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 Marriages at St. James's, Duke's...

Group Title: London parish registers ...
Title: London parish registers
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Title: London parish registers volume III : marriages at St. James, Duke's Place, from 1601 to 1700
Series Title: London parish registers ...
Alternate Title: Phillimore's Parish Register Series. Vol. XXI. (London Vol. III)
Physical Description: Serial
Creator: Phillimore, W. P. W. ( Editor )
Cokaye, G. E. ( Editor )
Publisher: Phillimore & co.
Place of Publication: London
Manufacturer: Stephen Austin and Sons
Publication Date: 1901
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    Marriages at St. James's, Duke's Place, from 1691 to 1700
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Parish Registers.


flarriaoee at !t. 3amess', Dufe's place,

FROM 1691 to 1700.

G. E. COKAYNE, M.A., F.S.A.,
Clarenceux King of Arms.



aonbon fparihb 1Registers.




JANUARY, 1690-I.
I Edward Tegg, b., & Anne Roman, s., Thomas Spurgeon.
,, James Levett, b., & Mary Rogers, s., James Sherman.
,, Jeffery Everett, b., & Anne Church, s., of St. Buttolph
,, John Heaton, b., & Susanna Fenner, s., Edward Roberts.
,, Richard Evans, w., & Mary Chisdick, s., James Howler.
,, Richard Wells, b., & Elizabeth Theobald, s., Jonathan
,, Thomas Carpenter, w., & Elizabeth Watkinson, w., John
,, Thomas Cox, b., & Mary Tunnill, s., John Gamm.
,, John Broughton, w., & Mary Hartwell, s., Willm. Bedford.
,, Richard Shakle, b., & Grace Middleton, w., of Cripplegate
,, John Ward, b., & Martha Ward, s., John Patrick.
,, Richard Herbert, w., & Margaret Jones, s., Sam. Mitchell.
,, John Miller, b., & Eliz. Foster, s., Thomas Ferris.
,, William Lovell, b., & Eliz. Long, s., John Long.
,, Thomas Weston, w., & Eliz. Symonds, w., of Christchurch
,, Edward Bowers, b., & Aelen Smith, w., John Gibson.
,, Wm. Hazell, b., & Margery Whitlock, w., Valentine Doby.
,, Thomas Barnes, b., & Anne Sabourne, s., John Button.
,, Jeffery Clack, b., & Eliz. Osborne, s., Richd. Clack.

London Parish Regis'trs.

I6,o-i, JANUARY, continued.
1 Edward Browne, b., & Dorothy Ianchea, s., Edw. Giles.
,, Bonfeild Peete, b., & Eliz. Edmonds, w., John Williams.
,, William Bennett, b., & Sara Slaughter, w., of Wappen White
,, Richard Hammet, b., & Martha Turvin, s., Bartho. Powell.
,, George Walker, b., & Mercy Drake, s., Jeremy Drake.
,, Thomas Smith, w., & Hannah Falkner, w., of St. Stephen's
Coleman Street.
,, John Marshall, b., & Mary Waymor, w., of Lambeth Parish.
,, Zach. Shute, b., & Susanna Boreman, s., John Humphrys.
2 John Eason, b., & Anne Cooper, w., William Smith.
,, John Garrett, b., & Sarah Johnson, s., Bin. Bernditt.
3 Edmund Martin, w., & Margaret Jones, s., Thomas Hazell.
,, John Mack, b., & Anne James, w., John Stock.
4 Thomas Shaw, b., & Eliz. Browne, s., of St. Sepulchre's.
,, Thomas Lee, b., & Eliz. Davison, s., John Otway.
,, Job Hitchman, b, & Judith Harris, s., Thomas Harris.
,, Peter Stokes, b., & Sarah Gyle, s., Edward Maynard.
5 Richard Smart, b., & Mary Bayly, s., John Tracy.
,, Richard Lee, b., & Joanna Minards, s., Tho. Hudson.
,, John Mariage, b., & Hannah Pigott, s., Lancelot Baker.
,, Daniel Wingfield, b., & Dorcas Wild, s., of Harrow Parish in
6 John Tarbox, b., & Mary Godsall, s., of St. Andrew's
,, William Evans, b., & Eliz. Symonds, s., Isaac Margetts.
,, Edward Jones, w., & Sarah Evans, w., William Jones.
,, Archibald Norman, w., & Eliz. Basnet, s., Thomas Plasto.
,, Edward Law, b., & Eliz. Andrews, s., Roger Andrews.
,, William Holmes, b., & Susanna Stratton, w., Thos. Wray.
,, Roger Betteris, b., & Mary Eaton, s., of Barking in Essex.
,, George Shall, w., & Eliz. Day, w., of Rochester in Kent.
,, Abraham Coley, w., & Mary Hubbard, s., Moses Phillips.
,, Daniel Moore, b., & Eliz. Hunt, s., William Lane.
,, Richard Champneys, b., & Eliz. Wily, s., John Cooper.
,, William Smith, w., & Jane Underwood, s., George Smith.
,, Robert Miller, b., & Rebecca Howard, s., Henry Hold.
,, Thomas Vye, b., & Jane Corlgon, w., Charles Binmer.
,, James Powell, b., & Eliz. Withers, s., Thomas Clifford.

St. James, Duke's Place 3

169o-1, JANUARY, continued.
6 John Guy, w., & Sarah Dawson, w., John Guy.
,, John Gribb, b., & Susan Smith, s., Thomas Gold.
7 John Banister, b., & Eliza. Cambden, w., of Croyden in
,, John Sclater, b., & Joan Taylor, s., Zachariah Sclater.
8 Robert Reynalds, b., & Hester Fleming, s., John Fleming.
,, Hugh Tull, b., & Margaret Meers, s., Isaac Margets.
,, W Clark, b., & Sarah Woodbridge, w., Philip Wmterflood.
,, William Harris, b., & Anne Rogers, w., William Beard.
,, Francis August, b., & Sarah Smith, s., William Parker.
,, Samuel Thomasman, b., & Mary Vizier, s., Isaac Savage.
,, John Lacy, b., & Anne Southwell, s., John Southwell.
,, John Wright, b., & Anne Mascall, s., William Mascall.
9 John Cosford, w., & Hannah Travel, w., Malachi Button.
,, Thomas Orill, b., & Eliz. Long, w., Moses Orrill.
,, Richard Sharp, b., & Eliz. Hamilton, s., John Davis.
1o Step. Nightingale, b., & Lydia Cornish, s., of St. Kathcrine's.
I William Howson, b., & Eliz. Mascall, s., of St. Bartholomew
by Exchange.
,, James Baird, b., & Margaret Fraser, w., Gilbert Rankin.
,, Edward Stoakes, b., & Mary Gard, s., Walter Powell.
,, John Hanson, b., & Anne Hollis, w., James Donne.
,, John Lake, b., & Katherine Pierce, w., of St. Giles, Cripple-
gate Parish.
,, Benjamin Stile, b., & Mary Law, s., James Pulley.
,, Jacob Clowes, b., & Joan Andrews, s., Ralph Clowcs.
,, John Cornelius, b., & Martha Gate, s., Henry Wilson.
12 Samuel Smith, w., & Frances Finny, w., Willm. White.
13 Giles Harding, w., & Jane Budd, s., Frances Hayes.
,, John Ball, w., & Ellinor Waugh, w., of St. Mary White
,, Thomas Jones, b., & Joan Basil, w., of St. Olave's Southwark.
,, John Langford, b., & Mary Chipp, s., of Barking in Essex.
,, Caleb Tucker, b., & Sarah Roberts, s., Richd. Light.
,, George Wiseman, w., & Susanna Framingham, w., Richd.
,, Anthony De Cumberwell, b., & Mary Rumley, s., Zacharias
,, Charles Johnson, b., & Jane Clark, s., Thomas Jones.

Lodont Parish RegisCtrs.

16,0o-i, JANUARY, confinittl.
13 Thomas Lewes, b., & Jane Kendrick, s., of St. Clement's
,, John James, b., & Eliz. Cooke, w., of Stepney Parish.
14 Henry Henthorne, w., & Eliza. Lecson, s., of St. Magdalen
Old Fish Street.
,, Alexander Bowcher, w., & Anne Lucas, s., Tho. Boswell.
,, Thomas Greening, w., & Eliz. Nutt, w., John Salter.
,, John Ellis, w., & Anne Tally, w., Henry Bradshaw.
15 John Wilkinson, b., & Elinor Mitchison, s., Jno. Mitchison.
,, William Poole, b., & Anne Tew, s., Willm. Wills.
,, John Ibbs, b., & Mary Scarlet, w., Tymothy Astell.
,, Thomas Badnidge, b., & Mary Dalliner, s., Robt. Ramsden.
William Tauking, b., & Margaret Chandler, w., Richard
,, John Hudson, b., & Bridget Moody, s., John Moody.
,, Joseph Archer, b., & Eliz. Inward, s., Tobias Russell.
,, John Baker, b., & Sarah Smith, s., Paul Lee.
,, Edward Browne, b., & Elizabeth Watson, s., Anthony
,, John Robinson, b., & Eliza. Jones, s., Nathaniell Halled.
,, John Tyser, w., & Anne Dawson, s., Daniel Dawson.
16 James Kay, b., & Jane Brimy, s., George Glen.
,, Joseph Margery. b., & Eliz. Sutton, s., William Sutton.
,, Jos. Ayres, w., & Sarah Russell, s., of St. Martin in the Feilds.
,, John Munford, b., & Anne Baldwin, s., William Hanson.
17 Richard Roch, b., & Jane Pert, s., Edward Fairfax.
,, Robert Duffett, b., & Kath. Hall, s., Edward Hedhinton.
,, Auguste Rochard, b., & Elizabeth Batch, w., Abraham
,, Richard Hall, b., & Mary Easts, s., Robert Highly.
18 Solomon Schooler, w., & Helen Mason, s., John Iolland.
,, Win. Matthews, w., & Bridget Burroughs, s., John Burroughs.
,, William Edwards, b., & Frances Venner, s., Rich. Venner.
,, John Leech, b., & Eliz. Langford, s., St. James Clerkenwell.
,, Thomas Nicholls, b., & Eliza. Willabec, s., Joseph Berry.
19 Robert Gray, b., & Mary Watts, w., John Pelling.
,, John Scarlett, b., & Jane Mascaline, w., William Barling.
,, John Buckler, b., & Mary Rumbald, s., Anthony Burren.
,, William Giles, b., & Hannah Milner, s., Thomas Newcomb.

St. James, Duke's Place.

S690-I, JANUARY, continued.
19 William Leyton, w., & Mary Jones, w., of Tottenham Parish.
,, Michael Turpin, b., & Finis Park, s., Robert Billingham.
20 Thomas Baker, b., & Judith Deacon, s., Thomas Golding.
,, Samuel Barker, b., & Eliz. Palmer, s., Edwd. Chambers.
,, Richard Bancks, b., & Susanna Pond, s., Willm. Clipsom.
,, John Messinger, w., & Eliza. Brockhis, s., Luke Thompson.
,, John Day, w., & Mary Smaley, w., Sam. Coleman.
,, Christopher Eagleton, b., & Bithiah Farley, s., William
,, John Honeybourne, w., & Thomasin Hyat, w., of Rochester
in Kent.
,, William Holding, b., & Anne Darnley, w., Ralph Cartlidg.
21 John Wilson, w., & Mary Stevens, w., of St. Mary White-
22 Joshua Horner, b., & Anne James, s., of ye Tower Libty.
,, Peter Oliphant, b., & Mary Smart, s., Edw. Barnes.
,, Thomas Halsey, b., & Bridget Wyat, -, of All Hallows
Bread Street.
,, James Lewen, b., & Hannah Stanly, s., Henry Hall.
,, Samuel Roberts, b., & Millisen Grove, w., of St. Olave's
,, John Soper, b., & Mary Slate, s., Edwd. Bently.
,, Brockett Smith, b., & Frances Kinman, s., Tho. Kinman.
,, James Bessick, b., & Susanna Stockin, s., of St. Giles
,, Gowen Lindsey, w., & Eliz. Brookes, s., William Martin.
,, Thomas Smith, w., & Dorothy Karnes, w., Thomas Payne.
,, Robert Gare, b., & Mary Mosman, s., Thomas Corching.
23 Peter Packe, b., & Jane Pitman, s., of St. Ann Blackfryers.
,, Richard Flegit, b., & Mary Sheppard, s., John Ambler.
,, Joseph Moulding, b., & Margaret Lynch, s., Williim Case.
24 Jaen Cardell, -, & Penelope Vine, s., Thomas Strong.
,, Robert Smith, b., & Mary Milbourne, s., Edwd. Beadle.
25 Robert Taft, b., & Mary Sorrell, s., Edwd. Taft.
,, Henry Boone, b., & Anne Hether, s., of St. Mary Queenhithe.
,, John Kindar, w., & Margaret Birch, s., Richd. Simpson.
,, William Rowe, b., & Mary Stevens, s., of Chatham, Benjamin
,, James Peircy, b., & Eliz. Syddall, s., Edwd. Peck.

London Parish Regis/ers.

1690-1, JANUARY, continued.
25 William Mlartyn, w., & Margaret Young, w., of St. Paul's
,, Robert Grew, w., & Eliz. Burridge, w., William Rogers.
,, Edward Staples, b., & Amy Burden, w., William Andrews.
,, Lawrence Atty, b., & Sarah Downing, s., William Gutheridg.
,, Samuel Brome, b., & Sarah Butler, s., John Brome.
,, Phillip Corbezze, b., & Eliz. Arrowsmith, w., William Gear.
,, John Lane, b., & Elizabeth Hutchinson, s., of St. Giles in ye
26 John Woodmesston, b., & Frances Wills, w., Richard Wood-
,, Adam Finny, b., & Abigail Dainty, s., Henry Beadle.
27 Jean de Jencourt, -, & Susanne Lallan, -, Jaques Cortinee.
,, Francis Wright, b., & Dorothy Marfeild, w., Thomas Wright.
,, John James, b., & Jane Bradley, s., Robert Bass.
,, Edmund Smith, w., & Susanna Burroughs, w., John Pridy.
,, George Wooler, b., & Joan Howe, s., William Robinson.
,, William Draper, b., & Elizabeth Tillyer, w., John Draper.
,, Charles Thurman, b., & Mary Watkins, s., John Watkins.
,, George Carter, w., & Mary Showell, s., James White.
,, Geoffry Stoakes, w., & Eliz. Reynalds, w., of Mitcham in
,, Thomas Mould, b., & Katharine Howes, s., John Simonds.
,, Ralph Ward, b., & Sarah Sparks, w., Edward Dixon.
28 George Townsend, b., & Jane Sagger, s., Sam. Coleman.
,, Jeremiah Hooper, b., & Eliz. Hele, w., Robert Nailder.
29 William Warner, w., & Jane Dutton, w., Gabriel Hemes.
,, John Willis, b., & Mary Blake, w., of St. Bride's Parish.
,, William Hurd, b., & Rcbccca Tatioe, s., Edward Beale.
,, Stephen Iunkley, b., & Mary Heniy, s., Thomas Henley.
,, Thomas Durburn, b., & Martha Pag-taff, s., Michaell Ryall.
,, John Cotterill, b., & Anne Wheatly, w., William Rawlins.
,, Edwaid Townsend, b., & Susanna Waight, s., John Miller.
,, George Wake, b., & Jane Parish, s., of St. Paul's Shadwell.
, Andrew Car)y, b., & Margery Cox, s., John Langfield.
,, Wm. Predden, b., & Eliz. Greenwood, s., Robert Greenwood.
,, Edward Coe, b., & Eliz. Higgins, s., Edwd. Harwood.
,, Thomas Langley, b., & Katharine Eston, s., Paul Sharpe.
,, John Lund, w., & Laudina Potts, s., Samucl Jones.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1690-I, JANUARY, continued.
29 Benjamin Grave, w., & Hannah Owen, s., John Whitehorne.
,, William Sailes, b., & Katharine Boyden, s., Sam. Coleman.
30 Thomas Ditchfeild, w., & Anne Harris, w., Wm. Darwin.
,, Henry Pennall, b., & Eliz. Reynolds, s., William Rollins.
,, Tymothy Murkey, b., & Anne Haton, s., Henry Young.
31 Thomas Gladman, b., & Eliz. Noyse, s., John Pratt.
FEBRUARY, 1690-1.
I Stephen Foxgill, b., & Mary Button, s., Arthur Robinson.
,, William Faulknor, b., & Eliz. Roch, s., William Roch.
,, Paul Ding, b., & Sarah Scott, s., John Scott.
,, Thomas Watts, b., & Eliz. Good, s., Nath. Redman.
,, Simon Love, b., & Jane Andrews, s., Abraham Wilson.
,, Samuel Wilkinson, b., & Ann Biggs, s., Francis Bowes.
2 Hugh Crompton, b., & Katharine Greenway, w., Richard
,, Ralph Garrett, b., & Mary Newberry, s., of St. Mary White-
,, William Gaunt, b., & Eliz. Oliver, s., William Stone.
,, Samuel Man, w., & Edith Collipreist, w., John Stone.
,, Edwin Sands, b., & Sarah Andrews, s., St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, Thomas Prichard, b., & Fras. Gilbert, w., Silvester Pleming.
3 Ralph Bewstreet, b., & Mary Lawford, s., Tho. Prentice.
,, Martin Cassaler, b., & Eliz. Ockin, s., Jacob Shrow.
,, Henry Symonds, b., & Frances Wilson, s., of St. Michael
,, Richard Wilcox, w., & Mary Crisler, w., John Goodall.
,, Ely Read, b., & Mary Kimbar, s., Thomas Manwaring.
,, Robt. Ball, w., & Rebecca Turner, s., Christopher Blackman.
,, John Peatman, b., & Mary Downing, s., William Parkin.
4 George Deacon, b., & Mary Seers, s., of St. Mary Somerset.
,, William Bawtree, w., & Ursula Pastill, w., John Burrough.
5 Benjamin Richardson, b., & Isabell Cooke, s., Robert Elliott.
,, Edward Lovell, w., & Jane Durden, s., Tho. Jackson.
,, Henry Spoore, b., & Isabella Jones, s., Tho. Jackman.
,, Edmund Oliver, w., & Amy Jackson, w., Daniel Beech.
,, Thomas Geery, w., & Sarah Growt, s., Joseph Finmore.
,, William Oke, w., & Eliz. Hartley, w., John Story.
,, Samuel Pantun, w., & Mary Welshman, s., Sam. Fowler.

8 London Parish Registers.

1690-1, FEBRUARY, continued.
5 Thomas Stringer, b., & Alathea Watkins, s., Christopher
,, Thomas Delamer, b., & Eliz. Kettle, s., John Browne.
,, Thomas Scale, b., & Anne Short, s., of St. Olave's Southwark.
6 John Stacy, w., & Anne Forth, s., John Lister.
7 Thomas Ward, w., & Amy Hutchinson, s., of St. Andrew's
8 Daniell Marriott, b., & Margaret Bois, w., of St. Anne
,, James Overing, b., & Hcster Edmunds, s., Charles Overing.
,, William Cane, b., & Eliz. Fisher, s., Richd. Plumer.
,, Walter Lock, b., & Winifred Head, s., of St. Andrew's
,, William Smith, b., & IMary Taylor, s., Patrick Woodward.
9 Thomas Dawson, b., & Jane Breese, w., Edwd. Frend.
,, Henry Crane, b., & Sarah Scott, s., of St. Andrew's Holbourne.
o1 John Powell, b., & Anne Bridges, s., John Powell.
,, John Newzem, b., & Dorothy Lovett, s., Mathew Pocock.
,, Isaac Warriner, b., & Judith Jenkins, w., Nicholas Lawrence.
,, William Percivall, w., & Hannah Grace, s., Peter Alsop.
,, James Misson, b., & M\ary Ross, w., Jaques Misson.
,, John Tucr, w., & Eii,. t olt, s., John Rumbald.
,, William Derby, w., & Martha Toms, w., John Bocket.
,, Henry Wallis, b., & Jane Calleway, s., Henry Wagstaff.
1i James Turner, w., & Eliz. Trow, s., Joseph Trow.
,, Abraham le Bayeux, -, & MIartha Fondranier, -, Jaques
,, William Cock, b., & Jane Brooker, s., Edwd. Satchill.
,, David Wood, b., & Mary Small, w., Willm. Willis.
,, William Nicholas, b., & Mary WVorrall, s., Wm. Symonds.
,, James Newton, b., & Mary Wilkinson, w., Peter Alsop.
,, Richard Peacock, w., & Jone Wells, w., John Bring.
,, Nathaniel Tandy, b., & Eliz. Cleyton, s., Isaac Margets.
z1 John Mabson, b., & Eliz. Larwood, s., Win. Larwood.
,, Henry Nickolls, b., & Susannah Bellarbe, w., Isa. Margetts.
,, Richard Tremarn, b., & Alice Browne, w., William Robinson.
,, William Phillips, b., & Mary Morris, s., William Morris.
,, George Price, b., & Anne Bowin, s.
14 John Weybourne, b., & Ruth Edwards, s., Joseph Edwards.

St. James, Duke's Place.

169)-i, FEBRUARY, continued.
14 John Green, b., & Anne Greene, w., Thos. Warren.
,, Jacob Turgeon, b., & Susanne Boulleau, -, Pierre Dubois.
15 Sampson Griffith, b., & Mary Draper, w., Wm. Paget.
,, John Bembs, b., & Eliz. Coleman, s., Edward Benson.
,, Esdras Halbord, b., & Eliz. Bowring, s., Robert Wilkins.
,, Alexander Games, b., & Jane Batherstone, s., Alexander
William Webb, b., & Bridget Baxter Blinkhorn, s., Edw.Weeks.
,, James Williamson, w., & Margaret Ford, w., of Old Brentford.
,, John Hill, b., & Mary Blake, s., Thomas Mayott.
,, Richard Core, b., & Sarah Jones, w., Thos. Mackenesse.
16 Win. Davis, b., & MIary Gibson, w., of St. Dunstan Stepney.
,, Richard Leverich, w., & Joane Garland, w., John Lcverich.
17 Nicholas Hyatt, b., & Eliz. Wagford, s., Henry Bethwent.
,, John Alsop, b., & Helen Towndrow, s., John Thursby.
,, William Clare, b., & Sarah Parker, s., Henry Hopkins.
18 John Moore, b., & Eliz. Man, s., Jasper Spree.
,, Thomas Shettle, w., & Eliz. Sherman, w., Isa. Markets.
g1 John Fairer, b., & Ann Avon, s., of St. Andrewes Ilolbourne.
,, Samuel Procter, b., & Mary Burton, s., William Burton.
,, William Henry, b., & Frances Jones, s., Richd. Evans.
,, John Spencer, b., & Christian Holmes, w., George Smithet.
,, John Davis, b., & Susanna Langley, s., Benjamin welding .
,, Robert Garrett, w., & Eliz. Portlick, s., Thos. Stoakes.
,, Geo. Mountague, b., & Eliz. Sivebrooke, s., Richd. Browne.
,, Richard Browne, b., & Eliz. Wheeler, s., Arthur \Vhceler.
,, Thos. Good, b., & Goole Edwards, s., Richard Cox.
,, Peter Stedman, w., & Mary Bell, s., Isaac Margets.
,, Edward Foster, b., & Katharine Goldsmith, s., Isaac Margets.
,, Stephen Weston, b., & Mary Angilly, s., Stephen Carket.
,, Hungerford Godwin, b., & Anne Saxon, s., Win. Barret.
,, Henry Browne, b., & Joanna Twigg, s., John Johnson.
,, George Chambers, b., & Eliz. Archer, s., Andrew Rudkin.
,, Hugh Bickerton, b., & Rebecca Girle, s., Joseph Girle.
,, William Shcares, w., & Eliz. Audley, w., Christop. 'irritts.
,, Thomas Glover, b., & Eliz. Sheriff, w., Giles Hinton.
,, James Jackson, b., & Mary Leake, w., John Cobbald.
,, Oliver Wallbanck, w., & Susanna Hodsden, w., Edward

London Parish Rlegisters.

169o-i, FEBRUARY, continued.
19 Edward Duke, b., & Katharine Richardson, w., Henry Smith.
,, Thos. Smith, b., & Hester Hill, s., by Lycence.
20 Peter Stone, w., & Sarah George, w., John Bater.
2 1 Samuel Austen, w., & Elinor Wale, s., Thos. Wale.
,, Thos. Latham, b., & Barbara Wakefeild, s., William Bold.
22 Thos. Walklev, b., & Eliz. Holyday, w., of Duke's Place.
,, William Rogers, b., & Mary Holt, w., Robert Gallaway.
,, John Vesey, b., & Eliz. Archer, s., Thos. Archer.
,, Radolph Le Blant, -, & Magdaleine Bouchet, -, Abraham
,, Anthony Palmer, b., & Alice Clarke, w., Joseph Williams.
,, Joseph Holden, w., & Jane Clark, s., John Luddington.
,, William Roberts, b., & Anne Mews, s., Nath. Seer.
,, William Mleads, b., & Martha Williamson, s., John Wood.
,, Peter Moore, w., & Anne Skinner, s., of St. Geo. Southwark.
,, John Yeamans, w., & Mary Smith, w., John Barlow.
,, Ambrose Gutteridge, b., & Barbara Snelgrove, s., Tho. Vye.
,, Abraham Skyers, b., & Mary Dixon, w., of St. George
,, Richard lockly, w & Abigail Hansom, s., of ye parish of
23 Richard Brook, b., & Mary Nailor, s., William Cock.
,, Geo. Holmes, b., & Eliz Vaughan, s., Sam. Hoy.
,, Thos. Walbridge, b., & Dorothy Tyler, s., of St. MIargarett's,
,, Peter Taylor, w., & Eliz. Carter, s., Richard Dell.
,, James Ball, b., & Eliz. Taylor, s., Richard Dell.
,, Thos. Abraham, w., & Sarah Wayman, w., of St. Leonard
,, John Mason, b., & Mary Hide, w., William Wood.
,, John Barker, w., & Frances Gardiner, w., Thos. Ashworth.
,, Chas. Gwyllym, b., & Eliz. Linke, s., Sam. Wright.
24 George Clarke, b. & Eliz. Forrester, s., of St. Mary White
,, Elias Bennett, w., & Eliz. Deusberry, s., Robert Scarlctt.
,, Phillip Powell, w., & Mary Smith, w., John Shepheard.
,, William Duffkin, b., & Frances Newland, s., of St. Paul
Covent Garden.
,, William Ellis, w., & Eliz. Webster, w., Tho. Minshull.

St. James, Duke's Place.

16go-i, FEBRUARY, continued.
24 Randolph Baron, b., & Eliz. Chandler, s., Robt. Chandler.
,, Richard Hathaway, b., & Margaret Ayres, s., John Uzzell.
,, John Clement, b., & Susanna Hoskins, s., Benj. Hoskins.
,, Claud Villain, -, & Susanne Pouvran, -, Benja. Chattain.
,, Ralph Wood, b., & Mary Knight, s., of St. Helen's Parish.
,, William Kyte, w., & Anne Banford, w., Thomas Wooly.
,, James Culshaw, b., & Jane Meredith, s., James Entwhistle.
,, Thos. Facy, b., & Eliz. Tunwell, s., Nath. Broughton.
,, Thos. Lee, b., & Eliz. Godby, s., Richard Newman.
,, John Baptist Vandenvelden, -, & Margaret Fryer, w., of St.
Andrew's Holborne.
25 John Tooly, b., & Susannah Bridgwater, s., Thos. Bridgwater.
,, Joseph Dickenson, b., & MIargaret Smith, s., John Harris.
26 John Barker, w., & Jane Mon, s., Isaac Margetts.
,, Stephen Harland, b., & Mary Shoric, w., Will. Patterson.
,, Mathew Stafford, w., & Dorothy Legwood, s., Geo. Harwar.
,, William Grainger, b., & Elizabeth Bugby, -, of St. Dunstan
,, Robert Thomas, b., & Alice Goodin, s., Richard Alsop.
,, John Boyce, w., & Judith Bundock, s., Richard Goodlad.
,, John Hollinshead, w., & Ellinor Newbold, w., Bernard
28 Charles Povey, b., & Mary Upton, s., Charles Mason.
,, John Kempthorne, b., & Anne Etherington, s., Moses
MAItA.CiI, 1690-1.
I Robert Bennet, w., & Eliz. Kemp, w., John Robins.
,, John Higgins, b., & Eliz. Head, s., of St. Mary le Bow.
,, Philip Dandy, w., & Frances Scraggs, w., of Allhallows Great.
2 Richard Saundrs, b., & Margaret Thomas, s., John Thomas.
3 Thomas Palmer, b., & Mary Elliott, s., Edward Wethersley.
,, Thos. Waston, b., & Eliz. Barns, s., Jeremya Rosier.
,, Edward Marshall, b., & Kathrine Chilton, s., Richard
4 William Busell, b., & Eliz. Bond, w., of St. Paul's Shadwell.
5 Philip Fletcher, b., & Grace Caudry, s., Robt. Mitchel.
,, Anthony Mark, w., & Hester Wilson, w., William Clear.
,, Peter Stower, b., & Bethia Smith, s., William Smith.
,, John Shugar, b., & Sarah Wright, w., Richard Coles.

Lonzdon Parisi Registers.

1690-1, IMARCH, continued.
5 Henry Edwards, b., & MIargret Dodson, w., Richard
6 Richd. Smith, b., & Mary Miller, s., John Gettens.
7 Robt. Pitman, b., & Eliz. Watten, s., Sam. Woodward.
8 James Agutter, b., & Eliz. Hazel, s., of St. Sepulcher's.
Will. Swan, b., & Eliz. Wray, s., John Wray.
,, Thomas Piercy, b., & Eliz. Chandler, s., Henry Rashfild.
o1 Will. Langly, b., & Anne Wray, s., John Langly.
S2 Roger Stacey, w., & Martha Conquest; w., Will. Though.
,, Will. Poole, b., & Anne Feild, w., Wm. Read.
,, John Holland, b., & Sarah Herad, s., Wm. Holland.
13 Richard South, b., & Sarah Price, s., Thos. Robrts.
15 Will. Odams, b., & Jone Jones, w., Win. Simms.
,, Robert Arding, b., & Anne Risbeck, s., Richd. Jonson.
,, Jaques de Hattenville, -, & Marie Marconte, w., Jean
,, Endimion Portr, w., & Mary Ramsey, w., James Hunt.
,, Thos. Gillot, w., & Lucey Harris, s., John Parker.
,, Francis Longbottom, b., & Prudence Herring, w., Samuel
16 John Cranwell, b., & Eliz. Smith, s., Stephen Brittan.
,, John Stephens, b., & Eliz. Humpstons, w., S. Coleman.
,, George Ebby, b., & Mary Haukins, s., Thos. Harby.
17 John Brewster, b., & Mary Hollaway, s., S. Coleman.
18 Will. Maunder, w., & Mary Greatly, s., Edw. Massy.
,, Hugh Ellis, w., & Martha Joans, w., Saml. Bartshow.
,, Nicolas Gunnery, b., & Mary Ball, s., Adam Elliott.
19 John Ellice, w., & Mary Sdemston, s., James Spauill.
,, Pierre Aumonnier, b., & Susan Bourdon, s., Lues Barbro.
,, Will. Aske, w., & Anne Dowling, w., Luke Thompson.
,, Turnin [?] Marins, b., & Bennet Gaich [?], s., Wmn. Collins.
,, Mathew Bonner, b., & Margret Ogden, s., Isaack C ...
20 Richd. Harold, b., & Anne Collett, s., James Edwards.
21 Thos. Willimson, b., & Margret Powell, s., John Morison.
2z John Mulford, w., & Eliz. Elliott, s., James Walker.
,, John Thody, b., & Mary Hawkins, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, John Cradock, b., & Mary Bark, s., Adam Morrell.
,, Ralph Hill, b., & Charity Liscomb, s., John Russell.
,, Robert Randall, b., & Anne Clewen, s., of Clarkenwcll Parish.

St. James, Duke's Place.

16qo-i, MARCHI, continued.
22 James Newman, b., & Eliz. Rickson, w., Will. Newman.
23 Thos. Lewyn, w., & Eliz. Griggs, w., of St. Magdclen
,, William Mitchell, b., & Eliz. Angel, w., Thos. Walkley.
,, Richard Pollet, b., & Susanna Massy, s., Thomas Walkley.
,, Robert Coke, b., & Eliz. Taylor, w., Thos. Walkley.
,, John Wells, b., & Sarah Hodge, s., Thos. Wells.
24 Thos. Hudson, w., & Christian Williams, w., of St. Giles
,, Jeffrey Morphew, b., & Elizabeth Hster [sic], s., of Lewsham
,, David King, w., & Mary Ashurst, w., George Porter.
,, Thos. Ellis, b., & Lydia Blaze, s., Thos. Blaze.
,, James Dantt, w., & Martha Portsmouth, s., John Tucker.
25 Christopher Moses, w., & Christan Yarworth, s., of St.
Margaret, Westminster.
,, Thos. Madox, b., & Bridgett Gillbourne, s., Sir Charles
,, John Day, b., & Mary Widdowes, w., Daniel Russell.
26 Edward Brooks, b., & Mary Ducks, s., Ralph Baldwin.
,, Geo. Newsam, w., & Eliz. Blackman, s. Nichold Allnot.
,, Geo. Swindall, b., & Margret Hill, w., of White Chappell
,, John Rook, b., & Eliz. Lawes, s., John Banistr.
,, Thos. Hopkins, b., & Jane Martyn, s, Benjamin Wilson.
,, Peter Crouft, w., & Ellinore Smith, s., Edwd. Smith.
,, Horatio Walpole, Esq., b., & Dame Anne Coke, w., Edward
,, Daniell Viuian, Esq., b., & Cathrin Page, w., Paul Chaille.
27 John Dorckson, b., & Philipa Cawchch [?], w., John Wintr.
28 John Baptist Sorcoleit, b., & Mary Cavalier, w., Petor
29 Thos. Billson, b., & Mary Grindley, s., Richard Ockley.
,, Thos. Longbotom, b., & Judith Hill, w., Richard Taylor.
,, Edward Ward, b., & Sarah Pinner, s., John Thorton.
,, Will. Rogers, w., & Fraunes Clay, w., of White Chappell
,, Thos. Young, w., & Eve Robinson, w., Anthony Dantr.
,, Godpherey Feaun, b., & Eliz. Flaud [?], s., John Sturme.

London Parish Registers.

1690-r, MARCH, conthzutd.
30 Ephraim Thwaites, w., & Mary Fish, s., Roger Lillington.
31 John Shephard, b., & Sarah Godwin, s., Stephen Inman.
,, Percival Ludgate, b., & Jane Hallet, w., James Hardy.
,, John Wallis, b., & Eliz. Wilson, s., Thomas Hall.

APRIL, 1691.
I John Bell, b., & Mary Rasson, s., of Allgate Parish.
,, William Wade, w., & Kathrine Pomphret, w., Sam. Coleman.
,, James Clarke, w., & Eliz. Cruchit, w., Sam. Coleman.
,, Thomas Reed, b., & Mary Cocket, w., of St. Allford in
z William Hutchinson, b., & Mary King, s., Thos. Fish.
,, John Worth, b., & Joan Wills, w., Thomas Heyden.
,, John Harding, w., & Anna King, w., Sam. Coleman.
5 John Clark, b., & Eliz. Johnson, s., Henry Clark.
,, Richard Worrall, w., & Mary Bargworth, w., John Rachill.
,, Will. Sickle, b., & Cathrine Bell, s., John Watters.
,, Edward Blacklock, b., & Mary Sheaue, s., Clement Writer.
,, Richd. Hitherington, b., & Helen Mace, s., of St. Giles
6 Simon Munden, b., & Anne Hamilton, s., Wm. Miller.
7 Mathew Hackett, w., & Anne Adsford, w., Isaac Margetts.
John Bostock, b., & Joan Veall, s., George Grace.
8 Edward Bengille, b., & Margarett Woolburne, w., Isack
,, Richard Crane, b., & Mary Batter, s., Alexander Castor.
9 Danill Humfreys, w., & Mary Harison, s., Isaac Olley.
,, Thomas Newport, b., & Eliz. Moor, w., Thos. Shilling.
,, Herry Carter, b., & Eliz. Burdden, w., Will. Undrill.
io Thomas Whorlton, b., & Margret Joans, s., Luke Tompson.
,, Thomas Paddon, w., & Catherin Hall, s., Isaack Margrets.
1 Ralph Burgess, b., & Margret Reed, s., John Vergis.
,, Henry Wigfall, b., & Anne Gregory, s., John Walker.
,, Peter Bellon, b., & Martha Shaw, s., of St. Giles in the feilds.
Iz Richard Cater, b., & Mary Keys, s., of St. Mary White
,, John Saywell, b., & Mary Rose, s., Thomas Sanders.
,, William Bowlder, b., & Susanna Fry, s., William Fry.
,, James Ogden, b., & Grace Dauis, s., William Lawrence.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, APRIL, continued.
12 John Rossitr, b., & Mary Jones, s., John Harding.
,, Cornelius Paule, b., & Grace Aubery, w., Henry Mills.
,, Edward Makernes, b., & Mary Yates, s., Richd. Rathwell.
,, John Brough, b., & Eliz. Shipwright, s., Leon Brough.
,, Thos. Maynard, b., & Dorcas Delahaye, w., John Shortland.
,, Edward Butchare, b., & Frances Covington, s., Win. Hayle.
,, George Burton, b., & Lucy Bythell, s., Francis Bythell.
,, Nathaniel Skinner, w., & Dorothy Tyler, w., Robert Winder.
,, James Walker, b., & Joanna Walter, s., Edward Joyner.
,, John Smith, w., & Martha Exton, s., William Burdet.
,, George Bartmaker, b., & Anne Willis, s., John Bartmaker.
,, Thomas Ballard, b., & Anne Gardner, s., Richard Okely.
,, Thomas Robinson, b., & Eliz. Harris, w., Joseph Collins.
13 Edward Cone, b., & Anne Kempe, s., Robert Audlcy.
,, John Garland, b., & Eliz. Langford, s., Richard Shirvill.
,, William Iue [?], b., & Mary More, s., Nathaniel Butcher.
,, William Deane, w., & Anne Snelling, s., John Butteler.
,, Henry Truslove, b., & Mary Wainwright, s., Edward
,, John Cooper, b., & Eliz. Browne, s., Robert Reede.
,, William Howard, b., & Anne Hazelewood, s., George Bromly.
,, Peter Hill, w., & Eliz. Beardmore, s., Mathew Beardmore.
,, Robert Feld, b., & Mary Yates, s., Thos. Munnings.
,, James Mills, b., & Winifride Badge, s., of St. Sepulchre's
,, John Rawson, b., & Anne More, s., Humphrey Arthur.
,, Jonathan Bell, w., & Anne Atkins, w., Oliver Cosins.
,, Rice Dauis, b., & Kathrine Hewlet, s., Anthony Green.
,, Edward Durham, b., & Margaret Hone, w., William Fosket.
,, John Barow, w., & Kathrine Shephard, w., Edward Jcfferyes.
14 Robert Dale, b., & Mary Trivet, s., Thomas Walkley.
,, Thomas Pearss, b., & Mary Odey, s., Daniell Hill.
,, Richard Casa, b., & Mary Radford, s., Rice Jones.
,, Henry Tomlinson, b., & Anne Bullbrigg, s., Robert Huck.
,, William Fenn, b., & Eliz. Ross, s., Robert Pate.
,, Henry Metham, b., & Rosamand Stokes, s., John Stokes.
,, William Procter, b., & Anne Willis, s., William Willis.
,, John Sceely, w., & Anne Yemans, s., Thos. Yemans.
,, Roger Seamer, b., & Elliz. Pickring, s., Robert Kingston.

London Parish Registers.

i69i, APRIL, continued.
14 Jacob Johnson, b., & Elizabeth Humphreys, w., Martyn
Lroucher [sic].
,, Oliver Ridge, b., & Mary Higginson, s., John Twity.
,, Walter Potter, b., & Mary Simcock, s., Joseph Webster.
,, Philip Cooper, w., & Margery York, s., Thos. Pcrriman.
,, Benjamin Poole, b., & Hester Keen, s., Beniamine Adams.
,, Marmaduke Page, w., & Anne Martindale, w., Richard Smelt.
,, Robert Ball, b., & Mary Wheeler, s., Edward Pen.
,, John Nutbec, b., & Prudence Blodwall, s., Richard Tuffings.
,, John Wilkinson, b., & Anne Rowse, s., Thomas Lampit.
,, Edward Turner, w., & Mary Clark, w., of St. Buttolph
,, Thomas Bennet, b., & Mary Wright, s., William Wright.
,, Thomas Richford, w., & Rebecca With, w., John Hasscor.
,, John Lupton, b., & Joan Finnes, w., John Uriell.
,, John Waggit, b., & Dorothy Kilbey, s., William Bower.
16 Reed Venner, w., & Eliz. Steuens, w., of St. Mary Magdalen,
,, Edward Hull, b., & Frances Lambert, s., William Browne.
,, William Rowlidge, b., & Mary Sexby, s., Augustin Pleasants.
,, John Carrit, b., & Eliz. Aamson [si], w., Hugh Maplesden.
,, Henry Warren, b., & Eliz. Taylor, s., of St. Dunstan's
,, John Benson, w., & Susana Lane, w., John Probest.
,, Joseph Morriell, b., & Frances Glove, s., Joseph Mervin.
,, Robert Bowtle, b., & Mary Robinson, -, John Fisher.
,, John Burton, b., & Eliz. Reuill, s., Gilbert Lacy.
,, Thomas Garnham, w., & Margry Brassgirdle, -, of St. Mary
Magdalene, Bermondsey.
,, Richard Edlin, b., & Francis Wells, s., John Owen.
,, Thomas Sutton, b., & Hannah Keyes, s., William Ashby.
,, Richard Crawley, b., & Mary Dear, s., William Winch.
,, Johnathan Bushell, b., & Mary Edmonds, s., of St. Giles
,, John Drapainter, b., & Dorothy Bellard, w., of Christ Church
,, Richard Crittel, b., & Margrett Alixander, s., John Perry.
17 Stephen Mitchcll, b., & Mary Williams, s., Martin Donwick.
19 John Davison, b., & Anne Crag, w., Michael Simpson.

St. James, Dukc's Place.

1691, APRIL, coniltued.
19 Edward Pugh, b., & Margret Pool, w., of St. Dunstan in ye
,, Daniel Froumi, b., & Susanna Pensee, s., Jean Treutceni.
,, Israel Scrimshaw, b., & Anne Ware, s., of Great St.
,, Edward Stiles, b., & Mary Thackhem, s., James Thackem.
,, Daniel Waller, b., & Eliz. Frank, w., of St. Thomas in
,, William Martyn, b., & Sarah Swift, s., Nicolas Jone.
,, William White, b., & Helen Adkinson, s., Thos. Kendall.
,, Rhom Ed Leumas, -, & Mary Davis, s., Henry Smith.
,, John Bush, w., & Anne Brookes, w., John Jaques.
,, Thomas Hodges, w., & Helen Park, s., of St. Peter's Cornhill.
20 Robert Eliott, b., & Anne Taylor, s., Thomas Edclyn.
,, Richard Houseman, b., & Sarah Whitebread, s., John
2 1 Tomas Eads, b., & Lidia Holman, s., of Chittinglie in Sussex.
,, Beniamin Manloue, b., & Eliz. Charnock, s., Isaac Clark.
,, Dennys Arunt, b., & Rebecca Hack, s., Humphrey Nundick.
,, Samuel Heborn, b., & Dorothy Stringfellow, s., John String-
,, John Williams, b., & Eliz. White, s., of Rotherhith Parish.
,, Samuel Jennings, b., & Mary Terrey, s., of St. Dunstan's
,, John Durnell, b., & Anne Robinson, s., Thos. Hooper.
,, Richard Everist, b., & Eliz. Silverlock, s., Thos. Gibbs.
zz William Willmot, b., & Mary Bodycote, s., Nicolas Leonard.
,, George Wall, b., & Anne Young, s., Jonathan Ware.
23 John Lee, b., & Mary Winter, s., of St. Dunstan's Stepney
,, John Smith, b., & Jane Carthwright, s., Daniel Nipp.
,, Richard Stevens, w., & Mary Hewit, w., James Willson.
,, Philip Baily, b., & Mary Seely, s., William Larkin.
,, Ralph Shaw, w., & Anne Knight, s., William Herne.
,, Richard Goodman, w., & Susanna Bennett, w., John Macklin.
,, Aron Moulson, b., & Hester Elliott, s., William Moulson.
,, Richd. Clark, b., & Sarah Brafield, s., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, Francis Rickitt, w., & Christine Swiny, w., William Buttlcr.
,, Jeremiah Bunn, w., & Dorothy Keeling, s., Samuel Keeling.

London Paris/z Registers.

r691, APRIL, continued.
23 Saml. Taylor, w., & Eliz. Warwell, s., of St. Buttolph Allgate.
,, Mathew East, b., & Judith Rogers, s., William Philipps.
,, Thomas Hggs [sic], b., & Mary Gilbert, s., of St. Kathrins.
,, Thomas Cross, b., & Mary Phelpps, s., Bernard Perry.
,, Joshua Day, b., & Eliz. Haynes, s., Paul Smith.
26 John Floyd, b., & Margaret Collet, s., John Hughs.
,, Charles Booker, w., & Mary Tompson, w., Gabriel Addison.
,, Alexander Taylor, b., & Isabelo Mathison, s., James Myles.
,, William Hickes, w., & Mary Gent, s., Robrt Wills.
,, James Hulse, b., & Isabella Lakenby, s., Petter Spooner.
,, Amos Ely, b., & Eliz. Groom, s., John Carless.
,, Thomas Forrest, b., & Eliz. Davis, s., Sam. Coleman.
,, Zachariah Collier, b., & Ruth Potter, s., of St. Gilles
,, John Edwards, w., & Eliz. Biggs, w., of St. Paul's Shadwell.
27 Stephen Collier, w., & Anne Burton, s., John Rodes.
28 Ralph Cole, b., & Anne Morton, s., Robert Kingston.
,, William Goodwin, b., & Anne Bish, s., John Feilden.
,, Abraham Dagger, b., & Eliz. Wats, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, Thomas Nicolls, w., & Sarah Parsons, w., Richard Edlin.
,, Elias Browne, w., & Mary Ashby, w., John Smith.
,, Edward Hutchinson, b., & Francis Gibbs, s., Henry Banton.
29 John Smith, w., & Mary Axtell, w., Gregory Taylor.
,, Robert Ballidone, b., & Eliz. Browne, s., James Bowskill.
,, William Andrews, b., & Hannah Griffith, s., Petter Pearson.
30 Thomas Sawell, b., & Sarah Maynard, s., of Much Waltham.
,, John Markhall, w., & Anne Thrackston, s., Henry Peters.
,, Richard Smither, w., & Jane Pittenger, w., John Suthern.
,, John Jacocke, b., & Anne Barow, s., John Cory.
,, Joseph Clauer, b., & Eliz. Eues, w., John Ashburnham.
,, Richard Short, w., & Anne Mathewes, w., Humphrey Bell.
,, Thomas Francis, b., & Mary Tucky, s., William Francis.

MA\Lv, 1691.
I Joseph Puller, b., & Anne Nunn, w., Thos. Holaway.
,, Nathaniell Howell, w., & Anne Darny, w., William Turner.
,, Laurence Sexon, b., & Catharine Whittehead, s., George

St. James, Duke's Place.

i60) MAY, coninzued.
2 Thos. Maycock, b., & Dinah Betterton, s., Richard Langton.
3 Eliiah Haywood, b., & Eliz. Deacon, s., Thomas Deacon.
,, Mathew Smith, b., & Anne Goodwyn, w., Richard Worrall.
,, Jacob Walton, b., & Mary Langly, s., John Walton.
,, Francis Pearson, w., & Margrct Gallymore, w., Abraham
,, Richard Graing, b., & Jane Heath, s., of St. Buttolph's
,, John Baker, w., & Joan Cooper, s., William Davy.
,, Daniel Jaller, b., & Jane Poutilier, s., Walter Ross.
4 Charles King, b., & Mary Adams, s., Edward King.
,, James Dittino, b., & Anne Duhamel, s., Richard Ingram.
,, Nathaniel Piggot, b., & Anne Bolen, s., Roger Lillington.
5 Henry Wells, b., & Anne Musgrove, w., James Riddull.
,, John Kendall, b., & Mary Hepburn, s., Richard Carpenter.
,, Morgan Barber, w., & Catharine Dodson, s., Edwd. Wright.
,, John Smith, b., & Anne Freeman, s., John Freeman.
,, John Sauage, w., & Anne Inman, w., John Edwards.
,, Edward Howlet, b., & Margaret Robinson, s., John Johnson.
,, George Price, b., & Jane Smith, s., Edward Caswell.
6 John Wansel, b., & Mary Peplo, s., Samuel Wright.
,, George Snell, b., & Elisabeth Oxley, s., Thomas Wayte.
7 Thos. Andrews, b., & Rosamond Rosse, s., John Mansfield.
,, John Rogers, w., & Margaret Warwick, s., Francis Stamper.
,, William Thresher, w., & Sarah Wood, w., Mathew Gunnil.
,, Jonathan Sageley, b., & Elisabeth Barnes, w., of White
Chappell Parish.
,, Francis Bentley, b., & Hannah Alston, s., Roger Alston.
,, Richard Rose, b., & Anne Wickam, w., John Grange.
,, Edward Milleship, b., & Mary Edginton, s., of St. Dunstan's
9 Wm. Bradshaw, w., & Margaret Harden, s., of St. Catherine's
by Tower.
,, Lancelot Butler, w., & Mary Murril, w., of St. Olave's
,, James Messenger, b., & Elisabeth Torksey, s., of St. Martin
in the Feilds.
,, John Wilson, b., & Ursula Sinclare, s., of St. Martin in the

London Parish Registers.

1691, MAY, continued.
1o John Hayes, b., & Dorcas Hammond, -, Henry Floodgate.
,, Walter Lindsey, w., & Martha Shepherd, w., Wm. Aldersea.
,, Andrew Couch, w., & Alice Hall, w., Robert Eliott.
,, Thos. Gazly, w., & Elizabeth Hutchison, s., Robt. Davison.
,, David Jones, b., & Anne Higgins, s., Gabriel Bowles.
,, Simon Roberts, w., & Avis Downes, s., John Billboe.
,, Abraham Bown, b., & Martha Thompson, s., George Ball.
,, John Richardson, w., & Mary Langcake, s., John Highgate.
,, John Clarke, w., & Mary Gardner, w., George Snellgrove.
,, Daniel Robinson, w., & Anne Wetherell, w., Robert Payne.
,, James Ridding, b., & Howard Minton, s., Nicolas Burket.
,, Thomas Jackson, b., & Eliz. Gladding, s., John Bradley.
II John Bennet, b., & Mary Lewes, s., of St. Bottolph's
iz Henry Talbot, b., & Mary Wray, s., Thos. Wray.
,, Geo. Powell, b., & Sarah Scot, s., of Hanworth in Middlesex.
,, John Warren, w., & Anne Bodley, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, Christopher Reeve, b., & Mary Wigsdon, w., Ed. Harding.
13 John Risley, b., & Mary Lawrence, s., John Joyce.
,, John Hogg, b., & Mary Bennet, s., Christopher Bennet.
14 Will Pelham, w., & Sarah Wood, s., of St. Giles in the Fields.
,, George Fosset, b., & Mary Prick, s., George Nicolls.
,, John Sawyer, b., & Mary Kimber, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, George Pirks, w., & Mary Thompson, -, of Shoreditch
,, James Lambe, b., & Eliz. Bromley, s., Matthew Brook.
,, Tho. Kidget, w., & Mary Matimore, w., Richard Thomas.
,, Nicholas Parker, w., & Helen White, s., George Harteman.
,, Giles Green, w., & Dinah Belcher, s., of St. Andrew's
,, Thomas Billinger, b., & Mary Fennell, s., Henry Wootman.
,, William Horsman, b., & Sarah Bigsby, w., John Brookes.
,, John Buckingham, w., & Mary Coe, s., of Waltham Abbey.
,, Thomas Hopgood, w., & Alice Warrener, w., Thomas Harris.
15 William Clark, b., & Mary Bottiman, s., of St. Etherburg
,, Henry Brignell, b., & Anne Morrow, w., Saml. Coleman.
S6 Roger Goslin, b., & Katharine Barnes, w., Richard Pool.
,, Benjamin Topping, w., & Jane Emmertson, w.,of Clerkenwell.

St. James, Duke's Place. 21

1691, MAY, continued.
17 Ralph Cates, w., & Jane Pottinger, s., Saml. Coleman.
,, William Edwards, b., & Susanna Denham, s., John Berrill.
,, Edward Bell, b., & Mary Best, s., Anthony Hodges.
,, Samuel Allen, b., & Susanna Jones, w., Willm. Heathcock.
,, Christopher Whisker, b., & Mary Sanford, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, Aron Gauden, -, & Judith Girard, w., Mark Jacob.
,, George Richardson, b., & Anne Fletcher, w., Richard Cart.
,, Andrew Dewer, w., & Anne Lloyd, s., Thomas Cunningham.
,, Will Rycroft, w., & Fabiana Philipps, s., William Peacock.
i8 Isaac Blake, b., & Judith Weston, s., John Potter.
,, Richard Jupp, b., & Rebecca Mills, s., Jonathan Mills.
,, John Gardiner, w., & Eliz. Toope, s., Hercules Collins.
19 Samuel Haber, w., & Dorothy Love, s., Edward Bannester.
,, Richard Harris, w., & Anne Barker [? Parker], w., John
,, Andrew Bremer, b., & Elizabeth Bentley, w., Thos. Patinson.
,, Simon Wilson, b., & Anne Swan, s., William Wickins.
,, Charles Harris, b., & Mary Holland, w., Walter Harris.
zo George Parsons, b., & Ducibell Nicols, s., Richard Williams.
,, John Tom, b., & Sarah Karr, s., John Clark.
zi Clement Corderoy, b., & Mary Murrill, w., Ralph Young.
,, John Fraser, b., & Anne Murray, s., William Allen.
,, Matthew Ashley, b., & Elizabeth Dallowe, s., Richard
,, Thomas Dodge, b., & Anne Stevens, s., John Flat.
,, William Jackson, b., & Anne Whitlock, s., Thomas Jackson.
,, John Jordan, b., & Joan Hill, s., Stephen Smith.
,, Beniamin Parker, b., & Anne Wilson, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Joseph Francis, b., & Elizabeth Russell, w., Simon Street.
,, Isaack Cannon, w., & Martha Dearlove, w., of Lambeth Parish.
,, William Benton, w., & Anne Davis, s., Richard Dekins.
,, John Snow, b., & Mary Webster, s., George Burnidge.
22 Samuel Humstone, w., & Carola Clarvo, s., of St. Stephen's
Colman Street.
'23 Henry Sturges, w., & Sarah Fieldhouse, s., Giles Holyday.
24 John Woodfield, w., & Isabell Eliott, w., Henry Mascall.
,, William Richardson, w., & Sarah Jenkinson, w., Tobias Dent.
,, Samuell Palmer, b., & Rachel Hill, s., of St. Giles in the Fields.

22 London Parish Registers.

16g9, MAY, continued.
24 David English, b., & Anne Brittell, s., John Fisher.
,, Weston Gowers, b., & Sarah Layc, s., of St. Austin's Parish.
26 John Hoare, w., & Mary Woodyear, s., Henry Coston.
,, Simon Mason, b., & Elizabeth Salmon, s., Francis Upton.
,, Edward Best, b., & Susanna Parvin, s., of St. Olave's
,, Richard Norris, w., & Sarah Clough, w., of St. Bottolph's
27 Thomas Bucknell, w., & Margaret Bayls, w., Anthony
28 Joshua Allen, b., & Sarah Whiting, w., William Hunter.
,, Solomon Hewit, b., & Anne Hull, s., of All Hallows in the
,, Nicolas Stern, w., & Susanne Taverner, s., Nicolas Stern.
,, Stephen Creagh, b., & Mary Dudley, s., Abraham Dudley.
,, Henry Yeamons, b., & Mary Shute, s., George Park.
,, John Sheffield, w., & Mary Coleman, s., John Fettiplace.
,, John Wallrond, b., & Jane Wilder, s., Robert Wallrond.
,, Thomas Claridge, b., & Elizabeth Price, s., John Duer.
,, John Clarke, w., & Mary Bailman, w., of St. Dunstan's
29 Will. Billings, b., & Francess Burbridge, s., of St. James,
,, Thomas Walker, b., & Mary Burket, w., Thomas Thompson.
,, Francis Mogson, b., & Elizabeth Pennystone, s., Edward
,, William Abbot, b., & Elizabeth Abbot, s., of St. Andrew's
,, James Reynolds, w., & Mary Hubbard, s., of St. Mary's
,, Peter Bowes, b., & Sarah Nicols, s., Thomas Stanley.
,, Gerard Nirod, b., & Elizabeth Mason, s., John Dickins.
,, John Truman, b., & Elizabeth Kirby, s., William Watts.
,, Thomas Evans, b., & Dorothy Prosser, s., of St. Magdalen's
,, William Sillito, b., & Elizabeth Pearson, s., Joseph Sillito.
,, Richard Gardin, b., & Rose Wallis, s., James Hartley.
,, John Hart, b., & Mary Leadbcater, s., Robert Batt.
,, William Bull, b., & Mary Parsley, s., Thomas Brigdale.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, MAY, continued.
29 Solomon May, b., & Sarah Dye, s., Thomas Bateman.
,, William Castle, b., & Elizabeth Withers, s., John Brown.

JUNE, 1691.
1 William Wilson, w., & Mary Parks, w., John Pike.
,, Thomas Hillier, w., & Sarah Tennan, s., Thomas Yeamans.
,, Thomas Arnold, b., & Hannah Cole, s., Beniamin Cole.
,, Samuel Jervis, b., & Elizabeth Odare, s., Cornelius Odare.
,, Andrew Capell, b., & Anne Levett, s., of Horn Church in
,, William Worrall, b., & Jane Preston, s., of St. Mary
Somerset Parish.
,, John Pennall, w., & Jane Rix, s., Adam Bell.
,, George Browne, b., & Susannah Taylor, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Nathaniel Combes, b., & Charitie Price, s., Thomas Smith.
,, Lawrence Goodaker, w., & Elizabeth Stockdale, w., of St.
Bottolph's Bishopsgate.
z Joseph Church, b.,& Jane Martyn, s., of Waltham Stow Parish.
,, Thomas Hayes, b., & Eliz. Tidmarsh, s., of St. Peter le Poor.
,, Francis Foster, b., & Elizabeth Jacobs, s., William Bowers.
,, John Roffe, b., & Rebecca Cooper, s., Edward Green.
,, George Bertram, b., & Anne Railton, s., Thos. Thompson.
,, James Price, b., & Susanna Beadle, s., of Fulham Parish.
,, Francis Walters, b., & Hannah Cave, s., William Lewis.
,, Ralph Strong, b., & Elizabeth Wood, s., John Bacchus.
,, James Gouldsmith, b., & Eliz. Phips, w., John Gouldsmith.
,, Adam Harding, w., & Hannah Pendris, s., Tho. Bridgeman.
,, John Speyer, b., & Sarah Dickenson, w., John Salmon.
,, Tho. Barret, b., & Mary Layton, s., of St. Sepulchre's Parish.
,, Tho. Harrison, b., & Millisen Kirk, w., John Glover.
3 John Barton, w., & Jane Wright, w., Roger Taylor.
,, Samuel Harris, w., & Hannah Coleman, s., Isaac Margretts.
,, Joseph Turner, b., & Millesen Foord, s., Luke Thompson.
,, William Goodale, w., & Francess Frasell, s., in St. Martin's
Lane in Cannon Street.
,, George Cowler, b., & Mary Dickson, s., Francis Spark.
4 William Mears, w., & Alice Massy, w., William Moor.
,, Tho. Douglass, b., & Susannah Booker, s., of St. Sepulchre's

London Parish Registers.

1691, JUNE, continued.
4 Beniamin Brewer, b., & Elizabeth Gibbs, s., Richard Gibbs.
,, Thomas Philips, b., & Susannah Love, s., John Saunder.
,, Richard Smith, b., & Jane Tyler, w., William Minty.
,, John Staton, b., & Helen Lovet, s., Thomas Cross.
,, Thomas Best, b., & Helen Barlow, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Bernard Dowthaite, w., & Anne Foster, s., of St. Margaret's,
5 Robert Hallows, b., & Mary Hallows, s., David Lindsay.
,, John Fermiden, b., & Jane Illens, s., of Great St. Helen's.
6 Beniamin Winn, b., & Elizabeth Page, s., Isaac Margetts.
,, Peter Neve, b., & Rachel Patenson, s., of St. Paul's Shadwell.
Jean Rene Gibern, b., & Mary le Menuet, s., Pierre Saint.
,, James Quittance, b., & Elizabeth Weaver, s., Ralph Pearson.
7 William Tansley, b., & Millisent Lyng, s., John Such.
,, William Summers, b., & Sarah Fisher, s., Robert Bratfield.
,, Thomas Bolton, b., & Alice George, s., Thomas Walkley.
,, William Clarke, b., & Sarah Webster, s., John Brown.
,, John Brown, b., & Sarah Rivet, s., William Clark.
,, Jonas Scott, b., & Judith Jones, s., of Gracechurch Parish.
,, Andrew Hurst, b., & Mary Wagstaff, s., Thomas Wagstaff.
,, Gabriel Birch, b., & Mary Page, s., Beniamin Page.
8 Hy. Fitzwalters, w., & Grace Cheesman, s., Will. Cheesman.
9 Samuel Boulter, w., & Dorothy Blackburn, w., John Smith.
,, Jean Connan, b., & Susannah Goddin, s., Abraham Challons.
,, John Isgrig, b., & Elizabeth Owen, s., John Sturmy.
,, John Smith, b., & Elizabeth Goulding, w., John Morrice.
io John Piggot, b., & Anne Christopher, s., Edward Dudley.
ii Thomas Bowden, w., & Friza Butler, w., of Aldgate Parish.
,, Giles Ekins, w., & Elisabeth Waples, s., Will. Addison.
,, Matthias Hansen, w., & Elizabeth Odaffin, s., of St. Leonard
,, Peregrine Parlebien, b., & Anne Freeman, w., John Jordan.
,, Edwd. Rad, w., & Mary Jacob, w., of St. Dunstan's Stepney.
., Will. Hudson, b., & Jane Saunders, s., Will. Crouch.
,, John Pitkin, b., & Mary Fairchild, s., Thos. Lucas.
,, William Denby, b., & Anne Ewens, s., Christopher Deane.
Sz Mark Taylor, b., & Jane Williams, w., Francis Astley.
,, Robert Reed, b., & Anne Walton, s., of St. Mary's

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, JUNE, continued.
S2 Henry Cecil, b., & Anne Sully, s., of Hessnut Parish.
,, Hy. Allen, w., & Margaret Oxnam, s., of Deptford in Kent.
13 Thomas Walker, b., & Sarah Martin, s., of Rotherith Parish.
,, Nathaniel Laurence, w., & Mary Fromantel, w., Tho. Bacon.
,, George Cawdell, b., & Sarah Grace, s., of St. Peter le poor.
14 Francis Riddings, b., & Margaret Carter, s., Edward Bugby.
,, John Stanaker, w., & Eliz. Hinton, s., of St. Bottolph Algate.
,, Edward Dean, b., & Francess Wilkinson, s., John Stims.
,, John Cox, w., & Elizabeth Berry, w., John Law.
,, Robert Taylor, b., & Katharin Melvil, s., George Glen.
,, James Chamberlain, b., & Mary Bran, s., Edward Creek.
,, Ralph Doxy, b., & Isabell Willson, w., Timothy Beverly.
,, Edward Elliot, b., & Elisabeth Murford, s., of St. Michael
16 John Gatfield, w., & Miriam Brookes, s., Thos. Wadsworth.
,, William Jefferyes, b., & Anne Ayres, w., William Jefferyes.
,, Thomas Hales, b., & Jane Harrison, s., John Harrison.
,, John Waites, b., & Susannah Taspill, w., of Colchester in
,, Joshua Otes, b., & Elisabeth Tempest, s., Chris. Tempest.
,, John \Iogomary, b., & Alice Hayes, s., of Dunstan's
17 John Donnill, w., & Mary Carpenter, w., John Edwards.
,, John Jay, b., & Anne Bareham, s., of St. Edmund Bury, in
18 Jos. Lutherington, b., & Jane Harrison, s., Ralph Harrison.
,, William Smith, b., & Mary Pickenham, s., John Stringer.
,, John Mayo, b., & Margaret Dowling, w., of St. Andrew's
,, John Starck, b., & Mary Wheeler, w., Thomas Howe.
,, Philip Carpenter, b., & Elizabeth Lewinton, w., John Tyars.
,, Geo. Godfrey, b., & Francess Edmunds, s., Thomas Ayres.
,, John Russell, b., & Jane Martin, s., James Davison.
,, Gilbert Harris, b., & Jane Allen, s., of St. Paul Shadwell.
,, Edmund Teer, w., & Anne Grant, w., of the Isle of Thanet.
,, Nicolas Harris, b., & Jane Salway, s., Edward Richardson.
,, James Hudson, b., & Margaret Eckles, s., Joseph Grigs.
,, Ralph Hollingsworth, b., & Susannah Bell, s., Cha. Buxton.
zo George Dinning, w., & Hanna Usman, s., John Brather.

London Parish Registers.

1691, JUNE, continued.
20 Chris. Marshall, b., & Katharine Hewit, s., Arthur Shellit.
21 Tho. Gunstone, b., & Martha Griffin, s., Nathaniel Harwood.
,, William Danser, b., & Margaret Jackson, s., John Sutton.
,, Richard Maybly, b., & Anne Raven, s., Edward Rawlings.
,, Thomas Walker, b., & Hannah Brunt, s., Thomas Chapman.
,, William Broughton, w., & Sarah Symmonds, s., Will. Tufnal.
,, Thomas Woodward alias Woodman, w., & Anne Chandler,
w., Edmund Hodges.
,, Pierre Picard, -, & Susane Charrier, -, Jean Molus.
,, William Staynes, w., & Anne Chiles, w., John Compton.
,, John Halfhead, b., & Mary Harrington, s., John Halfhead.
22 Richard Woolcock, w., & Mary Knight, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, William Palmer, w., & Elizabeth Rowell, w., Hugh Goddard.
,, William Benson, w., & Grace Gaiter, s., John Mead.
23 George Smith, w., & Elizabeth Williams, w., William Clark.
,, James Philipps, b., & Isabell Pike, s., Roger Philipps.
,, William Bleuin, b., & Margaret Stephens, s., John Wild.
John Wilde, b., & Mary Shepherd, s., William Blevin.
24 Abraham Boomer, b., & Eliz. Bateman, s., John Bateman.
,, Henry Knivinton, b., & Elizabeth Wits, s., Thomas Kemp.
,, Clinton Maund, b., & Eliz. Coppin, w., Luke Thompson.
,, Charles Gofton, w., & Eliz. Webber, s., Thomas Webber.
25 Gervase Crump, w., & Margaret Duppa, w., Francis Bland.
,, David Murray, b., & Margaret Beonar, s., of St. Sepulchre's
,, Thomas Audley, b., & Elizabeth Atkins, w., Ralph Dove.
,, Edward Edwards, w., & Anne Chapman, w., Edmund Crew.
,, Robert Edmunds, b., & Mary Goodenough, s., John Neale.
,, James Bridgforth, b., & Anne Hope, s., James Ellis.
,, John Millard, w., & Margaret Goodwin, s., Joseph Silvester.
,, Edward Piers, b., & Jane Phipard, w., Oliver Knighton.
,, Thomas Smith, w., & Elizabeth Otway, s., Stephen Ashton.
,, Thomas Moor, b., & Elisabeth Berry, s., of Battersey Parish.
,, Thomas Green, w., & Sarah Lenthall, w., of Shoreditch Parish.
z6 Zacharias Wilson, b., & Margaret Smith, w., of St. Clement
z7 Abraham Scot, b., & Mary Spencer, s., of Enfield Parish.
28 William Andrews, w., & Mary Lumsdill, s., of Great St.

St. James, Duke's Place. 27

1691, JUNE, continued.
28 William Pennistone, b., & Sarah Diker, w., Thomas Laws.
,, Robert Winter, w., & Anne Bell, w., Joseph Cocher.
,, Edward Allcock, b., & Bridget Sanders, s., Joseph Sanders.
,, Thomas Travil, b., & Jane Seaton, s., William Hodson.
,, Francis Allen, w., & MJargaret Lindall, s., of St. Andrew's
,, William Tompkinson, b., & Elizabeth Tidy, s., William
29 John Essex, b., & Mary Wright, s., of St. Andrew's Holbourn.
,, Joseph Brett, b., & MXIary Wicks, w., of All Hallows Great.
30 William Rouse, w., & Sarah Joyce, s., Robert Green.
,, Edward Johnson, w., & Ellinor Hogin, w., of St. Giles in the
,, Kay Bartram, b., & Sarah Insly, s., Francis Olden.
,, John Seabroke, b., & Mary Collett, s., Andrew Collet.

JULY, 1691.
I Francis Young, w., & Jane Wyat, w., Thomas Collier.
,, Christopher Kighly, w., & Francess Groom, s., John Lee.
,, John Rogers, w., c& \Iary Cox, w., Thomas White.
,, Thomas Emmerton, w., & Sarah Wadman, w., George Smith.
2 John Cobb, b., & Jane Chevall, s., of St. Mary Overs.
,, John Trotter, b., & Mary Houlder, w., of Bishopsgate Parish.
,, Edward Beuan, b., & Francess Brookes, s., John Bonsey.
,, John Hurst, w., & Rachel Fullilove, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Cook, w., & Anne Denny, s., George Guilford.
,, John Brailsford, b., & Elisabeth Tudor, s., James Hook.
,, John Bellicamp, b., & Tirzah Culliver, s., Edmund Portmans.
,, Henry Hyat, w., & Anne Brookes, s., Samuell Bradshaw.
,, Richard Warren, w., & Mary Marfell, w., Richard Coles.
,, Robert Sturgis, b., & Elizabeth Willis, w., Thos. Cook.
3 Edmund Jenney, b., & Elisabeth Wroth, s., Thos. Dalyell.
,, Edmund Ayleward, b., & \Iary Kiddall, s., John Perrott.
5 John Turner, b., & Abigail Bristow, s., William Wilcox.
,, John Price, b., & Anne Newman, s., William Boddinton.
,, Pierre De la Pin, b., & Anne Carrau, s., Samuel Blondin.
,, Jonathan Wood, b., & Sarah Adams, s., Abel Bradly.
,, Thomas Crawley, b., & Rebecca Warner, s., Thos. Warner.
,, John Jefferson, b., & Alice Walrisly [?], s., John Parker.

London Parish Registers.

169 JULY, continued.
5 Richard Newns, b., & Mary Hornbuckle, s., of Dunstan's
,, William Green, b., & Elisabeth Cooper, s., Robert Cooper.
,, John Bottomlaw, b., & Thomasin Barker, s., George Chevers.
,, Joseph Ewer, b., & Alice Blagrave, s., of St. Dunstan's
6 James Peters, w., & Elisabeth Evens, w., Francis Pattis,
Algate Parish.
,, George Hall, b., & Anne Hatton, s., Samuel Coleman.
7 Walter Reed, b., & Mary Waner, s., S. Giles in the Feilds.
,, John Crossfield, b., & Sarah Dose, s., Peter Ridgway.
,, John Waller, b., & Anne Boney, s., of St. Martin in the
,, Nathaniel Gardiner, b., & Alice Flower, w., of Cripplegate
,, John Forrester, b., & Mary Rogers, s., Thomas Lewes.
,, Matthew Spray, b., & Helen Morrice, s., Joseph Burt.
,, Thomas Cartwright, b., & Alice Slater, s., Robert Blackmore.
8 David Allen, b., & Anne Maurice, s.
9 John Freese, b., & Elizabeth Gerard, s., Henry Carter.
,, John Payne, w., & Joan Boxwell, s., Richard Freeman.
,, Richard Williams, b., & Elizabeth Langshaw, w., Theophilus
,, Thomas Gibson, b., & Jane Wells, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Robert Yates, w., & Amy Barker, w., Anthony Sherelief.
,, Will. Gates, b., & Elizabeth Bayley, s., of Brentford Parish.
,, George Knight, b., & Anne Thurman, s., Charles Thurman.
,, Philip Christian, w., & Elizab. Fryar, w., William Hopkin.
,, William Daniel, w., & Anne Perkins, s., William Convers.
,, John Pryor, b., & Mary Power, s., John Sergeson.
o1 Joseph Bumsteed, b., & Eliz. Jennings, s., of Algate Parish.
,, Henrick Fick, b., & Margery Miller, s., John Pill.
1x Will. Wilson, b., & Sarah Rodborne, s., of St. Bride's Parish.
z1 John Milner, b., & Anne Barnes, w., John Archer.
,, James Feist, b., & Anne Satchwell, w., Joseph Emmerston.
,, Gervase Gresham, b., & Elizabeth Taylor, s., of Wooten in
,, John Ward, b., & Mary Sessions, s., Joseph Thomlinson.
,, John Croxall, b., & Elizabeth Blindall, s., John Guyle.

SL. James, Duke's Place.

1691, JULY, continued.
12 Richard Baker, b., & Margaret Duff, s., Samuel Sparks.
,, Samuel Daniel, w., & Jane Garret, w., Joseph Ferreby.
13 Tons Saincts De Tenon, -, & Jane Bodou, -, Anthony Ic
,, Marmaduke Forster, b.. & Margery Tene, s., Giles Cutting.
14 Richard Bellamy, w., & Mary Morton, s., Thomas Woodward.
,, Thomas Wigmore, b., & Katharine Willmore, s., George
,, David Jones, b., & Elizabeth Pulver, s., Samuel Jones.
,, John Hales, w., & Mary Rose, w., John Segar.
,, Peter Jackson, w., & Mary Fisk, s., Thomas Cox.
,, Joseph Sillito, b., & Susannah Gordan, w., William Sillito.
,, John Stanbury, w., & Anne Capp, s., Thomas Smith.
,, Thomas Sumner, b., & Mary Burden, s., James Lanndon.
15 John Edwards, w., & Ruth Woodman, s., William Atkins.
,, Robert Longbottom, b., & Alice Haynes, s., Robert Haynes.
,, Richard Titchett, w., & Mary Snowden, w., John Moreton.
,, John Hart, b., & Mary de Zant, s., James Francis.
,, Henry Maston, b., & Elis. Davison, s., Emmanuel Hieron.
,, Thomas Hodgson, w., & Sarah Harris, w., Joseph Edge.
16 John Sparkes, b., & Hester Edwards, s., George Lynem.
,, Edward Sparkes, b., & Hester Clare, s., of Newinton Butts.
,, Samuel Gellie, b., & Anne Peignee, w., Matthew Marinet.
,, Beniamin Bly, b., & Jane Hopper, s., John Hopper.
,, Thomas Mede, b., & Elisabeth Woodman, s., Will. Woodman.
,, John Darby, b., & Elisabeth Fisher, s., Cornelius Jesson.
,, Paul Fielding, b., & Ellinor Rayner, w., George Thomas.
,, Samuel Pacy, w., & Sarah Wildbore, s., Mark Wildbore.
,, James Kay, b., & Mary Willes, s., Richard Brackly.
,, Thomas Payton, b., & Anne Paul, s., John Oldham.
,, Edward Green, w., & Susannah Parker, s., Samuel Wilde.
17 Thos. Jackson, b., & Ellinor Maxwell, w., Robert Hackett.
,, Nevill Fane, b., & Czesaria Folliott, s., Richard Backwell.
,, William Stokes, w., & Alice Ainsworth, w., of St. Sepulchre's
18 Vangelius Price, b., & Ursula Dillo, w., of St. Dunstan's
,, John Rogers, b., & Susannah Corbet, w., Daniel Evings.
,, James King, b., & Elisabeth Dorkhim, w., Samuel Coleman.

London Parish Registers.

169g, JULY, continued.
19 John Richards, w., & Margaret Stevens, s., William Watts.
,, Bartholomew Bird, w., & Anne Willis, w., of St. Saviour's
,, William Pyke, b., & Margaret Wilkinson, s., John Moreton.
,, William Mason, b., & Cecily Fox, w., William Abclswat.
,, Thomas Littleden, b., & Elisabeth Laurence, s., William
20 Thomas Barret, w., & Elisabeth Callis, w., of Stepney Parish.
21 Thomas Hopkins, -, & Margaret Rinford, w., of St. Thomas
,, Richard Bullimore, b., & Mary Butler, s., Thomas Townsend.
,, James Ridley, b., & Jane Rogers, s., Geofry Wignall.
,, Beniamin Green, b., & Susannah Jones, s., Robert Pierce.
,, William Hewitt, b., & Hester Walker, s., Thomas Wellplee.
,, Thomas Jones, w., & Elisabeth Price, s., of St. Leonard
,, Amitay Clutterbuck, b., & Diana Caldwall, s., of St. Mary
Garlick Hill.
,, John Clark, b., & Elisabeth Williams, s., Christopher Leman.
,, Edward Drake, b., & Mary Howes, s., Richard Story.
2 William Toyne, b., & Anne Blackshaw, s., of St. Bridget Parish.
,,William Edge, w., & Elisabeth Watson, w., Abraham
,, Edmund Crew, w., & Elisabeth Rook, w., of Rotherith Parish.
23 Richard Wille, b., & Anne Williams, s., George Edwards.
,, Abraham Gifford, b., & Mary Whithe, s., Thomas Lamb.
,, William Hart, b., & Mary Langley, s., Robert Burdet.
,, Jonathan Ware, b., & Mary Taylor, s., John Clark.
,, William Corffe, w., & Anne Herman, w., Joseph Broom.
,, John Kent, w., & Margaret Bushell, w., William IIurd.
,, John Oliver, w., & Susannah Peachmam, s., of St. Martin in
the Fields.
,, John Lawrence, b., & Alice Hull, w., Andrew Warren.
,, John Fox, b., & Mary Barnard, w., William Ady.
,, Henry Browne, w., & Judith Smith, s., William Smith.
24 George Angus, b., & Anne Roberts, w., of St. Clement's Dane.
25 Mathew Mitchcll, b., & Helen Holyday, s., of Mimms, in
,, James Hodder, b., & Mary Puller, s., IHugh Nicolls.

St. fames, Duke's Place. 31

r6q JULY, continued.
25 Domingo Ferrand, b., & Anne Dover, s., of Poplar in
Stepney Parish.
26 Thomas Hands, b., & Elisabeth Dennis, w., Thomas Gill.
,, Matthew Truss, b., & Mary Parker, s., Edward Parker.
,, Amos Johnson, b., & Hannah Isaack, s., Edward Staden.
,, Ephraim Fisher, b., & Anne Hooper, s., John Mordcn.
,, William Allen, w., & Anne Chelsham, s., Henry Alien.
,, Thomas Browne, w., & Anne Gervis, w., John Compton.
,, John Chapman, b., & Mary Cawthorp, s., Thomas Cawthorp.
,, Edward Tipper, w., & Katharine Baldwin, s., of St. Martin
in the Fields.
27 John Bishop, b., & Sus. Snowdding, s., Thos. Snowdding.
,, Francis Wale, b., & Elisabeth Gleddis, w., Rob. Woodhead.
,, John Popler, b., & Mary Veal, w., of St. Andrew Holborn.
,, Andrew Royse, w., & Elisabeth Hill, s., John Davis.
,, Charles Caldwell, Esqr., -, & Katharine Evelyne, w.,
Thomas Ashton, Esqr.
28 Jean Hauthron, b., & Marie Elisabet Del Tanier, -, Jean
Del Tanier.
,, Nicolas Bouie, b., & Jane Seely, w., of St. Margaret,
,, Tristram Bowdage, b., & Mary Maten, w., Thomas Bowdage.
,, Richard Dew, w., & Hester Stoddard, s., William Thornbury.
,, John Hunt, w., & Mary Harell, s., of Leicester Townc.
,, John Meekins, w., & Rebecca Farmer, s., Richard Cannon.
,, Thomas Fakin, b., & Phillis Patey, s., of Henley in
,, Thomas Haley, b., & Mary Procter, s., Thomas Joyce.
,, John Pye, b., & Sarah Ralph, s., of Wappin, Whitechapel.
,, Thomas Leech, b., & Elizabeth Carter, s., William Leech.
,, Richard Hamlin, w., & Elizabeth Pettit, s., John Lowe.
29 Will. Randall, b., & Dorothy Ratchford, s., of Fulham Parish.
30 Abraham Illfeue, -, & Francoise Mien, -, Abraham Mien.
,, Jefrey Wignall, w., & Sarah Fevin, w., Richard Appleton.
,, John Cole, w., & Susannah May, s., James Searle.
,, Peter Webb, b., & John [s-c] Craddock, s., John Sparrow.
,, Alexander Russell, b., & Elisabeth Thompson, s., Robert
31 William Crisp, b., & Mary Cooper, s., Samuel Hinson.

London Parish Regisctrs.

AUGUST, 1691.
I Elias Doughty, b., & Anne Bowers, w., Isaac Margrets.
2 William Sillito, b., & Anne Helen, s., Adam Mason.
,, William Thompson, b., & Margery Walton, w., of St. Peter's
,, John Beaton, b., & Mary Perry, w., Robert Garrit.
,, Robert Brodshed, b., & Katharine Webb, w., Chris. Law.
,, John Asquith, b., & Susannah Frost, s., Randel Denson.
,, Charles Negus, b., & Anne Morton, s., William Hewit.
,, James Burne, b., & Bridgett Wooldhave, s., Thomas Biggs.
,, Henry Collins, b., & Sybel Page, s., William Hopkins.
,, John Highway, b., & Jane Rodway, s., William Highway.
,, Will. Wiggan, w., & Margery Garoway, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Richards, w., & Anne Hoskins, w., Isaac Jackson.
3 John Pashen, b., & Anne Beardwell, s., William Sawbrooke.
,, William Kingesmill, w., & Rebecca Inchborne, s., both in
St. Giles Parish.
4 Joseph Orchquard, b., & Katharine Hesyme, s., Isaack
,, Edward Jerves, b., & Sarah Caesar, s., John Jerves.
,, William Marvel, b., & Rebecca Etkins, w., William Cruce.
,, Robert Mitchel, b., & Jane Jackson, s., John Johnstown.
,, Richard Howford, w., & Joan Helton, w., John Stormey.
,, Thomas Greaisley, w., & Elisabeth Miles, s., Thomas Meeres.
,, Richard Jones, w., & Elisabeth Blyth, s., William Hues.
5 Edward Roston, w., & Mary Trusam, w., John Whitchurch.
,, Henry Lean, w., & Lettice Marten, w., Francis Elger.
6 Robert Jones, b., & Elizabeth Gossford, w., William Jones.
,, Richd. Crackanthrop, b., & Deborah Mottram, s., Christopher
,, John Goodwine, b., & Jean Wright, s., Hugh Say.
,, Joseph Gardiner, w., & Elizabeth Buttler, w., John Sturmy.
,, John Whytron, w., & Mary Webber, s., William Buttone.
,, Richard Colas, b., & Sarah Hawkins, s., Thomas Lee.
,, Charles Mohun, b., & Charlette Mainwcring, s., Thomas
,, William Burchmore, b., & Margaret Turner, w., Thomas
8 Thomas Woods, b., & Anne Green, w., William Philps.
,, Timothy How, w., & Francess Lessombre, s., William Lubey.

St. James, Duke's Place.

g69 I, AucuSrT, c'ntinula'.
9 John Todd, w., & MIary Rands, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, William Amct, w., & Sarah Eues, s., Edward Webb.
Scipion Dalbiar, w., & Louize Le Large, s., Eliech Seewalier.
,, Edward Linell, w., & Elisabeth Lasenbey, w., James Larkin.
,,John Johnstown, b., & Mary Mallett, s., Christopher
,, John Mursey, b., & Hester Steuens, s., George Nayler.
,, Richard Leeveslee, w., & Rebecca Johns, w., Isaac Margarets.
Joseph Cymflect, b., & Elisabeth Hatre, s., Coniers Bichino.
,, Daniel Craswell, w., & Edeth Marlo, w., Thomas Marlo.
,, Charles Jones, b., & Anne Ammerson, s., Nicolas Attwell.
,, Francis More, b., & Anna Maria Virgan, s., Morgan Inakins.
,, Richard Matticks, b., & Mary Glower, s., Luke Thompson.
io Robert Ludgater, w., & Rebecca Turner, w., Thomas Brind.
r Roger Pratchett, w., & Mary Petteway, s., Robert Farrow.
,, John Colter, b., & Anne Head, s., John Richardson.
,, John Freeman, b., & Elisabeth Watson, s., Thomas l[awkins.
,, Edward Tainsley, w., & Grace Harding, s., William Pope.
,, Thomas Field, b., & Sarah Bless, s., John Palmer.
Thomas Freeman, w., & Hephzibah White, s., Samuel
,, George Langford, w., & Susannah Harison, s., John
Sz John Jordan, w., & Alice Fye, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, Thomas Child, w., & Mary Norton, s., of Abby Church
13 Henry Hopkins, w., & Mary Grant, w., Francis Lyell.
,, William Land, b., & Elisabeth Palmer, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, Edward Pearson, w., & Anne Hall, s., Thomas Mickleton.
,, Matthew Browne, b., & Rebecca Barker, s., Walter Sturt.
,, Tho. Hillyard, w., & Judith Hobel, w., Richard Goodwyn.
16 William King, w., & Elisabeth Underwood, w., Henry Long.
,, John Massey, b., & Dorothy Lane, s., Godfarrey Massey.
,, George Archer, b., & Elisabeth Mason, s., Morgan Roberts.
,, Robert Hoult, w., & Mary Robinson, w., John Geary.
,, Tho. Andrews, b., & Francess Rickerton, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Petaway, b., & Jane Watkins, s., Matthew Souel.
,, William Spooner, w., & Mary Stablin, s., Richard Walter.
,, John Lamb, b., & Helen Ball, s., Matthew Ball.

Lonadon Parish Recos'crs.

1691, AUGUST, continued.
18 William Brixy, b., & Elisabeth Kasely, s., Daniel Bonner.
,, John Seller, w., & Mary Parker, w., Richard Paxford.
,, John Allen, w., & Sarah Reed, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, John Herman, b., & Margaret Hunter, s., Gilbert Rankin.
,, Richard Splatt, w., & Jane Samms, w., Richard Kent.
,, John Downcs, b., & Mary Watts, s., of Hammersmith in
,, Robert Gilbert, b., & Elisabeth Chival, s., of St. Austin's Parish.
,, William Woossoncroft, b., & Rachel Pearse, s., Matthew
19 William Moore, b., & Dorothy Garret, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, Benjim Barefoot, b., & Katharin Green, w., Tho. Robinson.
,, James Thorilkett, b., & Christine Wilson, s., William Daniel.
,, Jonathan Best, w., & Elisabeth Newland, w., Edwd. Alistone.
,, Edward Wells, w., & Elisabeth Hayden, s., John Shuttell.
,, John Cook, w., & Sarah MIayhew, w., William Stringar.
20 Edmund Davis, b., & Elisab. Coventry, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, Thomas Stevens, w., & Mary Ipson, w., Marshal Marwood.
,, Timothy Harrison, b., & Mary Latham, s., William Rotch.
,, James Wheeler, w., & Joanna Rust, w., Robert Wheeler.
zi William Reed, w., & Hester Kender, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, Samuel Killing, b., & Helen Karter, s., John Killing.
22 Nathaniel Madecrof, w., & Anne Haley, w., Isaac Margarets.
23 Richard Stephens, b., & Elis. Silvester, s., Richard Sthephens.
,, Richard Abram, b., & Mary Newton, s., Thomas Newton.
24 Frederick Owen, b., & Hannah Dixson, s., Joseph Sharp.
,, Robert Beall, b., & Martha Sly, s., Samuel Dawkins.
,, Henry Borham, b., & Elisabeth Stafford, s., of St. Foster's
,, George Taylor, b., & Anne Kent, s., Robert Austin.
,, Jean Guillot, b., & Catharine Angol, s., Anthoine Marechau.
,, Pierce Angell, w., & Francess Ashford, w., Robert Haddock.
25 Edward Dove, b., & Sarah Curney, s., Richard Willson.
,, Edwd. Bumpas, b., & Martha Churchhouse, s., Robt. Orchard.
,, Hartman Shutz, b., & Henderena Flam, s., Ignatius Mayor.
,, Richard Hickman, b., & Sarah Deacon, s., Thomas Newell.
,, Bartholomew Carter, w., & Jane More, s., James Horton.
,, John Oldham, b., & Anne Taylor, w., of St. Andrew's

St. ~ames, Duke's Place.

1691, AUGUST, continued.
26 William Wilkins, b., & Francess Tod, s., John Head.
,, Beniamin Philipps, b., & Mary Beale, s., Robert Hippingstone.
,, John Arnold, b., & Catharine Bright, s., William Bedford.
27 Richard Halsall, b., & Elisabeth Woodward, w., of Stratford
le Bow.
,, James Clyd, b., & Elisabeth Cowen, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, William Ballard, b., & Mary Webb, s., John Wcbb.
,, Job King, b., & Elisabeth Manley, s., Joseph Kingdom.
,, William Charles, b., & Priscilla Temple, s., of St. George's
,, Oliver Pangbourn, b., & Elisabeth Jones, s., Matthias Tooth.
,, Richard Sutton, w., & Anne Evans, s., John Wray.
,, John Cooling, w., & Adry Osbee, w., Robert Dowling.
,, John Bennett, w., & Joan Skipp, w., Edward Jones.
,, Robert Wright, w., & Francess Horsay, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Thomas Harris, b., & Martha Young, w., of St. Saviour's
29 John Drinkwater, b., & Hannah Freeman, s., Arthur Goldsmith.
,, William Farrell, b., & Sarah Morden, s., of Deptford in Kent.
30 Allen Douglas, b., & Susannah Reed, s., of Deptford Parish.
,, Robert Jones, w., & Anne Byan, s., of St. Buttolph Algate.
,, Robert Martyn, b., & Sarah Fletcher, s., John Smith.
,, Estienne Touchard, -, & Elizabeth Enouf, -, Robert le Taul.
,, John Harford, w., & Mary Arnshaw, s., Robert Dory.
,, Francis Austin, b., & Anne Wells, w., John Bradley.
31 Nathaniel Hancock, b., & Prudence How, s., William Bell.
,, John Chowns, b., & Elisabeth Burr, s., Samuel Watkins.
,, William Bentley, b., & Joan Edwards, s., Thomas Swan.
,, John Kenton, b., & Anne Holmes, s., John Donalds.

I Henry Evans, b., & Dorothy Andrews, s., John Careless.
,, Thomas Morgan, w., & Margaret Homey, w., John Ayres.
,, Thomas Rudd, b., & Mary Seaborne, s., of St. Martin in the
,, Richard Turvin, w., & Margt. Johnson, w., Thos. Atkinson.
,, Wm. Viccar, w., & Mlargt. Coggin, w., Stephen Grigman.
,, James Newman, b., & Sarah Cole, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Lewis Durand, b., & Martha Pataint, w., Samuel Coleman.

1691, SEPlrrIEM1IE con/lli/nud.
I John Payne, b., & Elisabeth Stainsmor, s., Salathiel Rolffe.
,, William Butler, b., & Mary Holyoake, s., John Eastwick.
,, Thomas Gibson, b., & Margaret Aley, s., William Osman.
,, Henry Chilton, b., & Judith Slaughter, w., John Wine.
2 Robert Cox, w., & Mary Taylor, w., Thomas Hopkins.
,, Robert Shaw, b., & Rebecca Taylor, s., of St. Saviour's
3 Richard Baggot, b., & Dorothy York, s., John Chittendine.
,, David Morris, b., & Jane Gardiner, w., Samuel Coleman.
,, Joseph Sunderland, b., & Catherine Jackson, s., Jas. Pulleyn.
,, William Rolph, b., & Elisabeth Rolfe, s., William Williams.
,, Rd. Cook, b., & Mary Sole, s., of Pullock's Hill in Bedford.
,, Peter Bezely, b., & Sarah Bridgstock, s., Thomas lBzely.
,, William Shepherd, b., & Eliz. Parlo, w., of St. Sepulchre's
,, Thomas Robinson, w., & Elizabeth Baker, s., Morgan Lews.
,, Samuel Crofts, w., & Christine Laws, s., Peter Sidebottom.
,, Edward Terry, b., & Elizabeth Ducket, s., of Whitechappel
,, John Wright, b., & Susannah White, s., Mark Pleasant.
,, Isaac Grey, b., & Anne Thornton, s., John Thornton.
,, John Corbin, b., & Francess Cossay, s., Thomas Cook.
,, Henry Adshcd, b., & Thomasin Simpkins, s., Ambrose
,, John Laydiman, b., & Mary Bunnyon, s., Ralph Laydiman.
,, Stephen Light, w., & Eliz. Matthews, w., Edwd. Couchman.
5 William Newell, b., & Elizabeth Crisp, s., Henry Croot.
6 William Brooks, b., & Susannah Mohun, s., William More.
,, John Brunt, b., & Elizabeth Willis, s., Richard Ford.
,, Henry Eedes, w., & Anne Yates, s., Percival Sumnmerfield.
7 Rich. Divins, b., & Sarah Fox, s., of Whitechappell Parish.
8 Will. Tomlinson, b., & MIary Jepherson, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Joseph Morton,b ,& Mary Edwards, s., of Bishopsgate Parish.
,, George Oliver, w., & Catharine Harris, w., of St. Bride's Parish.
,, Beniamin Whitaker, b., & Sarah Ring, s., John Bush.
,, Thomas Fenwick, b., & Mary Street, s., John Smart.
,, Peter Martyn, b., & Sarah Lamley, s., Samuel Swaine.
,, Gilbert Bannister, b., & Anne Osbaldeston, s., Timothy

Lonldon Parish fJ Rcisc/crs.

St. james, Duke's Place.

1691, SEPTEMBER, continited.
9 John Bcttson, w., & Eliz. Humfreys, s., of Stepney Parish.
o1 Rob. Newman, w., & Ellinor Pennington, s., Joshua Marriot.
,, James Power, b., & Barbara Bird, s., John Bell.
,, Anthonie Chambers, w., & Anne Hunter, s., George
,, Rolland Pateman, b., & Mary Hunt, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, Peter Costand, b., & Francess Bernard, s., Will. Adamson.
,, Christopher Codey, b., & Anne Hammond, s., Tho. Barker.
,, John Hacker, b., & Elisabeth Baker, s., Richard Arnell.
,, Robert Allcock, b, & Margaret Butterfield, s., of St. Peter's
,, William Cutts, b., & Elisabeth Peak, w., John Sewcll.
13 Edward Willoughby, b., & Elisabeth Ward, w., Joseph Earle.
,, William Read, b., & Margaret Price, s., Robert Banks.
,, Francis Taskard, b., & Anne Hood, s., Anthony Chewn.
,, John Revcrly, w., & Mary Green, w., Edward Creswell.
,, Joseph Howard, w., & Elisabeth Willis, w., of Plastow in
Westham Parish.
,, John Oliver, w., & Mary Archer, w., Robert Bryden.
,, George Weller, b., & Sarah Viner, w., Richard Palmer.
14 Edmund Marsh, b., & Elisabeth Berry, s., of St. Anne,
,, Thomas Morris, b., & Elisabeth Gillmer, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Richard Clerk, b., & Elinor Stocks, s., John Clerk.
15 Samuel Crouch, b., & Mary Hubbard, w., of St. Paul's
,, Samuel Hicks, b., & Alice Foster, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Robert Willson, b., & Rebecca Church, w., Anthony Foster.
,, Thomas Johnson, b., & Mary Powell, s., George Matson.
,, John Holt, b., & Susannah Watts, s., Joseph Stedwell.
,, John Courtney, b., & Elis. Hodgson, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, William Innifer, b., & Anne Bridgman, s., Thomas Bridgman.
,, Will. Braddock, b., & Mary Kingham, s., of St. Mary le Bow.
,, Robert Wright, w., & Joanna Eggleston, s., Richard Osborn.
,, Thomas Rolles, b., & Anne Russell, s., Benjamin Maris.
,, Joseph Edwards, w., & Elisabeth Davis, w., John Tudor.
16 Thomas Sertine, b., & Sarah Deputy, of Cripplegate Parish.
,, Tho. Turner, b., & Margaret Burton, s., of Rumford Parish.

London Parish Registers.

1691, SEPTEMBER, continued.
16 John Creed, w., & Jane Dyke, s., William Dyke.
,, George Kate, b., & Sarah Turner, s., Robert Wetwood.
,, Richard Prior, b., & Anne Hayes, s., of Maidstone in Kent.
,, George Boyd, b., & Margaret Henderson, s., Alexander
,, Henry Thorp, b., & Sarah Grey, w., William Ward.
,, William Milner, w., & Deborah Fuzz, s., Christopher Milner.
17 Robert Cooper, b., & M1ary Hales, s., Joseph Yeamans.
,, Robert Blake, w., & Katharine Lock, s., Richard Minson.
,, William Ross, b., & Elisabeth Royes, s., John Royes.
,, Joseph Clare, b., & Anne Nurse, s., Charles Goodyear.
,, William Keyes, b., & Anne Goodrick, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, John Chcttam, b., & Mary Parks, s., of Totnam in Middlesex.
,, John Merrick, w., & Sarah Price, s., of White Chappell Parish.
,, John Weedham, w., & Hester Marshall, w., Rich. Hodgkin.
,, Ambrose Coney, w., & Mary Bayley, s., Robert Morss.
,, John Burroughs, b., & Elisabeth Culver, s., Samuel Philipps.
,, Hugh Stuart, w., & Mary Grindill, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Elisha Bentley, w., & Miriam Capell, s., Robert Hussey.
,, John Sparham, b., & Alary Rernard, s., William Hunt.
iS Joseph Rodd, b., & Sarah Barnett, s., Edward Cooper.
,, William Meredith, b., & Elisabeth Terry, s., of Charlewood
,, John Jackson, b., & M1ary Wood, s., of Deptford in Kent.
,, Joshua Nunn, b., & Anne Bott, w., Samuel Coleman.
19 Francis Games, b., & Mary Hawkins, s., Samuel Coleman.
zo Morgan Evans, w., & Abigail Jennings, w., William Stedman.
,, Robert Burden, w., & Mary Greenaway, w., of St. Mary
,, Nicolas Brady, w., & Anne Sharp, w., of Bishopsgate.
21 William Hutches, b., & Sarah Bryan. s., Robert Robinson.
,, Anthony Stevenson, b., & Susannah Franklyn, s., Edward
,, Thomas Holymen, b., & Francess Paul, w., Charles Israel.
,, Griffin Evans, w., & Susanna Browne, w., William Price.
,, John Freeland, w., & Mary Pitts, s., of Epsom Parish.
zz John Falkner, b., & Elisabeth Monk, s., Thomas Monk.
,, Francis Dogget, w., & Rosamund Wood, w., Rich. Roberts.
,, William Gravenor, b., & Mary Smith, s., John Harris.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, SEPTEMBER, continued.
22 John Lee, b., & Anne Clare, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Peckover, w., & Rebecca White, s., William Hanbury.
,, John Beaumont, b., & Elisabeth Smith, s., Nathaniel Smith.
,, William Rosch, b., & Mary Tazzard, w., Jonathan Leech.
,, John England, b., & Hannah Bradly, s., John Thynne.
,, Samuel Townsend, w., & Margaret Kitchin, w., John Bush.
23 Robert Newman, w., & Sarah Sale, w., of Bramley near Bow.
,, William Gray, b., & Sarah Godwin, s., of St. James' Parish.
24 Symond Peter, w., & Martha Warren, s., Richard Hurt.
,, William Luck, b., & Sarah Pearson, s., of Hadlow in Kent.
,, John Pumroy, b., & Anne Strong, s., Thomas Strong.
26 John Kent, w., & Anne Burton, s., Richard Burton.
27 John Pickey, w., & Elisabeth Duxburrough, w., John Nicolls.
,, Thomas Trowe, b., & Margaret Ogden, s., Richard Darby.
,, John Hand, b., & Mary Jefferyes, w., Andrew Vaughan.
,, John Walker, w., & Mary Bryan, w., Thomas Yates.
,, William Carr, b., & Anne Jones, s., of St. Dionis Backchurch.
,, Christopher Rodery, b., & Mary Millington, s., of St.
Catharine near Tower.
,, Curtis Queenby, w., & Anne Glover, w., John Howson.
,, Thos. Smith, b., & Dorothy English, s., Edwd. Bellchamber.
,, George Reynolds, b., & Hannah Lamb, s., Humphrey
,, William Skevington, b., & Elisabeth Sealy, s., William Biss.
,, William Smith, w., & Elizabeth Armes, s., David IHorrobin.
,, . arriott, w., & Elisabeth Horner, w., Edward Howards.
,, . nier de Fountain, -, & Anne Ball, s., Thos. Nicolls.
S. ... b., & Mary Bonner, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, .. son, b., & Francess Stuff, s., John Twitty.
,, John Ladyman, b., & Sarah Wilson, s., George Macy.
,, Jn. Wingfield, b., & Katharine Fixon, w., Anthony Wingfield.
,, Samuel Lucas, b., & Mary Bennet, s., Edmund Lutley.
29 Rd. Goodwin, b., & Margaret Winsland, s., Thos. Armstrong.
,, Nathaniel Dangerfield, b., & Mary Sanders, s., Win. Saunders.
,, Chris. Wilson, b., & Eliz. Blackman, s., Walter Blackman.
,, Thos. French, w., & Mary Lauis, w., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, William Drax, b., & Mary Baker, s., Samuel Cowe.
,, Nehemiah Osgood, w., & Susannah Holding, s., James

London Parish Registers.

1691, SEPTEMBER, continued.
29 Robert Diverson, w., & Alice Playwell, w., of Mile End in
,, Richard Oliver, b., & Margaret Warring, w., James Feist.
,, William Stage, w., & Lettice Key, s., Hugh Davenport.
,, James Nicolls, b., & Charity Grover, s., John Mills.
,, John Sawbridge, b., & Mary Stevenson, s., Isaac Hall.
,, John Lupton, b., & Jane Baker, s., John Swanson.
,, Henry Pacy, b., & Elizabeth Stevens, s., Enoch Slater.
30 Francis Claton, w., & Mary Stevens, w., John Stormey.
,, William Stout, w., & Mary Makepeace, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Fann, w., & Mary Jones, s., Barak Norman.

OCTOBER, 1691.
I James Robinson, b., & Jennet Bowtier, w., John Campbell.
,, Thomas Luci, w., & Elisabeth Rogers, w., William Chantroll.
,, Peter Watton, w., & Susanna Matcham, w., of Greenwich in
,, James Franks, b., & Elisabeth Larkin, s., William Clark.
,, John Waters, b., & Elizabeth Buck, s., Isaac Dafforn.
,, John Base, b., & Mary Beech, w., Thomas Collins.
,, Richard Ferrar, b., & Rebecca Keyes, w., Leonard Potter.
,, Thomas Axleby, b., & Mary Temple, s., James Lamkin.
,, John Barry, b., & Anne Harris, s., Richard Redman.
,, John Hills, w., & Catharine Milling, s., Luke Thompson.
,, John Golding, b., & Margaret Butter, s., in Hungar in Essex.
z Robert Ballard, b., & Helen Anderson, s., John Hanmour.
,, Thomas Taylor, b., & Mary Amy, s., Samuel Jemson.
3 William Foord, b., & Jane Douglas, s., Edward Fox.
,, Thomas Cowlter, b., & Francess Head, s., John Cowlter.
,, William Marshall, b., & Margaret Shelton, s., John Ferrand.
,, John Bryan, b., & Beata Burbidge, s., of Raynam in Essex.
4 John Willmore, w., & Mary Wright, w., of Cripplegate Parish.
,, Robert Dawson, b., & Abigail Cross, s., Joshua Gibbons.
,, John Clark, b., & Margaret Kempster, w., of St. Leonard
,, James Bolte, b., & Anne Clement, s., Luke Lyon.
,, Giles Slater, b., & Mary Howard, w., & Abraham Good.
,, Humphrey Davis, w., & Mary Callo, w., William Lam .
,, William Powell, b., & Elizabeth Ilewit, w., Robert .

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, OCTOBER, continued.
4 Thomas Barcklay, b., & Elizabeth Cubbidge, w. .. .
,, John Tripe, b., & Mary Tams, s., Charles Israel.
,, Isaac Schooler, w., & Anne Brewit, w., of Lambeth Parish.
5 John Fleming, b., & Margaret Trotter, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, William Sutton, b., & Sarah Sparks, s., Joseph Molden.
6 James Aslett, b., & Jane Maynard, s., Isaac Margarets.
,, Thomas Whithead, b., & Sarah Millar, s., Robert Hewes.
,, John Matthews, b., & Elisabeth Garner, s., John Andrews.
,, Thomas Brees, b., & Elisabeth Thomas, w., of St. Leonard
,, Thomas Hatfield, w., & Elis. Reynolds, w., Robert Lawrence.
,, Edmund Silver, b., & Anne Baker, w., Richard Guy.
,, William Curtis, b., & Joyce Upthorp, s., Edward Franklyn.
,, Richard Denham, b., & Helen Walwork, s., John Blakely.
,, Edmund Burt, w., & Margaret Turbeville, s., William Barclay.
,, Willoughby Aston, b., & Elisabeth Lewin, s., of St. Paul
Covent Garden.
,, Richard Lake, w., & Mary Goody, w., of Chadwell in Essex.
,, Stephen North, b., & Sarah Hudson, s., William Taylor.
,, John Abraham, b., & Rachel Robiohn, s., James Dixson.
,, Edward Walsum, b., & Mary Hill, w., Thomas Pownsett.
,, Robert Hurst, w., & Elisabeth Garret, w., Samuel Stevenson.
7 John Hawke, b., & Elisabeth Blayclock, s., of St. Leonard
,, Anthony Jewell, -, & Catharine Henry, w., Bestian Vanyl.
,, William Ford, w., & Priscilla Law, w., Israel Humphrey.
,, Robert Hahilkcom, w., & Anne White, s., Daniel White.
8 George Smith, w., & Elisabeth Skinner, s., John Goosey.
,, William Skerrit, w., & Joan Plackit, w., William Stark.
,, Daniel Ridgman, b., & Elisabeth Turner, s., of Cheshunt, in
,, Roger Eldridge, w., & Elisabeth Miller, s., Daniel White.
,, Francis Carter, b., & Hester Clowder, s., Robert Carter.
,, Simon Jennings, b., & Anne Norris, s., Robert Deal.
,, William Mosely, b., & Francess Reeds, s., George Power.
,, Jacob Philipps, w., & Joan Shipway, w., Charles Richards.
,, Anthony Moscony, b., & Francess More, s., Thomas Smith.
,, Thomas Boyes, b., & Sarah Wenslow, s., Joseph Rawlins.
,, Nathaniel Wells, b., & Elisabeth Taverner, s., Francis Hately.

London Parish Regisctrs.

1691, OCTOBER, continued.
8 Hy. Johns, b., & Elisha [siz] Campian, s., of East Ham Parish.
,, Richard Ainscomb, b., & Ellinor Tilt, s., William Hoe.
9 Joseph Vering, b., & Mary Stoner, s., of St. Catharine near
the Tower.
,, William Mills, b., & Margaret Muns, s., of St. Margaret's
in Rochester.
,, Walter Turner, b., & Catharine Miller, s., John Wayte.
io Thomas Bucklay, b., & Elisabeth Garner, s., Timothy Cary.
,, Peter Powall, w., & Sarah Guning, w., William Shambrook.
,, John Parker, b., & Cath. Stable, s., of St. Clement's Danes.
II John Kennington, b., & Elisabeth Fox, s., John Gillet.
,, Edward Hudson, b., & Jane Instant, s., Thomas Mason.
,, \\illiam Elstob, b., & Elisabcth Trafford, w., John Parkton.
,, Wm. Douset, b., & Elisabeth Craddock, s., Win. Oliphant.
,, John Paul, b., & Catharine Lacy, s., of Ratcliff in Stepney.
,, Joseph Marshall, w., & Cath. Hobbins, s., Wm. Blacksley.
,, Christopher Jackson, b., & Mary Granger, w., Thomas Hughs.
,, Thomas Cragoe, b., & Mary Rabi, w., Robert Payne.
2z Richard Rutter, b., & Marian Bowles, s., Edward Bowles.
,, Robert Hill, w., & Anne Higgins, w., John Law.
,, John Tinkerson, b., & Comfort Collier, s., of St. Mary
,, John Smith, b., & Joan Smith, s., of Coleman Street.
,, Thos. Orton, b., & Mary Pinkard, s., of St. Laurence Parish.
,, John Hodges, b., & Catharine Broomlcy, s., Stephen Atherley.
13 James Evans, b., & Hester Fosset, w., Edward Sparke.
,, William Fisher, b., & Anne Lindsey, w., of St. Paul's
,, Peter 1irkby, b., & Ellinor Gutteridge, w., William Herbert.
,, Ralph Field, b., & Mary Pate, s., Samuel Pate.
,, Thomas Hall, b., & Francess Piercy, w., Nicolas Gray.
,, Robert Treice, b., & Israel Adams, w., Robert Brightall.
,, John Philipps, w., & Dorcas Bauchan, s., William Bignall.
,, Daniel Finney, b., & Dorothy Parry, s., of St. Peter le Poor.
,, Thomas Calandcr, b., & Hannah Alford, s., Samuel Litlar.
,, John Steuens, b., & Mary Veal, s., James Veal.
,, John Barton, b., & Joan Hurdman, s., of Berking in Essex.
.+ Abraham Bailien, -, & Mary Hardie, -, Salomon Bailieu.
,, John Junes, b., & Sarah Maplcston, w., James Ilolderness.

St. James, Duke's Place.

169i, OCTOBER, continued.
'+ Nicholas Adlinton, b., & Mary Dennington, s., of St.
Clement's Danes.
15 Robert Mason, b., & Anne Getch, s., Beniamin Toms.
,, Will. Turner, b., & Elisabeth Keyes, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Edwd. Stevenson, b., & Constant Barnet, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, John Richardson, b., & Ellinor Browne, s., of St. Mary
White Chappel.
,, James Admagill, b., & Sarah Church, s., Frances Ingram.
,, Henry Keech, b., & Elisabeth Bayly, s., William Peart.
,, Charles Kent, b., & Elis. Masters, s., of St. Giles in the Fields.
,, Henry Tawny, b., & Margaret Harnes, w., Robt. Dickenson.
,, Tho. Woodfell, w., & Susannah Weden, s., of St. Buttolph's
,, Edward Bibb, b., & Elisabeth Arden, s., Thomas Arden.
,, Will. Christian, b., & Sara Orange, s., of St. Mary Magdalen
,, George Knight, b., & Alice Luellin, w., William Dawes.
,, Edmund Creamer, b., & Elis. Canter, s., Edward Canter.
,, John Rowsell, w., & Anne Radford, s., Robert Akers.
,, Chris. Downing, b., & Elisabeth Sparkes, s., Henry Henly.
William Purdie, b., & Sarah Jordan, s., George Long.
,, William Chandler, b., & Mary Rose, s., Henry Smart.
,, John Stagg, b., & Dorothy Medly, s., Robert Medly.
,, Thomas Fuller, b., & Anne Taylor, s., John Plumlight.
,, William Rawlins, b., & Mary Browne, s., of St. Mary
,, Christopher Peckham, b., & Elis. Jeffcrey, s., of Speldust
Parish in Kent.
16 Thomas Jones, b., & Mary Cox, s., George Copping.
17 James Hensly, b., & Jane Williams, s., Robert Onyon.
,, John Stapleton, b., & Mary Waters, s., of Edminton Parish.
S8 Martin Grey, b., & Alice Ingram, s., John Hocker.
,, Thomas Archer, b., & Hannah Wilford, w., John Turtle.
,, Tho. Day, -, & Elisabeth Picket, w., of St. Mary Magdalen
,, Tho. Rigmayden, b., & MIary Wetherston, s., Jas. Wetherston.
,, George Gaskins, w., & Ellinor Hayes, w., Thomas Dann.
,, Robert Needham, b., & Anne Bennet, s., of St. Olave

London Parish Regislers.

169z, OCTOBER, COnlhtinud.
18 Thomas Coles, b., & Mary Draydge, s., Jefferey Airay.
,, Henry Jones, w., & Elis. Hawkes, s., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
19 William Popple, b., & Frances Taylor, of Clerkenwell Parish.
,, Nicolas Grud6, -, & Francoise L'Oiseau.
,, William Beawes, b., & Sibilla Heamans, s., George Matthew.
,, John Liddra, b., & Mary Nixon, s., John Dale.
,, William Smith, b., & Hannah Beaufey, s., Richard Charleton.
,, John Westbrook, b., & Con. Beaumont, s., John Beaumont.
,, John Turner, b., & Mary Coot, s., of Bromley in Kent.
,, Thomas Gunston, w., & Mary Favel, w., John Lindsey.
,, John Cook, b., & Mary Smith, s., Christopher Wellberry.
,, John Ainslie, w., & Elisabeth Cooper, s., John Smith.
,, Samuel Colly, b., & Elisabeth Thripland, s., Gilbert Rankin.
,, James Lawrence, w., & Sarah Greening, s., John Ibbott.
,, John Swan, b., & Anne Hill, w., John Watson.
,, Thomas Oyles, b., & Elisabeth Martin, s., Richard Goodlad.
,, Francis Herring, b., & Elisabeth Edwards, s., Robt. Herring.
,, Paul Rilye, b., & Catharine Banks, s., Abraham Banks.
,, Francis Backhouse, b., & Barbara White, s., John Hook.
,, George Hill, w., & Hester Dawes, s., William Rammisden.
,, Will. Bould, b., & Margaret Mitchell, w., of Stepncy Parish.
21 Robert Jeffercys, b., & Mary Breholt, s., David Breholt.
,, George Bummer, w., & Susanna Harris, w., Henry Cook.
,, Henry Holstock, b., & Hester Thorpe, w., John Theobald.
22 John Suthern, w., & Elisabeth Taylor, s., Henry Taylor.
,, John Cotton, b., & Margery Jackson, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Richard Greenfield, b., & Hannah Terry, s., William Dolby.
,, Thomas Rowntree, b., & Francess Bush, s., William Ripley.
,, Michel Morreau, -, & Sus. Couchell, -, Saloman Morreau.
,, Richard Steuens, b., & Elisabeth Hoar, s., Cuthbert Coxon.
,, Samuel Turner, b., & Elisabeth Green, s., John Newman.
, William Jeffereyes, b., & Mary Bolton, s., John Newman.
,, John Parsons, b., & 1lehitobel Gilbert, w., John Chamberlain.
,, Thomas Hall, b., & Elisabeth Poore, s., Richard Baldwin.
,, Samuel Smith, b., & Sarah Freeman, s., of St. Dionis
,, John Ward, b., & Lucy Browne, s., Sampson Ward.
,, Samuel HIuggin, b., & Anne Kesser, s., William Downer.
,, Henry Willis, b., & Elisabeth Hathaway, s., Richard Acton.

St. James, Duke's P/ace.

1691, OCTOBER, contlitned.
22 John Cophin, b., & Martha Ferret, s., Jonathan Cox.
23 John Lee, b., & Elisabeth Clements, s., Thomas Chadwick.
,, John Webley, w., & Mary Clarke, s., Thomas Ashly.
24 Alex. Christian, b., & Elisabeth Darby, s., Joseph Desayer.
,, Francis Clint, b., & Theodora Thillwall, s., of Little St.
,, Tho. Hutton, b., & Elisabeth Chitwood, s., John Cartwright.
25 William Hepburn, b., & Elizabeth Hemer, s., Robt. Stavaker.
,, Edmund Coupland, b., & Sus. Stevens, w., Will. Coupland.
,, Beniamin Key, b., & Anne Christmas, s., John Holsworth.
,, Thomas Barret, b., & Elizabeth Browne, w., George Jolly.
,, Robt. Clarke, w., & Anne Curtis, w., of St. Olave Southwark.
,, Thomas Painter, b., & Mary Fletcher, s., Robert Painter.
,, Richard Davis, w., & Isabella Sedgwick, w., Sam. Ledbeater.
,, William Moor, w., & Dionis Pix, w., Charles Forrest.
,, William Bowles, b., & Elisabeth Smith, s., John Wise.
26 Hugh Pulleyn, b., & Mary Rose, s., Jeremiah Brignall.
,, Jonas Crook, w., & Anne Flower, s., of Windsor in Barkshire.
,, John Smallman, w., & Joan Williams, s., Samuel Pool.
27 Will. Colley, b., & Mary Jervis, w., of St. Anne's, Westminster.
,, James Cockeyn, w., & Elisabeth Barker, s., of St. Buttolph
,, Thomas Frost, b., & Elisabeth Linch, s., Simon Linch.
,, William More, w., & Elisabeth Flyman, w., Peter Hughes.
,, William Ilife, b., & Elisabeth Watts, s., of Allhallow's London
,, Simon Stiles, w., & Rose Hillgrave, w., Daniel Cosins.
,, James Blackwood, b., & Grizel Hunter, s., John Rogers.
,, Patrick Monteith, b., & Grizel Cook, w., of St. Mary
,, Jean Favereau, b., & Mary Fann, s., Lewis Cornelia.
,, Jeremiah Ellis, w., & Elisabeth Hills, s., of Borden in Kent.
,, Richard Roberts, w., & Cath. Hclsam, s., Richard Halsam.
,, John Perrot, b., & Mary Pope, w., Thomas Perrot.
28 John Howell, w., & Mary Webb, s., George Dorington.
,, William Dixy, b., & Susanna Freux, s., Jeremiah Kent.
,, William Jones, b., & Joyce Twyford, s., Barak Norman.
29 Thomas Bolton, b., & Mercy Eaton, s., of Waltham Abbey.
,, Francis Stanyer, b., & Isabella Upston, w., Richard Gilbert.

Lonadon Parish Registers.

1691, OCTOBER, continued.
29 Thomas Rashbrook, b., & Mary Parrot, w., of St. Lawrence
,, James Bashaw, b., & Barbara Lawder, s., Thomas Langley.
,, Richard Daffan, b., & Elisabeth Langton, w., Michael
,, William Punton, b., & Fortune Atkinson, s., Richard Orrell.
,, Elias West, w., & Dorothy Mabbit, s., Joseph May.
,, John Rowley, b., & Elisabeth Sarin, s., William Tufnell.
,, John Tibbalds, b., & Catharine Robinson, s., James Gladston.
,, William Chip, b., & Margaret Townsend, s., James Gladstone.
,, John Holland, w., & Charity Foster, w., of St. Dunstan's
,, Ambrose Searles, w., & Elis. Bannerman, w., Robt. Dawson.
,, Samuel Blackmore, b., & Elizabeth Smith, s., Richard Smith.
,, Francis Gregory, b., & Martha Smart, s., William Cowden.
,, Allen Townsend, b., & Elisabeth Mallaber, s., John Hooper.
30 James Comber, w., & Diana Wilson, w., of St. Saviour's
31 John Fairbank, b., & Anne Palmer, s., William Rainsford.
,, Walter Forlend, b., & Hester Powel, w., John Bishop.
,, James Bland, b., & Lucy Brewster, s., Samuel Coleman.

1 Peter Flood, w., & Elisabeth Seers, w., Thomas Walkly.
,, William Westbury, w., & Anne Clements, w., John Holding.
,, Edward Robson, b., & Mary King, s., David Kennedy.
,, Edward Jacob, w., & Martha Worthen, s., Thomas Fitchet.
,. John Foster, b., & Hannah Hall, s., Samuel Goodfellow.
,, Richard Knesburgh, b., & Elisabeth Ballinger, w., Richard
,, Jaques Larche, -, & Marie Haquen, -, Isaac Corbeau.
,, John Wright, b., & Grace Brundred, w., John Arnold.
,, Thomas Beard, b., & Barbara Jones, s., William Cruce.
,, Edward Hathoway, w., & Sarah Harris, w., Thomas Ford.
,, William Tavender, b., & Catharine Colson, s., John Coleson.
z Robert Williford, w., & Anne Wiltshire, w., of Allhallow's
,, Francis Thomas, b., & Catharine Price, s., William Turner.
,, Thomas Punter, w., & Elisabeth Sorell, w., Thomas Kates.

SI. James, Duke's Place. 47

16q9, NOVEMBER, con'Iltlued.
2 Matthew Raynard, w., & Elisabeth Mason, w., Henry Robe: ts.
,, Samuel Scrivener, b & Mary Barwick, w., Robert Wright.
3 Thomas Cross, b., & Mary Head, s., William Couly.
,, James Gifford, b., & Mary Putnam, s., Henry Thorp.
,, William Johnson, b., & Mary Jackson, w., Samuel Coleman.
,, Thomas Wright, b., & Helen Chetham, s., Richard Green.
,, William Moody, w., & Jane Simmonds, s., Richard Draper.
,, John Barnaby, b., & Margt. Brankston, s., Will. Simondson.
,, John Warner, w., & Thomasin Stilgo, w., Nathaniel Skelton.
,, William Tyler, b., & Susanna Tufnell, s., William Tufnell.
,, John Hiller, b., & Martha Herbert, w., of Stock Parish in
,, John Low, b., & Mary Cary, s., George Brandey.
,, William Thompson, b., & Hannah Wooley, s., John Lea.
,, Robert Smith, w., & Alice Barclay, w., Samuel Burbidge.
,, Jacob Gulick, b., & MarthaThwaites, s., Edmund Lawrence.
,, Daniell Ryall, b., & Elisabeth Gardiner, s., Jonathan Pooke.
4 William Thompson, b., & Anne Young, s., Robert Tindall.
,, John Tortington, b., & Elis. Pollitor, s., Nicolas Pollitor.
,, Henry Anderson, b., & Margt. Anderson, s., of St. Margaret
,, Robert Graham, b., & Susanna See, s., John Stell.
,, August Legoux de la Speis, -, & Charlette Petitot, -, Sir
Sheodore [sic] de Vaux, Knight.
,, William Carber, w., & Rose Bateman, w., Joseph Smith.
,, Joseph Washington, b., & Anne Britton, s., John Washington.
,, Isaac De Franc, -, & Marie Magdaleine Fouscot, -, Simon
5 Thomas Cooks, b., & Frances Giddings, s., Adam Bell.
,, Henry Rainsdon, w., & Martha Gardiner, s., John Smith.
,, Edward Scutt, w., & Grace Hawny, w., of Wapping,
,, Henry Cowin, b., & Anne King, s., of Clerkenwell Parish.
,, William Griffith, w., & Mary Peace, w., Robert Cooper.
,, Richard Spicer, b., & Sarah Wells, s., Richard Billing.
,, Richard Bray, b., & Mary Jones, s., of St. Margaret's,
,, Samuel Ring, b., & Elisabeth Barrows, s., Roger Lillington.
,, George Jackson, b., & Elisabeth Stretton, s., Wm. Stretton.

London Par/ish Registcrs.

1691, NOVEMBER, COl//il/ited.
5 Henry Turner, b., & Margaret Bidding, w., William Arnold.
,. Henrv Hollwell, b., & Anne Morrice, w., William Essington.
,, William Turner, w., & Anne Francis, s., of St. Giles in the
,, Edward Manning, b., & Lydia Jones, s., Edward Jones.
,, John Mackenzie, b., & Elisabeth Sanders, s., Robert Darby.
,, William Iartshorn, b., & Jane Douglas, s., Robert Bigg.
,, Thomas Dun, w., & Elisabeth Finch, s., Thomas Eylott.
,, Thomas Gouldring, w., & Joanna Pluck, s., George Burlidge.
,, Henry Fryer, w., & Mary Dolton, s., of St. Martin in the
,, Thomas Stagg, b., & Sarah Vile, s., Robert Tindall.
,, Joseph Beesey, w., & Helen Lee, w., John Taffe.
6 John Hastings, b., & Anne Hughs, s., Samuel Coleman.
7 Oswald Whactley, b., & Anne Limbreg, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, Gabriel Neret, b., & Susanna Alexander, s., William Uldncr.
8 Thomas Hill, b., & Elizabeth Combes, s., Francis Coleman.
,, Richard Brand, b., & Priscilla Bywater, s., John Radley.
,, William Orgin, b., & Elisabeth Picton, s., Nathaniel Paul.
,, Joseph Cutler, b., & Anne Floyd, w., Samuel Coleman.
,, Richard Watkins, b., & Elisabeth Hopkins, w., Samuel
,, Thomas Robinson, b., & Isabella Cox, s., of St. Giles in the
,, Richard Lane, b., & Sarah Lavis, s., William Ask.
,, James Barrow, b., & Anne Gerret, s., Jacob Barrow.
,, John Grub, b., & Anne Earlom, s., William Walker.
9 \illiam Clay, b., & Anne Prim, w., John Worthing.
,, Beniamin Alison, b., & Elisabeth Day, s., Thomas Kynaston.
,, William Greene, b., & Anne Lawrence, s., of Warvell in
,, John Baldwick, w., & Anne Trott, w., George White.
,, John Downes, w., & Elisabeth Raffe, w., Thomas Wallis.
,, Jas. Hodges, b., & Mary Homwood, w., of Chatham in Kent.
o1 Henry Westwood, b., & Mary Woodburn, s., of Algate Parish.
,, Thomas King, b., & Rachel Wray, s., of St. Paul's Shadwell.
,, John Taylor, w., & Elisabeth Wyat, s., Joseph Money.
,, John Kilburn, b., & Anne Sherman, s., of St. Giles in the

St. Jamcn s, Duke's Place.

1691, NOVESIAER, continued.
o0 Matthew Bennison, w., & Prudence Martyn, w., of Stepney
,, William Morgan, w., & Mary Gouldston, w., John Carter.
,, John Moss, w., & Alice Thompson, w., Thomas Reason.
,, Richard Jones, b., & Mary Mannings, s., George Mannings.
,, John Skipper, b., & Dorothy Hunt, s., of St. Bride's Parish.
,, William Turner, w., & Susanna Carpenter, w., Wm. Ramsey.
,, Thomas Goston, b., & Isabell Abernethy, w., George Prince.
,, Joseph Todd, b., & Mary Lawrence, s., Samuel Lawrence.
ii Samuel Rock, b., & Judith Green, w., of Cripplegate Parish.
,, Samuel Elsworth, w., & Sara Ingram, w., Philip Spencer.
,, Robert West, b., & Elisabeth Alien, w., Thomas Cornelius.
,, Richard Addis, w., & Elisabeth Machum, s., Westham Parish.
12 Robert Holland, b, & Sarah Prisly, s., Walter Cornwall.
,, James Elby, b., & Mary Taylor, s., Jacob Stansby.
,, William Bromfield, w., & Francess Tynes, s., Robt. Spencer.
,, John Evans, b., & Hannah King, s., Daniel Digby.
,, Francis Briscod, b., & Elisabeth Snipe, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, William Bird, w., & Lydia Kibert, w., Caleb Grantham.
,, Thomas Clark, alias Plunket, b., & Anne Wenham, s., John
,, George Winchester, w., & Jane Buchanan, s., David Spence.
,, Andrew Hall, w., & Anne Holmwood, w., John Woods.
,, Robert Hardings, b., & Margt. Donaldson, s., of Algate Parish.
,, Daniel Gates, b., & Elisabeth Burges, s., William Woodman.
,, Richard Ewington, b., & Elisabeth Bugbeard, s., Matthew
,, Nicolas Symonds, b., & Mary Pope, s., John Parrot.
,, John Goddard, w., & Rebecca Brigs, s., William Dixson.
,, John Neale, b., & Sarah Sclatter, w., Sir Richard Temple.
,, John Hartred, w., & Grace Mason, w., of St. Paul Covent
,, Robert Purdey, b., & Susanna Buthall, s., Jeremiah Tibbo.
1 3 John Taylor, b., & Anne Budy, s., John Todd.
,, John Slater, w., & Anne Wilson, s., Samuel Coleman.
i+ Henry Thorp, b., & Alice Laud, s., William Paddison.
15 Christopher Williams, b., & Elisabeth Aylworth, s., William
,, Thomas Burton, b., & Margaret Russell, s., William Wade.

LondonI Parish Rleis/crs.

1691, NOVEMBER, COntlintled.
15 Richard Davis, w., & Dorothy Smith, w., Adam Harris.
,, Robert Batson, b., & Isabella Hobden, s., Ebenezer Sutton.
,, Westwood Carpenter, b., & Elisabeth Smith, s., Cuthbert
,, James Flemming, -, & Elisabeth Blenchard, s., John Taylor.
,,John Hancock, w., & Elisabeth Richardson, s., Henry
Win. Paris, b., & Joanna Ratchford, s., Stephen Ironmonger.
,, John Atkinson, b., & Jane Lake, s., John Scamp.
,, Richard Bates, w., & Anne Turner, s., Beniamin Hadden.
,, Richard Wills, w., & Elisabeth Foster, w., John Asburn.
,, William Barnes, b., & Sarah Priest, s., William Priest.
,, George Daniel, b., & Catharine Beadle, s., John Manowry.
,, Edward Owens, b., & Sarah Banister, s., Richard Giles.
,, Ward Langham, b., & Elisabeth Nisbet, s., of St. Margaret,
16 Peter Orum, b., & Helen Kirby, s., John Fisher.
,, John Read, w., & Helen Chapman, s., Luke Thompson.
,, John Millar, b., & Anna Pearse, w., William Hunt.
17 Marmaduke Gibson, b., & Martha French, w., Henry Sturgis.
,, Gustavus Creed, b., & Elisabeth Creswell, w., Isaac Margarets.
,, Thomas Deacon, b., & Anne Paradise, s., George Paradise.
,, Thomas Bladon, b., & Sarah Catchpole, s., of Christchurch
in London.
,, Thomas Timings, w., & Elisabeth Hodgson, s., Nathaniel
,, James Goulding, b., & Elisabeth Harris, s., John Wafe.
,, Sam. Herbert, b., & IMargaret Gallop, s., Ferdinand Holland.
,, John Leigh, b., & Lydia Canada, s., William Leigh.
,, Joseph Oswin, w., & Sarah Cock, s., Thomas Norman.
18 John Gibbons, w., & Anne Smith, w., Isaac Margetts.
,, John Cowtley, b., & Mary Pateman, s., Thomas Pateman.
,, Thomas Stevenson, b., & Elisabeth f larley, w., Edward Smith.
19 John Gardiner, b., & Elisabeth Nailor, s., Robert Allen.
,, John Treslo, b., & Grace Bowne, s., William Stoddard.
,, William Drummond, b., & Mary Smith, s., Daniel David.
,, William Thorne, b., & Sarah Heiley, s., Samuel Andrews.
,, Jeremiah Ward, b., & Mary Smith, s., William Jackson.
,, John Tanoche, w., & Jane Sunderland, s., Richard Browne.

St. Jaizes, Dukc's Placc. 5

S6(), NoVI' u at, cltinul1.
19 Thomas Gollopp, w., & Anne Basset, s., Israel Killingham.
,, William Fletcher, b., & Margaret Blunt, s., William Johnson.
,, Thomas Ogle, b., & Margaret Hills, s., Thomas Hills.
,, Robert Collison, b., & Mary Needham, s., of St. Giles
,, Christopher Simpson, w., & Elisabeth Cox, s., John Brock.
,, George Greves, b., & Elisabeth Preslan, w., William Rickaby.
,, Elias Harding, w., & Christina West, w., John Davy.
,, Robert Westington, b., & Mary Hawes, s., Michael IIawes.
,, John Mannowry, b., & Mary Mullins, w., of Whitechappull
,, John List, b., & Sarah Weymouth, s., George Clavell.
,, James Magnus, b., & Susanna Powlet, s., John Paten.
,, Gregory Rofy, b, & Sarah Lant, s., Charles Cook.
,, William Fisher, b., & Mary Pearse, w., Abraham Stacy.
,, Richard Veazy, w., & Mary Howard, s., Robert Jordan.
,, Richard Lenkins, b., & Elisabeth Burnet, s., Isaac Margrets.
,, John Clark, w., & Mary Cox, -, William Thompson.
,, George Coles, b., & Elisabeth Humphreys, s., Thos. IManning.
20 Richard Smart, b., & Hannah Taylor, w., Robert Smart.
,, Cornelius Gashland, b., & Elis. IIassell, w., of Algate Parish.
,, Robert Collins, w., & Mary Downes, w., Wm. Brockallbank.
,, William Godbold, b., & Martha Brown, s., John Bromley.
z Josiah Davis, b., & Elisabeth Axton, s., Richard Harris.
,, Charles Warner, b., & Elisabeth Bonnick, w., of Waltham
Abby Parish.
,, John Dowler, w., & Elis. Knight, w., of St. Anne, Westminster.
z2 Adrian Estwick, b., & Elisabeth Frewen, s., John Hall.
,, Edward Conway, b., & Sybilla Harris, s., William Resbury.
,, William Fryberry, w., & Anne Hall, w., Philip Holland.
,, Henry Moscly, b., & Mary Bennet, s., John Cornbrough.
,, William Procter, w., & Margaret Du Foy, w., William Rapson.
,, John Smith, b., & Mary Naseby, w., Richard Smith.
23 James White, w., & Anne Knight, w., John Cecil.
,, Richard Hutchins, b.,& Mary Bingham, s., of NewintonButts.
24 John Stone, b., & Anne Perry, w., Thomas Stone.
,, William Archer, b., & Anne Hastings, s., John Graystock.
,, Dennys Bowler, b., & Susanna Read, s., Francis Stanford.
,, George Sayse, b., & Hannah Sommerset, s., Robt. Summerset.

1'on/o6t PaJ'zs/i Relis/lcis.

1691, NOVEMBER, continued.
24 Thomas Grimes, b., & Elizabeth Collard, s., John Chandler.
,, Thomas Fletcher, b., & Sarah Fenn, s., Abraham Wood.
,, John Burrcll, b., & Elisabeth Lindsly, s., James Scllway.
,, Godfrey Frank, b., & Mary Harrison, s., Charles Mawson.
,, Samuel Goulding, b., & Elisabeth Oseborne, w., Richard Dry.
,, Isaac Wallet, b & Agnes Reeve, w., Thomas Scot.
,, John Swan, b., & Anne Bunn, s., Samuell Livemore.
,, John Peck, b., & Sarah Wharton, s., Robert Wright.
25 William Butcher, b., & Susanna Beaumont, s., of Poplar.
,, Daniel Wheeler, b., & Francess Cook, w., Thomas Chave.
26 Thomas Abernethy, b., & Mary Skett, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, John Kershaw, b., & Margaret Pugh, s., Thomas Ratcliffe.
,, William Seabrook, b., & Catharine Eycott, -, William Eycott.
,, William Bond, b., & Jane Ironmonger, s., Robert Turner.
,, Richard Basdil, b., & Hester Adams, s., Robert Weston.
,, John Webster, b., & Christine Dodson, w., Henry Talbot.
,, William Burchet, w., & Eliz. Parker, s., Samuel Steuenson.
,, William Huntris, b., & Anne Clark, s., Edward Clark.
,, Thomas Gallop, w., & Eliz. Borne, s., Thomas Finch.
,, Philip Speed als. Smith, b., & Susan Newton, w., of St. Paul
,, George Martyn, b., & Eliz. Shaw, s., Thomas Shaw.
,, Stephen Blandford, b., & Jone Borne, w., John Perry.
,, Abraham Corner, b., & Jane Williams, w., Thomas Lewes.
,, William Plummer, b., & Francess Bull, w., Roger Wardman.
,, John Tinny, w., & Margaret Lawson, w., Edward Daniel.
,, Robert Wymond, b., & Mary Freeman, s., William Bedo.
,, Richard Grant, w., & Alice Lawrence, s., John Lawrence.
,, George Hodgson, b & Elisabeth Hunt, s., Alexander Rigby.
,, Thomas Marsh, b., & Mary Whiteborne, s., Thomas Avery.
27 Francois Blaiville, -, & Jane Du Four, -, James MIisson.
28 Walter Grimes, b., & MIary Nash, w., of Iilton in Kent.
,, John Kinked, b., & Margaret Todd, s., of the Tower Liberty.
,, George Savage, b., & Hester Satchwell, s., St. Saviou's
,, John Wrighlt, b., & Anne Amores, w., William Pennington.
29 Thomas Pearse, b., & Elisabeth Wcbb, s., William Cave.
,, William Tilly, w., & Isabella Couchman, w., John Couchman.

S5. James, Duke's Place. 53

1691, NOVEIMBER, COll/llfned.
29 Richard Reyner, b., & Margaret Redman, w., William Amos.
,, Thomas Browne, b., & Barbara Spurdance, s., Richard Seal.
,, Henry Toer, b., & Elisabeth Dockwray, w., Edward Davis.
,, Richard Wyatt, b., & Mary Tunner, s., Robert Stevens.
,, Thomas Borne, b., & Mary Love, s., Andrew Latham.
30 Eusebius Pattcntine, w., & Hannah Francis, s., Hy. Starkins.
,, Thomas Rider, w., & Susanna Parry, w., John Thornton.
,, Robert Hamilton, b., & Hannah Barstable, s., John Barrow.
,, Richard Green, w., & Elisabeth Stevens, w., Zerubbabel Bly.
,, Henry Dyer, b., & Mary May, s., John Dyer.
,, Charles Rawson, b., & Mary Holt, s., John Barton.
,, Richard Green, b., & Margaret Fox, s., John Sturring.

I Edward Kempe, b., & Mary Stevens, w., Henry Cook.
,, William Wiggit, b., & Elinor Scaltock, s., Joseph Hunt.
,, James Cunigham, b., & Elisabeth Philipps, s., Dan. Walter.
,, Francis Mason, b., & Alice Mason, w., of St. Paul Sladwell.
,, Adam White, b., & Charity Squash, w., William Cummins.
,, Daniel Meddow, b., & Francess Webster, s., James Smith.
2 Gilbert Sheldon, b., & Mary Pope, s., of St. Martin's in the
,, William Duffield, b., & Francess Lisburn, s., Joseph Collet.
,, Richard Charleton, b., & Susanna Pollard, s., Joseph Jones.
,, John Gower, b., & Dorothy Letchfield, s., Sir William Swan,
3 Henry Fisher, b., & Catharine Wyatt, s., Samuel Scotney.
,, John Kilbury, w., & Mary Cook, w., of St. Martin's in the
,, John Johnson, w., & Jane Stuthard, s., Joseph Thomas.
,, Edmund Millard, b., & Anne de Vic, s., Edward Hawkins.
,, Edmund Ibbott, b., & Elisabeth Ieycock, s., Roger Reddys.
,, James Sturton, w., & Francess Church, w., St. Paul Sladwell.
4 Newman Dimonuck, b., & Margt. Dugmore, w., Isaac Margrets.
5 Samuel Mayo, b., & Hannah Todd, s., of Chelsey Parish.
6 Thomas Smallpiece, w., & Mary Eglandby, s., George Ayres.
,, Simon Van Gilder, b., & Anne Thorpe, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Joseph Antrobus, b., & Barbara Foster, s., Sam. Coleman.
,, Thomas Crosly, b., & Catharine Mannuell, s., Thomas Crosly.

London Parish Registers.

i69g, DECEaMBER, conliullr'd.
6 John Gambel, w., & Elisabeth Browne, s., Thomas Foord.
,, Christopher Sparks, b., & Elisabeth Mason, s., Edwd. Audley.
,, Rowland Griffin, w., & Margaret Johnson, w., of St. Dunstan
,, William Smith, b., & Elisabeth Ashton, s., of St. James
,, John Lermen, b., & Mary Baldwin, s., of St. Bride's Fleet Street.
,, Thomas Mills, b., & Martha Holmes, s., Richard Rothwell.
7 James Townsend, w., & Sarah Brook, w., of St. George
,, William Boomer, b., & Hannah Tindall, w., Thomas Gray.
,, William Pallin, w., & Alice Wilks, s., William Jenkinson.
,, John Sherwood, b., & Elisabeth Mohun, s., Joshua Page.
,, James Weden, b., & Mary Peck, s., Thomas Peck.
,, Arthur Davison, w., & Ursula Lowen, w., of St. Bottolph
8 Alex. Wilson, b., & Ellinor Henderson, w., Richard Lockar.
,, Thomas Shephard, w., & Francess Beacham, w., Jacob Martyn.
,, Richard Backwell, b., & Mary Banks, s., Allen Banks.
,, Christopher Liell, b., & Priscilla Wilkinson, s., Sam. Jones.
,, John Hartley, w., & Phebe Sheffield, s., Henry Thompson.
,, William Austin, w., & Mary Wheatley, w., Richard Withers.
q John Baker, b., & Mary Parsons, s., Thomas Cook.
to Andrew Wyatt, b., & Susanna Rayner, s., Edward Cleverly.
,, Peter Lamb, w., & Elisabeth Neal, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, John Scudamore, w., & Elisabeth Iluddleston, w., Abraham
,, Richard Thatcher, b., & Mary Gurry, s., Thomas Bennet.
,, Robert Jollet, b., & Margaret Percivall, s., George Connant.
,, Thomas Barnett, b., & Anne Adgoe, s., Joseph Cooper.
,, John Tisbury, b., & Elisabeth Friend, s., Thomas Tisbury.
,, John Lucy, w., & Elisabeth Veal, s., Joseph Sheen.
,, Wm. Emmery, b., & Ellinor Richardson, s., Joseph Winship.
Sz John Stevenson, w., & Elisabeth Dreval [?], w., of St. Giles
,, Robert Flayl, b., & Mary Wise, s., Charles Wonday.
,, John Thomas, w., & Mary Fisher, s., William Fisher.
,, Hugh Wynne, b., & Anne Morgan, w., in Abbinton,

Si. Jamzcs, Duke's Place.

1691, DECEMBER, continued.
Sz John Anderson, b., & Mary Milburn, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Pierre Bourquen, -, & Marie Provost, -, Pierre Bauren.
,, Thomas Cartwright, b., & Patience Yowell, s., Marmaduke
13 Thomas Gutteridge, w., & Anne Whiteman, s., of St.
Catharine Coleman Parish.
,, Abraham Grizon, b., & Anne Cosins, s., John Le Feve.
,, John Knight, b., & Anne Humphrey, s., John Bodle.
,, Nathaniel Peeres, b., & Mary Hurst, s., William Chase.
,, John Curen, b., & Elisabeth Belt, s., Alexander Mills.
,, William Russell, w., & Isabell Thomson, w., Robert Witts.
14 Christopher Wincaf, b., & Jane Gillett, s., John Gillet.
,, John Rugg, b., & Elisabeth Wright, s., Robert Wright.
15 Edward Etheridge, b., & Hester Watkins, s., Joseph Griffin.
,, Samuel Taylor, w., & Margaret Coper, s., Samuel Spicer.
,, Elias Waff, b., & Mary Theede, s., Robert Theede.
,, Thomas Tucker, b., & Anne Scott, s., Henry Randall.
,, Hieroni Jaques, b., & Hannah Leigh, s., Samuel Burroughs.
,, John Ashton, b., & Elisabeth Turner, s., William Greaves.
,, John Henderson, b., & Jane Livingstone, s., John Levingston.
,, John Husley, b., & Elisabeth Pickering, s., Samuel Husley.
,, George Tennant, b., & Mary Palmer, s., Arthur Bayly.
,, John Robb, w., & Anne Tomkinson, s., Alexander Long.
,, Thomas Arnold, b., & Barbara Wicks, s., John Gordan.
,, James Johnston, w., & Margaret Hall, s., of St. Mary Savoy.
,, Edward Yallop, b., & Ruth Crane, s., John Hands.
,, William Hything, b., & Anne Fortune, s., of St. Martin's in
the Fields.
,, Henry Warren, b., & Mary Ruther [?], s., James Ruther [?].
,, Peter Harold, b., & Mary Howard, w., John Loyd.
,, Thomas Muckloe, b., & Jane Finch, s., James Gold.
16 Robert Noble, b., & Sarah Lenton, s., Isaac Magretts.
,, Hugh Mowitt, b., & Christine Betty, w., Alexander Cart.
17 Arthur Smith, b., & Elisabeth Akers, s., Robert Haggar.
,, Henry Rowell, w., & Mary Thompson, s., Thomas Gattley.
,, Richard Grice, b., & Sarah Sinnegar, s., John Sinnegar.
,, Robert Linton, b., & Anne Bush, s., Beniamin Bush.
,, Samuel Nicks, b., & Mary Buskill, s., John Rouncivall.
,, John Pine, b., & Elisabeth Hardman, s., William Hardman.

56 London Parish Registers.

1691, DECEMBER, continued.
17 Benjamin Stevens, b., & Ruth Smith, s., Thomas Sedgwick.
,, William Highhoe, b., & Elisabeth Rance, s., Wm. Frances.
,, Thomas Charnley, b., & Sarah Robinson, s., Daniel Prince.
,, George Piercy, b., & Hester Davis, s., John Piercy.
,, Peter Langton, b., & Alice Bradshaw, w., Robert Hart.
,, Charles Millington, b., & Sarah Dacres, s., Edward Creswell.
,, John Bradford, b., & Elisabeth Hannell, s., William Dixon.
18 John Murray, w., & Helen Reynolds, s., William Heath.
,, Robert Johnson, b., & Jone Hollet, w., of Rotherhith Parish.
,, Thomas Whittingham, b., & Elisabeth Morgan, s., Thomas
,, Peter Rochford, b., & Anne Try, s., Daniel Prince.
19 William Bishop, b., & Sarah Tomkins, w., Samuel Newman.
zo James Grant, b., & Jane Dickenson, s., of St. Leonard
,, William Day, b., & Susanna Ward, s., Richard Ward.
,, Henry Emonson, w., & Sarah Owen, w., of St. Mary
,, Richard Browne, w., & Margt. Hunter, w., Luke Thompson.
,, Jacob Mitchell, b., & Mary Coffin, w., James Blenchard.
,, John Martyn, w., & Catharine Williams, s., Thos. Falconer.
,, Randolph Lea, b., & Mary Walters, s., William Buckler.
21 John Goulding, w., & Elisabeth Ford, w., John Stretcham.
,, Theophilus Field, w., & Elisabeth Hall, s., James Piercy.
,, John Morrice, b., & Anne Evans, s., Lewes Roberts.
,, Vincent De Leymery, -, & Rebecca Morley, -, Jos. Valada.
22 George Readman, b., & Barbara Mallabar, s., of St. Paul
,, John Wheatcroft, b., & Anne Pedlar, w., of St. Mary Savoy.
,, James Lawson, w., & Jane Hunter, w., Gilbert Rawkin.
,, Alexander Henry, b., & Isabella Smart, s., John Atkinson.
,, William Hooper, b., & Sarah Cropper, s., Theophilus Revel.
,, John Brookes, b.,& Hannah Blackly, s., of Ratcliffe, Stepney.
,, William Pretty, b., & Margaret Cox, s., William Burden.
,, Anthony Knott, b., & Elisabeth Jackson, w., Peter Copeland.
,, Jean Lowys Du Pont, -, & Judith Cabanell, -, Jean
,, Thomas Willburn, w., & Rebecca Iles, w., of St. Andrew's

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691, DECEMBER, continued.
22 Thomas Gordon, w., & Margaret Lloyd, w., David Gibbs.
23 John Evans, b., & Mary Ford, s., Henry Chamberlayn.
,, Thomas Dodd, b., & Jane Mills, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Arthur Bernardiston, w., & Mary Ellis, w., Robt. Vigereans.
24 Thomas Stone, b., & Elisabeth Collier, s., of Aldermanbury
,, Alexander Jenkins, w., & Jane Ives, s., Samuel Potter.
,, Daniel Hewson, b., & Margaret Hutchins, s., Chris. Nicolls.
,, John Giles, w., & Elis. Hauckes, s., of St. Anne Blackfryers.
,, Joseph Green, b., & Dorothy Taylor, s., Samuel Piercy.
,, Matthew Rider, w., & Mary Palmer, s., Michah Perry.
,, John Rockwell, w., & Anne Lemon, w., of St. Bride's Parish.
,, William Dacres, b., & Ellinor Rutherford, s., Thos. Fletcher.
,, John Merryfield, w., & Catharine Booth, s., Wm. Merryfield.
,, Nathaniel Mason, w., & Bridget Barbor, s., Edwd. Haberfield.
,, John Garret, b., & Jane Porter, s., Roger Pay.
,, John Wright, b., & Elisabeth Egleston, s., Robert Wright.
25 Thomas Large, b., & Priscilla Edmunds, w., James Rich.
,, Thomas Cheyney, b., & Thomasin Wheeler, s., Wm. Salkeld.
,, Joshua Cary, b., & Mary Kent, s., of Trinity Minories.
,, Robert Gamell, b., & Elisabeth More, s., Isaac More.
,, John Harding, b., & Mary Hooper, s., Jeremiah Davis.
26 John Florey, b., & Elisabeth Savage, w., Thomas Deyley.
,, Thomas Hardy, b., & Sarah Rugbard, s., Lawrence Purchase.
,, John Woolvaridge, b., & Anne Lamshin, s., Levi Lamshin.
,, James Swalles, b., & Mary Favell, s., Robert Tyers.
,, Thomas Bunce, b., & Mary Parr, w., Beniamin Hicks.
27 Peter Pinnon, b., & Hannah Kingston, s., Richard Kingston.
,, Richard Davis, b., & Ruth Snary, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Robert Daft, b., & Thomasin Jones, w., Edward Stent.
,, Jonas Nicolas, b., & Mary Allen, s., Luke Thompson.
,, John Palmer, b., & Elisabeth Walsh, w., Thomas Speer.
,, William Room, b., & Anne Thompson, s., James Johnson.
,, Joseph Neville, b., & Sarah Corly, s., John Capell.
28 Richard Limpenny, b., & Mary Richards, s., John Weston.
,, Thos. Harding, b., & Bridgett Stevens, s., Humphrey Rotten.
,, Richard Arnold, b., & Rachel White, s., of St. Saviour's
,, James Armitage, b., & Alice Roberts, s, John Foster.

Lone'on Paris/z Registers.

169i, DEC.iEMnER, roni0tlnld.
29 Theophilus Budd, b., & Catharine Wright, s., John Yate.
,, John Taylor, b., & Anne Randell, s., William Randell.
,, Thomas Wilson, b., & Mary Townsend, s., of All Hallow's
,, John Richards, b., & Mary Jones, s., John Grove.
,, Daniel Everard, b., & Mary Street, s., Richard Wright.
,, Wm. Benton, b., & Sarah Warner, w., of St. Clement's Danes.
,, Geo. Bletchford, w., & Elisabeth Collwell, w., Daniel Davis.
,, Anthony Parker, b., & Judith Neale, w., Edward Parker.
,, Gilbert Parker, b., & Margaret Slater, s., Richard Allen.
,, John Venus, b., & Freelove Boad, s., Nicolas Scafe.
,, Arthur Gantlet, b., & Sarah Burdet, w., of Deptford in Kent.
,, Thomas Groom, b., & Gwyn William, s., Richard Lloyd.
,, John Winn, b., & Sarah Ellis, s., William Bayly.
,, William Palmer, w., & Ann Cock, s., Joseph Doull.
,, Walter Friswell, b., & Martha Kendall, s., Robert Keens.
,, Joshua Sendall, w., & Jane Atkinson, s., John Dulane.
,, Charles Mitchiner, b., & Anne Randall, s., Walter Bate.
,, Nathaniel Hillyard, b., & Mary Wood, s., Richard Wood.
,, Charles Roberts, w., & Isabell Locky, s., Richard Kenton.
30 Jonathan Allen, b., & Mary Bromsell, s., of St. Bride's Parish.
,, John Browell, b., & Hester Ashton, w., of Milton in Kent.
,, John Godfrey, b., & Martha Beard, s., Thomas Batchelour.
31 Nicolas Bayly, b., & Elisabeth Woodford, s., Thos. Fenwick.
,, John Copson, b., & Mary Moss, s., John Moss.
,, Henry Finch, b., & Elisabeth Fossett, w., John Aliston.
,, Michael Roberts, b., & Elisabeth Copperwhite, s., Jas. Rand.
,, Henry Baker, b., & Elisabeth Dixon, s., Henry Dixon.
,, Beniamin Allchurch, b., & Martha Bernard, s., Wm. Bernard.
,, James Woolington, b., & Jane Browne, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, Finch Reddall, b., & Martha Shouell, s., John Shouell.
,, William Austin, b., & Anne Bedford, w., of St. Clement's Danis.
,, Christopher Bembridge, b., & Mary Dent, s., Joseph Danis.
,, William Burman, w., & Anne Ashby, w., of St. Mary
,, John Tomlin, b., & Elisabeth Lester, s., Richard Lester.
,, Peter Gregory, b., & Elisabeth Baldwin, s., of St. Andrew's

SI. James, Duke's Place.

1691, DECEMBER, conf0l/lled.
3 John Woodcock, b., & Margaret James, s., of St. Margaret's,
,, William Allen, w., & Elisabeth Bucbidge, s., Giles Clark.
,, Daniel Foot, b., & Anne Stringer, s., William Hauky.
,, Thomas Knight, b., & Sarah Reed, s., John Hurst.

JANUARY, 1691-2.
I John Bill, b., & Catharine Crook, s., John Crook.
,, George Hall, b., & Elisabeth Smith, s., John Sturmy.
,, Samuel Pillbame, b., & Amy Pinion, s., of St. Saviour's
,, John Dacres, w., & Margaret Sandwith, w., of St. Saviour's
,, John Lewes, b., & Anne Rutter, s., Charles Lewes.
,, William Haytock, b., & Dorcas Wilkins, s., Eustace Burges.
,, Claud Scott, b., & Elisabeth Pendring, w., Rd. Chaundeler.
,, Thomas Edwards, b., & Anne Hopper, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Robert Atkinson, b., & Anne Little, s., Oliver Clarke.
,, Hugh Adderly, b., & Mary Aston, s., Lawrence Marson.
z Thomas Woodward. b., & Anne Harris, s., James Guy.
,, Richard Graham, b., & Mary Christopher, s., of St. James,
,, Thomas Pollexfin, b., & Elisabeth Simcock, s., Jos. Iorton.
3 John Richmond, w., & Anne Lathwait, w., Samuel Coleman.
,, Parker Compton, b., & Mary Adams, s., Martin Goodall.
,, John Reynolds, w., & Sarah Hunt, s., of Shoreditch Parish.
,, James Sparling, b., & IMary Raymill, s., James Mayor.
,, William Hancock, b., & Anne Templeman, s., of St. Olave's
,, Edwd. Milward, b., & Susanna Desmarit, s., Anthony Merrice.
,, William Warwick, b., & Mary Dawson, s., Michael Warwick.
,, Hector Mlaclane, w., & Jennet Coley, w., Robert Bennet.
,, James Simms, b., & Isabell Garret, s., John Peak.
,, Rd. Orlibear, w., & Sarah Viccars, s., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, James Sandwich, b., & Elisabeth Butler, s., Thomas Barker.
,, Matthew Edwards, b., & Hannah Jackson, s., of St. Paul
Covent Garden.
,, George Barred, b., & Katharin ...arshatt, s., Win. Spurling.
,, Matthew Alleson, w., & Mary Godderd, s., Win. BItford.

London Parish Registers.

1691-2, JANUARY, continued.
4 Robert Rumbold, w., & Anne Gascoign, w., of St. Giles in
the Fields.
,, George Sedgewick, b., & Elisabeth Tayer, s., of Low Leyton,
in Essex.
,, Frederick Fleetwood, b., & Dorothy Valler, s., George Den.
5 Gilbert Adderley, b., & Elisabeth Foxen, w., John More.
,, John Nelson, b., & Margaret Longworth, s., Robert Harvey.
,, Richard Cross, b., & Sarah Whitaker, s., Samuel Nedham.
,, Thomas Blaklay, b., & Anne Rippon, s., John Hill.
,, David Clement, b., & Sarah Barly, s., Henry Richards.
,, John Staines, b., & Elisabeth Latimer, w., of St. Andrew's
,, John Undershill, b., & Anne Lance, s., Edward Dangerfield.
,, Richard Smaley, b., & Sarah Truman, w., of St. Sepulchre's
,, John Gass, b., & Katharine Brockhouse, w., Peter Brockwell.
,, William Lord, b., & Hannah Purser, s., John Preston.
,, John Andres, b., & Hannah Scower, s., Harman Janson.
,, John Jones, w., & Jane Pinex, s., Edward Lodge.
6 Thomas Wormill, b., & Winifred Tompkins, s., John Brown.
,, Thomas Cooper, b., & Anne Rudston, s., Robert Croften.
,, Ephraim Brookinburrough, b., & Elisabeth Payne, s., Edwd.
,, Jeremiah Murden, b., &Elisabeth Buckshorn, w., John Murden.
,, John Buckler, b., & Elisabeth Woodward, s., Thos. Booth.
,, Thomas Bennet, w., & Jane Tipper, s., Joseph Collier.
,, Pierre Vivier, b., & Marie Ester Courtre, -, Abram Vivier.
,, John Stevens, w., & Mary Potter, s., Obadiah Grevill.
,, Robert Perryman, b., & Mary Blake, s., Daniel Blake.
,, Andrew Heines, w., & Margaret Woolhouse, w., Richard
7 John Smith, b., & Sarah Manly, s., of the Tower Liberty.
,, Samuel Essen, b., & Elisabeth Sendall, s., Lawrence Harper.
,, Thomas Teage, b., & Elisabeth Walter, s., Stephen Millar.
,, Joseph Wills, w., & Jane Harrison, s., of St. Andrew's
,, William Aldridge, b., & Elisabeth Rinder, s., John Rinder.
,, Thomas Green, b., & Susannah Pearse, s., James Ireland.
,, Daniel Peterson, b., & Alice Small, w., William Ward.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691-2, JANUARY, continued.
7 Thomas Wood, b., & Martha Claypole, s., of St. Giles
,, John Morgan, w., & Mary Martyn, w., Robert Webber.
,, Abraham Fish, w., & Elisabeth Symmonds, w., John Dickins.
,, Isaac Hargood, b., & Fran. Salterley, s., Kenneth Anderson.
,, John Coleman, b., & Elisabeth Pendred, s, Fredk. Fedden.
,, Richard Gray, b., & Penelope Fox, s., John Ball.
,, Thomas Buckle, b., & Grace Adams, w., Richard Buckle.
8 Charles Gregory, b., & Mary Maroe, s., Thomas Lee.
9 John Cummins, w., & Judith Perrit, w., Stephen Blanford.
io Thomas Worsley, w., & Mary Kirkhouse, w., Robert Shaw.
,, Isaac Smith, b., & Susannah Godsman, s., of St. Mary Hill
,, John Barns, b, & Alice Adams, s., John Chownan.
,, Arthur Bennet, b., & Elisabeth Tooth, s., John Jaques.
,, Roger Fell, b., & Alice Hartly, w., Anthony Wiltshire.
,, Richard Cooper, b., & Sarah Turner, s., West Ildesly, in
,, William Rippin, w., & Mary Wiltshire, w., of St. Andrew's
,, Thomas Brandwood, b., & Mary Muns, s., John Shepherd.
,, John Richards, w., & Mary Stanwell, s.
,, Thomas Smith, b., & Frances Stern, s., John Smith.
,, William Russell, b., & Katharine Farrell, s., John Baldwin.
11 Andr6 Baconneau, b., & Anne Pyle, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Benjamin Gresham, b., & Jane Wilcox, s., of St. Paul Covent
12 Charles Whyte, w., & Priscilla Mosely, w., William Bingly.
,, William Pratt, b., & Sarah Symonds, s., William Sherwood.
,, John Sculthorp, b., & Elis. Buckly, s., of Lambeth Parish.
,, Archibald Cavan, b., & Mary Hamilton, s., of St. Martin's in
the Fields.
,, John Clayton, b., & Mary Garrinton, s., John Boulter.
,, Thomas Gregory, w., & Mary Franklin, w., of St. Giles in
the Fields.
,, Matthew Shelswell, b., & Rebecca Maston, s., John Shellwell.
13 Thomas Skinner, b., & Jane Watson, s., John Atkinson.
,, John Bullfinch, b., & Mary Theakston, -, of St. Clement's

62 LondZon Parish Registers.

1601-2, JANUARV, COn/tiHnucd.
i; Edward Branch, b., & Jane Morrice, s., Jeremiah Bran h.
,, George Hughes, b., & Anne Ashin, w., of Brentford.
,, John Jordan, w., & Joanna Rawlins, s., Philip Staunton.
,, John More, b., & Elisabeth Cantrill, s., Edward Dangerfield.
14 Je!fery Clark, w., & Christine Day, w., of St. Mary Savoy.
,, Thomas Clement, b., & Mary Symonds, s., Lewes Stevens.
,, John Evans, b., & Lucy Powell, s., of Hornsey in Middlesex.
,, John Bushton, b., & Sarah Mason, s., John Robinson.
,, James Cross, w., & Mary Fynes, s., Raphael Whistler.
,, Roger Davis, b., & Elisabeth Webb, s., Joseph Webb.
,, Roger Wraight, b., & Mary Gates, s., William Gates.
,, John Symonds, b., & Anne IIughes, s., Edward Berkly.
,, George Robinson, b., & Vallis Cutter, w., Charles Cotterell.
,, John Mason, w., & Margaret Taylor, s., of St. Sepulchre's
,, Wm. Nicolls, w., & Frances Iodgskins, s., Richard Palmer.
,, Thos. Collins, w., & Abigail Johnson, s., of Ongar in Essex.
,, Robert Young, w., & Elisabeth Coleman, s., of Hornchurch
in Essex.
,, John Sinclare, b., & Anne Kidd, s., Alexander Seaton.
,, Giles Ridout, b., & Mary de Yongh, s., Ralph Peck.
16 Howell Pugh, b., & Gwcn Owen, s., Bennet Jones.
,, John Costerdine, b., & Ellinor Warfe, w., Nicolas Bates.
17 James Gillard, b., & Ellinor Radford, s., John Harris.
,, Thomas Lucas, b., & Elisabeth Playner, s., John Holland.
,, John Vahan, b., & Hannah Radison, w., William Davis.
,, James Rowlington, b., & Margaret Parkes, s., John Exon.
,, David Bartlett, b., & Elis. Liddell, w., of Chatham in Kent.
,, Samuel Harrison, b., & Mary Dunkley, s., William James.
19 John IIaggit, b., & Catherine Thorn, s., of St. Dunstan
,, John Blackley, b., & Isabell Cheyney, s., John Atkinson.
,, Michael Gamon, b., & Rachael Raworth, s., Rd. Chapman.
,, John Goodman, w., & Jane Lucas, s., of St. Sepulchre's Parish.
,, John Royston, w., & Mary Collin, s., of the Tower Liberty.
,, Henry Palmer, b., & Sarah Harrow, s., Charles Rich.
,, Thomas Grisly, b., & Elisabeth Helsom, w., Samuel Grisly.
,, William Butter, w., & Rebecca Covant, w., John Breech.
20 Robert Cleetor, b., & Elisabeth Baker, s., George Cleetor.

St. James, Duke's P/ace. 63

169)-2, JANUARY, continued.
20 Francis Cole, b., & Anne Taylor, s., Richard Meetch.
,, Job Hopkins, b., & Edith Dixon, w., James Dod.
,, Wm. Brisbin, b., & Margaret Campbell, s., Geo. Winchester.
,, John Smith, b & Hannah Starr, w., of Limehouse in Stepnry.
,, John Harper, b., & Mary Cartwright, w., Richard Chapman.
,, Allen Boutwell, b., & Rebecca Gordon, s., Arthur Spalding.
,, Isaac Bedwell, b., & Clements Jacups, w., of St. Saviour's
,, Richard Williams, b., & Priscilla Hurst, s., William Browne.
,, Francis Paton, b., & Elisabeth Hill, s., Jacob Brodires.
21 George Iarrison, w., & Anna Holland, w., James Lee.
,, Samuel Cole, b., & Eliz. Davis, w., Edward Bowles [in the
margin nihil].
,, John Francis, w., & Eliz. Cotes, w., of St. Andrew's Holbori.
,, William Stevens, b., & Elizabeth Toms, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Michael Hastings, b., & Elisabeth Gosling, s., John Sesby.
,, Abraham Nailor, b., & Elis. Johnson, s., Francis Everard.
,, John Southwell, b., & Hannah Stevens, s., Ralph Southwell.
,, James Newlove, b., & Alice Hensman, s., William Walker.
22 Samuel Hurley, b., & Francis Higgs, s., John Cook.
,, Richard Jones, b., & Elisabeth Warham, s., Charles Jones.
23 John Francis, b., & Elis Benbow, s., of Bishopsgate Without.
24 Thomas Jones, b., & Elis. Prosser, w., Edward Dangerfield.
,, William Loadey, b., & Elisabeth Ketterness, s., Thos. Raper.
,, John Ward, b., & Sarah Bostick, s., Richard Speed.
,, Thomas Wood, b., & Jane Coggin, s., Joseph Coggin.
,, Joseph Paul, b., & Elisabeth Smithonlie [?], s., of St.
Sepulchre's Parish.
,, William Hill, b., & Anne Fames, s., Edmund Hargrave.
,, Edward Battison, b., & Phebe Edwards, s., Thomas Gunston.
,, John Settlejon, b., & Judith Salmon, s., Beniamin Guy.
,, John Part, b., & Mary Bank, s., Archbald Eastwood.
25 Richard Webb, b., & Mary Randell, s., Isaac Margretts.
,, George Green, b., & Jane Griffin, s., Isaac Margretts.
26 John Lymor, b., & Margaret Denton, s., Jeffray Clark.
,, George Brass, b., & Mary Brett, s., Beniamin Bocock.
,, Edward Harrald, b., & Mary Browne, s., Richard Harrald.
,, John Thompson, w., & Anne Berry, s., Thomas Speed.
,, Nathaniel Maples, b., & Sarah Stevens, w., Thomas Ives.

Lonu on Parish Rcegisters.

1691-2, JANUARY, conllilu 1d.
26 John Longden, b., & Anne Ilorseley, w., Francis Rogers.
,, William Bushnell, w., & Elisabeth Evcrard, s., John Allen.
,, Edward Salkill, b., & Hester Sands, s., Beniamin Tourlinson.
27 Richard Birkes, b., & Sarah Kelsall, s., Randolph Hillditch.
,, Edmund Binnyon, b., & Rebecca Nash, w., of All Hallow's
,, Alexander Spaldin, b., Susannah Slowley, s., Robert Slowley.
28 John Walsh, b., & Mary Allen, s., Matthias Allen.
,, Richard Nunn, w., & Jane \atson, w., Thomas King.
,, Thomas Hipwell, b., & Tomasin Kiddell, s., Ralph Johnson.
,, Henry Bladon, b., & Joan Gardiner, s., of St. Bottolph
,, Francis Gasby, b., & IIanna Gabak, s., Nicolas Jefferyes.
,, Joseph Clarke, b., & Rebecca Smith, s., Pter Thompson.
,, Samuel Crowhurst, b., & Mary Gibs, s., Richard Gibs.
,, Isaac Mery, b., & Anne Larks, s., Joseph Firth.
,, Peter Ely, b., & Mary Morcly, s., of St. Dunstan Stepney.
,, John Draper, b., & Catharine Joff, s., Francis Fraser.
,, Joshua Walker, w., & Margaret Thlistleton, w., Win. Marshall.
,, John Tredwell, b., & Hannah Grantham, s., iIy. Grantham.
,, Thomas Strowd, b., & Katharine Bradford, s., John Thorp.
,, Daniel Brandige, b., & Mary Holloway, s., Patrick Innes.
,, Sir Thomas Rowe, Knight, -, & Alice Coke, w., Dixwell
29 Anthony Bowman, b., & Cath. Clector, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, John Ludgater, b., & Anne Jones, w., Edmund Wright.
,, William More, b., & Sarah Bragg, s., John Smith.
,, Thomas Byrton, b., & Elisabeth Linegar, s., John Morgan.
,, Henry Smith, b., & Mary Bennet, w., Edward Bellas.
,, John Kippin, b., & Jane Osborne, w., of St. Olave Southwark.
,, John Williams, b., & Sarah More, s., Edward Knight.
,, Thomas Sharp, b., & Elisabeth Cadman, w., Geo. Cockram.
30 John Davis, b., & Mary Johnson, s., John Garthney.
,, Albertus Hollman, b., & Susamia Hinde, s., Chris. Taylor.
,, John Curtis, b., & Alice Randall, w., Stephen Maddock.
31 Philip Gurney, b., & Mary Love, w., of Bishopsgate, St.
,, Rowland Oliphant, b., & Susanna Watts, w., John Dickenson.
,, Nathaniel Pace, b,, & Mary Ward, s., Isaac Margretts.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691-2, JANUARY, continued.
31 John Cast, b., & Elisabeth Eaton, s., Edward Wheeler.
,, Samuel Williams, w., & Anne Butler, s., Thomas Price.

FEBRUARY, 1691-2.
z Henry Robins, b., & Elizabeth Peake, s., John Mason.
,, Thomas Foulsum, b., & Dorothy Cross, s., John Todd.
,, Jonathan Scot, w., & Joan Fleet, w., John Ackland.
,, Robert Spern, b., & Hannah Pellard, w., Rd. Bettisworth.
,, William Stanncy, w., & Margaret Harlin, s., Thos. Stanney.
,, John Carver, w., & Catharine Hunt, w., Ralph Robinson.
,, Robert Cross, w., & Anne White, w., Francis Elliker.
,, Franois Champlon, b., & Jane Baieux, s., Michael Baieux.
,, Wm. Paine, b., & Elizabeth Brough, w., of Christ Church in
,, John Chancellor, b., & Judith Rose, s., James Pearson.
,, Edward Barnes, w., & Katharine Arkinstall, s., of St. Mary
Buthaw Parish.
,, John Lee, b., & Martha Babbs, s., George Guy.
,, John Johnson, w., & Margaret Cotton, w., of St. Olave
,, Randolph Ireland, b., & Anne Clark, w., Jeremiah White.
,, Thomas Henderson, b., & Mary Addison, s., Geo. Blacklock.
,, Thos. Hunt, b., & Ellinor Yates, s., in St. Katherine's Liberty.
,, Thomas Bone, w., & Martha Framlin, s., Richard Ashmore.
,, John Davis, b., & Elisabeth Barkes, s., Jcnkin Davis.
,, John Howard, b., & Julian Dacres, s., of Brentford in Middx.
,, Lewes Jones, b., & Elisabeth Evans, s., Edward Philpot.
,, Beniamin Pool, b., & Mercy Marner, s., John Steer.
,, Christopher Winter, b., & Elisabeth Ingrain, s., Mark Walker.
3 John Shelmardine, b., & Rose Mead, s., William Dike.
,, Wm. Simpson, w., & Jane Wardlow, s., of Berkin in Essex.
Andrew Hydeman, b., & Elisabeth Bridges, w., John Hopki.
,, Richard Batty, w., & Avis Stevens, w., Amias Heath.
,, John Waller, w., & Mary Philips, w., Thomas Ward.
4 John Watson, b., & Anne Webb, s., William Carter.
,, Thomas Grisden, b., & Sarah Matthews, s., John Matthews.
,, George Roberts, b., & Mary Jeffrey, s., Thomas Sutton.
,, Edward Sylle, b., & Margery White, w., Edward White.
,, James Spikcman, b., & Jane Hall, s., Thomas Slightholm.

London Parih lceis R icrs.

z691-92, FEBRUARY, con/ittind.
4 William Thirlewind, b., & Ruth Needham, s., Isaac Needham.
,, John Gardiner ahlasGeorge, b., & Sarah Hayne, s., Win. Rogers.
,, Henry Jackets, w., & Elisabeth Elnig, s., Philip Rogers.
,, Jaspar Kinsman, w., & MIary Dawson, s., of Rumford in Essex.
,, John Rowett, b., & Elizabeth Noise, w., Thomas Lodwick.
,, Jacob Pool, b., & Mary Pearse, w., of Barking in Essex.
,, Richard Roberts, w., & Dorothy Howell, w., Samuel Bishop.
,, Henry Hereford, b., & M1ary Beldum, s., Thomas Hedger.
,, Nathaniel Heath, w., & Jane Richards, s., Thomas Thrip.
,, Henry Sanders, b., & Sarah Rogers, s., Simon Nelson.
,, William Willson, b., & Hannah Browne, s., of the Tower
5 Henry Lindsey, b., & Anne Chandler, s., Jeffrey Swan.
6 Edward Blake, b., & Elisabeth Barret, s., Edward Latham.
,, Robert Gom, w., & Joan Pearse, w., James Golf.
7 John Horton, b., & Elisabeth Pecker, s., Thomas Pettit.
,, Peter Fontaine, b., & Elisabeth Warring, s., John Warring.
,, William Jackson, b., & Jane Foster, s., Richard Kay.
,, John Spencer, b., & Grace Grosvenor, s., Robert Scabrook.
,, Charles Best, b., & Elisabeth Rowe, s., Enoch Baller.
,, John Wootoon, w., & Alice Jackson, w., Anthony Bristow.
,, Thomas Rumbald, w., & Sarah Lewis, s., John Hosfield.
,, Anthony Linch, b., & M1\argaret M1ullett, w., Elias Faver.
,, John Widnall, b., & Mary Antrobus, s., James Holmes.
,, Francis Briggs, b., & Elisabeth Green, s., Robert Young.
,, Iatthew Thompson, b., & Mary Chapman, s., Rob. Kingston.
,, William Bings, b., & Elisabeth Wallis, w., Thomas Hobbs.
,, William Collier, b., & Elisabeth Hall, w., of Bow Parish,
near Bromley.
,, John Norman, b., & Margaret Barker, s., Francis Taylor.
,, Philip Geer, b., & Mary Churchill, w., Thomas Nicolls.
,, Edward Sanders, w., & Joanna Hodgkins, s., Geo. IIodgekins.
,, John Arnold, w., & Mrargaret Waller, w., of Curkom Dean in
8 Andrew Mackfcrmling, b., & Anne Banks, w., James Lawson.
,, Stephen Buskarlet, b., & Rachel Gourdon, s., by Licence.
,, Jeremie Guinard, b., & Rachel Casey, s., Jacob Vivier.
,, John Slose, b., & Anne Crouch, s., James Slose.
,, Starling Willford, b., & Elizabeth Warner, s., James Furrell.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1691-2, FEBRUARY, continued.
8 Nicolas Andrews, b., & Jane Norton, w., Drinmox Ballin.
,, William Wren, b., & Frances Hopkins, w., John Bayes.
g William Skirton, b., & Anne Taylor, w., Tobias Dent.
,, John Farr, w., & Joan Morley, w., John Saxby.
,, Thomas Holt, -, & Elisabeth Meads, w., Christopher Coney.
,, Henry Gold, b., & Sarah Law, s., Anthony Palmer.
,, Charles Riddell, w., & Elis. Alexanders, s., Thos. Sparrow.
,, Charles Pangburn, b., & Elisabeth Hinton, s., Geo. Emmot.
,, Francis Still, b., & Mary Lakin, s., Daniel Prince.
Beniamin Lewis, b., & Elisabeth Hill, w., John Sturing.
,, Nathaniel Lee, w., & Martha Hall, w., James Russell.
,, William Nicolas, w., & Joanna Lock, w., Henry Day.
,, Thomas Stanes, b., & Helen Johnson, s., Henry Smith.
,, Matthew Tomlinson, b., & Jane Reeve, s., Richard Smith.
,, Beniamin Holding, b., & Margt. Moxe, s., Reginald Hunter.
,, Thomas Hamet, b., & Sybilla Jenner, w., Richard Rivington.
,, Richard Mathcr, w., & Susanna Wheatly, w., Rich. Walton.
,, John Ducane, b., & Anne Green, w., Cornelius Janson.
,, Richard Bovil, b., & Mary Pickford, w., John Braggar.
,, Samuel Sanderford, b., & Jane Mawer, s., of St. Anne
,, Thomas Browne, b., & Anne Molder, s., Nathaniel Feriby.
o1 Joseph Archer, b., & Catharine Scott, w., John Goulding.
,, Simon Griffing, b., & Mary Anderson, s., Philip State.
,, William Painter, w., & Joanna Kelly, w., John Stevens.
ii Robert Harvey, w., & Alice Millar, w., of St. Bottolph's
,, George Wood, b., & Joan Jackson, s., John Bennet.
,, John Back, w., & Elisabeth Palmer, s., Thomas Beauchamp.
,, Thomas Reynolds, b., & Elisabeth Barton, s., George Newell.
,, Jeremiah Richardson, -, Margaret Barnet, s., John Rablish.
,, Thomas Parsons, b., & Mary Ward, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Joseph Firmin, b., & Mary Blanchit, s., Thomas Walklcy.
12 Edward Mason, b., & Martha Lawrence, w., John Mason.
,, Josias Harwood, b., & Anne Noding, s., Robert Thorn.
,, Ernest Ottell, b., & Helen Challis, w., Thomas Grey.
i Thomas Brittain, b., & Grace Hard, w., of Shoreditch Parish.
,, James Reed, b., & Anne Hopkins, s., John Collop.
,, Thomas Robinson, b., & Julian Collins, s., Francis Say.

London Parish Regois/ers.

1691-2, FEBRUARY, conl0inu'al.
14- Matthew March, b., & Charlotte Foster, s., Aquila MAabson.
,, John Jones, w., & \Iary Gawden, s., Thomas Rock.
,, James Davidson, b., & Martha Biridell, s., Abraham Lenev.
,, Jonathan Blimstone, b., & Elisabeth Cumfrey, w., William
,, George Webb, b., & Martha Jessop, w., of Mile end in
Stepney Parish.
i5 Richard Liddiard, w., & Anne Dedman, w., of Mark Lane,
,, John Borne, b., & Catharine IIoldip, s., Thomas Armstrong.
,, Robert Hart, b., & Anne Scale, s., of St. Lawrence Parish.
16 Richard Davy, b., & Barbara Mathes, s., of Great Allhallowes.
,, Mark Willson, w., & Grace Blatchford, w., Andrew Coy.
,, John Ellis, b., & Sarah Hodges, s., Richard Hodges.
,, Joseph Burrell, b., & Elisabeth Hill, w., William More.
17 William Pay, b., & Anne Palmer, s., Richard Blashwood.
18 William Kelsey, b., & Elis. Wooley, s., Denis Saveridgworth.
,, John Purchas, b., & Mary Dallock, s., James Dixson.
,, Randolph Howard, b., & Elisabeth Humphreys, w., of St.
Anne, Westminster.
,, William Tabram, b., & Bridget Bishop, s., James Bayly.
,, John Willson, b., & Jane Brewitt, s., of Woodford in Essex.
,, Richard Ryvington, b., & Jane Foxon, s., Morgan Edwards.
,, Paul Wassings, b., & Anne Perkins, w., John Sturmy.
,, James Pitt, b., & Rebecca White, w., William Hawtrey.
19 Daniel Bain, b., & Barbara Burradge, w., Samuel Coleman.
20 Andrew Dollar, b., & Elisabeth Eaton, s., Nathaniel Lee.
,, William Euster, b., & Mary Stevens, s., Nathaniel Lee.
,, Peter Connil, b., & Ellinor Gayny, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Henry Gerish, w., & Helen Fishwick, w., Anthony Walkers.
21 Peter Johns, b., & Martha Simpson, s., of Cripplegate Parrish.
,, Christn. Nealson, b., & Rebecca Shepherd, s., John Shepherd.
,, Saml. Jones, b., & Elisabeth Swift, w., of Bishopsgate Parisli.
,, Robert Willins, w., & Jane Gray, s., Abraham Pauely.
,, Henry Dawson, w., & Isabell Toogood, w., George Page.
,, William Wald, h., & Elisabeth Skett, w., Richard Gates.
,, John Clark, b., & Mary Davis, s., of St. Giles in the Fields.
2z Anthony Baker, w., & Anne Jordan, w., of St. Olave Southwat k.
23 (Gorge W\Valis, b., & Mary Gibbons, w., John Friend.

St. JazIes, Duke's Pl4ce.

1691-2, FEBRUARY, continued.
23 Hy. Carter, b., & IMary Bridg, w., Thos. Badget [cf. bdlon].
,, [A]mbrose Cooper, b., & Mary Clarke, w., of St. George's
,, [Ro]land Paye, w., Jane D'Orne, s., Tousaint Mallard.
,, [Jo]hn Jackson, b., & Alice Matthews, w., John Smith.
,, [P]hineas Clark, w., & Mary Wharf, w., Samuel Coleman.
,, [J]ohn Lake, b., & Susannah Hudson, s., Thos. Rawlinson.
,, [Jjohn Jones, b., & Mary Sanderson, w., of St. Martin in
the Fields.
24 John Taton, b., & Elisabeth Bell, s., Isaac Turner.
,, William Mason, b., & Sarah Knight, s., Thomas Lewes.
,, Robert Allen, w., & Psyche Shelton, s., John Mash.
25 Thos. Painter, b., & Mary Bridge, w., Thos. Badget [cf. above].
,, Ambrose Cooper, b., & Elisabeth Ward, s., Thomas Walkly.
,, David Faucont, b., & Esther Anne Pilet, s., Eslienne
,, [Jo]hn Revins, b., & Ellinor Atkins, w., Daniel Eglin.
,, Philip Phillips, b., & Anne Smith, s., Francis Whatcott.
,, John Pool, b., & Elisabeth Kircher, s., of St. Martin in the
26 Richard Preston, b., & Anne Lowther, s., William Lovwthcr.
,, Simon Lewes, b., & Sarah Barnes, w., of Poplar in Stepney.
,, Christopher Masters, b., & Edith Collier, s., Francis Pite.
28 Joseph Flood, b., & Susannah Mills, s., Rd. Goldingham.
,, George Butler, b., & Frances Atkinson, s., Henry Grace.
,, Samuel Burton, b., & Elisabeth Foster, s., Thomas Walker.
,, John Ashwell, w., & Alice Rosier, w., of Whitechappell Parish.
,, Abraham Calwall, b., & Elisabeth Barber, w., George Rogers.
,, Henry Snow, b., & Martha Malden, s., Thomas Hinton.
,, Samuel Mavis, -, & Jane Graves, w., Samuel Wallis.
,, John Webster, b., & Sarah Platts, s., Obadiah Clark.
29 Hugh Edwards, b., & Mary Robins, -, Francis Mason.
,, Thorp Groom, w., & Elis. Clark, w., of St. Olave's Southwark.

MARCH, 1691-2.
SMatthew Langton, b., & Jane Richardson, s., John Matthews.
,, Henry Trenwith, b., & Katharine Utber, s., Bernard Utber.
,, William Stear, b., & Sarah Cox, s., William Loveroy.
2 Robert Lcyolc, b., & Ester Pilles, a., Samuel Coleman.

70 London Parish Registers.

1691-2, MARCH, continued.
2 James Causcy, b., & Sarah Hages, s., John Lyon.
,, Charles Le Tellier, w., & Elis. Bullock, s., Timothy Laine.
3 Lodovick Crawford, b., & Jane Walker, w., Charles Crawford.
,, Mich. Sanders, b., & Elis. Shugar, w., of Deptford in Kent.
,, James Hunt, w., & Anne Barker, w., Daniel West.
,, John Yellop, w., & Anne Swetman, w., John Dick.
,, Henry Cooper, b., & Elis. Middleton, w., Thos. Cunnington.
,, John Downs, b., & Deborah Mancell, s., William Burnaby.
,, Thomas Hawkins, b., & Susanna Burton, s., Henry Burton.
5 Roger Yeomans, w., & Anne Beckwith, s., Samuel Coleman.
6 William Harrison, b., & Mary Perkins, s., Thomas Benson.
,, Francis Browne, b., & Mary Cock, s., of St. Olave Southwark.
,, Peter Fitch, b., & Elisabeth Collins, s., Thomas Fowler.
,, Jaques Roy, b., & Magdalen Du Montiel, -, Abraham Du
,, Ralph Kirby, b., & Sarah Jervis, s., John Bond.
8 Thomas Green, b., & Clementia Vickars, s., of St. Saviour
,, William Southard, b., & Elis. Yardley, s., Prinkney James.
,, Godolphus Do Lamboy, w., & Elisabeth Savage, w., of St.
Andrew's IIolborn.
io John Valentine, b., & Mary Ducatine, s., of Algate Parish.
,, Richard Helsom, b., & Helen Booth, s., of St. Bottolph's
,, John North, b., & Katharine Townley, s., of St. Anne
,, Edward Landy, b., & Margaret Smith, s., Thomas Willburn.
,, John Parkinson, b., & Elisabeth Hall, s., Andrew Newman.
Iz John Andrews, b., & Elisabeth Terry, s., of Cheshunt in
1 2 Daniel Garaw, w., & Susanne Terin, w., La Marllardicre [sic].
,,Jaques L'Archeveque, w., & Marie Lieu, s., Pierre
,, Thomas Edwards, w., & Elisabeth Ludgol, w., of St. Saviour's
,, Thomas Hill, b., & Elisabetli Meers, s., Herbert Ranger.
,, Peter Wright, b., & Mary Putter, w., John Woodroffe.
,, John Gibson, b., & Anne Clements, w., of St. Dunstan

St. Jamezs, Dukc's Placc.

1691-2, MARCH, continued.
I 2 Jaques Montier, b., & Marie Ester Caoet [?], s., Guillaume
,, John Lidston, b., & Faith Flather, s., Richard Giles.
i+ Edward Jones, b., & Rebecca Bertram, -, of St. Sepulchre's
15 John Snape, b., & Faith Porter, s., Thomas Browne.
,, John Gutteridge, w., & Anne Coutley, w., St. Michael Regall.
,, Henry Beech, b., & Alice Talbot, s., of Crutched Friars.
,, Will. Sondley, b., & Alethea Eldridge, s., of St. Paul's
,, John Barons, w., & Isabella Barker, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, John Stringar, b., & Elisabeth Ridgeway, s., Edward Cruff.
16 Richard Rose, b., & Elisabeth Sutton, s., Henry Drawwater.
,, John Edwards, b., & Elis. Hady, s., of St. Bennet near Paul's.
,, Tho. Hobbs, b., & Anne Simpson, s., Thomas Procter.
17 Richard Hawkins, b., & Susanna Pepper, w., of St. Bottolph
,, John Jones, b., & Mary Smith, w., of Algate Parish.
,, Thomas Haxtell, w., & Dorothy Pryor, w., John Shelton.
,, Thomas Mother, b., & Rachel Lawrence, w., Edmond Short.
,, John Skeen, b., & Mary Rothram, w., John Border.
,, John Holt, b., & Katherine Smith, w., Thomas Simpson.
18 John Hunt, w., & Anne Giles, w., William Andrews.
,, John Mason, b., & Mary Arthur, s., Henry Robins.
19 Will. Scarlett, w., & Elisabeth Sutton, w., Robert Baker.
,, Will. Symmonds, b., & Katharine Seaman, s., Will. Tribe.
,, Tho. Basse, b., & Elisabeth Harris, s., Sr. Robert Hamilton.
20 Tho. West, b., & Anne Mease, w., Daniell Spencer.
,, Stephen Shippey, b., & Mary Smith, w., Joseph Shippey.
22 John Frisby, w., & Dorcas Gate, s., Richard Jones.
,, Samson Copestake, b., & Dorothy Pedley, s., George Pedley.
,, Tho. Dyer, b., & Anne Lile, s., of Poplar in Stepney.
23 Jas. Sheales, w., & Elis. Hunt, s., of St. Saviour Southwark.
24 James Ashton, b., & Elizabeth Thompson, s., Will. Thompson.
,, John Pigot, b., & Sarah Turner, s., of St. Dunstan Stepney.
,, Rd. Austin, b., & Mary Bethel, s., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, Nathaniel Sanders, w., & Elisabeth Bethel, s., St. James
End of Volume I.

London Parish Registers.

I69z, MARCH, continued.
25 James Christy, b., & Anne Pangburn, s., of Stepney Parish.
26 John Hudson, b., & Phebe Rawbone, s., of St. James
27 Ralph Slater, w., & Mary Gadsdon, w., John Blunt.
,, Nathaniel Ross, b., & Anne Smith, s., of St. Antolin's Parish.
,, John Davis, b., & Hannah Rowley, s., Tho. Rowley.
,, Albert Skinner, w., & Anne Kuk, w., Walter Herbert.
,, Edward Lugg, w., & Elizabeth Thomson, w., of Wapping,
,, Joel Taylor, b., & Elizabeth King, s., John Robinson.
,, James Hamilton, b., & Jane Taylor, s., Alexander Sutherland.
,, Samuel Parry, b., & Jone Field, s., Valantine Reynolds.
28 Tho. Ogdon, b., & Alice Castle, s., John Purslow.
,, Abraham Cashow, w., & Susanne Callminet, s., Benjamin
De Biel.
,, Tho. Littlefield, w., & Phillis Hughes, w., Ezra Ketherby.
29 John Werret, w., & Judith Burr, s., Edward Burr.
,, Edward Prisk, b., & Elizabeth Crap, s., Tho. Gouge.
,, Will. Beton, b., & Anne Kni.ht, s., of St. Anne IBlackfryers.
,, Charles Pinson, w., & Elizabeth Hollis, w., John Malory.
,, Will. Evans, w., & Katharine Robinson, w., Lewes Evans.
,, Robert Chalfey, b., & Elizabeth Scot, s., Edward Scot.
,, Richard Handy, w., & Anne Fesy, s., of St. Giles in camps.
,, Will. King, b., & Jane Dallaway, s., Will. Dallaway.
,, Samuel Horne, b., & Elizabeth Nicollas, s., Will. Emmott.
,, John Smith, b., & Eliz. Wooton, s., of St. Martin's in campis.
,, Richard Hartman, b., & Mary Chapman, s., Gerard Vantria.
,, John Usherwood, b., & Dorothy Rogers, w., Will. Baker.
,, Will. Purney, w., & Lydia Tudor, w., of St. Margaret Lothbury.
,, Humphrey Jackson, b., & Mary Raby, s., Charles Pines.
,, James Parbcrry, b., & Margaret Toman, s., Tho. Osborne.
,, Simon Lloid, b., & Ianna Croxon, s., Samuel Palmer.
,, Christopher Bly, b., & Sarah Podd, s., Cuthlbert Ogle.
,, Joseph Ilankinson, b., & Kinbury Mills, s., Richard Hunt.
,, John garrison w., & Helen Grange, w., Francis Eggleslield.
,, James England, b., & Anne Searle, s., John Thinn.
,, Joseph Iawley, b., & Rebecca Pace, w., Harris James.
,, ly. Attwood, b., & Anne Symonds, s., of St. Alpsage Parish.
,, Charles Stamford, b., & Anna Maria Rich, s., Paul blood.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1692, MARCH, conttinted.
29 Nicolas Carter, w., & Alice Ellis, w., John Sturmy.
,, Edward Richards, b., & Sarah Yaring, s., John Monstevens.
,, Moses Wells, b., & Dorothy Lewes, s., John Godsaw.
,, John De la Moliere, w., & Anne Wilson, s., David de la
,, Stephen Britton, w., & Eliz. Bertham, w., Richard Morley.
,, John Fielding, b., & Elizabeth Kendall, s., John Milner.
30 Samuel Berry, b., & Anne Child, s., Will. Child.
,, Christopher Rawlinson, b., & Jane Allison, s., Charles Story.
31 Will. Cann, b., & Rebecca Palmer, s., Will. Hunt.
,, William Millward, b., & Dorcas Reynard, s., John Gardner.
,, Theophilus Price, b., & Cath. Roberts, w., Reynald Smith.
,, John Heighington, b., & Alice Lindup, s., Tho. Heighington.
,, Joshua Paryer, b., & Anne Plumm, w., of St. Michael
,, Humphrey Martyn, b., & Rose Naftel, w., of Wapping,
,, Ralph Nixon, b., & Mary Norman, s., Giles Scot.
,, Peter Philipps, w., & Anne Hussey, s., Richard Smith.
,, Tho. Barlow, b., & Mary Cock, s., Hugh Measures.
,, John Adlington, w., & Anne Moreton, s., James Carr.
,, Aron Argent, w., & Elizabeth Maile, s., Will. Bowers.
,, John Bowden, b., & Elizabeth Wakeman, w., of Camberwell
in Surrey.
APRIL, i69z.
I Edward Harrison, b., & Sarah Bayly, s., Jonathan Willis.
2 Richard Bradbury, w., & Mary Sanders, s., Will. Undelrhill.
3 Nathaniel Jones, b., & Jane Crosby, s., Will. Lawrence.
,, Charles Blake, b., & Jone Pollard, s., Nicolas Harby.
,, Samuel Faringdon, b., & Elizabeth Faringdon, w., of St. Mary
Magdalen Bermonsey.
,, John Ludwell, b., & Mary Jennings, s., John Scot.
,, Richard Cumberland, b., & Elizabeth 1lunn, s., Tho. Ridout.
,, James Wilky, b., & Mary Ballard, s., of Whitechappell.
,, John Rogers, b., & Catharine Jordan, w., James Holder.
+ Bartholomew Rogers, b., & Elizabeth Walton, s., of SL. James
in camps.
,, Richard Vincent, w., & Mary How, s., John Bland.
Richard Wilson, b., & Jane Perkinson, w., Tho. Jackson.

London Parish Registers.

1692, APRIL, continued.
5 Samuel Wheeler, b., & Mary Lees, w., Isaac Clegg.
,, John Harvey, b., & Juliana Windar, s., of St. Magnus Parish.
,, Samuel More, b., & Janes Mawson, w., Samuel Walker.
,, James Clark, w., & Susanna Jones, s., John Salvage.
,, John Harris, b., & Elizabeth Iles, s., John Iles.
7 Will. Thompson, b., & Anne Plasket, s., Tho. Thompson.
,, John Baynham, w., & MIary Cullimer, w., Anthony Barret.
,, Samuel Clarke, b., & Joanna Coombes, s., John Roberts.
,, James Vere, w., & Anna Whitaker, s., Tho. King.
,, Richard Littlehates, b., & Judith Lasimby, s., Richd. Deanc.
,, John Franklyn, b., & Mary Tuttle, s., Nicolas Wolfe.
,, John Hurst, b., & Mary Webber, s., Tho. Webber.
,, Samll. Gallimore, b., & Frances Waddel, s., Robert Longburn.
,, Tho. Austin, w., & Margaret Webb, w., Henry Eagles.
,, Epke Fockes, b., & Jane Bevins, w., James Tivey.
,, Francis Godfrey, w., & Elizabeth Sweeting, w., John Bowlter.
,, Tho. Prince, b., & Jane Lane, s., Edward Woodiock.
,, Joseph Harrison, b., & Mary Ward, w., John Fentzell.
,, Henry Stuart, b., & Elizabeth Spere, w., Onesiphorus Rood.
,, John Godfrey, w., & Judith Dawson, s., Paul Thomas.
8 Tho. Wallis, b., & Izard Harrison, s., Henry Smart.
,, Richard Newland, b., & Anne Hawley, s., Richard Browne.
,, Wm. Evans, b., & Mary Hughes, s., of Little Bartholomew.
o1 Francis Greci, b., & Mary Britton, s., George Rogers.
,, Jas. Allen, b., & Anne Weston, w., of St. Anne, Westminster.
,, Michael Reed, b., & Margaret \Iiller, s., Robert Hatton.
,, Will. Cann, b., & Anne Curtes, s., of St. Saviour's Southwark.
,, Israel De la Ville, b., & Ester Ferman, s., Isaac Ilordebone.
,, Will. Smith, b., & Margaret Guy, s., of Popplar in Stepnes.
1 Nicolas Ades, b., & Elizabeth Series, s., Tho. Berry.
,, John Maxwell, b., & Hanna Galward, s., S. Coleman.
12 Simon Dixon, b., & Sarah Peters, w., Edward Lyford.
,, Tho. Jones, b., & Barbara Anthone, s., Philip Watkins.
,, Tho. Turvy, b., & Mary Barns, s., John Dawson.
,, George Roberts, b., & Abigael Berry, s., David Evans.
,, Joseph Payne, b., & Elizabeth Conway, s., Hugh Nicolls.
,, George Dobson, w., & Judith Kent, w., Anthony Reedhead.
,, Robert Dunckly, b., & Martha Tilden, s., Paul Linby.
13 Tho. Berry, b., & Eliz. Riskilly, w., Herman vau Lingerkin.

St. James, Duke's Place.

169z, APRIL, contlihzed.
13 Robert Tyller, b., & Susanna Davis, s., of St. James, West-
i+ John Porter, w., & Susanna Buckler, s., Will. Whyt.
,, James Rayment, b., & Phebc Peters, s., Robert Rayment.
,, Tho. Banks, b., & Elizabeth Mann, s., of Kingston upon
,, Will. Basil, w., & Mary Bowt, s., of Enfield Parish.
,, Edward Slicer, b., & Mary Hague, s., Simon White.
,, Nicolas Taylor, b., & Sarah Corps, s., John Stanly.
,, John Adams, b., & Gertrude Cosins, s., of Edminton Parish.
,, John Bemister, b., & Susanna Hunsden, s., Henry iHunsden.
15 Will. Wilson, b., & Elizabeth Watson, s., John Hornebey.
01 Richard Rcyly, b., & Isabella Hall, s., Samuel Hilton.
17 John Knight, w., & Ruth Eslin, s., of St. Olave's Southwark.
,, Henry Taylor, w., & Hester Merryfield, s., John May.
18 Samuel Taylor, b., & Sarah Jones, s., Philemon Jones.
,, Edm. Dyos, w., & Alice Dikes, w., of St. Leonard Shoreditch.
,, Peter Shalcross, b., & Kah.Veal, w., of St.Andrew's Iolborn.
19 John Horsley, b., & Elizabeth March, s., Thomas Browne.
,, John Lyford, b., & IMary Peyton, s., of Christ Church, London.
,, John Shemans, b., & Rebecca Harrison, s., John Iarrison.
,, Tho. Rogers, b., & Sarah Holmes, w., Peter Payne.
,, Bartolomeo Assalo, b., & Anne Amster, s., Will. Jacops.
,, Bartholomew Goodson, w., & Elizabeth Holmes, w., of
Clerkenwell Parish.
,, Will Broad, b., & Elizabeth Babb, s., Tho. Butler.
20 Samuel Pulford, b., & Elizabeth Hazelwood, s., of White-
chappell Parish.
,, Tho. Butler, w., & Katharine Moody, w., S. Coleman.
,, Will. Willows, w., & Ursula Collins, w., John Swanson.
zi Will. Elscy, b., & Mary Perry, s., James Budds.
,, Will. Clare, b., & Mary Crouch, s., Samuel Tye.
,, George Magihen, b., & Helen Magison, w., of Stepney
,, Edward Satterthwaite, b., & Sarah Martin, s., Edmund Vials.
,, John Gillet, b., & Dorcas Perry, s., Samuel Coleman.
,, Richard Walter, b., & Margaret Mattison, s., Abraham Walsh.
22 James Tooth, b., & Martha White, s., Daniel Warburton.
,, Ralph Simpson, b., & Mary Perry, s., of St. Bottolp's Bspgate.

London Parish Registers.

i692, APRIL, continued.
23 Cornelius Dams, b., & Anne Gunning, s., John Wctson.
24 John Wren, b., & Anne Freeman, s., of St. Saviour's South-
,, Samuel Nicolls, b., & Lydia Spencer, s., Henry Nicolls.
,, Duncan Macarty, b., & Elizabeth Anderson, w., John Watt.
,, John Loc, b., & Mary Withy, w., James Pollard.
,, Tho. Basset, b., & Elizabeth Allen, s., Daniel Allen.
,, John Moss, b., & Mary Owen. s., Charles Moss.
,, Daniel Holgate, b., & Mary Hawes, s., Samuel Holgate.
,, Tho. Elliot, w., & Anne Bonwick, s., John King.
25 James Smither, b., & Anne Smith, s., Will. Smith.
,, Will. Dodson, b., & Elizabeth Rowley, s., John Johnson.
,, Philip Johnson, b., & Rose Dawkins, s., of Rickmansworth,
z6 Tho. Hlosgood, b., & Mary Quaker, s., Tho. Harrison.
,, Richard Clarke, w., & Rebecca Innocent, s., Rich. Innocent.
,, John Spivy, w., & Alice M\iddleton, s., Joseph Towle.
,, Walter Harford, w., & Susanna Wilford, s., Tho. Howard.
,, Will. Malham, w., & Susanna Culping, s., Henry Rowel.
,, Philip Barker, w., & Sarah Fagg, w., Nicolas Archdeacon.
27 Tho. Middlcton, b., & Mary Barret, s., Tho. Whelpdale.
,, John Clements, w., & Mary Bridges, s., John Sturny.
28 John George, b., & Dorothy Hilliard, s., John Gifford.
,, John Norris, b., & Elizabeth Eaton, s., Abraham Rjlfe.
,, Robert Tindall, b., & Jane Clark, w., Oliver Clark.
,, Tho. Gapen, b., & Elizabeth Pear, s., Stephen Vine.
,, Philip Parsons, b., & Frances Redding, s., Will. Widmere.
,, George Millingdon, w., & Agnes Dobson, w., of St. Bride's
,, Edward Turvey, b., & Maargaret Groom, w., of St. Buttolp's
,, Richard Baxter, b., & M\argarey Frances, s., Will. Frances.
,, Joseph Clarke, w., & Elizabeth Taylor, s., Edward White.
,, Makepeace Holloway, b., & Frances Perdue, s., of St. Anne
Henry Roads, b., & Abigail Ashby, s., Will. Ashby.
,, John Richardson, b., & Mary Crosson, s., John Skinner.
,, John Thomson, b., & Jane Timson, s., Will. Almon.
29 Tho. Bctt, b., & Grace Sykes, s., of St. Buttolph Bspgate.

St. James, Duke's P/ace.

1692, APRIL, conltwlCed.
29 Nicolas Howard, w., & Jane Jenny, w., Robert Irwin.
,, Tho. Newman, w., & Mary Rayner, w., Samuel Sherwood.
,, George Wilson, b., & Rachel Barton, w., Hugh Nicolsc)n.
,, Joshua Browne, b., & Elizabeth Wallis, s., of St. Zachary
Foster Lane.

MIAY, 1692.
I Francis Sutton, b., & Hanna Robinson, s., Richard Staple.
,, Tho. Bryan, b., & Elizabeth Austin, s., John Sturmy.
,, John Best, b., & 1Martha Lancaster, s., Honorat Superiori.
,, James Hamilton, w., & Joanna Waldron, s., Samuel Atkinson.
z Nicolas Horsnail, b., & Elizabeth Key, s., John Iorsnail.
3 Stephen Kirkby, b., & \Iargaret Barradet, s., Edward Hunt.
,, James Davis, w., & Martha Bushell, s., Will. Midleton.
,, Robert Leckie, b., & Elizabeth Graham, s., John Johnutoun.
,, Robert Rhoads, b., & Elizabeth Sison, w., Daniel Whcler.
5 John Fordum, b., & Alice Pool, s., James Walton.
,, John Ewer, b., & Sarah Weden, s., of Rickensworth in
,, Nicolas Patrick, w., & Anne Cooper, s., John Cooper.
,, Samuel Panton, w., & Tomasin Boon, s., of St. James,
,, Arthur Knocker, w., & Anne Moody, s., John Blanckley.
,, James Clarke, b., & Isabella Millar, w., John Bowrey.
,, Charles Newton, b., & Isabella Gibbs, w., of St. Dunstan
6 Richard Gale, b., & Anne Carpenter, s., John Read.
,, Arthur Poucy, b., & Eliz. Brian, s., of St. Martin in campis.
,, Abraham Smith, w., & Susanna Rosogan, w., Richard Browne.
8 John Warter, w., & Mary Fustian, w., Edward Sice.
,, Will. Sturgeon, w., & Elizabeth Aston, s., John Aston.
,, Will. Adams, b., & Sarah Goff, s., George Rudyard.
,, Nathaniel Cox, b., & Mary Robinson, s., John Belcher.
,, John Bonwick, b., & Anne Ball, s., Humphrey Jennings.
,, Joseph Smith, w., & Jone LLoyd, w., John Little.
,, Edward Heydon, b., & Joanna Sussex, s., Will. Sly.
,, John Pymcr, b., & Mary Pybus, s., of St. Sepulchre's Paiish.
9 Jacob Fauash, w., & IMarie From, w., of. St. Martin's in the

London Parish Rcgistcrs.

1692, \MAv, con/ti ued.
to John Williamson, b., & Elizabeth Watson, s., Tho. Watson.
,, Tho. Andrew, b., & Mary Peek, s., Tho. Timson.
,, John Harris, b., & Dorothey Hussey, s., John Harris.
,, Timothy Carroll, b., & Mary Brown, s., George Constable.
Si \Iathew Gardiner, b., & Rebecca Waples, s., John Amos.
,, John Pick, b., & Susanna Hutchison, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, Alexander Miller, b., & Katharine Mitchel, s., Hugh Stevens.
2z Tho. Walkly, w., & Joanna Smalcom, s., Will. Smalcom.
,, George Nash, b., & Mary Hart, s., Lawrence Sconce.
,, James Stevenson, b., & Agnes Fosset, s., Tho. Nicolls.
,, Philip M1orris, b., & Mary Osborne, s., George Osborne.
13 Nicolas Hanson, w., & Mary Shakehaft, s., Will. Mlitchel.
4. Peter Johnson, b., & Rachel Benne, s., John Benne.
,, Cassey Evans, b., & Katharine Waterman, s., Samuel Clay.
15 Richard Dod, b., & Sarah Cockain, s., James Hatton.
,, Nicolas Garlick, b., & Mary Norman, s., Philip Mardell.
,, Joshua Hatfield, w., & Rebecca Camden, w., of White-
,, Tho. Leigh, b., & Elizabeth Gay, s., Lewes Poinlow.
,, John Bois, w., & Margt. Miles, s., of St. Mary Whitechappell.
,, Will. Greenwood, b., & 1\largaret Wheatly, s., John Ward,
,, George Clark, b., & Jane Wenus, w., John Ewers.
,, Tho. More, w., & \Iary Edwards, w., George More.
i6 Robert Street, b., & Jane Bare, s., James Holmes.
,, George Mole, b., & MIary Evans, s., John Wright.
,, Samuel Massy, b., & Susanna Chesely, s., Joshua Crowder.
,, James Roberts, b., & Eliz. Faircloath, s., James Faircloath.
,, Thomas Harris, w., & Anne Bird, w., Richard Crispin.
,, Tho. Martin, b., & Anne Pymer, s., Tho. Martin.
,, Will. Downing, b., & Mary Baker, w., Christopher Downing.
17 John Madkins, b., & Margaret Bunyer, s., of St. James
,, Richard Jones, w., & Joyce Barber, w., Francis Howy.
,, Rich. Waggoner, b., & Dor. Appleby, s., Mathew Pinkney.
,, John Needham, b., & Anne Pears, s., John Brooke.
,, Anthony Singleton, b., & Mary Burgess, s., James Nicolls.
,Charles Cross, b., & Mary Godwyn, s., Will. Matthews.
., Richard Kindon, w., & Elizabeth Child, w., Isaac Margetts.
,, John Bloxsom, b., & Mary Iosfield, s., Will. Johnson.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1692, MAY, conlinucd.
17 John Wilson, b., & Mary Burley, s., Christopher Dowden.
,, Edward Johnson, b., & Sarah Field, s., John Holt.
,, Will. Bromley, b., & Mary Iysard, s., James Constable.
,, John Harris, b., & Joan Mabbit, s., John Vinnicomb.
,, Matthias Wall, b., & Elizabeth Green, w., John Winn.
,, John Benton, b., & Mary Burgess, s., Abraham Venables.
,, John Tyler, b., & Sarah Ford, s., Robert Wettwood.
,, John Symmonds, b., & Eliz. Pentecost, s., Rich. Theobridge.
,, Jonothan Newton, w., & Adry Amplet, s., of St. Giles in the
,, Robert Dumbleton, b., & Sarah Prat, s., of Hackney Parish.
18 Richard Lekms, b., & Anne Dicker, s., Will. Garner.
,, Peter Forrester, b., & Sarah Grey, w., of St. Sepulchre's Parish.
19 Wetherall Jefferyes, b., & Sarah Low, s., Will. Brand.
,, John Howard, w., & Mary Sadler, s., Robert Robinson.
,, Will. Cooper, b., & Anne Herbert, s., Richard Holtam.
,, Tho. Parke, b., & Joan Crook, s., Robert Pake.
,, Marmaduke Grimston, b., & Elizabeth Luston, s., John
,, Robert Rodde, b., & Mary Rowe, s., Zachariah Shute.
,, Peter Clarke, b., & Isabella Barron, w., Charles Ladiman.
,, Joseph Jones, b., & Judith Badger, w., Richard Scot.
,, Edward East, b., & Jane Barker, s., John Curtis.
,, Joseph Capell, b., & Hanna Quilter, s., Tho. Flagg.
,, John West, b., & Katharine Winfield, s., Henry Cord.
,, Tho. Jennings, b., & Elizabeth Harvey, s., Tho. Harvey.
,, Tho. Day, w., & Elizabeth Gilbert, w., Daniel Andrews..
,, John Wilks, b., & Sarah Elliot, s., James Cockayn.
20 Francois Rosasser, b., & Helena Gardiner, s., John Sturme.
,, John King, b., & Katharine Gainsford, s., Nathan Butler.
z2 Will. Wright, b., & Margaret Powell, s., John Hughes.
,, Francis King, w., & Anne Richardson, w., Philip
,, Tho. Merum, b., & Mary Williams, s., of Basinghall Street.
22 Charles Wincon, b., & Margaret Wooton, s., Robert Williford.
,, John White, b., & Sarah Bevis, w., of St. Mary Somerset.
,, John Richards, w., & Mary Middlcton, w., of Bishopsgate.
,, Edmund Manforth, w., & Mary Audley, w., Tho. Lithcrland.
,, Tho. Giles, b., & Saiah Liver, w., Isaac Sparke.

London Parish Registers.

I6qz, 1IAY, continued.
22 Edward Sander, w., & Sarah Hart, s., John Seclew.
,, John Wren, b., & Mary Gaskcn, s., of the Minories.
23 Nicolas Trott, b., & Mary Wells, s., Laurence Quimons.
24 Tho. Wilson, b., & Elizabeth Tanley, s., of St. Giles in the
,, John Rose, b., & Mary West, s., Will. Hegg.
,, Robert Silvester, b., & Letitia Coke, s., of St. Martin in
,, Richard White, b., & Margaret Stanley, w., of Great Marley
in Essex.
,, Richard Harwood, w., & Elizabeth Stiles, w., Humphrey
25 Jean Lojoy, b., & Anne Balden, s., Pierre Wally.
,, Nathaniel Shittleworth, w., & Mary Cheyney, w., Tho. Carter.
26 George Want, b., & Jane Fann, w., of St. Giles in camps.
,, Nicolas Knap, b., & Jane Hoyle, w., Tho. Heames.
,, Percivall Sergeant, b., & Mary IIaughton, s., Henry Loades.
,, Tho. Iall, b., & Anne NIorice, s., Tho. White.
,, Isaac William, w., & Susanna South, s., James Jones.
,, Will. Dodson, b., & IMargaret Benting, s., Luke Thompson.
,, Stephen Keen, w., & Anne Donne, s., Chamberlain Donne.
,, Will. Lines, w., & Mary Dean, w., John Howe.
, Will. Miller, b., & Anne Thornton, s., John Stafford.
,, Giles Green, b., & Mary Bridges, s., Downton Bridges.
,, Richard Langton, w., & Mary 1Buffy, s., of St. Giles in camps.
,, John Hart, w., & Sarah Ashley, w., John Jones.
27 Robert Appleby, b., & Rebecca Blake, s., John Frithey.
28 Joseph Faircloth, b., & Mary Wilkinson, s., Anthony Wilkinson.
,, John Dunton, w., & Jane Shakespear, w., of St. Katharine's.
,, Robert Thorn, w., & Mary Berry, w., John Rogers.
,, Will. Trimlett, b., & Mary Hepburn, w., Ralph Lcyton.
29 John Coombs, w., & Frances Giles, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, Tho. Tewsley, w., & Lydia Goslin, s., of St. Dionis Back-
,, Henry Knottes, b., & Mary Tult, w., John Antherson.
,, John Skinner, b., & Elizabeth Walmsley, s., Arthur Aslton.
,, Tho. Salt, b., & Helen Oliva, s., of St. Edmund Lombard St.
,, Tho. Parsons, w., & Isabella Robinson, s., of St. George

SI. James, Duke's Place.

1692, MIAY, continued.
29 John Southam, b., & Thomasin Bowen, s., of St. Andrew's
30 Daniell Dartiand, w., & Judith Hutt, w., Richard Tarleton.
,, Tho. Cotten, w., & Alice Shepherd, s., Will. Higby.
,, Tho. Hitchin, b., & Sarah Eversden, s., Henry .
31 John Elmore, b., & Sarah Trape, w., Tho. Pye.
,, George Meredith, b., & Jane Sing, s., of St. George
Buttolp's lane.
,, Will. Millar, b., & Elizabeth Roberts, s., Tho. Sisex.
,, John Jervis, b., & Susanna Wootton, w., St. Mary White-
,, Will. Birdes, b., & Anne Freeman, s., Ralph Blackwell.

JUNE, 1692.
2 John Gibson, b., & Elizabeth Stannell, s., Nathaniel Brook.
,, Tho. Rawson, w., & Prudence Wagstaff, w., Charles Bowles.
,, Tho. Bridgman, b., & Elizabeth Walby, s., John Walby.
,, Robert Noke, w., & Elizabeth Denby, s., John Sturmy.
,, John Cook, b., & Anna Wing, s., Joshua Wing.
,, Will. Stretton, b., & Elizabeth Hurt, s., Thomas Hurt.
,, John Fryday, w., & Alice Harvey, s., Edward Harvey.
3 Francis Tedd, w., & Martha Pollard, s., John Stanbridge.
5 Edward Gilman, b., & Hanna Deane, s., Will. Mitchel.
John Burton, b., & Hanna Crouch, w., Thomas Bowson.
Henry Yates, b., & Margaret Butterfield, s., Robert Davis.
,, Richard Inck, b., & Deborah Holland, s., Tho. Dodkin.
,, Robert Waterlow, b., & Elizabeth Jacob, s., John Fleming.
6 Benjamin Maris, b., & Bridget Davis, s., Will. Simcox.
,, Daniel Rentier, b., & Marte Marchand, s., Jeremie Guinea.
7 Joseph Marsh, b., & Elizabeth Currier, s., Robert Stevens.
,, John Snipe, b., & Elizabeth Aitkins, w., Jonas Cock.
,, Arthur Beech, b., & Susanna May, w., John Blumfield.
,, David Horrobin, b., & Hester Sherman, s., of St. Giles
,, John Canary, b., & Mary Squire, s., Anthony Cornwall.
,, John Deane, w., & Dorothy Beaumont, s., Francis Booth.
8 Robt. Fardo, w., & Sus. Crump, w., of St. Saviour Southwark.
,, John Hutton, w., & Sarah Burton, s., John Burton.
,, Will. Armstrong, b., & Ellinor Parkes, w., Sebastian Gilbert.
I.OND.--III. (

1692, JUNE, conh7inld.
9 Richard l\Iatthews, b., & Anne Marshall, s., of St. Bottolph
,, George Hilton, b., & Anne Millar, w., John Lane.
,, Will. Strectin, b., & Eliz. Cooper, s., of Gregory near Paul's.
, John Cato, b., & Elizabeth Speed, s., Tho. Hern.
,, Tho. Fisher, b., & Anne Goodman, w., of Westham in Essex.
,, John Dnmbleton, w., & Susanna White, w., Edm. \Ierydale.
,, John Wenborne, b., & Sarah Munt, s., John Morley.
,, Elisha Grimes, b., & Anne Gronnous, w., John Foss.
,, Robert Lambert, b., & Margaret LLoyd, s., John Nicoll.
,, Adam Jellicoe, w., & Elizabeth Tanswell, w., of St. Leonard
10 Stephen Okeley, b., & Elizabeth Bushell, s., John Godfrey.
Si Simon Fauquet, b., & Marie Haiequenhoc, w., Gerard Del
,, Samuel Silvester, w., & Alice West, w., Charles Bishop.
,, Gabriel Du-Boue, b., & Mary Brakes, w., Tho. Grmblin.
12 Richd. Matson, b., & Elizabeth Glascow, s., Robt. Pattison.
,, John Harrington, b., & Jane Rascoe, s., Tho. Rascoe.
,, John Grasing, b., & Catharine Evans, s., Abraham Evans.
,, Baudouin Nicq, b., & Marie Edlin, s., of Spittle fields.
,, Andrew Dosell, b., & Anne Wright, s., Edward IHolliar.
13 Richard Haydon, w., & Mary Stevens, s., of St. Andrew's
14 James Lindsey, w., & Joanna Dempster, w., Nicolas Millar.
,, Robert Kingston, b., & Elizabeth Windsor, s., of St. Mary
,, Tho. Jones, b., & Anna Heyward, s., James Grunwin.
,, Will. Hill, b., & Margaret Chittenden, s., William Bird.
,, Richard Iewitt, b., & Mary Bowman, s., John Croxan.
,, John Hurrell, b., & Elizabeth Dod, s., Tho. Hurrell.
,, Tho. Bayly, w., & Susanna Swayne, s., Stephen Wood.
,, John Knat, b., & Mary Cole, w., Philip Kynd.
,, John Stoper, b., & Elizabeth Stater, s., Barnabas Maycock.
15 Paul Mossell, b., & Margaret Barham, s., Jacob Visage.
,, William Browne, b., & Sarah Forrester, s., of St. Dunstan
in the West.
16 Simon Smith, w., & Elizabeth Shoans, w., of Ratliff in

London Parish Registers.

St. James, Duke's Place.

1692, JUNE, continued.
16 John Sigors, b., & Sarah Ingerson, s., John Ingerson.
,, Christopher Buckle, w., & Winifred Price, w., Robert Price.
,, Will. Richmond, b., & Mary Waters, s., Robert Price.
,, John Roach, b., & Mary Cook, w., John Thorne.
,, Edmund Goddard, b., & Frances Boyle, w., Francis Andrews.
,, Richard Wood, b., & Elizabeth Goodwin, w., of St. Giles
17 John Nicolls, b., & Mary Jefferyes, w., of St. Bottolph
,, Daniel Hayes, b., & Joanna Reynolds, w., Robert Daffe.
,, Edward Sheffield, b., & Hester Howard, s., James Pinckney.
18 John Munday, b., & Anne Norris, s., of St. Clement Danes.
,, Will. Smith, b., & Mary William, s., John Williams.
19 Will. Paine, b., & Judith Calvert, s., of Edminton Parish.
,, Tho. Meere, b., & Elizabeth Pearson, s., Ralph Walton.
,, George Hull, b., & Mary Mayhew, s., Jonathan Wilson.
,, Tho. Yates, b., & Mary Grundy, w., Will. Whitaker.
,, Tho. Nailour, w., & Alice Smith, w., Job Glover.
,, Tho. Wankley, b., & Anne Williams, s., Edward Turner.
,, Tho. Dewsberry, b., & Elizabeth Colrick, s., Richard Dod.
,, Jonathan Cosnis, b., & Sarah Day, s., Will. Bedford.
,, John Cook, w., & Mary Shaw, w., Richard Ashmore.
,, Will. Moss, b., & Catharine Hallum, s., of St. Margaret,
,, Joseph Cheesman, b., & Frances Cheesman, w., of St. James
Clerkenwell Parish.
23 Will. Loda, b., & Hanna Littleboy, w., Tho. Glover.
,, Joseph Williams, b., & Mary White, s., Richard White.
,, Will. Everard, w., & Elizabeth Prick, s., Will. Champian.
,, Richard Card, b., & Christine Giles, s., Edward Giles.
,, Edward Walker, b., & Sarah Vincent, s., John Hardwick.
,, Will. Presland, b., & Mary Dodson, s., Will. Dodson.
,, John LLoyd, b., & Anne Cranmore, w., of St. Andrew's
,, John Baldrey, w., & Jemima Dawkes, s., Ichabod Dawkes.
,, Tho. Butfant, b., & Susanna Gibson, s., Will. Tokefield.
24 Samuel Fitch, b., & Anne Rowling, s., Will. Card.
,, Timothy Tauerner, w., & Appollin Lindridge, w., of St. Giles
in campis.

London Parish Registers.

1692, JUNE, continued.
25 John Hudson, b., & Mary Theed, s., of Hornseyin Middlesex.
,, Tho. Hall, b., & Elizabeth Fern, s., of Okingham in
,, Humphrey Auston, w., & Sarah Macmullin, s., Isaac Margets.
26 Will. Turtle, w., & Joanna Hughes, w., of St. Giles Cripple-
,, Samuell Willson, b., & Elizabeth Clifford, w., John Pattison.
,, Anthony Potter, w., & Rebecca Hopkins, s., of St. Leonard's
,, Benjamin Green, w., & Mary Stokes, s., Robert Bacon.
,, Richard Wittrens, b., & Eliz. Hubbert, s., Edward Hubbert.
,, Conrad Gugelman, b., & Mary Colman, s., of St. Paul Covent
,, Th. Gouer, b., & Sar. Eddington, s., of St. Andrew's Holborne.
27 John Ryninck, b., & Anne Starkey, w., Andrew Dewrin.
28 Howell Williams, w., & Elizabeth Marshall, w., of St. Giles
,, Richard Tranton, b., & Mary Homer, s., Edward Richards.
,, Rich. Wright, w., & Martha Pennington, w., John Stamford.
,, Benjamin Cooper, b., & Sarah Howell, s., Benjamin Cox.
,, Walter Ballet, b., & Mary Hudson, s., Joseph Ragg.
,, Tho. Fearnley, w., & Mary Thorowgood, s., Will. Shallum.
,, Tho. Smithy, b., & Mary Jordan, s., Abraham Hooper.
,, Paul Berry, w., & Mary Harrison, s., Tho. Balland.
,, George Garald, w., & Susanna Clifford, w., John Ash.
30 Will. Smith, b., & Elizabeth Jackson, s., of Stepney Parish.
,, Matthew Pound, b., & Mary Thomas, s., of St. Bottolph
,, John Gamm, w., & Mary Cook, s., Anthony Dewey.
,, Jeffrey Waite, b., & Margaret Goulding, s., of St. Sepulchre's
,, Louis du Goling, b., & Rebecca Caswell, s., Will. Viner.
,, John Humes, b., & Sarah Howard, s., of Enfield in Middlesex.
,, Benjamin Graves, b., & Helen Hunt, s., Samuel Embry.
,, Will. Gomber, b., & Sarah Crocker, s., George Black.
,, Bostock Carleton, b., & Mary Facer, s., Tho. Wildy.

St. James, Duke's Place.

JULY, 1692.
1 Cornelius Ball, b., & Sar. Wyatt, w., of Spittlefields in Stepney.
z John Hawkins, b., & Mary Jenkins, w., George Green.
3 Tho. Watson, b., & Mary Garret, s., John Morgan.
,, Richard Sharpe, b., & Anne Browne, w., Henry Fifield.
,, Richard Scrookes, b., & Mary Matthews, s., Rich. Gutteridge.
,, John Cole, b., & Elizabeth Pigeon, s., John Skelton.
,, Robert Hagon, b., & Mary Dann, s., John Blunt.
,, Will. Tims, b., & Mary Stevenson, s., Tho. White.
5 Ebenezer Raddon, b., & Anna LLoyd, s., Jeremiah Raddon.
,, Roger Apps, b., & Margaret Oliver, s., John Goodman.
, John Furnis, b., & Mary Page, s., Samuel Johnson.
, Samuel Heath, b., & Elizabeth Amerson, w., Gco. Slograine.
6 John Mackam, b., & Anne Cullony, w., Tho. Kennyan.
,, Henry Gearing, w., & Hanna Fowke, s., Joshua Gearing.
,, Elias Jones, w., & Margaret Bryan, w., George Campbell.
,, Richard Gawen, b., & Dorothy Berwick, s., of Islington.
,, Will. Depree, w., & Elizabeth Kennedy, w., Benj. Trasilian.
,, Will. More, w., & Mary LLoyd, w., James Watson.
,, Tho. Greegg, b., & Martha Reed, s., George Holgate.
7 Joseph Hulls, b., & Mary Cox, s., John Fowkes.
, Rich. Cokeer, b., & Lydia Leauer, s., of St. Bottolph Algate.
, Will. Haskett, b., & Mary Rafin, s., Edward Jones.
,, Daniel Bonner, w., & Sarah Fish, w., Tho. Tunn.
,, John Stockin, b., & Bridget Carr, s., Francis Blake.
,, Tho. Todd, b., & Margaret Westgarth, s., of Wapping, White
,, George Witherington, w., & Anne Clark, w., of St. Andrew
,, Stephen Batty, w., & Hester Scott, w., of Westham in Essex.
,, Joseph Foster, w., & Jane Fusdate, w., Joseph Howe.
,, Francis Barnes, b., & Mary Ayres, w., of Ratliff in Stepney.
,, Jean Chastellain, b., & Jane Parthom, s., Maximilian Du
8 Peter Loue, b., & Elizabeth Kirk, s., Joseph King.
,, Edward Berry, b., & Rebecca Skerret, w., of St. Andrew's
9 William Reeves, b., & Dorothy Elliot, s., Edward Hodges.
,, Benom Green, b., & Mary Foot, s., Philip Green.

London Parish Registers.

1692, JULY, continued.
9 Will. Macklain, w., & Margaret Glanvill, w., Valentine Lewin.
,, Peter Carry, b., & M1artha Browne, s., George Peirson.
o1 George Young, b., & Jane Ruddle, s., of Queen Hith Parish.
,, George Guppy, b., & Jane Whiteman, s., of St. Mary White-
,, Samuel Thompson, b., & Phillis Bodworth, s., of St. Martin
in camps.
,, John Mills, b., & Jane Ashton, s., Christopher Kighley.
,, John Fenton Kifton, w., & Ellinor Howling, w., of Exchange
Alley in Cornhill.
,, Andrew Layton, b., & Mary Faulcon, s., Abraham Faulcon.
,, Tho. Holly, b., & Anne Justice, s., Samuel Waters.
,, Robert Barrow, b., & Mary Arnold, s., Edward Morgan.
,, Henry Smith, w., & Anne May, w., of St. Bottolp's Algate.
,, Pierre Le Guay, w., & Jane Bruny, w., Robert Galloway.
,. Alexander Pindar, b., & Anne Wills, s., Miles Goddard.
,, Tho. Hughes, b., & Elizabeth Spurling, s., of St. Leonard
S1 John Holmes, b., & Mary Glass, w., Tho. Deacon.
,, Tho. Haddock, b., & Margery Broadharst, s., Edward
Sz Will. Braem, b., & Anne Debant, s., Charles Brook.
,, Edmund Smith, w., & Alice West, s., Nathaniel Morin.
,, Richard Norley, b., & Elizabeth Shelton, s., Tho. Morrice.
,, Tho. Whittyat, w., & Elizabeth Richards, s., George Stagg.
,, William Reynolds, b., & Sarah Norris, s., Tho. More.
,, James Shute, b., & Elizabeth Greenhill, s., George Burridge.
I3 Will. Bayly, b., & Priscilla Wolfe, s., John Wolfe.
,, John Knott, b., & Penelope Smith, s., of St. Helen's Parish.
,, William Hatton, b., & Sarah Webster, s., of St. James,
,, Will. Kitchin, b., & Phebe Millar, s., Stephen Cock.
,, David Pritchard, b., & Anne Nottingham, s., Henry Clarke.
,, Herbert Watts, b., & Joanna Brodrick, s., Ralph Brodrick.
,, Henry Iiller, b., & Jane Grifflith, w., of Saffron Hill in
St. Andrew's Ilolbourn.
,, George Smithson, b., & Susanna Anderson, w., Alex. Carter.
,, Thomas Speckman, b., & Hanna Ewer, s., William Chalkhill.
i.1 Will. Penny, b., & Sarah Eaton, s., Nicolas Browne.

SI. Jamces, Duke's Place.

1692, JULY, continued.
i4 Richard Stevens, w., & Anne Mary Allen, w., Thos. Cox.
,, John Bayly, b., & Hannah Hopkins, s., Thos. Gamadge.
,, John Clark, w., & Alice Langford, s., John Bound.
,, John Pratt, b., & Mlary Gawden, s., of St. Sepulchre's.
,, Willm. Tanner, w., & Joan Norton, w., Thos. Sturt.
,, John Oxman, b., & Elizabeth Taylor, s., John Swynsted.
,, Guinnet Westmacot, b., & Mary Ainsworth, s., Jas. Ainsworth.
,, John Woodall, b., & Hester Baker, s., John Sturny.
,. Samuel Titley, w., & Alice Boteler, w., John Bell.
,, John Mossom, w., & Susanna Atkinson, s., Will. Dudley.
,, Matthew FitzGerald, b., & Kath. Browne, s., Dennys Bryan.
,, James Masters, b., & Alice \Iaddox, s., Francis Hcbberley.
,, Will. Otterhead, w., & Margaret Howell, w., of St. Martin's
in the fields.
,, Edward Cleauely, b., & Anne Griffin, w., Jacob Packet.
15 Will. Harly, b., & M\Iary Rice, w., of St. George Southwark.
,, Patrick Barkley, b., & Margaret Foreman, s., John Mackenn.
,, John Swaine, b., & Sarah Thompson, s., Henry Fountaine.
,, Joseph Rewhgan, b., & Sarah Bayly, s., Joseph Cartwright.
16 Benjamin Clarke, b., & Mary Claridge, w., John Jenner.
,, John Daniel, b., & Anne Hancock, s., John Cranwell.
17 Richard Kellet, b., & Mary Seely, s., Robert Lambe.
,, Edward Hale, b., & Mary Cole, s., William Edwards.
,, Thos. Wheatly, b., & Sarah Curtis, s., in Coleman Street,
,, Benjamin Sanders, b., & Jane Sadler, s., Edward Fielding.
,, Henry Millar, b., & Grizzell Shelton, s., James Morris.
,, Francis Leaper, b., & Frances Cleaver, w., of St. Bride's
,, John Jenkes, b., & Mary Roberts, s., John Swaine.
,, Andrew Neale, b., & Susanna Trout, w., Henry Monk.
18 Jacob de Launy, b., & Susanne Lauoit, s., Abraham Lauoit.
,, Richard Leechy, w., & Margaret Barlow, w., William More.
,, John Harris, b., & Anne Brynton, w., Littleton Hcnily.
19 Henry Webster, w., & Susanna Allen, w., of St. George
,, James Cooper, b., & Sarah Fugen, s., William Hester.
,, John Randall, b., & Eliz. Small, s., David More.
,, Robert Green, b., & Eliz. Martyn, w., John Ramridge.

London Parish Registers.

1692, JULY, conltmned.
19 John Wootton, b., & Mary Carter, w., Gilbert Bibby.
,, John Gunston, b., & Mary Allanby, w., Richard Allanby.
,, John Harris, w., & Mabell Whineray, s., ofChigwell in Essex.
zo John Branard, b., & Grizzell Stocker, s., Jeffrey Branard.
,, Hy. Harper, b., & Fruse Godfrey, s., ofEnfield in Middescx.
21 William Everitt, w., & Hannah Hieron, w., Jeffrey Everitt.
,, Francis Peterson, b., & Margaret Wilson, s., John Hodgson.
,, William Mason, b., & Mary Pell, s., Thos. Hardwick.
,, Henry King, b., & Elizabeth Parker, s., Samuel Parker.
,, Job Williams, b., & Sarah Van Ittern, s., Walter Thimalton.
22 William Hafford, b., & Sarah Barger, s., John Mander.
,, Rich. Pemberton, b., & Hester Gadfield, w., John Dandridge.
,, Will. Dallis, w., & Sarah Willson, w., John Board.
,, John Samford, w., &. Mary Jackson, s., Will. Games.
23 Henry Bradshaw, b., & Frances Butler, s., Roger Wardman.
24 Samuel Bayly, b., & Eliz. Burroughs, w., John Galund.
,, Thos. Antrobus, b., & Joanna Goad, w., Sam. Ross.
,, Abraham Fry, b., & Eliz. Hughes, s., John Symmonds.
,, Joel Wadgworth, w., and Eliz. Dogyet, w., Tho. Hackwood.
,, John Clayton, b., & Katharine Wilson, s., John Skinner.
,, John Harley, w., & Eliz. Benit, w., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, Edward Birkes, b & Eliz. Young, s., Richard Birkes.
,, Will. Munden, b., & Dorothy Kemp, s., of Chelsey Parish.
,, William Ward, w., & Susanna Collier, w., Gregory Browne.
,, Thos. Sunday, w., & Anne Tyler, w., of Stepney Parish.
,, Thos. Thompson, b., & Mary Payne, s., Samson Payne.
,, Vigor le Cesne, b., & Anne Bunon, s., Robert Courson.
,, John Branson, b., & Martha Burges, w., of St. Mary White-
,, Jeffrey Full, b., & Mary Hobden, s., of Stepney Parish.
25 Edw.Evans, b., & Eliz. Evans, w., St. Margaret's, Westminster.
,, Jeremy Godfrey, b., & Margaret Mackaris, s., Thos. Mackaris.
Pierre Gimbal, b., & Blanche Couland, -, Daniel Dartnatigue.
26 Hans Ellerson, b., & Isabell Bayne, s., of St. Catharine's.
,, Richard Castle, b., & Mary Wilkinson, s., of Enfield Parish.
,, George Ayres, w., & Jane Allanson, w., of Newington,
27 John Cotterell, b., & Rebecca Johnson, s., of St. Giles

Si. James, Duke's Place.

1692, JULY, conlinletd.
27 John Batho, w., & Mary Taylor, w., John Bennet.
,, George Smith, w., & Mary Smith, w., John Richardson.
,, Paul Piers, b., & Catharine Kirk, s., Eliz. Kirk her mother.
28 Edward Elliston, b., & Ellinor Vaux, s., Thos. Elliston.
,, Robert Lane, b., & Susanna Resbeck, s., of Spittlefields
in Stepney.
,, Edward Stones, b., & Eliz. Henshaw, w., Jonathan Minikin.
,, George Nutkin, w., & Sarah Richardson, s., Stephen King.
,, Robert Martyn, w., & Jane Tams, s., of Algate Parish.
,, Thos. Stanly, w., & Sarah Hunt, w., of Bishopsgate Parish.
29 Edward Hamsted, b., & Eliz. Bayly, s., Will. Smart.
,, William Jones, b., & Eliz. Humphrcyes, w., Will. De Pree.
30 Francis Wood, b., & Eliz. Littledike, w., George Gee.
,, Andrew Dewdney, b., & Eliz. Jewkes, s., John Jewkes.
,, John Farmer, w., & Mary Douerman, w., Charles Barr.
31 Marin Oliuer, b., & Emily Vigory, s., Jaques Gilbert.
,, John Benson, b., & Anne Bolton, s., Will. Otes.
,, Benjamin Fairee, b., & Mary Sindall, s., John Sindall.
,, Elisha Poup6, b., & Anne Braisby, w., of St. Sepulchre's
,, Joseph Bryan, b., & Sarah Fowler, s., Abraham Pauely.
,, John Clarke, w., & Eliz. Arkley, w., of St. Martin in the
,, Estienne Rallid, w., & Elisabet Sheill6, w., Charles Marignard.

AUGUST, 1692.
1 John Empson, b., & Elizabeth Coe, w., John Cooper.
,, Thomas Smith, b., & Elizabeth Field, s., Will. Barnsley.
,, Jeremy Kyte, b., & Susannah Morris, s., of Wapping, White-
Christian Wyand, b., & Margaret Nicolls, s., of St. Martin's
in the Fields.
z Thomas Plumb, b., & Rebecca Cox, s., James Swift.
,, Peter Goulding, b., & Elizabeth Heath, w., John Dodson.
Thos. Rand, b., & Elizabeth Speakman, w., John Rand.
,, Jeffrey Corall, b., & Margaret Cole, s., William Jackson.
,, George Brewer, w., & Elizabeth Goram, w., of Eriff in Kent.
4 Joseph Bell, w., & Frances Collins, s., Alexander Rothinel.
,, Richd. Keen, w., & Jane Ingram, s., of Grace Church Street.

Loundon Parish Registers.

1692, AUGuST, conlinued.
4 Robert Florcy, b., & Anne Reyly, w., John Baker.
,, James Apthorp, b., & Katharine Humerstone, s., Roger Alston.
,, Morgan Ryan, w., & Anne Grillith, w., George Watson.
,, Charles King, w., & Katharine Ward, w., of St. James,
6 Beniamin Bradley, b., & Eliz. Tyrwhitt, s., of St. Austin's
,, John Atkins, b., & Mary Hale, s., Richard Gun.
,, William Henderson, b., & Mary Lindsey, w., Will. Rogers.
7 Gabriel Best, b., & Rachel Aldridge, s., Will. Parker.
,, Sam. Lebersuch, b., & Susanna Eastwick, s., James Roberts.
,, John Vernon, w., & Margaret Evans, w., John Knevet.
,, Benjamin Morris, b., & Mary Dawson, w., of Ioundsditch
in Algate.
,, Francis Green, b., & Mary Champ, s., Thomas Perry.
,, Richard Wilson, w., and Eliz. Gun, s., Bartholomew Gun.
,, Guilliaume Quignard, b., & M Irie Joyeux, w., Jean Bontfoy.
,, Alderson Dixy, b., & Elizabeth Coleman, s., of Hornchurch
in Essex.
,, William Burrouh, b., & Izrael Trim, w., John Lane.
,, John Smith, w., & Frances Chandler, s., James Kirby.
8 James Hilbin, w., & Mary Turney, s., of St. Bottolph
,, Charles Minchin, w., & Elizabeth Pickering, s., Chris. Staples.
9 George Scott, b., & Tomasin Bayly, w., Henry Wills.
,, Charles Bucknal, b., & Mary Lassall, w., Joseph Hart.
,, Rich. Colfer, w., & Eliz. Gritton, w., William Houghton.
,, William Ilouglton, b., & Ellinor Raymund, s., Rich. Colfer.
,, Joseph Bcuerstock, w., & Anne Williams, w., Thomas Clouds.
,, John Mills, b., & Hester Tirrell, s., Robert Hickes.
,, George Mackaress, w., & Anne Chapman, s., John Cook.
o1 Job Egleston, b., & Elizabeth IIewit, s., John Vanx.
,, Daniel Demon, b., & Louize Benist, s., Daniel Benist.
,, John Bownas, b., & Anne Dale, w., Richard Jordan.
,, lartholomew Cole, b., & Mary Cockerill, s., Robert Cole.
,, Joshua Berry, b., & Mary Brouglton, s., William Wiggan.
,, Richard I.,ham, w., & Mary Salmon, w., of St. Bottolph
SI John Bunn, w., & Mary Pearse, w., Robert Keeble.

St. James, Dukc's Place.

1692, AUGUST, continued.
Ir George Sidley, b., & Anne Innes, s., Beniamin Nicolls.
,, Mules Lee, b., & Elizabeth Hurd, s., Joshua Bell.
,, Francis Eaton, b., & Hester Vernon, s., Francis Thursfeld.
,, James Cook, b., & Mary Rodd, s., Charles Wamcsley.
,, John Bartholomew, b., & Eliz. Tilson, s., Samuel Hatfield.
i z Thomas Harlow, w., & Mary Borne, s., Thomas Hole.
,, John Wollshoffen, w., & Sussanna Kissar, w., of St. Paul's
13 Ralph Minshew, b., & Margarett Manloue, s., James White.
,, Daniel Simpson, b., & Anne Ieatley, s., Thomas Heatley.
,, Philip Parsons, b., & Sarah Emberson, s., John More.
I+ Chas. [iank], b., & Grace Humston, s., Jonathan Sanders.
,, Randolph Marsh, b., & Rose Marsh, w., of Hendon in
,, Thomas Bromley, w., & Sarah Miles, w., Francis Bromley.
,, Andrew Silk, w., & Jane Ramkin, s., John Brown.
,, Dennis Chirae, -, & Jusanne Rigal, -, Antoine Rigal.
,, Wm. Sherwood, w., & Hest. Chippendale, w., John Medcalfe.
,, Thomas Laurence, b., & Anne Bradhurst, w., John Mason.
,, William Dauis, b., & Mary Seamer, s., of St. Helen's.
,, Richard Whittingham, b., & Eliz. Turner, s., Tho. Rockett.
,, Rowland Kendale, b., & Mary Closson, s., of St. Giles in
,, Thomas Grace, b., & Mary Martin, s., Richard Martin.
,, John Stuart, w., & Elizabeth Murray, s., John Baker.
,, Thomas Turner, b., & Mary Keeble, w., Miles Burbeck.
15 William Baskerville, w., & Sarah Combo, w., Tho. Alford.
10 Gilbert Pickering, w., & Jane Hurst, s., of St. Martin in
the Fields.
,, John Ester, b., & Dinah Eue, s., of Hackney Parish.
,, Henry Philips, ., & Elizabeth Clark, s., John Clark.
,, John Ailmond, w., & Mary Barnes, w., Joseph Adderton.
,, Richd. Martin, b., & Margaret Gendy [?], s., Sam. Pickering.
17 Rich. Hill, b., & I)orothy Oxley, s., of Chignall Smeley, Essex.
,, William Burroughs, b., & Elizabeth Borthwick, s., Ralph Gee.
18 Charles Watson, b., & Mary Ball, s., James Culshaw.
,, John Ryle, b., & Anne Ciuil, s., Thomas Day.
,, John Hawker, b., & Mary Fletcher, s., Robert Granger.
,, Edward Bennet, b., & Mary Best, s., Robert Granger.

London Parish Registers.

1692, AUGUST, continued.
18 John Coleman, b., & Elizabeth Heather, s., Francis Clark.
,, William Viccars, b., & Rhoda Jones, w., John Smith.
,, Mark Goodborn, b., & Hannah Garrett, s., Charles Riddall.
,, Rich. Goldington, b., & Mary Maddox, s., Antony Baldrick.
,, Jas. Baldwin, b., & Mary Compton, -,of St.BottolphAldgate.
,, Isaac Hamblin, w., & Sarah Still, w., John Mobson.
,, James Penyell, b., & Joyce Terry, s., Peter Hayward.
,, Maurice Smith, b., & Anne More, w., of St. James, West-
,, John Gascoign, b., & Lucy Posselthwaite, s., Robert Nailder.
,, Randolph Weaver, b., & Elizabeth Birch, s., Edward Weaver.
21 James Purdy, b., & Kath. Puliston, s., of Deptford in Kent.
,, Thomas Spicer, b., & Sarah Clarke, w., William Parrot.
,, Abraham Lambe, w., & Sarah Sawyer, s., of St. Andrew's
,, Esaye Corveau, b., & Susanne Delmar, s., Stephen Faget.
,, George Treswetforshe, b., & Martha Cooper, s., Thomas
22 John Clarke, w., & Sarah Nillam, s., Thomas Lewyn.
,, John Kinderly, w., & Mary Heath, s., Nathaniel Kinderly.
,, Samuel Gladding, b., & Martha Grinells, w., of Camberwell
in Surrey.
23 James Sapps, w., & Dinah Harrison, w., Peter Hutton.
,, Thomas Wingats, w., & MIargaret Fife, w., Gilbert Rankin.
,, James Wicks, b., & Sarah Iand, s., Thomas Still.
,, Iichard Cleyden, w., & Mary Putnum, w., Richard Cleyden.
,, Nathaniel Nixon, b., & Elizabeth Jordan, w., Isaac Burgess.
,, Anthony Ireland, b., & Dorcas Wright, s., John Wright.
,, Richard Ledworth, b., & Anne Fernhead, s., Hugh Adderley.
24 John Kingsbury, b., & Martha Spurr, s., John Jenkins.
25 Joseph Milward, b., & Alice Woodcock, s., Joseph Fenn.
,, Herman Fairman, b., & Abrina Rodboll, s., Tho. Howard.
,, Richard Sharpe, b., & Jane Dawes, s., Gilbert Lacy.
,, Vm. Boyes, b., & Mary Came, s., of St. Mary VWhitechappell.
,, John Child, b., & Frances Tiss, s., of Crawfurd in Kent.
,, Henry Crouch, b., & Elisabeth Heath, s., John Daniel.
,, John Scatliff, w., & Susan Simpson, w., James Mayor.
,, Jonas Parnell, b., & Mary Poe, s., James Hern.
,, John Hillton, b., & Sarah Francis, s., Thomas Webb.

St. James, Duke's Place. 93

1692, AUGUST, continued.
25 Nicolas Parker, w., & Elizabeth Barnet, s.. William Ward.
27 Tho. Shepherd, b., & Jane Dolliff, s., of St. Bride's Parish.
28 Richard Pridgeom, b., & Elizabeth Smith, s., John Stone.
,, Mathew Varion, b., & Jane Giles, s., John Waterhouse.
,, Thomas Hart, b., & Dorothy Craven, s., Richard Lawson.
,, John Higden, b., & Anne Newbutt, s., Edward Posten.
,, Thomas Larkin, b., & Susanna Evat, s., George Berry.
,, John Steuens, b., & Margaret Goodwin, s., of Lingfield in
29 Laurence Park, b., & Elizabeth Carter, s., John Mount.
,, Daniel Fox, b., & Dinah Buttram, s., Henry Greathead.
,, William Nailor, b., & Susanna Lyndes, s., Evan Jones.
,, Francis Carpenter, b., & Elizabeth Browne, s., Henry Hall.
30 Geo. Holloway, b., & Barbara Desbrow, s., of St. Sepulchre's.
,, Nathaniel Lee, b., & Elisabeth Wheeldon, w., of Coleman
Street, London.
,, Charles Cole, b., & Lidia Peal, s., of St. Bottolph Algate.
,, James Hall, b., & Sarah Ashley, s., Edward Rowe.
William Dingley, b., & Sarah Richford, s., John Smith.
,, Rich. Crompton, b., & Eliz. Jarvis, w., of St. Clement's Danes.
,, John Brook, w., & Margarett Haggett, w., Edward Pearse.
,, John Upcott, b., & Anne Bartholomew, s., of St. Margaret's,
31 Edward Darby, b., & Mary Burvile, s., William Barnes.
,, Thomas Browne, b., & Sarah Butt, s., Richard Massy.

i Robert Livermore, b., & Eliz. North, s., of St. Peter Cornhill.
,, Keabel Anderson, w., & Nem Addison, s., Henry Cook.
,, Rich. Sanderson, b., & Eliz. Hartfleet, w., John Bennet.
,, Josias Parsons, w., & Anne Ainsworth, w., Hugh Parsons.
,, Richard Collins, w., & Mary Stockdann, s., Abel Bower.
Henry Pauret, b., & Mary Courson, s., of St. James, West-
,, Tho. Adderton, b., & Eliz. Martin, s., Beniamin Knowles.
,, Henry Giddings, b., & Anne Giddings, s., Edward Hawkings.
,, John Millner, b., & Margaret Taylor, s., Thomas Willcox.
,, Lancelot Robinson, b., & Mary Callcott, w., Edward Ware.
,, Isaac Harivel, b., & Isabella Dipsy, s., Samuel Biard.

London Parish Registcrs.

16qz, SEPTEMBER, COntinuled.
z Walter Blackwell, b., & Anne Long, w., Daniel Watson.
,, Tho. Wood, b., & Mary Clarke, s., of St. Andrew's IIolborne.
,, Thomas Leaver, b., & Sarah Lewyn, s., Thomas LDwyn.
4 Wm. Millard, b., & Margt. Harris, w., of Bow in Cheapside.
,, Richard Hill, b., & Mary Aris, s., William Hall.
,, John Fisher, b., & Elizabeth Twgdale, w., Christopher Smith.
,, Christopher Smith, b., & Deborah Howard, w., John Fisher.
,, Joseph Harrington, b., & Susanna Maples, s., Philip Gates.
,, Thos. Lingwood, w., & Sus. Headach, s., Will. Woodcock.
,, Solomon Smith, b., & Anne Evrington, s., Josiah Rycroft.
,. John Chcuter, w., & Jane Iolder, w., Jacob Packett.
5 John Husscy, b., & Mary Canter, s., St. Paul Covent Garden.
6 Thomas Browne, b., & Mary Wallis, s., John Beck.
,, John Welling, b., & Dorothy Arnold, s., Thomas Coverdale.
,, Will. Million, b., & Eliz. Richardson, s., Henry Richardson.
,, Joseph Chandler, b., & Martha Child, s., John Willcox.
,, Thos. Mather, b., & Margt. Sherbrook, s., Rich. Sherbrook.
,, John Archer, b., & Eliz. Pool, w., of Christ's Church Parish.
,, Robt. Wallis, b., & Elizabeth Newman, s., of Kingston upon
,, Charles Collings, b., & Deborah Cutler, w., William Clarke.
,, Richard Day, b., & Mary Saywell, s., Thomas Saywell.
,, George Meredith, w., & Martha Cook, s., Randolph Hopley.
,, Samuel Palmer, b., & Elizabeth Still, s., Isaac Hamblin.
,, John Jones, w., & Anne Gibbs, s., Edward Walker.
7 George Flett, b., & Jane Kymen, w., Henry Marriot.
,, Tho. Rowney, b., & Hanna Templar, w., Richard Preston.
,, Francois [blank], -, & Catharine Le Moine, s., Pierre Le
8 John Stamford, b., & Philippa Duncaster, s., John Crossland.
,, William Jones, b., & Mary Street, s., Samuel Browne.
,, John Marwell, b., & Susanna Asley, w., William Raine.
,, James Castle, b., & Thomasin Jones, s., Giles Kinshen.
,, John Norris, b., & Elizabeth Playle, s., Thomas Flanders.
,John Smith, b., & Anne Fowler, s., Joseph Lee.
0o John Hunt, b., & Eliz. Bayly, w., of St. Andrew's Holborne.
,, John Simpson, b., & Susanna Jacob, s., William Jacob.
,Thomas Bashcvile, b., & Judith Hill, s., of Winterborne in

St. James, Duke's Place. 95

1692, SEPTEMBER, con/ihted.
io Edwd. Bradgate, b., & Sarah Cayley, s., of Branchly in Kent.
,, James Chilham, w., & Elizabeth Fox, s., John Stukely.
,, Richard Adderly, b., & Katharine Ashby, s., William Ashby.
, John Vales, b., & Mary Caulet, s., John Caulet.
j I Joshua Wiles, b., & Elizabeth Sandlins, s., William Roberts.
,, Richard Temple, b., & Mary Steuens, s., William Cherry.
,, William Morton, b., & Elizabeth Green, s., John Lambert.
,, William Duck, b., & Hannah Hill, s., William Hill.
,, Matt. Jones, b., & Hannah Ratcliffe, s., Peter Vanderbrule.
., John Wall, w., & Helen Ockleslec, w., William Blunt.
12 John Padner, w., & Anne Whiteman, w., John Mackley.
13 Robert Sanderson, b., & Frances Walkingham, s., William
,, Thomas Smith, b., & Susanna Stafford, s., Thomas Mercer.
,, Dan. Fairzre, b., & Jane La Pro, w., of Threadneedle Street.
,, Beniamin Lurcock, b., & Elizabeth Millar, s., William Davis.
,, Thomas Cooper, w., & Margaret Childry, w., John Prmiter.
,, John Hannel, b., & Anne Crutall, s., John Crutall.
,, John Harison, b., & Bridget Thorowgood, s., Tho. Parker.
14 Richard Strugnall, b., & Eliz. Bradley, s., Jonathan Flowkes.
,, Laurence Skinner, b., & Constance Prince, w., Charles
,, John Jones, b., & Elizabeth Bennet, s., Samuel Leech.
,, John Bendin, b., & Catharine Browne, s., Daniel Meager.
Tho. Addison, w., & Susanna Robinson, s., Tho. I-Indcrson.
15 Matthew Turner, b., & Sarah Dravo, s., Joseph Barstow.
,, William Harcott, b., & Eliz. Hamilton, s., Henry Topping.
,, John Doleing, b., & Mary Robinson, s., George Lislle.
,, Thomas Jennings, b., & Sara Bright, s., William Lott.
,, Francis Willcockson, b., & Mary Bennet, s., Jas. Willcockson.
,, Robert Rookes, b., & Mary Parrott, s., Thomas Banton.
,, John Penly, w., & Anne Stanley, w., Thomas Purchas.
,, John Matthews, b., & Elizabeth Sibthorp, w., of Stapleford
Abbot in Essex.
,, James Williamson, w., & Eliz. Dorington, s., John Stuart.
Daniel Halbout, b., & Marie Blancard, s., David Perotet.
,, Thomas Prevost, w., & Catharine Calbrie, s., Jaques Combe.
16 Job Hzar, w., & Martha Boeeth, w., of Berkin in Essex.
S8 Peter Jerom, b., & Lucy Phillipps, s., William Butler.

London Parish Registers.

1692, SEPTEMBER, con/inlitcd.
18 Miles Byron, b., & Sarah King, s., William Linfield.
,, Solomon Cahaist, w., and Cath.Vcrague, w., Daniel Gongron.
,, Richard Page, b., & Elizabeth Ibbut, s., James Billington.
,, Thomas Strange, b., & Susanna Pitman, s., William Eaton.
,, John Eustace, w., & Margery Doncaster, w., Leonard Johnson.
19 George Turner, b., & Elizabeth Spry, s., William Perkins.
,, Richard Cook, b., & Anne Grace, s., John Grace.
20 Cornelius Bennington, b., & Eliz. Bennington, s., Robt. Cook.
,, William Collins, b., & Sarah Hooper, s., Nathaniel Prentice.
,, Roger Bayly, b., & Dorothy Blansfield, w., John Sturmy.
,, Roger Norton, b., & Sarah Greenly, w., James Ganey.
,, Francis Goldring, b., & Alice Perrin, w., Thomas Hill.
21 William Jones, b., & Elizabeth Calcut, w., Henry Arden.
,, Samuel Chadwick, b., & Alice Smith, s., of Barnes in Surrey.
,, Nicolas Thompson, b., & Dorothy Wingham, s., Robert
22 Philip Wester, b., & Elizabeth Ginder, s., John Ginder.
,, George Wicks, b., & Anne Bagshaw, s., Edward Little.
,, William Clarke, b., & Mary Trap, s., John Wild.
,, Thomas Patrick, w., & Elizabeth Smith, w., Robert Cook.
,, John Mills, b., & Dorothy Peak, w., of Limehouse in Stepney.
,, Thomas Neal, b., & Margaret Brigland, s., Charles Antill.
,, John Langford, w., & Jane Mason, w., St. Anne, Westminster.
,, Thomas Roswell, w., & Mary Davis, s., Richard Smith.
,, John Drury, b., & Michael Basden, s., James Branch.
23 Beniamin Marshman, b., & Anne Doncaster, s., John Bond.
,, Edward Nott, b., & Margaret Blakeston, s., David Crawford.
,, Anthony Didier, b., & Anne Barbor, w., of St. Mary Le Bow.
24 Edward Newbull, b., & Anne Mellin, w., John Crost.
25 Edward Fletcher, b., & Priscilla Peasy, w., Joseph Bucknell.
,, Richard Oxley, w., & Jane Hurst, s., John Smith.
,, John Finch, w., & Jane Lane, w., of St. Giles Cripplegate.
,, Henry Broadfield, b., & Mary Birkett, w., Richard Hanley.
,, Francis Gatenau, b., & Marie Crashe, w., James Campbell.
,, William Comms, b., & Anne Dobson, s., William Pincket.
,, John Powell, b., & Elizabeth Chard, w., of St. Dunstan's
in the West.
,, Thomas Slape, b., & Ellinor Walker, s., of St. James, West-

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