<%BANNER%> $5.50 ..
For from tnbje t'aiitself
to nave the company
id dos-
n .ere. cf IDea ..d' pru We are
We wilt mall you for one year the test against the sbasea from the brofit- .
then at
well known magazines: less operation of tile paaaentrefpartment. de- bit
aa itafrd shore the bill foi THE-SHIRT STORE. OF Tllf'TOWN
injonet'en and mlef U bronghi|| I .
Cosmopolitan, regular ce $1.00, hmyer '
I 1.00 I Tbe prayer'o |Itnst l i
Success regular price tfc-.alu.t 45cR.
j Dally Miami Metropolis, 5.00- 'laa company blows may: ::see:them 45c 50c 75c $ .00
I $ ii That the railroad commlaaloncjra be jourstlL ,
I ''enjoined from rfviunxor e"1f nor:
the F1or1da.Eu Coast Railway icon.UIOM. "
All 3 for one year, our price 5.50 pair to obey b order flx'ni U
maxlmwn pasaejk Br rate at 1 l entiper :
ml*, north lot Homei'ead. 1 rtA.,
fixing tee halt Irate at 1 1-' (wots,.
For $7.35 children between I sad IS ye ra of fW.odesI'
ass to be cbard half rate and
under I to be carried free of a arp.I .
We will mail you the following special offer: I That the rallibad commlaalon aJottom i quiring the co pall '
(Leslies) $1.00 ,10 transport Inuber at the niiuced
American ,
Magazine toe ur
:tral&lu' rate ai gi en
Burr-McIntosh Monthly .. ., .. 300 vn-en U qeoted in fmJ.Knjein r.1 Men's
Good House-Keeping.: . l.ot the Railway Outfitter
That the r J cia Bait coati, Ball
5.00.. .
Daily Miami Metropolis way Company to p*rp utiiLr eiuojiedtram
1t i maxUu tvi nuiimum paaaenger
I rate S.cents pet mile, aa rerand by 322 Twelfth Street : : : : : Miami Florida
or4er of thk lauioad oouuiUaton-
our . $7.35 tae '
All four for one year, price era. ete i
That ih.' nohdn East COM Railway -
perpetnally ei jotoed I .
For$5.00 in advance in all cases: ) we will mail to you from CoIIIpuJ'i: a resident aient.at ,;- s xs

for one year the Daily Miami Metropolis and as a pre- &aa Baat'CoMThat required, ete.Rail r '

mium we will give FREE for ONE YEAR, either the I way Company petpetnal.y e Joined ore? Miami Harnpss Company

,COSMOPOLITAN OR THE SUCCESS MAGAZINE. diced from abeytnf rate on amber a order sblpme aa to J..e.te-.te.Ruyaia I Why Pay

I all Pr..antion4l : Ssicceeaora ip Pmloa Hicka
I tile at raey general and the
State attorney made co-del ni>l.uis U you ham not been to SM

Job PrintingOur .. the bill b4 perpetual.%. Florid efcng Plat tiedfront I Complete line of Harness and Stable

job printing department is complete in every detail I Coast to obellthe,Railway Company ders etc.for. a tnstng at"a Roffithlluges(; Supplies. Ham made to order; All

and we solicit orders for bill heads. Ittter heads above That thf co rt decare: the 14 01 repair work give] prompt attention'Miami
statements, envelopes business cards. engraved visiting den of the railroad eommibe loa 10
cards wedding. invitations and annocncements, contrary tojthe conaUtut 01 the ; '
I United BUles sad of the ate of 1107 Avenue D ; Florida
pamphlets, by laws. label*-Everything in printing.Our .Florida and therefore null d void
II. thai they jrs virtual::7 ta lIa u.
property of tie railwaywltooat play
due ind jest com aaUoIa.I .

advertising columns ate well known for obtaining I aad That nor injunction injunction pendent and retiet.1MialDi 11. lane I You are probab j y shod I E. A. Robinson C ntraGtJDjj Electrician

results and every advertisement put in the Metropolismeans I t Inf more than yi 0I

returns to the advertiser. It reaches the people. I Telephone 21f. IOU Tenue D, MIamI, Florida

The people read it. It has the news. It caters to all lconservat
ry 1l3
OUr foods ate fresh.

clashes. Kates on appliC.&tion.-lf your name is not l3 l me Not 1 1H 1audeafs Our qualities; ue best I
11 be have it there. '
already on our list, we very glad to t that can be, bon ht i iI -

.. I Our service promptest Haveyou en our FresK/ .
I a romag every contains
Our store everything
Tae Cbn.e atory ba.ldlas t. being ,
The Miami Printing Company awvtd tf inches eastw d.him. in {the grocery Meat Trial
: .
.. lln ingtoe takes arse o.De
: Publishers the Daily and Weekly Metropolis r ucal de & tment o. lb Srst ofDeto line. Weal$o makea Department

432434 Twelfth Street Miami, Florida si'1c tt wtn'op a eloea- 'Specialty ((ot]FreshFrut
ion deppprim at oa t e Snt October. -
Me st tioas are is or er.Ptaao .
V vio a, maada:a a kinder- 'IS!
have not should do so at
you you
jrarten epahmenta are in) fall attendance. If
S. H. RICHMOND \ once for we are giving the bellSahfact1on
Miss flore&ee Hlgglni UJdown forth and Vegetables.We (
' In the city of Miami.
.seo (fora Palm Betel to com* :
REAL ESTATE! ai ts) her plfno atndle Our ,ROMPf Delivery.

.. ,
li>fl to Death win makef you a special -
price thi week on ,
Notary Public State of FloridaisoLarj Beearfse hbr stomach wi So weakened I
by a> ileee dragging t abs
300 1.2 Twelfth Street Miami florida could not e t. Mrs. Mary Wilier., Whit LoseCanned :
of St. flab 1st. Columbua.er way Ut-
-- ---- ---- -- ,.
- .
-- --
-- Jly atarrfag n* death writ : Goods :
My itomat i was n weak ram sie-
lees dregs Ibis I could a eat and '
' my,nertea 11 wrecked that could not To will get_you_doa to it Whey, T'--'If you ros call 'I CARROLL C. SMITH. Mgr
Budweiser Cafe sleep; and tot before I wi given up

to die;)(was wl h I Induced wonderful to ti salt EiectrlaBitt.rsl thai. Oar Phone 211 I Ii I Phone 229 A. orner 7th and Avenue G

Imprortmei t began n' oa{ and n

rompl.-ie$ e re foilewed.health Our Store 3i5,12th; St. !I. .
Steaks and -- -
Meals Chops all Tonic drusls| lartn.s. EOc. GUI inteed by i --

Fish, Oysters and t I

rare Miami Auction House Souveijir Spoons
t ; Game; in Season.

,. Served I J J. Wesley Johnson, Prop. AT:

Merchants Dinner 35c I

.-, at all ction e ch day at 10 o'clock Whaler's Jlewelry Store.

" Hours Private Dining Room for Ladle Beginning Monday, Jul '16th.

Twelfth St., Miami, next to E. B. Douglas' Store
A.P.Cor ... A.S. Desbenr.Proprietors Consl Prompt_ Jretonu ient> tre guujwteed tdlklted 131 fe Ave. D


r t


I 1 I I

tr 'Umbrellas Repaired Recoveredand THE .t KE 'STO" Picture. ,Frames

W. H. Chaille & Son Proprieto Phone 183 1211' Avenue D
Phone 113 indwell come and see you Made to Order.


DON'T Forget the. Children Copper, Nickle, Plated WareI

School Books j1kLructabl. I I I quart tea kettles ........... .. .... "
Get ceDuloid or metal heal '." S pint coffee pots .. .. IScSplnttespoa
w. here them or anything else you want In tb4toy line)to' ..... .. ..... ..... "..'...Uc Phone 183

and Supplies. smut.the children. A beautiful, light, lasting west for( nice house-keepers II I-
_. t t
-- ------ .
-- ----
: .. R.port of the Condition of the

.' ..firNaii9n + .Bank c 1 >K i 4'L7wIz'; Ukoi+ ( 2 'o WELLS & GRAVESAre

,u Miami).th.stat..1'.Ada.at t'". 1 .fE. '. -.. .irEfFFEfFErr3; prepared to execute
--. - ;;'
deMrfkmlMM.acvtS.nMRESOURCES I orders in their
County Jail Inmates leu Barges
(Leading Bridge
t : : .. ;. There are BOW forty Ive prisoners I! The steel bridge for the railroad
t ;...r ..l ......ma.'-... .______._.-Vtl !'La' I confined la the county JaU. Twelve.i:trestle over Jewfish Creek and which vi
r ____._.... _...e.r.a.n LT14 M t of the number are whit males, and (will connect thi mainland with Key Millinery DepartmentI
Y.. ... V. "" ..d.t. c.'ecin.lsak.9.aaaM .
*" rr..i.-U S D..b 3e.M two:. colored jemaies.for Two are held lLanro. was loaded aboard barges at
.. ..:::::= ]i L4 h tnerdet-A",'T;.' ., j he Terminal dock this and
X oJ' BoX* MCf Coffee colored i
......... ...... .........._
k .1. a 121M '
9. .DM < Nail aa1 ....... C I..t and I. R. Rhodrn. irhltf will be towed to Its destination: sad of the latest Summer style hats
-r. _... _.. .....---.t.a.2SLN! made ready for placing la post[oa.
_.___ Dee.._ .....a..ks led Haikrra. JLe M I
.. ...
&Me'.pp .d Rrr.eaMU. :a..I1..1 With OrunkenessFn ,
,N..e..4MYerNatw.alPa.k.--' ... ... .. !aatLawfi defendants charted with beCharged Before Judge Heyser and I Ladies Tailoring Department
-. ''- YV ca.Y stet. John Merrill PanUneVeRae. _
tractkuat p'P.r e.rre.cy..k...., lot tdrunk were given t-la'! before aaaau't.ta&T&lltJ'\ trial before
ad gala-------------- 55WalI""w. County Judge ITerier this: .
;;.;;r;. I" morning County J.d Ut'. morn-
I ...w..y... ...._ ____!tak viii.. anellree.lnd( Judgment ta the sum of For street carriage and evening costumes,
a1.e Ing. The former received JnJment ..
.. .U_' ... .. I
Loy.... :1. 2SGO.oOI fl and coats each. They mere Wtn. waists, taiior gowns and coats
-. .....$..11..4. "hk V.a..TraMvmUoom Mal ne. Joe Fielding Thomas Bryan ,In the sum of a] flue of $10 and rod
d.e.latk' or thirty days' Imprisonment and Ute !
15 Rena. .
Ed tlcLaae and John J rkloo. The
Tul. _.__...t4I15.,a first two are white. Tt arrests were latter IS and cost or ninety uajs la I 232 Twelfth Street. MiamiREO

LrABiLrrrcsXB4J' I .; .' ICapittd made by Constable "':1 n. j jail I J tiiC
..stxY paW ia at--(: 1- I On Trip te Keys
__. ,_.r.NM.Jet He Created ExcitementB.JH. r
s.r.twhad. The large launch yacht Lotus, the
........... iM F i
U..Wd eap..nne Peterson, a white created
......... Lti ev man latest acquisition of the F. E. C.
..... r..t.aoiqildlReoe.M considerable excitement in the .M.
]( Ma." Railway Company which arrived In
.. .......... .
&Me......._ .... .aad..1 north end Saturday nljat- by protnueuoualy port from the 'north last Saturday.
: l.di.ld.s.......... _110 1r111C.d a shotgun and Lmornlnf. got way this morning forth .
.. ,... alarming the aelchborhood with loud '
:.;:: ::;;... ., ottl": -. : to'IS :-- I| extens'oa operation; with super mItendent -
.. screams. He was arrested by Deputy {
1 .. ...,_.._..._ lI .. I of transportation Rae, and J I .
i ><.JIf citi. cUaaIo. -.-_..- ssjsH .. Sheriff Morris on a chara* of recklessiy other officials o| the extension work R "
... c_ ...1....t1"1!': .' discharging: flre abe rms, and wiltafternoon. aboard. Toe party wiH.be several \,.,. 11
R .....1.. ..._ ..- sn..an.tt gone
') -- tivea a .hearing this. days. Captain,Ed: Graham Is "1 :
.. ..... ?
.. ., I
'1'-0.' --- : In command of tile Lotas. j.h. :

,... }eaI. eI r.rida.. o-'Y et ....-_: Crazy Negrtr.q.- a"h"1 ,, .
'Z L A crazy aecra. aame .waa.' Percy Cavill Returns :
Y ....._..i..rsS.M.tv. ,
e ,, BEOWkDO.aOMrH.CMklOT ,
.r+' -. arrested Saturday nick ii atttatr 1't Percy Csvflje. [tie noted Australia* .
eM=- Sheriff Harry ii.rei.e2 ..He.wJl. b4:I rwtnaUar master frhq has had taarguof '
.' euaVae4 by a eoauMQie eHJwr'Ottsabemoon the 'm eastao'tb.. ;
Rarer : I
.." *' aMUIsMk I
f. ? -- '
.J &".., SfJ. i'4Mf[.,.. M4s4MMral.- -." or tomorrowTnr'msn several seasons, retwued to the city I : 0 .
l' 1 aafTra'Owlt.li.plyT.blia. Is la a ....eoeCftloa. d"JIIP'reII'I yesterday end wffl bee*! preparingthe -i iarr
", {"fI&'.'l'."....,.&L ,.",d ..,..-..,..t _"I."W": a.r.t. .., a It subject for.tae aejrroat ftnuntoDeputy 1 I casfno and 'am for the approachUr -: .
_. ....__ Eo....ILSoa: .. Sheriff Core roes. r* t)).. tp* season:. MrJCavtU* Us abed a*! -
.. .' .. .
y. setrta another alas alleged a. sasa pHI v engagetaest at Kansas City the past !
j wffl be examteed temortow aad n summer aid returns here a little earHer -'. e, as magi pa nngra; dhnbe III'" !PUB: pea just aa if .

'. ', I. r. ,, . t ., 'I'I. '.. found rse.tnlyvabatawilt.tN than usual,,8.i brought "'till fast: sees leas gasoline and tire; ia safer and snore easily ''
'.. : -I.- # taken atone; to U aavlna w couta l
", '"--2i"- -t''' aloe*.w"h.the otherp7 wasp consptcuous la Miami last sea* ..:...leas for repairs tbaa Busy earn that sell for denote*r Ire- *-
I above ...tJoa. I t eon. : ; bin its price. :: -:i Brad for the HBO book that tells wh7, '
I\y' / Have the! $Strongest t Line of f +- .--_--.--_-_- ----_.-- .-!. .. i .\

r' ) '* ,
v tVr" l f.
'. r. ..,

U li ,,) teIn'iA .,? "J 'k ; '. I I t .t'Gf taM-' crri i s: 111 Miami. Automobile I Co... .:.
: r 2.rnl i ;- .; 3da-Streeulstar Po toncc '- t'it

'Mms F :
ne' ... .' .J. ..C k ., 'r

___eo : I: __ .._ __ _e'. ." '
r 'J" - ---r : And Vegetables I Ir. . I' .

.i 1 Shoes r. i I We Are The Paint People


I ever: shown t = in Dade County and :1 1 I t '" Our'I'I .'Prices Best Why 'Not?' .

If you are going to paint your house look la to the merits
they t are.r especially adapted for : ; f of the different brands of paint.. WHY NOT find out
which. paints are best suitable for this climate which
-rtbody knows Is the hardest on paint. WHY NOT
Dade .rock and the Flor-
: ) handle by ua are the best aad longest wearing? W.
da Come and see them. have been In the paint business fir over thirty years
i and ought to know good past Some dealers will tell' 1
E L. Brady 8 CO. you palate handled by them are the very best but how do ,.

they know By from the!practical label on experience the cuT Certainly not

,Ine! Miami Shoe Company Corner Ave. l 1)) and 12th Street. Telephone I 24 We are in the Paint and WallPaper

j Business Exclusively

1 I .
-, I feint hat bean a His itudy vHh a*. Ws mat ailed to Ian tefcrter Mali

bUR SPECIAL SALEWill t, We lead With .Hartford Tires I II ( Harrison. Paint 4 .. e

a to at geed u CM ke....*.. Rb ssMuk.,II rmdy'M. Nat tor. be mid
: +
OTHERS try to follow with tirea just a.rood|, bat don't be de- ,

I ( ask (ot a Hanford and vet a Eu uarajsteed tire. Were I Dozier& Gay's' paint area home product, manafac- ... ..
I the factory .ts and always have fresh tires la stock Do I tared in Florida, for Southern climate and to withstand .
be conc nm'll. until Oct. 1st t I I oa know thin mesas something to you? .For rubber to be rood, "un and storms. i '
a this want cUmatemuat be freak Kcoaomixe t*ba11l1t the best' I II. For the interior we have the Marvelous paint

Genuine bargains; m. the line of I. I iamond .X Tires $1.75 each, $3.40 per pair. 1kg I IL t.

; A' fod tire .014 elsewhere in tl.citj at $5.W I Marvelo ...

N1CblTareaoaecondsbutfirstclass r. i roods I This palat contains BO lead or dill and Is --..01.0Equally -.,

: oHats' Shirts: r t lumbia Bicycles: -i the Standard of the world" j good for woodwork or walls and requires no siipp
tin*. 100 pounds white lead with the proper amount ot
H *Rambler/Cl eland CreMrnt and Westfieit bi'lc1n. Ejep -' thinners makes about gallons. 100 pounds Marvelo properly
r Ii t4:: ; .ir men ALL KEPA1R work Absolutely Guarantred I thinned' about S gallons of pain.. Marvelo gives bet-
: tel satisfaction as It ('leaves no brush marks It, flows to-
; gather I.. tarnish aDd tins ibis smooth water colo.
i & Richardson t
and Clothing JVIcIntosh like BnUh. It will *j eel wore cleaning and scrubbing
than kid paint li Is the proper paint for Interior work. 'T
JL119 Avenue D, 1iam1, Florida. Opposite the Postoffice la G.-rD.aay It ls atrictly prohibited to use FOR IXTKR1OR
I WORK either lead or lone paints on account of their
I IH. IUQOUS .uba.aaces WHT NOT give It atrial| and
'r-- -- WHY NOT convinced that 1II what we claim for It.
Can be secured. by all \\:ht1 wish to avail I : WHY NOT Come aa M us show you the B&ef f colorings
; i sod designs. Wed be please to do It. We have WallPaper
themselves of the opportunity. Just call : Hardie for evrybody sod at all prices from loq to $.toper
'Pierce rolL Picture MouUiau to match your watt colorIng -
l L. I and well do thcrest i ..... Window Shadea to match. Clve us a call. w.
and l ,,price'our goods\ \ aft''t .1" .
J T- .
e e.i Palate's J 4t/lf :
; '* f 'fi1..tl4- : pe} I. a *

I I. Are The(Faint' P&pfeGus.A.Mufler' '
< ---- .
"TTlMiV ...
always the Clothes a earl w. Its the way they are put
J. on.1 Just so with paint. Some painters throw the paint at a house
Miami! Clothing ;hid when k[isceYeredfbey.caafta good job. We paint house and I I

-itske ...... t 4 do fct.;,/('We1. carry L full line> nt petntnltoaa and wafl7nupurstattoc {

; 1t you contemplate renovntlnf1 your ko ee, let .. f
knew nnd we'Igiv.; yes figures for peperiog
painting oe kabomiaiag :
1306 Avenue D Miami '
Branch Store
Cohen's I .W.'ptilntSIG? (cif kind. P'1e ce t Telephone 120. 1309 Avenue D, Miami, FloridaPAGE

... .........----- -. f.J.. -. every 1f &Hardie., ',

) *f


.....-. '. ,

Y .
<' -ms s.-. _tYom. -f '

: i iSIOHT


.. '.- .. .- j r j.. .

_.r--.t. ." .. ,

Everything' Furniture, carpets; nigs, mattings, arid

. kitchen utensils of every. descriptionIt

1 ; I

[ For the House our the is price the goods that popular.make and F ra nkT.B u d g ei- ; our the It is price goods the quality that popular.OneC0ntaWord make and. ,

: Twelfth Street Miami. Florida"

I ItI ) -. .' I .

mo.--.s8 :!H.! M.J KING I *..K*.wc. *Phon eaI f T -' .
I ? .- { Lonwe j
t $ Undertaker and Embalmer

:i t''r.{1 taco AVENUE D DEPARTMENT

.. t RESIDENCE 21. tit 8TMEE1r
..' ? .

'. j .

J NOTICES under this beedlocere charred foe M the rant of 1 cent
tneerttoai.No ads accepted> for lee than 2Sc a* UeertkxaROSSIKR
1 I"'- :

L lJersollal JJeW lJofes I! MEANS REAL I$:ATE I Sreealer want t* list your ,.,.. )

; I BED:! Mfcff. MeAlXISTER-BECX GROVES COTTAGES ETC. MRS. There's many a pretty
I j Trinket in our cases, Pipe Smoking is

)lr. J. E. Lomrnaa returned yeatet; If you want the very beat, ask your Rhea your borne needa ahoelnjb I "uteJRoc.m with1' board or two brightened by a gemor .
4s day hOlD a bulneaa trip to Jackaon11 ajrocer for mile Ribbon Lemon or take It to I!Dykes 334 lOtk .t LPtetsres i furnish coon centrally located to
.. Vanilla Extract. Abolutey purejro. t business! district for mother aad son two. The pricesare Popular
41 I bout 10 winter In Ifl ml. Address'
twice aa far. neidy framed at Stl as varied as the
Mr. and Mr*. H. M. McCall hit dlo, 121S Avenue. C.Fresh taticg price. Box 120. White' Springs
retained home from aa outlo< in the Arrived With Barge j tTa. designs and the colors nowaday Men are learning that
mountain and to nouera reaorta.i TIle steamer St. Lucle of the extension Kalamaaoo c.sty at the Miami there* a heap of contort In a toot
'1 fleet came np Jut night with a Grocery tip., 33i 12.h it; eet. I REAL TATE. MRS: MeALLIS- Lockets, Brooches,...Pins, pipe. But It ".'& everybody know
Benton Dean, for a lone time connected tow of barer from the extension operation I Ii I TER-BEr". bow to select a nod one Let M
with the Knight Grocery cuts .. *. I Mrs...Ale* McKentle has opened lIP I I II Chains Rings help yon la that direction. We have
aecared a poe.Uon sad entered the vtetu\Orrft: j Hall tors daaclnc Mule and hone for Hire at the Miami pipe of all kind from tke node
?p sn.dntiea with Rocrth a .Baxa**; Five) '.Municipal Offender I cMk. Alt members are invited to Transfer Stable. 1 corn cob to the ornamental meeiichanm. -
[rocs.. But five offender were arreCod by be preeeBtjWedueaday sight 14* l'ik I Come and get one and try'
,,1 the pollee since at Satnr-Uy asotatng. for the Aral dance. t I ar.-IIf' .. MI.'hrveftrnta. Maynard Dl2 It. Get the tobacco for It hers tow
1. 1 Mr. A. L. LaSaIl and wtfe.-were Their cases were dUpwrJ ofby aiM' w. can give yon oM good tip*. .
Judve Sander U the ) For the; krttj-Wnite" Hickorj"rchaaed warn ; JEWELERS I INext
'hale Court thl* morning.ass 1IaTpaJ on* of J' A. Dean. payer Freak'1>readV ctkeaiitaJOntcae : I .... at to tofiiaMIBm1 Fla -

"r.i. where they will spend a .w, f..eaaJt .- Nut. K- 1 win be AlJ6wf te; uellUIC ,'taeU, *. Vieau Bakery. -

-ea business. : There has arrived at the Terminal Clerk and aDJt.KatgBt bookk .'
1 per waa .o .
i.i Rer.. Job Rodfera. wffl laud aaurd.y dock' several hundred keg aa.'.-..- payment *'*i- will, ft Bro...904 Avenue,D. StoveWbod 1 i HAYES. .. .
*;; of bolt, ant ate. for Me toke '
T1.w Smyrna,
morning for
( banding of the trestles and brtdgea IKyla, :Clogdancing by aaftaeiaaul. ip-to-date pro
| where he win AH an enxaxemcmt ant by applying .io ')IrI Afiold. 341 dUb $125 per.IoadLeave '
of u. ,ext asloa. Good Dual >rata with the The Cigar Man
Soaday leaving there Monday moran 'j I IHigh straw 7toM. M. latest 1 _
? JoUr a lotkerfenow; pee.IaIt ord i> at C U Brady \ Co.
lag for Delaad.atadlea.where he will reMaMm .* ) Water Say <. -1 1 >* ,. >iko minstrel. show at Coo John Scvbold'.bakery.or Magnolia ..
his theological NtSCAYNZW.
pre-railed LauBfcar.! fartfflaar., taraitnr ito .art aaat Oiwo. Sept. ]>$1. Grocery Co. Adolph .ft4I.D4 OWOSITt MOTH.
TTtr; lifct handled kr the Mlaad I
Mr*. A. H. Adam and chfldron. : -----
:i' CM Callle *toceonrljr up sner.lh. BoaVevard beach and ah. Traaacer Oevlm W last at ttoI coo *HI *eat ta quality but la reach of "
who have been at
most,to the amdennu of the SOT*. ty. I + .1 e..rybody. Auk forAbetutar Bine'KAboa Vavw -> -
-the Will .nnrsr to .
:hv ommer. Palm,'dock: -Bo tawn ManU "tosnht,,-a4.oecnpr 'a outage H. COMBS COMPANYFuneral
f,, w Avenue Cv aearahe nehoot boo**. change of the moon, which occur to< Wanted A youag.wnlte tes far aa ether kind*. *. .
'lIr. A.... will noon *>vm later morrow.. lad when they expect aa boy between the age of IT and t$. Flavor to peK.etirri. j ', -4 I
; krtaciag hia Baaina fleet. even.) hither tide than that of today Must to ober and ndvtnou' App .. I, -f <<4" ;- .
I "T at Acme Booting Work Sixth If you wait a good laugh attend the
:: : Mr..C. W. Gardner who* la lunge Yeeterrtay on the My ..; ar sat;.we U ol.. leeWaetory.; -- itiaerrelchow* at Oeoanvf- Grove. Directors and Embafmers'
a position m the auditor-. offloe.edt Although the weather yaatardarloralng Latest Joke sad p tat'oaCW..
the r. B.C.Railway at St. Aoruna was tareatenlnr the (.. Tor Sal.-- WeD atab3s arn.e Performance end'ng I with boxing
.1.-came, down Saaday moraia/ sea spent' tams out la the afternoon and a* arwutit at TrasaflF w ,. ck. Tuesday lltk, r.'cock.| 13lh S*., between Avenues C sad D

f yesterday I" .today !* rte.'11t Mfr prycaUr. i every avahUtuklaohck 't f T f l'r
... was .*.*..nee. either prrratBl [of (Sal*!vCMpaoV flf III. hor ea
;l Jag famny.wlf ret.q'fo i iin nide_ F er arr I4ga }:Ae. C
ctarrerW mb1-... Price ._able. Can TelepboaevRoaiaeac. r ,r"-t.R .4
j AaxicaA' ly on with parties on the ba) "
It ..tla the The beach trip was popa'ar also'and For, Bale J'ioaI roo.A. bOIIi4 or.4clbeJ etPalm Beach : OficeM-- ;., .. ... Kia..i.. l"lorida"

Mr. R. L. BII.*.,.. of XXmgla Oa. mega enjojvd aa outlay :and :IanStb.es. Avenue J. between Ilk tad tta ..attest Traaafer company. B. r. Carter. __ _-_ _u ___-_ _.. _____ ____ ,_ '_ _
*an r>wrM'tke.nil)xaadit 1*v a*)*) 'oyy.r .. &: "5.s. on very easy tyrmaX Edwin. Nelson. ... 'tIaa) l West Palm Beach. :

ilL 1t'ifig. Ue poeiOon.of tn"the "law stenographer oflee nf Cevrpiling aWaMeae'Dlreetery .4, The y rmlee*-and>NaBob- bracda *re 1 One wr4ter Wm.stddj'Many t.. I.
aa. typewriter ,
..eyalonr a"..a.amaxr: B 1 '>yla A Mr: Lucas of Dt'?''oIt" M1 t.. t alway the-bdt.' miaaat Grocery Caw met of many way-:
a young man possessing many ,a the city and will remain here-tor Sea 121k *wet.Breealer ,. Many wagons of'nauy' dare.UJ .- jallRelltYOllr'e

with alerting the qnalltte beet credential and come U Miami several. a business day writing.directory up and of ,eotnpfrInaj MUm want te list rour.I't I ) i fa skis It I.locality I face more that)Jaaa It I.any.n".acefa other I

wh'ch will be Incorporated In a DUledirectory
Gold Cola coffee at.SO cea'J u nneelled. when me. and ..CUB are so tried.La I
which his M eparing I
company "
A party 'of *tag* composed ot I pound for |lJ6at| Ute the north a ma n 111ooo.d. his wagon .
The will
Meter r. W Habn W. E. March.Hll' to laaa* dlracuirr Miami Grocery Co. SSS Twelftk St.Breealer with what his hone win fall Here i
'. W. M. Burdiae, Cawon Dlab contain every Item of importance tclUve I te should load It with! what the
ovrr-ti-ikc to each, city sad town. lncln: -, wag j House for if You
aid J. B. HwktM.'wwH aad'ftixatthe ax popalatloa. municipal omesrsbusmess mean sale IVSStmIIta.I a would carry but ke dbnt do It.
J beach yesterday no-vine
buy ia
a wagon than f guaranteedo
day. They a.t imd ''vII **'*tin and, commercial Interests etc. BROMIER' MEANS REAL ESTATE carry one tbouaaad pounds. He .
...re4 theme I .
the rtrf and I
r'r'Ba4 nta on fire sacks of fertilizer (1.000
Steven and John WUUama,
thoroughly. The Uni n ia'lle accommodated BOSSIER wilt c4let yewf rent
< tk. ya.r" nor oal rtK colored. said to be employe of tae sacks oanJa of tats 12S-poand(200 bale Ja of) about hay twx ISO this season if will send us a description at
'Fort Dal'c Hotel engaged la aa alI Don't bake during the tnmmer. BoyGatcben't pos ; you

Dr. 'and Mr: P.'T. Skagg Wednesday are expected 1 I night terration aDd la ai North a result M and William Saturday re- "Mean bread. I' I'I'I pound of of 150 gronerie ponad I and making his a load ownwelcft once. We have more than fifty

to Tborrlay return borne from Ummvlile.where Iceived several) aev-re knif gashes Wanted -To purchase LOOP cord of U2S pound in Is month his I inquiries already from all over the United States.
.nght or Mr. Skagg has been nailing 1 1I 'about]'' the body, while Steven landedIn good 4-foot light wood Address H., I wagon I* la bad ahapej and he blameai
TIle doctor Joined her the county ja'.i: on a charge of ag| Lock POX 112. West Palm Beach FIa.I maker. the; '
i an anmnier. ';traveled aaaaalt': I We have gone on plan of mak- I
e there a few cay ago after Germanywhere navingretimed Five humdreI'fiotlsra to Wan on tag good anything bough.' of na aid I Fill out the following description

ke horn took a from port Berlin graduate course I If yon have a room or a boot torrent mortgage. L.J P, are}1I1'i office. there. come the question how macho ,, and mail it to us today:
Bo'. ,sew th'a winter lilt it win Bro Ier a k the maker to 1I tind on a Jeal I i I
a medicine muck and Improved inrgery. In heajta.Mr. Immedta'.:,.. Look np the r ad la We have already several Inqnlrle* of this kind. We hay handled a enm-
aid to be !th'* issue fill It out and lend it to for tarnished bosses for the j winter. her of wakes hoping jo get a wagon

H.'Co Ml'ton of Deerfleld/we or.them. They will rent four momsor Those who wish to rent are feqnected for U'tie money because the man My
yonnjimen. houses if you will attend to it to lit with a* at once. J. H. be caa buy It for 11th]. that win Jut
i'Ektde coonV moat pupuar a .We time for that _t what he expects
Miami right now. Pat urn..ft. CCL
I* rendlBg a few day in Mr. It win do. We!l are tin look- F. C. Brossier Son
looking after baa ness matter I 1- -----:;---- --, -- I
the Metropolis Seat be lag for that kind The StadebakeiI
Milton Inform I I. nearer that reqaireneat than any .
,\baa Just mad arrangementa to puuu DUNHAMThe Bicycle'HighGrade Tires we eta flnd. ft eoet* but little aadUat
tour-tng' I. longer than any other la this .
Mia i Florida
IIoea1U1: aerdiaK fewer repair ono : "
'- necetafnl aeaaon.H* <-? $10 p rpr. "
a most .
I giving better attofactfon.W $
.> ; .>wia: to a-Jarger acreage GC Painter
that tbere Our price $5 pairorflW'each have all date ia stock and caan
'tomatoes this year U the Deerndd per '* I yoar order few a nnmbcr at a few DEAR SIRS:Please lift my house forrent

cdRa OM Ja any. rTto 4 year I Come ee* them. Try them. Buy for the, season from November -

.. ... Fkst.ctasfiWork l I .t....
T .etlmittay Hearty W.. Does
I T1Ie! coroners Jury Iaa'ftl'4Iet -.rag rendered Harper & Harper MIAMI HARDWARE Cf I, to May at"S
I. R. Rboieaurbiti, W. Want Vr Monr
bolding I for the season for which It it under-
of Tea tiocIp.
for the murder (The BIcycle People' j
Jut TRncIa attht: defradit I ilood that you to b paid 5
.... wtJt be fires: a 1..e'nmieatl gearw4ng Office and Shop"1W Ave.:D 1112 Avenue D,Miami, Florida II II I communion per
Wednesday atten.kIn. .SMITHSOOK cent on the whole amt.
...u.ftP.IH I
c..tr Judge Heiaer.-Tto tttaU .. I
M. D.and a II
). by AttxW .. .
C. .
p rke tte def-ndaut by.JuUe. 4" No. of Storiea ;
A. warier. .A ...IIMf wltncwt I STORE I ----
Call Us For
""* t. -apcer- ,, on No. rooms oa fight floor I .
wfflHave for .a' Short Time : I : mMi.riA I I tin :
41 I L No. of moms second floor _Bath _

5 oi the best bar- Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables: I II i Water [= Lights .

gains fa real estate i imsIIOIIIUYGOODS II I i --

Hay Feed and Grain I Where Located J
..Dodo Coatr., Prices m prints i '

C. C.-- Garroll j MRINm (lOODSnrnn How,Furnished I


Yoiirkedit is nNlj SIPPLIIS ... I .1
f" .
; i, ll-f .'
1I ; ., I. '
203T\ *STREET ,.
I "
: r

SMITHSBOORSTOM Very tiuly yours ,
: ,I ,
Magnolia .Grocery.Company.. j f

:t: i I jI J. ..sN

<.-- -- -. Phone:=84 Corner Avenue D and'4th Street J MIVMIITV I, ,

#-" *1 *Li. DI" m, Jt i nw .

i .
1 N
t ft I ,

: MX
I II I I :
I NOTIQF3I ; r J .


rT have this Jar appointed the I Ilowlac fol.
professionsPATTERSON deputy reclstratlon oiacers for '
Edited By = the several election precincts of Diconnty. I Sale'
Annual Fall Sh'oe

W. PERICLES PICKENJ Supervisor J. C. Bnrteshaw.of Re&lattaUoa..

&: ERYIXAttoracl..At.Law. I Hoc. A. J. "lI' hea4. mall clerk Supervisor ]of ReslstraUonl! J.Barteshaw. C. J

on this road, was in lie ety the oil of Dad county annual I
ej today appointment[ ofjth I fol- i iI
WBl pnrtlcel.. all CM n.. Bun sad rrat. day. {owls. deputy reclstratlon lollcert _- AT
....,lal(MJlltiM tor....l.i.r Mr. Laura L'fhtburn. who U.ft and the precincts In which they wW '
Lae ......... w.4 Tlllo.a. at 10* Arena F. sear First Strt ,- b* asstcned to register aU flualifl
P.0.IIOJ:let. MUIIJ.rLA left till moraine tor JacktonrUwher '.. electors for th. November .lection.Pradnct .

it. BKTMOUB .. ..ATux.o- ski win raulB until abJwt artt No.1 l-o.ora. 'Parks: S I

& Atkinson Jaanary. >b. ujri.1b Precinct No. 1- P. KitcalBf.. Jap-
Seymour ooutr r.,.atratlGa oflM u la ltr. : I W. M. BurdineSat.

Attorneys and the harass shop lust before yon )f'1 Precinct No S- Frtaklla I Slot..
Counselors At Law. to Mr. Badfe'i stare 01 Areniie 1 U. West Palm Beach.
.. la be rvgUtered.Tn Precinct No. 4- Jesse DaugaarBoyatoa. I I E : ,,'.
cW sw. _dw..W..senoras Call and ...
soy w,...... 8u.d y tcbool at Ebenemr II. Precinct No. IT.. J. HavgoiDflray. .

't S.'.7.FriMcIl Bid;..KWnI E. Chorck Is very Interestinc .reSand7 ) I i''

afternoon at ) p. m. The TlowlDf I"ompaao.I Precinct No. I- J. W. TJmatei r I Sat. Morn: Sept. 15. 8 o'clock *
jronif ladlei were dUUasvli -
A. Worley
G. tarsi ,
ed visitors on yeiterair: Mlaw. KoBrown. Perclnct 7= If. IT. ) at. n.
Laaderdal : I
Law E.: AnjUn Sadie '-am.. Ba' .
Attorney at PredIct No. I- J. w Iv. Oil
tai .. Will.ami Lad X. Ferr Precinct: No. t- Otto lUthai.. .
3101..Twelfth St.. Miami. Flora Thrie young ladles are all very wl** Lemon Oty.' I I
ar 7 sad lure deep thoath' on t.lt' Precinct Na 10J.. R. BurteshaMlamU ".
Scripture Come stn; :n. You.re ]
: ;
Geo. M. Bobbin: welcome.Mr. Precinct Na 11- J. C. Barteah I ... line i
TJtuevllle.".. W. O. MeKeazle I* still! tr) Cocoanut Grove. l i Our Fine of ladies, mens
111.Mr. Precinct No. 12- E. O.
Attorney and Counselo S. H.C'ark. a pro'a-nt-at. a.'fII'
At LawHudson ber of Bethel A. M. B. Ch.\(.... *!,. Cuiler.Precinct No., II- Gin W G-.11.1 I and children's shoes to go at

WI 1___r all c-_ ..... ... ....., Indisposed on yesterday. to much..i innUl IU Silver' Palm. I I
he nntile 10 attend .r.
ways Precinct No J4 O. L. RargrovDeerfield.
Great A
.ices. line.I
I .
Rt" Grime la imiriMnc; greatly"]
Boggs Precinct No. 11- B. P Uppla-
Baturdajr nUht be .p1t:' lbi best bi<::& I
several weekt. coil. Daala. fit the
for Chance to Children with I II
Attorney it Law Bad colds are prt'nftlt In the cUJ I
it thli wrltlnc and followed by NOTICE I I

Townler BmiMinjMiami.. lurid teTer.Hon.. H. L. Duhart. a very pros 1' I school shoes. Watch for our big !

To all whom It may cote :
I I of th's city left tai
sent young man I I '
P. iliht for Jacktonrlle, where he 11111 Notice Is hereby given t. me iierslgaed circular and remember besides the
OM wrist ...-.rb.r..r spend the balance of the week.Th wm apply to :lie Uonorl I
...... Mtn. .... entertainment ,lren by the dl A. B. He,**,. County Ja1< uf IJnt
sew Aft 0 erect Board of Bethel A. )I. Erharrh County. Florida oa Monday! I b', !Id I great reduction we are giving free
( on Saturday night ra frost lay of October. A. D. 1M J.t \1'0 .
*' *!. FLORIDA I
> the "'i"'. More wu ucee4 court house la Miami at 10 *rlxit im. I ,
Mr. E. B. \nuiama. very renae.. for aa order to sell at yrtic will ". with each of shoes
Dr. James Jackson Jr roung man who 1* a rtaldent! of thIt ,that certain lot or. of lam pair purchaseda i
}, read quit an able paper before lyiag and being la the county of l1.de.

(TO* brier Its$I..*Art BRovs ,of Ulag. Rbenezer Star Chapter M. E. Cpworth Church. Lejn.whic rauow.j tad State of Florida, described! a. fall l 25c bottle Whitmbres shoe i

.s.lctl1aI i bowed: a earful tndy and mac" Southeast quarter (s. .. lU) of thnvthwest .

I u 4 SB1 7 to S p. ai.QR. :p reparation.Lon yon know where Mia! Eliza J.K' ... JOB tweaty-foar quarter(14)(...w.town 1-4)hip of tilt s.c)." polish, either get t edge or French I _-
'. ?
whlt shoes are They ar .
hire (U) south or range fortyonW
B RUSH.Jta.e ''oa her feet. She wean ih!!m. 'Ha:. HI) cast containing forty I ) acre
W. .
:Gloss. Remember the date 15
!1Ia! ha! They are nice aim tbeyh !nor or less tile property of Chat Sept. I
.. > Don't. .. .
uS Itltk.te..t'P1o IT lone May .ee. ,. Mtnal* Isabclliweeaey
I Th revival at the Baptist canrc ..ad Rubella Gtorlana Sweeiy. -4
**sl*.n.:..Kfe M...b w* IIiaIAM1.n.A. !I. stun! IB procre and its Jut gut minor children of D. T. Sweet.

tag laths camp Many aonla are T. decea**<|. Such sari 14 b* I t.
iclaa cooverted to God. b ly a foiamls-lonr to b. IDad.1
i Did yon hear the choir It Bethel
court to provide for the

J. ". f. Mullett. M. DiOwe. ..Tae rch. an Ladles'slag ill .on.Aid,. last To Society know m'jhtT of the lteazer Wel.tur. rest.. tad.malnteaanc' of said minor i ekI1dNil. I W. M. Burdine Miami Florida |

.. .
.t BOOMM S and 4 M. E. church that far an enter Mary 8weear.aardlan ,
rrt-n Sa11dI.R I itameat oa Saturday evening report } oi Charlotte Mays SweenejUlna' '. I
..... U..B*. to IS .. 1 1.I ,. .. snccess. They will" tflrt anotheaaliht. !* Isabel! Sweeney!) sad Isabelle f
R..1d.se.14I,l tb '$r.4. At are Invited to com 'on Cloriana Sweeney, minor child- '. ,
a.d suit thee worthy ladle ea of D. A. Sweeney deceased.Dated t. .4
of Bertie September S. IMM.i -
Auxiliary Dcard No. J,
M. VINCENT ''A. M. J:. Chnreh all.fir an enter. .leymonr &IAtk, :iaoi. 1 I
G. itoment la the belfry of the sale Attorneys for Mary E. i Bweeaey. II
Physician and Surgeon ,birch oa tomorrow night.and Thnolle / I First-Class Horse Shoeing
out aa
: la Invited to come The Breath .f LU
Female Diseases a Specialty ..lit them. 1 I I I 1 And Diseased Hoof See
Rrl.e.cs.-... ova...- in c Mr*. 8. H. Cark-reports..a. Tlnjnjoyed It.. B sigaUcaat fact that the
at r on
KnodcDce 214. 14th SLOl5ce 110m. la Cathford.a pleasant Ga.stay We lost bow troagen{ animal at Its six, the gorfl L. F. LaFontisee, 708 7th |Street
: room 4,6, K. Hatchctt Bid*. 110. pteaaaat It was blth the Bro. I.. also has the largest lung Power I
lark. fuI laags saeaas powerful; creature.
Th endowment day exercise ai low to keep th* breathing organboald -
M. LAW *
DR. E.
b chelfert fudy. Like
Belb.: Charch oa yesterday and law man's fine
.lht were a SOCVCM from every poialt lonsaads of other. Mrs. Ora A. 8'* RITTY BROTHERS
DENTISTArttt r new. Th address by Pi-tad- bean of Port William, O./has lean
Ba.lll pal Thompson the paper hy Miss ROM .J bow to do thla. Sh. writes: "Thr*<
Fiaky ( rows the duet by Miia. Anglia sad i Wiles. of Pr King's NewDllIC01'eIT/ I M.a.a13Trc m S'HOP.
>o worst 'rhororpAtyaswo.eed How. lad the solo by Mr. Merry 'opped'! my tack of.two yrs ...4C1Ire4 Chocolates
.ere extept'ooaJy' no*. W* did aol m* of what my friends thought Agents for the New Era Gas Engines. Gasolene)
With th* ....! ...... Apllm ... .rrlr* la time to hear an. bat those maamptlon. Oh. ICs grand; for throat
that w* did hrar wen all rlcht.W aad lung 'trouble' Guaranteed by and kerosene engine repairing a SPECIALTY
BUTTER learn that a revival 1s la .. o- ,i| JrugtUta. Prlc SOc and tt Trwl I'
FEED .. and General Repair Work
& eta at Lemon City. Th. ssecei.C MUle frM : ,
BST* not been sbW to leant.Rer. I ,-
O...ral Contractor.IMtlnc. ."' J. L. Moore P. 11:. of this! I : SEVENTH STREET ) MIAMI.FLORIDA
Or.dMO strict of the A. M. E.: Church will (
110101 the th'rd quarterly conference [ily Patent Pumplaces Bon Bons -j
w4l Drilled. S4owJk at Bethel Church on Friday.
Everybody l* invited to meet at t

w. C. Maynard, clock> allow tonight anything at the school to tHrow base..o't fOIlotr. I Wind Power ahead I of every 80c per (Ib. Contractors Property!, OwnersIf

should sacrifice somethingr
GRADUATE OPTICIAN this Ton all Important meeting Will line for r&Mo water. No

it* Mnynard Jt Son Jw.lr.Am. JOII? ".. trust you will be ther ::action, (waste water:' or tree can't you help don't you want. if to you save do money come we to

..D ...t .P..t Oaca.tO. It 1 o'clock. fD this tank. handle the best I
We are .t't..rztnc'; our Maple toad I
.,. their chlldr-n to *choo!. Hare
L. MCDONALD tb.m work 4x.fore sad after kchooiid : mD1 on the market. BISCAVlVEDRUG I The J.. McDonald Co.

.. keep them oat of the streets. .

_ .rncTWaW ItaMlvttlasLus a .....", I .errwere.. i lI
JYW'WJfIT 1tOr& FLA. ama. It was aot dare wilfully. Wee I building
buy long leaf
your yellow
accustomed to think of the old And
ellwn:1Moe sad his aot bang! te that COMPANY : pine and cypress of all kinds. We also sell ua.J LJ;:..
W..u.r C. UalAXMOAArOhltoOt. lama ,we over looked It. Pardon. brick ((4 kinds), cement sash doors mouldings """"'"
w., JUreread. whatever else a builder requires at lowest figure.
: If the boys dont bring roar paper SalesJAgents; You know where we. are-14th Street Miami Fla. ;
"' *t notify a* and we w'n see thatey .
brine >t. Listen for tile ....u. j I
! 1210 Are. C XlaaL FlaA.W. Oa Tuesday erealnf. Rev.. Orlme
..It Said. that P.H of the work Mt I{ r .
Graham w.doH by the presiding' elder. All. TeL 3, Cot'|IIi' S, A vt. D' .
mf'mben i are asked si be oat M time.If
Contractor and Builder J'oV frieads to oat or con IB, I II
If't t t a* know tt cal w* will f idly
Satt.factloa'O.srast..d pubU.II same. W* want news.Mr. Miami Business Directory
George R. Holme who )aubefoa
.... -.,.....,......e1 a" saw y- vii ting la Booth CarollBa ...dnt1I.r
., t..l.bd, lead peal sue I pisses returned yesterday to Miami !i MarketT. I 1 .
.. .
call s.d..s.s. r.c\,. 4. Ytu1J'r.I 1'I i
tll. de'ht of his frieads ber* """
Re'!'. R. J. Taylor who baa been .A.Fester. Prop. Th Out of Town Muy.r and the*, within th. city will fin* In the

Emil I A. EhmannArdlitect back.tOlla.w.,. up the la road the city.for a few day U -i j' I list below th* addrs hxl! for of ready Miami r.f Mrohanta_*_ und.rolassifl.d 1

Dr. Adama, a nIT prominent phy'an Home Dressed Beef Pork t L- 'I
.Ic:! and surgeon la Colored Town L ... .../flY 4i co. r S..cRwtM
'. arranging to accommodat patients -C and Poultry.
West Palm Beach Florida I .." .... *- I.. K near a etjr rc.o.a rr.q rraita..* VsrsUbl.e Dealer B Dn :. PaUnc M*>
idlest treatment epec'aHy those I ....*. ToO.( ARMsa.1MT Ststlr a
ttk SUMt. Our. Ave a MlanU n*
..110 reside oat of the city via
Merritt & Kolb 'JIf'1I4 a week or so under (I"alIrf".tll'ut. 1317 19. Ave.j D VllntlC 28 Fancy OrororB. Bay. OratBBM A**... U 1nI.. w'

RC4I' )estate Rentals' ; etc ;or*r'O;gold.w- ring Brooks fh Vt* set th.....u'. the mth' MIAMIt, ojt I MSBM1 rrt9sr II { =eat: Kwatq'SICK- _-..

t CatMc MBMH< If'tter0". Will pay fla-kr. I J. L LUMMUa hhe" i S M4 S
/4... C. rear I2lh St.. MUsal. ru --- m i.Twelfth strwL KUS&L ru.
Dusk In OreesrlM. Oralv
Well -Werth TrrJtIt JOHN C. GRAMLING! Hat sad rwtlUiMU. I f ft WILSON HUDOLCrrON((

The Chapman house W. n Brown th* popular pension' Altos Law It" SOc feDaaiL VtoTH asst &Male sad a-v.... -.t.
.' al'ora., of Plfsflrtd.T... sirs: "Nexta t- tit 1-$ Twettta 11IM MyswL

..air r.W._CMAPMAlt. .......Pier.Ran.I y w. a..ete..i. a pentloa. the best thing'to get Is 'I I Jet all Courts Stale i MAGNOLIA ONOCkllV* CO.
.aw arwwe a7.-1s..4. -. ... Dr Klars New Lf pm.n. .." H* wrles 1 hill practice A. 4. CAMr>WU.Dnlr .
Ti .41. _" .4 ..... ""-L..tkt keen family IB splendid and]Federal i.d I .
tn OOO .
c.-_... 0.. ._" ......... ray t'ITe'or beaJaeh. Cr H. PERRY I DeUen t. Oeoeeel.s. Bart Dry B.ni O.thshi
..vtatw g..v..i..wl. W rtante.A b'al1I.Quick .. Oeaw:Pwsti a
>* Sewell
.. .. .. iUa at J. Office in D-i i dil2''P.
..< .. *rtl.a O l WtHw.D t"'tU'f'- slid bUlousnesa XSc t '
.Uy. n.rn all drn=glrh ocoanui Grove Florida (t. B d J5j' Miami, Florida I .. Lee D a4 tin St. yg1aL rI.I A.AAI .... Ii .faa1. ti

I h I .
I : t


d j I
; of the James Hagar| Donatloa to it. I '

(point of brjlnaiaf. I i I I 1 wi
I Sec. S. That there' shall be 11.14!

SatisfsedWith I'loa the.fourteenth A. U.. 1XX.(1..11)the same day of 1)(01111 VTmber. J J. TATUM & CO.

We Are the second Wedneaiay la Novrmtx I Ilor.
said year, a s pclal election ror .
I' the purpose of anbmjttlac to the dual- I i
laed registered roteraof the city 01
Less Profit than any other MerchantsWe I Miami Dade county] Florida and to
the qoaJfled reflate II voters of tblaaj REAL ESTATE
district of tract of described u.
ask one dollar less Our shoes are in every' ;Section 1. of iMa ordinance the qnei I .
1 ;tins of s briber or:>> aot the bore described .
way equal to those district or tfocl of land aba. i
.. for a pair of shoes of i be annxeed to the (aid city of XI--

same quality. than any costing you a dollarother .ami.That ao person ihall'be'I allowed to< We have two extraordinary Bargains

elsewhereand in vote la laid special election la ibi ,
more city of Miami who 'la not a quallBoregistered
house in Miami, voter of raid city and wbla <
many instances superior ,. not qnallfled h> aJ other reaped, in Building Lots if sold within. t the
either Men Women : under the charier tad ordinance otb 1
,for our entire stockis i city of Miami and ender tb* lav .
,of the Bin!. of rorlJa. next few days.+ Gall
Children's SHOES. on us :quickIf
is made :up-of NEW i That no person hail be aliowe.:
\. I to vole U said special election la the I
FRESH Goods which said district or tract of land deacnbed
I U Section One of this ordinaao

'. This ihould serve as a has not been subjected for who Dad.U not cooaty.a registered Fbrlda.voter and who la sat li )you want to t keep in the swim.

VALUABLE lesson to DOt a resident of Ue said district or
to age, like many others tract of land described Section ODe *
those who wish to l' of this ordinance aad who I* not qual. buy a lot in "Riverside: Call and
where the leather lied la a'i other reapecta under tb
election laws of tb*| State of Floridamayor .
practice true economy Set I. Tbat tie of the aali 4 remits
with COM- becomes 'rotten thr'ghFORT dty of Miami ahau| Wile his prodaraatlooa. see us for and prices ::: :::
coupled flvlac notice of said apecla
Climatic Conditions. election ca.led to be bed la the city;,
and durability. of Miami and la tb, d.atrtct or tract' I
of land described in Section One 01
this ordinance anj the p ace whet

t That Extra Dollar May As Well ?e Yours and la said where apecla tile!of lam election the! shall electors In be the held.'city voting Ihquallfleattona 01. J. ". TATUM & :f(GO.WILLING

Miami and voting In tile apeda. elee .
Correspond low. prices on all our DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, etc. lion In the district Or tract of land de.
; aerlbed la Sec 1 of I tbs: ordinance aDd.
There is not as much profit to the retailer but the dealer who la honest with rou the name of the Inspectors aad.derl i

and himself prefers to sell his merchandise at s modest: price which all cases in. who ar. to eooJuctj the tarn and the
Urn of tile opening and closes o WORK
suns SATISFACTION TO THE BUYER AS WELL AS T0: THE SELLER. file poly which: aald proclam+*Joi /
.' t shin be advertised la a '.. per I
published In th* dty of Miami for i tperiod I a.Q
of 16 days nut preedia<& i I dad ...crtk.. aaear*. tea elks

Goods StoreJ. rack electloa.Sec. i 6li: animal tkafa welt ahoy it ws .a>
Dry 4. That tter, shall lie appointed ,II.
Empire by tb* City;Council of tb. ett1; tb* work yes *aaraara .....d ripen sir

; of Miami two seta! of Inspectors cam- ;j. ". at ....-r.... ta Mead tt rlC .
slating of tare Inspectors aad oa.
desk for each peeing place for sac-] aad of awaflty M ,lltrg.r .... tltl.e

Pro 327 'Twlfth StBACKACHE pedal eUelloa. who shall eoedac -)4 the es.t to awga&.
R. Elliott aid special electloa; and tile aame ,
J of sacs tatpcctori 'aad clerk ot suetpOl1lns J. A. DAMN
place of tuck election ,1JIaI1
b* eerUled to thee mayor of tile elt1 i
of Miami, and said special lectK 40 fJwvwatli 8erIIL.1 I .-.- F4a
shall lie eoadactedaccording to Be
We are Now Ready 19 hurnlslTribune. provision of tile Stat aiectioa law.
Tb names ot the mspectort sit.
clerks who shay }oadact said sloe .
. Spelltod lion shall lie a* follow: W. J. Brown
To serve at the poTt ta tile dty of
\ other Miami: Inspectors.;A. J. Kolb.>> C. AMaaa. ..
O. D. Broader. Cerk. 4. MBardla
,. 1 \ *. I!
snags of To serve at the! poll la tile tali Sanitary
"I 1 wrote you for advice, writes leila Hagood Bicycles tract or district of land described liSeUoa

of Sylvia,Tenn., "about my terrible backache and One ot this ordinance:
Inspectors Emmett: Howard" ChstHeallngton. Plumber
:, monthly pains in my abdomen and shoulders. I C. F.| Youngx. C-erk.

had suffered this nine and five doctors f. O. Honser.
way years f Polls snar bo oJlf'llI fat f o'clock a.
had failed to relieve me. On your advice I aook m. sad dOle at tuadowa.Tbe .
Phone 216
ballot to be nest: la saU election -
Wine of Cartful which at once relieved pains -
my shall be prepared by tile city
and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that "... council of the city of Miami and aha I. 1019 Avr. D. Miami
L.!. be la the following form too..t"or .
.: Cardul saved my life." Against ....DentJoD.T1Iat .*
I cycle Immediately after tbe closing Wm. d1sbii
The and other
.. ot the polls the Inspectors and e.erkat
It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female good? are the bes! stan- each polling plato thai' proceedto :

diseases, such as peri- dard goods on the njiarket count the vote cast la said election West FloridaNEADOiJARTIRI
and shall prepare dup lcate lists Key
odical pains IrregularlnD stewing the votes cast "For Annexa .FOR
.... m a Mwrwtaryl--. tlarttord Fires
and other tion" and "Against Annexation. and
ty,dragging down sensations -ftw .u..a.1.-P'-a.1!" Ewa .-....-... shall certify to the correctness of the
Coaster!Brakes .fitted to old Ship Chandlery Building
headache, dizziness &- tame. One of said certified 1I'.aderteauhaU .
_1_ J1J wheels. An work'guaranteed be handed by one of tbe Inspectors
backache, etc. | to the e.erk of the city of Mlim Materials Of AH Kinds.
Best new I for real and tbe other certified Hat aia.
wheels tader seal sha be 'handed to the Coat and Ice, Steam mania Railway. Macklia 81&.P......
At ETUJ Drag Store In $1.00 bottles. Try lt. 231 12tH lue From President of the City Council of tile j j11
that the Uvipectort
City of Miami provided
ant clerk In each polling \ kind.ul rcpainajf. Boiler|and Steam Fitting caa'' o* doa at tLhortr.t
Carroll & [lark place appointed to conduct sues *tee once ia the brat r<" .lb''le manner bv expert skilled taeeaaaH
WINE ton may require each elector offeringto
CARDUI I I vote at either of acid polling placet
_. -- to furnish proof that '-ucb elector poateahea -I
OF : I IA" the requisite qua IBcatloa to I Dr.Burnham
ORU1 ;
!' ACE. | sartlclpa. la said election a* herein

___ ______. ________ __u I lefintd.
Aa orllpanee declaring1 the Inteatkra Thai on the first Monday after said
i ipecla: election or aa coon tac rear
of ti4 city of Miami.1 Dade county er aa pry a.tcable, tb. said council of
Florida, to annex a certain tract ,, be city ot Miami aaa.i eoave&e aaJ
ot land herefi described ko the saM ball proceed to caavaaa the votes Surgeon and Specialist

Fort Dallas Land city of Miami, at tbe expiration oltklrty cut la tack election aad If it shall

Company days from the aaopiioa! hereof; appear.- baa that been tbe carried ba.lotFor by a AaaexaJoa. major-- ,

fi providing wrmlaatloa jtor of ta toci election aaaexaUoa{for tae dad de- ty ot participating two-third. of ta the such electors etocuon actlaly All Suffer r" who; cannot find Relief elsewhere ; -

prescribing the naaaer ot boidiaz kea tee said city council of the city *
the RIll" of Miami thai at ha'Dest regular should consult Dr. Burnham in the
i B* It ordalaej by tb* c.L) Coaaell neetiag tberfter proceed to dfla
Has on its Lists of tbe dty of Miami: b* city limit of the city of Miami
Ssome section J. Tbat the city of Miami .* determined by mid electioa.Sec. T-
Dad coat!. Florida hereby declare everk dt
t. That .be of the } t
Ha lateaUoa to aaaex I. ta* said city or Miami ahaj open the offldal resin Metropolis![ Bofldlni Dp-Stdrs. Kami Florida.
,of Miami Lad asks the tame a part ratios book ot the said city ot Mtml -
attrartire sites of caw city tb* following described
particularly oa the sm.day ot October A. D. .
of land aliaal -- -
tract piece or parcel of -"T
MC. (or DIe parpoM registering
both residence and business parpones. lying sad being ta tb* coaaty of Dad a1J persoaa desiring to participate ta
Marble & Stone Co.
sad State Florida, coaUgvoea toIB ail election possessing tile qnalifca- Southern
e preseat territorial limit of tie
: An investment in Miami realestate dON entitling then i, to reglatraUoaad ,
said city \pf Miami add costafatagmot. IlIaD keep U MId registration 4 .. HOOAN .TA[ r.4ACKSONYla..af|
returns tea reri.tere4 got r. to- woks for a period of JO days fort HeMctu&rw for
is safe; sore of quick wit: | I ICommeadng Open
I least two hours of each day from
at the northeast corar Building Stone Marble etc.
Oe boar of 10 a. .. to the boar ot *
of tbe James Hagaa Uoaailoatad
U m.. that la the proclamatioa '*-
raaalag west to tb. middle of .ned by tile mayor of the city of Mimi MOSAIC AND TILE WORK
ibence the
Blaeaya Bay along atter notice ot file opening of the re*'
JOHN B. RCILLY J. INGRAHAM. !la* of tb* Hid S1.e.,.. Bay to '
rtratioa book shall be given.See. rOR FLOORS. BATH ROOMS. MAN r.us. ETC.Mawsmcata .
a point wbere lbs line tormlag ta*
oril line of section I iTblrty-One, (. That tha poling pace la Gcacral Ccmctcni Wari. etc.
Agent ForDaUas Land VIce-President Dallas .aid special electloa|I for the elector
rbwaablp(Flfty-Tbre, aooHb of Rang ottng la the city of: Miami thai lieat r.._ ....... O_sc.11.d ,-i",. I... ra.et... r-,. s., tcs1
and of
rtuly-Two Bectkra Tnirty-
Company Miami Florida. Land Co., St Augustine Miami
Six. tow$aalp nny-Tbree aoutk at the city ban of tote city of .--- --'-
Rang Forty-One east produced easerly .aj tile poling; place!of such election
tor the lector voting la ine district Ill KYB ON HIS BATHTUB _
Intersect tb* said center line
of the cald m-,.. Bay; theses wet or tract of land described la section I Is what the wine man should always
host tbcfaortk boundary 1... of See- 0.* ot this ordlaaae aball be Me- a", Not only bit batbtab. but oa
,Dade Co. Title Insuranceand Thirty-One.. Townsal nn-III,," !rlmmoa' Mill, located within safe every bit of plum bin* oa his premises
south of [Range' Forty-Two east and .Istrtct. That tile said proc amatioat I ; for two food rea.ons4) Because -
Becdoa Tblrty- lz. Towasklp, fVty- tb* mayor of the said diy of Miami ''I leaky pipe aad woraoot
Trust Company Three aontb of Range Forty-One east ban coatala notice, of sack pouinsjw joints Rican typboij aad other ills.I. .
to tb* northwest corner of Sectioa *. I pipe lead to and from tb* sewer.tbe t
OP MIAMI.FLORIDA INCORPORATED TbJrt-SIs. Township nny-Tbree 1 Passed tals llth day ot September. : latter only when eel of order.
j south off Rang Forty-One Bast; A. D. WC, Baaoa aecoad- Tpalrlac a smart } _
Paid Up Capital 75000. Surplus..$12,000 ibeac tsoatk along the west boundary I''' (Seal) r. H. Wbartoa leak generally saves the large bin.
line of Sectioa Thirty-Six. Township I President of City CouadL Expert plumbing oa bob new aDd
'Iaare la.4 title. prepare abstract of title*.lotoa sd Fifty-Three south of Raag Fortr_ AUnt: M. R. Kellum old work. Our plumbing "lasts.
sweat. ato.e7 its owa&CiCIMIat aid for other Actaaaareat. : NIt to tb* northwest corner of tb* I I City, Clerk. And oar prcea are LOW for the
._ attoracy-te-fact. trutee, aaairaec, execit e. rs.elver lamea Hagaa Donation, thence east Approved this litk day of Sepum- EXTRA FINS WORK WE:,[ DO. h-
or yaardiaa. Address an commaaicattoaa to song' the north boundary lla of ib* Mr. ltoC.I ..
of tb city of Miami tile John Se-'l. H. -
Sty Umlta -
V. L. feed .n J Trw*. Mlmi.l'loridt'.<< game; b !ag the north boundary lla 'I I Mayor.t Sll AVENUt D -r




t I

-"":'. ,
I '
rw I ..... PAnal-
ABI [10)41. :, ,-.-
i !.,.***, .,, I -

s Grand Six Day Sale !,,. .B'tg'fS Day' >. ,

,- .-
< ,

s Burdine 6 Quarterman Price
i :, Cut: 0

+ k ______ _
F '._ '1' ; I .
i if
-/* : fIt : ... -...... '., I
read this sale By ..
will pay you to over carefully. com par- .. .s'j '
ing-prices: you can;readily:see your.chance\ to save a few dol- "I 'J z-:. ,, ,":,':.
lars.: Our buyer goes to market October first and bargains' .'
is to make room for new goods. Come in and >ee I

-.-.Beginnin Monday, 17 1 : i SALE t t.'.:

and Continuing. ..;Through! The. Wee i I, "" .: : .of. .. tfjr.

.. .., < 'I N@ DN ; J Ii
f f I
:\White Goods i Dress, Goods_ I : \, i -4fur ; t t i&j .t ,fi

,Madras Madras, 25 35'and-and'40c 30c value T Iue....,...\:20e;:; ;'.-.."V, ,,35' per ct.1(reduction I +j : ."i '" "J'. "', ..,..... ""<." .. -. ,.1 .. .: ; ..... : 't: .

Dot Swiss,35c value ...' ..25c.. '.Heaijett4a,Serges,'Cashmeres,iPa.namas ,, .... ...... '. ,. ,..
.dEmbroidered '
Swiss, 60c value:.40c ,...Eoliens, Ladies' Cloths: in i "- t 1'V ,.11 7' 1""v
cJ Check Nainsook, lOc value....08c all colon and Black T and White / ... '
1 1Gol. I p
Check Nainsook. 15c value..1OcC I i. 'I- 1fI"d' t I I f
.Nainsook; 15c valqe...18c t I I' Ew:; J' oj' ,1 4 l.l.' \ ". '------
"f Burkley long cloth U-I-2c.nl..1Ck" : Cambrics f ( ij' I'I'. '
_I__ _ ..ii. _.. S eweJ ft' rr Q.>"s
Full 36 In.wide,twenty five pieces : 'I 1
v U; -'Eihens; to go at per yard.l.( ......12 '-2c I > .- : .

10-4 dress linen, 1.35 yalue..r.90c 100. pieces. calico,: this sale...1'5ci r 'j
'36'Inch.dress linen, ?5c VaL.55c: J I : 1- -
36 inch dress linen,60c vat ...*45c i r J t j r : : ;t'
EmbroideriesThis I I
Glasgow.1-],linen, 25c vaL *.17c
Glasgow12p Unen, 29c vaL,...L4cTable I of Shoes
: line as usual the most com- ,
Linens plete li1 the city,will be sold at one- i i

... .... third off the regulac price. It ill I, \ r
35c quality .. .25c pay you to call end-see the display Hats and Clot ingbeiog
q 50 and'60c quality ... .. ... 40c have, whether buy or]not I
we you
75c quality......... ..... ....50cL25 t I
,quality......:..........90c I
LW quality, ..... .......... 1.10 ; I closed at N. Y. cost
{ 2.piece. half bleached, 60c val..45c Laces"
i I
In French and German vals, Veni-
v Infant's Wear j
dans, TorchoOven, etc.
Long and short dresses, long and Line is offered at sacrifice prices I
short skirts, socks, caps, kimonas.

v 'Hosiery Towels. j. I

'Ml of our, ladles fine hosiery at r I! 15 Per CentReduction
' 25 per cent'reduction. Misses and ;25 dozen linen towels with or without -
boys school stockings. several odd ; fringe, full size,t35c vaL 22--2c .
lots to clean up, 12 l-2c, 1 oc-- \ I IShirtwaists1 II
IScand 20c ones at.-.... K !
i I I
Ribbons I

' $250 worth to be offered in lots at One lot'' fine. lingerie waists to goadiesMisses 1

i .10c,15! cents_ 20,cents and 25.cents ....'t-t baIp ce ; 'j .
trr .
; given;; on other goods. Now isj your time to buy
ChUdrens .
{ and: Hats to "
; /
: : and save money. We can sage you from,I 25 to
50 cents on each dollar you wish to spend.Come '
half j
.gpattblS'' sale for price
jTi : i I II

Our entire line of trimmed hats for ladies, misses and children will go on
sale at exactly half price. Our stock of ladies caps knd misses
sailors will.... >e included. in this sale\ j
o cr.: -r...;.. .
and SEE fo Yourself.
y 1't, i j' _
Remember this sale will begin Monday, the 17th r :

-and continue through the week. .

.. = > i
I r
'I. I ;: '
-' JonnSewell & Bro
::- !-&QuartermanJMlaIbL_ : .'Floriday :, I .".

.. .'..' .. I I' i; -II I ,... .--- t ,"

10''. t,. .... ........ -- ... .. .... .. ...
; l' t '" .;o. t .. .. ...,. ,.. ",",". JJ. .. T -.- ._

LXL,"-'..,....1.::n.::.......s.':.!, '' r.. .- 3YM-

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: September 17, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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oclc - 34299190
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I 1



TOLUXX 3, HUMBER 241 MIAMI, FLOB1 )A, MOB- 17 AY. ,, ,

rAa-tertising Campaign-The Time is Now Opportune

Begin The' New Week With Your Fall and I [




SOVEREIGN GRAND Press of (list {Thursday Has to Say cf ITS Z7STH ANNIVERSARY \
) LODGE u 0. 0. r. What Dtriingtt n Se Forth In A Statement

line of Florida East' Samew.. June*>!1&P& .and, Judge Wm. 1 Boston Sept. 17- The two hundr of Bo- .
Toronto Ont.. Sept. 17 -:The ltd I tad seventy-sixth anniversary From Insurgent Junta
a aaaual eommun'catloa! of the Soverelga 13ri4a1 I Ii toe U being observed ben today
Hill \\n party

Order of Odd Fellows opened here tc .. Saturday afternoon at the home olHr. C

day. The attendance Is very larva as ---i-- ) and !ir.. J. A. Dana, corner otmeau.
'' members of the Soveretn bf. B and nth street a aumbeif
; besides the
/I 11 Grand Lodje several thousand members ,'\ > little friends gathered to with that I P !A ILLEGALLY ELECTED

5vY uf the order from all parts ot Seldom has there occurred la Dar- IQBiofar attired la an Imported lice: laughter. Little Miss Edith than

ENTAILS LOSS the fnl-Kl States and Canada have Ilngtoa a prettier ddlax or one ('a it HMD, 'walch was charmingly draped ot nail happy return of her' birth I pink chiffon taffeta. totiffa _
4neaU -
come here to stand the communication. t oven Tames were indulged la mad r ln
The eommualcaUoa proper a ill attracted more wl espreadthaa 1a1lP handsome lace and a h'lth! pink girdle served. A ride on the irol-
k place at Trli> ronl fed this e aborate cbsta...r. .
that which to >
begin this evemlns and will cott'nuesix ey car was d-Klareil. one of toe its I
1' days An elaborate program has Ity Methodist chare last night whi>n I IX. Mrs' Haat carried a beautiful sou- Hijoyable features of 'be af el1l00a. Dsjirpti Functions of Government;

i. been prepared' for toe entertalnmen ... Lena Richards m Rogers of ills fftl8C.,'<
.. Allegations Made by Colonial I, of the delegates aDd visitors aad their city, and Mr.' Robert Erie Hall {gas I" wlti white mel.... this yC a Dumber of beauuful birndjufaeaU. > I Luulled Election Llberala;Threw
Tlo happy
happily I1larrl ma d of honor OB and cue or wa.ai '
ladies. Miami.tays 'ne.. were each every
of Hew York Petition-, rr was handsomely strayed 1.I ,. torn Office Liberal Judges and
Trust Co. I the Darlinctoi 8. C.. Press occasion he appreciates hlgfcly. Tho presou II
I of white blonde the +Krt of
gowa and launt itta4sor
.en-Suit Instituted In Federal A BATTLE REPORTEDIN SANTIAGO PROVINCE last Prompt Thursday.at S o clock Miss UarieBristow I II wake* wfcs telaboralel. orlmaied IB were Edith% 87 Dana.Ml Comer.Mania Mar. LAO I avid Not Grant Justice

I I, of this place+ who so gracefully white satin ribbon. A hand made tad Sue Pitebford. Robert Oaatier :

'.Court at Jacksonville Havana Sept. 17 -WOrd has been": presided at tie organ, sounded: boteSB-'Btwd together velvet narrow Uric Osborne Clyde Jeralgaa. .Ainu -

received here that a battle between 'the flrst note of Mhlngren's wedd'M! baads Of white paane win a L'hrutenaon Alne Cooler. KJIBBJ:

t .v. hundred rebels and rural ItIIII'dI'' mirth and the bridal patty began to d.r> girdle Bade a ovely ,fret t. asMI Ban, Catherine Btrtrak. Hannah Clemma
t carrie a beautiful 1 of pink e. Tork. Sept. 17 -The rITOI.-
The a a- JJeIctr"r.lra..I.
occurred st Lamareo, Oaatlago Province ,enter: the lovely church. with and Samuel
la la the : rosso .and ferns tied ,I pink m;e- I )(r.. has sued lis -
today. The result Is nottatiw. ers, fcx IB nnmbei came i. Dana. loss Emma Utrtman. tk> sty junta here proicriu
restrain! the .rida East .. .. 1 1Tho' '
'SuIt to
.. .00lowtq order': ." ttf tReid slid tasteful 3. W. Jeralgaa aad Mn. "sloraessisted gi.ing the insarzeala'i reasoastos

Canal .railway frasa'deyiag u* orders Robert At Rogers, jf DarilBgtoa.dowa' decorations were off here sadlesntltal la entertaining the hit taking ap arms against the; Caingorerameai.
white and pink set
of the Railroad Coam'salon olor.da AMERICAN MARINES the right and Jeft kls'es respectively. and oiks.Vests.. ....
there With lovely pot plants aa ,
nut PLANTATION BetheC irUagton and aad;
ecect that -abe I SAVED A. 'J.
I Mtie. : the wow brder eras... The pre'ty Anreafwas llshtred : principal chaige is that Pr'.sld -
Mam at
%e thri.ee52s'psr \ J. Oakea o') Union Change
Lam 7abeagrrL&rsPhan'coapedlag the es I Boston. Sept. IT- A\private telegram I sal B. 'CDV iBls. of DarttagW wiU plat Band rs whlrh P" a Mr. C. C. Asten. day assistant tel < at Palma obtaiaed his ejee.loBi

LEI: Jto4 H Cocoa* today, from St_ F,' Atlfna.CUB- 'and'Judge WlIMa|Stuart HU1 talon, pie....,. .aact Charming effect to the graph operator of the 'oeal Wesien hfuagk fraud and lat'midafioBt that

Cat I8eat of.a"pgsaq vaaager of the Soledad Sugar Estate amI. down the s>a Ik aisle.'Ne; i rbsle Ttoene. L'nioa Telegraph once, has resized 14 has usurped the fnactnus of the
JaaUtkMn) fMerJaySB IB 1 bridal
BroTS: was the party
Catted States 4 rctttt court .> says that the conditions in Sara the-'pre'ty little 1ng" bearerflttle'MCst i l Attar the mary see friends were eanrtaJavtf tls pus tlon Be sanw to take effedn ,; ernmeat sad aaa ned 'Withowtrraat
hsr Cowpany'of New C'ara province are desperate.He Ellen Hi it, followed by M: aad. few Intimate > the tOth. oa wa'eh date he win *.- w of law the etecoom of the-I ks -
Colonial Trust : iarormal dell.-!
The the of honor Mrs. Reid Jad lib at SB of the Miami Transfer ; them wlthi officials
Alexander St.ClalrAb..lIIS says the sugar factory on aia-roa er the employ dlsp aclnc
-York. through Major Ca. Thea he tnl l jeoepf op at the home F' the pal will be sac
saved from destruction Hunt of Barnesri le. company Mr. Aitea his ova party: that Be remoyed
connsel lor The cowPlaiaait estate was '
ss Tmes-Cnloa: of by Insurgents only by the marines: pretty bride accon raned! by her Sister. .r: skU .flk. "rid" Mr'; ae Mrs. ..W.Jt
says tt. from' the gunboat Ka- etU. All Miss, Neva, locers.Tihe .towiy ," KoKors. a little way la t he' country R'ork who comes well recommended t according to his .etaUOD&,

Sat.rda1. la 'ehsaeenr- (t of ii'aslal ." 'ransponatlon In Sontnern Cabs haseea I'maid of honor', entred the mam a's' e Tai large number of eo.' y, useful. is SB expert manipulator of the key.Orin a t 1 Deeanse tae Liberals save mao
action dial Mr. eIMr'.1.Hal1
t TU and the interior towasire end met the jroon with hi* heat IB rnspeaded -
to peopi. : '..
Interest eipedajlr Miami] received .et (
the somewhat; 'aaasjaHal without .upl ties. Suffer ns Is Mr.' W. James RoBgers.' of al Halalla left SatnrUy a .).
rda.'a..a: Orb
at fetaoMtratloa ot their pnpaisrttr and TimesLi
was feri tie
The eeremoay la
chancel. today
.lafh 1s
ihe It reported
attracted to Ihrtsttnel. '
of the suit has Miss., where the]
object for Meridian.
la legal clrCMS. formed by Rrr. J. C. Roper, the pas. I'1 the real reason for action ftyLI
It considerable atteatioa Mr Hall Is one I rltnuton'sa'llrb rUt spend the next rear atteadiaiichool.
f Will sad .AI Fry have gone to the or, who used the *utiral Hat serf. President Cuban Butters >amplslat .
the lemony Miss Br atow. \ most I Brtt'sh Emb -
tla'CQlouJ&1 Trust 'enaie to become engineers on exiles te. During < through the
stated above x Is niTer *>
sad -
; As towea; dSBFhtecs shat -
ind delicate thePettem
with deft done -o
boats. a regarding
Sa. *. lion ssy
of New York OG Mtetmtarafll .
Company brow t I,,.....,... famished sole sw >et masts and play -ftopalar aid fc'caiy Railway of Cuba which Is
he aetlofttUsualaat I -- -- -- -
yUlaaaC and rMpoadaati: ----- I.d Mendelssohn's arch as the psni. recently rive rrrrd as prime f. W. ALEXANDER .il e property or Br.tUh. cap>UHsts.o .
as I
following theMiami'
the ;-t.-oat. o! I trtttttrj to' President D.of
RaUwajJeffersoa ,.
1 The r orida East Coast A COMMISSARY bride "war ia tndivlduitpfhaaumade >h\Car J aa Ualversrtyi Mr.Hall
B. Br 'ne. A. Hudson of ednca'toa la
ut oapeftateBdent
sad Jobs M. Morgan as the of ral.roieomm no princess, Inca 10-; erepe-clech..Ireta. 'The aer Date s .ooatv. ....d.. 1 and is .sweat :GEORGIA( DEfAULTER I OCCURS- IN ;HAVANA

stoners of the Slat iriSLANDCITYWfll work attested to skit! of tile war.gt of Uh:. Halt Brokerage Company at ITA. InttlOIIIoa
W. H. Ellis;: as aUoraey SCMraJ I cultured high tOll.1I'sM Havana Sept.
Ida: O. HarttldijBenjamia .s.t was lea tal fa design Laud' Mlabl. H* is a re this morning wrecked 'two brick
and against Auenttus I eytnoess{, erect awpa'ar' fagtlnnna, whose. sncces. aDd
sad .1011'' C. workmanship, ee. - -'I iTnmn kiTed six persons
B. Calhona.. sutured?
whirl tH'4Qlt'ade la life Is alr-aly
tucks 1
IIn.d by tiny .
1 1Oveir others.No
4l1.OBea'fat was ended n.aay
IJoIIHo''II.. SlatrV '-- Mrs Hall wall leave today -
panel :)lr. avid '
drcuiu. !to !! of la tile draped Pittlbul'I-Ia Charge det,!ts are vet at baad and a.
tuiicUt in
brMsl toW
respective I froDt. TIle lore fall train eased I" for tn tour I Captured Is being made. The
t rrljrat on
IgV.What CemplaMtant SstM be Big Affair and (.Intended tucks of which III sleeves were trade hDRtoa New 'Tork and other With Beating Augusta Banks on : nloa Is believed to have been
of the bin are tbu lace m da'- porn sfter. which: they will re tars
The objects I and ID the soft f d. were t e week .X lacflral'arles. n..
hr' efly and ceadae'y set forth bbe to Supply Commissaries Alone 11011. set I. tiny sunburst ttleh4 A.to their horn.la Mlsinl. 'They carrv Worthless Checks Alexander lldlogs caught fire immediately fol-
comp.alcaafa coansel la the ca pilot : I 'lace bolero aa'. this Weal with th"tn the wet w shes of a the oskm.
I exp
} "A bill to declare unreasonable aD4 Lower End of Railroad Extension ,:o"a. Her no ra were ID WNldlD'1. ,hosr of friends In Ttorllagtnn. Amount is ExaceratedPlttsburg. wing I.IIt..1'n. Investfpstloa reveals
eertala rates pnjacbed '*, of' sad Among: the out of town gnests' besides Sara ex-
s Just effect brides roses I L alcohol stored' la the building
the railroad commission of the State Work.On Caught with apr ma cat 111I's those mentioned above were loded. The force of the: explosto

.t Florida tor paasenger fares: to d'elaro .-. ,,'Ie, the ever aural bridal veil Prts'dent Benjamin Sloan o!- South to the belief that dynamite had
ee. I and Mr.. and
aad I Carolina ralvers'ty.
BareasoaalJ all. .
fell over used deliberately.118AN
tala orders of the railroad commlOB esU...-. ne matron honor sass handThe Mr*. P. A. Miller of Bennetsvir*. Sept. 17- Thomas W. I

of the State of Fonda to \ here last
the ..me Mr.' J. E.Lummus. r. islander was
declare October P
to I or about
Cab agencies: fronLnzusta. SUSPENDS-
\ light' ss a fnx'tlve from Justice HAVE BEEN
UMBK property without Just compel of the- proprietor of the located Lummis.extension :atI Transfer Company Preparing Ga. It la alleged be is t i -
atioa: to eajota the commissaries extent of fZOO.OOC 17 The departre -
lefanlter to the Washington Sept. -
orders: to enjoin UwroeeeultoB .1 I'I various points a on* the route ,f the
said rates aid Immense sitar Seeary -
to Augusta vo Taft and Aetna
SeasonI .md will retunrn of Secretary
of aad tnfJctlng Ra'lwttor of !Baon F. B. C. Railway extension,treat will,. : For[ an Tourist ly "with aa officer BOW coming rot Bacon tor Havana .has had the
East Coast tar warehouse la Key
the Florida .open a :e hostllltleo la
of eomptalali: t1I'Ut of supplies lorI I iloi. feet of suspending
the protocdoB ,the same to be a base with s* arrtev laarana
for" lajunetloail !I that end i< rte Alexander, who is charged aha. By the time they
snd commissaries OB
company; the banks In
several the iD.unte"r
ura<, money from both rtartlrs to
relief.-' I|work. \ .1] y.1 worthievs securities, oe- ctloa will be prepared to confer I
general ground of action Is tllat The commlsiary will be located IDa tenilvely In automobile hire, the today tuvolve i of ,
The and UJtHtabllshment I I i team Ilami T reefer Coml''D.I. lared: 'that the amount I'll them ss to roe restoration '. '
.--,110, orders, both as to rates mareboose' on the Mallory a tends to 40 bul ea. the coming rea- eral cars already osne4being, sag I. much lees 'tnsn reported. He said ace and the psrmsnersuspension
: of agencies Is coitratto ,fhlp: L De dock, and will occupy .bora' scale than :aoented: by peverai ihcsscars "s-cnrltles sunclent to
s behind 1I000t1'lUn.
of I I.., Celt'tatea ISO A ten thousand spa 01 a more .'. II. left
tile conttltBtlon .,. space IS by before'. ant 0 lb s end I. rowpreparla win be operate -nt t sr'y cover the aeillal shortage. lied [American Charge de \ffatrs Sleeper
the 8t oTlorlda. earneii.Mr. ever t
w'll be
that stock
had to I i do lar II ; tt. ru lab aDd eqm I" men and let out at rates Inclined to say n
la that It U M eetnpeuea'oIs UJ proper". ., '. Lummus stated this will tai nf; I Ia elegant olllre la the. basement the e'ther/ by the hour or tllf' his attorneys If AaltU.tLMAKING resident Palma Is not directing he
.. :-.nout Just aadlae that the new rxroT.iuirv Halcyon Ha'l' e1. tie eo army The Wlnrr-l' I Trsnrfer ; Is ono of pens. rn of hotti'tles against the
-- Losing Monty I of the sub-corn u t-les' t'oray flier I I natl!uo It 1* nccntfc
.. Pine Key baring )Pared I .oata east t MI iml' strongest A BIQ ,bcU except where
The W'U which Is complete In ere, : treat ss far north.'h"Af'T8 Big: will fur 1 room. The om e will b. ODe the tlons. being capitalized $SOOi10.0oand STRAGETlC WAR MAP or s.. f d..f...... The secretaries

-"eta ,nad to. which an lades ai. wb Ie the one op- Key Heretofore best eqe peed I tile city.huT. laving: Miami aiea au the !'Iftt \ rttt reach Ta"'.... na. atj 11 o'clock
son-h to l.tif
make It possible iyefer atsa those alotkhoiact'. WI''tI'It \ m""<": 11 1,11'o1ttd eirbnrt an file cru.serMotrt.g. :
bees added to r.mDII".aartn hive JUDie, eDeral mlUla I' of and principal anhlagton., D. C.. Sep I '
of the
particular con ali dial It would impels Me from vsrtM miltary : whhh will reach there
iastantiy to any supplied '."n M'smi, hat ss tile mpaayata II this montln this concern e -Reports received I ces
.,...t or averment occupies with tlixhMta. been mutt of the ex _nrn.1 eantmcilJa: the company wI have here tt I sea. to handj the wiatr i or'at;, trsre sources tb'e year show Hat ins Ml sa hour eart.r.

%%1 typewr'JU pag..>s. ifives .u ll.ua '.btlower more sad It"l' stock than everbefore. In '11. eltv. "Pie cnmpa iv It prepar-. tantlal progress Is being madeIllt !
:"history. of the .[work 1s now cetnn | toe haod'e. The winter tourist trav- thero ">>* lvollltary Carol
< Has
a complete sod r.r the site It kis been tit will coma from N IrlraFa' tag to .hat Is known as Storm In
tpadact rafwar.tompmay. togcth*l',,I a convenience aid oilier pintsThrr will el aere. The company II tiow: premoit map of the country.' II u. I | The Metropo s press wrrlce wasaterfered
bo"t> .
ot the rev e- found eerasary ss. eeommndats 1"lol.le the army for while this slier
to made by 'tll a
eoM ae uniiBary mitt 0.11"' omithsse t arsr compilation
.lth a and neoess!!v to ) Ke.ta alllo be added number a big I
BUS from tie passenger departmeniaiaaced and lit ebieles aU new sod baz.-a than it baa tver done be- jneeTS.' and Is Intended i "'" t'.oIYto noon. An Inquiry of Jacasouvl.tea
against the cost ot. .peratnJbe base of swoptee.The ; enront anl Mr. J oft s he late and moat fer-. and when the 8101a .rrlYeD provide an accurate nut 1't011.4ilia" to the trouble by Manager McUonild -

,a passenger t ain < ...- < a Lommns- stock leaves is now fir Key-'?West thisweek 1'nd iesfg.A. .,f ::r.I. will be prepared to meal any' emertency 'ot strategic valne of the. ,cutirsonntry. brought the Informadon that a-
with the *xceion windstorm was prevailng
in U averred that like ripening of wilt am Wt arses. considerable
superintend ; 1- The eornp&D
the road au, b and effecting: the
of the year 1fOL' wr supply BaseTelephone For a time It was ooas4.-sJ !7 In the Carol ass
mmla". i
ta far as Ue strtc-:the new shoMt.1 b< that point.B .
keen losing nce some officers that the :Bait *errlce to
department U concerns sad that ab. fmnatton -
passenger ROBBERIES O made In secret'
The complaining company aegotiale line which the P. of the work should I m "111"1.lIat P. W. Tonight
of:the bonds of U* rajwsy The .telephone Company lad beea tt has now come to be prrty: wtlknown The Board of Pablo Works win

4to.taniaI and as austee'and i 1feoer E. C. Railway that suck a map is in t'lt"u. meet tonight at the City Council

compa: and tho operations
this city :
f. protoet nsel from all poi erecting between at Knights aDd long Ke>. THFS A t-RY ON STEAMSHIPNEW of preparation especially as ail thi chamber and there la every Indication
utblo loss, brtnga' thus suit.Z completed aad eommunksUoas commanding generals ot'tv.tur-nf'j that the as-. of the munlclpat

HkMB 'y of the Read has keen had between tiM chiefrngtneetrs aDd divisions have reliTvd to I lie bonds, which has been sangltg flrefor
road and iU are BOW sad reported the adftno'mO'!'> the last month will be made.
cl the office here sad the headquarters YO'RKI matter
J A Joa,1ataWJ'Is given and stress I. of assistants la the keys DEAD made. The maps are In sectiai. of. Chairman )lcKID_, who has been
development three four
til or
.t wl.I be copied cruse the past
fact UnA VM Installation of this service is a course sad off on a
laid BPtB The beetles o&ag to return tots afternoon -
headquarters expected
to charge a passei convenience as hertofore all at various dan
trst empowered .. tnt great I IB Washington. It wit he In time to be present at tae
of 1v. cent n ms sal or communications had to : kept
rate .. messages to tell of the cStn.-tT the f I meeting.Prepsring.
the revised law was pea or carried dowa by posy ble
when be brought up I
:;;raeI' diatlacUy stated tberei: York. Sept 17rThe American country, even to the toMikm ot -
04, It was steamer. iBaatimore 17- n
prevloas.y granted shoal I _- Uner. New York reached her pier barns, buildings etc. together Royal' PalmAs
that righ-s! r Elliott, preside! of the Atisnuc with passengers under i the state of The roadss sad 'ha rnrr>fer ev deuce tat the neaaoa U sooe
restrict""d. Additional hifer.natieesCaptain I II' yesterday many ]
be No i
.ct Mil into details regard Cook agent here of the Lea. Railway d at Aatkla s Tenn suspicion. 1 I of the ne'fs. so far as it renteo to bot on a force of workmen were.
The goes of the road of Atlanta, Ga.. m'htarv occupstHm. It H "'1f II stared Ib'. morning cteaataT. up th
tag the different vlsloBS ileuM schooner L'ne. said this morn1 Near York: y. I J. 8. B. Thompson
Word. ... ot the Southern Railway of France that Germane *s nnderstood boners tainacts jnd et OrmoadUke general agent s
any map
and tho spurs. at tag that be was affable give President EI' t bad been i faUing geaeralceaaUg
irvalIkewlse. A
the reasons for the additional Information about reported that he jihad bees roc to possess. The Royal Palm
wte, glTla other or beahk ; ; Umme and t toWstkln'i Information 0Germa. and renovation of the MK
construe a thousand Oat- have similar
made Ike reason of schooner Jsej.b P. Cooper. whkhIs bed of his watch and B ; up
charges and ether matters of Banmal Istrrest. ', the at Nassau. N. P.. with her sails Oka. about a month go for tars la money and later J. Carroll .'. house will also boo commenced st one

tics fo'lowiBf with a eomparisoj,I carried away, though It is probable the beaeSt of the same. I was Paine of the same city, reported the I Prohab y the Idea wss ad tbirg.ty.meat
'et't the r.t .. *. ete, tt o'bn the vessel win ho towed to Key,Westland about My1 yearn of age. loss of lUG la cash. No arrests' wen Europeans, to the end that 'in | la December
'tlM be prenere.l -
aad through I freight win mode. I mts9it
meos opetaCrf la / n la Lkely the Miami 'r
which mig
hero by robberies w I committed meet emergency Cut'lng Away Weeds
ot Fterids.j I be taken out and brought WiTT wAs I Tie say
Sate ta-Mrinf'wf rare vessels, as many of the merchants COUNT while tile vessel was enroots rtoar'Curope. .rise st home. st least. When completed.the The Board': of Public Works todayeletrrd
coasting( serioos'y need of,the OPERATED UPON map will he u rrte<. a" 114 I away the weeds from the sl<1-

flea camel Ole ""Storr o( the ehaa Irte I are have aboard taw dlatnaowd reprortnctkm for the benefit of ht uaWesnUy. walk between 'he Miami foaM..Yo1IC1rYof

: ,n rites the Srst redudloa'betng aid" I.'.freight vessel.they. An aaocclal tropesays BerUsi, Sept IiA. dlspete former. from FORMER GOVERNOR BUSS -,- M sle aid the Htlcy.-n Hail t'vnproperty
*aBr* of SB evpedL..t sawtbat Hamburg say, t count writ and also had he B_ '-ii
Is Irsking some MILWAUKEE,
tate'taJ.rt'W.I vessel DEAD tN
with I
10 goer eeBts that the ttas a, was ted osd *tr H.'aar .
g 'he rate Pnmtey 'ra.'b at work OB Rte
:0 mssets sI I r several hundred bags of cement K. H. Pret '___/..- h ressl'ed of .f "? 'stored tsi the 1 Ottoal'" bet hold ksv'jsuffered lpq,tbSt>, wdmytor lb Wb Milwaukee. *it nf n* Att.."'.. ("nest LI K'c \' Ave,,u' C. eattMigl away ire
thse Aetwrq foe ;pity l dl :Its nose The .. I '. "1'*.' 'a** Biaelriae Acing -
alaac time J.f'Irtr"tI- IB ke
tTSlSe J b )
4oetlosi .. tbtes:: eat .....-..tH. ihouTk-'he bum beet rnnr Aaron Bliss.dead M'chg: is ,F 1a'Ia.. ""rort-'e 1t 1-,|
i ,t.1'tI'r.u.. ;' of the frvght stoned above It nrera neesfnll lea !a parted to here of spoplei oa bus ness visitor' In the city today. tnt work ake'y sal quickly.

,has .ao% been effected.
,-- .. -...+ e. Pap

t V

t I
tiw a 1



tarns[ two respectable white i I
MIAMI METROPOLIS cued In a quarrel about
Hot words and Insults I II Wire For Me
DAILY AHDNMskW WlDl.Y both "pulled their tuna' and I MATTIN.
lac. The result la both
inr,AIUTMM seat Inter: dead and two families are I and I'DrU for yon
BY TIE: Both had plsiols and used

The Miami! Printing Company j I deadly effect. J Jt i ii I
i!revolver Had neither want would of them have I Some pretty patterns ELECTRICAL

1. .. TaTIM,rrw. LICK Kin,Sac-Tnii I result They might have i t at 15c per yd. See them t Contractor.
(ill wood have beea la the i I
Member .f The Associated Preu. [fashioned way tnlih
!Ions, and neither would have ,

Ea_.e at tW P..tOfoa ..t Baal, rlerWa. !jferioua wounds. Avenue I C.H.Brown
r -.ellr .tear "W a join! with the many : : I
KATE sre condemning be habit. 1113 Avenue Ci;phone 176
they carry
Os T..P.H+Its only the coward who I

u moa I..................... !.M(thing will attack him on I ---

Tar. MoatasOB ................... 1U4f,street and highways. : ,

MoataOa ...................... |:seems ways bu lIke.found cowardly with a I Chase (3 Co.s.e..nr. Chase&HarneyFire.

Week..................... 41 ready for action against a to
WUy. per year .. .. .. .. .. I.M I maa." II I II CUll I I... -U

CHit Hevee WITH YOU Shop Fruit and Acddent
41244. 12th Street PMM n ,

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 17. 1101 lls The, -carn cheerful. with man.him" says I I River i iI VegetablePACKERS. and TornadoInsurance .
and personality '
his! presence 'I
flucnce that act upon others I t I !
met warmth on the fields and I .
FALL. AND WHITER' i It wakes up and calls oat I'j
j engine on
tb> It i Cash Ialsri In
,.Inter I that Is In m.
fall and
This shoa'd be a great
Iitroac.r, brater and happier. i Bonds.
for Miami. The summer sea onhas dyn- Crate Materi 1. Fidelty
been mach better than for )ear I "Such! a man always makes 1 I
roan' spot of 11a:' world a lghter. I batterI I
an;! the merchant and business
will Urn IBIO the big road of better warmer plaje for o'her h JU and Wan Boat '
live la. To meet him la th ; afltches.f Oldest Agency In MiamijNeiFali
things this cold spell cheerful prosperous '' be Miami filter Daft. JIud
determined Ing tc: to gel Inspiration "
and with a more
all the day's task and .tra
confidence la themselves and the city
ier. HU hearty hand shake f i j i
than ever before. ,thrill of B,W rigor late -
world the
There la socking U !
matter with Miami aid the peopihereabouts Af er talking with him a few ) i
can make It the peer IB yon feel aa exhlaratloa of
a quickening: of energy, a
commercial Importance of say city U .
the State. They are doUf this very nest, aa interest la living Goods
ready for any duty or service."Crest
thing aid doing It avcceeafaUy. bit
It wit take _U..ed push to reach heart there asw
The _.. They .carry a volume + :
the greater cad and make good.
hood; their presence la .
dross er the man vfeo overtook *vportaattle
their coming changes oar .
Ioaer.n. t i
. U always a

a rae* the belongs atrooaV to said the rtgiiaal Patrick aa Heary.well shadow hey oil the always bearings fan behind of : James Rodgers, junior member and secretary of the

they make right living OIl,
aid patriot the.hold advice food he today care IB CoBtlaeAial baalaeeaaa are the happiness .. of Anthony-Romfh Company has just left for New .

well aa It did then IB politic aDd I" ? the beet forces la
statesmanship.Now. .." III I city, Philadelphia, Boston and other markets and will be
right here U where the U,
tropo'U desire to stick a pia. Thla I Mr. Benjamin Boss **4 .. a month or more buying goods for our big store. In
paper. Lbs all wise business last Its rite Guy were marHed la :

mer.titloaaAaa preparing been.for U lb.the peace commercial of .um- loa Miss a Gay few day becomes ago.a By real laU Bj : t | days Mr. Eugene B. Romfh president of the firm will))

fall and wtater. The mat- Mr. Boss becomes a real (a I
of the
acement war, has expended a considerable DI I and with this force in the markets, we will guarantee
am of money to better the paper A pecn'lartty about the
aid make It more worthy of the coal I Ibis season here aa4 the .. finest, best and most up-to-date line of goods ever
dens sad respect of the Miami people. cornea from New Knglaad. la
aad modern news andJob 1XM mosquito la not a j'I' !
A new
press combined baa been Intuited Is ss dumb aa an oyster, but to Miami. Both buyers have a reputation as to quality
,cress Is s'artllag. Tb*, I
:various new advertising wart! the outfit type 8l"eaN4 to Increased aadla lid likes the old style I and ahead of time we can state the prices will be right

M to supply the demand It saw la best, sad says: "Not unt'l! li I '
alsht. Th paper wll shortly be inCreased has sapped sumptuously: I*
columns twelve) tim aware that he has been
to acres
or sixteen pacts. and even at that U drink for It. But It Is a fat Still Chopping at the
expect to be over crowded with adTenlsemenU dolent mosquito as well as a l Shirts ShirtsOnly
and Its remains have ;
a* the merchants! and gory f I
business teen of Miami aad Dade !led off and buried. The in
eoaatr. by her liberal patronage lath would mach rather >t would '
pawl have demonstrated a tat old song and give decent Only & few of those $1A and
appreciation of the sere ff the JletrepoUa |It. approach, hat styles
gives them and the results I this! summer's Insect Is a $1.501 Shirts left to Qtrclosest
.'(raise therefrom. s.e. Metropolis jout a sourd." It Is now up to I ens Pants .t 'Jv
adrer laer and see a prosperous ''taralitta. to tell as what's . . ..
wIth the mosquito. Have ,
1&&Til& reason for this la obvious. The reading up he various plans !I I SI.50and, 200 cuff 1 OA )(
itetrop.la ASS more reader than any forward in the papers for 1 a\'e cut dov n our stock for..1. v
attached shirts
ether paper published la Dade county termination! and tooe'uded to
still hunt for blood or baa but buyers
and new ones are being cons.antly ; I II I .as f I
added to the liat. There '* more of The pungent kerosene II he sending in new
erstwhile staccato .ote.- t
sews Is th UrrapoU thaa any I
paper printed here aad It I* gene Newa.mosquitoes We ta have Miami not thl had ( 'I we are going to of- Closing out the odds and ends in
aUr a day,or two ahead of its competltlv *
coaiemporarte' oa most of draw attention hence w* present line as follows I
the sews of th. world. This comes to pass Upon th* slaf'ag I #
fact that It la the only of r toe IX* specie bat If It ;
through the S Hats
taper la this part of the Stale receiving song or t>o song give the |l Para
the Associated Free dispatches. Maslc Is enchanting.Headquarters. : ::M: .4.95 .
.. .. .. 1radw .
Yes fbe season !a going to be a big
... and $430 All
en*. There win -.ore.0p&6 II. 3.50 Caps
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