wow the
__ I I derided not to open exchange i I- .! dash when the j.ll day would I ,
The ballot box where stores, to buy am sell all articles
today on croint of the acsettledDnnnclal t votes are something lens than they have Her v hate momentarily lean left uaLiiarit'Ml ,
1'2TTs8ti:a txnt.-"cR. ,I rnndlton rtlll prevailing to be deposited, in in the obbv of paid before Kurd ne & 42"4rter- of Jemcliy or nch articles ol jewelry nr bv rotting oat of the a
TO A\I"11 &F.StLnk II I* believe the exchange wl'l I, the office, : ornament. eat IlL., toilet artirlec CO. IN TROUBLE I ors to th" winless He will owft }
Metropolis rotes can ill their off I
k aid man s getting place
-- 'I not reopen nrttl Monday o naccourt etc, fu are usually kept (uriale d I U or. diM, aft than: ever la
ij Pltt.tant ,')rt 24 -At a IIII"f'tI\C'" of the bunks. though the local Kit : be cast at any hour! I irom seven This "tnro ban the name of carr i tg I In a first class jewelry *tort I "fllnlll swayCANADIAN

lj>.f the directors' of the Pitubnrgexchxnge nationa In god shape and under clock ill the morning until six one of the best lines of dry go< ds I I Hie i. am store of In* jrmiany. -
M\lek this irorning it was irfect control I clock I 51 11 I le; In Miami and y.nouahao..;- ,
at night.MEETING in the city. and the di..crcti'n of
I ty, i'rovelnenta aid a dl i.>-" IIr
I the buyers ill always proven by the s,' rk, etc. ,sill be made at ouc Involuntary Petition in Bank PACIfiC S. S.

L State Wide Prohibition and How Ij OF \V C T. t'. .. quick Bales on a bargain'day in this I I to and in the__store.ILLINOIS rapty Filed Against it This Af ':

\ TOMORROW AFTERNOON i star. I 1. M C. A. ternoon-.Ifl Capitalized at $25,. EMPRESS OF CNINA
iI ,
t f. To Accomplish it is the Topic I There will be a meeting of the I i Rork 'ola"d. 111, Ot 24 -Tb. I 000,000 \ .
: VC. T. C.: at o'clock. tomorrow CARUSO Illinois Young Moos Christian AisoI.rntlon i SANK AT DOCla
< ti<.t here !loJay In squual _
afternoon the First. M. (h;.
I church
-- nvt-ntlrn. with Uli. .rites from all
I AU members are urged: to attend I CROWD IN BERLIN I U}.< kclo I 1 branches i of he state in I Blrrnnrislr! > Oct. XI -An Involiut -

i Chattanooga. ;: i I.t root In the forty eonntle et I rtteidinre IB addition: to t"p I r\ pillion in'J"lcy WI.J'I:
1-wlde iild-lle TranosiM'e. while Memphis Is ,\un.Mifinicti.TrnAL nutMontgonen. ray of a"Mr.'men. b',nq'leti and t.rO-I I led If the t'flrrai court this after '. ry
TrobibUlon the oasl fir the entc-rn section and Oct 24 Inder the I "l'llono. mach Important' b' uoon I'n.t' the Southun Steel rO'1| "'a"< B. rOct 24 -Tho 1,
aesmplish It la the I I I Chattanorga for the Boutbeaktert auspices uf tblaba na Agrtcultura I will b.. tnnia'-t'd IVlp;::\lwi will I b) the B tTnln ham Coal sod Iron ( ,ern Loft: I'cirV rn;'-ms crack
nrlen at the big !' dentin, Oct 24 Standing room 1-seocied, to a',nd the Interiatiunal \ And ManarjHtrln '
t I i I art of the tate It is contended : V soclatlon.the Annual Montgnm- 1 i ; I L >? the Savres Nilnlng! 'rtf-ti' u r. Fmpr"a| of China.Ttk .
tl-Saloon league ..: that the con tinned sale of liquor la .THk! here !s.t nl 1"'OI'1 nen In !&) these cltic-s I'I a qua.tton that affecti I lie today :and will remain an ; Moore. last fight f *'ira I'a caw ii>- Wa-hlTIlton! next month t'o I The 'a ai treks 1 n<1 t I.l tare bean openn ,
open I !ppand In a performance of 'PaJIi-! !*'t-el 1. rnpltal-! l "
Corrupting the welfare of the people of til November I.: The oithprn hilt I o1''*!T tows how The Y
on Politic I I the entire -t" te.- and that for this. ama;' the first of a seas of tour t'.'dit u 1)00000) ant.i owns a b'f "I I 1'" al d on- md'Inu 1 dnlr I
I.. topic of a s> I ifiuoimphe people of the Ute ami In hiri the great Iiaiiaa' to nor. I Vice-Pres. Fairbanks 't-I I plant *t Cad." :ot..1' p'r' .>. r.. have be-n down to :1.:
;'tfflK'nD A' this not those of the community directly Was Wedded to alit l I spf! here a' 'd I "All n-l U at Fnst>y, coal mine ;.H it" id' 'n.e the eaefKk<, ..'
... mill. air< ; Tomorrow night: he will king In at Vlfvina ."d Mrrlnla C '7 and
lbs dt-u W-n ct"!d hoald dE elde t, ie prohlb1- in Old
...,...s on The Oran. qu'tl'or luda. Sunday nlzlt: In Kou .let- Kentuckyl.oii eve n i'oo| t'rouzrtnt: :t the B'r-.Ing- '
Trufflefnder-" I It icno inred that f'1I-Sk* oven TWOCALADIVAllAGESDESTROYED A '
the lnns I I Edward W earmark. a pronounced I ::1 1.1''' than thirty thousand. at<)lua- and nth r t">p"'rll..._ Mos T3)1".

'law effective the I (01 cf the liquor lntertt. tit bee I :lions for seat nt a\e hen revolved: bv rf \:=.w Yotk, U pr"sld-nt of thro '
sloons will exist randi'ttv, for the<< nomination _tot. the n ira-em, for the four Perfor npanyMU, !
tr tn Memphis. I governedk. suceed M\lctlm R,Pat- I Saybr".iok, Conn, Oct 24- In tV name: It n aid ,hat inn kalr Kv Pet, 24- I>-arlaTxulTill < : BYEARTHQUAKE
.peosa and t. a&i I t..rtOft. whose h rn expire In Janorv old village church: at SlnsburvCi will : rant Caruso An idtTce b. ; might. \"'ce Prm.!dent nirn \ MFMrtvTrnT
Bvistol, Jackton : I > 1'/19 Should! he be snc"efl fnl I .nn.. today. kiss Grace El ctrnU : tore h" leaves Ormany Caruso old t-:ilr"at k" will make a kp->.klng! tour I
)-.et1Iw It1... have I *' spr-ers likely prohibition forT I < "n daughter of the late Jude > |he thi..* "pf-rformaiK- in tmbnr; of Ttwky In hthlf 01 the .'stnr. \ t. Ort 21A rotninco (E
tev. proMMtlrg .ime >ee will probably become a John Alren." of Kaybrook. will b<: and two In Fr,-ni (}.t Iwf re alllnI " I 'I het during!: the nest of two An orlron repnb'kn'' had It'I '
their boundaries I' fat*. I married to Al'red Hawes a weilthv I for :New= York on Tuebnday, Novem two 4"yi The !ch: JI"f'4 by the Among those Who win a..dresathe Young Engtl'htraa now reading In fiber 5. I' ..w !Incl 'dea Mlddl'b-ro PlnerllleTa I ft. rr, w.-..n Vis Movie ('.'lyn
r ....t, la Hew of preiK it c,'n.-prll'lI. T Dr Ira rr-'n VM. A'lei Is well knowula The treatment Caruso In \m>r- -b"tirvl"e. C<'rbln, ln1i Tower, lii h'T of Mr anal MrF --
tempers Landrlth, of N-nhvllla.; Dr. P, A New York and New England ottety lea. In :-onnes.tton with the monkev In ston Herea Rkhtnoad .nd Uy-I C. of this Mfv, bane' 1
tegfelaturrf. for I tinker. of Columbus. 0, national She hs llve-l math: In Europe bon." Inc'dent in universally con cbe: ,t.r The town to b* visited tb* brld" "f Crtntobsl Anton'o "ar- I I Rome. (\'t $-T.o YI"Irw": "rde t
:. the etitlro '. ruperlntendent of the Anti-Saloon and three years ago wv> presentedat p>tin"d In Germany and has made urday include Parts!| Nn-7cr111i. of ll->1'11". 'n.h M-v.: 'lrove :... N..Y1I1f' "!"' I : eegn: Goorge F Milton. editor of the ourt ft PtJam'1 1 *. The .Caruso appear In romewh of the way. Frin>-fc>t and lAlS'DrtOft.IId-1 The trl1'I1'CIOmrent a y-r at the earthquake. hot nriy I .* I ray were ,
.oJ probably be the KnoTvte Sentinel: Jofcs R. trMegroem. who has wide Intereatsn 11'rht of a martyr to what Is charpe is erted that l.*g Ren._iear Polyt-ehnle In"" 'tnt.. loser Torrents of nln are ,dd'B( as
..4 ot Oe Pepper, of Vemrata, cad Eugene j the No... nw-t, was educated at -. -d ._Hnleu stupidity and rrrie the vice president at all points end T.. rT" from Cone: to the uHTing o: the homeleaapeoplo. ;..

it' KaaarSUo U i IWebb of KnoxTffle. Oxford sad Parla. mock modelt7.i ." tOIl'I toar.- university ]last yar. t,

we <..
.A' .
4. -
.- .
1 f"'r -ir ""' .
i : '
: '
; : ::I" a' yw
c -i .- .' '.:,1.,(.:'.. ,,. f.
i iiiiII IIii i i1 i



validity of the wet and dry Perhaps If the average man were Ministers have: to est like other "

, B. B. Tatum, President. 8. Bobo Dan See-Tma election U being ronteated The bill asked tf the Sabbath Is held in the people and they are not fed on Seen By a Tampa Minist

THE MIAMI PRINTING COMPANY rf complaint allege that tbe election iamo reverence now u It was fifty manna. Perhaps some of the lay

' 4 I Illegally called by for he would In theifgatlve brethren are of the opinion that tb.Dllnlatf'l' .
. .._.___. ... .$2.00Thooa was ; y .krs ago answer
Six months . . ," ".00 One year eo should forth and preach
county commiiwlocer In that, the If. would the answerU gu
.J arinc la advance will receive a year's subscription for f 1 (0 inquired number of signature mere correct* In a sense It would the gospel l 'without scrip and without .

.v I sad gu months subscription for 76 cent This to a liberal dtocourt to Induce not attached to the petition pre- There has been a change In this purne," as the Mormon are *upptsed .

I strictly! advance payments rented ID the board: upon which the I country, bat very little If any In to do Rev. W. J. Carpenter Tells of His Experiences W i .

f call 'a* based. I Curope or the older settled conn- The Chicago Tribune My that reports ;

Entered at the Postofflce at Miami. Florida, aa second daa* JD tter. The complainants allege that accordltg Irl.... In the earlier day Sundaywar received "from of the turing on With He

t, to tbe fact ascertained by I a !serious day In this country.It I Methodist Episcopal Cof.renC la Phbiton-le a

the county eommi,..ionerfc, there are usually Is now In smaller coui- Illinois aDd neighboring State show Saw and Has Written '
; t"RIfAOCT.. 23, 18O7 1.*90 registered voters In the county I unities,, or more sparsely settled thai the question of higher salary Ace

This would require the signature : districts. It Is a ,lay o, chorch-g l bas reached .crisis The generally -----

r ---I of 345 registered voters, while keg or worship and silent rest. In i expressed opinion to that r
he petition contained the name of the rural districts It was and to a ious work will soon suffer for reul-1 Rev W. tOil Mag Idle waiting for h* haad'
REGULATE SALOONS? I FIGURE IT DOWN I 4t than ..' of unless salaries J.Carler. 11'1 n I
l > one more a< necevsrry I day of visitln among those who are preachers ttede County recently, lecturing Isbehalf the husbandman.. '',
The bill of complaint allege also more or Ins Isolated in th"lr labor raised In many of the confel't'nC After _I. dredge No 1
'". Whether the wet or dry eJertkm I When you figure It down the : that many of the signature to the i during the week. In the cities It I ]lost held there was an oxodn of of prohibition, write the and a
getting a
t...: .f Teday results In aay other loud I \\ets" have very little to crow i (etlnon were not the signatures of ; U
!i or Mot II to certain that It will han about In the rtult of Tueday'rflection r.*Klst'!rv ..4 the effect of "recBUliBg" affair so and 1I'e doubt If there are I bile others were cot the'fllnliturp& movement was discussed and advo- doa 4t
I many the methods of observing
, .. that the dt y will lOOt be .. "wMopen" I many among them but who right i of persons they purported I Sunday or upending the day have sited at practically all the conferences be saw, \tc.. a foi),: I took the two miles to New rf.

i' as heretofore. : dean lii their heart do not regret to bc. and w re false and fraudulent largely eLangi-d., Editor Tribune For some years a southwesterly coarse toether

t J Joe Ear ... the whbikey "leader, they did not line-up with the law 1 and werenot signed by the I In the large cities thousands of From the DesMolnes t have wanted the ta* famous cNie. The eharsetey..ttoil 1<
} was about th* s. t
{ d la ronverwailoa with A Metropolis abiding white element of the county l Tons purporting to have signed I men aid: women are confined with held recently at Council Bluffs la. east coast country The opprtun work .a
, rrpre.e.lallre yesterday said \d tbaa be here they are today- I :he petition It is thus claimed that in the walls during the six working comes the report that 17 of the 217 Icy came when I was Inlt t that of fa the other most part, whJ1exception

.tready u let yos people (nwaa- >lctur but how? : the ton Ode signatures; did not I days of the week They go to tneir pulpits are vacant because of the to the contest for taxes bte' that la dlt.

!,. lug the pI'ObiWIa-t.ta) acme year by an Intimidated white and black constitute one-fourth of me registered ; : work before the sunlight; strikes the IDBUHelent( ..Iarie paid to the morals and IIr.In Lad .. tlli paretic When i
own terms a* to bow the MtoonsaJuttl tote, the latter eepeclally Can the voters of the vouity .1 tree's and they return after the preachers. Ten years ago there the form of a local option election be and will seek weu" how old soaks. I than county ipoke at Vent dreg .w meta plug
\ regulated we say many o run Is down In thousands of cap were more preachers pulpits I to looses the
....I they are carried _I." I whose tongue thtrated for drink tb. the In th>s conference Salaries have ".11 Beach oa Tuesday .lthl. Oct eKI"I. <
GRAFTER BURTONAS T never see sun. Sunday ts
big dipper wag Uktafi
the Me- and throat parched voted the wet i to a large; and .1th. .
Thinklag over matter their day of rest an ) recreation. Ix-en advanced about $100 each during b r-.lur
q- wh tukt-t In the hope that they could A LECTURER: but this s The meeting frol ose to three rub yard <
tropoliB rot ready by any They celebrate It and utlllxe It by the last four years, In 1. 11 II lost and mack It
;iIt Itieaa to admit that the saloon are i i *Kin drink and appease the hire: ( has not kept pace glty which I to a very commend- aD dampl.
I Ez-Sen.itor Burton of Kansas, who going to the parks, on boat and 'ruwlh i either of la* " i
i Ole sslon of the city The .Id dlc.
going u be allowed to rum at all i which the demon mm had given I cost of living por .
and trolly excnrslcnfc, by picnics: games, Incr4 top this dredge tl
" '\ ha a few agjcetioa toke a. to them* Can the "wet*" say that they waa expelled l from the Senate I failed to stem the ministerial fame of this little city .gone be ( t case
ho served a prison sentence for etc. Tht' observing it la a Florida and It well deserve* could tee the limit of m .
\ slat oght to be embodied la a cttyfcntiaaace did not Intimidate the negro vote i stampede Into bu.lnH life" We Load '
; In the lecture field I rational way. by recuperating their I 11' la the sam fix aw a ma.
grafting Is now the reputation It "as. I have notseen lad '
for the regaUtioB of sa and that more than ninety-five per have known ministers In Florida to1reach !
and bodies hy enjoying the fresh air I *" said took two ass sad
with a lecture "The Tyranny beautiful IB all 110
city mr I
loons. cwnt of those voting, voted the wet for their board and aa octagonal a more
Trust"He and sunshine and the beauties and a boy to to th* top of ese .
the Political
lecte.sed of I Paved
Corruption about the 11
flngs country
be ticket Can that did
lite lice*** -cht to they lay they pair of socks.
tout toast fXSOO.The I I not circulate and work with the hays three or four men dominate -I btnefits which nature has provided I It reels, plenty, of sbubb.,. In the the big t,ta California. A.*
I the House and five or six the i Will It do to say that thto It a sin, I and .the eye could see i i'ag
door hold act br ope ed rabble and upon them the confirmed oTense' The Key West UUxen want Key yards, m"" elegant r.ldp tb. Y
an morals but
earlier than *. aa see remalm opens drunkard and the negro, dependfor Senate "These work in the lull The against I West to make a bid by advertisingfor .ne or good hotels. Four eaJ- : tall sawgraas wat.
j Philadelphia Item discussing< i oeraaloaal island of
later Out* 9pmTtoere the lurce of their cause? analysis of the Id.'m and place Its share of tbe wlnUr tourist eons on a back itrvet kept .bya t.
I "Old *
and New that
should be BHtber hade, If they did not It to very 'evident< all the vast and u : : Sunday Sundays" say.Shall i travel That is, right Key We city (I could not help several ... which'
be a Day of Rest? this part of the glades
.cree*. Mind MOT hosted window ordour. however that It :it this very class lower of the legislative and executive The Scilpture and thecretl- 1* a really interesting C place wondering why as good a business .! tlrollc .
be ota departments under the absolute gay .0. had to be put oS oa a dryBoth <
of *-being* prow --o--- brl
giving them rally, they are correct: But U I I these dredge have l
control of dosen men.
be allowed dtlxena and anoclatee, that carried a I Id" ) t.
No chain or table shook also ltJ
from all
la a saloon nor .....Id aaythiBg the day for them by the tplen- twelve thousand times more powerthan resting Just the best )1.1 Metropl.prohibition. al I one of the prettiestplace. ( toward Lake .
; possible of made I that lake '
hundredcaptains way using your Sunday? a when
that of la It great I rl
any *
r'r to eat be sold or govern awaytslde did majority of four vote. Suppose of Industry in the whole In olden time the Sabbath day WM In Dade County. Such efforts for fridL aDd theRreaken I have been a ,
hotel the
01 a MUooB. It had been a white maws electionwhere concentration ofpower a day of sadness and spiritual riot.tifatlon are never lout, for no question I will bring untold wealth. to war f?
This town
There ebowld be BO aide .roo1 -, would the "wets" have been country. I I 10 settled until It is with their NaU
in of tbe of psalm singing and unending and tU. | tried lo picture that ,1'area
is seen every cog grounds.troplral fruit i i
and tel
ic answered snbo-
wine 1 room .nor accobd story rnooM The question : easily County
-Levy with home
machine from road overseer prayer leople who passed Docr.t *, men women)
political leery, tend to It a "thing
v o"( aay kind; MOT ahold there be. any they fed the shame of their dlvtrcc. I thu hour In more pleasant aad -ar m.k i I school hoar., ehi
from tlul'r
window or door eo.thttthag. even though they won a victory > to Governor and ; at-I 1 s master to President"There i light-minded ways were deemed ea Qnentln Roosevelt has been riding I.I doubtless the hotel ': coming: flo."s. fmit'ng '

l Mo womaa aboatd be allowed tfreqwewt and OoJlineas 1s much: truth In this but route to Hades, marked by the devli Ion a Imt.., and Jr.. 'in the world I.m Irce when daitl.e Iud and all the
the saloon. av, morality pre'call tha
< It Is pretty well known and Mr!\ for hi Consider the up wih water 0 knee the winter about W aa a"nDC rIlbUoa, It
t' Jl. .um wider the Isflaemce ofrtak In Dade county and the Metropolis I .SdDI'1 I open In one C.1 see ,
i' at
,p,, Barton should be the last man to Take Use average a result of a football came much and beauty displayid come stop "I w 'rl'I
ta the.- BUIeabt had rather see the eauae It advocated well
war German or Frenchman of the middle Next we shall hear that I nothing lena thin a p. <
about telling !U When a man th to otherPre b bU
go la"ard. by any
and supported opposed tITn.r & '
shield be sold another driak.mlmar rtte !
'; classes. There bD't''a law- how to amok a ity.
the more .
l gets kicked out of Congress or t'rml learning place mundane pher*
In Dade
county ,
>. weld be allowed to ) newspaper 0
I church, or an order or a society or abiding steady reliable upright in a powder milt.That realdene I Fro.Mr RN Bryan
elasof has
rmt enter a aloos.r fall In the manner and with the pip Mr Flagler a private
type to be found in the world. Yet a I
a corporation he seems to be disPosed competent ana aeeostdperiateadeat.
which a "
Not rtes the proprietor or aayemployee honest .sober anj conscientious I how do:. he spend his Sunday la W. F. < .III.c I learned
j f' of a ...... should be allowed citizens aiding it la Ha fight, thanto to get up a lecture to exposethe I criminal libel which Very costly afar No. I wa not I Q'
awful sins and crimes of which enjoying to the utmost God'g beautiful gtovall and Peter O. Knight, of them average foot of digging 1
of of
rl be victorious by the vote InviUd to any
to eater the eon OB flaartsy. dl1 .lh
'and the be made no complaint -intil he was I world reveling la nature Tampa thought Claude L/Kngle had 11' 10 cents a cable yard; that from II
drunkards gamblers the
Hot sbxMld be gives bsms ( reason do
B drop away Nor '
NEGRO. thrown over the f.n' mute and harmless pleasures H. worked on them has ended Intmok then la that use of b". 000 to 35.000 yard of dirt .,
_deg just
or mold to may panes after Botlc S doecnt forget to do homage to hit .. The trial judge by such dredge each moath.Hrra .
Prohibition ha borewhom
fees say fries or reUUv that Even In defeat bess.
ark pence to aa babttaal dnmkard. won a victory and there u a day SOUL IS There hat been. a change In the the accused committed were arll. From West Palm Beach I wet say HUtea to sore lb a.s.t i
i; The penalties for violation of say coming. but a start ways off. when WEDDED TO GOLF observance of the American Sabbath held they bad to Delray. 1S miles south. The drive fortes last .
l L'Engto scores again.Oa
.' fit them rale shoaM be very severe, the negro will be relegated out o: because of Increase of population wa a perfect delight over the hard ; don*. II.Hf ever at La.
politic IB Florida. and the white Rev. Willard Scott of Worcester.Mass I II extends from Palm ro.
errs to the taki g away the 11- I change of conditions, industrial Is Newport roadbed which I dale fan see this walk(
'a the Issue has been pastor el a church their estate* are d co t .
'I ors*e for a seemed slew. men vote man to man on I and otherwise and he Influx of Beach to Miami a distance of abet
t Theae area few Mats to the ettyrmnril before them. Conditions and scenes there for nine years. He got along those who have been to four of the wealthiest widows la the CO mile. Delay to settled fo I We had a fine rala that sights'ai'
If they are gulag to carry oat like that of Tuesday when white very well nntll he fell to playing he European accustom where the I .world-Mn. H.rm. Oelrich. $30- )stet part by people from XJ"p; P oar crowd smilt. .1
Then he found that hit church Mrs. dkden Ooelet, $10.- them that the mere
men lined up with negroes put golf. I ; any they are a thrifty aid .terr I ll":
"reg.l.tfos "lir." to their itam a and made work was suffering. Of course h" people .regard It from a viewpoint 000.000; lin Robert, Ge$t>,- ing class-dealrabl* citizens la every if a prohlbltioa ',

; ; New them feel they were of aa equality could not neglect IOU for a measly obtained different In from this that country which The has Item long 1000..00; Mrs. Richrd way. Great quantities of "qeb. to bring prosperity ta th* form ,*( i

will have much to do with the dUfranehiacment old church so he resigned and 20000000. They are all yoang. are raiser her.. I dined a man I good rot beaus prosperity

T aI of the negro la Floe will devote himself to golf exclus rays: The American of commonsense I and are among the handsomest who had <0 acre of tomatoes las l-kbt Invariably weat

I GET IH THEPROCESSIOH ida. It win come ively. The church folks wanted him to waking up to the fact that 'best-gowned and m entertainingof year. A"e" c..d cam I. .

; a to reconsider but h* answered nope! It he works hard la an office six the Ne"pol e A ticket to nut to hear the Tampalt oa the Another alght ride to .

Ill,.' And hereafter It win. be. golf and days la the week oa the teveaUi Newport cost than $10.o question before the voter A* they wtica I r.ju bo
.. baslaes that 1* PAINTERS AND day he is entitled to rest aa hechooses. '-- night ..
I There many only golf. were nearly all taxpayers I had no .seem
banging by the tester book for BO JOB PAINTERSA The presentation of my reslgnatIonwas i Ha may not consider Uiteneflelsl Some days ago during the campaign difficulty la Interesting them. Delis of Morpheus. ,at dar I
I' te the world thaw for to indulge In a Prohlbtkm Dade county seeing this lontaia
other rraaoa a cool and contented action for in ) will go dry Tb* fact to that dI.
lack of proper method of dervlopraeDt. popular ffinstrator, quoted by I have a whole lot to do outside IfI round of church going deeming there was circulated a report to when an election of this sort I* lost six thousand rP Ilad

t; j A bnalneM can not Und the Minneapolis Journal says: "1 I wart to do it, but I want to loaf a day In the country or with the effect that the Metropolis was 1t ran be traced to the noa-taxpaylng In the wt.te t'8 If

t atllL When It cta>d. still! It U ute sake more money la a day than and play golf.>> his books, or his wife and children being paid by tbe Coca Cola pple. and oca-property ownlcg voter IS.00* people .told. D
UJe that to .st betting made la month. Iveen have wisely pat H* can still worshipthe Co. well o1. good .
the flood ; Michelangelo a 1 have worked hard r yea I the Southern EQr th 1 I took r late train for Fort LandtrdaKarrivtng I lid
ready to faUL A baaloea that U studying up the wagea lhoo done more work in thirty years thana Lord and b* a reverent upright whiskey mall order house, for I at almost 11 o'clock I road, beautiful ... .tat
ka received the death fellows It Is amazing. man if ha play colt aad and for | (mostly built of wood) large I
.t standing still rid got. good many men have done in sixty ti"h against whiskey pro Being la the Immediate vielnty of '
nitV to von hare to go forrard Michelangelo: was paid $40 a month years. I have collapsed twice iliaes at a country dab.! It to demanded hlbloD. The Metropolis stated that the Everglade, and where the great III school .. .I church'*

: and the aeaUon .. how to develop thlle dolig cartoon of the battle under the strain. of every unman being that ti. seemingly came from Dr Drainage work I I. going 0.. I d.e I a .pr' Th* lwgt hfjI

; ;\ long the right line that mean rf Pisa and Leonardo who helped -When burln *s Interfere with he or she shall give the beat thatis Wal.r fp Graham but since that mined to see for myself the character I the Pa. owned .lie

MMtey making. aim. got the same rate. 'They pleasure drop business.That's In. their heart toward making I tm.. Dr. Graham has .ur the of the work. aad. If p.le. get !I' ". )f. .are several
she brlgRer
The proves method of modern rare both docked for Uteneta and what I am going to do i world and I Metropolis that he Ic la way responsible some Id.of the tocsins. which do a ml.

baitMM to Btwtpaper adrertialnK.AH : of days, but there was no overtime -.flOP business and play IOU COIIUlla.I1 Perfect tealth it the first requisite for the report A ride "'. MM There were s =
Therefore, let your day of rest be I | up 'rifibl .1 In this mile dty The evils-
advertising to more or lea Den' allowance: Correggio got for his ,." a I miles or one

eflctal. bat there are some kinds oTadverttolag Christ In the Ou"U.I5.. Car-- No there wm be no more eonipse : renslbly planned to do you the mostpossible I The result la D. county, was a i iI the great dredc *.*hfch was at work Inarbly oeeoapaay the ..]

that cod more than they sneers 'Resurrection' only brought' ., no more strains from church good. A continual reverential rnrprlsa to :shoveling the mack and stone fast- I ate D l.eIIDC. en la i|

t I briar IB but Bevipaper adT.rtl- the painter ".11. Albrect Darer but golf-ah. golf golf golf attitude, a determined effort the I They were defete ProhlblUonlata'l than any Irishman ever did on .". I raw several empty horse

lag U B median of known clrculatkm for his pea and Ink portraits was It, Dr. Scott to the links and the to live honestly and in fear of of four, whl ,i.the The ditch about I both rf. mud baataea a*
to this dais.t In cash. A of flour lord to better than a sadden spurten other brag about. la this :! rlr n. bank tall
doe not belong tot paid bag devil take all ele XVhafs the use I to TO and 10 feet deep This oe .
So If you want your bnalaeis to a hundred oysters, a pair of boots o' workln' when the brassiea are Sunday. are, he who laughs last will laugh :,has fe extended two milts out 1'ni la4 a depressing elect ..

sE crow; be tar to get IB the pronea- Ourer would gladly do your portrait ripe, the foozle to In the tlowernd The American Sunday has nadergone bt. for the prohn>tuonlts claim ::into b .. through u rich a I lore* if talooas eaa .el a e.

aloe of tdTerUaen U certainly will on such a system of remuneration. the link are sweetness long drajrn and Is undergoing; a change and I discovered seventeen Illegal ':cualltv I.D as I ever saw Lre would ae K that If t .J

i'' do the vork.UKDER Rembrandt's top-notch out Dr. Scott Is s philosopher This chsng to natural logical I vote and they are going t take c swamp and fill those en-ptv house applyenough *|

y -p-._. price was $471: Velasqnes worked Bat In some .other qualities h. _ntlal. There to not necessarily the the matter Into court Vhe there 'have'n'been drained and will soon b fu.d* to keep a baa*. -truesgoing .

WHICE1ZNG okUfly for the Spanish Government. could probably prove an allot. lens of reverence In observing to 1 a clear case of Illegality ibis, of .ready fP the farmer The sol t the wall. "
1 He was paid' at the average rate ofIIS .I day in a manner that I course, should be done, for Illegal, i at least four feet deep and In many I We had a tic crowd a t1 i

BEZOVUHfrn ? a picture. Think of It! Thirty A BIT health and happiness. ne,. 1. no. vote should be permitted f.> i"I.c much more Then there to a (.Ing 8m..t there lp

1 tvo dollars for the 'Rokeby Ve piety in combating common sense.AS defeat the will of the majority bed of rock like that which to o people oat Bat .

lc \ President Roosevelt returns aus!' OF ADVICE Live Oak Democrat i'found at the surface at Miami, aid I II ism broke Into our plaaa and

U Wa hiUtCD. manager of the No doubt s common house painter REFRESHING AS -0-- |on which inch fine fruit to raised meeting had t* b held la theta

Tan campaign will Insist. that he sake more money thin did some (From Monday's Dally) I to claimed that complete returns down there. I saw some "ere' ,I I1"'w. torium. which was about fan

JA teaks plain his poallloa M to the f tbe greet painters of the olden One week from today and new IT IS EXCEPTIONALThe from all precinct In Dade [ one year ol which I Cld spite Die rala :

'e' laird term movement and Indicate\ dues wbe created some of th..orld' men will be elected into municipal ... county gave a wet majority of sin : least two or I I saw one thing tb* schoolhouse
r nether be to for Taft or hlmaelt. masterplecea. They labor office and they will find that they : fine fight of the Miami Dade:MtropoUs vote, and temperance people al'' three elmM 0 the large limb It I which WM new a to d S'
Prohibition in .
+ The Taft managers are Ulklag lathe .4 for '*'I',, sake of art or the love wKl tread no primrose path of for that ,I over Florida amp hlH with the I take rich toll to grow such weeds I think our school board shoald ]

j ope now sad they do not bea it work. A* the Washington Post dalliance. They will have to face county furnishes an' example follow t4mpanl p* the defeat for that There are hundreds and alder was a *n.d for the .
It I
lute to declare that the alinationto -1&. those fellows "worked an,. many demands and emer Dc1es. other east coast dal lea migat clean- a noble fight for morality '.thousands of acres of sawgraas laad' tug tie. from both .i.nll.

very ansatUfactory to them low, whether theygot money, booyi, debts and InsuOcient revenue with profit Its earnest, ot : and all that's best down already drained which will grow I a safe plate.t.
They want to kbow where Rooee- They must if they expect approval .cut and unanswerable advocacy Metroplts, of Miami made a This Iud
aystenfi _lour fame or nothing at the mod luxuriant crops. the w of both the sad
...11.t.." They vast the Taft ill They were queer old fellows I try to cut their garment to suit this great; moral issue the stands out I I( dl fight as a newspaper, was covered with water from six girls .thought It a very ,

boom and the thltd-term movement \Indeed They seemed to be possess- tbe cloth and not go on plunging In striking contrast to position long with its bent people for so- Inches to two feet and to now a* mater They have about th-]

tflfontangled dlvaarociated. ml toraiirHr M of tbe crap notion that work the city deeper' Into debt. It the of most of the other vast coas'papers i brlety and against bar-room and dry a* one conld dartre These thing at West Palm Beach.

and completes separated I .a* a fine thing, all hy Itself They revenues will not meet the demands and its example to a* refrethlng I Its 'e.ll. and the small majority land are f.rll aa those In Manatee : My trip was a pleasure ffoa*.

that BO mistake can be made a* to I fairly reveled In It. UlchelangeVi I for Improvements then they must as It 'is, in Journal this ease ex- I tl wo It did It I re county.whkh are 1 ginning to en4. There was _

their attitude and relation to each I seized a hammer and chisel from a not be maJe. Instead there should et'"tlon.I.-Penaacola I ported that there was .n I wa simply astounded beyond physical) weariaoM, to b* *ure, h.

Other They want Mr Roosevelt orkman and attacked a stone with I be an effort to curtail expenditures I the election will be contented by measure I had no Idea that there I enjoyed the whole time .I

'w to say In Ungnage and In manner I T.mpa for I

1 that can not be misunderstood that I til directions He seemed mad with and to dispense with tie drones ty have just commenced their fighto such undiscovered wealth I little ('lllnh hat the best "i

a he will not aide any drcumiUncn he desire to work-to produce who have been permitted. through ---- i --oWe --- could help aging why should the world hi It. and I p'
Do .
accept next yeah domination This I oeautv-while there was time. The political favoritism to gather In the The press of Florida hope f rhe rert that Miss Makney a mf'I try t make a living on tlf t see their tars, eves after a i

to what they want him to **T. Not lay were too short for him. He municipal hive 1ompets recovery of W. R. 1 rich Irish ,girl of Philadelphia term In a sandy scrub whys there absence

sassy believe he will ay It He aaidaomethlag :
to that effect In November I. long after he was >0. Hard popular thing than to go through Metropolis now dangerously III following son, a trifling Englishman, and that
114 bat his aabaeqnent con- and insist 'hat Mr. Osborne a young New Yorker.
gave him long life Beaven- every department an operation for appendicitis ,
I I BT TK1 \ RAT mad with fresh
duct la n-fereaoe to a third term it. Cellini worked so hard on his the pruning knife be us ed- that I I claims that be was msrried to Mt.s G 1 I II frcm tree-,

has naDlfied his former declartion. aiaMerptecca that he reduced his. vitality every man not absolutely needed bedLKb.rle4. : Maloney some time sgo If all this I I lkl-A 01 b.rDC u=
a* far a* general belief U It to con to the point of death. As 1 The police and other The Jamestown Exposition Is not 'tlld not occured the Eastern papers Some time ago What To Eat pub fare grape l

termed The belief that aobem- lOOn as be could recuperate he would department need a close Inquiry, the only financial failure of its kind would not be full of pictures and [ I bPd In Chicago, held a contest to : fruit. or a solid, Juicy or...
I 10-A from th
IDa to ..1It"CN4DMIf to stronger begin working again, in the pure I one that will reduce the number this year The Dublin Iniernatlonsi 'tndla.about It. If Mia Malin- i choose ten of the beat out of the plaeappl E

among thoM who are beat Informed frenzy of achievement la that age of employe and thereby reduce the Exposition I II a financial failure 1 ey s father carried a pick Insteadof hundreds of thing co t eat I c rut.ut from pineapple Mwtioa of the .

a* to the ctrcamvUncea and covdittooj. men seemed to b* unable to free expenditure The city U not well and there is a Urge deficit which a deposit slip for a dumpcart The following llt wa* seat to a patch DO
fore growth and
It Rooaevelt were not for tbemseivea from the dontro to work munagtd= when it spends more thanIt the guarantors will be called uponto full of money. It would be differt them from Palm Beach and may be tb fruit'silOwhile
be for TttU whose its I' and ought to but In this of Interest to Miami hon_.|, I Kill lo from t
would Dt
himself he Some of them like Cellini were I receives or so arrange expenditures : pav b. '
warm friend be ha been, whom be keen after money, but If they could I that useless employes io- I i case. we are willing call "thlrtl.I 1.-A ""wla clam chowder I ia 4a4 one also sent front \&
of clam from the South Florida may appeal t ,
hit greatly admired and who IB sot get big pay they worked Just are kept on the pay rolls, while Calhoun county, Ala., come to I on the Molne1larklnWM.c. made

tarnhat been bl friend and admir the aame.t| They {availably made money to needed for necessary improvements the front with a record-breaking Gulf toast wales. cot the New I I folk'w'
Nobody ha* bakedpossum
er. If... wen for Taft he world the! mistake. of coming so Interested I' such aa streets sewer tote for Prohibition. A total of -0-- England ela. I with m.tlo8_ '
: hardly permit widow trim* and a la making their work exee'lent! that I and good water. :.070 vote were cast of which 287 I Massachusetts his opened Its hospital -Braised beef-steak as prp- > .1 1.1

amber of kla Cabinet to be roaataatly i they forgot la many case to make I Let the new heads give the city were wet and 1.S4S were dry maklig for tuberculosis prisoners I acid In the Battle railing nation ofSnath I fine Nobody mentioned a

and actively booming him t* much mjtaey u their mtaterple I a thorcnghlv; bnllnesi administration. ; a ,Iry majority of l.dt Every cwns a thousand acres of land, on Florida. and then covered Virginia oeaaat ham .

for a third t.... Not being for ss were worth." Then there can.t be criticism l l.rf>C lmt In the county went dry which are a prison camp and boepltal with thick layer of sliced rooked with r.ndl sweet pr .'

Taft he to for htmaelf. It.a claimed lint those "old I, ___ ___- even the dty of Anniston going dryly with accommodations for 100 sweet peppers. nerved with well "SodY ha wa

that when the Taft foroaa are < avtBced ork chit will live when the pro- A side of beef that oaa been in a vote of over four to one. I ..I men. The law provide that boiled coarse grits nd h.acw"JP I
fo I mentioned .Bail .
of this beyond all doubt they ucU of those who have made art cold storage 'or more than fourteen I the Prison Commissioners may n hot bnscults I i Nobody vf
4 hot campaign. This be relta ed from I ; ; 1860 votes la move thereto "any male prisoner in -Avocado pears with pepper and Nobody has m .UoM caatal*
wm open ap a a traJe and work for each are for'gottea years will soon > There will be about i I
N would mean that Taft world have to << The "popular Illustrator"may captivity by Wizard Wiley, the government Monroe county November 5. The the male prison the MassehnwttR salt bread and butter cope .'

retire from the Cabinet ,even U hewere make more money la a Jay crank and chemist who Prohlbltlonfaits claim 1200 of this I Reor.tory. the State farm or In -Spanlnh mackerel split off the I Nobody .mentioned V

asked to Itaj. than Mlrhelarcelo made In a month fearleacly seek the microbe" la Its cumber for dry, while the wets lay I' any J I or bo.of correction wno ".rkfe. then baked with eaxon- wild" turkey :
and I the bacilli la their lair. I Wet by the certificate of the Ing of bread crumbs, popper, butter.shit i Baked Virginia b.1 aid sw.u> j
A: flght between the Tan ujt he to not likely to leave any such nibs and claim to 1400 The Key appears, "
ReoaeveU forced world probably re- work a* the 8t. iae CLapd snows' When this beef to taken oat It will Citizen Is more conservative and I prison pbad.n. to be suSertnc and parsley cornmeal muffins potato for mine all the tI '.|

: alt la the Bomiaatton of a third or the Madonna and OIl1d.I lot be served at dinner for although says the result is going to be close. from consumption or any disease o led spiced pineapples at same course I I .t

: anan-Moat likely flights of New It will have a very respectable And there the situation stands at ; a tubercular nature" There seems Pompano cut In Inch t\1 slices I A. Credit to the Mat

i York. Bat Roosevelt will not be aa appearance aDd smell and may present to be no provision for female victims fried garnished with .and parsley Gov Broward and family are :.+
; Among those who begin their of the disease In most state on'apvlnc the new exc-utlv sear
pen candidate: HI.. ,.lan wonld be still retain Its flavor and Its nutritive I I
to prevent the nomination ot anybody Senatorial caieera with the SizUethCongress value ltd quality It to posal- I The fact that a whole day pawed prisons those afflicted with tuberculosis 5.-Wld turkey from the South lon though 'he hnlalac are earh
are two Indiana on* blind detained until they die Florida woods, or a place of good partially b
save are
.. else and hU own nomination ble during the time of removal In New York recently without a tmt.
appear aa fcpontaneoa and nayieJdlng anaa and two millionaire the refrigerator and the preparation murder or a snldde being reported or until they are nearly dP. when I venison from same section of the ,, lao groasds J. famtohtoga a*

demanb. It he gets the I for the cooking for potomalne or created astonishment in the Coro- I .are pardoned a U.t they may country. cooked any way desired I I i the present tint have cost the

BomtnatiOB the e will be aoreneaa When the United States Senate alkaloidal bodies to develop and ner's office. The Coroner oav* It It di on the premise Some day -Salad from the forge saltwater I t40.000 The mansion to lathe

among many Hepnblican voter of meet la December It wUl haw them tolght kill the eater thereof I unprecedented-that occaa'onally! as every prison will have an Isolated crawfish of the Florida keys II orbs of Tallahassee, near the >

tie rank and die bat h* womlj V* ninety-two members for the ant So the fourteen-year-old dressed many a* four or five hour elapse I hospital when consumptive prison- 7;Palmetto cabbage cooked a* I Gov Cl Imead lad ...

a daaceroB abdidatedangerous time two-thirds of them RepubU.caM. II beef win probably b*. tried oa the wtthont a violent death being reported I.n win b tr..t in &effort to the ordinary ''1 eb.' {I lice tl.t .a t .

to son natea Pit .. I d.*. I but never a whole day care them. $.-Horn* dad o the state-Pdatka. ,

4 I


( J r / .;

"'. -t" ,4c ......\( .- <\h *T a crelrlFS ret raft ,sn .f. l ., .- ; : 'JIJ. '}_'-_ p '. L. _.. -q ae



t t
r ,1

cirr PACES


I Yale to Have Many Star Coach-

SWEPT BY ARE OPENING es-Knox, Shevlin, Hinkey. The Species d Woman Known

.s a "HusbW It. Raia An 1 VotePLEASE


BlunxWi) s s = = CAST ONE VOTE FOR

: nm AND JOBNSONJUTHDOTinCWNSILMATUW I Coach A. A. $Ufg *f Chieag Busy I Io.pi.

.- "Hustlers Wanted"So
!' .t Out" Trick
i IBMUCrm read tIM! advertisement and It
.,, .f Gam** *f B'g F,,,.lay-ac""ul.1
n OAXCZtTanasunsn Hi ht. Same Old Stands Around spoke tbe truth lJut\t' wasted,
1 At Early Hour Last Tuesday .at-Ia._'a Cl.s.. .

'e- w'lwen StradlBOs Number of Business Block and and About the City \ Tom Rbevlln will be one of tbe tOAch-1 :whether Is my men province or women.It to speak of th Must be cast before October 31, 1907
.. .
.....- .. *
and I
1 of It, however,
en at Yale thl season. he baring pronW woman end
Residence Burned-Home of J. of MiamiFrom I lard to leave tbe west .. early as poe- shall proceed to utter the great and
a ?. ATHKWH) Mble and numiu with the fuutball awful heresy that womea speaking r
Known J
A. Wny team until after tbe game with liar generally are not hustlers-fusser r

LAW. and Carl Flanders but hustlers DO. In spite of the
AT Frank
.ATTORNEY I vard. lllnkey yes. --- ---- r
.. ..t o. (1..u..-'ucdaI y'lhaal. I will also awUt. Conch Kaox. fact that they think they areA \
..... ?tt1.. ( Fridays Dally) Flanders ... with the Yale team a man ran write fifteen letters U I

e Pebllr to ..wsU to Oees sendlag.F (From Frldajrc Dally) The saloon men revived this momIng portion of last seaaou In a coach. espaity an hour sad a woman will spend a G. C. MATTHVMS, Prea. T. T MOORE, See

: FLORIDAS.FRXDIBJC1 distance telephone me.- ftcmthelr slumbers: of the last i roil the result of his work was whole afternoon composing one and
1 ', frum TLiat City to the Jack- taw flays slab the result that fourof I to greatly' strengthen the team. Later then'*he will feel so tired' The man L P. PORCHER CRDTCanaB WOOLFOLKGen.
tugs secured stets and county finished the other bUd, wont even think
them to Carlisle. where be on
ednefcdajran be went
;r lfJOIi. ourlllt. : M.rowla of .nd. rlty licence to do business for loot tbe seamni This fall be will be I: of the letter he wrote half aa host Ajtnt FOB. and in Transit bale Art ; 4

CIVIL: ENGINEER MAt 9 SO o'clock last night th.opt'Ta 'he current year They were B close to Coech Knox lu directing the I, after they have left his hands.

block va dUcorerea F. Lacseter ft Co. C. H. Watson work of the team Women are not hnstlers. Mind you,

., .. A\D SURVEYOR.. to be on house Ore and ihe flame. spry Ct v .A. B. Chapman and Carl2apt. Star coaches" c ill plentiful at Tale I I I sm not citing the exceptions, but UM Indian River and lake Worth
L J... r... Stats at L rr* arsseaku Mothers ft Strickland aecur- like to take thlngl
a.Mwm c.._..tas-DtrldiBi Lm rnea rapidly acd before gotten mndereontrel sod any of HH weak spots should be general rule ;They
-..,',OSV.IMV*, s large number of hue I ej licenses vesteraay afternoon found and strengthened before the I easily until everything accumulates. 1a

r wlAWL FLORIDA.f I Ifteea bout** and residences were cooking five bar rooms that will', Princeton and Hartsrd games. I one terrific Jam of work, which. leave Pineapple Growers' AssociationWe

; reduced to UbM la the southern sea open for business tomorrow morn Coach BUnc of Chicago university : them with nerroes prostration. They w

lion of the city tag. I 'has been In the Minnesota wood are not good managers bat let theli

3 The firemen and clUseaa worked It to elated that Captain Watson. 'studytsg up new trick play by which I children their a..aaeltolda.bell' sew are prepared ,to sail jour pines. O. B., la transit

heroically to suppress the flame, will attempt to operate but two -1 be expects to win many game for the InC or bouseclesnlng, ss the case maj market or export. We are roar Sales Agents, not speculator
the one
powerless to Mop the rat- loons this year closing up be them all out. on fruit or to fruit
tat were street and Maroon this. _lOlL wear your buyer wishing ret TOUT aa cheap I
of 14th ,
act until 1 o'cloek this morning at the corner three others, With Sllnrlnff, center Wright and When s women Is a good maaagei aa possible.
The Iou U quite aerere to many Avenue D. Two or Meyer, guards: Plena Vorcroft and she is worth her weight In gold and This Association is the growers orgaaitatvoa, for the "
win not returns
has It
tL ac.Arteecrswe e, wM ++ business men and will aggregate at so the buitnee report I I Dague ends. of the old men and Bha growers' protection and interest The grower. ia safeguarded

/.aid eee.4 w.Y s+tea least J7S.900. partially cover d byfn The saloon llcenso this year Is froth guard; Leighton and Magrnder. DT the standing of its officers and &(CDt&. Shipping steacils or

e t..errpea- w.1N b k Alt MarYwr C ewrwtteir .'r-Any mraaee"Tbe burnt. district presents a heavier than before It being $1,'" I tackles and McCermlck Boytoo and stamp sad shipping book tarnished by GoaieVal AreaLWatch 1

r w.r Among the .ad $500 city, making a total of De Moct ends, of the new men the ?
MeYsgwa r C itat/aa Gd.dwty.em desolate appearance the general Annapolis \sral academy seems to this for information "
bnalnes houses reduced te sane* are ll.COO. not Including space as to .

r stwtf.eewtweDN e.e Etas. ,Mr... 3.A ettr. lava the fallowing: Smith' grocery.Herrin revenue license.' It la also stated I bare an abundance of able men. results and market condition
following schedule
who do open Tbe
"a drug tore, Pearee dry good that the salcon men
Hales grocery Ltfwe'a millinery up for business will endeavor to moot of tbe games wbkb the member T

1 store., Bratrh Broa. grocery Xorgaa* coaduct more orderly places than {' of the "big err' football team In the !
grocery Hall frocery, Eng: i they have. In the paav east win play this fall: -
bBl"re. 2
lUh's dry; Wellen'a fro -- --- Oct Hwmrd versus Bowdola at Can

"f' ,.. rry < Farr taloon confectionery.Cherokee taloonMrs 6ll.rkmati" city Full Force NowBadCtolWork bride Tale Oct.versus.'Cornea-Pcnnsrlvs.nleraua Wesleyan. venue. H.mllton at New. Buokn0*",. at The Ocklawaha Nurseries '"

; s mtillnery.) city Jail atNew
1, ". P. BRANNING H-rr 55 traaafer offle Frankly field. Tal venue BjmeuM I
departireat.. city Hann.
t i AlYrm?od c.-.IIr Smith's reataarant, lUCID Para- Oct Harvard versos Bate at Cam. .1

ln.t AfltsUss to CActhM. Msrvats: DI9n.'. pool room and restaurant : bridge Cornell versa* Niagara at Ithao, Wart Orange Growers to know Oat It U to their Interest to hay troai

MtUsitT Sash.*.. two blacksmith shop and a barber 1 1r from their sjtock. Because they have TOT BEST GROWN IN FLORIDA. J

shop.Among. GOOD RtoPLTg caa only be obtained from trees that have aa .......

.West Palm Beach :: FlondA the residences destroyed of GOOD ROOTS, stems that are 8TOCKT cop WELL DEVTLOPBX: f

were thore of Me 'n. Laf.rldge.EHa In the Miami Office of the and leave, sad woodthat U ENTIRELY: ran OF CfJURIOCS INSECT

sad Marphy I UFB. ONB TREES!: has an these GOOD POINTS their favor and w* \

.. I o. W. MAYNARD I Crest netltenwnt prevailed satt Western Union Tele- oorldally I...... your Inspoettoo.. 8PBCIAL' DOXTCZMNZTS are est*>
\ for aome tin It was thoackt the ed to those who win place their order sow for fan delivery OUR N9W


", Plant City Is the horn ct Rr J. graph Company PINEAPPLE. .AJt.A.B.AUTt. OATALOOUE fl.,

A. Wray. who has appeared here s
1. twice. once holding a revival meeting ;
Address The Odlawaha Nurseries ,
: t... few Jays tlnce
and the last a
From Tuesday. Dally)
peaking U the n.... of prohlblUOB. I
x..: _;JEWELER dD OPTIOA11. After. a hard pall of about>> three a W. CONNER. PrepTsnosrlne etw.

1' PIrf" lniD<<.!!!1 warlag gt r _.. aionUi attendant to the telegrapher's Florida,
.' '*r* a great.emiorte With our axtesiofr Ra OtlTIOX strtkt. daring which be held

. .t.- apparatus and large experience' down the work. devolving upon the OOOD ..ttaIID. SLOW AiD siortr Or M. Sl SURSANK. Aflt, Miami. Florida

lisoaaMe.jVWberets\' sx Wi> ruess repair work.Wstebes Pnees Clock rea- I By BUrayoe By Lodge K. of P. office and kept abreant of thu same. the admiration she receives proves she Ow CREOCTDB!: preparatkm for (h* destracOoa of ants. l aa, sad totter
of It. H.! Flanagan Manager: W. II McDonald of thelocal
4 parsios.1'iTtar vermia wtQ do the work.
I Jevrrly' and Spectaelea. A Western Union Telegraph to not the usual thine.W'1aeD y
tr.o> *.ked for. Located oa Aria a woman to fussing aver
No. 11,Grand will have gotten back the regular
Bay BUcayne Lodge office, t
;rt 1:' between mil sad ittb Hta. small thing, when she realises the
kri dlctoa: of Florida Knight of171M. working forte of the office, i

(; O. W. MAYNARD ... ha ,adopted the following end so far aa ibis office Is concerned I sL value of time of method and of quick Fred'k. S. MorseBeaIEstate 1
(Jj resolution on the death of R. &KUa the str'ke Mil have been a thingcf nsss, when be la energetic, ambition

'f l' It....n.. 1Ir..... OstMaa"Wye ages: the poet kid to not forever thinking of the
f "Reeolved First That Whereas It In the place of the two operator ..lest way oat of thugs she la. in

1.. ,.---- has pleased Almighty God In HI M rars.Aston and Perry who went slangy terms a hostler, and la every ; ; p

y -B- 'tI1ae providence to remove from oar out when the strike was Inaugurated walk of life hustlers are wanted.FsuKy .

4l midst oar Worthy Matter of J'1auee Mr. McDiaald will have Mews Ofloes alp stairs Oar Av*.O and U tft.*.

and dearly beloved brother R. 8. B. C. Dodge repeater operator and I H.Ipieg Natoe ( '

Flanagan ihat the lodge lose One Mardys day operator' 'Mr. Dodge is 8. D>irwm, oomraoL, U.M" woos' Miami. Dade Co., Florda.

t of Its most ancient officers and his already here and Mr. )lard,. will BALL aw.a oussIrtzi Some women pride themselves epos

111't'Wos'1'- absence shall ever be mourned by come la tonight from Jacksonville Prtnet versa W *l y&n at Prloectaev being the unvarnished products of ..- OR
Ue members of this lodge. Both are crackerjack operators Mr TAle versa Bprlnrnel4 at New Haves tare when nature If It pHd .ttlae, l. AGENT LANDS OF"

';( Nthl Second: That we extend OIU'bearhUelt Dodge was. located here last seasona Oct Pwnurlvmnla versa (wartamor would blush at its own careless wortIf

t+:4 sympathy to "hi* brreaveafamily one of the winter force and is I It'erefore Bueknell* at rra.kUa at PrlaeMon told. Prlnctoa Harvard versa recent you barest been Messed with hair, Florida East Coast Railway Co

( ....., no stranger to many In William at CambrVti, ConxU VWIQIColcat .' why go around with a topknot the alasoPa Florida Coast Line Canal and Trans. Co.o'"ton .
"Third: That a copy of lbe a roe Miami. at Ithaca, Tale versus Holy Croat cruel world '
walnut revealing to a
t.t I -TUB MOn BBAinmiL BUOAZINBIN olnttons be spread upon the mla- Tronghout the country the West- at New lUven 'I weakness" ? I this matter to be and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Co
Brews aiFraakUa a
IN T1UB WOItt..Dj In 1.1 Oct Pcfinsytvante versus : your
) tea of he lodge and publishes era Union Telegraph Company
Yale Rest Foist al: far clever to
Beld. versus proud of? bD.t It more
; ; .Ask for this superb the ""IV'pen of the city of Miami.Respectfully I tradnally filling the places of the Weet PoInt. Prlnoetsn versus W. and J I alee figure !
conceal tbe deficiency by a
\ i toagazine. U be don not handle itrsd submitted striking operators some being new I at Princeton. Harvard versus Navy a': I
.I ubua.me5sd.ddna.withyorr '.John C. Oramllng. operators and others who had quit I Annapolis. Cornell venue PennsflvanU.1'8' which you can lay oa top of tbedressing Miami\ Bottling Works I
State at Ithaca. table to be sure but who :
# a.m.aod.ddre..sdia.for..mpkwcooppy : "Erie HalL the "key" for other vocations but I
a.epI.c.-- Mention .C, J. Rosa. who now return to It. ,I Oct. Pennsylvania. Harvard versus BprlnrfleU Indiana ai: : knows that? I
.. "Committee" Franklin .Id. versus : And where to the sin of using powder WALL & McGOWAN.
psper The strike so far n the operators I at Cambridge. Cornell versus prlneetei, Props.
.t Barr PsBM Comp: .ay are concerned has been a failure at Ithaca. Yale versus VllUnova at Ni, ts)cover a shiny skin or the bill

4 cwt u. .*... fw. *.* coy Haven. lUttly pollsbed tip of ones nose? litb Street Sear! R. R., lllaail, Pla'

Capt.l A. B. Potter Is :I at NovPennylvanU Franklin I field Harvard venue versus: L fsrert Brow: Then unadorned to nothing In the shape beautiful of s shiny In nature nose, I I
THREE DIEBOID[ SAFES at Cambridge, Tale versus. W and J. aNew Mttofaeturers of
n Haven., Cornell versus W. L. oPeniujrivanU ', 1 nothing to be proud of In the "hon 1

Blue Stem Bee From JacksonvilleFrom at Ifiaca. Princetoneraui around disfigured In
Uld Type Indiana at Princeton i i "t, of .going All Kinds of

FOR THE mm. Nov -Tale versus Brown at New Haven j I that wsy
Cornell veraua West Point .t Wes't | If you have no eyebrows to speak of
York Point Pennsylvania versus Pennsytvanli. I: don hesitate to run a line of pencil bolt Drinks "

Duke of Tuesday's Dally sub dared at at Philadelphia.Cambridge Harvard Princeton versus venue In; I (carefully, of course through teem.Now .

Capt. A. B. Potter of,the R. G. OfFICERS t Amherst at Princeton j 1 don believe in makeup, but Froapt Attaattoa t* AD Oroara Osa-et-Town Orton i/awta
f I Rots Contracting Co. of Jacksonville Nov. 1 -TaIe versus Princeton at Nee | I_have simply treated of the replacing
down last night to arrange Haven. Pennsylvania versus Michigan at I I or oeflclenclea. Then to no credit m' ,
came -
Seed Cornell Rwanhroor at
Tomato Ann Arbor versus ,
data I letting them stay II they are visible I
for beginning at aa early Ithaca Harvard versus Dartmouth at NOTICE or demands against the estate tt
the building of the new government Carobrldce.Nov I proof of nature bed workmanship i John Thomas Peacock deeuesl are 4

to the south of the sea entrance Harvard genus Tal at !
jetty (From Tuesday's Daily) eam-I l I required to present the saaao within -
of the new ship canal, the bridge.Nov. In County Court
Pennsylvania versus |I Th Servant Qwcetten.Tbe i two years from the last psbll1
recently TIle three new safe ordered acme Dade County Fla. F
routrad'for which was
Franklin held.The I catlon of this notice to the ladensigned
his time ago by tile county commis.losers the will b ofh* RAS. Peacock and Isabella
awarded companyCapt football mason In east wise woman was falling whose postofflce address laCorotnnt
Potter states that the oomMnys from the Diebold Safe Coinpang brought officially to an end with th* servant question."Mrs. i i Peacock Partners trading I Grove Florida. othsisnaothis ,
d 1.q Bon Accord and several one tech for the Ibf'ritrl.treu- array-navy game to b* played Nov. M onth '! under the name and style
tug nlveralry of P nn.yl.arUa'Idlro... Quickly! has Just discharged notice will b* pleaded la bar 1 t
ft Son
I from urer's and tax collectors office, arrived of Charles Peacock
r barges will be brought Franklin field Philadelphia. her maid for being Impertinent. she { such claims
this morning and are being vs
Jacksonville within the next two remarked "snd I think she has maMa Ludlum Jackson Peacock
weeks for the rock purpose from of the fadingand Miami The safes are of the latest! de. I GROWTH OF GOLF. mistake""What' To Henry Lndlam Ton are hereby Ewaa Peacock !
towing Would you take Impudence that writ of attachmenthas Executors.
s *n and above the average size a
the place of ope-atton.
river to this Jetty U a preliminary that In the sheriffs office wetgh- An$ inn Club Held Property Valued cried a listener | been Issued against yon and
I The building to a resumption of the luc 4.MO. pounds standing C7 Inch II at $10,000,000. I "Tea and no. I would tab means your property, .attached satisfy NOTICE TO CREDITORS

I work of drediclag aa eighteensoot e* high and being 48 11 Inches From seven golf clubs established In to avoid It of two : the demand of the above named
the amounting to Three hand I In Court of the County JsdgeBtat.
Those In the t"uuftr' stycollector's i cI.Tbt'ft: good managervery plaintiff #
1<4 the
channel srroes the bay and to deep the United Pistes np to nnm
I offices %re duplicate*. be- I' i active *nd nervous. She CaD runs red and sixty-Dine dollars and of Florida ,
her has 2S2 that
an to
eater la grown
I p t'ef''t'i.: :. work having tog 51 1-t inches hlrh by S2 1-2 I the ken of the Tutted States Golf 'ItlIOC'I.tion. house so that tile mistress need never' yt right cents.Now shall .1111I"1 In re Estate of W. J. Sboaejfed
Inches. deeo and weighing: 2,550 I be In the kitchen but she must be let unless yon Cosntylo t
teen ...d. by the last CongresvCtpt These clubs have an estimated Fla
the Court et Miami
i fore County all dlst/aa-
creditor legateea.
K each.The herprejudices ,
pounds I slone Well L why respect
be the cityterernl
will la
Potter of 741.000
t I cost of the sheriffs safe Is membership persona Good on the 4th day of November, A. D i.*n and all person havng elaima
win be here during ? managers among
days and bold amounting to rrnlervdagainst '
property will bo
each. i 1907. judgment dtmaads against said state:
| 174 and the otbtr two $206 In or !
construction of the Jetty mistre'ars are usually Impatient :
vsloe JIOOOOOOO Tberoyal .of sold
i i : I segregate. of von and your property 1 Yon and each of you, are hereby
J ',"J* already very scarce by early fall I Hl'SUESS SESSION" OF ; and ancient game in its progressIn terrerence ben take toe second kind to pre the debt.Dated I notified and required! to present ail
of IDS Id. She Is good natured slow
made Inroads I 2Sth of August A.
America ha this day
upon Ulm* and demand: which you. orlther
u11 be <
f, We believe there no genuine THE WOM%% S CLl:: and sloppy 8be will stand any amountof I
club startedfor D.. 1191.
famous originally
some the
of may bare against
L> seed on the Market and advise buy- The City CouncilFrom From Tuesdays Dally) : other sports Thus five old fox bullying In fact she .oo.t make Charles Peacock A: Son rotate of W J Shone. deceased late
seed We refer toy I besdwsy unless she to scolded rs- R. A S. Peacock:
4 f n{ roar' nww you WoI bunt club are asaorlateil or allied any By of Desk Bounty Florida to tile mat
a )lr. J. T. \Vofford. Hallandale, At the t nsln sg session of the buildIng 'members like the! Chevy Chase of I pea dly. If company to expected the Plaintiff derslgneii admlslstrstrlx of said estate I
nan's Club held *t the Fair -
< mlatrem of the house has to dow.
.f of Boston, the go the
the Myopia from
Washington within two
Yr J"1&" .., a* to the trueness and superiority yesterday afternoon several new I year
1 I and the Mead Into the kllcINand be tbe brains of ADMIXISTRATORror > >
( Fridays Dally) membership Elkrklge of Baltimore NOTICE OF dale hereof.Dated
: of stock Pnce names were proposed
oar .bjecI I owbrook and Itakawsy of Long Is. tbe occasion The maid .to only s hulk Final Discharge October It A. D. lf 7.
melon of the city council and acted
to change. O.. ix; X Ib. 90 upon I land. The Merlon Cricket club ofPennjylvatJa : of good natured matter I Anna H Sbon. 1 :
anlnteresluic Interestrss
last night was very short and the feature of special
:;)t pound $1.75; one pound. $3.50. \ The meeting was attended a letter from Miss. Mildred Ta>- ha aluo found Its golf I "Mrs. Quickly would probably bars ,'ID Court of County Judge: State of Imlalstrstrix. Eat of W. J. Shone
t links s useful adjunct Many of die I loot br own temper over the same Florida der aced.
ed Kersrt F. H. Wharton; J.E.I lor now attftc'lng the State College
ft ------ dub are also styled "country 1 cans for which she blame the maid In re Estate Of C. B. Crockett. Jr.
I.nmmno. J. I. Vi Uaon. J. B. Kellly st Tal1abableb the expressed golf .
J. C. Tucker T. E. Chatham very eloquently her apprerlatkm clubs." which are becoming 1DCff'tlllnlr.1 for losing hers. She should have waited Dade County Notice 01 Flu rXscharf

BOLGIANO & SON W. Chillle and J. O. Croslaad of the honor done her In tha ly popular ss outdoor life throughout her time and not have expected Notice Is hereby given to an whom

. Attar the opening by reading she was. unanlmousTv chosen by the the summer months sway from tbe Cbeaternetdlao self control m a nervons. It may concern that on the tSth la the Couaty Judge. Court. Dado

Baltimore, Md mlnut-s et"_. council received' a ree. members of Ito Romans Club st city has become s necessary condition uneducated womas'MACD Jay of September A. D. 197 I County Florida.
ROBI SOc.. shall apply to the Honorable A. Etfeyser In rs Estate of William Wagnar. deeeimed. -
ntnenrtaUon from the Judge clerk I' ibis place to receive the scholarship of exIsteoce.FiSIIING ,
.Judge of said Court as Judge l
I" marshal asking that theins the Tallahassee college This
end city to
-- of Probst. for my anal discharge Public notice Is hereby gives that ron
W. hands of theI
W the
i NOTICE it IIS Imposed upon srfcolanhlp is In '
I of the estate of December 6th 1107 the ader>
FXEJT IS LIGHT \U>0\H HIVE AS Administratrix
Woman'lI'C1"bI. !
the '
in the municipal court s-me Federation of
Stanton State
t I I C. B. Crockett! Jr.. defeated. and s'*nd will\ die his final report with '
time for fighting be reduced to end (this year M:ami s Club EXPECTED SOON TAKEN TTY UCENSES {
An creditors, leg tee., distrlba I. ago I that at tbe same tine I will present 'the Honorable A. E. Heyser county t
r I ti I..d C'OI'a. The r eomm.nJa!>lom bad the privilege of Its bestowalOn :
tees, and all persons b..C'clai 3 i to said court my final accounts .sadministratrix J a lite of Dad County Florida
*r demands against the estate oll I'** approved aad the redaction In M->nda)' .rU'nI'JOD next meeting at (From Saturdays Daily) 4 total of eight. city retail Honor of said estate, and i and ask for M* final dlwharg aa as'

McCormlrk. deceased.are fno ordered, clock s special bulne" been Issued In the las ask for their administrator of said estate
,Drorila C. residence o: The first convoy of the fleet of Hcenret have approval
clerk instructed to advise will held at the. '
the samewtthla The : was be Dated March 2th A. D. Itv7 Frederick S .Move
required two years to from present the last pubIteattoa I the el-ctrlo' eompeny to place two of Mrs. C. 'W.'. Gardner and It Is the Florl,a Flab and Produce Company few days. and all unless new the bars Royal spellthis I' Ague McO CroeKMtAdministratrix. Executor. :

.. of this notice to the ..I lights on Third treat, west of Avtan >' creed that all the members be present I conaUtlng of the smacks Chase, Palm will Hotel be which except win not take outS --

... 4ere-Lbs4. whoa postoSic address D Claire and Gary, the glllnet boats license until the boos 1* opened I By Hudson ft: BOCP.I Miami Hftd Rnogh Trip
oaestlon of a representative
it Coeoa OI'Ofto Florida. c ker- A few matters of:minor Import The the local club to themeeting Is due to arrive here next week fromthe Three saloons go out of business In I Attorneys rapt White rat the st"am!hl. Ml- f
dlacassed*et ao action from __
anew were .
will lie pleaded
vta Uto notle wither 001
toe State Federation tob west tout The second convoy the city the Saginaw. corner Avenue awl reports very rough
ordered of
taken when rare was
.*ar, of nek claims .I ft Gainesville Novembernth consisting of the Aareila.' Blohaa p and Hth street; the bar on l th NOTICE his\ way up the onset It wes probe rj
wMAUaw held In on
wf ft Sitb,1g *
't;: % R. R. IfOmmkt, to th.* orwalac boxes dtyotaetia was. dlscassed sad Mrs. J. 8. and Viola, win. com to a few days I street U the rear of Brady's snore I I ably la his gale IBM aM scTioovorlad 1
n'Clroe et lilt 1I1DDC! tataaMd ttv*> ballot for jtb* betwee: AU creditor, legat***, distribu (: TWines west ashore. err Far
C.MoOara "*- win sjaaalmoualy rhos'tbe 1 later TS* macks will at oaeo al 1 aM the sac o* Avenue D i
1" err *r.dVs I kk. *. ;a' Moaday. octcber- .. Resort for Miami.. out for mackerel tshtot. llth and 1IU itiwaU. teN sail an persona having claims I .a41a&-T1 .U.... Y
M. -
t.i-l"M r--t 1'f.' ':'; 1...W'I\" J1teNM.. ........ -.H' .._( .. ; !"wII-...-:;,' 5
;, !< H:! .:.../1C. 1--" ':.: ;f >.- _<. <...,. ....:; +.t.. r '

i I ;(l

I'At:}: FOt"R .

t --

,. i The Anthony-Romf h Co \ Railroad Screven Overalls Elastic and

' g Seam Drawers. ,.60c

V -J 228 and 23O 12tti St., Miami, Fla. Eugene B. Romfn, Pres. worth 7Sc to SI. Only' two
T two pairs to one customer

c.g. eQJ) What a Big Clearance Sale Means Shoes Ladies', only Jew Comfort left

R ,, Sizes 3, 3 1-2 and 4

. Sold for 1.25 and

q O Our buyer, Eugene B. Romfh, is just: back from the northern markets. He spent m any 1.50. To Close

r QJ weeks in looking over all the new styles and up-to-date effects and' has purchased' the most: 50
( V excellent line of merchandise I that will be shown in Miami this season. These goods will soon be cents

// arriving in great quantities and this sale is given to clean up and 'get out of the way every dollars \ y

/ worth of goods carried over this summer. People are going to marvel' at these low prices, but we tell you .

r t honestly that profit is not what we want and in fact most everything sold will SHOW A BIG LOSS TO US \ ,

1 e Mens Pants in an endless Variety 1''I Mens Suits at absolutely less than

and prices at fully one-third off I the cost of raw material. $15.00

'Q $6, $7, $8 Paragon pants at $4.50 $18.00 and $20: suits for $9.00 > ,r ,

- Paragon pants are recognized throughout the entire clothing trade as the These such makes
absolute best and as Snellenberg Clothing Company of Phila .. .
\ the very first In style, goodness and wear. They make delphia and Alfred Benjamin and ; ,
Company of New York
to retail for less than City. Of course
c rjno pants $6.00. You
t can there ate not many of these, If there were, this would be an offer that
yourself lucky If 1
we happen to have a $4.50
turn the trade
clothing upside down. Most all of these '
) size to fit are regular ,
1 1 you---------------------------------. 20.00 suits. The In ;
4 I { __ cheapest the lot, were 15 00 L3MI are far less '
. t than manufacturers cost to us and our l l6ss will
Some people want pants for 'much rougher use for the hard, day be considerable. If'e can happen I to fit $9 0 0
every you
t .business knocks. We fill your wants exactly In our your choice for__________________4______________ :
,, regular 3.50 and 4.00 pants, some 5.00 styles. All 2 90
to go at the absurd price of_____u______. u_u_______ .
.vBoys' 1 ,
One line of the very finest suits
' c Clothing and Knee Pants fj .
;i Jj take a mighty; tumble in prices. Boys suit One line of better grade suits being the very finest In our stock such as
' j in from $20.00, $25.00 and$30.00 sellers. These fine suits
ages eight to sixteen years old ,
are to go during our clearance sale at less than man- $15
\ 1 3.00, 3.50 and $4 sellers at $2.45 facturers cost--------------------------------------_ {

7, 4.50, $5 and $6 sellers at $3.90

i. One line of odds and ends in suits .
1, Boys Knee Pants '
One lot of odds and ends In men's suits, most all 10.00.:
essIU We, 75c and 12.00 sellers but practically all in sizes 33, 34 and 6 00 W
Me val
COMSCRVATTVT MODCS,," 55c. SI and 1.25 val. 90c. $1.50 to$2 val. $1.25 35-to close at.____________________________________ F


R' We pride ourselves on the character P
and high standing of the shoes we J J Just a few of the successful manu
ell. All are from the first rank of -a facturers whose shoes we sell: Edwin
successful( shoe manufacturers and b- Clapp & Sons, $6, $7 and $8 00
shoes; Walk-Over 3.50,, 4.00 and $5
.,1 1 even at the low prices we are now t shoes;; Krippendorf-Dittman & Co.,
4 offering we guarantee satisfaction. 2.50 to 5.00 shoes; Bostonian and
Black Cat childrens shoes,
rr w rr 1.25 to $3

's Thelnvincible Edwin The Walk-Over Shoe Every lady in Miami ought to be ac Boys and mens-shoes- Childrens and misses ,

Clapp Shoe v carried off honors quainted with Krippendorl-Dittman shoe at reduced prices shoesgood makes
The personllcatlon of the best that Since Walk-Over shoes
t carried off We
can be had In a shoe. Strictly high the honors In this class at the St.Louis longer'don't Our see how a shoe could fit better or wear Mens and boys shdes In our regular Misses and children shoes In such .
grade In every particular and made exposition, little need be said of "thegoodness" experience In the past 7 years with 2.50 and 300 grades In black vici. good'makes as BlacK'Cat and Bos
t only for fine trade. A few of Krippendorf shoes has been an era of success. box calf, white linen duck, linen
our 6.CO of these shoes. Quite a few To clean gray tonian. All In widths land E. The I
and 7.00 grades to close A O C of these In 3.50 and 4.00 grades will up odds and ends we offer great bargains duck, etc. All In the cap-toe majority of these are In light turn .J.
.c out at------- _Tt.OJ be found and blucher cut. These are In good soles. few
,' fc-----h- or. our long bargain counter. $2.50,$3.00 and some S3.50 Quite a tans In the lot.
To close them out, Krippendorf shoes at$1.90 wide widths and In most every size. All were $1 75 and $2.00 sellers. ._
they $3JO
- ,
10 per ct. disc on reg. stock will 2.90 $4.00 and some $5.00 Krippendorf shoes at $2.65 Price during this During our
for. clearance
-- go -u---w------- One line of ladles shoes to close, (not K.&Dat$1.35) sale u____._ ________ $1. 90 sale, price,.______ _OJLJJMens O j "3 S ..)

1 r Mens Furnishings at t Radical Reductions Men's White Caps worth I Shirts, Knox, Stetson, Young Hats .?,,

Neckwear I Night Shirts Umbrellas, SOC and $1 I to go at 3Sc 'All must go during this sale to make

-t i 50 and 75c graded Robber Coats room for the
* SOc and new ones comIng 1n.
60c "
trades at 45c
t3 at----------1
Fully 200 to select from. Alp clean (
75c trade -________ M ac kint OS es. __ Y

Y All Underwear staple SOc sellers sus trade aL95c Trunks, Suit Cases, nOw and in good shape and most M an h a. Shirts t Mens Shirts ,i Mens Hats t l.. .,

and a few 75c makes Pajamas and so 0". at every sIze.. \Ve simply 1 have enltre-. Just a feN In our 2.00 Mens shirts In 1.50 and Knox and Stetson 5.00

tlnu1ng we are to dlscon-go at__45c 1.51 grade aLuI.t 20 1 ly too many on hand, especially a1.and_2.50_..__grades_____I.85 few 1.75 left grades a1._,_a_ 1.20.and. at---------a.6.00 felt 35 '.

'\ Elastic Seam draw 45c 2M trade at--....-1.61 300 and 350 M an h 2t- Quaker City 1.25 and i; Young Bros. 3.00 and "
ers to go at..,.. 2.51 trade at-------US per cent disconnt. with the new stock we have coming tan shirts' to.g02.45 some 1.50at I 3.50to hats
t -.------- to -.s shirts.85c i o :: .2.85
. I
Don't ask us for credit at this sale ===
as we absolutely
would not charge goods to Henry M.Yj
y Fllager, President Roosevelt or anybody else at these low prices. Cash and cash
Everything 'ad' is in the house only, goes 'i
today. Our advice is for
you come early and get first: pick i

c I, '(

Sale starts Thursday, Oct. 24; closes Sat. Nov. 9 l lAnthonyRomfh ojc


4r.'i _
I .
..'. ,.,. ,.' ",... "' ...v .. .. I J t -0 i ,- "\ .
"' -: d-- '" f' rJ "":.. ,"!" $ ,:..I'"Vwn".5.rIlr .-..(. .. -r:r hJ ._ ., ,_ >,, ,k. I.


"1't ii

'fr.RT PACKS! THE: MIAMI KRTROPOLlJIIn..v rri.personal r'. tMT T/OR

A Suit for Damage* r.NTKRTAIXRU: FRIENDS

I A su't in n8umpslt damages $450, AT B1RTHOAY, PARTY I "I WAWAY"
:National Cycle Manufacturing Company .

I w C. 0 Rlcbard'on, t'.1, (From Thumdav' Dally) Fern( kipeciai l:

( JJCIL' Jjoks't wts filed In the county clerk's office Last evening, at his home. :

: I ibis morning.- "Mew-nt..rttli Farm.ed a Mr.piity Raymond of Miami Waldh young I SA 1THONY-[

Homesteaders In Town folks .the occasion being his birthday !

r Quite a number of Homesteader he young tiTst ecnveyed the I II.rty = FORSaturday ;
. :I line! people from the, south end of thither! In the large Waldln
I the, count are In the city today ROMfH CO
? (rtrk auto and the d'nt.ince of six
Ut.VMi > lor F. M. Hudson went to ,
(FROM KATVRI AY8 l> 1 up business '
chopping and transacting and a half mile wa covered In an
& ee yesterday morning on
buiilneps and will be absent liu-ied ably' fborf time.
. : Dan C.Xrrove.; of Palm *' day*. linildi g Hou-M-hoat Lemonade tike and confections 6 Fonda

" U in the city today looking I Percy Cavlll.the well known swlm- were served and the young p -'Dt"njoyd

4 bit: tM1lll sing m.i: .ter if engaged; In building: to toe fu'lett' the evnlng.Thcwo .
: attllt'- 1 J. D. Brgc, of Orlando a comodlous houseboat on which |irerei.t very: Mis Ruth I Will b* One of the Greatest Bargain 1'f
came to Miami several day
ago: .
Mr. R. L. Wall of OJuSi 1* business returned to his he will loon make his home. ;'plh-y. :MUs Ruth Hlnson.MIss Cath-I Getters Ever Offered Here-Rhodes --- ,
ring Ogle Mss :! Mill. Miss i
I' f'a:1or
town today itleuJlcj to yesterday morning. (mOM'FJlX'u."s: D. iLS') ..Micenltr... tti. Evr. Snliler Ladies lone cloth: coat $1,50 j i I Bovs knee pants, %4rthSOcat.
Has Some Ezellent Also
affair ; I Bargans worth 11f( at > .
I Miss Palllc X"f1c on. :Mr. Gus" O'-laer. ..
j tattle Obborne, of Nashville. Mr. 1-aBrte, of D?nla, I III In the a
:Mr. Claude Brown Mr. :Molt Yar-
Mr. J. W. Ji-t*. the who pent several month city doing some shopping today.A | l, rotigh Mr Pfprt Hiwr l Mr For the Public Ladit long coats, worth $10 I I Bfj knee pants, worth ?

arid, pcetmastor of Ojus is In last season has again returned $12 at . . 1.00 at ..
\. Cecil \\ '(ion. Mr.' D.ivld! Cildwell, I Ilr
city today transacting business Ion was born yeatcraay to MiLd .
\ Wil-nun Call..11 and Mr.
tain.Mr.. ;;;- ? Mn. R. M. Dillon. I Raymond, Wai: ,!tn. AltonValJln.. I Ladies ong CO.atL worth $$12 Boy snits, worth 2.50 ;
I I : J
and Fred Feo of Ft. $15> at at .,
Mr. EeriVald'n, and Mr. and Mnaldia. (From Wednesday's Dally) ? ,
'Mrs. Front : vho were guests of the San I ..
W. W.
and Capt. John Mlzzell. of Pompano.i
MIHS Viola Prout their daughter. : for a day or two Icat week, a business. visitor In the city t ) < \\ I A pistol doe not make u much: Ladies walkingskitts, (350) B ys suit worth 4.00
to their !boric Sunday. i noise aa a cannon neither doe a worth 4.50 a'1 .r
eajkvted<< t"l!>toi.ight from a day. ] DKIJGHTKVL: CARD PARTY I

months'! soiourn in the north. IIY WOM\N'S eLm I mall advertisement, slack la someemote Ladie-. w.i"ts, worth tTC Doys shoes, worth 150
i I and Mn. William H. Spltzer part of a paper gel: toe re- : t
Mr. McCov.n and Master Rn-ine'l 1 1Iflnd 175lt JLadi'
I . .
the guest of their friends Mr. suite that t page ad gela. The An- at . . .
r Mr. A. T. Carter county comm1.a. cr! up from the extension fora j (From Thursday's Daily I I
; I Mr*. 4. C. Swayne. of Lemon thon)-Ronrh Co. have oIn advertisement .
.) skater rom Coooannt Grove is Sunday. dew day* stay In tow/i. Another of the very popular card ; In today's paper: occupying a waists worth (200i I Boys cap, worth 35cat

Oran today, atteuiing the lartlc by the members of thomnns and 250 at I "
page a half calling attention to
Jones baa then I
Judge adjourned
or the botrd.Kin. I I a Lottie May Mnynard left thU term of the circuit court here and \\ Chit waa given lut nightIn : their annual "thrcwloic aay" sate Ladies gowns worth I Buys under\shirts ,

!: for Daytoi.a. where for fcev- the parlor of the Biscayne Hoi I of men' and oo/.' clothing and lad- :!, 75cat . . 4& ..
.' returned to his home at 1\lunllie.Ir. . .onh.3. at. . ......
J A. Conrad and \tel. t. \ .
r 'e day\ "she will be the guest of i it* shoes. .

Jane retained bone from a ana Mn. H. C. Roome S. ". ANohrook U In toss About forty-flve guests were present I Today hundred of children are at I Ladies gowns, worth 9& Men negligee shirts

mer' rp"nt In Uichlgaa. New art spending ome week on from Danla today.looklng after some and the occasion was made a the stortcf Anthony-Romlh. getting 1.25 at . . . worth Sue at ... I ......
sad. the JamestcwB KxposlLan. i before returning to their business matters .pleasant: one The sum of 25 cent j one cf: the toy balloon, which the

re borne here for the coming I entitled one to a teat at the card ludustnouB firm U git Ing away l'be Ladies tfowas worth $ I.SO Men ne<<('iote shirts

"t Mr and Mrs. Frank Zumwalt. Mrs. Charles Peacock of Cocoanultrove Tablet, aid aU'o refrenhmenta. The store U -lwed today a"d the fore 100 at . . . worth sac at. . ..... ,
F Lemon City wr In Miami to< I ladle and gentlemen's prized were cf clerks are busily engaged markIng .
kbopptrg: and looking after bualll I I ( I* among the out of town son by Mn Ricnarl W. Rhodes everything down to ridiculous :' Ladies white apron I Qr Men* af'tlire shirts t '
Albert Hinton society visitors in Miami today.
again.A I *of Mary the Metropolis, having ter nod Mr. 1. J. Wtorges. respective depths. Now U the best thins to worth 35c at . .. I J v . .... .
ly. RpfrefhiiebU eon ..Ual of 4
her vacat'on of &eYt'ra. Mr. A. T. Holme, of Long Key, eeure what la called a bargain. Ladies
gingham Men DoJenhirt worth
Mr. F..irl Polk from Long steam and cake were served. aprons.i

i ) bar bern vi lting In Miami : pent, resumed In Georgia her duties and tod.y.IOClety North. arrived May of a In day the or city*o last transacting night for business a- !It Is probable that the ladles These la !going are real lobe bargain so d oat regard-Everything I I worth 35c at. . 19c 35c at. . . . ..

Thwdsy> ant' will retain to will.rrnigs to !give one of thesepart's. l It'lli of cost to make room for their
item contributed or vest, Mrna nndershirt worth
e \ .
Key net Tuesday moraine. > her will be given space la the I I card uhtk.y-: loter aock.whlrh. wa* recently pure !I worth lot at . . 05c SOt at . . . ........
a column. :Mr Lawrence Bow !U from his I ; chased by Mr. Romfh while la New
W. O. Knox. who baa 'MRS. ELsox TO ASSIST!
Mr duties connected with> the extension lurk City. | Ladies heavy vests, Men Saits. worth $ 'I
for come tore In a Tltasville. bu be> 8. B. Aultman came up from "'ork. and will. remain In town for I R. W. Rhode I worth 35: atI . . at .
brady's Mr. Rhodes on* of the mot .
several days on account of the 111- aplolate. d
transferred to hi* store In veaterjay: to meet Mn. Ault- fleas of his mother Mr*. Lily Bow. I (Flom Saturday' Dally) advertisers In he city say i I Ladies tat black home I n. Men Suits, worth $12

I and Mica Beltl, who are ex- Mr.. Edwin Nelson left this morn- In his ad that "if* ap to yo." to worth 15c at I UCI atMens. . .. . ..$10
Mn. 8. L. Patterson and { to anlve here from Georglt, Mr. W. J. Russell, of Mr. Flag I tug for Key Went .here she will call In and fee what be has In .. .

.''. ter Annie Leeter Patterson they have been spending for lees office No. 26 Br->a 'way, N Us for several days assisting tbe I ktork. HJ U ready with the good I Ladle open work hose 23c Suits, worth $10 $8

how :at Cotton Plant. Fla. tonight. Mr. Aultmaa has I worth 35c at. . . . .
Y.. la in the city checking: : up the prohibitionists: In fight in Monroe He has Mime exceptional value In | at. . . H__ !
they will spend several week Mr*. Hooten's new cottage varlom ollce and dep&rta'cnt' of county. Mrs. Nelson went via the I M&'k and! blue men'a suits that are
retuning to Miami, >r main ItJ'ef'l. and the fam I Ladies) shoes. worth Men Saita. worth $9at
'be F. E. C. Railway.ence mallboat to' Planter: and from there telllrg fart.He I $1.25 :$7
m make their home here for mill go vU private boat. sells a pure wonted raincoat I 1.75at. .. .. ., .

AttoofMl'd )(aMevt agreement was i, present, Mr. Aultman going Cra.e Phelps has lone to I' for $10. and If ary man to Miamior Ladies *hoe*, worth Men I at*, worth 2.50at. ...
; An order and to Tampa where be engage 25I pa $
PLF.ASAXT I-JRTHDAY rleinlty die from $2 iaMen.
tered today In the salt of Anna I bolnt*.. Kisilmmee Is glad Cvrnswkk 01.. where abe has ace PARTY other>! disease caused pneumonia from or 3-OOat. . . . . . . . .,...
any got-
In insurance of-
'eptecl a position an .
Dearborn: ra. 8. O. Fllta these good people agarn t'sp..rl- (From Tuesdays Dally) tiny wet no one can blame Rhode..I Children black hose -
s I : I fice. Miss Phelps by long : shoes worth 100
} H. F.. Atkinson was appointed e ., bud we hope they will 19c $ f
to' and determine the ence here I. thoroughly conversant> Mla .'..elU Brown wa the honored lies got the coat that prevent the worth 25cat. I atMrns. . . . ,.
try lo reniila permanently.-
.Ir i ter I IIIr. ( with. this line ofwork, and will no at a pleasant little birthday soak. s
I T. Valey-Oaxerte.! The Ault I doubt prove entirely capable of do'rig party last evening at the Bay View -- I Children black I ho e .1 A shoes, worth 150at Z

I teturned. and last Mrs.night from I I I ate former_resident of Miami the work required: of her ettenhcre. Intel. Refreshment were served LEGAL PAPERS worth iSc at. . . IUCwortn $.. ..0'

and the evening was spent la Informal ;
ville, where Mr. McCormick ", 'd IVnrrt IMuHI Children overalls OC- shoes 3.50
enjoyment Mia Brown' Mortgage, Alice Hodges and husband Men worth

_era! days ago to meet. hta I eitenslbn steamer Columbia, fo'fttW'd to I'ttnadt.lphla guests were: Miss Grace Miller! to Dads Co. State Bank. $500. I 40c it . . r atMen . . . . ., .' .
.1 J who brs been In Lonlsvllle, I dcm-t to the key yesterday: The remain of the lute: H. K. Ms! Birdie HoeferMrGeorge Stra- Warranty deed J. M. Law e; liS'' ,
Jh cinnati. New York and other ulll I three barges of this by to Will Reberson et al for $100 i Boys waist, worth hat, worth 2.00iSItii7tW
Chew shipped morning Mr. Herman Hovelarvd. I I 19c $
for the two were han and I5c at . . '
en polnta An I Undertaker Kina to Philadelphia.; half lot 1.Block 0. Fort Lauderdale. I I at (..

'" here the interment will be made.Improving c.REYBF.ECHER Warranty deed J. R. O'Neal et
ass Mir Louis King who was on* I at Key West ux; to Fernanda Fonxel.: |2SO, halt

the winner In the Jamestown wrecked steamer Lasell was I' RenMrr.ce (From Wednesday's Daily) interest In SO acre i la section le. I :

sition content ha retoratd from Into port this rooming by one A double window U being addedlo 1151 south rang 41 *aat.Mcrtgace. f :
visit to Jamestown and also Merrltt wrecking: t ng of I Miss Jane Bernice Beecher, form-
of the H. C. Budge C. H. Miller et ax: to
-.' In I I the parlor I triy of this place, and Mr. Mark )
) inron and .. new teaching A board of survey incidence on 14th street after "hk-h Dade County State Bonk, $800. :
1d poblie reboot at Fort examine tile bull and If poaalI I the bnlldli.g will be repainted aid I Care), a valued employee of the F Saturation cf mortgage E. C. I

t? ''r She Ia ta Miami shopping today. I repeln will be made otherwise Improved and beautified. E. C Railway at this place wilt be Rnmlh to Charles H. Miller.
married' today In Michigan, and willimmediately
she can reload her cargo and -- Mortgage, R. E. Han et ux to'' t
sfr. C. W. HcPhwoe jot Orlt'aDLKey West -- return to Miami to su
f I, to (FROM THURSDAYS DAILY) make It their future home. Mr. John Kmhock.: 11.000. I '
oee of the Board of County 303
\ Jrf et ax: to Twelfth Street Miami FIoi
I missioner. ai rived U the c ty ... and Mrs. Carey will tcttde on 7th J. D. I Ibas7r"tou .
the Dr. John C Shield and Mia street In a cottage Just oppo-
will fend day coiy
,vl' "Icbt aid FROM TCESDAYS DAILY. Government grant U. S. to Robt.C. .
MePhervon Emma Shields of Drake's Mill aro lite the Mmneapolla. Their
ra baflnes air. many Crockett. 1(0 acrea In section 4
"F I the Wan today: shoppie lends her join the MetropolU In
the dUUnctioB of being m
John Nlven Is quit 111 at Ip St. wroth range It east a
i rroMblUcnlet on the BoarJ of wishing them much happiness, and
on Second ctreet. Warranty deed Amelia Bethel et
nd Mn. Charle! M. Fran congratulating Mr. Carey on having
ty Commissioner Mr. al to Cha E. Robert. $100. lot (1
ur* and children of Palm Vista son so talented and attractive a See our New Stock ol
returned 1 block 1 section
Floiencc Wharton 12. tp. SI south
and are In town bopping today bride.
A splendid literary Farm
studies at school today ate ranee 41 east
.) vrogram was rendered tn the *(: f'ral a..,: Illness. --- I Deed." N. D. Cole to T. H.Chap s
has returned -
afternoon 1"t' Miss Mabel Woodworsh .\ VEHX, KXJOYAIH.E
aidttorinm yesterday
i man $100 four acre In section :>;>
M I home after a vllt of several BIRTHDAY PARTY
the Minerva
the ben of
vret J. W. Homer returned last : ip. 4ft south rUle 42 esl.
Society an crcanl Uor. ." from a business trip to Palm 1 months in Ohio.I Warranty deed W. I. Metealf et
c of pupils of the Miami public I (Fftm Wednesday's Dally) tiS $200. lot S block 2 Uetcalfs
t,. The enlertalnnent was largely I' Mr*. L. E. Bow U reported to be In honor of her sixte nth blth- I addition to Pleaaant City. Guitars ;
better today, and U resting
tended.A friends of Mn. Lly T. Bow some day Miss Mary Hoffman enUrtttnedM -s

regret to learn that the Is qnlte : very comfortably.Mr. number ot friends last evening' ! I i 1.\ nm.mxo WHIM .

'communication from Mr. her home on Avenue A. I her patents home, and a moat AT msr XARAXJA I
arrived -
Mn. J 'ba M Cnrdlce aJdreaMd and Mn. Lloyd finable Uw hours were indulge i i I

New York dates that they Pent sjid Vra. Slmpeon, of I here lest night on a vls.t to name* were the main feature ot the (From Thnrs.lay' Daily) I V .
1). Inave there this week for home. City are tile out or : Mr. Challle's parent ,.v. nlng Interspersed with tresh- I
Mr. L. T. Nornooo. oml-
of fine lln* of notvlt goods latest shoppers! hi Miami today. menu Miss Hoffman recel>4 g a i I a p.-
Mn. W. E. MHls on Avenue A. rent trnrker! and orange grower ofN'aranja
fabric and
terns of d.cood nunioer of beautiful and well I '
here for has been quite 111 for the past several I I. la: town today looking : Violins Banjoes\1
iday goods will soon be her home on 1Mb street Mn. ed presents. Those present werr'Mlaes : after some bailout m<&(lt'U. Mr

store cf Bnrrtlne ft Quartet-man W. Front I* entertaining her carl. Ruth Harrison! FatherHeck I N"orwoo report quite a biiMIng! ,
aa IlIuuall Saline of '. Miss Horning of New York. Allene Canova. Susie Bun- I
( tock. Joe Lopes of St. An m(tin", who nell Mary Hoffman and Messrs. Loom atnrenjs! .Arnonc; those I .
several visiting in Ml11 building large comfortable homes
_' Irene Jandon is expected i-pcnt day Alex TbJmpi-on, Roy Young, Fred '
: Mr. C. W. Mill Mr. James
DAILY ml.! has returned to his home In I nO ,
(FROM MOKDAT tbe latter part of the week Hoffman. Will Glenn Mr. Glad .1t- .
O'Berry and M. Charles O..bam.i
a ""mmel"l1' outing spent In the Antlenl City. er. Onset Bunnell. )ln. Sleppy and I .t

Capt. George J. Herder I* now Cs :oltna. .Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman. i .
oei t the nteorloa steamer Columbia, Order cue or ton Jrttk dellvere -- CITY JUl-"ClL WILL
s" the capacity of pilot. Charles Gowsman and C. 'r shipped to you by the Miami Boitiug The Wom a'. Club of Miami: lave I

11111. prominent citizen of Na- Works Ufgh. Miami I\& n dded the followlrg new books to (From Thursday' Dally)
I Mr.' Wflllinv M. Bardlne are bucine visitors In the I heir library: A Stumbling Block

la>t tlrht from a buslLe. trip I today I Mrs. Mitchell D. Price la visiting Forman: Main Linda W. N. Har- I The session civ council tomorrow will night meet la .ll i clal --
to prepare
New York. Set R.Cbamben
tenTbe; Younger ,
I Mends In Jacksonville during tbt
t I
.the ballot box for the city tier -
Eliza C. 'ilI
J. C. Rice and family left Aunt Jnne of Kentucky' .
: time Mr. Price 1* In Washington on I
yr Wofford, linn to be held lI..xtfond...,, at
.'r. std' Mn. Tat m this morning where they lull; Satan Sanderson.Rlvers; "The
+ HallanAale were among the out I I i-i-nrinen Wife. Green Gabrtelft.Har which all officer nominated: In th-'
Join Mr. Rice and .make their Mayor's' ;
r visitor tn Saturday.! E. I 1 marled' during (the simmer wil; ;
'S\_ I borne. I I Mir Esther Bock will enteraln evening Ciaddorn ris Dl-kerjn: Ain: The Boyd l Amulet, V. N., C.Harln. be formally elected to office. They : Book StoreI,Ia
a of friends omorrow
pary will take office November 1.
Worth if
Mr Ralph
} Mr. and S. Collln and family bare re i II t her' home on the corner of Second The special I rate $1 forborne {
--- -
cf Cleveland are expected In to Palctka to reside erma- street and Avenue C, the occasion peopl" closes this month. The I II
the tint of November, to rpea.1 I
:9:30 to 5
). For a rear or more they being her birthday. !hour are from : p.m. I _
inter in their home la the .
been living In 111 ml. -San Tuesday and Friday'

Mr. alllIn.. W. W. Prout o Item. I Bradley fertilizer are UK beat --POt-XPS- (From '!-y--burad.tD. lly) )
OLLFI> 1011 and
MIrbtf'11011., retam-d' *. Vta-klns-and children of For sale by J. E. Lammus, JaIl...... I t M'A.MSH MACKEREL Several carload of -onl for (hit .;grange Grapefruit Trei

Bizht from a two month visit !In '! Fla are rotting Mn. -- Rryal Palm Hotel arrived y">st.Tday

n<>'th. "notber and .Mster. Mn. J. I Me and Mn. E. B. Lent are exported I One: of .he crew ct the nests mil were" switched, Into the hotel I i .

and Mn O. T. Tuck to arrive her In a few day I mackerel Itching 'In the lower hay 'ard. shire' a forte of men are engaged We have for !summer planting
4, Hon.Grahsta King wife and .. 10th street. from New York and will again occupy I nircevdcd In tindmg aHout one tt day in unloadlne them into ; a good supply ',

( a" dens froM their home at I their winter nome on 12th 'l.nndred 'x> in
ford spending the day ID the Brbntt and Mir Lnla Schntt street near the bridge. by trollng: ThU I lot the! largest i.nd completed there.rACIXK in all

They came by private conveyance. again retprned to Miami to I I catch :at niAckerel made so far this profitable varieties, which we sell at ."

the winter here Mr. and Mrs. W.M.Verable have toe.aou.i F ILKP: TO closing 'I
'e arriving; on out price! ; Wo guarantee our trees ;
Mica oth Lee Lukens 1* : night from New York. They returned from an extended: trip PULL EXTL'4SION! TRAIN ,

tr arrive from New York rtortly pleasantly: situated for tbe sea- rorth and are guests at the Rutherford i l'1"ISG rnLSF.I : : WHITE FLY. Send for Catalogue.] .:]

at..nme charge of the millinery on )tb street. for a few days before goingto EN ROITG TO MIAMI (From Tb r day'ii Dilly) i

ptutment of Well It Crave for the keys. I The extension train was more thanan

_80ft. *. M. .W. Rotes of Lakeland. I The crnllnc yawl Dragon Capt. hour late In retting away this The Winterhaven Nurseries !
in Miami Saturday night Get your grfmlt tree from Fob Ilavbr' and Amberjs'k. Capt. morning owing to the train being

Mr. Albert Jonec.of the ls the guest of her sister Mn. To".9an-ry Cccoanat Grove H. Decker are now enronte to Miami loo h'lirT, for th! engine which was

a Romfb Co., who ba been ill for et itariloc, who U now tarat- Big stock oa hand I for the sinter and are expected I not cleaning well, to pull It. Several WINTERHA\EN, FLORIDA / :1

-. eral lain 1* much better, and .. Vr BVy on sib street. to arrive any <1.y they having left fruitless effort were mad and
probably be able to resume bl* Mr. S. W. Akin, or the auditing Monlay. Capt. Boa- -
Roger will probably be here I I'L Augustine (the train gotten aa fat a* 12th -- --
ies In a day cr two.A ) mobtha. : department ot tL" F. E. C.Railway ; by I* a well known local yachtingmaster treet. where the task was given up sen VILE LNGrAGs.:: A\ ARTY MORTT5O

extension baa returned: { and Cant Decker Is owner and another engine made ready end \\A> K.\OCKF.D OVERHOARb : TR\GmT AT aDO
Inter from Mn. W. P Ivan Jaadon having eoraplet- from a few week vacation pent [IOf the launch Tarpon II., at the rent, out with the train, whl"'b was

formerly Wit Marie Rmh. of course about ten days ago at i at his old and point in wet | Royal Palm dock fl<-ef. and now one of the heaviest ever drawn la ( From (Prom WsAnndaye Davy)

nty. suite tht she Is now living ey'* Hurne College' at Co- i Florida. __ i| berthed up the Miami river. this part of the state Hondav' Daily. ) A Ofrlar Kern sp-eUl tU.
New York City and -- ---- According to several fetitlTmen.tb .
*, CA., now In Charleston. i nlet of
+ domlrllel. Tb. change of elmaie; and sill return' to Miami this Mn., J. W. Boyd and daughters M \I K ANOTHER GOOD VOTEI FOR itOOZE: are a number of very bad boys t 'he lln.ys.t.rday, sad trade[' da

u greatly Improved her be ltt and with hi* sliter. Mb Irene : Mr*. r.Khnrd A. Shine and Mini I CATCH OF BLVE! HI IUDLY BE-ITKN J'l- "t" In frt u"nt th ? -\t atom 11:20 says: ers-
o'clock tbts
wads -g.trd" and bert wtshe Itlllle Boyd. who ba.e been pea- river front. In the vHilty" 1 of the s
friends. She entertained __ tug the past several weeks among 1 Avenue D bridge, Uolr.ra n.-oy let; C W. WebUr. Jr, abet
u'any While only a few eatterne! Span- (From Mondays; Dally) mentally wounded Mrs M, F.ur. Pare
&.L.W1IItt'. of this the mcurtalns of torth'Carolina.are sore and a nnMaiwe. Y<-t' Tug, .
Xn. .
co'lltl7 and Mn. John M. Burdine f-h mackenl I have beon taken so far A white iran.badlj beaten ';r> shout (hen tuned the rrvofrtrhliHf.
t expected to arrive home next morning Ute "bd one" of (be crowd
the retaining Musicians bad
among : this season the fishermen have the bad and face with a blackjack inniettsc wound tn
The tyvnpa'by of the t nlthf train. Mr. and Mr*. : week.Monty. letter! lilt than ever oefore with In the hand nf a N'nrth Miami bar attacked another boy. applying th- hkn h* died two *boor laUr., Xrrrt.r

U exten.ted to Maj. and Mn. I have been away for several lilies: b, there nod catches having tender was given treatment Saturday 'he vllr"st tf ..pltb,,'. to blm for is -.till eweossrloue andhfa(
rnCer St. Calr-Abrama. Mtr ., days Llthla to lots on nnprorea piupefty. btrh he was promptly knocked Into )
kpendine some at beon made no far. TWO of the nurcl.r hT Tr Munroe., He was a fearful ir!fins v>r she hsa chases for l
Clalr-Abram and Miss .It. O. B. Amad... Cocoaawt Qnrv, tbe river After climbing oat of no 101
SL and Atlanta and later | were for (tfe Topical Fish Co.. debt. Tfce man said tie was an 1 corn No rtMsH of tics tragedybe
ligb. They are now at home :Norfo'k .Wasblngton and New i and the other, and latest made ye*. extension employee and had comef\ the water a gentleman Inquired what )tarred as there

Miami. re they attended the i Mm. Wy" e. of B3cyroO..daagh-; ]I l te-1av, for vVII.on Hnddlestoa.It the city last Tnendar and voted art \ wa* the matter, and he was promptly *e*." wera hInun.

evil of Ur. Flaaagaa. I ter of Col. and Mr*. W. C. Lem-. eonslstisl of aliort 7SO pounds. .. ticket tn the loral option election furvd out for being *o Inqalsltlve -- .

of Mrs. St Clalr-Abrama and ue Invitations have been Is- mert. ha arrived in the city and I Thee Bfh have a great demand on He had $17 wnen he came, Sons of these hors are over fifteen ENPREi:: $ SIRS' M

I I"li" ,... who died last week of to a Halloween party to be In busy preparing the new born of the northern market.Cfi6nrlr to town and spent mot of It la years of age. do not attend school, tNCIAIMKDThe

t- ppendlcltlK. Miss St. I at tbe residence of Mn. Price her parents on the B nl>vard forcccapany -- --- North MUml after the aloon opened rod are apparently: slowed to run lathe I e

bps greudatrd. from school and : *. ()ctot-fT"*. Tbe. Kdp I the family being' expect- >T McCnrmlck. T'aa'ferved there. He wa penniless Satur street and around the water. I Festh.n Eznr***)

coDtlane b'= ">ezJ stones this wl of these Invitations are antt- ... down lit a few wrka. This home Cr drc'or John McCormick, of day. hne vtnonned a pale et uadal

A., tee, but Mss Bitch, who win SB evening of rare (aa for li all of the largest and moat magfCent the F. E C. Railway, far a Ion" Mr*. J. H. Strut and childrenof packages aM articles rental*tag

the winter wttb. Major ud I ghosts and the goblins. will Iwi ia tH city, and will lie oe-, time running on. the mala line between Mr. J. M.Deata. a well. known Miami.who ban bees 41he guests the local .be*, th* sasa* t* be

a" Ft. CUlr-ibruna, It a day r* U -/ aad an, ktoda delightful. espied br the Lea.... a for tM flrsttl I Miami and Fort Pierre, baa F. t.;, C. Railroad engineer baa of Mr Strnak' sister, Iflss Nellie her al the ISth *f Kim ism, I ITb

a ,8t.. ,3.0 Iftd. U USa ...atloma' win be xperV, twig .eMS.. n jmst soy. being.. been transferred' to the Maypot ditttlom -I I relcn his poaltioft and COB to Aa4erw, rvtmrncA boa Sunday. -I r* ar* Mar ntsiMs partiisalaa4

t. JaekaoaD3&YetropolL. t oC.Ole road. Tat. to locate. Ocala BUT. artielM te the
... oOwtlM.jif
,. '.. '" "a.....J '.. .. ,..., '. ._ ", ....... .- ,- .. ,. .,::-.. ,1 "i -
', ", ,-, -; .r..r.. ".1' A.' .-0)0-' 1-:," "4-'. tI:1 ""':'; < 1iW:; -::::,... ., r n. ,7 i -, -..... .. '. /r.

ri -
< ,



.. --.... _

d.1 !k


bU Telegram From
to an
I [ care


ted Officers, Selected;I I Than Those when call the "Santa 4

I Glaus"New
t Class Pins and Class I and Were had be

.tr# Flowers For Season b'
f :
.1<<. "be
'. r
BUSY YEAR IS PUNNED[ (Prom" the In '
Imme-llatelv York, October 17th 1907
of the Grove-F .. wag ,

cane la the circuit. had To the Miami : Miami Fla.
afternoon In and Metropolis, ,
...s awurded
Juniors, Sophomore tad ('f 13StL.the (' mau I will be too busy :"J"reahmea EAter The Work With L. K Re-d TI to a great many things

|t JCoca Eaerjy and Bright Promia1fc laced inwompiit ear unfinished CD trial damages eel Jim down in Miami, so I wish you to give the doll and trousseau I am sendingyou

i t*Srau School notes This cue Is '
what oat of the and to. the most popular little girl in Miami.
allege la their The

I tat 1006 tbdefendant operated a I man and I will be there Christmas Eve. "SANTA CLAUS"j -

(From Monday-a Daily) Little niTer: that ,
studesu of the Miami High suitable to from
tool, have completed the orpnltloa they hinted to a. ,
et their classes for the year Ula torrato wslt t
ad W friendly rivalry between ot York" aid that his S
aas already started a- race tote M-BUtlo of the miles .
laadennlp U school affairs. Th* had for sale tile to
class colors and flowers of elar foliate they .. A

SoaMK aMoU dais daises-President are as, Mr.follows Ben: matoes him and, believing platted room A Handsome Doll and TrousseauTo r
7Lot;; vice-president. Miss Eleanor ing the "Duke of : a
/Wl'i tecretary. Miss Jewel Blantreasarer 'be plant were the
e furtnited at '
Mr. Stuart Heyser. 3
i* color ar* Nil greta sad white but they der one..
0 ttald a-nair fera and whit toned that they ,,! ,
for th* emblem. tf York" and they
,Juaiorurtoa Clsr-Prestdeat. Mr.Prsnkvtcepresldenu stable 'Ime and the
most little in
popular girl Miami
; Miss Amy I they ask damages es
JthJ secretary aad treasmrerk Miss fendant wilfully
a Man. Color .forest green aid them sued other I
4. Flower, saaraehalaetl rose Pake at York" shut .

Sophomore Flak;Class vteprldent.- President. ,Miss Mr and\\orlry Prt a appear any Raid
ura Joyner; secretary and cressar- By order of the '
Mba Catherine Ogle. Colors, red I tilt of the &. dollor: alrubber one. For that reason, the Metropolis has arranged to give to the 1
d Mark. ,Flower, of M V. Brown
jack trove.tesbmaa box
) ClassPr.WeaUW upon afiplicatloB of to most popular little girl in the City of Miami, a handsome doll and trosseau consiSting -
ale Moa ".lllUais; vVe-prealdent continuance of the ,
mired Romfh; secretary and adjourned spring pen of a handsome twenty inch doll, dressed in white lawn, with four extra dresses '
irsr Mr. Batty Oelger. .Colors. earn of $100 was ,
rak bite cad wait* riower.wbiU a Miami* expansefrom and refers coat, two hats, bathing suit of blue( flannel, rubber cap and bag, kimona, complete'

Besides- tie else org>alsUf>n the a steaogTapbeT ,... con by set of underwear, extra socks, toilet articles, such 'as tooth brush comb brush
r Athaitto Association hare be- a* costs. ,
aeUr* work with Mr. fltltt Yar- In the case of curling iron hair-pins sachet hand mirror fan and
gh a* president. Mr Pad Rad- the F. Ei C. = everything you can think of.
er aeeretary and treasurer, MrMcLeadoa. for a new trial was his These all in think
things neatly arranged handsome
are a
( three
butt sergeant at arm*. fendanU given : the trays, lock and key
M gneral protector of the tUtiarapkeraa to ale their bin of "
ua. There are standing tbe .. .
intneea. each with an alouslaschalnnaa such

:an aa4 physical* on tntntag.Tb'AlbmathW base Literary ball. .ben.ket Sodergaateed *- NEWS f AND \ puts The sus Conditions of Contest Basis of Votes

a week oga will give I
first program OB Wednesday at FROM can
October t Ith. .*.a InterMt used F
40ato win be OM of the"promfeatarea. be .

olar meeting. The society very win bar two 't'n '. 1. Any girl under fifteen years of age, residing Votes will be allowed on all subscriptions 'j

ks.ipbr. of the High School boy*. Homtstrtd. la., .. in the City of Miami will be eligible to paid to the Metropolis on the following basis:
McUeodoa of th Jaalor son of Mr and !
enter the doll contest. .
hill the
was peen
sad Gorge Flak Harry Mnlaa4 .
Robert Ttylcr of he Soph ding Ta.-ftJar she 2. Each candidate wishing to enter the *

tary CUsa.coeampmoat are attending is Tampa the state n ,ter Miss... of.Margnrite ths family.. contest for the doll must have her name certi 1 month ((5 weeks), 50c__u ______ 50 rotes #
tf Campany K Miami Kit .4. prettiest claw 3 months, $1.25-------------------- 1/5 votes
Mr Claude W. ." fied to the :Metropolis, by parents or friends. 6
.,Tne Zoology class are making aa burg were tufted face $2.50-------------------- 490 votes ,
Wang (rood ecilectlna of .p cla \\j rtlatlre and a port 3. The child of any officer or employee of 1 $5.00
friends were His year ------_____..___ ______ _1,000 votes
> :They hope to hare a eabl
.i ooa to keep them InBaynood The brute wore' a and the Miami Printing Company will not be eligible* 1 year (in advance) $5.W.__- ---- ___ 1,500TotesFor )
DnKocaen, of the Soph of white silk 1 of in this contest. (
lace and
Class who was tsjared In aC never ,
accident a week a o. Is ding tiful and morn girlish Her th I ten I I 4. No child, whose parents have not resided every yearly subscription,.paid in advance -
at school. With the exception
..all blue silk, with I for person who have not been subscribers -
his bandaged arm he looks asu ..111I1 permanently in the city of Miami for at ,
ever.Tbi A reception waa right I to the
tissues la rhrmlstry visited of her ststr Mrs. the least six months previous to Dec. 25th, will Daily Metropolis for any period beyond -
rte tartar Friday, where they dt"r which the I' three months
It the will
eq., eourteo.siy shows all the dBs parted on the '. I be eligible to participate in the contest ,
1 ahoner of rice
ot jnaklag ice 2,000 votes.
-- for .h"lIIe, N. >|>ed : 5. 5 Any child dropping out of the contest +
(Mints north They =: : to I For yearly the
; every subscription to Weekly -
In St Petersburg ; out will not be allowed to pass to any other contest-
HEiHIGH SCHOOl Mr. John Dock tbe I Metropolis, there will be 300 votes allowed.
was a pleasant fear I ant the votes she has received while in the
Tuesday Mr at contest. For all job work advertising, etc., paid for ,
I to I
plased I he hopes to
PHILOMATHIANSOCIETY bring several .. 6. The Mianr.i Printing Company reserves to the Miami Printing Company one vote will
that the citrus tre<> of a
: : be allowed for each lOc so .
tan waa a his the right to amend these rules at any time, or snared of the fed at the of I make further restrictions. each issue of the Daily and Weekly

t lime School In the opened new (' I 7. The contest will close on the night of Metropolis there will be a ballot, when properly

S. Hudton of Cairo, la I December 24th. filled out, will be good for one vote. i i1iY
i :Mra. Ru..I1. of-
edited the position : I] t tRedlsod troutI I
;.Tali foQowmg are the officer an rear' b11
amttlee* of the literary socieU o]>en school Monday.Mr I
t the Miami High School, organised A T Dnral : : :: t:1 e
Mew day ago* ordered Iv tuber and I
President Mott Yarberoaich.ViewPresident. erection of a (' I
r flat, Mis Era building. As soon w.
sler. will carry a fine
Ieupnd \Tew-Prewldcnt, Mis Ul- merchandise and a .ah'l
Cnwfordrttary earl i Is nearing sod
and Treaaarer.Ml Fk>r- Mrs Janlus &
lie. KeltyCrttle. RepelsHoax have : out
MlM Grace Jarrett.8erge nut visit to It The doll is nowon exhibition at I
t at Arne Mr Seal lfalnTb. Mr H. S. Scott :: : I
Cresnell, who HIT I
teachers of were the elected voclety bonorwbTt 'icX rrrorered.! ll-t the past : I I Burdine & Quarterman's Store.

Conadtteea were appointed **> Mrt.Pan Robert the I
raw th WnUtaMoa and by-law. ed from Miami last r
decide upon a cociety tame and The vegetable & '.
ct a club pla. ers are taking \ I
At another meeting held kt the rains and.f? bn> for I
kditortao OB the afternoon of (heth their plants from 'I I
th* cowtlt tloa and by-laws Held and a very and
were read and approved and all being planted '
onnilttees made their reports Orange blossoms !.
It L was tbea deeded that the ore or ng s and on* / I I
Ixatioe receive the same can be seen on the te
ton Society and a programpdttee Homestead country I ; :
confuting of MM Persia Rev O. Bernard ......
ran MBM Amy Smith. Mb ra Vista, held \ I Address all communications to
t Good Miss Era Shlaler and at the Kdlaod"! by /
t Pal Rader sou named Mr Clarke baa I
'Tae UwJnt of tie High School from his summer .
steed to make .their ociety both needed rest. j I
isasv.t and proStable and ft I* The unsettled ".. I Il
elf Ideation to keep la touch w1t4 i l reralled the rat i
McOt each], literary and political caused tome ('( I ;; Miami Printing
tot the da/, and to srqaalnt of the storm of dart ,I !) Co
'lie with parliamentary U.g .- repeated 1
___ I
and to gate some mesre or i '
ass. and readtnec la lmprompt nOnE 8Ol*>D 'I
For ssle-- "
I tVwea HI T rtrtCapC for breeding pens. \ a
l' note Rosa. who r..e.W tlM each; I I11.1t her
.rMarsd troi Ia sanmer spent la to It JO. ; ... 432-434 Twelfth Street Miami FloridaIIIX
Rh* aorta, te sow bully eagaged tt grow W. Leghora <&- ,
}>re Hac ben yacht JaplUr. tor th* May and ..... price I ft .
sessee s testa*** and win eons have T;: Kew lea .. I .- ., ,
!!t; h eesstadoa. [> .. -, -.... I. 4 -:
.1 : ) ,,, = ,.



Garments For Ceel! WMtlw. and Hew .

t* Make Them.

RETURNS The new fall garments for young a

I STATE DREDGEIN misses are now on view In many )

a I places, although they may not be worn
until the middle of September Thecats

i NEW WHITE FLY I come first and are extremelyneat : l PROTECT YOUR BOOKS !

RIVERS and well made. besides being becoming
That They May DetermineIf
to the slim young figure

Any Fraud Has Been FUNGUS DISCOVERED Jumper suit have not altogether cone They're too valuable to be strewn about the room or house exposed .
out. for among the new outdoor suits
to dust and damage I Of course can't help it if
we find several' of the standard woolens you your

Committed Will Soon In Circulation I made In that fttyl, although the book-case is full and of the old style solid construction. Better
mxlemalft la Deonarily of material'
lens flimsy thin has been worn all get rid of such a case or start a new one that will always accom-
1 I And Bulletined by the Florida Ex. Here to be Sent to Gov.
summer Soine of the lingerie welsh
modate books without
your being either too large or too small-
are to IK corn. I lout beneath them wUl
THE RUDEST R \WAS GRANTED perimental Station The Fungus I Broward be a vent richer of quilted. cotton or one that grows wj'h your library and always fits it fhe .

Detaibbed in Official Statement II crochetnl. \MH.1| Tilb; U a little trick I

I I of fenilniult) that ban: often been played .

aDd wbll' tbe vise l one are blame

F By County Commissioners in Sec.r I ,o tog the nonx for w..I1oIIlU'b rimsy gt b 1vi ticJ.

10 AID "GLADE DRAINAGE"II :stuff at the rink: of tlielr very tires" the .

lion Today-AU Returns 6an- Bulletin Vo (S. of the Florida wearers have tarn comfortably dressed .

Agricultural Experiment Station-ay I beneath the very waist that has
yawed Down to Fort Lauderdale been called a peekalioo. Btasttc BooK-Casc
"A new' fungus that gives; promise

Where a Problem Was Struck of being very effective in killing tbe I I In the IllnMrition ,.111 be seen a unit

larvae of tbe White Fly has recent- the Scheme-Corernof Browaid of thin ogle male of heather ('cheviot

I 1)' been discovered It.-.. found with no trimming save a binding of is the original and
I only up-to-date sectional book-case and is
l.y Prof P. H. Rolfs in two dif. Writer Here Advising Petition brahl' here there are edge The

L e (From Saturdays Daily) ferentroves la tbe SIIb-P nlnllaIL skirt Is laid In hOI: plaita A silverysilk made by the largest manufacturers of such goods in the world.

Attention waa called to It from the and Promising to Lend His As.sistanee .I veil U DOW a fad with many, and
The Board of Commissionera
u..... ,j I are In special County_Ion today forth fact that 70 to .0 per cent of the while, It I. graceful as an adjunct It It's furnished in a variety of
larvae In recently !Infested tree w ref.u..d to the Scheme also the of
serves purpuxe keeping; the
.:n., parpore of canning the return I grades sizes and prices.
'. from lit Tuesday's wet and to be dead This led to I dust out. )Ian,.,.oon, girls will be

. dry election and np to the noon further Investigation aa O the cause admired In thce soft and dainty veils c adapted to any and all re

\: r.. ifoefi haj eanracred all return.dowa of the mortality of tbe WIII .- Fly i I forget exactly what they are called, r
. .. laivae. with the result that a fungu* quirements. It's a system of
to Fort Lauderdale, without but It Is something to show that the
(From Mondays Dally
puking any change In the same. net heretofore noticed, vat found ) I delicate complexion In thus to be preserved units,each unit fitted with the
On leaves sent IB later from one of If the proper steps are taken it I
In the Fort
Lauderdale returns, i
the almomry larva is likely that perfection dust roller
same grove very one or more I proof
however a problem was encountered All waists of any kind of material
bad been killed The name fungus sUte dredge will be placed In the
There! virtually were no returns Ink suitable for young girls are' made very bearing door But well be
_as found to be present aa WhiteFly Miami river to cut a canal from. the
that the Inspectors la their certificate | full at'a the shoulders In front. acme :
larvae seat In oa citrus leavesfora lorth fork into the Everglade* under glad to show them if
of election bad neglected to Incorporate bating deep and full berthas Nearlyall you
the Manatee river regie a few the plan of Governor Browardto II
the number of rotes cast for days later.'Tbis drain the same ,.al lv" are calculated to disguise. i or ,ill send beautifully illustrated .
end against prohibition It appeared the unformed figure of the girl and add
a clear, eat of neglect, but how to I new White K.y parasite. Recently citizens Interested In the breadth t<> tile shoulders and make the catalogue on request f It commlsmlcneri had which may be called the 'White lands that would be affected and Improved
1 waist seem umailer; by contrast Time
-I Dot determlnd at th tine of adjournment ft Inge" fungus appears to belong by the drainage of the Evcriclades -
when this
was was not understood
for dlsuer.Immediately I to *, genus known scientifically asMlcroeera. entered Into correspondencewith
s ; 1 and the inrts really deserved the -
It Is related to the Red Governor Broward relative to epithet
upon the board con Heided: fungus (SrhaeroHiltle coerce securing a dredge; to cut a canal Into I of gawky' All U changed now
Toning this the
morning following
) that la parasitic Sac Jose Nearly all skirts, particularly If
., phila on the "Glade from the Miami river
pntlOon was filed with the board,
.kka Is self Stab and on various eitrna scale insects which Is held to be a logical made of woolen' are laid In folds or D
explanatory I
I but Its general apperare4 ia I drainage! paint and have received replies plaits. Side kilt box and even double

"In Dad. County, Fla very different stating that If the proper petitions 1 plaits are seen A few woolen skirts ryto
e "To the Honorable The' Board or'
""f'blte fringe fungus N not at are prepared and furnished are tucked after the plaits are .laid or
e County Commlatloners of Dade all conspicuous to the unaided eye, I him that he will take the matter up before, and the effect Is very good '

c/vn\y, Florida: as are the red yellow and brown I with tho drainage commission giving Wbere plaid U the material bias fold.'

8. Bona Dean B. B, Tatnm, OEaloe fungi, bat under the band len It the practical assurance that a are set on with good effect Plaid II

for themselves and other clt nay be mad out. It rppnar aa avery oredr will be set to work here really the best and most serviceableof I
cress of the coanty>> of Dade afore- kw
delicate whit ail dress rood Then
frlaga coning I Acting upon this assurance It in are many
laid. respectfully show unto your out from the the kinds of this of
margin of tans reliably stated that petHona will be plaids reason, most
koaorable body: If the leave are picked and allowedto prepared and circulated, one amongI I them being In rather neutral colon, I j.

That they hare been informed dry the fringe disappear The I I h<* business men and commercial organisations gray* and cIra with her and tbt
1 and so ....I' ... that there have tad larvae become whit and papery of the city, and the other a thread of a bright color W'b1b1.nd I II ,

been frannJs and grar Irregnlarltiea aDd later often present a very among the country residents who I two shade of gray or drab or fawn
$ I ermm:ttd aj, the election belJr.a alight! plnlsh ern Interested and affected by Everglade I make the most refined of the plaids.

the Uth day of October A.D. '" experlmer-ta conducted at drainage.asking that a dredgebe These vary In size from pinhead :

s ? result is,. to of such the elf'l'tion.l etent aa to effect the I Gainesville, showed that in two put to work cutting a canal from I checks to two to four Inch iiqna..... F. T. BUDGE 1

( I weeks from the tin:* the spore were the Miami river Into the 'glades. The plaid require very little

That your petitioners hare not Introduced Into whit fly Infected The state has already two dredges mine, aa the ngnre Is so Ibow,trIID-l
bad. an opportunity to examine the trees the fungus was vary evidentvpca digging a canal from New rive

returns poll list*, tally sheets, bal- previously healthy whit fly at Fort Lauderdale Into the 'gladea,

iota and other paper from the sewenl larvae Additional er-vrlnM-oU In and It Is hell that the work eon be !In'nII Hardware and Furniture. Twelfth Street MiamiJOrang'e s sal

precincts of the county>> which the laboratory: showed that the spores expedited by starting another canal x ,
- k have been returned of the whit fringe fungal germinate from the bead of the Miami river

i, That your petitioners desire. to much more quickly than those I, The result of the petition and Ita __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ _
hare the said papers relating to the of either the red or the yellow tnn- effect will be watched with Interest n

t election aforesaid carefully examined 1111, : both by the drainage advocates and

v to enable them to deeds what ,"How far the UM ef this fungus those opposed to 1C
e ; step. If any shall k taken la the win prove to b* of practical value

r. Mid matter la controlling the White Fly Is yet

-Tour petitioners for themselves'and to be determined by farther expertly THE BALLOT BOX TO S Trees
other dtlma of Dade county, at on a larger seal*. If however, Grapefruit
request your honorable body to direct the fungus continues to be aa active

that all the papers pertaining aa It ball recently howa Itself to be .
to the raid election ,....: Return I I I' will certainly prove of great value BE LOCKED AND I 1 (I

: poll lUrs. tally sheets oath. and In further checking: this ravage of Il'
) battoU shall be carefully filed aaJ ,tills troublesome pest '

1 preserved, that yoir petitioners may Persona finding this fungus la HELD .\.
y hare access thereto m the presence parts of their groves can distribute FOB Toma oiua. Standard Florida and Seedless Grapefruit which are bringing toe
of the custodian thereof and the in 1 lv,
proper It Into portion of grove salt. made as plainly as possible the
that the clerk of thla board shall which the White Fly I* perfectly beauty' of consisting In the fineness highest prices in the market. ,Also a full assortment olleail-; :'
be directed fnratah certified
to copies
healthy by taking laves containinglarvae
" of finish It Is almost a capital crime
ct all the papers desireby already Infested with fungus Oran lemons Limes and t )'
for a skirt to drag down Into a sagging ing es Kumquats always on ,
rr petitioners or other citizens, and pinning them Into trees where Pending Order of Court-Mr. ,
point In the back to down at
rtalnlng to said election upon the lame are not dlvt! ed- Ia sag hand: :
I' yet We bad Lemon Soar t
the sides, as nt is so apt to do with on Rough Orange
i their paying the proper fees there- doing this we would advise that the Atkinson Did Not Advise circular sklrta. ,
; 1 for fancu.- ta1n1Dc surtax: of for detached I
Tbe figure to tbe center show a suit ,
"AM yoartp.Utl.w will ever leave be pinned la contact ,
Against of biscuit chiffon cloth, the skirt laid I J
with the healthy larva ot the others -
Fray."S. ." In flat plalta The natty coat to plain ;
B. Dean with the exception of the velvet collar Graprrvtt sad LIme Boots w. haw Large ffarsrrle Ou Kanertas aw aWotwtaftre / t:
-B, -B. Tatnm. ( ,
That being so placed aa to allow all of which hate their a4oa I
"0. Ealoe. the Red Lands of th* troai Whit. Ply andes .
the good to show beyond' the velvet '
. board the MACKEREL SEASONIN ( Monday s Dally) vantage when planted upon Bomwtaad aIM there li "
o The a4ulereed In re- makes It handsome I would be Country oa Is se Walt 1'171 Date
..qM8tr1f\ the petitioner and passed The commissioners finished land to which they are best tt
county ashamed tell how hammock
to many time I r.Ilgh land seer Ful- or St. Lade ConOv yon
a resolution making the clerk of th* their business Saturday afternoonby adapted. W* especially \1
have tried to make a collar like that
| .FORMALLY computing the canvas of the returns commend Soar Oraag Root, fad and oa high plus land take M risk IB h ytac ev 1..1
: : without So I
papera : : ever once succeeding at nar Miami and Lemon <
of the local option election pa. .f
least can appreciate the style of that tor producing the beat quality tear, Then Is danger !H ,. l
+ rertlfiij copies upon the payment of and declaring the vote to be Ml of Also en the Indian River, near $I,
and take
collar Oranges w* plea-
the proper fee. for wet and <>8 for dry Fort Plane anti ... therefore brlaglBc trs: frost ether ationa **- t
OPENEDTwo Sleeve to all such coat are long and or* la advtslag patron
nejl'lll'J'OM I of the petition to This did not Include the vote of bt" In position to furnish trees of she state whore ttto ;eE,
coat with
I' cXerollse: If there are any grounds shaped stitching as orna who are la aa to the
Precinct Fort Landerdaw,
reaaone. He. to contest Ute said which No.7.not canvassed meat, although some have short caffs. kind of root beat adapted to best adapted to different soils I dreaded Jell to. csstn4rdletrlbaUd
was accountof
t wet. aid dry. electionCoaasel aa error In the inspectors'on eertl- Pockets: are almost necessary to carryout their PARTICULAR SOIL. and loeatJona.Griff s '.
the rather masculine style, but It
for Dade County Prohibition tale of dettton It was decided by
League and legal may be said that they ar more for
resolution that the ballot box: from
Smacks Iced and
theIIdewere" Up than ornament I
t present nile
this precinct be securely sealed and
at th4 caavtsdag of the returns the Hats are just what, each ODe wants I'I'i '
not opened except by order of ing's : :
t which twas take up Immediately I after Sent to the Channel- court and looks bent In Fine velvety felt Is I ]

r the petition had been disposed the foundation for the hats. It is i
of. : Other to FollowFrom The Metropolis was In error Saturday 1
bearer' troth than ever to say that this
Flirt Litdeedale Left OAt ., afternoon In stating that Mr season bats are as various as the faces I Pomona Nurseries Florida, which are tally inscribed
Atkinson, acting attorney for they I I i
the afternoon salmon and ondTteefof r inml.tloners had advised the board of the wearers Plumes, quill, velvet In oar largo IThss. ,
the attorney" of the board, that the returns from the Ft. Lauderdale and satin flowers, ribbon soft and I
ccnmlsalonera decided to leave I mated catalog. eared ben
} crisp velvet and all sorts of large and
precinct could not be canvassed
lad "of'Urnt!the canvas from Fort This LanderJatenot makes theremit The( Spar lib Monday's mackerel Dally fishing) sea- Mr Atktnron held that thel I bata small for.faii.fancy buckles ar seen on the Wholesale and Retail. Phone 129-E apace appuesuoaORANGE

otef could be canvassed providedbe
Fon practically opened last Saturday -
lot the election Ul for wet S
r ( iDtpecton be given the opportunity Party dl't'.re nearly all made ofsoft
when the auxllary smack
f sad "|S for dry a majority of 1! "
their silk either white
tics wet.. Three Slaters, of the Miami Fish Co. to correct and complete or tome very I
r va Iced and sent to the rcrtifiate. which could be done any faint color These have the sleeves
..J. She was np followed this time within twenty days from the ; puffed, shirred or made with insets of growers of Florida. Vre feel an In |

T TIIRt[ VERDICTS WERE by the smack Gertrude, of the ebU-r date of election, the commissioners I Ibaring i lace. This silk Is like the liberty' but E GROWERS "'r"' >n maintaining tbe good repI I Ial.tlo. BOYNTON CITIZENDID
.. long established for (lb. ,
es Hated fleet aDd that time In which to canvas rather more sheer and fine Tu *ore ago

; next day or two all of the boatsof the voteThe and several other thin and flexible: I utierlorlty c-f the Florida: oraraes.

the several fish exporting concerns >> toard waa rpllt two and two silks and satins are made It would i SEEK PROTECTION aid grapefruit over be same fruit THDR BEl!
it' ORDERED BY THE operating from this port will on the proportion of carrying over seem, for the express purpose of af. I grown 'In ary ether date of coun. i'

r hare gotten away with fall crew the canvas of Fort Lauderdale precinct .fording something girlish and dainty I try, while some upscrupolous spec<< I r ,.
and the necessary eqnlppaga for chairman Baker voting against Certainly there are many thin and : nlal: rs and buyers are continuing I -
taking ma'kertl. carrying over std; settling the I to buy up the fruit and ship It before
> COURT question pretty woolen goods, like voile and !
L It I* matured which nefeesaar. I
..r ,
There will be a perceptible decrease for the time being any amount of foulards, In silk and In I I
11 means fruit all
noun .for
In the number cf flihlng boat, concerns The board then adjourned to November the pretty and inexpensive: barf silk : a elt-I
r and men engaged IB the mackerel 5 at which time the! canvas good All these are pretty and girl I By Sending Circular to Boards of I rua fruit contains a large percentage r.'i
of acid
more particularly
fishing business this season, will likely cone again lab. The fashion of >
(I'fom Saturday's Dally owing np tying great bowr hefor.I'
Health Asking Them to Suppress I It i I. ripe just because they ]
i' to the two last seasons being a of ribbon the hair '
lAte! yesterday afternoon the jury ou has about run Its II I a rood price for It. It Is not jt all
l. trying the case of Reed n. Stockton. failure financially All of the local Poweirs Socks.TUlla I course and ribbon will be used in more Shipment of Green Fruit Into palatable and is) considered anwlkni-
iJ. In the circuit court returned a rr- I or home exporter will re-enter the rational fashion as sashes and bows i some when eaten before It is folly It.

,, did la favor of Lbs defendant Th* 1I..le'D4 this If the fish are plentiful \ Powell of the Petersburg OLIVE HARPER. Their Cities matured The orange and grapefruit I Boynton Ort IsTk toeOoa >

following verdicts were then directed All ellmatlcal season conditions will be at succefal! Independent, says be Is !going to order I differ from most fru't la this nee here Tuesday passed off very ol
1 by the court la other cue: favorable presentare a dozen No. 12 socks from the Writing Navels at Night. II fpect .as It never becomes any sweet fly''' and every raises did his. ) bat

;,. Cotlngtoa Co. vs Salem Sawaya.damages I yarn mill when it gets started This Miss Bra<1d..n. the novelist who has
$1.000. verdict for f 1.%71. For several weeks past 118.111 I good newspaper mm knows Iota but {I probably written mure fiction than any I from the trees In other words.wbea l.+t booze had .been pl.*.*t to

Georgia Fruit Package Co. vs W. schools of mackerel have been seen''I he ought not to tackle the product j other living ....roorl. dw much of her I It ht pi.ked green: and is sour and roper hands and ft did t** work.
A. Filer damage, t).500; verdict In the lower bay and along the if cotton Let him' nick to nick !' work at night the then write with The following clrcu'ar letter has nltler It never change Its flavor Mr W H. Coa: sprat WdM4r I

wK lor II.04C .04, principal and Inter- coast and bat for the heavy weather -I northerners and fruits For his la I| great rapidity raakinc few .....rl'I't"tlonA.I I Len addressed to the boards of The Florida Orange Growers' Com in Miami taking the ballot box ...'

est and $100 for attorneys tee i of the pant week, It ts reryllkelysome formation we had to correct hint She mmetlmeu turns out 1.000 or 1,500 racy hopes to maintain a It.n".rdI ibe authorities there "*.
catches health in various cities to which:
J. A. McDonald Lumber Co va would hare been made last week on that boll of words an hour : price for It according to the qual )Cr. sad Mr*. Will Funk wer*

F. W. Backus. damages $1.4SO.eidkt will state that he can send eottoD-1 Florida o'arg: '- are shipped: tty which will not militate agabwt I i ia Wt Pain B acs>. THada,. ,'

f \ for $659.15.e 10 PICK on'GJR!' : la to oar knitting mill at I "H Is barely possible that yon I I the consumer, a* ne win not pay I Mr Frederic a Dewe,. of JaekvKiavlll '
411 of this morning's session ot WAS SHIPWRECKEDOX 1
I I COXCERXFrom fore the change of weather gives may recetv some of the green ore any more for the fruit and be wilt wa In ten Weds as lay .>
the court was oc-upted. la hearing hIm cold feet, and get the neces arles CUBAX CO.1ST snare ana grapefruit that will beI I, always know what h* I* gettingIt buxlncis. t ..

pealing. and ( Saturday's Dally In time to prevent that trouble. I la oar purpose if possible to die I, The lint tarpon ever caognt t*
motions, demurrers etc.. In ense Among the passengers going to I so he sill be In condition to talk Ivar Ivaron a well known yachtIng i shipped out of the State of Florida ronrage the chipping of green trait these waters wag I landed by mi.Murray .

;. pending and disposing of the same. Naaaan and from there to various next spring This sock propositionand seaman, who with a companion; !' ilhln the next few weeks In fact, In any way that I. possible for as last Sunday It sseaaarsdi

. ToIIerco points la the Bahamas, oa the bad break--of Powell svlll started from here early In the summer sornefrnlt has already gone forwardV I to control hence this warning to I, four feet Thl b a sew aOraetlOSli::
fc "t Shaded ___ at ChtpleyE. schooner Mabel Darling this morningwere .lead tome to teller that be has In a small sloop boat to go to think It pertinent that the handlers you which w* hope will com la for Bo11lt n. ,'

.. a party of ten orange packer been ecBUaaally stumbling over the the Panama Canal has returned' and consumer ef oar trait a I advance of any shipments of Imma 'I Postmaster F. P. Harper Is S44-
N. .
Dekl to the
propose set from Merrltfa Island headed by a I IVr. punch bowl Just remember, ld here and Is now employed on the sell as ourselves should. be pat up- fared trait to your town and pen' '' lag a north to his residence snA

yarn for 'Waahlagton IB shaded scanty tobacco by next experimenting I Wallace There men are under boy that the yarn Is purchased In yachtovla. Ivason and his partner i I I Zero I their guard and not permit aa- pi*. W* win be glad indeed, If rov :I will afterward paint the ssjdfQI

contract with a large Canadian con->> the yarn mill (lust at some of your bad a rough and perilous trip wholesome premature and unripe would 'make It your buses to building, which will toddtdly his
.* *OB. He ia doarlBeed that as tern which: It ia said baa purdt..... I fish stories are recited to the sade aa far aa NeuvetaCuta.wbere they I,I fruit to enter your city and thai publish this throughout roar state i prove the looks of that street
,, ertloB good tobacco In the can Qolncy grown numanlty la this the orange crop of tho Bahama* for ware which rocking In' the boat were compelled to beach their boat I I i :eopardlxe the health of your eltlSODS. a* much as possible, thus edicatlnc I Contractor H B. )far,., ha. >
aa the next ten years they to pack and before being printed) and then the and leave It on acepunt of It becoming '1 The Florida Orange Growers' oar people to the necessity of get. ether hour ender way for Cutis .
and will back his eplnloa by liberal
teU.-Chlpley TsrdlcU prepare the crop for ihlpment each I I' knitting mill will, complete the work. waterlogged and damaged by Company>> -ompoaed u woald be ting good fruit which they eaa do, Pence When Babned It will W *.>

year -I.alle City 1D f'L heavy seas. i indicated by same of the orange .If they win wait until It grta ripe, iciipied I by Mr and Mrs.ELECTION Cq


4 v.fI ;
"" "iL' __ .. .. _

< ''t'J..w.".. .. -;Yi: ......, 't1;- :, ",_"-, _-.;.. ..1.r -. > M ._ ,.,'iT ,i

--- -
---- -- ---I .
I .


: HATS DIRECT. FROM Burdine & Quartermans :

fRANCE Big Fall Clearance Sale .

II .
We're show I
epared to

you all the new shapes Received by Mr*. W. W. Erwin 25 Per Centreduction Begins Sat. Oct. 26 25 Per Centreduction

From Order Sent Last FebruarY..
1 of fall & witer hats from on on ,
Consists of Two Hundred and

follow 'g manufacturers Twenty Pieces i Dress Goods Continuing through the week big line Silks ::3

I About 100 pieces closing Saturday, Nov. 2nd. A big linVot' the

:.John B. Stetfton & Company $4.00 to 5.00 1 consisting voile 1 best silks on the
Mrs W. W. Frln bas received
. "No Name Hat Mfg. Co . . .$".00 to $3.50 Ijr direct Importation from \MlIUra ,I Panamas, brillian In order to make room for the large market including }

:, Hawes Hats . . . . $3.00 Cuerla & Son. of Um.w France

Caldwell & Company . . . $1.00 to $2.50 :20 |1,1.... ofIt.1e/ /-t.-a1 china manufactured tines, cashmeres, stock of dry goods, house furnishings, fielding Brothers

i teem MUml to in her February soeclil order last w nt eolines, serges, & millinery,_ etc., bought by our Mr. BurGuaranteed and

> I So noels .al the cUua packed some fancys, ali dine.who has just returned from Eastern other makes in '
I I th,t every piece was perfect and lan

: .. way marred or defaced when un- to go on sale at markets,-_we.. have_ marked. our_ entire'stock taffetas peau de

'S wells I I..kt'd.n'moIDd Alter the unpacked.china had It been was A Reduction of down for one week. We ask the ladies of soie, satins, eic.

1 found utterly Imp ...lblf. to Uamp
Miami and Dade County to read care-
the straw In the large task In Uich

4 I' had been ahippea. 2 5 fully the following and remember the 2 5 '
The htna la decorated In Empire
green with Grecian border. sales of Burdine & Quarterman, while

: Clothing Store A FINE: .ARTICLK: Per Cent. not numerous are what they advertise.Per Cent. a'

The Manufacturers' Record of the rr
17th contain a well written and
nicely Illustrated article on the White Goods Colored Lawns Silk GinghamsAll
I building of the Key West extension
iTHE STEAM HORSE NOW <.f the F. E. C. Railway In thekev All Madras and Dot Swiss s
Our'entire line of colored
at. 22 12cat2Scentreduction
The stews of the work are li lithe quality -__.
!. good and deal with lawns include
particularly are 2& at. ,
concrete viaduct construction! at t quality __ __ __ 19cSilk
} AT LONG KEY VIADUCT Lone Key ed in this sale; a great ;

ma beautiful
i Y patterns Mulls
... -.1- JllMJE JO\K8 inSTILL! CrUMIlERS Persian Lawn to select from at the

i. following big reduction We have these goods in all

" THE CONSERVAT'RYCONCERT (From Monday' Dally\ 20c quality at------ colors and some fangs t ,
Rolled in There Yesterday
lit Judge the circuit lone: court It still discing at chambers] of v.- 2Scfine batiste at_ u_ __'19c 12 l-2c quality at- -_ --_09c 3Sc quality___ u _ 25c

:.Afternoon_Amidst Much ricof motion demurrers and oth- 40 inch white lawn at..09c ISc quality at_--_ _--_ _.lie 25c quality_ _ __ _ 19c

' WASSUCCESS ,r paper IB suits perdlag. and willIv 20c quality at..____ __ _14c 20cqualityIScMullin
.f 't' Cheering occupied the better part. If not all ISc qualify atu___:. lie -

t of the week|
I ---

I;m BLOWING OF WHISIUSTrack [ : 1 Table Underwear Lace

. (From Tuesday'Daily) i
Annie Uilgnt a negrcss from Ft. About $300 worth will be displayed at very low
; (Front Saturday' Dally) Lauderd'Ue wax green a preliminary CurtainA
before County prices. A neat In the lot t +
The play anj contest, and song hearing this morning great many patterns ,
lbw Being Laid Out on Via. Judge Heycer on a inane of sell-
4 recital given last night In the :indnorlum lug Manor without a license and was Bleached and unbleached some elaborately trimmed. This lot consists of

-. .-Preparatory Work Now Be- under the direction of rommittrd to Jail to await trial In Turkey red and gowns, i skirts, chemises, drawers, corset covers' great many Lace.
I rranklln Coleman Bush director of the criminal court. Swiss and Bobhiet
Dona For Building KnicbtsJCey .
aiig: 'the Miami Conservatory of Musk: --- and blue,all reduced
liaR CAfel TV Curtains robe
VUdact-.Work Projresslnt was a musical, as well as a literary I MfMCIPAL COURT
: i feaat for the large audience In attendance offered at
Ard proved to be one of (From Wednesday's Daily) 2.50 quality---.SI.88 Rain Coats this_sale
the Moot interesting enlertainm.nts I There were eight case, the most
of the jesr cf then drunkenness. In the municipal 2.00 4
(From Wednesday's Daily The efarutlcn contest was very la- court this morning Six: of the A small lot left (end these will be sold at fiery low 1.50 ones at- ...$1.12 ,
1.50 II __S 1.12
: anenanoa the con- all th through and discharged qua
Early yswterday ter.ttlng } way number were fined one
engine prices. If you need a rain coat and we 1.75 ones at.___S1.30
trata.ooaa1.Uae tat award the
trwcUo wbea the time came to and one was too drank to appear 1.25 qualify __ _94c
>. l tars rolled tate tl'e low wiener, the audience selected little for trial.MOVED n have your size,you will profit by 2.250ne.l at.___11.69
Aeyor more ..pecISoany -I Mica Mamie Sykes winner of the first 85c qualify______. 64c
". Bpeaklnr. to Ui. approach to j.riie Mr Frank Blanton. the HIS : buying one at this sale 2.50 ones at..._91.88

e Long Key vUdact. one of the second, and Ulc Alice,Ayd otte.thethird. Ort) I\CK.o 0\VIUK 60c quality.-___--.4Sc 3.00 ones at.$235
tart concrete kndraa la the The awarda met with general I
'said. bald the chcertag o* the .evral approval though an the others The offlce: of AMixUnt general I One 28.00 coat this sale . . . $17.50
. aaadred employed there their .'. K. C. -Mi-
men work of the
did excellent speaking freight agent
' a4.Q. bJowlag of tae prhisUea oa lines dtetlr-etly and with presence. way heretofore located at St. Am- | One 20.00 coat this sale . . . $14.00 .
*. waricfW dredges. mmernread The other la the iqnteat besides n.t'lle. has been rem ar !d t.. Jacksonville -
via ally in One 16.00 coat this sale . . . .$11.00
In Die)
Waxen at work the winners were Beast Burdine. >> where it w'11 IH x-iiti d

This .ve it has k-ng be B looked Anna May at an ton. Theodora Moore the future, Mr. G. 'J Flav.1. the i iagrfnc One 12.50 coat this sale . . . q $9.00
forward to, and wMle not made anv Fmma Lnrjmus. Yvonne Rldenour I klao ta:.j|> up Uu lioni inI ;
rtdou ta any manner Other thaaUat Ladle Rlvere Jewel Blanton ana I thit' city |I
. ntaUoned above. It, however Rath 7elley\ i I !I V
ix aa aeeooeplUhment tha means M\XV HOBOS AREWTNDINO
Mice Percy voeal<< selections were I
cokatdorable la tae procreas tad ex-: well rendered In a clear street vole*. 8OCTHWARDccorrtlnr Misses Coats
lMdttkw of the work at and below while not powerful, with Just the Jacksonville
I Long Key, ft* a mean of rail transMftaUOB rnorgh rower behind the tones. tn to papers .: '31
to now opened ap direct.tkTMgk rhow that her control ass absolute that city and the northern part
to this ptlnt. thus doing I The reliH-tlon. Beraberg'a "Nymphes of the; state Is bringoverrun with Misses white gigue'and linen coats one dozen of l ? \

.*war with nwth of' the carryingterKofor I hand Panne." which baa been heard I trtmps.and many of them are wend- each left. These coats are worth two twenty-five ft ':
done by uteamerajTTodar j In Miami upon ..ev.ra' o-raslons before It. their way still further south- and We +
:; men a" at, work laying the wa one of the most pla"int; Hard" propose / .I t'to '
track a roM the trestle bridge and I I cf Miss Percy K selectlona. her Interpretation i clean them up during our $1 1 0 t

from that onto the concrete vter.'m bong well receivedMi's i ANOTHER BIG CATCHOF clearance sale at . . ,
.. OTee riSK ti
kick Bearing completioOABd BLUE
I : Eva Tuhorou: b. the accom- I, I
whkb H Is xperted to run train. -
llldhed pianist nccomnaalfej Miss : i
there btag I of eight hundred! .
;Vy tb first ot January Vtrty In her *"!'fctlonsThe Another catch
only a few more pl-r to rink I pia, ..Prel..'. Will" wa pound of blue fish, was rec'Ived Baskets and Jardiniers :
''..d conpleU when the undertaking i well i"tc by hula Julia Culbertiona bit bight by the Tropical Fish Cornd ..

rm. have tree completed .. Florence Marigold; Prof. Gammon : barrelled and shipped to the We this line and will mark
t4 Below'Long Key a large force of n Charle ('a,thmor and Mott I New York market. This Is the -c- ... are closing out \. ,
TMB ova working ca the several keys Varbcrovirh a. "B rker." Each par- and large catch of blue fl Lori and Knight'srey'per. I received within the last few
MMttnr tlclpirt well them in load lots
aaothcr Immets Ylar'M I applanoeT did. and received hearty f days. buy car .

to to,k' ballL The presentwort !' I
tonaUts of grading and preparlag FISHING BOATS
\ .\ '.&>>vSOR MILL ,
tot track, the object: "lr.g to ABOUT OOMPLETED
taa, tnt>>1 tCI Knlrtf Key when j 00 SrRVETlMJI Millinery ShirtWaists '

'la. eenrrce. construction shall have I Tax: Assessor George OI (From Monday's Dally) Napkins .
sera. ramirewd' not later than thtftftt I Hutl'r hiving flnkhed the rolls for The four new Ashing boats \)fOtD"bnllt

t'. <
,:alCbrs Key, a oile driver having trjM'T nt TilUhawe Is now [.r<'Psrin" have already been launched Th- I table damask Cf some discount ladies
b.ea text there a few dare ago: from tb tal.. up his profewlon of nr- teats are double enders and are cent Every ready
Lang Ky to w.b driving; for v.-'InC and will po with the Itnddepartment built on Ideas and lines on the general \dd patterns suitable trimmed hats at half price Just a few more of ,
work which U to I lead go
,tk* kedge of the F. E.C. Railway cits cf boats W that line.
from the land to IU point where the 1 for hotels and boardIng these beautiful linge-
worHnjr on undo south of Fortlasderdylr.
'eoR'2'tU wort 0 trgln. 11 being : t.irr. lULL Rf.rtI: !I: houses at big re rie waists left and we
i. a. .*C BS r' trellraUiar to the same I I. bOLD YICHT kimiHRECapt
;..-iThe all points alone the TOTAL OF 219 CITY ductions. It will pay will sell these at half
j s. *.toa l k oorted to be progretI 1 Biayne Ball returned hornSat Remember the Date y
WCfi; tiR4PAH'
I I't better then ver before and the ar-lay night I from a cutimT vw>nt you to inspect this line price during this sale .
aunt few n>o"\tl.k will show a marked .'. ; York Cant; Midiruntnod
i ( From )loDd., Dally) .,' at Ncrfolk rid
....8ft.ewat ol It I I t'o to 11 o'd.'I'1t today there sad by rail he "-'Dt: aid hiuillav .
0 ,l-f-n a toot of Z U rltv licensee paid yacht Klondike to parties
UK IS NOW AKKSIDEVT I ..,h ch I U Iwo more' than were .P the north. He will\ probably pur- Percales SUtG Oct. 26
:s:: : i or the oorrenpondinif! date In IflvtO rtnue another yacht and continue Hosiery
-'d.; :;; of ; .uS.*r. In 1 lt.t'ear.lyre were a :n the winter pleasure party l>ul l.h l. .
Mr. F
I '! 1.1 of S79! city !f lcra es paid bill _. Fifty pieces Percales We have a
oa of Mr Germs C. a great
.ttU dty, a many
\ I thu year it Is expected that the BuniIM -
,..,4. adstait general: frelrlit 'r will co: considerably! la excessof : Made f **. CXrer to go at the following odd and broken lots in
T ot the Klorida Cast Coast rall- low prices: -
B|. that cumber Mr. Guy I. MeUalf. a wll Itnn'nt'ltb
.., to 'BOW a 4esident en tl peer on I, of West Palm Beach baA this line in ladies and
ta* Ky West eitenslon! of the road TItlFI FOR HRCKX1' I I....n appointed U. S. ComlJ't lIlon- 162-3values 24c BURDINE 6
re/ ka. b"4q..rware Mr atII FtoydlMari.d ('. BIT WAS DISCHARGED er by Judge Locke of the United at__ ._ QUARTERMAN misses' and infant'shose
Two ran ago Male Court Southern Dstrlct ot
r rodmaa on the exten- I 1
B* a
'kJom work. and his m.Dfrh-Dda wllBlmwd > \V(From II. Stark Saturday's. colored Dally wa given I Florida. ac.122c 300 and 302 Twelfth St. Miami Fla. atverylowoprices
his auce2sa
to lain of
it e find
i I relic (nary etamlnition this morning i I Deep Water at ruateda ;
.ad advanieir before County Jidce: Heyiier on --
,_ to Mead here m nnmV orpb.te ib." dlrp of stealing a bicycle trout j I If we could get :a "bllt: romhi ;-iut R
-.pb. of the ramps and t'StfUra J. D. Writer The evidence was <*>j)" dowi bin west not fur (><.litK.-
work It: tile vicinity of hiejrrodlsartm. tars but to call\ attention *o PuntJ
tot scfflclent to hold the accused Silkalines Laces
aid the picture* Ifet..u. : Embroid'y Creatons
.ud he was di chtrgedItKNAFR ords sad her telatlon :o h c imoerrial
., hrterertlnnv-Tlme -rBlon. Mrha I n.edt of Soufhvr" K'.,ndjiwe 4Beautiful
mahy friend. In Miami SCHOONER could invite Bc"ior1. Spt-'nn: Every'ard: in the house i 1171is line iJ our hobby. and e
who wiU be tUd U know of hi* TOWEl>> TO DOCK Ml'ory.! laliaferra. ':I"'k, tad I.a- line of fancy So prettier be Orientaldraperies
;eueAe- and<< promotionPAID. tnar "e.would like tn see the and sold colors S is Included In this .f'lle. I seen any-.hcre lie will This entire line to
fi ---- The Benner schooner Geonce A"aa whole bunch "come out not for of valu'es to go alI '
&lUXD OI.nCEJ.1.on and 20c Torchons orals .' l;Ioflt.r the line complete at
1-awry towed to the Mmpaujdock s i foe bat fu an adequate orr prl-
a OFFICL\L nSIT I* tae MtJirl river Saturday I Ion for Charlotte Harbor $..tde of I '
I lips Venice Baby Ii-ish i 25 ef
;tfi"rnoon a'd Is now discharging: h e,, I the leaders don't know what a rjag"Brent per ct. 25
:} (From .Satmrday Daily carco. It to probable the Larry and harbor we have This Southwest Net Tops and
I* Grand CaaaMettor'LoaU C. Lynca.KnUata Isaac Collins will load the cargo of Florida la needed for votes 12c allcrersreduction

I' .t pytkU. .t GalnMrUe. the steamer LasseUwhlca was salved and oranges b they target about at 25 per ct. I per cent. reduction
,vac U-Ot dry yesterday and last and brought to tkl port and carry ito t :he splendid harbor Tho News I
i-Xfeat paid aa official Halt to. tae New" Orleans Its .....'-atloa.. The hereby invites Governor Broward to I
.Vxal V>3 tm. meeting l tns; larn- Leen ta Pow la Key Welt ander- ->edy all about this "de."i> water"
atteaded come repaln. -De Soto County Newa.Jtali .
.)y ; --t... -- t _. _- tr

,hx., .. 6S ..

Ii. ... .... .. -I \ -

..,,':. ., .*- '.: ,iU..l ..'. .-; .. ... ...... ,. .. ,. .;. .. I _
-- :+ ;>l ,6i. ,.:trc- :;A.1.S.. rsr 9lt+ !t, h tv ...... iYi. Yi : SY.e.... h. I' .ti.t ': '_.

The Miami metropolis

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The Miami metropolis
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Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
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Miami Fla
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October 25, 1907
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Weekly (published on Friday)
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United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
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Editor: Walter S. Graham

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ils Morning as- Result of I Cuts off Bolts on Lock to

1.' ': Financial Panic in Newt THE JAMESTOWN RANKS OF DRYSTftTES Cell By Application '

t York City of Acid
} EXPOSITIONLieutenant
t v '
-------- 1
: :; ; ..
\ .

Governor Premier and Confident Opinion of Womanapriatiaa

Executive Council of:(Halifax are Temperance Union Now"

I.s..q and Remained Steady8. --!!. There Today-Halifax the Only Holding 29th Annul Session at ,And Discovered This Xonia( By ,

Canadian Province Paitidpatini JonMbon-Prominent Speaker
, i i. Money te Rescu..Eyeryth1AeI Deputy SherUr Monia-JIcarB .4.

.Alright" Say KarriAe-PitbI 1 Was Oat of Cell Last Vlht-HHaa r.,

hurt Exchange Closed a Life Sentence for Murder ;
Norfolk. "'... Oc. 24With the Jonosboro Ark.. Oct. 14- Confl r

Heat-governor, the premier and executive I deuce that Arkataaa will soon iota

: council together with city the racks of the dry states ot Dixie

I officials of Halifax and other principal It the marked characteristic of the
. New York. Oct. 24Three small From Thursday', Deny
If Laahr,. the llaml tc'n Bank on W eat cities and hundred of other I delegates to the twenty-ninth annual That W. M Mean. convicted of
ES 'ilStt .treel': the Twelfth Wardtileaak Nora Scotlans In attendance Nova convtntioa. ot the Arkansas
p.urdering a negro aimed [):.y'". at
|+ and the Empire City Savings Scotia day was celebrated today at M oman'i Christian Temperance Onion
Wf-C Palm Beach: several months
Pj.. Bank. suspended to depoe- the J1111..tO" exposition I which opens her today for a
1 I-Kors today. l/.m1t I Nova Scotia Is the only Canadian I II session of tour da,.. ",,0. and recently tateBreJ I* iifeimprb
t ;The Hamilton Bank his deposits I province participating- the exposition -: Among the prominent speaker >>BB>ent. to deter mined to es

t+..._< av ,u million dollars la four either with an exhibit or by' who will address the convention are lope train the coty :ail her
Taraacbc in New Yk City The cbeervlng a special day and theout Mrs. E.L.Calkins. of )of 1)IPD. and whore .10 is 'till f'o>OUlDP4, peoJiaO ;
-'Jtmplre City Bank has deposits of and daughters of the land of'' Mn Mavde L. Green of Texas an appeal ot his case, was further

.*>n.llo.0 and The Twelfth Ward Evaagellne were given a glad welcome Mrs. Lulu A. Markwell. of Little ev deuced this morning visa dep*>
*task about three atitons. The run by the exposition oflclala Kock. president. of the state union ty sheriff Morris found both bolt )
, ". 0* the Dolr-r Savings Bark la the Nova Scotia his the most valuab'e report a great Increase in temper' holding that part of tie lock to aka,
t- Bronx contiaoed! today. eariy threw exhibit of gold ore shown at the I ace sentiment In all sections of the tell into which the belt from the
I- .aundrd lot iattors boing In line atght mine and metallurgy bulldlng.and ktrte and a corresponding growth lathe lock: sots when ck.e4 completely
of which has resulted In attracting Influence of e-tta la two wltt add sad appar-
A large ereeaUp> II membership and
were I'flMfS. e much favorable attention to the Ca- ; At the union ntly without difflcaltyjleaxa being
of radian provlece --- a Ices' man so far aa his cell was ,
the Tm t Company
ne run on -
? concerned whenever he declred.U .
Arstius FM1KROR
[//America et-Btlawed this moretng.AsitTy
will be remembered that some
Limes from
( dock depositor began r
? u +- few weeks
sheriff frohoclc
barrels ot ago
Jlo p&r about the Institution aad or more e
limes from Oct Z4 lclall."tendlDIII found a number of steel saw la .
f ttjkthe opening Urn tkoy had grown were brought up tie -The ph
keys last night by the mallboat the Emperor announced Uears sell, tht'14.tJy having
.Iii tale a kmg line.f Mr Wall Street-I wonder It that doctor will come every time I have a case of flnsncUl heart lees smuggled Into him
.... ....,,__ Ihie and were auctioned off at the this morning that n* I* now conva by some A
f Following a meeting" ui tee -- dork this morning I failure. I weentSCNOOLATTEND'CE. person preumi4 by tb oncen te
\ ton this morning FresUent Thorj I be his wife. Since them the officials .
L Kit the room and toad the waiting I t hive: kept a cks waua oa

L-crowd, prepared wan entirely that to the meet all company demands: With waiKJ thU and A SILL WEDDING METROPOLIS DOLL THE ANNUAL SALE I ; THE H. T.CO. T.T WHAlfR Hears him.Morris i.Once-makes every a week It person a rule Deputy who U exam Siberia vlattrd k

"' there was something of a better tae and Inspect the primers Aa4the "

i[.(T tei- Tho lag stock a aulfe market.t-d everywhere opened' strong of. the IN WASHINGTON CONTEST WAXES OF BUROINE & NEW[ MIAMICONCERN HAS GREATLY tune jail of these cap tears and it thl was while morning on s

fl with baovaet priors on many that he found Mean' t :4 la the
[ weeks. showing galna of from one above described eoadltloa. i
I. t* mearly are points. There was Both of the two bolts, aiek
I**em reaction but steadiness the market ahow4 SOCIETY WARM OUARTERMAN I [ INCRfASEO' about half aa Inch la dlameter.ver*

"f- considerable Cortelestwbo completely eaten !a two. shevmg;
SorreUry of tfc* Treasury
con naively 1fat they had beem catwith
aanoiaaerd early this mora- I acid (Mean using his knfe tocrspe
ag that be will have a' least HWft,9 .- I i away tae steel when It. would
9 of ovenonenf money de-
I be dlfsolved. la lie cell were ar*.

.\i t posited. newt with ary eDeraeee7.Ill the banks of the remain ell Miss Catherine Cullom Rid- And Many Votes are Being Will lie Held Saturday' with II Now Incorporated With a In all the Schools of the i era l>need] bottles to contain that had!IIedIet had_bee 0Iw.r sup-

_. .er The. today weakness and longer of the If stock neeawary mart gely Weds Phelps Brown Cast Daily-50,000 By Many Articles of Dry Capital Stock of $25,000 County-Six Adflitional I three the authorities belteVe ease'
tailed carbolic acid and they will
*. was due to afrced MquldatioaaIn Next Goods and to do BusinessFrom have It analrsed Mean declare
which brokers found dltb.eltlt'la Young Playwright Saturday Notnns I Jewelry Schools OpenedFrom she
did not cat the bolts and that
This made
borrolng money they were In that condition when hoax
: impossible to carry lo,,, .tol'Son .- put In the cell of
... marlins! and much selling was /' .
... He was promptly removed to aa-
}f ... reduced lines. Tie BelllnK!:
on I The Metropolis doll and trout Burdine & Ouarterman. 301) 2 ( Thursdays pally) ther roll and a more careful watch A
ear'ledsa Oct 24 Miss Catht
therefore was largely stocks Washington ( Thursday's Dally)
[ ;,-- pecalatlon Tee decline was Cullom Ridgrly today became scan contest u ati I 11\' xinJC warm twelfth sty, ft an '. dace in t KAi >'. Another bmlresn change or In- The eniollment of pupils la the thin ever till!! be kept over kim.
; He I Is known lo be a desperate filar-
i? pretdpltaed: after eleven the bride of Phe''ps Brown, the and there arc now about eighteen .aue. their annul I hale which wit r.noratlon has been effected In Miami ricni puolld chooU of the counr : actor and the pr..let.OII K D\att-, K

I \.tio s bparng heavily on young/ IndianapolU pla.wrfht1rbom; little girls entered in the race all take place Saturday October 2<>, *her<'ln the Jeweliy basta-; t Is greater than ever before bycons those hot sMnaiated with him thatthe
I railroad stocM: but tbei IIqalda-1 I 'he aided to atta a fame Today ., derable This U shown by ther.'ports j'I
r rate
living in the cite of Miami, aud under H T.l1..le: !
I Vfere, non and the market vas telerted by the beautiful young thiacoming Saturday :. of opening day attendance
a.. 4fCJet. heiress for the wedding bcause of fifteen Tears ol age. Mr and Mrs John M llurdi 'thave under the dim name and style of fll>d with Srperlntendent H'II. In k"plng bin a prisoner:!
:N/Bt only aid Mar the bolts
.; bunkers and broken having its being the twenty-fifth anniversary Tie H. T, Whaler Company with a : rut
The Mimi
In ecrollmeal U
Many rotes arc being cast every' just WiUurner1 tram Niw Yurko the nearly tn the lock, tint he has beet out ,
r4>tl rte: of the lalng of loans for of the wedding of her father div and I I IInlta'' stork of SIS.000i < n. hnr Bred greater than that of the .'ell
although no coast hi. yet wber,' they sprat several wreke \ cf minding with the pr>>-
elks Wockefeller.. were Instmet- and mother been i i The incorporatoR are H. T.'WhUr last veer, and the same rate of Increase ones confined, only :n the corridor '-
this irorvmg to make all loans The marriage Is the outcome 'of a taken it i. safe to say there selecting a n.-w stock of dry jf'>o'l I prevails la all be other l'
( Harvev R. Faroe. J. Grnnkaf 'f the )la4 I This ocrnrr d last.
the rate c( fix per cent. romance. In which. since IU incept w.ll be 50.0UO vote cut bv S ltur- notions mil"ner an.1 1 other liner .liools There are six adlitonal he some time the out- 1
i 'I Faroe: and E. )of. Whal ua
'r'pKPOt I| cury iRhlnrton society has been y noon. when the first count will which they Lave hitherto car ted I t. they toto rls in the: count this tort font -ld.. with >*>*" priKon -rs. going oack e
.1TS GIOUTFR 1| peculiarly: Interektrd That Mr Ida I resident vice-president, secre-
vhlte and two ro:or"d. they being .
nto bisell and replacing the a*.ft1 !-
;.a..+ TH.\ THE WITHDn.\WU.8_ brown should I have succeeded In mane and' the result pub.ivhcdin I To make room f >r these new ; tats and treasure respectively, in made necessary by the Jevelopmentof t I| winning favor in the eyes of the that day 1 the be turned
paper good store will the coiftvMl .
:. I upside I II the order mentioned above Thel' was commoDM-ated to Mr Morris by
la the first half hour ot business young woman whose enthusiastic ]IaI The doll and trousseau which In ell this pmtntaes to be the 1
1 son down Saturday it necessary to I 'srd 3f directors will be H T. >u. >f the otter prltioners this I
+the Trutt Co of America today took Lora In betialf of a local charity Incldentally reboot la the
f" more deposits than wen withdrawn 'i made a rnarem of his ant exhibition at the store of bur get nd of the stork now. on hand J \\Tnler. E. M. Whaler: and H...T, y moat bl' ratlKfactory Dade year public morning, he stating that b-- was o*- t'
tory of county \1.\ waiting for aa opportunity to
:.. At 10:to clock this I opera angles well, trends of the I dine & Qtiarterm, is causing as I The prices I aye bee' all hacktd Tit. locus <-bo'.s. !ore the itPorma'lon

:Teoratng J. Pfc rpont> Morgan and young couple think for their future I much notice as heretofore ana buidreds -,,i to pieces, until 'their own fatter The an-tnta of the corporationwill Wens evidently Intended to await
f. Jaa. StUln-an praldent of the Natissal harplners and prosperity<<
said\ the.ltU.tlOD of little ones gaze upon it would u't know, them. and those be thai of carrying on a gen,rul 1'1- npporinnity In makln a* Anal t
City Bank
:U alrlgtt i every day. I who are lookiuf\or( fcoiretlnng. for jewelry<< departmect or store or SOUTHERN STEEL ; f