character of the residences and stores alontiami's K. ft. Mo4,. of Heartetta, Tea. eayt.My : We are aelltai lieu. toa. beans
) busiest thoroughfare krotker was very low with mala-! our price **4 term are e ey. U paw E
real fever sad jaaadlee, un M took vast a good Bark1**. M es tell yes
Electric Bitter, which eared kla life abevt' tke
At an dranlau; price Me cwaraataod.i I


I TREESA i iI A aMKklae shop kae kiss added t* '
: t.r kris tetmMlikiwt to amtlaty lie ri
4>. ad for Irn else. K
s repair
I It only few btecka iron the buelneae center tie It d"tli.*4 t* k.c.m the i I, ako0
r fehl.nabl.. rM4tnc district *f MI AML fine "WI of haute for ACTOMOBILn sad. OAS EN-
_.. and Grape Fruit Trees II OARS: sad teat ..........t to la JI
LM year th.rs wen thirty tIt people *.I.te r4 t .s hNel
oo Sour Orange and Rough charge of akUled. aerktvltta., We are
y till city ...< tw-tHlrd M m.ny ears *t the ethot I"IIlar .aort. In I
Lemon stocks
in prime at year aorrtre.
this city making M,XX) vl lt.rt In .IL This year It U believed that nearly roodition for planting 110_
twice that many will weed h,r.. fie tM winter.Maoy I
ef tkeee visitors ", rch... a b HMI.*g alt and! erect a winter Write for oar It&eaUogmt II
rr home, this natvralljr Increases the value of property. \ which and gives prices descriptions on- I OFTON a: EINIG.Bxtnann .
Now thee Orange Grape
.., read this: also l on other Fruit tree to Loftoa ,...- Opaortu root Owes "' ....
We have keen atfvertlalng ewf ftIVE"atDE".rtr fees aKert time Shade Trrre, Koc sad I
see yew are prekakly familiar with the prenriaea we "' ... Today, If yew Ornamental Shrubs r
will. walk Sere te e..r property yew will see that we have carried set e.rprentlaea. I
Vow will ere a farce M laborers engaged In paving the lever i Gfea S>. Mary Nurseries. Wm. Curry's Sons
end af Twelfth street, which U fact kecemlng the Ureadway .. MIAMI. 5a
1 G. l. later. Fro rklor.

1 Key West Florida +i
- --- -
------ -- .
Est 7. Girl sa. Mare, fbrlda.LUaisiille

Buy now and get; on the ground floor. $300 I j jw !.I................... .....I Ship Chandlery Building

and $450. 1-third cash bal. In t. :2,: years I i & Nashville Materials Of All Kinds.

Railroad >Coal and Ice Steam marine Railways, Macblee' Mhop+,Fortes 1

Fastest Time anJFinestSencej I All kind ot repairing, llmlcr a..d'Steam' Kitting can be done at the ;
,bnrt *t notice in the t.e.t pmiMe. manner by etpert chilled! mechaam
J. H. Tatum & Company To i.

1 All Points, North, West $'
I and North*cst I Ii ............ ... .. ...... .... .......... ...........
3r i Through Pallmaa Drawing Ki->mi
i sleeping, car A\\j\ frum
1 I Dade County Title Insurance
Jacksonville to Birmingham: j I j
THE COMINQ TATE rEOCKATION! 8calBok Lagark. at .clock Wed ary T Good made Will be vncajred I Nash"oitle. Evansville Chicago:
aeeday an..nooa.t., sad after a for the owaaloa. sad a fall know wlU I SL Louis Pensacola. Mobile,
l. :
", Tile Heweeneepera' Club ef Cece***. ..**ores mevtlag. there win tM treed. be looked for. I and New Orleans and Trust Co. .2LMiami. Flag I
i Grove win Assist In Ci tertammei.t. fl report from 'te varlova rommHtM
i ( Finest Dining[) Car &fil the:
e a baaqoet' writ be gives, aa4 at tootled Her Beawty.Hartet
in The Hoalu> jr*' Chub of Coma I* p. 1ft., eke Semlaole will carry Soith. De! mt fret r&linio ,hair)0
p I
.1! Howard, of lOt W J4tk 8U hid Up CItW:) s .Oo.oo Sirplu, $11,000.00
Route of the famous ble.ltomcl.
;- sit Grove, baa held lam sad busy the rm1ntloB back to MiamiTke New Tack at ... Umo had her beauty Limited" lie 1
t' Bwetlac the past two weeks Florida rear laavroa Uad tlOea. pre,.'e akatratca of title feaaa aad .....*
ipotlod with skis troaklo. She wrltea: ticket*read L AN. For rate,
arraactnc to eatenala tar itanrinf party, to be pines kytke mousy oa its eve aeeoaal sad for ethers. Acts .. ...... attora.y-ta> :
They had
are 1 auk rkeaia or saess for yean.{ chedale* and fail)! information call i
CUb, of ocoaaat I tact traatee aeelraea tiecator. reeelTer. or (vardlaa.Addree p
'StaU rodcratloa of Womaa dab Hwoekeepecu' bat aotklag would ear It. aatfl used I loll or write.
which sods la Miami. Jaaaary r I Grove beta, poatpoo oe areoaat oftke BacUM'i anlca aalT." A quick aal C. E. Herring all eotaaraatrationt to (I
sad M. The evtlr VXIeratkia win Wtakoa wetiac of the State F>**rtloa. ear healer fee ewta betas sad soma rs-esw woe air..wee.Ii.rttste trvti. S. U PATTERSON Sec. and Treas. := 1,
Sows te Oocoaaat Grove oa the win be flTea: oa Friday erealac. Jaa- tie at an druggists. I i-easr .a ........... ...........,.............. ........ ....., .
0. :
i" -
l' .- ....
".' ... .
; '.' P AJ F
'. q." 'i',,'- "'. :- ., i .et.t'+ +L


; ,

--................;.......................... ... ..... ...."..............................1r............................... wIN

ALL COLORS I' : New Wood Finish. Revives old wood work, furniture Floors, etc.


-- : For Sale by "

l I : Z


S ..8.......................WILY YYY/MW.WYWW..Y..
"" "" ..."
--.i"...._ _
-- ---------- -..............................................
--- -

Undertaker H. M.and KING Embalmer Osteopathy! I i'' [ COOLEY & HORNER I

F The Real Estate and Rental Agents
13OO Avenue D

Edward Tufts, D, O.z" ,1,


Ladies Please Take Notice!

-- = ==-.----=---=

Dorothy Dodd, the shoe Stanford's Ii
r :; Changing

thats a "perfect charm" AT Opposite Express Office II .

-- w.v lt..t....-......_.. Vf.f V?.....?-?-....*. Mv t. 4fL CVMO4M. *. CNYNyV' .,... v.. ... NW.. _a NJ

The Best 5 cent 1 I'I I too days does it teer loot alike. A'ew goods and noteltits opened At +
I Pipes; and Tobacco
up etery day; goods hating exclusitenesst combined with I
Cigar oo Earth, HAYES Always In Stock. richness and neatness always appeal ladies who
b Sold Only by III j :Ian
o... MOTtl MSCkYNC 'recognized as Jtne dressers


DAILY' MIAMI IIETRO?OLlS.i I' W. P. MILLER We hate in a new line of this popular dress goods and
I'I I an showing> some pretty effects in lawns and linens.

.::: ;, TOwN TOPICS, 41. 12 8TJtUT Shirt waists in lawns, mulls' linens and

I madras from $1.25 $6.00
)Mra. J. C. Wrlckt. of Banow,. .... to
Mat essay bur .... ta'that city. Xiaa rraacee] Moan,,* CharVXta.X Waatad.-Woaxa wee aaa arv. Aa.aty .
"r r 331 C, .te has" kcaa iTytig U Miami at tka Mmaary I>partir Ika.BLBaarfaa" Oar Souvenir gape Is the largest and most complete la ft R'r1
Tko ataamar bUrtlalqaa .. daa ta fur ores a ...,,, arrlred' acre htoa- lanai
pat late tkla aflaraooa from Kay day and via romata the balance oftke L ,
Waat vltk ..._ af paaaaanra wtater %ltk bur dstsr. Mra.. A. M.ample. .
,. Mil .......... trattbt.Kr. S Her ant, Mrs L.rta.r..m W..wan lost nth atraat a
w ... la abort ... days and they twa wktt* .altts.-.v atpartoaaad
f, C. a Xaura, of tka v. & Do- wen W warmly ........ by war harp Mad ayply.Waalad Burdine&Quarterman
paruaaat of AcrtciJtara. WaakiaHoa, maay trloada U Fort Floroa-Tort --
D.C, H ta tile dty for Un yvrpora Ftorco. K...* Pataiaaaat ,.. aad I to
anryarlmaanar whk caaaarA at tkalauUoa board, ar rooav by ,yiaa ...: good -
oa .h aoub aldo of tka rlrar.Mr OoL J. W. Boyd for maay >)>eara a nt....... Addraaa yoataOoa box i<
....._t of Barton and tar about No ", atatUf bastion.. boat I

rraak B. Bloat wan bon foarfeea rara tae tax collector of t.r.a _
to tko Bartow ootoay U Miami, ku Nit county Ml for Miami laatTharaday ------ .

v t *aoaatly parckaaad tka Nawooma era- ...-a1q, wbore 1N win JoIn .aalaf Miami by aatofaobOa. Laitoa -
::'e.'F. faad ... marks atora at Pasta kla famay. who ...t there to Bra Dale: opposite pastiMes has I! '
.Oorda soon awatha twos Col. Bo)da do- am ay-to-date ear tor lire.waled..A
.t partare was mack retracted ky kla MODERN DENTISTRYAT Y sure s a
t; JU. aad JilL P. J. Mart..[. aad maws trieada acre and an hope that place aa travallacpaaioa .. I Pharmacy: a
.;JU. aad Mra. L H. MasvoU, biking ''I ho win tad his aw ........ place maid or aaraa aad am wtmat
tow tko laaack Booalor yeatordayjf of eajoymeat.-Bartow CoartoMaforat ta mate ByaaU caaaraQy aaafaL Addraaa. POPULAR PRICES ., 3
........ la Uadla* aU kmctah, I : .. Ida Maltby. Til Araaaa B, Mi A eo opl ta and earthily selected atock. Wo bor oar la 3t

,'J-'C., I troapor. I craai' and I Tk fist of &.lie ....'. dory raoaa .... Tea ItFar H. iLER. ,enust.320X sail% qaaati and of'". ao we caa always kara tkcm bed rags

t for the to.... cap ....te4 aaaaallykr ) Twelfth Street pa OwrcaatoaMratttaobcMktoUiaaodaraalwaraMdaftcd] I
Mr. a W. Merrtn. of the Royal Jilt--tlaraa acraa JaM treat >r4t S4U Srinb
CajKala Dick aka
BmI"cl tko .
tarry tier Miami tint .M traaa, ..u, labaartar '
rate Hotel win be Baaed tkla afteraooa Tern
.. eiperieoce at
4 years
raaott eoaapaay. ta : amafl kowa aad wkar Uvproiaaiaata. Mc
1 today ta I orer 1M Mmal coaraa of lib Detroit. Mkklraa. : : : ffOJt1S4ine" 4
blaaOac oat ckaa01 tartadlaf lam rartaty af : : : :
for bin boat from I miles vkick lara aloM &.lie Boulevard .,
deep water oo tropical tralta. 0. the best fleer
tko oar alda across tko fats and Croat. Tk foUovlac how ..seetsesd aar troau to .. obtelaad. Wm ..D at abarcala at tile soda foaatala. Special cream and akorbato Saturday f c
a. kaaka to tko dock cxteadtag oat from ay to aoo today: IX Ju, Cape I afteraoooa aad en.ie,.. Wa wait year patronage and wil
eko land ta rdor that tkey caw mora'aaaOynt : B. W. MeCMlaa; r. Ju, Pwcr Ca- It ........ )[tams. na. always endeavor to see that yes jet tko best .la ooxluoPmmniAttcaUaa .
lam: K. Jar Joe MlUbdl. and A. Jax. I
back and tomb Tba bUat- The Racket Store
t-teg vn tab ae wag dys Wore la- T. W. McBrtda. Dick Aackoabaackvtn WIsh to borrow IUM.M oa property I Le p use Ian;IN arrktMkaW.E.
.' .rWsJoy: act u starter and alma aid worth IVOOd. located ... block frombaataaaa II I mVa. to .fl arcacrlpCoM YOUNGS. PROP. a
Captain Potter and C&ItaIa.-, litbePVjuArmour's;
caatar of tity. Addraaa, J.
KataO. tko ckampkoo awlmmarI ,..,.t
Aaata RaI>. NT. Baratk: atmt. !
.I of tko world vk. .. matckad to nee I -
Farcy' arm for tka UO ta twit city Far .... ar Cfcartar-AaxflUryyackt ,- -
.Jon a data yet to ba aoeetafl n lob ONE CENT A Ai O D Uaaat. 41 feet loo*. M k a. ..- -
nary, kaa aaOad froa f*i1 mf. and """. Teat ... aleffaat. Bayal Palm Dear
.'ta ospectad to reset Miami .. or _11. Addraaa U a Potter. Boa 41T.rwalikad I TO OUR VISITORS
about the trot of ant moat. wkaat I SUPfRT AR
; Far .fal.rTbr'evaa,. ptartrredaona. ...... for rout eoaulatof HousekeeperWe
ko vO go ta training arm tko nee I Reasonable U Ukea at cues. alckt b.d-evon..: a4ra Improrwnta. Shampoo Soap
ita.yoOad 0%. Tba _tee ta for 'SOt Apply at Il> Mull ..treat.MneL I
., i Address Dot 71. elt,. The beet arap
a alda. ant win attract tatareatItbawoild
I I I made for hair 13G Too. win want touted ire ready to urn
II I H.--o.. of tko choices tad,. Indian rircr oysters at Doaaa < or acaip........ a MMtreair tofricad, JOG rftb.. choke nJ fresh
Ltb1. dUet properties !. the for sal e Baalcraoa'L I at home coa..rqaentj -
> %_ E. U R.-. Tiee-prea. of Lb e I city .1 I II \ we bare added a flrccfries. both( fancy u4iUpk.
MobOe A Ohio Bfcllway, Inquire at Mrtropcll oSca tf .
acoapattal fatfaaanara rasa armianaa.. tralttat I apkadid liocof poon* Telephone )oar
... ..
... I wu. A rira-a. f
by daafhter, Mill E.JItM. and .r'- R1wrsla._Threv of tko beat Iota to our tock and will < .
oral promlfirat raflnM .ia" aria I engrave them tree to'
: ta 1U.fl'St4Twcltt' street for Far Raot New tea room
r Maadkrs .f Etertltw charge. Tbe
tlnd the city la kit prtraia CAr hnlaWJ eipnrnawill
uU at a birtmla. taqatra at Mctraaolia koaaa at tJI E r aik J tmapthiaq.u dtapest 'I make aa I Free
yoatcrday. ExOoukreaamaa Johal|: lira, K. T. OramBac. 1 appal. Delivery
J AUea. U one of the party ..b. ,.in.'arobably once. W. H. taffle & Son. bat priate bad voavrair. "c
Prcii. ioc them
Far Rest-A Latin furnished t'' made 1111 .....
mermen la tl h Tktatty Mnt-j LatU-tnu cold Hpi, Tt enamel fronting tooth aad aoatkaut..a 1 oorn'.i c prt.kl7 for that
,tot. and tfkiDff. for aereral ffj before Wow wllk Masonic mMd oa to* 'k oatl3eng m-,.. Da). Array ). J'Grp"oa will find RCSPECTrULLV
;J.. rotaratns. Cell Itukn.. \\' a pay avltable reward If Man D bets :: : :: ,: .. :: t

saw of his \7. M. Dvdlae.Oae I I to HarrlrU M. Smith I:' helM Launch "El Horo" TheMagnolia
Tka boat fisk caught la Aoattera waten. ,
street rare naa k.
of the prettleat cap inophlee knows aa tba shad at Doaaa ARaalaraoax A Thoroughly Equipped :

: ant offered aa a prlza for aa aqaatte:I Three e.. room. for rest, 1M FOR SALE I Optical Department in Grocery Co.
...t. la that donated by Mrwa. Mar .. --
U dears --
Twelfth atreet. aear bay. you U n ar rest y ar charge of a Competent I -- -
HOB Story nod B. H. Seecar. for the -=-VISIt It with Hid A Oaatlrr. 3$ feet long 8 feet beam, full I I Cor. 4th and Avenue Drwae
I:rwtiamlax rue to take place aextUTkaraday I Far fete at tarpal.r 8fl yaebt tel aatate and natal atata r..s ...-,. I copper fastened. Cabinet of!II Optician

aUt la the Royal Palm Ckaaor. ackoooer rifted two .tat. bafldtac. Mta. IM .M..,K' :.tiy. hand carved. I
|{ ..... between Percy Cavil[. the prot -I room, larre caMa. hitched: < mow, for .. I I Sleeping berths toilette, lavatory and if you need glasses The Miami Conservatory
I It RntOtUI.: B
roona; oarcalcatly -
'joaaloaal. awlmmer la eharra of the I win aeeomtDO ate trarteea and crew heated fleetly frttttbH.wttk galley. Good cruiser I would be pleased to

r post and Mr. nt& n14. a talent e*j U feet la leactk sod U feet beam; plans,for raat for esanos.t. Apply I I u h. f. Daimler motor. Now have you call. I of Music
cmatear and member of the Ke Tort good coadltloa: a yeara, aad. lUCoa. this has I
.'AthIUe Cub CaTtn glees no.qen.l.1| E. W. Zaadar. oSca. good paying position. aaooapcr that a clan, ia raretcal
I Vro leBTtka la twenty:and Paba Belt Da Boat BMWT, M aaau a pound atDoaaa :331e Bnrga.1n. IAU ;(C.lt.re i< Uiajj formed. seder tbo
> are a number of guests at the A BaaleraoalLTwo ,direction of Mr.. LilU D Cary to
IIaUt who boY the abOlty of tke I Far ""'-.-$.... faraUkad koaaa.ttrartM aplaaitdly liaised don may backanend ,.... Metraoolla office. Maynard & Son :'bcfia work Jaaaarj :3. The claaa

'hew Tarkct U tko swimming Uaei i I tarn rootaa two path roana.nada. by ......... at dran'a BT Jcwrkn aJ (Ot&lKSOM ) 'U limitrd. ..* kindly make early
i bat WO water any amount of mosey ak-eI1 dose .. Say..oth. tat gat sty atablaa.wbara Ttbidra may alaa ba Mail list NetlceCapt Iris* Man appucatioaFranlJia
that ko wins tko ra a. Tko cap hi >Matk atrrH. .rrota Fak 1 to bad to tats parties to tko kaailatpmada boat betweea Miami sad flaaierlearea elect Kerlk ett IBI> rnl OTfti '
mow oa atbtHTtn* at the Royal P.l: Ity l. spay.R...A.S&.awL IM Twamk atraat trios fiarretra duck, foot ofAreaao l } ? Cokmaa Bosh
D.oa Sundays aad Taarada/a Sc
r- 15 12
j ... a.... r, .,. OVular
"" .. .... .
.'" ':' ff!;'. "> "" :; ;<< t i -
t 'I .T.

i iw

. off j 'i"i"i''i''i'.i''i'i''i," . .
M'r' la>n<'. whiih cow.

COLORED PEOPITHERE ln.ta> >. Uti"i. r. :7 A rests time I lID For : l l

AND ELSEWHERE I K.,.ire for vIe little fellows na t'.al i ioIa Windmillsand 0 H STII1FY I xExix..>twT i"NiEGcSk .

) 1 .. G.ora DcU....... Ftww
1h' I.inrarr mill rw+ ai, tb.Mh CYPRESS. .

KI: h 'u*. u'l Boats. t.i teens at !),!,.!...!, . .
.. u' l I.j> k All.,. reqecctol .0 alI TAB'' 1'-
I .
t.-.n --
..... Hurt bnpH A .. Water
<> ttmx>rf \.. h- n. M .tlBC 1H cnii\fiw miUnntlny
Y. B. ?wmn rllun-h I awe mill b* e 4T attr.....11I it :} oci.atN AHa '
Tier all "Ai Th. public I* rorluHx .rw tin raa ('111 r'. mho departed. tbilift Tanks
...IWCI'\o iu.,a.l Iht-av ...r.It. i. Tli. ai hit a.Jtne .. Deeaa Vista onIcnaan' s- vxTS : i + i
IMtor mill ptoiuli ail day rs. at 4 otkirk IIIn willtmr.'xt 'mar ;, See or Write Architect and. BuilderI Ai
The mmt>." n( VUrrtu < .1.\ ,t : la Miami renetery a) t

M K. Clank sill rt.e *n r, aiutMoeday i>-'I..n ,' p. m today bjr 8. C Gr... ACo. tab 5' 14_ c. H. PERRY C<
beat al Ibe raunfa tuni.lii us .rah dl-< ..urnTl ft.mjo m the South, anti JIM hatterprrpirrd
alfhl Thin milt Iw kvpt ayItoamlbly ; Te welt In a mad rally .1 New I than ever /..r furn..ht.1C plaa
until _f'r. 0'". Al friends M uf the rhanh mad !.... p.Mtr rrr sal I ill day ,,..> pas*or and oil rt-r ro \ net ..",k. etc. 1 am now :ad..artl'tIIfor
l e4 to rwiw < 'n! mil ...II.t 'in say \ |seat ,very i...mhtr l to be preaeotlt Contractors and Properly Owners i tnriK-d work *crr-ll ...win{ and ill
n".. turret th. timeIMII&BI work usually done in a riser t LA"
pOxFibU > be oat aae VJp
.. way a.in.in| o milt w
MM| .... Monday alKjst Keff slit-his t s reil MoNKYme : pta Olen
his morthy u. I If y. ndont want t"- S\\ K :
.abnMnt. IB buniUiH mill tie on ng not rairpMIt t the thxrxh- i cant IKIp you It yew d... :...te to 0 Send me your order for doors and win-

taad.Tomtrrom. 1 dow frames, billusters: bracke .. etc a
Crore Kttcken ,
at rxinwcat GaIned P.opl. at Key Waste The J. A. McDonald Co. j ;
silt prutth all day H. COt'III Mr and Mr Olrta arrlTAj la 11..- and be convinced 11Am1 FLA

there U etab1l aa A M E ZkmCharch sty from OMo on P abort visit to Ibeirlauchier S AIU"Y YOI"H > v

Mm D"nby. wife ('JIUY.. I i "
At helbel AMR Chunk UHUOT I rhoma Meaty \r and Mra Lone Leaf Yellow Pine ''eeeeeeeeeeeeeee)eeeoeeeeeeeeeee :
win 1.. ratrvlar service, .'
I there .
pew I caul cat.
sill r r.'p I m.\
bears A* eaeferduc" U \ $16 M
r the Framing at per l Our Wagon Way
drawlBK Mar Elder ATTENTION goes your
pastor ...JIICk-te:; member Boards same price. We also sell Lime, Brick L4 kinds]. !i j t
.4 frtee.4 to frost I will be at the foDowlac potaU Mb and whatever else a i
a Cement. Sash Doors, :Mouldings
sal do *fcat they ran towards far : .t.r- nairad for the purpose oftaaeavlnc ; We can cklivcr the Goods
tb.e1ag! the eaaae of the eoefereaee. Dada eooaty Unw. real E.4wnooaJ I builder requires at lowest pjisible figure

Mr. E. C MeUnd. trel-claaa tailor P : I

fro*. Key Weal was a iwaae.cer Btoart. Jaaaarf IT- II !> Vtiere We ire 14th btreet Miami], Fit .:
Hole Soajid.; Jaamarr
oa the boat oa TIler"' ,. II. U BOW I !OIfD i
TtewhB- the etty preparatory to Bet- West '.$... Jaaaary Si. U. 10 don't spoil a good meal by buying
11. U
Wad Pala Bach Junary

lilac te. J.tb B.* rtttBee. Brow. of tie ?rtadtl.elllsptfat U.ti.di.Laataaa. I unsatisfactory bread. Our tempting

charch win eoadact ...-. Jaaaary MLBoTBtoa and well baked loaves are a meal in
raorvary 1 aa l S.Datny. .
1 aJI tar toawew a* eeaat AH frtoMi .February S M4 1 themselres for they art pure, nourishing .
ass iwa. ...... to atteM theee eerrteee C.
,1. Ov doors stead opus. car the ... DnrtwU.Boom Radial Twbrwiry riknury t. and wholesome : : : : : : ;

ear. earn aM .. .... *doom a.Be ,...... ...." t.L.derdala 4 t
A. W. Blows sad ... food "*-7. sad 11 I

pale are aatbMaattai a good UBM Dray. Tti4aary 1LH.Oa
.4 fee pies,aoa to .. froa at hiiMo l !e Tebraary 11.ffWfiBr.vribrw.ryt. .
l ei... us .4ey angels ABMeawia .. .
The Baker(
Ota torch. are .......... to at lAde Ever rbr ary U sad llLaaMA > John Seybok ::

lead.sad tk*fwhlte reaeraBj.a4 ea. CUT. rabrMry 11OMOBMI 10 nlakc4 ,"an" 4 to 10 roowiB at $oOO
pa ..0.., sad *. eta 4* the. ...x. VUbrMry M lad tl fOR RENT to$15 tats for tb.To-ri.t Seaaoav 2)lara4ab4 lP
used.Gd. .....yshraary tI. _- rouse at Cr dollars to $10 per tredI.R .

eemr with the hey ateaaawin Cmtkv.rvbraary M M4 SLOrwr A nntty of city mUeaxa at froam A$600will
jeer .... fwbrwary IT.ma.I. mi I SALE 94000. Vacmat Iota $150 t* $500. A Model Bathroom'
Tfc* aaaay trtawM 4.Hus._F. c. rvbrwary tt to A.rB IOwnaaMkr. (proved lara of of 170 acre Mar Miami; aU tat class an arovad prop : I
Thnam, of JackncTtm: M aWl trtWa. TaU. will divide cpfor a Mttieawratof 10(tBiU>e.toc Wi. wehaTeoraara
lawns. of tkat dtr. vtB k. aal..d Mhwrm 1'as' A.a.aro .4 trap*rait. groves, an .,... of !.proved aad at ala the
tkat W departed UU Vf. aWed P. a ,....... Maat fta, box ttt. I f'I'Oft41ad..ltabie far fraiU.tr' cklBr sad faraiiar.cowditio AD e of these price. la the rest .....baI feat ;
.eslay after M OMM .l kotw I PERSONAL NOTXC.Tba bWKCK'8 LOWEST T& )lS. Gaetal form ara of tae atodera ....., +

,.,.. H. waj at use Mess at law .....,. ewer, ffropaxtyrmcr. C. C. Carroll & F. W. A1t1 son AM aa It ia a aeeewaary torn..
tk. h.a4 fit tk* Ratal Bcat BocMjf "or legal n,ia.aat tlT> fit Ik fort to any hoa... Better |
tklt ...... sad alas taudar olDM ......"M ratmrm lO noBr*to C Florida IUeor-1 H.-.uc oa MaaU finished far tkatparpoaa tile.....ta" .y.tna. thereby
a wtt. sad ckUdrta. relatives sad by tile paned (These inaariaf be health aWcowifort ';r

"....., ,..jk.ai w. ..teal wr sytys. laaka will b* Mat by aaafl to all AI' of year taaaUj
pally. rUeaata who ran to reel tile Maaaaor, than apeadiar it tor f a. J

barrow New Moist Ztoa Bap M ncelpt of postage Una) batwoitk Rentncky TimofliyThe 1..i.hlllrArb., foe the "*
of Jaaaary aid tile !rat
list Ckarrh then will tie eentcfp aO \ lest day a
day aa ..aU. All ..* cardtalljr larK. lay of April of each ,.ar. UBmcbBwnaa. 'I .y

44 H to attead suck .aiinrtf .. ,; tkrtr property or their for mrenta...,..fan.....to.. tiara M repaired I ( Famous Racycte J
Mr. Robert U Zelcler. a t.atksaswell by law die assessor .. coavBaaded TT I .
hews la tklt dtf who for pan j
the to ...*.. It u Vftlaowa.H '
baa Irvad to JackKMTiHo std lor -\
I of *kHVTOT as
to *<* tie legal lily e
1ut few jean bee proBlacetly mocftad ..mdse tea rwooeda of tile
with lie colored deparUttratof w-n'y for Ox purpose of MevruhxlM I The very best hay that ""P'OI. This hayis M. j. MCDONALD, ,
"1"CJf>4 oa
the ,Ttawa-l'atoa! aa real Mtatathat h artt' carload; lots and is I
the waer bii of in ten
H. .... maay pnrchaehed
Wedaeedas last j .... to It* Twelfth Street. Miami Florida.
tba property
he may a one
frWsds 1. this City who ala ,!. tawt1y It"tM 41111 tyof arary .s raised on one farm thereby you

to _.....1 la 'tkhi. their boar ... ,I le property alowaer.owB bit,?. If poaalUa to moet quality, the best. We will ship in any

__no.-'. I'tka aaaaraor at the appoUtH place sad quantity; our price is as low as iM lowest Atlantic Coast Line.
Par Ue wrwabnjrTka time or at kit cfflra IB tile Cwart bxwMat I
dray frt ad. of Mr lUnoa Miami, aad stars bit prop.ty.I HI. *TO7. GOR-flL V JiiS '
of this till will W clad M property .
K UxhUmr *
rearectfaHy urge
Me..i fie '
.. lieu test ha has tenant a poalHam ; ownea W do W 'M property ow aea Ot J.sdes Bros.. 5 5 KaM sad WeM bkTULXnO 1I
evilest earnee berth
oa OM tithe cralalac busts nvmU I with v. I hope tktremit ? fill w Jen it a mole b MfaTXXXXXXOOOOOOOOCXXXXOOCOOCXXXXXOOCXXXXX Qalckaat tire, rest !
.01 cooperate ;!Wi tars poet' .... M tr. M. WI I COAST U.XB. The raaona New York sad norhta ttiiiail.
Key West .. bugler ... M Ratinealoac be mutuafly aatlafsrlory.
aalendMIrThla young sue R.-.hny. > ooc .1 oil rmtteaa Data of oparmeat.a... Nata.4. Care, t.
leave. St. Aacmatlae dally eves$ taa4aT at U "
the test : retie lighted throughout
.doaolleaa oa of hennalave 0- 0. Roller "
raiard to ha tMf tie U very Aneeeor. ICOLEYSIf I L at, arrive New York 4U r. at totlowtaf day. .
oMU U aU with, whom bv on... I. BITTY BROS. Florida lad Wag ladles UaUU earrjtoc Drmwlat-Rotav ....... said
"" .
bare JackaoarUW at I .. A. ht dally, serf* New York Kf* 4
i Can.
d ftatac .
--, metaet. Aay bosons beau>w'" epos .
lies ha*. already bees ueriscl.TIe ONEYA TAR I P. M. foDowtac may.Chleato .
win be amnad looollvcC ; .._....._a.Is era soul.leads sad norUa Umlud. sand PmUataa trap e< ..pee DUtaf aadItaerrauoa
rwrtmy \. Machine Shop I Can. leaves JackaoerUVa daily .:" A. at,arrive Cbtaa.&:. -
utTk +
Itev dual throw hla "
daughter of Mrs EllHbMhRoMaaua Magic City ; P. X. lollowtai day. This trala ..-rt..1t. Leal.. SUepar. arrrrlat St. LaakiUP.

I: 1C.DUla.
was a -.H Store. nr- ...... Jaekaoarnta I.r. r M. Laity rarrtoe threat
? tb cMker day Kerosine Engine
frost Drug ( Gasolene and
to Chleato sad 8t Loata. arrlvtac Chicago 1:11 P at. St. LedaiW ,
with leers
Kb* wtU .....d naly a korl while ,

br toiaoTTuw Bother la wornlnc Ibis til,. f.HHr.r Tanyawhoa leaves J. A. BUTLER. M. U. j jI L Repairing a Specialty I Tbe A. 1C eetckeot toUowtBi Bae atoratac.by but aid oa.half Man .. Chlca... aeee heart I

na UmterlUaalAKK RXSntVArONS: PROMPT!. .. .
with her nmulaTo Proprietor. I K saM. ad oae boar to .
ale will atop -
caa Immcla that Mr RiMawiawaa ,I OENCIAI. REPAIR WORKR1Dops FRANK C. KtTUmJX. District raw arer Afai imonTlDj, fav'

cUd to ww the gilt attic ..4 ks'. ,, Prigs fruit) Mditius. Toilet : Ml SEVENTH STREET. MIAMI rLORIDJ

lug Mrs aeca\Elizabeth her la abov HoMawia Iwa years win lease: trucks Swlrie. Pcrfincrj SE ABOA R.D ,

ant Stationery. -
ImOHirrow am-alac for Fort leader .

dab to ap.. the stay with bet hoe Onlyl Drw. Store tot ColorwdtTowfi 1 Co.AVEXVEU.
te al. coa: ATS Ala ran 5T ZtT. The Hudson Cycle I Air Line Railway

1 aaaoaartnjr the te..th i
Card are ct ---
birthday of Rrtata DnnoatbeMv Oar I rounIIONEYA.'mTi : MIAMI, Fl.'. FOR ;
let Pa,... the oaly child of Ur aad I AaamJuus aw..rw Se.......

Anything and Everything for the BicychAT ) ; avannah. Columbia Camden. Southern Pines

Washington Baltimore.Philadelphia. .
Raleigh, Richmond ,

TBl RIGHT rKJUS New York. ;y

W hat Men Wantl Most Two Etfegant Trains Daily.
*. '
kite '"' do tbd Lies tads Ur UtUm*. Mr4at.amwtalU.la seaboard Express ,.Sea oardCMat1;
rn. yesas ad vaLted.ythe .
ifoadw Tttrr dt eslp nn.1InUt
ia comfort sod laterVearetbe Model Pullman equipment.
grist theM desires.Out .
people who en
latest desigss aadp nattrraa\m No Shoddy or Cheap Goods. No Shoddy or Chap Work'I ONZJYtperi T..TTCE3i .
the a o.t faabtoaabk fabrics have

Oar attiredom tallied jaat...itt ought are distinctive beset t1a 1IL IB AI.rtpW w.rti Is ssavcp; ,.....n4. U. 1U i ii'lf'1 liDiii ilu?m fria: JieUiiTtili! n t I lit OriunM :

style. perfect la fit sad pleaaia >..'tiPo bring t beck ..adWe'll .
tft'Ct Let se .bo.. them tn yes, f
ta .
full inform u.n .....sleeper reservation, call >n my agent of
Make it Right I
Scarioartt, >>r write

J. A. WORLEY Dust threw your braaa pUjtrJ or riei-t.t tires away Lithe I I A. 0. IcDO ELL 1111.ill % g.Jiclsjnille( Fit

G J Urea. "\Ve'U talcaaite beta sad make tbeet M'I
aiark tabe or \ S. C. BOYLSTON.. PASS. Agt.fHE .





) eee eo e j Tb total .mo I.. o( rrprBpi for. \ mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmt%
rarrrlBC oa tae ro enmrat o( FtorI 5:: Hinson House

Glass Tumblers i >U for lt. year 1M4 were Mli,7". ;::: -

so. Newty Furt.Nsd. I" nw locations Raise a..60"-..,.
-- (> I Mohler +
1 SPECIAL av WE K. 331 l th't-t... ....."'.. ,1ort&Ie
We bate them at <> Tee ltoutbers F.wpN'ft ('a paid the: = \
25 cent per mt (> State icence tu ,)f .U A 01 bait fear' E-= f Located en the bank of Indian Rt._. ,.....*, Hwnttna and PtaXfx to."a

,' New line of Granite Wart. CO for the right w operate and tracaactiMilneM E I DeGross !? :: '
1"a"a *: The Fort Pierce Hotel
In the Plate :c 5 ". 1- =3;
O I 't
Go o I A Grim Tiaoetfy." |C= 20 Home Power. 'tGi.t: : ,: : 31 I A.L*it1al..maW Solid p<,er. 1 Ii:
; = 4.Cycle Motor.r ;, Riles U II$]. ...w ..
... Teaandwffce ,to dally enacted w tboaaaada of hoBtea ; gI r } lMttd> fmSn d b anL OKT rtEKCK:, r I URI DA ,,
. !
. 'I death clvlm. la a*ca -.. aaotJt.rI :: :; :3 I
Pots. 40 inch J I I'I" of cubaumptloa or pnevnioala. I J "" .-. ,-',"rla :::: The
o ,; But rhea clinch and cold are prop :
,.. This meter la the result ef th. met medem: ,r.tlceIII 31< .1
t towels 35c a S I 1..1, treated the tragedy w averted. J: aclewtlfle WaverlyHoose'asssMRS. .'"
G. l1i 1U,. of OaUaslaa: Ind. wtltet: SMy E Meter It Invelvee net snip the fins details ef eetrvcte... bwt 3 i i: ; :
*> pair. Large 3 I ..tI. had the rooiaoiptkM. and | J:= alee. an acccMibl and meat d.*'11"". 3: |I .
i <> three" doctor sue her Bp. Finally ale ::E THE CYLINDERS ARE CAST IN ONE PIECE.E = I ui"i fMIsc ISABELLA WELI.S. fk
bleached bath o louk Dr. KtLC'i New Diaoovery for ; Si : Including Valve Chamber*, water jacket etc. :31 I I:7":::: -- --:-:- J :
towels 15 i ConcumpUon. couKtoia.4 cold whka, j:E WEIGHT ate POUNDS. i== t . .
cents g .. ... = FOR ftALE SYKindle =: =I! --
eared her, and today he and S Corner
-I I .heu B mat nil Street.I' .
each. A pretty atro&c.- kills he cerma ot all dlaJ J; .
"- One doe retlerea. Catraateed I : &, Koch l I THE
a t :* line of Hosiery $ at SOe and tl.OO by all drnctlata. 'j ::E G. A. MULLER P..........
I : 1700 Art D. Foot of Bridge ;EJ : 1 _. -- .

The anoint of latrrrtrt wKI OB the :limiuuimuumimmu luiuauuiuiu luiuuiuuiauuiuimmmmmmmnimmmnminimimnmmmmmmm/ :
BARGAIN i it | bonded debt ut the Slate last year was I If
'' 1M.T(*. of hjrh $llelt meat "I'| i I I
the school fund In pert of ...t.er14\ t ? ,
STORE" M-J i i|; rrt OB bond of the State held by that!I II s;=- -- '

$OQOOOQ<<> ocooc ,I f.Dd. I IGreatly I._ Nunally's The WHO 1SYOU I, fuRl"' O _.ldIe".U.50pttUrI__I__ ..f'-._... b.
In Demand. : I L we SASItS sWYa
i'4.s nom
I iE:: CAl DY Druggist t I test rrb Rea fCL kin, IWr.N ,
I Nothtnc to more la demand than a Jmedlda . . . . . . .
" .a. I which meets nx>d ra reqmlrtenu ; b PureBiscayne I ..=::::16
v.l The professions ,, for a Hood and ayata-B dea....1 :I __ !
, inch aa Dr. Kings New LIT ; -I IIc-TCnCOr ,
' 1 key are yam a sea pus sass w saristom.tb i -
i I E urug \ --jT
sal user tronblea. Try thenAt A
AH of oat Dregs.Chemicals I ne N
aa drmcxlata. zSc. cvaraatead. =
:E?. i ) and I CAFE
.ttsr.oa till
aria.g 15 are ::
:: nil Store
The baJa ta the Stale treanrroa Co.J. Pn1ratioss!
ATTORNEYS: AT LAW.I the lrt <.y of Jaaaary, 1901. was :: hu the loaf m tkodrt ;!
......, A Restaurant that caters to Ladies and Gentleae
Qm.......&a*U*.era..Vtaai M<. IICI.OCS.SI. The baU ce M the Seat = COtII m ad 4
...............--................ .SS&U.. E= SOLEAGENCY -- UW 3
'.... ,..., ot Juimary. ItOS. was it93
pjaatndass. "
I C. Aber.eth.. Special rates by or month.
1t tksu 9rf. "... viiiPe '
The last encamps.t of the State :: 3 1010 lIeMd act 1.- D.
T. BKA.QOI. X. D.. I I troops coat the ttaU 1S.4O sadbodes Et=umumnnuu 1UllllUIIIUmmtlllWW W111WWWWWW3 mAS EVIS. Prq'Ifet r
that there were other es- yj
==ale.din. n-r. I ...... ot the troops for the fearamouatlet --
msesse aw O U I1US144.
KWO. TLOBIDA.omcsi I Ios.
A utADiNO orrtn. WHALER //
.: I. ..IACDO"n. TheSouthern *iE

>l emt< "Utea.-The Dally aadaday
Tteee-Omiaa.IS seats a west:
with Aaeociateil fron iltpatrhat.eoav
nOBIDA. Plate lisle Mme aerrloa tees Ssftsrf. Everyone who buys a (J"OJUDU" T 11DI -rl0KDa BOTXU* l's. f
ahecrth M4 fat O. besets ot UeK
he ttfmny Dies Diamond of feels r.ptie >
st,.awWal 4ay paper. us
l+ aeearbafy ...... Tkli aloM .. watts KATBntCMSlMCrCOTMT '
.t .......... tlr .... ... ...... trU.4 te I
;f' c.> .a r .........a.1tw M .--w...O.w........ha.r.w..dtN ... the vhocfth Jrtae u4 ot a bet'vawTi ap with.abm sanest lbt os. that he or she hat cured a prod /EJrrth Street W>*..... L

,, ONr................ its&X1,n.&. wreaiU ot U* ..,. Sera japers |a bargain. We intend that everyone KLUft.. ruausx.' >
..... oar* far IS ..... tt.. a coed shall feel that way. Ere, . . . . . . .
Chas.P.Cooper thlac. Can es or addream,la Y.SLsek.ama. gem we fell mutt be right in auo.li-

am user n-- akIa 8areas. ty color, cut and price. We hate .
t Attorney At Law lOud,norMa. tome nice Dna to thowyou : : : : : HOTEL BISCAYNE

Room 3. Hatchet Bldg


'' The Jeweler

os....1-.......,en-.N.fir. I* made to rat. to May\ 1905.
.......Utll M
sot to look at. .
etlLltl.TLA.W. -
"It't *o food" "'!*. cllmt .f Qit Gut Coast of Florida Salem GrahamTHEJEFFERSON

', C. Maynard, U nearer perftctka theta Out of D1
-- ----- -- -
--- -- -
OMADUATC OPTiciAN e tier ,lace OK eartk. t .

WIttt Mrnr .-. J.w..l.rs D a" 14tk st.

.... .
accuse D Neil ONoi

I- OEO. L. MCDONALD East Coastl 0


's..vl..w I atat.tms. i.mw a ....rmty JOSHUA CURRY. -- Pnorkt r r
'. w. UCDI
....J:1r.rt&M. !
.pIoaIIaa&IoM sad Detail. ]tads \\ ififfun II(,. ODe Half Block (fru Tciaiul. Key West. HoriiiOppOSltO
ftrr..lid...sf AI ttsda. Fla.R..IdsseeI OTJliTIDIS-Z-::: ,' -- --

Omcc.8peciaItJ.1315. ATEITVI D.WALTER : JosB.ritzsImmons.Prop OmtoniiI 4JmRnab 1.A.Xl.O.ll.. VZL LA d.-.-

C._Dr ARMO.f Rosa c.l Palm Parr

f Aroh1'tOOt. I Iron molt Ot..C.stkqa I 1( ti Corms Tklrt_.t Strut and A..... ..
or oiPrepricr UIds (
Room 4, )Metropoti bwUdinf. )
Boss 8 la 11 Miami. FU. I l!I; mmyKrf )1 I'I])4:10 : - :Florida

Wkccte t\ JIJlj tw
D.D. & C. M.\ ROGERSCIVIL a Speda_.. I II \\ J=

ENGINEERS -- I r'l-- Rates. ca AFPbc tlClJ. Write for RESER V A nONS.

Ittnpfis BsiUiu. K*. 432 M Ttclftk I Also prepared to do mad Os ..... ensp dteas. .....q.. Pi..Nds.
3 Street Miiii Fbiriil.a all kind of macbio- t c--.. --... '...... ,- |..cwMrr MDTDU5 W IAGRANGESEMINOLE HOTEL W 'Flog r &2C'
try repairingpipe .: RITtl, LATE: TTOBTO sad BUaTSX BllFLOXIDl
MiemMCoaservatorg I 6ttinz. etc. etc. .1% lie-w ... Jutstlie de tW
.. ......_
) LIST COAST IalLtUT.I.e Directly sppedte the Labs spsslt the I .Gusts
i- of Music Avenue D. South Side: '
I frets Miami win appreciate the hen u Mlit urrwft4lit Tide NWfJ
fr.iY ta4am tern IIhdIr I u ......... .4 betel ha. eastebe. Mghts" baths, ta." sbllewfle' ........
%15131.114..1 bpin .
Standard! High em ----
,MAE.PAHRISti.Stenographer .
f Grade Pianos I
and a. 4.a h U UA.'il."n. II ''''01.'' 409- IIN. 57ft SL IlL r I
wPy lie b..ds .....- Casa K "l.d4-,kM Krmhoia j
.....Typetcritfr.WTPCIUC STEINWAY n.w. sad..... ........... ..... wisp |I NIW Bus ALL TRAINS-CALL rON aKMINOLK. t:
II: I6 .M---
---- -- --
ant other Irom $175.00 .po I.LPuaftT, "P..lawns. a,a.al gm, -
KtoLFlt Eaey paym 0ta. Piano sadorgies w.P..n....-- --- ..e..
tuned repairtd..1IIOft4atOl'P4. n. &t'Gt"1ITL,I, 11.4. ;The Ideal Oyster & Chop House
FRED KUTTER.Ocaeral rented. Write or see |
I ---- -- --
C.ntr cter.
Oradinf.etastlsS.., [Dush&baffordPianoCo22B ) The Boulevard Cottage t Ottpollt,I:Etyilh1IDGroton:: : 410 Twelfth Street

WIU Ortltwt. .........UIalMl 12 itre*<. .........Florida I '
Roe4.onMnlCtlOft., 1102 BO ***.. "'....!, ru.pURGUSON. u"e. APIIxATIDS.I Steak. Chops and Fish. Oysters in any Style

Its Contractor) 4 Builder White Eagle Bather S or.. ITg+ 1 By thequar1.: latclorjoaDoL; Game to Season

A. GRAHAM Four Chills. .N Wiitii i
.......t.e 1 s..$ ...4dmra mcsm4.id ; tk ( J
," eraSM,fsmmi a s.- saaaas. haw.-W arm I I Best Sum U Gtj. ,- ... I k----- J. Marks, Proprietorl
111P1.a .It *
e..li.A t
t.I.W.1tS- .S. .,.I t Tw-eIM Mraf ...-v !1.a. SCSI (or 2UV\,

: 1i .rl
vi.b -

ro "},t' '- ": .Ra '_ 1If2",- : ,,'1.' .&I. ,, _. >-jo. '. .

a M

q" r
l oeeo e +eee r"

i rp INPROVE YOUR PROPERTYby t I CaT: "1' 061 -

Why Yes !

painting with f Ii I-

i This is the Store to buy Frombecause Sunproof Paint () COo !! !, i UJQ.

I Sold with a guarantee (/J ,I I _>

we are making special price t.. I ..oJOJ

on three piece suits. These suits come I I, I II' ; <
J. W. WATSONHardware I

in blk., unfinished worsteds, thibets, --I' I-.

and cheviots. They have sold for $12, and Furniture. UJUJ

and We goingto give -- -
$15 $18. are you --- -- --- ---


the profits and sell them for $8.00.510.00. $12.00 UEALF.RR IN s <

CD = ..

--- - Choice meats, Live Beat JOe.t..Cb.ie..t Pofdtry.Pont. tI)

,; rB ys' Blue Ik.A and dressed poultry P A 1 A T. R AttSmti.It A T Jl.E It T. I lHILJ u:

----- -- r _- __ a }

Sergesin 1..ww M Co... sactsut+fat a
f:0. ...rH.Nt.Nd ftN m..N.....
c.nwr UCII 8k. aM Aye. D _....,..... : >3 3Eyes

I -I I ]

: 1- i :
1' So when jom com here lor ttlJ I
brown and
We work for a
Fresh Meat
and Russian styles r t J't
4 4 sold 4.00 and tltltl' c
that at {
,; Reputation whether Florida or Weatera. TOM
i 4.50 during this sale ret the TCTJ lint to tx had. oar L
eat cotter has 37 y"r.etpcrWact
: 4 we offer them for As wri is for i ...1PVo.._. to to kin gees credit the lint a4 resalesw knows how to cat I

: /' IKS- (/)

$3, $3.50 r. LLJ I

f -J CO


aSA011C11, '. tJW c3

A. llANIY. a.occooccc
---- .

fit st.a., ala eta
A rLt J oc :

.. '

t J Fine Footwear; to fit any foot I.!i PIERCE & HARDIE i iI I Grow* <

-- - ------ i

AT SEWELL'S SHOE STORE !I glasses are getting r:

Wilson & f lye Miami Me rid 4
too for me
- --- young
---- -- -

1905 Spring Contracting Electrician It...... etpreesle., rather Ja.e .. "
+ eyes are tee eld fer ,.:.. -
+ Goods now on Exhibition. Launch Sup Ilcs. t'!**.... Natural eha real .. is.. '
Batteries Spark Coils. Etc. ,. all.yr. ....ft4 a eha.g..1 lessee
,' I 1113 Avnuc C Jliaml. Florida. Write for prices si least erery two year. W.ar Ue .:
4 I ....
inert r-J. Itat are maaofartored. Laird A Rcbober, I knee I. 1'" Sad tb.7 bro.ta .
Dttw. n 1. Normaa & Heanctt aDd Hanaa makers \JBMK\9KMK\JKMKMKMKMB nattn. ant who built the jetty. to haidlesp ,. the rjM rtlhvrM Chas a
I Lar e*t and most ip-to-date atock in the Sooth to * I led from. Sboc for walking! lor dri.csg.! for'rachtin TOWN TOPICS. i: will lave that p.rt a aa early date see..... ., telI.s., ...,.....a. These r
I Ir.
for rotflnir and for drenaad ereain wtar Made ...
; JCJt1iCJVCJtV il Jt1if Jeu with Uo ant derrick bargre to complete t..le r rift tktl ._"rle.e.0I. ..
of the foiling stock: French Kid. Patent Kid. Tan
Vici Kid T..nibed Calf Skis White Hack. TV E. c. Rpartraa rtme lai ,, the Jetty CVptala' Putie.taln Ie ell.laaled. Hf gtas.e..s.t t lie rf,1II $
---- --- White Linen, White Ca..tor. White Back Tan Ooze 1 last night oa Ms iv*.Ur nxmtMr tUIt '_that ererythlac I* I. ,...U.**. for tb* ;i
bloc pink and white kid Donrol :: :: .: .: i aid a. a rrralt all of the employees trip except tbe l.* Martha H.l a.l I I
I of lh. toaIpnJ here $r. JuuUl1C Jut,I which U being repaired capitally( to
mnvta'. -cuii.'* to'.;. do tbe tow as cona rte4 with the Dr. S. C. Gray
JL Do not buy uutil you visit our mammoth Shoe Store J eomplethMi of tbe work hero
I Tit. eMIt Crate nalertal for vegeta-i iI I
sL = I Mr aid fruit to fo fordcv this season I Optician
'' I via this t rt. arrlTed this nwnlac I, At M. R. n'-; 8o.th, tannnrrow 1
i at the terminal dork, lad will h. tak there will *e prurhlac at 11 ofUmka. \With\ Red Cross Pharmacy **. ,
em to iU .na oa the Mil trip of tar 1 m. S.hrrl: The Problem of Hu- I
1. : learner M.nlnlqwTb maa IVrtlar" Etealac "The W i
I hooKboat Doolta. with bet vtae Compaaaloa. i No.;*..From Ja klOll.m. t:SO ajaNo.
owner Cap'a'a! FJUjerald tall part Th. choir will alBf the anthem -rrom Jackaonftne 11 :0 fMI '. .
aboard retura 4 to port ye.terda7 -D, the Rliere vf Babyloa." at the I r him )rrom Jackson!!* 11:" *m
nr.ooo from a nl.. to l._''.: precbytrrlaa Chart h tomorrow" 1DOf'. Depart,,"a Nertlw
-U Creek.. melchborUX waters, aid Uacalm j lag 11:0* otloct. the pastor will No. 7 -For JacksnnTille.... :20s.
aa I boot at t:4S a. m. Vesper aerrke .$-Per Jacksoavaie.... 1:tl pea t
win beoetltted.riret J. P. Beckwfth.Tiaffle .
A larje party trot V.rtv.t elms Maaacer.
II' from Miami rterriay atom tea I Methodist n."" sonar of I. a taber.A .
aU reclctered at UM Hnjral P..:Ida_ A'".. C tad EeteaU atreec Aeordlal -. Gem ...... Aft.LILLIC .
It was head. y ra Sell. ., Derby LUe, Vt, who U aoconpaaM u lollowa: Saaday school: M. JOHNSON
by kU ...U..1 hi* tm.h- .t >:CS a. .. Uorala wonhlp l at
t... KIM EatVr. O-Aer ateoibera tf It:" .clock: aermoa by the .."or. vtsrriNO
tile party are )lr. .... Mr*. C. A. nlljed.0.., It Costa Ui be a Manicure and HairdresserFace +
Moore, Mr*. B Arma. Min Carolhn Chrtatlaa. Epworth Leaoe at t:M
Arms of Bellowt "" '1.. VL; Dr. ....I p. m. Evealai wonblp at T:M Massage
Mra. C. .. CaTerty. of RiUaad. Vt. o'clock. sermon by the patter tub-
am4 Dr. a C Hawley. of BarUairtoii.VU Jed: "What It CoeU to Live U Sin.Cone ." Poet Office Dos 15.fi.1..f.. FT*.
JOHN SEWELL & BRO. They *1U remala here sateraldays.Palm thou with aa aid we will do .. .1roley's
f'I B.Mr1a t.a. tile food. Hercaa a Porter. palor. .
The ody exclusive shoe store ia the Honey a *
Captala U P. PottM la la receipt '**/ hug MeT...,..acres
I Sewcira Shoe Store 304 Uth Street SewelTe C3othiar Store of a little t-s W" brother faptala t n..san.. tad ..pea... of the
1 306 12lk EL ScwtlTa Tmitoinf EatabU lDtt. JJ612ta St A. a PoMM1.' wparUta4e for the.,,nnroad comcltelne for. the year wad- le s Kidney Can
E. a Bee Coatractto Cev. of JaIIf '1 tag Jaaaary I. IIOSe 113.S1UId ---1IiIMn..t.., a&L>
-- -
l ..

kJ M
% W.a.y ,.:, .' ; 4: ''i s H Jt f

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: January 21, 1905
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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t ,- : "' ,





The Only Paper in Southeast Florida Carrying: Associated Press Dispatches.

__ ___ ____ u. ___

VOL- 2. NO 38 Nssa /s.r-. MIAMI, FLORIDA. SA1UKOAY. JANUARY 21. 1905. g a.n..E: : )rice 5 Cents




.. ,



Dispersal, the Stnkers Will Fifht ROOSEVELT IS RIGHT ON SOME PORT FROM MIAMI-OTHER AFTERNOON BY MR GEORGE The Deletstes I Florida Slab r

f Federation of WOlD..', dobs.


/ WEST LEADING Waaklattoa. Jaa. M.-' Boa. Bmootcoatlaaed \

kla teaUiaoay today before Waak1qtoa. Jaa. 2L-WB. t. B". Metreeelie Be .*e., K q. West Tie. I Tk largest shark of aay dacr1a> WHICH MEETS IN ANNUAL ... 'j

THE STRIKERS tile Beaat committee, sad his appearaace u called spas the rYeid ftt at the Jaa H.-Mr. III..... of Miami has I tine ever caackt ta these or FlorMa lION IN MIAMI NEXT WEEK MS.CtmON J,

ckelleoced our tkempioa wrestler. waters to far aa '--. was laadadyMtrday
attracted aa tarce a crowd White Closes today H. was cordially AT COCOANUT OJrOW

.. George Shaw. to a wreetllag match to i afuraoo ky Mr George BANQUET
aa H did .terdat.TIle received ky the President who took AT ROYAL ALM.
wttaeaa made several Import take place. !. that city There U same Wortklarto wktl. Sakla Jut ... d
f him into kla offlc where k
priests *
dlffareac la the coateetaara I tk mouth of tile .
t and cotrecUoaa ta the teaUmoay gives aa to caaalteadlagtotk* ,
"AND. DECLARED A MEETING WILL reetrday Oa the ejaeattoa soon was holding a cocf.- with several weight, sad )lr. Blmpaua wtahea )fr. I Miami river la tile bay

a.M HELD ON PALACE SQUARE i Oorge Brlaipan. preetdeat of tk* Senators Shaw to reduce. his weight to is* Mr sad Mrs Wortkiactoa were oatIfblac Nat Wedaeeday moratag. tile TwtkAaaaal

,? EVEN ir IT RESULTS IN A I Brigham Toaac ('aly......,. Mr Bmoot At tile eo da to of tk* interview powada. Shaw however, doe art seat ta tk* op B Ia.. h. skis the

WHOLESALE MASSACRE. I to to aay lower. than US. aa k. cUlew moister a ccaaia. leopard shark CoareaUao of tile Florida
said that Brlmpall was flying with kitplaral Mr. Bryaa MM that tile talk bad bed
wife btcaaa his lawful wife I that a tinker redectloa would lie tajurtoea. was hooked ty )fr. Wortklafto with lit... Federatloa of Womaa-* Oaks '
,, cordial sad satisfactory. and that they
I was ta the lama uJl... Notkiag detail* ... kiss rod sad reel eat tk* teat began. wm be eoTMd to this dty

r bad discussed. several talaca.It settled as yet Boot niters aUaaUaelapeed
or tweaty
H. admitted ko-ever that ke beIlered Although tome forty or more ctabaOI -
Bt Poteraberg. Jaa. XL Tb. atrik ,
BrlvpaU was violating the la a. fteaaara to coouDad! his TIle yacht Kovie. CipUU Dick Caraey. before tile treat Ink was bo r' ,
Ira are eoatlaalag their agitation with repreeeated ky Prot" totter,
.aakatad activity Tkroagkoat tk spirit of the law by sack actloa. although atUUd o* BOB things" tale MrBryaa arrived ta port from Miami a.. whipped, bat tiles It was act sad eta, It la sot expected flat .... tkaa

the coadltloa of his Brat wife teMr. George IL Tea Tuck of ctoatly coaqiMred to k* Bottom aloaf '
aerstag workmes "Y. bees pua41q Tk PreaJdewt ta his Ceraaadtor halt or twisty of tile aamber wQ
was aa esteaaatiac drcamataaoa.STRIKE : I Toledo Okio. tile ....'. to hart aid tile boatTsta..te7 seal
tile teals atreeta eel cloning lactaUtkw. Llkrriae oelegate ta uses box hems
every'tadaatrlal Tk yacht win b* takes *a carry Captain L. IX Potter. des
oatabllakmeatX belle,.,ta tk* ..-* tag sad kop who MOM will arrive Tuesday algbt
ABOUT BUaTEO.FknaAolpkia. tk.ol way for repairs oa the _pIe oa at, of tk* yacht Uaat. was ...... lafroaa Ik
about an. taw
Peteraberg Ills ban the to see It brutAl ky truce They win k* tat
: moralag which she via .... O. mme..
cruise along tile keys: the kaaka at ..
apaaaraaoa of a beleaguered Tk the PresII..tWENT Ik* depot by Mra. ........ Tree
", cny. Jaa. Sly-Tk* tkreateoed toward. Miami ...... that Mr. Wortktaftoa a.ed.daaolataaea.

axmtary la ta eoaapleta .-.-. I strike of the roaaaytraata tall WALL Mr*. Ooartlaad Wilkam, who ...I west to him sal foil. low lest d De LITee Anenoea tavb fII
TO THE Miami
aad Mra. M. a We
sal tk ,
atreeta bed
are treopaQeslazmsa
road tratamoa win likely b* settled boom oa M exteaded with to bur load of buckshot froM his gsa tato
,. are ooacall ta an the7srls man of tk* tWeratton .omaatttoa, ail
; amicably aa amanmaata ar* proCreatlag .. daughter. Mra H. B. of tile oaator before It
City Natlaaal S.v. .. sad Treat C. Borer ta Bavaa the earcaaa drlea to th. :
soya Palm whore tbtq
sal cloaid factor!
** w
toward a foumfol aotatioo. ea-4 rtaIX Deere.Laeast.r Bah, reteraed to the city Baadayalgkt. was kS1W.
....... ....,..... by eordoa* of )poOoa aadbaBotta who b* domicile 4wta< the t stay ..i1ben
the difereocea.
of Oa aeeoaat of Ha scat wwlfat It
Oo..ebOa a* .... g MU ef tk* weal ctak.Tb s
Jaa. XL -Tk. Oty Coloool aid Mrs Lei, arrived tatk wee baaooHkl to nt tk* Baa aboard fret meeteg of tk* federates
board U
s.er7 posted HAS TRAVELED AROUND THE N.lIoaaI..p..| Tract Co. closed city Mislay sight Colossi Lyle the laaack a* a rope was Bad hot
..,.....t prortamattoa waratafIk wffl b* kU at the Fair bwflJtag at
WORLD lu doors today. M la charge of this ..18t.rtecl the to It aid this towed tote tk* liver It o'clock
.1- people billa.W1aa la tk* Wedaeeday meeting baaIV j
Tk director data that an ItabTO- ordteaac deparuaeat of a. C. B. shore It was pulled ap M the van of

streets or ta prtrat to coaaptra.TraJB Mr J. A Crew.. ttaveUag repre- like wm k* paid ta felt Tk* teak I Army, with headquarters at hares frosting the Wortktactoa hose ta the. wk orciaiBtair ail bearta.
of tk
it tkroMk the leadlaf thorough reports various .m..
tentative of tile JackaoavlUe Times had aa operative capital of $'''.IOt. I sat the Tattle UeeerriUoa. .. .
wilt k* Ike .. ... of baetaeae.la
tare I tk demo
by Caioa. who has lea la Miami tIM Mr M4 Mm C. M. Smith ire the This aMralac the lab .... aieararedaad
R atnUoaa whlck an tk* eel tk* aftemooa of tk* aaan day
streets put week la tk* latereet of that paper LOUBET INVITED RONV1ER. hippy. parea'a of la* baby girl wko It waa fetal that the tap had tob
', lb. delegate aa I U. members at tk
aloof ITS works an closed u the rwsalt *
tau aot only had a long Bad ve- arrived Saturday. atretf" Jut cterm ft sad two
of ycatarday'a coercive meaaaiTawkkk orgaa&atloa wlC be tk* KBeetaof
tied experience la the aewepaper betV- Paris, Jam. JL-Prealdrat Lo Se Mrs Z. W. Reynold*, wife of Par ....Iaa to rover It from tip to tip thus tile *
slew that ladaalr la BLpMenbaiT noaMkeepera Club of Cateraut
every area bat hit hal the prtvflete aid tbs! moralnj lavl'd Minister Rna raster ReyaoMa of the battleablpTeiaa I abn hlai a sew record. ta tk*
.. Cror t where the eeaalov nked
affected sad rotTd
pfcemre of .eMrA more of the world. Tier to tuna the sew French rnMaert t arrived !. fke city o* splay hark na. later It was sting apaa t
sled for tkM hour will ke held laIk
.brtkeatrlk' ban frlli ;" for lot of moat nice JtO'l"tft' .rn.4 thee be vneli e.tw 11 t m b"*. pad !. rrgiau rel at Hotel J... J>IIototnp... Mr awl MraWortklBgtoe f.

Th. psulc Sa eerrwu sal iL. opaL : baric traveled atmad" the world nit with kia fries la and la'orra tarprealdevt tenon. \ are t.'arally proud of ereala the HoBaekeepera' Club C' 4

freely expreeeed that the gov tad hemp sea all of our sew poaaeaaiona of his derision at tile .., A trlrrrmn was received TaeedayaftrrBaua their catch tikkk win. lOt be Wales win tender Uie vlaltora a banquet, aa4 1
: will be forced to concede the the retie lease or back to Miami }
lacladlag the l'1ittlptl.! la-:'! act poaaibU IIIOtliftL n'I' try Mln Mark Uyle coa- ...... .r say other la ('- .I
denaada of tk workmen.Tk I IJaI. be mail* oa tk lanaekwkkk RNSISOI-
Iono Rica and the Hawatlaa ""
lands Guam. .
ta.ai.g tbn *(_ JaI..i.I..I___ lH. '
-- -- m --
t tlI..lh : will a3;-o carry themlent..
plus of the ivtborittei la toprTeat I
Islands He bas also NeD Caa-
of Mr John Gddermor
tile workmen tomorrow from : IjOLLIER fill YORK AU of the other sessions 011 the: feaV '
ads aid }klevlco and traveled over ( TUCKER Vrw Aork. )1,. OI1J rmrlrr was THE NEW\ .1
*waterlog the city proper eel several! : entice will U bell at the Fu.r .n*
of al'ed Statea. Oa his .
I IC moat la* I will kaown la Key Rest. .. bavisg'
lg. aad on Tkuralay BUM ib* Ladies
battorle of have bees ;
artillery tour nf Ole world, ke visited many married ..I.. EIU Ilnyte| the sister
Into the for STOCK MARKET' Afternoon Cub: tad tk. ilaitlac 1
>ro* h\ city countries sad cltlea. among whichare IS A CORPSE( of Mln Martha IViyla sad Mrs Kate delegates .'11 be I..er..s. reeepttaat

;hat parpoee sadspit. tae e.erget.Is Baa Franciaco, Hoaotala. )Manila Raldwla. The family has tee sympathy -
1 of tka ikorUlee to at the Royal Palm compltmeataryky
_. ateaaam pre- Hoag Kong Singapore. Ceylon, Mar of their roaajr friesdaKNIGHTS
Maaager H. w. MerrI 1, aaj wkkkprooilaea
nat. disorder ,.4 bloodaked the tafcalkttaau -
babe and
aaine*. Gibraltar Parla. Of COLUMBUS.
to b* a moat enjoyable sad.
ta state of terror
ar* a Red
throat[ the
UverpooL passing The KaUkU of Colvm- '
/Tk willed rumors are afloat re- UNTIMELY DEATH Of ONE OF 0.- eUchtfol affair
Sea aid the Isis CaaaLTk bM T.. trte r:1
bat important nrHlac
srdlag Ole tatentloBa of -lb. mob. wnmlngtoa (N. C) Catty Emssenior MIAMI'S MOST POPULAR YOUNC di, aljbL Steps were takes for .1 :::= ------.r.--------pee -- ------ -- ':_:: la other says the visitors rfll b* 1

i edict baa gone forth that DO shop of 1 IMS. had tk* followlag MEN YESTERDAY AFTERNOON ,-\ ...... Cep .._..__ :% I eatertala < aria; that may bee
Aagaat of the .
aterUlamrnt vialtlaf & .. .._ .
ekes the great! WITH TYPHOID FEVER tcske tme.a I tk* Ladfoa Afiermooe Club both ladVTldaany
open tomorrow very compllmatary notice: of who will iK.trwct the _..... A com A ..Arai a.--... _...._. III an
dots ta
Wap ta the .Vvse Bqaare Utkedvld Ita ties traveling repreeeatatlveMr : nltte of arraacvfn ata coaaiitlac fill i ........_ T-___ Tmt sad collectively :

'* to UK place, aad although la ftxn' 08 I A.. '". _.. ..._...-._. 'u their power to make the e.eei mar
J. A. Crews came
F C. E. E. Cna,. and
CoL Broader.
___ __ _
eTt the tact
aatkorltlea aecmlagl/ detcr- oT N 00 orabU. aa they appreciate
s the road Jut Bight aid It la a plea T. A. SweeUalg This committee will iA-.. a..t..e... ....""'- re .- N .. MVami
fed ratlow la
t"'ta. acceptag
....... to prevent It die preparaUoaatk eare for the Meaerager to make Dote After aa Dlaeea of several days aadkavtag make all WMrr arraaccnxBta for I A. k w (at ... r....." 00"- _. nit + J'
demonatraOoa are ... .. aa t.... place of m*..tla% dM M
tk ... xikiMty.
glgaatlc of the tact that today eels kla fourteenth all that mortal man could dodoa I i; A iAtw r. pi
baalart after the
pr'oooedleg, tk* mea declaring that a grand to>> b. gives Rapid. T._ ...._-.. far NVa.fa.w wltk the kBowl* year aa Its travellag upreaeaUUv for his relief aid recovery cal taMallatlo M the counsLTO a "Ie .. .... Mil rapt
-- --- wrists lie royally cad eaeroealy
: akey are ready to die la their tracks.fi .. H. Oral came to the 11_ tier Tacker. aged :C years aid one of OVE SCHOOL I c. a to ........... _____.___ let wcwe.s. they

't Isibef GocftPOI1e4 aa or- ABgoat lit, 18M. and these yeses the moat popular aid promlaJag young I PM Ie ...__.._ ..._ W1Cc. received, tad tile )ami comes ate
patch( the strikers today Ills dic- per The rbool board wishes U rebetld ......._ Car ._...n'"_ _.__. 1'e" golag to'-see that they ar* Rot dert ..
of service have bees years of aaefulaeaa ravel mea of this city, auccacibrd u Sears ackoul tm smoker loratkMLTk Ste. T..a Cesral------------- 144 ,

tarn ia that the meeting moat lie heldeta to the |' .per and of fatcfalBeat the Inevitable at'the residence of his present .!!. .. poorly a'taatfxl :I ..t. r. a 1 ---.::: : settD I

the Palace Square eves U It results his work the part brother Mr Oscar 1..a..a1i.d. let
Bad devotion to oa Tucker on Aveaa.A. -
land ornilow la
a naaaacre Altogether the aitua sad bHax low Sete. .. : :_: :..:: ..,. Al ABOUT THE DREDGING .
critical 8&14.ea of oar ..Ide:, known pad highly esteemed betweea Dereiitk and Twelfth rainy _.... The board kai cplloaana i gnu Vier- rv sr..d .-- --...... ft'C 'III"I

; tkm .ta mod traveling tepreeeatatlr streets late yesterday afleraoca with several pieces of prxnwrty: That of I C .... -
na -"-'
MA stated
It can be said la this coaaecUoa that lypkoid fever I 'I MI. T"- ..:: _::: :: :: .. Although;
erW. Job Lowe. Jr, I't'SIlInN lot; a large It I. aalj that the aoctln. dredge
we are "
mud Scat peace Le.Itr1/
daring kla rrBBecttoa! wttklk! paperMr. Some weeks ajtj )lr. Tucker with Jot b< tn Ktrc to T. A. Bwrctiac. and .. the
let last bop la tile Emperorkimef. !Ih."ft. .hU..n 15% wkkk: has bees at work for pad
-4 Oar Crews bas never had a mlewader' )lr. Robert Wattna aad other you.. ODe totoBKinc to John lUrllam. M-.el rari. u__ ...___. _._ rwtlYatw.Nas three weeks or more la removlag thecrsahfd
U h.'reft.- to see at sal.Meta stealing with the proprtetora, and k* mea of his aaeociatloa, iBdnlred In I Hotel' Arrival Meow Re -........- INMete.aMaa .
'o.at mutt be 41apv.ted. we .._. _. tm* Kkhhl the chisel dredge
:.. we has crated la his Intel ret aid a camp-kaat la the cushy<< of kit .n C.
CAL'r Late arrivals at Hotel JrVtnam: Msic... ('.....1 .- .. .... t7'1 :all la the sew .hl, rhaaa brine eat
teal la the 'mportant mlaaiua which almmee aid It was there that he u ._ .. ._ ___ 'tab
:01. w
a other side
redmeaU bare beetsailed A. !*+. IL O. Vail C R ">*llnMr -- thnmch the laid on the
cavalry ke fulfils with tko paper It la eU believed to have roatracted ttf silk :'01. a w -.. _.
from the barracka la the sad )era H Ii:. WwM Mr. aid nf the bay ti the ocean, la sot dote.
i la mated that he has trifled OB aa average dos that eaded la the taking of hi. DiaA. west.r.tSN4 /
".arrooadlBg dlttrtrta, and. conceatrat- I Mrt Z. W Reynolds awl tblldmMra. I .- :: :: 11;.. 15I' Ita... work *A natl4f cto tly aa was *.

form exteaded of seventies kandred melee pet young Ufa I W. A. Vernon W. Rrtlas, R. .. IN-. petted .... ih. probat'illtles' a..e thai
art IIere. They will aa month for the KI mouths tr four Mr Tacker was a attire of Smyrna I :: : ;., .
: : ::: .
'erdos to prevent' the demonstrators teee years making It sear ItS. Mmllea Tessa. sad with h't brother sad tam 'I Merrill. T. C. Ononey. T K. FfaplemJ : :. : : .. .. I..r tlrt'tictl of a differ it typo
approackteg tile palace : B. Patton IL J. Webb and S. J. Dano 1.51412.4. II .tiasst ,. ti ** nttown bttirw all
from. including his, toot of sure that lly moved to Miami about three yeanago. ..
Ih* ruh cai De soeeeusftltly rmored.Tk
riI q MURDERED BY INDIANS. mote mile stowed' tile world la 1)00,, He was uaiarrled aid a member : t.4 s. i:_ ... ._ ..-...- ._ 3 I' $4'" I tocttnq dredge, It II la said 1 take i,

_.. ...
and his loot of the Britlak Wed la of the Preebytertaa Church of Rr rw .h m
..' .1 AT THE SHOW HOUSE '.. Pac .. .. -_ ._-.. t..'{ ....tut ap tile email particles of ton all r1a'A
'1* 'Kogalea. Aria, Jaa. Xl.-Tke bodies die. Calla sad Porto Rico ta 1M3 aid aaay ail bright dltpoaltloa aid a '-...d _"-". _. A a\ bet the 1ar; r plecee raaaot be handled 1

W who were UUed taBoaor. of Florida thla year It will lie leeS aatare that attracted aid aisle for I "Dr. Jekyl ...d Mr. Hytf*' Presented Mt-c. _.._... p4 ..-.._ U Mb they ire ether too heavy *r

: tv* Americana ladtaai that ke bas let ao grass grow andeikla aim rut sal lasting frteada.Deeeaaed Last NightAlthough T... .... .... .. ..... ..._.. .. JIIT a* .
V u by Ute laqal C alOlll .... TI'S Tlat else choke en th* eoaeyor plpee aadpvmpa.
thai '---'-'
,. were brought bare today. feet sad we are glad to aay leave oa* brother sad Ike house was well flied ra.ac _. ....._._....-.._ isni Nil Balk ..,-.1.... however are. e

deal aft, are sell to have corn k* .. still oa the tart sad ta the beat two nieces ta Vmyraa Teas, bet : aid the play a popular one. the prw IT-. ...____._____ ref workiag steadily al the HTP. ted.erea a

of trim for kla fatmre work. oa arcoaat of tk* dlataac: ... the nttatto of -Pr Jky aid )lr. Hde- ; "'- -.. ...____... .. .. dow
r from Ilion t"'cltlae latter wlIi be 0.L Leaftre ____._n.......- .. us If aaotber craft to brought
a time preeeat at Ik* aadlUrtam last sight was aot O. s t..e," _.-.....-._ Nat tar.Virhis It win b* ..*ral weeks before much
eti.a BaaX C Lawreae! of Mel THE COTTON MARKET. at the tatermeat. wkkk wffl.take aa wn rradrd or ft favorably recelTod ts.M.aa C1e.ksi c.... Mbwawa .1PW traatptre

f ...4. Meat. accompaaled by Wa wife, New Tort Jaa. tlFatarea opeaedMeady place tomorrow afteraooa at 3 .clock aa were the prtodlag prrform- ...- ....._. .. i"

I Sal Mother Daal W. Uwrea, arf January let Febraary. CO; from the realdeae. where death came sane of the IVkcrt c-,..,. b..t.rllmlaatlaf )!;t. James WUnameoe, secretary c.ud

f steel hid sight sal are at tk* Royal March 1741 Aprfl. 4T: Slay Ol: the ceremoay beta; -...... by Rev o a. or two tile ekaractfra. Daa Cupid aayi there win be a eooUaeowa treaanre for ,.. George KleaamA '

; rate far a few weeks JowL GeL Jaae. CM: Aagwat. ctl. September,., Dr. Fart, aai the tatermeat being latke the play was aa grit .. one _M d- flag of<< wedJ= ...u. ta Miami Co, Nw York was a pate-nger eo

I 1.&."... ta tk* owner of the magai Tot October. 197. Spot mottos closed dty cemetery by Caderuker IL sire an circumstances rvBdtUniaader the comlag --. btviaalB: but Tidy trala ea mete' >o> Palm

beat grove' ail farm just outride the ,.see. Middling apUad nt. II. Ktag. wkkk the troupe la perforniair with lest week. whet a popelr ,...... I Beach aid Miami for a short wan ;

I Hy BmBa we tk* Miami river here. Tke following gent emeut have bees here. betac eon/UVrr-t hat_ was sill lea I t" kyuea I )fr. W unamaoa la a Iced ewaer e* 1

i k* b.:coaataatly making great Ufr The Urge laaack Lecher vagagedta reqweeted to act aa paDbearert, aid nil arttmnnm a mature ta wkkkTJHU altar a Bowk Caratlaa ben ski has Indian river., aid always tines to pay

ota aadb ndlagapoeof the I earrytag eappliea to the r X. C who are asked to tumble at the Lori ramnOerorwl'k little bees a chiller ta Miami the fat few the East Out t 111t.-TltU7UIe Adrocato. -

i Iaeee" Ute But By kla BVbjtpeaeUtarea By aarieynra at work ta the keytof I val rtakieg parlors of Mr. )lag tomorrow Blawrk. PVrkert la the UO role U moths Tke evicts, twe or three la Mr WUliamaoej la BOW ta

a* ta makes I I the lower eoaat oa tk* rot of tkextoaaioa I acts Boos at t:M. J. HCkeatkaam. t.e.e preeratM.ToaUkt smoker, win occwr at vartnea time. Miami sad ta a member. of a rralatoBaad

bag atretek of ta* rock real wkld 11 to Key Weal, got away tkUmoralag I U. .......... Jo* Xlma the till Mil .. the Totfe. ....., the elater, aad U .h rk TTMM heath.; gait who will get away

iiaiili aa a aaoaamoat to klai I with a fan cargo of arorlatoaa see.. Robert Wataoa. Dale ktnier.aad Alarm will aa eaUrely aw change hews of Miami will be wedded to today or tomorrow for tea day a*

braise to come. for the several parttoa. Barry )lcOl,,'" cl .,.c4aIlct. yweag ... true dlffa.t pi.-... tke kreer eoaat. ..

ol_ rt. .'-;.,.. -: l, "" 'ati t "!rK c des.. 4.

; -

DAILY I I in are to charge. that Milcbon was to T ---E:
i.UiDi. fur ihi Colorado mine .trllL_
If his U not rorrupuoa and bon i.iniMTxiiolfK4

I:i i a bal iI' a, I Sole Agents for Standard Patterns

PvMlaka Every Day Cucept t m4.y.a _
I J ()oUlIla.'f'tmf'; J4eksoevtlle's The Ideal
ft. hrs .rm. k .... Dua.hc-ln nt-Kro alderman, baa receivedhrathmc a
Till nisi I PriBQuj Cojcpinj.Ebt0rfl I at the band of R.H Fleming Standard Patterns 10,15cnoflehigherr
\ ->.deo. a .blie member of the same
la the Pottofic at Miami. UKly JackaonrUle paper aanuttacebat
I>a, aa aeeond-claaa tuattrr a difficult bad teen e&ix'dnd to
MIAmi. riGRIDA ;
: iK-rur betu be two aa %.amore I
The moat Boetbeia aawapapvr pus
!I fur some tlnw pail bad mad insl.- I II
liahed oo xl* mainland of Lb. Called
I aUuoa and Biatea.Oaa '
| am bard to aland Then It mail be a
Tear by Mail.. ..IS.00Si j inferred that Ifciwdea took It upon I
Mutitba._. l.tO hinmwlf to urh the rutured man hi.
Three )Uonth.. ifS plac If 80. It U to be hoped b. one I We will Make Special Inducements

-One Week, by Carrier. oedN. 1

AdvrrUalag; rate mad known on application. I I

TELEPHONE MR. Florida E-at Coast Railway
J CFFICE: METROPOLIS BUILDING.I baa published Bullce of eicwralon
432 and 4M Twelfth atr*.C rant tar Orll>UllII. for January XI.27,
Opposite the Covrt Houaa. I limited to 2Sin Low rates fur roundtrip To All Buyers
ticket hare been put OB TheM
< '("*kMi 1* the auto racva tot
j shirk Ormond U now the most fa
ftIopubllcall rraf'rr awe 4"0".1':
moos place\ IL the world. The .pedaltrain
awe fait that earn one ta hoping to beobscured '
for date abut nan ei. wtQk
by be other sad but ere ..re Jarkaonrtlle at Pa. m. sad win
+, rap the grand jury. I arrive at Onnuod at 12.M p. m.
Who Attend Our Sale
on Monday Y
la effecting.dark** meana Roasts to aeveraJ inaugurate cltlMoaar a I I AN OCEAN MYSTERY.

? tree preaa. IB darkest FecnarlvaBla! Unknown Launch Founders off Coast
a rtttaea wants to do away vita IL I at Daytona.

Admiral Rojeatrenaky'e Bacahln.lac '
name of which ire ""raa. to eh'..I A launch was tare yesterday after.soot

.lead.. ftMBd of Madacaacar rd _......It of probably 1M la- at about. At KelUnca 2 clock pier proie st W dlBCoathward. waa lOur Ready to Wear Dept.. Millinery and Piece Goods

&1cloM nonch for those there
llIot Itself with u extra JIll of -oldKaatacky. .
." to ate her occupant or occvpaata. After
paaatBC Ute pier she was handed s

gar The Mr.bouquet Baoaartlt which atlie Wag J.JackyDay Bryan toward the struck effects the her.ahom.of the[Jaaftnr heavy seas badly which from Dept.are replete with all newest styles the market affords

bouquet In tempnla Taaa a
On animas at a potat nearly oppoalto -
few days wo has arrived at Uawhiu
Ute OCAB HUte Unnrh waiMddaaly
flow Cad the PraaMcit U
aeea to put about aad start
having cauMarabte trouble In lading e
for deeper water. This action of bur
t place lor It. captain hoiac, aa to .P..... due
cither to ahoal water or to get ont Below few for
U Jade Sways' U a. cordially sad Into whom It was eajnter.Ta we quote a prices Mondays selling

aJraraaflj hated ''- .* h* I* a aamblkaa. Uttlo ..... lnin> dliHly nponhalB
why* Jade Lack. who la
ataoH < tamed was aces to plaaf Intoa
s.p.bbcaa: a* cordiaflr and
has war and was rtactly
j' mlreraallbetorH. *-4Vala Baaaer.bveaaaalaa .
swamped. as aha was sees no mora.
U a Baaa aad a fMtlevaa
Quits a namber of peopU eolUctad Remnants Bleached MuslinWe
h rary aeaaa of Ute word. 'nat'l.U.
sad the beach was patroliad for some

w signs of Ute boat or Its oocapaata, We have gone through our piece goods stock and will sell 13 yards of Forest mills muslin. full
but not a vestige had bees .Bee of
The inaugural having bets decided collected all remnants together. These will be 36 inches wide soft and nice for the needle and
es Mb* aaM tn the r.aaton Otto, either whoa th* Dully News man
u.. Bones Blob waaU to know of appeared on Ute aceaa of the amp. placed on sale Monday at tf their true value. absolutely no starch. Sells every where for to

Cinninitoali.ai War*** aaotta TkaLord .weed ........ Powerful gliMaa and cents a yard. 1\londaythir
HaUa n list Lots to left haaf- tolancopea worn need In n aearth for Round length Skirts yards for. . $1.00
lag on tat walL Aa this would baaffaulT the boat far out at aea, hoping that
to sissy of tW guests U she had amr lTd bar fearful ptaac. 50 round length skirts consisting of blues tans Unbleached Muslin
, win W tamed to Ute wan for thatJoke bat abs could not be locatoa. What browns grays and blacks, the styles are all
boat it. who war th oecnv *
aa. pasts was no one or_.... to know.-Da>- new and varied. These skirts are worth 6.00 Waverly mills 36 inch unbleached muslin made rif
New 6.50 and 7 dollars. Special Sea Island cotton sells f\f\
,' Kitchen tef UM Calm HIM tout $4.98 regularly
j I 1 ...art.... nay the judges who franl Monday . . . . for ;ca yd., Monday 20 .UU
I.,....... to prvront BUn atrlkora blaaatee rosily capitalists win
tnxa destroying* property of their pleat forty thoaaaad frapefnat troe Shirt Waists Hosiery'
r, mployvra fed tatlmidaUM other ass In oat orchard. This will probably
who want to work, are afl eon-apt W Ute largest orchard of die kind tath We will pbce on our counter: about 200 waists in We will show several styles of ladies: full regular t
: Wltk aD of thin UltcaaO canaaa to k. State la tlaae part grapefruit
madras bwns and other materials all new and nude hosiery, worth 350 and 50C a
; rn.. did aplea4J4J Ia this aectioa. and 23
xptflod U Caltad KIM Work- h at4.Apalachloola up-to-date and worth from i.50 to pair Monday pair . . . e ,
" era Caioa a poor devil of a maaibar.or what was duo then can r* 98e
. TlaMa. 2.S0taCh. Monday eachMuslin . . .
underling because ho had Ute -
, LadiesMercerized

t a T Un erwear. Petticoats

Monday we offer extraordinary good values in
: RARE madras underwear. See the line of drawers Ladies bbck mercerized petticoats made full '

BARGAINSIi night gowns petticoats and corset 65 and of fine qualitr sateen worth 1.25 98cr r

covers we will show at each..h and 1.30. Monday,, each . .
F m \IiI.

t Swiss Curtains Fancy Worsteds

IW.M.BURDINEIBeginning I. j jIi "2 inch fancy worsteds in several shades. a splendid
Swiss ruffled curtains, full 3 yards long made of dress material. The regular price is 40 cents
of Swiss, worth and
excellent quality 1.25 1.50 sale I
; a yard Monday's pricea
\ pair. We have about 300 pairleft 9 8 C a yard . . . . . . IC/C
\Ii to close out. a pair . . . .

fl Monday January ie Bed Sheets Kid Gloves

T 16 and continuing one week w Kid gloves in all the leading evening and day
Bed sheets, full 0- 4 wide and 2'/i yards I long,
shades. A and sells
M good wearing glove :
T \Ii made of Spring 1 Lake sheeting, two inch hem. regr-
br for i.oo. sale price / *3

:; We Hifl sea Tblsdsh t is torn not cut Special 1 50 e a pair . . . . . .O 3C
U4 / )', a pair . . . . .
> Flannel Shirt Waists, worth 75 cents for 35c \iijL i Ladies'

White lawn and madras waists broken wT' Pillow Cases Wrappers

JL' lots and slightly rumpled at one-third \li Monday we will show several l style in ladies

\ jn off pt itt. Our entire stock of tailor yjn 45x36 inch pillow cases, made of Spring Lake: wrappers of best grade: t.f percale. All newly

r rruu'suits'! and }jackets at one third off i casing, wide hem. Th..s ct e is torn 25e tailored worth 1.15 and J. 1\0 98c

k M price. A large:: line of woolen<< suitingsM \Ii 'I not cut. Monday we, will' sell J for. . at each . .

and kkirtingk at half price .: ::: .. \11

" A lot of French Gingham worth 350 at !2cS!1

JJ the yard . . . . . . . . (;

A lot of French Gingham, worth i 4 cat Q IG ; We are sole agents: for the cdelrated

JfJ the yard . . . . . . . }(; Phipps ready to wear hatv New E B DOUGLAS[J

A A lot of vJ aid 'crcl'on bees worth 5. S 5Ii

F M and loc all to go at per yard . . . . (; \Ii styles just in, also canvas hats and ,

faa One lot \al lace worth fc to go at i See the line of hats for

jf\ per prd. . . , . '. . 2(G; ill caps. big
jf\ A lot ot new outing flannels at 5Ii Monday for 1350. Worth from

/if\ per yard. . . . . . (; i
J\ Yard wide smooth Sea Island Domestic \Ii

T at per yard . .. . . . . . .00(; & $5 to $10.00 12th Street Miami Fla.Tit

fi Two dozen carriage bp robes worth(2a00 \Ai f :

\3.00 at . .. . . J? I ,


x s 3 C ,r tl., tL s. r' r

"-cc-. : : .
n fbt.oIIpd f- or- '

either cleat rored or JropardUed his! to Capt Baker. Tke teams' } adjacent cottages were fOIl....... batUe prietor and the corpa ofaccoaiplithetl poZ1te

!! I II drtal eqnlpmrnL The aturr ".:< drawing thai, and another very coo ,i beak robbery was preveated. I I leg geatlem.a

m 1I made not. of whole cloth. and .hll<' I Iltr. furtable vehicle bclonglnc to Limo are Dr. A. O. Relcvl'a drag afore sad ployed by him. The stock eabnoao

WESTPALM Schmld baa a *o<11 l a* eonpreheo-l: haa'ttome, spirited and fleet. I preacrlptloa pharmacy la very eli(1- vverytklaally kept la a Sneclaaa .
I Trt cacti of fib brought la this bly treated al the of .
sire aa bla Krrat: LU! bOO,, Tuuy toner Cl maUareaae ettabluhioeat of lu bled aid
I I I rapacity to masticate was equal to I morning, principally MOle fib and and NarrlMua street It I I. a' the pretcrtptlua department 14 pnel8ed .

all cnHTjrr'wWa.Mr imoipaao. waa: very large Thee ea i popular retort fur the young people, over by a llorawd awl
R 2 Weeks I |, nsc4, la the 'jtM of the
I Ii Jacob of the Urn of J J i I ay alabUlty pro competent pharawrlat
BegirninyJANUARY+ rxtmidte ;>ricra la th) markets are goat: ': r ,
S RiiniH. contract aa BEACH : l buil.hra. of St Ixxil. died la the: t }Jr. F. T. Miller of Ovlray. a at Inih" ,..

17 i .it,, ai The IV:.. .. U" .. .....'ut. Hillakjct I city I !' armed here Nofcmb-: tJrd.auScTlrc l.I. .; ant states that the intent
fronj outlook of me growing crop It cool.SonftliT.s .
gird; dtbi'liy. and 1
I --- I II for a .In.e l.uprrali; :'.!y. late in I I ; new" ai aatowhat. ( TheFurnitureStoreOf

THE fcccu-bfr he .as attacks mth dl chair hat here wen on oar ttrttt .
*Vo,t Palm (k a1i. Fla, Jaa SO- .incall the fw deya''
I eatery vt.< Mr C. W. S Mr J N Frrrnian bolls the bar and i ithlnkt
r crew Ijlrr, aolliiCcal: ; ua U tiu b'aodtei: <
|, Hotel" to whote bosplttJtly the rU of the lovtr etritic.ti.Y took: It qn.te: a traarle aarrr. I I
ot the UUated bark luau e Ceaecro.j' ,, Toney Lopez"our Toa ,"-the
PICKERTCOMPANY |i ) place, sad laat uithl ha dl<'U aged ,
It Imlfbtfd for food and iholter for
Ct rear The body baa been embalmed ;eaUl ynnng Kvntleniaa; who ao are i it
he gait teerral days, Inforna toe ..
iaoly sears tbe numerous ruttoraj j
by 11 r. D. F. I'eoton and t rorros
that the cnUrc party will leave tottar j jKoinpt Mrs Basact, .ho( arrived here MUD :, ems at RelKU'a drug store ei
brae directly to JackaoaTllle.j day sight will have I* rhim of It. clerk, etc, threatens to toe tbe Metropellt ,
and theory r-erhapa, to New York' ,
i t1I&ffOf defamation of character
for banal la BL Loula These faciaare j ji
\"T an-'rr itlmtloa of their cona-l house that treats
and disparagement of inyalealp.rfecllon right
learned from )fl' John U WaJlt'r'l, I you
try'a maritime aiithorlUea they will He smuts" that ke needs
i iI' who came here with Mr. D* aet and ,
be dlitrtbuied aa they severally deI -? '
r I I' has Bamed and cared for him aforetheir no dental n1Df0l'l'e1lM'1lt.t'j, ,
Too*. I tire Tkeae nfortaaatea hare ben arrlTaL I' that be can make dtceatlble thj tough- I Ie.t
I Madly cared for since they hare bees
chant of his beef ever brought'
The rtnrrty Ball, given lat olthtat
la this city They seem to be cheerful I 'I I'
West Palm Doach. Toaey aaya'ho
The POLIC&, ALARM14PCOPLC14 t the Auditorium, by the Wt Palm to
I and will probably, bare bone Beach: Ere drpartmcat. was largely !I, d.-xta't I now anything about ...1) We have the gooes and

1 other than kind words tad pleaaanttoemoriee i -n \'ktorl2Ua.at kit eiperlrwce aj .
attended and the erenlnt wa delishtfuly [
for the people of Wett peat by those In atteadance. a tailor was aboard of .. dugout sod 'I the prices are right. Pro-

I Palm Doach.BrlUth Chief Ckeatkam informs me that eaUmalMi I,1 that If his came appears la prtat :,
WITH THEIR OWN BAND I &c.-C'AJllm and waderwrltera of the art proceeda cannot acala, ta connection with that .... fits have been cut in halfon

agent Edward Sedlow. U Mill lathe be given oat today.. Later tomorrow ton craft there will be aa order for <
city Arranclac Baal ...,. for the furniture since we
the coffee and pistols for two or a "writof
An tin perhaps be win give me flf-
entirely new
every i disposal of tke wreck and argot BeHtnrmt the bands of the ikerttC.
rooater" la
Aa heretofore etated la threesumac :
tM:'1 t.kbg m. tndtr that 1"'N ao area. w. _,..... .* .:...... 1..... ;:.. ,! .._.= 1."J. eM ---'! -"- .. opened up in N v.Ve 4

later derektpneota this those keretotore aid tm the purchase of sIre i orlac to appease kit wrath tad pro-. blame
Cat songs end deters reported tm tkeee aotea Mr. meets It to I rest a eoaHkt are to ; we admit it

t between the acts. Sadlow't approachability' cad walforapollteneaa bellA I New Tort
novel' feats of Dr. Retcfe't bn l- Aa extra. Ut e4 by the .
i have Impressed ow people mess U Ue soda foMtaJm. neatly Journal of the 17th. last received ky L #

very farorably. ta arraacemeaL Mr. Geo. C. LaOraaco last night
aid tarltlac
E .... Mr. Reybold. of you city also U Tie couur twrnw dlac Ike foaatalato at_tee that then which deetroyedtke
1 sun her.. At to kit ywpoeea. or before
three kotela. referred to day
octagon U shape ruble top, aad
Miami soy eondvatoat ke Bay have reackedeooeeralac the body of die coaster to made of yesterday was of ladadlary eke The Dade County Furniture Company
them, ke U aa afloat aa a beeaUfal early ptas sod bUck eypreaa. gin parted by burglars U order to
data It bo aaMy sands-t. kn*.
may The fomaUlm to etrealar. sod reseal tketr robbery ot a kaak act
era that ke to "keeptaf aa oar toWlaiwv4. Their offortt were dJacorerod The House that
.... eyrap tur..oh1. .. Aroval far away. treats you Right
r l i. Athletic ." sod that should tke wladveer the octajoa tadoemre are eonfortabteteata ky a wooiaa paaatac '". and tko

ke win ao ooobt, hold kit beta for Ue vverotit guests who alarm clvom.. Tko hotels aad .... -
for the a ear eat port
I there to alack tkeir thirst at Ue
Mr. W. F c. Peters of the Ira to

\Association()( of J:. A. OrooTor. ft. Oo., ot Jacket !'foaming lontato.. ot Obnetk Dr.ft Ketfel......,to cal Uetauntanc The Park Cottage
TflK wind ta tko city taot tiltMr.
..... deservedly kick amoa* tfl
r' renert wit tavoaOcaU sad report
\ etaof ear peopto boll Ia btieiieeatai Palm Beach Fit
1\ Vest
au I tko eoodltioa of tko wreck to tkeaadorwrltera ,
aortal aL
Tickets: on bk at who taavod tko koJl ot I .. Baker praeldMt. otUe Lake Worth sod overlooking
Cap. Gee Facing oo
'* .... ......
city eowacfl. kaa reeeatly Ureete4eoatlderabU 1 aato boat roars A ....Set..leet .
By dnil I8& tefHry & M Moartala- I.
Co.CrossPh'rmacy ta korwCeak aa4 hotel with kooo
oMy family coo "
.. that C W. ackKld ltd tot dreorlead i ... we CASH TMAvcLanr "
twmoata.-* the strew this forte. Lamnaor
his teeth to "Tvoey *pe(' of I J
.>> rT>* a kJetoear DMA CKcorr.New .
Red tko BiytUcal *B Victoria" Toaey had tat banal ta lit. IDA B. BATES ht e.o.
rUtttpU ta li 'dtt. MOM Verb BeMeaofo, .11-
aa ..... apply of ktcafpidi tad see Philadelphia ,
Popular' Prices I lara of his sera sad tko deUdooa Waadt I tractor*, M< erUeatly very Not Proprietress he real niuatrali CMeae w ... loirfo: > SavLgs i
fwralaked brat ky Mayor Carrte. torukto usury developed that tt eke*.|. It tarn only take ot foor days Aeon afs .t
'1 .. ....... JeW parsed. ....... Wyookvbnt4 y

to stay bore for a owntJi w
c"t Mho this real fwtore buss, wee aoAetiaM
with oo oM pay sI .
...... ky e elteak on "

tr Have You Heard the Story I First National Bank a


7 '
P = Depository State ot Florida

r Of the fellow who asked the clerk for linen paper and he said "No nadam we hare no linen paper, OIMCCTOKS.

but we hare flj-paper and sand paper it that will do." Just about u good a comparison as the W.a. M.KtrCTZIM iMtLsrono.. .VNrMNd.M. tinaAet

Edwin shoo and then tome other makDon't K. A. WAOOCU. YMs nelMat
More when mention an Clapp
TOO 4.a.LUMMU.. n Mtawf. P1..
h MerOaM.W. .
M. lUMOINt. ........ Fta.He '
7 buy Substitute for these and Meraantlle Trust c.. ,
a M. K. SALS8UXY nttaa.riB, fa ..... ,
President Midland C.el c. TT :
O. C. rftlaaf . Miami, / .
other Reasons C. C. CMILUNQWOHTM.A. .
/. ANTHONY VUe ree AtttkoMyree.
r (1_)
M. tHANAHAN. Ora.4 Rapids, Mtofc.Treat. 1+
leathers in the tanneries BleeelTt Carpet. Ownpir c:..
Edwin Clapp has the first pick of all fine big EDWARD HOMFM.OurPrescrip. Cackler a

I for the reason he is willing to pay more for same than other manufacturers 4

.. : Edwin Clapp is a practical Edwin Clapp's shoes cost 50 to

1.00 per pair more at whole sale
shoe maker him-
t n nyothcu hoe manufactured
4i self and has done nothing d'
Edwin Cbpp's shoes are the-

bat make shoes all ; finest fitters the most comfort
his life : : : : : ; able and best wearers made.


tion Depart.Auditorium .

7a arsnrrrtr.a .
w gnaw,..e..
-I reA/s R"ov
.. -- : : .wle: .

T a I

btoebt s Rota. i-
I I e sir balsas slede/ RED CROSS :, ,, IhKi hew

I I StalIon ry. PhI&DIIICV\ ;alf Chocolatespar ( ''.

a shoes! sell for IS sad $7 + + J.w,. Peal
; I Edwin Clipp everywhere ew,7J. tr ar. L B.r&e. ..... ail ........
We just received s fine stock of these fine foods hssO's. . I Prtaideab M ... s Oi-

t{ 7 -

M a" p. a). bg e t
N f ilea Mike It e. /m.Saitltary .

I The Anthony. Romfh Company I .. Fcost4a '
lee a en....-.kyle
of smokeh s I l t ..
(rslllrrsps itch


c e .
a ,, .
ai v .' ri1.j4i r- N'Z




Residences I

,wwr No Frenzied Finance


In the Real Estate we have for sale
I : I! I
I a. _



. Real Estate is the only safe foundation for a sound

LpLwr financial operation: there is something sure to build on _'


Sell your Sugarand w

Amalgamated q.

r .
.. I
I I <

Blocks and send for our price list of sound Miami Real
:=t Business I =
Estate bargains. We have the location,all we wantis R

to have a litttle talk with you. We have some bar-

gains with a big future. Call on us today and we '

will take pleasure in showing you some of the best '

chances for investment that you EVER SAW.


s1 -

# J

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