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Title: UF together for a safe campus
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Publication Date: 2009
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.. .. .. Together
S. ...rr aSafe
SCam s

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121 ' f r\

University Policies

Promoting Safety and Security

S I I I I h ., I ,,I ,,,,IIll I
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1, I, I ll. 1 I Ih I 1,1 I I I I... .. 1 -
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I 1h I. h I I I d ,
Soaic lar S u l of CoI l luc

I I I I p 1 11. 1 I I 1 - 11111'' Ill~ IIIl. I
In I I n I nl , I l n l Ih I I I, Ih n I n. n,1 1

I nhI i I II I I n d -n nI I n
,u I I h , I I I ,,I I ,1 , I ,II, , 1,, , iii, ,

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S II IllI. 1I. 1 .I I 1
Polin on n Senual As,' uln

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n nl ,,' n, In nn d n n, n nl I n nl n I n n n n l n n

What To Do If You Are

Sexually Assaulted
e ( t ( r a sa f |lla o i ,, ,l ,,,, Ii ,I ,I., i,, ,,, 1 II

(Je IndI I a i II. IIII IIllll.. I, ll .l Il,,

,II i,, I ,,l i i..i.. I I l l il .l n n ln ,II ,

I,, n 0 n I 1 11 C 1l l I l l l ln 'l, ,_ ,
I" "| I:I .li I , ,,I |),,,.,h I ii 1I I I11

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IIl Ill I l I Ila 1 111 o f II I I
It"O ll 11t 1 I A.IIII 1111 _' [ll h.' I I

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The 1IIIIl\tii-1i of FI lnda F'Pidl D IpaII n ltni

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"' 1'1"'''' h ,i .,,., ,. ,. h ,

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I ii I II l ,1 1 h. I II I , ... '
,1 ,,I ,-1 ,h1 11 1 I~n,, n nn ,,,n ,11111 ,11 ,I

I n n I , I n, I, i, n n l

I I I , ,l l ll l l l l , l l '' I ] I I

I ~ ', I, 'llnl

I UF Toge.......Cp

to the police. All services are free and confidential.
The Alachua County Victim Services and Rape
Crisis Center offers victim support 24-hours daily.
Victims may consult the advocates directly by calling
(352) 264-6760. All services are free and confidential.
The Center for Sexual Assault/Abuse Recovery
Education (CARE), located on the third floor of the
Student Health Care Center (Infirmary), room 320, 392
1161 ext. 4362, is a university sponsored agency providing
individual and group counseling for persons dealing
with any form of sexual exploitation. CARE is a specialty
service with professionals trained in sexual victimization
recovery. All records are kept confidential.
The University Counseling Centeroffers confidential,
no cost counselingservices to currently enrolled students
coping with any form of sexual exploitation issues.
Professional psychologists and counselors provide
short-term, individual, couples, and group counseling.
The Center also coordinates with other campus and
community resources to assist students in their recovery
and continued academic progress. Appointments for
counseling services may be made in person or by phone
(352) 392-1575, during office hours (8:oo00 a.m. to 5:oo p.m.,
Monday through Friday). Students in need of immediate
assistance are seen on an emergency non appointment
basis. The Center is located in 301 Peabody Hall, adjacent
to Criser Hall. See the Center's web page for further
information at www.counsel.ufl.edu.
Student Mental Health Services, located in the
Student Health Care Center, 392-1171, is available for a
wide range of personal, interpersonal, and emotional
The Alachua County Crisis Center, is a 24
hour, seven day/week system of suicide and crisis
intervention, supportive counseling, and therapy
available to anyone in Alachua County. Services are
provided by telephone, by face-to-face counseling (by
appointment or walk in), and by emergency response
outreach teams. Anyone in distress (or concerned with
another's emotional issues) may call, anytime, (352)
264-6789 for immediate assistance.

If you are concerned about the problem of sexual
assault and want to participate in prevention education
programs or if you have any ideas to share, contact any of
the agencies listed under victim assistance agencies.

What Victims of Sexual Assault
Can Expect From The University
of Florida Police Department
It is the policy of the University of Florida Police De
apartment to ensure that sexual assault victims are afforded
sensitivity and maximum humane consideration.
All officers, regardless of duty assignment, receive
specialized training in the investigation of sex offenses.
Topics discussed in this training are Florida law, university
philosophy and policy, officer sensitivity to the needs and
feelings of the victim, support resources, and methods of
successful investigation.

Officers will ensure that a victim advocate is available
throughout the process to address a victim's needs
and concerns as well as those of significant others.

SOfficers will treat a victim with courtesy, sensitivity,
dignity, and understanding.
Officers will act thoughtfully without prejudging or
blaming a victim.
A victim's request to speak to an officer of the same
gender will be accommodated.
SOfficers will meet privately with a victim in a location
of the victim's choice.
Officers will make arrangements for medical treatment
with respect for a victim's choice of medical facility.
Officers will inform a victim of services available both
on and off campus.
Officerswill answer victim's questions at anytime and
will explain the criminal justice system and process.
* Officers will diligently investigate each case thoroughly
and consistently, and will keep a victim informed on
the progress of the case.
* A victim's name and identifying information
will be withheld from the public and the
press, in accordance with the Florida Public
Records Law.

What You Can Do If Someone
You Know Has Been Sexually
Ifyou know someone who has been sexually assaulted,
you can be ofhelp. In the aftermath of asexual assault, the
victim may be experiencing fear, insecurity, and/or frustra
tion and need care and support from others. You, as a
friend (or spouse or family member), can playan important
role by providing reassurance and support.
Allow your friend to reflect upon what has happened
and the feelings experienced, but do not press for details.
Let her/him set the pace. Listening is one of the best things
you can do at this time. In short, be a trusted friend.
If your friend has not received medical attention, en
courage her/him to do so. For additional help and support,

call the University of Florida Police Department's Office
of Victim Services. An advocate can accompany you and
your friend to the medical facility and expedite medical
attention. Know that there is a possibility the medical
facility will notify the police. However, it is up to your
friend to make the final decision as to whether a formal
police report will be initiated.
You can be a valuable resource to your friend by
seeking out and providing information that will assist in
understanding available options. For example, you can
let your friend know that reporting the rape and collecting
evidence does not automatically lock her/him into pursu
ing prosecution of the offender. What it does do is assist
the police in identifying the method and possible identity
of the assailant. Since rapists tend to rape more than
once, any information that can be provided may prevent
the sexual assault of someone else. You may be asked
to testify in judicial proceedings regarding your friend's
remarks, actions, and state of mind, especially if you were
one of the first people she/he approached. Jotting down a
few notes may prove to be of benefit later.
Making the decision to report a sexual assault to the
police and to undergo the subsequent processes of evi
dence collection and possible judicial proceedings will be
very difficult for your friend. Although it is only natural
that you will want to give advice, you must avoid trying
to control the situation. A victim of sexual assault needs
to regain control and must be allowed to make her/his
own decisions.
Whatever decisions are made, your friend needs to
know that she/he will not be judged, disapproved of, or
rejected by you. The victim of sexual assault can suffer a
significant degree of physical and emotional trauma both
during and immediately following the rape that may remain
for a long time. By being patient, supportive, and non
judgmental you can provide a safe accepting climate into
which your friend can release painful feelings.
Sometimes friends or family members take the sexual

U ivest of Floid Poic Depate 3

University Policies

Promoting Safety and Security ...,,,,,,,..

III 1 I I I . .. I" I 1h1 ,. I I I h i

III,, ,,, I ,, ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,

Ili- .il Jl l I l

I I I I .. .. l h 1. I 111.

I ,, ,i | i I. I l ll i i ,I ,h ,Ii ,I, I

Crimes of Violence and the

Campus J u icial System
il 'li d , .... ii i.dh I ll. .I i~ ,ll. I'd i ,ll

i i . .... i h... i .. l.i ,i l ,,i
,, l l i IIi.. I ,1111 I II l. 1111 iii.
,I I *i ,, I I III I ,ll h ,
I. I I 1. ,11 I

I II II. i' ,11, i , II I

I I h l ,.

, I l l l l I ,


I h ~I h ~ 1 ~I l ,,I l I I II Ill 1 1 1 1,, ll,, Jll,

I~~hl,~ l' ''' '' l;"Th ,, l "' '',

I liii' ~''~ ' I".' iil ii .i .. ii Ii li.i l

"" .'11 ,, Ih. i .. i h. lI ,,i ii,

ii' iII I~iii II I. I
,. i. . '"' i '" i ''h ,,.,. "'I ' iiiii I h
,, 1 '''.. ... .. I I""III i1 I
,,'' I ," II~ ,, ,i ,,i ,I ,I~ ,,,~ ,. ~i l,, ,I
" ,I II, I iI , ,,,, i,,l. lh h l I1 ' 1

h'hil " Ib,,lll. h' 'llll. ~ ~ ~~~~ I,. ,I~ ~I Ih.I~ ~

I,,h l ,' I,, '' ,,I,,,,,I "1 . 1' , , 1 ,

,,, ,,I ,, I.... I llI I ,,,, I,l, ,. I I,,,,, I. I. ,,.,, ,,, ,I

'1'" h' ",,,, I,, I, I.,I ~ ~ ~I ~ ~ I

II ,h, ,,, ,1,, ,,,,' ~ 1 1~. ~_, ,,, ,l h I, ,,, l,, h,, ,,,, h,,,,,I
Ih I I

II 11 I ,,I ,I I l l l l l ~ l i l l ,

~I I ~ I I~
i ,' ,i,~ ,,., I ,I ,1, II,~ ,,,,,,1. I""' II~. ,,I

hI Illh- I. .I i 1 Jil-I I 1 I II i I, Jil- I I' ,

It I.i

'lh,. I 'l ,, I I II ,,,, I III I h ll I
Ih , I ,, *l i i i i, i ii i .Il,, iil, I. l, iI iI I

i. i 1,,

F. T11ehe Fo A SafeCa.m.pu

Hl l l 1 lD nllwli P.l. r DrV llill

^ij1llPu. | Ii.. ll liT I ill .fill'-

adi .i.li m ..l i it I .iIi il .-''
.L 11l 1

i.5 l ll ,. . .. 1 i u'.,' ,.' 1 1 1 u R 1 1
,ijl iF lui,ii' ii R I

l ,. .

I.IIII\ r:'l l ."lUll.':'ll|t t.'I-lt''l
I,, ,I ,',.

11 I 111I

lud ll I-i l.1 11 alllll l

P I.l.ul P 1 i1

s h .11 d, 11 -- pi.1 l E .IIIr i ', 'hi,, ,

..ll .i ll l I I ll l

AI,lla l"u, i "mI-ulltli ,i| i, i Jli t h
h .,, I ,, u

".. '/ 7 i, I.-%tc x


ill h-

i.,., I I ,,"

informed of the outcome of 1 '. 1 .i, 11 i.. ... I .. i,, :
A student adjudicated responsible for violations of
the Code of Student Conductshallbe subject to sanctions
commensurate with
mitigating circumstances, which mayinclude one or more
of the ,, sanctions, unless otherwise expressly
provided (University of Florida Rule 60 4.oi6):
2. Conduct probation,
3. Loss of _-
4. Suspension,
5 Expulsion,
6 Restitution for universityproperty,
7 Community/universityservice,
8 Education andseminars
9. Residencehall transferorremoval ora combination
of any of the above.

For more information about the rights of the victims,
rights of the accused, and thejudicial process of the Univer
sity of Florida, refer to Student Rights and Responsibilities
located in the Student Guide, or on the Dean of Students
Office website at www.dso.ufl.edu or the Student Judicial
Affairs website at ww ,I .1 1 .. ,,i11 ,,,. ,i

Alcoholic Beverages Policy
The use of alcoholic beverages by members of the
University of Florida community is at all times subject to
the alcohol beverage laws and ordinances of the City of
Gainesville, County of Alachua, and State of Florida.

Drinking Age Laws
Florida State Statute 562.111 makes it unlawful for
any person:
Under the age of 21 years to have in his or her
possession alcoholic beverages;
STo sell, give, serve, or permit to be served alcoholic
beverages to a person under 21 years of age or to
permit a person under 21 years of age to consume said
beverages on licensed premises;
STo misrepresent or misstate his or her age or any other
person for the purpose of inducing any licensee or his
agents or employees to sell, give, serve, or deliver any
alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age.

Open Container Laws
City Ordinance Section 4-4b. It is unlawful for any
person to consume or have in his or her possession any
alcoholic beverage in any open container on any public
street, thoroughfare, sidewalk, or on the premises of any
publicly owned parking facility in the city. Nor shall
any person consume or have in his/her possession any
alcoholic beverages in an open container on any private
property, except as a lawful guest and with the consent of
the owner or person in charge of such private property.
City Ordinance Section 4-4c. It is unlawful for any
person to consume or to have in his or her possession any
alcoholic beverages within the stands, stadium, orgrounds
of Florida Field, the stadium located on the campus of the
University of Florida. This prohibition shall apply at any
place within the gates of said stands, on the grounds, in
the aisles, or at any other place in said stadium.

Controlled Substances
The possession and use of controlled drugs by mem
bers of the University of Florida community must at all
times be in accordance with the provisions of Florida Law,
the rules of the Board of Regents of the State of Florida,
and the rules of the University of Florida, which include the
Code of Student Conduct. Under Florida law, no person
may possess substances regulated under the provisions of
Chapter 893, Florida Statutes (controlled substances and
designer drugs) unless dispensed and used pursuant to
prescription or otherwise authorized by law. Possession,
sale, and delivery of such substances is prohibited unless
authorized by law.
Under the Code of Student Conduct, students at the
University of Florida who possess, use, or deliver controlled
substances and designer drugs not dispensed and used
pursuant to prescription are subject to disciplinary ac
tion, up to and including expulsion from the university.
Disciplinary action against a student under university rules
does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges against
that individual. I 1, ii ,, I criminal charges similarly does
not preclude action by the university.
iI h. 1 i.1. :,ii -,11 i, ; and the misuseof prescription
and other drugs pose a serious threat to the physical and

mental well being of university students, faculty, staff,
visitors, and guests of the university. The university is
committed -. i .1... il : accurate information and educa
tionalprogramstopreventsuch useof dl,,; I ...:.. i,,'
further information about the programs and services listed
above, or any other related assistance available from the
university, please contact any of the following: Gatorwell
Health Promotion Services, Room 302, Student Health
Care Center, (352) 392-1161, ext. 4281; University ..1111 ,i
Center, 301 Peabody, (352) 392-1575; Student Mental Health
Services, Infirmary ,,,ii.,,- (352) 392-1171; or the UFPD
Community Services Division, Jennings Annex Building,
UFPD, (352) 3921409.
The University of Florida complies with all provisions
of the Federal ,,,: i , Work Place Act requirements.
Forfulltextsee ,:-FreeSchool
and Work Place Policy Statement

V_- (ai"M ad &- t-& (?aiJici" S4tm
When a student violates city, state, or federal law by an offense committed off campus that is not associated with a
university activity, the disciplinary authority of the university will not be used merely to duplicate the penalty awarded
for such an act under applicable ordinances and laws.
The university will take disciplinary action against a student for such an off campus offense only when it is required
by law to do so, or when the nature of the offense is such that in the judgment of the Director of Student Judicial Affairs,
that the continued presence of the student on campus is likely to interfere with the educational process or the orderly
operation of the university, or that the continued presence of the student on campus is likely to endanger the health,
safety, or welfare of the university community. If the Director of Student Judicial Affairs determines that disciplinary
action is warranted, the Director of Student Judicial Affairs shall so notify the student in accordance with Rule 6C-4-
.16(5). The action of the university with respect to any such off campus conduct shall be made independently of any
off campus authority, r -1

U ivest of Floid Poic Deprtmt *


On or Around Campus

Student Nighttilme Auxiliary Patrol

AI LLi I' l' i' i l I I
laIIII ille ReonI I Tiansit System
I I I I II l. ,l I,, ,I .I i I I, ,, : I I, I 3 ,u ,, l

Ih i i I II I I II I I I ,
| In .I I I, .,IiliI
....~I I, h ll, l u ,l~ l,,,h lh ,. ,, II Il. I III ,,

(Gator Lift Service

III Ill, I h I I I l II h I I i Ii, ,

III l, h ,ii I I.. I ii ,,i,, i I,
Ih , I- , IIu I, , i u I I, , I ,: I I , I I I
, I ,I ,, , "1 I I I ,'
t I, t l t l ~ l h , l II l Il l I I , i I, , d l,
1 Il II ,,I I,, i I, Hisu u l ,l ~ -

Ca1mpus Shuttle Bus Service
I I II I Ih I ,I I II I I I I l', , ,, I ,
, I, I I i h u ll I Iu h l, I I, II I i, i , I I II l l, ,, ,
I ,I" I lt II, ,I II Hi lli i I I II

Slhands External Translporltation

I. ,i i i l i I h I Ill I' I I' I" ,I I I ,
I I l IIIII II ii I I ii I Il. .II II Il I I

I II I II I' II' I l ,,II I. "I l .... i ii

I, I I I , l, I l l l lh .
I l' ii I II Ii' III.I. l I I l I I

' ii.h ,li ,,' hi h, lIii '. , I. -

1 .1 'h I,,, l ,,, ,. I ,I,', I II I. '111 111 i ..iI
I ,Il, , , hl l I I. Iil I 1. .. II I. I

l l. I I ,, li. ,II' I h h h ll .

You ha td o

8,, 0 pai 0ly

UF T t iF A..t F af m

i*liiijll iiiiii_ ~I

7 I


University ot Florida Police Department

Calls For Service (352) 39

General Intormation

Victim Advocate



Community Services Division


Property Recovery


911 (VITDD) Dean ot StudentsOffice

2-1111 (VITDD) Departmen t Housing and
Residence Education
392-5447 Transportation and Parking Servic

392-5648 University ot Florida

392-6652 Counseling Center
Center tor Sexual Assault/Abuse
392-4705 Recovery and Education (CARE)





Police Administration 392-5.14.

.Records Section 392-6651

SMedia Coordinator (P10) 392-1409

l-._ A.


(800) 955-8771

392-2161 (VITDD) /
es 392-22411


ext 4362




Safety and Security Reminders

Personal Safety Reminders
Be aware of your surroundings and of the behavior of
the people around you. Follow your intuition; trust
your feelings about suspicious situations.
Be aware of your feelings when you are faced with
situations in which you do not feel relaxed or in charge.
If you feel uncomfortable, act on it.
Be aware that alcohol and drugs compromise your
awareness and your ability to identify and act on
,, .. -, ,,i ; They also increase the opportunity for
Be able to identify your sexual limits; it's your body
and no one has the right to force or pressure you to
do anything you do not want to do.
In general, the more information you have about
a person, a situation, and your own feelings and
reactions, the safer you will feel.
Always keep an eye on your purse, backpack, briefcase,
laptop computer, and other electronics. Don't take a
break and leave your belongings unattended.
Whenever you are walking between classes, studying
,, i .. ... , l I I I ,1. ...1 h,..,- drivingn,
or going out with friends, stay alert and tuned in to
your environment.
Practice the buddy system. Walk with a friend
whenever possible. Letsomeoneknowwhereyou are
going, when you plan to return, what routes you will
take, and how you can be reached.
I II,, 11 ll I ,II,1:1. 1 ,11 11 I 1 :1 A v o id
shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots, or alleys.
Try to never jog or bike alone. If you must go
alone, avoid isolated or poorly lit areas. Do not
use headphones while biking, jogging, walking, or

exercising outdoors.
Out late studying? Call a friend or SNAP at (352) 392
SNAP when you are ready to leave.

Personal Safety and the Internet
Below are some basic personal safety tips you
should consider whenever participating in Internet
Avoid giving out personal information such as your
home address or telephone number to people you meet
online. Also avoid ... I I,,,: ... personal information,
such as your telephone number, the name of your apart
ment complex or dorm, or your class schedule on social
networking sites. Not everyone is how he or she may
. ,1,,, I. : 1 "4"'.. II,
increase your risk of victimization.
Exercise caution when agreeing to meet anyone
whom you've met online in person. Before you arrange
such a 1.... l, ...1 1 I the I.. ..
Can you verify, li .... 1 ,,, l1 ,,11 I .11 .1 1 .
and trust, the true identity of this person?
Is there a way to verify the information provided
by this person?
Online predators thrive on the anonymity of the
medium. You should find ways to positively identify your
potential romantic partner before you allow a meeting.
If you choose to arrange a meeting, make it on
YOUR terms. Meet in as public a place as possible and
Ill, ,. 1,, ,,, I ,, ,-1 il ,,,- 1 ,,,, th e m eet
ing. Bring a friend along for security and consider a
"double-date" the first time. Set your conditions for the
encounter and don't let your new friend change them.
Stay near other people and i,, II 11 ,. .. throughout
the meeting. If things go awry, can you positively
identify the person to police?

Sexual Offender/Predator
Registration in Florida
The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention
Actrequires colleges and universities to issue a state
ment advising the campus community where state
law enforcement agency information concerning
, : h I , I , ,II. I, I I 111 I, I. I, '1.
T h e ,. I l I :H -.. ,I ,,II. ,,h I. .,l
tors to provide to appropriate state officials notice of
each institution I. In, :I,, education in that state at
which the offender/predator is employed, carries on
a vocation, or is a student.
In accordance with Florida State Statute 775.21
("The Florida Sexual Predators Act") and Florida State
Statute 943.0435, convicted sex offenders in Florida
must register with the Florida Department of Law
Enforcement (FDLE) within 48 hours of I 1ii1 i,,,
permanent or temporary residence. The FDLE makes
information concerning the presence of registered
sexual offenders/predators available to local law
enforcement officials and the public. It is then the
responsibility of the county sheriff or the municipal
police chief to make required notification to all com-
munity members of the presence of predators (only)
in a manner deemed appropriate by the sheriff or po
lice chief It is the responsibility of the county sheriff
to notify the university if an offender or predator is
enrolled, employed, or carrying on a vocation at the
university. The UFPD is required to inform members
of the campus community where to obtain informa
tion about such offenders/predators.
Any member of the University of Florida commu
nity who wishes to obtain further information regard
ing sexual offender/predators in our area may refer
to the FDLE website at www.fdle.state.fl. us, call 1-888
FL-PREDATOR / 1-888-357 7332), or utilize the FDLE
website searchable database at http://offender.fdle.
i i ii. ,,., . ... I, i I The FDLE searchable
database maybe used I,, n1 I I1 , . I .II1 1. 1I
ers in any city, county, or zip code in the state. You
can also access the FDLE searchable database from
the University of Florida Police Department website at
www.police.ufl.edu. You may also contact the UFPD
for copies of notifications received from the Alachua
County Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections, or
Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The Internet is very much like our society. The
1, ,,I ,1 are people who only have the best intentions
and behave responsibly. However, there are always
potential offenders mixed in the population. Observe
the same precautions online that you would in everyday
life. Be aware of the possibilities and take the appropri
ate steps to avoid situations you know or suspect could
be dangerous.

U ivest of Floid Poic Deatrt 7

Ali hua County Crisis Center

Alachua County Victim Services
And Rape Crisis Center
Peaceful Paths
Domestic Abuse Neitwuor
Office ot the State Attorney
VictimlWitness Program

1011 101 ill. -111, .
I R,"

Procedures for

Reporting Emergencies

or Crime on Campus



I I r I 1. 1 I
I I l lII I l 1 I 1 1 1 1
hII l l I. I r h l l, i , I I,

I h I h l h I I I II I I I. ,
Ih, lII F rll ll h ,

I I h I I h 1111 -II I I I. 1 1 1 1 1 I h I l I I l .
II ,I I,, ,h d11 1, l11 I I. h I h-.
'I lI I I II I l I I II .H

Slh l u 1 ll I l. I Il l. I,11 I. d I I I :h1
1..II H l 1. d11

h .lU U : 1 1 1 I II I, II I. I l l. l, ..Il i

I I i rIll ii I ii lI 'ifi Ill I al
,II ,, ,I , , ,, I 11l h I I ,,,I I ,. 1 . 11' .11 11 I.l. 1 1' 11 11 I, ,, 1 I il 11I 11,

S I I . I ,1 111 I I I I ll.il I I Ill i i I'1 1 ll 1 i ll. I,,
I II I II I IhII. L tI D e in o

Crime Sasi ,ctl ID i Ih., ,I.
I , I' I I II I I ,II [ l II II III I I I

I I t I l l I l l I ItI lI I l l I I I I I
II l \ I I I d l l I I I I I
F Id h l l l Id[L lll I II I l I Ill ..1 \..LII ,a ll

i,,,i I h 1 1 1i 1 I , I I I I I,

h Ih, Ih I h I h I L II I, l. ,, h .

,,i lll ll II I I Iii ll

Crime Statistics Location Definitions

I... i.i

.11.'1 1. i iiIii. I hiilili .. II Ii 11 1

11 11:11 .1 : I .l: J.. 1 11 1 1,1 11 1 111I'm --I I. I111 11 -11

I h. 1 1111 1I .. 1 11 1 1 .1 1I 1 111 1 111-1. ,1 Ill- I

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m -1I1 1 11 : 111h I. .

F'-II~IIIII: Inillwirl 1 1 .'.. '' ". "."
11111:111 11 I ii 1 II 1 1 IIIIIII 11

iiI 111 11 .11111 .. 11111 1 1 111 1 l 11

Definitions of Crimes
For Uise inl Classifilng
Cr'imilnal Offeiises

Il I I I II ,I I

I II, I I I I 1 1 1
F I II *\ll 11- II-ii. Ill. l I ,, .

IIh I .1 1.1


11 Ih- P- I

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I '- III iI. I II

I I ,, I I llh I"' I ,, 1 .ll,,, ,l,, 1,.- lh
I"' Il.II h I lI , ,,, Ii ,I, d I I.
F .'ll l h.l .ll I I,.II I l, I ., I. 1. -, ,l

,, ,II ,, I, ,,' ,' ,,, I h I P" I h lh ,,
..\ ll ...I ll h 1.- lh .111 hi'l .l lh, h ,I ,,, Ii

I, ,, I I I 1.

I h .1 l ,, I ,i I,,, I I I

II II. 1 .1. 1 1

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P i ,um lh,, I ,, lh,11 I, I I'... 1,,,, I,. I ll .1
h I I.' I IR ,,, l ,,,,l 'l, , I -11,,,I,,, 1 , I,, 11 I 1 I '
11 1111..I 1| I d

.I ..I h, ,I,,,". I I, I I, ,, II , , ,,

,I, ,,,1111 ,, 1 ,lh, ,,I, 1 ,,II 11 1 ,I' 1 "' 111 1111 1

IUF TgterFrA........ u

~~r """""""""""';~

C R I M E "" .. I l I" .... ...... I ... ... I. '" . .. . ..' . ... .. "I ..1... ..... .. " ..... ....

S t a t is t ic s ,,,,, .,, ,,, ,,, ,, . ,,, ,,,,, ..... ,, ,,,,, .... ..... . , . ,,, ,,, ,,,,,i ,,, ,,,,, ,,
Crimes Reported by UF Police Department

., _. . ... . I
H... I: 1 . .- 1 . 1.

il-, l . i ill 'i 1 '

S1 .I 11 11 1
JI a I I
,, .l lli |
Hale Crimes (by preIudicesi

.I- I II, ,,flhi ..II I I I I I

Number of Arrests/Referrals Select Offenses

T I I I I -- I -I-I
Liquor Law Violalions
- I 1 1 1 1 1 ,: ,: ,: ,: " 1 4
IH I.,, n1 4~, : : J : 1 4'
Drug Law Violalions

I e-1 I 1 1 1 1 ".a "s 1 : 1 .1. 4 1
Weapons Law Violallons

Crimes Reported by University Officials or by Other Law Enforcement Agencies

I Ii T TI I:- l i T,.,I I, I III- P :-: I. II -I --: T 1li l I. ---- --

Liquor Law Violal ons
1 1 1 4 14 1 4
H- 1-111. _lll

Weapons Violalions
11..I..I .oIf Fo i P, o .II D e 1 1rJ
Hale Crimes (by preludlces)

111-1 1

Number of Arrests/Referrals Select Offenses

Liquor Law Violallons

Drug Law Vtolallons

R -b-II4 I 1 ,
Weapons Vlolallons


Crime Prevention

a Programs and Services

1- 1 1 I III, 1111 '. I 1 .. .I d 11.' IIIh-

.11 1 I II II ~I* I I..lI,.,II.IIIII. h 1 .1 1111.1 I

.... . *Il* II I I .1 -1 III I'll

11 I 1.111 I I.I I 1 h.I H 1.'',I.
- I**. ** 1.1 1 .I,,,II III. I.. I h. 1 .. I .lII I

,.,.,,,,Il,,, ...,. ,, 11. 11II 11.1. .. .1 l I h.ii I .11 .1 1 .

Tint IUFPD Coin 11111 lii'
Sn ricet% Di% iWon ne

Pie' enion Re'onirct (Celner
.. ....,,' ......,,,,. I1,I
I' ,..,"" ',. I *IIII' I" .11, .III 'I ..III,.I'' I"'

I h. 1 I ,

I .. I .I ... I .., ...,...... I. .. I. .1.... ... ,,

.1 ~ ~ .1 1.-.. ,. .1d1 h-1. I..'',
1 .1. k.,.1.,1
I .11 I' ,..,, III I II' ~ ....,., I .1' ,.,"..,,, i.., I.''" '' '''''' "''

III ' d ... I

L'FPD K-9 lTeaim
............... I ,11. -.I I .II

'' 1 1 -- ...1* ,I I I .I. I I 1.

IIh I ., -1~iI Ii..~ I 1 ...I Ih

I .I I h-I~ 1.11.,I, I 1 ....l,..i. ,, ...,.,
II,- I. "h l I i, I II 1, -.1 1. .1 1. .11,

I ... Ih-.,, I.1, k,.,, .11, Ih

I lI.l II II~lI.l..II. ~ h.. I. 1I-. I 1.l.I .1 1,1 -,1.-
r Io P.1. I,1 1.I I1 ,l llI I' II .11% .,,,i

II h 1111. II. ,.., I- .111,, 1. .1.
''''' '"' '' ''' "' ' '' ............ I' '' "

''' ''"'''' '.11 ,1 1 1. d d II. Ill,"""

d h 1'. k I' ""'' h 1. .1, .1 .1.' '"'

I.- '"' "' ~' '' '' ''' '" "
,I h. .111, 1. '' "" "'''' ''' "' ''


IFToeterFoA......... p

IIl .11 ......I Illl .,,i,,r I .... ..,... I.

I ,. .I I I I 11 I h'. I I.,1 .1 .

.1 ,,','.,,,. 1111 1 h.1 ... ..I... I,... I I

pre1 ention P1,11111-'.1111%111
I Iiii~.-i~ii~ II *'iiii 1' i I I 1 .. 1 ..11 ...I...I....

I .1 HHH. 1, 1' . -0
.11 .11 ,. .1 11 IIi.I 'I ,,,. ,,..,, 1 .111 ....I.. I.

1.I ...,i,,, -.I. II. d
I I I\lrl ,.llrlli .,,I~ I .,,,,. I I.I. I.I.I .11. I,,,,.11 1

.1. 1 1111 .11,. 11., 'I .1,. I ,..I I,, i ,,.l II 1 ,.,1 1 .1 11 1 I 1 ,,,

,,,,, I,,,, II,.,,,.I I ,iI, 11 11 III. III,,.,,I I I I I 11 11 .1,

Pci'1iihle Sni11r1(41 spon oRa
,.,,,,,,,.. 11 I,.I. II ., I1 ..I,.,,, 1 ,.',.,..,,,', 1 1 1 111 11111 11

I 111I I ,,,.I, I1 .,,,,.i,.,,.I1 1111 1. ,.,.,,, .,, I 11,.,.. I

111111111~~~~~ ~ I 1* 11 1,,,, I1 1111 1 11 1 111111

I .niur 1a I N1e11 .,,. I ii i I IStudent%

a In , ,.. I. I.,.,,. I Pare nt%, I
1.1 ,'.. ,'. I I'' II '''" ,,,,,I.,,,.,,..,I. II,.I. II
II ., I.. i.. I,,., I'' '' .1 ii ',,,,, I'" I.,. I 1. ,'..,, I, .I.

'.1" ,,,.,..,, I' I "'' '' ''' '" ''' '

Pn' ''' e '"' r ''''nn i ' fo Nc "' Siici'' '
.11( Thei Pa' renI" '"'''''' '" ""' '

~~''''~ ~~ .1.1"" ..,, ,"''''' .,'' '..,', I" ' "' ''
I''" .,,,, ..,i,,.,.., I' .1111.., I' ..,', I ''' "''" "'' "'~ '

~L ~__~ __ ~_

AIIIIIInna S~pillrt Break
Safei Fair

.1 1 Ih ,
II "' .' I. .1 .1 .1 'I. III"' .. ,.l, ~. 1'.1
III I.'I~~~ II '~"""~ ,,.,...,,,.I.,. ,,,.I .1, I I.. I~"" ~

Friee Bictcle Reeui'iraiioii
I- k I ., I I I II I I III 11I' I'. .1 1 1 1 1
~" I" ' .1 II I ~" l I .1,.. I* I IIII" II I' .11 '

I.1 1. ..,.I .1 .1 1 I 1 .. 1 1 1. h

1*,,.II 1,1..,, 1-. .I1I.,I 'd

..I ........ ....IIII ,.,,III ..I.II. I. . I

II .I I. I. -I..

.'~ ~ ~ . ............' ~'~~' ~ ~'~~
I ... 1.11 .... ... I..1 11.1, I 1

1. 1.1 11111 . IIl ,1,1,

I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I~I~II 1,

(11aptor N ail (Lu P.ikPoeinn
I I h .l I ,, I II,.. II1 .... I. II I I

.. .11.
.1. l I I. I.Il .-. I .'' I--. I. ''

.1 1.1. ''d I I h I I. 1 I H 1 1 1 1.
H,. HI I Ill. I I -.Ih. I ...
Nail io e'''"" '''' " ''' "''

.1. I *I'II 1' 1 .III,.II 11*' I I' **' I I" I" I" I'1 '1
I I*"~I IlIl....I III*I I" ''"''''' '" ' '" '
.1' ii* 'III' II..I 11 I.I I .1II'I'~
I '' 1.11 ~ "' I'''' .I.,..III I '' 1.1.. .1 II'' III 11
1.1. I 1111., I 11.11' ""'' '" '' '''' "' ''' "'

II" I*' .1,1, I II..I.I I''''' '''' I.IIII.I.I. II '''' '

~ ~ II 11. 11.111. 1 ~~~~~~~

\illl.1.1 I l~)~i)l PT11.11I:..

The University of Florida

Police Department

TI h ,h Ill, ll I I, l ,r -1, 1 ,I r Ih f ,. 1 1- 11 1 1 ., Il 1111. 1i 11.. .,11 1, 111 1F, ,. I,,1 11 1, 11 b. I- i. I 1 11d 1 11i 11 .: 1 1' i, 11 1 .... hI

I, I ,I II I I I 1, I 1 1 : 1 II II Ill I 1I, I I I-,, l,1 111.I, Ill .I III,, I. I I h -Il ,II IiI I I l l I I
, I, hI II l I I ,,I J IIt c It I II I I-I II, I, 1 11 a11 ,l -, I AI u tI L I I II I I I I-,, I II II
I I TI r r iI II I..
uI.I i. ll I I I I I I I I II 'II Iu II, I I-ll. I I I III , ,,I ,1 I, l I 1 -,, I 1. .I 1. I 1 1iil. l IIII II -IL I
hI l IfI i .. I I' II I I1 11 11 1Il 1 II I l I II I 1 1 1 II I I l
,I 1 ~ I I I I I I I III I II I I I Il l, I I I I I.
h I I I l' I I I l Ii 1I 1 11 l llll 1 i -,:, I I l 11 I l i I I I I I- I I I I I ll .I II ,,1111 1.: 1 l I I I I I, I I -
I I I l I I i I ,I I I, I I I, I I I I,, I I-.I I I I l l ,
I I I, I ,, I I, T iI I I I II .1 1I.I I,, I l l I I '1 h II,,,11 I I I . 1 I I I 1 1 I I f, I I 'I ,

T I II II I1 11 1. I , ,, I , I I. I II, I , I I I I I I I ,,,.I I-h,.: I I I I, l 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 I l lI, I

l I I I I I i I l ,1 T I, . i II I i I I I T I I II l ,,,I I I I I I I., ,I I .:.l,- I I I I I I hi l I l h ,,-1
Ik I 1 1 111. I1 T h 1. 1 111111.11, 1 1111 I 1 11, 1 1.: 1 I11 11 1 I I I IllI
TI I II f I I I I I I I il, f '. I I I I .,I .I I II I11 1.: 111 1 F ,I- II- F II II I I -II _I II- II

I| ' i ii i Ili ill I i i, IlllI Ill 1, i 1 I uI I I II Ii-, Iiii ii. I II i ii II Ii ,I,.

Jurisdiction, Structure, and Authority

T- I I, Ih l rI I i ,l F l i l l i I_- I, I i ll l lll, i ll i. iifi- i l fl, I' I il, l i l l1, I ll i il i1 .. . .. Il Il ll I I I I ll l 'h l I1- I ll I 1 1' 1- 1 i l l. II ll
I l l, I I I I I i I I I I -, ll I ,I I ,I I II I I I I I I l I II I I I' l
f I. *I I3
-. I 1, 11. 1 h 1 1 II I I I l'l I l hI.I I II III I Ii i iii iii i i i i i1, ,11,i i l I I 'Il ll l I i-I II ii i i ii 1 11, iiiiii i i 1 1 1 1 .l l
I l l II I I I I ,I l l I l II, I . I l l 1 Ih i ,I 11 I 1 11 .I ., i- IlI I ll II I I ll l l

I iI I I I i I II I I . .I I I1 l I I I I II I I I I II 1 II I I I I 'II I I Ib II I II I III I I II I I l l l II l h

I I I . I II I I I II l I I I I I h I, I I I I., I II I,- I I I I l -l I I I I. I I l I I1. I I I l I
1l l l ll1 i I II i I I l I I 11 i III I1 I 1 1,,11 1 1 11 I I. .I1-i i1 I I I l II I I IiI I-

Crime Reporting Public Information

I I I I I I I I II II Ih i II i I I I I i I II III I 1 11. I l I III I I I I 1 -I I I I
I I I II I -I,-Ih . i i , I, l, II i l l I,, , I I,,. 1 1 l .-I II ,I I I- h I. II . II I I I I,, I l I
I ,i I I iii, ,I 1 1 ,iii i I, 1 Ii i I I- I,i ,1I I , ,,,I I I i I. ,, d I I. I. 1, 4 1I i ,, 1 1 .1 1 1 1 Il. 1. '1
,, iii ,11 11 I. Ii 1i I h i i ll 1 I,1 I I T I,, ., I1h ,I fI, I h I , I I I iii, ,I ,I ,I I i iI I l I, , II, i i h I, I ,I ,
TIII 1. ,IIIhI, I, 1 11,1, I II Ih II I II l II I I I 1- 11 i iI I , ,I 1 1 I I I I II II ,.,

l . III I I I II I II I' I" I, I II I II, I I I I I Ill Il- I IIIII I l, 1 I 11 1 II I 1
I II I . I-I III i I Ii I I, II, I I II lI I, I I I, I, II I II I, I I I I I1 ii i, 11 I 1.I h ,
I ii i I1 i i I . i ll ,, T I I,,,: ,I I I I i i , I I ,, , , i I h i I i I i I .

I I I l l I I I I, I-I I, I I I I I
F l. -.I I I T h I I l l II 1 I I I I I 11 11 III 1
I 111 f -I I Ill II -1111 1 1 11 11. 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 II 1 1 I I 1 11 11 1 1
~ F IIIIIII if -, Ih i iii 'Ill T ll ,I I I -ll l I I H I ll llll. I lll I II I 11.l ll, 11 l

SIi 11 III I- l II I I I I I 1 I- lI I I I I II I II I II l l I I I ,l l I l I I I II 1111 I l l ll I I
iii i Ii llI I i l II i I I l I I | I III l l I I II II-h l Ii Ii i Ihiii : I IL I I I Ii .ii i

I , IIk I I I I I I I I

Unierit of Floid PoieDprmn

Traffic Safety

Bicycle Security Information Bikes on Campus

Register your bicycle with the University of Florida Police
Department In the event that your bicycle is lost or stolen
you will have a better chance of it being returned to you
when recovered. This is a free service and any UFPD officer
can assist you.
Park and lock your bicycle in well-lighted areas.
Secure your bicycle to a bicycle rack with a quality, hardened
steel "U" type lock. Always lock your bicycle by putting the
U-lock through the bike's frame, a wheel, and the rack. This
is especially important if your bicycle has quick-release
If you have quick-release wheels, remove the front wheel and
place it next to the rear wheel. Then put the U-lock through
both wheels, the frame, and the bicycle rack.
Avoid putting a Ulock through only one wheel. The wheel can
be removed and the frame and remaining wheel can easily be
Place the lock on your bicycle with the key mechanism facing
the ground. This will make it harder for a thief to tamper
with and less likely that the mechanism will fail as a result of
exposure to the weather.
Avoid using cable locks, locking your bicycle to itself, or leaving
it parked in the same place for a long period of time.
Avoid blocking building entrances, ramps, or handicap areas
with your bicycle.

Preventing Auto, Motorcycle,
and Scooter Theft
Don't make your car an easy target for a thief On average
it takes less than 30 seconds to steal a car. Give a thief an inch
and s/he will take your car for miles. Here are some tips to make
it harder for the thieves:
Always lock your car, close the windows, and take the keys.
A recent Gallup poll found that thirty-one percent of us don't
always lock our car doors. Twelve percent leave a window
cracked open, usually for ventilation, and fourteen percent
of us don't always remove our keys.
Never leave valuables in sight. Thieves are attracted not only
by your car, but also its contents.
If at all possible, invest in an alarm system or theft deterrent
Use a high visibility theft deterrent such as a steering wheel
lock or security alarm.
Never leave your car running and unoccupied, even for just
a minute.
Have your vehicle identification number etched on the car
windows. Drop a business card into your door panels.
This may make your car more easily identifiable to law
enforcement in the event that it is stolen and subsequently
Secure motorcycles and scooters properly. See the UFPD
website at www.police.ul.edu for more information.

Safety Tips for
Vehicle Operators
Always yield to pedestrians.
Watch your "blind spot" for other traffic, such as bicycles and
pedestrians, overtaking you when making right turns.
Always stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.
Always behave in a predictable manner and use turn signals.
Other traffic may not always see you or recognize your
Oversized vehicles must watch for bicycles, pedestrians, and
other traffic when turning.

In Florida, a bicycle is considered a vehicle when
operated on the roadway. As a result, bicycles are subject
to the same responsibilities and regulations as motorists.
The same fines apply to motorists and bicyclists for traffic
violations such as failing to yield to a pedestrian, running
a stop sign or red light, going the wrong way on a one way
street, or riding on the wrong side of the road. Additionally,
bicycles have special requirements such as a mandatory
white head light and red tail light if the bicycle is being
ridden at night; one person per permanently affixed seat; a
requirement to keep at least one hand on the handle bars
at all times; as well as other requirements. Fines for mov
ing violations can be found online at the Alachua County
Clerk of the Court website at http://www.alachuacounty.

Bike Helmets
Florida law requires all people 16 years of age or
younger to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. All cyclists
are encouraged to wear a bike helmet for their safety.
Serious head injuries can be avoided when bicyclists wear
this important piece of safety gear.

Bicycle Safety
Education Program
The University of Florida Police Department's Bicycle
Safety Education Program is designed to promote a greater
awareness of the duties and responsibilities associated
with the operation of bicycles in the greater campus traf
fic mix. The goal of the program is to provide members of
the university community with a desirable combination
of education, encouragement, enforcement, and facilities
necessary to gain voluntary acceptance of and compli
ance with bicycle safety standards and the law. For more
information about bicycle safety and bicycle laws, please
come to the University of Florida Police Department's
Community Services Division, or call (352) 3921409.

Mopeds and Motor Scooters
on Campus
Mopeds are considered motor vehicles unless they are
being operated solely by human power. When they are
under engine power, they cannot
be ridden on


sidewalks. Motor scooters are also considered motor
vehicles and cannot be driven on sidewalks or in bike
lanes. Both mopeds and motor scooters are subject to the
same laws as all other motor vehicles including running
stop signs, failing to yield to pedestrians, and speeding. For
more information, call the Community Services Division
at (352) 3921409.

Motorcycles on Campus
Any person operating a motorcycle on campus is
subject to the same laws and responsibilities as the driver
of any other vehicle. Motorcycle operators are required to
have proper driver's license endorsements and any rider
choosing not to wear a helmet must be over 21 years of
age, carry 0io,ooo or more of personal injury protection
insurance, and wear proper eye protection as provided by
Florida State Statute 316.211.

Pedestrian Right of Way
Walking is a primary mode of transportation around
the University of Florida, and vehicles must yield to
pedestrians in a clearly marked crosswalk. Even though
vehicles are required to yield, always remember to make
eye contact with the driver before proceeding into the path
of an oncoming vehicle. Pedestrians must yield to vehicles
when crossing anywhere other than a marked crosswalk
or intersection.

Traffic Safety Week
Each fall and spring semester, the University of
Florida Police Department's Community Services Divi
sion presents Traffic Safety Week to promote traffic and
pedestrian safety. Police officers and members of the
community work together at crosswalks and intersec
tions to emphasize the importance of traffic safety by
distributing the "The Headlight on Traffic" brochure
featuring the "Street Safe Gator" logo to all interested
persons. The brochure is filled with helpful information
and tips for traffic and pedestrian safety.


ogether For A Safe Campu


Consumer Information for

University of Florida Students

I .. i i. l i ii l l l i i i. I iii ii i 1 i I Ih ii i .i '.i vii i

, ,"I I *l l I l I VI VI II ill l ,. ,. I I ,I I l .l l Il

I, I i i i ll|) I VI VI u Iiii i i d I.I I l l

1I II I I- n I 1 l i ,11 1. 1 i 1pa l ll I Illl
hI r) i i X1 X1I 1 n cF! ll II -I l a , i '," "" 'icc h ii
adl ,li ilo II I 1 '

Ir) I X I v 1 I l l iii ' ii.' ''I II I

,,I) Ih h ill) An e dll 11-II ll-: llt lil 1d!|)
I h il, l,,, III 4 1 i l % I I '''' I II,,1

III v vI l h. iii ,l i : Ii ll' l I IIh l, ,I h ,I I,
I, Ii i..i. I I ', I ,I I" iii I i III I i, ll

iI ,,, I I, il) 11111" 1l ,:i ult.' ll a,- \ ll'
11h,4 \Iv, I, ,, I I nh, l Ili, 1 ,1 1. 1

I 11 h 1 hI II l .| i l |111 1 1'. 1 1 1. d
h .II I I I I l I II II. I. I I I I m d ,
I h Il l I h I III I , ,I hi ] l) \ 11 \

I Ih I I H iI , II 1, ,, 1 I: ,,1,1 ., 1
'lift) 1 1' 1 \ II l' t' llI 'l,':lu o 'de (1') IL' Irill

hiIfj) '\1\\\ II 1 11 t' llI I':t:ll'd h IIll

l l l ,I I I I I I I II l I l ,
hiI) 1 1' \ I l I1 Utll I I 'I L I 1 )
I I h un n I I III l l Ih| |I, I Ill I ,I ll h ll

Il II h I I ,I I I ,I I I,1 11 I1 h ,, ll Ill, 1 nhI ,,

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I Crime Prevention Tips

Study/Workplace Safety

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Residence Security Tips

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at University Facilities

On-Camplus Housing Security

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Nipl ittiiie BiiuildiniIg Securilry 1(NTBS)I
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Erel nal Staff
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WI i im ,

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SIec, Ii ty

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Sorority andI Fraternity

Security Programs

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So,'or'ityi Row

Secu r it y

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Access to Uni\ersitT Facilities

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IUF TgterFrA........ u

. ..................................................................................................................................

g&imd m oqwwmm pok&, Poli 1 (s' (~). ( (2. /&)
The mission of the University of Florida Police Department is to provide protection and service to the university
community. The department is committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property;
the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of
constitutional guarantees.
With community service as the foundation, the department is driven by goals to enhance the quality of life,
investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions, and fostering a sense of security through programs
reflecting the needs and desires of the community. The department nurtures public trust by holding itself to the
highest standards of performance and ethics.
With this mission in mind, a program was put in place to achieve a better understanding and working rela
tionship between the University of Florida Police Department, the University of Florida Department of Housing
and Residence Education, and the resident students.

The goals of the S.C.O.P.E. program are:
To create a crime prevention partnership between the University of Florida Department of Housing and
Residence Education, resident students, and the University of Florida Police Department.
STo increase the visibility of the University of Florida Police Department members throughout ite various
housing locations.
To inform housing personnel and resident students of variables influencing the level of crime on campus
and recommend crime prevention methods to lower the level of crime in an area.
To enhance the level of communication between housing personnel, resident students, and the
University of Florida Police Department, thereby increasing the level of trust and
understanding of one another

Please visit www.police.ufl.edu and click on "S.C.O.P.E."
for further information.

Handling Obscene Or Harassing Phone Calls
A telephone call is considered obscene or harassing if it is received at a location where you have a reasonable expec
station of privacy and the caller makes repeated calls or makes any comment, request, suggestion, or proposal which is
obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, vulgar, or indecent.

If you receive harassing or obscene phone calls:
Report obscene or harassing phone calls received on campus to the University of Florida Police Department by calling
(352) 392-iu. Report obscene or harassing phone calls received off campus to the Alachua County Combined Communi
cations Center by calling (352) 9551 818. They will connect you with an officer from the
appropriate law enforcement agency.
Pay attention to any background noises, the caller's sex, accent, speech pattern, or
anything else to aid in identification.
Keep a log of calls received, including dates, times, and details of the calls.
If calls are received on your voicemail or answering machine, save the messagess.

at O4i-Qaw PeAiJmce-
Off campus apartment complexes, townhome/
condominium communities, and other multi-family
dwellings pose unique problems. Because of the
temporary nature of many residents of rent/lease
properties, you need to make an extra effort to be
aware of your environment. This includes knowl
edge of what measures your landlord has taken on
behalf of your safety.
The Voluntary Inspection Program (VIP) is in
tended to provide prospective renters with informa
tion on residential rental properties and units that
have voluntarily agreed to be inspected on the basis
of the Community Safety Guidelines. These guide
lines were developed through the combined efforts
of the Gainesville Apartment Association, Alachua
County Sheriffs Office, Gainesville Police Depart
ment, University of Florida Student Government,
and the University of Florida Police Department.
Residential rental property owners voluntarily
request inspections under this program, and only a
limited number of rental units are inspected at any
one site. Apartment inspections are conducted by
specially trained law enforcement officers from one
of the following agencies: the University of Florida
Police Department, the Gainesville Police Depart
ment, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, or the
Santa Fe College Police Department.
A list of the guidelines used by the inspectors as
well as properties inspected and certified according
to these guidelines is available on the UFPD web
site at http://www.police.ufl.edu/csd/csdrip list.
asp. This list is subject to change as properties are
certified and decertified. Certifications are valid
for 2 years.
By participating in the VIP, including the public
cation of the list, the University of Florida accepts no
responsibility for the safety or any other condition
of the properties listed. The University of Florida
expressly disclaims giving any guarantees, warren
ties, or any other representations that the proper
ties are safe or recommended. The university does
not approve or recommend to students or others
any off-campus rental properties listed. Students
living off campus must make their own individual
and personal choices with regard to the selection of
living accommodations.

Use the '69 service on your telephone. By pressing '69 the telephone number of
the last caller is identified. There is a charge of $1.25 per use. When you receive an
unwanted telephone call, use this service, document the number in your call log, and
provide the number to the police.


University of PoliceDep


Safety and Security

It's a Shared Responsibility

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d I i I I .- .

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Ii iii. ii. I I I I Ii ..Ii.. I 11111 I I h.
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Canipus Security:
We're Here For You

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'I ll.I ,,I~ , ,,,ll~ l lI Ih I ,,

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,, I, 1. III II. I, I.,h ,, Ih I ,III .. ll i I
I 1 , ,I II ..

I II I I I1 11 w1 I h r l d Is
abi lities,1 Ire ,u II., Ith i li ion
is avail able in ii1,,t ,,,1 ,

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Ih Ih I I, ,,I I,,I,

11111 1 111 I la III 11 ', II.I I I. l I.i I


I i l l I I I8l.1I


The Foundation for The Gator Nation

IUF TgterFrA........ u

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