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U bow teat Ibis paper roseS with the peop'e whom. they have doae
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"BroMler." which mesas .l the lest three' weeks of No- H. F. Scruggs & Cod i
Watt<< for III. lave.tm.au. amber pact they sold over titers
The!ut 'sits of the N.tloul Bats propertlea. teeladlBC city aad __try OP MIAMI. FLORIDA INCOMPOftATCD
w ...... .f tkl Ira: toad They eoatrol lairs areas aloaii I
Tkr. U B. MCtiOB Of tM ralt" the BOW farces Florida Key the route Plumbing, Steam Paid Up Capital; 75000. Surplus *12.00O
States .that It COMlBf to tM frost BtB o* lie sew sortie railroad of the
map rapid rttt t" MondB sal a.of was d. and Gas Fitting I.tare. U>4 title! prepare at.etnctlOI titles,loaaa Badnveata -
tM most BTOtTMtlTl ..Late 'A soled ).fist of the Vailed State. mosey o* its owes accovat Bja4 for otkcra. Acts astgent.
sad roost active HUM IB that Btat Suprea. Ooart. la aptakiBf of the Bttoracj-iB fact trustee, Baai,..., uentor.ceiftt. r.
It MlBBd. This city to today develop yoaacer. Mr. Brassier old: 1 have .PLUMBERS SUPPLIES, ETC. or (Uldiaa. Address all commaaicatioaa to
tax fatter t". Day city IB lbs Boat*. IEBOWB the yooM sue from eafldhoojaad
tad.1M oppoft attm for aaf. tslatmeat. .. I* wortkv of eoaBJeBee. Aad 816 Avenue D : : : Miami. Fla S. L Pattrtoo* Sec and T reo. Mlanl. riorida
la "llcktf cleats are the writer kiowlac the yoaag BUBBeraoaany
today .BtVBa**... (T yoB dale has BO heatUBcy laaeytac
a batons latfttBxat or would Ifk.to that say hoalBe eatnated to the I 1, YOU HAn TINWAIII ON NAND
purchase properly for a writer BOBMU are of hit In will prove aatiafae-
lay Bart of Florida, your waste tory IB -

: every way. lilo\ ey to loan on Household Furniture! 9*vfQ it rvpalrtBC BM.4 tt he deer:tot M kaov

1 III I I We are Now Ready to rurnish MtPAIM TIN ".
Miami Conservatory it from the house in !
removing aa wtH aa aay sibs kIM '"< OB ar
Tribune, Snell sums ol. 15.00 and up. Can be paid back in TINNING UO q Uy teat aa bat M ft BWO

I : : of Music NoteJ i i and othermaccs sums of ,'.00 a week. Business strictly I .. .Mors. yes taslteg.felt sad..,.wan. wart bsgar to Bfta IJra"

confidential rite us and solicitor will callCTY U. a.. .....L A Orttty bousswffe
.... normee Niggles oT Wilt II I
of Bicycles 'oats wen to kar Ualmg repair aa4to
Pa'a Beset OM of tie a'raa .4 at. I .
LOAN OFFICE always aatl l J with oar vorfc.MONEIft
4.Bt. IB tare was data cues Iowa
for Wr *_ .. Ratwlay.Mlaa N- CORNICE, COMPANY
CBPOB. of Ota.. was %tr laaaoa la tM visits d._. IN
to a U'caU4 stalest sal atr.a4TB plays work jo antomobile i'

very weD. and their tire i, Continental Tires
.. *- oar .
aiiiteal ape4 a gnat help!
.. tearblag tk. Uttto folks of the Mt- New tires told. Toarioj.rt-I'| e
leal kte rsan... mistral frBctloai- I I j (or hire.A .
The' play ABMrteaB PvadaatioB'. 'I and Pierce Bicycles ,.
to k. at... Jaaaary tick !. noarti-' I 1 I The blcycks and other e. R. ZAC11ARIAS
lag ta ly. Tk' toDovtBC to tB. Mat| the '
of rBaractara: Slrrra .....11... HM I|, goods are bIt stan- Dada. Block Miami
O1a,. Brrra L4y O.l..Tr.t Laa4- dard goods c.nhe market Rolers"
ford Miss Mtrtwrlt Woariy; Mr*. 0 E...r Call 5l..t. a-17 hII..I. are "High the first quality. It is
OaJf4 Josef MlM !was BwtWr; Hartford aad other Tires. -- -- -

Cha BdwaH aeey KalatoB.Off) tkropa.Mr. Mr.Mark CHXartOB Cary: 'i Coaster Brakes Fitted to old &eDr.BurnhamBe with pleasure that we sell you either

..... I I
} wheels. All work guaranteed
TlaraAay at S ,. ... tk. Irs You may have no fear that
eat,. ,r>BrtBtcBt vtn east U rdtaoaaito Best new wbeds for reat
rwftatloM. This wit to Mlov either will fail
.4 by atlUotlc doD ta .... *. "2312th Street. Blue Front a Miami Surgeon, and SpecialistIf you

l 1l1M Carroll & Clark If yes B aafferer doms BBT CVroak Di.ca* Ukera. Tumor, Cat : Hudson Co.
i cc s or say Blood DieeaMo CaUrrkal .Di *aw. of Head. Throat.
I Luea. EtOBBCB Bovela. DY'I"'P"ia.ladir. Rectal

? .,.._x.1 ...JiMJMt.... eon. Mr. D. A. Pratt New Orleaai;I Diseases. Ftnaak Iiseasss i DONT rORGCr ThC NUMBER 1013 AVtAUt D I II II
KaeayBC E. ... DeTaforl.'WMtFilm George M. Writ Ukelaad.8aa I
B *ra; to W at.,.. Sad wife Carte W. Brokaw... Ja koarHle. -J Medicines
ill I Latest Electric.! Aids. Boneoptililc.
Chlca; W. e. Twbr. Atlaata. Ga.. ; Ixml W. Co b,. New York )
Loa'a A. OaralB. Marie L. Ovnla.Varlaaw. oatBvra D. E Strlcklaad ....1 I i FOR FIRST
Mk-B.4 W. M. Bro.... city. wire OrLaad.Mr.Pearl Creea.Whfte, and a large stock of Socially prepared remedies for Special work I CLASS Horse-Shoeing
'Yo" A. Rest aa4 J. H. Dar._. Ne* Plala.. C*.; Mr. aid Mr*. Q. CJClbeoo. : '
Tork. Bastes Charles N. St. I AND! DISEASED HOOFS SEE!
Ert'adeC. W. Aft"-t. ,Jobs city J. H. ...._t. 8t. Lilies; ibid Aluji) in Attendance
Jsrkeavt'e) F. A. C |i4. '. H. Aacwttae: J. .. MeComlek. K... I I! L. F. LaFontlsee 708 7th St
Ceroms. Attests; Mra. K.: G. Ybop us CIt,; J_ T. Pearce. Juuo...:.... fata ra ia M,f ,.Ii. Baildiny. From 4t a. m. to 4 p. m. >cn. txrepted ,


0. ,__ ........ r.Q ''i'nilHr.Jr( .tal ill ..... ___ ,. "" ,_ . --i---- -- -"- ,.- i : ...Lba.- .u.. .. ". '..' .i.

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PAGE riVtEverything

is t he Quality and -,

he Price that make For The Itbtheq\Wltyand
House the
: price that make s

our goods popular
our goods popular.

F Furniture, Carpe s, Rugs, Mattings, Kitchen Utensilsf

every desdription

I c .

] rangy T. :Budge 1 nth Street Miami, H1 1 oridaJ

.- .

i Office'....... SS> H. M. KING **"ld"no* 10

J J Headquarters : Undertaker, and Embalmer I W. F. MILLER

I II ,,
I RESIDENCE a I e 7th .TREIT I PHONI 2S 4iaHoa 'U'.O'T

- -- -
I --t--

Spoons, E: y. Breltford. a promlaratkaaker .
? bails,,' man aid rltlica' 01"Nt
fl/trsomlllJtlV$ .jf afro J
Hat Pins.Brooches \\ Palm Brh U !1. tk. sty today Send us Your Orders for
f rO.4 frla U ad traaMetlaa

I )U.. Leaal Sealea I. ..lte ... at Mr. r..J M O. L. Sapp an reiola Sodas, GingerAle
br lassie oa An... C. tkls week. lei am ... vat of a baad.osistest' Mitt J.....,. Wteoa Will >e*** .
; : toatckt for JacktoaTliI to visit WT. LEAD
Belt Pins. r E. Uad..,. repreeBUac the H. frleadt for a week or nor*. Sits and I
II B. Drew Compaay of JaekaoaTflla.la Cboicest Jot I. the ett7 eorur ofAvme will k* aeeompaale. basis ky two la what? ta that wklck saves yeamoss
la eke oily today atlrrlac ap traJ. C.. 12th attest lor aaJe.I. girl frleadt wko will ke ker r ettt Seltzer Water 1 1Nodal. .. every parckase you sits of .+
H.'Tatas Co. for at least a part of... teaaoa.Mlta .

Largest stock inc .*...t,-... foot lot oa floalerart, I WktaoB U ass of Miami's lea* SMOKERS aUNDHlEaWa
laf itwac 1OCi.WOIHL
au... Beck. WOaoa A 8uldlsma.Ssotag Tber. CGae.n! a 1'- lack
lead la experteae la
our Baawklck
01 till : 11M K.de.ta oftl. I* wkat wait .... ',_
city at right prices Klaaml ky .......... Laf- ,. wldf-i of Mavis.Wi MM W..tefTo work la kakary. ., aiora kealtky cams to ",. W you* toad la ... ..'..*
Apply at Metropolis Oflea. and 'iartroratiai, this
tea A Bale: eppoatta peat.Tdle*. kara of kaalaet w* do aid la the good
ia. is .51.11. sodas Oar
greserf para strap faror of tk* paklta A parekaa from
aa up-to.dat..rr for ktra.Smltk staad.T A H.Jdlooa.W. There were but IT* Jefeadaaia for are para sad oar aa lead yes ta ease ...... Baaaradeallac
Watch and JewelryMaynard trial la t" m.mldpal court! UU moran bottle sew sad cleaa. does B. W* waat your ...
Walker of ntlUel, Is i..1W1a loti a ltt 8t., *. two for Icktlac tad tires 'for Mail order will receire .....
located at Mrt. J. D. Oodmaa's aa prompt atteatioa
kola* drunk aid dlaonsrrly. AH
Re aIrIRg 1111. eck. Nf1....
Aveaa C. sear Teeth streot. t $! 1--- forfeited tWir koads kr mot appear- HAYES
lag for trial. I -
lROn'.II peter reati X..n. 0.&.. A. Boers sad Mortis me CIGAR MAN
.,.. ..
wtC Besn tbs day atl'oI1
&: Son La.d1. ,44.7. bu.ttg. They TW aaaaal meetta of tk* stackkoldera Acme Bottling oppotiTi HOTEL aisCAYUOmiea '
n. tat M nMI.t.. .... .. tn Ia.. a.ao.obI" of tk. Fort Daliaa Nttloaal
.,... ft ....,... : Bask U heist -,. til .........
jewelers .I n.! ......... ftaaw eouac. .a for lbs aarBoa* of alectlag directors u.ma for .... 1. De tel...
aid aaoars for tk* aaeaiac Tkmetiat ...
year. aaa.t wet
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I _
L. B. rotter of Miaaaapolls. A9ft_ Q .trey fur.i... en .. .... ..
U keld tbs directorsroom sib bu9ds&
located for a .*)oara ta tka dt7 aa for t be or b7 ... .
of lb. bask.THOS.
Opticians lIB street. Mr. Potter bas visited, Apply t. I Titus 6 C.
Miami several dace kef ore.Kew 1-

Ii:t t.rest Office.t.... fl:. I Waited to P.OM M Soot W MATHIKfWlad
I* tk* dm. to orderea. .
your : .
reel tea east Mla.lna.Addr 'I' Mwkaslsl sad ..,. .n. Eagl..or
ICa ,aa.t. gaaraate tkeat.Ortmac .
Brother Co. Once. KJ Utkstreet. ..s 11. Pwrr m 13th sliest Mint, tteet towers. tub"Mk (aa>

l 11&. oils ....".. ...,..., calrsalsed red

JI1aat >> vlp at wkolesala. Ssaelal maeklaery .;
the Oaks Tare lob aa Boalarard. SUM. It is eta that tbin will 1M aekiekss dittoed Sad built LoeIII

Beet ITIlaoa ft HtdOeatoaTke u-.I.t at tbi Dade Coat laceat I for tk* ralrkaaks lad MOTMCo
Fair C'tI1Mf. .bleb u
saws easees
Miami. Fa.
a sps. to tbS ladi.try. Tben win 1

Corner 13th Street .......Caatera lilt al&Kar kt. taj kirtmt korearter tan,win or- 1M a .large twit t. eloM pt'nialt, u BROSSIER & SON.
I" hn 'lag for 1k. of
purpose :
boo recalar meatlaca. Tkey let at Tk* aaneroa frteaja of Mr*. J.
and Avenue B the oBra of Dr J. H. T. MaUett dtapla r.: 9_fowls.For H. Fetter will ke glad to hare that Sell Your
last alfkt.W she ..I...* Hattlag Miami at aa early can
Pacing Palm Park Tbres room. taratsbsJtor .'.(" sad win krlaf with her ker UI-

**rt Royal .-. .- .... MYWa1J.M..a Maati? t .,Iq. Isqulre lit tie ekes, May ht,.,.. n., will residence or business
: *" T.atk 1trMt. N Ik* cues(r of )Mrt L. 1:. W1V
Open Dec. UtT i..e. far 111.tk.ap. s.e>< WUaoaftBaddlet lassos oa ATCBM C. liars teatta

s.BRObiIR. I tklrf city, Mr aid Mrt Peteya fca.e
N. B. MacGnU Prop, Ors .. Its rose bushes. orusata' Bali Jacktoarin tkelr boos. but
of'af kill CaD at tks olllft or tkey alwars ,. tbs klgkettermt
mean REAL laTATI.Tke
I ,drop u aU. lad wo win nD oa of tk* Mack City. aid took
--- 70'1' o.ee. Odiag BI'OL Co., $23,12th forward to their trips ben with mackpleatare Watch This
stone work It aow completed Mr Petteyt bas Joe wUla Space
EDJOFFATSDairy I oa. the reatdeac of Cka. A. Beers'oa ;'I .....-- kit h....... aid tk.y expect t.
7tk street gal the fraai work Is | "...+ yas g of "-. E1'erslad. retide then permaaeatfy. ,
about tal"'". so that If fair weather ,bot.l gtrry"b.d.libtral ..." to
CGaU.! ... It win sot b* Ioq Wore most arp1 )(t.. lrlar.sue. I!
*. .... Is ready for oceapaaey. ... fJt'arr0 ,..... at 1 WE
Lunch !that .1 loct HIM
i ..... 1 I Oar lC'ooIftc'" tall at Bat
Nice lot oa Tft street. fTSa. Beck. Mau Is Be or XIM UI1Ia. McOa \
miaoa It U..41..... ,,,-M04.., was oil of (a. ..thti
jtt i yoa keller* a War Is Iris doa, k. When you want property for Investment come to us.

Everythtog new. I tockdfeigtte Order treM'rro. Orlfflaf Bros. I g baad.emet7 prdalM i I afraid to tH It"I we've farms groves sites for winter homes city property
bwkfog. making the Co. They are more largely ladeatlleJwttk tba W* are kelag told so maay times modem residences and business blocks for
trait Towtaff than lay oa* *ls* < I that wa bays tk* larfeat aad most'
la Florida, aid bow wait arm tae-I u.. ut).. Is "Bioe'ap" 'eoaipMa Ra. of boat awUral la MVam I sale. We have several good openings In the way of
deaRest and finteg ...
neatest ( eeed Vest. Ortffla Brotkers Oompaay. -, ME' AftsrClub '; wt knr* It Is tra*. Wa are' business. If Interested
m Utk __ .. to be a seat ...,.. you are drcp us a postal
room in the dty. "... 'ltsstalseeiess 01 colac to carry ererytktmf .. that hiss
Gas, joke B Oorb.- W........ at New Tort prleaa.
Ckaa. C. Astoa retaraed yetterdaytrom win bbe by Mlbsr 11. T. : '
{ W. Ann rr ralnt
AN IOIW.PLACI: tk* .st.... ...,* k. bas bees 87trattSoear lO by I. ..1an..1Oll
la eharf of a ommisary tot a aamker of book b7 -.. dub.t Oar bvolces show we bays koackt'till 10-2 lots on 14th stay oofy S30O each
FOR LADIES af week. ,H* appears ao wort, .1 t '!I caCoas of mii4 ....t eat It1
from tbs zposara.. taoafk aa, ...J' Los Letp bract d wkttipot. teas af wilts lead: squat to MH caV I oa easy

Not Connected with a saloN It lamas was :dre" 'tt'.ny Joaety 'darlat U*i I .... I Tick W at I"cyst with i IMS of ....t. lIMe I... lit. Tklak I I Iof 11-1 lot on 11th st.. near AveueD, on

I t, aek. Lire black spots CIa sack I tt; ism canoaa. Kaoafk petal I II. i good terms.

Buttermilk every deg at For rest Newly taraJ.... cotta .... l....,. for ... n't.' sever a solid feae II feet klrt.orerM

5c. glass. Light, refrestuDeots <. with an moJerm ImptwremcaU.Also L 1Barbai JllaaL : adles tear IJtlJo ......* feet 12-A neat cottage in good neighborhood.
l served d..... nIle of eltaat rooms with !Ihzr1la.r- Over two fag ears of palat aid w* are'I
nil katk. Apply ISO vtk itret.bay ; This b the best we have for the Price
wg aO boors ; Mee..1.r1M'S'1e" ...... use year t l ;I making; ap aaotker ear order aow. Oar money.
or address !O.i.. Box RI MtamlsVoatler :
j vases salos lean kept pea with tk* $900
Ird door tjaat of Aveaaa O oa Uta .wami to Hat yes ret ytf i tin of be frleaa of Rn. R. :palat la Its proportoa. Wa kay ttaI -
street Proat BaiMiar. MaJw'TU. t3. K. crt '1M nnc X. B.rbure' I seed oH kr the ear. Tank wkat that
: b ptaaaed 3 MAgitstrpt'r td ..... for UlamL Tkra Ors few

THE RACKET STORE as -1 1e.lglt elfs belag 'II dUn I of h. slsa the eau show sack
,'thirty d rtll4a.7'.Mri
i I of III ebure sad tII. rrt..... of III.I plat salea.W .
w SMITHSBOOKSTORE I rasp Ors Ia ited t. ._11'. at teb.re .1MI ,, ban kaac>4 tkra fan ears of F. C. BROSSIER & SON

IS THLPUCf .t 'i .cllltt sal from tie n|aofls; aaarty two ears of kafldlac paper
I co t the adyoialag isboll. .
Don aaj\ether roW goods that la proporUoa.aadtiea Ifetowt Office la charge *f C. C. Canoa. 214 Anne D

TWO LA NeH" roll "'La3j' use a bit WB at tk* Wd of this grq Mob Office 1200ys Ave eD MldmL 1klrtda
Kitchen faaD7 iaaseS..usteaq
MIVMI fixSTVMOM Tkls la tk* twos. wky oar sales
IsuarA. sltsbls Iso
bays kea aa large: Oar foods 'Ors
in furnishings i sgSO !rkikt; .., prleaa'.,. ridtt. aid L
O' H. ia7dsr, atFt.h J aIIt
e .mpaall diet WE! WANT TOUK MONTT

Wa lara vrarytkiac for tka kteiaaa. I I p I I

'Tots Oepartmeat of oars mast aa la

taw nth tka 'aakllc. att1af from R ED
Mil \IM1H iHiiIis ika amoaat we **n. CROSS PHARMACY 0- __ -

Conservatory Music
\ *4 Ibis aJMcrlatloaa rUakly IQeJ la a akraa caatalatac" *.*." of

206 12':STREET aaikaf I of tk* aol'ey' of our preaerlatloa t.partIllftL Wkatereryoar

docttf orders for you that you win jet It kla areeerlailoa I .. alacikaa'a. 225 Twenth Street || i
A-. actet/rei B rid 2kolrtseI la our Notklac win k* mlsslac., aaafkt wfll a* substBut.dtoo I
rrankSn Coleman Bush Director.Earopcaa
.. .
SMITHSBOOKSTOItt djTic or ckomleal w* ba..sa n stock. Spit of oar .citric y' 4

=::Jnh.EfiE CHEAP' aal car ado sot die,.,* eie** I skoa oar way of ,.UbIC., .mpdou-oYerrt'l. *lt* la I meat Piaao Pipe Orraa. Voka Y ioli.. Maadoha. ktoca- '!
( tk drag -WI: CARET HTTTLEM CANDIES tioa. Physical Caltarc. Frcaeb. Gcrrnaa aid Spaaith. '1.,_
W. H. Chaile &Son I ar sad llUtort of Ink, CaMeL Burrow'. Riadcrrartca and .
Priaurj Xatic CaHCL :: :. ; Sesd fr j
lf l.trL Wt. C aM TWELFTH aTRKT t I MIAMI FLORIDA i caUlorita
Ulf A...... D
t ,
Diplomas Granted Upon Graduation.




-- --- -- --
ought, Grapefruit Crep.i .". ft f- ; -- -- -

The entire grapefruit crop of Mr .: ,-- -

I Town Topics.Negre I i! Key at AlUpattah. kai keen r-I _. oI _I.r t
R pith, who '
I I chased hjr Mr Gln'd r prnfc ion. .
l 1.. cn in- mantel, of the Min alone I

I -rr.4 ..
"Teyrttf I ,
A tma I crowd of D"Jm "tmirl*t.:' 'to., --.
about tm..niy IB nuirthrr were bronfliJO A few Hue grapefruit treee nab to!
..B this nOfll'IIIr b' tee F. E. Cttoo ft BaddeJ from trees that tool. !
RaU..a" They will go: to the cit.... pr:if at World's FaIr. 12t per' kindred JP. rtt.oa 4 ]w n,$
to hu' ,4 I ,ibf road gnit and bed
C. O Richardson Mimi (ATTORNEYS AT LAW .. ToTheS

wtu la silIenIts.its..ass rue.,.
An Error Corrected
ROtSlCR means Safe sstmenti eu.altabnisa r saatarat.sa p.res.na
Tbr M> TotKitls was In error IB ttatInt I age
thai Gl bert Thomas. tried la thir -
...i.t<. Court last week for non "np. schooner Reliance. Arrived ,I IMla&. Fl..
pnr and .>....rUa >. .a. .....tii.>4. Hia The coatfnz srnooner lletanoi I
found fMrjJIT "law B this BHiraiM from K/ West I A. Woricyttorney Public
with a number of pas ensrs; and Ih I :
Anna ROM, pabTle stenocrapaer ..trr frettV for a.ercbanta beer at late
office at ,.. C. Brossler A SOB. p end it Lemon Ctrr ,

HO 1.1 Arenne D. comer Utk tL i 310% welftb St.. Miami. Fl.ridaGe 1
For Sa'. One ere* ton nxfllarj I -----.-
loop and a BumVr of lavnchee. Merrill I
BOSSIER will collect yewr rentsEircurtlon M. Robbins
Serena ("0.. JatbOll ln.. Pafr
I I Tltwvllle.Fla.Atto .

twta-errew Coming.Tbe etc.mer Cberokr \ (j4'C'tf"'f' liooir'as aid thirerh ley and Counselor

left Itaviooa tnJat fur Miami will Mron. of 8'arke, F"i, anjred I" At Law
Miami last Tho"'d"T and will prohsb-t tIy
for an eicurs the roans'OB aboard trip belnr a fare eaaired.Th of |Ie. make this their home tail pn IC,1C aft C..rtt. ,net a.d F.da.FR HAVE the confidence of the public. the actions of the man.

Friday Cherokee or Hatarday.Ixtet sboald. arrtT bore j I I Again In Co.eeIsaonTh. D. M. HuosoN TO firm or corporation must merit It. Honesty: not the kind for

.. black yacht Reminole. Captala
Class-pin. white eaamel I Albert H!....,,'. which| hat been OB Attorney at Law policy sake--but the genuine old fashioned kind of man to man.
the watt the past t trrrral days I. now
aad geldL.: C. '01." RetIna to back at her old beth" at the. Hotel Town] y BuIlding. Miami, Ftoridst Is the keynote. Nearly ten years have seen us doing business In Miami
F T. Budges store and be re war Jed. lock and In rommlttloa for parties
. 'o the fluhinarronadt.. } 1L WILLIAMS. every year better than Its predecessor success due solely to keepingfaith

KngflsnKlacHah| .fttlful are reported to be sink nc For Sale Cheap Thirty foot ctblal At rney At Law with the public, giving for every dollar we recleve Its equivalentIn

better than ever oa the around: .>fl l mrh<< : T 1 1 b.p. Lost r motor Oat
H. E. Vrooman merchandise. We have never favored one class above another. To A
the (oaat. A aamber of ash g.marks ft nine months o'd 4rpf w ky IIbtIrIaUGOI.
aad pteasare boats sad yesterday !Coronado Pa.r"h _
report maktac lam kiniBfs. T IL D.. make shopping easy and agreeable we have methods In use whereby the

lot r f dry batteries at Ixifoa
.1 I ,... .... fullest advantages are given the public to make their
BOOM anj lot on ..... D. |e09. t Einlg'a. opposite postome 05.5 weS aM o t 1. purchases quickly
a. l.ta nrsts.t..r
HOBS aad lot oa TklrJ street 81.404.1, New. Books Debated are c exchange without question and prompt delivery to city and suburban
(.. brick boalaees bow OB ATeaae. books hart bees) 311 1L FLORIDA i
D. IS400. Beck Wllsoa A Ba.J41..t_. received Tke following by the ace L* J Ile JACZ3CB .IL
I Club: Debtor by TOH'am Freemaa: fit ,
II I The Te'low Journal!**. by U. bidet the prices you concede are fair. No matter what you see advertised
T. AtteM Art Races OPTIC'
I Aero. the Ererf'aoe by Hick
Commodore aad Mrs r. D. Hafh- I OB\m1oG&bb: ;oT BZSCArtrs Bi.ocs,As-s.DH elsewhere you will always find It here for less. The generous i.
.. lefftdy for Daytona aboard ckelr' rtl'Or1-
launch Wlrwam. where they yo tomrse t f MI. FLORIDA.DR. that has been accorded has caused larger E
age us
."" << ...____t. .__ ... lead the maar rar. fltal .estat us to lay In a stock
aJxmt for aereral .-k.. They barra'at effort fey; /. R. Tatut A W. BRUSH.um .
than before. It
I ever Is now a general household word tha M.
well 'I *"VftVtke la'uS' pass**.. Canpaajr IB their tauter pap a4- ,Wr.

; a j eeRIaemest. _. : 115.11th sleet, 'Phea. $4. Burdlne's is "The Safest Place to Buy. Twelfth Street. Miami. Fla.
For Rent Kleely faralabej apart 8..1 5y.,floS$sb era.
-- Win Probably R..d. Vartftet +i. : ,
11I":11 tor SowlceepJir: w.D4rn Tb coroners tiny vH| bold another MIAMI. FLA i

w.st.L 'Szt,14tk strsetr .twrweoa Is robe
y : t.wales tomorrow )
late Ike Mysterr of W 8unt Barf- Jell F. Mullett M. D.Omoei
Poss1ER RISaa. UfaIn Iwi.er.eaasv..IUa tery and It la probable that Verdi .
nil be rendered .t this nMetlac MIke Rooaa S sad 4Fri.sell
eoaaty aatkorltles have secured
CamnilaeJonTbe shout all tile erldenrc It Is possible to BaU41.c .

tar,. schooner aomteboat ..- icqalre at tbs: tin*. r Hears ] >a. m. toll ..' tu 5 ,. .. .....J

...."I. owned by Commodore WeaiavetT terfdenoe set A.....C J
wklck bas been Mort..... *p the Two eamforUbty taraltked rooted
ricer dace the close of last aeasoa. .Is: resldemc aeetlo of city for rat W. M. BURDINETke
has ea b. "nckt out of. the river 1 D / N. Taylor
to it bay sad .-. ..'_'" for' 17 the week or SMSOB. Apply 111Dersatk "

tbe' S" ,.. Her owner anj oettsm street
be aboard la a few days.Tke I Office .f
-In Th Tranches'
.....1 .. II.... Wm. L
very latest atytes taamtlonery .. It Is stated .t Reside K* A79 Avenue D. Man

aononaeemeata tea eaT)', Prkert It:met and Theatrical CtarlrtVlk Com,.e1er..,., win of the toalga I March Villa March: Villa

bas rards. cam be bad at Ue V strop- their posltloas with tile company E. chi Lew. M.D.. 0. D. S. I

lulls omenD.aM anti reoiaa bore tile former barlac af 211 Thirteenth St. tUtthSCOX
hrvloian and Surg.os*
rioted with UM M'aml Bliss to putoa
that catchy military dram lmPbe .
of C. C MeMmtenK.
I Dental
Trenrke- the beaeflt of UMnraasatlOB Open October 15th Opts December 1st
Claade UcMallen. a former I Crtaury aa4 i >TWT. CtwivV.
two or three weeks Asa; .
a w.
dent of tkls city and brother of A.1
tear*. The beat of local ta'.., will
K. lid.. .... died Saturday a week HOTEL SERVICE
ac. near largo after .. tn_. ofpweeal *e secured for the perfonnaBC C.
months with ...TlDOIIarJ't'GIIt. Maynard, Di.tllid.waterror Driakiajr; MRS. W. I. MARCH. Prop
pll tlOll.. The rema'at: were Interred No neoi! to send to JaekaoBTin or
"B the family bur,iag cronad dsewher for weJdtaf Urltatloaa aaooocemeBts 2RAOUATK OPTICIAN

near Bay View.Famished or fancy sUUonery. The -m Maynard Son. Jewelers
Metropolis Is prepared to do this wort --- w D iu* r Per oav. -

room; nicely rarmUhednon (a the very latent style. Ws are ken The
to rent IB Watson baHdlaf. Apply toe ruraat.eo you aatlsfacttosiSee. 01 / f,. ifcDON'ALDX Rutherford

Metropolis office. ,:' !stiwrl.rssv

I 1M Metropoaa before pladag .aM aaw. .e Ls.as a .Ae+sia 2:. 9th Street. I

Mr Inaraham C-''', roar' order for tan aaaoo c.B>eaiUP7e ( 00 AS in ... Tt. FLA.
Mr J E. lacTsham. third :cepresUent -
I bave soatetklax pretty to shoo I Now for Boarders
sad manager of the land department Open
of the F E. C. Ral'wsyCntopaay ': yea A L.TEP C. rift.AKMOJTOliltOOt ,, ,
IB etpected to arrlre lien I
IB n day or two from St. Aacantlae. reader wants t* IM yw.r aieyeitj. \ i J
and win probably 10 on a en ee dowathe 1.1 I -
coast on his yarkt Enterprise. I
This wIlT be tbe tint rlslt of Mr I II Roth .itdiaf lulL FU rash .. over aad while yon hart THE GAUTIERC

'-= bam to this rlty sad aectioaa the look
time drop la sad take a at I I011I'
.ce .att"Beat ..... If wantdelicious Th Chapman House
I you Sac 1'ae! of"ooInL Deal tor-
I ....... c..n.i tesk Seise
, r.w.CHAPMAN. Pres.aM. ft the p'ace
4 tab'. board 14 per week. w..t' M .. u,. a..es b. .bs Light and airy Rooms. Polite Service
JOHN SCWCLL A SROHeadquarters prompt
.....arut, (I) A'evae D. 4..5s ..._...'"__... t..eoI.
.J o.M ,iM..wt1 .f" Pale -... w tMV..t
i I. lJ.ra =:awe tee ..rrtWsued. for smart TaDortafM Mrs. 1. 5. Faster Prop.
'hn"' '' Rnxnia IS per week. LeNa home made ..view.......r.-...a o..a.a..tb.r"'...rl.rtas... Twelfth street B scarae. Block .
Rets T a.. ni Arenne D. I:] Delta,.. PlortaU

bread orderSeybold's Mark's & House
Oyster Chop
t Fw ....1 of L J R The fneral of Mr L. J. Rice who ,
died yesterday afternoon at his kome tractor and Builder
at Deem Vista IB k't! Wtk year took I ,SatUfactloaOMarmat Miami I SteamLaundry ; Sea Food Our Specialty

pUce this afternoon la the city ceaie- .*4. I
,..,.' wader the dirertlOB of nnderlaker Oysters by.plate. qUIt or.xlo
al..pM ewet a 4 t9tm *.
R M. ]K'ac. Mr. Rice via the step-I .r. ; t.e..n.I fmslsb.d. Pest |K. UI t>4 .,
fsther of Mrs L A Coo'., aaj a nak ww I"-r- P.o.... .... A. ..LI1a : Nears sorted at all boar. 410 i2th Street. MU. Flood ...
of wile ac aaJ"I.f9 and mark pop- I

nlarityywenrT -- -- -
pert . . . .M.lies

Repairing ;- Corset ATcfK B all nti Street
.* want work
re men : any Makes a Specialty! of '
ktn4 At-p'y: Metropn office Also Fruit and Pound W., c. PRESTON. I THE

; Cake. all kinds large 3041 h Si. P. O. Box 311 I Go A. MULLZRdl SQN. Pnrrtst.rs, .
ROtSlCR mesns St't tnvestmentsF I Cleaning :
\ and mall. Delicious I

>ne.ral of W. C tayenmt : home made mince and !.:mil A. Ehmann j' I

ere, '.WB tu&etal, rted ths fte.wonrttir'lat, W.C..at .eree Ea1 t r"pkla!assorted pies. "I 'ArchilectWe Dyeing SAN CARLOS I III

o'cVork, the !interment belfcf IB the, :i .. '; :;I and Pressing !
rut remetarr sad Ike burial eei I'(''esbelnc II 1 t PIm, Beach Florida t
preached by Rev U D. Loweecc I

the M C. Church I'oat1l.e.. ,!I t. Op t (W it 2.50 tij tad
daafkterk.j V\crritt & Kolb I II rut per A
edk v*s a lfe sad two ,
)tr.. T J. Peters. of Little River BARGAIN
and Mrs, R F DonthM, of Cape Re4l Estate. Rentals, etc. I Laundry received in the morning i P..na las eta khl ,...

fUb'e taJ one -. T). W. Payers. of I Grapefruit Trees CtUUsAT M..ad ;; will be delivered the I'I'i I
Little RtTiv He was one of the pioneer II
i C. near 12th SIiaml.. FlaR. I i same evening A trial order I
rltitens of Date Crma'y and a
man ..'1 and favorably known. 15.-p Jl O4M. 4MS tfM. T_.. I will make you a permanent i ii
....It.,. Fleet to pasty Rees E. M. LAW i customer.MiamiStearnLaundry. ;I II Mrs. E. A. McLendon
..ma..t c..e _... weatb. I
We .y taiea. umimu rents and In- CU_.?"'(... .
sine property tar nonrcaldenU Ws DENTISTO I

are respoasfbla. Beck Where dROMIKM. > c. j. Rose Admr. O Bee Scwcll'a Shoe Store i : 233 Thirteenth Street
"....""' .. I i

.s"" : G--?.... GtaMt.t Arttstto Work cater-w: Thoroughly Phone 15. 808 /Avenue D DRESSMAKING

ineaM RIAL t IT ATI t- Wit The Moat M0b rn Appliances


Lf.. .._ ';y." .4' t' "I, ._ .. -. -Feel-., I I t. .......


TUESDAY. JANUARY tot lS s-1 ..aft. UW1r
r --
1 I

Begin the New Yearby I. I THE CHARLESTON j'I Master Scfae&fe No. 27. Peatawtr I OccUestf Steaasbfe C* I II \

visiting the Chase & CO. Chas & Harley failed mate* Fait If ail R iU for Key Rest, Cats, Weal ladiea.. the 1
I IN CHARLESTON ........ fla Mlaaii tad Pert T..... fl*. .
,.......Mlliaf* la effect .s ta. date ...... Sukjeet to ehaajr*aad IBdlftd '.
.alpoitpoaeaiai wliawii ....
and 10c
r I
FJrJ .a..w tfO*-Stamh" |. "Miami"Effettlv
CHASE OARHET Inc. I Prm Miami. Pla With Sallliif "Janvary ,tot .

Store I Lf M ia.I.Tb.,., M_... ...S DO ,.|Ly N Pmss.s..., Wed. . .. .IOOp iArXawia a
Variety FRUIT AND PEOPLE Of OLD COUTH tAG I Pn.Ta. .. ..11'...,|Arll..I.l4e.., Tlue..S70a.

They kaaffl ".,. Wood. sad 0...- I VEGETABLE Accident and I UNA TOWN WILL MEET NA..I.I- Pert Tampa Stiamafcto Havana-otv.tteaad LJn via. Key -W.H-Snaeii"* ,__tot .t'

'Kit van, Towola' ]tats. Ban mast PACKERS Tor SAKE AND PRESENT A SILVER Effetthr frau Pert Tamps Pla.With SaiilN, D..-..r 14 tot I'"
'* a sad Comforta. Tkotr I sad 1teat Cash Dealer !. I SERVICE ELABORATE ENTERTAINMENT I Lf P.Taps,ds..TaaTbsn.ll010 p I Lf HIT...,Tae,n..Ita".IIGO. ,
. : coaatera are MI of anl art!* I Ar Key Rest, Meo..WH..Pri.. .:JO p Ar Key west, TBe ..Tk....,AI S JO p ,
... for the kltcbM sad Caiac roea. Crate Insurance I H! PLANNED L. Key "'.... Meo_Wrd.,rl.. S JO a Lf Key Wrm.....,T ....,Ml U JO B tAr
'They Ladle aotioaa of aa 11a& \ I, UITIII, Tse+..Tksr-sst. .JO a Ar t.Taps, w.... rrL.__ 500: p
Material I Miami Havana Lm via Key Wert- Sneen ttOaWtfMSUamaklp : ,
; FIDEtlTY? BONDS I SHHxtneafc and. "Halifax* I
Jotoo & Tompkins Ch.rlMtoo. .. C.. J... 1 -Tkoa. | Effettiv* Iras Miami. Pla. With Salllmj DM 1S 1SOSLf i
,iPttUsf ud Imhust, I...1. of Tlaltort fro. al parti of the L. Miaail. kle... Wed. Pri Rosa H...... Mea, Wed. Fri 11 flOja .
Eut Lid Ilixl Elm Dock. OLDEST iGFNCT IN MIAMI state bare arrived b.r.awaltl.g tie Ar Key: "..'.11_.."'..., ,rt. I*to p Wes, MM.. Wed. PrlLf T :0p "
Lf Key west.TBea.Moa..rri Key .
D, J arrival of tk* eralr Ckarif | lull Weed Taee Tkar JUI" 4 0a J
No. 1011 Af um.
--- kick It due at Ibis port today aid I Ar Hn....T....,rk.ra.. 91. 0alaforaiatlo A r M Iaat.T...., Tk.ra.,Its... S JOI p
Brtwwa 101k sad iltk KrMta. kOaBl
will prohablr ,,",.1. ben aatU mldar a* to pMeacr aad freijkl rale to an poiaU la l'. S,Cuba.
r- 1. Y I Ir The milcrr, was ...... after Rest ladie aM Bckaaai rkrerfallj t.,....... spas tppllcatiea.Ar .

tali city sad tk* clt'mt are ao little I P M ...n,. T. P. A P A e.... LMyr* Use It... .....,.. T. A .4Tl
... I
I prood of the skip wklck ktaritk Jakvll*. Florida
aim. of ikrtr city
To show belt prtd I. tk* skip. sad -

Fort! Dallas National Bank tkelr ippixUtln upon Ckartotoa of the fcy a koaor.ml if cnaffrird OB*- I .

of tk* i...t m'..,* of the Aawrk-aa
b t\ : try after It, the citlmi have nl.*..
a toad aid IWT Ud a auffBlaeatolid
at'..r p Bck howl with platttr
sad la. 1. of Ik* urn mitrrUI mad. i
y 1 wkkk win to prtwatH to the dip
1tr. Gapital $100,000Surplus {} om tkU oecaaloB ;.-
i The BMM elaborate prtparatloai Perfection at ;Last.

r. Bar. ka mad* for 'M iverpt'oa .... ALWAYS RIADT. ALWAYS BY-LB. 4
attrtaiBBMBt of tk* offl *n sad see
of the Chrl..... For this rrta< Simply Lather and Share. .
:: $3,500 a rcpttoa to tk* ofllcwre of the 0.,- .. .
: ..... bas .#.. ."....*.. t* wild tkoBevra TUZ1Y 1s BOTHINO TO ADJLST, 'J
of tk* Tnaa Arkaaaaa H- {
I *
ada aad Florida sad of tk torpedo oBoWfilfat0. *f thta naor b the s sTi
: koala wow la Ibis barber will alas bads Twelve bled.. (twestydesr sharp
M lartted.Tk LAST y .dieu Tsta r paper. a a.ssslistrFT .r

t Assets over Half. a Million Di liars ,Uk.*Blac BTtaaatatloa* tomorrow.,*,Tl....bawl|.. will sad .Toss ss.Aasi.d 5R.sad geed Zara palitata fat r wb.Mlar- g will "I'

K aeeroMirtoa. t eloai| la a BUMT tr.a
. fa... wilt to takes oa board ,.. Ckar 7 TwaatT.TT
IntOB ky a steam web, wkkk win aATastiA..aiisC
ala. tarry II.,.. Ktott Sal ttotor ...-
_Statement. the Close( of Business.I Novembei 9th. 1905 of tie pr.*ntarioB WMltU
. Mayor Ktott will deliver the BTMMUtloB -

: condensed from Report to Comptroller of urrency Secretary a44rtaa.of tto Navy It npoetol Boaaparl that will M.J.lslS.t..i h

to ...**.., at tto ,.,...,. H. kaa bl +;
ton especially UrttH for tto sere 1901 "t:
Resources sits, tot ".. *ot able to auk a *rS. Eoe .
41 It. ...-..*. awtof U the pt.>at... ofkwilBMa 4W
.Loaas aad disco.ats. .. .. I2G3, 6.04 .BTBC the tart7 Jar *ttto
/ Oret afta :. .'. .'.: : : : : : : : : : : : ::::::: : :: : 3, 4159 day..... .of Coafrm after tk. bats .3{.3For

8'Boada axcout CircmUtkm... .... .. .. .. ...... 5Z MOO rtffu.TMDOTTWW rrvalac. tie steers .,
r i". ;.,'0tIIetB owsed. . ...... ... . .:..... .. .. .. ... 50400.00oaoo tto Ckarlntoa sad, also S> rriary Sale by ;

. Baatbr 8ft. . . . .... ..... . . ........ 50 Boaapartt. should ,. MOM. will to ttorwttta Biscayne Drug) Company 1
of the city at a toa.vet |trmIB
4 Available Gash Assets their ..... For tto foilowtac daya
o-t tit, bust a..U bas to.. arraatd
for tto oflcwn of ... Ckartotoa sad I DUNHAM THE CANOVA
( tto other wtrtklpa la the karkor.Tto .
. Irish bowl whirl :Uof'J )
Dae from bajika. 92.11Z5: sated to tto Ckarlntom, Miami Decorating Company

1.. Cask os bacI..... . .. . . .. .. ..... 3t.li1- 1145.' 8745 .It* aid ntalattt wortaoaatklp. Hwaa .
MJ ta New York tad la oraaj j t :
:.;. .... Total reao.rcca............ ... .. .... ........... $564. 3696BOMK MtM will r 'Vrf arm*. of TortSumter. ; tt..ae .r sa. J
r n Movhr ,.. Battery ".1
Liabilities i, St. UVk*.rt CkBirk .... use tk.'
., :....). of tie Nary tad of ito City of ;, Painting
Ckar'MtOB aid various .aib] matle
Capital paid tae . .. . . .. .. .. ... .. .. .... . $100. 00 I....p.. 1! Paper Hanging and Kabomining 1 II

Sarplaaaad props.. .. . .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .... .. S. .60 I After tor Ttdt to CkarlMtoB.,Ooav Agency Peat' Wall Papers. .Wi'
r CirCKUtio ..... . . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .... S2 00 niadrr Vlatlow wilt take kla. k1p. .

Bin partbteDcpoaita .. .... . .. . .. .. .. .. ......6S, ao 'oat sari for for kr the flaal Padfle trial Coait.tad Tie will Ck tees.r-i' Call or write for Estimates. Phone 181. 1315 Ave. D i

." ...... . ... . . .. . .... .... .. ... .. 342. &938 : lest,. I. a protctd m\trr of tee .

1 'Total liabilities. . ........ .. . . ..... .. ....... $564. 913 : ,\low.... toai ass tto Int of |ta r..... 'i iIN.

c.pariUve wtemeat .f 4eposIU sIIor.lI9 IKTUM U szacz V. BOARD OP TRADE AT BANQUET'' youngs.c. Pharmacy .

". Kortmber 17th. 1903 . ...... .............. .. ..... $155. 21 I .
November lOtk. 1904. .. . .. . .................... 34. .77 Nw York. J....". t- Tto New .

Nm.ber; 9th. 1905..F. ... .... ............ 342, 59.38 I 55-.sal '!' A Drug Store for The PeopleThat's

i our motto aDd it has been the means of adding bun :
,of dlatiaciiUkH<< lavttH guests at tkkaB
.wt ..4 It I. exported that several dreds of new customers to our list.Ve sell;) only the pur
taponaat addma ,,11be d.lIt.... est drugs. All prescriptions are filled by registered pharmacists.

( I.oa. be bat tow.orcaikm..) BPOB Among win be the t'matters. proposed We also carry the finest sodas and ice cream in the city t

pkntpplat iklpplaf law wkl k 2 Doors North of Postoff '
would berara oprratlv oa July 1.
I 1W. Tb. Boarj of Trade It .troarT E.
rt W. Tonnes Pres.
opposed to tto sew law aid will arc ,
? BPOB Congress to repeal tie Taw aa It
woalj pl f. lajvr'oaa ....trdlo.! apes ILL FOR DIVORCE
the faellltlet for >aadlla( Ao . trade will the PkJlllpplB Ii'aadf.
Ir n La (a the Circuit Cart, tk* Sratk Ja- I
.. s COMMODORE w. K.VANDERIILT. 1 itial Oremlt of rortda to aad for

4t RETIRESNw Dad Coaatr-U Ckaaevry.Laara W9Q ',\
E. ZaadA "1
: : CoapUtaaat. fa. 1
. York J... I Tto aaaaaleettaf
1 WI Liam 1L Xu4en. etn4aaa-am
r f of tto toawaakaka Corimkiaa :
? Tilt Club whirl win be told ..'. tor Diforca.U
1'J' o ,aftrraooa at the rMldrac of Rent wtIUaa B. Zaadera, .et..t is .
. 4 .'Coma+ -. Mat s. Hattlaca win the above forto ,
'to of spatial lateral the
owtac U
" It appoartac fro. tIe afflJarft of

I fact.. tto tkat preceat Commodore commodore W.K.Taadfrbltt.Jr. of tko ctab.kaa .. La.,. B. xu. ra. eoaipUimaat ta U*I 1 1i
decided to retire sad win sot ae- above ratted caaa. Oat ra an a
,, rest aaolker term It la aaJeratood .*:dest of U* State ot /'
that E. C. Beaedlet. owner of Ikeateaner sad that whereabouts ,
I IJTe'Jintite got *J1arWa.1
OF FORT DALLAS NATIONAL BAJNK OnelJa. who bn bee aoailBatej i
sad poatofflc a4dra are to Noted C.UIe
by Ito trustees of the el.111
! ; the pullitft attention ,to the abate report tonde std from suvrn to tto ....1_ kolr* for tomato 'Slat takaowv.Tkcrcfor I '
i statement to Comptroller dor. It Mr. Beaedlet la .IM', aatker : *. saber sal pwaaat lei Ja11.appI1U..eattJaah.ppll'
of Currency which shows present dition.
our co to .
emr natoincra. Tk
la BO doubt k* wfll. n will be (k* laws of tk* State e( rinds M H I II nag steers 1
Outgrowth in deposit shown t y the abort comparative. tt itement-a gain the tecoad time that k* becomes comI I berry ......*. flat yes. ara bony I that an allowed to shift lor them

of one hundred thousand each year Tor the past three v ln. Both ttatementt I Midor odor* of.. tk Uti. clak.sad Tlce-coBtmodor H* waa a I cotes i ilnH. repaired| to appear to Be kd C4tolaat I Mlra until slay rack tk* atockfajda q

shoed that the Fort Dallas National Bank selected by nits r StaUs\at\ a depositary ta ,... ta the slay easa es tk* I sad then get cora for a few I t
fart what 'J
an aot
pops tnt kfoadar fa Tnur. Ik* MM wt vast act
public is growing in strength and what
moneys RAILWAY PKEMHT ANDAOOAOE ..tag the f U day thereat A. & 1>ML oar csstomers waaL
Our customers say it is a pleasure to do business with vs. We hate am MEN MEET I ILaaracter. I Lad a rate Jay tletsoLIt Prime Mull '

, pie capital for all rquiltme1llllrilltin the field of legitimate &z Hng. II" con- to hitler rfrW that this .... {
. duct and Pa. J... Tk M- M rbUakd ta the kCaad ktotrwpotk. art what we, offer net U 4.,. '
a Satings Department pay 5 per cent interest,\leredile (ana compound- .
sails coarratioa of tk* Oraad Dtfla-j a BWPPM fvkUakM: ta the rid ell I j icia a aad in. ftaforar*
, ed quarterly. Respectfully.r ,loa of tie Brok Tkood of Wroa.1! Miaul Dad Gent Tlalda.eee" high) predated:| w
I Prelfkt sad Bat a.*nea of aack wk for .'jkt coancatlr weeks
..... .
Ie..d Ibis at tk* Grail
It la fartkr ordered that .
\ B.
keadaaartera will a large Doanc Prop.
r atteadaac of J.J.ttte. from al'parts tk:. enter k* poate4.t tk* Cast
'of tk* cmratry. Fr *ld' t Robert P. Hou door ta tk* Covaty of Dad..
: i ,Neil opened tIe coafeatloa ...1 ... Doa sad ordered vramaat to law" YACHT FOR
llrerej its laavtl addrea. Many lav Dad this SALt
ri at WaaU. Florida Goaty
1 pnrtaat Hatter win ease ap for coaderatloa A kaadaoM .11'. taj ap4y aadUry -
:1 i.I ntk day of N "Mr. A. Dl IMC.JL .
I r ," darlaf tie tkree daya of yawl ft: IS r..4 ever all; Sa fwt
I"* coareattoB.: II i K. DXJLKBOXX.ark water'la.; 11 IS feet b.... J f.Mdraafkt
I Omn Court : C 11 k.,. vatfa; buGS taIMS
"-.I good Tinkled boors cx ct. s..i By j. u ns a C. ; fa cnamlaatoaj sad las aa aiwckavaHabl
.I4 1..1 for tk* --. J. H. i.... O. A. Wortoy. spare ta .. tk* ..*,*(. W foour Box tell.
It Co. teal estate agents j.,_ t. .. -Bo kits for C B 'aisast j lay\ j _


s_ y y... 1'-

J 1Yrlk 'Pto

...-. ... f

II. I-
FITTED TRAINS ...* lotoroot from tti* UM of tills "OUR LINE Or 7'
Oropofnm slid piss

WILL BE HELP DURING MARCH from Pap Lqat' I'I'0aIataH4 I. Sanford basket sarJaer for tile are lettuce. aettlac they IS sr.OS I q qper Fine Dress :Shoes T

aow aeaJlac to marketOwlag .
I' .. at II 9. ... today.ryl to tk rapid rlpealac of the < ;
tomato crop thlpmeat began at a t .

This Is the Announcement Made Today By E. Y y.I Pi lass alepiag ear left Detroit sad mock'earTh. earlier period that Jarn* last r .

withaatl the Chicago Special at Clartaaffordlag Tampa Trlbaa ..f.:"...'. eooa- t
I throatft ear ervtee ty should reel pardOMbl* pride la bo- _
Blackman Secretary and General Manager. We are exclusive agts for ; -
trot these priadpal cltte to Florida lag eaablej to herald Itte'f la th* fa-
tare aa tile baaaer citrus trait cooatyof
Will Be Greater and Better Than T) t Chicago Special win aeries laJacl l Florida.- I\
oavtll* la two aectloa today /, lawley sad 8t.rlte. ai well aa Laklaad. *- the Florsheim
A Hd PttHnuB teals of seers ear th* atrawbcrry 10.... an reporta I

" her Known Before. 1 ten .erg aa4 via tile Big FOOT nwt* mod akowlBR for proltabl rf'Otlll
seat priac. provided ..t,... cold I
aad ra tkroogk to 8t Asgustlse.as ,
."t ----- I Ii t i* aecoad ectloa to tk* Chicago doe Th*aot Tampa strike Times them has bea laterTtewlat -J A shoe made over a variety :?

8peAac< al. local aalborltle sal ...,.* '
: Tk* aaaaal Dad Costly Fair will The Dad rcwaty fairs are aow loA : N rtkboaad. tile Chicago Special I of 200 foot-form lasts ;'

J. be held .. taut) bf$3BlBf: oa or i'''ed, spun as oar of tk. features aece r31: leave St AaguUae at I:M a.is. I that tk will* oraac-.till.lite crop of, th* preoratyear IMAM In both oxfords and high- +
.. 5:11 .. I
ad at a mdallj
about the M oad Tuesday IB M.rck nary with tke corms[ aad aacceoi teach boles shorter that that of laM year cut shoes. We can demonstrate r
except ....1.,. arrivlag at Claclaa -
of this year ouM* |...Mm net aow taM .. A couple week ago Rev B. Gal*, }
U at 7:U a sad Chicago ''
,tie wi. the |.*!tl,* .*. ._i>tata4o : '.lie Jertfioa kai bees rearked sotto at 4 p. .. of Maagoala skipped anoie cuttings to you the real 'r- ;
the 0'. aad lily Nalioba maato -
,r'1 by Mr E. V. Blarkmaa >*rr- brrak tile order sad rOIIu.., aadbod Doubt Dally Service from < value of this shoe-There -
I whkk I* oa kU p ace to Cubs to
} tary sad cearal BMaacer of the MB the fair of IMX tile sumo M Ida W pedal k tho laaagvratloa ItariteJ traits of the oa 'rjor-J.af b* used for propacattac p..rpo>e*. I Is a difference. Price ?
to a Metropolis reporter this ....1.. ''rustotaary the aaaie win lie heralded Th packlac howea at O > aad were I
5. *tbera Railway traits No. IS
tad from aow aatfl the date of opea with delight aad aatufactloa frojaI .aJ No. 14. Florida Limited. wklck started acala oa the HI_. There are I
tag Mr Blar..... win direct all of I sae Pad of the ooaaty to the otker.. sow leave Jackaoavin dally at T:4S lots of wastes la that aectloa yet to
$ kla ...rct.. to that ..... I and all interested aboald aow apt ,. sad arrive JackaoavtlU 1:5t: more Th trait carried well from 1
This lafornat'oa will be g ad .... I boat preparlac for tile tame with a. .. will b* exteadJ. aad operated, (her tkl{ *ea oa. *.H"r_ complalat I $5 OO.f'
I the determlaaUoa to oaks It tine jot urtai beta recefredPracticany I
to both the people of Miami sal tkoM bat rea Bt Aagaitla to Clactaaatltkroagh ,
of tko coaaty who had regretted exceodlacly |I tke most tacceaafal yet ..... I'I lilt day coaches from BtrtlM all of the tomato oojj j
tk* probability that there 1 A Ihtl pall together ash eoacertyjlactloa to Cladaaatl sad Pal'maa taw laad la Dad costly have .*. {
sad I* a'l that la atnaaary to ac'romplUh '.. affected beyoad repair sad those o
would be ao fair bath this year 'I. lag can from 8t Aagaatlae to .1
I' have taffered also 1k
that reavltI lick croaad a
who had practically abaadoaeJ all ,Chi! to aaJ Detroit afordlac doable
d hopes of the aaat auirUHilt u.ppea' I I 'dell __... via the B t sad pledges of rapport for DAIRYMEN AND MAKE I f way to CtBdaaatl sad the Weet decay by totted dTlopm-TrMt
L S the sue ...... to brlac ao r*.ain. SUGAR MAKER MEET I'' Al tram* operated by tko Southern sad Produce New*. Miami :Shoe Co
Not oa'y win tko fair be held aiacaal |Rat' ay have Boattora Railway his

"t k U tko ateatloa of the Yh'r-ttirtli AiHNial ....... Salsg HM lay an. FACT ABOUT FLORIDA r
liioamon to auk It senator aid New Yseft-F1.rida Sp.slal
at S.rtlagtM Vt. ;
better that before by featarot bero- Tb* At'aatle Coast Ua Railway1 Florida has aa area allt.:" square .
I .r .
II" .
J blurt ollaMaatod .or...... Oa. New York sad Florida special No.W "'.*. s. RW
of these will lie a poa'try cxklklt sad Borllactoa. Vt. Jaaaary > -' Tie 57; i in operated dally except Mooloavtag FWUaJ aoreac I* S7JJUW.. (f 'n (' S '.. "'H
t probably a Mock dlaplay, t* k* k"'daador Yeratoat Maple Sugar Xakort Aaaoctatloo day New York ai Ile p.m.. Florida has KtJUt dares of toad ., .. J ) ;
eaara adjaeoat to tko Fair I |a aoldlaff Ita thlnooata aaaaal std arrlvtac la JackoavtTo at I:M ta caKlTatloa tJ tII H ,\ -
r bvOdlac.T Bwetiac hero & 'e'.t- p. .> the *** day. begianl.g yeTrala *- Florida produces a greater variety
>+1 oro are easy tao breeia of poaV tax ofwaoj laat tight vita at Mortal turd No. M will ko opor- of trait vegetable aad farm prodact
..-.. sad roeeptloa sad today slid dally *t *pt Saaday. toavlac th Catoarorid .
ec- try la tko eowaty ash R ta caa ldore4tkat .... aay other state la '
....... hold for
two BteeUaca were
.t a Moat crodttablo display of this Jack aovm* oa tho test trip Jaaaaryt I death rate 'pttMMaaad
.. *! average . .. .
tko eoadJeraaloa of itMtlao .uen.1M '
klad stabs ."..... TWaaaw la t U:M p. aa ash arrlvlac at la oaly 1*.N.FtorUa .
true of stock sad waTe act ao ptevU- roeolrtac of report sad to hoar NoV York tho seat aftoraooa at4:M.U ; U th* beat haattac sad t.h- .
'.fat ala aoa t otker aaetioaa eertalaapoetevM a ...., of tatoreotlas papers ( Tk a solid vettlbal trala, com- lac state MM of Ot 4Misalsasi15I! .. .. ..
canoes paws o( 'thi Imponaat mCaatry .ts- -4 rah ta .rss 5---------- r
eaa bo shows that vMeoaiparo poodUK. I exelaalvoljr of Pa Imaa sleep river
wttk rataodeJaewker ( drawlagrooaa. cutoroom okote has eaten of seacoast
faTorably say Florida a greater
*. I Tho i aaaaal aModac of YonaoatDalryateai Tart a. library aid dlalag cara. aaav than say otker Stats.
Aaooeiatkm alao ,opeaed kai sad otoetr lighted ash will havegou
Mr Btackaiaa .wh. with tbo Mb- I Florida has forty fve railroad laeJadtag -
eral Mpport e( bar H. If. Flavor here today ,There la a large attoad- b* o stated solid between Ike AagaoUaJ tko biters aid saber roaJ.
t sad the oldness of tko comtf. baa aao tad a Wchrf'. latereafag dairy Jackioavtro sad New York Florida I* th* only But la th* Ua-
arranged n< bad charge of an ..... exhlMUoa with ra aablo prtaea to .. CM *o>norl4a Limited ton prodaelac apoace. harvert worth
tats la pail .eoir,.. to sow eoaraVaotaat competed for Tho ladle aaiHtary TbV Chicago sad Florida LlmttoJo ,.If. mllltoa do"lan a year HappyHome
win boils pabtlo aaeetlac this oroaiaci a
I. rated via the Atlaatlo Coast
froai a oeroro attack of grip Florida I* has subject to extreme .
sad 'sag atecUoa ash feels equal i wkVk Ooreraor )Ben win Jellm I' to Georgia Boathera sad Florida 5 I f temperatar thaa say other But .
.tile prtaclpal ad. resa. Vr, How.' Ce. kl of Oooncla Wtera sad At
to tko owerreacy sad froai this flats .la the raloaFlorida .
oa, ao win devote kit aadindod rate!, win apeak oaHorn* Mtklac, j last % KaakvOI, Ckattaaooca A St. lead a3 other States u a I. 1
aU'rmtI6al vorVac-i W'tatweota 1 Ion i. UwrfivfT Naakvlli*. C T.ad resort for tour at. sad .....1\1 ask.era. I .. J t'. t3' t
.a / 'shlbK.. tad by which ko st For Real -Tk* oily at hoaa* H., tko C. K. t. Railway .
patti to aot silly equal bat ..".. ia Miami F. C. Droller A .*. Florida has a greater variety of tree
an vrtoM 'tp'ar M tko kid both ISO IS Aveaao!D. h El ker of tko Bkagga M._. com- that say other State la tk* Ualoa.
.a m..1IIea.drw trattr. dtttrral p'etfIy fan...... for tale. See 4ratan Florida produces cottoa. tort *.r If not, you have only yourself i
ttMMrua sad aaMBfactar4 products' Wanted< =- Several '.mt *ry proparora. R. A Co. for prices 5141.. .,.... tobacco rice.pplo' orac '
i la the cooaty. Apply at oaco. B B. Dooclaa. 1erai.. __ Nt ... grapefralt. guavas pMChea.aama. or your best girl to blame. We ,
lemoaC pen. Umea. aga.
(rape*, tomatoesfart. a varied can -help- you make a happy home ,I
BMortmeat of etc. I frail away
I of whh-h Cat tot e uucce.rtul.y small I t
;" growa farther aonh except la licit at a expense. A lure easy

*' Have visited II Florida-. 550tea' kilo. which way to tare is to compel your
ewe .. other
you I* proJaced -riw ,0.
( kaowa It .'. ahoadaat !hat itwould self to tare by investing in the
pay ,aaafactar It lato or-,

l 4 aameatal .. thing which bring comfort and .
Ftorivlace* phosphate
..._ 1 grp.au that w1 na
Bros. Enlarge j t. per n >f .a pl t:f of u.... A'o enjoyment while paying for them

a raperU ...1''y of white cemeat.well .
adapt 'r or Bmt.l t' a brick.Portda .
a all la Immef depoo- I
I its of pko* rock UkelaaJ.

Shoe and :Clothin Stores? ICw \ A Dollar or Two Each Week t will do.


he Uttle he-.-.. *f, ,-, iapar* Dade County Furniture Co.YI (;

I II I MM T......' Th j erAltkoagk pf .

'j ,. r t :a* .. fan attadImnortaac -
_.. ...
I d was traaact4 ip
I.' _. .
Tk* Ja aI"--. salary of th white
school at West Pa m Beach, was a*
N at SIT per amath the aaaM to i
belt from Jaaaary t
i iThese Ib petltloa of tile colorod caool SPECIALTY '
ands at Pe'rav for aa eiteaoa of th*
stores are the larges ; term was Jeale4Tk III

rest of tko foreaooa .*Mloaw I
.. lakes ap la routine bwalaon *f

t most. up-to-date stores in tie 5 >oiith dltlag bllla approviac warrants et* '
'" Although there was a fad attsadasee -
\ of th* eooaty board of p.bH* I .
t mctrw"loo at the oflco of Bapvrlatvaden' .1 as.115 ft. 11ht .lb.
You are cordially invite tc Hal tkU aiont'ag la regular

vontk'y>> .....011. bat lltt'. bala***
mt lnnortMH. was trtBMCted up to
e these stores and look t thr ugh. aoVr ,o-t:
tt Parrtah reported tllat' had

"c I II 1- th.'''acboo' material at Fort tot tile LaaAerdal addltloa Mini Bilrimsing Now Oooft Parlor t 1 Dos t Srll; Do

for ik nm
I Lalahart A Potter First Class Service by
( |1M. la coaaectloa. with tile same ANNIE E. HESDERSOXCn4Mtt

j I .Jf'f1.'tI'tI4..t report' 4the work . pp ctWTly rompleted |, Bt UI..... ..,.. ___.... Call'" -

.. "., sad -Mr*. D. E-. Btrtcklaad. of f fXr. Pointeron
I If > ,.tIotI. female 41_... sat Jeraage ;
I .r. sad
..J. J '" Delaad are among the "
.. : .i J . I bnstaess visitor BOW la Miami | anti ceatto rlaary sad Wood .II.
: W
OH N I BUMNHAM I fThe The Doctor I* wen kaowa sad hat your .'

SlftcSh Stcrc'-Sew lls (Clothing Store ', coutoA ibnadaat refereare ben oa the east C. H. BROW!

sal pecla'wt la tile
I sages 'aif;.a* maid ,la attendaac*.
304 Twelfth St. 306'welfth St. tk. aid Electrical lllJAte. Q
: Vetrorolli balillec brings to OSc: hoar from 5 a. at to 4 pm contractor a

i I of all. th* bag or chroatcalTy<< afflctM. I .. except 8aday

the skill sad Jalrntit gutaHVr FRED I ITER.
i forty years study ash riper'ear la YACHTS
this 1'B.. sided by the |atet sad host i aaeeral'Coetractor.' ;
1? approved ftrtlctl ash *lctrlca1 appllaac Cratfin
**. AH tk* sal bert .. For s.e41 foot aazl lacy Taw': Stawrt..

Sewells Tailoring Establi !>hment, pecatl'y* of HOMEOPATHIC prepared remote M5'DCINZSA A falTa I 25 foot ketch rtctfel yacht; rt foot &l bealwf. SM.e.IYBurkhart

xi'tary: yawl; SO foot caaooy top
fn command of *") these caable
the Doctor to cure haadred of the 'laaack; Si foot half costa lease!; :

Biscayne Block 336 Twelfth Street oatd "lacoraV. e*-.. U fooc power &" ,..

AH Catarrhal d1eae of hadIhroat. For Charter Cnlalif yacht of LOCK AND Gt'XSMITl_

taaga itomacK bowels. sad an Mach: Md. arriUary sat power.e'rp txrxrt Rerilrins eAeen.e
'aider: tadlCMtloo: dyapep. a. Pee
tat dimtw """-. few.! .. .. e" m tt- Tadt AIIM1. C / etwee ia'w rts$ 13th 11rp
-- \

1.J.lJ. ." J_ >. "' 'ioI- ... << .t'.lII -. .. .:a.
,,'" ,\I"" .. '" 7 t

The Daily Miami metropolis

Material Information

The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Miami Fla
The Miami Print. Co.
Creation Date:
January 9, 1906
Publication Date:
Daily (except Sunday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note:
Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note:
Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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VOL 3. NO. 27 =.:=.. MIAMI. FLO&t IDA. TUESDAY. JANUARY 9, 1906. C--: : Price 5 Cetrs

The Present Year Promises to Bring to| Miami and Dade County Greater Blessings Than Ever Before

- -- ---


Former Will OIC.M Later at tossed t4 Dogs fram all Part ef! I


II I Oeaver. Col.. J... t- The coaaldjjeraUoe :; WByne br>ro o* Jaa. >,- Hunets

{ of the Railroad Rate Question j ,and dog .kr-et a from all part of IB. !
G CD HOME will be one of the most Important aab-1! TEN SID ES I couatrv tmong the mss, hnaJmU i MINNESOTA MUNICIPAL I -

''jfot1. to be illxauril al the armed aa1aaal i rested spectators. who area AND COMMERCIAL LEAGUE
eoamiiloa of tbe American Stock i eeml ,' here it attend the HD aa- I

Grower Anortatjon. which met herethla Dial. meeting r'. 'he Georgia Held' Twe Hundred] Dl,at** Aaeoxkltd I I Iat As They Slept t During Lao
Trial Aaaoclatlo
aiorclnr.Th I Eleven ettr t aaJ
St. Paul
> matur i i. lit great Importance to all potatera hat, >a ..,......, for the I Today I|

Chinese Exclusion Act Is the cattlemen aaaorlatloa of recojtnlied the Went, this and fact thesew With The w tnnbian Government trlai fatal and..4..t among -i'n ned are do'a toft. of the the 8t PaaU Jaa.*-Abont two haadred'I III i' Hours of the Night.
delegate from all part of the It.t.1 I
Called States.There II
la41... Its legal counael.8. H. !

' Constitutional Co..... of Texas to Wa.hlagtoa. for:! Ag lost Panama I are pro r no Ire bird I _were U.ta. of attendance Mlaaeaota, when State the aaaaal If.... :I j I II I I _

the purpose of artead'ng tile hearing| dots IB the world --a aome of u.oH tpal sal Commercial
before tbe Senate committee OB the catered for toda,' 11 Much was ca'1-1 l
pats ..
to corM A the
old Capitol this TWENTY
railroad Mr.Cowan has aad OR MORE DEAD
':) rate qaeatloa. I patience has been apent la training moralag.
retaraed sad "' tnbmtt a teagh report the Jon daring the
:* peat vest asS The
on the snh)ett. which will prob- tae sport be de'egate were welcomed by the i
may expected
coaJttion -
:UNCLE SAM 1 MNS\ CASE aMT be dlacaaaej, at some lea th. SERIOUS' iENAa EARED[ are almost 1"111 1 The reese. Ideal mayor'-of .8t Welter Pail reapoaded aad Vic onb Free*
That the cattlemen ta geaeral .
recog- vatloa which tli. t.. are '.Id. hat of the delegate.. After the -
j else the Importaac of the matter a* Fact..." hoot ISM ."r"< i* located !
loss committee Water
had bees Pipes Broken
:;) muck a* the member of the America seer this! town aad *+s 'tt- Importaatadvaatage. appoht.dasd I, lAd Finmia
some other roatU biaaej trial
J Stock Grower AaaoeUtioa. U erldeat' L. that there r always a *af.flrleat acted, the meeting. took a news for Wire Usable to Chick Flames
from the fact that;the Cattle Grower amount of tame to be toad.
Brought By Hint Wing, to .... *!. Cxecattve Cotsmlttueaa Red Skill About TbirtyTboosaod there During the last tour year laacheoa.Preildeat L.la A.the Roalac afternoon win sissies deliver Now

.I Pre'c to cooperate with the Ameri- the fame of the ", ..,...boro 'ro....* his aaaaal address the Couoniaj Bodies of
nat Being Deported Stock 0,...!,.' execativ committee Strong. ud Art aaa spread all through the rmatry aaj secretary
} aid th* treasurer win submit. their
aaaaal Victims
; -Dillu
eel ha placed all its find at th* and even across the ocean tad among Tens and
report lacaraae
;> His HstiTO Lsnd-Six Similard disposal of the Utter committee for low.SClttrnd AloDe Oae Han.dred the spectators attending the trial are rr T. D. O'Brien will deliver Coeamladoa-aa address '. Boston
th* proaecatloa a( Its parpoae several Cngllth .. Also Safer OisastroosCoifUfritioas
*.port.Capt. *- "
Miles of the lost Fertile oa "LIT ......". Then a
>> Cssts Mow Pindiuf Afficttda ". L. Stoae. of At'aata. .U aamber of committee report win be
SEVENTIETH ANNIVERSARY rile prealdeat of he Yield Trial Annrfatoa. received aid dlica*..d. Todsj.Havemiaw. .
By the DocisioR Rendered Too ST PAUL'S PARISHKvaaavtlle. Coast ulml-lIucb Apprehension Mr. T. T. Aihford. of Blrmragham. This evealag the delegate will ea-

Eag'asd. a JIattagatihedell tests at a kaaqaet at which many -
>> deg Bj Federal Jodfi. lad Jaa. t- Today latke II Eetertaieed' trial manager win act a* jaJga prominent delegate will "'..., ajdrecae -

aeveatieth aaalveraary of the at today trial. *. There will b* three aeaaloa.
0 N. T.. J... t- fhe
of the meeting tomorrow and two
---- founding of St. Pair Pariah of tkeEpiscopal oa iremea aided
by a haadred volaa-
Thanday.READY .
church I aaj the member
SPECIAL ELECTIONS leer dtiaea are atlll worklag .aero.

*'CHI..at1, Jaa. t- The cone that of that else coagrecbAloB la aa appropriate will celebrated maaaer.Thia New port .I .. t- A Herald die I IN PENNSYLVANIABelnf leally to subdue tbs ..... which! ar
,Maat *" tea Matt.\ ihe ritetstpalevent..t evening th* principal celebratloa patch from Pa ama soya that latermatron a'owly coaaamlag. the remains of at

lavolvlng the coaathaUoaalUy win be he'd conantlng of a special i has received there that Held Tedty t* Fill Vaeancle* PACKERS TRIAL least home Ifteea pereoa. who. la their
I ware carried) to death
: of th* Cklaeae eiciaalon aft aervlce. with Ike !blabop of taJlaaapoti the Sag Bias .dla. a tM lower In State Legiilatwr '........ Jut la a
Sraa derided la favor of tke raitedSkate a* tile principal apeaker. Tomorrow Are Indicted for C aa At'.tlel Coast Panama have
asaosaeed I sight There la little
> la the drcatt eoart her today. hope that the
apecfM i Anti-Trwt
mornlag aaotker sere Laves
their 1ec1"'tI to Caumhla victims will lie .....tl.... If ..
Ma its eecUtoa the eoart burl that ;, tae Phl- : recovered
Ice will be held at which bishop I adelrbla. Jan t- Aoedal elec- at an.

ia* act of April T. 1W coatlaaed the of Kentucky wiT deliver the aermoa.la duets for tiling vacancle la the Stale !! Chicago Jaa. 5-- Th trial ag lat The bosses .....
act IB rail effect. Congrea ha ring', the evening Ness Oak of tk.1 There are t thirty ihouaaad of.set eda'itan. wk'ch occurred .'.re I'e'the' beef packer ladlcted for conaplr- la la all were located

Ike power t. make It ... Parish l lOoaaael will tilt:* anaial k7Ma q. these radians ttered along thehutdsd lift aeaaliM areH today' la a to tasty to rid.t. ... ..,"' ,... law oa the edge the of eastern ead of the Iowa

c. for appelaat claimed, tkatj I Itxdssloa with the bishop th* i : miles more cI t\s tents j''I her of _. /... Oily ODe of the cars opened today la the Catted State way without waratng a c'ay, while pit which gave
act was void ... that hi*t of honor and I| tie Crawford the moat
principal .pester.t
gaeat which
01 kb. 01 coaaty la math Datrtct Cowt. n.r..ra la aOtweatyone of the
rifest eoald lICIt be legally departed part eoe t Paaama sad the victim were *........ The
Other minor celebratloa win exteadover Ticaacle occur -d, make aa
penoa cornoratloaf tide
from thi eoaatry. Thl la use of the reel of the week. revolt acalalt .aa'a .J. I. said tics aader Indictment broke the water mala thus cat
sad the laI
,ale atmlar aow peadlag ... thedtocUoa te bat bHa I I ting off an menu of Ightlag the Ire
raaea cited by the trotttnbliss. la that county the special e'eetlM he'd to decide the tea pedal plea which
.1 PIw. to all of them. I I i I ....1 not take dace aatfl { stand from itovea aad flre-
II ITORPEDOSOATS COLLIDE Thursday pt l for tmmonlrt raised by the defeadaat plates aa soon aa the boa_ coll
I I I WITH DAOAOINO RESULT*I I A. t.... red .s have ..,,<< let'sseosgsosJ this ....t.on.. .....or..1 .'f'<<'tloa. The rerdtct of the jary win oaly ... peed.
TO BE EXECUTED FOR are see held today. Th* vntclal. ..*- dJe whetaer the packer are to be
The ire department .. ..
tM actor of brt.ctll'I I I was iaI
MURDER ; I I loa of the l.egl.'.ture will coareaeoa tried later oa the teats charge laj reach
j the
; tames after
'' I I ass the arrival -
them baelll .
i Norfolk. Jaa. Dung a heavy I I to same may prose .ertoa Jaaaary II. One of the moat Important the tea. or go free altogether, becaaa of aid '
9 Hartford. Coaa. Jaa. a- Thl lalO I
day for which baa bees set the'1xecatlon ''j torpedoboat deetrtryer Wordea aaJ I crabs[ .PII"' foe there. the Lincoln 1'11I.cAB pa'iy. wh,.S L Lrep'esesta from prneecatto If. a* they ';!:, TIre ..&I... tbea seeped moved back to

at the State Prtaoa of Fraall8WrIe. !JLawrrace C'Ol'eI""l: | The Wordea was the reform eiemeat of th 11 i *.*ert they furnished endeace agalnit I i a place of safety tad the work of
eoavtcted of the marder ot'MrLadwlu [rammed aad bad to be coaroyej to ,, J. T. Pea W. H. Brokaw sad party and promises to Beet with greatacre : themselves daring the Oarteld lives ''1reacae begaa

Kalaa at Somsratt111Csa. .! :1e nary yard by r rM Lawreace.whtchwaa C."... D 01 Jacksonville are **. The party poTeJ aa eaormoa llgatloa. sad which .......re. It I* Later At 11 .'..k this
.. uninjured {lit .la reported Ole 1 I Ia the .dtg today trallaettac Hal- vote for the ,..Ioa eaadldate aa i declared by the ..,..4a.ta. wa aedaralaat lag It was estimated thai at least

-DECATUR ,!lordea'' tmjnrte are also cot aerleaa. acne, their ticket at Ike last election them to host the ".In_'. I tweaty person. possibly more, are

.MIDSHIPMAN dead .. result of teat .I,\,'* laad-
IS ON TRIAL AGAIN .'.... A large force o| workmea are
) ---- ;I BOARD PUBLIC j Ri YAL LMOP J. W. WATS N IN HANDSOMELY labortag' desperately to aaeover t..

vAaaapoll .I... -Th. trot _rt.1 1 rain and rescue the hod..... bat the
of a mldahlpmaa under act'T great heat from the burning ba'l*.

oaconraglag IMS. pcoviJee or ooaleaaarlng for dlmlaal basing.fbrj 1| WORKS MEETING ED DOORSAND WAS (CHOSEN FITTED TRAINS) lag prevent rapid work.

Was begaa today wbea Mldihlpmaa'Slephea '
11.'Doattr WM placed oaarlal. i BOSTON WAREHOUSE DISTRICT
., 1

,The ,charg aapported by ass' I .Bnatoa. 1... t1'1 of threat

Ftoarth C...... Chare DecaUr I i noon la the ..,.\tone district of
charge of bd.,. Me li retarded I CONTRACT! FOR THE PREVIOUS 0' CAPITOL ASSOCIATION ALSO ,!, FROZEN NORTH TO THE LAND Later Wlthla aa hoar tIM ire
M ass of the beat atadeata la all i I' mea had eoaaaed the flame to oae

: oaa spread la beteved to hate bass
AND GREENE GIVEN. CONSIDERATION t ASAl1DONE ENSUNO YEARA pa.... The .... ao far la ..t -...-

TRIAL BEGIN TODAY! .. at m." ,.rtlal, .laeared.HED .

."ftII.. Jam. a- The trial of Bee i j 1,

jamla D. OrecM aa4 Col. John F. The ...,.1Ir weekly meeting of the eo..ra" te spetaCoas sad n. special meeting of the Miami from the frotea North ta tie Laid BUSINESS BLOCK BURNEDIN

Oayaor oa tile charge of eoaptracy| Board of PcMlel 1 Wort UA night toss there w so eereao.les aadbast )lrrrh.'*' Aioeltloa was called sad of flowers la haadomety equipped DALLAS TEX.
.* efraad tile ratted State. Govera1eat wa a Mtt'e more tarmertoa taaa I limited tra'a* I* what the touristsare
sad .,...ttq of fate .eeo....,I I that of a week prfrloa* sad a* result attached 0 the opetag cI tH he'd lilt Bight la the director room ho'dlag' back for now, gad oayecterJay.
coaaectioa with the Ian.... ban mack ba.'_ pertaining to fatarerurk Royal Palm H eI for .be season of of the Fort Dnllaa National Bask Jaaaary .. a perfect aware Dan.. Tex.. .I... 5 Fire thlamoralag

bar Improvement*; was began Before :!:! of die board was arraatej tai I, lto1 Let alga asd oatal. of Se. for the purpose of electing officer eI people. lr. New York oa th* Initial I damaged. t\. K..r y balld-
lat la the .at.. of
the ratted atolls Cowrt today. I,order that It be facilitated. Tile porttoa the city
eta | clang tI.. t s.o.. open register for the ensuing' year aaj naming a trip of the Fonda limited trala*. sse 1fWt. One mss wa nBToeated.aaother
Abraham H.ROM of New I I
.4 aa the principal .t..,..Torad'j vi session',. ml'b was Uhti very. lenjhty aaj Ja.ledl' lag guts sad .ersfag'.Jitser aoth. I I dd'eitte f* ra tk..x"aio. to af- day.which will arrive la JackaoarllW to fatally aad a third setlousytujvrwt

Ldcfeaae. H. will be ... I II ''lag oat of the 41111rr tra..pl..... B'late with another to be cboaea by I The property loe i* covered
I Among the bailee.* traaaacted wa* The tourist irala' .
operated duns t by I...,....
al by Cot hMdram aed other Heretofore
prom-i!I th. letting of ih4 contract to repair. I It bad been a custom to a maaa meeting at cltlxea Friday the winter ..*.. by the road 'esdIu t
t lawyer The two defeaJaatiwere 'Jjbt aad Maltate be old : mule tbs ate r t t\.t Royal Pilot la
I I Flacler eight gnlag to Wahlngtoa la the Into JackaoaTllle. will be by far haaJimer -
broagfit back trots CaaaJa oa a LEEDS SINGERS GO TO PARISLeeda.
raqaeat of tIM ratted State corera- I j'stab's at the foot] of Avenue D.which ..mnra'1.l. sy 4I"re sad ell II.., to Interest cf securing aa additional ap- fa eqqlpmeat' than daring asprevloaa T

meet for their eitrajftloa sad that, wTll be seed a* !a stockade for city wiica: toe pub t' t.1 .:,lIoa were propr'atloa' by Congress for tie com- acaaoa.Sevtra. Jaa. t- The famoa. Lee..
pr'aoner U be made
a* *ooa a* can
fact will be aaed be ...;: Isrltedhut: d.rI.jI that the town Palm LtmrtedTeaterday
probab'r by .
ready. The satire cot of repair* of the deep water channel InBlarajne Chora. of Sao vocalists aad eoaaldered -
feaae to eoaflae the trial to tae two I. ;mwlrg 110 pld'y aad. It would be the Soatkera Lam Limited
Ray one of the guest tin-lies of alaaer
j will act eueed iT:oo. I II >
scants d the *adctmevt wklrk are* q Ute a ta..ke..lIIOdate.1I lboN The meeting was quite largely at- train alerted from New Tork atIp la tke world trted today for
lad.dad .. the terms of tile estndf-i I The board dlactimed at length the 't would be UMry to nt..J this teaJed end mock later**! I. the project m. oa It* lint trip to Florida Pans to slag at the Loadoa orche-

tics treat/ betwera. tke raited State I.! matter of taklar the sewerage tad courtesy, tile 'UPlllut has decide manlfrated. It betag the sense for the ene I*"*. arrlTtir haJarkaoartre tra concerts to be g'vea la that city
*aatt rfy work of the off the ... I. the .
$M Oaada There are la an fast rIfT I. abolish all pre.loss of the boy that the wvttoa wit' at 2' 10 p. m aaj St. dent the prevent eana The committee
...... of the city roaacll la conformIty 'ormallU asd the 1Ioa..
barges* aca>a*< the dHradaat Brwt. Of" afflllate to Its utmost !'a the mote- .\IIP"II.! at J'M p. m.. tbla afternoon In rk.*te of then'erprta*
taaaplrary to Jefraad the UaiteJ State with dlcaaloa at the lat session I. a bashes rte 1IIa.tlf'r. .lainary. P wit ...
meat tad any Mher looking to the pay r.r l a' '-v ateamerrxpenae
of that body, and while lOt ,4eflnlte- A .Jllber ,lito old time .
e* coreraaieat: aecoai. presenting pH"Wf'n' beneflt am) Interest of Miami Sever The Pam Limited for this sea_ '''''''' Ixe '* to ?vanA re-
..... acenaat; third embruVaieat; 'y ..tll. It 11 practlcny 'e'ftUIa'tll.t ptrsent .t eight aad toolll lip *' name! were pat la aomfnailoa I I. trade up of ...nllla.'. beat prortnn tara .... all hotel etpenae* la Parla
.al tort .. rrvHtlac *** r tt >*:;;',I the board will acre to tike op .,.rt_... for the ....011 wb'ch with for the honor and remitted la the ..- <" conalatlng: of. clab car for .'1 tie alnceri *n I Ibe reserve

bated U the RoreramenL kaowlag Ityo 'the task i tbo.s oomlag 0tI tilt late trat. 'lectloa of J W WCM* Pui'man dr..lIlC room and compartment The lil'er are 11_'''". owtag to

hats hers eaib'etied. I|: Another matter. ] of tome alaraMto I 551 tblj. .oral r. sweltr d the J1IHt. It w*. also the e.ese of the as*>v rare a,..Bri1 with So. rhera the strict f1I'" and high ataadard.. ofhe
It U atalatalaed the drfeave : was the ...,.. lof Aces D from sow II.I.C .lIt al.eJ upward fIf one mi'wa1'ilnr .
J br I, i elation th:,t It .bow" rfr,y a'i fprn cr wrrlee chores Its' .',,!er who m'.*'ir
that the crime of cmuplracr not befog Twentieth street| to Tweaty-aecoad 1u:4rr4. ..>. of It. itHeK*** on 'the trtp. TII'. -ni'n w'll be brITIaatly lighted a her *' heefwn.* f'_',.Mfled and
tacladed la the eitradmoa treaty ,' n- j"-' The hotel' opiivartbt s apder the mot fav- who mill\ ro rarrfu'h Inttrocted a* throughout .""'!11 electricity aadmoVm the vncanrr '. .! n.ire fled '-nm a

the poerairefit has ao right to try to BrlckeH Areeae. The board de- auiplcetre and the tallcatkw to the plan and po'Vvo he panned la every respect list of tHxfMe! r*...rv.?( whi irart-
t2!. P.'MMIOW m that ""ar,*. Th.trial tennlfed *'1 off,.. work feasible n. very fcr'ghf for the bent eaaoQ Cone adlnx tll'. bonlneti i the anaaa' Northhoand. the Pa'm LJmlteJ will!I ablv attend the rhar.a'.. In the hon.
will probably last several dr*. cept tile pavac of Twentieth street I. tbe history |t the city 55.1 county .'," 1011 of offlcrn of the *.*> '.-are 3' Anmtl at 11It a m of be
1 1 which crosses a lot owned bv Mr. W. clatloa wa tfc'n '.k... no and reql'ed Hid JuIlMtn'''''' 11'JO p. .., daftrf : re* -

SCHOONER FANNIr .Ltf.11It L Kern,per *a4 which eau aol be pa*. GERMAN REt HlTAG I la the anaitlmnat I re-electloa of >pi !I..I.,.. *ad arrive
WRECKED EARCY TODAY ,, ed without his .....t ..ProvUIagibe [IN SESSION TODAY UMore tohea. aa pm........ wl! > E. a' 111 the text afternoon.Chicago 'Tr t "...1'S s ,M1., ,.....
Cape Henry J.a. t- The schooner i U>jec..* to tir ra"> there appear O Sewetl .Tlce-preaMeai and WJRndcer Fiend. SpecialAt dear re.dv Mrs be't at !low price
Ttaav Palmer west akor, sear Ut- 1 aa o&<< alteraake bat to c'oee the Bertta Jaa. f The German Reich' ecretarr and tri>nrer. 1 p m. ,.*...,4.'. January and oa ._.r '.rir* J H T 'nm *

tie taaJ tf. ni'W ..tJoa early -- tai rear today after the cueUaay Some other "'"" .,*. of m'aor bnportaace the fblraco aid Florida Special left ComM.1.
this fltorala ftk He searbeach tb* |i ......'11I sad !paving matter oa'other teary bonjarl recei. Import1 was mnaacted after whlcath rhirivo. via Big Four Roate. Oactat -

pound ar ....1'. Oae ... streets arer arn dietsaa< a sat matter wl| 1 come ip darlag the meeting a JJoaraed.George .*. CIiUaaonfB and At'iata. rrlrlag Wanted Seter '
n. 'aaded ta the breeches baay with 1 laom 1ft".. practlcalv all of which week among bets aa laterpe latlna la Jaekaoavffie over theXaflwir preparera. '
Apply *t cute E: B Dong'aa.Waa'ed .
a message for the -.. Tke other I were gotten fa a coadltloa ta brtigi ; ta regard to be aegotlattoa with M. Wright of Lake...... I* llctuth.n t p. m an;] at
ambers ofti.. crew refused te i before the cewactl' at *t. recess meet Mace and th other power coaceraaa among the business Tiettor la thecity.
1uL tog hr1P0'rte t:."''tj lag the, H qaeatloa. rn'1rsa Sever miniaery preparet -
As Pat. I Apjvj at our Ka Douglas,


.. -'-L" _. .I j ..............;:....... .v .1 ...,.... .# '-- ti- ."s r s f f .'



The Daily Miami Metropolisa. I; I

B. TATCM. UbI E"S.- Bono DCAH, atc.-TrAaJ Fne Man on theCorncr Matting Oil Heaters


1 i I
Tile mo.t uthcrii -.f'at.et pu'>li.hed on the mainland of the V. s.1 i irUBUSHED I

--- I I
,I "Do you know,' said the voluble
1 C lien as we! InJu'ged a cigar aida
"smile!" last n'ght. that ever since
, __ Ctactl.ATIO11IATFSsr ''trie mass meeting at the court bout
. r Tear by M&IL..I1.00 Three Montka..................It2lIM I 'ayt Friday sight aaJ the decision

.. Mo.ae..................... One week, by drrter......... .II t ..aol. working committee of two be Sold at Reduced Prices for
c lieu \\ushlnron In tile later- thirty days

,I I. t of securing an add'tlonal appro1st -
Advertising Rate made known on application. Ion for continuing the! deep watI -

tTtLEPHONI I II!' work In Blscayne Bay that I
r* irrict: MtTW>r ou$ BUILOINO. 'lb en considering the wisdom of U"I

Oppe.... t .e Curt H"y... B vet J. Wa Watson
aN 44 Twelfth
.M -1'1'. I have" he! continued after : : Avenue D

: g ring me time to reply "and I have
TUESDAY. JANUARY ,lOt I I linked at 't In alt kind of wart sad ,

\ I have reschwl the Irrevocable eonislon -
c that such a committee woulJt ,
A FOOL AND HIS MONEY.A 1 t Jot about ts much figure with

I toe II'. lawmakers. a (tarter

few days ago a prefs dUpntrh re'ated that John Steele! wn lying la I i I 'd, on a ja) blr.l. )e> sir. Just
of This 1t out ts much Now for instsnre ,u..1 ;
a tenement! house on a Pennsjhsnla farm. dying pneamonlt! ;I.
'I I *e the Merchants'> octatiou>> ..-
the man who was once *1.lelkaowa' .. "Coal Oil Johaay. hrtt C. M. Bro.... 8r. sad the I
During tier! PeuairlTtnta all boom la the early slitles! while he was njass meeting W. W Pmut. aa the

only 21 years o'd. he fell heir 10 a fortune of ll.noeOM aad to proceeded !!' Id committee to go to Washington : Rare Investments
I.. 1st could they Jo"They could talk tot
to oreak the! record for Idiotic eitraTagance. At the end of teven month I
| ;e Flor'da member of hot h houses
he was pennl'ei-t He maJe the money fly. He bought a Sew Tork Jioteland .I ib it when that wit over It would hitet I II .

fire It to the clerk; bought cabs and rare them! to the drivers; :,gave I the door on them.' Theycpuld .

booib'ackt 15 for a ...1... barbert! $10 for a shave, bathed la champagne not reach the real of those ,

lit cigars wit* |1M bills and by Indattrtoua'y pursuing this coarse he llelr II falutlag little scheme dandy of a fe little Iowa more with. : No matter what you may want in the way of

managed to become a pauper la aevea months. T1In" west to work nioney$ for a little more water; tot ,

tor II.1$ a day .... has lived la poverty ever since bemoaning the follyof U they dU what would to the runt

kit early da,... He never learned to read aid writ*. Cme fellow would tell Pratt tome-
Often foo'e, for other foo'i to waste In rtotout Bring. thing like this: 'Ut&.!'. fellow, yon : Real Estate
i ate alright at a speller Ton have I
of Mra. Mediator, who owneda
Coal Oil Johnnie wet the adopted! aon
rpt a good gift of gab; u good aa I
product've! oil farm which yielded! her torture In royaltlet. She' wa .. heard, aad there la little doubtbet .

Illiterate and though ahe had 7Se.OOO U cash and n golden ttream was yon cut ... Ice at home, butt .

flowing net way daily In the shape of royalties, aha was miserly and did net tore. Jut tell your troubles .

her ow housework. Oae moralaf aha ndertook to light the Ire with: n ti tor Clark statesmen Ta'laferro the peop'e or some: of Ilorlda of the we are prepared to point out to you the very best bargains to be had, in )

can of of, and the funeral ocrnrred the next day. Johnnie was her heir, hive tent here to represent them and

hat he had to wait until he waa 21. and by that time tile fortune had reached llelr ..t.....,.. They probably know : city or country. Below we list a few special bargains and/ask 9S

tltM-VM. Then he went to work with seal and energy to dissipate! |h. It what yon want better than you do

kept aim busy tot he rot rid of It at the rite of about 11".IM n week' rtortelf.Then, ..another- fellow would nay to : those interested to call and be shown. *?

and ka un hold the record aa a apender.Many Brown: Mr. Brown I am delighted

people can make ...,. A few can save It. Prosperity U often ti meet yon. I hats heard of yon .

fool Into bold ..,. The aid Breward and Davis our dadfiUeagne.
fatal to the _11411..... Money b tags the Ms valuta!*earner In the eitv, avenue C tad 1Mb Street, nagnlSeenlbetel
, history of Coal Ofl Johaate U repeated on a audit sal In nearly trerycommunity.
Old Mra..MeOlntoek-i alao. Kitty yon were not eueceaafnl tot reaidcnce in choirs location for $4000 on esq terma.

*any Jont talk tpproprUUon to ms.I A genuine asap In a 25 foot bnalneae lot heart of dty for $7750.
soaetblag about kavlag Congress U kikaatt. think It entirely ont of place Tan
Mr. CJevelaad one wrote Choice lot on Tenth attest near A.. C. for $1500. 5
Mr. RooaevuH kaa Congress his kanda. and It does not promise I to Cark. or TaiUferra. and they
Finest reaidence lot la the
will ten It to ss. and we win flutes city, fronting Royal Palm park comer
, to be a very docile Congreaa. After' an that had been said, somebody will .|MT attentlTcy. tot If yon ton to lot for f7OO.n..lePf'O"cS.

have to yield. Whether the President wilt display more ttrengtk than diplomacy something else might happen. Ton place, bearing nit treee good two atory boas and

remalaa to to .... There la opportunity for n tgbt and Congraa kaow the little cklld"a fable to* V four Iota for $4000.

floss aot seem to be tn a mood to break down. A tale U told to flaw many lagers spoiled the ..... There Several choice liver front Iota with riparian right,very cheap. -
tkafa n good boy. Jut go hack to
which read Hke this Three Iota Fifth Muss D attach
aomethlng : Miami and ten your people! we will on atreet. near $450.
" A railing yooag lady from Niger Wwk after their tatereatt well and Several Iota in Bay View addition at $120 each, well worth 1300.

Went forth to ride on a tiger. good and now key wasted no muck New houae and lot worth 12500 tot the low price of $1900.

When key! retmraed front the ride good money In aendlng yon np kern.'" Fine river front Iota at corner of 10th street and river on this aide.Investigate 5
I Here he rented a moment sad then
The Inald these
was wanted to know what I thought of,
Aid 1M anUI on the face of the tiger :. .....\lOIIa. I asked for a Httleme I Sever orange aid grapefruit grove at low price

When Congreaa adjonrna. where will Roosevelt be? On top or Inalaef to conalJef tot this dldnl _n.1 Fin bu"inea block on Avenue D paying 15 per ct. oe price $8500.

> meet with his approval and ._ For $6000 we have a good business block with long lease paying
like I had him do ...
The season of riser la spas as aid It promises to to greater sad better ig ap een .1 twelve per Cat.
flri he strutted! off down the street
than ever before. With the floral Palm. Halcyon Hal and various ;other ndlag back the that I 2
rejolader warobab'y DrenU.lpts.1 rear fit t shod IbMh. ., at S500 sari gel tar} 166.66
smaller hostelries, and boarding houses open and ready for business aadthe one of the small Busch of i Cell! eVw ntsttul kit l lew ftdTit L V
railroad givlag n service that could not be eicePeJ. there Is no reason' theta who were In favor of fall *
Into Proofi little to rats F.nia1le41wMaaea from $350 for the <
. why It should not to. Let an eitend a welcome to the stranger within our ig trap j jf up season.
$.. to and this jnnketlng comilttee -
midst; make him feel tbat be U at borne aad among friends and rood and to the national cap'to'. By B!. j

lasting .....'ta win hate been accomplished The leeonrcea of Miami and he was beyond! hearlag distance I

Dale county are manifold, and there Is no better mesas of having them there was no ..* In making n i

... reetiled'and appreciated that the gad hand of .welcome.. fries.ahlp. f-,. tot I am rare It would hare J. H. Tatum & Company j;
1 "4 him had be wasted: to hear
. Kit ;d to an Irrespectlrr if class sad ki... We need them al. !

z P. 9. t ace the above conrerma- '
The Tampa Tribute has flored out that the cigar output of that city Ion the Merchanta' Aaaoclation 1Ia. I

during tile pat ten years amounted to 0a.ltt.M elgara. Now win the I amed Mr. J. W;. TTntaon' as the anortnnata j I Ito i Real Estate
COIIItDJI....... sad I haaen -
T DUe.favor till! public by complliac: statistics showing bow many puffs '
apologlte cud congratnlata )
there were In that many cigars tow many times, laid end to end. they would rows on his escape, while my I"j'I

reach around tile world and tow many code tans they have beet tile ....a. alt av upathy ION out to Mr. ,
Rooms 8 9 and 10 Frissell
of providlag. With aU this in view we dont envy Tampa her Industry anJ on. Poor boy *t : Building

are attn hoping the time will come when Miami win to her rival and competitor
Let *> ..id"I, wore and whhont'novgk
In the cigar Industry. mater.al for my yarns I will '

spa oae or twe of my own. j
Miss EUaabeth Shirley, the rich Louisville girl who has broken her don't know where to rt. I

engagement with big Tom- fJhev'la. the Tao foot baH player, tayn1': "X,I i tight tell Ton Out I went to cknrckianJay > - z

ngagment was broken because-because It war and because kave ..,.....! night, bat It la donbtfnl U lag right along. A few weeks from:,
on would believe me, though It'sme. now sad they will to right
for It. and I am not going to ten any one why" Of course she kaa "reasonsfor I like to go to church once, aJw,. gong

ir and she U "not going to ten anyone why"-except aD her girl friends n a whl'e; becaaae It klader breaks see Miami Transfer
will he monotony of life-aometklng tees ,
anJ they In turn, ten all their friends.
k .It. errs. I. 11km.__ AlBrfMv.._._... _mJl_. t. ark._ My. old h1ea.t. Sammy nits. hasgore ;
back to sanitarium In
a dingo
irajlng aid I like a gooj aermonbat
A New Tork man la eeeking a dlrnrre f-trra his wife: because the It In 00 much of either, .especla! P",. for further repairs Here's hoptag|
he will get well and strong. for even i
the habit of tlckllM his feet with feather when to II ..'..,.Bto is willIng age klader gives a fellow that tired < Company
though to does lean the
on wrong
that to aban have the divorce because he nearly choke the life out eeUng. Well, air the pastor of this side of the fence political, there I I Ii
:berth to which I went Mnday la
of her for tickling his feet He Is an old fool she 1s a young one. Let II > for ha long prayers and natll'le i ioted are a doggoned sight worse f.I'ow'l!i 2 lSfc street Phone No. 137 aid 1U1: Avenue D. Phone 110

the divorce to granted. right now in Dade county thus ever and SUM 11 tk Pkone
tel's me he tidal I will always Garage street near Ave. E. No. 100
Bam nttt dared to ... i I I
I >eiieve he made that parucn.ar: prayer ,
TIle Man On the Corner.
Because rabies nave ,developed among the! Jogs of Ocala there kaa betaa < I longer tkan usual for my especialbeaeSt. : Horses Carriages and
i I
generous acattrlng of dog dope around aid about the streets with !fie resun I ,
H. started off right sad hal the i
that away valuable canine has gone to rest. That's right. Treat them lira road before II'1f''oa4a TO Loan Automobiles

.. an alike when human Ifs Is In jeopardy. aid J antes flew by and i Ill he pray- I I Iat I Money

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; for hire bv the ....t. day. week or nxmtk. Antontobile storr
Orlando and Stanford are to to connected by a rock road. That'a nothing a good old sou' -way off ,In I age and sappers Agent* for the famous FORD..
... used : repairs
I .au auen An o'd brother ,
Within a few days M:ami aid west Palm Beach win to hooked ., ook cp the echo sad he said "..n.. tomobile*. Freight nnlo.ded and delivered. Special facilities

by one coetlnuous road Tt mTes long, and It win to tile :* -mbUc kigkwayIn I costal: a lit' e bit .. If to say I to moving heavy freight Omni but meets every train. Bag
the State at tkat.America was ..L'.S.. and In a 'few second Lags transferred. ALL order receive PROMPT Attentioav

re-7bo4y had the couth tot the I
produced e'oae to 2S.OM.Me tons of pig Iron last year. Where perm good o'J: soul-prayed oa. On Short or Long lime II I
He was wound np sad the isle to
la tile man who can predict the future of tile Iron output when ore la being
gave the devil and all of his Impa
dug ont of the ground at such a great rate. was one of the harJeat scraps t Tentare Easy Payments

ae ever kad.Th .
Mr. Andrew Carnegie Ilea proven that to has not become pros |of honors 'rty minutes paned and the parson Let Davis

heaped npon him .II!*. abroad. He tat between Schwab and CJorey at arm prayed. I felt sorry for him
a dinner the other night. sad was thinking how I could make
him butt ap against sontethlag aid Write Your AdsDid

TIlt Rotators may u well ...........4 that If they to act pe a' a railway a stop few, when momenta to began afterwards to ran down Jotactl and In Dade Go., Security [,,0.
rate bit Mr. W. B. Chaaller will that not them it ever occur to foe Mr. Merchant
past os. may hit at the chorus and said ""amen. and weal
.,. '! 'tralthtened .,. It was n hard that yon were witting mooN -
flght aad II, the smfe of Ml afactlonnn e% advertising? Did yon: ever
Come the Studio
to Art stop to reason why your ads failed
the rood man's fire I feel confl
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dent he won on though be dldatksow
Itt beat to give an Impersoatt'.on! :: : of an lafaat Industry In dire peril.They that every roe la thst t'OIIl:,.- ll203e.J207Atr.C.| I seldom glances at the contnaingma
.. of that makeup
gallon wow'J si li te. a pe |tlosi for him i Id t(t. n dal u. Sb.i printing iroe to
he usual ad column It ia the
seem to have bad .. many Genera's In Santo Domingo U there 'o rut a I of h s prnrers In three

were la Cuba during the war against Spain. net's and deliver! them on the Install i'for Picture frames. maid! neat ....'" 'wsg'al) tf|* mctnreu conttming sound, rota
meat plaaTh vine n:: ar?"im.nr. f"at attract attention and brier you bwatn .
I ... Let tre DF.SH.N: > onr ads for a BETTER average.
Wnahington't Xkbo'as: la getting the congraU'a'ioet and St. Peters s time ."W' week the. soot of fig anJ a high class of

burg's Nicholas the coaJo'ence j ns win h* bunting the attic or the. :
hitches! for mother snj wfe! have anta 1 fancy work made by B. F. Davis w,;rs- OF Ads That Pay

h such thing at an Impossibility' In the too: or two to rent
There no n development of Miami .
Mrs R. Scott I
If m fit,te.t stand together. Fr..ak Hardee's bean patch la com


.. .... .
'" ::. <-- .. 4 t I JACt



; w$iai Miami Sporting_ Goods Store W Wills ii fDRIDAKEYSINTEKESTtNQJARTICLC ThatNew5tffl.

OTUr Fishing Tackle, Eastman WW : ON THESE -. --

Kodaks, Kodak SundriesIi, VALUABLE RUIT FROM PEN OF

W' Nassau Shells and yacht Supplies w1i JOHN GirrftftD, OP COCOANUT I You are likely to be needIng -

fenders GROVE. R PRODUCED FROM'COUNTRY ; a new suit about now.
\ including polishilr I \
t sir. If do have
2ENTLEMAN. ; you you a

\Ai ed brass fittings, launch \IiIi choice of two ways of getting .

\ whistles and side hgths, \Ai i It. The one way .Is to

W ship clocks, etc. etc. etc. \Ii\Ii The non i kr are aalq*. patronize the tape line system -
, ;
o There U BO 1 .d Ukr item IB the while the other way
1b \AiAi 1 .
raited Statea.tyrwa They are to dlffrrrai ,
Is to
try a suit that's all
\ from all the nft Of It that tbry seem
WORTHINGTON w hardly a part *f II. W. bare plaint 1i-- ready made. If you've no
g W I pralrtra. 4Mt Bad fast atreteaeaof ,41 care for money and don't
( wonjlaad mi d farm lead of far ous

,Ii 305 12th Street. 2 doors West of Red CrossThar'cy: WEEEFEEici ,tat this chain, of rocky la'aada! mind paying double because -
fron Miami to KeyVeat
g } '
"fiW EEEE'tiw I.. the .trangeat t.1I They are aslope I ?. of a small label. In
EarEEaclrEarEE j
I therrforej la that they are ofd I <. the coat collar, you'll pro-
coral forBMllfli aid tnln!, trot>lealI I
Acrtcaltar U >be trap'fa la BO aaap.aaywhtre. ; bably take the first .
I I Ml I. BO map wt to the i
Meyers Robinson If do for
you care
t man woo I. tecBPtciued to foilow.IB I money,
In* the p'ow. 1Kb. tallow/ soil 1 \ you'll) come here and get "
''to fresh fre< ....r-ol"f., to rnnnlin
V Contracting Electricians brook, to tail and hones and sheep
these plies of (tray rorat reek which
I COMtltBt the soil of tll.... UlaadtwmJIa bit [ '
1019 Ave. D Miami.Florida, I'I nit method of with a mark I I II every as good -

rte aoj Yes rug whIt a crowbarseems :
'a kind of 110"" '... sad ,,
Impoe-I suit and
.lbI, awrtnl' a s BR0.S.'C4
the toads of Via- I
Tatwbea OB fees
j 4 rune a.{>..p Mak.ra
.p".1Jm.*. banana, aapodliaa. m- '
'""" ..
., Dade Pharmacyi09 gatt.appl., a 4 other tratu which I sdve the difference
hare tea pro need for Jean OB the** '
keys wttaowttalBklaa Hitter, It setm I him tocoaatrtea
Arena D
; A some
it ia but that drawbacks: < bar th* keya. Tatar
candidate for
A* anew jut we
t stock and the and best laid It sat OB1Mb rorkjr: It .. *0 rork. j
state our cUima. Oar new purest I
that money can bay. Oar service will be equal to the beat. It U .solid rocks rodk re sad..has.. It a la Ilitl aoll hoi: If Our suits are made after our suggestions by the leading clothing makers of the

We lire ia tbe building aad will take pleaaarc laBTpplyiif la It la which a plaeapyl sip eta h* country. We can and do vouch for the correctness of style and fit. A try on
demands at all. houR, da*or sight stick It la stilt; soil aad If It la sold
yoer rock. It U aefceaaary to auk a_hoi takes but a minute, cost you nothing commits you to nothing. If anything

809 Avenue D ta It with a efowbar or Jyaamlt and come In and
Prices Reasonable. thus make a I aoil of Jt. Th story goes wrong get your money.

U too of thV naa wh. claimed that

,.., .. h* had a ptec of land oa ....cb thr
was sot a ro k that was big eaoosa
to throw at a hird. luHtIpUoa Suits $8.50 $10 $12.00 and 15.00

Southern(; Marble &. Stone Co. ahowcd that ja land was almp'j oa. I ,
...14 thanes rock. I e.snbdes Ua. I I
? the pocket i d bold there ar* ..*- I I
4 S.HOOAN. rrJACKaONVlLLE tabl. *>poa the remains of .araa'mal -I
!. M..oqusrt.cs for low forma o life and dlilBt -

Building 'Stone, Marble, etc. tetraied the *K>M cor pr >dacttT wbkb| bud tocttbr of aol'I form. I :: w. i

Tbatelaatoreat 1._ covered wit' dr.gta : R. Rhodes i

MOSAIC AND TILE 'WORK I tiding; mahoitaar adtodi
ot.r! slue The aatlTPa cat j
tha! iowa an ( ban It. IB tb* aaharb
YOR.FLOORL BATH ROOM :MAN rEL" ETC. pineapple la abaadou d. theyupodlUa and
Outfitter to Men. Youths Boys. 322 Twelfth Street MlamL FloridaLivery
Ifmea.fralt4 aid other
.....- Ge* ral CcBeUr Wort. de.La. plea. or let' b. '... *grow ap again

..- VMmmtM TacattlM IM r..a... Pts." Mtv... la forert I
w.rt.- Now oa thty* keys the Hat rrwi |I
almost wed I It la free from acal" IIlf]
probab'y bedaace of the aalt atmoalbB II --.
RITTY BROTHERSMachine 1 p"' '', It I grow n4 malt r'cite
la tll. woe ot' bammocl II It iseatted. (
n "lilt I. tester aid win ,a Miami Business Director
sot fT'OW.. r ortlll II atef'1' Ntrs.fnttp. I
Shop It good stock oa ...b'1III' i Boarding ,i
to bid era c: la net tla. iTa"'

I' frit-oa the rya. .1111im1a1l .11I.1 I Is.teeis I and i Tt .Out of Town B'er. and tho. wtthln the city will find In tN
Agents for tbe Sew Era Gas Engines. Gasolene ; e'e. sad r1l1tllt. n4 of in.isiid. Hat below tN addr**** of Mlap4 Merchant under
No 111... II ....-.4. They I Olalfl h* d* for rady '.t.r._ : I
and kerosene engine$ repairing a :SPECIALTY, TIe'd .it wttboei It. n. Ii i Sales --- I''I I
I key lime I. a Inert oa the market.It I'L
General Repair WorkSOB I aroma c. ls'cy and IIICIa'! enperlor I L. BRADY a\ CO. UHOINI a> OVAMTBNMAMDalrt
to t ''' '' It "Ii aow tat Faaer Oroccra Hay Orals d-
SEVENTH STREET' MIAML FLORID l crest favor fin'ric-t aad stmttar Stables j and Map1" rrUUir U Dry .... NoMoaaaa4

i brt.kI. A lime CI'O' pays J>>.I. ;, Lad'..' raretaalac
ref than a other triad or citrus Fresh Fralta tad Tntabla I
I tee?. I II w 01. TII. I... .... hones aDd carnage toby bike 1: Uta Street Cor. Ave DL Miami FTa. JOCU02 Itta it. '! MUau. n
Contractors OwnersIf however. to r.t.: nnt. It L ran boar week or month Her- ,
AND Property t faD 'of tla WV .bOll14 Introduce sea boarded by month or Kaaoo J. K. LUMMUt 0. B. tCRKVINta
tbs bora' warlety from Trla141J.I. Always hate a number
1, spits of this IIIIeT are plcktJ-1 cf rood ca.ri're *o don't want to SAVE MONEYwe eat :.orry t .t. care'essy! picked- horses for save at a barjfata.L.L.3IcNeil' I Hay aa4 J'wt11ben. cla**. Toilet AfUel*, gtatioa.>.
for 1$ rest a Wi"I. n. flour bar' .'
can't help you. If you do come tt. eel ;). tla. tn4ar4. Second, tney i I U. Itta street Miami fla.I'I'I lie ATBM DL UlaaU. ruVOUNar

,,. ... .
mat t. IIIm.r ales rsoetlul.toe.
The J. A. McDonald Co. I .' are a only had bat so lere. A. J. CAMPBILL PHARMACY
I the they a sally kn ehlekeas. The I 1111 Aaa a I II..... fU.ArtJd .
; j 11"" too. 11 DOt keep well. ...,.e- l'boae 43 A j I 1 1I Dealer U Dry Ooada. OoOlac. I Drugs A'TtOet

.1.1. If d. wlllIi rala or dew wars i Ocata raralaateca. **. Pwt a......, Stat
And Buy Your Building Matenal j tricked orm1f'J by being shah.5 412 IStB Street UiaJiL Fla. .,
; trw.atptlw.
from Q tree oa the rwkl. W.I Ill ATM*. U )tLmi. fla.AKMITKONO !
seed there not OIIIJ a iboraleesUm carahD7 eoaJOblIll.
Leaf Yellow Pine and
Long Cypressof "t pate tlllt matures I. i OMOCCKY CO. I II
April or a at!.. ants the weather SICK WILSON 4 HUOOLKTON
all kindsWe 184, moaqu eel are not lid. This I I seal but aid 1.........
ao _JIbt '1 eome Is U_. At OIIe Cooley & Horner i i rafl line .( *U,l4 tad faaey aroeer-.I alt* L <4.JI< aaj Ill

also sell Lime, Brick ((4 kinds). Cement Sash Doon pride pillt.tlna limes han ill almost beet 01 pn lets for, a Itself lime i Irish tests, .*.*.....*. poultry. im'New ..I Ii 12. TwUla ..*.. kUaatf. Tin

Mouldings and whatever else a buijder' requires II. 1 slaale .r. This key land Is timted1 1! i ---

at lowest possible figure. aid a that the Tal'rlled la t.- 0.,...* iii 8.Mtlt P I I Prwtrt R1d9.. 1115 ... Avesss D THI MID .CROSS PHARMACY
ling unfelt 4 along these 1.lnd. to i iI Dalr ra Dnan.. lIecIIcIMe.ArtJdj .
You Know Where We Are. 14th Street Miami. da Ks West. be time I' see tar distant. l 1sf this w'ek THE MAGNOLIA GROCERY CO. Toilet | FnaerlptioMearfttfly
wb f. they nO be f'OIDp..I1' covered I Daalrra U Groceries Bar aa4Cor. eomaoiuJ Mali
with II groves. Sobod1' will
i 1.,1 a Lam s If be how. the lilt A fl.. Bou'......,,. l I..' with a testy Onla.. orders promptly UadJ to.Iitb .
* Wm. Curry's Sons ,..i eau Irf' It. Bit feet froota !. on') UI'16. AT*. D and 4ta Be Miami IT*. BU Cor. Ayes C Miami f%..
n. 1\11I 1..1IiI 11I.1. tout-c, of I -
ontam.rea: ethic utJ Thousands Oa ofta best lots oa Ec b .t

Key West. FloridaHEADOUARTERS I or over-r1 'I.... whtck rIM n. tae :1 pr'r: OIl', f,,. n. |. aI I Buy Your Bicycles lires and
I tmWtD4 C'(' '4 .e Ib.s null' rel Isesrly avI'
rOM ''I tll. fi these 11_ were pint. I I A rood four room Itoaa to :**. I
f ed.tso! des tit .spp.y wreckers and ''Ea., termsTwo Bells from
i l'lratH.-1 -_ for the preveatlos .
Ship Chandlery; Building 01 act ,. j tot. aid co age for U.0 I I

I to s toad or tit. sea .14 ." [Cooj! vane.
Materials Of All Kinds. that .... 1Irt::ja t b... keys .N'I' I LOFTON &
f p.nd' to. l"-' food of I A good lot la Rrahaaa adit Ift frrfO
tT: Bltraja
.. balmy e l fT eU:nat. there II eonbefitr.
Coat and ice St. arl.a.n..ya. Macala Skop ,FerEi
tow they are nlll 11'14 tintee.eiN.
I I at '!>!. 9a" *>nr\ hlick OD
s I clltlMI't is '1"" 011 t- .. .
Averse: D. for !>> umrttllt.A <<0.1
All loads ot repairing. Boiler and Steam Fitting caa oe' done at the I raise at t nrtrlty of fresh tees" They have the very bes :;et your
shortest notice, ia the ,,possible wiaaacr br expert akiHcd se: tse'e. sad III taut-tea. There are entests. "-.r I'f'Om ta" on Th'rd Stree' thesis repaired at Lo'tcn & Eirvg
= as prutJ8J' DO erbno'a. for fl"vw. If a .n.p.
--- I
I ehatrbes
Mullikin, DeBerry & Steele I furtr; rj lee. for a 'etter or a beefsteak 901 vrrsents, at . . . . . . $25
: aa .bf'no.n theat ttxpnito.stome
font times 'a _tower there A..KB. corm nnla A nll II fflr 'IS"} Columbia at . . . . . . $4O
Manufacturers .> nd Dealers In a harza'ai '

err are.cone to a a the a from wlatert JeraeyJoha lama a panOa Ramblers at . . . . . . $35

Rough and Dressed Lumberand nee aty. Florida chord! i THOS. W. MATMCR Second Hand Wheels at your own price

Builders' Htcaaaical and H.roe e. levI ,
Supplies Lost fo'4 charm la form ofrim Lofton &

I a ableld. of trees l'O..,... goal: I V1nLs/ Ae.I T__ T..... cTMb. -, Einig
". A. STCCLC. Manager, Miami, rtorkia "J. A. C. enrrared oa both a'de* A tmttVF .ll..p.t. EiIIIIW'. c;.,.......
.../ w.t M t.ear..ir. Sj.emr..
Chen r+ward. Xayaarfa 1..1f7 Leaf .her
Mills at Homestead. Yard. Avenue E and 12th Sire,: story. Z:1:. Wei MJ age..FLA. Opposite Post OfficeIL.

; '.J'r f a

r f


I \Vhaier's. / I J laOU/olriy silverware cut glass and cutlery) claims tbe:'Prospective purchasers first attention J

11/Will/ I V by virtue of Its lndflnlte' variety, matchless quality, exclustve designs. superior finish and moderate prices. Once you
J 'investigate the sterling merits of the Whaler fanes and see the price marks you will always be a WHALER PATRON



-mm mUmM f> m- -. !. Are prepared to caccateorder
i. their s

0 o Millinery Department

Deaifvcr of the latest Fail tyk, hats
i. ailk. dark straw Sad lightweight

1 US rn. Ladies Tailoring DepartmentFor

ktreet. carriage and eveaiag cottaau*,
ds waists, tailor tows aDd coat

232 Twelfth Street. Miami



SPECIAL PIANO BARGAINSIsfssrvas..o.tMw112.sal.

a D MOMIEK Our vault Is absolutely (Ire-proof. Our .. IN1ee .280,... Atli used,
I I combination and time-lock steel chest t :;:"= c.arood. out i t."arrbe.2eo....!A_u..

Is absolutely burglar proof. We carry An U-o abovw piano. .ro mad and artMd By fits Cash Co.

burglar and fire Insurance. Every :tt : otits.0 e.oo W.X
Ilia all
F. C. BROSSIER & SON officer and employee bonded : : : ATOM


4 Per Gt. paid on Savings Investigate Before InvestingWind

Miimi's Wtll-koowa, Successful lid Popular Real Estate Firm; -

A Brief History of Their Successes sad Ways j Magnolia :Co. Power

Grocery Ha beea adopted by th bet people of UM cooatry* the
of Doing Be.i.iu.
I cheapest power for tai iag water. Note tile people who have
them:, they coaM... ataaaa. gas sad hot alt too U they waatbeWiaeee -
-- I WIIARTON. Manager eel it. IIa&MJe the bat .W aa4. a" make a .pad&1tl.e1 Wi

Below win he toad two eUp$.*.. win be p roBptly npplt.d by eoa..1 tad with aiy peep aiechaalaai that I hays jUt bees

..-treat the XaUoaal .....,. OB. oftheBu leatlac with F. C. Bros.., .A. 8oa, ;: grated valae aad pateat ails of aay oa wiad I will ash paraate oatlt. *Aay to doable lafnartaaeata. th capacity wUl.
of IUklad Lock Boa 4IT. Mtoad. Fla. 1 be
isr reHahle BvbUeaUoM proaecated. I
If Yoo Coffee. Drink Good Coffee
U the ooaatry; aa4 saber from I I nil tna win be- toad thoroughly rj
the norMa' Boat: CM* ......_, IUbK !af;, orvry amrOcmlar. aa4 tf yB C R PERRY Cocoanut p1orltJa
desire BiBoatherB iBTtataMBt of aayUM Grove,
recardlac the eaterprijlaf reaI-ate: write t..... j .
am of V. C. Broader tern of Ibis Th. HoBMoaektr coBtrfh. Ills
Our Fort Dallas Coffefe
city wad which spats Mr tb.rA..s. I I kl.. cardiac this Im aad Its hltaau ABMWC thepromlmeat aa4 most sea
......... Mr. 0. D. BroM.er. hlakM eaafBl real ....t. .,.. of MlaoU to
.tadfag ekwMtcr ta ttte ea.- "that of :MMr.F.C.Bromtr A SOB.of The Acme Billiard, Parlors :
aniy 1M Mstropolis ea My: which O. D. Brooder, theJulor, U generously good. It excels In strength and aropia. It Is
Mr. BrowJ..Jr. .. a MM .( Oat. T. ......, of the Ira to Master sal
C. .fOMl.,. crI K.r '-. vb U tmchMV IB BietBr of whoa appear* la this ar fresh roasted every week. This is our special brandy We re- "
eC die Key Wilt otIee am1protaMy I dele -' corn end It. We could not afford to do this if It was'not good. D09 A VE.UB D'

hat. a wt..r sga.atases U Thla pre hat -. very sceeNhl Try I if you have not done so. Our tea spices extracts soaps
4 wctioa Uu eat Bm
thU'dtjr a la toratlag hoo.M.k.,.
ta lay ttM .C ...... H. to kMVt i arty of which, they have "cl."OB.,prep cot and groceries as a whole possess special merits and values! that ONE BILLIARD AND mE Pool,TABLES
for "'. f. -.r* J-fM ttlittet feoeaoaty trol. Therela probahly a* ass la, are *orth while; values that are better than others. ''We want BOTBIB\1 BUT son .>RlNKSSERnD.\ .
eaDet ,..u.. Mj tatef tWo fal* dty: who Ie.. taoUtUr with: trade. We satisfaction money back
your guarantee or your
s. Jy reUallle as t Ira MUnw IaNftl'tlalq Dade eoaaty aoath .( Paba Beach M''
vtn asks a Met*** eT the yonter )lr. Breaater. He bar Orde by phone or come to the store and investigate. Gun aad Tones 1vpt hi atod: MLmL Florid.
tb.Mtsa.M M Ie taw eaptg5 ... bee IB he eoutry alace leas a boat 1 .
Mr. Broutcr, bri.c Umitter wit Urn before the adreat of the railroad :
ftdwrtUtBc world ..4 kevtaf IB '.
sad throuch below hat stated
who B..blleauo.t BU ads every' aeeUoa' wlthlB the above mates Avenue D and Fourth Street I!
hap very wisely" ckow die M