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mi GORMAN STOCK. sylTMla to atao a party to prevent' I sat flit box la good niape. They report

P[nrfcer's. aomlnaUoa. Its, this I* true I .....a'' found a eommoa b.... .ftto ,

Sharp Advance la Prestdcngal Candidacy It 'accounts for tile apathy displayed I above ........*. with a cover to

Market.Sprdal I u n other. state* since New. Port In- ImmMtiatety beneath this. cover

( Washington Corresppadmc) traded for the Judge. I WM r piece of silk apparently. placed*

y .F r Washington Hay C.-Th.r*!ha* beenlock "Senator Gormaa'wHl ie la the rift over the to* of tile br* ,frr the pare

M a abarp advaaee to Gorman Ino -.1 day Priday ,. will meet hst'p.' e of prenervlBg tlM'.. .. 'n+strwts. Ttoen

the pan tea days la tto Democratic authter. Mrs. Stephen R. Osa+hrtq. I;i a ute that when Ae allk WM ..- '

I residential candidacy mare*. The who Is returning" from abroad and thk i';|moved the molests were In such: a ,

i boom In this heretofore WM the avowed object of. his trip,to state of decay that they were little <

commodity Is being mane New York tot that he will see Mr I wore than aria aad thai It ... Impoe* ,

Senator Gorman's fated Murphy and talk politic!{. during his I slble to Ml 1U11tIlJD.r) abuat them.oHch ;
I lay U stated by hi. Ltlsatetrkndr. '
sections of the country. many o| < smne claim that, they noticed
tbe word has been give* out; that the Before .. goee bock to Maryland a few red hairs. The matter seem H- -,

Sufferers From 1 presest Is the opportune time to assume It to espected that| the pOIltWal.ltuUOIt 'abet to remain a mystery though the

the anreMlv la bebatf'of Sen- will have take another statements of the workmen point to ofi ',

Kidney 'and Bladder Diseases aloe Congas. | t.n.- I. i the fact that two ..,.... were buried j

I Many nionths ago It was pdinted out here at some former time.Tampa Tribe
f ITA TE'E'S' i
j hat It Senator Gorman's to ...
I I wn* play i
i ____ I. I
,,1$0: matter, how long ypit have suffered, FOLEY'S KIDNEY "p i la the background of Democratic Nearly every" .
presidential politic ...UI rinse to the night tie pat week POLITICAL HAT.
CURE will he.lp I you. This le will; GUARANTEE. I approach Qt the contention He was the bom.* of one of ,our citles hasb.ea Treigm of the deaiogogue to a thine

It has cured many,case; ;;:of Bright' Disease and Diabetes that te to "BruY Babbit', .aad ay low.- i ertrred! by a thief t>r thieves an 1mosey of.whkh. ... have heard a great deal

: Tb other candidate were to eullmellghr.- nod valuable stolen. Since and sowMthlng shirka.. really existed 1 I
x had| been
thought incurabl f however we do ,not claim that it will the .. week of tte robbing In for eon
( roe,.." to com talc the stet a long time prominently
cure these diseases in, advanced, ,. stages as no medicine can make when not only I they "CIkl1Ie opea to the O. a Reynolds. It hM developed appearing during the period of political

near; kidneys for you, bur s critical Inspection tot. proUbly the that Dr. Math-roe's store warrobbirl. campaign A demagogue, accord

I target for semi. *. The plan jia* work And later I. \ Slngletary' tag to the general.aceeptattoa of tile

ed oat than far. Jadf Parker. Nr.cleelasd basis WM entered ard1: a, watch and word to .. unprincipled or factious

;r : Mr. Olney. sad hir. Ream ati.t. |U In money U..!... They aloerterrj public orator who attempts to obtain.

i have JWM Inspected, criticised and I the houe of \\. J. Toaag sat aa Ufiueae over certain ctassis ef

FOLEY'SKIDNEY duly ptlted. A few rorks ar!* atlll beta -! stole some money lid on Saturdayalght people by a direct appeal to their pre

shied at Judge Mr. a servo made la attemX to rob udleea..

J 1F 1 tteurstTb I Mr. sad urea Rose la (charge of tile I There are few characters aver. toto

Par"d..4 poor bonne, 'bat WM seared away. despised-has a genuine,
policy of tern 1 uuprinci I r'pied
] This however. bas fnratohed a clue dies f
mrary s.tf..._ by skulking dtaagngue he
icd It .. supposed that Ito thief to ...: stands uncovered I
> Hr. Gorman to the eitent: oTenconraxInf Sid exposed taw
r. CURE Parker organisations la |)11. South.It ar the railroad hand* M tt to hardly public .ass M he realty to. MaeauJey.tto I
au... that Colored .
My of our popala.Uou
'' aim fruconraged the Instructing of great historian, say* of him: laevery I 1
would to
eagaged JU suck daring
Jf Ito New York Democratic pat* eon age Ute feint specimens,*? human I
work. Tto thief to I(certainly very
i veatloa for Judge Parker. JL1I of that nature are to .. toned amongdemagogues.
4 bold for every alght the pact week .-
WM done for the sole purpose, a* ha* .
bees pointed _.. of .shutting off the has bee a very bright saooaUght It to a hard matter to make ... dlfttnctio

will i positively cure,every case of kidney and bladder trouble if taken Hearst movement In the loath nndpreventing night and a man could to easily distinguished between. tte' real ckampioaf

in time and even In the worst Hr. Hearst from ,bottling la Ute moonlight< Still the fuse of the people and the mat
a g..y tint } "!,, p. ap delegations. r far fellow her somehow ....... to who to nothing more or-IM thank

'Cases of Bright' Disease afd nIM Maps sirb
Diabetes it always glVJeS COrri- case d tl eJlI'eebII... .r back aiIN4.. M 1 cU Hearst h.a withdrawn froa'th* South, tot It to more that likely that*ho Iaooa W tto ....... Tto stork te trade of '
'I'I sot straltMsa a*. Tto doctor's treatment did to la c stodyL!-rDrt! MyersThere '
fort ano reiieLj f a geed. hone foot sad dragoons.-aad U eampalfalaf the real demagogue. to ..*___
Saw pours KIDNEY CURE advertised and mk one Pas.
1 In lows and Mtlnola. But 1.. rings, to berate eIIqto speak M
.JJ aota*which cured me and 1 have sot beta s/f eyed since. t -{ I
Remember When f he kid I Udly nceII.... this remedy sIU ... observed-aad too ({much slgBlfteaac are ejulto a' good:;utaaynorldlaM awe-producing whispern of combine '"

s affected the of' eaa not bo to thto sea, and to Mar one of then talk oa*
neys are attached lib tto CaUforniaan
{ Tkrtf FfcrW..M Traatti Ha WWb... SMtts mentioned
would think
s point-that them .
there hare beta no farther '' goal to evea the
destruction never Ceases $ Y. L Wrttn by tLo.* Aagetea Herald. Bat hT ttoIgures '
O Tucr, raducahKr bad a seven iBsncUona for J.... Parker alnceKew suffering of martyrdom for the pro*
... correct
iJL: Ease Wkldaeydtoease sad .1 the are for California
Commence taiCUlft: |EVLll1>,,9 tare* 1; best abyaldans to York acted. Other State sea....- then motto of the peoples good. %ftTto a
.b.ebera haregnat
K..acly treated me wtOMiIIt ---. I Ibis took oar orange crowen a
KIMrCY ONE at once acd, POUTS; KIDNEY CURE. n drat hale give imme- done aad State pds.reseraavitreed been ..,........ On (otter taw Blue- demagogue. would to a portedharmlcM / '

void! a fatal ;i malady- Call rebel sad date bones cured SM aerrccma ...,. I tot they Bare not Uedjap the del tees cents delivered to the car would .......... were It not tor..tto I
*' fact that to
c. 1adJf. this wenJtfful remedy egaUoaa. not. leave M moth margta for profit Marty always suecetd to

F LET'S KIMICT CURE I Sefftrtl Ta7 sij>Frn Tan The treat aim and object kf the Oor- Maay people would Bk to know whatoraagea words ip a foltowlag and eate.tle.mmr
eat campaign to to keep the delega- by. his effort*, ...... to array' daM
cost saaai who t brosPao.
s..wY.MoIrI grows
N I ka4 beraIroabtod .
is made from a *prescription wtth my Udaeyi for I eacy've years sad hadcisM tics free, no that at St. Ljoula, when but few\, know.. P. J. 1ft.. of against das, town against tows, err

a specialist hi kidney diseases vied -,1 'S but received .. relief evil J ****** u.anoek betweeI] the Bryan aa. hM lavsstlgated the -' aeoaaidenbh a community gainst community. Recta. km I Ireaaty -

and- ; -AI i for I.t: a betd ef fOurs KIDNEY CURE. Afaw .. ., two sad Heant and the Parker faction s. scale. for: to Includes .1 tile ........ of afl are Identical .

Was Used: years ptl- bottles I was ......."ty cured. I. earacsny ......... Senator Gorman treat for a. com orchards .t Pomona. 75 at Cotta aa-a .

rate practice before it was, fOurs KlDNETt CURE." ..-.... 1 U la San fiemardln county ta htoexamleatloe Mr. Charles ML Sew... former President .

pet on the market. TWt SIZES Mo mm* st.*. Here to a dispatch whl h .... received a total ff<< 1M orchards of the United State Steel Trust.", '
lea toe
teflUg tabs
out ef
C T la. this '\ / last alglt front la* and ;ZJK acres valu d at, I1.J7U06 nrhootwklck

sou IEII ... ITThousands.say dUaapolU: total cost of labor and fertiliserUn have produced no mue larry te,
"CbL Richard J. Bright I* here Interviewing1 "> This protective etM e. U s private letter i ,
gives SB vah
i.t1. average
Demoeriu to H. C frlek to ... declared
In that th
tending GOT' *;
BEn: OROS of >taUt aa acre which Includes Iaa4
t P 'AR 1 .A.CJY: self
Baa Interests to prevent JFarker laMrvction Trust could steel ralto at tto mill
water pip !lines tad orchard
for fl< per too. lad make a reasonable
--- ----- *. atx8tat. ".-UcIa Best
equipments. On thto batty to figures
y : -7 .week. I proaL H* claim that to could not','
the average cost; 01 oraages per
irr I A peas dispatch from Indianapolis only do thto tot shut out bailer '
n: box at $L1J delivered at the ear.-Agrtcultsrut -
: dated yesterday, says: t tAt. ralto te the market ef Great BrtUte at
; that a conference of Democrat tore i fit per ton, sad that Ute same to trmvM

,1y t y .4 today. Including Thomas Taggart aatioaal to other steel products. When It to,
One of tto most
despicable acts of
/ state Chairman considered that the price of steel raise
: I I1m brutality that fyK; occurred te Lakeland
OBrleal at tile mile to ta loa
j'/-j''t John W. Kern and; others, tile per some Idea;
WM perpetrated Wednesday alghDurls. t '
McClure political sitaatioa la Indian* was dhv can to formed of tto tax which to ....j!
I Il Ute mulatto M Rr'o wto hM toeaworking
E raised and mack attention) WM gtrea at"tM tod oa tile people! oa whom la tto end,
r' cleaalag sad dydBgestaWtahmeat
l. i I to the subject of Instructing the delegate of C T. Robtesoo. assautted falls tto burden of thto extra cost by,Ii -

to the St. Loafs coaeatloa era 'U---W'COIOn4lrt' thin system of favoritism, wbkM tot
aa ...
Magazine adopting tile salt rule, which won Id a sample of tto name extortion whlckpervade
so mutilated her thatj there are fears :
answer tto same purpose-j"Time Ute whole body of tto Dingier
that she will dto. As soon M Ute tactbecame t
hasbee* an anderttaodlagamong tai L No woader steel sell eaa
is the best published price] Yet it is known a fewenraged! colore
10 bel
any only tile Parker men, thai one or tto delivered to the Mecca railroad a4
area went la search of the assaulttabrut ,
/cents a copy, $ i.oo a y ear; > other? of these plana woos to adopted line la' other foreign _..,.. re
and succeeded'la capturing his
la McClmre' la order to lasnre a sojld$ vote ro% girdle the cost of such a long carriage 4
number el .
: every there are I Realizing th..erfo.s nature of htocrime.
i ,:Articles>>f Intensc.Utercvt I !t Iz ood;s&ort stories, fcuon Bryan against the New Teak platform Dar mad a break for liberty at tile axilla. By thto system w. ar* s
.nabiectn of tile I stories of lifeaatioaW and WM shot ia the toe by one of his
grcatcsf [ and the sot only fattening tile Trusts at bone
flght that Hearst has bee ,.t'
ImporUoce. I 1.ad captors sad WM recaptured and tame"over '
always food. .
la earned .. but foreign Industrie at '
I ptorin. ap tto State have maay frulMtog up
i to Deputy Sh Joha who fork
\ zrT j MaKe think that the national { convention rtg1 tho- ..,.*.* of oar ..* people Tto
ed him : Later of T,-
up. a. posse '
)cOnrc's win. be more iatcmtnf 1 tmnrrtant and entcrtaiarar Your shoaM look outside of bothj Meant;an. vnter *\ the Jfoftawa.... who 1
groeu. supposedly tri.ad.west, to tk S
tba ever.. -Krery rear better, tbxa. tbe tat or it wov4 lOt be Parker for a nominee. I fail .to retake thto policy win share
IcCIaft''s.FREE. l' Jail sad rtlsased the j,rtwoer. It fir."
Mark I the guilt of tat perpetrators of such
The optaloa WM ezpresaVd that perhaps i
at first thought tIIat. had been tae-.
s.1Iecrri.e. Dew lor UcClnrc'a. for 1 04.and ret tile ladlana had better be tn a portion from Jail sad tiBehe by the enrarM fraud upon the....trr. i
)jiovewiber a.d Decembcrjaumber\of 1903 free.- IB' The _
World! to lead off for another eaadldaf
Tus I IL lcO.aas ... .. colored population. tot It later eVvM- I BALTDtOU nJtJL
O. aah. fiam.va saw. 'r......T.r THE
: ; {: t than aar to hare her haf ds tied for oped that to WM tn hiding somewhere

Don't be satisfied to work' Instructions for any caadidnte.Sereral ors report Hin.JA search WM ,Instituted [
The Official Ttgores lose at Timj
along in the same old way of the men thought that tot .. could !not to found aadto

for low wage' We can Mayor Mcdellu of New tort, wool IUD at large. Davjn te aa tmpdeC Big Coatagraooa. j

help TOO carre oat A too to the stfuugeet man M a dark horN negro sad a.dangerous: character aad i Batlmre. ';It:Chairman Pfd; t

r cettful career. Thousands sad the sentiment WM so 'general tha 'had they dealt with him te summary Turner ef Ute general bx commraeuie

WeVaot1ver Grower hare increased: their salaries the Indiana delegation could suite ap- manner K to let nkety that"any'node the big fire ef I I.bruary 7-.. has

I by;, following oar plan.. We oa him at any time and'giTe: kin t would have beam tafcta of the matter.Lakelaad amt Its fine retinal report w tie Kdoaal *-|
train .
can you in spare time solid .
vote I(. at nay u. fa tae coiTeaUon t Newv
Board ef t>derwrtters. :
I Ttoj +
and-.at .
small coat, for any New Jock would to to him. . '
an aad foM
of the ftgore*. up date
IK THE STATE'ip HAVE. OUR OOK8.norlda { following positions) Tto conference adjourned with Uunderstanding t].. ., tile ..... iantiorteu. -- __ 'Inv ,- r

idsslrt. dOrtd, fish tech rI that effort' should toKegun which haa ever happened la Tampa Of :.17I aNipa.a" vm have bleat' '

ben heater; .Ib..; >.lasR; at once to bring about aa mdentaadlnc DM Just' come to light Workmen' returned'wH* tgven. These latter tar =
Vgtabt--A eaptte maoual ef rftorlda cropa. ttnegrA: ......: ....... tbs.sotrssr with the Herat faction.. digging on the ue&,,& OU at the eor- tto'aggrrgat.\ew'. r

l 10rMa OnrA.-Ct' ...... bt..a to oraap greyer,, thm. ..;..fesdw: .;r Ysa itm.. I iii: I A press dispatch from- !New York today .er of ........ and Burton'streets. la Valve rape.sest.d. $31r7l$7: teJsaranc i

*{***.. .gJjawtente** A moeklet. .oa, -Sotl Varieties, Oattlyaitos) and says:, j i connection witS ale i Vofldlng of the carried es .me ac.saJaj
-. f ..... ....'r...........-.
1' ...-----....MTERNATINAL Jags Parker's support rt are mac new KpUtopal church, claim to haveBaeartbed swat ,.if. ****723.151. ,

-Irt.r. PirLba.A, : VooMet osSoil! .feted.FUatiag. Bad CultlTaOon:'Kteetnaeaaeiki I disturbed ever tto report that Senator two bone about ten feet Ts nda ade-tarvtwn*> ef seailsd4

d !tie'ti9s.rta,.J3I Sac tell/.....'t ( Gorman writ loaner what Murphy e* apart which they. believe Bad'coatalnd reproof toOdtags, epee whirl sores)

Vuttaiala .'<-Gr..kftat te' teeappW grow m. .' I.I dei.:...: ;..: ISc M1t I: the presidential situation. j The Parker the bodies .. mlaata. Tto intone have.set yet'rcme la, value H4 XMviwsursace ; Y +

-Idoat raraiiasf*--Busk Ihswtag att mr = Mfeut 1r ada aaalyses. atirea, '; "j; % "r .' mea .have saade strong Worts totanfi' can- .... struck *T on* of the colored work C, MfrW: fair'cvtlmau .. a

rast9 support}. .>*t so far man about three feet B et OW tto ground lot*, n J.wxGlrTkg :
set .
Net and Pe..... EdUkM, Ito above Just pull. seat free for the MtdBf.f I M awes eta muss arr.sreata., to has rr' **1 to commit hlmsett.That last M' ....,. TIle aft claim fiat not *totals ef: t

I he "I!! ... btu ,to! IsBuence a kaowlag what ftoy ,,aAet'ttnekThepton V.!...' fT4. TT4Sl: ....,...... I 11.

gipi6' W:; George foatcs Urge vote la Uronvanoa H eowded. dlgglag sad breaking up the bet M 771149: am ra
ILSOI & mB FERTILIZER! $ ', I I IIt I tll"n... they lad got It all upif. More th** LAM< le *eu were adjust.* a '

*% to known that btr. Dorma* has VM evident tka aomethlng had td p4 sny. 'Lay that luadrw c
< r JCKSON t ------1 j f a.. (.... 141.Mls..I. t'L.ECG' I;... .. 'communication jwl.a Tam- bee burled there but It WM impossible losses are au....

Oh..e.SO c -"\ Agents maay and the loader la jNaasytvlatond to do aaythlag with it. OB acronntof dlr.7irs ? add.t .- r
:' t. :.. ether ...... Mr. Murphy has also the decayed condition te whkh It estimate the value ef property ee*.

"ItOwJ'A''5UOOTY1. < !" TOCKTOti Ii BRADFORD kept te touch with tto feansyVvaala 'WM found sad th*| rough treatment MJ'OJ.'at | Of.OOI) sal- Ute salvage' .

-0.," T R....; ) "i..Il leaden and wbes that state to.which k had her* subjected. nil :at alQp4.. .

t tildd, refused, to Instruct Its aVtogatM for I box Ute .:. describe{ M about the dyed .

.' : Mw-- "E ( -- '- :. f IMMl.n'aY cu-; Nrkat, tt was regarded .. victory I a salt hog. Oa'>lT.dq another i Tie Panama rwaal ommtssiwa.vaav J

II |AvMjCfr tolldlaa. Roes to being for lee Oormaa cam*.. iVaay :box WM discovered:! about two feet I.....* to dig tile dltfa. TVo ,,e trbr.e

-iw. Haidl.atte sti iriA1M laaaled J f* tto groaad a4 tto work *.I HERMIT SALVED te New Yet toBev* there Is i.long and eight laeto wide. After Prteudsrembteatto* ran e.4!
p..jsrl.g I k** .... t '
air *eaten
: ." Ikf >*UM vflT.to iprisI at aa'earlr W y .... already as) ethane totweea Tammany.their first eiperte* tto ma were ;a their nopOcattow after today. Theyy

.eete ar r l4.. ll. ar.a.rM t.f. ,," ........ ;, ., mTW .and Oormaa. to >Jch-Gefe. efaa., ,Btore carefol std sac ..d.d te gates arc tmmuM to clectMst. aayway. -
... *
... S
I ." ., ,_ M C.

,.-.. : J- "". ... ..,.. .... .:4-. "'-' .A.. '
. '1- .' .- 1'r' :-"" ""' .. ''1' fj -:- I ,;-,, I ''T'1", -. h ,--- r- ,



I I I : ::

'Ire Knowa Miami Tartit Now .11L.1
1 Amo .t of a :Yacht VI' 11t nat Pa arola Journal laterrlew J. A. aa.:1t
at New Orteaa i OBBINSJO
-. I Kaowa Here. njitk Heaator Mallory tally explained- E., ,
y I about M L
A Nrw Oriean esdl'l.ce aaya of die Senator oUoS' said. that. for ob- Sdeatlle Eorststoeiaj i Sptdslly

yarb'j Palawtta.. Clara ".k1a..n. .4 pennaat of the New York Tarhldai ..
511 had sot Uk..
.. frim here tke Bnt at llaet wed aaattlve ;
{part | u lying at the
part la any of tke pe..... coat General
troy for St. Louis.ti via the Jffwu' ,
terday ..-, the bearer Elicit- U. but that alga alt retara beretuo Harness Blacksmithlnfc "
Coat and MiatiMippi river: j an* Carriage : :

Tito ......* pieacure boataj ... yn cat, Roamer. which left N oars axo kta atteatioa kaa lIMa :I t and Repairing .

Property torn 11 three or four seethe ago. ci led to a report concerting kU Bttl- Mb b$. Bad ..
tie of T. A. Snider, tke OaciaBAti A D. Miami FU.1 ;
tide OB tk. Seaatorial cooteet,.wklckatemed ;
catnip manafactar.r.{aadt tke +.. "'eat End Mr yesterday aftBTB Depository. j r'1
otkr'owned .J to have ....tocI aome cnrrency .
: by Commodore IX P joaT bout.. mad .a retearkalibytut II sad wkkk ke coaadelred('It ktoity s.r ...... ,... Clejt
Hack**,.of N_. Tort arrival la tortTMterday tis'ro ". fcarlng leftthe cI to refer to.Ht I vee. ; +

aad tied ap at,tke kead of' norlda 'port earl) Wdnetda) i bad come to ktm from : NELSON BLOCK 12th
Pelican ...... even 1 1J THE :
oa tke;Algiert aide of mon fug. nay* tile New Orleans TlmeeDemprrat. -. adurcee chat ke warn opposed io tkeeviction CP1CUR1AN LUN
tke river.1 Both are earoute to St.IxMl I
| I of Mr. J. N. C. Stockton to tkelilted MIAMI. FRORIDA. 1011 Avenu. D.W. T '.
.(aad will b
s sport lien about Tar; Reamer.1. .
a srnooaer rUcgM I States Senate Mr Mallory said C -... t
a west They came ap tbs river with tae motor yaekt.. bdag proyidocwith thit ttlrwM wftkoat ,
any authority
H. T. tooms'. kaadaome ;
Roamer but a dptls screw drives by two ganilae fr >m .... and WM not trw; that hew

tke Roamer left them at Lake Bonn engine (coupled oB ass shaft) i >ald !lOt" andentood a..
canal Poackartrala.and cam to tke,.* lIone- O'"r each. Sot ; 'any of Mr..Stockton'* opponent, Grif6ng's'Trees'i&(

j jfcr eaa .ometht. bettor
[ than nlntaot butjuiat U WM dee both to Mr. Stocktoa -
Saider'B fi
i boat the )> toa
f|an boar without taring. Sh* and to himself to aay that be WMpefaoaally C. MAYNARE// r
kanjaome .
Ni; -eve foot ala andwat to 9 fert over all. It feet beam sad and politically a \\ I be found j just a* r:prc nic l, true .\

et built at Morris Hetgkta.. 1( ork draw i(4: feet S tatbe* of w...... She toaa frfead d Mr. Stockton and erpected warm to to n i me, and first clan in every ropect. JEWELER :AND' OPTlCfAlj. j

Jut fait The bot> w.. .. Ullt *a e: era good .ea boat for her dimes ,
voU for klm at the primary" POMONA Perfect ttUsg eatwearlac Rtoses. _
t"a 4. ker depth tkree 4*... '[Her '.... NURSERIES oc-a: ::
beta huff by the NewT Mr. Ts laterro's pkte the S are a great comfort. W lib *ar *x4.B- tr.sly. .
| .... la maboxnny.q rlUaa ] 'Casolla. Engine Company for \ U. A. IiIcEadl.... maaacer.Ulj. 0itni* Tree* our t.l>*rge Illustrated I Catalogue free. apparels* sad Urge fportyar*
*. aad .to perfectly .r... C apeaklnc of thislntkrrbw 1" there < n_ gwt wort. Pncr ._-
her iwnf* with the especial
object aview eayt: w toaab We repair Watches, CT da.
Utl/.tbl.boat to operated' by !fi- (of bring fitted for long erat.ect.Site JU to well knows Uut BenatoTMai.lory Fresh Cut Roses Jewerly. and Becta les. A Borttof ofv
: gaaoUa* nuiie, w1 kII built for tb i purpose of bet bM often did to a.t.al'lrfe.da ar trade anked for. Lnru w U*' ,
' :the raU of twelve allies lowaef.land tkla is laIBC 1 >auo D between Itvb aad 1Kb 8m

'1In4a,. Captain William Oatea ofProvidence. I'.,.; 'ra."t every-I ..at:, Seaator 'TmiUferro WM entitled M way t on hand at Jon Miami Office, Room No. 4, OU PclofKc baiU- W. C. MAYI ARD.

R. t, to la command of:tb Elbo..t.met to the property of H. C t!I to Vbe la: aecoad tern| and that kit record ins corner A cnuc.C and ;nth Street. k.et.eaa. sr.ar :
la mont
t Pala+ .H. carrie a new (( thus R afe New Tork. an elderly gvntlekooe I Senate wat escelleBt> but CHOICE FLOWERS, for all occa ion< furnmhed+ on short reties '
tee a. Including the Cfcaaj; ft.Priddy'of Defy owlet to kit political ubllraUoaa.ke I F oral for
eaglaeer. 'a las w favorite amusement to take Drtijtns Funeral, &c.|

Canada, tke steward ... a :. hiTb4, wife oa lone+ en.... ... the 1 adlve would lOt be la lii a poeltioa to take \ Lost; Halt
aa tke rampalfB
deck 11.4.' OII..re arreral Vtr. and Mrs i yarbtj to peculiarly adapted to kita. **, [ "BaC laeatrod tke reporter. bow GRIPPING BROS CO..
They star week! at
Mr. Rma>* will lie remembered a* baring I
do *art arcuant for bla tills
1|, poaltloa at
St. Loato. at tae expiration eC wfcjek Tfelted New Orlean ta the "
rae UK hourriTbkt My btir cam out by the ktad
they will start back to New* York to- of a jling yachting emit*" which betook td. tad ... .. kcira .. .
lac tin he. raat Lake. .... and Mrs \ IS easy to explain.' said MrMcEackera. rreea ia. 1 tried Aye Hair Vigor,
tome flv la Ik Waiklkt
year ago -
., Balder far. keen wintering at hdamHa 'beranM Mr. Stocktoa, tad W awppcd tbs hair frem cornIng +
if)nat of smaller dimensions sal an tat Jtlneelf la d.,.,. atn Ita. ENOA FISH MARKETraoaa oat tad resisted the color."
and burs direct from Miami
eaa e ,
Tfce marklaery of the Palmetto U !lee power that mis thou. tb* Roamer. AssumMy and knowing fiat ke would be defeated i Mrs.M.D.Gray Ne.Salem.MtMj a
taua him
t Just what
ta ,[ba II.. made plead!.g appeal to
perfect r every detail. A 4M &floi be wast..* la the way or 'a crew s Senator Mallory to make the statement 1 he houseboat raoaa, at the fool There pleasure I In
faaallaotank auppliea gaeoUae for land of fcecood tirrrt, where we will '
yacht the Roamer to the embodl- hared, offering
W Senator
e tae engine.; Bad taMe tie boat to meat f his views la ke sad Mallory. feelln I .. band at all timea. Ayer's-Balrylgor
tlall..JMd. Sat lion as 4
ke WM discharging a political
make loac.. without atopptan to a ba.___ boat from aa exterior debL' ':Fresh It '
to the demand made all who
forfaeUCommodore viewpoint, bat whoa one goes aboard ?yielded apoablm L.ive isb.i. gives to use It

I1* lu' boat the Clan $uchsatisfa tlon. The
b* to astoatsbed to tote tb* roomlaeu i -rvnil this la say way affect the ttadod i. We do i ar owa fltbiac. .la deep .a&er.U tberefere beadle. hair ,
to safaris tkaa tke Palmetto. This becomes thicker '
sad aWaac* of the reiurloos cabin. y ,, ,
tittle veaeel to forty; feet la toagtk. tea M far aa Senator Tallaferro toconcernedr NOth: But the Best longer softer and
It laebtdea ready tb* whole width of n ; more

of feat wst.4 U width! She sad, too.draw to a about tMoIiM two 1 fe oat*. tII: [.souk-and[ may b* said to extend "[No.* said. Mr. McEaebera, reD_ BAKER & BAKER, Foot 2d St. glossy. And you 'celIO ; _

the bo* idlstaae* from' the pilot boas aot. ,.... secure. In tising such
carryla<( a U. .....po.. oaflABka -ingln Un It win for the tkattkeirreat j TKLEPtlONK SO SO an +
to the room. Her crew eoatet '
+ mss "J old and reliable
..rac.* about tern bob per kool.Ooraodorv of the frleBda of Senator preparation -

RmckM and Mrs H. sd of only three mea. and ..III. Carrie M nory feel,that tke frieada of...- -- - ..
BM .q| beastagtra. ...* her owner aad : : aataMBa.If .......
... ator Taltaferro were Btrong for bra for
.u Ib, ftkoard. Tke ,
p party; commodore
its wlr th* commtetorlat ... sleeplag yw *" ir"e MMt
W .. I j a aeooad tara sad It ,WM upon the Ma e2W Mjvqr. JM. +
the aster of tke Itttle .... se Me e i nt e
acrommodatloaa lICIt occapymnch teoood term plea that Wilspn &Fl: r.-a- a.' W sees'
oa1. udkto aliU of ye :: : :
{ crew e o & aegro I. space..' Tb able which to 'beaatlfuljyf N, wcc..at .:::' i.
deck band sad his rteward.Ttr. r acatBrt him WM withheld sad we sad i .. --.w_
jaad ,
aU through Red norlda that the
I Balder, tke owaer at tke PalBMtto ... a foldlag bad which > b B IBM I* I"
lava: momker of tae warm personal frieada of Senator Mailory -
Tackt CUk., sad HoralCaaaAIM ComaMxior tilt Ttttor would aappoM to b* a clo. ; bare butt, supporting SeaatorTaflaferro. Groceries / .

M' up IrrlUng desk although Jut tot3 .* Staple Fruits AI, CURE COUCH
Hackee to oa the roD of tke New fork ;
;Tacht CtaV .. It jU'e a wrltW! eMIt and a bookCBB : '--Oatetde of dlacbarclac a political ,

.\ *. '!II.{ ... .. other eonvaV e k I deb4 senator Mallory ktauelt 'wonU : ,TOBACCOS f' .. Or. King's

BEST COUOH MJEDICIM roi sad farajtur. silt la tb* beary eaMawatnarotuc like i to let Mr Tallaferro retaratd< to I /

.- CHltCRTK. sad laic tb* baAbead ... the trailed Statea Senate for the reavoa AND CIGARS I' c

').. 4' t.... |h* caMa and file engine pow $ikat tkeir work bM keen mod bar- .. New Discivsry

Tb ongiM room, wkJck ta a nee moBlont and 'rtlatioaalot .Avenue D and h MIAMI J '
that pereonal St. ,
Whsus W costsedki.. t I FLA ,,,,. .
l0lL k...dooly iii.6e1 tad .apkolttera .
ap Uf busty < FOR( ties ,1.0.
-.n m wart ... |a wkkk la 1h. ;,, .* I ce-tt1l1fOf1O.aN
leatW. serves "also u ikttckeaj .5th 5 to lICIt'a.fSperljcI U all) .__L 'ree TriaL'S.n.a !
,' .Ywt eM &aN 'aphloit eod ..ee. .s sad dtaliif' and 0
room, n ctvn Mr.rSttoebtod --
alwayl. 4emaaili 4 foU aad ftuics-e Car lor aUTHKOAT 0
slat ono that not only relieve atcarea. ample plot, for j.* execattoa of tk pound of fleA. and la kl. extremitytmpy : sad LTHTO nOTO- a

Yon want oae that to tint aatUonably tkr** parpoeM to whIch It .. devoted.Aa brought Peck LEI, XOXZT BACX.t '
the preewire on Senator &
F fcarmlta*. Toa what oat (katb the Roamer jras built to aarlgat Mallory to P&1'." Bailey I

ftleUMt to lake. Chaabertala'kOoagh latand reama and.. canal. as wn u .
-- '
Resets meet an of Ueee're* more opea waterway* bar mast ar I B.1Mfof' lliffk-grwle LA 6RIPPR-

.e ..........ta. There to Boiklnt he good ba biases so that they eaa be told flat I About a year ago the Record a M. | t Opa and Ckin .. tlauncnes 'l
; Bounced that aa ordiaaace bad ...
for th* ooltckB had cold iBddeat M tk hsrrteaa: deck or caUa roof
npoa .1
t .
I.prepared Mkjnx the dry for a traaeht | i facto
cklidkoodj.. It" alIo.: a eertaia preveaUre at .a.M.t'l: aat\ce. for a street railway and ebctrK I Sail and Rowboats nauiiiBHla ....... LA 5510..
std ours for croup: sad th ere Ro.a41:$ the Roamert Itlaerary capltaltoul t ,, ctrl novar fottow* the ... .tFflLEY'S
light plant. JackaoarUle
I to a. danger whatever from wkooptafcoagh may ..jn.; ..... ap as follows: bar
are tke aotlUoaen. rill c. but: ; At istutt.wLearrewlsetOa, Hone '
A ._ sit 1s'gI\o. It... beea I tog New,Yart..h. ran through the eaaato ... t7,1 t d Tarh.lsil..
lever peas preeeated to tke tltyeoan
teed la baay epidemlca of tkat ..... to tk* Ckeaapeak bay tkrouirk 'RAILWAY lid
11, bat ski eaaeatlal featarea were MARINE Tarp
.*.. with;perfect aaeeea PoraalehyItoi the lasid* pasaage laehad'., Attwmarte .
described la the Record wfcea tau ordlanace Oyrrbaeli.t and krp.iriat at +hers YMHa'
Croaj Pkarmacy sad an medlda* Sound< to'Cbarlestoa.. 8. C.then. WM .,..... It B>'tma M Itria. .knp and TeM A.._.. n.* oh *M. MUml Itl..... ItviptUOna4 *Bdbeetolbpjaga;;. V

dealers I ., Including opea [water for aboutlM some ...... base bees made and an .. __ pt.-.. ,....... ... eo-...... i1U.BVT t
mlfca she made her way to Soraaaa T +-S
A grouj of ba SoJtkBcacb l Savmaiab ake took tke outline of tke propoaltloa win ke nbmltted :. *..... r lit Owed ... a-..,;
Bpectator from
; : Oaj
: to the dty coaadl at IU aextmeeUnc @Yi\/n "' ....... -lar wile W i.tib.ee.d M M W.
r bridge wars treated to aI Mnt Inside tboogk salt water rout toJackson ; view ) erica a'V bad a..! w -, Lew d .

I Bight yentarday BftorBooa A; kage rflle. don I......Ayer to Miami with a of aeeertalnlng i ...............Tu...._.ld.ls.'Sea .. .

r % :visa'enek.r or+ wklpparot cliee to oul ..,.... Ole extreme UoutkemWat tltaten and tkea draltag anordlnanre '
I the Wise Men Use
meeting reqaJrvmenta.Tke
: tke brdn waa attackod ky .ikarkboat fIll riorlda and ap tau west conn ..

laaffeet aad ,made frantic to .'..... aad true. Peaaacola-_ Company doa aot Mk lb. 'city' to
,. contract for tights, which pan of tke I. .
;.... lei-=ape. Tfce lUrk .aacared, side of" Port Morgan aad.tkroech: nom
t a bold oa tke aide of the wklpparot !."d Pass io kOsstmlppi Sound aadtkea plant will 1e of secondary Importance.Tke United D Vegetable Paper 1aED10RDs'BLACKDRAUGHT
"""wprctea b la the bands of .11- :
sad *\ fieree str.tgl..w.d. darts tkfpagkf Lake .Borga the RlgoEnd. -
f : denaan Hewitt bat M It did not come
which the water was laaked a to a : .
,.... Plaaliy doom : before the board at Jut .'c.t'. mKg -
Ole captive broke away Mr] will probably remain: !
!. Record asked hit : theirITomatoeSo -
a reprteeatatlve o
i learlac a tilt aUo o| Its body la tb* bore abou| a week, kad the wlR takv wrap
Howatt U tile eoadUona ant ms
,pabark'B moatk. Tk. water wae dyed tile Roamer tkroagh tk* Lake BOTKIWI '
with blood for ...dtetaace sad aodoakt canal taU the kfleilssippl river, aad ,had bees cIa"'aMIt.. repliedtkat : THE ORIGINAL

.otker akark BOOB tot oa 'tke win'go *pttk* rtvar o at_ Louts tkeac. bratkany no change bad beeamade ; '

trail of tke maimed flak sad ended it* to'Cb1r&i and lushes throaM+ Lake !; except u the form of the 4nrameaC LIVER MEDICINE i I

;tsttuw 'The' spectator abwdderedM Michigan!,jtk* Straits of bfadBars LakeHuroa. wklck win bo presented .. nproportion r-

-v t.a remark.* "A ... 'Would hives St. CUlr. Lak St. Cltlr. ; at orbs laatead of aa ordlraore -I :AM..Ie'ret tl.ae. L..+ let dw ..... si.......... fowe..y

,sot. bve much show la a'eaataat of River Ds ;,"IIAke| BrW.; the w.aatI Tbe promoter derire to Bad 'i\Ii' .ia

.Oat klad>-fIl.! A....... Record. canal. Late Ontario, sad down the M.Lawreac out what tke people of St. A..lltlae.utut hi.alli..s.e s ...n4 a tasted teaf-*.* M

t btr*. btarnle Lea of htlddletourg wet to SortJ (about mMrajt between [ If ponribU. win' prepare aa IN ladiotiea* of hvarMdMsfydivaMs.

( tufts. %. itghtalac .at her: home lathet Moatreal sad QoebecV wkreke ordinance'. la accord, tIt to propoetdto bowl Stamackaad

.. >lW Taatday afteraooa. com.yletely .1 win nsd kto} way through MM LAS. belt tke Iowa, etartlng kt tke aortkrad Atlantic Coast Line. = wsr.iat
teamg away on* of" bet feat' ,: ChamptolaL and the*' WK. tb*, Ha4- of Ran Marco avenue and raanlngroutk t; liver aM ke'd..y =
aloof Saa Marro Bay and. Marine .IMI,...,..at tU....,avo ,
r Dr..Wlinama was aammoaed aad foaad .... to New York, harlag mad* a .11', : .
each harder .. .
e. TW .d's
\.M --r, to amputate the foot. Mr' extoaalvU>aad trip.NO. street to Soutk atree\. these o Quickest,tl. sad e.udl.et service North East +and West via Hark-I>ran htB v.rnikiwBcao-. I

.....Ie a well kaowa aad betoved t F--i-- wet i o Central ......; tkeaee aortk.trtTtrdng ,ATLANTIC' COAST LINK. Tk* PamOM New York ...[ norlda Special.sottd Itdws..II hmaad....u..... keisy. 1r.

"..... tot her ....-.It7. and; aiJrlandi [. EQUAL c..tral'ft.... want oaBrtdgietreet. Pallmaa trala of Gompartmoat .' .. It *'" ey Ik* tarwd Irmto -
Stoeptac. Dtaisg Obeervatioa
aid south oa Cordova Cars threw .. IW....ef IrWaWa
ar* deeply grieved at the and ., ..< I;Uiajiiauca.. A report r.w.w... To Cbamberlala'a .Coifs Cholera aadDiarrhoea I Klngftreet: west to Malaga and north arrhr New P. bf. foltowlng day. and liri",t',. .._.oftke
Tuatarday Was to the effect ,that ak* Remedy for Dowel CompUints to praaga. Bad east too rao... TkeretitiOBera 'Yort4ld kidnmL re-
la CkUdma.f win aak for exemption riortda sad Ltmltad. carrying Ora..C-BoI.. Sleeper* aadDlaiac ..,.-. T.T Tbedtu.kd's Black:. pr
vaa. raattat a..ail a* pomikl, ander: IMT Jck. Dra.w t........ d ....
Cam oaville at t.M A. M.
Chrb.rW.1 daily, arrtv* New York !:M pun r
fly. .dN.M.llet It win be aomem ** kat. used Colic.Cholera from I axatloa for a period of tea yeanurtnr M.' fCakago dwelt imaMM .. die _MIlt el yelbwfc -.. _
aid, Dlarrboaa' Remedy ta oar d which time they win totke P. foHowlsg day. I ...
Won ah* win be aWe tb lear* pay shay faaiMta Qty toB
mar rom.iT1tBlrf t 'the.iThhmand ao etkw

Cook, otl JNederianda. Texas. "'W. .... and after that time they wit) pay tars: leaves kaekaoavllto dally at ':!' A.it,arrtv Cklcago tOI 'doctur Black.Braxftl .
: his aIw. ..
,. ** Baanla asya If Japaa waatal peace .rye giveajitt{ to an of oar chOdraa.W :I per cent, or poatiNy more. At yettSe P. M. following day. ,This!* traIl carries St\Louis Sleeper. arrtTiag SC Louis ate ia aa amirn ,7 and beadier...

I aa. wm hav to Sght toe It, It akould have toed other atedidnea for the d
'b* *videatt| Raaria hy. this tfm* hat I BOB** parpWa. bat lever toad aayfhg to aa opinion oa. tbe propo.Uoaj .Plyor leaves acksoavtlto ia3 P. kt dally, 'carries tkroagbsleer ,..Th.dls'b .'Ml

.** to ....' at very tktng sad at I |, eoaak.::to Ckambertaia'B. 'TZwin yea .: sad M the above to merely a .ra to Cklcago sad fet| >Loato.< arrlvrag Cklcago fay- : f. M. 81 Louis .I..... ... ...laeve aet kedteaatoedecto Do #t& _

..*prmani( time I* tke upper doE I asa ttl\ as directed It wfll alwaysor rough draft of the plan It to probable trod: A. kt fellowtec morirfsg.Tk ...... I .... BMkAtof k

.:: i II *." Pof]sl. by an druggists and many j Jelugys win be made before sickest Hue by lour sad ..-....f hour to Chleag*. ..... boars to ft b... bra ...... hr BM But b

Dr. Cram caa draw his aalary only, medicine dealer ( the ordinance win be compiled. After St. Lovto. sad .* boar to Loakrrfll eame mwM tar tntr ..Heavy

dkrtag ".....* LIb the aaull boy thou proaoattioa to prorated la detofl MakeReservation. aweh.4............ dromri.... 1 a.1fl .

me ao doabt! wtobes. that *cboo|r'.w1I1 f01E15 l tile paklte win bo more dBaltey eallgkteaed. -I .

be i no*.... .- t. '------ProxnnUv. .

+ ,;:: .J Z ow I'. 0 .. .._... .. 4- "' .


The Miami metropolis
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Title: The Miami metropolis
Uniform Title: Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: 12 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: East Coast Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: May 13, 1904
Publication Date: 1896-1908
Frequency: weekly (published on friday)
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
General Note: Editor: Walter S. Graham
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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*rl $* flff
r Tr T"



t I !

VOL. 8-> 0.49. MIAMI DADE COUNTY. FLORIDA. MAY I 13.1904. .""!"- T1ELI8 P1GK

c .
----- -

I .THE WELT YET 3POL1SPHE II |A3 BEEN HELD'UNTILJSATURDAYCbUNT ---y----For J..uce811"", Coart for Term Clrmlt JiMlge-a H. Palmer. .Oil: *
MORNING IN HOPE THAT, r.n. E OFFICIAL ,COULD BE GnU-NTt" EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE I" of'SIx: Yearx-R Feawlck Taylor. ..- U it Robenoa.. '

r.lYEN. THE JOMMITTE IS 8T Ul CANVASSING tHe'OTE.. HOW. 747. Slat Attorney-Darla. 471i Htrde. e
ll KR. WITH <0 PROSPECT or US (fcARLT COMRLknON1" OF THEIR I For .Justin Supreme Court-Robert :s::. '
L. aORs. TH FIGURES! GIVE r I N THE TABLE! ARE! CORRECTED I 8. Oxkrell. IJU: A. J. Henry. 1>44: \ \

CASES.OWIN: TO TIlE C XtSEN ::S.-? OF SOME OF THE CONTESTS. I For .Jadge of Occult Coart. Fourth A perlal rerdred at o>Iork levee >
I Jadldal Circuit-R. M. Call. J.1M. 1 the' foilowlag Tot for gv\ernor:
t And Official Returns Cannot be Announced Until Their' .
For State AUora.,. Fourth Jadlclal DarU; lOJlli 'Bro..... 2.342;
I Clrcalt-A. 0. Hartridge. 1.777 A. H. '
xx* iix .ixx I ; ;
fff ? I I'b I I r Work is Finished.TiliiferroW.li glare .!,5:11.: ,i Browa. 7.04; Maya UM.
i t : : Tallaferro' afectlo .to l
: eerUia. sad =
.. : ; TO .j 1 1I For Members of the State Demorrat '
:::0. : IS j Barn and Clark well b* la th. aeo.d .
; -_J-t :: : j I I j i K Committee from the SUU at Large !

1* ;,- f.;. .eel! sln: w1 i po 1. -- Win In the First Primary, While Broward Ha: Made'! -J W. Ada... 8S1; Dr. Warns B. primary for Con great. '

M .. -
"'O. t Doit: I. Aad_. tot; George U Babl. UTS;
A.. : :. .: I: t j : a Phenomenal! Run and Will Oppose Davis in the SecoiRfimiryClirk d I Then will\ b* **it* a UniT Iocalea.p.lga
t = i c.: tr. t N. A. B1ltr un; A. C. Bloaat. Jr.

.. j ':' ."" :.. :.:1'j' .,;...: .:. ."'). I I i'f Ih 1 t. ; Leads Barrs But Must Fight ft ; 1.030: ; Job M. B".... UM:1 C D. there are .for.,..tb..*important Jan primary omoa* to aa

: : : I.: ;jCIouna.: tos: C 0. Codrtagtoa. I5J; Ie.I .
:. : ;. : '\ .' Ii Out With .Him June 7-latest Information |A. Crawford UU; Herbert U Dodd. lie HIM.Tb .

: : dl ::: L :. : '. ,1 t race for.tJ' deck will.a* h.tweea ..
Obtainable From Jacksonville. I,1.2; W" W. Farmer Iii; D. C. Fletcb-
: ; : : : : : ) .
: C.
. .. .I J Dearbora. the preaeat iacambrat.
I I ,er. LSSO; R. a Garaett. 7IS; Francis
j and J. S. Frederick, lit
-L i k : ; I "'-- A. 11ftdr). 1/)8; William. H< .
tb turprU* of ', received
many : more
o The County Democratic ExecutlTeOummKtt HUteaa. 1.406; Goad L'Eagl U4X H W. Loot 1.006; M. H. Mct resry.
.-Sj-J Tallaferr* I totes than either' Merrttt or heck
.i;... [O CP M;11. ; 5jK Is !. .ei>on cuTaatlag: the For Delegatoa to the Natio al Co.te.toa .- Uf,. Cay' t. )I t'&If. 190; W. IL Mntoa.JrJ SatUk. Mr. Frederick aUl I>M,* a r

Ir._.... ". .. ru, s'csJU II I, .r'..,.. you of lat Taeaday but tb. work will froa tile Secoad Cong __aIDICkt.T. !. tit. H. IL PblHpa.. S7S; .Joba Q. warm competitor for Mr. Pearbora.
-_ ; ---L-----t. tot be completed la time to gtr the .
,A Aadereoa. 1.J1, D. N.BelUheJor. !s..k
J. : .
th. 491; N. \\VbJU MS.For (and the dI.tllat i* win be
:'" .c" '". 10."lIkl_. Call. it malts today, at there'are, several 942; J. E. T. Boyd< .,1.1.36; $tat Co.natJo.-m. i tb* aeit clerk. 1Oeo. 1 ;
t -- _
t al.or( technical aritlag and keUf -
: a.L. CaaJdea. Mr.For .
: N .....
W 8 JeaaiBf dlecvMed whlcb ,conrame ,Urn, Agalait State OoDftllts00-U3. cam* very seat .1
M .!. '
w -I. : Governor-Napoleon E BrowRobert
-l"tU > .la the tor
tax batwinJ
faCIe an mar
+ ;
bat will IB ail probability. BOt change CLARK'S HOVE COCNTT.
r' R N )seas Q ard..' 1. a; C bf. Browa..parla. lf2 J tan Mr.. -. L.. X1.lel... __
=; 53ISJ8Jggggas! ..;i; ) I'the rvaulu.Tentorday. I S.OSI. D. H. May.i. t 4. Lake City. FU. .. May IL -Tbe rote !Ii Itor-ta UM Mooad.-n.t x,. Butler

: z .' .:;; N If Isroward "'t I qulu a little Barry For Secretary of State2.. 'of Tweeday'a primary baa .... *aTaeeed -'win wla aaDy there .to ao doubt.

r -. 1 warn crested by the flllac of a protest Broom 7S4; H. Clay Crawfocjl. W7. sad was east a* follow: --. R. B. MeLmdoa sad T. 1C f.
CK...w : b acalMt B. B. Tatmm serving at proiy .
tLc-.Jr c -. TW B.-! Kirk 7.7. .oatorlaJ-8tocktoll. 417; Talla Oanttor win ban u. rae for tai eoK"lector
for Commlttcraua 0. W. Potter I
.. .._ 1 D H HkjiJMBarn i I I Ij her Attorney General-Wl lam H. tern. 4U: Jeaalaga US; Call It. sad aa both ar. wad kaow
t 8J,'...ra._W-* .... -,- j protest WM mad by' T. A. WtafUld.A. ., EUta.. l. M; Alfred 8L Clair brama.LTat. : OoagTeealoual..-.Park. 490; Bam) .. bar auay' frteada the rae will, ;
: LM All n aa. U. R Joha tonwca : I.
I i I
M ..- '. "' 183; Watson:: Alexander" ; Dough-' aa tatvrwtiac oa.. _
[ U Price A Gar
: : .1 their attoney MT :
4ca"- f Por Comptroller C. CrooU X07S.'|cry. S4. J. C> BarUabaw ba >wan a* MMr*;,
:.. : i _r ";kPUrkDoarbem : (111.,. the r a OBi ttrea being that Mr. For State """now-W... Kaott 1 Gabenatorlal-Broward. 441: DatU. Tlaor of reftatratioB by.a'taaH.iU-; ,
; : t JTatam wan .Bd.r coatraet with tkjeouty
.1 2(0; Maya lil; Browa. US. Jority.Dtaick

.. L.i.'_; ...di- :'-1 j J t: / eoiamlMloiMn Lad was tb.ntora to do U a>. p Ltererted Ml4.- For Sapmataadeat of P MI {ln tr.ctknt For Secretary of StaU-Broom. Ul; defeated ........ for Stale

L. r IE ;prtoUBg -Wm., M. Hollo.". L3t7; Wm.IClbeaU. I Crawford. Ml; Kirk. 7L coaia tteemaa by a vow of HI to 4M.Crabaa .-
.. :Alr.d.rr ( la tbs rravlt of the caaTaa '
.. party *
r. Jt.f !!t-I 4-- l.m. | Attorney Oaeral-St., CIaIr.A.,...; Klat detested Sodallat Sate y yto.

.9lie. 1..: i' rWa. t:5: *. Tor.eo.......... of AgrtfnlUre- ,!94: E3IU. 327.Supsriat.ad.at, by a Tote of M4 to US. tbe tlTtac
:. ..! ........ --. I. j Mr. TaUrn,WM praeat sad promptly 0:'.. .cU.. 3.022.Railroad Pabli InstrwrtJoaSheaU. bl_ a .aJorH aC 10$

M 4 i Mated that h. bad BO dwlr to awrt >fcr CommlMloofr. John 412; ""Iow&l.1M. .. I
'Uf Y1c : If"I ;+sad that If the eomalttM would acne 'to Morgan tost Adjvuat ]C Mral-Foter. SOC; I t SECOND PRIMARY CANDIDATE

a ;1.-i: !;!; rye M d Sash f to kav. Mr. Patter rrpnaraud k* ;For,! Adjataat o..nl-J. cifford R. Tbomaa,19LJaitloe
"' I would rwlfm or,d dln, to Mrra.Tk 1.181: Allea Thorn. 141. Saprem Coart-Henry. TO: Below to the list of tbone who wire
II ..::.. :!!! __ ..:;-tJ\ Graham. W;Klaf ) t protMt was. or rr.l..d by ta4 '4 It.. .. a..Iet.-R. 'L ROM. \\ltJ1 1d. Ki. Corl.re!!. Snj; Shackles bevil.f Is 1M' ,. n.. JOoatlaaed t"oJ,-4'I.

... I .. $ ....... .. ,i....... .... "." 1 eommltar.-wklca..Mgt TatuM_tin !IlL ..,.. .- ( oa eighth pegs., '

awwwiay pj er ___"' ".y .... a-r:"
papa;Pot.....They were .IB aeadoa tart.1g M. ,
1 -.., ,. 1. if
1. E r ...- .::;''t. B .8&.d_ 1:; "" 1 i TOTE I ;
.' ..!t t.. .. j THE STATE $5,000.00

..( i .i.-' -r..; .1 I: H r.A"e"I'I ''' (') \ JackaoarUl.naMayU.-tTbeeoia' .
--- I iplet, vats dtroaxboat tile Slat will
w aot be kaowm for MYWaI..,.. TIll
,: ;diit: ;; ,..:: kJT""" ::1: t way tie mara are coailac .la It to !I.' Palm Beach Stock

I : J.l! -.J..aBrI\!I allot ,,. t"f \ poMlble to rt aa Meant rwaK. Aa ,
.. ." /
!: .j'! rtloiau baaed oa NurrratlT llaat

!! .. .. : ..I1..i. : AQDeBKfy J Ir Ir i -I putt Tallaferro la the.f.natorlal rift BeingClosed: out at

w : .. : :. % rK paaUff' '" : ,with 11.000 Totea, and many locaUUek

favorable to bin are.7.4 in be beard
2ciLHr. '"

;t l.i I I ::cILtoII'lI vote baa"".bne lacreaatageoo --

... Peaooek- the eoantry praclsots are re- at
lu. _._ ....:. I '
,porUac.aad It to BOW artlatated be has ; 150 ;
rt 9.1 to bto credit about lt.O rot**, with

i :!Itil =tl.l! t:2: ob. Probock ::1 ,0' .Jaaalao aboatj .OOQ. >!Ca!!l will sot I r '
get 1.000 vote la all. ; Hens Nobby and to-date Suits '
I ''''S: 4 rw rr. ...42x,1: ,. 1 p-
office,of Governor the re-
I IE For
E .....7......rr a' l K William i t..... reoatred foot up ai follows: Da- -, Made of Summer Weight Cheviots Home

t::r.r:..,' .r r ,maBaUftAJyrw : : R ti Bail) rto. t.WW: Broward. C.OOO" Maya. 1,000 .. spuns, iWool, Crash and; English Crickrt

.. .. : If. Oro... t.. Davis wlllj bare to go CItithi
.. I -.rr ; Wilson Bros Cluett andStar male
.. -, -, Ili I II' f ,
-- -"" -I' 1. tab a aeooad. primary wttb. ;Broward, 4 t t
.n u=:_ ,. > B.blngO r. sad la a aw* wlaaer .. ute} Maya Tote Ii, g .-- -_.-- --- ---- ..4250 -

: will sot co to Broward. oti aetxMint of '
2 OBetlrrQ
.. .. ... j ,
!Ii his advocacy of the dUpeoiary' Ihroor.w.
'L M Da"M 4 1 ; -
: eyr rr: ..I: : 1t I Suits Mens Underwear -
fa the First Coacreaeioaal District fI ,
"-._: ... ;,.. 0 L ort..1M f\ Bparknaa baa defeated KeNeortIa --..ao- hv>W (JI ,
: 4.3fri6 1'I'-" Wool, Balbriggan. Lisle and|Fancy Lisle;'
to the retaraa ...."....j by .
''ic.JLI..J. :; J=_tJJ ECDearberat: r tkee 10 o... AT _--+- _

.. ,:- S Frederick : For State offlcea. Sbeata to la the .
ll =. : I
l IJ.. !
lead of Sewell'sTailor
for State aaperlatndeat pablfelaatraettoev Hats For Men.

..' I _'!;'=. t! ..._ -t.. ZTMemUB 'i H. a Crawford the preeeafWrcUry y.
I of State will b* la tb* :.
:: '. '.. M SmilbBBDoator I ]
I f .noad rat with J. E. Brow :

it:'i.d.m .:! :t'i' :: 4" O For attoraey reaeral. Alfred IlL I ig --=

t--r-: CUlr-Abrama tod tac W. H. ElHa.pi .
I OR.......... I ...... 100
: '=!rj JI k.i .:. tr = mat a doa rate. TIll i EstablishmentYou

'-i: reaalt to la doubt ,,

_..I..."'..pw.. .: .iii_.:;. .t MW. Geode \. .w ...., J. C R. roatar. tile preeeat adtataatawaeral. T ..-- t. KENS 'STRAW HATS.
iN. ... without
win be .ated. a *
I JCBwtaabawIK l *a BwawavjB vawawawAwa BWawawjBaMava Bwawawawawawawa>wa>M -
--.iF;:' 10..."' '' : : aoabC His .to Gen AfleaTboaaaa will find -
:.1.. ..P ,.. :JO b' oppoacat anj thing you
1 If. Rlll. Coa- I.
I'' of boroa b couaty.
r ."! .iIsJ !,= : t If't federate veteraav wish in this stick except t / i

... -Jtti :,!!,::..t: F B toaamaa if ; DUVAL COCNTT VOTE. shoes which KENS FELT HATS.
for Calted Statea..... .-WUklaeoi u e are now ;
t..;.... : f V 41e1ler
E r r : i Call. SI; W.'8. J......., 2; JohaN
having sale f at our' I
'i'l. C. Btocktoa. U72: Jamea P. Talla- a ) ZOO
; E _!l r 'our r I! : :I2KRf".a 1 l, ferro J4T7. I
I shoe
.. ..... Seo store. -
VII tHmkk For RepreaeaUUT CoD.
I -.L I
-,.! yr e= If o'i i ;! HENS CLOTH HATS.JOHN .
r J oad Ooairearioaal DUtrtet J. E. .AJd. I 1st

). 1 :.. Lrl I.Gt } wFb.rtf; ; ;, .. i ;' I .....n; J. M. Bam. U7I: Pratt !' '"
Clark LUt Cbartoa Doacaerty. Tit
: ; ; ;: R F. McDonald
.: I =. !!tlt ; ;i l W. P. Wataaa, ITT .33333 3333333333333333 3333333
: *
Tot Member National PeaiocraUc .*
_.i.= TA WlateMr I.. -
-I! !!==II: OonaUUee-Jegereoa B. BnnrII, TM; ; f .

t I .!f ;r:1!rt ;.2 l. Alb. IJ I I Croaiwatf..... 111. Olbboaa. LXO; Freak W. SEWELL!! !! & BRO. {

"7 J M.Jslgggg t .sg 14: >.<..SeweD Toe Priegatea to the Natloaal Pa..r xfi I IJ1o.
Tri' I trade CoaTeatioB from tile State at I.

: ..-- _: : : i Large-T. J. Appl yN. UM; Job S.
.. Et-
UW: T. X. Bryaa. l.ttl; W. J.

=tlatt: .1 :YEFll Bryaa 1$4$; C.A, Caraoa.Uti: W.J. 1a,12daStred. MIAMI. M.%. l
!'" I I rY z

... ; < .
-, .
< ..
,; .ft: I" .. '
"". "'..Ii........ ,-4li..

,r--l "" ;- *,.*.r ',", ... ", .-. ... ... ..........-,..... .

ii ) "rr'Tnr'c

--,----- -- _____H j ,

NOT'2CE.fTlf'n : : ..

: I'mnN. !
Ii H R That tb.| :folv..ln. d<..rrlMdLM 1.314 will MI j PEBCRIPTION or .AICh. "Iaae.1 Ow.-r. } '

.. ..Id 1 f WMI. r aiatk day ml Jaaav A. *>. ,. at 1M.r\ 1....i 1 !
f :
_ 4.1 M r e K 4I3d M N4te tb.r.s1 sa will M Ml. rf two ; fllL

tar ..recut dr f.r 141.. ....... .a .. IM _-. tOMtMT Wttk MtA 1..2 1 i !

w .13/1 3004 ad I :---+-- ---- -

r lot 1 I awe '1. Mk IL N Miaarf. ...... N II a W P Gilt. .......... LM ........... ..... .....: ..= !7'c 11 rail.. .
I'. I tot 7 .... 1 Mk H. N MlaMl .. .? m 11 41 J T TvwaaandJ ........ a ls1 T ...JoUt.. 114 l ................ M ':.su ... .. 'II
tot 7 aad 1 blk IT N Mteari :::...:... tsa 11 a W WHehardABr ........ .3? 1s 1 ... JoUt .. ... .-..- ..1o ii"w A..t .. 333
J1 III I IDffifCRIPT tot t blk 9. > Miaari ..... ....... Kami 144t .-It 4 .... -It.. K awX s .. -- .E U
1 --
lot II tn blk4. hut Mk dl..bi. tot!.. I.: :: : A W Band!::::::::::::: :: .: leu. ....1 a .--......... ._- N a G. A Ie C L8\PCRa.sI. i.17

N o LA1C 1 ... Ow..... i tot ... Mk M biat Mk lilY to lot L..... f' II a A J M limn ........... ... .. ... ; '" .......... "-"- I f'I e.. Ell --UI.r..: .... t 13
"&ale va S ,.If
tot I Ik I laat uk BrjLaE
U. dl lot L..13 Tbs 11
: ; tot Mk :::::: I Iit :: : ::: : M M *f Jt.I.'o.; :::: : :"wastsa ..
II I Lot Mb aft tot I Morvdlth f.... :::::: : : lot S. MM AH ..... :::: ..:.::: l M
Fg tot .. Mk IL Lat nib dlv to Mi L..... I N 51 a A J M .wit .... .... : : .r )O4 > ... .CTM. _. m a lt. OeN T n- ..._ IJ
kit H and 11* elk O. MM *ubl a. to "" :: : -
: M : .
1 :
.1 art u Soot t1. 'it -
I ... .. sa I K Maradltk .... .... I.' fart 00 K O II rlt.ri : %

; .. ... .... ........... .. tot It aad S*. bill; 11 but Mb H y /. K. =.. fa _... ... r...d.1.. i.t
"' '. w ... .. ... tIS. i. ....... r p .. a Q"1t PM .. :
j : s :.. .. I : otlntn fii.k.ii..i flat .::::.:::....:.:.... : 1t :: 1l'H :.:::::::::t+ : 113 100& S ................. ...... ....-.. .. ... 1 N 7111 ra.-.w.wP 0 xr.3w1(... ._ 1-721
:::.: :;X .::..: ::. : .:::::: ::: 1 W Y RrN3sM ..::. ::.. ..: > \\ADDk.U... ADD. TO N. ..LUll. 51 G JoUt 41a. r ... .... E. I.JI

... .. ... .. ... ...F.... I w *|J MmrtUiltOTkhi ''':'1'' I.U lot I, blk .... 7113 M nl.ct .. .. :,. iii O "II GanIaIa T Doe ._ '
1 to .. ...... .......q.... s i w ...>. ..... : r' lot U and'Ji"ii 40RAUnviNtt .::::::..:::..:::::: :: :: :I X 21 Ivy3r w ........... .17 sT1..e .aet4..uix. : 1 I.I

.. : : 5 : : COM* L rSi>. : ; 1T? t and i at tl ;' x : 1 a.AT.M..R .......... .Il 1.f ..ftI.e>4"" .iti..w" ;;.ii-X: 21334 LJI n.011..-. -
= .t ; : :: : ;: < ::::: : PLAT Or PART OP'LOT Rr' ..: 41 .. Ilf,
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toll and _
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34 13 Y T11Jw.Da W If. .._ .:.. .. TTr SBU ..
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(OaaUa' from date .....) STATVNCW8.Mr. '
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1I ...F .-- Iswey o.rtaa ... LAXas. Louis
8h1rr .k>wd taf yeaur- Yom part!** coaUac t. yeatordaymoralBf jay 0. S. Army 811Nr... CaB

day tile antler of aa sight proof bock from the sere of tile mar**! Tkem Tor..B i DvrOa.

I l j 2 ( which kto wile kined lad *
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I Da "" ..... a rids wkll* at fall speed and dl.- leas lose fnrtkcr detail of the korrlbl UeaL L. Ererkart, r.1. K. ...

ercia'F H wee of M ,ani.. Wkea 1 La at praaeat at kto boar at Daratavna
'j. I lf w* ripoa markad .. affair. It la atatad that tk. aeiro ,
Pt. 'I J ; lG 1J tile luck shot Mr. Shivered Informal } Cyraa Harrla (or Harrlaoa), way a tare. moatk lave of abaea**. :

t aa that It wad aotklag sat for laid DIck talk eatertalalatly of coadlUoaa ba I:
: A.'PAatt la a tkkk clamp of .......

ATTORNEYSAT wv.MXaMI. dlv ti. 1.1 PLAT t -Hoax a t. awb "- swt fcer.! sad that whys la m. B 4 an. by tk* road sad a* k* passed "'". 1a..... aad tile Far 37a M. CaUl laUewL
I It.:: .= : : : =:= :=: :: := :
\ d.v U. lot f.% eat .b-IIC tl .. ram with bee k. kid to to Brarkart wa seven ka
lot 1 ...... ..... .... A : A 77 u u- ......- 1is T- 7 canrul anped oat .., chopped Iris oa tk. year c
RL p.awle.1 {a e.w.4t..wf .. rt.A4'Egox: *. rAuir r--\III Met abe beat bit ta am at It back of tbs brad wick a aktcket.hlrk Japan brine tker at the Urn of tk* :

gp tad tlatM.Olti.Ttw.k .a..Ja1MU b K A. ).ot..II\de d back-i. 's r"orw: .:r itl.. ::ir.h:= Pialer ara i""L"nUI a. .. ILIIUfon bar been moan.. ed ...Aresrtved ._u_ to- .rarrfaul_... cc_ ._,_. r_ ___... Hour apruiag ta 01... I

e.asoairt. LMI.al. a.i.A I tot t mmt b I.aw4 Mk Nn tli...T.M..*iT -Me..._,U.- _.- if' io.o A'A" "UM =:-.::- .::'..:--4.5wv .. a nmufBto of kerf>klIL- of the -Urn-*. The from r-the' appearaae 1\\11e It has beet. tear year aiae*

M darn teak papa .. sad .. k........ van.&Rtle. of tk* ....... k he ba ...... la J..... to says thai ,
ah.LUeB. Y. ISIS.aa "I': ...... __ If V a Ls tunasva Burkhohlv .... :III . caopped bits erea at that tlm
Per. wWa( I. ...I1. ... .... .- Ii is a... JarkxxiTlIK St. A. AR L I j t oa both aide of tW seek aaarly ...- Japaa was prepartag)
ac. K COCkJU .. ... Ill On of tile fair war. TIle I....***. M
( to ... awV af BJW14. toe* M aore* add II c a 7s Rocvr .... .... :..1. 14 moat Import*! t .aval en.. kia bead sad Mill sot aaUnlfedwltk aye war
# tleedaa.. lath sir.. part tot .. <. itoad baak t, pace tQ M p Cleo.. H futmaaMcfctlc ...... .... '.n Mora deal ever eonroniniaiw Im ... kia ....... work a* ckoppedku ra then diapoaed. to be -roeky" an 4to'racard
a.t..1 aw C part tot4.. .. mm* ..... ... pace ITT Mea II KMdcr .... ,.. wltk
S part tot 4 aa to daed keuk M. paca til M CI C" i Ctara B bM4. _.. .... .. s.5pertatiX State was ... deal M Rock Moapoa Tktlm oa east side of tk* face, aaapirtoa aay wait fbretor. -
!LO af a*% a4 part af *4( day vbea U. whether EagUak
., eett toM I acraa eoM.j...._..... t 44 "' 6 ".... S. 0-11 .. .. I B U Moor 4lInorMM J of bJa makl., horrible _..... Tk mr PseSlraa. .
t. lc. part tot T. .. ....... back T. pace tit 4 N a.. "...... Ed....,. ... .... 1 5 tarpratla. latertaa at RoHat- dense tkea roMied tb* dead ... aadBed. ( .. or Amertcaa."Wkea .
Ds JAlrhBoX, + Ml tot:aa la mrmt Bank W. pa** $* 1 N C i <\\ Mars ..,.. .... .... on clash' a white for
: and Crave Park to Jan tiler walk
part tot sad M to Mad kaal W. BUrl Hoohlaa at. poaaa re-
M., 4j 4 N a s w. Basis ...... ...._ '.If Ikroark Ito
1U. dee Kreeta of
prncxt' and J. U
th Japaaity
tot k sad 4 :fc". j i ::l.irr.tnrtpart 4 N tl ti.1I CIoae a La to ........... IU Hobbs, laraUobvtnc tamed from there lest after! dark lartalckt. ***
HOTXX. BucxVNK fcujcid Av FD. tot T.aimaaadkaakLpaaaBput ; 4 N tl 164 ,,-- t Carteek N... I.. 5140.000.'rob ; aaJ reported that'ao cfw a* ... / said Umteaaat Kvarharf
af aa> af *< a* ta deaaTeakI a serf*
I ,wW. I I I&. pace M 4 \.I.. _....... *..... a ... .ct I.. deal bas ...* Im prosfass tea his vkeraahcmta had Ibna fosad.Tb 1 oratgB I* tile tars aaaajtMafter
MIAMI. !part tot 1 aa laTaaad kaok C. pan 91 N U.S Ja a..L.o. .....t ... .... aral days bat wai .... The la...... sass ....-
ao cow object of "e
part tot I. I. aaal 4. .. to. Oaaakaah itd. saaa- mardr. from reporta. .
B. RUSH P. p IoCe *.. --- i N U a w. H IIaIIa .... ... .... '.22 .. It .. ndermood.. oa araoi i t of ar.. to bare l.... ... to make the race qaaaUoa ... bma '
wl af | tot die ...... II N tl a ....,..... 01_ __ .... ... a p a dovbt* of I'
tot I eWl: .. .to.. .. ... It N S $4 R H H.......... ........ au slight dlffercae la Uia prlc toTb b> paM oa.-n. ree.. tad M>bery. Tk sewer their flgkttag. regardlBg aaaptewwa.ly .
OtV tM-lttb'etree, *rkoW WXeatdeaoa. .% .t.wS/ .. ..._ N A a a-Iooe Knack ...... .... tiM r..... : say for* lOhk tot I mmtT 1& .... ..... M t KZ T Y atllratdMw .. .. .. aLli anracat a cats M es- Cjmr drag the day tutarday. ..... a

b lR,7fe.. TtU. M1Ab/I.PLA. part 171 tot..........a...i' ......._. Xf..._e It is a 4 I.aNa Krv.rk..4... _. IM I padty of forty crops or ,,400.00 i 110... a pleco of leNt fr .m the etora., Aaotaer Ng UIL"LJeat.
% ... 4* UMIM Knack ..- with aa aaaaal yUM of UO jntoof aoitro aawklm *.. = .:,. ....'i: .. M : : : i W I Moor ........-I: : : I apirlta. to that tto Jajaam greatly ..> .
1M .' --.. ..._ I S U I A" Wblta.a __.... IN' ray aothlaf of tkf roatk. Sos. worda pawed ,...... Duel *
r. is oa, ..,,II'i. :c. 1r.r I .... 0- .. 41 a It n R W Pwt8r ........ ..... .... For ... part aUtaea moats:M Moor std the nefTA at tile Um. la tk. ate as.beted their epp'eats ta (tocht i
M Halve J wukar. IM
.Ir-:, .t::.:::: a :1: a a... r Pita... -= 111 wb .rcUaecI tile place trooi TX CStrkktoad tenors It.hi.. tha dlBcvlty wa oa abe. river Tala. arc tkatAmerteak ..

ATTORNEY AT pan p.rV kx lot 2 1 r s.1.aa.4 as sad b..k Mull A,pap pap : : : : 4*S up U DOM H.ladrtrt..a' .. -:..::: I 15t: tad i. T. Mud 4. Bk reMwe.1. '.... Welter tried< to' get '. cutiaapoadeata'' la Jaaam

tp..at..a.. Irises.*.M W eae Ttltoi. u ,aas..ur. .. ., .w% ...-1.... ........j..._....... Ii S tl a B 1.1wN.... .. beet wortl., them with I grw t profit ".. bat was prrreclaj fry aM aroumTt'roaa bars aaowa partialtty to th e yaDovaoldter J

E **Jt3to7ia aeweil O 04140. .i K .r... ..= ,F..N II 4t.tl 4. 14 r--ttI..J.. .. ..... .?. ... sad advantage, with tile tea|It thai from doiaf ao. lie then SIll' ta their report of the rarmwa i
..% % v
'1UAMID" f 0 I asks-I div .......J.MtW..... _. .L.1Hrpol_ _.-.. K S a. t.s nr-.. ''Jr .._..... '.If Baaaelally the oaterprtoe *M beta a ... btola aad tile effra ..... atarUafdowa jeagaataxaU both *a lace autf oa aaavH I
e1 lei R a. M deal kaak T, pan 141 8aad s M ..... on. .... ... _. I.. --. tile road. silk, tile reaalt skier ......0.. bows..' that tk* yap.an ..- I :
..' aUILTTa.p.TSacu. .testis ,T' V m.AV 441 eak...4V. *...af....taH 1755 I. ri... lkiii4f ...... .... SNM TIle .... Ira baa alreadyckarg ... atatad. Jaat War tk* dlmealry. ... k patrhKle ....* bat aaaato '
.f .>% W ..,%, ., tell ..__' If .. a Ahem MU UMare .... .... talak that eatta ...
t .., fill ... al..w.x. .r_.w%_ _If .! A_.. LMAto.._T. laSWtt -......- IMM of tto ......... :and a pset' Dickey was sera to pelt,ala doOara laUa raUUt7 tto
........ =.. .... ... Saks part of tto AcerVaa m
1 rLt .r a good tklat 01 tHlra. lat.sb pock sad wet kla dead apt tai aavdarrat 1
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lot ..L a a t" a- ==-- >-M Oar wer ...:.:::: t: o... la parkapa tile moat dastardly sad -

.nrrmftm.to4;! 11. .... It, ...11 :-t ..... ... J T BrmwUAltr .. ... Mr. Moore s ..... CROP COKDmOKS.Tkroagkoat E
ortcIaall7 (rom ioou commlttad m Ibis for
Mss .... .. ._ M Oarfla' ........ ..., coaaty tbs great
Platt, .h FLA. lot I. Mk ..a... ... v.-I.:.w. (: R Hall .. ........ .117 wean lie still .oIda 1arp fat1IrpeatIH to a quarter of a catary. If ..... It ** porUm oftto
lot WII l ,...... r 1 HooIl ........ .. ...... a cotton belt tto weak broagk" taaamdat -
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at UKnTai. Raai"MkiTii. i."wafRR : regret to tor M Moore car all coacka sad cold-aad n laao I

CIVIL ENGINtE .....!; .... a A T Qalakr .. ...... .... U. : s ad bs estlalas/e taalty. 1k'ooltltratolate ....... >> sweet sad plcaaaat to tile .....- poetics of lbs Stat to taCoptoai i
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AND SURVEY! tot t. 1 li. ".t.'t....... .., Rarkal !WaMraa :: :'. '.: :: I a..... .1. era aaa flan.vote lIe air n.nil bony told kr Red i

MrI, Abe aW MaJai lxiBaMt P..ir..Lr t>lk 4 .T.._ ,J. --"..=' R &edet .. ..I.... .. .. .. ....: .. .. u4 ebb then Croat and tatty well dlatrltetaa
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.4g RIDL. prt af tot l t* ... M M .... Wok take their depansn I. eta or ewe ditties of the paid Ire depart* districts rartrmcregetablaa.
1. MB IN ,4.... .. B ....... fiats tad
for cttraa
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,: ..... lot 4, .. IiiSdie .... 1>. .... . badges wick tile fOI1Ip1 1..ta of a.saber fnlta. The, w.athet was warmer alt
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REAL E. .., wt wM.li.!:A. asst eoa.eetloe at the nf 'rewrteeotdtl.otas., sad they tight dartac Ito part of Ito
ESTA el ....\0..... I ......... ..... ...... n '"- H HaniII .J.. '1 ..... I.a U.IW apprar'aia }that: bard week. which wa aa adraatag to ail
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of the m gift klffkly.CapUtrt .
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TS I crop lore raJa to adtd sear lbs
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AT,W ., ..,. .... ..... .... .-! _'n << tl .T J t .asda. lp. .. t. foilowlQ om.w. elected beaa !Ial.avna\ sold tad's eaaacledand satin au. \ .
: Q'I'hZi$ BI .1t. d x a'4 ;' '' a .: tl a 1 C '_ .._. .>c. tics *hfwt Tfce .' .
ran-.r.: ;. del 1..t "I" If' enealss year: I Inrrirtloa. .....: '

N. ..__ .,, .. .. .. ... .. ._ N sir rr a s t1.. K1rb1 .._. .. .. 1i' ......I..t, Mni It: 6. -CapUia PaM flip DepartmeaL 1XO.: Hoa W. Ut Hanks. clerk of ... .. f frail
OTARY PUBLIC u. .% ., .... ., ....,._ ..... 3' q 41 Ii ,Pollen Mnwr.e ...... .fft Rf kbndge. aid ..
N & 't .t -"" ..:. :..- la r. 4S III e. rt Rlt I I loge Clt,. Tb. other I member were preheated cowrtj! raadklat far ,. ....
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tree I II 11.111" w ..nY. laaUda la prlmarlea died
with atth
.t ::: I : .lwdeed/ Fist 'le. Pr.aldrt MI.. {.aruI1l.I. batUra of liver with th. Is- I

I vu p.Mta Wire I Tlstss.d b..at.d Les I.t. r ..i.t.S l'a m JIM; <. .....L .... ...... t at .t. II Jli'1.. k/awct .... .... .... I.. 'T.mpa.. All of \1..1|t.
All>..krad.e..a.t. A. boa Ike waul.a fast air ef .net era., .-r. tG .. )I r_...1w.. dwd.....2 M.k..... .L e t l'u. ...: .. .. .. .. i.n SHooct rite Iwerdd.wl. a. M. r w''P' atptd'! rooJUanU: rnack ate, i Satarday 111th(t. The Trlb- I

Ml*M preverUr ni*rr, ku 4 iMeertalfr |K n eee af"!awl(, | w H a..d af wax. .aata .. I > lit S A' Watktna .. 1.91 I. .. .... J&pboDYIltt., ba' !fie mra will kantly r ipo.e themtopu : an! .._.... Suaday irorcllg! that I

.a.aer.b.t.tiail.* 1s1 Vf w t girt tot I .. : P'mWH T I* :tlA 4 C Rdllk MrOrae; .A.bama.:: ; TIIIrd ..1.'. president, Mrw.. iiCry.bplrad. ;M f Injary The cttlxea coatrthal : Mr Itaaka had be-u. itrh-keki with ,
.... (
af I r* .k 1.9I
t.. iLL.wOSLL 1f.r'P r ; ; j-: B ;d9: I II '"d to a fund for parrbaniaf tile : apoplexy last after A foUUfal apeaca,

\ Fourth lire I'....., ....t. M Rlab.Oral. .. b..Uw*. w kkk area oven aa a lobes I at Backhora Creek, but deatb cam 1

I _:tar 9s1. Coti7aty. F1o7 1t. I .. of their apprerlatioa of the \frrrIf before tk. paper went to ,..-. TB*

ATTORNEY A tS : i ,1 \ I R..o'IU.1r ar4fHar7 I Mn.. W' IA of tk* i-ald departmenL All of U* .... of his death' which r* cb4
tl..wal pawl.t. State sad (>f aw 1 I tsar. mea are pried of the irtfta; ... anappredatl I Tampa Suadty nontax canned" grass

% Li ..r... wtrr.l.d eta w a1va. \ ..I! TvQP=Qw' Q.IIIq.dID.. aet...gfT. M : "'. H ** of the aeetfcnnt 1Iu.b: grief amoag bas. I.Us kts frleada sad

1a.'I ardl4 u i. AMA w a l, XOTITR .nEJIi OITBN. that the folto ia. fcatribtajprarffty: win keanM I>1aI. Madlaoa.R'ytptrsr. prompted the art-Si Aaituatia. Record : general regret among.. entaeaa. IK. I J.

at pvMte _rttaa aa .......,. the It* dar af ,.Iu a. A. D. .... at tea *.. .-M.... was geBer Hy admired sod hit low to, I
af OM CaMMtl Ckaaitor. la tile ctty aC M*.... Dada ea...,. .......... ar aa mucktharaaf \\1.t.-. nsanda.H'MIr.aa deeply deplored ky an wko knew eta I,
UE3 T.SAKDKU i aa wU)j I"*'sara.aari ups tka aaiaual des for taxaa ........ aH arpaaitai Mn. Cu,. Oralk
i la the ram.. Iitetbw' wick tk. pats of t*T." tkm at :>I....* It* was Sheriff (bat Hopklaa' ahoat tweat) i N,: Hanks .... elected clerk of tto.

ATTORNEY bvts. u."'". .-<<:_11. .. .. AN ., U. fattowtac load kato. .,..w to the I ore of lie pl...a.ai>h t ever fid and clara ago arrerted Rlley FVwnlag ta circuit court IB 1>". sad wall b.had

COUNSELOR A ANa W.o..aert (1tv.e Kai. ,4.lMiO' mfcact W ... fkr |..|.... tar. M ......| f.', tha per WW.JT. tic!.! many Tlnltlnn bitter! political eaemtoa, his. geBarklcoDtlact (
adCNT.DlY.cA: .' 'I
d4ak d sew .rst wlydtt.N I I (a.twt. l. Ibrtr prate .f the nortralenlntr4 ta scaring; a pier for his tithe of, tk* Importaat ooe was
> 4CK.I sr.. r Y : i sack a* to wla and merit lbs _
\ it
I them ckala ,
'tb long
by ci turn* of : coaaty gang enougk to
1 etaa MIAMUUoracTa* IB WAreap Bvaca.r LORtttA.Sol 1.41 Pa. a i like a,,. I e tow ... rterlff to seed oat circular II and tbs reapect of afl vela bad ....>
I IOK O LAX;. NAME ter OWNKR..Mark !
-ea* then-Tampa TrI.....
roeccralBg '
: 1 kto captiAe. Th rVft' !
i The mav rtloa art y"i wl/l b..1

rlwa.a A !s a a. ernPSI I .1 bud U "NlOO'L-o.-al.l; Hi i err. I II from Lake City Fla.' recelTtl cc. .!Ut
iris denerlptiok. and It |
Ili was tot to:
: I' a a a aTk '*
2AU I, ..
tot I I .. ....... !I I part week' has a01m It was foaad that Deals: we I -
az bees o of I .
all 51s. kd. 5.24 Jetta 11 1'Idto ', .:::::":..:':: i aarval ,,. aegro'she ,..,*'* aotbiag Uk domg '
ii&s lil ;: = I'M bntaDy marJercd T' .t.BrUtL : tklacthoroarkry.
At] Lair at cite h 4 TJ I. 'IL is is ...... .. JereDTattle : :::.:. .. ...... i activity! to far ,u chi! treata of
..... I aadl* .... ... ... ..... Ii> W wtt.-r K I..,....... .... ....".:" I 417 a I trick to a yoaag 'white man. who tad Of art t.. faire. yes rat.
1 Cb1 ce.a. tut. t ... il li. 71. u .:.... .... .i lira N 1. Jwlnmi .. .. .j..:. rnoefrned. The rop ebb II
tot I .. ... ... .U*..... ...... ..... II IiarM II |i...Ma ...: :.;: :::. ii 1 K year ... bees Sore varied baa ever heirs aa .si tetv.. tnrpeatle operator heard of. Borklea'a Aralck 8alr to

..: e..SI 141. man.ru tot 4 :.::::::: .;;. ..-.":: = 'AMsd i bhtatoaa ..i.::':::.:::.:::.:.:. :::..:.: I 9U Ira before. and er ry thing B arkdabl* at rmatllla. Sheriff Hopklaa tamed die beet. It ....,. away sad ewe

1.t.TnetI t.-. : .. ..... ... II > Wlaplu..p..4. .. kM beea tb* aegis over tu tk. officer from irk buna. aorta. bnUv. eats, holla, ai- It
lot K ...... .I. B P Ds. ....... i oa U. fo to Non! era aurkrta. >
Real Estate 'Mat-1 M .aM... .'.!. r-::: : ::::::....::: Jw'4 vv H 3t wt.. .: T..a w.ew.. ..:::"."::::::::: = >B,- It.. a lively algtt t wlUea* roaaty.rearo wa spot tabs ldtlfjlag back to his Lake... ticonly r tae km sad eraptioa gwaraataed sad to..glr-.* ..Its.- \

b IT Jet.a P :Tattle KM ll'i! .::'::.::::::':: : r th. departM of tics tidal ;ht trata.a ,
I Investments Arts 1. i:1.: i.- ::.:: ::: :'::::: : a be. h '.tilt aM :.:.:: .. IMI M It la oa tab that yetUrdamoralag..-Tkllakkia** Capital lofarthm. By an draggtota. ,
lot -r--" (! .. _.. .... M A -'d.'' ...... ...._. .:.. '::::::. 9 tk. ea. dw .
11 :
NrQ ...h. ... .. ... ..... .._. s PII .... I.. praa matter' la meet Oa
ally's oa*
1; w'Io 1M -.... .. a r I M W M J.bw.o. ..... 1Dt1Iti
Ire H ._ _. .... ..:.LtSv :I:... ......'N a F .A J 1 ..... ......... I. : TMiai Avriag the k mora
I That assure profitable returns. ,. -- ._.. 4t r.'u.e. A IMrkIf7_ ........ .... I t o SA i that 1,104) packages Th Brrt day eJertrt carnal ...... While ta low Satarday Mr. W. R.
r. L t Efe:1". ... -.. G Ii A .vtI ...... .._. :;.. .,. ... IS ky nprtaa tnreed la
RenulsJ Collections, :. : : a*) th traiL Tk. darn xm CaJBeartD was plea to Erwin la eoarernaUoa with k RecordreprweatatlT Qf
*> M 5.: N ..::=:t: :: :::: : 'f.{rl.l.a..' ?: .:': : : aoI the dtlaeaa of Oalaearin ''thU
; t
ance i Loan Entire : :: : .= .7b I far exceed* that of say prr km. ,..... ky Maaairer slated that yaara
a aid J bard B. H. a l ...... ... T..d.1 1tr.. ;j. 4 Dole of th* Oalacertn Oaa aad dee- prop of potato at Hartlaga bad ....
: =:: = :: : ::: : :: i.m la this napact a. to b* ka illy credItaM -
lets 4. L is N ,.. .......1 7e1'a to Totals RM : =: ::: :
charge taken of *MI.Bargain 1M ........-. ... .. N .... ... 9 )t,,-. ae.- ._ ... ,.. : tan *. Cp to elate It M iDdmtoodtka Inc Light Oompaay Moaday. sadw to rery! aattofartory. H. pUatod M
',1"1 / Met WIt I{ a '. .-...... JaHt n Tsls, 2Ca.. ... tka i wart wellplaaaad.
-j Ltl i; patio wer acre from whisk to win
investments'only.Irs. ) lots S sad R tk. bvatvaaa of tk. dig UM tots
: ;; Whit .: .: :: | nt raa aloes
Mite 4. a .. 4 :. :. :. : .. ; JI$ t Toal'Bj : Tk. bet
+ >t ._ : : : kr M .. sultry day waa reto of ...w.. H..tartr.stw a*
sore *
IH.OO ad of
-- 4 ta M -.,.. .. .. .. .. 14 Jar1 D Twttto EM .. .... aay
MckistwMtnsuf totg .- ..... .. .. .. .. .. U Ja. H Raj .... .. ? ., .L. '.*N.:: .*.'..".. tat$5 pmloM ,.*... Utica ore comld M* mad a day of comfort .7 ra* ..., ...\7-... angers to work oa April ,
.- .. .. .. M .. .. .* o..1-... .. wk* bad teataiM faaa
of : -.. .. .. -i. :Jlea:1T1: Twttto test .. M .: '".f.;*-:* ;I.44 for klatMlf tk. .artraordlMi yof asecat sad they .. I C. aad expert they wOl latob tto
.Jo. J lot i :::: w ? .. i.: JaMaD Tattto Bat, :. .." .,! T. .. teas to raaUa* taut Uf. wa worth ....- work' by the ... of ibis wetu r*
.J.elf ... .. aMK track sat away oa* ra DOt I
kite %,; 320tfMiami. bt. .. .. .. .. *> t.M .. J_ II t oQ .. .. eos-
tots C t J .. ,. .. .. M ., .. M .\ Henwll .? N .". .: '] .". prabaad tk. Bacaltad of tM boa)... lag Tk aenlc bas with twit t7 totes are aow ..ma, al |4 per. hew
; w *
Fta-' M. a i', w m R .....* **.. W K OnM ...: .. ..".'l.".... I.B faaa, the rat of which U ..., tea r.J oa ... froaad. a* tkat tb.aat } mj.
.. dose
eats I aM .5 .. .. .. .. JOI JT .wet 1 N It.r ..r:. .. ,. aad tto tmportaac this M*> '
4 na the gpqt.UCAOCB let Ii ". .. _"_ .. ., .. ISa. K iI.fw .. .. -. ;' N i a M tt1.a.-Us'.-* CaroalcM. ants per day. per tat .vrary this BtO Mm of tl ,MO wffl we recorfwt

'!rf beta Nth 17 L sod sM ::= j r :; : :; lea Ica :t.roo .wry la.a T IMI.aos Puck. .,.: ;::.,,..: : : : ,.: rate M'reaaoaabM aaoagk. wham tk* by Mr. Erwrn. Plgar oat ta. iaeaaajattoxllng -

1EPWO eat S -. ... .. I1.r1 C .. .... .. ..:t .. r .t..,, omfort con a* to to eoaridarad< aadMaaa'rer pUatlag sad -HrJrattoja
Ask wt. a 1:1.1.Jai.. 1. IS *
eoqiALTk.bX. Nk IIi LL ..:::. 4 4 ........ J"Na: : g ::tut = -_...:: .... A car load b.raaekad Lae w lose Dole win a. doubt aacceedla aid k very aalotkatial .... remataa.Mr. k
'!! 4. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. "' "" A .... ;.-:. .. :;e'.. -, : :: tb* city k.wrtloa. as Ike Miami '
tpwu $h w art ? cJOiiirak -- I ... 1i Li 1. -- .. .. 17. M.... R. l.r .... .. .. .. .... .. .. I laatamac easy taM wilts the Erwta aad Mr. Brt-a are partaer
Booth e .v. al.odal T..ity rrc l*( uof 1 .t. .. J. 1.Y n ._ r.. .. .... .. JI .H.... .. ......... .. .. .. ... .i?. :stl{4t. Rip caatekMipea ai Lit

tb Mr. u4| Mrl U E.preMr i :I:.. ..s .. r.-., ."., ...::::'::-: Is trt: t"= (.a a. 1 1.::" ?," ..' .?...>: ....;: Ii rude ftnert their klad. of kpreark TetwUkie met {reek. Tn Solon tartaned. Tto Bo* Ito reata are rot ao na.?*!** i.ry a.
:t ..
HILL Ttor* wen abort g p r.n f II t... ,. .. .. .. h IJItlaM !M ma*.!. ? ar< sow bett. win eJPft4j| Ita marhlacry ky Bothpower. on Mr. .'. tWexrv dyad. a haa Vme ,

pesest '

dpvrenadoai sale red tat.o'e} / trait tw.wd.d. I ay 4tk. ilraet. Are TMr. > I y adttkm. Tk prW re a 1tU'tl k. by tectrc p*.ff'! '. -anA arr.eral oatiii* Record. 4
Jive C ,.It..'.. t af Mks' ,., but will ....... dally ftVatermal- ,
dotted tic. is pawl all t 1n K" .. 354., D TattN 16.1. other plaraa 11... andar maiMeratkm -
... .J :. }.. : :: :: .. 11 alt .
.. J .4 5 II :. ors from SS to A eeatakmpaa < caste
alek17. Der ioai 4IV e .... I.. .. ., .. .. .. .. .. .. .. H .1.......... ...J.. tile laBtaltaMat or .etaspower. rm Tto ass eke HTVd klwmelf la a M.Loal l
Tong IM... of L's' w.. 1.4 .et'bet' j.\u: iiw l.lU .w. Puutloa. ... .... .:.. -:. ::1" uia It erata. pcarkra mat padoa.a Maaacer Dolff bar worked itreet sat barauM to "tod a.
pert 1r.at <
tarT.d U ap.doat papas It .a p..v : ,. .. .. .. .. .. IS r 1la.Mrartaw '.. .. M r eon i seats per doxja. TW.its hard for tk. toaacaratlaa of tkla sere bom. BO wtf. Bk4 aothlkg to Bra stor
.r1.e M w.;.:; ...... : ;.' ':"t. a cold wlater.varKablaa abmf '
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wc the
a. wet rdly. b .; vary fra't aarfmarketj
s ..kaoato d t .bar* ,., M.... 11.ss7 A.I&.. X1ua. .. ...._ _.... lot .,. sap._ ., tit- A.aJ = Tic. and It M hoped th* people ofOaiaaarin .wt." k .weak&ac. If to tod ka
will a utaaaam, tase.ltrs laknv tea (lteSt 't"I:: "r ants ........... r.u I.i are wren I week earlier n will show lke r appret the reaatott. moral eoaraaw to sash
Wttwrr..r MwZ A tkto
r Ays p "cos. sb UeI.R., .. rt.A'fAOAN year that -J&1'Uoa' Uoa by patro blat tea ."blraC&IMnI1Ie tor* faced the aerpiexniea of tlf BBtll -

1 Tat (idea'te' wi ,the CMJr .,r..... vflm i Mrtropoita. .. t1u.r fwt... cam kto way. I

X ,.
W o

'' 'f' <'. .I .' > '.' : .. ., ., }

4 _.'" ..

P iT! 1 ; I". I ifr t

--- .
-- --- "--
r-T ----- -
'. [ IJ1RE DEPARTMENT JIEEBTNO.-rAre --1 iy i- -
.H department held their]regular -
1 .' 'ting Tueeday> nlrtt at which I. -

t Iw DNa M routine nature was traaaTlie Solo A a forSTANDARD

Tr\NMC ACID F.Extrart CTORT, Tae ,w membrra atao laid phase b gent Tt* LargeetMILLINKRT

Ida dort4 l47. aaaaafae-- f I heir, I tournament and ctVbratioa I It. PATTERNS 'f] lIE IDEAL" DEPARTMENT r
In Miami.
?vr rs ,tannie acid, la BOW Working ,Jr Muck Intermit was maaifeetedthe South of "aek._.I"..

tit tone and turnfnmTTtiu oat f-om I*' itdany an I boll feel confident thatthe[

.+ of the flat Aa pre e mill be bad a aucceit a* the r. Good and

I' r sty atat.d-lb djia made frompalmdto E. X R,. .Hj put'' oo apecial ritel.p Dry Millinery Store. i

ranle rtf the rmaago )14u tanr 1 lows the East Coaat and from

bark ar 14 hiaed la Ua- We t here. After the netting 4 310 a 312 Twelfth Street.
enhmenta i | served and :
s. tut prepaibag Ira ker I"' ere a very 1. > 1

p1< LMBI eT<1I .C apent.JTTLE Monday will be SAL! DAY witi us again. We will offer you BARGAINS IN...*4

I cS:
IILlt KSJl-RE ROP. Tomato
\ ONES HAVE 0000 TIME.' y EVERY DEPARTMENT. This meana a big saving to you. Our stock muatbe reduced. r a
.TI rote tbs the shower'sse
-o prrcaill&[ dailyhaad 1'' tartatnilagat Vt attrday R, Harney it.r.ooi charmingly. May eaterulaed.ker 7tk Mrs.''' w Our. Entire Stock of PIECE C OODS will be Reduced for this Special Sale. Come early c:

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will .kafer waleai the rata DRESS FABRICS. SHIRT WAISTS. GLOVES. } '
I I'PTI' "p..a tat Joy aad delight .otropet r LN All our votlea. etamlaea. craakea, la Ode lot af black taws Skin Walata.kave.oaly Several pain of Blur walto tad C'"))
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LAD! : Uow two "", .11. ,
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1 Society < f jtke FJrat? Baptirtjehnr bcuatlful aad delidoaa. refmbmtataconcluded tkla .... . . .. . . ZSc ',d. . .. . ... .....l5ceocIL ta.rat .. .. .i.. ... ..I..r they e !' f
h wfll dip n let cream aadcaaa the kappy ........ Thoataryacat

aoc aI aid' aale oa tad* erenlnge |werti Shirley Preatoa Montague .... See the lance aamrtmeat of waakmatertala. I .....

tk*, J tk at tkt, naldtKeaof lira.9okaaoa Aaaie Eggar. Mary Brows, RaThe V .. _tal.u., of lawaa, awwaea.1U. : CORSETS.: ..I .

OB Foartee tk Street. chel H........ Dorotky' Badge. EmmaLummoa. : .. ".....1.... tad rarkwa otherfabric different atylea of lawaraMa We kare bribes lots of e-'
pro0 eada .... W la white, embroidery aid tare very tat ",
are to go plaaterlag LetUt CaMwelL Ethel Jack- r'
worth f"e. Me sad lee. to be wraeta. eoaalatlag1! of .
'W gharri.f r. .. rimmed, all kandaoma sad atyliak' la mat of tat try ,
Elisabeth Moat Alice -
I told Moldy at JSe a yard.A beat
-. \ Items beat ...?.. aperial .. .. ..slid each. makea. wtrtli' HM aad sue Eccer. Burdlae. Uargae-
; i r Moaday' ..
rXAKIh 'miry wt will c. this ont at

O IMPRO EXUT.-& rrta Browa Hotel Jacfcaoa. Mrs W. en lame lot of Wash Gooda. la all ......... .... .. .... tLM tack =
RJ Mra Montague. Mra. Bernard all salon, warn
tarse7. silks material
utbtaly Improv'iii. are briagnadt lot Our eaU 4 U.. of atIlt ....... to betoand .1' =
at the grooada ad worta of tkt Moatagnt., Mra. Galld Smith. Mrs wo tie aid' JOe. to be aoU hooey at ISe. out regardltaa eort. Oar

Florida Cnract Oa, la tat ahap > ofcafetdai 8etatb78CERATKD.Aatioy. I' One lot a( Ladlea aid Mlanea coreta. ... idg
a+j Tweaty-Bre of Oxford aaltlac, !M walata, at ..... Our $LM walata p
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to Ita-aJ i.dyaM tkoroi ghl : aalta. or wash aklrU. aothlac ....... IS M wry at K..t All new and -
l icompleteaea u'FlATER tk tj! Httlt aoaj ':'of Mr. C. A. Rlckarda.wille w p ttdate.LADIES'. ,.,
better la aerrlceaMe. Special
or more .
= climbing CURTAINS.SeTeral
la a tree Satarday aft n
I price .. .lie per yard.Several .
pain of tgared aad
+ MELONS aooa, feud: naked a siren .... plain =

Water meloaa are aottfaly. com tak la plea 1 scalp ,,_ II''laceratloa oa oneofktolega. = piers 3 of silk to be cloead. WRAPPERS. rifled- Swlaa cartalaa for altker bedroom >

bat-aa let ra prtceaj)art aacl{ : He tar Immediately gives .i oat at this &..,all wortk TSe a,yard Several styles la percale or dialac room. a yarda .loag, +{
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taw rtck o Jut none more ad klmoooa to be worth ,

.', art I'IItIa.n ta atatitattLMaaek. | tile woaad art rery tore this sale at .. . . . Me a yard 1.2S aad ".... Moaday'a prtce.Me + LADIES- HOSE.: t'IJ

g from 2t semi !. today.f a Two wr of Le4Jea'0 $
.1oal1' .w "pIaC'e" Moaday a lot of regwlar > -
ESTRID merceriied silks wool challlea. mid ; made abeohtety fatt black soap for '
OM '.- ..... HATS HATS.I' ........ ... .. '-f
ARiNG TO.B TLl HOTEL.-' ...W..* silk ..... worth (Or mid HATS. r r .......t.f .* l ,
UtDrake of tat Drake Protect Co.
Flaanakaa la Wklagork < CCe. a yd. apedal ..... . .4e ,.. A cleaa-ap la our millinery deaarteaL --- i: -f
;; oa kla lot eorn..o' .A..... C atatedj :8at.rda7bat although W Wt hap sorted oat a lot of MISSES': HOSE.:

wad tklrteeatk Street.aad'apoa[ : which tomat> trop of played the lower coaaty U. gealy HANDKERCHIEFS.. 14,..'. and lad*' kata. alao a Haer II..' ribbed boas guaraataed'' rue =....

ke w U erect a amaZl.but aaodara.hotel.Tke about out. that Dome W Be sun led aee the fcaadkerrkleff r baby cps, which w4.01 clout oat aad 1ta1a.... fan:reolar made 'I....< en

art oa the kon.e will be eom- flatl tci1Ut0lD: art atlll coming ia fromtk4 to'" sold Monday at .. . .te red fLi eack. > ale keel Wlae, all vim..lselpatr! t t
H+meatead Conatry.. aid that thef lICe \
wee< nd at aa tarty, en'
"t w ro&tlaat ao tor the ant trn days

IN}ANT I.CHILD DE\D.-. The threeMr 8* r'' weeks j 1 I 8 Special Values will be Offered .in all House Furnishings, r

iMtdal! 'thud of aid Mra. C Sit Wnt-L IUXX>VER.-Daa Cash: I

'y N..infleldW. Barn died only after- tkc youaic .kU aiaa who .aa aerl such as Table Line}ri, Towels, Sheets and Pillow-cases..; ,: A

nee at Baeaa Vtota.Hi The Interment oe 4y cut last Satarday tlrtt'at Porn*

e la the dty eeia tery Uta otter dodo. atlll cootlnuoa to Improve" and Great Saving on F eady-made Skirts and Under-wear.

aooa by Dadertaket H M. Klac, Rev It;la'BOW bellcTvd that k. ti oat of all !

I. Staaloa of tkofkelaUBC. Fin .BaotlatNE dangpr and will raoorcr. His ....taal

Cbvnklarge I 11_|ant yet beet captared.f .

s 'I. E. DOUGLAS. :

ITAlLj IN HI* FOOT.-DarM Chadwlcl .
V RESIDENCES There1; art aBamber ,
a ,frklu. carpaater. wnn workla* S Ivies
of dew 9SIetoat IoIaI -,. .
; "'" = :
'nR opl| i. MOM la ,Nortk Miami I aUppedwaty
apla anj parta of tkt tJty. an4 preparatlomi -I
y as a rt man Friday wfuraooh .
art brag atM4to atari maayBT
-.t. seat tilt the addltlona I f tile lea of steel paaalacthrooKh -- -. __ -

wan i.Io.. .;; endlWlt u the ban of t1Ie Ml foot and they said site B., Let aa go ap LPIOA4 PAWarmle. 1 f' ,

t I makiacj a palatal woa." Chadwtekaytjk isle the Lowe of the Lord.* She -Ymarried ; "New Idea" Pattern
;.Jt \ bat bad sails U his feet ke-
11Nih1. ; J. C. la
to Wlgclatoa 1llf.
BE1 El+*ortdI .
; ttat didA. Paler aid!
for 4\:,aid k baa ao fear of HIraaaita 'Pere tkem. Thehaabaad and
Two aoaa gives to
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oa tIae:1Iut: aa a piece of fat bacoa bead her 'f. to IL !. Bessel for vets. forty ., tf\\
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to tb* woaad takea oat aA. laflamnaUoa. I
their home of eternal Joy. Two aiatera Have
IntJol t irto.t .br j Arrhreds
Aarwe..t- aeraphtsi St
.. l .
.m I II one brother aid one BOB sirrive ker.Slater .
tie; a. tll_ ekaa J. Brows aid seb.ad, JamOt
d 1UHi Tbe. t.1w1l1dl I WIOCtIlTON.Tb Wlggtatoadied. la the trt..,. u4 wfte sal Mass, for $1 All [ i

.. b ... u a I ,I -. of the Christian fartk. she was a sheaf I't. 01 way 11 S srWa IPith I X Patterns at a Uniform Prig of II I (
;' wed ripened ta the Masters, aerrtce.
$ od rtot. pe Writers Recorder. (BantM) dtusuu1Ue. sit f4 tp. :I.ru 1L

''i ---r- a pe dredge! Ky, emtalaa the followlnc She win a Urtac example of tile craeo ktJafad ot e.o.tte. s Sunshine '
01,,Cod; la the life of Hla ,child. The I : Calf Shoes +
trick Jo'the lal. M,. !'an.. AaWlndatoa. A. Bekk er and lies 1 to lIelIMManwStat. .
IN XBat..uN tYj5AOE.Ce. .- motacr'of Mr. 8. T. WIfato4 rfcurckkaa|; loaf a faithful and devoted |I But.I """tSSiJ:1-*" For Workmen-Best in the Land
member, tbt |community a Jorlncirlead. I ; %2. ._
Hood led ..-. at the of Ibis dtr: I II. WPttsatre dftId-D 1\ K.Ia.t t.
the family| a devoted mother.To And
Copt Qty X- I"m ,tkt Provt etww of Cod. Slater tbdat who: fuel keenly her ba.1|1101t. Co KallIt. for 1 ..,.ePf1aI. lead.1 a Full Line of Men's, Women's

fret ae. : Ha r.hear, Same :\n Wlodatoa departed this ". ." t. tl. I2nip
er 11 Pot aa those who have no itope.)1&1 and Children's
bap caaab Aril [Ife Man* I to 1XM. :, She .aa lion On. Quit claim dHCI-G. 91. tlenbg Shoes
Hit I t"lSoatbera ,
ghee prepare aa to meet betIa
.. Tw8lrmt 1feoleyard 11.'ltt aad waa bora from atop t* StaIN Land 4 Tllllber eo:: AT THK: LOWEST PRICES
.. ..," for ummerj I tile talrteeatk ,.atL of her age, and 1.11orr.-, A, Dais paMor.Wet I I for U mid other roll Id.ratloio one I

.lil. slams $4.4 a t !'I,...tl 1 eke apt" !l"8.rdI atom-- ......... and etaty 18 see. d, Pp. f \ ,Lm:gr !,t A! rtment of Fine ChinJ'are in' UK% :,City. 1.

setae gal ... ell Sold.p wkkk rtej lived a ro iil l>rot, METHODIST CONFERENCE. 1 1I $'4f, rash 3t. 1 10" MIKE OUR TOBE!: TlL'R IIE.\tQI1ARTI.I

,the ... <
"""" .1.- 0.+ way ot '....1. SatI'9nta"1 ''be I aaU,, 1 lor ,lay fclafdom. Lord I I Of East Coast Beginning District Win be Held / hart aryl wife'10 8oet fII Sots food I'I I ,TI1E; RACKET STORE

*1; JI-1. t I;,:the kaiue of thlM abode." n was clan Here May 21. TImber Ca. for s' and other a.sid..tlrus .. I.L 'I. : 1" : ...
40 acts I w. I.. Ip p.I' I -
: ;. The District Co iferenw of the Vt i, 'r J -
.-... .-:= .- Coast Dlatrlct.. ilHhodM EpIatNipttChaVrk rage, ;II. I Ioney Saved I is:
t Wartallt" df'l'd-W .\ E. Raalenoorl ,
I G South wi I| nnrt la Mlarr cvnmeaHng ''
l" mid wife to Ityd Bhf for 'ISO east
r. Tuesday 1lIt.t 1'X c' lot It, Money Made.
'Id ; c'r ] "If or lot I, silk 115 tw-.
1 War %/. a bee tb* irn'e!' a.t-pw will ,; j
title too .. ,: Wamater .t-d-HI III G. PoI1ort.'t. I
; be prearbed by 1 HenItfc ol c' We
I Jolta 1. 'pay Cafh i ADd! sell
j Palm Barl R..,. FredrrhkPawo. Swr mid fe. for !to. S to you for cash and

: -I .j PreaMltc Elder I roll be prc.ldeal ,acres DHcI-FJortd.I. wctlCID' C,Est tp. ..w4 n.1III R/U.. Cie, I can hare you 'money.' (''all and get our

1 1I of the eonfellence\ priors
'', t. IIf'f1Mort PoIt""" for .S, lid II, lit on
Tie Et coat dlatrkt of the rat
r IVClFt rallll "_II. Hay Grca! end Groceries.
a ererce nxtenda from Palate* 'o leyReap Fancy ::
iw : ha ejl stop is look \ oar .tuck of '--' [o..t-o timid C. to N. caMp

+ .ohoe. for t1Ie tarn'. w. better, eqlllpp.04 b I and a large a'tendaace rf mtnoter -1 1..1L for I'Me. t.." acres 'IP set U. tptt Reynolds & Lasseter
and lay 'dcleaatea la Vs%"'"r*'<* .
:1". bofor able to mouth of .. U.folknrl"ti .
t eYer aid for that Tess re It most .. ranI
: I *The ronferenr' will 1.11 ,
.. ; ay tad ot foot tree, prkta we lure al.J Ji. ralsd The page .... Slid for 1004' Aees1 I). Miami
from Tuesday >lay 4 to $*tirdayatpkt Florida:;
cheaper, rd w sell eta..per t nerd b t'c.k'. oft e droll ....,.
May :s. Oa Friday night, VaIT I
t .
leer J Odrra ec bar. a pttt7 11ii d :0 IN Cams Slippers, ) tidal.EsUrfartbn. ,
a llaaloeary li.tint..Dl he rea t FRED
au.aaa w'W barefoot Saidbla,WNdr the rigour Boo o4< ....>rta JM.es MHi RUTTER
to t1leOftIft'. Mla toaary Sorter*,
and e0fiesd u. ... -4f. We: take pales to lie .1I. 'i I Farlaad 10 Ftablurd t.. art. "
)i i. sfiI.all feel 1i n I PrtPi them er. I p lira. M. D. Wlcktmaa ot M>ain >l..1, \\' ,.t1.s-l lAth T. To_..." -

Irtre w-.. stn II et amrrIr s thLa athoes rail be .rpa.e4 C proudest of the "'__'Board it us to Itdward WPI for ::,: t.wt General. Contractor

}o.a. Wbt yin sad Uses Wftk) low or high .... palest I Of Foretga 111-"" will be prr.Tt a',tlol. !. fliers .. ..dutisl .. ; ,

W.J ..... : ; sandsis wits Nhmi or J'nwll..L n. tat conference, alao.Rer. i. B Ley. o..1NIo1i 14 1. E. ..t.tf'l'. to be Grading

i' t t thl4 *4i. Win are .ot eai7:pleased:witk+ car oboesM editor of the Florida Chrhuiat grats. in*. .notary public Stale at r Blastlng.'t 6
I' a... S. M. Walker, pc-!' .... \ of Deed Lid sodKettles Sidewalk
art wltk oar prior I ii Trullt :0. o--r. and toad Construction .
TIle L. DoigW to mes aid boys tile bat three ... Every. the Florida Seminary at itatliUiMl.. Pnd rarb to M:A. Xa.!
I Rev. H. c; Partridge of tKe Co.enct .y. I'
.t taws Saves fuU 11.. or this oral ,f.- .bus. than for I'nJ C'Htal hits la 0.* Wella DrHII' "d Box 453
Miami Fla.1
Xiailonary Society. *
> i-n"r
t w. If" fosod to be the mist iotll. roast' .unn lIa 2':' 6 ao'rM IIIQNor.

fur -t..r- .tart d them. proklnenl!' < mlatttert I 1. from ttfrwuVmttheidUtrict. 1Ma.Wartictl. aI-J I, I'r.e art..4 wife.r .

1 r81.. 1 The ronference" wfll aUoyro HH VIM to Jolla 8. irx tor It' MIl Jot. Ii. t. WINDOW\ \ and DOORFRAME

\ t 1 "... teanloa kt.riajlllt\ cwt .......iairricea : a. U. aM 1'J..II f 4f.y.

: will be held Sunday Ua .-'. Rartatt7 dead. Oar A. r..U f fChet to -
We are maklag koadreda of rra... '
every moatk for tkt :
Jbuld fir I+ red 0tb.r Ms. kadlag toa'ractora
aid wt coats :aiakt then for
yoo. w..1& cbeapef
()O And now former 8 crt4ar> of the siAentlt< >n. Lima! ha II a. C I. Plerer', > lapror.mrt'is aad atttaijr
Uteit the of
BM Broaaed FtnUk Ball
Stanfprd Bearlag
Treaaury Gag;aunrea aa that 41''tnc. lemon CltJ'' 11.4
+ dash Pulley, aid yoa akoald lama ta getting tkeat la framoa..
t n 18 may lie accamalatrd koo_ !1..049.'"* W'f"-t 4H. Jeri. )I. OFI.s'n your Wat)
toll bavt aay building to do wrtu to ttt
''I eocouragleg Pews tr the man i' said hub.ee to .. 1. .M for1.1i1.- ,

I a Etpreu <.<: I ;her tofa i refrained on moral' froanda .I'.. Jut S .hark 14. I. to has :'1. to... CAST COAST LUMBf R AND SUPPLY CO. ) 4
I Ir Irr' .
J + ....... .
tr.Wtb ef +
e.e.e e e e e. e e !from collectiBg his milUua. .I Ip rsaie 4 Caa GaOie
Ir j : ..f1a.'I
1'f t r ''I



r '. -_Y1 1alJ1W1

rr I' 1 : I --- '-, 'frr'T I I j


: I


J 1,

LOWEST nsJot'lattei. fcdroora Soils. airs
Center Tables OJJ Dressers. Heelers _

Side' Boards. Wash Stands.
KaO "'is..
+ TheHardware and Furniture Deal Buffets.
r foUfq Beds. Pact fnriitirt.
We Invite i n Inspection of Ourplsplar

; [on Second Floor. A Full Line
: I' of Office Furniture.

I ..
TOWN D COU } ? tM eat tbtagia tIW. list.Btrhye1 :It

cod. at WI- A 1'17,s III r. .

ti.. Bred tatllisen tor all Mir Rlky. Jsckswt11k .I'..... Us 1 11 II. 31. KING I I

?. Y. Iwmm Agent.Mlr bees 11attl.c wr. sod lira.'a. 1.. Pattnos .! Undertaker and Embalmer Special l Sales I

at III Ir oa T1riaathMreet i.

FM.r.. Hsde., d .t fttunf04 booo.dayu 1300 AVENUE, D

t, Or. .. .:pecta to $w tboat Arstd .1. ; "4e.e.aa" Att.etlo.ot_ a AI Ce....
J... tor ta.oarl saber. win J Toil era ... a nit sadIs tow I ,

..d ao.t d h. days at aIWJU.l TaUorta& stitahil bA. I fOR

7+a i..rtaa na4 $aao $4dtrs. -I,,_to Ri J lei J. M. Bryaa. Jr, of K......... la la, LTV ELT flal TESTER AT.Hoaas SATURDAY AND
01a41f1a. wbo M a woll bows tOWB.kttai.. MONDAY.
L L s r'4 Tla. SMts. ,
+ ,
ise .add t of lliud vsrl yr.pu ; contests d Das.yaasaa.d

ral after apendlag B tow week* with So. Barto, .ao kai ..*.. rWt- b Flasues .

Moon b. speeds e whit kto brother at'TltmrrUle, ... oa to8II..r lat bee al..... kin. Dr.. Jackass for .r"Moneybak"--.

t_ / lessbtital boa at *..NJ T, for the ......,. on* Umt*. to sow tk* rot of bee .lter. The hoassud, ou.teats Mary ,
Gtwvy wtU lest shortly tor bet Mr* 8. L. Patt -. oa TklrtMatb Pars,, a well bowl and la astrfooa
sus irosti bet''epeeka tQ ry r-; colored Silk
U you waaj ..*. oimault J. LLamas Street womaa, sear ft. s au d
,.arts a the .
ms.CbeoaaatTDbItarp Iseo.d
sat asset for tbe old rellakte aad aAveae. w

an k Bradley**:goofta.Staaky For la* ptaappto. fun sad tomato totally destroyed by Are y ay, There is, genuine satisfaction in buying
via apply to or addrtai, J. P. TOM.OoraaautjOror at Iced o'ctoek, sad oily by a eery tt
H.raey a.M
*. |t2S per calkM. ttj beat and harsho work was silk when .
ir..d P.dst. tk* popular young you know tie will be
t poty used true. destraetTb. money
F. M. Dora arl. i.e. 4rug clerk at tbs Btocaya Pharmacy

] ..', r. IC..tir, w b.br.f ... win teavu CM Mew .Tork Ibis week I II W. W. Haat." of tk. Kinder Lou 9o\ gla d lb. Pr. ti a kaowsth refunded if tic silk is '
I I I oash It M batlev not as represented.
tad crate Maa.faetarla d to k hue.usu .
bar .e..oal dal where,b* win eater tbs New Tork laetltuto Co. of Kla ..
let tb.lr k at Jack.otv/U h, u of Htrmaey aad ftatok kto. der Loa PC. te acala la the rity Oflac ; byratatath.estfl.L bunt ".Moncybak' Silks '

.p .4 tbi sea. coune IB kl.* oats ptafes.ioa.or .p tk. plaeappl. aklppera with tatimatloa that the oeeapsta d o ,- : : turfy. Prices I !
: :
1 1at1.17 ; matrnai to bead tkir erope.'f .ea bad that the boas was a An area s. ..

/lets. 'ta t Bradley KettiltseraSara the ... !' whoa the Aaas burst th thAa q t

L.mm s dt Sewsada1L Pur tab by i'I X. Lnmmu*. Miami. FOR 1I.u.E.-AOII1IC ..Ie. warranted. m W,* will throw apoa our couater dslte aa BMortmeat of cuts. iiimc the

1 : Price. HUM. I J. P. Tom. Cocoa- alarm was sounded a muits. aay nmaaatf ... odd sad oada at prico to e4o* ... KvorytklBf at a

Kr. sad Edwwd B. Les w icom I Mr. Wm. MMrir; of Defies fatkeif alt Oror* Pla. SRI .' aturwards by t e bl d th u bargala tad away thugs at bit ,val...
K )I-- k. works whistle and the rt slur I
base occupied eomfortabk b Mr. R. Cth I the dPourtk
: *:
.. si..eatbt an 'he+soeMe.day Mr. sad Mr. -Wm. MoOrlff ar* dova "'lre"\I\ Tke department -

tot (heir wma.? latter oa street' Mr. Me-' .,. Daytoaa to speed a few ,weeks ed.bet aa the Bre wa* beyond t le reack Preach. tad m.rcei1 *d '.1Ida" were K 1-t to :de. sew 11 11.

P..kskIU.N ,1 Pork: Gras. .. aotfcari.aad Dew to Mlaal: for tw with theft' : -. Mr. R. C. MoQrlt. Tkcy of water BO koee could .. laid sad tbeapparatus .

?acrd good salr tor o.1s f 1Arpts < la I* 'vonderfal ckangM mad late many friends bore 11'ko art clad wa not Ukea en rely to T.t4cW u. .

L A Rawl, d 72 InpftrremcBtidurtag that kav* take pUarTke to at* this s. tk* fire. Tk. member,, how ver. responded ar* ovntoekd. te these .
r with. bucket good and win\ pUe a UM of u.... Pamiik aa4 '
sad lad
bra. abeenee.McCrH.. ( era. Kegro OIled Tartry Red at price that will\ forr' them to mora I
alas Frasel Abhnry. Miss The R. p. ROM OoatrartlDg Bra ofJarktoartpe. *+*; alo responded and wit > a Its* t
!. l of backet.* tad blanket SUrt WarnU ,
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?cottage asd asd Mrs, Gu. Itod- eolBmnji of Ue Dally and Week hw.
tile t.IIICall or jetty ..kk-k te saving a building but a few f e t "' have Jut "recetted a Use of tk* eel ebraled Accra WaUU-kk
.rued Ky Weaters sub !u v ly M tropoltej:togotker will reack an ...*.. Mil ,
bring .iMiilt to C'Qm1M new skip'haa At time It seemed that the I n. faa suet Bp-to-dat te Iowa. W* ate bat .
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b.e..lsiting (ldkr for Utet.rse4 ma the people of |f lAml aad eootker; Dadeeouaty or <<..7- at IS* aIL r
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bom Money t tltr I Advtrtieen win d* well to
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Fork: the cap of top will UlaM with jail realtaaee and effort, but b* Ore-
1:: W.-M. l
icraalt. nIl rock will rom from men sack bravely to ,jtkeir iaueeeeded ty aad BDRDINE
rs w.tei r.palring, try Yr Ckarlea Ball te ta receipt.
I the ROM qvarrtoa la ,Soutk Chula.and te keeping the Are < to.
Avwss D Work wearsty of a letter frJBBJkte, krotker. Captate will. eom oowa by rail whet It i I. Had this building : caugh there ,'
teaaoasUa Byron Ball, wko went aortt few win be loaded OB tighten aid takes do.bdeshat.. beea unite a iflagrB\ .

week ago a* mater. of the yacht Edrte to .*.. Tk*** rock will k* of lames.u+ tics a* houses are tkkk te th Beighborkood. MIAMI.
Mt. ..d. VB. Bi i.koees .!.*. mv *< ..:- .......... --, FLA.MARCH .
....DeI by Mrker WeUa. aM ."kS '
b agrt..atb tb.lt ; ; derrIck Tb ton win. --. ..
too, an* M kaadle tbeai auara amount to abcfit $300.whboat -- -
an eeaeoi i aaykng tkat ke bad .-
ktt Mo.- ..
bari will k* broocht dow4 trosJsckao.vhe. u.ruee. Hn reds of f fr
*y tor tbd lose toit r ved ta New: fork: >-* Monday' after This kowrer. wll DoC people turned out aa H to tk. nt Ire

Y, to .peal s.amet. Tb wt l 4 pleanaat,aa< ':uneventful trip up Oat b* for some elate yet a* It win tab the Iowa ka had te ome tlmKUOENELEK. I

rtan DeV r. .arty h the flu | about three BMMtk to the I
cost, we ap aaUT f I II
rock BOW bolai sled for the : i .
flse.p1N. d Watebssad Btoeaya\ robs Oat ....... delicacy lower part of th. jetty aad two aiottki
M ttay.u'4 a sad 7 I at ;Wljaou ft '1' US to toy the': tker.Tk Aged, Aid RMpected QUaeaUtO lieu at.awaiting COTTAGE .
llton. Ave... I -- i
I LJQCOZONK iRlver.Engna ,. ornvADV.fi. I
large two muated *ekoo erUllta
-;_ Tb. Boys' A lode Aoadotb.fr hNd We kave-Jtiut received a M of :' from Key Wort wilts rB: Rifts e' :Aes&atoe. I

$r* talU ouy iserel.ea day woaderful 1 tool aad blood purifier.i has for a load of .... lop to be n *dn I Ley oar: the pica r dtl-

....tag .R.r boM TbS eta psi'lar i B. snuvea, -tile-I' bulldlac docks at tk Island Qty .... d Dadu .....ti. 41.d Thai atteseoi f <> ..* Jlryeaim /We}. 4b
at Little CrarJJmJloeMfu,. .,.... FJ:
alter _
.dmis/o. th air -!' ..u.had plenty of trouble slice reack- tUd

pss.4 tke prullmteary examlicroittobTy adoa )it. sad Jack Davis. who ..." lag t*>* mouth of the riser'.. ben tapa Ma a few .... lt4vet -

Bad keel klgklywKk bees spe.df.S.Isom.I tlm at Ill'll.c. +a&.. Ou tk* trip te she poaaotwtr Mr. LM was about 75 year. of ace

'tbeir membenklp. .-'. CIa n tk tltr.et left ye.- te tk. rivet aad was two days ..IIi a aaid. grit IS aidtravel. -- -. -

......., tot AUSSUC be.ch, suit P.Wo tettlac a... This. BMralac ...* atartdto H. .bad bees ..- .... Idea- -"'.

ofCkamVrlate ka kita a ben IIr' D.v who u I. tilt employ aa with her cargo%ad wa .... tided with edlK"&Uaa I. Dade ..ty.aadybad .

," fuss Mock aad of oJ r. 1!. C Ry. rtfl beousted for towed out tk* river by the tangs laaacbLadto. ; rwwsUi iiaaeused lit Grapefruit and Orange Trees.

:.ttsa. for tbs euimer trade, wltk'tograpkor PboC tilt samara.It : Tk w1.d was Mowta* ttrtms. istuded ftCanlll.11 j to the lei ofachotanj

Taamoaer at tbs Arei'Studio dead ap tb. river sad whoa oppoulu. Jailor.
Pllm keveloped and pi lated yea waits nit eletbss made I the hotel )prau4. It was ao strong A f" years aso .he left Ml 1 tad .a.-FOR SUMMER PLANTING.We .

Ast fOIl u4 idaraab.d to It fO'I. at .that tk* tog costa sot pun her farther I weft t. tile lilt of Plies, w he have now relICt a large of
ioc\ that rtgbt. ....... i I'U elanu hatded. DP&1q I UQitalt.ral supply wrH-r.rown
10 .
tai acalBrt It ,and k wai forced to. aa- clean buds {to 5 fret, of the mess approved varieties .
Miami CfeiMrvatory of 1 .aft meat I m ekor saUl |milder weather prcTiita.Tk "milt&' A few ant 5 ago on roojfh Irmnn ,tnck: Write for price IMU '' *

TwelftkCbteBiaa Bash Dtrfctor. Ulli to on* of the larger Kkooar M 'lIInfOCl toD&de:, county a tool For fall and winter jJ.minj we will have J7R
ffi Copt H. Shaw rPtanaed from .p his residence at Little River where *(HX) t
that lint elm bud
ever ram Into this port and on rnu;h lemon Ind
Mtasi oa J sad death .. grapefruit or 4
rellnM ,
Del 11. his -
Mooday HI.Co
4 .to loaded rrttb nevrral baadnd+ logs root, for which we" r..>k dtty now Corre.pooJence '
Momra. Mort] Courtaey UK ''bus Jar-taestilt.asd Mts 8ba left for, a few days la part of them being oa desk.TV Deceased ka.e OM ..upt.Cau. Miss olicitctl. f ,

Mr. Laber. of Went 'aim (I. reported that berp.rpo.i. 1 .. Lee reldiog at G&Jeeba Dl, *

are tetwayn'vacatloB.taw city apeadtag 'fewIBB to IIIIf ha 1ackym. BRIDGC-KCNAN aid ooe 1M, blank Ley I. Icago.The \VINTERHAVEN NURSERIES
i.s; d tta hili u loan tom,. body w bees
> t_.r----I...... _. .L_ _._ ,IIIC w M'a_ i -. .t..... 1l'1..prepared.... _n.by 'ad.- A. M. KLEMM. Prop.| Wlntcrhavca. Fla
.too* sad are ba lag a good time I eprv..r r. I
; rutoat r.ettlal to Wddlac Well Kao a Young r:= .
.tagaro.sdasd e joytag every w. D., a,4 Ml. I. adrlc* them to it. - I .-
aLDarwoa- atlas Joawlr Coup) Tkumday AtlrrroomThuradar IdtepoiltloB.j .
of tkeir
It oetlar "ul Bargains In Grapefruit Groves.lightOripefraltOrovea. '
volt dAUL phete.rspoag* t, It afternoon at 4 oVJotk at j Rone little aaarrklst an J.lcaal .
you bad a bole, l.iy trnot I I
tmtteta. "l .t es fni ee.t, dart It would he ttl E e.,1I Ike Catkolif! Church Rev. Patler PPB11 -:|p. Taintfrrro. the -) .. thre* ..... .y_. ..c.. .I. e.__ ...::... ..._. .
[ eutteMe strwtwt sad you year's at a dtdat." - -- - r_ ..
perforated tbe ceremony tbatsalted te BO doubt buj what ArehCreek ... .. ,
at & Tke .,.
wet; atsl.st as rf a* oew. Wla4d ...Reb.sp. cant d K.b9O t4 M+k be plane / graves tested oa a'.._ lived sari pi ..
In the holy boed of matrimony I be bad a wooopoly of the votes Taee- A... ...,.. M. t .
Qa M M K* ft.'jomey twenty sow < set flU& T.... '
as ofleflag for tti+ be., ea.o.s tar Krve* ar* bud** u .....-.....
!o. b $U..t. Mr, P H| Keaaa and Mfr, RvelyuTumbrtdge. day aa eat b* attested by Stork tin sad tarwsJ" fraiL Title perfirt. Wil tale ...,. '
wlti I p. I. ,..,, .
uttag b et In this .t;"';
I preputy
par ew' .| JeaaiBRn. r.. prwpenlve ,."""-no. I
Dr, & s ,Jdortaa,at L.iew palre. Tbe recldVd j 111// hg.'aa..
groom foimetly la Pea M te a welt-kaowa fart that grapefruit Ue. II
wbo kaafbeeu a } C. Ii Perry.st I ar* BNW* pr. MI....
; eau+ol.. aadj to well tad !
r favoraMykaowu 111fISANATTEROFX wares thaa toy Mker virlety the eitra* ....al'.ia4 run..t ......
Baa Oartoa tot U* peM. flv* Cro.y Fla. ker:.,. He.. B plamber. by I .be peiee.f...,,,. A t_,..t..4 an,.,,.,, gave.? pnp.Hy duMN
returned teal* borne this aor.tat. '' trade sad bus resided at Oocnaaat should pay all ...4. cape.-. while M olare4 ten. I
.1,'- t"1.lpI"Oe'-' 1VU.ol cue year* of *, |& ....14 bu
taOBeolj( the Urgent pep
i caeca BM has Grove the pact year or two ..* be ;lag I"per rent or mor* OB a valaatio of lt,lJDO per arre. Pr.en..
body wDo \ PL. t1lla apetdliictk I gtapefrt,
bout Bad ever"Y"Miami. to cosetted' IB bunlaew with C H. tree Gems OaseB sold I'to worth of
... lb. fruit.
wfci'tA at Palm; .r,;ka bm InU '
He etaada feet 1 ICfce '
Perry Tb. bride .to
a popular
Bad wetgba3 tafatBated rat pouadC Mhun airtlceougkly toHe ",tot dry two or tbrci tvrtt'aT 4""'Mlw. H.*1U1 barer* Hits for young lady W Rochenter. N T. sot tea I J'OBJST: ::8: "VVELS iii

rcreat ar uteltloa I,
ken oa SatanHy tot ciperta to fv- here. P. 0. DOZ .. a1aaL Puss
win retura .fcore totem'taal > ar In anl re- j After tkel montage. which wa a!= !
tar nest wlatftai k* ri charmed rat
fell seseot.i + I teadH by a' Bumber of frleBd of tM'Ieoatrartteg I
'. Miami tall\ ka "..flr bep.It:teI I
Hi'ki I I ...rtt.*. Mr. and Mr*. !
la health kid +
by star la tad
rest cautry""Datdnlt
you want to a tarn Kenos drive to Co I
wer otnwt Orove. :
erne for tke a* aan, ;write to : RMr their' kome. dd. L
'tart Vkere they were OHfaulcrson
real ; .trlctly R+aaranR.ed, 'ilJit; G Co.
Co, eetate ageata. aimrdrd a jrwptloa- Mr. aad Mra. ,
for Ml* by OaUm BKN. ,
11.rn: WIt [ XTaideB sad eel / + l'Mrf.t their ronrfmtabl: BOOM.. Manyfrteixta :a\ ;t\)\ !- the fff\ .. go *. .buy peer
-t { wire prwwnt and wl.ti'it t.e : Mats
1 ; And
'Math. 5.4 I party bf frtend ro* Mr. LJ{ P K > of SaraauJi. ) Poultry
Clad kitthis k ttptker of Mr. H. O Hito.tca, win happy cmiplv a Iou: and pI'Ut'l'f'nIGII (.mess Li.. ...aid Ave. I

i_BB otteaded CntU; *-of several lays route down *ejj Motady; ass a VU. life II I iSrks !\ !-,. }.-,W 1i.e: -.I.tL ..f l
Or lower eoant. rolng? a* s ofLUHMEX sebPA I +1 tea BOW car the user, but POWDER rr: j l\' .' .., I""" / ae4 r.. ,.. JJrus altA

Babel aad poeclbly a* faii as all It ta "<'rdlnarHv do for tb* victimof /": ....Jf'IPou T--.u

i Pteavure Bay Tke trip w II bt I, E.lt hi E DAtAT pBeumoala te to smooth tke way Abvolutety Pure ,, '. );: t...:... lashed the met- h..t.... hire

;i eatlrery top pleaMre and n 8 's AILORIA O ESTAA- sad aead tk* bill to tbe UU.-New mTEISMIS1! '- ...;ti-:. ( i..t rtlsc.

2t7 York World, I i, .- =_, u...

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t< .... ... t i r.


t :- -

_ _ _ _
i"t : C .
-OOYB.u."D rGARETTES.I THE REAL MOTIVES.It wQ trtrt with loving Bart std oped I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,

METROPOLIS.L I The .tff'lrt' of eprettl .81111 byyntsg arms teem Ytdta frcsi lively Miami

1OJ1I wOIAbe: a startfag me- there erer wa aa laddeat of bra- -Qvtea d t e lied 45 flowers.It. Your
l.tIntIra' of their DICJlIIen It they TB. political preaamptloa It to that being &. J. '

I t. iU 4. [dRrs I and the a &l'lDlal JII'OPOI1iOII. ootlaaoaly perforated by R. Hudson April 20. 19M.

1. M ilttUifI. to thi It, It haa grows I. Ibl. -..try.A Burr a member af the Florida
.. N. T. Oommrakm. la TREES AND THEi nABITS Credit { oo
tlillvl .trlte a Harlna. Railroad coming to 5Single

+ :r.... .. ns.isnw.e. I court tIr made t s. rollowllll. sigtiScti this county to try to sa.e Ue people,
..w.w..l.r .'.. b.elar.tlo$: the Ut-payer. from brief robbed by (Prom tH .Iladel la Rrotd. i )

"Y oday I bid before tIIlrty- the county commteiloBera.. A. snout ..rseryaa says Lb. bardlae ---tA-

.t ad.d ./tat Of .taW w Wt..s11. Bye pr\IIoDer1' nlrtJ-tllnoe of Mr. Burr charges tha Metropolis with s Of .oa-IIarIIIlI of trees I.-
..,- rtflaat pi-ad. largely span l' se tbN se as DoWar.
them were eoasrmed tlgarette smoker.Today attack oa his personal character la Its

lent,.. ....c M .. 1A1UKsta. from a re labN source 1 bate diaroulon of his coaaectloa with the from which W Is etu.ate..tquestloa
. best t r.. ow from Satafaetswresult. has. and that's ]
.' apraII& Every body a
T made the gr e w dlsoovey that BOW famous Injunction suit bat inch
w.hwtpeto. e.. cigarette masufar unfounded. We hare dish are seldom peveaeeo rep that's apiece
w .. two tb sartesa charge to necessary to buy
ear -r. tarns a ttla eositry.oak their prod- with"bid poiltlcai ana sad fcecaoae of plawtisg a Ned obta led from (Pswasy of ant.

_IlL 8' plat .. s.eda grrlsaily -
act I. a weak eoluUoaof oplam'The his prominence la this matter and the ,

I' lb e.1a. T I., Ub..1 .dl.a.N act that out d tIIlrtr-li. prix ponlltoB he ha taken by learlag his farther north, o."err tI_
'see1Ky.Arilw relrlMl. ..ard/raed/ sedl- In ours erJ'OEE1:
1M at length and
antra tblrty-three smoked eigarett.smight duties atTalmhaieee where .. to ap- may .

:A-r ,_ri, raxcsaT. seem to Isdirat.wm.. direct posed to be repreMBtlaK the peoplo. to mated until Laced fi4m. such a tree r I

COIW los betwfet elPft'Us sad come here and make a campaign. may be reasonably exi wted to thrive. S Down. $1 Each Week.;
fral Tree t .e
Thu ki..1 W.ax 'm_. agalBit the commlacknem, he has and mature Ha .

rust mttPsI. Lad ales It b uNd 011 sathori placed himself where b* moat expert people acquire. their I lollS from the
II... TW
--- climate ra .ldI.
that most. ftpI'fttNdopecl at. that hto motive will be exposed sad

I: .. L ."!.....:1 aft i m iaTboe t" oplum this eounectlos .. conduct held ap for tupecUoa sad northern tree know}i sa.UactTY..pwbes
tI4.1'wbi.i ....t 5. 14s lICIt hand to .......4: Judrmeat of UM people wanes he aeek* the Urn ha ripen m .
hP Bf lM. > .M Ue .
(a n J } to boys of frmiU. The
ena.a..r.r "' IgsraU. a r-a. city to11ea4 IB path rtgkteoaneia.
fmftf II* fM III laitlact. being[2to hurry. ..'. f
' IfSflfesrdta mach Ita what wbbkey k co grows ''t to very apparent that It to lICIt la tame
14 tire to Uttle 1111.... real cold.With .
alit U It does lICIt .lrectJ paaealine. his owa Interact a* a tax-payer that
aorrl ha
"fi.M ..j It at least socompsnka It I. bti: would rertraiB the eommlartoaer" traacplaaUag
.: 1 habit rhaagaa.: The I great troub ..
4se r oat of tea. from espeadlag the'county mosey be-
shut admitted that above ... with moot peopU to that they want to
It be aBlvenally caw: the tax book that II.
(MAY i a. 1904- tree to ass h atone _
Jump a
the majority"of you boy addicted tire real estate .. Dade coukty to worth from u

who were MiJM UMpoiecaaa to cigarette* ar*'generally retarded ..' bat (130.00. oa which he pay M cents a to evKtau

t sow top yam '1.oWlt i iSadoioed. _* nappenaa.. bad bays, It to u addiction that doe year Usea. U addttloa to this he la. the attempt to brli g various fr..,
..... from i RoMia to tip Cifroni Ud State*
DOt any, Itself with tb high vlrtaeamaniyj 0& li paid $ penoaal as.. for IXU. J McDonald
the toad of U
bents ao bad aaaoela- If r all the.easy,fi/Kd/ were aqmwdered Apples sad pram ...
great whit* csar b.voo kradry
are slyer ut the ttoa kad bad environment H. must how aertoMly would he be damaged y
.. { the below-cero coadlOdtta ., th.geatl
be a prance boy; Indeed who caa ?

Taebas- onefof the moot or. rift moral. !sad phyoleal good from I.* It lICIt true ...... that It ho to lICIt I Dakotas
deity .. .....,. of-Miami __ Y taUreaUd M a au-..,", that It moat _, __ u __0_ _
1. 4 OpUm b A'k..biakq-H craatM aalaereaUaf ba.sly salts political roaaoaa which'hai LE61L lD1or. [BITS.secatot's & COMPANY.-; = L .

) aa to HaytL ippetlU that cnnn with prompted .aim? w. submit that

Brew the "outlaw might renderfilibuterw wllat Meads ..... Even. pan toThe I thto)a the Batarai and reaaoaabie cooelttMOB otoe. LEALERS IE
aI ... ..ecL b '
80Ine 4rvk there ajThat1 a aid the coocloskm caaaot *

t *' bo.t all lie to tt for.HnxJeoa I growing boy who lib tobacco acoooated as: attack oa hto personal All w.........II Net N,1 III.De t as. i stabs attar dat.bw.r, Building Material.Lumber

sad get* hold upon hi *eq>e* character.'Oai .........._.. m F Mbs last woo .

Burr fired cracker, : at 8ea m seer lone la coming under ,the I the other hand to It Bet fair set Tara.e.t .. n. p -.11&. ........

Mar Tmllaf.. .... Heburrowing might! aa wall domloaUoa of whiakey. to.. ooaclade that the preeeat member trI1I a1i I. tbs a.e.lra .. --.... s.dmat.
boy'a-oarieat and to .............. .. -. s lime. Laths Shingle Mouldings Casings Brick
have hron a th..aadhlU. Tobacco la die of.the board of away commh ..... mid. d mid trIII-. 015 be $..nWs A.I.liens. ,

of Dutfc county. Dall| Tanahaaaeeaa. moot (direct road to whtckey. When would do aU they could to sacs money .......d 1M tors J C.IrI. a.sad Lime, Cement, Plaster. Hair, Etc.

optm ,te added,i th* young maa'* to UM w-..,""* of whom they are alt tads c..c.tit..... .$... ... wUI. ties I

Ittaa !.aid that apodal attention will chaaca.of '...*..ta.. tb* combined. amass UM larger one. John...... ml u.-.r.M. lor herm diuraser :Yards and HfTii n,.- mt*- Ii
devbtodUaUortn. to phiaaMlogy of m forcer ail eaeaplac ,.,.... Meat State tad count) seat S.s.a1sr.E1HN w
paid this year $154.00 ..,..,..... ism.
trait rU k la UM 1teppblleaa'tatfosal' rood B oral bans to altm ladeeo.It tt.s-. bealdea $33.00 Itceaoe taxes AIl a LILLY.amiss. Avenue D and Fourteenth; Street

Ne doubt and tb .paraU' -Ira; deadly):cmablaatioa I* mad while' Mr. Burr paid $3.H. shout M toi.Oeo. ., .. THI u.rKUT.ro.. II.( AttD teats .w&e MIAMI FLOKDJU
will hitan. ........1. ; -"but mgmlagpHepaila Taer are r-, If says caaei W. Lalahart paid aboat $&WO. I _Aiwa... at, st
taw leh It to sots, more or .......armM about U to L :' ..- -

|RUHaidl sad aer>pea sad will power I t 1.. A. Belcher paid $ 4.oo. which, to KQTICE T6 DKBTOlta ANtf CRXDtI : "

The JLInited fetate Atlanta weakened for life to UM omnaa remit about' ItS to $1.oa for Burs.lt. .

t to to bk enlarge, aa idfaouoaMU, tat t the 6aWo Barfly be ...- | B. McDoaald paid over $500.while II j

westitioas d tile office. sal tan* Burr paid $3- 0; and r. C AlcherI Pierce & 'Hardier
r eaarti>ent* of the fIf1It art 1rcll OCRATlC. REVIVAU. I : about $1S,00. or aearly five times I* Probate ourt of Dade x-

pnahedi to a> proving eoncnwiOBl a. [ i much a* the mat who to trying toe County Florldo.

nddltkfcal, room wilt b| .a.edsd. of CmaoeraUe spirit.t1)e i : the tax-payer from tkee men! This to to -"fr: *l| er *'"rr*. wgatoe : HOUSE Ui '
sod t
[ D. noeratle thought
I .Wt' thto a ricIJca loti. farce being and dlrxr* at a|aid ::1 toom m nnuvono m

The Republteaa M Colorado heels''hop and tile improvement' of Democrat flayed' by thto ate, who.: having bating claims at I mot-. # ..,pt.. --- 3SIGH. rAil I 1Q .= --

the thetr' brkhrea la otbet I k! condition* aad prospect fwauat expertedly' had .greatn thract epos1 I the ...... of Joh V Clarke bated[ .
.tat.. The by Jugs-Oolorn Advocate, IG.eas McCMhe ett- t i.tat nub* fcct IB Independent ot comment and for journal unprejudiced ilm to trying to keep wp tae mnwdy I o..M _.t,. ad. to pt...t I i I Avenue C| North of National l Bank I ,

land *Toh- with ; confutation view of political I affair sad event -FROM I theta duly '...-if,.. 111I1. two years t ".

f n Att&igft 'BMitta for he Roanevelt This froo! the ndlanapoli News Uitlurt I'I'I from tile publics "'!rwoo(. or thissoft _
"crrr cw THE covj S yy
I good deal Imth r -- -- -
U.-n- a
evil THE be bar. \
wlU pI..s
*.:i ,",kn>m ntj or evolatloo ,that I. j GARKKThrtraKh ,

t Tie sol-id OB hi the DnmocraUe party these I I HELEN C\.ARKR. Dt'Z! DIJ: : :

tor Aidrlrh mit4rty ) piiWt-| da:4 that I* Initmctlve; It I* th* pbs the bright .*M .rt.eiiM.ase 1 I Administrator tM estate of
as wedded eo art of tariRlerruny to I of the Urtroonlla, to Beautiful
aonM non of a party awakening: aewHfe. I I U3 JolaD W. arks. dereared.OT1CE .
seh.n If*, and wilt c| rtadjum The ant outward form .f crynaitttl Utomt. njwrn of the Land of r>r- r I It rfjicllyforging to the troDiI' *d
tbP J 4..st7tks w lever the eoodt-. raw Columbia waft her most roMa! !
was la New Tor"'* > clarauo, t \ FOR 7TN DISCHARGE.'The .
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: Tammkay'a protest I* to '
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s I :.ii lead anrb there'.ha rMnupae come throuchout* to show: _". of his native home 1 1b.t' 'art r* ilIteD4 a rpP1, to'u Couay Jul:.I EVERYBODY ISI', GOING TO JIlAIQI

As&t5d'es Folk, S( l. wbq, outward and visible remit of gentleman ..* for many year t of Dade County oa t I a Hth day of AB104. '
tbu this honors l"oIT Now titr-f tt e rct a ( LfiCATlON mwmmi/
aa great mMrt..! ] 1"10'0
I. a adidsle far lb. PrmoenW omtnst able activity Is| really to be it party 111(1 Gail A. D.. : for final dlvcharg

far Soyert of Minoan, baa{ are* *.tug: tile New Yorker a* Its caa- ire truly. feel that "HI peorto *rr. nrIo Given tats 12th d of February A. '..tee r c{, .w i r...Jc",,' \.\' set._I.Jcstiucls fa ulte Cry- eM
>le: and for hi* brave wit
red tb.s people t if b. 1s .het- '
hu bees! Ijiptnd : .
4ft" This accompanied ( D1X. ..;..
bedalit eadeavar ba,. pa.red a'' the of Heartttmn,vbifh train city, we teal th: grr>imt p I At:.U ATKINSON. t ,\ t i .
dttg '.late'' uiititlon an4 e"i **tit ')! !I L 1ft
law that 1 ysre1.s
Wllrf la the reality ot MAfjCHA ATKTNSOf.Admlatotrator w,1
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tam f :Thl wast6 *. : ,
1 tbs waken!**! proceal. 135 HlfrL"
$ad st all p.rt1..ball; botd the rpr1 m on the reorganizing of._ U'e- )Ir. 'J. H. Tatam. who wn for a brit'raise --- ; biuiUr > 9 L.t.l! \;
I I .
0.1 ae 110 dav, Tb. 11Is sty touts greatly increased atlvltyartij la our town rum+srR .I' -- NOTlfcE, ,

will k oom nod sad 4 reveat i ig glvfn lo hem a meaarae that. j-rful! mirnrtiim sad a gey. drhonn W .11: I To all whom It miy concora: Notice Can : .;(1)It) .1 .:n r.'Y. Ate'" I <

.rs pro.eeaitnd: at will rats It addrem. he won a peat man >> lk the .*..en!..*.. .t
wit .ant ,it the| would not bavf had II. hereby glees \ : .
| 1 r
friend" who were sorely de.rs.s-1 t 1x L.xr C"u&JaJ.; .N1 ..
ba extra tb. r
: bard for the a I Mr*iUm la the" South there baa bees Intend to apply to the Jet dg. of u.. .
\ .
W his bred M'Ml I ."\ ',
rbea he departed .
tom atiooa ai t an attemlattsg If n i a J maY br the '!I.I.f't'NII'ft' Circuit Court. Seventh Judicial Circuit.I I 'J. K. \ i;. .. ,'1
( jPa'I1ot" WM .ta.|... aver tarry tats ... .
1 1 tha year. don 'dr' leathers -" of FJ tda. Id 4ty. 114 for Dad eouai. t4' .' '- "' "
pre* jnf SWnc are. -10 great tai his bve for ..veeyrer State << lorffj..Uk 'r. ter iii .., : 1 _
.a i wakening Ito the dgninrance ot' [ OB April II, 1"4 i. at T.tnvllK or ..
N aft aatlos 's wIdR | and flower of his muse w O.Prhp '-1' j
at the Parker" n> vmert a* to lean BOdo tl j wherever aald Ja d* maybe at that
I of
It' aid fta rhske! Socially i : of I it* vivifying .lfe< .1.1IIbI.1tF., aa4 en'HTTMi-" You
I aid itkaiy they What wb* 'uj Mr, Bryaa been repudiated 'and honpltaltty* No place ou all this I I j chary of and run [rot her property BUILD ?
dos tN Rspu4dksa wart
y alt mach dlrectae and vigor and ...' la
no teen earth CBB eoorar with ihi.r I and to become a r.d.. vry .
the Parke' atovnaeat balled with 10 Going to
& Rsi.daa M, to k the Abet aatlfal city on the Oanear tWe I rs.pect. .
mudh ethulaam a.iii[ the Southern 457 M. 1. ABELLK BUSH.
1& Part Arthur hrbot.tmt: u' tak- la caaaot u.q1l.17'hi! tan I f* U will W to ,..,rest to eess nU m*about_'''. | have th* ta.fes* A
the bolt o. ray.
Bryan a* .
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: WJMor tbey .un Ia terror of paper '.... ..- nor Jht narvtll-MA crotl Miami. Fla, Mai t 17. 104 .......* In MM"*."f.sad of tee. buaiiif., watefc I will Mil at ,.. Mtourinf d y

Tito'. ir ripe aM barbotttsi t..f 'rfitleman ha prophealed. thereto i of all her solid bolne enlrnw-i. ,n.a&.J BMllouth *< ,...GI1y. J{
anla a farther teatlmaay to ,h. pall I IN THE COURT IN'AND '
; W ,sad tat.., 7-14 .. la the part. Columbia- hat a feat CIRCCITj! Rag Board. $IU per UHO feet. 'j\
r of Ute new forma ot work IB the for Doe County noriel..nata.I1141da1
c g.t It they w..t1.4 ... I I number of tlmea 1I'ora. c-wrn of r' ;' ,It rs_... W40 per l.om fee.
rat T 'PDkr.- I ITk xlory. but aext month at the case ofBewrry OrmltH la ChaMcery. ** MieM Lamber, |l LW per I.IW r.....

.. l410a.0 Demorratie party matt build up the alit weave for lies W. J.:Arnold. I>ro>*ed I...". |10 oo per bUG r..... [
.4. ,-.I [ birds May
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iln c..rJ'a..rI.c.* Midi' .flTM per
'fwfc Itself that which ha tees 4VIBtnred. '; .a ,
waretty soya hdlg taut' I elf a crown of aiTawlBC
aMjtMIr It...* Mt about this wort 1, 'eI'.IIII'1 V. Arnold.. 0. T. McCEIKMOH
........ by tkroagbout tile of art sad of Mate pride. !
of alignment sad rJnveaatloB laart I" l,
| '' Show I
lpra The.. .... tlrlst belpa Oar fair flower
1 g e :tot. eriiuy 14' anal, hopeful way. and with everyprotato most brlUlaat caralval ot alt Tb. The ..,.....a. Jbrehy lary V, Arnold. toappear '

I ....... aid stoat., as t"";. A lurrik I. moot beautiful and &IartoiIa act'ere- reqntred today OB the tab Miami Works

.bee. them caps warma aid halt..1 I meal of fair Columbia. WBOM a+an.114e4 of Jane. A. D| I M. to the com- Bottling ,

nose tamers b .setts.s when I The time of yror baa eoaie whet : tower *hla. over eouut*".I, DUb ot Cbmplai Alw bit- ;

Moss aboald lake the tint day k Apc). A.D. DM.M WALL & DKMiSON.+ \
ltfI lltels Mrd ha bass adl riir.l'sags frery load aa lIoN I trees of beauty and prutum. .IB on ,. a
t haw 0i t0 UT ,latenet. Ir the Military condition A' tooraament" will W .." i-**!._ and la default" he the allecaUoM I
reoorlf \ Uth Xrar R. X.. Ie iamt. Its
tbi intrados d p.a. by 1b&adw of he tit.". RabbUh should be barae4aU Stature 'ot the octaunq. '.....Minw I'of ..1411111.\0 bejukea aa cnfplalaaaf Strert.

as tsatr It li a eta aid ahafne' hoops !bailed' away. sad old hmba diver rap b offered for the bat .its .... decree pro Jnofnnrlda. _,wnil b* endue M..r".th stAll

that tbs ht p pkatlfal 11Tliliaa i.aatt"f.t.. ..... allea.cleaned.np| Jar of borcrinaniihlp, sad wire/.. I....... aiaiavt her jur.,|. ttrder is

sbo.ld bat b.ti us et, e ..Ivtb i If every I iotlam woald devote a fewhoirt r the llluMtrnted bOle sad pastern an .... that thin be pabllnbedweek Kinds of

m.d.r .ratad way. )iO.t of tba i .1 span time to r).onlic afya teinog! "f the gorg oa B- of Pi'* four ciwiawulbe t ". prior In

10 dm tat d traraaV I 'U. alley aad atrveU of thing tha). I Sire \VorV sad Dr* ham battle wt.V h 1 Mid CUI ,,:&Jf'd April. A. P. mtropoHn *

111* rieyo wart .,et metes d 'BTBtteredj' bout promlnnwtnly. ttI Ooveraor'. Guard the best wHlfry _I I the Miami! M'a [ a weekly Soft Drinks. : '

I utd\ make a wonderfal caaace la UM In the fluttl.b to HAJ t.rllW IB pale otiaty.
ail ar slat h tilt I.i company Prompt Attention. All ankh o.t- <-To.a Order Sollrlted. ,
1 <* hoaw Pride I the ...mJ l,
.r lava to eta m. bui It araaee of oar a |>romlneat part to a aowrr of fc

sa .m. baa at bees pass b. i, Milldtut: of our character*, and Lirh' pride, sad latena raterent fur tamnthvr tlydered as a. day of AprtC. A. D /

*; the fat t .f th. lip tnreativf of oar yeaacer ceneratkn. -> of those haadnme. kal,...'II j"i ..... GeeralAact tIJadCO: mBsiol'au
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acct aware eat tact. Os. thl .. I soldier boya. I E 1 T,K.RHORX.Clerk |

;- do know aid a they.. Its : : The demratlun win be mad; sad ; I ofjthe Orrult runt.I PV\ J ; d *

s pot qew one bird hers t yews ass. t ;,w (hatiPPost!! Arthur..* beeawHed. >.,borate beyond deMytkr.. Aid Cobraba t>M County. Florid on I >IIUIUCTI01EVERY-.L.'UUJVT: -

,.r L' wen h reds arlrsvili.ia ; e ..R order forijapaa to eiteod a heartv wlo..> m Mhe I Price ft Gaatler, By 9 O F1tta DC ., ,...9\-\ .. .
Mlkl I
Jd r.4rnlla. 1....,4 tilt labs. > MraaRcr wkhla her natn. sad Sollciton f4r Comp'ilnaat.. I Ate Ifmniiff .* OM. r*..-. P.MIAMI .'. Mtowt


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,, ., .

r-' .-" '-I I n "1"1' "1-- F T' -. II" : -:' n.-t- HI r

II. For 30 :Days W ATS, O "VV 1.1. S81I '

_ _

I" Har war Furniture, and Building Ma trial Lower Than Ever

I Ii ,GE T :IIZ:: P :ECES. ,

1- ...


1--'" I BMracted becaaat wok dktatkm'would

Y Over ta Georgia they bar jjut.' recBtly Crate otBIMOB Florida ruit Snags Hlil Ukcly Compote yrb* KepafttlcaaNttloaal Roowtelt Taro LOOM Twelve bitf err exhaoat lbs reveno* pomlbtU-
had a ternary election. I 111 F srefi P_ Ticket.oo f. Prtaouen.Washington. tle* of their poaltloa. They have aa

I eye oa Car-- is'I aamptaou. _tll- CHILLS
.Uq oa th* result the AtjanteCoaatttatloa I '
I : \\'uhl. May 11.-U admlatotrttloa ,, May U-The !dent butloa.Perhap.
a Tb* I..t" to of j..cbes I
tom* lotgt Flortda
preaeat ( $ drrle: the lietlef! taoomea : baa denied thirteen applicative for It was lICIt tatber a mean
which the jmtar-rt 't Dri ntwatwbareoay barf found lu Iway" to the New Pork : settled raaTtctioB that Seaator Falrbaoki pardon ..a na* exerrtaed: tin easy intwelve. thing after th* Rewlaa ambassador AND FEVER

It would lit weal. Mr wr peoirimary niaiket, and a Very! good price d d It I ; la Waahlagtoa had announced s Red
of Indiana, will be
... plh to keep li 11I1.41 as wr bring nay tie TlBea-t'Bji.. 1 named for ''H. ..* pardoned Henry C Perry Croat festival for th. benefit of th* CUREDTOSTAYOHrED

*eIeetIoa'lra..* .... By doing ko'any all baaketa coiiprJlng tie craa 4.! \nee-PreddcBcy oa the ylcket with convicted I. North Carolina olj knvlnghlakey Raaalaa army, for Secretary Hay tol! ,
RootereltcoDilderei No other aam 1* being ta ... posse don aa .empty ton* Invitation to a great tancawa
ntap be left >undone at unaainuily fur M. jTbe aiipotent was mad
+ by It It understood th..Sea- barrel apes which the reven tamp and tea oa th* same afleraooa. Bat I

k' wbiell would hard; to tore whs.th !exprea* iron '1 l(arcwiMeel Th i,ombouae aloe ha stormed th* Preaideat that was sot kancetod., and neatcn M Dent the Preaideat'. ..bordl...* sip forbidden Y I

tla far .. O n. get ,*. jahich bandied the aalpwnte sealer [, 1X13, to Imprtaon for to expreea oolaloaa.u.
he tab hoar of raining with _
gether agatoTh > ta* Cooatttttk i nay: I meat, *.t > Meean OrtfflngDroa.., one' year. HII pardon was.se. *
"Im. There I I. no such ,unanimity .. b7 the District A DANDT FOR BURNS.Dr. .
fa' ot Jnckaoavlll Attorney an JadceMcaoa
< the Im-
tattle f ovfrth tithat WintlrsMbiCEiU
Hioa ta for in excellent market:" opInloB with rag I to the attention ot, sad by tie Attorney General.., urania berg!.. Dgta.: m, wrttea: 1hav
aftermath be ntkuUntl IP aced Baltard't Snow Llalmeat.alwayi .
I'ttu t early ,-l m..l1.oa14 ..ncloabt.ed who will be Bat goal campalga! ckairMembeiT the offena* wa technical and .
sad not fartloc J bitterae ot tbe rteatmeat 'I ncommmdd It to my frtoadt, @I .
y bring -1mc-. .... jf tb. admlatatraUoB there wa nerloot doubt of th guilty t t
of d eat F intent of the nrtaoner. u I am eoaBdeat there to ao MIter
'be season of,f the Folrida peace Mai are a* morn l> doubt ooj tile plat a* mad. Itlf dandy for tunas Thou I| o dlawws/. ty M ar
Th* priman nynt+ U the >a<:il-al a one. ratcuUtfonfta H* ha pardoned Mary J. TlI..., .
png .
j i'pie, the rank |I an- Die. Senator Penroneand who Bv oa farm are ttpedaUy liable dupes --. a 5e .1.a eel I
.I convicted ta th* W.. dl rid |i I .
ra of
that will Sevres wank.-
court of Um i Btort d" < wrt ofJuoUc : H onea about Jlune \. :a.coutlse Governor Murphy, of New Jerry, Virginia of retelling liquor thouthaving to,msay aeddeatal cat, ..... bratottwhich M area. os...Mtr w stair
coald bt awe* I partial until i be mlddM of July BT* both prominently .
ar* mentioned but heal rapidly when Ballardt awe" /taau A M ewssGam -
Through tt caa Mate* are.mad oe ..r' week will wit less the jnpenlng sad aotklac 1.//I I the teat aathorltatlT eau paid the .pedal andnprlamH teaPT Snow Ltalnwat It appltad. It ahouldalwayt el+alp m .... p. d e1
mad by th* v ut'Uae; pro b. sad : dote lot It, no t aa nhlpment la carload bttald.BALLARD3. eoced oa February 11, tltlt. ., d,..w- et.a...srie
b kept ta BOOM
L- eases .. ..
fats fin. of flOO sad to b* U* ... ,
verdict eat are ec I
with It. r there] o bea
putxi of *mnteBcy.- dye, toe bows
thirty day la Jail. Tb III
1 *
jut eerpl* at. i jy I HOREHOUND STROPlaaeedlately save For .... by Red Ow Pharmacy.
'.........1 4 tough the]dry weather ;tended execution ef th. ten ti 1C* for I I 4
.... .' ,
i'a / air e roar month ta order pefmlt dwr
to aa
ha made agaiatt th* growth of the I review boars: ,. croupy
.ta''t a the. wake frt ... fruit.) *" applleatloa for pardon,. to be tonadee.d. -. = .
couch oppressed rtttllac, raeptataad ,
prtauule*- .aI/! ambltlo-* *av* "We will l fro Mbly hav, wet ...t..1 dlffloalt breathlac. Henry. O.Stearaa. sad he and th* District J ttoraeyAttorney

.,..'beea marooneA sod tealoos.prtblaa.stps'1 .'. er, however| ," Bald 1 Mr. ,Grlffiag yeater.that. druggist. Shtlltbarf. Win, recommended a pardoa. ta w M'1I. ra I BISCAYNE
ft; a* vjeckag* i iwhat oa the political mendatloa the enalsessile BAY NURSERY.The
"before ...
day eaaaa begins wrlt-e. flay W, Itoi: "I. bee
.e.--bat tha{? I .
{ .
will overfome I
:- effect of the recent selling Ballads' Horehound amp for
Them win t if prtmar t* .rt H. hat granted a pardoa. to bestow
-I dijooth two years.sad ha* never bad a i>rparatlM -
Tear. A* two ieace. aid It ta rWe expect t> .begin shirping la ear- that bat Urea bette tatlefaOoa. *- I lie dvll righto of Henry M Owna.1 Old Reliable.
a VMS Ua thtt hat':' M tara la pnlttka convicted ta th* Easters d
Ian estimate I clues "
about th of *, and. that wba I .U a bottle e
t. aa la othef thing oar, thirty! fart. carloada.load they eon* back for BMT I caa .... i Virginia[ of cmbexallBi pottoflh t raids Staatart Yirtefles of Cltne Trees. Growl Ipoa' l K& Flu Utvf

Th* aBtacceatfal eaadldate of yet" Of court*, then;win b*, some exprwaahlpmeata. wily reooBBMad! It.. tie.. Me. |LM I and aeateaced to imprisons it foe . BoJJeJ M Rough Lanai Stock .'. '.t i
terdayh tomocrew ana atBk --. Sold Rid Croat alx month, from which h* as.di.charged .-
pro >ably na early a* the by Pharmacy. .
Le that of AbCs Boa Adaem. leading S&th of tb Mat Bweth.Th .- dw about ..... year ago.tax. Tk ..I, era worth _w.n.<< for bit 1ocI"y.at '''_ tail defy _.*>
pn .,......, ,
an tberetc I ITata I MUoa quality Crmpoa4ea sad '''PK'- tU iiH btf_
peach tadattry la Florida It h plariag. jovrardm.Ah ; vf
at tb* dteraal1ppportaaltv: pelt Sew ..*. 'bat }t ta ataoloo. i! that toGrtfflar TO TEST SPANISH DOCK. A 1'"OUOBTrU'L MAM. > i )*, tholec deri.Iand.. for tale la lung* *r taugi insets 8UJlI..L' a
'. hair play of D soerae7. sad If: it the Broa. I M. A.... .C Wtoea** r. sat, I
P'lJwIJI& ar* tarteat
Kawwtadg of Ola mutabflRy Gild ftlriaa tadlvidaal khlppert' of peachet ta J-Tb* Me BrltWh I I hew what to do .. th. hoof < seal 1 0. E. :BAVIS, Proprietor. :

., popular aovardcatr that tae State, aad tat year they btlppd ship lOad County, which arrived bor.la.t'week. .1 HU wit had aaek aa aaaal.eaatttomaeh s4 BOX MMIAY1.. FLORIDA. N
'Seeks. th* defeated eaadldtt Lad at* and Hew trouble, ph;'atdaa* I !
only nevcii (laolld carlouda, and .);win be takes oat today oath I .
.......* aubmlt gracer ny| V* use eouM not ehdp ... H. thoicht of t
-. .' -- ---
th* coming aeaiioa to expected to moc old Spanish. Boatlac'dock at tbtnay -r-; -- - -- -
TeroVt at tb* Wto iad accord ,teyJt than quadrtplA. ,the aumber aklpped I yard j to t* repaired. The dock I and tried, Dr. Ktegl New U}* PlOt

ppastt (bj tfc4 tot year la ..41Uoa. the aereag" aaa to BOW coattaaUy ta a** la dockhu and she rot relief at uses swas
: ban, cured. Only !, at aft .
-' rdW. j --lrr--. been torgely torreaaed.. sad text year and repaitiagrncka.t tittilt. the drarItta Miami Conservatory of Music

Therefor caatlng : win j jb* .... alt eves larger lacreaa*. BrlUth ateamer Aacatt Belmoat. bar-
dlteruace* aaldp, ta*) D ax>era tag bees takea la taut wee*. 225 Twtltth St.
BUM aMa,eoaajtr. la .rw7 .u dlv/r HEALTH WTOUTH.DlMat It to reported, .......... Oat the MESSAGE: IN BOTTLE I lI
.ion at ..... aarrtea.?:wffl go .o'vKk .irk '
Old MIC blocks of/th* dock wins sot John F Hayea Wanted Finder f o Pray Franklin Coleman Bush Director !
afro aad aplrtt far tka IwkTta DOw.Mess. .. *' and 'Blbk***> Brtaf Asa. I '
ptaetd. and UM
_. a aaan For Him.
Lei ..'ba ao aatf-artad J
of the ateamer't platea were brr>. CtKOflcttiCovn la the Bn'MiI"e
,, Prioctpit Nutlc .
aboat Bcrbta take rrery BMTBIBB Wen *
aapport ft.Tata .
Th doer to tteo sued oa ninny ocratioat Wathiacton. May 11.-The siate Detartmeat -
..... taald Gal kmp* f L Dnmttte Art, Dehtrtt Drawiagod
wlU ta robaat
7M,.nor. braaktaat fOIl to take.la amall naval ...-... La-. renrlTed throe the
at aa tlat.., D a erata aaoald MI umroatoai i health fit sea [ ward d ...... It fainting '
o, bat BOB. 4* th* larger clat hat kithdocked. Coaau' Oeaeral at Taaxler.aote Mo occo. a

'_ sad aoraailv. faTka cart oadpaUoa...bflhoaaBeta, dya- erte beea from the BrIt..... CoaxDaralbaMa. lat* at
'.. .,., ...... Latest and Best
q Methods.
peptia. terse sills sad II.... aad kid- .eter date of A I' :i. European .

watt s.atI over JFJorWar ay eompUlatal/ U pariBe th* Wood THE" ABOR PROBLEM.DltcatMd 104. which read at fol>o..: Ltrrttlfitt tptblfrt ... sled sad last .
tae BOP*
... eleart th*{ coatptoxiOB.. htra. D. ... t. 1503..f u i through prejadlo* to rece*** rcterf.. rr*. la The t' By Preeldeatof earthy.cbdaebio, place.r
W. 8aUth Whltay. Taat. 1I'11teIfr.. a prarer for Joha F. Hf yea. RI ,
....tI1 ma* ta cdve agataatV Henry Cottoi Mtaafactarrrt AMoria-
2. fIt 1 ....;mud Hertta. sad Bad Va.. Waited States of America i iI
IL nl.glw Mid that "cry!..ctloa I' Uoa.Wathlaitoa. I .-
It th* bU BMdida for i eoattJptUoaabd I t
;-.f Florida' *'* ta thto parUeahur OB a liver trCN..... It WIll do an May U.-Tke America PERTINENT FACTS .. ..10.11.ILL M 0>B,.I<'". LPAal: M. ""'JtT1Iea..
;.per vita tk* ft """ ;! a you .,......... Tin Pinll.sr. tahsS.
Ileac al Cottoa Maaafactaren' AtmclatloaeoBTiied
dais far It. kly r.eoaoslR ,
fBrnuT ht. | Tke aeaenrf depth of the Ctacarala ..mews ww. n..rwr...
4' ." Ma abotUt.MIXIOO. Sill by-Rod Cron her today la eighth .;.... ,
... r1.fIf"( at the brink of th* fan too.
I.1' I lkar-- I. seuseoa. *ikh wiy last two days Tw: feet.

J'Ie' pt ..;....,. ha* beea COKSEKT8.- baadrtd. members are la attcBdaae i There are la ass la th* Unitedcrap Ba yof\( Bay Biscay?

.'wtta..d ta the halls ef Coagrtaa tamaay I ,.. program this sensing Included' State l.tOB.WO mile eat ,

day this whoa Johal. Sharp TO latpeetori J;. Will Crust CoartW .- address the prettdeat of the a..odatloa. .- wtit
.Wintam toodibMld a *. Joaeph>> O. Can- Bat Not Omdal lUcocaltloB, ..t W. Heath, of Monroe. N Men may frown at the c!kxd but caapi-ti: ,,]. 0OO.OOO.OO:
[ BOB sad read M> him a runolntba pat th* ana never fail to ahli a uponmerdal
',veal beyond tb! routla. taaoratmmn AatUa. Texai May lL- 8tate Health C.; Cort.I,.... or the P.DepartaMBt e. them. 1SZ 3LZ. ; I

ta of apaker at OtBeer Tabor ha reeelred of Commerce sad Labor There ar 1S3 cooJlravlen leaps."su rna ws ..... .. J\.o... ,
that tk* x5etaUoa a a tolecnai ; women .
..._ a OMeml BwklM Ntus. UMM Digs Alt ran .! the ..... Lams-
the doss of sassy teaaloa and! voiced from Dr. Lyccat*. prwideat of the 80perlor J. L.. M111M-. Charlotte. N.. c.: H. C sow oa th* road I: Great ol/eu.d sad awry h..re..MoM.IUIC- ltukt.g. .......... w

:'th* ataccr admlratkm of aiaay ate* Board eat Health of th. Rep.b- Carpeaterj Ithaca. N. T. sad ,. |I"'. Briteta.Polltlca. ....tt.tr.sl Mat YskL

for OB*. Aatagoatota ta auay!partta* lie of Radon hat coaaeated to an th* Homed .if. Greeartlta. N. CPrwldenk r not only atak. lit,.. IK/tMM Merchant 1 la.e7 S.a Sunk,1 Saab. .S. T.I\.i"'a:. :

meatary atraoX they ttood ,, ., tUpaUUoat coktalMd th. anent, Rooterclt will receive* fellows but some mighty rustler rOUin OOBUSrOranTi [arch.Part**a [*>ne.Sew Tera.ieito '

r.dsrs at prodamatloa o4 ...
parap.w1 m..s.t Ira Ysuls )Stele 'na. Uea* .. sea
." tile tray pfreseleetlvt la a quarutin. aghast MCZMO aa* ,.. Prell.... Heath ta hta'addreea saidthat Macben and Barr* tf the keno; J I

.w ep oxen th* Va M"rv* tilt atrtet1.be entry of pta thai ib ey em.

aartac gees c r A-e mean hoi or aai Teia* from poI fa ta th*'rcpablkv th.1| maaufartarert ta the kick vindicated by a roawJfU ...
i atria of AaMrki a food Dr. Lyerai anaoaaee that ta. Me*. prw of cottoa. coupled with th. sail Afyr what h* ha laid atwater t th*

...... Ta r pabIM! U set t a bee kaa: remB>eat'h, ;.. glvaa na eoa.Dtto. r tars fir: aunafoctered prodacta. car It would lie odd for Qeaeral FREDK. 'S. MORSE: ,

war whva two tack M> ta two sock to* appolat eat 17 Ttiat ,sad .thtCaitsa and claimed that tht' maBufactarcnart Mil* to accept with avidity'i iMtioB probing \

poaltioai tan pay sad nceln.ask Status cf r aaaltary latpector at largtl] retpoealbl for this eo.di.lieu. nominate

.'.tribal to th*]aoconpaalateat of th* rarioat dga t la Jlesko.: aad, that "Wliea the price! of.rtw I ,
aMt plaadlU of th* How Ift R-' wall* the** BUpectora' win sot be flT- began to lit* recmUy they told their skirts ha* bees ordered by 1 enntyW .

naeaUttr ovtrolt rr.. Prfav \ ea CoreraaMatal retocatyoa, they will cattomtrt 1 th* :lacr**** wa da'totpecalaUoaa vaala railroad offldal, U tbej appear II.

t be ;accorded *|ery prirllec*. aad: all sad aualputaUoat," h* oa railroad cr-.... j I.I Otlc aB stain C*,. A tI.C old It eb Ss.

ROBBY .oarc** of lafoi naUoa.will be opal totothea. tald. "but tbia II sot tra*.- 1'11. hick Chicago ha 4.0M mil,. of1MO .treete.I I Iij

1. I IA I price ar 'V* wkly to the retpoa' mile of newer*, sad 1 coxana ij Miami, Dade_ Co.. Florda.

'atartitas f MBwat to aarriied bj'Joka Dr. Tabor tayt the State of Texas of supply 4ad ......." about tDooo.n a rear to pay raw

olive,. of nuau.. .!'II..jtoI-l' win lanaedlaujly send tout each larpecton Tb. acarcity of farm laborer la th* sing xptnaea.. 1'11. mayor bat 2._'' :' -- '
VBJW : "I wat a sift: eondttloa to Itadlaf dUel of Mexico South h* }.1d. to dam to th. mlcratloaof employee under him.Amrdtng ,AGENT 3>- .

My akta was aftaont yellow.. aaak- and that flu Nerd Goeerasst win the ae roes, to the dtiea. sad th* to th* Church ,L Florida! East Coast Railway Co.

'.*. tongs coaled, pals eoatla ally ta trad .... He .,.,.... aattafactlOB alb terlout altuatioa to oa* of the pros the church member la. th* United : Florida Coast Line Canal and Trans. Co. ..,
''Mrk''.and aidei. a. appetites crowing actloa 'W |ih. Mexican Board oflth. lea to.b*| met Gad eoaqaerwti: ThemmliraUoa Slat. anmber 1tooo/Oo. 01 M pet

r day by ..,. ;Tare phtmkUaiv .$.. sad asps that *Ter ......tIoII of Itallaa sad other cent at tft' entire population an tek. I Boston and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Co

bad a .. i Po.Tbea I wa tdvtotd of Tunas hat base raatedo oIkIa1: rec- foretca labor wm bar to be eaoourd. cren** ef z> per cent Bine IV .

to M* KtoctrlcBlttara: to my Joy., the ocaltloa oat k .e beea asked for vy M ." coakiBaed Mr. Heath "to orrreom A very swell wedding wn to take

Aat bottto Gads a ddd ImprwiLeat. *- th* latpeeton.1i l' 1 th* rater ..-... la Oft South. place ta a certain, town: UwUoa In vl take

I conttnned their a**'.for tare r eqiecianytTouching had a aotlc* printed In eor- ; ?

weka. sad aa'BOW a wn i iaa. "I A GR&4T SENSATION.J oa the labor problem Mr. Gen: "No rf-'1"'" uped....' -W.I1.. E

'kaow. they robitd tile er'"r* of kothtTleUa. I I -* Heath aawrted that while. It ta the said. aa old tody. trey win n till Jut :

.* N* fa* abould fan to;try There was al.) .. ..... o. I* LeeTllle *- right of labor to orfaalt. capital combine tII.no....." '| r..nta w.

.... 0aJrta.. paraa ..d. ofalgst.on lad, wham W. H. Browa of that thoufc aot be qIMIII OIIeC. T). ectimated cOrt of ralnlnenra .rat t..e.. rA I

"f 'i'p'ae who wat'expected, to di.., had power of $jabor organtatloa! it present In IlUnola. 'Mlttourihn aajdgradual4 I Okla- .f IL. Yi1y' ww tr.r.....a,.. tae flee leldl tea
bit bra _***4 +iff Dr. Klaf/t N.. Dtt-' to brie[ put to dangerous ate,pad na to from tlj to $35 per ton. It qeW/M w eet. tN evilly else../MatyN.r a.ttllr r aeeug.d wlta ,r' y

JI' $ I 4 i is **ry.for Coamap< loa. H* wrttef It to ....Ida, IIHIIYlftaI'n ... ereaatklac oMd tort year frofi $4S to tSS per toe I
i |
t.1 adard tataferable acoaiea tees the Ocrrermment to Ox tINt Loon A treat BOW control most of they

,{From th* 1 laldmor AmerKaa t' .A/tkBta' bat yoar New Dtacorery guru of a wort} day at all hour. Then broom eon acreage. HERBINE'ow It

; Tb* Dutch are flgbttag ta Java theSad [a,. ImaMdlate reUef sad tooa ther- I derelopnteau threatea tINt very prta- A great demand ta tpringtnaman : ap for t

I apaa+r ta MaaVkurto fiter effected' a coaaplete car.>"8lBUJur leI,_!i of |th. :Oorerameat." dectoredMr track farma ..-. th> priarlMnn-

Tarts Is VnMdoala. tk* OeraA** care of coowiBiptloa. paeAoalatrflacah H.*tk, ta _I... pal dtiea .of .PeaatyTvaato >

..hwwt Africa, th* Brtttah ta 8ft- )* aai'crt, ar. :niaeroarVlt I young awa who have fluvu I
Bad tk* halted Stat* goatta "t th* pttrhta remedy for all throat I' There tfe two ranyialfai ahead of O-e acrtcultaral eoTlece ta tint plate

war Colorado, wttlj aacampalgn -.'aid lung V oabha Prle set sad ILNCaaraateed lBm yet) Th spread priory sad sea taking ap;truck farming a two t

cmntag o* by) aH draRM, Trial I th* faaerai etectkm wbea h* bolts tK arm

aay* th* aorldj; to at pwio.T Dealt (rt*.. -t ticket. aad, :raa """"'t. Southern RepuMlcaa detn M** %w sal. at I od. OJoss: ::E'h. acT

.. .. ; .' -
'.- ; :' -

I 'I 1 -- .. ::1-----'j l

I r 1:1: I'

.. _
-1 -- > o. ______ _
: "I 1 I' GUN CUB UCKDS. StraND PK1MART CANDIDATES llrCoatlaaed Itatlw Teen tr;ly."Dictated j
j 0 I I I -W. iti: -I I "
}J P Now "1., Prepared or Nut Seas'u from ins Mss.) Aeaca.I
to )(. P.* I tI t-
L i A tQ\tK.\ DEPOSITORY. ] I Sport Ntlla.ry w lk lor Uw I '
Yeti < away= 1 1r. H. tile said w. x. RoOoway, tied .

a >>. Joha r Olive, of tbs Semlaol .. oea.r..r.iYN. I I m ad then. wea, bowta, tile sold lID l
i .
1 I(lob. and who .la ID led largely Ikeroua /w nevi{ to b* fate, to tile greet daman .eerie _

The Dallas Miami realty ..d. Improva.lurng NAK>L :UN & BROW ARn. I Idol| aad dmicrara. of tk. said .....t.'I .

110ft National Bank menu to be Biao ewe tile ""omialretarBed X >< /t. &lAYIa. I j''I Tka are.. therefore, to COID..t
yon to arrest th
.. I tag aammer-month, I to For Bpi aautrea Ia Cancraaa. said W. M. Holloway
I (Tat* for N..J ,. 5.4 brie, kloi be/or m* to lie
Of MIIAMI.I'' rLO.RIDA.I the personal dty from attcatioa New t ore the to making give kto of. FRANK CLARK. I with arcordlag! to law. dealt.

I 01... aader'.
the gua dub grooai IlIIpro"flIMIIbto CHARLC DOt MIEKTT v and Mat till
J '. I tenth day of May. A. O. MM.H.O..UM..
the Semlnol dab ..,
s GapitM Paid Up $100.000 lldiag{ aad the For M-- MathMwl OMtamtM
: baMding of a large breakwater sad mltta*. c-I I \

11 __ _- dork to the tlub progeny (Tate (ar aa JJEFFKRaOlV : County Judges

)lr. OU.* U B. BROWMK. W.dasdy Burning I1 t. Holtowa/,
hleg ahead the
I .C..d.cts. s X r I I with kW attoravy*. appeara4 b.to
r gas rlab ground r h will b* lorat- I ROM W FLA. UIBBONB. >A
Tar Karnlnry of Btala.a ,,,J.... Maaoa sad by .
.. : ed Bear the old golf lob llak Tb +\ .. fur anaj acrwrnnt Glee
a era I Banking l aid bas ton.,. oa both ..... coauaaaa4'aa
I t aJl'Ndi"IUII.
clears aa* I lAMa L.
I '
i a few* days a md ataod' sad.rseaary I m graatad aad w time set for trl:4{
.* tractire 111 be ifoder way CRAWFORD.ROUT. Nest Tkaraday. May Utk. f fTk (
T- r.. taa .la
It la tile latcaUoa i Mr Olive and A..ewtlnt "U--F. attractlag latenMtkroagkoat
Dt1fcTOfj$ I ALSO lIAS A I the other promoters BMorlated with (Tate f. -.t I. UM State la teat tk* arti>t{*

JL r. 4TKtN80 clpala an bitter eanala* all a4eoaat
b 1 to oa .
i make
A1\LF.lGIl GS DEPARTMENT trap K notlaaba [ a featar :
IIRNE.SA of n. TATLOM. of tale promlavac both aorta >

...,..- ... .. Trw t".,.. Tn.J...... "--' 1M r_ 0.1... orr'CtRS I I tile of tourtot tile seamabota en. Th* crack Far Tea CaMaetav. I.ad pollhlcp.11y4 j 'i' )
-- ". ..._ _.1_ 1M country wilt b* fatted (VM. f..J I I'y
T R. R. McCO.WICK. '"' .. down and ai aothlnta will ba
= = :. .:. :.: aparejkmoag .
raw fae+ f.r rNy
: .-- .ub'"t r...,- ....... mak* tile gronadi lee T. I. OAVTIK1LMUCXDO.N I IN roue OOUJCTT.
llIftr)1.. )I. UROW N. flneafli .
__ .. ... ....., .. .... .
W. GURRY.. JUt''"' ,....10"--..............,. ..,...:t..."....... PRCa1LNT.w.Jc.frtr I. tile world,, there I little donut bat R. a. .
11.e. &./ ww.GEbRGI I > T that tile sport will U XMB* very poplar r.r o..t A orror .. 'May OrrM t eo..tr rat \.
Of W .W. CURRY'&.,..- AM .u'E SECURITIES among lice apoi men wlatertngbfra (Y..e'J Asa Broward -.-...
..... ala 04 BCTIJCR.: I
I:DWARD L. RADY, rtToth ..... .... A II I -
....... IF taw w 1./ 1 .u a.sk Today Contractor atarted tb* c. L. XIHAIlLLroe ,,
L. c. ... tlO. aI._rail..I pff a.__.. 0 Bartow. ITa. liar
UOOF. b.l+.. i.tawrl M w r-mw b.,, work of putting oa tb*me rood story Clark OmIt C...-. ; lie-limy. earrWPoIk..tr
FRANK T. =::: ,
MILTON. Cl'RR\ of tile P...IDO... era bonding (VM far -JK. bi> a pJ rallty vote W.Tk .
....-r..r.... Tile r.rt Pen.IIa.at ...... Mia."...aPo R. R. McCORMICK. la Ito .
.t..abrtaw..e.rMI Tattl. TOU for (oreraor .la aa fbllowtHk ..
JOHN SEwELI. : "t/wrf..R..I1M reaervatioa. Tt > aew story wftlI C. OKARBORX.Far .
\cC-I"t'DUTL .
--.eaw.rflwea. It.
,.... .. _Ii ..bevel .t. lie 30 by II feet -- three or rosy wan praetacta jofc
.t by la th
.4Isw. e..p.e b. Y..w ceftf [ I. a. raEDERICIt.c
...... ...
"' .1.1..0 .. .. td-NL.. eat from: llantt Broward
C. OUTER. Tb. astral ..... rw w.neck." .. aad will tonilat of bon. r.cpt foe : Sheriff. jor lil.
nanur..CJ.., :== !..i.at M b.tacb.. .;.Tbw / t room, etc. Th late for win b* fnralaked ('V... MM| Brow !", Da1a 14*

:THOMAS J. Ij13."TERi '"'..........bee-_r.r.t..t.....taN...a" ..ar, r.. la bard woods jd will b* man* J. K BRAKE. n. .Material vote .la T.l1afeno 334..

T..ar. =- r H..t et Mp.N.N..1+tM ::.:::. tea r t.D.Ilu LtetM ft lorltlDg u It la po Ibis to make 1 It -. JOHN: FROUOCJt;. Stocktoa ttp! Jaaalaci 1(1. Can n.SparkauMk .
'1 HAS ARTHSlD&. wb .w..a..f/ra..tr. I G EO. R. GOMPll.f..1.a A for
.k.r two-atory will aim b* eoacrva. tot I4t totes.
.b.r t til.uy... CUBIIa.r : bolll la tk* r' balldiag TIle BW c-r-. his- ..d McNaaMN l7..

? AMM.. RwrN. O 'NI E D: 0 L L A R. Mr Haka. "' adcIlt If by :J t t set tiv. Cbomltte.. win b*: T*. vote for State Sapwiateadnttaada

S I ti.t.. :I.aad will b* .* ] .., .1.1., Diatrict j for HoIIoway 250. Sheets 231
r all heath
1 ADt ::= :: room. etc.la 1-C. W. McPkarwm.1r Polk eoaatr ;voted acalaat boldlac r *1rawttoa.
f. to 1 I.., I tile breakwaterto PowrfL UM Tote bdac U> acaia. rk
3----- .. belay. bain along ti* river front of l-Oo. W. Ibtt.t.4.It. and 74 for a rmraUoB.

.. ': I"t I Ute ewtlr* dab property aDd over tkla ILLs4 Ra e... TramaMl was ao.JuW" Smatoaover Se

xo1 1-taw /.i' (. .": .J. will lie cooctrwrtad rJ larga aid aabuatlal .....". Drta by a vote of TO to is? f fIB

Do IMrr wilt Nart T---w1 ofd M a. ? dork 4M feet la lenjctk. Tbdock -W. W. ..*..L tk. bcialatlT rae ten Joao.

J _b.rp-fw .:= tea bee... a':.:.$4. win h* private i ad will be u?g 7.-Jofca 1I.llkla.Lc.o. oa aad Wllliaau an la the laad. 1

;:-.::;l .l..l" ....c'... kf -17 y tbsb .... : for the aioortag of j kckta tad other P. BiIL1L though .ltkaY;r e/ tk.m .toTk -: : :
.pleaoar, mfte that fr < .est Ibis '.-W. A. Fire.b .
vote- ao far ......: JokaKM CTlWiniAaM
r i ... I Tk* roadways tki Migk tee !"-C D. 1 1Ier.l1W.J. .
E' clab at
fI f UR LlttTL PAMPh, LET Skoaa. Canter 117. Good IttMlaor 1
grounds win be rkaag mad I.pf0 f MLA '
"Fortunes Foundations'or mil d the grouada oth...|.. IMprovedaad'vMmUflcd 12.-E. H. KJ".... -
Banking l\Ial"\ aacoad d
by with lower bed*. He. 11-C. W. Hid. ran win probakty b..s.ary :

I that will Mid greaUy to their U.-.I. C Ho&Jr.I'OLITICAL. to dedd tile coataat lot <
already ;
i ; Willbe; Ma(1ed.OD. Application,; ',. ,... attracUv.* appearaac. Judge: Praatoa get *3* votoa, Alkrtfi I
toe 34S sad Tackar au.on. j
setbouaad dc Ian will lie e:., IDUT OI'C.'
':'u.. -,.. ...... -- '. ,...*d by Mr Ollv aad' aim BModate I Bfwdaeta yt to War froea at/ -
\ 0 t" Yon.. lilt.. -._...,.. r-- eras w tak ravalt ao far a* Tackar aa ::::t.: la UM work. t' ... .wItJ.::= =-=. : .. way W. N. 8ke "u His Caadldate HoIIowayArrated. Aibrlttoa ar* ro.oerm.d Tk* aaVlafcoaat
....... tag. or ao etpeaaa 411 b* pared, to W-
'r'r n o. win b* a.fiawy to decide who ,.
r I. mate It among tk* b< lit and most la- -j
1 I 'Y .,IUD, to their ?rtrod'\.d tk* toorlatpublic. will lie acalaat 0.Mr Prestos' la tk. a..t
a 0o ., Tk "eiuUoa.of Uctloa day laCalaaarll heat I

I 0 I ) 0'.j ". )* waa UM oust of Hon W. **. O. Wilson U BoaitaaUd for
I ... HoIknr.,. candidate. for state ..
'j [ attora Tk
r. ret BOY
-- 89UB. DPrIltclftt l"1oftnItL __ .. ...._ ..... s"
: wnan. I&L nt..t,.. Eft
i .. iJ Cbmmw !er.tfnR -the- .........' Pen j|of forgery, aayattk; Oalaatrin ;';. i A aacoad -nee-- -will- -ba-- ace-..-.r-; Ularttto ;
I' Mr. beats bes .... I
1 I '' .lame lien: .N. ] I.U. for BoaM'time tile ib riri _tMt.nU.. and

J l'' The 'r-oftl... Ii' ttava 011 eta II. I: that b* proposed to sue Mr. Wlccta will a>ak.'tk* rare. Tfc vow

I.i36 I. ;ew '.'1. lice Iproot 1 I..rt-a.., p.rdap .j I I l..loway for erlmlaal Ub l apoa th noa.l .i.. Tlllla CJ4. ;iWlatu 101,. Mills sal
of. a letter Uncart
.t.IIII In '...11 1I0II..UOlUl. to defeated Howard Cor Udaaw
; ef1l11tnPm01'at.. UIw in stabs 1"11"11I.. frills the Ftate 8aprlatead at' olIN ..or. the vote being TIT to 4U.JoHaa .
People to laraV, 0 Bse. prtDC't pal of
aa 1..1 WIll BontaaUd for
iscroaitloc! of t 1St13, .n 1\O.a: sa t- Ul coM
b \lH'nlfll'lllhe 14ti 01 1'9. Tb...e .hIAlrl.1 arbwil lij! Ibis city ta ..... lector oT r Bold. tile rot tofaf.

___sj Mal: .;.tI sill boo oa sa mnti{ Iletelabrr to a !letter froai DeBoa rtqacatlag daa ,.. Boyd ... Jay''
that he (Mr Kheate.. State 8aparlatea< .
s Nlblark fntomliatH
o 1, 1.14. and "111"'; fee out only was for eotity1npcrlateadvat f
: wbo:0 ts11wd 1<<. demo.taattior Jest hivlte Bunker T Washington.rolnreil. 'over Waldf..the Votaj
i Saved Dollars to ad<1reM the people at a aaaahm b.4ag TO
aaA "l'IbJec't' of -it .1 IN" 10110.: to 4S1. |r

f 01'fIIIt" trees t.. JHt. Robert R.I I of the ,soapy ; P11'101'1a Wkl44o (ot :454-totes .. Scottt tiff'
I -. o I Uyl..toe. U. B. ilia ter to Frntswbo conaty trtacarcr. t'
I f
1 our I I I Ij h'T t "t d,.the se .t1.tloD. for the It appear that Wathlaitoa waaIjTileJ I FroM tka rrtaraa at kaad n appear*
By bijing ,of store a last: m nth.'Ve'aJe still ''re offering .. ,a.o aMa..- ....rcba... to tb. wilt* aoditorlaa.. Mr.trats that Km wan Started eovmbafcMM*'

Two rant, rd., ThI JPReraoo" "1001(' that tile worda la tile I. District No., i. ever Tacker Mar
Big' ) alue from out 1'slm' Beach maw .
store at A'' MHdml of the Iit4i Rt..t UM bite Jltorlnni! "... UterpoUted.and :ban la No. 4 or r naa4 Da i

time of the fntr ba.w.) for thu ren..M UM warraat WMrtiU :raao la No. S.,over 1l.Wat.Bnaweh j
....-. .
TIt,.* cent' p>tn>1e: Jame* )lon .. I defects CkddlB for aMmbtrj
Big Prices ; >*lag U tie chart slid .perlTHK 'school .board '
Djiscount I 'aperial Amhaiauulor t.t Franc la lice .l Wirtrkt No. 1 andj ailtnaa
II....... 01 tt.. ....... ,. .
---- -- --- awes. .s- .
aiatter f tie ,.n-" ant woo wtmeeoratrani ;o I ta No. X.MR.
.,lJTtap&ncUlfl f* ,

A tile punbaneeent ; la tea Nam of tlU l State of i'
prices that Trill make .. F1ur14a..I'To WILUAM8-8 TICW8. aI
:; fer goods move I bloeAVmaa UKInieT. who the RharHT lot any I 1-
IT.JJeut of UK U ed Sttate*. Said OmityVrea
a ap- : la '
: aa article ja hart ... GoUter*
prqlroil tile art of C; roC -. :*> \\ W. JN Skeati ham Ibis John
J J ( : Weekly pkara William. take
Alfred fine ( I donaactlng the raitedit State. Oo cra lay naJ natk Wore aM that oa tile a praaoaaead ataad ....... a ataad-
: Benjamin
Clothing : .. with the tve.o itl.r* esp*-|,|Z4th day of Du. ....... X D. IMS. .. lag army of ax>r* tkaa JSono .*., lo..
; Dtloa. > 1 tb. roaaty aid SUM aforeaald. on* W.
.. WO white k
AII1PiIa any W aa4to ,
Beach S.SO amid 'ID.OOaaib this aa0.! : ..l-'I!': M HoIIoway did wlllratty atate,truiaj :. tel eoant :aad
; i t. $6 80 I 1_ CONTEST M TICK- j aa enlarged
4 alt and driver la H. H. McCreary. ditor .
.., .
I Mr. .
All Pfta, Beach 11.00 aid 12.00 suit, this sale ,. R . 7 15 _.., ) of Ute !.paJII"1"UJe" 911.. a B.w.paI the to tklaka. tt
m err tale
All Paha Beach 12.00 aid 14.00 "- Department of the aterior, falted I pnUUbed ta UM of Cal_ coaatry oa aid
suits, this! isle .-. .... 960 per Iowa ztravagaac al all. It would b* ta

All Pain Belch !15.00 ind, 18,00 snits, this sale .. . 1195 t fltatea LandGalaeavtlle ee. ivlll' *. Alachna oaaty.. Florida' for tile Mpaaaiaa of tk. aavy H. Wall

Pattfoa 7.00 Uilorna'de paints for . . ... "'., pablkaUoa tkerria.. a fata* ... Mbriooa bowwer. there ;,shush. h* a gradaal
.- .to. 5 60 .. .... Fla May 11. 'e4.A.sffci.et'eoct.d kUteoieat coaccTBtag' afflaat. aadtkervby DOt a wnatefnl enlargement of tk* aavy. S

Pimon 6.00 Uilormid pant for. .. ... . .... 4 10' '. ,. ffldavtt navlnc oecurrad UM, metal pabllcaUoa Mr. WDJI... ana lavwlgBa again
t J i :. be.. Bled la Ibis offlc by rrank W. .of Ik* amaia la UM twtea-a-wwk raloalal
: poeseoo.a. R* tBtaka tx
,, ,. Dougia enotMUnt. mtart BOOM* 'lava of.aatd Bwwtpapcr kaowa u UMOalBMVlU
t tj laud rsal Improwmeat of tile
and I i ataMtry No. 2TH4. i ade November '1 of atrnatn ,
1 Hats Shoes itaa Derembw. 1XX '
BMT ImporUac
\. : 24. lt T. for aw 1-4. *. Ion II, tow*.I' which paid Utskaits t *!''* fc* aa follow sad a taadlaa arm aaaavv fit

: :( ship U ..wth. rang f eauc by Owes ,, Tea: Bat (laaUaJ of aakiac tka M.OOOL Rim Idea- U that esasli 1

X its aid Stet=oa 5.00jhata to cause ate ... . .-. ,1: 3 95 r.--:' ege4 N. Boy''t..t... rontecte... ,Bo I I. I* baa It wholly to at- Oalaeavtrh Banker ,...11"011 to to ......,. COBM to I tboald a* bunt 4, aa ta__dMa
pak aa addraaa.wttkoal .
M afhattai 2,50 aid 3.W! ahirta for.. . . . .. I 195 : abaadoaed Mid land.eat ad....bees ab- awlwdty:Ml4 without rraaoa.mraitlnt railway t.'ta'eoamtrwetad..ad..aa sad win such ataka otWt UM '1 j

Cteppa 6.00 and, 7.00 shoes bit lips to dost It . 4 95 .. ,. .' therefrom for tabs twelve .. ( aJUaO kaada ilea UMUtrbatrtnr I aattoa .. pvftitul a* lonI,. coaatrr M f'+

I White buckskin 01, 6,00,7.00,; and 8.00 to close at J. . 3. 95 I.swce month!wu last DOt paM de and to at bia aald abnnplorment ..1 tk* Oalaeerin of oU ended aadltorraai sad door alga., i: will Mr.car WIIU.to .aii.. It. j|
etows will. a* doubt;
W. L ,DoQfU* 2.50 shoes, Jtimped price for . J. 195 I the Army or Navy Id partie. ar cbool and tads bl. to aW mad "ktt MmatoVrablo ....... bat w. fC' "
hereby a
T r mad offer'ii Irt.t. ton,,{hlna raid anv .* alao aa etUletK* of tills tart w predict that froaa UM Ita least army will miss asf.r wOT bo JU ftrwlwead

eIttr? Pr Cent ]Discountng. I gatioa at !' orlork a. jim. on line 14 pore a ropy af I tb* ackaowMgaMatof I .r. pa any ............ of UM nor pollcy '

104. before UM RegUtat raad Keralverwblck ... (aMnlag affllaat lid"" > .
t. ) '" vtEdaestlorsl of bvUdlaf ap a great ..,,. As tar Sf
the CaRd Stoles tad Offlc la IVpbrtwiaot. (;state bfnortda. ... ...
tile r <.. of Porto
all I :Cloth Rhea tk* 1PklUpplaoa
ng. HaIsTfnks. Sut: Cases, e c. BUy while yourBrothers. .CaJamrtn. fla. W. X.)...*. Superiatel- aad ;.Hawaii. that ta wkat 1UM

I. Tk* said eo.testa4 having, taproper a deat.. TaHakaaae.; Ma, Jaa, J. IMS."Prof late Jobs J, lacaQa aptly toraMxlaa
money for cash and cash afldavtt. ilea ay f. 1M4, act ,
only. 8. W. DafloM.OataanUUL Irldycaat. .,...- Where UM fla.
.1 forth facto whkk akowj that after ... ria.: |
Thl I baa bees aafartod UMT It win stay
/ dillgcao penoaal aarvlc.* of this BO-
> I Dear MR Toots of tk* Ut lart. to h c.m.e aatloaa art ribs taltrlitailt t
Use tam sot lie mad. |t .. hereby ordered head sad I aav. written rVof. Booker they trimly rtUa jalak aaytkla Uktfoac .

tAnt ass directed that awck aotie T, Wacalagtoa. aaktag. him to aWlrera gat tktr kaa : lie given by due aad pn IpabilcaUoa addrata .. tile white auf
; aortltorlBm/ oa DOt be the taft-t poIleJMaD aocanwa '

; 0111 It W. GJ ROMBKM.Ragteter. Ute occaaloa' of ,|k* vesting of theeoaay that polat DOW-.Mt rl la tkj j '

aapertateadcate sad OanarmJEdacatloaal policy wklck bas bens almoat aatvwr l
,. Hear> 8. Chabb.Keelver. Boer<. I treat that yourlaatltaUoa I sally followed... UM dams of etvflttaitlna

,\ win b*: aeeaaafal and prof. ..- ...lIl. .lamlraait 3;'


JXJ! < '- :,r: ,fai1R.:


.. ......,

I 1 '1>J_. .... ........# _.. ., .__
1, I' T]

\ I" l !

: J I 4 I

a ..

& / .



Second Section. iij'J J J MIAMI FLA.. MAY 13. IOO4. J t Twelve, Pages.f .

H i]bad-treqaeatlj pT and tkorougkly 1 ai I ..tilaied GRADUATING SS! ------ ------ -
BURR WAS CALLED OOf N |I SEVERELY STABBED northward sad by mime free* of lIe WANT HALl
[ tt many Cmea already sad that kf RETAINED.A .
own landed It ta
J 1 .. I_ t f:a mid 4o.U. to do no to tile futon j- i t "Other who ar Bi.eay'a.skeptical Bay.about Buck

CmaiU1oafT fob Bcwejl tyeafaaead 1 1Buteant jnsnrdlcM oil) U>* objection Of Mr. Of tb Miami Hifh School ol the Du Cub 8 rioul* Won t4 at (Hag the case, admit list the Calf Frofauor. Pnhliss
1T..4. koodlam yeJpera, Mr.Burr : *f U* Miami
M falM.. j Preiat Term i Pompano ''' Stream and Its myMerioa current )- '
i Saturday
{\ made n< oa Mr. Tatam' have dose School
't many peculiar thlags and tIt
jpenoaal cbaricUr.' sad U this k* dlappotaUd *- that It I* not beyond a possibility that -

)t. I1.d.oa err. 3h. Lassoo pot- kli Ibencbmea. He ha Tb men brr* of the geaior Clara of I IU i Becaoae ke endeavored u I I tile body of in. drowned roes la that '

poUdd obstt ct1osdM ,d Iti.sctloa.t known, Mr. Ti tarn' Just the same number >. Miami Hlk School are looking j peacemaker between mea la a..I ot Sayera, though they kardly tklakprobaMa. regret seems that to the k* n Dad mater of,; general

kis of year tlU Mr. Tatty baa known lar..1 i mack latercat and ..aUaa81. I Ifttht D.a Cart, a well I It They cite ta aupport[ board kad couaty school
as appears ce lit kin and k* < aced not do what there ... refused to assist te aldiag F
to C ommeereneat white tb.lr theory that .
week. nit maa. la lying toilet. .. the wat.i, where Saw.yet. tile
1 last Saturday night oapenbinding h tar fW wio 1 dty.eI to increase tile
were a > wished him to da Is the flnt wary
cradDa claat" leaped 4
\bic Miami of from n knife wound In his overboard .aI... withaaa.atlsg of
d through tt. Mr; Burg| daft began btu crltjclima Dad ka Prof. Hafl. of the Miami pubtt b
minty.paying coun y ever kDO... and U ed by on* of the fighters sharks and that the boos acbooL
nil pool debt to J. M Bam of tb* action i [for tile county commlasknera. will be male I a* prominent aa poaalblej I Tb* difficulty .. word not .... been ta tt*'water long A ;
sad Jobs Stocktonwho m* biro refcirrlag to the baJuncUon Then are only three ''cndaate*. about I o'clock Saturday aljht and before :''tt .would base' been torn to ested In tile welfare educator of:'aad th'school one Inter p

j suit spiel |> and other* bad brottgbtacalat atlases Grac Rader, aa. nome front what ere*. Outside of this tapeaklag
fenUroad G4i.sio.ar, by tn lag to'" and : can be learned It I appears : they admit that of Professor Hart lbs
theai tile reason for It. Strpbeai and Mr. Ralph Ra... a* Mia that three men bad called frpoj a stop It would b* possible for j the body to great
set a few/vote ta return for b WneTnlortaaatefcr i,I;He admitted ha!th. rate paid by them 'CUncey was I Improvement ke ka* mad .. tk.
compelled have bees drifted
by 111 kealtk a young man sad assaulted klm. Cask about for week and school, tile ;
taettes.f (taa freickt on the rock shipped by rail 'I to drop oat about a moth months and finally deposited Increased attendance kl*
ago, aadtbey who was a witness to tt. aaott *.- ta tile fitness sad-etber qualities .
tt* good 'tkkt Mr. waa a Just at d' a fair on*. except a* to are e tetled to especial praise for deavored to prevent, them.Sl4g harm bay fcere, tile Intended destination of k* '01' aid for- tk* posf.tlon
Burr might kav* don* for tt* cnndatea the extra an ontat paid for th* UM ofa I'the: cxeell at work they bass don* to the young.... who they bad down tile man when ta lit*. Wken Professor.

). was nor than ....n.cf by ... aprdal tr
,attack oo thW present countyntonnra. sale- was wroag. _He-also referred eaa nJlx* how mark they bass ensued b* was stabbed In the bark between PenUar freak of he I r water ever ago, this taeUtadon two term

,;; Knowing.that fc* won! try,to to th* US I frjj appropriated by tb* :accompli ed. sac under what dlfflcvt- the shoulder blade w tk some bo... I i decidedly lee taaa of laaralng had
two ....,..
;damage tfc**. gentlemen tile pi jple all board for ,,"IIII1C.I". said k* ties It kai bn don. weapon, presumably a dirk. pupil

'moat refused to go to bear to i II' coa-: could Bad n< law to JaMlfy It. In tk. Tb plait* for; Commencement Week Tb sharp Instrument li dieted a THE JETTT' WORIt.t sad employed.only about half tile nsatotantenow ..

1 .w..w. extent H* bad vu aaall.: course of kit remarks k* aid that twosears ,'prtoeedlal the lantnUy of school rrt4th. gash fully six Inches In 'le' ;th and t work to build He the age one, .t.. '

i an along tile u... a. d what ago w! .ens Captain. Mather wrote .day Jai* ar* not clatwrat*, bat through to the hollow of the wdy. the First Lighter Load' of Risk Taken To K* effldency.ap Ho..eD.school sad* fca lncreaa .>
anid bad Uttle effect At CM* glad aa article c; Itldalng the lommissio.- that Urn offer .
i. nj M eieeHeat oppor- lung and laald of the bo ly being Pea Last ..-. ... I* attested by the oadltloa
.IbltondaK In Ooomtaaloner cDonnidi en for their doinrs that k* was give taaity for a rftUnj relebratloa Saturday.
not only dlseeraabl through the gai lag cut of the school '
geatlemaa. a Sound bea lag for It !Commissioneroka la honor iif our graduates --r today on the'see of cfcwmg -
: district hat iS. ,piss Mt la com, Friends at one went to tt Injured his second term.
.eat nt, tile meeting and m. d. Bwen, who wa* la th* audience. mnDoratkw af Dad coaBty and Ml- man' assistant sod h* wa' broughtto Captala Potter, superintendent of the The school now ka about I

:counteracted./[every: talus to suasion same; Instant rif on ill f'1 demandingaa sal'a I Commeaeemeat. this pine for medical t eatmeatDra. work of buOdtag tile Jetty to the sew dred pupil aM acverW menu four tesckera.aad bun-
aide by Stafeaman; Barr AI LesiaoIi opportnff ty to *peak.{ sad ta a rote Some day wbea Miami kai arowa Jackson and Cramllng wise atone hip channel, ka glveaj out the Ue* the responelbUltle; of Prof.

I Clti Barn jnwn borne PAd iv ,lb.M.tropolla .la wklek thi u. was no mistaken/' rlnc.he.sald. to the larte proportloa propbealed forth summoned upon hi I. an ival ken of banding n tram road across the bad kiss alas t. If not anlte.* doubled.Hall H.
.. that I "i UH>W to whom you refer, her sad aortk of Norris account
bM MM tofon ( Hljh School graduate and thel/ wound dressed ,H* 1 i now lying Cut on of the to devoted to bto school, and arenas
ther war K, persons present 0111, IIfolwkoni ir. and I d.Mr* to say that you or anyrthr another ainoag the hundred there may la a very precarious eoi dltloa atone expense aad tile Iron Me It would ** and scholar alike ar* devoted to kirn.

', wets voters of that fcructaei, maa Irbo says I :etmck Maher b* found among the Cbmm ncement of the dt,'.otel..4 Kbll* tile I. transferring and kandllag the rock.. The school to fiourishlng aad unllk .

'.sad that U* Speaker bad to pi **id at i alagf"* .bbrue: aa be.atbtera anquattfted falwo4 **- "WI a neeownt of Una Drat 8enMtCyisa. Injury: I* very serious the hystdaas This mean that the''|roek win k* the country Institution of two yean

.',fcl* own meeting aid pmsent fclmatff Tkrs waa allenc i have hopes that It win aot p evi fatal towed to *en> 01 tile barge by thepre.eit ... n win IIO'W. ,....... favorably

'.. tile at 'acjU0II' Tfctak of that! m4 Mr. Bulk managed to any .that besot May ttfy do Cash It to said know kli assailant channel or through Norris Cut with any school- tn the State. TM

,i'-nrbe'anaa wko fca cast more luau ran tker* Hit that lie bad ben noaformcd. "Ff.t by alght but not kla ..... Eye wlt- the "rI..., It to said base ateked eaa. ta a ateasur. b* attributed to the

:oa DIlle.u tba any man wk. tfr.. SeweJl agala repeated 8TRAM> a eM to the'Wttlng stay that M wa out aa eight foot channel tkroagk tk* manaer ta wkkk It ka* been conducted

.***r east ki, foot ;upon II.1./ ." .na hat It. *rd not bow k* was la- W.. : acting entirely a* a. peacemaker ekes cat .... by which It win b* possiblefor by Prof. BaIL '
remarkedI ormed.thJllttoMi tk l* or any other maa who bar* Teaterday:Wblto a Boat tile steamer and" .. I
s... Redmond B. Cautier the mea who wen beating the other "barge to "It to true rtM aa
t Can* Aakor With haL pw aoeUl.aai."
d leUberate fataehood. Tfc ,
I ,tawottac Colossi O Cockren. who to Mr. I young man, _turned spas him. Cask Saturday tile tee carried to seethe to a good .... ant It 1* customary ball
Burrw attornW).ao dramatically when kaddsat wan u udtlat one., hat tile Tk i U. wall kBAwm here, k* 10. ur'bu. large lighter loaded with rock that brancfce '
I Bt* ra yacht Pearl owned byOapuia of business to reward
,i. In totrodweteg klm to tt. Miami. .... Pbu.i.. which Mr Bewail petwtller sad karlaf aboard engaged; I- the': lak boas.I -t a.Lim. ; wa towed down the bay Thursday.and merit aad ability according to Its

__ ) to kto ova prcto t. wfc*** care tk., 14| | to thl Ckarg* put'thesp.akr her owae sad a party of frtoada atopM I' .- at several others { tLtII.- It win be placed ta position. forth worth. If Professor HaH wa worth s
hls'guard flailabed
'.. Bred.at kk* ttat of kto poUOeal oa kU sad k* sea off the bar Friday whlW a boat ploy several coral aere Jetty, which win be about fifteennndred that amount two ,earl agar k* to certainly t I.-
t::saltation sad wker then ar 154ypten -a P talk .about the commlvsioners aotlW .
kla cam aabor* to lease aid get man. n. .UIorItIee have bst feet ta length" sad kuUt -upabov worth acre tie..,, H* ask
> .... ........ to gut jont 11er an "boomer s' were very assault but tar Caned I
wltktheir% .. which bad Tie Nut draw Ua test of wale '! the IG ba to Ugh water mark. for but a. small taertmn and I conscientiously :
ttm out near klm pralMfcUpoBUcal aparlag ; appmaa capture the assailant
sad oa that aoooaat Captala PctwUler believe the roanty sad dty .
maker and { .- beta quit Mdferoa* up to that pointTfcerematiderof '
: would act attempt to com laald tile I should show their appreciation of kto.
,>.. *u.t7 3r. the spseek wasderotedto bay. Th| party I* earoato aortk from i CASH n&PJtO-Da Cub: tilt II service and gist 15* care. .

" Bat Jt to >a Miami ," ajrataOtag of Mr. Barn and a crala'of two mouths'throat the ;one chits ma who w -'cN.lf Made By Mr. N. MO.orge. And Hie "The Interest and furnrv e* our rips s e

;sNa7 altltThat tits ,,1iIr: Stockton/a arum Sts ta favor of Wt ladle sad shag tile BoatkAawrtcaa stabbed ba the beck .t J"oOIpaae'Jut a.eetsf'f I ... aad those to tame, nr* at stake, I
tile alargia at of tile of<< tile .
feaDed to import :Tfcor* wareprsmat eI -----' ,
loommerc coaat. They have ka oa Saturday'u a attemptlaG ..ep.rate Should Professor HaH have a* the result
L i,fca an akoa M tutors uderable later-state eommmsloa: to a tile'wtirt' aad lower east toad! the part fgbtlag .... sad who w brought Ten tarpon to Ole record of the au- '. might b* damaglBg. sad L far use, .
eulogy of be** two candidate andBroward.
\- nmbro.wkoa .* lICIt of Mr. tea day:and report karlac taught 81.) Mrs for' rodent treatmeat Ie Imps Ulary schooner yacht Granataa. owned believe that tile county achool board ,

LBwrfa poUtknl faction but kad son tt>* CItII..btr of tk. political Jartalid: Urpoa.Tk tag aridly ..411ft';boeu an esterIslad by Mr. N. M. o..P'CIl DuIlarT.0n0uI. should] rescind their decMon and grant dIke

klnvt tkrougkfcurV mty to fceai klm. On tits dark.ttate, aad to a. denanda- Pearl Woo,a to the ..Cof tile 117 the alluding ph sktass tar I, sad his gusts, Dr. J. T. Down ....... The maa dont always It ,
Uon of > ... Dart Aad thus
De platform wr*. Cot mad B. N.Yo+t Tacit Oab, aid will pro- hb, reeomT. Ills -at has soy sad Dr. J. R. Bacon, of ,h*.same ,place tIre ..... Prot roe Hall doe. Let'
r ;.fiUoar.ckairaaa j HelL r. CM Ra4 oa.RaeorC .I i's dosed tk. terformanc* of tk. man who reed direct to bet home port yet been .arrested or lay ort made : the Kfc of last montk. keep aim.-

Uato .for Plate BmatorJi r. siteatas par M wets real etate tax and. Ho to efa.'C the tar could
i I same. a. bebarged. Tk Grenatea.wktekj; baa bees out
and 0. n. Bess < l. e T UKvapaptd personal tax In Dad eouaty sad leave :
e PORTION. OF ITEMS. an tile Jut trip sine ta* ,first of the TO THE RESCTE.:
7llaat Tkt otktr b4 Qntle jto com does ker to try to .
month, returned te port yesterday "
r.r. not Sidled to .... r n preseate- dictate aefert to UM real tax-payer their wko theyshould Were furaWbod Prior to tb. Graittnt GHASTLY FI: ternoon and tied ap ak tile Semlnol Of Abdul Beka ta:--r Hmoa. Goes .aaAasenmn 4

tine that fa kaa,been tte p ncOe on 1 to maaag affair* Of lajaactloo.Tk Club dork wttt her owner; and guests ; --.

aD other awtk oeeaatoa: .' __ I Dud, 01 Cakaowa has W .d Ashore board. On this trip tie party landed I
'; Men. r St Radios wa the Slat TOOK X. IJ i I 1. Bay.: I '
: ;" all of the ten
I S Miami Brealac Record of Tue.. I IThe tarponj j They wan all MI. Alice Barney, of Washington,
ip.ako.. and ka mad eWia. later __ BATH.j' day eoaala* aa article with a. photogravure Ludy J
__ automat. .* kU eandjdney and Two Nets' Wonwa d at anAatomobij of warrant No IK la tarot or a maa 'la 1i edly 4.- The following ta th j total catch of i C Barney of Cincinnati, to I
< platform. oas to dtmkt mutt J.: lacked composed. cotdluos was t ad a short the party kegiaalng wltk the first'ml 'sow (
= Hors Orerboard.PrKkteaed ,. of K. KJ McDonald A Co. I,lateaded toshow ,. .ta Persia, where she has gone to
v lit J>oalUo*| varioua i state dtotiii r that the eommlaa1o&n had sIt ways tile side "d Bue. Vista Saady .. ** on April tti obtain tile blear front prison *f tile

--*. 114 wna fair to nm opponent by .,..toIDo.11o! which dated tilt proTtaloaal' lajvncUoa lathe bf Judge Wbri7 sad ...... April ',-Mr. N. M. 6eorg, one tar Persian prophet Abdul .".

.t: Mr' Sam, tend said nothing to whisk tk na1| of Burr .*. the Dad County na body bad beet .u trots the sure lauded.Besides r : Mia Barney left Washington about I
":, k* or any r I'friend .f ... c old ky* was approachteg opposite bay: An the .flub. was shed tram .
Commlwioaer moatk
; side of tut Liver and wklek alas oa tile *t at A* a matter of the tarpon Dr Bacon landed a ago aceompaaM by .bee
.,takam otctftlona: Buss k n>*d.. a fact, tki bW filed la the Oert1 offlc It and dere was 1Iot.l. 1m 01 the a thirteen-foot hammerhead abets mother..
krldga. too driving a
.Itw.. IaJnIIIOII, i ir kora attacked aegro to a women rickety old buoy for the wym at of ..bkllll&l.: warrant brat slept the frame 4 ertideydMscayd haviag with her ttlrty-ttre young I Her departure to sill to bass been

f. B. ttnnrmsi.tbougk'a; I t'dowa on sad apiroachss the!bridge from *k* was drtwa, show pat a part of tilt ._to It nu a appear. shark about to be (pawned.Tonight ,due to a cablegram, from tile Abdul )

tea drartlosd Mat.Wss tatr nead forM town to back tile wore I tern* 'I..* faralabed prior to tile .Cie .'f hasheg beta I.. a water tot Mr. George j aid its meets ,Beka for kelp.Beba .
nvraon* of,b split kto CjUa] Burr 9anday aldfcj,fftenooa s, aid, tuoeeeded ta (raatlBi r of tile njvactloa.and tae remainder many weeks ad po.tbl t',. Theittking win, leave for their fcom* ta Daabury.Cona. I .\learhlag a mew religion r
sat to Ideal Ole cfliaty oom- tors-as i
ta testis war aeeewarlea bought by was also ragged andthen Persia and ka* keen locked apcans
fordag tk| animal aad buggy o* the '
.. sov.aM .
I MlMtoMnJ ht fc* rock approack to tk*,brldg.aad Into the 0awrlat| dat of the eoartct was 110 mesas to t. chetber'rtba4 Captala Dick Cnraey, who has bee of kto activity. Mia Barney II +
kla ,..,u'feD fiat : the wratatj the taralag tart sad camp lor Immediate use aad which beta a white aaa or a .epo. It In command of tile Graaatea during i" uaaentood. to a. causal to the new -.
1 Tk H.;Hadaoa ,1tI '. q. star at- Lit phi burial at that .lace.Iie .
throwlni them toto tile rivet, aad er It. could t be obten eUewbere.Tk vu t" past season aad who to on* of the faith aM to proving law teat
-. tradIOII was next nriissateL and at inletake mad .y tile Record ... bdIq of Wa body somewhatof beet skippers on tt. F Pterida roast, win j I BIle win visit Ik* prophet ta prUoaaad
JI.. :nee watla.: .. a tIrsde of a1MM sad Oa.of Ik. women bad bur' tend guile that tk i:proilalonal reatralalng orderextend a. mjstery. Y 50 sae i. buses to turn tile yartit over to Captala Chaa. see what money ran do Inward
......tadOIIL H. 1& y saya badly cukV; atrttlag on tk* rock a* drowsd I. U. I. -
I .... I dldaolby to future coatracU e1 have beer a I 'Bad' tomorrow and k..win prepare kf :netting him at liberty.. .
tW lb. guatleai vbo ad. a tat tk* yaklcl l- damped them ato'tkewater tile Board.Tk lh1 ell' a4J..t wat u4 Ills I..... J ,
for the trip to New Tork. getting
bosh.bad kui .. with away '
a to the epttb ell the sty escaped ao ynJ alble fiat tM as .a drowsed MIX9TREL ,A
toss I Injunction was acalatt payment the latter part of then _to Capta'a KSTERTAIXMEXTfReMlted ,
des p Mtas. UIeJ'v 1'1 oppo..d a. good ,bath. Tk* one the treasurer of two eertala war .... aid t" tIodJ washed .to the bey. Carney win spend the summer. at his. 'I I":
t..a..o. c.r". L 1\18. wan .attaed about .IM tag* sad the
; ''Qe ruts tawed at tile November meeting Horn at Coeoanut Oro*. and win take ta Receipt of"aM.N per TIle:, ;
bed 'tkat this 1 s lICIt tn boggy atgktly .". ... Tk* water was
Wl tact :the and agatast! tile Board of Coaaty Cola111" THAT DROWNED bIAN POll measuring I feet C tacfcea sad ,J 1 Benefit of tk* ;..Miami Rifle i it
tat tea sad Ua tadalM ttMM *hanowwker ,outfit went over I \
that u '" only. la the matter of Ito ** weighing 171 pound I Ii
F 'tk* court iaWr for tile pwikUag etl aad ttef per. Bakedvo.t without mackdtnaltj counsel ta appealing Ole Cfcapmaaenee May Be Lost Sayers. w OoIa.ltt" i April'15.-Dr. Bowies I feet 1 ,Tk* entertainment given by tile JillI. -'

tkM to ka a ra Ik* tea took |., to| the Supreme Court t Suicide y Drew lac. 'sad weighing W pound .1 sal Rifle at Ole Auditorium last FrH

.. laaactal' flak to kvjtecHa tea .. Tb bridge-tender, who saw th aoddeat. TIle provisional I order left tile Board -e I April JC-Mr. Ceor-u. four feet lelaches day Bight, which'was aw greaay ewj ) .

z tb.a aaSt Oat it wed ear iuted to ,k reporter this aer. free to; xrdse Ite-ova dtereUo. ta n. Lading of lb.y or a alltsowa welgklng M pO.a4D. |I oyed ky tile large aadtaae reeutte*; i

MW w .lees ...... sy ,.. Mstnp- lag thai tk* women sees eatlrely to lbs porchaslng of county _ppt... ma uus the bas CIl tile baT : May t-Dr.. Bncon f t feet I tack*, ta realising tile splendid ana of $:11I." y.

sib.iitr4. B.B4; Tutaa ass toad m. blame par Ole saddest Tk* kon* The ***ttoa of tile bmnlaf and pay sear Bursa Yates Jut aday la a : weight M pounds.May ''a*. .1\.1.It'

ar tkre* Ita' 0 from that April artd very gnO aM tile woes acta- meat Of ttto warrant wa not brought ..........1' .....-. t-1Uoe sadhyond t.-Mr. Oeorg I feet > Inches.wHgfct to a pleasur* to sole iris our *..), ,

ttk. any torpad R'nff tin road and'Into the to the attention of tk* Court for the rwoplUoe M solar etA. II pound i pie take nek a lively taterert ta th* i';.

.,,. 'H. tfc ;passed nit *J-Jet saw wsier attain.. Tk very good Teats at.. eouteproceedings Wisgi up is 1am.u. tsr7oos rto :, May t-Mr. Oeorg*.. S l..t. jlnefceu.welgfcttt nUHtary and respond to liberally jrke"|

Mr. Taws ta ft* .... Yr.Tiea ato.ac611e ..3h8I8taaeL: way could bass keen tastttutedta Its IdeiUty Ms that .. Ja kioeih pound caned upon to aid them ta -ratolagfuada. ':t.!.

,, : W knows bus across Ik* \ wa thai a* order of tfc* Court bad been have buss drowsed (.. or adjaeeat :, May I.-Mr. George I fert S laches, i However" M this oueastM !'

,sees ..i., wanted ; bad stopped, M sees by the drlrer.. Had. violated.Tk .tIft. .weight lit )OIl..... I those who attended got saw this vale -t, ,

eaytbag, sap apI" a* H* 11 u.. values allowed the torn. .. proceed *!statute'of 1MB put a summary lt'wtn he erabend that oa Tab- May T.-Mr. George.. I feet I taraea.weUht I'u* received for they witnessed n Snub '4i'I' a

',barsst rtto M1 It sow .I tile u roald .... ....... the markta stop to all almllar contracts aid. no rusty II, last LnaI c. Payers 144 pound j I''class atertalnateut every respect ,, N"N"'TIIe "

IIIcuI tarp( .. ..... tt outs .. WM lid wit- fright or Injury.SEXIOOS further good wen furnished to tile 01 If ,w Tart. aearult .lAlr.... y May T.-Mr. George, I test T Inches..I|('I' buntaea .......... Captain i: r> ..

best uimw to .* rusty. ties bowl- I nouaty by firm* la which the oomnxUkmer jumping overboard troll tile ...... weight 100 pound*. |.iJ-.4oa... Rev. Dwight P. Cam ri ;"

.. .. V tkT **r* WIB.T said. for'It.BaUedttem. ITOMACH TROCBLB ., were'tatcrosted.Jadga lntilalq.e when.a few bun at from oeSr ..aR vbgkoj rmfwy cafwmmit 'eoaefcer. deserve special thanks for t

.t Mt0 tk.Vkatnaaa'finaOy CCJUID. I ; Haft& ,... body h ses.r beta win b* seen from tile above that :\'their aaOrtng effort ta making tkto

: to .....r t wraa Mr. Btfi ti ....uac: I I I Parker kt not tile waly preldcatlal f..... i, 'Ir George taught Jolgkt of tile ten'katdr: s.A a great'ssee, a I

bowlfat.**... wrj I o.t aotl- | wa* troubled' .wttk a dMrea*'to at caadUate to adopt tile golden Later"i ...w WIt warn throwsoverboard '.'. The prated e.teb'was! on May j ; ,
..d Beforehand tabs rUy l lat the .touch, ..... stomach sad TmlUagrHWj tale of aflenc ,... lamat4 McKla- from the sai a .tamer la ". whoa tins were taught sad ..M" It seem to a* tile general .....*-

....ties U Tatamli **..'to ,.n 1ft and 'can tratkraOy any that toy did tk* earn*, aad for which k* reeerred ah
i.Mms IIr. tatam kad noUUg to OiamiarUlM Stomach and Ur Tablets mack unfavorable trltteUm.Tk Juaaped everboard ... a. short lira.to barn of tile boat fgatn next aenann I i iN ,Of an laetisss ta salary. 1"11.....

any aaoat Mr Burrt per ell ekarae- eared _-Mr*. T. T. WBBama .atory to sully. told: McKlaJeytrlampked Itaae, aebore tile ..traatie : .fcen ape ..return {ilk* can and k* burg competent and 1,
W. and ...verknfcadb< new ojatt* U-kgMarg.' Mien. Them taWete are ? Judge Parker win do tile 8I1M s.,. Tie a II' stress sues Later ta tile ...... Mr. George.it 'tatereatH ta fcto work, wk7' !tot sits I1

t spit tti tt would be ***! u to try to gvurantred to can'tray use af nor :anm*) A.ass who tklaka twiN ... I. daM to the shoe-s aI I this ad probably tile same puts win Join I M? Good mea ta aekool duties ar* !it

.t'' pots. respectful keartna os M M aVta orb hsbl.'d tUach raator. roraal* fore M speaks M far aaparlor.. .4 tile fact that thJ bottle rams 'k* Graaatea ta New York" cruise i,hard to ecun and If Professor Hall |I r::

..... > nteana' Mr. B |Va' nattttaalMto ,by.ft4.them.Pkanaacy.aad an Meut .'.ant*; monsrpoalbltkka a wtad- ..... \M W to the 1Itilea' by'aaay ibont D. Northern| __ ,.. *.' t a.. 1'leave. u. another.fiHow might !lOt k*"'' if'

near.* ta-re; aU B *4aa r k t'',eta* Deal era., '.bagys.d a irartM.d Beier .seiMtdsta Aat'tbe'eurraat bed fled t" body I:umlng ..... wltt her ta OIl fan l able to wear tkoe* of t... same else, .41I(
< < ,..._ ;.:.. .; ., ..
J\T.t;.'" :'. .. : --4
i .a
.t '0 I

,, __..... """"" ... ... J ... 1 I!" I- : 41-- .r

\ : .
1 jo ..

Y ...f.'
T- -- ,


1 It la Ja&aoeTUlj ltd bej Watered I -T""'- ld.Clrl While Ftflure to Keep a Marriage Engage- ./ \ ; OtALIta IV rye,
I a Traere 1 meat Alleged. a.eths.. ...h asessas.svs--ria. : Dreg Medicines. Toiled Artitles. .
aJBt H vast |ja i
f r I ..._ .... \
K via ashlar N a a has 1 "
&<<. !'JRboda Thomas. ........ Ps.. ..as f. lass...it, ;crfume Etc| _
iNfollowlBJH !I ..wMit la'lo a trance at aI Ortala allegations aleetlng th. ::. .1. i.
isakatlos ':
Iat.a I 'revival vs tlstre- rljarartor of Ltaitraaat CoIOII.a1J.\ I .
paiia ttaelt; (I 1Idoua for four II m Ut Pitcher 28th 11I1..t.. S. NOTICE |'I fin ---- ..
boar* \ ,. V. piers of har host property with -+- -- +-+ /
< MetropolUfemocrat : : .; to (h. Saul Laid Trib- I A BIT. bars beta referred to CoL s. C.K To Wham It May Cti>r rrs riparian nigh with a few mlaate
A of this ; who Is tar Itunt tbel idtertUvnteat
ye.Ic savvy elX
*reetd la tbs wUfare and devrlat t f'Mt. Wash. Her mare I; 1 I'' Inspector general for larratlioa K. 1..,._, la this paprr. regarding walk of the I business reater of J. A. DANN \
op aaU airhead! wa aklag byr says the WaiMortoa Star. Und fur .it",.. f i>iu or trcetable Miaul, being ifl; feet oa bay and .
D' tr .1
.of FlorMa. to me toea ,to tbs altar Sb. was!t' r4atlr
that be bad beer walking .
I land bordering inl earl mad. at.rMlaail.
platform and her mother IaN of Colossi Pitcher to carry oat belting Ireva "
oo It This ,is a flAeplere 'I
whb lament the political column \f sear school aoa se. aid Ibieklysettled
Ton parUrvlarU ( to revive her, bat It a fegageal'st of marlage with Mlaa aelgbborhoud, at prices ,lie,i I tort, wisher. borne.Aveaae ..
aper. with ref eeesclt
sad dpoa the advice CoVaella L. Harrald., a resided of this defy competition. | n t I II
tot raaiidttcjr of W R, Hearai forPra.e D hartal l** that wtli lateral I I \ t
:wh said a* bad seen tI If Tbs lady la qaeatioa m a catlv
J 4t, ';that the pl-eai dl patrb *i ita of North .. tbe bash:_ maa. 1 1 ._
} aba: dealrted. I Ca/ollna. tad a $1,200 Orange Trees. J JHorseshoolng JJ 1 .
r< nr paper would I aaU* varkMM cl rt I I I
&IaecI moUooleaa. assegai la Ue War tVpartmeatTh
Strut that would pJitlve!? dei-lai In caking. a gr.'f a very laiporum Son Oa* home to plean. lbs ladle. i
fur q rant to be followed a few daj :occaaloaatlv Sb. went story la that berwith. eapyeaest t.IDC"Ict.r I. a s.ror.J stork, sad vacant Iou to ,..... all
.. at 1* o'clock sad did : Cot Pitcher wa anaoaaced lat varktlea,.aality' s froatdrprad whoa ... \ J
later bv Ue saoa |cyst tbatjtbe of H till 1 o'clock la the *; local paper sad a weddlag. breik- ...,. Your sseaees. "rCl'IJ Can tad' sae M listen pwrhasiaii ortesttag.
aaiej State bad dens|ed for Parker \Jlooked dated at ant fart given at tile hams of Rear Ads spot. jvurBoth .If'etiola. '
or eon other ronaervauve caadlda. oar trays a" trait took lest
; : be people around ber raltCbeater: la this city, bat that a fewhoatrs pn>oiiB at Fla. 1'1111' Fair la teal
M with the recent \f ta jhla time, that berg la heaves before lbs time act for tb ...- ... 1WS.! Oar relkrtlea. include all .
oalr rweaty-foar >4rtrtua bare been *: dearrlbed her. experl- dlaji CoL Pitcher left tile city aaaaabeeqaently proatiarat varieile*. Oar calalvcurptlvoi "1
tnrtn rted for Hrant. ej> against arv- gives 1"-.4.' .... .(orange
aotII_. lbs hid that at wrote a sots to else Har- I
era] I vadred for Park sad ether fruit tree, bade trrr*.r *v.
to ba falling aa .- ro 4 aartac that be bad changed hiemiad and eraaateatal*.
Heailed altofttioa toftbe fact tliu.aeoon | th ._. ,, ;; about ajarrrlag sad had Jot.ftCi.ftlt ..... tinal aCKFatlo : 'Cooley '
lag t* the alupalrfcea_ la ycur{ to rla*slowly at fiat I .... \ at t.. Prectdlo of 8aa for*... :1.rJ: & Homer ,
gayer. ConaecUcat. Ifidlua sad IUaoia. > effort Fraadaco.Senator. : Glen St. '
coal abe saw be-
i ooa.ta bold Bony tUbes. would G. L. TABER. Proprietor.
white gates of ...... Simmoaa sad RepreaeataUT -
-- -- --
derlar* for Hearst aid his no Box J.t Ores'" Mary Florida.Kior : ,
pj-vdlcaUBK ---I
i opened. abe Bald "tat ;Small of!Nortb Carolina ...
opiate i oa prevloa*.ref ea ta. be baa d ( Don't forget s in need ,
*> to ester I aaw a great tereated theta salves. la U. lady.1..1' For Pala nen '
poaitM with m* M,mm. Iwltb> lairaeUoaj > throes. with clouds above half|sad taatat that CoL Pltcber'a prop: wit) brtrlat frail Pan Drays TaOet Artktea Carriage and.

i>server all) or eithj-r at tag foltboaaaad .tU'Iaf 1 white angel toa ,;dJSaproper subject of official laPCNSACOUA a+*of all *arl ii.. to oe to Mat Ion and sea Rthbtr Goads.Ln 1 '

)owla pr4sltloss; : I saw Jean oa tbs white .8t ,.* Bay, large | ioa., desirable !rne "s Five Candle.. Fr k. Haoa Work. I, '
Ti dollar 1"- Ilott for i
( Wit above rv.idrreer sad tiiaia w ,
was a halo his
Coaae< irat wtlj. cot Itaatrvct for **. Writ ..jC..*. CoerWy, Ft..: .Xorth (Cast Cora.r
Dallas: u:._:
.. Co.
looked aa .doea la pic- LAWYER 8CEDPenaaaola. _* Vi.... Fla. I Drug rli
rBti I II II IJt" :' ,
i .. ara.ii\llW: \
H ail $00 that;Co.artirat win _. l. !'c. fI ,....
May 14.-A wit IB the
dedare|lor Parker. IdoUare May tbere.bat be told am {\W "*,0(11I... beet brought by BB '

ladlaaa SacMd-Onc) wit( ad taoaaaad metracJ for Heant.that mf to.Ue llttl world.aephwj: Wblle who la lamp antlac S.W.Uddoa R. HoBklaa.of Marlaaaa.; acalaat Attorney npr. I I 01L B. N. ARMSTRO1IG. Of \Y '*

sad SS Parker) > /b- B. C. Tuaiaoa of this city sad AltoraeT 1 :
draaaad lust aha BOOB sad Calkoaa of EarlY t
Tblrd.-Oa.:tboaaaad Mlar1+ that called BM ay aaax and

nxiaoiai win lot laatracti for Baarat. with BM. I.." maaf TIt ..It.. te eooaeettoa with u.. ..

and defecation t$ that wDI c support Majority Palter d1 the" W i}HIOII eom ;: whoai I did act*\lkaow' Host a* baakraptey which oe-II J1 .am mpooXMe for my reply. wm stand U* deist ..
goes U..nI ,; rapief public atteatloa dariag th* I J I..ucai-
eourrratlv' eaadtdat* U jtb*.aatloeal ..- Swaya* Impeackmeat trial here, belagoa aak tocaaraeteV, """Wt,. *t4 A plea- '_
eoaveatioa.Poartjl I'
I lara 'to peaL of th* prtaelpal chars laid before psi. to glr* fact a* I aaderataad them, either IB a
--On. tboaaaad d
ISO Uat Heant win cot ti, amlaatod { ; of this payer win ba tb. CoagteaiioBal nb-eea.lttM frleadly or buetaeaa way. '
*... aomlaated. bit thcra U at laaat to abow BjltaaaaaeiB IB baaknrpt ,Arvsssag a a .J spssafu ell
ad If win a.aad elected.ijhat tlat
K $500 agalaat\ 'l.fIOe Parcel i ...... that adaao ka cy caMe by Jadga Swayaa.MIXtrrCRIAUSTS east.._sapeslww._. till ear b an..os apasd.IaaNse.......up'e1vase It f I

,*10 be o mlaated aad eleded. : la skits stages sad I o. bsa W W sal sr.= M5/ .saes esaclw rest E. A.. WADDELL '1
CONTROL PARIS d soar ... dlvadse r a.. .
Win you kladly avbllah Ue abortiToara'ttraty. : HalTa"Catarrh Car .... .. sp.Ra.sas. Iies'ar ,Msatius.s & ,
I .. May ll-Th* result of the ma-
-r : Harry-Elaoa, i .* eve cow bon ua..r le..ra.u.o paal w e..s'n.u ; Real Estate Broker of All KInd+i )Mlxiul fjji
skips eiectloaa aaa traaaferred the sac N at.te..en a .a.etrle visa
e 7seh.oiUa.ria. May {/&04', i trataratty. Catarrh ... as sisr spa sal.taK'S 1p be.aassa .
majority j ,
hi tb.a.sdl, : to lbs Mlatoterlamta. hais axle - .
>h disuse raqalra' ,.. ,II'LisastesaJsehssall.r.
5. puebS des isUcslsl.s
I with U agalaat 1C Natloaaltta. .