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;" I HIV I tin, 9m i wwW Ml mi W VV I. i\HH"

I r I. f

A Meetin: Place : m.it.3 OP Stsies3REPC4T THE a.pesitory1 CONDITION OFT 1 .i.it ,

.. *.,
I j m I II

I : Fort Dallas National Bank i

I f. have f fitted up a comfortable room especially for customers' DM) 1 -

} easy place where they can meet friends for buslMfsxonsultatlon i THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1104.


I Condensed from' Report to the I ,.

; I Comptroller of the Currency. E +
s I t

i ,
I \ -

..." '. I tt' t Loans and discounts ......9173.1S1.45J: II'

I. Overdrafts ...... ...... .. MO.ZI ii '" v
; ,,'I .1'1 : U. S. Bonds to secure circulation {' Tr-y

... 2MOOOO

f s .r gieskite; i Bank j f U.S.Banking Dad Bonds County house.::;;;: 49.71Z9 5,000X0* f } .j}

I Due from U. 8. I
I I I Tress .... .... 1.2SOOO I E tj
j I. I! I Due from Banks .. 77.231.73 IS i
i Must adapt Itself to the needs of the Public. .Many people, have ; Cash In vault ... 18.92W9 i .
'. -rriney: on which they would Ike to and yet have { 139423.42 'I

,Ji]; their funds Instantly available In case a !letter Investment offers. -; ,

:. Obr Savings; Department: meets this want by paying Five per cent. I J S39WSS.12 i

,,; Interest: ; compounded semi-anniully, and by permitting withdrawalsuHbe I { .. LIABILITIES. I

made without n tlce. {I 1 Home of the fort Dallas National Bank 4f
Wt'an bit! to offer the last mentioned Inducement by reason of a I Capital stock l00,0

t large, reserve kept on all deposits. > Surplus and undivided proto

General Banking Business transacted. Capital, Surplus and Shares its ........... .. ..... ... 3. ftOJS ._
hafders" Uabillry
\ Due other banks ... .. .. .. 10400JX WM. M. BROWN PRESIDE
t \ Deposits 294,777.77 M. W. CURRY. VICE-PRESIDENT

i cb.202:; 000 \ CEO. R. COMPH, CASHI R

., ,I I .f I 1 t f a93S51.12 j I,


'"""""""H""% '1" f3$3&teyy! :%{

S 'I'," It .) J r .1 I ,;, ,I ;. ; S F:1

'- .J:.." ....... -r,..:t uirrrrvlr.J ....- ..."""Jp.. Y

a 1

I I -
--- I
--=r thane, of CHRISTMAS ENTERTAIN I THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH rear resulted lit the reelection of Boa.
ances. There win be a ) program
I MEN ON KEY LARGO.i I'HELD YEARLY BUSINESS SESSION John Sewell.* clerk ke having madt-

t ( ![ IC\CLUB I Thirteen every new night.applications for mem 1 I. -' a mos eflJcieot and faithful officer for

benblp received: and after the Aikln. EsIke.. 23. 1904. I r; Report of Sullding mmittte Heard several yeas.A .
were of directors Editor Miami Metropolis: If you I and Officers Elected for New Year re wlatlon;WM offered and adopted
the board
; regular meeting r
ES met. and elected I to membership the ran find space In four valuable paper I. the ae ise of which was that the entire
"" ''' ,: CqUl LOTIi ,fifteen applicants received at the previous please drop these ,ew line In for the The annual business meeting of the flnanc al affairs of the church In future -
I I 'I meeting.In honor of the peop\; of Key Largo and I First Baptist Church. was held last b i left with the board of deacons
-_ connection, with the building of .if a few of the pebple of Miami Ia regard night doing way with the ofltoa ot treasur
I I II ;.'i club quarters It vas decide to. engage I to the nice Chriatmas 'tree we After reading and approving of the er. Tlie. deacons will orgaatae. themselves
i Cfub' an architect to prepare plans at had Christmas eve It'll''' a"ry nice minutes of the previous conferences to lookafter this work \la a sys-
u of Building once, and] while not so stati1. It I U tree. There were D all three hundrei1 reports of committee were called for temat e manner. '
.' and Gymnasium. !!probable that the flan to secure temporary presents on the t I. and aom or them B. B. Tatum for the building committee Thli resolution having pa M,J. Prof.
I will be abandoned and aj were very nice antI cosily on..... Dike reported that the work of completing W. W, Hall w ho la one of the deacooa.
', I I I structure ball it this nature be ended oni Kno'A'lel, the st'hobl teacher from Key' the church ha>l been finished and felt 4 at In Jiiitlca! to this sew duly

I "I !the rear of the cluti'n newly quireproperty. I I I \\"etil receh' so rte twenty presents. ''I all bills\ paid the amount of $11 UG he would no longer be able to act a.
I of ". bleb some w re fice. I'.a II1ma'i having been advanced by the commlt- super itendent of the Bible school and
I D. NEAR. FIFTEENTH r VV V I 1 (taker, ul Aiklo. n "elver 1 altUlll twelve, 1; teem order to clear up all ludebted-f upon motion Mr. W. J. Rogers was
BOUGHT FOR S8.- | TO ACT ON VERY some 01 them exlr melt nice 111.1 Miss 1 ness. The total cost of the work I unanimously elected as superintend'
i CO.I I IMPORTANT MATTERS( !I II I' \"Ivlen Curry also 'ul quite a few veryy done was ":11.9:>, and bark Indebted- j I en I.'a d a mujlntlon of thanks: to Prof.
r : ::: THEATRICAL !I ____ I Ir nice unell. )I r. Josie Baker. got I fleas paid. $1$3.TG. making a total of, Hall for his efficient services In that

j r A .l"rl 1' I ii'eetlug of the Lc-lles' Af.terooun think some some a x or inure DIce ones.aai .:rS13)5.71.: !) capac tv during the past year adopted.
C ul is b.ing held thif afternoon Master Cene Sawyer. got a large j f The committees report was adopted I grit i the church bunding completed
Orll I for ihpuri >Hc of mil KID!; arranRenienis I!i basket full uf nkpresents[ end Mr. and the committee discharged with the I with iractlcally no Indebtedness and
I ; for the accommodation !,t J. E. Fife got fix very nice rt'8onts. : thanks of the church. I under the administration of the new
] I anal preparations of and enteraiument! >if the Stat' Fi'iler- :;: und a number of < )ihers. In fart, everybody : The church treasurers retort| for > office a the outlook exceeding. !)
1 I I c Club for building a I atlon of Woman's Clubs, which meets :I gilt aomethin :ithcj-rar was made; which, a'.l stings i brigh for tho,Baptists and It Is hopedi
i |
I II announced at be TCK here nextluumth. and also to take active i ir 'I There were 15)) persons In attrnd- considered. _as an excellent one. that the year J905 will be In very rev
I,I '' -J;' I : of the club 1a!t night r steps In arranging fur thi pmpos-I I ance. There was. a splendid prosrani f The election of officers for Ibe next| pact aj prosperous; end successful one.
i W. M. Brown, to whoa' ed lectur n by. Mr-;. Kmma P. Ewing, 1 1I .' of entertainment thich Miss Kn wleR. I. .
-- --- --- --
j I i the right and 'au i the noted I, cook and authority, Short'j I the teacher pre) t'd and rarrlcd out I, -1

i I a site for ine exec the mlddl of Tex: month. i nicely.tiVe I
i very .
j I headquarter re If the I['ctures are arrange-I by the i bad a gent man from Phlladeltphia I I
thew. I! bad contracted for the club It will also! have the preprint of I Ithl' for Santa CII ua who did honor to
certain portion of the program, which will\ probably be the occasion; an Juhnnle ao'l JusleI I ,1
j | tlniated on Avenue |as follows] as they constitute the series Baker and 1. E. ICe got the tree and I II
: i of Fifth street generally (given by- the lecturer, and i I. put It up ID the I. Baker shop a I I
I frontage of, 125 feet by which touch, upon the most important'' house 18x:: feet I size, anti Il was fyhof.tree Safety OF CREDIT! J
i for the sum of S,2uo. dishes and mode of cooking: : and \'l'Opl Deposit Per ..
is one of the most I I Flrsl-.Ienna rolls, muffins, cornbreads I II MpurB. Dl1rdln, A Quarterman con- Bore New. Y f'lr."u: | w i

I ; city, and is well 10-1 I powers, \tc. I tributed a box .,. presents to the for rent Pittsburgh Chicago or SL Louis Ex Si v'fapchange. .
: i erection of a club Secondj-How to bolU, braSfe and I tree, and Wllcun nye gave a lot or It will only tale.! us four]daya AccountsFirstNatiohalBank
I The actions of cook tough I beefsteak. nice candy; 1fr. Jward Stlc"ney put to collect your personal $iheck. If you
I > ratified by Uw associ Third fioupg. It'nta on. and Miss,
I a lot 01 pr Intend to stay here for) a month ort
I : first!<- payment on the lot FourthS'llads.. ? Kno'A'les gate In lly to the tree also make this your future home, op,n an
Fifth Ish and fish sauces.
Johnnie Curry. Account with us and pal. all Ac-
of Importance to re Sixth Pies, pastry and cheesestraws. We had a tell bllul I1me AikIn II counts by a check on
last night was the a very nice lilt c place, located on
the proposition of Seventh-How to fry and -ante. Key Largo: .1t wit t Is known 1\8 t"plK'r I

., theatrical company Eighth I-delicate deserts. Sound Point, a.v ry nice and progrca- 1
I engagement .hero be If The course will be preceded by a she little settle lcnt wlth many ate '.

I pith next Mid con free breafi making lesson, and perhaps racllunR.
This, company Is; one lesson wlll-.be devoted to leftover Little FredNOTICE [
j I of the best of the kind : and chafing <'ifd cookery. -. OF MIAMI
( South. Mr. Brown TO TOCKHOL ERS.I .
ha.1 seen it plf y in Tl- Contra< tor F. \V. Hahn toilny began I The annulI n ,tine. 01 the stock-1. Depository State of Florida
ten-ronni res!
and that he was much the erection ot a modern I hullers 01 the C age & Hamt'Y, InterIorntNi !
u the high'cla.l1 of the hence for Commolorc and \ts. H. C. ; 'w I'l be helll : the! oIDcein
n. The deal vai made I Rotime oh their bay front 7ro|>orty lIaml. -'a.. n :Monday: tle lCthof DIRECTORS. '
with Mr. R. E. Hall.'! near the punCbbo\VI on the south gibed Januar, 19''''', I1fl0 o'doc' h. to.I I 1 E. M. BRELSFORD { President
residence will be W. H. SPITZER! Vice-President
notified the company of the rjver. The J. G. Saxei ll iy. Secru.i. ry.r
; and'most attractive .. E. A. WADDELL VicePresidentJ.
of their. proposition. to I one of th prettiest I .ID a bouUng-- [:crape at Oak''OOf1.Ga. r E. LUMMUS, i.' Miami, Fla.
In this locality. wilde .
I the auspices of the ever erected Merchant]
Police Puckett
up-to-date In every respect the fin .. Tuesday. 'Cb .I ul l W. M. BURDINE. Miami Fta.
; playing In Arcadia things especially being One end almost was shot Ibron b the stomach andprobably Hon. WM. H. GRAHAM] Pittsburgh
TamJ! the! entire first floor helm trimmed I fatally Jured while c.ttelppt- U President Mereantlu Trust Co.Pittsburgh. to
!! to
there goes
[ I I #i Key.West and then here.1'I In maderal, which is far more attractive -, lag to Puckett arrest t" young Jesse len.Wolfurd.'IIe In tall-fe? M. K.President SALSBURY Midland, Coal Co. Pa

i I are such as Little pan mahogany. The residence InK ah the I & C. FRISSELL .. Miami., Fta
Charlie's Aunt. and I when completed will COtoa. the of them throuyh; the bowels, from C. C. CHILLINOWORTH,
neighborhood of 7000. effects of which e" died. A. P. ANTHONY VIee.Pns. Anthony
and'popular perform
}! V I Broe. (Inc.)
I ___.1._ a. M. 8HANAHAN, Grand! pdsMIch.' '
1 Treas. Blsteir Carpet Sweeper Co.
I EDWARD C. ROMFH. j Cashier

Iiflo.canapgsTTflesL ; y w I t tI I r

I :.
So Easy !Iit '

Oar PresQip
tlon Depart.Stationery. .
: 'j J' '
I h Y r1ad.w rr
t'and fife more like living I ... ........
seems \. lIB...
A .-M.-. ... a
] Feet Resting in sll
I with yoor ...
: it _
i : Man p EfsN f d REO'-aroSS' WI lode ... ,y. d
KRIPPENMRFW! fl Vf" .'try kl.araMdd t tilts II tktyil.,t,...

f ,
V .(. K t i. : :.41 i H4. : ...' '' GM..r_es
'i. t .; s'ay I.... Mr Nt
ftrMfcr Tai sE i- e. L: ..... ......'Tih tkl_...
: 'a Good Thing i Worth Trying kratM : ': "PlpiEnit.' _. .4tIIIr, attrr: .
F Your 't Imagine: But y
!1. _
.-;. t I, for and'We've Got [Them. : rJ

how: hard we workedTo 'J I M ., d a+I rht e -ti
..; .\ I :. ak.lltlrw;..r...>

a Sanitary,o9ntals
We glkrll/s tarp 1R tletkd
xr 'i $ 3,000 ,.I amkel i r s I. IV s.. -

get the Ayen- lrsttSyrsp. r fmk .

cy 'for this shoe. : I

e worth of thfj prettiest ,

ti ladies xfJrds'you ........ I ,

ever gazed upon I

I I I and expensive I they : :>I I re: : not: : Keller & l\1Hler

'- ;1 i r'

They simply ha 1 more I :' Dealers in

business than: the] could Price 52.00, $ .50, a3.oo, $ .50, ; Fish, .

F attend to and they were S4.OO and $5.OO. Tile new Sailor' and ii Ovs'te, s, .

I Court Tie the aew shades 'M Tan. Thi > newnot t a ,d G-azn.e..

looking for ne\v towns' ivory white canvas. We will feel jqs rightif I : .

you will call aad see them u :: ::

I I --- ----- I

t I I r I' fish are kept in traps.... iIIedrafter Order i

I I .
It 1 received :

i Orders taken daily.Pr mpt : attention to

t e iAnt. on u= om fhComp+ ny hi I I 1, I Phone Orders:4: __-

I Corner of, Second Street and Boulevard._
-- .

.I; I I

'...... '-. '" t '" h"j:V -..---..w....asp,---.......... -.oa.cs+hJ-..: ..:-........_.. .

,4.J./i,1;! / """" lJ t., ,..-... '" "",,", J.J ,;J., ..,.t"' .4", ,.., T"W''T'-- .,. ..';.,...,..,... ___'Or':" "' "'J. '" .
Ft 'T""r"

/. '

IN. ALL. COLORS :, r I I I I New Wood Finish.' Revives old wood work, furniture. floors, etc..


I For Sale --- .
by --
JJ&PLAq; :



.......... .... ...................... ............>. i, ........ ......>.>..>........,......... ...................................


Ii t, : M. KING !t W. F. MILLER rl COOLEY & IibRNERUndertaker

IA and Embalmer THE: UNDfRT
AKfR. The Real
I ; Estate and Rental Agents .-

I I 1300 Avenue D I PHONE 25 u 413 12 STREET -!{! L:Ltd.Street. ::::;: Opposite: Firs!) National: 1 Hank..

1 I I! The steamer :Martinique I which sail.J' ,=.*..*..fNRMBSCSISSSSBSBB.' ................."........-... .....r...-...r-t--....>.MMM. .-

DAILY HAU! lHlfJT DPDlls. ed this morning for Key West and Ha-' ONE CENT A AFor WORD I :; ; i
I ana, carrie I a c T heavy freight; and f

Thursday, ember 29, -.904 I about fifty passer ers. i )
; l i 6Captain IWatfh ourWindows I II
-- I Rent-Cottage flee rooms; conveniently itiOnalot'
W. H., Gregg and family
'. The Rock Cottage at(Cocoanu: Grove locate 1, neatly furnished wehaveOnfxhi
II who are'domlclle'I aKoard their; crackyacht
has good acconutiodatlons for: a' few f with piano, for ri!nt for season. Apply I ,
Orion will ict: away today or tomorrow t
Terfs dCt .
more guests. reasonable : to this office.
.. j for en extended cruise In the j of
t troast.
I new
f CcrsetsfrcmParis
',. The. Miami Trnsfe-"I| Company I received keys of the lover : Miss Lillian Johnson, stenographerand !
morel horses typewriter at Everglade Hotel. I
two carloads Hughes" i} I

and stock front jhe North I for theiriTery of the Clara HMdqnanen tansy groceries. traits !
business hero"this morning. carried out yesterday a pleasant partj.vuiilzg '
) ace, at Wilson FI7-" 7 I .
: '_' '
\ o! Mr. {'ll" nil ricnin. I ---

? lIr and 1In. p. \ Wehrenberg' of Richmond, Va.,;| for a cruise oa the ,Fori Rent.-New ten room furnished .
prominent bulllnesl.n society peopled ; Lay. This afternoon Commodore house, ..t1 Eleventh! street.Mrs. .

,of New York recent ar- : flushes carried the same party on o I : S. T. Gramling.4 l If you want to see all tho e charm-

r" rivals In the eltfnd guests at the trip to Cape Florida. Elegant furnished house on Boulevard '
f( BtscaJne.k. I 1 I I fur rent for season for 4100000. = I ing new models that the Parisian .

I : Mills I....ftoa. formerly of Miami has Apply to H, care,]Metropolis. s

., 'Dr. W. a.'Rush eft ijast 1 night for aiit j'i accepted. a position 1 as stvno.rat'her in Horse and WaJon For sale cheap, : corsetiers have evolved to ive grace

< to one of nil fore er pallets In the la* office of C. f'. Ciiu.ijit,..orth north and
.. near Mr. Schleppy's near end of style women's
_county. IlJ will 1 also mak a Itll" Ixiftrn has been In the city for Avenue C. '. D. E. Blanton. 1 figuresthis sea

to his former bone) la Or- come time, and enierel upon her son. Have a look at the table
before'returning to Ml- duties about the |:0tli: lust.- nelll'j i large p city :,
I For Rent A furnished
room I'I'I I {
.1. Sun. j jIlast fronting south and southeast. and overlooking covers, napkins and burez u scarfs.
':. I II
j Uista'yuo Bay. Apply 1010'Boulevard.

t business, A party of U. lors, lons-..' :.j of 1 I -- i Their appearance will cI arm ..

me to about twenty-five persons atrf'K ii !11 I Mail Boat Not.ce.-Capt. Freas' Mail I you

airs E. B. ilaiion and daush\-s. and boat ':.between Lana anti Planter I/ f straight way, and the low price forattractive

-' r. and Mr*. C. F.1de Sul/acr. eu eyed a t Ipa\'sl'fram| Rarrctfa Hock foot of !
Avenue D, on Sundays and Thers.tays.Dion 1
this mom 05 to Cape Florida ; j goodness 'given is the most

jannchnay.. Only a short stay Frissell property.; APi'l/lto) | It, II.. Oyu.' ....", I s1RAI H Fame I thing in prices you've met v \h ..j..tBURDINE .....
jhe "ape, the party re- \ building.lFurnished j : I I

bouse and rooms for light j I

housekeeping apply CSS Twelfth I
SIbley, of I
streetWanbd.!: J! I ,
Is secretary

the city lelr [OD e. [Apply. Six to H hood:A. Trapp carpenters, Cocoanut: at & QUA M'' ,

.,. brief..'tr Grcn'e.1) dGt .l. M I.J1 .J.
a-mL count- ,' L "' w.w I 1 '
." Purnished'house for rent, containgleighi -
,-;--:- bed-rooms: modern Improve .. .
K IL W ooUey, a prow... nts.1 Apply at III Ninth. street

maD of San Francisco.' bU, lamLf, I __)I__ ___ ---I-: i
and ,Iani1 to spend Jhe 'I I. I'
Florida W/olser I like all,oche e.ts, !ahis If,"yon desire to ten or rent youropettrllst The Racket tore *
'son 1Ir. / It With Sill Gander
delighted the climate of tson. sec l bay si estate and rental agents, teamlera Ic : Youngs ;
1 on the thePwcef Pharmacy
IClasj I
I I1Ir. I Lain Bob "t I
w. W iProut!, announces tb taths was made'a
erection Fee *alt. horse power 2 cycle mane -
shortly n the ire turning homo a .
will his engine In good condition cometS f A complete: and !
substantial fusln$SI block ,oneently M.Consressman carefullj selected atock. We bur oor'inin'; in
1 ropert at th s corU Joser $100.00. Apply or address yacht ... .i '.. small gttanties and often ao we can always h>ve them h-' and
RequIted 1
The m. Royal Palm dock. EtYacht tav. -.o.Ir cnstoraersffet the benefit this and
Tenth tfi-el are -.ati.fied .
D and alway
ser d A1'CU'f ]i pencsylvanU. who with i '
draws for 1'tdlng are no'xdraw's. being Mr. B. Herrington.. arrived OKUeatep ii tt &&ttt Sane rinfa anb: .
bi i I Sunday left yesterday for'' Ada foe(charter for fishing ,. _
cruising anywhere among tbekeysr
I: of ladles- iromlaeatlfleJ Co-1 home. While' here Mr. Sibley c,=Jj Ungflshinc. geoi nds. Write to CapJa ; )0 : : : j'fOJtn S aintits ; :;
A plca "'-i Party I a shlo ou 'it: w Tho. Sweeting. Miami Fla. or -$3351
efWlaIODsla. IB at Btrrnt ilntlrS .
and'party, who left last aljht atone soda fountain. Special creams and iherbets Saturday
S ,
wlfntho CattedStates' afternoons
prgmiseatly and evenings, We want
: Washington spent their' -la'fineI t your patronage ud
ell route to Bargain upright piano will
extended Just
and la off on an 1 endeavor '
Army alwija ace''that!
f. d- t f' ',. last day here U a trip to the boneCshgrounds ken ta exchangi. Price $175: easytymesta i nil get het bes4 t !In our line.
,v. ,
t on the':launch Booster with Bush *.Safford Piano Co. Ii t
ij tshtaf knack 'Cause. jDf the j Captain, Albert Hlenkle., and although le' Steinway repreeaatatlvea.Leel t WMMAOCsXiM duos P '.. been fhr'ef rMOflkepftsafpcbM

I' Einlenob .fleet,!which Miami haa. been 'on not they strong had MnralaU1ta enough' and'were'broken.the line' were.I I' : The* fwytf* RacialStore. thate: .. \\'. E. vouN S":*:? PROP__ -
thie of the Boat: Works
an:of tile pastereesj" having t reealM Mr. Babcock. before he left anuounced -Between {court boose and Baa&n ..1 Ernytot" .

'. made to her bottom.waa launched late that he la company with Congressman movement city 0'" -lace back gold and watchMt : W. If.: C&Be ,' Soo.' Prop: t j, .

'7......,.afternoon ,and after-tefag BI .,. ol Pennsylvania, and othersof crew trout I : ,
Bepreseatatlvee.. bend., tfo0.J aE1 will be Ub.rafyd ,, I
; left.for the fishing the House of wilt return I""
ersi4kIsrmoralnt ... ranted returned to'eoart boose.r .
''I'o 4L" here after [the adjournment of ,.' I I
h witted to the bar at the 9peeL1 terniof DOANE &
Congress March, and will Indulge '"'J t
J I circuit court to convene R4TJL13RSOW
Misses Bayne lad Brown, two of the in a cruise and trip after tarpon. i at a Barvrin-launch' its In Miami
f BV completely equipped for cruising, on January tth. Mr. Knox Is a young
most popular an$ competent members tdsoaely appointed. Speed 13 miles man of ran talent, and DEALERS IN r .
.;of the Miami public (school faculty, John Seymour Seyoold, the oneyearold boar. Also auxiliary sloop Swan, fires promise I .
rapid rising to
prominence In the
and Mrs. John It right for bay trips ;
who are located most i at the son of Mr. Beybold. .
pleasantly I I I Miami n.Ia CoIDPaD7. legal profession.-Tropical] Sun Choice meats Live neat .t.Jc.-
borne of Dr. anrMrs., W. B. Rush onNinth dIed last night at 12 o'clock at OH Pnetlcry.and' .

street, aref spending their I vacation family residence Illness'from on' Twelfth street after iountry Property for ftalfc-Five- A special-car bringing t r ood' portion I dressed poultry I'A/k"ullt AttentionTPEATMENT.
r and will doubt- a long Intestinal' trou .
In Cuba I
holidays m house with |bath cistern, and of the housecleaning and can! force -
bles. The funeral held th:. afternoon I

less have many Interisting things to was ssary out-houses, with ten or more of the Royal Palm Hole!, left New I .
ten their friend i and pupils OQ !i their at 3 o'clock from the residence es of,good trucking land, at Orange. York last night for this cl ty to begin I 8Ucc.: t.t C: H.l 'UlEItSOI'
Rev. W. W. Far! i officiating, and the! scruse
return from that jbeau Ifnl IslandsT'hs I I five miles from Miami. On good preparing the house for Its, season's I' ( CO. .'onol." >k.dlk. -.. ".. '
cemetery' 13th St. and Ae. I
Interment being n the city ) -
i d. Call on or address Walter opening. January 10. Mr. JH. W. Merrill [ era !. lees
large schtbner houseboat j|Sem-I fol-lowing, l.de. Miami. ': manager of the houses! Is LOW "en I I j
'l t
mole owned Fred Cooi-cr, and I IQ route here and is expected to arrive II
t 'r I I Gladys Lanseter Kate McLendon< Annie ,.
has tie Mla !: river ---
; which I 'ton" Elnlg, opposite the postoffee.a tomorrow. The help wilnot reach -
all the past r.umiler ,nd fall will be i!t Webber and Marksie Jaudon. Mr. selllDg cheaper than any bicycle Miami before Saturday nl.*ht or Sunday I 1 r
hauled out .all of the, Miami: and :Mrs. S )bold batlau sympathy I be In "%laml, Hartford i7 tires, but will get Lore In .Iffitf to begin
Works tt Is afternoon? or of the entire community In their be-' U a fete: Hartford 77 heavy, 13.75 I .
Boat ''SIE'Ce Hartford (S0 tlres.'JS; Ox-. : their duties text: Mo day mornIng -
tomorrow morning.' the purpose ofCooper. reavement.lighted I tiros, $3.00 a piece: C. t O. tires.' .
repainting and rvpalrlnu her bojttom. I 10 a plerp; Brawn spring caddies. Announcement t-!
The .Semlnole lsa _very comfortablecraft Col. C. E. Crceey, a prominent attorney 15: coaster brnk s:5.00'; rims with The pleasure yacht :Magno'la, o..n'l !
: and will p >bi ab y be chartered of Washing, f). ('.. who with d>cs. ,(1.2:+: foot pumps. Jo cents. 6' ed by Capt. H. Uolknap. 11'1'1 I !.>. \i -

for the season' b Mr 'I .Mr*. Creecy. arr-.ed here the latter latter part of .the week or :lflal1l.I' -

\' Ii'b -- i I part of tart we ; to sHn.l thq winter NOTICE. Capt. D<>lknip awl family) 11I':1:i start ) Glasses Aid 'Sight Ii'i t' Weave a fresh

;; rfsd aD J|W. 1 abcock. of,Wisconsin with their relitlM-8, th* members egln Ing January 1, 1905 re'aU'lee I for the Mailc City altout the same':, Well fit them fr: ,i I
and rarty"it ho came South tP." of the Burr tamp and who are cow Sis will close each day exctpt Sun-. tln-e" but as yet have rnt leoi-li. 11' I. line of solid} gold

:day or more a&OD. < rIvate car from with Mr. and Mrsi Duncan Urossioron diat <::00 p. m end on SuXayu at : whether tht111 go by raj or ont i i I II

Washlnstdn., and 'ho ave since' been Ninth street, returned th-4 morning ICO a4 m. N'o Irs will! be delivered board, the yirht ('n"t.,1,1 Is la I -J) : WPwf ,. I 1 signet rings, (nit1 -.

neU at the Bis ayn< left lint|:light -from the For Ijiii.ierdal-s section air u: 'U p. ni. Ml custnlus.11\ ontuand of the Magnolia Tho boat : @ : sal l [Rin9si; Hat
route N"rth. The: vtltrri'e In here he bus bee:i qua l hunting;since//pile cote anti arrange to tit their, came down from New Yo k by easy ;, I |

,''ashlngtoa la tltae, fur Mr. ha cock'I :Monday, and reports having had, mos icoefoi'e closing t me. stares, taking the inside route, and l lS : ('(t blot !l-o.i.hs Itt scee d tl'1ll't.. Pins', Brooches

:attend the opei ins e t Consnii* next' c excellent luck an 1 tho I'agKJQi1! of Fla. ""ant Coast Ice Co. stopped at n any points alo ; the \ aySolas I (.Jis.. ht..t.'tlf von-uICdli.oa, tes Kant.jUu- : I i T rti :
cn-i numbt of : Lets and I ttut "'.. mute >cs; lo se. ;, ', and Cuff
Wednesday. The; paity great V I large game (1t Ji i The Magnolia is aa ocean craft .._ [I Buttons
toyed:the stay here in4 ,hid ':'much I liable birds. CoL Crceey is highly > \. C Knot, who has for the past ,1 and Is luxuriously tited! up.; Her< : -- I --I I
port and pleasure the ,bay] and with his bunting exi.crienc.and sev-al, Imonths born a \aloahe: attack I owner will keep her In So t i Florida MAYNARD AND

fishing"grounds, [ elrr.catches ,being I is now Leyland for an rxtendd In the law cfflces of C. C. ChUUng waters this winter, as he and his fam- SON
o along the largest and most varied so cruise in the sections of te', >rth, and wh J has for some time ily will spend the season at 1amI.R1. .-!! JEWEI.ER3'AND OPTICIANS.I Next| Co PoetOtf

,, tat, tfeit aeuoa lower coast at aa I early date. :'; :t. -letse9dla" .liw,:will ba p ralail .Ji !. -;.. ...Reco--, .- I".........--- -- ., .. 4 ...t.'f'.t- ;:.. .

: .. .
Vl "
"" <*
; "
: f

'j \i

\ I .... ... ......... .,. ..., .
'""' ''''' .a. ->': L ... ,. .( 3.w.. JOVjt .% +
w uj Y----- -:.3+ s za : 4 -
l 11'11"d" j
.... ... \ rr'j ...-.. -

"" """" 'J .-4 .4i r",.".... _."<"" -,:. ."'-r .JJJr i -- ,,,,,j I ..;, ...., ,. J 44I U J. ) ,. _.. 4.fJ sR'':h 9Ln .t" '--71'<>'"s: (r.r'N.1If-" -
: l / .
1- I [ t

I .
j I eI
I )ee ee ee e eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeour
COLORED P DPLEH : street of Music,

;RE AND ELSEWHERE' the a fine bust I :,I BUS! Director f 5 Wagon goes! your Way It

he mot Street j ,
J I i 1 CD ard I ,I : : and Exp eaa1on. I 4., '

Nel I WtrtCd-SI'trIY f work highest Pon\irr<'i! 1 of Mu.i wage I' (>"('ry rhas N.Sl \ir T. Methods. Send for Catalogue. I t 0
1iltn. F.t Lauder; ale. Fla.Let Jarkhim \ : l l.n i I o :

us Jf.t:+ square I' .rur thla p..p.'rJ.t .. :h D I'a'! : Conferva ory of Music Berlin.Gel' 1 o i 1 1
lee: Year mil other o : V

Re, W. I. ?lalof" 11\ho iv sp..cial i Messrs ; 1 Boston. t So! 'Inn'r poil a ho j Hmt al by buying
draw of SUlt.e 0 F. & A. M.. s is- : nut nrils ; Stern Conservatory of Music Ben ", !
l I ; in I t I .iti bre d. Our tempting
OstHI.y ,
lied >('( 1 III Grow r "rpcne RE.-Miu Lilla B. Carey Detroit o iui> r'ry

pony itll n.\ \. A' Rro\\, in. Ih, tl 11 \\e ;
l1tPr'lrt U the .AIlIi' f.nt Or'r.:
"rlt 1 "f n .:ohf for hj home In 1)aniafl na tlie ; i I i thi>m>elvr:, for thtvf art f
I. d ehangQ I in tlw U1I1'r. xith their! >C av
,..hiA'lop very ..onl and the' I..I"n Hall I' ; OWNER sat;; ;it 11I1 tV i tttstiu11141 : I,:
: o
last iKbt there "1\:1: no m..iln;: of. a t suo!t'pn : I I i I' o
the aniltatlun": 11" l.lnl3Ii Aasoctatl ; un t|> I t.. S.\,, : Mi>NI'.Ye can'tl o I 10
o .....
? ; ] I saf .u.
al 'al antic aII'll. qnnre tl<>. COMIC ? i'j --- 10 .
.I I : I o
s lIe srs.' imon C. r't'n and tb. ar"1 I

.how mers epateJ They BI fln rave rll dir alt(>(',ors a ty 0031emLu a I i .II I ; !l CO. I II o John Sey old :: The Baker .

and In tnnrasr' It i ii : ,I
amap Y. exf.rt i
by ev ry j conning tr' In. ., Vters ; |I : YOl R GoGrrJGv.o O Q GD' ooo C.w 000G .

ti Sail e I.. Colt\ I has a very nicefool s. anf n Yellow I u._
: :
i idhr.
land ant III prepar
rink and fralt

Hverttbto Pto rye.s ho kept Iu I n'sh(h. at aui any up flI1ie.1 tot t (nil nil c mil) I : per -M. I \ Model! Bathroom

I leputjr \ .,
data .
Mr*, SopI l.t O'Niel is now prepare Is now kinds I -- -- I .
I Ito sell l.ime. Brick [4 ] IH the most essential feature
a r\e you in firttcjtass style at L04 : I I -
anal whatever else a of the modern boaae
Avenue G.j Call on{i bcr if you wananything ; I
A case
I. I e a" it \I" a necessary comfort -
lii her line, reported figpre. J
.. eeare: now turned on the I to any home. Better
ADJ nent s I sus:.
BBaadpatloa: Day which is next Mot put money perfecting
be a petition 14Ui Street Miami Fla. the aanitary system tncrefbj
qty |The jprograia mill doubtless the + J
l *
tjU.b st the city has, ever wiuiesspilQpi t i. insuring tue health aid
ttfail;,, to assist any member of the petition I ft comfort of your famil,.
pUclUnK committee' that calla on yoi the r than spending. it for fie

JMej4ld.! This celebration, mutt p4ow thirty|: famishing A ta.-fc w tbe
U. history at on ft of the beat everY petition

.1a th,1I; .t. was
C jresterdaj from fourth street 01A did not : ,
"> Btt. GJ Cen' was a runaway b:, tow I Famous Racycte"M.
Iff. tiroce jUowlet" horse .which was. II I M
sf npe T Jnat'watli of the Industrial I
Rrt. tinf Company'a[ :,oljlce with th< White l I!
and shafts broken. The an I I J. McDQNALJ
[>! eeaa: > frightened by a boy h Foir .
and dashed at once. Nc .1'I ,
raeetai] '
I made Mr. 'I I Twelfth Street Miami, Fir'
s.. .r tiaa tbe.daah: was A. boas' of 4 to IO room at$6DO
ffi swung back on the ,llnes. rein' for the Tourist Seawm. :20 fun
1Frteil b1. [rtBowle.wbo: waa alt' at five dollars to- $10 per wedl l '

tr s th! tarry with him. Then 1 leIabII () city residences at from $601) \ Wm. Gurj
w re iwo other la tbe.surry but were .
.: lots $15O to $500. A .et:
rigs able to do anything towards assist : around -
; all lt class all pro,|
if*la the decking. the runaway team II P ..' 10 families together. \\c Key
Hover.. no, one was hart and the ".m sad your( .all kinds (I<-f improved and nnin H 8''
r bIc e not seriously Injured. Bat Mrs '....i"-l. ) and fanning.: All of these at the
of this and PWd prie... ShipQ
Bowles goes down In, history General condition- govern
its a4ine. i I.
city I I I
._ Uecnre. Geo. R., Holmes and Chas ) [ F. W.' ] Attiason Maoai
Johnson ,14 doing a rushing l.nsmeRf 3rd Street
I a 2U Ave. 1). North near .
in their uptI>date rafel Ever>thing U I j 11. ant4rat'

kept, go (Irsf-lan8 style The propno-
tors bf the''p-todatel I I louse should be

nonjntoriled l>y all. '! .,
"" !
Mr,,Lcro Smart la steadily Improv 1 1'Wf'V,
I' lag fry day we ar told. n';a trust k tau
: 1IDotby
Cat WI Thoseiwishing;coon to visit be )ruffs;; \ I
himself!; ag4n. !
i him.fill] Hml him at the house of Mrs. .\ sTh&1s <
'Anna Powell In Baldwin Town .. :
If Thjt.new boy will' try to please you 3nly .. ,

to d ttlverio: the papi-r. Wnen you COR. : est. Florida
tall to get I I your paper; pleaso I I call at t fDQUARTEHS
opt; offlce> at 40f Avenue G ami aotlfybID grtirfs.I Fotq
'I that This
...... j. I j In ten carload leU attdter, Building
Samuel Walker In company with : I '" farm thereby you
Vf, Lalhan s .and the.other geo:leman. j i & BEST j rials Of All kinds.
ginned to the keys!1 where they are 1 4 any quantity and
,agaged In'':hunting and trapping. They : aa the lowest cc. Steam marine Railways, Machine Sbop.ForrrCA
''many different hints of aniahtlnee I
L' ve Jellied' :, 4 : d" of repairing' n..il..r !land Meant Kittini canbe done at thenotice
WD Ura:being borne on on p.elr Saturday hunt.If: They nothtax : 4 4 4 : : *j 1S 06..l t :, in- the tn.tlwsFiblr! mallllft by cS? rt ,,"illc.1 mechanics

': ,prevent t'[r A : w I r. MM !*!* j' .
l2jr{ | G OfP Barn fU and BOB were < \ mm _Y. ;
Oft oh about yesterday afternoon. On gd' : manure In transit and i NUt:* IHMEATS. S
qhutdnglwe saw only the same two; : at a momtnt's notice. O.H.STILLEt POUTRY A2dEGGS.. o)
additional game] The binds were I- AesD.i..
M : .. Jo*. :: .
had not return
lit taklaglholiday good* Delivered FrM.".
... | : .
|;Prot J./W. & Bctkuae la preparing 1 BOT ,,o,oeo.ooti.ooeose.oo"onus.. .
ls>. ptyl 8aj oaJ a* addition to hU dwelling,i al : I
boosi. a room 1U30, in short will.be I f I. ----r I .
commenced. GEO. H. MEYERS .
t ji;.. KJ;' II:. Herndon, having moved i

into per new milinery. i' shop an.l settled |I : + l Shop I Contract i ElectricianLaunch
to suit
it{wnptie" :is sods; prepared I, I ng .
y4ur sfantles la,almost everything in j, G. ; '
htr line. )I She baa i4me of the fanciest ( Kerosine ngirre Supplies, t
.. .,taot the season. A call till convtaceyoo. l tio>< ( Batteries Spark! Coils. Etc.

: a Specialty 1113 Avnue C Miami FlorIda'V rite for prices'PIERCEBJ
: _
The group of,bouses 08SeYe11th,, 1 I I


i !

H ::b l F w 'hat: : Men I I r t. .

I is'comfort and Cycle Co. HOUSE PAINTERS ;
I people who can
i Our lateat des '
the most 'MIAMI,FLA.
aimed.. You just lotto of t
I i;>ur tailored s tits| i

't tIl I tyle.in '. /perfect us in ing tor the Bicycle; .=first National Bank Miami.. florida 1

11J I A. w I RIGHT PRICES otr.1, I. F. W. HAHN( .

: : : Sur is tips. aims It 51._ Architect and BuilderI

.. ihs < W T d,sedated Bkyde I :

of the bent
now have in my employ one
No Shoddy or Cheap Worl draftsman in the South, and am better
I t MIAMI 1 BARG$I prepared than ever for furnishing: plans j
p4Meed. buidinfiDe cabi
"I and detail* tor good /
> net work!etc. 1 am pow headquarter
"" : A new t',line of a .. It kick sad for turned work, scroll sawing and all '1
work Ut ally done in a riKsT CLASS
.' _
r, *rf i. .and'uthef.' *- !I T! : Send me your order for doors and window :

r.ihd Water Pattens ta Dress.Goods t f1. or rim- ut tire away filth; frames, ballusters, ;[bracket,. etc.
: I; J'" .P''' : make then# I
them and
.. .. .
...-- --. --T ( convinced MIAMI fLATHE
I and .
.. .rtre. w. J. : 3

"t..r.o.e 1 :

...,. I .

.. ..'.._." .""u .. tl:: ...atiisbC. .wa-.k- +.eti:4..:;,; l .,, _,. .. -.. .

'!"' ,....,.. "..-.L. ,,"t p..L, .p -""" --"---, ........... osra .....,.....,." "'"''0<11! _" =,......, b..,.. .. ."" ."" '. """ er
: t

a II I It. e -I-

--r- I

J AAJXJsoi O'r.' J7URGUSQN Hinson House
: ,8pt'Cl catioDe led Details Hade ,
> I for Buildings of AM Kinds, Fine BOARDING BY THE DAY WEEK OR
file professionsFATTORNEYS .I i 1 .Residences a( pecfalt). I MONTH. RATES REASONABLE_ __ N wlyFurnl.ned. In new' location.! Rate.*I 1.8p fftl.
; .. OFFICE. 315. AVENUE D. I. ::C' SOIoJ'.'_ or1: L EnI I SPECIAL BY WEEK. 331 I4thf St.. 'amt'F.I' .IorkteI ;
I L __ ----- I Located on the 6 nk.of Indian River. Finest Huntln and FUhitff lnPt* ..

i 1 J WALTER C. DftiARMO. :I-- I I The '
; Fort
Pierce HotelA.
att.T. .+ > .I'' : .A.rob.lteot.: ETROPOL.li) ,
( A l.A I .L McgttUN.ewe.d ,
? 'Y.( Room. Metropolis building. \ne 'tv *

I Will pneOee U til xtninliuctad court*.KM and.rteecslll Fed.nltyecLlrnnenlltl..t.r Hours 8 to li: j Miami, Via.R ;i CAFE 1:Metes $lie $1 _SprdIILtrs-rs.. : N 1k wed. F 11It'h: ,,IKW K'> KUMUDA

I'' I I' .
!O.ltostel J Ii Miami.I FU.: I I II. SE I HOUR. A Restaurant that caters to Ladies and Gentlemen I I T V1U I T RESORT_

p. T. BKAQ03. M. I II. Attorn9 l.t..1 f ,i: WaverlyHobe] U !.L a .Comfortable
week ;
: Special month.
Eel ; \\. \ practn e I. l t. SUIte a.d FederCourt. rates by or i I Airy ROOM.
Office with erJ.Pb rm viI .. Particu\t : e tiua to .. "
Beideo 14th,1 Suescor.erAre I' I atrr.antile. neat E. ... and 'curpor.lliaD'I'I lOIOlIendorfBlocl.! Ateoue D. CHAS EYES I I I the Bay
Proprietor (OS [y1nS1.. -
C I j I I Odle iD I'n.,1Hutd'D I MRS. ISABELLA WELI.H., I .. fk9m

1 MIAMI FLORIDA i -- .. . .
I ., . . .
I -- -'
B. J. M. JACKSOS, J&; ;: & C. \\1' KOGERS -r---j : 1-- Corner eDU?and llth S reet.
ft i JD.D. .
'1)) orncKJ l lHOTXL .. I $840.00 A YEAR ; THE t
MIAMI. #, !I Metropolis Building. No. 4321.2 T"ilftb : T

1 Street. Miami\ 1 HuriJa.i i FO Five Years .
RUSH. on
W. B. : I Ian : SAN I t
f! I I cRLJ
I "O oe21Etb.tree : 'Pbon. .si. I
if Residence( ,209.'thb: I GEO. L. MCDONALD ; Investment of i

MfAMI.FI.1.W. t I Clill EaglueHr I t i rOUKOT1st ,' I : ;
I I I 'fOeledral2.SOpefday and
ridf and SaMiridlor Lamlk a spn.uitj : 5250.00 i iI H> .
; 1 SPfthl1...... per week lu toinmrrclay '
C. M4y'nard, ;; rUM JIlIn ILaaeSAalrLRkooalts|i :; .A
I I t --- Ptl ft! fc :((&. Its 1lrrtb. .
*? GRADUATE OPTICIAN j I I'! ENNIE MAE PARRISH.Stenoprap4'er I i iI. I H . . . . ,. . .
; ', With Maynard S on.!,Jeweler\ I Ii and DOUBT I. 4 MADE i .........." ." .,..,.....,..._ ... .,.-. -
'A e.D Next Port Office I' .f..f. ,
; .THIS first clua. 'IDe Ylew 01 tM .41 f
j I Typewriter.Ufi MIAMI. ATE IS IN Acrs DESIRA- :
I I _. _..
j ; .. ..... 1
txH41& t Twelfth Street : :;:xr; : CHLY ottz CLOCK rnoa THC :.A..J eye: :
rl I

.'!.''' Brick bnslDLM blocx on Aremit D .t.j. 8.50004 D.M CONN LLY. Proprietor ,-. -

I" S 10 lots on Seventh street .
SPiGlALTY \ < 1.00000 -
.. I' H'J 1 house and lot, bay front riparian rlg.U.J 9.00000I I'
-- ,. ; house and lot foot of Twelfth .. 4,000.011Fins '
.. .
.. .
h. ... .1 10l .... .ftliit / '. lest>> to Terminal Pier. Opoelte Rallro.d Depot'
I. ...... -- .. bouse land lot, Tblrtenth street, n Idem Improremcuts ..I 4j50.0I' I .
.). .. ..;. .. ...... .' .r;" FLA.I
.. MIAMI I -
-- "I'P.,_ 3 houses anti lots oii Twelfth street' firm ',300.00 to ; 4.00000 "
{ .,.1(!j': "" -. ,. DAN' f '. ;i",,. ; '> 3 room bone with 2'-t lots, wKn bearing tree. Pouitb stet .....J ,OOO.OO"I ..........A.. ae..ea.e.a II. .4.... +atlas tI
ANunally's '
:.'r" ." It If: .' -, ... House and lot on Fourth street near Avenue D ........K.........' 95000 i .
_..:; gj; ':UJua"".. w-I,fJ,. ,.,A '2 1':. 'V, 6-room house and lot on Third street..... ...... ........... .... .C 1,900.00 .-t-+-+ .' .:+.....
I '::;:: ) House and 2 lots ou Fir w 1\. ;>>'...r"I I 20-at.re''or..1tI and >raga fruit grove rear Cocoanut Grov ......*,1 3,000.0urote k. I
111 Ji) acres, three. antI ne-balf ueared, bearing fruit trees, rear Cocaap: t I' The Sonttirt'n i enlarged

, +- i --- ...... .... ......::............. ....... .............. ,200.OC[ :and :
. -. t'I --Tt-II 60 acres tint farm!; ? land at Cutler .. ..... ...... ............... %$!lOO.OO l have
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitT1 ,' ; t1fTttt1tttTt1't1ft'tttt' ''t11tt't1t"' $-aoret:: orange and grapefruit grove at Orange RIdge..... ... ........1! C.000.00: I, 4een_ .lUt_/JN._
II Two fine young orange and grapefruit groins on Miami river with ,t
t WHO ISYOU_ riparian .!&htl. $3,000 and 6.000.00 I'
i The 3 House and 3 lots on| Seventh street corner Arena It. ............1{ 1450.00 I' E FORSSELL Proprietor,
? Fine farmlns and e'lrus lands from $:0.1>0 an sere up. J : I RATES!
CAM 2)Y j Druggist ::3-' FROM a=.oe UP
Several furnished houses to rent for the season. Call and see us. "
/ Purs; l'i S-acre grapefruit and 1 plreapple I grove ... .... .... ........ ......I;I j 1,000.00) Corner of Eleventh Street and A*eaue B. I Ii.
Biscayne _. 10 acre and 7 room hoagie barn stable tool house and work house I t
;;;;e. bearing orange and gn>pe fruit groTe.ou Miami river with riparian
I == rights- n ideal home I ................?.. -..... ............ jlt.000.00' . .-. ,.-- ._ .. .. -e> . .
DugCo. 3 20 acre Una pine land on which 1* a S or < acre orange and g.-apefraJi: I ; -
All ofChemical urthuge "' grove: 100 bearlnC and other rarietlea of fruit trees) 4-room boosa HOTEL
good well bargain In Dade county: 4 1-1 mite from Miami
7eauSfote j ir p reparation.h. are on Bock Ros i.. Price$100.00 I' .

hat the 41 0 a methods S lots on'1cJ.y.,tk kreet. lor aU $ ,OOO.oo. j MIAMI FLORIDA;
I --.. are commended IS acre pine'and prairie land It aerw Improved, half mne south of Cutlet
301E-J by all reputableAGNC,1 Hotel; 800 feejt. frontage oa bay; 40* tearing>> fruit trees; t-roomj cottage, .
J. lyniciana.ilUiUiltii :: furnished; bores aai vacoa; 71 laytac bens and oat btnldlnga. Price. HOOO, Now "
: C.1 Opeo-SeasoD to I$05. '
: or the 10 acre with'an ImproTeaenta I about 400 feet bay front for;ItSOOJt May ,

UiliiUiiiiiilUiUUiUiiUl UiUUiUiiiiiliUliU2Everyone ) ; I II
H .. =--f :: .":. : .';. .j mLSPIERS&I I Salem GrahamITHEJEFFERSON

Wtl LER" I Ii ''I' .. I :

/444r Real EState and Insuranco-Agents i I' t I .'

--: 11": .!! I Boa in. or 1200% Avails D._ i i' j I, : ,


buys a ,tV' .. --. .-1 1a -, JOSHUA CURRY. r ___ Preevtoer:

8jfl .1.rOl.it feels i The climate .f!.' the East Coast of Florf I .*ab I .I
4 nearer11 t I BATES $3.00 A DAY AND UP
perfection than that of
art t I' *-
1110 I'he' or she !has secured a good ;. other place on earth j1 I West.
'baryhu Weinltnd'\ that everyone r tt. One Half Block frog Terminal Key- Flori ia: .

t gem,tee shall'tell feel mvst\ that be right way.in quality Reef,' .. 1\.cI:4 I ;'V'ILLA -- -'"-
,' cjitot.rutaud price lie Opposite Ro ra1 ham, hark '
some nlce ( o show. you : : ...,
/nUl 1 I
bale Corner Tblrtcecth Street and Avcna: a. ':,

i i ., A I
:Mamie : : FloiidA

." The 1J eweler .. ;;II ,; I I II II I

, I j... I J I 1

Rater on Afphcatioa. Write lor RESERVATIONS
Mona malnmeaeh ,

mtnnh1t T m1114 1TT111iTt mnl lmnjmmmmm e LAGRANGE SEJ'lI' OLE HOTEL, \'est' ; TjJ h -

r & 1 l Directly opposite the Lake, eposlt !the Royal 1 Palnclana. .Guests

E I from Miami will appreciate the homelike surroundings.. This newly

II renovated hotel has electric lights, baths, table challenging compjrison. .
DeGro'ss n
I I .
; I I
I I. I .
J20 4-CycIe: iMotor. ,. rL fe.tahle Orstge Cr.eti Fami M.eappl.of the tngtrj I'h.tatIMr tr1 aUry t* I LWcr' Ferscnal Maoagtmeiit CEO. C. U CRANCf.I "Ifm la kar.' e,:" 57lh SL N.Y.
I -
fr.m JwiKiTlU tU lb.DA ]

E This motor Is the result of the most modern practice! in scientific EAST COAST nlawAT.t I The Ideal Oyster & Chop House
E Motors. It Involves not only the fine details or construction, but ,
E also an accessiblf and neat design.
= THE CYL NDEP.S ARE CAST IN ONE PIECE. 410 Twelfth Street ,

Including Valve.Chambers, water jacket etc i II ,
&: I

FOR SALE R BY WEIGHT 429 POUNDS. -.t !1 I i Steak, Chops end: : fish ';,'Gy) ters in any, StyleCy

I KOch .. tte-4uart;41ate cr $GGB.!! Cane In > Scasco
D e c F erpy'cot bta./I:1 HO, Lao Cwt .t "rid.".bht .cop of I I Il
e i rta1aA1ar Ilori.. eaJ" own 1n'oraatka, mare. i
1700 Ave LI, Foot of Bridge ..
J.E.riLaoTi, "
.r.tCfIIITB. ".D.IUBSD, '
rkrra7 ........ L l J. Marks
a rwr" ir.-: : ';.r' "Co P. -- ProprietorIr
uIlituuu Wlu1UWUUU tutu Luiuiuu LUS ,
71tllwWUluuu 1' g2.; Jl'GttiTg:' r.. VLA.l .
A I Iy


+, r ", l ,.. ,' -. .. .
-<. ..' ., l-"- _._:" .C,,.,.,',;;';''." :. l-' _,'. T" nr

,.., lirw' ..... ,< h...." ,,::..,.".

o I I


ati' l11a1)t11lNltar I II II

jj HOTEL ARRIVALS. jj The following papers- ,.mere pled for I,'j ,,11: r. Marcus Milam. of Miami Is via I I 0 -a t -

*.a...ifSiCillil5iritSiCirl5it5iCBA record in the clerk's office; circuit itlng his father Judge J. B. Milam. ;
I court, yesterday and today: I i Mr. Milan is a member of tho firm of j ,

.1.kiiullen... obn r VIEW JToline U. S., 5t A..;Augustine.Mrs. It- L. Magru-Jas I. I niiiT feed Oziaror, J.. C. Green snonu and lots wife 8.! '., anti to Till 10. i I I i sa the>'8 Drake Miami Produce Is building Co., of rapidly Miami. and He : !j (!tew Jltr t.' aI f6

derv Mattie Magruder Miss Lula. block 10". IVlray. i !I that there are more tourists them nt .
Wes for I
deed, (ttruia privates
Warranty he than
present time was ever
l ruUer, Lee Magruder. Jr., Col urn- .
: "tveotinn :S.
certain land Herald
i kiovtn -Tatares
bud GaJC. J : tsuuah 1 range 41 east. I !
--- -
$olJTBEUoJ-, I. '. Warranty ,'('('d, 1-:. F. Moffat : Merwdith and, w Ifs, city: :\. PanNVJw 'o ''(;,-.,. \VaUron for 41.0)') lot :3D: ,
"J'I t York; f. S. Ha/Hl.no: StY4rk ,.t'uon| ,City I Florida, Where ho has been for the o fooR brt66 Once loom
F \ u..l. ''''. Notice of application for a ihirtcrns pist: few upeks buying oranges; ando I S
,f''A\ :" 1>- ,l 110 :|orani: ..i;iloom
S. :'loJW.1! |'K C. Romfh. city' Lt mi City I.llinir-y Association. I d!.<>I> hi.i, and other ronmilfcslon b'. i<<<..&. ;,
I .
'\'J'fI H{ -ad: hilaiicliliia-: E.11. \\-il .i.T+.mtv ,UM|, W P Hat .ell and 1 10 l/av uf Mr. Hills operatioiiii vali 1
Francisco; JV. InrKtI.\ St. )'1 a to fri-l E.1 ;.'rton and ill. J. II :: the \UiiHJ of St. Petersburg ando 1I I
4s14r. ; 10 ich.; Mr. 6V w'tb'-nI.irj J' it as F H. Kitsi-rton & CVs! i the \N\st Coast, where the crop .
.11i an daughter" J.i=-ih fens'ii. I'aJm Beach for f1. 1i0.00 lot ;, block his IK.en heaviest th.s soaMm. lies 1oicirb j
Her ; Mr. i 1n.1' :\lrR. J. r Me I! 2, Vest Palm Bfoch.arrantv ',aces that up to this time h>.. I as pur : (Fe.fia8ftr
Cranny. New Castle, Pa. \\' deed. li B. Tatu n to F. '' 4Gastd and consigned, twenty tnrloads \ e
G JHahn( lot 7. block 123.:; Miami. for ot fruit. "The e stin ate I ;;a\" you of j g-
: .00
MRS EWING ON COOKING. $lSoU.uO. I i ; : H".fI\1)\ boxes for the State arly In r ) $2.00 .

I-+- letters patent State of Florida! to the fall was about correct," '.narkedMr. '! !
Everyone Not Born a Cook, Eut Can C. .skllson, A. C. Frost Jams Paul I Hill when. asked. what he thought & I .-- rH -- ;-
Learn :'to Cook. BtnL C. T. Lar6<'o. P. II. Roped anj G't output would l>e. "Of this number' !
I I ki'. Frost Incorporators of thf Dania fillly, half the crop will\ come from the I

The I< Indianapolis j Sentinel iu an InK lnipro\euicut Co. with a capital of'' West Coast and the Manatee sectionme I .

Urliew with Mrs. Emma P. Ewing, $3.QOO. Half of this crop has already beenFbippod I
th M1 not d cook Tvhcx-comes. here to State of Florida to W. J. hautier, but the buyers and growers I,
ai hare been disappointed as regards: DI
l caire shortly. quotes her ,in part as commission as notary public State '
!i follows: large for four years, dating from December prices. The earning quality of the ,
F :"Ever 'body can't be born a cook 14, :1901.Warranty I I fruit has alto been very poor and tn'i'. I I I '
'ba\' everybody can learn 'Ito I cook." deed DanT R. Knight: to many Instances oranges with left the lti" j cHow

.. tI; hed ). rL E lnaod I bare John C. Knlgh't for $3,500.l'Brioua I shipping point In excellent condition I dSnri..r. ,
to bt .honsands;]and thousand of lands, In section :3 I. township 17, south, reached the market in a decayed condition i -- I
women lo make bread. That In why 1 range2 east I with the result that very poor

W known.was 'the breadmaker.' I The walls of the new cold 'storage prices were realised. Speaking of I "
i we always thought that If a house- plat being erected at the corner of p..pefrult. Mr. Hill stated that this r f4e& r row) 1, trap I'
fruit would prove a more profitable
zY bread
haremade good
peeper jxmld and Sixth street hare been I
Avenue In the end than oranges. "But lit
fee family need never to hungry and railed to the top o! the first story, and crop
libra I.first- became interested in (heMaee are|: now approaching into the second tie of it has so,far been shipped in how.the cBU4f4ntttb. : t 1 Ltpf
tat bread making I studied aniWavthorlde eter, owing to 4he poor price ,
I could find. You know X dance will be given by the Lemon market Two-thirds of the crop Is e
'flK, people, of VWnna hare been fa City Library Association In the new ret on the trees, as the growers are

i Mina foe their bread for over ZOO rears building at that place tomorrow night holding their fruit for better prices." (ttoSS2o"
t Tfci government' sent Professor Has for the benefit of the organlxafTcn. The -i-calaesriUe Sun.
ford to to study their method Blscarae Orchestra will furnish the
yieana I
noale,and refreshments win be served Saturday night, while the shooting
jai make a report I don't suppose .
by ladles. An are cordially, Inrltedto of firecrackers and the explosion of dynamite
beard pie
=4 woman la a thousand ever
3E .tfthat'; .[report, aDd If they did they attend .. ebus some were negroes making who the had night imbibed hid rbRhodes
dUat kno bow to obtain It I had
oili little dlfflcnlty. but I flaally sea The double smokestacks of the P. B. :' too. freely, were standing on Seventh : L' : a
otmted :eon and the formula I hare c. Ry. Steamer Biscayne, which has avenue, near the box factory, when a ,
practically been rebuilt during the young man named DeCastro. while
1 tad ever mines with one or two
have Seen erect. walking on the sidewalk accidentally
and fall
changes, \tthe\ one Indorsed past summer
',by1ro'eseor aught Horcford la hU gorernctefet ed.|and add greatly to the general appearance bumped into one of them. Tin negro
.and II known in Vienna of the craft which will be having a knife open In his ban struck t It kr
report for commission In a very short DeCastro a vicious blow on the neck
all the recipe fur Othe Emperors rolls ready 'al /
..".EYel'J girl ought to know how'to time now. and which. Is practically as narrowly missing the Jugular vein i
; I under his
what and and cutting a great gash
1 she good as new. For purpose
make rood bread by the Um li
.. the Is to be chin. DeCastro ran across that street J1o .
linear* old" dej-Ured, Mr. Ewing In what business Biscayne ROSSMORE STYLE.
and borrowed pistol and pursued the
,. the Is still a m'aterr. a
whoknows by company
with th wnphaslsj of a man used
the will\ shooting at him several times t :
about but It Is evident'that negro
what he Is talking -
be a cooking lessontalvevylpublle be peed for come Important purpose; or but the negro made his escape. A i I i t!
I school at least once aj clsxiBO the repairing would not hove been )physician was called and sewed up ast-- xtrf
; DpCastro's face.-Tampa Tribune.
.v. Y50" :' I ,xtcnelvc. ,.. -- I I 1 ;
i T I

r 'ill. I j We HanAio the J ARE YOGOING

: jl ;
I }

WE I CAN FIT 'ANY! fOOT : Oliver Typewriter! : ;

I t A

i :, -.< -. -_, AT ANY PRiCE.. .. ..:. .: TOBUIL]

1 : ; Beaus It to superior to an others I
I : We are rnlllnt iHenj j too, heeaaai i ., j.
I oar price sad term* are]easy.. If 701 .
L I I I want a good saachlne. 1st w tan yen [it -.w. to* to tb: 'f
. "' ; : I about the !tarat' m ft asiaf tteMiami'Lime '.
; "1'f,' I sI t .
4 I I ....
: "' OUTER.A '
,'4' \ ., .' ,. ., p' .. c .. ,, '.. ". Stoi"ip
'j ; ,
; .
_".": ,I'"..;.':.," ....t... :'.! .'.,. ,- '. ,- .,.. .,;.,. t.. .' ,, ," .' '''';.'.; ;, ,I tf he wJ8 cItfa; ,, a.DdIaa ;

t: .1;" sit ,' ; I rraenstmetid. fit by tattle wF
., P t .. I .- ."
machine shop has beta added to
.. .. .
: [' + .1 "I.. oar large establishment to satisfy: the .. iot
I I't .. \ I ., I demand for a first elms repair shop ,
: Fire'
i ai. Ir", ."' ..,I I .. tar ADTOXOBIUn sad QAB EN ,Pro
t, ". j ,I I I! GINXL at that deparment to la ,
l I 4aad. ', .
I I f charge of akOIed machlnista. We an I I pracUealtr oJ
,. 4".. I I S I'I'I I i I ,, at roar service. I After once ap then to a* fl
I' I erpense of repairing .
I I arpalnttnc.
t : ;' ; 1 1: Shoe Stock in the SouthJno. II I I I >> n. Ere' eoat ..

= Largest ; ,LOFTON & EINIG.to but while Urns thePermanent DIn than I.wool

Staeoneori Lofton,It Jobasom. Oppo.-... Post Offlce. Laid, Tla I ,
i 0 I
R 9Y Cos
I ,
: eoasldertnf repalrlic rspalrlag. ;

I GrOceriesThat to anch leas thai ,.q.
wood. The appearaaos) li r Sewelltf Bro.We much snp rto to other tf
; materials a* the -1t:
I are act pore tad fresh sie dearat IrchitectnraJ Possiblitia ..r-'

any pries. We sell ov goods at such ,

f prleea aa to enable as to more thea Unlimited.
1 I .
". : I before they hare a ehaaee to'set old! .
I I II We saw tfte stave t. aaj !
I. Hence we always, have j alma We haw tsrssd III

f.IDIuau and planed ..... ,
I, i Pure and FreshGroceries hp ':',
i f Broba ... .. ...... ;.
...... '
'I. Wags crashed rasKSidewalks. III "t'

I. i i ''!.- : : j i: aV A l... I .;.
: I I i the, always oat .....
". f
5 /M Let Us PMC This 'I StatementTo t
,.. : ,
I, + !.i I II You

k <'I I ill I : : I Offer-I

: MagnoliaGrocery
I I r .

m L S sold over 1,000 Dr0llkhuten

f: 4.1'I .1/_ pair of Shoes last. week < }

I ". CORNER FOURTH irrf01EY5l101 ;
FM ..J .i, It Mt4! ,Co, EET AND AVENUE;\ ,

1t- ......,........- IU.uIl.. .. "I dim i "

.1, I ...

..,... ..... ., .. '! ,, .,-._ ._ ........ .I'
',:; ': ... ,", : : I ci r : -fI\

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: December 29, 1904
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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". 'I-1'-! ""' ;""" ... .-.'" "" 1lL .tL. .-"I4. """ '" ,....""""

"r r'
'. '. ./

I .

i I i


-- = ,f------ y- -

'1jhe' Only Paper in South&:st Florida Carrying Associated Press Dispatches' ;

----. _- 1 _- _1' h
_._ I
-- t--. y __ '-1--- -___ .I I

'BOG. 2, NO. IS I 1'i.-; :'" .MIAMI, FEOKIDA. THURSDAY. DECEMBER29. 1904. tt:, ::- r Price 5 Cents _




I .* _________ -
;. '
DYNAMITE AND A Chief aid Assistants to Be Elected By the City' Council -The FRED L. BISHOP THE VICTIM OF -

Producer! of Clay Col i i' ,?: BUT LOST ONE ] Duties and Powers of the Members of the Department Defined INJURY FROM LIVE WIRE HAS To *

i j D_ MEN IN THE AT-, RECOVERED-HORSE ccommi date Increased De-
Staple at Ft. G Penalties Prescribed For Violations. HICKED A i
t I i 1

-I I !i Eterybxly In Miami is in'orcstcd to the inspection of the Chief at anytime maId 1EN

In the protection of the pr.I<-rIY of he may deem proper[ The Chief
1NCIDE REPORTED !: err} of the Japanese army I shall make a complete report in writIng .
the city and therefore specially lutor- Metropolis Uun-au, Key West, FJa., AUTHORIZED BY"MRL
WHERE I to the City Council, the
THE at
LEANS Arthur via Shusa&n, Dec-;
SUBJECT thli-rested in jtho Miami fire department, regular meeting iter any City election Dec. 58.! -Sir. Charles a Fogarty. proprietor i FLAGLER-SEC.; BLACKMAN
OF, ; fort was captured I
r ,pECAM of each of all In of Fogarty's drug
and whatever may affect It. year property stores: arrived WRITES AIIOUTEXHIBITS:
r.. a thousand Japanese cas-y the possession of the Fire Department. here from PRE
'HIISCUS ION. There has been considerable discussion Baltimore Friday
I. I Section Eleven.-All engines and MIUMS, ETFl' ..
; concerning the new ordinance recently 1 used night to spend the holiday season
1t'iii other apparatus by the Fire Department 1
amlle[ mines were eiplod F i4
adopted by the city council for I la the service of the city with relatives and friends. Mr. Ftgarty I

i--\'" : .1 1-j 1 yesterday morning the control of the I'.cpartment and the I' shall be kept in repair by the City baa ....-:1 attending college perfecting Il l-
: were made In the front
I himself in
f Metropolis provided that shall his chosen
New Orl nI, Dee. % herewith submits the full no repairs profession
'y through which a large' draft of said ordinance for the Information be made unlesi authorized by the dental surgery. In view of the Increased demand for "

.. .tba1Hd.' to ecUne I here eae charged under cover of|Its readers: Chief of the Fire Department. The postoffice clerks sad carriers space aDd th) .Importance of tile horticultural .M"

there.. .... j 110. ykileat &lump'' sbombardment of their Section Twelve]1-The Chief of the each received a box of fine cigars for exhibit of Dade county hold

cbqe. There pas I a rece, I captured the first line of JAN ORDINANCE. Fire have Department shall have power to their Christmas present from the Fer- eY I'JIear la{March! la this city! Mr. .
.. repairs made to any engine or
proximately J'1 other la for dinand Hirsch Cigar Company.Mrs. H. UFlagksj\ has given lastraetioaa
; : points use extinguishing .
; tea'' t followed'mad resulted Crating and Establishing a Fire D*
January fires, not to (exceed the rant oftwenty.e Alfred:Peacock and daughter, that the structure kaowa aa tao I'aIrbuL..aq
if, day dos l yrlees. partment In and For the City of MIami
of the fort and fcarrison
dolar* at any one time. after a pleasant visit of several weeks at the foot of TwenTj street.
H ,ar. 'I hundred ; Defining Duties and Power He shaft repast to! the City Council all
; : ye men. Many be
j i fa the city the guests of Judge and enlarged! that the axhibita en hot.
g cotton ; I effected their Providing for th, Furnishing of An- necessary repairs ho may wish to '
generally escape.
UM paratus' nd the !Election of Certain make exceeding this amountSection Urs. Beverly Whalton. returned to ter be placed j aad.more. fadftiM:a*.' '-

'. dtgpatchfrea, Fort Gaines I Tbirteein.-In their homo at Coeoaaat Grove Friday forded tao for dlaplayk their
Officers order to get morn
MEMBER City ; and Prescribing Certain ',
"that the cotton mea of I Penalties the apparatus to a ore as quickly as night oa the Martinlqne. rodacta,

| bird their. COMMISSION for. the possible, any.member of any company J. Yates Porter, Jr, returned to tao i Tao approaching fair prosatsM t. a.'
,had d dde to t-1i
{ { Certain provisions of Said OIdIIISection I may engage any I[dray or animal to greater bettor '
city and
;earplus of two million 1 Friday night to spend the holidays than over' bafaf<
1 draw said apparatus to the are, aDd
bne.-Be '
eotto* wan']{ act1IaD7'beIDC Dec. 29.-Admiral It ordained by t th*I on the approval of the chief the owner with his parents Dr.. and )In. Important imformatioa rateUva to the
returning home and win City Council of the City of Miami, of the dray or animal .shall bo paid J. ,T. Porter. enlarging of tao bniMlai and tV character ;
t' '. the"lUeeuJof that
that Fire
pon be
a Department and the
I rice-Admiral Donbaas- by the city for the service rendered, of th* exhibits prisea '.. ,
t"na'-lAeI t to 1a same Is hereby created and established General Abe Sawyer returned from *, an
not to exceed two ;dollars (12.00).
local buyers and commissioner la the In and for the City of Miami. the St. Louis Exposition but week host told la the foIJcnrIDc. Jet$ r hyMr.
Section Fourteen. Company
cottoa -Any Fire
Commission to Inquire /Section Two.-The said Fire Department E; V. Blackman:
F evidence.that there is a ht guilty of wilful-insubordination much Impressed with the wonders of 8eCI'IItarr of die
Sea Incident shall consist of one or more volunteer or that falls short of the minimum the Fair. The Dade County Fair Association:
;;: :foaling among the cotton ; companies: accepted by the general has taken aphis
compliment of members
$" but It Is nit believed that CounciL : accepted by residence at the Bay View. I MlamL, FIa_ Del S .. 1M4
I --
r meat to burn,, the I staple riLL BEWARMER Section nree.-There shall be a the City Council or absent from three Mr. Fred U Bishop who WM so severely Ed1 tof't fII the Metropena: "

i.: +. serious proBortlops. TOMORROW.1 Chief of the Fire Department whs: and consecutive the Chief fires shall shall take be possession disbanded of, Injured some time ago hy alive Deaf SIr.-11 b b-; been advised by* .

.' President!llritun, of the: I City shall Council be erected at the by first a majority regular of meet-the such city property] as it may have In wire, has entirely recovered. He Mr. J. a Ingraiam third vtee-preaideat

change gavfe out! the t. Crisp Last Night and ing of the|Council after the Fire Department charge., left Saturday morning on the steamer of the Florida East Coast Railway,that

:<: the cotton low offered for ( Local Predictions. has been organized and accepted Section Fifteen. --The City Council Concbo for NewYork to spend the Mr. Flajtler has, Instructed Mr. J. A.
.. I I by (he Council: to hold office shall elect a Fire Marshall, at Ue same McDonald
a price belt the cost of ; 1 I holidays.Mrs. to enlarge the Dade County
until the first ::oncay after theell'CtI time and in like nianner. as hcrelnbe- and
h'J Fair
g' Mamie Navarro left for Jack building: have the work
that It com
and thought a weather had consid .
e a city ....+r* bud _i j crispness about It last duly elected and qualified and the who shall hold olUce for one >ear, or sonville where she will meet Ter son. pleted(by )March I L
.' I rest breeze has pre- Chief of ttia Fire Department fchall be until his successor is elected and lay, and together they will spend the Thl will give ample room for the

"" MERSEY AIN s a result of the blizzard elected by a majority of the cliy council qualified..The Fire: Marshal unJer tha,I holiday season In that city Ray Navarro display of the products of Dad county.

: FOG C EN old that the I In like! n.anner cas at tax same direction of the Chief, shall co operate Is atradlng'college at Gainesville at the[coming fair.; The date hit not i
.... wave swept j time as provided by ordinance for the I with th'>. regular pullca foicu of the '
"" II the-thermometer in I election oil City Attorney. City Sur I City, E:? insure orjervat arts, and to' Florida. been set. but H will probably be held

,> Terrible" T Steamer h a I umber of 'New.Liverpool Orleans to Llve dike for {one, year or until his successor restrain tie." driver of No. > Fire The
>st Mark at Its lowest shall and I[prevent any Interference Company _
i the night, falling as City Council Is elected shall and at the qualified.same time The by the public with the work engine..... standing behind one of th< tdthe beat displaygrapefruit. ....

,! >ec. 29.-The*; { and In like maner elect a .first and :>f the Fire EJfcpartment. and tl.sperse; recently purchased horses washing We firmly I bed

again envelopedmany tn a this that It matters not Second Assistant "- flf crowds at fires.T, mobs ud riotous assemblies him when the horse kicked him severely citrus [,industry i;Is one that sbo0t.......

1hip8ire) i bound. h !' conditions are In Section Four-The City Coundl may Section Sizteeu.-i I-'lie Chief of the In the stomach. "Scottle" was celve special encouragement 4

'., tonic Is nnatjle to land and West, that thin section purchase as1 such implements and appliances Fire Department null have power to knocked senseless for ten L natea. Is no question now but that in the fa-
used in extinguishing
tic from New Tor c, is at the MJ'I: I Is practically Immune and guarding are against fires, 'from timeto suspend any temper or company of He Is recovering slowly being now lure and that at no distant city Dad ,

the Estuary::. at unable to climatical changes and time as It may deem expedient, the Fire Department for any act calculated able to walk. county] la to become'I the chW dulls .,-

ether. I less Ice. seldom rislts and distribute the same among the to cause a disturbance: or bring The board which was appointed growing county', the State. The ab:

; The steamer Yucatan, trop | weather Is a little bit several fire companies; provided: disgrace on the Department, until such from the officers of the Hartford! to Investigate solute immunity from killing frosts i
he the
Ithe that such fire fighting apparatus shall time as can bring matter before .
,leans, had.a terrible : shade, but delightfully remain then of the city and the City CounciL In cane of any the leakage In the water so far f' this class of trees la ennui 11eel.

.fear! master reports that a Q la the sunshine, provided further property that any such; apparatus disagreement between' companies, officers tank have finished their investigations th< exceptional tine quality of die

.. tee was washed overboard report and forecast now on hand, the property of or members ten account of Insubordination and sent their report to Washington. fruit, the prolific yield, the thrifUnea

t and mate had ajleg.'!' tonight aDd'tomorrow. the city may be delivered to any Fire neglect:! of duty or otherwise Boatswain Mathews of the tug Massasott. of the [trees and the lateness which tt
the shall be referred to .
.= heavy .eat Oat.bloke'over' moraine hy Mr.-'.Black or Company distributed now or between hereafter several organised companies the City, Council same for Its action. will bo arraigned before a can boj held oa the trees, an strong
courtmartlal Tuesday. arguments la favor' of extensive
1 forecaster shows BeYeateen.-The plant
that may bo organized under Section Fire Department
,i,. .L..cHAD CICS BAIL; om.r will rise; i this ordinance, as the City Conned shall have the managementof The Oagaon-Polock Stock Company ings. The people are ,...,-hf"a u...

'; WILL e, e north and central por- r shall deem! proper. It shall bo the all fires and its officers may prevent reopened Monday with a magnificent facta and each'year' there bM been a

<; r t I' with warmer ejnditions duty of the City Council to see that the any Interference with the Departmentor production of the Two Orphans.. The Urge Increase la the acreage planted.For ;
: property of the Fire Department la any of Its companies or members I ony.
tI..elaDcl. 2I'-P. D. arrow. direct house was crowded every seat la the I these reasons the manageneat"
to control and
kept In good order In the performanc! of their duty. At
...... for Mrs. Chadwlck, the Department and see that an any and all fires, all persona may be boxes '.-Uery. sad even XaaiHaj' poem to ar three eaaXpremnanf om

Oat twthing world be done laws relating to Urea are properly aecsted. required to keep beyond a certain line room was sold king before UM per citrus fruits which will lie 'worth slits.

d Manning ban for Mrs The City shall own and the to bo designated by, the Fire Marshal, formaaeo began. The popularity .of .tag for;. There win:also lie pPeefY$

.fore next.T4sda t. If theaij J I A BROTHER* Council shall have control of. all the or duly authorized member of the Department this company seems to ........ as premlama ....... for p1)) eaapk*. IrMh
belonging to the Departmentfor acting In his behalf and
,. derstood thaI If ball la property aDlpel'lOQ they remain and we hope that their potatoes, onions and-eglery1 aa we'haliovo .
o be Settled by a Board the prevention and extinguishment refusing to 4o so, or who shall '
!+ .-; wOl be fixed?t $30.000 on of fires, except that which Is the property I violate any reasonable requirementof departure la not near at hand. these four industries ahoaUl h*>
: federal lndlcmentL, j Inquiry. of the several companies, having i any of the officers of any Fire Company The officers of the garrison and their encouraged. The usual amount of premiums

-14: I j been bought, and paid for by them. or of the Fire Department In regard wives visited the Hartford Monday. fM be offered'for the*prodseta
I Dec. 29. "Can to the management of a fire or I
:ABOARD DIRECTORS a fish- Section Five.-The City Council may II the protection of property that has One of the laborers engage*! In repairing .1 I lof the t soIL t. ...... .10
1 MEETING i Bishop to write defama at any time! pat the engine and other been threatened With fire, shall on the streets received a painful The :Woman' Department 'wfll'e*.

hu ,, to. i "T-- secret la order to In apparatus of the Department under I conviction be fined not exceeding: acldent last week which resulted again a lpecJaI fentnr* of the fair. Th.

l New York Dec. 29.-The of any member of such It care and dete control 1nlnL and management I fifty dollars or be Imprisoned not exceedlng In death. Alex. Alexander the victim premium lists will be pnbl'rbed! within
,meeting of the directors of, ? Section Six.-It shall not be lawful and imprisonment thirty days' I,at or the by dlscreton both Inc I teeing of slight build, was the only the neat few wre''s. ""1111''bile w*

d, board Air Line Railway today question to be decided for any organization of firemen to be of the Mayor. I one of the laborers who could get Into ask thefarnrrs and f.n'rivers: la

ed the.fact that the threateD of the board of Inquiry eonected with the the fire department Council unless Section Eighteen}.No company or the aperture between the boiler and eery portion of the county: to plant
accepted by City I
sition to the |ceorgantutlo; Irvine vs. Talbot said Section SyeD.-Anr engine, truck, member of a company shall open ILl) the furnace to change the Iron plug and cultivate with spinal r,'fercnce t*

.removed and'that I'the .W. Irvine, plaintiff In -hose cart, hose or other articles used I water hydrant of the Miami WaterWorks for the wooden one. He.had done this the fairs; as th!! prep:lua 1 at will bs>

examining thje provisions of I case In discussing It by the Fire Department, not the prop- except In by order of th* Chief several times before but on this day full of attractive f>-atun x.
or officer
toi? make certain ln.c the motive of the of the City, shall only bn withdrawn charge.jSection ]
ganization J | erty the water In the boiler was hotter than Dade bounty ilarirg the -'*; seven
,aims would be la ''conformity said that it was because the upon City sixty Council days: and written no engine lIotlc..jto I fire or threatened Nlneteen.f-rto with fire, shall on tx-j I usual and when he pulled out the years has surprised. the wo 11 with her

laws of the several States the refused to serge com' truck hose fart, or hose or other article i i I blown up. pulled down or others Ise plnx) he felt the steam and drew to- varied and wonderful pm'lucta. aa exhibited

Rf: .' psues through. the wishes of Bishop shall be received Into the serviceof I L destroyed by the Fire Department or wants the furnace. Had he remainedtht'1't' Ut her 'annual fat a and w% .
; Emma D. E:Uott. of th's! condi Von. any Company or member thereof cx- i he would have Injury trust that the character of
; the City except on cept by order of the Chief with the escaped the exhibits ;
REPUBLICAI VICTORIES f Va., who Is a divorced Section EI hL-No engine or other I approval of the.Mayor' and In the absence jut thinking he would be burned by this yea' will be such that greater surprises .. '

1 IN apparatus nee t,for xitngnlh.ng or to of the Mayor, by the Presidentof the hot air from the furnace be be- will be In store for the thousands .
1 preventing fires, shan be assigned the Council |
: City
-- j I any private ale or enterprise or used -mnr confused and called fur help.Ih.K who will Visit the fair.

/ '. Deaver. Dee. n-By the[( MARKET. therein or carried beyond the proper I!' Section Twenty.-The City Cou--ll 1 ; brought one of the workmen to j! Truly yours
shall provide for ih
,Oh State canvassing board I place assigned to It, except for repa'rs suitably litn: assistance. He called to Alex. I : E. V. Blackman See.- .'
of the several companies o( the Fire Depart
I without the I written consent
ot: lectlon to ( 29. Cottof'opened I
certificates : and ment. and may make such approrr a bit he would pull him out Two at- I In Jnsi what manner the Fair building >>
mta and Mfllard... the, C25; January C43; Chief of by the the Fire Mayor.Department approval -I' lion for their support] and main tens <. .,.'ntr.. were made before ha fellow will |be enlarged Mr. Da-'tmaa! to

,secured control of the March. C9S: April C70: Section Nine.-It shall be lawful for J as It may deem proper. It may n "',r"II'aD: could get him out and during not prepared to any and as Mr. Me-

bly and It tojpow] regarded:> 689; July. CM; August any engine, truck or other apparatus/ arks provide to for the the officers payment land of members stated rut< f r hit time the hot water was pouring Donald Is out of the city, it M impossible

'antic circles *s highly C96; October 70S. drawn by hand In going to orjeturn-1 the Fire ] in: the tatter's back. Alex was badly to'obtain' the :
from a fire to take the mo-.f available Department { though It
.Governor Peaoodyjwlll I' ;, be eI ...I.II j ng route. Any apparatus 'rawbv I Section TwentronThe constitution .>caIJe I. However, he improved slow la said that the plans. contemplate*

elected by the board over th I a distinguished Co* horses shall keep on the public hlrb- and by-laws- leach company of lye Wednesday night, one of the cold- i are to add to the width of the building;

crick cuelld&te.I.,I. 1 I D, died at his Lome In ways. Any ;damage done to private I Ui Fire Department shall be submitted est nights; we have bad In a fit of de- oa the aides, thus increasing its
? to the City Council for Its capacity
I Tuesday at ad property by any Fire Compan ithrougn'carelessness approval he from his '
an Ilrinm
got away nurse though this addition
or neglect in ifturnlns and the names of all officers: If true, max
,STRIKERS ANJO; I 1 from a fire shall, be borne sal.paid for I of the several companies, upon election and rushed Into the street He contracted be augmented, by building onto th*

SETTLE- THEIR T I' := by the member or members at fanl. shall be certifiedto,, the City Council a severe cold and died FrI- length of the structure also; thus giving
I r- I I the People's provided always that no Fire Company for ratification or) reJ lIon. day. still 'greater; room.
this ZOth of December.
shall bf liable for any damage Passed, day -
Fall River Dec. 19.-It It for President la the I
Textlll I I' done to private or public property that 1904. P, W. HAHN
the : Council that The Jacksonville
hissed, and Savannah
by announces encumbers aF j street. President of CounciL football A meeting of i the Southern Cotton
of the various;Wlons have I begin the pnbllca-1 Section Ten.-Fire Companies shall Attest j! teams played their second tied Growers I Association has bet,..-
for,tomorrow titternoon I to vo I. : the to be known as he responsible for all property bA M. R. Kellnm. I game of the season In the Fortst City to be held in.New t rieans. January 2426. .
question of eodlnj the still: Magazine. It win be a longlrit' to the City In their possessionand City Clerk. Monday afternoon, the score being i 1905. for the
they shall receipt' to the City Approved this 24th day of purpose of transacting
ha existed In! the{ cotton and! and frincorporat'-' Council therefor at the time! of deli her 1XM. JOHN Doocem-I to 5. The first game resulted In a several matters,..pf vital imjwrtanc

ii infTt for N1' at $125,000.s' 'Jl1)'ery. Such property shall be subject > i gooseegg to each aide. to the gorwera of the South.

i j .

I .
1 mrJtha I I

." ,J' ]" .......... ;'" ;:,.;J_: '"." '- .. nT1 --[ t

.. .
"''''''''''_ -f"o. -

'Inl'----'f l'l""W -r--- : ,

._ t I r / I I

/. t 1
I'j I

; st_ received. at ; the The handsomest line of ladles rl ads to. wear skirts. suits outside cows. both in ,

ji : half and three fourth length, R mcoats and shirt waists. Also the latest; creations -
D, E A L.

I '.. _. I :in ready- to wear hats and illiner} Be sure and attend the Monday sale. ,

j I i'
11 .
I ., I I

k fem.k ..
? t I tHC
; u -- -- ...
i I '
DAILY John Ball and the Mikado arc allies. desolate bones shame, humiliation out a home to my own. a man in I.I' .
jfhe editor alsu learn bout good >ulsu la 'tud mini -- ''' ?' ,
bu: the Mikado's men are Just as willing and misery evey .1 m I -r'
MIAMI METROPOLIS. to seize one of Bui's vessels loaded much of the hypocrisy of both church I all swallowed up In the niielstrum I, I I' '
with contraband as any other fellow's. nod state hs well as life and it is a of drink."
/ Th, J::.-> lays oo favorites when It wonder be[1 believes anything on'earth The tramp c.. sod si...ak'ng. theglass toto
Mwblsm .
w...............+k.e. ..day w ecc.i, sudsy co.aes to .contraband vessels. or a herd!'after. People who abuse I I, fell from hi i nerveless fingers I Ii m mI
L L 1AR t. ( (4:1In: I him often [tow e their standing in society i an I shivered into a thousan frag I II
M. f. IIUIlfKNW4.- I Inning the year just closing twentysix I to hit fffbearance, and still he 1 meuts upon the fI I x>r, The EMinglngiml i.toto SoroSisu

.H. f. KmfIOK.._..u..ttasaacr.SGtlrad .. cotton pills have been built: In the U the most$ convent ally nyprlooktd l .In..", pushed open hut again, and I
I-- .1 .. with .:! -vhile In suffer for lie hen the little alMiut the bar
tD lbil! P tho North only 22: mills with C1.1S4 comforts of I life mm h ]l'--II revel in i I I liMiktd, up the iriaOrNariH p was KKII-..-Ne* I I toto I IiI

Vie a .... rata i&4 O 1 the ITnlled SUlci ml for frill of hiM utf
mills 80 per cent are credited to work. but is unable to get s
oast :.... ratlw. !i'.rmieal. 1 toto -
.b.rlt the Carolinas.In I
Uburs |
... Tear brtMail. .o0 II toto
U Honthilf.: .J. rWfkN his dispatch to the Emperor detailing IIt.aX 1: toto
Honth J... L2SM the success of his operationsat A TRAM 'S ELOQUENT SERMON. There are many Indians In toto 11lW

Week: by Carrier......,. .10 Port Arthur, Vice Admiral Togo ,, th's country as th<'r., were when the..I toto
j says "All this success Is gratefully I A tramp i asked for a free drink ina white man entered pon the process of : iW
Ike Ibil< {Printing Compuj. attributed to the great virtue of the, saloon the request was granted and appropriating this continent 10 his j' toto ii
Emperor."I q.\'ern this: part of the I when In the act of drinking the proffered own uses without he consent of the toto
1tv.rtlrtas |ratM I made 'I' know on world most people] will atribute it to beverage, one of the young men oath'ea. There Is i prevalent opinIon ,toto
[t application. j', the power Togo's guns and torpe- present exclaimed: "Stop; make usn that the Jndl race Is dying out I iIt toto s w
I '
& does and the brave men behlnl them sPeech: It Is poor liquor that doesn't Is not true says e NashVille Amerscan. I i.
I unloosen aj man's tongue." The iuuami m .:ae au..u T.- -...'
<,mCK: METBOPOU8 ,BUILDING. Rev. Chits. Wagner has returnedto I "Gentlemen." he said "I look tonight ritory are Inert-1l11 ng In nambus. I fl
m and"U4 Twatttk Street his and in his I Some of the are losIng theIr I toto / v ifW
European pastorate at you and myself, and It seeiii& to me nOr
OpposdU { Court Honae.
first tells his that identity however through itaermarriago toto
sermon congregation I I look on the picture of my lost manhood
Thursday. December 29, 904 'i I President j Roosevelt Is'' the world's Thin bloats face was once a* with Each ]htr and TIlth no.groes. toto i

,| -I greatest statesman today. Thus the oung and I j handsome a* yours this The Creek Nation. once powerful toto .
'New Tree lutiona-but let that apostle of the Simple Life pays tributeto shambling figure once walke ur proudly has all110llt .J IIftPpearPiI ns a result toto / I W :
the evangel of the Strenuous Life. as yours.- a man .In the world ot of this InterDi rrlage. Tb J 'herokees ./ I i
*** i
4-] I It tho latter who Introduced the and Choctaws intermarry freely,
I was men. I, too, had a home and friends OrU
Just'. bit jln lgormtln'laud bracing former to i Washington audience and I and a position. I had a wife i.s beautiful I while the Cbiekas es and S"mID'ell] *
: paid high tribute to his: book: One as an artist's dream, an 1 I drop- mix \ery little wit" other tribes.1'hile ,
today. I
.' I I !i 'good(] turn deserves another, pod: this priceless pearl of her honor 1' the Indian l' not ell-'pt'llrln, ; !: :/n toto /The Shoe of a,1,I Nations I

It a. reporjec. six Kentucky, colonels J and respects In the wlnecnp anal Cleo- sonic or the Irib,' are dog" neratinu' r '
were Killed By Irinking wood clcohol. THE ED TOR'S FORBEARANCE.. iialrallKe saw It dissolve and quaffedit through h IUh'rnarri +;e with 11egroe's :, ,- .. -- IILo(1!!... _,,.. /
It must be pfet :y tough s ulr. I down In I I the brimming drat.;ht I To such an extent max this been pro'tked 'n I ,
.. J Editorsgossip < re usually .the'first to hear had children as sweet and l I..Hly as It Is .11'llclJlt to disinguim: h Imo m xlUi ;
I I ,
The postofjlcii! and express; employees \ or scandal ,indiscretions of j; the flowers' of spring, and saw them present generation or some Ih"I ,m For Sale i Uitt .
are now jpe .ting a breathing sjiellgain. men and omen. things fit and unfit fade and die urcler the blighting I tribes from peg s. The iertnarriage By
Fortunate for them Chrlsttias for public tlon, intrigues] clandestine curse of a drunken father. I had a or 1111 luil'rl and III.'rior race ,' i
1 ID. .r .
'eomea but oacej a :year. meetings (flirtations of married women -j home w where love lit the flame upon lowers the au..r w" b., l'"atln] Ih t m ;
night rides, young people' gone the altar an* ministered beforo It. and I former. Obspr\"f bnwpInllllli l Ii Utf

This U Old Home week With'"many astray, rumors of married men in I put out the holy fire and darknessand hat when a white marries an Indian I h x

families whos wandering membersare flrandals cays an exchange. Editors desota inn reigned In its stead. the white dos nj sink but the In-j!I !
reunited Inure more around' the Old generally know all the naughty doingsof I had aspirations and ambitions as dian is ralseU Thi is to be ucrepte'I''I W. M. Burdine

tl reside j .i, j I | a community, no matter how secret high as the morning star and broke u omit / rtJaI1l i rue. The "squaw
t If one half they hear should be and bruises their beautiful wings,' and IIJ&D" usualll II ot much to betn .,
The Soltai of wants to ne- published here WOUB! be many more at last strangled then that I may bo I WDot. as an In Ivldual superior to I
p ate a Joan| of $15.000,000. We divorces, social ostracism and other tortured with their cries no ) be IndlaD. tare of white sal a I I 11J
voold prefer to tout oar moneys I! to.I woes; these would be shot suns and( Today I anj a husband without,a wlfei I Indian blood oughti to produce a type :'! :J :J :J 1t: :t :Jf-: '

Itrs. Cba4wctJ.I t Core. Imprisonment and lynching. a father without a child a tramJrirllh superior to ,laD. I II"

;" ..1
0' / I

j lo". 1

: -.,r'r -'HT'H. I' rl'
: :
i l' .
I i ,r. Co.1, I ; 'r1.- 'I' -- '
'''' '
II f .
I ...
. '" ......... .. -10. . f+ . . I I fTI"\ "\- 1I. '
,I. .I-..... "'. : : :: : : : : : : : : : : '" .'.-
PI 1 .".".',, .... '.. .. I. I. ; .. ... .. ,e--..- .. [..I... .. '
.. \
f. r I! \ .. 1 t-i-; : 1- .
!,- .-:;;: ,

'" . S P I .f.1. S I '- . -!.-' . . .,. I . . ,,1'1'.I '
\\ J.t: : r. .. : --0--\-,
'w. -
: : .
I : :ii.' \ : I1..t'1-IIi.11$ : .. M 'L" ,.;;
i' ..
..- .I...' I .. I r.. I .
',: ::- I

I S. f . ., -;.... .. . . .1' '
::\:: + 1
: 11II
ui.\SN\I.4Ii1111Th! I I : =h.-. .
: '" .
J .
.. .. . .. .. . .. i. ;i+ . :.,
'. .. :;a II. iiU. t
I "
: .
:% I' ", ..
\ <
,1 j ; l' -
T' :: ,,
'!. 'i "...- ...-_' + vs .... l.was. 1MTwrrt.L3T IUh -it.r. -....- I .. .- tAo- -.Twa.V- ----1--1.1 11

.1, I. . . .r-::{ ; { .. '" +HH+ + -:- 1.i.II: ?". 'I'f ; 't'1:1 l:1'Pl'11 ......;..111.1. . : !".
I \;\\ % .I.Urr.1: L 1..HJJ&1"'n.. LI BEJ' I 1w I ....
f' \ .... .. 'Fl. '.' s \. .. .rrrl"'l.I..r .t, r t .':'I-," -Dolma .1 .n.f
\. ,
: '\ ; \

I \ -.. . . . . I . . :

:. r. ss. . : .a. .I a . io r.--M+\ .' \ ''. ,\W. .. I .... I ,, .. i I I I'e .'. 1,s .. S'EJ'. r.j

.. oO' =i- \ ...,,: ., '
r-o-' \ \' . ......... : j"..
; .
. . . 'I..1 I \ .. .. rr.lp' I
I i + !
1 rn '\ t+. "U.
.: I .. .. oo :... .. .1" w "' I \ e I .. \ /.'
1 I I
.1.1.1. IvwL
M. .n.
\ .
".,.n .: I rt.\ 'J:1: I II.I :f: <

I . . +. .!, ,I. ,. 'J.t. ... ". -i- d i.,, .
.'. .1. .
"&'. f. ..",'...v.. ,. ,- II, .r I .. / 0\
4 r wr .. w. rr. w N..r wrn .1. .. .. ..:fJ!'. .. .' : .\ : I ...% !
I .1" 'j" v>". '' II -
r N'rHh6T \ :;:: I

}I. . . . .I+ :I .I. '!:I,+, .t' ; 'H+ ',\, ''IJ''I"A

.. ..-I. rnrw a. "I" jJ." I!" '!I" rw I.. ..Nr w.-. r.wrn.- 'w';- '1 \'.,....,... ". .j I t "- I II
i I "TI. I I I I : I .;/ \ '" h., ;> A\AP SHOWING ) 'I
aT""I . . j I \ -__ '_ "-/3-.... .' TVXO MALES BUSINESS BLOCKS I .
I ,
+: I. a + .1+ +1+ t s ::: i..H : -:- ;Z: // AND '' )
,I": .. > +. :FI-11: :+ .. ....R/;/"1. r .1. J.lt' '" -, -h.l-/--//d, -RIVER. IDE- I J.} ,

1 I 0 ,
. I'
i iL .
''I I 1

1 \ $300 .to $::4501 atI 1 third down balance in 1 2 3 4 years ...

I I .

: We Furtiishe 1 Houses for the at reasonable
Have t ? rent season ratesfr'
t .

: j > ': 1 Fi iss ll Room 8 10 '
Q 6uildind and -
: P CMP1fN Iv

.' I il11 II Miami, I Florida
r TTM "
I; I .t i I I

; a j 1 I I I _

I .' ..

J I J 'I J .1 .

t. J., ,, ...
'""" ...
'at MII-J iIit -
: r '11-- 'T"1' i.L41r ----i-T [i I. : i'fll':! "

'; .. ,.
p _- I t : I, > """ .."""f", '.! .,.," .l"fI'IIi"'Ii\.r"I. \ 'I' tT I

:...;.;.., -. --- I" ..
I - _
I l to the prevailing blizzard I L T
Pay $ Beach$
: D North and West

.. Ii r e mayor's court there was
"lr West Palm Beach, Fla., Dec. %8.- .innerTovcrs mm were abundantly hing doing" this morning. T_o 40
J i p for public Indecency anti
were Lots
The ov< Shad wing event of yesterday 1 ad been laid for forty in Johnson Addition
[ /) end cants; one was drunk
'was th observance of I$L Joh 's Day,. and all *ere utilt. ' L by Har .onLa Lode No 138, K & A. 'flailedrtlatnel officers were in chaw, f I .
s fined ':&; 09 and l'Ubta.0.1; one
M, bY'he 1 istallatlonl I of Its newly : in prop"r form. The
7'0 elected 'Doers, and a banquet at, the I had sea s indiscriminately on I 'nlll'man, mistaking an arc I
I ri r the new laIn, took 04 spin on have [ been taken
Comme lal ti otel, ghto .the craft toile of tIe table. The coni|>.> :! 'de 'without a hullsee Two by Investors within the ast Two Weeks
by the evoly elected !leers, after play of Masonic emblems, '
and n half and coat (xplatcd I
their in alu!: on. i decoratrpcnde "',1 I illuminated, ...:d I, '
I '
The I ,Ige evened i fp the Temple i is the night "in course" for the t
at the I ual our, with quite a large a lieautifjul and impressive .
I I : of the Board of Trade! lull i
attends e, c nljl'lerln: 11 he nUlolber of the han net hall. Mrs -
from the past It it out likely l I I
'nember ass nt from he city, and \\'at. rs. a craftsman, \" '
I I 'nllli {'. t tT
others I pt a 'ay ly b inplI3 o'ngae.IDenIS. ; Its-fa. ud llr. I'rank U'B"\: I -t

ftt'r the lulJnli! SiOD and action .It'rlrida I ii'j"st4-.I: the lII ,. I 1.
Up' son e' r.'(>OrlS 1 n IhJ nature MASTERS' SALE. '
Ml hoi]: h the vlimi were II I : I I
of a sot .jof w nd"riot' tt+c but IhCSS of i '
i ho animal
'trmptlng purely Positively
the yea the 'ork of lDslallton; began i and by virtue or a decree of I II .
\\.s-\.r soon satisfied! : and i
c uelf by \Vors IpCu! Ma';'{r and sale 1-tsm.a: out'of the .
for mcnt I and social 'ahul":1loud I
A. NIiso so to beco Ie P.s' JaR'' Court of the Seventh Ju'llclal!
andmen p-rststcnt Several!
ter alle thrc CGnsec'e tHDlS of of Florida In and for Dade I
real ndinK lu spontaneous 1 ,
service I the st. therein
In pending.
/ ill liiercd shprl speeches Intt'rt>!> +I II .
The 0 ers I stalled ensuing: { the Dank of Bay Biscayne! a w.f
sob 1
with r thought sparkling I ,
Fear arc O. V. ,:roV I T. D. I lon, Is complainant i'ml Slu- ,
fOtlhC an using : nee.loIl' Thus Ilf>glllpr: !
Drown, \V.; J. M. W. M. the '[
; jllale! Is defendant sunder-1
tithe until 12:3): :
;, sped swiftly on o i
W. Carr t, S. 1).; J. ) :, J. D,: : f Special Master In Chancery)
.alien cx>n pliments were voted,
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at public auction In front
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and halie r ler Stew II firts; L. \\'. and the o ration was over. Vc duE't'i -t house door, at Miami. Klor, more Lots will be sold\ in this

Bur hat' had been rc-t ,eeted Treasurer successful and enjoyable event I the legal hours of sale, on ,

an L. Iosord, Sfcretary. cad curred in West Palm Beach, |I Monday In January, A. D.I' tract at the original figures, all
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being the second day
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them of t e reUrlniomrt..rs! and of those w'ho attended It. ,Month I to the highest end best Lots have advanced 25 and
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this 1a pec ly true of now Past I cash, the following describ pe cents ;
:Master r son, sake with ahem in their The fluid refreshments \'! ,
{Restate of Stuart H. Hale, the Are
retremy the respect and esteem of the Masonic banquet CODIo situate, lying and being terms onefourth cfown, This I I'I
OM etaftj,Fa1 ul observance of theIr Is said, of combination of +
county of ,Dade ana State of
trusts broiht the lodge from a unfermented grape juice. There will
concoction or so much thereof. may be property steadily raise in \val-.
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to satisfy said decree and
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'" with .YI ty as absolutely safe Inyestmen On the bill of fare at the I McDonald's plat or map of in something that -W> r t agpod
center Cocoanut Grove
t and t ww be: I the future was the Item, "Green 'Turtle' ;

policy of e e to take\up its outstanding a la," etc.!\ It la the fact that I fut the j the Dade County Land sets ; i :
debtejdness as as green turtle\ from which the jup
claims be eoIJtroUecL made was caught In Lake I Worth. I page 18, being part of Lot ODe

v The 1Diana t over, the members gentleman 1 tweaty-ow (SI;, towa
or the 3o4.( repaired to tII. Comma- One at the, banquet dosr (M) South range r rq.
I night wanted, to know, If '
capacious ) eut.
del Rote In'the dining
>100m or Itlh the banquet\ wi been Lodge was jto be a Japanese : I, R. H. Seymour,
It looked so,]he said, as)i If the I
cred. tale, washandsomely Matter la Chancery.
Brown" seemed to
decorated and the viands weN tute- 'men '
! / other suggested that the oe A Crvrfit,
fully and empUqlT arranged. That t I
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Co w. Schihld and his skived wife had I I 1 ,
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charge prEp anarrangement I
of tJ.e colts fog FoI1wIDg appropriate Paving ha! been actively Contractor.
the rePl\s; began now that th, holidays are over Me
and COnt1 ed until: tile wars, of the material c* ming In regularIv. !J, Cradl ll. I
r 1 I This is a very disagreeable Cay Blasting. ,

1 : I It Is cloudy the growIng cool. r. The change is # Road Construction).

I San Jose y Juan( :I ri i .J Suite. 4. No 320 One-Half-42th Street Mlalrr i. Florida

* 1 1I .,- ._ ..- a __ _.

op KTiDia-z-: : \ Come and See US' t tj 'I :dr..Sargent, Commissioner Central'of .I.n.... _- ....._ ..-:: -

mmons''Prop I II '!: immigration, Elys that :2G::,150 lY Cbontie PulpBY
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j Opposite the Pos ofvice. r.Jr''I When
j I rlners located In New York State 'I j'JU fiere eigJgerl:

ItO II asMl Bras I Cast I' I I I year 140.478 in Tekinsyhania. .'.S.OOu in THE CARLOAD.

lags. of Ian kindsAlso .' OUR STOCKS 5 Massachusetts, some of the r;: 'raw:; tilde RdAIS A BCC; U The 'Fertilizer '

I IIS Fun ae3( HardwareS .Southern States wile none. The Philadelphia that makes

,II 1 'NE-W ANDCOMPLETE j Press says: "That Is one Dadq County's
derWhetia I
P ::: I I S ASH > I great trouble with the Immigration I I, .Bent! Orange

DOORS FarmingImp'ements laws. Something should be done to andqrapefnltGroyese
.. . _
) send the immigrants where there Is ALMOST MilY
I PAl TS more room for them. Instead of baring For further. information address
I Prices are Lo to remain In the seaboard States sll v HOW Df1DI DIU I
prepared to,doalljkincUnf I CHAS. fl.'sT.
machinerrlrepairing of the North." The South does not \$ 1=l sit It5w tf2II[ JOHN,
pipefitting object to a limit*d number of Immlihey A BOX OF TIDE j Ft. La adrd lt. Fla. .t,
etc., .etc.' j W. WATSON grants,. provided are of -an acceptable IIWCII i CIIIHmIIIS! '

character Bat It doe not IttPDT AID MAIl YOU2 .
D" i .v. IT r desire to become[k dumping ground 0tDU9.AT3ROKTIIlUUU3.1DRED rOimKmNErcm

I for an classes of Immigrants. CROSS ...
w I PHARMACY. nwtr.r..M BU44 ..J|
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