The New era, or, Home journal

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The New era, or, Home journal
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Home journal
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Hamilton Bermuda
A.L. Spedon
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v. : ; 55 cm.


newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Bermuda -- Hamilton


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Description based on: Vol. 4, no. 2 (Oct. 15, 1884).

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B.. ~'. -'..a .-.'.

-- -FF-

A Weekly Newspaper
'4 ." ) ;

Specially devoted to thQ general interests of the Inhabitants of Bermuda.



___________________________________________________________________ .A~. ~SASC I V

*: .' o:,y, -a Uited people with undivided interess.




At the banquet given to G(anti in
oiicago on the Arny of Tennec- .
Mark Twain was called up:u iib to o -
pond to the toast of the The Babies;
as they comfort us in our sorrow let,
us not forget them in our festivities' i
Mr. Clemens said: I like that. We
have not all had the good fortum. tI'
be ladies. We have not all !,-i-
generals, or.poets, or statesmen, but
when the toast works down to -i: t-
balbies we stand on common ground,
daughterr for we have all been babies.
(Renewed laughter). It is a shame
that, for a thousand years, the world's
banquets have utterly ignored the
baby as if he didn't amount to anything.
(Laughter). If you will stop and think
a minute-if you will go back fifty or
one thousand years to (ur early mar-
ried life (laughter) and recontemplate
your first baby-you will remember
that he amounted to a great deal, and
even something over. (Roars). You
soldiers all know that when that little
fellow arrived at family headquarters
you had a hand in your resignation.
(Laughter). He too' entire command
You became a lac ey-his mere body
servant" (laughter), and you had to
stand around too. (Renewed laugh-
ter He was not a commander who
maude allowances for time, distance,
weather or anything else. (Convul-
sive screams.) You had to execute
hi-i or: drs whether it was possible or
net. (Roars). And there was o0ly
one form of machinery for his manual
of tactics, and that was the doubll,-
quick. iShouts'). .He treated you
with evt-r sort of insolince and di'sr"-
spect-( daughter i-and the bravest of
Y'u did not dare to say a word. Great
laughter). You could face the death
storm of Donaldson and Vicksburg and
give back blow for blow, 'but wh:nu he.
clawed your whiskers and pulled your
hair, and twisted your nose, you had
to-take it. (Roars). When the thun--
ders of war were sounding in your
ears, you set your faces towards the
batteries, and, advanced with steady
tread, but when he turned on the ter-
rors of the war-whoop-(laughter)-
you' advanced in the other dir:."ioi'n,
and mighty glad for the chance too.,
(Renewed laughter). When 'he called
for soothing syrup, did you vein4ru',!,:>
throw out.any side remark abou+ cer-
fain services being unbecomning r ,, .
ficer and a gentlemen ? T[B>::is 'r ,,
laughter], No. You got up "'d 1 '
it.'; [Great laugh ter]. When ;iv or-
dered the pop bottle and it was not
warm, did you talk back? [Laught,.-r]
Yqu' went to work and warmed it.
[Shouts]. You even d in your menial office as to take a suck
at that warm, insipid stuff- laughterr.
-just to see if it was rig'it, three paTts
water to one of milk-tumultuous
laughterl-a touch of sugar to modify
the colic-laughter and a drop of pep-
permint to kill the immortal hic': oug'..
ars. I auitase that stuff. Laugh-
ter ,wd how many things y ou learned
as you, went along! Sentimental
young folk still take stock in the beau-
tiful old saying that when the baby
smiles it is because the angels arc.
whispering to him. Very pretty, but
too tlih-simply wind on the stomaheb.
my friends. Shouts. If the baby
proposes to take a walk at his usual,
hour, two o'clock in the morning-
lauditer-didn't. you rise up promptly
and remark, with a mental add]iio
which, would not improve a Sunday
Scdolt. book-laughter--that was the
very thing you were about to propose
yourself? )Great roars. Oh! you
were under good discipline-Laugh-
ter--and,. as you went faltering up
and down the room in your undress
uni4orm-laughter-you not only plra-
tier undignified baby talk, but even
tuned up, your maternal voice and tried.
to s g; "Rock-a-by baby in the tree
tok. pr instance. Great laughter.
What spectacle for an Army of Ten-
neq.s, Laughter. And what an af-

flic4jn for the neighbors, too, for it is
notevery body foi-,a mile around that
likei.military musiq at three in the
moia-ig. Laughter.'^ dowhen you
ha4 lieen keeping this sort ofghing up
to qr tbhe hours, and your little vel-
Yet lead'intimated that nothing suited
birllike exercise and Laughter : Go
on, what did you do ? You simply
wvet on till you dropped in the last

K.. 'r.i The idea *that a h e Fac0orv 0Foremin.
baby- doesn't amount to anything!
Sone i, is just a house and a It was just such an American village
ont..yard ,.l; by itself. Laughter. as you seeing pictures. A background
One baby can furnish more business of superb bold mountain, all clothed
Ihan u .:, y.inu whole Interior De- in blue-green cedars, with a torrent
I,,, can en :i,,d to. Lauight-r. -thundering down a deep gorge and
-. ,... 'i rrepressible, biim failing in Lillows of foaim ; a river re-
full of i .icities. Do, you fleeting the azure of the sky, and a knot
....., you can't 'make him 'stay on of houses, with a church-spire at one
.. ,:: .. .G-eat,. shouts. Suf- end and a thicket of factory chimneys
fi.:'_-. unto t.-- day is one baby. As at the other, whose black smoke wrote
long as you are in your right mind ever-changing hieroglyphics against
don" t you ever pray for twins. Laugh- the brilhancy of the sky. This was
ter. Mr. ( :.,, is the father of a Dappervale. And in the rosy sunset
u :.:. Twins amount to a permanent of this blossomy June day the girls
riot. L n. :i -. And there ain't any were all pouring out of the broad
real difference U1 !w,:en triplets and an doorway, while Gerald Blade, the fore-
insurrection. Uproarious shouts. Yes, man, sat behind the desk,'a pen behind
it is high time for a toast to the mas- his ear and his small beady-black eyes
ses to recognize the importance of the drawn back, as it were, in the shelter
babies. Langhter. Think what is in of a precipice of shaggy eyebrows.'.
store for the present. Fifty years One by one the girls stopped and
from now we shall all be dead I trust, received their pay for one week's work,
laughter, and then this flag,if it still for this was Saturday nig it. One by
survive-and let us hope it niay--will one they filed out, with fretful, dis-
be floating over a Republic numbering contented faces, until the last. one pass-
0'. ;.O0,000 souls, 'according to the ed in front of the high-railed desk.
laws of our increase. Our present She was slight and tall with large
schooner of State will have grown into velvety-blue eyes, a complexion as de-
a political h -.iafiian-;a Great Eastern. licately grained and transparent as
The cradled babies of to day will be rose-colored wax, and an abudanlee
on ,:ek. Let them be well trained, of glossy hair of so dark a brown that
for we are going to leave a big contract the casual observer would have pro-
on their -, Laughter. Among the nounced it black; and thete was some-
three or four millions of cradles now! thing in the way the ribon at her throat
rocking in the land are some which was tied and the manner in which the
this nation would preserve for ages as simple details of her dress were ar-
sacred things, if we could know which rainge--d that bespoke her of foreign
ones they are. In one of these cradles birth.
the unconscious Farragut of the fu- "Well, Mlle. Annette," said Mr.
ture is at this moment teething, laugh- Blade, "and how do you like factory
ter; think of it, and putting in a word life?"
of dead earnest, inarticulated, but per- "Itis not disagreeable," she answer-
f,-ctly justi,;lbi,- profanity over it, too. ed, a slight accent clinging to her tones,-
Laughter. In another the fruure re- like fragrance f6"ta ifower, as she ex-
nowned astronomer is blinking at the tended her hand for the money the
shining milky way with but liquid in- foreman was counting out., poor little chap! and wondering You have given me but four dollars,"'
what has become of that other one she said. It was to be eight dollars
they call the wet-nurse. Laughter. by the contract."
In another the future great historian "Humph!" he grunted; "you ain't
is lying, and doubtless will continue to much aecut4onied to our way of doing
lie, laugiht.'_, until his earthly mission things, are you, iademoisll eI? Eight
is .,d.l.a. In another the future Pre- of course, but we deduct two for a
sident is .,us:ving himself with no pro- fee"
founder problem of State than what "A fee!, For what?" Annette de-
in the mischief has become of his hair manded,with flushed cheeks and spark-
so .-'.:iy, laughter, and in a mighty ar-' ling eyes.
ray of other cradles there now some "For getting you the situation,
i,uCn;) future office seekers getting mademoiselle, to be .sure," said Mr.
.ready to h_,i ;i:I, him occasion to grapb Blade, in a superior sort of a way.
1.Ik. with the same old problem a see- "Such places does not grow on every
ond.. And still in some cradle, some bush. And folks naturally expect to
wh ere ubld- the flag, the future illus- pay something for the privilege."
trious Col.ani,.ier-in-Chief of the "I do not!" flashed out Annette
.,i-.-. armies is so little burdened Duvelle,
with his lppro~aching grandeurs and Oh--well-all right. Because, ou
rt-',oi'-.ilies as to be giving his know, you ain't obliged to stay un ess
whole, strategic mind at this mqment you choose." ,
trying to find out some way to get his Do you mean," hesitated Annette,
big toe into his mouth-laughter-an that if I don'tpay you this money-,"'
achievement which, means no disre- You cant" expect to stay in the
sp,ct, the ilhstri us uest of this even- works," said Mr. Blade, hitching up
ing turnlied his attention to some fity his collar.,
six years ago, aig d if the child is but "But the other two dollars ?"
I. p :"i'ihecy of the man, there are migli- "Oh," said Mr. Blade, that's a per-
ty few who will doubt that he suc- centage the girls all pay."
ceed. Laughter and applause. "But what is it for ?"
Mr. Blade laughed.
TWICE IN..I. HT.F .T...... A "Well, it helps out my salary. Of
TWICE IN SIGHT OF THE ALTAR. course, you know, the girls all expect
A San Francisco maiden who sighs to pay something every week for keep-
for some one,to shield her has twice ing their situations in a place where
been balked at the threshold of matri- there's so many anxious to get in."
money. Two years ago she gave her And Mr. Elderslie?"
hand to a wealthyyoung lover and the "Oh, Mr. Elderslie," repeated Blade.
wedding day was fixed. A week be- "He hasn't much to do with it. I am
fore the proposed marriage the youth master at the Dapplevale Calico
was, taken to an asylum for the insane. Works."
The ,i: :,ut-to-be bride recovered from Mr. Elderslie owns it, I believe."
the shock and the disappointment, and Well, yes, he owns it. But I ma-
at one of the Pacific coast resorts last nageevery thing. Mr.Elderslieresposes
June accepted the attentions of a ba- ,the utmost confidence in my capacity,
chelor of forty. The man of middle ability and-and-responsibility. Mr.
age, whose heart Cupid's darts had Elderslie is a good business man,.' He
pierced, was reputed to 'be a wealthy understands his own interest., And
St. Louis merchant. Frequently dur- now if you've any more questions to
ingm i. lightt walks he would tell his : ask-"
'F isco dear of the delightful home to "I have none,". said Annette wist-
which she soon should go. The young fully. But I want this money my-
woman; made all her preparations for self. I work hard for it.. I earn it
the wAdding, her father presenting her righteously. How' can I afford, and
with a magnificent trosseau, and, in- how can the others among these poor
deed, until the morning of the marri- laboring, girls, to pay it to your
age dy everything was lovely. Then greed?' .
it w. le.iarned that the bridegroom had Eh?" ejaculated Mr. Blade, jump-
disappeared. Inquiry developed the ing from his seat as if some insect had
fact that he had taken his laggage stung him.

with him and another fact that he had "I will not pay it," calmnily conclud-
left his board bill unpaid. The young ed Annette.
woman sat weeping on the sands of Very well-very well. Just as you
'the quiet sea as the reporter who sturm- like, mademoiselle,' cried the foreman
bled upon the romance hurried off to turning red in the taee. ? "Only if you
write over it inabig letters:-Doomed 'won't conform to the rules of tbi4 Dap-
to Celibacyy" pervale works-..

"Are these the rules?" scornfully 'against him.
demanded Anhette. And ahew reign began for poor
"Pray consider your name crossed Jennie Parton and the working girls,
off the books," went on Mr. Blade. ,as well as for Simon Pettingell.
" You are no 'longer in my employ. And Annette never regretted her
Good evening Mii-demoiseile WVhat- apprnttice-Ml'hip at the Dappievale Ca-
ever-you-may-call yourself." .... li hco Works as it led to Uie becoming
And Mr. Blade slammed down the the wifeof Mr. Elderslie the proprietor.
cover of his desk as it it were a patent *
guillotine and poor Annette Duvlle s HUNTING FOR A WORD.
lieck were under it. An ancedote of Moore, the Irish
Two or three of the factory girls, po-et, shows how much pains a writer
who had hovered around the open door iwho does good work will take to put
to hear the discussion, looked with the right word in the right place. Moore
awe-stricken faces "at Annette as she was on a visit to a friend in Bermuda,
came out with four dollars which shle ,and while there wrote a short poem.
had received from the cashier in her One day, while the guest was engaged
hand. in his literary work, and the host soon
You've lost'your place, ma'amselle,' perceived- that-, his companion was
whispered Jennie Purton, a pale, dark- given up to his own thoughts; lie was
eyed little thing who supported a crip- .lent and abstracted, noticing neither
pled mother and two little sisters out his friend and entertainer Aor the sur-
of her niulcted earnings. rounding beauties of the landscape.
And he'll never let you in again." Byv-and-uy he began to gnaw the
added Mary Rice. "He's as ivmnie- finger-tips of his glove, pulling and
tive as possible!" twitching spasmodically, and when
"It matters not," said Annette. this had gone on for a long time, hi'
"He is a rogue, and rogues sometimes friend ventured to ask him what was.
out-general themselves." the trouble. "I'll tell you," said'
S".but you can't starve,' said Jennie. Moore. "I have left- at home upon my
Look here, ma'amselle, come home table a poem in which is a word I do'
with me. It's a poor place, but we'll not like. The line is perieet save that
make you welcome till-till you can one word, and the word is perfect save'
write to your friends." its inflection. Thus it is;" and'he re-"
Annette turned and impulsively peated the line and asked his friend it'
kissed Jennie on her lips. he could help him. It was a delicate
"I thank you," she said, "but I do point. The friend saw the need, saw
not need your kindness. My friends where and how the present word jar-
are nearer than you think." red just the slightest possible bit upon
And Annette Duvelle went back to, the exquisite harmony of the cadence,
the little red brick cottage, all thatch- but he could not supply the -want.
ed with the growth of the woodbine, The twain cudgeled then. brains until
where she lodged %with the wiie ot the they reached the house on their retiun
man who tended the engines ini the butI without avail. The rest of the
Dapplevale works. day was spent.. as usual, as was the
"Does he-cheit you too, of your evening, Save' hat ever' -and anon'
money ?" she asked, when caimon Pet- -Moore would bin:h into silent fits in
tingell came home smoke-stained and pursuit of the absent word. And so
grimy, to eat his supper. came on the .night, and the poet went
"One-sixth I had to pay him," said to bed in a deep study. The follow-
Simon, with a groan, as he looked at ing morning was bright and beautiful,
the five little ones around his board. and Moore came down from his chain-
" Yes, miss, he's a villain; but the ber with a bounding step, with a scrap '
world is full of such. And I find it a of paper in his hand, and a gl6rious
pretty hard world to get on with. Mr. EigitL in his genial countenance. The
Elderslie never comes here or mayhap word had come to him!,. lMe had
things would be a bit different. Mr. awa ened during the night, and the
Elderslie lives abroad; in Paris, they kind genius of inspiration lihad visited
say." his pillow, and he had got; up and'
"He-is in this country now," said Lou a scrap from his note, boobi, ,and,
Annette. 'I write to him.' at the window, by the light of, the
T'won't do no good, miss.' moon, had made the thought secure.
'Yes it will,' saiq Annette quietly. 'There,' he said, when he had incor-
*. porated it into the text, there it is'--
Te,, .p s of t.h' Je r h only a simple, single word, a 'word as9
Thie petals of the June roses had common as a, b, c, and it cost m
fallen, a pik carpet twelve hours of undagging labor to':
of the woods., and the Dapplevale ind it and put it where it is. Who
works wore their holiday guise, even could believe it .
down to Simon Pettingell's newly c i .
brightened engine, for Mr. Elderslie A A LONG LOST SON.
and his newly. married bride, were to Mr. Zebens Compton and his wife,.
visit the works on their wedding tour. of Plainfield, N. J., while at their home
'It's a pity Ma'ais-,lle Annette .went at noon on Saturday, were astonished
away so soon, said Simon to his as- by the e ,trance-of Sylvanus, their son,
sistant; '.'cause they say the master's who was last heard of by themi*nine-
kind-hearted in the main, and she teen years ago, and whom they believ-
might have spoken up for herself. ed to be dead. Before the war he was
Mr. Gerald Blade, in his best broad- a Druggists c!erk in Plainfield. He,
cloth suit, and mustache newly dyed, enlisted in the navy, being about 21
stood smiling in the broad doorway as years of age, and became attached to
the carriage drove up to the entrance,' the surgical staff. In June, 1802, he
and Mr. Elderslie, a handsome blonde- was ini'a sip taking some sick soldiers
browed man, sprang out and assisted to New Orlieans. This -was the List
a young lady, inm a dove-colored trav- heard from him direct, but his parents-
elhing suit, to alight. learned that he landed safely m New"
'Blade, how are you?' he said witit Orlean/and had been seen in that city.
the carelessness of conscious superior- No further trace of him could be found.
,ity. 'Annette, my wife, this is Blade, and after a few years his family gave'

my foreman. up all hopes of ever seeing him again.
Mademoiselle Annette!, he returned son says. that in New
'And Mr. Gerald Blade found hun- Orleans he fell in with a pleasant sort
self cringing before the slight. French of man, who invited hi to drink a
girl whom hlie had turned from .the fac- bottle of wine. After this hle remenj-
tory door a month before. bers nothing until hlie was aroused fiom'
I must beg to look at the book, a stupor and found himself in a. slaver
Blade,' said Elderslie, atuthoritativelv. three days out at sea. He escaped
My wife tells me some strange stories from the'ship at one port and told, his
about the way things are managed here. story to the Awmtriwan Consul, but that
It became so notoroius that the rumors official had been warned to arrest hui
reached her even at Blythesdale as a deserter and send hiin back. The
Springs, and she .choose to caie and Consul advised him fo take the shiji
see for herself. Annette, nmy darling, again and escape at some other poit
the best wedding gift we can make to v.'here there was no official to avrest.
these poor working girls is anew fore- hiro. He next..quitted the ship at an
man. Blade, you may consider your- Afi ican port an'a made his' the
self dismissed. Ciape Colony. Here he settl-e&'dow-*
But, sir-' married and had one child.-. He slent
'Not another word,' cried Mr. El- n o mword home, on account of fear of'"
derslie, with a lowering brow, and Mr.- being arrested as a deserter .-andiJe,
Gerald Blade crept away, with an un- back to America for trial. Frdm Cape
comfortable consciousness of Annette's Town he drifted off' to India and' other-
scornful blue eyes following him. parts of Asia, and finally to Austrailia,'
Elderslie turned to his wife. From Australialiia e finally retura.ed to
You were right, my love, said he, New York, and went direct to Paw
the maa's face is sufficient evidence I field to find his parents.



4 j. '

* 41& .


..'I1 A

1"';' ~.
J*' .e
( *

I I., .
jP r,~



; .JVE ER.i.

Editorial Bureau.

Marriage in its true character is a
Sacred Uniop, and should be consid-
ered and acknowledged as an indis-
soluable and.Eternal Bond, registered
in Heaven; and not that of a slender
tie made for convenience and expedi-
ency, and of such a texture as to ren-
der it easily to be broke, which of
late years has too frequently occurred,
particularly in the Uni ed States,
where divorce can be so conveniently
obtained, -But a new feature in its
Character has been discovered-t.: it.
of marrying for thle purpose of rob-
bery. Women marry men, rob them,
and desert them,,and'men do tihe same.
INot long ago a man, answering the
name of Marvin advertised for a Gov-
erness, gave false reforeu-ece.s, proposed
to one .of the Ladies who applied,
married her, theti robbel and desert-
e4 her.-He was sut>ibnquently arrest-
ed, and during the, trial the'fact has
been discovered that t.he. votung lady
referred to was the t.util victim he
had treated in the s vu. w.iv. Such
events'should prove as le.prvinus to the
fair sex, to teach t.h.:i p.- lence anil
precaution in their affection, and never
to venture with a stranger as Copart-
ner, in so great an undertaking as that
of Marriage.

During the montlf. of August and
September many parts of the United
States suffered severely from t(ie t want,
of water produced by the prolonged.
drought, not only in the country but
in the cities the sci;rcetv has be en in-
tensely experienced. Hundreds of \wells
and cisterns became dry. Vegetation
suffered also; in many places the crops
are far below the canommn average.
But the worst feature of all hlas been
the terrible forest fires which occurred
in several States, Michigau apr -ears
to have suffered the most; and late
reports reveal the fact that thefires
have been more, extensive and the
results more disastrous than ex-
pected. No fewer than 500 persons
hae peris'hed by the tires in that
State. Thousands of acres of land and
forest have been burned over, Pro-
perty to the value of niilJions has been
destroyed, and thousands of families
have been rendered homeless and
destitute : and for the time beiug are.
thrown upon the world'-, charity. It
is to be hoped that a hearty response
to their cry of need will 1ie given, in
the behalf of au object wo,'thy of
prompt .and liberal generosity.

New Religious Sects are constantly
arising: to the surface of what ,s
known .as the Christian community :
the latest of which, has recently
sprung into exi-teiice in the City of
Chicago, and is called the-UOVERCOM.-
E .
The new Religion is based particu-
larly on the Book oi' Revelations,
altho 'the Believers therein assert
their ability to prove their Faith, from
other parts of the Bible. 'i hey do not
believe in baptism, nor eteinal l'punish-
ment. They believe that all mnen will
ultimately be saved, but t.hat the
must first be puiged from their sins.
Many respectable people are said to
have become followers of thie New
Faith. .But we fear, that tlhe greater
fact is, that there are in tlhe world too
many religions and too little true
Christianity; too many l:professions
and not enough of pi'ofes-o s who'
champion the cause o01 (hi isti;'t;ty
'upon a broad and exalted basis ;-So
broad that it would cover the whole
earth., and so high that it would reach
up to heaven.
S1 ew

The following is a list of the namncs
of the stores at which extra copies of
the NEW ER," will be left for sale.

Price per copy-THREE PEICE.
B. E. Dickinson's (store.)
W..-H. Hugh's, Fred. A. White,
J.'C.:Keeney, D. W. Hughtes,
IR. F. Cooper, A. Wingood,
W. J. Recht, J. H. Jackson.
Robt. J. tucker, at the Lane.
Edwin Hooper, Frederick,Misick,
Bamuel Spencer, Chat. S. '1 ucker.
BaziiWul.-O. Bell, -. Foster M. Cooper,

Nath. Cooper, Daniel Astwood,
Richitd Kempe, W. P. Nelmes,
WilliamiaJ. FrIth.
JT Bolhtboiurni, Jatmes Anderson,

Oth& mswil subsequently.,

9' thi.pirl.
L br. ve prevent to his
1e Th .1 ler duimng .he "past.' lunapg. series o,)Aggishl vocifer-
eek has l Uin :ie'edly.1 Calm and atio ,s. feft otie. attempts -were
plteasuant;. butioo dry th growth made,andne after another of thebrave
of vegetattop. ib.ieif weotf rain adventurers roppedifo^Jhe waters
fell on Saturday morning but the el, only to rise again t renew
newly sown onion seed requires move their eforts.. Finally. the eixtiremity,
than a sprinkling to quicken its gita- -was attained: The vlht4qr slipt iust as
ity lie reached the cage, b'ut thr11u 'his a'gil-
it.y succeeded in clinging to the pole,
'.-W The many friends of Dr.-F. A. anid balancing his body across' it,
R.ees, of Hamilton will 1)0 glad to while endeavouring to detach the cage.
hear that he has returned safely after -Tt. ui-n.i oi oe en.T oe f e the cage
San absence of three months on a tour was stove in. He attempt-ed at once to
thru the United States und, other '.seiz4.hbld o(-the pi but-,the tail, like
parts. the pole, aplea-re(il bLe gr~eastdl, as
to The afternoon Mails from Oc- it. suddenly slipt. timiu iis fingers, and
tober 1st until further notice, close at away went, poor piggy l preciimpatelylike
the Post Offices at 3 o'clock, instead an arrow, and for a momIent disap-
of 4. peared under the water.
q., We heartily acknowledge and He was instantly grasped by one of
appreciate the genial kindness of S. the 'competitors, w-ie wer.e swimming
Nelmes, Esqr.. for the friendly notice around : and was assisted in its efforts
he ha.- tailken of the NEW ERA in his to regain dry footing upon terra ftr-
Monthly Mercantile TOWER BUILLETIN. lat: The pig was hist.ed aloft at once
-, -, upn the shoulder of the hero. n a)
I.1 Ihe Court of General Assize Ib orne away, down tli-e street followed
open to-day, in the Court .I-ouse;, crowd, while the shouts of the
at 10 a.mi., Monday October 3rd,- exited spectators arose on high like.
Honorable Josiaih ees presiding' the triumph of a great victory. Du- I
lT- Mr. John Trotter, son of the ring the whole affair there we fre fr'-
R.evd. Mr. Trotter has, we understand,' quent cheering and laughter, which
been appointed a Clerk in the St. was sufficient evidence- to show that
George's Post Office. the participants and spectators en-
gaged themselves prodigiously; as
'Pal 0ol JuIli'oi!'S. Baillic Suiipson would say.
SThe nilie of the sucei-.-'ful conipe
The :following is a List of the Jurors'r is ",lert Ball ; who has success-
Sal)pointed for the coming Assizes. fully proved himself to )l:e a her.>, by
S. GEr:' .Beining a similar irize at the Diigy
Burchall, Henry Stallard, John Al- t*le i-. u;' .
oderman, Peter Rotlicarris, Robert.
Edmund N. Boggs, Riichard S. Gib:- The Lat'e Presidlent.
olns. The dilth knell still contini"es tnobe
HAMILTON PAuisH.--William A. Ho01-
UIs, Thuiomas. W. Hill, James L. heard, and the world iin:sympatl, tIe.
Pearman. Edlward T. Brown, Mi- sorrow, weeps, A strong iatioum res-
chatel J. B. Davis, JLnes A. Light- ponds thereto in a pu'roxys.m, of grief
.'.bourn. ; ... r too deefirtp for w s toexpress. Frim
SMITH's PARSH.-'Ed in R. Zuill, e:ery part of the civilized world ex- -
John R .ieairdsn, Edward P ni-t. Pre ins of g-rief for the President, and
SStaffod N. Joell, Isac Smith, J. of sympathy for the bereaved' family
Scott Pe;rman. and fellow colultrmn have ben lit-
DEv'ONSHIIE P.ATiH.-Jua. n Tu-P; ter-l. tin t -, (f the deepest feelings,
William H. Jone.t-, EI.iu. A..Zuill such as are _ut ,scldom heard.
William T. Ad.mus, James H. Stone, President Garfieh1 was in every: res-
".ja -E T .SJit., 1- pect a replresenttinve man, andats such
SBenjamin E. Sit -. he ,.ill lie miarei.leeplv andnnvL'ral
PEMBRO)KE PARn, I.-('lrines T. Con- mournedl. Tlirnu ina'y long years of
"ers, Nathaninl S. Ba:.cme, Wil- til ani'ainietv he radua'll but. sure
liham H. HugEes, Francis Lmleo, ly kept climlling up the hill of Honor;
Charles lBernar1, Jolm Barrett. untilat length he attained the Presi-
PAGET PAARIH.-Oampbell Ray, Ben- dlent.i;i Seat. ulpon thle summitt; lbut r
jamin J. Harriott, Robert R. J. scarcely had lie realized the altitude
STucnker, F. Frith iHarriott, Charles of thp "position, when the glory ofi a
A. Jones, William H. German, life-timed aspirations was abruptly
W.Awic't PARisH.-Daniel Duns- darkened; and the Ibrave hero, dies at
combe, John W. Ingain, Edward the zeuith of an exceptionally distin-
B. Darrell. Henry A. Smith, Peter guished career-a career he began with
Walker, Thomas T. Usher. a inmeagre ilucition, and without for- 2
SOUTHAMIPTON PAFRsi.-Henry A. tune and the support of uinfllential
'Simumons. James ID. Perinchief, friends ; and yet with a st)an.t heart, a ,
Samuel Lamnbert, Josepih S. Frith, :good head, with enthulinsim, courage
Joseph W. Hill, George W. Hill. and industry lie work 1 his way p-l:)-
SANDY'S PA.ISH.-Edward Blackwell, ard sep stel, until he haid suc-
John H. Pitman. Frederick A. F. essfully attained the highest position .
: Misiek, David Tucker, Edwiard that his country could bes.tow upon e
'Crawley, James H. R. Taylor. him ; proving tlierel his own ster-
. ling worth, and typical of the develop- v
mMo Th na ment of Amerrcanh institutions and C
The Annual Dingy Race. .Americau civilization: while he em- ;,
STo 1odied thle culture and 'refinement, the
This Boat Raice took place in Ham- geniality and tolerance, the dotnestile a
ilton Harbor, opposite the town, on purity, 'he bu-evolence, patriotism and t
Frtlay afternoon Septembel.r 30th. inspiration ,of Almerican manhood.
Thefollowing is aList of the Boats, fortutel i for himse
which competed .a nd for th nai: liei, for himself' t
." and for the g'eat natima he i'epiesent- 1'
Foa, Cli Ilenger," 'Torquin. ed, hen in the very p1'ihe of matured n
Rekless, '"Nameless," Fair- manhood, power, and honor, that h1e '1
play," Dauntless," Mary Ann," .ho:,uld havebeen cut ,down, not by the
S"Jack," Little Alice." liat.uril, laws pf mortality or by any j
SThe Co:urse as usual between the a inadvertil le accident, 'but by the fitald a
Stake Boats, was twice to Windw;,rd missilee directted by the hand of a re- c
'and one to Leeward. The race uva<' vengeful and .malicious villain. Tli. .
keenly and closely contested, aind tragedy of a.ssassiniatiii has leen coin- c
was at length wion by the ." Foam." plete.. .After mllany weary weeks of
The C'hallenger, manned entirely by sliutferinig andi endurance, between life i,
: an amaitelur crew, ecine in next,' and death, hope and suspense, with a '
SAfter the 'ace another feature in patience and courage, thel brave strug- U
the P'rogrammne was brought ir' ini- gle for life thliat stitt'i ed so deeply the l
neatly before the view of thle nume- tenderestsympathies of a nation, failed :
rous spectators who lined the whoirf. at last. He is dead, s he lives2-aid v
A long pole, fuin uerlia sniall mast, he-will continue to live embalmed min d
was projected from the ahnlitmeiit of the appreciation and reverence of lhis '
the Tlarf, to the distance of abloumt 95 fellow countrymet dow'Lto the-reumoit- 0
feet, being suspended about 12 feet est boundaries of posterity and time.
above the surface of time' water. At- --- e
tached to the outward extremity was Garfield has fallen, and the nation s

,a hanging cage, in which was enclosed 1' mourns. .' c
a young pig,-a:oparerntly a sort of Its spirit droops in univerial woe, -
sensible pig as lie-stood erect all the Whilst in its bosom indignation burns, ,
time gazing in solemn silence it the And flames with vengeance againstt t
excite-d crowds upon the wharf, and his murd'rou.s toe. a
in small boats, which surrounded the "
b-.cene of action. The hero falls-the human only dies, .,
That portion of the pole between But genius breathes thru his dis-
the cage and the sho-re was coated tinguish'd name ..
with grease. A dozen of coinpetito(as' And countless millions yet unborn s
registered their names. The one who shdll rise
Should walk the pole, detach the cage To read his history at the lamp of
and bear it ashore, would' get his pig- i, Fame.
shlip as a trophy, of his achievement. :' ;
Every eve was eager to see thle gamre "PEACE," was his mott,- still lie no-
begun, and egin. it. did-. at length', by bly fought : .
one after anothlir slipingofft aind phluig- To harmonize tile jnr of public life ; (
ing into the water before they had gone And from the bitter herbs of wrong le "h
a half dozen of feet. The attempts were sought ,
several times repeated, each time still A remedy to soothe politic strife.
further progress being made, until at
length one of the competitors slipt With every christian creedq and ldn hu
and fell over jit a'W le had reached I .shared '
the eage, his foot striking and That love -. soul' which points to-
tmtuning up the cage to an angle of 45 1 wards. the skies .
degrees. This sudden shock at head Evon in his follies' honor's comtuse he ,
quarters for the first time disturbed steer'd ,
the eqilibrinm of the poor little pigmny And vies were but virtues in dis- P'
in the ir'ozl cage,-and thru the terror is, ...... .
.. , .~ ~ I....1 ,,.a..4 .

INot titles, tx*.4miuW, nor' "hfingi1Tllhh'



sculpthued marble or
ter'd stone,
men illustrious when
'goni0 firon piarth

the let-


Tis Christian faith and virtuous
works alone.

For these Heaven rears its monuments
of fame,
And 'stai's tiese virtues in celestial
1A'selfish glory is a baseless name,
But heaveni-directed genius never

Nor can hiis die---Heaven registers his
And history will enshrine his earthly
The Seiate Walls will crumble down
to earth
But Time can ne'er efface his death-
Sless name.

There is a void within those Senate
h, Halls
There is a shadow where his radi-
a nce shone
-is tones still linger round their clas-
sic walls
And echo back-" he's gone, forever
g,.lie. -

There is a shadow round his house-
hold hearth
A vacuum too made desolate by.
Where kindred spirits mourn departed
WTicb, .like the. wreath, exhiales a
vital breath.

Thi fatal deea. '..-t- d,:n'--its vrv naume
Is now e'hgrnven o n the t walls ,.f time,
A- dced su l-.iial, tin.t makes hell blush
'with shilom.ii .
And i-,rp' 'n 1 tigmna on thle Bookl
,'' uf criUie. ,

Inglorious Guiteau mortal, murder-:
ous,wretch! -
A, Cain's cturi-e is stamnipt upon thy-
The very earth' and heavens condt-mn
thee such
Even hell itself detests thy friend-
ship now.

("N 1 S11 V e4eCI

OFr Til LEti.'.L.A'TIVE (C I'u"Cu,, AND'
THE C('L'IE OF T'i' .. ,-....lN ON
MONDAY, SEPT. 26, 18al [
M r. P -r ,',/,t ,., H ** ,, '.1,,' '.',' -. a ,f
I/'- L .',,t > Council;
Mr '.'e .'' and (Y ,, wit. .i i, the' Ji,, ,.i l'i
'House *,r" .4 ,.,,', b,, ;'
TI am w la.1 to hIave it iln my power to re-'
ease you i raiI further attendance on your
.iaiiamiient. I duties. Though the present,
Session has been of short dnriation complar-
ed with that of last year y'an have' i.u.1 d
,,it m-r'f1iil d val' able Acts whlili, i tiii.-t,
ill tf-nli, to aadvaneo the general interer'.ts
>f ili C,'ioi i'y. .'
Anmongst tll in the Act by which pro-.
isioiii s made l'r the recording of 'Wills :anil
D)e-l. remeili' a ,0r'ying and dangerous evil-
ind can be r,"gar1ed in no other light than
hat of a public boon, removing, as it is to
ie- hopeiit \ill. a dangernms sir'ee of con-
'u-i.n and litipaition among lp-irliie<
ed in the numerous Wills iiiiil Di %,e hichi
iav % -,:, ,i.iiln at'-d in tlieoffice of tlhe Col..
lii;il whl il- il Ihis imi portant me.'asuri
ias been kept in abeyance.
Thle provision yon have made for im-

' n.vinm the ai.e um.i'la, i' in f-. i. ron. susb-
ect,.d to Qnaruintine will enable the import-
nt R, ,afilatinns of the ihtin- .\-:-t-, tb be
,rri 'l in a Iin,'.- -'ili;,i ii u manner than
teretofor' and will doubtless add to the
omformt of thi''e whomay unfortunately be
u ij. t, to Q ua'rantine r.-t,'i iiu.,. ,.,
rIhe three R- lives you have passed
a'ihili. provision for stri-ri'ors of various
'hinu, 1. of approach t., the'.,' Islan.1- are
.' fill iie:t-;'ia-i which it is to be hop'-d,. will
ead to practical re -sults. .
Your A'-ti for ti,- prti'o.elion of :Wild
tirds is a measure whii-h ,.liunit. fa.iil to meet
ith general approval hbut there is ill other
iroti,'n in which prnoteticn riii.:ht hl e -
n'l,-d with ,l\n'iltli ag- to the flutiiro wella're
f this i ol.,ny u nd hl liat i trees. M,,st of you
i In'oliilvl n; a uait thai tlte rau fa:tll ,'f;i e..iin-
r'v is ii ,1 v' I '" : at i lsear iiti-itl tled by the
xtenit of surface:,.' cov'red by ti ees. A in"
ome districts yonr' valm-.ile trees uiie .-ing i
ut down to a dan.a.ronus extent, I1
lar, for expourttii U. anl a's ihik (olon, is
im iiaelW de|. i,~]:'lit '.a it-, ra iniall fli'r itsi
.'atr .up]ply I invite yonr future atfietti hu
o ti .p' el'er\'lv ainln of yo~ r ire'.s 1-1 a n itt..r
ifecting alliku yotr general and iijdi\idi:,l

The viAc ht' P '-t ( z iflh' l'a't,'c 1 ai'o'.
A WO!", HjlN.l 'ra-itit1:,1 .1"Inlt';u~mre hiow
11:1,11 tePubl-ic PaIL~y expect to rt-ap t.1n-
Mb'. 171111- G1:??flf.',ut/1n;a",, f 11.C IAM11,Afl'
J, y'oluin htl A"M.1j'st. %Is jname for
tha. u-hl~ppil~t, xwhich vyoui11 hii: op miated fir
t i' fi Il.Llicial ye r('7a11.t- 11a ig 30thIt Junei I'-~t
hi briAult. piii m-,ttheiiiaial oitiolaot th
It I- slite -1on. t it I mr, I It IIe t'i L14i nI I)I) zt n4 I 1b (1ra t Iviti
mlit mcil -liat i(u5 L.;tou tlit, aesiu its of tilt- it-a-
tiit-l O 1,ti .[%e aet-'c'a tit to 1anlthurl'.uSQ 11111y Lie

A It hiwIm aditheai' til.a l di'larc'd ualu'ue orfl~
(_0OD;n Lal aa1.1ai~ i l-aijqIV-il 111ii i t!Qtie piidt
' ias int t'''.uoi that of re e it' br'w'.:
mI rgr'et to lea n ifi at the fli caninauivrel urua
vi r ards tim' 1iiroducer 1-1-'n 1diuj)
Tht~ cuse, in Luiaoy ca*e.-suippears to be'

-.*** P
over cultivation and insufficient means.
The effect, in such eases. has forced local
sales, to swell the result of which everything
is picked regardless alike of its fitness for
the market and of tlih effect that such a
-system produces on the marketable value of
the article offered for sale.
The re iedy would seem to lie in the
ist.-Of the producer restricting tlhe
area of his chltivation to the means
at his own commniuid.
2nd. -A juidieiouns'Auplri'1itl t
quality of the articles to be export.
The locil iorket ifnfilhfigz'more
and more into a groove whicl is disadvau-
tageons to local interest and it will require
combined at ion. patience and organization
to free it from this disadvantage. If a local
b.ik could 1)e establlihed, or a financial
cornmbinatinn from \ hich iadvances. on actual
altd approved produce, could ie obtained.
at fair and moilerate i ates. so as to enable
the prodlicer to send his l)loduce to the
market of his own selection, an importguit
step would be taken' towards eniancilipaitiug
the farmers from their present. disadvan*
Tile result of the late Census' is satis.
factory, showing as it dbeoB an increase
of 15 per cent. ou the total popullition of
these Ilaind during the last ten years.
The Education Act continues to work
viell From the Inst Animual Report of the
Board of .Edlicition it is evident tHat st.-ndy
improvement is being made in the work of
the sli4ehol'roolm ; anud tlh attendaiice
of el'ildren of tlhe poorer classes, proves thiat
the Local Vesti ies. tipon wlioseo-oo Iperation,
thie ;ueces.i of the Act so lirrly d-pends.
are becoming alive to the dluties impoQe
upon tlini l.y that Act.
The nielanchloly intelligence which hbm
jinst reacitd us ol t iI h d atli of Presidt-ii
Garfield will 1 im ,ture have b>I-ti received
liy y,.vi a l ith feelings of )ioftouud regret
iut .d. ... ...i. ii y .
After.a long-.peridl of intense offering
oni the part ..'f l't.-i.e-it C(ii li,'l. his wound
has proved fat lil I trI <-rtaiu tin t tlithis. con-
,aniiity like, every o',h, r in thle civiliaze
ivil,, \will .-:yr))i :i1zerv iih the widowed
ii, l l i... lit- -i ih'Iily aid f;li, :'h ily w ;t lied
over li'r lin l>tid dii, ing his, Itli l tul -s.'. :, ind
wiili the N, lioin hi ,i h alis thus be,-u
lrpiiv.i1 bIv tlit l'iid of nal issasiuN .of its
uIe\ ly-t'che -td 'Iii.-f magistrate.
.Itgives re pleasure. (enI ll-rnie, toi t
ilil, o t 'o l,.i. you from your Parliacuietairy
nlutios niA1l I trnt that the coining season
may. by the IDi ine bh-iug. prove propi.
t ios forthie wxlhtre of this Colony in gee'.
ral and for the interests of you all individai-


TA.1 I IC A-N,.
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks disagreed as
to which of their two sons should milk
the cow, at Davis, Iowa, and the man
in his anger killed thu woman.
On the body of an outcast woman
wv.ho 'hr, wnl herself at D1:etroiit waG
foudti ra, g;ld medal, which ;lie had rr-
ei'vedl fore remtaLnrkal: t scholarship on
graduation at u' acan.lemy.
Ex:.'NrvsrsvE (On FirE.' ,-Bordell:City,
Pa., Sept. 18.-Sventy rigs, or 60,00
barrels of oil were burned here yeiter,
day; !oss, l 0.: '
A sexton and his enemy fought in a
clurch-y-var.l t Milishorn, Del., and
the sexton was thi own into a freshly
dug grave. Tlhe the other undertook
to bury hilm alive, aud lhad almost
comnpl-ted the job! whe-n help caine.
(Ctr'tie Hmauiiito took a small dose
o'f Mio phitne at. Sioux ('ity, not. because
she wi'i-hed to die, but in order to touch
the h( the iman she loved. The
plan succeeded. On recovering, she
learned that he had swallowed in ear-
nest. and was dead.
The Dreamers are a new Minnesota
sect, who believe that dreams are re-
velatiuns of divinity, and only need
correct intei'pretation to serve as guide.
to holy living. Their leader professes
p-culitar exlpertness in this regard, and
Ins followers report all their dreams
to him to be interpreted. ..
Nell- Moore, a noted Western thiof,
is young and pretty. Being closely
pursued 1.v otiiers at I huver, she
threw away her false teeth, brushed
her hair smoothly down, and put 'on
her plainest costume. These change
made her so unlike the description the
officers had rec<-ived, and she easily

trember l.P.-It is claimed that Ter-
ranc. Connelly has already fasted 63
days anil has taken nothing but water-
and a little brandy, and that. he expects
to run the record up to 90 or 100
days. /,

KILLED His FATHER.-Peekskill, N.
Y., September 1S.--Angus Gendiner
was probably fatalyv struck with' an
axe vesteiday by liis son Eugene.
The latter, who was intoxicated, ea-
tember 18.-A banker at Lexiirton the loss of property in Iu-
ron and Sanilae counties at .3,000,000.
Insurance among farmers was mostly
ini the Montreal (Coompany, whose mem-
hers are the principal sufferers. The
latest estianlfe is that 700,00(r acres
have been burnt over, and 12,000 peo-
pie rendered hontless and destitute"
town, Mieh., Sept.' 18.-A fainil of'
seven, named' Redriond, got, ifo a'
well near here' to escape the&fie, a m'
was suff:,op-at'd. T'he charred remaiina
of Henrv'Col'e wre.-alko found," 'Z'
family naed'Sraixj.npe'rished. .Mrs.
Diebi.rt : nr~ tliee children we;ei-
ed to ,4eftlit' WAatertown. Anotlher ,"
family named Deminip ar' blievPd 'td.
be biu"ned. Two'families, Tho-aton
and Lee, it is feared, have perished at

A', '~~j' '

. w. lq .....



DETROIT, Se't. 19.-It estimatedfi E n "l P E A A. N
there are 500 1ives lost. by the fires in P U "
this State, and 5,000 people homeless. The Au stria Lon Wllremain
.People in Forester township areur- e Austr rema
ing the dctdlior-s',and dcatthl, fearii t Axain-'ia until Deember. h
that the' "eflvia will breed a pesti- One hundred and sixteen Russian .
lence. Thus far it has b6-en impossi- Jews embarked on Saturday at An-
.be'te secure a complete list of the twerp for New York.
dead.. Rev. Z. Graville,'pastor Fu-st Dyenterv isoincreasingto an alarm- .A
Baptist. Church of this eity, was ig eetint in the German army, and
1' Suila Co6if 6 m .ahe,.ti)"e of the many regiments ar cot:pelled to dis- a
fire, saw 14( dliad)bodies binouglht into continue taking part in the maniceu- .
Sand Beach, blackened and shapeless vres. .,
masses in most'cases. Even the sex LONDON., Sept. 19. -The project to
could not be distinguished. In places establish a' Gerian university in A- I
'he smw whole groups of deal appa- me.ica has elaTIpsedl. A number of ;
'rentlv families. reduced to indistin- prominent people win, signed the pros-
giirhable masses, roasted and black- pectus withdrew their names, a1nd now a
tijene blocks of flesli. Near Docker- the central bureaut of the German Uni- t
ville, the Rev. W. F. Allington found versiJt of .ortjt) America is closed.
T6 dead tbodiesViroind Lexiogton, 1G The office fixttnures, which were not
persons were burned to death in one paid for, were seized by the creditors.
day in the recent forest fires.. lMany A new ironclad of the largest size is (
persons were wounded and 6s2 dwel- to be built in. Germany for the.Chii-
hlings .lt'troied. t he value of cattle, nese government .
grsin, .and other articles consumed, The stoi'v "has reached St. Peters- s
witl reach 2'9i.,o000. 1 A .bg front Geneva and- Paris that the a
C iic.coo, Septe dred persons are eonmined in jail here with the conduct of the Czar that they s
for some form or other of fatal blood- have joined' a Socialist Association, s
shed. 'I hirteen have just been indict- which they support by large sums of
*ed for murders committed in a: single money and the .object ,of which is'the
mouth. During the same period thi-re assassination of the Czar and his i
were an equal number of un l- ed brother Vladimir.
murder mysteries. The priviT', f ,: Children -,ar wonderful treasure-
carrying revolvers here is ,unr.,ti-ted tro .. Thliy'are always tumbling
and the ipohice force is min: d a ., over caskets and other: valuable de- s
St. Louis, Sep. 5.-- weutv-.,it r- osit. The other day sOme urchins, t
derers are awaiting trial l:r. -. .,,e playing o0'the slope f thlie Bugberg, '
have been jailed as long as six years. at Weissdorf, scraped u'p a gilded
HrNOGHAM, Mass.. Sept. 16.-Re,. iron ,asket. On being freed open i
'Calvn Lincoln, a- Unitaitn iini~., was f:iuid fillAd witlih pearls and
aged 83, while praying for the Presi- stones, 'rings, gold and silver orna-
dent at the Union Services her yes ments, gold and silver coins, dated
terday, was stricken wiih 'paralysis. 1517, 1612, and 1642.s ,
The services were hastilHv cls,-,d. here atlfirentrao, a small town of-6,000 I
is vey little hppe Qf Mr. L,.olbs re- inluaiitaints is, itr is feared, about to I
overy., ... disapliet al together. The town
AJarge number of P,..ri',. '1 ,l.n.rIe' stands on a hill overlooking the Adri-
ti -i '-nd eyt ,, ls tto at'c, and haa a deep valtev on one side.
nade t -indtice inm(igr;tioi from Sjain, in 158 a storm seemed to shake the
Poi'tigal and Ituly to th', far Soat l'irn foundations of the hill, and on the 31st
Sites. Wages have increased already, and of July last the alarm was given' that
it is thought that they wi;l so,,n go much the town was slipping down. Efforts
pigher,d unless the demia for labor u- were made to arrest, the processs but
plied i the m r roodin vain ; and at 3 a. m. of the 1st of
Ed witr,1 i'rafif s..ll i, ITwln,i1 rnVs Azgtiust the-." greater part of the town
ElizaN Me1Farl:ii of IlIamd..i),-minay yiars ago f,'ll n. Of tlhe .,O(l.l intabitalnts,
were eiigtteed and the day was appointed for 4 000 ,otnd themselves thus deprived
tile w ding. 'Her parents opposed the dnlyofhour and oe. Te
iailh Strongly and itvas broken off. He suddenly of 1i:use andt ],,ne. Tke
went West a,'.n was afterwards marrie.1, and r,-Laiidt-ier anticipated a like fate in
bWenime the father of five sons arnd two ill a shot'it time.
,Itighters. -he in.1Mrri-.l and was the i11, A t/':iu ran off the track yesterday
tlhr 4f ftiv d.,ni tli'.i and two sous. H'- *tn S i 'int. and
inallvuy Incait%% n- li-w. 1i o -r widowo, o t" ra y tw S'....Mtes and
un,l r iii ta rcet' itvi t Iit'-' l.i w. Coutras, F,'rane Forty _Persti,,
Jer"iy filue ncq'piitaIe. 8was ,ia-l were injured; 'twenty -of whim weret
they were m tcric, l ,,ta 'e was 0u l, nim
l ,, to a 11 ,'ie,.I f',,'v V o ,,a 1.,Y from soldiers *
tle' i' ir-t L t. I iin. Lionel Sackville West, the
S4eocwrding to the best, information, there nfev.-',v 'l .pint.ed British Minister to
aie aiouf 4600 000L sl',e p in 'Texas. This 'Washiiigti,,, will sail in the steamer
will in all pl .lbiltly vli .-i,,-, s d iir the p'.unn.vlvanuia., -,f the A iTerican line,
ung hluni n,,.as.,, nw,,iy -t., o I: 15th Octolher, for Philadelphia,
bringing1 tlhe tiinihor 'up' to 5, 50.00>,( 1
YVltinpg thlin i.ti ,50each wol1 (ak0.' the his attendants and servants preceding
t. til vaiination, of uS l'-pin tlt. e I'.t.f '-s .s him in tie -steamvr Illinois on the 5th
els,Ut-h,0u h:'w'! 1:+.: prox.' ''
A young, man of D.ubaque. intended to 1e, Paris, M. Oanilietta's organ an-
tive is sC l-41 ,1rt n olft va h ii no-nces t-hat. 1h Fr ucli l limlh'-qrs
lwl ich tol,,iy glhv's in lIa,,,i,,t of a wager, will be c,,,n',oke, on the 17h ,of Oc-
bt it wa dark,and whti, silpp be wsl onthe 1.7th of Oc
hilf a d,1llh.r turiied uoit to I. a tentv o dol- tober. I iierat,-s the announcement
Iha gold pi;ce. He spokIe Io the airl abbi6t t.huattM. Ferry's Cabinet will resign
the mli-take next, d(lay, but she. had already .as si-ion as the d-.cree suiua uninng the
fqent thu. uiony for inirv. He has sied new Chambers is published, so that'
her for $!9,511, the diffi-reiice b-i'w, -n what
e gaveher and tit e rieat to gi. a' new Mi'istr- nmay be Ionstituted by
till. E, t the tuini the Chailiers have assem-
iYork. o,, ti'n- E tn_ lis d, 1t'S.1 i':l, ,- tMed. It i. reported that. M. Gam.
It.ody and hin,,s,.lf will I.gin to upra'..I, 1, b tta has l''.:.'n t- Jer .y .. .. ,
Englanil ailboit the middhll Octobl'.r. Froui The cel,-l:rated swi .s df'Leander
thete they proceed. to Irehtnd and the couti- aud Lord Byron-have just. been eclip-
tent.. F, ur .hnnd'red el,,g ,,,ieu' of tuh ... P
Irish Epi. co~p'al tClurch hItve itn itedte t sed by Lord Claniel oye, elde.t son
preach ilIr l of Loird Dutierin,.who ,iwairn acr,,'s thie
-... .-- Bosphorus in a little' over an hour.
;.C t NA *^ ] A 4 The svwimu is considerably longer .than
Fnrte6n priests arriv.dlat Ottawa. Sun- Byron's swim from Sestos to Abydos.
d y AIugust 28, in canoes after paddling qone "A d"ll show:' was a recent, attrac-
hundred miles. '.:- tion hmdht'M Melbiorne, Australia. The
There ar.- t present 400 patients in the dolls ie-re dressed in 1)ridal costumes,
rrc"'i., l'' Lititc A.l.ti i,n ia D,,t.,n1I.t evening. dresses, ball dresses, and:,
.M,Llovd u 1.anlninn,. of BoIenygeun. many. in babies robed., Ihe dolls
las 1etp< oiivict d tI of giv' inw hiskty. to) In-, house were nuinmerous, niany of them,
dians, and sentenced to six months iml'ri- being ele-gantlyv furnislfed.
..te fron. Labrdor s.t at There are 10,943 liiilicemen, of all
vs.el wei', rei'i tly driven ashore in a gale-' ranks, in L.iaon; there were 251.
theie aud wrecked. .' new appomtintmeits lastwar,; 24,945
The ,tnrgeon.-.;t >h ithe ritr St. Johiu. new hi ,i.- wiereltbt-i'l and seventy

N B.. this season was over 5,0. i', tmstl miles of new ..treet were opened.
sent to hle States.", "
........r t t.i.'tIp, f stet I'.he percentage crime
over made; only seven days and three hours is on the in-r-ase. In 1879, it was
from Louduerdey~.y to QOiebe0o -.. 29,96, 'and 189s, :;35:19 per cent.
I '- There 29;,868 peoplee arrested for
CORiISTOPHiiER' (1PLUMBUT' CRUCI- drunkenness, in 1880,, against 33,892
.... Gen.rl ,-.5 ..;"- ''4 the previous year. '- O fatal accidents
's. General t,'ffrnr,, of Animas Cily, in tbe streets there were 137, and the
1t tli 1i)osseur ol ve y iitt're.tin.u,, "' tiumnaer)of persons injured was be-
ninab.le r'elic. it being ,o lehss t ,he ve. tween 2950 and 339. But we cannot
tabfe erucilix wlhu ci .,,I l,. ji in hs oder .atthe crime w ieu we rentim-
is all ment. v .e; if s'e th 10,000
ar'. 1ite wi,ue.', viiz., tih.- ('a,4ic Churh. Peo getu p every morn in the
3t li.s i.,,, ii tlIle .,s-,l i'im if tie '1- grt'at ct n.o kno'k wig w'hre they
ion ind ,h irc1,s','[t Xi ni'i 'uhlifirinin a.'e to get theit breakftagt.
inooe a v(erI' it',lv li ito, aind even if Ol'ig"ilk- ScoJand dlerirvs. ilton and a half of dol-
ifl.yva(rnf id it wol' iil ,|, -r.4ie' ). ; b i.. st JaI's per ,arin m a reI ,'tor .sporting Pgiiimids
us it'rsting from .t- r..ei .o adi 1 he Duke or Westiini-ter pay o $10,000 forone
SI ',I .;
a Wok of i v 01i,,. Io. itil"mA fnbe Czmrobxlately reiveee od oehl ,ifdifl.r-
for it ero .ncnt1 i rne. M. rs. Il riir" ent wi ilion-1 and ,ngii .,t ,..6mr.dJ i,.), with
h.Ids it in trust foi a i eligidi s order, to a-written rieq.lst thatl'ie htoi'1d letE i')he to
whih her rl~ih.r be ,,g:'s, aidi sar.'dly I,.- be ti-ed up1)on hkII wiiwn person.'
fevri it' n gd ine t relic, a.l. cliin-m'd. 'i, 'tlbereo ..p a weekly sale in Paris of to ad-,
crucifix itself ,i. ofu' valvid wolod, of wl.l 'hj, +irht, rfi l)obt in o'1ast6t with dAmp
:,' i' i. is .i'. m-s. One hundred good toads are worth from
ki .-d no. .imiq Ole Lo Ile cmill'- .+e $17 lo $,5. These are bought for gardens; .
irnag e off'Chlt l.pnu is Orc;r>t. d I iuyI The Jesuits contMinue to proper i,, England
The expression of agoir?--pic.tcd on l1thl It is slatod that the imperial lole! at Dover, a
cointie'nance nIl an in ,t .lie. drw.vr muscle's very liyge, hIHildinig, wbich has beeh uimoccu-
anmid' in ke flll, WelhuI th ide i ewiot 'iO d Ifn Lseveral years, ha- been purchased by
Of the ii iaonrel.I strip, 1etrilll i o 01'the oder, antd will shortly be converted into a
. i i ;tW I I V i ; t ,-, JI t Il- c 'i "|I.I e.... .
at'isti 'tl 'i l lwhii c,' nhtl nl t .ii t' l ip-.'sspcd at J l
tie.-prisent day, if nequmltiLd, by tea. e ay, utll, b Lahi gla4. p,lrly,.a160,0u0 haveide-.
aytale. r chatreu infi0t, or'local prohibition.

'The correspondl'nt ,'fa conlemp, rary
iQs been reekininu the income of thlc
uiten., und he rmine to thle conclusi,.n that
ler ,MaiJ,-siy is the hhesl womann in ilthe
Worlil, her; forIln", being worth abonft i(."
'.ei in Iii-ns stei'rl1uig. He I- crdls it. timh :-
miit:|| ineomip nearly ,"400,000; expedite
iire less than hIlf that surni; annual savinlo
t leasi't 200,00.); aid, intcr<.st at 3 per
I rni. lier ini n I.:r 41 vye rs This leC:ie.s
mut of reckoinlgtbe first two .t ars iliring
lihlic her father's dlebis, 201i.,000, were
iiid Aiff. The interest aJlone on bhis hI P
c'mniunliation of 15 iti1io,'Ks at 3 per cent,
vonid be 450.0'00, tb which we have to
itdd ihl-annail siiing of .200'.i',-00, and
this ,iv.ns the Q1een. an aiinuul income of
an 650,000. '
CAN" Cows CouNT.?-A letter frrom Battle
Creek, Mi's., to tleCliicmgoo InteriOcean'
ays:---' Gei g Ailriihs' ,an xtvn.iv.-' far-
ner of G( 'gat Pridiric. 'and one who has
lad much success in stock-ri sig, eeent ly
stated to the 'Intcr-.Oiean'tori.respoiileii t
as a most siihtdilr fact hii drove ,of tattle
always knew on whit days they Were to be
ilted. It has lb.ten his custom to give them
salt at the barni yar', ,very Si1nd'y i, ort,-
iir, d iri,,g the .S''rin ig, and once, in two
wtv,kl oI every other r Snid iy dur.
ng the hot weather. This the c;,tile have
wvll learned,. and 'dTuring the Spi inic they
will como uip tli e i, .'iili.rlv evlry Stn-
lay Ill'ir'lli,, and; statl d thr'e be;lowilg
and miiiniiig a t',at noize u.itil they are
saltedl, wih.n' tlihey will ruIrn to their pas-
ture lot, which is some list,,nc aw y.T .is
theydo' regularly every Sundaty i moriing,
and never make th lie mist ke ofc0oi;g on
iny other day. Te mi;o fiact is still inm'ir in Snliiiner, wheln tle'y oInly Vomne iup
once it two weeks an I' not oftem r."

Itis the slowest piulsation wh1ielc is the
most vital. Tihe lrro will heni know how
to wait as well as to make haste. All
good abides with him who uniteth wisely.'
Otie',ru4t set to wv.rk letimes to likc.p
one's-self free from passions they may inl
the beginning be nder cominmand, hinut
they ilmiiaiincer at last ; they are more easy
to ovel counc than .uitisfv.
If idleniess does. not produce vice or
mal'vohlence, it cormniuoly produces miel-
atncholy. ';-
Farmers in Great Britain suffered severely
during thfir't ;half of 1881. N" eJ. tlian 571
iui iciiliiuri--, bad to, declare themselves bank-
Iupl,. incim ling farm bh.iffli nill.-r1 and n'um'rkot
gA,'.liiier In trde'i s im t-me iati-ly cinmecied
%ith famrin'iig, 501 have been brtced to give
up business. : ;g

Sept. 29,-ltnv.i M al Srt i'i* Al ,
Craowil, Hiiiiax ; Mails &c. to J. M.

Sept. 30--Royal M,1l Steamer Alphla,
Croow[lI, Turks, I.i.,,.l.,-MailN, & c'
In thle R. M. S.. Alpha" from Jt;lifax
on 'Pi'r.0 aiy last ;-:ev. Mr. Aniwin
and Misg Aigwii. Misss~ Harvey, Mr .
W. JO. ile-', and _M's O:ikes, Mrs Blnck,
Mstr Bhtlink, Miss E.lithi Masters, Mrs.
Gorham and .1ild1, Mrs. Mn inni, children
and nurse, M rs. 4S. Todd, Mifs Crowell,
Mi-., R. aril E. O'[.-ele, Dr. Cox; R.N.
al!pt:iin Gr(:iham, L* iut. Butler, It N.
LI.iI Cr,I\\:l.r(3, CABIN, six in iilfllir.i .
I n'the 'lanilhip F" l'Flainor"tih.," onl
Fi ihv last fio" Nvr York :-'Hon. S. S.
Inlhami, Mrs. Itosk an, d (1mghter, \ls. T.
0. fligs, Mis.s Car0 W\od, Ml"-,'s B.ssie
ntd i..ilie D)arrcll, Miss Rosalie Liighli,
Miss Aimy lirvy, v, Mr. Edward Loni1,
,Mr. ,Cih-inie-,t- liiywanrI, M s. G. S. n-
kee, Liept. _G. A. Ellis, R11N., Assistant
Engi,,hr, r,\. It, B1nUTr, IRN., Mr. Alfred
Burner, Messrs. E. A. Ri.'lanrisin,i Geo.
A. Bester, and 4 persons ii the Steerage.
The S. S.' 'Flanihorongh l ftl the Port
of liimionI on Ftiia ithe S300 Sept..
for New York, lnivii ,'een'ii detained from
TJiuri.d; order to get her new craadk
shaft ,,iljised. :

BIZ[WiHR a -d .ATR- .
St. tiainneit.

Tuesday ,J.ed-
nesday, October 4th and 5th0.
There rill be a Dzaar adwl Gyp sy '"nt,
Pst Offir'e, Rebecca at the Well,
Fishing Pond and

R 'l, EN T-S

Will consist of Jubilee Songs, assisted
by a Band. ; *. '
A Full Siipily of'all Kinds of Rtefrreil
uiients nicely ii'rkp"cl will be, Nerved. .
DINNER will be laid at 12 Noun.
TEA sred at 6,.p.m. .
Reserved Seits Is. 6d. Other Seats Is,

to commence at 8 p.m.
. Ticke's can bo obtuin.d at Mr. J. II. T.
JacLkson's Store, where a '-nlai vt the Sats
can be obtained.'

John H. T. Jackson.
SIn Addiiion to the Nuimn rous

), Kegs NAIIs, asserted .siz's
N.0. ,PLOUG-HS .'
B irr.'ls M,,-,.v.lo SUGAR l
B,,n ,, ht \10lASSES . CHARCOAL
West India HONEY B v \VA'IER
Aingtsin' B,, ITTERS '
nuvA JELLY .
CIG VR.,, of variow brands

Agent foir

the rleinimiton aid
and Treadle

S.The bet in use.
Agent for some 'of the best Works Pub-
lished by. the National Iluililing Coli-
pany Phliiadt'lphia.
S,.- Viz:-

FamBily Bibles,
With over 2500 Iltluslratinu.
The Cheapest arid best published.

The National Ecyclopoedia of'
Business & Social Forms,
Containing the Life and Public Services
of General JAMES A0.A'RRFIELD,
214l4 President of tile Uniited States.
Together with the flis:ory of His Assina-
lion, &c, &c., Scents at the Suppers'
Bedsile &e.
Iramiltonm, October 3, 1881.

Just Received.

ga 8 & Z '
At .tie Lowest Cash prices
25 I R3LS. Crushed SUGAR
) 13 500 B,gs a IIAR.COAL
300 Qnrrter IBHles HAY.
8000 BRICKS.

llnamitou,, Septr.

36, Front Street.
,27. 18S1., 2 --2

Just Received per St.eamer

.&c, & c.,. ; &e"., *&,,
.. GR,.ECHT,
P iament Street
Hamilton, 27th Septr. 8S1. ,

.. N T: ,i ;,,

Pia 4 os, Organs,

Repaired and, Tuned.
Warwick, Septr. 26, 1881.

Hair Dressing Hrall.

FRED. DA VIS, IIairTresser &c.
'Formi'ly of Boston, U.S.,

For their-- liberal 'patronage dut-
ing the past year.
And at all times ready. during the day
S' and evening to devote his
services to them,

who mtay favor'him with their patronage.

Shaving ant 1i iir Cvt.-

Executed' with neatness and dis-
". v : .:. patch.: :

Outside Orders.
If not from too great a distance,
At the shortest notiice.- .
In MR. T. H. PITT'S Buildings,
Han-il'to "-"'Bernutica.
Hamilton, Septr., 26, 1881.-tf

Speoitdl N ti-" ,

The Undersigited. will. l erepe
X Bright. Pitt;'. ,.., ,:
6 Superior .
.L i Suitable Ibr '-
general purposes, and selected biy an
Experienced person, ,
The will be ofTered cheaply' for cash,,or
on ime to approved purchasers.
a -Milch Cows.

T. V ITT.,
36 Frunt Street
Hamilton, September 27, 1881.

IV H latiingoton
Has Just Received)
Of The Finest Brands Of
J rhite Cottons;
-32 x 36 ichles wide,
Liberal reductions on',h.ilf and whole
prices. "
r c Reid Street, near Queen St.,
S Septr. 27, 1881. Hamiltou, Bermud.


Go to Child .
,AT aN 0 V T. E$,...
In the way of
Silver .Pateil W are

Fancy Goods. ,
J st d, rrived..I

Hamilton, Septr. 28, 1881.-2

Special Notice.


Oil Wednesday Evening,
Next, October 5th, 1881 .
Admnision Fee Od.
By order of the Committee. "+
St. George's Ocf. 1, 1881 .


ollar s

By Just Mdaking Arrangemnents '
'* T6 HAVE
Your Old Ones Renewed.
Ie guarantees to'refit any Instrument
from the building
TO THE tU14,,
Save Your Oash,
The value of any,: Instrument worth
That hke cannot thoroughly and "
This is no humbug but soli facts.
Reasonable prices given
for second hand Insti umente.
Second hand instruments
kept for sale at reasonable prices,
Orguinettes, Cabinettos,
Of. the latest styles imported -to ordo .at
T .. prices below competition..

Tank.ield, Paget.

Septr. 26, 1881.

Potatoes! I
Potatoes! !'h

[lead Quarters for POTATOES:.,
Go to 45 Front Street, for. '

P 0 potatoes -
Best and cheapest in the -markets
W. T.,,
Hamilton, October:, 1881.-1
,'. .-. *<,* .&* +
Even in Central Africa tlbm pw havipre
hibition laws.





:' ^F"

r-I no ..% &us S.. .. ...-

x0a 1"m xze. .A. 2.-.-L .

".TNDW R -ioaI'l i I" 1 ia l; ii ol- Il'i w tatt he f-iiwsalaow' f tal ? Ii.'ii

'i le i'z~pe1 ii It -if.'t wh'ichI s tis IllsJ bat' nitia't imar o I t we uht -a," 11.
*1 t1(;g1. 211. d V,:i.gI. Po 'I ea- lv4IIi'. Ill w o e ft
'10 if.. ofr 14 uIl: i tle: i.., lowriat 'ill e odha k vit, '11n'i.Ib gt
Val II ish iI- ot i d v I -:I' ["1 t i 1 '~ .hu' Nii'V-C tL .kc ay
lit'' hn* we k J O1% 11 xvitvr--,'re ai h'g N t'ir'rjii ~.
IIwIt i.,11 t* it' ;],p l i. ii raI.1 j-u111.vI'-4ua hol .f.. 5IlknJ_
ed Ii u v .~t11 st. ea'.1. m-la il.ri the fovint..jIl ai i na sk Ii ''i it
Wjar- r ,Ie 4 leat I 1% i ..eI .tI m jl w al l'' i r% 1 li 0 01 t i. IYjj r hegLOau. i
:Ilk..~i- Rl 't -li he ir- t' i'fI W i u:hri a lid: hiIw lt'
Ci li.'t-1 e'' r ive-*. :; X f %, iou Ii .. r a' it ('t lS' j'T o shi', 'lilli ~ .;." -,I-t' I
(Ijlk m It ; NVP aI ii.W I 4141 vr;11,1, Ow I ,I. Las"t Sufels e a as a r tig gi'eet i heor

villltgi 'i iit U 1ir il 14 11 1 h .iI vI*. Io i e vl'i i kt y -h w e avg'
itIelu lpllil- w- ilil t ills 'er1 it icn Je d herh t psIotte hast-w

,&:,, ill,'1it* id *-. rI II I 4 W fa I; MiI-. i I ) r, ,i'g11 ii ta kei ri'c niil el tIIi se ,
jk o a jI w, iam lu-nA, a s 11'el ii iii vkn
X le* k i A'i lic ki f t-" '11, II) ho Cjair' h I- II'Lte' a lley-h
('elewI .,tiii't I fil- wek or to, p h1i*-a ) lrgead ti'
*~'' 1~ii,. ,liliitoill ;112 -A d k le h~'t i ili' h dn
t i( b i ] 1 w i 1" le ), Illi

Wi-Ii 'e l it i t -Il-,I I- 11111o'l l head o i f afd it -ju Sbed grow' 'tllt1 on
li* n b-A v ~c1 her sw4ijawriavati thl I ke a maui-
Wth bon Ill-if IuI I, ptlit f trY4 toid e n ?at 11dfote d d' h

__ ..-a'i an' m t a .e'. -! I ,I- I I ~

.4 i 'lh Fi ck-t" I T6 i'' t I I I,' II'.

iT ot'a ; xh o ise it ~ -

4-tit a ~ j-.d' L~~

11tnha, alnth t inh 1
whotei's la hrit is,1g11t111t
Ion'( ILI. l t;u PuO'as. A Iit i .rl- t a lae

Ii S iIiwi ---' I tii tld(it j'liti Pt' "ii' ha'
hrio io k -t i'' tt:u111 1' I'lie 't i-'.a''tll..
fit stlaiirsenIllue iut' i 1:1' ", I'll
I~orrettx V i) 1-ti'11% Ii I' tX ci Ataiti
ii i tota utdt- s isA ~ 'i

they caill'oi uthe LIu x'ie Ituali. Sm'II-I III '' h-LH
~jThea litR Of-atar -of s'h, gelt, V' 1 o, u i

I')''. H i'n.nt 'I tea'' ttmItl. Hat Iikfali tu

i f i' i~'i j. ail'. 11m 1fll ih '.iai 'n
'I he mu ~i.'d ,.S M -i.1i'''i11iCS t1t11 a'miii ni
1t4 lii. aa it 'lilta.-u ~r
3301-IN isa 'sjtt lc ea l ?''lletNIllIttii '-'2' eemi
1 li e~rIimoit.g aaj llg ~' til,' e~,

'I"T EL* 1111-
1:i'tuii I"' alg lW t')" W11 1 116.ii I V *t'
1 14 1Y 0 l, t-'.% 11 -1141111 1-1-Cl Iit
9 -11 1l yit' ta .I H 'inl I '-( xI'vvit l lx'

T)-. 1; lec'1 ) a '011 fi, ~in'' jt'ett
lit' l ll' 1 ". i14 ii o l :Il r
vir t 1:' iIA 1a'uL L' tIV 'l~t ie

?oTlw ill iki x 'I- 'it 1 it' ''tatht
1-1im 0 1A.x If ht .. 1iiie if '111 h xx -11 I l

till Ir a i
Iiitisi m h i f I thaU'i t -ill v f 't'e iId U .e i ,a

t-nixeIntt ayeo mif.if itri ouk i '.'t--hg
r li!I iya tt m ll.ii ) ii I
W.. li' 0 ii: I-i-It ~

A-tE t I i 't t. -I il v it

Stood by the bedside of the deceased,
"Oh, I'll not' beli-ve th;it my dear
pat, Ier is dead ; he could not die and
leave me !.' N.o, no! hl,'s alive-I'm
sure he's alive! Tell me doctor,
don't you thilI' so?"-' Madami,' re-
J!ph'1d the meudiital man with nmuch
" i '.vty, I c -iiif,:; that it's' possible
.L hu-,, i I may 1-. revived,. I will ap-
IyV the g-l.vanic battery.-' Oh, no,
;no!' c:ch'd the g.i'-f-stri erii wido)w.
Sard is it to ,e r my f 'te, I will
have 210 eperiince ;against the law of
nature, Let. him rest in peace.'
A P. rs p'1i.1r hais a new version of the
fablh of thi" dog Whto saw his vi.'e in
tli; broo.j, whi'h is inmre piinl'ipcille to
,i.drni lii. than tith o'riginli. A l,9,
'. x mii.\ a ,tflrin h)eta-tteak illn his nmi th,
c<'lies ') o'.i lIttpei sIl iiln whie'h relae'ts
u. r'. .li,.:il ,* ij.-" 1.; h,' I early a i W i i'i ,,r. |
I'"re iv Jg" tli, retll totl ui a ue of hiitt ll', -01
he lhik .'- 4 fstiziuag ILte ipi'cc oi in' t it I
holds, which lie Su Ip Ts to lI.e real, but
liit h'ii tai it ..fii be morb e prtprlentl
fir't to d( tVuar his owil piae. 'Then lihe
I, k,.L- nw'ain in thie streak ,. Thie reflected
1do", Ihs ,oliogi in i ,eth, ni ex-
leit.-:-. illthe ti.s-' t'.-ii of (t o l it'itrdli
"011> l.1 "" ".tibatt
iellohv ,!'l the -an,'t idwt'a I hal." A'n
hlie runs ai.w.Iy laia hiuig.
Nat'ire ia.i si ni nli, m f e ai fof 'l ;
but ,xculli x S isahlw a s of a man'sa u)-%u
Ea' Ii ianii hi an aptitude born with
hilm t, do e(ti!ly- . sie fetat imipu)O.1-Ile~ to

ui'.Avy'nli R !nr,, min,.it''. leaven ; the le-
lin lit miI'I1Vt'llilr t, xitl.oit. whliih we
sbi'ouiid g;' ii inuilyi
I have ine er k,',w'nn trader in piilan
Ii r j'y li() 'ait oit wroin in ihis hatid or
1heatt, s 'tit. Ih i re 'ir .An itrriab: ma, lies like ii hedIeehog
aiol Id ii;, ,iln \\h i v', \ i', foi'm ntiiing liim.
s- 'f A it i his owin prickles.
It is ru, r- i'r-t f i ', i .'i, ,'Ties about the
trih titan from ihiti'n ionii l lv'i ', that
itheie is so iiu i h fal-ehi,.-d iii the wrhl].
SWhat is i'ppoitiintv toiy ie in an who
caln'.>l se, iti \,A i ''l .il. I e 'I R e ,
wv., Iii i'h, n a'e.s of time wash away int''
V' w-Ex I,.ri.I 'c si'h.vs liat snce,'vs is de 1
less tCo nihiiiy- thlian i ztal. The wininIr
'is lie who gives hlinuself to work? bilydV alid

C 'oniti I is n,'ot -neireil ,is praise, iince.
the 'n, ii-, is oiltI u'efttl m eung iiein, bunt
i eltl i ri Sl fir tile iitiSt pairt i'.-'l V d for
i tit'gods.. ,
'Thl.' ,iied 'lint'' lrf lif' anre not t, i)h
liit -ing. ' t' c' iil'' l tat Wisith it fliXutiil' '
ii ,. a clioi, 1i.,'".. Ii, iday with a task
it ,i %.t' t h o lie lail ,1' it.
lh s'r' t ,ft re- ('p i lh>ijitly Iil-s j i li he
r '1 -4 -.A ir" -' ln,' e--',f th'i. I.. 'liwiig 'iree
il,-s: Li'e i hitA. oti liin'ans, a vlwa)s
(ell ike PI'iir h 1 ,idt k tI)p -....d .C liijiilnV..- ,
It it iiipi-sitlef .,to live plehasurably
kWit!h>Mtj hv ,hg !" u.hi-lly, _, o .\i'lyaitd
j-111, ; '01 i ( |" nU leit04 h ,l, r.I ly. ;i and!
justly tVithoti t I' ig ji l t ii l.
i V lit I ptit ,,l. iq ,- 'I. iii i t' no -o' lind !
ii ;r* ,,, i'yi ,' v -,cl '* ....r l :li 'liil l ti lrel '
ilid I':,(l'., i,' nhil, i 'h. "u ,ll l I s ,lS b<'.
11'ii 11ii 1i1 v vi. It'lt l- it S'-s i' S t a great
fh r, .i' ,. .'l' ll hi ,.' I
S Ev \i. % 0'l lh the uidi t'hily eit i II. lr 1, id Sitt 'av
to t :- 11 ye l.aid h) fa th, 'fe i'enil.I a!su
ibu ablu L du tL tl hiui wihlich i d u."

J~F4 Rccred,
Pei' S. S. FIamhoiiihi'dgh,
A M~N -L-,YOf-R;,K'



Pillow Case Cottonns-
1W.iIf.t i V, 1-Tawilt f.m
-September 27. 1'8I.

expects ~to rcevivv& aba utilthie 5th

400 bmidl. ida tinch

,LA t'ILS,1-
A nd a aro-P cpiq:mititV4o
'~* P L A-1B 13,E1

h Arrivals-

"',( 'U LD) 1tF>PLC'IFULI-Y
h nfo-riii tth.- pola h ria t anI ,'ilh-

AN iS ()I UNIEVI;NL()F E-t '11.1 EN, I'
4. [-e-r"T4-11rt



0 ree'Iies9
of' the l ttt's itlii''ttions

A mje tile 'M .
guuiulykept on baud.:

('LIPSwail Cait AXI,IVS,

A. fine r i i ih-tutoc1;t1,of'

S-vtptttliei'27, 1881.

--DEAfA~i IN,
E130ish 111 .111.iOL Sa l


Chioieu S1euvti' 'Os of
Canned Go o ds


A'',, a r &LL ".~s,
sAMOK E, 1) AME A 11 S,
-A Lot of U4611'a A ,'b'c4 s

loTion' &", &c

Agricultural and other industrial matters' will receive



iA C If I CE 8 TO IY F 0 F TH E L I S.
And other matter carefully selected for both old and young,
IThe r jR',,ne of the pl)er will be <,p'ney. ',, lit-' ary (mn,'ril,ti,.si.
which may merit a place therein, and also allowed to be
Used as a (medium lof is'cu..s;n, ,1id free to anj
who may des ,e to offerr their o/0i .i p s I
S po, Sulj,'ts1 of g:-ns l interest
to our Ratd,/s ; but all a- .
Ci7"s of an ( in.'Lxre

Or of an immoral tendency shall be strictly rcfitsi.l
A. n A g51ZMI7. T0,1,

'.)V*ices of Births .rfts, aIWd

lDealhs inserted frie.

p .)ar Basiamss, thVe Pahlii!.r feels cJni.lmit t it he will m-ik,?
"THE NEW ERA" a good, readalble, and instructive paper, and
therefore he trusts that it will be received as a welcome Messenger of
Intelligence, and



To many a Home and Household throughout tho Ishulds' of Boermuda.


Every Monday afternoon,

Paid in advance-[at least 6 months']

6 months o shillings,

single copy 3



Further particulars will be hereafter given_

oPtes INT COFla

Posters, ills, Circ u a r,

Cards, and other Job Work punctually
attended to, and promptly

9@ 'A share of Public Patronage is respectfully Solicited.

* rr U. 1'~

IOeec-ovR MON

200 Brk. Clioice Elarh PiV'lse, -'


36G Frout Sti'xthl laiiil tozi.
Sa'ptewber 27, 16b1A 'IH niltou, Bermuda, .pSeznrber '26th .1881.


!41AM'ONT SPEDO'N* ',,-
T Editor anf Pr'oprietor... 4"




TrH ~i 13N D V R S I G 'N E
hereby respectfully ilnfot'lrms the Public that lie has established iin
the Towni of Ilamilton, Berinmuda, a


A Weekly Newsp per Entitle ,.


; To be Sp3cially devot cd to the general Inta-
rests of the Inhabitants of Beirnuda.
The Publisher will endeavour to conduct the .Journal on strictly Indepen-
dent Liberal Principles, free from any personal preju-
dices or Party Influences '

Aid th'tru it, with justice to all, will devote his best energies in ad.
yocatilg the p'roniioni of dduecaition, T1eiipeiraince, Morality
and religion.

Local News. and full Reports of the dtings of' Parliannent, the
(,u ,ti-s, PitbIlic Meetings, Social gathlieriings, etc. will be pinetually

Also, a synopsis of Canadian, American. British
cand other Foreign News.

6 V Tr Ef RaA