Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00010
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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P? -&.

. ,' 4 I,


.saaa^aa i vAB a~ss^ 3E3aaL M^ ^AcL ___ _________ __________riiwznms USJ'r izssram~cliS^t'

so. 1O.--Vol. % .7XI .

EST& aT sj'rL7t VXAE AlA TSQ AS.

2-s. per Ann.

Jfi7C9,EQs, elr d3imni i 'hiesgdfafy, Viarccih 9, SSO.

_ S"C"" 2 "' km ie ee-in, ar amr nvemmawrwurarvmn amar wn n ao ee.


77e following toe on f!eu C('al/of rlion of tie
Tobacco Plant dhae e.,an h.a n bir t Phi. Paper
front two .-nal Spn,'/i: Work.': on To.'accro
culture ,'l,'ch ha7e be1n raei,'d r+cntlq!
from Htaranm'.
Tobacco is always sown in sc.,e.bedis, somewhat
after the fashion in wlMih oini.,u .-,ed is snwn iu
Bermuda, and, when aboift six or s- veun weeks, ol/l,
the young plants are genlranlly fit to be pl nt,', cit
iu the fields.
In the Southlern provinces of Spain--whele the
climate as reiardms temperature somewhat re 4em-
bles that of Bermudla-it is cust:>mary to sow
tobacco seed in the mouths of February and Marel,
so as to have the whole crop removed from the
ground by the end of Octolber when the weather
generally begins to beo cold.
In Cuba otn the other haud it is the custom to
sow the sred iu AuZgust, Scpk mber and Octobler, as
those months form the raiuy season of that, island,
when the planter eau generally depend upon find-
inu- the ground efficiently moist for his purpo.:e.
In Bermuda it will probably b., expedient at first
to try both seb-o.s, making the first. s:winl'- iaLl tihe
months of February and Mar 'h. and the s.ondl or
autumn sowiigs in the ninout:-., ot Aucu-t, S.)
ber and October. Esp-:ieu. will then M:ie
which is the most favor.abl, sea.ou for s,-wiug in
these Islands.
Tobacco "secd generally remains in the "rori-i "i
from seven to ten or eveu twelve days before g'ir-
miuating. In from five to -evEn weeks more, a,'-
cording t.o the seasou, the yo'nur pluntk are vtener-
ally fit to be tranuplanted-and in from two to threat
months more the flower.- appear and the plants l-e-
gin to ripen. These plant'; require d hiui; t.h,.ir
growth h the most costa nt -are and viil-nt att:u-
iion, and detailed directions will 1be 'iv-.u in futirc.
numbers as to what should he doue at every sue-
cessive stage of their dev-lopment. In the present
-number itsees suff-i-ient to ies.rie what should
be doneto prepare the seed beds and to sow the ei-,:-d.
The soil be-t adapted to the cultivation of toba..
co is oin which is compose'l of a mixture of fluc.
sand and rf vegetable mould. It sliould be light
and friable and quite free t'r,,m liumps, fo.:r the toi-
barco plant throws out a Greiat nuinmber of loniu,
slender roots, and unle-- tlp soil were fluinly ,livide'l
and easily peuetrable tho-e roots would i.e uunible
tospread them-elves abroad through it, and the plant
could not obtain their proper share of nutrition
The plantation,should occupy a -ite that will eu.-.ure
generally a moderate degree of moisture in the
around, but the drainuae must be very good, as few
things are so prejudicial to the young' plants asi
contact with stagnant, water.
The spot chosen for the seed-beds should be
sheltered from violent winds, yet. not too much
shaded from the sun, as a moderate amount of
sunshine is beneficial. The belds should if possible
be open to the eastward, ta the morning sun is pe-
culiarly favorable to the germination of the se-.'
and to the development of the young plants.
The ground for the beds must. first be cleared en-
tirely from every kind of weedf and made perfoc.tlv
clean ; it should next be well manured with gord:
well rotted stable manure. and tue manure and the
earth should be mixed thoroughly together, and
worked to a fine consistenne, and brought to a
smooth and even surface. The beds should then 1 -
laid out just as onion beds are laid out in Bermuda
in bauds of about a yard wide, with narrow paths
of about ten inches wide between them.
The tobacco seed is sown broad east in each
bed, taking care to spread it about rather thinly
and as evenly as possible, so as to leave no parts
unsown, and yet avoid crowding the plants together
in any one spot. This operation ri:iluires g-reat
care and attention on the part of thle sower, as tlhe
seed is so small that lie cannot always see where it
falls, and it is apt to slip through his hands and fall
unevenly in patches:-a useful pron.iutiou is some-
times adopted of mixing the seed for sowing with
an equal quantity of fine dry sand and scfattr-rin':-
them together over thep bed-by wlhii'h meatis the
seed generally comes to be distributed more evenly
upon the ground.
Before sowing, however, eaeh seed-bed should be
carefully swept over with a very flue broom, to
bring the ground to a perfectly even surface and
remove all lumps or small broken branches or other
extraneous matter, and after the sowing tile fine
broom must again be passed over each edl, taking
care not to let its points penetrate anywhere
than a quarter of an irnch, as the .-,:':-I must i.nver
be buried to a greater distance uudcr around. The
younn' tobacco plant is very tender and weak, and if
tlhe deed were buried too deeply tI,? voiiun shoot
might be unable to break its way through the su.-
perincumbent earth, and to- avoid this ineonvenien:'.
ab well as to avoid sweeping the seed too much t->.
getler to any side, it is prudent to 1:,ush over the
ground very lightly and evenly in every direction.
It will be desirable, iu Tre spring as well as in thi:
autumn, to make three separate, swinu, at short
intervals apart, a., owing to the uncertainties of the
weather and other unforse.en causes, it frequently
happens that a seed-bed fails. The first of th,
spring sowings should be made between the 20th
and the 2.5t.h of February, the second between thf
3rd and 12th of March, and the third between t'hec
20th and 2Sth of the same month. If the weather
should be very dry at the time of sowiun, tlhes-:ed-
bed should be watered occasionally with a very finer

The Subscriber
HAS JU.T RIC.lIVT i), .P1: S'i.:A,'MiiRS

BEl!i .UDA.,"
A Lnar.e and Choice Assorihmet ofc
1F M I : "
I G A R -E' !
He ak.o has on hand fi'oii recent -irriv:als
5 +++",f _, _
(Havana i her' )
TOBACCOS in great variety
Meie'rschlairi anid Brier I 1' .C ;, .i e .
Call at No?. 46 -. -17 I'ro :t ._ '. ? .:
toi, errnt ,l: '.
H. A. GiA1"I H I i1
March I, 1880.-3

~Ou df QJ tin.' C r se'

O F4Vk3

(O I'i t'I: i"s ire' j. i vn a t i-i : .' p v

I:eeL re .ive I rn j -, ( '.i I
ra! ,t hi m riuin:'.l, ',il i ri-e.,ly '.r ,i.,iri tii ,i
tO "11 I'eoroTs dNesiro- s o fC tr. inti' eo :riirate-
"'1.,.e ,c.-i. The |ire, 'it is n vtIry fav i.r r, le
ti i' r s i S inz the i
i'Packets if 'oh.,e._e .Sfe'l su:' cir t to pl.i t
al r ctr. of ,'rinl w'll h i- tlisrr:lite'i g:s tis on,,ti.,n to any of ti.e 1 UL tilemeni
S<'!l \N;;i) 'r' N J -, f..,r., levo"nshire,
1). "i)'PME K L i:, !'-.p., lo 1.milL.>n,
W orshif 3tl.. i1 e' ?o .V I.'1, S a,,'e,-
(.i. i.l 'i' .-.,Ir, .- m a i l~: ant .'eivcr (. l'n-r
,,r;,l :-:it. Georges.
C'. k to the li o., ,f griculture.i;'
tlanilton, Ist !nrchi, !.'.1'0.-.-

4, NV '...13(JIS having L'[ ,',i .Z-
..,i .,t l '\ : A. N. !'. OUT, ^ l i n ill'' .
...f .. ill I. DIece sed. are r,'que- e.i
i ler t h' e ,', e to itlL Uln.ler-igned ,.i Lr' be-
,'., ; t. i e ,; H '. jri! rr-, t ; and all I',if -u rs
.I I t.. I. t.t. .. il please m ake ui:,y I fu nt

.J 2 ,'. C'UTEtIt I[DG) E.
i I l .. L, c I-'.I. i, 1 SN ,.

Not ice,
S, \'i' K \ llF i \ N, h t ,his ,!' retireI! ':oi
l r ii r- I ']iil i rr:I r l I';.:. V ml -sir. ieI-

ci'1.,, ., i, l u .' .i *l l pav ;,1 l deb s. :. I '
Ii i ,* nill b, c:' ue l 1 I I'r li,: .tUice Li',! l,.
{. \ -)(UN; ( ).CO.,
5. Nas)n Sn,-,tt,
N. Y. CiU.\.
l- !r. e r; II. i -" I.


-uiN; iTN-r ,'IGNEN r4 v ng

L9 (1 'a UN aNi413 Ph7 r-V I iftnE '1Q

t',are of' til.' P'rhlie' P'ali ,,ra .ze.
I,',71T'lI[R ,E FIt I.Vr.
: t q it ll Hotel, FebY. 17, IS .

SOr ale at a Iar gain.

Plea'.e apply -it tle "' l Gazeoite" ( fttin.
!amilton, Febiru ry '2i i. "! i

Edww n A Mever

manufacturer and Wholesile and
Ri'ltUil )et iler, in Froench .l ]d %merie-ni

C10,2 f tet o, .

Pri nei|;:l I "p lt 'rr
FUre 217vo'.ng ,,.
Bh,' lIthe ,iun-,il P -ttle nr or G;ioss.
I!is well re.cominin le:d C- I U 1.I D-. :)! .
'I'he--e \Voindleri' e ;'', rndii!lieis. TFrt themi in
tnme and -ave vur' li-,'.
Old fAinsion !OL ,.1 '- '-1 '. N;1 V. 'r
every d.l-v. .\' ell .is liIt P -a N.i t O A15M
a-ld i'V: 'li;T B I% P"'!e.x-.t. a nnr1 lhi !n.'' i'o a s
'lli ps, l'_-ides thntiu'- nd(-s f other like thin -.
,All tle :'.Lnove t.:ay 'e i' ur ,-!- l .t ilt reas, .'r, hi e
r'.c byi the pont r Iv the tor.
The tra.e expres.--I' ;nvite..
'::st !, ?rond'v !Hai ilon,
I'e'bru iry 17, IS80. %

For ISa1e,

I..-ie th- pr pe
- murre Fencer,
', ill .t-ind tire
Apply to

, eirr,e'. r' ,

F'he Chestnut Mare

*rty of C ;] t. e 'rie l' '. ". -
'iot.1 i:i'k or C-'ari i n l e,
'it,.1 h.ri been usel ti iri ps.
UI" j,; 30.

NV. AiH \UN V,

;-.y .- .;

persons desirous of shipping

'i(_)p NE[. \V V !P K,
To 'Ill-CIi. tturoZ5!gIrilNt Ofi

'X'rl ,l-Cal'lI 'u pI-1


;1 \v'4,.'1 ,. \. 1 \+T ;-', .o. ".:,, Fro'nt
street who will ,i.-der them every facility for
No ,iin .
ha'niltn, -h 1, 1- )0.--2 ini
--- Notice.

TO FJit)


rHif- Ui nders ined will give his
personin ati it.' 1n ass usual to all rhiip-

ToP, NE'1 Op10 .
Will forward Consignments to a ('v Cmmi-ii-
i,,rn l1 odue'' '.lerchanp.t- in Neow York, and will
uivre all information neces.-'sary for b-nefit of
P'roilue- e pur, hase.l dur in.i. the present ensouii
at iMalkit Prices.

H. PI'1'1T.


To farmers and Others.

S' '* rs;ne i i prepjr',d to r.-c.:ive ani:
S -hIi,. I v ever,'; ,,,',rtl nitv, .rvsignmenl.-
of B IR A PI UlRt.''; to
.A-its-*, s. rDas-u;-r. IkC .,
-:j3 PE \IRhL tIF 'r. ,
New Yorck,
\\'l... ,i.I ecure the highest 'lIarke! t aItes.
!'r':op't Accotiit .a;i'e an .I tl.:iente i \guar-

W. T. J \MES,
42 Front Srreet.

ll.nilton, February 10. I0S-.0.

D unsco:.b 'Frits,

40 Excha; ae Place,
NEi\V YO;-)RK.

T'o the above :,dMress I hue toi 1 to.:r iy servi-
Ces in ifacilita ii ,, -I1ii.t1'.nn Sze.
Febt'. 10, 1 ,0 ---3 Ist p

-U a-; 5,, '.*,, "
i .,J-*; .

S, -7'

ct+.,nj lntielit. of Prodiire solieited to the
l.-)ve tir:.'. "-iri I',.r, r-.leed i y ,. .
II amilton, ,rmr tud t ,
F'et y. I;, .''

rp j" Uinleriioed ho-vinY, lately
:1:rivedil ir : *.i e. .r ii' i .i h vin i :1 il::'-
ru.i. h k ,.rw ... i- i1. I' li i! I'\ tI .i
.\ 1-) >; i,, :i!' :i. ;r ,. :. 'vill le tln- l. :i 'ul
I' .r I lit i i ,: .1 : .i o 1' i .' 'llt. l* .i t ., roi ,'' .
a d vi'.' t ike', the 'l r' iln l ':a ie't *tr< -(,
litle : e 'ui'--. b'h li i ; N -i 'i lS, -,vi n'r mill
.1I k' I
'i-e.l ir%' !1 I...' i [in. U i .iiv mii t "[ 1, .\ -'irAnt
a ilj., r' e.
W',1 LIAMl S. 'i "..TCHA .AID.
I r i.lil onl, lIert. -23, I -:7J. --. 3 i.

A ONKe., Er-

ness aid Dray, and
S t,". + I '

u aren, S -;o ..,_ .. ri..e-. !% .s.
! .ti g R a ,', b,. r-'r ye 2, ir'1o.

:For ""al ,

i s -4 a 1 = =
- . ..U. .. -
Sr'i an (Po ,-eat -2 1:,.
,.C ,". tv., Pli.'. .+ i^).

.'1.. i -. or riulu) I iSH l- ` I
S- ; M S, in .i Co' :..e i L l -, 'I V .
Apply .att lie 1'oy;l ( '--'.e. e-'' Or1t e.
t iarnil tLn Iec. Ist, 1,:,79. t Felruary 9, 1I30,




1 il;er,.y forli.l invy P roni CR KE)lI'l J m v
\'ire, 11A.RV' ANN\ :.ELV E,, I nIn
n inle, as I will not be a i nswerable for then', sihe
having !eft me e viilo ;ir any cI.;>.
FP ANK. Si3E .VE ',U
DIevonshire I'arish.
FeIliruary I-'3, IS -3p,.1

PAINT', IL::', V \,tNISIl1E., GL-SS,.
PU PTY, BRiUSIES, &.., &c.
Every dosesiptioi] ci (G dA' 11 niiicle ready for

J. IC'. [V \N.'S takes this Oiopportu! i y to think
the Public in gener. al for their liberal pA.tron!:ige
anid will end Vjav.lur (:.s in the pait so ii tihe
lutare), toi merii their conti'ined aivouirs.
14 Queen Street, .r..iamilton,
hil t iunrv:y 3. I.k I.

U S. Wh hitter,

Watchmaker, Sewollor & -En-
Offers /br Sale Cheap,
A Clih ice Selection of

P'achiec U;clty, .Iewvcfry
and Silver Plated Ware,
Anl i'ers ns'. it ,enliung' to lUWrial e i"'ll find (by
callling :L: his >.',urc,) ;rirrp'.' ri'clm I') say I
have at i l It f inmi :i .'heap J.Ie'.lr' v tore."
N. iH.- !'-.,r'ir:s *w!, ia r,.: r S-,t Sett'lied t l ir
Aconilts for b th I ll at i loutr y'ar, need not
lor lI, ._ds on ('i.d. t, iiit extend to all th-i 1 a rne
irvin :ti4l ,.
C .Ill and .ee
Reiid r.- et, \,e\ x t \\ 's i ,i/.attle "' itice.
Iecet nhlcr 15th, 179.

Lee *Ic!! e!!!

The Subscribers are now prepared
to Furnish

Daily (tindav,'s exempted)
From their Store in Bur, a iy -t ee.t to.iny per
soil wh'o inay desire n sup!y.
'I'o (.' st.fIiers i'i Il :itin.i ai nd Vicinity it
will be dellevered by Cai L d iiy- t'rom aluu t 10
o'clock ti iiimion-eomnimencinig ii ist April.
The pri'e is one penny per poun i for '12I lbs
anld upward-s.
A penny hial-p..nny nn iei 12 lb-s.
Icrmriuid.t "rliici..l lee -,oniparnv.
liamilton, Maili, 24th, I.-79.

I'hotog)rapih and
'i ll'ype Gallery.

da fima iie h l 1-1 h...i,? th< li Photo.): ph Ga:llery
(of M r. J lin 'It :;:n, h.:re h i.ite .i-.s e:trry;in

0or trait

and Lanidscape Pho3-"

In all it-s ii-nihes.
':,;ii,. ,I'srouih -it ith inin all tie hltesr s kItle
of u.,rk narl the mr p n hi mV iprvel iia.rrnm:nts anrI
innt",-V b'Ck rin o-;, hi. i.-, coA fi.dentL ih c ia
".ive leu ''r ,act ri-.fac i n t .> .ill W)', rr may favour
hira, wiith their 1'atron.ige.
-- h. s ilso with him his lol.s an, in ece:' e-ar'v
p:rirts l'r,the Cp. ir-t' ..t '.'i t' .N, ,' LI .P : -S
and J l We',' IT l ', T avi.T ,: o '\ w k d :p t'ip.,
i iran I W at.cihn.i :in 1, f r 'vvr i yV t..'s, iilth
. reat nice.-, k le J,.is h.- i, c;Ip-0 ., f ,vilg
pe l' fect :K, ti.ii acticls in I .thi j' 1-,',.s1 -s.
'l,'ork in W ,.tch or JeA.\.-ry line left a; Ihis
ti ':.let y will (I''wt w it,.: i.i lr. it, 'l attention iani

moderate charges.

Dec. 12th, 7 .

P'A oifoy i'aItr Watehni'lier'.


L' ~2WL It2L~rJk

?AU% :;~

Ial m ilton Hote!, i .,'. 3, H'_tSl.

;.. S ., .- i.

The w.ll-known Yachit ''i,1rm
m,,'!h .ell:. ., t .- .e .:,- r, et'c.
4 ,I ". 140 0 0.
1vr' parhteinir's ap ly to
Hamilton, March 2.S. 10).-2

TreorYe A. Sf ord,,
.I.,LIF'A\X, N. C.,
ManufIracturer an.1 Dealer in
f1 \ IiLl,. *\N!) i'O)LISlII ) G. \NIT11

e.a. :- I')N F'., FON I', Church T.\u.hI'T-IL S
Basin i'TOP, &e., &c.
A.ny dtsi.',i i t to order No charge toi ordi-
iniry Inscriptionis.
Iersoans forwarding orders, or wishing any
iIobrm n i.- 1p!t.:ise .ppl' to
U.P. T. JIl.iES,
Agent for Bermuda,
4-2 Front St.
Hamilton, c'etr. i3th, 1879.- 1 y

John M. De Wolfe,
.Marufacturer of ll kinds of

iiALiFi\X, N. N .
ria-,ts buint expre-sly for Bermuda when


Agent at Bermuda.

S ltj-mber 8,'~179.-12n.

1)OIEl) DID\l, I' PI!" U(NI\I[IPt,'AL i';X-
I I IBil 0N ISI7.

The iEe8E *454a' a-iHaIind

.puciadilvy iepared fir i L t Cliaat.-s in hermeti-
c.alv cel isd tins ul all sizes, i. sn.all kegs and
in 'irki's. i'!, c .irl.Is ol this celebrated Br nid
n..w exeetds I 8,l00l),i)00 II.s.
T. J. CLA.NCHY, Munster Dairies, Depor,
Cork, Iheland. 26


For Rent,

Tract of! !I\ND i,) in



Lately oe(utpied by i;a s. LoUIA,A L OSTOCE, called
l R.1 0 AN 'T,"
countaini, Tw"v. ['w 'ecres, more or le-s, extend-
int f'i iim thIe Watersi'i off. ianlton Iarbour ou
tlre N birth, tL Ile L '..ii l-LuaI uon the South.
For further particulars apply to

Ilaiunillon, 29th l)ecembl.)r, 17s9.


.~ I. 'AT pro rress ,Las oben madeu \itilin a few
years ii, :ie art of' Preserving Fruits, Ve-
. tables, 'li sh ;nd i M ts in t s, and in conse-
queCnce tilo ciii tami:t-n hin large y increased.
As vet, Io.\ evvir, a:;ir -I k .lit- i .o-e ;;I In ot gen-nerally
tlouirg'Iht to, bt tIre-sh," and ,ome lr,rands are not,
perimap,, enlutlet d I'i 'he s:), c. nsideretd. Those
p.ickle by us, lowtever, are ieueritically ealed
at the sourLces of stIp1)ly, when are they are in the
best possible conditiono, by a process which pre-
sU?..ves the much-to-be desired fresh, riatural
tl.ivor, ; and tie y are rally in hbeltter condition,
fisher, more pal.itabile and whoiedt-some than
many so-called Iresil"' articles which are ex-
po.iei for lJurinlg considerable periods of
tirn: i ci etly ,ni'.rket--. All .eiods bearing our
na.ue arre gu Li'r.initedIL iti be '..- a s.iperior quality
pture and wli:essiome .sni.! dealers :kre authorized
to refl'..,d tihe ucvehn.e Iprice in ariy case where
corisutLiiers l v ev ni crse tfor dia-.,itisfaciion. It is,
,Ihe efoie, to the interest of i boi d-ealeis and
tco.uiitiile-rs [) tiu u IIU :EC'R'S BRANDS.
II. K. & F. 1; T' iURSBER & CO.,
i',i ini;t,r.t tn 'i f .h in1 D-:.d r's ii Food ProeJi ects
'es; fir a Ivway, lienle and Hudson
tectr N'.vw York.
D)ecembe.r '2.3, I "7:'.--3 i

E ^ien 'T'(nfES
Hm^U^&S WiraIEn

r W above e W AT'C E for brth
L-di and Gentlemneu .ire keplt constantly
i h.,,li li :is ; hy o Un -iomre .,.n", A r\', rade .love-
rsr',eEt tot in Si i.O k will 'be furnished at the
I',iarm tla'lt..r's list price. Ai.-i., !!k.e to order
:aw/q Sty' ,lr Ik' C e r,' ti& I k-U .i-r beh t r e A. i .. t'i S C.. in '.ei ed
,u 0 !.1 'le 1 :S tir. la tet: ri.i ['xliltion.
[. T'. Cl' ID.
Fuonit Steti, Ilamillon,
lDvcr I;, 1678. u.o.o.

rr H os.
ill"n, 1''Aly. 11,



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-~ ~eaat9L~1'n~s~ -- 1'~. -"-t.~a. ~Ac..A't %tt.~LA' flZ~A '2~kG~Sfla~; -'-'~"~ ""z' m r *~r~n 7fl'~4& ~ a~rrzznnn rr~~v Lr~n t~r'E'r~~nr'~ ''~. c -,... ~. r,~,....rsez% 'r-c~~s~ry~rrt'; as n~ti-tawtc i-w~t.

FF [ KL::LV i':i.';,P T(I ," Tif \v ii:.,1 F ;.-,
N. N :i! T 'i 1. ;: I i i- ;1. ..,.1
w lrz'rc lh.: j.:1 .-,1-2' z. ktf' I,e' 'i ;.,..':.

,:I I
,., li Nr1` : k k .
N ,,o..0 '- : -;'. '-~- - 7 r.

1A. 1 7i1
I I- --I
Lhb. ,l w isw 13 o', il.' ( 2'-:' T..:'IFirj e ] :-;'Cv

*-[ N ]5 Ki Gl |2'' ] 'T' lF ire^. ii ::
,3i NNE t i 5. '."1 nM:;1 ,';n4 i.ui :iz'!. ':'; II'
|q S I ;..:,2.l'- i ',7 ii':.i'n JlFio. l zwer
5 wsv,".5J j' I c;7 f e
c hr 'v.w' (3 'O.'\ ;r: qt.i. I!
5 N \- .- i OI C,'. i '_, ,,, .. : 9,':1 .:'

-. mil '0M -a ete

i il o 11, a: C--rcI 9, 1i Y8 e

Marchi 2->-* 5. T e'-I'-', Vi~iii&r, Hr^.'ai;a^l!* ,l.'iit i
mtisar ; in want' ofcodl.-AgteiitN. *!. T. 3'.iri;e!I &- Co.'.
M a.rh *-_ 2-Frtrqu Fu'- Cla rineaiy. .ull R...i r.-_r
S. S. Tw ed ;i iies, inw ;.-i C if i tiiril c:' J. Clj -
R4-Mail Steamer Lrwuta. Wi!h-, NCw Yo .; I&'
liox., for S, 'Je lo o- i i li'Ir. : I '-'1-y l-..M l riElbiz
Schr. ai y Ln'. ii.. o-, H ire D t. C. 'ln ,a:,i
CuarSTOw TIIdeeoEd-'Mrs. 'T J ..el.,
March 7-Royai Mail Matiin-ei BCta ''iiw1. J,:.!,i'mi-.u
Matils, anil ('0 '] Ll. .Su:' ar t"r iletu-.i : u'J 11a niii J- 'hN.
pimento, 62' hls. giligc jul' 1 CJ.'--F- limie juice fi.r
Halifaxr .

March S-French Barqii'! ClaudJinra ;rirn1TJ. '\p\, Pairro-
Royal .Mail Seamer Er.tu, Hitw, Nalifx >o, ll 7&c.!
M rs. E D Tot ,-, e j, 7 b,.x 1 ,, i .,37I,,, t mdh f., t .-'
rH.Pe-' .:i;F fi %'.iLi- r'., h r
In tie IaiIl Steawriir B. at .1 i11., 'lhi'tlt 'v; i.n14 -flu
inst... for 'New Y'&k :eir F. 1, Fily..iC I iza
Sh. Smith, CaptIln iacnk!.. -ih ti Peg 1., eLii322. L,
.1UwsTrOM l ? li-OU;'},--- ST. t')-A,'Xep R-1 MVE. I
hiler spal. 0 -oiit st., r Dr. C'. Wel4"r. u ,ii:s r1. iM,.
or 5tie r. -,. S' r. b J u 'r. [l e s, i. F.a -,,fik-r. S', h, .
ontham, Jnr., JLIu'Ig anti MEri. Poster. XV. J1. W'1t'ti'u,
J'. L. Trimi .aghm ii, A. T'. TtJ. J. i,. UX- liejite. *'.r
(I.EIN, .J4.l 7.Wii Q' X'Ii a:'.. ;. ) r~-t.r i.Lltrbri.Ile.
AT RF.I V LOF, 0. 1f. JiALLr', D. C. St'e.
To Iheoal Mal Steamer BiSie ',er from J;nini?;al 'or
Hal ilax : Pr. Woi(:.' l.', Mr. W; N. Fairtuij7r.... anr
stMr. C. S. i ,qih:ar .son. F.". n1. Mrr hy i ii i..a lit.ia
Mr. E.ih D. TinsEI al.-ln. ']'.- 4Lieit R-. 3

tt'erupthe. 19h u ,ti;e., r.C W e l,-. ,i.-r. .
H Wcbt. S.t lu ,e. '.;1' 2e .Prk q.'.
Tll. NO.WEGA J4,BArt, W. 'A IDEB If;EN..-Ti3
New Yrink Marine Regler cffl.e 2.)tl Fetoy.. anaepa fa,
waJ aain fctlIen in .wl h, it LNi. N.3 a ., It' .-n. 2'n,-
w (er-,Iik'. ed fly ilu a ;'c Lin im i cmin t i sll On -." T" l 'j -
Ar. waE Dr.nt 1u,.;eita p a !.t:urd.h' t A ,r1 Ar;r an! n i'i-
ien wi lii !:.craj ,ici< o; !, ini L;Trc-! SI.ti W\\S ;tiaiden;eJ
in Deraember last.
c ams Taun -b 'at s h r ..i',-*e. ;n .r- ti;'3 5 L, 'i,;:.i ic-"t-

Isandsr-h it, hed -ni gr a dy r,,nn i._rZ n ." i.,.n
were wain rfromBae to ge !.. Ballto Ad~eLh andw1 az-id
The Mdii Siea.mer',, i'p..;h been-i. hn-fm
Jg tI .i, aeor !'rv -ed l i' n St. rli'r- 's- -,t n '- -cl. ,ii .j' ch
last. The Bei a t,,'.,rt; left pl hatonl3e; a dan'-
light on the auo; ing :f uicsdoiy a otLi.s;! ,~l iretrong
N. E. ijadra.
\Ve have a fuw Jamaica paperL, but none la,'r
thau the 2bth uitime.
H. 51. S. Bacchante, tlii.h tle Ryval Pri-e'ues,s:tns
of the Prince t WVaVle., wa, expected t,., ariiri at
Jamn.ica on Sunday Ians, 7th .Nlarlc. It (3,v', .-;,t
meem likely that tLe L'atc/c,.,ne will teach J:;:;a;.
ca Bo socn, as her proLret'ss thri.nub ii:e Wict.lward
Islandh hbyt' he,-n greatly del',:]d. Primr:a. aic.n
were bIing made to give a Bal! to th P, iacc. and
the Admiral, and ther2 is to be a [.ca~lta in Kin:;-.-
t .,'l*> l'onr
Tht,- R. Mi. Steamer ,eleda'.,q had heea e1
on the l0th uJtimo, 4.9 miles fr,,n Pora-att- Pioc-,,
-n.0i remained thbe: for ;u h.,urs. bhaing in the in-
terimi thrown ovet lhard a Il.,rge qjfniit.l t! lol
a^i'i-d Cr go
The Troopship 'rinm Air!ca t>i-L tl- '-L'ni2 XVf-aL
I .:i:n 1."r iim r:t was '",-?. d i.:1f,',r ait .Ju mhbi:... '-in a
ttW flvf.t'
The Lftmere, first of a new Line of Stic'arneir- b!t-
w,-.'y Lri rd 12n and I'-liafcCe (luirect, ha') ariivFCl at
Kih'c.lon. Sie is ownv.d by Mr. ,Johi WV'hite, ruf
L.,rdon. TIhe lune i tol be diii2ott, .'-d' W"\hilc's
Linou.' Shfe will _o froain Kinii>lin tu Black River,
Savariamh-a-.Mar and Mondego l .,y. iim'u being ti-
loived at each poll to disehaige and t ike in cargo.
The Educational Eclimati-. ior 1]$-_ :ii& set down
at 24 ,9S!, arn iicrea.%e ofL .>0 over 1,79.

PLAYED AT PROSPECT, t'r1 Mv\v.-, 1'iSO.

PBOrPEOT GaRnrsoN 1'. ST. GEoI:oF'.. ( A(L.r ON, 12
Prospci'l Garit'ioaL

Lieut. Jonea, 9 th, h. Eden .................... i;
Pvt. Rice, 99th, b. Wood .................. ... i
Lieut. Von DoncOpl, R.E., b. Edenu.............. 7
Dr. Seymour, A.M.D., 6. Een, ............... i;
Lieut. Whit ler, 9',th, 4. .,',1X .............. '
Capt. Keuui:.]y, !twath, c. Co.ttW-&l. XVim.,l......
L ieut. '. -,:,Lu ':",t;., ,;. ,r',. b. V ,:, .. ..... :3
Calt. C(ttou, ',bth, .. I-' t /\X'...............
Ser't. PoppO,- S O. .'th, b. V. 1,.> .... ............ .
Capt. Pilleir], P.E.., uA out ....... ..........1
Litut. You g, '.<- h. 6. P .o .... .......... ... ii
Sapper Featherstone, R.E., ,.. Wo...-d ......... I
FH ,T-. 1, Le.'.,' I'.js -.< 2. W ic-s-'... ,..... 4

Q nT..t. f ..i e. r &. '.
6t 6''.olf^V.i <.''Ui-ft,:,i.'l
Capt. H-eareag'e. l.E., h. (,:.-tun .............. ::,
Lieut.. Wo-od, R.E.. b. Feathe'zstcne............- 2
Lieut. Kennedy, !'.:'ii, '., Pillf-ar, 1. Veon Donep. .,7
Lieut. Fe:-aroin, lI tb, ,. I.. L J,:,n -............. 1. '
Lik-ut. (Cottrel!, R.A.. jot c;' '.................. '..
Capt. W ;.ittr. ..A (. J',u-: ..................
G. '-'Wartitu, E -..' ., 0. '0 [ .. ..... .
Ciapt. FEe.i... Iith. .. V i .-tie', b J,,. ......
IJieut. To'.v r, P..E b. ... '.,.'er ,. ...... ....
LiL It. 1 i'iay '' thi, /,. V, : -- ........ .
L t --',ol. Vrg,.r::, i. .. ,'. i".:al .< {'t',2 '.. ; ,_ J ,..... '.
Guuner 'ragpe, I.A. 6_. So.i-:n-................-. .
Bye.-. ;, Leg-r v .- Vi,.l .- 2', N '-i dl. I ... III

T.;t^ ., 123

Among the tlilel6 ai'e::e ai SeLor'
Zamacona's bill! in W\sUhitiG;!, '.M-; Mond.1 Ci-er.-
ing, ihat of ies. John .1-e.Ab A.,',r, ji., "of New

unriumilk .C ii.G r:. lps, no.t va ;a : -! ;..i ,- i & Y :t
w t* u t s, i'* P.; l: -,0
I ,'. 1QQ')n a iiij[. !ii'3 Cu. L-i l "jt ; : i1 .: K ci '' 'ja.'- n il 'r. r a-
E l'nt., Sh c i',.; AU'':, ,:. r,., :':, i,: ,, *.'...:-,r,r'.; a~b-
ion acrGss the -.orsn-_, d'.i;, ov. n,'., composed
of five burndred stones of tbe value of 1,000) each.

'-"-- L 1 i: I -- I '- F -Nt:.

,.1. l.: L : ; i e.-,' ;l. '.- f :;. :-t -. I_' ." .. .__

SI !. -"[ t T,-r's :tT'i .. ;ii' titt L' .t' i D Oi l Fln 1
.- I t. it 0

i l. *-:r 1 1 1 f-id I.
i.i' t* fu. ,il-.fith +,,.r the L.' -n m,',ci? tha. Vh,:.o-
-. t na, i, f.:im t.e- -i.,,:'ni::*.: 'rI .-t:-y, itor-, ti ::.u i.\,' "
t!':,it w .,.t..h ;',_ fir,. ti'n:. l o,:w oi rg .'. '
_It w .,i.: p:,i~ikt.., ,, : i,,.,w li-'l. you r,:, thim i'.-.':,l
',.-:..* -* .i f,.i.. i t] ,!. ,w ,. vi -t ,L:.; 'tl,.-'. W -iitiij,." *'T.-..
;:,e.:,' titilill ,],: ,:*':! ib :- ; ,,1 i .-. l,,1 t .,t" tl_,i iviue d i.?'*-
t.'inlii!',: t.,. i r\ ,ti .n n i i h.,p iii w it,, f,:,:l to I :ilE' It-.r
''nf .h .;.l:-rv tac ir. i Vn .-' tz a. ti'. r,. tar'i;h. (r.:,'ljr .
i-nat i. : t i a.iiy
tinlu I n-, a ia t f.ur a,; r.Put an-...!-,--!,] i.i -euinu H :.i l o.rd?
r,'-,u^il' 1:,\o ri... i'e i'_.7 I;ij,:(l': rf _; A ll thliini,.:. -:*:

hnotip iu-,' -n tat il t its ,:i'i, r,'h: i.o "i~1 ,aftii:_t. i-
.I e lu,'rt l. n l rie? l '.:i t.:.I:I.c .t.a- e t r,'I I[ ,.u o.. illp .-trin ,.-
tire (,i vAiti:," -,ar tln? Lot.. He who A lin .itutam
yw ,u th.,- pow.r t,, r. ty. ;ill. i. !- ,..-your impo:'tniitiy,
tro-ther its a'r ilI, sat i 'n du1 -r;i. r k in.
H i LMeI.['Wip '-il I:' 11 a l sitli tbI :Iln P,:-A lra
in l''; .t n ':,r',int. '. t. tlt- Parish Ci(tur.!i,
Pl.mbL,..kA ., I I a.lai.
Ou Stnday l a.,t, f,:2-1,-,,in n.1 ;'<-uiu His Lorn -
ixlip n'i-. ch ':, at i tl.:. Pf-ri" ii i'h L 'i:.h ,:f ,' .ild ,-'. iu
ithe f,:,r,:-non ],:',_t.,k h~i. t,-.t fromn xi^.pte' S-t.
M uItt;:w, :t'u an 1,t of tie 2 L.tli, tlO c. ll :i. ud -tl, ''tli- '* A -,! iui ;o nit' i l outi au,'l 1P ("Ilim'
to the fir.-t and-1 goi, ._.tL, go v,:,rl to-day in my
am 'tti- He i :i-'a'h, :i l awl .- iii, I twill ot; 1,it
rft.i rwrt- ''-s her' i'r-t.'.:lt and vwe -t.
p ,i' t'I.-- N" A'.ni tt n ..tI Ie tic I thI s:i.:-oue'] r,fInd -.iid
lik uwi;:'. Anu .i1 lie -: t aI. i a:', :.! nud .-.iid, ,:ot, Sir,
:ta i- .-L t u t' t.' '
A mi ii ti ,:- ". i "ii i' r, fr-o ii i Caliapttr ('oi t.hci ,
7.1 r ..ItHt tle 3c,1 ve. .., "" Y'.:ti litfe i., liii w ith ('lI i-t

Iu Ot aft'-,ri ,-.,-ii lii, Lord-ip pi t c..,:.lm.:-d t South.-
aipt,.n (i'i r,--h, ttPkiu_- f,-r hi t-.:f HLi :.r w-o i\'.
Chiptir, 1jl-it '-vcI'P-: "'Fcur we aver io a L9hih
p ii--.t wiN i:-"I ,3.k -in- t '.Mat t," c',liE d with the r e. int 'Of
or' ianidrtiai-, '.,ut wa.i-; iu all pulut? tmirted lir-e
ns, ite ii.-Ie y winhouit siu," '
Thie (-'uirfLt ..h.' Ilre crowded at. the .'-vera '.,in 'i-
ce.-S, lb r e-s,,.eilly s- at SaubAy: iU tlihe eVeuiuX.

"1-t 1 f'.,llowi f. n l uote, 1..-tll. 'd froru Th- e ard-
inn" Feby. *"tth, 1: 11.1, m )y pr,\v e .'!_l,=. t., our
qi'adevis.. The -if l evt-r, tL,:.-f Lord Bi.-.lB p .e.df
,I,- 7'.'f. uzidhu.I ;I!1 Pei'Ln,.a i: a native ot Liver-
p,",'!, d it i"-rt i :. tho ',!,. tiD e:?. it Hn al'-
r,.,w, Fa d ni Trinity (.'tlle',1c-F.C '-.nFii, lc, q iraidu ntod
1 i t' f; adr .,it,.,': r i:i',.s--1i'-,t n [- c iu Cit. C ,''aev of
-Br,,:ll,-.g'-tov;' w!ai,'.-, lie h-li, t iill rI74, w i.-in i le was
1'fbr tty te Pi.liopri of g -.f 'e.'ter to the Ri,:-w.-
t.:.ry .f Li-i'- IIetef-,ird iiar T uenbury, app:.inated i6
tbe Ne t of New f,.,tudl:miu'i, --':., aI,.l i ,:.,.,pted tI!..
i-ip,'liviiod f t''n Chufca-r:.f En.-dlnut in BermCud.


Ou, Wede'-d,.T' '-eiiun.g the R.rv. Dr. Iol lirl'-f.
wPorth, wh:-i di,'i-oursed at lini,:.nti -u rDLVCOTrb,,, th-e in-
tiin ie Tiiit of whLic is '',HONESiTY.
O Fii.'iay eve i, i .' the l-ev. F. J. F. LiUitbouin,
R ,-: t -:,r o 4,f ..'t. -.A..i,:e'?. setlin f:r'h tle-ue,.e.-.ily
of H.aveialy ariLotir, whi,.h tL C1'iriti~i rquires
iu Lis daii ly.:oie t.:) 0r ib-.t i e hLiduden pt.irr of

'n .i.u'.m o morning Pvr..- C_. L. Jloues, s, .hin i-
t :,t th,- -ir:,i-ii _" sb'inh 1!.- [.- Jiltit t, t ',.u ,Lo au ( xpiatiou
a.- Chn!i;,t -'ef,'lr all inzde on thic ( Chro.s.
Ou .',-uIud-.y ,.veuiu., Rev. Mark Jamcq 1, P, e, orof
t '',,;,.,.,'0 !w hlio "I1) 2_ i :ci .U lt r!V l tL W cdh.,.,-
td'ti mIoA ii..: L.',:.trur at tr e Ita erih l'huri.lh, i "Cal.

,-.n utl:. w''h -, nitsit hiv i,'-,' Divinitv inud tLing-l -to
4:01i10, aitlherd ir, m tli i ,-I' :- w i.u thl,:-mirror of
lj II:]igl au<.--:p; 1, i [.-. uie:,

'i'FI:. l* ::L...uK /i.[ v. Tl_ i.h y..;3,:ir Wr hluveo :)lih,,ni-
e1- Ih, ,:,',:> ;,,2 , ot" .'ij'- iniad of two flow rq, .1111 soune
clhr-i Ir-e s a anrli,r. i \ ,.ii it?,ay sa i i wheni ivsral
vi. -f, r roi-,ir,-,1 ;i .! ..'.,inr;,,u a'nm [,,-t.i. ttlul i'la iL whic l a-; no:,w ttv,',.--,rd
',r tlo,' u'lr th it in i. to at, 1,1v-n.r to tako aq' kinill t,-' ,-'ur
1i:-r'.lit I ,' li.ii a. a il I':f,-, !io tlat of Sow ithern P.aflo-
tinr-. ot'%hich it ik 6n tive. Th, sp the i ab,4lt fir-
I'- i. iiiehe long, hl i; in or %iiilinia i he il 1. a rk iich
c-iloi-.r tiIrsIt lo it':rP- !c.'p ior.>n- T'ha-b .(tadh ix is ta
,i.rlh ti,:,i i -.! -,..t'ie Pi.-i it ii.'l ,-s loi n t'. Th ie 'ulb I -
,niits I, n.ut out in tle o eaily paii t of Nia Ie :r- itr. tl,.vejrs
nb ua!'h. :-cLi,.ldhr ,o, 's ai',;', nbD.. a f:.. w e, I.Wh; i f ,om view.

For ti~e Ro,.,.,tl Gazelle.
A,% m,<.-tiLag is "-,lhed. to-,d..iy, at 1:2 o'clock, "tore-
,.',i ''e aI t'e :,it fr,:,uj the Vo.i.try ~iltl'v ha tlet at -
..,in -rment cf a l u- \,,' and ,_,t'er impt;i' t Lt C'.nit-
tiu I'.,_".," ;.;.t i hi to i.i, a'-,'r. ed ilere wup ily b.o a fall'
a tt fur.: :. t-. It iv arna ziu.o those ip'.. ny t! pre-
v,;iiis a",.OU.,'.st, t'ie "" "i'.'n ut-er,' ;ibot-t, Thi. ^il:,t
:ti,1 rf.-poi]-,ibl,:, tri.-r. "Tiie? Vardeu. i,...nie roui.?
t.-i:__i-ity i,.-,i.,ii:.,<, au.d y'-;t -_','.bi:,:i luore: thn~u ti'htc or
ten' pIsou.i: att,..ud, althl.:'__"b'l ali,:,st every'thiuy i'
i~hit.l.. th.iir c,.>,ut'_-.:,, ;iud depends up.:,u t~cm, as
tli.:.y tniy -ee b:, th.e D,.edi \vhii:h lias- lai:>lv lbeeu
p.,hi~t,-.] to,:,etl.-;' wit!h P~ilip Feih.!'- lai-.t let.iter
UDO,:, [h: h-.'r.*I;ti,:,..., hie; sii,_,-.-t.:-M, v.L~i,.h , I.,
],,-, i;:,',u tre Wariden.-. aii oe .-..hi'Itlj'; per e;:,jiy,
:iimd L', ,',.,.l.t tlh-:y "..,7il hi.ive a s-u!ppiy ,OI the- laibie
!,.,- 1.,, fvr {^.L ^**..,teruauce of tiose pir..-eut.
M,-g r,..h '.,th, 1l,'.'o

.'i:' "/'. i;,:,,,,[ (7, :. ;,.
THE ;-'HOOLt ACT, [: ..
A~t. ~ Tiu~-i i:'i'ful It: A i' ,. tI- Schools Ar-t,
aco, rtaiti mya 6., ltss th:.:,: rAlitt,:: .- l it-'., iv ra lgi-eu
to th.. .mulbi r ,.. tri',.i-. it., c -l:t i-t \ g l eft to
t'o L aL.. L I-td:' -i' t'h,'-. ,' .t t :., ': -.

S., L it. ; a_.:" .'-1 i L 'iA tj i: rAl t t' i h 'i! tve y;
s ;..t.:- L i ,, i. i i..i .- i i,': it ,: f '.r ;! t~i i l, i.,. .,c the, very
,'-:L! in .,' It i.- 11 .d" l > .: I !I.'. I'. ".. r' '' .\ ~ i[,i-:a t+, p i
'c-it. n tt Ri tLU iudrni :st'tr- i.-i tlin iucral n'*.x-il
ti'-l.tcl.-.'ss i1,1-;nu tn tlit-i t cr-in
T'o' ''iYoiu a ,-L-t rir- o tiit.- -..'.ildr':- iin tIhei
0_1'. t 'j:t O-- t ir ti ,.x .','1 t-II.I try -o ';ve
(hii~eresjt p..illii,->, it. \r.:,: f,:,i,-.: , ,*',?.-.,?{*" (,o L.;iv-
pil-uied t".i.A's u"r O'.e ,.ii-Ants t t ill ip, ,and Li,-h.e
ci,,r a. ,,- a \ n.:ll .1t .c,: i,,- o-, th!s ,.t :!i 1 tj be l.ot. l w.,!-
C.i to t!,-- !:.!-,ts. Bt... q..-.: au ,l 'tatf-. ,q,:vvr' I .I :d; ,a )
tI t.-, pti''ialii' .l, to -:fli'ih1 nt I f i itIi':.ftn'- i

.i.litn ,.l
'.rii". ,: i'.. ha.s t;.,_ 1., p;:'i,!. to c-1'. tl-_e, 7,,,:> ..' i'!'y W "ivn i;,. '. .. .
'1.,2, P j:in .; j. t il,- n; iJ.'- !,>; r ...Ri'^ r-L.

`v ;,, C... .- I
ot,- Cn ~ I i p.> I ti- L, ai;."t11 I ^t, ;ne 1,aLI .;r: I.
.In ,i e R Aij.V ,.o: ..,,ti.i i .U-,W ,' ."t ,.l ,.Lri. ] e.a. ire u i,..

t -l -l U(.i! -.- f i.- it'i
el ;, ':. '- ,.-'- iL it : .'p i i i,, ...t M Y' ,:, uiL,, tl,

t. .. : anI.. thLe : oh. c in-' ,, : t:he 3:- n c- c-. i.r!,8te.. f

I-Mc i' sld AI M'Y, .diti'
.tt: i .'iii -'.i'i.. th li-i!. .. !v .- !iu ti s' i.i.'dt l ", it \ ::en-,s 1.:,
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t ni l w r,,, :. fr ...- p .1-, .int A, t v -t i- n i it t .:i l r ." .. i "i n pl i-''' l l i-- r ( ['it I s ,rani I, so l t. f iait.l v r' a ir
W .ris'. Ai d, T ,>-. r u,-vi:w [i' o i t u n:. Fine.r.r lui vo ; I i,.-. l "..,:,-f! i, t h ,;io'ti r,-1 th. an t:i,1t.n l h ,er ra.-t t i'i''a-t!
Si of the 6th e-iii-... i. ..A.' w i attaia' ,1 ,1i1t i*.tr -l it i fr ii t ea-ti.t :ii 'lhn .the-.,' ;i itt
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of.liert: iinf -~t i '[i.'.-rt, d r wl'- tie- o ,aiil- mai ta-rtii^,I I"**"; *ljlI!111 1 'ji'-lre-ii AM ATUR-u ii:]
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Silld p;m: i ( 'i.k timej. a n t i; opmis ni e i ei.lsw e plant 1! icll r_ ".ived. 1 I,, it pre',-
in ?nlirrt tr colu iun t, er an i], -li they nt p.ix' ." ,t, at to':fiil,? L," '-/thi. lW \,- :i t ./r a chs in .t been t ,,e /tipf-
the i'l'i.Ise. Tiic: Rew-hm ienit dth e c-r-n liedl line td it -'lSrer t I an In .ytha tulpuir four i sa ervt-' s a fair
wivs i mut r i L : t fh i..n thif rni'iiy( :.--,i[is'.s l r d."- hr tef nll pii1 t he } p inter me.1:,er it c inea
bf ot h ofa th e ld eetd s A few Wittaliou w iove cat state t't' aov stiAlld n 'd ied aihiz uw n tathre is a irk l.
_nilett her' !,thn:l fI. tl troung in u-dcari t e iu- t te nlmaud it .ilte n tl t.,' the !w is e ti'I l, e iln, a ed :torw ard i nT'urt
oi' dilerotM- f.hieii arIs, wiii''l i u'l the andtie iswa-n, i plIo"" yon tAMAhEUr' .
tiht tiligro h thin lai--i o ii i a sezQin'i an erfor g wha o c t in I le. o is a Mr to the
I vn tnl! A~ I- ast 1 A, julnut, 17his! exeririse? M'.4;- ___ ^..^ ^ _
-t il o t w and wit-il d lseien d pes-reatly to pl' s lt Ho Tel lttor tfmei-it' 'f H/ iieI'~ m Gm ile.
co panirs. ithe of whor m inde e-x claimed tha't it a n I hop"mil ankoM is L 1 e hoi otio raL
i ,,,'I r,-itl ir < na i n pa t, r.ho ,- f t!rie iato e p.ueit "r ha ;:.h

li just too lov .y for nl-,-tahi te an'd cterta ,i:y t li it d ol lect i'm. f ( w l^ aret iesponsi l. e for tlht elicit-
9 ." ,._ -riy h n ll. i Fliioul o t: j: Aftl.e- r,_ ,isti ofi' ti.i ..t pta viia l p._ya t ir r. i' nation to tr e .li C -
f r b..hind tw he 1 ,louds n h -d lt up i .:a ,an ,i th'e wnl p.iid ni;tiei w ,s e ,,- il ,ri-lm ? ni ,. [ir LI; thie sA fl..:- i,.
i -b the r' tht-i. t .it'hnar inai'ththe ltn the.:i usi H iinel. l. l to tie Ro a,-i. i nearly ip-,
rapi,:ly tli .ir irm-,,l w i'.n-b r, int,',-. fl':sh te- i p _li ii ell b.i-k .v. dio w s t o l Mr. B. W leitIr't i House. c
tile r.u.1rli :l "rt ila r M -.i da.-Izzli :g (nlner, f1 ori'. a The sh led in question i." a net only a h i, g r ,'ce to the
,lillia 't a d in, .l" i-- i rn ii ta ti:li. a Hotti l but ie to t pie aldtown of Haml on. ii u it
T eft n thisi the ',Re rii i ,:t w b entu up i, At the'. samer time h ell ,Io r n n islt beoer dirrah n tit
toi pa.' uie.. Tin aic-h P ,-em tio le. 'x,-tr de tl, un der th e ,.:o niuai, d of Oew Iy.oung me=,- ,h, ,ch n.c ll.-' Ik l ud ( Cne nlt- oh, isl hnmthlyere ip c!k.i
'the u, ral ,e tais lt ,rff h n ,in-nb r a n g t hem ,a-st tnn io"lr'in in thed hadetw r R yts notazel. e
.,i_" ihr:. l" i t. ,i i :, int. w B I.. lit Ht ,t, an ie pisir by th e h'.r)r rli s con"-
Tiltiu w--rti hs cn lit t the ofy_, t nd',"iby whe:T ,h 3 a h, 1r, T U.
Itnikut wnite wns brin gbt in touP, and, Idi-nt i i, (j PljpLIC i,,pLDeuGS.
lo t when ihie wi-AiNi winning; tl;n it'd u.'-s'
,,- -emraoly wec 'Mitt., af th ee d ,iritaiR l:' in ten I s.f lih'.i ,~ L;.,b ,, -wRat a.l

tM d. l:-,, i.. -e 4 Kin the wh,:,u iud vWe ;ill | Wn trha it to pSI tI a road to iullo ,, egulain 'ies L
urnn ameid in honor rlfElf r Bihanitoiu. 3100-y. iYour (wdon s,:rvant,
'T nle- xt t'- ,niv, in lr'i'in t- a t i In.:l oyn. I e e;,l ,', ,iti" np n c ar s ell rute le.-
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i 1 ,-htw a nrd0 f u u ip: i n ,] -. th e li n w .:t e wwcli le l. :l i u- A I II s8, a P 3 i'.. I .
,-Id hi l -., s tt ('onf i i t, ir'c,.'- in-C i- a_.-- m' a w 'p iei rn th' ti ilm, I f. t t,: lie 1am. al n re t ,-
ile C-.-nc er i u ae nli,'i-i'h'' z iu._ nut sn r' in d",'tr e inks '.jih Wsh in a Ii. n, n -'i'rae. i.i ihe
th;.e w ,,rdst ,^,, I.^ Oh'.. Z1!.;. ei, *r-J For tle Royal Gazelle.
fily w-rmtothe d.W MA in d V. ot.-1..\n, u wvhd I can (IT," PUPrL1IC BUILD)INGS,.
thit k a cB ir-pit 'ntduhatvi pjtty faits iteiy. l c stiin.l ira. 2 IT i- o n -, tillia t fidte-- Offity-er n F rs.i- .,laI't I -li t htv to bL e a atc frd therw n otownthegi .ando
ofli t. a id eniN ra of tLe .'6th :r ime t.- I feu ft t lib e .- ii a o il e t'er int i nion -se ,"-p'nh-b nit Lv
gnnt p!nie .? iu linge dW e to t1 'l yo. Oatc I shniden a i lprove t p :p .9:i w i L-.:,. thl, utility of
I e ly ui,: voery roo d rtpoi ol ,f i m1, 0 M uod. l 5: 1 wiiblin s th; a e','oe u,,, tsvon., in"t ran !. to
th i; nini.rl ntheA mh OSiide in-Cliif.' -Yoiut iau n) tpe mr :- v otCing Mt Qi l, ar,. i.ti,,ri tle t o ro hinstable ot tOf A
w u.e and t .-yo h -miover c I. S l u i t-1 \rt'i:''. fto-,i lis ve m I owe.r d, i .. 'l k 'or the iisc- a,'Ith- iIt rge st ed ti, -a
been vi rr':eliit le. I dt imcn seo' in --mis r rants j r ly "or an -hntn n ainic'uv te tl t 1 l'iiioni ihh tho
t. -- ;-i d W fresh n r tope raal.riint k }l re-.-it.- i rout-N ri ,i .> .1- t hat im;, rove i ;-'
b;a -Batt-d-iion that hli-. jus~t -.,,( its- Vew cLe~thiQ~ M1 In'';' ^1 1 i~t 1.. -, on T .!u onie rs we alh:! t
nIl comett inra f:-hl. fictn ai n e but I ng, tie, otu w he- t n b th:a ,t th i e n-e Towhn i nl, -fli. )a d for g
tiniix, that I like mninh. Wtoer:-t~he rippearnu,, of a Clod ( alw:* ~ lt ton-'1*" the W inse ie:pouded, not. In
n* Revirioint that \as just. bequ dingL' sonrte haid Moing- i'SOO) -w X I Do fur the rower instead of th !
| vcwk and.,,Yning some ac-tive .servi.:o,-aud b.-:n irn- ^'-'101,200 No! Tlicey nereptt.4 t~he i-um, aL-d
*proved by it. I think- I can .mPC- not only in your by -in almi":,s unanimious votopjgained the Xl'ii aI
Ir\s nd. iu -7our wb(,lP manufua an~d bearimnL,' the ouce,? git'wiug' that te tlicy ri ot mind X 400 to get
Mavt of ti.e active se-rvi--e in' w-hiy vou have t .o n oranmentl tower w inste-l of a plaii n one! Thou
ntevly .i, eeninu'.r r'l- -I See in ers, N.-oni 1w ? sM'tl the PBoa lti. of W> -rks snupposer that the
l:ed nt .Office ,s iMpijr u a ciat-t collet-d ,.niman- h c.firy woud o' jec--t toX 225 to hr ,e a --tinpletE
u, _.k' ni'.l a st.-ly 0';- I-.-rainied nir- 3s if yOn iDl f,-It inL-l i- nalie-iital block of Puilditgt instead of -L
lI a l: 'iwore eu'n 71g:'1 in sin w iongs wtic anud were Trueiii cr ien-td ;'ndl i'c-to plettc h-li c, part iiculnrly
ide.b.i- a,-i : Uld t doy..air stire of it. es well as po.!i- wht' i is onl '.'' y J st l t th streelt fro'i the Se.q-
Ab'le. ) siOus' Ie -1 s14 ith itS tlalurtiftd ttL.wer to excite
A And nov' that i v'n I rhive csine to sn;Werve for some '.-''.t1 p :- I Luae,' t in i'.n t l rd is bodi:u tie--
points.., 1,,-'17, a ,- A ii

Sim.: iitjer alv h:, tn, .I ,-tare ta '.wo piit6s i' -h"''diis e rnny ieaced at itUs coi ;na-d for any
wliI'h 1 fluinkU it W NW.-ii;-.le to aire .-I-i aomn' ili'- 'rtiii nr p 'ose ; but in its tr aui tkioi.s is it boiiud
;two diue ar of M wtii h l I wish Lto live y-r warlnt tii iia:.h tn a i'iz' nnil ini-tereats of othi -ti
Thier !ist ':-n'n is flint: t'd:. o I i ri: t ti ,i:it h'ly p. ,i'1.i ly i-f the-', W idiou ani Or iftLi) v,-t en inu is iir
"in-.-i h.p.! W'ry u will n r i l sn-,:nL,,,t i1 iaeu.tb r,- r". pow 'r, 1 .,y rrqairin,, f th,-. a to,:, the it' propel tnd
p .iitt i-,ut of ,Lti,:. r.19 of t h e iin -: t for eu.l! r el a : 1 *lI :, ['n1 a it to y, icite osin -li'ti le is a ,l in ao u me tI n it.
W.L.l',irly be,.ai.r iu l, and, t r us ire thatyint I I shd i t ih- t i lc-,'bee tiiu foer anuy years,, is ni'u':win.. t and in
Yana to'W always extremely rcsps ctt'bil.anid u-elicut i'l1 probbility wo' ild f.. -'manicy reras to come if i'-
toti- ichir'o.flefi 'rs uno1n-n .oii n;.n-o i.:-i-ts. I in ilijHe1d b it"-' ericto of t'ele G il v.tIls a 'ainst
ou."r,- tL-. if 1 ire s iou i<,;'L tin av.t; r, it ; partl'inla ly whM en the riie a M-1.:d i ''u tbn at
'Tiih ic u muist hint-.-- he-, 'a yu t .l bv yvii:lid"c-a i t'111 at tIi- kAueriv u l rate of iuic-it st 'of I percent
--it -n South Afrieca, it is l va-- t 'ii i it of a "'l:lt I"' iii- t lie in'. o tt.h :w iccive. but
dii :ip .in2d [I'i; -.r.a-c iit ,iu-d.iplin. f.-- o r, if th enr I the, y to dcp,: lt tr I, e '.. r id nsth of pp y i g..
was._ie voen ,thirino -nt nic .ore.thati anyt ,ly he'I',!d jthe E english rate of : per s'en-it .u tt.ld be nf e-.ithrd
iO i to t ri u ii ip b P 'v iv Lii E 'u c iuiie s, it w ts t h e.' ur~ E~ l .* : *r- T I e n c'" wf'.. l m rn tiwi .. o f "-1 nity i
i/a icin, the dis.iipline-, the ir-idi pre fi iri '1:5 tr'inin r.-' tilt' B*-1uit d t'XpLi-.t tlhemn to mat- It is annual lo's '
whit-li enahileel von to act-, together all as one' ,_, dl y Ast tlti.' li"P'i'iE: y would !rt ,ibil increase in v'alte
t h ,d e-' r t lie- m ] f ri :.,,e an ,l :,,-.rti i i e to f i.n 1 ,-ill w h e re- t ,_1 Hyt,.-.. : t I-, l, m ar, .- t te r'- n o t 1i' c a u' e f ear
ias the urn iis'la 'hoid-. of sat-a gt^-s wvho were tti-afii an nr't ii in f -r di.iiama"es 1' I .ave bc-urn it said that
to va t had h aitd little jru st 'i Li- ,in i w l, and w ere ,l .: :Lot wa ..-ci' flltir, the Iio! plot, ti.,: ii i. wv at ,, si, -
iunc':;: e o -' I rf atu7 e ffe tive conbln,', eut d I oin e- t' he'--i I It te P a ,.li-f to t e n lr it i nt -frst
guut-nilv arcte-t .- r'i ; ma-a feor itiia.- IL as it s-enet' P-1" p lannai cttf1 "11"tufr it** Sn re,-is the-v we-renot
l.i-st to him at that'in -. It was otwi.u. in a -car at gi1, tCh:,c,.lta ,it-i, i the o idi:,.- :Money 1
ti- -.i.-:nI e Ito Il is itp-mi' mii- it of your ot'g'a uizat ioL To) h-rin'm Lt ijsd l'wn ti:l a fbi'e poitnt, it i.- a vets'
t t v-niit-r

i-i th. i. n tie t ,n rk i i t h i ,.-' l- alte -:it o ier i:.s a owi t th is it a to i e lopedL Th C ount ry ma-.ept,.,tte ma:r'e.
Ll-se Ir, t a di.. -Ipliu I ed u b .ly is t o y y alw s Labouln to .>- li yt"'r l o t st i,,,ma.
fI.;t fLieut. hriu t" nes its owl) ii l .hi.i'1 f i.rii.ier ip- P1i UBLIn' a Lte T i, Piirv-aTE INEIE;T.
liif i,:,- thn'ne y--I I r o\.i,'nin will :.wtyrus take this n or'aii ni t, I o-l. The
i ."-At ie--so t o Llih e rt rt nd flint y' tn w i il t'.l nw- ,s st.itre I -- t T t, e a -.
tokeep Iip tlttC rei-tit:"it i-iniuo t' !': ''r.ii' Bie-giuii'-f LV'' [!'iceslihed en itce te Bin a'.i.: lie' 'iil Ga tale by ec/fi-iis! f
:,_.r ior L' ani st,..,y di-. t i plii --: ;.it" y't r titit 1 th C ti dii.- f
I ,;,th,.:i ._,.-' tile li-ur -ill always es di.-tiaig o,'s.- Vih rc'.i' is l S. 'P o .rS,,-IA 'i Irth 'truee. LfOe NDON.-
tht.inl,:. it)' tltei' i"si tftl ob:.i:o.e' t'' AtIi-;i fi- s mw et int ,e u u tis (o'lett, 1wer at it-
tn s an.?"r,,:r ic '- 'mxi t'i .'tnei l e'fii;Tcrs. s hup on s, 7' Adc-,, I hi Ternt, ce, L'tat Cit( e.,,oni n the
-I ? f"f-lu

ITh e sec- nd lan..-, r ,insin t r '.'icl i Idsir.s: o a to ip t ,- e, bruarsy after the c-leeti.,,un f Sevetal ne-w
i-u t.-,ti,:,n u thaI t '' ',th h t.-in :t iesrn D ne,:., It is or .era ,I n ,cnbi- oeMs and ,as- .iiat s,!a.t apter' on F.etent Any-

; Le t 1 .-,h ers. erv1c in i Inis ouintitry, t3 t li, i. nud [,bi :.t-e:ir'h, illuno:-n. t,_d by umpV
bri'udy anal r. i.n ndl ..r .irit-: art extiree.-iv ti,,d :0.0,e,.i ML.t W is b yeA. b;l," M '. Iaorinuzd -lasiinm ;
a tiluith t S ''..y .r-:n. a nr--aily pur,.-ic.- u n., il i' i "t., I 'I ie route w- hi- a trat-c
. _c' ;ny prtf of t Ilam 10 A rANo.. t and a1 co.i- *.r I,,-I-,'l ta :-I',:, Aliep O.,o by Dia-rbekir, Mtssul
.I- ,': \ pr-tI{t .- "
... : 1 te iplt ll,_,u i3 th:i.n p!.i,:, in thw soldiers s w:!y v ;..d : to M.eve.-,.ie ;-e a full a coun.t of
!to, indui' ii. in t ft, t,. -. i.i,.--. 0 the UN 0. ,,i t-., raM,,i,.p' in- iuevehi nud Lalbylou, wi. h an
^h .h h : .:i"ii c1 ,..t !! i-!ji re,_.7 ,. : .. .i ,:,i ,.i the .,H ,-'iii t.e :^,.^, ut .-it.s'exitit,.,
i'.-.i-. ) I '1K-t:Q :tQI itlu Nti t' e- I .1- 14
t -, i. I..-, ,, i c .. .- t so t;,--, t Lc:--i t. Atr die i .- e oi the i-,- .per a eoi-
-,'i,"'. ,'- ."i .. i ,,_'. -..- ;A_. ,. i ? "a.- i O .L.i Vi..' h re. diat vote of th ..M s wa.s. ::,.i ed to Mr l'. l.atslti,
aIn,. 1 t;,iu;- it th,, ,. r;,v u uty n ow to .ru y. %L",, ,,-o .eti',:;b.eve "in ,,;, Le iu =t otcp ia the
:..i... i.. 'i t" V "pINe tI i ;, 6 II ii u stun'.!t..u .rec-mntiieudccl L.,- the Institute,
aund that you will al'w,;ays iu,.iit:,in at hi:- e I :i stateol ii .!.-- j!,,,,, h ju ittii:, i,!l ii:n c refl
e f ,:i Li.v i ,'hi .-h I 1.,>,, h:,1- .1y nt" ..... a1.. 'v...;.i..i. ;l.:. ti u i nc.l.ud," W itn tl h
I ..'' all- ii'l ,. LR p',., t i"; l. 11', it li lo, .or=. ik- j\,,' d ..-, '. v rioi-. -is (-e i l y

-" AL. -'. < ...
i or .'t..o u to fici..nn 'i i,'!'.' tt.i.' -.n \ "L,,u ; ,. 'if l.ut W WIn.n h t-; ;,MY ir Olfalni .
er-il'.- .if--:ii d i ,CI- 1 ,1 :.-ire ,,-'.;. -viii 'ive H i-, ;hr.i,, i _.i ,:'t.j of ;.!h-s I .'.., tELi a'ri:-,t chie of i ',-Cb -
^" y 1 :_ '.- ,.'J', 1 ;" ^ '? ":> "' '; "' ''1, '"" ) ..,:,, ]4.. ,,: t,.,,.: !, ,'"^ ,i:. ^ ,\ \i ",
'. h ^y l '... (- *i,.', b. d d oLC ? o.: ti '.:i,.. ,^ .,ti..'.,_' 'i :- IL .:;' I .; i ^. "*- .'~ .: ...- ..... ,
ht-t, i', r th- a;il.z i'" --" -.,0" '
S**\ v e .'d i ;' n .' S r ; .' (h 'e l ^ l. : ,,* .- ,"'. ]:. .;c *,_-',..* ;:i:. "r? \ i,.i -: "... .: i L .,- ; .r o. ;,,-
T aM h a a d o t v O n'Q -s' 1.K-!. Q a C ", 11 ,: .

i n ^-- ; t i 'i .: ." t i c t !. ,' -'. ,,d ,:.i'"tt '- a.l'. p' f 'it'- i in ci till, is : i o h O -lii w a n d, i.: '-

I "'10i 1;i i t Iz,. 1.t1.g to ,te Gl.'L:(-' Liun.a, I-" :.e 5 tin~iji';_.',
'7. I ",:.. ',.\ ;;'" ;i a.c; o1t.k..'. ,:,,.d ,% !s..,p ,,:.-eh t .: ; i t1 ,'r r .,uy atd i A.. ,--, -
tn -':e i t .r i i .-e- :i'tL' Ivi.,v ;' riti-i1 it!".

-- -'1--- ''
~- -'- -.\ .A. .i -.. : .tr _, ,- .. i! :i', '. a -y c-,ini i try-- .... .
', -- lal .1, 1 1 r.,w m.I,"p : ,-t il..' i, i. a number of 1 5men holds command in thb "
.,-, l 'i ;,.!.,,. ., l,....,I .-,,," t.,,, i.,i'-' ih,- P ,, T chi f offi cer ,,-

J ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .tl 1H i2 >i'- -.-- -
.. -- ,-- ; S, u'i'" ["-' a... a. -cue Ofcera-ca (
.. , !,,,t, ..r.. p ti:'. i"e ,ii.u itilk r ay u t ol,.ti' o nA and, no'-
r' ."a c,'ii ,.,; t,!. ;d v.h ; o h M o, fn i.'u i, i .e i6d;'. lo !e __, /.'; ,., ,( ;JE, t,..' 1;e 5 m'.Jo..;,
v'',. f:W ,oi "l,:,, s."..iti,, 1. "r the .-..luliin 0 10. .u.tM R ; n, f-.,. o., t;,, .,C a ,i .'l^,..ra .:,f in ,-, .1 M 'I'. a .nd M ',y M i.t'-" 1 i l.,: the l n. I ei, l.,et Ah UVIi S' i th .a d s ic 1, a-
J-;'1." A_"SOLP.'s. lu or"crswh.:, La.',e fa mci ls.y. 1 (,,ii t, -.
ii! ;. : i' ,- ; i .!-.- i'"' *-** 1 .'" -'.- "v o" t' -* .,* i- i, C ,.,-,;, ., :''. '' L, ~ ~ -~ i ,i i D I
.c r .: i".,ti i "tl .- i U 'i. i ... p i .; __; : |i" '. \,1 1 .: 1 ,: ,th ;.i i r.% *',,: i .'_ -
'-.H ^ n: I l .n h i.-.s I'" ih ^ m ^, l-.,-r .. : hO.: N o, 'i t .i; [ *. r-t" '
',*'.1 r.**:-. h..; : ,:,,..,d ,. ;:, :- .._:, f*.i., ,, t- p._ ".v .:- t ...... t(* *.~ ^ ; 'r ^ : -

.: .' 'v n.,t .... k. A 1 a t L 1 Uor i..Si F .lW ;.. ',
..... r ^ -. -.' -t,.^ 1,1, i .; sid r .:^. i N iioi ,o :,'. ]ri't -I'; :.': ['-

..i..- ic I .h e'eco "el is n1ow L A oi!<"Hc i a j
"_- ._ 2 ', ', i : ,. A : I IT O ,_' ." .it .;k a i y "! ", i .( ', q

Lorl Det ,y 1- Fsae'fre'd at the annual distribu-
iIon of cthi c hin.s and priz;?s by .ie Live.rpoil
Co'euncil of Education. This is a'voluntary bod-,
clue ehici. cf which is to the work of
the c'.3hol Boiarl,. it. e:;-viines hoth pnpils andl
(ea[e-be11, --nd i)' th hloirnns an] it-ewards conferred
'.ot;s ;.i hawr chlt!'r'n tIn the selhooiIs wiLhbout, the
aid of co,:,mpnikitont. Lord Derby advised any ole
-b-'. bad a tifni,-.'iid II ound- to spare, rind Ibhe wili
to spend it, 10o fi;.tmi, a schrlarshii p, arl he would
r, ve h. ii, ,t.nira'ce that biM money would not be.
vah:d. C'onpt1iiioiw, as re'arded s c.oo! alitn-
'lanep. Le d.?ctii-,ed as a rotagh and clumsy exSpedi-
'-iut, apt to create ihardrhip and an undesirable
i.iinG oft'!j ,iciL -)i and diti'nst. The proS-pet cf
reward-, an-.) f.iz:Pie he would indue- pa.-
rnlis to sPdhd children to school and Ito keep
hemn there. School Boards must in time become
,nuivei.-al, r.nd hlie urge-d i he friends of education in
tne counItry and itn staIll towns to regard what was
bein-g ]i :on in Ile great cities. In conclusion the
rolle Earl sraid :--. I spare -you the well-worn
coinoinplIc-,s al;out Ihe advantages of mental cul-
tune and of literary tastes ; but I will give you oue
rcsuli of personal explerieuce, and I will suggest to
Yuu c0ii observatiou, which you may make foryour.
shelves. I have b'en many years a magistrate; and
as cnharnman a Kiihk.Jle I have had to deal in the
Ih-t 2;3 years with Ithe cases of more than 1,500
cfl'.nders agai st the law. That is a sufficient num-
her to judge by; and nothing has struck me more
'Corcibly than the utter stupidity and brainlessness
of 99 o out o every i100of these unlucky individuals.
It!s not merely i.norancc--lthat might be explain.
S6i biy their motlly helonging to the poorest class;
i ul, as far as m. ol.serTation goes, they are for the
r..;Sil. part as much bulow the average of their own
class intellectually ss the% can be morally. Nine-
tenths ot ihbem lmighbtba Zulus for any good that
tha;t they,' bave .ot liou ciTi'isation; and that is
my a.iswer to the fo'.ilish lalk you sometimes hear
about the woi thle..sness of merely intellectual train-
ing. Civilised hlongs will at least not have:Abe
vices of savniges otr of brutes. My other remat'is
lhis:-Look ib.out you-usa vour own eves and
jn9,-ement, and ofi all tbji.:- piersoiins whom-you know
aun ihing of wh;,i ti v ie g cIo tie o tihe ,at, ijet oL;aerve
how mO.n'y S;- r.n v i. 'rti h imilso s oir '.t.tI,d. You
wi'il find e i ,U l q ; s --roi at!d c ii br?. hut only as a
i .'-rO :;c( ., l!t !i:i.-.l ,!a:c iity is in il.?li i
morall S, V..-u,'.':--' Si!'.. v-ioitj .aw;,,:-s, just. a -, L
th<.- boi.-liiy liti I [:,,]tt_. y :fet '.-:-i re loa '.'o,,'J keee s
unt the luvi'i- l ,iii .mtiu, (i' :rir!k. Tia cr-fort it is,
iialt Io a it f : ? ;. e : t -:.:, iL't ardi '.- of all ti,.-
c-eS iii ih t I ) I. Il,: Ic-r u.oiall and social, as well
u-s ithl--cllual i'"r-r.t-n.r,. WI-.n it won'E coame
RK itselft,'ri ,.:rt Lctiril!ic:g ,Laule to work. There
UiUs t bh C:l--.,-i.a..t!han I,.:" :.r .ridl of secis, and,
l ; I: h .ti ] i l:.);; ^ ,,' I:;. *' ..i : ', .,.- .u :. I i, !, '.f;* 13 *i :,;.
unduly Nta .-u!. V,'t.-, a,,, -,i, ,! i i : .11(i o(if it if not
to plo ,'.: & ['1 1!,. -. (i r,. .' t'o l: c .. _' .-.,;5 (.- f
i jtu t .ijl !. -j ;-.o] t' ,Iilc ic J .t. i" "; '; iLe
:Ich e !_'.i ;,, --.1 '- .,. .; -'- i ,.;.; .a.;- .' : ;s ,:- g a Lult -
*..r,., -I .- s ": i.,* t,.!i ii ,- ", y ,'. .', :!i S wr.n'6.
0.3' % u*- ^ W E W i I ; : . 4,L T ;a
[;-.o-:,"] 'L '-, 2,:2c i1 t ,:i .c'.a s;i,( ti p d ,u;e).

'F-1iE i'r l'.(t PUI.) A'IlCrIi' EXPEDITION'.
(?o-']im-nJ ir John P. C Rryce, R.N., responding
to an iuviaiiou fr,,ni tho' irnib,,r, of the Royal
A.rtiilery lasiitution, at 'Woolwiclj, has explained
his scheme i'for the scientific exploration and die-
covery of the North Pole, by meaus of a steamer,
,ledges, and balloons. The phln sketch is as ful-
lo:s:-If the estimated coi~l-viz., 30,000--i
rortheuming, the exsped-itlon will siart in June.
Her Maj-sty'a Gorirnmont will be asked to lend
their i-tearn sLorzship Disco:,very for the purpose.
It i also in contemplation that a tour-ist shooting
pai ty will accompany the steamer to some of the
Arctic lays, where there is some splendid shooting
-wv>ild duck fyiving about there in flocks of 60 at a
time, font or fire flocks oitenu passing every minute,
Commander (Chevne purposes wintering the first
year in as high a latiu wxvill tart about Match 30, 1881. When the sledgcs
ate baffled -y obstacles, recourse will be had to
balloori.. Tbese are expected to slart about June
next. year, .I wbicb time the sun will be shining in
the A(ctilregion.l day andl nirht." The balloons
wiii be infl,[ild ;It the stariu. by passing steam
llh-ough irbitn filings, and will be afterwards mani-
pulated by rnans of a supply of pure condensed
hydrogen. Three balloons will be employed, each
having ,c a lifiiig powe-or of 1 ton to 14 ton, The bal-
lion parmy will consist( oi seven persons, with water
t;ard iroiisioils for51 da buttt expected that
they ixill reach the North Pole in f(orl 30 to 40
hours after leaving the sledges. The exploring
paity will remain at the North Pole about a week
fir scientific obervation, and will despatch a bal-
loon io Rssia for the pu'rpose of telegraphing
the .i-ws to England. The intelligence, it is
thought, ca't be conveyed from the N0tth Pole, via
S-i. i'etersihurg, to London, within three days. The
Arctic regions wiill h;e photographed from the bal-
loon every hour, the distance to be traversed by
the balloon being estimated at 500 miles. The pro-
posal to pay ent a stnall telegraphic wire from the
ball,:,on hi traaiiu, so a. to join the ship with the
North Pole, his beed abandoned. It was stated
that the Duke of Camb;idge had consented to al-
low military officers to act on Arctic committees.
A riulic meeting, for time purpose of considering
the e-xt-,'dieiicy of London forwarding the more-
mert [cr seienlific Arctic exploration tnd ihe dis-
Ci)yery of the Noth Pole. W\s held on \Vt'drce.eday
ii'lhe? Ea> Htall of the Mansioa House.-'I'he

Lord Ml ';,-.., ".-ir .it(-!,d l, said i at although he
took th O >p4 -- t-i' ; s Km ply there Es a listener, acd
!.t press ut hi. ; i,.- i S -i v s '!',!.-'4 oS i' inao (it thbe
aSlU j.,et .. :, !r ".-. h: ."... (. : 0 r',.d' :- i e tn M_ not
Cflre t.v. r.'- i, ,OA. Cr4.6 jti, ; ;. Ve -, i b. i .. ..
wc r,-e im :, -.' ", i.t:i '., ..I ''":,r f i- ala- : fo d

A 'r '!-: -- r' r-,' f9 i l-Z the
Pihn Oa'0" h We.. AY 1 rm
mia":!i .".x, :' ". *. '* ...y! f;. ',r,- '.',i' I.: i. h p.Tocbi'

Fii tb i [ .Y',,' .'s,.:", At t,.i t Uk, i-he,
in ... .- .... t e. i.- r'e:tc y ot c-ery
?Lti'.i, ',, U L.a '.. -.,-,.G.:. '' TI, To y i;- iis t,..,; sot L.' ,
l'..., 1 4 .. .M t.h,; ;-.. l' he i 'omaiitiee
'.. -.'.,',:. n; .'; i n"Chzv '._ 5Mhe :.., C ,,; ..-. bl i: he
" >*" '_: : ., ; '*: "- .?.:-'.. r '. ,- ,0- ,}', ('. l D .
., .- .1 ," ,. ? ...": t.i. ", !' a. e
"-j .:,L^ .''.r,, ..'*',t" ,i. 1T. i-.:" ..'.,*'f^. ,:- v,'>..3I the m an
,.*'. :,.t .\; ":,l '.\:. a: ;,.;r. *K.\t\\, ",-, ,.]. ^c-hrc eiX-
!....,;,! .-, ;(-! .:.'!ly h^; ,iL. ,.. .,-!.7 thifJ S m with's

i',.U .:1. It V" ii;1- h Lr \t 'ay i.; .hil' tLLe N orth
-,!c, tand -' :,znzi'.,cd tiiai hi.llooas would prove
it ut- :, u iaryb'uiiI t i. -t rm"i ail' he would trust to
bMie f I.:" ':-1.--,r. Kiiins 'ec-:ndetI the restiinioU.-
7Cop'enmwtt Chync!, 1i.N ,, .-,id that England ss a
i.;.,l: 'io ,au,. t t. io :1Iow tl'n v. orrI: oi dicoveting
h:e N,-hPe L ,e do.i'e by any one else. liHe
i,-n i ,r,.'i r :e.ied t i-nintw or. on tL.e map lthe route
1c. ii;,c.;.s:d io ,akc. -Th'e resolution having been
.,1t.,h. ,, th.2 .rnroceaelii s c!oed with a vote of
L::L.- 'to th,' Lord Mayoi.

Di.rin.; ,.!he t'r.l ; of Joly, A ugugt and Septem-
. 7. 'M.', r .h.:,.,..,.',' ,' .. cf w- h i l cr : rn ,
," t :: :.:.; ti,._-. ;tia' .r c--I !1t'-, f't. 1c'i d i3. U aited
,; ....:. . -^ ..; I .; ', b ....a: ,A' c_,7]-I,!) O L 3b csh s
.. llh"' ,:; '"? : ri ,;Cn~ ltt i ,.f ,.f;...,,,, be.l'^ l-. s : th!" ,.._
;,Sn., i a 1 a '._,,, '. r.i, o;. caiefly to G teat Brilain,
i'.t even'. fromii l'd n e a, the shipments are laiger to
heat Britain than to France.


e~ ArStw~5hLsrk; c ZtttSi~t

TIll \ '. 1 I THI E N. Y A \ --illI lj Imi .. IArniy. Sho,' bt' p'rrol.Pe-ld It t hI? is T
a n .1mn' r'-," citi:: n r vin. been 1 n in it' v.- n'h
r t: .- f 7 7 r ,r ) U ? r -t, ti; .? fj r. ', n rltnil rarv r 'uthrrhti;o cn lil" I
The w "r in thet1.: 1 T-:; i!s s ii:nr'- ti: i!, f-,; i t !i l n-i :e n' i -ven .p-r .,of1
roelr.S are reported in i-. :;u-'h i: e:'' e by '" -, n", r li-It ?.? 'are atn drlomont-ry evidence to
!o3s of 1Khorromi _'. ''i- c, bi-. f pf.i rflon(o'i1.(',"l'].3 v ] '. :, prove (lht' he hadl 1e-'n born in Ihe 1 United States. '
now retre,Itd to the Barrail iin.,o of hlbla-,S'fl and The. Amer'ican Cc-ai::e nI Lei.pig was consilletd,
f0i (lO feet hici 1, wLerpo I evn, li.s t Sr:ni suffer 3 ,ri ut ini v, In. M -.. t..l.,c'hi'l. nce,., lin l.. wrole to 0
f.iaine. After the relief of Lol'inmr, n Ocntcb"i '-7., D Naa2e. .1ho T. r,1 -,c;.d t !ioo' of hIi
I'" Ith M"nlipur Io r, unl'der I i.,'i.- Jl. ,J'hn sp.-' i' d lap rtment, lut! fuIilr1 to fiil n yt reecild of the Lirth
Political Agent, who h aisl marct'. lF 93 .i!e'- in a.I-i o-f either c'ihlr. Junliut I.'hc-hlild, the mother
sa'713 to thr- rescue of i' ,if Fvrvi\ o arr1on, o'e W:;.' wrote, is (hl s!e ? ti;)pI.rt of Itbe farnily. and r sil :
"rilected b:y lri,aier- N' i N io tln rot to pur i,) u from the chana m i . a w r. hi.- c-nrolment in Ihet nrmy t
the retreatin; N'r;n;, till t.he ari'v l nr the '. would take-' hi il.,am w, hi3,:."z e flymi .nt I'r r
1,1S, "but to ta.Ie -r t;, ,-.. ici)rc: 'it ;,hi.i r-, Pt, 3 t' p( vcat..--A'- e -. ,.' W ?!/.
re e'nit'!o' hin'ic' !: hrit-.i' ;.p r.wi .'Ii'i --'.',,----. or li1
from M la;ipur,.nd in n''i; :., n' coi.; liunicrui1 l- LONDON, Feb. 226.--i St. P-' .teri-'rg dispI.tch to l
fir the dvanc- cf the 1 :1, 1 0 i- i .1 On No. t Ti,,.es ivs : i c 'tinlyV a sen'. of in- Ii
2-2. the little aimy u ,i:h'., c of K .i ;,.--'i ecuriy ob.ervaLle in evry -dir--ction here t and
"50 r,,- of i rl .' *2 I.;; .:' Hiil Poie.-, ': vhile there 1: f.l.; at-ar that som-,.-v ing will h'-ppen
ier Mnajor Evans and Li. ut. at. !e:t, con c'tULetI 17 Ibefore, t he aaniveriar. of thi Em wiiiir's,on
Ct.. tila W illi vi.-.un. w; i kr:c ,.:- c.:t;ril y i.i Io the ihron',, ti'.-r'e s faso a "i idea, which i.;
(him r r-rIy hLd ordil:; to pioc- .- i to h. lr i lghil 't lesiine ..ronb l..' to L'Ue (i Lp :'i, t'rl1;, bhat the (.'zar 1
of Id.ornjt::an ;in..] i!:.-:'-e:'t Isg iv' in the %: 1 will proclaim s''i-;. Ln: new oni tiart otcasion. The
Lion of Lhe -atai.!onomin i r' dul. .i not Io Jin inn th. m ,st itor l- l al t e .nlc d *t i1;t t,e latter espec-
attncL- ; a rol -.ion of ihe -14Ih N.1.. unil-in Col. Nuo nation is that ve,-v, iro -in.r'nt State doeumenis are in
lall; Lieut.-Co!. Johnstonp, wi't' his Marip ri --- .ciur e of ,'anin, thru Ih the press in ihie painting
cUit (tibo hri IP. n t:':inii3ed a.rcu to the Nfl p office of thi: Fourth s-et'in. A certain nutni'er f
Hills, in place of the rn'int01r.-d IMr. Pririnint. and lI ustworthy nen ha.e have betu working at. ,here j
holds it pro lem. with the po: itical A -r'ny of Mai.i- papers for three s Tec h. TL contents of the p apis -
pur); two gnul, within iC.:M s, utdCr Li.-ut. Mln- ao kept a profounul se:i, and in orer that nc-
sell, R.A..; Major Cock, as D.A.A.G Lieut. M.1 U- thing she.ld l,::-ik oau, tl!: prlinlers:iae kept in charge
gregor, D.A.Q.M.. rind Lieu!. R.r-b1n, R.E as oin- of an of.ier and r" tin nckr lock and key. This
gineer officer. The la;t was ooni delachcd with in.t, proves that somlothiug unusual is being prepared; 1
roekete to itae up a posimio c:n the side of Mola- but ts it was begnn prinr to the explosion in the I
ma Hill, wia ll, with oeto c peu on ~ honma imrl- Winter Palace, tip.t ev,.5t mv have somewhat :
tancou.icy with the g ns.. Tr'1 lret. of thc fo:c-' j changed ithe goci] intention of thl Czar. ;
then crossed the valley, ad wen h'.ay between ----------
the hills wbhih surro'lund it, Lir.t. i-idgl y w.e .As i'rtSC,(o, F..,. 21.--Tii C'INEE Qt,'ITI:.N.
sent with a company r.f Ith I44tii N.I. io sc) ;rmi' --Late 'otcAertdy rit(.-riuorn a w':rrant was i-u--'i for
up the KIhonomath Hill. Tihe i.-i5 t-.ody v.' b {t .:- ,the arre. t ol Tirliris iParr..t. of it,..- lr!r ol & '"
auns gradurilly ascende(i tpassini on their '.ay .'" _I Co.. on a t .,h:re,. of inpi.lo ing r (.'Chin -e in Ih, -: sinin, i
beadless corpse of n 5it''y, prol.biiY one of Mr. I i.f lhe Sulpur Ba:nk Q itcii vr; .i niri Ct a'l ny, ;t
lcant's ill-fated expedition ; and a part' of 50 rn--l i v. lih Pa.irr-.'t i- ,i',-; ,l.,r. Th' e:Ci-. hs been tailnM o I
,14th N.I. und.r Lieut. Hpie'ler'cn, v. V.'S. ei-:iit ahrlit p to t st ti'e c,'iitittition lsity h ol thae act r 'ecenlly .
o Ek 'tmnish up the bill.side; tLh' ,-uns were c;.:nr'i-d ,-, -,,d z i .- ithe Le-,Matuire pro!i!hiiiti, cur'o r.rati.'r, .
i.y C(ol.Johnstc.-ne't M -sI.lp n i t c.'oli-s. Aii d folsli. jI ,,, ,,ii.l.-,vinn C hi'I., .e.t
with the Geneial and hik Stat. After incicdi.-i. Ai ,. i;-l r.ctin .t tie -.:',.rIl ol l-,li
al.,our, the ptlts were '.o& into position at ishou ilhe rtpit oi mt, 'coii ti-r- ,,.' ini.' on (th2iii n ina.,
1,200 yaids' diiance from iiti bigr.'st p,'.int of Kb i to iv.n:i-tih.. t h* e-:.:i ia. i ,, lth Clint ., qtI :itt,'i t
nomlab, anid atI once op nedi fi,:'e, wuileo L .it. :b ; r,..a..a T hIei report 'J-Iat il tIhet' of arlt iir, Iouni il
did the same with bis rocke ; 1,ut n;-!ilt." ir to -.exi-.t there, .i,1 it i-t i,'-kure of crov in-,, lith,
uuch effect on the i'i!i?.ne, and e.-pn hI4- : : :.1 d,1e1 e, cr iirT., ant1!1 tithe in -.r l!i.ire ar, ol :.11 emi' .iletr- i
Slone forts. A t. aboul 2-. 'f. i..n1 t_ ; fii", t.-n. ; or the pre t-ir tii..i of !i!,. I.--Ith an l jI i ,t,.-,
changed, an t!r-' '-. v' re :' r t'. .mI .'t 't'' '-. n nore tit: .t r t iI Ii. l. i'ert t xp':c ..l. T .
nirli' of lh o r trl.-- .re c .ie .,s u',.i .d .it i,;r :,ort close-' with a re.c'. in' i i'i,.ti on it it C'liil.atl ilwn
"-hot fir''-,' lbc .vil!,.,e -- hut ti i : ,_ !i ."- :- hi e !L ('ii-em ni.- as a ill, nl,'.-. a l call i.pion thli proi-
fet. Mcani hil,', ar p.;-ty f he iL ,-l h ; .'f,'-, _P i au tl!oriti:es to tql;e th,-i nt:e-sialiy stept lo->r l .IN
'ia oilter Esicc. l;I'1o, and the "l r'- r 9! ':1 !.i- I aiP it.'ic'nt ivith,.-tult .1-I.,v. TI|, ri iport"i w I i i nni,;- 1
ii't'PoCedti:tl ', .: th :. I t:. t, i .t .: ,- l : i hi Ui V il pt il a'le and ii .. rl t ir is .-
village l.y v. ..r,: .:.'' t i. .- ;' .n will be., lta;!!;> ..*,'i out t vi < of tihe
de ih. M :I ny Je: '- '. ; i. ,' .- :.. -:,", .. t, ,.,,.'. i,
vere pstr'wp( 'c N. al sil i .- -' t : ii, ii. it i L-1 .-.J w ill -.t itih l ut liit-
'in: *,i' !.n. ."I '. -, t ii- .- it ,I a
Sii .. .;. ; ..r .'.* '.., '.i : ,' t .PI r ,,. C fo it P r o 2 \ Feby. .
:- ,t': I n -i'- : ,oriks, -hic -i t 'he lb La'' ; 1i- ......... at (he ller.i.i' i-, iers''t. o In Tl' l rbdtiay."
i-tan s.ecurend : aind is there Vw .3 a er sad! force t. .Felr ry 2 ll th, the WI of Air. J':.reauiali Piltt, rt'
hold it, the uirin were' brtiout,:t it p ,jiutl!er ar, ty Tv1 :.,-;- n,n an l D;tiuglihor.
fire to their asitatn e, and.1 they o ned oi the p- i .f.i...n Mo v t,.a -i t il
per for at -a dii rce of O t. 1't!u Vat .t-, Li':.u!. o % <\ o 'ftI- 1,'. M1ark J, e i f i '
Mansell ad his three Europr-en on'balidicre. point- lnd Pevsr re.r. Ef'wr SO1 WitN.
te tuflyeo the eny, ............ at St. (_oirge", 1. Mrs. EdIward White,
ing the guhis fully exposed 'to tbe, YLc. ......ur...
throughout ihell o rntions esjleial i o iA Iku.d out,: t __ .f ,
oicers 'ibthheir ihof:t. ('olanel Jobstore, re- '-ql
getdi the r litica: si' e, ailt DIED, at Sonicrsr t tin ItIh ir -ian it, it the resm-
knoitin t.a' ltheeefi'clcist.t a reported retiulse of thli det of, of it'h .n. --ith l lI. Har M rs. St N..
Britith would have on Ibe N gas and their a'lieia l ..r'x, aga ,,.l 92 1, mont,.

wh-o swarmi(d in the juni;les Ionrd, tiro, gey u," 1
ire nc-cssity of disloding be enemy bein,! ni.i'" Notice tO Salvors tark
ia, C.r making a v;-oiua ntiteinpt to do it and as
the poDs 3 wei. til ineffective, ti,y were move. tmho C O"th i.:Oila '
other point A.ter several inou .of heavy c-horL. -i i
ges, I.te order for assault wi S guivrn, and 9 officers, -
with ais timany t i-V could, collect, ruT!ed out WNEPS nd Crowsof the following B.D)as :
in two palties to seh thb, fr(;t and uleft sides offthe 0 -- 'iin Tr ir,,, Cu fi, t.i i, /',t,, .
fort. The-o were Ge oNral N. tic,.n, oor. l N !. ,,, r, N,,', Fi'.? I, ,l y Fi-- 's,'h,, Lr ,, S ri", Pit /s,
MAajor Cech, Malor iWaflctr, Li.:ut.Rid. y,Lieu'. ,,,., R'f ,. /E1'/'- and T7,a:.,-
Boileau, Lieult. Forbas and C(o Johtin-t-r.e. Li.u.. -,.', `ot. Lnd r.quted to call at
Forbes and Ridrgeway muedeoh wcr.nuled, &nd lMa- the OFFICE of the Undersigined u
jor Cook was0 kiled. The N-ga mot theal wih.a ON WT -
heavy Ore. nnd Pi:OwNtS of iwesi19 and stones. ar.:] j T TT 1V TiN -i r & A r
tho men began to retire. Col. Johnslo-ie and LiPIu:. L I t LJ A ,
Raban bolti tried to rally them. but ii) vain, and r t The_, l10tl inst., At. 11 a.m., r
last the General, Col. Nuthtall, Col. J.)instorne, ar.,' To eCi.,ve th,. AMOUNT OF SALVAGE
five sepoys were left alone at ibe foot of ibe fort, due thlin on optionn of C- r.'o, Stores ai t1
cxp sed to the whole tie of the c-,my. .X ;e s t*i.,l-., froL .tr nld Bark North
force left was not large e -,.i b -3 "o1 e to h? a i l rc t no nl ,,iB r o' t-I
support with much effect, there was r,ot'ing for' it ',, Curolita' r soi t Pbi Atti, o the
hut to retire too, thrtuc. h the [,,in- timig hir cf lor3th F'.brun rv, Il.-'0.
the village, whicbt ite Nsrtg.,s had ig-,l anT hour l.1- ALEX P. BUCH AxN.
fore. Col. Johstone's orderly, Maii -ig, whr ha.l N-. 2 Qu'n St., tp stas.
accompanied him nas a volunteer fro, M..aijur,," d H, Mach
been dragged into the fort by the Nn.>s and slpear- I tthM cI SIJ
ed, as he wasr dcliining the ijara.p. He Iad airea tiy v O i,,,R
been wouflded in tie hand, Imut nereit!,eles. kil!., Uo t'rir b,,i>: l, )- ,
aNaga. His headless b(I:sy '.,rr Iuinrid the nxst
day. Night was now closing, iii the Mn:.atur, V .ba ".
who were alway' prompt r:- 'active, threw up iua El VD WILl i l M -t ''IN
trenchmens, in ;pire of thi-ir hard dua's woro, anod Will Prenach in t'he' I Mi. L'. P \(a OF
immediately afterwards ihe detached co, ps of the \,'f RSI!i!'
43 and 44th apperifd, to thel grcat i elief of the. r. ,,- ., .
Staff, whowere.inaMh to eii w.'eh-r c.,- nr, art thtny a7..' I'' 'B 1 -
bhrd been r :1.. L' i'it. Mtic ,i..e r, " 1, niFlr. A iA i 'Clit!k am. i
had scoured the jungle n:. the i of ibil. -'-r t ] AS'roP \il ojjp-c!y h "''' at 7 p.m.
lay down, offic'i. and men, hudled un L.t: lptl"t .., .
toget what rest they could : antl 'r. ('amC pr, ll d m N, 1.- Ali n.i.its atttendiii hi'_ arbo"'. e:-
his medical a..idiants were uur,.imitting in their at- v'ice.s :rec suppi3.j to contriJut', OyNE I ,LL,\.
tension to the otuind].?dl. A da d' rybreak, Co'. J..uii- r, cii for it the iiidin,_ F niiid of' tlre B. i1 (

stone and Caplainu \Williamso st. off for ibe c.A:PjI ChIie .
at Suchema, to liing tip mmuiiliUi'titi.:i for:. a rens- [ L .
attack, but had h1p.rdliy g.-.!,- th:oe r1 Iles wi heor. ..L-yL
saw the British wa; :. i i :, r tL I. M 'd'i '9 h, I ('.
at Khonomal, it baviu, LAn ..c, ;e.: i: -. .
night. The Naas %jjl-err S it C
cetrS, anrd i .eli.-v. : 'i.t i, ,' r r ..y ''. '' ,... 4,1 ,h ,' .,a iiy
but if they had etont tI : 'i r 1i, i '., i- t i ..
cold only hivuc -.:el c.;.ti i .- .< f O F ,); '' IN- :. i1) ',
life, as iti I i.Ut u : :.,v .- ; ..' i '' sctil.CtL'., a '. l ii L l.u s.
they had coi-.t! acted t''1' tit'it..&- '.;' 'i':; .> _t'..i rti
knovled'e. They u a v,' ,"p.o. h'' I: LE U j[,iLN. ij ;;.t.,i has been a >
heir skill in calde:i"i, ;..' :;.' ,,.' .; : A -e ,, t
ie eI S thiat, s!i.- E e .ir t I t' ,_ a .3. ..s .. h. i G- s''intoiihc,'l ; I. A -:T1' for lhin
aese; :but. i4 is hil that lizty I'. !.--.- -.,.-,:- t.. InIr c- l: C us om -t.i y i, ih .,th Izll n Is.

olobody reTdoled Eorn--,' In o '' I, -IBor" : i;
Lep:'i' without the Doclmneit..
Dr. John T. Nhnglc, i):puty Re,.staer ci '" itll
Statistics, ye::ter.daiy iecei-ved ;. letter f. -ri I Ir..
Pauline RotLscheild, of 1,-. 11 Turner S'ira- ., Luip-)
zig, Germanyv, asking t for .copy of thei r-ord t-l tlh
birth of her two chiliien in thi: ciy. he \a-010o
that her daughter, cow twenty-t v a ;eai old, d.-&ih-
Ad to marry, bnt. hat, to the nma.-ve eat e- ltbh
couple, t.he UGerim G.:,ve'c nmeat.. itt d ,) ,.t; .'
the ceremony to be p1crlor' 'edl u'til ih: f.L', th.;t
N!iss Itolbsc ill awl been dj.(-lin-it, 1-y b,.ra n ai L :'.
Rati-ted y thie produce ic- ,- a o ': tl r' -: of,
her birth. The voul.-be ITricie e w s ';ri.iF .'d in :v'i-
d-nce, wit thhe corrolt'.i T e ti .itl i.t ion.i -:;i r '-,-'
their, but that wiS nout. ,nlup::b. ind .' ..;, l:uin..,:r5. d
.:.'t ,i ( : h t'r ij l' I ,' i ,e ; : ::i .. -n ,' -
titl;:i't l','Vt ,':e C, .-:-uP ., *s -1-'. ,'-..' 3 '- : .- ,;"'. 1.1.
Airt. i ta -:"s t:K: it. trl ;!'i .
son JMuiius, ijW weib'y 5eui'-s 'ld, h:,E (ji ; se,it:aui-
moned to appear jor eaminaioti- iU.d enrollment. tn

''. t:,it r it s ( our i aiii.,ic ..'i!h 'e. i s:.1curit '.
I fl-A 'A .
ac.:' i ;t!, t :o.--3u.

- Good Chance for Officers aind
i rli, ST- LAS.. VilUl 22 I -0 : r!

.-a' tL C great ): -. ii.
F' ,*"; i ',ilf' i i o ,.. ;i,.,n ,ipply at the ili.r ,,i
the i.y ii .;) -v' ."t
LIc ii O t* i- ;u. -1

'! .: -', :p '." :. 1 '. 'i' ., '
i rt.. I rf' I' i'r tO hia ilitOin iulut .

U.%i)DE.-f7: T""'? IP1, SHFJD,
t2. 1 r

)n Tbrsda next,
Th., l!,h in d:,1 i ,
, ^ i ( N-1 7I;1:' .-'.:

t His. Londnin PrP't E
SDi niuslln H a Clit)1.: CODFISH-
I Doz-in n.s it'rte.l PI'TKLEI
i Povs L:;! nt h-v T il
S , Gro.,T.:r .UGAR
) Tubs BUTTER, 11 l 11.'. :.ah
.l'us:1.. STOYES i-; nil Fixings
i B '.,,,.s Crown ,SOAP
2 DOzen 3-lb. T"ins loas(: C BEEF
Ii Haf E tx,'s Bla-.k T-OB.ACC i's
t C(he..s Bes-t (olhn.-- EA.
1 Doz'n Menl's Cltlit SHIILTS
2 Pi:'c-v W\hite C'OTTONS
1 Case Mtn's alnd Bo',' rUI PS
atl'soiue T twee-d C'LO r IIN-
SAmerican Top BIT Y

- 0 ,.'-
3 Tint Sti
4 Gross M
SLot of G
Anwl a lo
t the Sale



W ill I
Ti krt i h a oi ,':.' t ;',1- :. in tih :e M ;rtg '., ', ,n-
t: 1 d,

'-)11 4i) -- 1i'i '.'- ;tf i "!

- F -W E ) TN F SD A YV
Tli 1i d y 0* urn .h. iniisti.,
-AN. ALL that ,:rtrtin (COTTA E
r. wi vith h,.. ARC'EL OF LA.ND \,hre-
onl it stan b:'., 'ituiat'. .*i,' brtiin2 mi P.,11'ro11k
Parish a ,I.:P- itl:-. "- TheA .'-.:' l" w i'h1i
i:ar,:Fl of Lan.l inaur sr- on ti E f .. ii ni ri.._..
..'.. s th-r iof respa-.'s.tiv ', '' I :'et -r th, re-
m; th ..r,.,, -'l on tl-'-' A.. "
La.d.inths a d on th;, 2q e', -in.1 %,,,'', si,7,
thl-lt'.f r :i-, .:tf -,.l-. > i 4 f ,-t or tI.-rJc -:jt ou1 ,
ali ,! is b -ri, 1n 1 :-.l ,,,,. ,.! r/q ann l '\ r .,;,,/.../ L; y
Lail.nd in th,!:- o,_"i-- ',n ,i ,', Si W d Bla11 i.;!s hman
and his WVif-:-; '.';,.: ; l "y i ..l i l ld in' his
lift titu.-- by J.-I:; :-' (C ::'z. DTue.i. -. an l, /, 5r ,i
by L iad h r-t. t-f,:re .t .-"tA olo.':ii Ta.:*,in. de--
t. is''].
..I a,'/ r .

1 Bermuda COW M ,,lsmnn..-,.-i
rawbr JA, amad N otice 1Notice
)t of other Goodlic tfrit. will :,ppr'.r 'P'he Slubscribe c will Sc- Cl it elp,
. .verv chenp, (t'[, r ca-li) to tl.'s'' con-.i-riiiehit,
B. W. WALKER & CO., 20 Barrels 'ht Ieary
Match sth, 1S-. t-(f, ;- c I ., t4 -
.... -. .. .. .--- ....-- ----. .a. A .. '3 2) .-* .... 3
13 L *JL *t~t''1 I ItH;fllft :Liu 1

J 1 J L LJl .i'L til.l .l.l l .

1Nsth inst., At 1 o'clock., p.m., :
-1. 'veil knowL.LXet-t'ti

..p Thait well known Ya--chtit

Lavitn- b-.'-n .t'v-yii r-itt,.. I with Ne.w Sails,
pia FittinI-s : ho., :r -full s -t of Ir'on Bal-
ist, (_. i i ini v-. with Anl.,:r'; hr Cebin
nui', -ly titt,..l vith ( ushioni anid Imoveable
,-ea .
Jajiltoin,. Mi ar. -ih th, 8l', 0.

Erx .ft from Jamaica,

50 Barrels Yei. ow Vaciuun Pan

V.ry Cih Fce.
\ND .N 1-L01 Ei ,

Barrels Cut Loaf, C'rishedJ and
C'ranulte.I D1) 1 .
For Sale by -th l .'gr i rgid. r
'antiilin, 1,1:i rch ith. I90,--2
-.zette" orlI.

0'W E -I. OF

rpri [E Untlersignetil \Will give their
-! niie:.!io li to the .rvrwardim-r (rf
I; II ),UIiA P'lOiILItC:E to the coanirmii'n:,t. of
c. 'if'. -.-, r .4
I NC.' Y- o,,
During ti'i co[ u int i 'rop S.'eason.
All chi tre- ifor cost of liemri'tanic'e fr' nelt
i)iccds will liave to ,Ic bore I.-v the owner of
the Goods.
'The gi ,ii' e-t nariket rate? '. til ie o.,tallined and
Accoitiit 5l.l'e r,. lirned )'ro!a'iply.
J.T. AR.\:ELL & CO.
Jaltmilton, Beillud, ;. J 3p
Marth 9i, ikSU.

IH ah thlorougl.iy repai roI and very c'hel p.
For 'iSe i.v
1. I 1 \STERtS.
Haniiltuni, M .,r,-!i i,',.---

'on11ey" -O bo Lel1t
On approved T[-.fort g- Se 'ii"s in-nis to

Ai'.ly to
Hamiltonr, th March, I S.I.-I p,

"P1"WT 6 IT",

'itaut.ed in I liauriii e t Street to nace itnrodato
a!,oil pel ;eol;, :-.uital..!o f'or : S-chojl, or Lo,!ge,
Itoom, havint, bteen twici..' rented for that pur-

For t.-rns I e.'te 'pi'ply to

J S. B. COX..
un,:ily Stre', 3il. iroi 9, ._-SO.

oFor alt

E lI1 \'.l' G V. ITT

Z" .x E t '-

Ci I
i li, .'l ". ,' S K:" i. ',.
1, iUth 6 reht.
St. George's, 6th l Miarch, IS ,0.

S i,..N.,'.i,'..l ,.NT n .vin,.; ~ee. -n1.e for
thpie o n u4 i -lOp *-! .' ,:0: i. e-
! lqstI to c: l :1 i.r pl ut t i' ,'O i ,W .t ,0%, f -.r
thle iii i:titu tlwyv ma) requii ':s .l. i :itl.d
q n;,y ha e-n ,.,rd.:,,.l.
A [',ES!IE! .-U '.'LY tS!'
Peas, Bean3, Cucumiber, Water &
!.MuI sk Mc! n a:' d ,.ii, 6i, ih .', uIldte .
!for ihe- :..s ,;1.
-45 Frunt .ireet. !.-, {
.9h M.r1.!h, 1850. \
1 *ii i ii

5. La. O aJisD A C: o.
29 I rt-ly 5trect, New\ V rl.:.

\Vhi-'h will be fo'..vr% ll, f'rM l'o f chatd.; ,l ai ,
p !) l. '1 \le i ighst ''a !n- i. ce \ -! r-'e p'-i.; for !'to-
dlct'e tlirouin i t:.t.o;
i. W. W 1 I EiE & CO.
li ;miliC, !on, .':larch ':, E -?^j.
*'- '' c "'

tN 'i1 i iv i; st, ti c i,-t'f ilfO A liernivec 'ci eusa,
and the l" ,t.s I, e v1 i he ,
'- t anil i' le > .i le i;.t .i-l,
A Long Black Ca.;situer- J A;

eJ2udt witi /!t b,'T a;n. :i'.u-l _, i it c!.i t die p.
T'I lii t-der \\i \i lhbei r ly r ai'etm led sa, le\i\
i:: tiIIe at the "' i'oyal Gazette" O01hie..
i .a ..ilt,.', Al, rI, h -'_ l.

I, Y0 5-, '.l1.ter.

VWVil sail as above iiL all the ensuint
ilaniilton. tI. Georg.'%.
Rate :f Fr ighlit 40 c'iit-; 50 cents pe: BIJ!.
F[or FrL-ighit i,,(eae ;na!ko al)piicatio' toL
V. ,, i 'A Lf )T.
H l- : ': .i t .: i \ l a ; J l ) I l i " ,

or I t. IkIs Islands,
'II1i .. SC (.O.UN L.. .

1 ..1 YL 0L 1?'
1.. Il.tte'I 1 s L,,'vi i' P o Pi 9. ":. '.t, d i .O iut

Iues yay, (Ati n us! it,

For F'r.e"i.gI .'iS 'y t.o th' .1 iaet,.l'
or TA T'iSt 1P.i'POSI: .

1 or Sale

A iL .biiuse and
I In i i ti''!ii t -i/ i !', .cl.'n ring to the
on tIe r'/i by L.:i.:" -i I :r-:. il .ida in
Li 't o n, ; :,: L : 1. l' 'r e 1-a N; South, :, y
the in i 'kI, ia;,d lits!. by a 'Trib SIo;:id.
T .- i U.. is a 'T % -w ory '., r:d has
Four Cc.i .. D : i: r i-: o;., i o
'a. loi o .i i ; I i i .i .-

' u, r '
-. ,, r ; lo n d

1. ri' -' : ,'t 1 :' -

NVu., io : u i ,jO, ',
N Di. W e' r. Front- I',i eel, lk:i- :s l.. -
.einbehe isi, i 7'.- -f 0p '

-G E N' -. 1
AL 1L vil r-.._.v.-:- T nd -irs, iPi duplicate,
"up t' 1a n.-'in,
Lum 12

'h- 15th Maruch, 1iS0,
Ft, ,it Per.ston- r.t'. m :u f d entin tLe Under-
nt' intio 1 Fi:t-!_._ _.' i -' \ ,I:' D -;:'.,rtinc 'nt

Ltting No. 33
Situat-.l .n thO Glacis, or North Sidl. of Fort
Pios.-,ect.-t, er.,tinin I '3 ae:res of Grazing Laud.
Posisession will be giv:.n on their 27th of
3 rit.'h. 0.
F..'rum uof Ten 1.-r al aill information canh bo
O.-tijaint I on :pli'C ti lo i h.' Comiiiissariat
Ofi..:- llIaiiiltou, daily, betw,.en the hours of
1i) a.m_. andi 2 p.m.
1 Di.tri.-t Couinissariy I-eneral.


R. NM. 1Sin1s .. Alpi.. lCpt. Crowell,
'Bct,.' Capt. Shiw.

Until fi'irthei n'ti e Ritturn Tickets
to lialifax ( avaitd.,ie for month) will be
i.-su. -d at 12 s, -i lini f aIt.
Throl.Lh t:- Eitts ,u,-:t to L;.-:rpq)ool will
be. i--ued, at follo.wi -,n 0,,t

1C; 1s k i P; . i neit of a
luiidhloiitl driv-, t 'u.ii '.g.,i -'i-' ," of Nova
Sc-:,tia and NN'v, BruiniwA.':, .-'r every other
Tu.f-s,,iy, via St. Jo.,hn's Niwfiuiundhand.
Pas-age Rat.e-.s-Bermuila. to Jamaica,
First Cal'in;i S 1t 0 Return 14 12 0
SeconId CabinL 53 0 Return 10 10 10
For furth,.i' p.ttwular-t apply to
St. George,, iBermu ,d', ) .3 3,
.Marcli 1, 1 s. 1

Extra Slats for Onion
T'e Urmilersiguied ofrer about 600

Bundtics of

'A'1tlout indi-, at 1.'; per bundle of 70 Slats, flor
C-i on, de-ivicry. Charged, lhey will be at 2/
f. r 6 ,i i-i '.

*2n ( Ala h .I"r 1 -0. p

or Sale.

- "- .. T RAPLk o seat four)
__t J__B. 3A n!l H-\!I.N ESS,
Tophrer t ] o bl u ut t o se\. prRAo tN, RE.

To 3 Ie s,.,hi i, one lot or separately.
Price for the lot, :C50.
Apdly to:, !.ie t!. o:; r,.VF0 I, .1 or Lient.
iLFE \'1 l.;,i. Pi'a e pea ct.
Pr'cspe -i-, thi .LM ar ,, '_',S .

For Sale.

The lai Sais i g Yat

, ^ "to Z


a ". ng .tlain-

U ~
'-sw t.

'l C, a u'. ., i, :,; i: ,,W '. B.
P o'-.'n, 1tiii ",e;,,;., !;n.' .,,*,! .*o. re .oil-
h! t.i, s : ili sl .. a-. c.0 ,e i :.. '* y the day
or v .eeAk.
Apply to
4"I Front St.
llain.iltun, Feb, 23, 1,s60.- 3 3p.

Po Olr'ice, ianmillto', Sh NMIarch, 1889.
Sarah 0 de'iley, i !rs \Vsl'i W., Aierson, Dinah
S3ur'ss. I3 J Bemgtsi n, II Cai.y, .uao do Bel-
lencoutl. Gei',r_e Curt>',, G ii Cu,'.i, Mrs Cum-
iiii, An aelin.i C ['>prin.'' H- U Cas-inore, John
:..,D, G \VCDurant, l,;s J (3 D,r:.-, i, MIrs S 1. Eve,
Patrii'k Finn *';in. Jioe.- h Fr.-hcr. i.. n de Fontcz,
D J ira'we, i 1" irimioin C litl.and, Minrrva
Jajill i, \i C King, .1 L Lt-', :, Tr- Riclaid ILa nl'-e I
M',i., John I.vic, W,.l.ed Neil.o, Wailtr Newton'
'.A iltr Poine, El, zi P-' renchtie;'. Anria i1l Pinrin ntal,
..'- i i. [ ..i., 'n .'rn s;' S ew.irr, \'iii.nii Sum -
,91pr, .r.:.;i.,.! I n e ,'o 'e Silvtiri, I.aura Smi ith, Jo.
, pii ii lr. Frank S. vice, .u'ia T' .riah, Cone-
* :i ith, .bsl' .: .,,::.,1io la i a Sni'iithi, Jo,,hua
, .*:. Li 'i T .' J '. l i',rl .' O Thnma4,

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i C' ..41, E& -'..; '.j, ,aa hi .
S Mrs C G'even, John P Hil', Lairence St-'ph
Jinne,', Mf ,I1-cklend, NMarthi ILigh'bowrn, W A
Long, Thos Lamb, Francis Reid, IsaIla R0lolnsan.


! eo-M O-T R(E. ,


0 .s r I 1
-a n nn ,1 I n IC

un o n I' ar.'; 7 or, _, .,, .., -.
m f- '' 44n-r. ,
an'I !t :' t'-l. ,.,,i ,'t 2! ...ii ,',;I ti 'l. ."
r., -'
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rh:!'t. . lr ti .-" 3, 1 1-Cc ,! ,j h,";-o sh, ~tr-i I n
te o. ic., t rt 1 1 ;,,. .,, ;tI ..lhsiiil!-
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,Niili.p to d',.'r.,'i :tr;tu I- t eir oew i h ,Ii -! hesi.3. T.ii-
dfcite'n, binw -h : "'chi-.,liv in fhIro. ,. tl on ,'i, 1

an '! : c'O r- i i t be .. ~i t r- 't .y n -i' nri .;' f i in iv
felt in ye ,';,'r it'.-' iS ? 'rl.- r. : ', v, ,i -I.- ; ;
by the lardc ". ..!icl o ,'-i ': n .: -. r'; ',-.
tary7 an d ft b'ar,-v: icm0 i- f'- run-! ., -mic:,;:-
ations cOrii'Tb c'9 1 i.r-,.;t '2 .'': i'ef-'-. -' !,] !,; -, -",'. -'
w 'ee p.ocp,, i,: n,.T h" i -,,.r.i !.m t.,; i;i,,.. .,:i...-..

of the gun which i-e',! I' :iri; en in that i, r c.- tin.v ....
tA farie e r!co ,lind be !it re'j the ra, .n lijor't otpin:i,
rit a o ninta! sqtb ,e phcon f ei r o .f l acsi "-'t i t1,.% "

The memton wpre O .f i wi! :-- ni ,e r -emain.ed. ri,,
thl'ai:o t aon 'v it, n t' a .li f r.f e ladinzh, iO i i"etst, it.-
forf other gn w ich a n id I'. i:,p 'rireta n that dh'e i, s-..
conditions cou d be b. the e m e iority litop in'
present cn t'. coni.Era. 1r o i11 inldeiii., who ? ,:,.,1-
ions have bei omf i, .' ri- e theine I rik' ;'
pin l.olhc"1 ,n tt1: .. .1 d .::,:.e !,a

Capt. lP- 1 r1- f ee, 2. h-. Ber S. S.t
pointed to present ; ? 1in i-, ain t : i"n 'i .I -r .
was pondilioas .ou,'.tide r. b-7, ip a e i r -p in .
present t C'.'. rei E ,;n.! their I onlJ4, ., whi F. ,...[ -
ionwas haave b en '- the 'lI.:.; r e., u'iir f ; ,i r.

pounds of p hth 'o-.t-'r next the P-ilIi r s 411
of 11C0 pound. ", id t- !..'ier-n,ih p iwad. T! ?
second nehu1- q 'l,' f io,.el---uml .u-' a ol
Cpo ..Mdr,:. i ," ... -ri, i.'.. a n r... J arI l
piue d io p e:l en- i n r!e c"'l, .' n th. '-i ,.ii:a.r Y:1
w an t'i n' ( th ;:Jr. h t ,(
powder ol jst in tj .-e r n-,- ; q-,e Ps.*iiir .-. W1I
in thickitess -sit -n 7 :1-n 'e .. : -:

this ill-rtratiom tyi ad.- iih hr.o 1nill. sucl

risky, A1 ,i t !. -;d T
ed the gun, a frnd io'.-l the p 'pnrl -:5 p,-; .iln. oi
anhe o lin t ,a;: u ,,a '- .... :- i -,, r
powder in ,7 to in l i ; .. in., ..s-i ni

ingly the cki ectatc dr .- o -i' t --''.. r .-,: r, :l
is ill i t' i iii oi i

seen to rellire ato h-- i unuitebL-r,,' n2
. t.eli' t l]i itT !--i;:" 'op. i ,' ...;; '. . o n,> .al ja t
r i ky. A '. ,ai i, eit',. ,-- ;.I. I'... _,, i ,-, j:i; L -;' .

ed the gun, r-.d tt'l -i'i I ii
42i, ';p ;tEi!r' -b -O r ilic-
i*' ., ran ok.g o ;t- it 0] 'U '- br',1 t ... :,:..,,,,t ,-i a

.rt ti ib t iO t f o' -. "['['.+ e _.
r n .- ', .* -, '. i.. ,:,, T ( "> : -;i',lj-

in ly the e l pe' atcr r .i.-d .,", -.-',t .:'i..) v.-,n t !.o
i'n a IPl irou r, wu;i [1 I l.., !,; of !. ,. Io ':

t b .rfTO t o- !T I -1 i i n i t S -; 1 e.
,n i d 's., N. i-"- ; ",P L" .- I, ';: i r :" I 'i<,i3 ,r. :i.

d p '.. .. ';. .: ,in ;,

-'er-,,s tnn iirm r. t1 -"A l!r I Lt2. 10 to.
persn it re nlire i ,_oh..o 5 ii -eiv.r _. .Aa ', 'I- '-

.gun, the, f l\i iih r i w.h 'i I ,ln h
SCarriage, res-ri '.in t' r-1 ,,3. i', : Ieliv it. s In,
fort 'e ,f i '!j -i,' c : i ,- r ( ,1 i .. R A':
G r F au ? ,. 0. 1,.'4 bi, wh n''t .i-
0,*.i !"- 'E i ;l'..:. v r -. '; -. I ,.' i i
", n,*- ii !, :A 4 -, .: ,,- i .. -
oi *_ itl W rO .?'., "i,.; ,r 7 .i1, e t. '; t;':' '] fij- ,i t;h ..

~leio p -;l t l ,. X e. .. afer .',' F(ii .j VL;u. ;L in)L u

never on'st to :'ris- tmiu:' r.'l p4 -4i~' bi.

It His MIU ty : n i .'t.- .ilv f.,, of tri !
orili e i) wr ,?> (lt .ir i v 's I,, ..'- ., i. r; l .i?' .
d 4 44 r, .,o -- t,...: ir "i' ; (. -, ;!t .. ; ,,; ,,' in1'

n r ietma! corn'ii -ve s t i- l i*ii' ; ei''rrd d
''e 4 -. .." i.". .' u! ,', ; i ii.i i_' .i
j" i.,i.'l (*('r,-9 I ,;. .',- j ', i:- l .. ,-' ; m; u '-i r. ci .
,' ,. p r'ese t tiv- ;, .';' i -
S-ers,'/n ;i -S+ul.(i,!it f ; *-, i ]; oir i -i! ..' ":;-,a-, i l ii

Carriage, r, -_ -.-riiii ;. r.: ,.rI -!,:, ti l i i'. ^ in.-
of ,mez. i t i, -- ',1 ;.!i .i ; i 1i'i l.t. ,'t rit .'.-
i ,)., -- i; ,u 'i I- I' u' hi t ---k : A

si i-, !i;+ \.,- I i.. i ;;. lr "; l: it ii'i .i L.- .If -
,:,-,. ii:., ia :.;' :. r{-- w h. :i' ',,? ":.ri I ... 1 !ti;,i- .i''

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Spu .
S, .- ,. i ; ',
.i ., ,- -

t" i 1. ..' i .. i 0' -U T .
'. '.-: i .' l .' i' .. t -j .-' 1 1" '.r' ,3i1

i 'ced t i 'K M i' ..t. dlh a bt ph, I1-..' L "
t .. 1 (.- '. '. ; .. .. .. ...-, ": ,,

Sl -' .. : 0V .. r .-; J ; '.'.

o ', ,I ;. ,' e '. ; ,: ;d U

t oWa-I.ip t C 1 '. ;i P ti .o ;- 1til
ith '..' r 3 .'. L .
S s- i i-,

V l i- .. ,-5i' iL-', I t .

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l .; ,..... i .. ; r .':-l .i" .' .:" i : '. _I' ,7 ', ..'*

h .r,,' f ,. ;, '. 1 .. ", !- r ',1- .c
0 e u -. i i ,. .'.'-n. ,!(' t, :. i (, n...a ,? ;.;.. :. '.' ," ;,iyii-
B il ;.j i-'w '.I ,.*. ;, ; .. .I t .. .t. C ( '_" '- :'.. i;.'. [ <' i

h i .- 'i ,: 3o ;.i 1 b ,. i i ., ; i .,i i.i
8 1 -, .;-. '.' .. t i ;,.,
f -* i : 1b ..j. tnt. Ta' -' t 1i

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1 7 .,; .1 1 ,
la 1 W j. .n, v. .1111A .

W .- ', ,A '- .' .' ..7 p ,1-. ( : h -. I "I ; 1

ev e I ,' i. I. '-. .T n

1 i ,t. ':i. -t i 'lve,1.) ;_f-i*> ant 1i '1 .
: i '' '' u !'- 1 '' 1) L''" a

,'- -., ;.- ..', in:* ..',- : .:1' .;
o" ';';.-' .- : !. *"3 i,- '! .i: ;; -'r -; ''[. '" 7 1 iS'i "' ,-'

S v .' i n 1. 5 ., "- i -' 1 t i'. 1 .

Oc t. At 7 pM m ot '!' .90 -\ *ii;',l . n 'a

N 3 I''i ii I o -i e r .1 ib i' 'l N -1 Corn

I' un .-i t ..,ii r -v! -, .' t h fr- ,
viq\-h, *- 5, n i -,,,_, t ,i .11 : !', i u m d '1"h 1
Bhil :A .ide ,iut 7 .:_i) m_'i'h i.O ',*-'2' ,;*'i*\ .'.l the 11 '.

':'* i, n ,i:"v o, I . .;: '., 'h r :.i :,
hIOP -' F"' r- P "u -',t..'",It.! i '- '' V. .3 m r -'.'" ._7 !nail '
. -i Ji, 1 _,' ,; :- ," : .. I k -" i .,

v i :-.i r, -oil h,. a' '-'' i i :r '

i : .; ,? t :- .' il lV --' '- 1 ..- l '
F* 4 n .0 : 1 .go. A : t I'
S a' i .

A- IV -V 1 f-i'-n I'- '-h in u t rin e t i! V. f1e1irL(' ar,.c
l i. L.: s r.'", tco re.rK .p i.) S ,t-! i1 ri 'vad ;-i a:-1, n it"i' iil
of i I..i. I.i it-., .i" -b hi i'bh i -e i l ,?at ail,.ow-' I 1,'-
c-oni'? itii((lmi-i ] xud ;tI i '-f ,.'airir,. ,'[t. [l rrim-i., 'f
.'.-, on eul, ;,I i he [lou .'- Ni v a on-
Ii n!,.., i a w oh;. th. 1t 4 t o w a.'i c r'.f ar p Y 1A..
e r Na t I. s1,1i 0;n r. th- e1 i w ai a
I .l' ; i : i -;in o the t ( ''i,.'. tri t--I b '-
i. n!] 0 W' k iii' if 'i. I fior,'. ',i : lh. Ge.i.t oif
!i- ;.. .; ,:.r, -'-*. T i ': p )i l is v_ rv :l '''-,?;ji ,g i
u 4i .4' n i. o nly I : l ii C ni;.. H f 'i fie ti i he- -
Wi h *ii! 'uM o;:--.i o .; of 'v r f i" ih- i we'o.-
'N 0- .'. r g .n' .' -' ub! h1iih' 4 a. -i
rotl on on the st.oe -, -,r l!' !t '., ", ;i,', ,.'' ::- ti n'' a. e f.>i -1' i i;. jl)l.t:-i,'i t','i, atud
orI h it. 1 r-' ir 'in !.I- -'rric,-. O f ',to h :' -ai;. '
third-rates six arW 'v it .an, .h iul,. bo biwol:-
en up to save tS'- xpva p'.Nse.., of the'i c:ta -,," ,an only
ten arc- i fu for 'rvie ; wvhi P th-e six fomirrb-rat,'s
ire :,'iii,:-1 to t- '"o0 r!a .ll]y ln, a ,.nilt :-s s s Is
0i 1var." In I .?',1it.iion to tA h ab, orv e .i--.-" there ai
'W ,.; -fomi iroic lbA soai of w'.til i na' toll:r, .1 .
s -..: ci ". oet v r h t'in.: .-'eIn niish -.!, other ri-.
junauishen, an'! only tou i< :a fit f ,'r s- .rime, these
teiii t ue:a'r,-o ,'?r al!l four th-rate-, carrying o .fr ,
smooth-ebo'e u-os.

AtL a i.Cv'Lt r,.-eri: a of the SocleMy of Anu. qu-i, -
; t-', i w r pi:,ltedi by 'ie ?.;.cretii ',' itai a comrmlif -
A;cn-tion IHi, iT -en ,ITceired thr,'ouNg the Admiraily
'o;, ( '. ... ull ..e the SZin ii. Ltni4iii "--
i, ihta 'L t a ii,.in.!in- *, i r.- -' Oe-it mn ri4d i ', C- i .-
-.,leitr ('uolu tr i slii] h id lt. n -c t l d;', fr-,tjai in Inh '.,-
th.'dima! of Sa:n DIl',iii ;.9. the (b.-t iin w ':ic hib
b s.'i'-:S %..l i tii L ti' n,.t '_aa iimtn b .,ra t' l.- i.i sr ?
w'.; 0h -lani, .I tha;tI, i ", witlh a i'wrli'oi'rln
.b -q '., i,_i ,. n .1 u !>i .,,i-l t'i ? !i,' h C br-C is, r
o'lormu e, tbe gieat, Admi 'ai." 'Th' th.:bin'. ol lt>e
mcLiu .,; '-r,n voiu'i to the Aa, nin-aily, uthu c..ii-
..ll.'I U-blje d.inrlt ,'\a.5 thu .-.' r- rL.. t-,- ve. r m -l,-, .Ki -.f t.he 8 'ien'y.

A TH.KIATR.iL Sui'' AND MlOON.--1l)li'tg the,
r' nf L-tin XIV., the uin an:! a r. on, W ref OI
w ,."i! ,r ..-: .o i a, i it! 'F r,.'n :'l O p-'f_ r t .-,i: t,, 'rt.
E 'em; ,_',iu'il ln- .ms'' uI |e .\ASm- b ir tor oi G( ii.",1
as-i-,iri,' at on- ,i its jai-.rloruna tn.:-, It::-'.i forn'
ti is b- .. '' it s -rd'" rljS onp ati,-il, 'n1 t'-
S I.-! y I :."! tI m .l I'd hI i- -' befoTe mic:
','t z '' z.zirt he 'i .rt at Vi-n'i wiv :-hietly 'r --
n ';-, bl" Iorm ii : ize and inr the splen l 1.- of it .
PC'-n ; : -t J 1 ,, 4 3--l- ; 5, 1, ,:': i o' ip, i,:, ,f a
Wpte; ..- p 1.i!',rl'-n -': at 'i- noi a, na a'i'--l.e: d h)r
L- n ;M ily VW .,'oIi y 10.'mg.i-? o r o-t ,' w "e a.'
t- ,l Iat t notiniz of tbe !Ii'] iiv:-. ev,-r m,,re n:a'-
tilc- '.." t h' i. e d c-'rat!ionS a Tn' haSiit" c ..
t r_ Enitip.-ro ': I.1li-i ''," ,u. d tb-at "' hte st,;?'e ,
built ov in a r'' ':-". l a e ,nal!, wv:.- di>vi,-i. d 82 tt3-
'e.? :! iri,, o! th' i 'I, u 1 ,:i t ,'-t in:-'- t',o p. i s L, ciJcov-
rin-r ith [ m -,.u ;_ bii '.,'li t,."D i,?i iina teeii iy e-"Li ?
i'r.,i :m'.if,-t' i -f,- t. l-',, 11_ .t-i l; 'n td -'
s,-.! that .. lh!. ei),r :., t ti,. an of :a navi al fi ht."
la m."uillut ts .I/,I,/:/,'?e.

Ti!E NORTH -WEET PA'.SAGE AT LAST.,' N9..,!.lenai.:i: ,d tits we.,': pres-'nted! t.
the Kin.g of Swed-a a H-,.ort Oil ib : disrcove'ry of
t,- Norlh-wesi Ps:.a..', entitled ",' ur I, Posi-
bI,1il. ie Ilt i..ivigttion Com eldercial- danil la Mer
Gici..le 'e Sibbrie." The connlusiI.rni he arrives
in. :!--' i bi -' .'--
It is periecilly piracticarble to establishh legula:
nual xie, ti, t-'i l'e:w; eeli th.' North Cap m ;il it" ro't, .th-
r, -, m OL 'i-d Yl ttfs-i [i ~ s. A vast quantity oi
c rn 1.iii 6i;ims r.dt it ',if bei". -xi'Oriti'i fr.-a. t'-' 0 i-
and Y- ,-i.;'K iorin''e ,, 'nor .u:-riculiri l a rii hciLtnery
1. ? ',. ,!V ::Q2. i' 1' e rV, y lin i-ii ;' :';l'-ria. .t
t r.i, rear i:'li.'r ';it i.-tuio i b.'t e-'it tj '", ;0l th ..f
t L'. 1.- i 1 .4 a'' To;iliI ii, n i y I e ..' rid'-i :-; .Ix-
-. : -. -'. To liln it' ;i c '.tiriO'':c.i ;on I)'*-

t,''-. .' ; I i,.lJ :i t L : t i3!!.i l- .' ii J
to li _i8 j ni'a .-.,' .,, C ,,,_ltiiu j,. ,- .- v. f ; 1 t- 2i. S
I.. !: ;.; "j i ; i crr', '; A o".. : t iu..'f. 1 r .'il u s'-., -.i ea

ei .. I.' ,U -a.

-. j... '" .-o-,t aol-:- or 01 ? t )e,',1:'s W i'''. ", i-i
} I' 'i i i t.. -, -h ; 'i lltitl rmn.,', nl[ ; W m"ulIi: i"'0

ii- 1 i i 3 i 4 ; 1 .1ml u Iri I1 0 1 .' J ..r- I

boiliie cut in l.- '-h frota i .t -A o he.,i .a l -.','
I v, I; ..., i.'i i.',. ; : l 1 i|b iO 9i'.5 c t (i ; J -' r I o <-: i "
ti, .- ,.:t ". i,*" o, a.u; .i! *y O;-i\ 'f l, t i in .. t,
d o :,- Vl .;- : ,..: .1; i ":i 3 c t. ea; .' -
i ri:..;. ..i t o -, .; n .,,J i' a', -i] i > ,' (: -
I ._...),< I.. at, Ii ' i. -ts l [ .t

pF IT CI N_5- 10- F1 *E'A''N 3 1-0-b Oa r (.f
( ai ii -. :. i 4 .l ;. : ,' i_)', : '- .' i h s 1l I r .1

W. ;.<:!."4. 1 th1 l iti it .'t' Uo: J -'. ['tii' n ia u .. -2'S
'- C i l; -iQ ,....-i :!, .-.] ', i. v., i L h i .-" ,i .' ti { '... !.l-- [ ,

V 47, : .- r.c ri J
R ia-l, l be. Uw// P, w N
i.n'C P TER LIT i.(,INS Or Ti" llod!P,': ItION OF (.,\NADi
A:,D i ; LWFr' i.,. N-L-L ; i.i sI)'R':UL TI .,N.----. c' i ac. -.

DI'l ,u '. .'; iI.'i ii "' .- 'I. .'. .. .
th O ;0 er 7 !'' i ri :i..t ] aii'.r a.iic"d 4 -. i ,,,d .o f

-It-W a j. jr.4,a '.
,O ';] .. :?" 1. .' i ui L u1s.i r :".' .
110 ., -i '-. '. '' -'" ; Pm,.'-l wi. P C' ,

-t ,. .. -.. 4. ._.' ..: .' '- ," '- :' ',.
i, ,:...yij LU i.u .. ..; ,.:-'i i 't21t .-;;t ,' ;,.-5 :,';' .'..'! iL :

t.1 a. -o n h n Y 1 a. i .

1e. ; -.:. ) r. K-:i u i, ..i .- .' m. ,

.Severn '! IV ? .' .;i ( .* :- ',' ; -, -
I e_ ,n 'i th e l c ei A: r r.'I..': I M W

i .t"!. o '.h,.J C'-a 'iw,'.''r. tih i,' ,l -,ei' !' '. a nAI' f ito)
f i... t e 1 il ,! t 1 i.-rl hit a v. ti hi b r ame..
Two ,;r thrre'? gentleuiOn be'ani to pok finr. at the
profles.r, and intimnatd there wa '.-.,i oe trickery in
h i-s werormi ouc_. Finally the mlum'mnric oeieia to, got
upon h-i.; did,,,,ity lul offered to giv,- a Ifee exhibition
then and there. oi hi.- skill. H-Ie .tid he would No
Ilirie onn_ of tilhe pnty, when tuid'ir the influence,
that when be (Carpenter) had e'aur'd the suj'ect t'
grasp hi-< own nn'-.e, he r.!,uld not the room
withatIt takin;., his lingers ronim his noe. The wagepr
.as aeepte nd -ij 1of the party, a untlioaniu trom
Wrindeoro, gave him. elf upi to ihe influoi(.'. :t tho
m f.--,Ale ii, whi." leiling himu to pillar, aold
him to lose his evo.03 atit lie mAdU a few pasNIOS
.,rer his he-'. Ho then t'.'ok thlie gentleman's
arm. br.ght. it-, ind the pou, atnd put hi-. nose
bIatwoon his finiaeir-. A few m.ore )..e< ai.nd C'ar-
pent.r aild.ii "Now, Si', ,,i c'iaint letve the room
without raking yuir fingers off pyor iinose." The
victim openeiid his eyes enud t one, saw tho point, not
i oi his no:o.hut. i..f thi joke. for he was ohlig.d 1- let
go the hl!d ol his na-dl app -ida e in order to let. go
Lhi eumbrac( of the iron po4t.

Alth ni;rh the ma, of the Rpublicu: Party is
supposed to har- bion con-ceruned about, awri in
3impathy wi', b- oPo-irle I p-'ple who hirR left
the. South o neRoC:'iio t of unitj1 ti;'e-itm.r-t from their
former nmasters, snoch would not s.em to I)" the case
I fro, m th' -daendr-I' c';,:t'ibu'L,)n mad]? for their re-
li|-. rThP Kansas Freednipn's RT.lief .Asso,'.ciation
has r'-contly repo ild that ls tha n $9,400 in all
-has b-en giv:-n in their aid y 20 States and the
SDiri-.i Col7,nbiL. Ohio hai h -en iao't hliarail
or least illih?.na!, an.1 ., ha. contiihoi' 1 ,."s thnon
$3)00. Tb Stia', q has 'iv;n u.,( lle os 1,200
.M :.-sac-usi's only $2:!01 ; u1.; .1 I, $' 91 1)N ; Min-
meo't $19S: W;e'n-;in. $10) ; Connec'icit, ,i,
and "It,'m. 3. VP aninat. ,ereaoembr thn l'uay iy
has been si chrily bh.'towed in thiq country upou
any cause accnunt.-?' worthy. F-eL. speak louder
than words, and indicate that the boly of Repub-
licans cannot believe th, fugitive negroes to be i I
any special ne'o,. If they are, or have been they
cannot hare been much helped. 'Th- wll|-l num-
her of col.r,,dl fugzitirea in is estimated at
about 5,000, and th,, am,)Luit '.;i-.], therefore,
would not yiIld them $2 each. Negroes havabeen
called improvi'l.nt: but bhie fugitive iare not
likely to be rerr improrvid-rit on tho meaus lately
furnished. It may b.. that tbe North thia sit such
good fo;'tunir for the niIrroes ( gel.out of the South
that they do not require anylbing else.-Ne'w York'

BI.ULLT4 F ILVI-.. 160--Ti" hin' r.enltlv ,:,co)'vere.l
in th, .-.;ierr Mt il ., M -,l : o, .about i hichir so mnlchl
ha, r c-n lv i,1' ,n ii'., r i i' l i .1n h i\' : sl exican
lieut nc-.'.it ai.I -.l.i ,i wh' ll.' in l .arch! ,I -tn.4. B,.-
li.-vi vs tint liind'iir- i le- tlieir a nlo? in t ohe rough
and lrn,,''t ili.!l, prl' i h:> ilb l r-'gioln, thein- li'w-ei t pr.-'-
e '-de ,l ti inv', t''ite, an i un.' UI e. f v -'u.iwvs
ai l ;.liil'ir.-'i, in i two worn 'rut t' irrilr'-, who V,-r_,i
,inr''r.,'lr-u li ou Fit tIe- mo rlih of a 'V i_ "itouli h ,,i'. bul-
I.'r. Tihe r ,' I-hs w-?r,- ra;a n iin tw", tVlIhen i,' .'I.VI w:1,
S'.ir che! an' I quit a qirintiry of ilv"e-r uillI and
oilhe r n'iqli i ran. -iler arlicleis w._r- louud. So
a.r ,tonItle.i \-AsV the lin mt.-n iit to ini t!iO' pri.-cioius me-
tal put to 'nutl. .-O niln.i 511'i e th tr lie in:ii e further
S r,:.-li, 'li u,,i' ,rl~i th very Ie llity at which they
!.lt-iin'.. .a 'ire. Thh'ir ,,iningi t, ol c n-
nI,f4.'l uirinl, :ilalv nif two o Ar mhi'i-e hill lu, chi- ani axen-,
with which thr cit the ore loo,), as it clin,', an al-
n,.,:,'t olih! i3 : to -- -i le t a gi. ,a it io ii[ou t:iin.
Fur v':'.ius th, In!li. ns h,lid i-itdl mnainy Mexican
t.-wn-1. ,'---i ,,i n s, I. ir a- M .,nricla',., wi vii car,'oes of
hbillet: -of pure ilver, whiieb ti.:-v ,lio-t r,a e away.
B3i.t n1 oie '1: \, ait-rior l, thIe 'lie:',-ry v male by
the Iiuq:-n ti aii h'ove r.'i.-lrrei to, iwhe-re tlthey ninu- th.- bulh-ts. Now tlIhe localit is -.warmiing
wilhi ,: h:kers Ait,:r w avlth, a land tihe richlst ilver dis-
c'iv'ri.., kjii.;wnl hav- here bt.-en inalde.- San Aitonio
Expre. .

u r; ~
.4 A,"i* -$4
S- -re. .4.

iA Market Wagon
--ani ,lv new.-A- ppl)y att "1 ) :i1 :izeLte"
Sl n,:' er .SZtore.
ifinnilt",n, Deecr. ".!3, .'7!-.







- -
^-45 ^

'-I '-


-, r-
,4 3


I ; A--
,..,- i

1 U'
-4 -


"-.2 *,

-A I -'

~4:~ '-'h




'S -~


'7 ' - 1~
~" II~Ja


- -j

N1 -~
fl '3 9=

Duni'lon.l., StirOc.t, [-imilton.
Teri. n.:-;, t oa:r:at.

-. .1 -'7
- I' -- I 3?Z
-' .. I---------- --

. r '.._-f .

a.., i- .' '- '," .
i-- ... b', ,'" .' ii -. i l '; .. i -

;aniiiltoi, Lec. l.t, .79.


;.ted S!qief Me il Seaanmers.


C -.L^V f. \'1 1*^ 1'N,

M \.' il-. i., d' .:iv J iny. 27, at 5 n.m .
SI 4- ,N- Si.t <,b i .,,sj.i I i-' yv. :3, atl t0 ..i.
^ !Z< ) 7',,- -;a' PIn (y ii)0, 21 5 :1.12.
\V i l ,1 1 ;.-* ii, *r' ,.,|l: P ,.hy. I at )0 n.m .
\ T N ', '. il. i'., ,l \\ la -.h v, ;!. 9 .'n..
WiS N IN .,-i Iv ah 9, at3 p.m.
SI[Z' -N a'i'- : 1.-' M:rch a I, at : .m..
W Y I I' ; i. '*' .,-, I -v '.Jirei 3, ,it :3 p.m .
N \ ) --_.lil n' ls, Iy .i itch 30, a. a i.In.
The above Sictrne orso ie huihi preJ!.y for
thile Tr.' have .ive *.v.-', i ti. ht buliiiead., and
carry experienced O-) i-et., 'iir,;-ons and .Sie -
:ir,;- -.:.. lt-e '..I ..i .-l :co: iiI.o': i tiot nsuIre un-
Surp;Li:; -",. id b i ailie .-1tealimers, and the
State R oino s ar- .in iliii k ,peeirn;-! into the
'.) '.I stI aruii ig that ,'reat v -fr'ort in
I""in i! I, ; erf c :'.. ,. lotionn e;,d lig hi.
:.ii.niL in:O P ;ttli o I ->.):_ 1andl PianD on0
each Steamer.
'i. I. ? l -tl.",,eir lei',inda' from Her-
tilIdn 'i' i:] y o .*al\' ;.i r1ive-. at N ew York
oniii ti' ., ;( .i _-a. ve r' L. : '.ir e in be
trai .!" read ,dir'"\ t t; io LFverPo). ll Steamer .ail-
ini '.t ().1y .

20 Broad'!wiv. New York.
New Y,lrk, Jmanui v 15, 1,%s0.o

i 0'4 N L'S i" )! '2 PEIT 'VLU-
R I:i EL'- 'TIAIL IN'G.\',, a ,pleaant
S i siic ,il- r. ir. ,-i.i; idjainct to irh TToilet and
lathl, a r, v *.ini, wceni .,i.i 1 poew -iil disinfeclani,
For w iin .i'i nale. ;t i Q lv.iiliablp.
111 .ll EL r.-I LE' '1TE) i\VENDER

I IrEl.'-' T!iS Lr: DISTILI..D E.AU DE
I ) I%!]iEL'.- i -. r).'ll I'lti? O \'IED FLOi Il1 \

I iIJ \I\ .L' ( -i t ',Ii9:; [L I" nl otiler Ira-
"renlr Perl'onl i-.,
SI "' ,"/ LI_ .'.F, i LI 1'-E niiid -'L i'FRiN '_
,i-'-? t t 'i i i il ltl l .2l O .1 gil inip 'irs an
:i:. rrt ',')!' I coollii' Im;1. j Ili, teH d.
RI l \li 'iL'. Pi':.IT' '" IIT.E GLYCERINE
S -.-' T'FILIA. .tRi-'N -\ 'lN-, :. HONEY.
ALMOND, LE FUI'UCE, CO I..-T1'., and oiliher,
l' i:ei l.i in lsr- or cake .
RIll '.L.-: VCLNE- N i;ii'Ni. VIIOL ''.T. RICE,
110.-E-LEA.F :i, otiiher TOILE C l'OI \DI'ES, in
bo\x. b arrelf ai dp -ke'll e .
I 11 i lE.L'S .'..U.1DENTINE cle % i,, 'ahilens.
and r..'-. rver .- ih- letIh, re 'eli>. the month, and
swe'ir.i- the ji eatlh.
tur:il .Air p riti'r,. ifra r-ilr' Powder lihcli dill'ise,
the i-allhiv ind r-.rl' ,himil, emiian.litoiis of 'l!ie Pine
and Lucicii'yptl s Forf 's-.
E RI I L, P. i-'i.ii- r bY. a,.poiintiierit to I1. R.
I1 1. Piincll s'l I I, :), S rand, London, and 17
I B li. ..rd ii.:- i t', aii. ,
S;. ', 27 9.



B lks Inteilvr ved /. Plain 1/9. .'leetL J/.
Can hi oltai.i''.,C.! l'roi (iour Ageintz, (Icssrs.
I ( iG);,-E BOYLE P iON l. i'.r.e's; ,It. I.
(JALLOWAV, Ili,! a rt i'.,-r, Ii.N. Yard ; from the
sev'u':!i (,arriorM i ti, 'oy)il ',':az.'tte," :-,i.l at
our ..Lttioinery Sore
H .i!itonii, IPeer. 23rJ, 1879.

-* '- '2i' -.
,6 2! 1,e1'
= -4 D In
.-; .12 ,-vJ -



S .4 .Lz,.,

K, ;+ "
C -,,-


'3 f

i i



* 12.

4?/~ C~Pr-t2
~ .4%H.' -''----4
n i~ .,-. -'
-i *~'~I
/1'- 1

-b#t ~,



0 H

a k

. V I
- ,!

- E;

*- > P >

L -;
; aI





[11 -
2t1'~ It I
4 I
- -J -9 -
3- I
p -


'za 'i Ii u I S, -
jh 1 r i i ra-6i'. 1L A .
-.. h is '*. "n,'. .: c'.i i
S ;' il'j .i '.4 "i iilmI'UI!t 1ni!

', *; i iillf (.i' .. *; ,( il ]-. -

Januar', 6, 1,79.

YFlD 4 F-1'- ,I T 1k I A7
o :,a : '?* I. 1 -; '.1,
chlebralefd I or iie.i 'ly a cen iliry paol, ic of lhe very
bezi English mianiractinre. For its puriilyand reat
sn'l-..l nee il has obil.ined the following
Lon-',N, IR,-2. P.iI.s, 1867. C(.iDOVA, H"-27
VIENNA, 1873.
tnly Gold Mledal for Englisl Perliumery, Paris 1878

, /kiuison's Choice Perfumes for
the Handkerchief.
'Hlii e Roqe, Franiipanine, Vlang Ylang. Stephano
ti-, 0(ipopannx, ,loc!,e., Cnhb, Ess. Bouquet
Tev\ l, 2'I ,:lia, J itiiui. lW ood Vii-
Il,, Godl Medil Biniquet,
And ill .i!hir orliuirs, ol) the ilnest quality only

.Atkinson's Florida Water
tllo II rragraiii Perfumne, ditillcd frorn the choitest
Atkinso ns Quiinine, Hair Lotion,
a very r-!r--iiing dVashi which stiululates the skin
to a healthy l itlinn ar-d promotes the growth of thie
A T K I N S 0 N 8
Ethereal Essence of Lavender,
A f owerfl'l Pri lliiii dil'illed Iromi the lines flowers

C lIt IN' E' REA.1M,
And other Qseciniuirs and general articles ofPer.
I'un ery maiy be obtained fr all dealers throughout
the \Vorld, andi L tIhe l manufacturerss


CAUTION.--lessrs. J. & E. ATKINSON manu-
firni're thleit articles of orte and the besiquality only
I'uirc'.-er; .,re cdI .tioned io -ivoid counterfeits by
obsering that each article is labelled with the Firm
Trade t1ark,"l a 'i ,ile l lose o) d Golden Lyre."
print,.'J iin seven coIours.

.j-.j^ U, ^ i ,.I

> 3.

ito beb from th.

o f;.i h t W eathie-
L .ii], .iirs iElg
0 _0Z*:. 4,,4 P -

S".- il l 5i
f .. '- 'r~ '0 . 0 0 x +_


Otmces iii Groat Britain.
Through the HP \N11 OFFI"CE in these
Isl. ,ii'', a :-avintg is elfec .tel i ( he Innsureil
of th.i .'itaip Duty, a v-i y considerable item.
I! KS taken I)bo,h ili i EAL and PERSONAL
PUilPi: 'VY 'or 3, h, or 12 months,
N,, ii ai;id no EI iGLE Itr IPolicios.

Ha.uilitn, September sthl, 25.

7Th h od, re :liierb)ridge,

H A iL]'ON,
iP -, >: r.,Jl, '.I' si <' F; ( -ii ',,zT. t!e'" <1Ii.-ce
.tlir-' c, ,tl!rs- li) ,.; b 1 '2 'i I o -,
;'! it ;t. : TIlu' lays and F, i-

t_'r .l .5 i o .o pily Atlenrided to.

S.C 1 8' ---80.' .__
-:1 '<+ ..^ .. V <,'.-- f ,- ';C H- 1880.

I .,

% ,,- 15
: rL

.- ,e 6 I 3
Ib6 14
Fri 6 1 3
26 10
6 10
o 6 9

" Cla. ,

6 3 28 5 54
6 3 0 7 30
6 4 1 8 18
6 5 2 9 6
6 6 3 9 54
6 6 4-10 42
6 7 5 11 30

Nw. Mn.8h28m pm

5th in Lent

TnE ;FtrUOA ROTiA.,. AZETTE is publish d
every Tue-sdav y y DoNLr, rM'PHEE,
P;i'nter to the Queen'. Most Excellcnt
'.,i t3lV

Norh.i-',esM Corner of Rei, andBurnaby Strcets

ivh, Bli-is, Hiand-bills, &c., wil be
1:iniLet i alt the shortest notice.--Agent.s,
at 5'. (eori'es lor the Royal Gazelle,
RI.essrs. GEORGE BOYLE & SON, 1West End,
Water Street.

, If'. r ts .' -

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