Group Title: Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder.
Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
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Title: The Royal gazette, Bermuda commercial and general advertiser and recorder
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: D.M. Lee
Place of Publication: Hamilton Bermuda
Publication Date: -1920
Frequency: three times a week[jan. 1910-dec. 1920]
weekly[ former 1828-]
semiweekly[ former -dec. 1909]
three times a week
Subject: Newspapers -- Hamilton (Bermuda Islands)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bermuda Islands   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bermuda Islands -- Hamilton
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1828?
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 93, no. 153 (Dec. 30, 1920).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (Jan. 22, 1828).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00076588
Volume ID: VID00009
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 46887227
lccn - sn2003060500
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Preceded by: Bermuda gazette (Hamilton, Bermuda Islands : 1821)
Succeeded by: Bermuda colonist
Succeeded by: Royal gazette and colonist daily

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i r

1' I r ,


.G" 9..- cl. .J.. 3T nE S * VIAS AWATf,|IQU&.S. Sis. per Ann.

[ADnuoes f, BerC aidfS n.uesd F'urcI 2, I SSO.



.Nol (dnl ithe tRiche.t Cifl in Central .sirl, b al ie re-
rort rcf the,'-relvest Di'ines, Philorophers, Por.ts ,i,',
His-torians of the age..
The city of Heia. a, out whi h hwe have hr.-d so)
nmpch and ane ao b Po more, sra-ds
on the Heri Rirr. on the sl-,pr- rf the tHindoo
Ko"hb and (consEquently in thie noIllh-west corner
of A!h-anisian. Diu notimb, t-. a hitance of about
230.rles is Meir, dt," ,! a -li? is ner of in nt'iy
400 miles, is t'abul : ; -an'e-a lI to the souih-ewMt
andr apinot equidistant Iromnt r'~lu andl Herat is
C'andabhflr. If (,our !'r ei's' v;r-. n wair-nil.aI which
will conveP a fair idea cf I i-ti-tli'on from tret--
gelical and politieai point ofview, t t them upp;.-.e
a capital L ruonuted on top of a capiltl V : Merv
will he at the top of the L, Herat at the angle, and
Cabul at tho horizontal extremity oi the letter, while
C-.ndahar will be down at. the angle of (he V. Cs-
bul may be eliminaied frcin the situation, for though
there lre direr-t roads bItween it and -ierat the
roune liv iMaimsan; to the north of tile H.'zareh
Mr.untainri is ciciltousi nrnl difficult, and til-at
tbro.igb the HI e..reh .rannitrs iS rquii llyr lolund:.; houtl
and more arduous. The iriit ri-ile, and, so far as
B l-'nown, the only road by w[lich a ir"e if'ire
could b..- moved from Cabul to iHin!t runs ibrrugb
('hdadhnar. From r-Ani5'.aiar to Hfia'3 is ;.llout re t'e
hundred miles in a direct line: tbh road, however,
P-- not very direct, ai.d for milrni y puli av rpo;S the
dieitance ria t, p 350 rales. ThL t'il Wi.t m "lr'rv
nf ,- nearly s Lai a!I asNo t o -iess tIan 25: o ai-
lone; it is a -ood one, i.ein eveu Fna ii' wf-=.:. p'art, it crcse-s tbh !Mazratoi-P,hn P1'ns, about
thiirv milesP noth f i lerd.i, pra..-irc l:-e for all aiirfs
of tbm service. Iit raverise a lertiW coruntiy, and
,iuns for a creat pait of its lengtii nlong Ihe valley
of the River Kushk, so that supplies sand water are
everywbere abundant WiVhetnerr the ra'" for
Heriat begins, if there is a fair St,'., tle Rumsin'.,
should get down the perpenodieilar oc the L friom
Merv before the Eniish can got up the thick ikide
of the V Irom ( Candaba.
"The position occupied b' H"ral," says iailI-
,on, "'on the high roai bLtwi,'-. Irwio and P'eisini,
I be centre spot ,of an .-xtisive and fertile vt'lilev.
well-A.stered iv c-hrin-:'!Al ni'd froni a peremnni.i
sireoi, tnalkis;Bhr out a t :e natural garden annd
granaay of f'entral Asia." It is situt-iLed in a plain
bout two i.thousandl [ b[unret f'eet -'oi" t['Ie .ea,
-" 'd is fortQ iA--' bW itimud walls, pr:'.C-nti'a thel oral
o.oj a_iquarp. evc ib pide'u o wh'ichii is .oc',''-t'ir' under
a mile in ler I h. 'I lie npi ree W e il-bil ', i'iow
and dirty: minded, ieh rOrtirflmou saying of i1 replace
Sis, "i!' dirt were to kill where would we be?" "On-
ly mrein is vile" at Hpi:-t, however, for nature has
don't. everything for he .:ity '-,nd its environs. The
climate is the finest in Asia, only Iwo months of
O the twelve are hot. and even then the mercury
-rarely rises above 85 in the shade, The ai.L,'s are
always cool, often cold. The 'leratisi have a pro-
verb, "If the soil of Ispaham, the cool breze5 of
Herat iand the waters of K1-virzin were in (Ab
same place the-re wounlh b, ro. no.u,.h ihint as ''oa ii."
The waters of Ihe leri, Coni.ll destiied in 1531,
as the bEst he ever ta delicious in- fiavour. P,.-rple -,n er i,'_-e garrdens .'unl
eat. at \ill, being weighed ;' heavy y pas.-a in and ou, .-ad
charged for the aroiliup.i4i gaine.l, a situAplr y.u':lm
whieh the sa wa, N-ag, c. E Ed'in ,c.:.o., d,:tild 7.y
filling LiA pockets wi:b p-ebl?.?- ;an.3 (a(ti-ng out bal-
last as he took in l s:oini; so as n la i.b the a.ionil.d
- p .p lrpietor itaio hin d,.bt. Th ,: i na epsca r'
arily iertile, and the "ircimam Ai r, .' -io t-o'antields,
and viney: (d-. s, io ths a n 81:)-t si. [our u.i les
away on ihe nc'th andi t'o"-e (- o.he ,tso uih. tneal
along the valley as far as thbe eye .. reach. There
are extensive mines of iron u!,11 lead, only worked
at the surface. and the scimltars oi Hernt. nre as
famous in Ceutral Asia n. its hore.- Sill: is Spun
tbere ia goely, and car;,eit of wo.l a-,!utl *.ir re maniu-
factured. The oier m tides ci e.*p-'t arc mann:s,
&esakntiia, guina, sah'reo, iund i;tc.,hio a-.ut,. H.Ilf
a ctteury a(.up it paid an ?i, rmal eveni? uf $-t5e),-
000, and Maliceon deelres that under LiEitish riue
the tlucUne to the GOv.-t rlmenpt Utat diastice
woult suffiet to pay the exerin-e of ;:..ri-tljning the
cruief cili'.s of Aih:miistani. Fost!r, who visalcd
Herat in 178.3 described the city i:s far surpassing
Candahar in the extent of its markets, anud the v'l-
ume of its trade. Christie, who penini a iitouth
thete in disguise in O1810, is as lord as Conolly ia
his praise of ita delightful situation, brisk businiass
and phentomenal fertility. He pitacd the ppula-ii-
tion at 100,000; Conollv's etimate ,as 45,000 and
the present number of iuhi-bli.zn!t is believed to be
something under 40,000, though the encyclopre-Aios
call it" about .50,000." Herat, however, is only a
shadow of its old splendid self.
Its origin and early history are unknown or little
known. There was a town thee before A!exander
and ibe modern city stands ou the site ot one of te.
tour cities of Arrian's -' Aria"-Ariukenna, Aria
Metropolis, Caudace and Sousia A Lhaln. The P( r-
si:tan chionicles not so very nmuich later speak :f
Heri, the capital of Aria, ,cs a place if ,.ecside-rable
imil)ortltace. In 1157 tbe Tt eomars c[ er-ed !id
sacked and j-mcbably ciestioyed it. ye1 ia'-n in 1'2
Genghis Khban took it after a siege e' six roontthc iti
was a city oi 12,000 shops, :'i.' saihis, 144,00)0 o-
cupied dwvellinis ad0. i,J00 batds, ,tavintaV .i'-is'
and water"-mills. Of the ;bhrli....n', G100,Ou0 alete
said to have been'red ot. u.: second sec.k;.

In 1398 Miran ::L., rni iu 1-17 J chau Shiah,
tie it severely, aon1l twice a : e -itenith a u-
iury it wvia rnluctt: ed by tIi'-U.-.bec,'-. who wc, oC n.',
bunatn Lack alter a siee e'6 tigic nr,-i'i.., and
once succeedlol in captuia in and I iltagiUg the city.
'.t'heu '.be Persiins soon Il't- waLds tcoL the city
which they bad always claimed as one or ;!'e fui'n
i Ll p'ce.: '. KhliOt ts..', i s.. '. o> c ly tihe
iicLeasi. (city in Central Ai., but, the .-IeLt of the
geatert devices, jpbilosuit',' l- poeLis .nt! ts';n'iiMnsu
of the ane." _ueb is I !, l aIL .il.Aii t.-- 1i ,i..
V'uubery calls it. at that.-i d :he lo( c h .' ii ?-
len c liure of tbh whei i-iO AwT, Vo." i'-.t L it.,, i .-
rVg. ,' -' w .l f lt, 1 t It lt-d 1'-.41... ..' .:' .. !,I
I -.i' T V- eni. ;e to I 1' t.'.t- ; t, n rti' ". .
aut., its prosperit; u,-ited ,iv.':... L- ', ''1 i is .. l
acentaiv the hiejied s drove, -. PMINim, =v .' ;,..
P N.o' W O" ,I'!; t;l .I':.' .. ', Ou tio 'il dQ. "; '* l. ; l.
1715 t~i- ili!(tehj Gborj < I ? AW Mi. i, i A.. '.,..j ,-.-
pelled them Mirrm Her-t. By 1731, hiLcVt. r,'', ibhat
gpcat soldier, Nadir bhuh, hail tre-d tei;' li, o u
the Ghiljies and marched on Heral, wie', after at

teh months' '.jf, :-.urrprnilreci, rind reianinept faith-.
V&' o his0 e c-TC'- i;l! 'l dl'ath in: 1747 After two
year. of inr-1"l,'..deoe it opeletdii it c ''s to A-hnri '
K1 1 -i bi. -,s.t Gen..-i'al., i;he? forr nIr .f .b, I-nra-
ri rno ca.. v, oi v i'.ri-U fro. K.loi as.An to the
Indus. Under him Herat waxed btNlih in popula-
tin rinod wealth, 1.ecorningi t'he brK.biett .)ol on ithe
A\':- iii hn'i iztil At :h beginuii;g of the' prersentl
e,'.tniv thy ? ,es 1"It",' tiall the .; add,:,si an]& Ba-
rLuL.1ta faiili., for The hth ri n of' A fgbanih .'.an b,-o;an
In 1816; S!ah Mahm.r.di carried to HeraM tl'e hi;'L
v.eti2es of Suddo" ai"uthobrit;t, nnd. stilkdt bimsr;lf
thr- -wilth hi- cruel son, Karan Khan, wh'e fre-
'v,,it q n twice lost i1,i l, ihe lthioneo C'abuil.
The chty revived rini pror-pared till in 1'29 its-
ruler died, pt oijibly killed by :ii. :on.. r'o
h1is nee'sion l it !bi.- ii 'dens oft ate to bi.i \'zi'r.,
Yar Molhin! '3iumd, whot 1oi.lridf t'he p wriledown iiil,
hI.avy itxe. :and enfo-,r,:.d military "isciplin,1 with
rigor. aimiui: to snEjI.P inD firmy for his l oVn u.e hndi
to rouse the pMijiular if-lin g vgninbt his nu:aiinal
?arorieignu. Meanwhile in 1829 an nuderstandini
had heen come to by t-e couita of Teheran and St.
Petersburg, and the Persian Shah sounded Yar
Mobhnmoned, wbo. however, was intriguing on ist
own accuunt. What'-ve.r chance -'ersia bad of
winning ; the ambitioue Vizmpr for Rnrssia wo Ia ;t
wh':-n AMb'a's .Iiaza, the Persi'.in Prince Roval, sr-iz-
,,i him bv' lrea!'chy in 1832 and tortured him.
Tl:e Vizier was lI:I _-noogh to etap l, anil onle
:sae in l!erat L'- et to fortifyin- nd drilling with
rnewci1 vigor, In \19:7 the IuRniin Mini-;ie'r.
.'c;, ntSimoni:b. insi ,-ed :.iohb .ia-am i l Shah in,
,t1 dre war on Hreat, in spile of Englarn's pro-
tst at'1 occupation o, Kharracl;. Enalan.j would
Bar,. ,: in-too lte but for a happy accident. El-
S.. F9lttinger, a young li.utenont of artillery, was
itoviicg through the count;y- and vo 'lr,i:'i'd his
. .rviCPe. seeing i itb t'h e t e of a born soldier and'
.til,lom ;i t that i! -irr-"' Ore? p-.,PP into iorsiian
> t,',. w ith Rl,1.r41.-. *it I'l sin's back, ,ne Euzglslt
dominion in In ,i.'tna.. tbr'ea.cnedi. Fio': Noem-
bwr 22, 1.:37. to :.- ptember 9. 188. ihe b-id1 the city
as spleridly as Butler an-l Nasmyth held Siliatria
in 1154. Had tie Fussi-ins lent the help of two
r7it :;ents, says F,rrir-r, or had the Persiani fol-
Io.e@1 the devicee cOf their Fretich ac:lineer, Colonel
"Sitimoneinou, thl. leuilt would pioaotiay have li- n i
,liff rni ; as it wva. P,- tincer came out vietoriou.
aif'l' Pie eo which, i-avy .vJir Jbon Kbtye, '"WVmther
we reEard the protiat.l Unatureol lb'. olOI'.ais,
the vigor ot the resistance, the galiautry of tihe
chief actors concerned in it,or the magnitudeal the
political results, is one of the most meiuorarile in
rno'dern history."
In 1841 Yar M1ahotri [,dl s [ tr'i:-.!; his long prppa:-
e.- blow ; Krnu man-Kal was take and mnrder-'il.
ani the px-ViziEr a .e'l.dei the throne of HAa i.
Hi. 'jrte, S-aid Mah.'iniu,"'-,, who uccud'ei him in
];:! 1, was deposed i l ';165 il favor of a d:.-
prince, i'Mahommod Yussouf. He soon ha.i to fly
to Persia, and Persia advancing on Herat. now
heid ;'y Esau Khan, s'icceeded in captiiinu the
city. England now made war on the Shall, who
withdrew his troops, rnd by the treaty i Paulis, ie-
nou-cced his claims to) the olt-b -siegel city, wtIich
pase-i into the hands of a nephew o! Doa, >oham-
mined Ameri' of Afghanistan. Sult ,n Jan iutriguei
will Pe oia and the Arei i marchr, against, biai.n and
reli.uc:ed the city in 16:M., iS ltan Ja:n i lying ju;t t:c.-
fi .rc be so-rrender, and IO a Mahb.,mimil ju.-L ailtor
IE. ili 1.'_ X..'koob Klian govei aed Her-it aftet
.e b.- raied to place his l.tiShr, e ha :re Ali, ;,on the
th uo e .1.'abul, h i ~,'urnoild there iui t t( led ih
sw ui-iunlependi--:e till 1874 W' eun Shere Ali
i hi the il--iarted vm iw tebh." lis son, iniit prison
he appoiintled a eniei, 0 'iar Ml,'h;a,.--"d Kh,,n, to
be Governor of Herat. Aycob Khan fl .- to Persia
whence he' t eturnel .'r,:lnth m oous a O on hi?
fath- i's flight from'' Ca ;ul!. I -I.-'e 'as' st''ct-i. ; ILk of
bis .ttacl' ng Coadaih:te'a. t !u iu t of thr isiag at
t ab ul in DeceimblrEr iar. 'bhe i erai:l, it is worth
adding on the authority of VanYiery, ar- very fav-
wuably disposed to the Engli-h. V'ahb'ry and
Rawlinson have calhl'd H-:rat the- k-y of Inlia" ;
thie latter ha ovMen said, that Russia in posession
of Herat would bhave s:rip on he tlhroiit of Inilia."
The late Vi'cotwtI S:rangfortiul)ine.l dnwn the
metaphor a g.ol ':.ial wihoe he s '1i, -rt is the
key of -,n ow:-n uul et'r-iey a vhundi,.', i ot rail.'-
%wide in whict h o giitite hadi ever been built, let
thb luck on the gate." Nevertheless all the nuthor-
ities aur agreed as to at least the immense ins por-
tauce of the place. It Ithie route by H6rio iS; -,nt
the only practicable one i; il ni o i. iynvaing:: n-
iia N;oM Central Asia, it is admittedly the easiest.
it is certainly the route Niht all the conqueNig .r-
[Aies oi the old iimes have taken. The invadi-r de-
sirLus ol evading the great. mountain range of Hin-
doo Koosh i-must coute upon it, and ii tie obtains
loabSssOiio of it without difficulty hle fial tIete all
the raut-riat rcquhite ior the organization of a*M
army and thte formationi of depots.
S---- -. --

t or -'ale,:,

'iln ;. ".r.-r l ,ts, and Ball.a t, c'o(p!.ete.
Born and it i tgs all in go.]l o'ider. Fourth' r
pn-.i:.,;, i n' t be ,btai.tihe'l of 'lr. ilt nay
't cker, .,'-ho t'ill s'lew the 2,.,t nueir ',1 .: r'r-e
HaI-i', :--O ii. tt, or' of

I lll ilt'-nii, ,-l.bruj '"," Jr, rd, i.: ii. -

',"f i).'UCrmers and othersrs

,i UIni ,sin'giit, d ia prepared
p, e 'l o p'Oi tuinIt,
. ,L- ti.; Pi '.DUC~C to

ft) rcc~-ave awn

P.E, Pg.\.L .; .i,

Sh *. E t. u i'T ,ig h .: : >. ,',.
h : .ii p iu ', ii ea ..i :- : ... .. :-
a ie-.-

-t2 Fr'ntt ..i'nvci.
H ,mailton, F bi.uciary IU, 18 U.

N5O no F?.C

Fpr tthe Return ,of a Ladies Saddile
and Brid e,
Tnken frnom 1- 1 )ra' in frout otf tlie S"ltahlls rf'
]. \\'. \' walker at Ithe \ t st (G;ate. ol Victoria

..ii iu l tiev ie,'.red' ior ".ale ti. "Sadddle
o I\'V e 1I:no\vn !., ha'vi'-io the e:,t figured, three
h r.'s, n L other .'t fri-- eih lapto buckle
in. I i r 'li. an a lig.1 t c eck satill.' llth t-
i ced. Bri'' ve'rv light, [I found Doui l,., the
,iw.-1' '.trtp h. m leath. r tin-sdls -ill cut i rom (ie1
pt d,'e.
B. W. \VALKE,, E ,
For Samuel Inanldy, (Groom.n
ila.-iton, I'erut,.ry '23, 1880.

.r i e -',v I'orliid a,,v ; rs n C E IITINI; my
\ ife, M NY" A\NN : S'.LVEI in my
n 'im :", I will nut be '.nswerable fr tliiheL', hlie
having i left lae wi'1 lutt any cause.
FI' Z.ANK S I,'V i1,V i,
Devo'nidiire Parish.
Felruiar. '23, 18-'i,.-3pdi

N (ot ice t, II)nojrt.ers.

T''he Undersigned intends to order

Tr bh. d .'tci:h11 d rr,,i, New York for this Port

1altircday, S3thl .Varch.
(Itriers to he fivrwiJed 'y New York Mail
L.n.ce on 4th \li ie!h.
I'ngaeenm'iit List for Fr-ight. now open.
February 17, iU.80.

Edw n 'iMeyer,

Manufacturer anid Wholes'de and
Rinil ie;:hl-r in lrenei and Amerie.-n

('o n-e f i o t n- e rFy.

'.Ii;' ),
Pi rinicit,:,l I .?ipt t',r
rare rlVerifg 3fxtracts,
By the -inile Pottlie or pr G(ro'w,.
liis %%ell re,.iieii- ndiil COUlnI. DiOP..
tlhee \tVmo lerl cure millions. 'Pry the!:. in
time and save vour life.
Old fashion .i h\jOLV'-4FVFS C' \NIIV, fra'.hl
every v.1 ty, a' 'veil s Fine Pea Nut CR I' ANM
:I_ l- im :% IF N1]
n3 F If ii' la anli Solan:l u\oss
li h i is, !,-:it-les liiois'iii'! ,f 4 t "r !ike lthing..
All (hie aioi.' iA: ,ire ,r-urias di at rnasunia le
r.ite., by the p.,anm'I n by the ton.
The tr ,de expic-iv invited.
A 'st 'iitr:idw:i'tv. Hai,;bilin,
Fet-niu try 17, ISO17. '

TQ l Undersigned having lately
anrived from America and h:bvina a th"-
ronuLh knowle.ig <. ofth PA INTINGi li'I- I.
N ES.' ii ai! its i'r:nii'h s, will be thankful
Cl 'I linii~i-d -.i:re *it' j i'ubli l r .
Ilavilr (Iken thle hp" in Parliament strulr,
laielg oeutipied by ,'i l ? -\ '. !( ,SJS, wh,?re all
;'d r.r will IInr- t .vithi pr'in j I tt it, .tin al. T er-.
lH.,iiiolI, Decr. 23, 1 -79.-3 lms..


- Opc,.!
H l

L'NI)EtS!IGN EI hav ng
ed :i

at the lamniltoin -l otd, re-pecifully sltils a
slhare of the i'ut lii0 Pa ri,',m je.
i-launilton Hotel, Feb'. 17, i1,8-;!.

cv 'or t-nt 'iii

a 'Y /
Pl .

l. se Cottage,
,: .. .
i l:st | r,,'cu;pi,:d ly Lie-ul. ,,zier,
Apply I ,I. Li .' 'i'i: .' iai.i ,n or
!e n .,, 1 5 -,

Fe ai,,r) 1i, IS," .- a3

n i .' _.'.. ...; o:

Apply .t tile K
ilatiiiltjm, Dec. ist, 1879.

)r ( jturililshe.i
, : ii! this 4 l in.,
o z Gazette" Offilce.

N notice.
S'.II) KU \UFl' I N, as tilis, layI retired from
th le "irua ct' Ri. A. YOUi) -; &. .'O..,
A, \ttiotcer.,; andt General Coinmiision Mer-
,Ch-ints. R. YOUNG 'only is authorized to
e'illecl'. ;!niouai- dttle and \\ ill pay nil debts. 'The
Business n ill bt coiitiauied by the i'ndi.r-igaeitd.
R. A\. Y(NUNG &. CO.,
85 ,Nassaln Sireef,
N. Y. City.
February II, I, l'. i.y

.'.): ice.

A NY Persons bavinl CLAIMS
A na*ai'st DANIE.'I. 1'. ODi'l' :iCPl I !I E,
late of H lamilton a'.lrish, De'cee;sed, are r,:qutieited
to render the s.iane to the Unlcr-.igned n or be-
fore the first diay o April next ; and all lPei;.ons
Indebted to the Estate will please? make ,aymn.ti
by; the above date.
laiinilton Parialh, F by. 10, 1S80.

SNew llPhoto()graph and
Tin Type Gallery.

i'*1! ; Uiideri.ieted titakes :!rent pleasure in
anhiouniii:ui 1 0 tihe inhalbi'ants of 1iormu-
di that lie has le.ied tle- Phutograph Gallery
otf Mr. John (koganl, where he ititenilt- carrying

Portrait and Landscape Photo-
In all its -iraiuithee.
ltavi 2 lro'ughlt with fhiln all the latest style
of' wori.: ani lthe in,.l iimp-oved intstruni-nts aud
fniley back iopinids, he I'evls con0ilent he cat
iI "'e perfl:ct .-.iaisCfactli:,' to all ; w ito mavy favour
him %%ith th-ir Patronage.

lie hias also with 1hilm his tools and necessary
parts forihe Repair- oit W AT'IACi! CS, C LO)?IKS
and Ji'.:W FIUY, having w,,rked a' Plhitofgraph-,
i i a. nd \'_ 'for 'uver 10 ve trs, witli
great snhct .s, lie fe.-i I,& i, enpable of giving
pel' Cec Sati-L'a'ti in Ib. th lUisiat, ses.
\'ork ii W atchi .r Je'.velry line left at his
G:,llery will nieeut nith prompt, atlentiouta nd
moderate ch.'irges.
Photojratpher J- Wiaichimaker.
9'o "'""

Dec. 121h, IS7



"MUlA.21"7J6 AU D CL3

( \t Il' St.ri f '. t. :iasters, F.cir-,)
iA'MI, RII U I)..

N.H.- v'e, 1i si' l lion o'.f \V'atches, Clock..,
anitl Jew ell-.,'vy li ,nu'iiy p([.ll ir-m' ; hiai viin t i :1
. i..... f ... ... ... .. "*li .., ,- I [

A SODA-WATi5 'e1dv IP I
WVith Bottlin,- Table, 70( "ilin's and
machinee, all in good order.
Plea-c apply :it the tLoval G.izette" Office.
liqluillon, February '2nd, 1,810

Chesapeake & Idaho
Gold amd silver ai"i%: c om-
paEy of --orlak, V'irginia,
L,-c.tti<.n- <-n<-ida C1 ,., dali,,, il.:'. \.
C pita:l ,',500,000; 70,000 Shlare-,, Par v 11u-
iS CI olpai:iny lr-is conllolidated sev .n v rlu- -
able Gold ;nm silver "n a-s, a a1 als a 'l.'rs
are on..-ir co:iom ic.'l and ellicie ti ain ,e.i. tl,
i',.'c il',: purpose of .-rict'tiiiY reit'l" i't i it 1 a'
small ai uii.ii t the capital s.'.c-k isufl'-i ed a! 25
ct'. oii the dollai or $12-50 mper share, ~l'ding a
i.t fat'iv ra'ble ,opp.i'rltunit i' the ic nve.,tiliitt of
capital, as hie (orepainy m -'ptct to declare trgu-i
lar nonthily divid-,nds with (; t;e pri sent
Ne',' Yo.rk!i Iliice,. Ili Bro-i'' .ay.
.A\ '."lii.
For copy of i l'rospee.i :iii luiri'er pai lieeU.
In's, apply to JOHIN bU.JRt'lV,' Hiamilton,
Bt rinliia.
.,linuaiy 2i1, SSO.-G

For Sal,(

C.'arriagu (e 0 sea.t rii,' ; ii,rniless
"" ,:' l .,., i ,",.- .A t i .

Febiruaty I)9, iSi.

CI1., [- N I Il FY,
Co'uum issariat Iliii dings.


r ,: Undle rsined will give his

person' i- attention :is usual to all Ship-
men-at, of
g1 ELiB)A- A9 itoDUtC1,'
7OF. T7', T OvP1" 0 7. X
',Vi llorwar.l C,isignmesen to any Commis-
sion loui tc', lerclhantsia ill New York, and will
crive nall infri:ta i:nln nece-ss.ry for benefit of
t i'ri.i e i It i s,-,d it u ing the present Seanson
at MLarket Prices.
Slh:. ill.t ', Febv. 17, 1iS .- 10

,, W. .HYWARD & CO.

^ ...,', ".3 '.-, ,TT'

TO. nCiii4it'.l of Pi odi ,e soitiated to the
;bo tve i 'riu, and for'arde td hy iie.-
Hlaniilton, Bermtn i.,
Feb. Il, ISSI)

Dunscomb 4" Ii3ritfh

40 Exeharge Place,

To theo above nddress eg to tffer my servi-
ces in lf:ciit.:i uag .lipnents, 6c.
F-,rv. 10, lI .-3 lt p

U. S. W hitter,
Watchmaker, Jeweller & En-
Offers for Sale Cheap,

A Choice Selection of -
Iie' ??c cfoc-^s, .lewelry
and Silver Plated W are,
And i 't-rsons iiltending to purchase ,'ill find (ly
t'alltig, at 1k >tor,)re,) uiamplo room to say I
have at list Ifound a Cheap Jewelry Store."
N. I.-'.irtles wlio have not Se.ttled the ir
A Oe nt' su. fi':-or tl past four y.eanr-, need not ask
fir Goo,ds on Credit, but ext-nd to all thie saue
Call and "e..
Rei.I S'r-et, r't-. VWest Cazette Oicce.
Decenmher 15th, I1.i79.

ness and Dray, and
Si mnoltiiills old (Udale).
Hlaness iiew. Price- 13 Ills.
Long Bay, -'.oier'et, Feby. 2, i8SO.

DE.ALi.r tIN
['U F'i'TY, ;iB .USIIES, &e., &c.
':very description of C' 1r(X ,It made ready for

J. i -. '. \ N I tiJ op rtiiiitiy to ithaink
th.m Puli ic i.' -'--- i1 : i; i ';r l pati o viige
ri'. d 'vill i l. l ;ivl',4r.r: ( a, i ',te pa-.Ot l in the
future), t)o mlit-itl their c-'.iltinut d i ;iVilu'rs.
14 Queen Street, li niiilton,
;" !,l!u 'ty 3, I- l0.

'. .. --- -

''orin-r ,o! .'ei.i : 'nd Q unceen Streets,

Now eceivinI ex Bermuda,"
F"ronmu 1,oidon via New York, a iurather
supplyy of

I H a : ,l .. ., i l, I 2 ',.
SaiUtre at iliamniltion

S ltmil on i- tel, [ tb3' l, id0.

x\ P ;-I fc o l I I I 1.1i .. Hill y. & ,I U
110:1. ( ~ .^
I Feblr,,:Fy 3, I-...- For I Sale.

For Sa at a rgn. A. DONKEY, Har-

liBKBIM-BBSBIlBnezm1^^^r~!nS-E^ r sir3fr-f .Sm-ra n~ILar.imram

I_' ;.- A




. I


-v --

l' hI' AHill Lirliht Slation at Bermnuda, between thl-
22id1 ,nd 29hii Flbruary, 1,.'80 ) liiliht above the s-.i
whore the Roeister is kept being 2463 feet.




N %.'

4 60
6 5q'
(3 62
4 64
4 6 6'
1) 561

'a -in'
-4 Ct


General Remarks.

59 29-660 Fine
56 29-680 Squally weather
55 29-70 Fresh galeq, cold
60 29-S20 Fine and pleasant
C,f2 *29-900 Fine and pleasant
65 29-"56( Fine and pleasant
61 30-000 Cloudy, calm, change-

Hamilton, Alarch 2, 1880.

March 1-Mail Steamer Bermuda, Wilson, New York ;
assorted eargo.-Agents, Trott & Cox.
Feb. 24-Bark Eliza B-irss, Hollis. New York.
Feb. 24-Royal Mail Steamer Beta, Shaw. halifax;
English Mail of the 5th ultino, and goods for Mer-
chants.-Agent, J. M. Haywaid.
27-Schr. Hound, Leseur, Ybara; sugar, malada &e.,
to S. Chapman.
28-Am. Schooner Mary D. Haskell. Carter, from As-
pinwall, bound to New York; in distress.-Agents,
W. C. Hyland & Co.
Feb. 24-Royal Mail Steamer Beta, Shaw, Jamaica ;
Mails and Merchardize.
27-Ship City of Liverpool, Whiteford, Java; inward
cargo of petroleum.
Cap Horn, repairing.
Claudine Satellite, discharging.

Tempest, repairing.
Mary D. HIaskelt repairing.
Ho'ndl, discharging.
Ini the R. M. Steamer Beta front Haliliax on 24th
ultimo:-Captain Walter, R.A., Mrs. Walter, infant,
2 children and nurse, Mr. Alfred Smith, R.N.-Second
Cabin. Mrs. Williams. Sergt. J. H. Bryant and wif',
B. Webster, WV. E. Foster.-For Jamaica. Dr. Wol-
seley, R. J. Hart, Esqr., Mr. D. M. Thomas.
In the Vanil Steamer Blrmada on Sunday last from
New York :-Rev. J. L. Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. D. S.
L. Lee, child aud nurse, ,!r. and Mrs. Francis Proc-
tor, Miss Frector. Miss S. G. Daley. Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Dunscomb, Mr. and Mrs. W. A Kimball. Mrs. E. F.
Leeds. Miss Leeds. J.r. and Mis. 0. Van Dunseim,
]Miss E. Van Dunseu, Mirs. W. Martin, Messrs. R. A.
Tucker, J. P. Wyman, E. R. Mercer, A. Penny, J.
31cKay, H. S. Gillespie, J. 0. Downs. T. H. Bock, J.
W. Pallern, A. P. Rose. J. S. Crawford, T. E. Sumner.
-Shterage, Robert Long'.
'lhe American Sehoiner .Mary D. Haskell, Captain
Carter, 54 days from Aspinwall, with old iail-road iron,
arrived at St. Georg-e's on Friday lat. Thin.7h D. H.
experienced very heavy weather, in which she lost sails
and broke main-boom.-Agents, W. C. Hyland & Co.
The Brig Malaga, was to lekvNew York fnr Ber-.
niuda, yesterday, to the address of John F. Burrows.
lThe Glac was up at London for Bermuda, on 14th
ultimio, to leave in a day or two.
The Barque Sir Geoy' F. Set'uwr henee at London
on 21.t Fehriiuary.
Cly,k left London for Bermuda, Feby. 10th.
H. M. S. Boier, Commander P. 0. Johnstone,
hence at Plymouth on 31st January
H. M. S. Plo',i is to be ordered home from this
if. M. S. Fantome, Sloop, left. Plymouth Sound 26th
January, for the North American and West Indian Sta-
tion. She goes first to Jamaica.
H. M. S. Bellerophon, Capt. D'Arcy Irvine, bear-
ing the Flag of Vice-Admiral Inglefield, hence at
Plymouth, on the 29th January. The Bellerophon
went not only into port with her ammunition on
board, but also without leave of the Admiral of the
port, consequently she was ordered out again. The
B. was subsequently ordered round to Portsmouth
to be paid off.
I he Admiralty has decided," says a London Paper
of the 13th February, to place an Ironclad '' at Ves-
sel permanently at Bermuda for defence purposes."

Whilst the Eliza Barss was lying too in the Great
Sound on Friday last, waiting, fora Tug, the second
mate, hMr. Wni. Thompson Siggins, when in their per-
formanice of his duty, became entau~n.led iu n rope
and fell down thIe hatchway across a spar. H:: was
iinnediately brought on shore. It was first appre-
heded thai Mr. Siggins was severely injured, but
we are pleased to say that his injuries are not of
such a serious nature as, was at. first apprehended,
and that he is, unow improving.

Messrs. Adolphus D. and Alonzo Doane, inform
us that at 4 o'clock on Wednesday morning last,
whilst collecting sea-weed 'i the Ducking Stool,
they discover:Cd ;a large opi:-u boat drifting towards
thie shore. Tbe fir.-t -uirued immediately swam out
to the drift and f,,tind it to be a ianu-o -WVar's
Cutte-r. The brothers sucecded in saving the
boat, a)t well as the mat.ri.ds which were floating
around her. O(In equity it was ascertained that
she l.eluuged to H. M. S. Terror."

F'. Plir. -,. a-nt iu th-se Island-., for Messrs.
R. A. A 0I ... L' ( oi' Li .d.-i, has kindlly handed
U.s co'.py '- ace Jnpiy ing circular anv nuu-
ci.,: t e in :'. i -.:.b1lihn i ; ..f t ihn e of ;Steam-
e-, b.1-rv,. I. :J- d. Beiinid:,, and N:-,:. u, ..P.,
to ,...nateC .. 'niunt otn t1.', !L :. Thunr.-d. uv .f
Ap-i it i:-.':t. W .'e uu: :rs1tiud tnet .:i, are to ib t w..
aount.s inu e'n m]i-ldat foi this line of :.t-.ame's, and
that M[r. Plaunt is to be 'moni oi the two.

U'R, GinaCcuuLRCeH ,SLrrEET, 13th Feby., I1 S'J.
DEAR .SR.R,-The iuipor'tauce to Shippers of direct
ommainuicationu l':, London, B:.',trnula .and
asrau,i e. neu,-rally recognized by those ngag-ed
the tra o:' ;,pl afi.r t .curng the approval l uf
e[ .,i.. t, i u .', ii.,,,,i ,.', : ijte Le't._-i, w h.- ,'c r_ o'l e'.
e t:,bli.n., a I',.'tilv. Line, i.,ving on the l:I, .t of each mouth, and ,:n,'mencing iu ihe
o)utlh of April ,text.. ALu ia_:qu.iitainc.: with tihe
hi d.-', '.-:t.ui.iiug i\'i 25 yVc-ar i"il, -we- hope, cn-

I con'eried',. V'"' ust tui b,, i, fa,,:,,re:.d h y .,r
ipn.n, ,.;. "'. i .,-a- ti; ',. .,.-,d 2; ,! i,., nm .?u .s
iviw u iL.o,,rui :.te ;., t,.,. .; ... F r..i ,, "'i s-
.- J., :' .C.. U-u
iW re. t.r ..l's, You-' .tidtfully,
,e>:'R''ris. ,"- ',; o ,: ';) 9, (.rA ',-', ; i i ra.',itreet,
R. u. .O.Ei', hi-CE & Co., I, Chiirhtl Court, Cle-
men t's Laue
HEarLY L oANeoiD]lE & Co., 10, Great St. Helens.

On Wednesday Evening at Trinity Church, His
Lor.-ship preached from thie xxxn Psalm, part of
the Sth verse. I will guide thee with mine eye.'
How is the eve of man brought to regard the all
s-eing eye of G'OD ? Tlio language of the eye is
most expressive and silently enticing. We are
drawn and gently led into the ways of righteous-
ness. The scriptures are GoD'S revelations to us of
his will, the life of Christ its exemplification, while
the Spirit operates effectually to preserve thetruth.
Our experiences may frequently cause us to see new
beauties, and to discover fresh treasures in old f:i-
miliar pnasases of the Bible-that. is the guiding f
the eye of GoD. W"heu we shall pass through thedark
valley, where none can go along with us, there shall
the eye of GOD guide us and lead us onward to the
realms of eternal day.
On Friday morning at the Parish Church, Pem-
broke, his comments on the De Profundis" were
continued (Psalm scxx 1.) But there is forgive-
ness with thee that thou mayest be feared." The
subject will be continued on Friday morning at the
11 o'clock service. Heaven is the home of forgive-
ness. The Divine clemency has been extended to
all men, through the merits and death of Christ, whb,
has redeemed us to GOD. Forgiveness is a funda-
mental part of religion, in fact it is the beginning
of the religious life. You start with the strength-
ening assurance that your sins, though many, are
forgiven you; and with that heavy load discharged
you are lead to love GOD and to fear Him, not with
that feeling of awe, which makes you recoil with
terror, but rather struck with wonder at His gra-
cious goodness, which in your humility will prompt
adoration. The idea contained in one of the most
,.expressive sentences of the Litany to love and
dread thee," at first .sight a seeming paradox, is in
On Sunday morning at the Pembroke Parish
Church, the text was from Proverbs, xxvm, 4.
"They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but.
such as keep the law contend with them."
Heaven is the seat of law, and they who disre-
gard it throw in their lot with the ungodly. A life
of profligacy has in itself so many abhorrences, that
it holds out a strong caution to the unwary. The
real snare lies in more subtle ways where transgres-
sion is easy, and where there is need for close cir-
cumspection. They, who build on Christ as the on-
ly sure foundation, will hold to the law, to the dis-
comfituro of sin and Satan. Our words are so
many seeds sown broad-cast, we know not into
what they may grow, or how, unwittingly, they
may influence the life of others. What good we
may have effected, let us not enquire by way of
measuring our influence. For then we should be
like those who turn their backs on the Sun, that
they may admire their own vain shadows. An ob-
servance of law and order will assuredly aid in the
promotion of material good.

The Preacher, at Trinity Church on Friday even-
ing, was the Revd. C. H. Harbord, who set forth
forgiveness as the result of Christ's passion, to
which he several times alluded in language of much

We find a private meeting, not published in our
Synod Index, between Bishop Kelly and the Clergy
on the Feast of the Epir.',uny 1S71, reported Jany.
10, 1871, at the Bishop's Lodge, after service in
Trinity Church (the collection appropriated to the
Newfoundland Bishopric Endowment Fund.) The
meeting was called at the request of Bishop Feild
in order to establish a Synod in Bermuda at the
same time as in Newfoundland, to represent the

Amongst the memorials of the dead, recently
erected in Pembrok& Parish Churchyard, we notice
one to the memory of the little Son of Admiral and
Lady Inglefield, who, it will be remembered, was so
suddenly and unexpectedly snatched away from his
be-reaved and afflicted parents..
It consists of a plain Latin cross with two steps
of white marble standing on a base of granite, and
with a coping, also of marble, running round the
The inscription on the steps is as follows :-
Son of Vice Admiral

Died at Clarence Hill,
Nov. 20th, 1879,
Aged 3 years and 9 months.

We believe that these two lines of poetry always
formed part of the little child's prayer; a prayer
which in his case was heard, and found a speedy
answer. Though bitter grief for the little one
must needs be felt by those who are left behind,
yet who can doubt that there is truth 'in the old
belief that they whom GOD loves best, He takes earli-
est to Himself, aud that the flowers, which bloom
upon the grave of one, thus early called, are a
sweet emblem of the purity and innocence of those
happy children, who shall be as flowers in the Pa-
radise of GOD.

The Governor General, accompanied by the
Princes.s Louise, opened Parliament on the 12th,
some four hundred ladies occupied seats in the Se-
nate Chamber in full dress. The speech refers to
the abundant harvest of 1679, the Irish distress
and the best means of Canada showing practical
sympathy, the settlement of the Noith West, the
visit of two members of the Royal Agricultural
Commission, the favourable report of the tenant
farmers on the agricultural capabilities of the Do-
minion, the Canadian Pacific Railway-100 miles
fiomn Red River to the West boundary of Manitoba
placed under contract, another 100 miles of exten-
sion XWes-t will be opened to tender at once; the
Burrard Inlet has been adopted and contracts
awarded for 127 miles between Emory Bar on the
Fra,>e'r River .ud Slovnau Ferry, the reduction of
wu ki u', sl,.:ues.s on the Inteicolonial Railway,
'.iud tL~@.rving condition cf the Indians iu the
No; Ith 11'..-t which has involved a large expenditure

'('t rainu nlessa.i'y ameudmeuts will be made to
the Ta.miff. Bills for the better organization of the
civil service, Consolidatiou of the Inland Revenue
Laws Amendments Dominion Laud Acts, Public
Woks, Iudians: in the N. W., Mounted Police.
'iho EP,:k Charters expiring in ISSI, invite atten-
tion to Banuking and Currency and Insolvent Act.
A permnauiet representative of Canada in Lu-.
Ion rt,.,:nmenhi:ld. The address vns movedin the
H-ouss ,'-, (.'.,rnonsu on th; 13th Iiy MI. iH. Richey
o)f Halifax, .-econ-Ld by Mr. Houde, who spoke in
Ficeuch. Mr. Richey, enlightened by recent exp'-
rien,(e, wo.uld'./ f-vo r Ilc total (f the Ifihvlvent
Act After renimaks byI Mcssei. ':Koi- Sir
.Tohu A. Mirf'D.,-o !i., Bl'ke : l, ..ith-rs T :,d :es

it., i: mi-.fti':i.,liy .iuu.a,j ced that "' the Qv.een
im.:it :i-'eu p-la: ,,.'. to ai'~ p ove of theiL app!.)iuntruent oft
sir *. ''.Ci,'t C. F. Rol insn.L, K.C.M.'., Gvern..r :)f
th,. S' anits Setilents,-whouse Leaith req!;i:'.< a
-'. :a*.. ,f ,:lir '.te--to bi:e .-v'"-< [' ]or of '.; estet,
Aatralia, in the place- of ,Iajor-Genu. Sir Harry
Ord, R.E K.C.M.'., C.B., who has designed thac
Government, having completed the time for which
hLo wa., appointed."


We have been requested to say that the Officers
of the 99th Regiment will be glad to see their
friends at their Mess House, Prospect Barracks, at
3 p.m. on Tuesday, the 9th March.

Arrival of the Einglisnh Mail of the
5th February.
The Royal Mail Steamer Beta, Captain Shaw,
with the Englih Mail of the 5th ultimo, arrived
at St. George's on Tuesday morning last. She did
not leave Halifax till the previous Friday morning
having been detained by the non-arrival of the
outward Mail, by the Allan Steamer Hibernian, her
passage being prolonged five days The 1H. was
reported at Halifnx the day before she reached that
port by a Steamer from Glasgow which passed her
on the passage.
Captain Shaw will please accept our thanks for
papers of the day of his leaving.

This Fund, on the afternoon of the 25th ultimo,
amounted to $247,052 63.
The Heraldof the 26th concludes a short article
in reference to Mr. Parnell as follows :-
Now, the truth is that the only thing not bona
fide in this transaction-the one departure from
good faith-was Mr. Parnell's acceptance. His
proposition of a substitute was a subterfuge to
avoid serving and to obstruct the work of charity.
No other member except the Cardinal, who had
good reasons, attempted to make conditions or ap-
point a proxy. Mr. Parnell announced upon his
arrival in America that. he might return to Ireland
at any moment if political considerations required
it. We supposed th;t charitable conditions might.
therefore be of equal wpighl with him, but were
mistaken. His countryman, we find, may starve fo.r
all he carts-that circumstance shall not interfere
with the pursuit of his campaign of dmrnagoguery.
"Our readers may rest assured that the fund-will
be distributed by the gentlemen named with per-
fect impartiality and fairness. As for Egau, the
proxy whose acceptance was demanded by Mr.
Parnell, we hear on the authority of one of our
correspondents in Ireland that the good-natured
man is an honest clerk in a bakery, but a rabid
Fenian, and would in a charitable labor neutralize
the influence of the other members. To use Mr.
Parnell's own words, even Hepworth as an Ameri.-
can could not associate with a man so avowedly
hostile to a friendly country."


ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 17.-There has beonano-
ther attempt to kill the Imperial family by laying a
mineine in the dining room of the Winter Palace.
Owing to an accidental delay the Imperial family
had not entered the latter place at the usual time.
The explosion made a hole in the floor of the hall
ten feet long and six feet wide.
The following is the official account of the explo-
sion :-" About 7 o'clock last night an explosion
took place in the basement of the Imperial Winter
Palace under the principal guard room, by which
eight soldiers of the guard were killed and 45 in-
jured. The flooring of the guard room and several
gaspipes were damaged. An official enquiry into
the cause of the explosion is proceeding."
PARIS, Feb. 18.-A Russian was arrested here
yesterday, changed on extradition warrant with
attempting the life of the Czar.
NEW YORK, Feb. 19.-It is stated in cable spe-
cials that the Czar .was in consultation with the
Prince AleanderoNnlgrila upon the Balkan ques.
tion when his servant announced dinner. The Czar
paid no atteaion 4s it. 4 few moments after din-
ner was agMin announced. The Czar then took the
arm of the Prince. When the explosion occurred
he stopped sborLat the sound and raised bis eyes
to H-eavenj4n gratitude. Neither spoke. The
Czar was perfectly calm. An hour later he sat
down to dinner beside the great gap in the floor.
The Empresp was asleep and heard nothing of the
explosion. Orders were issued that she should not
be informed. At early morning the Emperor drove
to the Kasan Church and returned thanks for his
fifth preservation from death.

MONTREAL, Feby. 16.-At the municipal nomin-
ations to-day there was no opposition to Mayor
Rivard, who was unanimously re-elected for a sec-
ond term. His reply to the Parnell reception corn-
mittee, which has aroused a bitter feeling against
him from that quarter, was as follows:-
"At the second interview I had with your depu-
tation I endeavored, for the sake of peace, to per-
suade the gentlemen composing that deputation to
forego the presentation ot an address to Mr. Par-
nell by the civic authorities. I felt public opi-
rion was strongly against, giving Parnell a public
and official reception. When at a subsequent in-
terview I was iuloraed that the Irish Societies bad
decided to relieve the Mayor from the rerponsibili.
ty of presenting an address on th. occasion in ques-
tion I was much pleased, and when the fact was
made known to ihem the Council, as well as the
public at large, seemed also to be satisfied. I was
prepared, when the proper time came, to meet the
Irish societies at the tation,, as previously intima-
ted, and then un'ffii'tlil welcome their distin-
guished countrym;i:., it. is to be regretted, bow-
ever, that you shiult.l lhave thi;.ut;ijl fit to reopen the

question by s:.ill isisting, in it.e n0.1w:jpapersnand at
an interview this morning, upon an official recep-
tion. I am sorry to have to, inform you that, after
having taken all the cihcumsLances of the case into
consideration, I dlo uut iel justified in acceding to
your wishes.
S. RIVARD, Mayor."

CONSTANTINOPLE, Fhys. 1 .--ir Austen Layard
British Ambassador to 'Turkey, has receive-d dis-
patch t rom Philippopolis, coniuinnicat.iug a p'sto-
rl l, tter of the Bulgorian Metr'iolitui d omdring
the Bulgriains to cease iall rations with the
Greeks on pain of excoom,:urnication. Various
outi ,g: s upon Greeks are rpor.ted. Two Greeks
asking for rent. in a Bulgatrian village neir Philip-
poplrlis wFle hound, haiii and inoi, and beaten,
and narrowly escaped hanginm.
ST. PETERSBURa, Felby. 21.--An official dispatch
from Douz,)lum, dated n the 15th inst., says that
an eagag.menr has occurred between the Russian
troops and Turcomans, in which the latter were
completely defeated, with the loss of twenty-five
kill d, They were puti--ued. ta distance of forty
vcrsit, when nightia!l preserved the enemy from
complete annihilation. There were no losses on
the Russian side.
Moscow, Febi u.iv *22. -A hie- broke out yester-
day in the Acadnemyv of Fer:'- Culture, .,nd ,ehe n-.-
tire buil in., vw.ichb i. ,apa. a of accommn.,dating
imi I- ud inclu'lea I riUmicui count inau.
VaiUti :! t':,le '. iona, '-.s de. troyed. T'i'o ca, of
ti,; ist n own. \Vhin thle ite ws dia'scoverera
'-m '.'_ std at, .Lr' a. rres.cld.
LoNDoN, F. b. 2.3.-.'i large tenant-right meeting
neat P -,iladiu,wui, Cournty Arma:.,;, to-day was at-,
.ei-'k u :,y -.0.6 ) Ol, ,angea,.' i l, ,.i 1 wil bLi:udgeona
~lwho sLtrmed .he i.L.afurm antd tiea diaper~tad the
meeting. The ieUaint-ri';hteis wet o.tiunbinrd,
and 26( of them wereseriously injured. The Orange
pat ty considered the meeting to be of a seditious

The Mail Steamer Bcrmuda, Captain Wilson, ar-
rived in our harbour on Sunday last at 3 p m.
She left New York at 4 p.m. of the 26th; had
a very pleasant passage.
We are indebted to Captain Wilson, Mr. Pur-
ser Gale, Mr. Hall, 1st officer, and other friends,
for files of New York papers up to 3 p.m. of the
Shares Delaware and Hudson Canal 791.

LONDON, Feb. 25.-A dispatch from Lahore re-
ports that fighting was renewed at Herat, between
Kabuli and Herati regiments, and the former were
completely dofated.
LONDON, Feb. 25.-A dispatch from Constantino-
ple says : It is reported that the Greek brigands
who captured Col. Synge and his wife near Salon-
ica, fix the amount to be paid for their ransom at.
4,000. Negotiations for the release of the cap-
tives are proceeding." A later despatch announces
that a letter from Col. Synge says the brigands de-
mand 15,000 for the release of himself and his wife.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Feb. 25.-A Greek has been
arrested here for having in his possession an in-
fernal machine. He claims that he is an English
subject. He first admitted, then retracted &he state-
ment, that he contemplated an attack on the Sul-
tan, and asserted that the machine was bought by
his brother, who was consequently arrested.

LONDON, Feb. 23.-In the House of Commons to-
day Sir Stafford Northcote gave notice that on
Thursday he would move resolution that whenever
any member was named by the Speaker or chair-
man of committee as disregarding the authority of
the Chair or abusing the rules of the House by per-
sistently obstructing business, the Speaker shall
put the question, without debate, amend meant or ad-
journment, that such member be suspended during
1the remainder of that day's sitting; and that if any
member be thrice suspended in one session, the third
suspension be for one week, after which a motion
may be made for a continuance of the suspension,
but the suspended member will have the right to be
beard in reply to such motion.
Home Rule Retaliates.-Subsequently Mr. Sullivan
(home rul Louib) moved that Earl Cadogan, for
speaking at an electoral meeting at Chelsea, be
summoned before the bar of the House for breach
of privilege, as no iis allowed to interfere with
elections; and t': t a Major Joe.lyn be also sum-
moned to the har o' tl,: Floume, as he at the same
meeting obharnterized Lh,, home ruleois as a despic.
able band of Irish rebels. Sir Stafford Northcote
pointed out that th.- nmti;.g was an ordinary meet-
ing of the Conservativie Aysociation. Sir William
Harcourt oppo.)sid ti-' motion by moving the previ-
ous question; huti tid the Chancellor of the Ex-
chequer had to t.ha;k himself for it. by his course in
the Plimsoll affair. The previous question was
adopted by a vote of 229 Lu 15. Mr. O'Donnell,
home rule, Dungarvan, proceeded to raise another
question of breach of privilege. Mr. Sullivan, in
his speech on his motion, incidentally expressed his
intention of raising a question of breach of privilege
by newspapers. These proceedings were in retalia-
tion for the mention against obstruction.
Indignant Irish .embers.-Mr. O'Donnell in rais-
ing the question of breach of privilege brought un-
der notice a number of newspaper articles, which he
complained contained a series of gro-ss scandalous
libels upon Irish members. He read from the
World, the Advertiser, the Daily Telegraph, the Pall
Mall Gazette, and the Liverpool Courier, and inter-
preted their denunciations as part of a conspiracy
to fasten on the liberal leaders the charge of com-
plicity with obstruction. Hie naved.&haULbe ar-
ticles violated the privileges of the Houseand hand-
ed in the newspapers mentioned for the passages
to which he had made reference to be read by the
Clerk. The Speaker said it would be trifling with
the House to read the extracts. Sir Stafford
Northcote said the articles were inoffensive, and
moved as an amendment that the House proceed to
the orders of the day. The Marquis of Hartington
seconded the motion and congratulated the govern-
ment on adopting the right course; but, he said,
there could be no doubt that some of the newspaper
passages read by the memhr for Dungarvan were
serious breaches of privilege. Mr. Shaw, (home
rule, Cork), recommended the withdrawal of Mr.
O'Donnell's motion, and Mr. O'Donnell expressed
bis willingness to do so. His motion was then ne-
gatived without a division. The amendment to
proceed to the orders of the day, moved by Sir Staf-
ford Northcote, was agreed to, and the Irish Relief
bill was read a third time.

LONDON, Feby. 265.
Our St. Petersburg correspondent telegraphs to-
day the reasons which led to the banishment of
Countess Hendrikoff. The iady, the wife of one
of the masters of ceremonies at the imperial court,
was recently "administratively" hurried across the
frontier without a moment's warning. This mea-
sure excited no little surprise at the time. The
Countess was well known in St. Petersburg so-
ciety, especially for her off-hand manner and free
speech, and it was suspected that she had been
guilty of expressing herself too freely on affairs
connected with the imperial household. It now
appear that the Countess did express he self to
the eAt that in case the Empress should (lie the
Emperor would in all probability marry the Prin-
cess Dolgorouki. This remark hating bc-en re-
ported to the Czar he at once ordered the .Jountess
to leave the Lapire within twentv-f(uur hours. 'ro
make s're that theeL orders were carried out two
officers were sent to escort the lady across the
The .lloridni Post says :-" We have reason to
believe that the Que:.n contemplates going to Gar-
Imaniy in Ihe spring to visit the tomb of her daugh-
ter, the Irincess Ali."--"-Grand 1Ducbess of Hesse-
Darmsta.dt wbo died in 1878.
'airdin-il Newman is suffering from the effects
of a fall, by which one of his ribs was broken, but
he is rp, ,re :i-. '.s favorably as can be exp'cite.L,
considl-riig his advaitce.! age. The Cardinal is inu
his .sev in y-ui:htb year.
A Berlin d..spatch to the Pall Mall Gazette says:
-" Ru',Ia, app.i'am inclined to treat the refusal of
China :o rarity the Kuldja treaty, if persisted in,
as an affennt necessitating a diplomatic rupture, as
the treaty hL. been signed by the Czar."
RoME, Februar' 21.-In the Cbamber of Deputies
to-day Signor B, in, formerly Minister of Marine,
declared that the double-turreted ironclad Duilio
is absoluieily superiorr to all the ironclads in the
world for the power of her machinery and armia-
meLit, at:Rl is only 'lightly excelled by the British
ironclad Alev.,.ndra f'or speed. The Mini.,t:r of
Marina? confir:nie1 : ,igio.' Brin's stateua% r. and
said t.A.t it was indi)peii-ible for large ibone iLda to
re nu in-erus t''u p.-'do boats. The 'l(,.'amber thena
passed ,. res.:lu' ian of s'ti-raction rind thanks to
tbh c(ostruetors of t~tn ves-el.
TAXATION IN CUBA., Feny. 21.-Th3 Oflicial Ga:eute says :
" The '..abn' axes on urban an;i. rural property,
L'by hi:'i it is .'opos, to recoup the revenue in
censeqtnce o th ? loss therieto by the abolishment
of the poll tax on silaes and the reduction of t!,e
s8,r-tax on piuvisionas c. 25 per cent., will be 16
per cent., 'n the uet proda'cts of urbaut property,
industries, commerce, professions and arts, ard 10
per cent. on the products of agricultural property,
without distinction of culture."

Clarke, the new Conservative Candidate from
Southwark, for Parliament, beat his opponent
Dunn, Liberal, by a majority of 853. Total vote
polled by Clarke 7683. Southwark has hitherto
been one of the Liberal strongholds.
BERLIN, Feb. 24.-The Cologne Gazette says:
We learn that the negotiations between Germany
and the Vatican are at a complete standstill, as a
direct agreement is not attainable."
The Geographical Society of Rome has conferred
a gold medal on Professor Nordenskjold, the Swe-
dish Arctic explorer.
In two days $1,200 were taken at Woodstock
N.B., as fares from people going West.- A grand *
Military Review is to be held at Quebec on the 24th
.May. -The $100.000 given by Bennett, of the
"NewYork Herald," to the Irish Relief Fund, is said
not to be a fourth of his annual income from that pa-
per.-In the Albany (N.Y.) Assembly on 18th
a resolution against a third Presidential term was
tabled.-A contract has been entered into with
the Dominion Telegraph Company for the con.
struction, &c., of a telegraph line between Canso
and Halifax.- Thle value of the productions of
Canada Fisheries in 1879 is reckoned at $13,500,.
I)00.- There were five children at a birth in Pic-
ton County, total weight 16 lbs.-The emigration
from St. John, N.B., to Western portion of the Do-
minion is very considerable.--.The increase in the
business of the Equitable Life Assurance of New
York was for 1879, in round numbers, $7,000,000.
Its undivided surplus is $7,515,407.- It is said
that one of Lord Beaconsfield's specifics for Ireland
is a royal Lord Lieutenant The GovernorGen-
eral of Canada has asked the Legislature for a
grant of $100,000 for the Irish Relief Fund.--The
Inland Revenue of the Dominion of Canada, 1879,
amounted to $6,087,683, an increase of $401,973
over previous year or about 7 per cent. The
quantity of spirits taken for consumption is greater
by 211 per cent than in 1878.--The English
Crown contains 3,217 jewels, divided as follows:-
16 sapphires, 14 emeralds, 1,368 diamonds, 1,272
rose diamonds, 174 table diamond, 4 drop pearls
and 373 pearls.
General Grant had arrived at the City of Mexico,
from Havana. There was, in consequence, to be a
Grand Festival in that City on the 26th ultimo.
Count de Lesseps had arrived at New York from

It is with the deepest regret we have to record
the death, yesterday morning, of Rear-Admiral
Charles W. Hope, Superintendent of Devonport
Yard, an appointment which he has held since
February last. It is not enough to say that Ad-
miral Hope was a popular officer, for he had won
the affectionate regard of those who served under
him, and was looked upon as a friend by them.
The greatest sympathy is felt for his widow and
funily, and his death robs the Service of an excel-
lent officer.--Army .' Nivy Gazette, Feby. 14.
It is expected that the Gazette forming the new
Commissariat and Transport and Ordnance Store
Departments will be published almost immediately.
On Thursday last, intimation was conveyed to those
officers of the Ordnance Store Department who are
about to be retired. The following retirements may
be anticipated from this department alone, viz., four
assistant-commissary-generals, four commissaries,
seven deputy-commissaries, and four assistant-com.
emissaries. In the Commissariat, a. much larger
number of retirements may be anticipated.-Ibid.
By the appointment of Dr. Reid to the head of
the Medical Department of the Navy, a general
change of the senior officers at the hospitals has be.
come necessary, Inspector-General David L. Mor-
gan, O.B., having been moved from Plymouth to
Haslar; DeputyvIanspeQLtr Ah-Ainutiyi- hmasiss-
from Malta to Plymouth; and Deputy-Inspectors
Elliot from Chatham Division of Marines to Malta,
and John Bernard from half-pay to the Chatham
We regret to hear that a report has been receivee
ed at the Admiralty of an accident on board the
Northampton with a Nordenfeldt gun, but full pare.
ticulars have not yet been received.


Meet at 3-30
TUESDAT, 1 Hamilton Paris
9th March Church
THURSDAY, i Pembroke Ch.
18th March
TUESDAY, T1 er's O
23rd March Tucker's Towp

dh} Shelly Bay.

Spittal Ponds,
The Flatts

t- --L ituuur AT1A M iVu.u wni uwier a given
the Degree of M.l1). in New York Itst month.
Among them was E. H. McDonald, theSomaia-Law
of Mr. George A. Lee.

For the Royal Gazette..
I understand that it has at last been determined to
erect this fine public building upon that deformed plot
of ground discussed in the public prints some months
ago, leaving a most unaighlly jog of 50 x 100 feet on
the corner of Parliament and Church Streets-a viola-
tion of all uniformity-a perfect burlesque of architec-
ture, and a lasting monument to the economy of our
celebrated Board of Works. who persist in sacrificing
important requirements of the object, and all good
taste, for the comparatively small sum of 225 in an
Undertaking which will cost completed some 5000 or
6i00,', and which 225 grows out of a difference of an
unofficial estimate as to the value of the corner proper-
ty above stated. There can be no question as to the
advantage of that property being embraced by the Gaol
plot tfor increased accommodation, and for the appro-
priation as a Police Court in place 'of the preseriet apo-
logy for one, which when built against will become
Unhealthy for want of proper ventilation, land yet for
which the country is paying a rental at a valuation of
750 at 4 per cent, the adjoining cottage rents at a
valuation of 375 at 4 per eent fair rates-forming a
total. of 1125, the price asked by the owners to yield 1
the same income, which seems quite reasonable, though "
the Board of Works decline to give over 910 for it,
assuming the hors-de-combat while knowing that it
inust result in a serious ar d permanent injury to the
owners by toh walls of the Gaol. This seems incredi-
ble. and a reflection upon the Board. We are building
for generations to come, and if the country goes on in-
creasing in proportion to the last, fifty years, before
the lapse of another fifty the original plan for the Gaol
(including the corner alluded to) will be found none
too large.
When an opportunity like this occurs for improving
the appearance of the town. in conjunction with utility,
why may we not embrace it, even at a little extra cost,
particularly in such a public section as Parliament and
Church Streets P It appears to be a little singu-
lar, after the liberal grants of the Legislature for the
improvement of Mouut Langton, and asking for a plan
ani estimate for a hall-room, in addition to cost, pro-
bably about 11110 or 2,'00 more-S t500 for a tower
and clock, and 2001 for a new leuce"befobre the Public
Offices, (all of wv.hich are unnecessary) ), involving over
;ei);, anlI placing the necessary funds for the Gaol at
the dispo.,al of the Board of Works, that the Board
should suddenly become so considera.te and nervous
about tlia '25 lest it. nma not meet the approval of
tho country; and moreover when it is to go into the
hands of the Widow and Orphans of a faithful Publid
Servant !
If the Board were to call another meeting and state
in the notices that it is specially to decide this question
and request a full attendance, the result would be more
satisfactory than As it now stands. It is said that the
Secretary of State has called for the Plans of the Gaol
and its surroundings, and it is to be hoped that he will
recommend the Board of Works to recede from the
stand it has taken.
February 28, 1880. CONSISTENCY.




I ff-X Two hundred and four voune mAn wArc.- vivo%


[Inserted by very special Reqx'uest.]
Prior to September, 1868, there was no regular
steam communication with New York.
Sailing vessels used to load at any wharf which
was available on variable bargains as to quantity.
Time of Sailing was not a fixed certainty, and no
other regularity ruled. The inconveniences expe-
rienced by the shippers of the then comparatively
petty lots, were greater than attend the large, but
more orderly exports of the present
Onion boxes, were experimented in during 1870,
and adopted iu the trade in 1871. More careful
packing was the result. It began to be recognized
that improvement in transport, in packages, and in
packing, involved the necessity for covered wharf
room, to accumulate cargoes. The "central shed"
was erected by the Corporation of Hamilton in 1872,
the "steamer's shed" in 1873, and the easterna
shed" in 1874.
Growers then found that they could not cultivate,
reap, and pack reliable produce, and personally at-
tend to the exporting, so they adopted agents in
town, brokers, jobbing between the growers and
the vessels.
These brokers subdivided their avocations, and
while representing the growers became agents for
foreign buyers as well. Both duties required ground
room for work: both claimed equal care and atten-
tion. Pressed by the increasing volume of produc-
tion, the double duty, self imposed by the brokers,
assumed the anxious interrogative form as to
whether the growers or the speculators, first should
be served. Speculators solved the question, grasp-
ing the fact that the offerings of steam tonnage are
not equal to the bulk of produce to be exported, and
employed schooners for their own account, unfet-
tered by the legal restrictions common to the sub-
sidised steamers.
Sailing vessels load at any wharf including the
Steamers' during their absence.
Steamers are subsidized to benefit the original
growers, and the Corporation provide the shed
room with a like intent. Combined, both induce
produce to meet the steamers.
The steamers' movements being sufficiently punc-
tual for the purposes to be served, the perversion of
accommodation appears. Growers meet the steam-
ers, but find the brokers' allotted spaces filled with
boxes 15 tiers high and with barrels in 7 riders,
precluding use of the Country's offer of steam for
the current week, or of the town's shed room. Mis-
taking the visible array for a enginee overcrowd of
the market, growers sell an,. le..-n afterwards that
some of the most imposing constituents of the ap-
parently hopeless wall of tleir exclusion were ac-
curmulations res.'rved for sailinu- vessels and that
other produce which had benu presented many
hours after they had sold, bad found transport by
steam, also :that sailing vessels cargoes had been
secured at prices at which c-rowers would not have
sold, had not appearances and accommodation alike
been perverted.
Ex. Gov. Cooke and Wife.......Washington, D.C.
Win. C. Parker.................. Montrose, N. J.
Manton E. Parkler..................." "
J. &. Crawford.......................... Quebec.
J. P. Wyman..................Arlington, Mass.
A. P. 'Rose..........................New York.
Win. H. Dunwoody, and Wife......... Minnesota.
J. W. Paltern.... ..................Philadelphia.
A. Van Duesen and Wife............. New York.
Miss Van Duesen......................" I
.W. A. Kimnball and Wife........... .." "
Mrs. Ie ... ........ ....St. amford, Conn.
Miss Leeds......................... "
99TH FooT.-Queen's Cadet Thomas Hugh Smith,
from the Royal Military College, to be 2nd Lieut., .
vice Blackwell, transferred to the 8th Foot.
WAi OFFICE, Feby. 10.-Captain and Brevet
Ma)or C. S. Hunt, retires on a pension, with the I
honorary rank of Lieut.-Col. I
AzxM PAr DEPARTMENT.-Paymaster Major F. I
0. Sargeant-Openshaw, to be Staff-paymaster, vice
Major J. M. Gibbs, placed on retired pay.
Street, M .D., is granted retired pay with the hon-
orary rank of Brig.-Surgeon.
Sir G. P. Colley, C.B., K.C.S.I., C.M.G., Private I
Secretary of Lord Lytton, vice Roy of India has
been commissioned Major-General and appointed
to'succeed Sir Garnet Wolseley as Commander-in-
Chief of the British Forces at the Cape of Good Hope,
Doctor Le Baron Hartt, of 225 East 31st Street.
New York, died at his residence on the 20th ultimo,
from the effects of a septic poison, absorbed into the
system from the surface of a malignant cancer, from
which one of his patients was suffering.
General Grant it would seem has every chance of
occupying the Presidental Chair a third term.
The grant of $l(00,000 by the Dominion Govern-
ment toward the Irish Relief fund, has passed tihe House
To CORRESPONDENTS.-"Amateur," in our next.
MARRIED, at St. Mark's Church, Smith's Parish,
February 10th. by Rev. George Tucker, Rector of Ham-
ilon and Smith's, CARL JULIUs JOHTANSEN, of St.
C'roix, toALMiRA JULIA EDDERSTON, daughter of Mr.
Samuel Gilbert Pearman.

.......... on the 24th February, at Woodstock,"
Paget, by the Rev. J. McKeen, MR. SAMUEL J. SMITH.
to Miss ELLEN LOUISE, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos.
S. Doe, both of Paget.
DIED, in Sandys Parish on the 18th ultimo, WIL-
LIAM LORRATNE, only son of Mr. William Tucker,
aged years and 4 months.
.......... tl January, at ontys Court, near Taun-
ton, Someirsetshire. (England) 'GFNEBAL W ILLIAMI
MUNRO, O.B,. Colonel of the 93rd Highlanders. He
was formerly Lieut.-Governor of Bermuda, and com-
manded the 39th Regiment when in that Coleny.-
Arm y and Navy Gazette.
........., at C'liflon Cottage, the residence of Mr.
John H. Robhin-on, Pembroke. Bermuda, on Sunday
the 29th ultimo, ,il.R. JOSt.PH AVERY TREFRY, a native
of Yarmouth, N. S in the 4'-'nd year of hii age ; leav-
a widow. six lchi!dreu and brothers, sisters and many
other relatives to lament an irreparable loss.

41 'O TWICE.
LAW, will lhe absent. Ii om iermuili for a
f.r'thr pei'i'd of d hre m,'nth:.
IlanilLton, March I,, lcr.-uce.
" Colouist" and Tihws & '. d.,',; a." pi te
Copy once.

The well-known Yacht larn,"
With Naillast, Sails, Ke.1ge AAnchor, etc.
PRICE 40 0 0.
For particilurs apply to
HamiltonoMarcli 2, 1880.-2


A Rare

Chance for Investniit.

At Public


That well known and very desirable

1. \.udi n kou e,
The Property of
alvr. Jamme s E. EfsraE s,,
Pleasantly Situated on Union Street in this
Town, Containing 9 Rooms, with outhouses,
and fine Tank on Lot No. 7, 150 x 50

T -p 1O wc dnuctsdaon,
To-morrow, Wednesday,

The 3rd March,
At 12 o'clock, M.
01- One-third of the Purchase Money may
remain at Interest with security on the pre-
_Premises may be inspected any day before
day of Sale between the hours of 12 M., and 2
o'clock, P.M.
Hamilton, March 2, 1880.

The Subscriber
A Large and Choice Assortment of

lie also has on hannd fromin recent arrivalss
(ilavan a a. .l othlcrs,)
TOBACCOS in great variety
'leerschanum aund Brie.r P I P1 "', of' t-he I. est
Call at Nos. 46 &. 47 Front Street, lamnil-
ton, Itermitula.
H. A GR AN'I'[ H M.
March I, 1880.--3

Persons desirous of shipping

To the Consignment of
AlSesspS. Middt elon Co.,5
Will please call upon
MR.. SA.\MUEL, A. MASTERS, No. :26 Front
street, who will lender them every facility for
so doing.
Hamilton, Miarch !, 1, 0.--2 in


Late of the Town of Hamilton, Deceased.

A LL Persons having CLAIMS
against the above Estate are requested to
forward their Accounts. addressed to the Un-
dersigned, Administrator, under cover to AMIh.
REGINALD GRAY, Hamilton, on or before the
31st day of Ma.trh next.
All persons INDETE I'I) to the above Estate
except those who have already made artange-
ments with MR. iEGINALD GRAY for paymn-it)
requested to make payment to Mr. IEGINALD
GRAY for the Admiuistratur on or before the
above date.
2nd March, 138 .-3 3p-Ma-ch 16, & 30th.

For Sale

1 The House and
LAND in Warwick Parish, belonging to the
I'stite of the late (EORpor .J. PATTON ; bounded
on the North by Land of Mrs. Miadalin
Lightbourn ; East, by a, Trin:e Road ; South, by
the Main Road, and West. by a Tribe Road.
The Ui )USE is a Two Story one, and has
Four Bedrooms, a large Drawil i0p om, Two
t'arloirs, Two Halls, )One --itting R.Am, P':n-
try and Kitchen. Theie aro about ~:ix Acres
of LAND, on which ,ire a Fit it Garden and
Two Outhouses; and, as the itoad Oai the
Eat of the Premises will shortly be improved
the Property will be within a few minutes walk
of the Salt Kettle Ferry.
For further Particulars apply to
No. 2 West Front Street, Hawilton,
December l -, 167.-- f 3p

For Sale,
SThe Chestnut Mare

Late the property of Capt. Annesly, R.A.
A Sure Fencer, good Hack or Carriage Horse,
will stand fire and has been used with troops.
Apply to
Lt. l- iJti I iiei t.
St. George's, F'eby. 25, 1880.
olo>nist" please copy.

ALL Persons having -OD\ \VTi''i BOT-
TL.ES and BOXES, marked W. J.
Barritt"' or "Johi Barritlt, and not in the
trade at percent with the IUnder-igned, will
please fori'waid then at once, and if pai.i for
the money will bc refunded.
Manufacturer of 'Crated Waters,
East Broadway.
Hamilton, Feby. 16, 1880.-3 3p

At 1 o'clock, P.M.,

On Thursday next,

4th instant,
1 13LS. Bright Grocery SUGAR
10 .50 New York HAMS
6 Half Bls. Family BEEF
5 Half Chests Oolong TEA
5 Drums New CODFISH
4 Pairs Porters TRUCKS
100 Pkgs 21 and 5 lbs. CONFECTIONERY
10 Boxes Family SOAP
1 Bl. Thin Mess PORK
10 Dozen Lager BEER
5 Hhds. London PORTER
25 5 lbs. Tins Family BUTTER
6 Dozen assorted PICKLES
2 PUMPS 2 Oil CANS, 100 gls. each
3 Boxes Tallow CANDLES
5 Qr. Boxes Blk. TOBACO 14's
1 Superior Young

Milh (CO W
has had only one Calf, gives about 6 qrts.
A .ND,

FrItom nor'wood,"
Amongst which will be found :
1 Rocking CHAIR
4 Dozen CHAIRS, Old Cedar, Cane, HFair, &c.
1 Sofa TABLE 2 Side BOARDS
2 Large CARPETS, Stair and pieces Ditto
3 Cedar Writing DESKS 1 Cedar CHEST
2 Small Writing DO.
Ink Stand and Table BELL
1 Four Post BEDSTEAD Several Ancient
1 Chest. DRAWERS 3 Looking GLASSES
2 Pairs Snufftrs and TRAYS
1 Pair long SNUFFERS
1 Tlindsome 3 Bottle Liquor STAND
I Tall LAMP with glass drops
A large lot CROCKERY and GLASS, ancient
and modern
A lot BOOKS, including a complete Encyclo-
pedia in 20 vole,
A lot of PICTURES and PRINTS with and
without Frames
Several large handsome Italian PHOTO-
I 3 Alabaster ORNAMENTS.
B. W. WALKER, & CO.,
Hamilton, March 1, 180.

Under a Power of Sale in the Mortgage con-

On the Premises, at noon
The 17th day of March, instant,
_-, ALL that. certain COTTAGE
with the PARCEL OF LAND where-
on it stands, situate and being in Pembroke
Parish near a place called The Acre," which
parcel of Land measures on the East and West
sides thereof respectively 10S feet or there-
abouts, and on the Vorth and South sides
thereof respectively, 10-1 feet or thereabouts,
and is bounded Southerly and Westerly by
Land in the occupation of William Blackman
and his Wife; Northerly by Land held in his
lifetime by James Cox, Deceased, and Easterly
by Land heretofore of Solomon Taterm, de-

March 1, 1880.-3

S..' -____

For Sale,

In the Town of Hamilton.
Accommodating terms to an approved pur-
For further particulars apply to
2nd March, 1880.-1


JIt Mrs, Steed's.
liamilton, March 1, 1880.-I*

No Ice.

FO I S jL E,
A Fine

HO() RS E,
Veer superior !,,r s.iddle or d: aft.

S: Lot of I-AN-6Ds
: hipp-d contrary to order,
For three (3) Bays oif Verauidah (front), inea-
sen,.g :ahbve hand r-iil 5 feet inches by 6 feet
8 ;nehes, int lhree paris, and under hand rail to
fl,', r 6 felt inches by '- feet 9 inches, in onue
p;,, ;

'iho above [e had cheap for Cash on ap-

plying to
:Maufacturer of ./Eratedl Waters,
East Broadway.
Hamilton, February 16, 1880.-3 3p

New York Miail S'teamer.

.. Steamer

On Thursday next,
4th Insta.t,
To leave thence for return on 11th
Freight, Parcels, and Specie on Preight, will
be received until 6 p.m., 3rd instant.
Bills of Lading for Produce and General Mer-
chandise will be signed until 10 a.m. 4thinstant.
Passenger Stage will be removed at 30
minut-s past noon, on 4th instant.
Hamilton, Bermuda, March Ist, 1880.
Colonist" please copy once.


R. M. Snirs. Alpha,' Capt. Crowell,
S 'Beta,' Capt. Shaw.

Until further notice Return Tickets
to Halifax (available for six months) will be
issued at 12 sterling each.
Through Tickets Bermuda to Liverpool will
be issued at following rates :
Cabin........ 22 0 0
Second Cabin.. 16 0 0
Passengers -will be forwarded at present by
Allan Line of Steamers from Halifax every
During summer months every Saturday via
fRimouski, Passengers having the benefit of a
Railroad drive through the Provinces of Nova
Scotia and New Brunswiclk, or every other
Tuesday, via St. John's Newfoundland.
Passage Rates-Bermuda to Jamaica,
First Cabin 8 10 0 Return 14 12 0
Second Cabin 6 5 0 Return 10 10 0
For further particulars apply to
St. George's, Bermuda, 3p
March 1, 1880. 3

Farmers A attention.
s- -
A Choice Assortment of

WATER MELON, Inrge kind, same as grown
in the Southern States, expressly selected for
this Market,
Chinese Sugar CANE and a variety of other
45 Front St.. Inlamillon, ) I
2nd Marth, 1880.

Potatoes, Potato es.

A Lot of Early Rose

In Splendid Condition,
Just received ex S. S. Beta" from Halifax and
for sale by
Front Street.
March 2, 1880.-1 pd

Notice to Importers from
Halifax, N. S.

The Undersigned will have a First Class

.'.r~. -~I

1 Colonial Secretary.

Exchange on London.
P ERSONS desirous of purchasing
to the extent of 1,945, in Separate Bills of
100, at ten days sigh%, payable in two-thirds
British Gold and the refaainder in British Sil-
ver, at par, drawn on Messrs. C. W. & W.
Gray by the Commissioners authoriseda,and re-
quired by Act No. 14, Session 1, \1879, t.o sell
out certain investments appropriated to Qaol
purposes, are requested to make applicati6h to
the undersigned after Wednesday next, the
1 Itl..instaat.

Receiver General,
One of the Commissioners.
Receiver General's Office,
Feby. 7, 1880.

fBoUrsd of ,14ricuntltter.

POTICE is hereby given that a fresh Supply
of the Chpicest TO'l 1\CO SEED has
been received from ,ler Majesty's Consul Gene-
ral at Ilavaunah, and is ready for distribution
to all Per.sons desirous of tryin, 1to cultivate
''obicc,.-The present is a very favourable
timie for sowing the seed.
Packets of T'obecco Seed sufficient to plant
an acre of ground will be distributed gratis on
application to any of the following Gentlemen:
RICG HARI) T N Esqr., Devonshire,
i). M'PHE' LE",-, F,%qr.,. lamiltmm,
Worshipful JO;IN v Wl., Sa idys,
C. II. SMITAl, Vsqr, A sistant Receiver Gen-
eral St. Georges.
Cletrk to the Board of Agriculture.
Hamilton, Ist March, 1880.-S

Extra Slats for Onion

The Undersigned offer about 600
Bundles of

Despatched from the above Port ti

About 10th March itouv is o s
A OOi 10t i5 1V rc h Withoutenais, at 6 pe i bundle, of 70 Slats, for
Aud has room for a limited quantity of Freight. Cash on delivery. Charged, they will be at 2/
Orders to be sent forward per Beta" of 2nd per buadlhe.
March. TRO TT & COX.
For further particulars please apply to Hamilton, Bermuda, 2 ,

Hamilton, 23rd Feby., 1880.-2 3p

For Sale.

The fast Sailing Yacht


i .LO!"7 nga 1:11 miorimJ a mmd dsaItacint' Mainm-


i D iNGY.
The above is tIhe piopert,y -f Capt. W. B.
Brown, 46th Legt., and wil! be sold on reason-
able terims;- until sold can be hired by the day
or week,
Apply to

. 4

42 Front St.

Hamilton, Feb. 23, 1880.-3 3p.

2nd March, 1 ,U. S "
SColonist twice 3rd page.

Post Office, Hanulton, February 28rh, 1880.
Mrs Saml G Adams, Mrs Wm Anderson, Marga.
ret Bean, Jessie Barnett, Dinah Burgess, Theophi.
lus E Pesa, W YBulley, Ang-lImi C Coprine,
Thoras B H- Ci.hrane, Henry Cascimore, Susan T
Cooper, N R Clunerbick, Mrs Ci'uminings, John
B Difcet, Emily Eibin, M F Friaiwell, John
(,:!, M4 rs, i -n, H L. i !i i U Kilnl", R.-
chard. L. :nt,'rt, ir;.su) a Ly .._2., .:as-r J & H
lghtboufn, J S Lw.s, N' A Loil., R .t Morrison,
Walter Newot,, 'I Nor', Ldwaid :'arr, Anna '11
'mnentel, A.dea ,binao.-, ,'V Richardson, Liura
i smith, C..':,'iu SmiihI, iSaulin, Miss Simp-
BS|I, Joseph ampler, Jnai T1' Smith, Cynithinus
Swan, Frank SyiillI, 'r.,ci tc-) 'udeir-s Silva, R
M1 Taylor, Chas .' Thmnine, tieury T Truot, Henry
Usher, Clara Vick'-rs, Wa;:c WrVitcl, Sarahl Wclls.
FICtEST. GEOKiiE's, March 1, 1l80.
Thnnas B.1rno.s, Mrs( d< B.van, Ger-rge Humm,
Lawrence Joseph Jinneni, Mr Jackland, Joaquitu
Leal Mlendez.

Coro,} !aJ 'a.'s Offce,
hlr MARCH, 1880.
has received a Circular Despatch from the
Right Honorable the Secretary of State for
the Colonies, dated Downing Street, 24th Jan-
uary, 1880, transmitting a copy of a DECLA-
longing the duration of the existing Treaties
of Commerce and Navigation between Great
Britain and France, which was signed at P:lris
on the 10fh October, 1879.
A Copy of the Declaration can be seen at
this Office.
1Pq His E.cellency'.s Command,
1 Colonial Secretary,

Colonial Secretary's Office,
1ST MARCH, 1880.
has received information from the Right gfpn-
orable Sir M. E. Hicks-Beach, Her Majesty's
Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies,
that Her Majesty will not be advised to exer-
cise her power of disallowance in respect of
the following Acts of the Legislature of Ber-
muda passed during the second Session of 1879.
1 Colonial Secretary.
1879-Session II.
No. I-The Audit Act, 1879.
2-An Act to amend the Liquor License Acts.
3-An Act to make better provision for the
maintenance of Schools.

Colonial Secretary's Office,
IST MARCH, 1880.
PEACE and other Gentlemen entitled
to receive copies of the Acts of the Colonial
Legislature, are hereby informed that the Acts
passed during the last Session have been print-
ed and that, copies may be obtained on appli-
cation at this office.
Copies for Members of the Legislature have
been deposited with the Clerks of the respect-
ive Bodies.




i O .... ;.i ar, pr_ r: ',.p ',. f.:,*. ...i *r )r";' t i"'.: -
",:- .* :--- ... .. ..

The ViT-PR .kl e er..:crved sr.,, coeIn;,

nnd Hon. 3M s L. sr p.Itm, !pft '..r. n ni,'' H,'-.e
shortly Irfc.rr 9 ,.'reAk on Satu d v r ,:.e
for the Sern'p Ch( In driviri'n down the
avenue the horses became unruly, .nand by the time
they reached the Lodce at the main eriirrnce they
were travellini,' at a more rapid rr.e than was
agreeable to Ile ,yrocn m. An attrm'!, w:-s made fo
rein up, but without smicesg. and in turning the
corner near the late reidencr.e f Mr. T. B. Taylor,
the sleigh swunz round with 2rat force, and the
runner, coming in contact with a lump of ice. caused
a capsizA, and sent the groom and ralet. who were
on the box, flying through thb air, d p,,ti' l, t2rii'
in n snow-bank. The innrinatcl anirils, now no
longer under restraint, iereased thlir p,,'c? arn1
draggerd the sleigh on fis side a diFtance of al.ut.
400 yards, the Vice-Re,.al party being still iunside
and unable to escape. They continued their move-
ment. until nearing New Edinburgh brid!.e, when
Hon. Mr. Baegot and 'room who, with) CaptaTin
Harbord, occupied a slei'oqb in front, obl-irrrl what
they thought to be a farmer's team doshinE awards
them, and jumped from thp sleigh to stop hbom.
Hon. Mr. Bngot was a little in advance rf the
groom, and with great presence of mind jumped
for one of their heads and succeeded in catching
the reinp. With a sud-n.i erkb he p'iitinly.r -'-:il
the team, and enabled the groom to seize tl'e other
animal. A combined effort brought them 1o a
stand still. The sleigh was righbed at oncr, and the
occupants assisted out. T were hey were then d;vr to
Rideau Hall, and a mn-~-enger odspr, ibc.h for DLr.
Grant to the Sernae haini,r. On r"ail -ing- the
Hall be found that the Priac- c ha3i re.:eired a
contusion on the rioht Ride of tbe heod, tind the
lobe of the right ear waRs lso cut. iMrs. Lah:bani,
was much bruised on the left a im, and His Excel-
lency slightly confused on the forehead. Col. Mc-
Nell escaped uninjured, The rescue wa a most
heroic one, and Coal. Baot is the here of the

(Frontm the Halifax Acadian Pfcorder, el.'u ( tr.' 1 7 )
This morning T. C. Kinncar, Esq.., iiiiv rl,-.. 1- ,y
Mr. J. Scott Mltebell't cffz o on Prin.', :b'tr:i, n,,,k
a paralytic fit, i.nd was for imte ii pia a 2 eiric',,s
condition. He was taken care ol hy thr,,! in lCe
office and medical aid 1ir i ai.-np b. I h'. Cr(ir', wbo
happened to drive along -,'-Jlis .-:c-- a ih: cleik
was hurrying for a dmcct'or, came aun u itit the arsist-
anee of Fomeothlers placr! Mr. KinUear i. h!hi, zT;. hb,
,bie-h was awaiting. Iia ',as diawun Leme wil Dr,
Fitch summoned.
The community was ahocLked this afternoon by the
intelligence ihit Mr. Kinnear's stroke badl resulted
fatally. It was also leatned that the decea-ed Lad
been in poor tealih for somne time previous; ard
that he had been, on a former occasion, while trav-
elling in Europe, seized with a similar, but milder
Mr. Kinnear was for vpry many yecrs i'.leniflie
with the Halifax and West India bnsisncss. first as
clerk with William Pivor & Sons ('Lh old fir.,),
ond next as a member of the firm ot Kinncar &
Sievewright 'the latter a gentleman who was a scn-
in-law of John Howe. Esqr., then postmasier ?,i
Halifax, and who afterivards went, to the West In.
dies, where he belonged, and died there). Subse-
quently, Mrh. Kinnear's partner was tbc Hon. A. G.
Jones, uptil the former's retirement fioni business
some years ago.
The deceased was absent from -Ialifax. svei al
years,; but returned to ettle down l'erc. In every
relain of life he was igblyv eslt-ele'. s ani w ,.'
lmrist the last of the old i race of r.icIjarisn, that
made Halifax at one timn Fo famous.
The medical opinion was that Mr. KiarRea,-',z death
resulted from the rupture of a blood vessel ofi the
brain, caused by apoplexy superinduced by the
paralytic shock.

General Daniel Rugnles, of Virginia, at tu e re-
quest of the Serate Conmirtep on Ayricultme, ap-
peared before them, (Washington, Feby. 11,) pnd
briefly explained his metbod or precipitating ,i;i.
lalls by scienlif iemeans. His uiethcld, hor iv it.h
he has recently been ratfned a piaten, i to I -'u-e
to the cloud realm carti idgs of dynanii, ci: rsmuller
explosive maerials, inD skeleton balloons, nndi to
explode hem either by the fires, &c., or hy Bianeto
electricity through light metali, wirrs c,; nec-.i i
ihc balloons with the er,lh. Generarl Ru.t'l:.", ae
thse result o01 riuv vara (.'' s.u1d7 anm ire.fifaLiKu
of this subject, claims tbai the diff'i;nsd mists pass-
ing over arid ,egions or loc'.liiies suff,?,ing Iruin
unusual drought may ieadily be conrsolidated into
rainlalts by concussions and vibrations t h u( :i'.ifi-
cially produci.d, and be hi,0 therefI,.rr; iuri:ested to
the committee thai Con.tgrss nity provide a su^ail
appro)riation for expenditure by tbe Coimnmio;.er
of Agri.iuliure to test the practicability ot aiding
the agricultural interests of the coonnly in this
manner. Tbe committee lispnaed to G,"per';l Rrg-
gies' stalenrents with niuch imnieae-t, :, ,'I r.q ntq ted
him to repa-re aa amnpIifi.d uueme-.rial rin tl'e suh-
jec't, with a (i-w to their taking ii ,nore fully info
oolsidelrati,.n at an early day.


Senator Garland reported a .ill fiim the J udieil-
ary Committee (Washington, February 11,) ':;men-
datory to the present laws relating to hi.i,.r'y and
polygamy. It. impesos a fine of not more v';1- $500
and not more than five ytms' imprisonmret iil rol
every person who has a hu,'l'frer or wife livi-i ,'nnd
who hereafter marries anothc r, and dpelare- lisat
any man who marriestiore than one w inu.f oi uilty
of bigamy. ''Tbis provirionr dces not cpendi t,. any
person by eapson of any former nat ,iago. i, .b el'n-
band or wile by such r ni s '-,+ is obsern !fr fire
spi((cessive yeaw s nrd is no, kno-.n to Ie lit 'ir,', nor
to any pe con a hose la fuli martin ite b.-' Leen dis-
solved by n decree of a competent court. It pro-
vies that in tny canr oif iros-ci;ion fto
any person drawn as a tray 1e halerned
if he is or bhas been living in the p'r:e ica of bigaiv
or polygamy, or if he belietre i, tmuorally, rili -iously
or legally t it tor,' an ta .. l vT r rutr: li'.i.t cE.
living and undivoieed wife, 'r to lire i n tih- ~prc-
lice of co(uhbiNl'on with maoi tLain one 'yon'r,.. I
also authotizue the Presideut to grant nirno.s- to
offenders against the law ror (fci nere c.wunitled
before January 1, 1879, on sncb condii.: a 'ati
iuder such linratSionss hea shni l ibhink p:i,:er, I -t
no such aRMU-iy sbhall iritc eff'eci uuhir.- t,! eCou.-
diti The bill provides that the ic ue of plura! or ;':ot mou
marriages born before November 1, 167J, '-' oil te
considered legitimate and eutPiled to ll thte hU ,.
of heirs and next of kin o1 their pareu!ti.

The Archbishop of Algiers (Catholic) hab rEeceir-
ed favorab!e reports fr'on Zuinzil.,ar of ith 18 iLis.
sionari Ms wbho ft .AigK la rt, Jit;: .- .:. b-.,
r 'he -r IT,.I a r n. i" }.,
P* ,t u i -,:.t ye..r f' T:, ,a" 1.4 ;.' G i,, N'o h
iot tl 'eir sup.' c 1 bur. hUL i ..r,' iA a Y.., '.'';
lhAd lteLn wll r'.c1 ivf 'd Lb' -i ,. L l- .;... %; i. -
si.on and thBe Araib chiis. 'i Ltey h .i ~lit.y: ,eCL a
station in the region of Omnudi, ani had beiu opi-
erations by receiving abandoned inlunts.

A 'F ) :, ISTH--U~.
T .' .. .- -. .

r ,- ,' I

St i'es. N,rv7- :'. Crlifr. P, rI, ) '. i ,th P .-'c i'
at. Chilqii 1 [.I froron ie '"ar 'ib -an S'%,. may
pro e tt.., ': ,.l V .iv,. of a n:w for.iin
S., '., v oe'f 1'7a r ":,i':.l- l. t.m o t.nc0. It i? trt' >' th t.
bhe U i' : '1 a '-,' nli'c-'v p, e',s r al;", stations
a. variol! o.'t n' tlhe 'T-rov prrts of the 0 .lo',P, notF,-
hyi it- ',e "- ':in A, -_ e bi ;a 1--.) -ir that.the Rcqnuii-
;nil of siuc-h prnporty does nr'-It ti.,-oretically involve
tie ri,,ht 4of1" ,etiipent dr.raiin" or territorial sover-
ei,;kiv. We eoniecture, however. that the nominal
sovereigntyv of Colombia over the narrow and el-
most uninL .bl(',, trect hatwre-n the two hays will
not LI,, practicrallv 'xerted. If indeed ftbi ,'ra, tT.e
property of an A.tnerin.Tiu citizen, shall not turn o t
to be included in be puicaepp. A po'silc ciiml)i-
cation may mnise from the f'.et that. tbe new acqui-
pition situate,:d as it is at the political point ofjune-
Ct)u between N-,rth and South America and upon
the boundary mlin- between Colombia ad! CoIla
RiMa. i (linpufed be we-,! theso two re'nblicti,
though long in the en(tu:,l poss.ion of Coliombio.
It is an interesting spot for many reasons. Chiri-
qui Bay and the npghbnrinrl distVrict of Verartvs
are closely connected with the last. voy.ige of Colom-
bius, who renmioned for month's on this conas, for
wIich heL ha' Fitch lpartiailvt that b- h tool: from it
hi,- Slpanisb itie of nobility. I-tii defendants to
(bih day are duIkei of Verat;,.is O)r older readers
will remember the excitement of a i.eun'-ratiou aT-",
when the discovery of a great quantity ct golden
ornaments in It::: Indian tombs ')f Chiriqui le'1l to
th,- uni'ouni.l-. hope of a new Eldorad'o in that re-
vion. It is juSt possible, -s more than oun explor-
e. has herelorore asserted, that the Chiriqui ioun piose the best for a canal. a nd the magnificent
harbors aid la rgely to its feasibility.- ti'w York

T'he detail rif the relipc.ted a cent of Chiirnmborazo,,
co Jan. 4, Lyv Mi'. Edrard\ Whynvpr ai,. Iwo lrc'-
i-rs, nai-.i d ( 'rC l rel, will ,oe avaited with rcat in, -
terest. Tta ,n'.F. nl ,', nuiailn became f,.mtoul'
"'i" h I-, un mbot t'.s. u'a uu,. tul effort It reach ii.;
snow-e wVi-.d .uaiumit i, -'2, The .. i.ri ,'Xp rer
niea'.urrid t' w? mountain's l, ._[ ,t, 21,422 'eet, or a
lr.- over '!:r :miles, hnt was imnable toi- ascenl
hbither tha wit'hia r- ethiu': les th'-,u ih,.if a mile
fom the ,:'p. 'u'.!-q(reti:.l:y, M.--srs. B,.n-sia- oult
a .dl fai l, in ..-:.1, climbed (ev- I. or eitb.t hundri 1I
{*?.t higher leul wv.r'n'e .1,1 ,' ) ,la 'lessit in co,.'cc.quntnce
of tIhe mIa e!a ft,!n of thr. Mi!, c'.,;iiiiin 1'l.od to built
fronm their eves oand nos,:'-, an making libreathinig
For mar.y y,'ars aiter HutimtollIt's visit, t(.1irinbo-
r.zo .01 as supposed to be the highest mountain in
the wcild., It was nlway:- a favorite theme with
that great intcrpreler of nature, and it figures in
most of bhis w.itings. There is perhaps no mote
imposing and picturesque peak on the gl.Ib, and it
probably presepnts itself more frequently to men's
irineds as a tvpival rout uLin itan any of the giant
Himalayan p':aks that have robbed it. of its once
unquestioned rl;nim as the culminating point of the
gloibe. Rising out of a g-eat, plateau that is clo bed
with ibe ticlh vegetation of tropical regions, it pre-
,.enis on it titemendeous flanks a perspective of the
varying vegetItion of every zone, and swells, finally
above the arciie region ot the pines, tar up into the
home of everitsting snow. Its grand dome is visi-
ble Iagainst the ky from the seacoast, 200 miles
-Mr. W%-h n:inr rT,ports3bhat b; foiiod, and ascend-
ed:.' t r. sstriti:: ts of the motint iin. He savw no tra-
'.s o ,a crater,, ud so it ee'+ms probable that .'him-
botazo is not, of volcanic origin, but represents Ihe
upheaval of an Enormous mass of rock by the forces
that first broke and crumpled the earth's c-ust. Mr.
Wbymper found the snow on and near the summit
so soft that it seriously impeded hiz progress, al-
though tb0e temperature was much below thb freez-
inrg point. I' is, perhaps, sinificant, a, a hiot to
iturue travell:-.-, that Humboldt made his abutotive
aitermpt to scale the mountain in June, that Bous-
sin'raul: succeeded bhcter in Deceabl)er, and thLatl
Wl-ymper reached the top i., January.

ri' e '1Ci onicle's New Glangow .orresj3endeit, writ-
it.. 'rn Suni:.v, ?.ys:--
About four tiles from New Ginstcow there is a
setil!mentcalled "Egypt,' a cold, stouy, half bar-
rm pace. Tle'e d'\ ell. \damn Mu ray, rather a
id!-,!; sp-ec(imeu of the bar'dy Highlind mae from-
ihi. h he slpran,'. His wife, on the conulrariy, is a,
ar!ng, hea!.hiy, rugged vwomana, of about :7 years
of ag:', who had seventeen sisters and brother, be-
sid"s her cousins and .er -aunts by the doze., her
rmuher giving imiitb to eihllte-n children, twins three
linh,+. This rauo tinRL when D,. Fraser (Downie)
,i tni'd at the h,.u'e Adam'.is nun" screi'
all told. (One bhoir aitler'-arris, to the astonish :,ieatt
it nit the dlia'r,. rof the HAPPY iatlier, the umbTer
wn- i,'creraeid ,o twelIe, hi "vife givingg birth t. fire
-enid c-n, -tht"e. gi.rl. and t 'an '",, all lihrin, and
perIl'tly for tied. No doul.t Mrs.. A Iurray will re-
ce'iv'e .er M.le~ity's I tUA, grauit.y in such cases,
u e.ber, usntil in e:ases of triplets, for cases o!
fic children at birth are not commonn"

F OF en t.


And Vrc

L. r '

of n'L-t~ 1:

P a C

klr i~ s '. OUI -A.. 'JIITOC'R, rl'

o f in' lt. "~ le PneC iwltrnt.lui I Oijm.~tt' l

''it 'm-o 1 '-1'1

V MCLI, .",1 c ,,m I), i e s7t! JliE

ttsh' ~'c-n~s--.Ic! to -w! rntI to 4.

U ~ 1 fel pla I~i.. PI'y .tirie.- :ije -A f'this

lee~~ Teo Tv 1'17 flft

to F1ruish

DI;Iy ( '"undvys excepted)
Firmin their 'tore in Purnably -tlreet tonny per"
so:i Vi',o. teaay desire -i supply.
',o C.ustorm rs i II-. iltoni and Vicinuy it
will Ibe deliver. 1 !iy Cart ,raiilv--fiom about 10
o'clock till noon--eonimeining o; 1st .April.
The price is one penny per pound for 12 ilIs
and upwards.
A peIany lhi.lf-p. nny intiler i'2 Ibs.
Ber:miud-,' 1 rilk-ia Ic le o-npa ano
I!anilt,-ii, Mar,-l, 24th, 1879.

A Market Wagonw
-nea ily new .-Apply at "It'.yal Gazette"
Srationerv '-tore.
[Hainilton, Deer. 23, 137,).

John M. DeWolfe,
MIauiif.wttirr ,e'fall kinds of

: ,a ,T I. .1 '
Carria; '-s bmilt expre sly for Bermuda when
Agent at Berinuiida.
SSeptember 8,U1 79.--i 2mu.

George A. Smfo
!L..LIF \X, N. .,
\M antilatcii'o an i !'e ,.< i. i
N ri ;r P'7,r l ", i r i. .1

:n :' i -4 I' C ',,,..h *'. !iL '.s
BPain 'i'Oi'":, &". &..,.
An ,' t .'1 i ir .)i rdt .'. N o charge f',' ,ir-li-
nary i iscr'iptions.
Pers.nus fi,:r ardin- ,rdei'-, or \%ishin,._ any
information, please apply t;o
'. T. JJ.IES,
Agent f.,r Bernmidla,
43 Front St.
Hamilton, Octr. 6th, 11879.-11 y



Books Interle.ivcd 2/. Plain 1/9. heet 1/.
Can h'e hItaii:di,'d fioimi our Agent, lMessrs.
Gi-.oRoGE BOYLE & .-"ON,, i. tGeore's; Air. It'.
(G.A.LLOWAY, li,. ';Warder. .N. Yard, ; from i[h
several Carriers ii thle i- ;iyal Gazette,'' and at
Oar tatimjierry ;ei -
H: r; !;to,., ~Decer, 23mr', 1879.

TH W, O ... D
;:IBI'''i!)N !S87".

1%5 U
"pecinlly hfor1 1l,.t ''-. ,- s in Ierneti-
callv c! .sd-, tin ,;,- : ill ; z -, .n s .:,' likeL4 ri- nd
in ti,'kins. I'he l i\-,, is of this ,-elebrated -ieh.nd
now exceeds 1I',s,1),000) Ib,.
T. ,J. '1., ,'CH Y, Yu;:.-ter )Dairies, D'pot,
C,,rk, lrelandJ. "tj

If 3A Ii V*-) ILa1t~m7.



Cue,~ of the I'm;.) '~Ili t-!'Ind Wealthie.
i P---1 rifavi n,
virht' gh t!N ;"I~V l1Ff t in hoz-o
:ut' i !Wec e~I Q tIh(-A I ;su r c,
of [h-'S'tart1 ''q.a e o li'll tau
~ A~ih L'ti FAL -a;d PERSONL~t

'h e Ltat'ie ]w)tory

L M Te sr

Sill.' 1. n.-::. 'eVt. of the
? :ri" -s..s-ion LIven.

(J [O'-'ri-ow Li ~

Ain. AM. S. H[tUN 'T

SI E Ut (Ieri D..4 htVit' i&:i eI li ti'

THOA1' tlv11' It'"u:.IaE F. '

Jantal 6, :.itr'd ~' 181 if-':t

f?:?e,; R M '.'lramers,

.. L p '

MONT I'NA sail. Tuesday Janiy. 27, at 5 a.m.
WIS,',:NS IN ,:ii'f- Tuesdav Feby. 3, at 10 a.m.
AR IZO)N sailsTuesdav Febv 10, at 5 n.m.
W Y( ".,IN; .-si Tiesdav Febv. 17, at, 10 a.m.
MIONT ANA s.ils. ''Tesd:y Mla' h 2, at. 9 n.m.
\V'IS<.: N S IN sa-ils ',uesdl;v March 9, at 3 p.m.
Sit lZONA sails 'iTue1day March 18, at 9 a.m.
WYI)!OMINI sails Tuesday March 23, at 3p.m.
N ,V \' iA- s.ail. TI 'tIeslV .a rch 30), at t a.m.
Thei .,,,l,- St ,e';-r are iboio! expi'esly for
the Tr e.-, h;c '..*',lt erli, ,lit I ulkheads', and
carry experienced 'icer', 'Surgeons and Stew-
ardle-ses. The;" .'..a.rn Accommodationsare un-
surpa..el by any \ .ianti'u Steamers, and the
State R,,em!s are ,..n u:,'.rin lechk opein into the
Salo'', ..h '-ee' --;: that ireat co;itort in
ocean tc'ave!, rt'rf c .'.:' lilalion' and light.
SSrmoking.Itoomi, Hlth Room and Piano on
each Steamer.
'Thc i. S "i a.'l ',:miner Berininela"'from her-
muda, 'llit rsdayv., ,.etrialli' a riv.- a.t New York
on "'.;n.- V.'s, and! ,'b'-ei's1' b);agg;a e can ihe
transferred direct t-, the Liverpool teu;. (er sail-
ing ioe' t dI:y.
29 Brotdwkay,New York.
New Yorkl, Januarv 15, ISS0.


fH E above WV ATC' HE for both
L. Ldits and G(entlemen are kept constantly
on himiid by the Uin lersiftnedi : Any :',rade .love-
moent not it S'tc:k t ill be furnished at the.
Manuii,-tor-'s lii price. Al;o, iake to order
anm/ style ,f Ci.'e with C're.-t, Mionogra:,, &e.c
Reinembeie the .ittericau 'Vatch Cip. received
the GoI.A '~I'd .l ;,a tli late Paris Exltibhition.
Front .:teet, i,,, 1iltou,
Deer 16, IS7. u.o.o

R I :'iEL'.- TOILET VINEGAR, a pleasant
tonic aid refreshin-i. adjunct to the Toilet and
Bath, d reviving scent and a powrciil disinuecant,
For warm climates it is invaluable.
RIMXlIF.L' JO''KEY L'CLUP, ..nd other fra-
grani Perlimes.
RIl \iEL'- LI ". .I f1 'E and (L'LYCERiN'.K
gives tile haiir a benaitiful gloz.; and imnparls an
agreed ile ie0.OinI' 10 to Ihe liad.
i ALMOND, LETTUCE, CO.'l.-T' and other,
'l oilet _oapnls in biar- or cake-.
ROSl-.--LE\AP .j .J -.ther TOILET POW( DERS, in
boxes, barrels and .p'1 ekels.
R[,".11EL'S .\'1I.ADENTINE cleans, whitens
and preierviLs the t- th, ,relreshes the month, and
sweeten the breath.
tural Air p:irilier, a fiagrar t Powdtr ,%%latch diffuses
Ith e' ialthy and rei'r-!iing s oft' .he I'ine
anid Eiucalyplitus Fort t'.
E RF I l '-i FL. Pe.'ifum.-r byappoiiiment in ;R. R.
iH. Princes' o a1 '" ,a', "' i, S.iai1d, Luidoiun, aind i
Boui',-a:.-.; ides llit i n', Parn .
I M a- '7, -_.


.4 j -'



k -:
~%) ""- -
"I a

-1. ~ -
'~ '-'-7- "

va '~'~'~'
"'J~ ---'a
's.' '7 "'I-
~~"' Li "f'
P5,~ L)~
* "5,

;i ab a'
I '- ~ L.. a

' 1. ', '.'' "'

Dundonall Street, Hait
Terms, Moderate.



1. k \T'' ro '' i.a- s ,1 m .? v, iihin a few
,.eiat- r, 'r.e arl of Preserving l'r -iits; Ve-
getab,-.I, Fs.h and'.l le:Js in tins, and.ji pi-on e-
quence the consumption has iarlyv increased.
As Yve, however, meanted ,roods. are ort generally
thohJiP t.,: be frIesh," i nd some brands areinot,
perhap.-', entitled to he so considered. 'Those
packed hlv us, however, are.HermiticallySealed
at the soirees of supply, when they ar6 Jrtihe
bet.t possible condition, by a.process.which pre-
seve I the much-to-be desired fresh, natural
flavors; and ihey are really it )better condition .
fresher, more palatable and wholesome. than
many so-called "fresh" articles which iureh..x-
posed for sale during considerable periods'-of
time iii city markets. All goods bearing-our
name are sruaranteed to be of a sitperior'iuafity
pure anrd wholesome anid dealers Ire anhthprized
to refiind the purchase price .in any cige where
con'uners have cause fordissatisidctiou, f:is,
.heiefore, to the interest of both dealeJs .and
con.-.uners to iuse TIIuIREFR's BRANDS
h. & F. B. THURBER & R CO.,
M:imufacturers of- and Dealers in Food I'rodnits
West Broadway,, Reade and fInl4.on
Streets, New York.
December 23, 18.79.-3nm ..

$. o ^,- ^:^iii^^

celebrated for neoily a centurypasm, is of the very
besi Er. li!ii, mainui cture. For f puriry and great
e ,i, l 1ee I i i has obtained I rtli o ivo'ing -
LoNwON, t'l6"A. Pa : s, 1867.' CORDOVA, .I.$17
LUMA, S792. -PHJLADELPHiA, 1976.
VIENNA, 1873..
Only Gold Medal for English Perfumery, Paris 1.78

.dikinson's Choice Perfumes for
the Handkerchief.
1Vfile Rose. Frangipanie, Vlang Ylang, Stephigno
tie.O-p.pan, Juckiy Club, Ess. Bouquet ,
''ev'ol, MUagnoli., .iasmiin., VWood Vio-
le G,,hl .Medal Bouquet, .
,nd_.ill other odilu rs., of I'. finest quality only

.t kinson's Florida Water.
most tr-igr.ian Petf.rnme, distilled from tmie chiicest
Exotic .
Atkinson's Quinine Hair LoGion,
a very re l .hling 5'., ashi which stimulates the. kilt
to a healthy action and promotes the growth of the
Ethereal Essence of Lavender,
A powerful Petfinme distilled frpn, the

And other specinlilti- and general articles of Per.
funiery may be obtained ,tr all dealers thronug.Iout
the VWoitd, and of ti;e Mainufacturers
J. M E. -4. OON -


4 C^U *-iN. tr^:-v nT i i
ficmir t' itl-i i artije, e of pn.c Jd... lest.qualityT'< ly
I'urchl.iern. are-c.autioned to avoid couniterleits by
observilg that epah-article is labolied with Lhe.Firm
Trd-Atllark,'ak White Rose on da Goldein Lyr.e."
printed i s en ,colours.
ES i'ABLISH1ED 1799.

-w ~Ain~~~____

6 -
17 ~

5 .57221 I2
.5 .5 3!-2 I1
3 59 -1.3 I1
6 Oo'-14 24'
6 00 12 1 J: 3(
6 12 -4 11

4 i.'. CIL(

SLt. Qr.Gh 47M PM.

4th in Lent

'fir '~ a'wboA bA 6. f'~A?,E.TTE is pUbli~hed

j :.tto t,,-cLlP.i-&k ost Excellent

-;d, C 'C"n" iii nelBurnoby Str'eets
11 Q '

-. at '~I. t -or!es ib thie Royal G'azelle,
Messrs. GEOROE BOY LI & sON, 1West End,
Water Street..

- "., '.5" a '"-

'-a -"-'~
~ l.~
0 ""
a. ~





ii 01


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