The New era, or, Home journal

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The New era, or, Home journal
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Home journal
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Hamilton Bermuda
A.L. Spedon
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v. : ; 55 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Bermuda -- Hamilton


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Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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WA. weekly ewppaper, Specially .Devoted

to the General Interests of the Inhabitants of Beirmuda.

Our Colony- a Uited people with undivided interests.

No. 30.-VOL: .' HAMILTON, .BE1RMUDA, TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1882. [12s. or $3.00 Per Amn.-

S*"" PIStPBtlSHED'" "
Every TUesday,

61 papers compris-'the amnual issue;
one week being reserved' for the printers
during the Christmas Holidays.
PmRCE-12 Shillings per annumn-paid
eemi-yearly (in advance.) ,
RiSTES OF AnvflVETism-One or more
inches 'of column, in depth: 1st inser-
tion, 1,.shilling each ; 2nd ditto, 6d. ,
each additional insertioi, 3dM per inch.
Editor anwl Proprietor.

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Churci l ervie8s
"lonrs of Service-
or)ing and Evening.
11 o'clock, A. M.; and 4. p. m.-alter-.
)mntely. .
8"unday School -9.30, A. M. and 2 30, iP.M.
Chrchl Service--11, A. M. aud 4 r. M.-
1v nimg +ervies--7.3u, p.-. .
8nailday Mchool-l-9.30, A. M. and 2.30; p. .r
Sr. ANDO :
Pastor, Rev. J. A. McKEN. ,
Morning Srvice-11. A. M.
Evening' ditto' 7, p. M.
nndary .elool-3r. P. M
Prayer Meeting-Thursdny, 7.30, P. m.
WusLir CuiiaHu, ('hurch Streeft.' ,
Pastor, Rev. A. W. NICHOLSON.
Sunday Service-11, A. M and 7, P. -.
sabbath scha ol- 3 _. p ...... .,......
Prayer Meeting--'.luesday., at 7.30, p. M.
P'n'tort, 'Rev. J. H. BuOKHteB.'
Mornig .ervice 11, AM. .,
Evening ditto' .7, P. x.
SaUbath School,-2.,30, .:
Prayer Meeting-Thursday, 7. r. m.
Rev. Dr. WALsH, '
Morning Service at 8.80;'A,. and 10, A.M.,
alternately';'. '
Vesper. atid Devotibns.--7 o'clock, p. m.
NoTB.-- Sefto provided" SPECIALLY for
Strangers ifi all '' f '"hte ibove-ien-
tioned :Churches. ,, ..

Rates, of Postage,
*:. 'LETTERS': '
To the Unfted Kingdom. ,'. 44. per' oz'
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S British ndihft;,,, -.. ^ ,," .'
Counties of the Postal
Uion on the.Contiieut
many, '&c. ::..... . "
South Africa....:...: 94. "" "
SAnutralidaudNewZeala.d.O0." "

Id. for .ach--not exceding 4 ounces. ,
Nefapaer a'and. Perodioals printed aid
publishe in Bierida may be 4ent by Post
to any part ofthe a8lgans free of charge.'
Oirolars, and,. Prices, Current, BookS,
Pamphlets, ,Prints Drawigs, Ao. to any.
part ef Berrnudti--
4,DI Id. per 4d. ea. packet,.
Limit of whigti* Ibs. .
Book Packetn of the above descriptions,
to^Foreign Coantriut :1i. -per 2 oz. eachI
Paoke*. No ;fuclh packet may exceed 21
inchesun length, 'or 12 iclis' ina width or
depthpx216s. in weight.
InlanI ostCtrdd- are issued at id. each,'

and may be sent to any part of the Island&
Foreign Postt Crhrds Are iuef at' Xd.
enia for 4Aa kiaitbw,~s) 4kbo United King-
tdom, United States, n4 other Pqstal Co9n-

. f o
titters my be.l 6? nte'

4 4 me references to his'-ast lan3lady and :gested John, as we sat in our cosy par- d
: '* to the firm where he was employed, ,lor, I at' work, and he :doing some writ- c
while, to clinch the',matter, he put ing-.
A YOUNG LADY'S SOLILOQUY. down the first two weeks rent in ad- "Mr. Fortescue would not let her
S, vance, as he wished to come in that come," I said.
Uselessly, aimlessly, drifting thro' life, ." Ask Airlie alone then and make an
WhAwas born for ? For a6fel)ody's wife, mght. excuse to get her down afterward. At
I'm told by my mother. Well, that being felt I ought not to have let him, rate, it will be a reliefto him, seat-
true," but I was yet nervous on the part of any rate, it will be a relief to him, seat-
Strue, but I was yet nervous on the part of j ed tpnu p little oom ev-ry
Sobody keep himself sr ely from landlady, and hadn't the courage to ed moping up in that' little room every
view, 'efus".revening, with not a friend with whom to :
AndY it aight but marriage will dttle my refuse. And whenin about an hour, exchange a word."
fi;.. he returned, carrying his own port- That pight do.', Ipondered, press-
I, believe I shall die in an unsettled state; manteau, and I, having lighted him to ing the tip of my needle thoughtfully to
For though i'm not ugly -pray what woman his room, came back to my own, I my lips; then gave such a start that I i
SYou mighteasily find morebeautiful phi ; could not help speculating a little picked myself, as I exclaimed: "Good 1
And then, as for temper and manners,'t tremulously upon what John, who gracious John, what is that ?"
plain, had been detained in the city, would How can I tell, Meg ?" he answered, (
SHe who seeks for perfection will seek 'here think. rising quickly, "It is Mr. Fortescue's t
in vain. John thought I had done a very voice."
; Nay, in spite of these drawbackS, my head foolish thing, and so terrified me out "He is quarreling, "I exclaim
And I sould ot perverse l grateful, for better of my wits by saying our second floor alarm, as I hurried after John t
n orw ose, lodger was a burglar and would break door.
To tae t first booby who graciously open all the cupboards and drawers The words which had mad
Same with the skeleton keys and "Jemmy" start were: s n
To. offer those treasures, his home and his [yes that was what John called it], "You unmitigated scoundrel
a.e. o 1[y ], "Y ou un mihig atedit
na m y for marriage are which he had concealed in his port- Ophasten outhe doobut, ab ohn tly d k,
manteau that I couldn't get a wink of hasten tout ; but, ab u tly dr a
a rall,, nteau, thatIcouldnt get a wink o motioned me to silence, Th mute as
But why should I think of such chances at. sleep that night. mice, we listened. Rmemb we were
Small ? h I found everything secure however, lodging-house keepers.
brothers are,ll of theyonge he next morning, and our second-floor The speakers stf. od on the landing
Set they thrivein the w'-rk. aud w'y o t lodger quietly waiting for his break- above, and were Mr. lortescue and Mr.' '.Above, and were -r. rescue and Mz.
I know that in business I'm not an adept, fast. He took it at half-past seven Airlie.
Because from. such matters most strictly I'm leaving home at eight, and seldom re- "You uninitiated ,coundrel!Yowmean
kept, turning till near the same hour in the pitiful hound!" bui st from the old man's
Bt-thiis the question'that trouble my evening, when he rarely went out passionate lips. "You have tracked me,
Whya I not trained upto work of some again, doing this so regularly that have you. You are playing spy upon
Skin? John began to leave off jesting and me.
T selessly, aimlessly, drifting tbro' life, terrifying me about my burglar," and "As Heavenis my witness," replied"
Why should I wait to' be 'somebody's once, happening to meet him on the the clear, firm tones of Mr. Airlie, I'
wife'?'*" ______ door-step, he asked Mr. Airlie to neverdreamedyouwereunder this roof;
Our Second Floor Lodger. "" have a oigar and a glass of ale. or, as I stad here, I would never have
r Second lo00r Lodger. Our lodger accepted the invitation, placed foot e to be,, eve that
and sat and talked for over an hour, "You t see i that I could gain
When John and I first began house- during which I saw John was trying noting such prose ximity to ou."
keeping, we were doubtful whether to to learn something about him; but "^Nothig g!-nothing! You.sneaking
live in apartments, or to take a house ineffectually. hound Do you think I am blind ?" cried
and let them. We finally ecided.ujp- .- ..M..:dIu,.. I said smiling, when the old man ; and we heard the stick
ona the l,"p- r ~P =t' .' aton" I --, with which he walked, strike sharply on,
l iiosekeepers were such- pi- iow zeait Laof- .hep floor. "Not aiu Kathleen, I sup-"
ferers that one never knew when one's do." .-- .- poser?' T.Aw Io tuown-wouo1t--'t1
expenses ended, like a lawyer's bill, "Near about the same," he answered. persuade her to wedyou oa the sly, and
there wei so many items.' He's as close as two shells of a walnut. thus rob me of my money ? How do I
We began to fancy we had chosen and I know this-l' know, you are both capable of the trick."'
ill, however, when the little embossed "That he is exceedingly good-look- "Beware, sir!" ejacu w'ed our lod-
card hung for three weeks in the little ing," I broke in. ger, his voice 11 of a quiver. Call
sitting-room window without getting "Good-looking, Bah I That is all you me what you please-all terms are
one application, save from an old lady women think of." alike to me, coming from such a father's
in the neighborhood, who, I am cer- "Exactly, or perhaps I shouldn't have lips-but, by Heaven! you shall not
tain, came only out of curiosity. married you, John." malign that pure noble girl, who has
But, at the end of that period, an 'hat made him laugh, and getting sacrificed herself to you. When you.,
.elderly gentlemann, in delicate health, up,e gave me a kiss or my comp- drove me, your son, from your doors,
'called to look at them with his neice, "No," he went on, resuming his seat I offered to share my home with her,
and decided to rent three rooms at What mean to say was that he has knowing the miserable life to which I
once. '. something upon his mind. Though he left her, but she sacrificed love to gra-
I was very glad for they appeared can't be more than twenty-seven at the titude; and, because you had brought
to be quiet people, and meeting John most, he hasn't a bit of spirit, and talks her up, poor orphan! from her cradle,
with a hearty kiss that evening,, told with all the air of a pre-occupied-man, bowed her gentle head to your cruel
him we were in luck at last. who is ever brooding over some trouble, will, and remained under your tyrran-
"I am pleased to hear it, pay girl," Perhaps, said John, extending his slip- ical rule. You have used hard words
answered John. Only take my ad- pered feet to the fire, he has robbed, to me, sir, and hard. words to her
vice ; don't be on -too friendly terms or is about to rob, his employers." whose memory is dearer to me than
with, them than need be. I.eep to "John," I cried ; "you horrid mon- life; but I have managed to keep my
our place. 'All persois' have their ster! How can you say such dreadful hands of you. But take aear! there
little fads.and, peculiarities, and when 'things! It's only out of spite, because are bounds to every man's 'frbear-
these become antagonistic one house my burglar has turned out the very ance. Do not speak ill of Kathleen."
:cannot hold both parties. The warm- attern of lodgers. "Dare you threaten me?" shrieked
est friendship wwith lodgers generally : I stopped, checked by a gentle tap at the old m an. True son of a ,shame-
turns to .the bittierest dilik. Mrs." the door. It was Wiss Kathleen Mill-
turns to the bitterestdilike. Mrsbrooke. Her uncle was asleep, and she less mother."
Jones, 'presuming upon Mrs. Brown s had made an excuse to come down for a "Oh! Heaven have care!" and-
good, nature, borrows her electro tea- I ohat, I know, poor child; so, as she was the sound of Mr. Airlhe's voice showed
pot. She makes, a dent in the lid and a favorite of John's, I asked her in. the stupendous self-controt he was ex-
.thius strikes the first nail into the coffin When she again went up stairs, aft erting. You drove my mother from
.of their friendship." a pause John said : your roof, as you drove me."
L stopped John a mouth with a muf- "I say, Meg, suppose Mr. Airlie and Your mother left it of her own ac-
'fin-a failing of his, but promised to the young girl should fall in love ? cord, she ran away, the- "
jlo as he recommended. "Nonsense" John, Mr. Fortesque The word he uttered shall not be
That, however, was not so easy. would never hear of it." written, It was followed by a 'loud
Mr. Fortescue'sneice-Miss Kathleen "Why not 2" fierce cry, and a sound which told Mr.
Milbrooke, was such a quiet, sweet, "Because I am certain, from what I Airlie had flown at the speaker. There
amiable girl, and seemed so alone, have caught here and there, that he is| was the noise of a struggle, the gasp-.
'that I was irrestibly iawn to her; much richer than he lets be seen ing cries of the old man blended with
and when We met, always had a little So it i scarcely likely he would his neice's screams for assistance.
conversation, which, I felt sure, gave permit his niece, who is his heiress, to "Help----help !" she shrieked. "Oh!
he\coznsiderable pleasure. array a man who has probably robbed Richard-Richard, let go. Reflect!
'thdeed heN life was terribly mono- Yoa have me there, Meg, gso we had he is your father; he is old-he is ill;
tOnoFs. No one visited them, and better, have supper'," you will kill him !
Mr Fortescse, a confirmed invalid and What subject is more prolific of ideas We had rushed up stairs, but be-
:a hard.austere man, was irritable from i to a woman than marriage ? John put a fore we reached the landing, those
dispoasition as well as-delicate health, new idea into my head, which though as pleading words of his cousin had
a.d, I fear, led his poor neice so small as a pin's head at first soon grew calmed the just ire of the man, and
wearying ;an existence that I imagine, .to large dimensions. Whenever I saw his passion was again subdued.
When .she cpuld get away for a chat Mr. A irlie, I thought of Miss Millbroke ; We found Mr. Fortescue leaning
with me she found iti.a wonderful .re- and 'whenever I saw her, I thought of against the drawing-room door, pant-
lief. ". : ':'. him, until, in m- mind at least, they ing for breath, and half-suppoid by
" Well they had een with us nearly were united. And I began to hope that Kathleen Milbrooke, -whose tearful
a'fortn ght, when, late one evening, a wat John had "supposed', might be eyes were turned with compassion
gentleman- oalied to see the room we possible, for the more I saw of the two, upon Mr. Airlie, who stood apart, his
tad to let on the. second floor, back, thiemore I liked them. They appeared arms, fol.died, hia head drooped upon
and which he had 'heard of at theosta- both in.need of happiness, I refleted. his tbhest. -

tioner tiHe:.was ry -lookin une mgn rg i ne oner Would you kill ie ?" gasped the
t"llltka pale face and heavy dar u how could it ever i beht broughtsible old ma" as we arrived.... -
ard and moalch. a h a a is,. assuredly "^.aNo," was the answer. I w.oul
It s very foohishkInow, but I have not ; and, owing to hii'early bparture have you live that Heaven may soften
alwayBbeeuais"stfuJof-ark beards .ad late return, Mr. Airlie and Miss your, heart by a slower ap1ro~che of..
and moustauhes. Dear John's face is j i lbrooke never, met, even hpomn the death, so that you may,,o your knees
as smooth as an eg; Bu thie stranger stairs. beg my dead mother's forgiveness for"
sp oki opentlyy a fairly enough, gave Ask them both dow to teA," sug- the ill you have done her in word-aa&

deed. She may pardon you -a yetI
cahnot." :
At this Mr. Fortescue's fury nce .
more broke forth; but his neice mak-
ng John an imploring sign, they miau-
Lged to bear him back into the rofMi,,
wearing vengence' against his som,.
tud vowing he would disinherit big'
neice if she ever exchanged a word
vith him again.
She did, however, for when the old
man lay exhiiiisted and insejisible
from his fury, she left us in charge,,
and slipped' out with her cousin.
When she returned tears'were in her-
eyes, and I caught these words through
the closing door.
My own darling you are too good
Jrme to blame. though I am the s,-
Know I will ever love. and
oh over, you until my death.'"
ri exp citedd after this that Mr. Airlie.
would leave, and; he did that night,
But told me, his father was very rich
but almost a madman from a selfish,
jealous temper; that he had so cruel-
ly treated his wife that she had been
compelled to leave him, when he had,
cast the most shameful accusations
upon her, even after her death, which
accusations, repeated to his so*i, had
driven him away also.
His father, Mr. Airlie added, pos-
sessed a large estate in .Devonshire,
and why he lived in apartments he did
pot know; unless it was an idea: of
hiding 1~iss Milbrooke's whereabouts,
from him, her cousin, as he was aware
of the strong affection existing be-
tween them.
We were sorry to loose Mr. Airlie,
and I could not help promising him.
that he should be well informed of all
that took place respecting Kathleen..
This however, I was not able long to,
do, for thenext morning Mr* Fortes-
cue gave me notice of hii intention to
leave directby after he cotud rii from
The ied upon whbTi lituna tural pas-
sion had thrown him. -
But that night the climax came.
It was about two in the morningf
when I was awakened by a terrible
smell of fire.
Arousing John, we' went, into the
passage, to find it full of smoke..
Merciful Heavens L" I cried, "the
house is on fire "
It was so.
We thought of our lodgers, and
strove to ascend' to them,; b-tW were
driven back by volumes of dark smoke
rushing down through which.the red
.glare of flame was visible.
The fire was in Mr. :FPrtescue's
rooms. .
"Oh, poor Miss Ialhleen!" I
shrieked, ".Help help !"
I threw the street door ~epen, and
filled the -place with- my 'i: ries for,
I was soon joined in- the appeal by
Mr. Fortescue and his. neice .from the
upper win-dw. They had evidently
triedthe stairs,-.and found it impossible
to decend. :- .. .
John had j ist rubn:off to: thengine-sta-
tion, when, from the o];posite direction
I perceived a man coming toward me.
I recognized him at once, ,
"" Oh Mr. Airlie, 'thank heaven it;
is you !" I ejaculated.
What is the matter?"', hA asked.
, I began to tell him but f~e form of
Kathleen Millgbrooke at the window
related it quicke- than .words.
In a second her cousin had darted
into the burning house.-
/I followed; but already ; he had van-
ished up the stairs.
One, two minutes, and bickened,.
burnt,, he was back with: Kathleen
Oh, dear Richard !" she cried..
My Uncle!"
"Do not fear; I will 'save him if
possible, darting." he ppawered, agimn
disappearing amid the'smoke.
Three, four, fivd'mfinutes it seem-
ed now before he descended, with the
old man wrapped in the coverlid, and
clinging wildly around hisuson's neck..
. We bore. him into the. open air, for
he seemed half suffieated and paralyz-
ed ::with terror. Mr. Airlie rested
him ilihrpanverrent supporting him,
on .: his 'kfi-u ( but Mr. Fortesque
would nio unulasu hlis arims from him.; ',

TJje cro kd'aAm% ad~em~
.keep 1c~'Tsfi-riertl~
up, but"17c64Qd not leave that, gro~ip.
vdvlbpiy'T.. Fqrbevcux). c.oke4
a-fidpbis :e'frosted upon the I lack&,-'.
od. iftWatues of. Mr. Aii4ia.--


, it-*



.rf ^ '" 'Y '\ ,H E .

Con # ',,',- "' <' be.' jone ?, not indivclly, butk in. of allowing 3. Webster to remain I gI r The Steamer Oriocoarrived '
,' He started violently, then exclaim- unity and uiilr "--L:>ugsi l, r.--imey y under the fascinating influence of .i t this p1rt lust Sunday mornig, rl .
ou,, the prucipi, o thit old adage, temptation without conditionuary safe- and will leave at 3 o'clock 'I hu- --
"Richard! W'i. o-, t wh' tliat-u,-.i urino is strength; A few guard-or guarantee. Jf not only the day afternoon. Freight.. ill be. 1rmit, for tlheeaction of T new build. .'
aved m ?" : ..r-ve lldy v.r.ntus ofthe fl hd. t'.ok appointment but .the incihKuta con- received up till 6 o'clock previous n Brooklyi were granted dur.,g he ,
I woos ,4so n.W ,t,,' iw 1 the que-1ion by tlhe fofe- ol ; And a, editions belong wholly to te imperial evening, (Wednesday,) Revised returns of the lte censs i
quietly, 'You are ino danger now, l-.iglh tr .ir," *,'the Co-operatio uof fellow- :'riri .sponsible-for the acts u th.- oth cials, our Srmerset rnreoopr.vent. o0o souls, or an increase f 4tietio siice
SThere wa'lau,a e" The old .lca -'cerded (' efstlb]]ijing "r a' and the 0,pulhie losses incurred there- 1876. Nearly all of this increase came f .r.. '
removed his ,g-ae. ;.:. 8*' I: In,~tl, coG'se of a ,,lheor time, 'by. If there is a law to ,he effect that -- -towns having a po)ulution of ~,oaanl up-
", ichard-" lie saiili ,la l voiceic, -fhnr 'chi.i-n ottieo part. of the coun- colonial secretaries and other otlicials PLANTERS' CLUBS,-The Planter's ward.
Can yo fori ivW'" 1 try-ere forined. Tlhe no\rueiit b,.- entrusted with fiwnicial matters, shall clubs still live and move although li J.To,. NEWFONDLAND, April, 12.- .
"Yes fthe*',but atheir lsj .it" "of 'gll. althu meeting wi.h many diti- furnish requih. urety before taking styved by some of the BUSINESS MEN n ',.tla. sivedl hr fro o ,. t. B E ;-I E :i
her," and he pinlted ti'iw:ird. tiles at first, eventually increased i office, the niuthorities aneto blaumV in "letliodist Ciubs ---iand -late slill ory tliis afaerinou,with ,000, 4,000, 8,2 '
I do-I hve, W i I yo l'ici a 'tiity and nnber, and to-day through the Webster case in not putting it in Pauper's Clubs," They do seem to and 8.000 seals, respectively.
ful room. ", M'lar ',l ".r0o,"- he hin-r- iat the Canada iand the .UnitedStates force.. But if there is no law to lt. have sowe method in their operations ; I Nw .LoON. Conn., April- ''ThonasLat-
mnred, lifting, his. ex.v Atte'rwa"rd there exists thousands of these agricul- effect, then a law of that sort should and it is possible that some of them ham, a school teacher of (ile's ferry, wa .
he added axiO"-V. I' '' ill-1 --Zy '-tural ganizat'iois now known as Unes.sarillJy b enactedi before another may assist in erecting the PoR ouSE .shot in the side by his half-brother, John,
will' it is there-burn, -Thank -Heoa-+ -(}ug',, thie rower of which; is n,( b.pointe:l clc is placed in power on Whites Island.- -A deputation .on Tuesday evin pwg.r oTe affair oWgit
ven for that.' being felt aInog cojluerci;tl circles,, and entrusted with the handling of from the Southampton club visited flin, fi ronhies. id the Assai.nt clais
Re made an t "ot., u. tward s one of the ruling p.nes o tl the cities of the public treasury. (by request) ,OnThursday eveniugast, T.h question eof the isanty of Cr,
the burning house, anh n the eflort country in which they exist. In our at which time a planters club was j Guitean is likely to b Th. ,,iet ... an
fell back on J,i hon's: shoulder; dead, next issue we pur).rpoe retferrimg agian Tor Ttal formed of fifteen membeis--and I argument in the courts of tis ate, in the .
',.' to tln-with- respect to their Use. have hear ,that on the4 following consideration of a petition filed Iy Mrs.
+ and Abuses. evening a similar thing was done in Schovill., asking to be appaiunted conservit. ..
I have no more to say, .Thn will : In the early part of last week Paget. o o his etatete and person. .
being burn t, f course fliclird o.- r the blight made its appear niet in TOLONO.- -A depatch froJa' Vititori..
tescue alias -il, _ube..-lb to l It Th. Abscondng Secreta ry different. parts of tlih- Islands, and PUBLIC WHARF.-The farmers in. Bitih Columbia, unnueii. that two .' .
father's propl,,# t,. o rt. .-riod. ,, -nt coisiderablu injury bIs.,ht-en done to ile upper end of Southampton, have stempers, wVit three thomsai Chineemil.
his cousin, a tieisronr_ (;I u ut been put toWa deal of iu1conveineniee.of, ed from Hong Kong, forVictoria.
'They ... ride in -.De-vou"- ir., _. f. Hi -- cie ol .l. Iei,- I late,'owiug to the: shallowness of then BOaroN.- sp'eial to the rJ'reeI from :- .
and hen a i th the Colona tcetarv Hiw pro- N, Te Ienythier--coniuues favor- waiter at the public wharf, Evan's Paris :-A .4 letter was received .to-day,
we do -fre t '. .'.' .. ..,. al mitl.e t Ishla ..l able tfor the season. Acfew .heavy iay. Boats ofanysize can onlylod aatey Jan..l. fro ltcr M talee, whAo ht.
we.o Treuen.'- r,.syh, he.tilence conected t.rewitl -av,-', shliwer.s fell lastFridi~ morning,, at high watei or by using a stage--" is engaged in the explornti',AofAfr'c'. Mr.. .
ofahearty i.l.we fr, < apulo ct i, nt- i this enqui',y. Sine his which have r.Cviv. J vegetation co- e g g g '-tadley saty the expedition is pr~, -ring, "
: ^ -1M 1 ^^i,-+ g '. < C' c a..on ...... .. l. d,. d... bly, ',,," eo s i o r i8 ? I ...
UUn SECON -q t.fO'DGII,, ~ ,. s ... ...eqlya r on a l ive t-"le s iderab" it ble sLE s bor sev- eny sago t4 lie hopes to eeon.plish the object of t .
.... ... -- -- aeee, -"e-) it -.tlLws TALKEDabout eleiaing 4t- this y'tr. lie ".r tl tile Cu i.
t- The Muticipal ororatioof some ten feet or more-but nothing Three years ago a ele entered the foot " ,.ithel:h ct- A i Th.a. .re.. .e... -- fxtirn her- foer e e,
.. ,. Igb,-ttl or 'tl t ibn ia.ni_ fr" -. i the town of Hamilton-intend to erect more was ever done. t9f a unig e omann in Schenectadyi., Tad wt 6

Sof tOf o It;jl'l a. .y!ti ,o.l fr,-ighit &c. Mfat rial for the building In last week's issue we referred to i'wh sued the Loaiiill anl Nashville Rail .
problem,, T.aclitiuO to absence s bouht from NeW.ork by the th death of Mrs William 1 road, fcr 10,00. d ngs, t , thls : ,
,, l. lCJle certati fact have been sub- ., l1r,,l. .death of their son, Wm..R. MoNeii,n brake-
rHAM'ID8.'.+ W. ,ntlyv d~,vetlpod, which hiae 'hug- steamer am oruug (color d), which under somewhat manon a frigh train, ,.whose skull Wa.
.-.07- .niptkd aid s-trngtiihened he su~pIc- 46-. The ipriing session of the Civil suspicious circumstances occur6d at crushed while crssifg the ('hit. Mnteur
SO i .. ._ "si the o'-ern-int Cburtof Asizes. was begun yesterday. the North Shore Pembroke, and at a -bridgt wre aaed $2tao b. a jury in
Edit'l ^ Our ti
gu o th u, e a ha the oltl ix barrels of radishes grown what we could glean in reference to NOw XQaK .- ig lat w.eek 't re
SIGN,, OF THE IMES. .Secyeta l guilty of thi-, (rllilL by Mr. Pilhlin, ornamental gar.dner, the case, we have learned, that Willi- werereported atthe Bureau of V~ tati .
It is evidEfpo. tie ifeA- t i, o r.anbezzle %6,, literally represented were sluiped. by the FlamLorongli am is an h o tios 762 deaths, 518 births, and 164 mr-.
tatio amog tAgi ralse byire to- oz' .sui' lf som- }st Frimlak,.to the New York marketed his wife, both youn, w ages. The coutgi diseases rporte
that a revolution in.the agri-commer,- ". --,,,- pounds." A. .-- Thly were apparently a splendid lot g e 1 ) e (I ,
b n usness.. ........ o t barc d is said to be. the first of that sort. From evidence received -it would ap- fver. 2; Sea l-t fever, 184; cerebro-spinal-
cialbusiness of tl country about !at amount, t rl.te..l' O rtslaite, -hd is.said to bde ~e pfiersrt o that slort e h I I they have bee1n liv- nienugiti. 4 measles,-176; dtijhea, i. .- ,
to take place.".Tihe -serio' ffnianial ...appears to have vanishl frodm the, of vegetable produce reported ri a ing somewhat unhar.iol and s all-pox, 12.
losses ustaeaster waters ub TdBer or sale. Tus anwwife-that he hd treated N YOR uri the pa -k 1.016
in general, aye..necesarifl.- rougulised ifi gulanties, aUnd losses t indiviH important featuraiii agic itural comn- her somewhat hars.hlyv occ..ionall "I 'lUigrntb. passed nlrolg Cstle O(irden.
them to keener consciousness of their' 'i, are said fto have been 'ecently mer ial development. th .- -lht ianf meease of 5,771 over ho
condition accom anied-bva revival made puhlic--evidently iniatig a... w physica violence. About three correspuudig week of ltastyar,when 9,t5 .
g t ... ,h if ple- t I f Iezzl- S 'The steamer azmborough, weeks ago she became ill, and mndi- la hued. Yesterday 'thl. steam ,hip
of energy to. tetria p' tl.'selves, e. ` ;,"" .con..ei-. ..t .- ,C apt. -Whitehurst, niam .nhr latest trip cal aid was procured :-which e'vet- M% n. frn,u Brem,.n, i.r,;ie G2, tle \\V.n- '.. .
possible, from the period mer~g~, n .i'h the rmuint' i N York to, Bermuda, in 66 ally proved available she gradu-. hIan-, frm Amntwerp, l.i I the Jan Brey.
or the discoveryand adoption of the aete wa,. .at l, ..go --lThe quickest it isu anid on re- ally grew. worse, and after a few days' -1 from ae port, as, makig-.a t3L. ...i
best means toeettea this purpose-sev long, ar nt backi i now to h- e toget illness, died-her death occuringr t v o 2 242, '
ral public yt, .. _-sjnc. l.t fall n ticallya, urt a crmia a.t 'o th c d. The Orinoo will a.liave to gt illness, dieA,-lier Ic ath,occuring ot .- ,, 1. .
ralW pubno mei. st No doubt, -the on more steam, in order to retain her Friday morning Aprii 1 th. On the S, Gzette de' r mu 1882.-
have been hi'eth'thin Hailtnta bad+ -prt+of Mr. h.tis I..No doubt,, -e .. ,-u.... ,,. the. f.a-:st ailer. following f"-no '. th i- was Gazette de Liberee a ,i:;ineelnat .. .
the Iiffereuf-ar she.<. A' tu nher e4f .-pect of ,tl affair is snuffient to outaton as th. owg aeroo a e y e whalers have seen a. buit at
suggostious, resolutions and s~h~i' "Vrouse ..just.iAble- suspicions; --b~ ii -.S We have noticed that a um-. being conveyed to the cemetarv,it was Herald Island with se eral dead budi ,as ,H
have been laid 1tefte ':the"& ,idbH u0 there no hope left., -that he rnav~et '-her of new trees are being trausplant- by the authority of the Coroner and loose objecbf with the name of .
so far nothlia~gkiteAi-'*&r :satisfitory return and render an ekxplanatrry 1-- ied: i(e.the pu lic Park of Haniltou, with whom suspicious inform- Jeauuette" poi them .
has been accomplished. 'Tife kte, :. lution ? Some 6nehits kindly suggest- as an addition to other inpro'omeOts., ation had been lodged, seized and LoND. April 2,-The ., Daily News .
and apparenflh'ias. liklv. to be the ed i-he ide dtiat'Mr. Wbst.r's pro- I.('<,lds and coughs, influenza, taken back to the house A coroner s, s a rumor.finds favor in Dublin that
mnost e ffecft. ~ a -'d -, A e. _.:. ,, ra. e o.. U. rek. fever. .es nre d. a l t Earl ,, pwso.. ...t.-.. .,.-
Planters' cl or _ii."'- .TyP I .. bc d-i-e 1i -s",it.. tl at he -F-t-'urcnli.t at present There a h t ao 4 .nei bu. and L i -
S i^i" " si*e- can i:- t. e c .L-Count t i:,e lo ernosymp toms-falignaintfevers, Jsary, and *Le jury after having heard be taken a a proWu that in the uiiiiio
S-at -- , ~rv-le recently estab- his little irregularities and actions. epidemic diseases, or imported mala- me l and otherevreurrd of well-iformed prsonsin Irela
listed in s ome" pAts o a-~l-late th plea of inanity has bv.coie dies. With th e icption of thc.e a verdict of mnslaughter against some further cIhaft po1iy must be.
the United-a tk-.inlo, s-a- stafthl vhub.tiirute, and a pQtet little helth-irrgulities the sanitary Wm. Iris for having through ill-trat- .made if order is to be restalishe.,
GGRANGES o. aga leader .in .the Wiiess bo, atth. condition of Bernui'a is :excellent.'. me t caused the. death of oh w John Lennon, a tailor, buttered hi e : .
this matter Southampton took the 'i of justice "'. fl. .ill and rhe wether is agrec;iblo, and fiavor- H was then arrested and, placed in- wfe in a horrible imatimer, stabbing her. '*
lead ;Warwielto d ,af le- aspect of which, e.xhit,-d,.asa-..a to rein i ids. t l- ail. On the Monday following, April nineteen times. .. ",-
movement i8'- mouthing -1i7oute^ 'th *te (k it ^ A l 7h e case was broughtbeforet Jeh O'Conor, who'kiled his wife
gently growing o r, ty and Case. But uhntel W ter Chief Majistrate, Morris Frith. Esq., i d was found guilty f urd in t
number, and.tyd t o 'ieeks .every froT or return, and renders a sat-- -ress, 0the so et t oude d for further investigation. wo r second degree, was sentenced to State : -
parish will most likely e cty plaai, and solution, the chrstian associations was ivere three suspeonad witnesses Were ex- Prison, for life.
the union," *. *', public 6ng r1 of 'idig.iation.will.point la-st Wednesay e'eiug, in the Pres amined and their evidence taken.-_ :.
In uniotfYihe s~ ll." thi ''to h' s as preoed"it.ated crimes for b terian church lalton, by Mr The proceedings of the case were then LIST OF PASSENGERS
is the specific aunvqMnok ilo-. whilh the diseputable perpetrator is I S. McLean, P ito e ban adjourned till 10 'clock .Monday .
Sed ed a. t dservirig of punishment pr portion, .of Nova Scota. Quite a number of forenoon, April 24th, when theevi- iNI -D .
lodge :,e 'ate t- rto. But -w,_ile' t. W public 'people were present; but had public dence of other witnesses was heard; I .the Stea ip "Orinoco from New.:'
tru .metl ,bui . p i- oe is' forth i.enures, notice been properly ivu, the aUdi- and today (Tuesday, the v.estiga- A ~'n, r .,
tion it requir,prt4p and calm, and the finger of scorn is pointed to ,ence wjul have ben m uc larger. tion is being continued.- -- taghis, H. Despard, OG,. Alln,, .
m.... ed ..d. -. the wreck of;.h ti,,uided rhr0ation 'o' severall 5 ar M' h.L. has ic .' Io oli ,an, J. C. Wiatliagou, J. H. Horty, '-: ,
re-tl,,and .. ee.d i ....rg. there is no uoeason wh.y t.h authcirjes apparently .ake-u a spml mt,, m i in., W. A. Sinmi. C. ,,,nse. ,.. N. Bartlett. ..
reccly and suc..essf.....y, .Bv. 'O-, -th r ---. "'"' christiana- "ss .tiu ius, andt fro -- Mrs J. A lD npont 'a" d infant, D. Bonse, .
nization of i idMa ki5lp6\ ho plee4 him in.p ot suld 1- 1' "S n-able" to. Mr. Dupont's 4 children, Mrs. W.A Si. ..s. .
and mutual pr tioti,- agi~tieiher' :exoijbratd from certain error, con- his amp e experience a en e s u e start, MisBta e ch.
some known W. hAtheade 'dhge~i-nectio.i therewithi; but held'-respon- treat the subject very ably, and nmak e --, n ker, Miss Heokii. Stewart. M1as Ne-lie -. ..
chiely.rsiSi4t : sible for-?sRp i-id 4- a\w v witlh whl( -his eloquent lecture interestingly in- Soiaoomaaker, Miss Srad White, Mrs. J. C.
and impostorsun pol sa,"d Q. .eyare '.'b a .c, -__b ..." Perot, Miles White, Jos Bond, Bcvd. -.
oers t heorigif tora < ii ffs'-, we understandd was ail' piftd -i R- members the annual missi-- Logan, Master J. .i. Bois, Edward Halton,
mav be traced o .thf 9, ,es 6f and sent ou^. tid46 rial .-.. rn- n- onary meeting to bI. held in th Pres- c .. Col. HM. Bois atid wife. Mrs. Richmond, 'i
capital upon 1a ntn .of ment of Entnh, n to h ef the ..i-inn." lbterian'. church 'of "W\arwick this LATEST .AJW S. R.. T(t, Caipt. E. Mondaire J. B. Oltn., .
The industf ,,,i offering un, ent ,and .-y t ,onsibl., oi ohm. of evening (Taesday.)- An excelleut pro- -2nd ''. .in, Mr'Le loty, M. Dempis, 1J .
der the arbitrary of their em- l'orinal Secretar ~' ,wi.s, pLtWcd' gralule comprising addresses f-om On the night of the 17th instaut, .te F. Henry. and i .Serage. ,
ployers fore say iniv et. in that posi ion,1 ih h lite.was. en- eloquent speakers, choice mtsice from display of Northern Lights in the north, .BAL~ .
forts t o rdrse t.'_ iw' a losi -atuio ,m aclR lli ..~l "ol' And othe" r, has been pro- western State xcell'd anvthia'g l .ther- Inthe a ^ L ner 6orog, on i
blee anadfte refor, arge suntqle-.i. .ith7 pared Mr. McL-r.u Nova. Scotia, .to een formany ye"s. S strong ". 'weas t for.Ne YorL W--e J l i ., .
.lcton o. s ,-n + out either bou, s Or bonsmen as is expected to deliver a very eloquent .the electric element in the atmosphere t t B. ; Llewi,. ...-vc C.,.. .:.. ...
&,, +, A t- ',l m O t et e oaI r b a s ex e t d o d h er ." l q. . ra okett. F. +E L e al wvtl -a:-,-Seo~ a Gabe ... -- -:,'.

in tTer The ecurities, ftr,, lte bachk and elabnatu tdlts. Tht pocan te de.egraph .. s M .8mith.-)ek, tlams. 8heehan ..
cause and th pi any los^s ,ur+ tlougt ing till ,io.doubt be aoterteting. olot orribl affected, ma faitig,' n people '
evolved in the "We stu ne.. ri.e "y-I ,~ g. eig ngt 'l'- int iro otfeWise becoming prostratedO c" aittt Litc1U. ..
, ';'+t iv+nr'a-tLd'"U b securities- flom th .r rtny i .oewit, g ee d oo, n
tcexate te l ri 6h jaiti te a-n end
g eriasp of em an o th cl .ject r i amr -lubi-i-rival of te governor a crittendeny la p.t hJohp orosten, fch. ..' Wals"g -
wgrasp of an t si~o.a 'to ,d adO 1 garage sot', -ti ihat lrishi Mr. were served with warrants for complici- toneron, Mauoel cboal, George W Day -
were the "stg "' so o eal iin,"iin to act in so reslnuhrey Holdon \ .-C. P. .was ap- ty in the murder of Wood Hite, in Ray noii. George Edwseds. A J Foggo, J seyhi,
Greece, andthe IommN c ~o r t% ,to, ct t ,, funs 1iruted to iLresitd; and Mr. J. H. county Mo. .... -4ii, James. Grant. T Harvey, Al
andtody h Ni wh er-U- his ai'r ,".h' .- rir<,.~d ao~t as secretatVy. *The chair- About one third of the buaiiess Mic lti dEE A LI tbrn,Elr Jeh'Li-ht-
the Fel nnof Ir whyae iy .i t W dobt, any man op.ncd the meeting \thl a few portion of Crisfield, ., w d- or .unroe, Vieir Nue, ahip '
ing to redress -..-neg "r ,' ,,-ei r' suitable- remarks, referrng to the ob- roed b fire "itivnt," M A Robinson, John tii ar, t-I
lthedby thei sor& sme' .h-a tlm wo ld be alo .. et or which they had met, and the oyed y fire ... soI a James I RBxiohau, Amainda1i Roinu ... .- -
rtinciple even. witehxin eoerd bvilizqd totupv ,-.91.ig t,ro ,: ^. _- ~ L. h the -agriou, al class that t On the coast of Labrador the-peo- .jA Smith, RiearId mith, Jnlian .-aiuth, -,.-
limits becomes a^l[ d ''Vr' minonpalihty both'in Caniada .re.ikey to ise frm4hese organ- ple are suffering intensely for wa't'f A-Swam. A Stirth. E.nezur-Sm.t. A.
element, either o d'L t..Unted States. the law iiats^s A considerable discussion food. Some have already died of smith L'Smi ith, foat'n i '. i
ness the hundreds o h e country leg geua.u a pro and on on the merit and unity starvation. a J A Woolridg e, Riars wiTl.. -. '
have taken olan"s Srs,.9 ery 0 boetn.d i h,'tioxu r-a ,f tth followed, by faithe greater Big im Brown,' of Texes notori tV, ot Ofi, Hamiltn, i pril ,, i
In some oases Ii hasifig .tponsibe ay bonds -propoitiontte i-nu ber applying of te organization has det the outlawR atot the hand's ; -o ,.- -
er others cu' pih pl^ e, ue ith0; mou tc he s. entruste d system: In response to a delegated -of a sheriffs posse-riddled inth bur-' E' 'i -
were not the tef. ,ic A, proposition f- n he Waik clubof lets. : Burns,m rig o- A ,ma." rk
'wt the people, odeq spea go eo lo 'whom eval members were present, During the month of March 531 Head." gtor (.-rohiu. John Cl>a
ucwho too peioml;fly ,5 hteorsnotn p esoufu was adoptedto the ef- agrarian outrages were reported to tV 4ones. Mrs George Lee,. ( '' Parsci "r J
itrarn. atde uncompromisingg, i.c o'est a uma .tiay-be, or.pintends to fit, lhat toeplanters of Paget woud te Chief of ithe 1ri 'onWstytulan- Geg- Smith Bark ** Iariha," J W ilniam s
thoan .n toefwohowert di. u w tio ea aly 1 Ui 'and co-oprath 4it.h thio&ofthe -. f B o OfficeSt Geor. April 17 18
thousands of t hert;-niu^,d rs--r... ite1on fa -go^d-petrio teT'l to h W-k--club s ato form 0ne The hopeful attitude of.the Irjishi o pril7
ingdthetimuallyt he' dLo e t o h t 7ganiation representative:of government toward lrelad isahow2 BERMUDA PBOEUCB. -. -
e tis f ig'3fltN, f9r We a pres t hsmnyger yrpn(d pbct 3greattly outnumber the,-new
the ndsmen ofgNaarnse thy to the cal I' I- aeconids, $6.00
graliwoorri es en e at hd- e 'Onions 1 ,5-00 31 a re75.' re t
ora in etemn1ne- &i. r- 'ri f.J go n entrave ton h bt lb tfritward- and a rent agent has been shot itttht- Tomatoes 40t to f. A md a.
lln %.- o it i It h od d itlw Enlish for*4 -l lt O ; <- A E to'
mitsbecoes 6"A 1i~litybot in Cn-d


-Fejl..sleep'n .Ji~sus'-'in thi's Town. A'Pril I
I!.gmd FluluiJ (41 agerd loi wer3*. --
,*#The Iil nthat Ii'nk"P.l ofh i on oib Lrs~4
Th'e reaper said and Awile~d.
/Dear tiak,-U4 ONire nAl'th a'tl-O they .By,-Public Auction
Four He wa 0'C uca h i lil e. ..-U
In thia Towii, lApril 212. atifterntilo'ng, And U IF H-BG HD
Painful jilt eS&%..wjiclj .44 hove with ebritiln"u t ~Irs
resignatioti,Ca*pt. ,YFi'fliT. YATFrS,, agkd '/7 OIs
Years and 5 11101111.. 1lp I6--1vii ha.a. dN. Q7 T
wridAlv, 2 'I4aa11jt1'rC 1111d 3 grnd l 111)it 4 Mtf,~fS4
3nottrij their ls~ultoit Os.. At 12 o')Clocik,, M-I
To the mueniory '01 our bol()v:d.Faither T vuik-IMS '
He died, as lhe hal lvd, I ~vild, 4
Without fan,.ene~my .on earth ; 4- j~OQt ae. PAY
U woril antl .1-.1 h'i braijatlied aaud inwovtdd.2 'sOI is n'
,The stiullA honor and ,of worth.:,, ,,N0 Ws'ee %vsYor k.3UT
Rio haud '%%w, open as tile 'ar, 1-0 "Cask s-Bo t lvd STOUT 4 Duz. Each,.
His. iot'aIln4 hiA hlisilanti e3brace 9 fiokeXs Fnainilv'SO A1
And, wh~enif~ommlife he ps~'d 4-1" 3Hoxes NMoltd{'AN1LES,.4
Our hearts went with him1t6 thfgra` e 2111'. ( TEA, -. ,4
'What des-oliaf ion rili'd ol r rhpan11 I> 13.ox COVFFEE
When deiuhfo tliir -fits t urnsu1re bore .',5 11If." Boxes, Gld -leaf TLOD A OCO,
Ohl!Ifor- thle.661tor woaj d tOC)I, l (0b. h nG OE i 0hLois
Where we'alnall ni'Iet fto Pa~rt no-n Ioil s aob '''c om iACE.
The lhopet'of thtdud SltatiIISll )114'v~~
In that we trust kilee, 5 0C41st;'s1 t'.-Bm~ ,,.
Whil thu~ro~dit ia ftled1n~o4.10'. c~a~tsoTIN for coveriosc Shed Rooffs,
We t-whf-inete, wrath &of memory., '?_ jA loboa f P 1 NI I VN11It RE' &c.
W. Walker, iuq, n thniAO'town~a, oif the 2 )ai I IL 1ACN:S
after an illnoea'vbf !Otl~y.4Uve It R IP I ~Nt e~at Four
H. DicKutsoNivJR ned, 5! hurs tud-7j irToo

large circle (41,, tthecr ..lufl-Vs aildtl
to lament his k1ekth, (Domaerar.i aid Berm h ~ae
bice papers pleaue'n.saCpj). 44 444gRio .W.WNALhiER &CO,
to these, i-I rad'a about tbrekut~e'~ siuee, Hainilt'on! April 24th, 1882.
from Bl-bIice, WVost 1101n% w~r h hi
resided for tt, 2oyGeqrs,. elgageI l in4
vuereuntile vi t -., iii-3 61-s- I ". 44
bii'tbh-bA~ee. lit toj.I.1 4ii:Iuny Y1:dves an:-*t. .4
friends here (;I'tei ;, iii b'eu ee'oX..eit)1
Apparently inmu, god hli.' d?h \ lkU6 1a4Ii ~ ~ '~W~GEDfhsjtto
iouddanly a hOa';i gvl i I ,fl-' & 11 v ri .s iiiu ma id .' i ag 440Iei'p anaVd fr a Etgl d
or4I five (lkyii. 74rv *pw&sevl. iv Ls .11111) '-red .411 ew Yo .4 arS AOri tiA)4o
with -all those ..g nn le fwfr.* to I flt. IIIa1Venly e, w Y 'U i E't ,..O
Inansion. .iuch is frail. inali-hiere to-dlly VB1N
and gone to-1A(YP~uW~..... yl.O~
P PI*, -M ) 9hT EIt, S, PS.'S7 AR 'I[,
NT L iG N C AU 1.(u nn Ii TONGUES.

POR 'O flA~ILU1N11 Clulli.Kl 60 OS X, _:: *4CF1EE,'
E\ld"'(41? f.ka4.': "I U wi Al ( OG4OA arid MILK,

Wwt& C.. 4, 44Jirs-uf'Pr.-sea "ed G INGE' R, ..JA NS
EAD.*. ani'A 1CF (of uU 4 l(I.iS,)
April 2'1-i-teani .i* lbarorongh. A hitd- tT)N~~(I:rurt. i1.a,l Ft I')
bulrst. New York; 1 511 'b 1)()t -FUI OPlHu.~ 14 .S
1~,11~ ~ ii~~]j, ll,'it 4d 941.Rl iS, ,CUI'1. 1XANTS, .
tI u%.I a~ rSI C ,S. 1JIIL MCE,
4.~'J~ 616i 1t44, 1~~. O1EAI L, II \EE1-I .).I 'ELAL,
Rtolatovs. 116 1 )! A li't'.~ :tt.'LA F
4 4' 4.' G od in
a ?~tla.,..'J 1'm ('4tjd 12CARROt TSale~t'l
~it~toes. **01, It 1.11 ~IN (9 SifhilfK -10`,, OL;444

--Ti~7:-TrONEN%'A RE. 1wlsI iti all thet
t4 j~~fI lila the l~i (i f~. o~ he ,.jI4Iei.-alp for ca't.4i, .

C~~l t4.11:LItl' l ut -t3 "C4 OhrNt-rof V1toast.:
Lilst .Broadway' andEast. I.Brua~dwauv.
:Jhlauilaoll. Aplr~i 24. 1Ax82. 4

Natu r alc',e,1 Just edvd
OAN 1)st 0 11.1 ~SA LEI CHEAP

cimady. I Y-4
~dATL i&~-BOXE-,j sand ~Nt~llS...`4
Apii,1~ t'? A 44(u 1,1. o t 10V

.4-, L : I, q yJ o 9e YOk,
Please c1CLf e o ~ 4

Wj ,.ioUaMtbA'r.

1. 1 AsPITT,

r"ut eceivod a fresh and larger-sp-ip 01'S'n4e.
ply of TEA. and COFFEE.-.-- i- ly~. Apl

Agent, for~iu V n'sAnd opnzpt;e
There bTe Adbi.M& COFFEE al444 .~i
TEAL and tinegr difi'arent brtwids- oI
CWFFthis, gives, vmi Forj1)&iiaQ tf; -forkD e
to ah~eh tope w atu tsm.. 20
and :ae;Wu-e the RA P~iD Crti ~~w.tlr:",
which the%'e"'Tr.AS & COFFEI 4'Led`Po t a-taes
met with Bt-rb w .thevx
tiaowbe o0 sying anyth ing.' fafther iii,1B.'-.WL t&''.
their' fvour." ~ 25 lFromtt St.'
JlzNii-ton March 10th 11882.. Ilamnilt on, April 24 1M8.


NEw YTouIRK &-
Th e Quebee S. S.



( American. 13,;7 TONS, 1
SWI.LL A siL ron BnrEmuA oN
Saturday. April 229
S AT3- P- M.
Freight received on Friday-aud until 1,2
o'clock on Saturdny.
SPECIAL NOTICE.- K e r o se n e

For Sale,

o Horse,
good for any kid of work.
A Market Wagonh
n perfect working order, will be sold
together for
g, Q, :

Pavable in Produce, witliin two months.
Ilaiailtom April 3rid. 1882.
GO to BARRITTS for pure Iced A e-
rated DRINKS,


0 I.011 0 JUDG E
wil be taken on this Steamer under .
-Thia Steamer insures at lowest rates, IN ALL KINO '
For freight :BE MU A P, UBU
A, E. OUTERBRIEGE CQO. 42 & -43 Veey Streti Pier.
Agent s. West Washington Maket.
i 29 Broadway. New York, March 1st 1882.
April -18 i882. Dear Sir.
S' As the easoi for Shipping all
Stl0 JL N I this market is now at hand,we again
SWINTER: & RO 7, take the liberty of placing our services at
S& BROWN, your disposal for the sal of any con-
52 West Washing on Market, signments you may make to this market.
NEW YORK. We are eeriaii from the long experi-
DEALERS IN ence we have had in the BERMUDA
TRADE, besides being very large re-
BSeriluda Produce: ceivers and dealers in this City, and all
over the county, we have the facilities
!-OUTI ,E I 1FRUITS to handle all consignments of Shippers
And VEGETABLES, &c. the best advantage and realize them the
CONIGNMFNTS Solicited. .highest marketprices. .
i. u Our business location for the past
Quick ales and Remittances, THIRTY-FIVE (35) YEARS is one of
Agents in Bermuda, the best in our market and it gives, us
OUTERBRIDGE. BROS. every advantage to dispose of the Ship-
A. -. '-, ,1 f pers' produce with quick despatch,
April 17,1882.- herby enabling us to make prompt re-
turns with net proceeds.
..NOT CE. We are sure after you have given us
': a trialyou twill 'be satisfied with our
Sdealingsa'and will be only too anxious to
F 0 R S A L El. continue shipping to us all through the
AY season.
Rice in Q quantity, MR. THOSE. H. PITT of HAMILTON,
.5 B- "s or .ore, ver Ch-p. who forwards for usin Bermuda, wiibe
B. -" .0, most happy :to furnish you with
Front Stret, Tahmilton, 1 .4 all the necessary information you re-
Ap i)j 2 18)2. 0 P 'quire. Any time you write to a
S. y all the information in our
u t e l U It lfrgv .uB-r- power ""r. 4 '
id Street.. nilton t Meanwhile assuring you ii the patis- Street, a o action and pleasure it. won "afford us

J ILL attend to ,the for-
warding of BEM1RUDA
PRODUCE during the Ensufig
.Season to the following well-
known houses- .
Geo. W. Spencer & Co
"187 Reado St. NEW YORK.
B r o w n DeWiter,

..and Brown
5-2 West Washington Markt, New York.

Avenue, P'liladellph.ia. -
STENCIL PLATES and ail fur-
ther i formatVion, furniished on application.
Ap .rI 18th, 1882.---f

Just Received,

';'. L AN D .

L ADIES'a Summner ATS, bL straw
Saud L-gh,,rti, ChiMldrens' iliAT, j4q
Straw and Tscan,, .
.Gents' Panamxu HATS, Yugae ;,,
ind Sttr.'."H 'i'S;, Lndies' colored thread .
PERAMBULATORS, : Ladies, French
CORSETS, very superior, .-arge as-
sbrtmentBOQ'S arid SHOES,
Gentlemen' CLOTHINi, SHIRTS, &6;
Large assortment of CLOT 'iiNG
expected to arrive per SEY MOUR"
All ,these goods will be sold itry cheap
i ithe store of
'-4 R. H DU 1RDEN'.
Hamilton, April 11th, 1882.

-AND-^ .;p. 2n

[)calr im BIERMUDA PRODUCE &A-;'
-" $ R ' ade St. NEW ORK
3olicit Consignmoets fBrnunda Produce
alces and Refmittainue made witl di-patetc
Agents in Bermuda. -,
.. . I .* L [ :

to hear from you soonI, and thanking
you for past favors,i and hoping you
will .stil continue entrusting ua with
your confidence, we are, Dear Sir,
Yours Respectfully,
ARRITT keeps Dleius s Raspberry
and Sarsaparllj u Syrup DRINKS.'

" I "

n e ce i v ea .r o I m


A ine assortment of
Fancy Coating; Suiting &
Sw Please call and examine. 'UK
Queen Street.,
Hamilton, March 27,, 1882.

Fire insurance.

insured by the :
FPestern Iasurr-
Company. of TowoNo, CANAIA at
the lowest rates.
Capita one Afillio Dollors
Polices free of charge.
,' Agent.
Mgarch; 25. 1882.
H11, RIT'I'lIse tell.,iOl N GER-
-'. ADE, dLEMDL NAD E .+ :*. ..'i*,

wanted Imime-=

"*-' *. + Apply to: +*
'A.,3 .' 1. )LICKINSON'"
Ap'il 3,1882 .

1-I -* '- ~ 4.441

TA E _NOTICE,"` _..
I ish to call the Attentio o'
Lovers of fine iga .
to the fact that I am able tsuit -the :
taste and fanov of the 'moat fastidi-
ous of smokers, liaving ..
SJUSTm I ftl : Ii) .. 4
Extra fine I AfS,
VARYING IN RI CE-10. to 40, per 100.
Parliament Street, 'E taIi:.r'; ...
.*, tice-: -
H.. UNDERQSIGNED wil recel'-- .
,I and forward ,o>.. gunfesl t..P u. .
SUiult to the aidr' f ,
$C.e,,,N. MIDDLETOB kCo., ,

laegret urned:-le id 8aeec it
furnhehed on ppiAeatien to
i "l I A ML A. M g S,..7-
April 10th, isb8.r.m t,

~L44 -~'~ 1.

T. Tea! TeasI ;

r HE CHOICEST TEAS in the market
Sciu only be obtained from the
UNDERSIGNED, Agent for the.
:At St. Georges,. viz:---
Choicest HYSON.'. 9d. 'OOLON(G 2a. 3l..
SOUCHONG, 28. CONOON, is. .(1: ig. 94.
FAMILY CADDIESO f 5 lbsa, .' 10s
each, all bearing the Co.'s trade mar. '
Every Family should avail them- *.
selves of this rare opportunity,
to enjoy a portion of this
GREAT L u.... ,-3,t
A J.- RI(lHA SO .
St. Georges, April, 1882 .

The Swmner is coming keep
keep Cool..
: Established 1S4.'' l^ i
Maulfacturer of Soda Watr, Iuamoinsde,-
Gingerade, &e. &c.,&.
Establishment Corner,of,E.. Brou.dway aind a
Victoria Strebts, llamilt.,n, Bermuda.
jTHE Subscriber would call the atteitf .
S on of the luhabitants of Bermuila
and others to the "+Fact," that he has con-.
tinually advanced in the sinprovemeut :
his Manufacture,, as the, gradual increase
of his trade will testify. He has now per-
fected arrangements whereby he can Manu-
facture Superior to any of the kind ina he
Island of Bermuds, and he begs to offer
his sincere thanks to the above f6r their
liberal Patronage of the past, and respect,
lully solicits a continuane, of the same.
For they will always fihd BARRITT' -
Aerated water, Plain Soda and other Car,
bonate Beverages in Quar, Siphons 10
Gallon Fountains and Cases of Two, Four:,
and Six Dozen Bottles, superior to any in
the Island.
I have much plea.suru in bedtring .lTel. .
In muy to the excellent quality of th6
Soda Water" mnide by John Barritt, o'
o.-W.,iEID), M. D.,
Deputy Surgeon Geuvral.
Naval Hospital, Irvlud Island. ,
JOHN BARR.'1'T of lHaminltoft hia
Supplied me with Aexat'.d .Waters
from October/4th, 1876 ,t the percent tiweP
and I have beimi well Satisfied wivth.the'
quality of the same.
J. SINCLAIIM.. .. P .M. 0,
'Deputy Surgeon Uetteran .- .
Iauiltoi. N r., 1818 .
JOHN BARII Tr' ot Hamilton has
Supplied tilm- -w'- Rrt
with Lemionde, Gi*g0erWdo and oTfIie t '
bonate Beverages samre their arrival i,
Bermuala and has given Satistaction it.
every way.
J. B.ROWN, COpt 46th Pefft ,
Presideuit, Canten Committ..
?Oainteen Stietard.
Prospect, Octr. 19th, 81. ,
iaford,'d, me great pl.asbure in bearing ,
testimony (after three yeris exf ?iohi:e)
the ex-Ullenit quality of the AerateDr"lik4 "
Manufactured by you at 11amiol: n '
,*, :.7HA I:C1I,-,-N.
Surgeon.- -N.
Nanal Hospital, Irland ula'd.
MU. JOHN BARRITT, please s .n
b3 *'Pioneer" to-morrow fear Ca., ,.
of Soda Water for I can safely'say
that your SodIa Water i the tst and
cheapest on the island and that you ar .
ways Supplied ne 'ith ~rea| St4ttioL .t..;
Yours &c .& ".-. '
urgeon a,.-jov. .
St. George's. :, .
Terms made known -on pplilcatioa
Specala terms to large Conunns... .,
Corner or. East Broadva and Victoria
Street. r" i ; :" .' ,; ,
Hamilton, Bemnuda, April 1nth, 1$-<, ; ...*


Gifts ifrts.
AlS theTa be any Ar'ticlea' in tr
Afarket =are for P'esFent.-j
"Ihau those xmflered' bt theAUndersigued?
JILSBANDS, -beft'e:. PurchasingAa
Pice of: .fewelry,< &c., consider .i- one
of-the (
'The Best in Use, whZths will do one
Week's worlkinon day, thereby giving
time to rest and enjoy the Holidays, is
inot the best to take home?. ,

Young men and Maideins,
If you Wtlnrto give your Fmains a
present th&%t i1 i eret a l i
instrut' them o 'r'a Gus
subjects of importance,
Get them one pf' 4he valuable works,
that cost less, andwil he 'appreci-
ated more and laO longer than

"The Pife l' "isrly"01
the World,1

(Over 1,200. Pagek and 650 Engravings.
The2Kneyclopedia of,
Busiess 0, Social Forms,.
Crowded. with infitrmaiion on on ll
Subjects pf Interest. e
*The 0STO!t .t-hat Great and
., Good Mlan, ',
JIans A. iarfield,
Late Preaident of the Uniited St.tes.'
Young, read and learn how a boy;
ia poor circulmsittaines .siay rise to the
Jlead of W.':othe greatest. Nations of the.
W world. i ," ..

.4''t y ,o e Mw
1Y.tlj9V4.r '2500 .Illustrations.
A Marriage Certificate, Album, &c.
Y.ATH psL- ore one-foi the Young
YOt 3wMEN taking the"responoibilityI
of geo- -you will need 94e.
CHTT yve to te Old'2Polkea
tfthtFy"4e not forgotten'
y you, .by giving them
the best and most instruc-
S, tyreof 411 Presents,
ofj llhsrptes Fm vly Bible

J. H, T. JACKSON;-----

I > %, ',-

To Leai', i Mi .'
Tailoring1' Businss.
A hcwt neyman Tailor.
None but ai Fi'st-Cdass 'vorkinmu
'^ need apply. 7 4
Sfe'chtuant Tailor.
Front Street, Hamilton..
Mareh 20, 1882.

Hair Dressing Hrall

Hair Dresser, ,&c
Formerly of Boston, U.S.,
F'or their liberal pit'onmrige durt-
ing the past year,' -
And fat all times ready during the day
and evening to devote his
S: services to them,
who may .-favor him with their patronage.
Exectited with neatness and dis.


Outside Orders,
f not from too great a distance,

At the shortest notice, .

"In MM, T.. I. ITT'S Bnildings
IHamilton Bermuada.
Septr., 26,1881.-tt


I AVING lately received orders to
J-1 purchase
SFound great difficulty and much loss
t'i ), relt f r lin doing so. '
We have decided to make a special-
g all of the SALE AND PURCHASE
F COWS on Commission.. Any
tfl 'g person. wishito sell a> Cow will-
i SmT8E,gT'. please communicate with us, giving a
LIL .' ( description t J the Qow, hoy vmany
IBIAAM'TTON. ,BE.IU A.'oalves had,:' ihaI quantity of milk
IP? ttpiA tention given to given per day, &c., the price wanted,
,, '... .-and where she can beseen.
A,,WEDNESDI, Perhs" wihihg too purWhaseD can,
'I... F ,,- .. Jy calling at our Offioear-5 F.ront
S" .. D ^treet, have a reliable dseii~tion of
ar, 82. CQWS for sale, and th9 .pte of each ;
: d as we have spacious closed Lots
;~, .; ,,, ,. ,"adijpining ltu S.t' es,"Cois will --e
,|o-Bi.iar *.'q,. *f uilte safe andattended to, shouklthey
/ Je L' hve tpstay in Town over night, when
A dJA a"<1:d "l sent for delivery. 'A ." .-
S.l a? I "1 t It ( .. _l.All Salesw.ill be forC iH on.deli-

Wou1&rmgp*iiill nf iithe pubh'vi..
thiat he has fiited!up the rpaw. ~)pe
the store ONEWWAIL J4me&.

W. wWALHKER & O60`A.


SU4isjIi dinkid Gee4Dy.pdS,.
ral ~~viisrr "I T ,

~fe '~i tIW~ny~o~k"et ~td IJUlTERS, -. W'6i~SI1AWrA".,
vim Vt he French CORSETS-some large,"
'j~' !; 'PIUNIT-.-CQTTO,,NS,,NecJ TIES,
U *vgqu"to'fro"t cxpewo iisp ttuog o(3vV ,-p t s. S IL F -;I A'
up~~~~~~~~~ hu'm, r;*t Ibi;p- RMMNS UNP.ERCLOTiHING
he ..W J~mhIM k.' p*s et'Good &Rd'wady-n.oCLOTHI'G'
Awt M.daL qm ~of nillmorts,.
site46 4"JI #p Dhreai ?SIIIRTS. Working sHIRTS,
04doAG i.4 A rek "Ci IiH4 I tws. 't,- CtardigA~iiJACKETS,
w swPII'' .2. .&OK, COLLARS,
12& .4$ ,Frog $/r.41" jBIls. Ncw Portla~nd CEMTENT'
S- ('pst~rsj ~ at 5 i.6d.,~
M a 'AV, ve PUTAS. Fish Pot WIRE,

__________ CHOCKERWARE- in great v.-rietyj.
~~~7 J, J 1 j~ *,: ;t, BET' ATS'.-IR4LFA, 'T
~ Leg "u LU~ t,) 1,14E "
~1IsiSTA RII,"* C.N11: S
.. __box lip,
go, 6 Sd.per 50-lbt. -; W5. ve r.
~P..~aFf-hiisr LIM'S, HOOKS.
K Oil,, LAMINS, ;nd aGrent \arit'y Of
,otbe'r dOIJfl-ID5,411 at ow


r rocertes-,




SFancy Biscits,
Qh:, oicq Selections of


Iaker & (~'ark's
iS Ok ed M eats.

'A Lot of Useful Articles
In Thi Pare,
NotiQolns, &., &c.
:" i Next io the Meibonrn House
Hamilton, April 25, 1881

All Auction Goods
Sent for Sale under

Must Pay% I. per
If Said Limits cannot be



[Hamilton. Jany. 2, 1882. ,

"-fALF Chests Oolong TEA
.- -very cheap,
Cases quater ins SATMD I NES,
fBoges Assortpd PIPES-1 gross
Cases Card' 1TCirES, 10 gross
/ each -. '" -: -. .
Asserted JAMS. per 10 dozen or
E,* R DICI(lK!NSQn, i
qnt 1$treet, Hftmjiten.


merchantt Tailor,
11-Szlieelfully informs the Public that he
.has Opened a

Tailoring Establishment
Over the Stbre of ALEXANDER J. FRITH

Tins Roast iBeef, Muttoii, Duck.
('liicken, Goose,
Luinclh TONGUES,
Potied IInm, Beef aid Ton gue,
Green PEA-, ,BEANS, CORN and
Bottles Assorted PICKLES, Red Cab-
bage and SAUCES,
Corned BEEF in Tins,
],BISCUITS of all kinds,
SUGAR-white and brown,
FLOUR, Tiis'Cocoa ',& Milk.
Clioc..late .,nd Milk, FRY's COCOA,
EPP's CHOCO()LATE. Ool,,nig TEA,
Green and Baried COFFEE,
oatmeall, Oilmeal, Corn .M"eal,
'Flaxeed. Linseed M.leal,
Bottles of SYRUPS :of all flavors,
Bottles of PIE FRUIT, Damnso,,,
G Goos', r'ies"' s Cr :ite.rif, i, -een-
g'age, u;!u'arb i u11-, Cherries,
& '"., & e '
Tins of Fi'tUI., in Syru|ps, Cherries,
I'earli.-, lunmi, Pr..ars. P meanpile,
Strwlxwb, iry,, Apples, and Aprib.,ts,
JAMS of all flavors,
)ioz. Bottles .f ESS.ENCES LemoQn,
Raspberry, Vanilla, &c., &e.,
Condensed MILK,
Tartaric ACID -powdered,
HA IR Oi I.-assorted flavors,
Fine Olive OIL, CURIIE, powdered in
CLOVES, ALMONDS in and out of
Jars Pr,.served GINGER, SAGO,
OATS, BRAN, &c., &c.
Corner of Victoria Street,
and East Broadway.
Hamilton. 1'882.


I. &. ltECLIT,
English aud American Staple
FIancy Groceries,
.* &c., *'' &c., ;&c, -

Watches, Clocks,'


" A Gy rG00 0D 16
and lots of useful articles
Just Received,
C, ini .r ii all the finest stock of
H o i d ay Good s
Ever offered in Berinula.
An. early (all and inspection is respectfully
: solicited by
Watcliniker & Jewv ter
Ilamilton, Bermuda, Dicr. 6,1881.

(Worker in Cane)
Is prepared to clean and put in order

S 0 Fl S,
& .&o.
Als6 Polio h them.
:He guarantees to give satisfaction.
Near the Rectory, Paget.
Paget, Feby. 14, 1881..

Eclectic Labora-
T N tor-y,"
TANK 4 1ijt.

r 'lIE PROPRIEIOR of this Estab-
1 lishientii guarantees SiTISFACTION in
General Ri E A I R S i 'iannofortes9,
Ilarmoninims, P.i r Or'~w'u, Co.certinas,
Accordeolis, Flitinas, Fithdles, Flutes, Cla-
rionets, SE\VING MAClGINES, Orgpin-
ettes, Cabiuettos, REVOiVERS.
BAN.JOS ip<,l1e ,to order rW hiniported.
Fancy CABINET Work, Furniture up-
.., 'rosene I A iPS and Broken ,LASS,
iand (JCHINA reppiired "
IGN'GS and BANNERS Painted to
order. .
No Bad Work-but sound, Work,
* waranted.
Capabilities wellckno.v ..
isits ain i.arts of the i61sfi5ia-ly order.
Does not nint i I:tallT Work ere .
A. ypjvist ixdoO',r Neiglibor; wheltei e
be. as satisfied with thie work done for
h4 by
Paget, Jany, 2, 188, "


Three Doors West of
' Royal Gazette' Office.

Premises can be inspected on mater-
noons of Wednesday and Thursday.
TERMS made known on applica-
tion to
March 13th, 1882.


o 39, Front Street.
Guarantees to give satisfaction and
solicits a share of the Public patronage.
ie- A new supply of GOODS always
on hand.
iaminilton, Feby. 21, 1882.

For Sale,
One side BAR-TOP
BUGGY ( N ew)
also, a good assortment of canned,
goods, Hams, Lard, Butter, &c, &c.,
a variety of fine Harness, &c.,
Cieatp For Cash.
J. B. STAHLt, &Co.
East, Proadway.
Hamilton, Feb. 13, 1882. :

Upholstery Wfork
r*iHE UNDERSIGNED w.",i -'e-
I spectfully inform the public that, -
she hashad several years experience in
the making, cleaning, and preparing of
and still continues at the business.
All orders for such work will be punctual
ly attended to.
The following are the prices,;
,Foi cleaning and otherwise tfeairing
the hair, and making new mattresses.
FoR re-making, cleaning ticking &
hair of old mattresses &c,. &c,.
Otherwise repairing, &c., done cheaply


March 25 1882.

N1,l Efa

(East End Hamilton)
In tvlid'riiig his Tlim .ks to the Public for
their liberal patronage, begs agaiir,
to call attention to his
11aew Stools.


And hopes, by strict attention to their
orders, to ensure a tmrth.r share
of their patronage.
lex S. 'OriOO ...


Hams and Buacop,
Of the most poptiluar rands,

And other 'MEATS,

Tins of FRUITS Sf all escrp
Essence of' BEEF arid Potted MEATS;' I ;
New Stock of Jellies f T il ,
flavors, in Winic-l ises, littir-
coolers, 'Gobl6ts, ium fers e.;
;FLOUiR, Hof S superior Brands
home lliYdCae. Bread '

All Goods offered fdr Sale are of' the.
besf qi4ality, and are pat siip A il the
LOWEST possible prices for ca, &.
lIamtiltu :!88i-' : .. .. ,:16i@ i




TANTED, an industrious Married
W MAN to live on. TUCKER'S
ISLAND, and Plant that and MOR-
The Soil is very rich and productive.
Tomatoes grow very fine and give
heavy crops, the soil is particularly
adapted for growing early onions with.
sufficient quantityto grow 5,000 boxes.a
Fish are easily caught from any part
of the Islands, and poultry can :be.
raised in anyaii-f -1, Its western
extremity being, about 30.1yards from
the nearest Somerset shore, prevents
trespassing, except by Boat. A single
Dog will give notice of a landing on
any part of the Island.
For further particulars please apply
Hamilton, March 13,.1882.

-tA post ofam

2 'Hhi, .VR RR...