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Weekend Edition

Vol. 45, No. 91



Serving the communities of Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Mayport since 1963

SHome permits at '93 level

Builder says the


was necessary
The last time housing permits
were at today's levels in St. Johns
County, gasoline was going for
$1.06 a gallon, there was no traf-
fic light at State Road A1A and
PGA Tour Boulevard, and Bill
Clinton had just entered the
White House.
For the first half of the fiscal
year, which ended March 31, 556
building permits for single-family
homes were, issued in St. Johns
County, down from a high of
1,979 in the first half of 2005 and
the lowest since 1993, according
to county records.

See chart below
The trend is a continued "read-
justing of the inventory" that was
necessary, said Mark Downing,
president of the Northeast Florida
Builders Association and owner of

CornerStone Homes.
In the first half of fiscal 1990 -
the first full year the statistics are
available - 450 permits for sin-
gle-family homes were issued in
St. Johns County.
During the same period for
1991, 370 permits were issued,
after which there was a nearly
steady climb to 2005, which was a
peak year in St. Johns and
throughout Northeast Florida,
Downing said Thursday in a tele-
phone interview.
"Everyone was buying homes"
during the peak, Downing said,
characterizing the frenzy as "irra-
tional exuberance."
Many persons were buying
homes with the idea of reselling
them at a profit, he said.
"It was working, until finally all
the inventory was exposed," he
Single-family permits dipped to
1,811 for the first half of 2006,
then took a dive to, 89 the first
half of 2007, according to county
permit records.
Home permits in St. Johns
County the last quarter of 2007'
averaged 171 per month,
Downing said, adding that it was
the lowest quarterly figure since

Based on permits issued so far
in 2008, "the numbers will be
lower than 2007," he said.
"I consider that a positive,
because of the amount of inven-
tory we have," he said.
S"Clearly, we've gotten rid of a
lot of finished, vacant inventory."
Although spec homes are still
being built, the numbers are
"way, way lower" than what they
used to be, he said.
Most builders have about half
the inventory they did a year.ago,
he said. Big companies that had
100 homes last year may have 50
now, and smaller builders who
had 20 last year have about 10
now, Downing said.
He said the adjustment was
necessary because prices were
headed "a long way from being
Things have "been really tough"
for the construction industry,
said Downing, who sold building
materials for about 20 years
before moving into construction
in 2002.
"You have to get through it...
and once you get through it, the
cycle will return, and things will
be good again."


photo by CHUCK ADAMS
Nick Patrizio, who served in the Navy from 1933 to 1974 and will be guest of honor
at Saturday's Dolphin Cove Military Appreciation Day, proudly shows his 1991
Cadillac Brougham and its U.S. Navy plate. The 93-year-old Patrizio wears a pith hel-
met (inset) replete with a battery-powered fan when he works in his garden.

Navy chief, 93, to be feted

He irons, sews and cooks, makes
grandfather clocks, tends a backyard
garden and keeps an immaculate house
in Ponte Vedra Beach.
He is Nick Patrizio, 93, who enlisted
in the Navy eight years before Pearl
Harbor and took part in three wars dur-
ing his four decades of service. Patrizio
will be guest of honor Saturday during
the third annual Dolphin Cove Military
SAppreciation Day.
Dolphin Cove, off the west side of
State Road A1A, has been Patrizio's
home since'1980, six years after he
retired as chief petty officer from the
Navy, which he joined in 1933.
The celebration, which begins at 11
4.m. in DeLeon Shores Park on Dolphin
Boulevard, will honor those in Dolphin
Cove who either served or are serving in
the military.
Born Oct. 23, 1914, in Hazelton, Pa.,
Patrizio, who normally drives a 1991
Cadillac Brougham, will be taken to the
celebration in a golf cart. His escort will
be outfitted in World War II Navy dun-
"He is our special guest of honor,"
Ronda McCoy, president of the Dolphin
Cove Community Association, said
"The main thing we want to do is
honor our active duty personnel as well
as our veterans from all branches of
service. We especially want to honor
Chief Patrizio for his 40 years of service
in three wars," she said.
Patrizio served in World War II, the
Korean Conflict and Vietnam.
The day's activities include an HSL-44
helicopter fly-in. A Nease Navy Junior
Reserve Officer Training Corps unit will

perform a flag ceremony. Attendees will
sign a banner that's to be sent to the
troops in Iraq.
"We feel it's going to be a special
event," said McCoy, whose husband is
retired Navy and whose father served in
the Army Air Corps in World War II.
McCoy is working on a keepsake pro-
gram that, as of Wednesday, included 80
names. For information, visit www.dol-
phincovepvb.com or call McCoy at 285-
"This neighborhood originally was
tied into those who served in the Navy
at Mayport," McCoy said of Dolphin
Cove, which dates to the early 1970s.
"Now we've got Air Force, Coast Guard,
Marines, Navy, Army."
An American flag flies from a pole
Patrizio put in his front yard before the
house was built.
"I love Dolphin Cove," said Patrizio,
who enlisted the year after President
Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to his
first of four terms, in 1932.
"We were in a recession. President
Roosevelt said all military will get a 15
percent cut. So I was working for $17.60
a month. I had more money in my
pocket than I've got today," he said with
a grin.
Patrizio first served on a coal burner,
"the last coal burner the Navy had, the
old Hannibal. They converted it to oil,
and when they converted it, they trans-
ferred me to the USS Fairfax, a destroy-
He also served on the Navy's first steel
"'I'm telling you, they bounced me
around like a football."
He was on the USS Gridley when the
Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The
See NICK, A-3 ,-

1800 -






300 -

Year 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
SSource: St. Johns County web site

Caution issued at start of nesting season


With sea turtle
nesting season
having begun
Thursday, the St. Johns County
St. Johns County Beach
Operations Department issued a
reminder that county, state and
federal law provides protections
to the turtles, their nests and
their hatchlings.
Of the several species of sea tur-
tles that lay their eggs under the
Florida sand, all are endangered
or threatened.
Persons who visit the 42 miles
of beach in St. Johns County, as
well as those who live along the
beach, are reminded of the fol-
* All beachfront properties are
required to eliminate all non-
compliant interior and exterior
lights that are visible from the
surface of the beach.
* The beaches will be closed to
vehicular traffic from 7:30 p.m.
to 8 a.m. through Oct. 31. No
beaches in the Ponte Vedra area
are open to vehicles at any time,
except official vehicles
.* Use trash receptacles to dis-
card trash and debris when at the

* Remove ruts
and fill in holes left by vehi-
cles and pedestrians.
* Do not leave chairs, umbrel-
las or canopies on the beach
* Flashlights, fireworks and
open fires are prohibited.
* Trespassing into the dunes or
conservation area is prohibited.
* Refrain from using balloons
for events, they may fall into the
ocean and can harm marine life.
* Leave only your footprints,
providing the turtles with a safe
and clean habitat to nest.
* Do not disturb or handle any
sea turtles, their eggs, or their
nests. Endangered species are pro-
tected by county, state, and feder-
al laws with fines up to $20,000.
For more information visit
www.sjcfl.us/HCP or contact the
St. Johns County Beach
Operations Department at 209-


a -


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- St. Johns County singleafamily building
permits issued first half of fiscal year

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Fast Facts:
The leatherback turtle is the
largest sea turtle at 6 and a half
feet long and weighing up to
1,500 lbs.
The green sea turtle can stay
under water for over five hours
without coming up for air.
Once a male sea turtle hatches
and enters the ocean, it will prob-
ably not step on land again.
A female turtle laying eggs will
dig several empty nests to throw
off predators trying to eat the eggs.
Only one out of 1.000 sea turtles
survive after hatching.
Source: www.angelfire.com

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May 2, 2008

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Aerial Angels re-visit in St. Augustine on Sunday
The Aerial Angels, three high-flying circus artists performing
feats of grace and skill, return to St. Augustine for two outdoor
shows Sunday.
The Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Angels are scheduled to perform
their acrobatics, fire-eating, bullwhip-cracking and hoop and silk
feats at 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. in the downtown plaza.
The shows are free, and a hat will be passed afterward in
European tradition.
Last here in January in conjunction with a school residency at
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, the Angels have appeared
around the world, from Key West to Alaska, St Louis to
Amsterdam, presenting shows in venues as diverse as a block
party in Belgium, a Medieval hill town in Italy, the Detroit
Institute of Arts and the Ritz-Carlton.
"We had such a great time performing in the beautiful Plaza,
we're happy to have a chance to come back while on our
Southeastern Tour," said trapeze artist and fire-eater Jamie
"Flame" Hodgson.
The Angels are noted for their specially-designed, 24-foot hot
pink tripod rig - a unique setup that lets them present stunning
aerial silk, hoop and trapeze acts in the streets of cities and festi-
vals throughout the world.
They also are known for their lively personalities, which they
use to engage their audiences.

Players tickets available
Tickets are still available to
next week's The Players
Championship in Ponte Vedra
Tournament officials said
Thursday that ticket sales
remain strong, and they expect
a last-minute run on tickets this
"We have seen tremendous
support from the Jacksonville
community again this year, and
we hope those fans who
haven't finalized their plans for
The Players will make their pur-
chase before the remaining
'tickets are "gone,/"' ad Ron
f Cr6ss,- cxective -dieAItbr'of the
Daily and weekly grounds
tickets are on sale via the Click-
n-Print program, which allows
fans to go to the official tourna-

ment Web site
and print purchased tickets at
home on standard size paper.
A unique bar code allows fans
to present their printed tickets
at any gate and enter the tour-
nament, eliminating the need
to wait in line at will call.
Daily and weekly grounds
tickets, Island Club and a few
Clubhouse tickets are also on
sale through Publix or by call-
ing 285-7888.
Challenging your spirit
"Coloring Out of the Lines:
Challenging Your ,.Cr.eative
. Spirit," is the subject of the Art
@ 3 presentation Monday at the
Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra
The session begins at 3 p.m.
at the center, 50 Executive Way,

The Beaches are online:

SVisit our new photo

galleries from the

Sandcastle Contest

and Beaches Parade;

SCreate your own

Photo Gallery to share

with family and

friends; and

- Submit a classified ad.


* Worker's Compensation

* Car e& Truck Accidents

* Wrongful Termination

* Employment

* Contract Disputes

* Foreclosures

1807 North Third Street
Jacksonville Beach

Over 10 years trial & appellate experience
FREE initial consultation
Se habla espaniol
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Weekend and evening appointments available


Ponte Vedra Beach.
Muralist Meg Monahan and
Drew Hunter from the Sally
Corporation, Jacksonville, will
be guest speakers. The event is
This will be the final Art @ 3
presentation until September.
RSVP to Jessica at 290-0614,
ext. 204.
Dems host candidate
Clyde Malloy is scheduled to
address Wednesday's meeting
of the Ponte Vedra Democratic
Club at 6 p.m. at the Ponte
Vedra Beach Branch Library.
Malloy is one of three per-
sons vying in the August
Democrat primary for the
chance to oppose U.S. Rep.
John Mica for the Seventh
Congressional District seat in
the November election.
The Seventh Congressional
District covers almost 100
miles, from'Ponte Vedra Beach
to Daytona.
Malloy served 15 years as
public safety officer in
Sunnydale, Calif., employed in
patrol, fire and criminal investi-
gation units. After an on-the-
job injury, he took medical
retirement and moved to
Ormond Beach, Fla., where he
and his wife, Bobbie, reside.
The public is invited. For
more information, call Chris
Awerdick at 543-9696.

Landwirth to speak
Philanthropist Henri
Landwirth will address gradu-
ates who participate in FCCJ's
College Credit
Commencement ceremony at
11 a.m. Saturday.
The ceremony will be held at
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial
Arena, 300 A. Phillip Randolph
Landwirth of Ponte Vedra
Beach is a philanthropist and
founder of Dignity U Wear,
Give Kids the World,

Showhouse tickets here
Tickets for the 2008
'Jacksonville Symphony Guild
Designer Showhouse and
Gardens running through May
11 are available in Ponte Vedra
Beach and elsewhere at the
Tickets are available online at
house.com, by calling the
Guild office at 358-1479 or at
the Pablo Creek Reserve Sales

Office, 5050 S. San Pablo Road,
on the day of the visit.
They also are available at the
following locations: Atlantic
Beach-Shore Things, 725-A
Atlantic Blvd., 249-1313; Ponte
Vedra Beach-Mineral City, 240
A1A North, 285-4784; Village
Jeweler of Ponte Vedra, 880
Sawgrass Village Dr., 285-4812;
and also Curves for Women at
the Beaches-1569 Atlantic
Blvd., 241-0101, and 278
Solana Road, Ponte Vedra
Beach, 280-5565.
Sex abuse help offered
Beaches Women's
Partnership will be starting, a

Sexual Abuse Support Group
for Women, beginning May 7.
This free support group is for
women who are coping with
issues related to sexual abuse
they have experienced. The
group will be held the 1st and
3rd Wednesdays of the month,
from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Sharon L. Griffith, a Licensed
Mental Health Counselor, will
be facilitating the group. All
meetings will be held at the
Beaches Women's Partnership
office, located at 1122 3rd
Street, Suite 5; Neptune Beach,
FL 32266. Call BWP at 249-
1450 for more information.'

Monday, 6:30 p.m.
Geologist Vijay
Satoskar presents a
primer on ground-
water for Sierra
Club. All welcome.
Info: 710-0479

trU thd equa / .'itmI /lt! pi n' (,tn ', ', ' I 7! -' 6.'"
I"/ A, an't' di n, it(Cc a dditionlH.i A, k 'ur (/chiti'.

Tuesday, 4 p.m.
Megan Peek, author
of "The Friendly
Furries," reads from
and signs copies of
her book.
Info: 273-0495

;ia), 333-9094

eO419 S9tee0it

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Member FDIC

Next week at the

Ponte Vedra library

W'Utt is An)' IonIa I''ii,(e iigc elc.R. ?,,, i,(., ,i ;/ 'l/'i) /25 2', . (') (),; aud i a' tI i i I i (fli 1' 1
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Ripe(lven t yttoilp' ,S500)0)0 n>rlw loa n I r ,<>6.0' . W o uioitN,

e -

May 2, 2008

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

PDa.rco I A

MATv 2 2008n

Retired and active military honored

P NICK, from A-1
Gridley was part of a destroyer
escort for two aircraft carriers,
Enterprise and Yorktown, that
weren't at Pearl.
"We left Pearl Harbor a week or
so before the Japs attacked. The
aircraft carriers were the turning
point of the war at Iwo Jima."
In his spare time, Patrizio tends
the garden he started the year he
moved into his house. In his
home, he has furniture pieces
he's made and plates he's collect-
ed, among them "Gone with the
Wind," "Wizard of Oz" and "King
and I" sets, a plate commemorat-
ing the Iwo Jima flag-raising, and
a Norman Rockwell self-portrait
in a glass-fronted hutch he made.
"It got so expensive I just quit,"
he said of collecting plates.
One of the staples in his garden
is what Patrizio calls "mortgage
tomatoes," which he planted in
February. When he pulls up the
tomato plants, peanuts will take
their place June through August.
When he works in his garden,
Patrizio wears a pith helmet with
a small battery-operated fan that
tells him "what the weather con-
dition is."
Patrizio married the former
Anne Westcoff May 13, 1939. Ten
days later, a ship sank off the
coast of New Hampshire, and
Patrizio was called back from
leave (he was assigned to a sal-
vage tug). He didn't see his bride
for four months.
"We never went on a honey-
moon," he said.
Nick and Anne were together
for 57 years; she died in 1996.
The couple adopted two children.
He has four grandchildren.
Patrizio has an 81-year-old lady
friend whose name he wouldn't
share. But he did say she has told
him that sometimes he's "getting
to be too much" for her.
Patrizio goes dancing Friday
and Saturday at American Legion
Post 129 in Jacksonville Beach.
"The key to retirement," said
McCoy, "is stay active, have hob-
bies, then go dancing every

photo by CHUCK ADAMS
Nick Patrizio tends the garden he started in 1980, the same year he
moved into his house in Dolphin Cove in Ponte Vedra Beach. The 93-
year-old, who enlisted in the Navy in 1933 and retired as a chief petty
officer in 1974, is guest of honor at Saturday's third annual Dolphin
Cove Military Appreciation Day at DeLeon Shores Park.

Friday and Saturday night."
Patrizio had his own advice on
"Smoke a good cigar, have a

glass of wine and a woman once
in a while, and you'll live to be

photo by CHUCK ADAMS
Ponte Vedra Beach residents Vivian Southwell (from left), president of Beaches
Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM) and Kay Quinn, a BEAM board member,
enjoy a wine-tasting event with BEAM executive director Cindy Funkhouser. The
event, held April 23 at Fresh Market in Ponte Vedra Beach, raised $8,600 for the
scholarship fund of the Ponte Vedra Woman's Club.

Mayport speed reduction studied

A speed limit reduction on Mayport
Road is being studied at the request of
the mayor.-
Atlantic Beach Mayor John Meserve
Monday asked staff look into the possi-
bility of reducing the speed limit on
Mayport Road- which is currently 45
miles per hour - during construction.
"If we don't get people going a little
slower during construction, it will
remain 45 [miles per hour] going on 80
[miles per hour]," Meserve said at
Monday's meeting.

Meserve said that, there have been at
least three accidents since construction
on the road began earlier this month.
His goal, he said, is to get people in
the habit of driving more slowly during
construction - slated to last approxi-
mately a year - so that when it is com-
plete, people will continue to maintain
a slower speed.
The work will add medians along the
roadway and provide for additional
landscaping on the stretch between
Atlantic Boulevard on the south and
Pioneer Drive on the north.
He also said a lower speed limit could

help reduce the number of accidents.
City Manager Jim Hanson said that a
previous commission was also in sup-
port of a speed limit reduction on
Mayport Road. That was prior to the
road work and the state balked at the
change at the-time,
Although MKeserve'"said that' ny
reduction would be beneficial, he said
he thinks that setting the limit at 35
miles per hour would be the most rea-
sonable to help curb drivers from travel-
ing at rates as high as 65 miles per hour,
he said.

Farmer's market looks at move to park

An organic farmers market may be
moving back to Neptune Beach.
The Beaches Green Market, which
operates in a parking lot in Jacksonville
Beach, could be moving to Jarboe Park
in Neptune Beach.
"Jarboe Park, in addition to being a
park and not a parking lot, is more
pedestrian friendly and hopefully will be
cooler in the heat of summer," Beaches
Green Market organizer Gretchen Ferrell
said in an e-mail.
Ferrell revived the concept of a
Beaches farmers market after a previous

attempt by community members to host
a similar one in Town Center and later
Jarboe Park eventually dissolved.
She has been operating a farmer's mar-
ket from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday in
the Beach Plaza shopping center.
The Neptune Beach City Council last
week gave preliminary approval for the
new location, but will review some con-
ditions, such as whether hot food can be
prepared on site.
Organic vegetables, fruit and plants
are available at the market. Crafts from
local vendors are alsb sold.
Ferrell has also initiated an organic

community garden concept in Neptune
"People are starting to realize the
importance of local and organic food,
both for the health of our bodies and
our planet, and farmer's markets are
being created all over the country in
response to this demand," she said in
the e-mail.
"My goal in creating the community
garden and educational programs in
conjunction with the Green Market is to
approach solutions to the long-term
food security issues we are facing today."

NB may put muzzle on dangerous dogs

A pit bull attack on a small
dog last week will be dis-
cussed at an, upcoming
Neptune Beach City Council
workshop meeting.
Harriet Pruette, vice major
of Neptune Beach, said the
city wants to prevent a repeat
of an incident last week in
which a pit bull got free from
his leash and attacked a dog
being walked by a woman.
"It was horrible, absolute-

ly horrible," Pruette said of
the incident.
According to a police
report, the complainant was
walking her two small dogs
April 23 when an unknown
male on a skateboard
approached her near First
Street and South Street at
approximately 5:20 p.m.
The male was holding a
leash tethered to a pit bull
that broke free, according to
the report.
The dog then attacked the
smaller dog nearby, police

That dog's owner was not
hurt, but the injured dog,
which suffered a broken jaw
and severed tongue, had to
be put to sleep, Pruette said,
explaining that the city's ani-
mal control ordinance may
need to be "tweaked" after
this incident.

She said that preventing a
recurrence is important and
suggested public muzzling of
dangerous animals may be an
option. The council will lis-
ten to any suggestions, she

Businesses get kudos

for work with schools

Flagler Hospital and Vystar Credit Union, sponsors of
academies at high schools in the St. Johns County School
District, were recognized by. Flofid. a , Etuiuion
'; Commissioner Eric Smith recently as two of the- ,tj's t'[r,
80 business partners.
The recognition was given at the 21st Annual
Commissioner's Business Recognition Awards ceremony
held in Jacksonville.
During the event, business partners across the state
were honored for their commitment to improving aca-
demic success for K-12 students. The St. Johns County
nominees will be recognized at the May 13 School Board
Vystar Credit Union sponsors the Academy of Business
and Finance at Bartram Trail High School and is also the
new sponsor of the Academy of Business and Finance at
Pedro Menendez High School.
VyStar Credit Union has invested more than $100,000
in the Academy of Business and Finance at Bartram.
During the summer, the bank trained academy students
and instructors on management skills and day-to-day
operations of the credit union. In October VyStar opened
its first student-run credit union on the school campus.
VyStar is involved daily on the Bartram campus as mem-
bers of the academy advisory board, overseeing the credit
union and working with the academy students on
employability skills.
VyStar provided the students with a $24,000 marketing
budget and will provide a scholarship to the top academy
student. The academy students are also allowed to work
at the nearby VyStar branch on weekends and after
This fall, Pedro Menendez High will also offer a student-
run credit union on its campus.
Flagler Hospital partners with Menendez High to over-
see the Flagler Hospital Academy of Medical and Health
The hospital has assisted in the design of a four-year
program of study that provides clinical rotations for all
academy students. They also provide hospital staff to
teach college level courses, classroom space on the hospi-
tal campus and teacher training.
Flagler Hospital sponsored two academy teachers on a
weeklong teacher externship in the hospital to further
their knowledge of the health care industry.
Flagler Hospital partners with two postsecondary,
schools, First Coast Technical College and St. Johns River
Community College.

IduljJO ...is
Full Service Day

now open!
S pa and Salon


Come see Laura

Rosenblum, Master
Hairstylist, Lindsey 2
Tackett, Skin Care
Specialist and Renee
Full Specialist.

- \ :'r'i . rr' , 7r . -k.-,r. O ir FI ..:l

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Your 1st

isit when

)u mention

this ad!

Ponte Vedra Leader


t~ ~C~41C 35:j : :~a
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,,~,, ,, s
I 1L �r .o

By Renewing Early
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^ ^

may ,I -,.VVV

I �r



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The Leader's Opinion

Every single voter

makes a difference

But will they vote?
That is the question to be answered by the 7,705
Duval County students who registered to vote dur-
ing a recent drive by the Supervisor of Elections
A recent countywide registration drive saw a 48
percent increase from last years drive (2007) in
which 5,213 students were registered.
Last year, students at Fletcher High School won
the Freedom Award in the large school category for
registering the most new voters.
This year, approximately 700 Fletcher students
ranging in age from 16 to 18 registered or pre-reg-
istered to vote during the three day drive.
(Earlier this year the state revised the Voter
Registration Law to allow 16 year olds to pre-regis-
ter, so that on their 18th birthday, a voter registra-
tion card will be mailed to them. It'll definitely
make a great coming of age present, but only if
used wisely.)
It's encouraging to note that as part of the recent
registration drive, election staff members, poll
workers and other volunteers from the NAACP,
major parties and League of Women Voters visited
classrooms to answer questions and assist students
with voter registration applications.
We believe that the effort is worth the time if
even a few students learn the value of informed
voters participating in the election process.
As of April 2008, those ages 18-25 make up the
second largest percentage of registered voters in
Duval County.
Yet, the block votes the least, according to
Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, a 1972
Fletcher graduate who came out during the drive
to visit with some of the new voters.
Bekki Frank, a senior at Fletcher, explained to
Holland that the low participation is because
"Many students don't really feel that their vote will
count or they don't know that much about the
- Lack of knowledge can be remedied easily
enough with a little effort.
As to the feeling that a vote won't count -
many an election has been decided by one vote.
Younger voters would be well advised to get
informed and get involved to make a difference -
one vote at a time.



Kathleen Feindt Bailey
Editor, The Beaches Leader

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President and Publisher

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Customer service is too often

an oxymoron for many seniors

Find it ironic that busi-
ness is racing to create
and market all sorts of
products to boomers and
post boomers, yet I'd be
very surprised if many of
them hire their target mar-
ket consumers. It would
make a lot of sense to use
employees who support the
product's benefits. A friend
S of mine, who is of a certain
age, was fortunate enough
to snag a job interview with
an AARP field office. When
she arrived, she discovered
e % everyone had..juicy . juice
boxes and animal crackers
in their cubes. Could these
be ombudsmen for AARP
Some of us use high tech
gadgets and have to buy
stuff to keep them buzzing.
I was shopping for toner
cartridge, in office supply
store, with my spouse. I
don't want to give the
impression that I am inca-
pable of shopping alone at a
computer store, but sales
people disappear at the first
sighting of white hair. We
divide the store in half and
tag team so at least one of us
will snare a salesperson.
Our first-prey could not
locate the cartridges and
sent us to the stock person
who escaped to the bowels
of the store, never to return.
I am certain he was observ-
ing us from a secret loca-
tion, until he felt it safe to
come out of hiding. We
then located a "technical
adviser" who checked the

Letters to i

Can't shrimpers se
To the editor:
Kudos to the Jacksonville
Port Authority for their pur-
suit of a cruise terminal at
Mayport. This will be a great
thing for the entire
Jacksonville area, especially
the beaches - and will allow
us to offer port to the newest
and largest ships that the
cruise lines offer which are
often too big (200+ feet tall)
to fit under bridges. We are a
perfect location for it and will
attract many new visitors
from within driving distance

computerized inventory and
stated the product was out
of stock.
As we were about to leave
the store without the car-
tridge, the mature babe
manning the cash register
waved to catch: our atten-
tion. She had observed our
dilemma and confirmed we
were shopping for toner car-
tridges. With a jerk of her
head she motioned to a
shopping cart, adjacent to
the computer station where
the sales person had looked
them up in the computer-
ized system. There were the
cartridges; boxes of 'em, big
as day!!! She probably had
been working since dirt was
invented and actually knew
how to look for stuff with-
out the computerized inven-
tory system. She should
have been helping cus-
tomers. The bored, disen-
franchised sales staff could
languish at the cash register
and hopefully, be able to

make change. Arguably, the
computer store did not prac-
tice age discrimination,
however closer examination
of skills and abilities might
be in order. Maybe younger
staff members should be
store greeters and parallel
park shopping carts before
they are let loose to help
On a recent visit to the
library I had taken my
books and video cassettes to
the self service checkout
and was proceeding effi-
ciently until I was jaired out.
of my skin by a harsh repri-
mand. A volunteer, whose
name tag indicated she was
eager to assist library
patrons, began barking
commands to me about my
check out skills. I don't
believe I was creating a melt
down in the library's com-
puter system. Her talents
would have been better uti-
lized training drug sniffing
dogs for the police depart-
The computer store
should hire the library vol-
unteer to shape up the sales
staff. Lord help the tekkies!!
She'd be running a tight
ship in no time. The library
should recruit the computer
store cashier. She'd always
know where to find the
books and not traumatize
patrons during the check
out process. If we match
skills and abilities, age
shouldn't matter.
SWilliams is a Beaches resi-

the editor:

ell shrimp to cruise ships at Mayport?

who do not want to drive to
south Florida.
As for the Mayport Village
and their residents, why can't
this be a good thing for them
too? They seem most con-
cerned about protecting the
shrimping industry and their
working waterfront. These
cruise ships typically pur-
chase food at the ports they
visit, so perhaps an arrange-
ment could be made for them
to buy their shrimp from
Mayport wholesalers.
Imagine a 3,000 person

capacity cruise ship loading
up on Mayport shrimp week-
ly. It might be the best thing
that has ever happened to the
shrimp business in Mayport.
Perhaps the authority and
other stakeholders in the
process can help work out
some concessions along the
way that will make a Mayport
cruise terminal a win-win for
all parties. It certainly will be
for the rest of the area.
Steve Kowkabany
Neptune Beach

To the editor:
This letter is in response to
Darrell Shields letter in last
weeks (April 30) Leader.
I am a business owner in
Jacksonville Beach (and a
lifetime resident) who is also
trying to survive in this ter-
rible economy. Yes, I am also
guilty of promoting my
business with so-called ille-
gal signs.
I don't know if Mr. Shields
has driven down 3rd Street
and seen the numbers of out
of business stores.

Every strip mall has a "For
Rent" sign out front. An
empty storefront is much
more of an eyesore than a
small sign from a desperate
I would like to see the city
be more lenient with the
sign ordinance and help
businesses get through this
shakey economy or
Jacksonville Beach might
look like a ghost town with
trash on empty parking lots
and the homeless stretched
out on the sidewalks as it is

at the vacant strip mall
across the street from my
store. Maybe a sign would
have helped.
I think should do some-
thing positive and join one
of the organizations he
speaks of in his letter. It
[seems] he has never been a
business owner trying to
promote his business.
Sally Harper
Owner of
A1A Prestige Jewelry

,---~- - ~-

,Un- I )IInno

:' : 2.(' .:.' .. ...
...... ...

.... ...,....,. � f

- 6 . , p

Send letters to:
The Editor, The Leader
P.O. Box 50129, Jacksonville Beach,
FL 32240or send e-mail to
Lengthyletters may be edited as space
requires. We will not consider letters that
do not bear a signature and address and
we need a phone number for verification.
Avoid personal attacks.

Business owners are desperate to promote businesses

Leader, send

an e-mail to




letters to

the editor:

Dog attack can

be gruesome

To the editor:
My Shorty, Cairn terrier
(Blonde Toto), and I were
right outside my gate, in the
street [April 10 at 9 p.m.]
when a dog 10-feet away
charged over and before I
could get to Shorty, bit down
straight over her spine.
Neighbors, with a broom
handle, pulled the dog off
then broke the broom han-
dle over her back. She lunged
at them, then circled around
behind me and got hold of
Shorty again before I had
reached her. Another neigh-
bor, a young man, came out
and was punching the dog
when his pit-bull came out,
saw what was happening,
and it went after the dog
which pulled its attention
from Shorty long enough for
me to grab her and run into
my courtyard and shut the
gate. The pit-bull owner
pulled his dog back. The
loose dog ran after my other
neighbor who ran for cover
in his courtyard and closed
the door.
My dogs vet bills are up to
about $4,800 and we have a
long way to go. Her body fat
saved her life because it kept
the dog's teeth from pene-
trating any major organ or
she'd be dead.
We have an AB address
but have to use Duval
County [sheriff's] depart-
ment. My neighbor a block
away called 911...she report-
ed "there is a white man in
the street beating a women
and she is screaming. We
never had an officer show
up. What she had seen was a
man beating the dog on
Shorty and I was screaming.
- Much...much later, after slhew,
helped me get Shorty inl a
cage, she called 911 again
and said she was mistaken; it
was a dog attack and she was
told to call animal control in
the morning.
I wanted to share my story
so maybe it will help others.
This was the fourth time I'd
been charged by a loose dog
in my neighborhood. The
first three times they were
male pit-bulls. I saw them
from further away and was
able to escape. I picked up
my dog and yelled at them
NO...over and over as I got to
safety. This was a female,
not a pit-bull and [it was]
closer before I noticed it hav-
ing no time to escape.
Tammy Burkard
Atlantic Beach





Are you a

Beaches res-

ident who

has an opin-

ion about a



If you are

interested in

writing a

guest col-

umn for The

dp %IBM.


The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

Page 5A



Grand theft of a motor
vehicle was reported April 28
in the 2nd Avenue South end
zone. A gray Mercedes ML
350 valued at $36,000 was
stolen while the victim was
on the beach.

Earl Grant Wilson Hall, 65,
a transient was arrested April
25 and charged with failure
of a sexual offender to update
his drivers license and failure
of a sexual predator to regis-
ter with the police depart-
ment within 48 hours in the
500 block of 1st Street South,
according to a police report.
* * *
Brian James Bland, 44, of
Jacksonville Beach, was
arrested April 26 and charged
with possession and sale of a
controlled substance in the
400 block of 2nd Street
North, according to a police
report. Bland was in the resi-
dence when police initiated a
search warrant, police said.
* * *
John Lee Saunders, 37, of
Atlantic Beach was arrested
April 25 and charged with
possession and sale of a con-

trolled substance in the 1200
block of Beach Boulevard,
according to a police report.
* * *
Rodney Tom Boltin, 37, a
transient, was arrested April
24 and charged with posses-
sion of a firearm or concealed
weapon by a convicted felon
in the 3700 block of Marsh
Landing Parkway, according
to a police report. Boltin was
standing in the middle of the
road and appeared to be
intoxicated. Police located a
knife in his front pocket.
* * *
Grand theft of a motor
vehicle was reported April 26
in the unit block of 12th
Avenue North. A maroon
2005 Toyota four-door valued
at $15,000 was stolen while
the victim was on the beach.
The vehicle was unlocked and
the keys were inside.
* * *
Scott Thomas Riggleman,
27, of West Virginia was
arrested April 24 and charged
with possession of a firearm
or concealed weapon by a
convicted felon in the 500
block of 1st Street North,
according to a police report.

Police responded to a call of
suspicious people drinking
beer in a car. They observed a
dirk in a sheath between the
passenger seat and center
* * *
Armed robbery was report-
ed April 28 in the 300 block
of Marsh Landing Parkway.
The victim was struck in the
head by a suspect who had
returned his lost cell phone.
The suspect wanted payment
for returning the phone so
police said the victim bought
him some liquor. He sat down
to drink with the suspect who
hit him in the head with a
large stick and stole his back-
* * *
Identity theft was reported
April 28 in the 1400 block of
Repubic Drive. Several unau-
thorized transactions
appeared on the victim's
credit card statement. The
charges were made using the
victim's information in cali-
* * *
Battery was reported April
30 at Fletcher Middle School
in the 2000 block of 3rd

Street North. A 13-year-old
student was arrested after he
struck a 13-year-old girl in
the left side of her face with a
closed fist after she asked him
to stop bullying her brother.
The incident was captured on
a security video and showed
that the boy hit the victim
without provocation, police

Burglary to a conveyance
was reported on April 26 in
the 1600 block of Beach
Avenue, according to a police

Burglary to conveyance was
reported on April 26 in the
2000 block of Beach Avenue,
according to a police report.
The suspect entered the vic-
tim's vehicle and removed a
GPS device, according to the

Burglary to a residence was
reported on April 28 in the
2000 block of N. Fairway
Villas Lane, according to a
police report. The victim
came home from school at
approximately 11:24 a.m. to

let her dog out and saw two
males dressed in black wear-
ing black gloves attempting
to gain entry to her residence
through the rear patio door
with a butter knife, according
to the report. The suspects
fled the scene, according to
the report.
* * *
Grand theft was reported
on April 29 in the 1100 block
of Oceanwood Drive S.,
according to a police report.
The victim's bike was stolen,
according to the report.

Petit theft was reported on
April 29 in the 500 block of
Atlantic Boulevard, according
to a police report. Two sus-
pects stole $226.87 worth of
merchandise at K-Mart,
according to a police report.
Burglary to a motor vehicle
was reported on April 30 in
the 2500 block of S. Ponte
Vedra Boulevard, according
to a police report.
* * *
Criminal mischief was
reported on April 30 in the

2400 block of Palm Valley
Road, according to a police
report. An unknown person
spray painted a crane, hood
of a vehicle and walls of a
church, according to the
* * *
Burglary to a construction
site was reported on April 30
in the 2500 block of Palm
Valley Road, according to a
police report. An unknown
subject cut the locks off of
three storage trailers. The
damage was approximately
$500, according to the report.
* * *
Criminal mischief was
reported on April 30 in the
800 block of N. A1A, accord-
ing to a police report. The
walls of a parking garage were
spray painted, according to a
* * *
Grand theft was reported
on April 29 in the 1100 block
of Salt March Circle, accord-
ing to a police report. Three
rings.were missing from the
victim's jewelry box, accord-
ing to the report.


Man arrested on two counts

of armed robbery in AB

A 50-year-old man was
arrested Tuesday after a con-
venience store was robbed
by a man armed with a
knife, according to a police
Walter Boston was arrest-
ed for two counts of armed
robbery and resisting an
officer without violence,
according to police.
A suspect entered Safari
Foods in the 1100 block of
Mayport Road at approxi-
mately 1:37 p.m. wielding a
The suspect said to the
complainant "Give me the
money. Don't make me cut

you," and waved the knife
in a threatening manner,
according to the report.
The complainant gave the
suspect money from the
cash drawer, according to
the report.
While police were con-
ducting an investigation
and attempting to locate the
suspect, another. robbery
occurred shortly after 5:30
p.m. at Hannah Food Mart
in the 500 block of Mayport
Road, according to the
Officers were nearby and
located the suspect blocks
from the scene, according to
the report.

Kenneth H.

Kenneth H. Dockery, 60, of
Ponte Vedra Beach, died
Sunday, April 27, 2008, after a
brief struggle with lung cancer.
He was born in Dahlonega,
Ga., and attended Georgia
State University. He was a
Vietnam veteran, receiving a
Purple Heart, Bronze Star and
Air Medal.
Dockery is survived by his
wife of 31 years, Daune, and
three children, Kip Dockery
(Deborah) of San Francisco,
Calif., Keisha Dockery Cleaves
(Shawn) of Newnan, Ga., and
Katherine Carr Dockery (Adam
Krestalude) of Jacksonville. His
father, Curvin H Dockery,
Dahlonega, his sister, Terri Ann
Jones, also of Dahlonega, and
his brother, Cecil H Dockery,
Bremen, Ga., survive him. He
also is survived by three grand-
children, Robbie and Sammy
Cleaves, and Kaylee Dockery.
Dockery loved gardening,
cooking, the Georgia Bulldogs,
music from the '60s, pool par-
ties for large gatherings of fam-
ily and friends, and napping
with his beloved yellow Lab,
Duke, his family said.
A memorial service will be
held today, Friday, May 2,

2008, at 11 a.m. at Palms
Presbyterian Church,
Jacksonville Beach, with Rev.
James E. McNaull and Dr. Carol
DiGuisto officiating. A celebra-
tion of Dockery's life follows at
noon at the Cabana Club in
Ponte Vedra Beach for the fam-
ily, his many friends and col-
In lieu of flowers, memorial
contributions may be made to
Northeast Florida Community
Hospice, 4114 Sunbeam Road,
Jacksonville, Fla. 32257,
Services under the care of
Quinn-Shalz Funeral Home,
Jacksonville Beach.

Errol "Bud" Hatten

Errol "Bud" Hatten, 69, died
April 25, 2008, after a year's
battle with cancer.
Born July 1, 1938, in
Decatur, Ill., he joined the U.S.
Navy at 18. Residing in
Jacksonville Beach after having
retired as a first class radioman
in 1976, Hatten enjoyed a sec-
ond career with the St. John's
Bar Pilot Association, from
where he fully retired in 1996.
Hatten was a member of
American Legion Post 316 and
Fleet Reserve Association
Branch 290.
His life is celebrated by his
sons, Roy (Rosemary) of

Orange Park, Robert of Costa
Mesa, Calif.; and Richard and
Steven, both of Tallahassee;
grandsons, Daniel, Patrick,
Brian, Spence and Neil; grand-
daughters, McKenzie and
Anne; sisters, Barbara of
Jacksonville, and Christine
(Ken) Graham of Hot Springs
Village, Ark.; brother, Roy
David of Conroy, Texas; and a
host of nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by
his wife of 39 years,* Darlene;
his toddler son, Carl Ray; and
his mother, Maude Alice.
A Mass of Christian Burial
will be held Saturday, May 3,
10:30 a.m., at Immaculate
Conception Church, 121 E.
Duval St., Jacksonville, fol-
lowed by internment with mil-
itary honors at H. Warren
Smith Cemetery, Jacksonville
Beach, at 2 p.m.
In lieu of flowers, support of
the Women's Help Center,
1519 Emerson St., Jacksonville,
Fla. 32207, or the Wounded
Warrior Project is appreciated,
his family said.
Services under the care of
Quinn-Shalz Funeral Home,
Jacksonville Beach.

Corrina Jane Long

Corrina Jane Long, 72, died
Tuesday morning, April 29,

2008, after a long battle with
kidney disease and diabetes.
Long was a lifelong resident
of Jacksonville. She grew up in
the Woodstock Park section of
town. She retired after having
worked as a judicial
assistant/legal secretary in
Duval County; for Lamar Long
signs as a secretary; for
Prudential; and finally for
She was preceded in death by
her brother, Charles Jackson,
in 2007. She is survived by
.sons R. Dean Long and Charles
D. Long; her nephews, Archie
K. Jackson and Tracy Jackson;
niece, Angela Bare; and sister-
in-law, Vivian Jackson.
Long's "Celebration of Life"
service will be held at 1 p.m.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008, at
Woodstock Baptist Church,
9120 Crystal Springs Road,
with Archie K. Jackson officiat-
In lieu of flowers, donations
may be made to Northeast
Florida Community Hospice,
4266 Sunbeam Road,
Jacksonville, Fla. 32257.
Services under the care of
Quinn-Shalz Funeral Home,
Jacksonville Beach.





us 1tn lta IS 2001 lll i.


Law Office of


Francis, P.A.
Charlene Francis, Attorney at Law
Kimberly A. Gossett, Attorney at Law
"Helping Families Preserve Their Legacy"

* Estate Planning
Wills, Trusts and
* Adoptions

* Elder Law
Medicaid Planning
* Probate and

1807 N. Third Street
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
email: francislaw@bellsouth.net
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*Page 6A * Ponte Vedra Leader


May 2, 2008

Panthers reach baseball regional semifinal

FROM STAFF � - .,_i-

It took an extra inning
Tuesday night, but the Nease
High baseball team earned a 6-
3 victory over Crystal River in
the opening round of the Class
4A state playoffs.
The win put the Panthers in
tonight's regional semifinal at
Palatka in a rematch of last
week's district championship
game, won by Palatka, 9-3.
Against Crystal River,
Panthers starting pitcher Justin
James did the heavy lifting.
The senior tossed a season-
high 129 pitches over 6 1/3
innings, and while he didn't
get the win, James limited the
host Pirates to just a pair of
runs in a first inning that
could have been disastrous for
Crystal River had runners on
second and third with no outs
when James fanned Kyle Metz
after falling behind 3-0. The
Pirates' clean-up hitter, Herbie
Sickler followed with an RBI
single, but a RBI ground out
and another strikeout con-
tained the damage to just a 2-0
The Panthers answered in
the top of the second when
James lashed a one-out single
and C.J. Thompson drew a
two-out base on balls.
Tyler Barlow and Jared
MacNaught followed with
back to back run-scoring sin-
gles to knot the game at 2-all.
In the third, Will Haga drew
a leadoff walk and gave the
Panthers a 3-2 lead when he
scored on James' two-out RBI
Crystal River (24-5) pushed a
run across in the home half of
the fifth to make it a tie ball-
game at 3-3.
Nease had a chance to break
things open in the top of the
seventh when it loaded the
bases with one out. But a pair
of strikeouts ended the threat.
In the top of the eighth, the
Panthers had runners on first
and second before a baserun-
ning error cost Nease an out.
However, Metz plunked the
next two Panthers batters before
a wild pitch allowed the go-
ahead run to score, MacNaught
crossed the plate on a passed
ball and John Connor came
around on Haga's single to
make it 6-3.
Haga, coming on in relief,
earned the victory as Nease
improved to 17-11. The
Panthers pounded out 11 hits
including a double off the bat
of Travis Allen.
Tonight Nease faces Palatka,
which reached the regional
semifinal round with a 4-1 vic-
tory over Belleview Tuesday. It
sets up a rematch between the
teams that met last Thursday
night at St. Augustine High
with the District 5-4A title on
the line.
In that game, Palatka chased
Nease starter Haga after 3 1/3
innings by plating seven runs
on nine hits and four Nease
Haga is likely to earn the
start in tonight's 7 p.m.
rematch, but a sore right elbow
may force Panthers skipper
Travis Chapman to limit his
pitch count or monitor him
closely through the early

' Photo by ROB DeANGELO
Nease High baserunner C.J. Thompson eyes the third base bag during action against Ed White High on March 28. The Panthers
defeated Crystal River Tuesday night in the opening round of the Class 4A state playoffs and will travel to Palatka for tonight's
regional semifinal. The teams met last Thursday night in the District 5-4A championship, with Palatka emerging a 9-3 winner.

Fletcher 8, Palm Coast 4
Fletcher High's senior base-
ball players finally got that one
win they've been looking for.
The past two seasons, the
Senators have reached the state
playoffs, only to find their cam-
paign over with a pair of first-
round losses to Deland.
A five-run fifth inning
against Flagler Palm Coast was
all Fletcher needed to get past
the first round Tuesday and set
up yet another rematch with
District 1-6A rival Gainesville
"This is my eighth year and

we always get beat. in this
round," Fletcher head coach
Kevin Brown said following the
game. "Our seniors have been
working on this for a long time.
I'm happy for them."
FPC (21-7), which won its
district and played host against
the Senators (20-6), gave up
seven unearned runs in the
The Bulldogs got on early
with a run by Mark Jones in the
first and another by Anthony
Carraballo in the second.
Senator Nick Reedy drove in
Ryan Mahoney in the second,

making it a 2-1 game early on.
The next two innings fea-
tured a battle on the mound
between Scott Sitz and Bulldogs
starter Al Yevoli.
Sitz tossed a hitless fourth,
setting up the Senators for the
biggest inning of the night.
Yevoli gave up a single to
Tanner Gregg to open the
inning and went on to load the
bases on hits by Will Campbell,
Trevor Adeeb and Mahoney,
who drove in Gregg for the
tying run.
Cory Franklin followed and
drilled a single to the outfield,

sending in Campbell and
Adeeb, giving Franklin his third
RBI of the game. Reedy fol-
lowed with another hit, driving
in Mahoney and James Dillon
sent Franklin home to cap the
five-run inning, and giving.
Fletcher a comfortable 6-1 lead.
"We just hit and we told each
other we don't have to hit the
long ball," Franklin said of the
team's turn-around inning.
"We felt all we needed to do
was hit the short ball. That's
pretty mich what we did and it
worked out."
Sitz kept Bulldogs batters at

bay again in the bottom of the
inning and in the sixth, striking
out three and retiring the rest
in two hitless innings.
In the seventh, Johnny
Williams, pinch-running for
Mahoney, scored on an error
and Reedy scored off a single by
Dillon, giving Fletcher an 8-1
FPC started hitting Sitz in the
bottom of the seventh, using its
last chance for a rally. The first
four Bulldogs batters got hits,
with Yevoli driving in two runs
and Fletcher's lead slowly
Sitz was able to gather him-
self, striking out Carlton Smith
and scooping up Jeff Lemon's
comeback, turning it into a 1-2-
3 double play and sealing the
win for Fletcher.
Sitz picked up his ninth win
of the season, striking out seven
batters in the effort.
Fletcher got plenty of produc-
tion at the plate, with Franklin
and Reedy driving in three runs
each and Mahoney scoring
"They didn't hit us hard all
night," FPC head coach Dusty
Sims said. "We made three or
four errors (in the fifth) and we
started to put our heads in our
.gloves. When you start to put
your head in your glove, you
can get in trouble on defense.
"We started swinging the bat
well," Sims said of the team's
seventh inning rally. "I think
we swung the bat well all game
but Sitz did a great job in those
middle innings and kept us
under control. He got out there
and got after us a little bit and
when you have a six-run lead,
you can do that."
For Fletcher, the win was
"awesome," as Adeeb, a senior,
put it.
"This is our third year in a
row that we went to the first
round," Adeeb said. We lost to
Deland the past two years, To
come here and win, it's just
Franklin was just excited to
get the win for his coach and
thought it was well-deserved.
"I'm really excited," Franklin
said. "We came here and I was
thinking they are probably one
of the better teams in 6-A and I
just wanted to come out here
and do something for Coach
Brown. We've been to the play-
offs for the past three years.
We've won the conference a
few times and I just wanted to
come out here to play and get
him a win."
The win sets up another
meeting with Buchholz, a team
Fletcher defeated earlier this
season at home, then followed
with a close loss in Gainesville.
The Senators also lost to the
Bobcats last week in the district
"We beat them once and
played a close one the other
time," Brown said. "We can go
after anybody. I'm just biased.
I've had to play that Buchholz
team for the past eight years. I
think they are a better team this
"But we're ready. We're going
to practice and then Friday
we'll go there and see what
we've got."
The winner advances to the
regional finals May 9-10 and
will face either University or
Lake Brantley.

Ospreys not alone in A-Sun quandary

The asterisk attached to four NCAA Division I
baseball teams in the Atlantic Sun Conference is
really a ball and chain.
The University of North Florida, Kennesaw
State University, Florida Gulf Coast University
and the University of South Carolina Upstate are
all ineligible for this month's A-Sun Conference
tournament because of their status as Division I
transitional teams.
UNF and Kennesaw State are each in their third
year of a four-year NCAA reclassifying period.
Florida Gulf Coast is in the first of a two-year
transition, while USC-Upstate is in the first of a
four-year waiting period.
What's worse: If the A-Sun tournament were
held today, all four transitional teams would reap
four of the top five tourney seeds.
"The whole rule is a mess," UNF head coach
Dusty Rhodes said this week from Harmon
Stadium, where the Ospreys (24-19) will host
cross-town rival Jacksonville University (23-22)
in a three-game conference series.
"There's no way we should be in this situation.
It Aurts the conference."
First-year A-Sun entry Florida Gulf Coast is No.
1 in the A-Sun with a 19-5 record. KSU (15-9)
and UNF (13-11) are third and fourth, respective-
ly, in the standings, and first-year entry USC-
Upstate (14-13) is No. 5.
The top six teams in the A-Sun qualify for post-
season play.
Rhodes, now in his 21st season at UNF, winces

every time he pulls up the conference standings
on his computer.
"If you win on the field, you should have the
option to play," said Rhodes, who has led North
Florida to World Series berths at the NAIA and
Division II levels.
"For us, that has never been a question."
Rhodes isn't alone in his assessment.
Florida Gulf Coast head coach Dave Tollett
wonders why his 29-12 Eagles are not ranked
among the nation's top-25 teams, despite having
a better record than teams such as No. 10 Georgia
(29-14-1), No. 14 Missouri (29-14) and No. 25
Mississippi (28-17).
"Us and UNF are listed among the top 40
teams in the country in every offensive category,
but beside our numbers is an asterisk that says
not eligible for post-season play," Tollett said
Thursday in a phone interview.
"Right now, we are just focused on winning
the regular-season conference title. We were pre-
dicted to finish 10th or 11th."
Barring upsets at Stetson (19-28) this weekend
and against Upstate later in the month, the
Eagles should cruise to the A-Sun crown.
Upstate head coach Matt Fincher knew his
Spartans could compete right away on the D-I
level, after mixing it up in past years with former
D-II World Series participants UNF and KSU.
"Honestly, we didn't think it would be a big
jump," Fincher said Thursday in a phone inter-
view from Spatanburg, S.C.
"It speaks very well of the Peach Belt
Conference and the quality of play. UNF and
Kennesaw had no issue making the transition

and from the looks of Florida
Gulf Coast this year, it's not
going to have an issue either."
UNF, .Kennesaw and Gulf
Coast will be eligible for the A-
Sun tournament in 2010.
Upstate has three more years on
its NCAA sentence.
Fincher said this season is
"step 1" of a four-year process for '
the Spartans. He said the pro-
gram's long-term goal outweighs
the short-term hardships.
"I don't think people realize
how good some of these Division
II programs are," he added.
"But the move [to D-I] was
made for 20 years from now.
When we look back, it will have
been worth it."
Rhodes knows his Ospreys
won't be playing for an NCAA
regional berth this season, but
UNF's next nine games are a
tough row to hoe for anybody in
the nation.
After hosting JU this weekend Senior first bai
at Harmon Stadium in an annu- batting .328 wi
al series where records are histor- team in fielding
ically thrown out, the Ospreys
travel to No. 2 North Carolina (38-8), the 2007
World Series runner-up, on May 6 and 7.
Then it's up to Kennesaw for three games with
the Owls, a longtime rival that leads the all-time
series 30-21, followed by a road game with the


seman Andy Warren, a Nease High product, is
th 26 RBI for the Ospreys. He also leads the
g with no errors in 290 chances at first base.

top-ranked Miami Hurricanes (36-5) in Coral
"We might not be playing for the conference
championship, but we're going into something
like the post-season," Rhodes said.

O �

May~/ 2. 2cV e

Tennis center hosts special needs carnival

".,[] tl I[,.'] =] ! Im

Sunshine Baseball School
has announced is schedule for
this summer. The school is
.open to those players 6-12
years of age who are interest-
ed in taking their skills and
knowledge of the game to.a
higher level.
Session dates are: June 9-12;
June 16-19; June 23-26 and
August 4-7, all from 8:30 a.m.
until 3:30 p.m. at Wingate
Park in Jacksonville Beach.
Morning hours will be spent
on individual offensive and
defensive skills and strategies
including hitting, fielding and
bunting techniques. Pitching
and catching fundamentals
will be addressed on Tuesdays
and Thursdays.
Instructors include Dr. Jim
Timmons, former varsity base-
ball coach at Fletcher High
with more than 20 years of
teaching the game, and cur-
rent Fletcher assistant coach
Boomer Bernstein.
Cost is $135 per session,
including lunch, drinks and a
T-shirt. For more information,
phone Jim Timmons at 223-
1664 or 521-2687.

Babe Ruth Baseball
Jacksonville Beach Babe
Ruth Baseball is seeking to
start a seniors (ages 15-17)
league to compete with other
senior leagues in'Ponte Vedra,
Julington Creek, Mayport and
possibly F6rt Caroline.
Season would run from the
end of May until the end of
July and home field would be
Seabreeze Elementary School.
If interested or for more
information, phone Tom at

Basketball Camps
Tommy Hulihan's Beaches
Basketball Camp will take
place at St. Paul's School June
9 to June 13.
Schedule is 9 a.m. until
noon for boys and girls enter-
ing third, fourth and fifth
grades. And 1 p.m. until 4
p.m. for boys entering sixth,
seventh, eighth and ninth
grades. Cost is $95.
An all-girls Middle School
Basketball camp at St. Paul's
will take place June 23 to June
27. Camp is from 4 p.m. until
6:30 p.m. for girls entering
sixth, seventh, eighth and
nine grades. Cost is $75.
For more information, visit

or phone Tommy Hulihan at

The fifth annual Jackson-
ville Kayak Fishing Classic,
the world's largest kayak fish-
ing tournament, will take
place May 2-3. The event pro-
motes kayak fishing in
Jacksonville with a conserva-
tion-oriented format and rais-
es funds for children's pro-
grams through Daniel
Memorial and Dignity-U-
The ecotourism event also
supports the St. Johns
Riverkeeper and Coastal
Conservation Association.
Officials expect more, than
250 kayak anglers will target
redfish, trout and flounder in
a catch-photo-release format
with more than $50,000 in
prizes and gifts.
Entry fee is $60 and kayak
fishermen can register online
at JacksonvilleKayakFishing-
Classic.com .

The Hurricane Junior Golf
Tour is hosting the Memorial
Day Junior Shootout May 25-
28 at Ponte Vedra Golf and
Country Club.
Entry fee is $175 for the
two-day event. More informa-
tion is available at hjgt.org.

The USA Rugby South
Championship tournament
will take place Saturday, April
26 from noon until 6 p.m.
and Sunday, April 27 from 10
a.m. until 4 p.m. at Davis
Park in Ponte Vedra.
The Jacksonville Rugby
Football Club will be featured
in competition.
For more information con-
tact tournament director Bob
Gorter at 537-6233.

Jacksonville Beach Tennis
Center at Huguenot Park
announces a series of summer
camps and programs.
Beginner Junior Camp I will
take place June 16, 18 and 19
from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Cost
is $45 for all six hours.
Beginner Junior Camp II is
slated for June 23, 25 and 26
from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Cost
is $45 for all six hours.
Intermediate Junior Camp I
takes place July 7, 9 and 10

from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Cost
is $45 for all six hours.
Beginner Junior Camp III
scheduled for July 21, 23 and
24 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m..
Cost is $45 for all six hours.
. Intermediate Junior Camp II
will take place August 4, 6
and 7 from 9 a.m. until 11
a.m. Cost is $45 for all six
Advanced Junior Camp I is
scheduled for August 11, 13
and 14 from 9 a.m. until 11
a:m. Cost is $45 for all six
For more information,
phone Huguenot Tennis
Center at 247-6221.

Surf Camp
John Tully Surf Camp is cel-
ebrating its 10th year of oper-
Weekly camps will take
place from June 2 to July 11.
Camps feature one certified
lifesaving instructor for every
four students.
Cost is $180 per session and
includes surfboard.
Registration may be complet-
ed online at: johntullysurf-

The Beach Intracoastal West
traveling wrestling club will
begin its annual spring-fall
program at the Fletcher High
School cafeteria on Mondays
and Thursdays.
Enrollment fee is $50 and
practice schedule is as follows:
High School from March 3 to
May 29 Monday and
Thursday from 2:30 p.m. until
4 p.m.; Middle School from
4:20 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.
June 5 to July 25 Monday
and Thursday from 5:30 p.m.
until 7:30 p.m. for all
All wrestlers in the local
area are invited to attend.
Wrestlers visiting the local
area are also welcome.
Participants will train in folk-
style, freestyle and Greco-
Roman techniques for month-
ly FAWA/USA wrestling tour-
Participants must be cur-
rently enrolled in grades 6-12,
.at any school, to take part.
Interested wrestlers can con-
tact club director Roy Fallon
at 233-5008 for more informa-
tion. And former wrestlers
may apply to help out with

n Wednesday, Jacksonville Beach
Tennis Center at Huguehot Park
hosted a carnival for 47 students
he Alden Road Exceptional
t Center. The event marked an
-year party for the students,
of whom visit the tennis center
Month on field trips to learn
rentals of the game.

E LEFT: Scarlett Stokes hits a
nd shot.

E: Dorian Porter hits a shot near
as fellow students in his group
heir turn.

Kenneth Hill makes good contact .
rehand volley. .

: Kevin Fitzpatrick concentrates
a ball-catching exercise as part ...
morning program Wednesday.. .. :

hotos by Rob DeAngelo

Quality * Integrity * Innovation

25 Years Design / Build


Custom Homes * Renovations * Room Additions

Office: (904) 241-2436 * Cell: (904) 536-0016 CBC1254738

Join us in May for coffee, conversation and an exciting

presentation discussing the new enhancements at Cypress Village.

Enjoy a community tour and see why Cypress Village is

such an exceptional place to live.

Reserve your spot. today by calling Angie
at (904) 807-6280 as seating is limited.

ThrdyMy8& hrdyMy2

B eginning at 10: 00 a m . I

Page 7A

May 2. 2008

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

agu- T coL IM

For best RESULTS... ADVERTISE! The Beaches Leader
Ponte Vedra Leader
Call 904-249-9033 Sun-times Weekly
to place your ad today. www.beachesleader.com

Karina Petroni surfs in Indonesia Monday as part of her training as a competitor in the 2008 Association of Surfing Professionals
Women's World Championship Tour. Petroni, 20, of Atlantic Beach is in her first season on the WCT and is currently ranked 17th
after the Roxy Pro and Rip Curl Pro, both held in Australia earlier this season. The next WCT women's event is the Billabong Girls
Pro July 15-20 in Rio de Janeiro. Petroni is also a former coinpetitor in the annual WaveMasters surf contest this weekend at the
Jacksonville Beach Pier. For more information visit wavemasters.org.

BOW rL B O;, .E-. .....

A --

2Photo by ROB DeANGELO
fee is $20 for age! t g'='iroups, and."� $40 ::':i -- . - , a

WaveMasters contest

set for this Saturday

.,, * . , . ....

- * - . - - .,

0. I'. �;

Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial

News Providers

r-'|he Annual WaveMasters
Surf Contest is North
L Florida's biggest beach
event, where hundreds of the
areas top surfers converge on
the magic sandbars of the Jax
Beach Pier to compete for
thousands of dollars Worth of
prizes, and of course, the trade-
mark Balsa wood trophies,
made by George Robinson.
This year the contest will
celebrate its 25th Anniversary,
and will be May 3 and 4.
You can enter at Sunrise Surf
Shop, or go to WaveMaster.org
and print out an entry form
and mail it in. Proceeds go to
benefit local youth and envi-
ronmental charities.
Every year the WaveMasters
always seems to get fun waves,
despite forecasts to the con-
trary. And the surfers always
make the most of the condi-
Just for entering, all contest-
ants get a bag full of goodies,
including the official contest T-
shirt by Gary Mack.
This year the contest is dedi-
cated to Jed Davis, one of
North Florida's top competitors
of all time who died in Dec. as
the result of a tragic traffic
accident. Jed never missed a

final at the WaveMasters, and
always elevated the spirit in
the water.
ABOVE: Justin Venn com-
petes in last week's EPIC surf
contest. He is among the
area's top surfer.


With thanks to the
following sponsors:
The Soul Searchers
Woody's Barbeque
Sliders Seafood Grille
The Fish Co.
David Ponce, Shrimper
Tamale Mollie's
The Fresh Market
Rita's Italian Ice
The Ritz Bar
The Brix. Tap House
The Lemon Bar

380 Pablo Avenue
Jacksonville Beach

)uncan U. Fletcher
All-Class Reunion
& Street Dance
at the

Saturday, May 10, 2008
6:30 pm -.11:00 pm
For reservations call:




lT.V Ccmmeercials
Weddings & Special Events
Sales & Prcmc Videos

Co0oiitie jci d Pei!rsoi l Video Production

Call Mitch Kaufmann 241-0600

It's Eclectic, in combination with Tiger Studios

will be holding a casting call
for girls to model jewelry on It's Eclectic Website;

, Event Date: Wednesday, May 14,2008,4:00-6:00 pm
SCall for details at 241-0403, Mon.-Sat. llam-5 pm
e * **s.
. -P ' -li

ACCE&SoI0 a .
IDCOM N. YC 1, A .
. ***... .*

Sauruay mayyiyi I 318 Ist Ave North

I 241-0403
k .,,,..o a ^ ^ _ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

II. * 1 0
I. I^^ ^^

Semi Annual Sale!
.A..=l..J.. ir.. 4 7lth


May 2, 2008

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

PaoP A

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mq� A* W
9w MR

In this section ... Religion, Page C6


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23ii C..nld. l. R .ri
241I M Hit lor P.nt
2rMI \.,illn"f.r, i.r, ul
27.i Ri.dal to s hjre
2.' R,o.m f,,r Rnti
2' Ollic,' Sp ,.
'h" I omln Ri.nRll
I'. NIM \.%S
1ill 'rs. ftls
3ill 1', 1 ,r gale
3'H hl i..bl,..> Lii.i.'

340 Lost & Found Pets
4t I','I N oiI .S
4115 Tran
41' Per'onil.
421 LtAl Sem>.:t
4.25 Ligll Nouct'
4-0 ,l._i Lo'l N Fariund
450 I nLirunlt r,,Sc xhookl
4nil 'Asddnits
aii P T Help \amnicd
i'l1 F T Help A.inltd
52v Job S-mte

530 Bus. Opportunity
540 Child Care
5,0 % \orhk .aniJnd
n000 c.roice Guidec
WI1 Air Coprdi-umnir,;
n02 klil.riti'n;
Nil; \dIOi.'1a0 Dr.ilani
nio)' Auto Rspr
oil Biu Str'miE.
012 Cirpil
ol3 Ciklnng
"15 CLijnnga
"In Cormpier SatrlC.

MAY 2, 2008



618 Electronics
619 Electrical Serv.
n2il Equip Rspul.
n22 Fcr. :es
p21 FNun S;,mes
n2" Firii.ci,
n03 Hjuling
n34 LJT, Mi:..r SrA lssin
n3". L"Tr'l-indl'.pa
631 L�.di.mitlh
03' MAnmc ,Co'is,
o38 Manrinc'Bialr.g
t40O Coniroctni asionn
rn4 5 i ting slori.g,

648 Pressure Washing
650 Painting
"il P,..I ionirol
n',1 Plumh-ir
n:.' ",.'. P w,, -

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r :,' R-.in Gnull.-
r.r.i Rer,,,,dehll .l

pnnH: ...&.lir.

,^ IIl'. h
t-miO i-iphi.l'kln

685 Wallpapering
690 Water Treatment
HF il.TH sgER\li ES
',I' Maage Th, rapp
0ll Hoalth Cirj s 5, n

'j.k, For SAjk
1ll MuKi.q &� Inilr
si0 \nliqe|U
'i l uoiwon;
82.1 \\jncdJ lI BuI,
P'2 TrdJ
8tll l" ,) . u0l11nl

840 Garage Sales
8Ai Gtjrjtr�e Sl.. 11. Bastl
8',2 G.iJ ag sls N,.piurc Bac:h
854 Gj3arjge Sjles ll _nne Bj.:li
8�yf riage Sile� f'onil ii:dr.I
%�'J CjtArJg h. SA .rL CI ni-
801.1 Flu Mhjk l
802 Etl it Sji;L4
Li5i \luic. inul
915 Bom.iu
d3l1 M,:nrt l.--

970 TrucksNans
980 Automobiles
* Family. Ad Rate only i7.-0)
first 10 w.rd&, -7( each
additiorul mord
* Commercul Rai, onl\
8.-1K lir'i 10i otrd', 47
each 3d add ral word
Cash Chetks, k-sa or
bNLtitrCard Accepted

Ev Q

* Classified Deadlines:
Tuesday 11 AM I for Wednesday Paper)
Thursday , 11 ANM for Friday Paper)
* Ill .id\trlling .icepted subject to the approval of ihe publisher, aho shall hait the nghil o revise or
rcjcci in "holk or In parl an\ adiSlttrem.ni
* Publ.ther rrscric the right to place classified under appropnate classticanons
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MAYPORT- LARGE mobile home lot, city'
water; 966 Pioneer Dr., Best offer.

Wia ms] UE K~Il U LWJa hilhU inL Uhl PJ U LWJ 1
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Bring an offer for this townhouse style condo in Ocean Village.
Over 1300 square feet, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, private tiled lanai,
updated kitchen with granite counters. Spacious rooms, and
Ready for a New Owner!

Lori Lareau, oRI Realtor

VILANO BEACH Lots- $214,900. Walk to
ocean and boat ramp. High & dry. For
details: Robert Upchurch, 238-1808. The
Real Estate Resource.


5 minutes to Jax Beach, over 1/2 acre,
150x190, nice trees, great location. Close
to JTB, schools, shopping, beaches. Will
build to suit. Possible owner financing. All
reasonable offers considered. Only $3.70
per sf. $99,900. (904)993-5853,
(904)993-3803. Owner/ Agent.
3/4 ACRE lot on Fort George Rd. near Big
Talbot Island. Offered below appraisal at
$149,000. 249-0346.
3 LOTS in W. Atlantic Beach. $115K. Call

Marvin & Floyd Realty Inc.
SWebsite - http://marvin-group.com

MAYPORT IANDING 2/2 townhome, 980sq', new carpet. Nr Mayport Naval Station. $114,900
JAX BEACH - Vista Del Mar 1/1 condo, 833sq', pool, clubhouse. Priced to sell! $264,900
ATLANTIC BEACH Seminole Rd Area. 3/2 home, 1400sq', fp, fenced yard, walking distance .
to shops, banks, food and night life. Priced below appraisal. Call today $289,000
ATIANTIC BEACH Hiddeo Cove. 3/2 home, 1570sq', fenced yard, corner lot. $205,000

MAVPORT IANDING 2/2 townhome, 980sq', upgrades, new carpet. $725 mth
HIDDEN COVE 3/2 1542sq' home. Near Mayport Naval Station. Small pets Ok $1,075 mth
NFAD MAVPDnT NAVAl CTATION 9/it 1 f.nnhnmo tIn 9on' fanncerd urdr nulw'tcrnt 792r mth

604 10TH Ave. S. 3/2 Remodeled Home,
MLS422305, 2 Lots $429K. Susan Howell,
Watson Realty Corp, 904-463-0330

(904) 285-6927 * (904) 285-4884
Serving the Beaches Since 1936

Sweet Neptune Beach
beauty sits on large lot with
century old towering oaks.
RV parking, kol pond and
deck. Two-story workshop,
4BR home with PP. Great
location & valued priced.
$375,000. MaryAnn Gabor
Exquisite landscaping &
Sawgrass preserve sur-
round this adorable 3BR
home w/study, wood floors,
3 decks and porch over-
looking gardens and pool.
3CG. $999,900, Judy
Smith - Gypsy Alexander
3BR/2BA in South PV built
in 2005. Approx. 1,800sf,
1" floor. SE corner. Tile
floors, plantation & electric
storm shutters, gas
fireplace, granite, stainless
appliances. $850.000.
David Darch
100' x 240' deep water
access with bulkhead
located In the heart of
Ponte Vedra Beach.
Perfect opportunity to build
the home you have always
dreamed of. $850.000.
Susan Fort
Walk to the beach, Lodge
& Club. Built In 1992, this
3BR/2BA, 1,981sf home Is
located on a 150'x136' lot.
Updated w/wood floors,
granite, 10' cigs., lanal &
fenced yard. $860.000.
Kim Martin-Fisher
This masonry condo Is idea
for summer or fall tool
Deeded beach access,
2BR/2.5BA, Florida room,
1-car garage. Renovated
and furnished. $395,000.
Judy Smith & Gypsy
Fabulous location with
large back yard and tons of
privacy. Backs up to trees
with stream behind.
Spacious screened lanal
and quiet cul-de-sac. 4BR,
3BA, 2,718sf. $595,000.
Jayne Hoffman
Build your dream home
and walk along one of
Florida's most beautiful
beaches from your private
deeded beach access.
Limited availability of land
In Ponte Vedra. $699,000
Patti Martin

Spacious 4BR/2BA located
just over the Intracoastal
Waterway. Fenced in
backyard overlooking lake.
Marble fireplace, bamboo
floors, 2-car garage. Value
priced at only $325,000.
David Darch
Watch fabulous sunrises
from this incredible 4BR,
3.5BA home w/over
2,600sf. Immaculate con-
dition with many upgrades.
100'x235' lot. 2-car
garage. $1749,000. Sarah
Whitlock & Susan Fort
Rare opportunity for lot in
prestigious Harbour Island.
Private, pristine views of
marsh & tidal stream. 40'
concrete floating dock is
located across the street.
$895,000. Michelle Floyd -
Jayne Hoffman
Exquisite lake front views
are offered from this
stunning "ready to build"
loll This grand lake view
lot has the added bonus of
views from both the 13' &
15' fairways! $299,000.
Mlchelle Floyd
Build your dream home on
Ponte Vedra Boulevard -
close to the Ponte Vedra
Inn & Club and just a short
walk to the Lodgel Enjoy
great lagoon views and
beach across the street.
$1,595,000. Belk Ingram
Summer never ends in this
beach get-a-way. 1BR,
1BA, first floor villa, fully
furnished with cookware,
linens, dishes, TV and
washer & dryer. Across
from ocean Rents well
$248.000. Joan Swanson
2-story condo, spectacular
ocean views Spacious,
3BR, 3.5BA w/20' vaulted
ceilings. Pool and walkway
to pristine beach. Fully
furnished with great rental
history. $1.290.000.
Valerie Shaw
Island style, 3259sf. 4BR,
3BA, 630sf cottage w/full
kitchen & bath. Master
suite w/his & her baths, 2d
story lanai, serene
lakefront. Private beach
access. $1,199,000, Kim

ww.eceI alyru~o

200' of vinyl bulkhead.
Saturnia floors, elevator,
spacious rooms, great
dining room, detached
workshop building. 4BR.
4BA plus 3.half baths.
study and game room.
$3,395,000. Len Knight
One of the best un-
developed lots in South
Ponte Vedra Beach. Don't
Smiss this opportunity to
build the home of your
dreams. Lot features high
elevation and great depth.
$1.300,000. David Darch
Beach access directly
across the street. Lush
golf course & lagoon view
in rear. .3 miles to PV Inn
& Club. Open plan w/major
room on 2" level. 5BR,
5BA, wood & tile floors.
$2.275,000. Joyce Reesh
Come and , see this
delightful beach home with
3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open
kitchen, screened patio
with hot tub. Beach and
shopping conveniently
close. $325,900. Molly
Kelly- Clara Slgmon
Much sought after upstairs
end unit. More windows &
space and vaulted ceilings.
Perfect for second home or
beach retreat. Excellent
rental units. Steps to ocean
& Beach Club. $259,000.
Dennis DeSimone ,
In Sawgrass Beach Club.
1BR/1BA. furn, in ocean-
front community. Great for
guests, in-laws, business
travelers or vacation rental.
Price & location can't be
matched. $219,000. Elise
This concrete block, 3BR,
2.5BA, contemporary home
is all about quality and
views. Wood & stone
floors, Guana view MB
shower, large screened
room. $1,425.000. Kim
3BR/3.5BA, 2.510sf home.
A 23'x8'6" balcony with
Southeastern exposure for
year round enjoyment.
This unit is new on the
market and In immaculate
condition. $1,395,000.
Kim Martin-Fisher

574 Ponte Vedra Boulevard * 280 Ponte Vedra Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
View our listings and open houses online at www.pvclubrealty.com

320 North 1st St #903
$35,000 Price Reduction!
S. Unit with floor to ceiling windows
offers breathtaking ocean & city views
of the city day or night. Panoramic views
are ideal for relaxation or entertaining
from your beautiful kitchen living combo.
The unit features kitchen w/granite
counter tops, GE Profile appliances.
Split BRs, tile, 2-covered parking, 24/7
security. Walk to beach.
$569,000 MLS 416155
Presented to you by:
Lee "Beach Buck
(904) 463-7020 -.
Website: leebuck.com

Over $100,000 price reduction!
1201 Penman Road--$368,000
This 4 br. 3 ba. home features
meticulous care and maintenance.
Over 1,900 sq. ft.
The house has two large
buildable lots...build on one or
live on the other.
Beautiful Italian Marble fireplace.
Best home value at the beach.

Presented to you by:
Lee "Beach" Buck
(904) 463-7020 .
Website: leebuck.com

IBI~T �I � '' - I

, - . .. ... h i, m%



m i

L "F9

L ra-j.p. iif.^^

____T ..m









The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008

PRIME PVB Lot. Water to golf view PV
Club course .53 acres with pool. Priced to
move $785K, will co-op. 280-7776.

PV 3/2/1, private, vaulted ceilings, garden
bath, screened patio, walk to beach,
$220,000. 294-5498
PONTE VEDRA, Sawgrass, Oak Bridge
3/2/2, cul-de-sac, lakeview, adorable,
ark-like setting $299,000. (352)634-4955.
3/2, garage, fenced yard, screened porch,
hardwood. $199,900.
Off Seminole Rd. Beautiful newer 3/2.5
townhome. Hardwood floors, 1 car gar.
$299,900. Remax Advantage. Possible
Least/ Purchase
@ 994-3608.

4BR/3BA builders custom home. 2985sf,
formal office, dining room & master suite,
beautiful landscaping & pool, Ig scr. lanai.
2.5 car gar. Listen to the ocean and walk
to the beach from this quiet cul-de-sac
home in newer neighborhood. No money
down, $699,000. 3% co-op. 514-1090.

3BR/2BA, 1400+sf, large lot; owner fi-
nancing available, $250,000. (904)686-
0068. www.geocities.com/pvb05
We're open online
Search for homes on
SPhyllis Staines, Realtor
RE/MAX Coastal Real Estate
READY TO SALE: Neptune Beach house
Reduced, 2 1/2 blocks to ocean,
4BR/1.5BA on large lot. Large inground
pool. Investors Welcome! 904-249-3839
Open house, Saturday May 3, 10am-4pm,
436 Bowles St.
FSBO WILL carry with down payment,
4BR/2.5BA, 1600sf, all new appliances,
kitchen, bathrooms, paint, and carpet,
fenced yard, 2 car garage, 869 Gavagan,
AtI. Bch., near Mayport school & Beaches,
$257,000. Call for appt. (904)699-7623.

1/1 very small condo, huge view.
$350,000. (904)463-3738.

beach, Will co-op. $175,000. Call
1st floor, end unit. Gated Community, ap-
prox. 1400sf., hardwood floors, plantation
shutters thruout, Newly remodeled kitch-
en, covered parking. $222,000.
Beach, 12th floor, luxury 2BR/2BA, ga-
rage. $525,000 will co-op. Call (904)476-

3BR/2.5BA, 2700sf. www.buyowner.com
Code #jax9240..
FANTASTIC BEACH Cottage selling "As
Is" Unable to finish renovations to kitchen,
exterior and 12x38 patio. 4+BR/5.5BA,
3700sf. w/2 structures, huge master suite,
12x20 loft. Watch the sun rise and hear
the ocean from master sunroom. Lots of
storage, office, guest apt., pool room or
shop on double corner lot w/pool and fruit
trees, just 5 blocks to beach. $629,000.
Any offer considered (904)655-3494 own-
er/ agent.
3/2.5 w/ loft, private patios front & back.
$577,500. 241-2209.
Charming 4+BR/2.5BA, genuine 2123sf
beach home w/sweet front porch, hard-
wood floors, fireplace, nicely fenced yard,
detached 2 car garage with studio/ office
+1/2 bath and additional 500sf. storage
room. Great location! 2 blocks to beach,
4 streets to Town Center. All on 75'x150'
lot. Drive by, fall in love! Call for an appt.
(904)242-0203. $699K. FSBO.
3/2.5, 1856sf. Luxury Townhome. Motivat-
ed Seller $316,900. (800)935-8347 x102.
JB, 2BR/1BA, 6 blocks to ocean. All new
tile & counters, Ig. corner lot. $239K.
REDUCED- NB., East of A1A, 3BR/2BA,
95 Qn00 9. 2 Pine Will con-nn p49-7946

SIMPLE LIFESTYLE, convenient to every-
thing, three blocks from beach, 1BR,
$600/mo. utilities included. 638-4604.

CH/A, WDHU. East of 1st St. $795-
$895/mo. 241-RENT, 733-3730.
ATLANTIC BEACH, 3BR home, fenced
yard, all appliances, includes W/D.
home, near base and Hanna Park,
$750/mo., $700 deposit. 1243 Mayport
Landing Dr. 280-2728 Ive message.
NEPTUNE BEACH- 223 Florida Blvd.
2BR/ 1BA unfurn. apt. CH/A, dishwasher,
washer/ dryer, off street parking.
$900/mo.+ dep. (904)327-0117/ (904)241-
$1050/mo. 1BR $850/mo. Studio
$750/mo., hardwood, dishwasher. Sec,
last mth. 553-1354, 859-1301.
PONTE VEDRA, 1BR/1BA townhome,
gated, washer/dryer included; 5 star
amenities. $900/mo. 998-9148.
LARGE 1 bedroom. Excellent location. 1
block to ocean, clean. No Pets. $675/mo.
642-1214 and 241-1219.
home. Tile floor, fenced backyard, near
base and Hanna Park. $790/mo.
+$700/dep. 1173 Songbird La. 280-2728
Iv. msg.

JAX BCH duplex, 2BR/1.5BA, 4 blocks to
SAN MARCO traditional 2 story 3/2.5, ocean. large fenced yard. 438 5th Ave. S.
overlooking Lake Marco, 396-9544, 608- $895/mo. 525-6896.
0962. ,.. . --, ,-- -

QUEENS HARBOR, $999,900. 4828sf
6BR/5BA, wooded, marsh/ ICW views. For
details: Robert Upchurch (904)238-1808.
The Real Estate Resource.
RENOVATED AB bungalow, 3BR/1BA,
granite counters, jacuzzi tub, rain shower,
new electrical and A/C. Near parks. Must
sell! $129,900. (904)422-6747.
house, large fenced yard, stone fireplace,
new carpet. 2153 Featherwood Dr. E.
Owner relocating and must sell. Reduced,
$209,900. (904)280-2728 Iv. msg.

JAX BEACH, completely remodeled, large
3/2 with 2 car garage, large corner lot,
1700sf, $309,000, reasonable offers ac-
cepted, 254-3569.

VEDRA at Summer House, 2BR/2BA,
Granite. Quiet end unit, farthest from AlA.
Many condo amenities; pool, billiards.
Near Beach, Golf, Shops.$289K, John

PRICE REDUCED 100K - MiraVista in-
vestor liquidation, 2674sf. w/garage on
marina. Value $699K. Sell $599K. Turn
Key Long term lease in place. 40' slip ad-
ditional $159K. (904)463-2845. Only Buy-
ers/ Investors. No Brokers please. Equity
trade considered.
PVB/ BELLEZA -1BR/1BA w/tile floors,
exc. view and amenities $128,900.

Mary Drakos,
Your Ponte Vedra REALTOR�

Over 10 years experience and Prudential
100% customer satisfaction. . NetWaotiRo a 'qt

Priced to sell Seahawk condo
Move-in ready on quiet cul-de-
sac & overlooking preserve!
2BR/2BA $177,000

Mary Drakos, REALTOR�
�208 AnI d~~lIly 1,1 , O,,,~d&Ib~ T, r~,It IR~ EtaAfitnsIck, si eeIn .

AGE 62 or over? No need to lose your
home or go into bankruptcy. No more
mortgage payments. Call adviser Theresa
Famell about reverse mortgages. We can.
help you. Call 223-1886.

SACRIFICE! $6149 OBO. Admiral's Walk.
(904)285-4459, (904)813-6585.
3/2, ADMIRAL'S Walk, all new, $2000
down and $820/mo. 223-5267.
1 1/2 acres, 2BR/2BA MH, fireplace,
all new inside, zoned for horses, city wa-
ter, fenced, . Westside. $134,900.

ATLANTIC BCH, 4500sf office/ retail
building for sale or lease. (904)545-7994.
$20,000 CASH BACK! 2/1 home off
Beach Blvd, zoned for comm. business. At
closing buyer will receive $20,000 cash
back. Call Stacy (904)716-8813.
2800SF, MCGUIRE Mortgage on Penman
Rd. 246-9915.

1.5 blocks to ocean, studio, 1 & 2BR apts.
Pool & laundry room, $590/mo. & up.
No dogs. 241-2781 or 237-0552.
'2BR/1.5BA, screened porch, fenced yard,
garage, CH&A, yard service, WDHU. No
pets. $975/mo. 247-3718.
Neptune Bch, 2 blocks to ocean, 3/2.5
1750sf. WDHU $1800/mo. (904)487-
Townhouse, steps to Town Center, newer
interior, clean and move in ready, balcony,
fenced yard, 2BR, WDHU, great parking.
Short term/ long term. $985/mo., low utilit-
ies. pets ok 607-2794.
NORTH JAX Beach, 1BR $615/mo., 2BR
$715/mo. 1 block to Ocean. Pool. No
pets. (904)249-5368.

MAYPORT LANDING 3/2, renovated,
$850/mo. 270-1004.
NEPTUNE BEACH townhouse, 2/2.5, ga-
rage, pool, lawn service. Move- in now. 2
weeks free rent, $1150/mo.+ $800/dep.
208 Windswept Cir. 655-7361.

Frankie [r


*t 3BR/2BA, Mayport Landing, new
carpet, tile. $850/mo.
* 2BR/2BA, Mayport Landing, $700 -
$825/mo. Close to base. Move in
Special $200 off 1st month rent
+ 2BR/2BA,The Courtyards, new -
carpet, community pool. $750/mo.
+ 2BR/2BA, Condo, The Courtyards,
remodeled unit. $850/mo.

Jax Bch
+ 4/3 TH - Next to hospital, fenced
yard, I car garage. $1400/mo.
+ 2/1 Apt. walk to beach, patio in
back, remodeled, new carpet.
$850/mo. Move in Special
+ 3/3 Condo, tile & upgraded kitchen.
2 car garage. $1700/mo.
Neptune Beach
+ 2/2 Apt. Ocean views, water, W/D
included. $1200/mo
S Call us for
Professional Property Management
Call 249-2322

2BR/2BA APARTMENT, 2 bks to ocean,
ZlDn-Zt/D fr-n I IVICIY i, c UIRE [u uUU Im,
CH&A. $800/mo. Call (904)625-1881 or
172 1ST Ave. S. 1BR/1BA, CH&A, 1 block
from ocean, credit check, $650/mo.,
WALK TO beach, 208-214 10th Ave. No.,
2BR/ 1BA, $800/mo laundry room in build-
ing. Credit check. No pets. 514-8530.
WALK TO beach, 208-214 10th Ave. No.,
efficiencies, $550/mo laundry room in
building. Credit check. No pets. 514-8530.
2BR/2BA, $729/ mo. No Deposit, No
Application fee. (904)246-6475.
1 BLOCK to beach, 126 8th Ave. S.
2BR/ 1BA, CH&A, WDHU, no pets.

CLOSE TO base, fresh paint, very clean,
unfurnished, 1BR/1BA, CH&A, utilities &
satellite TV included, laundry on premises,
$675/mo. (904)247-4221.
ceramic tile floors, CH&A, laundry room,
patio, fenced yard, 1 yr. lease, no pets,
$950/mo. discounted rent, 993-1114.
ATLANTIC BEACH, 3/2 MH, Admiral's
Walk, all new, $820/mo. 223-5267.
S. JAX BCH, Palms at Marsh Landing.:
3BR/2BA, 1500sf., gated comm, vaulted
ceilings, fireplc, hrdwd. firs, upgraded
kitch, W/D incl, 2 pools, fitness, tennis,
tanning, cable incl. $1350/mo. Avail 6/1.
Call 514-1298 or 246-0855.
ATLANTIC BCH., 3BR/2BA, fenced yard.
$1200/mo. Owner R.E. Broker. 241-8117,
nue North, Jax Beach, NICE! 1BR/1BA,
gated, POOL, laundry, smaller PETS OK!
945/mo. +deposit. Available now!

Efficiency, $650/mo. water included. Call
townhome, tile floor, fireplace, large yard.
$790/mo. +$700/dep. 553 Stewart St.
280-2728 Iv. msg.

2BR 2BA townhouse w/ den. Energy effi-
cient, LR, DR, kitchen, skylights, deck,
CH/A, WDHU, carpet & tile. $1050/mo.,
$800/dep. No pets. 102 Poinsettia St., Atl
Bch. 241-2624.
SAWGRASS CC, Northgate, 2BR/2BA,
2100sf., 2 car garage. Fireplace. Water to
golf view. $1700/mo. Call Susan
LARGE 3BR/2.5BA townhouse, 1400sf.,
DR, kitchen, 3decks, ocean view, garage,
WDHU, CH&A, blinds, carpet, tile.
$1350/mo. +$1000/dep. NO PETS.
201 Margaret St. Neptune Beach.
OVER GARAGE apartment. 2BR/ 1BA,
fully furnished (TV included), full cable,
utilities included (except gas), A/C, se-
cure, quiet & private. No pets. S. Jax Bch.
$850/mo.+ $500/dep. 246-1832.
1 BLOCK to ocean, very nice 2BR/1BA,
CH&A, fireplace, WDHU, located at 170
1st Ave. S., JB. $875/mo. credit check.
PONTE VEDRA, 2BR/ 2BA, 1 car garage,
new paint & tile floors, W/D, fireplace,
vaulted ceiling/ skylight, clean & updated.
$850/mo.+ deposit. (904)827-1360,
1 BLOCK to ocean, 120 1st Ave. S., JB.
1BR/1BA, CH&A, sunroom, WDHU.
$695/mo. Credit check. 891-0606.

NEPTUNE BCH- small furnished 1BR JAX BEACH, 1BR, block to ocean.
apt., 2 blocks from ocean. All utilities in- $675/mo. Owner R.E. Broker. 241-8117,
cluded, $790/mo. +sec dep. 247-7910. 703-7652.

LORA ST. Studio w/ garage. Water soft-
ener & laundry. Just 1.5 blocks to ocean.
Peaceful, shaded & private. $725/mo. Call
Rick 891-2345.
MAYPORT/ ATL Bch., Brick townhome,
.CH&A, WDHU, 2 & 3BR's, $750 &
$875/mo. 724-9994, Ashley
Conveniently located near JTB and shop-
ping in quiet Ponte Vedra Ct. Condomini-
ums. WDHU, CH&A, new carpet and tile.
No pets. $895/mo. +dep. 249-6150.
ATLANTIC BCH 2BR/1BA, completely re-
,modeled, screened porch, WDHU, CH&A,
6 blocks to beach, $895/mo. 254-7752.
JAX BEACH, 636 9th Ave S., 2BR/1.5BA
townhome. $900/mo. +deposit. Credit
check. CH&A, WDHU, fenced yard. No
cats. 221-5833.
NEPTUNE BCH, near ocean. Nice mod-
ern well taken care of 2BR Apt. All amen-
ites, $980/mo. Also 1 BR Apt $775/mo.

(2) 1BR apts, $650/mo. +dep. and Effi- MOBILE HOMES. $525 to $575, on pri-
ciency $550/mo. +dep. 2 blocks from vate lots. Near Mayport Naval Station, no
beach, 249-6748. dogs, 333-5579.

NEPTUNE BEACH, upstairs, 2BR/1BA,
large LR/DR, nice kitchen, W/D, dish-
washer, 1 block to beach. $1100/mo.
Townhome, 3/2.5, 1475sf. garage, W/D
incl., No Smokers, No pets, $1275/mo,
Available July 1, 655-2718 Iv msg.
8 BLOCKS to beach, 2BR/1.5BA town-
home WDHU, tile fldors, fenced yard.
$950/mo. Pets ok w/dep., 887 8th Ave.
South, (904)608-6678.

7th Street North, $1125/mW. +deposit.
716-0579. .'




We got rentals.
Too many to list.
Homes, condos and

241-5501 221-1711


One Bed

Two Bed
Starting a


at $620
at $775

* Senior Discount
" Pets are welcome
" Washer/Dryer Connections
* Water & Pest Control Incl.
* $99 Security Deposit
2130 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach



We have
as well As Homes
from UNF to

Ponte Vedra.
PHOTOS Visible at
our Web Site:


views, 2000sf, garage..& balconies.
$2000/mo.+, (904)249-7802.
NEP BCH, East of 3rd. 1/2 duplex ,1200sf,
huge bedrooms, split layout, 2/2, ceramic
tile, screened back porch, fenced yard,
parking for three, WDHU, CH/A.
$1030/mo+ sec. 247-3191.

JAX BCH townhouse, 2BR/ 1.5BA. 717
6th Ave. S. Close to beach & hospital.
Rear deck & balcony, new paint, WDHU.
$975/mo+ sec. dep. Call for appt. 721-
1546 ext. 4. Century 21'.

PONTE VEDHRA, mThe Colony at thme
beach. 2BR/2BA condo, high ceilings
1200sf., almost new appliances/carpet.
Natural preserve views. W/D, fireplace,
garage. East of A1A. $1095/mo. Janet
Wells, 635-6375.

washer/ dryer, lawn maintenance, Walk
to ocean. $1200/mo. Available Now.
246-6444 x17 or 343-0009.
CUTE AND Cozy, Beach living, 1BR,
$500/mo. Home Locators, 855-8988.
3BR/2.5BA,. in a gated community with
pool & tennis. Close to shopping and a
short walk to the beach. New 18x18 tile
floors in living area. New carpet, new fix-
tures and fresh paint. Fireplace, glassed in
Florida room, 1 car garage. The unit
shows like new. $1500/mo. Available now.
Call Dave (904)962-4884 or Diane
PVB, 3BR/2.5BA, 1800sf. townhouse.
East of A1A in the Fountains, Community
Pool, Grade A Schools. $1250/mo.
NEPTUNE BEACH, 3BR/2BA w/fireplace
and pool. 2 car garage. $1800/mo. in-
cludes lawn and pool care. Call Susan
ATLANTIC BEACH, 379 First St. 2 blocks
to ocean, 1 block from town center.
3BR/2.5BA townhouse. New paint and.
carpet. No pets, Non-smoking. $1800/mo.

RENT TO Own Homes. All areas, sizes,
prices. Call and tell your needs. Home Lo-
cators. 855-8988.
Atlantic Beach, 3/2, 2600sf, separate of-
fice, enormous kitchen, pool. 2 blocks
from beach. $2400/mo. (904)591-6877
JAX BEACH, 3BR/2BA home, 4 blocks to
beach, completely renovated, like new,
super clean, no smoking/ no pets,
$1500/mo. +deposit, 321-987-0012.
BIG 4BR/2BA brick house, shade trees,
nice home. $950/mo. Home Locators.
MAYPORT AREA, 4BR/2BA, large Florida
room, W/D included, enclosed patio. 2460
Montreal St.,' $1300/mo. +deposit,
6 month lease. 710-6896.
Vacation Home for Rent 4BR/4BA, week-
ly, monthly, yearly. Call (904)249-8269.
PVB, 3/2, 1300sf, garage, quiet street,
$1350/mo. 315-6558.
new appliances, carport, $1000/mo + dep.
1102 Green Cay Ave. 249-3214, 945-
N. JAX BCH, 3/1+ office. Newly remod-
eled, storage shed, fenced backyard.
Great neighborhood. $1200/mo. 241-
ATLANTIC BEACH, near Mayport Naval
Station, 2BR house $975/mo. Home Loca-
tors. 855-8988.
ATLANTIC BEACH, newer, beautiful
3BR/2.5BA, 1car garage, 1800sf., vaulted
ceiling, hardwood, small fenced yard.
$1595/mo. You'll be moving soon if you
just call June at (904)994-3608. ReMax
new end unit, W/D. $1000/mo. 588-4691.
BEACH LIVING, 2BR, hardwood floors,
close to shopping. $750/mo. Home Loca-
tors. 855-8988.
530 MYRA St. Neptune Beach. 2BR/1BA,
CH&A, clean,, great neighborhood, no
pets, $1050/mo,. +$900 sec dep.
Call 249-5003.
ATL. BCH. 755 Plaza, 3/1, 1200sf. Pet
Friendly, $975/mo. +dep. 234-6878.
NEPTUNE BEACH, 3BR/2BA, remodeled
kitchen, $975/mo. Home Locators.
3BR 2BA house, kit., DR; LR, CH/A,
WDHU, hardwood floors/ carpet, Ig. 2 car
carport, $1200/mo. $800/dep. NO PETS.
1651 7th St. S., Jax Bch. 241-2624.
NEPTUNE BEACH Home $1200/mo.
3BR/2BA,. Great neighborhood. WDHU,
tile floors. Pet Deposit. Fridge included,
Fenced yard, near schools. 403-3831,
2/1 HOME, off Beach Blvd. Residential/
Commercial zoning. 12 blocks from
beach. $1100/mo. Call Ted 904-537-7896.
View, 2car gar, 1700sf., fireplace, master
suite w/jacuzzi, community pool, newly
renovated. No pets/ smoking, $1450/mo.
(904)343-0161, (904)759-0757
fireplace, 2 car garage, fenced yard,
lawn service. Unfurnished. $1190/mo.
910-4402 or 642-3517.
NEAR NAVY Base, 3BR/2BA, lease op-
tion. $950/mo. Home Locators. 855-8988.

$675/MO, 2/1, CH&A, WDHU, new carpet,
cul-de-sac, $1000 deposit, Atlantic Beach,
OAK HARBOR, 3/1, fenced backyard.
Near boat ramp & Mayport. Available 5/1.
$975/mo. +security, 241-8003.
ATLANTIC BCH, 4BR/ 2BA, 405 Royal
Palms Dr. $1250/mo. Rent to own. 710-
8083 or 824-6813.
NICE 3BR/2BA, big yard. $1200/mo.
Home Locators. 855-8988.
JAX BEACH, 2/2.5 't1lWhhdrhetile/-carpet,
Oarage . ,i290/,o ., ,O ,MGMNT.
o904;246-425. '.
REMODELED 3BR/ 2BA, 798 Triton Rd.
$1400/mo. Rent to own. 710-8083 or 824-
Canal front 3BR/2BA home 6-ft at low tide,
floating dock, super clean, new A/C, water
softner, no smoking/ no pets, large private
yard, no houses behind or in front, awe-
. some views of marsh and intracoastal, re-
cently renovated. $1800/mo. +deposit,
PVB- DOLPHIN Cove 3BR/2BA, w/great
room & garage. Large fenced backyard,
patio. On cul-de-sac, newly renovated.
$1350/mo. +dep. Available mid May,
241!4950 343-0161 (cell)
PONTE VERDA, 2BR/2BA, washer/ dryer,
comm. pool/tennis. $1350/mo., 338-8697.
NEPTUNE BEACH, 4BR/2BA, close to
beaches and schools. Brand new carpet/
paint. Excellent condition. Large backyard.
$1450/mo. +deposit. Will consider small
pet. Please call 904-465-7186.
3212 ANTIGUA Drive- Ocean Cay Devel-
opment. 4BR/3BA, 2 car garage. Quiet
-neighborhood, Short walk to beach, com-
munity pool. $2300/mo., lyr. lease.
891-2136 or 254-0122.
3BR/2BA, OCEAN' Forest, JB. 2100sf.,
2car garage, tile & wood floors, Ig. tub.
Excellent neighborhood. Avail. June 1.
$1350/mo. (904)881-8590.
PVB, SOLANO Woods, 3/2, ceramic/
wood floors, lawn included. $1500/mo.
TDO MGMNT. (904)246-1125.,
LG 3BR/ 2BA, garage, fenced yard. 912
Penman Rd. $1400/mo. Rent to own.
710-8083 or 824-6813.
* * *
3/ 2.5, 2-story, gorgeous lake view, guard/
gated, tennis, pool, lawn service. Pets ok.
Non-smoking. 1st month 1/2 off.
$1900/mo. (904)487-9290.
4-BLOCKS TO Ocean..1BR/1BA, all tile.
$699/mo.+ deposit. 405 Lower 8th Ave.
South. 534-2120.
ATLANTIC BEACH Townhouse. 363
Aquatic Dr. 3BR/2BA, fenced yard. good
location. $1050/mo. +deposit. 982-0416.
1226 Cape Charles Ave., nice 3BR/2BA,
family room, tile/ berber, large utility, patio,
fence $1250/mo., lease.
1129 Sebago Ave South, beautiful
3BR/2BA, new kitchen, new bath, tile/ ber-
ber, large utility, patio, fence. $1150/mo.,
lease (904)612-8868.
ATLANTIC BEACH very nice home 4/2/2.
Fenced yard, $1250/mo. 247-4959.
FIND YOUR true beach lifestyle in this
Atlantic. Bch. cottage. 1 1/2 blks. to
ocean. 3BR/2BA, fireplace, screened.
porch, deck, eat-in kit. 450 Garden Ln.
$1675/mo. 904-553-3528.
2/2 patio home, new appi, fresh paint,
vaulted ceiling. Golf course view & creek.
(904)838-3920. Avail 5/1. $1500/mo.
NEPTUNE BEACH, 3/2, wood floors,
1200sf., $1250/mo. . TDO MGMNT.
beach, fireplace, pool, 1500sf. $1295/mo.
+security. 904-610-7267.
JAX BEACH 3/2/2, pool, fireplace,
$1550/mo, 249-1890.
JAX BEACH- near ocean, 3BR/1BA.
CH/A. Lease, references required. 218 4th
Ave. South. $1195/mo. (904)221-4134,

PVB/ BELLEZA- 1BR/1BA, 2nd floor
$850/mo.. (904)708-3809.
2BR/2.5BA, completely remodeled, new
appliances, beautiful lake view, screened
in patio deck, 5 - 10 minutes from beach-
es. www.geocities.com/pvb05/page2.html
$1200/mo (904)686-0068.


rloarCifid 32

M a 2- 20nn

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

Classified 3

PONTE VEDRA, Summer House, 1BR, w/
pool, fitness, spa, concierge, many ameni-
ties. $850/mo. 2 weeks rent free with
one year lease. Pets welcome. (904)448-
JAX BEACH South, 811 S. 1st St.
2BR/1BA, remodeled 1st floor duplex, un-
furnished, 100 ft. from ocean. Pool,
CH&A, WDHU. No pets, 1 parking space.
$999/mo. +$1000/security deposit.
ground floor w/garage, beach access/
handicap access. All new appliances in-
cluding washer/ dryer, pool, gym,
$1500/mo., Avail now. Approved pets wel-
come. (904)813-0304.

shared electric, corner of Beach Blvd. and
San Pablo Rd. in established retail center.
BEACHES OFFICE space available, Met-
ropolitan Building in Jacksonville Beach. 1
office with assistant station available. In-
cludes full use of reception area, confer-
ence room w/ocean view, kitchen, high
speed internet, copier and reserved park-
ing space in building garage. Share space
with 3 attorneys. Call 247-1755 or email:
ATLANTIC BCH, 950- 3,500sf office
space at $10 per sq. ft. Newer construc-
tion. (904)545-7994.

Ocean view, 3BR/2BA, 4th floor, garage JAX BEACH, 711 S. 3rd Street. Single
parking, pool. $1800/mo. Pets Ok. East room office, $375/mo. TDO Management,
Coast Realty, 247-4724. 246-1125.

ness, pools, tennis, beach, more.
$950/mo. 710-5200.
JAX BEACH, Palms at Marsh Landing,
2BR/2BA, gated community, furnished,
screened patio, lake view, tile floors, Ber-
ber carpet, new appliances, W/D included,
2 pools, tennis court, jacuzzi, tanning,
beautiful fitness center, clubhouse. Must
see. $1095/mo. (904)993-0567.
PV, 2 story, 2BR/2.5BA, close to JTB and
A1A, Cranes Lake. $1200/mo. 223-2210.
PONTE VEDRA Furnished 2BR/2BA con-
do, 2nd floor. Gated. $1100/mo.
Available TPC week. 273-1256.
SPINNAKER 1BR/1BA. Elegantly furnish-
ed. Steps to Ocean. Garage, Avail 4/1.
$1600/mo. 708-4022.
THE PALMS at Marsh Landing,
2BR/2BA, partially furnished. Many ameni-
ties. $1100/mo. (904)273-2917.
SOUTHSIDE, 3BR/2BA condo at II Villag-
io, brand new, all amenities. 955-1357.
PVB 2/2 ground fl unit w/screened
porch, W/D, +frplc, dry cleaning services,
shuttle service to the beach, onsite fitness
instructor, poolside bar, monthly cocktail
parties and MORE!! $850/mo. Doug
2BR/2BA CONDO, Jax Beach, 1250sf.,
1 car garage. $1100/mo. (904)318-9194.
PALMS AT Marsh. Landing- 1st floor,
2BR/2BA, hardwood floors, granite, marsh
view, $1000/mo. 904-613-7605.
JAX BEACH 14th Ave. N. '1BR/1BA,
1 block to beach. Non-smoker. $895/mo.
2124sf; private garage;'fitness ctr; pools.
Renee L. Baron, Inc. (904) 242-2821
view, next to pool, 5-star amenities.
$775/mo. (904)422-2401.
Corporate studio, luxurious furnishings,
PGA Spa Laterra, beach and golf privileg-
es. Short/ Long term. $1200/mo.
PVB, 2BR/2BA, gated, fireplace, ground
floor, $1050/mo., Call 864-2440.
S. JAX Beach Valencia- 2/2.5, gated
community with amenities. $1350/mo. San
Marco Properties, (904)396-1324.
PVB, 2BR/1.5BA TH Very clean & nice.
$895/mo. Avail now. (904)333-3844.
GRAND CAY, 2/2, gated, amenities, view,
hardwood, new carpet, garage. $1050/mo.
Ready 5/1. (904)534-1045.
CONVENIENT .TO UNF, 2/2 w/gar.
$1050/mo. PVP, Easy access JTB, furn.,
2/2, $1150/mo. - Unfurn. 2/2, $1050/mo.
Heart of PV, gated Ocean Grove, 2/2
$995/mo. Gated Grand Cay, 2/2,
$1050/mo. all amenities! Upscale 3/2 w/
bonus room, gated, w/garage at JTB &
A1A, $1800. Large 4/3.5 w/ fenced yard,
St. Johns Co. Schools, Walden Trace,
$1950/mo. Neptune Beach, marsh front,
2/1.5, fenced yard $950/mo. Florida
Coastal Realty 2497676 (2).,,-,: ;,.
PONTE VEDRA, Excellent 2BR/2BA, 2nd
floor, tree views all rooms, neutral colors,
almost new appliances/ carpet, high ceil-
ings, W/D, fireplace, garage. Walk to
beach. $1095/mo. Janet Wells, 635-6375.
PVB. 2BR/2BA, w/fireplace, new applian-
ces, washer/ dryer, many amenities.
$950/mo. 472-0914.
South. 1BR/1BA units, pool, no pets. 1
parking space. Unfurnished 2nd floor cor-
ner unit, newly remodeled and beautiful.
All new appliances, counters, cabinets
and floors. $1399/mo. Furnished 1st floor
unit $1499/mo. Call (904)463-1036.
LOVE THE BEACH? Located in presti-
gious Ponte Vedra/ Sawgrass, Beach
Club Villa, just steps to ocean, Furnished
efficiency with W/D. Short term/ Long
term. 242-0411.
1803 Challenger Court West. Large
2BR/2BA, loft, tile/ berber, courtyard,
$895/mo., lease, 904-612-8868.
OCEAN FRONT, Jax Beach, 3BR/2BA,
newer, pool, no pets, garage, year lease,
$2400/mo. Avail 6/1 , Call 904-463-2006.
1BR/1BA in The Grand Reserve, near
UNF/ Beaches. W/D included; Vaulted
ceiling; FP, Golf course side/ view. Ameni-
ties include swimming pool, hot tub, gym,
volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts.
$850/mo. +$850/dep. Call 904-292-1719.
1st St. 3BR/2BA, new paint & flooring,
washer/dryer, large balcony. 1400sf.
Great location. No dogs. $1750/mo. +de-
posit 703-8184, 881-4730.
OCEANFRONT, N. Jax Beach, luxury
2BR/2BA, garage. $1850/mo. Call

S. JAX Bch. 2BR, fully furnished, ocean-
front condo. Monthly/ Weekly. 241-0267.
OCEANFRONT 4BR/2BA, beautiful con-
do; Also totally renovated Marsh Landing
Country Club 4BR house. 904-537-4083.

ROOM IN house in PV. Community has
pool and tennis courts. House is
3BR/2BA. Utilities, laundry and high speed
internet included. $590/mo. No deposit.
$550/mo +deposit, includes utilities
MALE 24, sports minded, wants room-
mate to share large apt. near Marsh Land-
ing in Ponte Vedra. Private room, full bath,
walk in closet, upstairs end unit, rent
$400/mo. +utilities- (elec, cable, internet,
water, approx $100). Use of 42" plasma
TV, play station II, pool, exercise room,
tennis. Call Randy:(904)472-1299 leave
NEPTUNE BCH- beautiful townhome to
share, 2BR/2.5BA W/D, fireplace, pool,
quiet, upscale community. $600/mo. +util-
ities. (904)571-5517.

Large furnished room w/ bath. All ameni-
ties, $150/week. 803-6560.
JAX BEACH, 1 bedroom w/private bath.
$500/mo.. Walk to beach. (904)237-4354.
ROOM FOR RENT, private bath & en-
trance. $380/mo. Responsible, Non
smoker. 247-2818.
JAX BEACH, clean, complete cable; kitch-
en privileges, 241-3377.
NICE, CLEAN 3BR/2BA. $400/mo. +utilit-
ies Call 334-6266.

PABLO STATION, 9000sf retail professio-
nal, corner Beach Blvd & San Pablo Rd.

7 offices, conference room, kitchen. Will
sub-divide. 3yr lease. 333-5608.

Prime class-A space for lease. On Isabella
Blvd. Walk to Starbucks in S. Jax Beach.
1230sf. Below market rate. 5% Broker
Commission. 910-2256.
OFFICE SPACE for rent, shared recep-
tion/ waiting area, shared kitchen/ break
area. Centralized beaches location behind
Harry's Seafood Restaurant, 401 9th Ave.
N. 247-3777.



* Short or Long Term
* Secretarial Services

* Conference Room
* East of A1A/
walk to beach
* Close to shopping/
For more information,

(904) 543-7000

1400SF, MCGUIRE Mortgage on Penman
Rd. 246-9915.
OFFICE WITH Warehouse, 2400sf. Near
Philips & 9A, 2 executive offices/ Admin
area/ conference rm /warehse $1800/mo.

FREE CATS and Kittens to approved
homes. Call 242-0224.
FREE KITTENS born on St. Patrick's Day!

POMERANIAN PUPPY, 3mos, friendly &
sweet. Potty trained. $350- have first shot
records. 303-8886 Audrey.
CKC/ tails docked. 100% pure. $500-
$550. Ready May 10. Taking deposits
now. Both parents on site. 677-6453.

CKC CHINESE Crested Powderpuff Pup-
pies.All Females.$300. Call 707-7971.

HOMELESS PETS for adoption- Cats &
dogs. 246-3600.
"FFOND" 4/27 in Jax Beach, Boker mix,
bridle, female dog. 501bs., very friendly:
Call (301)592-7295.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified @ beachesleader.com

The Board of Adjustment for the City of
Jacksonville Beach, Florida will meet and
hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May
20, 2008, at 7:00 p.m in the Council
Chambers, located at 11 North 3rd
Street, Jacksonville Beach to consider
'following variance application:

""Cam m~l~llRS

BOA 08-100046 City of Jacksonville
Beach Land Development Code Sec-
tion: 34-373 (f), for gravel in lieu of pav-
ing to allow for 11 required parking
spaces, for property located at 325
North 17th Avenue, more specifically,
Lots 5 through 7, BIk 184, Pablo Beach
A copy of the above referenced applica-
tion(s) is available for review in the office
of the Planning and Development Depart-
ment, 11 North 3rd Street, during normal
business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm).

If a person decides to appeal any decision
by the Board of Adjustment with respect to
any matter considered at any meeting,
such person may need a record of the
proceedings, and, for such purpose, such
person may need to ensure that a verba-
tim record of the proceedings is made,
which record includes the testimony and
evidence upon which the appeal is to be
The public is encouraged to speak on is-
sues on this Agenda that concern them.
Anyone who wishes to speak should sub-
mit the request to the recording secretary
prior to the beginning of the meeting.
In accordance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, Flori-
da Statutes, persons with disabilities
needing special accommodation to partici-
pate in this meeting should contact the
Planning and Development Department
no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day preced-
ing the meeting.

BL 5/2/08
tice of Foreclosure of Lien and intent to
sell these vehicles on 05/15/, 9:00 am at
32233, pursuant to subsection 713.78 of
the Florida Statutes.
the right to accept or reject any and/or all
,1972 721971019 SCATC
1979 F10GUFA7470 FORD
1981 WDBBA45A2BB005589 MER-
1982 WPOAA0920CN451393 PORSCHE
1985 1JCUB7720FT166326 AMERICAN
1986 1HGBA7428GA042917 HONDA
1990 1GCCS14Z3L8110309 CHEVY
1990 1HGCB7553LA004614 HONDA
1991 1HGED3547ML000641 HONDA
1992 JN1 HJ01 FONT006120 NISSAN
1993 3B4GM07Y6PM104625 DODGE
1993 JHMEH6163PS001242 HONDA
1993 1GKEC16K8PJ737483 GMC
1994 1FARP11J3RW136428 FORD
1994 1G2JB54H5R7594993 PONTIAC
1994 1G4BT52P8RR415398 BUICK
1994 1GCCS14Z9R8233993 CHEVY
1994 1N6SD11S8RC338306 NISSAN
1995 1G8ZG5285SZ219239 SATURN
1995 1N4AB41D1SC771615 NISSAN
1996 1 G1 LD55M6TY123455 CHEVY
1996 1FALP42XiTF110637 FORD
1997 JT3GN86R1V0040183 TOYOTA
1997 3C3EL55H8VT554605 CHRYSLER
1997 4M2DV1119VDJ00558 MERCURY
1997 1G6KD54Y9VU237597 CADILLAC
1998 2G1FP22K5W2148676 CHEVY
1998 2FAFP74W3WX102700 FORD
1999 1G2NE12EOXM715762 PONTIAC
1999 1G2NE52T6XC549677 PONTIAC
2000 2FMZA5146YBA50183 FORD
2001 2G1WF52E719294463 CHEVY
2002 1G3NL52F82C242144 OLDS
2002 1FAFP40472F187517 FORD'
BL 5/2/08

Dancers Corps, ages 8-11; Saturday,
May.31st,1,.-4 pm; Ocean Yoga Studio, At-
lantid' Becdh; Registration fee $10; Call
'Libby at 521-7097 for more information.
IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified @ beachesleader.com
ENRICHMENT. FL licensed teacher. Fin-
ish the year w/confidence. SAT prepara-
tion, creative writing. Tutor at your home.

PART-TIME, in -our main dining room.
Flexible schedule includes holidays and
weekends. Applications available at Fleet
Landing Security Gate, One Fleet Landing
Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233; Fax to
(904)246-9447; email tojobs@fleetland-
ing.com EOE/ Drug-Free Workplace.

1. Rhea's "Cheers"
6. Have a few too
10. Spare tire
13. Elementary
school quintet
14. Androcles'
15." had it!"
16. "Cats," for one
18. Beat it
19. Satum model
20. Midlife
22. Toss a monkey
wrench into
27. Stovetop vessel
28. Dealt in stocks
29. Lead ore
31. Dog-_(shabby)
32. It may be cracked
33. Way too smooth
36. Flow back
37. Shlepped
38. Sandra of
39. Like Easter eggs
41. 2000 Oscar role
for Julia
42. Powerful sharks
44. "_you are"
(invitation words)
46. Hospital solution
47. Chewy candy
49. Designated as a
51. Porto , Brazil
52. Beehive State
53. Marceau's mime
54. Drilling tool
61. Prefix with duct
62. Madagascar tree-
63. Pick on
64. Track action

City of Atlantic Beach. $11.19/hr; 2 yrs.
admin. exp. preferred. Must be available
for approx. 3 night meetings per month on
3rd Tues. each month at 6:00 p.m. and
2nd & 4th Wed. each month at 7:00 p.m.
Applications accepted until 5/14/08, 800
Seminole Rd., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233.
For more info call (904)247-5820 or visit
www.coab.us. No smokers or tobacco
users. Drug testing conducted. EOE.
PRIVATE SCHOOL bus company needs
P/T drivers. Please call 246-3085.
ARE YOU patient, loving, & energetic?
Then Christ Church at San Pablo needs
you! We need additional nursery staff on
Sunday mornings and for special events.
Call Leila Quinlan at 285-7390 x246 for
further info.
MEDICAL QFFICE/ family practice- Front
office staff, part time. Fax resume to:
"P/T LAWN +ain hte$hce help needTed,
220-2250. ..r, . -1 j
PART-TIME 2-6pm, several days per
week. Organized, hard working , detail ori-
ented. Goldfinder's Furniture 241-5558.
BASKIN ROBBINS, Atlantic Beach, Cake
Decorator, P/T. Call (904)241-6603.
PART-TIME Data Entry, M-F 9:00- 2:00
OR 2:00- 7:00 (2 positions). 30-year-old
consulting company located at Hodges
Blvd. and JTB is seeking two people to fill
their Data Entry position. Reliability a
must! Basic computer skills are required,
knowledge of Word & Outlook necessary.
Must be able to accurately input customer
information into a computerized database
system. Experience in answering a
multi-line telephone system is desired
$7.50-$8.00/hr.. Please email your re-
sume to csilva@balescompany.com or
FAX to 421-2100

_ !~lll~~




Menmc.rn-l Health -.I pleiJd t.i .-elcome Kenneth
lit2. M iD t.-. in..r .:a .tle amnil, 1'ledi:i ne Dr. I-tz
v.ill be a.cc:pt"l , ie.. pateFi-t , t a - .ell as serving
eI/.sting p.iltnt a of Gar, ',r.'renh ld. 1.D Dr Winfheld
retired in late Janu-r,

K r;


J3.:k.,S , rvllle Dr o
BBscn i'^
Regionl , ,

J Tuirer Buler Bil ,


Appointments are available
by calling



630 Jacksonville Drive,
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

65. Blue-pencil
66. Composer

1. Urban ride
2. _ Lingus
3. Brazilian hot spot
4. Mauna
5. Took for no credit
6. Quaker pronoun
7. Word of awe
8. Caused a tingling
sensation in
9. Menu offering
10. Glove
compartment item
11. Be of use to
12. All wound up
14. Tart taste
17. Blue dye

21. "Pay _ mind" 48. Greek salad
22. Jouster's mount morsel
23. Sheik's home of 50. Comic Russian .
song actor Mischa
24. Place to cook ribs 55. Bon _ (cleanser
25. Horatian work brand)
26. Swellhead 56. Drop from the
30. Mideast's Gulf of roster
57. Comfy room
32. Mrs. Dithers 58. Halloween flier
34. Africa's Sierra _ 59. Prefix with metric
35. Acted the toady 60. X
37. Moved unsteadily
40. Rapper Snoop
42. Printer's primary
43. Hoppy brew
45. Statue material
46. Mex. miss
47. Influential sort

NEED: TYPEWRITER repair. Old, electric
Royal Desk model. Phone 249-7015.
PART-TIME FOOD Prep Person. 20-
25hrs./ week. Call after 2pm 247-8886.

HELP WANTED classifications in this
newspaper are intended to announce gen-
uine current job openings. No fees may be
charged to the prospective employee. Ads
for self-employment or business opportu-
nities appear under the Business Opportu-
nities category. Ads which may require
payment of fees for employment informa-
tion, guidance or training may appear un-
der Job Service. Should any Help Wanted
advertiser ask for a fee or if the advertiser
is offering a product or service rather than
a job opening, please notify The Beaches
Leader, 249-9033.
NO PANTYHOSE! Fast paced office/
sales assistant needed. Must have com-
pg),Qtq elhqne & sales exp. (Tues/ Wed/
Thurs $8.00- $10.00/hr) Non-smoker pre-
ferred. (904)247-6683.

5:00, M-F. Jacksonville Beach office.
Need excellent people skills. Please fax
resume to 904-246-9008.
needed for sales/ listings, 993-5626. Help-
U-Sell Coastal Realty.
BEACHES CAR Wash- full time help
needed, Wages negotiable+ tips. Benefits
Avail. Apply in person, 1401 Beach Blvd.
looking for full or part time barista. To
apply, email resume to:
coffeeshop235 @ yahoo.com.
PALMS SUMMER Camp is now hiring
counselors for an 8 week camp, June 12th
thru Aug 8th. Hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
or 9am-6pm. Counselors must be de-
pendable, have high energy, and a can do
attitude. Experience preferred but not re-
quired. EOE 247-0983.
FULL-Time 3-11pm shift at a Premier Re-
tirement Community. Excellent benefit
package, competitive wages, good work-
ing environment. Applications available at
Fleet Landing Security Gate, One Fleet
Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL; Fax to
(904)246-9447; email to: jobs@fleetland-
ing.com EOE/ Drug-Free Workplace.
trim, must have tools and transportation.
Call Kevin (904)339-4276.
TEACHERS & Teacher Assistants, DCF
40 hours a plus. Benefits. Church pre-
school. 249-1204 or fax 221-3550.

FULL-TIME at a Premier Retirement Com-
munity. Experience required. Interior and
some Exterior painting. Excellent benefits.
Applications at Fleet Landing Security
Gate, One Fleet Landing Blvd., Atlantic
Beach, FL; Fax to 904-246-9447; email to
obs@fleetlanding.com. EOE/ Drug-Free
house/ETL Developer needed in Jackson-
ville, FL. Position requires bachelor's de-
gree or foreign equivalent in any field, plus
3 years work experience in large retail
consumer intelligence, data warehousing,
or enterprise-reporting environment, in-
volving domain knowledge of finance, qat-
egory management, marketing store oper-
ations, or supply chain functions. Work
experience must consist of 2 years of
Websphere DataStage (formerly As-
cential), Teradata Tools and Utilities, BTQ,
DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server in a multi-
platform environment. Must possess
knowledge of current applications and
trends in Data Warehousing and ETL.
Please e-mail resumes to
jamessladicka@winn-dixie.com at Winn-
Dixie Stores. Refer to job code SJ in the
subject line.
BUSY ANIMAL clinic looking for a part-
time or full-time Receptionist, experience
helpful but not required. Apply in person at
Atlantic East Pet Center, 519 Atlantic
Blvd, Atl. Bch.
pital 13185 Atlantic Blvd. People person
with animal and computer experience re-
quired. Apply in person. 221-6783.
FHA/ VA/ Conv full service lender.
993-5626 Eric Halter.
HomeSource Lending.
Experienced Line Cooks, Dishwasher, &
Prep Cooks needed to assist in all aspects
of our successful 10 yr. operation. Good
pay and great people to work with. If you
have tried the rest, come work with the
best. 285-0139.
FULL time with excellent benefits at Pre-
mier Retirement Community. Applications
available at Fleet Landing Security Gate,
One Fleet Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach,
FL 32233; Fax resume to (904)246-9447;
email to: jobs@fleetleanding.com Web-
site at www.fleetlanding.com. EOE/
Drug-Free Workplace.

employs individuals in a variety of posi-
tions. For a listing of current opportunities
please visit us in person at 11 N. 3rd St.,
2nd floor, send an email to:
personnel@jaxbchfl.net, or visit our
website: www.cojb.jobs Drug free work
environment, EOE, VP.
FULL TIME window cleaner needed.
Clean driving record a must. Email re-
sume to: supercleanservices@yahoo.com
Beaches dental team wants experienced
high energy clinical assistant w/ ability and
desire to run front office. Experience w/
PracticeWorks preferred. We value people
who appreciate fine dentistry and all the
systems necessary to support that. 273-
9999 or Dr. Soud after hours at 571-9486.
GOLF COURSE Maintenance and Asst.
Golf Supt. Full-time. Queens Harbor, good
pay, good benefits. Chris 221-5259.
Saturday & Sunday, 16 hour shifts in our
Assisted Living Facility at a Premiere Re-
tirement Community Excellent benefits.
Apply at Fleet Landing, One Fleet Landing
Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL; Fax to (904)246-
9447; email to: jobs@fleetlanding.com
EOE/ Drug-Free Workplace.
CLERICAL POSITION available: Typing,
dictation, A/R, Quickbooks, Excel, com-
uter skills. College degree or teaching
background a plus. Resume to:
conut@bellsouth.net. Consolidated Utili-
tes fax (904)249-2277.
DATA ENTRY Operator needed for West
Beaches Financial Co. FIT, excellent ben-
efits. Email resume to:
dcaldwell@triadfs.com or fax to
SHIPYARD WORKERS (skilled, all types)
willing to travel, stevedoring workers for
local worker, construction personnel (skil-
led and unskilled). (904)726-5661.
3 Pool Techs needed. Experience prefer-
red, but will train. Clean driving record.
401k, health benefits. Please call
ant/ Assistant. Exp. preferred, but not re-
quired. Must be energetic, personable, &
hardworking. Apply in person at 1210 N.
3rd St., Jax Bch.
Full-time in our Assisted Living Facility at
a premier retirement community. HHA
Certificate required. Applications available
at Fleet Landing Security Gate, One Fleet
Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233;
Fax to (904)246-9447; email to:
jobs@fleetlanding.com EOE/ Drug-Free
SOUTH BEACH SALON has chair rental
available. Call Jerry, 673-3639.
POOL SERVICE Tech. Good driving re-
cord. Will train right person. Call Pool
Pro's. 400-4943. Ask for Aaron.
Looking for a take charge person to man-
age a growing portfolio of properties in the
Beaches Area. Must have a CAM license
or be working towards one. Salary plus
commission & benefits. Fax Resume to
NOW HIRING deckhands on DEEP SEA
FISHING BOAT. Drug test required, no
experience, necessary, full and part time
positions, min. age 16. Must have own
transportation. Call 220-6363.
RN/ LPN for pediatric office. Exp. neces-
sary. Phone triage, shots & front desk du-
ties. Fax resume: (904)241-9006.

Taxi Drivers needed to work Beach and
Intercoastal areas, at least 23 yrs. old,
good driving record. Call 249-0360.
PRESSURE WASHER, no experience
necessary. $8/hr to start, up to $15/hr in
1st year. CALL AFTER 6PM, 994-0045.
SEEKING STYLIST, Esthetician, Massage
Therapist & Nail Technician for busy Day
Spa/ Salon in Jax Bch. Must be people
person. Please apply in person at Casan-
dra & Company, 815 Third Street N.,
SMALL ENGINE Mechanic needed in
Ponte Vedra area. Call 285-0960.
Top pay, insurance & benefits. ICW area
220-2012. Baymeadows area 519-0004.

Lawn service seeks individual to perform
dependable quality work. Excellent pay &
overtime available. Crew Leaders wanted.
Perschel Brothers Services, Inc. 246-
MEDICAL ASSISTANT experienced Back
Office. Call 241-8300 or fax resume
SMALL ALF in Atlantic Beach seeks full-
time 3pm-11pm and part-time 7am-3pm
and 11pm-7am staff. Please call Gloria at
249-3233. EOE.
HAIR & NAILS booth rental. Great new
salon, 630 S. 3rd St., Jax Bch. $200 per
week. Call Jimma or Dixie 246-2121.

L y a , I-, I ---



clQ if;iol

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008

in Jacksonville, FL. Position requires
bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering,
or related field and two (2) years experi-
ence in IT or related field with proficiency
in at least one (1) major programming lan-
guage and one (1) scripting language
such as an Application Framework (Java,
.NET, COBOL, PeopleSoft, Retail, Main-
frame JCL, etc.), or Application Design
(Object Classes, Message Queues, XML,
SOAP, Class Libraries, Relational Data-
base, Security) or Application Develop-
ment Methods/Tools (Unified Process,
RUPP, FAD, XP, DAD, MULL, source
code versioning/migration, automated job
scheduling), or Presentation/User Inter-
face (HTML, DETMOLD, JavaScript,
CUSS). Please e-mail resumes to james-
sladicka@winn-dixie.com at Winn-Dixie
Stores. Refer to job code MV in the sub-
ject line.
TAXI DRIVERS Wanted. Clean driving re-
cord required. Call April, 246-9999.

ence & reliable Kennel Assistant for busy
Animal Hospital. Apply within, 28 Corona
Rd., Ponte Vedra Beach.

PALMS CASUAL furniture frames & ta-
bles, needs reupholstering, 19 items total,
Best Offer. 246-3033, day or night.
TILLER- REAR Tine, 4.0hp Craftsman.
$125. Jax Beach. 249-5185.
Kenmore washer & dryer, $150 for both.
641-9667, 838-5411.
BOAT COVER for 17' or 18' flats boat that
has poling platform, trolling motor & cast-
ing platform. Less than lyr. old. Cost $850
new. Only $100. 246-4104.

HEART PINE, tongue & groove flooring
cut from antique Pine timbers. Installation,
stair material. FLORIDA HEARTWOOD
249-8310. Lic. ST-5903.

We buy old boyfriends & estate jewelry.
Clean-out your jewelry box and sell us
your gold. Jewelry repair on premise on
Fridays.. A1A Prestige Jewetry--& -PawR,-
1029 N. 3rd St., Jax Bch. 241-5666.
USED TRAILER only for jet ski. 3-seater,
7001b. capacity. 904-233-4097.
IF YOU are interested in advertising-under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com
.WE BUY Scrap Gold for Cash! Estate and
old jewelry, Rolexes. 241-1889.

246-1933 * 619 Atlantic Blvd.

Imports from Bali/ Southeast Asia. Home
accessories, furniture, purses & hand-
bags, beachwear and . jewelry. Two
Cranes, Inc., 411 4th St. South. Saturday,.
am-.Anm l ndav.\ Q9am-nrm. 9A41-92429

LOTS OF.teen & young adult clothes &
shoes, odds & ends. Friday & Saturday,
Thousands of items. Thursday, May 1st,
. - 5pm-10pm, Friday, May 2nd, 5pm-11pm.
LANJ 7 Saturday, May 3rd, 9am-11pm. Sunday,
SMay 4th, 9am-3pm (1/2 price.) $1 Bag
Sale 4pm-6pm Sunday. Corner 1st
Ave. N. and 5th St.
SATURDAY, 7AM-? 1657 Lower 4th Ave.
North. DVR, DVD, mini-refrigerator, artifi-
cal Xmas tree, Play Station games and
Expect Nothing Less OCEAN CAY, I've got the best stuff! Baby
lfP^'__ .Than "Five Diamonds" items galore. Tons of home decor. Ladies/
Mens designer clothing. Saturday,
Do something special for yourself today! Work with one of the 8am-noon, 728 Bonaire Circle.
premier luxury resorts in the world by joining the elite staff at Ponte MOVING SALE! Furn., desks, toys, deco-
Vedra Inn & Club. Our exceptional work environment is one of the rative fabric remnants, household items,
most sought after for career satisfaction. bookcases. Friday & Saturday 8-4pm,
1618 3rd Ave. N.
We have the following full & part-time positions available: COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE, Ocean
Sales Manager Barber (Lic /S Cay, South Beach Parkway, Saturday
Sales Manager Barber (Licensed/Shave) May 3rd, 8am-l pm. Please drive slowly!
SASATURDAY, 8am-noon. 1091 Osceola
Dining Room Attendants Sous Chef Ave Furniture, misc. household, etc.

Housekeeping Turndown Surf Club Janitorial----- ANTIUE WAREHOUSE SALE.
Everything Must Gol 1333 3rd St. N. (cor-
ner), Friday, Saturday, 9am-? Lots of
2nd Assistant Superintendent Nail Technician glasswre,china, urgs, silverpate, art-
work, armoires, bed sets, Chesterfield
Bartenders Realty Weekend Reception leather sofa, Lucite furniture, Chippendale
n dining, room set (table 3'xB' long, no
Food Checker (Seasonal) Line Cook (Seasonal & F) items w ron gates.
For immediate consideration - apply in person to: SAT. 9AM- til ? 30yrs of stuff incl., furn.,
books, kitchenware, etc. 2517 Independ-
Human Resources between 9am- 4pm ence Dr. near Osceola, parallel to Ameri-
or forward resume to: ca. in S. Jax Bch.
200 Ponte Vedra Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 32082 Rummage Sale, Saturday 8-12, 223 8th
Ave. S. Proceeds to benefit .Seaside_.play
Job Line: (904) 280-3607 Garden. *
Fax: (904) 273-7753 FRIDAY, SATURDAY, 9am-2pm, Furni-
Web:profiles.hospitalityonline.com/211464 te, clothing, decorative items. 1848
S THE WATSON Realty Corp. office at
South Beach is holding a community yard
sale and raffleto benefit the Make A Wish
cFoundation on May 3rd from 9am- pm at
us Oceanfront Excellence the 1326 South Third Street office. All
proce-oa o uire+eyto ierouieoi

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified @beachesleader.com

ADVERTISERS IN this category are-not
offering jobs. They are offering job-related
services and may charge fees. Readers
are advised to exercise caution before giv-
ing credit card information over the phone
without knowing what specific product or
service they will receive.

SEEKING VENDORS for Arts & Craft
shows, Home & Patio shows, Business
expos at Orange Park Mall, Regency
Square Mall, Ponce de Leon Mall, Volusia
Mall. For more info (904)514-6046.
SALON FOR Sale. Beaches area. $25K
OBO. 881-0312.
..n .. C . ..klenc.. ... .. . .

PROVIDING QUALITY care for seniors &
loved ones. Flexible hours to meet your
needs. Exp., mature, dependable. 891-
CNA/ COMPANION, 17 yrs. experience.
Will consider live-in. Please call between
9am-3pm: Ask for Ms. Jones. 356-8932.
STATE Certified HHA/ CNA/ Sitter will
give quality care for elderly in the privacy
of their own home. Call Veronica at
(904)783-9151 or (904)887-1010.
CAREGIVER (CNA) Available now for
Beaches and Southside. Flexible, kind,
with references. 285-8411.

MOVING SALE: living room set, glass din-
ing room set, cream wicker bedroom'set,
52" Toshiba TV. (In Sawgrass CC) Call:
322-7238 after May 4th.
PING EYE 2 Plus Irons. 3-PW. $300. Call

Beach. Red week studio unit in all new
Turtle End Beach Club, $2500 246-8911.

OPENINGS FOR 1 & 2 year olds, PT/ FT,
Gold Seal. Beaches Academy, 246-3885.
6 weeks and up. HRS licensed. 8 years
experience.Call Tammy at 524-7224.

a 310

proceeds go airectly -o me i-ounaation.
Come and help us make a wish come
true. Raffle items include an autographed
football from Jaguar Dave Garrard. Raffle
tickets are 3/$5 or $2 ea.
MULTI FAMILY sale, 105 Tallwood Rd.,
Saturday, May 3rd, 9am-til. Lots of good
day. 8am-1pm, 2015 Lakeside Dr. Table,
desk, bathroom cabinet, computer key-
board, sideboard, golf clubs and bag,
Trikke, board games, wall mirrors, chil-
dren's books and more
SATURDAY, .8-2, 817 Gonzales Ave. (be-
hind George's Music off Lower 8th Ave.
S). Washer, bikes, clothing, household

SATURDAY 8AM-2PM, 1320 Forrest St.
near Jarboe. Rugs, tables, TV's, desks,
much more.
HUGE YARD Sale. Saturday 9-12,. 217
Oleander St.

Saturday ,May 3rd, 8am-2pm. Located on
A1A, 1/4 mile north of Mickler Rd.
WALDEN CHASE subdivision- Saturday,
8AM-NOON, 628 Battlegate Ln, lots of
stuff, 616-3433.
FIDDLERS MARSH Community Sale!
Saturday, 5/3 8am-? Turn east into
LAtrium opposite Publix Sawgrass, go
around LAtrium Circle to Fiddlers. Happy

SATURDAY 9-1, Jumbo yard sale- too
much to list. 4020 Eunice Rd. (Isle of
Palms, off Beach Blvd).
HUGE SALE! Saturday, 1625 Indian
Springs Dr. off Atlantic across from Winn
Dixie. 7am-noon.
YARD SALE, Church Fund Raiser Satur-
day May 3rd, 8AM-1PM, Calvary Angli-
can Church 3044 San Pablo Rd. (North
of Beach Blvd.)

1991 CORRECT Craft Sports Nautique.
N.ew upholstery & carpet, runs great, wake
board tower & racks w/ trailer, $11,500.
71a O-ida


1992 -COLEMAN Pop-up .Camper. AC,
kitchen, hot shower. Sleeps 6. Needs
repair but usable as is. $1200 OBO.

2002 FORD F150 XLT 4x4. 73,000mi.,
sharp truck! . 33's, tint, rails, toolbox,
$.13,900 OBO. Call Tom 349-3939.
2001 CHEVROLET F-10 extended cab.
Exc. cond., only 62k mi., V-6, AT, third
door, PW/ Locks, new tires. $6800 OBO.

e1997 JEEP Wrangler, 125,000mi., in-
cludes Gradely Comm. mower & trailer,
$8800. 962-7766.
2007 MINI Cooper S convertible, sidewalk
edition, black, w/ brown leather interior, 6
speed, 1500 mileage, $28,750. 333-8268.
97 CAMRY, needs valve job. A/C, 4 new
tires, rough body, $300. 514-0802.
1999 HYUNDAI Sonata, AT, 20,000mi.,
$5000. 962-7766.
2005 TOYOTA Solara Convertible, Black,
17,000mi., fully equipped, $22,500. 247-

93 YEAR OLD selling 1998 Mercury Sable
GS Ford/ LS, 34,300 original miles. Kept
mechanically & body in excellent condi-
tion. 4 door, auto, P/S, P/B, PDL, fully
equipped, $5500 firm. Call daughter

2001 MERCURY Sable LS SW, white,
PV. Visit leather, 3rd seat, 80K, $5000. ($1200 be-
low wholesale). 221-8699.

I ---- -SEP---VICE---- GUIDE


Courtyard by Marriott
has these positions available:

*2nd Shift Maintenance
* AM Breakfast Cook

Apply in person at Courtyard by Marriot
1617 N. First St., Jacksonville Beach

YARD SALE Oak Harbor, 1141 Panuco
Ave. N., Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, Saturday,
8:30am-2pm. Little of something for all.

;l~ , a

LAWN CARE, Property clean-up, power
washing, build a shed or deck, lay sod,
mulching, & etc. Licensed and Insured.

Total Lawn Maintenance. Clean-ups, Sod-
'ding, Mulching, Re-planting. Free esti-
mates. 247-3344.

Dependable,Quality Service. Reasonable
rates. (904)524-8660.
ENDLESS SUMMER Lawncare. Free esti-
mates. Professional customer, service.
Mowing, edging, weeding, trimming- trees,
shrubs. Licensed & insured. Residential &
commercial. CALL US FIRST! 270-2664.
One time or yearly. Licensed, Insured.
Residential, Commercial. 742-6763.
IRRIGATION AND Landscape Installa-
tions and Repair. Free Quotes, Ask For
Scott. (904)303-3779.
LAWN PREP or Re Sod, great prices.
(904)334-6091, Bob.


from changing a lightbulb
to changing the color of your house



PADGETT'S A/C & Heating, Inc. Family
owned and .operated. When quality and
customer service are demanded call
588-5222 Financing available.
Free Estimates on replacements. License
CAC1814887. Credit cards accepted.

HAVING A hard time finding someone you
can trust to clean your home? Never fear,
Dust Bunny is here! Reasonable prices.
Refs avail. 343-8547.
ing Services. Call.Silvia 904-434-4297.
16 years experience. Reasonable prices,
low minimum Cates, weekend appoint-
ments available. (904)525-7419.
GREEN CLEEN organic non-toxic clean-
ing for clean and healthy home or office.
Exceptional service, reasonable rates,
years of experience, excellent references.
Call Kay 514-8092. Your satisfaction guar-
Many years experience; references availa-
ble. Call Kelly for estimate, 238-9040.
AN AMAZINGLY Clean House by Natasha
is expanding. Excellent pnces and
detailed work. Lots of ref's. available!
Offices. Exc. refs., licensed. (904)236-
BEACHES CLEANING. Residential, Com-
mercial; Move-in/ Move-out and Construc-
tion Cleaning. Weekly, Bi-weekly or
Monthly services provided. Call for. free
estimate. 382-9927.
SQUEAKY CLEAN,. . experienced, li-
censed, insured.& bonded cleaning serv-
ice. New customers $20 off first cleaning.
-Free estimates. 307-0321.
LET US do your spring cleaning & pres-
sure washing. We do residential and busi-
nesses. Licensed & insured. RM's Clean-
ing Services 226-7649.

WOOD Fence Installation. 35yrs Experi-
ence. Mick Outdoor Enterprises.
241-7276, 838-9599.

applications, house calls, training, repairs,.
upgrades, websites, graphics Free phone
tech. 904-249-3034 or email:

basic lawn service (mow, blow & edge) for
beaches residents. Most yards $25 & up.
Call 874-2707.
nal/ Timely/ Licensed. References availa-
ble! Call Wayne 626-5234, 246-8344.

Specializing in "Complete Flowerbed
Cleaning and Lawn care, 246-4238
-k - k

IF YOU are interested in. advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com

POOL CLEANING- quality service, rea-
sonable rates. Licensed/ Insured. David's
Pool Service, 285-0240.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com
. l S.

(904) 241-4169
(904) 219-8985

* New Construction
* Remodeling
* Renovations

Sr ing


Wood Repair, Trim, Crown Moulding,
Pressure Washing, Pool Deck Recoat and'
more. 17yrs. experience. Licensed/ Insur-
ed. 861-9500.
Specializing in kitchens; cabinets, bath-
rooms;- tile, doors, windows, rotted Wood,
termite damage, roof leaks, drywall,
decks, etc. Honest, top quality work-
dependable for quality' repairs, service
calls, painting, improvements and miscel-
laneous jobs. DAVE. 246-6628.
Home & office repair and maintenance.
Staining, Resurfacing. Stamped Concrete
and Custom texture. Licensed/ Insured.
Free estimates. 861-9500.

Interior I Exterior
Faux Finishes
Wood Replacement
Pressure Washing
& More

We Gua,'antee Our Work
0C9,' S ec,
904-247-6441 * 904 537-4469

Leak Repairs, ReRoofs, Flat roofs,
Skylights, Vents, Rottenwood,
Flat Roof Restoration, Mobile Homes,
Storm Damage, Maintenance,
Inspections. 29 yrs. Exp.
State Lic #CCC057937, 904-221-5981.
IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
e-mail: classified@beachesleader.com
ROOF REPAIRS & Re-Roofing. Trust a li-
censed professional. See our ad. under
Remodeling/Construction. State Certified
Roofer #CCC1325888. Member BBB

A, A

"ting,'sun aecKS, guners. Licensee InsL
l i ]ted. Free estimate. (904)463-0619.


Saturday 8am-noon, Rain date Sunday
8am-noon (Solano Rd. off A1A).

ION cRI 811s
A L Eo m Rl m lu E s

Commercial and Residential
Lawncare and Landscaping Services.

25% Off First Month

(904) 730- 6990
Call for a FREE Estimate!!

Start Enjoying Your Lawn !!!

DRIVEWAYS, PATIOS, sidewalks, demo-
lition, & room additions. RK Ballard Con-
struction, Inc. Licensed & insured. Call
Chuck, 874-6692.
Block & Brick Masonry. New construction,
additions, repairs. Licensed & Insured.
333-1388. 1a

Safe roof cleaning. Spotless window
.cleaning. Pressure washing. Licensed &
Insured. Call Kevin , 994-0045.
FULL EXTERIOR Cleaning. Let us do
your Spring Cleaning. Quality Service,
Affordable Price. 525-0197.

Top-notch work guaranteed. 17yrs. experi-
ence. Painting, Trim, Carpentry, Pool
Deck Recoat, Wood Repair, Pressure
Washing. Licensed/ Insured. Free esti-
mates. 861-9500.
free estimates, work guaranteed, licensed.
STEVEN'S HOME Improvements. Int./
ext. painting, faux finishes, wood replace-
ment, pressure washing & more. Lic. &
ins. We guarantee our work! (904)247-
6441 or 537-4469


Garden Inn' wg

Are )ou motivated to succeed'? Are ou thrilled by
providing excellent guest service? Then join us as:
SGuest Service Agents * Breakfast Servers
* Housekeeping Attendants
Catch the brilliant opportunity to be part of an
a\ward-aspiring team. We pro\ ide excellent training.
compensation, and benefits for f/t and p/t positions.
45 PGA Tour Blvd.. Ponte Vedra, FL, Fax: 19041 280-1544

WORK, 6/7 thru 8/15, dependable.

a1 * IP? IIII

1aS__-----t S t

- ---- - - ... -- - -- - - li



- ---------


May 2, 2008 The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader Page C5

.. .. .. .... .. .. .... .. . .... .. .. ... .. ... ... .. .. ..... .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ..... .. .. ... .. ... .. . . .. ... . .. . ... .. . ... .. . .. . .. . ... .... .. .. ... .. . .. ... .. . .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. . ... .. .. ... . ... ..... .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. . ... .. .. ..

Church Women
St. Paul's Council of Catholic
Women will host Church
Women United today at 10
The May Friendship Day
Meeting will be a covered dish
salad luncheon in St. Paul's
Family Life Center at 1st
Avenue and Fifth Street St. N.
in Jacksonville Beach.

Southern Gospel
"Calvary's Voice" will provide
southern gospel music at a spe-
cial service at 10 a.m. on
Sunday at First Baptist Church
of Atlantic Beach at 1050
Mayport Road. Rev. Tom
Turner will preach and the new
addition to the church will be
open. For information contact
Rev. Greg Crocker at 246-4341.

Spring Concert
The North Florida Women's
Chorale will present a concert
at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, May
18, at Christ Episcopal Church
at 400 San Juan Drive in Ponte
Vedra. The concert will include
hymns in Latin, American spir-
ituals, Hebrew and South
African festive songs, and
patriotic songs.

Mother's Day
The Alice M. Graham
Women's Missionary Society at
St. Andrew's A.M.E.. Church
will hold its fifth annual
Mother's Day Luncheon at 2
p.m. on Saturday,.May 10. It
will be held at Village Inn at
200 N. Third St. in Neptune
Beach. For ticket information,
call Dr. Vallie Holloway at 249-

Noon Prayer Meeting
Calvary Anglican Church at
3044 San Pablo Road will have
informal, unstructured prayer
time every Wednesday at
noon. For information, call the
church office at 821-8558.

"Heavenly" Makeover
The Atlantic Beach Women's
Connection will hold a
Heavenly Makeover Brunch
from 9:30 to 11 a.mr. n-
Wednesday, May 7, at the Selva
Marina Country Club. A stylist
from The Master's Touch and
speaker Nikki Jatindranath will
present the program.
Reservations are $12, which
includes child care, and can be
made at
or by calling Kate at 534-6784.

First Coast Christ
Community Church
On Sunday at 11 a.m., First
Coast Christ Community
Church holds worship services
at 1315 2nd Ave. N. in
Jacksonville Beach. All are wel-
come to attend. For informa-
tion, call Pastor Hay at 273-

Divorce Recovery
Ponte Vedra Presbyterian
Church will offer "Heart
reStart," a divorce recovery
ministry on Wednesday
evenings. For information
about the starting date and reg-
istration, call Julie at 285-8225,
ext. 201. The church address is
4510 Palm Valley Road in
Ponte Vedra.

"SONrise" Art Exhibit
The new exhibit at Bethel
Gallery is "SONrise" featuring
works by local artists. The
show continues through May
4. Hours for viewing are 9 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Monday through
Friday, and from 9 a.m. to
noon on Sunday. The gallery is
at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian
Church at 4510 PAlm Valley
Road. Call 285-8225 for infor-

Adult Forum
St. Paul's by the Sea
Episcopal Church continues
the Adult Forum series at 9
a.m. on Sundays, with Dr.
Allen Tilley of UNF speaking
on "How Do We Live
Sustainably" on May 4. The
forums are held in the library
in Stormes Hall on the church
campus at 5th Street and 11th
Avenue North in Jacksonville
Beach. All are welcome to

Grief Support Group
A grief support group meets
on the third Thursday of every
month at St. Paul's Catholic
Church at 7 p.m. in the Family
Life Center library. Men and
women grieving the death of a
family member or friend are
welcome to attend. The
church's Family Life Center is
at 578 1st Ave. N. in
Jacksonville Beach. For infor-
mation, call. Margaret at.280-
"0871. " "" " '

Men's group meetings
Hodges Blvd. Presbyterian
Church offers "Bible and
Bagels," a men's Bible study
group, from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m.
on Wednesdays in the
Fellowship Hall. The church
address is 4140 Hodges Blvd.
For information, call 223-6922.

The men's Bible Study at
Calvary Anglican Church
meets at 8 a.m. on Thursdays
in the Genesis Room at the
church at 3044 San Pablo Road
in Jacksonville. The current
topic is Hebrews, led by Rev.
Shawn Porter. For information,
call the church office at 821-
8558 or visit
Palms Presbyterian Men's
Bible study is held at 7 a.m.
Wednesday in the Education
Building of the church at 3410
3rd St. S. in Jacksonville Beach.
Community Presbyterian
Church at 150 Sherry Drive in
Atlantic Beach has Wednesday
morning prayer breakfasts for
men at 7 a.m.
St. Paul's by the Sea
Episcopal Church has a Men's
Prayer Group and Bible Study
which meets on the first and
third Saturday of the month at
8 a.m. in Stormes Hall. All are
welcome to attend. The
address is 465 11th Ave. N. in
Jacksonville Beach.
Sunrise Community Church
offers Men's Study Groups at
6:15 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on
Wednesday at the church. At
7:15 p.m. on the first and third
Monday of the month, a
Men's Study Group meets at
Panera Bread at St. Johns Town
Center. The church address is
298 Aquatic Drive in Atlantic
Beach. Call the church office at
249-3030 for information.

Singles groups
The following are church-
related singles groups in the
Beaches area. Church member-
ship is not required:
New Life Christian
Fellowship at 2701 Hodges
Blvd. has monthly Single Adult
Ministry meetings with child
care provided for some events.
Call Claudia at 223-6000 for
information, or visit
Beach United Methodist
Church has Monday Night
Alive for singles at 7 p.m. on
Monday nights, and Singles
Coffee House 10:45 a.m. on
Sunday. For information, visit
www.beachumc.org or call
249-2343. BUMC is located at
325 7th Ave. N.
SBeachesChapel Church, 610
Florida Blvd., Neptune Beach.
Singles over age 33 meet the
last Saturday of the month at 7
p.m. at the church. 241-4211.
Christ Episcopal Church,
400 San Juan Drive in Ponte
Vedra, offers a singles ministry
called Solo Flight with "Single,
Single" Christian Formation
Classes at 10:15 a.m. on
Sunday through Nov. 25 in

Rotary helps Guatemala villagers

Imagine having to walk
three to five miles each day for
clean water.
That's what residents of the
Coban and Chisec Mayan
Indian villages located in the
rain forests of Guatemala had
to do prior to the assistance of
the Rotary Club of Jacksonville
Oceanside and University of
North Florida.
These villages did not have
clean drinking water until a
program to obtain and install
cisterns was established by the
Oceanside Rotary in 2007.
Now, UNF students are contin-
uing the help established by
the Oceanside Rotary in a com-
bined learning and travel expe-
In Novembe, 2006 the
Oceanside Rotary was
approached by Fido Lima to
deal with a problem of the
Mayan villagers of Cerro Azul
who had to travel miles for
potable water. The members of
that Rotary contributed $1,500
to help fund the capital por-
tion of a cistern project and in
2007 provided additional assis-
tance. They have now part-
nered with the Rotary Club of
Coban and received a match-
ing grant from Rotary
International. While Cerro
Azul has a population of
approximately 500, the sur-
rounding state of Alta Verapaz
is home to over 1,000,000. In
all, Oceanside Rotary has raised
over $10,000 that has become
$34,000 through additional
grant donations.
Oceanside Rotary established
a working relationship with
the Rotary of Coban,
Guatemala in August 2007 and
traveled to the area to see what
was needed. To date the proj-
ect has contributed 133 clean
water cisterns and all the nec-
essary supporting supplies
(roofing nail, guttering, and
piping). Half the cisterns are
used in the Coban area and

half in the Chisec Mayan vil-
UNF Professors Andres Gallo
and Jeff Michelman who are
also members of Oceanside
Rotary, have been team teach-
ing a class this spring in
"Microeconomics of
Developing Nations and
Financial Accounting Analysis,
for Small Business." They
weave Guatemala into the
course with the intent to take a
group of students to the coun-
try in March 2009. David
Garcia, former 1 Executive
Director of Counterpart, the
largest non governmental
organization in Guatemala has
spoken to the group, as has
Emeritus Professor of History
Tom Leonard, an expert on
Latin American History and
Politics. Other efforts of sup-
port include former
Ambassador Marilyn McAfee, a
member of the UNF
Foundation Board of Trustees

SA warm heartfelt Tl


whose last Ambassador posting
was in Guatemala.
"We only need to raise $300
for each cistern," said John
Lining of the Oceanside
Rotary. "We saw with our own
eyes how providing clean
water can make such a positive
difference in the quality of life
for these people who struggle
everyday on a subsistence
"Our Guatemala project is
aimed at understanding the
interplay among clean water,
poverty, health and education
through service learning," said
Michelman. "We hope that
each student can raise the cost
of a cistern and that we will get
matching funds to increase
this donation."
For more information about
the Oceanside Rotary's project
and how you can help, log on
to www.oceansiderotary.com
and view the links for the
Guatemala Water Project.

hank You roes out to

Disciples Women Fellowship
First Christian Church of the Beaches
The Palms Presbyterian Women
The Garden Club
Jacksonville Beaches Woman's Club
Church Women United
and all of the family members
and friends in the community.

^e fe/al

Thanks for your
continued support
of Hope Adult Day
Services, Inc.

the Family Life Center. The
group also schedules social
activities. For information, call
the church office at 285-6127.
Membership at Christ
Episcopal is not needed to par-
Christ the Redeemer Church,
190 S. Roscoe Blvd., Ponte
Vedra Beach. Weekly Bible
study and monthly social
event such as square dancing
for ages 30 and up. 280-5813.
Ponte Vedra Presbyterian
Church, 4510 Palm Valley
Road, Ponte Vedra Beach.
Singles Express offers Bible
study at 9 a.m. Sunday, and
other activities throughout the
year. Call 285-8225 for infor-

Retreats at Marywood
Retreats and events are
planned at the Marywood
Center for Spirituality in the
Switzerland area of northwest
St. Johns County at 1715-5
State Road 13. For information,
call 287-2525 or toll-free 888-
287-253, or visit www.mary-

Church Activities for
The following events are
held at Beaches area churches
on Wednesday for youngsters:
*First Baptist Church of
Atlantic Beach at 1050
Mayport Road has Children's
Church at 6:45 a.m. Call 246-
*Palm Valley Baptist Church
at 4890 Palm Valley Road in
Ponte Vedra has a family din-
ner at 6 p.m., and children and
youth Bible study at 7 p.m.
Call 285-2447..
*Bethlehem Lutheran
Church at 1423 8th Ave. N.,
Jacksonville Beach, has Senior
High Youth Group meetings
on' Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m.
Call 249-5418.
*Youth in grades six through
12 meet from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
on Sunday following sunset at
Palms in the Youth
Center/Fellowship Hall at
Palms Presbyterian Church,
3410 3rd St. S., Jacksonville
Beach. Call 246-6427.
*Dynamic Disciples (grades
K-5) meets at First Christian

Church of the Beaches on a
varied schedule. Teens in
Motion Youth Group meet for
special events and trips. The
church address is 2125
Oceanfront, Neptune Beach.
Call 246-2010.
*Family Bible Church at
4760 Palm Valley Road has
Wednesday activities. Building
Blocks for children ages 3 to 6
and Kids Club for grades one
through 5 meet at 7:15 p.m.
Bridge Builders for grades .6
through 12 meet from 7 to
8:30 p.m. Call 280-5694.
*Kernan Blvd. Baptist
Church at 4000 Kernan Blvd. S.
has YouthAlive with Bible
Study and worship for grades
six through 12 from from 6:45
to 7:45 p.m. on Wednesdays,
and children's choir and activi-
ties are held from 7 to 7:45
p.m. Call 641-4588.
*Youth from Beach United
Methodist Church, 3rd Street
at 7th Avenue North,
Jacksonville Beach, meet 6 to 8
p.m. at various locations.
Directions to Wednesday meet-
ings are handed out at 247, the
church's Sunday night worship
service for youth, held from 6
to 8:45 p.m.

/ 5
, ,~,i.

*New Beginnings Baptist
Church at 1050 State Road A1A
in Ponte Vedra offers Kids
K'Nextion for ages 3 to fifth
grade, Praise Band, and middle
and high school youth activi-
ties beginning at 6:30 and 7:30
p.m. on Wednesdays. Call 285-
*Ponte Vedra United
Methodist Church at 76 S.
Roscoe Blvd. in Ponte Vedra
has Junior and Senior High
Youth Group meetings on
Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Call
*Neptune Baptist Church at
407 Third St. in Neptune Beach
has games, drama, music and
topical messages for youth
from grade six through 12.
Sixth- through eighth-graders
meet at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays,
and ninth- through 12th-
graders meet on Sunday
evenings. Call 249-2307.
*Community Presbyterian
Church has activities on
Wednesday, including Cherub
Choir at 4 p.m. and Junior
Choir at 5 p.m. Senior high
school students meet at 3:30
p.m. to discuss issues at "Trash
Talk." Call 249-8698 for infor-


. . . ',

-." " - , k': . -
.5. . - " ,- . I
" ' ': . . 4" *
S: ....fi

...t "...."^ l1 .. ..





MONDAY, MAY 12TH, 2008 AT 7:00 PM

(904) 285-7777


PLEASE CALL (904) 562-7970

FREE Kindness Bouquet!

Have You Seen, or Done a...
Random act of Kindness?

Seahorse Florist
. will deliver a FREE Kindness Bouquet
E-mail, or send, Seahorse
' ,Florist a brief description
, , of the good deed, who the
SFREE bouquet should be
- delivered to and where.
One winner will be chosen
S each week, and his, or her,
name will appear in that
week's advertisement.

This Weeks Winner!
Scott, Cabana Club
Ponte Vedra
725 3rd Street N. * Jax Beach

156 Roert Dive-acsonil ec
90-29-OE 463


~ ~�

~g~ ;�


Page C6 The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader May 2, 2008

Ponte Vedra residents travel to meet Pope

"Words cannot describe
what is in our hearts," said Rev.
Remek Blaszkowski following
his trip to Washington, D.C.,
during Pope Benedict XVI's
recent visit.
Blaszkowski is the Parochial
Vicar at Our Lady Star of the
Sea Catholic Church. He was
one of about 1,200 priests who
concelebrated Mass with the
Pope on the field at
Washington National Stadium
on April 17.

(photo by Kathy Nicoetti)
Rev. Remek Blaszkowski,
Parochial Vicar at Our Lady
Star of the Sea Catholic
Church, is one of about 1200
priests who concelebrated
Mass with Pope Benedict XVI
in Washington, D.C. on April

"Two thousand years of tra-
dition were captured" in the
Pope's words in the sermon
during the Mass, said
"I have come to proclaim
anew, as Peter proclaimed on
the day of Pentecost, that Jesus
Christ is Lord and Messiah,
risen from the dead, seated in
glory at the right hand of the
Father,"said the Pope.
The Pope is the successor of
St. Peter, and the rock or visi-
ble foundation of the Catholic
Church, said Blaszkowski.
"We don't worship the per-
son. We respect in a tremen-
dous way the office to which
they have been called."
Pope Benedict brought a
message of "hope, love and
peace which is something he
completely believes in and
shares with others,." said
In his message to America,
Pope Benedict spoke about the
200th anniversary of the first
Catholic dioceses here. While
affirming the strength of the
church in the United States, he
acknowledged some' of the
challenges that the church
faces as well.
There is an authenticity and
love for the truth evident in
the Pope, said Blaszkowski.
Also in attendance at the
Mass were Ponte Vedra resi-
dents Glory and Tom Sullivan,
who had the honor of meeting

the Pope before the Mass.
The Sullivans, who lived for
45 years in the D.C. area, were
guests of Archbishop Donald
Wuerl and the Archdiocese of
Washington, D.C.
The couple also attended the
White House Reception for the
Pope on April 16.
President Bush welcomed
the Pope, who was on an offi-
cial state visit to the United
States and the United Nations,
said Tom Sullivan.
At the stadium the following
day, the couple met the Pope
before the Mass.
"You could feel his holiness
in the room. It was'a profound
experience," said Glory
"I had the idea that he was a
stern person," said Tom
After meeting him, Sullivan
said that he could tell that the
Pope is a very warm person
who "looks into your eyes and
smiles," he said.
The sight of over 45,000
people in the stadium for the
Mass was "magnificent."
Both of the Sullivans said
that the 81-year old Pope was
"energized by the outpouring
of affection from the American
"The people were so joy-
filled ... there were so many
moments of grace," said Glory

photo submitted
Archbishop Donald Wuerl of the Diocese of Washington, D.C. (second from left), introduces
Ponte Vedra residents'Glory and Tom Sullivan (center and far right) to Pope Benedict XVI at
Washington Nationals Stadium on April 17.

400 San Juan Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach 285-6127
All Vehicles Must Enter on Golf View
Sunday 7:45, 9:00. 11:15 AM, 5:30 PM Holy Eucharist
Saturday Holy Eucharist 5:30 PM
Wednesday Holy Eucharist - 7:00 AM, 11:15 AM, 6:00 PM
Weekday Evening Prayer in Chapel - 6:00 PM except Wed.
Nursery available for Saturday and Sunday services
2002 San Pablo Rd., Jacksonville 221-4777
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist. 9:15 AM Christian Formation. 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist
Nursery Provided
For event information, visit www.christepiscopalchurch.com

Exciting, Growing
Home Church
off Kernan
Meet Sundays
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
www .coastalchristian.org

S (A Traditional Anglican Church)
( a247-1442
Holy Communion
every Sunday at 9:00 A.M.
Holy Trinity meets in the Old Chapel
at 610 Florida Blvd., Neptune Beach
Rev. Robert C. Adams, Vicar


895 Palm Valley Rd
(1 mile east of US1)
Sunday Services
8:45am-9am Christian Formation -
Pre-K through Adults
10:00 am Holy Eucharist & Children's Chapel
Nursery available

276 N. Roscoe Blvd., Ponte Vedra Bch
Ph. 285-5347
Rev. Julie Frank,Pastor
Sunday Contemporary Worship
Sunday Church School 9:45am
Sunday LBW Worship 11:00am
Nursery Provided

Worshiping at
-Ocean Palms Elementary School
355 Landrum Ln, Ponte Vedra Beach
S 9:30 a.m. Contemporary Service*
11:00 a.m. Traditional Service*
*Kingdom Kids available
PONTE VEDRA Childcare always provided
... ......... . . ... . Rev. Jeff Bennett, Pastor
United Methodist
ted ethodst 280-5141 www.pv-umc.org
SChurch "Connecting the Unconnected"

Ponte Vedra
Presbyterian Churcha f
"Where friends gather to worship"
4510 Palm Valley Road (CR 210)
Sun. Worship 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Breakfast
Nursery & Toddler Ministries
Middle, High School, College
Adult Ministries
Music & Art Ministries
Home of a Bethlehem Visit

U� I

W'Cyz .huoT



U 6

A Stephen Ministry Congregation
1801 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville Beach 249-4575
SSunday Worship
8:00 am & 10:30 am
Sunday School
Children 9:15 am
Youth/Adult 9:15 am
Nursery Provided

Worship Service - Eucharist
5pm Sunday
Rev. Gary Blaylock, Vicar
Services held at:
Neptune Baptist Church, Rm 101
407 Third Street
Neptune Beach

pa Irns____
r r ? 5t. V t E r i n . r ij r " r.

The Palms Oasis
is a Coinlmunity Nurtured by
the Grace ofJesus Christ
Serve God's Mission in the World

Sunday Worship Services
-8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Sunset Service at 5:45 p.m.

Nursery at all services
Sunday School
All ages - 9:40 a.m.

3410 South Third Sireet, jacksonville Beac:
Ph: 904-246-6427 www.palmschurch.ofg

. ..I... ... ....

St Paul's by the Sea
Episcopal Church

IIdedy iii&03I

Children's Chapel At 10 am Sun.
Nursery At 7:30 & 10 am Services Sun.
Christian Formation At 8:45 am

Welcome Families
& Singles

Corner of 5th St. & 11th Ave. N.* Jax Beach, FL* www.stpaulsbythesea@ spbts.net

of the Beaches (Disciples of Christ)
125 Oceanfront & Seagate, Neptune Beach
Come worship with us by the ocean.
Traditional Services 8:00 & 9:00 am
Children's Worship 9:00 & 11:00 am
Christian Education (all ages) 10:05 am
Celebration Praise 11:00 am
5:30 Supper
6:30 Choir, Bible Study, Youth
Mahlon Dixon, Senior Pastor 246-2010
James Collins, Associate Pastor
www.fccbdoc.com /emall:fccbdoc@bellsouth.net

1423 N. 8th Ave., Jax Beach
Rev. Dana A. Brones, Pastor
Phone: 249-5418
8:30 a.m. & 1:00 a.m Traditional
S Service
Praise & Worship Saturday 5:30pm
Sunday School 9:45 a.m.
Adult Bible Classes 9:45 a.m.


1025 Snug Harbor Court N P 150-Sherry Drive, Atlantic Beach, FL CATHOLIC Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am.
(oMy Rt w a r c ) Bpti sthurch Rev. Dr. Gabe Goodman, Pastor Worship Service 10:15 a.m.
(off Mayport Rd. atW. 11th St.& Orchid St.) Pt it C ii r he1stAvenue North at 5th Street Youth Fellowship 11:30a.m.
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233SATURDAY EVENING Church Office 249-8698 Jacksonvouth Fellowship 11:30ile Beach a.m.
Atlantieach,L 32233 630pm- Contemporary Worship Service os ' Preschool/Kindergarten Office 241-7335 Jacksonville Beac Nursery Provided -
246-2709 SUNDAY www.cpcab.org Father Wm. A. Kelly, pastor
Victor M. Eskew, Minister 9:00 am- Contemporary Worship Service Sunday Morning CHRIST
10:30 am - Traditional Service Saturday Mass 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: Bible Class 10:00a.m. WEDNESDAY Traditional Worship 8:00AM & 11:00AM Sunday ass7:00, :3010:00,UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
Worship 11:00a.m. 6:3pmTheathering ContemporaryWorship :30AM 5:59PM 11:30a.m &7p. , 0 Penman Road (at Atlantic)
Bible Studiesfor EveryAge & Life Situation contemporary Worship9:30M & 5:59PM 11:30 .m. & 7p.m. Neptune Beach 249.5370
Evening Service 6:30 p.m. 407 Third Street Sunday School Al Ages 9:30AM Saturday Confessions Rev
Wednesday: Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Tom Bar, Pastor N 242 Youth Fellowship Sundays 5:OOPM & 7:00PM After 9 a.m. Mass & 4:30 -5:20 p.m. Share in th e of hrist
Palm Valley Baptist Church f * 1 4- ST. JOHN'S
J lm. -V ontevedrai First Baptist Church of Ponte Vedra Beach I CATHOLIC CHURCH
e mad. palmnchurch@bellsouth.net " ( a I I FIRST B 1 2400 Mayport Rd., Atlantic Beach
Sunday School fo a o ages ..9:5am Uir ]ll i ri lh"l Meeting at Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School t II Father Joseph Meehan
Sunday Worship 610 A1A North, Ponte Vedra Beach 324 N. 5th St., 249-2314 WEEKEND MASSES
Service ........................... 10:30am Service TimeSaturday 5p.m.
Sunday Evening ible Study 9:15 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m., 11 a.m.
Bible Study ...................... 600pm Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday Worship Celebration ended Worship 10:30a.m. Nursery Available Sunday Morning
SSunday 8:00am, 9:30am & 11:00am 10:00RECONCILIATION
Wednesday Family S10:00 a.m. Evening Worship 6:30 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. or by appt.
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Wednesday Bible Study Wed. 6:00 p.m. (K-3)7:15 p.m. (4-6 gr.)
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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 e Page 3


4. Recap: Mickelson emerges a winner
Story by David Rosenblum
5. Meet Ron Natherson: 2008 chairman
Story by Rex Edmondson

6. Top 10 Players contenders
Story by Robert DeAngelo

7. Players Championship fact
11. Cooney brings experience to
storyteller role
Story by Johnny Woodbouse
13. Clubhouse fit for kings or
Story by Kathy Nicoletti

15. Ed Seay is missed
Story by Johnny Woodbouse


Publisher: Tom Wood
Contributors: Rex Edmondson, Johnny
Woodhouse, David Rosenblum, Kathy
Nicoletti and Robert DeAngelo
Photography: Robert DeAngelo
Production: Hal Newsome, Johnny
Woodhouse and Robert DeAngelo


16. Book Review: Feinstein captures
vagaries of Q School
Story by Johnny Woodhouse
18. Course Map

24. PGA Tour will honor Jack
Nicklaus at Players
Story from PGATOUR.com

25-26. Area Golf Course Directory

27. By the numbers: 17th hole
31-33. Stadium Course hole
diagrams and descriptions
34. What They're Saying: Comments
on the infamous Island Green

ON THE COVER: Phil Mickelson follows his drive
during the final round of the 2007 Players
Championship. Mickelson started the day one
shot behind leader Sean O'Hair but carded a final
round 69 to win the tournament by two strokes
over runner-up Sergio Garcia.
photo by ROB DeANGELO

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Page 4 * May 2, 2008

CH A N P I 0 N S H I P

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Recap: Mickelson emerges a winner


W ith enough drama to
rival that or a
Desperate Housewives
episode, the 2007 edition of
The Players Championship
was a wild one - even by
Sawgrass' standards.
Folks like Stephen Ames,
Craig Perks and Fred Funk, all
winners of The Players in the
past few years, didn't even
make the cut, and golf mega-
star Tiger Woods never once
came close to contending.
Instead, the final pairing in
Sunday's final round was little
known Sean O'Hair and fan
favorite Phil Mickelson.
Then there were the
changes. The Stadium Course
had undergone a massive
make-over, with irrigation sys-
tem upgrades, the fairways
renovated, greens reconstruct-
ed and an extra 140 yards
added to the course since the
2006 tournament. Not to
mention the new 77,000-
square-foot clubhouse that
served as the perfect backdrop
for the final hole.
Add in the newly scheduled
dates - the event was moved
to mid-May from its previous
slot two weeks before the
Masters in an attempt to
avoid the bad weather that
historically haunted the tour-
nament - and it was just an
interesting tournament wait-
ing to happen.
And don't forget the PGA
Tour's new FedEx Cup points
system, in its first season,
meaning this was the first
time in TPC history that the
tournament had more mean-
ing than just a crystal trophy,
prestige and money, with the
richest purse in the sport.
Winds were strong the
entire week of the tourna-
ment, which led to a record
50 balls splashing into the
water surrounding the infa-
mous Island Green, Sawgrass'
17th hole. The total was five
more than the 45 that took a
swim in 2000.

Lefty gets it right
The big story was eventual
winner Mickelson, who three
weeks earlier had begun work-
ing with a new swing coach,
Butch Harmon.
Harmon previously worked
with Woods and former world
No. 1 Greg Norman, although
Mickelson was only one of
several Harmon clients in the

Players field. In some ways,
the swing guru's prized pupil
is 2004 Players winner Adam
The other big story was the
fall of O'Hair, who was lead-
ing the tournament through
54 holes and heading into the
final round. O'Hair's 76 on
Sunday dropped him into a
tie for 11th place.
The then 24-year-old O'Hair
went toe to toe with
Mickelson throughout the
final round until a quadruple-
bogey on the par-3 17th
caused him to tumble down
the leaderboard.
He hit two balls into the
water with a total value of
about six dollars, but the mis-
cues dropped O'Hair out of
second place and ended up
costing him more than
$750,000 in prize money.

Faster greens
Among the changes to the
course, the fairways were dug
up and the soil underneath
was replaced with up to eight
inches of sand to improved
The greens were torn up to
install a SubAir mechanical
drainage system to help dry
the greens in wet conditions.
The month and a half dif-
ference for the tournament
also allowed greens and fair-
ways to be set up as the firm
and fast course it was original-
ly meant to be. When the
tournament was played in
March, the course had to be
overseeded with rye grass in
case of wet conditions.
Playing in May allowed the
course its bermuda grass
roughs. The change made put-
ting a little different from
what they players were used
to, according to at least one
"The greens are a bit tricky
to read," Woods said."It's a
different grain out there than
we're used to and I had a
tougher time than the guys at
the top of the board. We're
used to putting on overseed.
"Now we're putting on
Bermuda. These fairways
drained great and the greens
are draining great. It's actually
kind of nice to play the golf
course this dry."
The result of all the
changes: a faster, drier course
that made scoring more diffi-
cult than it already was at
TPC Sawgrass.

Tougher scoring
The toughness of the course
was obvious the first two

..C;-. --


. 4

"V . . . ... ... .. :
, .... : - * .
, ' ...: o .,,. ' .. e . .
.. " --r. ' ' ^ .

.' .. - ... m i:

� ' .- . .:

� V-A

photo by ROB DeANGELO
Phil Mickelson, right, hugs caddie Jim "Bones" Mackay in celebration after parring the final hole
and winning last year's Players Championship. Mickelson shot rounds of 67-72-69-69-277 to
win by two strokes over runner-up Sergio Garcia.

rounds as scores were the
highest they had been since
2000. Mickelson and Rory
Sabbatini led after the first
round at 5-under. Following
play Friday, Mickelson was
still leading but remained at -
Players were greeted in the
first round by strong winds,
some gusts recorded as strong
as 39 mph, with much thanks
to a subtropical storm named
Andrea, which was brewing
off the coast.
Scores were high and the
putting seemed off. Woods,

who finished the first round
without recording a single
birdie, blamed the new greens
stating that they weren't set-
tled yet.
Mickelson and Sabbatini
each managed to shoot a 67,
however, despite the blustery
Chris DiMarco, at 4-under,
was third and Ponte Vedra res-
ident Jim Furyk, playing in a
group with Padraig
Harrington and Sergio Garcia,
and a year removed from his
third-place finish, was in

Mickelson, like every player
on tour trying to gain some
kind of edge to get close to
Tiger's level, hooked up with
Harmon to work on his
Three weeks into the new
player-coach relationship,
Mickelson was signing the
flag on the 18th green after
his win.
"Butch, the first of many,"
Lefty inscribed on the Players
Championship flag.

See RECAP, page 10

~auull) .j�
;~'"'`' �:"~;?~�$;

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 e Page 5

CHA M P 10 N S H P

Natherson spent 14 years in volunteer ranks

It's been said that the suc-
cess of The Players
Championship in this com-
munity can be credited to an
outstanding organization of
This year's volunteer chair-
man, Ron Natherson, fits the
mold of his predecessors who
have made the past 35 years of
the tournament so outstand-
Natherson followed the path
traveled by previous volunteer
chairmen, or "red coats," as
they are affectionately known.
He arrived at the party as a
result of a friend's invitation.
His business acumen, talent
for meeting people and love of
golf were solid prerequisites.
"A friend, [past tournament
chairman] Gerry Hurst had
served with the tournament
for many years, and he got me
interested," Natherson said.
"Gerry seemed to enjoy the
work and the association with
people so much, I thought I'd
like to try it. It's been every-
thing I thought it might be."
Natherson knew he would
have to put in long hours on

Ron Natherson slips on his ceremonial "red coat," signifying him
as the incoming volunteer chairman for 2008. Natherson suc-
ceeded Tim Tresca (right).

his way up the volunteer chair-
man ladder, but hard work was
how Natherson rose to his cur-
rent position as vice president
of claims and agent marketing
for Southern Oak Insurance
Co., a Jacksonville-based resi-
dential property insurer.
Natherson knows the impor-
tance of good organization,
too, and like those who went
before him in the chairman's
slot, he served through the
ranks in numerous volunteer
In the past 14 years,
Natherson has served as either
the chairman or first vice
chairman of the special events,
course ecology, transportation
and standard bearers commit-
Working in every facet of
the tournament, Natherson
said, gave him a chance to
meet hundreds of fellow vol-
unteers and earn a deeper
appreciation for the role of the
In 1999, he received the Paul
C. Warren Spirit Award, which
is named in honor of a late
pioneer of the PGA Tour.
The award is for leadership
and commitment to the spirit

of The Players.
"One of the attractions of
the tournament is the impact
it has on the city of
Jacksonville," Natherson, a 22-
year Jacksonville resident, said.
"The charities that benefit
here are just another reason we
have for working and support-
ing the tournament."
Natherson says his wife,
Jenny, a non-golfer, under-
stands the long hours he puts
as a tournament volunteer,
and supports his desire to
make the tournament better
each year.
The couple, who recently
moved to Ponte Vedra Beach,
have an 18-month-old daugh-
ter, Lainey.
A 6-handicap golfer and a
member of the TPC at
Sawgrass, Natherson played on
the University of North
Florida's inaugural baseball
team in 1988.
He holds a master's degree in
public administration from
UNF, where he was once an
adjunct professor of public
administration. He has served
on the boards of the UNF
Alumni Association and the
UNF Osprey Club.

Lake Vista from screened deck


Cul de sac/Private Back

-- -7

Near Sawgrass Village/Park-like back

".,f";.:, ."r " : -.. '. '.*-,-
",' , -', - .' - .' . "''
'� , .' ,".' ." v "
'''*^x'^a1-1~.?lt. ?�� * *

www.600ironwooddrive.com www.349charlemagnecircle.com
2BD/2BA w/Garage Lakeside/Sea Breezes
Screened wrapped deck $257,000 $349,900

Deerwood on a 6 acre Lake

P 1

',7 .

Page 6 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader



It's tempting to say this year's
Players Championship is wide
open because the world's No. 1
golfer is missing. But the reality is
Tiger Woods hasn't really factored
into the mix since winning the
tournament in 2001.
The diverse skills of recent
champions including Adam
Scott, Fred Funk, Stephen Ames
and Phil Mickelson indicates
there isn't one particular type of
player that is favored.
Other events may skew more
toward those blessed with long
drives, a stellar short game or an
ability to roll putts. TPC Sawgrass
puts nearly equal importance on
all of those elements, and who
wins The Players title traditional-
ly comes down to who's playing
best that week.
Last year saw a slew of changes
- including moving the event to
May for the first time, reconfigur-
ing some holes and making the
course more challenging - all
designed to reinforce the notion
of The Players as golfs unofficial
fifth major.
While no specific type of golfer
thrives at The Players, there are
trends and patterns among the
sport's elite which may indicate
who has the best shot at hoisting
the Waterford Crystal trophy on
May 11.

1. Phil Mickelson

Mickelson surprised many with
his victory last year. Not that any-
one ever doubted Lefty's ability,
but with the exception of a tie for
third in 2004, he hadn't had a top
ten finish in his previous eight
tries at The Players.
This year, Mickelson tied for
fifth at the Masters and said the
tutelage of swing guru Butch
Harmon has him hitting the ball
better than he has in years. If any-
thing let him down at Augusta,
Mickelson said, it was his putting.
While he had only been work-
ing with Harmon for a few weeks
prior to last year's Players, whatev-
er changes Mickelson made paid

� , ' : ;"

Phil Mickelson

immediate dividends. He posted
rounds of 67-72-69-69-277 to
finish two strokes ahead of Sergio
Lefty engineered an
almost flawless final round,
a bogey on 18 the lone
exception, en route to
aiming his first Players
title and the most signif-
icant victory of his
career outside a pair of
Masters wins and a PGA
Following last
month's Masters, Mickel-
son said his mind has
been on the U.S. Open at
Torrey Pines and he's already\
played the course to get read
for the year's second majlr.
Whether that impacts his prepa-
ration for The Players remains to
be seen.

2. Vijay Singh

It's more than just home cook-
ing that makes Vijay Singh a top
contender in Ponte Vedra Beach.
Currently ranked third in the
world, Singh hasn't yet won in
2008 but after a two-week break
from the PGA Tour was back in
action at the Wachovia Champ-
While he won twice in 2007
and was third on the money list,
Singh underwent a series of
changes in the offseason, includ-
ing hiring a new caddie and per-
sonal trainer.
He's also trying gain back some
18 pounds lost after picking up a
virus in February while playing
the Johnnie Walker Classic in
New Delhi, India. Singh was still
working on his stamina when he
finished third at the Arnold
Palmer Invitational in mid-
In terms of history at The
Players, Vijay has been mercurial.
His best finishes are a second
place in 2001 and a tie for eighth
in 2006. But Singh has also missed
the cut two of the last six years.
Singh desperately wants to win
the tournament in his adopted
hometown and certainly has the
game to do so. It's sort of a mys-
tery that he has yet to bag a


will the

world's bes

stack up at


It's usually putting that lets the
big Fijian down and he's gone
through everything from a belly
putter to a cut-off short club in
seeking remedies. Still, he's one of
the best ball-strikers of all time
and if he can get some putts to
drop, Singh will be a threat to win.

3. KJ. Choi

The well-traveled K.J. Choi
may be teeing it up again for the
first time in three weeks at this
year's Players.
In March and again in early
April, Choi made the lengthy trip
back to his native South Korea to
play in a tournament. While he
won the SK Telecom Open by
four strokes, to the delight of his
countrymen, Choi will not have
faced PGA Tour competition
since the Masters.
Choi won the Sony Open in
Hawaii this year and was some
experts' dark horse candidate at
Augusta, where he shot 72-75-78-
73-298 to finish 41st.
Last year, Choi won twice and
had one second-place finish en
route to a career-high $4.5 mil-
lion in earnings. He finished fifth
in the FedEx Cup points stand-
Despite 14 career wins on the
PGA Tour, the former powerlifter

is still seeking his first big touma-
ntment victory.
Having played in only six
i'layers Championships,
Choi's best finish was a tie
for 16th in 2006. Last
year he ended up in a tie
for 23rd.
t The South Korean
has all the elements to
succeed on the Sta-
* dium Course, he sim-
ply needs to put it
together after a few
weeks off to refine his

4. Padraig

Like Choi, Padraig Harrington
has been a busy man overseas
and will tee it up in Ponte Vedra
Beach after a few weeks off fol-
lowing the Masters, in which he
finished in a tie for fifth place.
Last year's British Open victory
at Camoustie seemed to change
Harrington and his expectations
for success. For a while, the
Irishman had been lumped into
the "Best Player Never to Win a
Major" category, but now he's a
favorite in many of the tour's big
This season, Harrington leads
the PGA Tour with an average of
27.25 putts per round and is sec-
ond in putting average. He tied
for third in the Northern Trust
Open and fourth in the Zurich
Classic of New Orleans.
The Dubliner began a fitness
program after the 2000 season in
hopes of gaining driving distance
and it's worked. He's now a long-
hitter off the tee, has a terrific
short game and is among the best
putters in the sport.
Harrington has said the one
area of his game that he's working
to improve is chipping, and that
may come in handy on the
Stadium Course.
In 2004, Padraig earned his
best finish at the Players Champ-
ionship by coming in second. He
missed the cut in 2006 and tied
for 52nd last year.
Disappointed with his finish at
Augusta, Harrington told

reporters he was already looking
forward to the U.S. Open. "The
best players in the world always
have the next major on their
mind," he said.
Before that, however, he'll try
to tame TPC Sawgrass and defend
his Irish Open title next month.

5. Adam Scott

People are starting to ask when
Adam Scott is going to live up to
his potential. Not just by winning
major championships, but with
consistency in his game.
The 27-year-old Australian
began the 2008 campaign by win-
ning the Commercialbank Qatar
Masters, then finished in a tie for
ninth in the WGC-CA Champio-
nships after a poor final round.
After shooting a 63 to lead the
Shell Houston Open, Scott had to
withdraw due to strep throat.
While Scott is heralded as the
next great Australian golfer, it's
interesting to note that his win at
'the Byron Nelson was his first
PGA Tour victory in 15 months.
Nevertheless, Scott has all the
tools to become a great champi-
on, and many expect he eventu-
ally will. Adam is No. 1 in the PGA
Tour's all-around statistics, but
putting woes continue to hamper
his consistency.
He tied for 25th in the Masters,
and his average of almost 31 putts
per round had a great deal to do
with that. He currently ranks
121st on the tour in putting.
While the biggest feather in
Scott's cap is dearly his 2004
Players Championship victory,
the Aussie did win last year's Tour
Championship and finished third
on the money list while placing
fourth in the Official World Golf
The Sawgrass layout obviously
fits Scott's game - he finished in
a tie for sixth last year - so if he
can get some putts to find the cup
there's no reason he won't con-
tend this year for a second crystal

See TOP 10, page 12

Adam Scott

Adam Scott

* .....

i'" ' /
. -, � '*.
/ .

Vijay Singh K.J. Choi

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 7

C H AM P I 0 N S HI P~



DATE: May 5-11
SITE: Tournament Players Club at
Sawgrass - Stadium Course
7,215 Yards - Par: 36-36-72
Mickelson, 277, 11-under-par
FORMAT: 72 holes of stroke play
After 36 holes, there is a cut to the
top 70 and ties

Norman, 1994)

Couples (1992) Greg Norman (1994)

PURSE: $9 Million total
purse; $1.62 Million to the winner
2007 Players Championship and the
PGA Tour made joint contributions
totaling $2.5 million to Northeast
Florida charities. Since 1977, when
The Players Championship moved to
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, more than
$24 million has been contributed to
charitable organizations in
Northeast Florida.

ELIGIBILITY: Winners of PGA Tour
events since 2007 Players
Championship; top 125 finishers on
the 2007 Money List; past Players
Championship and major champi-
onship winners in the last 10 years;
winners of the NEC World Series of
Golf in the last 10 years; winners of
The Tour Championship in past
three years; winners of official
money World Golf Championship
in the last three years.
Also: any player not otherwise eligi
ble, among the top 50 leaders from
the Official World Golf Ranking
through the Bay Hill Invitational;
and among the top 10 money win
ners from the 2008 Official Money
List through Wachovia Champion-
ship.If necessary to complete field of
144 players, members from 2008
Money List below 10th position
through Wachovia Championship.
Note: Players Championship
Committee adds special exemptions.

SCHEDULE: Monday, May 5: First
practice round.
Tuesday, May 6: Second practice
Wednesday, May 7: Final practice
Thursday, May 8: First round

Friday, May 9: Second round
Saturday, May 10: Third round

Sunday, May 11: Inter-Faith Church
Service at 7:45 a.m. on 18th green.

FINAL ROUND: Leaders tee off after
12 p.m.

TELEVISION: First round: The Golf
Channel, noon to 6 p.m.
Second round: The Golf Channel,
noon to 6 p.m.
Third round: NBC, 2 to 7 p.m.
Fourth round: NBC, 2 to 7 p.m.

* ATM machines
* Bleachers, stadium mounds
* Concessions
* Course maps
* Daily pairing sheets
* Disabled parking
* Lost and found
* Medical services
* Merchandise tents
* Restrooms
* Telephones
* Scoreboards

TICKETS: Available by calling (904)
285-7888. Tickets also available at
Publix and at www.playerschampi-
PARKING: General Public parking is
located off of State Road 210 (south
of PGA Tour Boulevard). Also, free
parking at UNF with shuttle service.
1974 Jack Nicklaus, Atlanta CC
1975 Al Geiberger, Colonial CC
1976 Jack Nicklaus, Inverrary CC
1977 Mark Hayes, Sawgrass CC
1978 Jack Nicklaus, Sawgrass CC
1979 Lanny Wadkins, Sawgrass CC
1980 Lee Trevino, Sawgrass CC
1981 Raymond Floyd, Sawgrass CC
1982 Jerry Pate, TPC at Sawgrass
1983 Hall Sutton, TPC at Sawgrass
1984 Fred Couples, TPC at Sawgrass
1985 Calvin Peete TPC at Sawgrass
1986 John Mahaffery, TPC Sawgrass
1987 Sandy Lyle, TPC at Sawgrass
1988 Mark McCumber, TPC Sawgrass
1989 Tom Kite, TPC at Sawgrass
1990 Jodie Mudd, TPC at Sawgrass
1991 Steve Elkington, TPC Sawgrass
1992 Davis Love III, TPC Sawgrass
1993 Nick Price, TPC at Sawgrass
1994 Greg Norman, TPC at Sawgrass
1995 Lee Janzen, TPC at Sawgrass
1996 Fred Couples, TPC at Sawgrass
1997 Steve Elkington, TPC Sawgrass
1998 Justin Leonard, TPC Sawgrass
1999 David Duval, TPC at Sawgrass
2000 Hal Sutton, TPC at Sawgrass
2001 Tiger Woods, TPC Sawgrass
2002 Craig Perks, TPC at Sawgrass
2003 Davis-Love III, TPC Sawgrass
2004 Adam Scott, TPC at Sawgrass
2005 Fred Funk, TPC at Sawgrass
2006 Stephen Ames, TPC Sawgrass
2007 Phil Mickelson, TPC Sawgrass

First Coast's

Filnest Beach

is also the

Fivvest Place

to WorIe!

The City of Jacksonville Beach employs

individuals in a variety of positions

from Electric to Maintenance to

Secretarial to Protective Services. For

complete details on our listings please

visit us online at www.COJB.jobs in

person at 11 North 3rd Street, Human

Resources, 2nd Floor or call Amy Smith

at 904-247-6263

EOE, VP, Drug testing conducted

Page 8 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Huge IAJ ~ 7.,Z>7 hAWO Party
Monday, MAY 5th! Drink & Food Specials! Both Locations! Don't Miss It!

I :

.j ,r

c'" pc

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 9


new balance MAY 7th

Athletic Sh

Sdsics. 60mo


-May 13th O

oe Sale up to with

b OFF rc ticket

ft snoes

_ _ _ _ _ Al A
( in betee Dar ueInHrysSaod

For the cic of life,

there's a circle of care.

Ou fe is . . . -. N rthast
vi wom * w 8 vess ard 7 - . - Te team *-

LMedical Center
Depend On Us For Life:-
S, - FL*. 322!-W

� . A-."..

�r �-


l-ow. _
^R JS,1"1 -^ ^
^ f ^ ^ ^ -. ^ .
-r,^^S ^.3 L*3 .I ^ "

Page 10 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

RECAP: Mickelson surges, O'Hair fades in final round

Continued from page 4

The victory started talk of Mickelson
being a top contender at the following
month's U.S. Open at Oakmont, with
the hype beginning seemingly
moments after he accepted the
Waterford Crystal trophy. (Mickelson
would end up missing the cut at the
U.S. Open last year.)
Some help from O'Hair
Lefty struck the ball almost perfectly
all week of The Players, never scoring
anything worse than a bogey through-
out the tournament. In all, he carded
one eagle, 17 birdies and 46 pars.
The win, which was his second of
the season, helped propel Mickelson
into second place in the FedEx Cup
points, right behind Woods.
Mickelson's win wasn't exactly a
walk in the park. A little help from
O'Hair sealed the deal.
O'Hair entered the final round atop
the leaderboard, but with eight other
players looming within four shots.
Following the tournament, O'Hair told
reporters he felt he had lost momen-
tum at the 11th hole, a par-5 in which
his shot landed in a bunker leading to
a bogey, while Mickelson made birdie
and took a two-shot lead.
Mickelson and O'Hair kept pace
with each other until the fateful 17th
Lefty played first, landing his ball in
the center of the green. Still two shots
down, O'Hair had no other choice but
to go after the pin. He aimed his shot
closer to the flag stick but the ball flew
over the green and landed the in the
O'Hair made his way to the drop
area for another shot at the famed
island green. Again, his ball found
nothing but water.
Costly errors, but O'Hair put them
into perspective afterward. "I could
have played for the middle of the
green and hit my two putts and taken
second place," he said. "I was in a
good spot to win and definitely tried
to win, but unfortunately, I got kicked
in the teeth."
Mickelson cruised to the win, finish-
ing at 11-under.
Woods finished his final round
before Mickelson and O'Hair even
teed off, an indication Tiger didn't
have the best four rounds of his
career. Woods finished deep down the
leaderboard, closing with a 67 to wind
up in a tie for 37th place.
Fan favorite Sergio Garcia birdied
four of the final five holes, and with
help from O'Hair's troubles, finished
second and two shots down from
Mickelson. Garcia's closing 36 holes, in
which he shot 67-66, was one off the
Players Championship record shared
by Rocco Mediate and Fred Couples.
Jose Maria Olazabal also made a
push to the top, but a bogey on the
15th hole was just enough to keep
him distant from the leaders and fin-
ish in a tie for third with Stuart Cink.



A -
g,* 0
�- aW; 4. � . ~~:.~r
* , "S-- r. .4

. .r -, 4- .,
:. ; .. ..n� r 'A , :
.... . : .,.; .,. -... ... .. .. - ..,'.
':- :,- ' - . , ' - '; .. -., B' ::,'
..... . ,. .; . . - . ,. :! - . . .
� ;. �, :: .. ;;' . .'v 'y;-'. . .'.� - .

, ,-*, ".. . ,

photo by ROB DeANGELO
Sean O'Hair hits from a greenside
bunker at the sixth hole during the
final round of the 2007 Players
Championship. O'Hair, who went to
bed Saturday with the 54-hole lead,
shot a final round 76 to finish the
event in 11th place.
Mickelson's hard work with his new
swing coach paid off in a big way. The
two met six hours before Mickelson's
scheduled tee time Sunday and again
right before Lefty headed for the first

Joy, but no celebration
One thing fans didn't get from
Mickelson was a big-time celebration,
something many previous Players
Championship winners have done.
After sinking a par putt to close the
tournament, Phil quietly hugged cad-
die Jim "Bones" Mackay, smiled, waved
to the crowd ringing the 18th green,
and headed for the scorer's tent.
He would later explain that the win
didn't feel quite right without his wife
and children, who stayed home in
The changes in Mickelson's game
proved to be good enough for a
Players Championship win. Often crit-
icized for his errant, high-risk tee
shots, things seemed to be turning for
the best for Lefty.
As for the tournament itself, the
changes proved to be a hit with every- -
one from the fans to the players.

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U [ rJ," r)EI f J" U

Hoyt Stereo concentrates on taking care of each customer.
anticipating every problem and guaranteeing satisfaction.

Service and support after the sale. even years after the sate.
have made us a crowd favorite for over 50 years.

s t e r e o
1927 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville Beach * 94-247-9001

,-----NORT S F OI' IM T




The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 11


Cooney brings experience to storyteller role

Matt Cooney is
uniquely qualified
for his weekly vol-
unteer gig at the TPC at
Sawgrass clubhouse.
A former Jacksonville
sportscaster and golf show
host, Cooney didn't need to
bone up on the history of
The Players Championship
when he decided to volun-
teer as a clubhouse "story-
teller" last year.
"I feel like my asset as a
storyteller is that I've cov-
ered so many of the tourna-
ments and interviewed most
of the winners," Cooney said
during a recent tour of the
$32-million clubhouse in
Ponte Vedra Beach.
Cooney, who began cover-
ing sports in Jacksonville in
1961, was on hand for the
first Greater Jacksonville
Open at Selva Marina
Country Club in 1965. He
also covered the first 14
Players Championships held
in Ponte Vedra Beach.
From 1990-2001, "Matt
Cooney's Golf Talk" on local
cable TV featured guest
appearances by just about
every PGA Tour or Senior
Tour player in the area.
"When I started my show
in 1990, I was a 9-handi-
cap," Cooney recalled.
"And when I ended the
show [after 11 years] with all
this free advice from the
pros, I was a 14."
Cooney, 69, an Atlantic
Beach resident, is one of 70
volunteers who serve as
clubhouse "storytellers."
Much like a tour guide,
"storytellers" explain the
history and pageantry
behind The Players and
point out the many ameni-
ties that the lavish club-
house has to offer to touring
pros, TPC at Sawgrass mem-
bers and the public.
"One of the most amazing
things that people don't
realize is that they can come
in here and take this tour at
no cost," Cooney said.
"The TPC at Sawgrass is
encouraging that now
because they want [the club-
house] to be a focal point of
the area."
Dressed in maroon jackets,
"Storytellers" are stationed
at the main entrances to the
clubhouse. They greet visi-
tors as they come in and ask

,. .-

Matt Cooney shows a visitor one of five large-format paintings by Bart Forbes that hang in TPC at Sawgrass clubhouse.

them if they would be inter-
ested in taking a tour of the
two-story facility.
"You sense how much
time they have," Cooney
said. "I'll say, 'I can show
you the clubhouse, and if
you have more time, I can
take you out to see No. 16,
17 and 18.' That's when
their eyes light up."
"Storytellers" carry visitors
out to the Stadium Course's
world-famous finishing holes
in a special six-seater golf
Once there, they talk
about some of the memo-
rable feats from previous
Players Championships and
other interesting tidbits

about the tournament,
which has been hosted at
the TPC at Sawgrass since
Cooney said he likes to
start his abbreviated Stadium
Course tour at the practice
tees and the Circle of
Champions and work back-
wards toward the legendary
island green at No. 17.
"As I drive down here [on
No. 18] I tell them this is
one of the great finishing
holes in golf and if there is a
playoff, it starts back at No.
18," he said.
"And if the tournament is
still tied after-that, it goes
back to 16, 17 and 18. Most
people are so in awe of 17. I

tell them that there have
been six holes-in-one out
here and that Bob Tway
holds the record for the
most balls in the water with
Cooney estimates that on
any given tournament day,
more than 35,000 spectators
camp out around the island
green, where NBC has 10 of
its 42 cameras set up.
On 16, Cooney stops the
cart near a wooded spot off
the fairway where Davis
Love III hit his legendary
second shot to the green in
A small flag and plaque
mark the spot where Love
went on to birdie the hole

and win his first of two
Players titles.
"It was one of the greatest
shots ever on this hole,"
Cooney recalled.
"He hit it around these
trees, over the water, and
landed it 15 feet from the
cup. He sunk the putt for a
No slouch on the golf
course, Cooney once fired an
83 on the Stadium Course to
win a media day event. He
first took up the game when
he moved to Jacksonville
from Vermont in 1961.
During a round of golf at

See COONEY, page 20

Page 12 * May 2, 2008

Continued from page 6

6. Ernie Els

Much like Phil Mickelson,
Ernie Els is currently working
with swing coach Butch
Harmon. The collaboration is
new and Els is trying to get
adjusted to changes'.
Thus far, results haven't
been great. The big South
African has missed the cut in
three of his last four events,
although he did win the
Honda Classic.
After tying for eighth in the
2006 Players Championship,
Els finished in a tie for 37th
last year. His best finish at
Sawgrass was a tie for third in

Tremendously talented, Els
can never be counted out of
any tournament he enters.

7. Geoff ogiivy

Geoff Ogilvy is seeking to
build upon the respect he
gained by winning the 2006
U.S. Open at Winged Foot. It
was the Australian's first major,
and it lifted him into the Top
10 of the World Golf Rankings
This year, Ogilvy climbed to
No. 5 on the charts following
his victory in the WGC-CA
While he was disappointed
with a 36th-place finish at the
Masters, Ogilvy indicated he
hoped to fine-tune his game at
the Wachovia Championships

Like Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk
will get to sleep in his own bed
during Players week. And just
like Singh, the Ponte Vedra
Beach resident yearns to win
the tournament played practi-
cally in his own backyard.
While Furyk hasn't demon-
strated the same consistency
this season that he had in years
past, he does have three top-
three finishes including a sec-
ond in the WGC-CA

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

before heading to The Players.
Ogilvy has achieved a Top
10 finish in each of the last
three Players Championships,
with his best placings coming
in 2005 and 2007 when he
tied for sixth.

8. Jim Furyk

Brandt Snedeker isn't the
ninth-ranked golfer in the
world, but he's on this list
because he's got four Top 10 fin-
ishes in 2008 - including third
at the Masters - and placed \
12th in his one and only I
appearance at The Players last

The 27-year-old is among the
brightest young American stars
in golf and his game seems well-
suited for TPC Sawgrass.

10. Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia is among the
Top 10 favorites not because of
the way he is playing this year
(ranked 17th in the world) but
because he was second in The
Players last year.
The Spaniard birdied four of
the last five holes in the final
round last year to finish with a
6-under-par 66, two shots
behind winner Phil Mickelson.
Garcia's 67-66 Saturday-
Sunday finish in the 2007 tour-
nament was one off the tour-
nament record shared by Fred
Couples and Rocco Mediate.

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MLS# 403164 $1,449,900

Following a week off after
the Masters, Furyk played in
the Wachovia Championships
- a tournament he won in a
playoff over Trevor Immelman
in 2006 - to get ready for
another charge at The Players'
crystal trophy.
After tying for third in 2006,
Furyk finished in a tie for 28th
at last year's Players.

9. Brandt

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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 13

C H A MI 1 0 N S H I IP'

... - -- - - --... ..

*V I .� 'EU) ' I. I ' Ili *i 7 . : ..r
S.-- " . . I IF *iN , * .. . I , ,rL i.
M .1 1 1IF ims .. *)e

-" ill'- II7 ji

--aea- ; - �-,, -, .'o'

I. A
.. C-ff*. .- ; . . : .....

.. . .. - .; ,-, . ' , , - : .� .

" " . "' ' - '
.*>-' - ,. , * ; - �.,".* . ^ -i.?.;,

k:t !is 0! II

� -. .; :,

,, . . "

S . .. ..... . . . ..',''

photo by ROB DeANGELO
An aerial view of the $32-million TPC at Sawgrass clubhouse earlier this year. At 77,000 square feet, it is one and a half times larger than The White House.

Lavish clubhouse fit for king - or your wedding

he clubhouse has been a centerpiece of the
TPC at Sawgrass since 1982. Opened in May
2007, the new and vastly improved $32-
million clubhouse has proved to be a popu-
lar destination for Northeast Florida resi-
dents as well as guests and golfers from around the
"Dreams are coming true here and memories are
being made here," said Bill Hughes, the general man-
ager of the TPC at Sawgrass.
He said the Mediterranean-revival-style building
was designed "to celebrate the history and culture of
the area."
Classic Florida resort hotels and estates associated
with Henry Flagler, such as The Breakers, The Royal
Poinciana, Whitehall, and the Ponce de Leon Resort
(now Flagler College) provided inspiration for the
design of the building, Hughes said.
The clubhouse offers world-class amenities, includ-
ing a main dining grille, terraces and terraced lawns,
a member/player dining room, the President's

Library, banquet and meeting spaces with balconies,
lounges, the Champions and Players locker rooms,
and a golf shop.
Decorated in the old-world tradition, the club-
house features a grand staircase of imported lime-
stone, vaulted wood ceilings, wrought-iron lighting
fixtures, multiple fireplaces, and stately furniture.
Tapestries, specially commissioned murals, and other
artwork adorn the walls.
In keeping with the PGA Tour commitment to giv-
ing back to the community, the one-year-old club-
house has already been the destination for events and
benefits that have "raised millions of dollars for the
community," Hughes said.
Organizations that have held events there include
the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers
and Big Sisters of Northeast Florida, the Cummer
Museum of Art & Gardens, the Cultural Center at
Ponte Vedra Beach, Junior Achievement, the
University of North Florida Osprey Club and official
TPC charities, such as America Supports You and the
Heal Foundation.
The clubhouse has also been in demand for wed-
dings, 50th wedding anniversary parties, bat and bar

mitzvah celebrations, business meetings, and other
events. "It has become an international wedding des-
tination," he said.
For 2008, there are already more than 50 weddings
scheduled with three weddings booked for some
Social memberships offering activities and special
events have also been popular year round.
"The community has embraced this property," said
Hughes, citing the nearly 800 social memberships to
the clubhouse.
Hughes said he is very proud to work with the staff
at the clubhouse, a team, he said, is made up of some
of "the most accomplished and talented people from
around the world," and a "culinary team that is sec-
ond to none."
The past comes to life daily at the clubhouse
through interactive displays and memorabilia from
past Players Championships.
Eighty local volunteer "storytellers" provide tours
of the facility and caddies are trained to share stories
and highlights from past tournaments.
Said Hughes: "The clubhouse pays homage to the
past and sets the course for the future."

M .^ * '* *J "...- ':: ' "5B �. ' � ...

-, . . " . - .,.2 *- ' - ;, , .* .

.... . ... ' . ***-- . ..;,. '
._" .-- .._
. ..r . .. . .. .. :- ;-.-, .

1:: 1. a e

i . �. '

Page 14 � May 2, 2008

-C H A M P I 0 N S 1 I P0

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

photos by ROB DeANGELO
ABOVE: Stewart Cink acknowledges the gallery after firing a 6-under-par 66 in the final round last
year. RIGHT: Phil Mickelson chips onto the green at 18 in the final round of last year's Players.

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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 15


Seay 'is missed' by


When the Marine
Corps Hymn was
played at the annual
meeting of the
American Society of
Golf Course Architects
in 2006, Ed Seay
snapped to attention
and saluted.

K known worldwide for
designing more than
JL 50 golf courses with
Arnold Palmer, Seay was so
proud of his service in the
Marine Corps that he always
dropped whatever he was
doing when he heard the
melodic Marine Hymn.
"It didn't matter where he
was, he always stood up when
he heard it," Lynn Seay of
Ponte Vedra Beach recently
"Ed always wanted to be a
Marine. He was determined to
be one."
Seay, who died of cancer
and related health issues in
August 2007, had a lifelong
affection for the Corps.
In the Marines, Seay learned
to lead men, follow the chain
of command and appreciate
the doctrines of discipline.
It was also where he took
up a game that would be the
focus of his life for the next
four decades.
"Ed did not play golf until
he went into the Marine
Corps," Lynn Seay said about
her late husband, who died at
age 69.
"And he always said the
Marine Corps taught him dis-
cipline and how to run a busi-

Once a Marine ...

In March 2006, when the
American Society of Golf
Course Architects (ASGCA)
gathered in Pinehurst, N.C.,
for its annual meeting, the
society, founded in 1946 by
14 architects, including the
renown Donald Ross, present-
ed Seay with its Distinguished
Service Award.
According to the ASGCA,
the honor is bestowed on a
member who has contributed

exceptional time and talent to
benefit both ASGCA members
and the organization.
Seay, a member of the
ASGCA since 1968 and a past
president, received a gold-
plated plaque at the ceremo-
The group's board of gover-
nors also presented Seay with
a special gift: A wide-brimmed
felt hat like the ones Marine
Corps drill instructors wear at
boot camp.
Known as a "Smokey" in
the Corps, the hat was cov-
ered in red tartan material to
match the blazers worn by
society members.
After Seay donned the hat,
the board played the Marine
Hymn and the University of
Florida's fight song.
In a photo, a smiling Seay, a
1960 UF graduate, is giving an
open-hand salute as Arnold
Palmer looks on.
Palmer, Seay's design part-
ner for 35 years, was a sur-
prise speaker at the 2006
ASGCA meeting, one of the
last Seay attended.
"His health was failing at
the time," Aileen Smith, a
staff member with ASGCA,
recalled in a phone interview.
"He had battled illness for a
number of years."
Smith said Seay, who stood
6 feet, 3 inches, was a "strap-
ping presence" at society
meetings, and a jovial ser-
geant at arms who kept dis-
cussions on track.
"Everybody in the associa-
tion looked up to him," said
"He was really a leader in
our group. He was one of the
first members to team up with
a touring pro and forge a part-
nership. He was a ground
breaker that way."

From Marines to Maples

After serving four years in
the Marine Corps, mustering
out as a captain at Camp
Lejeune, N.C., Seay was anx-
ious to put his college degree
to work.
At Florida, Seay majored in
landscape architecture, a
multi-disciplinary field with a
wide-range of employment
possibilities, such as urban
planning and public park cre-
With his newfound love for
golf, Seay wondered if there
was a place for him in golf

I "If the Army and the Naiy
ever look on heaven's scenes,
they will find the streets are
guarded by United States
Marines." - From U.S.
Marine Corps Hymn

.t> I' A~.!1 -IffInC NINfr INAa V.Rbyk�` r', - . I
Ed Seay salutes while the Marine Corps Hymn is played at the annual meeting of the American
Society of Golf Course Architects in 2006. Arnold Palmer, Seay's design partner, was a surprise
speaker at the meeting where Seay received the society's Distinguished Service Award.

course construction.
"He said, 'I know there are
people who design those
things,' " Lynn Seay recalled.
"So Ed wrote a letter to the
ASGCA, and Ellis Maples
responded and hired him."
Maples, who supervised the
construction of Donald Ross's
final layout in 1953, was near-
ing the end of his design
career when he took Seay on
as an apprentice architect in
A World War II veteran,
Maples designed more than
70 golf courses before his
death in 1984, including
Pinehurst No. 5.
"Ed learned drafting in col-
lege and everything else from
Ellis," said Lynn Seay, who
met her husband of 46 years
when they were students at
Fletcher High in the mid-
A Florida native, Seay was a

three-sport athlete at Fletcher,
and a member of the Senators
1955 and 1956 state champi-
onship swim teams.
Seay played center on the
Fletcher football team and
was a member of the junior
varsity basketball squad. He
served on the student council
and was a member of the
Junior National Honor
"He was an ideal student,
but a very average basketball
player," recalled Wimpy
Sutton, Seay's former teacher
and coach.
"He was small in stature
then. He got big after he went
to Florida and the Marine
Lynn Seay, a former Fletcher
cheerleader, said she was 5-
foot-7 by the time she was 13.
Her late husband first
noticed her as she walked off
a school bus carrying students

to Fletcher from Ponte Vedra
"I didn't want to go out
with Ed because I couldn't
wear heels," she recalled with
a chuckle.
"I joke that he became tall
in the Marines because he had
to stand up so straight."
As a senior in 1955, Seay
was listed as 5-9 and 165
pounds on a Fletcher football
roster. He sprouted up in col-
lege and went on to play
football in the Marine Corps.
According to former Marine
Pfc. Thomas E. Brown, Seay
was a second lieutenant and a
platoon commander with
Company A, 22nd Marines,
when the unit was activated
during the Cuban Missile
The Seays, who married in

See SEAY, page 22


~:I;r Jr'~
': '"
~'~ �� i:95~t~i~
s. ..~�

Page 16 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader


Feinstein captures vagaries of Q School

"When Q School is over, you
are either invited to the party or
not. There is no in between."
- John Feinstein.


The Players
Championship is not the
only PGA Tour-spon-
sored event claiming to be
golf's so-called fifth major.
"The argument can be made
that there are more legendary
tales attached to the PGA
Tour's Qualifying School than
to any other event in golf,"
best-selling author John
Feinstein says in his 2007
book, "Tales From Q School:
Inside Golf's Fifth Major"
(Little Brown, $26.99)
"Have you ever encountered
any player who told you he
didn't have a Q School story?"
Steve Pate, a six-time PGA
Tour winner, says in the book,
which recounts the 2005
A two-time Ryder Cup play-
er, Pate, then 44, was back at
Q School in 2005, along with
more than 20 others who had
won at least once on the PGA
Only the top 125 players on
the PGA Tour Money List
retain their tour cards each
The rest must go through Q
School if they want their full-
time playing privileges back.
In 2005, Briny Baird earned
more than $620,000 on tour,
but finished 126th on the
Money List.
"Tour players like to point
out that playing on the PGA
Tour is one of the few jobs on
earth where someone can
make more than $500,000 in
a year and get fired," the book
Jacksonville University grad
Donnie Hammond still holds
the record for the greatest
margin of victory at the Q
School finals: 14 shots in
The venue: The TPC at
Hammond, now a member
of the 50-and-over
Champions Tour, was back at
Q School in 2005, bidding to
return to fully exempt status
on the PGA Tour.
As he waited to pound balls
at a driving range in Dade
City, Fla., Hammond, then 48,
summed up the do-or-die

experience of second stage Q
School qualifying.
"You know what this is like?
A really big four-day funeral,"
Hammond says in the book.
"In the end, there are 19
survivors. The rest of the bod-
ies just get carted away."
Feinstein covered all three
phases of Q School in 2005,
including the 165-player
finals, where only the top 30
finishers and ties earned PGA
Tour cards.
The tales he unearthed are,
by his account, some of "the
most unlikely and uplifting
anywhere in golf."
Q School is where a former
Masters champion and a club
pro from Rhode Island are
"peers for a week."
It's where past PGA Tour
winners come to "get off the
minor tour merry-go-round."
It's "Golf's version of the
bar exam," said Casey Martin.
Or, it's what 13-time Q
School qualifier Michael Allen
calls his "winter vacation."
"What makes Q School so
fascinating is the breadth of
stories," writes Feinstein.
Former Nease High golf star
Vince Covello "is living proof
of the vagaries of Q School."
In 2005, Covello, a former
state champion golfer at
Nease, shot a low round of 62
at first stage qualifying in
A day later, Covello was on
his way to being a first-stage
casualty after carding an 11-
over-par 83.
Players Championship run-
ner-up Tommy Tolles (1996),
who was once ranked as high
as 16th on the PGA Tour
Money List, is a seven-time Q
Former Players winner Lee
Janzen (1995) was at Q School
as recently as 2006.
"Next year is never guaran-
teed in golf, except for an elite
handful who have won major
titles and climbed so far up
the ladder they seemingly
can't fall down," the book
"You have to earn the right
to stay out here," adds Ponte
Vedra resident Stephen
Gangluff, another 2005 Q
It's no wonder the PGA
Tour's slogan is, "These guys
are good."
They have to be. None of
them want to go back to Q

"Next year is never guaranteed in golf, except for an elite handful

who have won major titles and climbed so far up the ladder they

seemingly can't fall down," writes Feinstein.

"You have to earn the right to stay out here," adds Ponte Vedra

Beach resident Stephen Gangluff, a 2005 Q Schooler.

, , . . ,,., . . . ',' -., .
i.i. . . , . % .e , : .. . "
^ ..., ;': . \.'" . 1 "" .: : "'* ": " "" ' " * .

2 .
i .t -. ., - " ":. .; ;;'-."0"
! ,:. , .- y-.. . % .', ',- 'v. . . ' ;_ .',. .'* 47
: . ,: . . -, , . : . ..
.qv i' ,,, ,.

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�-� �
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-� ��r

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i, .~-..
i: i
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g ii

"' '"'
c ;� �
:e; .�:
:~i~i:-~ ����. �i ~��
r ?i~- s; . �r �, r-�
: i.
'.:: ::s
: j~13 �J .:j
.�:I '?�' ':
~.�; �i. .� �,
~: x �i��-
T '-~��-:�'�;
x~,:.�~ .�s�
W1 ':"�� fli�iJB~..,

- .- .- , -
I .

i " . " '' '. *:.'. �
: ',. , . - v - ' . ,. : , - ' I � . ' �
� ' ."."" � " t--,� ~x- " -;".;
., .---- . ,, /., - -
- ,; 7 " ,' " -." :, " :< :
. . .. �" � �.. .. .. .-..,. ,,: .% ,:' . .
� - ,' "'":. ', " ,' ' i, , .
� - ,;' - .,<, ":-v+".'- , ; : ;
' :'-': ,,:' ' , .-;, :." ; 4 . : " .'. . .
� .. ; ,'K, ., ,;,. .:, ' .,.
. , , ' ,. , # ,, .,, .. '. ,..,








The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader


photos by ROB DeANGELO
ABOVE: Phil Mickelson, right, receives the Players Championship trophy from
2006 winner Stephen Ames. RIGHT: Past winner Adam Scott follows his tee shot.


May 2, 2008 * Page 17

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avets ord fior Dbock to TPCC



Page 18 * May 2, 2008 _THE PLAYERS The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Dining Guide ~ Dining Guide ~ Dining Guide

Aft ......mu im M 4i;

. ;Q1 O~



i; . 'd


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Dining Guide

SH A M P 1 0 N S H uide
SDining Guide

May 2, 2008 * Page 19

~ Dining Guide


~*4 ~,


A. . , 4
"- *A " . -;'-/*
,Slimu._ .. . ,t

Page 20 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Cooney: Storytellers work three-hour shifts, seven days a week

Continued from 11
Jacksonville's Hyde Park Golf Club
in the early 1960s, Cooney, then a
fledgling weekend sports anchor for
WTLV-12, was stopped by an eager
youth on the first tee.
The boy, who grew up near the
golf course, had just won a major
youth tournament and asked
Cooney if he could join him for
nine holes.
The boy's name was Mark
McCumber, a Jacksonville native
who went on to win 1988 Players
"When I started my golf show,
Mark was my first guest," Cooney
"I saw him in the clubhouse once
while I was giving this man a tour.
Mark had won two tournaments in
the man's hometown, so I took a
picture of him with Mark."
Cooney usually starts his club-
house tour near a framed picture of
a one dollar bill, the same one
Deane Beman gave the Stockton
Land Development Co. in 1978 as
payment for the 415 acres of swamp
land that was eventually developed
into the TPC at Sawgrass.
"The $1 bill usually blows them
away," Cooney said.
"Then I show them some pictures
of when Tiger won the U.S. Amateur
here and that 38 to 40 PGA Tour
players live here, such as Fred Funk,
Vijay Singh and Jim Furyk."
Whenr visitors enter the main
entrance to the clubhouse, Cooney
starts his tour by showing them a
few of the five large-format paint-
ings created by famed sports illustra-
tor Bart Forbes.
Then he leads visitors up a stair-

case, past a glassed-in replica of The
Players Championship trophy, to a
second-floor exhibit known as the
Gallery of Champions - a collection
of framed artwork displaying the
deeds of past Players champions.
Cooney then ushers guests to a
veranda overlooking a portion of the
"I like to take people out here and
show them this fantastic view and
explain how the clubhouse only
took 11 months to build and the
fact that it's one and half times larg-
er than the White House," he said.
"It's amazing when you look at the
gallery of past winners because it's
almost all the big names in golf."
Past winners donate one club from
their bag after winning The Players,
and those clubs are on exhibit at the
clubhouse near the Champions
Room, which is decorated with
memorabilia from the reigning
Players champ, such as his final-
round scorecard and an autographed
flag from No. 17.
"People always ask about Tiger's
club," said Cooney, picking up a
wedge Woods donated for the exhib-
"And, naturally, people always
want to tour the player's private
locker room, but they are not
allowed in there."
During the tournament, an entire
wing of the clubhouse is reserved for
PGA Tour players who are competing
that week, Cooney said.
A private stairway below the locker
room leads to a long corridor known
as the tunnel of champions, where
the caddie shack and other offices
are located.
Large black-and-white photos of

past champions in action line the
walls of the tunnel, which leads pros
outside to the practice areas.
Billy Detlaff, the national director
of golf for the TPC network, heads
up the "storyteller" program at the
Volunteer "storytellers" are at the
clubhouse seven days a week, work-
ing in three-hour shifts. Cooney usu-
ally volunteers on Wednesdays from
12:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Perks include discounted meals
and merchandise at clubhouse
restaurants and the pro shop.
"Storytellers" work longer shifts
during Players Championship week,

Cooney said.
"If someone comes in when I'm
ready to leave, I'll stay an extra hour
if I have to," he said.
"A lot of people come here for
lunch or dinner and ask if they can
look us up afterwards.
"I had a group from Brazil once
that didn't know anything about
golf, but they had heard about No.
"When you become a storyteller,
you are more aware of the history
and lore of this place. Even though
we are not paid for this, it's an
honor to do it."

Welcome TPC Fans! �


1521 Penman Rd ~ Jacksonville Beach

The Beaches
Realty Group

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Construction, 2 Master Suites.
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Matt Cooney holds a early-model fairway wood used by a previous Players
champion. Each winner of The Players donates a club from his bag for the
exhibit, located near the entrance to the Champions Room.

www.BeachesRealtyGroup.info * www.BeachesRealtyGroup.com
2320 3rd Street South, Suite 11 * Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250




The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 21


Course Map


+ 4

+_. P

I iFF.r





.;.+ o2 - ++ +++



\. a.. ,P



Fn a u 10 '." '







Page 22 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Seay: East-West Course at Sawgrass hosted TPC from 1977-81

Continued from page 15
1961, were stationed at
Quantico, Va., when Ed
attended basic training for
commissioned officers, and
later at Camp Lejeune, when
he was assigned to a recon-
naissance unit.
Lynn Seay said had her hus-
band stayed in the Corps a
year longer, he would have
been deployed to Vietnam
with the first wave of Marine
forces in 1965.
Instead, Seay left war-mobi-
lizing Camp Lejeune for
peaceful Pinehurst and a
career in golf course design
under Maples, his mentor for
six years. The pair collaborat-
ed on more than 25 courses
before Seay struck out on his
own in 1970.

Sawgrass and Palmer

The son of an Atlantic
Beach pharmacist, Seay had to
work to make ends meet at
UE He bussed tables during
the school year and worked as
a landscaper during the sum-
"He was a fraternity presi-
dent, which gave him room
and board for two years," said
Lynn Seay, who wore her hus-
band's Phi Delta Theta pledge
pin during her freshman year
at the University of North
Carolina's women's college in
Seay's connection to
Florida's Phi Delta Theta
chapter paid off in 1972 when
he learned that land develop-
er James Stockton Jr., a former
Phi Delt, was interested in
building an oceanside golf
course on more than 1,200
acres in Ponte Vedra Beach.
Stockton envisioned "a
quiet, serene recreational club
complex close to nature, with
the finest amenities for its
membership," according to
the history section of stock-
Seay turned Stockton's
vision into reality by design-
ing Sawgrass Country Club's
East-West Course, which
opened in 1974. The par-72
layout served as site of The
Players Championship from
1977 to 1981.
In 1984, Seay designed a
second nine-hole layout at
Sawgrass, the South Course.
Although Seay designed
hundreds of golf courses over
a 40-plus-year career, includ-
ing layouts in Hawaii, Japan,
Ireland and China, Sawgrass
held a special place in his
heart, Seay's wife said.
"That was the first course

''' 1 .1�;f";;'
W~h~.tl ��1~'2~a ...,�� �t 1
i "I

I, -�1...1...;... ..,._r.aPp -

". . .
. -." .:_.. . ": . .. .
Ed Seay at Sawgrass Country Club in August 1974. The Seay-designed East-West Course at
Sawgrass Country Club was home to The Players Championship from 1977 to 1981.

he did on his own and the
first in his own back yard,"
Lynn Seay added.
Having Palmer as one of his
first clients didn't hurt Seay's
bid to design Sawgrass, either.
In 1970, Seay was inspect-
ing the greens at Bermuda
Run Country Club in
Winston-Salem, N.C., when
he caught the eye of Palmer,
who was playing an exhibi-
tion match there.
As fate would have it,
Palmer was searching for a
full-time course designer to
replace former ASGCA presi-
dent Frank Duane, who had
taken ill.
"Who's that guy? I asked
one of my playing partners,"
Palmer recounts in his 1999
autobiography, "A Golfer's
"Oh," he said. "That's Ed
Seay. He and Ellis Maples
designed the course.
"Ed and I shook hands, and
I told him I liked what I saw
at Bermuda Run. Then I gave
it to him straight: Would he
be interested in working with
me on a few golf course proj-
Seay, who had spent most
of his early career designing
courses in North Carolina and
Georgia, soon found himself
in need of a passport.
His first assignment for
Palmer was in Tokyo, Japan.
"A few years later, after a
host of successful collabora-
tions, I invited Ed to work
with me exclusively and we
officially formed the Palmer
Course Design Company [in
1979], with offices at Sawgrass

in Ponte Vedra Beach," Palmer
says in his book.
Early in his career with
Palmer, Seay was en route to a
fishing excursion with friends
when he stopped along the
way to check on a course he
was putting the finishing
touches to in South Florida.
Bill Minus recalled the
humorous anecdote from the
mid-1970s in a reader's com-
ment at geoffshackelford.com.
"A group of us were driving
to South Florida to go fishing
and along the way we stopped
while [Seay] ran the entire 18
holes with spray cans painting
the outline of the traps,"
Minus said.

Never forgot Fletcher

For the Seays, moving back
to the Beaches in the early
1970s was like coming home.
The couple, who graduated a
year apart at Fletcher, were
anxious to raise their two
children, Mason and Tracy, on
the barrier island.
The move also meant Ed
could attend Florida football
games at "The Swamp" as a
season ticket-holder.
"Ed was a huge Gator fan"
said Lynn Seay, who moved to
Ponte Vedra from Atlanta in
the ninth grade.
"When we lived in Georgia,
that was a real challenge."
The Seays' Ponte Vedra
home is swamped with UF
memorabilia and Ed often
covered his bald head with an
orange or blue Gator cap.
When Tracy Seay married
record-setting Florida place-

kicker Bobby Raymond, her
father was in high heaven,
Lynn Seay said.
Seay's former office at
Palmer Course Design was
stuffed with Gator and Marine
Corps mementos. A framed
photo of the 1956 Fletcher
High boys swim team adorned
one wall.
"That was one of our state
championship years and Ed
added a lot to it," said Sutton,
Fletcher's legendary swim
When Sutton retired from
teaching and coaching in the
mid-1970s, Seay, who once
swam the individual medley
for the Senators, served as the
master of ceremonies at
Sutton's retirement party.
"He never forgot his
school," Sutton said.

ASGCA innovator

In his final years, Seay
headed up a 25-person design
team at the Palmer Course
Design office at 572 Ponte
Vedra Blvd. The firm, now
known as Arnold Palmer
Design Company, has relocat-
ed to Palmer's Bay Hill Club &
Lodge in Orlando.
In 1999, Seay was instru-
mental in Palmer receiving
the ASGCA's prestigious
Donald Ross Award, presented
annually to an individual who
has made significant and last-
ing contributions to the pro-
fession of golf course architec-
The award was first present-
ed in 1976 to golf architecture
pioneer Robert Trent Jones.


"As honored as I am to per-
sonally accept the award,"
Palmer said in his acceptance
speech, "it's really a tribute to
Ed Seay and all of the talented
folks he has gathered around
Before Seay joined the
ASGCA as an associate mem-
ber in 1968, the society was
an exclusive set of architects
who kept their distance from
touring pros, ASGCA staffer
Aileen Smith said.
"Today, the society has 100
percent membership in the
USGA, when before that kind
of association was frowned
upon," Smith added.
Smith said the ASGCA was a
closed-door society until
members such as Seay urged
the association to promote
itself as the go-to entity in
golf course design.
"He was a leader from the
beginning," she said.
"He is missed."
Ian Andrew, an ASGCA
member, recalled a stirring
speech Seay made to a large
body of fellow architects in
his last years.
"At a time when I found
myself questioning why I was
a member, ... [Seay] still had
the strength of personality to
remind us why we were all
there and why we should be
very proud to be a golf course
architect," Andrew said in a
reader's comment at geoff-
"He inspired everyone in
that room that night to care
more about each other and
about what we build."
At Seay's memorial service
on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2007, at
Christ Episcopal Church in
Ponte Vedra Beach, ASGCA
members dressed in Donald
Ross-inspired red tartan blaz-
ers were among the 700
Lynn Seay said a memorial
golf tournament is being
planned for for October at
Sawgrass Country Club.
Proceeds from the event will
benefit the Marine Corps Law
Enforcement Foundation.
In the months leading up to
his death, Seay dined often
with close friends.
Even at those final get-
togethers, when Seay needed
a portable oxygen device to
help him breathe, Lynn Seay
said her husband, a proud
Marine veteran and fanatical
Florida fan, always "held
"He was just dynamic. And
always up," she recalled.
"His personality was so big,
nobody every forgot him."

The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

CHAM P I 0 N S H 1 P

May 2, 2008 * Page 23

* , . '.4.

'' '-~�

photo by ROB DeANGELO
Sean O'Hair hits an iron from the rough during last year's final round
of The Players Championship. The 25-year-old O'Hair entered the
final round with a one-stroke lead but shot a 4-over-par 76 to finish
in 11th place. He played the tournament in 72-69-66-76-283.

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Purp.:.-.el ul .- luhr ,:Iuli',,": .F.p:irI~llm.ri|l: &

Three appelil-ing rnjili.r uz nm- l. d.jail,
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9- :
~:' :
�:. .?
;:: i���.

"'l`' �.



:J:~i~9 "

� , I , .


. 1W

� 3 |i ij,1

Page 24 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

PGA Tour will honor Nicklaus at Players

From PGATOUR.com

World Golf Hall of Fame member
Jack Nicklaus, whose 18 professional
major championship wins is more than
any player in history, has been named
the eighth recipient of the PGA Tour's
Lifetime Achievement Award. Nicklaus
will be honored on
May 7 during a cere-
mony at The Players ..........
Championship, a
tournament Nicklaus Jack's
won a record three
times (1974, 1976, record is r
1978). out-shined
Created in 1996,
the Lifetime outside the
Achievement Award rve
honors individuals se s
who have made an role-model
outstanding contribu-
tion to the Tour over young play
an extended period of
time through their
actions on and off the
course. .
"Since first picking
up a club at age 10, 1
have loved the game of golf," said
Nicklaus, "and whether it is being for-
tunate to serve as captain of The
Presidents Cup, or being active in golf
course design in emerging markets all
over the world, or lending a hand to

the growth of The First Tee and other
junior golf programs, I enjoy staying
connected to the game. More impor-
tantly, I enjoy finding ways to give
back to the game that has given my
family and me so much."
Among Nicklaus' 118 professional
victories worldwide, he owns a total of
73 PGA Tour wins, second only to Sam

perhapss only
by his impact
ropes. Jack
the ultimate
for today's

Snead's 82. But it is his
performance in the
major championships
that sets him above all
others. Aside from his
two U.S. Amateur
Nicklaus won a record
six Masters, a record-
tying four U.S. Opens,
three British Opens
and a record-tying five
PGA Championships
for a record total of 18
professional major vic-

He completed three
a*cshemf? full cycles of the mod-
r;m ssio�ner ern Grand Slam, and,
as a senior, went on to
win the Grand Slam
on the Champions Tour to become the
only player in history to accomplish
the feat on both tours.
"Jack Nicklaus exemplifies the best
qualities of golf, qualities that are at
the heart of our sport," said PGA Tour

Commissioner Tim Finchem.
"On the course, he was an extraordi-
narily fierce competitor who also
demonstrated gracious sportsmanship
at every turn. That was never more evi-
dent than when he served as captain of
the U.S. Presidents Cup team, showing
on more than one occasion that good-
will and friendship are just as impor-
tant as winning.
"Jack's competitive record is perhaps
only out-shined by his impact outside
the ropes. He is a prolific golf course
designer, a supporter of numerous and
impactful charities and a dedicated
family man. Jack serves as the ultimate
role-model for today's young players
trying to balance a professional golf
career and a family. He has done both
with the utmost success."
Nicknamed the Golden Bear,
Nicklaus was named Golfer of the
Century or Golfer of the Millennium
by numerous media outlets worldwide,
and Sports Illustrated named him Best
Individual Male Athlete of the 20th
Nicklaus was born Jan. 21, 1940, in
Columbus, Ohio. As an amateur, he
won the 1956 Ohio State Open at age
16. Three years later, he defeated
Charlie Coe, 1 up, in an epic final
round in the U.S. Amateur, and won it
again at Pebble Beach in 1961.
Nicklaus turned pro in 1962, and by
1967, he had won seven major champi-

onships. Between 1970 and 1975, he
added seven more. Nicklaus led the
money list eight times, twice while
playing only 16 events. Between 1962
and 1979, he finished in the top 10 in
243 of the 357 official events he played
in, a rate of 68 percent.
Nicklaus was always known for
demonstrating sportsmanship in both
victory and defeat. He finished second
19 times in major championships but
always gave credit to the winner.
Another memorable example of his
sportsmanship came at the 1969 Ryder
Cup. With the outcome hanging in the
balance, Nicklaus conceded a 2-foot
putt to Tony Jacklin on the 18th hole,
which resulted in the first tie in Ryder
Cup history (the U.S. retained the
Cup). Nicklaus' act, known now simply
as "The Concession," is often cited as
one of the greatest examples of good
Nicklaus has helped shape the game
as much away from the competition as
in it. He is the founder and host of the
Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio,
just outside his hometown of
Columbus, and his companies' global
business includes golf course design,
development and licensing.
Nicklaus joins Gene Sarazen, Byron
Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Jack
Burke Jr., Pete Dye and Deane Beman as
recipients of the Lifetime Achievement


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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader


May 2, 2008 * Page 25


Fast Facts
Established: 1960
Architect: Willard Byrd
Head pro: Jon Fine
Location: Naval Station
Mayport. Access: Semi-pri-
vate. Fees: $30 weekdays,
$32 weekends.
Information: 270-5380

h ,7 Tss^

i '

ruA pro Jon rine

Fast Facts
Established: 1958
Architect: Ernest Smith
Head pro: Tim Peterson
Location: Atlantic Beach
Access: Private.
Guest green fees: $40.66
Information: 246-3144



Fast Facts
Established: 1991
Architect: Mark McCumber.
Head pro: Jack Aschenbach
Location: Atlantic Blvd. at
San Pablo Blvd.
Access: Semi-private.
Information: 221-1012

PGA pro Tim Peterson

Fast Facts
Established: 1960
Architect: Robert Walker
Head pro: Sandy Suckling
Location: Jacksonville Beach
Access: Public.
Information: 247-6184

Windsor Parke
Golf Club

Fast Facts
Established: 1989
Architect: Arthur Hills
Head pro: Mark Heeter
Location: Sutton Park Drive
Access: Semi-private. Non-
resident green fees $55-105.
Information: 223-4653

Fast Facts
Established: 1996
Architect: Tom Fazio
Head pro: Richie Bryant
Location: San Pablo Blvd.
Access: Private
Information: 992-6900

Fast Facts
Established: 1986
Architect: Arnold Palmer, Ed
Dir. of Golf: Nancy Maunder
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private. 543-2960

The GolfClub

Fast Facts
Established: 2000
Architect: Mark McCumber
Dir. of Golf: Kimberly Lawlor
Location: C.R. 210, near 1-95
Access: Semi-private. Public
Information: 287-7529

Ocean Course
Fast Facts
Established: 1928
Architect: Herbert Strong
Head pro: Bruce Mohler
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private/resort
Fees: $240, including cart
Information: 273-7710

Lagoon Course
Fast Facts
Established: 1961
Architects: Robert Trent
Jones (first nine), Joe Lee
(second nine 1977)
Head pro: Bruce Mohler
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private/resort. Fees:
$125, including cart
Information: 273-7710

Valley Course
Fast Facts
Established: 1987
Architects: Pete Dye, Bobby
Head pro: Matt Borocz
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private/resort
Information: 273-3235

PGA pro Nancy Maunder


Page 26 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Fast Facts
Established: 1968
Architects: Arnold Palmer,
Ed Seay
Head pro: Tommy Aycock
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private 285-0204

Fast Facts
Established: 2000
Architects: Arnold Palmer
and Jack Nicklaus
Head pro: Jamie Selby
Location: St. Augustine
Information: 940-6100

Fast Facts
Established: 1986
Architect: Ed Seay
Dir. of Golf: Rob Kohlhaas
Location: Ponte Vedra
Beach Access: Private;
With a member $101.
Information: 285-6459

Golf Club

Fast Facts
Established: 1988
Architect: David Postle-
Head pro: Patrick Ashe
Location: Jacksonville
Fees: $52 Mon.-Weds; $35
after 1 p.m. $75 Thurs.-Sun.
Information: 287-2000


Fast Facts
Established: 1998
Architects: Bobby Weed Co-
consultants: Sam Snead,
Gene Sarazen
Head pro: Jamie Selby
Location: St. Augustine
Information: 940-6088



Fast Facts
Established: 1989
Architect: Robert Walker
Director of Golf: Wes Tucker
Location: St. Augustine
Fees: $45 before 1 p.m., $25
Information: 904 209-0350


Fast Facts
Established: 1972
Architect: Ed Seay
Dir. of Golf: Ed Tucker
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach
Access: Private
Information: 273-3700


Fast Facts
Established: 1991
Architect: Jack Hord
Head Pro: Jack Hord
Location: Palm Valley
Fees: $7.43 weekdays, $9.32
Information: 285-8978

Fast Facts
Established: 1989
Architects: Clyde B.
Johnson, Fuzzy Zoeller
Head pro: Ray Barr
Location: Hodges Blvd.
Information: 223-5555

Fast Facts
Established: 2001
Architect:Clyde Johnston
Head Pro: David Leininger
Location: Ponte Vedra
Fees: TPC week: $55 Mon.-
Weds; $89 Thurs.-Sat.
Information: 940-3200

. . . .-" : . " ' '" : . -- ; *" " : - : "" '* * ..
'-. ' .' . . ,. : ... , . .. - ., . , . . .
J.' -.;, . �1 ;'': -.:
. .. . .. ." *
. . . .. : . . , -.
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*", '' " * * -. .'.. . * ." ,,:.',,! % "< :' ,. "
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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader


May 2, 2008 * Page 27

By the numbers: the famous 17th

I The number of holes-in-one for
par made here in 25 years of The
Players. Fred Couples hit his first shot
in the water in the first round of the
1999 tournament, then re-teed and
flew a 9-iron into the hole for a par.
2 Of the 25 winners of The Players
here, only two winners have made a
bogey on the 17th hole on Sunday,
Steve Elkington in 1991 and Fred Funk
in 2005. Of these winners, 13 have
made par, nine have made birdie and
two made bogeys.
2 The number of unique manned
cameras placed by NBC on the 17th
hole. A cameraman is lifted by a
crane120 feet into the air above the
trees from right of the 16th fairway
where his camera has a clear view of
16, 17 and 18. Another cameraman is
ferried to the island right of the 17th
green where he is marooned for
approximately eight hours to get reac-
tions from the 17th tee and operate
the super-slow-motion camera.
4 Depth, in feet, of water around
the island green.
4 The number of times per year
divers enter the pond to extract golf
balls. Divers are hired to enter the

water hazards on the course in January,
April, July and October, taking two
days each time. The TPC Sawgrass pays
7 cents per ball, and the balls are
6 The number of holes-in-one
made here in 25 years of The Players.
They include: Brad Fabel, 1986, first
round; Brian Claar, 1991, third round;
Fred Couples, 1997, fourth round;
Joey Sindelar, 1999, first round; Paul
Azinger, 2000, third round; and
Miguel Angel Jimenez, 2002, first
9 Including 2008, the number of
consecutive years in which PGA-
TOUR.com has broadcast LIVE@17
during the first two rounds. In 2007,
all four rounds are scheduled to be
shown. Every shot by every player is
captured, with commentary by a rotat-
ing group of broadcasters and former
Tour players.
10 The number of cameras that
NBC utilizes on the hole during its
telecast, including a microscopic lens
imbedded in the lip of the tiny front.
NBC uses 42 cameras for the entire
12 The score posted by Bob Tway

in the third round of the 2005 Players,
with winds blowing 25-30 mph.
Tway's tee shot flew the green, as did
his second shot. His third and fourth
shots hit on the front of the green and
spun back in the water. His fifth
attempt found the green, he three-
putted and totaled a 12. He went from
four strokes out of the lead at 7-under
par to 13 behind. Robert Gamez held
the record previously, an 11 (four balls
in the water) in the third round of the
1990 Players.
55 Square footage of the front
bunker, the smallest of 92 bunkers on
the course.
66 The score posted by Angelo
Spagnolo, a 31-year-old grocery store
manager from Fayette City, Pa., on
June 19, 1985, in "America's Worst
Avid Golfer" contest. Spagnolo hit 27
balls in the water from the tee box
and drop area. Rules officials finally
directed him to putt around the haz-
ard and down the narrow path that
leads to the green. Former PGA Tour
Commissioner Deane Beman dubbed
the path "Angelo's Alley." Spagnolo
shot 257 to "win" the title in the Golf
Digest-sponsored event.
75 Yardage to the center of the
green from the drop area.

101 The number of tee shots,
among 1,650 attempts (six percent),
that found the green during the Super
Bowl XXXIX media party here in
February 2005. The closest shot, to a
pin set back right, was 2 feet, 2 inches.
1 2 1 Yardage from the middle of
the championship tee to the front of
146 Yardage from the middle of
the championship tee to the back of
3,91 2 Square footage of the
green. The course average is 4,500
square feet.
50,000 Amount of dirt, in
cubic yards, that was removed to cre-
ate the island green during construc-
tion of the course in the early 1980s.
120,000 Number of balls
hit in the water during the course of a
year, an average of more than three
balls per player based on the average
of 40,000 rounds played per year on
The Players Stadium Course. TPC
Sawgrass superintendent Fred Klauk
says that number is skewed because
some players hit as many as a dozen
balls into the water.




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May 2, 2008 * Page 29

~E 'I T. ;1
4.. ....... ... ... ....
,, z... '

Page 30 * May 2, 2008 THE PLAYERS
C H A -M P I N S H I I

) The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

'- ,
" ;. ?

photo by ROB DeANGELO
Tiger Woods blasts onto the 5th green from deep in a bunker during the final round of the 2007 Players Championship. Woods carded a final round 67 but finished
in a tie for 37th place. The world's No. 1 golfer is missing from The Players field this year after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery on April 15. Woods said on his
website that he hopes to return to action for the Memorial Tournament which begins May 29.


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The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 31

c _HA M P I 0 N S H I Ps

No. 1, Par 4, 423 yards

*" "'*, . ' ' . . ...

, . ;�. -. .

finding the fairway from the tee.

The toughest driving hole on the course
in 2006 with only 48 percent of the field
finding the fairway from the tee.

No. 2, Par 5, 532 yards

^ ' * " . ..." '. .. ."-. '- '.
,,' .:, - . -.
., - . ;' ,' 5 .. - .--:,-; * . ,... -* "
-^ ' ~ ~ ..*' : --" _ . ,:
..i ,. : .. �

., .. .
a" h '*', ' * ' -v .

"'f� r- . --
,* ' . ' .,* f .


There were 274 attempts to reach the
green in two in 2006, 68 of which were
successful (24.8 percent). Players going
for the green averaged over a half stroke
better than those who laid up (4.5 vs.

No. 5, Par 4, 471 yards

" " . .,-- .. .

Sfrom . . , . .
4.. -. .. * - .

Played as the second-toughest driving
hole on the course with only 48.7 percent
of the field finding the fairway
from the tee.

No. 3, Par 4, 177 yards

154 of 237 players were able to salvage
par or better (65 percent) after missing the
green in regulation.
green in regulation.

No. 4, Par 4, 384 yards

41 :A ,-
' .' . " '.

^ ' . ..-

There were three eagles on this hole in
2006 - Patrick Sheehan from 86 yards in
the first round and Carl Pettersson from
122 yards and Mike Weir from 128 yards in
the third round.

No. 6, Par 4, 393 yards

A .l

.": ; *', .

Players not finding the fairway from the
tee averaged over 35 feet farther from the
pin on approach shots to the green. The
fairway proximity was 22 feet, 8 inches.

Page 32 - May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

No. 9, Par 5, 583 yards

No. 7, Par 4, 442 yards

.... . ;- : '- ' ' .

.... . -, i�.i; .1 A -?

inside of 5 feet .
' "' " "^ " : /

-^:- , ' .: " ;; ' I

... . - .- .-- . .�-

. - . ,..... , .

The 2006 field made all of its putts from
inside of 5 feet.

No. 8, Par 3, 273 yards

_ , ..,' \ , - : i.f-- ::-.. * ':

115 of 205 (56.1 percent) of the field was
able to scramble for par when missing the
green in regulation.

Twenty-five players went for the green in
two in 2006 and no one was successful.
Players going for the green scored worse
(5.32) than players who chose to
lay up (5.08).

No. 10, Par 4, 424 yards

210 of 435 (48.3 percent) attempts found
the green in regulation with an average
from the hole.
, ' ! i "' . -. *. �

210 of 435 (48.3 percent) attempts found
the green in regulation with an average
proximity to the hole of 69 feet, 10 inches
from the hole.

No. 11, Par 5, 558 yards

: --

pin at 5 feet, 2 inches. Players going for it

in two averaged 4.69 while those who laid
up averaged 5.09.
-, . ." i., =- , .:

- .- . . . "�- !

, " i. .: .-,.-

Forty-two of 311 attempts (13.5 percent) to
hit the green in two in 2006 were success-
ful, with Rocco Mediate the closest to the
pin at 5 feet, 2 inches. Players going for it
in two averaged 4.69 while those who laid
up averaged 5.09.

No. 12, Par 4, 358 yards

i -i."4'

1 *

Those who hit the fairway off the tee in
2006 were a cumulative 61-under par,
while those who missed in the left rough
were 23-over par and those in the right
rough were 5-over.
rough were 5-over.



The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

May 2, 2008 * Page 33

C- I1 A NI P I 0 N S H I PI -

No. 13, Par 3,181 yards


. .. . ;

There were four holes-in-one here in 2006,
by Justin Leonard and Jesper Parnevik in
the second round, Henrik Stenson in the
third round and Fred Couples in
the final round.

No. 16, Par 5, 523 yards

-; .

Ranked as the easiest hole on the course
in 2006, with 61.4 percent of the field find-
ing the fairway with their tee shots for an
average of 291.4 yards.

No. 14, Par 4, 481 yards


The hole ranked first in 2006 in driving
distance with an average distance of 298.7
yards. Retief Goosen had the longest
drive at 361 yards.

No. 15, Par 4, 449 yards

This green was the most difficult to hit in
regulation in 2006, with only 17 of 63
attempts from the left rough and 3 of 22
attempts from the right rough finding the
putting surface.

No. 18, Par 4, 462 yards

_* *. . .. . . , .

-, -

-w ....ow-.

Players missing the green in regulation in
2006 had a 33.5 percent (1st) chance of
saving par on the final hole.
Players missing the green in regulation in
2006 had a 33.5 percent (1st) chance of
saving par on the final hole.

No. 17, Par 3, 137 yards

i- i-i
S ,-.--." .. . .. .. '._ .-...... .
, ' - . '..' " , 4:..

' .a " . '.s. - "... . i - '-

found the green in regulation.

Page 34 * May 2, 2008


The Beaches Leader, Ponte Vedra Leader

Comments on Sawgrass's infamous 17th

From PGATOUR.com
Much has been written about
the infamous 17th hole at
TPC Sawgrass. It's a fairly easy
137-yard island green to reach for the
best golfers in the world - unless the
wind is blowing, or rain is falling or
The Players title is on the line.
With no shortage of compelling
drama emanating from the 17th, one
of the most popular spectator venues
at Sawgrass during Players Champion-
ship week, what follows are remarks
from some of those very familiar with
the hole and its vagaries.

"It is like having a 3 o'clock
appointment for a root canal. You're
thinking about it all morning and you
feel bad all day. You kind of know
sooner or later you've got to get to it."
- Mark Calcavecchia

"It's gotten so big now because now
it's LIVE@17. Everybody on the
Internet is watching and there is
always a camera there.
"Whoever does make the big num-
ber on that hole is just overplayed on
every sports channel all over the
world. There's so much that goes with
that hole."
- Chris DiMarco

"This is the most tranquil, peaceful
place you can be. When the weather
is beautiful, there's no place you'd
rather be. But when the weather is
nasty, it could be the worst place to
- NBC cameraman John Boed-

deker, who is hoisted above the trees
behind the green in a tower to get a
view of 16, 17 and a portion of 18.

"The great thing about that hole is
there's always something happening.
In a typical golf tournament, you will
have many times where the leaders
are walking to their next shot on
another hole. We always have the lux-
ury of cutting the viewer to the 17th
tee. There's always drama there."
- Tommy Roy, NBC's executive

"I've always thought that that hole
is too gimmicky for the 17th hole of a
championship. As far as the 8th hole,
I think that would be a fantastic 8th
hole, but not as the 71st hole of a
tournament or 17th hole of your
"I just think it's a wonderful hole,
but I don't agree with it being the
17th or the 71st hole of a champi-
onship because I just think that it is a
little gimmicky in that sense. I think
it's a great 8th hole or another part of
the golf course ... I just don't think
that it's the right feel. I understand
that fans love it."
- Tiger Woods

"I don't think any of us really
thought of the 17th hole. It just kind
of arrived. We just kept digging.
"Actually, I think my wife Alice
came out one day, looked at the area
and said let's just make it an island
- Course designer Pete Dye

"I rode up behind the tee one day


'-,'. .' -" ,%Y :.:, "' :' .. t-.,,' ':~ .. . ,' : .. . - ., ,
�t C :1' ,...-, a:'; ", ,, ;� � . . - , -, � . .. �
::t',;" " :' ', ':: ""- ,J . ' :" ' ,, - ' r ' ,,, '' ' ,; -
.u :.% ..,.'. :{ . .,eh -,,:,, ,.-: v ;. :,, , ::,r. ,',=, ' " ,",-'
� o - .. A:, - , . . . . . , , . , ., ,. . .. . . ' . ,.. . .. .

and watched a man pull out a dozen
new Titleists and promptly hit every
one of them in the water. He didn't
give it a second thought."
- Former TPC Sawgrass superin-
tendent Fred Klauk on the approxi-
mately 150,000 balls that are annually
hit into the water on 17.

"I have so much respect for these
guys on Tour. You come down to the
last couple of holes here with it all on
the line and you have to hit a shot
like this (on 17). My hands are sweat-

ing at home just watching on TV."
- NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett,
who participated in a Super Bowl
shootout on No. 17 in early 2005.

"The wind swirls quite a bit too,
there. And if the green gets firm, the
shot has to get really accurate.
"I think it's an awesome hole. I
think it's a wonderful finishing hole,
that one and 18 and also 16. So it's
just an amazing finish for an amazing
- Sergio Garcia

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May 2, 2008 * Page 35

photos by ROB DeANGELO
ABOVE: Retief Goosen lines up a putt. TOP RIGHT: Geoff
Ogilvy blasts out of a greeside bunker. RIGHT: Phil Mickelson
hits from the rough. BELOW: Tiger follows his iron shot.

* ~ ~~~ :0 :' :


" -;



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