of the must dangerous dialrirticf the : wealth and pay> the, taxes," ) i tl wre tij a gallon and. the prtcr u: a rho ken .

and still a tl.rmjtli Ilicaf w irking and "li"1C wink the godmonometalli therefore ret.'iired
01 ran, passage it .:. tent*. It 1 _-_- T
!t raii_ iuauranre. I'uder m< hcircuni.tancM .1 >.t. but now 'when ( hetllver fight' d hit I'k..Jl1II pay Inn one gallon of 1

England would hair l.vie i n in a state of .".fiend, 1.'dinimaiion oil. while now one thicken. will' pay for

prepared t harbor of refuge on the vxJxxnd you declare lor the retioral two or three gallons. uf oil .\l that National

) coast numediatelj', but we he llnn l of OIh.... A great n-anlty of tame date flour old for t-.f.t a barrel, i ..

waited for a century and ttlll btrfi- money pretiniacd,| the nlver iseir : rice :V cent a |Hi.ind. salt h3Alit. a tin-lie, ,

tat, while wrrtkf are pilrd upon one but lIu'll', OHIiig[ lit LI.. unprtceOenleilind intl 1.1".1.of thrtad, I:', irut. "Nut- I

of our great highwaja. Mjcli port at unliH.ked fur ,production gold, 'vilhstauding thene Priem.' ti.,. writer

such a (xiiut would' I I.* worth more to ".. have a larger per capita oin-ula- toe on lo '.> "for one t"u-hor..I.\.\ Bank

our buiiiPM than all the inland and) t'11' than, any ol-her country in thevorld oC cotton ) nu could let III exenaiiire a'' .H ,

all the a\agrt for which wr I paid .". except, r ranee. and there, I.i nomniediate wll..l. wagon I owl l of tiTe. botlih1. I .

twrrntjr million on the other ride, of I : danger uf it* .letup e.*' got'1!", aid When a man get sointtt.,ingFor

TALKING TRUSTS! AND TARIFF. "Hiiiieihiiig, : d.ittg': and ,i- happy.\

A HARBOR Or REFUGE. I oiiimeniii. 'g upon tbeatHive U. tJte -. stroll(; Doard ot Directors ami. an equipment with goodl facilities for} 1

Heni. the oeii'iblr. a) in wl,n h editor ol the Uantier ,is m.,"sed I t .

The fact that at or near ore put mi I .illMr, Jordan, o' the I'liuta <r high 'pro ?.t (I..he the transaction oi alTI branches of legitimate banking.: * *' fb *

the .:..t i'oat no !I..*. than rtnec.- lerald. 1"'It'h"t 'laliaferrtt. Irll L' and .I' use, of tb- v ... win'..Ii be gue-. l loli -

agile were htraiiUed ilnrihg the rerenthurricane anti in a ler-e and lbnwly talk: : I..w's i for business Monday August 10 1903.

togfllit-r with the !I".. ol,' *' .n.> of u* who are all, 11-il Kith! "It a* he. an-there was an. abiiii. Opened ,

life insulted certainly einphs-'i/ the 1'l ''' ..rl) are "prune to blame a nun I ft, rlenitf
nerroxilf for the sUb.irhliiei: uf "a'' r...11. II thr'sa) of. t lie wtfldKtMljit "1'. ,pl hidIr't gonrcrat, ) then al"1 Ii will milt! ,it Hu an.'I. 11o! rnriiiiratii.tiiintl uuliv' iilnaln. pro0n'ueg" the iiiint-t lilwrii.lj ..| (f. aln.til, ".1's' tenitb .

harbor ,.f refute" at ...11... |"'ii.Lou outeapusrd all of II. would be ri'hilweoilld. I be 'r"'II''Itll./I ul .ls'| ...le illtent-' .. : nnltii-rii, ..i-...rv 'It ItaiikiMC' : 'n 1.11.1., : .
line near MiauiiKur i veil IC.... n.ll the rI'" ut, list g ilitl Ihe MentuiH-ti/stttiit' ttf I Iver. sp,,. '141 tin't' ris in in' t Ib. tfr"u i (." nerds uf II... ountrjr. mill ly alil.oUh.--l, later.' W ins ,t. ,prr-on uI l "'erviewiL'ack
liii-nn. ,. ...
.1. view to
'iiili f wn a
noltle lime \rn-l the ttU% i-ablllt) "uri,',"1.. 1'['i. pie were not wurriiig ah ,.lit theg ir i .rro-t'|" |ln.

II ,' hi* the hirp li'i-' i'eM <. andard'.
that Id
ol..LIII..IIIIK. | MI :'i. a harbor in a in n s ?
been and Ihrpwplr .n-'atitl. f .r""I1I1', tile .Ilfll'' III ,TlIgeintitt .' \\ I.al a c, lint) rteetj to .......".. : E
ha parent

"i< inu\' uf :Miami loa\i -. upon inure than to ...e and to ti.rn, tu and ln.;i ,uni "r..I..t4.[ | / and runt. our silver pro-j{ i ron-. ,iii'ine i-, .,\MIAMI\ ,\ PIANO\ AND.VIOLINSCHOOL co a ;a ctor : i

.r. mime
Otis 011 ea"lou drawn atunlion to the. 'lw[ 'iinmrv ah""aj1"11'.11)" "[ ) -goltl nii'de) ) ,

itualioti there, in the hope that the ill) irrtmn eil-li.'U' lonjiliuna, aniltpliurlllllllleo 105[ I'.r moiiev and ever) other firm oinoiie !1.\. .:'itli trctl. \.1f I t'..i 1 \jliniil i
'""a1dllllr any .
authorities at Ma.\ n.K'ou uniclit' txke .." Hbl, h hate catrd| Itlir ) thai. hat.the credit ill' the. ttvrmneiit P no. rreokrrn CnnBush.! .- I 6 ,je/.'tf, .rt..r... a

such atepa a* were ne. .rear) ill the required own. otmervalion any grasp, we blame, .. uhind, it.I "I! Violin' Mrs. frenJ..foft Co ma fI Bush. ': Tw..nty.\.n ) "ar -iierienrc' in

direction.Tbf him f.r ln I's .miperiorit uf juilgmrlit Mune' ) vv .tt.t.slwsi abundvn" In. Gernww, Harmony-ml Mislory d Musk:, Mr. end Mrs. Bush, ,: ..ntra,'tin*.

storm has spoken. for their< ,, and arm f xei-ulive aluiity ,make i, it nuMi..ib:> fur any man' or formy riiHil.o'' :1-, .rs.e.A. tithe rr-illirmi, and IU-rnird lateniann ; ale o ol _"A"' "'1.A.

in a manner that tannotwell be n.i-f It in a great Kin for any nne. tn getthead umber of men tn corner it. tern < ninervalorv 'lt.-r nicrmaiv l Many. yrar. riperienn'e| a. teacher 'in *- -- ___. I

understood 1 be actual IOM of property I I of un In buiifteiu, politics' or "With the riche and resources of Hii-i.TtK '".Ilegef i n ti t, i 111'? and the Ia-t.: l'uV".prrV..r.... for airy .\nitruanr

though.he du it by and the, I.nill..f Its Kiirnpean: < oitsi-rvai DR. E H. \ !
upon this occasion must n.. e..arilj religion even may this eountr) : (>eoile 1f."tTIfO"lfj.TABLE : ,

have been great and if, u report legal fair and mural means. I It in no [ it can do n.'tbbng' but'".,..per ,if its I Oplia i.n. t
'' none[ ; I is %bumUnt."But .
1..1' to -km a man in a .hore trade, toll
nine were mi
than men
cJ, no less cut ofl thi-nitiney |ly re-
.....1. .. bun a barrel i d orm-eat. -n meal, IU..it.UOl.
from one of the stranded aomeUea. strict. the riiruisiitg' and MANURE r

f bowr\er lliade.iia| .'e, may be .ir unload upon bun a sect s.so 'iii pour like tapping the ll.... nf sip tn a tree.

formed of the terrible suffering anJeiponure land at ten lime. what we paid fur it, (the, leaves must .tall and the bran I he-i I
wither; and die."Ihe .
imposed upon the men who, but: il"' a great uffen against U. and blood of stable Foot 'r *
1 life a nation, nn.lrrprrsenl ; Instead of using manure use l'ij's
io fair weather and foul, navigate a our wives and our children f"r. man condition, i* its circii'stint" : :
much in
i 1
and Uone. higher analysis .
cast that ha from time immemorial; to make money by skinning a railroador medium arid it* restriction mennMiialor. ,

been known u dangerous to those' who [ rebate And thin, too, although we ,uttering and want. more economical better results.!

who go down to the tea in abipa. ire also agaiuat the railroad tilts, the other"( oltoo article' may of ne production abundant in and Held all 'Asir for our new book. "FLORIDA'EGETA- T

' Oder circumstance* such ai lhe..e- laudable determination, to make it pay and shop' OD sea and land hut if thru BLES.: a comiltte manual on I'lorida crops. n: ... .."....t.uer.'rimy., ol
| .
where nature ban done 10 ora'h-man ";.:.0 fur a Fit: <>w it 11,11.rnltorTIII.f..ro. .. ,n..,. supply become scarce, panic r ." ,.pl.o1! slr mttti tIrn".'.Me ktowb optical n.lllutr Ury
aii-ordmg to Iii. must ensuiTnr -." :"ent pn application' to BMnlrrnap-
and ruin .
make good her tina :- msam. w u'ia' .aamlu.-
to '
well afford ; : :
ran : ; f.. ; ;;
and aa such aturm aa nenjie. ha. ,,11I11I111"" the high crime, .i..r| ) 11..1. lhMlv''.' r
omission FERTILIZER COidPANY |-e iir < In lee
that which recently! fell upon our coaat by permission of the law, of robbing lawyer rtlsagreon the. con- w1L30N & TOOMER I ..;'..[.'.4rtrt",..tr..lrn tt. aw'n Fli.. tri." .. 'h u'.. i'clMHit>.+A
i .et
at moment be expected' we our conimuii eneiii) the railroad, ofnure ititutiunal point a* to eligibility of JACKSONVILLE Fla. .. may anj able toannoumethat money than we can get out of ity brains, Kirk and. Dorman for state All K>miif ewtrviii.. tr.... .. bj l>5'. I
i trust fIre long to be arlrutrnaa: and hu ..101.00'l of.
tbe "harbor of refuse" railed for b the vanirtiF device' which we have cabinet positions and the probability Chase cSc 2Zsir23.e37t Agents' .' 1't.rk"e e ass 41raurtlw. II Laura F
trr Not content withbleeding" tbat they' will remain in the race Ma.
in used for '
Miami eormpondrnt year f of thu paper bM TiaV
by oar forUM tbe railroad in bi* ow. .. risking their chance if the people sayby : a.n1., Fl&. ,ltd :;, .
Uauc baa been provided BROW & MOODY STOCKTON & BRADFORD, i U be.ubll.hmratit AKMSTROJTO.MIAMI .
"raided" the national their. vote they want them. to ,
marine trrrell be hn
nerebant ,
protection of oar Little Ri> er.
i I I Cutler,
of rioridk.rV I ,
Federal aatboiiUet. I I W'lAUQ' Nt the iBternu terre.
t by ".

4 -- .. I .
-.y .-'. r ; o*w.s ,, r -

riwirS St i PiW 1R'ID1.' WEST PALM BEACH HOTIS.I THE 1H1SH SEW 114tt ,

m : 1t z:
l I. r It I "I if Bfl "IXIl I \ at. 'r Wrk '! \ t'.I, I

r ttl .

fj -1-- r I' r. : & : il! v !'. .1,.. '': frfront ar

.. .
.-. .
..... I r r -- _. -..

M I : I t t I. 1.] .. J T. r Socii L.riia.CODi'
.TjuCv-; \ I *W ii r' 1. I '1 I /t I. I . oJ. j a ]
I I t l : ',' aI : '. r-I r .
f w' "i.i. -i, "'TrKGR ..,, I "I II |I.t'.jl. W I [T .1. I ---- .,. -
\1.1.\ tl A. .1' t 111.h-.u\ i .
tI' -i. i I.
I V ; -Y :! s GOING TO
J I' 7 .* ... '.1| : I 11'1| alLb"! ,'-.,, ;: ..... '.. f, ?, .. .r'All (. HUM!

Al'l'OlC\EY-: ; LAw \\' I I il I I.\ 1 I.: .\ M. II. I l..uu. i-.r-lr" ii I! 'll "I e ,.r ... 1J

. '. V 'N i IS time to ..: ire ;a CHOICE LOCATION eitbIr.Mi
.1I I ,
\ "i r r .1 u nitr : :trod I treat 1:1 I w I II: 'ii- in : t.' > r ,

II"* .. .' z. \ .., : .., I, -r I ., ,. I 1'I '11 i..j. "' Ii ,,'.IIt' h. a......n t "U.'Ie.I h) 11|,.- r..1 .. I ,_ .r' r I' -ill-' .I. .. t. ;
4'' 0 < .. h' .: I'r (" :o .>4e. L.vt. i.4i> .J.1.iU.: :..x;: city for ttl/!. tvr.1
I. ., .
\ I I -.I I .V "I : llI r \i\i' (l" .1| Mi'u itiiii.1 ij.i' I : I -, '. .n .tiI >

p, ,, ', 'ts9'.1-I.' I ?I : 1 I'n rtl.I .\ 11,1, tL. : I' slid,, I i r'-! ,. etrii.-, ."vtl'" Ii..rI I ", I !H, .' "v i ,111 I I r ., 1 oLiJiS

b kTKLNSCl1 II r : I' .Mill--I 'i I 1. i I.r'-u i- .M| lin.-to' < l i- i ., t. r..1 nit I I! c II I i I' I 1'1\! l

'f F.....,. |I" ." I I',. -" ill 1 r" 11..1'.1"I F -, I. ""n" .., "i T.; I I' ." '.' ,!I..v. I I. i i "il.I ; ; ;t I. ;1 I L Company

AT'roltla'r: I i4 L.\ \\-. I." I "..1I M Isi.i i. vt I i 'I.j > '" .. 'I I I., I t. 1" t. alt'-i ,ir.9, in' I : :a lLl I t tCal

.. ,I, I I'I...' I I'-.p .. il -nil hi-. :i: 'em.' .i. .. 1 '. .
. j I. r 'ii' _-' "', : in'i Mi i"|1,1 v --I, -1." '., I v r. .r ,

\J '. .. .. null ', I I.1"1'I. ," "i 'iv" ... li,''r I-. '." I -t ni' liter.-ml, in the, nett' i--. .\ ,* r .Ii i...r inj'orl' IllIr.:
\ ", ) ...1.1, I i tiiei'ln i.f i h-' i'-'I.I le (-1 JOHN[ i 1'; }KE1T.LY: A n&
II |f A -
\ "' :" "or 1-e-tlpI i | r '' I 1. '.1 'I'l tore ::11I I | .ro I i U -I ;ji t: -. I- I i Are u' t Y1r ,

miun\\ \II II illt'l ....1 I" 'r- iluiif the ,Inw r lIt i ..,,-t. to lihi :nl.l "rn.. ( (Fi-rf [
MIAMI ler. V I ""II"I I. I- i i 1I'.I lilt i 10'/)L .1 V) M".I I )..tlbt.Led Conipiuij MMMM,
..r..lit II". -. .' 'o,'" I I. p'rttpm' -on-. 'd .in it- i '.lire mituni. ) 11.'(ii,b* rtnl. .h.- r I n t.( i.u ..IItrlt.| : I, i ..II,,11 10, r.j, 'rt- Is-
; \
If j. E. INi: ( H.\I\I : \
A. WORLEY -I'r'e4't,1
QlO. t.lkr In di mea-iiriK m ttie, II.Li r. -t .
II' .n It with' uul" l''ir'aiil "e|uiit 1: r-t \li';ile- r.'m' "u '- .in 1' ,i ito +

\'I' 1'OaNEV1'! LAV.yy''rnera i harli-tnu Ink-I ..nvj lennd avannth f the" gr..wrrn. 1"1"| t:j I,....IM, i'I". .1. M .1| \-w 1.u-r.-m' Frt i P.tl.\! ,. L.d f '0.. St.I Angn

.. ', iut 'H ,i- in i ,I'-t, rlr-I ". Ni,, of I tI..-.. ...... 1 R Rtenb
s- .I I t 'inill -
ml .
pro' Ii I --iii .tsar i M Th I annual' el turn nf utt erof th-,,
bull"? .-. .uII, .i.'..1.III .meie l>r"nu>t'JMB .I rill' .II/, iveilir 1" it.ri mi,nIIiII.atl.11, Ittires 1 .1:1)i ,.r 1)1) ,' tear re.-irl" I IIi ;
U \\ e-t |a1111 It.'HMi \ "lumber I-ire, I I...- I nik ape 'Ia1ty' of th.WIND .- i i(4'T
..r Bl .. u Hi I'-fln R. .tr<-. n and > "ht wn ki i. In'r "II irn I'''rt. lieu,, or the } tin l a. Ihe, ilt} of |I'' difme t ,, i ,
nr'ni.it" n-illeil" in, the f.i'l. .' .I1w.
n.eleili .
MIAMI.\ rLOKIlM. 'litrnn.-' X ..r :ir. lie, ) II"'"It lolutvtI'l I.... HII-I. -t) on hat, lav I.'',1.1.
I ( n- : Tri-ilent, \1. K:. < ,rnl>..r :
III., n, *T liiliire.III. .. MI ju'-mi-lit; ,. "ii in.. ,!....I!. ..I I p IK. 01.ta' i .' MILL
H EO. W. ALLEN, \ ,H i JireMiVpt! .1. \\ ",indtr"lite'. ; ; 4
'. heniif, d.-p..I..1I .unl I t4--" .
1 Iltrhur. liri : I.> eierv me I it', I Itlur .
I .1. !I.. C'I".i.. : -ecretarj. I. .1. ,:..thJ t lu-iii, >'... and ".",11"1
ATTORNEY AT L.\ W. j il mail- a"''". ..1'iefor le, |p draught" It-- iti,m n.: ) ar-.I..y 1..1'1... ..r _
I I'ilrirne : Ir-tiurer t. F'. riderMr "' ''oarwoe
.. I t'liii".'rat .l\ in' in .1//.... ) ear ni t...i Hi. in..1 l !lit d" .th ,1..i.. tli.,-. bill .1 1 ,. 1
jl < : letirKEYWKSr .
w I rr 'I 1- \i in I ant ani a a I
FLOH1I.n. \ .\. | 11Irl all i.o i.ilv_ bed,uii,:: a lieAvj\ Mirvin, "I'liiX. who hat l.n ..onne -'.rl. n. it'l-mli hv T. ;.. '.r .1.. I II I, fir Tkc Best Mills\ ad Tanks MaJe\
j jt
i I I''rei/n' trade (nil "loll. I Iat |"ierm'u.enl' .t. il I with/ the | xks Norh: \ew 'in I lrs.II"r "'ij 1' red I .n ti" I 1\: .div t ll L i I'

TJV. A N N O. n.". ,io N-t..in .Iall': '''''a and *oinli, .nil of he n .'''t. <.i till| i )h. |,""pt, III' ,. { \ ,
rt for
t fits I in* it) the l.atco -
.\loKM.VT I t : : I.A\V, I.\ ut-<< 11l,1...'- eril iiionili', h... cone io'levelnii' ,I. n I 1\rH, i, "14 tIn'ti.it .,t In .'. S >.M 1'' .r 'f!.; For the Next .
!, I all k.enu 1'C i d h-i .
s.1 t.i re-ii ,,,"' Lw, -C'i'I-H in the \\t-tirn' I ii/ it-|I.ttty: i i''IC' :.JI' "

MI\MI\ MiiRIIiA.urn .-t in" f..r bu'.ih'.... oiiortin.Uieiii tI. hi .wugulth,' 'th.lar"s.tru .; i .. .
K* serve I IllVerlliiolherimpnrinni. I will' .
.. ) Kite a 'ml .I'"L.
hett pp
it K. iut '
.m < I .1
K rr IIJ,IIL. At ii... U.j&MES il 11> ) r' il /.. I that' :h.- I'',rt
.". to nftm.lt I I"reiun I I ve..el- anllhittln .\ IMMIII. .-ct ".rponitutu r.i i -" I Pa i ,- le-1/nel' I.o'-.." .. .i- n .( t

SANDERS, t pears i. the r,glil 01.e, tfei grailu-] hil>.'en form.at \\ ..st fall ."'u t'oa.i to :arae>: | to .",i't r >"I" C. ri. PERRY Cocoanut Grove Fla.

I A'1"1 OREVNI .. .iI, f..r a Inert lor ihe foreign: bn"ine i- l>-a..1. to tH'known a. the Hast I "".1 : h. wore, kit -I' i tilt' a.on Hi'.IJjir.' pir _

AT L.\ W. .. for Ihr'III I,11 h. rn ..11..ie.. Ii h < fur th- of une ,,,nt. I I
i OUN.; '; ELOR > nmuaii} w 11. capital, tock III t liji) Wt.d : JWN 1 K. 'OCO-i'YIICII.. CHAS. H. GARTHSIOI,

CnJnoi'nUl sn.t "," .1 E"'e I..... Ait-nl to : Hook and! tadd Track Ordered *:tIL.i. .1,.ItI II. Beach '\1111..- j.rn-1" 'It-I .l-" ,i-h N K l ear .Ia moiHllefent VI. s.r-.tdrnt Cashier 't-
Hint Dt itv": C". B..tim"r" Ml, I .' 2CRftT.. ass-rto..rr.ra.m" 7
rnlellty | "lIt and' treasurer the i .>11I"I. Ilk. the ( :'n-flttl fe 'nal" iIliiOInsdt.fitrd ,
Orflrll IK w ATnol Pun a. L.M k R. 0 I Thr sit ruanrjl. mel in regular-e..- .
) IE. Ilse) vn-e {iremdeiit. "".1'1:. .l.. hv 1"I/' t
MUM !. FIOKIDA I.".,, I likt tiurola I ) ";lIhl.: tran.ai'unit ''c '. c
iirrie, e< retir) I Ihe new i .iiniin) them' In I'II'' ''g- -t .< ir I,is I-i

PRICE, i>.ih-idirjhle" / hn-ine-- pram motiontne will. .".",It the, bumiie-tof. \\'. It. II., ,') till) Htillh,j j .. -I,..irt.-l I:,". .1 I te. 1'utthim BaJ] I of Bay Bis
JJJTCHELLD order *.. itiven to < lia' '. I'. llalln- aype
i and the, In,' lau Ricer A lake. \\.rth, |11"1 I $ CM"I Ii of nit'..I"ei. v irc. r-

ATTOKNBY AND: 'ot'JLI.OH: wi) A < n.. ol Baltimore." for a hook. I I I. i-h I u., thus taking HI the, entire list. ....p| in1* \\ ,th ninete.il olir v nr.

AT LAW and I adder truck. at this, price of Filial, .I"lry at that p,'int. I Ibis- leap ) ar. nrrniiK'-il In make HMnihronie Cap1'ta.1 sao.ooo.oo
x xtSA2t
tad the and < lirk were authoriied i .
and Fed Maor I ) ear .) '' tu'h, Iii..eg.s, ,..
m ie
WBI prsrtlc In all the emir 1 r
eraU M>ei.U! allrliti'Hi mvm l'> <'rlmllul. \ I toi iKul contrail for same to he ProfeMtnr J. i.'. Allen and hl, bride '' r'nttitr> tfcirteen ", ..11110.. '"tlII..ls( ) =.onIA. '

Ke J r_....le .! ITi'tale" U.. paid for in three eiii I p j nient'. "..tir..r whose marriage ap|>eai> eiewhere "i IK.I ) enn .t'... the, .1....... say n.d I'e- I ttrijnr..RATI.U I xp.a Til L... of PtoaiTiA.nndnrt r
'.. '!' luu. 4
trial l ast i"ine" llnfM All rrt ol ta. World
Ogre. A'.I"r C MIAMI FLA It via ordered that two water hy In (hi., i i-.ue. arrived front !slut h gait the W.rk. f ..r".I'.r.. ."..II. 'I', 4i FreT ,> r. ou UMat with r.uMreattvs Banklai .::11.ml..4. 14--

drambe put in, one m corners of Avenue i I Carolina last Saturday, and are receiving -- r

-- rBnlClAn AND-Itr1GIOCL- -:-- Band loft _tree! ."d..n..at..llrn.....* the, congratulation of their The Wrecked Oil BargeMen COUllPOIiDUTS. : ,'seab.eN* ,r's.ii Nation..IJrsa.i Rank.vt11..Jaekwavtlb.ntT rk.: r I

W. B. RUSH of Avenue t' and 'lh a'reel. friend i il4wt4maden i tact i..r. i I hMamlard -- '1s-r' hunt Xat'l flank N. T b4FOSEIGN
; ,
QR- 1 I CORRESPONDENT Ku.nih. Hachod" KatM. New Tok.
It was also derided, to order a fire e f'Ii'' barge which was wrei ke.li

)tiles J.lth atrrrt Phone M. alarm bell whti'h will b* ,...... .'t'd.t.1I Mr. .\. R. Heaujon nupermlendent ,i near Itiynti'if., a short divanre fr.'mthe tiwennr l I I' i It I.' .1 SI ,u .r fr.'o: <>', with, Triple CoBcmMloB T!.. Local .. Ik*
Ii I v 151.1 Imrmrrd Mat.. i
and Avenue
RP-Id.n..lotb Mrret I I'
of the Ue-t foam Beach Klectric .
early day.J.M Light -t rauirr Inrhnlra., It bile rupu.rt.dthat '
Phone 71-31.
MIAMI, ....". /Burdiiie.cemeterysuperintend- and lower ( 'o.. wan married <>. the i I I the crew hid left the tewel and

---- -- ent, was authorized to sell block :>1\ in 1 Kith m.t., at RidgeDeld New J.-sey ; gone to Jat..kMinvilleoii a tug:,'hut this Miami A Bottling Works

DL j. K. lACUOl't' lB., the city cemetery for $l--lw: and block to Miss Jeiiie Howard of that plate.I : was incorrect. The set having gi ne

OFFICE:: i? for '7i OU. I I they\ are expected home about C.cI I II down, and the barge re-ling ea-ity. .. WALL & DICKINSON. '

D An order (or the purchsse o/ metal i I Ilicense toper 11. with a great deal of oil on her. th- Props. .
tar wa authoriaed and the I crew decided. to stand by her and see if lith Street. Near R. R.. Miami, r.a

MIAMI FLORIDA. council adjourned. S. bubo I lean arrived Monday night the vessel aid her cargo: could not be \ -' .

) X. D. One thousand feet of the new hose I I from ;>ew % ork, where he ha. spent -iTed Standard Oil( i>Hli.laU from I Manufacturer* of
,., W. HASTENS, ,
t I for the use of the fire department few week. combining business and Jacksonville and New York are on the

xncpath1at.: which was ordered at a previous meeting -*! pleasure. '<'en". and they have sent for the n......*. All Kinds of

Kiln Orrica: FriKrll BulMloc has a.ready: been received tested I ..,, apparatus and will try to pump ,
>, T Bonn to m.
p and found to be in excellent condition. i The Ransom Schools. the oil irtto atiotlier vessel. and after ,
Hi Eliliril AND MIAMIre4pMra. ; } c- Soft Drinks.
31 "....KID.. The city fathers are determined to see I! A unique prospectus recently I'.m..j' making. the barge more seaworthy haul

--- -- --. that the property of our people is givenas I I her .If. 'II i* the opinion; that theteseI
T. saAaas. D. beneath the ee nftbeMiort Talks man.It ,. ..,..... .
from lire I'n.nit an nlt.n t.> 11'I Ollt-c>r-towo bumnvM .oIiClt.... Itt
much protection as posel- in andjmont of held I..an be .arrtl'l|
ls was one wbu was ort forth in t
ogee wits Bed Cross PhsrsiacRrditrB ble, for which alt\ are duly (frateful. I -ituple' and direct style the advantage-.I -
I Work Palm-
on Royal
..e 13lh Ptreet, Train at and attractions of a curium school for
Killed OjusIhe
bet.ra Area S and C by a ... educational Mr. John B Reilly went up to la m
: buys. 1'1.1.1101'1. 1"11.1
MIAMI. FLORIDA. southbound freight train ran : tution ha. two term.one held. la summer Beard, today to get the plmi4 and -,... :

I t W. 8.-GJWLING.P.llle.- -- .- - against an axed white man W m. \' : the other in the winter Die "II) ,stinn4 for the addition to the F. W. HAHN ws

D: Clark. at <>ju., last Monday afternoon.|' summer school i is conducted at a comfortably Ito) al l Palm hotel and I wi'l be read) to' '11'&r

I It that Mr. < lark was walkingon ,' .aine
appears appointed. "".mp" in the Ad- """"t to !'t""ra.r. when le ,
... AUDMum t'r.OIWII.OrrlCIl track and bring hard of .
the very returnr diJ1 .
irnnd.. ..., while the winter term n 1-g-
y III TiLtrtioM B'LDO I hearing was nut aware of the approachof tarried on away down on the Ea'l 'lie | laps, hive been inl'le for aM.-

Hour. from II.. m. to 4 p. m. the train and engineer ('..Plpbrlldid (....'., on Biscayne Bay. Tbr pr Mperttif tle nlor) wing" frontiiiK towards th-
not see him in tune to stop the r err and connecting with fie "'....nt I
IR.Mt Fir.Q is not only well\ written but i* I Builder
train before It struck him although he so effectually illustrated. to give one dining' room It will be large enoughto 4 ,

J de GRASS SCHUYLER, M- D. made every effort! to do so. The deceased a sudden pang ol regret for the gulden furni'h a sealing "'I"|>a.-il) fur 3ta> 1 .Y

U was a man of about seventy five of N'o the people and will HUM enable the lot I Imanager
days jouth. one can turn
years of age and leaves ..."..ral..hild. ti> ''accomniodnte' his guesttal
"" of the I ttle _
iO fflpe corner A\e. 1) and ith" t I page pamphlet, and after
Rr.idence3k113th tltr..t.Jt ren. The remains were prepared rorIhipmorn' cooling his fevered gaze ll the one till';"'. MIAMI FLA
by ndertaker II.: M. King ,
AM1 n.ORItIA.1 sylvan depths of the great Adirosdarkforest i TWO t8 BETTER THAW ONE. .
of this city, and were forwarded onWednesday of''
with its splendid growth i -- '
: I I morning to Hamilton : Here's II' pointer for the M KTHOIOLISreader
..:... .UTIITL bir..h.llr and 'prIJl'P'Orn. suddenly -
Ohio for burial. Judge A. K. ileyser ; "iou want io sate money
QILLESPIEJNLOE, Dentist upon the tingled, tropical luxurianceI know bow We' FREDK.
I of Miami went up-to hold an infjuentand and we to help ) ''" S. MORSE
I the scenery with which the econd rail fix it in you pay a little more than ,
OFFICE HoriwKHiA empanelled a jury as follows' J. II. act of this sinking little scholantic the parr if one paper and g-t the two I Iyou
:M toiAl" : P M. I. R A. .lissoo W.
R. Mall I
GliMon l
OFFICE In FrI..l1l1olklln( >I'H tJtb: M.KUIUKNCK. drama is-nowell-rrgulated person canpomibly wtntt. The V".r lhs1'aily REAL +
Kk M .!W.' BnulrnrU.i W. Hammock, J. W. Ives and (,eorgr look through this little booklet lime' *. I won and Citizen has recently' I j jb jen ESTATE

i MIAMI. FLORIDA Campbell. After examining the body <- redueil to the following priers : ; .,
I without wishing to be a buy once Three month. . . I AlII
and the wltneanra the jury rendered a more and have a chance to lead so ideal ', NIX months . . S i 1 ', Miami

t D R. E. CRAnK, verdict to the effect that the death was an existence ai that enjoyed by thehappy : Dne year . . . . IS uu j Dade Co., Florida. '

caused by the train, due to negligence We promise, to eml you both the ,
DENTIST. pupils ot this Ingenious andprogressive
on the part of the engineer. The evidence prd'a"clU'Tim.... Union. l>tilv and: :"Mindt)' : ..*ril/i"n; and AGENT OR LANDS OF "5>

OBr. >. Wauon Ralldlac mitbrut eorn orr 0'' was that the .engineer gars. no ---L_ Citizen and thtf MrrK'H'ol i' for :

Ave.D tad tall Mract. warning whit Ir. a* bus' train approached Six montlM . . :S -: I Kloiidd East C"aot Railway Co.

MIAMI. FLOIRDA. The Olive Tract Lots- One } ear. . . . II S!*
the crossing. I Florida Coast Line Canal and Trans. Co.
I I i The "witne-.... examined were : John Mr. ". I.. Patterson, who i.. inter- Wr wfll }end ) oulhe --roi-W eekl) I
CIVIL IITOIUEZING.JP Timsenlon and ( il'l.' and tin' I IMvT.nrol.le Ko-ron and Florida Atlantic Coast Land Cor"
I lIadleyJeannetleAancbeiC. K. Tire- jetted in the Olive tract of land just

xH 8. nUDIRICI: I m.n. B. K. Uine, A. I.. Berry, Jo*. across the river nays that the work on : ,
:>ix:; iiiofitlm for. . . .1/)" ,
CIVIL ENGINEER 1'. robs, MI"!!. J. W. Jt>hnonMaryI the opening up ol ll.h and IVlh streets One ) ear ; . . 01rhu '

i AND SURVEYOR. :I Tucker and Hhndark.\ has been completed, and that they are rut$ i"i! rent n.ure dart the I a1ar4

..n.rj Fubh Inc Malor at La",... F.riruluLrx now going: t<> have them paved,,. The prier of IH-i'ailj' ) "11 t:'pt own pit; er.an .
i' ACUiitloo winD tn Hal.Dtvid.ua > Trm<'.. No Burden Here Brother. Brii-kelli hate opened up the .a eatrerti "I fur tift-.'nt- lit''.' I an the rig _
Ottr. over raMoffli. ..,... tif the M I. .
ii'r / "" "" i. I'll c t h
a n
MIA MI. FLORIDA. | In ..'umuuiraliut from W. K. through: to Itrickell avenue anil t of lit-IMaL h Ilea... o k. pall
| a i I't lie *! .nl-lNp.kl) 1'11'I i e ll'ii aril P Wit )
one of them hat aln.aly been l ptwa.bly soy otter ono dl..
= I'abnr. of I I'.hortk.-, Florida to a t Irl.e n and tie ranncr and Fran
s E. RICHMOND J'i iI lii ver. I 'oiiira.lo pap.r un tht.- subject These improvement are adding mm" .h i.r..Aer. WZ3Y7. .dc hleof a r. ,,.,pin Ibe er.t hrltosltaw
Sf | to the appearance of thee atditmn, -...11'y..J./ nbit' 'rip'ti,n> to u'. I'_-I.I a tjtateo.a .tor ,n La do m.myl-Wumel..aottr el wttA
ill 1'n."I. in F IIIrl"II" he u-ex thenjust Den'. Bo It'
[ j tt. D
I III ail tin alwaysatCr rprt'I ni.res, It taa
ESTATE t at an
[ REAL which M on..r the mo-1 derahle Io' wry w er. R. t.
exj>re 'ion that 'there uteecte, IHI Muriopiii i I.,
; Pcitmif CHANT -MO COMP"" 4'" ".U" *. :Mr. rmter'on t)4 thai titi.twill ..n..Ft
.otNT mi.i|m 101 .. units Jife a burden on the I HERBINE 14ti
r .\ Pt'BLIC place a portion of three 1..1. utithe -
.TALK E.: ., I on-t and song tie i.u.f.f: NowMr
AT UAR'.EFLORIDA. ... .\ wolf flat' i 'tisrili"' ; I ni I but toI"'t' r+v.en 1114rpsybetlet. + ,, s et .
market on si the start paving iT.ot att .t..aa h
Tab reuden'h I hi- not Ixen to
t .'UTLEII fur tuuttun 'IHII Ii n- I -1 I I I's-, -- .n r.1-.w. tens ,r tr ,
in'.hw1. Lhere welt, il I. iM'e' be .M1.ta
I. i sready aww.a.to it..r. It
tel. lion or he would in.
---- 'in man) ) i>r-
P. ARJIOLI d......'". fair tint'! 'h oi.I..t.<. .atnr. SOo per bottle, rA.l7 Dvu.ilata. tIUui
i fio lave t.udssill h ft statemer
tvn .I" I 1'',,.t I 'tli, I n-'ij' .,n ". ,
pal 1'rr llli i,ml tile MlTKiiM' et 111I I cell i 'Imni'-r' t n -< .'... ,' 1. .: i i I II I. .
tithe tii foli 'tilll taco! I' Teachers J
: ) More Appointed.
on tin- i "..' for four ) eiri and tlnre'has I I. i-. T"lIr. <-) tll'I i I" e s

Ot.tl'l I : 11\ ER KAVK OF BAY II.'A\'L. i 1 been no 'burden I..ine": on The following, udd'tiopal: '"''If'' p1. ("I.II.c"r tlier uii'l( .-. t c'' I. a

Corner lab Mrec and ArBiMn.. I Y .r .I IP lij ll-iti ..-. inirn.a.j' d
: .
j II account of the moM)! itoe< in all\ that ment if teai h-r. have been indeince '
1 I til meili, i.e d..I. T". :it-' : : Rem CrCSS Pr T'ma '
M'j! J1I.1 ._ FLORIDA I time. In fact there, ,Itave been fewerm the last ", u"1t of the N I hm>l .

> quitoes at this patina thin are tJ be Board.Mrs.. j
\. fount HI tie interior, aniougst the 11. R. Nielol-wn.'or the I-emon

l 1 Hone Resting Agency lake. The East
MIl. r prepared. n.. ta ..........m..le. par excellence, for the growing of Mi-s BI.' en.. Buitashaw for the ; a Day :,..
i || bI... I h..e nrared Io my new -...
A*. D. near the. owner' ul i-w-onij araet. pineapples for profit and nothing Danla school wh:ch begins the first j
1 4 'd. ill .o"rr wurk Al-o home mtia., Tek : Laxative Bromo Quinine Taifets. CD
should be written by one to attempt Monday IB October. J 8Y
_.l """ ,,",_ tame.. iBsannc. .. I rrwstullr any | :
...",, tu..*f4 ... My chafes* arc vet, to divert those woo wish to en- Mrs. C. L. Hobbs for the school at ...r >.Ios .as mid In ....12..*.*. nil tIg ktI '.. (g. ;.;" !. toz.2s. j tiI:
-'r 1 c. C. CLUOLL gag la thbj busloes to other point Cutler, whir b will open slit Monday. } t. (, .".

c I.w .




Jest a Word Person TOWN AND COUNTY.

proprietor 1'I ... Mr raorol lf -

b a' ,i-r.' n duly worrying Ml-, >. Hub) t uali. l'.. returned from! I Dry Goods Ladies' Furnishings
t.. Ml I a i\ too II'' el,ted. to It, hilt -vlrn.l-.l' oil, ii.. t rurgtaand' norlhM THE ID'EAL ? ,

I .1' i I. i I''in'. : <|i -ir... loyal,> at 1 in.li |I" I and Millinery < < ,

t- i ." ..Itau l<. a-k all win,,, ., the,
f I "in ii r i "n/1 I"" nl i>n
I I. r ,.rI...k 'in itnew i
a a
ip jui ,
.r'1'' I<' : I.I oil Hlitr.r I fur an .110( and :H2 Twelfth Street- -
'' I ling,! .ll.rr, I.",,.In: KI
: w irr at a "h.aniriiiw| '. It) 1111- ,
I I IMi... lUiinUon nl :N-w luck
t"lf' .'. ....r--a.-with.-i.tabl.' ,uar :
I ., .1'Ml ir.g i -.' ...I! Mr. aid \Ir. J II The Entire Stock at
t.-'t u. win.' I ti to ii tr its |I..q.i.' '
j ', -ui h a -ervi ". "- "iii l.r..ii... .rll".r" the \\I.I'r. MILLINERS A SPECIAL TY Grearly Rcduccd Prices '

me-,- :newi'litli." r 1..t..I..I.,1! | IT .1 l M .la. .k-.m. .Ir., ,i- IIIMI K a.rK.

.. 1i. .. ..... ,
oft.I I. -- t. I I. t I. vr II t a- till. I litrii :Jtit'lr t.d on tl<' !

mo ,!. 'hark ,.f II" ; '"n''' ',.t ll 1.,ir [I"i r .tr.,.,. li- r. -cit.-t, n.'rlt.Mi .
1,1 I *\f. tt r at.re'il k ,t.t t. We stock and in order 1 1I
per- ,1111' are taking to reduce the stock before
t ti..rc UtiirU iir\( .',Hill, I ,lit. I 1 I'- I "i"i. rn 1'1')1 r. .1. U. Br)- I doing so, we are i
ray : '''.I.1. a"dIr.1 -. V. F. :M'Killiji. of KrJ .
on II.' 1'.lr"II II:" ,,'i :-I I. |1s"r.U.I.' lit ti,"itt i- selling at Greatly Reduced Prices. x'txS \S''vC\ -
1 >* "t. ar. (.'u''-is il I: K 'm.ll, 'hotel S V Vv ,! -
< ) m .1 "i. ",1) I I"r"I "t .1111' | | "V 11.' *
h.f"Il'' rt ir t.i II' 'in tl... i i"".'-i 5.! ilil w' i i. ,." ,'il i .iinr d.iwn. Ir in' I'al"!

r"1 ..t ,. I.. '. i Xlut: th., .. i I. a"u.' .". Uidne-da. ) i.it.it( and, ,i.unit i-

V mi," I. I 1.i tt. -ire "tl.ii., ..-.. .. ; r.'a.lj l in. .tart to. :Ni S -

fill ..r.whit' l...- !I.... !. ..'" ". and w .1.- ..rk U.i'. i-nrij hart ol nrit werw. Special Inducements for Monday September 28.

I .ire. *t Ih,- UilirIn.p ) t" .-< thus ,K: -. \\ tl-.Rs. ha- the lontra.'t for rrIMtriii I

I who m.> inin, irrrarto help[ n. now '): the tliiiiiagr done to the K. VI \". i bi, Statimn hill !In- FR FL
One R 1'alfn ith t-aLh
If.o..uselil. by a 'lull/ "r partial, pi) I nn.lihim.k. Kin.' h ... iinmofid and l \ < ijal i > g\\un\ \\ : purthase of onto dolLir or more.0nc .

ment. Ir.rnd'in, need ,i- a !men.Iind .ithrrM. ... Injurrd during the turm.
.' ,.'' ,
:\Ir.I'K .laud. has rroiel I t hilt Bpec1n1s for naon.c1.ny": : 3optombor: as .
Three Story :Apartment Hou*e.
i iiiiiiiiu.n and au. linn business to

>V'.I I Bun h.llr Howling t.rtfii. K) .. llir ftorr ro'im in the W..n..II'.l'oo'khi ill-: :
I l"l uIaJie.| .1111\\ I Il Iresj's, Tin hit, Incli linn.t'ith ,. '
t piici-- M i Till fll'l! \Jlt.l \\ |ile) bl..I| h-
,. ..
few bal- M .
Labeti down > dais making k next .I< .r to lUon A FYye's.Mrs l
e anrp "' 1'.) DI..nt aid wurnif( title IU II- .. \\\o-v. In ;.'o .it this -.,,1.. .,1 I Kxi. .1 : :; mil. I","It Lafurtthe ,u..':. lx.iiht;: I.a.f..re the n-... to :;:" .it
K. M. ?mitb ban been quite
iron .1. w. Krirknon.; to the prolwrtyat | .nr.; Worth : for some da) *. and i is jet regarded. a*
,'ur...., of 11th street and A\rmn-I I'.
in rather a critical condition. lI..rI""d.
now .up-d by i.irtinanV il.Hin. I
< hope that she ma) soon beginto .
I Mr. Bnrvh h. returned to KrniM<-,,) I -
r..r. :: 'I
and mil at on. rtup In* lHHihnl OI1l'loll..di""loit- .iinl tul I.I Our lot I..dirs'w ash! skirtnorth Onchlof white Turkish j luthtowil ,

I goods. where toil rnnotr they vxwt ht. tainil to make) to tlirirfuturr ttiirity '1 lie. ladies a olonial.ol the. supper KpiM-o; '! |>"al on'hurchrrxrd theHiraj ..hirt waistMiiiii- >.Iiht\;. !. .oicd.!, to flout. J.> t.:,;i. In :$! j .:v; t" ili-i' .it ySVint -, to ....,, ,,11 this| j vie I .lt .,Q- ...t- .

;:0 at >v it rats. worth .Iollhl.l :'I .u h. rents.f .
oft hotel lat tu'
Loin 1 \\ir) hate rented our tie piazzas evening

the\ l'';tees rAitlagni. on Avenue B.Mr. raie fund lor a window .lor thej I

Hufh epect lo arrange. a* non hunt, h, ..111,1", ", ". f I
ai he gets back fur the ertM-tmn of a I I..d"- I- :
thri--tory apartinmt building ,tits Mr II. \\'. 4..l>bn. 'has reino\eil from' / )0tlist ..lI1b OI..l.-ri..s jinn Iu"s. One lot ill \\ool skirts. ( OIK lot I..'dl"! "' kill l :IO\ at

proper} baling. four tore r''III..n' \1'lpattah!' to the herritt. liuu-e, in oill- .uiJ en.N. to close ,i it| :; tut' .i \\o' th from :!' I.KI to f ..s., to :.: lit |:X.I pan.Jti .
i.rahani'add, ,it con just| north of town I lNe I
lliKir tad furni-h-nl rooni 10 \aiil. $.1.
the >wet 'I ..oIlie.I .
unilrriitariil that he will, engage. ill
let h<- upprr H.H.r. _
hijine. in Miami.. '

For Sale for Rent
1 Robert R: '1'a> In'. a. attorne. ) for thecoiiiilainant I I
A nw Ii room stun house on 'Nth .
: *. ha. tiled bill r..rd".r..1 I
trr. : near IGyal 1'. m hotel two
in the i .ae of -. W. l louglaes. is. I Laura
s' ind ha.-nient.. >t"ble. and ferriage
.I rj C I'nUKla. and also for F. B. Ioug- E. B. DOUGLAS.
hoiiixin' .'. ..rlot and cold
Irs ... Minnie; K. 1)uuPlass.Mr. .
water ele. tn. lights. Will rentt -- I
t newly furin-lied' for ttie winter nioutl. F. M. I uumnghaiu who was

r or Kla.w, .*II.ddreii. Box 13.., Miami rwentlj with Mr. c. II. I.ffler ban, 'I 310 and 312 twelfth Street. Miami Fla.

after aa
', assumed. the duties of his new (xwitionmth r -
4.. A. l>rrla t: Co., at UeUnJ.ol .
y Op-n Sel=t. SS. 1CC3.Jdtntifle :: :: I .__ ___ :----

F.. ::8. :Haven. ( W.I.Fertilizer. Cody Company', the well kmwnBradlej repreentatie GIRTMAN BROS. | Our Harbor of aertlre.I -

__ I j The two well kni.wn steam Inf.
wa in the city this' weekcoDlerrmg riedFru!
Horseshoeing t Specialty I | A.innral 1"r"fjr and Thm> Friendsslut jD its
with Mr. J. E. Lummu. y 45,50roan J.i.iirr lam Tu.... r - --- the local dealer in these favorite good I f- At 1. N. Gautler's Old Stand I' night arntm* IMT early Wednesday'
General morning, in order u get into a aafvh.rUir.
f Mr. and Mr. P. (' Blacksmithing

i{ and Repairing I day MU tince Kipp of and New recUtered York, arrived at the Ever.glade. a few. SopplJYoar II Eyerq/the LlDur rut G IIZ OCE. R IES "I the and These Martha nil tuff niaklnc Tb..m.had hero very. wrn-k good trying off b.adwaywhen the to ml pull

Mh $,. and Are. D, Miami Fla.a It il understood that they have I tttrj had to abandon
r :": JI leaned/ a residence and will locate permanently I. Your Orders will be .!'The Goods Promtlpy the work too corn temporarily in out ol the wind
I and 'I and '<> |frf coal and water. The lwey
-- t --- Carefully Filled .Delivered.GIRTMAN i I. commanded bj Captain JlontralmKruward \U'e\ Carry the Best 4
r: Captain B. B. Shaw, cashier: of the1 i iI I and the Three Friends b; I )
'* 1'.pt. Alexander. lH>ula; (*. Tbej hate
Uade County Security I
| Company
returned -
I BROS. rune bark to "tug" again at the Martha Our Prices the Lowest
last night after an absence of Tbooia rI
sf I two or three week and may be foundat I
II the office of the company With F.m. 11th Street and Ave. D, MIAMI FLA. Miss Ethel Weathrrlf ba. returned I III
-f- | Morse, on lilb: street and Avenue C. II( from a visit to her. frieud.. the M
o r Mi rare and Isabel Garrett, at 1..1 I
I The Manon aloe-k. which was in a I I I I l i I i I-I I-I-I,I > I > I I I -1'1-I I I I Palm Beach. t r
: elW I j I I portion of the building occupied b'l 1 i, 60-70 California Francs.lOe. ;

Julius Smith has been old to Mr.I Mr C. II. Bradley has returned 'I JfMO California PraD I23. C. t,
H ar I Smith and be will hereaftercontrol the I | from Jarkaunvflle. where abe baa been s
I | visiting her daughter, Mrs. (rifling Tn! tic $li-4 lo*.-.11c yre Big FeIlOl$.
C 0)) whole buiinc" He has Just closed a | for several weeka.Meur ,
: lease for the building for another year. I ---- f {
'rli G) I i i'i BURDINE & QUARTERMAN'SBARGAIN T. \. Gau'. r. Jr., and John
Mr. Guy Crandall, the well-known' ; Gardner will both leave Tuesday for
0 I bone dealer, I Ie In the city, and has a ( ; Inland where they will re-enter I Chuicest [\3;lJrJtd Peaches. 15c.

I 0I) I number of hone and mule at Gran ; :Metwn 1"r.ivrnity. Choke I\afiratd; ( I'eacbes. !12c.

R'Q' T! ger' stable.. 101 r. Crandall expect to The work on Sir A. K. Mel uling I Chouest Hvayoratei .\ rkots.: 15c.lupi.ratei ..
tJ 0 I"t'ror Key. Went ins day or two, but I I new cottage IK f-n-ond .treet it nearly' Wins. f 15i.I (
ft will return to Miami next week ilore. This, la a beautiful cottage and
i the work .h'h was done bj Mr.J. R. I I\atoratel Pear. f 15c a

I Her E. V. Blackman will l..n.'Of' COUNTERWill 1\t.'ott. ii llr..t-rla.. in nrrj reapect.. ['J (lrJtdnUs..lkst.. 111 ,-.,; -

I Winter Park next Tuesday taking his j ji -- SetleJ Paisins.Cleanel i
I i i daughter/ Min> Belle, Matter Harry I II iFiahrv i i Mr. Percy fa,ill, the well/ known

I\m I I / and other from other point be loaded with a |,I swimming the Royal Palm expert pool, who during ha thr charge...44)n.of Corskan firrants.Citron(:
up the road to enter them at Rollint was In the city ibis week
route to I
(ollege where. hi* brother Prof. W. F. i,; )Mexico which country be it visiting Orange anl Lemon P'el. ;
a E4' I Blackman i I. the efficient president.The | for the benefit of his. health lie will Sits of All/ kinds.ALWAYS f i
H. : VARIETY OF GOODSthis be in Miami ready an contribute to the
1 ((0 lojal Temperance Legion en the enjoyment of the tourists by the time
I I Royal Pa.m open.
joyed delightful picnic on the bay

| shore Tuesday afternoon. There wa Cai4, -...-.....,.-.-af-IS*-Lugi. FRESH

,.. quit. a crowd of the little people'!' ,. ., "%. "..raI1' ars store mf lungs were
prf'Of'nt. and the. tun was fan and ..i badly affected that ;f bad many
tAt I fun.HI. Mr. W. Amaon had the I' S hemorrhage," write. A. M. Ate. ,,f \T

'CO affair in charge, and of course, it was Saturday and : Mow day .Wood-trral Ind.phj.iciani"I took without treatment with
a success.Mr. : I then any -
Marred to take
T. .\. Wmttr'd'! "f Little Kuerwa I the 26th and 28th. Honey.. and Tar .nd my lungs are n.>wa :
Po ,in the city yesterday hating just in e ailancedt.ge.unda. a bullet.* of I Ijjng reommend trouble.it" I t J E. L Brady <&< Go.

; 'returned from Itroadwaj W. \ a. Ked Crops Pharmacy, ; 1 ,
I where, with his wife, he baa been .

;p spending the, iimmer. He wa. hurried i I r.'i'i"i'
r o : aiEi
r. home hy the exaggerated. report of
: A 'C ':'damage by the. storm, but wa gratified : : We have a good line of :I

IIIII In End that his tree ufferrd very t 4.f5//ec:5t4:: S Men's shoes which are
o little. Mr. Winfirld will not return I the best
I : for a few week longer.It This Sale will be Specially: Attractive and |'ociti'cdy \'alues.
in town.

u o i I* learned from an ite n i i.01 i the, I O .

M I' I Timen town that Mr 'I ho*. J. peter A 'M 0 N ELY $ A V EJR; I OUR U. S. ARMY SHOE ..

0 0 of tin county "has "ur'.1 the '1'. F. II
Jamgr.itr i n Nebraska avenue in : 51.75 :
: Tampa and that lie rontemplatm the ;
0 I fl ..r..II"" of a handmnne. residence' on .- '
: the property i" the near future. It E: and "HUB" VICI and BOX CALF', SHOES :

i 41B I 0 in preriim.d that Mr. IVleraw aKooil

4 : iiitei-lment 11,11,1', i Ir'l'.rt) and Come and See :t 1: 52.75 :
Ol (hat. lie tMik it in. Hit, Inline and

larcer Interests. will, rennin he"eN.tiieofthe .. : .
What We Have to Offer. :. art t:: ., :, \i ini-s f.-r i I', '! ". tin) I.t and lu air

: regular rit>) election, i (.. T I v tin'm il : \ i :it .
which U to tie held < D the last Monday .
AI -- ._.
t.- -- ( Stationery
in (Io'tnh.-,. appear in tod.) faper.the School Books and Supplies. d

l 'I primary held jeterday .... for i i (. .

the purpose ol nominating candidate (: THE '
to be voted for at the .general election. : : ;
I BURDINE <&< \ \ I iPlc. .
Tbe-city council will meet on the tint / w H. c::miLL : a tvt. Pro,. .. ti_
..., lo next month tad revise the i
U I it Handle :
refutrstioa lisp, striking off the Everything. .
; 1- .' ...... of all who have 4io4 or nmvttttnm .w 90 N : 333T.!Vth Street. ,it If w* harra't what you want w.. wilt toll JIM where to p' ItTII. .

Ue Hty, daring the .but year. I i i i l I I' i'' I I I' I I I I | i I I I I I. I I' I. J. . . . . . . I


_, -. :'.. t '-. .--_ -- I > -", .....
-.-" ...... .. i




Largestand Finest Assortment of RUGS Ever Displayed in the City of Miami. :"

[ ;


Smyrnas BUDGE.Moquets, : ;

Wiltons FRANK] T. r rr i


r I .Inline' 1. I'. 1''III.r, Illu-Ml'f' -

I TOWN TOPICS. jill' tin. .1) III-earl) part ol lion 1 r

1_ week.lniiil. II. )1. KI I\i

""- MIAMI. H. t.. ...KI'I.. :!:', ""'.I. .ti ) I In- 'I.I-.IIHI-, lM' e begun In.irrne Undertaker: and Kmhulmcr) : jl "t : ?
bur Iln- A.nl-r >ea>on. Man) / >

sk -- tritiU', r. art' -.-..n. <.HI. ill I,* ,niri-ei dall) AM.NVi: I) ;'
Mr. I. W. Metirnifc. .II ntler, wan a l.Kir r

THiI! ..r in Ilie net) "nf I 'I t u. .da) \\ urk mi. XV. It. II .rllt''.'* stone, 'iniigaiovt W Krxmal ttu-niion. intcn in ill i all.. W.| M. BURDINE !

Hr Jli ) fertilizer are the 1><-.("( |I' |iriigris-mic y|inite' well. lien .

For sale b) J.r., I.niiiniuii. Miami.rs..ctinedman : tiniili-U, tins\ nl
$ and bao) armed,. .
It \1\1111] interest the ladies, to read 1 I' Ml* W. F. Mm..11. ,. I'r..nl. ''
tuning ad- at
:irk: tor due and piano t
from New \ on S'unlay.L. organ has in
placed his
ure-i. 1 1. !H. >.r>uKH, Miami' r la. ewelU adverilx-mrnt in thu pj|>er. .Located in Muntgiiinrr ,\la. i''I window a ;
.1'1. Nrroble.tbe (.1).... I.lne tra elBg -
freight agent was In Miami tin Mr. J. K. I'arrott.vi' le-president ol | Mr. <'oe, a recent. arrival l frrun :Nurtti,i 1 Try the latent thing in di..s' B.h. I'i 1

the t. 1':. I. railway ('rompaii with (arolina, has rented t|lie i' J I'eter i 1\04)111'' 4.'od, at >\ ilsoih Ji II I 1).1..1 1|

week. 11"8 famil' ) are now away on their .nruoI.onu'nu" II. Mr.l'"Il'n. <:t $60.00
Price fru'it jars and jelly glasses atWatson's. J. II. Bond of this nryhai" "be-n toT
Sinn ual'i iIntl.al gage in farming.I
St\\ I .
: the bome tead country on a prospecting I ]:
Quite a number- of- --rain shower- fell I I r. >. irate, who has been spendingilie I, you want fertilizers, coDnult J. K. tour j J
summer. ill x.'orll., will return l.uuiinu, agent for the old reliable, '
about the e i .to Arch Creek about October lot. to
. -4{ storms to amount to anything. engage ID trucking again.esj --- --. Vaughn, of Sauford. are visitors at : 1
( receivedand
; Ju.rll'ruan.tuut'
I Stoner the change in the adrertise- /* ing uiai lime. needles and attachment plated in .position, a number. of Mr. (lia.. I.. 11,>bb.: .J! Sewing Machinewhich

menu, of Frank T. Budge whu calls at.tentlon *, at J. TxreteiiV dru, store. Hue glass counters. which enable, themUi < 'has. 11. Matron returned Mednes- 11,

to his elegant and large stock ,\ 't'uu" D.- HV display their .to< k of fancy goods at lay night, from a bimiiiraii trip toClni '

ol fine rug. Let u' again urge all our people' to : much .better adtanlage.The I' and other.. IMHIIIS.

T -- number. their ho"..-.. KenieniVt-r that I I I
For headache. take Binctjne Celery ik-hooHer "Kiwena," will carry )1 Ire; and Mrs J. +. liters have gone
Headache Powder Guaranteed tocure. thin free mail' delivery ...n..I. to .begin .j i'freight and pa.M iiger> belwren ( utter to I 4-enburg, Florida. for a lew weeks he will give away
the Urn of November. and Miami (rating I Cutler Muuda)5, .
jut to Iriendi and relatives.
-- Wednrsdasamid f rida)>, aud leatingMiami 1 1
Mr. C. W. Hill\ was up from the Mrs. J. J. N ii.oii aud two little bus on 'lun-da, IburMJa an l.N'tiirdaj Fide horse I 1
for ale at a bargain. *
Homestead Country on Monday il\.d i.rmeu Freda) from Seattle and other *. I'atruiiage M>|I"'ited. Julin. Addrvu Box SJS, Miami. StKJBigfmp : #

this time was accompanied, by Mrs |points in the northwest, where they W. Kobrrt < spurn :! (ra) has hers in the city '
Hill. .air betii Kpeiidiug, tile summer. | T..u.I..t, a tug Hut is to beu
a ftw: da*. thin guest of Kev. arid )( "
Furnished on first floor t.. .ed in towing teixela in and out of i ;:.
room B.ecaIint >d, the newest delicacy N. IIi fuller, al the Kpix-npal. "" tur't
rent at summer prices.Uiam4 I'. u. Box III.! at Wiisnu A H I'..'.. I'M the harbor at "u.lIl.n..mu. fobs came '. ..;t;
*. JI. 1 alum sprit ur three
,I Fla. 3111 two ,
I in and stopped at the Miami dos .k. a '\
The' Itnckell's arc figuring on the1ernlion tins Xrrlf at Nest I'alm B..h \Vith of
purchase I he
All the! work on the residence of Itr of a number of resident on ,' few dan to evcap Abe rough seas.I Ey'rr4abie: life in.urame with coin every $1,00 gives a ; 5

'. T been completed, niak I he J'eiupetfl. nailed ffuni N'rw Y ulL. .
1 I'hr.lla. their properly south of Hie rner i i .11. ... t numbered ticket. When the time is out it

lag it one of the prvttiest homes in the "h"1 they will aril or rent to desirable Col.>. Boat who i< now Imng on

e1t1. parties. | hi. liomettead below Cutler, was lu the .MrjO p. lluiiiingioii steward ofthe there will be a public drawing and the : l
__ Martinique, I. cuiiflnrd to his
Books, tablets and writing paper, .t Miami Plano andioliu .haul city ltu'da1Ia.t. He u preparing to l.uruen this city, fur a few da). ou ai-. lucky number the machine. It M
J. B. Hrrrv en's drug store. Ave., D. Franklin I oieiuan, Hush, Director.Near plant a giHl big crop of winter Irgetables count'of .IIIIIJurt'd foot.A gets costs ,
.'".National Kauk. 10"Mr and will also improve bus place .
..i:r Will lteBerroftheRedCrossPhar- you nothing. If gei i it have
: -- --- i iI by planting l fruit trees, pineapple and .good cigar and refreshing smoke you (; you a
Is short vacation trip' .. K. >. Wilson is expected l hoaie fur
10."" away on a other muff. IKkcriitoat J. II. Hayes'. I
I tropical. j lifetime
When. be returns Dr. Robards will tonight, from her tacallou trip, which treasure. J;
Mr. aid Mr J. W. Horsier :' Mrs I ""01" IAIUUI das uceu kept
take a few week off. shrapeut in Ne. York Canada, Ni-l entertaiued I'
close .u..' her room fur several '
agara fall and other points in the a number of friend at a euchreparty '!
t .e BradJ.,'. fertilizers for all North and East. last Friday night. During the the sefrre cold and cough contracted 1 i .1I .
crop J. E. l I.ummus. agent. ,aloe In tbe mountains..
--- Mr. iioruer '
served elegant1reireabuienl
Mn. C. I.. Hobbs and three children l |fvenmg REMEMBER \
The roro.nut trees in the Royal Palm *. All prevent declare TbeAews building has.had it* windows i
leave" toda) fur Cutler, where they
park have all been trimmed up and the I that the evening was an exceedingly ornamented with handsome "
will make tbeir home for some month., .
k grounds every where are being put in Clue i I enjoyable one in every repect. signs?: the work of Fierce A llardie,
lira. Hiibb having charge of | Saturday and Monday are Bargain
xcelent} condition. ehool at that place.__ I Choice varieties banana plant maybe ,| painters and decorative artists.Dr. .
bad Wilon 4 ..1'. .
i iMr
W. W.o'arrl... ,
If you want a suit of clothes madeto Complete line of H atrbe* and Clorki I ___ --- --. the twluvrd pa.tor
a ,no. and guaranteed to fit you, at Majnard'i Optical and Jewelry *. E. X. Chase baa eloaed her ot the Presbyterian church, is ex- We have a counter full of p
that are right go to htore Avenue 1>. I boarding bouae on lath street to give Jlt'C'tf'd'to arrive from Anna, Illinois,
Establishment. l
herself an opportunity for a few week about ;..October 1, to resume the dutiesof Remnants and Bargains.

80 many of tbt stake In tbe bay Captain Dodge estimate that It will ret before the winter Influx aetaln. bus i barge, much to the gratificationof :

were blown down that' tbe Com n1"' take him about thirty days to reach tier boarder tramferred themselves in the members of b.. congregation.Uon4 .

' k\ 'pile-driver Is now 'at work driving the island with the dredging work. in a body to Mr*. Rutherford', corner -
Ue will then. turn aDd work back R. E. McDonald, the I"ulford
piles' to mark i tbe channel. of tub street and Avenue C, where YO-TZ\S: TO i'r-
widening the channel.Mr. merchant and one of our county CUGl011..10' J
,I J. A. Tbebet and 8. G. Zimmerman -- --- there I I. now quite a merry party. ..,., "..Ia tbe city ou Weduesjday. -

;; of Green Bay, W..., were inMiami Finch Cocbran is confined to Jelly oocoanuu-Wil..on A Flye. tie repoits everything quiet in
f few days They came bus room in the Watson building by a I bus
| community and the little damagedune .
Dr. G. A. Rube and wile arrived
UII* friends hopeto
dow9 to grow vegetable at Deerfleld.Kioely slight indisposition. by the recent storm as having
Saturday from New York where they
see him out again soon. {
i I .been repaired.
furnished room. at Palm bate .been enjoying life for some two W.1I.BDRDINEif
Hot|. 17TMessrs. PAXTSTO ORDER IX ONE DAY I month past Dr. Kudos taking an advanced Dandruff! cure, strictly guaranteed, Ul
AT SKWEU.'S TAILORING KSTABU8MMKXT. Ii for sale by Oallall A Bro.
Mr, *. C. L. Xlmaniea and little 2S7 I coune in dentistry during the ,

( daughter, Enna. are at home after I time. Tbey came down to Jacksonville !I Mr. Mos. Pearce, WUOM health has ...

" spending the. summer pleasantly at The view from the new bridge looking on tbetteamer Apache, which encountered I not bon of the best for some week, .

Uacop and I.ithla Springs,Ga., and 8UAuguiitine. toward the bay past the Royal I, tbe storm and had a roughpuaage i,, is, on the advice of bit physician resting -- ---j

' Palm, is conceded to be tbe finest In or In..ar j from which, however, they '' up it boJoe for a few daya. Mr.
Miami. Crowds of delighted I'I'
ad-1 are none worae.Mr.
bat.. with i.
t temporarily engaged as
W. It. Harney, of the firm of Chase ,
mirera of nature may be seen almost
A expect to leave about Monday B. H. t Doter>> the well known an assistant in Cheatbam's furnishing
Barney .
landing there taking
+ f6r Sanford and the West Coast, in any the afternoon"beauties of the matchless scene.For merchant of Wet Palm Beach la here store during Mr. I'earce'a absence. ToSatisfythe Wearer

be will engaged in the orange this week serving a* juror in the -- -- --

buaineaa for the. next three watch repairing try Mavnardon County Court. M r. iHvter i* the business Aetna dynamite and supplies for
.b"a nr
tale by Lurainui A hewell. tf
*. avenue D. Work accurate, prices men' candidate for Mayor and ,

reasonable.Mr. altLougb be I I. opposed by two other The {jBritisb ..schooner Ha'el 11t'1I. M

a, rAfTs SEWEI.I/S TO ORDER TAILORING IX ONE W. M. Burdine will ,leave on candidate it i II "believed that be will came Ibto port Sunday morning. She All our energies, all our j ra

ESTABI.D AYAT;I| UMENT. ft7 Saturday night for N>w York, for tbe be elected. and if *o our neighbor town I I was (rein Biminl and laden with shells aseE r abilities, and all our

purpose of purchasing a winter and can ret assured that her best lnteret '' and curios, besidehaving on board
s Tommie Phillip will arrive '' study, are focused on
)lIef} spring stock of dry goods, etc for his will be .ar.11..art'CI for In *o much a* fourteep colored passengers. As the

this veek from Rudden Ga., havingaccepted store here. BI.IiLtie daughter, Bessie they are dependent upon the chief latter (llled the requirements' of the making clothing that will p'

a position with the firm of went wijb him as far as Daytonawhere oOJfial. I immigration laws, tb< y were permitted satisfy the wearer in g
Bardi le it Quarterman. Phillipsiswel she will remain with her brother Mr. to Ikud.Elegant +
remembered In )Miami as the "If you want to improve your property : every respect. 'It
until her" father calls -- --- -
K.I H.! Burdine. and nerd to borrow money for' j
visitor of Mrs. B. C. MIen
pleasant for her on his return, some two or threeweeks the purpose, try (.sect. G. Currie, At- new carpeting hiss been laid are
don Mine months ago, and she will be later. torney-at-law, Nisi Palm Beach. :2M in the antes ol the Catholic church, a I d

; warmly welcomed by many fri.nd'i For drug- and perfumes- -,-call at J. B. I Mr. Eric Hall arrived Tuesday night ', neat "-.0 hatxeii placed just insideIthe I Would You Like _
litre. l9
vestibule entrance, and the 'Interior
Screven' drug tore. Ave., I). :/19 from Knoxville and prints in
It o,ly takes one day to have a pair where his vacation was .Gt'Orjl.j'|I, has| been beautified, by the tasteful |

of pant made, or four days to have a Mr. and Mr*. It. B. Douglas of the .ed. JI..iII resume his duties a J]' application of punt. The latter ;|
suit ol clothe made at Sewed Tailoring Ideal Store will leave Tuesday night I pa work was done by )I r. Dan. M.rdi".1 I /

Establishment. They havea tailor for New 'I ors where they will spend ( principal qf the Cocoanut Grove nlctluIol. | who donated both the work and tj to see our new Spring
from New York who does the work Mr. N illis Hall principal of the, atia- materail et
tune in selecting aud bu) ing thelargest I'
beret.l 227The I nome and finest stocks of dry ',( mi Public. ..school isexpected. home !...j| i|I and Summer samples ? -

lfuod.1 night. After attending the Hummer j ;; :1'11",1 They contain
services at the Baptist church ladies rurlli hin and millinery \ fhilhngworth, W..r moreWearerSatisfying
: School at In01"lIt.1..nD., .he visited'relatives Beach, .ds rn..n..n real estate. JU
N |
Miami. hen
they get
last Sigood. nday morning were unusually ever the n in in Alabama and will. bring t. ,
and the congregations large at bark' they will .he prepared to how all i | Mr. H N. illl with him a little uepliew from thatstate. ,
both Vr.ice.,. Pastor pltanton'. subject the lat..t deigns and rrealion I' ,'ashler and book-keeper for the C.ilihotel I ,
Judsoii Hall who will
tbt'ir' by name,
al the morning hour was "(".n..n. dress grnxN mud b.h..r and trnenta l at Atlantic Beach for

or Thi Wilderness." and in the e,'..n-I store. will. lie niter of crowds and j: attend sobnol here.Mr. lie ,um n..r.r..turllf'df: ''a"'i the first II III # l Features

i hog bi theme was "Stri,.. to Enter: attrartu. [ Ernest \ anltudinghani left on ()f the I'.II. .4Thelhi t-l. cUe the I .

.t the :Straight Gate." Both of these Nire., l large birth lure rooms t.. I..t'' Wedne'day morning, for Baltimore, tint ofl| the munthj: and (I'lr f,11rdnerstwut Than .

texts ere handled In an unusual!) in the new linlltll tili"..k. on Axeniiflt Md.. where .he. will/ rt-enter a meiliialinlliig MnTt taxation at psis'tin the i h t evir.F. _

thorough and ID.t.-urIlve manner.Mr : 1 _. 1I'4".t.. ,Plltt .1I.rl..r, thnp. =1'' <> tu ',,'lIm.. In- -tuilie in thebruiu.g 't J ,ilia-, "\..r. :Mrs Uirdner .- now .

I He will flute : ,in .l. ljiin. 's I ih her 'h"II".r." Miss!
\ I.,ilhun Ii'lrras liaithi. art. itup, en alilu.v
i nd Mrs. T. C. Darby, who ha Pearl wi t h 'Miitni I #
rtrnini; fur "an"r.l. wtirehe 'll ile fur. lew da) \i-il tu rra i : ina ewAMmlion J!
resiliencetreet i
i the Tayim .I
1 on Mitrain.: i leftun Monday niglil's' : \ '-et ,fur. .* I trn ds-of.irvln h .1.l UiemlPun,HI; ptrt of 1 Itiv.t.. air.inMr d.t) I 1 I ..r hi li-.;nulp men'fur- ;

will. pr...r.d in !I'. r units springs, \ anlan'Inta, 1 4,11. na.,liee" a \i'ueilitiv ; in .'lro.r.,1 t the ad erof ''l l
- Mr l'arhi. went on through: toJackstnit -, nishi and made-to-uder
He, wUle, his wife stopped i hen loentrriii. "l
+ over i 'I s l. Augootine, .her lonnerhome flitule. Mi-I I'' I!'e.i\ waa'strd..'d! to I... -en.-.., line. di-jp l '.Hum" si.Jler. ,. 'III"i,. ,1 .tnr. a. il I |pun'rr.. who I I. I'lothing.::; t'eI

free i'-li '' due lint i..".nl ling "rLII..t ehera.rr liave. wmi f"rlillli !I" .
ura few days visit., They ex- lire 'r'.II'| ) ia>- r,1 f rally remnt.1 l brit. ?-h"i in a
make. their .home in JacksonstIle I w hlcb carrier w ,iili u free tuition, and giiltlrn ><|,II1HI}. from elli lujer- I lie. riHi.i ailj lining' } the News ortlce (.nVvenuev )

peel aid 1!00 for expcntr, and i. therefor a and asomiate*--opufnmshvretl' ID b) (', 'These. gentlemen are I
.. it is possible that Mr. Darby I II ; s prYi i
will renter the employ ot Messrs. I valuable prize :Miss I>f Kieux it t"be all who have enjoyed. his acquantance.THK ,.are.d l If do all kinds of house and sign' I J. HUBBAlllHBA!! THAM.

Tr Dupe 4 ),McLaurm the wholesale grocer congratulated on her good fortune, METvoroLia believe Mr. \ anlandinghaa ,>Minting, paper banging, etc., in the I

*. They) mad many warm friends and her friend know that she. .... the ha a brilliant career before V,t manner at reasonable prices and

IB Miami who will wish for tbeir hap.pines. cleverness and energy to make the him in his chosen profession and will b,.e in. need of work ia any of these ,'

RSd IOOM& s Oft If this u""I1. opportunity. ..kllllJ. progress with IB tern\. lines, would do well to call on them




.... "-
J 'e= t i-4-
_l i Jt..j;

I .
-S- -


iI i- ". .h It: r
vj v/1 a.n .... .0 .
-jr, Poultry
i I .j -t.--: Z
', I I -t;. .
\ I I : \ \
-I. I "
I .. ."..". .1 .' ...
". .. .. ,
t tee' "I : ,, '
s ,
.' "f. \ tj.j. \ .
110M ( ._ I". riJ.n trrSfCrnIor. .\ .". '

Harness! a'i.J. CarriageDepository.; i I', 1 I. r ,,. I I jt., .,. ..' ,. .y.r.-t : '. I .. '..

: ,, 1 I ', ,,1 ,' 1''''' tro
: .v I' r; I tI ,.(,' ... 's .. \ .
I'I ','. '\ ,:- .._..,., ,.- I Ic 1 n .
: : "
I .
.'. I II ... .
--- -
.. .1 '-- -
... /
.,.. ) .
I, :' ( .;'

N" ?<_..v Of_ _-.M. r i u> L-v.[ r.: .v">. ip. 1)1 .-.III 'Q-'*-..- I; '. .'.,;ti... P ,i'I '.::'. \ '""i'' -,".. ..:".. peeiall } at sfor pt rqdert \

.. '
I .. ",6
flAT: 7H RIDA.. ,. I I 1'-" : t '" .. .1" ,. '. r.I"\'r, \ ..,
1 i \ ". \ .. ., .
i I t' I 4.; I 5-i. -. ,

_.. I / .... :. ... DOi'.t} t ,N't l Your H-? ; !! '?. .,/" "

[' ; 'j iliiriiii) ) RiI+IJjI I 1 \ ,
... ; A Ian w .k- tu. w'u It0 i t ".: -i .H' n it, r
i W'A" N 1Li) lC 1VJil\ fur [ .\ .. to.> /.. l l'- /' \. ,. l1t'r3""., ,-,?.-..
._ ._, f:. J 'f'"'. J !I.... breams; ..'mm', ". l>" imii" n "it"i' ,ei'dul' air'rr '
: :
\ L ./ ;,. i : \. :.Miit fir- ue* ,|, .au'" iri.'k l.''I-JLU; aile' ) ,*<"lI
.... ,
I t1'm, ',,. I t t. 1 1. '.'1 1 i- lr \ '., \1.. \ I ,1 _''' ;, j /\ #0 .. ?..'.,. I I ilil and
: [ 7"f .(.I r- I rut/ : 'ivl'/: ill\1tl:!: \\'.UHi ", \ IMF: < i.STINr !l'.
: ra
1 I I., (r, t.. I ii ( >. M\ ..inn I' "' -. i I'I 'i \1. .;:.. I .
: .i I i ; f1 \ <'J f.r r .r ', r '''fi.''u .r. ..tr.(4 .."
v I '
o -l :t C".l- -VI" t SPRINGs( (0. GCENay j : SPRINGS( S Q

Send for Our Large I Descriptive Gata(]; I ;20_ ., IJ. /': A' '\/, .J-4,! '.,\'A:?)// 1

.. t.-; ""'
-i21,2MJ, I !I j tJ .f .:r. .4CYOICELISTOF ff\'f'f'
1'1" I\'Lu' .. d, I t .. ..rrt: :: I \ See
I r;> f. tars j"ii<_ ;1.1 \ nil HIM t 1- ..t- ,,- f" :; ,.

\1\ i..'r ,I l.i',' ,! ;, "' -: ": \ I ,'"I 1''I, 1 _.. +,,2'= .. "' ,., :-'!"\ >r. '.t ., CITY 1 and J ?!

1\ ti i ,jht 1'i I I : i s .' s' : 1. : If) '017" r.O" T d i),5. ..,;:. I g ?McAllister & Beck, ,

/ I '.' ....,;; ,, I COUNTRY i In+
/ J-t
i I ;I"x.: ... '::4 !
.1 I \l n-l'S\ III'I I i 01 I M II I \ \II. H I 1\. : I -;.. ,....".1 ; FOR < 5:
I )1 -; -
,,, I : : l.
: I I"!,'-U"" -> 1 IMPROVED ,
j or

l"IIo..IJ".h I si it. ot.' .1..t, I''''' 'n .t J BARGAINS. Jaw
;., s .. ,i,il I *'r... r. '" h"-r* vtt v% I !has >'
1 W I U.Ii W -\0.' D. \ \Ml fut*
i t> "hand at ail I IV">- itsBtaVJKi. V ( ( r. : t
; \\RlllI \. lio' vai "I, maki, : rnkuning.. ,. Mej '
:F'11tesn L.i- i I j e.rr .but ,m .If, .in i b.4-: I'll. -

I Cctjf 11 w'l. m. .'...il le .o ro null time Trees.
ul' (rr.\ Grapefruit and Oraiise
w. Ju ur ...err f1.hlne! in .1 ,>'p w .I..r a'.1! tlnTefn-e handle I 1t"",r. lit, i it; u i..i I lat .. In',.i. ub.iet. 1 1.1II" ; / n",
i Jl ''''U'.II Mhi II tie 'a-li cmnehip a..

N"Lo'tbingBu."t tlio K.: to ICI' a..,"- mt \I b*. .inn, ..11h" It) ttte 'tl-- t .... -Fon I Sl' MSI1Rk'! >L AMI N G .
Iran. It liiil\ ,
r .
BAKER & BAKER Foot 2d St. i i 4 .1, rat,.., of the water it c u'd l h.
... .
I I.' on the S4.5t11i'! n.. wrre luaring land. 'I I.e4hlp \Vclu\i. now rl'.I\I .i I." ,:, -niih| | "f \\I'II.cr"\\ '<

KI'llMMNO: : .l 1 1, anili, t. .nc."n..rI IIlla'I. during'list afterlooiianil nil rOIl ;h 1..10"i .(tin.lx-. \Viiti' tui pi i i. ''l-t. +

I I -n'>-
l .-or, \ 1"|*. 1."r) ,. wiih violence.,. It w-s alxmt' I o'clockaturdiit I I I,I li'.1,1\ \ ,l- nn r(,II.h: iciti. II, .r.lll<'flllil.'h.' -. ".i iI .

Wilson & Flye arar-d. hefure n,,.rni,,.-, aa near a* I can ..*.1 I I rmiN' fat ul t ,nil ui,1>"" .. "' ilnIIK.N., Ci>irtkxuiie'it.iJISWINTERHAVEN :, t t.al'
li i xonrrated Innate when the after prt..r the .1",1, I '. ;itt"al. ;
bl"n. in ro"n'.1 I fcatiroken, olf. he cT '
> broke at lh- I NURSERIES(
DEALiaa IX < and commend ,i, No. *_ hold.j '.
/ ave the .h p j,I | The men in the after part of theflap I: A. )1. KLKM.M. I'rop. Wintcrhnen. '
|>t.ln i I. a grap'.ic all when the i
were lot ship partul.
Staple Groceries !' ex|>erieiire -
The) were caught in theengmefiiom II
the tW .ur- !'' I
and we're unable to ....-.IM'.
which, consigned ', they made an effort to struggle out K. M. LARGE
TOBACCOS the in.atiable but were-engullid. bow who weredrnwned ,

.tor) I I. a. fol- i in tin way were <'hi..f Kngijirrr '

i AND CIGARS : / Mimh.fronil: Engineer Mc<>ill, HORSE SHOEING
/!. I hate n'\er
I [ the necord' third and fourth engineer. #'
hurricane., .. We :
Avenue D and 14th St., MIAMI, FLA. Galveston the donkryman. a Urnnan and the enguiefrii I! !
bound : '1 .tA; -A-
.I..ward. The) died d'inglieir ; r
.JJu-tf ..-. | ot"t Ne'' .. On I I
dut and I j
) have Lever seen men t
M'S :Si-KI I! a. m. "" hear up with, greater bravery than '
th"I'I r 1s !SPECIALTY.Blacksmithing. .
about thirteen drew of the ah,p. -aturJay morn )

Peck & Bailey A strong nortl : 1 raft wa made on the ship b) thaw ,i
&' and tie Jfla' ;i i Who had .urvi.ed., and waiting, until '

:S II f0. Kruni the ijhr nfternixin when' the gems hid .", n... '
Builder of 1Ii, b'lrr.d" 4 the appear&MI I
Open and 'abin . what Kiibmded fourteen of Ihe i rewg .
no indirationg !I t on 1 the raft and reached ihore.:' I I

9 rcniine up.' S The captain ,did not l leave the lnp ,
aunc&es Yacht Sail and \ '/.f for a hI.! ... | until the next cJlI)'. He remarrard' on' New shops on loth street. near :venue D.Whaler's .

Klai started t., '! li and the wreak ill during the nexi .' --

Agents fur l.'O R. arprntrr .t t'u., an hour. .\ light and w" re.ci>ed, IC..h..r"ith
Celcbrited Yacht > ails.RAILWAY and the ,. Store12th
> lII't l+* tviet' < dicer third o(1( cer and atireruan Jewelry
It M
war wn.g sunda) by a 'Ix.nt .e"t frmn '

Overhauling and Krpairinjr ithurt Xotic.hnp *' d 7.o' lark. in the t !,.. .. ..r... < ap'nih. Iran. ,,,,.0'.1)' l 1 STREET. MIAMI I. FLA. .
LRINE and Yard Avcnu- I.. ?...tJ..dl' Miami RiTrr.Smith's a' inrreacng allii,, led li) tl>. trign' death ol a purr
the. IrinLiliil of bin crew. The \I.t+. nf Ih" ship> ...
; hurricane.
alt a mere shark to him. He had
hau'el her up been in cuiiiinaiid of her ever since .' .1,
'",....! ''P'.Abl"' A FiSt Jewelry Watches
wa laum'bed. eleven year*
1 ..... .." ,the ....1' uefore.I I ,
bed nevrr had an accident
... .. LiSt: OF
about Clocks
The of
I ship belonged to the Inch Line I ,
tie huge
OPPOSITE POST-OFFICE. II lii..r"I. amt wa* oared by llauil- ''
I "eein/ < over u. tOn Fra>er. Whil- in eoinmaad e f I -A SIISOu -
.. ...d.
e and laplaiti: l hni. the has made many '! hOONl3.
.1troni'cell by the l he..t people.\ Greatest variety 1 I I..t mile the trip' from New fort t.> the (ape of |
Meals !! !. War-..)"le ... She
coking, bei t sl ice. Special rates to familieS Hope, during the liner War.
b..l all
> u on hud aim been u.edin the i.ulf trade''
)it to and 1 iwrt city 1 REPAIRINGOf
rtr >e,oral year, and wa an ,unixiMl1 I

-- -- ..the... after Mar- 1 fine tramp, Meamer. I all kimpromptlx! ami .ativf"ctoril)' executed.H. .
from its ltl-
!i ORDERS A SPECIALTY. I aptaia hail comnwntei] taw the ) '
1 SHORT S rtly aft r-. fat that the. inh\bitant of lH-lray ; T. WHALER Prop.

Futnishc'd Rooms at reasonablr rates I lady guests : lifeboat wa aid. the M-ttlenient* near whrhe the I -
It a trig.c \ .>el wa* )last! had shown nuaiialbiwplti.l4y
attention from Mrs. K.I.1 Smith.
el \r special I +wala'raIor to the vhip-wrecke
,t, The boot wa \t hen the raft wilh the fourteen urvi \ SEABOARDAir
Mna-h hi* b.or' wa n..I.j.1C for .horr through
fce "Old Reliable"Germania !f I overboard W.
a hay era. they ru-hd out tu pintii. Railwa.S
him a rc.-. Line
afhi lice .
i and helped drat III >re.
LifeInsurance i!I 'in time and vte
iivtf'ne* hn i .,ht a boat from clear
ide of the .11' ai{ ro.. :-wimp' to r.....nthe) re- F'OR

Co. 1:: { ""'.-n a liugt- era 4."".01. r..f 0".... ,in 11..1 ,'p. mol 1 the, )
New | i Hill ".. -a rote idml"' i-tir1 itl'ir' lo i\e "'rthuiKii S \ ( :loluinbia. aindcn.: Southern Pine, /

Organized 1S6O. 1 I' o'lt. of the, ...... | a-.i'I lt'M 1 II... -hi[' ..".. ..r the, "... Ralciiih; Hidlll1JnJ..hhin[ tun. lialtiinorc i

Best Forms of Policies.Prompt : "i.tilil-' f ur. e .j-'..*. tfi>"MT on <. ar. II I r -n*' and! re- Philadc1phia. Ncw Yurk.
: up an: du'licd! rberasig. the .ineotaarr'- "al. h..

payment oficfaims.. l : ,!.. of l>, -hl p. tai' .1. I I.. rrtunt., t' *. ii,, i-r. T.I oi Three Elegant Trains Daily.

G. BAILEY : l t.t. be an)onal agonrttng r "* '"1(- "at I trait, tl li,.. -I 1 p w**"*. vii-. r**-, ued.rin Seaboard New York Li Mi ted.'

?!.:,, .yrrr* ,', ..-.1 a. Pal atka. I 1 .. far a. he .a'k > Vli'M, Mi ri'ni! a" ",,mice Seaboard Express Seaboard Mail
Hat a* .n in a tier n* w nuilding i i. "
Minion I'lillm.Hi I nt.
/ l [' | nit
: d had probably.. rt miiiH.' d they will, ionni"iiie the

BAY NURSERY. eighty mil-- IK hln.atior o a da.') rw'pa|>er. The I.. *.. '..*. .r. \*-. .. ." Ima..
will l i
I : we nniid not e On i j Mi I rn.al.>II- iarrag'x' ." "! .
x1. '
I.-J '
': 'lie Di>..e <.f 11': ..ni ire, vill, rater the oliltlelj : ,.I J. a : > ': ,. .; 'i :, : : .:. .. .:I t : ,nitii3' 1" t l>

\ wa awe lnp>'r- ,. tliorough} and will ,in every !
I The Old Reliable. Hfl>> or hardly rt..t| Ire III keeping with the d. tel. Only line n|"ci.itiii' :: chile tlmiihukttinvilK ;: !-ol'f'pf'r' frc,m '

... din >.f the ..1..I..f| the Ray It,.. a, 0" *ei tlon.f tlf :Niv (C'llt.an.i ..
SUnJarJ Varieties of Citrus Trees. Grown Upon High Pine ? '" meantime' ,be- VI11 or latuin his far3ears been puh-

BuJJeJ oa Rough lemon .h. r..fu.rd to IIH'I e.ng one ol. the best w-eklv paie[ '. 1 }
: lull sliced| ahead 11) the *. ate and JIHnot prop*e to
Tie only tree worth considering for this ',"'alll.t prices that solicited defy '. The wind j allow some one el-e to go in and capture Fur ful.J: iiifoniMtio.ijiti.l. -.lctHr| fI-ir\ .i'i"a n>, call on and' agent; of the

tition, quality ron.idert'd. Cormpoodvor and inrMvlion It wa impOMihle his Held fur a daily Miami i* S.ruh: .Inl, or w rite 1

placing )our order Ml in l large or small tracts near Miami. engines hopped small yet for a good daily newspaper I'
choice citrus land for
Also :
coo. i JacksonTillc FitS.
A. 0
At that time but BN. Tatum doe not know bow to I' ,
0. E. DAVIS!: Proprietor. the ship wa. get oat any other! kind of t publlcatlo I
Und. There was I ..-Tallahanefia. i C. BOYLSTON. Jr., Pass. Agt.J. .
BOX 403, ,


... _
Z+- K N' '.e1i.x: ?st py: 'T- '.' i+t t "' .-1'y'..a'z+r+'. ciivc -' xH- .' ., > a r -

I ,


l _' / I Hew "Ollrrr T....." M .. Cr..l.*. to the table and raiUrtied at a rv'atnreof CHASE BYI '

:' JI;: ; ; ; t, m X .nin Lten, 1.mirk.the ,,lucbeit or at PUin4 li-aM .I."rl"10 uiiiKt iwiniet A Mad hm band Certainly' It wan' a moat The ./ GRIZZLY.L.rcitin ,
: orderly boa e In this roopc< t.
Tf i wll; ; l fil .
11-; tin hints. of. otli" r- .. howttrr. Hi>..,. n er* di'll;:htedtrnnie 1

foiild tn.kl. MI Bow UK* of n lout a* "Revenge to KJ>'. lh re wa. m'ver more / Race lJf UbllJ "Bicyclist ;

: III. kl II- .01kl tl...in ...IK. ri..-.t in lln. ".tk. at a tune Detawt a Mountain i .

'Hi Tin norr of the. nrluiti, of "O'iterTwit '! T" Hi,:. iltt I: 't m stud. Tber were ioniiai Jill .

4 Up.fodaftPOINTRS l- Hi.t ..en,'r.illt knottu It ..l a..n.: ripidlilluti \ "

l< tblfter l tin uiiuiriiii: "u.iiii if Legend of a Recluse Murderer lii...oii would award th. III\4'tII
Two i-owl-nv. from i.rnn.1! .I"n'n.
'' .
tin Pi kttiik I 1-1.1.11. .
1''I'r n 1tlniikinu .
Ii In .."1 in tillii' +< fO'tunit .
r'.au 'in pi iiu 'mot
In the Island Coio' W UIIIII.IU! .,md J Kraller *-
of t"I1.111" it up. I I't. .1 l nt..l ) tin Imiifi hold xiiiMMI. I ln.ni.lr: reItr -
who .Ire tuii, I_ .. Ii' .. h..r
lot (.I ndon 1 lift-. ttuli nlinli I 11 t' .,iiInor i I'
I Jamaica.. Itut In tlv iiicbt., II..- dar k ..dlllloJ ;
? iiinliiir th.in with Cngli.h iimn ta N \\' T. on I b",, ,* I.-, t .. > .. 'jd
/ Ii,., ,d.." t KI'r wnii'il! o|>i n ui.l.

I ... try lifiJu.it I a rty of .l irlu'lii pi-veul! Ih' d.l ,mitc- *.....* .i xiitiux eblt.rn'n.wii' 'i i., Mie '

.ilNiut that tlu>" be lni. |plti.mil 1 totiit Ha.>lnJ Turned Against th al fnuf tin- I..IU"Irl'\ Imitlii Joiirn.Niar.')

Free to Every Lady Out of Town. ", Ibi. ii ti.hu. of loiirt'H; < 'nnkilian.ami World He Mad War en All \gl: tnat .ill IIMII"" b "oii.d IIIIIII..ran.1 : l 'rarr nnulnt.ou. M.ml. ni theywtr >

.. tt :,nibottii 'nil.' ilnitt 111,1; tin' I h. >t'' il l intii IIm." .n: '"'t'. rm.in 1h.Hiiioiion 1 .. *. i iii."\: aloti, ihe Irol.1 1 jinn,, dusk '
Whoill si ml the following coupon ti'r L.I.I I wado lllunrjIiUK tbe ..ani.r ..fl i i Men V"ct"I'1 .
...tI h.r'. p..t..1 i wad iliiu' S oui. r..m"I.II" a l t. lid I In I road t >,
Illlll ll out t.) ITif :l a on.lnn thi f \ Found In a Caiie. rnl 1t
1 hal for wti -.jluan iilltiI" ilritfHM lb..ttr 'Mliio-t run into a l>enr and her
Tin re m H ikilib' of I-MJiti: d'n
I q I .
tli till d |tail|J ti a tnte ,war t6.LousI' .- ..ding Hie trail '
II : .tH. "
I w wire r.
with, lli
.Utful lx-1-er .mlliur: I
The Man Who Sells Furniture Cheap. '
I''i ... ,.M r'< wrn I ammotlrln' 10. tin lib *
; liirl-t, 11. |1.1'lur.i i of Kill :N. i WI..nr. : 111 n Plakitt tin i. nowIfolirnor \In tin" HIM II'.k. .11 l>iin tlnrtt lioli! i ,
1 ., ml. I .... tool whl''I I ,'nut tul I of ln-,1. .< It
hidud i "ml.1,1.: : i 1 I.I"i-l ..t 11ou.i.' I.L.ut.: l S'Iitll.l.w i n alUral| ;
t ''iu'; wenlinlil. i HI, '.- unit' 'lit": ..>. ,1'1.>nItem. <
1 I It I'.1.0 tbe ''', iniiiil ,II In., half 1,1.1..1| of tbe wjv I ,., old
in I< n K mil .
EDWIN NELSON. $ .i* tin nor of .Ienl.tra. \.i.t Indie. **. I .; jftt"uard ii..,,, nil
i in w.n nun ''i itnuk 1 I.}' tie, |H\M'r n: In'. adtainiof the
ir tt m slightly:: in
1 a f"" tn. m 11.0. I.:nit II'.,ik. h..d anexit 1 his i a nle of i rune iiiiiiiniiiil tu ;
tI..-..' ib,..".. "'r alrtob..*. Jii'l I tbe nlilt -
beard the ik'
rub .ind bid
> n'Jy
.. .N:" .rn.mi. in ,in of the, tiitii i.f the flour, ).l li until tin )oar 177.: ..1..0 a not ap y
rr M ( ti.m Unit be luiliK-'il Ibe wbolif'plot :
1lill'111011 "he will Ir:. ,-'b'r who a. Kikin.bi' 'Hi"r one pn.a.' "n" menM
> '! "t "Olitir T. i lot" liiitud of prtiiwlily mttrforji
MR EDWINNELSON, < night "i* and lieurd Ihnu" nlmh doi hi n tin. i-n'i ".ineiliil ail. whirledarouniT
(akug{ ; Inui, IbrmiKb .i.irlll.'. adtrui tflhe .
I 'id'd I blni m i umixiiii; the nt> .ml for u nub a roar and Ui.ide for the ,
turen In the IH IntrixliHi-il 1 him uuint of her IIIMI. in tbeJurtklo
DE.'l SIR Please end! p.to.tl.\t. Tomtcr.s. ( vtmntrj "pent
: 1c 1111't" .s,"d li tfid the alas. fur a rim.r..I. Hecoininuiiirated w l hr.. .iiuen, The iiiw pnnrbem dt taro
I Into till tliletrs don in Ijuwloii. .IJO.. I : explorine:: with h>.i part' the
ilnu-orery to the .IIT tI.1 tin ir hair "I."d l on end with fr.f ht.ami .
( Signed:: ) . . . . . S tll' doer lift uf fin. but lirmigbt hisLora "" wonderful i art-tin w lib w'tin.li UK- ,..10- eriiuiein MI 1<".11.11, Tow u. s ilb tUfremit '
t 1 tbroui.ll: pure and undi'hlnl. (illytrongth fiedak-d with all their
bJ'j.;l nuaintly, ennrhedfine .
that an in\mtlRulion wits ord..1.
P. () . . . . . . . | Thus It will "be wii lb.it George ; Fortunately for them the '
.iff' rnoon her daantle4* 1 ladyship .
''t'ru.IIIIlIk.lnt, rbarlev. IIi'kt'tta. Maim x down grade
trail tlnj were un wilD : .
I-JrZJ2. ;IJ F-7TJ7JJ.JC7 J-"JJ777.7J/ / I ..a|* !owor*n'. glares heart that
tb iuutur of the *..dial cbaraetrr.
ore;; < and tint uu tiailwl to get eTeral feet
i of 8tnn'. l tit' Holilni. r* were coining to Kilmliiifkh
I that -Ollter Ts 14*. rer 4i' ii a rate near yHritniM
81'1'ur| .. '
i .i.ili. and warned lu* master for .t irt of the old hear t anirhmanw /

I II The imin!I.'r rtixl to tbe Jnnirli' 11 in the lend and f'ra.ler'a, front
| II.'.... wad Art I. Greek II'...... r
LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL \\ In.n Ibe ...,ltl""' urnreil they nand tire was iloKe to hia roar one Tb old
A4 I i An .li iM.nti bate vtnuTtvd that InOrrok tatraintug
KHUK* 'inten-i'linic n lie in the lark bear was 11101,11); with a ru.b ind
i itiitnen II..' male rye (In tron".lI l/
rare alai -.inrlit Mr hut til-urn Hut muol'l. aa they wereTUry ".
I arib.il I. whirr the.. female ete has rntbj ; etiTy
the liui-t at that inoineiit w ai* drlftlnsIn
j era flilti'iiitl: nurfafr. .11<1. r..f..rrloto i-ould bear her t..rrihl.l1O..Unl/ ,
Sash Doors ud Blinds Brick Line Hails led Binders' Hudnre.Masury's
Cement !Unit time anblmin seato
anviintn Ly the older anatouilHt who an '>! n on and, the yuti'i| padpitd of her feet op '
the .irtb of tbe; ulind intent
n upon
Late nflIrtiii'd! KUI'h difference tu elM he Fraalnr S Shad
4 the croiiud s lame on
FW.. Bird & Son'sHouse f rt'Ud li'iu,' ,',,10. and ..t"1 '
they but, i' nfn In tills a fnili ,proofuf II retolier In hi" i.u let but heW9 ,
Par 'd Roofing and the olMtTiation; Tbe Jam.ili tin gororlument beat the
Pairts Sheathing i x'1.1 of nature livtbe iinaMe to une it on the wh.elTbir. I
am lent ':.re.-k. Tie! ruUU' Dot I / Juiuk-' for e'tcral days, and then gave "

Papers. tuilotlt txifptiotm, for tbe cornet In a up tbe b.,iv utter a .upN| ...- ute of trying 1..1 mount '

I, ''' Kxlnir! who win then and innke n llebt for the t.rizz waa
Orders Filled Pnmipty \\ rite for INtimate: tinini. of otrn'oll Inn iiiiti' i tint .
: tun. HI'rr <:r'-<.f "-.,.nilT art hinin t'Il ('O'I-Illy i i In f-t Indmn, \\ :Hi.r... w:nreliiri to. !l'i"i. ,md al'I| |i.irinily t-.i iin( atey.

'i_ I n" .i.ri *tnt il l w hi'n from Ibi- .. TI"r' nit to '
EAST COAST AND SUPPLY CO. to in.tr'ro t,1,111.I, r mli b a a. il d'f rt j'lIl1l't huge\ was
LUMBER .. rt .. ili i k ,,.f li.K I,.itili' .! lie ivputli .
; fen ,11* iiitiiil't:. \i-ti. and fn in i null, qu up ....1:01 I with .t ill t'n .rIn'u.t'i'
Edu FId.J. a ,." kIn. i. N" i ,Ih o Gajb'e. ..h.rI i in".i-in'n.int uf th rnliiiof. 'Hit md l II., ,t' thought IL! > .r eyes IIt
I... t I In it l.mliH: .t found a man
tin : n.a hi tin h.,-*! /mini uwrdi.t" : rrr rs would \.1' f rout tliiir li.i.U "Gail their

lie ti in, inrie: "t:1: mill du.. if il Ir., .lit Tin- ii-M\viv: wan
k :" ndoni
fkulli, liiirit witli, Ibe trt-rn
T o the Vegetable Growers of Dade County : in t. i fur nn ', in,! 7 >J '".1111I{ ,..i.; ..nft pi '. .1 I .' .mil, ro-ii.nd, tn ,,,neious "I"| 11 t rf1
I I.rli! km ......kl"u
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.. I ll II" Ini, ,
\ 'ii i I"rt ilivnlir. "IM_ T "mt mil n.-- I \\ i- i >ii

Q I am now li tin, 01'110 I is: fni :SI.i1dianurrI: anti J1 : 7 i' I. Ml tl." ll.if,'Tt HIV II HO Hill-I il'I" I' \\ b. n Mi p nril -. r 1'lIrn..1 that b.. pau"' I I. .l.1 II... itrnln. on their arms R Rwa'

lo tie |."p.; ...if pi *,ii. I.. tb.. I. I' .1 1MI was t H- ml i.f tl tri"b: I luilli. slnp .,Iu.et; ,.n -'/lraloi.i .

am ii'aml tit fuinih :any kind in any .intir\! 5* fir. -irri-iiii lit of o" "ii-r, .111:1., : i u c I."""ni, 1 I.. "tort I Il'nnl: !1". .I"j I. ,\i'I: .. u thPt wire Romp at fr,..jhtful -

*:..ntf, :I' I 1..1\. \ 11,."iui diT I, n n,11 iiNoTin jut tti u, i ..ninl, i I J.III" t' i itllop r.)- "|H ..1. 1f"1" sad their feet net med 4

Tile Ki'/iitiK kptodmt) ( I ship! in any\ \ \ it,l':.:-f dt.- 'd i ,MI.b.ir ...n. ""t. a tint Hi" tiff ; ,-..... dfin' 01 1 I Irn, Imtitir. i fi mi: ""onii Ui ,d 1 "t i j. d. lull Hut !t'rr.1 I ., red

:-in-d vu'i liiug finin 70( ) tcJMl:! pound---l vi. Ixntli ) n,in :urt.tir. .11..".. .x il,d ni| In It.ncax : 1'01!it, I ,,r tl... nun. not k'liu'ni, the nnlriv w"'I.I. h tlh' illllIU: 1I".h.lt.: lirth '
;: [ ..
.,., .
f \ d 1I..t..1 1 ,
too."I..rl' Iximtoii. Vjlur* n "a i :u- t oiUaloTin 'I"|il" ,.01 I tl, ai ou.ht.dd thrt o'Ullw* '

nit' light wt'l ht i- 1l. rrd rntll\i 0; t-i 5 uiourlibut, 0 I -- .v li'lut ..1| ,dud ""a'r',i_". Lad nnilrri ti'I I' trill took a tronti: .111'i n.l '

never uct.rl I Knew or u_. qs"-T 7l. 1i .tl' (I.III"'n.: ', 1I..r .'n: dire wad to rm h IH." I IK ut, r

5 I 1: ",\t:.iti:...r f,.!Mi.w mid I 11, ".. aer."d hi i'!. '..,, intmi, the .I-in) inn; .>virr 31 'I I :I.i I it IN. tfi. .n tier IU ll'M, W ,lid

My I.>' )theru [1"' ( into'ntl.. 0x41 y luiiiii "Js there ando i to IIM-.I :I I I:0'a iiiitur: to tin l< M, ,nt, I 1.,1 kitliin'd: mi' h ividnntb g"M ("In:111 mi.Iii.ii.nt .|...-.1 lo (I?.1 away

tin. 'b thin without, "ti I tt !hj i lint 'i.-mil arrltrd at (tineapit.ll .
| n 11 n it ;( K a straw from ilu I rjiiiiii, 1" ',. Caiiniimanil ;
ha-. it taken fnnn the \al'illu" ..tullll! .t1H'kJ ; ill liwn In ,
:-, up unt' IaiL'i. : NI| n wiiprouptly ,II''"i II t weir r-i 01,,, illt all in r

"o IL. .11; there. time .iilf Mn-aiu. tn .1 I unl,, uti'n. i-d to tn Lanpd. wl .. tin. il' r..h..1 Ml
and kept dry until tnile) to :liip.. ::: I : | / n |I. wit. :r theynl s.1'ot
H "' i ,
N "Kr KI Ibi re i ia' 1hink" ,fYJirii I '.t' r I'm the greater ini line with ala 1

fJ "'e wet and cure all veell: per lumand! can I'.ni fta bii'IUIIII 1..1| hiati.r out wl'fc t THE SLIDE I ,i "'i..rt. :

here the En bN Jaw forting <3,}" n. lie I left the I'llIIRIMOU J 'Ih. i n:,n.I Lm'** I'llr'r iHiiinledtLr"ih l
it fit plate (: last Railway
(e put or any on t ( H Foil LIFE.
j In tbe tiitnj/ .if the, aniwi in t* tin. ::0 u" mil' thm tni ir rr> at*>>t s

in any i>tae or weight }'CJu would like, in '1' (,()M"I' % rNTmrn run OTKXT'H, KOOM tll"'"' r ". I.. atoiil In.m*: thrown I

i Car Lot'of 15 to :20 tons. 0 ; het -Chlcugu New. %>JTII A Hu..... IISP'L- njferfat( Feat Performed Tbi t I 1.1, .ipp.ingtt 1 ouidmtan ,.
.* I I I -- Who n after will "ii.ti.ilin: fc'ie mm by Carin/ on a rl77lv.. for, h"r .-!.n i i 111.Id no longerIK !

St 4 tUire.On. hi-ird I\t: ni .r.r! ibind liuk otertill '
E. "VV' GA. .TEIlS Miami. I b""I.il 'li
) I1J:1 h..I tiitlvr."B up t i'i \\oiijnHnip H "n unit
I I careful. Le -.U.'ll.l' ."r I Ioth: ..( tin'in 1 Lad.: (lilt
mild to the barefoot t'r\url..tJ.\ i

-I I DOT. \l (;... I nll..II'ot the "'ink bole .. of tit n "-i tiin, .,'.'I.- and daring tli. ir i *.IiI.. Mid their ui.i<.,binet .r..reb.toiid

Pianos !I I "\Thy'r' ""tn'." d the boy I.iitj I'.la-f njij .nmnil, mum.mu4 feats of ll I ..-1 1 rn -tin. <.f entertainment ii-lr iont-iil T1" toyrles. 'I

Emerson ",..n au.e." he explained "there'a t ......li tuna. ill w itIi: ttiilr tjiinlt IMIHT.JID |i tl' -I.I., for l.fe," heroin It We" olttt, -I I iklllK Iiii Infill: !pluv" Ki

fork in the toad a liltIvtopd! md Dim ban. .. ,.. a ut.! ndor l lilt ..f l I..th. mill Frohrr'wa." Ln'* ilrin k a unit I I.f..t

T.... I. ti II. prda: .dm you tn:1: y bun :Tour feet ..braver W1n (boor Inilfhliiii, niv,,'r>tl LITmT er I I..\ I In.:i i I' ,Ih rnilni don. n a 'IJ..c/ i.r 4n 1.1. end: 1 !1.?" .,. ImrleilIIiioiiL'li '

en r "n. ,n" ,'s,. r Newa. ,,r. ...IJi"lIt'I.! .; iii m lntixiik'1tion w'n! for I.rm fit and IT*, (....t idiot tlie our: a l>oiit tliirlt feet ant
..". ,.h.. ..,. ,\ I' .. : 1 cars --- --- fI,,' fi ,"' ri n!,k'r' d :. .. .t
'_ ,'" ..10' \. h, ". ", I KK. inn' .irthrtl tlu story t of tliehki thi' nrf.in' of the eirtbinenuii u oU4 t
Still Lire*. luinilr.il' rote'di t. IM < '.,
"' .. I -Intl., 4 tt'o tin., i the ilnlH furlife r on 'tjlimanw
,::.c''T : ;.,. .. ;;. Ikfm "I dmi't think ..
tell the
k t htli ditty read line! .
t K i l-o i I'"H u n i 1"t not I 1. i i tIe
L4rj! li the ,-liiii'Dlli outur '. It at I out i.i I "k. i 'otwy Liml. NrwYork.
..".' .. ,,,, ... .. ...,', 1 1iw of .' } | i
\ my otnry Mrl-8nil 1 :.v. .>(< liamn .n. unit I.owls I. mil if trrr: It liol I I' in tbe
.h < ; II'A: "Neltlnrdol. I intlre that bin -
mscailne "It
." ,., HUll h..c''" Ii t.'I t.11 JB mimil'r mi dt1l"'I. in.I 1 llfrikin..- ..1.I nt! m
n I
.... -- ... ,J i II Iav 1 com i oat *. u'uII--AIIUI.! the t-tat..l' t. ) oun. (I.rJ roar (:'Liiliurtf the Miliiti| of in. ol'rn| ent 'r. .1' nn.
..... ,n ., I'd" Conmitutiou -
.!r. .. .. "" .... .." 'i lie Ilk,-* lit. 1..1.,1 I ii: Ibe h iirliTiffold f

,.... .'.1. ., .. ... .... ..".1 I' ,\ l T l I 1 .; I I 1\r M..IT wad the <>nlt nlnlltcIIut ",. I n'iir ,tin' lop i.f tu' .:r.' it ''n-
.. ., .. .... h_. Dir...... u....
., 1'm. . ... ..1 I"' The chmifT. ur .....irch.* Ilk.. 1M due n 'h>".i-...,] :tad IIl'o1 !"' fn>.mLi trill'.i" r. .i .iu,,.ill .i| .i k ..( a 11.m

n: I "I kruw. m> hrikia.. I* tola .Tt.. 'r treat I.*...utt In- !1..II..r... a in inh mail, M* root i \) \n itvit*_ ,..nit. v, ,it iUt

But one 4ii. er Ih. IIn.h h. ..'ir.- >.t. ii1' 1 Nn .. FI
H1PIFX o ear.ii. TM 1,1. it. in 1 lifTlif ,! IK ( | ii" i w " Bush & Safford.Orx.li I'iuo PI., .. km.wti Hi brakn'! and treaka 1ano. .
..' ) "110': lord! rffirrnl in 1 IM*:iuneniuuriil ward unl l IT'i rrt from tin- ,mli

Eaerthning S1", aaIt: Kv:: ninsMrci.t. to, AJ'l'C-.lnt..t.: (A im I iMMUttiul' kill: .".1111 HiU I K,nliil ilmiit, w ,iMi -HP _0 and .

r 12th Near I I..t :National liank. I wW I wt.,,"".1 thai nf'FT crank, t tilijilii'{ ln.._uui* tho' I' Inn nf a Mki-b! tbe Vn.ri in tl 'II: l II., trotS t Ii,.- wit,
... .
1, town r. mil i* to walk the plank and !i.ti-t"" i I. iIii(,,tuetNrn tin lirnwu with 'Imtb bnTeln: .l "it with, I 1.1'.1" knta
.. .
l. lf Mild 'iii rmi needn 1lk' ,
I Tie copper M..J.. )uu piank IM wiilk"H pare, 1 I 11"1 Into tlnil art lur tutinjoiiuiii

"' 1.1 .,.,nrt. ;\ aflirm .ml ..f luiu-

trunflj. nil canii round the room un.l. I,..r.ik! <.., I itrtIxltN "t
VORMSl! VEKWUCE AMI "IlK the a.h.. I. of e..ery InomOh. 'tt y
11 ill. 11-m. tln brut'I..r.. I Innrirtirr
..h..1 .. ifl I.',. rmtnil of t' H'
I lie IU the. ..',....1. and .."....1. the oil! in ".11', of ti'nji nn.iIL'I H"t all

| ( B B il a BTWTJ" ""'0.I rail pjrir ul irl; nantin, you:.j.
Rr20lYeiniHfis Led ail WraReinediVs.rti fa, Whreler T,in. a rattle boat
And iwn the ......... that ""....t. awl tlnpin.l'111-t, lendSi .
_OLD :DT ALL n VGGIIT_. H'IIk will went him out. te fear: i iII "i4 eight Hi ,ion I on lint)J.n a I I.inly (

..... W- -....A JAMES F. BALLARD, St. Louis. '\ r. the all. and ups Ih. rifrn I .;..t hi tin, ukirt, of I ilin.>urLiilb ; l 1 vtS j

-F 1 HUM. la 'hluir> ftool'Ord./I..Lld ..r} .i< MI i liin" :it'on, f' !I"\\i>4| I I.a I.t a J '
i; MwrP t
F1P1 J Notice of City Election- *" 6nt tiara fu'I' 111/.1.1 i+..n rt.1( ,ill' ? V''A )

LEGAL IDYERTISEIEJTS.tice I Notice for Pub : &tioD. itiiiinrv I'jMiit bin rat"tit'1. I.cly lu a '.
I I, I:) trrliw' i.1.Ih.. HI. llinrtimiil 1 lu the tin
Jil 1 li. l
| I [ de| l. Lnr,I Ii) I 110. ....>. .il le( > i.1..1 I | I l ; ... |i.t II. IfM. aullh t tlirrli.uth.' .. <.ir ?IMnnil, ii.il, In tliov* ilir 'In- 'I'liml of Jnuili i

J to Debtor ud Crcd: :tors I i v. ti in l I.... ,... .i I 111-1""r ."MII tut*.- .mill.A-.) *'. I' ,..... i.Ir wa Jin, dij. ping' ".....n.1 fur I'i'TTMIIH

ID I li .. lit* i III' ..unl, Jid, |/- I I ll *m'.I 1 1'1.I 1 r'1 I, t jt I I.. I .'ri ', 't 1) T''*' "I 1in...1.1' rt elili 1 .n ttil 3. .JEraii* mill Dial' ni." T il.. tvifl 1 did ? I'j1

1 ', f it t t" II kl-fl.r i "11 I .' 'n VU*..N,.t o' 1 III* '*U ,.a, .! .. hall! I t In the il I T .111' .' ll b.l.!*.r in II ow'1tr i| I I"T inili.irarf: ; pinnM' Tin I hor', .

.File. +" 4:1-1.. IM,t '|..,.1< i ,,mi Hit I thai, l..*"I 1 liriwilwil' In nMir '.Ivn.' II,,u .soh'. I1J |Ii.', tl...I ,.f II,,. ,\\1 1 |Id'| l', L, lit, 111 I**!'!! uf t"n'r f irm,.. sate also a I irlmr <>f M t 'iMa >v,
T ,1'l. .''d.r.t I I.._.. .-'. tii.iiii.t'. .. 4 .lit nil I
Ir I l *.l\ l i . ,
I i :> c''inuii-lI ji l. i dint, : Fiat .t4 il f iik, "(kr4..I.'u. A>rte ur U.I' ith. nfu.fur iTinuna'n from tin* nibir 1 1Ts le k
p1 n r.1" i 'ir 11.1'm.Kd n, at* a eani*!i'r 1i. kd., I'1,. .
nit I it 11 /
tlLrNI. Tina'. ni H.II ) tit t Mlunl. OIl Ib' 1 I ?
.. ... : fcjdi w-r lIsof. "llflII
.ti. .t. reura <:. S.n., ... ,
,0.,1.I I. I I. .
\ I I. 111. H>l till e' of :II!', .
..,. .'u' Kill :M. iM: Al"\ >1') ln-on *. dtoJtm 1bywh.'rehe
1' .r. h. r, li) n'i't i eM I" {in '< ul' ) irr ah"' a' ,.1.. i-,,. l '..TiI '. K 0,1.IhCawn :. (NTOCFt: t 1'.la:. ir al't
., '. W ii.lii I+ u tru-t (,t I mil IH'ar Piilni \ ;
ewu, Irau .to .AgilltM .at'I 1 t--t ii i I Itiir j .. : '
-h ) 'J"I.|Idoiill. the "mi l I. itv MI ,the l- uoildrrui- .: ....1. al, Nl.mt..it. Ik' tile .'l I tul.. 1, i*. '.' tliatllil!. ..iI lli, :St .\un fh'nIn- li nit :.1 rvftkiriK 1 *. j
inn u r. i en' e i 1"|M>it aim < uUltrftt | t. nl.n| (mm d 1. b: in INI.
w', I n year Irmn .1.! ,<. ur Year .1..ul. and I o' ....1..l.1. tit : AM.. ,t.' it..iil I time. IIBM! ,,,,.J.... ei pant wbli h in bf lilttirniof M. lif..rt Innaui''t -

". ttll' 'W f..n-irr lyre t. J. I. lit.HI ..( Ruetia. \ \ H. L1.atil..a d ,). ti \utul.nN.: | J.m. alin-i a..1)1 1 Mfn Odin: : .nrglt'a d.1..
d Ihlo 11th d.. of .. 1. rot_. 4 |i I IMIJ ,4i I t
hat ) .. .' JI..n.{ ., Miml, KU J. rTitlv >-. her bate lio j'' iolat ,1 l.rp-a.i-, al.,1E Thi. hou.> had I a funning tower with i

%titL.: M 'T\T: "irmi.li. t/.nn. IUV : L. W in i.,. .. ( 1 Urk to ixiuik..-\ ..I4 r.ittinnTlie little *ijHlnw... and wa. Inillt on tinpnuiDiit 1.1 t d

AilwlBl.tr4t.ir | liar > >lt of I. K(>m\K's. Ki-xiiter ..Il,t n In l t.. ...tr.11.1 are tr I.ill.,.. of a tilt** ooitiRunilinir a view) .
1' fn l-kinnceU. Muci-nt. .I l-. .<*tj A... .Ml. .. Tail coLISua WAcom!< -- y i a rv* one "00'.
of .
tbinuntrr| for uiik- amumlIlirvlttM .
ii Adnjnistrttor'i Notice. f mr U'.rm.1' h. nut the Olj < .,>iiI uiunlrnr lived with a nuin 1 made bin sat lurk to the ..I
Notice for Pnbhettion.iirm I .11. rash l. sertr I.., two .
M aroi' Fla Jim 8. IW yeanA her of brutal iKTcmm all of whntiwfr I>li.i of Irs.llir'K fall hi.!If ripectlatr

1'. nlof the latrrinr.Ijlwl All! Icr'Iu. loddng, ,.1.1.0. ....1... 'b.Waitel I Clljr (lrfc and A>wir to rrve one ,...,. >. <.1.,1 to their maiur criminal to m-e tl.* i"nU1; ekes loa on blic but .i.ithe

t UDIi-c al l.aiReiviile F'aAii o// Add,. alt r.. iliM*.aitil, are h.rel.,r Dolt A lIanba( and Tn Collrttnr. Id .ert.. fur mi. ....... l t.'!ir \\ a. nut in tinht and after
3 17. 1.I. I ""M.
iM I- Hint .
Min-writ am. to me m .d..h.lralor
o rf
Plot r..1 1 .
otl l I. hereri) riV ea that tin-I I.*IM.ihtPam.ruler l 'jid Kit.n & ,it bin T." Vi "r. 'r m the tf>trlierruf A .'ll> Treasurer. lo Puff for one year. Hiit<'hiAn never worked fryer read minima .ri l-roujbt bUparti (
ban died ...4lit hi. tnr.nt'a' or ...,d lUlm. mil, If (.ir-/Ti r Iwrred : h.ll .;'''11,.. will |i. rim4ttifr<1 k. tar .. bnnk and m ,Ilium atp or lpt. It U y r tll k. '4 (' >n'" "", .? -., fv tJCh

I., n t ftli( .* ,li'iMif IB '.l>uf>rt i>f hi. ,la'rn.' ai,41 I II LlmwNFI.at/ ,,. lire'tt'abir] 'm ,.... ..nir lutnni-r .. .. pr'rld" oJ. .aid Itr alu; 'nl his day, In the cmnlni: w>.rv III u I. rrtblr eihumte rODd'tlod i
thaiKelllj' ., .1 I (in.il Hill be made lrlirr I Ihn BK. Ad Im 01.l lm.uir >( Eit tI. 0 ,. 1
-. C.mmiul.nrr. .t Yuan. 'li. ... : 1'.a'A.\hIt.. Maher'. 01.Foleys ......amel br L. ( r rut ho' \.a vrneril. .i.ir idcetn'y tower. with a "powerful feU-m. ."ope wan iiut u.8..1. to make their way to a

h.Iat tr J*>. 1"11 iUu '*. hi n. .4 -- iltiiions. nlnir the orange and pimento JCf\J....a ran'J hull -. wber tbey .|Knt thIjtttr .

Tulle Fla Hd. Z7M1 (or the. ." V, ..t net* aid i 1\: "ITNf-:- .!tolD Vof L tp'i.. r ale iH -. Kidney Cure .ff ir.I m) uanic aim ia iw>l ..n their
f ill*'d paradtM. trip ran. (t>maa bad aarniw
.. n .... the fnllutkbiff witnetiri In prowhlirufi makes ,-.1 the Cat) (Irrk to attach the
kMorn anJ (V .
i iiei tight.DYSPEPTICIDE. When a traveler bore In nIjLt thlmr < ewjpe from l llnK bitten bj antllennake i
D."ldrtlet'II.a and ilthattun (.ITr.U.: __ Heal of the (1tj of M,..ail'
- '- -- ..---- frrkm, dl .tchrd attnz roil tin while wl-evlinu
of aM aid eta: hn.u, thl IHth ...) at t4p- man n a nears I aloof the i'

'i r. I.. *.U.*., o.orr Dulling Freak Taw i trlllbr A 11.. 1901 lire on lmrH>ark with a prmlnc" lartution et ban-lken-blef and Gale calmly at Iliad He dkl out aw tbe reptile until It s

awl Jo! n LlBdcrrn, all of ('..(hr. FU HO AWwt J t LUI(r". to tb. itranarr to romr and the wide white pool of ta...'. com rattled but It was then too late .. ttop

11. ... KOBIVsOX, HexIKer, I The .reeten aid 11* DICCSTION. M. R. kEI.LCM. City cterk. Ma>or. dln at TiHnhurgh caatl" WTiy, prlilnx! the modern Roman populacebeneath or ....Ioar out of the way. and b* bad to

-- I _u_ a prod a few days nr __., blm keep atraijtbt on The angry anak
__ __ f
: Ttirrr. wa notblna *a ploioai about A oust float up like tb* IOn ablmoxr atnuk but f.n-tunatHj the morliia '

I thus invitation. Even to tbl day It of a Bin of 111 L There U a bun wbwla" and not the (pedalln .let* of the t

i-j Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic main U famou for lu bonpltaJltj.Tb lung! of lu.''() Tnkaa Cameronldarta rider attrai ted UK ..n.k.Dd his farm
were annk Into the '
marderer'a guest, were at 0m ont from tb* tower like: a blnl pneumatic f* of

has stood the charmed by their bo t'. ityeprn.ebatyla A. be atana he "loosens the American the wheel Th* reptile was whMe4
test 25
years. Average Annual Sales over One cad Halt around l .
a MiIr\Oll courtcujr. nia wlaa .ww. of the flfle.t.qoallty. e*. which whip royally behind aim.H rninbrd "brtweo tb* fork...

Ixrufes.... Does this record of merit 8IIDIIl to you? No Cere No Piy. 50c. and be "'u.t icnferooi fin rvroiTcra' rapidly with both and Canghman took a beedei'. B.

EacIoMC Illlfes to rp loed.I. a Tli .:: 11.. 1RO.e.Utrr POs.Tw with them altboocb be panontlly did banda and goes' aafflnc awry Into ,thought bimalf Try lucky and un

( not labOw .Trf>Mlr Hla f.eu came I darla.r tD.I cmiTln too anakc'a rartlea," BombetW

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For 30 Days WATSON Will as ell


ardware, Furniture/ and Building Material Lower Than Ever. : '


G/E/T HIS: : EIICE: : S. : :

/ HARRY BIDU A COTTON' PILNCCR. 'i'reteited $'J;as-hi:hare The:reikrr A DOlBll COMISF. I I I County School Board StLsuilled. \
1 nnmmmmmmmmmm mmmmtnmm'mmmmmm/ / ,,' T r rei-ei\ed amountar> uig tram'flan lie ;
question a* to the right of
alliurt to *.Hi |ier hare. I hlo"dil.esaid "
'(this Attic Du.Io ... % Juke B. WIkrr County nrbool Boards to consolidate
the Migii' and Ruth A. IUVn -
Hr Sk( J'a b DIMM the feltuaSlrimrr fn.a lilt Wc.krd "'r-w' '
In.talk. heath hey \\ ...t boat, and Ihrrr i re'''', I .JAs I. l Or.lur, list J...*.. schools has been derided by JudgeJonea.
of ibm. "i".II', rUII.b. u 'ibeIt
i-niiir in lor Uie larger amount I'laeklondikn The( "r.to'.1 ., aril.. An injunction ...il.... ._
the BallI "I .t at the First
JA BRANCH BANK rue rottoii on the ducks, 'O''u'rd with hint OW ner< .
] I ItriM., anil M. J K kelliim and Joe" Kerr) M. K.; church' la-t night' was ol. unu brought in Brevard county '..-..ntly '}
from the Kreikrd ftrainrr In. huh
'I tn\oitlng two nainrl
| aa part uf her i rvw, Ka' the fir-1 boat I iial ui trrnsi. bulb a. ui the nuiiilM'r point ) V ..a
IOU bid on lat Wednesday by three I to reach the ""wreck and Mr. Charlie' of IhiNU-mlio. parliriiated| and in thexrellemv First whether or not the cb It .
/ :, Ball wax iiiadeartiiig' w rei-kliigina.terI ..' of the rendition. This was' .board in' tin authority to consolidate
/' Jackilly "double .nl..t"-thd srho-il* and (b) provide for the trans-
I 'J he Magic and Ruth A. were' I let in a as, there
Harry (.'. Budge| of llu city but all when, they arrived to bring the cotton were two divisions or speakers. one porialionof pupils His
I II. the bid were' rejected by the ", rerker*. i down to Mlanil.Getting, being. composed of six young u''o. and Around, whether or not the school
There were W> bales ol cotton and .iII m h. other of sax young ladle board baa authority to select the
e b'rtery/ hone, open 365 dais ta the tear bale of lint on the dock and !:< haler I Ready for r hlug.i Drat division.* composed of }l.. TII"I point' for the consolidation of rchool :

at 1..1,.,. Sate) Bro.. bid $!'> a bale ll ha*. I1'row, Arthur l>nane, Alfred The first point has already been ruled ; ..
It receive deposits. The Perpetual l Galtttdar Mr. P. I'. I lark, of the firm of .
for the Hrnl-< U j and |!O a bare tor the i Fry, Raymond Waldln. John B. upon by judge and the second
attached t to the face tf the bank 'lint while, Mr. Budge bid li-> and $4i { McKI>aine A Clark, has returned from Rodgers, and Freeman Burdme. The will "b* argued and hi. honor will render I .
i and Mr. Lowe made a lump bid uf i iacalion spent in Atlanta and atI young lady contestant were Mi_. his derision covering that point OBnextTueaday.
makes her} attrac lit t and refill : : : : $2.1U. After tile bid were opened the I! I.i'bi.p'IPI'.. lie report an enjoyable : Ruth Cone, kdith Coau, Abble Douglas ___ :
British viee-eonaul, who wa down 1 Cola Nelson Jessie Sowle and
outing. The Buildjll I
Iron Jarkoo lilt, tile I'ndrrnnter, Annie l ate.. Metropolis
,. that be anticipate
\ 1 repreaeuliua Lloyd'a agency, .. and an excellent says....* on'* boamene and I I. The rr..II".UI. under the direction of The outside wall of the MiTaoroti
i ,
1y Me...r.. Hall, kelluui. Berry and other 'making arli\e pr-paralion to begin Mr. Edwin, Xelon was carried out building are np. the joist on and the .,
held without hitch or flaw Kev. M. V. rather' permitting within a week In*
lutereated in the salvage! a con.ul- tt.hing. about :November the firt. The
1 roof will have been
tallou and decidrd that none of the the Brown opened the exerciitea with completed. This
', bid. were high enough and that theywould loop 'Sweetheart" I* now. bating on prayer. The ...rstants were knownby I building in of first class material solid :
Bailey' ,
Perk A '
', decline all. They then telerapbed way that number only, and the two Brat brick ..11. and will be one of the, beat
in ao
12-hore power engine put .well aa one of the most comfortable
number in the men' diviaionled t
( to l.loyd'a for further advicea. I : Will be able to run around, wind or young
... WE LOAN YOUTH Yesterday alter receiving intlruc ,' wind. The other boat of the Heel off, being followed by two young onio the city. Chimney fluea are .
Lions Irumrw York to ...lIlb..cotton I no will sail from Tampa about October" ladies. alternating thus until all badpoken. I oeing put in every suite of room. and i
BANK here and aeltle up with the wrecker 1Mb. with full crew and will lie on The selection* were .lIlfo..d. every room will open either toward
I i and all the street or an open court ao that
were into
| bida were again asked fir and Mr. hand for business when the time admirably rendered
Budge again uttered more than anyoui i ready much that but fur the excellent system they will always be well ventilatedand
'i else bur the cotton. His bid wa $:*) a come Mr.*. Clark tbat bit firm hasadvertised adopted of grading by point, the, lighted. The rooma In the second '. i
'bale. straight tbniUKb. There were' kingfish aoy exU-u,ively" andexpect. judge would have been hopelessly" ate I Cory are to he rented for om.aod j
R WE kEEPTHE | several'gentlemen here from Jtckaonville to handle large quantities of in making their award. no better ones for this, purpose can be y I shad .
in Miami.
,, ;! and Savannah for the purpose of them an well a. of !*pani,h mackerel.Honors The judge. of the young ladle contest -
KEY i I buying the cotton but they evidently! I were Mer* W. H. Cuaille, J. I. Prospector from London-
I thought there wa either no money lu Wilson, Walter tValdm, K. H.Tadgett :
i I for the :Mr. W. O. Pearson of London, England -
Miami or elite that there wa nonoly' 1 and Mr*. Hugh Comb The referee
I here w ho cared to wake any. But Mr. Miami Rides certainly ought to erMer.. Janm Koger and M. r*. accompanied by hi. friend Mr.
Budge fooled them I. a abort lime feel complimented at the way the company -, llrtherington. When the latter had F. Knnght, arrived last Saturday to +
I I after be bought the cotton be wa of-1 i war aelected to furnish detail for rant up the return, it wa found that I visit Mr. t'. M. Pearson who has beeoliving "
I frred by a Mr. Floyd, of Savannah. 1 I special I encampment dutle Among I there wa a tie between Misses AbbieiIKingla j here some month Tbe gentlemen '
i is i I J.'iOU nrl profitoii his bargain but 11..1 I Infrr I I other distinction, Capt.; Sander wa and Edith CoatThe claim are looking around with a view to ,
wa promptly '..,u. -d. Mr. elected a* fflcer of the day, LI'l'd.,1 of lhe e young ladle were then ub- making mine investments, amid the
I Bulge expert* to ship the cotton to .I..o'np.n' reached camp; l.ie. nntt.l l to a committee compsrd of more they see of the city and country ethin
Bring! four sa'avjs to its owe a month Savannah and go up and tell it, and I, tenant t>. W. Mi-Comb was attached to Mass }I.i.. Ku.h. Mr. and Mr. Jwiahhaille more favorably are timer impressedwith
the en- < I'r. H. Knloe ant 1',,f. Kric the future possibilities and probabilitieaof -
lallll a good how of making fl 1 """) to the brigade staff lbr.MiglM
and MC j+{lfl l give jot a bank book and ft.UIIO. icampment., \. D. C'oate wa made. Hall with Mr. J. I. H il-on a. Teller.. great development aloof
I pay 3 per cent "ktferest : : : : : : : : : i 'The proceed from the wreck were I', ergeaiit-Major/ on Colonel staffc- The derl-iion wax In favor of Miss many'J the lines.Miraoroi extend a cordialwelcome 1
| I7X bale cotton at $:*!!II" $:1.->''40 UO ond. K4-gimef; Arthur l>iMine served Abhie IHMigJai. amid the medal was
' for further parHculars apply at upper and braa to :.labelhro I, during the encampment a. Orderly. at therefore awarded to her Mr M. F.lletherington to thee gentlemen and hope oJ,
will conclude .
. . l.V (10 regimental headquarter; Ben I eighwa presented the m da. they to remain with us. %
Killings,A I-.,wild at l>elray I :iu-'l: UUTotal assigned to the pot of Kegmei.ialijuarternis with an appropriate addreIn ->*. The Caller Rock Road. : J
-- "ler' (lerk ; while John the young men'content the
. :. . .$:$,ta:3: uu i.rahamtenographer at Brigade judge were Me<.*r>. I.. X. Snell. K. II.'IUllI.II.)1 County commissioners Sewell and ';
I :The wwkrF'.. had together agreed mi '.1 .Vma* a b...J-. of *etllMiieot and after during the em.ampnient, but ra. detained and H. Preston, and the referee Jecile upon the location ol the new ..
FIRST NATIONAL BANK.OF pay tig them ibis amount Mr. Au .b 'Ben Million. After examining the route and ..
r-|>re enili>g tbe Underwriter, hxii I company made an excellent >Wingund The II"a. of III- "
i ,&:>.11..ft. out of wnicb be pail Mr wa 4 credit to the city from fudge pa[Km showed the greatest errtaunng tlie wishes of the people '.t
A. Knot llou for taking charge of and ..bll'b it hailed number of point steered by Mr. John ,| .* far a* practicable. and duly considering : j
MIAMI caring for the ....U..n. 1'1'1.be <.1.:01 K. K..ger... and the medal wa preented the expense and advanlagea they
was ditided amongst sonic aetentyI 10\>0. A Kowley has *"DtlP his r tl!!; tl) him b) :Mr. Kdwinel: .on. decided to build on the ridge route ',.. ,
( DEPOSITORY STATE Of FLORIDA. I people in all. About tinny" men at n.liun.| postmaster at Royston Kg* I The entire exrrci.eswere evident, !) through the harniuot k.
l b..I.y. amongst that number "being vthil-h place he expert to remove",**.\ I eni'ijed by the large audience which :Mesar*.Merritt and rVfcle who have
1 the negro W II, Brady, who wa made. I petition ha been signed and forwarded I filled the church to IU ..nt'.pa.it', the contract on tin work are ,'ow..
UUUW 1 u 1 UHU1 WWWW1UWUUUUiUUlUU1UUUmU1U : wrecking I master by the Captain of asking' for the appointment of II. 'B. and which manifeof the keeneol Interest far as ("I>lud'. with the "nlC tDl"" '\td
J jtlir. Inchiilva after bin ....*.u... Brad) Murray to fill the vacancy. throughout. A specially" pleasing I ulna lacking only about a mile of
I feature were two selections rendered "being to (',.tier.
-- -- ,
-- -
1 bv a '|tiartettecorui>....... of Mi** ;,
Rush Prof. Erie Hall and Mr. and MrAdams at Uajtosa-

M,.. .....i.h ( haille, and the mu.io Mr. ..roe M. Adam. Deputy great /
rendered wa Indeed an appreciate I Commander of the knlgnt of the :
treat. :Modern Maccabees, who came from \:
The next contest will be held at the MI.mll..t week toiarganize a tent of i
Congregational Church Coroanuii.rore. this order, has succeeded so well that u'
YOUR on the evening of (K.tnber" :Ind. I be will orgatiiie on- Tuesday evening, .
* CHANCE : Both young gentlemen and young I I :Sept. SH h. with membership of from ( '
ladle will participate In this ...
.!. | twenty-five to thirty, which la composed
I .nt..1 of some of the best business an I. B. l'Ialford..1 the firm of
men of the city.-t>ajtona
,afford, ha* recently returned from a I Journal.
Input Palm Beach and other p4.illt.1 j -.--- -- I 1

up lite road.,.during which be secured | Messrs. < ooley ,t Homer ire Interest -
several n.. order for 1".1/0'/ and I ,I l"g themselves in preserving (ample si
j other musical instrument. !, of native r'nit.i.II' those

which are not in season at the time of
Dr and J.
Mr. A. Mimsol, Allapal-
I year when we have the greatest number -
I.h. arrived Tuesday night from their {
of ...h",* -In order that the latter
simmer outing. ___ may be able to inspect. these varieties ...
| 'I hey have a process by which theyhope

to preserve the natural appearance e..
of the fruit.' Tbeysoiirii iron t ,
r Julius Smith grower and others perfect sample of ,.
4 fruits, especially the rarer vanities. t
they will endeavor to preservefor j'j'.hl..h

Ntvs DEALER exhibition.Mr .

$1.85 H. Ki.baru. neither of l>r. J. B. .t
AND o Kobarto, left on Tuesday for Jasper. '
Fla., wher. abe will visit, for .one ;


/ Capt. C. II. Walton hams retnrn*!
FLA. a business trip to Cincinnati and '
w Buys Your Choice of other cltiea. fi-


500HATS School of Music NOWOPEN. ,,

and Elocution, : :

S s ,, All 52.00, S2.25, $2,50 and S2.75 Hats, I --- r;



For terms etc. apply to i L.

: fo MRS GUILD SMITH.Cheaper ,"-. x..r... s asset.r s..m..a ,
: : :.
: $1,85 .

t ,


- Big Line Regardless of Cost '> r.i .

Now is your chance, only 8 days ,II.I ;

r I will supply good lumber at my

SATURDAY 26th to SATURDAY 3d mill one-half mile west of the ,

Punch Bowl on good road at [.

the following prices : I '
1 ,

Fronting, $12.50 per 1000 ft. ; -

A/NTIIONYBROTIIIRS./ !! Boards. $10.00 .e .r. .'


c ZNOOR.POR..A.T'mD ) C. T. McCRI MON, Miami Florida. : ';

The Ad.. That Made I ANTHON: : Y'S sHOEs: : .

Auction am Commission ?

Us Famous SJLEN"T: : SAT .ES1\I.E1V P .BJaiidoihGeneral J d

roe .... ..,,101..10..0 .. .!aII" IMJ
aajthlDC. an at*
Avis D, w*t *I...a asses "... P. 0\. Mlaad.

I II I I '








'k. '
1 ,_

MIAMI, FLA., SEPT. 25, 1903. Price 5 Cents. ;" .
Published Every Friday. ;.ff.
-- .

( SRS. SlIGH AND PITHS h'.EN'iOR rmriples.. i heapeiiiug. of lalxir ai, tl I

'mif ,in (Knitinii, ; to order material, .yt.T

TheMan the rge quantities' ami I thus at a I"... r J. A. McDonald
on > trd Mi u( the 'II.rlrhllumllho. Ir* Va '- prt' ::;l

lie (wittvnLI I'lie turner of the orporation t.r.

, '. <.uule .cad and l i om'prehensile.; I 111'.1.-
11 I lie Sew'I 'rk friiiiinan' ,
week. had the followingUn: i">at-> for, hulling' ..r packer g: houst s ,- ( '7

,'I l..- read with, interest, h) tl, n dinVreni liNaluies a< iunditi, i>s & ...... ,
A .." -if the gentlemen in Mioi warrant. i.. e.talol..-" brand olln.es ori.ini uU Hh ...... JIV

,.. ..'" .",. in \ariou* i 'Hi'*.- ..r the I'0: : .. I IiF

.Fine M ".rtl.. d l I. er) ami an,,) thing' thatan I' It F.R's I "
U hile *m 1110 roui d" of the rnari.e v :
individual. .
can do.I
eilnotlii. } the Imile luau ran x< r..> :.
I lie. l pri .I"' rtu. goer the following\
... dl'llllell"h..d" t lorulai. 'itor< n Building Material.
..- 'the |in siw.| tue earning"f a .<" .s
.. fire of M. lane. An.. Th I >"> :
rln j I sere tomato farm! in-.eil on pat e\-
dll r.. :s. .1. :ligh, of the 'firm of :5..1 v....
: perlem e f the Mers.. Peteralto
A to., of Miami' and .laiknoi. ,
: ;
II... the, Urge: broker. packerw. am h" e been the mint siii're..fiil 'iiinaingrowers Lumber, Laths, Shingle: ,, Mouldings: Casings, Brick, ((1

.. Florida fruit and \ "1.tabt. / in Florida and who are expert Lime Cement Plaster Hair Etc.
; ; '
HIM.He in their line i j"Truce :
WE HAVE .", and Th..... J. Peters. of utler
hundred to tomatws'will '
i I ., who with his bro'her in ranked Yards and Office....,._.. L S- 1''
I yield under proper care and management -
the top row of the first flight' ol, .
will take measure and I tomato. shipper at a most .conservative estimate Avenue D and Fourteenth Street ;
1 your :sui:! crates to the acre or sixty ;
I Roth gentlemen left Florida sonic,
thousand crates at 11.30 a crate F. uV )
ago and had, in company, work
1 .., .7'iouj"Coot'of. ,
Kant: after visiting San Franci.M> -- - ''
;4;t Make Your Suit on the the Pacific ..coast taking ill almost !I producing including packing I. 'i
at 7 ; \.. one of the main market. renter- -t-
their trip arroM the continent toew I "Leaving a net I'rnllt..f '.Kl,( KI- suf- Give M--e th h--- Facts t

Or. if you prefer \\ e \\ ill end! your measure toe Turk Messra shgh: .Dctl'.t..... (lI"i..llt to pay dividends on preferredstink You Want. ,i
<.if *.CMI. Sinking fund to re'drtn
or Chicago and ha\e jour !suit made there the :san Francisco market. with i
preferred stork of $:.;ssi, and 'P"
.. interest, A..il11t' that nome olI "
nrlj lit) Per cent dividend on the I am responsible for ill\ stand
reply \t ',
I i Honda. tomatoe that the) put in, my "

i .. .. last season a. an experiment eo", n.n 'I'o'k" the closest estimation as to character J.I
We Can Meet All Competition in It is pruHM| .d ti> otter," continue
will I.
: a< high I uI a rate .
tile proe[ < U-, "rh"l't..l..rr..d stock' toseeited 4+ responsibility etc. A pleasure to give\ ;. ,a
I I e general ranetfrom ti m 'lo f 111 l >-

OR DO' A LITTLE BETTER.The ': i.d llii". (oo, wi.li a frngl' rate ail l Inn i oniuimioii men thnull! ,gh.a' facts as I understand them either in a \ t.
tl> ,'.scot' r, with the obi,set ofi reatirg i
eiit crab' It the. he. talking. y.
< a
i ) huffiness
ad\antai T ''ha\- i'1 .1' Ii 1'V 1' ;H.....s \\ ith 11". a "oiniiiunil' ) of intere.' betweent friendly or tv.
: yn : fn-'::'if rate it ,* t.> be m leil 'thai,

( TailolinEotlb1i..h;: : wl1t. j i- tho't, I.IM a N'v .1., :-Ol.h, A e'o., are the, lender. M, '. t :'- an I the grower: ittnl the .ti"p"r.l

t:nlor. \\ ho h.l= h.ld.o \ a's \1'| ," ';', .. s CIIO/- t ,. :.:: t to bum' from tin' railrmnl.,' \n ,irr/Higpnn: t tins burn mule with. t E. A. WADDELL
K.; \%>.II I! .knot* u linn' of cli j-I n!h'rtors, M...r-4. ,
of the largest Tailoring -/ ..liishrin it- ill \ ( \\ Yc ,'; et rate ',1 in under to help' the .
-. l. "mcli.v "t!. in hand! the entire
I l.*r,da :;r he can rnt.\ilh i ro|.<4 of t I... a, inpaiMWith .
iilmii and Porto 11", i .ii'p.tuion.. .. ,
|io| !'e Will I llt\e. 'lord" exjier- 3
\i r. Sitgt:: ,. when a-ket| as to hi- "-1'' for liqht. PoHcr.
Your Measure : .. n
Take Right. i hn i- ""d who 1 'date I t. n .1eee..fiilLr F SMITH '
i'i of lilt IOIIIUIK' 1-iTi'tn rig-1 Jft .
See ,
were ti .It tl" fur mini!' :. with ill or Breeze "'"
A'1\1' l it \ mi let 01T.. iloi-! )1',1 ... .it lit're' ;. m 'i, roji., "put "In* liitiirrrrmiiiil i I I.xmun' tr '"I"r.11".1.l.-..\\ 'In K to ili.triliuiia ;

the ."i\ ..lI1tH'1: : Irving.: it ""'i. vPilv, It 'in i >:TSI; >1 I )aiJ' k I einl,.Ue, "tll'no"'ll-M wurd' 'f'r 0.1'I.m J I'ndv' ;.n."lie t'' > il I,o ..i i j,,) the, 11 nlidrru.- of i hlfr .. ". /Tfe;; FOOS GAS ENGINE- *

"# era -truitf tniiril of ihrtitnr.v
ruction Nhitii i insure,' \n -i lit.Yeni i ,.. 'hm";je: ,.1 I one to) ,id I,.. r" fiit Imrri ., .. ,, : ,. j
t o are f t- natis; Shut .u.-.rul /'a. :
!hate i lom'n .U \\ .. i'i t.I-! ...tii\>l -litlt to 8-H. P. if;
\ >\\ N 'e, H\CI'I.t .ftiMthaf .I! al\ite' t > n.eu..u.i, a t>e:I -..I..I..d li-t i..r hmisi- P-v .. il ... l

A mill hir.' mon a' th tra'r. '! ; 1".1'" ;( s."Vet I,e i II .it that rani, .i r, ml 11 "lie < ron, t.i -i the scups triivi n. MH i-e.< Mouli'e'n ,: 1&AMC; ; ; ,'"Mvj,f,' .mil ri.\ t. \0 ( ;_=

\ do d. ;ailing .1'1.1 1 1 n !SM.. ..: ;' t: '" 1 L.t, tr th \:0':s. : l beer IlIu"'t..1" l 'lull) .':. per >.entHut 5- >;n-ir"tit.-eij to! the. Kat ( .a.t i r y < It ,'Kt" -e. i I"\MI, ,' be"i' ".I

you can take u f-.r gr..nt<.d.'"I'... ... I ftlf. : j _. .'4*" A-/-; ui4.r, t "Mill! ."',
rt.istm.il),ill') 1. Brig oil .p.,11) : --A
.. "thai itier-, will, l lee lot. a-il, lot- -":':' -""l.i .-''-' .

i fruit; cit to kro roiintl. \n orange That Caloosabatcbec Dam. (' :-.,::-;,"' .s.I,'u.-# Gasellnr lamps._ for Storfs. RtsUfKW.! 1

HIM ula oftle 'aio-. aiul at II..- : I ktrk Motors and .Pulk.. BtWhias.I .
You Fit I: Mir. Jl I. KOI"in i. : h> KKII'g jour
We Guarantee a [ -ri.nl. of detrlopmeiu' i. lleh rdt 'I Eire Irk Wafer F.niSee f, .
intl!iieni.e, I vti-h to sa> ounetrnni,; our IP i C \if! :.l' 1'.11:. i In i Mr i rr.tt
I lime in ;he ""rlf') to pn .k < r blew I 1."f .ur. throwing out mil '
iiiipuro nr
; t ikmv in fit-' .u tl '
fnrthtr through the eohrrnri of -.nLt me.
- Clothes. .. th..lr..... the d.II'Ihat/: ail I!' jour '
or We Keep the done will ..n... from broken. I Iii b- e-tie.lent: 'a,"er ill refird) toJ the. OHr- Second Hand I.'nuine: Bought.! and sold. "

i Mow of aster from'the. Kverglailes.I : .
: thortied> i''range' ,*, a".11 dur.'I t hi i.|I
1 I \\"(' have ;|just rro i\i t.d a l big -.tiuk of th-. .. .. ,.ill".n..b" thorninga* i- I am juil in from the glade at the i KEROSINE ENGINES.Safe

Fall (patterns .in I >o;nestle am1 I tn.ortt'll! \\- : ..,..r.II)' rape. .tel.. Pt.rsu11ally. I Allapattah, "d) .he," and the water l I' .

it l' loths. and can irate you' a .. grille down at Tampa. Peer runs i.g user the dke from the glade: and Reliable Power .
-1I1o.n"a.r I llian at time
any since
FlIt"J of which It roped and in (bit
I the great utrrflow, la-t winter, that was 1 for All
SUIT ON/ THE SPOT. : "," at least the whole tree will hate Purposes
the ruin of our tomato crops-and yet I .
be blown down to do an) material \ .
there has not burn .., much rain fall 't_ \1I fn
.. age.: Huneetljr, I think the, dam \ \)[ ID(1Dlm.\ .
'i :.. done will turn Mil to U- nothing I recently III this se<.tlUti. and did I not n' 4 .- -3 .... tty Ntl Mater t ('on umd. i iI4
500 Pants Samples know aomethiiiff of the wide extent nf U

.Mr.\H)ligh J,.enou,",.I.-cI"at, the fall ..rol..1 country vthi< h Is drained, by the kissiiiimee tt: } I t.eJ:. No f rkdrk! Batter) oOjor.1 .

nter'I would nut attempt to \ $..... t: :
c "* would be very (food 'in every rei-- .
10,000 Suit | ... larger than Jut )ear Die tr} to explain vch) this unusual Inch i -i" H The best I po\ter on the market J .tx

... water of the glades:, user former seasons. r-': i.
he said would be very d..ir.hl" i :. for all purposes. Call at our
had no idea of the damage done to Recently there hate been caresshe ....... ." '
1 ... office and
READY FOR YOUR / / i .. by the hurricane. rains along the upper klsslmmeeTail 1 I :: cxanrlne.one In opera
pine -- .-. -
. *-) ,. the Klsslmmee has its oui- L; .:;;- tion. :\11' s. horn one to
Asked as to the prospects for the to
Call and look through the same. i let in rlakellkeechobee, and the. ('al.wrahatrlwe -
( crop, Mr. Peter aid that in his i sixty horse power. Prices on application.
ruer's bead is okeecboberand .
..tI..n. nrnund Miami, ('utlerand I.it-
.. through its chancel the waters of ; MIAMI PRINTING CO. Agents
Kixer, there would nut, 'in all prob y
ties Kisxliumee river find. ill into
: )', be alarge an acreage an there way : Miami, Florida ,
H SEWELlTailoring the hull Too }ears ago. some one
** last year. The grower, it war
that thought: to hate 1 less trouble from s
were not to date, making, """ 7 ,
certain =
up c-- :: -4J; ; ..: =.= ::::-
b extensive preparation for plant Hoods along the (osahatchee, if the J

This ,ear, however, they would channel was
: ." the benefit of the floods. that from Okeei..hohee forced lo Hud, an outlet FORT DALLAS DRUG CO. f

Establishment.Hotel somewhere else, and dam '
a was
'pood nut the crop last season, the .
built atfross the ( aim.sahatrhee not far Avenue .D, Two Doors East of Post Office; ,
thanks to it* copious w a-hing
I in '(rum the point where it flows out ot
a being far better shape to pro
Biscayne Block next door to Dru;: Ston :Miami .... good' rwults. The recent hurri Ok..d..bt1'11... work wa quite anexlensne

I .., with : NEW AND FIRST
omplished, and it works. and .. I Lake. > < i.
also be raid, help in the ginMl: /CIASS.
The Fair Contestants I Only $2 50 To Get In "rk of preparing the ground and tkee. <.hl>hee ,is some eight' : feet higher : li

The tote in tlieTiun-s-1.nmn contest i, It win erroneously ... l ... it of {insects and pests. than this Allapattali( iljkr.. that fires: ;

For poniinls.loner to the M. Louis F.position' :- I' Uoiiila) that the fraternal I' !i Mr.l'eters gate the Guide n.an a hood) nf water seeking: its. Ir.J. come i Our Efforts If 'ou arc Busy, i
liter here to the Kant ( ....t. and thu-
; as ..nnountt'dIOt; "iinday, ; America would meet that night ""*pert' us Of the Hew East ( <>.i>t I'm .k- !
its. outlet is into the Atlantic Instead :i Always to PleaseCall'Phone I 97.
showed> HIM I illian Tomas still in ,, I. 'tiopiil that none of 4lie i ('0., incorporated, with a capital' I

the lead with 5:1,17with: Edith
Pyemsoond with a t"tenf 41 w;. Miss. he )>re>ent un n"11lund.J I preferred and common : preferred mirse+ no one i could do this thing: : ., -,

Grve Reed of Tit",'ill... who hat, :, wilt his the tune for the "Red j jKH1H pay 0 per cent dividend. At Dialed b) any )rg\\ rights, and it has been aquery ;

been third ill the ra<* fur. some timeshe : .." Any line desiring to 'i iorder .... ) in the iluide in an exclunite t* me wh) our people are spending

bat withdrawn. had .iWIO votes -in du 84.lIuW for *i.4 l I ... from Miami Wlllng'of' the ...r.nlulioD lots' of money to dig more canal

when she quit the field but realizing I the prier after Monday night I'' ..f this company, the offi to 'arrt this water away, which is animposible M. J. McDonald
I Ihe undertaking, instead of
hat: she
1 W relieve hr friends from I Ifurtb..r a large: number, of :I Isented 1. Peters, vice-president. : and I tearing out that obstruction that iscausing ,

futile efforts In her booh.lf.I I next Monday night, a< I .*. II. Gartbtide, cashier of the ua so much trouble and great i

The made an nrvllrnt ra.and should probably .be the last opportunity of Bay Biscayne, Miami. The loss I

feel highly fratlflrd at toe splendid ; in on such easy termn. Should are the V.en. P"t"n. W m. I am now planting tomatoes, butthere

r evidence of the loyalty of her friends. desire to take advantage of till Brown president of the Fort ilallasational : I. one thing sure, I would not w4et.

tt I* hoped that those all 100lr the rat, tomorrow or Monday Bank, and W. R. Anno, at- dare to plant on the glade lands u conditions -

line will now end in their ballou for secure blanks at the I at law. now are.

r Mia Thomas who has so clearly demonstrated ] or I). I.. H'ighe, secretary. I The company propote to take over Jiwrs MOTT.

her strength and thus won Tboa.1 I .. .
present property holding of A Bert W1I4 a\l Foe LiftWith

f the right to the support of those who i it h rnlM "( ChutMrttlB Diarrhor, 9m ColIC..4j. I Peter and M m. I. Peter conit-1 family around expecting Dim

bad previously voted for her rival oontesUnt. "Allow lue to give you a few I of farm lands and buildibg, *,t- : to dieand a son riding for life.IH mile, /

t I in praise of Chamberlain' ('olic <'d at Cutler, Florida at a price to to get Dr. King' New Inscotery! for /
-- -- Consumption cough and colds, W. H.
era and Diarrhoea Remedy *& agreed bJ the board of direct
I fswfal 0... JiftlaM Hlaa. John Ham'"It,of Eagle: '.... upon I Brown of Leettille, Ind., endured /
I alone and destitute. suffered one week with bowel I *, the Mer Peter* agreeing to > death's agonies from asthma : but this '
Bedridden, cab and flock wonderfal medicine gate instant relief AGENCYWheels
In brief the condition of and took all kind of medicine part part common ,
FHich wa an i
and cured blm. He write
soon : "I now :
getting relief when therefor.
any my payment ,
old soldier by name of J. J. Haven, "
Mr. C. Johnson, a merchant .. sleep" soundly every night. Like marvelous
VenailleO. For yean he wa troublt'dwltllkldb"J According to the proapectu "it I* i
disease and neither doctors vioed me to take this remedy. .. cure of consumption pneumonia for Rent and for SaleBicycle ,
tomatoes tbe
taking one dose I felt greatly "" purpose arrow on bronchitis, coughs cold and
medicine him ,1I.r.At .
length nor be tried Electric* rare Bitter" It and when I bad taken the acqiiired from tbe Me*.r*. Pe i grip prove lu matchless merit for all Sundries of all kinds .

him on his feet" In short order and was entirely cured. I thank I ,; to purchase additional land for throat. and lung' trouble Guaranteed :
put[ bottle lOt and $1.00. Trial bottleesfree ''
sow be VetifleI'm on the road to the bottom of my heart for growing; to set out citrus, Sanitary Plumbing and Plumber's >
this great remedy in the band at all drogglst tT .
Best earth for
complete reoorery.! on *-in abort to farm in all it* '
and kidney trouble and all form kind. For tale by Red Cross 5
liter Supplies.
and bowel macy and all medicine dealer : ,," OB an extensive ...al., tbe Cna Cud U OM Day.
of stomach com plaint* ,
of which are readily seen by Take Lustivt Bron QulalM T.*..... All
Gnvanteed all
*0*. by drugslits. -
Only Dnifalau...f... tae mourj If "leU. I*ewe'.
... ( Jelly cocoanuu at Wilson A the -buaine on tclentifie W. Oravc .slnwtor e. seek boa Be. a a 3.0 -i'-iPji3LF'TH; STR'WI H '. ). Z



I 1 I
Belmont Speech- Rev Hall Writes of Home Coming. 'GREATEST LIVING GERMAN. BUSINESS LOCALS. t

lion J. N ( !MI, ki" in ''if Jacksonville I.rI Yr''Ct''I'' 1 III tease be Pr.,........ Mnmiu.ea, the (.... .. Old 5J e( Cooley & Horner 1

t made. a ,>. -er -|p -,'h at Kelmont nn Ikeall', .Id. a1 ", ..lIti..1 friem! slaw .( ike Calaerla.d.I Undrr th'* kdnuj-Wur "TorSal- For
1 Tli, Mi tbiCT R-nl' and other such *4v.r1i.m.o s vUl txtatert4
f'r .1
f..I., Y in -- i *u i
'ou d : "
Th r.ila\ if lad wk. all.' i e\-r
1 in (Ih s Mintj I ,... Il.T nil .t UM anifora rate of ft rn' a line Th Hai l LsUk: Hi! Rental! a ;Gts.
.. mewl.il, T HIM 1 r..ul I I' ,
aid thai, Hirmrida. 'limeI weekh' \ '- .lm. iti.-r d C. MAYNARD ,
Hi insertion. N. 1 .oral for ... than Ite.nl .
.,:I- 1\1'00.' If Ins. I I. ... I I,1, ,.lI I O&< sinf ,
'i ut' wa* a J.lat..l, organ putlI.twdill l l tar av'> '') irom h un, aid -o male) *
i. r.I"I 1 c.iJitmil: liinlitl, '\ a* \t JEWELER A"IOPTIC":" :"! Fur Kent, -Kinli-r' .> d.- irieid-, lint III evangellstiiI I
ill., i I..r..r' tepublisan- en ) --
Novtni'iT. I I. still hale; and, I. nnm.l: i I no-lern. con\eMen, well: furnioheditiialed
1 lit- true and -..1111 liemocrat- I ihorin iennria for tin sea'or r'-'inlol n thf irr.ind old 111.1 n of Wol I Lie l like, to hair lew pup. -for I Perfect titling., ea.y wearing ga!
F .,ri,.1. cannot. he made to believe thai A ::1 -'site' boa rand I e\pevt: to ,... 'ti.' i.itlit'r'imlf {nan' > 'iiirni< lion' : termier'< .reaonahlK 1 are a I great umfort. N ith our eienVe sea-ate ol %iin ,nth_. i .

ti-auliful Miami, and ""I"ti MrK. I M 1)&It. "1'1. ...11- apparatus mid large elprririnihere r *
th flan' who an < luirman nl llrI 'mm to our '",' the completion' \ "f his emwi'lngwii'U
f ter (loriuer r."- deuce, ouili suit.of II, ,. no giie. ... rk. Prices reionahle.
k < .. .hr.. -e---, drliClollIruil.iml I the I h lint. alit, li has
> 'In..raUr Mate K\ecuiive: ".mDiittce her caret ex. an "ii "mum 5
: ,1\"'. S!' M"U W ".r.'p.ir tt'.tehees, I lockni
ol Florida, a> hieved 1 HIM. of Hit. the ..I.t a--ci.- atl"l1 olman ""'ti translated l into army moderu Uingnnpe. i and, spa| tat-lc-s.! .\ portion tit

grandest viclorie. fur tie, Item, xritn' ) dear ,Irilid1, I would. : .h.. .ret \ \\IEte jiil.ni.. : 1u-r-u.e.toraid. I 1,1) >-!.>..! (",. I 1. ar..d. on AT For

.. the nt.rt i liildreii '' ''II! l.r".I..I..I.d".I"' i a .lewnutif i enuf I/ twtw .-en. U'lh: and 1.1th >t*. : Sale.t
party in Honda th'..: it I 1t-: eerknown fend gr.' tnerv: ID : -. tiling/ on retail nc.-rchant- i

i. fal-e to Las party--tle-.t mmM m) ai yoinetah'.p"' '.11) theUii.itid ii- iiiil Nki'iu*. Local tarmac. ). "alar). !I W. \:. MAYNARD, 1

; t o.,.. W. il-oii., .Ito"ln.d'lo.r, nlthe uirl-: "f the I ') "I 1 remperaiit' I I -1 .'i-'l 'a ) -.... and, expense. piable' I.- '. -
r.u .r. "I" en
'I 11I1i..1 nion.. Lemon "I,.'-It I hope t-> no-el b. f ret j .1,1.! : ek in cash and ,,1'|'.-"*. ailaiHot. I $
j I' .. I'o-iiiiin permanent lluii ,se.uthweetnrtn.r \\enue li and I ..
: I! The man who would: tUetiuii| tiedeft. I u'1 n.I ,.., <'e.-'ul ,iiiirii-liiuk'' Maiulard IILNKY W.Horticulturist.. ( ; lltBONS N i n HIM .H"i\lim, a .1..11.11"1'.". '.
., ra 11 j of I...". 'I't il-nii. ,i. on I alii '1.1.l111 .he. .a'.r ) o"r well iner-) 1 11oli-.ej, .1.'I I'earburir-I.. I 'hl" "){... j JS A store building Avenue It, with r-e

I par w.11'' the, hal wl t.> r llci-e. tie i'ed pro-|"'ntv. dear Metropolis ,, "I! l ; f e 1 t L' I i 'UMiire- : \II.II'II'I''Ir..r".h. .,If"/"' .

i qualitMr I I'III' tnoMit'r in'U.., tlnl' yon espial, to .,'nu.- with, a.1x11 p"< 'it 'rat 'niiir or hauling a,.) kind ; .\ 1 1.,1...e '"11I,1..., of I'tiMinrhou' .etj ""
1 or t learn J JHinN.: < all on or writeMerr.iu 1 .m .Avenue l for sale or rent.
a-'n.,1 I that \tierwwspep.rs edition, Hi, tl" I.."ir future.' 'I.X\ 3 IS Ml \MI. FI.\ j
I : I' kern al-? ) A litkle.tin.. 1 ni \ ,.-a .'i: I I .V. tine li-t of other city and country
of Florida. were -uli.. ,,i- 'I I.et..rm, arriM-d. m tlv..s_ 't/ "', {I | swat
I- '' direthat' i*. that they wre, hired.I ..tn.tay and I :Ntiitdayanti J white" it l..m, : LI I M II -A line 'IHUIM'I., .\.11.I lni.g llM..( lkmrr JJ. \4't.d.

to tur i andutacy: for tie I int1 -l, .. nt the must of the' ,fury,, it exhivited I 7 4 feet le-aue.. .finished III leak copr I i i an rent )ou a I Ii 1..11 uppo-e -r fattened |It. than a year old : ,, and
i I ed st.etes ...raat"rsleip.l. '. :>io< kion in I- lornla it did. mill'h damage. ,t.Ilie 1.. I Kini; laolor withpeed)I..r lI'i mates: ani .. ( 'rr"'Il\IrHI"upward-n, r h"'trd.g"nts .

t stated l tllall he, lid mil. beirtr that all ciilt.in crap : but the rain tlutante l. I i ,uiir ."pefiallf adapted for. ling" fiche :'

I, uf Florida scat hc--tug: "t.., leg a4 engine i is in ....IIt..r..r I float.tiutplcte \ for
tilt iiew-p' .pvr% of the 'ale with it vvd-' a treKW 1 .t' Tjpetriier. -

? e werri.boilized, ," but that he, would" the, )long, lint, ir) weather.. and.. fi."reveral I I 1\11'1)| for uutlit pariicultr,of i-u.hi to,-n.J. J.and W chair illunion. .- I "Impf', .a ,rii-ihie.-.l and writ alllllllent.trig 1II..hill... in* ,.1
give :h. |H-"pl-' a true and. infallible da) t"toritia' I ha eiijojetlwealher II 'IUwk'a. Park. t"ls. I | I

that to make pleasant I .-- --
test i' to whether they were, mil enough: Notice!
I .,
? whenefr a new-paper opposed. him :l'n sit L) the 'lire uiorning' and I Cuba I.etter4 ()f AdniiiiiMrttiiim with the "
I"r"rlllali" to ail who demre con. .ill,
know that it wa-' +. hating been granted to
the people might e.-nItig I '
Tireoreoa t/nYiar: 1. I I "-eriiing. life in I ulia. its climate, oil, he nn'ler-ogiied., th..ntat..o' W. ,
bought by the corporatTt The thought of returning home, i i. I Moinnivn has cnntinod his pen ,.'......11..'., rii-toni of people, ......t nlI '. Valentine, dreea+rd. late ,>f thei

!j Weil well. weet." And II' how sweet' it will .he. to nrtlclion eurri'let political topic-, I IV ng, : hotels, tr.n.I""lat..III".t. i ounty of Iadand :Matol Florida,

j If this be true, the editor of the when, Cod1 dear children of ever) Last rcnr" he Issuwl| a lirlllbint ninnlfestn i incutetc... He You limy hive the, i \ ill creditor, legatee. and other havng 1
the be.- teen fit of what I have learned during Cooley) Horner.gents claim against -. estate. will" !
Herald ha, been bought for lu thete learn.and. order will meet in hailing the c.s'lall.ls as the onepartj I pew ea
e..nr years' re-td-no. tier.by address.eceg .-. t their claim to '
me. duly ,
many year, for he hat polilicalljcprKisei ed home, ."", ... i ",,111.1; in Germany entitled to I to 'me ) tier inquries| encl...'inirtvie -ALSI- vlthin two yer from this.probated date or ,/.

I John Stockton from his lire "Where, we shall know rash other ', n"'ir"'
entrance into Florida politic' better, | I..r..r Mnnmien has raked a Cr--o.k''. K.: M. ;Mor. I Real Estate or All Kinds. claim po

." fnmily, of flften l"'irrn! and has I'-nt'elaria' Prov. Pinar ctrl Hlo., M. I.auderdale. Kin.. Aug. ;..\ h.l103.
But. let u* ..on.t | ifr-noVlijldren lijr the ilnzcn. Its mine .1M! tuba. W. 1. ..IU' 'TlU'I tn it.Ai'm'r .
about hundred and j sixty new- sincerely' youth, __ ,
one t
still ap-sr! ,,* T menrfier of the (11..111 n with the, n il'!' anr.eexd.W. :
paperpubliohed. in this Mate or PitK., I.a. (i. W. II tf.i. ty of the rnlit'Nii,, of Merlin hut he for Sale- IJ. "Ct. a

this number M far at we are apprised, From Marion County !I'nliln no more l'....lI,..* and' only pprar Porto Rico pines pplr ."IM. a.t. eat toi :I KIDNEY DISEASES All........) of the K'tate. J.X s

J only' three are ..ul'lIorunol1: ,. stuckIon' :' at the old college fill festive oicalon I\J.'.' pier thou'aad' : one tliuu, ."n I Ii. I.apliam, of IN'alt arrived a fewdt l nd. the finest for llwirI ,
and'dai, ) Is it fair to presume > "
that the other one hundred. and lift) ) e since to cast hit lot;'" ith the Vegetable I I ae ill the. state, and live hundred or- i are the most fatal of aU dlv

gr.iwer of lint :.*" .tl"n.'Il.. I'A I 1 unite h.. '
[ .even !Late been hired to oppose hint .' WESTERN HELEN KELLER immediate. : uses.FOLEY'S.
overland. and had a pleasanttrip I .purchaser.i
If.. he would do well to quit therace. came very I i I'..,... IUr lo tin rent earli.iinnain I II
'- | making nearly acquaintance. and. How Llaiale Hair...._...... Weef.ItyAmtcied. > Cherrim/flnr plant. right MONEY CURE la I'I
extensive I .knowledge. of tIe, U a Her War. I hundred.. I
8 If hit statement. lie true, I he han't1th getting an I I'The of the mental development dollar iwr I I fiauifitit. Btai.ior :
tory berrT two dollar rYe
country lie had. n..tb..n intbecity >! ra" plant .per
: ghoul vt a iha'ice.ew I of I-innlc Ilneuowiiod., a blind deaf tll'IIIMIll' ). I II II
hour before he had found work
if, \ :itperii are not the moulder :' many mate who I Is now one of the principal I \ i.unit. Cr..ton..alnJ...* and Hi- I. t or money refunded. Contain

iof public opinion a* ha been erro- for his t..m. while he looked around ..,l.tant* In the Institution For the : heist-usala" ( > fine dwarf, banana plant remedies recognized emi
neoudy stated but they are the -<.. for t location fur his farming u".ra'i Blind at l1a".. R. II.. I* almost a* wonderful at your own pric
of the tion*. Mr. J. J. Holly took Mr. I.ap- a* that of Helen KellerLike I ('dune4p tier ;Miami river and cr nent physicians as the best for

i action of the public opinion ham in charge and ", illrh.. him pointer I Helen Keller. I.lnnlc llngiiewoo I what I lUvr furair' Kidney and Bladder troubles 4i
sommnnilie. in which they are pub- II..I'K..E-WIILI.. <.
about the vegetable business that I Ubed. i HiTrrrido Plants" I .n. 2"it. nuoi6ac.aa.su>.
will be worth ob-erving. Mr. I-aphim j but loM them through db>t>a...... At the --- ._. .
For Mr, Stockton to public! *ttebat age of sixteen else wa sent to the ColIcpe i :
MITKOKOIu man expreed I Sheet Muie- I
; when met by a j
only three newspapers of thec I II For the Blind at V In ton. la. and j j
ne hundred and sixty published in I himself a* being delighted : The )I.l..t and all-th '-raie nonrjllrllol e ,,r w

with thus' se.ten and all the people betiad ntral !" "(ii.. M.. lleavew." i i"I've BladHair"I A
'lorfda aPe favorable to his undlll..J.but ,
a I.nn..rinr In Ml tI..ar'F..rl :
I to proclaim the fact that the met. I i 'Pisa "Louise.Bell bailey, Won's1'ou I !

] eople have no confidence in him and Foley' Ii.du.'tll'C! luakr the diseased Please tome Home'" All !*) cert w wr

t ] it 'Influence i* con/II 0""+l to ..Ia eorpot kidneys. sound so they .1I1..1Im-1| 1 >ng'. fur XS cents each, and In the I bar used your Hair Vigor I \\f fI"

t ite limit of .r.cktoD1'ilI.-Wbiu i, mate the puinon from the blood. Red Cloud Old Mummer Time, M rents iti for are years and am great ITpleased i +. p w !
Cross house .
i Indian Khrrr Music
rings Ilerald. I I 9 Ha. t'fonb7 mail to any ., l with I.. It certainly restores i I" J
Philip De HofTs Accident- TiIU..II.// th* ori<(< ,
---C&our- hairsoh.-Mrs r
f hair.
I I .narer W nte Lrually begin with the aymptomiO Helen KiUenny.New Portland,Me.

: a canine cold ; there i Is cbillineM. Augurtine Trustworthy lady or gentleman to I -

a eenng, sort throat but kin, quick I | manage business in thin county and adjoining 1 Ayer's Hair Vigor has 7C.
a PlDoanenea" and impeded re-pi territory for well and favors-I
ration. five; frequent small do-e. of I| "He attempted to board a moving !' bly known house of solid flaannal been restoring color to H. PRESTON CO.,

Billiard'. ilorebound Syrup the child train at the twitch a short distance ,standing; fiO.OO! straight' cut II&lar7\ hair for '
t will cry for It) ..d., the ant ign olfroopy I from the depot and grasped one of the ;land riprnwpaid each ) \ gray fifty years, CBEVCEKT City r....

;e a cough apply frequently Ballard'Mow rail of the platform. The rail ; ___.3'I chick direct frum headquarter Kz I and it never fails to do C. H. PERRY Age t.Cvcnanut .
4 LI ilrnent externally to UM '|guard I I prn 4* money advanced ; p>*ition permanent. II this work either. Grove, Fla. ,
swung I loose, and In trying to regain '! ,
throat to at Red Cress Hliarmacy.Death Address Yan.r..tIIIO looon t
j I
Ia bit equilibrium befell from the platform Bldr., rhif.ro. lil. You can rely upon it
sot Mrs. realtorHr I 1 1 1r I MIl+ J. A. DANN
t landing on his feet, but one foot j jI.truck for stopping your hair ,

K. Featerof LaGrange, I the rail and the wheel 1 of ther r r I City Registration Notice. ': from falling, for keeping

pa ted away Thursday morning the i coach rolled over it, mashing It alrauct''r Notice la hereby given that the '
It, ITth .t' o'cloClI..t the borne of her ,flat. Mr. I>e Hoff was immediately! I i Registration Book of the City of MlI your scalp and for

daughter. Mr Andrew Froncber.. after ,,, taken to the Railroad Hospital where Luau BAOIBWOOD.plnced "I amt will open on September lit at the | making your hair grow. I
k I II City Hall from 10 to li o'clock eachI M SS ....... AH '.... Sa
} bl.l attended to. I "'" : 1
a lingering lllneof more than year. injuries were In charge of Miter hurt Donald. ,I week day until the first day of October

rs. Feaster wu born in Ijiwrence, 1 He wa to base been married on :i From the itart her protcreM ....* rapid. for the retfiatralion of thoe entitled :, If your drneIt .. nnimi *n|>plv cos 1I I +
taia.c I Miss Carrie i she entered the (o register'in aid City or Miami. II i nd u ..M tfviUr. rft* .. win u|>K.r. **
: on September t, l'e 3. being HOnN Wednetday afternoon to :: and In two lean higher roc a betlle. lie.. ..... Kl,. the sa.r
ix >* n and It day of 'Ie.t tine of her Mickler, but the wedding wa post. Ieartn.rnta of the college. | 31. K KKLLin.rity Clerk. ., your.mi nrm.,.:.nCiJ. AAdra.s, t
33! I II I 1 IW- ':... I, )law. !
Ia. She moved to Indian. RiverCf paned until bit recovery. Mr. De Hoffhas _

e 'WI it >i her husband (new deceased some 'I I many acquaintance and friend ,:I MU Haguewood I* an expert manipulator for Sale. ;I
't I of the typewriter' and
S3 ] ear ago, and ha* continuously' : in Miami who will regret to learn of pmpefssthe Nice property with bearing fruit : I II

i .ia< e her borne here .101.... this deplorable accident and will hope i i study and examination .papers on ;| tree* of all '.ri.tI..d.- nation and II I
I I this machine. She U also killed In theart house decirable1location !
Biscayne Hay : large ,
3 ed children to for hi. < rec. I
1 lecet leave* even speedy iTery. i i of Imokldnding. Today, at the age ,, for residence and business .

rn her loss, who are Mr. Arthur Soar Stomach.When I I of twenty-three.' :Mists" Haguewood Incapnlile purpose: Writ i to (,ha.. C'ourlry I

'''. 1 ea.t r. of Montgomery, Ala. ; Mr. the iiintiiy of food taken is'': of. earning her own living and I I Kuena. VUtfc. Fla. '
-- -
FJoh iG. Fea.ter, of Columbia, ,*. C.; too large or the quality too rich tour taking an Independent. plan among the i- -I I

'YsT.. A. Feaster of West PalmBeah stomach I'n likely to r.lIow. and especially ;1 world' worker. i NOTICE: ,
tu if the digestion has been weakened : To Whom It May Concern : ,
| Mrs. W. S Norwood Mr*. A.
: I Horseshoeing
by conmipation.. Eat slowly and Don't an..1 the ad.ertiieT>ent of'IL. i
I' Fr4cber. Mr. O-. F. l>nreu and Mr*. not too freely of easily digested food. : ROSE FROM MACHINIST. I '. l IIa\'is. in this paper regarding >,

;. 'A.ir. Buie, of TituDvllle There. are Masticate tlie food thoroughly. Let ,,1.,01.l for Citrus fruit or TegeUblel.
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family pInt in the LsUrange cemeterytbls" reader : You want to nave money I vania and ntvlvrd! a common school I Elect Dranlst stack and Poultry McdU le

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will xwitive'y cure hr"i>cliti. httarene been reduced to the following price '
,r : di.ea*<4 : to be taken before there, 1
and all bronchial cli..I. Refuse i'I' Sick stock should
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U an inquiry from the MIIROI-KIH Six months------------- S alne call for fprlng medinnei stir II!, t .<. ton '! livrami 1 the T i' .pSt f ......,H* i
year----------------:11 I oniineiire; the ea"n with, more ann.al wt'''! be iur--l. if Joe ,ntMMr tlft:"f*.** '1. '". .'--Tko-i PMPMl,
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..:' Mr. aug.htry replied that the We will. send you -M-nn-Weekly: lied 'In.t 4i.eateTry and I' 'ultry Mni.i. m. tulc'ada the "

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Liver Tablet ted Steel work clerk ,
Chamberlain's Stomach and i* a and has Igradually j _
M buy a box of Chamberlain' Stomachasd I I
*. They are easy to take and produce ruin by reason of kilt Tata- sick headache.
,- Liver Tablets. I have taken partof WANTKIw-YOrXfi MEX to prepare .
them and feel a great deal better." no griping or other unpleasant effect. able services to the coaaftnj.: for Government l'...ilioni. Fine Me. ASl rtM.
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IlE"'R01C RESCUE you are a gi-atleoian you ;:
to '""<'Sp. about ten year* ago. Fort;

\ Prof- J C- Allen'i Wedding. Con ict r n,,'-> w in the plot and m-arty all olth "By A FI'REMA.JKijlfd boast that you were born one. '_ ---- i

will tiiid I' ill .IIII 'w
following aivoimt ..f III inairmerl ... k .t.1."n, ,"- I. jute !
ITt "f iI ER.ll. -
: th '
of Prof. J. < A'''t.! r >" )' t'b' In 21 TIARi A DYSPEPTIC
fiage i : I. HU Otvn Lift to Jata >< I I I.1' i :
oipal of the M IIi',' p| I -, !I CotvedSlcry 1 n. K. II tt..'r, i-x-s. .mi Malt I I. '.kcII ; i i i*>- i ..t.i. .'. i k. H* L. t4
::9' 1..1",1., -I I ". :s. Girl From HorribleDeath. < ) wr I luau been It..(Irrrdah ',I'sl t -" J ', K J. \\I.n.i F W, 'i(

..tie read will. mi.' nit ti) .. ,_ I t ,'I -. ,' 1 1I ii-i | uu 'I.r. 11..1.1'i '"n for .1 I 1.1, II ., u t

: ., I 1.lJ;,I 1..r !I.. .. tru d uiai,, d.itir-wu1 i "nt r- i M I: h, .n
er6 ,"u,,01 i I I : '' ) isrs ) \I 1 -.1' I ti I. M.t'iti..lffttlI \ i
"'The fire ..n II\nnn. ', attar l netbunlydl ,' Uprising ItFoljom I : ) .: ."tr.il :: 1.1 nor oilxv 1 Ir., : ri-i..-iitl) I not: a b ,111.. of II,'run f. I I'r. "" 'I ,,i i o .n.' l1 it _. ..
of an \iini.. Pli !IM'r -,1rl.: v:i j IP*
-a brii, ii I Ij a- w hen. on I ue. roa II-; n. .ut!.", ', 'inrix teus ,"i) Out* t..lltr uri-d mi. I 4111 flow taper. I n\ .'TN.ii. ,M "11 rckt*. '
.ln1. ... Tri.torr.California. ... -.n'Iifn.tl; i: u.milllit, lfalh In I IN. Hit; nit on for ..i."".1. I la.r r. i .m- ... .,
II,.. .: h in-t., 'Ir. txx.i- I. the i. Ili.n :ml .it .1 A'f : Flu r P4tttr ti II ihtt[ .ui l U i. mK
d.Jep.OIl'j{ ) ..w. lurk dr.' a f, w .I...-* 1<1:. l h\' lireb.ui ini-i.hilH, to in) fririid, 'I'. i uringIhrin /: ...* .nil...1' FplUiam t k..il:). I I'alter..Ht aid .f
uiiii. Mini-Ku'aliali.aialanding r .1 1 i < Inn.I.T -.Hi. I riil-fi'k- '. A b 4itouFrnlriu :
Kill I I'narni
Clayton : il russ I <
:-1-1; I P.rovxii Hud lulu t .\nniIHIII li* .... ....... .. \ sad ,
( tlw .oft nit:I of ra' u .liticii, a. n !l' .l+.il t .....:i .in 'r iln"+ ..1I..y.\.r ,.t. I"' .Ilehn.ii.III)

in bMidfd, liJUiollr for 11',1 .\ f" xx d, ii-ir I.,' r ''IY.I.*..i,,'rj r.'nj.r""I.Io"r.'o'l'l a rill ,I 1',a are a good/: frlluw in the ..*- ".i.i kA ..>n (-.1. r It. XAllxiu oil 1 1 ii:' :.:) ;,)

;lore light.. in (.,.'rr $: ftnuii.. u" .. <.11 .." lirav, I ..n..II.II..1 -1'''x pie a, long a* )ou tt4l i. I'll,,*' alt, .1 I r.eTti.Nu WIIMHI.' 1 .atlrr- .

.resit w alorwoe bonj.. ijttun-d of Inf.Xbe In Subjctltm--Gat. 1.! _ht f"I) iu < ,1I411-: 'I-':' i| i 1(1, 1!i lh ""0j,1, | tent.IN eru hurl,.YI I.. .\.'IIlhfr""lt .brad the Hi.to tin inLMgvour I II Cnu.d I.u.I..r II mil. buI I'b.I1t1..h"n.. Vri-lrrvk ; 5-..r//

ninou w I h ILL I"" x .,r .,1..llI..a. r'IC \\\f I I..J! .lih.. l"t II 0cstir, )' nidott u.r'a (','n.1'I. 411.1 H.llll .
suburban h mi.ot th, Guns. Safer ** ay WunuhtlJrrn i U"'-'''') mtrru. k. llahii At 4 H 1'n.: 4'"T4Ttt
: t +- bi-auliful ling I I 'n ,i "tri .I u..t.t.d u thi' d.' i.1 I Ii .1 ;i calf I ML I '

Mr: K. B. I '.-an. till'111 Wall II. .. ..' xx .!thIn I < otirii i'r) not rom pail >> fln.H".
bride fatter Than .i.r i .Lt: h.' I b ft fi.! sta. .11. .Ib. .. xx K1 nil)' Iir-.'iii nt work InI. fed abunlautl I .
Ir..... Lun fr. although
tell "
tupa<.ious, wooded ICr.IIIII'Ibrllh .111- H :" xx. i!.,,'... of'1i. Hi-linn Lifer. cll} ." I 1.,1 1.IIIIi-: M In n a tire stirt"it III theuI ,I ) The entire trouble' ar..lrum IoeeraC 'I Jslana.

i lighted with Oriental, Iran-par.-". I.r. .nil, hid ill n iln.', \\.1 l di.'njtl ;. -4"ifl rod| tlllnl the npp.T I Miaiiilioli. their lo"d |. I".t -innlatfil, I -vs.r-I.... ..I .Mete II t Crawfunl ,1

presented a teeth ol unrualle; M. in. r::es or I''t n ful tlb} 11 wh n ., .I) ) I'jy''r.l '. c '' 11 I, 1 .d I 11 1I.r,1..,:del\ ... s''i.ik" Men an.! wit mil ilrMiurril hj turn.. .V few do*** 1 ".mcu' tlli-r A \lnu/.i\ Kliirtt c.l. r.iuinTrfsmriT 'i

CM, I I r.' .\ ti'': xx .i- \x l d.!' u of F..11I. 0I.t :h rlX- .1.1 irlriili.i < ni! t'u: .'mt I ,' ii '.11: ijrth.. .""1"\' ..y" aid tin. Mu of Wlute's ( rraui '4eruilugr' will Atby ...u 'al J. II_ WhllO'I.I <(

,,tu. II.. ... hiiiir tin. .-"trad.I :" '11. i :il '.n i i. 1 I. M IN.'n r..llh'.1 n : \1., ;:'tilt thou I... and *>oi.t.u ha.Lr J!i' < > .* ....!., ti: ,'ir i) to, tin. i au-e lliein In i'ra. : .r i r) I"" and Ingltilol'iru. I I > MIJI"l air'rwetitrh.." "l liiblu& 1.I"lLu..n-W.. H J r

Il,.e 71 the I"II.I..I ..udln. .. al ...., r, ire> nun'h to 't.e. ., B E. \I. U* I
.l k d.'v uf 'itruiilr.iiv
.1111' n ;
,. :. ,' t:,irtn u Ion n | f ::1."d.1 <- 'li' .\ t .1
o-nlahl 11 : i
r e' i u
... standing' : III. I \ iid of the .. .'II..r. :?:.' atGru J C h fiMTiT !
eg part torutd.t .,1 \ fmt.i i l it .1..M I Ii,i ,on .\ull w j. :\.1 .hI) 110 i.- at t. uiit| to i iijin > "'M.W' < hm'i.'h' It.I' rf.lt 1 u. "a., 'liitiiu'lnij.-' urprisr % ji ) I, Al H.';i ,u.ut-.eo-A I i I : uilrr. Iot real liu|>,*...III..t \o-{
..r.. but er' and Hi II. uuid ... fu'ty ...." i. t. ..-.. .work I: I rim 1'herria.' : y. II Treeurvr.
'..i. J I-. .\1 .r) .\1111 i,' dull,} t.'it utter i ,:irl-4 w I,, Pun I Tn) tj.i'rruor. t MIN.tlrr .
.,' .* call tn tholhrr I .. "o, ,; "u i u-, ."' |Iv i" ,'ir" in 11,inaitirI .' Mlorui itiutrsl ftuil Cutiinni l''lit-r <>t Ari-
tbeltrring. palms' pirdg.il/: >'r.' u.n Iui: pus: tin ':1111)to dmn iby r iu in .i *'111"" f." tn'7 i on tin' 'ixth The man who. -Url ..Ui 1.11"111I1lur'. /: .) '
should last, In.. -.-. :. .1 I m i I.., .,ni.". :rod r. .nix. hfn .. and 'ir.dlit I lilt urea. .. Seer..
*o lung. as life .t Mi.Mmlr hmk! ranks K '....r uhufi i I. tin top nu. w hen tIi.I t.. Lair au rasa ..iM .>( MH.IU.IO' Th. ( '.iMrnor.tsry I
tl,.. i..ir* follow,IK'! tl,.. .10'.. iroubir a 19 prrttj apt .if Mie. AlUirnrX-iMfnirsI 1 rwt.urcrand
:, ii IH tin ni
de\olion o'a ruin } ,ultrd"II,: andL I .
fullness of tier, h..arC. f. ti II."I" ill I in ..1 I r.' w tie h. tr.II"'" riuun.h'/lI'"I'un iiiHtruitl..... f

*; O J. .ipelaiul.. "l tt'ajle... lull .1\,ix..,M.I,u. Hi, wa' I'H'. man sly III" f. xx him, ,.i, ts ih, ) Reno din:: iuIln -.,' ",1..(r s nuil' tlinr. wax' In the, job finding it.' "ftu.rilif p. ..u.'ie lii'tiiuii' ..ms Thi (.uv ......

TheRrV .- ., ... of the < iilin.inti .. .h theIr buck en jra Cs S. n -w n l.ir) "f ,lHtr. rrs,t.i. r. I't: :
performed in a most a impreii 1'1 I:.ne .1 And! |I" nn' 'ieflu. unniuini.ii ttul.t. mil f au n .". ur. i \P"11U| !: ,':: t" In* ithU to r. n dl i .4iiiiiiH iuut r:.i AKruultir i :; ;

boro, (lass .!.tic of lli, !I'i :-..11. prison. ..IM. nll,1 .Ii hud In .mi to |..]' the liioln,'ntn ".< iNt ''HI lli',y found tin- >ui"k. <. lIa' x\.if hi-* iai. in fur mar\ploii 'l.ii.1 I, ni "I I*'ibll,' lti.tr'i<'tiunB ,; h I-J

give manner the prrUl'rrewnnj.' th. ...t ninsHMnil tli I ..uanlruie'l II i .\ ubi: .lost her "nurul.Iu : \.'. urn.. It -.rpi-iM- au) ol..ra'. '" <.".1..1 PAr.La'-Thr i"i>.'R"'. "eretarr j';:
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th.it ( > S "
l la.a- in oo .
I t aDd Couimistuae"t
charming:!} robed\ ,nB II w,11 li- .prml l 1.1 n furcut.'urtl., f Main. V turney vxrDfrAl ...
"1 be bride was ', liv l-rnl.'ri. k, < tin hi- .,"11 in i 1",1 "r
mil t::,M- rl. '" .lift 1 it .u' .ifrjidlie, would aeplial- .11 l u tun*
white silk en train, 111'1110 ..-.'ntx. fi\o \ ,ear hiwa. w.inl.-u not 1\ flirht their burn I Ii. .,i1". .'ri"'. I. 'loin, ulcer, ltl.r iuu. 1'I.m., R f. 110. Te
handsome -onxnt" ,,'. re .pni.inup. ; to ui| alii'! (raull all;. dirtinl to n winU -
it '
...,1 ..: rh. inn. f'Vjei ,r... < lmpKUnai | '!-... .
nin 11 ,' KT JllM.ES.R .
tell el'1'tBt4E cut .
a graceful/flowing\ "M) ..II.t, tin pullw t-n a small! door n nod, iniNil' out niion the milt Infallible bur I
tiiik '1. of Folimm h 'f-. .1' rn.pti"tt' ,I :::1
\\'I"n .\11'1 I I argp .
"The siucere congratulations extended iu .1 I IM flu side lOt an in IIOIIK- at the :"">i thru' Iwr hind ma* rnxiMfxi) ."- i II, k,mfiiilrel Only :2>>' at >. 10\1,1. l'h1. f.iuttlre, :' f

to the liandome Cr..ulIand li..i. : t"II1,1 I :i 1 LII ..' |I'',11'! of "'II'\\IU' \ .Maixlmsn h. td, \f th 21:lix.. :N.ui. of tin. <,im\n.t i to" II..' .'i ok" '. -> that a> a la't nic ", al pil ilr .ggiiiriiiin -, f 1M'. '-'. ,.'...,.-t..rJ Ju ivTUr.M ."...,.. ;y
; II XI 'IH A.
> .
l not left al me to altiCat a r.1.x niui,;.h,::i. .it. r rl .iu> to the r,.I'' ".'. 1 iln, d..r until a (;,,111"10. gun liei .l1r.... Hint, litnirnl lii-r*.If. from thiindnw Cumiiiuiiusii ,IIH 1.. any.it thin stale olnrlal :.
lotely bride were of the l h n-itily, mm sometimes t Jnu/ra, ali,> ilil ,Iaditnsse4tol -r:
which. t..ir. ''II ti> |.our It.ft.111I n stream out .> I..I!;!,'. krH-plnc a firm trip onLe I .: < inr Suuii-iita CIMI. :'
r"lCar.lln ..
to the high' of fool- all.ba-. t I. J f
useful an.I "|1 x ti t ,nH. Tin roninM wire. pail mil, li>.r Uxlj4, now h.tnpnsINYr 1 I. x.i. iih an i\hibilioii a

i f ?Viend. hold tbeju. for many ..I... itr K, i lln'j threw down their rill.... 4 .i...-r drop <>f eta; ..'..rirIn 1 I i.I."..... t .11. t'ENATUR.. ( oJ

I t *" fcandome presents were eijually a..1 kn.,.U on the tniund ....1) sli.mt.-d ..r..tI" 1111 .-rIl' .ilh 1.. r w'a' n give U H in. Jsmri P. Til:.ufi-rro, Ji I*HIT ilk. ..'.

1,' uent in testifying to the popularit]) for 11 r, y. Tin. ...11I0': was workiil or.',m .IT. ;i I'.,.plo, from Burroiindini: waa.stetcinobody ui* know. HJII *t,|,,iii.n K. MAlur( >, Pout rda. ';iJ

if the fortunate couple. I rnr[ I''rl, wnil, <, \\hin tin mini bUIJII', :< 4in' hi r iiml i'all..II..".!*} for In the do hart know that it in under strutaw 1 U. e. ('u\IIEiYEX" -".;

"A delightful feature of the 'orral" .n i ,I .nlj it t'.w of the men were left in'u. i or "'JN,I" in. n to o\t. 1 his but we Abuse that law et ru fliglill) pain Furl Ixslrnt' rmlinxlDX' the E.st u.'j.'j.

lion wu the elegantly pre|"' reil and I n'',i,: t 1in.,lu.nt), l.tuxx' w.i. drix lu? Rattal- rr-ult Irregular iii tug IUMIIIH deraiiiemint Hull t K..I.1 M' taus, I'll.ln,

ed alfrewo supp-r. tiwhih I T'i,.. I-M.n dead nun wt.r.. arriiil to l..n i < 'I Li. \I.rlill Iii to 11.<' tiro .V d"*'IIr of the organ*, resulting in, I : .Y.nr.1:: Dustmen--Uuo, >, :U. lparkraa.
:, daintily ser guesH paid Jii-i lho- {l'rI-in and i true Mid nik.il Iu' aoxx I. ...n- .J'liil' i ,tothi. ..lui.filial therein ..n-lipalion' beadai'hr ..r liver troirble.l sup.' :'iI

the animated .. n ,i Imjk" .I"ftl| title I One man had a ...ihl, I hin.nu., n. III I"'r hands l "'IC'. \rw Life 1'ilU ipiuklt 1'''' I RtILRODCnYMI: .rtluNFta. l-fI

and proper tribute. 1.lnd."It'n thi.. \U"' gentle, ) el thorough I :
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nnk lir n.low mirltriw .IJu.h
I \\ edBewlay I.'n rom a ni' .thfury w J..fT B Hru Dr 1 .>) ni5il Ch..ltm.. .rk.
"Mr and :Mrs. Allen felt on tI"" Ii I.' I. "ill 'IH'<'n mimliiiil In mike HMK > li il' i..ins. l4>nirtsl, from. l Mriu.. .. Hi Jv :!:,c at all driiggft! I. M...,. Little K.vrrJ "...

morning for a shorn isit to tingroom's t i,I N alu!. .x%. m.....- li-arty flh.ii'ist the rla:i.i- indjdirtid"! iii| the sti.rwar IIMa .- to lentil.e your nnni_lHi. i iI. K:. L.i :Ii II"I.n..,ii\n. :YL.11. Japer....... n lk. ,

niiMber. Mrs M B. .1".1 .r: 'i. 'hln flue runtiftt wi.n. f.I' d ,,low. iloMflt fi llotv.il b>. I'ol.r.man If you want H..I- I uite.. and .,111.... of the Biwrd at

Waterloo. 1', t .. before going t. MealFalm IJ i(0 --t th. ,,,tuliliVis 1:."l 11n Ol:X r I IJt: .'II'.n.1 of th" KH?,lls' 'thstrii I i.. prt-a 'h ,shorter TIIIOIM. try gut in !: r.II.,.....?

Beach, fla., where )1.\. I ell n. n.i I' in the prison. end tie pri..i.a ion! I 'I'r.r.."ll E.: nil ii'MPil III* fillwnh r >ii m more pay I U .COll\lh"IOIII.R.j: : 4i

+ teftUuentand,>puUr suprrintrudrflsuftbetitahod. t 'Ii':1 i hill; UI'| "HI the "last one hid. a 11'1,11.. ropier Ih.y, tnndt'uir Avoid serious. result of kidney ob'adeer Jubo B Rrllly, Miami.A1iiR ,

.' 1',1,1 I ,. 'INShr.. wily HirnUlt, to thia. |".irlnn'ul fromwhnli I dimirder by taking (olry'iKidney DITRiT r r
"|:\. ITH
4 Au'l! 'i id, nn original method In mark liaiu'inf. I hilt the ;i j
-- -- 1 i 11.! | klrl wax ('ure Ked ( rii rharmai ) B"ttI.Dd DsJ (ouuUes) )

Defter TI.U a P\aOWI. nc ui.'M o'l' had trJ! and fJII.od to, p.- ntnoke. wjs I... ili.nm. even for them (Embracing: ar

of flannel d.n'|H-ned will 'mII" i lnthel: them In red shirts. and Iliiv without Ur'ins an Instant A man may be ugly enough to It"p ll.u. E. V. IHmkk. Pulra nvarkUADK .

Cbambt'r..ln'A piece. Pain Ba m and bo.m! t a..1 h.s marils: were Instructed! to ..he..1for to the 'IU In math and onid the I a 1'1 luck and till he ran marry lwi.man CUt'NTT EEPHgskNTATn: I.Graham C

afected parts. i. -ller than '" thi-i e ..hlrt. If any effort was made window .!>',<'tlx' under herP.rownJhrcw enough to stop a rar. r
.on the pretty N'. King. Fulfonl.uDg .
r for a lam bail J.nd lor pm.' Vr&tug tn linak away" :Not until every manrearing hlmi-lf astride the window ;, .: r

J Master. stile or Fl>...tl Pain Balm has nsuperior ol.. (, a ml shirt had lie,u soot down mil. iiml j lyiiioml craoiied him by I CUD tOm FNtCMONIA.l CUIVTT orruKRS.Louutf _

Ml-uiment lor add tbrelief rl.eimiatU In 1 a flu.!Inn; f fc-roiip w rre the ,guard* tore the log tjUat was Inside and l>y the I >r. I J. Bi.li"p ofgnrw.. MM'b.. Jiuljt*_Allen E.Hrvwr, MianiL ) s

,r deep aeal o".u'ar' tI on the oih-r eons Ict*. waNt I .a).. I Ia\, -,\lard .'..I..a lli.ney ami' Count} AHorntT T. BaiMen" Mm ail. of D4
Court and ra>r
RedCrua,1'haruuac thresh
i, of t'k-rk al
", tie umiV the dhwlilme|' lit) exact that : shouted Brown lending. Tar in three, very rime rases pneunionia ,.
I soda 4rsaleb Ma......... :U I Now dfop" raw-" -C. C. l>*ari>oni irosBOt brie
v It 1 was |inin' lble for a' wan to pwnpeu bill (leafy far out from the building; and with' g...
/' Sector Tliferro IU I the last few year of bin nerrlce nt trfUhlojj w kle hi. arnj. Itefuwub.titutrs ItdtroM I' Collator of Tain-Thoe. J. Harde. Coeoar-

: Balti. ..empt to gain freedom grew .less and The brave girl looked down and ho .land.. in readineMfor lutdruTc.Aisnstir. K
1r / Talimferro U atill in Tb" nupn of Tazet--tt. M. Smith. M lastTnuurrrC. "
, Senator : .p. Finally the prlaoner gave It np called fishily: when It come, 1I.ItaDlrr.KIa_..
7 more, which account for hit alwencc a. a laud Joh.l They decided It was bet "And Ifyou miss me"_ the CouulT MupenatrBurat ucreful man.
polltlt'.1met't.IDIftI. I. the only real T Mi-rrttl.Boena Vista.a
.s from a number of recent t..r to work out their aentem-ea or to Health you sure'. Iioo't be afraid." Buard of Oountf romailMluoen -lino. W.Ulnhart.lhairaua. .

inne for a reprieve In the ca- of a life 8Dioke *.-*. now coming la greaterioluuw Carl S.merasgw at t'ls Laaga. ', West Palm Sera P. a -_

punta Gorda meetB I ....nt"" .-.. than to feel the bite of theowning ..rall'ar. inie !iuy lungs wen kicker iuiilter.. M, E. Mcuvnakl. riiUara.
Just before the I pun ever out of the window Win siwelu Viaail; IrI... nek-ker. C sxuW.mre
attack of fever and badI ; Gatllnjrs.K.ILLET from the p-dge of which the girl ..wung.I 10 badly mile. ted that' I had many E. C. Dear......... Clerk u4 Audlter. e(
bad an I of
: be lienHirrbagea," write A. M. Ake, ......, MlamUHRCIIT ,
f'. when be went looked down dx-palrlngly, then
only partial I recovered I She I :'I took treatment with '
.. I
to "" ''- ) LION i iI .brne.
down. A few days after returning I : said: phjaician without any .
... be .a. called to \\.b-I COVTICn WKItl FA11C *TKICX J(. I II WITH HIS TEETh "1Iu r. llgor: I..r.. then started. to take .'01"1IU""J [ I
Jackson yule, | sal otber ceuntl.*JClrealtJndsvMlanrK
buineM. After ground : : I She let;!berwlf. fall Fireman Brown, and Tar and my !lung are now (Embracing Dade t+,
on public I American river prison recommend it
lofton I I
her bti'HOW bullet. TUuavlU
I II caught with. a viselike grip, a* a .Jones.
several days of work there be went to I covered 44G[ acres mostly filled withquarries A WyomlnHan't A.tnalr t '.-d ctigr of lung trouble" rraitmUaa Attorney-J. O. Benv' Urb.... tR
since been cone I : 1' Clerk of Coart-E. C. Durbu. .ti. MlaaU.Pall ?
Baltimore III. and ha of the flneat llineatone. cattle With a "Xtf Female LLUN I Red Cross Pharmacy Tem 01 Clfcalt Court ran..ne*.* Pint

flned to his bed with ...b.tJlI. pbjf Iran I It .bad been planned to build walla Catamount.Anmn I I --- -to cultivate aman' II aw You need not expect Trrai DO first Mooaay after fowtaloBday r',
... Mf la typhoid ferer. The around tbe prison but AuH advtaedagainst I friendship by giving him an la April. I
been mild however, and without t thi*. He argued that a wall )
i baa Sore-off of Torry Creek Caiyon. .. occasional, dig. DADS COP ITT COUBT.

.. coaspllcatlon and the Senator at lat would be useless, aa the convicts would I Ayo, according to hla own std; ..' C..I JwJm--AU>B E Heystr MlaaiLr t +

along very nicelj outalde to get to the qoarrlra. ....... m tmm-ass star.'r IllIaaL! !
aoeoBBU was getting have to go was lately the hero of a moet extra I 75.1 .- ...unc AllorM-y-J T dandsrs. 1

and on the road to recorery. It ia I Tbe prison was left a* It waa dlnary banle lie waa prospecting and 1 bad kidney trouble .o bad that of I 1 Winter Temo-rl"Terai--Ktnt Monday XemUf. In la 4.,1 Janmary.Huraaier .
J. Cox .prtat
though, that be will be built but Aull took steps to keep the ran airoM the den of a mountain u..D.: j auld Out work, says J. Term-Fine III......' la July
mot probable, w..r"l1Jol.
t alley V lew, Ky., "my feet ; Fad Ttria-Klra Muaday 'In foe\ tier. k
for yet built ten In to see If there were aDY
7 able to return to Florida convkta from ex-aping lit lIe vent immeiiMf ale and I waacmiBnedto k
II ... and while to the care UaiBcorr len I. LARD OFFICE, GAISEsVILLg.B.
1; ....bll.. tower at different pointa In the prison .h..I""' ; my bed and ph, ). rian were unabletogiteiiiratijr V.I. J

ult.n Tttfms.ulY. ; ground and Iu them placed Gating ; relief My doctor finally 1. Chubb' OrvlvrrW. I

s A *" Js..y the l'lts.burr.f gun*. The guns wept every part of pr ,'riU-d Fulr'r Kidney lure which "Kubtasuo.. Krlsler.IHIRCH e
Lyschdilorof I 1111'.ArTin
T. Po.twntea"lba,' used. tbe ground and also a quarter of a made, a 'II..lIlhaD of we. lied Cross DIKECTOBYMrrHnnirr .
X. J. Daily 7
kinds of medieinea for cough I mile tit territory surrounding tbe prison I'lutrniary.\ 1'
sad 1111 uasetfearblsg
many -- - 'bile' Aveau. C
4 and eoldi in my family but never any- reservation 1 be who expects to get 'omettniig .. every ....1Id..01.. at ii .',,*11: d

,rJ *' tulnaM> good aa .'01"1'. honey and I The towers were built by con rta person uotbing sn.lar arboot at 10 o churl. .ptlttt Yang t
much In *eOflt. fur noibing usually gets 'sop!. s l'sk.u al' Pn.yera.retrng.veey I
4' Tar. 1 cannot say too : Aull phifed double guard, over diffrent .dliesdaj night a :..t All are medially lated. ,
7 I
." Ked CroM Pharmacy. Uidit-n of tup prt".o..rsblle they tier! a,.nilthing.On : W. t. l TaSToa. Psswe.
K I ffu
built the foundation of solid tone and i DM Hi D.'7 a* a. taw It I Frtwortu; Sour, Corner Ave J

.Aeddental Killing of a BoyVew I the auiM-ratruiture. of wood and Iron .. I deem It my duly to add a word of IU0 C and 1O(1I.U'dPr..,,,. mvetlaff w..aI ..*. htearbhnt.t zI

reached tbe city the first part I lie made the convicts" raise the Uat. prai-e lor ( bamberlain'a vlie.l1"I..ra I lay at 1 'n* p II m.sat., Maday. Epwonb srbool briue at al Hi iai a.:.;;, t

of the week of tbe acddpDtal.hootlllJ ling gun to their platform hi the littl.galUrH. ind Idarrhoea Remedy," says J. WileyPark and I.. pt.....1I1n.ac1.3IIp. a. F Pawn, Paatet.at #

name* .* of the towers. and every deJ&II.oC the well known merchant .. Oorm-r ATCDM C a>4 tlth .'
" of fourteen year old boy "I have been F.( race. 'j '
a master at Wiley ky. o'rlork m. tuadajrhonl
tbe work of defense or. ratbeloffrnne. port trvrtPreaeblnnatll a
Bayberry of Boynton on rtatordajtart. ...lIing" for hrre or four year, and .. ID o clurk .....; rreMhlnx, at 7)W1 aw at.E .,
he let tbe primmer become acqualDted Jualur KswonkWCIM
other boy wert .at.lt.rUOD. Several: wonb League 6.\ p m
. He with three with Aull said there susnothing : it give complete would ,I II' p. m Prayer meellag Thursday
" that day shooting along the canal i wanted tin r uf my cuetomrrs tell me .v*>lD( at'Jl) ,"clock: All are Wrs-ome. .
out to conceal He I ) rt not "be without U fir anything. Very M. V. Saves, P.Noe.

,: south of the Tillage and by some ac. I men to know that extraordinary pr* i lien. to my knowledge. one single '
P. I.. Avenue B and Nub
'''. cldent his gun wai discharged tbii caution had been taken to keep then lose hamcured a severe attack of diarrhoea. ttvrt-Marnlnf Tanrrvfai-arM Pnjer, II o rktrk' taadafrbobl

abot entering one of his band and under control and be was tnterectetIn and I p<",il rly know that It Will II a. to.. grrnlnK Plajrrr 7jn: WsdDeayrvenla .- i
-1 i flux d ..."...r ,. You areas 7 *> Holy Inrharlsl: (very anti' I
bus died tbe convicts tbe boat 'rllr. the ( ) ,
"r....&. He was carried borne I bating carry "monia'' nadav In ai inb: First and third nn tbe wound thai of ammunition from wagon Into tb.towers t liberty to u_ iui. ". a* you !JUURiver sad SMHIUI sal rnurtb at Goes
from tbe effect of Ked Cruse Plmrmacjind N. H. ti Ll.'.. fleeter.Palavraaiaa .
. that arrived bFoUorn r t "(ilea.etold by .ut Grins it I JV p m
Every prtnoner er
few week ago 24
a i
Bight. Only t all utrdicinr
and Avea" A"ivarblai -
; sot a little kt tire by the warden r tilt street
older brother died from the effect i I .. every sun'lay. murnlnir al II sad I ,.Ja
} Tbe two *ad Aull would meet the new .arriva The wnrH feature about r,me peo- Tenluf si l.. clock "Hno.l.T ..'bisJat lo.a! Ike

too much wniskry. with. a .hearty handshake and a .mlle.Now I bead too wear to .,,"'1"11. OIL T. X Oaa rasiur '
to darken UK jle I I. that their are st
enough ..
occurrence are my man." .be would ..,. "then -
grief stricken parent urn I Too will; old their tongue* ATay
day of the 1* no bread and water here -. -
I -
l meaturably, and all who know them get good food and .plenty of It and I Uyou aWl 'flue t ARE YOU GOING -

wilt lympathite with them In tbeii don try to run off and are good OHOF"! HHUtTTD B"'II.' We offer One Uu nil red liollart R>>-
doable _row. natural you will get the .beat of treat body sw fJIJlI: ; outward froui the 1>1I11d-1 ward for any tae of Catarrh that can

luente are easy on the boy ben lag w itbf the linii.u of hi'r Uidy not be cured by llall'a Caiarrh t' '. North or West ?

attack take Chamberlain' tbrouelvea."lou I it l\ EV Cl>.Toledo, O.
For a bilioua a* long-a they behave par who; were" w:Hi hint;; turned away' F./

Stomach and Liver Tablet and a aee. we bare no walla around their tiejda. U-llvtiiig" that Crown waaabout I \\,110.- ........-.ilCn..d. hate known FJ. .

cure ia certain. For sal by Ked1roM obaervfluone ( .b..nr) for the last U yraM, antbelieve
quick thi* prison but you will aluo tit fall with hill burden y
Pharmacy and all medicine i bun perfTtl honorable in THE
towers. The convict you will body beet down m> that it waa at right trii-artloiiii and n".nrl.I".hl. !

dealer I Uilnele with In the quarries will tell angle wSth the walow, but Raymond obligation mad
.- to carry out any
1)01.11 the good you can now and I you what those are for It.. mj duty; the |K>lhman.. bad power In bU arms, by tb..irlr.... Louisville &: Nashville )

X' wait until tomorrow to da your to keep you here. and I suppose ygv mill lie iud lira,.mi Uxh fit against Wrn' A TKI.X.Wholesale .

.....DN.. think It Ii your duty to get away 1 I the Hill ,id by mini strength hauled Inhiw 1 I'r..clt". "+" +. 1 .Iwl) 1, '. "" i
--- loam THE $P THBOAT.motUer >
w Raia- -. F,_ tbs D4 don't want you to crape, but If you do Browntbe anus had never relaxed : tVAi.Iti1U, kl-IMt A ilxHXIN.. Railroad .
lion returned and attacked bin \\ holmi'e! "rlltll.I': 'l'I i.l I. l.i. O.
beat .
for the 111 Uobliged to yon you ututame grip 0" likh ur Li Id the gtrlbofie I
% C. W. I.audi, "Porter" bay rnnu behind.. Th catamount iul...alralatnl llall' I'.t.rrb t urn I' I.k,'n tutnrnally
Ilotel bannte, Kan., pays : It will show a weak spot we Then : WM> bad wren the fiat .. hlt".I..d OtVm unexcelled passenger aerolc. F
Oriental ; '
tb. acting
its first l leap and overshot 3
Ml know what it wa to suffer with oterlnokid"A ( gave a ,Irbifr 'the girl .. ... um-on u.uewl' ....rra..r the .) .tent. T..tI Modern twins currying Pullman

neuralgia, deed. I did. and I got a bottle be cause miir the end of his ice : nark allowing Berttiff to turn abort ...noun IKIW fnmi the shock .UK! muokeHnxMi '1,01".1. 'a-nt Ir..... Fr..e ;:,c I" I' but up-to- ,
r Liniment and I I tut'P1111 would" 1 signal with bU band; Hid fair It. smoke lerper.
of allar.. (*now itarrU-d! her through the tl... &..,I.b\ a I l'r"l1'l1'i.l.lIall'
was .ni..... from the dead.' 1 tried to for the tons \C 1 to follow ""u. and Thenlute a aunt thrilling ..D'OUD- to th.' .tto..I. 1 ..rlll.1 ,.'tlig at Iu.d.._ F.nlll. 1"1", ar" I':. \>t'ot. rhalr on, and dining can j yi
before I bad 'd... ,' Kcniiff mnnnpM t.. tnt hold of tbi. between northern and southern cities. e r
get some more, but rhnttlns ntintially. be would Imdbhn t..r.: Brown iiaa l>..II) 'trinxtl Hie/ girl : 1

|- of my bottle, I wa cured" en throii.b the cravryord In an appanntly \\Ion'a jaw K that I hi ?Rill not Kite am wan "HtMly l.ar""I. but uff.-''-'' most 1'h..a.'r.a-- woman an a'ways drfeet i Th. Bnet dining ear service in tbeAoutb.

t tirely. I am s-11,"' de'truth too. i&tto casual way, Aull would calIllentlon ..irltb bio other hnml be ao twisted thi from th* aotoktho l Lad ijhaled hhewaxdrlTenbonielnaiarriai.tr flattery ev'_pt wh-n" it. M lavished .
and at Ked ( ''''''" Pharmacy.it coul.
$1.1111 tor. feet of his ailxrmtr that It
to the white board atandlngIn Brown upon herril.s .
the of a covered DOt use In rlaw on bint The two fell I All AgenU fall Through Tickets ria. {
close order
I. right for charity to begin at top gra and Raymond both remalntnl on doty"I >
On nearly all of them tbeInwrtptwn to the trouiHl. and !In the prom of .< a Ft a *f ChambnUlB Cw.ja tmj
extend I itrarea. Brown" said
borne but onietime it never fhiill never forget I
; was alike. except for thetames oiling over ami over ferroff tnanagia \< )flail Purr. That we were not both I I have old I hamberlain'a CoughRemedy L.&N.
any farther. The general form was: get bl. body between the lions him; for more than twenty year
hurled! to death tn the areaway U won I sreservations
satisfaction. I For rate aehediile. and sleeping ear
em ao that they could DOt do martlamage. I and it has given entire '
w. -I drl'ful.I That It might carry him to I of it and can recommend apply to
Daises 55514 set be p Then be began to tear thinlmafa have sold a pile
"I had kidney trouble for year," JOHN BLANK.Bho throat with his teeth and! death with me la one of the reaaona I it highly.-JoeirH UcELHIIIT,

.. write Mrs. Raymond Conner, .f Mheltoa I.I While Trrlncla .. 1IIIL to Iaosq emJsly I ball reached the Jaguar nIL In tb, 1 be ltaed to drop. I knew that If 1 \Linton. Iowa. You will Bad ibis remedy J. M. Fleming,

I wah. "and the doctor could not let go and be failed to catch me I a food friend when troubled witb
end lie killed tt eaoplng with aothlnirora
K trip me.tI tried Foley'a Kidney Cure, would bfp killed, but I thought I would a cough or cold. It alw.l.alford.quid ITorMa ram-nawr Aawat.C. t !
i of the graveyard All) than a few painful tcratebMDM lOt w..i 1Ia) wr.. ; Y
Brat dose relief ooe cerMr to sa... For sale
and tile very gave BM : rather cUe that way tha by aoffocaI relief and pleaaant .... "fta
sad I aai BOW cured. I cannot tat too mild atop and point to seven graTaa.rwy akin measured eight fast from OtUp. by Red Craw Pharmacy aad all ave.Iclatdealcn. ..
dcrat I l tins floe amokI .. __ *U L. STONE: O. P. '. Loa/.v11i/ r
mach tsar FoJey-a Kldaey Cue.. .... wm tot aftat a attaaapi 1 .

I CTOM rhanaacy. f I ( ,.





.... -- -

Then we leaned to oar pain and Mr-

Fci ji.d prise that we were not exactly honored

guest for we were bound and treated rida East Coast Ry. EAST COASTTARPON RECO

In just the same way .. the prisoner.

Feast 'Ai I ,lay there ie,und and h..II....**

before that molt of lionlln.-; eXi itetlsatauiti

I liejran; to think mua.'iljr nf IME CARD No. 49. In Effect May 28, 1903. SEASON 1903.

the rinmlml habits of of tinsoulli r

Atvful / r.nce of an wa ,Ixlun-liTK M I}U/auy' mmp,i",on4. I >'-. .II DOW. : kORTNtOURO-ltf- u,. s OrncMllijtCompaed Weekly. for The MUm M tropofis.I }

nmnimi.*. were exritol I Ij the ..ippi'irsmv :) Ira Ma. Sal I as 7a t Y
+ DM'S
Amer ..: n Sailor of many law UullLic ...Ia with 1 i I i TIOIIL I D.I.y r.U1.
'' S _
___ _
/r.'r. fill I.; 'i't meat to In tlittu -
Am put :=
:nibalj. . ...... J..ihon.U. '
. .
linn' uir<' no aii.in.il- ?ii ,I.. .-I.in.l D it.a.rk..nrul. .. ... L..U.Ai.8M.srOOp. | JJ Jl 1 ZT March. :fit. (.<.<>. R. .Il.} .. Buffalo \. Y..f feet 0 inches' pounda 44 girth I.

"1-nti1 in lips afi",ni'Miii we were ..... ........ ........... ..... > e.cpi c! ManhjilMarch I'r R. \ Pierce, . .lIr..t6Inchf'.U .
UiniMti .. ,, r .1. .... .... IIt.1I.n .. i Lsro/CSpI/ jJ sManli II. Mr.: R. \ Tierce.( .. . mounds SS girth
Soh, Ii into" 1 i. n I hu I li I i I N i rectnth Liaan. : feet 7 inches l; 39 i
3'c. n k ceuttJ 5 0 4< s I .,I'" .
-"p .
tliu: It tt i* H''."" 11.\ .. t..1 .j,.. iIlll'l J" t ... .- I'M A..nllr 101 ,. New'York City 7 feet U inches I 170 pounds Kl girth
[ AlfeJr '. ,r Orgy. Ni-, 'l-r H, Mli-ll will! \\,0410" |Iu-" U, ; I. ,ps..t.. 1o"A""i. s 7 1..I U.I i". a 131,1!: M-1 \1.r":11 :\. M <"-'..rife. Ilauhury. 1 onII .5 fret 9 inches Ml pound 3j: girtll'

JUG .:. From ".. :Yoe L. r"1'1"1| 1April I-: HnliMiMil., :X. V. /'ity------a feet u inches
k 111_ .
"II ss In" I h pI .tl.1"i r.t eI ,1.1.1 Irlr' tII" pounds SVgirth
u 1
.. ..., > 4 l Ilr. J ,
Lt /.I I >
: I6. t I WIM. | i.nl>>.r7.1'.nn..6ff'.t.ln'b..llI.
:i i 1 ..rr.Thrr'p i..t I. I reh.t lit (rout ilw "im. '..: ..: -. -l/5-. . . ....A'I'L. .4 ._ 531"I'0 :tI: .\1'1'1111) :\ V. / ...- rrr. halihnrj. < 'onn. > pounds 42 girth
1'.1'I four .1.1'| 4 MIr "niun, ,;: .... ........ ... .IIdZO riltrlmrg, f'.11 feet 1 Im'h lei
UI a..r..nL....... ... ... ..... It pourids -- girth
|' t \C. N. HUr.ill\' \ C. il fit. n nni., 11 .. .. I .u..t1" Ap ::tt1'1'1 I I:: ( ..... F. Naching.' :New
.IHI .. ...-... .. n-I ....... .. ... ....... .. York l'ityfret inches 155 <"..
.is no ;'. nnn. \. J \ti- tioi: .I l'T N ... Ml.iie .,".j w '1.1 \\ :ili.lll .1FI' ... ...... ... ... ILpten. .. ... ..... ... .611.'ICI"'n n -\irll I::. .. .. .. ., P .d.-rr'.tb
..... ... ... .. .. .. .. r..t-lIlI'h."I''Cpt'.n..8. g Ifah
p"reO.n. ... ..... > AprilApril' 1. ..
a .11I..1 ." .i, eery 1 tteIIIi'nt val|'tt'-.1 i } \e.n 0 IM f'. p It \\ .I- .2Sp I .. .. ..... \-* o.rirr, .. ... .......... 'fl.H.II1Ptttltt f'.IUp": :: :f: I.: .. .. .. .. .". .. fret inches 11.> J..lln.---f. ir>a
nut .,"-iM.' to ; tI ... /I"I ... . .. :: feet incite. .1
D'' II nit ro"s h., |1. i M njiiire r n.:le n.rjlh ; --------------h :: 1 U pound. ginh
u2tsl> ....... ........H'. .. .... .. .. . ... .1 <_ .. April, I .. .. '
bPt'n III"r.' r ;i- .I, tl....r "t > "m.;; lueiiii* nf ",,'11101111' "it i i- t.tUp .. .... ........... 10...", ... ..... .. .. .. 2 'I. .'.2 t1 : I .. .. -inche.1:37 ,pounds. gi
of II ,' KTun, ,> :lIulll'n',. 'lit t'- "i t tin". .. I .13,1.! ................. Rkkl. I...r.. .... ... .. .. .. 1 1 :'t.,2Sp"no.: .. .. leet niche* liifi pound.* gi
most .tn.''tc'r pnrvaycd ... .... ... ,
r f H ..... g: 1t 14". -r..t-ln..h..J !"
"Thos .
uiiittiua.m reliifil ;ol'-Z.. .. .. pound.-girth ..
to appeiml ill April Iii. .. ..
l.t, II : 1I".Ion, II i :: 1 U fore 110 at r"III.'r; inll rt.ialirr : : ,i.f i. .................. bt+o.lll.--------------I.. ..... -s i w..u. ,.. :II April IIApril ...Iun M. | -r..I-ir..h... U.'i pounds. girth .
6ctiunI/ !. Ir i.ntl: n. klllil.l: .. a JOl .... ........ .... ... '' > 11011.1' Pitt'hnrg. 1".11 fet :a inches 10: pound g.rth .
xv .n ,1 '1111"11" "+ I -ll.nl n n'l.z-' II: :N M.! <
and Irl!. r." 'n !.' ":our toIlgbt D".r (,1rg.-t. t :she: li.nl" :i vi rj lain .k. naliii i 'StirIP" ..................P' bh.!s '.. .-. .. .... ri SI:.. e; .. .0 Z April 13 :\ )1 .-,>..Mirgillanhurt.-.,1'..... l >.nbiirv.. '( nun. ir..t-.n..I K feet :IIpt.un.1nla.
when 1 1'..d to s.rk white : :::::::::::::::::::: d:; : :.. :.:. :. :::. ::' ;t13 :1 : /.a ..t : '\ in I I.IApril .John (..... .. :New Ilatrti mm :i {i"'I. lufi pound* girth
t H".I| nt tin tftuf 1 tliuiiktit' Vie .rlC. 1".6 feel
/ 'It1 'J .. inches lad _
n. .. .. . ...
trP.lln"II' tit ,. '' ''' '' '''' '''''''' : pounds girth
I LI nta. In ale ""'.1 l t.e .in .\ ni> rirnn or I.uniK.in: | "n .................... Htuin .. .. .. .. .. .. .3lltpti.u5Ca. E1..X.M.beurgettanburyInun. .S feet 9lncheslapundaUgirth
the I'n..r III I ........ ......... ... ... i'pC :D .,. April 1.1 X. M. Jeiirtfe, (
miMiiiii who li.iil li..'n aptureil hy the '' : : w.iyi. ar r.: 1 n" .. iKtiburjr, onn..6 feet H inches 1St
Sipt ........... ., | .. .. .: : .) : April 13April John G. pounds 4o girth
follow1 vnn a l ...... ... WMil-klm, OUI..61 GrlrgeYaert"w'n. \. V 6 feet 1 inch M
: iii enr aim anti brought; up (ITtliiui' t \ \ sett. .... 0. pounds IS girth
.. 11 .............. .... .It I. Ill, S 17 si an N. )I.I..r".I I
1 ss ..nI'l : B + t. .. .. .... . ... 'U'"U La anbury, onu. .a feet 7 {inches lUll unds
It wit hoMpTM, that site is'lougell a''. .np .... ......... .. ... t..1..1 . .. .... .... | J ( April :S3.April X. M..f.Mirge, Itonbury ('onn..6 feet 3 p M g.rth
I..T. inches
; to one uf th> other Itlieibe s .01 .......... ..... .rt.c..rIordel.l .... ... .. .. ... 4S. M+! ,. i t'. W thou| (. It'l pounds 84 girth !
ra..1 1 Ii p ....... .......... H.IUn.U,... ..... .. .. .. .1.2'M.' 'f bicaguN. . . .lIt..tlliO..h'"III:! pounds W
j i souielnf H hit-li are" vary light soy .,. .............LrmwCltrSCHEDULES ... .. ... if sT rll I 1..I. .. n I April 3O : :U. llcorge. Danbury C..n..6. feet 5 inches 7X girth
;/ rate "b.' *[>oke no Kntll"b. i' !". ''r.' ... IlItlD'' r..reap.: ,is s ..4t. i May I. F:;. C. W il...,.(, Chicago . .5 feet inches W pounds :29 girth tla
.. 3O girth
"The day after we were put In the pit OJ'BRAl'fCU: LIKES. :May 1M . . .i feet :i inches :3MaJ ppounds 44 girth'
the savages trued bole through our I ty IMay J. M. Marry Baldwin ('IIJ.I\.D..I feet :i inches 1JO: pounds W girt

none so that they could lead UK about I Iwith TOAD BRAJTCH.arino O&AVOI CITY BKAVCH.I'sily May 1May I.. .. N... M... George.. Osnburj.lxinn... .. .* feet 8 inches 14O pound. a'i girtsL
rope like l1r:1I. The !bob. .. I Inude ." -IDehf'lln pounds 18 girtkT
were : ;; 1 .... ,! 1 I I. .John (;. fleorge.Xew Haren.Conn
** 2 feet 8
I inches
/ B7
with .
rough knlrr/ mndettf Irons Dallyl 'TATIOIH. pounds U girt*
May tI .
I : C.
l..iy hair Neilson'hicago.. . .
feet 6 'Inches 14.1
... -
I I wood. sod the operation wa* very painful ....'fh".11.&t.1.ac. itt... .........A.rur.',,. 1 I
t Z ...., Os*.n....,..... .", tll J. .I aeon fl. L. LoII'lIr ""orIO f May :8. .. .. .n feet 4 inches lt. .
"With ahunil.inre of fattening fnnl ... ...rprlr .. ....Ir.HOH t Cop .1IL..lI.1.t.i! ; Up" C4 p May :J. John O. eorgeXew .. (' i pounds K girth
.1.-.f nt w.-o i, .. SfeetJinchei: 7-4 pounds SI
L."IO ... .
1.1 girth -
4 N
1 and fimlil _. .11 &rD.117 ur .lrJeL< s >: .6 May 3. 4 M .
nater we nut help getting fat - _ |> l.5r I, . --.i feet I inche* 1. H
f pound* girth
; f In spate" nf our nuffi'rliiK* ami fear* .-nn.j : aa.lt" **. to i fe. M ... May 4 X. M. deorge, anbury, ( a..IH..tXnl'h..* *3 !
.I : : : JI"und.lt: girth
I : R
XAYPoB'l'nai' r
1 May '
T4A !Ir' Every night the reinipiet w.* retinnil.The ,ii .y... aa1J ( BJ1A. C1t (...I i I D&Iy! DeUy. I DeIly. i ua4y May B iI.. to.. .. .'. .. .4 feet U inches II pounds IN girth

,. \\:1 irrlim doubtless! were all drunk i i i I i nnly May ft. .. .. .. .. .6 fret H inches VI ptllodlll:3 girth

f. t l NT. but tie \\ iaetl were l>ti il,117 about attending "I'.tC'J't.' .VkMSTOW ..ir'. 7 .5.'!. 40.'. I CO | U I 13 P'S' I JO May A. .. .. .. .. .to.. .3 feet M niche KM pound 35: girth
: f ( II i '. 113 I. w ..- a k J V<..Till< a tilti s ft feet 3 inrhe 'II:
'1 / ; to their .wnnt :Niflitlv; thee: : I JjlU I O p .'. 'o tf H. ...... IT,'a s ''I '. s a 3j' .'. -;a: 13 C21]| ',< I j :Cl; -I p; ,- IMI 5 U p ,..May( i 5May .. .. .. .. .. ?. 1t..1 inr"... 1 ) pound *Li girth
I came to imr i..i- the odor of Imrn'ns': Otip.5/7p/.1.kil.,IK:..t i. + iii .71'0, -jij "', sijp tJ & John i:. (.eorge.\rw IIa'enConn .6 f-et 3 pound 4 girth.
.SSJI'IC: .:u > '. kr niche* 1W '
1 Bc"li They were cookini Ib,' native | -tiriM.a.? a fit .7.2; :jn(< till,* IU 'p.lUn..lrln..

captlvi si a. T.1.. au S' at't' s. i-S: .tteat i. ". I
t r tyMsas '
to -rlT n I'1'"rt'
I"'."' > i' LuM ear .' i- ,. .. ,. -- -
H'n tip, : t 'I I t i -
fifth pnrtur v..r ii."t
day the "
: trn.'Snie
R'rt r i cnnnlliaNtnnuil .. : ,
.11.11 It.t t t..r fu3 aay < .../ or ....lc..n.. All B W
tli. ir attmton: to lit.whl!,I..'' -i! o.o..r..lb.' I )
r.T. i C
men on"> it nftenioiin aptiln: Itar Atlantic oas Linej i I

k>'r N.tr" .u-'I 1 :dive" and cairn IK.fore 3YVEST AND HAVANA. si

the i M'S of I I..-( slnpnifttei. .VII llvr ,.t .
n< m re tsL.-n fr in the pit n. ran ,1 I. r -- {- HAW. 1
-- --- ----- -''1 II HH I IF. IN IH 1 I''I'1' M
but f" I \1:4.. I 10.1
mi ) ir it ire tii"l to tlie paint SOUTH E ti7. ."','H 601 *D.

\ \ tri*'" \'nl) Inn, for'\ ants of in wcil Tit' .a. n VTt...;. M n I t.! .... ... .t MOnti ,

two "Ii': ,lit. tt ,uh, fork, d
Int" I :." ::, ,,'It.j an.1 ,'lIllI'r d I., alit.rat ". Fri, :. : ; M !i T ":" :.."" $13 II -. I"- I_ I _._I._ j" _. e
< -- -- ,. / ., / ..1)1 I ,
; .
o- .. .
I .. T J..I.: i
1"1' 'r" rtrhs. On tuts.of ., ,' .
I p(211,4.1f'
o.py : 'J tt, ,"". onaI-! ." eAr.'iL oyi I 1 It I i I.".. (, D
tjl.-: tI, ..-rt., t. the 'Isdlc.1, of di. I ., I,; I" _" ,10' 1..I.f'.1. I. y.ta'V. I it
.. t 3TIK A-I-. ra.n. I'a. ; ..1 'I ... ,. .>. .. ),
otl't 'n t !tt 'ptiv-a w. r. r. :'. nc Agent? ST. AUGUSTINE IT. -i I ( i.. .r it' i.I -t. n If : I """1"

..r '.".'! .n :: l1'k..r- It .. ."............1... ,.I. hr- .- .:, !.......' ':."',: n: .\(!-L.,.,/.,.., milRollins ." .. -t. ,. ,.!.;\ ..,

l fur -: '? thrust ulIl li! r :.1 t '. thnca: tlirtbi : "' .. ... H 'run -iI1 i I,; I : .'.;'
,, d. ,, I I'
'M, -r. .inii u iin.ii" '' --'' 4 '
| : ,
>''i.til I !1s t..1. mil I I. I hs, '.. : ,I :: 'ttu.ht. ...1{ i, .." .rat +
tai w In tn|" Ii :-b ..nI I ", .I'iLu.' : iKjutitul L!_ IK ,. ser. .. I ,I. .
knot' : f .r iln" n,\\ '", 11. on r tie nth r College .ii. .. ':''':' --- 1 :4
.I-r..I-! .I| or.III'
.,: rI..1\,'. \ n I ,
tin "I"n', It rnokul nnl, pmtetl and \ .I \nltowrrt An.l >t A .> rt li.I i
nilllt\: '" 1 I \I' '"I'" .'..It! ,,
bi'iiil l :. fun te! -I- X ] I Wltn' h. iliu, "
t '
of b. '
Try ejis .. : III tin \\111.1\.1.:! } tor"l'rlt.'ultur'I! [ 'hi IJLI Ju k-n. uii vr..a ) -
j-Tir: iflfTi 11 rncorp "'.C1Z-rr.; t v..p fca | j .1.T 'Im k -;-; -!{ r
1 co.tapnnlon'It -. l ., I ,, ::-. t.\tt.\\n'* f \\.nur l-a-lc ].J''I.[ ; ""fAr| i'rmo{ rf. ,l.l.., '.' 4.T.: ,. 1Wi| t I't.F| | i' 'r Tl i.Ii/ e | 7u"
J I 1* I "- ''.. .
i TBK SAHX>MH .. EHK lilTTllLUBeer n -Is jfterwnnl taken down andcairn j I. Mlllll,.I'lll I
\\II".Un.i| : t I Mmii.ni.iijvi.l 71' !
6" i .. '
orated 1833. .k.liu.1'j', j a "I, I. ., 'I. .
i i on the ItritUu tramp steamer | lij" a i-nmii that ..a. evi 1 llentl!) f<1 :iknalk- .entid. I ',I I "'a.h., nunm l ',.. "" a..; 1'1.,., i .

Etrrt. bouud for I COllli.'oI of chief and their farorltewit ] and tlire 1 Is I-; ..oj" r..I1t.. .. .... -
-, ..
r .-a Tlie : .... .
Imjy cut '1 1'1.
;, was Ill' theIronno 7 ,
with a mixed cargo, of which drjgnmU pPfeF '11r. IKI-. ,rt-1'talt:1111{ ;,:mf, linkam: T-a .- -
; .
and ,.l knlvi The tasl.rq of tl.! ** thai ,uiUt-. = i_= : U.--! .:: S 1 = B-lwi-ll' : .la>'.M.nilll,, .. II.! H r"n.w.k _
I farming Implements formed -- fS n "I jni r;;; .Tr. .. .. __
t a far,-a part. The captain wa Edward, war i-np'lve* were eaten by the rest of -;:-': SSSSHESZjRiJ "II., I, 'lUtwitn; I..I'c: \ Viripi.a: a lit' y*1[I'1- 'to". ID.II .. !!l !lip a I I M t IV Ifijt I I I't. p X
Barker .otl the ships company eon- the tribe 11. "'t I link-. Ilia..r' 4.nlljee.rl' ,) tr nits 61' Tfc.t 'i' Ar".' !1 7a<"rreI || .

tilted: all told of Oftj-sn men.'Tbe "I >unnc, : *and II thlll uirwlf dreadful" were' scene unwilling rotcompanions Winter Park fla. R, 1:(f__ I|I."J-I Ne w*."I'lt..r.' ..-.., 'I.\ s I :t.:;1 ,a. ,''to' 1' ; .. II 1 I =J iii>1 L.t' Jt..t.k' 1.\ a'.j| ; :,. '

courw of a vessel and especially wltni...e.. It seemed to |list for hours .. VV. F. Bl4CKM\V Fh.O.. Pffskf&t. Winter Part. lipiji'
of a steamer from Frisco to Sydneylies a'IIIiIE- e ..x
We wi'n* all anxiou: to be dead and
close to the !
FIJI Snmonn and oth..rIaI.Dda
: r n '=' :il'L :I: '=' S .
have It over with = :I A. _
9 In the southern I'aclflc ocean ,'.. *. and, .. ramp ruHmtn-'rt-in.r* tie.. '
:Ni-tt York
Seen now there are many Inlands tb..reu..t t "Hut the devil bad enough to eat COLLEGE Prcp.ir.H-iM St'.W.Mu-li' ; I i *;, .!.1.1'. sect Vho!. School ,,' ft br.I. i.o-t....." J..-......'"). .n,1 Wil.lnii.iu,,, and .linlnK' ..Iti-kMtnTill-.... 1..1..n ...' .Port."....b T.M."*.1. SHKlocu'.ion "

bar Dot been without tackling nil that day. Whenthe ..... il uf 1 I1.d,1C.IIC, .iml IAln'ITlal! t1 rt. '....7. I A
explored. I lu.iino s .StiiKl! I, (1\1 anlt'tearrtPnflm.n.Irrnen l flrlwr. n.l.rksslrilSrand
V orgy wn over we were all takenbark ,... .11'1, St "n", VewY..rt..faN'sBl.alo .
The Etrex' bad a fair Towage formearly 'ra.rr !-"-f 'Le.w. .n j.n .,..III. ..a "t IAn.I, row 11.;
to thin pit Teacher: Cl i->. : __ ___ ___ mtttomrry._
I two weeks oat from Friaca. and = :::
"' I ___
Shortly before dawn wp amused '
then came a norm. It wa* one or.tomu those were I : Y r. iI
that by the puling, or stake. that surrounded I -1 1\ ... ......\ A .... 5o'1
frequently occur to disturb / ) ,WORKS.J \ .
removed \1 WILSON'S NOVELTY\ M. n. Ii. 'nnc. L.
our pit being Thenwe I"r
the erenlty of the Pacific> and tend to cocci ae. npru.a. .. Iebi. ,1T
Duke Ita I, thought that at 1 least one of n* wa II. 1.k ....,_.. ilea tor1 ?
name i poor Joke After two .
to be llatT\ "f'd. Instead of thl + 2 t .I...
< the
woman UctoMKiac'li.L I I I "r'
days of high wind and : Jiu-it. Mud I. .
Leary .
neat a s .. --
w bo had brought foixl four i 'et .s.rr, ,unrta. ,I ,. 'tp.
/ our
big thunderstorm broke Early on the i I t .M I. t. ... ,,1...., 1 1'W II tyI

,, Doming of Aug. 4 the Etrrx wan sera< k time a day dropped down Into the pit I\i I Now, in Operation 't 10.,J.71.7 ,,:, ''In'r'Ptll 81'' t2 a,
and proceeded to cut the bond from I I anIftlce v urlrndn 'IIUO:
_ly by lightning and tank almost Imme- 4 rfe__ I'.. :::0" ,... .'.".I U'I ....
l : 7010 TOIl"" ,. 7',41
? .elhi
diately.was to h i' T..mA Isar 11.1 ...
on deck at the time. I jumped I Is ;;jReaJ\\ to Recei\e\ OrJers -:-,:I.u I- I'.rt f.n" 7" 1....

i Into the ae>. and lererat.other of thehip' I I .......,. I I I.rt.... Jot
i '! For anything: In 1 I. t nr'I.I."r.n. ,
w crew did the ame. The Etrex I

sank within three minutes. How many ;1 Vood Novelties.Mmtow '!.I r, Ihttrrv.rpt ."...1.. 17s .Ih't i
were below and died like rata In a trap \ i u ki, L. J... assail ulr \r r.l.

r 1 cannot tell, neither do I know bow i t e \ and d...r vreent, window I a.! .w.../ h 'r 1I.'h..m..1.,11. 1 7p Y

q many threw' themselves Into the lea., as t\ p. .n a1
wnrk, III.i<1.. iriuiiiiing' [ ku !kind. .
I did and took chance of reaching one w H .I-.II r a iv
of the Island. In the storm It was impossible .. .... 1..t"lt
R. S. WILSON. '11'
to rightly keep account of any ;.. I 1 J" .." / .net.r. "lrllir- Ar

thing. .. e :\TR.\1 .rill{ .\X: D> lit I II.PRR 9111'I I.. I "Larw.t I Lt 7.t..
I' I 110..1.'. 11'rrl, I
1 "After swimming for what seemed : I" ..j 01 P".r......t I

.a boor or more my feet touched bottom ( oer Hrrdt's. .t...... ; ri Ice I' I' -r.1 h < iinvQorrell .

and I began to walk. I Key West and H aUDI-M ADI te River and Fort Myers.Ietmer. .

"As soon a* daylight appeared v ...
i ir.'r PuTt T imp' sun and Th".... .f IT I. .. .
C p m kiWt t 1141 IFnv.na
t were aroused by a large hand of black \ao. L Hut" ,rit.. r.In,141.I'.I.\j: | ( .' K M r 'Inn lln.-< .l ;. .i.. in. :, .i. runt* ,
men and women who wore nothing I I 'S f\\\\ .LabI I es ..enl... dsur,; cocoa "IIO.IIT, fn'ft MTI 11.11''i' hi.rli>(ii. ILrt'... 'lunilinir- "r 7 ., .. m
is t bat brecchctauts and some not so much /J w V / ..ra\A\K..-n. i .'iX'.Vil BOTLSTOS., ,,,I)."...."..,w M .1'D., .r STASK, I..y ,.IK1V. At.,. t" <. ..... it.,.,.. ", .ni,
H. M :!
as that. They were .. black. a* Africans ........ro.\,.. .1.. re.. .Ia.! .... t'i_ f"1 KMIKJOX!'.. \'*".. I 1\. it' .a. H.., "tfr J" ::'onrllir. ria.
though not of the aaiue ebony ,

and oily complexion and their hair I SALES FEED TRANSFER

) was straight. like a North American .

): Indian*. 'I 1 airrtQr :+ Brand: : fertilize= : : 1

r "We communicated with them by I Order by wire promptly atti-nilnl! tt>. ; .

ign*. and when the savage found we w Tek'ph..ne Connection. :\t. rl ,

..... hungry they supplied food to HitgVtV.,1\I I.F-anda'! ..w 2d.I\'d We Have Got What .=to
u.// \'ehieies; Oa' kl,..dA. tOk1 E. 0 "
mostf plentifully It consisted of ? ,

Banal, plalntalns. breadfruit ..Ie., I .d fi:

a piece of dried flxh that was a* hard \ \i Automobile: CO YOla: Necii a '

a. a piece of well tanned leather. however \t I boCQ WE""lccdYour ,

the vegetables were very fattening ,

and nutritious. If we bad known FIRST-CLASS RIGS .: ,

the object of the savages: boundless .

hospitality we should not have eaten I Painters'd .

with so much appetite.A AT REASONABLE PRICES: Business. ./
I ,
well a* I could obserr the Island 1 .c "

a wa small and flat There wa at 1 I i! s-a Insecticide -( --

least one was spring scanty.of water We, were aid the treatedso vegetation II I I II IItt} Street. between? f UepUe t\ ) D aid Railroad d That Are I IJOGHESI I Tomato Fertilizer: p:,s,

1\ kindly_ by._ the natires that weuoogbt c&r ran( StKX-EJI wag OASTUI AUTB. ,, _h. u I C._i.r of I THF. n -RCPT-.. .

we had been e the Samoan Island our feet and bands. Then she signedfor I AUncltu.
the natives of I be for the CD
\ which,... gentle and friendly. u. to follow her. which we did a* THE RED CROSS !I Tu'Bu .nd"'orm... j I .tt4
-Bat our guess was a bad soon as our stiffened muscles' would j .1'a, } Tnuhr.
very one. penult '\ Y- Nerd T"... _ 0
The next afternoon a Urge band of
warriors reached the Island fat Onr FIJI Pocabonta then guided all ; LiT : / '"
canoe ARTICLES ;
and with many captlrea. They bad i! to the snore, where there was a redwood l' DRUGS, MEDICINES PERFOMBS' j For ., E

dugout canoe applied with goatskins '
been ftP$ DIr with a tribe on another
bland and bad returned rletortmu. The full of water, fruit and paddk STATIONERY, ETC. I 4 Field and Gardens-'
We jumped Into it; the woman pushedas ; CD
amp on the Island was apparentlyonly !I't" I
temporary. Oar host were out off and waved her hand as we paddled AIr.uta fClJ: "-t and Pest drul used in .n prseri ption.. t i-" 'I A

1 a great warlike expedition and were on rapidly ....,.. She would not let W e sell ( 'I.ra bl, the box .t wholesale pr'c.... : C) I, SEEDS. I I 1

n* atop to express our gratitude. ...
tiring this small Wand aa a baae of Nuyl4r's J I s
"For three C an df es. 0
operation. day we paddled and Coated o'v
I I' Liti'ingston's .....
"The prisoner of war wen takes oat and on the fourth day we were I Also aentAI 'or tr Upl'ftlan'a Pens I olgiano.

of the dugout canoi and placed coorenleaUy picked op by a fruit acboooer bound Im"nP4 Fountain CD I Burpee's' Moore tit Simon's. I o

at hand when the preparation for Honolulu- at which port wa teareparatod. I C.A T S Soaps an1powders or .III1IDd.. = I' lIaltlng! .s. I I CD

for the haaqoat were bs iaalag.
No. 301 12th St" Mipimie Fla. 4Iliestaie SllplU Puis 6rie& for Bordeau IlItlu.CDI



:"; '
> :;
:"' \ '.;: :. .;.. !; t rr

The Miami metropolis
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Title: The Miami metropolis
Uniform Title: Miami metropolis (Miami, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: 12 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: East Coast Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: September 25, 1903
Publication Date: 1896-1908
Frequency: weekly (published on friday)
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 15, 1896)-v. 12, no. 47 (Mar. 20, 1908).
General Note: Editor: Walter S. Graham
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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i OL. 8-NO. 1 19. County>*d. Count 6a*ofr MIAMI DADE COUNTY FLORIDA. SEPTEMBER 25, 1903. I tern* D>(Latttrts.M Mia.: IWELYE F1GES

-- ,


- k [flNIIDDiCf BargainsBARGAINS


-I The Road to be Extended to Long Key. Eleven Miles | .s

iT South of Cutler! i j jt.

I uuuuuuu _ .
01 -
for September 28WE
:. Km < 'artrr, of the Y. K:.1'. railroad people intend to give tht

way w.. in th. city on W eJiieixlsj, and grower allalonK the line trani>|.orta.
and Tuesday.
Monday from him it wait learned Iliac he has (Ion la<"lime* in time for them to ship

28 29 authorised l :ilr. MH'rimmon, the run- their ( rtihk ors di). n. 'I'hi' will prov WILL CLOSE OUT...

SEPTEMBER and tractor doing: the grading, In continuea a great conTenience, and one that will

distance of 11 miles couth of the doubtless be highly appreciated I bythose 50 Pair Boys' Pants at 25c.
S dl ] Peters prairie Tbi* will cuter the I i who have x> long been away from *

I "homestead' country" entire, reaching '| such valuable ancMtance. in getting to, They are odd pants and wash goods
The Little Store to long trey winch is :JS miles south and from the market with their pro

..I Miami air. Krome, the engineer ducts. : 50 Pair Boys' Pants al 50c. :

|I will also begin locating the line across The invasion of that fine section of F

On the Corner long ""I. The I.}I nil: of track will country south of (utler by the iron The above pants sold for 750 and $1.00-assorted patttrn

begin at Miami next Monday week, horse, will :icertalnly result in rapid I

4 October 6th, and a* thin work I I. to be j, settlement and development' and before 15 Boys' Cotton Checked Suits 75c. 1

done by the litest improved trark lay.ing t' long we may confidently expect

machines it will take but short i that one of the richest and moat proo- 10 Boys' Crash Suits, SOc. .

time to hue the road ready for train || porous communities in l>ade county i .r
ai far as Cutler. It look DOW ai If the ]|I will be found there. l The hoe suits sold for fi 50.10'Boys' A

-- a, ,I II Mixed Wool Suits M.25. : '

One lot new laces from 12i! c. t 5C and MlMOPAl omCttS NOM \ nD. WlNTt GOtRT N SESSION. .; :!

:.1 20C per'yard worth double the money. I i __ ___ I Sold for ,2.50. .;1
Tar Cty trtar> llrrtlsa Ml latrras) W tkfKnafttaf Se>crl' Cash tfl.I* he IrW *U Islet HI .0* hi.* F

-. : "VttttteluCounty I 10 Boys' Suits slightly damaged, but will. ; !'

One lot Ladies Fancy Lace Hosiery The city nominating primary lurid <'*urt opened l on Monday In J '
yesterday was of little interest be. j wear as well as ever '200. -
at Regular ;oc per pair. an dlourue.M termJudgr .\. K. lleyser I ,
3"c. price. I
auM of llirrr bring but Of twll..t in I
ilietlrld, a fart winch is the highestpotxlblv presiding. JThe following jurors r'l'I Iempaneled i They sold for $3.50.t.oo and 500. ; i
ciiniplitintil to the gentlemen tt> serve for the week : :

150 yards I5c Dress Ginghams, at toe. on lire ticket. The ,opposition. partyuew Walter I'urdon K:. I.. White, I.. N. ,25 Boys' Caps 15c. ) "
well that they could not delrat .
Snell. K. C. ",( rrll', B. II, Ilooot..r and
tins ticket and although there was \\'. J. Petets.. The following civil -I
sumo, talk about It they asst.)) decided 1 .....* ha\e been disposed. ..f :
"'.. Big bargains in Indies t'mbrellas. I not to try their hand. 1.1 )0;. A. Haddell T.. II. Maddox and
I fur poll opened yesterday momma Jo. Jennings asxumpmt, $.**),00. continued
with M W. nscher J. I G. Leonard) for the term.
and O, E. a\llt a* iii.p>t'tors and t Try our Bojs'GRINDSTONE i ia'
rir"> Natijiral Bank of Ji'k.nJlII.
We are headquarters for Silks. (.aces, .:. A. Norton-a "''''' *: ) .111.
rt # Embroideries Ribbons! L.l.dies'and fit) voters strolled in and i a.t theirballots. (Ullu"IfJr the term. *
: Whru at the clone of the Jay I
I 1 lie rriiniilil :
tried and
ra n< otheri'e -
Corsets. .
fr :Misses' Hositrj ( tc the. tally sheets wre mad up It was disposed ..r up to tins morning _.
foiiud list the ticket uuuunatrdarea
an are ** follow* :
F. I follow* : slate H. I'I 'Ir.ngtler-assault and *; J School Suits an(;Pants.Hol .t

All of our goods are high class. No !I John tewell. Flit. .MktciK'. .:. . .. 71'\ and battery,uftts.('o yi"I..d and fined it IVMlu }i:4 rc it1t .

,t': cheap auction stuff to fool people tt ith. ruM e I rkk ,,.. A..e./.r..R. I .utrs.i ( t 1 M. H. "kellum. .. . . 'UK'M 1 I round !AsburyiFOr and petit larceny, (
guilty not ;et bore
MAkl>HlL 4M to roLLLITOR.K. Kjl.: I.. r double seat. vi .
.. r la'.."".... . . . MlK H kettc.rryir.gruingcealed "
Weapons Th.I jury failed toagree lii *a"sD Sewed with linen. ;:
Goods /
for First Class Dry see > IKHH RaM.Chas.
II. C.mrldniuv., . ... . 7HIOK nolle proest on a d, and the .a.t' was I They w ill last the hays \I,
: LIDr.KML\:
; .1 C. L. XIMANIES. ,I'iho B. K.illj.. . . . ."'4)r I state u. J'svis Lana: and Arthur \ ,1
f J.S. Frederick.J. ... . . . . .i. dix HiNonaggravated. I aiwaull, langwas: "i.1
harged add Wileol
: F.:. I.umuiii*. . . . . _. found guilty ofsiir.pl.
XinMfeS : Ximan'icsRHODES' I A. E..rlLLrr . . isYe.M '1, aseauilt.Mate W'lll
-' -- I I o Twine selling liquor SEWELL!! BROS.
I i
Bar9 wb n ITU K: .0V V1 r1h 1 V 10" without litrhse.
.. B-gM II. F. Atkinson.. . . . . ..1 i I I guilt I Tried and found I Ii ij
: II. (c..Budge. . . . . .is ],I i '1 I lie) follow j .t,
(;. II. Kaulenon.. . . . .1'1 '' th- .uif' cases were continuedfur l 1. }l
A. .:. llejwr.. . . . . .1 term i iMamie ):
. . . Wu loms-assault and bat- | i 3.3. -!3. ..:.3.3.3'C. : -' .
AT f. a. Morse. ;u tery. L! : .. ... L c-:frt=lFt;>:Ew ;::

STORE. Mate it r. E. Kogers-shooting'i ,'j. }
! \rifE TRIA61K IRU\l STORY. !i '1"'II.ut of s+....n.
.t l Mamie ( lanke. -assault and battery.
(barlult Daniel and Abner ,
r | Tar !Skis Bott. f wad. M a* Im .( Skw Ul <.-A..aufl..d. battery liougIa tt ;

12th Street. Next to Hisca\re lIotel.Men's. |I Resealed.There State it Charles I'"t-A.ult and ..
battery and carrying; concealed
I vteapons -
have been all 'kind of rumorsabout .
efend4nt failed to and
the Ending of a treasure coinnting :.
Youths'and Boys' Clolhinq. of a thip load of bar silver in the bond was ordrfnd estreated l and a cap .,
ias for hi. arrf. st to court.
ofNe but tbereacrmato
Vicinity River
0 tin Ti.: ,, mornin. a motion was JVti
Notv ith, the alcH be no truth in the report
t.ii liiig laixe we made to quash: all he
'- presentment on
hate hll.1 l on the 2 .piect' Mills in flannel Mr. Joseph Jrniimr. the lurky man ground that tbe court was being held :
according to the rumor, that i
l .r -,J nmoptin*, and l worsted., we till l there la no truth whatever wyi. to theo at a datenoteajithorned' l by law. Judgelleymer j ?

: ', hate goal 1 a....snrtmrrt in $7.50 t I flndinfof anj thing of ..Iu.. H.. ad. ': l with oeriujlilthe the business motion of the anj term.proceeded
$10 visits left. Coat m.< ( cases on
lining. \el they will stay in shape bjria bottom, but ootbinc but iron the calendar pod court will probablyrun'intre r (
and pebble ID it, and he doa not believe
fw part'of' ( next week. MariaWilliam. ;-
< of the splendid
.. tbat anything dice l will be.found. ; !
of West Palm Beach tried l on J1'
Mr.Jenuings.ay.tbat be I* atifled I'a charge of selling .without'
Crown Brand Trousers. that there ",. nothing In it" and regrets whiskey
license '
was adquitted.
that such exaggerated stories
1F The greatest make in tiouscrs newest should hate teen given out. II" av' r. I t .)
p.1tternin foreign and domestic manufacture that If a ingle ounce of sitter to *ay Mitt Rush, "Phantom Party | \ "

Regular prices $4 to $7.50 he nothing know of nothing*iO tons,of has It been. and reoovrred that be | I.a.t Friday etening Miss Marie |I And You Will Not Buy Any Others. l'

Our price i I. but $z.5o to $5. would be Rush entertained l a number of her I
pretty apt to knew It I if a -
anybody aor*. Mr. Jennings baa bro friends at her bome on 10th street Ina S-
tae ketplaf to eye on the beach all along decidedly unique and pleasing manner J
this enaat for tbe last twelve yean in by me.n..f. "Phantom Party." I WE CARRY A BIG STOCKand
the hope of Ending aome of the treasurer I The young flwiiea+ were the Pbant- "; MJ'
wbicb are commonly beliefed to '
i bate been buried with some of the oms," each oni on her arrival being ,I Ii can fit the feet so they will not be ;
t<< wanT wrecked Teseis, but tbe "good I i provided with a sheet and pillow ease.1
day ba not yet armed be la sorry to i and thus disguised!" the young gentlemen ruined by Shoes that do not lit them. y ,

say were confronted with the tack of

n Mail Boxes 8Juned. j determining their identity. Young I *

/C: CL0TNIN&Crbvenett Postmaster Budge baa been: notified I I[' ladies ante, and thus tbe arrayed ffforta loot of each very gentle-morn The Liberty Bell School Shoe is a Rock Crusher.Try .

Rain Coats of the abipment of the twenty-fire wan to penetrate the disguise, or to
q'The mail boxes and posts to be erected at establish the of his fair them.
identity companion They will stand the rocks. "
pet rain coat on the market. various portion of tbe city for the I by meat of ber voice or come I
convenience of the public. These other Intangible, clue, resulted great
rice fr*w $lO t. $20. 1 pnat will be placed In potiiion when hilarity After: being given reasonable a
.- -- -- ---- they arrive and the boxes will be put I time with one phantom.." there The "Shield Line School Shoe ?
up about the last of October *o that
was a general shifting and change of
tbe *er lee may begin November a.t.1 companions, until each gentleman bed '
R i It will b? Decenary to bate tie ( I been given an opportunity to Investeach is not so heavy but is very tough and durable. .,
Ir signs and bouae Dumber ap before fair "spook'''
a personality.
MEN CQA7 that time, however, and it i* to be Rack nan 'mi.. .." Prices. to 8. 8'
hoped that those latereted will see to guessing a 5 $1.00. = to 11 $1. 25. 11 / to 2. $ t $(a.
to'' was fined one cent Mr. James Rotrer.proyt'd F
'r tbe*e matter In order that there may himself in expert in pbaatomI Fj .
SHOESin be DO excuse for delay. ology a* b* guessed the Identity of all
There are quite a Dumber of applicants I I I the ghostly form. Other however We are also Sole Agents for the famous
for tbe three pnaitlon aa mail
were so discriminating, and M
Welts" $2.50 carrier who have tijrnlfled I their intention cent in fine were added to tbe exchequer SECURITY SCHOOL SHOE es -
of taking tbe neeeacary examination
of MiM RUSH'. Sunday Heboolclaa
$3.00 and 350. to Mr. J. C. O'Neal, temporary *. which i* : raising fund for a Made by Hamilton Brown.
secretary of the civil service board. church WIDdow.111alre
Patent and Vici They will be examined to-taerrow.Dd )
were about! two dozen present r
lOOn thereafter a* possible the name -mOlltlllou.. : of tbe

and Box Calf. iMen's ''Yt of out.the successful one will be given church the fullest-and all extent.(enjoyed people Added themselves interest Baptist to Bring the Boys and Girls to Us; _..-uuuue.

Mm Bertha Olmr-Gcti Pnse. I was lent to the occasion from the fact We fit them for ,
can school
that it was the!) fair young "hoste**' in good shaped
Mr. E. B. Dougla, proprietor of theIdeal I birthday and sincere well wishes and We have made special preparations to do this
Store, received a letter
Straw hats I from Mia Berth J"tfrd"1 hope of mamy {many happy returnswere
morning mingled I with the genuine expressions SHOES() ARE
Assortment of I* now at Brenau College OalneaTille, of acknowledgement of a i 1
Ga., enclosing ticket number !*!II. most delightful avening.Four .
Pamama Hats which entitle her to the f 10 =each r1

Best Hose You Ever Wore prize, offered some time tgo. Mr. homesteaders were before com-
Oliver bad purchased moms good for I mi'.ioner J. B. ,Keilly last Tuesday,
his daughter and forwarded with them proving up their claims. They wereMessrs. John Sewell & Bro.
At RHODES' the ticket, one of which. proved to be Arthur Poland Erni..Gc.II.tta-
the lucky number 2SH. The other number check Daniel llardee and Y. K. ,
1104, baa not been sent in a* yet. Knlgbton. On Saturday before. Barry
Tbe bolder of tbat ticket. I I. entitled to M. KrwinandGreelyU.Ritchil made THCIONLY EXCLUSIVE SHOE STORE
MIAMI FLORIDA. Ave dollar. eMir proof.. IN MIAMI.t .

I r

C .


1 QUOTING FROM THE RECORDS. \','rily\ I i'" ,. the most up,to-date com-
." menial, pirate tint ever bncaneeredon

dr) land. Ai he isauexpert, at getting -
W hen the I. of Ini
... pre-ent 'r..or r
CrU* !M ft**** I 12ft Srr
11a d""It..oI i to enter. 1I..I..t. for thplace ... money it would seem a gooil: idea -
1 B. HR*. to hold on to him and make u.t'.f him
'.ft. and rii tlie, -Miinlli I I
/ leJ |' ) an' I
M. r. MTHUUNGTON.M. < ,for did we nut nay in l"l 't ail ot hii iiMimn Mr. Bran II.a. It [ '
I. .,.....,CI'I. ke.-a s4.yn.TN.wt.outreert. .. shoutthat we would "go in for the J Drposltorr.
nei e ar) for him to ub"i rift** to th I I It
uM and andlour.
Hag an appropriation' .
l'i; to I..r IIII.t"oJolrll''', amlliediinn I
J r..i.a.t f utmtlu-a u .
Uc mainland of the I'uiuoMytn at the s.. \ Hint' I lie, Kantto he I '"t.,1 I -preially, .proprlalnmV

Roll southern railwa '.rniaaltb "MuleDilator. and Airam' ousthelp oi t" e got the old flag, whether. we wantedH Statement t of Condition at the Close of Business September 9. 1903. I
had .
,. or 111 : in fa. t we lu.( tu takeit
MrN I. Yy etoM.t' at .' from i I.i- illii-iri. .- 'h. ,
.da.coLd-clae.metierO aril now it r..malnI..r ii- tu in.i.ton
<*1) I belle\e III t he free and, online.\ '
"."""rtI'ClOD K... I iled 1 e..i.sgr. of iUer and .K'i'd' .t a ratioofli ( he appro, |,rialioB and we know of 1I

.. .. no. man with more ability to in.lol and
ywir' ] to I J. lint. unf. ..rtutiaieh. UK.
tin mtutlu 1 "I tlan :'... '.aiiaferro.I I: RESOURCES.
Lao..p.)In*in 4 "au. Mil rrt-c .a yrr Tiurdar> avain-l' Lon a. |K.inle.oit .. LIABILITIES.
.BbwnptlOL fur. 11'.1'. sit HI inoiitti* ..ul.eftptloll It ,- the old a-h that ,omf.ftf buthtite
.. h) .1 .lilt, >. Kiard In the IVn-v
lor 75 .1d) Individual. 'Ihat'n, wt ,Is..:... ONIs . $74.2Vv.70 (.dpitdl ink
gnat to fn *ucr .tr( tlvanranrr paymtpt la ..luiirnal. .. in the Iuilrie rid UnK"atT' : ) .paid b . 100.000,00
I. S. ..*d..Isweetlr.latm. 25.mw.uo' lathsidrlIrs/6s. / kssetearnmlb late.prJ
-- -<-- vie have t'II.I'. here'n all oort uf . IJNI6.72
"III Ille, n I,r' III l of | ,lot .elling- olfir f'fftII.toll.. S. 1ItJIIII,
625.011 Llius'I. W
i Lersi..dingn.ru .n'. I"" r It.... ,. .. antes wbtand. ..11I4 25.000.00
....J\oodn1&l..... I.... u.... ,aI... Iliiu-i. "l II.! pr.-er.tatnr- tnr !"'<:'.. trutex" epl ne spnWr, | trusto.. and SIU. Vtvtrxrh 25.0X7.50W.H2I.5I Yd'aodsaldq.ifs" \II..IID; <..<< . .'.".
vve ought. tu have, that at ".11., 'I'hr I w..v.M(1IitIl'f.dJ f h twn . 77,403.89 ,
I bud.. on pure" :lw, 1I.tI. .. vall.lI'm Drat..II4 iMNkatrs d.1e.A . . 50.00 '
COMPARATIVE DISTANCES. I ) pe and ,paper' IIIIIIII'I'llIr..ro and all Dar[ trom' VtMMl. BitRki Ml. rrvrrtt jmls . J.5W.70 ?
dined. "iluu-c| Memorial,
nan mi n
tie, other bold bad have Ill, ,lrl., Mite tM.. dad. linkers . 1\46.45 .
-- ..... I nar :NO. ,.MI, l In reltreioe' lollie. "tree and teupU t omhined > liar If.. aM-ror-J rrvrvf *.ratvknki 2.1 1 1 1.44
i Purl from kr. imliniitt-d coinnge' of ether, al the, ra- and put up .prices and III for (. ...J .*rr UN! N.s 1.1I7.0CI

w To TampMiami VArm | Ho: of Hi tol.1 I.) the government ofthe Herald .II"I'ILit-.II" deniMince the.eunholy ''wtesW .Ike t4.tioaal.lacks 2.517.00

Mike Mllrn I I Ml'rM7 '' ,, combination*, it nt free III .1) lratl..ul. paper . .U..M14 .ra" . 311.47
t l i''re t. ., ...-:- :! I IW -- I lard Mate ufmerna.. 'linnwan l4.fal MUM, rrwn ta Edna. ,".-
.... ... that it want' a newspaper Iru.t forthwith ,
.faaa. tot :.e ti.tw. a nieiiHinal to < oiiKreos a-king for Sank$6.067.75/
.& .... .. .. .. .. 11iM 117 to publisher r."lin.t the ,
aaatlago dc Cult .. asa U7 the. pan-fcge oi a law prmiding for thefrrr lt.J. IcWrr aotrt 2.0UOOU
.... : exactions if other trusts. I IA
CUM H.rtUm.Oimntrfua IIU n< I all unlimited and ( -- S.067.75U50.00
; i mdepemlt oin-' -
(Tla I I long a* the law "permit these j j lr VattiM" M ,,11iI t''. S. IrMV....5 keneat *f t crtaiitiM
Wildcard Pi_" 1I1O eN i I yElil..ls I alt..r birth ..11alld II'IIItllL the ratio
I vin. and not ul I --
things they are regarded
Cap. iUa Antonio) r.'I 7 1M' M: ot 11110! 1. I Ii rid on pajfeln7T and
.. .. to correct moral-, there, i* no Total : S2O3.46O.61 Total S2O3.46O.61
.a.saaa.bama Jn n 1150 tall I W7JENMM.H l<>7". that II....-.. Memorial. S... 10', inrelerence contrary .
1.'adn.. tat ... I to the, ,.... and Unlimited reason why the newspaper man the' ,
=- .. or inge "..."..r. Mr I 'I'.itaferrosndany
iMiinaiie of gilver 1111. ratio of 1"10 1. L-I
rfiUrntly think. more of other l eniucrat should not take ad Depository Depository I
ti) the government: uf the t'Iritedirate. I
the neKtpapm of "'or.dlll..11 M<.'k- : of .Amenta" wa put upon itsptuiage.'and '.alllal.r Hie situation and form combinations of t the Clt). I of tbe County.; h

ton due fur he always manage to berouud : that, It |,**-..d the Jlo..1. I for aelf-protei.lion and furenlarged I -n fr

about tbe time of the prr. 'I bj atoteofi1tolit.. Awong the'na} ." I revenue. I .

Xat beet n gs. appear" 'Mr. speaker" Y..u wereptaker. Tbe i 1'" H analoffou tn this protective : I.

I I In I IMMi; llern'ando.; Jour. homeiiunt tarHf whnh enrn-he. the, manu- : 1
THE MIIMI MITKOI I i. M omi to ... fat'turer* of the North. eaTet" tI'f'1
) wan a oironx .fr. .iI..r" ,
be IDaueti in a dal) il. 1 II 1 it in M good prmlucers uf the M e-t .lId stth ...-
county and Inn were not, among theileligHten
ccurdiniflj, ", a. I If Krekl. .) it will "'"I| ,t ", .rill, II) llernatulo, t.. thetxte 'Irr.eJ l lu the dlatrut, |* i mielttll uf Fort Dallas National Bank.

one ul lli>. IrutluiK /I. .> -iawrii ul iniueiiliin.' whist, ,11 livened ailhalfltli.llilienflli.il for> ign couillries. A. lot g ". there ,1.S l- +

.rlo1a.-I'.a."I.. New *. tariff fur L
t -- .. J.l r...r. .K.JMII.H.. ... r... I.r.'tes live one -< hun -
for mil i.la-s uf people, the oilier, ar.It '
i' I
vageii. rally r"'H'r\.d. ai.d |I |has, .
Tut )II toil Sli'IKorutI-will. i "lw"III 1.1 ( Itittat d the ....1 lit I It.* |e...plr "h.iv *' .
"' ,'r h..ar,111 t "'rJ..d.. yet err .
the |iubli<'ni'oii ul a 01.01)I editimitba nn.ral, right to demand an etjual\ shai" I I I ORGANIZED. I I
I I an 1111.11I1') iiii-ing' so tl I 1II"'lor.a'-, : I II
lull trlerr| <|,iliir ..-" abets, ili.l in Hi. I..n.llt.. That'..- .. lialituati,'

Xoveniber l--aa Mmn an it- Dew lon I. laliafi rro liulds and lie i. enninnlri.t ) I
,Iii'i ser ,pe pie", fklltdt MIUIi '
littirr I. olltjilel* d| 'I Ian I llueHiff ,
t' 1,1.
liol ,,I Mli. i, .i. \i"i i.i lion, li) "I','t...1II" t,
to.)le the Ir'i-t-i and, ihe l-\rt\\ eiw. -m CAPITAL STOCK
Jet,": k'"ld |" ..|.1.. did t-ei ore. slit, tr'it'e ..' = = = $100,000.00
'I litiiviA* and" l.i vt-ritor .
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