The New era, or, Home journal

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The New era, or, Home journal
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Home journal
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Hamilton Bermuda
A.L. Spedon
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v. : ; 55 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Bermuda -- Hamilton


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Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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-f* PAI-I

'U---F- Ue
ol' j'4 ~ 4 1 ~ 4 4-A

'r~A. eeky N~ ~~pe~~pcia~ e-voted to tleGnrl neet of the Inhabitants of. enua

.4 "

"F "Wi -I %y vr

~~"f o u olu-aU ie u.p it Fllued interests,

No. 21.-VOL. I.1 HAMIJLTON, BEP,3117D3A, T[UL-oD. kY, FEBIRTAIRY 21,, 1882. 112R. or $3.00 Per A

C "hushed ton ,as they 'dc6,isio na11N told xA ,that m 66 years before,,su c
~pke to- -alother. Somle twuo hun- -'a seeniba ti occurred at Whale When' a-Texascouple stood lip to be dr
OI '...dred yards from where, ittn`sa 11sl-1 t fay' PNirt 1oya1, atid t~was ,said'that ked. tbe niisrsw the handle of a Ijt~
1~~I~ ( U 'N .iFu /t'N ii.Iing was A, logsndy b), h Aqunri the inebiy u u
IS~. WBLISED ~ I I SC H IE F M A I( E 1 S er ofa milin etentcalle "Locaofihe se, itrb d yars te maes prtheidwalfesi Te biiegrotns pckeL
long sa qnnr on -o r ac- suggested that, out of, respect ti h
Every Tue8 ay Oh! could, there ini thisj Avrli1 lie, 011Mj 11", strewe with beautiful .9b1s es; NViigo to*4kt\ot9 vice wail;' hedd in the bride dein~i~'
Some fii.4 spvji of happy grotifid." glistc~ning hi, Th U woi1~t h eet on 9ohie loeyc I Am 1 dr'ew4. dagger ftrom her bosom, and vis4~
AT ~~~OON~~ Whj~eic villages i'leasiirt;! utiglit, go round Iogle-ged crahs, like' fairy sprites tend iii &i1c6"ia d h atr~i eie4i t~rW9O
ni~ TW~A~&M1LT~! Wthoptthe villagee tattlinig! flittinl to and fro. A qatroakThserteyha~'e qhibs onBa' id] liSuhr l.
SHotV doulyh V 610t tiiiit S pu~t would be. A, Visva hy- htWn.reeegi isis-u
Whee a~ll'gt;~ It 3irt, h our had pa,-saf when idn 6e.laniatlon f~r 'their centennial ba~ttle. fie~d ~'1thtilgeeiga sisIl.p
Wh Fee theli in to akeWh
~~~i~~ paehcmiseh nulisu~ f~tter Liniy-;l from PFe.ikit warned Conii r that some Axvestrnck and silent, &bs'., m'cen re- alligators. Th~y Visit eaeli other fromrnk
,aescmid ospsendless'.'praftifit'g., (.'o Ili MIS fislb iva. tuggingo dt his' Iiibe'. 'turned toteihoeur fntte n& ehoelottesoen
on# eek imng l-srve orr th_ pinfs 1 1 erif pt e wodsthe boasts runs til thii neaet
onewek~g erelf~. thpiin~sQuick ly goil ig to Ppskit's a~ssistalite, better; and' as the years went by, water. If hemmed 4ie Btops;. swells
pdigtb.cita. flils.If sizlc it spot )verex.eally ikpowa,
PBXOE-12,Shilling&*per-vumuni-paid Daii#) Peace, ~igji,' it., cal I t aU her own, t te-,~ hi ntd fotl1L~ around the warm firesides, they told blows like a wnad bill. Whey hna.dabi
TAI~z iii it" I' tiii si Ie th*e n thnls AOshre. Their' 6yeswr 't heir (~adh~rno ektsadtails briskly in resisting an enemy or flipi
.g~~lleid~ by the slight '6f arie Of Cb~-ri iight,,-and the teeth ,'!ed wo rdgit~hi ra ots a
BATES ~*'A~ER~TrnNO-On or* more'There like 1 queen iiij~it reign :'u'. live,, t o%,tr two li~de Iwilf uXth eeaeO]
4l646ER~~N1S0n rmre lade up.~h oia th occasion weehung aro~ind
inches oilmen]ummn; 4- n- d-opth..1 14t inser- thIHgle ,vYn 6 "~'' s. Much," i 'sU Co~n4o~''ay~ ays~~;adgv eif,~Ctzl4;'e i zn ftebs
E; may t1reg2t' widTxgsttjrk of t2e lakes.
tion, 1 shilling each ; 2nd, dtto, "64. ltoli 3,ihi tfill reciv ling gum.o~ ilevyu~t-.'om
w-.Aud be qffeudetlinever. Ohw our-n g~b1 wil ttliu gu. r. R. -Hart of Blrighton, nwR
echaus~ ~ 'ho, 'z.3d- frrnuh: Iorw 'Fishes,- 10th great aid ~ .~ ter; X. Y.,.has used, danring tw ea-rces-
&. v'L. iP1DON, 'iwkii-f -mnakes 'that'ia rs-emove. ei zi'wa, rewarded, their 'skill, aslie' b6t,182 writer ini'prepnated with:gasa tar -or the er
b~ ~ ~ ~~Ax leEdito 'nPiper FafIot]] tourhat tble 4zntO h iids sped oi, till, at length the rocks p ue of, oestrojio;g insectsho his potaitoVn6l .
it, leird'uor -Li -_ -,.iprv ,e 'h I as priv-d woure effective than aiI
'1in~~ Caenda. w~ilat gives Anotheip visiire>" Aet dre b'a:iattiryOW,~OM.-N'S ING ENUITY. -m "has been used with equal effect -ca
a- '4Ppr -btwe fbr[___ teioa~lt*t u't 1e,-s that, twenty, n
'Ilzey've ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I JSir~ S.L ao,--zlin idte Tehii fe h to have, &frr:Liit liushes. Two quartss iot gas trtoa
FEBUAY.MARH.fley'e i-.r 1uk eam- iuhi-Iy the wetight. byh'biusfo:,n'h Moon AP61didthiz~azn erninl "I 'i
T~''M4 v~r ~O~UD(U5 Ia~ur. dfth~ i~.~~u-s re-eil yen.Irvrouru~s, azu ~'tizuii gi &he-aeiv an slopvin bushbeshsaae sprnkr dby.
tj M- T1~ Alpw1 all-ith. Fow fhtee linve, gliP Kc ieansp f a *atering y. At~u1n arund., Midnight, had`:`;in-d ~eirowa' eli
-. ~ 3'*4 ~ ~'t"s'34 ti~t Iir1 iIaeuztile;tzIMMy saly, .0' -nd ,eki lieonr, ~ sInru nro The inew law of Wi-scoDsin wh2clapr-:
-5 8 7 11) 411 0 ( 7 -.8 19 1Q 11 ..Don't nwntioui it, I pray-1 ;. l Ii~tha t~~lo. s l401 Qa ok e
122 14 T~.17s1~ l-) 1 J14 1l6 171 Iol tt.,' ., ytilerget suces sill sit -pa-, It 1 2 -3 [ 4' 5 1 6'1 7TI 8 1 9 1 10111 t Arink at bisAetigeu, sall be'liable toIi
An,]'~ ~~0 -rpr tintliey lieuw, H- r !~ ,li~ Nou shithtbek he sits if Ir to of you geti', absurd -custom and a prolific souroeeo n
;t ri tili zlev t cr N t 'lzjin g i a l o w'),% H a k .. -wn he ai r a tiud fr e e z e s tli e ir lo wt h b r e a k sr "i~ g ~ n ` NI A i d o i z d t a j r z c l t z n a n h o ~ p r i
And ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wiy~e iuiinit-sj'l findI~,t(t~cfIil a~~ sp~x%" lieoz ai n~oze h' lo'%-tus thani ti'e bibit of tA~iig standing dri
(I~~~~~~~p4~~~~~~~k~ i V,'sbulrdh1 idbuii` ~ro.;nLn Ba is hlad fhe' fryou fts Soon us Llitave Shi~wii'the 90hers1 at apy anud every hour of the (lay, but w
,Ia ath 6fl141LO I-1hat the m1.isclzief;zinnki c.,rew' i,-, trauiIP a4&idIu:h *of niai-ty-fMt "The" -.t Wr~i rt~ ell uow liavizig thus be- *tothis N ad~1id the senseresso customwhc
~~i1M~f~iJ~lx~/{~7VM Were alli ieuliict- v 'I t, 9i '4y-,t~ 4. aplashTanA 11 ash ".6 -Se( i' Iig %)a terts' -twdi ~zln iii No. I compds qjuist'wofeilke'roku
3 AtIi'.-muz'wq ~e Te iienigigo ~isth ilf~ h ii ~,2 nh his elbe w",.ho sk. every-body Around toji
tirenihngo.T i-id (i 1"' f1 "' th'fopzrth it ..N 3,fi 1t -ilna4
'4 ~~ ~ 'r. $: 'TM~t eve'itu v 1hrfi'glt kh',w beRON% in of btalli; anit ever and'l1 bpi hr~inte omo isN.5- ~ I An eil bf favreaih
%~i Then 'oniib1 izi vill O'ii Lt'. tqi le goeiu Its~~~lnw,~~ f, ,
A' ,P Iag at -1 r'rn *'T- thep shock arn4tl-tud! of '~tuhf tlliNji~e~ih~iI~.~'te t~r~4te-e{itm~rnc.W
~~ '. 4 "'And fall int o ai tt'6ga-ypet,., "-!~ forhers; The screa-mi bf Aileviglf -bif d -lithliPy Ali t6-ezitl iti No. 9,tlc th t a 1ed*yaI~t.h bla
b1rlaA(1'haig,~''"With ~thiipgs8s1 uC-h beluw'ihe~ma' i-t hu..a'rd ati thev' flv, itlirKb-hted, b.-. 0111h mfvtil i f o0 Shre 1ben camoe back te tV11iii to be iseen, but the experiment
11 ~ -.and. P e ,--"' i 'is I;~ d*ifAig~v I fjT1)Vhere onu%:i ivaX~hCou tfns~ No.- I 'Qhtre you 'wilI reniinbler sho Ivftj 46rhYsx
~t~tiy -- 'lo n~ke&ii,~'i~ n~sluu'.tif Inuat now it Babel of couthttiu~g Aoitws. J I tile tiweltfhl-gefubileman nione with the firlz Oetcr lodUllisI
a, ftundy Klni~ *--9.30, A. 'M. Rand 2. 30, P.M'T sought an .to r'sv n rIn tin .inte th tai ioote I a'dIuieS~ omt pr ~~' Iit'ui h
'rnY~2 C~tw- :~ ~ ud latahau~ in tledleit, I;- Paindem--uona sc,:-Laod--16 '1c4lOe. F0~ a-nil staiil I've occenio'dated all the. ii At Pervt who, apjiear toi
t~e L -i l i l r the-( La~n'ar tohel 'ivs f a-n hlal Fd a om t sitr Pu d a'if y-p. seaon a iit
rici IVU~r~~ WilVX-rl1)~ I 'L 10111 tht oitjipntwa ai'e
tT itee fLJorl
It. t~ iw : f3n 2. 30 P. 14 I'--~ 'If --o---se reaIhe tha boat ind thri uveiP!1 trobl aln d
_~~1 u d. the soon''id~Jkwk -eiI.-
Ieieribiir' ne e ql'it it
Md~iMO'R4AN. J. A NtK,'te...brefus' *bArri)-the ml~.' Pee-ds ji1; 'MR-l nolv 0i~ 'kindy me _MMM-
r.j~ '..~ ,'a.i A oh'k f~ru --o
Monig _itad~ ~~ee to-poc~_d fjic to iiisttirc z.Li h4
enl itd1' tell the pvn1f,'td cotehelIe$rh~uiyu z$a~k
udaayt~'eudfl, Lt' ds.e AW4'Y g asir
sabbti fcool--3 rLl" i4s{.erry,- .1 11304' n".r qu me M*wh naetd eTh raifnithxt~bvAe7ai~ites
Prayer ~ ~ ~ '1'1Y An~1iv Nt'70,T 1VI. lz rw aEMMN h-efu oft se and .Idtht ipl'sIlabu ee P'l1i hP5Nwn. b:~ t Ue eldiu and bu~ nd 'Wrre
Ainv the FS, (KInot ~aietf4p
''T~~'th sina at d~ ii~~pk 6d aaErynx mnin hyas~beV'~~~ third i.In seentMen yLarwfeiis one in. 'ail
s~t,'1v'1IV'icwyAh tbeaut, ul,igt, in ,so fhi a11abe eoc Som a m -ii -wha tbay assfithi-in e1~.V~yaebdI 8 ag s .i. nusa .~ 111% a
Rudy4riftee~ii-" zrtayld 7 11.~ c ad 78or '.oprs-*The u. ae bVts isit itpon in9 'oft hliei little~ b~dot1-aerd a

a~-:*~Ux'~:W~&~y ~. .ons~as hey plled he *asl3?f thec xaet~ed ~win ~ th' Ishir. trougaa luu nnd- H6 the :yjbl him a, 6fwarxo 18I,"dipreitl, a ma 88
tobt col-,'.'w theok qhif ry et yin %ju s fien es1 t mt y kss~, byw a b ~a ,i

th '*,'Ad an -'.M
atag~i~~fo .th& Iademn 4JI1I(!".L iiIe th d o'aa'l 1 r ,d guau1 dheir moats, and Ii'trs, '1'e 0 lostl obio!e~ur~6 ~ am at-hem c)s,wt Lipped a Bit~lis'oc
ol"pen Arp oAiimato tii;YQi hose. tha ml-it 4Q 0w11w 4bout to 16f~ a11 feituate, .p
________ wa~)thet binlak (if huge-ate w eios, n e bl::edkj uNMI 'aytii~ wer- yofr.u' Tho re "clAter.e yeruse sicceeised -inso-ingTh.

Postage~~~~~~~~~~~~~ iii,~ forbu iide--~fs t~tgesars h Iln ~tecn 1 $ Y() du~ Fta~cIik-V dbt:'t'Fle are ig .ad labrgo hu Ai is.~. au -nsa

D~1io'ifaiih MI.'d .~ IjAj'hc wee'i~~ the.s anlkqw "h ,kiito .,hkeV (1hir 'cmi-t to hurt 1. -e~or d q g.t ai~r~ ~
Uribd ~*i~ea~. ~a' ~ or th sad's Pe itjiA 9ontlotron better oanin their eis. 'uId )A t. atr n teI*e.d.fen~ mt
Pro J17uf1~~ .~r a 1 lyl
Uutioa ln "fo~ar, 0 t no on,' w" 1rd h1 ,b a s- vat hap oong, b i n-! a ve t U g&n -f --tm e dfo th e Aipersut

'o114~d rown itothe I was uaiti tlqdbPeio
it. *. C. 4dVC. rckish, slie'nof enoriit't u o ,Ilegt tliromgtha ai ofn( lyhel 11' otb -.oo *in 1812," eddp ,rfoitjlAt an g
TlebS eb fl sth ''e bioddhiUl,'m
nsrai4f.~4kafl~e. 0f btrwfe1, th e Iln f~~ ~aidvej hr antl "M ad.-pduuds wutd.uh5 Iii~v-io -eich ifw ir, e~ Ibbsug ab wm Ted& mi*lo
the'e U,,,,:A Xo,~ef AlK1J0-ruitM, Opp 'C.6pz'throjno tieme athat. aollow I,.oiee' *1Qt miket. bI fit 41 aek80They wolo.
sd o ahn ~ *i o~ eo I~n lfait its 1) 111),~ 0 0A~5 0I Ihe sphl.seyng'1 aii yoo ri. an it ersh ,of th 's keep er,
Ths two, 1'el wer R'' herm6," cisw:e 9sir Vo~istaney ead
Newspaim.1),eri&tffin t o I'clock d 3. M. alrd 1; e1ni is~ee thofhn~ '-e~a t t',ntlifl1d',theft tul ic.-,fork wereOzi the
published~~~id.' T, rWlIny~CS~l *m~torure ~'ithoutlla hruun ay sunon to'a i4eaL1. Onr! 1i enjt-4'A

COE.Sirc las 'i -'pc urae ,1WRg .- Thir co dark red. d0b bots tthlia'vhekg ite bout to Ian eRaitWIe, P
Stagekii-"o, k6 'bvemni laein : at, {iRK elailo norn1- -whic as8 4o;ahi~1et4
Paupiesratt 1A~ s,& .~ 41 .pnoA and plenx! their staffe a9r be-on Dd AVids' t'y `tt~ 'iin~~jgoac~~n- &L.1~ yete.
partof ~raao~-- el ~es, a' ifigh ki*i but .th, hQoTtheirel~w~n1 h 'bacdr.u'e ig_ .]is adity's men~a~let Miessntrtnc the e'kssm as''are ~:a bseut
tioneej-d lftdtff'-eiene&g Wlal en tind eahung"' in- maie teidoneerlinl.~~aih ftij1-tbtd'rer *lzigJ~Smn u4i~i ofenvitr 'up toer ~~rusen so'eede-i 41

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1a~hi 04 tbore,'Ow, ..of t tit., ;ug jebO0 a lly.
Th dP ~ ~ "&~-.; iiito wer t~Axo flb~a ben ~agnx4qf elin~ad~on~ -j~ lihn~se, :n& -movmjm. ns gaioer $011; .'eternt C,

-dept, or,1&it xi& fL I fisg- img lace,& 'byTi. aoi&n~ci'te ~t~lstnn W.4h Jlll ne 0iy :lt u1 'Tf-, id-uind Fr m, to;OQ
tricg. iw~A'+t~ ~r4 rke 4 'P- in "'wa evd '." keia'
.muie~~~~~~ujcs~~~~~ Ci -.'r-'l a'4J' I ~ L84L~5"r-J-3 o ~ u a r m n ,n *j ,a i W a s ia e ls

er tb -9 beeneid yrgmnt-7 thiir ine~e "andk Ai6Iel 'sfdl V 8f1 1f' -Willy.

THE .v'gjt~ R./L~

..',. b.e seen throughout the Islands, and* ever their Represetkta~te form ol1do-. ed upon roots, (arrowroot we fancy) and a chance of g4ttiUn them. I did soa; ad,
.which are very rich in vegetable mat- vernment. The memorialists point their liberties were trampled under foot wasetold b. the person it attnlanee
ter, a4d when dug out' and properly out that their affairs are., now worse by a host qf .aristocratie, autoarats, both that they'us&d to accommodate the pub- -
Sprepar&4 furnish excellent manure' managed than ever they 'were; and civil and military. Others there were. lie with them, but through some di- .
nfo' the higher lands whichat a e gefuy not alone that the taxee are daubled however, who spoke of it in glowing courtesy on the part of the Postmaster,
composed of mineral soils. and quadrupled, but that the people terms as a place-whrethe invklidwould t.hey had relinquished the asle ofthe. .
S, ren o . e restor~d- to health, and where tfie I was necessitated tthen to travel back .
,- .......e .me roo whiceverwrer ro "have no eafi s of knowgt 1 ",
FEB tge21, 1. f"rm h ft ev) te ol i ar l wearied, worn-out business -man could several blocks to .a corner store to pro
_/ .1 2 1i, !828-.. form the, bases of the soil, in many til it is too late to do anything, what -, .- t r..
quietly lest from his labots. Ifespecting, cure them. I have. no desire to inter-
7a-i places, p.rticnl*rly on the sides of the Laws are passed, and what amount the industrial character .of the, people,. ere with the postal arrangementsi but.
.r a .f1!.reau hills jut1but, and present at first Aig ht of taxes Is imposed by the Governor, we were told that in general they were would.ask why the aperture is c"oed at
,--_...... W '7a, ba rren-like app. u-.ud'; yet ove aud the half dozen officials who are lazy, slothful and indolent ; that the all. If, he objectc is to prevent h i
T 0- Its J.L L'UT', the thin layered surface of these hilly constraimd to do&1fi liddin In- greater numberofthe merchants. of the.; clerks.from, being annoed while prepa- ",
etc. ranges a variety of plants and shrub- stead of Crown Cokm i: Gove'.:-1uent, towns.seldom opened their stores foyr.. ing the mails, why not have an extra
i d*n aed from last week.)' ..' ery grow; thu native cedar seems-to making St. Vincent prosperous and business before 10, a,. ,11,,am..; that clerk for tha.time b;ing f6r the sole i.;
pontr oQus_ garmiation may or. luxuriate there, in all its glory. There happy; upholding the respectability, during the sultry days of Summer the pose of attending th6 the public w'.ht
0y no be a life-giving reality; b)t lo0the oleander blooms for th Ini-mag- malutuiiing the, social standing of the heat was so oppressive as to overpower .I have travelled over Aany countria, .:'
ne tAing is apparent, ..that every nificentbeauty, amid a surface covered propertie.4 cla!ses,allocialdt.iction the inhabitants, and.whole fainilies would but ner' before tbhi time sm w a Pit -
eg stable production, whether 'of 'awfthi. verdure. These pideltCions- ..'amongst' the colonists is wiped out by h huddled under shade trees to pro- office window closed during pot c- -
r, es, plants, or grasses, originates grow spontaneously without culture, the iron heel of the Governm0nt, . eit physical dissolitiou--reposing. hors, while making up the mails. sth ,
,rom a part of another of. the, ame ad the aidl of manure, except that the entire community is trt beautifully n groups,but too lzy to thereareexceptions to the general rul, .., .
ort or species--as the root, seed, or which in their deay they furnish, to tfie inost intolerable insbtee and .gnore, until the cooin shad: of en and the stamp-se"ling g regulations ,,
they I restored their equilbrium. .. .Susb. Bermuda may be one of them. Asl'.
scion. agricultural science, however, themselves. But tlose which the oteiupt. TIat is what.$t. Vincemt- .~ or 'the ipr o "e- po ben h'. ao -aort t. ..
is so far advanced as to attempt to planters require. as foodior for ex hasgot .byCrown Colony Govern-. tua,1l gleaned expecting these favored t will make. but little difference to me *
revert the order ofthe), first creation, portation ar no the natural products nient. e publisod today a letteert hut too 'frequently .misreWresented ..ut I simply .make these suggestions for
by not only produces several sorts of of that apparently barrejt.soil,uor of. sent to...u by a leading geat.uemn.t Islagnds. Happily, however, wehave the sake. of the public convenience.
different fruit from the onetree, butt that. of the valleys either. The land Grenada, .. e tells the -;same tale, since discovered such floating infonria- tusting that the 'postal authorities may
om the original producing' another, requires to be dug .up, an, put-in a Taxation is day by dA idateasing; tion to be nothing more brles.athan ex- see fit. leave a hole .Open for the pub -
rt, as may be sqn.from..the numer- proper condition by culture; yet then a4d the latest move on the part.of thei aggerated facts and falsitiesf. lany of lie tO see through. .,
us varieties of Potatoeo, and other It requires to be manured richly b- Government has been, to iuposee a the inhabitants may be indent, 'but if' .......Yours --
egetable productionss which, are foe:it is adapted Io produce the ruinous tax upon the land. 'Fearing.i s, it never results in beggary and .. VIS. '-
rown Apon the ket ifor sale. union, or the potato and other ve'ge- that the land proprietors, mighb: wretchedness, so frequently to. be found 'Fe 20 1 ..882.,.
|The seeds either s rain roots or" ables. sufficient i quantity and quali- make a'stir to ave themselves 'fom in other countries. The lack of that
r[its which are considered useful are to re'imunerate hin- for his labor and ttter ruinthe tGovernorhiurriedly call- parent hurry, ovrry.iand worry, so I
oaited in th-e -oi by t4 e pft, .e.xpe se besides, an extra profit from ed his Council together, md at au c,mn among ounuiiies f more.
order.that they" .ay grow and 'h1s sales, and this can be' realized only single sitting the measure became the irn latitudes,, abe cos trediato The contractor, for the iron i
entull prod 10d; foo or other | from properly manuring and cultiva- lw of theland, should imagine of the merchant a the b' isis dmahastenig
ol comm ties p*r become tion. that the people of Grenada it on towards complotio, n..
iles of merchandise. The' firstTe (Contintue C nexituexk.) come to understand fully whai are t]e ,- genr, scoera.
.le..of e-.chandi..The i : (e c e ,to unetand fully h ey ar neither idle nor indolein. If i Mr. Jackson has gone on a tour
ing necessary 6n tdi part of. tre .real bl essings ofC brown Q 'olo"1.G Y lit is lo-'netre with them, their "notes "to Egland and will be absent at leat
anter isto ascei'taai tbe nature and : D B. vernment: andwhat the .meaning ::wr.ilq found to be in harmony with thredi months, see: his new advertismeat -
ualities f the plant he purposes to :There is a large class i. this world of abolishing local bodies, subject 'to the music of industry. Go to the plant- in another column... .
ow. If he find .it o6 containn tw- *ho regularly discount the future, and the control of the people, and putting her's home, at' sunriseor before it, and The meeting o, Paliameat ha
thirds mineral, mater, and only one- consequently lead harassed, miserable every thing 1i the hands of the Go- you will most likely find him hard at been prorogued till the 24th of b 'xt
ird vegetable, itiQuld' be impuid- lives. Their heads are never above vernment, which is under no control worik- amid his onion fields. Late and month ; being the closing session atthe'
t police to plan.ftt in low ,arshy. water, tind they are consequently of any sort. We have had here lately early, in season and" oui.u("'se9ann the present. ise of Representatives. .
oil which chieflycosists of vegetable ~ever happy. A heavy debt is al- a great but ry concerning the 'eplo- plaitera must work, and after all-they .-.part. of the military fr e i .i -.n
matter, and therefore. contains bt ways in t.hpr path, and- they -make'b rable condition of the roads,. and the are, in proportion to their labor, the theseislanids. left. by the "Couriand" lIat W'
'1e6 of the nutriHle, it requires heAdway. Creditors' meshes are Governor has been humbly asked' to poorest paid people in the community,, Thurscd for England. They havebeen
e must therefore endeavor-to: -find woven all pbont their, feet,, tad they : take the matter in hand for us, our and yetthey hope again, and toilon, replacedbyther broughtot bythe .
,out the sottof soiibest suited to its are constantly tripping and falling. Representatives in the House of As- tiling th- soil by the sweat of their same Steamir.
,*titthe -" -" ."row. ust e'mudawith halltsa c,-"r...rofAs-'..w
owth and bearing. If h' has ,no Thy are so to speak, financially n embly who are tHl seeing men, feel- atn put.Bermuda,v with allit .,s ot-k, er- Several shower of rai s a v.
|and which he eon ere 4 adaptedd their backs all their lives, or flounder- ing that it is the proper course to adopt perct. are. pol i.. fallen during the past few days which
or the propose, hftbext.move'should i g about on all fours, simply for lack afe want to have the Jroads set ,to pect they e r beh ind i ave refreshed vegetation, so mnuch ,n .'-.
[be to try*to put a part of hi land im ofa little-forethought, prudence, and right, and in the most' eono.mal the AuQ of the Centuv. *Many need of moisture.. The growing cropI. s :,'
to pch a condition as will suit the calculation. w as s doe in Crw oli old thin will have to become remo- appear to have a.romising aspect.
fticle he purposes to rw. If it Sate bills ae the blisters which The memorialists from St. Vincent dwelled, or give place to newer im.prove- a& Dr. Tucker is erecting a splendid
partakes too largely of the mineral extract all the ap from human.-.hap-. have saOwn how t'conomically and ment. .&a. The' present '. .system of frontal addition to his mansion. It "
properties he should try to supply it pges. Shun the tradesmen-or r- w.ell all things down there, including farming will also have 'to be subjected. sets a fine appearance and the o
| with vegetable manure, such as is chant who evinces an eagerness to a. the roads, are done. Well G6enadais t a:..w-adjustment, and 'then A great structure when completed -will bquitw'
formed in the stable and barn-yard,.or -ply them. Depend upon it, he ;is also a Crown ColQny, the roads deal of the extra labor and .erpense will an tournament tb thit.-locality of the town.
black-muck, etc. But if the soil i, conspirP g.against y9ur mdependence I ought to be economically tatd, well .b .rendrd .umnnceaawyi: Evdi-y coun- a ,"&1. .Beta f .:
to largely of th~ itamle~ab 'tA ."t s well .Wyo.ur money. "A man" made. Just hear what the letter we 'tr has is efcts, and s nmsePptibleto ,. S, .
Bthpe prose, the, ,' wrote Bacon, 'tout wafilyto 'published says about the -roads": improvement, why then ntV Beruda, the English mail- riived at oL.Go r-
h m rals su as iron, salt, charges, hich n begun w o Our lst importation fr Toba- and the first thing to be done is to use gs on Friday ad lft in the t
s4ifPa e." "Itis enough fora man,'" o, an Engineer at a sa3laP'r-some every. mans to makeit a pleasant home noon of. th6 same da en-rotte. for .
plastof Paris and-o. t unr for strongera( nw'maica.j, -
if th. e s. .i.-black. aid pthe iter-. ",who will exer- our hundred pounds odds, has. nt for strangers (not the oe nan we mean) Jamica. ,,
egetablo in cise a healthy resolution.' toavo in- 'proved A, success the greater portion d to give a wide .:ircdation -through 'ia'At The Luniatic.Asylum, Devon-
a-shels ad urring the rst obl n m but tfl of ow road money has beedn sp t ein t leading apers f h:a d h ,.. nIrqui.itiou has bees, heyld. by
Isailit with -which that h1 been ia- making a drivableroad for thp-4who Unttt cn p's^ ^ *A \. *-
-mat- *4th 'which that ha been i- makng a drivable road for tli, who most attractive wilxartesort. th Go- of M- A. y.e Letitia Siift, a .o ." -
terto rthess,,the `% sdoffen be.omes a temptation to ha:ve marriages in th to .. St. n t should tak. e tte b 9 ld, died
natural rndients and I a"d.and ..ry poon the uniorja .- 9eorge., 1, te Northern ditriqtt the hand, as other;goV6rn'inArt are ailmuallr ht. in"t. rn disease' pf the btai,
ality o the sodi 'said .ways be I ate borrower becomes so intangldd roads are tsracefully d gOtMd. "- doing, and through fnewspape6i- iei, -.. by -'iolence.-. .t op -l*l -:t
i equal rortio tihatno'exertio#.4 of imdestry ban dt Agriotltum Rporter." attract thupnds. of viitors to out f- was returned. ;: e .' '. i"
rpequaproi 6tio tthe .d( plt a him free. Tho first sliri n debt tts o-H. -,'' -To redEIsas-whi ol -t o. ... '
or. s., ffiint i. alsehood almost i .THE ISOLATED SLES t o touf d r tthat
eif a, gother-th g e s, .....t..
there is a good chance for healthy th essity 9 preceding: in U pubic of Bermuda... w. O :thjnsherBrown ia was h ."'
d vigorousplants, sd'Afilhbindani the Ba tse, debt following debt Notwithstanding-thepiroinent aria -id Mullet By..Two other r. s .
roductiond---thtior La f'ts eedsfb at i l lie." Keelsy of9te .p rant position Bermuda.oeoupies, 0orrespO 6denc4. cordlet a lihaving. been. captured i .,,
mot the proper 'easoi, the soil well POtWdi"l, individual. In ety-biae as a htishMilitaryStation and strong- ..'. .. Bermudt~'ny years age- Its length.
eultred, and the. plats duria, g their ses out of one hundred he is lavish hold, comparativelyJitle -,aoP' "o o :' .T the Elior of the NeVw Era. from top to tipeastred4 over for '
growth properly attended to, &o., &c. 'ith other peoples' money al0os Too either-it or its inhabttAuta'lyh ot-. DA Sim.-Sometimes I:: think- it fet and wzdth with expanded .winagi .:. .
The.rench-Canadians of the Pro- illfid, on inquiry, that he owes.a, sid wor4.inmegeneral. w. would be well tol haye a change in over t., weight,'A lbs .-
vince of Quebec arQ, ini general, but, t`ratiaman her., a mechanic there In eogr4phinaI'namap it fir'epre-` dressa" welt again eating that what. S Mr. Ebenezer. Beli,mere-ha* t, -'
poor farmers. 'They VTer *attempt and systematically plunderi' t ioso' seni9t 0 sa mere dot upon the;:ur- is termed fashion (otherwise fools' of this towi;'"has removed to.the old .-
at studying the laws nature or wiho can least afford to be robbed of' fee o the wide Atlantic, v'hile about folly) should merge into'"ifort aidd' Methodist 'Church, -which' he ha"
diving into th mysiries of t prie. their rightful dues. When you hear .all hat Lexicographers say, "t it 'I, 'comlnon sense-in fact, to go clothed thoroughly fitted:.out :for a frit elss ii.
and tha ttois.r u ,oI. a...l..ands-.t'T'rdi 4 1r44
They are Iontentto plow and sow the person0 si-amitizing frugaity and that it consats of a cluster., of Islands, according to health in their stead of store, and is said to be doing a, : ... '
same land over an, oer,., year aitbr economyy *mean anda smll traits ofi belong ,g to Great Britain; and is looks. The barbaric appearance of ing business. The old church so long *." ctK:
year, manuring at ranaidmeplaiting ch01arse..ou may depend upon' it noted.for its salubrious cliI_.te and over-loaded fingers: with rings night .n'igdod service has never been.faTWr- .'., <,<.:
at random,, without ever asking the that he .^, sooner or later, if he does, arrowroot, its exports chiefly consist be dispensed with, and the unhealthy ed witha "BELI,";.usts now. .-:.
question what sort of 's6fl is bet st- not alrekowesomebo a large bill of onions, potatoes, d. tqmatoes. custom of ear-rings done aWay'with,- g u, ,uou n~ 'iade will fid ," '".'
ed for this and thagr i-'or plant, or which,oannot 'be .olleet .He who This i- its graphic and sographc as it is with nose-rings. What spret- on he 1st gea brdbl~i to sol, i' ." "'I"
what sort'of mangre it requires pbnt gW li b regarding econa y as history which is dealt out as a mere tier than a pretty ear,,in ;:its, naked tlat of'tle C*amersiiid p
the most convenilent,,whether itable lower u betting, wll in time, re- morsel to school astic juvenile; ; and beauty? Beauty unadorned is adorn- trvell, in 11 rboth, a" *-
or not, is generally utilized assa.nat, .sorto te mweanest & devices for pro-. this is about all, t.,miliqsof the .ed thtbemost-so says. tlihe poet. There ia sile room to himself. 1i
ter of expediency. Repeatedly we curnng money. Ve have known a per- earthW't^ diz'ed a 'uJig. e ad i"ha- quite a gold mine of gold and jew- dne, not b Long bitl, "Short, I; ': :
have seen some' of" those so-called "son who sneered at what recalled a bitntes .know about Bermuda. Bre- els here that would be better con- vi t ast ere '- "hor .'
farmers hauling an immense t neighbor's niggardness, and. et owed vitys dby some swrt''-sighted averted intonioney, o necesa now necessarynnobrw. hp rw o ro
ofcoarse stable manure, almost s~~ ~aIy every tradesman wiin rime- poet to be the soul Of wit. Bntu somie- to p~ai debts and purchase food. Let b necessary nu. er., .
vegetable, upon black muok soi the shot of hs house Better by far have I thing more a required ini-this-case. the rich' et-the 'example of':being de- *.i There appears to be quite a stir
very essenceo vegetable matte --the. ti.reputation of being close and even .Instead of being as it werq,, jgnorediin centlv clothed and others would .fol throughout th.e cotry aboutgetti 'a.'.
very thing ^it had"o o neceasib for- pesnur '~ than that of filchpg otherr obscurity and isolation, the impor-. low the example. "'Slch Wickedniess new oomal Etes or the carry g ;
W eas mti t- a ff peoples' money. When hsbands te nt and interesting .chtir^ ristics of is caused by the desire to get showy .ade of Bermuda ; te necessary ,ost. to
,, avel, or eo r ,, meta, ,= and w.ves learn to. exercise frugal- Ber. dan ,.aimor it a'fucm pionxineht clothing; so much so that it is quite .be rased by share of 10b c and str,
what it wa e etn can aor, n to lay y a .o. s" eed 'bad example to the yong, may have the oosole ctol an Ih
ifat,, too many farmers, almost every- oLo4of in e, the, aggregate t r.tions--*n, "i-. i There is, I hope, a good com.,g. it abned and maianged r thenmelvc* .s .

where, fian at random; others from, ofo ime nab domestictc *en ,-' the .vlkand ,hacf whn neighbors'ill be more iendl The scheme though not .w. ",..
*xperienoe, .but Ai.erie4ice, without oment iill rgely increased. I of it, inhabitants, &c., mVe exten- ..and all 'old baa.ocustomis, only as may be considered as likely.. to. reb.lii ; a,,
theory, or acknowledge of the. aw -.s.'f -ESIB GOV 'T 'i lively kn.wn, thous iast ofe w uat sed tobe. 1 must confess that a practical and paying investment, and
Nature, is not so reliable -unlu of orisitors would A4k to inviting: may improvements are taking pace, its to be hoped that.ther ar su.eftent
thoroughly" tested yex eriments py the thyw' frqm the shores, luripg th4 ,wite: ison: 'Prb: and, therefae, a change in dress will energy and enterprise among the people '
based upot agri Mtal e try.. "Witness," ofSt. Vient, West Ii- perly repreeduted4 aqa6 th iduced e au.additional one, and to my mimd, to convert the project into an existg
Having preniised our theory,:we ven-"- de : -.; ; -- rates of traYel..apd with ample accomo- not the least important. No rum,.no reality. ".. .': '
ture upon that part of our subject WY inserted a fewpublicationsao dation, ,oiAMence and 'iveyance,. at rats, a4 trinketsi and no top-knots on JE7wA.Y Housx.-On Monday ,.
which is more praUtcal in its bearing, by the special request.of aleadi.'wcol me, BerpiA: would -eventually e- female heads, wrll, if it er baie ,to morning Mr. C. Conyer's horse too
and more closely opnqteLr th oist otft. Tincet, a memorial which come one of gre~etinUitesrtsfor pass, akeBermudians both heatthv, fright at the corner of York and Kenu '
agricultural industry in these Islabnd. hadbeengot up thermtoth6. ecretay alid' :..ut c tit anwoe yu rea tretsand, with thcarriage toH
-The soil in general trugli"ift Be "of sate for the Colouies, iut ho comparative little ersill ot b ang me ase i s yoked, dashed up he tt
mnda diffes bt ligmt.ootshtiturr e.cteo-e ,to the rescimpe oof the other lamongd er should like to see happy homes, street and across Clarece street. In, .
ant elements, having beep ormed 4 r theddowntrodde peoif of-that ,genbru l wand adi ait o happy parents, andhappmiess eery- turnng thecorner to go into Shihbone. .. -
from the oe6.l Iocker of' wi these o who were; writhing under the ,ggsnition or miarepresentathi si ~r w, re. fo. although my remark are alley the carriage came jomontact i.,it.
Islands weMdriginally theiber xar -heel oeil r Gore the Adiiinistrator and -n many respects to.thar sort f silly' rf I h an lW i Ja s Stamp's H4e and on*of
ren and soliass. Byex osu ~o the handful of officials who arrtging them twaddle which recently appeared in the yand.,I'd cast bliss around, and not th back wheels. waa knockedd oaL .
sun, wind and rains, ch pici ti 4r. it3 a rd of irop..;,t. Vincett '.Ladies Piqtorifl a tear or aching heart shluud i1 the The bock of this collision let a new ., "'
has eventually redu. 0.1. 11 F 0~,_~tn O lony. In dere tr-o~', oour tBeruda,. .ord b.e found. ip-theuk nway andit~ eon.
the rocks to a ulyrized ste, te uade-the colonists to surrender their in the 'Spring of 1879, w made many t-. ... A ate inued to run dra ng te
water part of which it qut Representative. Institutions to the inquiries-from tavelle anid historic eb 17th,1882. afterit,untilit wascaptured na e
etableniatter ini d ayd o own, they weretold that everything readers -there being hotoy of Br-] "top f Barrack Hill. I the ruh the
ton was washed down intw-Jil- ii. hands of it~e tx y"-g -a- .muda t inthe bookstoreahnadlimalets w o T ha Editdrofthe Er. drv er was throw.fam the rtiK e. ,'
ti formin g oil. fwas washed dowint.iterd tha 6 h 6 course t. No defimte or sa- M&. Erroit.-Last T,I wnt '.-T" '
ki ndM51, ......- "TW"O nS'On t y w o o stsfo1 p or -d uA O he 10thinstant. ths Ca-
to thed~fa se, but pot s --liei -.A"t the Crown a ,a ,ge. ra f rsa-p fet P-radyn .e, pb wmb Go m ut p ,ttei* s ,a0 i Tfoun d :dhe Bark. -,.om O. fom Fs '
', soil, except i, enclosed T.xe. w. ld-.r.d..oed onea.h.f, 8 .whileeother, tJrmed it, fld,ed in-: ticket. aperture shut, o c d wms I'ld by a non;lo0riP.E Iount o actsro m Ayrm,
i ye,,- i .not ey .,e girotos of complaint habitedlargely with the child~n oifap, bystander that I wa' t'Ji las to get with a cargo of p. p. lumber,was tow-, ,-&'
"ars' "w" rem ov ed. The idiots tein ith a 'r of tei rpc.of ..Sajmp, thte1 Tit was diuectea-to g6 4IQd-foorrain distre by the
tohfei *Rto. th lb-and'Wuave uip B for J.apheth tiat th poorer people ubsiat- t a store opposit, where I might have tug "Britannia.' On the C
ro M"D 0 oclociA:me fouid-j'h R'-

-"* *

THlE ?'jVVW-~d.- ~.

4d1 in with the )1r~ii44 Bark HieDI .
Ea,( 300 ton ":Sq aasn:~ ~ e.-1t 1882,
b4e ofditifl, =i4~ rTsoAW44 Ca My&. Jolla fIugbe.,.reict of IiA.*I1te John
*Is" and cre; an&jafled, at Jri luhs 81., agedI 74_ yearu Her Gild was
"a laud thf8om the nrqw esting the
afteroon''ity e 77 yaN
aftenoonof te 9th -iikasstruck upon :.m tq]?n' on Itrdy1hin,
tl~ "eaAdv#Mtu"q. 'lt"The -fiede'rick Piintin', a Wkti~ve Of' E11g9~d
`d"koRA Of lurub* was thrown over- aget 149 ) enra.
board aud the 'rbil sorn fibated, blut' t atCy crsfn.31.Rv
i*as leaking 8ob~41-that it- Was neces- J. 0 A'stwo'04;, f rwu rl uf B'rniuka, a
sayto proceed' ftt iq~trpair da. .7 .
Images. XU- '. Iiiimiltd6R Parii'h. on ftib 17tvmt
with~~ blbx 'aged. arried t Iis *r
T, -A. Pitt"
15, -d frojm 8,u~ Westeo 4 or W

dtimt etnpaag. On Sun-, N T.Er..LLIG j Cj ,L. C j
7~iMat..the at 35o to 40; lon-g
A o.; expenf~c i ~a' heavy gale PORT OFHAMILI.ON.
W- Wr iln which. the figure ENmD
..' amd'61 vomlwa bafi~ "wy, and CLEAIID. '
WoA stove. Tbe' ibargo of whic "Feb. "1 5-Sbtvazn.-vCrcad onL
arwt W" delivew, a I`.Geor'ges to6m,3 rsotte..3ba bawpace,Abd
T. I Pitt se of 8,' ballast.
16 bli~~~~exier Oriuoco, F'raser e7 ,*Vr~
009 oon boeW~ b~ .Voitoas, 2 .brWa p"toes., 1(1 boxes tonatstos, $09 boxes
ovli" 400 fettrlll ritzhb. four cows8, 'v lawta, j Oa Lqru'jeu* oil tiamreid.
W ahs, 49 druin fish, 6 cords 17-Bharque Eliza Ban'ri', Hollis, Now York.
90d 20,M0 to 4tMb en&j, 640
~up fet oudings-I0baga oats, 5,_ PO RT ()F I~ GIJRE 1,
800) onion boxes -4,bls apples. also XXTEREID.
several cMttl which .Werebruh 1$-Atnerican brigh-ig Kahan&,' 1ReyiNit.
9a~Yto their destination. land, 'Coibiaiji, Cueba; Age,,%, J_. & L~arr#IL
AY OR YrlMMlr,1ritishia bwruq' Kate Cruuiby.' Corning,
#0 las Tk vnko 1UZ1fg rvos~~j;geut. J. S.- Dayt4I,
~ lst kurday 1th nst, w bve, Iki t T H'A Pitt, Young, LiVerpool. N s,
0ooasionalY- obieere taert~tTI Pitt,'
Wago ship, 7 aPparily, Anch045t, at, a LAR
distance of 9, -o ie oth~ ~ b 12_`XovWegiiW, barqiio Rong Carls,
'-gry Bay. We posing itt have.'oft.ieraa Genaq ne Pert ofad.r
tentiow to ofit,'brqeDe 1d
been soaw'fish sa lyn I ~ ~ *I'~F ASNES
the Th*~5day mail. -lyrereiing on rdy .oangIi.Mi.F tgi
earboftI our boum srcc poi IUalsot.B -!*. AAIE. 1aof. ie
the. Tba and mail.,fom h cacide~ndnis, Cvap. froms.Hfli fAX'r I
thenigt bayg "'reaiy (Irk';e-i'D9o Fridruay moniam.2ng Caibii, i.".IrI." Leigli-
ksh w d'on the brow in .the' dill.tiox 'n t~ aai tar.' rnc, ~ lu
(h tfretares ~ x thtof' 04g t~ &ervit Mo~i n re K aiuan ld~ e id `rs 1). H n
tihe hut. inda widw'eomigi ah ooi esm' 1 hlr and M trs. C: CapDcnt. Lindst.l Cii. Hag-
apthe. nit, tog haxteiel a 'nar. we V reanduse-dCaibD, Aieers.F=.
werCipitideiiystr~s., artld by. fr'therraificsI N w,~r.a~ rs Cx

vw th O i ~ sspi etn oL a 'ber iet i t an ritd.' .P H flD $aw' berk, Prf,.T .Io
M& --jLawumc.Irs.U;Smirnth, Lieu. C. Ho..C
FrM*I#*uMitycne)1ftAW -oid 'We."~ fan L aU lin 'it.e t. Web lavr, wife.?u
aut.m it to 4iebidrek Magae CIeivazq. ap m.-w ,w
~~iow ~ 4p thed Foioh&c IT~ preseno. caw %o1i'ie Lettp~ri
ahj diare1 yigs o neartesorad 'n i'one1Uandt A .%h es'i Win .Bwi .rand
il~reortofa oinQ,.iiay rmy~ J(In t irowu,"andhCorning.n Cimy
Whtt ine nu~t, bu TOMMWrid Difan)'tht and;kD Pf,,k~jMj B. ckenwn
Ire incli~ndta WOi*Gte doji. t amnd. b.tRo4b'eaI~rvirort, 'T.-W.Js '(ii
Milt-ty athoiti.U 9t n bertse Gordotn~pr e~nhnlpt,4i~h CkwotrtA
wt i o weh hsp ope twit. bte Yaen ld-rsaW H Bimiiao. smithabs .'5ii bo. J.rag
pablic.nkin a "Lyneiant 74ps, ReanioniiIi Iy
8iow the Foepc.rt -T e thc tIesen bti RcdI Siila Roia e !Slt
sh opore ofeir a to 'ija'no~ i u ~ i .J uqy 'ro* Sidrs Tolem, (ir S Tuoker Brigi
09-. pat or-mays ,t~~1d~ j~i. tT o own ~o4Ia," Behr _41%: ,
tie veyc amto.' -tA, whle a1 e K~Ha iton Feb.17,88
voso welsproteobt bya ~ora. Areo!k. Dcknon .1

byv fortwhie fa;, t' I& IhRES
soacsil oth adn 'fha'TOfa~~y -I Disknex -ison; rig,"P

hn shouiod theth, Mttian spiew suppos
Vort aye forepdrt o: toa atte60 t atd Garije tj 'Re 'Tee
Sincaeo and 4he sooner, themlhtar
&L fo It s~m .evta 5;,.,, jwbdv,,JnW ~
authortis ar4U .th lydI
1ull prov~eotW' 6 coride .ol t A fe1'94106 l amrltootNew Yor, 1and
shoudae "Tats boe aio0'atto ly wie 446otPO AT F
by etsien inirj" t~a1o~w ~
10ns and 'thie reotof the landngS %,6fr 'W Thoms WA. 0 Di6kuon:Rti D ACE
Msgge~'s ai'rive shpudere'ozii 'Friay m .,s-

ThrdyforkA W EngryW3q i io :-)eitra. Rnd
sud in&most RiidU, it.ii4 )1YS n.4;,I C -., t~a neste
JkaI, A- s eve -2a ,.

The Offiqisl qJou;,snouncs'ht
lreaefh coiiinccialitreat until Mareb I
was signed.Im tin oi'uiia 41 Lord I ~Ong
land M. do 'OraycinuW '

formalice iD Pre O&W itrat ~o' N 10 spt.
tiag bkcod hfth thIp M ,h Auiti:
Tue Britlqh it~u 0446~ la.,t~eo;
. t- sebvtopo. ruiao.
I.frfillk, luau founideh"',dthe* Vft-k 'tes.'.
lop eurpses were swelled *bo~re 4ree tlao*'

Thle Lard May'oi's14Mr.mrol isrfzud~.
mmtnts to .3.5,000. voo- :e a -great -

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J- Sprove LUMBERI,

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'ire Choied Pafc
POTATO& boihai.

from- WIharf.*,.
I L..' ITTo.


ailoring Bu.iniess.
Enquire or
-m t .. : L. I-, CKINSON1 .-
"- t 'Quesn Stref..
Hamilton, Feby. 0, 1 8.
; ** ** .- v ** '1

13y Pu'b*lie, Aiiction'
At 12 otclock, M),
Ndit, the 23rd F'1hy.,
The -follow'ing &IOUCS gH'fOLJ)'
FURNITURE, the iProet
of a (Gent lemin l Wi, hmdw
le-ft tht. Island:
ICHAM09MR Sb-cfaomP191e--
1 flandsomn" PRtESSINOa' ASE7,
rrey~i BIPSiIFAt), w~sthiqssnd,
TABJAIE, Towel f14're, Chairs,'&c.
I 'WailnutMarble'Top CciitreTABLE,
12W Wilnut- CHAIRS, ,-i 'LOUNGE,
,1. UO(KER.. 8 C-ane Sesit CIIAIRhS,,
4Hair land other NATTRASSES,
I -Oak EtninPtu 'AlL~
Hall-and othcr LAINWSI.'
I English Eight Pay UffioCK,
-Parl *r: TOVF, :1.4Cooking ST0YF,*

20q Jozeu TumblersUARMALALDE,,,
And a grea-tiniit~y' othtr Art~icles'
tha 11 lappear at the.$Sale.,,,
1.W., WALKER,& Co.,

liumilto4, loby. 20, 1882-

The U-V d '9'dn'd
IF#X CTon Maggie.."'
Fpo,,A Ilaikdos and Devnemra

Ba~res Bight'. Musedrado

W~i wlt~eSold very -CA~qyfor

Wanted Immedi-

A. YOUNGLAD J(Wlit).be wee
I. li.and 15 years oflg.t'Iolearn
the .
Hair Dbresstg BRsihless.
Apply to the Undersigbed
2na Story (Above EgroaiU)
n 'rr,' PITT's- Btuildiuge.
.Fr, e.t, Ham.ilton,
Feby."1th, 1*82. 2 ". 2'

ithor'ly,' bal otfted, if all
*Ill., Or~e'a tt,*Um .rSrETTtE1W.,ENI
beothE7 -

pleasecome tfw4 ri ,,:- .Pvevionx o h
late, and 'TTLH their;AceamrNs.

1m16ten Vh. lt 182

BUGGY (ewl,

aa TAy61 flui~ n
Chep Fr~ NTh
~ ~~&P~frta


Wilbe Absent
ntmree Mb.iu12
ath mlou,'Feby. l14, 1882.

* -3,


1o ilE If n reialued br iiit i n. ni.k tlh.,r .: .
S Pulm 1peilr genr vl il, quit the re.ill .. .ts. , .
nof Pet i icab'ii'or the. lierare l P Pa. Jlla 1 S
troniage they lave extenlded to hii( during I -f
ehe paint twoe year;, a tid hopes '"by hi -
A.i.hl strict -tieiionW to tie comfort of F ,Y
P.'sfgfrR to' receivee a continuance of
*- Fr ia T. n Saturday Evening,
Rate of Firrinage Tnus
either wai front ii .a.m. to7" p.m.,
atur that hour S1wcial arrangements 'i *,
l e -n ia. ". \ -' /"o .h B ui dh f APMAN-, 1 P --r. .' "
: F'., A P. g'ARRItO..,: ", -,
P. 11S-. IARRoTI teelg -reitly" "' W. .. MORGAN, W .
MWiged for the valuable assistance tender-
ed him, wi.t prefers [e-inigquite capable) .
attending to his own b1l eaqns generally, The T ak ;
and that of the FFERIRY In partieular.Th P oi ....tke
Hamiltoun, eby. l4iIV, 18.2. i, e -.,, op

SP TULY inform the In. .
Iform SfOe, k habitants of Bermuda that owing
'ie LSaleS'to the Building of-a!
Pure HON EY BAY WATE Theyard" co led to continue the
ZULU WATER,-!,- choice Perfruae supplying of ICE until the new Build.
FLORIDA WATE, ing s completed, which will be ,n r
New & Seonid-hand FTNITUNURE. about the
SALSO. ..... th Febrnary Net,
Thsit Wonderful Machihe When the supply will be continued '
throughout the year.,
Ti lit 'xP kl IT 1B,, : : "W: tiTE
&mnetking Woorth Seeirng. Eas t roadwm. .'
DeW. 27th, 1881.

LtVE l., Stmnai:, and-Peetoral PADB I 0 TJTL-
Absorpti e 'SALT or Ftot Baths, --0
SAe c TWo Thousand Bushels
SH. .T. JACrKSO d Stone Li,
HBltoB b9. ae 8Pot. ',' In Quantities to hiut Pur, '
S. I i chasers. .
SOrders promptly attended to.
i- Ur- I W CHAS. A. V. FRITH.
.s. 7.. ,Paget., J .ny 11ith, i88~.- mn.
The celebrafed Lady Finger, -
V allQracm-1R^ r, De ai.I e
8tar Lemon, Ni Nasm &. FO Sd
Constantly fresh' and. crisp ON.ACQMODATING TERM
U j Mperi '
1iiiini 11~ HOR SES,
I 6 w Suitable for Carriage, Cart, :
O'Ro IV 0 P. lough.
Cineinnati Sausage,' 1 very Superior Family
,ead Chee' pe rBraw l
Dutch Head Chleese,
(Genhine Edam) Trots quickly,
At H. wBi HT't Very entle, and can be attended
,,by a wChild, without risk.
C" .ee An y O 4 diary Trial Qive&.
If you wish Coffee unadulterated with No easoble Ofr Reuse
Chicory or other substances, Cag f B. W. WALKERIt & CO.
86 Front Srqet.
H. T'C8T', Hamilton, Feby. 6,1882,
*Nestthe Melbobnie house.

l diione ateil ejighny.twln311a of2,oe H, G,. ,

O**sroNtTllAVlNr' .uiRun' xasMTo An of whieah will be sold very
Esut, and hasWoivereed it mnto' very
P'umbli* House! cheap forA sh.
The Iatirior kiw undergone a thoroutgh : W^WALKE & >
eai tae, and comprises, a number of excel. Tr1 t Stree
en* ROOMS, well furnished, and ftted 'Hamilton. (?aay. 3, 1881.
ont fOr' BbARIEURS. '
; The other Hio i has .aluo Baederpoaea "
tloronxh repair, and severer new RIeeom .
t With raiple tijnv Mnonp up4 accoum orker i
datitf"a, ad beinar situated in a fine paIrt Wok n ,_.
of the Town, V1S(TOR< fre'mi, around Is prepared to lean and p't in ordt .


&oaA~7n t~e Bodiaer tfato..~

'"t .d-
Al utin(ooI ls ~amh~h~n,
Sui fo' a1 u~i~r e garnte~stogiv wtt
A Ljf Nj '' '' .4 &-,0EC : 0 '"'-

.'nPeWm..-,. r .71 r .,., .. --- ----.- -_ -

r P7 S-oS' rinoco
AFromS, i'J

Snok ,F
Corned. HE Gu,
Soused Pig s i F
Lunch TONG
iamn SAUSAL. ..
Pott'd 11AM, O
COHN, OAT-, 1)
Ptecnns and Peni NUTS. SOAP,
STARCH, BISCUITS ofi nit l is,
Canned MEA'S.. r

Hamiltonp4* _. -;i

AN there be any Aricle sin 4e
C Market more itfa1 ov Presets
i han those the, Tu.elsigled ?
.HUSBAXS')A, before Purchasing a

~A~w Si o 00,
0 6,

illats1 cap's'and Shoes,
.35 &,,38 FRONT 9Tt~E~


"iece of JeNlr Z&c lgnsiFleMf W A. A, I '
of the NU iJlj IU .
RBEMINGTO-N -. --. .e.
SEWING *M (3iMES lP( OS, OJsganS
The Best MR o
Week's wam -"Ang ..
time to re nd e oy the Holidays, is
not the bo.totftehon. S aired 1TI ^1
YO .de ,:,By
Youn Men and aen,. JOHN P. WLLIAMS.
If you-iIL t' K E..N.a FWardiAk, Septr. 26, ,881. ,
presLolnt that. will titerts-t and ,, .
insu t.fheni am varibuli ,
s' ic sSf fm ,o ance, -. ';- ----, "i > "
Gbt them'ne? o hthe valuable works, N TC. .,II.- -. /,.
that cost less nd will be anlre,'wi- r : .. .
ated mol i&dfi R' E. C. JA(KSO .
OU'V4.'tiLttI.5- B:'4R R(STER T LA -J.
r' P n T*- j 7.' i 1 "r f' .

k"-' AY ., vj-visixsr mt.- weorges, jmi x ~u dt &JUJI J
By MoQABE? Efft(yr Tuesday,_aMThdi'dliy. D0ANRSG ANS,
Over 1,200 FaPgem and 6'50@ gi~aviuns. mid a'y p~ ~ I ulotw~of ;useftuL art iecqe
The Eneyclod5 pt'IGI T At vIOrpOIa1A~. (a& .i", ~E~le,
Businss Sqhd F S .Redan) lHouii-pse 'V.IRfOM EUPItA1PANI Pt1fINA"
Crowded ihli rntinVa]1OtU_11 he~outg to

The ~~P. ., Ever offered ~'na
Good ManiA An early ecall antIiuumpee: imi'is respcectridf'
~-- anue~T~iufl~a, RYpeive e P "Orihoc~oP .Cl[
Lae rei~ Oil herT.rfiteld T solFROvej4I6I i~l -ited by

in poor circlurustances may rise to thle T ADIES' K~id BOOTS-button and
lieadofoiu4FW uegSetes Ni thn ilte .iL4 -_ elaIst ic, ,,I ",,-
Word.f e tie reate 0unt's Pinch Calf Skii* B0OTS,,
,j i2Morocco -(;it W, TO EUNDERS1GNE1)
THE' 9jjIUSTRA-TEIg *, Calf Skin SHOES.
Boys' SHOES, H0SLERY. Wk Us jlp~t Ope Ile l,1
Famil~,.jible,.op .3 0e *
h.&-T_ .I n14A. b.EA L,.
A arrno'~r ioaeiubun & *.CANDLES, 8AlRiAi ARRIYVED F.1IOQA 1.NQ L, N
FATHERP~-prgm ii ou, F ,Ae ,otVig `kik, ~~ A j1.r,#
Folks. eA LARD, aS A I S '' VSl~
YOUJNG MEN tttre jppoip iiiyv &. c,~ c--AL1S BCN
of Families-ye -voR nee.d one'. 4L:CEPfrASJbY-. .SIO DRS
~ --AP e t~DV~ 3fEF, -PORK,
by you; .-: Jan. 30,1 l. *- 'e a tins Roast' I3eef, Muttonh, ]i)ck,

opposite P a Zee
,t c

fuait d.94


Among. w. f'w',l
RESS GOOD'-vervy hp.
UN=1l'SI fti J A T
ULSTERS, Wool ^rA5V2LS,, ',:.
French CORSET- .o ,
GLOVES, dsil6h l2-NI igILESIAS,
FANCY POOI)S, &-- ..-----
Gent's Good Ready-made CLOTHING
of all n Rg1(5 ., R :7 ". .
Press SIIIRTSI, WIqrking, .Jl'RTS
BRACES, Cardigln i"JA'CKE9,
SOCKS, P6LiA$,Ll, kJ 'rI '
50 B]s. New %*B*
at 15s.
FISH POTS, sIl't WiR ,
Leg G WA q 1(U. ,
English STIl"l*,, CN IAEh,
TEAS, Chieap GAI;, 4s.4..I..i
box "p, : ol ,

8s. Mlc b boty i> hC ,T:As ft.l ;i-re
25 ibs., 's. : 1
Fishing LINES, H. KS,
K. Oil LAMPS and (iGreat Viri.-tvo
other G,t-lki'l' av UV1h A
aiilton, Not.L 9th,.1881 <. *

0 "e 7 ,

HJ AVING lately receivAl bMers to
-. purchase .

, Found great difficlty. and. much loss
in doing so." '
W' We ,leeided-td make a special-
OF COWS- onh Counmiis4ion.' Any
person wishing to sell a Cow ywil
please communicate with us, giving a
description of the Cow. how many
Calves chad, whlaut uaptitv ciy .nilk1
glvn per day, &-,., t.) l V. p1.uo uted,
-and where she can u}'e p.: "
-Persons wi-hinug t,o 'pm.tae,tchn,
'by dallinm.a' ,our Office, 5 'Street, have a i'hlii.,le di'iripl,)j-,n of
'COWS for sale,t aid the prict of ? i it.,_h ;
-hiind "a we have -i'p.iowus.enclosed Lts
adji:,uiing our Storts. Cow s wG.l be
quite saf and attt.nd.-: fi-, should they.
hqve to stay n Town .6v-er pight, when
sent for, delivery.
All Sales will be' fo:C.sri ibn deli-
veiy. -
.. B. .W. WALKER & Co.
Hamiltou, Nov. 21, 1881.

Watches, C( clks,

'M L Rt-n-~t1




-, ....
IPotted1 Hlam, Beef and Toigue,
.... ....,, ,'" -G -E A 1 TE 13, ,I .'l NS," .0Ol al
ast a nton) .. SPARAGUS, .
Bottles Assorted PICKLES,,I t b-
Begs respectfy,.o uu'vitc nu)ic atten- baI Iand SAUCES, .
t Csto Is QCIs i.,, .Ca,,r- Il lru'1ihsIl is j ... "
J1 U lTSL 6f ki i Itt hi
S. SUGAR4-white nnd brown.
S and F' UllUU', Tis Coe( 310Mik
rOFE-EEannd MILK, -.. .
pm.AA . -Chocolate and Milk. Fray' GCOCOA,
Andt,.'.^ elici EpP 's CHOCOLA''E. O I.i.,bngTEA,
And to eheit a share'o t ageo. G teen and 3prnied COFFEE, ) i-: '.
I .. oqk 3tY..,a i Ua of1l1 it M eas,
....". -i '- -, eh,Fxstea, Linsee4 (. al ,p : ,. :
H FIliB B U B"; B B.ottles of SYRUPS of aull flors,
S, .. ..... ... .. ..:' "r*T L., _I' 3 -. r v -r -- rT m ----......



'P.isduits andtul~ felionory,
',5 Jellies, Nutst 7- Spices,

of alt `."i" tw~fl~
INomVICl~lade fl'eaud V

NoTm.-A~ll J. E. B.'s 0Wkare
- Qu $uP'r~ir~r.Qy4*ap~idre.olpq.(
the Lowest sri8
T r'W

i. jai. *D.
/. .'..

Ece ih ",1 i -L ab o P w

fJ'IE -PROPlIEI OR vdfthis Est'11pa
l islimeiit Uiftd5ATFAlOI
General 11 P A I R Sto hl"Inl'Iort's",
II ari'aoriiumsa, rlort.0 ra-anq, Coiiertinn's,
Aceordeom4. I iinin en. Fidd~le-,F~lutes, Cla-
rioii't:, .: INOTW l! IN",, 6rg'uiu--
ettes, Clibinettos, R.EVOL~VERM.'
B3ANN S flii.'k'to oi-dvr o01-iiiported.

Kerosene II AV'?PS-a,&rokenGAS
aiki CHINA repaired. >
',1CNS4 awnd BQ'.NEPLS PaIiikLeAno
order. ....a 4N t
No 13a,d Work-but sundadWork-,
Capa'bilities iW'eJ1 -lknw'
Visits'k*ll purts of the f) ord, t
,Des'al 72Q ,imio~n dl .W;,kker.-.
,4444 y'oir next d16,,,r egbr wfhtl.u4
he 'wpaM.[satlcd with te ukdonp for.
II jn: bj
Pagtt,1Jauuy. 2, 1882. ~

.CH AP.RO TfU1S.-,



Faie qi B-7!,il*s
A CLot fUefuSl Arti cles o

11b.i Dess& CA I MI.

NotidA n 7asi-c.,ew4.

F formerly of iBoston,J2J'.S8,

Gu t";.1", i-:i,'s, C-po- e. ties,,Grqeen- p
ga.c,'lIu u klkAi*1444rST ILL IN I1t{, tJVAhPIHiliJ
O ; &1 1. 4e, cy.. dt '.% .
Tin~~~~~~~~,A 4 jJL r in-Sl S. A at all times ready .ri the d,99Y
~-pcuci~, PlmsI~~i~ ClerI,., and eVening to eVAOhiff
IL",pplELseI tothi

11Urj4Th 1,of[1 l la-u's 1:'* ~favor him with their ,pAronage.

-j itbz.o13t1,et') (if ESSFNCJES-. F uiuon Eixoouted withi neathi~sninddio-~i

C a'd eYi qe d M 11, K,.'
Tdrin'ric& AC;ID)- powered, AWC~ANT~'EE
11A 141 01l .-assou'ted -flavyorst, "- RE cH u '4 in
Fine Olive 4MbI,. CURRIE, p ov4cred in -'--.- -J
Fi ou tles,, Af~ .FQ w s ~ r e~

91"'1' -- it",* 4 4 t

-jp mevd.-GINO Pl R A SO j 7 C N E-
TURNTIPS ." Atthe a sh poO0 i

"-A To API l" WSn"MC TXLITTN'..' T ~i4g~2<
0 S 13,ti**A'.&
~~Cornei of Y16, a Stikeet,FONl REi,'
and East BI- oadway. HarniltdiiV': -M6eimuda~.
Hamilton. Jan. 9), 1882. hjr.2,81-t? I ~*~ ~

',-.FOR SA-IE,'
KJlLF 4)hests Oo+eni 'TEAt
iI l --vry c eap, ". 'a
Cases QuaiteieTiti" SA'RDIfNE9,
Bxes Assorted ,PIPES--1'gfoss
Seach, :
Cases pard MATCHES, 10 gross
e lcii. ,* .
Assorted JAMS. per rO dozen or
nio-re--thteal. "

... Front Street, Hamilton.

fod' i i-f in every S"A4 9.11 4 .
superior; to,.he. best wl.eateh bread.
Although t grows ..gpenA U ...
iAigt the tro*ie. when cttiated -, .A

its yield Is. pro,
ground piated
2p,^t ,i.~ toA
ma*r Il s thip
a, hun r4d acre
nana, thus tI
Brazil'it 1sthe
boring cl fisses.
in the island of
Slatiftcountry t
.oTyhqdsof'it e-
4 *h.; .ictives.b
Ur ef, ad P
bananas nd tv.
na-it shboild7
.A ktev h'
)a] of w iio f
platino i ianza
,ali4i nil herk1
ad 'atforefitui
pus amd pri(] e
plantain. EIpl
us the banltk i
I't'ah&thah any

;f 6

-AL Mr

Fo *iebf.Fr h-*did 'i
f. -f imwatr i`-tr *ti4'HK N
and t-in cents wortb-h 'o lV4'g C fialr-'"
a~;fivb cents worth .of tfiat!-f1 aat' ."
ca; Iav; a-piece, of vd cterw b*h fltll'o
a board asd paipA it over-with Athe;-ihi !.
ture.: i .r. .. *' r -
"A bhirppi atnd-eatisfa lvi Medy fd r
'ridding our pantrys of these little pests, '
t1fe redamntA Is feuid3 ithinpi iamGV g --.
'"tIM ihlVes, whbre, you ..-wighdlo. 'plaWe .,'
,meit or oth'r 'aitips., of.,- 'o&.jwith, n a*
, tried it have found it. ,~are p sun
fnanent relief. '
1To EE OVJE TUST FRPM STrBjih&iu> ')
it inm sweet-oil, aad.. let', it .-i,.. ,*:r.
fourhours ; then rullb. agAiu pmi,^riwk ic !.'.,t
sweet-oil. aau ru2l, i'it h-1rpyji4sla,. ,
.ed 41 9le'a sbcnd pn 'h 7 :n?, ,-,*-t ,tt <
lIJkd better b solme0 e to ruati stael- t i ;A
-well with pearlas'h, usI .p a -.c'l 9,11 7",
-.loth, and polfbinN off 'tl fwept-.U
and rotten-stone. .. .t ;
To REioxlT INV %T. '.
.-If one dan prochre .. ptle m
irn iclatey after ae h 44 here ., ,
diffielty in taki 6 the st ''
this -can not beanie;, ruob wet alt '.
spots, and expose to tfie s{h; .
after a fe ,.o.uand .im.matii.-det'. ,
1 partial.A,9.litedrepqflfgGhepuoeBaa a
BicarbonaTe. dq ixe t water i ....
also (Oe t ofIacgarus.. .,, ,* : 1
--Elaee the meat .iif a table mtt,t -it
-,a little nitre adIded, web all oovert, nW ..
straw is then placed on a fobr, o f >ib .
lid there; with the rjnd'downw.rd.-- -,
straw laid above this, then another.
flitch. and' o on ; above the whola .,
placed a board," an' Weihts abpve *' "
-In three *teeks or a month 'the"fiea i "
suffilientli alted and is fi 'l"to te "
kitchefl rafters. 'nTe IisA-trd1cf.'C ,' -r l
bitrnig wood anti turf inparts a'sWoee-" ""
ness to the bachn thus cured.- '
SCALLOPED T6orATO.-T' ake I rne tn -
matoesnud-tlice -not too tl.n, puta -., ,
or in the iott6m of aobutteItre"i ud ", .'"
dish ; sprinkle" wfll W tb fine" rad
erumbs, pe4per,. It,?E, 't ar, at a
few bits of butter; add An'-fhef:lie'ao'"
tomatoes..then. thie crumbs, -c"/ atE { o "
forp. Fill the dish -almost Ull. ad "sa-'
ion ..the ;top, tortAstga fi f t`n .4-
.hreadcvrulpbs over aUanud -biJ' for a i<
*homr. Cqutiw e cdi wha'ljhe btie,'.' ,'
tbheff remove' tbs cover aR let:bihown. '
uCp^r ANTAPP4LE SArcE-T'ai th-Ltit.' : ""i
.41,jge of rlpe.ur.ranrts and boil it- tllAit -'
Shs evaporated o -th ird ; Wskiun frbam it
MI the sedimieut that may.rims to the-t>*
while beating ; w"en reduced to tle i
proper quantity, cool nd et. it. awayi ,
proper vegeiA.,. in a rcol place. It. i
then read for'uiei' and will keep any, of tilne 'itfliouf fernentingt o'. ,,,
three qurtso' jui&- a-ki of'e .'quart f.' .,
water, take' ap1t, tifli'r drie-d
f.-reen, ano-coo4l Kie samie as with boiled
oeider ; swe ten to taste.
,,T 'M.IRE UPLE 'NOW "--Take oN! ,
dozen'apples, boil them overra lo'w fir,
until they are soft', lihen i move the skin .
and cores *; beat the apples well with a 'f
wo6oden spdon until thevy'becornefrothy '
strain through .-.,sievt;' then bat the' Z
white of twelveeggs until vbirean tun *"'"' t"
the dish upside down and not spill ot. -
.add haff at pp9d o f sifted-refi d atSt *,.
mii it with~the.,anple.;. then beat' if att '
tog'hier intii:it it t., Oks like seo- ; plae .".:
it on cake dish,.;build it ..p' asdiig h tSi hie,
6posible, pljacea 'onge "aka .or, -a .ld .. i
fin nra arou6pd the b des like .charlot$a -

How TO CURE A DONE FELON-s-O0+Atl ,'A .- ,
-painful thmgs can here beany. exre-.. ..
clatingly painful as a bone, felon? W a, t
know of ione that flesh is eir to, at 4 ;.-.
as this malady is quite frequent and.'th( *
subject. of much eatnest cohsideraitrin, ,
we give the latest recipe for i"ts cure, ,. -.-
which is gren by' thai higlh authoitv,, .
the Londofn 'Laneet':- As soon as trff ,i ". '
pulsation which indieates (he disease i '_
felt, put directly over the spot a fly bli- "'
ter, about the size of your thumb nail, ,
mandJ~it remain for sii hourl, at f4 2 ',-
expiration o'f:wicw time, direetiy ustiB! t ,
-the--srfaoe (f the .b}ister nmay'be' eet .A"
the felon, which can be instantly taken 8"
out with the poit pt, a. needleor a lf- .- ) :
cet." ,'4,_',,.. i, : .> ",.'i, .;. ?,' '^ s a/f: ua.?'
A pound., o bartnah ,eonufina: :ino :' '
nutriment than three pounds of mIeat 61 e",i