Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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 Material Information
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00035
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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T Sa .i


Iwo. 35.-Vol. UU.rSTA Uh 1% VIAS A1TIQUAS b

'lire Right Rev. Bi.-hop Ryie ha.s is- d thie fol-
lowing pa.-toral address to the clergy of the diuct-e of
Reverend and Dear Brethren,
CallJ d unc:x.pectetlly. in the provid,.ce of God, to
6.e the firnt Bis.hop of Lierpool, I feel it a ipriimary duty
to address a few woids to tlie clergy of the diocese, on
coming to reside among them. They are words
which, I can truly say, come from iny heint and I
trnst they will go to the hears of all who read them. 1
L coepni among you with a d(ep cnslOe of my own in-
n.lircCiencey, and of the difficult ic and importance of
Ie ,ulthee.l am called to fill. The vast comnuinial in-
Oiipence of the great city ofl ivN rpool, tle stiiriii ac-
tt'ity of mind,, which ch:ir.cti ize.s ihe iihabii 'inits
ouf oil Lancashiire, the paiilnl deficienev of the ieuns
o( grace, which art at pre-ent provided by the Church
of England in the llundred ofl \\st Derby,-all
these are great Iacts .i which I see and thlioroulghly rea-
lize, and they weigh heavily on my mIindl. But I soe
nothing 'which ought to dli.,courage a BDioip of j l he
htirch o Ernglandl r niake lhiim afraid. I take my
awind on the words of St. Paul,-" I am not al-hamInd
ol the .Goapil of Christ :"--"! od be for 0u, nlho
can be against. u? ? I lve an uilnh -ilating confi-
tk-nvo in theli power of God', "Word. Liet li-tih only
hb. a Ihar'ty co-operIation of Bisilioi, (.lcrgy, and L,"ity,
i. doint (ul'\ist%' woik in Chri-t's own way, in our
Sv'w diucese. andl I believe firmly we shall have Gol's In that belief I now invite the assi.ta ne
o' all intu w hose Ihandsni thi. paper may come.
(1) I nsk yon, firzt and foremost, to a' me I'v
yrur prayers. I entreat ( very ek 'rgyman to iite
with me daily in praying that G(od may pour out
abundantly t he. grace' ofl II Holy Spirit on the whole
diocese of Liverpool.-I ct .us priay for Ii.,? clerv, I
that they mnv be souiih! in thea laith, zealou, wise,
and loving in their public ,;nisteriial work, and holy
and consistent in heir private lives.-Ije ui:s pray
for all their la'y helper', whether Seri)ptuire-read,-rs,
Ly-agents, District Visitors, or Sunday-:ehool tea-
chers, that they may never be weary inl well- long,
and that thceir'numbers may annually increa,-e.-Let
US pray, not least, lor ihe \whole body of the laity,
and especially for the :'mAitI n.w- Auri:., Ihat thl. '
may always co-operate heartily wvihthe elergpv, anil
aid them in reading Christ's Gospel at home and
abroad, in maintaining coinion truths, and resisting
common foes.
(2) I ask you in the second place, to na.iist me by
making all our existing mean o1 grace as etheient as
possible. II we cannot at once ove:-takq the vast
spiritual distitution, thichli (xists in some prts ofl ilie
diocese, let us at any rate, make the best tioe of such
things -as we have .already. I entreat even eclergy%- in tho HItudred of West-vf-rby, from North to
South, and froni 'East to Wst, to aim nt tiie lhi.,het
standard of excellence in prieaching, and to give his
people the heartiest services of p.ray.r aidl praise ,
and the most devout and reverent administration of
'hrist's sacramn-n.ts, avoiding carefully .nil errors,
either of exce0.- or defect. I ami certain that the
prosperity of every branch of Chlrist's visible Church
depends greatly, under God. on the manner and spirit
in which is ordinances are administered and
its machilnezy is worked.
(3) 1 ask you, in the third! pihee, to assist tie by
continually .iupplying me wi i acctirale information
about '" tie thing' that are waitingg" and by howingf
me where extraordinary <-floits are nio.,t needed for
the extension of Christ's cause in our part of
Lapeashire. I earnestly anlreat every clergyman in
thie diocese to let me know in what way I can asist
him in the work of holy aggression on iin, ignorance,
indifference, and Sabbath breaking in his di.-trict.
And I ask him to believe that, so far as in me lies, I
shall always le to come over and help him,"
by preachling, speaking, or couInsel, according as the
case may require. 1My desire is to serve the diocese,
and not to lord over it, but to walk in my Master'.s
steps, who, "came not to be ministered unto, but to
(-) I ask you, in the list place, to assist me by cul-
tivating and encouraging a spirit of brotherly love,
charity, and forebearance among Churchmen. In a
fallen world like ours, and in a free country like
England, it is vain to expect all see all things
alike, and t9 interpret the Ihtnguage of lori-mularies
precisely iln the same way. Let us on no account be
coliurless Chuiirelien, destitute of any distinct opin-
io)ns. But so long as any brother walks loyally with-
in the limisb:ol the Articles and Prayer book, let us
respect him and treat hitm counnrteou'ly, even when we
do not ;iltogcther artree with hint. I do enteat evE.rvy
clergyinman in.. my diocese, for Christ's sake, to ablor
and avoid all needless divisions on non-essential
m tters, and to follow alter peace as well as truth.
Let us never loiget that division i-, weakness, and
union, is strength. I ask no one to give up his prin-
ciples for the sake of apparent unity, or to cease to
work his piarish in thle way which his conscience tells
him is right. But I do ask every one to remember
the words of St. Paul,-" Let all your things be done
with charity." By all means lht us contend earnest-
ly for the laith" handed down to us by tlhe Relrm-n -
er's of our Church. But let us always contend in the
spirit ol love, both io word anl deed.
And now, brethren, pray for me, and I will pray lor
you. Thlie eves of many are upon us; the new diocese
o0 Liverpool is on its trial. Once more, I say, pray
lor me and 1 will pray lor you. Pray daily lor your
Bishop that he lni i take lie,:d ,i hiimsell as well as to
the doctrine,-that hlie may be ready with all dili-
gence to banish and drive av.ay all erroneous and
strange doctrines contrary to God '.s Word,'"-that he

may be an example of good work.,"--tlhat he mnay
" set forward quietness, love and peace among men,"
-that he maiy "be to the flock of Christ a sliephcerd
not a wolf,"-that lie imay be "so merciful that he
be not too remiss, and so rnini.ter discipline that he
forget not mercy." And as for me, I shall :laily pray
Jor you, so long as I can pray, tiat you imay be ever
faithful to lihrist, the Holy G'host, and thie Bible, that
you may "declare all the counsel of God," and "' keep
back nothing that i. profitable," and that you may so
preach and so pray, so live a:id :.o love, so work
and so watch, so bear vnd so forbcar, that ihis new
dice of Liverpool may have (God's special blessing,
and do good service to the onue of CUhrist, and the
Church of England.
I remain, Rev.rend and dear Brethren,
Your affectionate Friend and Bi.hop,
Croxtethi-roa', Liverpool,
July 1st, 18 .1. l t +

-\ ~t )AS.

ErNDEMuS will Ie,(, Vt''
Thn-Aa l2nmimr~gmd Sept,


rj"Iiiv AlKNS VAL t~ ~'ACE11,i, 1. R.
-E E`I0 t T P I) Em N1 .t TL

TN Ir T 7'. t

Fo& vs~nw li,, to lt-I,-- int..?- -III1 al I A.

Ili C. ttirt Strcef, *E~~t mt Sif sq:1'm mi :12. Saiim Wa Q
ciieio.~t i dd F lm~i;< ii]tO 1"?i. lai.,ml1 y bv 1i 1011. Z1,111m It... dii I- i
T~d in t '. i i IA -I _1 P..I,-,. c-~.- th.- im" Lu im
T ,-Crmint.rlactor i l'''il. mm o-mjmui ltiehcdIui(iu -~1~ty ;
~-III ti, l a '~tvit'tl ttiituu t1m1,1t0'i' ot. ll r j. Iu e tii' p ll mmt t i.

as at Coal i .i .-A.T l.. r1'11 w th ip lie c-i1 i \m~~ 'm tome R(' 1 lltI.mlm
.Ai:e fimitli m i' l- m il ofCl umt ii 1 a mltclef n 1. n fvI Ii tl ii. I tam..i-fiCie ) .' I I umii.1
m~it lii, 1ft.'inci h-u'iii li 1Jm~1~i ~Ii ". 3miittdi ~ith, m1sl.ti c. SI I t o: mmI ul
J) ]frthor i)1t'l-I'11tii1\S()1W.I foml ,thL.xv ui' l Str-'im mt 'l l lii ililij I

B~mtt m.A.rm. .;riElssm. DI Kt1N ( N FI Z, f f i '. 1iu~ o-`i*.,-n wilI 11
VIIN E r Fn tmi v V Iit' .. m--dar t. In 4 4- 1 Ii' .
Ian d o .A g AA I 1 f".- 1 h!l~-2-c-1 Li 1):...1 '.ut IA-L I mi 211-1 uthe P 1. 1'. Y
(tel'. ('lob t. fI f. Rmm'mli. I x. u 1,Esi

de .If tlhm- mlv d; 1!611-, 1in0'.fi i m i-ii'in (A Li
5' N D N I .I S Wi 11I JVi be rec'iVVeml t' C ii lj'mI'-, P1 .tt1% f~i iu it ,-Ill I:ues v.',l1tli ak. m I' i t
3 willin''Ioto l'urc!I-zctls e tl timcfmIlvru. II I'X. II 14mI- 41 'L ImI i.u
172 'iu Will k 114-1mm hiN t~ l tt IIi -,-I L-1. Saimii

A fS. 11 N~
S~irtiet omi l Unioun S'tremt ill thin''I'llimu i d, fI latiii' .'m',/ ml/ iq Ii.

20th September i,-,rat.
The Propertly is in p. 'fect 4.7ler .; 1l c.i I.
examinlied at :any hour
I n uediate Po.sessio an hi hlie gi\en.
Not neces-aii1 I b und to alci'elL a y i e!,.ilr.
1 I Queer Strt.i t
llamiltou, Aug. 24, ISS80.

Prints! Prints !

Prints' .'
A Large and well Assortedl Stock 'of

rF:t- C( lnimts, and Cheap for -',s'I.


at th .14 n lte'Y ucU j~'itn-dI I' "
Cooper. E'(11%'
W. i1. NWATLIN-'3TO.N,
Heluf Nm'r 1-!n ~

lnl toni, Anng. ;3rl, 3 8r.I--3

Onion Box ilaterial.

' lie Undersigned will receive p.r
Brigt. "- Harry Stlevart."
Due in all thi., wtek fiom iD angr, iAlain., a
choice and well seasoneded lot of

Onion Box Shooks
Which will be off'-rcd at reaoinable
figures froin the WVharl.
J. T. 1)AI'[IELL & CO.
Hanilton, Bermuda, Augtlst 10, I '0.

7I eneriffc Onion Seed,
Red a nd While.

' I' L r Und rsi .ted lIis re'. .-'e.ld a-lv';,.' o(I th'i'
* the shipiiment of his ONIO.)N '-E), antil it
is ex; ected to arrive here on Frid.iy, 3rd e-.
temiher ltext.
.:- This Seed -his been very carefully sel-
ected, and will, no doubi, prove o' ex\cllcn I
Ham :Ion, August 17, 183(0.

A CARl).

I'~liE EJrudersigned respectfully dirueii ithl alt-
tention ol thie lEtC,,ii1ANT' l' OF1Hi'h-
MLUD.A to the fact that for osoie yt''ears pl-t hli
has b -on cinnected with the lioue ol" '
H. X. -. F B. THURfliU R ,I 'O.,
xpuorters, linporters and M.niiil'actiuriiers
of Food Products,
\West Broadway, Reade and Htiud-in -',
New York City.
And during that time has attended pesr"I tll\ lto
tihe execution of Bermuda Orders, sJ IlthL Ih is
praelticlly familiar with the wants of Ih.,t Islia nl
in all tlat relates to Food Products and ti oc-tr-
ies generally.
Any Orders liat may be oett listed to himn ill
le failifully and proumpti ltilled with thin: a,,sur-
ance that tih'y will receive all Hile 'adtagei
which the special facilities of tl:e \l.-r. ''l r-
uer enable them to give. A trial Ird,.r, no 11i,-t-
ttr how small, may result in mutual Ibe.ifil and
will be appreciated by
With 11. K. & F. R, TIT UIt, K k CO.,
Ne Vi Y'ik it'\.
Au"nzt 3, 18:.- -i

A of it..e.

Ir Ii I t II I I t tiim.iI I 'm'I i i(I jl

pi~l'eas C ll :11 oivte al.d tl%%.I ij llmHt J'

1 17, 1-1N U. T S


let t i ll du I WIt i'r Ili .f eu '-

xv- ii. I A IN T I N.

A'1':-;mto, 1;0 1-) .1 1 t, & o. -

VI Illli illIOIW

~ 11A U I Zi. G
-' -- -~ l?".

O()ne opeii tig(YVT

We MAW 'I'mC, S lmt.";I,.etSx

Ilu.,Cv cim i -ll i- n IIm't I r H ),%', t o S ,ct Si w o.

~(tIOld mu' -.11, ;'tl I -4'ti 1f h-t I mmuim.-

.ii;AIU 1)AIXI ,imum i'b S C.A ~?

C'ouu I mn #I1 1.1,r- in- I C .h it itc A(/-1 l

i/ II(Islmils, a.
%~U 11A1 8, 1)1J(EL JJAMELX". .1'
Im IbSprayedI fur .-\hmaiimiWi-tin on mthe
E-tac-ofWIlII '- %11 IILiIAAAmn., late (it
Warwick I'mrikh. ii i LIM-kIlandg ls, Ijoi. 'he-
ce based.
1'6- 'Ii i [ti tiom- 11''e Iitico, 11 tif a nvIf Ii

tint'o the saidm--A31 U I-L .1 % '%I lES S \11 It'll, liei
1- Or 01)', arC i, 11 ~ h.1 1211i*, Or Itltmir Ca-
ve(at inll writli-Y, in Ili ne lmt s ( ilice of
1lie ,e k ,a Os 'aitli~i i f'itvcii d ir;lo immthe plii
tion %%ill be ginitteil ert eidiigly.

Limited at tile Secre':aiy'A I flee,
this It ili day otf'\t'u .jf

1Ile Unclerzignc..uIOffo-s

01" Schooner 11 Hattie C ar d," ftom

Q t N V 1.11N C c--:3 ',I. x 4 ;In, in.
i f[.. i x. 5 in..,'2Ill. A I ill_,)ill. N

VD M.) 1 in 21 't l x 1 t Il. 1ayi

D IT T 1.1 ill. to il I i netm I. m l
11,vG ilit. pa ell Oml .

IAj I-IT J.' :,, I- : II .- P----I ;-

0.. I ii,.,

i~l I N 10 1%.. -10*~i. Ji.''I i,~aa- i


;j Boots f&

Ike- C(out,' ul. .A lPair'of' PV il'"
foevery h.o I:at 1 :3

(I t 111, :11 tm I III ie' I N. 1) 1'. 1"Ti El a I Id hn t pa i.I III)
Akter Il'ti-it d'I.aill be left' il le~i'l hianils f''t'

11. [I [ljEUPEN.'

wdy mv~ rol i.blo,Ie K. F W\I I '1,A N II'

Dr.J. Bechlitiii'e r
rihysician & Surg-con1

4'rilmlmgi'io( /ienivi,
( \ illa'eumo ium tif. i. li in u iin- v hore.)

L (11 lit. I' t II'M1[.'~t., I I uzitiltort.'
si'rc l %IurI'v-ri a util T'i'':ut i'

tIIJ ll umki a' '.thll Ivi~tlmiffut~i''lu ilitt 11.11 Cmiii-
i1Iii.-I.Ce of' C -li',ini 1hloIic L andl W il'imI-uiple

110 ClICLSt i I 10LC 3

U~~-i-:13nder'signed has'


I\ ith Ihi,,Vie ,iLt: li,,t _t.'!-, d-4siginaled TIhe Zulu
landmi." Is phtrepale t l attend. at very r't-;i3sin-
:11,10 r;4t,,s. J i;enilc l'arti s, C.'tncerts, Pie-Nivs,

'l.e Mui," is i m i fir-t1 ('ia,:s andl the wonderful
int-V,.-inmntsof' o' their li:aind art- lmot amntusin. and
ais.',nii. i ng.
GE iGE 0..IKLfY.
tin ,i!'.i'n, Jutne 7tii, I SStl.

m'r,';it prou 't:.; l hli:i bu-"en utIle within a few
'.-,rii, in iii:'nt lui 'ctuirii-' d i)i''nroducts, amnd tie
iar:nl-1r-,I ol qijality iis beenI raiM od to a poiniit ir'
I,..voul th:atf \lhich lonrI-eIrly obtai!nei l. \\\' claiin
tli,.t tlii has., to a .'1 n.eid'c-rable extent, been due
ti, our lln'mrts: as the In L.r,.-t iMar. actletrerl and
DI.)al.r-, in thle world in this line, we con.iideru it
ott r inte'r,.-t t, t iaiili.lcttri' only I'vtr. aiil, IlLI:-
-.0cug ool-, and p.-kl them in a tidy .and attrac-
tirve iiainuir.. AIll goods bearing ,.uir name are
..iar'im tt..ed to I-. fi .-tnperiur qi ilty,, andl de iler.
.ire amthi.riuz.I.l to refund thle lmpurchaseM pIie in
0an 1 l re .cuItollt.rrs have C .-11, lor 4 i'di --
ti.idc6tion. It is, tI.'iere' .r, to tihe inte're- Ut ul bIth
d,.alir- and cu tom.r:)., to u-.L-e FU1 BllR'S
BR111AN DL).
II. K. & F. B. TI'llUPBE1R ,\: CO.,
liiprtL.r.,. 1anuiflactttui.r- 1 anl De:uIer, ill l'F od
N\\W Yul:'K.

i lL \Vho \vIisli to have their
-_ t Kichlien Uttenusils, B.ith 'li'lls, \\'indoin ,
i3r.iss \\'otk ani 'Womd \\'Work Clean and
Should 'use the. Scout in'. C('lean-
ig (und Polishtin.g'

'III tm n: *',id K r(..,HE.".
Ask for 'Pride o Ithe Kitchlen' Soap)
11, Ki. & F. T'HITIRHER & CO.,
>...+ lP ro ldi i,: ,r-.


\Vai-raitcd bu
F'or :'7ale by
.J111e S, lI8 .-lf

U1 lt Ut-olu

the Pure


DI y :uld ('ieule ;,1id of .I'x.eelleit QIa:,it.
Will Ile 5. Id .Lt per 100) fur Cash only
tunltil 31st insL.itl.
K2tih Jul.', Iet0.

SKi your (i eI If'.-i A. E. \\ II V' I. 1 \'.i.
A- I1)AP.


Cf -1
N/I o

H N 'I". STO N E t

.094IMM6 AAL lit


Pill f

P'fl Ef 1Iwii~AC'TA hiavem lu-en lasseby
I t1t Let-kri'rtutre it, fB, liiitbtda eu rin .* theL

No. t. -AnAi A t.-)ii i til o t--e Salary'of the
(Alit.if .jtstk~.e.

li I A I m .m :ii3'1 1.1e tilt., D41AIA" A
-A No '-- I ;t t. Ialitoih- hu 4ltV Ivs A f
t i ill G mu It L. i IIt...honufis iit.1

>~i.11.-u .. I t aL~l11 ct u 11-('th 0 V01-:Z-'vrS C,
tilt- Pcmi~ilp It 'J ;. 111Tu1 ainid a e r ~'n
f'u tht i.. '*m.f t Plari'l.hi

-"i .-- A c .tt fr tli-' :u-I IT rtionmlivrit of


I.I. Gl(-.~rI1 Lr' evip A.IE. \\Il\. %Nf'.'
I elef'I'..IT'ml '1sr).1881).

Piul iii' i~ i' -)Y n ti-fifi 1 that c l.:mg id
rpHait. .r thilv

.24th 1iisfiait,
Anl 1until fluh. u' imtm,. .'q aiu ulf,'u'mtifgai,4
a !~ Idifil] Iov''fhi I .i im a1 b mitt ti) b"id oi t'~ ip
th'. piubli'' Road bl ly t'. ilmth- mnl ton
Ilul eiiiimilwa ,;' ulI'i dU(_oT'PA(_"E HLuL.
lviiiIl,m.f m in .!untwl l~i'it atiiul Bailevs BIav
I M iunilmt i'aui hr lilght. iVilI 1J.1dnmlum:a
fiti' r iii l itmru1dfiii iis-t S tu

C-Aonial Surveyor.


'I'ENDJERS '_- or the supply (-)f

Toth.2Na va ii p) *jnut iieit. for m tm year. arc,
Iiinumrl'y invittmul.
Th1-j Oiil imur I li? mi-t' On.- hittimr'id ..um1 twt',iuf

Tho m l o'- lufc'tioll. 1 ow 11 fl,(11IY

taken'awavi.d', isto b ue dltm.
No Towitml''will be m e ceiveil aft rthe ih'Mtunilay
foii wi p It;i lt In sot.. oilpubl icaut ioni, -if this No"

,N 'niva al Uit ;dt l.'I ore/.eepei' and A ceo',inlait.
Vb, ordee of the Olot-ian i~n (.'wrde.


Direct JM monthly Steant Gornruni-
cation between

Be(TP1n11da(-LaLo itdon)i


V'II ,. i ,V !i.L'tO'T i[.' TilB '> 'ELATiIER ;at
<' i, i" ll r ..'!t .- at ..,iti a' Ler i-r.r ia, ,,tw,,-n thi.-

Si, 1 i : i t a o v e t h ? ,
iH '..' t':. .- i*_ 1 .- le,.it, being- -ii rfeet.

An.u ." _.1 '. iGeneral Romarks.

'.4 i ':.c St F 311:36 1 'ii(,5 IFine, hazy, work
2l. sL 4 q "'1 *2i rp' ii) 'i i' "
2 2.'. -3 2.'7 0-0' "
SN. 2 1, .1i-0 'Vol.i, Fine, seasmoothler
'-! N'.E ". : 1 0",') 0-]'i0 Finl,
2N' N.' Ii .'lqI s"9e l0i"oi O[ Cloudy, work son,
[showing for st'ni
MoNDAIY MORNING.--A very heavy storm has passed
to thie N. W. witlliin tihe pat 24 hours. The Barome-
ter at 1 a.;,., at it lowest, read 209*1-10.

.. .

--e-. --


We shall ble pleased to have any information t,:-
garding the llurricano of Suindi; night and Mon-
day.--Captains of vessel, arriving, or pilotL speak-
Ing plassiug vessels may be ni1le to suqiply valualle
notes on tIhe course and c-fiet.s of the hurricane.


Proceedings of the Legislative Council.

Friday, 27th Augjst, 1,si0.-Pursuant to ad-
journmentthe House met.
Present-I-is4 Honor Josiah R?"s, Chief Justice,
The Honorable A. J. 'Muson.
l Wm. H. Gosling,
,lnr'-s il. T'rimingham,
'" Eugenius Harvey,
James Tucker, Recr. Genl.,
R. E. Wr, bsqter, Coi. Secy.
The Resolve providlinr, for repairs and improve-
m1etas of Public Works ~nd [ uildiugs,
The Resolve providing' for Stationery for the
Offices of the Colonial Secretary and Receiver
General, weie severally r,:-ad the third time and
passed, and ordered to 1e laid before His Honor
the Aeting Governor by the Hlon. R. E. Webster.
The lHiuse resuined in c.'o,,mnittee the considers-
tion f tihe Bili entitled An Act to regulate the
Board of Public Works."
Th.i Hon. E. Harvey in the Chair.
S The- l-o.n. P. E. Web.ter proposed to insect, the
follw,~i >.s !:;l:oase 9, which was agreed to, viz:-
S "'rib .Ac.t shall go into operation on the first
'lay oe October next after the passing thereof, and
thereupon the Act passed in the year one thousand
eight. hundred and seventy-seven entitled "An
Act, to r.rovide for the Establishment or a Board of
Public Works" shall be repealed, and thereupon
all the powers authorities and duties as to the exe-
cution of any public works conferred or imposed
on thl. present Board of Public Works by the said
Act., or any other Acts or Resolutions of the Le-
gislature, shall be transferced to, and, during the
continuance of this Act, vested in and exercised
and enjoyed by the Board ot Public Works to be
constituted under this Act, which Board shall
carry out execute and complete all such works in
like nannrer as the present Board of Public Works
is required or empowered to carry out or execute
the same, and the Board of Works to be consti-
tinted under this Act shall, for all such purposes,
take the place of the present Board of Public
qhe Committee rose.
The House resumed.
The Chairman reported the Bill with the said
amendment t.
The flouse adopted tho Report, and it was or-
dered that the Bill be returned to the House of
Assembly with a Message requesting their concur-
rence in the said amendment-the same to be de-
livered by the Hon. R. E. Webster, as follows:-,
Mr. Speahtrr and Genllemen of the House ofjAssembly ;
I amn directed by the Legislative Council to re.
turn to your Honora!e House the Bill entitled
" An Act to regulate the Board of Public Works,"'
and to request the concur e-:ice of your Honorable
House in an amendment which the Council deem
expedient to be made therelo-a copy of which
amendment is delivered bh en ith.
Council Chamber, 27th August, 1830.
Adjourned to Tuesday -,'?t, the 31st instant, at


Ab.s'ract of fie Proceedings of tie t Honorable
.House fI A.sem/bl y.
Friday, 27th August, 18801.-The Bill to authorise
and provide for the diversion of a Public road over
Prospect Hill, was read a 2nd time and committed.
Mr. J. W. Pearman in the Chair.
The House resumed.
lhe Chairman reported the Bill, and it was
adopted and ordered to be engrossed.
The Bill to amend the Police Establishment Act
was again committed.
Mr. J. W. Pearman in the Chair.
Mr. t.'. Peniston moved the adoption of the Bill.
Mr. Dill moved-" No person holding office un-I
der any Act or Acts now, o(r lhat may be hereafter,
in f'rce pr dividing for bh Po'nlice Establishment of
i,,heei l,lnlds shall, w while he continues to hold of-
lice under any c either ,tf he said1 Act or Acts, be
cliIililM for election !i: a Member of the Gcn-
nurd v.Ae. tho'tinu.
l-',ovi',l, that ti," pr i.nIt Police Magistrate
(f Frirlds I parish shall nt h:ii tehy be excluded Itrom
his sat, and i om his right ot vote, in the said
(.Gneral Asseimbly until the next dissolution thirere-
of"--whbicl was affirmed.
Aye-a 1Gi. Na)s 7.
'i'- itHouse resumed.
The Chairman reportedly the Bill as amended and
it was adopted and ordered to be engrossed.
The Resolve granting a sum for inclosing a bu-
rial ground at the Wesleyan Chuich in Southamp-
ton, was read a 'rd time.
M1. Cooper moved that the Resolve do pass--

which was affirmed
AyesB12. Nays 11.
TLo Rc-solve was passed.
The rT"ill nitled '" An Act to grant an allowance
to Chatl.-s \est Butterfield Fozard, was read a3rd
tim. ru
Mr. Coup,,r mnved that the Bill do pass-which
A ,.:a i7. N -s 3.
The Dii was th. ':, pa;.se, '
Mr. V. H. gave noilice that on the next
day of meeting he will move that the House go
into committee ior the purpose of considering
he expediency of appointing a committee to invest.

gate and report upon the dIesirability of exlenrdiing
certain privileges to Castle Harbor so that a Coal
Depot may be established there.
Thie Attorney General introduced a Bill regulate.
ing Quaratiacn-which was read a first time.
Adjourned to Wednesday next.

Pro:?pect Road Diversion Bill.

Hamilton, Auzust 31,

value of the packages, by reason of a v:arietv of
comm,[rciVti practise regarding the cost of packages.
It i.i *:xpedi'.-ut to make the values for duty as clear
ai po:-ible, tLa;: on the one haud revenue may be
,oilectv. with the least expense and difficulty, and
ou the otl. v',it commercial morality may be
stictlv maitdtiu.-d. The assessing of packages in
th.: valit of dui i. ble articles has a strong tendency
towa,'ls unequal usages and it opens a loophole
for sc-heminm. The fiir cash value of the article
itself pure and simple is by far the best and safest
course to follow. I advocate the conducting of bu-
siness on SIMPLE and rational principles as the most
conducive to public welfare.
Hamilton, Aug t. 26, 1880.'

writes to the Times that he fears that the expectations
of an abundant wheat harvest must be considerably
moderated. Oats Jare particularly good and so are
barley, although the latter have been somewhat twist-
ed and laidl by the storms. Angels are imiptrkletlv
planted, but are improving. Kohl Rabi are better.
Second growth of clovers very rapid. ThE- rass just
'it is a close, good crop.
It is rumored in Court circles at Madrid that the

Archduko Charles
Christine, is to be
second eldest sister
della Paz.

Stephen, the brother of Queen'
betrothed in the Autumn to the
of King Allonso, Princess Maria

August -24-Selir. Meter, Dun cnomb, Turk.i' Islo.d
saIt, &c., to Thomas J. Wadscn.
In the Schooner Met.' r from Turks Islands on Wed-
nesday last :-MAliss James, Mary James. Mossr:. H.
Houston. Alliprt Darrell, Robert Styles, F. J. E. Hin-
son, and St. George Hinson, and 2 in steerage.
Pilot John Swan reports having spoken a Brigantine
on Sunday morning last, off the \'est End of these
Islands. The Caotain informed hliin of his having
boarded, on the 26th inst,, a three-masted Schooner,
which proved to be an abandoned vessel apparently in
good condition-hler position and cargo not given.
The Captain of the Whaling Barque Pe1 ry, reports
having spoken 'Ii following vessels :-July"12, Schr.
Lord Mayo. Steil,,-r,, Master, long. 63-25 lat. 32-00.
July 2.', Ship *-, ..., Potyer, Mainer, out 5ndays from
Buenos Avres bound to Falmouth, England, 32'
I t. 0'50. July :31. Schr. A,',i. Bell, Reed, Master,
'roim New York bound to Demera.ra, out 9 days.

In our last issnoe we mentioned that a colored
wn:- named Johin Williams was suffering from the
:lf'C-t of a poisonous dose of Atropia taken under
tlhe supposiiona of its being "Shark Stone" and
that, up to the t ime of going to pres-, the man was
alive with sli' -if hoi-es of recovery, under the treat-
ment of Dr. Arton, to whose residence he was tak-
en. The antidotes administered were successful in
their operation, and Williams has been about as
usual, but still sitliering from the malady for the
lief of which h:- had been recommended to use "Shark
Stone." On Saturday William Wood who was ar-
ranged before the Police Court. Hamilton, on Mon-
day evening, charged with causing to be adminis-
tered certain poi,-ou to one John Williams, and re-
nmanded to the Hanuilton Jail, was again brought
before the Polici Magistrate the Worshipful M. A.
M. Frith, who, on the further hearing of the case,
committed the- said WiUiam Wood for trial at the
Court of Assize.


Evidently on the strength of the assurance made
by tlheo Quebec. Steamship Company, that, early in
Janu-ary, e fir.t class new Steamship will be provid-
ed as the Winter Steam Bridge between New York
and Bernuds, Mr. Jeremiah tIarnett has set himnelf
to w,-rki already, and is providing a spacious reran-.
d.;l. the. whir- :-:tentof the East and South sidL. of
thi House, which will be fully completed
by the openie.- r4 the next. Tourists' Mr.
IIarneit hia, filth in the success both of the pro-
jecte3 Steamu-.ip and his own hotel, believing t iat
Bormuda is l.....-ud to become a favorite Tourists'
Resort. Indeed i;, was through Mr. Harnett that
the Hamilton Hotel was revived, aud that the late
J. W. Dodg-e uetered ou its occupran(cy and eterun-

THE BrnUswI,-i; H OU.E RENOVATED.-Pluimlerp
and Painters have been, for some time, at work on
the Brunswick House, which will be ready for busi-
ness, thoroughly renovated, for the coming season,
which Mr. Turnbull fully anticipates should prove
a successful one.

The 99)th Band conformably with notice, perform.
ed a pleasing selection in Victoria Park last T.ues-
day afternoon.

To tli Editor- of the Royal Gazette.
DEAR Sra,-" grader" asks a very important com.
mercial question which is not so easily answered.
The Customs authorities at Washington and at Ot-
tawa are of opinion that packages are a legitimate
part "of the cost of the article on which duty is le-
vied, and very arbitrary rules and exceptiou.i are
laid down in regulating the imposition of duty on
packages. In several instances where the duty is
specific or no duty is levied, the packages are taxed
ad valorem generally about 20 per cent. It is as-
serted that the goods must be contained in a pack-
age of some sort, and that its cost is a proper addi-
tion to the value of the article, and then there is
the plausible pretext of protecting the coopers, and
the glass manufacturers, &c. But it might as well
be held that the charges also form part of the value,
and this is logically adhered to in several cases by
adding the shipping commission and other charges
to the value for duty. Trader" demands an aun-
swer on the nh,-. .~ or otherwise of the exaction.
Y'ou must i.,ve ., our flour packed in barrels or
half barrels, andu the miller, who sells the flour,
must have the value of the barrel, or half barrel, as
part of the cost of the article. You must have
your onions packed in crates or some sort of pack-
age, and the grower or dealer will take care that
the cost of the cdate or box is covered in the sale.
Here in Bermuda the cost of the package is re-
turned in the price had for the onions, just as in
New York the barrel is included in the price charg-
ed for the flour. As in silks or cottons the pack-
ages are not. necessary to hold the goods, but are
convenient for safety in transport, a special charge
is made for the package. In high classed articles
of value the cost of the packages is not a large ad-
dition to the invoice; but in proportion as the des-
cription of goods becomes of lower value, and the
more ordinary the quality, the augmenting of the
value for duty by the addition of the cost of the
packages forms a heavy increase in the duty paid.
I am opposed to including packages in the cost
for duty of the goods, because it opens:a door to the
Customs for levying heavier duties, and because of
the difficulty, in many instances, of arriving at the

jured-Edmund Doe's Cow le?' broken. Cruwl--
Houses partially unslated-Mr. A. B. Hill's, Mr.
Thos. Kiug, Mr. Henry Light.bourn, Mr. J. B. Dav-
is-Store Mr. T. J. Pearmnan, roof slate injured-
House Mr. T. J. Outerbridge, "Idlewilde" Veran-
dah, roof gone. Baileys Bay--Wesleyan Church,
roof injured. Shelly. aBy-Jolun C. Davis hour
partially unulated, g,:ble end in-Thaddeus Holles
new house, ready for slating, almost entirely de-
stroyed-T. J.'s house partially unslated
-New B. M. E. C-hurch ready for the roof, lovell-
ed with the ground. 1Flatts--J. Peniston's new
builliug, side blown in--E. Harvey's house parti-
ally unslated-- OldW.'atch HIousti- part ly;blown down
-House W. R. Peris.LcTi, M.C.P., parti0aly unslated
--Snith's .Tw Parish School, two storeys, stone
work level to the wall plate, reaJy for the roof being
framed, bloi u down e:-cc-pt small porti.'m of South
end by the porch pillars-Tie Old Devonshire
Church is partly un lated, and several large ced.r
trees near by blown down, one of wliich has injur-
ed the hearse houso--Upperr part of N. J. Vesey's
barn carried away- A lot of trc.-es are reported down
on Camden," T. F. J. Tucker--Houses aro reporc-
ed partly unroofed, one near Person Tucker's, o,-e
near T. Trott's liue.h -ilu, and :,ne belonged to the
little J. Robinson.
These reports will suffice to slow that the gale, or
hurricane, if you choose to call it, has been widely
destructive. There are numerous reports of c.iliuns9
down, doors and windows bust open, &c., whif:h
rank among minor casualties. Sunday night was
a sleepless one to the majority, and one of no little
nuxiety; these who were not c-lled out by nece-..!;-
ty, Lbiag ket ton ti alert to ai ert accident, as f:r
as possible '4ttle or no busiunc.s was done iin Hranu.
:tou yesticro,,. -',he New %ork Miail St-arnmr
would in or'ina:ry"- rcuun4tanc- have been o6f Bet-
:udla Sunda.-" ~veniing, and for ,e.r and other vessees
now expected s)m little anxiety is naturally felt.
Whether the Mm iel" or "Bermuda the known
seamanship of Capt. Gilfoil or Capt. Wilson, would
leave nothing uadone to .ecurv tho safety of the


We bav to record t.c-day a severe gale which
vi.-tTed us on Sunday afternoon, beginning about 4-
p.m., with drifting r:ai', the wvind, which in the
morning, had been North East, shifting, and iu an
hours time th rain pas .ing over. The Barometer,
which on Sunday morning showed a slight decline
from Sxturday morning began gradually to decline
during the ,ay, aud between 6 o'clock Sunday
u;glt, and 3 o'clock Mcouday morning, showed a
very rapid dcleusion in the light of Bermuda Ba.
roemoter reading experience. From 10 o'clock Sun-
day night the wind increased in violence, coming
in very heavy gust:s from the North East, and at-
taining itb height between 2 o'-lck and 4 o'clock
on Monday morning, about which time the wind
veered to the South West, in which quarter it con-
tiuued to blow strong all Monday, raising a hioav
sea in the harbour, and bringing along with it (it
times considerable sheets of rain. It is impossible
niL the moment of our writing, while the gale yet
holds, to speak of it generally throughout these Is-
lands, and to accurately define its course and effect s.
We can only mention the experience in Hamilton
and its immediate vicinity, adding a few general
statements of its operations elsewhere, just as they
reach us, through any kind correspondents, to whom
we shall feel obliged for further particulars to have
any of our hurried statements corrected, in order
that a true record may be had of the gale and its do-
ings. In Aug. 1878 we had to record a similar gal'-,
during which at Ireland Island, the dock, then tilt-
cd for repairs, waL in serious danger. But, we
think, that the gale, whichL w are now sufturing
under, will prove itself more v widespread and more
injurious iu its effects than that of 1878, if it does
not have a sTrong claim to stand by that of 183)1.
Since 3 o'clock Monday morning the Barometer hals
continued tc ri.,e and on this Monday afternoon it
remains tolerably stationary, while the wind yet
Ildows moist and keen.
The injury to trees of all sorts will be very great.
Along the v:'.rious streets of Hamilton, many beau-
tiful Pride o" Iladiam: have been either stripped of
graceful branches, split in two, or have been levell-
ed with the ground. Gardens, in the most protect-
ed spots, have suffered severely, fruit, trees have
been robbed of their promising crops, particularly
the Avocadc Pear Trees, which this year promised
so well, and the happy owners (.f which were look-
ing forward with some degree of relish to enjoying
in perfection, in the course of a kew weeks, this de-
lightful frui.P Banana groves have been shaken,
and choice flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers have
all felt the devast-.tiung influence of the gale. Stonr
walls, rail and. picket fences hiav. been sharply dealt
with, while many roofs have been injured more or
less severely. Buildiugs, both public and private.
in several stages (.f progrtss h 'e been blown down
and new structures, whir-h sec-a-id beyond mucl:
risk of injury. have co('me in for full share of dam-
ago. We shal now proceed ,) particulatize, ii.
,t wo can, in the p:ec,rt stat, of our inf-rrmation.
The telegraph wires .ire interrupted, no conimtna:-
cation hasb yet been had with Ireland I. land or St.
George's, the nail (ar/rom Hamilton,owiug to the
injury to the I'ausovay, having- to return. The,
nmail ar from Somerset arrived iu course.
Trinity Church, S. W. Angle temporary roof of
Towc-r-slating W. side (near gable) South tran-
sept roof-reidence Mr. Talbot, North, roof injury.
ed--Hamilton T Jail yard, North wall carried away
-Mr. Bluck's House and Mrs. Bennett's Hco-ui,
roof, injured--Hous9 adjoining Vallis' Saw Mill,
East, pointed out by us some weeks a'o a4 da.ugr-
ous and calling for the interference of the Corpor-
ation, upper position facing the street, carried away
-New Methodist Church, walls up to wall plate,
one corner, said to be cracked-Masonic Hall, Soutlh
side of roof near the centre barar out, the wind
probably rushing in through a ventilator on the
West gable above the plaster-Odd Fellows Hall,
South side of the roof injured, and one of the gable.
-Hamilton Hotel, West wing ioof injured-B. M.
E. new Chur.:h, roof framing completed, ready for
the laths and slate, both gables and the roof fram-
ing carried away, roof of the minister's house, ad.
joining, injured by the falling fragments-Duer-
den's new house, near Commissariat, wall injured-
Swan's School Houre, North-east end Hamilton,
slate broken-New House belonging to B. E. Dick-
inson, nearly completed, near by, slate damaged--
Miss Till's Cottage near the last mentioned, un-
slated-Joseph Tucker's new Cottage, near Admir-
alty House, Spanish Point, unslated-Mussou's
Range and Peter Burcher's Cottage, near old Rec-
tory on Marsh road to Prospect, unslated-Whaling
Barque "Perry" (belonged to U. S. Navy, 1812)
dragged and stranded, midnight Sunday, ou Whites
Island, where ehe now lies, broadside on-some
dozen or more bhats are reported stranded at Salt
Kettle, amon-g them the "Irene," in pieces. Fortun-
ately the yachts, to compete in the Royal Bermuda
Yacht Club Regatta, are hauled up for outfit, and
are reported safe-Somerset Parish Church and
School. injuries reported to roofs, extent not stated
-Several boats ashore Eli's Harbour and Somerset
Bridge-Thos. B. Dill's new Cottage in Warwick,
blown down--The Manse in Paget's unroofed.
FOM T EAr'rTWArrn -The first wooden bridge,
West end, Causeway fallen, the three supporting
pillars gone-Hamilton Pariah Lyoeum, near Wal-
singham building injured. Tucker's Town-B.
M. E. Church blown down, Wesleyan Church,
gable blown out and partly unroofed, at least a doz-
en houses unroofod-Mr. Oswald Hlall'a new build-
ing carried s way to the foundation-The Diving
Schooner stove in and sunk at Paynter's Vale Camp,
where Mr. J. S. Darrell's hulk is reported ashore-
Trees uprooted in every direction-Cottage Hill,
Gibson's House, munslated-Rich. Davis, House in-

10-30 a. ....... 29-7
2-00 p.m......,29-S

By the Meteor we have our exchanges to the 7th
instant. The salt crop promises well, owing to the
splendid condition of the ponds, which have, ito
some instances, been cleaned three times. Tie dry
season has begin most favourable. The migrntio,'
of labourers to St. Domin.o, it. is thought, will
have some influence on Ihe yield, the want of la.
bur, with all the favourable circumstances, reduce
ing the production to an ordinary average. Thbe
quality of the salt has been much improved. It
appears that, owing to the short crops for the last
three years of Turks' Island salt, Medilerraaoan
salt sold as Turks' Island, hai been largely used by
pack-ers in tle United States with the result thai.
their provisions have spoiled on entering the trop-
ics, brought about by the deleterious effect of the
c'lorides contained in the salt. Sulphate of liaim
and other inslub.e impurities largely contained in
i,'ferior salt will le precipitated in di.solvin%,' ir
water; but the deur-terius and de!.quecent ci'hlo.
r des of calcium na'l chloride of magn eiumn, which
iapair the cu. alivo properties of alt,t are not, easily
"Occasionally the weather threatens for rain and
a squall or tw, pas,' wi'hont, however, doing much
d,:tnage to the pounds. We continue e oie- gathering
and a splen,'id :ot of first quality Salt is added
each week to the stock oi hands. Two vessels out
of a batch recently chartered have arrived and
others are exp-cte'l. Price, unchanged."
H. M. S. F.mto,. Ccrma.lder W. C. Karslake.
from Nassau on the 2ist July. arrived here on
Saturday morning last :'id sailed again on Tu:-s
day for Jamaica vi. Por-,-au-Prince.
We understand :hat Ihe ider of this ves-
sel has been instructed to cruise for the" IFawn"
Shoal, a shallow spot supposed to be in 'he fair way
on entering the "'urks Islands passage from the
South. This shoal was sounded on by H. M. S.
F..i.n some years ago, but has never sinee been
seen. We doubt its exitAence, as it has never b:en
noticed by one of tca many vessels ;.hat have siece
passed, and Commander Karslal:e, with the best
Information on thie subject, has, so far, failed to
find it. This matter will no doubt be eet at rest,
and officially communicated 'o His Honor the Com-
The Spanish War Steamers Leon and Blasco de
Gavay were at Turks Islands on the 7th, the only
armed vessels of that national flag that have an-
chored at the Turks Islands within the recollection
of any resident now living there."

To the Editor of the R?oyal Gautdte.
DEAR Sin,-I did not intend to trouble you with
another letter relative to the recent Southampton
Pauper case, but another letter by A," published
in the Colonist of the 18th instant, has so misre-pre-
sonted what took place at. a meeting of the Vestry,
that I feel bound to state, and with the best autho-
rity, what did actually happen, and I will not trou-
ble you again with a communication on thi. sub-
ject. "A" says at the meeting of the Southamp-
ton Vestry on the 2-4th June, when the decision of
the learned Justices was submitted, I am inform.
ed, on authority that cannot be disputed, that a
certain member proposed that a Lawyer's opinion
be taken, and if necessary an appeal be made to the
Court of Quarter Sessions"; this I am informed
was not the ease, no one proposed that a legal
opinion should be taken; no one suggested that an
appeal be made. A member, who by the way is one
of the pillars of the Parish, in speaking on the
question said that if the amounts to be paid were
large, it would perhaps be prudent to obtain legal
advice before paying it, but that the amount was
small and it seemed right to pay it; and we
voted for it to be paid. Again A" goes on to
sry, by the same authority I am informed that not
until the Junior Member of the Vestry had threat-
ened unless the Vestry agreed to pay the Bill he
should protest against any other course being
adopted, and submit the matter to ithe Parishioners
of Southampton, did a majority agree to its pay-
ment ?" Did any member of the Vestry hear that
.iwful threat, except perhaps the junior vestrynman
himsoff f Does it not look as if tie Junior Vestry-
man made a puerile attempt" to contribute his
great :wisdom on the occasion, 1but that he must
have signally failed, for that fearful threat still rr-
mains unheard.
P.S.-Parishioner of War-wi.-k will be attend 1
to at some future day, at pre.ont I think him be-
youd my noti.-e. H.



An action was recently decided in the Aberdeen
Sheriffs' Court ofrA curious fand intireating kind,
Williams & Sona coopers, Abc-deeo, sold CaFks
to Grant & Co., distillers. Rothes, to amount
2" 16.,3. A letter requesting a etceque, was sent
to Grant at Elgin, his place of redience, and by
higa sent to his partner Dick, ;t Rotbes. who mailed
the desired ,:.hcqje to Wi:Iiams & Sons' order.
This remittance was not received but payment was
fraudulently obtained of the cheque by some un-
known parties, lii course WVilliams & Sons notL-
fled Grant that, failing remittance by a certain day,
a Cash order would be passed on him, which asb
accordingly done, rnd the order paid by G.ant on
the supposition that his ppetner Dick had over-
looked it. The suit was brought to recover this
second payment. The Sheriff decided that as a
matter of law, Williams & Sons 3avirng only once
received payment could not. be called on to refund,
that though .hey used the expreesion in their let-'
ter "favour us wilh a cheque," that being a facon de
parler, could not be construed as an acceptance of
the risk of the remittance made by Dick. Had it
been a Banni draft, the Bnk woul-I have been
answerable, or if a Crossed cheque"' raudu!eut
perscnalion would hare b--en in p-ossibl.e. Cash
cannot be dc-ianCed ovt-r thj counter oii a crossed
cheque, whi. h aust bha d posit.-l irn a regular
B-ink deposi-, by :.ome cuast.-ier.

A coral bank, abut 10,000 metres in circumferencee?
and between 150 and 200 meires thick, has been dis.
covered 20 miles from Sciacca, Sicily, and enormouea
quantities are daily extracted.

Steamship. We may expect. the New York Mail,
when the weather moderates to make the approach-
ing of the land safe. Her log wili no doubt, be in-
We have been favoured with the following read-
ings, which may differ ou various instruments, but
meanwhile this will exhibit the variations, which
are important:-
Barometer (Aneroid) during Gale of Sunday evening,
August 29, and Monday, August 30.
Sunday, August 29, 6 p.m........... 30'
11 p.m...........29-6
11-31 p.m ........29.51.
Monday, August 31, 12 midnight ......29-4.;
1-10 a.m........ 2. 21-'
1"'51' a.m ........20-'2 4-5
3'00 a.m....... 29"2 2-.5
Begins to rise
3-30 a.m........ 29-3
4-30 a.m.... ....229-4
7-00 a.m ........20-6
9-A00 am 2.1- A f

~2' ~ 0 0.. I- in-
o -~ -.- -4 -:1 en 'n
~4 ~d
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1-4-4-4 to---4

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W a .71 c

4 r.

I s-aoK(IQ saB .3 L[ "saIOK(I Esv'z1 oa |
the following Boats, viz.:-Little Head 1st, 6.
Alberta 2nd, 3. Flirt 3rd, 1, Eight skiffs
competed, all of which were from St. George's.
competed. The Foam, entered by Lieut. Chaun-
cey, was unfortunate in fouling the windward
stake-boat ir attempting to round, and was dis.
qualified. Just as the Secret rounded the last time
a collision occurred between her and the St. George
The Judges. being of opinion that the Secret had
fairly rounded, and that there was not time for
her helm to be altered after rounding, adjudged
St' George to blame by reason of her steersman not
leaving room and keeping too close to stake-boat
by which course a collision with the Secret became
inevitable. The St. George was therefore disquali-
fied and 2nd prize awarded to Royal Alfred and
3rd pri-e to the Instead.
crmipeting-was won as follow- :-Ist, -Stepha-
notis. 2nd, Amelia. 3rd, Sprite.
Judges, Messrs. M. S. Hunt and W. E. Talbot.
The former has acted in the capacity of Judge at
the R. B. Y. Club Races on numerous occasions, and
is Secretary of the Sailing Committee of that Club.


STEWARDs-Messrs. Reginald Gray, S. S. Ingham,
Jr., and W. R. Winter.
On Thursday last, the breezes favouring, though
somewhat light to impart a thrilling interest to
the occas-ion, the Regatta advertised in'our last is-
sue, came off at the lower part of the Harbour, the
Stake Beats being moored a little to the West of
White's Island, and near Saltus' Island. Had
the wind continued in the same Easterly quar-
ter as on Tuesday the course would have been a
very line sweep of the Harbour, and would have
presented a handsome appearance viewed from either
side. Albuoy's Point wa.s a capital point of sight,
and the views obtained from that quarter were
good, the whitened sails creeping along the charm-
ing coloured waters like things of life, competing
the one with the other for the mastery. What an
interest, to be sure, a boat race creates among the
Bermudians, whispers one whose eyes seemed to
scan the whole spare before him with great eager.
ness F The Steam Tug 'Britannia" arrived at
Hamilton at 10-30 a.m., with a goodly number of
excursionists from St. George's, -who needed no ex-
cuse to bring them to Hamilton, for, had not St.
George's sent up several boats to enter fhe compet-
ing list., and, was it not natural, that the hearts of
St. Georgian:u should beat for their townspeople in
the Hamilton Harbour competition ? The Hamil-
touians were -glad to see their friends from St. Geor-
ge's, whose boats swelled the list to quite respect-
able dimensions. The only regret was that the fun
was lacking ia any tragi.; colouring. Had theie
be3n a 'reeze, you would have seen a washing and
pltuging, the sort of thin; that imparts intense in.
terost, lrid many. The Britannia" moved out to
-ho Wiandward Stake Boat, off white's s Island, and
remained there till the finish shortly after 4 p.m.,
when she returned to the wharf and steamed back
to St. George's. After the Programme lad been
exhaust.-d, two sets of crews of the Rowing Club had
an outri..ger iace. In the afternoon a considerable
number congregated on Frout Street, and to make
the time run smoothly, the Alexandiina Band occu-
pied for its quarters, Shed No. 3, and entertained
the spectators who took to the shade of the shed,
where several enterprizers wer ready with ices and
water-melous to reI.-l.- tlo iuu-er man. This Re.
gatta, the prettist thing, .ays a, boatman, we have
had in the harbour f,,r oane time, and believe me
thero was enough of wind to make it comfortable,
was got up on the spar of the moment. Credit is
duo to the Stuwaidi, whlo incepted tlhe movement,
and who obtained a resp,.-ctable subscription sheet
for the siuew., of war.
The following were:- the competitors in the seve-
ral races:-


ETIlNOLO4 Y. nioice a.- the -Ao 'e-d .-d ople, the 3nbylonians, their An action was recently brought in one of the I I IB Pg l
Written exprwly for te Be.nmda Royal Ga;te. A- .yriana. th,: Med., the Persians, the Phoenicians.I Sberiffs Courts, i Scotland, by the purchaser of a I UDLIU AUU I lU ,
fr.,, w' .-se little st-ip of s.naboard colonies were Dry Goods Establishment taken over from the
The study of Ethnology is eply intere ting, ph'ited *n the i .lards a id shores of the Mediteira- proprietor at r, vlinalion approaching 600'. The U D" ER TIE BIG S IED,
though its details ar, not by r1iy means r,-adily ne:n- that great artery of canmeee letwe.n [he Plaintiff claimed 50 in respect of loss inOuned At 1] >lock NOO,
or -ave ert. i ce.the people lfIndia, Chi:n;,and Japam. Cwing to the aged dress sBufTs in the centre of the pieces, and
O^ Tlmrsdaynext
as ar.a.4 poseLble, the ,ririn ot these varionle ntionu- phlisiafl ieatubes ,- Alirica. so called by the R 9omans, having cut out moth eaten pieces of flannel and Olie

their eXterminatiou or absorption into other ntion- tin e a rk *.ontinntl, the want of t'y < andu large Court that Plaintiff Lad no recourse, having sold ,s .p:.mber.
alities, or the vital elements whibh sustainn predset river t a h: tc exist,.nce of the great -ahara having the goods complained of as d -aged, and failed to rT IE FIURNITURE
nation The enormous field laid ,pen for enquiry pr'.ved obstacles to its being opened up. Th, strips return them to the seller.
by this subject may at first sigit discourage, an, lead ad ng the coa., mpeciallv the North and East, and I The law as to the cract of sale admits ol no AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS
to t4geiference that the very entrance on suh an Egypt, becatXe of :he Nlle, almost eostituted the excep;lonF. Where a buyer suspects that goods do A
expagive investigation mut lal. us in a mi.ty suI tot. of cur knwlkdge until within the last w not conform to what they wererepresented tobe, be
atmosphere, where it is hardly possible to dc any- y Brs, when adveure pushd its my into the cannot dispose ot them in any case, where it is 1 J (r P
thing Alse but to grope to no prtpoe. in the wildest in, ri v ich we ere no' caininu. information- pos bible for bin to reject them ; and it mrakee no cU .io
bewilderment. But these fira.t discouraging impres- W. have the aiarvellons history ot Egypt, and her difference whether the nonconformity arises from Comprising in ,:it as follows
Swll vai. ber a cam and paen giant e togaze iih admrati; fraud or from innocent error on the part of the H ANDSOME B oom SET
courap,which is bent on not being dismayed by any w( haave the Carthainian-.. proving e,'mselveD no seller..
hindrabee- The magnitude .if the subject, and the mean f' t f.) tht Romans in their struggle for -Wooden BEDSTJADS
many tets whieh hold it, are by no. means inluper- emIire. The inhabitants of East Afri-a, we can The Arch)ihi, of York Ias a charming wife, and Tow-l1 HORSES Carn-.-sat CHAIRS
able oheef to asy+tematic inestigi'tiou, which seeks readily imagine, si.readrig themselves out along the her inme i- Z4. Th,-re i4 a funnv story toll that Dining TABLE
to diws.pver the pbilosophly which periade4 all his- minds Aof the Indian aid Pacific Oceans. ,hen the areilhiJnprie was conferredl on "Dr. Thiom- 1 HnL.Lsomn Dininoro.-,m CIATIR
tory, and to turn all discoveries to present uses. *e next towh ot, and we trace her high son-then, I thinl-, l.-an of Gloucester- lie was ill in Roc.kin CHAIRS I ASHSTANDS
The oiject(of analyzing what has happened in the en-inenc in tio w-orld to hei physical features. In- b1 d su',.rin" froIte n,:uralgia, nil his letters wero REF. IGEiRATOR
world'i routine, without any other pu-pose than that de1tedwith sa coast, posesing fine rier, and being taken up to him to real with his breaklf.t. Upon Port-bl BEDSTEAD an n, Case
of gratifying a natural craving of curiosity, would mostly within the temp..ate zone, Europe has pro- opening thie otlicial ,ocument-which contains d th no- Old F:m'iion SIDEBOARt
prove to little practical purp,,Je, because the greaI duced, seciat'ly in the North, hardy and enterprising titiation of his ailvancement, those Dean rather hur- MIpRO PICTU 'S M"et SAFE
human f, ilyv would in no d green be the better 1,- races, who I ave carried their commercial puaruit riediv rangthii liclI, and desir d that his wife should LAMPS Toih-t War- .
all that had'.beet esayed. In this utilitarian age, over the whokgloe, ad who now virtually control hi at one. On ntrin the bedroom she M TT P
where timland brains are in constant demand afo itv destiJies. Supplanting the eAmerican aborigines, ie him at n.. On ing the bxpctedoo ex s: he 1ESStion, ES PILLOWS BOLSTERS
wherelimb w:mm by time .rnrtlinig and unexpected exeiunatin, CA tPEio 1 Ennlish Eight-day CLOCK
some r6aly.-serviceabl' purpi,se, th-re is indeed little th.v have esablished themselves on the American M dear, I am tIhe Archbishop of York !" The CAPET' R ih itdOCK
risk of having studies of an:,- sort ao directed that Ccutinent, whose great reso:rees. under naturally red l iagin that her husband's lady Chi CRIB Look GLA.SSE
their influe-ce will! ot be prnctic;'ly felt in the wide. fa-.ura.le co editions, are heing turned to good ac- shad afete is .se s and that he had boe sud- 1 Co,:,king STOVE -un.l Kitchen Utensils
wide world. Almost unccusciu.rly the dream- co;ntL Deriving from Asip the seeds of political dn iiou. o pruning to hmor hianc, 3 BLIND (ch 7 ft. by ft.)
abstract.- theorist is drawn along with the ppula, kiwliede, ..ammerce, artsmind sciencFr, Europo, and gentiv .cqui.scing, without ecprcsing hr asmao 1 PERAMBULATOR, e in,.h with
current. .md priced Willyy nilly" to be emoentlv by climatic .muditions, attained to superior exce_- without econ gtulations to Im. Hood, nEarly new
practical. The age wo live in is no dreamianl. It lene, mt, firr! in the South aid then in the North. shert, she retired without congeatnlations to sum- Hood, nearly new
we probe the past, it is that it. lessons may comer We encounter first the Greek. and then the Im the doctor to treat this e and distress syrup- &.,
home to us with a double force, taken up as we are political system, on both of which our Modern to. Not until t his arrive persual add ta ose tie arch- Anti iinediately after
with the. b.rry surf, aof liEt at a high pressure oi civilizat.m i. ba-A-d. The great Alpine:, Chain in tim othieial document was she pcrsmaded thatte arch- And immediately a tter,
theed. an.e urt inr" t rmed the boundary between tmhe episcopal chair was no delusion, but a real and sub- V I L L B E S L ,
The cumulated genius of mwn h:.w subiected mate., civilized and he uncivilized world. With the col-q stm,,ial cegithon oe he ha's abilities and EW York HAMS
rialmatter tobeour obedlient Ieadys servants, :.' tha 1t,, ofhe the Roman Empire, the Northern tribes merits. Since that tine she has been his frequent 3" EWLr Du HAIS
we.exhume from th., riih bowels or the earth vWi- gained 'he a- *endeney, and not util tie -qsark of anz .nipathielie companion in nich of Ii.' public 3" 10 Drum! ;-alifax CODFISH
tor rof wealth Aith icl ratedd -a e mak en ht.-meni: was struck, which marl:s the dawn of work,'and on all 1c1aso18 i ilen lady's presence is 10 Bs. APPLES 5 is. VINEEGAR
e ator suberviit o acnrate, ,d we mi al. ou Modern history, did he variouneleients which needed to redr his action complete he is sure to 15 Tubs Family BUTTER
most ay.bave reduced to a stateof positive servitude no- cortitut. ;he strength of Europe, attain any aplI-ar" 4 Half Chest. Oolong TEA
all that can &cme aciroa our path. In our rrAiroagn. re .t development. The clear inteleet of the robust 6 Bls. Pilot tBREAD
engines we hare invented ignore -, nderful horse. N.I t.heruu-r wrs enlight.eied by the revi .,. of learn- UeoTrr1n M:TEOOLP oc.Ar .ISoctr.rv. The half- 5 IIhds. Anglish PORTER
than the famous T,:j..n hor. vWhI exhibits. In our steamships -e bid a certain auoun,- H.:. cefrth we d iscorr that grainal expansion on e-,lnesda--Prof.r Gkio prsiin. The re 10 Boxes Black TOBACCO, very superior, ;3's
of defiance to the waiton wi,.ids. we drive then w-ich i be-b progress ng" and whiebh 1,1 lnaen so port of the secretary (.r. T, uchan) stao.i that the Boxes CANDLES( ch)
through the racing <,,cean. Br electric adaptation, ass.._i.h. !iy ranitf-l in disc:.very durir, the ist sci.-ty at present i.2 staoni, or one ftwer than 9 Boe CANDLES (, eah)
we have annihilated spmce ; b our relegraphi.- .. ht .ctu. 'TcaeCing t!;e name to tLe Phenician at the date f l st muetOng.. There were at pr-esent 1 Box o. ., a.somted co r (20 >s. )
tens minds .h brrluo int,r direct .ontaet r Hbr..-w EB, meaning" evening" or west," (;37 itmber-s of tihe )c;etv. The Council had )beer 1 Box TOBACCO, Army and Navy Pride, '
and electri-ity ame our adji'tanut, an d wh- imay.' Ecrop.e .on i mean the land of the Wes-t -aud, ies.....t to :, i, thlt-taiblishrmejtof .six metcorolog- ICas', containing (i Dozn 2-lb. Tius of I
venture to set aniv hounds to their possible inct askedd pr'Crose-ve a. Geography hrs been, this was liter- ical stationn at CI, but had to decline owing to Pears, Peaches, Lobsters and Oyyters
UnefulnesP in 'he huiman economy 1 Manufaci ring' all. t.ri till the d&Feoceries of Columbus. It is wasnt of fund.-'. Thie tre-..urer's statement showed an 1 Box RAISINS
of all kinds onil gigtic scales, the preparation (of obsorva'.e thf- the East of Europe is flai. while the inoni-- of 2420. Tihe fundIs of the societyy now "2 Fnairs Carriage WHEELS
numberless aubstarces, the art of printing in lil its is hrokeli up by mountain ridges. As geology armicunted to 721. Sir RobLrt Christison read a '2 D.. Donkey WHEELS
varieties, time would fail to recount the ifinite gives uis ome insight into the structure o the eart,ht pap r om a proposed inquiry into the relation oicli- 3 Pairs SHAFTS and irout i
agencies which h contribute to our HiUh-toned M Adern so the ,udy of various languages, with a view to made in Scotland to the growth of trees. In a forest 1 Dog CART 1 Carriage HARNESS
civilization i their c(?mnpar -on--styl:-i Comparative Philology- near tihe conflu -nc'e ol the Tay the larches had growii 1 Set SPRINGS 8 Empty CASKS
But. despite all the e. which go t-wards re:ider. wil'! affl us .ich knov' edge of the variu nation. on' inci in so-.e- .-c.m.. Observations imade at Drum- 1 Lot Old LUM
ing life more gigantic and real, which conduce '9 the Th1 ti-:-teentli centCry .tudy, tracing ti th.d tOOT, moend 'ill show.c thel tree attained a rmuclh greater 1 Lot Old LU BE,.
comfort and magniiving of the nier' creature, w ha alre y thl'own mui light on the derivation of si;,. on lr.vel :rounmi than on th side of a hfll. the ALSO--
are very prone to lpse eight of our own good selv-s, of varours 'ation--, and there seems to be little doubt growth decreasing in proportion to the steepness of
our mental and phayical system, how stage by stage tha': kn.,wled :- of much value, otherwiFe unattain- the ::lope. On the motion of the limirmnian. thel sub- An Assortmeunt of
we have been brought, forward on the ladder o. pro- ab-, wi!1 be .rained. While the vOwels change in jec. was remitt:.ed to th,- Council for considerations. S s
gress, how in fact the process of development has language. or ,. e el.led, the consonants i.:main gen- Mr. ichan ired a paper on the relation of t!he wea- BOOtS fl(l i ()eOOS, iUli-
been steadily going on in us qq a people. Unques. eoriml st-tion.y The Russinu posesse harshness other to dLathl fr,n,, scarlt fovr and hoopiihg-cu!igh ,
tionably the.whole wold has been ameliorated, low in I'e ac.'umn action of nsonants, while the Italian bv Dr.. rthur Mitchell nd hinsc-lt. All over Great 110 tats gars,
though some of it still be. It is &stined to p,,, on and4 Spanish ,erive sloftne irm the inter,- iritain, he aaid, with lew exceptions, scam let fever &e., &c., &c., &c.
improving jirough a series of continuous sucee.siiii spersion of v,.vels, rliiuw:-e in both Pases eeming to rc-:che-l its maxiinumn at the end of the year. Th, B. W ALKER & CO
experiments. But the moral constitution of man dic ate ,t dif'terenm. exceptions were in towns between Manche.,ter al* A KE & Ct .,
remains the same, ambitious rivalries will till shew Our object has been rather to draw attention to Hull a.nross the country, the exception being great- Auotioneers.
themselves, though in mere refined i-ubtlety. The the engrossing stud" ol nations. their g('owth, de- e t in the Cese o liuill, where the maximum of scarlet IHamilton, August 30, 1S80.
North American Indian will not exist to rejoice in velopmet arn,, fate. and what one nation has done et.,.r,a v. in Febr.-ity. In Eniglimh and Irish town ---
the number of scalps cut from the heads ,f his for another, and ..w the whole group of nations the main;imi of iiopiin-,coutlh was in tho spring
enemies; the Pacific Ocean Cannihal will not exist have together influenced history, ihan to enter on month-, and in the Scotch towns the early sum- No 1e.
torture his enemy, cutting a dainty lice of flesh any detail' which arIe niee.earily beyond more news- mer.
for his spiteful teeth to gnaw upon ; the religious paper Ifante. Mry i-ad stories with nvidity
maniac will not. exist to have his body mangled in with mu'h profit, and without considering the rela Real Estate for Sale at
religious rites; all this will be chmaged for the better tions of natiom-s to each other, whether c-temporary 13RrI'T, in Tiud.ers Town, on 23 instant, tho \VWir
in thehuge battle of an ever-advancing civilization, or ,therwise. But not only to written history, but of Mr. Geo. W. H,1sden, ofa DAUGHTER. P li Auction1011.
But the heart of man, though rendered less cruel to all sots of architectural and other remains, we MARRIED.t a St. David's on 25th August, by the --
and made more humane, will till hbive its ambitions have recourse to solve the many Iprblms, which l Rev. F. J. F. Lightbourn, Ma. WI.LIAMI JEEBLF. have boen favored : wvitli instructions
purposes to gratify, will still .oar aloft, and in the arise in so very wide a field of labour. It will be FRITim to K.ATIIF.iN ADEr.AIDE eldeit. diughiter otf
complexities of inventions wdll find ever new en- found tat strength ( of physic-al constitution, pa- Josph William Hn-yward,. Esqr. T 0 S ] I LL
gines as fitting vehicles for caryiing out ingeniously tience under physical suffering, accompat.ied by the ......., at St. Jlinrk'. Church, Smnith's Parish, on
devised schemest of human cunin.y power of wi!l and determined perseverance it pur- Tueday evening last. 2ithi inst., MR. Wr. STANLsY AT PrTTT(" AuTCTIO
So then With the tideoft hudan progress, with the poe, with a high moral sense ofju)tice, have proved D)oD to EMiMELINFs AM LLIA, third daughter r:,t bir. -
advance of refinement, the heart o g man wil! always coTduciv to national l growth and periaonent conso- lRobh.rt Peniston. On the. Pr.-mises,
exhibit the same deceit. IIIn the ago of ironoladl lidation. EO TED E STD A Y
and Iorpedoges, we have the'same sorts of enmity toe Qui,.ly passed nw:y Io that Spirit land from wheonce 0 -. D E 0 JID L .
encounter ap when we sought refuge behind our WHY OUR POOR ARE UGLY, no tavelier retturni;, o.n tme n.orning ,,f Saturday, thIe Sth of September-i-
prititive wooden walls. Cuinning has become more -- lOth instant, at an advance d age ;anld at peace with liher
concealed4 and dangers do to-day more suddenly Mr. Darwin believes tLat the general beauty of ('roator, herself, aind :ill thelo worhl, MRS. SOPHIA At 1L2 o 'll,.i, Noon,
shew themselves than in days gone by. If, in hi the Engiish inper class, and especially of the titled i.NWRIOInTr, a n.ativeo of Bermudla. Tho dleceased That Cu mii.!.ous
increased refinement, man has became less paasion- ari..toec, -.'beauy which even hardened Ra- wai well nown"and npreiatnd for her any godJ "t O SE
ate, le openly demonstrative, this subduig o dk'd ike the present writer must frankly adnt uncertain, banl ter, i no doubt C thi anniversary of1 r i l U
temper has a dip o m reased wariness, and har pro- .th.^ they possess in an unusual degree--is probably centenary passed some three years sinee.-Tiar,-/s- -On.N
ducqd a diplomacy every day becoming more difficult due to their constant selection of the most beauti- lals Rojal Stlaunard, Jul y4. Outhouses and Nine Ac-. of LAND with the
of ootnprehenion, and wanting very much i any u; woain of all classes peeressess, actresses or ________ Timber th',ro.iom,
relThis much to shew the importase of looking wedkby boureoisie) as wives through an immense -- Propeirty of the late :'Worshi:ful Joseph D.
on history, and amid hthe great cumulation of ac nuber of generations. The regular features and j I a inIlton Evans, situated in Southmnpton Parish.
.lrlm t .ft nfine complexions of the mothers are naturally band- A Portio: of the Lan.l is arabl,, anl very
searching out a ew plain lessons which may served ed dowu by heredity A t their descendants. Simi- P-Clahicai 5 Conlllle el' il ,rodr.ntive. The Tiinl,,ir on the us as guards in the current of our own adventures., it ity to thet desccnuat. Sori- %I' *c & tinmae Clill jiodumet o. rm 1m i Oil the Land was
In other words, getting at the philosophy of history. |aly it n valu.u-d in t-hat at 1s7 .
Very interesting, highly exciting often, do we. find hia average ',f personal beauty anogsi the and- *1 c i' *' R Abo ut Two ,nldred Pou nds. of P h17
the perusal of war records, individual deeds o e e o Greeks anral thate mo thrn Italianos the hio h Money will be allowed to remain on interest,
daring, admirable acts of generalhip, contests keenlr average of general almost strong loe fo the A. M. OUI)NEY ill RE-OP:N the if required, same to be surud by Bond Mort- I
and adroitly waged, army or navy movements skil- races. The prettiest women and tee handsomer above ACA I1) EM Y, gage.
fl man'r, noble relation s e O n M onday t he 6th Sept. nB. W. WoALKER &..
sins Then ther part- whiclu such a war has'mn the -*--od y ti ep. Aucctioneers.

fortunes of the rival nations. But what, in al thi rene ype o aee auu ugue to n lr en'rena At 9 o'clock a.m. Hamilton, Aug. 23rd, 180.-3
we should strive to discover is the simple cause, this be so-awd evolutionists at le.a:tr can hardly Ato'lc hmsr t Ad1 -
which led to strife aud the actual outcome doubt it--the we should expect everywereto find 'orsois wishisg to avail themselves of tIhe O H r
it. ere we have the oleexratwhchL al the general level of personal beauty highest advantages which this School affords for the ON IO 1N BOX ilI A 'I' -
time will prove of great service History repeats where there was the widest diffusion of esthetic Educatio.i of their Children, are requeistd to .
itself, and in our day, with everything so vastly ta&te. Now, our own Equalid poor are noticeable, eiter them at the commencement. Ial, & C.
changed for the better, we stand in tie same dangers as a rule, for their absolute and repulsive ugliness, No Pupil admitted for any period less than 'he Bro. ? ST' I ,
as our forefathers, nay. if not mor so, standing i.i ev-n when- c'npanru with those of other European one term. I e B lgt.I T
need of every precedent which can strengthen ou, con.atrine-. *,La laideur," says M. Taine, with iamilton Au 31st 1880- Is now momently expected from Bangor, Maine,
caution to be on our guard against all kinds of mis- tru.h in his otes ,r l'tnglefcrre, "'est plus laide lamniln, Aug. 31st, lo.- with the undermentioned cargo, viz.;
sile. queCchr:, nous." Gaunt, hard-faced women, low- NION POX of very
Ethnology is a deeper research than mere .,hilo- -., b-il-dog-looki-g men, sickly, shapeless Execntor's Notice. 2 ,00 0 O N hon Ea o very su-
Rophic history. Going back to the dispersion the cLT;isci, people e brc sluns of our anufactur- prior manufacture
saoe cf N.ah after the deluge, we have betfui u in tow 'their painful ugliness eani, all be 20,000 T1onmato BIMx ENDS
the three grand stems,and their varioussub-divsions du.- to tleir lpiysical circumstances alon2; for the A LL Per.-onus havit justt I)EM \NI)S against 50,000 57 inch LATHS 10 Tons tlAY
soon comeup. Their wanderings, their settlements, laz-,aroi whbo hang about the streets of Naples the Estate of thel late SYKE SMiT'lH, of 20,000 BRICKS SPARS and POLES
their wars, their conquests, heir languages, their must lead lives of about,-:qualihardshipand discom- the Town ofl 'haniito'm, Carpenter, decease.-, ate Parties who have engaged Onion Box .Mato-
occupations, the striking results onu the various tribes fort; yei many of them, both men and women, aie req tested to fnrwa;'d their Accounts to MR. M. rial will please prepare themselves to receive it
of climate, and the physical peculiarities to which beAtutiful enough to sit as models for a Lionardo. -. IUNT, ilamitoru, on or before the 30th Sep- protmiptly from wharf on arrival of Vessel.
sueb climatic changes give rise-considerations like On the ,:Lber band, every traveller speaks in high t ,NT, .i on, n Ptronr inde to ih
these occur to enliven the depth of research. Asia, admiration o: the beauty and gracefuln<.es display- ; and Persons indebted to the S. S. NG H AM.
**the land of liht" or "the rising suu," is regarded ed by y,.ung t.nd old amongst the astheilic Polyue- bai Estate are ecqmu"d tro s!akoP nymcu to .,ilton, 24th Aug., 180.-2 3p.
as the cradle of civilization. Five times the- extent siaas ; while ia many like caEes I note ; hal Euro- IluNT on or before the above mentioned date. --
of Europe, situated in three distinct zones, cLiefly, peans wto bate once become accustomed to the lo- SAMUEL AUGUST1US S.MI ;i,
however, in the temperate, Asia has exhibited a cal type fnd decidedly pretty faces extr-.-mcly com- WILLIAM ALEXBI. SWAN, To Let.
wealth in the variety of animal and vegetable life. moninas-.veral savageera'eswhoseprimiti'e works of Erecvtors.
As is well known, the first knowledge of this con- art show thorn in other '.7ays to possess considerable SOPIH RONIA SM.TH E, cutri,'. THE liTROPOLITAN
tinent to Europeans was entirely due to the search- aesthetic tasto. In India, where artistici feeling is Ai 'i3U 18
iug for a more direct tract to reach the rich com- universal, almost every 'aan or woman is handsome. Augutt 30th, 1890. HI 0 T EL
merce of India. And this fact is attested to-day by On the -shole, it seems to me fairly proved that the Queen Street, Hamilton with STABLES,
the term West Indies, as well, in a small way, by a average personal ber.uty everywhere roughly corres- A Rare Chance. een ree UILDIN wiS, &c.
little suburb of Montreal, Canada, having been ponds to the average general love for beauty in the
named La Chine. The most remarkable religious albztract.-Frrnm Cimable and Coal Scuttles, in the ALSO,
systems have had their origin in Asia, as the Jewish, Cornhill Mlaqa:ine. Two Good idulstriolf I Verandah HIoHouse
Christian and Mahometan, with those of Buddha, -
Zoroaster, and Confucius. From Asia at a later FATTENING FOWLs.-French poultry I.nciers are F '##r'me#s A large and comfortable Dwelling on Front
period emanated those immigratious into Europe no v feeding ,lowls designed for market with barley Required to iake charge of one of the largest Street, Hamilton, next West of Residenco of
whicb threatened its civilization, such as the Hu s, and steaned vello- carrots. This feed is remark- and hoit F.rnis in Bernmuda, it ill be lot ot N. A. Butiertield, Esqr. Two finu Rooms o
Seldschuks and M lonols. The Ab migration into abl for it rapid ;ulteaing qualilie., 'hough the share, and liberal assistance will be ,ivun to the gr:un.l floor of this Building op-n oP Front
Spain by thte Norther martinn of .ho Afoieau, onti- ... e.,ding ..... + u
,.painbytheNother han purely artir..Jal ..oo,..., quc 's are pau- aliro'ed Pa ti Street and ca,, be us.. aU Stor-O..
neot, on the other hand., estuhbishced a highly eculed su. d by Mr. .aker and otLer fatoues .ides, arc e.
element in Western Europe. 1ho e!pulsiou olf the probably m,, rapi stiil. Pai u malo inm:diate applications Apply to
Moors irom Spain at- a later period is generally con- bly s. All information ca t be had, at the loyd i M -h UNT
sidered to have been a retrogiade movement ii that -- Allifoiinalion ciU0be, a Ltlie 'ioy.l M. S. BUN1,
country. A faint h&,crt never won a lair lady, but a faint Gazette- Oll o. ; lamiltotn.
We have the Israelites, Fpecial!y claiming' our whisper often -..atche~her. August 31st, '8-0,--1 p. Atgtsr 381st, I.0,

IN otice

to tl1io


IN%-rthe Pm'whrnvi ~ ~-ofi A.i a o-m-iymj .:. Tz
Aet No 2.-',,1P,713.

NOTIcE PIS ll1112EBV IEN t i--
c-is of T:EIHTA-RjYDEhN i.
dated Wthin-t of *T~mamry, 1877.1 -''a jjk -
ed fr-omn i. .iT,~hnu ~~1'' i'
AW t'- f the 13.1111C ~inkA'.JN.%
ihnt onitthe -xhuirati taof ow'- A-Vm waY
fi-mnn thca 1'ulhivition im-mvenf nii iAy,

Sixt.eenth dlay of S


Thc- RECEIVERt (fENErPAL NWill VIY y -11
re0doc-ni fthe sail Dt -b-ntU:v inV 1 (-ofC' fl,
the, said DeIcnlurctmmy :!it'- f,u t h-).,.....!f!
'for- 1inaN'immint. amid Itafhtu-Ill.,-: .-' .~' :
sail Iat'nith tH i al D[ p i~ l'~ ci

Th1?: c e'f (7:,'. -a
Re-oiv-r eo-u a v'.(iflica

0 Sc -a

wIllapear bfic d i-:,'e.l PaTmimabt,tsald.'i-t

Bherm3ud a.i ranal hIm tonmtic Dr, ltby
T~~i. E.Jag jL~q.'ir@ Ats c', ie. d

The Seven .1Clcrks'.,

DE N 0 U 1TCE it)


As played iith tinho~u ride~d :11;'a IHv- rricst
fa-d~iioii0-fle J'Fi &aLreain N y X'.'- l1z
de~lf-zia and I3o-,R'.n.
To eunclud'e w-Itli the scroaii-iurr, side~s~jjIII -
and uIhpooin

ThIe Hiiad of th, o Ro' fl E r":Oikersi i% llho il

['hicES OF A D.1118O. 1403 dr'~d~
U.nrv2serve-d Is ; (]PRal rv d
Tickets mav iyhcobla:iwi,:d at die d-iuri on ilie

Doors opn i 73ppm

B~q isII; fIotw-cr Cton1.E. .G 4-

71uira1 and 1 ( li/jlit .01 113 (1011 Ci

000PL'1' has lpraycil Ihr Adriuiin.:
tration oil the "Ettie o 01 JillN IE I P:
COOPER~l, lak of 01, .lipI~I.I~-!,i
theseI -la ud., AM aii ner, d.ic
Ili,; is r~,to gave t iYvt.Y Ox iihmy
Person or Per i., Ine an --1h,_ v w n juip. t why
the said .tdmniujtration JioldiI ihnt lIme ;r:rit.\I
utnto i lhe said. Po ft S 1' TPA MA I ALO 1k'VI (Y lE
lie .-,he, or they, aire to file Ili --, hvr, 4-w thoir C110.
vont in writing, in the S.?cretary'd ),; 0,w, 1-
these. kland's wihlin' Filften daiys, Iro,.mth iii,
licat ion hereof, otherwise the -id Admivi inI~r
fioin will bo grated accortlingly.
R. El. WF143'TBEIP
Daie ti itthe Se~cretary S ("
this 29th day of Auwu it, 18-Mi.(

A good Chanice
For an active Boy to Learn fdie,
Mu ist not 6-1,under f'.'.irtoeeu Year.:: (P'L
A 1 p 1Y t I

Animist 28th~, l8~ri d

rUIi~[ndorsigniwd hereby forbi-ds anly person
or persons CUll'iGhl-iWile, .JANE
PACKWOOD J[, a woman of GuLlour, on his
accoulii: as hie %%Ill not hb e fol~~:e1r any
Debts contractEd by ber, shce having left lher
home widiout his cton1;6en.
Hamilton, Al~ei :i0 18) 1jc
UNLiIE L i L., j -. I _N Tt 'i E- -ti U-,-
FICE HAM1I[LTON, 29th A.,juoi .1880).
WV S Bell, Win Berrv, E h-Ir ralIford'I' lladd.*us
lBascome, Susani Cooper, [h3rk ;ariiida. P.o~pricmi r
of the Chronicle,"' J,-'l)rr' ('ne ow[.rd
( RegYatta OtIfioe)-c) hi Ca t E i1".001-1, I-`7-)
WVillimniFe rmter, I Ji.i'j an' l. i4 wmd U
F Jonsn A 11mn i, iad Uicu\tcw~ mip L.Mc''
ris, Bark M. dfard, I1:imk um c ni,Aw-i A**d lo, Mn~NIr
If Roche, Midei "FL ucer, H I;:' Aj~ j~j
Sinion-4, Saind %an, Jos l Tu1cker, Mrs "roktl.
Mary Wells, Adolphiust 'Wmiliants, T1 A W righl, IT 1:
WVil~inscin, John H-enry YOUMifIr ~rod Z icli'.



Ti/,Ie,,Jy. 2-170 An-U.-,t,, 18S- II.--Puzsuant to ad-
jinrnment the House mete.
Present- Iis i Honor Josihil Ri'e, C b .-' u .t: :ice.
Tha Honornble A. J. Mission.
\Vm. H. Goslinh,
1" Jamnes H. Trimingh.lin,
Engoniu. II rrr y,
James T'1'uike, Ioer. lenl
R, E. W lsltOr, (Col. .Sr.v.
T'l, Ihree follfvinie PiilIs were bioughti um. from
the liHons" of Arseribly an1l srevvrially read a first
time. viz. :-
A Bill entitled An .\:-l In- v1tnd Ith pnwv'r of
the Court of Chancery with relspcct to the Ileal
Properiv of L'infiaics,"'
A Eill entitled "'An Art to continue the Acts
lelaling to Inmii igral ion,"
A Pill enlilled "An Act to cmnlintue the Act
to etlabli.ih a lonad ofl agriculture "
The House look into consideration the Melessae
of the Honorable Htou- of Assembly (of the 1:0lb
instant, relative to thp IPill entitle] An .\ct to
regulate the sale of Wine, Spirits and Malt Li-
ThI Hlon. H. E. Webster moved Ilthat the House
do not insist on I lihe amendments proposed by the
Council on thel 2illh July last. which were not.
agreed to by the House of A.sembly-whiecl was.
objleted to.
On the question being put the motion wis af-
A ves-5. Navs-2.
lion. R. E. \Vebster, lion. W\. Hi. Gosli;lg.
J. 'T'ucker, '. siah l-lees,
E. Harvey, [Chief Justice.
J. IH. Trimiuglham,
A. J. Musson.
The Bill was then read the third time anil passe],
and ordered to be laid before Hiis Honor the Act-
ing Governor by the Hon. H. E. NWebster.
Adjourned to Fuiday next, the 27th in?.u'i, a;
1 "8-3 .

A M1ONSTER ('LIP.-Few Englishmen have any
idea of the magnitude of the operations carried on
by the leading Australian sheep farmers, and the
labour and expense attendant on the working of a
large station. Some statistic, of the shearing at
Burrawang, one of Messrs. Edols & Co.'s stations
In New South Wales may be of interest. The past
season's shearing lasted ten weeks, and was finished
the tist week in December, by which time 20',21:3
s-heep had been deprived of their fleace.-. To do)
the work a hundred shearers, in addition to the
station hands, were employed ; and in a single day
as many as 8,31i6 sheep were sbarn. The aggra--
gate yield was 25,15 bales of dumped wool, each
hele averaging 3 cwts. 3 qrs. in weight; so the
gross weight of the station fleeces was no less than
416 tons. The fleeces of the rams averaged 85 Ibs,
of the wethers Qi lbs., and of the breeding ewes
and [lambs 3 lbs. 15 oz.; the average weight of
each of the 206,213 fleeces, of which 51,000 were
taken off lambs, being only an ounce under 5 lbs.

sen, the eminent solar physicist, has made the in-
teresting discovery that "positive" plates ready
for developing into photographs, can be obtained
directly by the long continued action of sunlight.
With bromide sensitised plates a negative" is
usually given by an exposure of 1-20,000'h of a
second ;. but M. Janssen finds that if the exposure
be prolonged to half a second or thereabonts, the
16 negative" is changed into a "positive," which
may he developed so as to give a solar picture of
the ordinary kind. Between these two states there
is a neutral phase which yields nothing but black-
*ness if the plate be developed: and beyond the
positive state there is another neutral phase giving
only lightness when developed. Whether a second
negative state follows this latter phase or not, M1.
Janssen has not yet determined. The method ap-
plies, it is believed, to all kinds of sensitive plates,
and 31. Janssen has taken several photographs of
the sun's corona by its aid.-Eniiueitiny.

The jewellers have hit upon a new invention for
adding to the cost of the already costly niany-but-
toned gloves which are worn. Sets of tiny glove
studs, fastened together wiLh little gold chains, ap-
pear in the shops, and I saw a lady the other day
wearing a set of seven little gold and turquoise
studs in each lung black glove, with a liny chain
passing from one to the other. She told me she
adopted them to prevent the inconvenient accident
of a button coming unsewn.








'----S *~'~*
.5- 5
S.- ~

-~, ~ N

~:z~ ~i

.5- .5-

''-3 ~a
---:: -




-----S.. -

~ -

- p.-..



Horse, Carriage 4 Cart

,'l5IIE Ui designed having resumed Bu-nliies
ait his uld Sitand, Corner of C.hurch and
JnlletLion street's, i ai niltolln Hlotel, Ine
this in.illiod of thanking lis friends and the p;i!.,-
liC guitililly for ast favours, ainud humlily soli-
cits a contiiluatinc of same.
January. 6, 1879.




P1Inm"s L, # Ptjive

~ ui'u.~.. Wliut .1 mit ~.4 1) -is, It Jr Li.9 ,di It t

Tho I.'i'.mest BE II2EDY ENW4t)Man
Ii4i gat... Ofl te 11 1 en Bot ll t'.lies

Tomin'Nro April Id"8 Ow

Dr. Clti k Johnsu :
Di:.AR SiI:,- 1\- 'Ihen I ix i!t, J youth r tiltinliufaci'riv last
atitunmt, I v m.'a e -silt'erinq from a fe.irul p'iil in I!t
face and hcad--t!ho plihysicians call it in1ii'itali:t---inil
when oun reconinro il n-i me tio tIrv your IN)1i \N
BLOOD SYIttI-' I ,ad -l no l flIi ttl in' '; huilt in !e'edI I
received s cn.h a l ienlefitI fr. r Il'tI I hli.ve1 -'%inec re-
commnended it --lo le.Ierail iho 'voer sulferin. as I
was, arid with a o.: rc.-ullt -i I cannot t hit thlli
opportunity of yVour stcon'.,i visit to this city uc
by without tiha:irinij you very i tich for recomninjild-
ing me to try the INI \ 1.N BlOOD S-YlIUP.
Yours vily truly,
GEO. LOVEYS, lnber imerclait,
.5i0 Simcce Stret.

E Ri.S.
Torn-rn., April 21st, !.%0,
Dr. Clark J,hnson:
Dear Sir,-[ have hid a paiinit lihe smill of niy
thick, also throu hli my lu ii's anid h.ouldei.s 1tI.r miiI r
baan Ihree years : I lha'eI al-o hI d liver c i. pl:aint
and dyspepsia. I lh vo tried I ddocl or.' andI ,l olit r iti.--
dicine, I ut n. ver riec.ivcud anl nv rlii until mly -teiitn-
tion was called to your v.ilnuabil IN Dl.\N i fLOOD.
PURIFIfE ; ;.fitr its us.' a ihoilr ttime, I i .'
that I have tel. t' :lttr anid ilriable to Ilo my wcrk
than I have' lbr hlio I,.-t two years.
i; i ichl.und Str e, \W -sl,

NEioV.-l;i [,f, E% \SES.
I was irouble-] witll d,-ra -iicinor.t otf i, i erviauQ
system. I was attended w.ill by onle ofl' h Ih..t
doctors in part of ille count r. but olt-iniiod it,
relief; Your INDIAN UI.Of)i SVIS llIT' ilIove.l
me at o.Mce. I really .!,- 1 l,t IilI -iti y i.i itl ill-
hIcalth t iin1'2 it ci fl l f ti rte .-iv..- r-.;it_ l ,en.-i'.
Smithili!d, NorlhuminLerl.ind ('o., )ntt.

],\VE\t COI',1 PL NT.
Ja* .lolli-, U I'l 0.. N ...
Deir Sir,- I have ueitl your ec.-llent IN DI~A N
BLOOD SYRUP for I.iver Cniplainl, and f voe rt-
ceived griea t benefit ithenr,.fro i. I .an recoieili'ond it
to all sullDrer,. D.

W, :,ri,-,r'O r, I.(i-. (J,., ar V. '-1i. I 'O,
Dear Sir,-t have been, ufr'riir for yrars withll
Dyspepsia and Indigestiion. an-l K_'i.lne:y .Complaint.
ln-1 have tri tld a greLt min y rcin-di'es, batt wir'. oui I
fl'cl: I [icamin very I hdl 3.: coulId notl eavee tny
bed. I -, nIt to ':Io ur aern- t, '.;iin i t i Dir, Ior a bot -
lie of ,'our INII lN UL,''UL SYRlUP and I doJ not
htiitlate o say Ilial it sived nt y life. 1 ,iia com-
pletely curtd, and tieol like a new inan. Lis week
ily soni w-, lakeni -iuk \illih peve re hl-.letclice, and a
fevw dos.'-fcs or yVour voluailble ii''dlticiine clured him.
S. D \VD L CK.
.3.irom:, Bl3rnt Co., Ontario.
Dear Sir,-'this is lo certify tIhat alter u-i,., voyur
INDI.\N 1Ln.OD Si li til.r a %ho ti me it has
liitire'ly c ii-d t ei ,,' -)|.-.I p ,; i. It.i l :ll y,'u re.i
0i1iti neiild ii' lto ,.
n l H I.. L) Juine ") A h l.sAI.
D:. n:1ji:,-Ti his mi ertilv that I have found
nore 20.1 iln your INDif NN 131.OOD S"RUP thln,i
any M,'ediciite that i have ever -.kit for Dyspepsia
and Indige. 0iomi. I v.'ou!d ad.i sl tinat sulTer from
it to .ry ) D. CLA li JOlHNSOUN'S INDIAN.
BLOOD Y1?l l-P.
:.1 5L. G. ADA1) ,.\
A RE\M \RiRK \b1 E CURE.
SKelvin Brat county Oi:ario
Dear Sir,--In Septennlh:r j18.5, illy t ife had been
under diucor's treatnlirilL Iwvo )vy.a, and they said
sle hid hetlicil dthibease. 'lie' was at that time so
ivc.,k rhe could not stlid, amid I ]iJ lto ,irv
daily fromii her bed lo lhe. .sove, .:and bhk agiti rs
soon as thl' bed was ,uidt. She hid ue-.d v. ur
ND[ \N BLOOD SYKuIJ u l,u 4im a hrt tim.' Ihem
.,he began to w ilk agnin, and lma, %ni. kept her bt.d a
d.y tinee. It also cu ed my dlatiglitur of chills anr


oIe' for Beriiutlada.
Witer Street, St. Gcorres.

I I ALIF.A\,N. N .

Iah-iniTOP:4, &e~., o&e
A n~s cesi:!n en r to)orde~r. No el a rge For ourl i-

J 7-1 J.I.JES,
Agent for BerttiiIa
12 From t. I
[1I ii jol~, ( dr '%ti-Al,- 19,-l y

3 G" 0 01) V() 0K.
.-III-1y at dl.- tOAl~ltAiI j~mN EP.S Ii USt, I relauid


A ~ i( t/ o ,.:t) iumm*-t he p.11.1 1t:0the liii-
iltr-i.ntrI !-leben. tlhe ol p..m-l.ti- aul her..
izedl to receive --'uuiue 11ut. I ~i~ittm.l.
Hall-Ptoin, .S'niI 10.11.









~- -

~n -.,

3.? 4i
12 I..


E|HE ,above \VATCH'CHES for botlh
Iadi- ainrl] (i.fntlt eiien are kept eonst:antly
on h ind liy thle UJdersi,.rneI : Any\ grade .love-
inent, not in Stuck will be furni-hed at the
Ailanufactor's lim. price. Al- o, make to order
any style of' (C'i'e i ih i (-'rest, Moliogramn, &c.,
RIee in ber tihe ,A iienittiin \Vat'lei Co. received
the (;old .l at the late Paris l-xhiilition.
E. T. CHI L D.
Front Street, 1Ih. ilton, ?
Deer 1(;, 18$7. i ( .o.o.

U S. TVhitter,

Watchmaker, Jeweller &
Offers for Sale Cheap,

TI il.

A Clirie Selection of
Is c.h CeSoc/k,, .SeltIeYf
fnd Sil-ver Plated Ware,
And Persons im,:endiing to puicliei.e will finI (by
calling :it hia Store,) anip!e iro mn to say I
have at last 'u'ind a licheap .Ioweiry Store "
N. II.-Parlies who have not Settled their
Accounis for the past four yeai-s, need not .isk
or (ioods on 'reditl', but extend to all the sailme

('.all aunl 'ee.
leii Sir,.-l, n-xt W\Vet .laza.tle" Ot li..e.
Decembiner 15il, 18'79'

diaries A liderson & Co.,
Commission j11erchunts,
I I ('ullunm treet, F. 0., .I,rln on.i
Coni-ignmeint of Islaunil lrodncee iand Indents
for Goods, promptly .nild carefully attended to.
June 1, 18sU.-tinil

\'. 0. ;.1A cO!' 1, M.i ),,
F.A..A., D.S.,

Robt. G. Lee & Co.,
Coifllisnfioii Mlercliianits

April 13, 188

1 L(eadenhlall Street,
0 ;


thiciied Siales AluladS'lea lers.


NiF. VA 1 lik u..dyJuly 1:3, AL 9 I.M.
WIS~ CO N SIN sails Tuesd.ay .1 lv f '2, ati-?I

ARIZON A ani ITittbdv m.- 3, at :31-31)p.mi.

NI1: V. DP% s ni I-iT i; ;ic-vdAy t iI-f. a-17 pam.
\VIl (70N -.51N i ~i jt I k!s. IyAug.i1, a 1. 2 1p.'"j.
A I; Z'ONA sails IlueLa S. 1A'~~). 7, at -7 a.m.
lThe above 61.0:iters are hilt expresily lor
the rFradie, havie five wterti -i th t If k lie::d., and
Icarry exlierien.-ed I )f~iectr:, Surgeons and Sie%%-
ardesses. un a*a i c nm~Iatin r ti-
stirprn..,ed by ryAaniStaesvdte
StteIituris ar.- ot i iw~in duelkopce'in,:r iinto Iflie.
S l U 14Lhii s ocit: ill;tig hat greltt ')1t u lli
nevaltr.ittavej ju f c, irmitiluliu? n d m1 Ii.01
.:1110kinzg Room, Ba Iith NIo)j~i antd Pi'kto on

Ft(U. S.Iaklil Stl:aIlflel~' I Berinoud a' fr~om f r
mudIe, Thtirsbay, gdnerally arrivesa ti Ne t' York
onl Mondays.., and IPassc igers* lha a-~ii canll'fe

A AvenI It u,
29 u'u I w a) N ewYo r k.
New Yor~k, li0ys'I t I S '0.


W H.

-; 1.4

r-% a, IL n


Z 0
ru ~ :...
CL 3

fee.- N le!

Th uscies r o preae

't uns

Daily (Sundays exempted)
From their Store in Burunaby Street to any per-
son who may desire :1 supply.
To Custonimers iii llaunilton and Vicinily it
will be delivered by Cart daily--froin about 10
o'clock till noont-cominnencing o;i 1st April.
The price is one penny per pound for 12llbs.
and upwards.
A penny half-penny uniert 12 lbs.
Ilermuda Artificial lee Company.
atlailton, .\l arh 24lth, 1879.

1 M ER.Y.
R iMUIl'S TOILET VIN.G.iRA, a pleasant
ionic and refreshing .diijunet to the- Toilet and
lnali, a reviving scent and a powerful disiitfectaiit
For warmi cliinale.; it is inv.iliable.
RIMr MIEL'- JOCKEY CLUB, end other fra-
grant PerhilUtes.
give,; Ite Ihair a bemt ifiil gloss and imparis ain
agreea'Ile coolniies to the head.
AL. MOND, LETTI'UCE, COAL-TA1;, and other
Toilet So-a|p) in buirs or cakes.
ROUSE-LEAF and other TOILET IOWDERS, in, barrelba uid packets.
IIIMMIEL'S .AQUADENTINE cleai.m, whiltus
and preserves tlie teeth, refreshes the mouth, aind
sweeten the biealli.
tural Air purifier, a tfiagrant Powder which diffu'e;s
the healthy and refl'reshing emanations of the Pimne
and Eiuedlyptius Fore.ts.
E RIM l EL, Periiiitner by iippoiniit len to I. I.
II. Priinccsi of \alez, %9, Sirand, London, and i'
Boiile uriat des lt.ulieos, Parii.
May 27, 1 79.

'1 heodore Outerblridge,

t icil street, \Tes ot ''t "oyal Gamzetle" Olie-C.
nice Iloura-lO to 1 iand I to 4.
\\ill Visit St. Georges, Tu'Fesliys anid ri.-
Orders Poaimptl ALtendetl to.
Hlamilton, OctoLer 26th, 1876.





celebrated for n'."'rly a .rtuy past, is of
the very best English manufacture. For its
purity and great excellence it has obtained
the following
London. 1862. Paris. 1867. Cordova, 1872.
Lina, 1872. Vienna, 1673. Philadelphia. 1876.
and all other odours of the finest quality enly.
is strongly recommended, being more lasting
and fragrant than tha Gerran kinds..
celebrated'for eo many years, continues to be
made as heretofore It is strongly Perfumed,
and will be found very durable in use..
a new and indispensable Toilet accnompani-
wIent, and moat refreshing Perfumo for the
and other Specialitiesand general articles of
Perfumery may be obtained of all dealer'
throughout the World, and of th manu-.
24, Old Bond Street, London, W.
Prhie List Fre'e oe pplieation.
CAUTION ,-Purchas-rs ar. rcautioied to avwud
tuunterit.ts by ob.c-,iving that -.-eh artidl,- is
labelled with theft tIrri'n Trade Mark, a \'hit
s.ule-" t'n a Goltu L)I-.'




C;6n be obtajied rl'Od tho
P I I 6FLNl'.-IINVS RA N CIF. 011PA Si~4 '
of London,
One of the Es..,. taFi1blishedul ahd Werdlitlie~v
( ) lices in G~reat [ritlain.
Throu-1 i i ic BNA NCI (AfOFICPi' hIin h~e!,
I ',a a vi n izz elIceleIed to thle Irl-t-iwed
of i e Stany Puf'I,, a ve-ry cor.,idernl.vilhjum.
IR I .'-KS taken bot% ot i~i Lamid P-tftOar,
11I 01. lV R'11V for 3, i6 OrI -lnout]:hs.
No P[EES and it,.)Cf IAV,( L f or ~lcie.
N.- A. 1BU'TE[,11 PI EL D$

1:'%yc (ICscri1)LJou or COLOR tuate ready for

J. F". EV.1NS takes this opportunity to thank
( he h'n'h'ic in gteneral for dheir liberal patronage
and will endn~uavom. (as in the past so in the
Cutitti.) to 111intuit teir cont inuned faivouirs.
!4I Queen Street, Ihamilton,
____ eliriaty 3, lt3s0.










*-' = ..* '

L_ rJJ iCK.- AUG., SEPT. Io. .

a -

- a-

31 Tu
1 .e
3 Fri
4 Sat
5 sL
6 1Ilo

St:T. Ti

r1i?, rittzC.

5 41 6 17'26 4
.3 42 6 1627 5
5 42 6 1428 5
54.3 (3 1329 6
5 4:3 6 111 0 7
5 44 6 10 1 8
5 45 6 9 2 9

-' -----

61.5t. Gle.

41 Eng M1l 17th ultit rur
30 Nw Mn.Olht .Aini O .:
183 1 th after Trinit.

every Tuesday by DONALD M'PHEF. I.E.:
Printer to the Queen's..Most Excellent

North-.west Corner of Reid and Burnaby iStreets,
where Blanks, Hand-bills, &Le., will be
ptiuted at the shortest notice.-Agent
at SI. Georges tor the loyal Gazettr,
Mlessrs. GEORGE BOYLE & SON, Vest I'nd,
Water Street.



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