The New era, or, Home journal

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The New era, or, Home journal
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Home journal
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Hamilton Bermuda
A.L. Spedon
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v. : ; 55 cm.


newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Bermuda -- Hamilton


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Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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4 ;n-:-' .tf"
(~j~~V r4
&~ ~f




- ----- -.. = --- -

. I-1f~J i1 ~L'i

No. 14.-VOL. 1.1


Every Tuesday,


And specially devoted to th," general
interests of tlie- Inhlatitants-
throughlout the I-lands.
Spccihi Ia.l nmion is given to Agricultural
nAnd other i lnlii.t'n ial illnttrirs, I-cal news,
It.p)orts of I' iili niiii-t, tlhe Courts, Pub-,
lic lueetings, ,nd >.-cial gathering .
..Alo, oa syvioi-i ,f' Canadian, Ameri-
can, an11d o1 her" fu igu niev.'s, &e:, will be
given weekly.
Tie Publi-her will eC d.' av,.or Io euom' .-t
i the' Juirail on strictly independent li[beri;i
S>inciiipl.s, frri any personal 1r1l'ij -
diceor party iliine,.nc.- of C(.'hurch er Stae,
.anid Ihroighli i', with jiltiice to all, will
coiilinu.I i1 tIo d.vo i- lk t b ..t- en'rgilrN- in ad-
vucalin.g the pr .IItn:'tin of l',i, .ti,.n,
T'rnperiniiC. Mtralinly anl ligion.
The coliiiiumns ,of the Journal ane open to
literary 'coutri:iilnoii i.hii.- lil n,- ie:it'
i platee tler iehi, an.i 1 f i l asi "l..w-- S a
mn dinin of ldi'c'i,,n u,,n o-ij ct- 1 .,1
]'ub'i i'1 l,,,,'1t11 ',, ahd g o,4 ;tl ilitlr ,t.
hut al l c 1at ci-s of an iiLl'tls'V per'ouita1
Caraetler, or iminuoral I nicletiii'y shall be,
refu-ed an iia..eitioe .
Thie 11111 of tlit it>.;r-- ,,.t necessarily
ur ie 'i ''i in -ii n-t :-'"' m'"'L y every

spoi.'ilble flr lih e ii'inions A i'ivanced Iby
<,,rrn. i,, l, i 'nvh n r ,W ,It..' v,'racitvy ,fi
liny ri.porl s -.'rut I.-r pi .lici.di n. 'J .
..- Notices 4f Births, M:irri:g1-.', and
It, aths inserted free of charge.
l4i m,ril-r to) inside an iinse:tioit, articles
initvm'ill [or public ti-Il should he sent ili
I'l Ii lrir.lii t by i1,n1on, aitnd advertisements
bIy .5 i.clock Mon.ty iifti. rmi.'i,.
51 p')ia (e-s will c,,ng.i] -. the, n 111111.1 !
i su,0 on1 wet.-k iehlg rl'serduv for tlhe
prinie.'s iiriing lie C ristinas iiolid ,'ys.

Price of thit- NEW EnA-.One year,
12 shillings-paid half yearly (in ad-
Six months, 6 shillingis
Three months, 3 do.
Sinule copy, Three ptnee.
Job work, 'includiiig Posters, Cir-
culars, Cards, &c., done chipl.y for


Of Advertising,
Subjicl to changes if foul nece3S-

1 inch of Column, 1st insertion,
1 shilling.
3Each additional inch, 1 do.
2nd insertion, one half of the above,
3d & 4th do. one fourth do.,
Equal to 4 inches 4 insertions-
8 shillings,
Or 3 months for 4 inches 20( "
6 months do. 30 "
1 year do. 50 "
Either more or less than 4 inches,
heimg proportionately in price.
Alrcenmeius can also be imide for
Special Adlertis.'e-utnts; and Job
tWork, d'.c,
A Liberal discount for Cash pay-
nients in advance.


The YEW ER, f

A'Is sual,
WVill Be Left for
B ale lii stores
Both in 1'O TNW
:~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *. *-* .- *. **

Editor and -Prqpn1)1
THamilton?.-Ally. 3"8'2.



Ohi thr.-'s nilmvny a lovely picture
On memory's ,- l-nt wall ;
Tlih- re- many, a (cl i,..-l image
That I tenderly recall-

T h i- ri.-ni., thit ,i e 1 ,-l.-,,. m ei
ithi thl. ir I xii- !.,-a .. !ld werds ;
Thi- ti.>wero that I. kli-d t,.-: \ildwood,
The roses fresh and sweet,
The blue-bells and the daisies,
That blossomed at my feet,
All, all ae very ici i,uill
And often come to me
1Like the breTzes from a better land
I -.vond a troubled sea,
But the sweetest, dearest pi'iure'
That memory can create,
Is the image of my mother,
Aiy mother at the gate.
It is there I see her standing,
With her fle so pume and fair,
With the sunlight and the shadows,
On her snowy cap and hair ;
I can feel the soft, warm pressure
Of ththt hand that i ..L''- i, ly own;
I can see the of kindness
That in her blue eyes shone;
I can hear her parting 1.,l,...- -
Through the lapse of weary years ;
I can see through all my sorrows,
Her own sweet silent tears.
Ah amid the darkest trials
That have mingled with my f.i',
I have turned to that dear image -
My mother at tlie gate.
But she., c- -,- ,.1 th.' river,
She i, v. il i H...- .il,-h now,
SShe li 1.1. 1.-. t,-a ,;t crosses,
.. i t'l t ...' 1',, ', '- her, brow
ie i .i l .' 1 i .. .. i.. n, I ;t l tin e .
A d,,,1 -h.-- v :.* : h... streets of-g.,1l--
Oh, loved one, safe forever,
I'thlin the -,vi- ii'. fold,
No -,nr iaiin, th! .ii' ,Lit .-in reach thee,
N or gri. t l i ...- i .l y ;
God gives tihe joy for mourning,
.. Thv tears are washed away ;
T lio I ..if ','.*if l ill H I i, c it.\'
A .,l I'll l.,,,, t!,...-, d,.,; '.-1- m ,,th.-r,
W\V.Vi I re;hl th, P. _ir a :dte.

'Th1 S i w d-.. Br Wide.
Loud blew the wind in the dreary
month of November, when a large
partywere assembled around a glowing
fire in the hospitable mansion of Dr.
D- late resident phlsici:,ul to the
Lunatic Asylum. Music and
d~ciii., were laid aside, and all eye'
v -L bent -i.i L i ( expectation on
the do.-t-.t., who l I- in hand a book.
c -t-.::iiit:: several -very lovely port-
Did you in t.. 1 know the origin-
al of this ?" exclaimed one of the
group, pointing to a beautiful girl, ap-
parently about ;ihL-en. splendidly
attired in a dress of white satin, orna-
min-it' -.d with pearls and orange t.i ,w- '.;
"but how -h;ug-, that black crape
veil looks over that elegant wreath!
Yes, my dear girl I knew her well,
and hers, alas! was a sad, sad tale ;
and now I rec-lled, it was t.v.---n
years ,gi_, this-very day thiit I ir-t i,..--
came .aci'l:i t,.d with her,"
"Pray tell us h. w, dear Dr. D--"
exclaii, -.1 half a dozen voices at once.
And, thus pi--tiftiii:d, he began :
"Well, then, it is just tw,..,-ity years
ago this very evening that I was arous-
ed from a gentle slumber into which I
had fallen, in My easy chair, ,by the
entrance of a s'vantut with a note,
which merely contained these words :
' Dr. D- is entreated to lose no
time in i ttontin' 1 to the Inn, to
meet a 1i,:,nt-.- d.-.'ti,.ted for the
Asylvtu, .but is- n iw t'n ill to continue
her jiur.'ney, unless it be under his
care.' This inn was abl '.iut. sixti.,
miles from my re.sil', -:: situated on
a dreary moor many n1ili .- in extent,
to reach which I should have to tra-
verse a n. 't unfrequented road. It
was, therefore, in no very good humor
that I pir'c_..-.lded to do the bidding of
the unknown writer. Faster and
faster fell the rain, higlh-r and higher
rose the tempest. ;Suddn-ly the pro-
giress of the carriage was arrested,
and the postillion informed me that
the lights were out and he could not
see n .step.
' "You must truiest to the horses," I
exelained. "I remember I baited
them at lis inn once, though it is.
now a long time since."
Slowly step by -.t.i.-p we proceeded.
It must have e nii pa--.t midnight when
my servant d.:-,.:rifed a light in the
dist.anicel. .Make- for it!" was my

order, andi with what haste he c:could
he obeyed. .
As we drew near, a suddleun thought
darted across my mind-had not


~~~d.'itrk tt, f d rk ,- l,- r ;clt.d l t.l lv ,,:. f.',- uIl t rv petition of my
l,:. ;t,,.)ut ti s V-. V v,.-lli ? A a d. I ,t..i -,1 t.,: return to the
ft..w r;.aps and :a 1 n.i. v V1,-12,:. irulifl 1c.,,III v. it r. I Iha, l .;wrd it, and I
ac.ked : soon perceived the cause ot the sum-
"Who's there ? mons in the ;iTh-7 ai';p-'.\n. f of
'"Dr. D ," I r.'ili.d, thinking it my patient. A "i;hr tifush tinged
better at once to 1.-. hiiu know who I her ..Ic,1.-]:, and she ,i.-h-,1 heavily;
was, I'm on hi" ,',to a p:tih1t. and tand, t ;ugh iin. ray of it Ili,.-..
if-you will give my servant ,a light I beamed from the half-open eye, still
shall be much oNbldg. to you, as my any c. i:.:- was better thiun the leth
lamps have gone out." argic state in which she had so long
"A light was soon pri'..-ir..-1, and lain.
he bade us a surly Good night," but She lives She breathes !,' ex-
not before I discerned the sturdy claimed the doting father. "Lucy,
tigure.s of two or three ill looking fel- my hope, my pi ibl_, the solace of my
lows peering at me i.',_,u- the half- old age, speak to me one word, only
open door. Unwill:.;i- to alarm my one to bless and cheer :I.." and t e
servant, yet feeling how necessary it old man sank on his knees and sob-
was for him to be on his g;i IrI, I was bed like a child.
just about to bid him keep a good After a short int, r, I e-n-;1".-.r- .1
look-out, when amid the howling of it advisable that th, mvi~aid should
the storm, I heard a faint whistle, and reach her resting place as soon as
in a few seconds I fancied it was re- possible, and, accordingly we corn-
turned. I had nothing but a case of menced our journey homeward. Pity-
m.: ir.n il instruments which, I happen- ing the distress of Mr. Beverton, I re-
ed to have with mre; but wLh:i were quested him to become my guest for
these against well-armed ruffians ? a few days, until he haf, in some little
At that moment the horses were sud- measure, overcome his reluctance to
denly seized, and the postillion knock- leave his d.Aui.t..r with strangers.
ed off, and two men presented them- For the first fewv days, Lucy lay in an
selves with loaded pistols at each door unconscious state, heeding -nothingi, and
of the carriage. Resistance, I saw at seemingly ignorant of any change in
a glance would be useless-nay, mad- the persons or things around ; but by
ness ; and I felt the necessity of 6bey- degrees her accustomed wildness of
ing their command to deliver my manner returned, and on :-Ivil',- my
purse, when the t.-',il of horses f,-. ;. usual morning visit, I one'day found
was heard, and the sound-of voices her arrayed exactly as described in
reached us; nearer and nearer thi'Y this portrait, -'with a cheek as hue-
c.-ii ; and :::v a-*s ilni,. fe-rfuIl if ,I less as the flowers that bound her
conscience makes ,.~,v,rls ,,f u- ;-.1 irav-.,n hair.' Aawllite satin robe fell
hurried off, and k-ft ,ia. to t ,i- ,nr.-: in massy folds around her prfn--t
of the new comers. ,,riri a-,ly th..- figure. It was her bridal dress ; and
proved to be two persons sent fr.:,ni -yet, as if even inher inl s-., a gleam
the inn to :,i.:.,lit or .arrival, as of the sad truth had burst, she had
from some d.1,-y, ti'y feared that thrown a widow's vail over her wreath
! 1 i *'.*'* ii 1. ~ ..! i. I'. -i* or that I of ,L1.'. 1bv,.y.-
, ,. ... t '1 Iy I' 1. L ,-ic guid- "See, see!"' she hi-..r<: in a ,y-
ance I soon reached the inn, and was serious manner, this is my wedding
met at the door by a v',.-.-;l,. old day, and this," -xt. il,.ig her delicate
cold night, and whose sier locks floated in tl.. finger on which she wore a plain wed-
cold night, and whose fmm.- cheek ding-ring, "is lis gift; my own
was coursed by many a tear. Charles placed it there;" and kissing
"My child! oh! save my child it fondly, she murmured, "we will
broke from his trembling lips, as with never i. Is not this beautiful "
,a convulsive grasp he seized my hand, never c on tinued, drawing from her bos-
1 hhshe continued, drawing from her bos-
and hurrying me into ahsil,.,ev threw om a silken bag which contained
open the door of a small room, where, a small piece of paper, from which
Ir-11ini1g on a sofa was a being, she rad, in a low, sweet tone, the fol-
beautiful as thought. Her jet black lowing lines :
tresses were scattered in rich l.*.'I-- .
ion ovesthe humble" bed which sup- "'There's not a word thy lips have breath'd
A look thine eye hath given,
ported her death-like f..- ; and Tha t is n,,t shrinmd m.i i,,y heart
though the paller of death cast its Like to a dream of Heaven ;
marble hue over her countenance, There's not a spot where we have met,
naught could -.-iv' a-., its loveliness. A favorite i'.,' r or tree ;
"Save, oh! save my child !" again Ths not a e b thee beloved
and again gro ,n.-il the old man, and Tha is no ized bye.
Iwill bhl s you; give me back my 'V..L'er I hear the line's song,
loved, my only one." woodark's lay
But there she lay, motionless, and The rosy elound t dawe
apparently lit.-1. --;; and in answer to Where'er I caitc li he breath of n..,. .,
my enquiries I learned that she had Or music from the tree, .
been in that state- for nearly twelve 'l ..." -',t l. lr way to disanut bowers,
hours. At first they thought she had And memory clhlgs to thee."
fainted, butas the usual remedies had As she tli., beautiful
been resorted to, without effect, it was lines, rendered still more touching by
deemed desirable that I should be her inip.s.-i,'n.-d manner, she paused,
sent for. An ,l.1..rlv female attend- and a shade of sadness flit.l over
ant,' who replied to my questions, her lovely face; then uttering a fear-
watched with great anxiety my coun- ful shriek, which the lapse of years
tenance as I examined the pulse of my has not effaced from my recollection,
patient, and by a sign gave me to she seized my arm nid screamed
understand that .1 e had something to forth in accents of terror; "They
communicate. An opportunity soon shall not tear thee from me! I will
1pr,i itself, and she i -.. .1 me cling to thee :.-li, I have life! Char-
with great emotion that the mind of les! Charles! d,, you bear me? 'Tis
her young friend was affected. "Yet Lucy, thin. own Lu:. who calls thee
he cannot blleve it," she -.:. i and and bids thee .- iv. 'See .;.I ~ Th.ey
it is only through t.i, sc" -i ,.:i,. of mock at my despair! fiends, devils,
his friends, and at the .- r. i ...'.. .- furies, all the powers of earth shall
of her in,,lic:d attendants, that her not wrest him from me! Father!
father had con-, int..d to remove her father! h--lp 1 for God's sake, help !
from home. Ev-,ry doctor in London For hours after this sad scene the uin-
of any skill has been consulted, and all fortunate girl lay in the-same state as
say that the -- Asylum is the only when I first saw her. Vainly did I
place for her. It has cost my master resort to every possible restorative,
many thousands, and I'm sure he and I indeed 2 ..'. 1 that the bruised
would not mind as many more, could and wounded spirit 1, ,1 quitted its
Miss Lucy-I mean Ventnor- earthly ai..... l -; ..:- it v:-. not so.
recover." Slowly and sadly the long hours of
"Mrs. Ventnor?" I ..exclaimed, that dreary night wore on, awd the
surely she is not ]iarrii:l? :,- young solemn stillness was broken by tsie
too, poor girl!" sobs of the poor old man, wit,_hig,
"Yes, sir," said the old iur:'i.. .,l: with parent's love for the siig:t :-...
is very yo',ig, hardly iin-t, she was not eighteen -;_-U -he' wasi l. .I.i. :.,r,_l. poor Lucy gave some sigs
married. !,If r.-.unning life, anul at last she mur-
But how came this dreadful cal- mured f.' ,1i some indistinct words,
amity to ,:f.1l her?" I asked; "not H:a.ving :..i, "nic.: :-,fully administer-
ill-tr>-atite'.t., I hope ?" ed fli thi r restoratives, I left her to

Oh, no, doctor ; for he loved the the care of the nurse, *-tj'.i ,i, qui.-
very ground she w.dkd on ; ihut, he tude, aiil proisinIgI to see her :,g in
died u ld-nuly tin day tllhy were in two hours, As I eppri.-ae'lhed lhr
married, andher .riin hl:isl.: -e turn- chamber; the full, rich, ,iii..v, tones
ed ever siin,." of a female voice liirt upon my ear,
Here our conversation wa.- inter- now swelling to its full cxt'nt, now

[123. or 8.' 0 Per Ann.

i,'g my entranced .s7,0!.% witIL
an unearthly sweetness.' Oh! a.ver.
never had I L.-.r,! 0so wild. ;.1- sweet, a
,tI in. The words--for as I dIaw
near I could distingi.h ti. I ,,-wr.?v
ti._ .,,:.7 : r
"T is. v 1. ,1.. f,,, t t l., Ct ey Li m :e that.
The r.av.-.l iI p i i-t:iit in0g that beautiful
brow; ,
Blut tly gay laugh irelturn in the silence of
And I start from mi slumbers to listen a-nId
weep.'- '
"Do,'tr, ,l't.1,,', eagerly (exlihIIed
the father, as I gitl1 opened the
door, -"th-re ig .hope-I s,.-e, I -feel
t h', is Ih' :'e--f.,r she weeps."
And so it was ; her own aid. sw,.et
melody had opened the floodlgai., of
'her grief, and she wept hlong and vio-
lently; indeed,, so0 un>,strai.n',l was
the emotion that I drciled it.-i -ttf'-t
on -her delicate frame.
"Father dear father I" she at last
said, in a low, faint v ', "come near-
er, clis :r, yet.-cl's-r. Where aill I,
f.fli.-r? not in my own loved home?
Fithl.r, dear fatlier, tell me,"
The. od man :.tru;-.t. to repress
his emotion (for i whispered--B',
calm, for God's akLe be calm, any ex-
citement will destroy her,") and -.tid
"You are with friends. d,.-ire-.t. \vith
those wli,. love an, chtri-lih you ; com-
pose yourself,my ow:n_ ,,m.. Yin, b.have
been ill, very ill; I-ut. the AluiAi.htv
has heard my lpra.y rs and r..stiret1
you to me."
"Oh. f:ithcr I have. liuld a fearful
Ill,, ,. I tl u;.glt vi wats ,In bridal-
d:v, ;"thati i.i -niig on vousf ;larin,--I
.'t<,,,, l..f'e thi ; ltir. l i' i'ls too.
was tlh,'V ; andl v-1i,-. I g-ve ML;- i i7y
h~und, lhis liaind ; (*':Ic,,li.( icyN ;
nd wlien h..- h,-uMi hawl'-i ,. .-n .

standing by his s-,i,-l.. . .sk,.t,,ii
form, which w,.d i't. tI 's ar.'1n,.I
Linti and bore :'n i fi. .1 in... Oh -,,
fearful was it, that now, I can s.C.Are yl
doubt its di ;,i .rl reality."'
At that moment her eye fell on her
strange attire-the black veil falling
in folds over her snowy dress, ;un
bridal token glittering on ier finger-
then, with a pi..--ic-ng sihrik, which
rose higher and liig-ler till it ended
-in the yell of a maniac, she fell sense-
less in the o(lt-tritch'lid arms of her
father. Life was inde-.d extinct, and
her pure spirit had iu;ien its ,.riast-
ing flight, the filvyr cord, which had
been too hi;dylv strung, had snapped
in twain, and the Widowed Bride lay
motionless and d:iad.
Would that I had been -.p;ared f Le
sight of the old man's grie.-f ; there he
knelt, s,.ip.- tint..g the lifi4s form of
his only child. His whole flame
shook with emotion, and the 'cold
d,,'p"l of agony liu.-rt. from every gore.
Myv child! iy child!" at' hlithl
he g',.d : imv pride, my joy, tiht'
bright star of y xi'.-:i-ti:i: t LIV bl eauti-
ful, my true, u,-ul,1 ti.t I hladl died for
thee, my child hi, my child !"' Hi-s voi:e
grew fainter and fniit'.-r, his grasp:,
grew less firm, the eye- became fixed.
I looked; he was d1ad Y--s, they
who had l'v-1d so well ;.and truly ii
life, in dI.ith were not p;irtt-d. They
sleep tgu-tllT-r in the f;,imjly v.-ult in
-- It'hr1,:-l, :ttil this iiople in,-
s,:criptonI -IllIelliti'ks I-r h onumelnt

There are 102 cities a.,l1 towns in tliho
United i ti s its h a ].)("lh'i ioll of o ci"
2'>,,,ii', li,,' niniii wiih Ne-w Y ork, 1,206,-
ii, u ,i'I I ili.r w"ith P ,l-diii ei eit. 20,-
.217. 'I.i.'l'rr ;1.' 2.h OT 1" IJIIIOO, linId 31!
with i i piiL, itHit I over 7.0. 0.
i Tlf total ii'iml,'r of rr',e .,'2 z,', inc l'i,'il
m en t' ,i ,-n t (i t ,. i,":. .,: \ ust 1 d *.. i> l'. .-
Orn-. Th,. |.,r':e..t nnm ,.fr, r,..n.-ly, .0.1111,;
is in ih.' l, iiied :tites. Greatl 'Urain
in id her i. I i ,i..i.' fib-. iir' r 35,1t0 1. Frnl e '
for 2I,lItlul, (;i?,iiri,\ anid All. -Iin for 32,-
O'i0,Italy f.,r 10,001, nhl Spain for 5,000,
SIn na\y st(:i-am Enuii. the hiea wliich
lJ:e-.<: the-- rv-lild r is cooler than that
which entT-i'.-. IVy exactly lthe amount
of work done.
T ;l t ,llo ini" r'c,. ip] t, c; e,.e sleep or
wI fi,,.i.,-'s ,..a l,...n Iroi in Engl !i..h
book of 1711: lt offT deterouiisly lthe
Lhenild of a ',.i.4, alive iaii let it dry, obsi v-

ing th:,t ,o ,e e-,e h,, >Ii t ,,rId Ih.' ,tlcr
open. T'ii.i.t hIch i ,I1.iln inkes it about
The Welsh emblmin i thle h-I'k and i-
i.i.1 tila hue been ,id,,pt. d as such (IlR.,
ye,.r ,')1 .


I 6,F d e e e

-- 111 A! L, T1111 Tat 13

1`1( a :lf"IT



Editorial Bureau.

Since our last issue of the NEW Ern.R,
the year, 1881 has forever been de-
p osited-:'within the archives of the
PAST, and 1882 has loomed upon the
horizon of the illimnitable sky of TIME.
Thus year after year comes and goes,
each one as varied and full of ever-
flitting changes as the landscapes of
physical Nature. Each year is a page
in-t-i' great, book of time, filled with
Life sketches'' and "death notices"
of the world's ufiiversal inhabitants-
each one of whom %'rifes their own
history-it may be that of a sad and
bitter. experience to many, while to
some, that of hope and happiness, or,
perohance, with others, mixed with
both'g6od and evil, or alternating be-
tween joy and sorrow, and 1iatle and
s nshiine. Few there are, however, if
any, who can honestly say that their
life has been .one of pure unclouded
happiness, -and- still fewer, apparently,
there ,re, .ewho would wish to liva
their very existence over again. Life,
at best, is indeed but a struggle,
terrible and trying to many, while
to others more fortunate in circum-
stances, it may roll on more smoothly
oh oiled axles. But after all, how sad
and insignificant ., does life appear, es-
peciaaIy-to the Christian soul, when.
cotitrasted with the blissful existence
of heavenly immortality. The plea-
sures of tho world are indeed but tri-
fling -td transitory, and, according to
Solomon'. wisely and yet sadly ex-
perienced ideas, are as the crackling
of thorns under a pot." Let us, kinu
readers,-remember, not only'this, but
-that life 'here, is uncertain; evidence
of this fact is constantly coming up
;, and the beginning of a New
Year 'with the passing away of the
'Old,' should also seriously impress
us with the stern fact that our life
here "is as a shadow which swiftly
passeth away."- Let us then, each
and' all of -us, look individually, to
"6i our n past," that from its errors
we may correct "our future;" to form
stern, enew.d resolutions, and,
through them, exert our best energies
to'p-rforin our moral. obligations and
religious duties, and thus improve our
life, so as to live more consistently
and agrqeably with both GOD and
Mago, and merit, eventually, the bless-
ings of a blissful hereafter.

reply to his cqystions, swore in th
most positive manner 'that they dii
not see the prisoiier do anything t
the deceased, nor even hear them hay
anything like a quarrel. The Crow:
Attorney, in his cross-examination, di
not ask the witnesses the name of tl
vessel they were on, and entirely fail
ed to shake their evidence. As a re
suit, the prisonie was acquitted :
the charge of nmuirder on the evihine
of witneset-s who 1knew no'thirg what
ever about the affair. "

Tt is stated thatIi- V i .ndrbilt h;is '(htaiunet
control of the 1roy S& B13ton'rod. -
The t',)p c<>tt,-.n iC.q halis Iteeu killed.b
frost thlonIghotit S..8-fh. Ca'ioliil.
InI a q'itairel ovei- a riheedl of ftL'r.tui0o a
White Wright, T'rex; J. ii'fmaniis's head wa
neailv severed from hi. budy by G. McBee
aged 2Q. McBee e.eapped.
Tenn; Dee, 2..-O--o SSuainda afternoon
large str:inge lulld.lg, pure while, tbounde
into' M-Innt, Olive Clnrh 'l (.ol.irele), r' ki
1 br(ive for thb-l pulpit. sezi.d -li th visiting
preacher and dragged I'ia from thie pulpit
The dog only let go whin his briu'is lha1
been beaten out. The cougiegation thinu
the deil'-but tte dog. -
E. Dallas .stger, pastor of iie Baptis
Church, Woodtow '-N. wJil preachiin
on Sunday, fril-A l i"i th pui'lp,14
It is stafel that Initel 'iSt.ates ('lain
-Agents' fees for claims, filed nundler the ar
rears of Pensions Act, aggr,-gatu more thai
Miss. Dec. 28.-Ou S:ttiud,.lay four piezn with
a wngon..einroute to, namped three
miles west of here. Oin Sunday evening
they were found lying on unmttri, eq dend
covered with quilts, eaulh with Itheitr hlead-
split open as Ad au axe. There was nu
eviduuce of robbery.

SA company of Gnelic schoolars hai boans p-
pointed to revise the Gaelic -Bible.
There are now 100 and 50 pncks of fo:
ionmids in EiigLtid and W ales, lu0 uf harries
and five of stag hounds. .
The Quoen ihas been pleased -to ennfer
,that mo.-t cove-ted of military distinct ion.,-
the Victnria Cross ulin t,%o Scottish sol
diera;s, viz., Lieut. Wrlliam Henry Dic
(.'unllyngham, of tlhe Gordon Highlanders
'and Lance-'orp. George ellau',o the Sea-
forth Highlandors. ... : -;
Hundreds of Scotch fisherman aro drowi
ed in the stomins of every Autnum. In hi as
noL.thl's storm nearly 200 of the Berwick
and Firth of Forth men., were. lost. Eye
month.-ost 120 of its hardiest men.
The Madrid newspapers mention a scheme
which has been set on foot Torn national n sil)-
Fcription for the. purpose of bnyiDg ~iibral-
tar from England. some Madrid bankers
are said to have offer-ed to give 5,i10..0(00
fraucs towTilatd this object. If Eugland r> fise
to entertain the proposition, Ihe proceeds of
Sthie suilbsription arero be employed in fortify-
ig points on the Straits, both iu Africa awnl
' Spain. England- might offer to give it upif
'the Siuinisb Governnvent uiounh1 settle in full,
with interest to date, \'ith all British bond-
holders, their lieira and assigns. -

A N 1 9 [ 4 N. The latest addition to the list of nelble in-
A A D N. ; solvents is Lord Ruthven, a Scotish peer.
An Ottawa young woman has had Dnff, sentenced to be hangedl for the ninr-
a queer experience.- She was engaged der of a policeman in a street riot in Duhlin,
to be married four times in three years. ha hhal his sentence couiinutedt to penal
Her ffirst-affiaiced died of the small- I arvitue for life. '
po!.x -the second eloped with .another In consideration of the exeept"onally try-
girl, the night. fixed for the wedding ing season, the Duke of Snthei land las re--
the third was drowned, but she was mited y er cent of the er-t years'
i ., ,, . rents to bis SAe,1,)-fLl.ilng L, eants in a S ather-
married to the fourth a night or so -nohlandstir .-
g The Dublin Gazette sass 490 outrages of
The Canada Iron and Steel Corn- san agrarian claractLr wtre coimmited in Ire-
pany intend erecting shortly in Mont- land last nmonthli. .
real furnaces for the manufacture of A- fine chch has jn'It been opened at
S .te ..elimsfopol. delicated to ithe memory of five
iron and steel direct from the ores by Rusin adias, whosebodiaredeposi-
means of crude petroleum. ted in thie vailt. and lhrise n.iies aRe iiin-
New towns are springing up all peri.l''hly a"ociated axii the place-Adri-
l ft -- * ---- -- 1 *j -n rals L!zIir( ) f,]ioB, i oxurnluff, Is, unliu,
along theline of the Canada Pacific and Karpofl
Railway"*h wonderful rapidity. The 1 ; ;o T -
latest edition is to be known as Gar- LATEST. .
field.. It will take the place of Mead-t. OREIGN .XEWS MEAGRE. .
owLea, a town which is to be oblit- Guiean's trial is still being continued.
rated bv th6 change of route of thi me I unruly anl vas handcu;ffed nnd
erae- a.thae change o- route o" the placed in the dock. There ae tiaprelnii-'
Canada Pacific RailwaybetweenWm- sions thliat lihe will be shot before- the trial is
nipagrmd Poritage La Prairie. It is over. Two other doctors g.te lheir opinions
surrounded by a first-class farming that he is only feigning inanity. ,
district; and must in time be a town of Ireland is comparatively quiet.
considerable siz Late rei)6r1t's .indicate that the Artic
considerale ze. Stemer Jcauele'" rew is yet safe
A large silk manufactory is about Fighting is going on between the Frehch
to be started in Montreal. Applica- and ... n .. ... .
tioh for an act of incorporation will .
be made at the next session of the COTrreT 0ondeOce.
Provincial Patliainent. The capital ,- .. ---- ..- .
of te companyy will, it is understood, ; To the E lIor the ew Er'a.
be $200,000. S.-About a year ago the Board of
Thle.Ottawa "Free Press" tells the Agricultureanu nuced, through the col-
following story of a rising young bar- 'n "ot the "Gaziette, 'that, in order
rister of that-city' ho was sunoned th eneourage the growiagt telmco i
to Quebec to defend a- pan who was these islands, they ld iihij)oted a quan-
to be-led f6r murder on the high iea. tity of.seed froi the West Indies to ) be
The murder, it seems, Was. committed istributed to tse desius of trying
ur a vo e om Lvetheperiment of g-rowing theplant;
during voyage fro gLiverpool to and furthermore- that certain prizes
Queboe, and there was a. very strong Orould be given to the best samples in
chain of circumstancial evidence the leaf cured. &e., &c. I ws one of
against the man who was accused. So those who procured a port'iol of the
strong .was the case against his client s-ed. I sowed it at-two different times;
that our young lawyer was-at his wits once in a hot bed, outside, and again in-
end to find a plausible defence to set abox, tilled with manure and soil. I
up. He accidentally discovered that paid particular attention to the neces-
another vessel had sailed from Liver- sary preparations, etc,, but, after all, nt.
pool and arrived at Quebec on the (nesinyle plant ever, made its appear-
very sain 'date as the vessel on which ance, the cause ot which I have never
the murder :was committed. UITpon been. -able to .iully discover...1 have since
leariingl-this,.a faint glimmer of hope met with another person who tried the
dawed, In his mind.' He placed In -seed also, resulting in the same total
the witness box, one after the other, failure. Perhaps you or some other
fouibemerbis the other ship which one may be in a position to inform me if
otu7m th oth(iany other ppersoh who tried, the esper.-
sailed and arrived on the same day as any other person who tried te exper-
the cm a met was successful or not,' o if there
the one on which he crime was com- were any fortunate .enougli to-gain the
mitted. In each case he opened the, offered prizes. -
S examimiitin- by asking the dates on I am yours, -c.,
which'they sailed from Liverpool and TOBACCO.
arrived at Quebec, but very carefully 'Somerset, January 2, 1882.
omitting,, mention the name of ------ .'
Ah yesld. The witnesses tl.en, in 'TYoT'.-We are not enabled to ariswer"

e fully and definitely-the questions raised ing of God on his church and his word. ing, so far, is about 3,700. Of this
d by the writer of the above article, but TaUR.SDAY, Jan. 5-Prayer for the amount 1,200 has been collected
o are, nevertheless, in a position to give young, and all. agencies for Christian leaving a debt of 2,500. The rental
e some personally experienced information training. of the old property will meet the in-
n respecting the tobace-o experiment. FRIDAY, Jan. 6---Prayer for thewmiver- terestof 2,000, leaving afloating debt5
d Being a resident of Bermuda last win- sal prevalence of peace and righteous- of 500, which it is most desirable
ter, and on seeing a notice iu the "Ga- ness. should be liquidated asspeedi laao-
e zette." from the Board of Agriculture, .S.TURDAY, Jan. 7-Prayer for Christi- sible The collections on huraspday
Sofferini seed free, and prizes to the best au mission, the out pour-ing of the Holy amounted, we understand, to r -day
- specLiens grown by compL'tit.ors, we Spirit, and the converiolo of the world. ounted, we understand, to
l proc-urtld a. small pacaeroe of the seed, We understand, that a number of the thing over 31.
prepared, a suitable hot bed on the sunny congregation throughout lIerrauda, are a .
- side of a hiihli wall, and there ssowed a obse-rviug the week of Prayer. LOcal Items8
poi-,.n :of it. This was dirincg the *
run tli of January. Not a living, grow- THE B. M. E aCHURCH OF The- ii' o0 had a rough Toy-
ing sample' of the seed was ever seen. g mid wis delayed by fog, &c.,Jfuo
d In February, we sowed the remainder HAILTON.. several hours. ;
.of the seedi in iwo, separate hot beds, The new edifice was formally open- Ji The Admiral, Sir L. McClin-
y with a difference. -ih the soilA&c., and ed as a place for Divine worship on tock, sailed, on Tuesday last for the
also in a large b:.x filled %with rich soil, Christmas day. A large number of West Indies, in H. M. "Northam-
t which during the daa Ws exPlosed to spectators, besides the members of the ton," accompanied b the-"Dido" and
the sun-rays, and safely secured from congregation, were present. After the "Fantome.
, the cold of nigLt,-but not a particle of preliminary ceremonies were, gone
.that. seed ever Faw the light of day, or through with, the opening service was The eight Rev. D. L. Jones,
thatermined to t'rheoon aain- e powr performed by the Rev. D. H. Buckner Bishop of Newfoundland, Aith Mrs.
, poetermined to try ain, we poured pastor of the Church wh preached Jones, arrived" at Bermuda on the
I another ]i<:Ue. fe~ie~cug thios time to p ofthe Church, who preachied
e be ev~tL~rmo~cce~st~tl, and dur- Yery excellent s appropriate to for a s
Sbe evetu iicesfd, and dur ery excellent sero, appropriate .2nd inst., where they purpose re-
g iug the -,months of March, April and the occasion. The afternoon service maiaing for a short time.,
. Ma, at different ils;, differentws, was conducted by the Rev. A. W. :W .:s r, Lee's annual Alnianac has
Snd in soils, we comrinitted the Nicolsou, Wesleyan r Minister, and just been completed and is now being
seed tu thi? fVil: "' watered it and Rev. J. A. McKeen, Presbyterian published. We have not yet seen it,
watched it, in part siyiiukling, lime and Minister,, who very, ably performed but it is highly spoken of as an excel,
Saes, ytgE.iAe i'r'' Ati..-vitality to its I their respective parts. The building lent work. ,,
Growthh, Vi .all. fas, fi vain. Nothliig, is apparently a substantial one, part- heown Tho. Bascomt solf of m t.
io.) not evnthelie fe-iuigoratin warmth ly of the gothic style. The total B o, h -t e Sa
Sof the vernal air, had apparently any length is 100.feet, width 36 ft., and the G orges,di ed udnly-t n TueSadant
Power to resciinsitt eand when we deposit ged it der the seatingat least 500 persons. Not- Also sddel, on Saturda previous.
of ecLt Opes oft o general reit wa thrrecti on in the same town, John or linson-
of excellent ol teco plants, it vas to I congregation had to contend withd cause strange t hernia. .
last sight ehald ofsthe free tift u fom they have at last, through energy a-nd a srg:the,
9the Boar of Agrin lture. The vision- unt iringzeal and labor succeeded in Notwithstanding the continued
ary anticipation of -a golden prize had ,.. p the ode
s also vanished, and the verdict that we accomplish their great undertang, efforts made to find the body of
i returned was thatk "the seed had lost thus rendering to themselves a com- Captain Peniston and that of the man
its power of gei mination." We have modious place. for worship and add- who accompanied him, no trace what-
since seen severa'others .-who also tried- ing to'the town another ornament of ever has yet been discovered that
the "free gift" pacages and just as un- architectural design, for which they migh t lead to their recovery,and there
. uccessfullyt as we were. We have are deserving of public commendation, is now but little probability that, they
heard, however, hat a few samples of will ever be found.
tobacco were the Board, but they OPENING OF THE NEW WES- a A meeting. of the Freeholders
Swereogrown from other, seed. But we LEYAN CHURCH. tie town. ofI amilton, was held iun the
have not learned if any competitor has Town Hall o in ond a in
been sutfficiently successful to procure a The Wesleyan Methodists of this the letting of aya ,11ime., aor
Sample from the peed referred to. We town and neighborhood and indeed the Councilgors forth e present -year. eand
- trust to be enabled shortly to give fur- of Bermuda in general, are to be warm- candidates were norminited, adt the
k their information on this subject, with ly congratulated on the successful eletio will ke place on Wednesd
-a e e k onthe growing of opening ofltheir new Church, which next, at 11 O'clock in the forenoon. .
tobacco, &c.-[Eri. N. E.1 was formally dedicated to the wor-
To the Eitr 0o N sEsa.hip of Almighty God, on Thursday r Last Tuesday a sailor was
S M. EtTo.-1 write the followin last, the 29th ulto. 'lie old Church, at t Georges for p ing

Siculous stories 'which were in circuLr- It Tong stood a memorial to the zeal of a soldier of the Royal 9Engineer
n regardiLlg the sad catastrophe which and untirhig energy of the Rev. Joshua He was jailed for Hcounter ting and
.curred in the icinity of B-:ily Bay Marsden, the second Wesleyan Min- Psing himself off as a genuine corn.-
- n the afternoonof the ltith of Dec.1881. ister who visited these Islands. erchance he, being a seaman, was
Str 20) minutes to five, the alarm was Amidst difficulties and beset wj three sheets in the wind," as nauti-
given at the "-aeceiving House", that a discouragements,happily no longest caly h understood.
, boat was about half a mile from shore, be contended with in such undertak- Asat The illoval Gazette" of this
f partially submerged, and with two men. ingas, the devoted man persevered. Un- town (Hamilton, Bermuda), ha. ju.t
- in her e poed to the fury of the weath- der his immediate superintendence,the completed the 54th year of its exist-
'er. A rush was in 'iately m o for wk progress l quickly, the str t euce l the m i nn-
he nre i ,alwch ci- t copletiand pietha'thlsai- agement f Donald e
afin, ae'.r '-of tue fearful S ( faction of seeing it filled by a congre- present proprietor and Editor, who
S ect r at every point. The nation comprising representatives of now reposes call, peacefully and
Swere waes rushing against and over- many of the most respectable families. securely on the L.E-side of Edi- .
them, dashing the spray with blindinr This venerated. spot, endeared to tonal ca-mcer. -
force, son'e hundreds of feet aIl.ove. The many by the most tender associations l e- The weather continues come.
winds howling aud blowing of the past,;bad become unfitted to parativelyv mild a:nd pleasant for the
ly. The rain.falling heavily. and worst the growing necessities of the present, s similar in man ,to
of'all, half a mile at sea, submerged and and it was deeed essential that a that of early spring or Atumn. Vi-
broadside on, a small boat with two men new church should take its place. In itors to the Islands are I s tl
in it apparently -linging with despera- the Autumn of 1876, the corner stone isticai themselves amid e ny
tionto their frail support. But a aiii stnt was laid by the Rev. A. Nicolson, -tint landscapes and the golden sun-
the spectati.r gazes, when a monstrous then on a visit here. It was 2not shoin t of te rbalm, ha eo ng ,
wave overwhelms the boat, and when- quite finished (nor indeed is it yet so) ife-invigora ing climate of th -es nny
,she rises again but one man isin her.ion his return few ionts ego, erI I e o lse and
One can scarcely realize the meaning of, minister in charge, but the pleasing summe r Isles
-the fearful scen bAefore him, when sud- uy as been reserve for him of tak- *sr Henceforth from this date, the
denly, a wave more terrible than the ing possession oftthe commodious and NEW ERA will be published regularly
last isurledonthe frail barque, and handsome edifice which as above at NOON on Tuesday, instead of in

hitan ro bae ueehint d thet ce. Two public services were held on necessity of working during thoe night
of the very few who witnessed the heart- that day, one at 11, a. ., and one at previous. Copies to sbscriber and -
rending catastrophe. During the short 71 30, p. mn. At the former there were stores in different parts of the islands
space of time iu. which the foregoing' present, the Revs. Messrs. Nicolson, will te sent by the 3 o'clock mails;
happened, three boats launched and Augwin, Shnr., Angwin, Junr., and Parties in the town will receive their
ianned b~e brave aud determined ones, Prestwood-Weselyans; Rev. J. Trot- papers during the aftei noon of that
were making desperate but ineffectual ter-Reformued Episcopal; Revs. J. day. ;
attempts to gotb the rescue, the hor- Wal's -e and J. A. Mekeen-Presbvte- a6@ Numbers of the stores in the -
ribl. waves in long sweeping rollars rians; Revo. J. Buckner-Methodist town were decorated on Christma,
guarding the mouth of the Bay. Still Episcopal. The opening prayer was Eve and kept open to-a late, hou
they persevered and it was only when offered up by Mr. Augwin, Senr., the and crowded with purchasers. The
they were assu-ed by-a signal from the lessons were read by Mr Prestwood; streets also presented a lively a ppear-
riu tat disaU hop as in e she the Ldedicatory service, proper, was ance. On Christmas day several of
et u bed d sb ur oured t athe so. conducted by Mr. Niolson; the ser- the Churches were beautifully decor-
Penist-n. the brave and true, had been moll was preached by Mr. Wallace, ated with flowers, ferns, and ever-
one of the occupants of the boat. Their and the closing p rayrer was by Mr. greens,-and several flags were way-
worst Ifea-rs were realized when te boat Trotter. The congregation was large, ing on high in different parts of the
was driven iiftb th'. Bay a halfan hour many persons from distant parishes town. ,
afterwards. Capt. Peniston wvas well having availed themselves of the de- ,; .,, f. '
liked by both whitead colored and it rightful weater, to aid, by their press .. ,The ailton Dr, -
is gr6atlv-b be ienretted that the in- enee at least, in so commendable a ati Club will give their fst p

ha4bitat'.ihin1 thvicinity .of Bailers work. --At the evening service the mormai ,, e ,n or me
Bay, were not a"vare that Capt. Penis- church was crowded, there could not 3rd arid 4th January, 1882t the Me-
ton was exposed tO the inclemency of have been fewer than 800 or 900 per- chanies' Hal, Hamilton, comencing
the weather, earlier' in the afternoon, as, sons assembled; but the utmost quiet with Robertson s Comedy David Gar-
an anxious watch would havebeen kept and decorum prevailed, and it was rick, and concluding wththe farce
for his boat and: more. effectual steps evident that a feeling of deep thank- a Regular Fix. There is every pros-
taken to prevent the fatal termination fuln evaded th audience. Th pect of a very large attendance, and
of the catastrophee, I would say in con- s .ccpied by A. l e. Ordne an excellent performance by he Ama.
clusion that the many good (ee(s done -, After occupied by A. M. Oud tuera.
by Captain Peniston in the -past will ,be Esq., M.. P. After singing b the
a lasting ,n,.mori to him in the future, choir, Rev. J. Buckner led the meet- Ae@ Last Tuesday afternoon, while
Yours, ing m prayer, then followed a- speech Mr. OrdollaHollis was conveying, m a.
uS, ..PECTATOR~ by the chairman, then singing, after carriage, his mother from St. Geotes;
Baileys Bay, Dr 30th, 1881. which speeches were made in the and when opposite Mr. W. 0. North's
following order:-Revd's. Messrs. residence, at Baileys Bay, the shaft
TEEK PRAYER. Trotter, Augwin, senr., McKeen, Ang- bolt dropt out, and- the horse took
Swin, junr., and Nicolson. We cannot fright and suddenly spwang-forward to'
-The following is the programme by attempt either analysis or criticism of one side of the road, causing .the
the Evangelical Alliance, for the first the speeches-all were excellent, and carriage to upset. Both parties were
week of the new year. the vast congregation listened with precipitated to the ground', .Jpth of
S DAY, Jan. 1.-Subject. for discourse, he greatest interest. The choir at whom received injuries, but'not con-
reieNed, consecr ion. intervals rendei-ed very beautifully sidered of a serious nature; -Had
MONDAYthe blein, temporal an spiritual s for several hymns and anthems. A new they fallen upon the hard road instead
of the past sear,"and prayer for thetr organ has been provided and we must of non the grassy bank, there Is every .
continuance. especially compliment the organist probability that the acoidenit-would
TcESDrY, Jan. .--Iumiliation and and choir on their very efficient per- have resulted more severely, if not
confession on account of individual, so- formance. .. fatally. The horse, after having run
cial, and national sins. ; It may not be'out of place to state for some distance, was captured,but
'wV~EN'vA, Jan. 4.-Prayer for blkes- that the expense of the land and build- the carriage was badly smashed.

- -----';,'- -
-- ,- I- -


Capt.. Stahldhas at present By- Pub-li- A.. ...uction
several eLployees at 'w-ork t --
dwnhi hhS old ichoue.. on the site of UNDER.TiE.BIU SHED,;
which,. e purposes erecting, immedi- At 12 o'lock, M., :
aWely-,, a subkituldat aud commodious rh r ITI_ -r i "
buihi'g, which he expectst..thahve.n ,i m '
rea mess for a large supply .f north '- Next, the 5th inst.,
ern ie, ~trly next. Spring, such anu' y4.-. FLOUR.
articles will keep Berinudiaus cool, \] 0 Q. ., 4A-,- 0 lb, s, ea.,
internally and externally. during tle-I 20 'Tiis Fainii'l "H.1
dog-davys and tehheated calmSof Sum-. 100i' LIs Siip i.,.r CO)FFEE,
mer and Autumn. It will, indeed, be 10 .s Koiib,4 OIoL.: -IL
a nice (an-;ic-)luxrny to indtilge in, 20 Tubs N:w York ,UtTTER,R
amni these ie. ice-uhiatitl ishmud .... 10 Drin s Ila~iax ('CODFISIH,
'T : *" '5. : .. 55 B.x.\ Nt'.w R. AI INS, : .
Few. 4 oion;2, but a greater 25 Table, ROTATOES,
quantity of tomatoes are appa- A io t'of BOOTS a~ld S LES
ren_ y -lA iag ,)lanti.t this Jseso 0 Ui ross ('Lol AI ATCIES ,
o0 IaOounIt ,f th.. onion seed failiug 10 Box.e Crown S l',
to supply the expected number of 8 IsIrs .0.111EI- 2? 11) Bags,
p1s. ThTiere is every evidence that, 2 s B A' l i;-
prices will rule high for every sort of gs rson iBALA ship-
Berrnudian produce during the forth- -p d contrary to order .;-
comniigg season. The comparative -- -
failine ofpotatoes and ot hervgetabls' AND ,
in Canada' aia the Northern-States,. A Coi'simtintnt :f ,
has ncessrtted large i6nlort.atious of 1,04 Dozep SODA ,WAT tRj;::.,
vegetable produce 'from Europe, and D.P.Zen CIar.i-io i e FMONADE,
this.scarcity.wvill be more directly felt p, Dnpz0.N GING ER ALE,
as the season'advances; which will rcarord SETZ ER
have Ra good -effect to keep 'prices In a te i ,4l' ,r
Ailh i A n Gla s Bott'es in1 splendi.1 ,rder,,
h .- .: ', :. .: '; j u -t r e c i v 'd f r ,m E n -, l a d ...: .
Then cheer up, farmers. cheel,". '" ut rece ivd fr. n FIlad
'ij)e 1.f the ]iugering tear,- :- .
."Andi cQWo0t -ach your pieighbor,, ', -ALSO- -
P..':horl, thrte is good reason. Ltely, Imported froip 'Prince Ed- i
Vofti WB reeonipeir.sed-uext sen(on d
S.Forymit'urd Aid hbneut labor. .: -' : war Island,
Ia ttn '.1' Good F m
At tt, eItiAwo r. n f ,
Phoenix Lodge; No. 224, tinder the II0) 1 B '
Grand Registiv-p. of Eugland, held on AND "
Tuesdayv,,2Oth'bi,"a81, the follow- .. 2
ing brethren weri .installed for the there 3C r e .
yea .2Jo82 .. n .
-ro. Hy. A. Grantham, W. M. All mted Goods ;"ust
D-.. E. Seon. I. P. M. pay V2 lper eehtt.,'Ml'i.imt cannot.
W u. H. Watliington, S. W. be obtained.
E. E. Carey, J.W. B W. W LER& &CO.,
-'., "-A..,n~tham, Treasurer."-. Auctioneers.
O. A. Jones, Secretary. Hamilton-ay.neer.1882
A' T. J. Kyme, S. .ami.on, any. a, 8..
'A-' ,iko eenslade -. D
E. W "r ,. ... .. G ...
S'obt. .Brown, Ty Q'
The ceremony was performed by
Bros. Pasf Maiter.s Seon, Lightbourn,
and Jones.. "
On I'he6 I9th"-ultimo, at hLrelan, I'land the '(I
ifi of ". ,',"", Es'q.. .' N, St*ore- ,'f* L( I k'
k* I. N.. Rps|.ital-!L SON.

On Thhi'rdav, 2, De 'er.. at thi. Prvesyli ."
terialt ChnreAt, War iek, by the Rev. ohn
Wahiiee, ('HAuLorrITT ELUE-[.,rA, YOMi t AM
WIL.IAMJ.RT._..^^ILK O1" " .

. 't nlv ,,- Pir -ofhl nijft/ eiii-lh F. W u l,' ; '- .- .: ,-_ : ..
.H tA b f t'- late, .. : ..
Mr. Ji, Fr i'.',.,1' 74 vrar, ,, nai 6 We ire coiiip)lled to withdraw
month. Mrs. F. was a un tiv cf Dv.uport, s nmn
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~S. OHM1; "" ""]]I r."I] i k"{..

.Aew. Store


Cheap. Prices!*

JlN Vdi.t 1aN l &k'.


yet's VFuruishiung,.
Hat3. Caps and Shoes.

The Forest Laike

lee ( np',
I) ESPECTFULLY inform the.. In-
l habitants of Bermuda that owing
to the Building of, .s ,. .: .
NEVI: iC .uo SE.
They are compelled to di-c&utinue the
supliyingI of ICE until the new Build-
ing is om pleted, which will be' on or-
about the .
15Ith Februairy Next,
When the supply will be continued
throughout the year.
East BroadUway..
Deor. 27th, 1881.


All Auctionl Goods
Sent for'Sale under
Mas Pay %1% ver et.,
SSaida, Limits Cannot be., ob.

S Auctioneers.
Hamilton. Jany. 2, 1882.-

Oifts." (|lifts.
C AN there e' any Aiicles in the
Market more suitable for Presents
than those offered by the Undersigned?
tr 'tc- V A XT T-,- n I -.,-.. I1 -

S- O. the v.ry L BANDS, Tbefore Purchasing a,
cc, .t o y mII Piece of Jewelry, &A., consider if one
.p a g c pts. .. -. of the .. -.
4 *l r "S \ W ^. ']i_, k. r.., ,. ii"REMINGTONk" ..
I .3NTEiL -GEN C. "IPatrons ey tlai SEWING MACHINES,
--P- ": P o n 1' St\r ei i [ (.o I C ... The B est in U se, w hich:-w ill do one
POR QOF IAMIL'I ON. t eir support dining Week'swork inone day, thereby giving,
S' ENTERED. the two time to rest and enjoy the Iolidays,' .s
Dec. 22-Brigt Rab',h.i, ,Cormbs. Ban- m n tl s: not the best to take home?
lS, Mai&; rt_'rion box materij, Ad, aWFi stZ ,le.Pd- 't Yrno ---- "' .d'
to John iF. .u..B. a. f t Young Men andiIfaieis,
Scbr Rel.a,-, -Spaaldin, Jacksni. le; THE STEAMER 1- you g urIEenS
121>57. fet pitch jine ler,- to . I" T E *fO' present that Will interest and
.. ... ,. ... ,in struct -them on various
Jany. 2.-Mail steamer Oi'noco,Fraser, U.. subjectsof importance,
"New o'rk; Assorted cargo, to Trott ,' Get them one of the valuable worls,
o.i : :.::. that cost less, and will be appreci-
S .M CIARSteDer. ated more' and. last longer t1n our".
De, 9.- .i.1 Steamer Orifoeo",'a OR :Centur" .-
New York; bl bananas, 1 bl pota-. : 10 Pitorial .r ..
toes, 27 boxes tonitoes, 25 carbon, 16 -' PICIOr HlStiJy Of
27.Schiooe .Mag.gie, Darell, Deuie- A Z". W
BrigTH A t;Younng, Liverpool, N.deafe Rates : :
PR' r:.' I'R' 'he lanao'emeit,. 'Over 1,200 Pages and 6650 Engravings.
S. .. ....: ":." '" "... r rThe. Encyclopedia or
Dec. 20-Aar arriW- i -usines & S' .
ain r.- e,... myhad. etihe ,claboraL Crowded with information' n
& C o .. ., .C "
4.. SubjebtA of Interest.
i2.-German Barque Mary Jane, or- rest.
nr,-b o .. .'T, ,hel HSTORY of Great aor d
Gern Ba Louise Shllder, oc-'. ;. Gm d... ,
kini.111Newj ock; petroleum ; 1, n r- ..
'tr.s-._, (. i'. ; F PR' 'ORd & Cof 'o o Ltae Prresident of thnuite i States.
Itahloinad ;niflieFifluga rNew-York; TtiheE PROPRIEEIYOR"f tahis Esoiab Youig INv, readnd lana how a boy..
A it, Jhn S. barrel:l ''h General E1 PoAIeS to ianofortes p or cncf the grustances a rions of the
23.--R6ya1 'il Sft "ner Beta, S'ha w, H-ar nious.. P.rlur an, Coce in .had of ot of th reatet.Nonsoe
Halifaxatgsh MafIMO tle itht Dec. Acourdecois, Flutinas, h'ihile.tI Flutes, Cla, :: ---,.tJ,;M. rHay- rionets, SE WING_ MAil .INE~, guia-. ,THE ,ILLSTRATE ',
wad. -,'ettes, Cnbinpttos, iREVOLT E i~s. ,
'. 2 1.-1. ..r ',t, "."-. :BAN.1 nieyd t o ~01 or Ilmported. J tf u B ble
Dec. 2+R iLA Steaer. ,a, S aw, aholsrFan A i'rnitur up- ith over 2500 Fllusirntion.
,..., -ite d ,d c- Ma overri0geustratinq.
.. STENCIL PLATES cnt; A MarriagCertificate, Album, &c.
l. S ,O A ,ENGRE ,, KeProsene l A M PS and .Broken GLASS FATHERS"--procure o"e for the Young
'. -.ARRIVEID. ;" and CHINA-relp.ired '. Folks.
In.rhml,,"a i .er,0orijoea,.q f Ne'w IU.S anid BAeNERS,. Painted to YOUNG MEN taking the responsibility
Y?,r, y aste', J, t,'.apt. nc o" of Families- you will need one.
snd ^* S?^ K iftW, q9.? No Bedto'- utspudW:k, Fai e-you the Old' Folks
GU-Gm y.;,i V..',,lanfe,,O.'etaio stole, M'Ifis~s. .,
Hill hbo tgh't Atw. children, Miss Mal- waran .. that they are not forgotten
co s H P.-M com- C pbilitis knhno .-, *;.,'*-,...*co. ':i,-s ) "--n. o- by vo,ti by giving them
&on,;, .DespatID,', S. De ,pard, W.. Midde- Visits ati arts of tho. Island, by order.- the best and most instruc-
mai, .doFi,.,s Middheton ad oes not enio he or e- tive of all Presents,
Ash3 e6. .H&,es; ,Mirs. H. Dto'yed. Mr. Ask your 'next doV' Netghbor wheller f,@a Illustl Dled Faiini Bible.
P. t w .GitI -ftiBibleNs re tfeigh or d ether 1.l t F A C O N, .
.Newty, .:irsNaoi.. tyS ii: S.-.gsaiham tih b -. o wrk wk o. J- T. j.,ACKSON,
Dr.. eo.. ,a. Gi, Mr. obe't A MS' AD'yT
-wie...Pii. o. Leis, Mis C. i ES -. ADE Opposite Post office. A e:.:
Pa.g ._ ...l .P a:1',taau-.ilton, Decr.19, 881. .

rylHE STORE, in soUiT -
AM PTON Paris h, 1Oppo-
sate thl Light-house,'and recently
a oeipie'ld b D. CARL'ON as
The B;ildiig isg ui 'otip]ete Repair, nlnd
rwell adapted to thea Business of a Fu.1mily
Grocery. '
Tlhe CELLAR s th -ful size 'of thi(
whole Biiibling, is Eight Feet igh, 1 liviiled
into T'hre- Rooms; it is dry and well
rI'lnere are niso Tihree Rooms above
Stairs iwsidtls the Tnree R.ioms used for
the Store. These three Rooms are suf-
ficientlv commodious for a siI all Vamily.
It is also pruviile I within WATER saf-
ficient for' tli .e ,fthe Store. ;-
These wkishingto Renl eMat apply to me
at my Residenee, in XWirick &r to Mv.
CA rITON, onl.the Premises. ...;;,.'. ,
SPossscsi.n given at any time.
Price of Rent-One Shilling per daty..,
January 2, 18$84


Tlas just Opetned

and_' NEW.:T OK,.
Ex S. Siinoco"
Tins Roast Beef, Mutton, Dtick,
Chicken: Goose, -
Pott6di TT'mn', Beef mid Tongue,
Green PEAS, BEANS, CORN and:
Bottles Assj 1 PICKLES, Red Cab-
bape' AUCES,
Corned' BEEF in Tina, ..
BISCU ITS of all kinds,
SUTOAR-whito and brown,
FLOUR, Tins Cocoa & Milk.
Chocolate mid Milk, FaR's COCOA,
Erp's CHOCOLATE. O0loug TEA,
Green and Burined COFFEE,
'Oatmeal, Oilmeal, Corn Meal,
Flaxseed, Linseed Meal,
fBottles of SYRUPS oftall flavors,
Bottles of PYE FRUITV, Damrson,
Clooseberribs,I Crimilerriore, eJron-
gages, Rliubarb Plums, Chcrries,
' :, '.-, A e : ,:. .' .,: .
Tins.of FRUITS in ;Syrps, .Cherries,
-Peachlies, Plums, Peairs. Pinea-pplpe,
Strawberry, A|pples, and Apricuts,
JAMS -of all flavors,
1 Tam SAUSAGE, ,
oz. Bottl6s of ESSENCES C LEmon,
Raspberry. Vanilla, &c., &c,
Condensed MILK,' : "
Tartaric ACID-powdered,',' .."
ITAIR OIL-nssorted flavor,
Fine Olive OIL, GCURRIE, powdered in
,CLOVES, ALMONDSin and out of
Jars Preserved GINGER, SAGO,
OATS,: BRAN,: &c.,^ &c.
Corner of Victoria Street,
and East Broadway.
Hamilton, Decr. 19, 1881. ..

:R H. Duerden's Boot & Shoe Store, a
large assortment of Ladies Gents and
English fancy-goods Neckties,.Hmsiery,_.
,Hats & Caps, Slawls, Clouds, and many
other goods for the season. ,
Hamilton, Dee. 19, 188[.


AE. to Seat Four Persons-suitable
S for fatmily or livery work.
SApply at the office of the NEW EA.
Hamilton Dec. 12th, 1881.

N, rICE.

Pianos, Organs, S,

Repaired and Tuned
Warwick,'Septr. 26, 18 l, --l ... :'

Notice This..

HAMS, Smoked BEE1,F
Dutch Head (Eligish) CHEESE
-7 Ibs. each--retailed,
Pastry FLOUI-;' .
flalf. Bls. Family FLOUI,

AL OSO ... .
hillf and Q.uarter do,, doi. a.
Best Deieisa or dessiet RAISIN,
8:ltana RASINS, -PRUNES,
nall Boxes 'IGS, ; .. ,.:,
i'r.esh PIN EAPPLES-in ti1s,80
N UTS-Aluionds, Pecan, Filberti,
Wilnut, PeaC-nut,
'Citron, Lemon, aindOrange' PPeel'
Together with a part: ..of eVery
thing' usually called for-. in the
approaching FE8s VE SEASON.
To enable you to tead' tK adterl
tisement at ni gt,

I can supply you with Tins aIm
,Cases best Astral OIL.

Front Street, Hamilton.
Dee. 20, 1881.-3ins.


Foreign WIN ES .
and SPlRTS

Cotfacltrs 1to .* M.
ARMY' and NAVY,. .
Hamilton, Deer. 19, 1881.
'ew Era" twice.

Per s.s. ORINOCO,
Table Butter,
& 0.,. &C.
Hamilton, Jan. 2, 1 82. '

For Sale,
AA Very Superior :1: ti l.0
1 CARRIAGE-to seat 4 persons ,
1 Fiu6 Ca'iaige HORSE, ,y.
1 Good American HARNESS. ,
'The above goods belong to, a gentle-.
man about to leave the IsIand aid.1
nitist be sold, ,
S B. W. WALKER & CO, ..
aito, De 25' front Sreet,.
Hamilton, Deer,12, 1881, .*' '

' i

J Just Received, i.
Per 95. S. Orinoco, '
Ladi's nud Geuts Sleavo Butto.s
Gold 'aid .Silver,
Ladies and Gents NEOTIES,
'Oxford SHIRTS.
English and Amnerican
Ltdies Peach CORSETS,
White Sheeting, White Suitiig ,
SRancy Goods,a
Cricketing Material, Cobbets,
all Cano Handled Bats, Leg Guards,
,GLOVES, Segw bally Hata & Caps.
Groceries, Hams,
Co rn Buttfer
And; a large assorttment of other
.GOOdS, ''
It. ff. T)T
7 .. ** "


Thrm ani Household.
I i. t Il b. be lin-Ii the IFo rm ', r, (' ,(d
s-olr -'o,'k s; ek ,ut Io. ch. ie.- t I,, eed-
IJrt ..,co I,,, -1,l,: ty .t tl _iI..
Let r not d rg ni. i ..i. :
A L ,.It.-...,I.,- r, .:,I) witiicareae notIspeed,
Ati o \N l will -'on,, be ri. it i t ..
If v,,,ii co:l irc is Iv I toow on a table-
spoonuhl of salt, and it will help it very
A litle ,.r p]ft into meat,
iwprirc lhe IL1.o,r.
In icing cakes, dip the knife frequently
into cold water.
Bury your delad animals at the root of
your IrIit tre.s. You will find that it
pays a good percentage.
Put a little soft s,11) on the cre'Tli...,
gate or barn door h,,. and stop the
Uinnlecse.aIly noise and % tar.
A chora,.tuisric of good farming is, that
,vcr31 hiig shall ie in its I.l-,e, and that
1:lae for everything be proil ledJ.
"Fir:in" don't pay says the farmer
who I C ,ils hIf Iis time lot fiig about
town instead of" atilndirg to hlis Crops and
'ro git, a purple -oorI tb ivory soak it
:1 a solittion of ,.% i titiii -.' put -1-minto four
times i. w.eight of nitr,.. ai,!.
A laid c,.n.-nt ii fo nt,..,I of iroi borings
and :alt water and a small lqunoi y of sal
mmoniae s witli fresh watei'.
In ltuiliig meat for soup, use cold water r
toextrict thetjhices. If tle meat is want-
i-i for itself alone, plunge in hoili,,g water
ut 6,er
You cali get a 11tile or barrel of oil off
atycarpet or wooflpn stuffby applying
0 y buck 'e ,I : it lltilnl'y arid tfathhully4
N over put watir to -uchl a grease spot; or
I paid oflatho If
Broil 'steak \iiihout s halting. Salt draws
roe juices in cooking. it i de-ircalde to
Ie() these in if possible. Cook over a
,. t4fire, lininii ficequbiitly, searing" (m
,,th sides. Pkclae on a platter; salt and
iwpper ta taste, ,
Beef having a tendency to be tough can
e ad111:1(e very p l.italle by .tf:wi,,g gknlit Iy
-1r two hliur-, l1tlpper and salt, taking out
'u'iit a pint of ,l,,i1l when hltl done, and
,tting thile r't in the meat. 13rown
he',meat in the plt. After taking up,
.,ake a gravy of ,he liqid saved..-
Loarn well or lg. iiractig a it thor-
glily, that it may ihe made i, prfihihe to
,n.. -Stick to your business. Do not he
Sluilid away from 'your llArnm. A ven-
,ke iin other pursuits might lose your all.
It -is-a intake to expect to suceceed at
f ring without p)leinty of honest work.
Ome men may have made money without
m. ,rk. I'lt no fatrmer ever umole a crop
ib hout a good deal of that indispensable
aIt M.
To detect frutldthilt balances after an
,1ilthritum hlias been established between
t f weight and the articles weighed, itrai.s-
so tltetin, nndtilet e w ight wif ll prc-,olto le-
r to, if lhe article is lighter tIan the
wV ightA, td contrawise.
When woo1 is employed Aisa fuel it
.ht to be dry as'possile. To produce
tio greatest quantity of !fhat it shohl be
driedby the direct al-plkvntiin of heat.
?it usually employed it.tris :al.oit twenty-
F vo per cent of wter'n, eel 'u ii.lly q,,l-
ltned, the heat necessary fur evaporating
v hich lis lost.




I ADIES' Black ( JacketI,
J Children's ditto, ditto,
The above GOODS being the,.
of a large Ipi'I.. ti n. we are- clearing
out at EXTREMELY Low Pr:.:
Hamilton, Dec. 19, 1881.

.. -
2 .

Watches, Clocks,


and lots of useful articles
Jiefst Received
Comprising in all the finest stock of
Holiday Goods
Ever offered in Bermuda.
An early call and inspection is respectfully
solicited by
Watchmaker & Jeweler.
IHamilton, Bermuda, Deer. 6, 1881.

(East End Ha n)
Begs respectfully to invite Public atten-
tion to his First (Class Stock of
S and
And to elicit a share of their ,p trouine.
New Stock of

ixixtI leoekllec%
F,(O)iI NEW Y. L'...

.Coff e s,

Hams and Bacon,
BISCtIts all(1 Conf0ctione)ry,

Ordinary brick dust made from hard
i-irned, finely puiverized hrieks and mixed Jel11ie., 1NutS, piCaS,,
v ih commoi imne atd, s:iud, is a good sub- Gn d FR UITS n MEA ?S
s i-ute for hlydraulic cement. The pro- Canw'
I' r"i,,, usief in gCeniral practice-are one qf all ,des.V;IMs. .
Srt brick dust, with one of lime to two ,,, -
-I .ald;, mixed together dry, nil temper- Iloi I Tue I& e Bread
t'l with water in t le usual w y 1 ut
Fop A+,.rIA.--'le following -ane good ....
il .Aures fv-r asthua : For an expecto- &c., &c., &c.
ry at take syrup of stills ifur ounces; NoTE.-All J. E. B.'S GOODS are
vi 1k of giunt anmoivcnnSsix sx unces ; of Superior Quality ul are. offered
,ito of ip. cacuanra, ,two. oUtlCs.. Mix. ,tt tl,, Lolwest Possible Prices for
1 (plose is anail easp)ooi'ful ftrr or CASH.
1, times dainy. For a tonic, take infu- J.E.B.
ott of eascarill:, six ounces, sialp'c syrp', Hamilton, Dec. 20, 1881.
ounces. Mix. Dose, two table-
s -'onfuls three times a day..
PorT.'ro CROQUET.-One pound mashed The Cargo of the brigt. "T. H. A. Pitt"
l"atoes ; one ee one table-spoonfol of
V,,ik ; a little iepjer and salt ; a few Just Arrived rom n Corn-
l nonifli of bread crumbs and cracker wallis, N.S.,
:t. The potatoes mtnust be iimshied' Selected xlrfes6[y f6r this market,
l-hen thorouthlyy-iry.' Wthen mashed, 1250 Brls. Choice Garnet Pota-
oi-rowi lit sun, II quantity of all, a table.
uonful of inifak, a littlee poperanul the yolk
(f a n Og .. Stir the yulk witlbhe!. Ipota- 500 Buts, Black O AT.S,
,,-s ,verr f -ire, till thoroughly -dry. Brils. Apples,
F our the buord lt take a little of the 4000 ft. spruce Lumber,
i ,shed potatoes and roll lightly in tihe
i,. ti; make them int.' any shape.
Vhent tihe croquet is well formed, beat 6 Superior
,,ll up the white of one ,.e-gg ; ro l.the 'ro- -~),i,. .
u.iub or (,rack&rdust .. -"
Hlow To JrGE. THi WE.TEUT-Til 0spe.
-,oors of t. .,ki at different ti.nes. are
io -d i uil lguI ralce Nut, onlly d.-c.a ki 0 W
(l,.ar. sut 'Pret-age, fatir weather, but In Calf.
there Are '-oier titts which speak with T .I PITT.
i hrnesa accuracy. A bright yellow uilt. Der 5, 1881.
i th li 'eving denots wind ; a-patle y I iltu. Deer. 5, 1881
I 1, wet; a natural gray coastitituh.,1 fo-
ruble si'n it, the morning-a urmif.'vor- -
I, % onI the evening. he clouds are I ac
i,, ofajt inhog inthomselvn If tleT aT e e ,.
t, n, utalihinitd^,,.d fe the, ; r lie weather .-________
I l be fie f the *edges are I-urd. -har' r-itE UIuler'~,-.i Offers for Sale, 15
In do uite, .it will le foil, Getar, l, Ch.'-t, of S il ir.i t
ku ,a,.at 11,2,e41. unnstaifl lftc. bltoken.
iF.4 od( rvin, whlt II m r (e quit and m- de- OOLO G ,E A.
ri e tits bespeak fair wentthcr. Simple ~Rs Salpl-s imay b e veit' at IR. F. (o,),PrnP's
t so manxims -are: the British Board of tore, llamilton .
'T'"de has thought fit to publish them for J, A. D STUBBS.
Ihic use of seaf,.riag n a IPaget .Deer. 6, 1881.

F 0R

T' eg



adulterated with Plaster, Starch, o0. Grape Sugiar,
but made by myself. of pure Care
Sugar, harmless to the sma7 "-'.

made of Fi,-, (ln.v.ti,,
Clear Pure Si.g:ir 'I' YS,
BARLEY S.TGAR by the Yard,
are '" delicious,"
No. A1..
Kis es are Sold by IE. A. 1.
to Yoiung g,,) ,
especially those iin Tins-foir
you never know how old
they are.
Hamilton, Deer. 19, 1881.

FOR_ SA. .
ffALF Chests Oolong TEA
.. .-very cheap,
Cases Quarter Tins SARDINES,
Boxes Assorted PIPES--1 gross
Cases Card MATC I1ES, 10 gross
Assorted -JAMS. per 10 dozen or
Front Street, Hamilton.

S 1 ka R,
General Dry ,oods,
Under the Arch/s,
Among W hjch will be found :
R SS GOODS-vei- Eehap,,
French CORSETS -S-ome large,
Gent's Good Ready-mnadoe CLOTHING
of all sorts,
I)tess SI IIRTS, Working SitlRTS,
BR; CES, Cordigant JACI-:ETS,
50 Bls. New Portland CEM)ENT
at 15s., 6d.,
CROCKERY WARE in great variety,
It T~o m ^, r, 7-
'TI':..: A, Cheap CIGARS, 4s. 1t 1.1per
Unwx 1111
1 ? Rg ,ICF2-15s. G6d. per 100 lUs,
8s.. 6d. per 50 lbs. ; 4s. 6d. per
25 lbs.,
Fkhin' Ll" IN HOOKS,
K. Oil LAMIPS, and a (nGreat Varietyof
other GOODS-all at Vcry Low
Hamilton, Nov. 19th, 1881.


I AVINGd !at,.l recei.-d orders to
].purchase "

Found great difficulty and much loss
in doing so.
We have d,:ci.,:-l to make a special-
t of the SALE AND PURCI- -
OF COWS. on Commission. Any
person wi4hingi to sell a Cow wi;I
please communicate with us, giving a
description of the Cow, how many,
Calves had, what quantity of l.r: 1
given per ,d.-, &c., the price v.itl .i1,
and where she can be seen.
Persons wishing to purchase, can,
by calling at our Office, 25 F-,on-
i-'t .".,have a-reliable description of
COWS for sale,and the prie of each
and as we l,.,v, p i.-T-i,:l'. ..:-, 1 Lots,
adjoining our Stores, Cows will be
quite safe and attended to, should they
Irve to stav in Town over night, when
I sent for dehi'wrv.
All Sales will be for CAsnH on deli-
B. W. WALKER & Co.
Hamilton, Nov. 21, 1881.

AlI E. E 'rS AT1

-T- n-.1 3.

I( V a 4 y

Saiuz 'day '.v~ia g ,
SAt 1, n
V. J. GODSIFF, W Secy.

,]1. E. C. JACKSON,
V~sits:$' S. raorg as,
Pr it:.- ONALLY,
Every Tuesday and Fiid:y.
Temporary Office :
At V IT OR1 I ee(late
l~edan) I-louse --upstairs.
Office uITrs from 10 to 4.
million, 1st Novr., 1881.

London and New Yo'k.
Means' Felt HATS,
A very handsome assortment oft
Birth-day CARDS,
And numerous othlieGoods.
And a fulil hle of
Choice Grocerics
I_,- .-t%.t I KrfVlP)E.
Warwick, Nov. 28, 1881.


(Worker in Cane) .
Is prepared to clean and put in order
C' A'-%" V ES -A "V

i.,| V* 0 Fi wa:l'N
X OF4:,

Also Polish thc n.
He guarantees to give -.:, ,--ti ...
Near the Rectory, P!g-. .
Paget, Oct. 22, 1881.

Hair Dnri FallJ.

FRED. DA VYTS. IHairD-,,. er &c.
Formerly of Boston, U.S.,
3 -- g g Q ug e, r YS,
For thlir liberal patronage dur-
ing the past year,
SThA, N iB I 3L P L CE,
And at all times ready during the day
and .. v. ,i.,._ to devote his
services to them,
who may favor him with their patronage.

Executed with neatness n ,l ,i..-


If not from too great a distance,

At the shortest notice.
1A.L ---L
In n T. 0I. 'Ir'T- unihlings,
I--amilton Bernnda.
Septr., 26, 1881.-tf

-,.ft 'a
IF I I cpt---4,.Sl

Sept.6,JAMES .18
Septr. 6, 1881.

A -Y1)E -RSO N.

(C ra for 6 1.Sale a lot of

Cuosistit; of

A C-11 O C 0E LOT OFr
One Top IP 11AEUT ON-
nearly new,
2 Sets Iidling llARNESS, new.
Atl a ;small lot of
& 1 'C., Ac, &c.*.
Thte ...-,.tit.,.i,' articles will be
Sold CII'-;APLY ,4'r C:0,1.
-,. I. STAHL,
E ast Broadway.
ITl,.,ilton, Bermuda, Octr. 28, 1881.

The Undersigned

[n Paget Parish, where a select assort-.
inent of
ti., v be obtained.
P.S.-Alo 30 ba:gs.of ULHAI-
COAL ffor sane.
Paget, Nov. 28, 18.


7 ,

English and Am'erican .qTpla
all d
Fa em y Groceries_

Te, A m P T / AESo

Fancy tRise 11s,

Choiceo Selections of


vaker & Chi'rk's
Smoked Meats.

A Lot of UfseAu A articles

Notions, &c., &c.
r Next to the Mell)ourn Hllouse.
Iamilton, September 26, 1881.


Dol arso
In P'r'chasing

By Just M -i.',. Ar, ,, ,,,,-,I ".,
Your Old Ones Renewed.
iHe guarantees to refit any Instrmiwnt
from the building
Save Your Cntsh.
The valae of ayn, Instrument worth
T/iat he cannot e,,, ,',v,, ,ly a,,,
Thid is no uniuliru g brt-s olid facts.

Reasori ble prices given
for second land Instruments.
Second hand instruments
kept for sale -it reaku.,1hle- prices
Orguinettes, Cabinettos,
I,'. 1N.... anud O ;.N I N.1 .
Of the latest syles imported to oidcr at
prices below compV tuition.