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Midweek Edition W September 12, 2007

ol. 45, No. 24 Serving the communities
Vol. 45, No. 24 Serving the communities

s of monte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptu
:s of Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptu

An edition of The Beaches Leader

ne Beach and Mayport since 1963 504


A flower girl paves the way
for a bride at the Casa
Marina recently. See A-8.


photo by ROB DeANGELO
Nease High's Katie Kahlbaugh leaves the starting blocks at the beginning of the girls 200-yard freestyle race during last Saturday's Bulldog Invitational at Bolles. A
total of 360 swimmers from area schools, including several Panthers, participated in the day-long event.

Two charged in armed carjacking

by KATHY HARTMAN ordered the victims out of the car said he was going to "get her a car L '
EDITOR and drove it west on Corona Road, a for her birthday," according to a i.
EDITOR ...... 7 ^d i ..Al .... f : r1 .. .. '__U 1.. .

A Ponte Vedra Beach ma
10-year-old son escape
Sunday when a gunman
the 2008 Mercedes the fa
driving in the 500 block
Vedra Boulevard, about 4 m
their home.
Minutes after the

Ut.puLy shIIL the iassaiain with
n and his stun gun after he crashed the
d injury Mercedes into a ditch on State Road
carjacked A1A and fled.
either was A 21-year-old Jacksonville man
of Ponte and his 19-year-old fiancee were
tiles from arrested in the theft of the gray,
$60,000 Mercedes Benz E320 after
gunman the woman told deputies her fiance

police report.
Ronnie Pew, 21, of the 5000 block
of Ricker Road, was charged with
carjacking with a firearm, resisting
an officer without violence and
removing the serial number from a
firearm, deputies said.
He remained in the St. Johns
County jail Tuesday in lieu of

Walker Pew

Traffic 'chaos' for Landrum bus riders, mom says

Nease gets another out-
standing performance from
its defense, leading to a
Panthers' 35-0 victory. See
story, B-1


Wayne King, interim principal
at Landrum Middle School,
shows three 'caps' he earned
playing international soccer
for Ireland. See story, A-7.

A mother of three Monday asked the Ponte
Vedra Municipal Service District (MSD) for
help with the "chaos" during school bus pick-
up outside Christ Episcopal Church,
"I'm really seriously, seriously afraid that
there's going to be a serious accident," Virginia
Simpson told MSD trustees at their meeting at
the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library.
"It's just chaos."
Deputy John Tedder, who helps during bus
pickup two days per week, agreed.
"It's mayhem," he told trustees.
A school bus picks up perhaps dozens of
Landrum Middle School students at Golf View
Circle and Solana Road about 8:45 a.m., the
same time drivers are dropping off preschool-
ers at Christ Church, Simpson explained.
Christ Church sits on the north side of
Solana Road between Golf View Circle and San
Juan Drive.

Drivers carrying preschoolers use either Golf
View or Solana to access two drop-off areas,
and cars leaving both of those areas spill back
onto Solana near the Golf View intersection,
where Landrum students wait for the bus.
Add to that normal traffic using Solana
Road, as well as traffic trying to park at Christ
Church, where a parking garage and two-story
parish center are being built, Simpson said.
Because of the construction, vehicles can get
to Christ Church parking via Golf View only,
because the San Juan Drive entrance is blocked
off, she noted.
Residents have often complained that driv-
ers go above the 25 mph speed limit on Solana,
which has no stop sign at Golf View Circle.
Although a crosswalk is painted on Solana at
Golf View, "people don't want to yield to the
kids," Tedder said, adding that he stops vehi-
cles for speeding even when his emergency
lights are on, indicating police presence.
See BUS STOP, A-10 >-

Enjoying a charity event at the Lemon Bar in Neptune Beach Saturday are Ponte Vedra Beach resi-
dents Jack Schmidt (from left), Eva White, Bill White and Lori Schmidt. The event raised money for
Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry and Beaches Resource Center.

Deputy John Tedder directs traffic at Golf View Circle and
Solana Road Tuesday morning as Landrum students cross
Solana to wait for the school bus.

PV high said to be

like private school

The principal of the new high school that will be zoned
for Ponte Vedra teens told members of the Palm Valley
Community Association Monday that the school will be on
par with private schools.
Craig Speziale said the school, being built near Davis Park
west of the Intracoastal Waterway, will be "the closest thing
to a private school run by public money as you will ever
Speziale, who has been speaking at Ponte Vedra gather-
ings since shortly after his arrival in July, said he has hired
a maintenance .coordinator for the school, dubbed High
School CCC.
Speziale said he will begin interviewing athletic directors
next week. The process of hiring the assistant principal will
likely begin in November, he said.
Some audience members at the meeting, held at the Palm
Valley Community Center on Canal Boulevard, were most
interested in the naming of the new school.
Speziale said that the naming process will be discussed at
a town hall meeting scheduled 7 p.m. Sept. 19 at Landrum
Middle School.
After that meeting, an online poll will be created, asking
for input from students, parents, and community leaders
on a number of subjects related to the school, including the
name, Speziale said.
Also, a committee of parents, teachers, students and com-
munity members to give recommendations for names to
the School Board, which has the final say.


SSub e ad th P t J I I Classified..............B-5
S, ,,ubscri ,be t !r!,',,,- i".............A-10
ff--- willbe 4 1- -
.. ... .. .. .......B-2
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-H 1",. ,' "; pyright 2007 by
-1114 E, : ,, .. Two sec
Two sec
.,, ~J : ..

Opinion ...............A-4
Police Beat ...........A-3
Sports .................B-

The Beaches Leader, Inc.
tions, 18 pages



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. -::" .. ,. ,. .. .. .
: ~ ~ ~ W W ;.'Va.AM, I. : ah."t* ~" ; $, ,*.-,. ...-,"

September 12, 2007

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

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Online observations...

Now circulating on
emails- Author Unknown
1. Only in America......can
a pizza get to your house
faster than an ambulance.
2. Only in America......are
there handicap parking
places in front of a skating
3. Only in America......do
drugstores make the sick
walk all the way to the back
of the store to get their pre-
scriptions while healthy
people can buy cigarettes at
the front.
4. Only in America......do
people order double cheese-
burgers, large fries, and a
diet coke.
5. Only in America......do
banks leave both doors open
and then chain the pens to
the counters.
6. Only in America......do
we leave cars worth thou-
sands of dollars in the drive-
way and put our useless
junk in the garage.
7. Only in America......do
we use answering machines
to screen calls and then
have call waiting so we
won't miss a call from some-

one we didn't want to talk to
in the first place.
8. Only in America......do
we buy hot dogs in packages
of ten and buns in packages
of eight.
9. Only in America......do
we use the word 'politics' to
describe the process so well:
'Poli' in Latin meaning
'many' and 'tics' meaning
'bloodsucking creatures'.
10. Only in America......do
they have drive-up ATM's
with Braille lettering.
Why the sun lightens our
hair, but darkens our skin?
Why women can't put on
mascara with their mouth
Why don't you ever see
the headline "Psychic Wins
Why is "abbreviated" such
a long word?
Why is it that doctors call
what they do "practice"?
Why is it that to stop
Windows 98, you have to
click .."?
Why is lemon juice made
with artificial flavor, and

dishwashing liquid made
with real lemons?
Why is the man who
invests all your money
called a broker?
Why is the time of day
with the slowest traffic
called rush hour?
Why isn't there mouse-fla-
vored cat food?
When dog food is new
and improved tasting, who
tests it?
Why didn't Noah swat
those, two mosquitoes?
Why do they sterilize the
needle for lethal injections?
You know that. indestruc-
tible black box that is used
on airplanes? Why don't
they make the whole plane
out of that stuff??
Why don't sheep shrink
when it rains?
Why are they called apart-
ments when they are all
stuck together?
If con is the opposite of
pro, is Congress the oppo-
site of progress?
If flying is so safe, why do
they call the airport the ter-

a 1

.6t ..r.^ ; .".*Mt;ai. --...._- ..**.



Photo by UZ MITCHE::
While Atlantic Beach Commissioner Jamie Fletcher may
have a strong opiriion against the war in Iraq, a Beaches
business seemed to have a strong opinion about him. This
sign was posted Tuesday outside of Angle's Subs to com-
memorate 9/11. Fletcher recently voted against supporting
the Sea and Sky Spectacular event, which is held at the
Beaches every other year and typically features the Blue
Angels, a Navy precision flying team, because he said he is
"morally and politically opposed to the war in Iraq."

+ Pets lost Or found? Look in
7 the classified of
I The Leader they may be there!

A casting call for an HBO made for TV
movie, "Recount 2000," is scheduled for
'Tuesday, September 18 at the Neptune
Beach Senior Activity Center located at
2004 Forest Avenue, from 1:30 p.m. to 3
Mature/Senior people will be cast as
voters, canvassing board members, attor-
neys, poll workers, protesters, etc. This

film is based
election, and
occurring in thi
Kevin Spacey
film and Sidney
Producer. Brin
the casting call
in the film will
ing takes place

Some confusion over flag

flying on Patriots Day

Fire station crews throughout Jacksonville, which
includes those manning the fire station in Atlantic
Beach, were supposed to lower their flags to half mast in
honor of Sept. 11, according to a Jacksonville Fire and
Rescue Department Press Release.
However, the Atlantic Beach Fire Department, which is
operated by Jacksonville under a contract arrangement,
was not notified, according to Public Safety Director
David Thompson.
But, even if they did receive notice, Thompson said
that the department follows federal standards and unless
crews received a federal designation to lower the flag,
they would not have lowered the flag, despite the pro-
nouncements from downtown Jacksonville.

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader
A great community newspaper...
For a great community.

on the 2000 presidential
the subsequent problems
e aftermath.
and John Hurt are in the
y Pollack will be Executive
g a recent photograph to
.People chosen to appear
be paid. The actual film-
Oct. 8-December 4.

' -Eakin &,Sneed,
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Want to be in a movie? Jeffrey J. Sneed, rA.

HBO film holds casting call at Beaches

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ra g e --




The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

* Page 3A*

photos by IC:-ii u.iLL --.
Allarnic Beach lifeguard
Tyler Fenton (lefti rush-
es int,: the surf atout 3
p m. Sunday near 11th
Street in Atlan:rc Beach
to help an unidenihied
swimmer. He brings her
safelv tack to shore
right, where a witness
said a rescue truck
arrived within minutes of
nte rescue.

_ _ _____ ~ ~I _______

Criminals go 'where shopping is good'

- CARJACKING, from A-1

$30,500 bond.
Domenique Walker, who turns 20
Sept. 16 and who has the same
address as Pew, was charged with
principal to carjacking, according to
a report. She was released Monday
from the St. Johns County jail after
posting $5,000 bond.
St. Johns County Sgt. Chuck
Mulligan said the crime, which hap-
pened steps from the ocean among
multimillion dollar homes, should
remind residents that "we all need
to be aware of our surroundings all
the time."
"It doesn't matter where you
live," Mulligan said Tuesday, "... if
a criminal wants to commit a crime,
they're going to manipulate the sys-
tem in any way they can.
"Criminals drive to where the
shopping's good."
The incident began about 4:20
p.m. Sunday when the victim was
driving with his son on Ponte Vedra
Boulevard southbound, toward their
home near Mickler beach access,
deputies said.
About the same time, a couple in
a silver Dodge Neon also were driv-
ing on Ponte Vedra Boulevard and
the man "kept telling [the woman] .
.. that he was 'About to get her a car

for her birthday,' according to a
report by Deputy Brian Alli.
The couple got lost and "were try-
ing to ask someone for directions
when she saw a blue Mercedes Benz
. . and said let's stop that one,"
according to the report.
The woman said she tried to get
the driver's attention but when the
Mercedes would not stop, "she
drove around the car and stopped in
front of it," the report said.
Mulligan said such a tactic is often
used by carjackers to get a driver to
The victim told deputies the man
in the Dodge "came to his driver
side window and pointed a silver
handgun at him and his 10-year-old
son and told them to get [out] of the
car," Alli's report said.
After the assailant drove off in the
Mercedes, apparently followed by
the Dodge, the victim used a cell
phone to call 911 at 4:24 p.m.,
Mulligan said.
Another deputy saw the Mercedes
and the Dodge northbound on State
Road A1A, the report said.
Both cars turned into a service sta-
tion at 220 State Road A1A in Ponte
Vedra Beach and parked, then the
Mercedes sped south on A1A with

Deputy Christopher Alexander in
pursuit, the report said.
The Mercedes made a right turn
while speeding and crashed into a
ditch a few hundred feet south of
the service station, deputies said.
The driver, ran south on A1A then
into some woods, where Alexander
"deployed his taser" into the man's
Back, the report said.
The man was secured by
Alexander at 4:35 p.m., Mulligan
Two other deputies secured the
woman driver of the Dodge, the
report said.
A crime scene technician search-
ing the Mercedes "found a loaded
silver handgun with a bullet in the
chamber" and some of the serial
numbers filed off, the report said.
Pew told police he works for a
moving company in Jacksonville,
and Walker said she works at a day
care in Orange Park, Mulligan said.
Neither had been arrested before
in either St. Johns or Duval coun-
Mulligan said that if Pew is con-
victed, "he's going to prison for 10
years" because of the state's 10-20-
life sentencing applied when a gun
is used in a crime.

Man arrested in JB homicide

A man who Jacksonville Beach
police considered a suspect in the
June death of a St. Augustine man
has been formally charged in the
Michael Dean Small, 48, a tran-
sient, was arrested Thursday and
charged with the murder of Scott
Eugene Hofmann, who was found
dead June 12, police reported. The
victim was found face down in the
alley behind Dick's Wings in the
400 block of 4th Street North.
Police said the victim's hands were
tied behind his back with a T-shirt.
Small was identified as a person
of interest in the case after Neptune
Beach police connected the similar-
ities of the case to a November
2006 arrest for sexual, battery and

false imprisonment, police said. In
that case, police said the defendant
also bound his victim's hands.
On the day that Hofmann's body
was found, Small was arrested later
at the intersection of Atlantic
Boulevard and 3rd Street. He was
arrested then for failing to register
as a sex offender, police reported.
A witness told police she heard a
commotion in the alleyway in the
early morning hours before
Hofmann was found, but, she said,
she did not call police as fighting
was often heard in the area after
the bars close.
Police spokesman Sgt. Tom
Bingham said that a DNA analysis
led to last week's arrest and charges
in connection' with the strangula-
tion of Hofmann.

Two arrested after beer theft

Two men were arrested early
Saturday when a witness spotted sus-
pects passing barrels of beer over a
fence in Jacksonville Beach, police
John Tyler Harding, 22, and
Thomas John Rubalcave, 23, both of
Jacksonville, were arrested Sept. 8'
and charged with burglary/curtilage

of a dwelling in the 500 block of 1st
Street North, police reported.
Police reported two men were
observed passing five kegs of beer
valued at $250 to each other over a
fence behind Lynch's Irish Pub at
1:35 a.m. The bar's owner was noti-
fied and wanted the State Attorney to
proceed with prosecution, police

Burglalv w'asT reported. or-
' Aug. 21 in the 130Q block of
' Beach Aven6e,' accoirdihg'to a'
police report. A radio was
missing from the victim's
vehicle, according to the
report. I
* *
Aggravated assault was
reported on Aug. 22 in the 90
block of Ardella Road, accord-
ing to a police report. Police
were dispatched to a fight,
but when they arrived, no
one was fighting, according
to the report. One of the sub-
jects told police that another
subject threatened her with a
knife, according to the report.

Burglary was reported on
Aug. 29 in the 100 block of
Jackson Road, according to a
police report. Prescription
medication and tools were
taken from the victim's vehi-
cle, according to the report.
* *
Vandalism was reported on
Aug. 30 in'the 900 block of
Plaza, according to a police
report. The suspect smashed
the victims' vehicle with
what appeared to be a base-
ball bat, according to a police

Peter Benjamin Wadlund,
48, was arrested for failing to
register as a sexual offender
with the department on Sept.
1 in the first block of Sixth
Street, according to a police
* *
Kyle Wayne McDaniel, 25,
was arrested for domestic bat-
Stery on Sept. 2 in the- 1000
block of Francis Avenue,
according to a police report.

Burglary was reported on'
Sept. 1 in the 600 block of
Atlantic Boulevard, according
to a police report. Someone
stole medication from the
victim's glove box, according
to the report.

Grand theft was reported
on Sept. 5 in the 1400 block
of 1st Street, according to a
police report. An unknown
suspect stole cash from the
victim, according to the
* *
Burglary to an automobile
was reported on Sept. 4 in the
3000 block of America
Avenue, according to a police
report. Someone broke the
window of the victim's vehi-
cle and stole a bag of tools,
according to the report.

0* *

SGraI l- theft of an automo-
bile was reported on Sept. 4 in
'ifi ''7 6' 'bfock of LibU r ty
Lane, according to a police
report. Someone stole the
victim's motorcycle, accord-
ing to the report.
* *
Burglary to an automobile
was reported on Sept. 4 in the
3888 block of Grande
Boulevard, according to a
police report. A laptop com-
puter and CDs were stolen
from the victim's vehicle,
according to the report.
* *
Burglary to an automobile
was reported on Sept. 4 in the
1500 block of Republic,
according to a police report. -
* *
Burglary to an automobile
was reported on Sept. 4 in the
one block of 9th Avenue N.,
according to a police report.

Burglary to an automobile
was reported on Sept. 4 in the
100 block of 3rd Street N.,
according to a police report.
* *
Burglary to a business was
reported on Sept. 4 in the 300
block of 9th .Avenue N.,
according to a police report.
The door to a business was
smashed in with a concrete
block and $700 in cash was
stolen, according to the

Burglary to a business was
reported on Sept. 4 in the 200
block of 3rd Street, according
to a police report. Several
bicycles, totaling $19,579.96
in value, were stolen from a
business, according to a
* *
Burglary to a business was
reported on Sept. 5 in the 200
block of 5th Avenue N.,
according to a police report.
* *
Strong armed robbery was
reported Sept. 7 at the Sonic
fast food restaurant in the
700 block of Beach Boulevard.
Two 21-year-old females told
police they were sitting on
the restaurant's patio at 2:19
a.m. when they were
approached from behind by
an unknown male suspect.
The man grabbed a cell
phone and purse from one of
the victim's hands and fled to
a waiting gold four-door
Buick with three other male
occupants. The vehicle was
last seen traveling west on
Shetter Avenue. The purse
contained a cell phone, digi-
tal camera, identification and

$15 cash. Total loss
6 *


Fraud was reported Sept. 6
in the 200 block of 10th
Avenue N. The victim told
police she met with the sus-
pect after calling about an
apartment for rent. She
viewed the apartment and
gave the suspect a $900 check
for a deposit but was unable
to contact her about getting
the keys.to move in. The vic-
tim contacted the property
owner who said the apart-
ment was already leased and
he had never heard of the sus-
pect. The keys to that apart-
ment and other properties
were stolen from a realty
office in Miami. The victim
was able to identify the sus-
pect in a police photo lineup.
* *
Burglary to a business was
reported Sept. 5 in the 200
block of 5th Avenue North.
Management was notified of
an alarm at 3:44 a.m. The
back door was forced open
and the door frame was bro-
ken. The suspects forcefully
opened a digital jukebox and
removed an unknown sum of
money. Police observed shoe
prints on a bar stool.

* An 18-year-old Jacksonville
man was arrested Sept. 7 and
charged with careless driving
and DUI with property dam-
age after driving through a
brick wall in the 1500 block
of Marshside Drive. A home-
owner told police that she
awoke at 3:21 a.m. and
observed the suspect's car in
her front yard.
* *
Wendell Ray Shasteen, 58, a
transient, was arrested Sept. 6
and charged with a warrant
for failure to register as a sex-
ual offender in the 200 block
of Boardwalk N., according to
a police report.

Grand theft of a motor
vehicle was reported Sept..9
in the 16th Avenue South end
zone. A white 2007 Dodge
Ram parked in the end zone
for several days was reported
stolen Aug. 13 in Jacksonville.

Domestic violence was
reported late Friday in the
100 block of Seaside Circle
and early Sunday in the first
block of Sea Winds Lane East.
* *
Four sheriff's deputies
responded to the 300 block of
South Roscoe Boulevard late
Saturday where a large group

of people were gathered 'in
front of a residence holding
alcoholic beverages. Two
adults and a teen were arrest-
ed on misdemeanor charges.
* *
A resident in the first block
of Bonita Drive reported late
Saturday that an 8-track play-
er and a zawsaw were missing
from his home and that a
window in the house was bro-

A 19-year-old woman
reported Saturday that her
wallet and iPod were stolen
from her car in the first block
of Ponte Vedra Colony Circle.
* *
A deputy completed a
charging affidavit on an 18-
year-old Ponte Vedra Beach
man Saturday morning after
items were taken from yards
or cars on Starfish, Kingfish
Drive and Bonita Drive.
* *
A 53-year-old Ponte Vedra
Beach Woman reported Friday
that someone had cashed a
check made out to her from a
man who rents property from
her in Tampa.
0* *
A 54-year-old man reported
Friday that someone entered
his vehicle in the first block
of Seabass Lane sometime the
night before and took his golf
clubs valued at $1,705.

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9 1

Contombr 12 20017






September 12, 2007

www.beachesleader.com Locally Owned and Operated Serving the Beaches since 1963 THE BEACHES LEADER/PONTE VEDRA LEADER

Letters to the editor:

The Leader's Opinion

Beaches event should be here

It was inevitable, wasn't it?
Years ago, the Beaches community had its very own
Beaches Chamber of Commerce. Staffed by Beaches people
in a Beaches location, it served to promote Beaches busi-
nesses at the Beaches.
Then, Beaches businesses were convinced they should give
up their independent chamber and merge into the giant
Jacksonville Chamber.
Bigger = better was the argument. A few argued against the
merger, maintaining that the Beaches would lose their voice
and their unique identity. Unfortunately, those arguments
did not hold sway.
So, now we have the Beaches Division of the Jacksonville
Chamber of Commerce. A two-man office at Jacksonville
Beach is under the direct supervision of the Jacksonville
Chamber of Commerce.
On Monday, November 19, the Annual Beaches Trade
Show will be held. Contrary to what the name of the event
might imply, however, the event will not be held at the
Instead, the show will be presented at UNF's University
Center, located off Butler Boulevard at Keman Boulevard.
When the Beaches chamber packed up its independence
years ago and merged with Jacksonville some observers
feared it might come to this.
So inevitable? Unfortunately, yes.
But you can't really place all the blame on the chamber.
Chamber officials tried, and failed, to find a venue capable of
accommodating the 9,000 square feet of displays.
Last year's host, Sea Turtle, is under renovation to become
a new, upscale hotel. The area's other large hotel, Marriott at
Sawgrass, declined, chamber officials said, preferring instead
to host an event that would put heads in beds.
The lack of a large meeting space here is regrettable and
has been since the Flag Pavilion was razed in the 90s. The
new Jacksonville Beach Community Center, set to open soon
in South Jacksonville Beach, will help some, but not with big
It's worth remembering that Beaches business interests are
tethered to the Beaches community and its continued vital-
ity. Holding a Beaches event miles inland is contrary to the
long-term best interests of both this community and the
businesses that depend on its continued independence.
Beaches business should be done at the Beaches.

Letters to the editor:

'Soldier says Fletcher's comments

were disrespectful and out of line

To the editor:
Let me first preface this letter
a withthe fact that I have lived at
theg Beaches: ;a 'of -my 'life; '
attended Beaches schools, and"'
grew up thoroughly enjoying
the Sea & Sky show every year
that the Beaches hosted the
event. I am now currently serv-
ing in the United States Army
and have been for going on two
years now. Although I no longer
live at the Beach, receiving the
Beaches Leader when it comes is
something I look forward to so I.
can see what's going on back
The last issue I received was
the August 29 edition that con-
tained the article about
Commissioner Jamie Fletcher's
vote against the Sea & Sky being
hosted at the Beach due to the
fact that he is "morally and
politically opposed to the war in
Iraq" and since the Sea & Sky
show "involves the military" he
would not support it. Now I am
not here to bash Mr. Fletcher's
views regarding Operation Iraqi
Freedom and Operation
Enduring Freedom. Nor am I
here to stand on a soapbox and
preach about all the amazing
things my brothers and sisters
in arms are doing in both Iraq
and Afghanistan. I took an oath
to defend the Constitution of

the United States against all
enemies foreign and domestic,
which includes i-Mr. ,iFletchar's
-fredoms as w\ ell as his righttfo
voice his'optrnon. I believe it is
these differences in opinion
that make are country great,
and is a right we Americans take
for granted.
Having said that, Mr. Fletcher
was out of line when he said he
would not support the Sea &
Sky show because it "involved
the military." When I read that
comment it felt like I had been
spit on for wearing the uniform.
I was reminded of the way
many Americans viewed the
military during the Vietnam
War. It really does not matter to
me whether or not Mr. Fletcher
supports the cause that my
brothers and sisters in arms are
fighting for. What does matter is
his utter lack of respect and sup-
port for the men and women of
this country who wear the uni-
form and stand in the gap
between evil and our way of life.
I ask that Mr. Fletcher remain
faithful to the duties of his
office, in the same way that our
servicemen remain faithful to
theirs, and make decisions that
will benefit the community.

R.E. Ray
Fayetteville, NC



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President and Publisher

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Press Room
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cag"ea More

I letters to

the editor:

Overpass was

promised to us

Sin the Jax plan

Martin's late father 'still in command'

here's a very good rea-
son why four brothers
from Jacksonville Beach
graduated from the U.S.
Military Academy at West
Point and then went on to
become career Army officers.
His name was Ephraim
Martin III, a veteran of three
wars and a member of two
different branches of the U.S.
"The reason we are all in
the Army is because of our
dad," Col. Ted Martin of the
Army's 4th Infantry Division
said last week in a phone
interview from Fort Irwin,
"He's the driving force for
why we serve. I try to pattern
my life after his."
Ted Martin is the third son
of Joan Martin of Jacksonville
Beach and the late Ephraim
Martin III.
A 1979 Fletcher High
School graduate, he is a
brigade commander based in
Fort Hood, Texas, preparing
for his third tour of duty in
His younger brother, Cok
Andy tMartiff, his been i
Baghdad since June, serving
on the staff of Gen. David
Petraeus, the commander of
U.S. Forces in Iraq.
Ted Martin's older brother,
Paul, is an Army colonel sta-
tioned at the Pentagon. His
oldest brother, Ephraim IV, is
a retired Army colonel now
working for a defense con-
Three of the four Martin
brothers graduated from
Fletcher, including Andy
(Class of 1981), a former two-
time state swimming champi-
All four have risen to the
rank of colonel, outranking
their late father by one pay
Lt. Col. Ephraim Martin III
retired from the Army in 1969
after a tour of duty in
Vietnam as an Army helicop-
ter pilot.
In Vietnam, he' flew

', "


unarmed scout helicopters
with the 1st Cavalry Division.
He also flew for the Army in
the Korean War and served as
an aviation machinist's mate
in the Navy during World
War II.
When he left for Vietnam
in 1965, Ephraim Martin III
moved his wife, Joan, and
sons to Jacksonville Beach.
Joan Martin has never left.
She has been a Jacksonville
Beach resident for the past 42
"My mom wonders if
today's soldiers are a tougb
as when my dad iwas in "thl
service," Col. Ted Martin said
last week during an interview
arranged by the Department
of Defense.
"I can tell you that the
morale of my soldiers is
extremely high."
Col. Martin commands
more than 4,000 troops
bound for Iraq later this year.
The projected 15-month
deployment will be Martin's
third since the war began in
During his first tour, Martin
commanded a cavalry
squadron in north-central
Iraq. In 2005, Martin was part
of a joint task force sent to
Iraq to help defeat deadly
Improvised Explosive
Devices, or IEDs, the biggest
killer of U.S. troops.
This time, he's in charge of
what he refers to as the
"Armageddon brigade," a

heavy brigade combat team
that includes troops and
He supports the recent
"surge" in troops overseas
and says American soldiers
are getting in the enemy's
"grill." But he also recognizes
that the political situation in
Iraq must change before the
region can be stabilized.
"The warring factions have
to come to the table," said
"We have checked the
enemy at every turn. More
than 75 percent of IED attacks
are ineffective. We don't pub-
lish the amount of enemy
we're killing. All the
American public hears about
is our causality count."
Martin said his troops will
have the latest in weaponry
and body armor when they
deploy in December. He said
the soldiers of 1st Brigade, 4th
Infantry Division, will also be
schooled in interpersonal
"We've been bombarded
with negotiation skills [while
,at Fort Irwin,, home, of the
'Arytiff 'National jTraining
hnte.'Thk& so&ler hms 1',rist
bands with basic Iraq phrases.
"We're going in to talk to
the population so they can
turn information [about the
enemy] over to us."
When Martin gets to Iraq,
he said his brigade's mission
will be to secure the Iraq pop-
ulation in his sector.
This will be the third tour
of duty for 1st Brigade. The
unit was part of the initial
offensive in 2003 and was
responsible for the capture of
Saddam Hussein.
"I feel honored to be on
that same team," said Martin,
a 1983 West Point graduate
and father of four.
A 24-year Army veteran,
Martin, 46, said he and his
brothers may have passed
their late father in rank, but
not, he added, in stature.
"He's still in command,"
Martin said.

More letters to the editor:

Need to shine brighter light on criminal element in AB

To the editor:
This opinion is in reference to
the opinion written by Carroll
Huffines in Atlantic Beach, pub-
lication dated Sept. 7.
In reference to the dim light.
issue we have currently in
Section H. I have contacted all
of the officials in Atlantic Beach,
and received a response from
one commissioner, Mr. Waters
and the city manager. No other
representative contacted me nor
did the-mayor, who was con-
tacted several times via email.
I then contacted Mayor
Peyton because Atlantic Beach
passed the buck to JEA to see
who could help us with the dim

light issue, Mayor Peyton wrote
me back and also contacted the
representative at JEA for me.
JEA told me that there was not
much we could do, the lights we
have are energy efficient lights
and it would cost a great sum of
money to upgrade the lights to
brighter lights, which Atlantic
Beach and JEA are not willing to
work together to achieve. -
I feel like they are leaving it
completely up to us the citizens
to figure this out and as we all
know that just means we will
get no where. It seems we have
no support once again for the
crime issue in Atlantic Beach
and I completely agree that hav-

ing brighter lights will deter
criminal activity.
. I can not see across the street
from my house at night when
standing on 'my front porch,
more or less from inside the
safety of my home. Our over-
worked police department can
only do what they can on
patrols and we, the homeown-
ers in Atlantic Beach, need to be
able to see what is going on in
our neighborhoods to report
the issues. This is not happen-
ing because we are allowing the
crime to continue under the
shadows of the night.
L. Libhart
Atlantic Beach

Military force protects all of us and merits our support

To the editor:
First, let me state that I am
proud of the 22 years I served in
the military and I don't owe
anyone an apology for that. I
was no hero, but I proudly
served my country so that [let-
ter writer K.] Davis and [Atlantic
Beach City Commissioner
Jamie] Fletcher could have the
right, to disparage our service
men and women.
Many man and women have
voluntarily gave the ultimate
sacrifice to protect this great.
nation and all its citizens,
including those who, as Davis

puts it, abhors militarism in any
Let the majority of the patri-
otic citizens of this country,
thank God for, and pray for, the
tens of thousands of young men
and women who are voluntarily
placing themselves in harms
way, to combat, what is proba-
bly the most insidious threats
that America has ever faced.
Through their efforts and ulti-
mate sacrifice, hopefully K
Davis will not see Jacksonville
Beach invaded by those whose
unquestioned aim is destroy
this county and all that it stands

for. How this person could sug-
gest that we might be invaded
to the U.S. Military is beyond
my wildest comprehension.
I will sleep at night knowing
that Americans who think like
these do are in a small majority
and that my great grandchil-
dren and their children will
continue to enjoy the freedom
of the greatest county in the
world, protected by the greatest
military force we have ever had.

John Tabb
Jacksonville Beach
Retired USN

To the editor:
1. I voted for the better
Jacksonville plan and it includ-
ed the Kernan Overpass. Have
the rules of voting in our coun-
try been changed without my
knowledge? I somehow thought
if an issue was voted for and
passed the vote would be hon-
ored not scrapped, or re-voted
in another manner because
some parties did not like the
prevailing outcome.
2. The intersection at Kernan
and Atlantic Boulevard is a traf-
fic nightmare that needlessly
impedes west bound traffic. On
most days it is a headache to say
the least but in cases of emer-
gencies, including hurricane
evacuation, it may well be life
3. Arguments against the
overpass decry the possible loss
of business to the stores in that
area. This is an incorrect, self
seeking, myopic viewpoint. I for
one will not be encouraged to
stop and shop because the over-
pass plan is scrapped nor will I
stop shopping when I want to if
an overpass is built.
4. We face undisputable prob-
lems in America because of our
dependence on foreign oil, glob-
al warming, and air pollution.
This issue concerns all of these!
Everyday thousands of cars
sit dead still at the Keman and
Atlantic intersection, needlessly
wasting vast quantities of gas,
polluting the air, adding to the
greenhouse gas effects and wast-
ing hours of citizen's time.
An overpass would allow
thousands of drivers everyday to
get to their desired destination
quickly and safely while saving
our nation's valuable resources,
improving air quality and pro-
tecting our health.
Build,.the oYerpasts, ; ,tthet e
voters requested with'theitvotes
for the Better Jacksonville Plan.

Michael P. Aston
Neptune Beach

Sea & Sky is just

military theme

show for all

To the editor:
Atlantic Beach City
Commissioner Fletcher is cer-
tainly aware that the Sea &
Sky event held here is merely
a military themed show head-
ed up by the Blue Angels most
times and that having it here
is not the same as bringing
some of the war in Iraq to the

David Abbott
Neptune Beach

Send letters to:
The Editor, The Leader,
P.O. Box 50129,
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
32240, or send
e-mail to

Lengthy letters
may be edited

as space
requires.We will
not consider let-
ters that do not
bear a signature
and address.
We request a
for verification.
If you have a

question about
news coverage
call 249-9033
during business

Page 4A


September 12, 2007

Football league has games, but no teams


The Ponte Vedra Athletic
Association's Junior
Development [football]
League kicked off at Davis
Park on Saturday with open-
ing ceremonies and the first
Players aged 6 to 14 com-
peted with adults among
them some former profession-
al football players in punt,
pass, kick, and sprint exercises

before the games began.
The Junior Development
League is unique because
there are no set teams. Players
are put in divisions based on
weight, age, and skill level.
Everyone in the same divi-
sion practices together during
the week, then coaches divide
the players into two teams on
Saturday to compete in a
"We create divisions, not
teams," league vice president
Jerry Norton said by tele-
phone Tuesday.
Because skill
level also is
involved in the
placement of a
Player in a cer-
tain division,
li" Norton said, the
I children benefit
by competing on
equal playing
W "It's all deter-
mined by what's
best for the
kids," he said.
Players must
learn and play in
all the different
football posi-
S-.- tions during the
1 Course of the
season. Also,
players, must
play both.
offense and
S defense during
:each game.
By taking the
incentive away
from everyone
.... involved
". l

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader Page 5A*

Beaches chambers set

I schedules for September

Beaches Luncheon
Thursday, September 13
Sawgrass Beach Club
9795 Summer Place, Ponte
Vedra Beach
Speaker: Wally Lee, presi-
dent, Jacksonville Regional
Chamber of Commerce
Cost: $15 with a reserva-
tion; $20 at the door
RSVP to 249-3868 or e-
mail Beaches' @myjaxcham-

Coffee on the Coast
Thursday, September 20
8 a.m.
The Body Gallery
1360 Beach Boulevard,
Jacksonville Beach
Cost: $2

Norton said, it allows young-
sters to learn more about the
game and develop into better
"Because they played all
positions, they have a better
understanding of the game,"
Norton said of former Junior
League players that have gone
on to play at higher levels.
This year there are more

than 350 players comp(
in 11 different divisions,
pared 206 participants
The games on Satu
were played despite h
rain, but Norton said the
ers didn't mind. "As lon
there's no lightning, it's
he said. "The kids love to
in the rain."

photos by GRAY R(
Players run out onto the field (left and above) Saturday after being introduced
ing opening day festivities for developmental football at Davis Park.


Endless Summer
Beach Bash
The Jacksonville Regional
Chamber of Commerce and
Jacksonville Magazine pres-
ent the Endless Summer
Beach Bash on Thursday,
September 20,from 5:30 -
8:30 p.m. at the Comfort Inn
Oceanfront, 1515 1st St. N.,
Jacksonville Beach. The
event will feature music,
eting heavy hors d'oeuvres and a
com- silent auction. Participating
last will be variety of food and
beverage providers.
irday Tickets are $15 in advance
heavy and $20 at' the door. Call
play- 249-3868 or e-mail Beaches
ig as @myjaxchamber.com OK," to:beaches@myjaxchamber.c
play om>.
Annual Beaches Trade
dur- Monday, November 19
5-8 p.m'.
UNF's University Center
12000 Alumni Drive (Just
off JTB at Kernan Boulevard)
Exhibitor Fees: $275 for a
6' table; $300 for an 8' table
Booths are placed in the
order in which they are

Wednesday, September 12
Chamber Before Hours,
Elizabeth's Cafe, 7:30 a.m.
Members & first-time guest
Grand Opening at
Sawgrass Realty Group,
10033 Sawgrass Drive West,
#226, 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 19
Giant Chamber After
Hours, Sawgrass Marriott
Resort & Spa, 5:30 p.m. -
Giant 50'50 Ticket Holders
Free, Other Members $10 &
Guests $15 Music, Beer,
Wine & Hors d'oeuvres plus
Giant 50/50 Drawing at 6:30

Wednesday, September 26
~ Lunch & Learn, Sawgrass
Marriott Resort & Spa, 11:30
AM ~ Speaker & Sponsor to
be announced ~ Member
with reservations $20 and
members without & guests

Wednesday, September 26
- Grand Opening, Metabolic
Research, 4004 3rd St. S.,
Jacksonville Beach, 5:30 p.m.

Saturday's g'day, mate
"Didgeridoo Down Under,"
an Australian themed presenta-
tion, is scheduled 10 a.m.
Saturday at the Ponte Vedra
Beach Branch Library.
The free event combines
social studies, music, art, story-
telling, dancing, environmen-
tal education and audience par-

Teens can test their survival
skills and knowledge, play
games and have fun at 6 p.m.
Tuesday during a hurricane
party at the Ponte Vedra Beach
Branch Library.

Beach cleanup Saturday

Volunteers are asked to help
clean up the beach at Mickler
Road and in the Guana pre-
serve south of Ponte Vedra
Beach from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Saturday during International
Coastal Cleanup.
Gloves and bags will be
handed out to volunteers at
each site during registration,
which closes at 9 a.m.

GOP club revs up

The Dot Wilder Jazz Band
will perform at the autumn
kickoff mixer of the Ponte
Vedra Republican Club Sept. 19
at the Cultural Center at Ponte
Vedra Beach.
Sculptor David Ponsler will
speak about his works in the
center's current exhibition.
Guests can enjoy red, white
and blue martinis, a wine tast-
ing, hors d'oeuvres and brief
remarks on hot issues facing
the county.
This is a chance to mingle
with fellow Republicans and
neighbors and is
The event is scheduled 5:30
p.m. to 8 p.m. at the center, 50
Executive Way, Ponte Vedra
Beach, and is free for
Republican Club members.
There will be a nominal charge
for others.
For information, call 280-

Alphonso Lingis speaks

Author and professor
Alphonso Lingis will discuss
"War and Splendor" at 7:30
p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the
University Center banquet hall
at the University of North
Lingis, professor emeritus of
.,philosophy at Pennsylvania
.State University; has' authored
.several books, among them
"The Community Of Those
That Have Nothing In
Common," "Dangerous
Emotions," "Trust" and "Body
He has had wide success as a
public lecturer because of his
captivating style of writing and
the performance art atmos-
phere of his lectures, in which
he may appear in costume or
speak over strange background
music or recorded screams,
often in total darkness.
His lecture is part of the
Distinguished Voices Inquiry
and Insight Lecture Series.
Tickets for this free lecture can
be ordered online at
www.unf.edu. Click on the fall
2007 lectures link.

Whale of a lecture

The University of Florida
Whitney Laboratory for Marine
Bioscience public lecture 'series
resumes Thursday at 7 p.m.
with "Hide and Seek in the
Open Sea."
The lecture will be given by
Sonke Johnsen, associate pro-
fessor of biology at Duke
University. It takes place at the
Whitney's Center for Marine
Studies, near the oceanfront at
the border of St. Johns and
Flagler counties.
Lectures occur at 7 p.m. the
second Thursday of each
month at marine studies cen-
ter, 9505 Ocean Shore Blvd., St.
The Whitney Lab is a
research institute of the
University of Florida that uses
marine organisms for basic bio-
Slogical research that can be
applied to human health, natu-

MSD budget gets OK

Trustees of the Ponte Vedra
Municipal Service District
(MSD) Monday gave prelimi-
nary OK to a budget for next
fiscal year that lowers the tax
rate by about 2 cents per
$1,000 in valuation.
By lowering the rate from
this year's .37 mills to .351
mills, trustees approved the
rollback rate the rate that is
expected to create as much rev-
enue as the current year.
For the year that begins Oct.
1, the MSD expects $586,350
in property tax revenue and
$20,000 in interest income.

The budget includes a 5 per-
cent increase for extra police
protection, which will be
moved from contingency
reserves because the increase
was requested after trustees
agreed to a lower tax rate.
Trustees also may be asked to
raise rates for extra garbage
pickup. Trustee Bob Reesh said
the most that would be
required under the garbage
contract would be 14 cents
more per month per house-
The final budget hearing is
scheduled 6 p.m. Sept. 17 at
the Ponte Vedra Beach library.

ral resources and the environ-
The lab's mission includes
the training of future experi-
mental biologists, educational
programs for children and col-
lege students and monthly lec-
tures for the general public.
For more information con-
tact Sigrid Newbury at
sigridn@whitney.ufl.edu or call

Friends bdok sale '

Friends of the Library, Ponte
Vedra Beach, will- hold a book
sale at the Ponte Vedra Beach
Branch Library from 9:30 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Sept. 22 and noon to
5 p.m. Sept. 23.

Lab has open house

An open house at the
University of Florida's Whitney
Lab on the oceanfront south of
St. Augustine is scheduled 10
a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept.
There will be educational
tours, lab exhibits, interactive
children's activities, food yen-
dors and giveaways.
The event is planned to raise
public awareness of the

Whitney Laboratory for Marine
Bioscience research and educa-
tion programs, 9505 Ocean
Shore Blvd., on the border of
Flagler and St. Johns counties
(across from Marinelarid).
For information e-mail Sigrid
Newbury at
sigridn@whitney.ufl.edu, call
461-4004. or visit www.whit-

Arts meeting'in PV.'

The St. Johns Cultural
Council will hold a public
meeting about arts and culture
from 6 p.m. to, 7:30 p.m. Oct. 1
at the Cultural Center at Ponte
Vedra Beach.
The purpose of the meeting
is to discuss arts and cultural
needs in the Ponte Vedra Beach
area as the council looks for
ways to help residents develop
and support the arts.
This is one of a series of work-
shops the council is holding
around the county. Upcoming
in Ponte Vedra Beach is a day-
long workshop on Nov. 10.
The Cultural Center at Ponte
Vedra Beach is at 50 Executive
Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, just
east of State Road A1A.

Inc. i

"We Do What
The Weatherman Can't

SHeating & Air Conditioning Specialist

We Service All Brands 249-1290 SERVICE
Beaches Nalive ,122 9th St. Soutb,(AdjacAnttoq; opia) WEEK
SSTATE CERT #CAC1813674 All major credit bards accepted



The City of Neptune Beach, Florida has
tentatively adopted a budget for fiscal
year 2008. A Public Hearing to make a
FINAL DECISION on the budget AND
TAXES will be held on Monday,
September 17, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. in the
City Hall Council Chambers, 116 First
Street, Neptune Beach, Florida.



General Fund 2.6460
Taxes: Millage per $100
Ad Valorem Taxes 2.6460 $1,974,826 $1,974,826
Sales and Use Taxes 754,124 777,906 1,532,030
Franchise and Utility Taxes 736,600 736,600
Charges for Services 180,188 4,174,145 4,354,333
Grants and Contributions 398,388 74,837 30,000 503,225
Fines and Forfeitures 66,500 33,800 100,300
License & Permits 110,050 110,050
Intergovernmental 187,139 268,612 455,751
Interest Income 30,500 22,828 15,694 100,700 169,722
Miscellaneous 10,000 12,000 22,000
TOTAL SOURCE 4,448,315 909,371 0 4,201,839 399,312 9,958,837
Transfers In 320,000 45,000 265,000 10,000 640,000
Fund Balances/Reserves/Net Assets 1,188,000 892,406 0 4,541,373 6,621,779
BALANCES $5,956,315 $1,846,777 $265,000 $4,211,839 $4,940,685 $17,220,616
General Government 1,006,066 1,006,066
Public Safety 2,652,496 105,753 212,500 2,970,749
Public Works 342,846 1,261,592 3,474,011 5,078,449
Culture and Recreation 367,763 199,432 0 567,195
Debt Services 0 265,000 528,526 793,526
TOTAL EXPENDITURES 4,369,171 1,566,777 265,000 4,002,537 212,500 10,415,985
Transfers Out 310,000 280,000 50,000 640,000
Fund Balances/Reserves/Net Assets 1,277,144 0 0 159,302 4,728,185 6,164,631
TRANFERS, RESERVES & BALANCES $5,956,315 $1,846,777 $265,000 $4,211,839 $4,940,685 $17,220,616



The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

September 12, 2007





Lucille Evelyn (Douville)
Buckley died at home May 30,
2007 in Ponte Vedra Beach. She
was a 38-year resident of Biloxi,
Miss., leaving on the eve of
Hurricane Katrina, and relocat-
ing in Ponte Vedra Beach with
her daughter, Patricia, and son-
in-law, Dr. Robert Gillham.
She was born in Chicopee,
Mass. November 26, 1921 to
Clara (Couture) and Arthur
Douville. She was preceded in
death by her first husband,
Francis Joseph O'Leary, with
whom she had two children. In
1961, she married Col.
Cornelius Erin Buckley, and
together they blended her two
children and his five children
to form the "Troops." Col.
Buckley died December 7, 1998.
As an Air Force wife and
mother, she was devoted to her
husband and children through-
out their many travels and
assignments. She was a member
of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic
Church in Biloxi, and for many

years was a regular volunteer at
Keesler AFB Hospital.
Survivors include Patricia
Gillham (Ponte Vedra Beach),
Dorothy Smith (Moreno Valley,
Calif.), Nancy Lynett (Tualatin,
Ore.), James O'Leary (Bonners
Ferry, Idaho), Michael Buckley
(McLean, Va.), Kathleen
Wenninger (Colorado Springs,
Colo.) and Karen Balius
(Mandeville, La.), in addition to
16 grandchildren and seven
great-grandchildren. She is also
survived by her brother, Donald
Douville (Springfield, Mass.).
She was preceded in death by
her sister, Edna Carney, and her
brothers Louis, Arthur, Romeo,
Armand and Lawrence.
Catholic services and inter-
ment were conducted July 23,
2007 at Arlington National
Cemetery, where she was buried
with Col. Buckley.
Services under the direction
of Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral
Home, Jacksonville Beach.


Gilbert Roland Fennell Sr., 78,
died September 10, 2007 in
Jacksonville. A native of
Jacksonville, he was retired from
the city of Jacksonville Signal
He was a charter member and
past president of Southside Shrine
Club, member of Morocco Temple,
Little League and Pop Warner
Family members include his
wife, Jerri Fennell; sons, Gilbert R.
Fennell Jr. (Kathy) and Randy J.
Fennell; brothers, Ferrell Alexander
(Claudia), June Alexander (Mary
Jane), George Halford and Gene
Halford; sisters, Katie Jo Burgeron
and Betty Woodward; grandchil-

dren, Gilbert R Fennell II (Eherin),
Ryan Fennell, Kelley Fennell and
Kristy Fennell; and special lifelong
friend, James Woodward. He was
preceded in death by his mother,
Marie Fennell.
A funeral service will be held at
11 a.m. Thursday in the Chapel of
Quinn-Shalz, with Rev. Gary Smith
officiating. Visitation will be one
hour prior to service time.
In lieu of flowers, contributions
may be made to Community
Hospice of Northeast Florida, 4266
Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL
Services under the direction of
Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral
Home, Jacksonville Beach.

Harold Everett Causey of
Ponte Vedra Beach and formerly
of Macon, Ga. died September 6,
2007 in Jacksonville. He was
born in Musella, Ga., the son of
the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Henry Causey.
He and his wife, June, moved
to Ponte Vedra Beach in 1973
and built a home on Ponte
Vedra Boulevard in 1980.
A member of Kappa Alpha fra-
ternity at Mercer University, he
served in the U.S. Navy with var-
ious aviation units during World
War II.
In Macon, he was a member
of Idle Hour Country Club and
was a member of the Rotary
Club for more than 40 years,
serving on its board of directors.
He also was chairman of the
board of trustees of the Salvation
Army and was on the board of
stewards and board of trustees
and was treasurer of Vineville
Methodist Church. He also
served as alderman of the
Macon City Council and chair-
man of the Consolidated City
and County Tax Commission.
He was the owner of Causey
Electrical Supply Company,
Causey Utility Supply Company
and Macon Lighting Center. He
was Cub Scout Master and advi-
sor to his son's high school fra-
terities, 'Phi Omega 'Beta and
Alpha Kappa Omega.

After retiring and moving to
Ponte Vedra Beach, he became
skilled in playing bridge. He was
a Life Master and ACBL certified
teacher. In addition to teaching
locally, he taught at Cashiers,
N.C., at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia
Island, Fla.; on cruise ships and
at other resorts. He was a mem-
ber of the Ponte Vedra Inn &
Club, where he was on the ten-
nis team and a member of The
He is survived by June, his
wife of 60 years; and his sons,
Charles Farmer Causey (Alice)
and Harold Colvard Causey
(Susan); six grandchildren, Laura
C. Vaughn (Bryan), Valli C. Berg
(James A. III), Charles F Causey
(Sarah A.), Mary Jo Causey,
Hunter J. Causey and Haley C.
Causey; and one great-grand-
daughter, Alexis 1. Vaughn. He is
survived by one brother, W. Jack
Causey, and one sister, Frances
A. Spears. He was predeceased by
his brother, Robert H. Causey Jr.
Services will be held in
Macon, Ga. The family requests
that any contributions made in
his memory be given to First
Presbyterian Day School, 5671
Calvin Dr., Macon, GA, 31210 or
to the donor's charity of choice.
Arrangements under the
direction of Beaches Chapel by
Hardage-Giddens Funeral
Home, Jacksonville Beach.


Floyd Wayne Husted, 53, of
Douglasville, Ga. and
Jacksonville Beach, died
September 6, 2007. He was
born October 26, 1953 in
Ettlingen, Germany and was
preceded in death by his adop-
tive parents, Arthur Wayne
and Anne Mabel Pickering

:He was a self-employed mas-
ter carpenter and known as
"The Floyd."
He was cremated, and no
services'services are planned at
this time. Arrangements by
Rosehaven Funeral Home,
Douglasville, Ga.


Norris C. "Kess" Kessler, resid-
ing in Jacksonville and formerly
of Troy, Ohio, died September 9,
2007. He was born in Troy
December 12, 1914 to the late
Clarence C. and Rowena
(Wampler) Kessler. He married
Mary E. (Miller) Kessler July 22,
He is survived by daughter,
Sophie B. (Beverly) Kessler of

Altadena, Calif., and son, Terry L.
Kessler of Troy; stepsons, Don E.
Peters of Atlantic Beach and
David A. Peters of Medina, Ohio;
sister, Elaine Haines of Port
Angeles, Wash.; six grandchil-
dren and eight great-grandchil-
In addition to his parents, he
was preceded in death by his first
wife, Norma V. (May) Kessler in

December 1970.
He was employed by Hobart
Corporation for 43 years and
retired in 1980 as a regional sales
manager. He was very involved
in the work of First Baptist
Church of Troy.
He was an active member in
Miami County Camp of Gideons
International. He was also Past
Master of Mt.' Olivet #226

Masonic Lodge, Christiansburg,
Ohio; member of Ancient
Accepted Scottish-Rite Valley of
Dayton, and Antioch Shrine of
Funeral services will take place
in his hometown of Troy under
the care of Baird's Funeral Home.

Services under the
Quinn-Shalz Fam
Home, Jacksonville

Severino Niccolo Costantino,
88, of Jacksonville died August
30, 2007 of cardiac arrest. A
decorated bomber pilot in
World War II, he joined Gulf
Oil Corp. following his armed
forces service, then after retire-
ment began a new career with a
company that pioneered water
treatment techniques.
He was born in Altoona, Pa.
February 9, 1919. His father,
Sabatino, a native of Pescara,
Italy, was a welder at the U.S.
Steel plant in Ellwood City. His
mother, Felicetta Morelli, was a
native of Campobasso, Italy.
After graduation from
Indiana (Pa.) State Teacher's
college in 1941, he joined the
Army Air Corps. After a crash
landing in the Sahara Desert,
he was returned to the U.S. for
hospitalization. While there he
met his future wife, Joyce
Bailey of Scarsdale, N.Y.
Costantino returned to
active duty and captained a B-
17 bomber for 50 combat mis-
sions before returning to the
U.S. in the Air Corps Reserve,
where he served as a flight
instructor. He and his wife were
married in 1944, on Mitchel
Field, Long Island. He was

transferred to Tampa, where his
first son, Nicholas Charles, was
born. Three more sons fol-
lowed, Robert Lloyd, Theodore
Bailey and Peter Severino. He,
joined Gulf Oil in 1946, hold-
ing a variety of posts until his
retirement in 1979 as regional
manager of the Philadelphia
district. He served as sales man-
ager for Chem Clear, an indus-
trial water reclamation compa-
He retired permanently in
1984 and moved with his wife
to Hilton Head Island, S.C., and
then to Jacksonville. She died
in 1999.
He is survived by two sisters,
Marianne Mammone and
Martha Vink; a brother,
Eugene; his companion of
seven years, Natalie Hayward of
Ponte Vedra Beach; four sons
and eight grandchildren.
'A memorial service will be
held at 10 a.m. September 21
in Christ Episcopal Church,
Ponte Vedra Beach, with the Rt.
Rev. Ed Chalfant and the Rev.
Deacon Jo Hoskins officiating.
Services under the direction
of Quinn-Shalz Family.Funeral
Home, Jacksonville Beach.


Harriett Sue Johnson 'died at
home September 6, 2007.
A native of West Virginia, she
spent two years at the
Cincinnati Conservatory of
Music ahd graduated from
West Virginia University in
1942 with a Bachelor of Music
degree. She belonged to Delta
Gamma sorority, glee club and
numerous other activities. She
taught school in West Virginia,
Maryland, Florida and Virginia.
She married Lt. Charles W.
Johnson in the chapel at N.A.S.
Banana River, Fla. in November
1945 and moved with her hus-
band to various Navy duty sta-
tion assignments and retire-
ment locations before moving
to Ponte Vedra Beach in 1990.
They moved to Glenmoor Life
Care Community, World Golf
Village, St. Augustine in 2001.

She belonged to several bridge
and golf groups.
A lifelong Christian, she
belonged to Palms Presbyterian
Church in Jacksonville Beach
and the Village Church. She
was preceded in death by her
husband, C.W. Johnson, USN
She is survived by tWo
daughters, Jane Thomas and
Susan Weaver; four grandchil-
dren, Christy Sue Crouch, J.W.
Crouch, Sara Thomas and
Eddie Thomas; sister-in-law,
Helen Stafford; and three
nephews, J.C., Jeffrey and Tom
A memorial service was held
September 11 in the Glenmoor
Crichton Hall. Services under
the direction of Quinn-Shalz
Family Funeral Home,
Jacksonville Beach.

e direction of
ily Funeral Obituary notices are published free of charge as a commu-
Beach. nity service. All submissions are subject to editing. Paid
advertising space is available for m iore detailed or person-
alized death notices. Call 249-9033 for information.


Marian K. Lancaster, 85, of
Ponte Vedra Beach died August
18, 2007. She was a member of
Pi Beta Phi sorority at Ohio
Survivors include her sons,
Philip (Meredith) Ross and Keith
Ross; daughter, Marsha Klanke;
sisters, Betty Burkland of
Sarasota, Fla.; grandchildren,

Kim Klanke, Carrie Klanke, Sean
Ross and Sarah Ross.
A memorial service will be
held at 3 p.m. Saturday in Christ
Episcopal Church of Ponte
Vedra Beach, with the Rev.
Robert Morris officiating.
In lieu of flowers, the family
asks that memorial contribu-
tions be sent to the Jacksonville

Humane Society, 8328 Beach
Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32216
and/or Christ Episcopal Church,
Memorial Garden, 400 San Juan
Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Services under the direction of
Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral
Home, Jacksonville Beach.


Terrance "Terry" McCue Sr.,
68, died September 5, 2007 fol-
lowing a brief illness.
He was preceded in death by
siblings, Hal Ryan McCue,
Frances Ann DeMayo, Louise T.
McCue, Thomas Raymond
McCue and William "Billy"
McCue. He is survived by his
wife of 46 years, Melba R.
McCue; son, Terry S. McCue Jr.
and his wife, Janet; daughters,
Jennifer Raye McCue and Tracey
Renee McCue; brother, James L.
"Buddy" McCue (JoAnn); sisters,
Virginia, Marie Shows and
Bridget Marie Hodgson (Ted);
sisters-in-law, Rita McCue and
Joyce McCue; brother-in-law,
Scott Wiley Jr. (Becky); sister-in-

law, Alda Sheckells (Leo); many
nieces and nephews; and his
dog, Tango.
After leaving Fletcher High
School, he had a variety of
careers. He served in the Air
National Guard as a radio opera-
tor and was honorably dis-
charged in 1961. For several
years he worked for and was
mentored by Beaches realtor
Townsend Hawkes, prior to
establishing Terry McCue Real
Estate, Inc. in 1968. Over the
years he could often be found
having coffee with friends and
business associates at.a variety of
beach establishments, where he
jotted notes and drafted ideas on
his napkin. He never retired. In


Virlyn Edward "Pete" Miles,
78. of Ponte Vedra Beach died
September 4, 2007 at.Memorial
Hospital in Jacksonville. He was
born January 14, 1929 in Alma,
Ga. to Franklin and Della Miles.
He retired from the U.S. Navy
and then worked at the ship-
yards in Jacksonville before
retiring as a medical attendant.
He was a member of the
American Legion and Fleet
Reserve Association and
enjoyed golfing.
He is survived by his wife,

Shirley Douglas Miles; sons,
Ronald and Rodney Miles, of
Orange Park; stepchildren,
Cynthia Hrachovina, Kevin
Crowther and Joni Daley of
Jacksonville; sister, Elaine
(McKinley) Steedley of Landis,
N.C.; 16 grandchildren and 13
great-grandchildren. He was
preceded in death by his grand-
son, Trey Daley.
A celebration of his life Will
be held at 4 p.m. Saturday at his
home. Funeral arrangements by
Craig Funeral Home.


Alice H. Strate, bom December
5, 1918 in Burlington, Iowa, died
August 24, 2007.
The third of four children of
Charles and Laura Hutchison,
she grew up in Keokuk, Iowa.
Although she spent most of her
life in western New York, Keokuk
always held a special place in her
heart. In her early 20s, she took a
job with the FBI. During World
War II, she joined the Amkerican
Red Cross and spent time in
Europe. Following the war, she
returned to Keokuk for a few
years before moving to Buffalo,
N.Y. to marry her high school
sweetheart, E Russell Strate. The
couple lived for more than 40
years in Alden, N.Y, where they

built a family business and raised
three children, their late son,
. John, son Russell Jr. of Alden and
daughter Cindy of Weybridge,
Upon their retirement, the
couple moved to Jacksonville
Beach. She remained active in a
number of causes, including sev-
eral that benefited animals. She
become active in St. Paul's by the
Sea Episcopal Church in
Jacksonville Beach.
Plans for a memorial service
are not yet finalized. In lieu of
flowers, the family requests
donations be sent to a charity or
to Addison County Home
Health and Hospice, Inc., P.O.
Box 754, Middlebury, Vt. 05753.

his free time, he enjoyed tinker-
ing with cars, cutting the grass
and fishing at his retreat on the
Suwannee River.
He was a lifelong resident and
businessman at the Beaches. A
celebration of his life will be
held at 3 p.m. Thursday at
Neptune Baptist Church, with
Pastor Tom Bary officiating;
casual dress is appreciated. The
family will receive friends fol-
lowing the service at the home
of Michael McCue, 1701 6th
Ave. N.. In lieu of flowers, dona-
tions can be made in his honor
and that of his dog, Tango, to
the Jacksonville Humane
Society. Arrangements by Ponte
Vedra Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach.



Pauline M. Simmons, 84, of
Ponte Vedra Beach died
September 6, 2007. She was sur-
rounded by her:family.
She was born March 14, 1923 in
Phillipsburg, N.J. to Frank Yobe
and Ethel Raines Yobe. She moved
to the Philadelphia area, where
she worked as an accountant in
the automotive industry. Upon
retirement, she and her husband,
Thomas Simmons, moved to
Lakeland, Fla. She continued to
pursue watercolor painting and
eventually began teaching others
in her community.
She was preceded in death by
her husband, Thomas. She is sur-
vived by her daughter, Sandy
Willis, and son-in-law, Jerry
Willis,, Ponte Vedra Beach; grand-
children, Sandy Calvin (John),
Ponte Vedra Beach, Jerry Willis
(Megan), Chicago, Ill. and Mark
Willis (Shannon), Philadelphia,
Pa.; and great-grandchildren,
Sean, Emily, John, Kaitlyn and
Kevin. Her smile and laughter
will be missed by all, the family
In lieu of flowers, donations
may be sent to the Alzheimer's
Association of Northeast Florida,
2123 Mango Place, Jacksonville,
FL 32207. Services by Quinn-
Shalz Family Funeral Home.

IPn r A





GATEWAY CORRIDOR (Beach Boulevard): Reduce to two lanes and add on-street
parking; install roundabout at 1st Street; reorganize parking and install turnaround at
SeaWalk, encourage mixed use development with parking garage on south side of

CIVIC CORRIDOR (1st Avenue North): Upgrade Latham Plaza lighting; open new street
south of the Plaza between 1st and 2nd Street, redevelop existing parking lot as a
mixed use development with parking garage.

PIER CORRIDOR (4th Avenue North): Organize parking and enhance streetscape along
4th Avenue North; develop a new family-friendly pier park with driveway for drop off/
pick up and restroom facilities, install roundabout at 1st Street; explore opportunities
for public-private partnerships for mixed use (residential, commercial, office) develop-
ments with adequate parking facilities within the corridor; construct public parking
garage for beach users and area businesses with possible use in lieu of on-site,
surface parking.

RETAIL CORRIDOR (6th Avenue North): Encourage expansion of the Casa Marina that
respects the present character of the historic hotel; develop joint use parking garage to
serve the Casa Marina expansion and other nearby uses; encourage ground floor retail
uses with upper floor residential along the entire street, construct a roundabout at 1st
Street; organize on-street parking and install turnaround at the SeaWalk.

NORTH-SOUTH STREETS (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Streets): Introduce defined on-street
parking spaces on 3rd Street; relocate traffic signal from 2nd Avenue North to 4th
Avenue North; close median cuts at 1st Avenue South, Pablo Avenue, 1st Avenue
North, 2nd Avenue North, 3rd Avenue North, and 5th Avenue North to allow for a
continuous landscaped median; introduce new cross walks at intersections and mid-
block along 3rd Street, add parallel on-street parking on 2nd Street from Beach to 7th
Avenue North; develop 1st Street between the "new" street adjacent to Latham Plaza
and 3rd Avenue North as a "festival street' using pavement textures and coloring;
narrow the driving lane width and introduce parallel parking on 1st Street from Beach
to Latham Plaza and from 3rd Avenue North to 7th Avenue North.

The Public Workshop will be held from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Monday,
September 17, 2007. The City's consultants, Glatting Jackson Kercher and Anglin;.
and members of the Planning and Development Department staff will be
available to discuss the Vision plan and answer questions from 4:30 to 6:00 with
a public comment period to follow from 6:00 to 6:30. The Workshop will be held
in the City Hall Train ing Room located to the rear of the Council Chambers, 11
North 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach, Florida. All interested persons are invited
to attend and provide comments on the plan.



Ponte Vedra Leader


www. beachesleader.com




Page 7A

S New Landrum principal plans ahead



Parker was

roasted by

Post 129

This column recently
lauded a victorious
volunteer; namely,
Mary Ellen Bolin of
Jacksonville Beach
American Legion Post 129.
She was named top
American Legion"Auxiliary
volunteer in Florida.
That was sensational.
But wait-there's more.
Post 129 has another pre-
eminent vote-winning vol-
unteer, this one of the
male persuasion.
Long-time legionnaire
and former Post 129
Commander Earl Parker
has been elected to that
leadership position eight
Moreover, he has twice
won election-as Fifth
District Commander (over-
seeing 129 and a number
of other North Florida
posts). His eight terms as
post commander allegedly
constitutes a state record.
In celebration of Parker's
noteworthy career as an
Amerik-can-ei-iOn leader,
F't 'Tt"h rei pal ty-o
Aug. 19. It was called the
"Earl Parker Appreciation
Dinner," and it definitely
was, but it was also a
humorous "roast" of this
popular member.
Funny anecdotes were
voiced as a microphone
was passed around in the
overflow crowd of friends
and admirers. There were,
too many to reiterate all
in this space, but one was
particularly amusing.
It involved a situation
(which Parker laughingly
agreed I should mention)
in which he lost his tem-
porarily-removed false
The denture was eventu-
ally found, but, in the
meantime, he took quite a
bit of good-natured rib-
bing at the post. over his
misplaced choppers; e.g.,.
"Earl, this is a problem
we're sure you can get
your teeth into."
I recall having some
serious conversations with
him about possibilities of
replacement, and, at the
time, the predicament
obviously wasn't totally
hilarious.to him. However,
always smiling, he with-
stood the jokes, jests, and
banter without biting any-
Parker went to Andrew
Jackson High School, grad-
uating in 1946. He worked
for the telephone compa-
ny here and was in the
Army for four-plus years
(activated National Guard
unit), spending two years
in Germany in the late
1960s, mostly doing tele-
phone work.
An exceptionally enjoy-
able part of his career as a
"phone fella" was the 15-
year period he spent doing
installations at Amelia
Island in Fernandina,
tootling around from job
to job in a provided golf
cart. He didn't say
whether he brought his
golf clubs along.
I wouldn't be astonished
if Parker agreed to run
again, a la Gen.
MacArthur: "Earl shall
return." Still, being volun-
teer commandeer of a
busy post such as 129 is
certainly no walk in the
park. Said Parker: "It was
the biggest challenge I've
ever had."
Well, as we used to say
in Advanced English class,
he done good!

Wayne King said he expects
the "interim" before his title
as principal of Landrum
Middle School will at some
point be removed.
Previously assistant princi-
pal at Switzerland Point
Middle School in Northwest
St. Johns County, King was
named Landrum's interim
principal Sept. 4, four days
after former Principal Pherbia
Engdahl told Superintendent
Joseph Joyner she was retir-
At the school's open house
Thursday, King was asked
how long he expects to carry
the label "interim."
"Not long," King responded
with a hint of a brogue that
came with him from his
native Ireland.
"The initial communica-
tion from Dr. Joyner Tuesday
to our faculty here was that
myself, in conjunction with,
[Vice Principal] Kelly
[Jacobson], we're building a
three- to five-year vision,"'
King said.
King stood in the main
hallway at the open house
with his wife, Katie, volun-
teer coordinator at Guaqa
Tolomato Matanzas National
Estuarine Research Reserve,
and their 6-1/2-month-old
son, Liam.
"Our seventh-grade science
curriculum is connected with
that," he said of the Guana
reserve south of Ponte Vedra
"Even before I got here ...
Landrum seventh graders
really took advantage of
In a video King made to
show to open house visitors,,
he said he listed his priorities
""laeTo y"tt ire to -Foir
days here and my weekend of
"I'm going to make myself
available and solve issues,"
King said.
"We've got excellent teach-
ers, so I'm going to keep the
focus on that."

photo by CHUCK ADAMS
Becky Romero (left) whose daughter, Samantha, is in eighth grade at Landrum, talks with the middle school's interim principal,
Wayne King, at open house Thursday.

King said he sees similari-
ties between Switzerland
Point and Landrum in stu-
denit body size (1,250 at
Switzerland Point, about
1,140 at Landrum), demo-
graphics and performance on
standardized tests.
"Great schools," he said.
King said he learned a lot
from Switzerland Point
Principal Kyle Dresback about
'"jfiladi"g relationships.
"That's part of my goal," he
said, noting that under his
leadership, Landrum has a
connection to Nease High
School in Dresback's wife,
Aletha, who coordinates
Nease's International
Baccalaureate program.

"It's an important transi- for Ireland and was given a
tion piece for my eighth soccer scholarship to and
graders going there [to graduated from Flagler
Nease]." College. At Flagler, he played
Landrum's eighth graders soccer four years and started a
are to be zoned into the high women's program.
school being built near Davis King has 14 years with the
Park, although those who St. Johns County School
enter the IB program will District, and during that time
attend Nease, off County he got a master's in education
Road 210 just east of U.S. 1. admiAnistration from
King said he will get-in JacksonvilleUn.niersit.y f,-,,-
touch with Kathleen' Furness "I spent time back at Flagler
and Mike Parrish, principals College as the assistant dean
at Ponte Vedra-Palm before I came back into the
Valley/Rawlings and Ocean public school system. I'm
Palms, respectively, happy to be here," he said of
King moved to the United his arrival at Landrum.
States in 1989 from Galway, King said he has come to an
Ireland. He played in three "interesting and exciting" sit-
international soccer games nation at Landrum.

"I've made a lot of very
good. connections the first
couple of days here. I've been
into a lot of classrooms. We
have some outstanding teach-
ers. That part is an easy tran-
sition for me.
"We've already started
moving. Landrum forward.
There were an awful lot of
-very good things happening
herere" he said.
The focus will be on
instruction, he said; making
sure Landrum fits the needs
of existing and future stu-
dents ard provides "a solid
foundation for our eighth
graders getting to high

Browne is drum major of 'The President's Own'

W hen Bill Browne
joined the Marine
Corps in 1989, his
father advised him to stay
under the radar of the drill
instructors and not volunteer
for anything.
But leaders like cream -
have a way of always rising to
the top.
Browne broke from the ranks
at boot camp and became a
squad leader, eventually finish-
ing basic training as the honor
graduate of his recruit compa-
ny at Parris Island.
Eighteen years later, Browne,
a Marine master sergeant and a
1985 Fletcher High School
graduate, is still climbing the
leadership ladder as the senior
enlisted member of the U.S.
Marine Band, also known as

"The President's Own."
As the 150-member group's
recently appointed drum
major, Browne directs the band
during ceremonial marches
and is in charge of managing
its overall appearance and mil-
itary decorum.
"When I joined the Marine
Corps, nobody in my family
knew about it," Browne
recalled last week in a phone
interview from the Marine
Barracks in Washington, D.C.
"'And my dad basically said
'Keep quiet and don't make
yourself a target.' But through
the pain of other [recruits]
messing up I had to step up."
In August, Browne became
only the 35th drum major of
"The President's Own,"
America's oldest professional
musical organization.
Founded in 1798 by an Act
of Congress, the U.S. Marine

photo submitted
Master Sgt. Browne holding
the ceremonial mace and
wearing a sash known as the

Band performs regularly at the
White House and each year
makes more than 500 public
appearances in the U.S.
A former lead trumpet player
at Fletcher, Browne, 40, attend-
ed Florida State University on a
music scholarship and per-
formed with the school's 400-
member Marching Chiefs.
Browne said he relished
marching and performing on
Saturday at FSU's Doak
Campbell Stadium, but, aca-
demically, he hit a sour note in
"I did too much non-learn-
ing," Browne said with a
"Then I got interested in air
traffic control, so I decided to
join the Marines to do that. I
had all but enlisted when I
found out I was color blind."
Browne said he remembered
that there were bands in the

Marines, so he signed up to be
a musician, easily passing an
"The recruiter was -pretty
happy because in those days if
you recruited a musician it was
worth extra recruiting points,"
Browne recalled.
"But I didn't join the
Marines to be in The
President's Own. I joined to be
a standard fleet musician."
Browne spent 12 years in the
Corps as a trumpet player, per-
forming with Marine bands
based in California, North
Carolina and Naples, Italy.
Despite being one of the
"top two or three" trumpet
players in the fleet, Browne
said he would have never "pre-
sumed" that he was "good
enough to audition" with The

See BROWNE, A-10

Hurst says food can serve as 'entertainment' at parties

Anyone interested in a
career in the culinary arts
needs to have "a passion" for
food, according to caterer
and personal chef David

Many Beaches residents
may be familiar with Hurst
who for nine years owned
The Market at Northshore in
Atlantic Beach with his wife,
Prior to that time, he
worked at Crustaceans,

David Hurst grew up at the Beaches and serves many Beaches
clients through his catering and personal chef business,
"Tastes." He can be reached at 229-7837.

Ward's Landing, Ragtime and
First Street Grille. His current
business is simply named
Hurst grew up at the beach
and graduated from Fletcher
High. His interest in the culi-
nary arts date back to a job
he held in high school: dish-
With natural talent and
experience working for sever-
al years with local chefs,
Hurst advanced from wash-
ing dishes at Crustaceans to
becoming a chef at Ragtime
and then the opening chef at
First Street Grille.
At The Market at
Northshore, catering grew
into an important part of
Hurst's business. With his
new business, Hurst now has
the opportunity to focus on
catering and offer services to
customers on a regular basis
as a personal chef.

In his capacity as a person-
al chef, Hurst provides
clients with a variety of dish-
es prepared for them in their
kitchen. This has been popu-
lar with busy couples who
value the convenience of
having meals designed for
them that are ready and
waiting for them in their
own home.
Many of Hurst's former
customers from The Market
at Northshore have contin-
ued as his clients in his new
business, he said.
In the catering side of the
business, Hurst personally
works with each client to
develop the menu for the
event. He also does the shop-
ping, prepping, and then
preparation on site.
In recent years, Hurst said



e S member 12 2007

Paee 8 ATh e Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader September 12, 2007



Jamie Cromley of
Jacksonville and Dennis Severt
of Neptune Beach have
announced their engagement
to be married.
The bride-elect is the daugh-
ter of Ralph and Katherine
Cromley of Jacksonville. She is
a graduate of the University of
North Florida and is employed
at Community First Credit
Union .as a member service
The groom-elect is the son of
Charles and Barbara Ray of
Neptune Beach. He is a gradu-
ate of the University of Florida
and is employed by Vurv

Melisa Hicks and David

Jamie Cromley and Dennis

Technology as an implementa-
tion consultant.
The couple plan to wed in
October 2008.

Melisa R. Hicks of Evans, Ga.,
and David McNair of Augusta,
Ga., have announced their
engagement to be married.
The bride-elect is the daugh-
ter of Deborah Hicks of
Jacksonville and Neil Hicks of
Parker, Colo. She earned a
bachelor's degree In math from
the University of North Florida
and is employed by Citi Street.
The groom-elect is the son of
Marlene Karr of Augusta and
David McNair of Augusta. He is
employed at First Baptist
Church of Augusta as an assis-
tant maintenance director.
The couple plan to wed
March 8, 2008, in Augusta.

Morgan and Warren Cooke

Lena and Dustin Adams

Morgan Hargrove and Warren
Cooke, both of Ponte Vedra
Beach, were married Friday,
Aug. 24, at the Casa Marina
Hotel in Jacksonville Beach.
Sarah Nystrom performed the
The .bride is the daughter of
Pat and Gwen Hargrove of
Ponte Vedra. She is a 2002 grad-
uate of Nease High School and
is currently attending the
University of Florida.
The groom is the son of Bob
and Donne Cook of Ponte
Vedra. He is a 1998 graduate of
Douglas Anderson School of the

Arts and is currently attending
the University of North Florida.
Gretchen Hargrove was the
maid of honor. Kayla Daughtry,
Aubree Leone and Lindsey
Bldesoe were the bride's atten-
dants. Jamieson Curry was the
best man. Paul Rhodes, Ben
Harper and Austin Cooke were
Bailey Constable and Kire
Nystrom were flower girls.
Jackson and Jacob Cooke were
the ring.bearers.
The couple will take a honey-
moon cruise this fall. They will
reside in Ponte Vedra.

Lena Elizabeth Richards of
Jacksonville Beach and Dustin
Tyler Adams of Merritt Island
,were married Saturday, Aug. 31,
at the Casa Marina Hotel in
Jacksonville Beach.
Wink Cherry of Coaches
Honor Ministry performed the
The bride is the daughter of
Jim and Lilia Richards of
Jacksonville Beach. She is pursu-
ing an undergraduate degree at
Florida International University.
The groom is the son of Walt
Adams of Satellite Beach and

Cindi Linquist of Merritt Island.,
He is a member of the U.S.
Coast Guard and is stationed in
Miami Beach.
Mia Montanye was the
matron of honor and Lindsey
Watters, Merrit Montanye and
Alysia Chalcraft were the bride's
Walt Adams was the best man
and John Durkee, Joey Hughes
and Ben Richards were grooms-
The couple will reside in
Coral Gables.



t12i"X2" Ceramic Tile

SStarting at sq. ft.
H~hootun'= r e Gn .~rQ

Buy it, Sell it, Find it *e.s

i Recipes: Maryland Style Crab Cakes in the Classifieds I,,,,gwww. : de.ne.

Cont. from A-7
that he has noticed that
there is more interest in hav-
ing the food become the
entertainment for parties
hosted in a home.
There has always tended to
be a few people who would
gravitate to the kitchen, he
said. Now, more people seem
to enjoy watching how the
dishes are prepared and hav-
ing the chance to ask ques-
Although preparing food is
his job, Hurst also regularly
makes dinner at home for
his wife and two sons.
Washing dishes, he said,
always goes along with cook-
ing, either professionally or
at home.
Susan Hurst describes her
husband as very creative,
someone who can "pull
ingredients out of the refrig-
erator and make it really
Although he learned a lot
from cookbooks in the
beginning, Hurst enjoys
developing his own recipes.
Using whatever is freshest
at the market, where he will
sometimes shop for several
hours to find the right ingre-
dients, he creates recipes to
go with the theme of a party
or to suit the preferences of
his clients or family.
For a recent tropical
themed brunch hosted by a
Ponte Vedra couple, Hurst
prepared Grilled Pineapple
with Fried Pastry Cream and
Caramel Sauce.
While there are several
steps involved in making
this dessert, most home
cooks should be able to
duplicate Hurst's recipe with
delicious results.
Shrimp and Avocado
Mousse "Spoons" are colorful
little tastes of a great appe-
For an interesting party
presentation, serve guests
"spoons" of freshly cooked
shrimp topped with creamy
Maryland Crabcakes are
always a favorite. Serve these
as a first course or main
course, either way they are

The following are three
recipes from David Hurst.

Grilled Pineapple with
Fried Pastry Cream and
Caramel Sauce

For the caramel sauce:
2 cans of sweetened con-
densed milk
Open cans and pour into a
glass pie plate. Cover with
.foil and place in a waterbath.
Put in a 350 oven for 1
hours or until thick and
brown. Check water bath
periodically and add hot
water if necessary.
For the pastry cream:
3 large egg yolks
one-quarter cup sugar
1 c. milk
one-third cup flour
pinch of salt
one-quarter tsp..vanilla

Spray a small loaf pan
(7"x3")with cooking spray
and line with plastic wrap.
Combine the first five ingre-
dients in a saucepan. Bring
to a boil. Whisk constantly
until thickened and continue
another three minutes to
cook out the flour. Add
vanilla and remove from
Pour the cream into the
loaf pan, smooth, and cover
the surface with plastic wrap.
Refrigerate until firm. Cut
the pastry cream into small
squares or circles, approxi-
mately 1 1/2 round.

'For the pineapple:
Clean and core a fresh
pineapple. Cut into 3/4"
slices and sprinkle lightly
with sugar. Grill over high
heat until slightly
caramelized. Cut into quar-

To fry pastry cream:
one-half cup flour
one-half cup milk
one-half cup panko
(Japanese bread crumbs)
vegetable oil for frying
Put flour, milk and panko
in three separate bowls. Heat
the oil to 325 degrees in a
heavy pan. Coat the pastry
cream, with the flour first,
then milk and finally the
panko. Deep fry until
browned on each side. Drain
on paper towels.

To serve:
Spoon a tablespoon of

caramel sauce onto a plate
(thin with warm cream if
necessary). Place a pastry
cream round on the sauce.
Top with piece of grilled
pineapple.-Finish with
whipped cream if desired.

Shrimp and Avocado
Mousse "Spoons"

For the shrimp:
1 lb. small shrimp, peeled
and deveined
salt and pepper
dash of cayenne
dash of cumin
juice of one lime
olive oil
Season the shrimp with
salt, pepper, cayenne, cumin
and lime. Saute quickly in
hot olive oil. Remove from
heat and chill completely.

For the mousse:
2 ripe Hass avocados
salt and pepper
zest and juice of one lime
one-third cup. heavy
Puree avocados, salt, pep-
per, zest and juice in a food
processor until smooth. Add
heavy cream and process for
30-60 minutes until light.
Taste for salt and pepper.

To assemble:
Place 1 piece of shrimp on
a spoon. Using a pastry bag,
squeeze about a teaspoon of
mousse on each shrimp.
Garnish with diced tomato.

Maryland Style Crab

2 heaping tablespoons of
mayonnaise (Hellmann's)
2 eggs, beaten lightly
one-half tsp. worcester-
shire sauce
one-quarter tsp. cayenne
one-quarter tsp. Old Bay
1 lb. lump crab meat
20 saltines, crushed
unsalted butter for

Mix first five ingredients
together until nicely blended
(will be slightly lumpy). Stir
in crab meat very gently.
Fold in crackers, taking care
not to break up the crab.
Form into cakes and saute in
butter until golden brown on
each side.



New Beach


A, -1 :,-

Tired of chasing your

tail for ame day parking?

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September 12, 2007

Page 8A


The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

September 12, 2 e eac es

Th B h Leader/Ponte V r

Wrongful Termination
Unpaid Wages
Social Security Disability

Law Office of Cord Byrd, PA)
Attorney and Counselor at Law
904.246.2404 f
1807 North Third Street
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No Recovery, No Fees.
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He was born in Jacksonville,
and his grandmother, both
parents, aunts, uncles, and
cousins all went to Fletcher
High School. He has an
uncle with the Jacksonville
Sheriff's Office, and his
mom and aunt both
worked for the FBI in
Jacksonville. Cord worked
at Slider's during high
school summer vacations
and graduated from the
University of North Florida.
Prior to attending law
school, Cord served in the
Air Force and taught history
and civics in public school
in Miami.
After practicing 10 years
in West Palm Beach, Cord
couldn't wait to get back to
the beach, with its slower
pace of living and laid-back
atmosphere. He wants to
establish himself as a beach

l"] "l-- -l l

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Attorney Cord Byrd is ready to put his experience to work for you.

community lawyer in his own hometown,
where he can get to know his clients and
neighbors on a more personal level.
Cord originally went to law school
because of his strong interest in constitu-
tional law and the protection of our free-
doms. That's still a major interest of his, but
after working in insurance defense for 6-1/2
years, he knows how insurance companies
think, and he uses that knowledget to, [elp
injured workers.
Cord primarily handles workers' compen-
sation and social security disability cases,
along with wrongful termination cases
where you've been fired due to an injury.
If you've already been to Court but didn't
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appellate practice taking cases to a higher

Cord Byrd is someone you can call when
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The office of Cord Byrd, P.A., is conve-
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weekend and evening appointments are
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I. ,/-. qU
[JiT'lklm ~i ,j|^

~I-.: ~.-.

Page 9A

c -^-_u ^- 00 -I" ~ "

~-j~Y ~:1


Browne: Played trumpet at Fletcher

Continued from A-7
President's Own.
Browne said the historical
Marine Band is composed of
the finest musicians in the U.S.
military. Members are perma-
nently assigned to the band
and are exempt from all train-
ing, even boot camp. Each
must obtain top-secret security
Auditions occur only in
anticipation of projected
vacancies, the band's website
says. Auditions are held in the
John Philip Sousa Band Hall in
the nation's capital, and are
conducted much like those of
major symphony orchestras.
"The men and women here
are just phenomenal," said
Browne, who joined The
President's Own as an assistant
drum major in January 2001.
"I wanted to be a drum
major because it's one of the
leadership positions in the
band. But it meant giving up
the trumpet, which I was great
The trumpet had always
suited Browne's competitive
The instrument earned him
a scholarship to college and
later a spot on the Allied
Forces Band Naples, also
known as the NATO Band.
Browne put away the horn
when he became the assistant
drum major for the 1st Marine
Division Band at Camp
Pendelton, Calif.
When the assistant drum
major position came open
with The President's Own,
Browne was one of three can-
didates selected to be inter-
"I just assumed that I was
nowhere near qualified,"
Browne recalled.
"After I came out of my
interview, which was longer
than it should have been, I
told the other guys,
'Congratulations to one of you
because that did not go well.' "
Browne got the coveted slot
and spent the next three years
under the tutelage of drum
major Thomas Kohl, a master
gunnery sergeant.
Drum majors often lead the
Marine Band in review for U.S.
Presidents, heads of state and
'international dignitaries.
As an assistant drum major




Celebrating Patriot's Day Tuesday are mem-
bers of Diane Buckner's third grade class at
Ocean Palms Elementary School, where
guests saw presentation of arms by the
Nease High School NJROTC color guard;
heard the class sing tunes such as "God
Bless America" and "Proud to be an
American," and listened to patriotic readings.
The program, "A Patriotic Tribute," was held
on the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 ter-
rorist attacks and was dedicated to Robert
Dolan. a Navy commander and friend of
Buckner, who died in the Pentagon on 9-11.
Elizabelh Warfield (left) poses as Lady
Liberty and some of her classmates (below)
sing, including (from left) Havi Brown, Toby
Wilke, Emily Waud, Dean McCarthy and
Devon Stepp.

phoil:.; SUBii.ir.iECI

photo submitted
Master Sgt. Bill Browne (left) receives the mace from Marine
Band director Col. Michael H, Colburn Aug. 24 at the Marine
Barracks in Washington, D.C. Browne is the 35th drum major of
America's oldest professional musical organization.

with The President's Own,
Browne marched in the 2001
presidential inauguration
parade and carried the sousa-
phone at former President
Ronald Reagan's state funeral.
He also has led the Marine
Band at full-honors funerals at
Arlington National Cemetery
and later this month will lead
the band during a change-of-
command ceremony for -the
Joint Chiefs of Staff at the
Since 1861, when President
Abraham Lincoln reorganized
the leadership structure in the
Marine Band, only 34 other
men have held the title of
drum major.
In June, Browne was pro-
moted to master sergeant, the

second highest enlisted rank
in the Marine Corps.
He hopes to finish his
Marine career as a master gun-
nery sergeant and as the drum
major of The President's Own.
"Everyone in the U.S.
Marine Band serves at the
pleasure of the band's direc-
tor," said Browne, 40, who
lives in Waldorf, Md., with his
wife, Shanna, and two chil-
dren, Kailey, 14, and Tanner,
"Where I'm at right now has
a lot to do with my dad. Being
the drum major of The
,President's Own is just an
unbelievable position to have
attained. And if I can have six
or seven years in this job, I will
be very, very fortunate."

Trustees have suggestions for traffic 'chaos'

BUS STOP, from A-1

Trustees had several possible solu-
tions: have the speed limit lowered to 15
mph during bus-loading times; ask vol-
unteers to act as crossing guards, or ask
Christ Church to pay for a sheriff's pub-
lic service employee.
Joe Purvis, director of transportation
for the St. Johns County School District,
said Tuesday he will ask bus drivers for
their observations about the Golf View
bus stop.
"That church area, even though it has
traffic ... is a good place" for a bus stop,
Purvis said, noting that deputies and
other adults are typically in the area
during bus times and a bicycle rack at
the church allows youngsters to ride
bikes to the stop.

St. Johns County
Sheriff's Deputy
John Tedder
writes a warning
Tuesday morning
for a driver he
said was speeding
on Solana Road.
Tedder said he
stopped about five
speeders before 9
a.m. on Solana
just east of State
Road A1A.

Nease has nine merit semifinalists

Nine Nease High seniors
have been named semifinalists
in the 2008 National Merit
Scholarship Program.
Jennifer Boyd, Daniel
Chapman, Julian Goldhagen,
Sydriey Greene, Olivia
Humbarger, Melissa Kunkel,
Karly Lorbeer, Nicholas
Ogburn and William West are
some of the 16,000 semifinal-
ists nationwide vying for the
honor of Merit Scholar.

The National Merit
Scholarship Corp. administers
the program, which issues
8,200 different Merit
Scholarship awards totaling
$34 million.
Semifinalists qualify by
achieving the highest scores
on the Preliminary Scholastic
Aptitude Test, which they take
in their junior year.
The 16,000 semifinalists rep-
resent less than 1 percent of
the top-scoring U.S. high
school seniors.
Other St. Johns County

School District seniors who
were framed as semifinalists
are Charles Burke, Charles
Mansfield, Kelly Olson, and
Matthew Randall from
Bartram Trail High School in
Northwest St. Johns and
Stephanie Gillespie from St.
Augustine High School.
Finalists, who will be named
in the spring, become eligible
for scholarships from the
National Merit Scholarship
Corp., individual colleges or
universities and other corpora-

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Restaurant hours
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The Fish Company
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September 12, 2007

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

PDn,, I A*


o id~~E~ v



Ponte Vedra Leader

September 12, 2007 SPO RTS

* Fishing Leader
* Jaguars fail in opener
* Classifieds

Nease aerial assault shreds Martin County


STUART We now have
the answer to a question that's
never been asked: What does
coach Craig Howard do when
his Nease offense appears slug-
gish and out of sync?
Answer: Take the Panthers'
no-huddle, hurry-up scheme
and increase the tempo even
more, a staccato attack of pin-
point crossing passes, short
out-routes, screen passes and
occasional long bombs that
leaves an opposing defense
gasping for air and wondering
what just blew through town.
That was the scenario last
Friday night as Nease traveled
some 240 miles south to white-
wash Martin...
County, 35-0.
After an ini-
tial delay
because stadi-
um lights
weren't work- .
ing due to a
lightning ":
strike S
Thursday, the
appeared out
of rhythm
from the out-
set. Penalties,
poor tackling, We try to
and missed throw up e
coverages throw
were among SO we go a
the by-prod- an. [Mar
ucts as the
host Tigers had somE

mdown he players ou
field on an you can
opening drive they're w
that con-
sumed more know they
than five
minutes but we take ad
stalled with a that.
missed 52-
yard field goal
attempt. T
Nease's e
offense was Panthers q
also plagued
by a lethargic start, its open-
ing possession ending with a
"I thought we were out of
rhythm," Howard said. "I
thought maybe it was the long
trip or the lights situation.
There were penalties; it was
sloppy. It just wasn't Nease
Shortly thereafter, however,
it was all Nease football.
Seemingly frustrated by a
series of penalties and confu-
sion by referees in marking
the ball that resulted in
numerous stoppages, Howard
pushed the throttle and quar-
terback Ted Stachitas respond-
ed, connecting on 18 of 21
first-half passes slants,
screens, outs and bombs as
Nease racked up three quick
touchdowns to make it 21-0 at
the half.
"With Ted and the quick
passing game it was boom,
boom, boom," Howard said.
"After a turnover on our first
series, we scored three times
in a row and suddenly it was
21-0. We were back in the sad-
dle again."
Stachitas, who played only a
bit over three quarters, com-
pleted 22 of 28 passes for 316
yards, including scoring strikes
of 5 yards to Andrew Barnes
and a beautiful 38-yard TD
toss to Mylen Wright.
Stachitas also had touchdown




runs of 1 and 8 yards in the
"We started getting the
rhythm going by speeding up
the offense even faster and the
receivers were really doing a
great job watching the ball,"
Stachitas said.
The senior QB said he can
tell when defenders are strug-
gling to keep up with the
Panthers' attack.
"We try to make them
throw up every game, so we
go as fast as we can. [Martin
County] had some two-way
players out there and you can
tell when they're winded," he
explained. "We know they're
tired so we take advantage of
Stachitas also played a role
in Nease's fifth
touchdown of
N'. the night
when, after
scrambling out
of the pocket,
he fumbled
the ball into
S the end zone
where team-
mate CJ.
Thompson fell
on it.
was the
make them leading
very game, against
s fast as we Martin
in Cou Co county snag-
ging eight
S two-way balls for 130
There and yards.
tell when completed
ended. We passes to a
ne. We total of 10
re tired so different
vantage of receivers.
Vantage of In the rush-
ing depart-
-..--- ment, Barnes
had three car-
.. ..ries for 55
yards to lead
quarterback Nease (2-0).
Asked if the
Tigers' defense threw any
"In the beginning they just
looked confused," he said.
"Then, their defense played a
basic Cover 3 and we know
how to take that apart."
Afterward, Tigers coach
Chuck Kenyon seemed as
awed and bewildered by
Nease's offense as his players.
"Anybody who knows any-
thing about football could see
it was just one breakdown
here, one breakdown there,"
said Kenyon. "But it was the
key person who needed to
make a play [for us] that was-
n't able to do it. We told our
guys what was coming at
them. It seemed like we would
have 10 people in the proper
position and that one person
wasn't in the proper position.
And that was the person we
needed to make the play.
"Thirty five-nothing. It is a
humbling experience. They
had phenomenal team speed
and they're just a class act
Lost in all the Panthers' aer-
ial pyrotechnics was the fact
that the team's defense once
again turned in a stellar per-
formance against a ranked
While Martin County run-
ning back Lyle Dankenbring
gained 39 yards on 16

Photos by ROB DeANGELO
Nease High quarterback Ted Stachitas (16) fires a pass against Martir County last Friday night. Stachitas, who completed 22 of 28
passes for 316 yards, led the Panthers to a 35-0 victory.

I.P, ..

k', .-
i: :, ,".; ',I '" ",- -",, "= w l -, '-,

attempts, the Panthers limited
the Tigers to minus-1 yard
rushing on 27 carries in the
Martin County (1-1) fin-
ished with 163 yards passing,

but much of'that was gained
when Nease substituted liber-
ally in the second half.
Now Nease takes its traveling
road show (the team will log
nearly 1,000 miles in playing

its first three games this sea-
son) to Madison County's
"Boot Hill" for a Friday night
showdown this week. The
Class 2A Cowboys are 125-22-1
since 1996 and have won 11

defensive back
Graham Bates
(4) and line-
backer Brian
Cosgrove (58)
bring down,
Martin County
Jordan Brown
in last Friday
night's game.
Nease got
another out-
standing per-
formance from
its defense,
which limited
the Tigers to
minus-1 yard
rushing in the
Panthers' 35-0

straight district titles along
with a state championship in
"That will be our toughest
game so far this season," said

Panthers swimmers take part in Bulldog Invitational

SPhotos b' ROB [SaANGELO

Nease's Ashton
Crosby, swim-
ming in the girls
freestyle race,
left, and surfac-
ing for air in the
200-yard indi-
vidual medley,
right, was one
of several
Panthers to turn
in good per-
formances at.
the Bulldog
Swim Meet
Saturday at
Bolles.. Nease
was scheduled
to host its first
home meet of
the season on
Tuesday at
Winston Family

.,, *, '*..',,**, '. ; 7*k:'k:' ,* ,- I--?, 7:.W-". -'" ,; i.Kp :.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .







r; 'j.-,


Big pompano in the surf, red bass in the creeks

ough seas from the north-
east kept anglers inside
the jetties most of last
week. Red bass have gotten
hungry at Guana and up your
favorite creeks. Tarpon are
being taken in the cut on the
north side of Vilano Inlet. Big
pompano continue to offer
plenty of excitement for the
surf fishermen at Little Talbot
Capt. Kevin Faver found
plenty of tarpon action for his
guests last week in the Vilano
Inlet at St. Augustine. During
northeasters, of course, large
schools of mullet exit the inlets.
Tarpon follow them out and
give anglers a great opportunity
to hook one of these beauties.



On Thursday, Andy Graham
tossed his live mullet into the
hot spot and hooked a 110-
pounder which he released after
a 30-minute battle. Capt. Kevin
reported they jumped five and

Photo submitted
Kyle Wise proudly shows his 22-pound kingfish caught on the
end of the Jax Beach Pier last week.

Photo submitted
David Showaher used live shrimp for bait when he caught this
red bass from the Jax Beach Pier last week.
f. .., -. i- c.-.. *: ;- -...;'. *l '. .;-;^.?-';"-,?.^*; .-,.- ..'3 3 ?i;3 :

caught two.
On Friday Pat O'Brien fished
the same spot with Capt. Kevin
and caught a six-foot tarpon on
a live mullet. He put the 100-
pound fish on his side in 45
Larry "Fishman" Finch
reports the surf fishing at Little
Talbot Island was outstanding
over the weekend. On Saturday,
he caught 15 pompano and 25
whiting and on Sunday in the
same spot he caught 12 pom-
pano and 10 whiting. All of the
pompano were over three
During a northeaster, the
Guana Dam area presents fine
fishing, most of the time. Last
week David King and Mike
Morris used live mullet on
Tuesday and Wednesday to
catch seven red bass apiece and
several trout.
Capt. Mike, on another trip
in the feeder creeks with Patty
and Mindy Evans, caught four
flounder, 35 red bass and
dozens of croakers and jacks.
Capt. George Bull on his
"Bionic Bull" fished the creek
emptying into Nassau Sound
and caught 38 red bass and lots
of jacks. George says the lip rip-
per with a live shrimp works
great on the reds.
Capt. George Strate only
managed to get offshore with
the "Mayport Princess" on
Monday. His party came of
with coolers filled with dozens
of beeliners and sea bass and
several eight-pound snapper
and grouper.

Photo submitted
Grant Harris, 10, Marlee Harris, 13, and Grace McKay, 13, all of Jacksonville Beach caught their
limit of lobsters on a two-week trip to Key West last month.

The rough water didn't seem
to bother the Jacksonville
Beach Pier anglers. Kyle Wise
caught a 22-pound kingfish,
David Showaher and Charlie
Schrauger each had a 26-inch
red they could keep. Other
anglers brought flounder, whit-
ing, drum and reds over the
rails consistently all last week.
Al Wiltshire, Steve Barber and
Derrick Kirby fished the river

just north of the Buckman
Bridge last Sunday on the
"Sharkey's Den II." They caught
their limit of yellowmouth
trout and several big croakers.
Jetty guide Fred Morrow and
his guests Charles Zomes and
Tri Vu caught a mixed bag of
fish last Friday in the river near
the Carrier Basin. They filled
their cooler with bluefish, sea
bass whiting, jacks, mangrove

snapper, angelfish and two reds
at 30 and 32 inches.
It's time to mark your calen-
dar for this year's American
Legion Post 129 Croaker
Tournament. This year's event
will be held on November 3rd
and 4th with the annual fish
fry following. The Captain's
meeting will be on the evening
of November 2nd.
Good Fishin'.

ITids ThisWeek

Charlie Schrauger caught this 26-inch red
Beach Pier last week.

Photo submitted
bass on the Jax

Jacksonville Beach

High Low
9:18 am 3:13 am
9:56 am 3:48 am
10:34 am 4:21 am
11:11 am 4:54 am
11:49 am 5:28 am
12:00 am 6:06 am
12:42 am 6:50 am

9:32 pm
10:08 pm
11:21 pm
12:30 pm

3:35 pm
4:15 pm
4:54 pm
5:34 pm
7:03 pm
7:56 pm

Pablo Creek Entrance

Day High
Wed 10:28 am
Thu 11:04am
Fri 11:40 am
Sat 12:14pm
Sun 12:25 am
Mon 1:04am
Tue 1:46 am

3:58 am
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6:03 am
6:40 am
7:25 am

10:39 pm
12:51 pm,
1:31 pm
2:16 pm

4:20 pm
4:59 pm
5:37 pm
6:17 pm
7:00 pm
7:49 pm
8:43 pm

9:59 am
10:35 am
11:11 am'
11:45 am
12:22 pm
12:35 am

12:08 pm
12:22 am
12:58 am
1:34 am
2:11 am
2:50 am
3:32 am

Low High
3:25 am 10:10pm
3:58 am 10:45 pm
4:29 am 11:20pm
4:58 am 11:56pm
5:30 am None
6:07 am 1:02 pm'
6:52 am 1:47 pm

Palm Valley
Low High
S5:29 am None
6:04 am 12:46 pm
6:37 am 1:24pm
7:10am 2:01 pm
7:44 am 2:39 pm
8:22am 3:20pm
9:06 am 4:06 pm

3:47 pm
4:26 pm
5:04 pm
5:44 pm
6:27 pm
8:10 pm

5:51 pm
6:31 pm
7:50 pm
8:32 pm
9:19 pm

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ROOMS extra Large Vine-Ripe
Baby Portabella TOMATOES

00 990
8 oz 9 ib


We honor Visa, American
Express, Master Card, and
Discover at both stores.

1618 Penman Road
Jacksonville Beach

2198 Mayport Road
Atlantic Beach

-----s ?-i~,~-rr;rrrr~;-si:;\; rrr~uarr* A~)1\

September 12, 2007

Tiie Beaihes Le'ader/Plitie Vedra Leader

Pae 2B


September 12, 2007

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader


Titans have Jaguars number

once again

A nd they wonder why
they have to beg fans to
buy tickets.
Well, this was one Jaguars
"exhibition" in which the
front office can't blame the
fans, many of whom stayed in
the blistering heat almost to
the bitter end Sunday. Nor can
it blame this one on Byron
Leftwich. His fingerprints
might still be on the corpse,
but the great one was missing
from the scene, much, proba-
bly, to his laughing joy.
Anything can happen when
the Tennessee Titans come to
town, but nobody suspected
that while the Titans were set-
tling down here the Jaguars
were taking a rest.
Sunday's 13-10 defeat does-
n't tell half the story. The
Jaguars weren't just beaten by
their arch foes (the enemy
Jacksonville loves to hate),
they were humiliated.
"I still think we have a very
good team," coach Jack Del
Rio told the fed-up media in
their usual autopsy gathering
afterward, while the bodies
were still warm. Nobody
argued that point.
The Jaguars just haven't
found a team bad enough (reg-
ular season) they can beat with
the kind of effort they put
forth this week.
Why is it when the
Tennessee team comes to our
lovely city, somebody is always
Who gets the blame for
Sunday's disgrace? The
defense? The offense? Neither
played up to capabilities.

the field in their birthday
If the players looked like
they weren't "up" for the
h game, who can they get "up"
: for? It has to be Tennessee,
:; *. there's a history with the
-. Titans.
Something that befuddled
S-. the Jaguars defense was
Tennessee's color scheme.
Their Brown and White ran
through Jack's Maginot line
,'..' like the Germans did in 1940.
.. Chris Brown was good for
REX EDMIONDSON 175 yards by himself. LenDale
PRESS BOX White added 66 yards in their
happy exhibition.
David Garrard (17-for-30,
204 yards, one TD) out-pitched
Seemed as though the Titans Vince Young (11-of-18. 178
went through the Jaguars line yards) but to what advantage?
like it was a revolving door. The Titan infantry was rolling
Jacksonville's defense spent and nothing could stop it.
much of the humid afternoon Garrard's much-heralded
curling up like boarding house maiden voyage as number one
wallpaper, on the depth chart wasn't bad,
Makes us think Mr. Weaver it just wasn't good enough.
made a mistake when he cov- When the defense lets a QB
ered up some sections of seats down, what can he do?
in Jacksonville Municipal Even the field goal weapon
Stadium. He should have left went kaput. Josh Scobee '
the seats open and covered up injured himself in warm-ups
the team. and was good only for a 22-
Next time the Titans come yarder. When Jacksonville is
to town, the Jags' front office without its field goal kicker, it
should forget hustling tickets. might as well surrender. The
This was a game that should Titan defense saw to that.
have been blacked out. The They say the Titans seem to
outside world shouldn't have anticipate the Jaguars offense;
to witness the Jaguars as they one might suspect they had
appeared Sunday. seen them play before.
Del Rio dressed his team out One bright spot was the fine
in all white, but black and catch made by rookie John
blue would have been more to Broussard in the opening
the point. The. performance moments for a short-lived.7-0
couldn't have been more Jacksonville lead. At the time,
shocking if players had taken nobody suspected it would be

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young (10) scrambles away from Jaguars defensive lineman
Marcus Stroud during Sunday's game. Young, who rushed 11 times, for 22 yards and a TD, helped
lead the Titans to a 13-10 victory in the season-opener for both teams.

the only Jaguars touchdown of
the afternoon.
Tennessee dominated the
day from tip to toe. The
Jaguars might just as well have
gone to the beach for a swim.
This is most unusual for the
Teal and Black. Most often,
they wait for the end of the
season to utterly collapse.
Can Del Rio and the new
coaching staff patch up this
baby enough to beat next

3gm mIEF

Babe Ruth Baseball
The Jacksonville Beach Babe
Ruth baseball league will con-
duct fall registration over the
next two weekends at
Seabreeze Elementary School
in Jax Beach. Times are 10
a.m until 2 p.m. on Saturdays
and 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on
Registration is for players 13
to 18 years old and fee is
$100. For more information
contact Ira Herb at 534-5729.
--.- --- Bootcamp Class
: A-professional. fitness ..
instructor.will motivate, chal-
lenge and help those seeking a
fun, intense, full-body work-
First session is free of charge
at Superior Image Personal
Fitness, 1100 Shetter Ave.,
Jacksonville Beach.
For more information,
phone 891-3631 and ask for
Youth bowling, sanctioned
by the United States Bowling
Congress, is taking place
Saturday at Beach Bowl. The
league began Sept. 8 and will
end in May 2008.
Fee is $30 per bowler and
includes a league shirt. Cost of
bowling is $8.50 per week of
the 34-week season.
League age groups include
Bumper Buddies (ages 4 to 7),
Breakers (ages 7 to 12), and
Surf-Teens, ages 13 to 20.
For more information
phone 249-3600 and ask
about youth bowling.

The next Xtreme Redfish
Tournament will take place
Sept. 15 at the Joe Carlucci
boat ramp. A captain's meet-
ing is scheduled for Friday,
Sept. 14 at Billy's Boathouse
Grill at 7 p.m.
For more information con-
tact George at (904) 514-4829.

Fitness Camps
Registration is now open for
Beach Girls Fitness, an out-
door fitness program for
womerf of all fitness levels.
The fitness camps involve
total body workouts designed
Sto help women lose weight,
gain energy, gain self esteem
and feel great.
Camps take place Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 5:45
a.m., 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. at
various locations.
For more information
phone Pushpa Duncklee at
403-9568 or visit and register
online at

Where: Ponte Vedra Golf &
Country Club
Event: 1 ball on 'odd holes,
2 balls on even holes
Date: Held Sept. 5
Winners: Anita Komnick,
Ellie Kerosky, Mavis Corser,
Dottie Vordermark
#2: Marilyn Ginsburg,
Jeanne Siegfried, Debbie

Fletcher High swimmer Dom Pereira leaves the starting blocks in the boys 200-yard freestyle race
at the Bulldog Invitational Swim Meet last Saturday at Bolles. Pereira and several of his Senators
teammates participated in the event.

McWade, Jtilia Galac
#3: Olivia Kimball, Lisa
Berlin, Suzanne Fitzgerald,
Faye Barkan
#4: Pat Milton, Marilyn
Marshall, Barbara White,
Helen Keeler

Jaguars Tickets
Jacksonville Jaguars single
game tickets are now on sale.
The tickets can be purchased
three different ways: By log-
ging on to jaguars.com 24
hours a day, by phoning 633-
2000 or 1-877-4-JAGS-TIX
(press 3), or at the Jacksonville
Municipal Stadium ticket
office located in the north end
of the stadium. The office is
open Monday to Friday from 9
a.m. until 5 p.m.
Single game ticket prices are
as follows: $42, $52, $57, $70
and $95 for general bowl
seats. Crown Royal
Touchdown Club seats are
available upon request.
The Jaguars home schedule
is as follows:

Sept. 16 vs. Atlanta, 1 p.m.
Oct. 14 vs. Houston, 1 p.m.
Oct. 22 vs. Colts, 8:30 p.m.
Nov. 18 vs. San Diego, 1 p.m.
Nov. 25 vs. Buffalo, 1 p.m.
Dec. 9 vs. Carolina, 1 p.m.
Dec. 23 vs. Oakland, 1 p.m.

Jaguars season tickets and
four-game mini-packs, featur-
ing the Monday night
matchup against the defend-
ing Super Bowl champion
Indianapolis Colts, are also
still available.
For more information, fans
can visit jaguars.com or phone
633-2000 (press 2).

Beaches plates classes are
held at Hollie's Dancin' Dream
Studio. Classes are Tuesday to
Thursday from 9:15 a.m. until

10:15 a.m.
For more information visit
beachespilates.com or phone

Jacksonville Juniors
Volleyball Association is hold-
ing a fall volleyball league for
kids ages 10-12 (in fourth
through sixth grades) from
5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. Sept.
10, 12, 17, 19, 24 and 26.
League for kids 13-17 will
take place from 7 p.m. until 9

p.m. on the same nights.
Cost is $99 per session, with
three sessions slated for Sept.
10, Oct. 1 and Oct. 22. Each
session has six practices.
For more information visit
jjva.com or phone 625-2511.

If you would like your
announcement listed in the
Sports Brief section, please
e-mail pertinent information
to: ,

Sunday's opponent, the
Atlanta Falcons? If they can't,
it's going to be another long
season for Jaguars fans.

Somehow we can't help
,thinking we've seen these
games before. Is this a late
summer rerun?

Cotd Kyrd PA.:

"Serving tim Beaches"


Our Selection
ica nter acesis Growing
_ Medical Center Beaches
We've built an award-
Wotk is^,.your winning website.
Wok i ntryour Have you seen it?
Commum ynit.
-Stop in today and
Sa visit these fine
E0! a participants
Sfpp S esat 4: while there!

Depend On Us
P6iy FPiue Stop For Life.

MOn 16-7TIM-ST
i -Medicaal Center

-< You're Invited To Our

Pi'nual Health & Wellness Fair! I

Avante at Jacksonville Beach i

SPlease Join Us,
Thursday, September 13,2007 10:00 am 2:00 pm
FREE Food Live Entertainment, Vendor Booths include:
Free blood pressure checks, Glucose testing, Vision exams, and more!
"committed to excellence" -
SU A i T Y i The American
S. Heart Association.
S' The Jax Beach
Fire Department will
'..be there too.

SDisplays, Brochures,
'A r st. south Promotional Items &\

r All afternoon

obu Dr. 1504 Seabreeze Ave., Jacksonville Beach
(2 blocks southwest of Baptist Medical Center-Beaches)
Am g91IgMI OEM Is fm 0 4

*Page 3B

Acceptac YOUR CAR
Cars Trucks *,Motorcycles
cwtpet kis Boats
9_04-771 -0402
I r-IIIaNTm ill.I .^T;L r B7 I



The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

Week 2 high school football action

jb '--s:


jr~l -a





Clockwise from top left: Fletcher High running back
Deschion Baskervillo,(5) picks up yardage against
Paxonmas theSenators rolled to. a 48-7,victry. i .
Nease High quarterback Ted Stachitas carries a Martin
County defender into the end zone as he scores on an
8-yard run in the Panthers' 35-0 win.
Panthers receiver Mylen Wright lays out but can't quite
catch the ball on a long pass attempt in the first quarter
of last Friday's game at Martin County.
Fletcher defensive back Jake Giusti wraps up Eagles
receiver Tyree Myers (5), who didn't catch the ball, near
the Paxon sideline.

.Football Contest
The Beaches Leader
Ponte Vedra Leader
Top picker will
be featured the
following week CIRCLE THE WINNERS
.i:; 1. New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Entry 2. San Diego at New England
Go online:' to 3. Dallas at Miami
www.beachesleader.com or 4. N.Y. Jets at Baltimore
www.pontevedraleader.com 5. San Francisco at St. Louis
to enter clip this out and
return to Leader office at
1114 Beach Blvd. COLLEGE GAMES:
Original form or hard copy C EGE G
only. No mechanical repro- 1. Tennessee at Florida
ductions accepted. 2. Florida State at Colorado
Deadline: 5 p.m. on Friday
3. Georgia Tech at Boston College
Rules: 4. Notre Dame at Michigan
Employeesand their fami- 5. Southern Cal at Nebraska
Employees and their fami-
lies are not eligible to play.
Judges' decision is final..

Tie Breaker: Atlanta at Jacksonville (total pts.)
(total points, ned in Jags game will be used to decide ties.)






a lkmv u ar'i--^i ^wS\ rlrnr Su '"nsii

Find ita
Imain theoa 5313 5n

u Classifieds mia ma o
ama 10man

Hitu 1M- ---- ~110____[T~iX

ind the


WaJD |Imm


w"I mom
.__ ra, i nimruNnl

=I --e=I
Imp a au uNm

Stop Smoking in One Hour
Medical Hypnosis '
Makes it Easy ,

1205 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville Beach
Florida 32250 Dr. Mary Rellahan-
(904) 235-8032 (866) 770-6321

Join Us for a avng
Book Signing
299 Atlantic Bivd. Elizabeth
Atlantic each
One block from ocean Edwards (Broadway Books)
-Z6(Bradway Book)
"Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength
from Friends and Strangers"
Tuesday, September 18, 8 10 pm
Buy your book now and get your ticket for your
place in line for tie booksigning!
For additional information, call 241.9026
Your Independent Bookstore by the Sea



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~dEBe7 .



- -

September 12, 2007

Page 4B

. ,-^:m


eS ptember 12 2007

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

S_ -r. ..... ...

S... .: .. ..- .. .. ...

Page 5B

Art Festival Ponte Vedra
Beach will host 100 artists for
the 14th annual Sawgrass
Village Art Festival Sept. 29
and 30 at Sawgrass Village.
"The Second Glance," above,
which features the reflection of
Sawgrass in the water, is by
Amy Stump, a forensics artist
for the Clay County Sheriff's
Office, who will be this year's
featured artist at the outdoor


Wednesday, Sept. 12
Newcomers of Beaches:
Newcomers of the Beaches, an
organization for women who
are new to the area, holds its first
monthly luncheon of the season
at 11 a.m. at the Casa Marina
Hotel, 691 1st St. N.,
Jacksonville Beach. The price for
luncheon. is $20. Call Bonnie
Lynch at 821-9002 for informa-

Petit Salon: Le Petit Salon des
Huit Chapeaux et Quarante
Femmes 892 meets at 7:30 p.m.
at DeWitt B. Tilden American
Legion Post 316, 1127 Atlantic
Blvd., Atlantic Beach.
Department Grand Chapeau
Lois McFall will preside over
installation of officers. Partners
are requested to wear the formal
meeting colors. For information,
call 242-0042 or 241-8271.

VFW Auxiliary: The Ladies
Auxiliary of Greater Beaches
Veterans of Foreign Wars 3270
meets at 7 p.m. at 915 8th Ave.
S., Jacksonville Beach. Members
are encouraged to bring a guest.
For information, call 249-7366.

Thursday, Sept. 13
Historic Meeting: The
Annual Meeting of the Beach.-s
Area Historical Society will take
place at the Beaches Museum &
History Center. Members, as
well as the general public, are
invited to attend the free event
that will begin with a reception
at 6:30 pm, followed by the
meeting at 7 p.m., and end with
a lecture and exhibit review by
Theodore Morris, whose paint-
ings, The Lost Tribes, will be on
exhibit through October 28.

Fleet Landing: Fleet Landing,
One Fleet Landing Blvd.,
Atlantic Beach, will host a wine
and cheese tasting and preview
of its new model home in The
Palms. The event, which is free
and open to all, will be held
from 5:30-7:30 p.m. No reserva-
tions are needed. Highlights
include a dessert tent featuring
bananas foster and tours of the
model home For information,
visit www.fleetlanding.com.

Fletcher Advisory
Committee: The Fletcher High
School Advisory Committee
meets at 7 p.m. in the school's
administrative conference

Kiwanis Club: Kiwanis Club
of Jacksonville Beaches meets at
12 p.m. at Selva Marina Country
Club. The speaker will be club
president Ed Robinson, who will
talk about "Life in the Secret
Service." The cost for non-mem-
bers is $15. For information, call
Robinson at 610-3740 or visit

Puppet Shows: Seaside
Playgarden puppet shows are
held at 4 p.m. the first Thursday
of each month at the Seaside
Playgarden, a Waldorf Initiative,
223 8th Ave. S., Jacksonville
Beach. The puppet shows,
appropriate for children ages 2-
9, are free to the public. For
information call 247-1314.

Republican Club of Beaches:
The Republican Club of the
Beaches meets the second
Thursday of each month at the
Adele Grage Cultural Center,
716 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach.
For information or membership,
call Scott Chestnut at 536-7671.

Friday, Sept. 14
Ulrich at Wyndham:
Admiral Harry 'Ultich,
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces
Europe, and Commander, Allied
Joint Force Command, will be
feted by the Mayport Navy
League Council at a luncheon at
the Wyndham Hotel. For infor-
mation, call Rick Hoffman at

The Beaches Leader!

Ponte Vedra Leader




THURS., 11 A.M.
$7.40 First 10 Words
470 each add'l word

$8.40 First 10 Words
470 each add'l word

Hours: Mon. Thurs.
8:00am 6:00pm
Fri. 8:00am 5:00pm
1114 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32250

Real Estate Rentals
100 Real Estate 200 Rental
110 Lots/Land for Sale 215 Home for Rent
120 Homes for Sale 225 Wanted to Rent
125 Real Estate 230 Condo for Rent
Wanted 240 M.H. for Rent
130 Condos for Sale 260 Vacation Rental
140 Mortgages 270 Rental to Share
150 Mobile Homes 275 Room for Rent
for Sale 280 Office Space
180 Comm. Property 285 Comm. Rental
185 Industrial/

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460 Weddings
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530 Bus. Opportunity
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678 Tile
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Health Services
700 Massage Therapy
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730 Caregivers
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Garage Sales
840 Garage Sales
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858 West Beaches
859 Jacksonville
860 Flea Market
,862 Estate Sales
905 Auto Rental
915 Boats
930 Motorcycles
950 Campers/RV's
970 TrucksNans
980 Automobiles

EXCLUSIVE ESTATES Very rare estates
being offered for 1st time: Unique waterfall
estate. 120 acre gentleman's farm. View
@ www.troutstreamestates.com.

MTN LAND bargains, large trout stream
properties w/ nat'l forest frontage. Go to:

. BEAUTIFUL.N,.Qarplina. Escape to.beau- ,
tiful western NC mountains. Free color
' brochure & Infoinatlio.' Mountain PiOper-",
ties with Spectacular views, Homes, Cab-
ins, Creeks, & Investment acreage. Cher-
okee Mountain GMAC Real Estate chero-
keemouhtainrealty.com. Call for free bro-
chure (800)841-5868.

A MTN BARGAIN! 11+ AC- $159,90
Wooded, rolling hills surrounded by Na
Forest. Enjoy 4 season outdoor recrea
tionl Fully buildable. Close to cultural a
tractions. A wilderness lover's paradise
Call (877)777-4837.


GORGEOUS N.C. Mountain homesites
3-7 Acres from just $79,900 minutes to
Asheville N.C. Enjoy sweeping mountain
views, A mile of river frontage and walking
trails. Amenities include gated entrance,
community lodge & Riverside BBQ area.
Excellent financing available. Grand
Opening Saturday, October 13th Call To-
day! (877)890-5253 X 2987.

LAKE PROPERTIES from the $30s. One
to four acre homesites in a gated com-
munity in eastern Alabama. Wooded, wa-
terfront & water access sites. Owner's
clubhouse, nature trails and private &
community boat slips., Buy now, build
when you're ready. Call owner: (866)339-




rrr* -

OUTSTANDING MTN views trophy trout
stream 6.5 AC $119,000. Secluded VA
mtn acreage, private access to Jefferson
Nat'l Forest, buildable terrain. Asphalt rds
w/ electric & phone, EZ terms. Call owner
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA house for sale or
trade for Jacksonville house, ICW or
Beach. 3BR/1.5BA vl/1 car garage in East
Oceanview. 1 1/2 blocks to Chesapeake
Bay beach, NEAR BASES. Sparkles like
new w/newly remodeled bathrooms, fresh-
ly painted, new windows, new ceramic tile
and new carpet throughout, WDHU,
CH&A! Easy living and easy mainte-
nance. Great investment, will rent for
$1200/mo. Call Mary Ann (904)235-2929.
ARIZONA LAND Liquidation! Near Tuc-
son, Football Field Sized Lots. $0
Down/$0 Interest, $1.59/Month ($18,995
total). Free information. Money Back
Guarantee! (800)682-6103 Op#10.
VIRGINIA MOUNTAINS my dream rustic
2- story log cabin on 13 acres with barn,
pastures, woods, creek, adjoins Jefferson
National Forest with miles and miles of
trails, have to sell $389,500 owner
DIRECT PRIVATE Access to Jefferson
Nat'l Forest. One of a kind land offering
mix of hardwood forest & pristine pasture.
Incredible mtn views. Only $119,000.

1ST TIME offered, Colorade Mountain
ranch. 35 acres- $39,900. Priced for quick
sale. Overlooking a majestic lake, beauti-
fully treed,360 degree mountain views, ad-
jacent to national forest. EZ terms.
September 15. 20 acres only $29,900.
Save $10,000. Plus, no closing costs.
Subdivision potential! Big mountain acre-
age, spectacular views. 1 mile to Nicklaus
designed golf course. Near Tennessee
River & recreation lake. Excellent financ-
ing. Call now (866)999-2290, x1426.

ALL REAL Estate advertised herein is
subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act,
which makesit illegal to advertise any
preference, limitation, or discrimination
based on race, color, religion, sex,
handicap, familial status or national ori-
gin, or the intention to make any such
preference, Imitation or discrimination.
The Leader Group will not knowingly ac-
cept any advertising for real estate
which is in violation of the law. All per-
sons are hereby informed that all dwell-
ings advertised are available on an
equal opportunity basis.
If you believe that you may have been
discriminated against in connection with
the sale, rental or financing of housing,
call the United States Department of
Housing and Urban Development -HUD-
1(800)669-9777, or for the hearing im-
paired 1(800)927-9275.

sites $59,900 Grand Opening Sale, Sep-
tember 15th & 16th. Gated community,.
underground utilities 1,100 acres open
space, spectacular mountain views. Great
primary/ secondary home. Recreation ga-
lore! Call today for appointment! (866)696-
5263 x2563.
A colle,:i..:,r, ,I lake mountain go llLeacr.
.frontEt.ir reiireieni propenies1 ()p ale o,.
leading (,.firms

A MOUNTAIN Retreat! 3 BR home/ 15
acres. Enjoy great mtn views, privacy, &
your own trophy trout stream Backs up to.
Jefferson Nat'l Forest. State road frontage
A perfect getaway! $294,900. Call now

MOVE TO the Smoky Mountains 3/4-3
acre tracts starting at $79,900. 15 min
from Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg. Low taxes.
Low crime. Majestic Mountain Views
(888)215-5611 x101 www.mountain-

LIMITED TIME offer 100% financing gated
lakefront community of the NC Blue Ridge
Mtns. 90 miles of Shoreline start $99,000.
Call Now (800)709-LAKE.
AFFORDABLE LAKE Properties on pris-
tine 34,000 acre Norris Lake Over 800
miles of wooded shoreline Four Seasons-
Call (888)291-5253 Or visit Lakeside Re-
alty www.lakesiderealty-tn.com.
VACANT WOODED lot, intracoastal west,
100' x 125'. $95,000. Call 223-3323, seri-
ous inquires.
818 LINCOLN Court, Jax Beach, FL
(Between 9th Street & 8th Street South).
120x60, excellent for a duplex. Call

VILANO BEACH Lots- $229,900. Walk to
ocean and boat ramp. High & dry. For
details: Robert Upchurch, 238-1808. The
Real Estate Resource.

Vista Del Mar Condo at Jax Bch. 1/1, new
appliances, W/D, pool. $298K. Ph.
(904)282-1131, c. 868-6338.


1 Loses
6 Cleansing
11 Hoover,
for one
14 Musical
15 Musical
16 Popular
resort, for
17 Realistic
19 Harem room
20 20th-century
21 Burl
22 Take place
24 Give con-
fidence to
26 Word with
Age or
28 Action
30 In the best
way possible
.33 Toyland
36 Unreasonably
38 Eggs ..
39 Casa

40 Of a par-
41 Mix
42 Late
43 Home for
42 Across
44 Garden
45 Mustang
Ranch in
for one
47 LQulen
?; Who
49 Like a
51 Annoy
55 Terrain
57 Bad day
for Julius
59 Beverage
60 Ending for
baby or
61 Threatened
with a
64 Oklahoma

Wono-ri-wood area 6BRM 5BA on
acres,,includes garage apartment wiln
1BR/1BA & kitchenette, boat lift, 2-docks,
pool, $1,500,000: Call 545-4002.
4BR/2.5BA, quiet cul-de-sac, 2500+sf.
Fully remodeled. $389,000 will co-op.
2441 Oak Forest Drive. (904)887-4045.
NEPTUNE, EAST of A1A, 3BR/2BA, ga-
rage. 233 Pine St. $589,000. 249-7946,
Beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach home, 2/2,
garage, fireplace, new wood, tile, carpet,
private fenced backyard, A+ schools, walk
to beach. $1250/mo. Call 543-1380.
Just 4 blocks to the beach, this 3/2.5
boasts an open floor plan with bamboo,
travertine and tile throughout. The private,
professionally land/night escaped backyard
provides a relaxing backdrop for the
screened-in porch with hot tub.. Stainless'
appliances throughout kitchen- all stay.
Designer lighting and fixtures compliment
this well-maintained 1800sf. treasure.
436 9th Avenue South, $399,900. Real-
tors welcome. MLS#362681. Call for an
appointment (904)535-8812.

4BR/2BA, PONTE Vedra home for sale,
lease or lease purchase. $319,000. Jac-
queline Byram/Realtor, Ponte Vedra
Beach Realty, 111-C Solana Road.
POOL HOME, 4/2 Built in '99, 2400sf, In-
tercoastal West, $358K co-op. Call

2BR/2BA, garage, wall unit, 1250sf,

ATLANTIC BCH like new luxury pool
home. 4BR/3BA, 3000sf, listen to the
ocean and walk to the beach from this qui-
et neighborhood. Will consider lease/
lease purchase or 100% financing. $749K

U -111L

65 Big and
66 Construct
67 Untrust-
worthy one
68 Ornamental
69 Factions
1 Professors'
2 Footless
3 Clark's
4 Harbor
.5 Contemptuous
6 Famous
initial and
last name
7 African lake
8 Go wrong
9 Orderly
10 Red-faced
11 Painter's
12 Classroom
13 Sound of
18 Surpassing
23 Newscaster
25 Eye part

* 27 Knee-ankle
29 Cooks
31 Actress
Kahn's age
at death
32 Scotland
33 Explosive
34 Winglike
35 Like very
red eyes
37 Famous
40 Horse's
41 Warranted
a ticket
43 Heavenly
44 Humiliates
46 Italian
48 "Wanna
make ?"
50 Road sign
52 Measured:
53 Draw out
54 Lets
55 Christian
56 This: Sp.
58 Prohibitionists
62 Actress
63 Assam

FSBO; NB, 3BR/2BA. Lovely beach home.
all wh ei brick Many updales and a3n en.
ties, 2268si MLS#3765C06 $430 000,
1106 Hagler Dr W 241-65,14, 6d5 831
Make Offer!
Townhouse in South Jax. Beach- .6
blocks to the beach, granite tops, stain-
less steel appliances, two car garage.
$349K. John Wolfel, Licensed R/E
Broker. (904)699-8887.
RANCH STYLE brick home 3BR/2BA,
great rm w/ fireplace, dining rm, garage,
enced back yard, $259,999
REDUCED! 860 Begonia St., newer
home. 3BR 2BA. Call listing agent for
more details. Remax Advantage, Lara
Hoffman 465-3140.
house, large fenced yard, stone fireplace,
new carpet. 2153 Featherwood Dr. E.
Owner relocating and must sell. Reduced,
$209,900. (904)280-2728 Iv. msg.
ATLANTIC BCH unique 3/2.5 2500sf
home, L shaped, could be duplexed, large
front and back yard w/ pond + courtyard
and huge shed. $299,000. Owner/ Real-
tor 504-2883.
NEPTUNE BEACH, 3000sqft., 4/2.5, for-
mal living & dining, open floor plan,
screened pool, family neighborhood,
$584,000, 422-0771.

5BR/4.5BA., cul-de-sac, many upgrades.
$599,900. For info or appt. call 280-0594
or www.312eastmillchase.com
4BR/2BA, Old Atlantic Beach, 3 blocks to
ocean. Priced for quick sale per your ap-
praiser. Call Bill (904)318-5174. All offers
location in Neptune Beach, 534 Margaret
Must see in person to appreciate! NO
BUY. Call (904)315-1426 for information.

Irm~* I

0-444% 0 ;01;0;o4BEACH RENTALS %55555 55555511S
SUnfurnished Homes
furnished omes Neptune Marsh NB 3BR/2BA, home has Ocean Links 2BR/2BA, 2nd floor w/fireplace,
T The Plantation PV 3BR/2.5BA, beautiful screened lanai, wood deck, new carpet & screened porch, amenities. $1000/mo.
2 story home, hardwood and tile floors, den/ paint, fenced yard, garage. $1400/mo. las at Marsh Lndig JB 2BR/2BA,
office, balcony. $3000/mo. Cranes Lake PV 2BR/2.5BA, two story d floor, screned porc gar e, amene
* Salt Creek Island PV 4BR/3.5BA, lakefront condo, screened lanai, fireplace, $1100loo
4 spectacular home, water to golf course views, comm. pool. $1100/mo. $1100/mo.
' tropical backyard w/pool & spa. $3000/mo. Intracoastal West Palms at Marsh Landing JB
SCosta Verano -JB 3BR/2.5BA, brand new Bishops Court-Hodges 1BR/1BA, ground Screened porch, tile floors, amenities.
Luxury townhouse, w/ ocean views, attached floor/end unit, water to golf course views, 2BR/2BA, Ground floor. $1100/mo.
' 2 car garage, amenities. $2800/mo. amenities. $850/mo. 2BR/2BA, ground floor w/garage. $1150/mo. I
. Ponte Vedra By Sea PV 4BR/3BA, home Sail Cove Town Center Gate Pkwy 3BR/2BA, 2nd floor, top/end unit. $1300/mo. 1
has living, dining and great room, 3 car Screened porch, amenities. Belleza PV 3BR/2BA, ground floor, recently ,
garage screened porch $2600/mo1BR/1BA. Ground floon $950/mo. remodeled, tile floors, screened porch, amenities.
g e screed poh $0/ o 2BR/2BA, 1st floor w/ private garage. $1295/mo.
Summertield PV 3BR/2BA, spacious $1150/mo. Frie
Some in walking distance to schools & bch, Wolf Creek Hodges Furnished Rentals
Spatio, 2 car garage. $2200/mo. Newer townhouse w/ wooded preserve Sawgrass PV 4BR/4.5BA, 2 story home,
SPonte Vedra Shores Vilano 4BR/4BA, views, amenities, screened porch. screened in pool, golf course views, game room.
Snewer 3 story townhouse, tile floors, attached 2BR/2.5BA. $1100/mo. $3500/mo.
garage, ocean views. $2000/mo. 2BR/2.5BA. End unit. $1150/mo. Ocean Grande SPY 3BR/3BA, 2nd floor
660 Upper 8th Ave. S. JB 3BR/1.5BA, Brightwater Gate Pkwy luxury condo, garage, tile floors, elevators,
two story w/tile floors, carpet, Florida room, 2BR/2.5BA. Remodeled townhouse, garage, screened porch. $3200/mo.
g fenced yard. $1550/mo. screened porch, amenities. $1200/mo.
Sandy Oaks PV 3BR/2BA, home w/wood Unfurnished Condos The Colony PV 2BR/2BA, ground floor condo,
deck, hardwood floors, 2 car garage, The olony PV 2BR/2BA, ground floor, fireplace, garage,eastofAA. $1500/mo.
Cathedral ceilings. $1500/mo. east of AlA, garage, tile floors, new carpet C
Sawgrass PV 3BR/2BA, home interior/ and paint. $900/mo. r REIMAX Coastal Real Estate -
Sexterior recently remodeled, comm. pool, Grand Cay Villas PV 2BR/2BA, third Property Management
fireplace, garage. $1500/mo. floor w/cathedral ceilings, screened porch, (800)299-5616 (904)285-5640
amenities. $925/mo. www.rentthebeaches.com

I GB B ^ ^ V 1' '^ ^ ^ 1 ,r

- -



The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

September 12, 2007


MOVE IN Ready. N. Beach 3/2, 2 car ga- ATLANTIC BEACH,, 1BR/1BA, 1 block to
rage, large fenced yard. $265,000. Call beach, $175,000. Call (904)246-6758.

Lot size, 110x48. Walk to the beach,
needs some upgrading. $359,900.
(904)703 0081
ATLANTIC BEACH, 3BR/1.5BA. Must sell.
$150,000. (904)339-3084.
3BR/2BA, 1 car garage,. New roof, re-
plumbed, light & bright open floor plan.
Corner lot & fenced backyard for more pri-
vacy. Possible lease purchase. $199,999.
First Trust Realty, call June 994-3608.
1703 2nd Ave. N. Was $375,000.
Final $228,500. (904)616-1126.
Saturday & Sunday 9am-lpm, 14542
Island Drive, Jax 32250 ICW water front
FSBO 4BR2.5BA, deep water canal ac-
cess 24/7. Remodeled with new in-ground
pool. 613-4920 or 608-0165.
CUTE LITTLE duplex at 536 Beach Ave.,
AB, asking $549,000., 247-7550, 612-
1 MOTIVATED SELLER! Neptune Beach,
within three blocks of ocean. Over 2000sf.
reduced to $399,000. Call Jackson Lane-
hart c/o Keller Williams Realty, 910-6652.
1856sf., 194ft. deep lot. New paint, tile,
carpet. $239,900 OBO, terms. Independ-
ent Brokers & Asso., Inc. 247-4333.
ABSOLUTELY LAST price reduction in
new home. 2 story contemporary,
3BR/2.5BA, 2 car garage, hardwood
floors, all stainless appliances, custom
cabinets, granite counter tops; jacuzzi tub
in master, walk in shower. All baths have
granite vanity tops. Nothing comparable at
this price anywhere at the Beaches.
$359,900, 1140 20th St N., Jax Beach.
Call builder/ owner, 568-9210.

MUST SELL Oceanfront- Newer custom
built 5/4.5 on ocean, 4725sf, office, tile,
wood floors, pool and spa, screened lanai,
hot tub, and private beach. $2.5M.
Reduced in Ponte Vedra- Custom con-
crete block, lakefront 4/3 on culdesac,
2824sf, chef's kitchen, built-ins, lanai,
screened porch, 2.5 car courtyard garage.
Below Builder Cost in Queens Harbour
New 3/2.5 end unit luxury townhome, tile
floors, courtyard, chef's kitchen, balcony,
views, 3 car garage. $625K. Lease pur-
chase or rent $3000/mo.
Must Sell in Jax Beach- 4/2.5 w/loft in
Ocean Cay. New carpet, paint, tile floors,
screened lanai, lots of storage, comm.
pool, walk to ocean!. $480K.
Cool Pool- Hot Price- Lakefront 4/2 with
screened pool, upgraded tile floors, cov-
ered lanai, open kitchen, fireplace, breath-
taking water views. $329K..
Exceptional in Egrets Glade- Brickfront
3/2 on culdesac, open great room, fire-
place, tile and wood floors,, new carpet,
fenced yard, covered patio, shed. $215K.
Lakefront PVB Condo- Enjoy peaceful
lake views or relax in front of the fireplace
in your spacious 2/2.5 condo w/screened
porch in beautiful Ponte Vedral $209K
or for rent for $1100/mo.
Adorable and Affordable- 3/2 on fenced
lot in Bentwater Place. Immaculate and
move-in ready, new carpet/paint, new vi-
nyl, all appliances, sprinkler/security.
New Price in Ponte Vedra-.Updated 2/2
lakefront condo in Ponte Vedra Beach is
perfect for an easy and fun lifestyle Enjoy
walks to shops, TPC and beach! $169K.
Phyllis Staines, Realtor
RE/MAX Coastal Real Estate
BEAUTIFUL 4BR/2BA home located in
Jacksonville Beach. Newly remodeled
kitchen and hardwood floors throughout
the house. Open and spacious floor plah.
.Large yard lots of trees and a pooll FOR
"SALE BY OWNER Call (904)315-1426
f-.r rrmor nirrnmailon
house, two car garage in THE WOODS
Subdivision. $259K. John Wolfel,
Licensed R/E Broker. (904)699-8887.
Home. Player's Club section, back yard
fronts on beautiful lagoon, 2 min walk to
large park, community pool, quiet and safe
neighborhood, 2BR/2BA, 1700sf., no ga-
rage, excellent condition. Price Reduced
to $259,500! (904)571-3877.
OWNER FINANCING- Lease/ Purchase.
Neptune Beach, 4BR/3.5BA, pool, 3000sf.
$499,900. (904)307-9107.

One block to ocean in South Jax
Beach. NEW 2/2. Open, Bright, Granite,
Stainless, Tile floors. Many upgrades.
Priced below purchase. $349,000. 2%
co-op. (904)241-5564.
PONTE VEDRA great view 3/2 condo,
plantation shutters, fireplace, new stain-
less steel appliances. Tenant in place until
May. $239,000. 904-280-5170 or 616-
PVB, OCEAN Grove, 1BR/1BA, full amen-
ities, beach access. Financing available.
$134,900. 226-3968.
2BR/2BA w/bonus room, new carpet,
CH&A, fenced yard. Near ocean and Han-
na Park. 1158 Songbird Lane. $114,900.
280-2728, excellent rental history Iv. msg.,
w/boatslip. Darien, GA, 1 hour from Jack-
sonville. $299,000. McGuire Mortgage.

'Free 2nd opinions Call Steve McGuire

2/1 S/W, WDHU, stove, refrig., #96 in Ad-
miral's Walk; $12,000 cash OBO. 242-
9404 (0) or 483-1725 (C).
3/2 S/W, stove, refrig. D/W, WDHU. Fresh
paint, new carpet. Lease to own, $1000
down, $495/mo. +lot. Own it in five years,
242-9404 (0) or 483-1725 (C). #99 Admi-
ral's Walk.
PALM HARBOR homes factory liquidation
sale. Modulars, mobile, & stilt homes. 0%
down when you own your land. Call for
free color brochures (800)622-2832.

1500SQFT, D/W, 3/2, LR, DR, FR.
UT/room. Newly renovated. A beautiful
home in a quiet beaches park. For less
than $30,000, #140 in Admiral's Walk.
242-9404 (0) or 483-1725 (C).

DUPLEX- HISTORIC Springfield, 1416
Pearl St., upper unit. Large 2BR, hard-
wood floors, country kitchen, pantry.
$650/mo. +deposit..No pets. 223-5211,
PONTE VEDRA- 3BR/2BA condo w/club
pool & morel $1150/mo.. All South Realty,
Townhouse, short-term, month to month.
2BR/1.5BA, clean, clean, clean. Steps
to Town Center, WDHU. $850/mo..
91 STANLEY Rd. #1 (off Mayport Rd).
2BR/1BA. $650/mo. $600 deposit re-
quired. 338-5924.
1 BLOCK to ocean, CH&A, huge remod-
eled 2BR; no large dogs, $925/mo.
LARGE 1 bedroom. Excellent location. 2
blocks to ocean. Very clean. No Pets.
$675/mo. 642-1214 and 241-1219.
NORTH JAX Beach. efficiency $515/mo.,
1BR $615/mo., 1 block to Ocean. Pool. No
pets. (904)249-5368.
WALK TO beach, 208-214 10th Ave. No.,
2BR, $800/mo;1BR, $575/mo; laundry
room in building. Credit check. No pets.
BIKE TO THE BEACH 2/2.loft town-
house in Ponte Vedra. $1150/mo. Call for
info. 928-1494 or 349-1383.
N. JAX Beach- Charming 2BR/1BA, just
steps to ocean! Sunroom, wood floors,
WDHUI $1200/mo.. All South Realty,

Beautiful Atl Bch. newly renov. 2BR/2BA
condo. Screen porch, W/D. $1200/mo. In-
cludes water, sewer, cable. Great pool &
tennis court. Avail immediately. Call Sus-
an (904)249-7548
2BR/1.5BA TOWNHOME, 2 blocks to
ocean, all new stainless steel appliances,
granite counter tops $1375/mo., Call
476-5945 or 613-7431.

1BR w/great ocean views, tile floors
throughout, washer & dryer, walk-in clos-
et, balcony, assigned parking. $925/mo.
160 Seventh Avenue North. 993-2555

JAX BEACH 2BR/1.5BA, 900sf., W/D,
CH&A. $900/mo + $900 deposit, 1 yr.
lease, no pets. 210/ 222 17th Ave. No.
Call 221-6816.
2BR/2BA TOWNHOME bonus room,
CH&A, located in Mayport Landing, near
ocean and Hanna Park, $750/mo, $700
deposit, 280-2728 Iv message.
PONTE VEDRA, 2BR/2BA condo, East of
A1A! $950/mo. All South Realty,
NEPTUNE BCH, very sleek 2BR 2BA
townhouse. 2 blocks to ocean. 1200sf,
frplc., all amenities, $1200/mo. plus 1 mo.
sec. No pets. 246-8267.

Efficiency, $650/mo. 1BR/1BA, $750/mo. 1-1/2 BLOCKS to Ocean, st Ave.
water included. 241-9822. South, 1BR/1BA. $600/mo. and $650/mo

JAX BEACH, 1 block to ocean,
3BR/1.5BA townhome, CH&A, patio &
deck, $1350/mo, $1000 deposit. Available
October, 520 So. 2nd St., 280-2728 leave
2BR 1BA townhouse,apt. Oceanview at
foot of beach access, all amenities.
$1325/mo. 3624 Ocean Dr. S., Jax Bch.
Call 241-5816.
2BR/2BA TOWNHOME bonus room,
CH&A, located in Mayport Landing,
fenced back yard, near ocean and Hanna
Park, 1278 Wonderwood Dr., $765/mo,
$700 deposit, 280-2728 leave message.
JAX BEACH, 2BR/1.5BA, new carpet,
new tile, good neighborhood. $900/mo.
+security deposit. 246-8532, 249-0119,
LARGE EFFICIENCY Apartment, excel-
lent location, 2 blocks to Ocean, very
clean. No pets. $575/mo. 642-1214 or
~~ -* *
2 large bedrooms, 1.5 baths, including re-
frigerator w/icemaker, dishwasher, washer
& dryer, separate dining area, fireplace in
living room, newly carpeted (sorry NO
DOGS), fresh and clean, includes pool,
security system, plus additional outside
locked storage facility. $795/mo., one year
lease, deposit and references required.
Call Evenings 285-8325 or Cell 403-9297.

BEACH RENTAL- Available Nov 1.
1BR/1BA, located at 35 29th Ave. South.
$750/mo. +$750/deposit. No smoking.
Call Sam at 249-3403.
2BR/ 1BA upstairs duplex unit. Outside
laundry room, hardwood floors throughout.
217 12th Ave. N., Jax Bch: $900/mo.

Townhouse, steps to Town Center, clean
and move in ready, balcony, 2BR, WDHU,
oreat Darkino. $985/mo. 280-2805.

NEPTUNE BCH, Lora St., East of A1A,
2BR 1BA, WDHU & storage, beachy w/
hardwood floors, new HVAC, $1000/mo.
plus util., lyr lease, dep. & credit check.
Call Rick 891-2345.
2BR/2BA condo w/club pool, just stepsto
beach! $1100/mo. All South Realty,
JAX BEACH, 2BR/1BA, 4 blocks ocean.
CH&A, painted, new carpet. No pets.
JAX BEACH, 1/1 upper, 1 block beach,
$795/mo +$500 deposit water included;
military/ senior discount. Small pets OK.
1718.No. 1st St., #2, 708-0731.
Walk to beach from this 2BR/1BA town-
home. Approx. 900sf., newly remodeled
kitchen, CH&A, new W/D, private yard.
$900/mo. No pets. 616-5615.
NB- MUST see, lovely 1700sf 2BR 2BA
upstairs duplex. Huge covered front porch,
1 1/2 blocks to ocean. Pets ok. $2000/mo.
Call 861-4416. Avail. 10/1.
MOBILE HOMES. $525 to $575, on pri-
vate lots. Near Mayport Naval Station, no
dogs, 333-5579.

CH/A, WDHU. East of 1st St. $795-
$895/mo. 241-RENT, 733-3730. '
ATLANTIC BCH townhome, 170 Poinset-
tia St. 4.5 blocks to beach, 2BR/2BA,
Hardwood upstairs, tile downstairs, ceiling
fans, track lighting and mirrors. Has mod-
ern urban feel. Walk to town center.
$1150/mo. (904)629-2628.

*. a~aq

ATLANTIC BEACH, Main St., 2BR/1.5BA, 3BR/2BA HOMES from -$1400/mo. 918
CH&A, f/p, WDHU, dishWasher, $785/mo., 6th' Ave. N; 534 16th Ave. N.; 912 Pen-
891-0606. man Rd.; 798Triton. 710-8083.

OLD ATLANTIC Beach, 207 15th St.,
2BR/1BA, CH&A, 1 block to ocean,
$900/mo., ref's. 246-6194, 249-3636.

U.-------OCEANVIEW, NEW luxury 3BR/2BA
ATLANTIC BEACH, 2BR/1.5BA town- condo at Pier Point! Amenities incl. pool,
house, close to ocean. WID included. Very granite countertops & more! $1750/mo. All
nice. $975/mo. 219-2481. South Realty, 241-4141.

Appliances, washer/ dryer, CH&A.
$1000/ro. 1st, & dep. Pets OK. 476-3500,
NEAR PONTE Vedra. Quiet, safe, 1 block
beach, lower duplex, 2BR/1BA, CH&A,
W/D included. $950/mo. lease, deposit.
No pets or smoking. 993-1118.
NEPTUNE BEACH, Oceanview apart-
ment, 2BR/1.5BA. WDHU, CH&A,
$1450/mo. +utilities. 246-2569.
JAX BEACHFRONT, off-season, furnish-
ed 2BR apartment, some utilities.
$1075/mo. 246-3130.

2/1 townhouse, W/D included, CH&A, ce-
ramic tile, approx. 900sf.1320 4th St.. S.,
Unit C, Jax Bch. No pets. $825/mo,
$825/sec. dep. (904)343-9908.
JAX BEACH, 2BR/1BA, newly renovated
apartment, W/D. Available now.. $850/mo
+deposit. 201 No. 9th St., For appoint-
ment. 993-2661.

PONTE VEDRA, 1BR/1BA townhome,
gated, washer/dryer..included-.,5 .star ATL BCH townhome. Spacious 3/2.5,
amenities. $925/mo. 998-9148, ,:' fenLtt"ard, pi"'friendly, 1/2 block-to
r% ---- aI- - I.- beach.f$,T00/mo. Call 334-7155. ,-

PONTE VEDRA Bch, 2BR 2BA, 2 car
gar., newly remodeled, very clean, con-
venient to beaches, comm. pool, private
backyard. 536-4479 or 608-4095.
JAX BEACH townhome, 2BR/1.5BA,
1100sf., WDHU, CH&A, tile.floors through-
out, fenced yard, pets ok w/deposit.
$1050/mo. +sec. dep., 887 8th Ave.
South, (904)608-6678.

JAX BEACH, Cottage: 5-blocks from
ocean. Screened porch. 1BR, CH&A, .ap-
pliances like new. Water, pest control,
yard service included. No pets. Non-smok-
ing. References, credit check required
$795/mo. (904)247-1918.

Atl Bch townhouse- 2 or 3 bedrooms.
1509 & 1507 Jordan St. $750/mo &
$850/mo. No smoking. No pets. 855-3288.

Home. Player's Club section, back yard
fronts on beautiful lagoon, 2 min walk to
large park, community pool, quiet and safe
neighborhood, 2BR/2BA, 1700sf:, no
garage, excellent condition. Minimum
6 month lease. $1350/mo. (904)571-3877.

SOUTH JAX Beach, 3/1.5, carport. Large
lot; 7 blocks to beach, $1200/mo. +secuti-
ry, +references. (904)249-4324.
PONTE VEDRA Beach, Dolphin Cove,
7 Cobia St. 2BR/2BA, $1100/mo.
+$1100/dep. No smoking, No pets. Lawn
care included 285-2302, 945-6547.
ATLANTIC BCH unique 3/2.5 2500sf
home, L shaped, could be duplexed, large
front and back yard w/ pond + courtyard
and huge shed. $1500/mo. 504-2883.
5BR/3BA, ATLANTIC Beach, 2200sf.,
6 blocks to ocean, 302 Magnolia. Jacuzzi
tub, outside shower, hardword floors &
carpet, W/D +appliances incl., fenced
yard, 2 car garage, lots storagei-pets ok
w/deposit, no,, smplkipg. $2075/mo..
(904)759-0267. ...
NEPTUNE BEACH, Summer Sands, 2BR
2.5BA townhome; 1 car.garage, communi-
ty pool, $1100/mo. 655-5990.
SELVA LINKSIDE 3BR2BA, 2 car garage,
washer/ dryer, no smoking small pets ok,
Available 10/1, $1700/mo, (1st mo rent +
$1700 dep), 566-6501.

PONTE VEDRA- 4BR/2.5BA home in con-
venient area! Club pool, tennis & more! 2
car garage! $1400/mo. All South Realty,
ATLANTIC BEACH, 2 biks to beach,
3BR/2BA, new paint, carpet, hardwood
floors, refrigerator with icemaker, micro-
wave. W/D, 2. car garage, $1575/mo
1856sf., 194ft. deep lot. New paint, tile,
carpet. $1500/mo..OBO. terms. Independ-
ent Brokers & Asso,, Inc. 247-4333.
MARSH LANDING CC, executive home
in private golf community. 3BR/3BA, neu-
tral and tasteful upgrades, fireplace,
wooded back yard, $2295/mo. Will sell al-
so. 537-4083.
neighborhood, fireplace, screen porch,
marshview, new carpet, $1500/mo.
PONTE. VEDRA 4BR/2BA, in-ground
swimming pool, $1400/mo. + deposit.
No pets. 571-3261.
JAX Beach- 3BR/1.5BA, just 7 blocks to
ocean! Equipped kit & more! $1075/mo.
All South Realty, 241-4141.
rage! Convenient to schools, shopping &
beach $1075/mo. All South Realty,
4BR/2.5BA, 2 car garage, all appliances,
2426sf; built 1999; blocks to beach; com-
munity pool, tennis, $1700/mo. $200/mo.
incentive towards rent (meaning reduced
rent) through March 2008. Louis Watkins
(Watson Realty), (904)473-1061.

PONTE VEDRA, Solano Woods, 3/2. Up PVB 3/2 w/fireplace on comer lot, 140
grades! Remodeledl $1500/mb., Serrano Way, $1500/mo. includes yard
(904)403-4331. care. Option to buy, $225K. 379-3759.

PONTE VEDRA- LAtrium, 3/2, lake front,
2 car garage, $1475/mo., 461-3326.
JAX BEACH, 7 blocks to beach. 3BR/1BA,
CH&A, WDHU. 1004 North 7th St.
$1150/mo. +dep. (904)249-3214,

3BR/3.5BA, 2300SF Townhome, 14th Ave
So & 2nd St. Jax. Beach, fully loaded,. 2
years old, $1800/mo. Available immedi-
ately, 424-7204.


JAX BEACH, 3BR/2BA, pool, fireplace,
Appraised $369,000, Sell $295,000.

3BR/2BA HOME in Fiddlers Marsh, Ponte
Vedra. $1600/mo. Jacqueline Byram/ Re-
altor Ponte Vedra Beach Realty, 111-C
Solana Road (904)571-5653.
JAX BEACH, 4BR/1.5BA New tiile, A/C,
plumbing, paint &8 landscaping. Fenced
backyard. Includes lawn service and W/D.
$1550/mo. 270-0808
HOUSE FOR rent or own, 2 story,
4BR/2.5BA, Collingswood subdivision,
12470 Heathgate Court, Jacksonville. Call
(904)803-6153, (904)220-4247.

JAX BCH, Oceanfront. 4/3.5, 2500sf, NE
8th floor. FSBO, agents welcome 2%.
$799,000 OBO. 612-3200.

ATLANTIC BCH- 472 Skate Rd. 3/2,
1200sf, tile throughout, fenced back yard
& laundry. $1125/mo., 445-8013.


S. JAX Bch. 2BR, fully furnished, ocean-
front condo. Monthly/ Weekly. 241-0267.

Nun = beach, $13'

~ ssp~B8~rr, a a~it~l

Page 6B

Seatrout St., Ponte Vedra Bch. Fenced
ard w/ garage. $1050/mo. Good rental
history & credit required. 370-0042.
JAX BEACH Holly Drive, 3BR/2BA, 2 car
garage, fenced yard, $1300/mo + deposit,
Available 9/1. 614-5278.
RENTAL OR Lease Purchase. Neptune
Beach, 4BR/3.5BA, pool, 3000sf.
$1900/mo. (904)307-9107.
dra Beach w/elevator, beautiful ocean
views. 4BR/4BA, 2800sf, garage. Private
beach access. Available 11/1. $1950/mo.
furnished/ $1850/mo. unfurnished. Call
SAN PABLO, 3/2, 2 car garage, huge
deck, screened Florida room $1350/mo.
Available Sept. 15. Rose Lampe
OAK HARBOR, 3/1, freshly painted, new
carpet, fenced backyard. Near boat ramp
& Mayport. Available 9/1. $975/mo. +se-
curity, 241-8003.
3BR/2BA, GARAGE, decks, screened
porch, east of 3rd. $1500/mo.
+$1000/dep. (904)662-5677.

3/2 Atl. Bch, 2 story townhouse. Newly
renovated,, fenced backyard, $850/mo.
sec. dep., no pets. 285-6125.
*. *
NEPTUNE BEACH house, 3BR/3BA, spa-
cious, pool, FL room, 2400sf. $2000/mo.
IC WEST at Mayo, 3 or 4BR/2BA, $1250-
$1500/mo. Independent Brokers & Assoc.,
Inc., 247-4333 or 710-3111.
JAX BEACH, 3/1, 809- 8th Ave. So.; re-
modeled tile & blinds throughout; large
yard; all appliances, $1200/mo. +deposit,
993-6770 or 246-2634.
JAX BEACH, charming bungalow, 1 block
to beach access, 3BR/1BA, CH&A, ga-
rage w/utility room/ shower, WDHU. Cor-
ner lot, fenced backyard. lyr. lease. No
pets. $1250/mo. (813)486-9418.
PLAYERS CLUB Sawgrass, very nice
brick home, 4BR/2BA, 2car garage.
$1750/mo. Call (904)631-8963.
4BR/2BA PONTE Vedra home. $1500/mo.
Jacqueline Byram/Realtor Ponte Vedra
Beach Realty, 111-C Solana Road
new $1100/mo.. Call 588-4691

2BR/2BA condo, 12 blks from beach, with
upgrades. 1yr. lease signed ($1120/mo.).
Selling price $219,900 with $10K cash
back at closing. Call Ted (904)537-7896.


_t_ ___ ________

A 01 rr O -rr% r-- 40MIA A MI 4;1

KIPPTllI IKIP n -- KH,. -.4-__


_ _

~_~__ __


PVB GRAND Cay Villas, 2/2, fireplace,
W/D, screened porch, new carpet, new
paint. Available now. $995/mo.,
Atlantic Beach, Ocean'and 9th Street,
2BR/2BA, all appliances stay, W/D in unit.
Clean, pets ok, no smokers, new A/C unit,
half block off beach, comm pool.
$1200/mo. Lara (904)248-0332
PVB, THE COLONY. Walk/ bike to beach,
2BR/2BA, corner unit, 2nd floor, high ceil-
ings, new carpet/ tile, W/D, fireplace, ga-
rage. Avail. 10/1/07. $1175/mo. Janet

condo. 5th floor end unit. 3/3.5,.2400sf, 2
balconies, granite, ss, wetbar, frplc. Pool,
jacuzzi, under building parking. $2350/mo.
LOVELY 2BR w/hollywood bath, large cor-
ner lot. 1 story near Atlantic Beach Town
Center. Community pool (heated).
$900/mo. 1st and last months rent +secur-
ity. Call Bea 446-5365, 241-2807.
PVB CONDO/ Townhome 3/2.5, 1800+ sq
ft, community pool/ tennis, $1350/mo.
SO. JAX BCH- ocean front, unfurnished,
3/2, 4th floor, 1600sf, $2000/mo. (month
to month) 534-4145.
GRAND MESERVE Condominimum, 1/1,
944sf, $775/mo. Signature Realty
ocean front condo, living room and master
bedroom overlooking ocean w/balcony.
Front balcony overlooks Jax skyline, fully
furnished, great amenities, including cov-
ered parking, hot tub, tennis, and sandy
beach. Call for more details. 398-9080 ext
the Intracoastal Waterway. 3/4BR, 3.5BA,
approximately 2700sf. w/marina view. Re-
sort style living. $2450/mo. Includes 1-car
garage, water, sewer, cable, pool, spa,
clubhouse, health club. Marina Walk, gat-
ed community marsh and marina views.
40' boat slip available. Call 463-2845.
place, vaulted ceilings, carpeted bed-
rooms, sunroom, W/D. Blocks from
beach. $1100/mo.. Available Now.
OCEANFRONT, N. Jax Beach, luxury,
2BR/2BA, garage. $2200/mo. Call
South, 811 So. 1st St., unfurnished, pool,
ground floor. Unit remodeled arid.beauti-
ful. No pets. 1 parking space, $1299/mo.,
$1299 security deposit. Please call
2BR/2BA ALL appliances, W/D, garage,
Hodges Blvd. near JTB, .$1050/mo.
1BR/1.5BA, 1st floor, sleeps 4+, com-
pletely furnished. Available now thru-
12/26/07. $1500/mo. (952)201-4557.
PVB, OCEAN Grove Condo 2BR/2BA
1180sqft. deluxe on lake. Beach access.
New appliances including Washer/Dryer.
Approved pets okay. $1200/month. Avail.
9/1. (904)813-0304.
JAX BEACH, 2BR/2BA, fireplace, WDHU;
4 blocks to beach. Call (904)742-6423.
OCEANFRONT, 2BR, split bath, nicely
fumished. 28 unit complex, beautiful pool.
No pets. $1200/mo. +utility fee includes
cable. Short-term. 398-0715.
BEACHSIDE 2/1.5 Townhome, fireplace,
pool, WDHU, $780/mo +security, 241-
8706, 607-9980.
NEW GATED condo for rent, $850/mo.
2/2, 2nd floor. Howard 536-0670.
CLOSE TO downtown, 1/1 includes water
and garbage. Boat accessible, $695/mo.
(904)753-4582 or (352)219-1861.
JAXlBH,, *2BR/29A,,qgoqqaj44ppplia_,-
ces, near the beach, 2yrs.old,. 1car ga-
rago. $1650/mo. C'al 955-8'i13fdr info,.:
OCEAN'S EDGE condo, 2/2, pool/ lagoon
view, new asking $1450/mo, $1000 de-
posit. No pets, no smoking. Call 234-3130.
$399,900. For Lease or Sale
PONTE VEDRA Beach, walk to beach;
gated community, 2/2 unfurnished condo
east of A1A, $1200/mo, $1000/deposit.
Brand new everything. Available early
Sept. Danny, 710-9649 or 553-6105.
PONTE VEDRA- 1/1 condo, 750sqft.
$850, avail. October; 2/2.5 renovated
townhouse, 1100sqft, $1050; 3/2 condo,
1280sqft, $1150. Realty Executives Ponte
Vedra, (904)249-7676 press 2.

September 12, 2007

The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

share, South J.B. Private BR/BA. Parking,
pool $850/mo+ 1/2 utilities. All amenities.
247-8338, 994-9499.
SHARE 3BR/3BA condo, N. Jax Beach,
off 1st St,. HVAC, pool, hot tub. Deposit/
1 mo up front, (904)534-4611. ($600/mo.
1 bed, $1200/mo. 2 beds).
ROOMMATE FOR 3/2 oceanfront condo,
pool, W/D. $550/mo. includes utilities.
ROOMMATE FOR 3BR/2BA, w/pool, Jax
Beach. $550/mo +deposit, includes utilit-
ies (904)249-1890.
PRIVATE ROOM, & Bath, 1 block to
Ocean. $550/mo. +1/2 utilities. $550/de-
posit. Call (904)860-9240.
ATLANTIC BEACH, $700/mo. includes
utilities 1 BR/1BA and patio. 200-8977

PRIVATE ROOM w/bath, non-smoking.
$135/wk. +deposit. Background check.
996-8341, 210-8877.
ROOMMATE FOR 3BR/1.5BA, renovated,
8 miles ocean. Non-smoker. $600/mo. in-
cludes utilities. Scott 904-403-7389.
JAX BEACH, clean, complete cable; kitch-
en privileges, 241-3377.
JAX BEACH, bedroom downstairs with
private bath. $550/mo. Walk to beach.
ROOM W/BATH and extras, $550/mo.
includes all. 285-8411.
ROOM W/BATH $475/mo., includes util-
ities & cable. Sue 434-4851.

CES. Spacious modern individual offices
with phone, internet, printer, fax & mail
service, voice mail, 3rd Street address.
Contact Jim 249-4292.
OFFICE SPACE available. 950 to 3350sf.
Atlantic Beach on Mayport Road.
OFFICE SPACE for rent in Jax Bch.
NEPTUNE BEACH, on Third St., great
signage, 700sf., $700/mo. 993-4011.
OFFICE SPACE to lease, up to 1000sf.
314 14th Ave. No, Jax Beach. Available
now. 249-6890.

OFFICE/ WAREHOUSE Space for lease,
Mayport Rd. Free rent. 514-1090.
WAREHOUSE FOR lease, 1375sqft, with
small office and bathroom. Air conditioned
$13.65/sqft.+ CAM approx. $2100/mo.
South Jax Beach, 241-1880.
COMMERCIAL OFFICE with available
6250 sf parking lot;' 800 to 3400 sf $15.00
NNN Jax Beach; 4th St: N. and 11th Ave.
N. (904)249-4091.

FREE KITTENS, females, 8 and 12wks.
Litter-trained. Call 294-2269
PET SITTING, in your home. Dog walking.
Responsible, mature. Call Kitty, 874-6062.
FREE TO good home: 2 older dogs, 7yrs.,
yellow lab, beagle, both female/ spayed.
All shots current (moving). Very loving.
FREE CATS and Kittens to approved
homes. Call 242-0224.

GERMAN SHEPARD/ Lab mix puppies,
$75. 716-8818 or 642-8010.
AKC REGISTERED Shih Tzu Puppies,
7wks old, unique brindle color. 3 males.
Champion bloodline $400. Call 759-5748
for more info.
RATTTERRIERS,-varieus colors,,eizes and-
ages, cjkere~ erthljok.net, _35 -621-
3110.:' -

S HOMELESS PE r for adoption- Cats &
dogs. 246-3600.

WIDE! You can run your classified ad in
over 100 Florida newspapers for one low
rate. Call this newspaper or (866)742-
1373 for more details or visit:

Political advertisement paid for and ap-
proved by Carolyn Woods candidate for
Atlantic Beach City Commission Seat 2.

another 26 years.

The Board of Adjustment for the City of
Jacksonville Beach, Florida wil meet and
hold public hearings on Tuesday, Octo-
ber 2, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council
Chambers, located at 11 North 3rd
Street, Jacksonville Beach to consider the
following variance applications:
BOA 07-100142 City of Jacksonville
Beach Land Development Code Sec-
tion: 34-339 (e)(1) f, for 44% lot cover-
age in lieu of 35% maximum or 34-373
(f) for no paving in lieu of asphalt or
concrete required to allow for a new
two-family dwelling, for property locat-
ed at 703 3rd Avenue South, more spe-
cifically, Lot 8, Block 28 except the
westerly 25 feet, Pablo Beach South.
BOA 07-100173 City of Jacksonville
Beach Land Development Code Sec-
tion: 34-337 (e)(1) c.3, for a rear.yard of
28 feet in lieu of 30 feet required to al-
low for improvements to a single family
dwelling, for property located at 1024
19th Street North, more specifically,
Lot 1 and the north 30 feet of Lot 2,
Block 80, Section A Jacksonville
BOA 07-100175 City of Jacksonville
Beach Land Development Code Sec-
tion: 34-338 (e)(1) c.2 for an easterly
side yard of 3.3 feet and total side
yards of 12.4 feet in lieu of 5 feet mini-
mum and 15 feet total to allow for im-
provements to a single family dwelling,
for property located at 123 4th Avenue
South, more specifically, the east half
of Lot 6, Block 32, Pablo Beach.
A copy of the above referenced applica-
tion(s) is available for review in the office
of the Planning and Development Depart-
ment, 11 North 3rd Street, during normal
business hours (M-F, 8a-5p).
Board of Adjustment
City of Jacksonville Beach
If a person decides to appeal any decision
.by the Board of Adjustment with respect to
any matter considered at any meeting,
such person may need a record of the
proceedings, and, for such purpose, such
person may need to ensure that a verba-
tim record of the proceedings is made,
which record includes the testimony and
evidence upon which the appeal is to be
The public is encouraged to speak on is-
sues on this Agenda that concern them.
Anyone who wishes to speak should sub-
mit the request to the recording secretary
prior to the beginning of the meeting.
In accordance with, the Americans with
Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, Flori-
da Statutes, persons with disabilities
needing special accommodation to partici-
pate in this meeting should contact the
Planning and Development Department
no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day preced-
ing the meeting.
BL 9/12/07

IIIII~~~l~r~~l~ S

I can help. Call 228-0223.

All levels, styles & ages. Will come to your
home. Piano Tuning also available.
241-4954, 655-3300.
AIRLINES ARE Hiring Train for high pay-
ing Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA ap-
proved program. Financial aid if qualified.
Job placement assistance. Call Aviation
Institute of Maintenance (888)349-5387
ATTEND :COLLEGE online from home.
Medical, business, paralegal, 'computers,
criminal justice. Job placement assis-
tance. Financial aid and computer provid-
ed if qualified. (866)858-2121
www.OnlineTidewaterTech.com ,
your driving career today! Offering cours-
es in CDL A. Low tuition feel Many pay-
ment options No registration fee!
(888)899-5910 info@americasdrivingaca-
All ages, W.S.I. certified, 34 years teach-
ing. Beaches Aquatic Ctr. 246-3822, 568-
IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
e-mail: classified @beachesleader.com
"CAN YOU Dig It?" Heavy Equipment
School. 3wk training program. Backhoes,
Bulldozers, Trackhoes. Local job place-
ment. Start digging dirt now. Call
(,66),32Tq4,97, qr(888)707-6886 ,. ..
Thru Algebra 1. References, reasonable.
John McCann 273-3784.
DRIVER: DON'T just start your career.
Start it right.l Company sponsored CDL
training in 3 weeks. Must be 21. Have
CDL? Tuition reimbursement CRST.

MOVED TO Jax Bch need help cleaning,
& organizing. Lv msg. (813)944-9186.

HELP WANTED classifications in this
newspaper are intended to announce gen-
uine current job openings. No fees may be
charged to the prospective employee. Ads
for self-employment or business opportu-
nities appear under the Business Opportu-
nities category. Ads which may require
payment of fees for employment informa-
tion, guidance or training may appear un-
der Job Service. Should any Help Wanted
advertiser ask for a fee or if the advertiser
is offering a product or service rather than
a job opening, please notify The Beaches
Leader, 249-9033.
LOOKING FOR Part time promotion in
sales with'Arbonne International. Gener-
ous compensation plan. Call Kelly 280-
2517 for more info.
DRY CLEANER needs PT Counter Help,
CAT CARE needed for special needs kit-
ty, Jax Bch. Iv msg. (813)944-9186.
Needed for Home Health and Hospice
Shifts: starting at $19/hr. Apply with North
Florida Health Services, at
www.NFHSonline.com or call us at
Staff. Responsibilities will include answer-
ing phones, scheduling appointments and
marketing. Written and verbal communica-
tion skills and computer knowledge are re-
quired. Please fax resume and references
to (904)246-3778. No phone calls please.
WAGGIN TAILS Dog/ Puppy Daycare
seeks two (2) part-time employees. Must
be able to work flexible hours: mornings,
afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Ex-
perience preferred. Please call for inter-
view 904-270-8411.
SPEECH THERAPIST needed 2 hours
per day in Atlantic Beach home. Pays
cash. 887-9595 or 241-6913.
.company at the beach. Must have MYOB
or QuickBooks exp. Good opportunity.
Fax resume 241-7349.
COUNTER HELP, afternoons & Saturdays
Ponte Vedra area. Call 285-5644.

@ www.TellCarolyn.com
Political advertisement paid for and ap-
proved by Carolyn Woods candidate for
Atlantic Beach City Commission Seat 2.

ARE YOU gifted with children? Are you
nurturing, patient and kind? Then Christ
Episcopal Church needs you. We are in
need of additional staff on Sunday and
weekday mornings 8:30am-12noon.
Please contact Leila Quinlan at 285-7390,
ext. 246 to schedule an interview.
Now hiring part/time Food Expeditor and
AM & PM Banquet Servers. Apply in per-
son Tuesday- Saturday. Call 285-6514 for
directions. Drug test/ EOE.
cleaners. 7am-11am, Monday thru Fri-
day. 285-2123.
BUY THE BOOK needs PT/FT for retail in
new store. Neptune Beach (across from
Pier 1) $7.50-$10/hr., 821-8548, Bob.

Opening Soon
International Bio-Resources (IBR Plasma),
an expanding Bio-tech company, is look-
ing for candidates for the following posi-
tions in the Atlantic Beach/ Mayport
Area: Administration/ Management; Quali-
ty Assurance; LPNs, EMTs, Paramedics;
Phlebotomists; Medical Techs, CNA's.
Now offering sign-on bonuses and highly
competitive salaries/ hourly wages.
Please send your resume or email your
contact info to Krost@ibior.com or fax to
NOW HIRING Cooks & Servers. Ponte
Vedra. Flexible part time hours. Top pay,
will train. Transportation a must. Call
ROOF CLEANERS/ Pressure Washers,
will train, great pay/ benefits. 904-422-
SALES POSITION, full time, in Ponte Ve-
dra Boutique. Looking, for motivated,
friendly, energetic individual w/retail expe-
rience. Apply in person Tuesday Fri.
Beverle's Boutique 330 A1A N. Suite 214
(Near Talbots) .285-9094. Ask for Wendy.

Working Crew Leaders. Own phone and
transportation a must. 614-4188.

Safe roof cleaning. Deck & fence
restoration. Pressure washing. Licensed &
Insured. Call Kevin, 994-0045.

IN-HOME PET Grooming, Pet Sitting/
Walking. all 738-1678 or ittin BEACHES HOME SERVICES. Painting,
lizajanehps.com free estimates, work guaranteed, licensed.

PADGETT'S A/C & Heating, Inc. Family
owned and operated. When quality and
customer service are demanded call
Free Estimates on replacements. License
CAC1i814887. Credit cards accepted.

dings, Graduations, Social Gatherings.
Call (386)793-7454. (904)635-7588.

PROFESSIONAL TO clean your office.
Licensed ,.bonded, insured. 631-8527.
HOUSES WANTED to clean. 14 years ex-
perience. References.' Marann 377,6643,
LET ME do the di ty';brk:'. etald h'ust
cleaning. Weekly, monthly, move-ins or
move-outs. Call Zee 422-5226.
Many years experience; references availa-
ble. Call Kelly for estimate, 238-9040.
Will make it look like newl 223-0591.
HOUSE CLEANING by Brazilian woman
w/excellent references and own transpor-
tation. 513-2240, 716-4914.

CLEANERS NEEDED early evening & ORGANIZING- CLEANING: home, office,
late night restaurant cleaning. Phone & closets. Also sewing, landscaping. Refer-
car a must. 273-2761. ences. 221-0801.

DRIVER NEEDED for moving company.
Experience helpful. Have.phone/ transpor-
tation. 285-2426.
PART TIME Apt. Maintenance (20hrs wk),
Jax Bch. Paul 631-0766.
PVB COMPANY looking for someone to
handle light gardening & parking enforce-
ment. Flexible hours, Monday- Friday,
10am-3pm. $13/hr. to start. Call Elaine,
285-3400 ext. 3328.
PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER, afternoons, 3-
6pm for church pre-school; dependable,
some experience required. 246-2891 for
R1.-5nW A=.W9:-a Q r-P f ...A.

experience. Licensed, insured, & bonded.
Move outs welcome. Satisfaction guaran-
teed. Call 446n6111, free estimate. Now
excepting new clients.

WOOD Fence Installation. 35yrs Experi-
ence. Mick Outdoor Enterprises.
241-7276, 838-9599.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
e-mail: classified@beachesleader.cbm

ffm a- W-Taw ,

A quality paint job, period. Free estimates.
LLC. Call Nick (904)316-1683.
Paint & Stain Service. (904)343-5515.
Interior & Exterior Painting, Pressure
Washing & Home Repairs. Free estimate.
Jeff 881-4223.
HOME PAINTING inside & out. 30 years
experience & quality work. Call Mike
Williams, 285-2651.
RELIABLE INTERIOR/ exterior painting,
pressure washing, drywall, texture, wall
coverings. Licensed, insured, references.
25 years experience. (904)403-7389.

NEEDED for home health & area hospi-
tals. To apply visit our website @
www.nfhsonline.com or apply in person,
North Florida Health Services, 710 3rd St.
N., Jax Bch. 241-1656.
We are currently accepting application for
a full time delivery driver. Must have cur-
rent, valid drivers license. Kuhn Flowers
offers competitive salary, paid vacation &
medical & dental insurance. We are a
drug free workplace. Apply in person at
832-10 A1A N., Ponte Vedra. No phone
calls please.

Taxi Drivers needed to work Beach and
Intercoastal areas, at least 23 yrs. old,
good driving record. Call 249-0360.
Carpenter and helpers needed. Position
available immediately. Beaches and Ponte
Vedra areas. Call Tim 509-9071.
DRIVERS ACT nowl Sign-on bonus 36-
45cpm/$1000+wkly $0 lease/$1.20pm
CDL-A +3 mos. OTR (800)635-8669.

Full time, temporary position (up to 3
months) as a Security Guard at a premier
retirement community. Must work flexible
hours and have security experience. Ex-
military, DOD and law enforcement urged
to apply. To apply, applications available
at Fleet Landing Security Gate, One Fleet
Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233;
Fax to 904-246-9447; EOE/ Drug-free
LIQUOR STORE Clerk, Bartender, Door
Person, Must be able to work days,
nights, weekends, and holidays. Must
pass drug test and background check.
Call Robert @ 465-0149.
PEDIATRIC OFFICE has opening for
Front Desk & MA positions. Competitive
salary and full benefits package. Send re-
sume to: 642-2344 or call 642-6100.
Convenience Store Customer Service
Reps. Immediate openings, flexible sched-
ules. Call Job Line 596-3266.

Licensed Residential Contractor
#CRC041048. Remodels, Additions, Re-
pairs, Build new. Insured. 25yrs. of serv-

dependable for quality repairs, service
calls, painting, improvements and miscel-
laneous jobs. DAVE. 246-6628.
Home improvements, home repairs, bath-
room/ kitchen remodels, doors, windows,
crown moulding, etc. (904)635-0389.

All fields of construction. Remodeling,
Fences, Decks, Painting, & morel 25
years experience. Licensed/ Insured. No
job to small Free Estimates. 703-2054,
AROUND REPAIRS: Wallpaper remov-
al, Drywall, Wood Repairs. and Pres-
sure Washing. 20% Senior Citizen dis-
count. 33yrs. exp. LicJIns. 229-9389.

,ces upo-,aquest.. C Reasonably prices. 100% Satisfaction. Fully-lnsured.:All.size
Free estimates.C.all Lihda.662-5368..... Jbs 904-379-1604. Inlo japremier,coT

knotch work guaranteed. Competitive pric-
ing. Painting, trim, carpentry, wood repair,
pressure washing. Licensed/ Insured.
Free estimates. 861-9500.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified @beachesleader.com

5th year anniversary special. Will beat any
written estimate, next 7 days.
904-755-7403. CCC1326983.


Dependable Quality Service. Reasonable
rates. 821-0737.

Beaches Office (904) 241-5414
Westside Office (904) 786-9827
Cell (904) 714-8400

----- ---- ----

' .;. L ...A

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com

KEN'S PRESSURE Washing & Lawn
Service. Houses & driveways. Free esti-
mates. 252-6112.
,wO.....AAA...I.....A.M... .m.,

Installations, Installation- all types. Re-
pairs. Cleaning. 246-5649
IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com

WOOD REPAIRS. Termite & Rotten
wood, siding, stucco, repairs. Licensed
General Contractor. 247-2274.

lation & removal. Free estimates. Li-
censed & insured. Shelly. 613-4284.


'Page 7B




e4 IV nivo nmc almlll m .- 4.t





The Beaches Leader/Ponte Vedra Leader

September 12, 2007

rraurav--uru'~""', s"- "'a


exp. in both A/R & A/P. Parts! driver coor-
dination/ warranties. General office work,
detail orientated. Computer/ internet liter-
ate. Exc. benefits to include profit sharing.
Atlantic Bch. www.transitplus.com Fax re-
sume 221-2705.

Clean 2yr CDL drivers needed for roll off
construction trucking. Exp. is a must.
Good starting wages. Please call Mr.
Johnson (904)273-5653
BEACHES CAR Wash- full time help
needed, Wages negotiable+ tips. Benefits
Avail. Apply in person, 1401 Beach Blvd.

GOLF COURSE Maintenance full-time.
Queens Harbor, good pay, good benefits.
Dan 221-5259.
PAINTERS AND Painter's Helpers need-
ed, exp. only. Must have own transporta-
tion and hand tools. Dental, Health, Life
Insurance. 904-910-7862.

Full-time, 7am-3pm at a Premier Retire-
ment Community Health Center. Appli-
cations available at Fleet Landing Security
Gate, One Fleet Landing Blvd., Atlantic
Beach, FL; Fax to (904)246-9447; email
to: jobs@fleetlanding.com EOE/ Drug-
Free Workplace.

DRY CLEANING, Silk Presser, Ponte Ve- HANDYMAN NEEDED experienced dry-
dra area, guaranteed hours. 285-5644. wall, flooring, and carpentry, 904-422-

DRIVERS Regional Auto Transport'
$1100+/wk 100% Co. Paid Benefits. Paid
Training! 1 yr. OTR req'd. Call John @
W aggoners (912)571-9668.

Front Desk
Night Audit
Restaurant & Kitchen Supervisor
Lead Bartender
Overnight Security

Apply in person at Fairfield Inn

1616 N. First St.

Jacksonville Beach


Fax resume to 904-435-0106

TOP pay, insurance & benefits. No clien-
tele needed. ICW. 220-2012.

STATE Certified HHA/ CNA/ Sitter will
give quality care for elderly in the privacy
of their own home. Call Veronica at 783-
9151 or (904)887-1010.
CNA CARE in your home Rate depends
on care. 536-0587.
CARE GIVER FOR loved ones, 20 years
experience. 223-1103.

SURFBOARD, MYSTIC 5'9" Thruster,
with board bag, ridden once, $250. Call
ALL STEEL buildings. National manufac-
turer. 40x60 to 100x250 Factory direct to
contractor or customer. (800)658-2885
JAGUARS TICKETS! Jaguars Tickets!
Jaguars Tickets! 625-6442 or 246-4332.
MOVING SALE- furn., 60" LCD TV &
stand, access., great buys. 285-5860 for
photos & more info.

CLEANING/ LAUNDRY person needed BABY CRIB & mattress, maple, exc.
PT/ FT, refs. Call 993-4011, ond., $65. 223-5774.

CALL CENTER- VENUS is looking for
Customer Service Reps to take incoming
calls from our customers. Excellent comm.
skills/ keyboard skills and customer serv-
ice experience required. Training class
starts October 1st. Mon.-Fri., 9am-4pm for
3 weeks. Day and evening shifts available.
Call our job line 645-6000 prompt 2. EOE.
OUR TOP driver made .$54,780 in 2006
running our Florida region. Home weekly
*and during the week! Blue Cross/Blue
Shield! 1 Year OTR experience required.
Heartland Express (800)441-4953.
Lawn Maintenance *

CHEST FREEZER $90, flat cook top
$125, electric stove, self cleaning $95, di-
amond metal tool box, $90, Maytag dryer
$95, crib $75, 110 washer dryer $125,
wood table w/ 4 chairs $75, dresser $40.
Delivery $20. 904-477-7736 or 904-477-
KAYAK PERCEPTION Dagger, all acces-
sories, skirts, paddles, etc. $350.
THREE PIECE solid oak entertainment
center 86" widex72" heightx17" deep,
accepts 36" T.V. exel. cond. $400 OBO.
AT&T PARTNER phone system. 5 phones
installed for $899. 249-8877.

Position available. Must be experienced. BED- BEAUTIFUL Temp-pedic Memory
Starting at $9/hr. Higher Grounds Lawn Foam mattress & boxspring, new in
Care. Call 745-1631. plastic w/warranty. $379. Must sell.
"* (904)858-9350.

PAINTER'S HELPER wanted, driver's li-
cense a must. Call 307-8012.
$20,000 bonus. Train to protect your fel-
low Soldiers be a leader in the Army Na-
tional Guard. 1-800-GO-GUARD.com/po-

FOREMEN TO lead utility field crews.
Outdoor physical work, many entry-level
positions, paid training, $17/hr, plus week-
ly performance bonuses after promotion,
company truck and good benefits. Must
have strong leadership skills, good driving
history and be able to travel primarily with-
in Florida. Email resume to
Recruiter3@osmose.com or fax
www.OsmoseUtilities.com EOE M/FIDN.

Helper. Must have tools and transporta-
tion. Start $8/hr. 32-40hrs/wk. Call 307-
SALES ASSISTANT for PVB busy show-
room. Mon- Fri and 2 hrs. every other Sat-
urday. Friendly, upbeat, responsible,
knowledge of greater Jacksonville area,
some RC exp. Fax resume 543-8733.
employs individuals in a variety of posi-
tions. For a listing of current opportunities
please visit us in person 11 N. 3rd St.,
2nd floor, .send an email to:
personnel@jaxbchfl.net, or visit our
website www.JacksonvilleBeach.org
Drug free work environment, EOE, VP.
CARPET CLEANIING clean driving record
a must, great pay, lots of benefits, 422-
AL'S PIZZA hiring Full or Part Time Pizza
Makers and Cooks. Great pay and flexible
schedule. Please apply in person between
2pm-4pm at any location.
TAXI DRIVERS Wanted. Clean driving re-
cord required. Call April, 246-9999.
Fast growing Construction Co. having
continuous growth. Bonuses, Incentives,
Management opportunities. Must have
own transportation. Serious inquiries only.
(904)241-5177 leave message.
skills. Health insurance after 90 days,
close to beach. Fax resume to 821-1631.

*k Assistant Bookkeeper: Atlantic Beach.
Minimum 3 yrs. A/R, 2 yrs. A/P, 3yrs. cus-
ATTENTION: HVAC PROFESSIONALS tomer service. Computer/internet literate.
Do you, deserve to earn $50K- $70K? Financing/ DMV titlework/ Quickbooks
Would you like to drive a new van? Are knowledge a plus. Excellent benefits In-
you focused on delivering 100% customer cluding profit sharing.
satisfaction? Can you pass a drug/ back- www.transitplus.com. Smoke free office.
ground check? We are looking for a pro- Fax resume 221-2705. Specify position
fessional HVAC tech to meet our in- desired on fax.
nr-i -nt~Aira dppintaAAAAtQ. Fnr n UUAA

ec tased service: aFppointments.lB Fr0 a con~-
fidential interview, call 686-4539. A
j,~ j

Full-time in our Assisted Living at a pre-
mier retirement community. Excellent ben-
efits. Applications available at Fleet Land-
ing Security Gate, One Fleet standing
Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL; Fax to (904)246-
9447; email to: jobs@fleetlanding.com
EOE/ Drug-Free Workplace.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com

ADVERTISERS IN this category are not
offering jobs. They are offering job-related
services and may charge fees. Readers
are advised to exercise caution before giv-
ing credit card information over the phone
without knowing what specific product or
service they will receive.

SMALL INVESTOR needed, good collat-
eral, good return. (904)208-8814.
growing Tax Service looking for 10 new
Franchisees in Florida. (800)790-3863 or
visit libertytaxfranchise.com.
WARNING: WHILE this newspaper does
not knowingly accept business opportunity
ads which require you to pay a fee to get
information or that refer you to 976-or 900-
phone numbers which will result in sub-
stantial charges to your phone bill, the
newspaper 'cannot guarantee the validity
of offerings in this classification. If any ad-
vertiser requires you to incur phone serv-
ice charges or pay a fee to learn the na-
ture of the opportunity, please report it to
The Beaches Leader, 249-9033.
ALL CASH candy route Do you earn
$800/day? 30 Machines, Free candy All
for $9,995. (888)629-9968 B02000033.
Call us: We will not be undersold!

BOWLING FAMILY Daycare has openings
for infants & up. State certified, CPR, First
Aid, CDA Teaching Degree. Call Laura,
220-6059 or 476-4251.
LOVING, IN-HOME Day care. Ages 6wks.
& up. Certified in CPR & First Aid. HRS
trained. Please call Becky, 249-6391 or
CHILDCARE,' MY Home, HRS licensed,
certified. Retired pre-school teacher.
Years experience. Provides a safe, se-
cure, loving environment. Very personal
and very professional care. Off Atlantic
Blvd. near Indian Springs. 221-5110.
CHILD CARE in my home, 6wks to 4yrs.
Good rate. Refs. Lots of TLC. Call
ACTIVE NANNY honest, dependable,
transportation & references. $10-$12/hr.,
any area. CPR & First Aid. P/T or F/T.
CHILD CARE: Experienced young Grand-
ma; corner of Hodges & Beach; full time
openings, 566-3970.

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified@beachesleader.com
Providing the best caregivers with top ref
& criminal checks for meal-prep, errands,
respite care, companionship and more. Af-
fordable. Call us for a free in-home
assessment at 904-725-8222.
www.vlsitingangels.com Lic. #229886.
CNA LOOKING for private cases. Willing
to work mornings & afternoons, evenings.
Call 372-4218.
NURSING CARE for your Loved One, Pri-
vate Duty, experienced and compassion-
ate. $21.00/hour Please call Linda at
(904)217-0094. References provided
CNA'COMPASSIONATE, honest, reliable,
experienced, $14/hr. Call 329-2781 Sun
thru Wed.

BED- BRAND name queen set,
new, w/warranty $129. Can deliver.
CLEAN, QUALITY beds with frames.
Queen $120, full $100. Can deliver.

STORAGE UNIT Downsizing. Friday
8:30am-?, 629 4th Ave. S.
SATURDAY, 9:30-2PM, 1514 3rd St. N.
Lots of picture frames.

RUMMAGE SALE! Christ United Method-
ist Church, 400 Penman Rd., will have
their annual Fall Rummage Sale on Fri-
day, Sept 14th and Saturday the 15th from
9am-3pm both days. Soup, sandwiches,
drinks and baked goods will also be sold.
They are now collecting donated items.
Call the church office at 249-5370 for
more information.
WANTED: CRAFTERS, for Fall Arts &
Crafts Show, Oct. 20, 2007 at Christ Unit-
ed Methodist Church, 400 Penman Rd.,
N.B. For more info. call 249-5370.
DIVORCE SALE! 9am-lpm, Sat. Modern
furniture, kids toys, books, etc. All nice
stuff! 418 Seagate Ave.
Saturday, 9/15/07 8am-12pm corner of
Walnut & 3rd Streets Neptune Baptist, All
profits benefit Student Missions '
GIGANTIC TWO family sale, 224 Drift-
wood Rd. (off Penman & Oceanwood).
Sat. 8-3.
CRAFTERS WANTED for Fall Fest Sat.,
Nov. 17 at First Christian Church/ Beach-
es, 2125 Ocean Front. For more informa-
tion, please call 246-2010.

PLANT SALE! Friday, Saturday, 9am-2pm
Plant now for spring blooms. Papaya
trees, orchid trees, house plants, hanging
baskets, shrubs, clay pots. 1242 Green
Cay, Oak Harbor. 249-2686.

22 Palm Lane, Miscellaneous items,
queen bed, king bed, queen craftmatic
bed, big screen TV, VCR; bookshelves,
dining room 'set, microwave, antique
stove, etc.

L at A 8 n

DIAMOND 1.63 Carat,Round clear. SIl,col- EGRETS GLADE, between Atlantic and
orl-J, Selling for $10,000 Appraised @ Beach. Multi-family, kid's clothes. Satur-
$11,000. (904)714-3756. day, 8am-lpm:

LAZY BOY like new, floor lamp,'Sharp TV
w/ remote, 223-5222.
SPORTSCRAFT POOL table w/ accesso-,
ries. Great Christmas gift. $300. 625-
WASHER, DRYER, Maytag (2003), excel-
lent condition, $400. 412-1420
QUEEN SOFABED, wicker dresser w/
mirror, 2 slipper chairs, misc. 249-1384.
TOOLS FOR sale: Bosch 3.25in. hand
planer; used once; Craftsman table saw,-
3hp portable; Troy Built pressure washer,
7.25hp; Bosch cordless drill, 14.4; Ryobi
18 volt w/flashlight. Call after 4pm,
$700. Small Entertainment Center $100,
Queen Bdrm Set $800, Dinette 4 Chairs &
Hutch $325, Tables, lamps & more. Call
333-7131. Can e-mail pictures

Atlantic to R-Girvin, L-Ashley Melisse, R-
Soaring Flight Way (Ashley Woods Sub.),
3rd L-Wavyleaf Ct.

AIRPORT SEDANS, limos and vans.
Serving Jacksonville for over 7 years.

2000 CELEBRITY 18' Bowrider.
Mercruiser, In/out, 200hp. Great for wa-
tersports or cruising: Exc. cond., garage
kept, 250 hours, custom trailer. $12K
OBO. (407)509-7660.
2000 16FT, 7 inch Palm Beach Bay boat;
Hummingbird Depth Finder; Kenwood
stereo; VHS radio; 2001 50hp Mercury
w/trailer. Asking $5000, 838-9079.

TOO MANY tools, large & small, BOAT STORAGE in PV. Visit
249-2817. www.MarinaClubPV.com

TWIN POSTURE care pillow top mattress,
box springs, bed frame, $135. Freezer up-
right 14cu Kenmore, frostless, $140,
221-2904, 993-1400.

BOAT SLIP For Rent, Harbortown Marina,
40' with water & electric, $500. 463-2845.

MOVING SALE! Cream sofa/ chairs. Anti- -- .....
que white table/ chairs. Armoire, desk/file, 2002 HONDA REBEL 250, red, excellent
mirror, freezer, TV. 686-1105. condition. 9251mi, $1850. 568-7139.

new w/ pad. Approx. 2000sf, $1100 OBO.
MURRAY RIDING lawnmower, freshly
tuned, ready to go! $300. 625-6017.
TWO 14KT yellow gold rings, 1kt London
blue topaz w/matching earrings, 2nd ring
has 1/4 kt diamond. size 7, $500! for all.
(90-1 5'34.41 ,0
( o-l l ,.: ...... . .. .
Entertainment Center $600 OBO, solid
cherry pine, excellent condition. Please
call 476-6762.
LARGE MAYTAG Dryer, white, excellent
condition $150. Call 221-8426.
Saturday Sept. 15th 9am. San Pablo Rd.
Between Beach & Atlantic.

2003 SCOOTER, Vespa engine, 49cc.,
3900 miles; $1000, 465-7179.
HONDA 2000 Sabre, 1100cc V-twin, low
miles, windshield, mustang seat, back
rest. Asking $4500 OBO. Phone 247-1733
for appt.

1996 FORD Ranger XLT; cold AC, good
condition; 143,000 miles. Asking $2000,
1995 CHEVROLET Silverado Ext Cab.
Great work truck. AT, all power features,
new A/C system, new alternator, $2450
cash. Call Arlington Auto Sales, (904)724-
2000 GMC Sonoma, extended cab, ex-
cellent condition, V6, automatic transmis-
sion,. PW/PL, cruise, AM/FM/ CD, 3rd
door, bedliner. $5700 OBO. 887-9030.

BED- FULL-SIZE cherry sleigh bed 2000 Silverado LS Z71, 95K miles, Rhino,
mBED- FULL-SIZE g. cherry sleigh.bed, Leer topper, white w/grey leather int, tow
w/mattress & box spring. Must sell. $395. pkg. excellent cond. $13,500. Call Sam
Can deliver (904)858-9350.at excellent cond. $13,500. Call Sam
at 249-3403.

Save on granite counter tops and vanities.
Free estimates! Call Buddy 249-1.860
WHIRLPOOL WASHER & Dryer, $75/ea.
30 day warranty. Deliver, $20. 318-8173,
MODERN GLASS & metal dining room
set, w/4 black chairs (new from Portside
2007; never used), $500, 412-1420

2003 FORD Thunderbird convertible with
hard top charcoal gray, 35k miles,
$23,500, 270-1707.
2002 NISSAN.Xterra, 5spd, cold A/C, low
miles, all power features, extra clean.
Must see & drive. $9950 cash. Call Arling-
ton Auto Sales, (904)724-0444.

6 PIECE Bedroom Set includes queen MUSTANG STEEDA CONVERTIBLE,
mattress & box, new still in boxes. $499. 2001, yellow, 96,000 miles, $9600.
Can deliver. 858-9350.. (904)635-9759

5 PIECE dinette set, seafoam green,
$125; wooden swing set, $25, 273-1344.
BED- KING mattress set, $289. Can de-
liver. (904)391-0015.
FACTORY DIRECT Trailers: 125 in stock;
Enclosed 6x1 2=$1895, 7x1 6=$3195,
8x20=$4495, 8x28=$5395; 10-Ton
Gooseneck Equipment 8x25=$5895,
8x30=$6495, 8x40=$8995; Dumps
6x10=$3295, 7x14=$4995, All types trail-
ers available, Full Service, EZ Financing.
Call (866)687-4322.

1978 CHEVY Malibu w/good 350 motor &
trans, needs carb work. Z28 wheels,
headers, flowmasters can be included.
Parts car or can be titled & tagged.
$500 OBO. 226-6855.
1998 BMW M-3 Convertible, 102k mi.,
beautiful & well maintained. White w/
black top/ int., all options, new top, brakes,
etc. $14,500. (904)860-4875.
2001 VOLVO S80, 2.9 liter, 4 door sedan.
49,000 miles. Fully loaded, excellent con-
dition. $11,000. (904)246-7919.

KING SIZE bed, set of sheets, good con- 1998 CADILLAC Eldorado 2-door white
edition, $100, 285-2570. coupe 120,000 miles, very clean, in ex-
---------------------. cellent condition. $5000. Call 246-1101.

YAMAHA ORGANiI great buy at $0uu.
Sharp TV 26" $125, 859-7279.
OLHAUSEN POOL table, like new, 9ft ta-
ble, matching wall rack, cues, 2 chairs.
Cost $6000 plus, will sell for $1950. For
pictures email feetdry@comcast.net or
(904)285-5860 for more info.

2002 HYUNDAI Elantra 4-DR GLS great
condition, new tires, auto, A/C, 55,000
miles, $4300 sells it fast. 631-9057 leave
2001 CADILLAC Catera, silver, 100,000
miles, excellent condition, power every-
thina. $5500 firm. 755-6461.

BUNKBEDS, LIGHT wood, Storehouse,
w/ mattresses, $250.249-4391. 1999 RANGE Rover HSE, 125,000 miles,
$10,900 OBO, 910-4164, 614-9466.

HAMMOND ORGAN, Leslie Animation,
$450. Call 242-0189 or 616-6227.

1997 BUICK LESABRE Custom, brand
new condition, only 41K miles, power win-
dows/, locks, cruise, new tires, $5000,

BALDWIN SPI.NET piano w/b h, g MERCEDES, 1988 560SL convertible,
BALDWIN SPINETpiano w/bench, great good condition. 'Discounted, $7500,
condition, red mahogany finish; delivered 247-6474.
and tuned, $1350, 757-3455 or 241-8057.
1991 CADILLAC Allante, 2-door converti-
PREMIER FULL drum set, $400 OBO, ble 29,000 miles, asking $10,000 OBO,
some repairs needed (904)742-7633. 571-6533.

HEART PINE, tongue & groove flooring
cut from antique Pine timbers. Installation,
stair material. FLORIDA HEARTWOOD
249-8310. Lic. ST-5903.
BEHR BROS. piano. upright, cherry, hand
carved. Must sell. $950, 242-0042.

LAND AUCTION 350 Props Must be Sold!
Low Down / E-Z Financing Free Catalog
(866)554-3852 www.landauction.com

IF YOU are interested in advertising under
this category please call 904-249-9033 or
email: classified @ beachesleader.com
WE BUY Scrap Gold for Cashl Estate and
old jewelry, Rolexes. 241-1889.

ATTN SHOP-AHOLICS: Mother & daugh-
ter sale. Merchandise still has tags. Cloth-
ing, jewelry, hand bags, shoes & house-
wares. Saturday, Sept 15th, 8am-noon,
3676 Sanctuary Way South.

2002 CHEVY Monte Carlo SS, black
w/tan leather interior. Fully loaded, includ-
ing On-Star. Very clean and runs great.
51,400 miles. $9500. (904)246-7919.
97 BUICK La Sabre custom, exc. cond.,
lyr on new brakes & tires. Low miles on
engine. $4250 OBO. 246-5828.
1962 FORD FALCON wagon; runs good,
some surface rust. Must see. $3500,

of Junk Cars/Trucks
in 30 Minutes
Top cash on all that runs!



PaPe 8B

Courtyard by Marriott

has these positions available:

Lawn service seeks individual to perform
dependable quality work. Excellent pay &
overtime available. Crew Leaders wanted.
Perschel Brothers Services, Inc. 246-
FULL-Time, 3pm-11pm and 7am-3pm at a
Premier Retirement Community. Excellent
benefit package, competitive wages, good
working environment. Applications availa-
ble at Fleet Landing Security Gate, One
Fleet Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL;
Fax to (904)246-9447; email to:
obs@fleetlanding.com EOE/ Drug-Free
workplace .
NANNY NEEDED F/T in my PV home
starting 11/07. Min. 3yrs exp, ref's re-
quired, nonsmoking and own transporta-
tion. Must also be dog/ cat friendly.
M-F, 7am-3pm, occasional Saturdays.
Outside groundskeepiing of a 35 acre
cemetery: weed eating, mowing,4general
upkeep and maintenance. PV Valley Cem-
etery, 4750 Palm Valley Rd., 285-1130.
NEEDS FULL time Host/ Hostess & Ex-
perienced Line Cooks with open availabili-
ty. Apply within 1018 North 3rd St., Mon-
Fri, 2pm- 4pm.
Mortgage is here to support you and close
your oans. Call for interview, 241-4608.

We are currently accepting applications for energetic,
customer service oriented team members for the
following positions:


Massage Therapist

Great opportunity to work in an oceanfront resort with
terrific earning potential. We offer an excellent benefits
package including medical/dental, life insurance, sick and
vacation days, and discounts at our retail outlets, golf
course and spa.

Apply in person to:
607 Ponte Vedra Boulevard, Ponte Vedra Beach
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
For additional information call 280-6076
See current openings at: Profiles.hospitalityonline.com/211464
Drug Free Workplace EOE

At Poite Vedra Beach

Our circle of care

is a circle of friends.


Introducing .New Minimal Lift Program

Thursday, September 13th 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Baptist Medical Center South
14550 Old St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville
(1-95 at Exit 335)

Nursing Opportunities At All Baptist Health Facilities
Wolfson Children' Hospital Baptist Horme Health Core
Baptist Primary Caire Boplist Fle Baptist Beaches Baptist Nassau Baplist South

Join a circle of core where everything revolves around people.
If unable to attend our system-wide job fair, please apply online at:


Depend On LUs For Life.



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