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I. pANM.BO/ ', said corporattoa abaD. have power,to tranaaet! imple at+. .ppU..cea..4 machinery slevery eon. are the bl te; violet and ultra-violet I o
btiea the dlBereat Counties of the State s te sad kind whatsoever'caned'f, ray*. and Sri the |onl> one In the 41S. T !: -> *.**-....y y tea,.
wekamulb aM Ertl h.ssabDepaferiae of FlorIda, tile several Bute of the roiled the Mtafai ;aildor! Compaay. Limited.H. ; rare of dl".Uthr other tty having I I"I

.... .... I' "'-'" .States a* wen a*. foreign countries aDd may: P. ATKIMM na phylo1net I esisbUsh and malatola. brunch onV'rs and "-. I
a.l caw 7rdW Master Chaac.ry. Tbe vain of IheiuJ In
rays deetroyirg
ttractet at any point where U say,Iot nd toeaodoet ; : KEROSINE .
Grabs,1 ittenow Erwin, ENGINES.
III t t"": butnes- the bacteria of die.ere was first shown

_It BINrIttslIu1.f. f ftA. ,ARTICLE- S lei lor c..ptal..t. '3'* by Fllson. of) Denmark, who applied

: .. .1 "The genenl "a Ire .! the buslne to be I them very su cens'ally to. the treat- f: Safe acd> Reliable Power
YCAHS travel.d, abaft be buying and selling: of luav meat of lupui. a iulierculbal* of the

CXPCIIICNCK ber, brick sad she, UAs,' ahlnUea Ules No hilts has ererequalled it skin. Its un.j ha not been made ef- ....' for All
:No hits can era it.if I Parpe ase
metal rosins and ceUlnc. line, hair and ee- aurps1 use the rays do .

mea'. sad all nuuria sad supplies of any not penetratejeeply] enough. ,
..*... whataeever se4 te tb*eotutroeUoa olpoUdlnts. ti I No EBginecrjKejiinl.

road sad brldfes,or,ublle work Dr.Kings'NsI Cat !!..*. I.. .._ No Water Coasitet ,;
sad private residence sad bolldlncs of any ,
T1a latest aciet: tr port la Rome I* No Electric '
n sad all bled./aerlpirs. .. Battery. 'Nt Ok.r .
TuDe MutRa The rid earporatloa pban' bans aO the I Discovery. eat hunting goer {h. roof of bonsai
itata.pOTrmaad prlvilece raated big sad during the alght' A club: bas been duly ,

ex.&c.. tualarred....eorporstleaii for preflt. sad be formed by the devotee of the port ..... The best power on the market:

..,-.......-._-...-...,.......'.-...-....,, tiHfr an BabUlO and mtrtrtlna ImpoaedaortoddMt r.o. cr : .. : .,rr-1UI The people generally! I have aot taken C for| all, purposes. Call at bar
:=ae r ea a tt ta..ar.. .. to tbs ears. by and aaderltvtwibcaute Uadiy to It
S .__Jtt..nt.:. ...'--"- ihs fit Florida, aa they new Perteet ,For Afl Throat and *. j I office and examine one in open

2i::.: =:=" 1.= exist. aa4 AoU aateadator/ anppb>sM*. Troubles. HlllhMi I Imr IUinw_- .__ __ tion. All sizes bOlD
-Curei Lang __ ,one to

Tc&iii Rir i ri ka.A p taryuierrte._The aaMaorparattoavaaa. aba .have'aowebayMdsrD.bolawane.lasBd rent MinifsT---. I -. 'TrWSettlearea.FoleysHoacy Rwaia.for W railway| ignited, *. million la Kaachortamllllona for a sixty horse power.t Prices on afP Ii cation.AVTPIGco.. .

1I..v-otr.., ........ p"-' Mel estate,whethec, wed foe b...sum parpoaesee staadlng army to protect them asa _

-....-- ...... .......: awe I* auk eoatnet for tbecMtracUoad twenty million la ,building the city of .. nits
., ** Tar Itelay.. ;I* hundreds mllJ -
,Ile[ JtriI / repair a> public and private '.ThejtotaJ I Florida
-" works sad to: vfon*the labor.of beJId- I, brlslo ra,... tlManP- Ila1.., J '' ......

a j I It z a.r w'e



wr"k; '<:". .. ""'.,......' ,- '.,.,-' :8- ', -, -, .. .. .J.'_ ,., '' '
-,..,y" .b_ "... :;;," ; '' r ;" ;' ,-_ -,, .'. ''''. r-'""' ''7' '+'iY 'h
"'".' 3>

..... -- .' .:..-" "I.. ... ,. -. ,

e THEDAilYIMETROPOLIS. thundered arou4d,the.;heights of-Getysburg. D. Alll n secretary and treasurer.' who.b&-J don much-to,drive disease

and all theboot, and- !teara ContrithackJ uti n. for. 'this' road will be from Europe was: deservedly re-

MIAMI fluit were fched-: are yet to becoiroatribiitloas fly ecetved by any of the com I warded.Finsen. -t(
., for the upbuilding of'I Ij i THE FIRSTNationM
j ,' mitten In p reoo, or addressed! to them nen "ared for mOdf'!. All
rtto fc *lr o UU* M 12ft SITKC, American manhood tad for the fu- ai CUt er. 'la, and we think that all be has caked rom destiny: Is an opiortunlty I

? I tare defense of American freedom ehoujd ron ib'ute to help us soae.; to 14 or Some bt'nellt to his
TATMt, s f The Christian Church received: it.-
14. We re 3SUred that the extension
The tho sand of
-ael and
men aonen -
IUTfl KIV+iTOV baptism/ of Pentecostal rower: as n BankOrganized
ir 'of the f. C. Ity. will reach Perrine "who ha been healed by his
.. .. emcrg..J from the shadows of Calvary
tauowldX BM +r.lt.mo.t : before Feb: uary 1. and that In a few !rbt; rare wit testify that a klng'1
otn1 and went forth to its world-wld-! j j weeks will reach Black Point Thisnews :I I ,
etner. Ik..paprtpU ll I ransom would not 111m. to reward ;
mu' ttd.p workwith gTPt-?, r unity and a dlvlnpurpose. is wet to all those down
.d o bCdltedstat s om 11m fur his g DII1K. brought and phi- I19O2. Capital
So the Republic, rising: fro
t! here \4ho ave had to haul so far lantbrop ,
e Its baptism. of blood n 1th a nation:.! I 1
roads heretofore.
.t.4 t t.c P ru4 u amt.Yioldc over nWith ugh Bjornsen. Ii
t. gained the
.. dale.. po reward I Iof __
nattPy.COXP .
.MI life robust. union
more 'It more rox; -
I the coming of the railroadand
literature a .d an Englishman. Mr.Cremer !
TIME DISTANCES. pleted and a national influence ev '
widening, ehall go forever forward ir | i
all the e I terested, both residents Arbitration' Lekue
bas the prize for EDWIN A.
From From 1 i WADDELW.
its benign mission to humanity.
Port from Ke, iI and ore Idents work together for the cauee1of i
sat International
)Ta.....I'1..1 I Writ p.LIARSTHREE. I I good roads. a school house that wouldbe peace II. SPIT2ER. 11.ro-PraxWetyta.
E. M.
31 fir. Mil.* VIlMlai a c edit to older and richer sec So lac-.no merlt"&n bu received | BRELSFORD. Fr-kl ntI

..... m i= -";1- death of Judge "Harry" Lander! 'tions. a id other' Improvementltneeded. .3 award butJ the prizes are well'

M7 in 117 if eachability will help to the extent of his
e." : at Brookneld, Mo., recall the time worth working for not only for their
.s..ttae.... e..q r ..._" sstMl I'N1 tot 41 I Iria wbea he was an attorney of the Linccounty I our section will develop and money value but for their me&Dlae. r
( ) 1 build u i with surprising rapidity and who !
No has not bumanlty
tan 1&1c'pe :bar which was recognize: person helped -
t w.t:.e.ea : 11Mn even b,. the Supreme Court as one will su past the expectations of the tan bone to be awarded under
441 542
.!q...r-i- 114 ,i till. ",' 'e/t One strongest In the State. Them I''most saigu : e. W. ]-.&.e tin: soil and I IcUmateJ the will of Notiel.

x ...aceR( ,:i ..;-b.-. I rtM i --.. was'a characteristic of they I I' and the rail road Is near us. And to think!that' the author of 110 ,,11. Having reaonrcev t B
I large
Linn county lawyers by which one So let iis aft work together for our much that II JrOOd and .pl'OIm8Blve conxervatite man.EuI -
Peatsven i I .day ticcpt. ..s...,: _14-d1&uDlUhlh them from any set: I mutual !""beneflt and common good.. 'rwu the inventor of dynamite n agement I'and a representative: } Board of Director

Tit*.KVAJMKT M WANO.Ow (;'f laa.iers; D the'country. They worbroad a i !i! !I J-I HOMESTEADER.waa I and being equipped with excelled facilities. for
; '1Sa
Year'" ttaiLs ';'''''''- A word eareletmly spoken driv 4 .
.. _',_ ..... brimmed felt hats long coats may
2.50 tbe
: branches
fI t u. .1- ; ...
the and from legitimate
LZSC Joy gladness the heart '
.DIII"1' --' and shoes that to
_.. _, _,_ .10 jpnerous ran sharp t
.toycanIer "'-- ""' j
speak banking.
\\laisl *nel > pf ar friend. How often we 'I
p' | | manner of speech waapegnliac Alt IUYelotor of dynamite J ..
Tie litM.PrlAtlDfCODptB7.lApvertUi'nr to UnD county.. To the weak [and ph ant Nogk roplst Is- long since I. lightly of oaf acquaintances and I EuI .. .
I rates 'madVkaown onapplication they were kind: to womanhood-as thereby wound their sensitive and refined .
his gnvp. hls work
b4 goes marching ,
/;* !u1J1.old} .time knights; to lb.wltoetsje on. Strknge that a man who did 10 natures without ,scarcely I think i I II
r 1.PHNE. 81IR. on. the other side as flercr much tp mke war teri1ble should tag of what we'are' saying.thedral I

OrFICBfllBTROPOrJS Blf 1LDIXO: aa a Kentucky colonel' in a "Tom" have bah IIU 'h'a yearning. for universal Senator- inn received I .. -
irid, "4 twelfth i how.Ini, .. those. days Judge Lander war pes' a _
431 Slrfet e. letter from dJutant-Gen..nJ C. 'J, The First National
OppMlte He let el ht million, dollar, the
Conklin. of Dakota tM morning. )
IANU IRY j14. ,.1904.wr I wlriQe: lived in Illinois'and associated ;natal ;ter nf, which Is awarded st".t'ngo wu11'11'0( j.. ;'.8 rljcitatheacmnst.o corporation*, C
with Abraham Lincoln. Leoc-
:" In live +girl for the- most rf'markable National ., ',.lifrh ..
: ) s firm
ask jrd'; Sweet, Robert Ingersol, Beck- Soaf and jndhidna1"i i promising the
If a frle d or ''anyone should or IJI1J1O ant lavflnUoa or discovery' to be held In city 'p.mmC l'IOi: ..u I
.rlth,. dmr f'r.' and others on the clr- tttntn t of ..
liberality treatment
i you about the political standing of cult Soon'after in p 1111 ID physiology mod- January ZL l', t family ..m cousin1
s tbe Hornet, just tell them that It has Ufesoarl:: and the war 'be) came to Ithe 10!eke lefty literature, and for accompany and ':'lbev: eai'M: t tcn with; irudant bu.i JCHK methods.
settled in Linn .
4 not'-oomutl .ed'Itself, yet, and I Ia simply those county.In beat woe done In the Interest! oruDln"a spend some Ume 'her,' and at 1N'lnt.s
days the almosj universal
:waltlisofficer fore "businesspropoel! pe re... no-
lion"-H SpriDg* HoroeL custom[Of'berating witnesses on The /qIrd nnual award has Just Ford..The
tee other sUe In Correspondence
vlgoronq languages made or
been In Sweden. One prize was
JUDGE i J axwelT of< the {Supreme was recognized.' Clients expected It.I : divided n M. and Mme. Curie, Jordan ri er stones, --whkh are

Court beiki has 1 I reigned and will and th4lawyers' "delivered the'goodo."I and with ftw I. placed M. Becquere1 to line the bapt tonal font?;at the c-. Personal Interviews Invited
With\Xl )(MSIble veneration for the
enter filet a law]) partnership with -) who aa6 10 the radium dl8eoT- at Washington are on their
Judge L. j l.| Reeves.who; 'recently re- late judge it may be'stated that he eries. I emlstiy. Arrbenll8, a'i 'I' way to this counThf'' stones were !r ,

signed the jndgesttp, of the First ,never:, ,shrank from this responsibility. Swede ., w ter 00 electricity- was [ brought from Je cho'tti I Joppa by caravan !

'Circuit.' they 'wjllj J practice law at I Therebad been a railroad wreck at given a r.ze. 10 ph810100" Dr. Flo- and were delayed' by heavyfloods
creek t
Pen Kola. ; I Brush in which, many of thecompany's Ben, he Is with light rays, and '
j : ',employes had been killed, 'hi

A. H. DJA LAMBERTS Pensaeola !.I i and many Injured. All the claims -r .. LARGEST l I STOCK

r will be a raadidata for sheriff la the except one were settled out of court. .

-.liig'If' nary' r '
": been tax'Col 11 actor. of Kscimbla County the amount he claimed for Injuriesand Fanco Groceries '
t lor nee tr|) sara', luring made a statewide dec dedt 0 fight-Judge Lander bad I II I i rRU Ts.

rerwta 0.. lone of,!the. beet the case and It was.tiled at LJnneus. WH\lER'S! JEWELRY STORE Hay, Grain, Feed aid Ferttiliiers. j FRESH VEGETABLES

in .ha service.r The road put on many lay and expert '

The Im iioncnrte -.V baY: witnesses their and testimony Judge Lander perverted concludedthat the I I '. J I 3 14--12UI Street. : Yachting Trade Ice Specialty

a grown t.all <<<;reeeemn r',the,.country facts., In his speech to the jury] he
{ that! ..i11.4r"hi .:.. --- ----' .. ._ ------- --I
that Qeoeri Gordon was, last'ul j 1..r.A. Un"" 'j-I' ; f-
veil as the ipost deeply' loved, of the meaning- >! the last faction pending j"or I ---p- u E. L. Brady & Co.
Lieutenant X eneraja j of theJConfed'eracy the Brush Creek disaster He said: 'J-J : .1' : R

; Sue > I is not the cue however 'Gentleman of the Jury: There ''arein arrived -n

as,Bimon Be ivar.1IjttcknerStephens j this world three classes",of liars ',' 011- t. arR.ocmR.s.:: ::

I D.Leeand; : XFvl&ewart: ; are all .! 1J. and I beleye, all who'bavM followedthe -., .;
,} ]ling, ;H"of { '//I .. defense's testimony will bear me .."=::;: 'Ietty 'IWi. I jesleys' .t, e t t d. .A.ve., ,:I:).

,,' out when.I say we have met with all -
."ST.TE I Seoktor Arthur. T. of ahem at this triaL First Is the a I M
Wassail; n\r4| has.:;.resigned his liar'who 9Nei1 CoLivery
common every dy lies for "
r" nO "
.....;.. .enztorshlp.t nd 'assigns as'a reason tbe fun of It or because it cOmes nat- Author o/'De. M.D' Rat, Spklld Spur, att..t.tA 1 .
.tLd, he Inn; ta acoor'd' with his-party. nraf; then there is the dam liar who mark bl human document which can be read dither' a. brilliant!
}' ..,oJ lid prohitjition# -: t ue I -troD.. ,The re- lies from a' malignant heart for the n. Imo..t totartlinJ in its reaJi..m. or a. drhmatic bi"graphv i feed and Sale Stable

<. 3 .teat electiof in att! eounty:stoned I purpose of wronging his fellow' mca wi i Ii the dash and swing(of the authors' he.t manner. .r

';<5t tBatt a mal- ty of :: the democrats i and blasting his good name. I 'now fiCri FORT DALLAS NEWS CO. 12th Street, West of Railroad.

'\\it favored the j >en skioon and the Sen- .come tu the' most heinous dlvislonof 1 I 1 '

F. tor;' .favored! Tobibitlae' t! ell&leor-" the list the ,I low-down so 'count thrice. j Krenue 1, /pposltlPostolflce i 'J;'. C. IiNuonT.l'roprietor| | W e have gentle horses. broke for ladies to ride, and drive.

'Ugnorl4 lb rant..1 I 1 ,
-t condemned
;*; .. T tjfl beingknown as the expert y I.
liar-tbe man who knows .he'. lying I 1 GoodvComfortable(
rGORDO$' ,'LATI' : MESSAGE. I : Carriages
and tries to scientific
; : by retforilpg
; 'ir, :The doen! f'Shafe:In General: Cor- non-existent circumstance on ,I Lad yes : Firstclass Teams and
dfn's "Remlnllll'enrea of the Piano :
which to build bin lies. He's the hex Player. i
very Y Y y .
;;:;:., 'CiT! oIe',teltorthi. of its ? J Reliable Vhite Drivers.?
worst In the declc> gentlemen! V
; Yiwr;
J> rtan: 'stetting one to usbende. brflth..r..Ilath..r -
B;!: nprod book't no: jag', hrs _remans.are The jury f bought so too and gaVE'iudgt aDd b..allx all : R t. J. PECK r I
it Ca r i "Oih! Laudsr's client the verdict he 1 B.,M. BAILEY )
e .Stabl'
-'hel'Jov elf,.ard; bas memory Is sought. .....u.--i ii i -- j l I 1\h t. ; s I( fee? 0 Bzilkfenbf iley'

,;" t.efIC' bon '.by .tbotlsiada" allover SILVER !jfAI/t? iN' .A r' |)DSI.JJiss ..:- 1? mo e. 1 )1h-6r41. t _
h. ro I I
South. I
1. girth -- "
oUter ta ,trig tt to.,:>> ,Leerand :; 'Clara. Qujckeabos, ofj Jllaml. about some music in J j whit r I.k.. them amore I YACHTS LAL NCHES. SAL & ROWBOATS

&' Grant, the con ludes sm Jollows; bas been on;a vlxlt to her aunt Mrs.J. home? ., lipprrriatwl. "'Urirtgolir r and Kepairinjf.; Marine Railway,

I Scarcely Ie 1'l elit'In'AmPriean H: Bond. j j ms ('rt.rnt, than a box off l:701 AVENUE DUverhaulin }, .. MIAMI. FLA. i
.annal.'thanerev! :?;.or theIwo Eev. J. L Sample. of Pittsburgh: 1'1 I f 1TIt j I .

ltvee. 5hoilld and cl1otalflgUe the p8,.:a.iioteddiviDe; T-'hoti_ :< traveleiij: Ili Rrllahle Fm: .:rstin ''JJiami: iy.ade. !

.thrililuge. I It de its urhfch' illustrate! I around;..the world, has been dottier E8Cab.i.bt-d IS19. : -"

tbe 1)o1lr see o 'poldier>> 11fe''so: :.4son e. impressive and Instructive : fl-- L'T',
I Cigars
Inadequately .ri in. .these, rem-' semk>BS> recently.' > 1 i

-s..; e :thlDgBhlrb. JMAr! q;. Realtor, of Oxford. Fla., J i'

.- ooM. : in'.\\bf greatcoofllct: and'.Char. Gr han: '("f heart, .|"rt. l.aAaretipnig Bush afford '. I }

between the- ate, ,houid,be forgot- recent, : arrivals, .In theIkEmestead I
tell,'or at I forgfyenc[ and no longer lIe<:tlOB. They are'putting1ti 11'j pelf ib Strut. ',i. 'i
JM..rmfUed letur4 1 .. -pp off 1 t I You I
complete ur- tomatoes. ranbnythem r u.a.ber"claw-I
;, mOIl)' bt-tw North and' 'South. .'i be'aehootill ,iclf.t aVKit; Februaryjlrj t I ins pnt.... "II rte .1I0vA"a H..d.: E t

' American'yoa 'Iu'all. \wtl n. .bould :!th! a picnic recitations, etc. -. :-II..rr.EEU\u.. 'Jr *:_.IKIa R11x BURDINE
i iTaMI'.1
"J be. t.ught bold I irf perpetualre.membrane :. Also i cash* prize will. be given .at thatticie'to I CRI1'Y. ;, .IIII 8 ; thi fra 'great, and lira,lady' who bakes the. pret- I'
.aood on J" aidf'll' toeomprehea4 ifeiRscake."tQ8.iaectlou; SlIIKlR1; +' .1.;;; a nux "
,:l. \wf :
1nbt..1 '
the nvIWoue tfor;which has grown' so rapidly QUARTERMAN.

ealotly woogtt su8!t$ ,and :paulottemen tlUt ,the present !school bouse I is quite H I I > t. :I II :1 tThanking
died; t* recognza the unparal inadequate.. :At a recent school meet I \
: } i Early end"Rusin.
leled .iaree I decided new t I ( : -
jpr o[ Trf unrtYalletlabsence ; was to build a _
giti ";
courage: **, is PttC'f' t4 .the...!aingniar. 1 Rn.1| J. U. Walker !Jras, appointedi I -Avoid!{ '
-of pefs anal animosity and the to iconr.-r '"ltbth, rcboolbVurdTaod : j.1 I theirtrade rstomers for their
I generous: Xmas
fnqneot maci f<'*UUons' betweeq those : others 'to raise funds for loOKSELLER --AtLIfILE { '
'brava aatagoiirts'of said'baildlng. This i : wish to call attention to their
good:fellowship ... U-a splendid I new. and
jt such, as bads ever before been ''wit chance for those! who are Interested In FLA i :! i! beautifulf dots and AVhite, Goods Neckwear' if

hoetl!e armies.It this section to, help !!> e W ot <-.t I "velties.
s be a ''glorious<< day [for our countrynessed Those who have been down here recently -TI Daint: }) Laces etc.. ,Thetine

r when aIL.tbechldr t m :'within its borders are complimenting us on the 1 f I ( Emporium. Xrrrisl rU k//.. that are left will be sold at

shall.feara* that the ,four years of improvementin;: oar roads. We hare! I c b' c.: :l\: ret! !..eil I r'r s. I.
fratricida\. wfr between the ,North done much work' and have *'hiland' I :
- .I. tI J
f......... .... I.. .. 1
and South wa wit by neither with road .tnowj I But there' Is more 1l' e
criminal'nor a iwot'tlry': Intent,.but'by needed" ')"eL' Those who are InterestcJ : .1 ; - __ .
both Ho 'protad : what they conceivedto lie this section should assist us Is 1 I n ;
r be' threatlned rikbts'and ,Jmper- getting our public road to Black Putt i i

',flied .Ubert1 |That.kbit. lasuea,'which !' worked and In &. passable condition. tpicurean Restaurant : i i I Burdine <&< Quarterman

divided tile sections I.:ere born when Some have assisted us IIberalJi.;while : ,
'the Republie was bopj and were forever others' in 'the]!'netghborhood and. elsewhere I I ion AVENUE:D .' :;:; ;
I. J. .. sa
;Ti :buied ll .. ocean of fraternal have done but little up to now i : rw'f- t--- I z

i Mood.. We shy the }tee that,;'''usderGod's ; It is a be'cluLnce for all those PartltS I' : .-_-;,.:'-=' j

f provWe4ce eve'r/' sheet of L'a:e tot assist, us now ,ln getting"* good : Th..B .t .ands q; Firstilass ,Qootfgg.: 11'09.;| qui&( i 1'---1 4,

ruse tM!?'bIa44 rUe|of cuata d:'-garatiet road opened up to Black .Point... not :f ,. Service ..:*i! ,
eslry> dul* /;shell iti;; t:-;ethroagh committee on :roid work is'composed: e I

the tirestsJ,I al Chlloh and I I of ,C. A. Commas, 'Gen. Cox.. 3:1' jl f ft1tOPe1'" : ,:,, 11 aMtalrat! I I

that aiook fjti camsc aa* bills or Moody, C. W. Hill president and 'IL I
,. -, .... ............. ... .................:.......,...... -,.
.j t. .:" .. Po':1'. ..!!: .". .. '. ..,... 'IJ. ,:&oMf!" .' ""'r t-11t "'I4I1 tlsaa ar
: It-! # Pt- ... .... '.--"ir.
{ \'-' ,' 1'1\ 'oI! .,,, '_ iI..w, .'\. .... lIII'iIt ,"",{' ffl-..... ,. -.J !"J2fU! .tI t -- -: 41's. -

I .1':1'| ;
,r ,i. 'I !

; ,
x .. s ao.

-<. ." .... :" ,
.- '. .. ,

ED\41N, NELSON \ r

I r I "

: 1 i I :'

A ,choice t Sofa' Pillows, i iful I Fancy C l red Beds, Wilton Rugs, "f ,'

B lUt Lounges and Sofas, \ The 1 latest designs in Side I S Tiyrna Rugs. : '

.1 j Rattan Parlor Suites.; Fine Diner Sets. : Brussels Rugs

I I11
,._ I .I.
= --
-. f : The ,. I I lliaml reached' this- J. 8. Frederick will tiakVa j ': trip up *

D.alga port this morrnng/ at 4 o'clock from the road'tomorrow': I
-11 : !' s for All Purpose Nan an. brlngl g fn unusually large I ar'-'i

I H.M. KING, ; list or tourists, or whom will CoL W. R.I, Anno to Palm! "The Id :
sojourn In going their Beach, today H. is feeling Very much
Director and Embalmer. respective )1lrl Improved In ,health tot the 'put two :1-;

FUi -- or three days. ; I i 1 !
e ral The readersthe Daily Metropolis I
to Tclemph or Telephone: Calls. are pleased with 1 tJie reports of all the Mrs: McAlliter-Beck (has sold a lot f *

:r 111'1, .... .. I 'local events of I nr Importance U. glven on Seventh street betapen Avenues! C I Dry Goods and Millinery Store s
br this paper. People who want and B. to"Mrs..Cash of Key West forwent
} -'---- the real news + recd the Metropo- T. N. Gautler. I ..a.i
The trains arriving dally are bringing III regularly.E. rill I R
.j TQWN OPIcs. I ,crowds of tourists and many of Captain J.: i and I. detail

them are stopping here for the win. J. Ingraham. bird rite' president of men: from Company'' 1.. returned n : iWQ3d pal

MIAMI, FLA.4 Jan 4,1901, ter. of the'Florida J IE'!'t Coast Railway this morning from J keonville, to i ..1I
Company ret mert this afternoon which point they wentlas escort they BARGAIN SALE
Headquarters.fancy groceries. fruits;
,SAIL 1UL8'ArMve I" etc., at Wilson FIT.'.. 7 from Black Crcekihere be hu spent .as escort to the body of General ,
a dar or two inspecting he work and Gordon. They were guestsj t of the I ,., :::I
from the .. I 'I The launch 'Sillle makes regular watching the trial the big ditching TImes-Unloa and were I!royally entertained .r -' -. I l'l'0. rt
trips twice dally to the Everglades mllChllle. i b
to ii A, M.r I white In Jacksonville-: '1/01/7' t ,
:. and the and is 'a 'Dice .
'11III1 P. M. rapids doing -.. --- O.tlaJ r.nz1. ;1 L. icsSs .
for.the 11' r ., ;s. business.- The'Palmr pen peak In the Watch the and find out all '
COle $ papers I
Cut Prices in Ladies KeidjWaists 'M7'Stocr of
highest terms r t lectures. bT Dr; j : Ladies Coat Suits
A. M. about the Crazy Tea I o be(.given at '
liif: Bookkeeper wanted Call on or address Taylpr, who III ow In Nassau and will j Made Outing Flannel Garment*. must be clo toed out.
P. K., D. R.. Knight, Little River. Fla. IMp In this city from February.tth to the Presbyterian, January IS Man and Tuesday the! auspicesof evening i Ladies' (;owns at . . .'.4& $ i 50 Saita to go at....-. ....$ 5.0

; THE SQ ATHERPoreraat'.of i.I" '69 7th' to deliver .Ii rlc or scientific the Ladies' Aid of that j Ladie Underskirts . . 48c '10.00:Suits to fo at. .. uu 7.01 ..

temperance lecture church. > Suety' 64 Ladies' bhort Kimonas . ."y.,75ci 15.00 Snits' to go at. .. ..-. 10.01. H
t : the H.atke For Eastern ,! Captain Large of the yacht Rosebud i . .... Suit's
j I Ladies' Long Kimonas. .98c 18.00 to go at . ...: ,,liTS
prida- carried a Jolly party of six on an excursion ". L. Burch u leased out his Iou '.
"When you grumble about fbe> extra 1 20.00 Snilj. to jro at.... ..< ISO*
to Fowey Rock light house today corner of A"rn 1J and Eleyeqth Lad** Uoderskirts.
FaIr tonight. x'. It 1 front In northern II high rate of ,fn ; multiply t I
street for the n to a Dumber'of
and central porgy >t .. Friday" fair and' I II winter attnctl, s. lll-ootlne galleries It by the notifies luraoiJlllltJ of your I! Black Nearsilk Skirts at .. .iOUc Lades' Hats.Mj .
i !I house! In the will see !! Black and Colored Silk Sin ..$ .48
-um r. ] S I .I FOR RENT-Furnished rooms on 'hows. etc. H wi root get rudy to : Entire Stock of ,Milliner/ t
Temperature: i. azim'm, .64.,. mlnJ-i !fenth.street between Avenues'and begin bllllding hi apartment hOIl'le :!I what It I h that I people !I W... Wlldts.1J: must po. So If TOO want anjtbiasj
lB. ,10 not getting the I ( which ,
lower rating'
P. 63.: 1 53
1e 1 before April 0 DI y. in Milliner come to this Sale.
i iI. la One Lot snorted Coloret ,
-j few more; facilities rive. <:i
Mrs. E. L. Bedell from New York weld worth from 51.50 to $100 to ; v
weather w soon rush the proe Mr. George S cDgnald. a prominent r-I go 1 Bl.aketa.
down this w a curry: ,' arrived In-the city last night and was business man 0 Zl\ne..vme.\ Oblo. wboI. ; I Mr. and Mrs. Henry AVelia of Bur-1 at . . . .. . . .9&
a passenger on i the Snlnnecock for making his flit Florida trip arrived lington. Vt. are guest*, of the Royal (| .I. 81anket.a t cut prices. They all
Desira a cMce ms or rent. InQair. Key West hdayjWASTED. last night io Miami ''and left this morning I Palm. They have Men around the Uadcnwear must go re ardle of price."

of Bank oat &seayns.t on the Sbln k. for a short visit I world since they, were ere two: years Cut Price .Ladies', Mift4e*"a nd I/
.-We wlIIpa,10 cents each to Key Wellt a d Fevana i, and on his | ago. They drove out esterjley with Children's Lonj.Sleeve t.. .-Union 'chisel: tit't ';0
Carl Sh ebrlnc and rife of Wint! for copies of ljh# Weekly Metropolis of return to the IlIjIe City will look I Mr E. V. Blackman to ee their groveS Suits or Pants. Outing Flannels mast gee *

hotel.Palm Belch' are ati o the Palm' I Dee. llth, at this ome about with a Ie to investing In i and were'well pleased '(-Ith 1 4 and ordered Ladies Vests at . . '',.25c 7c'floods 1 o goat... <.:..-....5c8cGood

I H. W. Merrill and patty of friends building loti. : more. work done,iii I Ladies Pant* at. . . .f'. %.25c !I 0 goat.".. .. ... ....;..7c

Furnhh.d'roo r rev It at' h6 13thstreet. took the launch Louise'on her Initial The Iteamshl S lonecock had- for I REFLECTIONS OF A BACHELOR I Children. Suits at .. ,. .. .25c lOc Goods.I.o go at.. ....,..>fC r.
trip to Soldier Key, carrying supplies, i i .
1C' her list of pass ng today bound for .."
etc:. for the (club ,houI ., I I It'. ao,111 stomach t at can't ache l t
A Hatch an to of Boston; Ire Key West: M 1. Bedf'lIe. 1Ir.
II just before: ..It's time fo 1 a boy to rot! f
comfortably loa at a Blacayne E., B. Douglas.of, ; Ideal 81 ore and lira. S. 0.1 BI 88, 11 Arono'It.z; to school_ ,
Indefinite tny. J. 1. Clark O. nald. M. Hass'H. I Ij' E. B..Doti'qlas
for sn purr
left last night for New York to oollih
4. ( A happy bride Is just enough fIto t tI
: j'
chase: another lot, of new goods j forboth' I H. Showman Common. A. C. I have an Innocent widow around the ;
Stenographer SSlahted State expert. dry goods and millinery departments Johnson and wire. J. I'Is.. IL 11.'house all the'time. | '
.nee and salary expeeted. Address I' RoIenbaum J. aloe.I. I
1M.nogrspher, mce.J 161rvu' j j.Jfr. I: It II noteworthy thaii a mustard i 310 and 312 TdepboatNo.
I. plaster always seems envy a man .
eon min ;, Al A., B'BeT.Jate proprietor;; ] 1Hr;:U VleteIISbl! otihe: Palatka -j" JItIla.1r.kglnC wi tf t TwdfthlStreet. .'97
Hsu s'pro
pnsikeee the New..York restaurant. bulls 1'ew.. caul, I this morning and 1 1II ; altrl : :
of Atlanta, Ga.; among the 'guestsat llIelr II could put n1iet own
th. Biscayne.A r a handsome little residence on his lot i on Eighth street near Avenue C, an'dj This II lOOklOJth sit to the Macla [stockings to keep her 11' rm hen. she" -- ---- .. a
:; J. Legg, th ell known traielIng upon completion, he will occupy same. ; CIt). and rived to find such I See- =r ra.aartm"OI'JA 0
man from Sa ns L calling on : a large IItan plate. Mr.Cickln I I' :
CUT druggists. a is a gaeet of the For best private board, In the city'; returns to otrow morning to FOR REN' t ant}
his home.Mrs. 'I JCitj; .-
Btsesyne Hotel go to Mrs W. 1. Gander's, Fourteenth I Elegantly furnished apartment house McAllister-Beck ': ,
street and Avenue,C. Scot of IIlx rooms esrh; ha h rooms and I I .
F Smith? Resta4ant, opposite r poetamee -- Aaron F en and M" Helen water worka. ConDtry ; .
; beat tnesis.ib town. Short orders J. L. Clark and' M., Haas of:Atlanta Sterns Grant wtlo ne been guests ofMccch -- I I' ,'t. .
a spedalty." rd and rooms byor arrived 'on train 99 this morning and I Cottage r ome week& leave A six room wen f9rnished I reeldence FOR Property. : .
week. ICapt.
left on the Shlnnecork for Key West tonight for Nulau tu spend a short! water works bath rooms. elec.tric i Im roved .
Warren the yacht Theresa They will trenrn In a' few days.and time and nil dhP return here for lights etc. Also an dlnary faroIly orUnimproved.
took'a'party"of ricts fora'cruise bask: in the balmy air of the Magic, the remainder f hI season. 1Ira. furnished residence. Also a two- REAL 'I
around the bay t y, i i'The City. French: has lpe it veral winters at story. six room uutuml ed residence. EST IE' .. .
\asrau! but Is tJl'b IIIMred with C .Cj CARROLL. T
Martinign fled at 11:30 for Everyday. brings new subscribers to L Miami that It I b biT probable: that Notary Public and 6enersl agent BARGAINS.Aoou 4.fttH9tralchptt B>lldl...
Havacewith; rate a llcht passen r the Dally Metropolis, loth in and'! out j,she will make er permanent winter Omce 309 Ave D. ecod street. i at. ,
list an eompare li her last trlp of the city. home here nea1 ..57.I I .

------- -- -
:: ''I. I r Ir
-, -"" '- -'I .

;r l 'tl John\ $kwell '&Bro.; I

i. FS tic I 1- I I I J

; i
> i
y Do not' make resolutions for 9t that you will {break but if you resolve to wear
: _
J[ the best on earth' and bay the f )IIo\ving lines, .);ou will make no mistake, and your e

': resolution will .be ,easily kept I

c ,. 7ri r r

r : v ::1 4 I L I I, 1 i !!!! T-" /

4' .,HWIM Shoes For Men S5.5O: to,7 Heifer RothchOd & Lmn ....mer Clothing $8 to3O| _

,. H. S. & H. Shoes for Mat, $3.50 to 5 ,Due iid StetMM Nets, $4 to 7

Drew Shelby Shoes: ,' for Ladies, 3.50 t.5 I W ....:Wos Shirts $1.50. 2.60 .

Laid Scbober Shoes, for.I-wte ea; $4 to 8 Waso Bro Underwear, $1 10 10 per sat
KirahbaMm Clothhg $10 to2O per vA I ..Cloett Collars' ad Cuffs ..
T :

: i r: o We were lucky enough to ,pe the- first to open a.
Th. Above!Lines are Best by Test
cloth I shoe store in Miami -
t- ., ngand nearly eight years

and. J l large rid wet v t Rosted merchan'ts' through: agp, nd took the advantag we had :'" secured

"" ? th : for the besttgoods made. 1
1- j
K. ; ut the countriFhandle the above lines vvheniey -- ;- I 1
1 11 AI our goods are fully warranted: ana we can save at 1 least 25 ,;

can get them r r pet cent on your'shoe and clothing bill for .1904, if you will stick to ,
< the
; us hrough year.j'
; .,
.. ,... : _' "I I .
.. yp *Mf. ? _--rj r. -,.. awert.tw.w .
a ...-., ,:o '_e '- __ :-" r '.' ..

t '.


4 'c-. --- : : .
44 :-

: -. r. i ;; tn..b... .. --
: h. .- -4 -L.I8IIi''
Y e+ "
"'IT "" c- YesrZE'a : r

-1 t I I I sad by vlnsa era __ ....... eel

II t .. .. ....+....a 0._.. torAMrawtl ttaa Dm. Slack .. ..**.. .k. Nee- a.....__ Caaalkal Mal Dale aaOrewsome ............. ... Mid .. flee.M. of tW Urcalt Coin ot tk* Sere.I.. J.Ikal'

.. :m of Exercise'Claimed to Quiet .. As>B lUattVa fee .... a. ........ I* S. bla.d .__...... -. ..!p ............ "'Mcsit.4 FlocVli, !. .*4 foe ft l.r...17_ ..
ter L..lu. i* ...,.1. cau ,........ .....
frndimf.lurlm eta
... Ii.....*. .&...1... r.- '..
t Unsteady Nerves.Claa I = LrjciM. Blanch LcjrM sad <'_

I .ttractJ.-d: details of a maneatingorgy In ....., Lejraae.Wr .._...... an_pLtJlI.A."",
d Very handy appliances When the passenger departments ofrailroads are fiirnlshed in the annual rept.rt 1 a recent on the hums .... OCI a.. FunuhM la ........... Ta i iJcraciml .
are now brought out for the tie to advertise the brain. Dr. Mat lagta. of Prague, one ont .
...... af Bla>.**Oe.*......> began on British; New Uuinto, lately presented Special blaster !I. {"taaIOC.., will all|
LS*..... ........ lp !. TklaOmmmtrr amateur cook. They are of bronze, a v takes; of their respective lines to the commonwealth parliament. ,I the most emin specialists of Europe xl pebtk ....... In fiat al try Court Rosy
copper and silver plate and exrh: ma r d h" be&ulies and points of lat..1Otun records the fact that the heaviest' bra do_.a. Ytaml. rlorYs.dales ,... a..aa base.
I ] with Grwt be mounted on Ita own spirit lamp .>r the right of way."the conservaveaf the Inforfnautia ls supplied by a ie-1- ,I he has found that of a young msi vf"
I I ,Katkaslaaav electrical fitting.-":y. the Chicago Inter stood aehast at the innovation dent mag Irate before whom six ni- of 22 yean arid 18) meters In h'lght[. wed. la* aaaw heist tile list day",f tile aal* f
lives hadmurder keen brought charged with
Ocean. the Toledo Tomes. It was freely which weighs 1SI grams The ft : MMik tola awlMrt sad best WoWH.tor c.oaa..
_! for fat.'e erelfte for Im- "Epicureanism Is on the Increase pi-ed y5 cted that they would get U..d ofvjaat ab'l, cannibalism, reports the male braia doit.aril cot seem. to rite ovr ,... fullaiiac ancnlMl east ...at* !>!.. 5.4'betel
fl" act digestion. exercise* for that uoniion K)prna 1.500 grams: the lightest: he how : la she r maty ..l DwlB. sad Maw ell
many more people are particularas their that their em-
or I
:ng money
Ur d feeling-these are .011I' common Two wi+ueu and a boy were the wit- about (excludl tbef0' F1urioI....r w aiack ik nvts* beaeakist
g aged) ws
to the preparation of t: !lr Coo*! would, call them down and re-
I 0) rs ... ..
to W i.ty IM d.eras casuist .l.sitt
1 V Inn. 'Americans have been body than formerly said a household J; grams t at of a woman of :1$
jdmg by pVtical culture..Ith uc that the ; l /1 village had eats n I I'<' -i In D.tht5iagatlb..o.tb-we cocarr of Ik* I
ku dealer. "....UdIOUll people who btu Vet ontc "I'ano n tr* bffcht.':: There I:
different has been the -
ow : ""na-veM *MIUT" ft Satin Tw "* I U>]
ling ptrUUuce' cif lei*. "Qurea"i lour '" villagers. The v4Urns one of l.f I\CI grima Uiontlng! to
a the best the marketa afford In fusel >mi. The pioneers in the business a worn ;, TwVKk p Sl/Mkn.i.5. _..... aaa. tonyi
It bat the Ills that Utah U heir tobavefourjd "" men and two ,om !u. an of RA( years. I The averaee nle hrali) .
.. .
IfJP'l'i .
supplies have awakened to the fait: hiv been followed by Imitators and i- saM la>ac raa al Laity t-' mdIktac .
be.. hi In various "monlilenIII ho had ashore at Laldc'1"11- weighs I-100 gram.i. and the frirale U- aottk *
that much of Uur:: care In this regard cmipetilors. until some of the most *lckty tat lud. tkcwc wwtj
< : It bad; seemed that the cold morn- Is wasted If the cooking be un- attrictlve and Interesting and IDlitnevefdvertt.'o .::;c la a :;cJ c&:ace. 11tr....... butt..4 :i and S3; )r.,,. iremarlablebrains i |t.e.iy W (tad.. !*;"">.. auatk laity c... (.d.

Ia tab and the 15-mlnntu "drill" was. They t out of the canoe said hat of Kocf lantlccffin'ovrllft. : taaaca w*.l (seat, I7K fudxtaacaua...ieMy
Intelllgenlly done, 'so we are selling of the day Is done by
Uitcom as universal as breakfast It.1 Individual Laldo, ami a man named. Lakapona a nultarianj : weighed. 1.5.rram. i.. mdl ta tk.vlac.*f ...1..1... p.tatat.T
more and more of these t It ls. of Impos-
l course. speared one of the men. j ., and the nf Smetana,atumpiae( ilftmUacraUH4IUIM.! a..s M tae.
.1 cooking: appliances. a the full extent of theflnence ........ 3'
'' i lease T. .
now comes an exercise system. "Then nH> Taul><>ra, the woman only 1-VV *ram*. The arersrr wrlphdlffrrent I
"ManyVsettled people, particularly I of this adrertising. but the _
M I. Chase o.
,re >| the New "York World which Ia continued] "He toot biatnmaoawkand: ifif the brain of orcupallons he .p.cial
lftu amuse by amateur- coo'Ing. :'' r been to Immensely stimulate Pmsiraii Eswia.Sulmion .
themselves tilled th | other men with two b'owf I klves as from -410. to 1.440 for workmen \ !
InJamsto The health, culture propaganda: t Americans are Just learn-, fcw toaipUiaaat.Executor K
I :
upon the 'Wartwanihot'x-n killed LJCJiforbisinesfitnenfciemolr .professions
; \
has also been a stimulus to the amateur 1 \ leisure and to know : __ -
.4s4I, to quiet strengthen and steady IUihU a woman walk a b.uc. ut. .i.,4bawi 1 I ma khlJe and ho'oynphen. and 1.5II
cook. Food eaten under t have to thousand
proper a
and to go I'I He held In b..llIn1 for ntediealmet and whose cal .
1.b0lt.; erratic nerves, promote: oll..late' one itmckner persons I Notie
conditions will the need of home to get genuine recr -
e Iftit power of mental! concentration la on l !: with t u.. aav.L beld I.I Ing supposes _tIOIL.i .
!! .- medicines_ or curatives, and add toPIaJ'caJ an education that Is a' I ala I.t! Te An Wkasa It May CaBecrai
>f!flightiest. In the i;. iL.... h exhilaration, good looks et" pleasure to acquire. Take sods tfcat ala _Ua sites dale ksraiaCIibeeaaVnl :
this and tad Is. asslgbt the airs by blow) with GREEN T FLORID
peculiar a
new These theories are getting strongly The theory that everything worth bibalr, i ..* Essvis: III cabs laat will
\ I
Its : ::
be oriental In origin.fL4titherbecaueoftdiaor1e a i f.
guessed Impressed on the public mind and particularly seeing Is la Europe has been exploded .a l Tala rsd .f 1"1I'ttaIIC.. d.rawfawilt
$..tJl "1 s, four I tiled I rr..vmes a With [Ne
j[ on those folks who areableto apd the railroads, with their penrtstartUtlc people lie i II Ik* aveaaau ad _...., andsake J
"tBi 4 realization of real possible bens, tan : can rye trc nor men I I II I They arr./. MIM.ds ; (sal. MUleswst as Kueutur, aa aaw*>'\
r' t Ito st .is being taken up wltk .. uIufIC'IlJ 'Indulge themselves, to experimentIn e l and well constructed advertjslnfi I-"y. allm"; rfll them. W"-en'hr frnr !I I ,.-. ..... af ..... fetal with the Haaevable A.t,
the matter and snake permanent have lighted the fuse that !
j io perae + 11''d the Pf'Um.dl a I I, I ....... Jade at Ike Caaaly Caart. la and
: ) nerve control U taught by progress J< d the explosion Everyone with a big\ fire anil won-hed their b.,djes on It. T1w peen ttirtlH of IOtIthena nor1 Dade Caasty,Mace ef Florida and wO. tkeaad ><

BILW ..' a'class of teachers They-aeca ', food supplies of the s writ of ambition desires to see anrr "'"el tiey nit plr.or..b.. aiM Ida U1"I ID dei water and feed oa taws, BtaxaprUcaUoa lor hie disc

3 ; fare .generallyrecognised to havewish beet grade and then seek for appliance mndlngs different from his own. He and put ,>| lece into pots and I I plants, mostly the kind called 't1trtt a*sock BianMar.Batatf .
wllfe ( Wants pe-'e ..... ..
by which they can supervise: to travel. But he dreads going which UcWavr It"Do. s
\ I Into JOUC" M1U.T.giMiHor .
the cooking with least Inconvenience strange scenes and condition the
Hate. ntlllg lower parts and lear I
coohed tb &-and there
mysticism.l ,pco( were many .. Trt a Last WILL A5D TKaTa ;
{ remarkable feature ls III gnat and so get the full profit of the investment. -sit dowij and ate of the Utah." log the tope Aoatlag 10 that It collect i\ MC5TatTkaauaaWt. .-....- .;

lime,ldtyj for the system consists of a The cooking schools have: traded 'I TRYING OUT. ZUYDER ZEE.Tie Hid these people done her people any III great 1W14Ij and marta the. s V.R.As... 4Itonw". lit I II

>wtdxerclselIn brP.tblllgmpallleci also to'make people recognize the InJ'iry' a.I "1 'C..Ia.11p I
Wads Lee e ,
Wk _
mine of delicate cookery applied to a aI for 'by the A ruts After bru. .laIn I r--- u -
$; ")y ilmlldj:admixture of oriental phlloa- good grade of food. Slowly! but surely .......... 'Lad f.see sad: It ceUberate, colJ-U.KH -u
.t such ocean urea the green tlar
n .t\r| These are bated upon the fuse murder Kobe
,: ... .... ,
aaSB<4ntaltrtith| that all vital! forces In their maims are being exemplified. I I Let these peopl." one of the ties co to tb mouth cI river 10 r 1 II. ...... Coat fur Dd Catyrty.riard ttas of

sk4* kody center In the lungs and thatarAaUUiVaccording Chicago drainage canal Is a mere murderers I had| said, "but no one Is to baths of fresh Water. which they 1M ..,DI>ulttXdLaXW.X.WIMMS

: to certain rules will USE AMERICAN IDEAS. plaything' compared with the engineers I talk! about-- because of the police and to need from t me to time. The F f

generate new and healthy forces tn the s,g' of draining Haarlem lake In the government that will come and pun- Ida I12benn..a A' tb. reptIles ante : T. ". MMaers sad w, IasetUurd: .
:t which And expression In the ab- .....h .,..... Gip the Trtek ..riiads Ishus.- I the creeks and roll together laot muss | OarvMiaa. ,
| l ol and. says a writer In the New York
personal I. TUa I In view this grass rem Wring them into ball Te T. J. athrn",sad an ether>*t aos eseylesnwd
strong It
nervousness occurrence Is Interesting
: Tril'une.' The Dutch built a dike around pf
Cmmmtrr.rrench ; with el.,. \\ f. tb. turn of the 1Id : Tow will lake aotlca thai I .... sad J
et1a10 and the ability to ooncrnkraiWthe to note New '
mss v 1 pi ijece of theses and then pumped thethey {that Guinea Is officially .
tales the bn out to sea they folio tee la Ik slat* styled *had .. Stwiakscd) 1
t : mind readily upon a t1'ell.ub- 14k had made entirely dry. This recoinmended! to colonizers as a ,. .
.. swindlers, about whose meth- n. W eaack.l. N. said that wakaa yaw Spsw,j
I th.m. The eruten watch for
MI. ,I.T I. ods a good deal has been written of a.ju tn sni earful that other portions of "charming;health resort" : fto1IlIr. the Luchells I Mud raised; the MB, an Jsnosry ... I:-.,;
>> first position .. the principal ex- bare been reclaimed own creek" an Kul D wilt las. and Ind ... .
for the most of tlf IKS the same .t ... _.... .I default J. .
late part copiers
control Is taken are when they see them they stretch net .. ..... .
-.to4 developing Now the Netherlander hare I ,rata lee.Desmher4tb.ftal. ,
Mrs. Bai So that widow
American crook says he New York KB pretty Is across the mo' the of the stream. an.lcays I !y
wi h Lhc heels together and hands hang- al >ut to dry up a IPa..the Zuydcr Z'c!. to '
Sun. The trick of following a woman really mar led soon again eh? '
catch be turtles. .
: The should be ;I'K HANBO.W.> X.WOOD*.
1 ID *Jt the'aidea. position slid reclaim about 6091 miles .
Into a lore, and Just as she goes U> square Old flans 'ou ht! | "'.'Dtllr. Airy. riaiatil.. .'
h ere I w'tlhout! atitfness. and the.mind make a purchasing assuming the role e cost of Ibis undertaking Is elU- i "But her! latej husband's' will 1'_ .. ..,..__... I

.110< |>: 1 c!i ell upon the philosophy, of niatj-d In I.1 .. UI.Ofx.MiO or $nftn.00< PlPn..1 i that lie i .
oC.an Indignant husband taking her ly stipulati d U SL l( she took The treuur at the butto --- -- .
aer < control while!, the lungs Inhale money away from her and Retiinr njorje than the rust ot the New York) husband 1* >r I It gary was to revert to his of the sea sib. ow more easily obtain !I .

u hall'! deeply. lI away before she has a' chance to recover s bay. The Dutch government how- 'most distal it reihere.Un" I able br the inc nliOD of an lutrum.ll notice.

1 en t oth mind and body tffm coo- from -her surprise was workedfor 'eif. expects to get Its money back as ; "That'llbunted she was foxy. She know Uthe 'rruscope. eontrirarse |! In CMMV. Cwut. fur Dede Uous y. state
ted the matter with a long ............
urn r
upon bite
wjll of
some time in the west. It wasn'tsuccessful itj 450,000 acre land from : up' .eclaUvsand married him.Smart ." I I" Aho:1 10 1w put IPHAllon I
It nil I itloi the arms'ahould be.'niscddoEi long here. because Americas w '.'i'b It expects) to get a rental of Sej. order to IIn hp I".. Fret .f XUJ'" ,The f1ur1-l* [rat Cad Hotel CoatlI *=

Ir a' the' alder. Ina relaxed poslUU. $l.,5(0,0( i ru 'Pia' bfod
harder-headed I n. ,
omen are than their aadl.tnrbf'd
I. Mr .... ..;P-.... '.
o-r Y Uo >a a line ,with the shoulder French, sisters'.and. unlike the latter m might think that such a marshy Poet-1 1I His lot.editor read the poem for ut %.::110 yea." Sesreb r..1 Garnishee.Te .DttttetM & and' W enarkellotd. |. .
''by tr ir of land. even after It bad been reel also to be lid. for the ship chartered
iren do not assist the crooks promptly left here tie naj! ? T. J. 9lthett. aad all ether pees
| | ,! ili I rud and drained would be malarial. by Pom y to Roman .
; going Into hysterics or fainting when carry artrfuaru eoaeerned' Yaa will uk Bath Ihal the 5-
Office Do]
+ Tb .. Ith lungs of air the arm.j I: so. sir; he's away
full .Vot so. The draining of the land will
roomed to A sue and wrecked tb !dero'gMil .boa ...oma>racd null aaxlaM yes!. ]
i fan slowly to the aides with the .A simple little swindle that was successful : bi i one a little). at a time; so as to 1U to-day. irfy S'.orles. I archipelago lk yean ago. I ltMlor* uln;(at,."'" _a. alai garalvedShJMkellKd.anJ W'.

-, 4* held la toward the body.and the I in this city for years was I tot ten the marshy stage!!: is 'much "I f fe that anloa" yen.kppearandidrfea4

and forearm forming a curve.qg p i bl.. Coast land even If : UM MBMS aa Lib Day. lit Maaday n.1March *
worked by a man and a boy. The boy A west -D young lady lost the sole j A. old helor III a Keotucke
f Du |thin gentle! movement thc put the marshy stage Is : 14. jaJswvDk will b* taken if*
i t i should be exhaled so softly.that would walkup the street swinging a wjhcn I healthful. Furthermore the of her all pert while enjoying the In- town NI tha be fell In lore 10 hat !i I'sal > pitcher around his head. The man ; j d dI toxlcatingvalue whirl I of waltz. Of what twenty Dreert_ ". tHRL .
x the cjffort. has the ISsct of being un- p4oj Ie of that country are used to low j a about ears ago that he wen <<

ions.. .One\has ,a d'l1l'll1lC'aAtioawb : calf standing attention ca an UMhe opposite bore corner:rt'C1dlI.would m. At' any rate. they"succeeded la ,j wan It to I her if she had gained clear through and baa been out ere THE ...ORtIJA.. UT OOAaT. H sIEL rtalsttt.w.LATYrL COI.I _

4.-in a little while, give place toIncreaEicg Direr to bet $S of. some larger -drying, up Haarlem.r ., the whole whirl! and lost ber ova 100:... MDee. : PIaiJoIUI'"J. .
011 paysieal control and !I
amount that the boy.;would break the r .
4 <.gT r mrata1balance: '
{ pitcher before he' reached the corner.

movement ana should be retalne4 The crook rarely failed to book a vic T .
of the left
4'a loan
J tim. Of courte Just as the boyreached
'b preook.i the right ooatriL ri
the corner he would break the
t11u Ia the'name as the Ant crook !
pitcher and the would win the ways
ay hie pr rtlcedflrst, with the right bee :

a4 he right nostril dosed and

_tk le ltbltbs left arm. having. the left I THE POPES AIm TOBACCO.
"-. h : .1'
/ -.os d4ed ;

'If a pupil bash thoroughly manter.jl ..... .f Ih. Catkll. n.... Wka I"n llthe

tbls exercise t llIilrla omblued Pr..e..bed ebe Wsd a.d n- i cikz

wit It II holding .be right arm ID a .... 11... It.
: 11 ntae positlou Ind a left IogerI Yf1.6r

: ; ijatn t. tL e right nostril while a deep It Is well known that I'np Leo was

1Ir .Ia being taken and held for for year* an inveterate snuff taker. Lead.

_"'! ageve. .C'Uads." ;bteanwhile the ..x- The times ,have changed since Urban

tea atr lotbtbou1derud VI11. and Innocent V vlgoronfly) pro- tip' i t .

fros be', n nrrilied tobacco, the former pope going ,J
iron the nger tips !to the wrist whlll so far as ta threaten to excommunicate r v / f

;. taut nare being tsPUdf-d with the anyone who might take a _

.. 'tm a alr. 10 the kit lesson AvI pinch of snuff within the precincts of .t b .t a

a" I'QUon DCCU Aa the breath X. on the .t'ilr' February, .

t dually expelled he arM should re-, 165rt. 1&111..1 the use of tobacco was the

i"M.. lax It iii phooldtr.to the writ and abrogated oa the 16th of ,.laDU.r) .
froi the; !:.r tipejto that point. As 175 by Benedict XIII. for very good b

," the m Ii f.e'11 beco es limp the
4. '_, '''bo 'I be In toward the nice of XtlL. Derelict .XIIL took. snuff in I -

..the y and. the nag rs curved upward. large!; quantities, and he could not j I t ,

Aft u ng eac arm 111 this maD-- give his QJ."loa to an act which was ; J
aer 0 o "wflve t II the two amwot violated daily by his own example j, ever since there has been a

." ;> ra aid w e From that lime until the, present day ; ..
hr !1! the pope, have remained silent on the k I Isuljcft

.:i'',.' I i' .....I;... ......,, .- .<>f tobac ). but then personal j
: ropl obla' is t ated'io a highly h habits teem to favor the use of the MIAMI.

era! al: panner' by I Chinese doctors.Tw fratrant"Imola weed. In addition j. 4// .

ancUton lion .e balf-lilled with' to the nuff-t.ikIP5'popes, It Is "'el: t \ 4,4u i

wi .rep ritarehraeduntil. theliqufd' ; -known f! that Plus IX. used to smoke !' e f ,rte .
n r
., ; bo contents are then empUcd' Mn nM rrivate study and in the sore t'sn V

. 'and 1 r hnU'mnub" ,'of fbe' bo te! ix hided parts of be Vatican ga rsde ', THE V\ _

5' :.i ap i to beltean, "'dlbC'reunll ttU na. I ,, _
i d w lh blood, f.htoll the FemtpruceLi ;

yo rlty R.rral.II... i
i ) ethrough': itbthtoerlot't1. DAILY -Y t

.. .d oc-Uu 1M made oC Juti.OIlJ The Leipzig, Germany, city council ': sz'fFAF'1'!''1Yi 3s8si8&fir jfrV jT" > iTS .14 L .t e RRdA _

r1 "1111) Alan-m U-IOQ' III w'libsev i i has panted an ordnance compelling: 1 I CTgtfc .c gsaa: ifr.iTJjl .-.
ear barites' 'bn4ltcL ,The flips i city employs. to UV np their residence I ETROPOLIS -% a-Hla S iH |BaB *' *T fel 1J "f T*rftfJfet
are eq ut and th c .ia !th'." to the within the city IIm u. As the waterworks j I
I .
JI& t-a 0 Into hi',hpt gu1eL .n.ecelf9 lighting plants storage ware IV.i
all,. are Illf I.than 16 J..lIulItiC! 1 houses markets pawnshops; hocpUals,

rout th cough fro ro'.dZamphint. (etc, are mnnlHpia/a large; number nf ks the patronage of the people of Miami on the grounds that jit gives the local
a r. fatiguirdigeetion.\ : the J people win be affected It Is said lha- ,

( grls! ate th tough.,tn." Before; the ,might.Umb cough III ampu-being (i the action; growth was taken, to increase In order the to fosterLeipzig's city's api lelegraphic. It thoroughl covers its held It has always stoid for thehest interests

k tab hewemberiad edupbyexposureto .! ,r Income and to concentrate the conservative the You must read it if What
sit. + i! vote s.Ieareer... I II o people, you want to keejp posted on is doing in Dade

t V l, ....w., R.- -.. I I ... .. a_... ''! Ccjunly.| I 1

A Il rf'CI'GtI1l '*'neahedupout Scarecrow' are now placed upon elate

..t seal on.tile En&lI.1I coast which, roofs .In Victoria B. C. The cronr _.

,sat bas .been trimming'for_ some which swarm the beach : and dig for j' 11" GRAHAM JAlESM.JACKSOS.J.. !.. L'PATTEWss: : -1
7eatJa dNlp all hn OWIa. IIII clams fly over the buildings and dropthe .LjTERtS. M.rMcDonSSANITARY
' aftC'r"a ; rtr idea Ctco-l'n...iMat !wc.y..s Tara.
E IPI-" ut sea DllllaPfl.ftaC'DI-. clams on the roofs, by this means i .-t J

,bl complinted d, ring: bC'lm.t. The breaking the shells and leaving tbe'i I

c-ul home ut the jdeeoraiJoa I. very.s neat free to be eaten tn many case i r

ulf combining a bewildering when the clams were dropped the late ,

or icolod wWl considerable'\ bare :would be broken. j Dade \ouJty f\bst\ aet Co. PLUMBING and j /

mortyl of tffe<<1Tht,hat spent a long _
.... .
' tim| at the bottom of the sea. It was :a e
Nat ire seems to hate proilded that UI'tCOltI'CHUTr.D''
brought up by a fishing line 30 miles off.Lerjrjck. ; I '
M> poison acts externallyshall
Shetland. It rented for years Ibuys j
at a> Thus the moot deadly tkTeludtl
which have the snakeTe5os lujde ifeicj
trimming*, : effect of ,
': can be swallowed with Impunity, j
} aa4lhoe. hang In'great folds' like aahajrlj Lheel" I
All kind
about rOe Juice of the stomach presumably dejvosnposlng .
thswesrer'a'/hoelden-" + : It and rendering It bars.r. I for sate or reJi:
-. eral., : ; .,..
-r, < :,. (1' ..,.r I I Ia .,.;.....accant. aad. complete Afcwrarta or !'eatik .ut Title prumMlr tn Sly laud laf. 3t 1m' $tree iLtoirit
i '!Mok '_.''. R..saV* p_ AW Fad.........*f an flw pad Kwcordf badeGmaiv. ,

i 6- : ", ., I
j j jk jt 1 w ;rf JI'r",,' .

Ii ". ,
..ioj I
5, t tx ytr

.Yes, : .

s- yam i yigp : r. n ,


,, 'I ,.___. .--.."" ..........,.,...., .." =- 11"I ? __ i...IJ L JI -. '"......."'.&;..._ q _. .""'" '. -. t 70"'''' "..... 4a.a7r -; ;,'

fiS East Coast' Ry.j-j J I LARGEST iop-LE BLOWII. MEW WHO CAN'T GET i, WIVES. I Ordinance No- U. I

One .. 'sew ; AS ....1.- peatlMA sites. ... set of h.. FLORiDA Moro
t rt'llr Tast H. "
... .
1:91'.1. .. a. "'. Ia Tb.le r_ Wlepulbslr Ciir ( Irk. ratI s4 pool'er-

[[LOCAL TIME :ARD No.5t. In Effe,t Dec. 15, 1903 .ba-.'"F ,tlall.e I...... Flrs .... Bat They 0..' fladkesUobl ID.n" witiip- In r.... t>..(._I :Vaar,
!co-,4 and .
Ummrm.Con ytlHMUlllll palm< M Ol Kllkt I
tOUTMCOU i9 -HE* Wlr a9R1Mf91ta'1-iSIJUP.. ; '.. cdacrsrT r
The largest bIn glass bottle In the .l(! rlng the turning of BIt i.r .Ul_| b> the M..)'." mad C iy Cuuneilw : DAYlfoNA.
surplus FLORIDA.
t Ra /) R>.C3naTt( t"nlu.d 74th" ( .
Stales or i the wuridso far at "tJ .UC lam!
".... IhEu.2 $TU'OIl5. I t women there ate. it t Ccu3s range tLat ,..
Dally. : l>aJl, IHI1. the maJ.ns knit! on nblbllloD lit a S -tkral Ta.en each... m hojw' krmt.CNIII .
there are *o many tutu w io really want t ltomoW
.hik..I.hadsIt.. ... .
window In Bird M the
above ) City
street just
I sin tC3 l.hMml! e...4. .'Ja uk.nIL...............Lv A Ii la7f1 ; CreE-n"il-h. It b ,I If II C:; gall u and Ia to marry but cancel get 4..wiff. to mat u( Mutmi r VltiUlliiii at and .of the't'tnt.-. Gasoline, 1 ;;iDtJrille.. SU-:

t 0 p sit Us ::. .:. _.....11blAuaann.. ................ 7is iI op 3rr! terhowtlitytry. They a.. the men who uI...... C'U.I"'l1"" i'Irrk.hail. he .101 a Ire tioDe
E 111 c -ii MU 4_ .-_. .. ituunp..... ... ... ... e ran / fi p shaped lIomHbll. lie a baby nureingbolUenarrux hate set thrlr beans en pirtlcular+ girls, mar .1S dnlar cad tee Rats andth.Marshl (y an! Portal
.. .. In tcj.
> Ile.ldtf 1'.atk. ... .... ia a I e b.pomm. bUlging
+ a s .... .......... ... I 11)p ; but alas the KlrU to: no'lci ete to .y. )ur pnlk-emen. s. th.making c""1 wr .be, .
1 u 10 r 4 .. ..Yuatka t a s tt the mhlll'. wit small beck uJmouth. '
uli1 Iv J.'. .. M&.tta : .. .. ........ .. A.rw. l/) : $_ with Ib m. ...,. Chiea4oAinrrlcan. t. urns K lb. prrmo "!' '....'/.. WINTON |
I W I r..4. .._ ....... Hue,........ ...- ... b e 6 5 ? The LOll e t. a trifle Irma than These men hO"t"' -r. (won't marry .uc.. wdmart.. ....11 he pay the .... of ew I ..il..o..d.
ft .703 .islw e.J .. .... ti..i Nan .ArsTalb 4.110 iP IIn feet highan: I about four tees ineircumfrrenee other girls.; the'r! hearts are KiteD tocer- dollar (ti.on, fur each ufnt 'M ...., ....,,11 ices TJVBIIMPTios "' 1_

4rj. 1 v.. .... .hearb. .. ....... ...... .Lrt/irbl//ti all Ideal pan reports "t he Used .. n..>. mm** tbe dek dot. but Made.........1
f f to ...... _8unaelL! .. .. .... I tar f I I,4 p lb.. New York TI :ain girls: whom they cpnuliler toto t.bot pod by MM city r"WntMtUf pr.slkdiael I 4:4 aAaTIk.... ." ....
t a Ina. In a class by
pj p ..... rand ... .. .. I -6/' l'b.. mama r.o .1 it .t the factory them.elreaj.nd! ',no otherswill m f. TBatsuwHaeHn, .. uy..eav. Pak.g7I00 Trey,
I flea Ill D.ltnaa. .". ........ I sl. 111 la JIi. do. .I before the M.,....'.(' rtJi.;i lie allowed .. : ;:
B y ..PnrtOran1e................... /Na. /Qp Nw Jt.r.ey I. J s u tall 81 the :These. men may be called very unfortunate e.mpen..tlr fur ... .. .
ii17sI 11 Jt+wbmyrt................ .a { bottle. If bl 'Ou d ." 1.0 Iqueeaethrough 1 rack .U the.u..1lnyre.l..ebla '+4.'Jan-.
a If 1/a 31 Oak HIIL. .......G. 1 I r. t, and their case Is-almost hop- t... ........._ ,
i 11/s. ... ..... .I. II Its ntck! be Could sleep \t'ry less; But there la a of ,man who;aolosita drkds.t la cue ol 4nsrlttloL 04.1ORILg3'I. .HpeJ.wk
= 1. s 1 ....... i.Cuam "............. 1 Il I i(1 comfortably 101lid ,If IL If the surface type = "re'ydeai
: Isla is t __Rekl dn..................... IMb N'rI cannot get a wife and he does not know!ibultobtiMiUbyilMelty.. wbeta e e...1dIae : c=
Its. a o i/ 1I/ area 01 the nwn Into the hot- why; he may be in a good: }iuBilion. may I I be bet or .....M benlBtfter piwMirf.evtloaa. plfsl
/ Hum an... ......... pIHIII. 17Mb tie were spun all 41I would make agowa "' 11&all lrs beretabetur
.. ...... IrLMIsa .... ...... A. 1 NIN have a fairly uectnl income; yet do atea-
t p .f ..PI.L. le ... ......... ..p1 III for a y large used wom- as he likes. m. girl will ha\e,,him; nu. .il-HMd.f....shall... Wtaul by la rtty..octasr, tk. DJI1JQS..I Stark Plus.otfl
an.. ; pays ilia I..aM..A.seta .
fMS.1 cnoder1'l11lC by guesswork. SO
even although be be good-looking. ?
; bis semes. .. taw .rssta *i tIMi 103.. *
tempered 4aptriu.c,. the esaaelcreded ekJ.Of Isawrsly CIC.

40$ p ; ... ...... ...... ... ... ........... / Il Z by osly tU .D ounce Ida IDttruct100a Then them arc the who peralsl- ewla.. la ... City Jail tot tbs Una afol ,
{ N. .., ..;. ..... ....hull.... ...... I eatly chooee wrong girls;\ they take a ...- 1{ AIWA S dk HAND
as to latze of tile bottlei5 -
ooiiosi for u... _. !. aDd the .ectlo.4.
a one A.4 1M Cloy Co.aega ..,.
N 45 1... .. .. we.t Ju$ v... .. ........ r / plIOD' I ; ,
1 // It ...., wt P.I. 1Mrb.. .... ,. 1 p f Nf abi next one. I My avhorU.. aM -.*..re4 Km y tiM Yults i j.U
M S ISSo The flan read a .es era uwapa faUN 1Mft101le'- remM..d .. t
A trifling: incident may the notion Il'S. I.....
1MRt p L __J.1It o. .. .... ..,. per 01. "hl::atrtu DlI'1L1bed f..c." -* dress a hat. a look .a.tblDlI-1 fa.d of s.el eny i. w Soli ON' =?

t N. $4 ...t. .. .Y$ L..d.rdMa............ .. p as alleged of a b rs boUle holding NpaloaL but they fall la tote with ''girl, and ..,,-. n.&. all ......... p...parts 1 -'f '.. .. t I
N ...... .. dlgMis ........... .... 1 j R The Bar Ijy street IUhra Jhe ietwlU Ibis rdlaaao* .. < MM J
111 ply .... 1 madly chase after a shadow, without of "
sent tae of that al o the PbtladelphiaCealennlal. ruune.any rhane of capturing: ft.These u4 tared Uw ssastan arty r*.sa>4.AUert : .. .. .. 'l '. '_. ___
a WeI'04DNna... .
more D z )"e&n.uo. <* d p,1N1
; BCUXDULZ$ OP BBADfCU 1.1N I men fall in lore with a wMuethlrg. ,
Just show that I 'lit. .1111111 the Nag Jaor'tsidnt t
not with
a girl andthtreforr.. .! OMaeU.
irPORD CU. OKAJfOB dTT'BBAJTOX. I toil l\r-glllon liott ri was. made. Tile they arc doomed to r.llure.l- -- I : TraIe Mark"WADl3LL'S .

manaiH-r says that ie' could blow a hun, 'I I Many men err In the proposal. They I I Imakea K.a. KnewL c ty Clerl.AporavedDrcoiaber rl' I : .

IeAT+P. ; D.d, ]iatl D.t1'JPtatrews. yr DattN dred-gallon bottle If he had a place tn WeM nets Tbr, either adopt
It In his wlndoW.j RMmJ
put ton high: and mighty a .t71. or loo bumble \ ]
Lf ..YIW..n / Nlm 1t.Mfrsa A } 1, o.Bawnx
N Iw.... ., ... ., _......_ filfr 424.4.l1 ma L..1.k.R.isw.A. a plaps p Pinned to a ar4' jal. the base of th( a our and In the latter] rase a man |, Mayor.Xotieo .
N r lw tat.rpM.a, ; ... Ar u1 N, .I S I N. Lv.Orwar CUT Ar s P rN, big: bottle Is the smallest bottle In lhrnnneingmate. is in tie looked with mn-pklon I for
,......... /, ...., Lrei* L/N 11 46. ..Or.Clrfj. .trft; .orld. Its apt at Gu lntee Jar s
approprial : : II. ton humble JIt'"'.... U usually" a perfect .

MTi 11Y>h RLlilssFll >rAT'POHT Rs.uis.. 17 !1v.l holds: Just four a b) po<: Dally. ) MI generally a h of j flrxt ester.t ,
emt LIht: H1LY08. Dat1r.IsMIVN small that II ha : ) puerile Ib1 rk rd.. I. sad far Dade LouMy. la I
to fai.n.daaalrra But the man vim. prol"4"| if\\ a humble Chaactry.The t
.le. .J aL..JtdrIW. .... .-al 1 N a N H H. 171 1.e N L N. JL L.Ys.etra,.. T N Ps w.iy' nm> not be a hlOl'r{, He ir.ay Dade CouatrrrylHoBwsMJeorteA aeeeelty ..,..,. a wiled or
e NN 3' .1 Ns Y.. ...."....AWL 1.... ..... T illItJpsUMa.Heats persons looking In st the window ca>'>' be very .inc..... but a : er a a to..aUoa"C..pWrea4 Ht It 4ot .
ti p f114sf/! f i l1.I.IIYsr lak.. .. T II a P aH t aN see IL More time w udequlred to make IIlrll.t'I .L
N { U s .. ...ilra.., ... 1 W a rule hate anything: to cringing worky f ,-
.Ir. the fo mud K. Cu,
r-drop boltlt ban the -.. >n ......r. M he falls aun.: Lee MeBrl Tbs. ?lm.T,blos sbow th. ttsi s at wbleb true stay b. .aDosud to aril,sad dp n one. ; i III he l is elected a m< mber Of t"e Noble .
s .NtMI ut>oiis spotiraooa ol tbs Coatpuiaaat. tile,
doss th.Cumpssy ho4d lush ntpuasthM for may dslay or any .oaasa.assce arlsuc than substitution if machinery for and Ar.clcnt Om.r of B" h'\jli>iR; Dud. County iWcuruy c.....,.a sorsondoa.y 4agyotsaftbe
: human labor in glass: u b'rile factorit-s i I. i Naturally, the 'hlKb and rtilKhly proposer Its soucllon' Urabaja, rsttcrwa*j Krwla.MppMrlnc

AMD! ICCJOEHTAI. !! STEABSHIP CONNECTIONS AT MAIL' not making: much uadaay.i Fur themacMniry has an little i l. ore. JNr( pelfrespecting .. flops the aflUavU ol Wlju* W. c.. ..... it *M W

: Antr KraiUs of mor : is no girl will hate him. an. he due ErwlB. on.of the sulldtors of said foaiplala- j/tpt M ., aeresllrD FI1h .

lAII-HAYANA Lilt DIRECT. I 11:0001: at all. Skill i mechanics at.:: mil ice thai he Is : 1'his own ant Inat I'".deleodaal, MeBrMejlTa Kmt- 1& ...M1' ..,.,lrfaitdaYiLIP.

P a ,. SCosttiKIUKSULAB fteialDaal" fl* Thmroday Dooaashor IT. I0CS.UM work Improving It all the lime and i light. He marvelat his '.it. 'DII PITham. drat of a state other Uaa Ih.MU-. of Honda,

1n ai Tvvrsday"jJ"* ... Bwadaya ._'......._....................._..... e Nam I they promlw to "uciji! ed Mime ':.Y. jiintaa | but It never Kirike h ui that his' and aliw UUI the said ice lIcBrlde, d,....... Cwaw
,Art* Ra_ Pnday4sbd. Monday ..........._.........................._.....a o. .. nLr 1 they did with t)p<-lling: machines. l>a nsldeat of the failed Mates,U-wH: a ics.
tilt conceit in bottom I it, I In*
*. B.,....J'rtda,.Sad r ri...-............>......;... ..............?... 4 .t 11. I I.AnmiUaaU.BosMarf I at the if MI dent ol tbt city .| CMveuwd I. uJ ..... olUbta.salaUotlwtiaer.ls r. A. WADDW :
aadTaosdsy* ...,..........."..........w................-4 II p m J Meanwhile the ffficUnt gls s- alxn I la elected to the above named ors .. verwi
blower has the <*all.j| Th.re In a grist der. The who IF anxlm. p. or per .... rapt.
f t. .1 J .lAstr-KCY WEST USE.rsa i I roan merry teat la tile Ktato ol nattda tile reMr.su0pmaa ., a "issssssr* *
deal of buy labor lot the factories, which
I bin' catyioi And a.suitable * it z.Y" Xltatl. Tf1a, ,, Twooday Doosiabsr IB, 1BOB. : I are gestured throughout New York to the fore. This woman I I. not 1t..I.J l'enough !' McBrlde., say dcfeadssl; s4 abe mot tile Office rust Nit But 31iJtli i.FU.I I

IA..Ill.mL tbadayjTlerdaa sad Bonrdsys................................... S M a si AtM t W...T..sa Ticer..dats.dla.rdare................................. Npr IN J : one not9have him I II an .
lea,K Ww. W daoMays. Fridays aad ... YL.................................THIS toY and In'.lar.a.: I jkach blower re- he thinks. and 110 on. ] I twesyou.ye.r. I
L.d.a...... .... t J tbrre It li thereto ordered that tile
.1.,Wsdaosdays.IMdsr*aad "" "' ."""" ''''' p m quirts from two to lags! to carry This sort of man is best unwed H-i MId Ma-tot-- '

'Jua. addlttoa *. ahwt !aHoaaMhlw< will h. ......'-4 botwora Ko, W... sad bottle' from the molder Id the anntal- I Is half fool half htrocrite.. jllalf fnoibecause ).'. I drat"by deteadanl.required haw. BtcBrto. b. aM ..;biMT I'l I I --I
+ l.appear to tile Bui,of COM
ing In the blowers I!'
Karaa follow oven. some factories
sd t faint heart fair
I' i never woo lady. plaint Bird la UM rN _ue o. 4 bake r

\l1 .E.7W Y..da}..!'oteosdsys' ..Fridays................................M M p are required to furnish their ownM' half hypiK.rite, beca't any h orient, een- >>......,.tile ala .., of J.....,. A. i}L. HS4.utkerwta. .
:Ant..___ oadaatBMlOTS.._.... ................_.. .NaiIIA.I.Kitsailu )'LALL'S I ulne woman Is got'd enough for a 01.". I.'. UM allccatluM of dN Bill win b* Cooley & Horoep ;

I:" I UNL Then there is the doubting man: he I taken a.nnlemwd by maid OelMaaa|

.lb.Nv.ltaN N.1D..b.r.1.100" WELL THAT ENDS WELL. Is certain that matrimony iiuld,br past U 1< lumber. ........ that this order b. po*
1 I ; for him. and be I..nrr that Oan 0..1.+ I U.hed ... a week toe few (4) oMissrwUw Tk Rrd
Ir'-I.Datta.-' -- :...,....,..._.. : .n at nbertt.Mbad7so.msrr *. T..a This itfilmotlb.. floats Uxi'murh a j'j'I C cki la the II.... Mtepotaaweekly MWp.yer EmIr! ad RrauJ Agcltl :
II-.n-. !..?.......... .p a wife, but-he ftmnlorni : br ;
.......,.........N sM Jrsary L...__................_......_.. 191. a i rYYak ..d fllaaof pwleoaroooB wants to Into the fulur*i In onlrr pubusbed I. the City of MlaaU Is said .
..... iJI .sal......"L_...... ...............-........ 4 Most Fort... peep (Runty of Dd sal .... W Dortta. IMotfthi. a
.UI. ... ....: flnd out If bis matrimonial Journey 14 14Cu I .'-d day Dreember,A. DM IHH. I IiRABAM. List You will
: ...o >*aa l.lm2a Tf3e.. .. I. *. UO4, would, be smooth. j PrDCttty> 1hn. ..
f j --
..t.Y.....sa, .r1N Rea.or-dA?....Prtday. __. ..._...._"*.. ......."S'ss their elKaR after the lass reunion diets I ca.1I.,tile CbriI&UautI .
__.. ...-,.W Iaeuis.............................--!!... ....H o> IS relates the Sew 'or" .tell has not a trace of the sportsman In him I i
I.MlaaU.Tksrsosy sad load ,........_..._..._.........._......?..? 4 MSB I Would nol tbe pleasure of tgalrimwybenddssl 4( & j! 323 TtflfiJStrtrt.S.lafrBkL! '
something about oumlf. What
j .. ,.f half Its charm were there as= dkiloesl.rf..Plalas.1. MIAMI. FLA. *
,, >tr oosy of Lotol T>SM Card orotborlatersistloa add.... say Aa n bare you been dololl: all Ih.ae yeah I IHH a few. vial a! | |. .
once you left eoL'ge'Well. :
19.: D. KAHWIR, lut! a n.1Iu. AjwaU. ATJOtTSTHnt., TLA. j Jat1. re aDd : W..hllh.In'" t'<1 of a married life
hid nlY ups
be m dcl f ntful If we could M+ alone Notice for PvbUeatioa.i i iDeparta
do.nL I wan jusl sitest 111 nines in bassi.Ursa ,
North : 10 :il.\.rli w h n 01) .phYlllrlaD j the whole nnd to a smooth knd i roes,-" w'the. I"' .".'. \White Eagle laiter Shn -
tunable eml'ng dr..
I i i '
---E&st.1 ordered fir 10 ItI weal ur my hralth : Uiul offie.at Ualantllle'ru.Oot.y.t .
1 "Oh! 'Too bad: 1 I' sorry 10 bE-Br''I The dix'hler' hesitates; limes he >M. i foil Chairs. No
feels thtl h.- art marriedand role. I. waitiig ..
| must pmpoee. brrrby sins thai u.. Moowuwiu
that old :
itlan C, Coast] Line. maD ,1: settle io. n. bu he shrinks, they i >oMd .rtilrra.. Ik4 --..., his IbleaUoa Bel Smteia tk City.A. .
.i "We11. il .asn't III' b1d .Itbl-r. I ,I .
.. .....
risks! are. Ion terriMe. tin b. glide a* started a ranch in Arizona and made a ,,
I'i Proprietor
Into nothingness uw-.helor'ii and that old proof will b. ..... bsfor. Job.
; namely a
( South Wet I good deal fit money." b| I[,i existence. i j ;I H. Hem, u K. ro*.l"4n
"I'm glad to hear that.- Tom: That' I I'' I*. liwt, ear. Cnaries T. Mo...r. ol
: Sch.fr ill" Change January 13th. 1904. waa flne. | ;; W..II !know the. man who ".DIII"1|Cuter ra Bd. ai77Inr UM .... X sf south

,i Y"1"f Ito tpy- .. .ie ...., ... At's. ..."... lln..._ wi. I "Well. I don't know about that: It j I I much; bin idea f a wife Is not; so mush I.a \i ant V,; _II ._ S. u. rests w.t cellos MRS. H. E. RNOLD

bog a Drt "fDi. i ir..D.1t41C.. .. L gmttroxCriBc 4*.'. ClArO.i i wasn't so good: either.lor after I'd been woman as an angel: ; he wants perfrc-n,wed. aocth nmt X ol south es/it K, section H,
.Jl)>.. .:: A a it I if ". ..v... i n.. 4 taster ? (;.-... P*... Agt. running: the ranch awhile a murrain lion in his wife, but he nevi* get it. j 1 It>. !4 mth rang w r.... 9 Maokurtag Ptrlono

_ :, .T I s We I tilty_ R.rtekIII.. rte 4 f came along and klll.11! off most of my I for there. l. r..Mi.e iwrf-ct on earth. ) He sane u.. Mlnwlac wtt'of I.- lie, o>4. ritcb.lt .slid

... not even one nincle woman., I j his emUammM"ide.a ape maul tmal.atis. ......: | to J r.M.
stock."Ton .IM.
bad too bad!"II Then are a few types of men who ', MtidUiid, alt: MIAMI f FLORIDA
SE Aivaaaali. I ABOARD but arid.doiibi- i want to marry cannot -
"Well. It wasn't so bad. after all. for 1 riiarht. Prrry,of Cuclrr. Kta.Ju I
It drove me from ranching: Denver less you will" I lie able to conjure up anumber .ri>u HII....... of fuller, ria K. F. .

and In Denver I met the: girl who was ; of others.CURED I j II | Frank. Kaueu. ol Cuilrr. Pi.*. Thompson baa take

AIr Lin 5 Railway I baled 10 become my wl e" BY THE SHOCK.T ...u R.ap.ua." THE GAUTIElR .
I I tw '
"Congntulatlona; 01 boy: .b.t... : 1talakt
EF'OR 1 '
J' GnL" I I.11. -- -- -
s e ThxaKkl Mr' Had r **a Ht.I. wier
C l Utnbia CitnJen. Southern Pines "\\". I doo't know; !''I "..D'" ao nne I... W bile !. Hit c." ': for the winter, (rood boar*. aa* .
: ) I.i NotlaluLlrcullnouddtb.wstbJudklal rooms can be procwrrtf at '
I either for she turned t 10 ban quite ..< U.U.I .'

[Raleigh, Ric rimii Washington: Baltimore, a temper and .he didii make me very I {Ctrtulll REA8OKAAppljat LK RATK8.' :.

'. Ph adelphia. New York. i ir I biN'. )." II I June*. In spine of hung; a tea I lyjklndIy. I .. Florida la awl lor Pads Coe l,. ta 'pan Ae C. .

< Awfully entry 10 h'sr It. old rhap. .II honest lessorrltA' a lovlni "I", A Cbascery.fbe I

'Three IElegant'Trams Daily That must have been a blow. Th.t.... | co/.y home silo a 1I..lIn" )u lilt ...11I'II : Ddr Count Heeurlty Compuy.lscorpjntlou.CompUlaBl. I

badbad..- ). was' rapmlj bniuuiiiK a .evr 10 I I ,
Seaboard Limited. I .. :
New/York,,/ "\\.11. II wlUlo'l 110 d. tllb..r. W. !i drink. N'lB..i.atler nigh prwenl home alUrnlmMeeestsW"LId.L .ro.d. | i iI I ClubbingYou

>aboard Express Seaboard Mail ware IIt"ratl"blnl along:f liting IOn lest in a state which m.iue his IlStls'mi.e| | I Bret. his who lit:_..too. j I ICp I

: hfArtxIck. un'il fur. Sun a Woman's ..a spplleailoo ol I e PO_pIIII..1,1IM Dad.Cuaaty .
'McJ' to nothing:. when my Ifs a uncle died
|Pullman, Equipment. and left her a lot of money., W. built a read) wit d.-u. Mlieiue. antJ _lib doxiirtiy Cooipsay.s rorporaltoai by Uswllrllors. e Rates.
I' ti Unhar Patt.MMi sad Krwla, b
34 o"l raw Vnrk I jW-4 Is a'Mtlba>d trala. eoBbxed eselaMvalf fit riluaskmit. nice home or our own aDd moved ID." the aid of the !amity physician'gave l 'pp.artae. Ira. UM sflhUrH ol w tW. W

'dlBlni.TMOFOt .....,... .-. ........ aad oonervalloa earl opersled .o lot "Th.t was good: maD. now.wasn't Joura such a shock; that be probablynever l Erwin: OB. of tea old ......... of old eaoiplalaaat. can save by subscribing '
et1 11'a .*! !.-..*./ .. ppa; b.-w" Y wt.vim Wsshlscom..kMvlM M. t.nstla. t* t'p. '..III drink again the'' New money
[.Ia ...m.l Vp.m.'M t -II'noI": this trsB to aoowa as the I tsibsard rkKiosuSit4. hrWeil. I says that tile 1Ide....... Albeit Bt*.4mtsadLU -
II wasn't lua.tOld. It 1II"lndlo: York lleim. ]1 i iiLIke I L rlial...t.... wife.ar.res. (For the :.pipers

11 hne.iiipe r&\i\injf ,daily through sleepers from It didD't list Ion& been Inlb. ,! all other men: Jones nsoaJly I..alall I.Irate.. a awe.tll, Ikea UM Hale of The you 1I.-ant1througb
hour .Ix moat' !before It look ."-olf! -ihm of his actions after be MsI also that UMsaMAJbsrtBMIiitdsi

.1a' tkonrille: to New Orleans. I" one bight and jhumfd 10 the had reached a certain period of Intoxli/ a- mad IJda L ......... sis wile Mill

amurael" 110m.'h..n.. 111eor.iawelaagoaear.riled ............... an McII sr neld..M ... The
l dt t'attod mates, sad that eachMtwdaibi w W
r1 fall tnfurmation ] sleeper rexrvalions call I on any ngent of th "Wasn"t ,that hard. I k. Tar bacI. *( his l b. me In a ht slaui! lor the now leotoe tat tea cttyot res.wla .

; i r1 -IboTd'or. write too ball!" : eat:rlment his wile had him put to bed.As la tile rot airy of ,elgl...a nastily J; fop '

l "".11. I dOD'a .know; I wasn't so bad. he lay there dead to be .I>rld. the
A r." I don tor peal his right leg into a casing of pear or puns la Ib. State of Pier da

:0i DOIIR'' PI&.llcboDliIle, Fla.S. l ..Iiow. r"Yy'wlfe l plaster ol parts. and splints taking' care the ...,.w. of a sohpiraa ape .... r"blrleltber '....,.. We can. give you theDa1

wan burn. up with Ibr. I to bind ih.u ant lightly that when Jones tae...d Alb.rt1i.ndseeM.rIkVONU4.
C:' I\ ; le.a4 also that each of Uw osM ...........,
-'"] '. I I I Taklag. ,. .. l.f sees. feeling:; wuuld' have left thellmt4 Albert. Broadgerotaad Uda L Broadceeat, al. Metropolis for

> > *44 4 .u,T* ". 4)...t< > a. f n. czar "f all the .laa anees dlbrtee. It was a palh..llD". mixed {with wile,are over th. MC.ol twemtj-oa. yoon.U 0.00 a orboth
i grim hu:'utr. when Jonawr lieheneiiday year,
1 I I i > U tberdor....... IBM UM said .OTl- .

I THSIndustrial 1 f It was .''OU --II lOll: eneeaeandit and was told that In trying b'.a dent deleadaBM. Albeit Broadgorst aad f I Uda for s.months foi .
the keyhole. he bad fallen' down f K. ........... lea wife bo OH asd *oeh ar.b .
: i'F'1OP1d I } 1 Pastime! Record several echoed monthe.Ae'ehtlkhtittteb Ibn"'lIb: the hkt. palace for e and boil cu his leg. Ills remorsej' waaugmenicl .. Kby ,..01... to appear to tile ilea of |T- $5.00.

; : i : l by the pressure on jhl. leg. p:UBI liod la u.. ssM BUM oo or before "..... ,

PuMlihlag C>, ,blulrh.klodID'aLl whit the d.s-tor/ook pains to keep slave day the J C dayof P.bnury.A.IX.lN.ather. .
j I el,.I......1 .", ,, to..1 Mid Wit win b. fakes
Iswg..i.r ihe .."Ik.d... of s ....df.lt. ItloMratrJ faialtv at each :uicre>islve dressing 'and lot the
a.aals.f' ........". .... tee ...< *r-r....... It will b._ >>. wiuv.e*Md by each of dofefidsau,AlbenBmnilrerst The '
...u 11..1. It EII3e'I bj a c..f c-.twp.ne.t; -. ...J "_M. Halt tear olllrlaill were lined UII b.4rJe him. and Uds E. Brondnsert. his wU.. I
.,"" ."4._, ..' Infr.,I. ...:111..,. Hira tMvl.. .....ablUbml 1I
you your ajestyr tgeyeked. !
.11 11.bnitd. ..tti )" tw.. f iVmXiM*r'n ., ". Me
fur It Is likely h..111 drink Daily
"'EthL- tte w p,.r ...pecl. tn.iart tbi oiMicUloBwitbsb.Ms.8ter1 ID a churn.. I not : to excess I i tore B work for eight cooweuUi. wait rcpohs .
if MlMcnpthM IM.f fTb ...bS4 'n'uL ''T> .lo '''I. ties .gt.w4e. i"s<"rl.trt.rla.ldslaetnmiiI again but If he reads this stor- of his .la the Miami IIrlrvpo>&l., a weekly acwipsprrpibtUhed
It is she
) rillisMisIc brio. ..l .....d Isssvtrial a RIIUI.D hD takes 110 I
Rec'irJt of Miami
wife's lath is
loving new for the alcoho'l.: city said
,1eYiIt.. Via wjtl ,, lt. .iUjr a.i .... will bier.r.l for 's.-rr<.*.....hr.a chances when hi DIm. 4 m.DtloDed.ClDriDDal1 .- cure I rouatyid aM
n- <* *. ..,.IM"'iI.if'I tlw (" habit hi- will surely drop that limp ",hli!I.be Dade.sad State of Florids.
?rlPrw.. 01... b.:or..4 rul o-bo wfl-I) h/e..tw5ata.Jirt.r.l .ommf rrial I; rlbun. now affects during his dally walk .- -. Dated this :3rd 44p ofi Semi> WeeUrTimessUnfon
..?'. .."'hr.h.ni wt4teellIll : !,> ciacrrr cocar Cr e'etaher. A. D.1.aat. w. .
ul J. liti,, lr Is :.1. a' .N. down Broadway. i, I
... lith.rrared.fit-__ I I I 1 C. C. DEAKBOR. 0
etr writisf tm-' -'-- -- Old )1111100-011. lmy :
j -
..__ T_ : ---- .
w.nY lollsrra I Clare of UM Circuit t wrt.GHAHAX.
gt1VnM1o4a,. -- eb1 Nowalr. tell m"ln wbatsingle instant "It It kind of mar. to
I j.r you give me I rATTCIUtlX ERWI5, I
: you have ever ex ibited any bustoeaa HaL" Oullrilori lor $5.50
Industrial l R .i. Company.**-_ I tact your | j j7o ConwialaaaiFOR a year.
I "Oh. do not mention' It. I { merely
1..ebOJ 'Fia. :: Jake FellowlI-Well, that'a easy wished! to disprove! the assertion jtba* Weekly Metropolis and Semi
I elloUlh. I picked 011 y' for a men are polite only to, pretty flrli..N_ Weekly Ti"esnioR,
". .' la-I.-Stra SiorieL fatller-t sailboat JtnnU Mac. /ocly at both
>4) > J i *4> 4> M.w""i > ....Mi ". ..... i I N. T. Herald. i _
iI on. year. .pp 1
--- I iI .

... I y
I .
[ II

a i I IF15r

*mx- 1=Ti11 -

:,. '- ,I i"I I,, : ,. l ,'4." W 1,, I.... >I/IW',!/ '"''''''' -:'I, $l.IJI..4...* '<"'$ "'",_ "I.1J,...""""! ,,1-,...V .,..,."'......' ......... n__' --I. ., .-- -

''IHITT J: :.i1 r- I 711'I TI 1 ; I IC.A.lfiJ ii.u




: .A.L.,., :OOOOO.OO

: '
rw ii ywt -

Li L- I

H J.'Ir ,-. ,


f Sickness andAdversity
A Christmas Will Come

Gift. Handy I ,

I Possibly you nc w have money

in this bank. If
very good.
Can you find a more fitting Once a week or once a month
aside certain00" tioh of not, you should begin right
lay a
i Useful gift for wife or i to lay aside small sums.
or more income.some Deposi; this in away
of savingspass savings bank tours if Should sicknes or adversity
child than one our ,
:; like But do.":t neglect overtake you, ('ou will need

-r, books? The sum deposited to you SAVE. This (non, y ,will the money. qne of the most
important objects of this bank
handy to sortie day
book need not come you
: to secure a is to safely care for small \'-
indeed it will. j

be large. : :. ; : : : .lJ I I.ings. I II .

'. I .
: .

':: .i I !

:T& r < I ; .

'j .

.' I
WE PAl UT Sdsatory

: i

Very.Easy 5 Per CentINTEREST t This means th. t September .1'

j ,. I I 17.theTreasur r of the United

is small sums of States sent us ooo for de-
:; it to spend; ONSavings j i s5o.

money, when you have a large ; pOSIt, wc h.WI go been desig-
; amount about you. How much I I I nated Ly these retary of treas-

safer and better it would be to I i ury as a OC'po itory for public

money in the fund nl' conferred
keep.ybur spare j! ; : no upon

bank. Thls.-bank !is at .your .. A ccounts' onry So bank in the whole

service. United States.

1 : .1 : ] I I
.,-. .,!oo ,. '


.. ". .
", ,' ". '..
,. I

.. I 1t 1-I ARRIV.\I.\ I I 'A NEW DEP\RTtR&. j..PORT Jtl 0 COFFEE PLANTERS I I .r.w l

W PALM .- I i iI It.-The big I I
t Klw at the Train eau uan P. n.
Guud-Bee fine
Nc Mure < View of the Bag.
J- BeautPj : BISCAYNED. : of 'colfee plantenever ,_. __
-on r
the City Steps. gent -- A
L-I .t
From Wes .
ws Item* Peaoock, Atlanta; Henry The
: A. llland will close here
t lei 10 the :
Worth. i I"
:j fat Lake Savannah Accommodations first Class
York A. J.. Legg.
well. New ; I A. new order Is in effect today at I II tomor .w., Int't..ell towns art"'lIre- _
t School Superintendent Z. T. Merri't ; J. L. Clark Atlanta; Mrs. H. D'I I thi> Florida Ea"t Coil 't lUilay sta- ; fllI&1 In U e 'onvpnt'on TJ.e bank-

pent sj few day* In the city lastreek : Snyder New York; C. D. Hatch Palatka and i lion. j en; .of the islood 1 arc backing the Bay View D. M. Conolly Pro

on his customary visit of luipacUoiL wife Boston; F. C. Cochran ;. Heretofore<<; consirtprrblofreedom/ ban mover pnt t raise a fund or .O.IIQII ,
Dr.: L. M. .Taylor. Washington; U been ext 'odPd the tourists and cltlzens '' for I'U blnR ht' h.terevta of cu!II'ee cub f

: Go Wl DeBerry-'has\I' been appointed Haas! Atlanta; W. A, Brtwscomb Jack by the gate keeper of the F. E. C. lure I the stand.TF Hotel.I Next to Terminal Pier
Keller and Family, I I
xjnsUkbje for District No. 13, oa talit : > sonvllle; Frank C. : railway= station, in rmlttlcg peopleto
W. Gilcbrist. F. L. Year fiadtwr Opposite DcpoU
A Milwaukee; F. through the gate to accompany than you the New
side. pass
president! of the ,F *O.Ireen RicfcardEon. J. G. McPherson, Frank departing friends to the cars, ttica appetite In splendid con I ,
IF. Company of Boynton. has toed B. Shaw Michigan; P. D. Rust, Boa I, :and also those persons vbo were late lition tV'e feel that we can digest i iaDytb' Miami fla.

a I her* for the' winter. ,ton. Inj: posting their mall matter In the I g j: th t turns up that has the.aJpt.a

Severjd car load? of Miami rock have 'PALM 'HOTEL- to pass through to the mall nee r tlt'mocrat' Anything I .
n' by the city within tLt Ii, C. VanHouten and wife Belleville car.1tollce All this can be no more. You from r'an to ClI'Vt'lnnd-from Talla- !. .,
rerfved J. C. F. Sulzner and wife, city;; lt ha that part tunHof '
i unjd thewaiting ferro 0
used ; kiss In
+l lilt feu days, which will be mast take your good-bye Jf'f.nlngB. Hen Ires toa highly to "sing W. B.
Westerley". R. I.; IIne.-cala
F. Wallace hall fall Into
) we
direction of the street commitbt room, or betur: still! at home. sllt'ak sIxpence.: 'I
-paving First avenue, which leads Bernman' and wife. New York I'alnJ;; and you must post your letter in time I 3annAtt. A big the ter hat Ia provo" ugly. Oltlm* :>. ,Ittb: Mrr-l, '.1'boo M,
Schrebrtnck and wife West I i .......
I .R..Id. loth
F alnsetta I street to the new togo I In the mall pouch at the post hard to O"t' look. I ttirrrt and Av*
&! oa
i -
: eight t iepbt of the Florida East Coast I Beach. office or entrust it with a railroad em-I con ;Mt'rable' debate 00 what Satan rou I even CO ID a clot,.. tore up'I1..De 7IIK.. .IIA 111
th F
to Harvard, I
J sflwsjv It U very probable that t PIONEER ployee to mail It at the car for ) hauli hf' is ;glft and find so ethlDg for Idle han s to _
other street; Improvements will} Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mackie 1 1I'M. Miami; This new order went Into effect to- Mass r 'Sd has finally settled upon a 'do. t ta la.more stack up.
i any. future. Ti e } C. Jenkins" Jacksonville; Mrs. R rigidly enforced. T. wet .f 1i well, to be t'1eo'Utt'd b1 1 Msny a man who think be U ,
tV effected In the near day and Is being Many b: y abo" wants to run way
street west of Jacksonville; A. C. Johnson at the tra--k )ante C. F 1..b. 11 Is to be placedgain today will wake up and find hli
Datura is watchman whaling
work: paring N.! Gautier to In mere goes OD a voyage -
tae railroad of Is nov in Pr lea Tbia wife, Toledo; C. d,,Fulton Georgia gate crowing the entrance .at Avcn\ie t tilt ollter rail of Massachuetts to the '()()(Ished.I In the *ha* been clan tomorrow?,. '-1
the'.Vo.MIjand ; J. Selber, Jacksonville; R. Bert; I to a-a; I the center of the hlllldlni1I" To hear a man boast of his 111
I1"J'orII well'attempt alit
'icrk: W being coii: ) C.l and one might as ..' Even the vegetarian contort
C'tmpany. i! Ozello; H. L. BeyanViJ. N. Newson PaN a U. S. sentry in time of war ascol \ t clog! the pntra.". t') 1IarTs" I makes butb llila meet I'ous ancestors causes as to wonder

I The 1 ollowlng o I,1'! rri't''rri't .cd dliwors"br :Valdosta I 1 try to get through the gate at the China, The rail d'i added train rvlco I II hU inventors would think of him:
VIEW I In rkcy. India and C ) We would about bear wotuli
BAY Just
the Dade County State Dankere. station unless you.iKsei>H a "ticket board I might (eon. under the head of Newleaves. a
annual meeting this. J. Stump. Baltimore; B. James ant plkase." Uric and aran. tbeml'rhan \i swear as to hear you say "You
'ejected at the IIruq |wife.Cleveland;, s. A. White Sullivan aIN lL total of 4:: des waanee and :S9torpi When a man BO longer rememb
eek: President's; N. Dimick; _. x- I, Herald I Storektt' rs may Jot be IU rstitioucs.
Indiana Wm. Farmer Terre Haute alii. The tI.lonarr to tell his wife her 1
George W. potter.Mcon ; ; FIRST CLASS CONDITION. but MY all beUne III '1 Igns.Glvmg pretty are
r ;Ice p !Vice(raldrat.resident and cashier, GOO: !Geo.. McDonald Zancfcvlllt! !, 0.; MI 'j i tat bat 5.8'10' JIlU.llts were tn'lt.d : u counterfeit money I ODe I I rosebuds to' htm It is a ltn/that',

i : BrsinUtfi d i3A. itaxfleld was ap-: R.'L. Redell. New York; Charles Low Atlanta: Ga.. Jan. ,13-H. M. Kin!;. In these hOlll'lt.la last year under. kind uf a 11 d "cough" : honeymuon U= over. ,F

_ ;li f assintant; cashier. The directa enthall,. JackBonvllle' ; A. I). Brow. )Miami Fla. The remains 'of the lite ,bp u.era; h.1tf'nl' of 4i\ Amernt.. I' Evco the most competent des 1 tine I I :I'he way to make a rtr11l&ht i a

1 olnte,mri'B. >. Dlmlck.; R.' B. Potter norlda. General John B. Gordon were this ." !h'Sl 'Ianll. I: of w" bum are wumen.CtnnLRi. may not a ud-luujdDc being kissed so that she U likelyKt

<(lea.' WJ." Lainharti E. ;M.. Drejjford.Oe.i PALM.- |I delivered to ns ,by jour representative -: -' -. -- All ,all-ro nd honorable maD s aI-I! | It somewhere else, la to try

V. Potter. ':...,'". Braining and VJ" G.W. King: Kullird. Via.; Mr. afLnrpnzn > Walter H. Comb", la first classcondition. .'" a35 tort Iy square.lt i|, kUs her on the cheek.

isplcer.rV. { : : Mr 6lark.tone, Ojus; F.Jemmon .I ru I C:; rut -+tt.-altf'm..nt etlquMU.Fo : ., a'Ol' theatrical enterpri that i You raft make al.Tff
4. J[ .' Ytirk.SIMARCH I HILBCIIN &: POOLE ,. ',I.,." ,,'ns. friend of a woman by asking her i
New j a n )\\c';",ac-&i acv: d'I"t ,hs" half a how i iI I
iJ'L.P: f E FLED' C01'TAGKXra..Qbadbooro I -i ,.'- Undertakers sv 1 t'.! tna o.-i! ".i' en I The tuns 'e' .nth" amntl iwii e .Ia : you hare seep her' riding In aback
Carrie ': 'MIT Ilr\P how murk she iia*, to pay;;
terto and daughter. -
I spec a ;I always looking .
\ *_Anuo y that they a f'
W.. Da 1s' Master's deed; sub {1IU1- lot nftpolUMwn.; ,11ee March,Cb'cat.' ;,I I' THE, COUNTy: COURT. but'ktt."S
etion township. 53 south ofange Mr. and. Mn.BliM, Krw Turk. wallow. There new .Iendars ; -
r harddiet to a
in LM.ieHes !
vi J We al have
'' 'ARCADE |The -case ot the State fOfOU- a weakness. The wlrorld
II'east. Consideration'$709. Gobt ( m high living) seldom numl1f1r. Y. they are all
elo ,l and 'AU glren' to 'la. af-I' I U one great lunatic asylum i itjtrj
,E. J Dimick to H.. tanley Stevens M. Johnson and wifeJoledo: 0.; I. *, ja Ida newspaper mans .- 1
z latlsf action:ot mortgage.1 I A Testis New York; 8. C. McKsG. hosing 1'1:J- J. SL Grc 'l.u. .t.\i.! Ba[let dancers and cranks are un- 1 POlS ED ..penoa. living more orhipn.

Baker ,t 'Hotmesjo J. D... )lath s; .:T. Ilaif I Kine-, F. E. C. lUllwij.: \\e. igp..' Ed ,.:':ter, T. E. Ch,lau.V, happy when they have no chance to I t\o ordln ry man eaA lore a omaias --,- -- b -
mortgage. -- she thinks' lie ou ht ti
atlsf action'of "* 4t. J Gautler. R. Wibiou.. who deliber- klc The average editor can hold his <
"' to Henry.Mai Ethel rt. a brand new 22 ton > hhl work at th same i
attend to
L HJ staple, Stevens especially sultid 'a ed about ten mlnnies on the evland Pits feet{ should be put .n the bill and / pretty well lying during tie
dock \\m of sale', '1.00. iJ. modernly equipped.; I dhtire brought a verdict of acquit- of fare u a foot note. time. t. | season but when the circus bill i it
: McGlnley to" Lonmnghonx :d for cruising partl> for charter jtt I dlO'8n't deal IJfe III good d..1 lib a neal In '
.. clans l 'Dat
B ''Boat 1-1. Tbje first!j ""wyer t comes around he ,. la 1C"
ions Company: ;;chattel! mortcage.. reasonable rate anchored nejtr that band suits. a cheap tauranL The tht TOIl
1 The nrxt cas. for bearing was In second I .t
Charles U ,Wetiel et ui. to Frank hotel dock For Information apply of C. Pmt7or carving concealed heap The Englishman drops more h', | want fall 0 show up. oa tbe f.III offare. Tlu.re'are' but predoos few

GallaU. et w..warranty deed to lots Captain on boat.MAYOR'S .;OD&. He.WM found guilty and sentence thanj v's and x'.. t who lov* religion" well enough t.'{

4. 5. 1.7. (. f and 10 block 24.North COURT TODAY. t deferred .pending the trial on Tl e cornetist;' doeant Play:: for nothing 1 No, Cord U.. don".Ine. away If tile f low it to Interfere with their 1
ItinI Coastderatfoa't1.2i0 la the wind. )'OIInlll1l1'11' aka 1"'Ito h tnrn \be agagcment -
) something
that assault and -there's
i Stephen Murphy, who U a freque trialtot' another charge, of .
up and co after Recently another man tat
I U means something when the red( Dr: spruce
+ dtlct' HER WORKS"ELEGANTLY. I in the-Mayor'u court for the battery. rJ of the eoert this I, heat ed girl crie,Uy brain on''1 another 011 I| nati. Ohio need a lighted Ua..
offense--drank' disorderly-- j At the reconvening!
8 Frederick: came back from same ) j maD woul probably leak. The
. Many a 1 a gas plan was :
' |.; leuUet today where! he had been forfeited a bond of $5. 'afternoon'; the cue ot State without vs. Joe a ! "ho'1I'U I. forselling.. liquor
celebrating Young
of. theN Andy Bonn
the starting .
Mperifiteadlnc ; If given a ft trial.
first bass. ,
,lers be put out on
guil- nay
ditching maN tiirthday became drank and disorderly license was caned. Young plead ani Almighty kaw what Hw',1
|work.i>y the:Ug"st *m boss barrel maker doesnt often With tJI or his babe
ehla r' i and his bond or $5"was left In t) ,. tjr.to the charge and His Honor Judge The IDt'I1.MHO her up." the 11 a clerk I. promoted. to doing who he created womaa
his P
He iays that It' works elegantly and exchequer of the pity.. ?. .l eyter ,sentenced' ,him-to thirty days ;sayjto | : Had He created her ta'tee

r that'there wfli:;eb no trouble at all li Jan!, Dads; lot publicly w and Indecent langnan. fo-eir-l) 1 1.es. of which be Is to serve act for -
-et"or too :3n fault tending her
.where! the. land .Is not too TIle famous prima donna valves her higher: th&i1 the porcupine tJI. eaten ova way.
bond of 15 i months on the rock: pile.I ', .:. .
WkyJ I f ,
"- .. I t
:'Ji' -- -
.\" : # fb j il
f .
N '. I s

N f 1 I

T .....1. ', .... .- -.......-.. <', '. ti e r a

_ d P J\r. -,," :;;. t ..

The Daily Miami metropolis

Material Information

The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Miami Fla
The Miami Print. Co.
Creation Date:
January 14, 1904
Publication Date:
Daily (except Sunday)
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note:
Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note:
Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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-" ..... I.'. .I ''j'{.. ;f'....}'., <.t.J; ;;




= .::=:: -=- -=- :.=-=--- -. : -- --- -'> j ::

.11 The Only: Paper in Sout Florida Carrying\ '-

-- -- -- h ___ 1- -_ 1 i --:-- -- h --=._ --',. ispatches.jj jj._ ._

ti ol. 1, o. :32. It(at' =... MIAMI, FLORIDA, THURSDAY? JANUARY 14. 1)04.!) j.ilcr\Mr.. Trice 5 Cents

-- -- -- -

''it HE SLEEPS I. 'I|' ELEVATOR BOJ-H and HORROR-One Man IN ST.i I Is..ven Killed LOUIS.inBrowne PANAMA SITUATION : QiUI\1BI\ : NAMED II I I Plant FURNITURE ot lJuua Furnit FACT! Ie RT Factory Flm isIkstroled I OiJTBRLM-I '.

i I :
j Shoe Factory I
Hf I- I at Du o, x. Q '
{ T- 1
St. Louis, Jan. 13-An elevator that ,
'I Charlotte N. C., Ja1. 3.1rfl.hleh ,
JNI'it was crowded with employees fell Subject of Spirited! Discussion In ByfGtneral AS I
Confederate broke out this afte" n In the I
several stories In Browns shoe facj ftn-I
I I, I IRhlag department of t e Dunn Fnrnl- FEAREDS
the r..eet rtcrs.a
j, tory in this city this evening. Senate. lure Manufacturing C" i
j parry at Dunn I
Seven boys and one man were killed
jr I I
consumed the entire lent entalllnt
sad a number of others were injured. -I : I -
a lows ot s5eM10.; "
i. / !

.; funeral General I IDLE BLAST FURNACES- RESUME. I I CarmackSpoo Arrays Presided. Htfl Is I p Coutera the Veteran "'b IRAN TO PORTO RI FARl1ERS Seoul in Uproar aid for:

Held his i Pittsburgh. Pa, Jan. 14.-Orders ler Defends AJmtoklra- I I :'J' :'w 1D i The;'i iI' lamented San Ju'n ;. I : ;D H.-T1e last I i..

J were Issued of the yesterday Edgar Thompeon to the management SteelWorks I ; HOB. lf Suocetdi session ot the second biennial legislature -I egners threatened; :.. =

Gotdoa. ot Porto Rico ill\ be opened
and blast furnace at Braddock I I *
i It I Mite will be read and t JI anxiously

and also at the Carrie-Blast Furnace 0; ,; _L_ .,I awaited, &II It Is t'3t f'd to Indicate -
RIBUTES I at Rankin and the Duqnesne Blast 1- I '
I e President RooIIenlt' lacy In the la-I
MANY Furnaces at Dusuesne, all under the Washington, Jan. 14-The discus ,''lan JAPAN STILL INSISTENT

Carnegie Steel Company, to get the slon 'of the I Panama canal with all ... ombia MINt, Jan. I .
c.J! Lee who The betty clallla h assured the ,
Idle blast furnaces shape for Imme- the sensational features an aggressive G h t H-SlePhen'j I house w r4 -
+- eral John B. of nopl'f'8entath' that It will r
diate resumption.- The .,starting of minority has succeeded !in eject.lug Gordon t
th 'RUpport; the measure or a loaD otI
r t the seven big stacks at Braddock with there wa: continued by the Sen- Confederate Veterans', Associaf -
Ad!! Now cr nards has decided PIItabURh the I 5000.000 to the farms The Amt'r'-
f 0
na- Her Jo
In five presages an early resumption ate today J !I leans In Note. Delivered Russia. Males
at the council a opposing the
ROOD lthe! Eivcntc d I of all the steel mills of the United If pOBsibleitbe I tension was a little al' headquarters the organlzaIn meamrei 'la,
i 1 I ibis I all the grow d at economy No Material Can ti
States Steel Corporation In Western nore strained and the debate slightly city. .In,
i la 18 the U90 that JPastes- and the house threa ua retaliation
: I IL :
L4ad. Peunsyh' more acr 0..004. thin h..c.oore. :
by killing all the Awe ican ftI4'&llUnos. Suuatioi. .
i has furnIsh a general omcer.eneral 1wr
Ij Senator Carmack was unusually profuse J r IncludIng the general atlPropriaUon.
I j lr Lee noupred todaY that
hia were personal arraignment '
I jtha ; will retain \Y lJIani r:. !fickler oqr "
I I If. of President Ills charge CHAMBERLAIN. EVONSHIRE.
1t-Attendee London Jan. Advices to Lloyds Orleans as adjntant general ort w
Atlanta n. that this[ jgovernmeat bad entered oa ..._
; I from Port Stanley.'Ii'aulkland Islands as oclatlon. I See Jan. It-The Russianlega-i
tarT hono nd ill the a systematic j policy of aggression towards London Jan 14.- acrimonious
state that the captain and crew of the tlon i nani now amoanti to two hun+
hili nUn toad th $ nth American republics If. : correspondence betwee the Duke ..rDevon..hlre '
American shIp Clarence S. Bennett J YEN D. LRE TO CO UIA'D.I. dred being the mulmum amount. ailow *
gIre John Gordon, SOlder[ brought Iont Mr. Spooner a stinging L and JOIIt'p Chamberlalnis r
welch sailed from Philadelphia Sep I. ,' treaty.
man and len ;w burled disclalme[ which developed into published here thl mornlnt The
? an I Succeeds Ge ral Cordon( all Chief Thi Is in
22 last bound to San Francis city an uproar and an 0IItbl'f'a *
land eme<< .hero .tlllII aggrcasiv defense of the President I of United Con cll'rte Veterana. Duke who ill presIde t Ot the Liberal -I
hare arrived..there and report that against foreigners la feared.
The fun w4.i the I the adml lUtration and'the Unionist -'saocla on. formed at
; j i I vessel was burned at sea. There I Panama. r Orleans: : n. 1 .-ln a general j At ill the legations evidences of ao-.
held In' city and the no fatalities. I leglslauo per Issued by t Wen Gen. Stephen I' the time the Liberal P y split on the tivlt! can be noted and this Is esped .

4 exerclsea ch w tre I The Clarence S. Benntt was a three I Mr. Ha e offered a resolution" ..asking :Lee coinmanApartment. cr of the Tennessee borne rule question, wrote to Mr. I ally he ease at American headqtJif
HoUse or i In) the Fretjllen for his I Chm'h"rlaln: suggestln that the a soI -
retI'1'tLtTeS' ed Iron ship of 1,;;:. tons,, net. good offices as UnGeneral ed Cnofederate Vet- j use where' armed marines are roD ,,

capitol[ ne atteriI led by th was built In Philadelphia In 11884 I I an intermediary between Coloaibla !11, L a ump8 the office1 t I isiun RhoulJ diF30lv owing to the Idltirulty I Ii st anIn y tramping up br.u'dowa watch

Govern an : Lii.nguIE : earned a crew of aboubtwenty- and Pan ma, with' 'a view to adjust: of. the United !In.feJtrllte i of I locatirr f ode, nON that efully for an r.ttack..

men: oft So1th. ex-<: ing their dllf.senUd .ereaces. Mr. Slone 1> V tcranfs Association! ,I the party hart bw"r'11e dIvided by the'or.taovrrsy. I tHi !
1 Fn-nclsco. and was' commanded by re-I h marine in the American cuari..
leaders. at veterans who I Crant. I a eaolutioa directing the vacant by he .I -ath of General j ji I Ir i 1\r. Cb 1Jerlaln, In e wasroun oday nerved with I a hundred

through e .war,between the __. ;I ate con.i .i'Jfi: on foreign relations to r bbn D. Cordon i I i r.nK rejoicer amid h, "ou bt It beat I Ii of araunKlon. and sentries pa

&aveeol to' IGorJon's FLORIDA STATE TROOP !investigathe e conditions connected with -Jin.his order G neral!! Lee states that i to act "slcp ng dogs e." but that If I troll S: their! posts cajixthelr carhlaea aa

..... r ,- ChUIt.:1cl: : Pas iia I revolution. the staff of th latel! commlD er-in-1''thr Duke of De\'ODI Ire wanted to -.- r. teat,let -. "'t ftJ the en- (.

Ing the d Th Gather at.St. Augustine Week The II use*! bill was passed approp- chlof Is continue t as the staff-of the make a fiscal lost qtstioY.. he had clonujre the marines off duty keep their '

c closed. an'f.' any the Ufl1 of Januart %5... j ; I jrlatfng $ W.003 for the eitcrmihatioatoA esent CommanMaJ. Ins [General.V ': beat take a vote or e members\ ot anna where they ca:!, >be eisllr reaca-. ..'
the 113Joclr.-lo:1 and I the dcaled
ces .iispe d ,tbs () j of the boll weevil and "tanp- Gen. Cle: ent ,... Evans, com- t ed. Acting under tnetruvtions'frvla4-. !
iht "
; It is all or nearly all I't'tlre.
funeral I expected oXccrs ,i ing out oot+.mouth dlrcase.Washi aaUdlog; the c4rgla !jDlvl lon. Is ..IlI party Mlui ter Horace R. Alien the cum-.
r the commissioned : of the The Duke replied o JecUnr t9, ,such
Among rected to the di-[
sP9keu "hOJp aESum command of man er of the Americaot nudncs--
Gordon State Troops will' gather at ,I i I a violent disruption f the U'oclaUon. .
ute to Ge' 1al were ''com gton, Jan. 13.-A debate ofunusual ': of Tennefaee. ; General Evans daylight *teal a guard about,he.-etevtrto
during the week and asking rqr friendly
Augustine, I' -
Stephen Lee; mmand"r (Witt'Instruct th ranking
ngth end vigor was precipitated Brigadiervision m'enta for plant and railway station?
the of the dissolution.
lor the U January. 25th occasion Grperal of the C orgl Division to as-M IIrTaJI
federate4 : the there Is bjAmeri '
In lItrt1 -
the second annual convention ofAsducla ,; today by thQ In- owjed t

General ent j .'rvans of : National Guard, I i troductiol of a resolution of Senator j' me' command of''ttiat division or 1fr Chamberlain II the rorrrepoDJence tans and threats: to j blew up,the buUd-.
t.n: ...! mendConimanderlifchic.a suitable oCJccr for that I :
o P-r '; JtK' rJ1>s : lags have been frrolnr:! ie. r
'States DI& ct Court of .', -. .,:r- -: ..,,, .o-wa ** -. rz,7Inhls ,b7 a1\IIOOD 3 that as the ''
u-' -- eommfttqe on'foreign relations call-[' J .!, At .weal of t* legat v.lt fr atsb,
The'first convention of' this assocl- ? Duice' will"not'iccept; II clews bt fsI o
Lama,: Go /D. C..11e: ), order eDf' 1 Lee eutolsea .
roun4 : was 'held. In Jacksonville''' last I leg 'upo: th-- > PresIdent treat with General determined to rails eetlr.7 on his[ ; ed tiat telegraphic>> eemranelcatioa. l. ,
of South Governor' Gordon, erer ing hla. wonderful -
Jennings Florida Judge J;f and the benefits of its work|have the Republicto of Colombia,.with a view career as .a 80 ,1It'r, H t"8man ::I own responsibility; an; the reuse to like) to be Interrupted, at any time.

4 adjus Ing certain differences artse be pursued will be leclded at thisHE .
in the
recognized Imp oeI -
1 ChrisUan'rifnl3", ( I easily : ing out < t Panama revolution and and citizen, 'del" sing that Nfull of TV kin, Jan. IS: Pursuant to 'pr};

JleU"ILT got Kt'ntuck7J 10'I j j I and renewal of Interest addition In the suggestingtribunal. aI reference to the Hague, 10\' for all. pu 10 iud, heit; and i meeting. gran arranged at yesterday's cablcet

Temple.',C lea 'Atlanta.' ( Troops. This year.outlined'in. ; behavior a co tf'nt follower ot hIsMaker I HOBSON IS IN RACE t coiif renre the latect.Ja.iarfne cot to' *

The orlal semers I ( the regular work for the he was i I by the greatest '
: m The co tech was not on the question I Rutt .Jt, upon which ti. n-ration of,
'10 o'clock re presided : the membrra will be lot I agree gto! the resolution but as representative tJI old courtly I Birmingham! Ala., in. Hi-The ev- I lea or war dor en.... was' handed to-- ,.
rre1LI to play host to tho members of the
Governor FoU01llng Southern j4'ntleltlan, lid his place '
.1 to whet p.r It should be referred to peeled announcement CaptAIn RicA Mar n Von .Rosen the Russian am-: ,

;:" ,ercisee,. w I h wore conc1 Association, which also' con the com Itt on foreign relations. cannot be filled I mond Pearson Hobto of his Intention I Dan for. but evening.- was stated
at St. AngusUne! at the same
ocock' reriWns 'here The at Itu< Ie of the majority creates to seek the Democ tic! nomination; i I that the note does not fix 'may timei -
The.military rrl[ 8 of General S. (
&tI'OU the reet the the belief that when the resolution I for Congress In the S xth district has i lima: In which Russia must answer '
rcl1, !here le The Interstate Convention will bring D. Lie are as to lows : wLondon.
byterian comes be 'or4 the Senate a direct rote I been niaJc. He..111 poet Con t rase-.1( f
eeryloee'w norida.representat..e: of the'Nat- CaptalD-CO .ot rtll14'ry March I Jao. 14-Ihe British for- *
ton uctt-d Tie
John who has
Its a< opt;on may be permitted. man II. Baakhrevmiented : d. long
+' ID the ,chu ,'were of the Guard and the adjutants general Ion t,6, 18til. at' this district in the House: elgn officials said last night, after

der i JDarin every State and territory. It.,ls I -!>I'lor-corJIII! t llery. November of Representatives I read 1 OK Japan's reply to Russia's note.' *

services the dUf expected that the secretary1 and POPE SAVE NO SUCH ORDER. 18fiILlput that It only takes'th* r} sit a" step

cuJzation t mttary secretary of war: and many :: nt co nel..corps.ot: artlllerr. HANNA AFTER R ELECCION furtl er In a Iras hopeful direction., t
; Rome J n. 14 Martins
eivle, aocl ell' tormect officers of the army and the Portugue Ambassador d'Antas. November 8&2.Cotqne.co / i I Atlvices! received: by tbe'foruiga of-1 ,
e to the Vat
of several states will be : ot artmeryo Decem-f Columbim, 0., Jan. U.-s.'nato" M. '
eharch.. i llpes'of'ca'7I flee i ere such an to cause fear that ".
lean an< Dean of the
lowed the The Florida officers h.e'. been Diplomatic ber 18&2.,. i .. A. Hanna arrived! her from Cleveland jRuwla. would not accept ;apell' ,...-'
pon. Corps hat
ta the
,the cemete : simple i forward to:this occasion for rs report that Pope Brigadier Gen rat, S. A. DPeemwr thin morning and 11' I remain until | Itera|ed demands.
- were' Pi use ha charged him to forbid r
than and will T1e1wlth 18 Z. after his re-election United
. of a glut y the companlee a year 6. ::' : a the
: toear decollette
80WIdfnCta. 'The other in extending-a hearty wel- which gowns at receptions Major General C. S. A.. August :1, States Senate. I Loidon, Jan. 14-illnlnter Hayauhl,

placed 1D. auttnear, the to the visiting officers from other are attended by, Cardinals 1863. 'I The House and 8e ate willballot i tod a; received the text of the Jap .. '
mon.lmen J ,:' tea. I p' prelates, Is errone- Lieutenant C. S. A.. June separately on Unite States Senator nose reply to Riwkla'l last note.Tb .

ft ''-'" '4&1 time will' be given-over to ous. An baisador.d'Anats says that :123. 1864. I : next week. There wl then be a Joint > note Is*not la the form of aaultln
he last s w the Pope December'7.when
x;_ r; ,Jd I9 ON'S' : work, bat on; the nights on Ills principal tt1r were: Seven session when the renonnced. alt will be an- alum, but reiterates Japan's or
he a.lied to his
the 25th and,26th. there win, be a I pay holiday Pines Savage S stlo,' \talTern Hill 'iginal'demands with what baron Hay

Attaati.r'n.. -It's said rie of social functions which. 1) have greetings and, that His Holiness without Seoonf Manas Shprpsburg! Cbicaaw Mr. Hanna will be returned to the asbl terms a modiflcatton upnq' minor s-'

'ttorttr thdtJhe Gordon home planned on a' broad scale, the givln c injunctions'land or even recom- ,, Bayou Cba PIO' '. 11m.1cka- Semite by the la majority ever points.

erland, at' ;will to 'conclude with a bi tlmlll-I I mendatio is more as a joke ,thanotherwise burr,. Ezra Chu rho Jont'Sboro and 'given a candidate to that office, the! I Th question of China's.1 sovereigaty

'be the red kE": Mra'. ; ball on the night of the ..W. bald _that it was desirablethat Nashville.He [ Republican! having a majority of In ) anchurla: and J.pan'* s?>v-" of t

the .' lure 'I.' It is. understood that all railroads the ;owns of some of the .women wee e7vereir wo while roT_ twenty-five in the St nate and -lxty- Influ nee In Korea are -niiistd up

ned.lto.return. 'I.lIu' be somewhat high cut erlng six in the House. o nlnety-ond' ..
steamboat lineman the United the Confed prate{ retreat the day on.

homef ter, home hue'made .a rate of one and after the battle at 1\uhvl11e. Joint ballot. Mi Inter Hayafchi said 'to a'jepre-'
[ : : ,n f temporaru,; fare for the round trip to I 'j I, wntj tire of the Associated: PreM:.?So> a

'*. 1I'i1jte 1ft over rs and ladles In their party who .Salt 14Shockley kelUtah.-.' Jan. I.4.-John M. MASQUE ED A3 A 'I.\N..;:' AGES OF'POS- RILITIiS. far.i I cart see the position. -thet..o

p'. back' to Atlanta and 'J1Te.: d this co TenUoo.; The;officers! today made full Boise. Idaho Jon. -i-A remarkableease | wen regarding; the dispute jtraei
a confession The of candidates
4, Lcrs of, ,.! after,a' the Florida State :Troop&statloned of the n iriler ,of Motorman OIf'UOniand ; of woman .ra ucradln as a I spoken ages of are : Ural y are unchanged.! I have AO in-

..tth' thmti, otbrrl; & this city,are expected' bed) pre Con :uctor Brighton, who were' man has been d'fcov red at RockTlUe Richard 'Pretlidpual ebu. tts will Uicaton of the reception this'note T a

beau land, will i shot and kl led In the western fart f the state nearthe libel; to meet at d.hands of the lOTi -
# by a lone bghwayman be Gi> on i '
.. g whoa' no ta nntsvf- #/ mX #K':_ ,:., tb,64.1 a I r Oregon IIne.IA few days ago,J.Monoghan Grower Cleveland 111 be C1 an the i ernn ent. but I expect: the negotiations,
Considerttg the days ofa, BANK ROBBER FRUSTRATED r''M' l a kn ?widow boy died to continue' for some weeks."
car.late 'e nesda,. In his1 18lh ot March. .
, a mental I confess.IOn suddenly or Creek r In Oregon.
consequen daysjof; '- po I --r--r
f Shockley declared he had k
no intention Alton R Parker 0 New York wm
.. Mrs. Gordo i Is] bravely' Somerset- Ky..' Jan.' .' 11.,-'An"attempt., of 1 llllng his victims but they When he wet u tring{ prepared for be b3 on May U r JAIL wAS'RIIRNEI2. '

great I grief and rob the, First National 'Bank here put ch1 burial It wu nd lunt tbA'deceasedwsi -
up a .rigorous fight when he Arthur Pile Gorma ot Maryland
Inte Ioaatter' of her a She had riddeD the And Three Persons Will Die Throe?
morning Night-
frustrated thia attempt to rot '
by .
) them that he v_ OJvon will be 6S on March J1. I '
long of Other Injured'
ullodatloa Davis. 1:Three meal forced ranges eute for 25 years
htuband.. ; had to dp It in..self-defense. Shock David B. Hill ot ew York will be I
': and was well k"o.as an expert -
entrance Into the bank through ley says hie is heir to considerabU 61 :
: 00 August BI Ala
miagham Jai 14 Tare
In aIetf month* her 60th faithful unUrinJ cO.-bo" She wu
aide window and working
her -we re on property he wants'to sign thii aDd George Gray. of De aware will be 64on'rklay prUtners'were fatally burned and two
annlrersar r, golden noise about S. years 0 d bad served on
vault.The :attracted Da over wit opt reserve to aid
the tamthem 4.WilUsha, f
would feat bee,'celebrated. ., .His approach waa heard (the raia'vldimL : juries and voted In all election. othe v were seriously ban a* a result
I J. Bryan Nebraska will of t burning of the
at the tini ie tows jail at
t General ,Gordon : escaped,: The"only thlnc'MCUred William wile"e 8tU.leor. .,.
have t be H on )larch Ie.Prllllident Pratt d
r. plans wer i beinje made for.tII.. I thismoralnavv ,1.
: the robbers 11'1 a bundle of papers 'OHK VER NAVIGATipN.lie. a COld watch t Alfred A. Bre.1ItH'. Rooeere t of New York

Yersary.otj a' half 'century of the robbers dropped while" ma 1904.. ot Cornet .with the reaped or will be'U OD OctO r %1. THE COTTON, MARKJET.New .

* a soda, tie 'She''accompanied" U Davis. fired on then., Evan Ind.'Jan.:!*. The -OhIJriTer the student bod i of V'lIIam. John HAT'of Ohio In be 66 011 0ctober" -' .

f through war has always, Is i ow clear of Ice from this city Brw1l'lter'1 watch was stolen from his r York. Jai 14-Futures opes**

re :kdari bpi side, and'he has tak : ,1 'A'FIREMAN.; KILLED.,'. to.Ca1J. |n..- and all boats are expected veal In the WlqtLna'CYIJ1DUlam'1I'hlle1Ht" Marcus Alonzo H na or Ohio wlU firm January site: ,February. of

; ----y-4----without her.' ', U resume navigation the last '"was playing1)) baseball on Weston be It OD September 4.Wmtam fared J13.SO; March tmS; May.I11S3 ..

C : ;,- outb. Mu4 Jin.ipry! to- of the w jek., Some of the boats made field, an4 an effprts' to recover the H. Taft Ohio will be 47on'Sept.mber ; July offered. SUM; Aagast..

4 ": Ttcksbn SANK .JN'; 'njB ) !UUR.. ?. destroyed.- ;-the- :Odd.' -FeUows, .block: their.trips today. ;Reports from abort propertybad faledJ 1 ( Th. watch' was 15- 1 $13O; Beptembtr..'offered. fUtt: October. -.

pi-1ei.14-The a loss da'the .bnlldiiig audio.. show>that 4 the gorges are stlH holding on* that was given (n the Cornell student $1L3s.!
" : erRases trtbit that:left :, ., ', ? thatpremt: between womanIe to t
and be
tenant of Jnore than..WO.Fire ;.prized It highly. TOIliams It takes dli- ,.:
": .i' .!! --:tort'asoo. City.'struck and >lxNUSTfll :11IBJIIq... Theliee'lsmnnlng culture ail
'' di wet'kUled"while'Stbt:=: : : men decided atones to replace cover that'she ant make a m- like ...Phymleal, Is: thdag _tad
Skartla., -
a.d'aaak ri Wit
No '
"'i"O .... .. '. .of the Wabaah and that bought of T1ffaar:la::New York, and her dean PIIwq coal cores ttlgbts
'. -:1:: .. i.;. "' W bT ..tlem, pri7iag : .p of stales" ....;.
wet loat l' tlo.. ......, ,"i .... ricer :wil jbe clear la ..few days.' seat .
- I f...i, J ::.., 1 ':)'- 1 I' '..to. ,.Mrs. B1wsf.rf'i .. ID a different box.C iI Quit..another i ic _,
j j I
4 j "C-. :
t, 's : : I "
_ '' 1 ,
'i :- 1I .r t I.
n : ,
1.., -14-
-I- ..,'!or -
.. ,. 5

'd.::. ..">.';>;toM." :.' _' 't ._::.,,'-J''h";.' '""''I'", ';'I, I-" ,'.. ..,'.. '" '_ ,. .
\ .. 'JI:< '.: ," ,.. f lew -


6E r'CnAPLAlll hive lounii a POIM' that wJU kill I

L DIHJECTOKT: BEAR' GOES TO SCHOOL. 1 1i" 1 0? TH2 TUILERIEs. Smith's terror as kt Is caned among

,. OTLTE OFFICE; -.i-, J the sdentUts'of t ei:; agricultural de- I! Worley &
w.tbJnllla. ..... .... but'aDtil they satlsfj them- ,
....._, .. Alfrarlo hr Laarhra of Ponila lie .r ftMabU .f. Social 141 psrtment.:
Batman.f State- IL C. Crawford.CoapUoUer B.e.rea Resalarsad >iltd ". ............ Ulm telves by turtl.er t kls they will make '
-4 ..a. U.Croom.Traaaarer a i public announce ntnt. The P oncer Tailors of Miami.Larscn.-.-
Calll.a. no
-* ........ -- tailor. I I .lU"I I i
T WbttArid.r .
J4ttrser-ti ii n I-> I\ --- .r---
..tvpermlcDiteiit_.... .- Oum.iuIooer A ul"'rr-B.E.Metis. so tan ..d tbe Adirajdack: bear that his rUe hascMer. disappeared In the person of i 4 r I
Adjut.vWeodr+tt-i1' JDknlal 0 II. FOIItft IUlI"'OYellHat western brother would not 'rtco Dlia Bn: er. a ho wu formerly the Great ftl... Are .*...... .. CraJ- LJ
hD4-t1ae.rd of too T"qrtuwptrolkr.Trasurer him. One those habitation the New brilliant cl aplaln of the Tulienei. It.i...k* !.... ..>. .( s a..- : 'Establishment in Miami'
Jttur.e,Gooey vi Commt.fuoer .i Agr4u.ad Mill rigs correspondent of .1.. Ogee.i .. I
York Sun ba tUre Ji iiinu er'e metjQUUOP f iris ttwonicle. .
"'. of MuJMtloa-Tha 00Yf!...... 8eereUry on the Had riser aciuaily goes tschool. Cll Mer. Bauer was !I Fit and workmanship. Guaranteed ,
.. slate AMw'wT-Oeneral' treasurer and A new buiMlngl' material which
...... .o Uuctla. lit may cull be uuceniiio la was of Jew tab eitraction. began life
&.a"'Dd.t.1.blle,/ .-Tie tso.er.or.tl .. literature and vague In spelling1. bat u a stock iro .er's clerk, but sudden promises much for (be future Is called : I 235 Twelfth Street. MiaulH.
eeietary or etso.ITre..w r. Auorneylieaera1 is 'luaanera. abandoned that calling and entered uralite. .It U the intention of a Russian ;
,Cetu.ivlooe d Atneultur. sod Sopedaassdgt ne rapidly learning eenJe ly R
o!PabliI Iotroeuuo. He canie slouching out of the Woods the aeminarjy of St. Sui pice.' After ala artillery officer and chemist

load.....N.1Ionq.hrd-TM.ye eraa Goser.or sad c-al.--leeretans1 one day and advanced directly ofc the ordination eloquence attracted Na-. aimed Imschtntetkf. Uralite I* composed i
of asbestos fiber. with
o A..tw... i 1era. district acboolboube. Some of the poleun 1IUchaplaincy offered him a court a proper I
..cr.ml ..If,truss 'children. bad eaten their luncheon on ,jll the special task ol: proportion of allies to. bicarbonate at .' F. : Scruggs.- -

.' IJ.f'COUItT.lCDGa.i. the graa in front of the building; The teaching tbM. < imperial elocution. soda and chalk and] la absolutely nre-
} proot. la a oft forjn, a sheet of ral- I
T.Tarter.diet Ju.ttes.I bear stopped and licked up the crumbs Bauer drew large congregations and I
.Carter AeooeIaO.lo_ and a.s terrd'remnants of the rvpas. on several evasions be occupied V23 11* U like an aibetttoa board;' when
....., .. It resembles fenaly
we.J hard
Ma"" and at tk of Dame. He sawn MOM PLDMBlHGiKDGASFiniNG
a.t..nitads..t..yaltbe" .. seldasw ihtn stuck his bead in pulpit Notre accompaEugenle -
ie.ea0emtlo4ae..koolq.. adare-rc# srlioolhouse door. aleddelivered Empress to Egypt and and baa a metallic ring. Besides beta '

M ___ po TIM children Sad the scnotrt-ttsckea;:- n\ macnlficent discourse at *: a non-conductor of heat and electricity. J\hd Dealer in PLUMBING SUPPLIESMIAMI.

' f /''ttfATOItB. screamed Sad the big fellow was ss]I the Inaugural I ceremony of the Baas It is pract cally waterproof I ,
frightened that he look to his lumber,*, eanaL During tbs war ,al in II.I (and may be made entirely so by I ;
__Jasm r.ti Uialerre t ,JaciagavittuBee. paint), and It U not affected either .I 1008 UUeadorff Block Aieaae D
heels nest wounded
and ,
.ato.*>.. a..: Ulloff.: rracaeoia.'oVa.fc lag The day. however an I Bauer attended the nick
came aa the school bouse the jaamn I outside the Walls of Paris by atmospheric or by the
&a.n.I acids contained U ......:wtlch'rap-
hour and ate the crumbs had exalts la 187S he)wrote to Cardinal balbert ,
"" .f 1M gaJCeeot>- aa before. He looked the eelMdoabout'door. Idly destroy galvanised Iron. It eaa FLORIDA,
r. tinttyb&a at Informing him that for personal reasons ,_ > .. ,
.. the
be cat by
s. ... .. a. B.- .,.... but did not venture them., he could no longer support theN tooia4It carpenter arwoodworker's ..
3r ..... .((1I I ... After he bad .eatea.every .morsel I yoke of the priesthood sues theta ] can be veneered I '
to form for
1 went slowly eaekb the woods a I the ex-prelate has been a constant fra- C2aeling wall or \ :
; zAu.lo4D0uISsfow.J.gL partitions: It can be painted, trained.
I ; His visits soon became of dally regularity qnenter of tha opera and the affable I' Wiison'sftoyoltJ
wjw.a..CIW'.... and u It was evident that hcame patron of art and literature. HI polished and glued together like wood;
.... It to not affected when"expuned to ,- .
with no evil intent the teacher means wen.IderabIo! and he gave
*........ moisture or great changes of
Co B..a.Itaeu'ip.t2eik. and now sad then a pupIL took to away a good, deal In charity. Ha wed'very .
s 1IeMt- ,...oea. of rbi lesMa tossing him an apple or a bit of'lunch .his.tonaer..- and It can be given any de- to new ta ]1 os rattea aad hi Nsdy .e reeelf*
popular among
... -
.. .
Ta.t -"' rr t aired color either daring dle.JII'Ol'"Ial y;, ,
: 1 eon. From that to todjog hilts 4MIt oi DBrtaliat Mends sad enjoyed. a ;Joke
manufacture .
U. L IIJlJ..IOJrIL their1 hands was an easy ..ep.j SntR .over his for n.e career.,, Oa one occasion or afterward.A i Sr For A ytkl slai

J.as a.'aHJJj: sal, : now the bear has almost quartered he meC Gen, da Galllfiet on the FOOD WoodWlatowaad l' Ye1tI...
., -himself IB that school district ant staircase of(the opera and pre hima 10 HEW PLANT.
8KXA ti ra; l3TSICr. lunches'regularly with the! Bander* salute. The -+| i- door ......, window
punctilious' military:
....&,..lM.rd sad Dade CoaaUM.) MOl school children and their andrals :' 0."'._ ltwtk .( Kmmmmm .......,. +' sad door frames, store Irtares, stair
I" )+ '* teacher. general smiled-benlgnantly I ........... Ior'' C.O.4 work.I. .Iri..r.c" all kJ....
....L It. Dtmlct.Calm 1 de": lug his bas solemnly blessed Ole e[- I QNWH.I .

:= WADE cborr' t., I r ,mtraMENiATiTg.. .GIRLS BL vl'THEIR o. ..AIR.Sew ., .I monaignora.1 I -- R.. s. WILSON.

t There have recency been
e..... w.nor-II hJJef4.. Wmt ..... Which. Y_ w.at ....- THRIVES OH KEROSEHB.MM i England specimens of the ImportedInto "glyciae .m con& o FOB AND BUILDXK.
DADS COirSTT 'OrPlCKBS.B. ........ Are rwaftrmmm snbtnranea.* a plan| which to la Some PLatO alx. .ctrunoa.

aK..Iieysw.XiaaL C.....*. ....... 1 ..I.. .t ... class Is aTorZr reapecti the moil curious In the world .
LIrar..P-4 ... .. ... ae4 j----- ----
t Meaty IT.1UdetI Mia.1 ""* 0. upon* a London paper. )tr. Balland. 1
"; ........Urratt 1ecan".a..of Deer.o A prevalent fashion of the day la en .. taw OU. ''who it.
.(X _.at titan. has reported oij says that IU Are You : Build ?
dangeriag the mall chinned facial Going to
:.. .b "-.10" k.MiaJIIL ? roots crntaln every principle ntce sary
? type of the American woman and possibly Dr. L. a toward, the govenuneafachief food. ThV'
,. :Caeeeof for human : plant was discovered -
htoo Hardee
: ...t=. f also the peace of American'' expert Jon the mosquito duestloe. by a coffee: grower In I'ganda.its .
,- .'Am.ma ttatU-i BMlrnon.M.$.R MtornL S.lmL of to-morrowj U there is say truth In frankly admits that one variety' of the balk Is shaped like aa egg aad to .* If so, or if you need building material of any
C.H. -
e.utr 1\--1 .lIape Jf- rMMndeBt N PnbUe lMtrao the belief that appearance and charaa pestiferous insert has turned up 1 la of a dark.'red hue with: black strip**. % kind: you should not ,fail to see
..,...a.Y. 1Ienttt.__VMU.d I .' ter are Independent. The peril lies In New Jersey and on the Islands around Into
It Is ground a floor which
.. tastes
..... Co.mtvto.en-Gel.
LateIa&Cbau..dWef' Oevpvt Paia Beach: r.C.Alydr.r the habit the< '. .I.pl&MtL L BleU.nsM.- FataM: blowing tbe sahburxT locks of their and all the [ovenuD: rt forces caaaot sufficient leep C

."', ".iron. .;.wllJlla..i Y.U. .. Clerk A. 8ekW.aDd Aoditor C.at.ii pompadours up off their foreheads, says rope.. This species has been named Ida tour,. tad u will supply to r
..... .1IIaaL. k ,tb* Chicago Tribune. 1 i I' and cl.j....ine< as the Aedes Smlthli. A butter and vvtetables. L'alor- 'Co'J
) ,, There is I Howard's staff;/named 'meal
;eeRlCQI!OoQ .PK.WS.JPDICIALIACCIT a rumor that the ..._] member of Dr. mnatelr. the djrdaej will not nourishla

); itlea lam started In the young women's sem.inaries. .j Smith disco' end .this most tormentIng : cold climate It Uq however to beoUo.h .

.. estst Iiad.sad abr'.uotieeJCieaea where no .man was by to register species if the entire family and In India and Brazil.where
... -1Yttm\ : : his protest. In support of thus that avrouati for the latter part. of the It' ihnulrf prove aa ; Dcilcn' ID ,Cesebat 1811l.811Iaa-.I..w.c..ltlp. 8rkk.U..
.. .Tfta..lU.-: r-pormoa. additiono '
+. J-
i J. it has been declared' by one eye'' witness terror' sam >. i ,. Ptaatw. Hair, Etc.
c '' -.I.D. Ile LorIaMe t : the food plants there available.
11: '' At.espy
=:"' ..c..rt-&.C; DN' on.IIIUIII. of a dining-room scene at a Philadelphia : The lode Smlthli to the 'smallest doubt Us Under will Make a Tarts sad Ostoe.A..... D and j< _, very good
vi-.trait....Tw, site M? "Polrtb.MoDdaJ'ls Coors II11ft.e1'IID boarding school that .adnabtedly -:.I mosquito k .a..U.. the most thing #* pis discover*. -
.* apra. ......" ..... you'llspRwr the trick, at on.. so airy sad so. ravenous Sao< the hardest 'to kilt I "I
I. I I. dissipating.sprang Into breath Brst Inthe Every otheip. species of the tribe succumbs t t'r-'W..!... MARKETS

.A'"- D.DE.m COUT.I : Quaker city. .1| to ..kerosene oil whet that Bald I! Constant employment, according to .MBATr

'Ii:1; .., L Beysar.llb.L This person declares that la thiearly ,, to poured oa!water la which the yoaagnMiequitues IB advertisement la [t.. Italian newspaper I.
.asn Aliotey-J.T.S.ads...M Is.Lf .,.-tBJttlme'elle aaw -hundred, ae maturing.But not'so eau be obtained by experts ea- I f Western'
Choice lines Florida and
,: .WLSet.....Trews-1Mr Twm-17toMoudayIsJs..wy.Ewday M AT.ISiriea drill protruding their lower lips several 1 the Ae.les Smlthli.! This little rues papble of Imitating. the haadwri. of < > ; Meats. Pork

is; Yastay ta;Jol,. times.during dinner rolling, their thrive and rows fat oa kerosene.. Did manuscripts Seldom' perhaps has i .Sausage. Hams, Poultry, etc.

:< __ -1 lasday Is OembeblkiltaottiC.6AIxsfvlLLg. upward-pettishly.. ,d.llltU1.1( I Dr... Howard's. _'experts blat'that.they, .,k forger been advertised. torso.- .....,. KM ATrXtlE B. r.I .. ... IUAML y1AOIAa.FREDK. .
.,. qoettuhlT. rarrlmwly. f> .. .. I I I
I ,LLarublhtp fte.' temperament .'of the; .ladividusl-tak-I 1{ -- i

...g+...... .....-. ;Jag aim at the offendiait fria which T

tVCEJCH. DIEECTOBT. 'at overhung the mark their with eyebrows sUil that.,and varied blowing with I -4********. ***** S. MORSE,

"'n.r. ua.e .....C sod Wi CrorVt .
+ their
retpertlve arol rd
',....... .*,. : uJlf1ltl, Slacai i 1.
: f"9 Mitt ?I.L-CUtl'lnrk! !!!
then these
.H-WW. .'flock: hundred girls have scattered I' PEAL ESTATEOffieea
,.. p t Dates-va.rftayar--......every over the states of the uaion'carnr'ytng '
........ -
la*eight jsTf: : All are eardlallr lafj '
,.'t....,......, '''.L.RTAlrr.0,r_. with them practice.
1- Ratesi
.: ; *m.MT KnMirii. lio Ta.CorH r AaaystTdBrXSLsEattadar .. 1ubbin
..{ .....C sal eta PtaJft ...w..s-... SKILL IK KEEDLECRAFT.Ulfo4 .. up stairs Cor. Ave. C iad M tk St.
;. j
I..ata. ,* .. '
rrvoBkiiNl at II aijL i Kp ort Si)5s a.av .
"-, : smirfclBC. trip p. av r,PABLO nutor. ......... V': _.......", Miami Dade Co. 'Florida.Bl5eay9a

\, ,L'D.1Ir.L. jcoraer 1 'Ar.one'C sad nth w..... by a Ulfo4 rr.mm, i I ,I .
*.-....btM..u .'dor_ ... m : Hoaaay ,t ._' 1
-t' M. ....I .....,11....at I** a .nl'3111e t
rf.'crockals.S -
S..... Jwator E wwia I .
:'"*) .........:.. Po. Tk.nd.y .A.marveous example of 'what the The people of. Dade County will ". news

>. s'ssl.gatf. =-e'tt.oO. needle of one woman'may orumplUh! as it is: be be-.
__,farter.ae tjiis year. : to an .interesting ane
In embroidery has :
lately, been esblbIwd O
S.Iiti'rCiin.e aid of the electionsNational '
.> B Websra.iliafai.s la london lt.mnststs of a aeries use ,
'eayw. U .'clerk. Wadsy
y ......... M..... Prayer!*>: Wsdnm- ; of panels, 1: la number,'11 by, t feet. [ I
.a.nll& : IYJIIII"goenarM. errnr Crst' embroidered na'crraa'aatlal: L
..... aDd Ulri d inrf n atUKl :
.liver... 4eeii4 sad Fourth at COCMB. i In thfe work some 129, diffeivn: State/and Co nty
sat -of ate.p. Jr .FCLUU.3X lector.x : shades of silk and chenille birr btc n l H

.. ......n u..\ street and Avease A-i employed, all being 'VxquUUHr\ blmdrd bru omPa 9Yj
{ -e'. '?<> prortqr ,the' soft snhtlurtl fonritmiliar .
if -- Da. "'.11'. r".r-..
i '
to the Louis XIV periou.: The
ri- subject of th*4 panels The Months' The c.
ARid?:U GOING is burrowed from a rrlrhrsi;'d OotK>/ln Met.roPQlis. f' J. ABERNETHY, Proprietor

; tapestry. On each paovl la reprnwned ;- o
the figur of some mythuloclcaldeity Has effected arrangements whereby it a n offer r
NorthLoniSYill West ? ;
'Rr ,-such as Venus Juno.i Mars and .i lch attractive t s for. various, new supers e Largest stock of Drugs Fancy Stationery, Toilet e

LE other. | mmiunded by'.Its' ,respeitlveattrlbntf fiat there should Be ro excuse for people re- Articles, Etc.. in South Florida. jPipes, Cigars and
: and symbols: smldxt. 's II ""
:i. wealth of IIcnr....." "' rnaining.in ignorance. .as'to the happe ungs of I Tobaccos; j '

Y ; Nashville.RftUroad In this Incredible bnntifnl needle palnrlng \\l.D the year. o Prescription Department id charge o

., almost rari.ty'and nnmhor of < killtnl and careful bands. . .
1 of atitc.hrs have been employed: on the 1 I,
.. face of the ".."..'aluM 2.0UO stitch. I I r
OftxTs. ... semlce.Konen '
pssscngrr '
are said to have been latlshed.. BlSCAVNE BU>CK MIAMI FLA.
.' train'11!eorrvi nr' PuIl".J I i The embroidery Is the wurk. of Mime 1 1I RATES. I

if sleepers, np-UH tot eoacbe, re- Lerondier an anl t la needlecraft f C.

,.; ...I.lac clalr'taR'aD4 dialog ear I'frum France no Vragcr living" spent:ll I ''oC.

,:";* tint n..ortberaj anal aootbern cltiea.TMlnest ...11.'of whose work have for, uw Metropolis ,

: '- dining car service In the years formed pan of many.importantarts Daily : '
.-&ta.: f -. I aad.crafts exhibitions. In UmdonJ. Thj Oise leer ) -

....- "1- ......... I and, I 1 ..
jeitt'8 ;ftroqt.Meta Tit .
AH Immtmm9 rosy .. fmmm.A. n$10.00 ,
;; 'L; .r N. : story-has Wrhni the state dt'pan- 'D ilv -- .

i meat at' Wanblaston of a novel Nap to I ,
-:;; lGI-Ile a.d .leeplagcar. which a UTe ia.unare Miry ... .rr-.1 Semi-ti'eekly: Times-Union "l 5.50. I: BEAVt1lLACJ(8.ITJtIO.

:.DeBunati tsa.apply to iwaily put by aa.Aa>.-ricaa tratellnc InKuatla. t Hd Hwee SbeeiNg.Wagon A Carriage W acts;;
.. cili.k" rB: '. Brpalrtng.
faring : had I
J.V;. ; t : yen and
Week 8eWeri-c
net lerted lo pro*ld.- UUM' with a y Metropolis with Semi'eekly Times- ;Braxlag g
Aient.feuBdtcd passport, sad wits "arrl edatthf bor- Unto All Wort,OuaraateH, rirt-Claa.
Ii i ,2.00"
... -JouauUya ria. den of the csar's domaits hr wan held '
...- .n 1\\ up by aa ofnclal with! a draiaad for hlpasuport. With'i 1 tlanta Journal t"'ic a wcek' It 12.25 : Shop: : ::;800." Avonuo ore

.. Knran lastaatthe Americas .
:/4' ItO Tilts! was It.mPfd.lntt he qUf'U1! thri \Vit i Veekly Palm Brach es' $z.oo -----
.P. :'R:a?:.t one 4oDiri reward rane to ; -- -- C'r
emergtccyUi,I lcglntohlsliialdepork4 t
,: rW.-"o, Catsrrn tht cannot et h* pulled out his lift Insurance ...... J, :
). M.MM by. HaD'a Catarrh Core.V. Icy and handed It to the a-Ju.l Tbr I

t ..LCHEKKTft A rj Toledo.-0.: Utter gra\tly Uxtl.id the gaper 0\..,.; ,, ::Old must pay 11 1 hack rues bertl 'e the.)"' I F. HAHN.o
;.w.. ih* I take of these offers cash
n advantage anti'
tasaey a' number of :f'U1l and w. seal sad thr array of !ignaturea. B
,neltoT*'Wlc. to perfact1y honorableJiaactioaa .. ,Wtth a tatbBrd air he handed I advance: must ace mp.lO. :all ord Fs fort I o 4

It InaObnatneaR tn and fl&an- back; the.paprr and the Am.rleaofd., Ls&rombInations.. 'I. i maGl Eu11
t- OL .eZ'
able to pot ,
dash : carry aey wlJIgatloMaaada'V -. Jr It
sir 5 m:-West .ft Tmax.VBobnala -_ .Osilr Aairrlra* KaklMi.The .. ADDRESS l bsve b ., e.pt.y .. tb horse
.,.(1.... Is to*walk ale konar ..
sat and
Dru titI.,Toledo .O only]American exhibit 1 r
: ; WaSf' at tie II.. rrrt lot fafUfckia ,laa. sad ottalU lot
ac,1.Klanre Jtl} Marrla. .Wholeaal Osaka Japan) exposition U' that of t toad ". W.ts,1 m*sabot work OK. -

, >:Dntfitu.; ToWot ;aBalTB On&01I. whose IfJslAtvre'\'Oled. ; $uno E1s -- ..1..I.aol.mum.sad a.sdq.arwr.all work ..aly for So t.>....la. vork.a am c c_.Mll_
for the purpwe. .Canada voted 70.Wfl MamI --- plaaias' .illjftrsa1
=#: ,taiaa later and AnMria tw.soo to aid I exhibitor.,' Metropolls.. : .' m. you ,orAn far "'of'.4 .iaokallavten ...
afijr.. ac tha. .blood and Germany .Is very well represented _- ri'a ale W coa
nod 'susooar tniftwaa fit.tU syatslm.fltdaEilayti la aU llaea' A syndicate of Japanese' 1

"!tr.;: ',Priori lie bsrbocLM Iacerponte4:'with a cash 'capital .of
bs b'dtI :dat J j'i SUO.MO. ha par utd-lat Oragoa 'ea.'J' "M "UV ._ ; 'j-------- L I" MIAMIFLA.;:

.Roll's_ltlstttttty PIDs are tie best. 'IW -E-.:" ,. ; I I II I


JJ. -: t I i J

'" -

I .
: ,. ..' ;' .
". : -' '. '. '" .
;. ,... _. -
h T ...
r' .
,, .
.... "_ jI4.- .. .; "" ; .1. c. """" ';;' "" "'

a sal ; ease mmOer i.aeontrcl I .
saw !
:*i* lo ma-aiala aa operate o e i -
aeR -- mm.p.nl. mm, aoveiiy __. and mar:.
chliw shop; 11 Improve its ....1 properties. oynctUvc I. weld. DIea......._ .. the r.w..*

Fessiogss notice lor Publication.. bull up liM-reoa. whether for sah, I.e was. Wor. o4.: a P....>- *
Department of the Interior. Ieaae or tout;I >nd to do.nd per arm all thin** swJ Trl"' OpeafountNovem r S.
Land Omar at r.a _IUe.na. o ruary or\ ipedteul to eff eS the main |..urpoie .- --+- Ina to May tat GRAHAM, | Proprietor

fi.ce.mber: ., 1903. ol the CMpuraliou, aa above set forth I -
Notice I. hereby given that the loltowloi.. lha- a natural prrwo might 40, under the laws That the red mania paiilng from the Co ner Avenue D and.TweUth'Streeta.

ass settler... Blr. notice ol bl.lattatk* .d the Mate ofjnarUa, e face of the world ha* lone been a

to "'....lItatiOO prjot Insnrportolbli )) ARTICLa III. matter of common Remark. The truth MIAMI I. FLORIDA
? dTl FS lT 1 iR..f claim aDd that.... proof win be mad betae The amount oi lue capital ...*.11 shall' be T m of the saying never ecehedmore ttrik- tt

John ? Eellly.U. If. C.*>m.s oner st Miami, Thousand Dua.........101.!d lulo one llwu"aid Inc proof than In tie cue of the Pawnees .
.f f'TERBUN k ERw1N, Firs, S. Fat 1''rJ I,:', riz. Claude 0. Jvn- .bare. ol tbe'1 par value ol Ten Dollars each" who.were removed to Oklahoma
GRAuAM klnsofCuiler.ru.. Bv reR61! fot.tbe sontl.we .- and paid lu U*Treasurer In .lawful muoryof from Nebraska In IK*, say the Chlcago i, ---I i .
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. &! of_tb.e..t ti .'d1otJ 24 w.1t Yo sat the fnitejl Mat,.. ca.Wh.gbudy| ....b Chronicle. At the jme of their removal' -
north e..t}4 and Bortlt-.*al h of .uuU' e.4?4aectlon snares of stock, as but be laiueJ to *. '*. from Nebraska the THE -
tribe ALM
c win oil courts, mats and Fod.rsl li, towmhlp *. wuth'rsetegP' .ws'. BUckmer. toil ier .icei rendered and muory aovinced IOU'". Toy there numbered 2.500 HOTEL.....
-, a.CU1Ue.tareaamletatsbdperfedlor Ha awawra lh. Mlowla ?ltnea. i to rote w. Ill aakl eorpor'tion lu procuring en.plttiIbsrset The
bare th. e17
fW Pawnee
3 land Tine. *
boo eoytlas D.e Couny, his eont.nuous leildecee upon and cultivation toe Charter 4 id >(r*)liiiJ the Initial espeears were riven ftC'l'ptionalI.1allotmen. CORNER AVENUE: B
..h.ea to good .. In Oklahoma. The ell: ANU HTB
ro.Bozrtc. 1MlariFla. ol said land vat: ollneorptratltglheat.uuuluf! ; SJCU ZfrRII.l
llauie: R- beru.oT.Cutler.; Fla. bedctnmluet ty toe Board of Dli..*t' r at mat |* practically be came a* that ol

.r T. UAD QS.1L1X, C.O. Boat ol Culler. Fla. their am rifcular _1..110 Of tbe eaopllal their former home, nd. In fact everything GUS
P 'A Ul Anderson ('uUe.. FM.Jokn ""UiekW. Blackmrr shall have two hundred has been the rorernment Proprietor
DcDtof Culler, Fla.w. alarm W. IT Calllb"'f.000e hnnrtred ana".', to promote their and Rate per I
with add Cre. Pb.rsaer r.o Ojpur day and up. Special [week sod .
; lea .tree < reason Diet- merciat men. Large ... .
Rraiprt. U.I marry ail| abates the remaining 119. hia- hare '
; sickened .
rAy C until the day if ;
'" dyed and ait) at>am shaU be placed i Uw not far distant I P. O. Box 417 f .
wb4n the Pawn. tribe ,, / ; ruu
XIAY FLORIDA. Treasury,am shall be sold at such limes, and will be extinct .r.-.r.I .
...... ani eon.dltlittM. The mortality among ...,.
." Notice of Application to Apply 1'0f 10 such <* and upon such terms then has I : t
DL J. IL CDOlI, lJL, ,,- as th-; Board Iof Wreelon. by tb. their been growing'' steadily ;year by
4 Letters Patent reeaiufoo ..f..Cere4 la their alDalftlt year. Ia 1882. six ,..an after their --- -
I arUln Ir m the remoral to Oklahoma, the tribe htd t
c OFFTC1: may direct; s oS tile money
Be It known that after lour weeks.. publicationof ale of....,b sjiares of treasury stork shin oe Shrunk to 910. and Vie census of 1900
larSL Bt BLOC-K, AV D. this notice,the underggoed 01 apply atbe The--Ffe
.vMS .. the ahowed
.. .. n"l'.eel lute th.ThUU' and be used b600 Itrlnit: Pawnee o kl Inn.
[ ;
a OoTenor ol Florida for leU. pate upoa
purpoae of theeorpnraUoa It I. a cyrton that the
.Wn f! i FIQRIDA.H. the IsUowlBf proposed charter, sneer Chipler thing! : childrenof
UtfoftbeUwsofFlonda. II' UTICLE IV. these Indiana appear moat ranted, but .
The eorporaVoa shall have.erp.tuaI sneeej. after passing Oa th. .
7.ATBHSOH. ARTICLE I., sic lu unk.dUo.r.-.'. thelrtwenty-flfth birthday
: by corporate same, a peculiar and -nn COCOANUT GROYB t
The aimr ol this eorporatloa a be noMiami te mamas ,provided' by law.ARTICLE nnaecountabls malady attacks : :B.A. % avt
ATTofc them and they apparently lose Interest .
VA LAW. Mortsace and OoaraaU Company if V.
tip..sal -.., pvsa a tw.tysaal.a ... with II...... Florida as Its place of- bu-lMIa. TIle buslneii of the eorporalloa shall be maaacad In life and gradually waste away The most 8outbcrlvnotel en h' .
'a anaJ.... TUJM. .. AKTICLK1L. bra PY-jaldent. Vleo-rreaidoat. Secretary death overtaking them In their prime. Mainland of tbe United SUte. ,
rrbUe Ia ..... The .onerl ..brae/ tta business .W lie sad TreuIon! .provided tile omeesof itoerotarjaad Scientists and pro U ..ell a1ll141q.Jl1AJ11 IbM aJdlaK tt* members to eeeare lateeJ.enta TrMID,+, may be held by ... persca; .,all, of the Indian. office bav been attrarted CUISINE UNEXCELLED. j
I : FLORIDAHW. or loans for awtaal beaeil, U "". Mil aDd a....rdi'l'fOUl' Directors eoMltlaf ?f the by this peculiar condition of f ini) rci 1L10SII11EDB@6HR'
e MIl'aortpp.pIecIae .1rIIa..... re-l e-ai* saldoAker1! if the epowtl: |w....Weo asiadalUoaal thing, but have nit as yet been able tft

MAHTZiraK.D, er ether property to warns and luaraalrethe Ufoctor may ho elated Drum uestockbulden ascertain what Kemesls pursues tb. G. F. SCHKEIDEKI& BOX Proprietor* '
muse aad ado an lawful act peruiaU : I at the IrIS rsgular me 'alt or ragged Pawnee after his twenty-fifth ; _

: trmepIi i t.. Ie aa Investment sad BuUdtaf Aisoetailoa subsequent meeting eaUed for that purpose, blr c1a7.. [ -_.. ._ -- --
+r ....... who ahall hi,v* an tile power and awherliy =----t
YrI.4'i v
rant omci- -./aan... .. ABTlCt IU. the other Dtreetora. THE
Boaxa ..& AHO Muaii 'the anKwat of Its r.pI'eI. *'* ahaii he pJ .. eoDfernCiD dlrtetor of the eorporattoa MDHT' WAn EDUCATION.k ARCADEMRS. .. .. ;
FlaanA.A.D. IIID,41ttdedlDbtb&lftold..u.... a&the guar.toul aedIbC .I ,
T.1sp1oUIf. eaemparala.aad shall be 'paid I. eaah orarehaaeairf ....to be held at Delay ra PrwaMoe! .( IslsOi ya-e. ........$ 1 I '

.?.. r1. 6w.y.WiUiam.. ...._ for f....* lore by reg- tao Iris MoMtay In J.nw.ry of each and every AU._"$ .. *..* Bin *. *'YBIL
PIiNNRY 4Witt WILLIAMSATT IIlar elppoII1tJ; but bo stick to be issued n.Ul year. Tae (i BMS ol tbe offleera and diractot ......! Wfc. ,- 9**. I JENKINS, Proprietress. 4
lor who shall { tabdmasaptheiSslneEieorporau.a
roHy paid
< KJCKT8ATI, ABTICLK IV I, WIlD their. sdeesaMr are tefu- U the day of lei* youth" President Y
eWence shall eontlauo peipelttallynnUl -, lull elecH and qualified, are as fellows:: Emll Loubet. of the republic of France OP7toalt. Perot': CvcrtccHpf: fresrl.brpMei..
practice staa, F.1txaf,a.l all et .r rt.orved.ARTICLE .. W, Bi.ekserlee President,
lawiull I President. was of a somewhat strenuous .
toall type 11-
atte.tto. rim
Cowrta.Miami. tf ct -
btai..l V., i W. H. Cam ffi y: Il rrtalJ, George U. &ae.y, warn then living with his parents at New and "eatlyf Fornlf h.d. I s s '

. riorMa.iSWfl The but_ shall be conducted1, by a Preal- aod Tieaau W.(].Cede provided that one Maraann. and 11'1"] so fond of hit '

I deat,Vke-prwideal Board, 8cretary oft Directors sad Cashier of whom a additional director' nlorkbeloVrsiatbomay y..pm.be elected. the, Irons functJoa tbe rambling out-of-door life that be uwu Rate $.oo to $1 .50 per day. Special Rate* by tbe=week.

B.: RLJSHrinrsicuN Treasurer and a ofncei meetlni to declare thai'nothing would ever Induce -
DR the brat three named ofneers shall be members of said at the Irst or subaeqaeat
<. nv* .hall bo electee annually by Its stoek- of the Wocklwlder.a.ahoy set fate, him to go to'a college. HI par. Table' Supplied with horne.grown Cbicitenav '

hoers at tta ...uS BK U.. m 'be Bra I I .TICL1.!: cuts,however, hadtheir, own Idea* aa lo Eggs and Milk.-- ...... .
Office MS tb Street Besldence, T e.dayln Marcia 01 each )'ftr. The 01 The hlcneitt Indebted! a.. to whfc h what was good foe him. So his father t .

4 enth 8treL.XIAIII ..... who will eonduct It...........ellullb. tile D ,...11.1 any time subject Itse f, mad arrangement* wh'-e Emlle wc

o FLORIDA tnt anaaal election,are aa bib*": aDd Dolors.I : about nine year. of age: that he rbouU f f
Fred ,.. Brlep-l're'Unt.... JJt.-- oorporrt I I ARTICLE TIL go to the college! of| Crest The dai; Cen trallvL i

1'. WBA xuB, Cleavine C. Frl sell-Vloe-pr sMert and aDd ubsmben lo tile capital of entry to the sfboul came, but LI 1J ccat o

'.. .iar.- DIftdor. ..oe..are '...Ion: W.Blacknwr. W. B. Emile could be fOil cd. At last, tow an.. I'e ;
'A c &; H. B. t'ba.el'PtArJ.. C.hler ilreetar.Edward Cambrey. Wl"lt fi.Curie, and George G. Wacey. evening the poor lttle chap wa fount rim- ;
Plans, gprofaraiiona and ibrtaljj. Ma'drfor C. Bn.ph.-TWesnr r and Dr"-r. residing[*t DIr..".Dade County. Florida.. In
hiding a nelr'| rlDC.ooc1. H.
Builds"rid of Al! Kind, Fine 11".... K. Burdlae-Olr. la wltnertiwnereof..the said W.W.Blarkmec.. '
prayer and hi. pllcatlona to bP I.-. $ELL'
BrrfMepor a SpefilaltvIJFFICE. Frank M. r>anelI.-Dlreetor. W. 1L Car "" .W.Ik Corf* and George O. Ptecttcd-2 :
Joo-Abbott Tlteombw-Wrectot Kla.vy, h.*"e hereunto" their bands sndaemls. his freedom were} of no use. Hi rid Piorleet'TC
131SJ- 'A ATEKDK D'I ARTICLE VI. .at ivjfay' Florida ibis tile *th day otDecemlxr I tier wa obdurate. To the school x< '

---- -- -' The bliuest" amount 01 IndeMedaeMi e' 11T. 1>.1101. I Crest Emlle shoijlrt 1In.: Then Emlir
SeeikersAttcnlioaH hOlty te which this eorporaMoa esa subject W. 'T. BUCKUIK. [seslj) I tried instance "Helen. The grownup ; -

Home '!: I i lUaU....n not-exceed the amomnt ol Its rapltalpaid W.B.CAM BRET, (tell1l') were ctronge han, be. 61 111 tb'atruggle t RATES $j.oo TO $i.So PER'DAY:;
I." much h re been a leoSthenrone ,
AKTICLK (IL. UEORtiK G.liT STACEY/fcfalJ and Emfle almost be declare '
ly Hotel Avenue O and
Corny nth
You Wfc 1 End it to jour'interestto '' street
Tb and rraldenoea' IncorpontlliK: "
name ire
SUUol Florida. i victor for It only ty binding blf
calj 01>j me before Infesting.Furnish iub*cribs aN a. lonowa: I County of lada *** :
feet and band th he be
t could broogMtotbecarrlacethatwaeinwaiting.
: ] hifAall.FLA.
bouKa and rooms torent Fred E,8r w. r.rtb.d 1alae.2osham.GkaviUe i hnoaaUi a.ebefore me.aJatke'oflbe; f-
'Keil bargains in real estate, JuIUII.. Frt..eU, Ylasl.. i"1L, one Peace ol tb Scan of Florida, W. W. Stet met, >' .
... thu tied hand and font was the futcnfrealdmt ,
and Insurance; taxes; W. H. Cam rey, W. U. Corle, and George O. '
eity cbtntry., D. B. Miaw, Miani Fla;cue share. of Fran-}* delivered over \\\tr
H known to b* the penoua dh.mb.dIntsad
'. collectionji, ietc. 8tttened,4o... J Edward.'I. ............ns.. eteabae.Wm. wbo caressed the lorvaoiafproposed a parcel to the dyVrtor of the school cj THE CROWNf// / GLORY #
tare a snti ial'license"authorizingme ; If.D+ dlr.rkml;na.o;-....... Charter,of tbe Builders "apply car Cret H. L0ub0t bas never ceased tr
to pretire aU kinds legal transfers lit...of Urerally tave that. if
.s..I". peal and ackaowledcrU that they.seated uirte ;a man nf theop*"
of Uii_ ,!, eatate.Low' fees'. "CooD"Bdan._D..a notary,. PnbBe, la and for saidCouatl.Ihis tame for the naea aad ourporstherein ala aDeI the .field. *.. He hat recently 1 Of woman I I. hfr hat. Wr ..'.'D'& C loDref| iiklrf. ladle' Tallart.R. _

Prompt at ention.It day petaosa sal appeared Fn4.. E. ezpresied.Vltaeu bought a small ,estate near hi. nativeplace think' wearetalklnjrthrt-1'Kbrur I I.. aid tie marl cr *a iriea.tei......
C.'C cARROitNotary ; BrUtn.. ClravlDe a rrlseen H. B. Bhaw, Edward i ly hind and official iral.alheawnd and bis nether remains a truepeassat when we say that ore of the dirt et : w, .>*.'* wear we're the (c...... r ,
Public. C.Knnph and William H.Burdlne,all tee Delrar, ia4e County.FIorld .t his Itwo Mth proprietor. road to a man'* heart i* by a w<,mn* I edged leaders Craw la

AYE K It EOOJID. sr. wen known, and severally each for Ul.- day of December. ...D. WO.D __ bat. For the lat pt rreatlan In '
*eltaeka. wteds..l Iiatkee*.ented the f..rOlM ... J L. 0.I >(].TsaBa oa. t HEIARCHVVAVeires (
1 Justice of taereaee, WHY VACATIONS ARE GIVEN.iyd .
( arUcUs of proposed I lneorfar ilMi Jdat17with :ESI e,3:0 jit .
Fort D aflas NcwsICo.. the other person whom games *ptN, | I I
Attorn r for IncorporaUirs aleYutez'B sad B.44r: msae.d by Wells Grans

Cufectitut, ; itild. Cig rs. Wttona .v aKMtare and sea' this Ub' .., -. .......... CIuut_ as; ,..1..*.... .. :atrll11n ry: I J. Prcprietors
or Derembar.A.D..Ieof as Miami, FI&. ..__.o.tt._
y. o. I o Boots PerioJials.i etc t 11 Bale. I .1 We are strictly headqnarterr.' Teen 12lh '. Street
FLEDA':. .. .
1214.A.,1 '] IUUII.FLAitd i-i i_: I KLACUAN. ua. Rader*bdbytirtaeota decree of fonclofcan In this age of tlnitloo every boy should -- .. ;
aad laTfllMMd oat of the Ctfcall Cart of .
be taught some orm of recreation that
; |
ath, MW.Kotlca Sat
% commtaalsoa expire*Kept ,
lbs s.- Jadicial Clrcalt of Florida I. lad .
he will cling to tpa".r life. When Ih-
e11ab1e. for Dadec9uatyii.' a caana therein pendingwherein thing by which he ha made his fame rr For Best Meats and 1Chokest Poultry |
'.. TtuMiiaiSX. Off .la comptalaaat, aadChaa. *
I pr.d.sa Oertciaa.MAYNARD. I. : of IBCOtpoftiOLTti.U.eo.Itayeo A. Green. Walter F.0".1.C.Tacker, money beaten, his very exislenrrbrcan J
C. J. B.Mcaiixle.: L. K. LaBree and H. M. lei in*> turn to' thlhi !>af<-riuird. and. wb.I' + GO T +

"r Wi ,. oenr.: that th. undertgaed a*partaei ttloina' ;bila as nader tbe' trm .*- mind (* pleJnrabIy m-cbplrd. regain I

4+D.'JIen..P1Jo .ume.s .. I. Mode. wm..ODdar is hereby lives 1"4&fol February. sad tyl f.,be Miami 8alldla. Company, hi* physical. pot e>. It may be yarhMrrtl C H '

CJmeI. FItted: .A. D.MW.ai.ply his Ksee1\eIIef.WHU" Limited,ft sU are defeadaata.tbe aadenlfaedMaaterlq caroling on 1 ., titers. DOUn'aJDdlmblnK. Raulerspn & Go'sStreet _
]Chancery will ..n., public aactkm travel. ) 1tlJhol""hIC't, rlll'fI' ?
IllatWs Cl cb Jne1crJi at :. ..jMBls**. die Oorerbordth.8utaorFlorIda i
letter the propose chart' I. front i'l Ibe COlIn haaie .s-r.. Miami, hontlne. Wha. ever It may be, the
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