< p a. ',0/-.," ,. .., < -- e '."" > .
'Ii iI


,.... aaa.nr... ,
-- ----- -

seconded by Commissioner Tweedell 4 A; ROM C R; Saell L S. Commissioner' McPherson. ;- -I ----- ------ .'

L.* m l | E OffiCIAL PROCEEDINGS OFCOUNTYCOMMISSIONERSReport It was to decided make np that a jury the Hat board for proeed the Burteshw Precinct R: Buih Xo. .II F C Brown I I The admitted following to reoolntlon the pour was honceI read ordered iI I 1

year 1907' aa provided for by Chapter F E; Thompson J S r, I \ T .,. "i r. .f >U|..u .i'Onet Waiton

4111 of tile Laws of Florida: after Carey J \\' Gaunt r: t' t'io.a,I "...I l h. CoTimVoner The Professions
il Pher
which the fo'lnwlrg UM was. IJ W. Hob!* W .\ II I' jion. j oct. ..a .1 I, 't ..arrledReo'vert : < f, -- amJ BB Baaaja BJi BBBsaUm pB* ; f

drawn and placed IB the Jury bux for : Harrison Frank : Mnnroe. Kirk : That It T Ih- of I Iui. "
DADE the year 1107 to-..II: Perry C II; "C&LOl.::. J-I.MW, l'i- 1/.....u ""iL a saving: to the tuna ,i ,; ;

The following I* a ltd of the ter Chat A: Sander. A W ; Stewart |qty con be made by the county feed. 1 I
grand and petit Juror selected' from R L. ,
1 l-'g : he
the male person above the age of I 0..0. B. Rake-. 1 I'he. 1 pjhlfc oat'cts road now acd emplo to that>ed end oil PATTERSON A ERWIN :,.

tweaty-one year who have resided l tl Chairman County Commissioners steps be taker at the next regular I l I Attoroeja-At-l
Full The New Board Held In this state for one year and In the I
Of The First Meeting Of county or Dade for six: months and I Th following resolution was offered meeting of the board to a- *-Ialn ,', wnt practise I I. ..11rte, ..... asS r-.nl i

V who are citizens! of tile State of FlorIda and was. on the mot I.>u of whither or not said convicts tan -* ).|ir-'dl ,...,11,_ '-......... :
January 1 Furnished By Clerk Merritt-The NamesOf \Commissioner Wall seconded bvbCoramlMloner 'at d for at l l"ss expense to the cocn I'I aid perfect,.. lasd f" t ,." .
no one of whom has beta con .
:McPherson adopted iy than at yseent; I I I
o IOOX rr
Those Placed In Box For This Year's Jury dried of bribery! forgery perjury.larcen Resolved. That the clerk ue Ttk Moved by Commissioner W .11. FCf'- I I"un. PLA [
other '
:: or high Infamous
: or quested to furnish this board :I' 't tided ty Commissioner T.-.tf'\I.1 J i a. a. t. cu\/c-
crime who has not been ,
Duty The Accounts Audited, Etc., Etc. civil rights hereby restored to Its next meeting I a full and totupittc! that :a ,...on as the convicts! finish
: qualifying t'IIt'bof
itemized statement of Ih. financial blunt' rock on road west of Daniv. I I
** ante to become DENTIST. {
persons jnror tinder _
*** condition ol the ruuniv it the Umathis they he moved to the Allaialtahprafrl.
-- the I laws of the State of Florida
I |I.. such cases' made and proiiiKd i l board assumed. tneir flutes road to r"1"'r tame Carrl."I IThe f>H.. .. Wii... I...'4 ., ;1,
said! .
s statement to show how much following communication! from .
.. Mlai [. Fta.. Jan R. 1\101\ truly your Miami Printing: Co.. SBoio as follows. : i monewas |in "-es h of the neteral'fundi Her') f> r..l.h' k. West JupierFa C",..r A..... II ud lj'h ..1..1 /.''
( I
Dean Secretary and Treasurer ,I IVrclnct No 2 und how ninth H die from was r..lv..1 and I rendJannar. MIAMI. FLOUllJA ;

Commissiontort I A'ch"r. FC: ArroonrC tHno!,- I h.. present a..m..nt to each fund 4. l 19.17 Pad Coin 'I.

.,w1ih h, following: members and offtcert j On motion of Commissioner! ..r. F F: Barber M- n. Blam'h.rd. the number and amount of oU(.taodln ('oll'n.I..iowr l \Cani; I. Flit P i.r : r. ATUJfSOH

p. .-..,ut Cbtr'ea' W McPherson seconded b) C.".'" ",d' i'. make. H. tf

r pre wentlng district No : Geob bid of the EnD'nlf Record to doth est : Collins. F: .m/ D: r 'I not been paid, and al and every the ct ..Irit rn 'h. r.. ro J n the

Hake"T. rep-e.niinf district No count print OR was accepted and I wa/d J D: Fountain P; Ior: other thing necessam or **>If'D.lal mud that I bars.ontra-'cl ,.i hi,'J ATTORNEY AT LAW

J. K L \\ .1'l representing Dlitrtrt :hat paper designated aa the ollltI. : re). M F. Grant John: tire<'.nliic ,,10. Infirm thin l oird as to the foA- 'here. 1 woiH. I 1';'n von TO kin Cr: not .'stet.. si'sttlsn ssatsadaaM.[less a suvsysaelst reel... sad '1

No I A l>s> Allen represent .: new.ia)>er of the couatT Com- I : GoodeAlcx : Hunt B K. Hart, 1..1 fl'i. nii.il condition of the COPHtv f> I the i-" r .' It ) "I it I I. "..'- 'wry rsbii 'Is OcteShe. :

lug !>fstrc' No 4. ind .E G Tweed t. missioner Twetnlell moved that the T Iu.: Hardtth Hal P: H..n
tU. r. ...enUnc D:utrlot No !i. John bd! of the Miami Metropolis be ac Wm J : Isler, J B: Rhymes. S \\' the dliwhar-e!: of their date : '. 111 no give me \I'.*'. tt' lon f'. in;ike MIAMI FJ.oKIDA 4..

ProhtKK sheriff and Z. T. MerrittClerk 'rested und that paper be deslcnatedm Shaddle. H U; TMidail J X: neiweH ". : Cm i iiimiutl' u from J. I I.. drier 'the cr > .irt .: ti( v .. ',9 r'ntal i | .tsILLESPIE

', th oTc' :al newspaper of the \N : Ball 1G. n'o'r. W J. lv.'r ,10 k nl he ii.I.t roi' I of West notice that the o d (1.-. ill I Iill'iontlnn h.

E .\ ,,I scold commlftJonf having roertr to do he ..nfl';c printing II BaorGII.I.ler. C F. Olhson F .\ 1 I'allll II..... h. ..f (lh < 10th: ind .ttt. 'H| I .'oid 1..i 11"e to ( ENLOE, Dentist t

>rod, hit commi..aloB. wh rh ass which. rrot'on' fried to r..p't' a ae....- Johnson II: Kruger IR KII'h- as also 'nnlmun..e-I'.u, from \\' V11 \' ,,1.1..>w who In .o f) 'o co -. J nipct Jss.

dab a,. d with the Clerk and re- onl w t'r..upon'olt' wm taken itt S. Parks:'; H : Park (;. ... 'u.111 :Leon. fix coil-'t..r of the the 1'0,1 1 ..i SU 'I 'I. be .. :'tl 4g}I.O:; :
with the result For.the 11&11. J C. Platt R D. Klt-I.h'"' t' ..
eorded h< following: proceedings following : -'IIt' ii icy. nd over for action at '.Ir..n "'..n to u I c' .r t i r .

took mace Lv ilng Record Wall, Allen and'VrPhtrwn ::1. C. TsMor. J; Tat 10" Th'II".,,s u' n''l 11. '- III. ..1 ih. hoaid : ,lit'ah I' in ,two we' KS x' j iri tr IL : !.I.i: \t. ;: et ,:r-a. ':::...._..... )1

I for the Miami lletrop Tacker. L. Ultha,.. H R. Ols.ii" II I r \\' \\ I Pt 10.It |"rt..entel a I..'nrt' S. Pennock
On motion 01 VomnUsloner MoPhereoi MIAMI fI ) ([).\. :f
.. PI'I I' x1ellherenpoa the LveFlrg H C. :"IIt'n stsni'd' I lit X IV',K and I lth- 1Vh r 'upon th hart 'netr't''ed,
.c-cnd d
by CommlMlonerll Record w.:\delmated a* the I I'nrlmto.. :1l era .,. si the b. ,id ih.
George B Batet-was nomln r |ii" iiz > to paIh. t'-rk In notify the F. E C I I''e- 1:

'ted> for th chairmanship and these official newspaper for Dade county I i l Burkhardl L \\' Reach Join MBurkhardt .toad nine nit -nu'b' from the northeast 1'0 OH to else e-ha'DIr" cf the rr.>...ln: J W MAIITENS. Y. D..

being no fur h r BOM'nation*, he J I The application of the halcyon K \ : 8"1.1 John \\ corn"'i of section S. tonn-'hip as r .y't--o,.t] by Mr Ponnork l II .t!
was unanimously elected, Hall Hotel' Co for K permit to sell Gamble T J: Crow. A B: Cain. M I I 1'. .I South. Range 41 I east. nlx.it two. Th co Inc jlldc and tat col!ptirflled r't m ps:ial.t. }
Chairman Bl.ke.ttet': hank I tr liquors vines. and beer In election! I DeB.-rrv. J. T: Fowler. Geo Falwr tithes P litiou was ordered l.ed; '' thel Joint report| of Itcenn. tour 1 terfrs: Me t> .po.... eta 4... C

f lug the member of the Bord assumed district No 10 hating: been duly ad- W E; Garrett M \\': Halght: Chat .or fntuie re'ferenca jlttiied daring Ih' o r.:>1 from Jai ...... u.I .. '\iR 1

the duties of hit office and vertlced according to law and no objection C: Hurd. Geo H'! Hunter J I : Jour. I On motion of (."mml..loof'rII..n.. I. 1307: to Jan 7. 19(1( showing B...... Yi.ea ass hum .. 11i

; MateJ that the next thing itt order baring: been Sled against the Paul C Kirk Chat; Lopes\ A M dulr seconded bv Commltonerall : t"0 for the State and Utttor the :.....-. ..

Vat the selection' of aft attorney for I,I ranting of the tame. It was ordered Maltbv. G H; MangbllB. W Vt. .Met the clerk wa directed to Issue a !|fonrt) I II | ,

the Board. whereupon. R. L. \\all'' that a pern-It be granted.An calf. S L; Rowley. IN ; Ot..e 1. A warrant drawn on the road fund in I The outzo'ng trei ur.'r.C H JOn S.-uDUICA. :

placed !. nomination tile name of application of Carl J. Lanth B; Rpencer M E; Strohm G G : : favor of S W' Skinner for eleven erson ::1"b'f:' report with the R..11-1 'V '

., R. H .>T1ftoar. which was duly sec er for a permit to sell quorv wine Shall E: Carlson. F C: \0tI. \\' 8: I i hundred dollar. the tame being. his 1 1I l i" balinre In CIVIL ENGINEER *.

ended b, Commissioner MtPheraoaMr and beer In election district No S ,I ItthUMcn WI: ; Water. F K; Anthony. first payment due under contract: 'the different funds turned over to I II' AND SURVEYOR. =

; Job C Gramlinc having lied was oa application of his attorney. E I); Anderson C 8; Bran- I for rt-build'ng New River bridge George: G. Currl. the Incomiat i it.u..r ,:
I Inlng R R R Baron. G C EhrmanIE I' teary rsbbe' i.e Stale as farts Psrue.ts. i
,!'a appltcatkia for aald position. H permitted to be withdrawnCapt ; ; ; | The board agreed that the tax a- : toasts !stveu.. ....Dt.w..a tarts Prue,. i '
A; Hart.fr. R II; Harper. I R.Le..I. Genetal 1 fund . r
I revenue UtS 4SF ta.a-e r-e..
U duly read by tbe Chalmaa.Conmtnloner 8. W. Skinner. contractorfor and the county treasurer 1 I 'i I
.. II W. and forfeiture fund 374 U FLORIDA.'J
Tweedell planed la rebuilding bridge over :New River I..r eiihange: th% location of their I II ne MIAMI. .
Preciact No. :S f'ount school fund . S4>4 h7.,
nomination for the position of attorney -
at Fort Lauderdale, appeared before I rooms In the court houso build
for the Board the'.ame of Geo. I the Board and explained I the i Hodges; V P; Kolby. M, E; Mar I ling I(IRo-d fund . . . $01.14 j 1IICXJOlUI

JL Worlry No farther nomlaatlon hall. John IMyers: C; Rice J ', gnklrg und . . :K 41' C .. j
condition In which
he found the mid .
I I IB | Ihe petition of George ,<. Griffin R
having bee made ; Sandy. John B; Tedder L: Ten Spec School sub dis No 1 1.(44 JSi
a rote was taken '
with the die pier formerly under the old Brook. Frank L. for a license to sell .liquors woes |I Spec: School sub. ills No.:] i:7X9l"o : I I REAL ESTATE. r
following rcnhR : bridge and the Board toap'tolut I
requested I eCombs. and b-eT In election rt Mrlct No 10, .
i Precinct X*. It y
-lal' '
I f chool lIttp. 5tsj SZ76.
H. committee to examine I. MINT f CBAKT i.as0 COrenwt,
Seymour received three' a was reccivc-d and Je-ed advrr* ted. 11t-i ii
B A Geiger. Robt Saxon ,
r ; : Ciame Warden fund. 01 i 1
vote, Oeorgv A Uorley one Tote; same and determine whether or aol 1 I I Senator tDimlck: and Mr. : : M/TAIY n aut
|I-I. P; glstrtink. WH: Thomas. E | TAIB AT Hlvtl \
whereapoa R H Seymour declared It was advisable to Btreng'hen said'I .. f
was j Plat .:drc l the board
I I ("","nrt >0. 4 H uM : requestIng Total . . . 14,132.401For II |( MIAMI
attorney for tbe Board for tile pier before he proceeds with his ,
Ben net. B ): Cox W II; CretMhcw that a dart! road be hul t by the FLORID.'j;
Bert two hit work of constructing the bridge. After I which *>e produced and Sled
year XNnpeaattoa : board In the territory west of Stuart |I
iE i I.; Freedlard Adolf; Funk J K. ----- ---- -
the that I discussion It with the board a receipt from Gee I
being came aa fixed for the was decided by the beginning at Calton Landing i, I.
Garrett J L; Hardee. :M C. Hull .
attorney of the board two. yean ago board that a committee be appoint-I I The matter was referred to Commissioner I!G. Curt I.. the present treasurer H. P. BRAWISG.KOutf /
iG, Lyman M Pence. C. .
; P.lmI'er. .
to-wit: ed to visit the work with power to .' McPherson for Investigation I! T :N;. Gautler the retiring tax tol-I I
F W; Rousseau. R HIVeclnct : a4 c-tdIr
'RHoI f'CI. That compenaatlon act at tbedeem 'b **t The followIng No. 0 I and report at the next meeting ] lector appeared| before the board and t i iIrsat

were named .. a committee 1 I 0'.... a rMipt frcm Tfirmoa J. liardee ,
of counsel for the board shall be t Bt-ookl. \\' J: Burr EDPent.. ,lor the board. > ttUallH. MKHwv bftrwuVe :
three hundred' dollar. per Chairman Baker. Commissioner I IJ \ ; R'ld.Gt'O; B; Stockton R H.; i I Board adjourned to Wednesday. : the pre*:nt lax col'Mtor forthe ; !We C-t Nate Idttk a
.nll.m.j :
payable qiarterlr. fof ... Wall and McPhernon to which, com Grlfflng A M I January 9. 1907I enment roll for the year 1SOS !
mlttve Deputy Clerk Frederick was with a list of nn<'o'lected taxeashowInt. t I'alm Beach. .Iorcf"
-atOII! counsel hall reader his services I Miami. Fla. Jan. t. 1907
Pmlnct No H I:
by hit attendance at the regular 'added and requested to accompanythe 1 The board met at lOa. m aurKuant I Ibt! there ire now due and nn ,
mad apeelal meetings of the committee to examine the work Comb. J B; Frohuc.. G W. G to adjournment with the following -
board give much legal advice 1 Several bonds for licenses ton. Jut II: Gel'owav. G .I-:: Holding. ixrmont and corporations. state. '
at maybe to carry members and o-ncors AMIS SAOTXB3:
J M Kepperl ly. H R McKeacharn. : present: and special scoool district [ ,
called for by the Board and prepare I' fire arm were. then presented to : : Charles McPherson George R. Baker county

contract and such paper aa the board which brought about "onslderable John; Padgett H W: PryorThom- R. L. W.II.u't' Allen, R OTweedell }taxes amounting to | 1C),$21. 17. as ATTORNEY AND i

ate to conduct the dlvnwlon to the as: \Vofford J B: Clark John \\ : follows: :
necessary general aa powerof John Frohock Sheriff COUNSELOR AT LAWLa '
bushes of the Board. In case the board In granting licenses t. I Palmqnlt 0 V': Stodttlll J B. Tlr ; Total state taxes . SSI: .*SJ '11
Z. T. Merritt clerk R. H. Seymour .....NIeJ asd Mal Lease .. Af..' (of
I man. John; Tucker E D. Total county taxes ('oot including ,
of extra aerrlcet not: pertaining to carry fire arms It being tbe i
!! sense attorney 591 Ftdsia7 sod Der-i' C..a.ltI_ ...
board meetings he ahall be .. >dlra,111111 of the board that all care sad dl*. I Icretion I Precinct No 0 po;la or 5.5. Taxes 1191 I .,.,... in WAnoa at-ocs. .... Dea IIaUAXJ. 5
Mr W. S. Hull appeared beforethe Total pops 1:213 00
: and necessary expenses that the Board can legitimately J Tucker. J C; Curry. J B: Cook - fLORIDA.
board and stated that while he
and for all legal: services la Htlgattoa exercise should be used la ,H P; Crocket. \V L; Freeman, \\ mHatky 'Total Special School SubTotal I J
for or against the board he shall j granting these licenses. whereupon j J P; Hall. P E: LJttleneld I was nominated to the position offish Special School Sub. D1*. I .
sad warden of the county :\0.1. . .
game . 46114:
be allowed reasonable compensation It wa decided that in future Ih i S C: Nortoa E B: Nembold J J : : : W. C. MAYNARD
''is had been left off the ticket
: name Total Special School Sub Dl*. ,
therefor statute should be I
strictly compiled Pierce L W. Roger. W P: RoberIkon. I
tIt the general: election and he I No :2 . . 400217 .
On motion ''t wa ordered that the with. and all applicant for license N; Tom L. Bryan. J H : Bryan had consequently failed to qualify I __ !

crlwk and auditor for the board receive Ito catty Are arm mast t tale In their H H. Frost A C: Jones. GeorgeC : "
applications I : and he presented a petition signedby Aggregate: . ItSJ.fii 17
the tame cotaiensatlon a* that they are over the : King:. D W; Larson gr.: Marshall j !

: Heretofore paid town The turn of !lace of t....enM-one year: are of good M GIx.: : J P: Nelson ChasM : : 't'cty.II\t' free holder clerk asking I W. J. Shone, treasurer of the county .
the board to instruct the to
seventy-Ste :dollar per month moral character mint furnish the : Prtce. T A; Roper P II' TubV. bond trust**. filed his report. accompanied -
name of the maker of the fire write the Governor recommnndlng'the b\ certificate: from .the ,
arm I Harry: Lyons. C. L. keen. JIll
OB motion It was ordered. that the I .. appointment of Mr (Hull to Bald C'ahf'r; of the Bank of i JEWELER AID OPTICiAII.Perfee : .
Sheriff be authorized tt notify J. C. so 'l lc--P.ej to I. carried. and the Kt'IIJ W; King:. Richard: DIVcclsxt reielved Bay Biscayne. :
k iartaahaw C"albr! and number. of tame: all of I No M position The petition .u : showing; that h" had on hand $ flttinf easy wearing classes
to the
produce registra'lion and the clerk laMrui ;ed to roadvise
book of the county jo the board *. hkh must be incorporated In the Johnson J\\; Ive. J \\ ; \\ offordJ ; the Governor. In said Mind on the (th day of Jan ir* a great comfort With our .skll-

bond and the clerk of the board be T. nar>'. 190. 16:2.99. ate and large experience
for the of litttlr I apparatus
1907.purpose drawing; Jury required to keep a record of the rrrrlnct No. toAmerson t The following: resolution wa read The following: warrants were approved -here :. work Prior re*- i

name of the persons. taking out and on motion of Comcn:aaloner Wail and ordered paid out of the |i tonable W* repair W.tc-..... Clock. : '

The following bon and approved: C. W,. Hill Justice .\ 8 R; Allen W M; Alt I .. trad asked for. J..ora5ed.a .
1 wr A
arm *o licensed to be carried ana f'son wa adoptedResolved : IF. E. C, Hotel,Co. water bill tI i
Of the Pesos Thirteenth District man. L B; Bildlwa. Wm A; Brady. .. I, ass D between. Ittb and Ilia SU.I .
the calibre and number of the same; That It nature all matters tor court house for Dec U $.11.15F. p
f v; with J. W. Wataon Bad J. \\H.C *at. whereupon. the following tire arm C W; Bogne. A E; Budge. F T: coming before roe Board'of E. C. Hotel Co.. water bill 'I I! W. %. MAYNARD,
Bush C w; Bowen r L; Bailer. :0:
I bam aa sureties each la the ofve
sum bonds referred for Jail for Dee.. '0( . 1.01
were back
bundled dollar. to the applicants A; Broaaier O r. Baker. J E: Brick Commissioners la which It I* necessary Jek>raa4 4H4**>M Ovtkeiaa
to be changed to of F. E. C. Hotel Co.. electric
comply to Ole any paper aayaatare ,
ell Wm B Jr. Brickell C B Ball
W D. Albuiy. Justice of the puce Wth the law. to-wli: or kind ..whatsoever aald paper bill light for Jail for Dec.:0( :2ISI
B T Barnard. N; Barber J CBrown :
> Eleventh district with A. A. Bogg ;
Bond of account petition mutt be pied F. E. Cl Hotel Co.. electric! 'I
GUI Anderson L. C. or
and W J. Shone a* sureties each la C M ;Jr. Blanton. D E: Beck 'I
ron. A. M Armttead. Percy P. Lotto J C Jr: Branvll O E.': Baker A L; with the clerk of the board act later light: for court house for |
fib* sam flv* hundred dollar '
FraakUa Eheea.BoUry ..1I11e.wllIlIt. A. Wlllla Lewis H Stall and Browa Jolla H; Buanell L E:Blan- than 12 clock on the day preeeed December 0( . . 4-Ill I II |

W. T. Hor by. lug the day on which the board snailmeet The Racket Sore, sup . t 111 PATENTS6A6NOWI.
.C. Hood sad W 1 18nell\. a* ton J F: Bowmaa. E C: Barrett I 1 1IH.
Any paper. bill account, petition The Racket ytore Day Book It f
The hoar of noo shaving arrived F A A Cone C Coleman
aareO. each la the MB of five hundred ; Bryne. ; ;
or anything elso of the kind F Scrugga; t Co., plumbingjail I
the board
dollar adjourned until 2 clock J P: CopplD er. H: Canova J F:
not filed before such time shall beheld . . . 9.(S s s etttwe s.ti..el.a
m :5D; Cbeatbam Thoa 15
A. L. Lowe. centta*** for DlstlctXo Coatea. ; : '
i over until the next regular E. L. Brady 6 Co..o I and pear-
1. with E. Stypavaa and B Miami Fla.. Jan 3. 107 Coker Lewis; Campbell A J; Can- ea sseumes. ,
in all CoW.raign
I( meeting of the board for Baal hearIng line. jail . . (.9* a
Kitchen a* sureties. each In tile tarn The board met at t o'clock p.m. ova W F; Cobb Frank; Chapman j
I R W Kholei .u/'I..I.| | 4..' .e.7..L ir.tAr Ja.Ktied
Walter Conrad. J P Croslaad J
of Ire hundred dollars. pursuant to adjournment with the : :
Application of r W Schmidt and ISmlth' Book Store paper . 10 dWW'h s.ry ittsela te.hlsd}
Charles Pardom constable for dlIrlct *- following: offlr.T and members O: Colby. A; Celkm. Oeo B; Cook .
J C Coatedt OCaldwell. D ,\ D.V Moran to have William Holl Pugh committee Ash is. its ase.a s.irr sea N..a sa.sur.eteaasvew
No 1. With Eo"T Wllllmon present Chare. W UcP eraoB. ; ; Pea
i man admitted I.. the county poorhouse Icy Uiarv . 2..01 a e.
and H C Hood as wuretlea In the George R Baker R. L. Wall A. Cohen ttidor: ChiMle F; Conkllr '. .
W S. Gramllng. .
wh* granted.Moved name : 00
ants of See hundred dollar each I Lee Allen and F G.TwredeP John S S; Cooper. J W: Cu'bertsnn:: W
I bv Commissioner Wall. ( N liiitlrr. 1.08
I seconded same
The follow'ng bid lo do the county i Frohock. Sheriff 7 T Merritt \\ : Cooley" : L A: Douglass. S W. IT ..
bv Commsss'oner, McPhctsor W n. :grew. died book la.00'jlcni ,
printing were reeetred: and ordered |iClt'rk. and R II. beymonr Attorney Drake. Gaston; Donglan!! John: De li
Garmo W C H F DeanS I the FI..I National Dink of ")nut Ptg ro printing 1iOOlGeo t.
spread on the irlBule. towltHonorable : : Downing : :
ofthe O 1'IIIo'r, )
designated the depositor compiling agricultn
was as
Board Of County Com I I Mr E \" B'ackman on hthalf Bobo: Del erry. W O Jr: Erlcnon I : >.
al Hat sties -
funds 1:500' -
miasloneers Gf'nttar.It' We hereby of a large committee of business J \\ : Crfert F G: E'nlg! :. R B: count) Ie *'

rtifa'li r-jo"'st that 5 Ou name roes of Miami appeared befoie the English J M: Eaton F L: Elliott On motion Board adjourned ID J W McPherson per diemand e..e.f 7..r ;

tie Snath r; orld* Record .* the board and addressed the board relative J. R; Flanagan R S: Forcell F A : p m. nilleag . ::1 > 6* H'I'
January !t. 1947 !Oeo U. A.IItH.lame. 1720
fewsnapIn, the county IB which lo an approprlatii of five bun Fr'lx Joacbla: Frluell Glen C: '
Board met at 2 p m. pursuant t* ...t.iJourum.nt. It. I.. Wall same 1\ HO ;:
the k-IDol notice of the ccwnty snail jdred1 dollars lo aid In awarding Feaster J T: Fnxzard. Wm. Graham ,
with all the members E G Twetvlell' ,
be ..ubll"hed the coming ear I price* at the next Dade County Fair J H : Glrtmaa. J D: Grave. same. 1.011 -I-

r 'We will publish the official pro- Ito be held In Miami daring: the C A : Goodtoa W L: Gerock J F. and officer presentAll V. Lee Allen. aame. 4 010 urrJ Into, -

rred'ngw of the Board In both the i month of march 107 Mr E. A. Oomph George R: Gaatler. H P: I road petitions were considered The following warrant was approved .-

South Florida Record' and the Evening | Wadd..lI. J Fritf Ool E. T Bylag J A; Godbold J H; Can land referred to members of the re- and ordered paid out of the i .

Record free of: charge. thai I on and other also addressed tbe IGardn..r.:N Jr; Glcaa. W C: Holly ipect've dlttrictt for investigation ( road fund79SI : ,

I giving then the widest publlcltyjiad 1'mird sustaining Mr B'ackman la J J: Hand F: Harper T J; Hook. I The following: application for porfICPlea 3. W Skinner on account : -Z'k'--l >tir Geean.a' t a

i of 'I' W A W D Homer itlons were and readC : i contract. New River Bridge fl.100I '
; will attend to all county talae entrusted 'aror aald appropriation. After : Hagbea. ; J W; :

to a* promptly and efficientv ,, -mriderabtedltcutdon and after Hall. R H. Hawkins. J B; Hooks ( F. Young, position a* engineer: The following warrants were approved rue MOST ncAtmru. MAOAZXI .1

v, Respectfully. LaRalle-Stoneman Obtaining aa opinion from the attor- : J C; Howard B K: Harteld. L K: .of road roller. ,I and ordered paid out of the IN THE W.OfU ;..

Co. Atbo T LaSalle' Secretary andTrrastrer. ;I ley the board decided that It waa HlBckaoa. Ie,...; HXba. C U; Frank Cartright. tan*. fine and forfeiture fund: Ask vowr newwlealer for ib superb '

.. ''without authority to make tuck ap- I Ii Holmes. E F; llourt..... J; Hill CW I Robert B. Fickle position aa road 1 IW I Stuart Hillante . Jilt : Tnua im it be does m has le it 'c

CoBVlattonera Dade County FU.OeatWmoa -oreply with the request of the comI L O.; Hoffman J F: Jeaalag Roundtree. *ame. 'IR.I J. ChllllBgwortb) same 2.41 Dame and ..hiresaai lew fur .sample "

We hereby ask your: I mltte*. Each member of the board, i *. J: Jaadoa. P B. Jr; Keller P. L. Ryan. ...... :''R. J. Chllllagworth. same (21H cttrf Rc*>Ur [race ajc *Irn__

ooorabte body to name tile Miami |'however.! expressing his willingness W L; Kennedy, W P. Laaalter. A JLofton. ; L. Gray. position aa janitor of 1 L. Clark . . . ifS the paper. ..

Sletropoli' as the newspaper IB !land desire to aaaiit la tile enterprise W A. I court bonae There being no farther business Bore PwbfltWa C.mpsq 1a
order notice 'If had Precinct' X Commluloner Wall Mated tlat I Mews 23' ...... saw' 1 urn Clay I,
which all offlclsl and they tile power to do *o. i 12Browa the board. on motion of Com ml*- j jsioaer .
who w-Ua-
hall appear for this ensuing term : After much dlscusaioa It was dIelded *- ,D C: Cooper A; Daugherty there were other persons Allan. ecoadd by Commit -
ed make for these .
If von deem It wise. and for tbe beat bv the board that the matter W J: Key J M; Man. J H: to application positions aioner Wall adjourned until the nest'; "

lateret of the toamtr to designate |jot ...,..bU.lllnc'O.at) bateau of Peter T to; sam,.... Ilea J; Smith bat had not tiled their application i regular i meeting:. Tuesday. February : _C(it this out and take It to the flitcarne )
of Commlmloner
vtke Metropolis a* th* official county immigration be looked Into at the J A; Watson C: \UlHard. C A. *. and on motion ,I 3th. 1907. or aatl! called -a a *p* Drag Co and gel a tree sam '

jf newspaper. we promise to give you next meeting and If It was deemed rretisMt Xo. 10A.d Tweedell seconded' apPllc.tlon.1 by sal meeting pie of (Chamberlain Stomach and ;

." the newt eme possible sad see to advisable (that steps be taken to --. A; Cox Geo; Costello. Commissioner Wall all until -- !,1.1Tablet.. Three! takleta .r. "

M that all roar printing Intrusted toT ....bll... such a b.reatIoytllecl J S. for positions were laid over I far laporior to pt's. being easierto

a* 1* Inserted accurately and withIlspatch. for by law. which I I. done the board Preciact >.. IS the next regular meeting j I "-Jlcllac Three Pileab4eev. take and more pleasant' la effect

A for terse (would be Th* sheriff appeared" before the Thus pie driver of the ordinary I they disorder of
compensation empowered to appropriate Gonman, C A; Hill. CW HugbeaD : | eorrec: the stoatach
Buirtrr, we ak only the legI rate fa ad* for aodi purpose L; Ko* V. Geo W; Lee p H: Board with Albert Hooks under senlence I I I kindr* b-4ag constructed !n the liver and towe. for sale b ,.

.* allowed by the statute'Very I OB motion *f Commissioner Allen Marsh B L. Meier. Henry; Proctor for vagrancy. who oa motionof terminal yard fur art la extension I I Arne stn and ...< His 5t af' Dr'i_

Commissioner Wa.U seconded by railroad work i it ('ompsny. .


f /.I
._ .ImGHT

-e.- .. .. tfs--, e1 7.t' t.wY :

r 4lll'n THE MIAMI Mriiio1'Oufl. FRID.,,". FEniH'ARV t. 1007 '\. EIGHT FAGS i

I i di ''a; TherI.-for. I hid, to
; a' h.'t' !> h 3 to ro to CUBAN MASTER & U. 8.1'' I
I n, lei ..on !.I! "1''t! -I 'II' i T:' p tiJ
i t in 'ti> gn i I1, ,n. i,
'I"' i 'h "h r "I I h''. d -tru .it, II I I

I t .1 of th .' .
0 > 111- i no- Recommends Peruna.I
""> whiih aa fhb In ihe niirl.if .

ch.- |I' oj-l- li'i'" ni[ the >'.ir 1405 1 /

"0' I this work thadi "iit\ nunvtMtors

I i r't'i ,.'U tan rents tor each I
S t name, two cents for earn farm two I i If you are forced to

REV. JAMES P. Of PASS PROF. PAUL C. RANSOM rents and two for rents each for marnfactorrng each death plan-that I limit the amount of your x

t oc.-ur'ed In the
1. 1904\ to July 1. IS05 Some of
Empire Dry Goods
: I then deputies mad A' much as i Scents Storei
II per day. and then the State

I experts a thorough and systematiccecaus

An Aged Methodist Divine, I Prominent Educator, Expired to be taken by Its citizens for I

such miserable consideration.!
Died Of Cerebral Of Uremic Blood If I had known or had had the M 14

least Idea of the volume of the workto I

Hemorrhage Poisoning perforfend.. Of the hundrt-da-of I I i -
1 questions to be asked, of the vast I -

amount of tabulating to be done t I Best goods and most treasonable

certainly would never Have had anything -
prices are always ;
I to do with this census under

Had Beet A Member Of Florida conference i! Wai Head Of Adirondack-Florida any consideration. I was sorely. z:iVi to be found at the
;disappointed In the volume of workto
For Forty Yean-Stricken Schools-Died At Cocoa aut Grove be done and the pay received and Empire Dry GoodsStorePc

aa a result ....11I"\ ... In the neighborhood -
In P. & 0. Office ; Died At' Reel Where He Had Made Wiater Home of $200 In actual rash "besides I

: Of For Several the time and worry of taking
dents Dr. J. M. Jackson. YeanINTERMENT
this census to say nothing of the
r criticism thrust at me on account of

the Inaccuracies:: and deficiencies In

to the work.I I
ATBUFFALO think the people will Ire it roc
I fa'rly In this matter us I certainly Don't allow yourself ; I
r did the best I could under the" clrcnmstances.
: FLA. N. Y. iliad I am satisfied Him i to be influenced by oth ;'

I my deputies did the beet thf\ could i ers. If your money is
If the
census was improperly taken
; It was the fault of the 1.t'glslalu' 'rand limited come to the Em.

'IFa From Daily Metropolis, Jan 30 I From Daily\ Metropolis Jan. 30 not of the faithful men to whom pire Dry Goods Store.If .

( Pol letting an attack ..f cerebral Paul Carlton Ransom one of the ,was entrusted the work tn the various Quesada, Cuban Minister to the United States.

bemorrhaf at about 4 -I0 o'clock foremost educator In the coantryand counties! of the atateThere S.norQuraadaCebsa Minister to the United Stale. U as ..tar bora. I*
; la a movement" now on foot
head of the AdirondackFloridaaehool.one an article la The Outlook for July 1/CIP. b1 George Ktnaan, who based q sadapeakallb
last sight Rev. James P. DePaaa. the of the
of them :among enumerators state
being the Pine
: Fsteha Theater MatanaasCubs h* aald : MI aav* sa many aadraces -
member of the Florida Methodist I to make an appeal to the next letlalatnre -
a Knot !
Camp winter
a school for bo'llit
( under tb. spell of eloquent spew-h Bad ia the grip of.troa. ..illiU esrttetnent I
t Coeferenc for the pest forty years Coroanut Grove died at that place for relief. This come cram but I hue r.r I.lln.-cl....., a _n. as at th. close of Qaesada'a 1
tad oo. of the but known aid ablest I at 11:10: laat night of uremIc pol- the fact that few. If any of the "
( eulogy apon the dead patriot Marti. la a letter to Tb Prwaa Drug MTg.Oo,
I'' minister cf the Gospel la the Suts aonloc. after a bag sad trying III'neaa. ,enumerators came out even and thegreat written from Washington f).<*? Honor Qa sJsys;
expired at 1:11: clock this moralnf aged forty-four year (; majority: lost money. I.m

.,f; at the residence of Dr. James M. Mr. Ransom Brat cam to Dade {satisfied,[, that there la not an eau", I Peruna I can recommend as a very good medic other people charge
Jackson without filly regainingconaieusuiss county In the winter of IBM and I lerator In the state who would have
t. \ at say time after the soon thereafter conceived the Idea I[undertaken this work for the price I cine. It is an excellent strengthening tonic, and It you exorbitant prices,

c atlaek.which completely I paralyses of establishing a winter school for I paid. If he had not been! derewed aslo Is also an efficacious cure for the almost universal remember we do not at v
his limb from the waist down and boy. H.. began with a Few pupils the volume of the work to be
complaint of ClItllITh.oonzslo De Quesada.
the Goods
Empire Dry
k the left arm. and gradually built np the attena- 'done.

Dr. DePaa came to Miami y ance and reputatloa of the laatlu- I. I am merely Making this statebent -
w. lion until It )ir WIIHotr.\ ...", Hafrniowa, '""'" II a. remedy la the world
took sad the
7a day niorniet Intending to to maintainedforemost a la Justice to myself and
{ Wet this morning 10 jota hla ate"'l place among a nier acnoola. able corps of deputies who assistedme UK. writes: i which has proven so popular for eatorrha i

:!O who ha been v'.altiag one of Dix siied war a graduate of Wl* I la getting this census. I don't "I gladly five my tentlmoalal with Ptrwaa. It ha bees ned for users Store.R

children there for the past llama Collate la Mavichntetta, and believe that the Metropol desires to the thoataad of other who have bees. this thirty yew and eared thooaand

I moaths or more Laat night be' was 111 in Johns Hou&na: t'nlreraUy j,be unfair and for this reason I am eared l>y the use of Perana. of ees M proves by ea tosUmoalaU.II .
dined whit Dr. Jackaoa and family Bit'timore. with the complaint that publishing this card. I have no d- ?/ AW OiUrrH eI the bawd f4Oirott. you do not derive prompt and satlfaetory *-

tJ and; afterward wc'ke flown th/ I caused death, for some tine before j'sire for aewapaper notoriety., and I toot caM trailare wmY result from the as of Pvraaa

street About >:S' o'clock he went being' moved to Cocoanut Grove thre I'always* try to keep out of the public !rt writs'Nee to Dr. BartmaaglvUga
: .
late the f. A O. office under the weeks ago with tttf hope| that the I prints as much as powlbie. out I do ....* dad inlay .*/. rail atateaxal of your ease and h* will

veranda of Halcyon Hall to see 1!chance and e'lmat would effect tb* feel that myself and the deputy M wort ft all when I beg a slog be pleased w jlvs JOB his valuable ad- We guarantee greater

'w boat blat! ticket to Key West Wbll. 'ir j jwalUBf desired result He war brought I''I I,'enumerators have been done aa In- fVrwa*. vise frails.
; t / .., mew't.' mtttr using H about six Address Dr. flartmaa, Prevideat of bargains! than it Is possible .
r- to be served he Mated him- south In a car accompaniedby i I Justice. It la absolutely Impossible u..ta law w-Naadsf.e.p ....... &0. .__- ........... '."'1.-......t'
..If and jlghted a clear. He had i his devoted wife, physician and for deputies to get Informationfrom to obtain elsewhereat
} smoked bit a few seconds when hla | three' lures all of whom were people who have moved oat of I- -

:. \ hands were wen to fall to his side stantly with him until deatn. COli-I the county and have left the districts -Ii i NOTICE FOR P CRid.tT10Y.Drpartmeot I II MU 3po1l., a newspaper published I Empire Dry Goods

\ and bn4 ,iueh forward I I The body baa been prepared la which they were living IB aald county and stal Store.

f Dr. Jackson war Immediate' *"m- Undertaker" Klnt and will be takento ,,It was unfortunate to have to take of the Interior This 3rd day of January 11fT.
< moaed o* Information mat a man Buffalo N. V. Rte home of the ,the census under such circumstances. I Land omca at Gainesville Fla I Z. T. MERRITT.: I

m.' bad feinted." He responded at once I deceased for in erment. Funeralnerrtces |Ibnt i we did the best we could, and f January 7. 10) Clerk Clreutt Court

..' and recocalzlag the sufferer aa Dr. over the remains were held |Ithlnk now that If this fact were Noiii'; la hereby given that ColonelJO. R. R. Taylor aoUdtor for' ooaplaiaaaL -

DePas. aid but a abort time before at Pine" Knot School this afternoon, made known to the pnollc. It would Boaz. of Homestead Fla., b*. E
his event had him removed to hisresidence after which: the body war brou 'r b far better than to *>le
across the ureec There ,,'bor,. work done by the enumerators | flual Ave-yrar proof In support 011 NOTICE: TO CREDITORS

'f Mtoratlm were applied' bat with ;|, The death of Professor \I' which tends simply *o adverts the hit claim tin: Homestead IIDtr"1:
.nly partial aaeceaa. the patient at la a serious b'o. to not only cocoanut No. JO.O'II made Jan >. *
i times la a wmJ>a.c1ou. rond'.tlon.complalnlac Grove but to the eoaDt)'. Mr* deficiencies rather than to esplalethe the 8 1of SW 14. NE 1of SW IB Court of the County J.4p,8tate Instead of you sending

if boat treat pain pleaalac Ransom to whorl deceased was ail nation. On thing the report 11-4 and NW 1.4 of 8 E 14. Section of Florida, Dad county.In .
where ,,: doe show and that U that Dade Increased Catat'of Matilda A. Moftat your money away for
I to beTetlered and asklag led three years ago and who 11I..1 Township Si. south Rang h r*
were his .Pg*. At t: 15 o'clock :;; daughter of Prof Carter of In white population, and from 1nlofored JR. and that said proof ...\11" maw To all credltorjrlega:***. distribu goods you should patronize
1- death relived all aatferlac.r CoPete. it U ft*tea. will likely continue : tee to 1105. 212 p.cellI. before Jno. B. Rellly. United State .tees and aVp rsons havlag claim

Deceased was a resided of Wllllsioa. the school work and cause of population 1ZI-3. The next Comlavioner, at Miami. Fla. OB February or demabd against said MUte: the store whichis

", and war asslgnd by the last \education *o far advanced by her greatest Increase war Manatee coun U. 107. You and each of you are hereby
; Methodist conference aa agent to s v huabaad. The wife zed several I )', which showed SS-S per cent white He names, the following witnesses aoClned and inquired to praot aay helping to make Mi.

''1' MHtl d* for the parpoae of eats;s- 'relatives survive lit SIS colored. to prove his jcontlnuoua residence upon claims sad demands which you or ami the most famous
1- lUalng a Methodist Orphaa'a Home. I I am saUafled that the report was I and cultivation of the land via: either of you may have agalast the

He had met with treat success and fI fall and complete aa to agricultural C. W. HilL of Naranja. Fla.; J. MUte of Matilda A. Mortal deea town on the East Coast. )

k"' Intended to return her from Key ; statistics but I know the deputies 8. Casteilo. of Naraaja. Fla.; C. A. ed. late of Dad _.t,. Florida to

} Wet ...'apt'l. some time In working CARD FROM MR. SEYMOUR ,' did the best they could under Ooam. of Naranja Fla. ; D. .. the BBd rsltn4 adminlatratrii of

\ for the horn Prerloni to being the circumstance Roberta, of Homestead, Fla. said estate within two years from I

'\ > assignedtats work Dr. DePau Very truly yours Henry 8. Chubb the date hereof. .

.1 preached two year at .re dl". He I' R. H. Seymour Register. Dated Miami. Fla.. Novmb 3*.
:: ;
1-: war know aa a preacver of markets "'., Jan. 31. Enumerator. A. D. 1>OC. I EmpireDRY ;
ability and a scholar being at different I.KGAL NOTICEIn Jeanie A.. Brassier.
time editor of the Ftortdt Chrla- I Editor Metropolis: NOT1CK AdmlnWratriz of th* ..tate.f

\ lag Advotat. agricultural editor o? I Botle la tk* Metropolis, ot yesilrday Take notice that I will present eke the Circuit Court Seventh Jadlclal Matilda A. Moffat. dOMed. I 1-

... the FKrfda -t'DOA and director ,an edurlal: entitled- application of Mary Moxeak for a Circuit, Dade County, II I

of the eprlmeatat laboratory" [BcleDCle In Dade' County Cenaua." pardon on rehearing to the pardoning In chancery." FIorld"j ORDER FOR PVBUCATIOJCIB

ro\aetd.: with the Stag College at la thla editorial the enumerator war board oa the Brat Thursday ot T. M. Jones vs. Moselle D. j GOODS r

!' Lake cut! Ho was about seventy ;I severely critlcls for what la term- January or as soon thereafter" aa I It appearing by affidavit appendedto the Circuit Court Seventh Judicial 1

f year of It*. led a woeful deficiency, IB accuracy. !may lie heard.. The applicant was bill Died In the above stated cause Circuit Dade county, Fla.la .
The remainsare In "charge of undertaker. laeg'ect or something or other lai convicted of murder at the fall term i' that be Ia attorney for complainant Chancery-Bill for Divorce

\ W. H. Combs Co. aced i I that portion petalnlng to the com- ,of the circuit court for Dade county, zed that Moselle D Jones Is the defendant George B. Wells
will be Held until tomorrow nlgtt.I merr'al und. manafacturlng Interests Florida UJT therein named la a nonresident vs.

.. when tea aged and bereaved else of Dude county. William C Under of the Slat ot Florida and lea I Ella We'ls. STORE.r"
will strive Inh* coy fr mi K.- Now. I desire to say that 1 thlnr Attorney for Petitioner. resldet-t of Savannah. Georgia, It appearing by affidavit of George r"

: t Rest and the body .It..a to WlllI u"n the' people of Did county fully ttaj over the age of twenty-one years: U. Wella. complainant ttled la above ;

for interiKont j demand" this census situation and It Is therefore ordered that aald staled I
TinGrip cause that Ella Wells the defendant .k
,tit the time of my appointment and non-resident defendant and Is ,
therein named Is a nonresident 327 Twelfth Street
during the entlr' time i ass engagedIn I "Before we can Imptlllle1tb hereby required to appear to the I s
of the State of Florida, and that
this work I did all In my power others( we' must have suffered onr- hill of complaint filed In laid cause I Sher
SPELLING BEE A SUCCESS 'Ifcelves :No con realize the suffering [ present residence Is unknown t*
lo gel the census propertly take n. on" on or bef-ire Monday, the 4th day of ''
Cfstn (he alRant: that she Is over the
The M 'rt polta was exceedingly I attendant[ upon| an attack o. F.hru.r l A. D. IS'IT. otherwise the age
''' of 21
'kind to me during the entire ume. the grip unless he ban had the nettial 311..It.U" Of Mid till will be taken yearijnd that there la no one costs herein accrued. I have levied' I

r. and rendered faithful net vice In as- experience There I Is (probably us confe MHl by said defendant.It | la this ..t.teJOa whom legal service upon and will\ sell for i a..n 'fie '

The spoiling! bee given last night slating: us to get: a correct report. Ho disease that CBIIHso much phs It I farther ordered that this order lean' be made; It U therefore Ordered court house door I t. the <-ltvami. vet II. ,

by the Library Commute of the ThK is l why I am surpris-d to seethe teal and mental aK"tnr hlch ofuccei be published! nice a week tor that said uon-reaidrnt defendant l/. Dade county K'l.-i.Ii' 'n N' ,. "

Womaa'a"tClub was a success and altitude that ,,our paler now .,ful'> d'-dea medlf" aid l \It lour tonaeruMve wee:.s In the Ml'-ml 'and la hereby required to appear to day. the 4th day off.ir> h \ II

+ had a Urge<; crowd of participants. |1 takes I thick the p..ojt'; will remember Hanger from the grip. how. \..r. may Metropolis. a newspaper" published In | the bill ot eomp.aint. filed In said 1 /<>7. tietween" e'.ewn: .1 .. I I. ., (
that I. as enumerator, ..ppt' .h" avoided bv the prompt( use of said County and State cause on or belore Monday.the fourth and teo clock pin. the foli"... f

rI Tb committee was composed of .'I'd to the people; through the C'h.mbt'rl.ln'OUKb Remedy. | This January 3d. U07.I I day of February, A. U. I 't)7. other- 1.-rtlwd property to-wit '.

Mesdames Jack Graham. W It. McDonald '' press of the county mare than once Among the lens of thonund who I t. T. MERRITT. wise the allegations of said bill will Th- nor'h (4111': 1 ,,"-half ..f 'he

; sad Richard: Watkins asslstd to iim'.Kt: the enumerators In gettingfor have used this rem.--d not one case i] Clerk Circuit Court be taken as confessed by aaid dvfead- north (Inl Jl on' half vet ;the .....t
and baa been reported thnt has I R. R. I 'lwl-i oat-half (if 'h. >,uthw it
ever repotted
by Mesdame Henry Eggvr Dude. county the very best census Taylor solicitor for (com ant.It f
that could be obtained, under In pneumonia or that has. not plainant. I la further ordered that this orjdcr swl-4) quarter of section 7 >i"wn- ,
j report
'I W. M. Browa. the circumstances! and esnec'ally aa $recovered. For sale by all druggists be published once a week for ship SI south of range 42 east. ,I.>K* f :
The prtt winner was Mrs. W. !M. LEGAL the north 171 feet of said
to the ana leve'opment of and Biicayne T)rug Co. NOTICE eight consecutive weeks In the !Miami north
Braw aid she proved herself an the county progress along matera lines. I I I Metropolis, a newspaper published In Inl Jl one-half. of the north 'nl .:* > .,2

} able speller, such words as "pusil- I The trouble lie rn the fact thatthe A friend of the Woman's IJbrary In the Circuit Coart. Seventh Judicial 'said county and State. one-half of the west ( wl-li, onehalfof ,
laaimous" making the stoutest heart has Circuit Dade County, Florida. the southwest qtarter of said section >
did presented It with the following Miami. Fla.. this 37th day of November
quail and such little word aa "rite" sufficient Legislature sum to pay not for appropriateh this Important books- The Prfessor's Legacy; by In chancery.Enphemla. I A U. 1101 :No. 7. all In tie county of Dade ,
bringing wowa .the over conddent.Tb Flnlcent n Ales Fla- and St.'eof Florida. containing IS
t work. The entire census Mrs. A. S. wtck. Call of the (Ct.Ct. S ali: ) A. K. Drrrborn.
c. prtre was a beautiful china tllood. R. Hechenn" Treasure of kent acre more or I kiss
; Clerk of the Circuit Court.W. .
for Dade county amounted to a few
plat heaven Marie ('orr.Mr... H. C. It appearing by aflldavit\ appendeato I. Melralf. fly W.M. I John Frohorh. \4'
dollar less than 1400. Of this Pope"
artl tlc Sheriff of Dade
Among shoe who wore ttoome. Jr., presented Marlam. HOT- the bill In the above stated cause Solicitor county Florida
co'lecte-d than half for Complainant:
one man store
t costume =_ere M"30e ChalKe. Dee Victor and The" Marrow of Tradition that Alex Flnleent.: the defendant I f..J
and I am now out In actual rash. out
Mrs hoary E ger. Mr R. W. herein named Is of the State of
Chestmltt. and Mrs W. M.Brown :XOTH'K %crr\(.t: '
Jolra.Fr.Dk of m) own poc" t. In the notchbor- HHKKIKF'M: MILK:
O. Maynard.
ttboles. Mrs. has given The Summit Untiettyutery Florida, has been absent for more
: Ruder. Mrs. Wm. Offer.Mrs ho-xl or $%110 I bed a great deal of In the Conner Judges' Court Dad tFronnty.
T : L Douaslf. Ai. riemheni than sixty days, and concealed himself In the Cot-ntr .
L. Eaton and ethers.Hi trouble In gi'tt'ng!: enumerators to for Dade County Fiord :
E.: of the Woman's Club are requestedto so that service cannot be had.oer : Florida'
n'ti from the Bee werecood work In the various pretlncta. and If i I Iin re Estate of KlUaheth! J M.irir.
rrc ( rail at the Library for !tmportiinr the age: of t..uty- nf' ears: I n Had
able 1 b' MeiroMtlU will back in I'.. [I. ,
wari go
and one had an "njn | information II Is therefore" ordered that said nonresident n 1 "
: evening .aide< from the amusing part fll 10 of July don't remember thed'el. -- defendant bet and he Is hero I :Notice of Final f>'. he 1
i there an article FrPd.I1tI.ttb.u.: Pnblle notice i I" herh .'.- .
\IIul match. appears pnrporting I gi i hatI
.it the ." I I i Thel.natee R." ''-rd u tinaprtng o'II hy required to appear to the bill nf Notice Is
t 'I -- to h.. iin IntervN'w with Mr. hereby given hat nndcr 'on the I nth, d"r o| hi\! D 1 v
bg hunch of rrap'rul' ten In rompliilnt fl1e In ndfd case on orbefore
a sod
by virtue of '
son Elliott chief clerk of the. Arrlcu II : an eierntion 'sxued the unders'cned file hN fl
for an. :disease ot the akin tanmomniend : wjll$
prhitilt I" that 4ti
hn"t't'ron citv. Mnndntthe day of February out of the
Cbsmberlaln'n 8.1. It tnml' Department at TaTI ha+ ee, in County Court for Did.County. port with the llonfir 110''> .. \ fer. II
ThRt' noth'ne. II hllDl h of the" samekind \ O. lief otherwise the allegations .11. Florida. .
I In
relieves the ItfMoc n4 ,"u Tl1l.Bsallon which he tatej. among other thlnza a reuse wherein .. counn Jnd. 'if t" I iHorlda. i- /.
of fruit twelve In number was of Mid bPI will .be taken a* 1. H. Padgett. IK
.... Instant') area soon effti-ts tbt t ,i dfpnlv enMtnernlor would' bappointed <' 'Ie'f I\t the Metpo'ls' oflli .. r'centbOr roniesiwMl by said detendnnt. M.itthxm. U I p'aintlff defendant and Frederic and ask for hi1 ,.
ibis salve ls :also Invaluable for eat h d'Mrlct' and fo it". Matt the fruit und ch-trKf a. adminlatintor! If. I .-..-
cure. Mr, J..1 having II l further ordered that this
order wherein >
plilnilff r<- v-f r'd ludt lI
.. a
For pate hv I' 'n ml ,n or oi .i f Ib .. o-\ .... ts4
1 r M -e pinches j Ii-. .r n !rH" p I.'" mlt-p front ho I"bl1.h.|! ...1 ode. a art T ->r e'ent 'n .tlp ""- -, T"If... ...... \
.. . .. .. ..II!! :, :
.. '
.. U .11 ; v You wl t I hi tn n
II ) route four lonwralivo 'ksn
M Miami aga w. ; the MUi.: Fitly ixijrs;: and: h' .... o: tdo\ '_

a I' .
I'r ,1
t I ,

.14N a .a' .n .-. ._ j
: > IM e'si ,r eat A Aknar s.l

t .. ,:
' FIGHT PAGES THE HUHT Mrrnoi-ous. rnimv, FFMIU-MIV i. torn
r\GF. FIT* 4:

Jo-mil lh. [I'rk-atnip.m....r"l lllrt new raehr Truants A PIILEAU SUPPER I % U.tlTtllPiQnT.unt: : GREATLY ENCOURAGED ''s

i i a il h f '1,1, Root Ti-s lnutor( Now al JmLwntlllr and I'll lloulc toI

MH 'h. It..\ ,, I Palm not of pbatmurC" ann I I 1 hi' l>irtlYul '

r JJrll' J10frs J 1.h.tI? 'It blf i! FIT.t" ";otl \! ""i "''j .J.ln i :r d., P. rr. ---"n; 11 ap| 'allot OVER COUNTY FAIRPROSPECTS

rlxjlii* soil. Heir .. of ;Neork ,
I ;Hine \d.I I... gate/: It 'Ihurouthlynima6l Cm togo U< r with a
TtI'I 8. l.ln>iihniiHebuiuit \t'n""rr- ,. part u( rivnd: arrived in Jukwmtille -
chl.i.n pl Uu beach
| rutty
whi(4 came Into taut| faun >esterdjy niornlEK at ao :
I Mobile Tuesday afternoon. In Hill ': liar flight ,."'IIIK user In ('apt Ktr :i....rl I) hour on bill handsome gasoline

< apt J H Wet.h the well k.i. ni i the shod ui the Royal Palm dorkonW '' here and may not ....1ror me next n'* .taut lanmh and ivlurn ''l>u,er yacht MosqueUIre. says theTime.

1 uit and t.g"n!!: ,ble (:ror of *rchek i hUh ... destroyed by the day or t..o.. nic.. hum .11 (elt two oco-k Ms I Union of yesterday.Thu .
i >- .maa In \l1.'mMondll'\ Mb."lIl1C.. tote morm' U being replaced by Conranlore I yacht was moored at toe MerI -
: morning;:; It was not the intentionof
hinds with hs friends Brad Muller k Mann :MoHMrrExceptlonaUy IQtft..h thi. I rill-Suvtns pier and toon dt.rhe
party to Tema nut 10 late
':imronKer and better than ever be-I!'i large cittiheft or king" but the' preferred returning.; at that was tied I up he wealtny owner ana GRANd SUCCESS INDICATED 4
Mr and Mrs W. MeUUter. bab fore Sat unvanonablc hour I his I part came to the city to visit the
are now being brought In dilly to an nil nlxht '
and maid ..f North Carolina are at ,i std shipped! from here to the northern l bath In the briny spray and the w trt many paces of Interval.
The Oaks for a sla>. JJr McAllister Count Commissioner. K G Tueedell '' markets. The big catch of .last (I I from the heavens I The Motquetalre la 8( feet long

mat In Miami lust winter I former' r-Hiding and .*nt.'C<'d Thursday was almost repeated. Sat The sin |>oured. But It did not overall, breadth 14 feet sod flu a
---- In business at Cutler. has sold out tdo I depth In the bold of 1 feet i inches
i Its ,'
nrday, one firm reporting that they "'or on the patl'lon and the I Says Mr. E. W. BUckmu
Mr Walter KelswettM new houseon hi. interests: there and moved his i(had meaty-seven that packed four toll) plllaueri came home with nothing She Is equipped with one 7$ horse- ..
10th street is ready for the painters family to Mlemi' here he sill! engage barrels I worse than muddy shoes. and dim- I poser and one 10-horse power Twentieth tars And Gdneral Mana er--Fai- I
and when completed vlll\ l rd an !!: la gusiness and make his future I I arranged bangs Miss Lee had pre' Century engines, and la masjnltIcently .

ornament to that part of the city I home residing!!: at present on 21st ,j i If you want to make sure crop i I nusly prepaid a large and delicious ; flittd out from stem to men Greatly Iaternted--Dates Of

. greet South side I I I.... the Skinner Irrigation Hystem Mipplv of plllau and It was ret warm ,stern
4.1 Bradleya fertilisers are the belL ,{ Better and cheaper than bedding for when the Ki4<*sts were served to boun- I On the way down me pat Into :NVr- Fair To Be Aanouaced This Week. ,

For sale by J. B. Uinunns, Miami Money to loan on Unproved' property. ,..pineapple H. 8. :' I tlfu'l, heaped plates of the savory fp'k. Charleston Savannah anj other -

I 0. B. Amed... Coooaaut Grove I tune Fla. Pennoekep"1 dlahMr l ports. She will remain In port for t
Mr Earnest Frost baa returned' : and !Mm Caspar Hefty chaperoned about a week undergoing repairs and

from a week's trip to the creation )lr. and Mrs'' Dnval and family (Made Good Catch the party, and am.l.U-d Mia I will\ be hauled out on tae Catneriae
where he was called to attend to ol Virginia are winter residents of {: Fishing from the auxlllarv yacht 1 I-- who I I. j sinter of Mrs Hefty. street marine railwayFrom From Dally Metropolis Jan )'

worn electrical: t-nglnet-rtng I Miami and are comfortably located Jupiter. Capt Ros., Messrs Cusbny I in entertaining. Those composing the Miami Jacksonville and from sue there will to proceedto Cuba Mr. E V. Blackman. secretaryand t
party were
| for housekeeping. "t Mrs Wren.. 'land Maasenger. of Scotland and She carries general manager of tha Dade
and daughterMrs Misses Ada Tee. Rosalie Qnarfer- a (captain pilot, two engineers
Mrs Fred Sister No:' Ill Avenue C. Mr. Duval Is an j their guest Mr &wlOn. or Milwaukee steward and County Fair stated this moram*
I rook
N. J. man. Sue Smith Al'ce Gray Blrdl.GoodllOn.
Mikes, of Blarkvood that there la R
I experienced Jeweler and watchmaker landed 10 large grouper, one every that
are the guests of Mr. Cud Mrs W. and la filling that Important popatioa 1 I mutton flab, 1 barracoota, 1 margot ( Lulu Ooodiwin. Maade Lee VecHaMe MortarQuite the Fair this year will be larg.r aad i
I.-un Hodice. Celia Loren Marie
; Shone, at Cocoanut Grove better than
J : ever before He
was visited
la Whaler Jewelry store. 2 amberjacks.l bogflsh. 1 Span-
Rush: hl'ears. J. W Rodftrrs. Wil- a few vegetables. consisting
I mackerel and 1 porgle, eight Varieties ..... of tomatoes beans many farmers aad plasters sad
Dr E Armstrong, the Eye SiUlist **-- I hur Yarborough: Phillip I. Elmo1"odlt..F.d..ID eggplants pepper is In correspondence with.
pays his next professional; visit j Cot and Mra Robert M Thompson In all, 1 S..h..II.H..nry Cb.... squash. etc. are now moving hers, all of whom are tattag variouso f
., Miami February d and i. I were recent guests of the Ponce de Sam Powell and Ted Frederick from this point The tomatoes are keen a
to on Interest la the
Fair '
Leon St. Aagustlne. says the T.tI.r.Col Laack-d Two InC shark ( In small lots, beans are Just rom and prom-
and may be seen at the Bh.cayneHotel I !Ilea to furnish exhibits
!I Thompson came up from the An exceptionally good catch of sea I)IHTRKSHI\O KXI'UWIOY Int In and egg pants are rather
south where be has been living on Bah was made Saturday by Mr. and scarce The Cuban crops of tit The damage to trurklag by the

-1 sir. and Mrt I his houseboat the Everglades to 'i Mrs II. Coop and Charles I From Dally Metropolis Jan SO fame snicks: are also moving bemv- I cold weather in December will In no I -
The little son of hat been suffering I meet Mrs Thompson who arrived I p.rW New York, who flshlni. A very distressing gasoline explosion |lily and effecting thmarket for manner prevent a good exhibit of '.

t Floyd ChalHe.who la now much from the north bringing with: her I from the yacht Whli. Capt Norton. occurred at Fort Lauderdale i Florida produce, better prices: being fruit and truck especially tho latter ,
with a sever colds Miss Katherine Bereaford. of Coomb. j 'anded 11 klnflib one hammerhead about I o'clock last night In which obtained on the local market than as new crops will have bees la before

improved.Mr '. I Eag. They have a home on Fifty- {shark, measuring over ten fI.I.leDltb.oDe la Mr. Reed A. Bryan and two other In New York Chicago and outer ma.- the time of holding the fair. The .
-. third street. New York, and one at large sandshark and one parties were seriously Injured. It k.... Industrial exhibits win also be good
Miss Simp-
O W O Slmpsau.
I Southampton L. I. pilot flab. and It Is probable that -very foot of
Miss Alexander and Miss O. P.Alexander. appears, from what can M learned ,
Boa : When we beta bestows>> ,.Nrnd a..l1ab'.pace la the building will
hat Mr. Bryan and hU friends
form a pleasant party
Iron Brooklyn, now visiting In the I Aetna dynamite sad suppflee for Will Meet 1st Key Went were perpartnc the former'* Uaaeh a half ago we were told that +'be taken aad Ailed with latsrestiag
ale by Lammna / WeD. The executive commttee: of the to p to Palm Beach to attend the we were too far oat of the hula>> eM; and convincing displays p,
city ? I center to tt much trade. A farmight The dates for holding toe fair Mr.
Florida Press Asoelaron met Satar- motor boat raeH1'11.., vent to '
.Ddi" PUedHver Flume Work I Miss Neela' McLaughlin teacher or lay evening In Jacksonville and deelded the launch with a lighted lantern I come bat>> It would not pay Blackmaa acted will be determined
Has the business center shifted I his week and at oace made public
A force of workme are now en ,the public school at Delray has tendered upon the program of the association and Immediately there was an explosion west I He ls 1.r1
or have we ao frleada that expectlig Mr J. fl. fug slam -
the' works I the next meeting of which l caused many they
gaged la building>> ; upper her resignation to Superintendent presumably>> tiy gasoline of the railroad
of the sew extension pile driver No IC | R. E. Hall that she may 40 will be held In Key West March leaking Into the bottom of the win with to us'There out of their way to trade aay day and aa soon company a* he ,arrives down ? <

erecting the lead rod, etc to another part of the Btaio to accept 5th.> The members of the associationwill boat from the tank.A la some reason why ourbusiness the time for holding the fair, whichwill
lucrative position. Mts.Heles meet In. Jacksonville on Monday telegram was sent to the city
I a more
\ be during the drat
la growing ao fast Each fart of j
J. K.Lammas March t, aDd proceed from
I roe tract terunsera eonaart Rogers formerly teacher at for either Or Skate or Dr. Jackson month March will be decided ,
It la ao much larger than the upon.CosnfMiiy
agent tor ICs old reliable Gaaveala. the school at which place i here to Miami taking the steamer 10 come at once It was impossible>> preceding one that It Is a wonderto ----

Bradley gooda. was closed on account of .. laauflc- here for Key'West. for Dr Jackson to to and Dr. Skaggswas na where It cornea from We "i,,." Innperuosi March 1C- tAn
test attendance has bees appointedto already on his way to Danla to I
know It la because of
not our official order from
I personal Adjutant ;
am now making regular
my professional 0... Jackson wired
succeed Kiss McLasghUn at Del- see a patient
)lr. W H. Roberta las moved his trig down the East Coast I from ft beauty because that would General! Foster Bxea: March 14th as ''ti
family from Oraage Glade to SOth ray and will be la Miami February < and: back Lauderdale to send to a Dante messenger and Intercept atop a clock It surely rant be because I the date for tile aaaaal. general Inspection e!;
street where they have rented 011.d 7. and will be at the Biscayne Hotel of our winning ways. It mast of Company "1.- Miami R>- s
the Brtekell cottages near the Completing New Directory Will also be In Duals Febru- Dr Skairjra. hut the messenger sr be because of oar wlanlnf price I ties F. 8. T. Capt. Jaudoa stated + '
Mr Allan R. Parrlah. who Itcoirplllng rived there just after Be had started
and .
qualities. What of
railroad track. ary 8; Fort Lauderdale February I an array this mornlug that he expects the t
the new Miami directory: In nla automobile on the mature
winners have.
and Delray February 10 Dr. E. H. we Alabastlaa. the company to make a very creditable
Mr J A. Murphy. representing I'states that the canvas of the city 1'1. Armstrong.Blue home. beaatlfal; Devoe's Paints, the durable showlag eonalderlag that Ole orgaaItatlon ty
'now practically: completed and This morning Dr. Starrs went np
the MaaafaetarerB traders Commaerclal ; Stoves, the perfect. has s-ea practically Inactive
the book will be issued at aa early to attend the Injured men but np Plymouth Rope. the smoothest r
this has Jut for time
Agency la city prints were received by the ; some on account of Davis; t r
retaraed from a weei: business. trip dale No residence or battaeas bat extension engineers yesterday for to I:10 o'clock this afternoon fan Studebaker and Russell Wagoaa.the no armory fsrt titles. The new std
la been overlooked not only within the not returned No one earae to the strongest; McCormfek Mowers th..
to the home office of the Company the construction of what la known permanent armory In the WatmnbuUdlag 1
Buffalo corporate limits of the city hot>> In a pendulum plledrlver. the same city from Fort lauderdale this morn best That la the reason' w. get the on lIt 11 afreet will be ready '

the suburb>> contiguous Mr. Parrish be constructed here for work hi Int. therefore It If Impossible to trad. Fair prices sad good goods. within the next two or tires weeks -j 1 1j

Lost- Poly diet og.'brows apots.answerlag states that whea the names have I. keys. "The machine gets Its 'earn the detalla of the accident, or MIAMI HARDWARE CO. when the company will beg a active j I
"Jack1 been compl'ed a correct census of how badly! Injured the men are We Wane Yew
to name ; strap from the fact that the drivingapparatus Just Moavj" drills and exerclalag agala ; f'J?
the time
the city at present can
collar with brass knob and no nameplate Is that It
arranged can
C. had and that It will be above five
Reward If,retarded to H. thousand be swung about from side to side
BadgeMr '' much the same aa that of a dipper
dredge.drlvtnf piling wherever needed -
and Mrs. Simon P. O'Reilly, Victors exclusively. Wholesale sad saving a frequent moving of

of la O'ReUly's the city for Gap a few Reatfhg.'weeks'Pa visit. are and Machine retail Co..Metropolitan Jacksonville.Talking Fla. the the craft kind 1'.11I'to be" built the Drat here driverof ana We Wish to Avoid the Aftert

Mr O'Reilly la heavily laterested 1,I Agents wanted. used In the keys.
la Miami real estate and will probably -' -- -
Mr. K. B. PomgUe Returned I
Interested wMleaa
become more
i' Mr E. B. Douglas, proprietor of oM Right of WageTwentythree
this. mail the Ideal Dry Good Store, ha Just right of way deedt.Thoa .

Capt. F. B.-Skinner, ot fort returned from a fortnight b.s1.1 J. Rvmtn.. Adams Amanda Jtt. M.R. Munyon.Clnett.Chas A.. The Holiday Dullnessand
trip to New City. Mr.
...derdale. spent aftmr3business Jut Monday 1.1 reports a most satisfactory journeyIn I I. Cragln. Dorlada rf. Bralsford.C.
the city
In every respect The new line of I C. Halgbt. Eugene M. Russell Harry -
fairs He reports progress A Muling1, Protestant Episcopal
i spring millinery purchased In New I
erection' of the county bridge at .
Church Alice B. Smith Louisa 8
York by him haa nearly alt .arrived
for Lauderdale see In a and few that more I',>.wilt weeks.Orwar be ready I and are now on display la the store Clarke. B. M. Dimte, George W. have the do } '

-drLla come although along some throughout later pattern the aeaaoa will Klngle Reyno'ds.Enoch Bradley Root.Bros.John, E.C.T.Spit.George Me-. we goods to it with and our stock

i; ace skipped a ode to you or soft by tbd Miami eDver4r Bou- A very coat swell suits I lice* also of looked ladies for Jacketsand dally Clayton B. Swift Mark borne Miami E. Realty Highley. will be kept up to its usual high standard

Bag Works Mfgm, MIaMI rm. 1 besides an unmatchable selection of Loan and Guaranty Co. and W. J.

piece goods In all the seasonable Shone tot>e F. E. C. Railway Co of excellence and completenessIn ..f=

9 The frteada of Mra. |. T. Wllaoawin fabrics>> for $1, certala rights of ways ffl'1.1I.C
a water mala at Palm Beach
that she
be delighted to know
win shortly coma to Miami to spend For Sale- Pure Jersey bill calf and Miami. I

I the remainder of the Jeason. Mrs i six months old. $%1. was brought .

WTaoa's horn Is la Haatington. Ta., from very good Tennessee herd In For GoodInvestment Gent's
and she has spent a nlirber ot her I dam H. 8. Pennock. Neptune, Fla. a I Furnishings ?
a winters here for the benefit of her '
taMh. bat>> did not refers last year Irrlvala at March Villa 1- We hare an up-to-date stock of Stetson and other standard ;;

becaase of the Improvement she had Arrivals at the Maim TITIa ar.. I make of Hats new and In '
nobby style" Shoes for
made, bat think h best to leave the Mr and Mra Geo W. Bead otJTaeaton Or a borne! the old reliable men we

severe cold months this yearMr | Mass ; Mr. and Mr*. nan'' Homeseckers Agency are sole agents for StetW! as fine as silk and Keith's rr

Xra.-- ; .fenlsler IXaIlD. New York; Mr. and Mrs ', 214 Avenue D between2nd Konquerer for and service
and John and Geo French, of Eminence Ky ; W. strong wear yet quite dressy. P+
family of Richmond. 0., have outs F. Bikhop. of Fort Myers, na; M. and Third Streets. is
to Miami to remain Theyappointed were d s- lB. Thompson of Albtan. Neb; Mr. STRICTLY RELIABLE.
that their cottage oa tnorner land !Mrs M H. Goad Denver.Tadoska ;
< of Avenae D and roth streetIs Could Joa. Gould H. P. I

not ready for orcnpaJboy. but are Richardson. Denver Cot Byron C. C. Carroll For Ladies and Children ;

now ven romfortablv located at thee IFrasler. HlllnUoro Ind ; )lr. and ;f

Lloyds house on Avenue O Tb.lItldr.n Mrs.Geo. Bell Reeves Qu.btoe.C.n.; I we are sole agent! for :SOKOSIS $3.50 and $.1.00 and Carline 11 !
darted to scboo' last Monday Miss \V. D Wadard. Xw York Miami. Florid -

South side i>f'C'pl4 gladly welcome Mrs llarrlf MorehouM l, Greenwich for $2.50 to $3.50.aho carry these makes! for misses J.

th. Bhtsler' raially. among f' I1aI1Mf1: I. L Morehou' ofWarwa'k. _
them Conn Mr and lira C For children we carry Maloneys) than which there is no "

i F. Chap: of Macon Ga. SMITHS, I better or dressier shoe made. We have the celebrated u

; -; a
iiill ;
The Racket StoreIs If TOt are going to pay cut you D

good money for a machine, why not Cravenette or rainproof overcoats light but warm and A
get the heat Other makes art food BOOKSTOEMl good w

hue we claim for the STANDARD all assortment of comforts and blankets in
75 cents .i
The Place tile good qualities of other aad many beau price up. ;

additional ones If you really want them Eiderdown
c the beat machine made, call on a* \ Among a pure quilt, satin cover for

or let a* can on ,OG. sad we will tell
bout them.
; : Ladies flannel 1 waists---pure wool waists worth 1.50 to 2.00 ,;

1We t wish to thank the people 01 MI- ,j Indian Kepi I'rnsnl'e to close at 75 cents. Flanellette waists for 35c Ladies''
I -I wad sad Dade County for their If.n.troftAIrt l I Three years ago Mr. Fred Haad.
r'f. eroas ,.. daring the past.year the well known photographer.made ', IIOIIDAYGOODSSOniMRCiOODS skirts in pretty plaid) and checks, voils, Panamas! HanneN ;
the aUd., -- Inn with Tomrale I d
..ca especially durinc "Itr.I lette kimnnas. Wool
1'' We sold Koods as rasonabl as I Mull a Seminole Indian buck for a : sweaters and !acque.s fur children ;"

possible and we believe you apprrci- i nine. foot all'gator ,,'de. which he .
aced h by saving na all the parron g i d<-.:red (o mount and use In his bns-' __ I.
you rowU. This coroiag year we I inns So long: a time had ..Iaple'd'bll' 1I -- \;
will endeavor to do even better and'
Mr Hand had forgotten all
bop to hates continuance of your ''ntxint ho transaction nut It !
\ food will and pstronrerrty We .a- W.M.BWIiii
t wish everyone PrDaperity andr Torn e had not and tTils m..ruial i t
Mr Hind ,s. awakened at an early,
lYrPi- e
hour bvlcoron! rapping on CTs

door Invmlgntlng he>> found the SMITHS
1 visitor to I.* an Indian and was,I .
HANDLERS Of : erected with the Information "Me

.t e EVERYTHING SOLD CHEAPER !got It. m" got nine foot 'gator htda.: BOOKSTORE I Twelfth Street Miami Florida.
,; i The Indian had h..n rood to 11'. ,
: word ..ndIr: Hand remained good )I
W.\ H Chaille & Son in hi* h' promptly bvvlng the hide. I r
i 1'," -anti; up as b had ord,Tid.

I ,;
Ice I

i'l"' : ; _r'-a'''f.'- t : M ; '.&. ; :;" t;'.h> ,..I:,. : "- 1'" .-... ijpC.r.C1S/b'M.K.'J."' ... .. .. -, tf' ,t vb
d: ; 't .' iii12 ".-r .... ; W'---.:: r".;:"' .". ';< : ; : -.1-



; Census Of l The State Officially !I -.

:; Compiled And Published At last I The Following Question Was Recently Sent to all the Leading 1;

I C .Commis-loner : I Retail Firms in The United States: "

"What was the most important thing in advertising you learned In the past year. Fully two thirds of the j

tained-Total Population By Races, Sex, Occupation, Etc. answers were: !-:

The great change from sensational fake and hot air style to the plain alght-forward., earnest and truth telling

-- I of absolute facts. People are getting tired of merchants ad In big type, just received One Solid Carload of Shoes :.

: Tbe census of'lh. State of Ho des count 'M 1 I. bo.no be S2.S40MJ f $10.000.00 worth of Hats from so and so Ours the Best on Earth. You save 30 per cent by buying of us. BIg Sale, \;;;

'L laten-In- 105. Hid prepared .n th ?. III" s. .nJe county being | and cut prices at so and so, which is about every week in the year and hundreds cf other f fake and b '
direction of H. ',Cla> Crawforretary .. a coed in i..e ..lib. total of 4,4121| No wonder the ue-sky publicity 1
people have not confidence in the merchants and believe httle
of State.i and B E. Veil I tulles. I p. county la first with i I very they tell you. We are net young a
J rommUaloner (Age culture. has ju<' 4';41 m.lul The total number of Geo. Washlntton. but a look over our "ad" In the past year will convince any one that we have adhearded strictly to (
been issued IB took form covering wh.IH school children (Im.e.1) an-j 1 the policy of absolute truth telling and mentioning f facts as they were.'t
.4 about three. hundred pages:; : d..r. .Ix 1 and up to 21 ts (2021 : re- ,;
mats :or same .11.61.1'8.; colored
Tile report 1* issued In tabular
e form covering aboul rnree hundred (m.l.-. 46.691 : female. 4773

i pages i Dade county Is given a total pop-
Tbe report It, Issued IB tabular ulation of 1SOKS! ; white male school j When we tell Who wants aNew ,
'.: form thorn log first the total! population -jch 'dr..n..11 age: 1.04X; female. you
of each county la the State.nuui-, 1.016 ; colored male, 4(4; colored Straw Hat ? :;
female $74j I IJ (
beg of white and black. sexes. number -I e J
I of deaths and from what d tease j t Jacksonville la shown to be the :
r number of birtfll both white and lliritest city with a population of IS. Alfred
a black. number of children In schools. | :0l. Tampa It second and Pensa, Benjamin Co .Clothing i

agricultural and farming ttatlttlctmanufacturlr cola third. Miami population Is
\ *. etc paced at 4.733. at against; 1.CXI cIA
The total poilfclalion of the State 'n 1900 The total l value of farm I \

b hovn to be $14.845. white 34S.- products In Dade county Is placed Is among the best We speak from an experience of ten years '
I *::3. negroes. :3tl.TJT other ra<..... ,at II.f'.h: I
In them.
selling Also of Miami
we can who
give names
1S5hKrasks. ITS.171 ; while j I The report Is exhaustive but Interesting I peopie Weve Just received our stock of
males. lit.tltC : colored males and on that account only have thoroughly tested them for us and have found them not I tbe new 1'111 steles and shape .

Y lit.125. colored females 129,22. the shove few most Interesting Itemsare wanting ijc We are among the Brut merchant
The total land area of the State by Ithen. ; la Ame-lea to get no style la

They cost more money perhaps a little more than you have 1 \; January Don need to wait aa111 -

t' been paying but there's a difference >rv e've selec- a;,' April and May Bay yours '
Dade County Bar Association Would great a nice + rw hat now and you ran wr :
I tion of their best numbers show It when .
I' to you, Price you go back home I*

Abolish All Existing County Courts It when you go home In April .1)

I Knox Stnw Hats $4 to $S. t ;;

: --- $20 00 and $25.00 TOWDSeDd.GnceACoStraw: ; .
) From Dally )yetropolla Z Jan 23Aa I la counties of lees thai tea tnoofc- .
I I adjourned ad well attended and persona It wa OTDOIM In the Hats 'I.St to' 4.10 t

meeting of tie Dade County Bar Association same motion that two and not mare Genuine Ptnami $4 to f II I
vat held at the office of than three counties) be 'wnb'ne-l: at
Judge Heyser, cfcairmaa of the nine, the discretion of the iegulutr' the
Ut algal | [judge and proacaUac attorney of
I, I f this court tn be paid aaVtne .*fl>-
It was move! by Attorney R. H.
lent to secure th *.c ltl.n(. IB Most Every Kind of Shoes
; in
Seymour that lodge Hejaer btt au counties of not tiM t"t'.a tfeoutland worn this

pointed chairman of the delegationfrom people said soir to meet not

the association to attend the lien) than four ilm a year, nwl to climate for Ladies Men
meetia. of the Dnval County Bar :continue until all buitne is dlrpu- and ChildrenEdwin
AoeUUen to fbe held at Jtckaon- I ed of. la other CO.Dctbe coin
I I* to moet net less thai t"lc* a rr.
villa next we 'V ana that the delegation
the said court to have appelat jnrtudlctlna t
go together. May at the same of cases tried before Jus-

hotel eo far ai possible and ..!"nd tire and county Judge This was "
the meeting ot. the association in a seconded and carried unitmoniry Clapp Sons fine shoe for dress
body The motion carried Mr John Grsrallng then moved and altra occasions. made over perfect fitting Norman & Bennett

It wa* then Loved by )Ir. 3.1. D that the association work to bring lasts and great stress laid upon the snap
Price that la lieu or the city court about a constitutional amendment
STYLE AND LOOKS OF THE SHOE Price white Canvas. Outing and Tennis
: a* advocated hy, the Pentacola bar regarding divorce eases rcdJddCi shoe la
that the Dada County Association i he time of resident of plaintiff from tile new ...k hide and Para 801.... Prlea

work to bring about a consrltn'Untl two rears to three month*. Seconded Prices $$6 $7 and $$8'
amendment to9 abolish the count, ; and carried $2.50 to 5.00
court. circuit burl and criminal It say moud. aecoaded and carried -
court of record. and to establish In I that the association work to
every county frith population o: i bring about a constltitloaal amend Walkover Shoes: for tbe busine man and I'

more than tel Ihonstnd people a'' merit peimlttlng any clUsen nf the general every day wear None better for price Other whit canvas shoe In tarns and wh
k t court that 13 hate Jurlnd e'H n mall State of Florida 10 waive his examlntlon .
crime above those glen; j da- bv signing a waiver not.'.
lice of the pales and ein'v tidtr*. '1 \ few moor matter were dlarned **- $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 Prices $1.50 I ((0 $3.00"We
and la a'l: civil matters to mhl' >> the :, and acted npoa when an a4nra
circuit court lad (conn v raait now (ment was taken subject to the call
have jurisdiction. of the chairman

Sell the Best that Money Can Buy We want the world
; to know it"The
: Bay is Recommended For I S

I If \

:i\'t\ Additional, Gov't. Appropriation .. I

-'1 t -- I I.i Romih
r Anthony
.' ; Blsca>ne B4i: gets; In .->u the 'her .i doc not fo'lo that the same U Company
and harbor bill 1 reeooinealej 'o the'House Imperk'he The amount I.I simplya
rrconimendatlon by the river and : I
la "the .mn "f tla n(.:while (
hartxns committee of the lower J
:- various other FlOrldc' rixrt a..d harbo ''i'iw :|i I branch of Congns It" uaihl i

Ire Ilketrlae r.mmhcre.1 In :' for the House to eat ftI' kill the bill \ .
good round alma eliminate certain recommendation ,
t ; -
I, The MIL which H a record break-i I' After that the Senate ha : DKVTH OK )I. K. HOLLY'Cltisea 'the that govevsmest
er la atae. aggregating a total of the same privilege whet tbe House Arm laceratedBy the h4 wroa.e4
i. SUCII.nl.t to the House. the Indian by ...kl.11'.U_
I *
before :
bill gas It. and finally thePresident of Weal Palm tVM-h Well .
!from them.Stun .
Wednesday bat o -1ngto the telearaphtc ,, ,
1 mutt f>ttb..ppre1'', veto .
as commvntcsUons between<< MlJBl |or refer back tile meftrur with any I known Here Expired I _11lit'\ well repreem4

: aid Jacksonville being aetlously recommendation that he may deem 1 a Kingfish at the Palm Beach races tala wk. .'
... Interrupted the past t1l o day, the advisable j Mr. )I. R. Holly passed away Mr and Mr*. Harris. .f Tlbbakt. i!
.1L; drat iafonMtloa of the fact tad the The progress of he effort so far I, I(Friday moralngat his hone In Heat (I..t from here u* gutt of Mr. std .
t pproprUUon recommended In It : to serve SB additional approprla I Palm Bench Mr. Holly, who wa I Mr*. J. C. Hancock la to* IrocBee.owa .
i ; came with thf arrival of the TimetlBlon *-.,!tlon for rnatlBaiag the canal I and ; Capt. T )lor of the Mcllvalne fishIng ,(attending him gave a'm! some refreshment .4 aad ntnagrd .y fltaatoy '
last night* The approprtatloa harbor work in Biscayne Day baa I imackt wa* frightfully bitten and talked w th him at KlUkiag )Cr. and Mrs. Galagter
recommended for Florida ar* : been very successful and muck credit ; S clock. after said be went to I. went Tuesday by lr*-3. Mr and
f a* follow; Ii' I and praise Is doe the Miami Board and seriously Injured last Saturdaymorning sleep. bet at daylight not answering Mr. Holiday west wlta the Bevy..
FloridatFernandlna.. IIIS.000; :of Trade Merchanta Association and by a mouser klngfinb In the the' cell of the children Mrs Holly ta Ur. BeMey beautiful new boat
: Biscayne bayr conditional I10 .00" rltliens, who ihroagh; their repreten well of the smack. his right forearm I sent to his bedside ana round that land )Cr. and Mrs A. I ac'rompanied .
cash and IIU.'O continuing; Key tatlvesMe..ra W.W. Prost and J. being torn and scented a distanceof he had died quietly while asleep Mr. Seller and family
: West and entranre thereto $20.000. I W. Watson aided bv the entire .fcevernl Inches 1e ld..* hit wife and two children\ Mr kobertsou went In hs! launch ( ,
f, Sarasota b.,. tit.500: East Paas Florida delegation! In Washlugtonworkt4 Capt. Taylor and a iniing lOOn had Mr Holly l leaves a father Mr. JasHolljr Mr Horace Hilt of Philadelphia
and CtrrabeUe<< bit and harbor fCOe .- so faithfully and competent- goae to the kingfish ground earn' In wi'o It In Irondrle. Blrmlng I la enjoying our beantl'nl F'orida el*
*. Apalachicola bay IU.OOO.Pen- 1 Iv to *7i Bluravne Uy la On be appropriation the morning They had, r..uxht sec hum Ala a mother ned brother mate as the guest or his old lime
:;, cola>> I10 .00 St Johns river bill. ,]ral of the monnurs and put tR-m 'n Thomas icily In Jacksonville The : frl..nd.lr Slier r
I S1090Q6; Si John river at Orange; Id discussing the recommendation the well of the smack In putting In : funeral was held yesterday at 1 p. Mrsllson. the
.Y. M'lla Hat*.iE>.*OA. Oklawaha rlterfti)00 from the resident Of Mr I. A. ag-d mother ol
lor Bwaine Bay this morning Mr !*n4>th r Ash one of tbutu a'reidy! InI.he I m. Mrs rhomm Hogarth
y ', 'rf..I. Istlote and 8*- U W Prout stated that the word'cnndltlonsl' I well strut k his arm The klr:;. \Mlann on Fvrrnla street West Palm 'dlv I"i ; Plal.1t'I t
ului-e her
t, wasn'trivff.. 15.eO' Witbl8'oo' relative to the aim of { fifth have lung sharp and very looj-i ijnoaoiis Beach The Interment waa at Wood ; I rap Iraate return to our seaial
t her river |KS 400 cash and 1150'- teeth and of them :dawn cemeteryMr from th* rog and cold
ItIC""flOO. meant that It most be expend.d one wa ; of Ohio
050 eoat.blr: Manatee fn<<. 170..1 .- I' Holly who hat been ill for along
t. In constructing a Jetty to the soak deep Into his arm near the e- i \ i Mr B
_' nlo"'nx the .t..f hyacinthfrom south of that sea entrance of the pro- I bow and ripped| through inn fleili'nearly time was: obliged I about a monthlags the C KIt..blalIII be 'be leadrrof 1
F'1orldl waters. 15.00: Apslachkola posed ('.nallllrouIII the land on the to the WI tat | tl) K'Tt- UP hi* prMltlon at bonkkewper I next hrlttlaa Fndeavot. meetrnaon
ri..r. IIIdlldlnr; the nt off opposite side: of the toy, this beingpeciss ; Being *o seriously Injured Cjpt I for the O. O. Strobra Co., Sunday evening The soclety
t URN more to aim than to c
gad lower J htpn's river and upperChipnla with whom h- had btcn associated aajother
ry before other operationsare Taylor could not bring the smack; :oliort .
Its member for !I.a sure**. His
from Marlaana to resumed. and to stated and explained lilt nn also wan unablto {for a number of yceraIReOirned ti.4S'I .
ClloM.W.b.kIlH.f I II .'II. : hlackbna'd work each week I I. splendid Z
mouth by }xlr Watson nd himself manage It..nd with the b'ood stream. H
fnrnishe a package oreaveopee
.f n..4a and Atsbama 1I..8oe.f to the House committee yak from the wound the Injured man I from lacalioa : '
to each: leader sad dUtrib
Coseeuh rI""f'S. -
Euwnrbia slot I "It does not mean that all of the was forced to wait several hours ,u- I I >>r. W. H. Starratt. yard ate* them to menber ,
through lb. t
: d5 "ndNom. 119.000. flO.'*0 matt be expended" la the III a launch cam along and took Imaa of the F. E, C. Railway fore-I mail after the
had sabjeer' AM sees as-
t': TII. rt that tUIIe..1N' Ray construction of the Jetty," said Ur his boat la tow port being readied ,'!oa operations here, has retained
Dees ended for as approprlsthtn Prout. "but that the whole amouat late la the afternoon lie was then I from Jacksonville with hit wife and /signed r
...... verified tie's --
f,, ws .
{ be ned If The
week and exhausted that
may necewiry 114 he Vinte4 child. where they went a short time .
I I of the tot teams of a Cold s Ml HOW t vAv.MTkem
the -
Morllin receipt
bt |present jetty to the north of the before medical assistance could ago; on a visit to relative and friends
lowing!! teiegnm. bearing yesterday'sda'e. jcanal entraaee COM la the neighbor-' .b* summoned to him that city, his tormtr aom*. i r
: t4': lr. W. W. Proat, pl'f'St- (hood of 170000. and the ODe proposed I A bite or scratch from klagflah I* its More f.UIItI.ha,. their origin
dirt at tht Miami RoaNl of Trade, on the south should not coat I considered very poisonous by fishermen } Jwnwi Idy Sfe.k* Highly .. I II 'liD or renlt from a cold tbaa front r
t..c from Congrenamaa Frank Clark: Jany n>or". and they always take good rrreI j.\( lArnmbeelaia's Cough Remedy ''abj other cause This fact akin 9
:,: "Wishlagton. Jaa 14 107 } The .U..*.. additional appropriation stay out of the way of their teeth I should' mike people more careful a'
"Mr. W. [* Prout Miami Fla.: I i intended for carrying onhe Many of them have carried arms and I I there U ao danger whatever from 't
We coot In.Driver aad harbor bill\ fBltr rhaaael operations, which with hand la bandages and slings for 1! Mr*, Michael Hart.wif. of the sup { a cold when It I I. property treated In +
t' .yae Bay two handrwd aad tony the ,a;._ of .n.... yet anexpeadM (I several treks a* the revolt nf a i.rinteodent of Cart ferric at King the beginning; For many rears Cham
... six thousand dollar Ton .... make from the r.riclaal appropriation 'slight! scratch: from a klngflsh tnothjftapt lion Jamaica Went Indian Island. I I banana rna,;" Rente has b.+n
ll public iihonld give a ram quite sufficient to I Taylor >4 resting easy, sod no 'says that she baa tor some year iI' rmgnlaed a. t 1M1D t prompt sad
t I Frak Clark." '' ("ipntv Miami with an eighteen! foot 10 malt* arc fear-d. laced Chamberlain Cough: Remedy effertval medicine. .la uw for tale 41sea -
cha..ei from the oceaa to the I. -- -.--- 'for cough., croup tad whooping .v. It sets on' nature plan, loosen
TSe fart hat this liberal anproprlatkw al"ef the the aad has found It beneflcU1 I I
\ bay deepening of Repair's I. steamer Krvsedy cough very the cough relive* th luan
.t his been recommended for which to lit shore .. 8he baa rmplickt confidence la ,
west the Pond The ex rasloi M amer Kennedy | opera the seer tloo and aide aatur
: Riarayee Bay. Is most gratifying Rant ('N'Ntailwq Compaq agreed .* been bested Nt *a th* termiaalw It and would not be without a bottle In rpsto.tng that system to a krsJth
aid claw gust ease .. believe that to do wbetr the original approrirlan fn."I1'8 repair to her Ul It In her horn Sold by B sayn.t'tru "O.dJlloDcI >T ill druggIsts anti

: ;i IV re '0"11Ill be adopted>> though s aa mfede" bull sad bollt ? t'jTipiev and a" d'ngrlftt. fl.. ie Drilf ("0.

lw 4h-'r0.' Yt'i' D .
+ iw y : ', '
exb .. '
1. a'sn 'S'cinsw.re k lv : ; ; +
# y ? .ryak'+JFj: +kti+isc.. e. iivjfdr.E.i 'd -' '. ;

FACES s ?VI mud itrrBorous. ntnur. FEIIRCAKT i. 1t0? FAGB ftXYX* !4

LI CORRESPONDENCE. ]I'' New, Pretty Dress Linens\. se a}

Beans Being Shipped i i e'rf' few net h tends.>ni. or at the cards lake Inn front Saturday. noi h ,''Fine Winter Home

of torn A M'asant time was
From Lemon City I I Dt b Llddv) all was in town on real I For Mr. E. W. ChapinI 1.

I mate business several days last j
seek I IMr I ----- I first of all the 1907
Lemon City. Jan Jl Mr G.I and Mrs W. R. "Scott fro! j I \lsta. Kla Jan 15Mr*. THE new Spring pat-
remodeling Rose Cottage, near the I Irailroad E. Yt on'' r
Chapin has ire
D Stephen, one of outmost sutres- I'I the foundation of her comment winter Fumehere have been received. Lawns Swisses and ;
hi! farmer bass lIet';trop of beam Harry and Robert Benson transacted '
I the bay !
on front The building
Batists with the Coindots
.. West Halm Beach popular and Flowersdainty
from which baa t-hlpped e ghi business In will be of clone after plans drain :
crates. and expect to ship more on Tuesday by Arctlect W. C. TVGarmo The Hairline
from the enjoyed Stripes and Checks. New line in White !
right along : I A party Boynton: house will be a moat ..Ur.rtlYeone.. :

Some of the potatoes on the pray a new ride rat to fresh road water one day take this over weekTU.i till. comfortable pleasing\ acquisition In every to the Celall.many and now a |i Goods with the New Cross Bar mercerized effects.
rl* are ripening up and the buayiwason
I hotel grow more popn'ar each In Buena Vlala |
will won be out year Late arrivals ttere are: Mr*. Dr Berry arrived In town thla
The little abowera tt' hare been A. Crane of Tlppecanoe City. 0.: week and baa commenced Improve- !
.. having this week hate freshened i Mr and Mr W. E. Crane Ohio; masts on hit lota .D
...' considerably. but we atill I Mr and Mr*' D. E. Thomas Mr Work the
on new Episcopal churchhere
need more rain beloredthe bifcBlandlw IF R Vanbusen and wife Detroit;; la progressing ra\orably,
'.II be thoroughly soaked 1 hlr.! aud Mrs T H. Gale. Chicago and It la hoped will\ be very completed by : Some New White Something New in

Mr E C Scott. "bo ban been I Mr and-Mrs J. S. Murry and cbl"1" Easter ,
quite III with the grippe. r. recovering dren of Toronto CkU : Mrs W. fHetrylng I The Special landed fifteen ..winter .r
and his man) frtends hope t(\ :, and Mr*. J. W. DillonI ,I Tlaltori at the nation on Tuesday of j:
2 MV him out again soon |I beck( of Watertown. N T ; Mr*. h this week! Waists Madras :
J. Simpson Baltimore }f.J. M'. I '
Mr L W. Pierce who la erectIng The Guild of the Episcopal Church
a fine house on ike rock road !III G Johnston Chariot. M'th met Thursday afternoon and had a ,
In burning the work and from the i very Interesting meeting They are made of Fine Newest patterns in ma- ,M1
I Boynton. Jan 25-\\-e are glad to
be I making it will I The following are renter:
piptrea now not persons
be ..T> long before bftcan; move In rei>ort the little daughter:. who of seriously Mr. and! 'i|led "t the r/ourlet. House lor the win Sheer Batists and lawns dras with a dainty Pclka
H. n. Marry
lilt wife and mother VIII sp. ud the Mrs : ler Mrs. E. 'V. Chapin New
wtnewith: them In their new home l hit her tongue last week, entirelvout York : )I"ana1I"lns.. Bal'lmore. and elaborately trimmed dot shading to a Spider
and able to eat ''
ot danger now F
)Ira ':are) spent tht, day on buin .- Miss \\HIUm. New Jer..'>'. Miss 1.11-!
.... In Miami \\edaCKdar I i rand tnlk ch cken Industry: Is growing. In I IThe 'i'llan Ennlekllnt, :. F. J. Nobl.- Clniclnnatl in Embroidery and Val Web effect for Waists '
: M'" Elaine Wlrti. Mem
t ile The and Methodist ha son evangelic Earnest.. are Mr. iiill Ce I, J ramlb>.."nlarll at now this bating place a nearly flock eve and ''phi.. Tens Mr*. E B. Million Jibs Lace elbow or full length Shirtwaist Suits childrens
Mallon hiss
I Mallon dime* lorothy
holding meetings! every day and evening tier OLe more KK> than th y can : : '
) .
Alberta Mallon. Philadelphia Mr.'and sleeve. The needle work dresses
Good crowd attend. but mortar -UK. enough so that the home market Mm Un Backtnan George I and mens shirts,

Ever, expected body Is to corHallt.1tt'n4:1u invited the future to waa Palmer glutted one of this the week enterprising and F.: Vt citxens. .- I I \\alker. Allantown. Pa. i is careful and ,neat tucks extra Soft Finish. New '; ;

rorte has secured contract to .
a supply
Mra. Frank Zurnwah and her little o.e of the large hotels at West ; and plaits add much to corded madras and silk ;1

slater day: with Pearl Mrs spent W. I.a Znmwalt very pleasant ofMiami Palm\. G Bench Baker at, of fancy the prices Shippers' Pro- : MADE MONEY ON the beauty of these fine ginghaMs in handsome ''s

due Co.. Chicago was la town ibis
"lr' sale U be itlvfiv; by the Ladle ...nk and did a good business for his waists. Prices are from plaids and stripes. The :
Aid Society: of the Baptist Church Isbelnp firm among the grocers( while here. i CROP OF BEANSI ; :
panned for with mucn" rare
Mrs. Clara Bowan. of Clare. Mlch..
and from preen proapects will be here looking after her pineapplefield \ I ''h
was !
a mere**. lath socially: and flL n- I ;
last Saturday and has now gone'
$1.25 to Best You Ever
I ail; The tale will b* held In a $20.00 Saw
to \\ ."t Palm Beach for the remnind. :' J:in %6- Mr Nelson r pr..nung *
lent by the church Saturair after 4cr of the ne.iiKin Mrs Bowan was i the., Ballard: Snow Co. of
ncjn and e\enlnR. All are Invited a guest of the Bo'THon while tier*. StoaU. Mo. was A caller thin week 'f
to come and live a good time I The Rov Ward has been holding: upon all nienhaoU In the Isle .est \,
---- revisal sertlc here this week and I of hlk dim :

vii l I continue to do so until Sunday I.. C. Baton. dtumner for the
Pompano Has A ollbt.I Lou's\l: Cider and \'lneiarorks. I

I Mra. F'-eedlund and little !granddaughter paid the mUl'b..nt.lhll.. '

Big Squab Farm Helen\ 8 guests of Mrs Freedund's son tory LAB been busy preparing boxes [ Quarterman
'Joseph Freedlund and wife on the and sorting goods for shipment One :
1 Avenue !' solid car load was sold last week

Pompano, Fla. Jan Jl- PonjpaDO Late arrivals, at the Boynton are: for fl.COu to a New' York dealer
has been having See b&owerajev- 'I Mr. John M. Bone and wife Miss There la still several cars of goodson ;
I land
cry night this week Sana crops are 1 Bessie Bryne. )lr. Donald Brynw, hand.
growing apleadldly: Every farmer Mi.. Lucia Bryne. of Kansas I )lr. Frank Crego sold last week Corner 12th Street and Avenue C Miami
In town is working bird setting out City: Clara Bowen Clare. Mich.. A. two building lots to T. J. Hat good: w
plants and fertlllxlngf L. Baker Chicago! ; E. T. King on which he will erect nice cottage

Small shipments of en* plants a.4 JaeksonvU'e! ; R_ O. Masteraon and after tbe shipping season ..I _
tomatoes are leading Pompano dally wife Buffalo; Mrs G Loefler ant It I. aa 111 wind that blows nobody I
for the northern markets daughter: Boston; H. T. Krause. good While grower along
8 M. Hamilton made the ant Spokane Wash, T. S. Comatoek I the coast are lamenting the result of hope they will make Danla their
shipment of eggplaatUhls? season oa and wife Detroit; Mrs. H. Ouad- tile cold daring Christmas week I..e home, aa we are sure the y I Florida East Coast RailwayLocal
Tuesday night It .dock. New York: Miss C. Relnhardt. which trots vegetation her and could find no better.

Mr Campbell an4 Mr. M Ml':Mrs R. H. Starr. New York; Mr*. there, Mr Haygood was fortunatein Ill the farmers around here are Carl Kt. ... h Effect Jaiiarj >, I 1911.
Smoak spent Saturday of last week ,IS.i ila W Haines. 8. EarleHaInea.Pbll- saving a patch of beau which I short of laborers' and It would be a
the Magic: City oaj business. Vera I Iadelpala: Mr, *. C.Stone.Patm Beach; yielded about two hundred cratea no trorble for any good man to secure eolmlaoulra.iiau hotel nonmtwtaro-aao w. J
few Pompano people; can spare te I Mr and Mr*. Rndlsell Altoona, Pa. These sold from I. to Ill per crate. a ixmltlon. I le.et rawIIs';'' ..s-1 Jfijje'a! .. J
time now to go anywhere' I!I A much needed rain has come and Mayor W. 8. Sand will begin to ally Dsllrlsllylsl7 I I ITaTloaa Ys7Ddty,' Da1I7'sth: rF}

Mr Carton Marshall bouse Is1 I vegetation U looking up. Most all ihlp eatery In about two weeks! He 1- I fail for i Na i G_._. Jftek.UIe..A w 1 -i Nw
about completed When It .. finished All Citrus TreesWithstood the gardener have planted much aa I Is also shipping beaux peppers and .... .... 1 rawf W--., ". _-... -.. "'- t Nr _
i,i and has of I s eq N 1 ___.J!&. I S I 1..
Mr and Mr*. MarsfaH will give a well aa plntland In tomatoes fit plants one the beet "'" tonIt 154...,.. ..
dance to their many'friends. and It I Tie first;ca'lco social to be givenat farms here.YACHT. iii.i : II F ;.:=:::':J.d.m..J.'m: : a : :: T_ I

promise to be the swellest affair Drought Delray was held Friday eveningby is "t eel u..ytToltinlir. -.WTrra-s_ -'
ever given In Pompano i tbe Ladle, Improvement Association. -!-..... sort'11 iOM 1 terL..._.. _. 2.e.. sow_ 1 Asa
I ....
1i1i iii__. _"' _.
Jan MrComb, Jr. made four large There was a large turn oat. a t 1 1 LY_.. .___ II.lee. A. "1 f+ ,
shipments of breeding Homer pig 1 I and an enjoyable time was had by DAISY HEREFrom ::=: 1 4tcII"L.. ......n.r..T"'HE' ...__
this week and several Homestead Jan It -Mrs. Walter all -
eons .
ablpm..l1tll''Tweedell' and who bar been on present ka = = I =___.- :, .....Ot.o eYoWv... .:: ___.-J ........... __ -. !
of aqaaba. Mr. MtCotnb has one ]I' son Mr. Frank Tenbrook launched II 1 .,.,. U 17r. II _0-4.._......_. 11 105 Iar 1 eta .
of the largest If not the larceauplg* 'an'!' extended visit 10 Key West, returned his beautiful launch "Beth" and will 11. 1 1.s. II lust...__ _.._ ._. 1 Pw it ii.. 1 wW o Nr /
_. __._._. ,...._._ Ii .. ._... .. .
eon and !squab yard In the State I) home Wednesday verymuch take a party to West Palm Beach Dally Metropolis Jan. U -- a ;;;; 11- Pen IT.. .._ .. I __
U / 1 aYrr II Ar._ ..Jfew ..,...... .__ L. t 1 uwu sr.a
Cad: find It a very [profitable /busi- 'Improved In health next week! to attend the race This The yacht Daisy, owned by Mt. R. is hi Ar.., .. Laki 11.--: ...- :
: *. j the stork visited the home ot Mr. launch I I. the speediest boat on the Galloway, president of tbe Csltowa = ::r.-teooI-: .. : -o-( City ... .''' :: 1f sow _. Ifs Y
: =: :: :.= -J :
and Mr*. Henry Ooaaman. ot the canal. (Coal Company of Memphis Tenn, Ora.n City Js.et Il see.- ::: ice. : yt
; L. .. ...y.a.Att..' -fi-tlW
j north Homestead section leavingtw'na. Operation on the canal front hue arrived In port th a morning from: .M_ a swe a -'_oaa YHL....-_U a ....._. ... J i fir ..
DISTRESSING JMENT : a boy and girl been active for the pail two the west coast ylth her owner and I 1 55. N awl I 06'_.__TI'GWtIIe_ LY I f f.d I Iwo 1-171
Miss Marguerite Camphellwbo has week bealde' the bnfding! of th large party aboard. Mr. Galloway ben, -t io ioa. ---S- it as.rnnI=. ": .G iT'iii C--: m.:1
I .. ..-- It : L1iasrsrd..._... A a ass a ass :
been on the sick Is recovering lighter Three boat honXl have been master of the yacht as well a* on- __ 4y
OCCURS )1 BOYNTON!| Mr. W. Tweedell hipped several built lor Mr. J. R_ leather- ''er 1Nair... .. --u_ ..:Tti.li :::_:. : Ar ua-f_- ti"fl;.a ij
one .
II I alw-_.._. -._-. ....-oesa __mL. 1 ten...,. t I Ina '
i crate of bean to Miami Wednesday I man, and one! for Mr Grant Fenao I The Daisy la a apt >n :=
.. .2..._ :::.::= =: =
ens Las 0.111. : : U _,,__... H taa
I A party left here last Tuesday for In length 17 feet! beam: and ... ..- 1211"", lea ..__._ .. ..__.._..eibe..eIi rw ..__ It llr. ,4
4 | Mr. J. K. Davis has been Inter- Boynton to! attend the revival meetIng draws about four feet of water.'ihe '' ---. In Mei _......_._ ....._.._....MaI..._ ..._. I 11171 ..... II me ._ .)
J... li f : this week for .. 1..l .. _ate Leek .. .. .. li Ear ,
Boyaton. The the merchant M.q.
conducted Mr C
warm i viewing being by Ward la driven ba of 70
pair horsepoverl II | S= .
1 Iu.r :.::::::_Port Pisses .....:.. ie see Ii Id. N .tt if
weather has brought on the plants I''the well known Baker Holmes pastor of th* Delray M. E. Church. Standard engine and mike n',oi.tten .. a ns II-vu. _....'_._Tlbballa Ie nr.. sc saw,
rapidly and a great many are sett'ngin. Co. of Miami. I South. I knot aa hour Tie yacht ise I Ibu : :=: Ise 77m.:::=:.:. :: =:. ....== _..:. I tuna : nine ;x:
....._. t less. S ftw_.__ .. ._..__J..__._ .. ... I 1.1_. 5 r.N _.._ ._ i.
the field, while others are basv I Mr Henry Anderson a popular 'It fo rcomfort and Is lutnrtant'y I _._. t MW 1 "..__.._.....nusrt_.._... I 1" a...--j r.N..... .. :!
breaking ground f'ld: Boynton does knight of the grip! was :n town on fnrnUhed The party wi'l -tma\tl\ Ilar :. -. -. Y.ba awd.. : .ar ..._ _
not want for fresh vege able* as Tuesday He represent the R.. Dania Has 500 here several days and In ear ionstmater ::.= a wit 1 ==.. _:= ..:.wen, J.gar.:::._ .. a s,.. :: : ass \
Acres 1 efr sow ..
early all kinds may.be found on th. Rock Co. for a number of weeks before : : = sees : ese t..:=:.... aI'- ::.-_ : : Wr air ::7nr : sons I w :: = )
market or bought from private par- Mrs J. Reynolds came down on starting north It belnt th- Intention a err 1 sow a ..._wn Paln _... _A 1 Io sore 7 ....10.... J.,.:
a sw ,
tie. : Tuesday from Miami for a few days Planted In Tomatoes !lot Mr. Galloway not t-> rub No'- _-. .- 1 aw_. ...- awe Mr sow tan. l
A very end accident occurred st I stay on her homestead AccompanyIng folk. Vs. the final nhwrt o YIJ)011\ t -....._..__ if in le Ctm la.?, = "2.._ F:.=:_..I !ear.ars g, I.!eatr ass. ..... :

the school house Monday afternoon her were Mrs. H. H. Hammond before the flrat of Ma/ .._._ N ii. .. ._,. att. : Ir. ,. +I
a week ago. Sadie I Murray, the of Chicago! and Mra. M. A. Rider Since leaving New Cart list J"i'y .. 7 D.a M ___... ._..,...sttty... .. 1_.... t.w...
I .1 m 7 fur so _. 1 _____ _._..... .Lo I m.1 a laos s sow 1 bat Jf
bright five-year-old daughter of Brooklyn. Mra. Rider la looking Danla. Jan 211- Thla busy place Is 1 the Daisy has cruised ov -r 1Oft< L. .L.LN..nrd..j A .
of Mr and Mr*. 11. ,B, Murray, fellfrom I around with a view' to locating I I on the boom a* there are 500 acre> mile. and although she hs been In .:= -.:: :::-I Art.-:: .. : :: :::-_ -C"t. !few sow
a ladder and; nearly bit her Mr W. L. Walseman. representing In tomatoea ( rough weather on soma of the trios .
tongue in two, At.this writing tile I the New York Pager was here I Prof Hail superintendent of pub 'has shown htrself ta: b* a pod ."* Ceideue4 Sckeltles Bdrtes JacbtirilJ ul St. iipstiM.f "
little one is In a vary critical condition (he past week In the Interest ol hist the instruction paid a visit to Dania' { boat Shortly. after tin vessel wit
It Is not kftown yet 1I'11C'1.paper Many new subscribers were I today and stated that everything waa' ''launched the owner *5 tea |.e. a***. sa* .! +kD.O1 -

er the tongue will have to be partly ]gadded' to his list I The next edition I I. more prosperous than he UI<%
Ukea off The child has bf'pti''j jnaabt \ which all patrons of tne school were the Hudson river nj through the Dash Deny LMl7Is.JI .aa.Me.JIIT Doh Dolt ii. M
.knst a wr 1 Nr lo. ( marl ( 4IW.i for / Dw 'T.awn ,
*> to speak nr. swallow food glad to hear.I Erie canal to ijTfnv. thence A, t A.e.ets. N aim tt lf. I ass_ 41 W 4 ae tr ,a 5 yea 1 as. k Itre.waa
slice the accident. I Inlet-eating i I] Mr Davis. representing the firm through the Oswego raail to Lake w. .w.. .Yell .
M C Harde. one of Bornton' ,of Baker A Holmes, wholesale grocers Ontario I.. the We'lard! oul.lbr.'C1I I : waew..isrtw1tkny / ,JI'i

snoot progressive cltken spent part j j'Episcopal of Jacksonville wa a visitor latown the Utter to Lake Erie an I ('altn10. lj) llT li D J I Daily Is ha.l T>*Uy ]L tu Dvlly I! MIIL tall i7 ,
of the week at the various points:' paa'or.of Buena Vista and Saturday, taking orders from where the party .r.'"t :Tte v al Asgws4a._ / tan. 1 Yas s nrlo om l a-si IC'S 4 ten* a 1,1
south of here going as far as Miami ;Sunday afternoon by the R.J. E. I II The county convict are now completing weeks huaMng and fishing The ves A,iseksrsvIIM... 1 e.N a as. s ear a Ir 11 Pam If pe it a T few 7 sow 7 ew "

He report thing!. Booking very Edwards. of the Methodist church I I tte county: road which will I set then passed through the traits .OTE A-Tralai enp..d leliutTtly r.uaM* a Posts Cart sad tun wat Ian will be
promising for a splendid crop j The long continued drought was be of great benefit'to Danla. of Macklnac Into Lake Micblcan tkarredTraino\oTg s-o.y ,
esekei.p.ratd es taw.tide wkirk .
ea a.salts ens Yin Ii rk dTT
Th many friends *f Harry Benson I broken Thursday morning and tbej Born to I>lr. sad Mrs John Peter through the latter to Chicago. sot stop"iT Marian as wbtrk ltM"iT..a abows rf rt
are glad to see kin how again I j I I son. Wednesday, a girl Mother through tb.- Chicago canal to the t tally swept auaday, '
after six months' tabarnr tn tbe'north. pro.-1' and child; ire doing well head of the Illinois river thence le i T? T S tl I p ;

While awajt he had a dimrult \ ,[arsiefally: received by the trucker I I Mr. Job" P. Nix baa about twenty down the Illinois river to the Missloalppl "f |l nary| dlyaOe1v'; ; ATMRT BRA CU1 I I 1 iJ-r- par "17 11, ,;t.J..k t.
operation performed' which wa There Is no complaint of the scarcityof areas: of tvmatoea looking well and anddown the latter to Mem' melt -' -
sut' ssfsL A part >of the time was water for household or otfcrr purooe : expects to;: plant fifteen acre more phla where Mr. Galloway remainedfor S 1 a.a 00>J *t tar IBM 1 7w ob. is 1.Itm L, an. Jaeks.avtlk._.". ArI. Ar'i' 7 w n ew says .J
> spent at sots old home la Maalste*, *. the water being' as pure std next week. six weeks and then started again I s fray I ew. M sent, hair !earl A,': a 7 ram Vu. g ::: i :: 1AU..Ue
Mick plentiful as the neecs demand I Mr J. M. Bryan Sr, has movedto I down the Mississippi for New Orleans 7/ *nusi vw a. tan. I awn to IeL.. a.aek. Art I tW II vm t rw
Mr and Mr. James W. MoKjyoatertalaed I The orange and grapefruit tree* kin. plaee called the Bead Grove. and the west and east roasts 10e. 11 leas N.yp.wt __L, __ ___*_ww_II amrCOXSOAI _t ass "

a few ,friend* at carl I bar withstood the dronrnt wonaer- to tart shipping the golden fruit ( AX) OCQIENTAL STUISDlf CO'ddCTIOXS! AT lUlL '
last Friday evening at their home oath felly without being the least affected and estlmatea that there will be almost ,.... K W. Lott Dentist i ::1

Avenue. An oyster stew was once proving beyond a doubt thaf t\\al\ four thousand boxes of oranges Dr. E. W. Lott. dentist, of At Ctea Cctto Made al East. wM flisM** af ... P. I 0. S. I. c-u.
.f the feature of the. evening watch elf: Is adapted to :*>. culture of th*j and rape', fruit Inclad'ng his fruit lanta. Ga.. hit arrived In Miami. are
all enjoyed citrus family at Big City. compaaled by Mr*. Lola to make Havana, Key West and Nass&u, Bahamas. ;:

Mr Clifford A Mantle and baby.I Mr. Jim Carson son of Senator his future home and pract'ce his pro- Train Discharge PnM** *r* at ,sill,'. SMev N* Tmasfsra.
.f Palatka. returned to their awn*I If Dade county vote In favor of f ". A. Carson of Klislramee. 1* on fession. He baa secured and fur
tot Friday moralag after a mo tha i prohibition it will kit the bit bo- a visit to bee re'atlvea. Hon. and nlshed a suite of rooms No*. IIIS Inns The.TIN T._....._ t&e 11,_aJ wblei _.na. 5..a p.-s.4 s.see..at sad se.... ;1

f- Heat wl'k the f_...'. prenta. Mra4 teta hard In Mlart and Palm Beack. lire J. II. Bryan.It and U Flnlev Building Or. _Ytsh Ute sa.sl".,..'.......bee.. nM--snlsl-..e.,d.sasno..., ....'"N-......'e.swq..rw dsow_,.. Ie so-tag ass "pe.sssd I.ee q
Mrs Jew Daarnarty. oa Bat more dlfflcwlt leeks bar beeneoampltaked I* predicted of two of our pop- Lott comes highly recommended!
Avenue. Basel Daagbarty tI'.1 than the ese undertakes ear cltlsens her win bo Joined ra and wi'l make an basest bid for big for COOT of the LOCAL TTMl CARD or Other '.__doe 1
'aa'.4 tkm for .tt...... TMt ,, *. the ctttaraa. commit** of Ota' matrimony and we all wish thenbaoplnesa. sorties of the dentist patronage of "SEE THE TICKET AGENT.

Mia Florence Palmer tertaJad coaaty.-Poaiafola Jow/aal. If sock prove to b* Miami and Dsde county.
brae i. D. RAftNEX. AaaC. Qumt Pa**. Agent ST.ICOUNTY Avou.sn. n..t.e "



ri -, .a .uJ..-.---.IL.. -.s .......-..- _. .*-.tf.tw+<> ."'I..<,,IIa.,1'i+ sv.1ae i",o S......)..._- ........ .I-it'-" ',- '. ." .' .,,: -' -' -. -' _" .e ? -'. :-. ,. -. -. ...- fMCH1 -, .-- -. I



-- -- - !
-- -- --- -

Agricultural And Fruit StatistitsOf \0.

.r 'Now Ready!! Dade County In Year 1905

.i I 1oi 1

I According To Reports Submitted State Authorities By The Census,

,- ,-=,= Enumerator-The Relative Value Of Each Article
=-o= -==-*=: -

I With Total VaJnation, Etc. Baking Powder

I AAcohreelyl'ureA I IBOVM.

2000 Pairs Ladies New 1907 Spring .
x The loving: \ .rrr. floe firm ilro| I'U' :uum"r.lnr, and "ni'ti"i In theduct I .
i *, intir valli" i. i ila III IIIt.j. nun r. .or just Ueurd b) tb# .;.-. .,-car wholesome of
'f 1) the year l"' t"ihe "... ..nlllHZ to at Mate[ and C'ummi..lon<'r "I \l1r; i cream tartar f,
dututki fyrnUbeJ by t...nII.IUU.Corp. ..
baking powder. Makes the finest, t 4

OxfordsSlippers acres I; bu hpl.. 65: . . . . 04:. lightest best flavored biscuit hot. .+
Sweet I'ouiloe. acres I*. "u.ntl. 4445 . . . ..to% ,
Kuikr Can). acres 1 . . . . . . . 40
Field Peas. acre. 6; bui.ruU 135. . . . .. . 'U breads, cake and pastry.Alum .
Hay (native grarfie*) acre. 31, ion, 30 . . . no ;
Velfet Beans tern. 27Verr . . . . . . . 10 and
( ores 1. crate, 220 . . . . . . 400 alum-phosphate
Pept,'r. acre*. (8.; crate. 15.::% . . . . . U.114Ir.h powders are injurious. Do not
. . . .
Potatoe. acre. 71 ; bu he le> I ITS S.2U them. Examine
Cabbage, acre*. 10. crate 72T . . . . . 1.47I I use the labeL {
Tomatoes. arm. 2.143. crate 424.297Sqiuuhr . . . CH.1UI
I *. acre*. 10; crate*, 201C. . . . 2,110
I Egg Plant, acre 75; crate 1970! . .: : :: : : 32,017: kAKMO rcwM Cr new YOU.

I Cucumber! acrf. 41: eratea 4.H7SVatermelona. . . . . 7.111S
; I \ .nn. 13 . . . . . 1.0nI
I English Peas. arm. 2.; crate :33 . . . . 111i i ',i
Bt'tf.I. arr.... 1; crate. 200. . . . . . . SilO
i Dean, acres 79. crate. 11.163. . . . . 22,007
Orange Tree, tearing;. IS.430; non-bearing 59. 801 ; boxen. ooocooocxOCC' > .a;
. .
I 14.%%* . . . . . . . . . %..1'4I < > no no n_ ,
Lemon Tree bearing. 315 DOD-b<'.rlnc. 42.7 7.; boxes 130 .. UI
Sandals.White .I Dm Tree, number 8.040. rrar)11 . . . . I.JflI
Grape Fruit Trees. 148.770. crate*.12.4IS! . . . .. u.sn ft
s I Pineapple, crate. 181.119 . . . . . . .%11.1411 :1Y.I.EA1Y.I.J: : :: :
Banana, bunche. i.tls. . . . . . . J.no
Sugar Apple crate. US . . . . . . .,.. 11
I Avocado Pear Tree number S.II*". rrate. 1.141 . . I.SIIOa.n
-. erau. i.iit . . .. . .. . . . 0 S.'II
Coeoanat Trwea number. 3.411.: number of Bat 14.71 .. 1.115 I.. going to the front the
Strawberries, Acre*. II; qaarta. l.lld .. . . 0. . 4.. ranidly as 1-ad-
Peach Tree .lumber 471. buabela. 2 . .. .. .. .. . S ing city in South Florida. Everybody
t Orap, pounds. 140Male . . . .. .. .. . II is
*, .somber 171 . .. . . .. .. . . SI.17' going to Miami. Now is the time to
Hone, camber. 41i. .. . . . . . . il.S11 secure a choice location either for business '
Stock Catt'.. amber. 1.101 .. ... . . . ... 1'.i.
Shoes Galore Cow, kept for milk only, number Ill . . . .. 11,141 or residence. Choice locations in
Hog *ll ages: ..mber HI . . . . . . . 716 the for sale _
k Poultry all age. common; number 23.til .. . .., 12.072 city hy : : : : : : :

Egf Mid aid av>4. doten..II.n1. .. .. . . .. .
Prices $1.25 to $5.00 Milk oM and ..... gallon. 34.810..1..1
Batter Bold Bad used. poaad 811. . .. . . DALUS LA D CO.OOC700000000CTj000
; Honey. stands of bees lU; pound 1,07 .. . . I8t I FORT .

; Total Val.. . .. .. . .. . .. .1.1".S II t I
i .
-- ---- -
; Cat on7QZZ2TS.
Popular Couple Stole A March :li7i'1Z.T. :11:. TORiXi3L Or:

I Aleut Pert Vice>Praa.. Fort Dallas

On Their Many Admiring Friends Dalla Land Co.. WialllL na. ,(!Co.. St. Avguatine Fta"C)

: = tOo )0""

1800 Pairs$ Men's New 1907 Spring --

.\' I From Daily Metropolis. Jan. ItA I over and about them and they were I
. very pretty bat quiet wedding i iI. mad a center of attraction Batthey
made the beat of the predicament The
was aolemalied at the reddens ot Nurseries.
and ao one la the large aadl-
Shoes and Oxfords i I. and Mr*. W. H. SpltMT at'' enc enjoyed tk* rmeJac'B. pleasure .
!I TS* .'clock IBM lent when Mr. more fatty than they. TANatftlNC. FLORIDA
Ocorc O. Carrt and Ml.. Lola An- Mr. Carrie la on* ci Wet Palm
Wait Oraact Graven' to bow that It I* to theft taUrect to hey blow
sited 1. the bond
re" ', wets holy Beach' moot prominent etttieaa. a
from their toek. BecavM 07 hav. THB BBBT CROWN
: of wedlock by KeY. N. B. Faller. leading legal right property holder
-- GOOD RESULTS: CM oaly k. obtained from tree that hays aa abwadaae
of lb. Kptaeopal Charck.Th and treasurer of Dad* eointy and deservedly -:
t. of GOOD ROOTS stems Bat are
parlors of th spacious Spitzerrestdssa. popular. His fair bride :
laves, and woodftat to
1' had been tatlly and pret- has been on* of the foremost teachers OF nUTRIOTTS TNSKCT
( Ulyi decorated for Lb. occasion sadat la Dad county public aehoo Lira. OXR TRIM have an the. GOOD POINT n their favor sad w.
i In all the Newest tk. shore appointed boar the happy for the pat two years or more U eorldally tarn yov Uspectkn. SrDCIAL' rNDCCKMNKTS an oCkr
ed to thoM who will place their order aow. for fall delivery OUR HaTW r
oJ o.pi. were married, no guests i a woman of ealtare and refinementand
bctif promt bat the Spltser fawIry. has haste of friend who wilL EARLY 8EXDLE88: ORANGE. EARLY AS PARSON BROWN. PROUnC '
.', MlM Kate Colyvr and Mr Mark her all the aeeeae sad happiness AS PINS APPLL. ASK ABATTT nCT.U.ooua FREE
! and Ca". \ than caa emne through life Mr
; Shapes StylesWhite'Shoes It had been tie Intention of the and Mr*. Carrie l-ft on this mora- Addre5S. The Odlawaha Nurseries
couple to keep tile marrlare a atrlctectet. lac** train for Wet Palm Beach.
\ bat secrets wilt oat. and ao where :they will make their Tatar 0. W. CONNER Pnprlet.e.
: did; this one and later In tile CT home., Yaf.rlfte, FI rMa.
'kl! : sing when Mr. and Mr*. Carrie attended This war *b* *ed(*">j mentionedby '
l the performance' at the auditorium the Metropolis yesterday afternoon Or M. S. aUR$ NK. Alto Miami. Fields. s"
they BOOB reallted the fact .* be'aic. on the tapl. bat wlth-
Oar CRXOCTDB!: preoaraOoa for the destruction
for no sooner had they become *ent- out cJ.III' the name of the contract ant fleas BM i
i. : other vermin win do the work. ,
I ed that showers of vice betas to rail Mac parties. 1


t; In &D grades, $1.50 to $7.00 Fred'k. S. MorseReal


J Estate
y tt

, 1 .sy I I II
1 Dally Metropolis Jn 19ttorothy Three vounf .men In coming fromCoroacut I Office* *p stain Cor. A... C and IS tb St.
.' Gray> on an Indian motorrrrleon t
I Drummer a negre
w"l Siindii afternoon had a 1
fined ISO and cot In the nuulrl > rollfwlon with transfer Miami. Dade Co. Florda. ,
( a ,
=y 1000 pairs of children: Shoes court: this morning or In default,'about a mile ibis aide of the arrl&l.1.
thereof to aerve thirty days Iml'rl.1"hi>'h ma.he 1 3 (oament. on a charge of ....IIDa I"q- uf the cycle sad gave the orcapantjronidderable I AGENT OR LANDS OF 5> ,

: lour" without a license, of a_thaklng. up .=d Florida East Coast Railway Co ,
i Just Arrived >orothy '* a resident of Colored tome *llkt bnl
I Town and according: to various wit I The accident It I* raid. wa ciu- Florida Coast Line Canal aLd Trans Co.
'r'" eaaea. operated a "blind tiger' Some had bought liquor mostly gin. the machine part of the roal Boston and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Co I;
/ ; fpm her while other bad seen it One! of the young: men was lurownM
tt. I heavily to the aronnd tit U the
,aold Police Officer DeBerry testified
t. and we hare a mammoth stock which we aresure that complaint cad been lodged breath wa* knocked oat of !aim and
"with him about Dorothy selling Hq- for a while It was thought he had
our that he had given a negro been wrlou.', Injured, ont he ran Miami Bottling Works
is the largest stock in the south woman IS teuta to go and get a. recoveredNehon .
bottle for him and that he returned I
t'" with a halt pint of gin He did rr Snow s Total I.... WALL A McGOWAN. Props ,
r. ; not see the liquor aold bat afterwards I The Uient InforinaUoa boot the
f ( found various empty Jug and schooner John I Snow which went Itth Street Near R. R., Miami. Fla- d
:;, I 1We I botle* aboat the preml***. .1 of chore on the North Carolina rout ,
l'r which had contained liquor. 111 I bout ten datil ago, chile "B route Manufacturer of '
- I the defendant several negro from New York to Miami with a I
.., j I IIU'o tetified that they Hi her lived large general cargo of merchandise: .
II. he wore house with the account la that the vessel 1 Is a total loa I All Kinds of
!! next door to her and that they She has been dismantled and a*
;, had never sews or knew of her ....11I much of the hull and fitting a* poKlble *-
cordially invite to call and look I Soft Drinks }
you lug liquor They were very pout salved though the r.rlo..blcb ,
I tlve In their testimony In her own wai practically all Ininred. I I. a total
j over the new 1907 spring goods now on sale. !bt tin If Dorothy declared that site w*. ''-.' The Benner line by which the Prompt Attoado *. AD Orwara. Oa t-Twwa ON*** 1sht.t1 d
la, hard working. wash woman; that'tl Snow wa chartered mill soon .begin
the wlhte folk and Gnd knew I loading: another vessel 1 at New York
he "had never old one drop o* :I for Miami
t j '' I Has Stood The Test 25 YeusGrove's
, I poor.-- IrrivaU at B.>) I
f&tcten Will ItaareFekrnary Recent arrivals at the nerd Cot '
S 1* the anniversary of I tae are Minnatnon. Mr Glnteroi '
; I ,h.. Order of FUg'e In America and I and daughter. Mft Little. Miss
on that date the Eagle of the conntfy i, I Iti'e Mr ard Mr. Murphy Mr
; John Sewell 6 Bro. will give lnce The local i"a4I,.* Kdward of New York;
lodge la p-epurlng to celebrate the !Mr and Mr Swisher PennriyanlaMr ;
-vent la a mot ebor te manner"bmmittee and Mr' Yancy. of Georgia; Tasteless Chill! Tonic h
>> now working to that end tlood. Kansas.
. _. 4...Y wj-i Les held la the Fa'r I;l''v'nsvton.1 no-*: Mr H A'lI" t
o tolldlnf mond of llllne.1 No-Core-No-Pry 50 cecU.

.,. ,.-' -'- .. ,'i -' .. -.. j

The Miami metropolis

Material Information

The Miami metropolis
Uniform Title:
Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Miami Fla
East Coast Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
February 1, 1907
Publication Date:
Weekly (published on Friday)
Physical Description:
12 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.


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Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
25.787676 x -80.224145


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
General Note:
Editor: Walter S. Graham

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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:.... IN THE THAW\4 MURDER CASE About "Motor Boat Races Here _BY W. C. RAULERSON[ AT FORT PIERCE f 1

\" t
MHTHtAH CARTER I..PI"('I.t\l KMIK TlllfO t.ttlk: -
Says Most All The Boats Now Rtdng At Film Beach Will Come Here I I.1 4t1 1

Another Panel Ordered For i'oputrr and Veil K_.. Couple Ikrf,.n'-,1 Mlin I 1111 Tram \nt.-r
i I Married I..cif&b'! Tlag-to-Flig Race Is Also Assured-Executive Committee day Uli-rtHMn by ..>n. N In I. Slain As He Emerged From
I .::

Tomorrow Morning From Dally Metropolis. Jan 11Mr Meeting This Afternoon To Arrange Details And Program. From Odllj! M..trota'lts. Ian ;.1 | Door Of Barber Shop''
Edward E. Slatrunv and Miss I
The third and only game .>( mr ,1\
I.. Caner married last I y
Era were layrd l iHtwwr !ih Miami' and Palm I
night at the home of the bride parents -- Beach ptofetonal' tennis nulled Ina I

... Avenue O. Rev L. D.
ri4torv ift'
tritrrd.it for the
roonn ,,
TWO MOn JURORS EXCUSED J Jt' Lowe. ofnc!atinic. Then was a large From Diil y Metropolis. Jan 31 ''Ito-otbT.: M,,.t's Cixmn. dllJ l le "i vlallon| b, 'h. wore of H 10 1 p.lm'R '' THREE SHOTS ENTERED( BODYTroable
of well th..'. othfi
congregation friends aa )Ir. M. R. Kl'lIam. representing or ,>irh nMl'nu! sit runs on a \bailing
members of the families present, .I I be committees arranging for the 'i i Farth than the ..100h... lirlnRn. rail) In 'h.. fifth Inning( ;i
the occasion a most piessant as wel.as 'IntertRtlrg' !: Information' 10 the ftithat Mini.ir card a hut rut' by storingone : !
i ; a happ one The house was motor boat racei to be held la B.. the Moor: Boat -II.t; > \f f'r- run In the lift self of the seventh 'i

f t prettily decorated with flowers and arne bay February C. 7 and 8. and 1 lea. of white Mr. F J 'Sihro..u,'r'owner The rhciitluni hats
were wonFn.lr
,After Conference Of Attorney*-Big palms. ror the flsg-ta-fag rare. Miami to of the Rule In commodore. >>> and Diftr. th firm men i i Grew Out Of Aland Deal-

7'_, 'Cr wd Pretest la Court Room Toy .1: Among the presents wss n beaatl Nassau returned lat night from |II. no* hiring a set or boat builtto toned n..kI"C a home Mt and ( Prisoner In Jail And Declare He '
fat rocking chair. a present of the compete In a pun 'om New York latter :i Ihife have drlre j jIn I s
Palm Beach he
day-A Total Of Five) Hundred police department and a cheat of sllrer whfre went to confer I to Bermuda next .e."on ana that _. \ (prt'bah'e: the Ormond team Regrets Nathlaj But His Failure +
) from a sister of the bride Mrs with the yachtsmen: Iher rl- there will/ be a great possibility to al.o prof.-FslonnlR will rome here I

,: Talesmen Here Been Sfcmmoaed.Mew Conner. of Fort Picre. Then were alive to bringing their crafts here secure the same crafts to pnrtlrlpai for a series of games nex* week. j To Kill Other Prue
( I
1 I also many other fine and useful presents and reports the most graUrjr.ng success. liD the Miami-N'a_ Trees that year'These th ufih the date hare not yet been {I I I { xI

: from friends ,. Miami boat are being bum especially -tit.AI.WANCE. i
a I Time bride was gowned Is whit Mr. Kellum at&tee hat the greater for ocean manic and aceoreng

I silk made ap moat vecomlagty and majority of th. boat* now racing at to the present plane they mast carry : OF IMPERIAL I I :=
York. Jaa. 31 -Th. seventh I carried white roses, with gloves aadshoes Late Worth will com her to com- enough fuel aboard to ran them From Davy .... Jan. II

4 day of th* Thaw. trial oea.il thai of whit pet, amoni: which will be the (Hi- from New York to Bermuda and halfway FAMILIES FOMURLE I I I Th. distressing new *f the shoot- c

,> -. with -Oa., see vacancy :atM At th* reception which followed I*, probably the; fastest motor boat back. London Jan 11 A St. Pete,.- lag aid kllllag of Mr C. T Me- I
refreshments were served and the la the world Simplex VII., Simplex With these boat entering the )(1.mlN..a I Carty. of Eldred. St.. Ado County
jury )ML which It was expected 'ieuri dtspatrh say* that there are
\ g*.et* showered tile happy eo.pie VIII Baby Billet. Meteor. Kather- race Mr Kellum h i.f of matrimonial alliance by W. C. Ra.II.... of Aakona.
ta &npoedily,. A new purl ot ocataleemea wishes I... Spray Hera the two Bontnall prospects a
with all the good poaaibK the opinion that the event fan be between the tmcprtal families of same county at Fort Pierce yesterday
rN filled i.thj rear Mr. and Mrs Slstruak vIM ...... Mata and other Born of the boaU mad foe of treat International im: Germany and Russia morals-. wee raeelTed 1st*" yua-
seats *t the exert .- and Import- their home la Miami end will b* at will ho shipped by irate while other ponaaee. 1 today afuraooa and caused meek

ant .reata were ........ Th horn at III A..... C. where they will come down by the tenet A meeting of the executive com- IRMY OFMCER WAS iaterest owing to th* pre___ of J'
amber of the TaatrtaaxUy were have a nit of<< room at Mrs, rout AH of "the* bate are exceedingly nvlttee jappolnted to arrange for the AOQI rrrm OP women both parties and the fact that they

-.r171a their place. : WrenVa.ClM faatRotative race hero will be held tale.afteraoon -I ,were well kaowa her*. Detail of

The ejwealng of asset.was delayed to the flag-to-flag rats. at the office of air II W .Ji..r- Pltt burgJan. 11 The Jury today I the tragedy were !acting until this
wy a conference of all h* ittMarys >i d with Lairewy Miami to H..*.. Mr. edam nays rill at which the program of events,, returned a verdlct.or not guilty I morning when the Metropolis reestved -
U th* ease with Justice UnraJ4.1 One Sam Kelly colored charged that the raeo to aasored and that '.ay* o* which to b* rug etc., will bearranged. J In the eases of Lieut. Ralph W.Dnry the following telegram from n i

sad this was followed lit vita larceny of 111 In money from four or' fin boat win compete The committee will also and Private Dowd. ot th* D. Pierce

mlsssl *< Juror Walker ;sad Haas. another darkey, was turned over t* move tea'1aet.... Commodore appoint Judie. starters, timers eta. 3. Army, charged with murdering. "Fort Pierce Jaa. 11C.. T"; Me-
the district attorney aaaonadng.that I the county authorities. by the pause Room*'* Roamet:' l'ra.k'T. Budgets for contacting th* "&au.. William M. Crowley a private cttlen Carty wan iasusulaated Wednesday _
cnae) for the people std the fle--I this morning. morning at t o'clock .. .* was leai ,
tease has decided to excuse from .
lag Edge barber shop ay W. C.RawltU
further service David '. W&lk..4'' Mem Xot Seriously Bereed e"- Be I
If Telegraph To Strung The collector appointed by tile local L of Aakoaa. RawUasoa t
Louts B.... No UcM waa ...:pod Mews. Reed Bryan and two' committee of the coming flat.toflag taking: a position .. the drug storedoor t Y'
for them. :Walker ta friends, who were burned by ft .....1
disnlMlag four feet away, sad a* McCarty
race started today eolJ.tetlac
on of Jolla Brysen Walker It hue explosion aboard th* former k At Once Jacksonville To Miami.Shooting '
a i j funds from citizens The ..... of merged from the shoo Rawliaaoa
had burn aaaoaaced that tlaaa would launch at Fort Lauderdal Tuesday
contributors and amount (Ire* win ( Bred one shot through his body
a. excused, and when the decision eight will recover u we earns arw -- I be published In the local paper \I IMcCarty fen on alt face when
.... mad then war OtU aarnrta* not near aa serious u let supposed. I two shots Seed at him two f .
A })eat through the Inefficiency of the were goIng
Mr. W. wpertatandentof pree'eat I '
In th .
court room. | !
-- wild ODe entering the head at ;
The: action makJag It naeeasarf to construction.; Western Union Telegraph I serviceMr I of the brain and 0ft0tllrotlr' ,

'in three oxpeetation' planes,.on.t.tIM.tile |tJV7.** wield utpeet'h RAYNER iiEIi. the announcement Co-. It U the that city within, aid make a few I Meal ot has the made lies between a careful here tnspeetloVi !FRENCH C CABINET MAYBE the base the leg McCarty died at ,

days'the will and Jacksonville and states that cue I q'eloek:. ;
be addressed to tIM Jury today. company begin "tnajrInf -1 I
1 n new duplex wit be* trouble In the recent put has been "The trouble orlglaated on f a
copper ;
Both of th extnwt hymen appeared ENDANGERED '
surprised and qtkkty len OF. PR SID'ElrS' tween Jackaoafll and Miami, ana I da* to forest fire*, which la the last' land deal Rawliaaoa waa dlspnslag :
of his property to a French capitalist
will rush the work through II rapIdy three web alon burned down 121
th court rwosm. Th exaJDtaaoon ottataamen I ., '
McCarty as attorney wt- j.
and consumed lit
began! ImrnediaUly.t* complete sad in**Oscar Jury wa A. ACTIONS This M pOMHbi4 will glee the local office avery I work of rebuilding the line BYICLASH a the Frenchmaa found a Judgments I VJ

salesman, forty-six desired and much needed additional was rushed ahead aa rapidly as possible the property for em thousand
Pink a genie I dollars In favor of P. P. Cobb>.
years of age was chosen ts th*.tenth service with Jacksonville and the service t. stale l*> 1
and the deal was declared oft
.. which li now often Incapacitated I thorough working order .r
j. _. "Rawttnsc at one* became en
_._ _
Later- Wilbur F. Starts, maaufacturer. -- -- "- -- --- --- ----- .-.
raged and declared his Inteatloa ofk'lllag -
sixty yean ot itu was selected Paris, Jan 11 The existence of I t.:
Washington. Jan. 11 Senator Scrape In Colored Town Cobb. McCarty and the
aa the eleventh Juror U tile ) the French cabinet la believed; to be I.
Rayner, of Maryland today mad. Frenchmaa H* at on the step of
%.*. Early t'att..DOOa Justice an extended adBreaa In which ware In danger aa a result of the clash the hotel waiting for Cobb, but saw ; "f-
ordered another of '
Tltajrerald. haadred talesmen tvlnnxwed for professing a profouac personal regard Developed Rather Interesting Case la the chamber of deputies last McCsrty enter nt* Barber hop sad t '4
M morning TnJ, make for the .......4..C. h* critically night between Premier Clemencies awaited his exit. The primaer ta

tomorrow Ire haadred men summoned In the reviewed what he termed Ole "....- and Minister of Education BryaadWhile la JalL McCartys funeral will Iw ,
deafp "vanrpatfba of governmental the iacldent ear superficially held Sunday morning t:.
.,vane. function not conferred upon him by smoothed over It Is learned to hare "McCarty stood II- and shoulders t:

.TRACT10X OOMPATT BARKH the constitution." Among other mat And Find It*. Wtj late Court-V. DilUrd Wrote Lava Bethue Aa been the result of a radical ditersloa above any cltlaen In 8t

,- RCRSCD IS CHICAGO ten Mr. Rayner called attention to of views regarding action: on the tunic county After his arrest RawN N ti
... the President criticism of court decisions lasaldnc Kite And West Ti "See About It"-Escaped Through proposition of Fresco Catholic bishops Hnson asserted that his only regretla ;t
-j and his effort to Influencecongressional that be failed I. getting Cootf ,,,+
Chicago Jan. 31The TTaiomTraction legislation Her Bad!; Karkxmaashlp.-J>efendaats Placed Under Bond and the Frenchman also The crime J
car barns on tiark street I '
stirred the community: -
urn damaged by fin t* the extent
thousand dollarsearly Death of Warren ROBMMWO.Warrea -- MANCHtRI HM.INR Mr. McCarty war one ef the ben .r
01 two hundred
knows men on the east coast. befaa ,- t {i-
this moraiag. JCloety ears A. Rousseau aged 1) I I --
of and quartermaster on the extension SL Petersburg Jan 11 -The Rasslan lawyer. politician sod grower ofpineapples
were destroyed. The eiploaloa years From Dofy Metropolis. Jsn 11 nil ended the matter for the time ,a
a gasoline tank was the cause or tile steamer Peerless, diet "'9 Two cltUent of Oxitored Town aa but anon after the police appearedon evacuation of Manchuria begs and c'trus fruit Heleave. -
his home In the northern ,of with the of the a wife sad several children.MINNExoT.t ,.i
II r*. portion defendant and a fair proportion or the scene and placed Laura asa i today departure I II
the city at <:I* o'clock last night the Wharton man under arrest They Moscow regiment I II
the as spectators, appeared t
WRAJIt U.GI\L.'Tl"RE of pneumonia. The remains have first la municipal court and were afterwards rled on bond I -
tn .
FIXES RAILROAD FARE I been embalmed by Undertaker Risk then in the county. court this monaI. and this morning appeared In the RlSM-II. N.RS SLATE I II New York Jsn 31- The MUne -f
f sad will be shipped to Clearwater .' municipal court the woman to ass- I ota 8nf'lety| of New York will hold .1
'Montgomery J... IIn.: Sen- 'FU.. on the S:II train IDDICbt..""" .The gathering and Interest was or wer to s charge: of disorderly run I New York Jan 31- State Comptroller It* annual banquet at the Waldorf UI

aU bill flung rairroaA passenger I the Intern t.1I1 be made alongside cartoned by one Laura Bethuae andWilliam duct and the man to that of beingan I m hr. at Vlbany today rf't'oIY-1 Astoria tonight!: Hundred of form
rate at two and o-'a_" reati per the gr IT* of his mother The Wharton alleged to t* auaccessory accessory to assault Both ."reordered : ed }'.li. Ado, tie amount dne the !I residents of the North Star Stale f\

sells, parsed the lower house today I remains wJiree 11 be aorompanled by attempting to Mil one V. over to the county author I i Mate on the estate of Russell Sane I are aowUvtng la this city a .Urge
.and now roes to the Governor who broth ers. Itles nnd.r 'b.. tab, rli:me* tax act Tb.value proportion being prominent In bus
will sign itHUGE I I Dll noonThe ard, also colored iffair occurred yesterday In after Colored From the municipal court the defendants I of the .-.ta.e 1IP1 been p'aeedat Inets and profeMioaal lln-. A,; .

Kenan FxawntmMlottt Close 'Today Town and has a bit of InterestIng under escort and the crowd IKO.onn non. but that amount Is Itonl.ht' banquet sit hundred w'll ;J;

PICK WOLVES I The semi.annual or semi-term examinations history. It appearsso following shifted to the county not the final esr'mate This Is the sit down ',fiw
In the Miami public preliminary largest amount ever received with I ....
that Dillard occupied court, where the seemed waived ex I
Quebec Jan 11- Northern QveVc -! acaooU which hare been In progressall the story 'goes owned by the Beth- !1''amlnatlon on charges of assanlt with three exceptions In 1100 the state Tellurian toe School ,C

Is oTerrua with hip pack of i the week will close today; These property and they have been at i Intent to kill and aece sory to crime. collected from the estate of Ceo I Th* nine Tellurians ordered br f t
wolves. So daring arq.they becom- I examinations are held every year me woman time. Yesterday afteraoon ,respectively. before County JudgeiHeysar Smith a wealth English merchant the Dude County School Boar acv ?
lag that they prowl through tIM cite | the end of the first foar acboo&.Ollt. out for Dillard some wrote the woman an and gave bond. In the sum I who died In New York City. I1.Ut. feral| months ago for the latger \

_ie and towns at nigbL Bands of \\at j ..., and are for the purpose oladTancing Insulting not, threw it on her porch ,of $200 and 1100 respectively. for 753 In 1901. UIS.OOII were recelT- schools of the ny. Y-ave been re- ..
Fa are belna ornalaed to exterminate -\ or promoting pupils from ; afterward when he saw her their appearance before the next tie' ed from the C. P. tfantlnalon: rotate !''celved by Superintendent Hall sad T.,
them and this morning stxterathousand the lower settlors of each. grade to I and It, went down to "see what cult court grand Jury and In 194 the inheritance I will be distributed at once The T.1-l llurian t
snea met SL:; t taad Lake .the higher, or from th. higher section reading I I Yesterday afternoon the Bethune tai from the estate .r Warren Smith Is s new Idea fee teichln
and will encamp there until they of one grade to the lower sec'tlon about It. out against a prominent estchester County !natural mathematics sad astrouomilrsl -
stood by her side, and woman swore a warrant j 1"
fear got rid of the peats. of the next grade. I U Wharton soon a* Dillard appe.l'f'Cllh. poll Dillard charging him with defaitiatlon carpet manufacturer was U52.SU. geography In f.b'le schools.

r aad begs of character: and he was placed
ed out a 11 calibre rerotrer

:>Mothers Of The Kindergarten School I f tad a he firing escaped: at;him.nnnarmed Her aim. was bad under the tlOO grand bond J ary for. appearance before Pair Of Moles Backed Overboard \ '!!

_. .
I Have Organized And Elected Officers From Terminal Dock This Morning |I


From Dally WeCJ1)PO."" J... 11 I hare answered about the Kinder* I From Dally Metropolis. Jan 31 on the !Inside falling off m4 puling: r"

T_ Mothers Meeting of the Kindorgartea I garten work or any information at There wss considerate excite.n.rtit the other In on top or it The t
held .. latarestlag nv' 'tAg Ito the work being done by the TartJons wagon remalnod on the dork II
: the t.rmlnal dork thin morning I!:
aftemoot at the schoolroom ,: pupils i iI' I The under male hitog!: between t;. r
[ yesterday
1 about 10<< 31ra".d by "i I..m rtn
and- white there was act a I These questions are to be ....p- : learner and the dor partially to .1t-
;tern number prtnt.; the meetingBtaeap led and to be read and dl.-us ed b'l ,ules jwlng!: in ce wagon!: backing the eater .Hh the other on lop of tg
nthulasm4 The mother club at the next meeting overboard followed *T strenuous ef ill and "olh kirk I". framlriill4. ., ,::
'are sow organized Into a mothers' j Refreshments were served aa Is the I, B fit'h. Jaa II Fine I'I'S..... Orleans, Jar 31An after fn-ts and final nacres. In Raving the 'atxnit th.> boat and d,>rk *P< vimIrnttlng t't'
.b. and yesterday elected officer regular custom and the meeting adourned weather la st'll/ favorable for the pc per today will tay Tbe 'animals from rtrow Intf: t ewe the harness and fin ,
.- > with of the annual regatta of It that the wagon was dellrering succeeded when Ih- ..
follows ) to await Interest the; third day Honduras Lottery Company has decided appears animal .11! Ir
..* H M Kluges: rresidentMr 'lent gathering of the club motor hoats}here today Five five- I Ice to the steamer Btwarne. the water A rot.. was at'jrh. .1
Mrs In
to capitulate toe fight!: waged!:
Nlckolsoa. -president. mil events and-one fifteen-mne race The mule Nmn to move off when 1'0 their aerk earl th- w-tT I I. I
Mr R W Rhodes, secretaryMr i Severel demurrers etc.. In eases are scheduled for today? Both of thehunts I I by the United States Government the driver yelled st them This ahalli aster. when thec ..f- ;
1 *. Cook treasurer, I pending In the county court were sank la yesterday collision Land has DOllied Its six thousand I caused them to begin: harklac la .. to ask met Roth menbfl "'

At the next meeting there win b*t argued by attorneys laUrvtted before have been raised but both>> ara seriously employees that their services are no I I which they run the wsm I 1le..ay.Ito ily skinned' and brulx'd ,
a ,..Uo. which they'may desire to Judge Heyvrr this morning !longer required" I, the edge of the dock the mule 'IT sad bodies ,/

4ama'f' 'h0p;

_. :.at 'j.!, ,ilAj.jta..<, ,.'- ....>,.ldedsat>ld tlrare */ gg J 4 Y "':4 '.. '.-... .... ..... t'.f '- .-,, :- ,- t JfI

.- I -

1 ,

The Weekly Miami Metropolis I{lIT I LET A us BIG MAKE DAY II I

-- -- I Vent Fr day. February 1. I I. Arbor
B. B Tituui Pre 'I taut S Bobo Dean, Sec-Twi. I
J).<\ :in Florida and pan t ""t :urculjr I
Bel-no .,b nd Ir Fm,, ,in
-- -
tttx mouth. . . . $:00 One year .. .. . . .I? /0 rt''at M n :M I ,u,1" ,.d PHI.r.m, hay I

ThoM paling lo alliance sill recoup a year 0" .T'n't n for tt6a l tin. !.r li'i .d tn Sta Sn,,. i.iIant i :

an.) its POTinsu'm, rt,>':on for 71::i cent flit ia a liberal discoui i Induce Hoi o..> and will be carried on PROTECT YOUR BOOKS I :;

iUlcUj advance: pa) tuei.Js I IIn all whooj.* of the State Dim nastug
--- -- -------
({ the otcasion and
Entered at the FotUiffic at Miami Florida. U second clan matter. endorsing; They're too valuable to be strewn about the room or house ex-
heartily the real purpose or the ob I
--- -- -- -- - I
"rntlonpl.ntlaK shade trees posed to dust and damage I Of course you can't help it. if your
1987 I R
FRJD.\\ FEB. 1.
--. the Live Oak Demo' earnestly book-case is full and of the old style solid construction. Better

... I and truthfully I
THE NEGROPOPULAIIOK A GOOD DAY FOR The occasion can be made auccea I II get rid of such a case or start a new one that will always accommodate ii'

a DADE COUNTY I only by the cordial co-operation : your books without being either too large or too sman-
lot the school principals, teacher and ,
The Naahvtlle American a con- Quoting! from the Democrat about. ,pupils throughout the State with the one that grows with your library and always fits it The

MTvatlve lad very Q<
paper baa bcn looking op statistic in Florida between Jacksonville and Ho'loway. and It Is much to be de-
Penmcola, the Miami Metropoliiaa aired In the Interest of a great causesh.ch
of the negro population IB the South-
)si : I grows more urgent every year I IIhkt Ioe'Wrncke(
rn State. and mike this anaouaf'-I Icount i I be antl.aaloon feeling In Dad, next Friday shall lee a full and I

IIIe-at.baaed Upon the census of 1900 ,I ) Is also pretty strong and be-. enthusiastic observance of the program j

'Of the eleven Southern States.noi I i I Merlng; that nothing la lmpoi>ibl e' But making speeches: sing '
of''''In t thi day and time there ia no tell. ing long and kindred eterclae are i Elastic BookCasegs
Including Kentucky, the number '
I|leg! what mill\ happen" but the Incidental feature of the'
.l-! .l in Tennessee.
negroes i* m ex-
,, And we dare nay that nothing better da; Its great and useful purposes I -
ept Arkansas and Florida. Tennen- !: could happen to Dade than to I is creative ted constructive Plant

he'a population la Deadly a mll'lon jo n Suuannec and take her place !tree*' Plant trees' Pant! tree sod I is the original and only up-to-date sectional bookcase and b

:irger than that of Arkansas. and It iniouK i; CM iu'.cM: >nl<..a. dlvcltaa coun- shrubbery and flowers and do the I made by the largest manufacturers of such goods in the world.
:I's The liquor traffic has fa'l<-n 'things: that shall help in the coming '
h four times I larger; than Florida i ih
shack'I to ttf last line of entrenchment I months and )'para to put the schoolhouses It's furnished in A variety of
nd therefore la proportion to white >n ih" !Icrjtor; riles, and there It will in enT'rnnment! of foliage
1 oopulu'lott TtJUfhas fewer ne-i, hold out lnd.>nnit< 1>'. but the! handwriting I end o t"'o that will promote comfort grades sizes and prices
roe ,than say o'her Southern State !: ia on the wall for It In all mightily: help apiwaranc-a and
trkaasn had Jti ,000 In 1SOO and' ,'h'r pins of the countryVe encourage In the children a loreof y adapted to any and all requirements. -

t londa! ZSO.OOtf Tennessee hade oiilln' 't go( back to old condition the beautiful in niture and of en -_- It's a system of I
"I 0,0'O. here In Snvannee under any tempta- the tralrlng' of nature :
The negro poi illation of the oih 'r i IOD. and the remits of prohibition II'n Most of the school bu Id:ng* in [mm'inn units each unit fitted with the ,

M: -es was as follows Alibama.K27,- i, have Lean so artlsfictory and earned orldt are pliifulb hire and unlnvltlng perfection dust-proof roller-

son, Georgia. A34.000: You clans in stub heavy interest along; ; both I in. their Immediate surroundings
.OOttn; Jilaa .. ppl.. 90':'.000: Nor h : oral 1 and material litica that even ; no trees. no flower, nor ,-!IU"I bearing door. But well be
< \rollna 124.000. South Cat o'tnsri;' ,he hitter Cement of the booztri Bone of the rich adornment to a'M I
.ZOtio. ..Teias.. (20,000.irglnla.; wouldote. !'n another e'ection' to i to the beauty and the grace: of tiring BUM"-1- i glad to show them if you call

.....,.088. i keep th'nga' a* they are. 1t.1I\\ <- .1\\'('b n..t urt" ftirnUbea In sui-h or will send beautifully illustrated .
From the above U U shown that: .< good d. T for Dade? when the wore irofus'on If we will only reach out
)lorlda I nan a stutter negro populj ;| d'wn ihre strike their color and take them If Florida Is the catalogue on request

":; IOU than any of the o'h-r' Southern 'I d en; nut of bnxine., -Lire Oak hand of Flowers' we don get much I
tat..*. and It on truthfully be aa d j Democrat evidence: of It In anything( that 'he I
,, n their cred that they give less Florida I have done to make
: outil sad are more law-abldlrg --0- h.tf'fd: the credit must go; to the I

j 1 ban thofc In ad) other State In the j WHAT BRYAN ,"'d and luxuriant: Natur wh'chas j i

1 t ui<'u. SAYS HE DID SAYI done her generous:: work w'th'' .
... I
but little I amtlstance from those who

i, THE SEMIN ALES i I Bryan has modified the declar look on and enjoy It. i 1

!' '>II \14 ia said to hat made at To- Arbor Day has been e..t.Lli.hedrxpresslv I
ARE DECREASING to 1to mike'
crcourage i
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,(' ppend mode of ranch living of( their Many time of In Miami them what Biyan he wai He stated simply elsewhere stated In, that Topeka he i|day children memorable of Florida In the make annals next of Frl-our 1 Twelfth Street and Avenue D. Telephone 77

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way following his manner of Urine nomination ahou'd be declined or o--

It la evident the native hannta ac-eptei depends on: conditions under THE POULTRY !!

and the wild free expanse of the which the offer la made. The BUSINESS APPORTIONMENTOF I
i 'Glrdes hare lost much of their platform la a matter 'o be considered .
attraction diem. A few yeara from the character of the organization I DlticuMlug the Importance of tile LEGISLAtURE' \ $500For

row and the few remaining tribe la also Important and the general hen In modern economy, the \Vortvsler I )Ir. Charles A. Choate, who but
will eeut' to exist the remnants being line to be punnet In the campaign Telegram says: I I
Matured to the four points oft can aot be Ignored. The platform "Refuilng an offer of Sl Z5 for given much attention to the subject I' a choice lot on Twentieth St., near Ave. DS2700

the eosklfy ought( to fit th) platform and the a hen It one of the Incident of the I of the apportionment of repreaer.taI I

party organltatlon should be In bar- Boston Poultry Show She woa s (Ion In the Legislature, make the ,

APPROPRIATION 'mony with the party's purpose." prise of $100 and It pea to New following suggestion on the subject 1 -

PROSPECTS BRIGHT I 0 Hampshire. The hen It of much through the Tallahaaaee True Demo '
EXPORTS more consequence' pow than she haa I
Every ettlaen *f Miami and this OFMANUFACTURE been reckoned In the put Peopteeat "I retpectfufy submit the follow | Will buy the prettiest bay front lot near the city ;

ctioB should feel thankful and ap- snore egg and the flesh of the ing scheme: of pportlonmvnJ foe j "" 1-
fowl and they art Increasing their 'he House of IB thee
prceiatlr: that Biscayne Bay got )uon Representative. <
the reeoamendaUon of the house < The Bureau of Statistics of the Department demands' for all the products of tile hope that It may be carefnly $1500Will

appropriation conmltKe for a gout of Commerce and Labor beanery aa the year ,oily. NewPnrlaad ered by the newspaper coalld'i j

round MA to continue the deep water hal completed the figure for the la one of the mot promising 'I1t'mbenf the Legislature\ and Its I lot
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11 mouths ending with November, section for the Industry and buy an riparian rights at >
project tare but while proaiwett detects. If any pointed out. dlaenued ,
are eieeedlngly bright t\at an bass adding to these a conservative more U made of the hencoops now and corrected before the assembling! the foot of Tenth Street
lestimate{ for Dcember finds that the than made In the first 100 year
appropriation will be g'ven this port. of that body IB April:
total exports of iannf&ctar forth off a'1! the resource of the six old -,
no one should build false hope aa "Counties to have three .'
the recoamendaUon can meet withd : full year wilt exceed seven hundred State." tattves-Alachua. Duvat. Eacambla; I! No matter what you want in Real Estate

nailer in several ways though the |I mll'lon dol a-a. Wai The chicken Industry or poultry Hlllsboro. Jackson. and Marion. i it will pay to investigate :.:
in the year .
1 Ten year ago. bnsine baa Increased tn rmportaneeeverywhere '
amall. Tjuntle to have two
pOMfbUltf>> of such li j Represents-I .
1113. they amovited to but US mil- It baa enormously what we have ..
To those citizen collectively and (grown live*-Bradford. Columbia Oadaden. : ,,
llons. In 11.6. but 14t million, and In the South and has been reducedto '
individually and irrespective of political I Jefferson Leon Madison, Monro..
t afflllatlona who worked ao In- I Iln 1X76. 10i ml1'ions.I The snare a rclence The c.... of chickens Polk Susanne and Walton t: .j

defatlcabty to get Biscayne Bay In !; which manufactures formed of the that a few yean ago would have "Counties to hare one RepreseafaliveBaker Call in and see the handsome oil paintIng ''Ij
,tutal export ass In ItO$. f J per been regarded aa fine show birds ,
the Brevard. Calhoun.Clt- I
on the appropriation, greatest of our popular residential suburb ,
ant; In 169$. bat 3. per cent; In would not be entered in an exhibition ,
c of praise U due Measn. Prout and roe Clay, Dade, Deftoto, Franklin i|
1181, but 22 per cent aud In 187C.SO The site! has been largely Increased
Watioa. who, went t. Waah.ngton a> I now Hamilton Uerrtando.IIcriraelLaFay-1! I
representatives" of the ei'lsena of Miami per cnt Thin the eiporta of In most breeds, and rapid ""Ut'. Lake. l-e.. Levy, Liberty liI.a'i'
to appear before tile House commltlee. | maruUr tarps in ItOI are three and (growth U a desideratum Chickens' atee Nassau Orange Oaceola Riverside
one-half time a* great a* a decadeago. "seeks old weigh from four to 4;
an< the entire Florida delegailoa eight: Putnam St. Johns St. Lncle Santa i I
and the share which manufactures and In the Eastern marl I' Taylor
at tW;. naUocal capltol. who' five pcnndt. Rosa, Sumter. %Volus,
added their fall power" and Infaencv form of the total exports about eta tell from :& to 40 rents a pound hulls and YVaahingtoo.w' wa-I
one-third greater than at that time making an average chicken of
10 the effort. pro* a themselvesworthy ---
-- -
tad competent to ins taSK'' The I'nlUd State now hold third Improved c'as.* worth II 50 lhll'' It Is estimated that over three mil- |

ad trusts imposed IB them and but i rank among nations aa an exporterof 1111I also been (great Improvement In I'on dol'ara a year I.I lost to the bus-1 I $250 ;

for bent OU port would not hare mana.factnr The total ex egg production.A I Inns men of this cour'ry by IDdlrI I
received 'conalderatlon ports of manufacture from the common old,fashioned he* Ian flat: ad-enlalng. Think of that For a Lot on Seventh Street
.Half the battle has been woo I United Kingdom In the latent year about 100 eggs( a year while the I next time you write ropy. '
Blarar' Bay U considered worthy for which statistics are arallabrs! thoroughbred ben lays from 158 to o I II

I and deterring of an appropriation [were tSU million dollar; from %40. It costs no mare! to raise thnr- I I Al soon as W. J. Oliver builds
and little else can be lone save I Oeraany. 'II million from the 'ichbred chickens than the common the Panama Canat ao that It will 1 $750
through( oar Senators and Kepreneeutlrel I United States. TOO million; from kind. Thickens raised loose on tb.1( hold water and float snips he maybe
In whoa the pvhllc have I France. UI milllona; from Nether! farm or In the woods, aa mTTionaire. I engaged to construct a tub-ocean For choice lot near passenger depot. Real bargain I,

the moat esp'lcit fa'tk to do their I I I anda. 175 milllona: from. Italy, seo are raised at little en.t. bal taanel from New York to Liverpool -
foil duty 1% urging and seeing that millions: from Swlnerlsnd. 1U million where they are raised' win care ana I TbM la aa undertaking that woul !
.. and from RUM' ill milllona. fed the cost of rainIng $450
:; the recommendation goes through a* i j r continuously hold him for a while.
11 maintaining chicken Is I _
or 0
now proposed.DEFICIENCIES n D rh'ogn I* mflerlng from rn epl I placed at about $1. Wrt were once I I It la a little early yet for the snake I For a good residence lot on Fifth Street

0 IN dr-m'e of *'*rlet fever and diphtheria There h1 ve bee more than 1.400 I raised as the mOAt profitable kind I season 300 mark but a fair sample ,

DADE COUNTY CENSUS easy Chicago should look to its for the table and aa egg producer. '!'of what It expected In th.tIDe laI i
plumbing and get a r*.r cnnply of They grow faster weigh: more and I indicated by this from the Cll. olbeu. ( $150 '
The completed State eanraa or the atmowt'here. Import It tro.a "Horida produce more egg and are. therefore \ Ga.; 'Mr Joe Hardup discovered .
s' returns .> tnmp led by th" Stale and !'f necenaryI the most profitable a few days ago 10It'ld

now being Wilt oil snow a woefuldeficiency. ---0 Why more people do notale near the (city a nth which be kill- For fine residence lots In either
j Inaccuracy, neglect! or Florida( tomatoes superior to Cal poultry for profit I. a mystery' It f'd.1'0.. calling the reptile open Bay View, Mos-

omething or the other In that portion I ifornia artlc'e, are aelling for IA has been demonstrated one of the ';.to discover what the abnormally teller's or Home Additions. Any of
of fc pertaining t. the commer- ,ants a pound IB Nebraska 8rten'tlflc moat profitable of Industries and It 'swelled portions of his earcas were 1
s cut and manufacturing interests of tracklnr and modern transport baa been shown that poultry thriveno :caused by. It wai found that the these will increase in value r
Bide coanly atlon make all seasons look alike Id better In section of Florid had lew aer-I
any pent no than 100 c nt in 1 =
It I I. true takenat Nashville American. per $ year
the eenana was the dining room than IB Dade county Roth the i ordinary porcelain or china neat (
:a lute date and under many dlf '' That accounts! for the ami' ,flesh and egg: have s rnmmerciil el"," )

Anlt'.... with which the public are Ing free and fut pu-_ exhibited .'sine l that will never diminish. and n

familiar but: hre ia no Juit reason by *o way DJde county tomato obi more locally the produc'Uon :, It It about time the State aided I
for the C -.I..* of so many facts grow era. the greater the demand.A In building hard surface road.. Members Ii
and dst that existed In Dad county o few well kept Rennerlea IB Dade of the Legislature should car i

f In the year 100$. and which are A Representative hy the mellifln- ronnty would mean a corafor'able ry Instructions from their respective J. H. Tattim 6 i'
Included la the statistics of otherMMBtle pus cognomen of Bnllwlnkle Intend Income monthly to tile owner, a* '!'countle* to work for State roads Co.i'

*. to ask the Kan*** legislature to a greet per cent of the poultry sup above everything else.-St. Augn-
The omiaaloM are too numerous ,..* a bill making It anlawful for eggs consumed IB Miami ana other (tine Record.. A very wise laggestlon.Pasa ,
to mention and If the name Inaerarte -|luny:' grl to do up her bark hair IB wlvees l' of the county are shipped a law kaock'og! out the coavlctleM
occur la other coaaUee then say otltf'f" than a pigtail De fits a dlslas thus destroying'fctr sad making It compulsory' for I[ REAL ESTATE

the taking ., the census waa a farce .foe she ha reached the age of U freshness and reducing the all prUoner. to be worked OB the ..,'
nod aa penae that has done lM year and month, which IB all tight prices. aid and
road ,
bwllding repairing On the Ground Floor
8t11t. IaWJ: not gtft. It wov'd j provided It la .... a penal of few I.a erwelMrteg 'remh will be &<- I 317, 12th Street ; ,

have W* bt.er t. not have take It e'lo wear 't that way *