoi toi ou n ust have given him
away as a present," sht exleiiiicl o.
I haven't done that. either ; guess
"And what thenhat th ave yoitu rally done
with hirr, Narvire?" stroe aoain askld.
"I have e':ir_'ehdo, hirm for more than
his Yaluei" le replied calmly.
"To who,, and tfor Flhat '" she inter-
rogated, aprl)lruently excited with curi-
"To Dr. Mlarchau,, in exchange for
tire secret, of kno:,wing how to make mo-
i!oe ,' iemiir nswerrel.
SWhat in othe niiae 'of common sense
do you mean, Narcisoso'," she exclaimed
Slith astoi nishe
"I mean what I say. and ssay what I
mean," he exclaimed, '"I say that the
doctor has given .Adllihus thlie secret of
makiling money by the medical lrofes-
sio,M, and I have given him the black
horse in exchange for i ; but ltou.e doc-
tor estimates the value of the secret at
three tirimes tlihe worth of the horse,
thar is thIe sum and suiblstaoce of the
whole mystery.
Oh, Narcisse! Narsis'se! is it possi-
bly so," she emphaticaIlly .exclaimed,
holding u1p both her arms and staring
wildly astonished. 'tOh, Noor'issr, what
a fool, you are : have you really gone
mad, Mlinded and ltefrooled again "rl tlie
doctor; duped, duplerl; cheated anr1
rorlbed of your horse! what ul avero ;
asd wliatu sirlli':.ity on rour part, worse
than madness. Ohi, Narcisse, Narcisse!
what a tool you have really become at
"tFor mercv'us sake! Margueritte. I
beseeeh you tIo storl your jargon!r It is
you, not I, who alplrears to act, t(e tool.
You show srmpltoms already of' being
crazy," exrliimed Nareisse," somewhat
T rYour froolishness is surficierrt to
make any one crazy," .be exclaimed.
"'rWhat a foolish bharguin you made at
first with the doctor, but a thousand

times more foolish is the throwing a-
wvay your best. horse for less tlthan no-
thiug, and of no benietit t .
ever." --
You're tmisrakeni, Niargueritte, it. is
the iiivaluable secret of making money.
which will eventually become a thousand
times more valuable than the horse."

"I think it rather the secret of rob- desire you my dear mother to consider
biug us of our money. It is the doctor, calmly and impartially the explanation I
not you, who ill be 'beneitted thererlby, have given," -a'id Ardlol'phus.
Y(_ou have already lined his pocket willi '" Ol, it ma.y be all well enough ex-
$600i, aud to crown all, you have given claimed his mother. and1 there may be
hiim our favouiti black horse, worth at some virtue in thie secret tfor all that I
at least $50' more. Oh, Narcisse! know, but wh :it grieves me, is the giving
Nareisse! I am really chagrined by away of our favorite black horre. You
your simplicity. HowM dignified will might have paid the doctor, money in-
Mrs. Marchand ride past you now, and stead thereof, and by so doin wouill
the doctor will only smile 'good day,' most likely have procured thel secret for
while he is laughing in his sleeve and half the value of the horse."
Saying to himself there goes one fool.' That was altogether impossible.
"Oh, Margueritte, Margueritte, do Money destroys the value of thie secret.
stop or I shall leave the house!" ex- W'hatever is desired can only be given in
claimed Narcisse, woefully chagrined. exchange."
The truth touches keenly, but alas, "Well, but you might have delayed
too late to be of any benefit to us," em- payment until you had seen how the
phatically replied Mrs. Montreville, and secret was likely to work."
she was again opening her lips to con- Then it would not have been given,'"
tinue her tirade of abuse when Adol- said Adolphus. But independent of
phus, who had remained silent, arrested the horse, I see, mother, that you are
her tongue for a moment by attempting dissatisfied with having laid out so much
to make an explanation." money on my account. It is all I shall
"It requires no explanation,"' said ever require from you, comiparatively a
she; Fact is nothing more than fact, very small share of property for youro
and fact explains itself. What more can only son. It is only as if it were lent
you say than (that your father and your- for'a short time, for if health and other
self gave the doctor the hore dotor the horse in ex- circumstances permit I will pay back to
change for a bit of a secret, blown up you every franc I have ever received or
like a bladder' in tle shape of a hum- was spent on my education, &c. Oh,
bug- that's all omy son." mother, mother ; it grates harshly ilupon
For goodness 'ake, mother, do listen my feelings to know that you grudge
for a few seconds, if you please. You what you have bll esto%%ed upon me for so
will favor me byrn so doingg" good a purpose. Howl many a .sou be
Say on, my eion ; but fabricate no comes a profligate and squanders the
falsehood to bolster up a bad bargain." money of his parents in dissipation.
"Yes, mother, I will te lie trie uth if Whereas, I come Ihome to you educated,
you will only listen long enough to with a character incontaom'inated by thie
receive it.", evil influences of the world. Oh iot her!
Be brief, then, and I will do so, said mother I never expected that you
she." would have acted so uinfiindly, and so
"Well mother, $600 have paid my unmercifully with your only son."
board and other necessaries for three For goodness sake, say no more
years; besides giving me a thorough Adolphus !" exclaimed Mrs. Mloetrehile,
knoMiedge of t le science of medicine, irulshinl' forth to embrace hoim, for-
anatomyI. i hysiology, an the rest. and give mie! forgive me for once, my dear
al.,o making me praticll a lprofciehut sto! you are heartily welcome to all we
doctor. ('olaratively speakingg the a- have bestowed upon you, and a thous-
rmount then is me'el'e a triie. A horse and times more if you desire it."
whose real value does not exceed l$2Fo0, "Thank youi thank ou, mother !" re-
has procured me tie secret, of the pro- plied Adolfhusri, "from my heart I fir-
fession, which cmpriies the art of ac- give you ; but. asi a complimet in re-
cinuilting health. amnd is ot included turn, I ask you to forigie father also."
in tire e,:lucsoti,'onal l)art.- Every doctor "Oh les. Narcisse.r my dear hluslband,
who ias sufficient ambition and self- for Adolphus' sake. I forgive you."
charity procures one, ad these are the Adolphus rihen indrew f'om'his lpoket
men who become distinguished.1 1)y their the docursente; "-see here." saidl he,
prosperity and w e-lthi. Dr. Mircthand this iss thc e written secret, the key that
paid tio thle value t.f $500 for his' own will unloc-kr my 'treasure housee"
medical secret, an.]d although he con- With astonished eyes his lpart-uts. faz-
meued business s without a firan lie is ed intently upon it." The thick sealing-
now indeliendentl]y wealthy." wax, ,stampiled Mith tlie doctors' si,.met,
That's. a fact" eja,-ulated Narcisse. impressed them with feelings of super-
-s father, that's ao, and he could stitious awe.
have eayil doubled his wealth had he Adolphus then returned it to Ilis lpok-
c'enomise.d iis wealth instead of lavish- et, and the elinkin, of tea-dishes was
ing so much upon parties, feaithing, soon heard, inthermoinled with mierry
drinking &c., and besides all this h se chit-chat, emnrhaized oIcasionally by
never thinks ,off col-lectingi a sous from a outbursts of hutnmt oo ro'us laughter.
poor family ; all that gores for charity,
and becomes lost among the wreck of ('HAPTereR III.
bad debts" Te rodents." This dcays, its itbI.'.rsoms fado e,
That ws at oe the value tire euheof the Wi\hen, in lit'frnil.-,t Ml.oriu.
secret,' exoh.lini d. N arci.'se. So rtades thleyoitthlitl bt.,oating maidl
Uilnduubtedly, it clues so," ejaculated In litfe's until dr mly loin.
Adolphus. A llcOi human iloe alhts, iso.aiu,
." All. ordolpulis rTy son r, exclaimedn cFur ny ul-ie thon ur Iro,.raitso
his moherl. I do not fancy su'h sIe- Th'i approaching st miti of death.
ciets. The church condemrns then,, so,
iWitlnhits h citremblir'g, gli'st.y,' hand,
do I. lThere must be siomething of an Death hlls Iris salinded ghos,
evil nature connected with them. It OAs iops' h^ie lei113otfire -,andti
must. be the work ,t the dol eil, or it Life's o ieo urcd 1r om12i t.3 |iar s.
wduld not require to be concealed in "'Tii sad to ueI tl e h o:ry head,
darkness. Thie good old corimroi way Lie ,'rrllhi'd in thtLromb.
of nmakiaug money by honest labor is the iut saodder billl thie yo'nthl imaid
best. anud Nill standthie longest.'" Wheu shroided in her bloom.
Oi Oh no, motherr, tle dedlo is in lno On the following day, Adollhius walk-
way connected with it. There are al- ed over to widuiow 'Vassau's to make
wny'.4s some implalrodvelients an.1 ditover- airran'ements tor his manria,)er and in-I
iesi every tlindg. and this is one of tenwled removal to Ciharlbly, I, ibs parent.
them." l having agreed to hIis projected designs.
Then it must be thie secret of forgery," Mariette was indeed deligihtedr to re-
said she. Oh. Adolblhus. resort not to ceive her !,i,ver for the first-time, as Dr.
such dishonest means, or assuredly the Bontreville.
devil will sonon lenrI yo0 lhis forge and Well, deitor," exclaimed Mariette
toolsh, su with which to noanufacture your lrmorousl', after thie introductory sa'u-
coin ,o. stations were disposed of, "iYoi have
"There is no forgery about it either, just come at the ,moment when iiy'nr
said Adophus ; ""hit is ir:othiing nore than services are required. I do not feel
the blessing of good luck to gurie its very well to-day : oallhw me then to 'orr-
pl'osessor swiftly and safotly alsreng the mitb myself totlile care of Dr. Montre-
golden nurreit of ntrosperity, and that ville, as hi.s first latvient.''
surely' canot be the wcork of the devil. Your appearance iondicates illness,"
It isriadeed nothing more tlian tlie as- sani Adolphu,. but whmrt is the mait-
siotance of a snlernatur:-d pohw,.er tro- tItr with you, my dear Mari'.the I'"
vertinrg human works iron. f'ruilt ul Irlss- "On' a slno'ht roth. caught last ennin-
ings. It is a charm i'r the hands nif th< ingF. bh" getting chilled after coalkin,-
doetor to cure his patients, anod -oso to quie!k" horimte'roun uncle Broisoit's'.
iiirease his own wealth." I ]hap},ened to meet Miss PurOVerocher
"That is just what thie doctor," ne;ar to our house, and she kept talking
ejaculated Nareisoe. t,I, me auouto a new beau she had eot,

I want to hear no more about, thie until I th-lt a cliilline-s ereep over ine.
Aloetor, snappishl exelaimc'd Mrs. Mon- I Inre beeou quite unwell all night, and
tr'eville. The leI you say about him could scarcely s-leep for coug-thinrg. I do
h I., \ .4 -mior*.renlit to ursel.t. He n t feel muchi better to day. However
,qqs however, r made youl pay deal I I eel a-sured thi'at the sight rof the rn:-v
er'nough for his secret' eha '..s, so you ,doctor and a smeil of his mendi. il.,; b1ho..
hadl better keel) \tour stonnh at rest w ill .lt'ect :n inrimedliate cure."'
lor a while and your tongc e quiet.c "' I :Am vero sorry indeed t.) see th;at
Independently of what father says, I you feel so unwell," said he, feeling her

pulse. Colds are generally more easi-
ly caught than cured, but a little medi-
cine ith careful aMtendauce will I hope,
soon restore you to health.
Your last sentence, Adolph, is in-
deed charming intelligence, said Mari-
ette, smiling. I really begin to feel
somewhat better already since you felt
my pulse, and I must 'candidly say, you
are an excellent doctorr"
T oThauk ynou, IM:-trictte, for your con-
gratulatory omilpliments,"isaid he, "al-
low mne to quote tfromn a Canadian au-
thor, whose ideas appear to accord with
your owin feelings :
Good faith inn the doctor is half hile croi,
It oloftens the paius Mhich hi.S patients eon
Hut a patient, impatient, distr itfnl of' skill
Augments the di.easease and endangers it still,
And poisons the virtue the drugs may pos-
sess, -
While the dangers increase ad thlie chances
grow less,
But if death comes along and the patient i-i
The drugs are condemned, and the doctor is
"Very good poetry," said M'ariette.
"The tro first lines agee writun my own.
"Now my dear girl, I will leave you
to ponder over the lines, while I go
home and bring you a gentle cordial to
relieve your cold," said lie, arising from
his seat.
In a short time Adolphus returned.
He immediately prepared her some me-
dicine andc gave her the nece,-avy in-
structinuis how to use it, and how to
take care cif herself. He desired her to
bathe her feet in hot water that even ig.
immediately bc-fore retiring to bed, aud
)by all means to avoid exposure to a
draft of cold air.
Thank you, Adolphurs,' she exclaim-
ed, "although unfortunately unwell, I ,
however feel happy in having the honor
of being your first patient since you be-
came doctor."
I hope that I mauy be successful in
my first attempt," he replied.
Adolphus remained with Mariette un-
til the atternin,',, and although some-
wh:l:-t dist.pirited on a(.ioiulu t of her ill-
aess, hie enjoyed a pleasant interview.
Although feeling unwell, she appeared
to 1-e delighted with te n Fuicipated
pros'peets, and seemedd more 1. ovely and
aff'ectilonate than ever she had done. "
On condition that circumstances would
permit,itt was agreed upon that in three
weeks 'romi that day, their happy uniou ui
for life woumnld be connusummated. '
Adolphus at length departed for
home, to make preparations for leaving
on the following g day, for Chalmbl.
Next morning, at an early hour, he
hurried over to widow Vas au's. Mna-
rieth as apparently ntmuc-I I better, hav-
ing' .Ilept tolerably well during the night.
He i hen badle her good bye for the pre-
sent, expecting to find her oin his returnL
completely restored to health.
Accompanied by his father he shortly
afterwardss departed ou his journey witir
horse and carriage, and at. length rea.:'h-
ed the village of Chanibly. A house
was readily procured there ud replen-i
ishied with furniture and other domestic
Having entrusted a friend of their
own-a resident in the village-to at-
tend to the necessary arr'anug'ements and
preparations, they at lengt.h- departed on
their return. and after an absence of one
week, arrived safely at home.
"Well, mother, have you heard if Mn-
riete ihas recovered froimn her on .l ?" in-
quireud Adolphus on his return that
'S Mrs. Vasstu was here this afternoon,
and tolM me ihat Mariette was no 1ietter
but worse."
Woro tlid she say ?" ejaculated A-
"Yes, my son, shie said that Maoiette
had taken chills after a hot bath yester-
day evening, and finally became fever-
ed. She also said that if you did uot
come home to-day that she would send
for Dr. Marehand. I promised however,
to send you immediately on vourre-
"Then I .must go at once," exelaime.l
Adolphus-iappareaily excited with sad
[7o 7. (",,i ,noied.t]

A lady had her dress trimmed with
bules bFefore going to a ball. Her lit-
tle daughter wanted to know if the bu-
.gl-.s would blow when she danced. ." Oh,
no,." said the mother, "lpapa will do that
vwhe he sees the bill."
It is dairngerous to ask a womin idle
,questii.ns when shn is adding up a
cr,: 1till.

THE .E y r ER.SE.

the influet ce of stimulants.' Mary i-ht ii it' t .i i I tt hu lu i the 2nsi, April to the
have written and producal manyon- ttie vi .-,il.' i.t t .ir- 3fith September the afternoon Mails
derful compositions under theistiiutluts '. ,. t,.' ..v .m. Wv. I;v will bte despaltched from the Post Of-t
of alcohol, and opium, andothi p,,i-,- t.e ,. i 1i-,, :,., ,,.,..,:- t,,, in ll's at -1 p. -., and M ails for hieland
o ouns are tics. But -.uc a coui: p iiit ,,f etiuet.' a I .-i at Iland at dhalf past 3 p. in .

in variably shorten-, litf.-. M i a.: yll V .dtu- po ,i I t ,s tLt uv..._ II e t .t t h t- c I l-
dy if tliy will only live right. aft ert t!-u d,,s th id M IED IN JAIL.
h theli C ,t mum- li s:it '.-:'- ,, beh tween l t e ter rm- of ilt pij iauonlueitt of Johin
STRENGTH AND SIPIRITS. Ih, II.n :vt-:v.u.t... v.t.. i it -.. i William natd Kate Levinin, the'
I \ h, .r tu. t1 t;.: ,: : 'iim er a tratim p without a hol me, andiL
Nearly all -thletes adis it that. ar- ela i t. letter a resident of New Rochelhle,
(tdent pitils it ui ed e' either duilinll- ,,.or i .t, I am tii.n;ti> ,r-d ,i sit m da:,i-U. e-'.e, piIed atil the WX estelester .County,
training or previout-ly to a te:- tl -.i ir i t: ,nq:-, ii, t'e J-ail Mar-ch 7th. Both had bheeni ium-
tin s(u-lar strusi thi artt du ti'i,,ui tal., vo :, v.l t- ,rt _.i lisoned for disorderly conduct, aut1
and tend latterly y toI lpr,-dutu ak- : .t r .rts f i. i, te a... .-trrit. andu litlad uatu e'eactli other's
ne.s instead of' strengths t ht r il ar hht' .eI er -,I .ii a uir,- ii n:;' i -, ac.quaiuti-,i.e in the jail y talking
traituers are Ibegitiiiig t -o mee t sis fa i-t, i- t' .. p il';' .t:' iI. i u._ h.l, .iro -0 hit thus- marsc. uate i11 se tnee
ird a0hhn es h\g ier n, ,I it. ii l,- .,-.*uree ..ii,,etii \, i ,{l- W illiams mode.itly told
H a n lu i. fo r in tta i ne, h .- r e .tic tlu u t c mo :'et e s.- i ,- ,,r .- !,, t h i_- t ,;. T .il- D u ff v e s te r d a y m o rn in g th a t

in the hmat ter of drinks is tei uli ,e ts e ,: in11-,,' .. -t, ...- i ,. :, t pr,,i tte i- e in fts ('cuct Hou ns-c .
rituiptdly' e jini .d and tutu-i eluo'cei, in tl ue ti:_. a-i lt. .. iu:..- l .- I ,. ,- li-itime Jumu, t H. E t.emr wae ...ta n
r]ep itu n ou hibs t,,ucini 'z. X ea t ..i. tIoo. ,t ti ,e, I;n. ll,-,.i.p t .... al c -,>itt thi Court u abose atd 3oii ?e _,
the chatuu ,mion p.-,,i-t .na is d.t., rd to-.i ,,ri,"i.:.; -' --,,:,i i -.ihiin t -.-_- hiu uitaliriraonm yu A yuloseri,p-
to ti e a t.,tal a hlsttinr, not iuru l ite Ic.,,i: t m-i ,' o i.:h hu:m- u-. ti of c waiiae s made ult p fm, theta ta,
durtilng his special hit ifig lor greit ., ,oyed like y t,.t m..... i h w... l tsy" wentut to New York on their twed-
iatchl a .t utti fronm h ltt lri i h. ith c ei'r the 1 tin tis hut.. th, l i tour.
tielI-l'I- -u i
Tef~hIL11 f l'S t'lllli.J~. tl h~ ll h')C'011*

Th.ic.e facts are strong arguments in- soldier in the heat of battle or the farm-
f't" f dleed in favor of the Ti1peranc'e con- er in his peaceful occupation of tilling
-'' "A "; "tention that mu-eular strength and the soil; this music is rather felt than
Physical endurance, instead of being heard. And nt-uw. ,y dear friends do you
=_ ._- -. "-- tl ,Ito]^ -^h itoitl ir ei' ..i jin- i ll!-nec, question, its -..-a c-n e i.-m y be r ,in ig in
-AiAlL-TiT -- ; ... in iloihlic stitiulrft _* your ears or tiir'illi-_,, perihatp uneon-
""_;_^ L..RCH 27, 1883. .-ioul- i,:.ur .soul. It. is the nusic pro-
i r d ,I -: tht i ti.lyiv instrumeiit C(','N-, -
Edit .l B1 uR'eao- Co rresponderce- MC ; li it .ar and ian 'n.d order and
.its .v. striins mill so he y iu iu to i -
TO THE PAL' (to THE "NE n For theNew na. fe-lnag -lct-p at the ropter time cheer
O NATURE'S GIFT. you ct, iin onr daily toil, and milake ill
I ff iii'it T> f-,, Ies.i li-it l., ,hiF, thyour duties pleasant. Loud and clear
da mey c, ], ta-, oi-,,.,i ... -T A fair and ral i tdrlt ning the vorue- r the
AM ei oot a:ii at cany0tineahoatds To t120 o lb'mm breezos which natur lempter even na the so.)unt 'rinityl
( '-o -la .iii on hvi lhlybho le I bell ,does the yelping, of Brown's dog.
: t'l, .'. Tio- U R. tii ,,' *,, .,.,. on her favorite. Nn i e tai' -,iol .:ti0 .1 .il .i i Should you see the least indication of
PICh .,...-_.,,: .... 1/1.. n ..... ,' he being I v.Wii bn..;.i. ih be more lavish in my gifts the evil music exceeding the music of
duly oitiir:l to receive monies, grant re- To any chosen isle; for she too, has a favor- your instrument. shoit the performer,
it-is not arrngeiients for advertise- ite, my brothers, without hesitation. There
,,. o, J.. .. _,To whom she would not den her cou-ti- are times, and ala they are veryn- nume-
A. L.SPEDON. t il t lr in t ,'i ,,v.oltvi ri,' ,i' ive ru. wthein th,-,.e instruments gt it (ut t f
E OE-E ,.- t % ,i ciiiin iatr i.W0 Int 'lie old cauie'd b3 careless handling,, ior
KEROSENE. i,-:... want of attention-then 'i place of re-
My -t i a- ilve r nlighs to inhance tthe fi .nJ;n t, uiet a-, teooril-ih dis oi'd is pro-
Few people aitpl rentlY are aatire of t,:-;muty duci-d, londly abo e which, we hear the
the forciblv co lubunstive tlel e it of a O 1 yl ,0 10 .t ; r M a ,Orii .t velpll. of Z!t:n, : louder and luder it
ecat plortin of the oil me nih tl 3 use W ar i,,ill l t.ufhr.-T-''i 6 ent ,-o s U Zil mrin tle r un i. 1 l teirpt
in outr onl.- ..:therwit e greater ir pr to ep up their
eiatioU \v- i!l 1. used than generally Tm. 1snuO1 hin. i, V r, :"1 l.l nr u1>,ic beeoi .: ifaitei and faiuier-aud
it. A latp, lbrim-fnll in too nuanyu '11. t..,toer, -.., t,a ceases altogetIher-but fotra time only,
i i i a h iii-!..i i tl. i' :.t.0 .-ii .i ii..t,. t >.ll w:lrl.,ome :nt iit ino-.tiiient a, 'aiu el el-tvrs to
h o u s e h o l .d i s p t l h a p s c a t e d T hi c n '- ', :h : I t n 0 to t,.Q -o.m i, :ir .I i ,; ,, i .e h.- i l l t he e a uti d is c o u prd t -
too, it may be, in a little ?one spra ,linrg A,,1 win' ,,.i i.,-:1 i .-.'. uI _- P 1. 1 0 ( d i,,o e wrniuh vii ive vyou pro-
on the table. or iun.iirneat lt, I clnt- iT,, ti. n i a d .pti le directions t the -i
c.hiing at the frhin s of tle t ble cloth (1 t -,li u.'u : .-. i f p.Inll ai; ..d li liteefiin, a p of youe re-
and h.ide. th-o arie othI r lmovet- 0h M ,; ,, l it-I 'l .. st'ii, ,t i ad %ill : point ou clear ly t
ments. about the table, a lightiniigand i. ... iy i!,;,ni i- ,. lhe (,re:t M :' after Hand under \vLich the
cai tr ing of ,i th lainp f .qu itl y .... '. t i! I.. ri-p i iii of these iIn trit nentst are ae-
youtgsttrs, t tind at best W inanl h ii- F, i I ,.i i. co: plishtli as t .by wi agei. Thit Book
stancec' in a einreless mianner;t tile- 1 y t to -il ,illo M nt oui t to you thle way to
fore it is really a Vwonldetr tlat iiore ':' J.' o' T. A. kelep ytri iistrumenits in good order,
amIp accident; do not occur. Fre- Paget, March 26, 1883. anid tr.e fhon iinury.i Pay attention to
quenitly, holoever, -we road of a lamp tits directions and all will be well.
sudde-lys exvlod~i of t .i->ti-icfa bc-luge F ,i lI'Cif ,,,, .I ,- ,,,,,.1 Ye :i i llhi!th positi-ons : let not the
set on 'tire i itand of ipersos t e- n- i--v- ri ite- dr twn ) '(l, Sin -ct amusing you
coming saturated with exploded oil The,.n Farrm:erat- Ass,in oi- t ', t.Itt c, thelit s o are' jusal at
and burned to death; aInd of others ation has appointed Mead v. S ,ith,. go.d Ll in ians, thon: u .h not s8 inil
while using it in kindlito nfirs lo.- E-q, as' their Saksman, ior the plsen' t i at uiit ,,uitil t : ohe a utto. ior
int-., tli-ir Wives ti'reb; i s and yet tthial, season .!ithe pul a. ie co-tte frth ; don t lie
ie reIad tihe accou t, heae as -. ilh of The b..u ribbon 1e'v:-i still survive, aftrai.1 ito 1t -itr skir. brushint against
synipathy perchanev, and sioon cease and wve are 'lad to l -ea.', that. they iu the'. when vou meet. Speak pleasant-
to forget the event. Wheeu, however on the inc.ia::,e--n!thou;-h they have lv MAd politely, and your instrument
it comes hotne to a person's own i, 1,-CiU m :-i- i Ia:-.ii,- -.t-,k of, by i!l brinii- foith suchsweet notes that
househtoldt d the event brings "with Bu. :- i n, M. I. P-s. etL-., but the the ,.li l iy which you have perritt-
it a thousand horrors,-perchance re- ,iugh In.l of :,lethiing stronger ted vouit ei-es to bei misled will sink in,-
grets, inasmiuceih as, greater care thl fire cracl.-;. o iniid ce- id epend on it you
night. have been ui-s'ed',c.I. B. I- tihe way certain ", viii, at will feel better in consequence. The
Even with the .retest precaution t hist end of the exprs.hie hm- i ttinI -ton tit oeppofIsit o Ride of the rest-
eccideuts occur : ,ut iusuch cases they e h quite pl leased u itl tire eratker land itden discovery of some interest
are more readily' conciliable to thei bu, inesa. In t it .titter how in obje -t in a n opposite direction when
mind. Children however, should libe _t these elhaps lilk the o.l:,if i ,im- at ,talo aeiiont m, antl so flito as itos be
kept atay, if possible, fioo interfer- stone? aeani tetraoted. How Sii a t ret

tLamps shouldtg the tilighted and o at the -Iride,'" St, er-t, iwas C tltl- lu.e, Christian brothers! or ere i ong.
cleaned duringleo o the davli.hh ht of the 170 isst, and th. l di an iSoundsOf i your o\n in--
be carefully litghted-andid the grnat- 'i., the I ltver to tihe anr unt of t X tiniii sut!t N.itil ith hi r Ot Ily
est, care should be extinguishing the sd of r rofuhc e howlit ol w lead 'you tar far away
light, to be careful in ot turning the otl CTeerics tnt dry an -ont t how nll lead tut tvi. farve away
Sicek too lowo, otherwise it iay drop lus U kuni-t asci outt. Te lte pe ttia- r tr e illr caught the i a n-, tm ien s thcon-
through and ignite the oil; uor should t .i ha 1ft o ti ut in te oeddyinm akes.
a ulap i e filled too uearlY to the top ; ough certain i ties aic- suspected. My de -ut friend, ht n thi o t fits,
nor soud a be pled too er shouee ar pouttit it. n, button it 11) andti wear it I
atovet or heat, Lnay cause tihet to ,For tuhe New ra. '-.e it, to i ou freely tan- nlliit-uinl.y,
break and the oil to explode. All SEIO 0 1l' CLETUE yor y u atar hes.atily wece om tie, aunt if it in,
these and other precautions should be wor.s- you !Wltd lt uave it. Ihat a con
strictly attenudt to ;.thertise if thlie tMY Da. Fr.-iEN- -Are t- fond of trast thl-re muu. t abe tetwee the so funds
il wais of au explosive hatnri', as thie t' is;o It is ,-, b. hi :e. y, ", are ;-iat- I .r.od .u,,: n t W .y tule insti't umtent of the
greater part of it is, dainugerous ind d',-i't meau tiie so:crt. roWi n's d -i makes t!l..,v vio firIed the crackers last, week
deatcl aciCot lelts are ore hiable to the a irng Triitv el .till, I ad- in Ha ilto n, and the m music it. could
L 1,etute t hi- t r,:s perseverance. ntal,e chad lie kept it. cloar and pin good
occlu r. Thle odd l. ..e a.aiut him, thl--ut-h :R it i t order. JIn l tace of son:thieg atuains lie
Ou heA -i ot l-ikely he'll' i, able to i... t-ell tii- ni i ealr-i'- -h uot-gar :uud diipleasiti
DOES BRAIN VW hOR SHORTENoeI. It Iwa tailiar e mith te'ptrti,-u- tii.:s a. lHce coni tes a bbbv for mie,"
LIFE:' ? tar dialect in iluichi the cueiteu os ,or "'i C',ul it at Lasit," and should he not
Our answer to ti, tis question is a: co immui ite t',,. Oirth,:, its _to :-h li ia s i.ei0 intrnuniii t repahire io n the lru-
tfollows : No, w len lerfred in a :.thuer I would a vi-e hiu on the s1 bje,:t, lier wa.i hue will eventually, with many
proper way ; )-, t-vheeu performed in b ut as it is I rek.n he'll hav te t:- ru ii In.-, others, fini d hiutielf oil the wrong side
tan i niit)roper o a .. Aw en' tu il in c,-' urse. Iit it.. ilt p -' ail.. occ ur Itu_ .i t oflthe fentou-e
seltiool, or a oo teit t at:i ot. o it tei '-'. 1 I l tit m l th rt .- A i nw, dear finiends, ere I t close let
school, rwho labors ioe that fou r in vain, or, perhaps, after alt, hi. -iti_, n mie cout hat mu one seas ever vet
our five 'hour s a day at iatl itid at alte ..,a t'ta..,td thl e._'i t lela 'ed th i t ene t i
without tre tisxation w i it h a he ,.ill .al u, t t;c 1 i,,, ,,i..c- th' ,c ..reut M no t itt pe e -l n t do nso,
jButi the harde nst student t may lite ,-,_,, l i,, e'it.. I",_,r t think ,;St o,.'.'rt, iev never ith, ht the dog. Hoi eve', a
'to extre e old age. if lie \ill .,!;: r ,:e ,- iv r i. thr u Ir ut cle..- -uliv o f hii on ina t rlunen it l,
tlie tfol wing rules: cver stu y, or t,:l.. tur.i,;,l, ;-i;,:,t eiahe' Lt.. t,.. ea-'h itiii .d l will ., 'r re teal iiht .ht 'r
apply the miud closI-.,;, iml meii,-tie' iely ti;., ~ he ps.i' h ,-ii tier e, uii,. htu t hi ..It u, cd u are geothine or false. Let us
after eating. There is buI so itt ia h thiev I ue p.r'etty Vi,.il lip to ts ,l'.ie -'rit.'u in tiii before judge no mau, bCut keeh a
Ilood hin the to,:yo, saud w uhen tuile atoi- c-.oi-e thi,,'--s, still hun the ih,:i.i-. Ilie .a-. i- tl-t.,' lh k,_,ui't on ourselves. Eacli ,er-
ac-l is digestiug fog od, a lathu',er p'ro- e.Oise 's' e t tenitr.Olta too I..- !-u i tt u;_ in tih 'ir -,,o i mu -et sit'ceive uis re-uward or punih-ih
tu o r tio u cuf i t is t h e r e t hu t n a t, nt'.e r u i u t t u, uia k e ti : e iit -r t a... iuint it. --/l ti h it iti. liu cit, a u t atu t h e la st d a y
hintes. So, i ten we tfitik huard, or Oic,-al.-he. D, -ri,' -,u, itt i, l,,- tv ---.:,, so', -we ita) lie atorishied a c seeit' a gre-tt
study, toore Mood filiaws to thl.e b:'ain : lmiut ,,n h-it par with that -,t g-iu, iii: cuy r'ewarde.u c'iuoi we expiei ted toi
th an tat o th er tit hes. B iut w h o d .ti -, r.tutu ,f tl- it.i blu t i h-' fid i not see that there : ctettatnnot be fole n-i.dvarut-'"e over a ,onl.. ; ih:, ta-iut e_ ioim i,'e txpectcd to see rewarde,.
b lood thu-en usual ait ill parts if the 3 ,._; i bi -,,,m e tort .i r tart .-.. ::rap t- u aunt i d i ow I m ust say farew ell.

l 7u t. .'iou- stum t di ti t t ,sill ..t. ...l.. .............-ut 'u...u...i. -.1

Local Items.
A; The R. MK. Str. ALUHA, will be
due hou Jarmaiea on Thursday next.
fm-7-w The s. s. FLAMEoIae i:'n-tjI, from
New York, :i- eApmeeted to arrive here
on Moutiily next.
Ai' Atit'iernooni service at St. Pauls'
Church, P-age t, will for the future
comrmence at. 5i o'chlck.
Hai H. M. S. FANTOME, will prob-
ably arrive e hee from St. Thomas ill
the course of a few days.
s:. H.M. Corvette, GATNET, Cjapt.
the Hou. V. A. Moutigue. arrived here
yesterday ftroim thle West Indie-s.
ar -" Troopship HUMBEr, wvithu a
new Sliip's ('omplajuty for the FAN-
TOME is expected from England about
the tniddle of April.
The IMaiil Steamer OItNOctO
leaves Hamilton for New York ou
Thursday next. *20th. Pas,,. gi..r'
stage to Ibe removed at 12:'l0.
r.T- At St. Georges, on Tuesday
the 20th inst., the Eeceptiont Arei
and tihe Subarine Arch iowere sold at
auction. The sumi of 11 was rea-
l..--: Prices of Berimda Pouince
in New York Market, ou 21st, quoted
as follows : p)ott:oes I early ro.-e t 1s 50;
garnets i7"-50 per bbl.; OPions '2-75
pher crabt- beets 21. t2, and tomatoes
$flit per crate.
-. H. M. S. NoiTnr.\aTo-,N,. Vice-
A Admiral Sir J. E. C('mtner.ll. V C.,
l K.C.L. i iiom .the.- Wst IItlies, ,rit sed
' on Tiut-dayv last. Thie -Admiral oi-. ae- ld ,v L' 1 l- y Co ...-iell aund
her tw.. laugh -
F-- T Trootpship T.M a.I, was to leave
Batrla1di: for hI I11- u a mn i 2..Sthl i iu-t.,
ai l will p'o.InaI i y arrio ihere al-:oiut
Ord prox. She takes hi,-mtie tlih' paid-
off erew of the DID.'o, wh-ich shi1 haias
been re-coluiii-ssioned at. Biial-.ulu, .
jl:-? Two New Yorlk ieayclisth ,
visitors iu Bermudla, will nmatke'a t ial
of their speea.1 on Wednesday ii-xt
from tHamilton to St. Geo-rg, leav-
ing Reid Street, Hamilton, at. 10 a.m.
They expect to accomplish the dis-
tance in less thau an hour.
f. c- 'The weather during tIhe pastA
few days has becu:n somewhat boister-
ous. hGood Frilday muteorning iwas ush-
ered in by a p-ltty severe thln,ud-r-
storin and dreslhiug rain. Sunday"
way one Of thle coldest days c I hI-tae
had and the wt-at-her still r:iim-tun
cool, with oceasio'ual showra thuon.hi
the wind hias i- ,urat-n ,, e- -oith:rm>!.,li .
S The annual soit ,s of the IPnim-
broke',c'r g nltmumitr .euh, tol, ltook : e ,u
Tuekelr' Field yesterday, the Wutith.r
Iuilg all that cI-uld be ,sired. Thae
Princess attended and presented the
prizes to the w uiiaers. aMiss Hervey,
Miss MeNeili, Lord Jo-l hn H er.-c
and L. BagDt, A.D, A.D w,:o f :-. l p-
sent, besides numerous -pec-
On Sunday last (East-r Dcayi
the several Eplisl.op al Citturhtsn iu
tlies I-,-mlads were dresiet hit'i flow-
ers and evergreens. but uing to thlie
day falling unusually early" in the
season, the di lay wa. not so pro-m
fuse a- uwstu'.il. St. Edward', RoancLi'n
Catholic Church, in this l1,,wn. andtu
the B. M. E. churchch were similar y
S '[li The flagstaff at. thlie C.:-.--wa
Bridge hlias be..n i noue.I fir,, the.
northern side of thei swing b1ridgI i to
thie mu,_uthern -side. This lcb.i w iu imm
tIe 1,,.mitiu .f the .st..-,' r i-lu l s it
visible frosi thie iar1<..t, .wh t i.rf, aud
fromi the wlhuirv.t s to tlhu e;a-ut.ward uof
it, so that thi.- sto,-Im sigtlt cun 1.
inow s-ueen by boat'mnten 'hlo m0ave iltave
occa.-sion to pass throu th thigh tie hilgt .
Cm'oL _'NIST.
i-:? Rev. Dr. Walh and hit s oinc-mie-
erati,:,n, of St. Edlm'ti a -omanI Cath-mlice
C'ihuirch, in this town,u it h::e been pre-
sentctd will an Easter :ff'erint in t-he
torti of a statue re-l r.eieutiug tIhe Sa-
cred Heart ou our Lord. 'iThe slatue Ls
lft. fin. htilh -t he ,;iimems h-ein.- ar.
Beln -.'t r. f oits ,tt it r I its ,, m 'nI

ing over the ocean sonth of Newfoundland,
lun its itftiuieice extends soaithwardn a- fai nl s
Bimumid.i. Eaiu or sl-eet fell iaong tihe At-
. hmlic c.' ist. fitom Fl.tida to Nov-u Scotia,
e.irly yester.ltay, iand thlliiuier -stam.s are re-
oluted ri'oli u itlaun csmi um p e .uThe art essui iu' is
laku regiotis. Tli'-e -lire ii ci-al.ioh s, how-
ever, that it will d-oas e to-l.-y, owing to
the movement of an.-ithmr centre otf li.turb-
fit:-i l f lit, I lt:. S ,tlhj ta- CI. C'l-'IImI mC s ics iin-
c,'v. iing i mo thI V' W e-t. ; itil.. I Ino',lt3ll m' in-
I tir-etl lii the Ul p' Iliss.,-mmiii Vall-vy.
'Tlh-e t upela:ei-tuiee tell ,l-,: I elly ji thc E.i-t-
I l ikel i to In l iln s blew m ei t o fat.. the

9 tie li g tlti i-tin lu-mt t, o
amut .t tof ,55 lim'iuE timle next fi-w
%v .nk ,. r i Nt Yor its ,Ni
,imillt' h-tl-. tilt I 1s-.i. t m h ,I d tic.. 'I.-u
meuoll't to be t aii n.' m.nd hazy.-
The cool tini. croughi \t-ntlier experienced ill
1ermnda hiring tie hacst; few days, lhai.
doulbtle-s oriGiu:ded from this so-uee.

C.\NTErEL.i.r:Y. Pir-' ...AIN.rfo THE CZAR.
AN ATTI-1e r To' m>.tT AS,.NIcTE L\tY FLD.,-
I NCE DiXIs. Ihm'o- A;uA-m,.INS INr,-TEc .
Wr .IP uT G;'Ta. or Pse


L:r.\ .,tarch 15.-A terrific explo-
sion olcurre.d at -I o'clul(.m to-nituo t in
ti- nO-I.ti:fe fi the l (ocal (tovrnimehit,
BD:ard,1. W-tinster. :1 I, an-ed the des-
tru-tiu el a -reat dt:-tl of I rlopertv), but
It wa- duri'i-ne tihe dit'er-hinOur. so thl.u

few i r it i the l.-,n i eof t ',iii-
i,, -.s, but th i /se t-ho wer prel, si.-Ent were
for a time *V-Tea-tly a-l iued an.1 excited.
The for''c, .-f the"ex ,l-in a. s,-) -'reat
that it s ... k tile i s --t apart fam r
i.itos Ind' ,_p_.t -. The Da ke of
Edinul)ii.:h i %a%- is tihe peern atllea alind
c.:i >l. t h noise -i as so ud that itI
reN;,Il1l, t,, V t e 1 14'., rt 1:,f a I I ".,di-tb 1 tr.un,
cm1 h, ati-uit i-uanue iofutueo or
tIlree ui-h. Gr(at i ies h onuf Intma-eonruV
wr. i h.,t 1 cross the street, and tllhI
wilde.t riniors wn- a onc-iie set adlo:,t,
alile f-ir :i tit e there w'as great excite-
emt ili tiihe ho,-uit--i f Parlianlenu t mml.d
tie fio:r-nmlueunt hbuildiua-s. It waus be-
lieved at u first that a '&as expl',-,iion hnt,
occurred, but the ofdcerns of the gas
eonimpany say thatthh, .vy can discover no
evidence t' show- that'this was the case.
The otficialis now think lthat the _I l.o-
sion was c.tau.sed cithetr bY' luaInpul,,-u:sraor
,iyunmuit', and that a delilberate attemjpt
atm. u hl.L u ti, :40 ilw the (oiVt umerlinomt
'lli.t- s. L:,..t evtnin, t 'ni.r t r. 'ri, -
miitt'g oath. 'ice umtclou'imt]u-i "tuwhit,.h a
im'.lte l fu'-., W. attached, a, f u i .n,' it. --I
li! l (lie 7!. Tins L. i.lih-.e. tId it is k; h tV- il
t ,.it ti. e ,d'1 ,-'t i,,l ;,f ;,l ,,.U tmL --, v,a al-
so intended.
T,,e TE ._. -as : "ha .iru at
(01V Oi' & t. 7 4-5;ir,_..l ;-.t "45 ._,'c[.-. ou
S- e d I,:.- e u N g'. 1i o t i ht t ,c i -- ,

S-ie. TIere is r.-tion tI.-o -W it-..,e bluat
t',-o att. io:ts lof tlimi kind wire ma.It by

Atter i:. ex,plosiou thle hfurce of ]""lice
.4 the. o re
!h..ud. TH e GoXI-- rliter it .luii,:eis alld the
rideues of the Alinisters aie stroig'ly

L.:,Nr.N, ', Marchl il.-Tie TIMtum-S this
ta--t'a int;- s.ots : "" I llM ni eti-, Leeds.
Liv.-rpool, and London the feeling' ,:,
Eiilish il orking.i-mt-n t uowards thle Irhish
l it-,lle, wil_,h was once sympathetic.
hI i, e t c.1.1. It\ dh-iends -,In it
few ti-o.l ci.l- e _,f i l't._.u nite o ltrmcm( a thu
1i li m thi fe-eli t, into one if tloi s -.
riitv which thelaiousthoritiues e il iti l
i dii-_icult t. i .ui -trl. If the Irsh
e.tre'ii-ts are r:ly -goiingt reply with
dyJ. unitt to aniy measure tlhe' distap-
r, e. it is certain that he day of ci -

L:,N-c,. Mar-lu IS.-Ladt Florence
Dii.- wi atts!cketi at \\ iuls.'r vest e -
dity huy two im-it <.lis.rnised in wameu's
cluthels. Her drc'-s was cut with dag-
mers ill several ptlt-,.s, hut. she rece-ived
itt injury. L-tly Ftr>encne was walking
in a sitclad d sp''t t:oar thie wa'sods when
itce twh.i mtu-t amslu.d hier what time it was.
she rejlieml that .-.lhe hd lno watchli, andu
aftrwavl noticed, tliat thouil .h they wore
woien's c!,itlie- their fitt-, a-had been
liavt-d. M\lucit alariu m ed, sle started t,)

several h it er ?m plu e-i.i -, of that -, sel.
lito for .-., IIe tim, 1,pa, It have b,- en v,,!-'
unttary contributi-rtl' lS.i 'a ommItI il fulnit
to cia(do .w thl( Chlpel with a t.-ken of
their titlh a m piety. This, val uabM.bI
gift arrived it time S :utlj er this trip aud
is ver y beau tiiful and 1ap-.1r'.priate.


ThIi Stiatier 0,'- '.. (flt. F ae-r.
rmum N.i i r ;x -i.-u.lh. 1i ,_,I'I il-ly on
tlc a'u ', in ni a- h-it rdh --.1ilm s il i a t y L
t it m-mu 30_I It l: i i'. mu. hI t-ue,,re c.1 r- t e

i : itut, I / m ',N w Y ,klt.,l:rti t., ,: 21
i la, froim "l% i, u mIct.. ime itt i t'i
cxtr.i ts. C,,-I.i nII -.mlumImyN' ua Itl .rt h1:i.i
o u, t e1. oust, ,, .y u iteil,. s S in 'tr a ,,
field ic mui lli e g iu e ie i l,,,'ti-u.ti %ee l ,l-
h.'itt ug .ini uc %%thu i -v N., .-. :i''ium ilim at
N:-v' m-nir ifricmum curi-,-u- L t nniti u, ol _r

'or ii ym"rt.t Emi N .wt Yrkt i.',I.#,

cIf the ? .Illk, mii,'. :, I,.-a 'ith0 Met-A h t ma-,
" The c tijlt' of tilt, hli Iihma e m mmii utum-

wall away and wa.. t-ilowed b' tlie i-en,
I;inet ofwhii im siznd- i her. Sl hei -st't gl-:1
it sca e, bu it sceeiut: their da-g'Ir- fell
in a swon. Thi- took place at 4 o'clock
in the afternoon, and she di-d nott re, v-
-' lier Seun-Ss until -445 p1. m. Lady
Florence has l.,been 1prostrated to-day.
Thle saving of litr life is attributed to
her St. Bernard dog, which, it ia sup-
posed, pr iteited hler t wohi l she lauy ill
t he s'iwoon. Lady F-lorence had
ino rea,;on to suspect, intinediate dau-
t ,r, although .hIe had been s e-
what f-ailhl since thau rec-iplt of letters the Laild League. The last thing
she- remembers i- one of the men push-
i .m a quutity of iliut inlt l her' touth
tOn her r..-mern s the found tltat hboth
juilis wera e cut ti'.i ad her u l oves
s-vere. There were two -agger holes.
two inuehes apart, in the ri-ht hbreaist of
her dress. A broad, steel cusetl rib uat
ibee-n i'rken I by the iNealjp:,n which han1
elanetl'atled to the inner lthining of her
dress at tie inrst stroke aud to her er- at the seond, stroke. Laucyi Flor-
enie sippses that she uii,:.onsciousl v
strugk-led uith thle mlen, as.disted her
dc:, until thIe saouundeis were disturb-
ed by a cartel passing the 'oods. ihe
reeeimed t hreatienin-g letters while in
Irehlatd rti-celvy. One of the ien wore
a greeu dress and a large hat with a


veil. The veiled lanI lleiupted th.e a.- to Father G .dlaglo,('. of Glen-ieolu kill. Convention, inll March, 18;, it was
s,:ination. No arrnstshav-eb,,en ,:,d-,. D..r,-.'. Hl;.v. Ilr. WnA l.- h has just inainly through his inflnence that the
The Police have a slighl tuet u thet a i el,!-,l to, P Mr. [alI,-l tina t hlii, e :*;at tf at- wast ,v igned. Thi e dal y fter the
sc-ouLnlrols. It .s dl that tie mien th PlFTl1id pll i- Li'ui L ':- C _'Iv nI ('Congress, in April, LS56i, Count Ne-i-
were bitt en in the I.stli'le." Lu I' i o i t n ..n th 2 th of :April i 'itpe-rativ,-ly .It.tltde retiring ion account of age,
Bsay, h r head i .con fusui.' a it piht ll. i ,t L di mande -. I,'l'iii .. -.1- ,1 r ,l .t N ni, .tr
She supply se, tht isci'reant.s .tiuan,.1 T1IE CH.\NNEL T LL. of Fou.ign A air..p In 160., in on-
S. LON D N I 1 --Ti i : rAS s'-ie ql..e e of events olurieling at Na-
Ltdt I rn e Di e tW iet i ..i-,f ........... i a w, t the ples&, G o, chaloff a:hlero.ssed his eel,-
ns-ul, u is thin tf ,, ir A e nUr J, r dii d ,,l on the ,-..ti,,n of ,ir,ted circular to the Povers of Eu-
iettlle li,, C[II, hil-Diiti Sin'. o,1ii a h'. r ti n of a tutfinil itun-ir the i pe, ur. ingi upo iFrance and Elng-
tra e. iiA h.e-r i..ll *ian on1 0.i o 4 Lun land their own principle of the inlo-

part in Irisle A il! : -r \ K,\i.3 .. .,, ,-,,- l i3.--T ,or- t';s L-,'.i- ,,'0 1 .n tendnlt icer ofh a ti n ll -,n V i -C- h .-.'l A-

in Enailil r< ul nCell,1 < t t l lt Ii. .' fingle '' lt i nt piece of cellar in at6,! prI'>oai'.otl him to toii
sv iote rl he -ir0slt, ;it tii r tin he .i t !L Uin t r t e _. l ,,,ili'' office of Chancellor of the Empire.
,the .,t, in t l .-t rni pI .t Nh- "l Two, i--.\ M e- S.In 11 lt succeed-.,t in 1 n' i:E n a-
1an ort inidtt ti i.e t ep- l gI h T %.,r i.i i ,,l, iin.'"-"'i.,t, l Lord Ph sident. Ronan 'ilt i eroroothad m le of Vire- 1han-i

ii i t io i ri ti.' ii .ii d t ll the 1 AunOlA t il, in pl aCe O f e orii i1 e2, oltt- l itio 1 i t ,

;,ice, inaiitio t w tlre paiId o iut thi'7; or conferred upoof ha n ortfeiakoe tli' re
the fund t! ,- i ,1s. re il 1, i v E-, In ,, one of the pri-I s 1, iii' title of Se uene H iii less. In faiirig
]a en. L'is Fl.>tei-e i t'1 -r h1 iN i -I' talin connection 1itr thie iiop nix health, o rApr o il ;it '-Slr, Ini ro'tir thei
o're so inliMtetrr h-d. It i n "-.t to l'wi.- -.t- ,ith *. ,f 6 Lord Pr e sipident in peroman tl t'a the post of rhan- y o
e the at, t! hc aw..i ed, t t Idl \v A t r ii Aii Til, Irl:Uli.i ndt ni et lor at, d M ini t l ter for Foreign Af-:i

Ly a ss ii itud ".tu. t f ni i, l 01 ti.-n L' i the 18th ins t. tail-er ral was s c .i c i utl ,it de
L , -. But 7 r0.1?Tn, i ;-, the W, 1,.I r E i,,. ,,f ,_. Louisvill. Cotton oiu w o lr hl wd Hie position ofh , :e, lh- lt. "t t .. ilt 6 t '.hi l ,i,1 ,l*' t t'e, 1 .-a ling lw it' h ntil rel contio utl -

i ...l 1 shieari1 -t L I 1 i ui tti u t tl .i ,i ,, O l l i- frie n ,llv. ( h Iiac .o nt p ow s s -
victiaot .' Aiid re ,, a, c I,, I..,.; f eaIt 1h;t ,' lic TDie lth- to visit Aim-lrica
( L ry .'S i.t I Ot f ti, tvtit...1,- 'I I-" ,i ed sui cide. t ir. to'. -ff .
Olissal-i,,tioni w1r1 lv ait i ,ntof r Fthew i F or conferred upl h, rn i ti(or a tih, the
, a th n .rto lilt .1 1,, oneof he r -,n-r- ..titi O i tle iof Serene. i ,- In faiD in
-whe l 1yIn L. ntyrY eli:. r i Dii trial in connection- wih tl 0he Y 'll ,-i ,ix p e alth, o-)n AQ m8,rl 1105.2, he ryt ir

,rrei ein e i ,n ed It its ,t tot, ,,- T s o rn : t,, i,:.r.A i d !in a oel p tie lt in per- a e. tl f o the p ost f C han-

derei t ti tirn .llit. i '.'. t ai .-s it:r i al i ln,ia d l- i, ailed linei a nt,, its a nut At. l elle via w Mii it if r this Parishit
3 as ti.Til i, lthe fi-.o: f,-,, l th., i.- ,d l t1h siollonsi, on t dl w ev sni n of the 20tl QInst. Cy HER-

a caist uii Io tie i L I of the 'L uis vil ,ttn1 INE, Wiow' of the late F1et siti A. Eve, of

ii'.iii t .ii t v idd. if .. s.:11 liefIf' H e'h t. q. l i i r t i D et li^li l tie At a P metti o G( oe," it0 s Pari i'
a ta eo x l t n L. a rlo'e l ni t t 1 i g i" ti ll n' i ireat alve- Tnoer, vui ofi the late oWilcian J.
,h .ial utlb-,rt 0 ,, t .. entLhr.t, :,tit lat i h t :, iu d1 t L ifor

'LOaNDN, leihi f2it 1883.-The Dean '0111 .. iiits to Wi.' FOciri Fears care B '
of l t h i t e l. I t. tie liatud flail ,o acco inti: the aiS ilt te ia ie ts of
ite du c iIh it ti.'e it be I ,d age of fe.a, est, in invitation toe c a u d h a nd pidt i-

S llv e i .t il-itop lie tee w n tinvt i a it; deii"itetiie of INTEqL' LIGc NC' .
1-Li.'.tt.'n:t I ih, t t1.l tool t h ri I-11ugh li e i.l jili'dvriel wereni.t. ii ,u PO T OF I A llL'I rON.
- o f it -1 -. .1 it ,,i tt. it.ti liiat-r L ter reports, -. ENTERE f
f i oni la,- t in .t iady i-i',ii i. thi. 1. t .i.' ii i S- .1i a t o Li.t ef rit t _t i il St avcatcttl ,.i a 1.1 tti t a. tf-O

t ', ,^ i-i, iii, .t I.i ,itutu li. t i li '" tNTEtEi.
fin.t 'a':.I ,1 Pa i'-' ,,, l .t i t he tIut iti," is Un.- onlt i. t t o i, r e 'i tl, ;i' t l v. Ft -Br c into a lh t ized power. f m
icti l t. n ii tU!, ,nin o i it he t ,distoeit As Agerit,
I I M ar,_ .1 itu'ii i.thi,: t utv r.u 8. u IRe E -. .

'V lii,, i .-tr t i,. l l, s AN OT El FEN A N AL- IN I, a ti .e 23 irM ar i in his L ari h, the
solvi t. l1el i.,rv .. A A t. ed for -viio .-A t. J S.D.i il.
This tin,-uir v,! -, dntin:-t,.t ie i es._ t Ai he t 1e.- LIrT OF P ENGE S
if tht( P a'ir lit:'ll ... ti.''ii t .,l 'i l ,, d Tt 1 :t-" .t"-hi ir,1 7- .s Par I 11ish,1 7
T-it , t ,i was aloi e th me nlow sia cou ncil the f owire l
"itch s a lo n t t, t e u .dw o nt .. on th e ee n in t o f fi e 20 th In sc f -ro mH e w

on- -. til. ttupn tie L:-t ].nie i i lC 1 f 1- ltie wu ilow of the late Frane. I A. Eve, nl
nti th h.l ,:.eI. J ,,. : iY v t. i u I Slii, dt t eli ,t ai t t h.-i e i ilc .int, M Hui L the SIr of h Mer ag ies.
1a m',pni t, ait lll r--. rt .S It-l i, a ll1 id y o e e lr i n y I m- e re m A P t t G. a ilM is ar I v ll,

lrv uSId ury f, -, it lit eatt. iu- l wor t ,nttT a titl. t o n upl sedte.'A t .ast i k. S i i

Te t ie e. l I.-i, .u i A ,-,iI t, ,t I i i -c -a. i orti, r, futie- TroT wit oi f the late uillia 1 M J.
attack on L tl l N.unre, i.e'' Diie tuhe Lt a-t eti kin I. ,Dr.I e lieG.i a.r ti Jre ie 7
fi n a l eff r ti o ill. e, ,tu h ed rt1.,tile la w I "I =-NS lL,] e \ .1, d trr ,, ro i ag e 7 3 'r \

ar ae. i t 1 lot bi e i he. l- thlID sva peal tel e nta on e ial
plo oer at irke-.nhTad h s dihua,,.d all ,ove tents wh i it a \\ l, t t Di D .D iii-
( uf Can ct,-.r .ur-v chtulre.iu a lStLt the- i t r t it 'u th N i t it I | i i- .-

i THE LELLf which t l e- l i' "t obtin 1,u-i vinfor.actioi . ag HPfr lHer-t IisT ..t..e.-..
LO N, M Ir ,to l A i t- ,t t J l : i.t i.. ... I. J 1.. .. a. .

itL a, i h l t II 'eu 'h 2 .i i. !LT : Ii te, it u. G ." og i t t injuries t lwerei .i n P l .T 0F II A. \I i ii 0N .
lna.e .\"s Mr. F. t ,] a \,i M ,. ,Pi- l,- i.d c f..rtiitly h atrd th e l h N,- N% York ; asso-e:l eaq to Tr, _tt &Cux
d ,il .. 1,1:sh Iv e ,I. sis- tr.loil,,. H _r.i i.hKENTERED. "

I Ind l l t. o'It,,ie attI,,-lit t e eli oi tie le r ,,flu e m Fby. 21--. t r. S I r.iaD', e.' from
ut u fi v' b. l L. s ,. '.i. I i. i ti t lt A l. l 1 i e o- I,-1111 h AI: t..M 'in n, .-l H i W jiy ii ;
,-,:ie,1, h.\,'S_,:.AS,,IiNf-,rt in I t~tn,, h'.J. Fl owh n,,n M,':, ln 10 IV?

"atet" -he -t Iit' litnIt oif Pa-tri."; E thi.t wlt d Sc '. .I I t .. t Ia t," tt,.! .. ,,I V..- II
ie ti r. P i ,-It rt, t i tJ' it th,'uL-tI I
ing that ils-, M r. Egi-a.i g: .- tint ..Ihi P IN E GORT C HAhKOFF DEA D. t Et1. ,, 1 I'.II ','`u A ,. A I :eu I .vv,'
Iy tile Dublin tk, to i-l P in Al-xand Mer licitauklvitch li Mln 1:KIS
ill his lraper an article eh.,r-ing, th ,_ti- G-rtrsCalk,-ff, the e-{'hanell,-,r of J Pi!i',h,.Flixa" I: ,,,, T 1j, it ,,!
er. of the Land Le ilu itip, tlhe lI t si:n Emnpire, is d ad. -Prin.c ,,, l, 'e',i I Iitll
priating l,.1 tl-. ril ed i, the LeaLt. e. ( oIt_ ,i l" I charge of 13sia.i 1 t -, s. tt. .
M r. E. D wi er G ray., inut ,ber oA I'arlia- f ,ri .-ign l lation.., for tw ,iitv-six \ear-,. 0S.,,, l n tl, .\lfr \ .,
ment, la-, countribltiteud oi to thle fuitd H e wvas: l __born tJul l; 179S.i H < 1 Ma .. T .av.,:.-: E 'T...I.. T J 'itt.
to relieve M r. Parni-ell'.s e.-.tate- fro .m e1n- as < lue -t-d at tho L 3 cruim t nt .t U lnte.. II .,ilt.,n ;, r.. l:..
cuibl.ranices. Za i.koe-Se-tl-., an estal0iislhuent, ot -.... -, .
rheet tI o et u tP NI li ut 1 if i d "M11 iUo it zl 1` i1 a11 tiet.
Mr., a Par.i.llite l...41 .c-... e- f, ...:d I CatheriT.. II. ,oo ft.r ,5 |S i e, S l^ 'Otl .\
dlared elected a Nlvm ,h-r I-of the iH. u-e,_ e,-,nph.tirg li-, stuilies le made hi-s
Co('lnnluo-. for Tipperary. iCan ,. -oft the dtbi t .' a < iplonutfist, appearing at T E
intiformal nomination ..-f his o1piilit. th (.'o iigre ....s of Lavbach i and- T S K
The vacaney; wa- sausted i-- the treina- Vinna l a t emer of t quite of M. ", ,a
-T tit-, 1,_.J.nD.mtllode, tile famous diploma- "aI" ONT Street, I,-,. t i u. h1
THE IRISIP FAMINE. ti-,t In 1S. h. lie was ,eretorvot the Patrons aud the Pultlie p, '1:-lb1-
Rev. Lawrence treasurer of lluss-ian Legantion ill London, and that he lihas this day disposed o i'l DL.-
the Irish National Land Leag"ue, t'.-d.i aiterward fil-ed the pos-itionis, coniecl- iness to
cabled $3.i00i to Ireland tor the rllieta of tively, of Lusian, Charge d'Affaires tat el'. i. J ChL, ial ers,
the victims of ntaline in the \ festl, as fo!- Flortence, membiu er of the IiRusu.sian Le- He introduces this ,etilmnto, th,.ir
lows :-To Bishoi Met rm 1 tihkon iat Vieuna, and Amba ssador notice e ith a firmn contiden:e- in his ex-
haderin, county Ma'o. .i0 alA h i- Extraoritry t ,Stu ttgart. -e was pericuce, and his- ability to igiv. earv
Bicop 1Dugan, L.:uhrea, "(alwav ni. a Privv"Couiillor and was rais- sati.action anld to retain thle patronage
$5 0 ; Bish 1 -p Lun ueo. Ltitt-erli tnnvy f ,t e f- to f the rtank of Lieutnant-Goif -.i ., o -t.4i hiiI lf.'
pa 5. i d tio -Bit elt1 ('on0'11 I'i li t Ele E poetor Nichiolas. HHe ias A.u. T.' "e I- to aI,'ij-. hi s ithianiLs for
lie, ountyT Metko. 5. l T e bat:e'i 0 r at Vieinna and extorteid defer- past f4J I, and e netallo solitite. a con-
eyi'. r o ilit 5 Ii enee firom btc, tl thut French and Eng- tiuance of the sae tor his au'COer.
Duggan, $t300 to Bishop Louge, and .i$30! li.sIh plenipotentiaries. At the Paris Hamnilton, March 2nd. 1.83.

ByPublic Auctioi
[Nl \ I, THE l IG s :iED,. -,
S 1 ,.1\. [t I I.'-, '.II.E

Next, tle 29th Iust
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7-li. 'lim' Ol ,,'- P IT I
JL --li hut('I i

1 ,111 1 hG ti uultl.-,t SI_'sl- l
25 'a, 1. :.. 0 11,,
5 Tubs f vei,
30 Pails i : ',:, 1.-. (mich) "

1 Do. do. do. S '-HSTAD" -
6 1 T 1. :.... '., -
1 l idsome '11 .t
Cruct ?T ,r ?[ ...... ::., ,' ., "-'J:

v ll L it,... l l 1 .

Two G riipni..,. \iii rp,. .
I W. WA'tLIII : CO.,

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A L Ir.o Q i:-iiLtitiv o1 S Si)crit) r

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f Ihj1' _UI'[ji', '[J"IH"Y r. I' T I:KEENEY'tS
Re.e.tly i,3-,imp uti.,ld fr om N ..I Y.,, t ill i C i0i)biltiii jl 1Tel .
be sold at a I'i LIC Al Cl'TION eartlyv
it M a ina xto 'I lie t|iV1[ Oil u -f a i'Ae. I o
tleman about t !o nve the I sli ni -. i. N i..ND,
B. W. WALKER & CO., ('Klal: WI fIS,
Auctioneers. O(lioil Box NA i LS,
Hamilton, Mi:,ch 1i, e:S.-1 p iu Ipc tor JAM .,
Good l l"!.Om17 \lhol,-,sa-Ite afId
So tiTeu. l, aiul l I.p Er I-:el,
1 dLots 0!f (.:th'.'lr G _, .,, jp .-.t i',, .
rHE U.I)>DERSiGNE[) hereby e;v,.. J.C. KEENEY.
i notice thatli frim iu ml afllr SAtul'dt i NlI MI:i'h 1.), 1SS>.
ns.t, 31-t iu.Lt, I.. Vili -
Disc.ol.titllie the Salo of ICE. r Otic'.

and e..,gs io Iibl.,'or his thanks to li.s
Who I . kiidll r c,.i i wi tli their
,'. T. JAMES
Proiprielor F,.,I'.lst;tle i t oiso.
Ltiitill II, Mlnitu2h 1883.



blea e Cont i ,r-,ion e t
4. ;, _.. E _'.. P ie ., N',f- u -:.

Ft:r S.blt, vor'v Ivo\\ for C(tsh, ia
Fine Ia.g..- Ai Oerican

I\v rad, nNew Y .rr,.
Thu proerl- y of,
R.. E. 1For particulars please ap-
ply to
F-, Front IStrit

i L N fAit, alEih l j, 1 Mi 1-3.-
r i ,,;i: -T' ,E! it. H :._ U. e't, .

t cHE tNDE -L''IGNED ,v.ill renr-,t __ .,_ n
tu'o u I lC.a the 0l,.,oe ',_.-n "- ,i T o
li,'l .ii], a l. lil e at al. tiii.-; r-.lit v t. i te
reiui.-le. a'utu 1 '.rwtr, u l .u l ii aC -I I.., r, 1,ich I:"t -y ''_ P uL
ett ,) p '- (.,e 't Jei.c'ymen Ta ors.d
Oquik rIItuiA s -Uated a,.d lihet G.,od Po-r st \Work.
In..itr, ,obt. .', H. ultonM.v h 12,1 3.
S1 :, J. tDohlas( Outerbri-idoge
Hako ilto:, 1th Mach. 1 3 -- ,I.: II IY (G O ,
,, :'- i-I :'T. - 11\?lILTtN,
-: ';t": 1, u .. .i tf i ti) P.rt'
.7*7vci o i( t ,I .
.- ..]':..... tS
-l 0, 0 i. n .

] v A p p i n t 0 1 n t il vi-it St. iGeorI'.s proles-
J. L. GC XTII ElL?, Ii ion" at i i

t3a, .,,- ./ rtu/hlL. u' L I-o-se .

..' t ,. i 'ui.,: i_,.t! i,,. !_,.-:.* {i i.-.v r| )O or Tihree ]o.h _.rd :i l em o c e o rm -
- .-hy 1 .i 'LD. S T l ,ilE 1 o.i abl;. o,,l, dat.:d, on litibr.-
Si,-,NE 1 J:J.t11i -_.tht f l o x ti e Lat.

ii. I ,, ti.e ,-.d i ., S-id ii l ... u. a aI ALa .D J L IC H .

31 5ii inYbet
1 -OLD.. ., I "q-) sr &c.

.ihlu e V. ?i "II u t _- ,, -t- t.luitIl it t-h Ia;,tit t i t DIE'i "
i e au ot h t u. 1 t1.,111 I,: 0lnt.o t 110 rn,1 ,d .u0t.
"- 'U" ^. O ii,,n .'n Eox M,'ATEI1..AL,.
ti -le. Ton, ,l.. x M,'ATSE IAL. ..
10 f' di', l0l.lts. Euf tin PiOTA. TOE .S,
A PO.WE_.,UL lP.\.< liT '>1 L;.!';,hs 1 i i AY,

y;ais rM -kind adl gentle. .'1 of w, h..l! oil f 1 .fi.rd on arri' d
to a 1 approved ir tc (- ii, t,- :,p r,,v.ve1 ,t!':.,,l:, .,
.: ,:0l, F. -1 I IRO\V1S. ,_)OH" 11. T. JA CKSON.
11l till,,.n, .'th A ,r 1 -a -- H t nit"oin, M h I T1 1S{ J.


THE .)EJi ERa.

For Relnt.

On Second S'treet, in the Town
of IIamilton, with 5 I oom, Kit"hen,
Verandah. Po.a.session given at once.
I. L 50,

About. vive n, iiioteas' walk from
,,1n--with itao:a-o rooms, kitchen,
etc. P ::s:.i -ii -iveCn at once.
Ai'ply to
J. it. T. JACKSON,
site P(.. Office,
Hami ilton. March iti, I -._'3

VNIHE 'ubsc.rTibf r is now prepared, as
-a h l rt: re, :t this se-A,_ou, with hisi
n nil -suply .. 0110('ER-IES. Sc., and0
invites hi. C :.I-II'., rs and the Public
generally to I,nd itn their orders.
Among' -',:f:,,,L, Ioji,,>t tions will
be jfoni<. t:
Boxes Iialf and qr. Layer Raisins,
Best table or d.-ert baisin (very fine),
Sultana or pluldding Ri-aihilns.
Al i0o1 d, Fiiberth-., Walnuts, Pecan
Nut it-,
Cli,,.ice .I phic,
.Tains and Jellies-abso'rted,
Butter, C'hliese, Hams,
Bacon, Smoked Beef.
&c., &c., &c.
Front Street, Hamnilfon,
Dec. 111thl, 1SS2.

51pecial ,.I IVrals.

Has Just Recteived, per "Orinoco," a
large assortment of Excellenlt
GrOr series cSc.
PoTrk, Beef, Flour, Meal,
COLIN, etc., etc.
A Fine Lot of Co'tton, Woolen and other
(Good Articles and Cheap Prices.)
Reid Street, Hamilton,
Octr. 10, 1882. +

.Mloney ,Slaied.

By Buying-,- Goods at the "Poor'
Mani-'s Relier."
lavinig a larger stoce than ever, and.
our prices arc lower than ever named
Visit our Store, look at our Goods
learn our prices and you cannot
Lelp Ibuying.
'TfV will S'.1 /yon t Full Set of
Comlprising Butter IDish. Suear Bowl,
Cream Pitcher aind poon-holder,
for One Dollar.
Store open evenings to accoim-
11modate t.ose who cannot get out in
Sthlie daytime.
Hamilton. Felty. 6, 1,';s3.

CBriti-,h Oak with Nickle-plated mounlt-

Salad Bowls, Ice Pitchers and Pails,
Ink Stands, Cups r and Mug's, Bis-
cuit tBnxes, C'astors, butter, Pickle
anid Marmalade Dishes, A-c., &c.

Is always the Cheapest.

ffHE LIME supplied 1., tho unler-
.''i12001d is Btu,Nr 1.1,_' InI:e Li.o-
s,,NE with Cedar Woo, and is o ,urrarintuu d
to Ibe a First C('las.s Article.
literio.0 made to a y 1 art o.f the i-l.,i't.

03 Front Street.
: amilton, 25th Sep.. 1h.-_2.

i,.o la tenly ti 11 0 :, av TRI EE.i aundi
FIREWO(D fionl M,.u ,,i's Ilani, I
oe r ei- l y fli r l i a ll h'"l. ''b a 1 ir1 h i ib ,, ii
that. islMid. M r. lI.ln } v.ith, livii'g ,..,
Tn.-ktr's Iunnu.d ndjuwinin, havli, isti'c-
lio n s t re lo rt thi e ii iiit f ;i y V .i c' ib
hu li be piro-ctniud achiodio, to Iw i,.
Felrniary 20 1li3 .
W WRITING DESKS, .JtutaI-nee Ci i-
inet-., Phiotoiraplh Fr,-iaie. mti1d
Alburrn. Statuary n1d Vases, Jewel Bui -
Cels, C Celuloid C b, arots a1M Brushe-s, in cAses.
Portnjonies, (ents fitted Ihessin ('as. s,
Silver and 'earl Car Case-, Toilet Snets.
Music B.-xes, Auiroid-,. with and with-
out1 Clocs, Horn and Olive Wood Ink-
TtanAd.N. M.

Boarding House,

PRS. SWAN restpelully o!hc.l the
piiMtroiig of lan'y person or per-
sons who ma.y be ,teli;iig' the vnjoymient
of a healthy situation, as her placo of
business affords cnch. It conimands a
fino view of the Great tound and other
Seenery ; furthermore its situation is a-
Viilable to trivcllin.' plerp,,osis either by
Li d or lWater.
MS. SS WAN ihas for many years h1ad the
support of Naval, Military, Americans,
Cainadlians, and the Public generally, for
which she tele rs ni y a l.tlaiks.
Pursoas nayv be accommodated with
Board an! Lodgiing, also Luncheon, &c.,
ati the shortest notice
Somerset, 221id Fvby., 1883.

Anu Cheap Prices.


I1E UNDERSIGNED has taken and
newly fitted the Store on the COR-

where he has opened one of the largest
and Best Stock of Groceries to
be found i n Beruda. Hio- selection of
Cuwaied lIeatus and Fruits cannot be sur-
passed in Quantity, Quality or Variety,
and he keeps constaintly on hand every-
thing to be found in a first-class Gro-
cery, with prices to suit the times.
Hamilton, Jany. 15, 1883.
The Largest and Choicest assort-
Parliament St.
Hamilton, Dec. 23,1882.

Prang's Celebrated Cards,

Valeutines for 1883, Chaste
and b'eautituil,
Congratulation, BIRTHDAY, MIENU,
SCIuI-nTrriT., BPTi-Announcemet
and other CARDS in great
Mounts, &c., &c. The goods are real-
ly fine, and really works of art.
EASELS, Brackets, and Wall
Pockets, IPhoto, and Autograph and
Cact ALIIUMS. Scrap BP.:,>,ks, Vel-
vet and Nickle FRA1ME, 'IC-
TURES and Frames in variety.
MAR IN E Specimenis, Palmetto
Shell Work, &c.
Dry, Household & Fancy
Glassware, Tinware, Toys,
A'-,ent for The Ada1nis and1 West-
lake OIL STOVE, the best in the
A lar,'e assortment of Useful and Or-
101ina enintal rtii.l.s can be found ;t the
"Bazaar" Sthre of the und'er-hin,-.1d,
where it is always a pleasure to show

5, 7 & 1 ln.luhi Sit., cor. of Qneen,
West of lILii.iltu ll..11 -l.
Hamilton, Feby. 5, 1883.


Shipping and Corn-
mission Agent-

Proipt. attention given to
and11 FIDAYS
March 201th I1a2.

3P Ore9st ~1~X-Se


T lE SUBt C i~t RI is hpr; lrel to
T lrlitur N T'UllAL, ICE thni- uilh-

SIM[LA1I; 'TtIl.iMSs nl in ;uae ,n It.-

r tv, o r: t, ir q. r l.

4i,' I, 1 ,ii,11. 42 1:r,.n I S l -t, ill c'
,O il till- d.
lin1 ilt.-., Ju.ny. S, 1 02). -

o1 notice.

r'HE UNDERSIGNED la[ s jnst re-
JL c, i cl IOini En.'l id Americai
per S. S. Orinoco," a large assort-
menut of
Excellent Groceries,
Tn pIt of: -
Sin..-kd BEEF, Ox TONGUE ES,
So..d Pig FEET and TONUIES,
POTATOES,l C.ins e'f (teen ''ITP'IE,
CLAMS, la".-1t ,nd Corned BEEF,
FRUIT of all kin.i, in Tins and Bottles,
Green and Dried APPLES,
CITRON, FIGS in Boxes,
GINGER, in Sr i lp,
Crystalized FIt i',
White aiind Brown :,UG.i,
Sl'I ES, of all kinds,
Finely Flavored JAMS, TEAS,
COFFEE, ('C ..cVo and Milk,
A Selection of Finely ftl.volcd B;SCUITS
BROOMS. Cort and Oat .MEAL,
NUTS, of all kinds
And a lot of nice Glass and White Stone
All sold cheap for Cash.
East BProad wiy.
Ilamilton, Jany. 2, 1883-


F 'HE UNDERSIGNED expect, a hea-
| vv ('C,-,n--'i.uient if RErC oo 00 \ 1irE
OV 'O.V .I,'SI:B, flfromn Te.n-ritffi
which theli expect, to sell at the prolter'
time at Public Auction, in eaes iof '25
lbs. each to suit the trade and large
Plhantcrs of lthe coilinlin season.
Hamilton, Feby. 6, 1883.-3 mths.

J i1st Eleceived,
An Entire Noew Stock of

Teas a( d (Cffee.

A Consignrentt of Sever;!l
Half Chests Oolong Tea,
To be sold Cheap for Cash.
Reid St., near the Tower.
Hamnilton, Bermuda,
March 12, 1883.

Hamiltoil. Hotel,

PFormer'i of lthe emointt o flosc
Novr. 21, 18s2.
Pure .aspi -erry LEMONADE-
Extraci, of delicious ltiavor, in wine
bi-ttle,, for "2s. 6d. each, at
P. lih.unct .-'t.

lfr tl,.-f'iotu E.ft trondi ; rt / '
Such ias Bracelets and Bangles (in
geatr variety i, Neck Chains aid
Lockets, Broclhes aund Ear-ri-ngs,
Bir Pin.,, S.r'f Pins, ing's. Sl.-ive'
Buttons and Studs, Vest ('inuais,


10 f. 6 1 I, T D1 T IN GR

'11 E UN )ElI Ii NED having secured
Ih L.-.r .i. o t
VIst '-I't.'l SS rI IlN'IER ( Il IS
ik i,,,v it a posiliuin to do Arll iris uf Job
k Olk, I S .I, hill il t .
CII lkt-'U L A. RS,
Soieety By-La s.. etc.. (.Iclu.ed in covers
if desire d.
All got up in a Neat anid

_)der< f'ir ul l en!, lls re, l thin ,Boo, ks
r1e-i 1, u d, or rp:iir,..d, \ill al o receive

all ndei'o. l iitinctunlly .ttcni' d to.
NF\w El.0"--i'cc pi' ci, p .3 ctle0.

p mylle in ndvn'rc. mi Oth
It sdale 0 culli All.etllfl ,

1ieeoun eue nation.
PR. FUBLER lhad a donkey very
A l.adly wounded. by ny h1g, and
it required soe e medical att-ntion.
person was I calledd in ft'r mc-dical advice.
but after exoiinii in-111 thle wounis lie pro-
Inounceditt a hopeless case.-thlis was on i
the 11th of DeceLmber. On tihe 21st of
D cember I was al \ised to employ MR.
JOHN F. COOPER, Ji.., and under his
treatment, the donkey is quite recovered
alnd atll to work, and I hlerenly recom-
mend Mr. 1.'Coper to the Pullie.
MaTrchi Sthl 1883.


against the Estate of the late Miss
REBECCA\ M11-1,11 are hereby ciireilstled tr
forward thnir Avollint-l to the muliersign-
ed il or before 31sr MAR n ciext. Tlihoe
indebted to th. e sziidi E .,tate 1 i:l please
make payment, by thle ailve date.
Hamilton. Feby. 19, 1883.--6 w.

Ice. lce.

Summer is Coming-keep Cool

HE SUBSCRIBEPR begs to iiantii
]iiL, p'it'Si.'li,'t. C lstoiners and tile 1' nlj-
le geon-ir l thai It.' ao k ilel llir to, I ir.
iidh MA I' RA. M I,'E, d.liv-ie in small
or large, (l1rl1ltil t .1. 44 MI I'. s s i0 roeA
be offeired I y ll' 3, ilir .'|rll.l: .
Having purchased, :.t l r.e' outl.ry, thti
business and interest of the -,'iesto
Lake Ice Counipaniy," tjists to recioh'e aI
e0i0i iniunce o ifl rh patr1ac 1 bestow, d. ell
the above Comlpany, nnd assures the Pnill-
lic tlh;t n.1 pirs, ll .ll b spared t o meel
tlieir wants, and at prices to rdefy cn -11
ORDERS left at the ICE HOUSE,
East Broadway. or nt ti,' -toie (.1 the
Undersigned, till be priu1ptly filled.
W. T. JA xA ES,
42 Front St.
Hamilton, March 6, 1883.

Oi Ice.
Plucked and Drawn.
For Sale at the ICE IHOUSI", Eri-t
B3)road way.
42 F'ront .t.
Hamilton, March 6, 1883.

H. G. 1EC 11'T,1
English and .Ao i,'l1 '.itan lald,' ,idt

G t110 C I I E S.
l&c., & '., ,l.

L[Irr. l. e's. ["'ilinc TEA S .- COF-
IilSCUITS, FEESI -.1 Siu-i ,r
Chii.,'o 'l.hcionU of
SCANNED (i',ods, link.Ir aiI 'l:rl.k'
S._'l.ikcd .'E. IN .
A LOT 0 ,'
Useful Articles,
NO TIO V?6, ,.., i', ., d'.
17_ Just Receivod per SieCaliner Ori-
Siic'," 01 lai',,'e .1111 t, xc .lleri! .-oltii. lit
at tlhe iI,,o oe ti,,ni d Articl s--Prirea

H Ninilti,, F oih 0, liS3.


IT is well worth a visit to CHILD'S
J*tfw-e '1.. storee t? o, s(e the SpOlt -rlid_1.
A.ortii-rI,i- t Gof hl. nd, Silver JewfhliX,
Solid Siller. Plat(d 1Ware in endless
Va iety. FAN,-V Goos-locks, Opera
Rard Spy ( lases, &:., "e.
At this Estaliishment tH are al .ays
phased to slhow, their God, whether
yOi-)I buy or nrot..

Cigars, Cigars!
Ciars at Whoirlesale & Rotail.
I'HE SITPERIOI). nicely dflavore,
1 Branil, of "" Lucero," "" Bornei.o-,w,"
S'Flor do TabaTros,'" etc.. arrived, and
for sale cheap for cash unly, alt
N01ar Mtel ..i '1nni 10 lliac
P.rlirnic'lhl St.

liamitlon, Nov.. 18.32

Cases AstrIa Oil

C(.' .- Astral OIL-Clie.I for
l"tmilton. 5th March. lS,.

to see Child's Stock of Fine Gold
Watch Chains. Rich Sets of Jewelry,
Beautiful Bracelets and Bangles, Bor
Pins. Lockets and Neck Chains, Sleeve
Buttons and Studs, Finger Rings with
diamond, ruby, turquoise, emerald and,
pe-irl settings, Charms and Seals with
Masonic, Foresters and Odd-Fellows

A Derangement of the

.Audicl Nervous Systenl.
Belot, will be found a brief Sttum-
nawi 0fa Lt.1': jupont the Li, er, delivered

lHE LIVER has beer.n known as the
e grai IBLOOD-M.\Ki.R and Bi.oon-
PU.IFIER Of thle Ciriu'iltion. From iis
size and spongy sirti'ture, it plays a most
inporiant pirt in thle ani, al econo1 y, as
ieilards issimilation an l nuiii rition. Food
taken in the nmolith ianid acted utin by the
digestive 'orlina or the tltonnicli is c ll-
i','te'l in u IIl1o1 nn0 i'eii on h, a1n.11 ic
these fornis niltrrs thti l P r.tal vein. Ilieru,
I-y1 h (.i t tle liver, these ,ibst ance.-i
parSS "111 0 1111t lire byV i Ia l'yO Vell, l.illld
thle Hepillic veinl, iilto their' general circ lai-
lion. e ilnew latcrial now \ rl o d serves
two" lll'p11'1.., viz. : th.I' iilliill'll;itce ot
l1e;lt i, thie lii,11 aV d alssistlig in tile cel-
IT 4irt llo t ie Z s h (I fi .
Dr. MiurcliS0,i -ams, "The composilion
,tl Iile nlo I its s-cretion is very cou plox.
It, is Oi,-t nIy .I) (,il, setr' te' L ll h tlil
live', ani, iin'.ea-ln0 .-uldlilcnlly ietlore a11-
ieci,;ile I' lll d'ecl r' ase as sol' l a iithe lp-
ptile i, sat ofi iad l teedin ceases." NOw
It' III" hi,; lil .t ili ,'lli opnr r f the bldy
teL'Ifti-'Vil \Wi i, emnachtiu .ll:11d tliseaqe e4i-
>l I ino.'t, eigl.t in'.irk ted peen'lia;'i is
that lt 1ur, n whicl we ;il know t,f
1 ''lT ito patieltCii l plia S t of ;i
feelillng of weight anid l'llllicss tof,
the epi10as.1riiin.
2. Ilstenltion of the stotiacli
an1il bowel l> y wind.
3. tleart-b.irn.
4. A tleeling of weariness, pills
in tile liimlbs and great slebpili'.-.s
it 1cr 1ieails.
A. A had taste in 11he illintlli,
e. l",:i ly in the mourning. ainl,
fii rc1d tonlglie.

S. D e.'ilit r< X si i iits n ,l

tl i(.1 a t ioii to letia e i LI \-
For t oil il l' 11-IiitlCIV.
All ,4 ,ti ili i.)vei' syli ttl nin g to lto w

1,'11 I, Illili fis l the 0 -11-17161-11 4A I liy l.NI-
nI l tshe u1111, IdY 1 on d
iiini,11f with a LIVERI STIMULANT'.
I W, L o AconiIInIOU fiaTM rof ilti.'li iI a Pill
l.iily experience .imwvs that tiis, wihei,
the Pill is co -ln.Ui, led proienrly, is tlh.
il Pillon at .e 0 liv er nil en; lli t. a iil '

aOll Pill i al Dl 1 l ve eu Pll Ils ;.

,Fr at il l1'ati as 0 ii e Kit l io., Re ten- do

tion -f Urine, iir H[li > ck's Pillu are a
p1,tf.l elre. Own.l pill will satisfy tha
Rl.\l N, \V i..iK L.-, .i 0. iR.\l. LASN IiUIcE,
\1'A.r O, Ar'rnirE winl SIn.K lE,I.\c HE,

Dr. lndin. -k's New Liver Pills will be,
found al Effectnil Remedy.
T oewy vnv ie nivc 'st il iun iheir ele lts. and
a Tlre aio ihlmost ilwa s lie gniaiantreed.
Each Vial Contains Twenty Pills
-One Plill is a Dose. Price"Twenty
Five Ceiwis. For Slale by all driuggists
If yoliur 'raggist Idoes not keep lithe, wu
will madil theii free to any raddrress on re-
CUipt ofi 25 o5 ;nt-. Five iails for $1.00.
Buy al oice. Do ino IDoIay.
N rrw YoR.
CAUTION.--To secuel'O tie geoiiileo Hay-
dock Pills. oll-i-'e ilias thi sinatmrre W .
II. TUNE i k (',. is wrilteu n l Ivery pack-
age. Pl'urchlos none without this.
Time is J.Iloney.

CHILD cau 'tpply you with a re-
liabl. Cluck .1 11 InR5. All War-

t 0 to E. BELL'S New Store for
the btest OIL STOVES, Fit-
tings and Utteuils, Tin Ware, Lomts,

5 aa, 7, ad Church St., West,

.5, .$ ~

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